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Helping the old neighbor with plumbing

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I was 21 and lived in an old rundown apartment complex, it had a lot of issues and the landlord wasn’t much help getting things fixed when anyone had an issue. It wasn’t the best place but it was cheap and the neighbors kept to themselves. Well, mostly. There was one neighbor a couple of units across the hall from mine, Mr. Lewis, who was chatty with me every time we passed eachother by. He was an older man in his mid-60s or so. Not in the best of shape, short, balding, round faced and pudgy belly. Always wore a tank top, sweat pants and old worn sandals. The type of guy you would typically see around a place like this. But he was nice enough, always offering to invite me in for some coffee or have a chat. I never took him up on the offer though, he had a bit of that old troll vibe and I had a feeling he had ulterior motives with his invitations. 


It’s not like I had anything against him, I just get nervous around guys who blatantly flirt with me, I tend to freeze up and ignore their advances. I was always shy like that. Mr. Lewis was no shrinking violet, he was always bold being flirty with me in the hall, casually rubbing his crotch and eyeing me up and down when we chatted. I of course wouldn’t pay much mind to it and keept our conversations brief and continued about our own business. I never considered letting his flirtatious behavior get any further than what it was, for one he wasn’t my type, and secondly one of his previous conversations he casually talked about the difficulties of him hooking up with guys on account of him being poz. I don’t mean to be a prude, but I try to play safe on the rare occasions that I do mess around with anyone at all. It’s been a while for me since I’ve been busy with my college studies.


One warm day when I was getting back home from the gym I was particularly tired and sweaty head to toe. I had an intense cardio session and my legs were sore. It didn’t help that I was wearing my bad gym shorts with the broken string, I occasionally had to pull them up from sliding down. It was laundry day as well so I didn’t have any underwear available so I was just free balling it. When I was hobbling back down the hall to my apartment Mr. Lewis came out as I passed his door almost as if he heard me coming.


”Tommy my lad. Have a nice hard workout?” He chuckled while adjusting his underwear. He was wearing sandals a tank top and briefs, not the most appropriate attire for a conversation in the hallways so he stood in his doorway.


“Yeah it was a cardio day for me, 10 miles on the treadmill, squats, the usual.” I replied casually, giving a friendly smile trying not to pay attention to the fact that Mr. Lewis was developing a semi hard erection.


“It’s good that you take care of your young beautiful body, wish I had more of that commitment.“ He chuckled as he lifted his tank and patted his stomach. “Say, if you have a minute do you think you would like to come in for a bit?“ He smiled while patting his crotch bulge.


“Oh, um, I’d like to but I need to shower and I have some stuff I need to take care of.” Even if I wasn’t uncomfortable with his flirtatious behavior it really wasn’t the best time for hanging out. I was a mess from the gym. 


“Oh well this won’t take too long, I actually need your help with something. My sink pipes seem to be acting weird, can’t seem to get good pressure out of it and there might be a leak underneath, the landlord couldn’t be bothered to do anything about it and figured a young capable man like you might take a look?“


I didn’t really feel like it but he lived alone in that apartment and I felt bad for always blowing off his invitations even though he is fairly brazen with the way he carries himself. Out of the typical social fear of coming off as rude I agreed to step inside for just a little bit.


“Sure, I think I can give it a shot”


“Wonderful!” He perked up and stepped aside inviting me in. His apartment didn’t have much, simple couch, table and chairs. Some dirty laundry left here or there and a faint smell in the air that might have been body odor perhaps? Maybe something a little tangier? Mr. Lewis guided the two of us towards his living room and we sat on the couch together while he made small talk.


“You don’t have to check the sink just yet, sit with me boy, how have you been? Handling them hunky men at the gym all right? You have been walking fairly funny in the hall, ha ha ha.” There he goes again with that blatant attitude of his.


“Oh, no it was just tiring for me. I’ve been fine, studying and just trying to keep my school work life balanced, I don’t have time for messing around.“ 


“Well now, that’s no good. Why at your age I was filling and getting filled by plenty of men at the gym saunas. Back in those days public hook ups were a lot more common, not like all the apps these days.“ he chuckled and patted my thigh as he emphasized his words. Leaving his hand on me long enough to make it awkward but not too for me to feel the need to pull away. 


“Oh that sounds like a wild time, I don’t think I could do stuff like that. I’m not that bold.“ I readjusted my sitting position and pulled out a dirty sock that I was sitting on. Mr. Lewis grabbed it and tossed it aside.


“Pardon the mess, I tend to delay on laundry so these things wind up everywhere. That’s why you usually see me wearing these.” Mr. Lewis put his leg up and rested his foot in my lap showing off his sandals. He reached over and slipped it off showing it to me. The heel of his foot sliding down my leg getting dangerously close to my crotch.

“These things are convenient when I need em. And they don’t smell as bad as the socks when you wear them for multiple days in a row, see for yourself“ He pointed the sandal in my face expecting me to take a test smell.


I wasn’t willing to smell his dirty sandal and was a bit flabbergasted that he even suggested it but I didn’t want to show it on my face and be rude so i avoided inhaling and replied with any sort of casual dismissive statement that would satisfy him and pull it away. 

