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Part 1: First Time Meeting The Jelous Daddy

After I became sexually active things escalated quickly. It didn't take long for me to start seeking out strangers online to fuck me. I was freshly 18 years old and was still in high school, living with my parents, and couldn't drive. So, most of the guys i met were older guys who were able to pick me up and bring me back to their place.

I had been chatting with an older daddy type for awhile. He'd send me pics from time to but was always to nervous to agree to meet. But his pics were fantastic. He was good-looking, muscular,  and had a nice 8in cock (I could tell from the pics it was thicker than any cock id taken up to that point).

Eventually he relaxed enough to agree to meet. So I gave him my description and asked him to pic me from a store just down the road from my school at 3:30. When the day finally came I rushed to the meeting spot to wait. Even though I was early, about 15 min, I didn't have to wait long because he had been waiting in for me to show up in a black pickup truck.

He pulled up in a flash and took off as soon as jumped in. The truck was a practically brand new and looked like one of the more expensive models. I was sitting across from him on the trucks bench seat.

We chatted a bit as we started driving to his place. He still seemed quite nervous and kept remarking about how young I looked. So I decided to help him take his mind off things.
I undid my seat belt and moved closer to him. He stopped mid sentence when I reached over and started rubbing his cock. He quickly got the idea and adjusted his position slightly so could undo his belt. I undid his pants and pulled cock out of his briefs.

He was already a bit hard, but not enough to stand upright if I let go. It was about 6inchs in this state but still thicker than almost, but not every, cock I'd had. I started working my hand up and down the length of his shaft.

I looked around while I was rubbing is dick and noticed we were still in town with alot of cars on the road. We pulled up to a red light and another truck stopped beside us.
When I realized he would see everything that was happening if he just glanced over at us, I got excited.

I got on all fours with my head between daddies belly and the steering wheel and ass visibly in the the air (in plain view of the guy stopped next to us). I started to work daddies cock with my mouth. He was focused on driving and still not fully erect, but he was a little harder and was now probably about 6.5 inches.

Thile light must have turned green because we started moving again. I wasnt very experienced with oral and kept gagging whenever we hit a bump. We hit two more stop lights leaving town. I was too focused on sucking cock to notice if there were people around us at the lights.

Given the time of day there was probably someone next to us at every light. Although people in cars would have be too low to see into the cab However, because I was on all fours they probally could've still seen my ass in the air.

When we arrived at his place he pulled into driveway and put the car in park. I tried to finish strong by pushing him as far into my throat as I could. I barely got past the half way point before I gaged and pulled off. A strand of my saliva hung off my lips and connected with the head of his cock. He was pretty hard now and had grown to about 7 inchs. I took two deep breaths and tried again. I only made it a little further on the second attempt but managed not to gag.

He pushed his dick back into his underwear and buttened his pants. We got out of truck and walked to the front door. Overall the drive only took about 20 minutes. He had a big house in a new subdivision (the kind where all the houses kinda look the same).

We went inside and I followed him to the kitchen. He asked if I wanted a drink. He listed off a few things he had and I settled on asking for a beer.
As he handed me the beer he smiled "Im pretty sure you're not old enough to drink."
I took the beer and replied "I'm old enough to drink, I'm just not old enough to drink legally."

He laughed as he poured himself a glass of bourbon and took a sip. I took a swig of my drink and set down the bottle. Then got on my knees and undid his pants again. His pants fell down to knees and I started to rub the large bulge in his underwear. With his free hand he reached down and pulled his cock over the his underwears waistband. He held it by the base and moved it to be level with my lips.

I opened my mouth and started gently sucking him again. He took another sip of bourbon and set down the glass. Still holding the base of his cock he reached down and ran his fingers through my hair while my head moved back on forth on his cock. After a minute or two of gentle sucking he grabbed the back of my head and started to move my head himself.

