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    It had been two weeks since my encounter with Mr. Marco, I mean Frank. I couldn't stop thinking about him. I was waiting for him to call me, but I was out living my life as usual. It was Saturday night, and I decided to hit the local bar. It was still early, so not many people were there. It was not a gay bar, not in this small town. But the people were always friendly, the beer was cheap, and you never knew who might drift in. On this quiet night I did see someone interesting. There was this black guy there sitting at the end of the bar. Black men are very rare in this part of the world, so he really stood out. He stood out for his looks, too. He looked slightly smaller than me with a lean body, handsome face, and whenever he got up his movements were graceful and sleek almost like a cat. I couldn't keep my eyes off him, and he picked up on that. He nodded at me and I smiled back. He seemed to chuckle to himself as he got up and walked my way. He came over and said "Hi." I said, "Hey, how are you? My name's Jeff," and extended my hand. He grabbed my hand and shook it firmly. "I'm Craig. Nice to meet you." He held my hand a bit longer than the usual handshake, squeezed it, then let go. "Mind if I sit?" "Please do. Where are you from?" He looked me deep in the eyes and smiled warmly. "I want to be from this bar and to your place, sexy man." And he laughed softly at the look of surprise on my face. "Or did I mistake those looks you were giving me? If I did, I apologize." "No need to apologize. I've been wondering how to get close to you. Guess you solved that problem pretty quick." "Well, let's go then- if your place is cool... Is it?" "Yes, it's very cool. You have a car?" He said he didn't. So I drove the half mile back to my apartment. I was thinking while I drove how crazy this was, but I had gotten so horny fantasizing what might happen soon between me and Mr. Marco that I needed to get off before I went crazy. I had been jacking off every night for a week now, and it would be good to have some actual contact. We went up the stairs to my place, and Craig pressed against me while I unlocked the door. Once we got inside he had his hands all over me. We kissed passionately as he started to undress me. I was getting his clothes off him, too. We stumbled over to the couch, kissing, nibbling, touching, stroking. It felt very hot. He was slightly smaller than me, but his body felt strong. We landed on the couch and I got a good look at him. He didn't have an ounce of fat on him. His skin was smooth, his muscles rippled, both his nipples were pierced, and his dick- I had seen very few black cocks in person, and this one was the best. It wasn't huge, but it was long and had a nice upward curve. He leaned in and started chewing on my nipple. He pushed me down on my back on the couch and switched over to the other nipple. It was driving me wild. He lifted his head and smiled at me. "You are a hot guy, Jeff." He grabbed my stiff dick. "And I love me some white cock." All of a sudden he had my cock deep in his throat, slobbering it up while he grabbed my balls and tugged on them. "Slow down or I'm going to blow too soon," I gasped. He laughed softly and moved up to straddle my chest. That beautiful black piece of meat was throbbing in front of my face, so of course I opened up wide and swallowed it. He moaned and made encouraging noises while he reached back and grabbed my cock. He wasn't stroking it, just holding it very firmly. I sucked him for a while, taking more and more of his cock while he gently fucked my face. He leaned down and asked me quietly, "Hey Jeff, do you like to eat ass?" I nodded yes with his cock still deep in my throat. He got up and turned around and sat his round, firm ass on my face. I was intoxicated by the musky smell. I pressed my nose in and inhaled. It had been a while, and rimming a hot guy was one of my favorite things to do. I licked around his rosy hole with the tip of my tongue. "Oh yeah man, that's the way. Make love to my hole baby," he said. My tongue went a bit deeper, tasting that tangy sweet ass. He wiggled it, and I tongued him deeper and deeper. He was moaning and I was grunting like a pig. He leaned down and started sucking me again. He went slowly and deliberately, and I was in heaven. My cock was as hard as it had ever been. He lifted his head up slightly and said, "I need that hot white cock in my ass, man. Will you fuck me?" Damn, who could resist? He didn't wait for an answer. He turned around again and was about to sit on my cock. "Do we need..." I was going to ask if he wanted lube and a condom. "No baby, we don't need anything we don't have right here," he said, and his ass pressed against my dick. I moaned deeply as I felt his hole open and I slid into that warm, dark hole. We paused when I felt I was in all the way. His ass twitched on my cock. It felt like a dozen fingers squeezing it- amazing! I started to fuck up into him and he started to bob up and down. We fucked harder and faster while I felt his sweaty abs. My hands moved up to tug on his pierced nipples as our fucking intensified. I was getting so close. I wanted to shoot my load deep in this delightful ass, but I wanted this feeling to last forever too. Eventually I couldn't hold back. He urged me on- "Seed my hole, baby! Breed me!" That did it. I pushed up with a great thrust and let loose with my cum. His ass milked it out of me. I couldn't believe it could feel so good. I had never felt an ass do that before. I lay there panting and he leaned down kissing my face and neck. I felt his cock jerking and felt the warmth of his cum all over me. I wrapped my arms around him and drew him tightly to me. My spent cock slipped out of his ass and I forced my tongue deep down his throat. Our kissing and breathing slowed down eventually. Our bodies were warm and covered with sweat and cum. I was exhausted and that wonderful afterglow was spreading through me. "Thanks baby, that was amazing," Craig whispered into my ear. "Hey, let's take a shower," I said. He followed me into the bathroom. I got a nice warm shower going, and we stepped in together, kissing, touching, smiling, and rinsing off. We got out of the shower and toweled each other off. My mind was spinning. Craig said, "Hey Jeff, can I crash here with you? I have luggage still at the bus station. Do you have time in the morning to drop me off there to pick it up?" "I have the whole day off tomorrow. We'll get you all set. I'll feed you a good breakfast first, though." "That's an offer I can't refuse, baby." We headed to bed. It was so good to have someone in my arms for the night. I was starting to drift off when I felt Craig's hand on my ass. He whispered in my ear again- what a nice feeling- "I love white cock like I said. But I love white ass just as much." I just let out a quiet moan. "I have a hot guy who gives me his cock, but I never get that hot furry white ass of his..." I was listening, but sleep was coming on me quickly, I could tell. He squeezed my ass and I felt fingers brushing against my hole very lightly. He continued his whispers. "Not tonight baby, but maybe soon. We never talked about status baby, I bet you're negative." I couldn't respond with more than a quiet mm-hmm to indicate that yes, I was negative. "Well, I only fuck bare, so maybe we shouldn't risk it." The very softly, "Damn shame... damn shame." He was drifting off too. We slept for hours with our arms around each other. More to cum soon.