“Uh, yeah, it’s fine. I get it.” He didn’t put the sandal back on instead he put it on the floor and slipped his other sandal off and put both his feet in my lap, this time his right foot resting directly on top of my dick. Mr. Lewis continuing the conversation nonchalantly. 


“So sunny, how is your sex life? Do you have a boyfriend yet?” I was surprised with how casually he asked that, even more surprising he managed to slip his foot underneath my gym shirt and was rubbing my belly button with his toes. I could clearly see that he had a full-blown erection at this point and there was even a wet spot in the center where it look like he was pre-cuming. He reached in his underwear and started fondling his cock. Just as casually as one would if they were scratching their balls. 


“No I don’t have the time for that, I just focus on work and school.“ I said nervously, not sure how to respond to his foot action. At this point Mr. Lewis slipped a foot through the leg of my shorts and was rubbing my sweaty thigh, I was getting uneasy with his advances. I knew he was trying to instigate something and I was trying to look for an opportunity to change the subject.


“Well you have time to come see me about my plumbing issue.” He said almost mockingly, his foot sliding up further and just as I could feel his toes starting to make contact with my shaft I took that as my opportunity to change the situation.


“Oh yes the plumbing!” I got up off the couch and out of Mr. Lewis‘s grasp, trying not to give the situation much acknowledgment. “Yes I should go check out the sink of yours.“ I walked over to his kitchen area and I started fiddling with the handles staring at the sink pressure trying to clear my mind of that awkwardness and do what I came here to do so I could leave.


The sink pressure was a little sporadic, but that seemed to be normal, or at least as normal as the same pressure I have had. The building was old and falling apart so I’m not surprised that his plumbing was similar to mine. So I went underneath the sink to check for any leaks. Mr. Lewis came to the kitchen and handed me some tools as I was on my knees bent over looking at the pipes. It was a tight fit so it wasn’t an easy space to work with. I wiggled myself out and asked for a flashlight and a crescent wrench to see if I can loosen or tighten some of the valves and see if that would work. As I looked over to Mr. Lewis, his underwear was off and he had a massive hard veiny and uncut cock pointed at me.


“Whoa! Sir your underwear, uh what is-“  


“No worries, it’s been hot and the AC doesn’t work so I figured I would slip out of those old things and get more comfortable. You don’t mind. I don’t have anything you haven’t seen before.” It was hot, at least I thought it was hot or maybe that was just the gym talking. Either way I tried not looking at it directly even though it looked to be about 8 or 9 inches long with a fat wide mushroom head. I Took the flashlight and wrench and went back under to focus on the task at hand. I was trying to be slow and gentle since the plumbing looked old and delicate. suddenly I felt something resting on my lower back as I felt Mr. Lewis straddling me.


“What are-“


“Don’t mind me I’m just checking to see how the water pressure is doing while you’re down there, I know it’s a tight fit, but you are doing great down there.“ his cock was resting on my ass as he was playing with the sink his legs on either side of me. I said nothing, I didn’t know how to tell them off, and I wasn’t sure if he was really doing anything bad on purpose, he is fairly short after all so if he is checking the sink then naturally he would be standing fairly close. 


I kept adjusting the pipes below and being on my knees bent over under the sink was feeling awkward so I had to move around a bit, wiggling my hips and repositioning my knees. Unfortunately I was still covered in sweat from the gym and these were my bad shorts and they were starting to slip down, revealing my ass crack. As they slipped down a couple of inches Mr. Lewis’s shaft was now resting on my exposed bare ass. I couldn’t conveniently reach behind and pull them up again so I had to ask him to do it for me.


“Um, can you pull my shorts back up for me? My string is broken.“ Mr. Lewis just grabbed my shorts and slipped them all the way down to my knees


“You don’t need those, they are just going to distract you. Wow looks like you didn’t feel the need for underwear today either.“ As Mr. Lewis repositioned himself at the sink playing with the faucet again his hips reposition themselves and the tip of his cock was now pointing directly between my sweat covered cheeks, The wide head easily slipping between them due to my sweat and his very slimy cock and making contact with my whole.


“Hey! Uh Sir? You’re penis is poking me..” At this point I realized his blatant flirting was starting to get out of hand. 


“Just a little poke is all. It’s bound to happen in such a small kitchen. Don’t worry about the pre either, your ass sweat is mixing in so I’m sure you can’t tell.” I didn’t like this. My hole was getting lubed up. Mr. Lewis’s fiddling with the sink was causing his hips to wiggle and massage my ass more. I had little room to move around and every time I moved my ass he prodded more forward. 


“Um it feels like you’re moving around too much. Are you sure you can’t readjust yourself?”


“Oh no need to fuss about that, it’s just a little body contact in order to check the problem here, besides it hasn’t even slipped inside you. You’re a strong tight young man. My dirty old poz cock could easily thrust against you several times and your hole will stay closed, watch.” With that Mr. Lewis pulled his cock away from me, grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them apart, aimed his cock directly at my hole and slammed his hips forward into me, his bulbous cock head popping in past my sphincter with a squelching sound and the rest of his shaft burying deep into me with a loud slap as his hips smacked my ass, balls deep.


