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As we stepped into the warm, dimly lit room, the smell of sweat hit us. Everyone was shirtless and most guys were not wearing pants - jocks, booty shorts, underwear. A sea of men overwhelmed the room. Nic grabbed me and pulled me over to the bar. Next to it was a table with a clothes check. We looked at each other and immediately started unbuckling. I take my jeans off and Nic drops his shorts. Both of us bulging in our jock straps while we handed the guy our clothes. We move to the bar, standing face to face, angling toward the bar. Both of our smooth swimmer jock asses exposed and guys are not shy about grabbing us, running their hands along our backs, and grabbing the band of our jocks. We both get beer and move to the back of the room. 


Standing face to face against a wall, drinking our beer and taking in the room. 


            Me – I fuckin’ love this place. 


            Nic – Me too. I’m so fucking glad we came here!


            Me – Me too. Glad we’re here together. 


            Nic – Same bro. I’m so glad you’re into this kind of place.


            Me – I’m into everything about this place! 


We both laugh. We’re loving the attention and gently press our bulges together. 


            Nic – I think we’re going to get into trouble here. 


            Me – Oh, how much trouble? 


            Nic – Loads of trouble. 


Nic grabs my harness, jerking me toward him, pulling me in for a kiss. I eagerly kiss him back, responding to his tongue and running my free hand down his side. His entire body is absolutely perfect. 


            Nic – So you really like being a slut, Braden? 


I nod at him, grinning. I kiss him again. Nic looks over at a hallway off to the back of the room, next to the bathroom. 


            Nic – Let’s see what kind of slut you are. 


            Me – Hell yes, as long as you come with me! 


            Nic – I wouldn’t miss it! 


We finish our beer and leave the glasses on the bar. As we walk toward the hallway by the bathroom, I can feel everyone looking at us. It might only be in my mind, but I can sense it. Nic holds my hand as we walk into the small dark room. As he squeezes it, I feel the amazing joy of his touch with the excitement of what I am about to do. I can tell he is just as excited as I am and I love that I don’t have to worry about being judged. He wants me to be a nasty slut and I really want to see how far he’ll go. 


The room is busy and it’s dark, but not too dark to tell what’s going on. A couple guys fucking in the corner, some oral, and one guy is getting whipped with his hands tied to the wall. We are immediately surrounded by guys. I grin at Nic and drop to my knees. I open my mouth and pull the first cock I see over to my lips. Immediately taking it into my mouth, I suck it down my throat. Looking up, I see Nic making out with the guy I’m blowing. His thick cock tastes amazing and I grab a dick to my right and reach for Nic’s cock with my left hand. He helps me out, pulling his cock from his jock and slapping it on my face. 


I pull off the guy I’m sucking to get at Nic’s cock. I look up at him as I slowly take his beautiful 8-inch dick into my mouth. He looks down at me, smiling. 


            Nic – Yeah Braden, fuckin’ suck my dick you slut! 


Nic moans out as I take his cock right into my throat. His beautiful smooth teen cock tastes so good. So fresh and delicious. The precum is sweet and flowing. I bob up and down on his cock for longer than I realize. 


He pulls my head off his cock and slides down to meet me on his knees. We kiss, moaning into each other’s mouths. I can feel guys running their hands over me, through my hair, and I feel a finger probe my ass. 


            Nic – You had me too close to cumming. I don’t want to shoot this first load too soon! 


            Me – Fair, but I definitely want to make you cum. 


            Nic – Oh you will. Now suck that cock!


Nic pushes my mouth onto the closest dick and takes another in his mouth. Both of us are on our knees, side by side, sucking dick with our backs pressed against the wall. 


Nic pulls his mouth off the dick and strokes it, looking at me. I do the same. He leans over and wispers in my ear. 


            Nic – You look so hot with your mouth on that random dick! 


Nic is sucking some fit daddy and I have my lips pressed into a mid-30s cub with a hairy body. Great uncut dick, leaking tons of precum. Nic stands up. I do the same. 


We both stand face to face with our hands on each other’s harnesses. I feel hands on my hips and someone presses a bottle of poppers between me and Nic. We both lean in and take a deep hit. I look down and see someone holding Nic’s waist. I feel a hard raw dick slapping my lower back and running along my ass. Nic smiles and nods at me.


            Nic – Fuck Braden, you gonna do it? You gonna let him fuck you bareback?


            Me – Mmm, is that what you want to see me do? Take this guy’s cock?


A couple guys nearby groan and moan, hissing “fuck yeah!” and “Do it you sluts!”


I look around and there is a thick wall of guys shoulder to shoulder watching us. Nic and I stare right into each other. 


            Me  - I want it!


            Nic – Oh fuck, Braden, he’s in me! 


