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Help Me Break in my New Sling and Toys

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Just ordered some news toys, including a sling with all of the accessories, from Fort Troff...everything should be arriving this Friday, 7/23 and I want to break everything in on Saturday afternoon and evening. Any guys interested in helping me out? 

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      If you have any recommendations or advise on how to enjoy it, or if you've been there, please share your experience 
      PS: Pics included for attention 

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      One of those days, when Mary would not feel like having sex and he wasn´t, yet again, very sucessful finding a girl behind Mary´s back, he yet again browsed the gay dating sites. There he stumbled across a guy, aged 35, 6", 180, average, slightly working out according to his profile, no photo attached (with which he had no problem as he wanted to play "discreet"), who was writing he and his friend want to have a fun in three, "just some drinks and we´ll see where it leads".

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      So I'm going to be staying in a hotel by myself November 11-14th and looking for a hot time. ive posted a bunch of tag of things I'm into so if one catches your eye or if you think I should add one shoot me a message (kik: Slave2Fist)
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      Horny 26yr old athletic femboy looking to be breed in a 10 man + gangbang
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      Really into uncut fit guys, smooth with big dicks, being rimmed, fisted and taking loads
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