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    Part 1: It was the weekend of my 20th high school reunion. It had been a mostly boring gathering. I never made any deep friendships in high school. I think it was because I was so far into the closet, and didn't feel like I fit in with any of the groups of kids. I was into art and music, and it felt like I was the only one. So here I was on the day after, stopping at a convenience store to get a cup of coffee. I was at the coffee urns fixing myself a cup and I heard someone behind me say, "Jeff, is that you?" I turned around expecting to see one of my classmates, but instead it was a very handsome man a few years older than me. I looked for a second, and finally recognized my old history teacher Mr. Marco. Wow! I had had such a crush on this man back then! He was younger than the other teachers, only 10 years older than the students. He was tall, had a mass of dark curly hair, broad shoulders, beautiful deep brown eyes, a nice moustache, and a smile that lit up any room. Here he was 20 years later and even better looking. His body looked a bit bigger, his moustache was now a trim beard, his curls had a bit of silver at the temples, and that smile was still amazing. "Wow, Mr. Marco! Long time no see! How are you?" "Please Jeff, call me Frank. I am doing really well, and you?" "I'm doing well. I'm working right here in town. Love my job. Just saw a bunch of my old classmates last night at our 20th reunion." "That's great, Jeff. I'm moving back here to my parents' old place. Mom passed away earlier this year and left me the house. It's good to be back." Mr. Marco had been my favorite teacher. Besides being hot and making a confused and closeted high school boy have fantasies, he had the ability to make history come alive for me. He was always encouraging and genuinely concerned about how his students did in class. I loved the classes I had with him in my sophomore and junior years, and was really looking forward to senior year when we got to do special projects for class. But the summer after my junior year he got divorced from his wife and moved to another town. I guess I had felt a bit abandoned back then. And here he was after all this time. All these thoughts flooded through my mind, but I snapped out of it. "Oh yeah, I heard she died. I'm sorry. I always loved that house. It's such beautiful spot on the lake." He reached out and touched my arm. "Well Jeff, if you're not busy I'm heading over there. Come on over and we'll take a swim, have lunch, do some catching up." "That sounds great Mr. Marco-" he gave me a look- "I mean Frank. I'd love to." "Well, just follow me," he said, flashing me one of those smiles. My mind raced as I followed him in my car. I felt like a kid again. I really had no thought that anything would happen between us. Just spending time with such a sexy man would be nice for a change. We got to the house and he invited me in for a tour. It was a nice place, very well kept up, warm and inviting. The best part was the view of the lake. There was a broad lawn leading to the shore, and the house was on a very private little inlet. We walked across the grass down to the boathouse and dock. Frank pulled off his shirt and I got a good look at his furry chest. I had always wondered how hairy he was. "I'm going in for a swim. Come on in. I love to skinny dip- hope you're not shy!" He turned toward the water as he kicked off his shoes and dropped his shorts and ran down the dock and dove in. I did the same, hoping I wouldn't pop a boner before I hit the water. The water was great, jut cool enough to calm that down. We swam for a while and then he went up on shore nd stretched out on the grass on his back. I followed him, and we both lay naked in the warm sun. "So Jeff, how's your love life?" "Well... " was all I could say, surprised by his question. "Sorry to be so personal," he said. "I guess this is a bit awkward, with our history of being teacher and student. It can be tough to meet again as peers. I remember you well, Jeff. I remember we had a good connection. I enjoyed having you as a student." "I loved having you as a teacher," I blurted out, perhaps a bit too eagerly. He looked over at me and smiled. "I think you were signed up for my independent study class when I left town. I'm sorry that didn't happen. You know why I left?" "You got divorced." "Yes, that's the short version. I think I can tell you now. Things had not been good with my marriage. Neither of us was happy, especially not me. I made a mistake getting married." He paused and looked me in the eye. "I never made her happy, and I finally got honest with myself about why that was." He looked up at the sky. "I was attracted to men. That was the problem. After we split up we were both so much happier." He looked back at me. "Does that shock you?" I gulped and shook my head no. I swallowed hard, and finally blurted out, "N-n-n-no. I am gay too." I felt my face and whole body blush. "I thought maybe you were, Jeff. I got that vibe from you back then, Of course, I would never have done anything with you. You were way too young, aside from the possibility of losing my job. It was tough for me back then, though, being surrounded by so many good looking boys. Well, they were young men really. The hottest boys were the smart ones- like you." He flashed me that smile again. I couldn't believe this was happening. My heart was pounding. I bravely said, "Well here we are now, and we're both consenting adults." Still smiling, he reached over and grabbed my hand. He placed it on his growing cock. "Yes, here we are, and this is what you are doing to me." He leaned in and kissed me. I started stroking his dick. It was getting longer and thicker. I pulled back for a good look. It was uncut and growing to about 7 1/2 inches. The foreskin was pulling back from a big round head. My own dick was as hard as iit had ever been. I kissed him again, keeping that big veiny dick in my had. I kissed his neck, and down onto his furry chest. I licked at his nipples, and my head kept traveling lower. I kissed his belly and felt his bushy pubes against me face. I took the head of his dick in my mouth and felt his hands on my head. I swallowed him whole while my hand fondled his heavy balls. He then gently pulled my head back up for another, deeper kiss. His hands were all over my back and he squeezed my ass. Our cocks rubbed up against each other. He whispered in my ear, "What I really want is for you to lick my balls." I nodded and raced down there between his legs. He lifted his knees giving me access. I took one ball in my mouth and swirled my tongue all over it. I switched to the other and heard him moan and gasp. My fingers traced along his thighs. My mouth left his balls to swallow his cock again. He said, "No- keep sucking my balls. Stoke my dick. I'm getting close." I did what he asked. In just about a minute he did shoot while I had both his balls in my mouth. I felt that hot cock pulsing strongly as he came all over himself. I was moving to lick up his cum when he jumped up and ran back into the lake. I sat up in a bit of a daze. I loved what just happened, but was a bit freaked out at his reaction. Had I done something wrong? He came back up out of the water and stood in front of me. He saw my hard cock and knelt down and pushed me onto my back. He swallowed my cock and in no time I was blasting my load down his throat. He got down next to me and put his arm around me, getting me wet. We lay there both breathing heavily. He said, "I'm sorry Jeff, I freaked out. Maybe we shouldn't have done that." "No, I'm glad we did, Frank. I'm cool with it, really." He looked at me very seriously, then his smile started to come back. "Well, I'm glad. I really needed it." He got up and went over to retrieve his clothes. "I'd love to see you again Jeff. But I need to get ready to go back to my old place and get the rest of my things. I'll be moving in here, but I'll be gone for two weeks wrapping things up. I'll call you when I get back, OK?" It was my turn to smile. "You better call me."
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    I got on CL for something anonymous and hooked up with this guy! He described himself as a blond jock and said he wanted to fuck me “raw!” He had two conditions: One: since it was anonymous, he insisted that I agree not to look at him while he was there! Two: he wanted to record our encounter “just for his personal pleasure!” I was super horny and readily agreed! The sex was GREAT! He sure could throw a mean fuck! It wasn’t until a few days later I saw that he had posted this pic of him BALLS DEEP inside me on several gay sites...even tumblr! FUCK! He was no “blond jock!” I KNEW this guy! He lives in the apartment next door and one thing I know for sure about my neighbor is that he has FULL-BLOWN AIDS! Should I file a complaint...or should I ask him to come over tonight for another session?
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    It took less than an hour before Graham’s phone rings, of course it’s Ross “Hi you gotta finish what you started, I’ve got an itch that needs you to scratch” Grahame gives him our address and tells him to come over NOW! “How long d’ya think it will be before the cheating slut is at our door he asks me, “20 or 30 minutes max you got him well revved up for action especially with ‘our’ boy out of action?” It’s 15 when there is an urgent knocking. I hide in the kitchen peering through a crack of the partially closed door whilst Grahame, naked, goes to the door to usher our new plaything in ready to become prey, for the first of the scorpion’s sting. “Strip” is Grahame’s only word of greeting as Ross fumbles with buttons and zip as he wriggles out of his cloths in seconds leaving him standing fully naked wearing only a shit eating grin and sporting a nice 7inch looking uncut hard-on. “What have you come for?” “Your cock and cum” Grahame now asks, “And where do you want my cum?” “Shoot it inside where all cum belongs” then a slight prick of conscious prompts him to ask, “You are clean aren’t you?” “Yeah, yeah all freshly showered!” Grahame’s reply is so fast I almost laugh out loud and give the game away. “You know that’s not what I mean” but that question gets no response. They make out briefly as Grahame manhandles Ross to our bedroom throwing him backwards on the bed and swiftly rolling his legs up to his chest. I follow to the bedroom door giving me a clear view of his exposed pink pucker that’s ready for a good workout. My man dives down getting his mouth between Ross’s ass cheeks and started working his sweet hole lapping away getting it sloppy and wet before thrusting his tongue deep into its musky depths. “Relax, push out let me have full access” Grahame instructs and as Ross relaxes his sphincter and submits his hole under the onslaught of tongue making circles, nibbling at the flesh or pushing his tongue in as far as possible probing and relentlessly fucking in and out just as his cock soon will be. “Oh fuck