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I had just arrived at the bathhouse. I was searching for my room. I could feel a presence rush up behind me. All of a sudden he was beside me. He took my arm and pulled me to a stop. His sweet young face beamed into mine; "Are you a top? I need you to fuck me!"

I was so turned on but had to respond; "Damn, I was hoping you'd ask the opposite; 'Are you a bottom? I need to fuck you! I'm more bottom than vers. "

This towel clad young man appeared to be 26 at the oldest. I'm 76 and this was my first bathhouse visit in almost 30 years. It had been two years since my lover of 28 years had died. I have always maintained a healthy sexual appetite which my partner had shared, in fact he died of a massive heart attack while fucking me. We were a monogamous couple. Don't get me wrong, I'm no saint. I had strayed from time to time while away on business or visiting family. But nothing more than the odd blow job. On the very rare occasion it went further it was always safe sex with a condom. 

Two years of solitary living had me profoundly horny. When I told a good friend about this over lunch one day he suggested a bathhouse visit. When I asked if there would be many older guys for me to play with he surprised me. No there would not be that many older guys but some younger guys would be all over me. He never had trouble getting laid by young lads with a daddy or even grandpa fetish. I was surprised, skeptical and desperate. I decided to give it a try. 

That such a handsome young man was hitting on me within a few minutes of arrival had me totally unnerved. I continued; "Sorry son. I hope you have a fun night. "

"No problem Gramps! I'll find you before you leave and you can pump your load into me. I need your DNA." And he bounced off down the hall. 

If I had been unnerved before I was in a bit of shock now. Let me give you a little more background to understand. 

During the 1970's and early 80's, up until I met my husband, I had been a notoriously promiscuous bottom. More men had cum up my ass than the population of a small city. Until the end of that time noone even thought about condoms. Oh, I had the full assortment of STDS but miraculously didn't fall ill with HIV/AIDS. Even as we were awakening to the horror of AIDS and watching dozens of our friends fall sick and dye I was slow to adopt condom use. 

I wasn't even tested until it was clear my former partner and I were going to move into a long term commitment. I had never gotten the fuck flu but I was HIV positive. I had only fucked him twice before my diagnosis but two weeks after I knew I was poz he fell ill. I was the only man to have fucked him since his last negative test. There was no question, I had infected him. Despite his assurances that he didn't hold me responsible I remained wracked with guilt for decades. 

I suppose it was this guilt and parenting my niece and nephew that kept us so close to monogamy for so many years. My brother and his wife were killed in a head on collision with a drunk driver. Their twins, babes in arms, became our wards. Raising them was one of the delights of our lives together. 

Now here I was widowed and being hit on by a young man a little younger than the children I had raised. And; he clearly wanted me to breed him!

I found my room, stripped, locked up my valuables, wrapped a towel around my midriff, took a viagra and found a room with a bank of T.V. screens showing porn. As I marveled at the variety of porn and enjoyed the parade of men passing through my young pursuer arrived and snuggled in beside me. Without a word he reached under my towel grabbing my semi-arroused dick. It responded immediately to his warm hand hardening to it's fat eight inch pogo stick glory. My young man was soon on his knees pulling open my towel and engulfing my erection to the base. It felt heavenly and I was flooded by pleasant memories of the many blow jobs I had given years before. 

His oral technique was superb and very soon my balls were letting me know I was getting dangerously close. I pulled his head off and told him as much as I loved what he was doing I wasn't ready to give up my load so soon. He just smiled an impish grin, informed me he had already collected his first load so was prelubed for me to fuck him. I laughed and said maybe later. Again he happily skipped off.

It was a very nostalgic night for me as I wandered the halls and play areas. All the sounds of sexual abandon kept my cock fully hard. I was deeply surprised that I didn't see a condom in the place. And from the talk as I watched guys fuck it was clear they were playing unabashedly bareback. Bottoms were begging to be bred. Tops calling out; "Breeding you now man." I had heard a little about this trend in my limited social circles but had not really believed what I was hearing. Now I was seeing it with my own eyes and my heart raced with fear and excitement. 

I finally settled in below the slurp ramp and sampled a variety of hard cocks on offer through the many holes. Like in my early days most would pull away after a few minutes but three stayed long enough to fill my mouth with their sweet nectar. It felt so good to be swallowing down my favorite protein from strangers after so many years absence. 

After the last oral load I returned to my room for a bit of a rest. After a restless short nap; it's hard to really sleep with the relentless techno beat, I decided to open my door and watch men passing. I was very pleased the viagra was still working and enjoyed stroking and showing it to passers by. I realized I was sending the wrong message as a few guys stopped, some entering my room and made it clear they wanted me to fuck them. 

A fit fifty year old was the last of them. When I apologized confessing I was more bottom than vers he said; "Great. I would love to fuck you old man." I suggested he close the door and he had my cock in his mouth within seconds. Again I was receiving a very talented blowjob and again I was quickly getting close. When I asked him to stop he pulled off my cock and was eating and tongue fucking my ass. I could hardly believe my good fortune. 

After about ten minutes he stood and lined his seven inch member up with my ass ring. As he pressed his naked head on my ass I reached for a condom and offered it to him. "I'm HIV positive, you'll need this buddy."

"I don't use those" he responded ", besides I'm on PrEP and you're probably medicated. "

"You're right I am, but I haven't done it without a condom for years. You'll need to wear one if you want to fill this old hairy ass."

"Nope, not for me old man. No hard feelings, but I'll just move on."

As he slipped out my door in popped the young man from my arrival. "Hi Grampy. You don't mind me calling you that do you?"

"Not at all."

"So glad to see you got fucked. Are you ready to breed me your poz cum now?"

I explained to him what had happened. I was surprised as he didn't bolt but brought me up to date on PrEP and u=u. Here I was at 76 years of age sitting through a course on gay sex in the new millennium. Gay bb sex 101. He was so patient, kind and sweet. I must admit my paternal heart was melting the longer he talked. 

Finally he proclaimed.  "I've got five loads up my ass so why don't I top you. I'd love to raw pop your 'like a virgin for the very first time' ass. Let me remind you what skin on skin feels like. You need to remember how great it is to receive a man's hot load up your ass."

"Thanks for the offer, that's very sweet. But, didn't you say you're unmedicated? You're toxic poz?"

"Yah Gramps. Your meds protect you. Let's do this, less talk more fuck."

"I don't know. It feels pretty frightening to me."

"Fuckin A Gramps. The fear just ups the excitement. I know you want this" as he pointed his poz hard on at me. 

I totally surprised myself by rolling onto my back and lifting my legs. The young man spit on my ass and his cock. He was very gentle and attentive working himself into me balls deep. 

I could barely believe what was happening. Here I was 30 years since my last bare cock with a 26 year olds raw toxic fuck tool up my vulnerable ass. The terror and excitement were almost too much for me. 


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(Warning a character in this section refers to physical and sexual abuse by his father and grandfather. Please do not proceed if this topic will trigger your emotional pain.)

After thirty years absence I had totally forgotten how silky and wonderful recieving a skin on skin fuck feels. To be getting it from such a young buck was beyond my wildest dreams. 

At the same time the knowledge that he was toxic poz terrified me in spite of his reassurance that my HIV meds would protect me. So many of my friends had died of AIDS, how could I willingly subject myself to the risk of reinfection. My heart was racing and every nerve ending was on edge. Most surprising, this sensation was even more enjoyable than that of skin on skin, if that was possible. 

My young buck had entered me with such care and caution. At every step he had gone slowly and checked to make sure that I was okay. He had communicated and asked permission for every stage of the fuck. The mixture of fear with what we were doing and trust in his presence was also strangely exhilarating. He kept deepening my trust with his steady eye contact. 

After about five minutes he was giving this old body a good pounding and my confidence grew with each in-stroke slap to my ass. 

Within three more minutes his pace slowed almost to a halt and tears began to fill his eyes. I gently swiped some from his cheek and tasted them, then asked what was wrong. 

"I'm just overcome that an old guy like you can treat me so well. "

"I don't understand?"

"See, my dad and grandad were monsters. They beat the shit out of me at least once a week whether I gave them a reason to or not."

"Oh my,  ... I am so sorry! "

At this point he collapsed on top of me weeping. I just held him with a tight embrace cooing supportive encouragements; "Just let the tears flow. Let the pain flow. "

Gradually the convulsions of crying returned to a pumping motion and the fuck became almost vicious. Again I just encouraged him; "Give it to me lad. Fuck out your anger and rage." Strangely I was not frightened, I just felt my body had become his instrument of grace. The pace and strength grew until he collapsed into me screaming; "Take that you fucking bastards. My turn to breed you full of poisonous cum. Fuck you. Fuck you both you God damn sickos." And then the wailing restarted three times as intense as before. I just held and kissed his tears; "It's okay son. It's okay. Just let it all go. Cry it all out."

Slowly, every so slowly he began to calm. By now his cock had softened and fell out of my hole. 

It was as if he awakened from a trance when he next spoke; "Fuck! Fuck Gramps! What did I just do to you? Oh fuck. I am so sorry!"

"Shh, shh, stop son. It's okay. I'm okay. It's all okay. ... In fact better than okay. I hated seeing the depth of your pain but I felt honored you trusted me.  ... And I've got to tell you, that's the best fuck I've had in a very long time. Thank you. "

He was gently crying again; "After they beat me they would fuck me. What they didn't know is I loved that part. I didn't even mind that they infected me. I certainly wasn't upset when they died of it. But I thought it was over! Fucking you triggered all that pain again. I'm so sorry!"


"Don't apologize son. I'm grateful to have gone through this with you. ...  I'm most grateful to have your toxic load. It's so fuckin hot to have that in me. I was frightened when we started, but, I'm not now. I trust you. I know I'm safe."


"Yes son?"

"Could you do me one more favour?"

"Sure son, anything. What would you like?"

"Could you please fuck me. I want you to fuck and breed me Gramps."

My heart melted and my cock hardened. He was gently crying as I entered him. My raw cock was so happy to be in a hot ass after so many years. I didn't fuck him, we made love. Whenever I closed my eyes he became my lover from the first times we had sex thirty years ago.

Our kisses were so passionate and deep. When not kissing he sucked my neck as if it was his mother's tit. He only broke off sucking to urge me on; "Grampy seed my ass. Cum in me. Please cum in my ass. Fill me with your love juices."

He returned to giving me my biggest hickey ever; like a vampire wanting to suck all the goodness out of me. 

I could finally hold off no longer. I was tipped over the edge into an earth shattering orgasm.  Blast after blast,  convulsion after convulsion, and now I was the one crying.  I was crying huge tears and gasps of joy. He was the one now kissing and lapping up my tears. 

"Thank you Grampy. Thank you so so much! ... I think we both needed that. "

"I know you are right there son. (Sigh!) Thank you!"

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My lunch buddy friend was amazed when I reported on my bathhouse visit. Not that I saw so much bareback activity. He knew almost everyone went raw these days. That I had relented and taken toxic poz cum in just one visit, that astounded him. 

However,  he didn't know me from my promiscuous years, before life with my husband. In those days my visit would not have ended with one flip fuck. 

The fifty year old had been listening at the door. He slipped into my room all smiles when the young buck left; "I heard it all. You want to top or bottom with me now?"

"Sorry fella. Nice as your offer sounds that was just so intense for this old guy. I'm exhausted in a good way and taking these old bones home to my comfy bed. Maybe next time."

"Okay old man. But you owe me. I'll be watching for you."

"Fair enough, this raw cock and ass will be all yours."

"I'll hold you to that. "

"I'm counting on it."