He was still being pretty gentle, just moving my head at a slightly faster pace. I gagged a bit and pulled away to take a few breaths. He gave me a second to catch my breath before he grabbed me with both hands and pulled me back onto his dick. He was going a bit faster now and was almost fully erect, about 7.5 inches. He started to move his hips in rhythm my head.

I was focusing on trying to gag to much. After a few minutes, he looked down at me said, "you think you can deep throat this cock boy?" Cock still my my mouth I mumbled that I'd try. He grabbed the back of my head pushed me towards him while he trusted his cock forward into my mouth.

My eyes started to water and I immediately started to gag while he held my head in place and pushed his dick further. He held me there for a few seconds while I tried to push away. When he let go I fell backwards onto my butt and started coughing. I quickly regained my composure and returned to my place on my knees in front of him.

He said "That was three seconds and you didn't even make it all the way"
He paused a moment and sipped hi bourbon.
He said "I thought you said you were slutty teen boy"
I looked up and said, "I can take it deeper in ass than in my mouth"

He grabbed the back of my head again, "I guess you're gonna need to practice." He pushed his cock back down my throat. "Five seconds this time, try to go deeper." I fell back again when he let go, coughing with tears starting to run down my cheeks (I wasn't crying but my gag reflex was making my eyes water).

I got back into position and opened my mouth. "You're not gonna pull away this time. Were gonna do three seconds deep then three seconds deep and if my dick comes out of your mouth between between counts were gonna jump to thirty seconds"

He pushed his cock back down my throat (I was still only taking about 3 quarters of it). After 3 seconds he let go and I pulled back but kept my lips wrapped around the head. He quickly grabbed again and pushed his cock back in for another 3 seconds. I started coughing when he pulled it out

"Good, now 5 seconds deep then 5 seconds deep and if my dick comes out of your mouth between between counts were gonna jump to thirty seconds"

He pushed his cock down my throat again and held me while he counted. I gagged as he withdrew his cock and pulled all the way off. "I told you there would consequences if that cock left your mouth." He grabbed me and moved me so my back was to the kitchen island. "Now you're really gonna take it deep."

He pushed in hard. I couldnt pull away with my head sandwiched between his pelvis and the kitchen island. He started counting. I tried to take it all the way but after 5 seconds he started rocking in and out a bit. I started gaging on his cock.

By the time he got to ten I was gaging and coughing on his cock. Each cough blew saliva from the corners if mouth which stuck onto his public hair and ran down my chin. When he got to 15 I started trying to push him away but he grabbed my hands and pinned them against the edge of the counter top.

At 20 seconds he started aggressively fucking my face. I was still trying pull away but thought my throat fuck was almost over. Finally he reached 30 seconds. I was relieved  it was almost over, then I heard him count 31 as he pushed in all the way to base and held it there.

He pulled out when he hit 40 and I fell to the floor limp while he stood over herking his massive cock. "Get up and open you're mouth slut" he commanded and I did as I was told. I opened my mouth and waited. He grabbed me with his free hand and pushed me head lower whike tilting my head back.

Within a few seconds he shot a burst of thick white cum across my face with most of it landing on my left cheek just under my eye. Three more spurts went into my open mouth. I stayed still in case more was comming. I continued to jerk for a few more seconds before pausing. There was still a glob of cum sticking his cock head. He gave it a quick shake and it landed on my chin.

He examined his handiwork for minute before telling me not to swallow. He pulled up his pants and led me out. I kept his cum on my face and in my mouth the whole ride back to the store he picked me up from. Before I got out he had me open my mouth to show the cum was still there. Finally he had me gargle it before swallowing. 

He took off as soon as was out and I quickly wiped the cum from my cheek into my mouth and swallowed again. I scooped the glob off my chin and sucked my finger clean.

It was about 5pm when he dropped me off so still had to wait an hour and half to get picked up.


To be continued...

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Part 2: Between Meetings, First Time as a Cum Dump

The daddy I had met went dark after our meeting. I hoped he was just busy and hadn't lost interest because of my performance. I continued looking for men online to satisfy my need for cock.