yeah!” Grahame utters. “Oh, ah, fuck, yeah” Ross moans and writhes on our bed screwing up the duvet in his hands and then lets slip “No one’s rimmed me like that. Normally just spit and fucks. This feels sooooo good.” By this time, I’m slowly wanking at the sight before me and know Grahame could not hold back much longer, he needs to fuck him, and Ross needed it too. “Fuck me please. Please!” Ross is almost screaming and Grahame was not about to disappoint as he spat on his hand and starts to slather the slime over his 8-inch cock and whilst not as big as Liam’s Grahame is a pig and knows how to fuck. “No lube, just spit I want you to feel every inch as I sink in to your cunt”. That’s my boy for you! Whether he realised it or not he was about to get bred with toxic sperm as Grahame took his time entering by gently pressing his furiously leaking cockhead against his hole. With all the pre-cum spewing out he really didn’t need lube at all. Ross exhaled deeply in pleasure or pain as Grahame’s cockhead slid inside the outer ring of his chute. “Fuck Yeah! It’s been a while since anyone’s been filling my hole. Need it so bad.” Breathes Ross They both grunt in pleasure as Grahame’s cock slid further up his tight passage stretching his rectal walls until his well-trimmed pubes press deep into the ass cheeks and then pulls back with shallow movements, slow and fast, in and out picking up speed changing direction, depth and speed. Being a bit smaller in the cock department than Liam, Grahame knew he had to work that bit harder to make the cheating boyfriend come back for more as his sickly boyfriend was temporarily unable to perform his Top duties. Grahame’s ass pistoned up and down like a well-oiled engine drilling Ross’s hole really deep, bashing his prostate on every stroke, getting them both to the point of no return. With sweat flying, inevitably Grahame asks the age-old question “Where do you want my load?” quickly followed by “You’re going to get it were cum belongs. Yeah here it cums!” He ejaculates so hard I almost feel it myself as his red-hot dirty load blasts in Ross’s guts in seven or eight pulses as he keeps thrusting at a reduced pace to make sure the Poz cum gets in to do its duty. As pre-planned I burst in, “What the fuck?” “Oh shit!” says Grahame in mock horror, “I didn’t expect you back so soon” “Fuck off – get out, I don’t want you here.” Before adding to Ross “Stay where you are” who tries to gather himself together to make a quick exit. Despite being a natural bottom watching my boy fuck the living daylights out of Ross has me hard and ready to spread my toxic seed too and as Grahame exits stage left I push the shocked Ross back down, he’s stunned and doesn’t protest as I lift his legs, spread them wide giving a great view of his wet and open wide hole. “Now it’s my turn you piece of trash, fucking with my boyfriend eh?” “Yes, sorry I didn’t know…he never said. I…Oooooo, ahhhhhh!” and the sentence hangs as I slide my seven inches in so easily and immediately start power fucking. “Love fucking a cummy hole. Especially one that’s been loaded with demon seed” I notice that either ‘demon seed’s’ connotation didn’t register or Ross simply did not care. “Now beat off and milk the cum outta my cock with your sloppy ass” I command and our new sub boy complies by furiously wanking, a few stokes in and his ass muscles clamp down on my cock as he fires wave after wave of cum all over himself. Huffing and puffing, red faced and in a strangled wheeze pants “Fuck yeah. Love your bare cock in my hole. Fuck me harder. I want your load in my ass.” And then it happens, my cock throbs, get harder still, my balls raise up and fire volley after volley of charged cum deep in his guts. As opposed to telling me what a great fuck he had just had I get, “Sorry. I am so sorry I didn’t mean to cause grief between you and your man it’s just that I’ve been away and I’m so blue balled I just had to have sex. Sorry” I cut him off telling him I found out that Grahame cheated on me a while back and whilst angry at first it has liberated our sexlife meaning we can fulfil some fantasies, “Tell me what’s yours?” I expected at least a nano-second of silence, but no. “Rape, I’d love to be tied up and raped.” Ummm I notice no mention of a boyfriend or slip up saying Liam’s name so far…and as our breathing normalizes, I think, “we’ll need to give that some thought” and knowing Grahame is outside waiting to make a ‘date’ as part of our collective next move when Liam was better and up for it, I tell Ross to “Get out”
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    Part 4 Craig looked me deep in the eyes. He grabbed my hand and brought it down to the bulge in his pants. He was fully hard. "This is what you just did to me," he said. I grabbed his hand and lead him into the bedroom. I pushed him onto the bed and started to take off my clothes as fast as possible. He didn't take his eyes off me while he started to strip his own clothes off. I stood before him naked, and he said, "Turn around, baby, and let me see that sweet white ass." I did. "Now back up here and let me have it." I did. I felt his hands on my ass cheeks. He squeezed them and pulled them apart. "Such a pretty pink hole- now bend over." I felt his warm breath on my ass and then felt his tongue lick up and down my crack. "Sweet, sweet ass, babe," he whispered, and then started kissing and licking my puckered hole. He grabbed me around the waist and forcefully pulled my ass into his face. His tongue traced around my hole and eased in deeper. He was eating me like I was candy. My ass opened up for his warm, wet, rough tongue. He tossed me onto the bed on my back, He pushed the backs of my thighs and raised my legs and kept slurping away. Then he pushed a finger into my hole and gently fucked in and out. After a couple of minutes, he entered me with 2 fingers, and then with 3. He got up on his knees between my raised legs, spit on his cock, and pressed the head against my relaxed hole. He just held it there and looked at me with lust. I knew then I really was ready for this, whether he was poz or not. I knew I had to have his cock inside me, and needed to feel him cum in me. After a few seconds that seemed like an hour he said, "You have no idea how much I want this, Jeff. But I can't without telling you - I'm poz. I can't just fuck you without telling you that." "I know," I said, "or I thought you probably are. I can't believe how much I want you. Please fuck me! I am so turned on right now just thinking about taking your load. Fuck me, fuck me please!" His face lit up in an evil smile, and he very slowly pushed into me. It was an unbelievable feeling, unlike any other fuck I had ever taken. He eventually stopped when he was almost all in. My ass was giving a little resistance, but I reached for his ass and pushed him all the way in. Wow! He leaned down and gave me a deep, passionate kiss. Then he slowly pulled back until only the head of his cock was inside me. He began to give me long, firm strokes. We were both enjoying this slow, deliberate pace of his fucking. My hands left his ass and found those sexy pierced nipples. He closed his eyes and threw his head back and moaned. I started to tug on his nipple rings, and he fucked faster. Each thrust felt deeper. His ass moved around in a corkscrew motion. His cock was hitting every spot. This was heaven! My whole body felt flushed and I pushed back against every deep thrust. His moans and the tempo of his fucking increased. I gasped and moaned, too. He looked down at me with a look of ecstasy and said through his deep, panting breaths, "I'm getting real close, baby. Tell me you want this. Tell me how much you want my seed." "I want it. Seed my hole!" "What do you want, white boy?" "I want you cum inside me... please!" He fucked harder and harder, but wasn't yet cumming. "I'm so close, baby! Tell me again!" "I want your cum! I need your CUM!" I cried out. "What kind of cum? Tell me what you really want. I'm so fucking close!" "I want your hot cum- I need your cum- your POZ cum! Give me that hot fucking POZ CUM!" He gave a yell and plunged his dick deep as it would go. He grunted and grunted and I knew he was shooting. "Take that poz cum, white boy!" he gasped. His breath stared to calm down, but he was still deep inside me. He bent down for another lustful kiss. I held him tight. His cock remained deep inside me, and I loved it. His mouth finally left mine. "I'm still hard, baby, roll over." Somehow I rolled over face down on the bed without loosing his cock. He was on my back, slowly fucking his cock in and out. He was kissing my neck and nibbling my ears and still he fucked my loaded hole. This amazing fuck was not over yet. He whispered in my ear, "I love that ass. I want to fuck you forever." My hole was sloppy from the huge load he had planted in me, and he kept right on with his gentle fucking. "I'm pushing that cum deeper in, baby. How does it feel?" "I love it. Fuck me all night. Please don't ever stop," I whispered. "I feel another load coming, babe. Tell me you want it. Tell me- you know what I want to hear." His breathe felt wonderful in my ear. My heart was starting to pound again. "I want your hot poz cum. I need more of your poz cum. Please give it to me- please..." He gasped and pushed into me all the way again. I felt him shudder and felt him shoot in my hole. My mind was flying, almost like I was getting high from his hot seed. We stayed like that for a long time. His cock softened only a little. He let out a deep sigh and slowly started to pull out. But my ass clenched tight on his cock without me thinking about it. My hands reached back to his ass and pulled him close. I wanted his cock in me as long as I could have it. He gently kissed my neck, and we slowly rolled over onto our dies in a spooning position. We both drifted off to sleep with my ass milking out those last drops. Part 5 coming soon