I feel the cock behind me pressing on my hole. I relax, letting him in. He slides in with a steady push and bottoms out. I groan, feeling the perfection of a random raw dick starting to fuck me. 


            Me – Fuck yeah babe, he’s in me too! Fuck that feels so good! 


Nic – Fuck yeah Braden, take that raw dick you slutty faggot! 


We stare into each other as we both get fucked. I moan. Nic moans. I feel the sweaty hairy belly of the guy fucking me, grinding on my smooth, slick back. It feels perfect. I love that I’m not even looking at the guy fucking me, just starring right back at Nic. Watching him take it like a very experienced slut. Guys are jerking off around us, some are slapping their cocks on our hips, smearing precum on our jocks. My mouth slightly open, moaning as I milk the raw dick that is pounding my hole. 


            Me – Yes, fuck me! Oh give me that dick, please! HARDER!! 


My harness is grabbed and I’m shoved forward, my head slamming into Nic. Our faces pressed together hard, and we love it. I take his tongue in my mouth and we both moan into each other. 


The guy fucking me slaps my ass, hard. I yelp as he does and slams into me harder, turning me to face the wall. I put both hands up to the wall and look to my right, seeing Nic’s smooth fit body being used by a gorgeous black muscle daddy. 


The guy fucking me grabs my hair, pulling it hard as he long strokes in and out. Hissing at me, he asks “You want me to cum up your ass, you fucking slut?” 


I just moan and push back on his cock. 


            Nic – Fuck yeah, shoot your load into that faggot’s hole. Unload in him…he loves it! 


The guy fucking Nic leans over and says something into his ear, but I can’t tell what it is. 


            Nic – Yeah man, I don’t care. I don’t think he does either. Braden, you want this guy to pump his cum deep in your ass, right?


            Me – Fuck yes! I want it! 


            Nic – Cause you’re a nasty cumdump that let’s anyone cum inside you?


            Me – Hell yes. Mmmm I love taking loads, babe! 


            Nic – Fuck yeah, you bitch! You take any load no matter what, right?


            Me – Fuck yeah. Always! 


            Nic – Fuck yeah you do, you dirty fucking skank! Man, I love seeing you like this! 


We both moan, grinning at each other, milking the raw dicks that are using our holes. 


            Me – Fuck yes, please cum in me. Pump your load deep into my fucking guts man. I want you to! 


            Nic – Oh fuck yeah, do us both. Fucking blow it in us, please! We need it! 


The guy fucking me spits on my cheek and screams out. Grabbing my harness and jerking me back hard, he groans and slams in, holding his cock hard inside me. I can feel his dick throbbing, making my body melt while he shoots his load balls deep inside me. 


I look at Nic and we’re both moaning. The guy fucking my date is clearly cumming inside him right now. We both nod at each other. 


After about a minute they pull out of us. I immediately drop to my knees and turn. Both of them put their cocks in my face. Eagerly, I clean them off. Nic smiles down at me, watching me lick both of the cocks that just bred us nice and clean, tasting four different flavors of cum and ass. 


Without saying anything, they both turn and walk away. I stand up and the crowd seems to just naturally pull us deeper into the room. We are moved toward two parallel benches. I step away from Nic and kneel down on a bench. Nic does the same. I look over at him as I feel a guy step up behind me. I don’t even look to see who it is. I’m just looking at Nic, seeing a guy step up behind him too. 


As if they did it on purpose, both of them push their raw dicks into us. Sliding easily into our cunts. We moan and smile at each other. 


A couple dicks are pushed into our faces. We turn our heads to open our mouth and start sucking. The fucking is intense and hard. The dick pushing into my throat is hard. My hair grabbed as this sleazy looking bald guy starts to fuck my face. I moan, loving the taste of his bumpy dick, working his piss slit with my tongue, worshiping his cock. There is so much precum, it’s hard to believe. He’s moaning a lot. Then suddenly, without any noise or words, his cock erupts in my mouth, shooting cum down my throat. I eagerly suck it all down and then feel another load of cum spraying my face. The cock in my ass shoves in hard and throbs. 


The cock from my mouth pulls out, followed by the one from my ass. I feel empty. But it is only a couple seconds until I feel the familiar push of another dick at my ass. I let him in right away and he sinks in balls deep. I open my mouth and take the next dick into my throat. Blissed out, I continue. Loving every second. Every taste. Every feel. Begging for every load.


To be continued… 

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My cock is rock hard in my jock. Awareness comes and goes, but I always feel every thrust from every dick as it goes in and out of my ass, and every spasm of cum that gets shot inside me. With moans and full on begging, I work for every load, milking every dick with my eager, firm, smooth swimmer ass. 