My meeting with daddy had been after school on monday. On Tuesday I met two guys, one at 3:30 and one at 4:30. They were just there for head. I sucked them off in their cars and they left as soon as I swallowed their loads.

Met a different older daddy on Wednesday. He was a bit out of shape and had a 6 inch cock. I could feel his belly resting on my ass while he fucked me from behind. He came in my ass and remember enjoying the squishy feeling in my underwear on the ride back.

Thursday was another car blowjob. I would of been disappointed, but his load was huge.

Something special happened that night. My mom told me she would be busy until 10pm the next day and asked me if I could get a ride from one of my friends. I said it wouldn't be problem and that I'd manage. 

I rushed to my computer and messaged a guy I'd been talking to for a while. "Pick me up tomorrow at 3:30." There wasn't anything special about him, he couldn't even host. But he had said he'd be willing to get a room at a cheap motel and I had my own plans for that room. I made a few posts and messaged a few guys. Each post read the same:

Motel Cumdump

Skinny smooth twink, face down ass up, taking dick tomorrow from 4 to 9pm. Looking for quick anon pump and dumps. Bareback preferred, otherwise bring your own condoms.

I brought my laptop to school the next day and rushed to the meeting spot as soon as I was out. The guy picked me up and brought me to the room. We got there around 3:30. He had me naked on all fours almost immediately. We skipped the foreplay and quickly lubed up his bare cock and pushed inside.

I was surprised by how hard he was fucking me. Everything else about him was average. He didn't last long tho, after 10 minutes of pretty good fucking he pulled back on hips and pushed deep. He let out a few grunts and moans. He paused for a moment then pulled his dick out. Some cum leaked out when he withdrew and felt it running down my crack. I scooped it out with two fingers and licked a big glob of cum off them. Then I turned around and licked his cum covered dick clean.

He left around 4 and I booted up my laptop to find the next guy. I had about 30 messages from the prior day. So I sent each an identical reply "ready now, room 231, door is open." I hit send and used a roll of tape from my backpack to keep the door from latching while still allowing it to fully shut.

I staged some lube bottles on the nightstand and climbed onto bed. I wad completely naked and on my knees with my ass in the air facing the door. My face was buried in a pillow that  I had my hands tucked under.

The wait felt like forever but eventually I heard the door handle jiggle. I kept my face buried when the man entered. He walked over and I heard him undo his belt. He put his cock between my butt cheeks and ground back and fourth a few times before grabbing his cock smacking it against my hole. I heard him open a bottle and take sniff. He pulled back on my hips while pushing his cock forward.

He was quite large and I let out a whimper as he pushed inside. He paused for minute while I opened up for his girth. He stated slowly fucking me and tossed the bottle down next to me and said to take a hit. I hadn't tried before but I held the bottle to my nose and took a deep breath. The sudden rush made me light headed and my heart started beating faster. He stated fucking harder and said "thought that might help loosen you up." He spent the next few minutes picking up pace. I took a hit from the black bottle every few minutes. He suddenly started grunting and knew I was getting my second load.

After he left I was alone for a bit. I stayed in the same position to keep as much cum in me as possible. I slid my laptop over and saw 5 new messages. I replied again, "ready now, room 231, door is open." As I hit send i heard the door open again. I heard him take his cloths off by the door and walk over. I heard the lube bottle click and the squish of him rubbing it on his cock. He slid his finger into my ass while he herded off to get himself hard. I was disappointed when I heard him open a condom wrapper but his cock still felt pretty good. After he came he asked where the trash was. I said I'd take care of it and reached back to take the used condom. After he left I poured the contents of the condom in a small glass.

I had to wait a while for the next guy to show. But when he arrived he went straight to work pumping my ass with his big raw cock. I quickly picked up the cum glass and took the contents into my mouth and held it there. Every few minutes I took a hit from the bottle, holding the cum in my mouth the whole time. While he was fucking me the door opened and another guy stepped in. The first guy kept plowing my hole for a minute or two before I felt him spasm. He slowed a bit and moaned "oh yeah, take that cum deep boy." My third raw load of the night.