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    Part 3 I woke up before Craig did. I got up and looked down at his sexy body, then headed to the bathroom for a shower. My mind was spinning from meeting these 2 different hot men in the space of 2 weeks. It did feel like I had met Frank for the first time, since our situations were so different from 20 years ago. I got dressed and went into the kitchen to fix breakfast. My mind was racing the whole time. I thought of how much fun I had with Craig last night, and of the things he had said. Is he poz? He said he only fucked bare, and that seemed to be the reason he didn't even try to fuck me last night. That whole line of thought was strangely arousing to me. He also said he had a hot guy. Does that mean he's in a relationship? If so, it didn't stop him from hooking up with me. Then my mind went back to Frank. I had been thinking of him for 2 weeks now- thinking of him and lusting after him. That thick veiny uncut cock that pulsed so hard when he shot his load had been almost an obsession. Was he going to call like he said? Would I see that cock again, touch it again, maybe more. I couldn't help but wonder how that pulsing cock would feel inside my hole. But why did he react the way he did after he shot his load? I heard a yawn behind me, and Craig was there putting his arms around me. "Good morning white boy," he said with that sexy little chuckle of his. "I hope you had fun last night." "I had a blast!" I turned around for a kiss. "I know you had a blast babe- the blast was in me remember?" He winked at me. "OK if I grab a shower?" "Of course. Breakfast will be done when you come out." He trotted into the bathroom. As soon as he closed the door my phone rang. "Hello." "Hey Jeff, good morning. This is Frank." "Oh hi! How are you?" My heart started beating faster. "Jeff, I'm sorry I didn't call before. I've had a lot of things to deal with back home and here at the house. I've been thinking about you though." "I've been thinking about you too. I'm so happy you called." "Oh good. Listen, I want to see you again very soon. You're probably working tomorrow, right?" "Frank, I'm pretty much my own boss. I can take a day off no problem." "Nice! Come over anytime tomorrow. We have some things to talk about." "Oh? That sounds a little serious." "Well, life is serious. Or it can be. Let's just say I need us to be clear about things, about our relationship. I'd love for us to spend a lot of time together, but we need to lay our cards on the table." I heard the shower turn off. "OK Frank. It's good to be clear about things, I agree. I'll see you tomorrow." "Great Jeff. Bye for now." "Bye." Craig appeared in the kitchen wearing the same clothes he had on last night, of course. "Something smells good!" put breakfast on the table and poured us both some coffee. We dug right in. That workout last night made us hungry. "Hey, can you still take me over to pick up my luggage?" "Of course. Let's head right over." I parked across the street from the station. "I'll be right back," Craig said. He sprinted across the street. I watched that ass that was full of my cum. 2 minutes later He stepped out the door. He stopped all of a sudden and pulled a cell phone out of his pocket. He stood there smiling and talking, laughing, nodding, talking some more. He looked at me and waved. The call finished and he trotted back to the car. I got out an opened the hatch, but he didn't put his bags in. "Hey Jeff, thanks for everything. I was going to ask you to drop me somewhere, but I have errands to run and I'll be getting a ride later. But I want to see you again- are you free for dinner tonight?" "Sure I am. You want to meet me at the bar or at my place?" "Let's meet at the bar. I want to pick you up again. I love getting lucky like that!" He laughed out loud and so did I. "You sure I can't take you somewhere?" I asked. But he said everything was all arranged. We hugged, and he planted a deep kiss on me. His hands reached down and squeezed my ass. He winked at me, picked up his bags, and headed down the street. I stood there blushing like a teenager. I spent all day doing housework and getting some work things in order, clearing things up for my unplanned day off. The time flew. I had so much to think about. Things like this just didn't happen to me. I sat down and turned on the TV, but I have no idea what was on. It was just noise while I had a thousand thoughts tumbling around. The mysterious Frank- what exactly did we need to have clear between us. He seemed really interested in some kind of relationship, but what did he mean by that? What was I looking for? I would love at least a friendship, but had to admit the idea of more than that really appealed to me. Then there was Craig. These thoughts were even harder to deal with. I was pretty sure he was poz. Maybe that should concern me more than it seemed to. I looked back on my sexual activities over the last few years. I had been with a few men, but not that many. I had fucked and been fucked by almost all of them. When was the last time I actually played safe though? I couldn't even remember. I had been looking around on hook-up sights online, like almost every gay man did, I assumed. I had to admit I had seen some poz guys who had turned me on. I had even chatted with some. If I was truly honest with myself, I had to admit to spending time on sites dedicated to barebacking, and watched my share of bareback porn. Hell, I had even read some stories that involved deliberate pozzing and what they called bug chasing. Then I imagined the reverse of what happened last night- with Craig fucking me bare instead of me fucking him bare. Did I want that? Did I want him to shoot his poz cum inside me? I realized my dick was rock hard- was that my answer? If anyone asked me if I would knowingly, willingly take a poz load up my ass, I would quickly say no. But If I asked myself, I seemed to answer differently. I could believe I was having these thoughts. But it felt right somehow. It seemed like something I would not say no to. Maybe I would even ask for it. I looked up at the clock and saw it was time to head for the bar. I got inside the bar and saw Craig sitting down at the end of the bar in the same place he was before. I sat a few seats away, pretending like I hadn't seen him. I looked his way and he flashed me that sexy smile. I kept a straight face, looked at him, and let my hand slowly drop to my crotch and rubbed my dick and gave him a nod. He laughed right out loud and moved down to the seat next to me. "You come here often, white boy? Can I but you a drink?" "Actually, I want to be sober tonight. I'm horny as hell and I want you home in my bed." "Damn! I love a man who knows what he wants and goes for it." "You have no idea. Ready to go?" His eyes widened in surprise, and he paid for his drink and we headed for the door. We got back to my apartment, and as soon as the door was shut I grabbed him. I gave him a deep, hungry kiss and said, "You said you liked white cock and white ass. You got my white cock last night, tonight you can have my white ass if you want it." Part 4 coming soon.
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    So I met this guy on grindr......went over to his house and proceeded to suck his Large 7 inch POZ cock.....after about 35 minutes he orders me to pull down my pants and lay face down on the floor....of course I obeyed as I felt his finger putting some lube on my hole I started to get excited then I felt his hard throbbing cock as he slowly inserted it deep inside me mmmmm I love that feeling! He fucked me for hours I could feel my hole was bleeding he didn't use much lube. Then I felt him get really hard until he finally shot his load deep inside me...but wait he wasn't done he continued to fuck my cum filled pussy and yes he filled me again with hi toxic load I was in heaven it felt so good but then I noticed he wasn't getting off of me he whispered in my ear just lay still...I thought what now.....Yes he had another POZ load to give me 3 LOADS in one night and I kept every drop inside me! It was the best!
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    You know those commercials you hear on the radio or see on TV that promise to qualify you for a career in technology in only six months? Well, I was so desperate at one point in the early 90's that I actually enrolled at one of those places. I had a useless college degree and an almost empty banking account. Those places are almost as depressing as you'd imagine. This "university" was about fifteen minutes from my apartment, in long, one-story brick building next to a few fast-food places. I never once imagined it would really be my ticket to success, but I had run out of options. At least there was plenty of parking. The other guys in my class were formerly in the military and/or prison or just general losers like myself. And mostly unwashed slobs. I swear that whole building smelled of B.O. and drugstore cologne.On the first day we had a "meet and greet" kind of a thing. The instructor was this dumpy old bald guy who looked tired and defeated already. My classmates hovered around the room awkwardly, drinking from plastic cups of soda and just trying to make small talk. There was one group of about five guys laughing and talking loudly like they were at a bar or something. I headed their way when I noticed one student standing off by himself near the back of the room. He was insanely tall -- like 6'8", and he looked really odd and somewhat sickly. For whatever reason I walked up to him and introduced myself. He seemed relieved that someone had approached him and freed him from his isolation. "Thanks, man. I'm Todd. I never know how to make small talk with strangers. Are you scared? I'm scared." "Nah", I replied, "I just don't really have high hopes for this school". "I didn't either....until now". He flashed me a bright smile and I realized he wasn't so odd-looking. Just gawky and in need of some sun. "Are you wearing a watch?" he asked "Yeah", I answered, glancing at my wrist "it's 5:50 pm" "Shit. I gotta take my pills soon", he said as he fished a little plastic box from the front pocket of his shorts. It had been a really warm, windy Spring so I asked if he had allergies. "I'm a hemophiliac..among other things." I knew that meant his body didn't have the ability to clot. If he got a cut of any kind he'd just keep on bleeding. There was a kid in my third grade class with hemophilia and he never played at recess time -- he just sat on the steps and read a book or chatted with the playground monitor. I felt bad for him and I felt bad for Todd. No wonder he didn't interact with people very well. He took a few pills and gulped the rest of his soda as we made our way with the rest of the guys because class seemed to be starting. He sat right next to me because I guess we were friends now. I I was okay with that. He seemed harmless and genuine while everybody else seemed somewhat rowdy. I'm secretly a gay man and I've had plenty of friendships with straight males, but they were the shy, quiet sort. The teacher droned on and on about stuff I assumed everybody would already know. Programming, coding, etc. I took careful notes anyway -- mainly because if I didn't do something I'd doze off. As the boredom continued, I let my eyes wander over to my new friend Todd. His long, slender legs were mesmerizing. His giant tennis shoes fascinated me too. Where on Earth did he buy clothes? I'm really good at checking out men secretly, but I have to wonder if he noticed because through the corner of my eye I saw him stare back at me. Oops. Days and weeks went by and Todd and I didn't really move beyond being casual friends and classmates. We always sat next to each together and would even walk out to our cars side by side but he never asked to go somewhere for a beer or coffee, and I didn't ask him either. He was nice and all, but I really just wanted to go home after the four hours ended. I got bored, skipped a few classes and ended up falling behind in the reading. So one night I stayed late to go to the pathetic little library to make