I’m not sure how long it’s been, but there seems to be a natural lull in the rush on Nic and me. The last guy to pull out of me spins me around and kisses me hard on the lips. He’s a slightly overweight, daddy bear. He thanks me, and I thank him. We’re both grateful that his load is in my ass right now. I have cum and some spit all over my face, chest, and soaking the pouch of my jock strap. I’m really not sure how many guys just fucked me in this back room marathon gangbang, but it was fuckin’ awesome! 


I gain control of my legs, a little wobbly as I stand up. I look over at Nic as he is doing the same, swallowing a load that is half in his mouth and half on his face. 


We both stand together and smile at each other. Stepping closer, our cum soaked bulged jock straps grind together, and it’s delightfully familiar. 


I put my lips to Nic and kiss him. Both of us moan instantly, tasting cum on each other. Definitely one of the hottest kisses of my life! 


Our hands are on each other’s smooth, sweaty bodies, feeling every muscle and pulling each other close.


            Nic – fuck, Braden. This is so hot.


            Me – Fuck yeah, you are so god damn hot getting fucked like that. I fuckin’ love it! 


            Nic – Well, we don’t have to be done now! 


            Me – I fuckin’ hope not! Why would I want to stop now? 


We both erupt in laughter. 


            Nic – Man, I gotta piss bad. Come on!


I walk with Nic into the open part of the bar and into the bathroom. It’s another dark room with a urinal trough. I feel a little bit of cum leaking from my ass as we walk in, but I love it and I don’t try too hard to stop it from escaping. The last thing I want is for someone not to notice what an easy bareback slut I am! And I absolutely love how much Nic is into it. I really do hope this is something of a date, not just some random cruise night. And since we’ve made out so much and haven’t even fucked each other, it seems like a possibility! 


There are a couple guys standing at the trough, pissing. The smell of piss and sweat takes over the whole room. 


            Me – Nice, this place is fuckin’ perfect! 


            Nic – Yeah, you like that trough? 


            Me – Yeah, I really do! 


Nic pushes me toward the trough and steps up behind me. I turn around with my ass to the trough, facing Nic. I know what this is about. 


I bend my knees and rest my ass on the cold urinal beneath me. Nic has pulled his dick out and is pointing it right at my chest. I look up at him, grinning ear to ear. 


            Nic – Swimmer boi likes to get wet? 


            Me – Fuck yeah, bro! 


I press my hands on the rung of the urinal and lean back. Without either of us saying another word, Nic closes his eyes and focuses. Then I feel the hot spray of his piss hitting my chest. His hot piss runs down my body, soaking the front of my jock and dripping off my ass into the urinal. I moan, nodding and begging him. 


            Me – Fuck yesssss, piss on me babe! I fuckin’ LOVE it! 


            Nic – Fuck yeah you nasty faggot! Take it, bitch! 


Nic aims his cock up and sprays my face with piss, washing some cum off and soaking my hair. I open my mouth for his aim, making the telltale sound of piss splashing in and filling up a hot faggot’s mouth. 


As Nic finishes pissing, I take his cock in my mouth and suck him down, balls deep and swallowing the last bit of piss that he has to give. He moans, grabs my wet hair and starts to fuck my throat. I take it, loving every time his cock slams into the back of my throat. We’re both rock hard again. 


There are a few guys standing around, watching us. We’re blocking most of the urinal, so Nic drops down to his knees next to me and we both lean against the trough. It only takes a few seconds until we are both getting sprayed with two streams of hot yellow piss. Both of us soaked, moaning as we keep our mouths open to catch any amount of piss these guys will give us. We’re holding each other tight, eagerly begging for anyone in the room to piss on us! 


Two really hot Latin guys with tats all over walk up to us and immediately start to piss in our faces. We both moan like whores, loving it! Mouths open, they stick their pissing cocks into our mouths. Gulping down the piss, both of us have the backs of our head pressed against the urinal as they skull fuck us, slamming our heads back and forth on the urinal. It hurts, but my cock only throbs harder. I start to gagg, spit running down my chin and onto my chest. I blink my eyes to clear the piss and look up at this beautiful stud that is using my mouth. His body is smooth and ripped. I run my hands over his abs and chest, which seems to make him grip my hair and encourage him to fuck my throat even harder as he finishes pissing. 


I look over and see Nic getting the same treatment, taking it like a fucking whore. Damn, what a fucking trashy slut he is. We press our sides together as we service these beautiful, raging, dripping, monster cocks. I swirl my tongue under the foreskin and run my lips along his cock, noticing the bumpy shaft and slight taste of ass on his cock. 