Over the next few days I was flooded with pleasant memories of my years as a single cumdump. I remembered that my favorite sexual exploits had been outside sex, cruising at night in the woods. I wondered if my old cruising territories were still active so I began going for sunset drives to check them out. A number of these old wooded areas had now been developed into housing or strip malls. I was beginning to despair as I turned the corner approaching one of my favorites from the past. It to was now a strip mall. Then I noticed among it's fifteen shops and restaurants was a triple X video shop. Since I hadn't been to one in years I decided to explore. 

The punk on the counter must have been 18 but he looked younger. I think they call his look Goth. Black and drape like clothing. Black painted fingernails and eye makeup. Pierced nose and huge black discs in his stretched earlobes. This was all topped with a spike of bright red hair over the peak of his skull. 

Despite his look he was friendly enough. He gave me a verbal tour of the store and highlighted the curtain door that led back to video booths. 

I considered playing it cool and browsing through the shelves of videos and magazines but quickly changed my mind. I would only have been fooling myself. I was there for sex so would be best to not pretend otherwise. 

I purchased my tokens and headed to the back. I couldn't see anyone when I passed through the curtain. It took a few moments for my eyes to adjust to the darkness. There were a couple of rows video booths and a quick survey of isles showed me that a half dozen were occupied with closed doors. I found myself wondering if I could discern the difference between the sex sounds from porn videos and guys actually doing each other. 

I came upon an occupied open booth. A man in his sixties was getting a blow job by an average looking guy in his thirties. When the older guy noticed me a look of horror entered his eyes. He quickly pulled up his pants and bolted from the booth. 

The younger guy motioned for me to enter and I was soon receiving a very adequate blow job. The door across the hall opened and the occupant stepped over to our door. He watched us and egged the young man on as he serviced my cock. 

The observers sizable cock was out and he asked with his eyes if he could join us. We both nodded assent and quickly he was eating my ass. My growing moans of pleasure sent a clear message. The younger of the two spun me around hoarked on his cock and was up my ass before I could even think. I was bent over so took the other cock in my mouth. I remembered how fulfilling it was to be spit roasted. 

I really wasn't ready for it to end when the young guy groaned; "Oh yeah old man  ... take my load  ... argh... ooph!." I felt each splash of hot cum hit my gut walls. 

As his softening cock fell out of me the other guy spun me and was already balls deep unloading his big fuck tool. He was so deep I couldn't feel the cum but the convulsions wracking his body were unmistakable. 

Damn it felt good to have two stranger's loads up my ass so quickly. 

I decided not to push my luck. I straightened my clothes and was heading through the front of the store when the kid behind the counter interpreted his chat with a friend to speak to me; "You leaving so soon old guy? You just got here."

I blushed and was taken aback by the boldness of my confession; "Been here long enough to collect two loads. Unless you're going to offer your's I figure I may as well quit while I'm ahead."

The clerk smiling; "Two loads eh. In the mouth or ass?"


"Cool man."

He asked his friend to cover the til while he took me into the office. He wasted no time in getting his thin nine inch tool up my cummy prelubed hole. As he was unloading he told me how much he loved breeding old guys; "Older the better. Thanks Grampa."

When I moved to pull my pants up he told me to stay as I was. His friend's payment for covering the store was to relieve himself in my ass. 

He left, his friend came in. His five inches went up my ass and he relieved himself by pissing in me. The clerk had literally meant 'relieve'.

I used the office washroom to get rid of my unexpected enima. When I came to thank the clerk he drew my attention to the bank of screens showing what was playing in the video booths..They all showed the young clerk unloading in my ass. He looked to the back of the store and said; "You are the star attraction. You better get back there and collect your cum bouquets. Feel free to slip out of those clothes. You're not going to need them for a while."

I was met by a bear of a man the moment I stepped through the curtain. He helped me out of my clothes, fucked and bred me right there in the hallway. 

In quick succession five more strangers pumped and dumped in this old fart. This aging ass had given up any hope of a nine load night years ago. A central part of my identity was back. Thanks be!


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      This is the time I hooked up with 3 bears in one night.

      I was cruising Scruff for older men looking for a younger twink like myself. You know the types, pale, lean, smooth with very little hair, tight round asses. I found one older guy, Mike, who was looking to fuck someone like me. He was white, fifty-four with a beefy rugby-style kind of build and a self-described "dominant verbal daddy" type. He was perfect for me. We started chatting about all the ways he would "fuck my tight twink ass" and how I would "deepthroat his thick daddy dick" when he messaged me to come over Friday night. So I accept and jack off thinking about what fun I've gotten myself into.

      A few hours before I went over to his place, he tells me that there's been a change in plans. He told a couple of his friends about me and he thought it would be interesting if he shared me. They were both beefy tops, one white, Tom, and the other Latino, Carlos. I immediately responded that I was definitely up to the challenge of handling three top daddies at once. Soon I arrived at Mike's and he tells me to strip as soon as the door is closed. I obey.

      Mike starts by kissing me and feeling my body all over, his tongue overpowering mine and his beard rubbing against my shaved face. Tom and Carlos undress while Mike continues making out with me, running his hands over my ass. Tom and Carlos approach me naked where I kiss Tom while Carlos feels my body from behind, his fingers rubbing and prodding my hole. I switch to kiss Carlos while Tom feels me up.
      Mike comes back over and orders me to my knees.

      "Suck my cock," he demanded

      I suck his cock like he commanded. It was a very thick, beer-can thick, nine-inch cock. It was so large I had trouble sucking on it. Mike pushed my head all the way to the base. I gagged as his cock filled my mouth and throat. Tom and Carlos jack off close to my face while I sucked Mike, occasionally rubbing their cocks on my face, their warm pre-cum leaking on to me.
      I switch to Carlos' cock. It's just as thick as Mike's but a little shorter. It doesn't take long before he pushes on the back of my head to fuck my throat.

      "I am so incredibly turned on right now", I think to myself.

      After a few minutes, I switch to Tom's cock. His is skinnier than the other two, but just as large as Mike's but with an oddly big cockhead. Tom leaks a lot of pre-cum and likes pulling out of my mouth to rub it on my face as if to claim that he will be fucking me. After a while of switching between the three, sucking them in the ways they like, Mike goes and grabs an exercise bench and places it in the middle of the room.

      "Lie on your back," Mike ordered me.

      I do as I'm told and Mike comes over and stands right above my face, his hairy balls and ass inches from my nose. He orders me to suck his balls. I do as I'm told. His musk smells so manly and intoxicating to me that I almost cum right then and there. I suck his balls for a few minutes before he moves a few inches forward as his balls rest on my chin now, his asshole right above my mouth. I had never rimmed an ass before, so I'm hesitant for a moment.

      "Lick daddy's ass, boy. Be a good boy for daddy," he tells me.

      My dick is diamonds right now. I do as I'm told and I start licking and tonguing his ass. Mike start moaning, clearly pleased with his boy's work. Suddenly, Tom starts rimming my ass too, occasionally slapping it as well. I'm moaning and leaking a lot of pre-cum right now. Tom gets my ass nice and wet before he lubes up and places the tip of his cock at my hole. Mike backs up and positions me so that my head is hanging off the bench. He places his cock on my lips and commands me to lick his cockhead all over. I obey. Carlos is jacking off and watching the scene unfold before him as he waits his turn. Mike begins to gradually move his cock in and out my mouth, thrusting deeper and deeper down my throat. As Mike fucks my throat, Tom enters my ass. I squirm not used the sensation of a large cock fucking me.

      "Good boy," Mike says. Mike gets into a rhythm, slowing moving his cock in and out while Tom gets into his own rhythm. They spit roast me at a faster rhythm. I'm feeling incredible now.

      At some point, Mike stops and switches places with Carlos. Carlos immediately starts to fuck my throat aggressively, fucking me all the way down his shaft. I'm enjoying every minute of it and I moan like hell at every thrust. Tom starts fucking my ass faster and faster and more aggressively than when he first started. Tom moans and I feel his hot load spurt inside me. After a minute, he steps out and Mike steps up.
      Mike slaps his cock on my hole a few times, making me moan, my hole tender from Tom. Carlos stops for a second and Tom places his cock at my mouth.

      "Open up, boy," Tom commands. I refuse.

      "I don't really like ass-to-mouth," I say.

      "You want daddy's cock, boy?" Mike suddenly says as he slowly rubs his cock back and forth on my hole, still leaking cum from Tom.

      "Yes, daddy," I reply.

      "Then you better clean that cock, boy" Mike demands. Tom grins as I open up and he places his cock in my mouth.

      "Place your lips tighter around it, boy," Tom tells me. I obey and I clean his cock.

      Mike slaps my ass. "Good boy," he tells me, as he continues to tease my hole.

      Carlos reenters my mouth and I focus on becoming the best fuckhole I can be. Mike slowly enters me and I squirm and whimper. His cock definitely feels bigger than Tom's. Mike shushes me and rubs my thighs and presses on, pushing deep into my ass. Carlos keeps fucking my throat, his musky balls slapping against my face with each thrust. Mike waits until I've stopped whimpering and slowly starts fucking me. For a minute, I'm still in pain from the size of his fat cock, but then I become more accustomed to it, and as it starts feeling better, I find myself in an incredible state of arousal I've never experienced before. Mike starts fucking me faster and more aggressively, dirty talking like a pro as he fucks me. I feel so dominated by these men and it feels so good.

      They both spit-roast me hard for about 20 or so minutes and then they both start getting close.

      "You want daddy and his friend to cum in both your holes?" Mike asks. Carlos pulls out for a split second so I can answer.

      "Yes daddy, please cum in me," I tell them, meekly. Carlos goes back to fucking my cocksucker's throat.

      "Good boy," Mike says.
      Mike and Carlos fuck me even faster and more aggressively than I've seen yet. Tom is hard again and is jacking off over my lean chest. They all get closer and closer until Mike finally lets out a loud moan. He cums deep into my ass and I feel his cock gushing load after a load of cum inside of me. Carlos cums right after Mike and I swallow his load to the last drop, like the good slut that I am. As I swallow all of Carlos' cum, I cum all over my chest, a white-hot explosion erupted from my cock. Tom cums all over my chest shortly after.

      We all sit in the afterglow for a minute or so. Mike chuckles to break the silence.

      "That was fun," Tom says.
      Everybody agrees. I ask to use Mike's shower to get cleaned up.
      As I bathe in the hot shower, I hear a knock at the door. It's Carlos. He opens the door to the bathroom and enters the shower.
      "You know, with all the excitement, I didn't get my turn with that sweet ass," he tells me coolly.

      He's ready for round two. He starts grinding on my ass, rubbing his cock up and down my crack. He kisses me hard and deep, his tongue swirling around mine in my mouth. I kneel down and lick his cock. Up and down, moving my tongue and stopping at the head to swirl it around. I move to get ready to suck it and I slowly go to the base. He's gentler this time and doesn't force my head down. He lets me work. His moans muffled by the sound of the shower.

      "That's a good boy. Right there," he moans.

      I deep throat his cock and hold it there for a few seconds. I gag and come up for air and he kisses me again.

      "Now bend over and let me eat that ass," he tells me.

      I do as I'm told and bend over. His tongue swirls around my hole, probing it deep. I moan and grab his head and force it deeper into my ass. His tongue goes deeper and I moan louder.

      "Shhhh, not so loud," Carlos tells me.

      I place my hand over my mouth as Carlos starts to poke my tender and wet hole with his cock. He pushes his head in and lets it sit there.

      "Do you want the whole thing?" He asks me.

      I nod my head. He slams his cock into me and I'm taken aback. I let out an audible gasp as Carlos is balls deep inside me. He slowly starts working his rhythm, getting faster and harder with each thrust, grunting as he fucks me. He keeps at it when he grips my shoulders hard and cums deep in my ass. Meanwhile, I cum, too, on to the shower floor. He pulls out and orders me to clean his cock again. I do so.

      "Don't swallow boy, let me have a taste too," Carlos tells me.