copies of the course outlines which were kept in file cabinet. It was an ultra-depressing, empty place in the basement next to the bathroom. Of course the copier was broken so I considered just stealing the originals and taking them home. It was quiet as a tomb, but I looked over my shoulder anyway. Todd. Long, lanky Todd was silently standing about five feet behind me. "Hey, Stranger", he grinned, "I been wondering where you went". "You found me", I sighed wearily as I closed the file cabinet. "Ready to go?" "In a minute" I answered, "I'm just going to go to the bathroom and head home. Hold on." I grabbed my stuff and left the library. The bathroom was a small room with just two urinals, one toilet stall and a sink. I stood to pee and heard the door swoosh open. Shit! Really? He followed me in here? I'm what they call "pee shy" and can't go if there's somebody near me. It's shameful, but I put my head down and tried to concentrate. He sidled up to the urinal next to me and pulled his shorts down. As much as I tried, I couldn't go. I looked over and at nearly the level of my chest was Todd's engorged dick. He wasn't peeing either I guess. His body might be thin as a stick, but his meat was fat, dark pink and super healthy looking. Well. I'd never go now. I flushed as if I'd already peed and turned to leave. I went to the sink and was about to mimic hand-washing. And then he grabbed me my the shoulder with both hands. Panic. "Wait for me," he said in a tone of voice I hadn't heard come out of him before. The smart thing to do would have been to be cool and slip away when he was unprepared. But no. I tried to bolt and he pushed me face-first into the tiled wall. I was pretty much helpless now. "I want to share my news with somebody and my ma ain't answering her phone". He forced me to the floor in a semi-kneeling position,and turned me around. Then his huge dick was right in my face. He didn't demand it, but I started kissing it anyway. It was just so beautiful and perfect, and I'd fantasized about performing this act on some dude many times. What I hadn't planned on was one of them forcing it past my gag reflex. My fantasies also didn't include me vomiting all over my chin and chest. I could feel him pulse and throb in my throat, and I momentarily feared he's start peeing. No way did I ever want anything like that. No pee came out. Maybe I could just go back to sucking him and this would end. But no. He pulled me up and turned me to the wall again. He was breathing hard and I felt my jeans and underwear being moved down. No way was this happening. I felt Todd's apple-sized penis head move between my ass cheeks. He was so skinny -- I could escape if I fought hard enough. With unexpected strength, he pressed his body into mine and I knew escape was out of the question. "My news..." he moaned directly in my ear, "is that I got HIV now". Holy FUCK! "I get injections made from the blood of strangers and at least one of them had AIDS". What the hell was I supposed to say? "Before it goes any further in my blood, I want to fuck somebody. Just once". I was thinking about that's not how it works when he quickly impaled me. The pain! It was just part of the penis head, but I could not take it. You'd think I'd scream, but only sobs came out of my throat. I was mourning for the life I had just an hour ago. He pressed closer and I could feel his massive tool slide all the way toward my stomach. Surely this was physically impossible. He found a rhythm and kept going in and out, He was either saying "Ssshhhh" or hissing. And then no sound except for his heavy breathing and the buzz of the fluorescent lights overhead. It was over and I was ruined forever. He waited while I went and sat on the toilet for ten or so minutes. Without words, we then got dressed and then he helped me walk out of the building.
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    I'm still not sure how this happened? I'm an older guy. I'm a definite whore. But I have a belly and I'm far from my prime. Still, occasionally something like this happens and I'm wondering how in the world it could happen to me at my time of life? A few days ago, I was in London. I was on the Underground train. Coming back to my hotel from the West End of London around the evening commute time. The trains were quite full. I got on and took the only vacant seat in that car. It was directly across from a very, very tall, slender black man in his mid 40's. He was reading the evening newspaper. I could only see part of his face over the newspaper that he held. But what I noticed first were his unbelievably long fingers. His fingers were at least twice the length of mine. For some reason, those long, long, long, slender fingers were really a turn on to me. Then I took a look down at his shoes. Holy Shit! Monster sized feet. His newspaper was covering his crotch, so I couldn't see any signs of a bulge, but his huge feet and hands had me lusting after him. He glanced up from his newspaper to see me checking him out. He gave me a smile as he caught me. Then he lowered one of his hands from the newspaper and rubbed his crotch a bit. I could make out a sizable bulge in his black, business suit slacks. I'm sure I was blushing a bit at being caught by him. But he didn't seem to mind. We got to the Victoria Station Underground and a huge number of people got off the train. I then moved over to take the seat next to him, that had been vacated. As I sat next to him, he gave me another warm smile. "How's it going", he asked? "Good, thanks", I replied. "American. Your accent gives you away", he laughed. "Yes. And I'd like to apologize for our asshole President", I joked. He laughed loudly and gave me a broad smile. "I saw you looking at my paper. Want to look at part of my paper? Or do you want to look at anything else?", he said with a wink and again quickly rubbed his crotch, just a bit. "I'll take a look at anything you want to show me", I said with a smile. "Where are you headed?" he asked. "Back to my hotel at the next stop", I replied. "Hmmm........ Want some company for a bit?" he asked. "I'd love it", I replied. We soon pulled up to the station that I needed to get off. He followed me out the train car and up the steps to the station. Once we were outside and on the sidewalk, strolling to the hotel, we began to chat some small talk. Where I'm from? What brings me to London? Why I come there so much? Etc. My hotel was just around the corner from the Underground Station, so we were quickly riding up the lift to my floor. Once inside the door he grabbed me and pushed me to my knees. Taking the back of my head, he pulled me to his crotch. "This what you want, Queer boy?" "Mmmmm Hmmmm....." was all I could mutter with his crotch pressed hard against my face. He walked around me to the bed. He sat down and kicked off his shoes. Then stood and dropped his pants. Tossing them into the corner. He wasted no time in taking off his shirt and underwear. He was soon standing there, naked, except for his black socks, stroking his now growing cock. OMG! My inclination was right. His cock, now only just partially hard was HUGE! Like his fingers, his cock was long and slender. Right now, it appeared to be about 9"s. And it was still growing. I quickly stripped off my own clothes and grabbed the lube and poppers that I had sitting on the desk. I dropped to my knees. I'm not particularly a "foot guy", but I found his extra long fingers to be a turn on, I wanted to see his toes and bare feet as well. I pulled both his socks off. Indeed, his toes were long. His huge feet and toes were such a turn on I took one foot to my mouth and licked this toes and the underside of his foot. He loved me behaving like a sub, worshiping my black God. I licked and sucked every one of his toes. "Faggot likes to worship black guys? Huh?" "Yes, sir", I said as I licked the balls of his giant foot. He had been stroking his cock. It had grown even longer and thicker as I looked up to his cock. "Suck me, Faggot. I know you want my black dick". I took his cock into my mouth and began to suck, lick and worship this black beauty. He had a long, loose foreskin covering his cock head. I sucked on his foreskin. He loved that. I took as much as I could down my throat. I sucked on his smooth, low hanging balls. Then he lifted his legs and showed me his beautiful, puckered black asshole. I dove for it and lapped my tongue on it as he moaned. I slid my tongue into his musky hole. Licking the insides of it. He's now really moaning and grinding his ass on my face. "Show me your ass, Faggot". I climbed up on the bed and knelt on the edge. I raised my ass and spread my cheeks to show him my white pussy hole. He spit on my ass and slapped his now rock hard cock on my hole. He spit a few more times on my hole and pushed the spit up into my hole with one of his long fingers. Then he put his big cock to my hole and spit on his cock a few times. I was sniffing poppers, like crazy. I wanted to be able to take his long, slender cock up inside me in one quick thrust. And that's exactly what he did. He pressed his cock to my hole and slammed into me in one, fast and smooth thrust. All of a sudden he was balls deep into me. I could feel his cock, buried deep inside me, pressing against my gut. I continued to sniff poppers as he now began to quickly slam into me. He was showing no mercy as his cock repeatedly assaulted my ass. He'd pull his cockhead all the way out of me, then slam all the way back into me. His tall, black frame slamming against my ass. The bed was slamming against the wall. I was grunting and begging him to fuck me. He was mostly silent, except for the occasional grunt or gasping for air as he repeatedly slammed into me. It didn't take more than 5 or 6 minutes before I felt him slam all the way into me and hold it there. He was silent, but I could feel his cock pulsating as he emptied his balls in my ass. Then as he quickly pulled from me, he let out a grunt. I turned and climbed off the bed, falling to my knees as I took his monster cock in my mouth and cleaned his cock of cum. "I've got to go. Wife and kids are waiting for me at home", he said, as he quickly began to dress. I grabbed the notepad and pen, next to the phone, and wrote my first name, email address, kik address and WhatsApp number on the paper and handed it to him. I wanted to make sure he had all the options to be able to reach me. "I come to London often. You can fuck me anytime I'm here", I said. "I fuck guys occasionally. Not very often. But, I was horny and needed to get off. That was a hot fuck. Yeah, I'd fuck you again", he said as he headed for my door. Then he quickly left my room. Letting the door slam shut behind him. A few hours later, he sent me a text on WhatsApp. "Here's my number. Let me know when you're back in town. I'm extremely DL. So, I'm trusting you to be discrete. But, I'd be up for fucking again". So glad to have his number, so I can let him know when I'm back in town. I'll never turn down the opportunity for a bbc like his.