When he pulled out the other guy was already ready and immediately took his place. I was disappointed he was wearing a condom. After he came I spit the cum from my mouth back into the glass and reached back to take the second used condom from him. When he left I poured the contents into the glass to mix the two loads.

Another guy showed up and fucked with a condom. Like before I filled my mouth with the contents of the glass and held there while he fucked me only to spit it back and add a third load to the glass. There was now more than one mouthful of spit and cum in the glass.

It was getting late and I was worried I'd only get one or two more guys. Suddenly, the door opened and four guys walked in together. The first got behind me and said "my friends and I have been waiting all night, we love a sloppy hole." He pushed his cock into my creamy hole and I filled my mouth with my cum cocktail. He fucked me fast, aware that my time was almost up and that I still had three more cocks to take after his. Soon enough he had filled me with my fourth load, another cock took his place. The first guy moved around to my face..

I instctivly gulped down the massive load Id been holding in my mouth and began to lick the cum from my ass off his cock. When I finished he moved  away to watch the second guy finish. I took my glass and emptied the remaining cum to my mouth. After a few more minutes the the second guy moaned and pushed deep, giving my ass its fifth load. I swallowed again and started to lick the cum off the second guys cock. .

The first guy reached over and took the empty glass. He held it under my hole and told me to push. I did and felt all the cum I had taken that fill the cup. I continued to focuss on cleaning the second guys cock when guy theee pushed his cock into my hole. When the second guys cock was clean he stepped back with the others. The first guy handed me the cup witch now had two mouthfuls of cum from the five guys who had creampied me. I filled my mouth again.

After and the third guy creamed he moved around to get his cock cleaned. The fourth and final guy began to fuck me. I swallowed another mouthful and started to lick the cum of the next cock.

When the cock was clean I emptied the rest of glass into my mouth.

Before he came the forth guy pulled out and came around to my front. I swallowed and felt the first guy push back into my ass. The guy in mouth said "now you're gonna take two loads at the same time"

I sucked as well as I could while the other guy pounded my ass. After a few minutes the guy fucking my moaned that he was gonna cum. Both guys pushed deep and I could feel the cum pumping in both ends.

I dressed and packed my suff. The guy who paid for the room was waiting outside to drive me home. I gave him a blowjob on the ride home. I kept going when we stopped in front of my house. And after a few minutes I slurped up my last load of the night.

I was disappointed that it was the weekend. My mom didn't work weekends so I couldn't easily slip out to binge on cocks and cum. But I was still excited to go online and set up next weeks meetings. 

I got extra excited when I opened my computer and saw a message from the daddy I had met on Monday. He said he wanted to meet again the comming Monday.


To be continued...

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Part 3: Second Meeting With Jelous Daddy

After a few messages to set things up, we agreed to meet at the same time and place on Monday. The weekend drug on for what seemed like forever and each night I thought about the cock he had relentlessly shoved down my throat. Eventually, Monday arrived and I went to the same spot we had met the previous week. I also brought the little black bottle I had been at the hotel on Friday. 

He arrived and I immediately assumed the position on his trucks bench seat to suck his big cock during the ride. Like the last time, I was turned on knowing that we could easily be seen by other drivers. I had been practicing controlling my gag reflexes in anticipation of another possible face fuck. As a result, I was taking him much deeper in my mouth this time, even managing not gag when we hit bumps with the cock in my throat.

This time he parked his truck in the garage. When we got back to his place I expected to get right to business. But, much like our first meeting, we went to kitchen first where he offered me a drink. 
"I don't supose you'd like something stronger this time?" he asked.
"I think I can handle that" I replied, "in fact it might might make things a little easier."