      I stand up and kiss him. Swirling the cum around our mouths before his tongue pushes the cum to me. I swallow. He pulls away and says, "Damn, your ass and my cum taste good together. We have to do this again sometime."

      Carlos exits the shower and lets me clean up. My knees still shaking from being fucked thrice in one day.
      I kiss them all goodbye and tell them we have to do this again.
    • By Hotload84
      It had to be done.  He had to be done.  We had chatted for ages, over a year, but the time was now.  He was never closer than he was today.  Barely 100 miles away, his pleas where as persistent as ever.  He sent me his address and postcode.  As I excitedly left the house, I stopped to pick up a few items which we would need.
      As I was driving along the M4 I was imagining what this boy-wolf was really like, and what his body would feel like against mine.  What his ass would feel like around my cock.  What his lips would feel like against mine.  Would I be able to do it?  Would I get there and fall in love with this half boy half animal creature?  I had always said that, no matter what I felt for a boy, a job is a job.  I thought I might struggle with this one as he was so very sweet with blond hair and a beautiful body.  Thankfully I didn’t have to ponder long as my journey flew past.  The time had come and it was now or never.
      I rang the bell and he buzzed me up.  Upon opening the door to his flat I found him in the hallway awaiting me, naked and bent over – ready to accept what I, as his new Daddy, was going to give him.
      "Come on, Daddy.  Get naked and breed my neg boy ass,” he offered as a greeting. 
      Well, who was I to refuse?  I never before undressed so quickly.
      He was still bent over, hands down by his ankles.  It could not have been an easy position to maintain, but I wanted to survey the soon-to-be-damaged goods.  I felt his perky nipples, covered in a light dusting of blond hair.  I ran my fingers through his lovely head of blond hair.  I sniffed his arm pits, noting he had, as directed, neither washed nor used deodorant.  I inspected his boy cock, all shaven, as per my instructions.  I licked under his foreskin finding his cock head decidedly cheesy, as specified.
      I was in heaven, and he was no less pleased as he moaned in approval.  It was time to stop teasing him, and get on with the task.
      I stood up behind him; he could feel the cold steel of my big PA up against his ass cheek.  I gobbed up a load of spit and rubbed it on my dick, and also put just a little bit on his arse.  When I impaled him he had to know about it.  I didn’t want it to be too easy for him.  I was there for a reason, after all, a reason he sought.  He wanted to be pozzed.  He wanted to submit his body to the ravages of my bug. HIV, the disease they all try to avoid, yet he wanted it.  And I was the chosen one.  He had had poz cock in his neg ass before this occasion, but he had played safe.  But this time he chose me to be his poz daddy.  Who was I to argue?
      No-one understands the immense feeling you get as a poz top when you slide your cock raw into a neg bottom boy.  And this one knew what he was getting.  Admittedly, sometimes it is eve more fun when the bottom does not know, and, when shooting a toxic load into such a bottom, I inwardly chuckle to myself thinking of the bottom "You have no idea what’s just happened to you.  You have no idea of the damage I’ve just done to you – but you will wonder for the rest of your life, ‘who pozzed me?’. Yes, you will remember me for a very long time.”
      This boy, however, had sought my special gift for a very long time, and would certainly remember how I, in having my way with his ass, had changed the course of his life.  Even more clear, when I had done the evil deed, I was taking him to be tattooed.  We had the design ready, all we needed was the result.  The poz result. HIV+.  The big bad love bug.
      I slammed by raw cock deep into him.  He almost lost his footing, it certainly took his breath away. Right in to the balls.  I could sense his heart beating fast, and also feel his ass clamp down on my dick.  Yeah, he knew what he wanted, and I would make sure this time he was going to get it, by fair means or foul, depending on one’s perspective.
      Neither of us was going to last long at this rate.  I slammed my toxic dick deep in and out, my balls truly banging his ass.  I was going to give this bottom his first unrubbered poz load, which iswhat I did in shooting a bigger load into his hole than I ever recall having shot into any other bottom.  I fucking thought I might lose consciousness as a consequence of the orgasm.  It was that hard.
      Without touching his dick he came at the same time, of course blowing his load all over the floor.  I held his ass cheeks together as I pulled out, wanting to keep my toxic seed in the boy’s neg ass. Turns out, my dick was covered in his blood.  I had obviously done some damage.  I presented myself for him to clean.  Initially he baulked, but a swift knee to the gut told him that was an error.  
      He licked my cock, and on the first go-around his tongue was covered in shit and blood.  That was more like it.  I told him he could go and lay on the bed, that I would be in shortly.
      I retrieved a little something from my shirt pocket, went into the bathroom, locked the door and sat on the commode.  Using a hand towel, I tied off my arm and took out the insulin syringe I had carried into the bathroom.  I found the vein as they do at the clinic, and pulled out 50ml of blood.  Good healthy toxic blood.  I pulled the needle out, capped the tip, wiping my arm with some toilet roll.  Then I went out to find him.  He wasn’t expecting this so I told him to close his eyes, explaining I had a surprise for him.  He lay on the bed, looking so sweet, eyes closed and in a post-fucked euphoria.
      I remarked he looked cute, but he was to keep his eyes shut.  Boy, was he gonna get it.  Uncapping the needle I walked over to him, picked up his hand and played with it, syringe in my mouth.  I felt-up his arm and found his vein.  BINGO!  I took the syringe in my right hand and slid it straight in.  Yeah, he jumped but it was too late.  He opened his eyes and had a look of horror on his face.  There in his arm was a needle full of toxic blood and he knew it.  There was no turning back.  He asked me why, I told him it was the best way. He looked at me and grinned and said “I’m glad, can I do the honours?”
      I replied "Feel free, press the plunger and change your life forever.”
      He looked at me, and, placing his fingers on mine, we jointly pushed down the plunger on the syringe.  Soon enough, all my toxic blood was in him.  There was no doubt.  He was now my bugboi.
      Time to book the tattooist.
    • By YourSimon
      My boyfriend and I scored an invite to this huge New Year’s Eve bash thrown by a gay couple in their late-forties/early-fifties. They had lots of money and used it to get beautiful, athletic college men to come over and get unbelievably drunk and high—guests at these parties are almost always in a fraternity and/or play a varsity sport. We thought we might get invited at some point—he’s in a fraternity and I made varsity swim team my first year—but guys typically did not start getting invited until their junior or senior year. So we were quite surprised when one of his fraternity brothers handed us both invites; we were just as surprised to learn that he was going with his roommate. They were both seniors and unbelievably hot. He was an all-american jock-type—captain of the lacrosse team, honor roll, that type; his roommate was on the wrestling team and had that perfect ass wrestlers get, which he loved to show off at any opportunity. “Congrats, boys. Now you get to play with the men—though I wonder if it might be the other way around.” He grabbed my ass as he said the last part, and gave me a wink as he walked away. 
      The night of the party, we rode in the lacrosse stud’s SUV through the foothills outside Boulder. When we finally reached the house, it did not disappoint. It was this amazing glass structure with views of the front range from almost every room. And the party was unbelievable. Several hundred of the most beautiful college-aged men I’d ever seen were wandering through the house in various states of undress. We were offered drinks—and pills and lines—as soon as we walked in the door. I’ve always been a bit wary of any drug other than alcohol, so I was only drinking. But my bf and his frat brothers were happy to take anything that sounded fun. We lost his frat brothers for a while but eventually found them kissing by the pool wearing nothing but speedos. At first they were just casually making out but it quickly became very intense—and hot—with the roommate blowing the lacrosse team captain for a good fifteen minutes before stopping to say, “Take me home and fuck me, baby.” 

      “How can I deny such a fucking stud?” the lacrosse captain said as he pushed his roommate—though it was probably more accurate to say his boyfriend or at least live-in fuck buddy—back down on his hard cock. He asked if were ready to leave, but it was only half past midnight and we wanted to stay bit longer. “I totally understand guys; let me find the hosts so we can figure this out.” He pulled out of his bud’s mouth and tried to stuff his very big dick into what was now a too small pair of speedos. He was back pretty quickly with the older of the hosts—a muscle-daddy type in his early fifties with dark hair just starting to turn gray and piercing blue eyes. “So you two don’t want to leave? I don’t blame you. I’m not sure anyone else is heading in your direction, but there’s an extra bedroom you can use.” As soon as we agreed to stay in the spare room, the two studs left to go back to the frat. “Apparently, they really wanted to fuck.” I said to the host. To which he responded, “Do you blame them?” which made us both laugh. Something my bf had taken was clearly kicking in—he was having trouble focusing and sweat was just pouring out of him. “Let’s find that room for you—I think he’s going to need somewhere to pass out before too long.”
      The host and I made small talk as we wandered through the party—he was incredibly charming and a bit flirtatious. He kept dropping hints that he would be happy to fill in for my boyfriend tonight since by this point we had to prop him up. The bedroom that he thought we could use already had guests in it—about a dozen guys watching as three boys were being fucked side by side at the end of the bed. When one of the tops shot their load another guy in the room would immediately take his place. “Looks like this room won’t work, but I can’t say that I’m sorry. This is one of the hottest scenes we’ve had at these parties—it would be wrong to stop it.” We stood in the doorway for a minute or so watching. The host was transfixed by the boy getting fucked in the center, who looked very young—almost too young. And he was getting fucked harder than the other two boys by a bigger dick—all the while begging for more. “How can he be asking for more and harder?” I asked quite incredulously. The host turned from the doorway stating simply, “Because he’s unfathomably high on t and g right now.”
      “That was our only unoccupied guest bedroom. We could see if anyone was willing to drive you down to Boulder, though I don’t think anyone that is still here would be sober enough to drive for some time. It might be possible to call a cab, but probably not on New Year’s Eve. Hmm… Well, we do have a couple of twin beds in our master bedroom that are not being used at the moment, though you may find it strange to sleep in them.” I must have had a very confused look on my face because he quickly explained they were for their two houseboys to store their clothing and supplies as well as to use as a place to sleep when for whatever reason they did not sleep in the big bed with the two of them. The host led us to a very nondescript door that turned out to be an elevator that would only activate with a 10 digit code. When the elevator doors opened we stepped into a very large, open space that almost had a warehouse feel to it. Except that instead of concrete walls it was all glass—somehow making it feel like the space was floating and that we were completely exposed to the world around us. The only actual walls on the entire floor were in the center near where the elevator opened up.
      As we walked around the space, it became clear that it had been designed for them as a space to live and work while also serving as one big sex playroom. We stopped by a fully stocked bar so he could get us drinks—but the whole area around the bar looked and felt like a sleazy leather bar. There was an area with slings and another with a couch facing a huge tv screen. Their bed was along one of the walls and was enormous—you could have easily fit six people in it. Somehow on each side of the elaborate bed frame there was a semi-private alcove with a twin mattress and shelves filled with clothing and supplies for fucking and playing—lubes, gear, underwear, clothing, dildos, and many things that I could not even imagine how one would be able to use during sex. “Ah, I told you it might be strange. Some of the more unusual toys and gears are on the other side, so let’s take your boyfriend there to sleep off whatever he took. And my husband loves frat boys so a naked one passed out in his bed is a nice way to start off the year.” He gave me a quick wink and threw my boyfriend over his shoulders in a fireman’s carry, which kind of turned me on. I followed him to the other side where the shelves were covered in leather and rubber gear, ropes and other restraints, and a bunch of other very specific looking equipment. “A lot of this is for piss play,” the host mentioned with an odd smile as he quickly stripped everything off my boyfriend and laid him ass up on the small bed in the space. “Very hot ass—you have excellent taste, boy.” I was a bit startled—but also turned on—when he called me “boy,” but I didn’t have much time to think about it before he was leading me back to other side of the bed.