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    Its great travelling by train, especially if there are any tunnels on the journey ...
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    As we all calmed down the musky smell of man-on-man sex hung thick in the air, with Grahame saying, “Time for a shower and freshen up” hauling Liam to his feet half dragged him to the bathroom as feeling returned to his wobbly legs. I on the other hand surveyed the blood and spunk strewn bedding and decided to throw them in the washer, carefully as Liam’s load slid from my well used ass no matter how hard I clenched tight. By the time I reached our walk in shower the room was hot and steamy I could see Liam’s shampoo covered body pushed up against the wall saying “fuck me” This nice guy had turned into an aggressive bottom. It certainly had me hot and horny again and began stroking my hard cock intensely watching the action unfold before my eyes. As Grahame kissed Liam’s neck hard our sub boy was pulling his cheeks apart…with me barely 8 feet away and they couldn't care less. I sit on the loo, relax and let the rest of Liam’s cum flow down the pan as I watch and fist my cock as Grahame’s cock keeps rubbing against his cum lubed hole, a hole that had been opened so much since he arrived hours ago and as the tip found its mark Liam simultaneously pushes all the way down in one swift move before bouncing up and down furiously riding the hard flesh fast and furiously that they both cum in minutes, Grahame deep in Liam’s sloppy cunt whilst his load slides down the shower wall. After their show they towel off as I quickly freshen up and we all crash naked on the couch talking openly for the first time. Liam tells us his boyfriend had gone with his parents, sister and her husband on a family 3-week Caribbean holiday, one that he couldn’t go on due to his work launching a new product meaning he had to train their Worldwide sales team over a series of seminars during those same weeks… Grahame and I look each other in the eye and knowing one another’s thoughts say, “Move in with us!”, Liam’s limp cock excitedly grows to full size and gets our attention, “Looks like we have an answer and it's a YES” we all laugh and make arrangements. Liam will go home each evening skype his bf then come back to ours getting royally fucked each evening and being woken up to one of us slipping our morning wood up his gaping chute. One night I came home late to find Grahame had invited his gifter Pitor over to further infect our boy twice and one each from us. 2 weeks after my first breeding session with Liam I wake up to a moving furnace burning next to me and although his big soft cock is still just poking in my hole plugging a load of his cum in my ass his rocking action tells me Grahame is awake and has begun seeding Liam yet again. I shift in our damp bed and sensing I’m awake Liam says, “I think I’ve got a cold coming, aches and a wicked sore throat…” Grahame and I knew better, mentally I'm totting up the dates, since we had experienced the same thing I knew exactly what it was, “No bud, for sure it’s the fuck flu. RESULT! All our breeding has been successful." We all cancel work for the day as over the next few hours Liam has joint pains and his lymph nodes were on fire too before heading to a downward spiral of sweats, fever, chills, powerful headache and a messy 24 hour dose of the shits. Since this was during the 'flu season' his work assumed it was the regular flu but as the days of Liam getting sicker ticked by we had a bigger problem of his boyfriend Ross’s imminent arrival to worry about… The morning his family were due home we got Liam warm and comfortable in his own bed at home in time for us to get away before the family returned to sympathize and nurse him as the viral war within continued reminding him each day the fuck flu symptoms were a rite of passage and meant he had been pozzed by our powerful DNA. Liam importantly was really embracing getting pozzed by hatching a plan to tempt his cheating boyfriend in to a four-way hook up for us to pump him full of our toxic virus thus changing his body forever. During one of the 10 days he was off work we agreed my Top Grahame should go round and be introduced as one of Liam’s co-workers to see how he was doing with the idea really being to begin the seduction of Ross. After the “Hi how are you? You look like shit, how’s work etc etc “chit chat Liam says in a less than subtle message that he’s tired and wants to sleep, “I’m so sick and exhausted we haven’t had any sex since Ross got back” “ewe too much information!” “but thanks for stopping be to see me.” We had had regular text updates on Ross, his likes/dislikes his high sexdrive as a power bottom and so on his way-out Grahame knowing he has passed them says, “Ummm I can’t remember where I put my shoes.” “They’re here, let me get them for you” and as Ross bent down to pick them up Grahame turns and steps forward in a flash grinding his thickening cock against Ross’s pert ass. Far from protesting Ross makes out as Grahame is grabbing, squeezing and kneading his ass through his jeans, telling Ross how nice it felt. While his tongue was in his mouth he unfastened Ross’s pants and pulled them down pushing him to their front door. A wet finger was quickly in his ass and then Grahame drops to his knees and started to eat his hole, forcing his talented tongue deep in the musky opening. After a few minutes it was nice and wet, so stood and switched to rubbing his hard bare dick against the willing hole. He whispers his demands, "Tell me how much you want my cock and cum?" Ross the slut excitedly responds "My pussy is yours. I want your cock in my hole. I want your cum. I will do whatever you say." “Fuck yeah! There’s nothing I love better than shoving my raw dick in a cheating slut’s hole. I’m going to load you up.” And with that he thrust in hard, “but not here, I’ll leave my number, be sure and call me” Grahame pulls out, dresses and is out the door in seconds wondering how long it will be before Ross calls.
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    So I ate a really light dinner so I could get to spinning class at the gym this evening. I always look forward to it because there's a hot thick short black guy in the class with a killer smile, looks a little like Nelly the rapper from the cheeks. So I see him as I walk to the lockers. Woof. I could lick the salt off his balls all night. So I get to the locker, plenty of time and there's a tall nice looking black man near my locker. Dark skin, about 6'4", 230lbs, well put together muscular, 40s, hair in braided cornrows. We continuously make eye contact and he's got a huge bulge in his underwear as he's changing from gym to street clothes. I try not to be obvious to the people around us but he's definitely got my attention and I am pretty sure I got his. As he pulls up his pants, he lets the bulge of his dick rest just outside the zipper for a few seconds longer than normal. Meantime, I'm getting my laces tied and making sure I take my time lacing my shoes as I look at his bulge and his eyes. I walk slightly away from where he's changing, on my way out of the locker room, but still within viewing distance of this man. I figure, probably see him again another time, make conversation when it happens. I go to the urinals, gonna be an hour before I can piss once the class starts. He walks into the second urinal. Fuck, I'm not gonna let this opportunity pass me by. I start casual conversation, he keeps up the small talk, and with his height, he clearly looks over the privacy wall at the urinal to check out my hard dick, bigger than average, but not more than 8 inches on a good day. I finish the piss and as I walk by him, I can see a massively thick 10" dick poking straight out. Bingo, he's interested. As I leave the urinal, I reach in, Bruce my hand around his dick and balls and keep walking. Guys in the area, it's not a cruise place. We walk around the wall to the sink and I ask what he's got planned for the evening, he says nothing. We quietly exchange numbers, he leaves, I get to spinning class. I text him once class is over, he says call. So I call and tell him I'm gonna go home and shower, maybe we can meet up somewhere. He says "don't, I want to smell that fresh Latino sweat." Gives me the address, and in less than 10 minutes, I'm at his home. Small talk, I honestly tell him I don't usually hit on guys that quickly, not sure if he believes me. But it's true, and never at this gym. Plenty of eye candy, but no real action. So within a few more minutes, we're in his bedroom and this massive guy is sucking my dick while I push past his dick and orange sized balls and rim and finger his thick ass. A little strange, I just figured he was a top. Continues sucking my nice uncut brown dick on my back, me just relaxing, enjoying the head. He reaches into the bedside drawer, grabs at something and reaches back behind him. Then he crawls forward, slippery hand around my dick, guides it into his hole and proceeds to push down till he is balls deep on my dick. Raw. Milking it. I get him off me and on his stomach and mount back on his ass. He's pretty tight, I figured he probably had bigger, but not often. Eventually, I get to the nutting point and tell him I'm close. He tells me not to stop, let loose inside him. So I bust my load deep in his tasty black ass, totally spent from the fuck and gym. I lay back and this guy takes advantage of the situation to roll me onto my stomach, legs hanging off e bad and start rimming my hole. Good bottom man. Then he starts fingering my hole while he continues to spit and rim. I'm getting a clue where this is going, but I'm not sure I want him to fuck me with that remote control dick. He mounts on top of my back, my hole already lubed with spit and probably ky, and fingered into relaxation with his beer can dick at my hole. He tells me to breathe slowly and starts pushing his massive dick inside me. At one point, it stops, I'm in a bit of pain. Fucker was prepared, reaches under the pillow and pulls out some poppers. I quickly open them up and inhale, nearly pass out. When my senses clear, his dick is fully buried in my ass, it's burning my hole but it's sliding in and out. "Fuck, you got all 10 inches inside me!" He tells me twelve. I take another hit of poppers as he builds up speed in his thrusting. After what feels like forever, I feel him build up steam and tell me here it cums! Didn't even ask, just bred my hole. Whew, its over. I can't remember the last time I had something that big in my hole. Eventually, he pulls out and I feel only a little leaking from my tender hole. "Oh, man, I think I made you bleed a little," he said. I'm wincing a tiny bit. But I still suck his dick clean. No shit, literally, just clean dick, some cum and a little blood. We already exchanged numbers so I get dressed and he asks how soon I can come over again. Fuck! Hot! Sitting here at my place now, writing about this, a little bit of toilet paper in between my cheeks in case it bleeds any more. It still burns- I'm sure my hole tore a little, but man, that was hot.
