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Helping the old neighbor with plumbing

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8 hours ago, kiraizuru said:

Finally a big step for Tommy. Actually he’s already taken poz loads but the more part of him might be acceptable this time.🤪

I hope he doesn’t become willing and accepting too quick the toxic rape parts and waking up to getting impaled are the hottest parts so far

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11 hours ago, Justinrain said:

“I don’t care about that at the moment. You can be a foot slut for the landlord later. What I care about now is this. Oh! Oh fuck!” Mr. Lewis was beginning to reach climax. It was feeling so good that I couldn’t move away. I’ve eaten ass, I’ve taken piss in my ass and cum from a stranger, I felt so low. As I looked down the hall I saw Rob was standing there. He was looking at me with a disgusted look on his face. “AAAAGH! FUCK! FUCK! TAKE MY POZ CUM! YEAH!” Rob and I maintained eye contact as Mr. Lewis pumped his load up my ass. Whatever sexual bliss I was feeling previously was now gone, as Mr. Lewis pulled out I fell to my knees trails of yellow and white running down my legs. “I’m glad those barriers of yours are crumbling away foot pig. Next time I fuck that ass of yours. I won’t stop until you’re infected. I don’t care if I have to go five, eight, ten rounds in one day. I’m going to invite all the friends I know who have full-blown AIDS and have them help me fill you. Understand?“ He grabbed my head and moved it up and down nodding yes for me. “Good.” 

The thought of being used as an aids gangrape cumdump because you don’t want to be rude and say no or leave is making me so horny

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I didn’t see Rob at all the rest of the day. I tried to find him but he was either too busy or he may have been avoiding me since seeing me in the hallway. The day flew by and I could barely focus on schoolwork. As the evening came I wandered through the apartment trying one last attempt to see if I could get ahold of him. But no luck. I was at my place, thinking of what to say to Mr. Lewis. I was at a loss so I laid face down in bed, hoping I could sleep off the stress. 


I wasn’t asleep long until I was woken up by a big weight on me. As I came to I saw Mr. Lewis was in bed sitting front of me. His cock was poking me in the face. His feet pressed against my cheeks. As I looked over my shoulder the weight on top of me was George down at my ass eating me out. They were both there. They snuck in as I was asleep. Fuck I should have put the chair on the door!


“What’s going on?!” Mr. Lewis repositioned my face with his feet to look directly at his cock. The tip of it grinding against my lips.


“Moment of truth pig boy. Did ya slobber all over the big man’s feet like I told ya to?”


“Not yet grandpa, I haven’t found him.” Mr. Lewis’s cock went in my mouth. I could taste his salty pre cum. He smiled. Clearly happy over for what I said.


“Oh then I guess you’re too late now. Times up.”


“But! I still have time!” I tried to say as best as I could with his bulbous tip in my mouth. 


“Nope! My task, my rules. But deep down you didn’t want to complete that assignment. You’re addicted to your grandpa aren’t you?” He was rubbing his feet on me while I sucked him. “You love my cock don’t you?”


“…yes” I mumbled 


“You love these feet don’t you?” 




“Good, then how about you lick them here, while old George goes to town on your ass? I know he has already sampled you a few times, but this time I’m gonna make sure he’s very thorough. And so will I.” George continued licking my hole. It felt good and Mr. Lewis’s feet felt nice caressing my face. I wanted to escape but the kink was making my head spin. The cock slipped out of my mouth, a trail of pre falling down my chin. I kissed his feet and started licking his feet and cock. Going back and forth between them. “Yes that a good foot pig.”


Mr. Lewis took out some thing that he was holding behind him, it was a condom. But it was a used condom filled with cum, a lot of cum. Like a bunch of guys jacked off into it. It looked like half a cups worth. He was pinching the opening shut. It bounced like a creamy water balloon. 


“Here George use this.” George took a break from rimming me and sat up on top of me, his cock resting on my crack. He took the condom and started sticking the opening at my ass, shoving it in.


“Wait what’s that? No. What are you doing?” I protested but Mr. Lewis held my face to him with his feet.


“Just some natural lube for you boy. Look, he’s going to get the end of it nestled in your ass there and squeeze the tip of it like a tube of toothpaste. Your ass will get filled with multiple loads from friends of mine. 


“Oh god, do they have anything?” George was squeezing the condom with the opening inside me. The mass of cum balling up at my entrance. My clenching hole keeping the cum from draining into me for now but George kept the pressure, gently pushing the cum balloon further.


“I don’t know. Does it matter? You’re a dirty pig boy who doesn’t care how low he goes. I was thinking I had to break you down more but you seem to love George’s kink so much, I don’t see a point now.”


“I didn’t! He sat on me! Nothing happened! I just rimmed him. That Frank guy was there and saw!” The cum bubble was still being pressed against my hole. George seemed not to care either way. Mr. Lewis looked off to the side.