      I was starting to feel really tired and had to fight to keep my eyes open. “I think I’m ready to get some sleep, if that’s okay.” I said before drifting off. When I woke up a few hours later, it was to the feeling of being fucked slowly and deeply by a very thick cock—stretching my hole to its limits. I had no idea who was fucking me and didn’t really remember where I was, so I started to look around a bit to see if I recognized anything. “Ah, my hot little boy is finally awake. Daddy’s been waiting for you—I think I gave you a bit too much g. You’ve been out for a few hours, but I couldn’t resist your ass.” It all came rushing back to me—the New Year’s Party at the two older guys house. Somehow I ended up in bed with one of them—but where was my boyfriend? I realized I could see everything because of mirrors on the ceiling and in the headboard, so I finally saw that it was the same muscle daddy from earlier who was fucking me now. I could see his partner having some fun on the other side of the bed, but wasn’t able to really concentrate on him or anything else because my ass was suddenly being pounded much harder and faster. It was starting to be too much when he went back to his long, slow strokes and whispered in my ear, “You have an amazing ass, boy—one that daddy needs to spend some time getting to know. I loved sliding inside you while you were passed out. I can’t wait to do it again and again and again.” He started to really pound me as he talked about knocking me out and fucking me over and over, causing me to start moaning and panting. And then he stopped just as abruptly as he started and pulled completely out of me. “I think it’s time we got you really fucked up, boy…”