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    Sex is all about loads. Giving or receiving, doesn't matter, we just live for cum
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    Total pigs and cumsluts like me do not make for the best of faithful partners - sure we are great sex, that is why our partners are with us - but it takes a special kind of top to tolerate being in a relationship with a pig that constantly craves cock and seed. We can't help our cravings - it is what we are born for - to take cock and seed and that need permeates every fibre in our body. My current partner is a great man and I love him heaps - he is great sex and I get plenty of it from him - but that insatiable need for hard cock inside me always wins out over everything else. We have only been together a short while and he is a one on one man and up until recently I lived within the rules. Then, oh fuck - Mardi Gras fortnight came along. For years I have spent those two weeks taking cock and seed from all over the world and absolutely loving it. This year I was going to try and keep a lid on my slutting out - until my partner told me he had to go to Melbourne for four days for work. He did the worst thing he could have done the morning he was leaving, he threw a good 20 minute fuck into me before he left for the airport. Suddenly I was alone., naked in bed, with a load seed in me and horny as fuck. I knew I needed more cock (or dildo - which I resort to at times to satisfy myself fully) so I thought I would hook onto BBRTS and see if I could get "just one more fuck". I threw up a quick connect ad and within 25 mins a middle aged American man, hairy chest nice fat cut cock was talking to me. He was looking for a pig and I knew I was looking for a pig fucker, so in no time at all really we arranged a hook up in his city hotel. I told him my partner had already loaded up my mancunt and he told me not to get rid of the load as he wanted it for lube. In no time I was on the train and headed for town. He was a great fuck, he rimmed, fingered and fucked me for a good half an hour. It was like old times for me, my legs open and a strange cock in me and me enjoying every thrust of his gorgeous cock and the feel of his large balls slapping against my hole. As he blew I arched my back and worked his cock so hard with every muscle in my hole. As he pulled out he reached for the towel, which I quickly pushed aside and went to work to complete the job, cleaning his cock and balls and ensuring what never went in my hole went down my throat as I stuck my tongiue in his piss slit to make sure I got every filament of his seed in me. After some small talk he said ÿou want more". That was music to my ears as I certainly did want him to fuck me again. But, I was misreading what he was saying he meant did I want to fuck for a group. He got back on line and shortly said to me - another top is five minutes away - he wants you blindfolded on all fours. Just like old times I got really excited and knew I was in for a day getting banged. He blindfolded me and I heard the buzzer ring and he left me in the room while he went down to retrieve the top to fuck me. As they walked in he was tellin the top there were already two loads in me. The American slapped my arse and asked me to push some seed back for the top/. I obeyed. I could hear the sounds of undressing and within a minute or so I could feel a cock probing at my hole. In one thrust a good sized cock was buried to the hilt in me - and the hard fucking began and the yank cheered him on from the sidelines. "You like that cock piglet"and "fuck him hard"and "breed the cunt"and "make the pig squeal" were among his verbal onslaught. The top obviously loved it as he fucked me really hard digging his fingers into my hips before finally letting out a guttural groan and unloading in me. "pull it out and let the pig clean you up"the yank said. I immediately spun around and felt for his cock - it tasted wonderful with that lovely pungent taste of three seeds mixed on it. He left and the yank offered me a beer. I accepted as I was hot and bothered and then he told me had organised an Asian and white guy couple to come over and fuck me. He started fingering my sloppy cum filled hole and asked me if I was up for more cock. The dormant slut in me had risen fully and I was ready for the entire city to fuck me. I said yes. Within an hour they arrived the white guy about 50 salt and pepper hair and a hairy chest with a nice average uncut cock, his Asian partner slim, hairless, about 35, average cut cock and I immediately set to work getting them hard. The Asian guy fucked me first and within five minutes he was groaining and busting his nuts in me. His boyfriend immediately took over. The Asian boy walked to my head so I could clean him while his partner fucked me doggy style. After I cleaned the Asian up the yank stuffed his half hard meat in my mouth and I was relieved as I knew I was going to get another serve off him. "Hey piglet do you think you could take both our cocks" he asked. With a mouthful of his now hard thick cock I nodded yes. When they DP'd me I was in heaven, there is nothing nicer for a bottom pig than to feel that full of cock you feel like you are being split in two. I stayed as still as so I could keep both cocks in me as long as possible and let the tops fuck me how they wanted and in what position. The yank had the best of it as he was on top while the white guy was under me and after about five minutes the yank said Ï am going to breed your pig cunt" - he thrust hard and blew in me and all over the white guys cock in me. He slipped out and rolled on to my chest and the white guy pounded me for a few minutes before he too unloaded in me. I loved the verballing I got off both the white guy and the yank - they reminded me of what I was - a fucking cumdump pig. After I cleaned up all the cocks, I felt so complete, so happy and so used - but at the same time thrilled to be filled with loads. My yank friend said he had a dinner date and I got dressed - conscious of my dripping cunt and headed home to suburbia. When I got home I immediately put a butt plug in me to keep all the seed in me for as long as possible. Like all true cumdumps - I had a spring in my step.
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    being straight is no reason not to fuck you. Please note, I am on my way to your holes
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    As I lay beside the boy he greedily licks my fingers clean of the bloodied cum and ass juices. “Well, well who have we here?” asks Grahame, the boy locks eyes with me sensing my confusion that we didn’t even to get to introducing ourselves blurts out “Liam…my name is Liam” “Well Liam, what brings you to our bed, sharing my boyfriend?” Liam looks worried but answers, “My cheating boyfriend. He’s obviously moved on to an ‘open relationship’ so this is a revenge fuck.” He turns his head and says “sorry” to me before continuing, “I thought I might as well knowingly get pozzed so I get IT out of the way and not worry about who I fuck in future.” I can’t help but notice Grahame’s cock is rock hard in his joggers with a sizable wet patch from copious amounts of pre-cum thinking that this 20 something years old jock is, ready and begging to be fucked full of HIV-positive spunk again. “Ha. That’s funny, you see I am a cheating husband too that got pozzed, knocked up my partner who’s just passed on my DNA to you” and turning to me says, “turned him from a cock loving cum slut in to a gifting TOP, who knew that would happen once he was made free?” “And looking at the POZ mess leaking from your hole and the blood on our sheets I recon you’re well and truly on your way to joining the brotherhood too” As the words spill from his mouth he is pulling off his shirt and dropping his joggers to reveal his prized possession a lovely 8” x 6” uncut cock that already is hard and twitching, flat against his stomach and has smeared glistening pre-cum over his hairy treasure trail. “As you’re here you might as well take my DNA from the source!” as an evil grin appears across his face as he approaches our new friend Liam "Yeah roll over, spread your cheeks and hole, let me get a couple of fingers in there, no need for lube, ah! three fingers sawing in and out,” Knowing my boyfriend’s technique those fingers will be circling round probing the soft inner reaches of Liam’s fuck chute and massaging his prostate driving him crazy. “You my friend, I'll have you gaping soon." All Liam could utter between moans was, "Fuck yeah, this feels amazing! Wreck my hole." "I see there's a lot of pink in the cum leaking around my fingers. Looks like Harry did some damage fucking you earlier, just makes it easier for our poz swimmers to get into your body and do their work.” “Jeez how many loads have you taken boy?” “Three…ummm…aaaah….so far” replies Liam pushing back further impaling his puffy hole on Grahame’s fingers as four long fingers are now opening Liam’s hole yet wider “You ready for more infected cum?" What could he say? There was only one right answer at this moment in time. "Yeeeeessss, Fuck Me, pleeeeeaaase." I slide off the bed to get a closer look as Grahame wanks his cock a couple of times before placing the angry purple head of his deathstick at Liam’s hole, teasing his ass lips and drooling toxic fluid all around his opening. "Ahhh ...yes" my partner says as the bulbous bellend pushes in and disappears into the fleshy crevice. Our boy is making involuntary little whimpers just like I do when Grahame’s thick dick squeezes past my