“AAAGH! SHIT!“ I yelled, the pain of his sudden intrusion sending a shockwave throughout my body. Dropping the flashlight and wrench. The tight fit underneath the sink holding me in place unable to pull my ass away.


“Oh, well how about that? It went in with one thrust. I guess I had too much lube on my cock when I was edging earlier. Oh well nothing to be done about it now. While I keep checking the sink how about you focus on the leak down there?” Mr. Lewis kept on playing with the sink above me as his cock was firmly lodged in my guts. His low sagging balls pressed against my taint. My insides were on fire as they were being stretched out by what it felt like a steel pipe.


“Mr, Lewis! Please pull it out! You’re so big!“ I instinctively tried to move in the only direction that I could in order to remove myself from him but unfortunately the only way I could move was back toward him, causing my ass to thrust back into him causing his cock to slide in me even deeper. The shock making me wiggle my hips back-and-forth.


“Now now, you don’t want to do that. Remember I was edging earlier meaning my balls are on a hair trigger. Move more and you’ll cause me to burst days worth of cum up into your ass raw.” He tried to say casually, noticeably hiding a tenseness to his voice as if he really was on the verge of cuming inside of me.


“You can’t! It’s dangerous! You’re poz.“


“Then I suggest you hold still, oof, oh! Your ass is so tight and wet. I could go at any second. I- AAH! Ah!… ahh, that was close. I almost shot” I did my best to hold perfectly still with Mr. Lewis‘s cock balls deep inside me. I was focusing on trying to adjust the pipes and fix his leak, all the while I could feel every curve of his cock, the shape of his head flaring inside me, the bulging of the veins on his shaft. I could feel it all through my ass and every subtle twitch and throb was indicating that it really wanted to open the floodgates and unleash a torrent of dirty cum inside of me. 


I don’t know how I managed it but I managed to get the piping in working order, Mr. Lewis still nonchalantly playing with the sink above, his legs trembling with his large throbbing penis firmly drilled inside of me. 


“I think it’s done! You can pull out now!“ Mr. Lewis tested the water flow on his sink, which should have been the same since the piping below it just had a small leak and the water pressure was never really out of the ordinary.


“What do you know? Everything seems to be in order. You manage well under pressure.” Mr. Lewis playfully gave a light slap on my ass as some sort of congratulations, but he didn’t pull out just yet. Instead he put both hands on my hips and slowly slid his cock out halfway stopped then slid it back in. He started picking up a pace, he was actually fucking me!


“What are you doing? I thought you were going to pull out?“


“I will sunny boy. But first I need to thank you for fixing my plumbing. How about a big load of granddaddy’s cum inside your ass? I promise it will be huge.“ His thrusting continued, his assault on my ass pounding me with slap after a slap of his balls knocking into me. The thrusting admittedly started to feel good, stimulating my prostate.


“Oh god! Are, are you undetectable?“ I asked, as some sort of bargaining with my own inhibitions.


“Nope sorry. Oof, Oh! You’re gonna get a - oh fuck- hi viral load of poz cum.” His pace quickened. I was so overwhelmed by the sensations of a hard fucking that I couldn’t think. I tried to say something.




“Ooh here it comes! Package is out for delivery!” He squeezed my cheeks and drilled fast and relentless. My head dizzy and cock drunk.


“Oh fuck! OH FUCK! AAAGH!” Mr. Lewis slammed five hard times followed by a dozen lesser slams, each a pulsing jet of cum deep inside. I could feel it flowing in me. I could feel the satisfaction in his long exhale of relief. He stopped and slowly fucked in me for another minute, keeping his ball juice plowed up in my intestines then held still.


My heart was racing. My ass aching. So many thoughts going through my head. Here I was just trying to be a good neighbor- wait what the fuck is that? Was he cuming again? Mr. Lewis let out a long sigh as he unloaded a massive load, filling me up even more. Too much more. 


“Mr. Lewis, what is”


“Ahhh, just emptying my bladder boy. Your ass makes a fantastic toilet.” Fuck, he’s pissing in me!? The flow kept coming and my guts became bloated and hot. This old man was really more depraved then I could imagine. Soon he finished up and slowly pulled out. Pushing my cheeks together to keep all his fluids in me. I slowly crawled out and got up. My legs on fire, weak and wobbly. I pulled my shorts up that still sagged a bit. 


“Ah thanks for getting all my pluming sorted out Tommy. Now all that down there won’t leak out. We wouldn’t want that would we?” I didn’t know what to say. I just slowly walked to the door and picked up my gym bag. But before I could leave Mr. Lewis stopped me again.


“Just a moment.” He walked over to the couch and came back. “Open your mouth.” Instead of waiting for me to comply he grabbed my jaw and opened it for me then with one of his dirty socks in hand, shoved it in my mouth. Then sent me on my way with a slap on my ass. 