    • By denVERScub
      Hey guys, if u missed chapter one it can be found at https://breeding.zone/topic/33550-new-city-new-story-bisexual-chapter-1/
      Warning: This chapter contains use of drugs, explicit sexual details and more. This should only be viewed by consenting adults... and if you don't want to see this stuff, why are you on this site?????
      In part 1: new kid on the block, we met Aidan, a tall blond scruffy white stoner-type teen with blue eyes, wide shoulders, tight abs, bubble butt and bigger than average dick who dropped out of high school, got his GED and took to the road to gain some life experience and become a writer. After a few months of bad jobs, cheap rooms and no direction, Aidan found his was to Denver where he got a job at a bookstore and befriended his trainer at work, Liam, a recent college grad with brown hair, green eyes, athletic build, large Dick, and a lot more life experience. Aidan and Liam are practically inseparable, despite the fact Aidan has never met a guy who is openly bisexual before. Having been raised by a pastor and college theology professor, Aidan led a somewhat sheltered life, even though he and his parents have always had open minds when it comes to sexual orientation and lifestyles. One night while they are out at a bar, Aidan convinces Liam to tell him one of his wildest experiences, so Liam tells him about a time in college when he and three of his friends gang banged two girls. Once the story is over, Aidan tries to find a place to jack off and ends up catching Liam getting head from some girl at the bar. With little encouragement, he joins them and feeds his load to the girl while Liam tells him what happened after the gang bang with one of the guys. Aidan takes the girl home with him and the two of them fuck all night. When she goes to leave, she asks Aidan if he wants to try Tina the next time they play, and he doesn't know what it is. Her response: "Ask your friend."
      Chapter II: new experiences make better writers
      "How did it go last night ABs?" Liam asked his buddy, combining his initials to make a nickname that also referenced his muscular torso. Aidan had become used to the moniker and had even begun to enjoy the way it made him feel: special. He answered Liam, as they ran the track at the nearby rugby field, by giving him the entire play-by-play in exuberant detail, embellishing certain details for effect and glossing over certain particulars including the moment they fell out of bed and breaking the towel bar in the bathroom by trying to put the girl up on it. jogging to a stop so they could catch their breath and stretch, Liam slapped his pal on the back and congratulated him. As they were about to start up again, Aidan grabbed Liam's sweaty arm and pulled him to the side of the track for a chance to find out something that had been bothering him for hours.
      "Dude can I ask you something?" the younger of the two asked, looking around to be sure he couldn't be overheard.
      "Of course bro," Liam responded, moving in closer while pulling them both a little further off the path, sensing his friend was about to ask something that wasn't fit for public ears. "You can always ask me anything, you know that. Hell after the shit I shared with you and a bar full of strangers last night, I'd be offended if you didn't feel like you could ask."
      "Cool Lee, it's about something that bitch said when she was leaving this morning," he paused and looked around one more time. Sure he was not going to be overheard, he continued quietly, "when I asked her what she wanted me to stock in case I had her over again, like booze and pot and stuff, she said something about...tina?"
      "What's your question ABs," Liam said after a minute waiting for the boy to ask something specific. "You need to know where to get some or what?"
      "No, well maybe, but what I need to know is..." embarrassed to ask, he looked away and said the rest very quietly. "what is it?"
      "what did you say?" Liam leaned closer, not hearing Aidan's request.
      "What is Tina?" Aidan said a little louder, causing Liam to smile and chuckle a little, before asking if his teen friend was for real. "Yeah I'm for real. I have heard of Molly and x and that stuff, but I don't have a fucking clue what Tina is. I was going to look it up online but until my internet is installed the only places I can do it are at work or the library and I didn't want to be arrested or fired for looking up some weird Spanish fly shit or something."
      "Dude!" By this time Liam was full-on laughing, and was having a hard time not making a spectacle of the two of them. He tried to suck the laughter down as he put his arm around his buddy and led him over to their gym bags on the lawn. "Tina is crystal ABs, you know, Meth."
      "Seriously?" Aidan stopped and stripped off his sweaty tee shirt and toweled down as he wondered how he'd never known that term. His father had run a rehab group for addicts in his home town for years and he was sure he'd heard all the slang for Meth, heroine, crack, coke and the like. "So she wants us to do meth?"
      "I guess," Liam said, trying not to stare at his friend's tight abs and low hanging running shorts, which revealed the top of a bike jockstrap waistband. He turned back to his own gym bag and slid his clean tee over his head, hoping it was long enough to cover the semi he was growing under his own shorts and jock.
      "Do you think I should get some Lee?" his friend's question caused Liam to turn back to him. As far as Liam could tell, Aidan's only experience with drugs was trying some tabs of x and a few lines of coke at some parties in New Mexico before he'd moved to town, if you didn't count the copious amounts of weed the teen smoked when he was hanging at home or chilling Liam and his buds. Liam's own experimentation had gone much further, but he had never admitted just how far he'd gone with drugs. "I mean, what do you think it's like?"
      "I... that's not... I don't know if you're ready to handle something like Tina, Aidan," grabbing his bag he turned and started walking back to his apartment, not watching but still aware that his young bud was only a few feet behind him, trying to get his attention. "That kind of thing is not like anything you've done before and you can't just decide to try it with some girl after one night together."
      "What's the big deal man?" Aidan was trying to pick up his pace to catch up with Liam's stride, but Liam was keeping a step or two ahead so Aidan wouldn't be able to see the look on his face. "The whole reason I left home and came out here was to gain life experiences just like this! No writer ever wrote a great book by playing it safe. Besides, it's not like I'm gonna try it once and quit my job and start hooking for drugs or anything. I just want to try it once or twice to know what it feels like."
      "And what if you like it so much you can't stop or end up doing something when you're high that you regret?" Liam stopped and turned on him so abruptly that Aidan almost ran into Lee's muscular chest. "You can't just jump into that stuff head first with someone you don't know that well."
      "Oh shit Lee," Aidan smiled at a realization. "You've done it before, haven't you? You've tried Tina! What was it like? What did you do when you tried it? Did you do something you regretted?"
      "That's... not the point," Liam spun back around and was back on his way, picking up his pace even more to avoid the teenager's questions. "You just shouldn't do something so... dangerous with someone you barely know!"
      "So I should do it with someone I can trust?" Aidan said, following his friend with eager curiosity.
      "No, that isn't what I meant," Liam slowed down and let his buddy catch up to him. "I just don't think you can handle something like meth bro. It is a serious trip and it makes you higher and hornier that you thought possible, and it doesn't take much before you can find yourself so tweaked out of your mind that you can't see that what you're about to do might make you hate yourself or worse."
      "I'm not some stupid kid asshole," Aidan said, now angry and walking ahead of Liam. "I can take care of myself and I know when to stop myself so I don't end up sucking Dick for crack or holding up a liquor store or something."
      "So you don't regret jerking me off last night?" Liam said loudly enough to stop Aidan in his tracks and get the kid to turn back to face him. "I saw that look on your face last night after we came on that bitch's face. You weren't even high last night and your hormones and a couple drinks made you so horny that you let a dude play with your cock and kiss you. If you can tell me you didn't hate yourself after we messed around last night, then I won't say another word about it."
      "Fuck you Lee," Aidan stepped in close and talked in a hushed tone filled with disdain. "Yeah I felt a little weird about what happened last night, but only because I have a lifetime of memories of church freaks and homophobes telling me that type of thing is a sin. But I don't feel weird now because it didn't mean anything, it was just two guys helping each other out and getting off while a girl ate our cum loads. Just because I'm not bi like you, doesn't mean I'm some pansy ass sheltered little preacher's son from the boonies. I'm not going to say no to an experience because you or anyone else says I should, and I won't let any fuckers make me do anything I can't handle."
      Liam watched his friend turn and leave in a huff and stood there for a few minutes wondering what he was doing. Why was he suddenly acting like an over protective big brother instead of being the chill, open-minded guy he prized himself to be? Aidan was only a few years younger than he was and despite his youth, he was already more determined and focused than anyone Liam knew. Shaking his head at himself, he dashed towards Aidan's crappy apartment complex and caught his buddy just as he was about to shut the door to his basement apartment.
      "ABs, Aidan, dude, I'm sorry," Liam apologized and pushed his way into the tiny studio. "I didn't have any right to pull that shit on you. You're your own man and you can do what you want. I just want to be sure you can trust the person or people you are with when you try stuff like Tina, so you don't make a mistake like I've made in the past."
      "Thanks bro." Aidan pulled his friend into a hug and almost let it linger too long before pounding his fist on Liam's back and pulling out of it. "I appreciate the worry but I know what I'm doing. But maybe if you told me what your experiences have been like I'd know better what to watch out for."
      "Not a chance ABs," Liam said, picking his bag up and heading back to the door. "There are some things even I'm too embarrassed to share. Just promise me you won't try it without somebody you can trust to watch your back."
      "how bout you?" Aidan's question stopped Liam with his hand on the door and before he could begin to protest, Aidan continued, "there's no one else I trust here as much as you, and I'm not even sure how to get something like Tina unless you hook me up. That way, you can be sure I'm playing it safe and I can make sure you don't make any MORE decisions you might regret."
      "Fine," Liam gave in after a moment, eliciting an excited cheer from Aidan. "Just remember to follow my lead, always stick to what I tell you, and keep away from any sketchy situations. I'll see if I can hook us up with some favors next weekend after work, cool?"
      "Yeah, I promise I'll be the perfect pupil." Aidan's excitement was clear in his tone, even though he was trying hard to play it cool.
      "Very good, grasshopper," Liam said, sharing a laugh with Aidan. "now take a shower, you're ass smells like cheap hookers and dirty jockstraps."
      That week seemed to go by incredibly slowly for the two friends, with work and planning keeping them busy enough that they barely had time to chill or even chat before Friday arrived. Finally there was less than an hour left as the clock was inching its way towards closing, when Liam asked Aidan to help him reorganize some boxes in the basement. Checking to be sure the coast was clear, Liam pulled Aidan between some tall shelves and pulled out a small cloth bag and told Aidan to take a look. Pulling the drawstrings apart, Aidan turned the top of the bag into his hand and watched as a glass pipe, small section of a plastic straw and a plastic baggie containing some small see-through rocks slid out into his open palm.
      "Is this what I think it is?" Aidan whispered a little too louder, causing Liam to cover his mouth before smiling and nodding at his friend. Taking the glass pipe and motioning for Aidan to listen for the door, Liam slid the tip of the straw into the bag, filled it with some of the crystals, and deposited them into the round end of the glass pipe. Aidan's eyes were locked onto Liam's actions and his heart was beating harder than he'd ever felt it beat before. All week he'd wondered if he'd have the courage to try Tina as was planned but he'd figured it would just be him and his friend in Liam's apartment and he could back out if he got scared, but here in the basement at work he could barely breathe and he had to be cool and go through with it because he wouldn't be able to make any excuses without possibly drawing attention or taking too much time.
      "lighter?" Liam whispered, pulling Aidan back to reality. The terrified teen nodded and produced his lucky Zippo and watched as Liam lit it and held it to the bottom of the clear glass bowl. The rocks crackled and cracked and began to melt, turning into a cloud of white smoke as Liam rolled the bowl back and forth over the open flame. "inhale when I say go.''
      Aidan leaned in, his body obeying as if in a trance while his mind screamed out 'no, stop, make him hit it first!' but it was no use. Liam signaled, and on cue he emptied his lungs and sucked in the smoke from the pipe as hard as he could until he could no longer inhale. The taste was almost non-existent, but as he began to exhale, it burned very differently from the pot and cloves he was used to smoking. He tried his hardest no to cough, but a couple small ones escaped into the elbow of his shirt; which he had turned his mouth towards. Opening his eyes he thought he'd find Liam looking angry at him for not being able to smoke without coughing but the college boy was busy lighting the bowl and taking his own hit from it. As Liam exhaled into Aidan's face, both of them felt a rushing wave of tingling power wash over them.
      "Holy shit. That is..." Aidan couldn't find a word fully capable of describing what he was going through at that moment. Taking the pipe, he let Liam show him how to light it himself and took another hit. As the smoke poured out of his mouth for a second time, he decided to keep describing it. " amazing... like having an orgasm and riding a roller coaster while jumping out of a plane."
      "That good huh?" Liam whispered back to him, taking his second hit. "I knew you'd like it."
      The two men handed the pipe back and forth a few more times, evolving into taking shot gun hits from each other's mouths on each exhale, in order to get as much from each hit as possible. Soon the bowl was empty and Aidan was asking Liam to load the rest.
      "Not yet," Liam said, pulling out breath mints and some body spray for them to use. Checking to be sure the coast was still clear, he snuck the pipe back into the bag with the Tina and straw and put them into a big pocket on his cargo pants. "This was just the teaser before we go get more from my guy after work. I was going to wait till we got off, but this way you won't be riding your first hit when we get there. Nothing is as obvious as a first timer looking to score some party favors, except a first timer looking to score party favors right after his first hit."
      "what do you mean, party favors?" Aidan asked, having trouble not reaching down and whipping his cock out right that second. Liam was right, he was higher and hornier than he ever remembered being, even compared to his few times with x and coke.
      "It is code for Tina or almost any hardcore substance," Liam was also using all his focus not to reach for his own cock or grab at Aidan's. "Now help me get these boxes onto the right shelves for the rest of our shift so we don't have to go back on the floor."