He turned around and quickly mixed up a drink for me. As he handed me the highball glass he said "Straight whiskey or bourbon is a bit of an acquired taste and I'm guessing from your age you're not an experienced drinker." I agreed and he said "I made you a whiskey sour. Its a bit sweeter but there are still about 2 shots worth of whiskey in it." I took a sip and decided I really liked it.

We stood there making small talk for a bit. I hadn't come to talk but I liked it when guys made the first move. I drank quickly to try to hurry things along and had finished in about 10 minutes. At the time I was 6ft tall, 130lbs, had no alcohol tolerance, and was drinking on an empty stomach. As a result, I was already feeling a bit light headed and dizzy.

I think he sensed I was already buzzed and didn't want me to over do it before we could have our fun. He gave me a can of coke and brought me to the living room to sit down. Our conversation quickly turned to sex. He started to ask me questions like how old I was the first time I had sex and how many people I had fucked. I think I surprised him with how low the first number was and how high the second number was (fucking total strangers from the internet builds up your body count pretty fast).

He asked me to stand up and when I did I almost fell back down from the head rush. He guided me to center of the room and began to undress me. Soon I was standing naked in the center of room. The living room was quite large and stepped back to take a look at me. He was still fully clothed and I felt very exposed as he started walking around me checking out my naked body.

He told me to get on my knees as he continued to walk circles around me. Obediently, I dropped to the floor. He was behind me checking me out for a while but soon gave his next command, "Bend over and let me see your ass." Again, I quickly complied. He walked around me one final time before coming to a stop behind me. 

He was still fully dressed as he knelt down behind me. He put his hands on my butt cheeks and gave them a squeeze then started running his hands up the center of my back, exploring the rest of my naked body. After reaching my shoulder blades his hands started to work their way back down the sides. He pause briefly when he got to my hips, and again when he got to to my butt, and again when he got to my thighs.

He took his hands off me for a moment and gave my ass a smack before grabbing both cheeks and pulling them apart to expose to little pink hole. Over the weekend my ass got a much needed break. I knew from checking the prior night, while I wad getting to ready to meet, that my body was smooth and my hole was the size and shape of a button.

He admired it for a moment before withdrawing a bottle of lube from his pocket. He put some on his index finger and began to gently rub my hole. He ran his finger up and down several times. Applying just enough pressure to barely penetrate each time his fingertip slipped over the opening.

He positioned himself behind behind me and undid his pants. I could feel his cock was already fully erect as started to rub the head up and down my ass. Like with his finger, he applied a steady pressure and pushed in slightly on each up and stroke. The excitement was killing me as he teased my ass with cock.
He was thicker than I was used to and after taking the weekend off my ass was extra tight. It stung a bit when he put his hand on my lower back and started to push his cock in. The feeling of his girth slowly moving into me and my ass expanding to take it was pure bliss.

I reached into the pile of my discarded cloths in pulled out the black bottle. The room was already spinning from the alcohol. The sting of taking the thick cock melted away as soon as took a deep hit from the bottle. Immediately after exhaling, the dizziness and pleasure overtook me. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the gentle thrusting of his cock.

He continued fuck me, building up his pace and gradually working deeper as my ass adjusted to accept his girth. I could feel he was building towards cumming. But at the same time, I was feeling something building in me. Something I hadn't felt before. I suddenly felt like I had to go the bathroom but I was sure that wasn't really the case. A moment later I pulled away away, legs shaking and spasming. He pulled me back on to his dick and said "Dont pull away from it boy, just let it happen."
He started to fuck me harder and I took another hit from the bottle. My vision was blurry and everything seemed to fade away, until  just the pleasure of being fucked remained. The feeling I had before quickly returned and continued to build. I realized I was moaning loudly, I wasn't naturally very vocal durring sex. My legs were shaking and I reached out and grabbed my my shirt from the cloths pile, I just needed something to hold onto.

The feeling built more and more until I felt like I couldn't take it and tried to pull away. But he kept his hands on my hips and held me in place maintaining the same steady rhythm. I convulsed, twitched, and spasmed, it was like nothing I'd ever felt before.