“Don’t be a stranger, next time I may need a foot massage.” He winked at me and shut the door. I walked to my place and spit out his sock and threw it. I tried cleaning out and showering but I still felt dirty. I was still in shock of what happened. This dirty old man who had been cruising me for so long somehow managed to lure me into his place, fuck me, cum in me and piss in me. I sat on my couch and rubbed my head, trying to make sense of everything. I looked to the side and Mr. Lewis’s sock was on the arm rest. I picked it up to throw it away, but I looked at it for a moment. Then for some reason I decided to stuff it back in my mouth.

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I spent the summer walking on eggshells around the apartment complex. Trying to avoid my neighbor. Occasionally I would see him but I would put more of an effort to walk on by. I kept thinking about how I was lured into fixing a sink but ended up fucked. I deliberately tried to keep as much distance as possible for the past couple months. Since Mr. Lewis was poz I had gotten tested recently and to my relief My results today say I was still negative. Despite his deposit, I manage to avoid catching what he had. So now I’ve been feeling less on edge. When I walked past his door this time I felt lighter so I didn’t mind that he stopped me to say hi.


“Well hello there Tommy boy. How have things been with you? Haven’t seen much of you.” He was in his tank top and sweats as usual, notably no underwear since his bulge was poking through. Although since seeing it last time, it could just be big enough to make a prominent tent even with underwear. I still remember the pain it caused on its ‘accidental’ plunge in me. I tried not to stare.


“I’ve been okay Sir. Just busy with studies and work. You know how it is.” Even if I wasn’t trying to avoid him, I have been rather preoccupied with school and work. So it wasn’t much of a fib.


“Oh I’m sure you’ve been working hard. I’ve missed you.” He then pulled his cock out of his pants and twirled it in font of me. “I know this has missed you as well.“ I didn’t know how to respond to that. I blushed and was struggling for words.

“Oh I’m just kidding. How is your ass? I’m sure it has recovered since the last time I fucked you dirty.“ And he said that with a normal speaking voice regardless of who may or may not have heard it. We were alone in the hallway but still.


“It’s-It’s fine!” I nervously looked back and forth to make sure no one was around to hear that. At the end of the hall I saw a brief glimpse of the landlord exiting towards the staircase. I wasn’t sure if heard that or not. My embarrassment shot up.


“Why don’t you come in? You can keep me company, and we can get comfortable.” He motioned to inside his place. The place where I was violated so easily.


“No thanks. I’m going to head home and take care of some chores. Cleaning, laundry, that sort of stuff. It was nice seeing you.” I politely fibbed. I admit there was a small part of me that was curious to see what he had in store but that part of me was incredibly small and the vast majority of my rational brain was directing me to get out of there. I didn’t give him time to interject and made my way home.


I took a moment to calm down from the encounter then pulled myself together and went about my day. I got to work on things that I have been neglecting, like cleaning and a few homework assignments that were past due but I could turn them in for at least partial credit. I started gathering up a few things to do laundry when I heard a knock on my door. It was Mr. Lewis, with a small bag of laundry.


“Howdy there sunny boy. You mentioned you were doing laundry? Well I figured I’d come by and borrow your washer. Mine’s on the fritz again. I’ll probably have you come by and take a look eventually. You don’t mind.” He was cheerful and aloof, but said that as more of a statement then a question. As if we were already close friends. But like before I didn’t want to be rude so I let him in. 


“Uh, sure I was just about to put a load in.” I grabbed my pile and walked to the washer. Mr. Lewis fallowed with his and we started sorting. He was behind me with his bag while I was putting things in the machine.


“I don’t have much, I can shove my load in with yours.” His hips pressed up against me as he was throwing some things in. I felt his hard on rubbing my butt. I started getting visions of the kitchen sink incident and the straddling he gave me. I moved aside, away from his boner and threw more clothes in. Mr. Lewis had some sweats, tanks, socks and underwear. His usual casual wear. When the last of our clothes went in, Mr. Lewis grabbed my pants and pulled them down to my ankles.


“Woah! What are you doing?”


“Might as well wash everything while you’re at it right?“ Mr. Lewis said while taking his tank top off. “Go on then, we’re both guys here, no need to be shy.“ I wasn’t very comfortable with the situation but it was laundry day and Mr. Lewis already was taking off his clothes, so I finished taking my pants all the way off and pulled my shirt off and added them to the washer. Mr. Lewis pulled down his underwear and his stiff cock sprang up, the forskin pealing back on its own as the head swelled up. It was an impressive piece of meat, and on any other circumstances I’d love to play with it.


“There we go that’s better isn’t it?“ He tossed his clothes in the washer while getting behind me and pressing his hips up against me again. I felt his hard cock pressed between my cheeks. The tip of his cock was wet, it felt like he was dripping pre-cum already.


“Ah! Sir careful! Thats very close.” I tried moving my ass away from his cock but he grabbed my hips and held me in place, then added some pressure against my hole. His pre leaking out and getting me slick down there as it pressed. It was trying to dig inside me again. “Mr. Lewis please you can’t.” Then all of a sudden Mr. Lewis held a dirty cloth in front of my nose and mouth, it stank a lot.