      The two tweaking men spent the next 30 to 40 minutes getting the pallets cleared off and everything put away, only stopping once to each do a line of Tina off a laminated form explaining the companies drug policies.
      "It would be a crime not to," Liam said as he crushed, drew out and snorted the first line before handing the straw to Aidan and watching him do the same.
      Suddenly it was 630 and announcement went across the store that they were closing and customers would be welcome to return the next day at 10AM. The guys shared a look that spoke of both anticipation and nerves before turning to climb the stairs and close up the store. As Liam had planned, most of the closing duties were covered so once the drawers were counted, all the men did was clock out, grab their coats and head out the door. Fresh air filled their lungs as they stepped out into the evening dusk, and it made Aidan high all over again. Feeling a tug at his arm, he let himself be led to Liam's car and got in, sitting silent for a second as he waited for his driver to go around and get in on the other side.
      They drove quietly for a few minutes before Liam began to explain that they were heading to the home of a man named Benjamin who would be hooking them up for the evening. When prompted, Aidan produced the 60 dollars he'd been told to bring, and Liam added it to a stack of his own that looked to contain 5 or 6 20 dollar bills, reminding Aidan that Liam was probably putting in more in order to keep the younger one out of trouble and out of debt. Pulling up outside a split level blonde brick house in a nice area of town ten minutes from their store, Liam turned off the car and announced they had arrived.
      "This is it?" Aidan gave the home a thorough inspection and felt confident he never would have believed this was were they were going. More likely a home like this would contain a family of four with two dogs, a cat and a gerbil, with nothing more exciting going on than the occasional dropped dish, blown fuse or burst pipe
      "What did you expect, a shack in the woods with a neon sign that said 'crack den?'" Liam tucked the money into his pocket along side his phone and deposited his wallet and all his keys except for the key fob that unlocked the car into the glove compartment. Following his lead, Aidan did the same, before the two of them disembarked and made their way up the thin concrete walk to the front door. "Be cool."
      Knocking three times, they stood on the front stoop for a minute before Aidan heard the sound of someone walking towards the door. A shadow moved over the pee hole and lingered longer than was probably necessary, causing Aidan to feel like he was being scrutinized by someone who was serious about who they let in.
      "Hey Benji man, it's Lee." Liam's quiet declaration began a chain reaction down the many locks of the door, eliciting clicks and snaps as five different tumblers turned and creaked until finally the door slid open with a whoosh of air that gave the impression that this entrance was sealed better than most Ziploc bags. "Let's go in ABs."
      Stepping inside, Aidan found himself even more surprised by the interior than he'd been by the exterior. Laid out in front of him was a living room adorned in beautiful décor with nice plush tan couches, wood and glass coffee and end tables that matched the bookcases and entertainment center, which held a nice collection of novels, DVDs, video games, electronic devices and framed a huge flat screen TV. Seated on the couch was a burly older white man with thinking brown wavy hair and a full, but well-trimmed beard. He was busy playing Assassin's Creed and barely looked over at us as Liam said hi and called him Dave. So enthralled by the surroundings that he forgot what they were doing, Aidan almost screamed when a tall, slim, muscled black man in his mid twenties appeared from behind the door before shutting it, locking all the many locks and motioning them to go in and have a seat.
      The two friends walked into the room from the entry hall and took their places, Liam on the couch next to Dave and Aidan in a leather arm chair, while Benjamin, or Benji as Liam had called him, played host.
      "You guys want anything? Water? Soda? Cocktail?" Benjamin's deep voice showed signs of education as well as an upbringing in a less polished neighborhood, and it caused Aidan to look back at the man with more attention than earlier. He was shirtless, and ripped from head to toe with tattoos dotting his light brown skin, but Aidan had failed to appreciate how intricate the tattoos were until that moment. Luckily Liam answered for both of them that water would be fine, because Aidan had lost himself in the amazing detail of each line and curve of the man's ink collection. The trance was broken only by Benjamin disappearing into the kitchen, allowing Aidan to turn back to the gents at hand.
      "Dave, this is my buddy Aidan." Liam made introductions, causing Aidan to reach out to shake the older man's hand, but only getting a nod from the distracted bear who was busy murdering some aristocrat on the screen while slouching into the corner of the couch in his ball shorts and open Hawaiian shirt. Benjamin reappeared from the other side of the living room, where Aidan guessed the kitchen wrapped could also be accessed. Handing each of them an open bottle of water, Aidan greedily chugged two thirds of it before looking up and seeing Benjamin and Liam both giving him disapproving looks.
      "You always this stupid or just too trusting?" Benjamin asked Aidan, making the boy stutter an apology while looking confused. "Don't sweat it bro, I didn't put anything in your drink man, but you never know who might so don't be downing open bottles of water unless you open them, coo?"
      "Would someone really do that Benjamin?" Aidan looked at his bottle with wide eyes. He'd heard of people being drugged, but he'd never thought that he could be.
      "Call me Ben man, or Benji if you're a Tool like Leroy here," Ben laughed and motioned to Liam, the two of them sharing in some private joke over their names. "and in all honesty, yeah. Some niggas might try to slip some shit in a pretty white boy's drink and once you take a swallow you never know if it will just fuck you up a little or if you'll wake up two days later tied to a bed in Bangkok while a dozen Mutha fuckahs rape yo fine white ass. Hell, if you're lucky you wake up, and not just end up in a morgue somewhere."
      "Stop scaring the new meat Benny," Dave paused his game and pushed the younger black man away from Aidan, causing him to topple onto the seat next to Liam. "Don't let him freak you out kid, we're all on the up and up here. He just likes to make straight bitches squirm, right Liam?"
      "Right Dave," Liam couldn't help joining with Ben on a quick laugh at Aidan's terrified face, before winking at his bud to reassure him. "So you guys got what we came for?"
      "I got it right here," Ben said, grabbing Liam's hand and placing between his legs, outlining a thick big bulge running down his jean-clad thigh.
      "Fuck you Benji," Liam gave Ben's cock a squeeze even though he was pretending to be pissed. "fucking dog with a bone... you know what I mean."
      "Yeah, how much you want?" Ben sat up and reach down below the end table, retrieving a wooden box. Opening it, he pulled out a scale like the ones used to weigh pot, some small bags, and a small plastic Tupperware container that opened to reveal lots of crystals just like the ones Liam had smoked with Aidan at work.
      "A shirt, plus 2 tabs of v and a couple caps of g," Liam spoke with authority, impressing Aidan, who was trying to look cool although the warm temp in the room had him sweating bullets. Dave was involved in his game again and seemed totally unpaved by what was happening, so Aidan figured this must be a pretty common occurrence.
      "Damn you boys got a party planned huh?" Weighing some of the crystals, Ben didn't look up as he spoke. "got the cash for all that?"
      "yeah, how much?" Liam leaned in and watched Ben weighing the stuff as they spoke.
      "For a shirt, 2 tabs of v and a couple caps? 200?" Aidan almost choked hearing the total.
      "Nice try man, most that shit is worth is 140." Liam calmly responded, sounding like he was negotiating for an apple from a street cart.
      "140 my black ass," Ben looked up for the first time and turned to Liam. "This is prime time stuff white boy, it's worth 140 by itself. Gotta add the rest up to 180 at least."
      "Only if the v is dipped in gold." Liam came back. "How bout 150 and my usual bonus later?"
      "You ain't that fine Leroy," Ben responded. Liam shrugged and leaned back against the back of the couch, causing his shirt to ride up a little a reveal his fuzzy muscly abs, which he rubbed his hand across. Aidan watched as Ben licked his lips. "A'ight bitch, make it 160 and we got a deal."
      "Done." Liam fished the wad of bills from his pocket, lifting his shirt even higher to gain access, and Ben smiled as Liam stuffed them into the pocket of the dealer's jeans, not coming back out for a good 10 seconds. "Now let's get a bowl loaded and get fucked up."
      Ben produced a bong from below the table, but instead of the classic bowl Aidan was used to seeing, this one was like the pipe he'd smoked at work with Liam. The dealer filled a tiny metal straw with crystal from his own stash, as Liam put a few crystals from his new bag into the bowl, which Ben then added to with his contribution. Turning to Aidan, Ben lifted the heavy glass water pipe over to the teen and motioned for him to take the first hit. Accepting nervously, Aidan held the pipe to his lips as Ben lit a small butane torch like the one Aidan used to crystallize the crème Brule at his last restaurant job, and began to melt the huge collection of rocks in the glass bowl at the end of the bong. When white vapors began to swirl, Liam nodded to Aidan and the young man took it as a sign and began to inhale as deep as he could. He was sure he wasn't getting anything but when he went to exhale, a giant cloud came out and he coughed like he had never smoked before. Ben laughed, but Liam gave him a thumbs up and motioned for him to pass the bong to Dave.
      The older man had paused his game for a second and lit and smoked the bong with no assistance. Once he'd taken it in, he turned to Liam and pulled the younger man's face to his and shotgunned the smoke into his mouth, ending with a tongue filled kiss. Liam exhaled almost as much as Aidan had, even though it was second hand from Dave, before taking the bong and hitting it himself. As he exhaled, he too coughed, and then, complaining of the heat, peeled away his sweaty polo, and kicking off his shoes and socks so he was in nothing but his baggy cargo khakis which rode low enough to reveal the black waist band of his white undies. Ben muttered some comment about Liam's nipples before taking his first hit off the bong, which he decided to shotgun to Aidan. Leaning over the arm of the couch, he curled his finger to the straight teen and Aidan scooted in until there was less than an inch between their lips. As his exhale began, Ben locked eyes with Aidan, who sucked in as much smoke as he could, without realizing he was leaning closer to catch it. Suddenly their lips touched as the last of the smoke escaped, and Ben pulled back after a quick peck. Letting his lungs deflate, Aidan felt his nerves buzzing as he worried about what these guys might want from him, but once he was taking another hit, he looked over and realized his new best friend was seated only 5 feet away and was there for the simple purpose of ensuring he was safe and happy.
      They continued to smoke for the next 25 minutes, until Dave got too tweaked to continue his game and suggested they put on a movie. As Ben reloaded the bowl, Dave pulled out a big black leather book of DVDs and asked Aidan to pick one for them to watch. At first it was just some raunchy r rated films and some bad ads action flicks, but slowly the book turned into a collection of pornos, each of them dirtier and kinkier than the last. Some were gay, some were straight and a few were bi, although most of the bi DVDs looked like they were only for bi males, containing no lesbian action. Thinking he should keep things from progressing any further, Aidan was about to turn back to the front of the book when he found a DVD that made him freeze. It wasn't a professional DVD like the others, and it had no picture on the cover to suggest what went on in it. All it had to identify it was a date from a few months earlier and a few words written across it in red sharpie: Benji, Leroy, & Mark gang bang Emily.
      Smirking, Aidan looked up and pulled out the DVD, handing it to David who read the title, and smiled back at Aidan. Liam and Ben were too busy passing a pipe between them, having decided the bong was too cumbersome, and talking in hushed tones to notice Dave and Aidan's conspiratorial glances. It wasn't until the DVD was in and began to play that either of them even realized Aidan had picked one. Liam leaned forward to make it less obvious that he'd been whispering with the ripped ebony god on his right, and handed the pipe to his friend, only glancing momentarily at what was on the screen. Reaching for his bottle of water and taking a swig, he stopped mid gulp, slammed the bottle down on the table and stood up, spinning back to face the TV.
      "No no no no! No way man!" Liam protested, reaching for the remote on Dave.a far side, which the older guy was quick to snatch away and hold out of Liam's reach. "Come on Dave, we're not watching this shit, not with ABs, I mean Aidan here."
      "ABs?" Ben asked, taking the pipe from Aidan and showing no sign of worry that this DVD was showing.
      "It's my initials, A. B." Aidan said, catching the remote as Dave threw it over Liam's head, and holding it far from Liam as he came around the table for it. "Come on, 'Leroy' it's just a little video."
      "Fuck you Aidan," Liam said, missing his chance as Aidan tossed the remote back to Dave. "No chance am I gonna let you see me in this. Come on Benji, we can't let him see the... thing."
      "What thing?" curious, Aidan looked at the two men across the room, both of whom just laughed and dropped the subject.
      "We got at least an hour til then, more like two, I'll turn it off before that Leroy," Ben assured his friend. "I swear."
      "Fuck. Fine, whatever, but as soon as you-know-what starts, it goes off, deal?" Liam turned to both men and made them promise before returning to his seat. They'd all been so distracted trying to control the viewing, no one had been paying attention, so they were already a few minutes in. On the screen were Ben and Liam and some other guy, each lounging or sitting on the edge of a huge king size bed. All of them were naked except for boxers or briefs, and they were passing around the same pipe that Aidan was smoking right now, while they watched porn on a screen just outside the shot. If there was any doubt that the sound coming from the screen was porn playing, the hard ons that each of the three of them were displaying made it a sure thing. They shared the occasional comment about what was happening on screen and inquiring about the where abouts of Emily but mostly they stayed focused on hitting the pipe and groping themselves through their undies. Without warning Ben and the guy Aidan assumed was Mark decided enough was enough and they dropped their undies, letting their hard dicks pop out. Aidan gasped, making his fellow smokers laugh, when he got a peek at Ben's huge Dick.  It was at least 10 inches long and uncut, with a tattoo around the base that he couldn't quite make out. Mark walked between Ben and the camera and Aidan almost gasped once more as he switched his focus to this guy's 9 inches of also uncut meat. Taking his first good look at the man, Aidan was surprised to see that Mark was latin, and probably about the same age as he was. Totally engrossed in checking out the two nude men in the film that he had all but forgotten Liam, he managed to remember just in time to look over and watch as Liam pulled off his own undies, and the familiar 8 inches of circumcised cock, that Aidan had handled just a week ago, was also free. Watching in a mix of horror and awe, Aidan sat dumbstruck as Liam sank to his knees and began jerking and licking the other two men's monster cocks.