Then it happened. I started to scream as my cock twitched. The most intense waves of ecstasy shot through my body. As soon as the first wave had passed the second began. My cock twitched again as I tried to to collapse onto the floor. But daddy held me by the hips to keep me from falling. He continued to maintain his rhythm as my cock twitched again and a third wave overtook me. As the final fourth wave hit, my cock twitched again and I felt as if I might pass out. Daddy continued to fuck me as the intense orgasmic waves subsided.

As I started to come to come back to my senses I realized that I had shot a large load of cum onto the floor between my legs. This was the first time I had ever cum hands free. Still fucking me, daddy pulled me back about two feet so that the puddle was directly under my face. I took another hit from my bottleas he started to pick up pace. "Clean up your mess boy he said." I put my lips to the floor and started to slurp up the cum. 

As I continued to suck and lick at the pile, daddy cried out that he was cumming. A few deep thrusts later, just as I had finished licking the floor clean, I felt the first spurt of cum. He cried out slightly and a gave a few more pumps adding more cum to my ass with each trust.
He held position for a moment to catch his breath before pulling his cock out. He admired my hole again for a moment. Im sure my hole no longer looked like a little pink button. In fact I knew exacly what it looked like. There were other times Id taken at it a look after being freshly fucked. I knew the opening was now slightly gapped, that the pink ring was now purplish and was puffy and slightly swollen. I also knew it was glistening from the mixture of cum and lube that was slowly starting to leak out.

The daddy put his hand on my my lower back and pushed my ass lower. "Push it out for me boy." I pushed and felt a squirter of cum drip out. I relaxed for a moment then pushed again expelling more cum. I repeated until nothing else came out.

Daddy then put two fingers in and scooped a little more cum onto the floor. He put his fingers in front of my face and I instctivly silucked the cum off it. Daddy got to his feet and and moved in front of me so I could lick his cock clean as well. I sucked and licked until all the cum was gone. Daddy buttoned his pants and said "now clean up your mess boy." I slid back and started to suck and lick at the cum puddle I had just pushed out of my ass.

After I finished cleaning it up he told me stay naked. I waited a moment while he walked to the kitchen area and mixed me another drink. "I only made half this time since you have to go soon, you should be able to finish in 2 or 3 gulps." I downed the drink, still feeling light headed.

Daddy picked up my cloths pile from the floor and instructed me to follow. He led me to the garage where he tossed my cloths on the passenge side floor board before climbing into the driver seat. I climbed in and assumed my position as he pulled out and began driving me back.

Being naked and exposed while feasting on cock turned me on so much I thought I might cum again. If anyone had seen us in traffic, they would have seen everything. Me gorging myself on cock. My freshly fucked ass in the air. Daddy's cum still dripping from my hole. About 2 minutes from the meeting place I started to getting dressed. As he left I was hopeful he'd want to see me again. He was the only guy who had ever made me cum from just anal.

After my mom picked me up and drove me home I checked my computer. Daddy had sent me a message. It simply said to be at the same spot next Monday. I was disappointed I'd have to wait a while before getting a chance to take his cock again. But I had to make do. I started messaging other guys and making arrangements for the rest of the week.


To be continued...

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Moderator: Part 4 takes a detour into the bisexual zone. You can read it in the straight/bi forum, here.  Here's the first bit as a teaser...

Part 4: Between Meetings, Caught Being A Slut.

The next few days were fairly typical for me. On Tuesday I got picked up by construction worker. He had a big work van so we just pulled around to the back lot. He was decent but didn't last long enough. I think he was just a little too excited about shoving his bare cock into my litte butt.

Wednesday I sucked a guy off on his car. 30 minutes after he fed me his cum, another guy picked me up for the same thing. I loved sucking his cock with the taste of the first guys cum still in my mouth.