“Now now boy. Just breathe in my old socks. You’ll be fine.“ I held my breath, my body was freezing up and I didn’t know what to do. Mr. Lewis sensing my hesitation and started getting impatient. “I said breathe!“ On that he emphasized by thrusting his hips forward, his fat cock tip plunging inside me. 


I jolted. His thick clock caused pain going in, and out of reflex I did as instructed. I gave the socks a big inhale. They smelled like dirty feet, like he wore them for a week. There was also another smell in there, a chemical smell. My head went dizzy and I got such a rush. I started feeling really good. The pain from his cock head in me went away and I relaxed my ass. His  cock actually started feeling good and so did the rest of my body. For a moment I forgot about the danger and started wiggling my hips down onto Mr. Lewis’s cock. The sock over my face seemed to be making me sensitive, I could feel his cock inside me in better detail. The shape of the head,  the foreskin sliding in my ring, his twitching shaft pulsing it’s way up in me. As my ass started swallowing it up more there was a sudden jerk. Mr. Lewis had yanked his cock away from me.


“Good, now that we have the load packed in how about we sit down and relax. I could use a drink, how about you?” I felt a slime trailing from my ass down my leg. Mr. Lewis’s massive cock had a bead trailing down it’s tip. This man produces a lot of pre-cum. As he walked towards the kitchen I reached behind me and felt my ass. The tip of my finger got coated in his pre. I brought the finger up to my mouth and tasted it. It was salty and bitter. A much stronger flavor than mine, almost overwhelming. As the fuzziness in my head started to wear off I yanked my finger away and acted like nothing happened right before he was able to see what I was doing. What was I thinking? How could I have enjoyed what he did? I got to keep it together. This man has a sinister motive and he nearly accomplished it again just now. What the hell was coated in that sock? I need to be on my toes. 


“Where do you keep your glasses?” He was rumedging through my kitchen, practically making himself at home. I walked next to him and squatted down to the lower cabinet grabbing two glasses out. “Oh there they were.” He turned his body in my direction while I was still squatted down closing the cabinet door and his cock slapped me across the face, leaving some pre smeared on my cheek. Mr. Lewis only filled his up with tap water and carried both glasses over to the living room table. “Come sit, we have plenty of time while the clothes wash.”


“L-let me just go get dressed.”


“Come now, I’m sitting here naked. I don’t want to be the only one. Come sit.” He patted the spot on the couch next to him. I reluctantly obliged and sat down. His dick was down to a semi now, he was casually playing with his balls while he continued conversation. “You did a fine job on my sink Tommy. Thank you for the help.”


“Yeah sure. It was my pleasure.“ 


“I’m sure it was. Especially for me screwing your hot tight ass. Thank you for that by the way it’s been a while since I was able to breed a young man such as you.“ He smiled as if he was recounting the time that he won a game or caught a large fish and felt proud of himself.


“Yeah about that, I don’t think I can really do stuff like that.“ I tried to come off as gently as possible. “You know, the risks and all.“


“I already shot a massive load of poz cum in your ass last time. I don’t think you need to worry about risk anymore, he he.” 


“Well I got lucky and I’m still negative. I was tested recently. So I really shouldn’t be playing around like that.“ Mr. Lewis‘s face lit up. His cock sprang back up to full mast. As if he was happy to hear that news.


“Oh really? Well then I guess you’re a lucky son of a gun! But I guess I did give you a pretty strong irrigation after words. Would have been unfortunate for you to catch the bug on the first date, ha ha ha.“


“Do you normally play like that? Without condoms?“


“Never used them in my life. I always fuck raw. Probably why I am positive to begin with. But I never minded that. It’s better to feel skin on skin, the feel of a cock pulsing as it floods your guts with sperm. Don’t you think?“


“Yeah that sounds hot in theory. But I don’t know, maybe with someone I trusted.“ 


“And you don’t trust me? Your good old granddaddy across the hall? he he.” Mr. Lewis patted my thigh as he chuckled. His fingers grazing my shaft as he rubbed my leg. “I’m just kidding, I know I am an old kinky [banned word]. Which is why I couldn’t help but piss inside of you last time. But how can you blame me? Not every day that I have access to such a handsome young man like you. I had to try as many kinks as I could.” That made me blush. No one‘s ever talked to me that way before. He was so experienced and unfiltered, that I just couldn’t keep up with his wildness.


“I don’t really do kink. I never really gave it much thought. You were the first one to ever do something like that.“


“Do you mean I took your piss virginity? Oh lucky me! Glad I was able to soil your insides first. The thought of it is making me leak.“ I looked over to his cock and it was leaking. A drip of clear pre going down his shaft. “Say, do you know how to give a good foot massage? Why don’t you try with these.“ Mr. Lewis popped his feet in my lap as he asked that. Not giving me much time to answer.


“I don’t really know how.“ I stared at his feet in my lap, my mouth agape at his request. They were meaty and thick, with a little bit of dirt on the bottom of them. They were a little big for such a short man, probably size 10 or 11. I have never given anyone a massage before, and this felt strangely intimate so I wasn’t sure what to do. I wanted to turn him down.