“That true Frank? George didn’t do the deed while you fucked him?”


“Not that I witnessed. I wouldn’t be there if he did. I’m a piss freak but that ain’t my scene.” What? Frank was here? How many guys were in my room?


“George old buddy. Are you up to your pranks again?” He looked at George playfully annoyed.


“Eh, I didn’t have anything at the time. But he’s going to get it sooner or later and I’ll be the one to do it.”


“Sure sure, but that’s besides the point. What matters is he hasn’t dropped all his barriers yet. Come on, get up. I’ll need some alone time to work my magic.” Fuck thank goodness. I felt relieved and was relaxing more.


“I still need to cum.” George complained, then with a sharp lurch, he pressed the cum balloon against my ass and it all squirted up in my ass!


“Oh fuck!” I felt it spread in me. It was room temperature so I couldn’t feel any warmth from it but I felt it balling up in my colon then spreading towards my depth.


“George! That wasn’t easy to collect.” Mr. Lewis was annoyed. George pulling the sloppy empty condom out of me and started slapping my ass with his hard cock.


“Didn’t want to waste it.” He got into position for penetration.


“George no. You can’t fuck him. I need to-“ George slammed his cock in me and started fucking. His weight on my back made it impossible to move. “George, you’re being very naughty.”


“You don’t get him all to yourself. I’m gonna cum in him then finish what I started.” I think Frank was jacking off in the corner, or on the edge of the bed. Hard to tell. George was enjoying my cum filled ass and I was starting to enjoy him fucking me but I still wanted him off.


“Oh it’s just like with Mason’s son all over again. You always were a greedy bastard.” Mr. Lewis got up and was tapping George on the shoulder. “That’s enough big man. Let up.” George slowed down but still kept thrusting. 


“We’re still going to fuck him later?” He asked now giving periodic hard slams. It caused more pain then pleasure, but still my dick was hard from it. 


“Yes we will. But I need quality time with my grandson. Be at the ready though. You’ll get yours later tonight.” George reluctantly got up, pulling his cock out and a small guider of cum shot out my ass. 


“I still have a full bladder here.” Frank complained. 


“You can hold it a while longer Frank. You love it anyway. The feeling of needing to piss gets that long cock of yours leaking hard.” Mr. Lewis was gathering the group. There were even a couple other guys there leaving that I didn’t notice before. Shit he actually had a train of guys organized? Almost everyone dispersed and was leaving. Mr. Lewis ushering everyone out and talking with some of them. Frank was still in the bedroom with me looking anxiously back and forth to the door and me. 


“Hey lil buddy, before he comes back. Help me out here will ya?” Frank whispered. He got close and shoved his cock in my face. “Drink my piss. Gulp it down fast before he comes back.” I opened my mouth and as soon as he stuck it in he unleashed his flow. “Oh yeah I was holding it in for a while. He promised me a toilet boy and I’m getting one.” I did my best to gulp it down. He was well hydrated and it didn’t have a strong taste to it. Just slightly tangy and warm. It was actually enjoyable, okay, it was really enjoyable and was turning me on. 


Gulp after gulp I swallowed Franks piss. He was smiling at me, running his hands through my hair. Eventually it slowed and came to a halt. He gave a few finishing bursts and pulled out. I licked the last drops off his tip and licked my lips.


“Thanks man, that was so hot. Did you like it?”


“Yeah I did, thanks.” I whispered my gratitude while wiping my mouth. Frank bent down to whisper in my ear.


“Hey, do you want to come to a party with me sometime? I have some friends that would love to piss in you.” Normally I’d refuse, but I really did enjoy drinking it from him. So gave him a nod. “Good, I’ll get things arranged.”


Frank got up to leave passing by Mr. Lewis.


“Taking your time hu? No funny business?” Mr. Lewis looked at Frank suspicious.


“Everything’s fine man. Just leaving.” As Mr. Lewis ushered the last guest out. Rob was standing in the doorway.


“Oh? What are you doing here?” Mr. Lewis asked Rob. I was standing there between them, happy to see Rob but also ashamed of him seeing so many guys leave my place. 


“The kid wanted me to come over so I’m here.” Rob looked at me. I couldn’t tell what he was thinking. Mr. Lewis looked at Rob then back to me several times.


“Well… very well then… you two have fun.” Mr. Lewis wandered back to his place, I could here him mumbling under his breath “Fuck, fuck. God damn it.” He acted like he just lost a bet. I was now alone with Rob. A strange sense of comfort and safety washed over me.


“I thought you wanted to fool around but it looks like you already got your fill.” He commented noticing the cum seeping out my ass.


“Not by choice. He’s been fairly assertive with that recently.” 