As my eyes clear, I see a huge biohazard tat right above his cock. Seeing it for the first time, I moan as he presses my forehead on it and digs his cock hard into the back of my throat. I gag and spit up some piss and snot all over his cock, balls, and down my chest. He groans and pulls his rock hard cock out of my mouth, slapping it on my face. I gasp for air as he strokes his cock and smears it over my forehead. 


            Top – Yeah bitch, you like that dick in your throat? 


            Me- Fuck yes, I love it!


I stroke his cock some and look up at him, then over at Nic who is working that dick like it was the last one he’d ever get. 


            Top – You want it in your ass, faggot? 


            Me – Yes please, sir! 


He grabs my hair and pulls me forward. Pressing my face into his abs and my lips onto his biohazard tat. 


I run my tongue along his beautiful body, licking everything I can, but mostly swirling my lips on that sexy tattoo while I stroke his wet dick. 


            Top – You know what that tat means? 


            Me – Yes, I do. 


            Top – Trashy little slut like you, you’re gonna let me dump my tainted cum up your cute little fuck hole, aren’t you!?


            Me – Oh fuck yes… 


            Nic – Fuck Braden, you are such a nasty bitch, I love it!


The two tops press our heads together, Nic and I eagerly make out, sucking each other’s tongues and tasting the piss, cum, spit, sweat and ass in our mouths. 


            Me – Fuck….you are so perfect! 


            Nic – Yeah, because you like everything nasty and fucked up! 


We both laugh, pressing our heads together as the tops smear their cocks on our faces. 


            Me – Are you gonna let that guy fuck you?


            Nic – Of course I am! 


Nic presses his lips to my ear and whispers…


            Nic – And I want to see you beg for that guy’s hot, dirty, toxic, poz cum like the sick cumdump faggot slut that you are! 


I literally melt into Nic’s arms when I hear those words. We kiss each other harder than ever. An electrifying freedom flows over my body and I know I’m in love. Nic’s energy is unlike anything I’ve ever felt before and I want him with me always, even for my most depraved cum chasing bliss! 


The top grabs my harness and jerks me to my feet. They pull us together, out of the bathroom and into the dark back room. Nic and I don’t really need to be pulled – we’d go anywhere with them right now. 


The two tops sit down on a bench, straddling it and facing each other. Their cocks are rock hard, sticking straight up. Nic and I look at each other. 


            Me – You sure, dude? Last chance to back out. 


            Nic – Ha! Are you sure? 


We both smile at each other, laughing a bit. Holding hands, we walk over to the bench. We both lean in and kiss our tops. Then we straddle the bench, facing each other, only inches apart. 


I look down and see Nic is boned up, rock hard in his soaking wet jock, just like I am. Both of us are so damn excited and I can’t stop wondering if this is a dream. How could I be so lucky to find someone that loves sex the same way I do?


            Me – Nic, we’re gonna get pozzed!


            Nic – Yeah, no shit, Braden. You nasty fucking slut! 


            Me –Mmmmmmm fuck yes, I want it! 


            Nic – Yeah, Braden. You deserve it! 


Nic looks over at my top.


            Nic – Are you on meds?


            Top – Fuck no! Toxic as hell here and not just poz! I got a handful of bugs to give your boy!


            Nic – Fuck Braden, you look so damn perfect like this! 


            Me – You too, Nic!


We both nod at each other, grinning ear to ear. 


            Nic – Get all his bugs babe, make him pump them into your fucking guts! 


Together, we press down, sliding a stranger’s hard, bumpy dick inside us, bareback. We moan out at the same time as we easily slide down balls deep. We kiss and start riding these toxic fuck rods up and down. Our hands are on each other. I hold Nic close and Nic keeps his hands tight on my body. We only break the kiss when one of us gets a jolt inside us from the guy under us ramming his cock harder into our eager holes. Every time, we moan and beg for more. 


            Nic – Fuck, Braden, I want us to get pozzed together. 


            Me – Hell yes, we need it! We are getting pozzed together!


            Nic – Fuck yah, Braden, you dirty dumpster fuck! 


I giggle, moaning out and begging for more, right in front of Nic. 


            Top – Yeah you fucking faggot, gonna knock you up with my resistant strain! 


Hearing that, Nic and I lock eyes. Nodding at each other. 


            Nic – You still want it, babe?


            Me – Fuck yes. Never turn down a load! 


            Nic – Fucking right! 


            Me – Fuck yes please, knock me up and fucking use my body to dump your dirty load. Nic, take that toxic POZ load deep in your fucking ass. DO IT! 


Both of the tops wrap their hands around our waists. Together, they scream out and slam our bodies down on their dicks, lodging them balls deep into our cum filled cunts. 


As their cocks pulse and throb inside us, I lock lips with Nic. Kissing and holding him tight. We’re in love. 

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