“Oh it’s not that hard, they ain’t going to bite you. If anything you might bite them.“ Mr. Lewis raised a foot up to my face and shoved his toes in my mouth. It tasted strong, salty, and musky, almost like an exotic cheese. It was like when he shoved his dirty sock in my mouth but this taste was more intense. His toes were locating my tongue. I pushed his legs away and coughed a bit, trying to process what just happened this time. “There you’ve had a taste. Probably a lot better than my old sock right?“


“Right.“ damn, not what I meant to say. I just thought up of any answer automatically as I was getting over the shock of having this older man’s dirty toes in my mouth. 


“Figured you’d like that. You seem like you’d be a natural shrimper.” I wasn’t sure what that meant, I just nodded in agreement. Mr. Lewis sat upright and grabbed my arm and started pulling me off the couch. “Move over here in front of me. I’m not gonna hurt you. I just want you to rub on them. Just sit on the floor there in front of me. Will be easier that way.“ He positioned me so I was sitting on my knees on the floor while he sat on the couch. He lifted his foot and put it in my lap motioning me to start rubbing them. Out of fear of having him forcing me to suck on them again I started massaging it. Not really sure what to do, just pressing my thumbs into his soul and rubbing them in small circles. Mr. Lewis tilted his head back and sighed, seemingly enjoying himself. As I was rubbing one foot he raised his other and let it sit on my shoulder periodically caressing my cheek with his toes. 


The more I massaged his foot the more he was rubbing my face with his other, getting dangerously close to my mouth with his big toe. As I felt his toe reaching over and pressing against my lips, I finished up massaging the foot in hand and swapped it out for the one on my shoulder taking it away from my face. I rubbed this one in the same way for a moment. Mr. Lewis then took his foot I had finished massaging and was rubbing my thigh with it. His toes swirling in little circles, inching further up. I tried concentrating on the task at hand and ignoring it, but then he moved his foot over to my cock and started rubbing my shaft with his toes. 


“Mr. Lewis I-“


“Relax I’m just giving you a massage as well.“ He started rubbing his foot up and down my cock, and since it was receiving physical stimulation it was naturally getting hard. Mr. Lewis was very skilled with his foot work and it didn’t take long for me to get a full hard on. I wasn’t as big as him. I was only six and a half inches. It was getting difficult for me to concentrate on massaging his foot while the other was rubbing me down there. Mr. Lewis must have noticed this so he pushed his foot toward my face. “Lick the sole.” His foot had a strong smell but I was starting to get used to it. The rubbing on my cock was getting me horny so I wasn’t minding his foot in my face for some reason. I stuck out my tongue and started licking. Mr. Lewis started rubbing his foot in accordance with how I was licking him. “That’s a good boy, savor the taste. You’re gonna get addicted to the taste of my feet before long.” After licking at his foot for a while he took his foot out from my face and brought it down to my cock, he was now jacking my cock with both his feet. “There now, let granddaddy take care of you.“ He raised his other foot up to my face, “lick this one too, get it nice and sloppy, put some lube on it.“ I did as instructed and sucked on his other foot. It had the taste of my cock mixed in with the taste of his feet. It was more pleasant. Wait, it can’t be pleasant, what was I thinking? But I was getting more used to it, maybe too used to it. His feet were way more soft then I had imagined. Soft and plump and big. Once it was licked and slobbered on he brought it back down to my cock and started rubbing it again with both feet. It was an insane feeling. His juicy slick pads sliding up and down my shaft. I was surprisingly feeling like I was actually getting close. I couldn’t help but moan and stare at his work. His soles rubbing on my cock, his toes curling over the head. I would normally never be into this sort of thing, but I was being masturbated by the feet of a seasoned pro.


“Mr. Lewis, you should stop. If you keep that up I’m gonna…“ I couldn’t say it, I couldn’t admit that this older man’s feet were going to make me cum. My hips started thrusting along with his feet pumping me.


“Oh? Are you gonna cum on my feet? Look at you, you’re even fucking them like a horny foot slut. You dirty boy. You wouldn’t dare ejaculate from this? This is just a simple massage why do you have to make it perverted all of a sudden? He he.” He was loving this, he was loving torturing me like this. He wanted to see me subjugated like this, like a plaything beneath his feet, regardless of the pun. He started jacking me faster. I grabbed his feet and squeezed them tighter to my cock. This was so embarrassing but I really wanted to blow my load. I didn’t care if i was using a pair of dirty old troll feet as a flesh light. Well I guess they are not dirty anymore. Holy fuck I actually washed his feet with my mouth! I could still taste it.


“Oh God, I think I’m gonna-“ Mr. Lewis stopped the foot job and stood up, he walked over to the table to grab a drink of water. I was left blue balled, desperately wanting his feet back. Shit really? His feet? No, that was dirty. This horniness is really screwing with my brain.


“Wow you did a lovely job rubbing my feet boy. They were hurting today so I really needed that.” On one hand I should be relieved that he stopped stimulating me with his feet, on the other hand I was getting close and part of me really wanted to finish. I just continued sitting there on the floor with a throbbing hard on. Mr. Lewis walked over to me. “So do you think the laundry is done? I know it hasn’t been long but do you think we should check on it?“ I looked over to him and his hard on was staring me right in the face. Only an inch away from my nose. I looked up at him and he was looking down on me. 