      "See?" Liam said to Ben and Dave. "Aidan is freaked out, we should turn it off."
      Aidan almost agreed when a noise on the screen got Liam off his knees and back into bed while Ben pulled on some boxers (which Aidan would have sworn were Mark's) and disappeared off screen for a minute. Upon his return, he was followed by a beautiful girl with long, light brown curly hair, a gorgeous curvy tall body, a sweet innocent young face, and the cutest young voice. Aidan's cock jumped in his pants as she took a hit from the pipe while Ben removed his boxers, walked up behind her and began to undo her fly. Crawling across the bed, Mark and Liam met the two of them at the foot and started unbuttoning her shirt and taking turns kissing her while encouraging her to take more hits from the pipe. Now nude and getting progressively higher, Emily couldn't help but moan and giggle as three men took turns touching her in every sensitive area they could get to.
      "I gotta hit the head," Liam announced as he stood and left the room, poorly masking his discomfort over the public showing of his private group session. While he wanted to stick by his friend, Aidan was now in lust with the teenage bombshell on the screen and had no choice but to let the video unfold as Ben pushed her back on the bed and told her to suck Liam's cock while he and Mark took turns eating her out and sucking on her fits. In the real world, Ben was enjoying himself on screen, as was Dave, so the two of them didn't hesitate to undress and begin jacking. Looking over when he heard Ben's zipper coming down, Aidan gulped and turned back to the TV so he didn't have to face Ben's real life monster meat or the massively thick cut and pierced penis that Dave had revealed. Out of the corner of his eye, he watched the men stroke themselves to full mast, and wondered what was taking Liam so long. A moan from the TV signaled the first penetration as Mark began to slide his thick Latin snake into Emily's shaved snatch, and Aidan couldn't help but reach down to feel his own cock.
      For a split second, panic swept over Aidan as he realized his cock was no longer hard, and, in fact, had shrunk to the smallest he'd ever felt it, at least in the past few years. Before he shouted for someone to call 911, Liam reappeared and seemed to know what was happening without even turning the corner entirely.
      "Dude, can you get us those Viagra tabs?" Liam's request made Ben groan and drop his Dick, turning his attention to the wood box where he kept his Tina stash. Seconds later he fished out two blue diamond-shaped pills, and tossed one to each of the guests. "Thanks man, I don't know about you ABs, but I got a serious case of Tina Dick and nothing helps get me up again like a little V."
      Tina Dick? Right, me too man." Pretending to be in the loop, Aidan realized that 'Tina dick' must refer to Tina making your cock soft. Swallowing the blue pill with a gulp of water, Aidan was grateful that he hadn't tried this with some girl and ended up thinking his Dick was broken. Returning his focus to the video, Aidan saw that something had distracted the guys on the screen and now it was just Liam and Emily laying bed smoking from the pipe, with Ben and Mark no where to be seen. Since the video had lost its appeal and Liam had distracted the real Ben, the party changed focus and Ben said he wanted something to eat. Asking if anyone else was hungry, Aidan was surprised to say no, even though it was now nearly 10pm and he hadn't eaten anything since having a granola bar before work. Too nervous to eat at lunch time, Aidan figured he'd get the munchies with Tina just like with weed and could eat once he was high, instead all he felt was horny as fuck, hotter than hell and thirstier than a fish on dry land. When he asked for something more to drink, Liam offered to get him something, and suggested Dave might like to show Aidan around the house in case he needed to find the kitchen or bathroom later.
      "My pleasure," Dave stood and towered over Liam and Aidan by a few inches, probably standing between 6'5 and 6'8. Even at that height, he and Ben were probably within an inch of each other, making Aidan wonder if Tina caused growth spurts. "follow me young master, and I'll see if we have something cooler for you to slip into."
      Walking and talking, Dave led Aidan first to the kitchen and powder room which were just off the entry hall past the living room. Between the other end of the kitchen and living room was a small dining room with an expensive cherry dining set. Cutting back across the kitchen, Dave pointed out the detached garage across the backyard before they crossed into the entry again, this time descending the stairs into the basement where Dave explained they spent a lot of time in the summer when it got this hot. The main area which Dave referred to as the rec room, was carpeted in what looked like orange shag that had survived there since the 70's with a couple black corduroy couches facing a flat screen that was almost as big as its friend upstairs, but didn't come with the surround sound speakers, various electronic devices and awesome entertainment center. It was mounted on the wall, above a blonde brick fireplace, with two long cords attaching it to a surge protector and simple DVD player from ten years ago. On the far wall was a sink and bar and a door that led up a small staircase and into the back yard. To the left of the stairs was a tight hall with three brown doors, one leading to a full bathroom that had a huge steam shower, one leading to a bedroom that was locked up tight, and one containing just enough space for a washer, dryer, drying rack, ironing board and a small chest of drawers.
      Reaching in to the top drawer, Dave retrieved a pair of blue shorts with yellow piping that looked like something magnum p.i. would have worn in the late 80's, a small green well worn t shirt, and a pair of cheap rubber flip flops. Aidan looked at the clothing and realized it was for him, which made him laugh a little as he declined to put it on.
      "Suit yourself," Dave shrugged and set the stuff on the dryer. "Just seems to me that you're sweating like a hog in your long sleeves and slacks, and those clothes will be ruined if you keep sweating like that."
      "I guess you have a point," Aidan smiled and picked up the shorts and tee, hoping Dave would move to the door. He didn't budge, obviously planning to watch the teen change. Resigned to the fact Dave wasn't gonna leave without a little peek, Aidan unbuckled his belt, undid his pants and let them drop to his feet, confident that his shirt hung low enough to cover his briefs. Pulling the shorts up his legs, he secured them over his butt and waist before unbuttoning his shirt. Looking up at Dave for the first time during the strip, he smiled to himself to see the beast of a man almost drooling over his fuzzy thighs and calves. Pulling his shirt down to just one arm, he swung it over his head and let it loose perfectly timed so it flew into Dave face. While he peeled away his undershirt, he listed as Dave took loud, long sniffs at the scent of his sweaty oxford. Donning the tight thread bare green tee, he pulled it down as far as it would go, but some flesh still showed between its hem and the waist of the ridiculously short shorts.
      "Damn you are hot boy," Dave complimented Aidan as he bent down to remove his socks and slip into the flip flops. A hard smack rang through the small room as Dave's palm hit Aidan's turned out ass cheek, causing the boy to yelp and jump up and out into the hallway. "Too bad you're straight. Well, shall I show you the rest of the house?"
      Up, up, up they went to the second story, peeking behind door after door to view the hall bathroom, linen closet, the guest room, an office with an expensive computer set up, and finally the master suite. Jaw agape, Aidan looked around the master and confirmed it was the room from the video, as Dave went past him to the master bath to empty the ol' garden hose. By the photos on the nightstand and dresser, Aidan realized this was Dave's room, which surprised him since he believed the house belonged to Ben. Opening the top drawer of the dresser, Aidan began pawing through leather harnesses, Velcro bondage cuffs, metal nipple clamps and various rubber and plastic toys. Glancing in the mirror to see what he'd look like in a leather collar, Aidan caught the reflection of Dave's pierced Dick as he emptied it into the toilet. With the light on and door wide open, Aidan couldn't help but stare as the man began stroking the cock while he peed.  Closing his eyes, Aidan imagined getting to feel the massive pierced cock in his hands. He fantasized about stroking with Dave while the girl from the video suck them off. Reaching into his short shorts, Aidan could tell the Viagra was working as he was now fully erect and leaking into his briefs. He palmed his cock as the images in his head transformed and the girl on her knees became Liam, begging to suck Aidan's big cock until it exploded. He was so lost in his fantasy he didn't hear Dave finish in the bathroom and come up behind him.
      "thinking happy thoughts I see." Dave's voice was low and deep and his beard was soft and scratchy at the same time as it rubbed across Aidan's shoulder. Jumping at the feel of a rough manly hand joining his in his shorts, Aidan stopped jerking and pulled his hand free, where Dave caught it and moved it back against his own naked stiff penis. "Don't stop on my account. I promise not to tell your friend if you tell me what got you so hard."
      "Just picturing the girl from the video." Aidan spun out of Dave's grasp and dislodged the hand from his cock. "Wonder what's happening in the video, wanna see?"
      taking the steps two at a time, he bounded into the living room and almost ran over Liam.
      "There you are!" Liam handed Aidan the unopened bottle of Gatorade he'd brought for him. "I was looking for you to see if you wanted to try some ghb with me."
      "Sure, where? In the kitchen? Let's go." Pushing Liam ahead of him, Aidan led them through the living and dining room and into the kitchen so they wouldn't run into Dave as he made his way back from upstairs. Needing some time to cool off and get away from his molester, Aidan would probably have said yes to doing anything in the kitchen at that point, so he only half listened as Liam explained that ghb was kinda like drinking a ton of liquor or being roofied.
      "... Pretty much just helps to even you out so you're not too tweaked." Aidan caught just the end of Liam's explanation as Ben handed them each a shot glass. Looking at how little was in each one, Aidan realized how strong it must be, so it was no surprise that Liam was protesting to Ben about his being twice as full as Ben's or mine.
      "We made us a deal remember Leroy?" Ben winked at Liam, who turned and smiled half heartedly at Aidan before shrugging and downing his shot. The other two men followed suit, and Aidan gagged a little at how bad the taste was. Ripping the lid from his Gatorade, he swirled and gurgled a few gulps of Gatorade before he was sure he wouldn't Ralph, and then asked how long it would take to go into effect.
      "5 minutes or so, but we should go back into the living room and finish the movie." Ben led them towards the couches, but Aidan made an excuse that he needed to get his phone from his pants and take a leak, so he could avoid seeing Dave for another minute or two. "A'ight bro, just make sure to go through the kitchen to get back to the living room, cause people sometimes come to buy stuff and might be in the front hall and I doubt you want them seeing your ass in that shit."
      In the laundry room, Aidan felt guilty for avoiding Dave when he found his shirt and pants hung nicely on hangers. He decided to go right back up and apologize for being a freak, and figured it was too soon for anyone to be in the hall yet, so he went ahead and turned into the entry instead of going through the kitchen. Before he made the turn into the living room, what he saw stopped him dead in his tracks. On the couch in front of him was Liam, his arms pinned behind his back, his pants and briefs around his knees, with Ben on top of him, holding his arms with one hand while the other was busy trying to force a finger into the white boy's hole.
      "Please stop Benji! Aidan could be hack at any second!" Liam's pain and fear were undermined every time he tried to buck free and Ben's finger managed to get a little deeper in his ads, eliciting moans that betrayed his hunger for what was happening. "Stop before he sees me like this!"
      "That hitch is coming back through the kitchen and Dave is there to give us the signal before they come in here," Ben worked a second finger in Liam's asshole, making him cry out. "Besides, you and me made us a deal that I get to seed that pussy."
      "Not on your life Benji," Liam fought a little harder when Ben announced his intentions, which only drove his butt further onto the fingers. "I said I'd do what I did last time, which was suck you and Dave off and let Dave suck me off, nothing about fucking me."
      "Yo mouth may be saying it doesn't want to get that butt pounded," Ben started rhythmically thrusting his fingers in and out of Liam's hole, forcing sighs and moans to escape his lips. "but that ads is hungry for it, ain't it Leroy? Ain't it?"
      "No, please, uuuhhhhn, you'll rip my ass up," Liam collapsed onto the couch and Ben started to move up like he was going to mount Liam right then and there. Aidan was sickened, but found when he looked down, that his hands had pulled his big cock from its cotton prison, and were stroking for all they were worth.
      "That's the plan cunt boy." Ben pulled out his fingers, spit into his palm and rubbed it along his shaft, getting it up to its full length, looking bigger than earlier on the video. Aidan suddenly realized his friend was about to get raped, and the haze around him lifted just long enough to remember why he was doing this with a trusted friend: so neither of them would do something they didn't want to do. He turned down the hall and shoved his cock into his shorts and jogged down to the kitchen.
      "Ah, here's Aidan!" Dave called out, obviously trying to warn Liam and Ben. Shuffling and some curse words could be heard from the living room as Dave made small talk and tried to slow Aidan's progress back into the other room. By the time he made it to where he could see his friend, Liam was back in his briefs, but his pants were now around his ankles, and Ben was across the room in the leather recliner, stroking his massive uncut Dick like everything was normal.
      "Everything okay?" Aidan asked, sitting next to Liam and looking for signs that his friend needed help.
      "Yeah man, just waiting for your slow ass," Liam responded, smiling and elbowing Aidan, before leaning over and picking up the pipe to take a hit. Not believing what he was seeing Aidan sat stunned as he watched Liam chat with Ben and Dave like he had just almost been raped by the dealer's humongous uncut doing. Taking the pipe in his hands, he wondered if he imagined the whole thing.
      "Let's finish this bowl quick boy," Ben commanded as he took a hit. "After we finish it, Leroy promised to finish helping me with something downstairs, right Leroy? Gonna help me drain those pipes and take whatever comes out till they are empty, just like you promised?"
      "Sure Benji," Liam reached over and took the pipe, agreeing to let Ben fuck his hole under the pretext of plumbing, not even batting an eye. "I promised to help you snake that drain, and I will."
      Aidan was wide eyed and slack jawed as his friend handed him the pipe. Whether Liam was saying he wanted to get pounded or not, Aidan didn't know. All Aidan knew was a) he had to find a way to spy on Liam and Benji when they went downstairs, and he was hard as a rock imagining Liam getting fucked.
      To be continued in part 3...  
      Included below are some photos that inspired me.