Thursday a guy drove me to a wooded area and parked in an empty opening. We got out and he popped his trunk. I bent over the back of the car as if I was looking for something in the trunk while he dropped my pants to my knees and shoved his raw cock in.

A few minutes later I heard a car coming and said to stop. But he said he was close and kept fucking my tight hole. He announced he was cumming and pushed deep just as a red minivan came into view. The minivan came to stop as the guy gave the last few trusts, draining the rest of his cum into me.

The minivan started to move, turning around in clearing before starting to drive away. There was no way they didn't see what was happening. The top stayed in his position until his dick softened to the point that it was pushed out by my ass...


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Part 5: Daddy's Rules

Daddy was starting to become a regular of mine. Like our previous meetings, I sucked his cock on the way to his place. I undid my pants and exposed my bare ass while I was sucking. It turned me on to be exposed for the duration of the ride.

When we arrived at his place, I had few drinks. About 3 drinks in, I had a good buzz going and the room was just starting to spin. I felt a bit dizzy but daddy made me a fourth drink and told me to follow him. He started walking towards the stairs. I was excited because I thought this would be the first time we actually made it to the bedroom. Instead, we went to a door to side of the stair case. I followed to the door and realized the path led to a different set if stairs that went down to the basement.

I stumbled a bit on the stairs and had to hold the rail the whole walk down. The basement was a finished rec room with some pretty standard stuff for that kind of space. There was some work out equipment, a pool table, a couch with a decent sized home theater set up, and another smaller bar area. I guess it was what you might call a man cave.

We passes through another door into an unfinished area. Against one wall was the water heater and the furnace. But the rest of this area was clearly a makeshift sex dungeon. There were a few shelves along the walls and the boxes on top looked to be pretty normal. However, the middle shelves contained some more exotic items. There was an extensive collection of sex toys including dildos, plugs, gags, whips, and some bandage supplies.

I finished my drink as daddy guided me to a cussioned platfrom that was hanging by some chains that had been anchored to the ceiling. Daddy helped me to quickly undress and lifted me onto the platform. He and secured my ankles and wrists with cuffs that were attached to the platforms chains. He then put a blindfold on me. The platforms was sized such that my ass was hanging slightly off one edge of the platform and my head was hanging off the other side.

I could feel him circling the platform and eyeing my naked body. When daddy finished started to speak I was so horny that I was just agreeing to everything he said without thinking.

"You're my little slut boy arent you?" he demanded

I managed a meek "yes daddy."

I heard a loud smack and felt a lightning bolt of pain shoot up my body. Daddy had just smacked my bare ass with something (I couldn't see but it felt and sounded like a belt).

"I didn't hear that boy" daddy said menacingly. 

"Yes daddy! I'm your little slut boy!" I cried.

Daddy hit my ass again with another loud crack. It was the hardest I'd ever been hit up to that point and I tried to wriggle away. The pain was searing and im sure my butt was already red and brused.

"I have some rules you boy" he said as began to circle me "Rule number one is I get to use your body however I want, you can't ever say no to me."

"YES DADDY!" I cried as he brought the belt down again, this time across my chest.

I began sobbing uncontrollablly as he continued to circle.

"Rule number two is that I control who you fuck. You will fuck everyone I tell you too and never fuck anyone without my permission"

"YES DADDY" I cried out again. Daddy waited a moment then slapped my face with his hand. He pushed my head down so it was hanging off the platform edge and put one of his hands around my throat. He began choaking me while he grabbed his hard cock with his other and brought it to my lips.

As I began to suck his cock, I heard the crack and felt the sting of the belt on my ass. Daddy had one hand on my neck and the other was holding his cock as he guided it in and out of my mouth. Daddy must of been plabning to share me with a friend and I had already agreed to fuck anyone he told me too.

Daddies friend gave a few more smacks to my ass, thighs, and belly before coiling it up and setting it on my chest. As daddy continued fucking my throat, his friend started to play with my ass. He alternated between giving it a a few slaps with his bare hand, grabbing the cheeks and giving them a squeeze, and pulling them apart to expose my little pink hole.