“I don’t know…I didn’t hear it beep.“ I said, sexually frustrated yet trying to keep my composure. Mr. Lewis moved closer, the tip of his cock was now lightly touching the little divot under my nose. It had a strong scent to it. It was almost making me dizzy, I couldn’t help but breath in the smell of his dick.


“Well we can go over there and check.” He suggested. As he looked towards the washing machine his cock slid across my upper lip. “Or we can go see if we missed any clothes in your bedroom.“ He looked over to my bedroom and his cock swung the other way slapping me across the cheek. A line of pre painting my face. “What do you think we should do?“ He was now slowly wiggling his hips back-and-forth. The tip of his cock sliding across my lips. I was keeping them closed but they were being coated in pre, like a thick layer of lip gloss. “Well do you think we should go check on the clothes?“ He was now holding still, his cock pressed firmly against my lips. I tried to nod my head in response. “Is that a yes?“


“Yes.“ As I open my mouth to respond Mr. Lewis slid the head of his cock in past my lips. He put his hands on my head, it’s taste was salty and I could feel his juice seeping down onto my tongue.


“But first sunny boy, I need to take a piss. And you must be thirsty right?“ I was still as stone. I wasn’t sucking him, I was just holding it in there frozen in fear. Did he actually plan on pissing in my mouth? “How about this? Hold perfectly still and say nothing and I will let my lemonade flow into you, and you drink it up. Or if you don’t want to become my urinal today, start bobbing your head back-and-forth and suck me a little. The choice is yours.“ Were those really my options? Drink his piss or suck his cock? Couldn’t I just get out of the situation at all? I’ve never done anything like that. I don’t want to drink piss. Wouldn’t it taste really bad? How did I even let it get this far as to have him stick it in my mouth? I can’t believe it but I really wish we would have continued with the foot job. Sure it was humiliating but at least I didn’t have to drink, wait how long was I sitting there frozen? “Oh you nasty little boy. I guess that settles it. Hope you can take it. I piss a lot.” Mr. Lewis held onto his dick at the base with the tip in my mouth. A fist resting on his hip. Spread his legs, squatting a little. Getting into a comfortable position, arching his back slightly. “Give it a sec.” While the tip was twitching in my mouth I thought ‘Is he really going to piss in my mouth? Here in my living room?’ I was too sacred to move. I stared up at him almost mesmerized by how much this man looked like he was standing in a bathroom like this was a normal thing. He made a couple of deep breaths. Making mini flexes under his belly to squeeze his bladder, priming it for release. My lips closed themselves tight around his head so there would be no spillage. I was automatically trying to figure out the best way to accommodate the impending flow. “Ooof, here it comes……” 


He inhaled and held it for a second... 


losed his eyes and leaned his head back…


Then his body relaxed as he let out a satisfying sigh…




The deer in the headlights mode wore off as I realized what the fuck was about to be shooting down his piss slit. I quickly started sucking on his cock head. Going back-and-forth and tilting my head a little. “Oh changed your mind have you? Oops, let’s see if It ain’t too late to change lanes.” 


Mr. Lewis started rocking his hips into my mouth, attempting to halt his flow. His cock tasted strong, as strong as his feet, but with a distinctive dick taste to it. I can pick up a little hint of my ass on it but the flavor here is all Mr. Lewis. After a quick second there was a sharp tart taste entering my mouth. His cock spilled a squirt of piss. I guess he couldn’t stop the small bit that was already on its way. I tried not to react to it and swallowed it as I kept sucking. Thankfully it was a small amount. Hopefully he didn’t notice. He had his hands on his hips as he looked down on me. He looked at me as if he was proud of me. Even though that this was my creepy neighbor from down the hall, a part of me was kind of enjoying sucking on such an impressively large cock. I tried to mentally block out who it was I was sucking, and tried to enjoy it. I reached up and started rubbing Mr. Lewis‘s ass. It was round, not flabby, but it was definitely the ass of an older man. He grabbed my hands and stuck them between his ass cheeks. I felt his hole, it was round and soft. He push two of my fingers up inside of him. It was wet and warm. His ass was clenching on my fingers. It gave a strange sucking sensation like his ass was pulling me in. I pulled away and I rest my hands on his feet, playing with them while I sucked. I tried going deeper on his cock but he held my head and only let me suck on the tip. Almost made me a little embarrassed, me trying to take more in the situation and him holding me back. Perhaps he just really wanted to control what we were doing. 


I probably sucked on his cock head for about 15 or 20 minutes when the washing machine beeped indicating it was done with it’s cycle. Mr. Lewis pulled me off his cock.


“Looks like the laundry needs to be changed to the dryer.“ He noted. I used that moment to get up and walk over to the washing machine.


“Yes we should get these clothes changed and dried.“ I was still incredibly horny but I was trying to regain my sanity and focus on the laundry in hopes that nothing more will happen of this. When I finished loading the dryer mr. Lewis approached behind me and grabbed my ass, rubbing my cheeks with one hand.