“That right? You seemed to be enjoying yourself getting fucked the hall.” Rob walked to the kitchen and wet a rag. He came back to me and started cleaning me off.


“I can explain.”


“No need, I know how tempting his cock is and he has a knack for converting guys into kink.” I liked having him touch me. Getting cleaning up by him almost felt nurturing. “He didn’t seem too happy I was here. Is this game of his supposed to be over by now or what?”


“He said I had till the end of today or he’d have George-“


“George?!” He grabbed my shoulders. “He has that nasty fuck involved too?” I looked down.


“Yeah and a few others apparently… but you came before they did anything. Well mostly.” Rob took a breath.


“Okay. Kid you need to stop this. Those guys are bad business. I don’t think you know how bad half the people are who live here. It’s like a damn fetish bathhouse at times.” 


“Yeah I’ve been starting to pick up on that.” Rob was looking up and down my naked body in front of him. 


“What do you need from me? He just wants me to fuck you and he’ll leave you alone?” 


“I don’t think he’ll leave me alone. I would just dodge being thrown to George and I guess those other guys. Frank seemed nice though…”


“Frank? Yeah he’s an okay guy for the most part. Obsessed with piss play though. Did he get you doing any of that?”


“Yeah, twice. Mr. Lewis too a couple times.”


“Damn and you like it?” I couldn’t tell if he was being judgmental or not.


“I liked it from Frank.”


“He’d be glad to hear that.” Rob was now pacing around the room, contemplating. “Okay so here’s what we can do. I’m clean you hear? I’m not interested in catching anything from you. So I’ll hang about here for a bit and you can tell the old bastard we did whatever you want to tell him okay?” Would that trick work? Would Mr. Lewis believe that? But it sounded like a win for me either way.


“Yeah I’d like that. Thanks.” I got clothes on and Rob and I were spending time together. For once in a long time I actually felt like I could drop my guard. I wasn’t expecting him to be so understanding. We watched TV, played on our phones, talked about our days and some of the things that Mr. Lewis George and Frank did. Rob was unfazed by it. After a couple of hours, Rob felt like it was time for him to leave.


“OK little man. I’m going to head out. You can tell Mr. Wilson you did whatever it was you needed to do. Just don’t tell him I bottomed for you. I don’t need him getting the impression I am taking dirty loads. At least not until you’ve been tested and stop playing with him.”


“Right, understood. But he wasn’t expecting me to fuck you.“


“Then tell him I fucked to you, whatever.“ 


“He wasn’t expecting that either.“


“Alright wait, what exactly did he want you to do?” For some reason I felt embarrassed to mention it. I looked down at his large shoes, imagining what his feet look like inside them.


“Uh… he wanted me to… lick your feet.” Rob them quickly grab my shoulder, his mood perked up a bit.


“Shit are you serious?! That’s all?! Fuck dude I totally would have loved to do that! That’s a huge kink of mine!” He was now smiling at me but a smile mixed with a touch of disappointment as if he missed out on an opportunity. I think it was actually the first time I had seen him smile.




“Yeah! And we could’ve done that this entire time! There ain’t no bodily fluids exchanging. Fuck why didn’t you tell me that from the get-go! It’s too late to actually do anything like that, I have shit to do.” 


“I- I don’t know. I’m still new to this. I don’t know how to tell a guy I want to foot worship him.”


“You want to? Not just have to?”


“Yeah, it becoming a kink of mine I guess.” 


“Alright little dude, I’m going to be real with you now. I’ll foot dom you. But you need to stop seeing that guy. If you do that. I’ll make you my foot pig all you like and then some. You’d like that wouldn’t you?” I noticed a slight bulge in his pants. He seems to be getting horny. 


“Yeah I’d love that.” Rob knelt down to take a shoe off. He pulled off one of his socks and I saw his bare foot. It was huge and meaty. Larger then Mr. Lewis’s or George’s, but not as chubby a man George’s. It was beautiful but I couldn’t see the bottom of it since he slipped his foot back in the shoe.


“Here take this. You can show it to Mr. Lewis as proof.” I graciously too the sock from him. It was warm and a little damp from sweat.


“Kick the bad habit. I don’t play with tainted goods.” With that Rob left. I was alone in the apartment and it was late. But I was in better spirits now. I felt like I had a little bit more control of the situation now. This time I blocked the door and wedged it good. I went to bed but noticed there was still cum on my sheets. I slept next to it, figuring I’d clean it up in the morning. No one tried getting in, or at least not that I noticed. Mr. Lewis must have believed that I completed my task. There must have been a lot of disappointed guys out there. Especially George. I gripped onto Rob’s sock, holding it close to my face. It smelled fantastic and I couldn’t get enough of it. I decided that the next day I’d be more assertive, perhaps establish boundaries. I slept good that night dreaming of Rob stepping on me.

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