Daddy's friend pulled his cock out and started to tease my hole. There was no lube yet but I still enjoyed the feeling of a raw cock pressing against the opening. He spit on his cock and began to rub the head in circles around my ass. Just as it felt like I was about to open up and take his cock, he pulled it away and buried his tounge in my hole instead.

I would have been moaning in ecstasy if I hadn't been distracted by the rough throat fuck I was getting on the other end. Between the alcohol and lack of oxygen, I was worried I might pass out. Daddy was really fucking my throat. He pulled out for a moment and held my head in place. As I coughed and struggled to catch my breath, anther pair of hands (from what must have been a third person) placed a damp rag over my face. I recognized the aroma from the small bottle I had been using and took a deep breath. I held a few seconds before I exhaled and took a few more breaths. I felt warm and dizzy and began to go limp.

I didn't pass out but I was in a state where I wasn't fully aware of what was happening to me. I was tied up and powerless anyways, so I just let the feeling wash over me. Everything was blur for the next few minutes. I felt the familiar pleasure of big cock thrusting in and out my hole. I was too far gone to struggle against the cock that was fucking my throat. Whenever someone pulled away, their place was immediately taken by another cock. There were at least 4 guys, maybe more.

They continued to use me from both ends like I was a sex toy. Soon enough I felt the first load shoot into my ass. He continued to fuck for a moment before pulling out and hurrying around to have me lick his cock clean. After he was clean I heard a voice tell me to push. I complied and pushed the load out. As another cock resumed fucking me, one of the guys came around and pushed a tablespoon into my mouth, I realized I had just filled it with cum from my ass and licked the spoon clean.  I held the cum in my mouth to savor the flavor for a few seconds before swallowing.

I quickly resumed taking it from both ends. As the guy in my ass moaned that he he was close, the guy in my throat grabbed my head and pushed deep. Holding me in place he began to quickly rock his hips back and forth while fully inserted. He was trying to cum at the same time as the guy in my ass. I felt a spurt in my ass as announced he has cumming. The guy in my mouth pushed deep and I felt a powerful contraction as he shot his cum straight down my throat. I felt at least 4 pulses from each, with each one alternating between my ass my throat.

I swallowed as the guys swapped places and I began to livk the cum off the cock that had just been in my ass. After I finished cleaning it they swapped places again and I licked the cum off the next cock as the other guy directed me to push the cum out of my ass. Just as I finished licking the most recent cock clean, someone grabbed my head and another tablespoon of cum from ass was poured down my throat. 

As the others left, daddy began to speak again. "Rule 3 is you can never cum without my permission." Yes daddy" I moaned as he slid his cock into my ass.

The pleasure quickly started to build as he fucked my ass. He was bigger than his friends and I was soon begging him "Please daddy, let me cum. I dont know how much longer I can hold back."

"Not yet boy" he replied as he continued to fuck me. I held onto the chains and tried to keep myself from having an orgasm. But after a few more seconds my body began twitching and and spasming uncontrollablly as I felt wave after wave of pleasure wash over me. Daddy saw me cum but didn't respond. He just kept fucking me until I felt his cock twitch as he flooded me with his jazz.

He looked down at me and said "I told you not to cum without permission"

"Sorry Daddy" I replied.

Daddy went over to the shelves and pulled something out. He took off my blindfold so I could watch as he placed my soft little cock into a chastity cage and secure it with a small lock. When I was hard I had a good size cock and I often got hard while I was being fucked. Daddy leaned in and said "I wasn't gonna do this, but since you seem to have trouble following simple instructions I think you need it."

I stayed nude again and sucked him some more as he drove me back. I must have done good because I managed to get another load out of him. I got dressed in the car right before he dropped me off. As soon as got home I thought about breaking the lock on my cage but decided to keep wearing it for a bit as a reminder of the fuck I had just gotten.

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