“So not long now, do you know what we should do while we wait for the clothes to dry?“ Mr. Lewis reached over and put a glass in front of me on top of the dryer. It was filled to the brim with yellow liquid. His cock poking my ass again. “I think you need to drink this.” 


“What is that?“ Soon as I asked that Mr. Lewis placed his old sock over my face again. Immediately my head went buzzing and my senses overwhelmed with his foot sent.


“That’s it. Breathe my popper soaked sock. I know you love it.” He pressed against me and his cock started parting my hole. Slowly it worked it’s way up in me.


“Oooh fuck! Mr. Lewis, you can’t!“ Mr. Lewis slid his cock in and out, and wrapped his arms around my torso. His hips beginning to move with enthusiasm. It didn’t hurt this time. The sock was working it’s magic.


“You asked what was in the glass, I filled it with my piss. You see, this is what’s going to happen. I am going to furiously fuck you now and while I fuck you, you are going to drink down that entire glass. If you finish the entire glass before I cum, I will pull out. If not then I will shoot my poz load deep inside of you.” His hips were thrusting fast now. “Do you really think you can get lucky a second time? These balls of mine are potent.”


“Please, you can’t do this, I was sucking you off for so long.“ Mr. Lewis was drilling into me hard, his cock pulverizing my insides. It felt amazing but I was trying not to show it. I couldn’t deny his skills at drilling ass.


“Then I suggest you start drinking, because at this rate I’m really not going to last.“ I grabbed the glass and I immediately started to drink. The taste wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be but I definitely didn’t like it. I was trying to swallow it as fast as I could but I had to stop and take breaths. Mr. Lewis was going to town and I was going crazy with how good it was.


“Mmm! Fuck! Sir, please!” I wasn’t sure if that was a moan begging for him to stop or fuck harder. It was hard to see the line at this point. He kept slamming into me. His cock like a battering ram. In and out, slicking up my hungry hole. 


“Still half a glass left. Yeah im close!” He was starting to reach his finish line, his cock hard as rock. Balls slapping me. I brought the glass to my mouth and started chugging again. The humiliation of drinking this old guys piss up front, with the ecstasy of cock heaven unleashed in the back. It must have been quite the shocking sight. I had to stop again cause the villainous cock up in me was thrusting too much for me to concentrate on drinking. I set the glass down on the dryer attempting to regain composure, but the shaking from the dryer and Mr. Lewis’s fucking ended up knocking it over. Spilling the last mouthful. “Oh what are ya gunna do now Tommy boy? Here it comes! Looks like your stuck! Oh fuck, oh fuck!”


“Oh please, I’ll don’t anything you want, I swear! Just please shoot outside!”


“FUCK! DEAL!” Mr. Lewis pulled out his cock and simultaneously as his massive head exited with a moist pop, it’s first ribbon super soaked my hole and the other ribbons shot with impressive pressure all over my back. He shouted as he sprayed me, some even shot up in my hair. I laid bent over the dryer, my face sitting in Mr. Lewis’s piss from the glass, and his cum running down my face back and ass. It was over finally. I dodged another bullet. “I’m going to hold you too that Tommy boy.” He was out of breath. “Remember you said you’d do anything and I intend to cash that in.” He let his body rest on mine. His now semi hard cock kissing my cum covered hole. Streams of post cum still slowly flowing out of him like lavaI, gushing between the seems of his head and my hole. I had no energy to fight. If he pushed back in, even slightly, my ass would not give resistance. Hell, it felt like my hole might’ve been gaping and actively attempting to suck his monster back in. “First answer me this. Did you play with my sock after you went home with it the first time?”




“Good boy, I’m gonna look forward to seeing sort of games we can play together. Grandpa has a lost to teach you.” Those words scared me. I might have had some idea of what he was planning but it couldn’t be worse than getting pozzed. Mr. Lewis clumsily motioned to get up and his cock head popped back in for a split second and as quickly dislodged. I heard the *slurp, pop* as he stepped away. His cock still dripping on the floor. He walked towards the front door. “Well this was fun. But I should leave you to it. I’ll drop by again, well… whenever I feel like it I guess, he he he.” I sorely followed him.


“What about your cloths?”


“Oh those? Keep ‘em here for me. There’s just a few of them. It’ll be good to have a change of them when I stay over” Mr. Lewis opened the door to leave completely nude. He passed a huge angry bear of a man standing right outside my door. A big 6’4 scruffy man with muscular arms and a beer belly. The landlord! “Oh don’t mind me. Just got my rocks off.” Mr. Lewis said as he walked to his apartment. But not before giving the landlord a playful slap on the ass.


I was standing in the doorway nude. I was covered in piss and cum. I was staring at my landlord who looked annoyed. I felt a drop of cum fall from my hair and run down my cheek.


“You were being too loud ya know?” He asked while scrutinizing me with his eyes. He wasn’t in a good mood but he never was. I was ashamed, I looked down at his feet, unable to look him in the eye. 


“I’m sorry. There was a miss understanding and-“ He reach his hand over and wiped the cum drop off my cheek. We both looked at it for a second. Then the landlord licked his finger clean.


“Should have known he’d get to you too. We should talk.”

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