    • By denVERScub
      hey guys here is chapter one of a new series I am working on. Please don't report me when I post this chapter in chem sex once I add chapter two because chapter two is almost entirely chemmed up gay hard core sex and doesn't belong in straight/bi fiction. Thanks!
      disclaimer: although this story is based on fact, some things have been changed to suit the story.  This story is not meant in any way to convince young guys to get high and end up fucking around with each other...they'll find out how great it is on their own. For the purposes of the law, Any illegal/immoral activity in this story never happened, even if they did.
      New City, New Story
      Part 1: new kid on The block
      The road stretched out ahead far into the distance, just as endless as it had been two states ago, but with the appearance of pine trees and softly rolling hills, Aidan Buckley couldn’t help feeling like there might finally be finish line to his journey. Ever since he’d loaded up his old corolla and headed for the fastest road out of Texas, he’d been wandering aimlessly from state to state, staying in month-to-month apartment buildings and residence hotels, searching for something worth the temptation of staying in one place. After quitting his most recent job working at the Starbucks inside a Barnes and Noble in New Mexico, Aidan took a copy of the Wall Street Journal someone had left behind. Normally he avoided periodicals, but the pages were conveniently folded back to a BIG headline declaring Denver, CO the top spot for young people looking for good fun, steady work and adventure. Since every other article he read recently seemed to name various Texan cities as the top spot for a young guy like him, Aidan was over-joyed to see a new name on the horizon. By the time he rolled into town that afternoon, he was already convinced: Denver would be home…for a while anyway.
      He spent the first night in his car and hunted for work first thing the next morning, with hopes he would be able to find an apartment nearby. Due to the booming economy and some exaggeration on his resume, he found a job almost immediately, working 40 hours a week in book ordering and sales at a small bookstore chain. It wasn’t hard to bluff his way through the ordering procedure and pretend he’d actually been a book store employee at B&N, not just the barista in the lobby. Bluffing his way in to an apartment building was not so simple. With a housing shortage in place, landlords could be picky, meaning no one wanted to rent to an aspiring writer with a $14/hr salary, no savings, and only a GED in terms of education. He wondered if his Mom was right about staying all four years at high school and going to college for some useless degree in literature or history or something, but his Dad assured him that he was making the smart choice by following his dream of writing books like Jack Kerouac and Hunter S. Thompson, and if that meant graduating early, and taking a few years to live like a gypsy, Aidan would do exactly that. Reaffirmed in his goal, he continued to hunt until all the apartment offices closed and he wound up back in his back seat.
      Usually Aiden liked to spend a few days getting to know his new home before starting at whatever gig he had lined up to pay to keep him writing, but he was truly determined to do whatever it took to make Denver work for as long as it held some allure. That’s why he didn’t bat an eye when his new boss called at 7 am and requested he start that very morning. Even so, he wished he’d found an apartment before having to head in and explain why he had no permanent address for the forms. Luckily, the store was two doors down from a laundromat, so Aidan decided to head over right that second and toss in some clothes, so at least he wouldn’t look like he’d slept in his car.
      Closing time seemed to come quickly that first day, and Aidan was happy to find he liked his new coworkers as much as his new city. He seemed to bond quickly with one guy specifically, which was good since that guy happened to be in charge of training all new hires and would be by Aidan’s side for the next month. In Aidan’s experience, most companies picked the least sociable person for that position, so the trainees would be focused entirely on navigating the inventory systems without silly distractions like small talk or eye contact. Those people were still a step up from the occasional disappearing trainer, a rare breed that cares so little for the position that he or she will only appear once the customer gets violent or an expensive piece of machinery is on fire, as was the case at a boot factory in Sonoma resulting a small explosion and Aidan’s extremely short career in footwear production. So imagine his surprise when he discovered he’d be working with Liam, an actual human being, complete with social graces and the ability to smile. For the first time in all his many odd jobs, he felt like he was actually learning everything he needed to know, with positive attention paid instead of disapproving scrutiny or uninterested ignorance. The more time they worked side-by-side, the more they got along, which made sense since Liam was barely 5 yrs older than Aidan, they had similar tastes in movies, books, music, pot-smoking, drinking games, sports (never mind that they rooted for opposing teams) and Liam was not any farther along in deciding his life path than the teen he found himself training.
      “Hell AB,” Liam told his new friend, calling him by a nickname that referred to both his initials and the toned teenage abs his short tee shirts exposed each time he reached for a book on the top shelf in the store. “At least you know what you want to be when you grow up and you’re preparing by finding some experiences to write about. I don’t even know what I want to do this weekend, and my experiences thus far only prepare me a future if it involves a dialect identification, complicated lighting terms and varying memorization techniques. Even working actors can’t use the stuff they teach you when you get a film performance degree. Guess I’ll have to find something that draws on my brainful of comic book trivia, retail book sales formulas and some mind blowing x-rated sessions with a lot of very messed-up actors and actresses back at school.”
      It was comments like that one that slowly clued Aidan into the fact that Liam was openly bisexual, which didn’t bother him…much. Growing up the son of a pastor, Aidan was surprised at how cool everyone at work was with Liam’s sexuality. As far as he could tell, the whole staff knew and no one cared. Aidan tried his hardest to be chill with it too, but he was still uncomfortable the following weekend when Liam invited him over to smoke out with some buds and one of them started hitting on him. He kindly begged off, but the guy was persistent until Aidan had to come out and say “I only bone chicks,” which got a good laugh from everyone there. Once they were aware that he was not interested, the guys backed off, although Liam still had a good time making Aidan squirm that night by rubbing up on him at the clubs or grabbing his ass when he passed him at work the next day. In exchange for the harassment, Liam provided the drinks and pot for the two of them when they went out a few nights later, which was good since Aidan made only about ¾ of what Liam did. By the end of the second week it was like they’d been friends for years, and both guys were sorry that Liam had such a small place, otherwise they could have been roommates. Still, Aidan found a temporary apartment about a block from Liam’s building, and the guys started carpooling and hanging out after work almost daily. About three weeks into their friendship it became clear to Liam that Aidan was going slightly overboard with his new independence.
      While Aidan had smoked and drank before moving to Colorado, he hadn’t been in a situation to enjoy it with friends since high school, especially not legally and in such quantities. It wasn’t long before Liam asked Aidan to chip in for more of the goodies, since Liam figured his teen friend was now using at least half of the stuff he was buying. Not quite legally old enough to buy all the stuff he wanted to enjoy, the guys worked out a system where Aidan would give a list and some cash to Liam every payday, and Liam would purchase everything and meet him back at Aidan’s apartment to begin the weekend partying.
      Like any teenage boy, Aidan was curious about Liam’s admissions of his crazy sexual adventures in college, and it finally got the best of him at a small party to celebrate Aidan’s certification on the sales program at work. Blurting out a request to hear one of the tales might not have been too scandalous if it had been at the apartment, but it didn’t come up until the group had made their way to a club down the road. The bar crowd went silent as Aidan realized just how loud he’d shouted to his friend to tell him about his first orgy. Shrugging it off as if it was an everyday occurance, Liam finished his drink and began the tale of his first group sex experience.
      “It was first semester, freshman year,” His voice held no hint of the direction the story was headed. Instead lilting along like he was recalling a funny anecdote or retelling what he’d had for lunch the day before. “I was playing poker in a study lounge in the dorm next door with some guys I knew from my dorm and a friend from one of my acting classes. Somebody snuck in a bottle of McCormick’s vodka, and the game was devolving into a drinking game in a matter of minutes. Around the time I was on my third shot, one of the guys got a text from his girlfriend, who was at work or band practice or something, and she was asking him to invite her roommate, Taylor, to come join us. Apparently Taylor had just moved in that day and didn’t know anyone on campus. So Tony, being a good boyfriend, staggered down the hall and invited the girl to come join us for some cards and a chance to make some friends.
      “I bet she made some good friends,” some voice from the other end of the bar piped up, eliciting a mix of chuckles and commands to shush.
      “On their way back to the study room,” Liam continued, unphased by the interruption. “Taylor stopped and asked her neighbor, a Russian girl who was also new named Yelanska or something like that, if she wanted to come too. So they got back and everyone made introductions and we started up again. Now I should tell you Tony’s room was right next to mine in the dorm and there were plenty of nights I heard his girlfriend leave and then another girl would show up and they’d keep me up half the night fucking. So I probably shouldn’t have been too surprised when he suggested we play strip poker. If his girlfriend found out he suggested it, he could always pretend he’d been joking, but I’ll never know how he would have gotten out of it, since Taylor agreed right away and she and the Russian chick started us off by taking off their shirts so they were only wearing bras from the waist up. That way it was fair because we were all wearing the same amount of clothing. One top, one pair of shoes and socks, one pair of pants and one pair of underwear, so four items in all, meaning four rounds until someone would be naked.”
      A couple of low whistles and hoots came from the crowd, but Aidan was too involved to notice.
      “One of the other three guys was a chicken shit and disappeared around the time he would have had to lose his pants,” the story was building towards something naughty now, but other than the growing hush, it didn’t seem at all abnormal for Liam to continue telling his penthouse-style tale in the middle of a bar. “After that we were all in, round after round, watching as the girls lost item after item. What nobody ever tells you about playing strip poker with hot teen tits is how hard it is to win once they are out for everyone to see. Suddenly one of the four of us guys, my buddy Ian from class, was naked, and Tony, his roommate Conrad and I were down to just our undies before either of the girls had even lost their pants. Luckily Ian had a special talent that kept the girls distracted so we were able to beat them.”
      “What was it?” a girl behind Liam asked, in a whisper that hinted of excitement and apprehension.
      “He could flex his cock so that it worked the head in and out of the foreskin until it was hard,” for the first time during his tale, Liam lowered his voice as if it was finally about to get good. “While the girls giggled and watched in drunken awe, Tony and I were also mesmerized, but I pulled it together for one more round, knocking Tony and Conrad out of the game, and getting Taylor and the Russian into just their cotton panties. The girls oooh’d and ahhhh’d appreciatively when Tony’s uncut hairy Italian monster cock popped out semi-hard and Conrad’s fully hard shaved cut 7 incher almost shot when the Russian chick blew him a kiss, causing him to blush and stammer some excuse about needing to pee, which we all assumed meant he was going to go jerk off.
      “We all took shots before the final round, and fueled by teen hubris and vodka, Tony and Ian decided to distract the girls by stroking their cocks right there in the middle of the study lounge, which luckily had heavy curtains we’d pulled back to cover the floor to ceiling glass walls and door, long before the game began. Little did they know I was enjoying the show too, but I was still not out to them about being bi, so I tried my damnedest to focus on winning.
      “As it turns out,” Liam said, his voice resuming a jovial tone. “I didn’t need to worry. Seems both girls were so drunk that Ian was able to stack the deck so that I got a full house and each of them ended up with a three of a kind, just good enough for them to bet it all and lose to my superior hand. As they each peeled off their panties, all three of us were hard as rocks, so it surprised me that I felt the urge to piss at that moment.”
      “While Tony began suggesting one more round with more interesting consequences,” dropping again, Liam’s voice was now almost a growl. “I dashed to the bathroom across the hall in nothing but a pair of white hanes briefs, stretched to the limit by my hard cock. I almost ran into Conrad dashing back from the bathroom, and I was pleasantly surprised to see him also in just a pair of undies, but carrying some rubbers as well.
      “As we walked back in the lounge, Ian had wasted no time, and had Taylor laid back across the top of the sofa in the corner, writhing in pleasure as he ate her pussy, while Tony had the russian chick on her knees and was feeding her his dick. Conrad went over and tossed the condoms on the couch next to Taylor while I moved behind the Russian and fingered her tight twat. Tony and I took turns on either end of her for awhile while Conrad and Ian had Taylor, first on her back, then doggie over the arm of the couch.
      “Somewhere between my first orgasm on the Russian chick’s face and my second one up her ass, I watched as we all took turns on both Taylor and her, every hole, and we even finagled Taylor towards the end of the night so that Ian could fuck her ass while Tony and I double stuffed her pussy. At the end of the night, Taylor sat on the russian’s face and came from the expert finger and tongue work while we each shot a load all over her tits and face. Making it three loads for me, three for Ian, two for tony and Conrad, and who knows how many for the girls. When Tony and I went back to our hall to shower, we noticed the girls went back to Taylor’s room together, and they were still going at it a few hours later when Tony’s girlfriend showed up in his room to get away from the ‘screaming lesbians.’”
      The crowd was practically frozen, possibly expecting something with that perfect of a plot to keep going until somebody announced “and they all lived happily ever after.” Instead, some jack ass near the back of the room yelled “yeah right asshole, you wish!” and Liam just shrugged and let it go. Aidan was having a harder time letting it go, since he’d been unlucky at the bars for weeks now and was in desperate need of a pussy to pound. Looking around, he knew he was too hungry for it right that second, so he decided to take a minute and handle things personally.
      After trying the door to the john and discovering it locked with the sounds of some passionate fucking going on, Aidan stepped back to make his back into the club, when he noticed a door out onto a small enclosed patio where the chairs and tables from the larger patio upfront where stored at night. It was still too early for that and through the open door, he could hear what sounded like a grade a blowjob. Peeking around the door, his jaw almost hit the floor when he saw Liam getting his knob sucked by a gorgeous Latina twenty-something. Unable to help himself, he watched as Liam reached down, tugged at her tube top, and released her large, natural olive colored breasts from the tight fabric that had been their prison. Playing with them gently with one hand, he guided her head with the other while whispering words of encouragement. Aidan groaned as she went balls deep on what he could only imagine was a big cock.
      Liam and the Latina both heard his frustrated noise and turned from their job at hand to see who’d caught them. Smiling, Liam told the girl “he’s cool” and mover her back onto his cock, but not before she asked about aidan “can he join us?” Liam looked over at Aidan and nodded for the teen to come over and stand next to him. Horny as he was, he never even thought about what might happen standing next to a bi-guy. Instead he dashed over and fished his respectable 7 and a half inch dick from its cramped quarters, and began jerking it inches from the random girl’s face. He didn’t even flinch as Liam reached over and took over stroking for him.
      “There’s a little bit of the story I didn’t tell,” Liam leaned closer and whispered conspiratorily in Aidan’s ear while stroking the blonde boy’s cock. “After Tony and I went back to the dorm, we both went to take showers and between the booze and the high from the fucking, we were like two kids at Christmas, laughing and joking and just going nuts. We started playing grab ass, and I am not sure who got hard first but before we knew it, we were stroking each other’s cocks.”
      With the hand that was not on Aidan’s cock, he reached out and directed the Latina to start sucking aidan, eliciting moans of delight. Meanwhile he took Aidan’s hand and put it on his own hard cock and worked them together so Aidan began stroking on his own.
      “Fuck yeah, just like that.” Liam encouraged the straight boy before finishing the story. “Once we were sure we were all alone, we took turns eating each other’s dicks and working up closer and closer to cumming. Can you feel what it was like?”
      “Yeah.” Aidan looked up from the girl at his cock and locked eyes with his friend, whose dick he was now stroking on his own.
      “And when we were close to cumming,” Liam pushed the latino back onto her haunches and began stroking Aidan again. “We stood in the shower, touching each other, and stroking one another and sharing a kiss and it pushed us over the edge and we shot our loads all over each other. He went to his room with my cum on his abs and cock and I went to mine with his dripping down my crotch.”
      At the moment he finished, Liam leaned in and kissed Aidan softly on the mouth just as his free hand worked under the boy’s balls and pressed against the tight virgin asshole. They moaned together, then pulled apart and turned to the girl at their feet just in time to drench her in two HUGE loads of jizz like only two horny young guys can shoot. It probably ruined her outfit but neither guy cared as the last of their loads wept out onto her.
      Pulling away, Aidan felt a wave of guilt fill him. Liam seemed to know how Aidan was feeling and zipped up and hauled ass back inside, but not before turning to the girl and suggesting she go home with Aidan and spend the entire night getting her pussy fucked by him. She slowly stood and asked if she could and two minutes later they were almost running down the street to his apartment. After some cocktails and a quick smoke, they enjoyed his cock in her tail and a quick poke. Having discovered that having drinks and smoke at his place increased his chances of getting lucky, he made sure he remembered to keep a decent stash on hand just in case. When they finished round 4 or 5, he asked her if there was anything she wanted on hand for next time and she asked him if he was into tina.
      “What’s That?” he asked her, before sliding his dick into her well lubed cunt. She just smiled and mumbled something like “Ask your friend.”
      End of Part 1
      attached are some of the pics that inspired me.

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