ass muscles and pulls everything back as he withdraws, only to increase the sensations of pressure and fullness as he slowly inches more cock in. My mouth is dry and I feel slightly faint but I cannot take my eyes off my boyfriend’s dick fluidly moving in and out going deeper with each forward stroke as he gently rocks back and forth. “You ready for more boy?” I know Grahame is impatient as he can fuck for ages before cumming and doesn’t want to hold back any longer. A POZ man on a mission to infect a NEG bottom. “Fuck yeah” is the response as my partner leans forward, has his hand on Liam’s shoulders pulling him back as simultaneously he bucks his hips forwards to slide all 8 inches in balls deep. “How does that feel now all of me is buried deep in you boy?” “Ummmm….so good” coos Liam I watch both of them intently, and then my husband and I look into each other's eyes. "Fuck yea", he moans. I'm so turned on, I can feel my heart pounding and notice my tender and worn cock is stirring again demanding attention thicken with each heartbeat. I scoot on the bed, wriggle back downwards under Liam, whose hole is taking all the pleasure as Grahame’s rhythm picks up, as his shriveled penis bounces under his tummy and roll my head back to suckle on his shrunken cock. I’m sucking hard and swirling my tongue getting frustrated that I’m having so little effect so I reach up to Liam’s chest and begin tweaking and rubbing his nipples which has an immediate impact. Blood floods through his slab of meat as it grows and grows until its lodged down my throat cutting off air supply. I panic, feel faint as his cock is pushed yet further into me with each thrusting motion from behind. Tears, mucus and snot flow as I eventually wiggle free, chest heaving, gasping for air, panting hard as I recover, enough of that I manoeuvre further down the bed to watch mesmerised as Grahame’s big dick pistons in and out coupled to a heady mix of sweaty sex, cum and ass juices l could stay here forever. I’m brought back to reality as velvety lips engulf my cock. "Ahhhhhhh.... careful….ahhhh... so tender" I moan as he works my cock. To take my mind off the soreness l tug and squeeze on my fellah’s big cum laden shaved balls as he lets out a long moan making me smile as I watch them grow and turn red in my hands eliciting a further moan letting me know he’s in heaven receiving all this attention. I know I am as Liam deep throats my hard on but no matter how hard he tries my balls are drained dry and I am not going to cum anytime soon. I am happy just wanting to watch my man fucking Liam getting bred over and over taking part in his conversion although as I watch I am beginning to feel jealous. My hole is desperate for attention right now, and I’m so hungry to bottom again I don’t care if it’s from a cock or a tongue especially as I hear Grahame hunch over Liam and say, “I’m getting close” “Stop!” I say and waste no time climbing from under Liam to squatting down presenting my hole right in front of Liam’s face. I feel his hands and then his face gets knocked in to my butt as Grahame’s dick serves him well and forces into Liam’s open hole again and I groan loudly as his tongue slides up to my asshole but I’m aching to be fucked and bred by Liam’s big cock. Next I feel wet fingers rubbing my asshole – it feels good. “Ahhhhhhh… yeah, time for a daisy chain” I moan “Fuck yea babe” I hear from behind “That’s what you need… some thick dick?” I nod vigorously pushing back on Liam’s fingers as the two disengage and pull me to the end of the bed, I step off, bend over, head down, ass up dying to be fucked. Liam lines up behind me and I feel his wet cock touching my hole, then pushes all 9 inches in to my well used hole, holding it for a moment as my ass stretches and contracts around his cock. From behind I hear Grahame say “you been missing my POZ cock you bugchasing slut, wanting to get knocked up, huh?" "Yeah, do it. Poz me up." Says Liam as more movement from behind forces his dick deeper in me. "I'm all the way in…does that feel good boy…more Poz cock for your Neg ass?" "Oh fuck ... oh fuck ..yeah” as I feel Liam’s body shake at the intrusion as Grahame starts riding the boy with his cock throbbing and leaking precum deep inside of him as the daisy chain fucking slowly begins. Grahame has his long toxic cock halfway into Liam leaving him room to fuck himself in to me and then back fully onto Grahame. We got a good rhythm going, with my fellah’s cock forcing what’s left of my dirty load deeper with each stroke to do it deed. Liam picked up the pace going back and forth, into the ass and onto the cock, balls slapping, heat building, his stamina impressive as he worked up a sweat fucking into me and then impaling himself on Grahame’s Poz cock. The pounding is hard and fast just as I love it, I’m in absolute ecstasy with Liam’s uncut cock drilling my hole. To keep pace, he’s holding on tight, nails digging in my flanks. The whole scene had him so fucking worked up hurtling towards sensory overload “I won’t last long. Fuck! I’m getting close,” Liam tells us. “I’m getting ready to breed your guts,” he almost screams into my ear. “Yeah do it, fill me up…cum…I need it!” I shout back like a good bottom should Further behind we hear, “Are you ready for my poz cum in your ass? I’m gonna fill your fucked-up hole up with it.” “Oh fuck yes, I can’t wait any longer…I’m gonna shoot…OH FUCK I’M FUCKING CUMMING!” Liam bellows, shoving all the way in me and shooting his cum, spraying my needy guts in an explosive climax. Surely his sphincter was contracting tight around Grahame’s thrusting dick alternating between squeezing and milking the deadly load out “You want this load?” “Yes … yes … fuck yeah… I want it” Getting off on the verbals Grahame says “What do you want?” as he rams in hard doing as much damage as possible, “Beg for IT” “Fuck … fuck ... I want it, I want your load, I want your POZ load”. I could tell Grahame was close now, past the point of no return. He plunges his cock hard “here it comes, boy... You're getting my cum!" Lucky Liam, I know he will be feeling Grahame’s thick vein on the underside of his cock expand and flex as it propels the explosion of infected cum in his guts. I know he’s doing his best to make sure that his life altering DNA finds its way into Liam’s bloodstream where it will take hold – another HIV+ bareback bottom is born. We disentangle and see where Grahame pulled that a dollop of my deadly dark pink sperm hangs from the gaping opening of the hole, “Hot” we simultaneously whisper. Panting and dripping in sweat Liam is quickly down from his climactic high by asking, “Can I do the honors of cleaning your cocks?” Fuck, what a pig we have created here!
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    My flight home from Europe last week was really late arriving back to Las Vegas. So, it was well past midnight by the time we landed at the Vegas airport. My car was in the shop, and a friend had driven me to the airport. So, I was without a car and I wasn't going to call my friend to pick me up at this hour. I just sent for an Uber to drive me home. My Uber app showed that my driver was going to be Aanuti, driving a Toyota. I only had to wait a couple of minutes for Aanuti to pull up at the airport's pick up area. Aanuti popped the trunk and I threw my luggage inside and slid into his car. "Good evening", I said. "David?", Aanuti asks? "Yes", I reply. My Uber driver was a tall, thin, very dark, black man in his late 20's/early 30's. From the back seat, I can't get a really good look at his face. But he keeps looking at me through the rear view mirror. Through the mirror I can see he has beautiful blue eyes. For a black man, with skin as dark as Aanuti, blue eyes seemed to be quite odd. I try to make some small talk with him. "How's your night going?", I ask. "Very nice, thanks. I think you'll be my last ride for the night. I started at 6:00. Things have slowed a bit. And I don't want to do the drunks on the strip tonight. I don't live too far from where I'm dropping you. So, I think I'll call it a night." Whenever he's speaking to me, he's looking back at me through the mirror. That makes me nervous, since I feel his eyes should be on the road. But, his kind, blue eyes are mesmerizing. "Where are you from?", I ask. "Nigeria", he says. "I've been here 10 years. I love it", he adds. "Nice. I can't help but notice you're beautiful blue eyes", I say. Aanuti smiles and looks a bit embarrassed. "Thank you. People tend to comment on that a lot", he says. "I would imagine", I add. "Does your whole family have those gorgeous eyes?" I ask. "My Grandmother does. Her Father was half Dutch. I got her gene, I guess. All my other siblings have dark brown eyes. But, I got my Grandmother's eyes". We continue to chit chat. Discuss politics, life in Las Vegas and any number of subjects on the half hour drive to my home in the suburbs of Vegas. Soon, he pulls into my driveway. We sit in my driveway for several more minutes. He's easy to talk to and I'm enjoying his company. "Are you in a hurry to get home?" I ask. "What do you have in mind?" he asks "Was just going to ask you in for a drink, if you'd like? You said you're ending your evening". "Sure. I'm game for that", he replies. We get out and we both carry my bags into my house. I turn on a couple of small lamps, but keep it kind of dimly lit in the living room. I carry my bags into my bedroom and turn on just one small lamp to keep it dim. I come back into the living room/great room area. I ask, "Is wine ok?" I ask. "Yeah. Wine is good", he says. I pour us 2 glasses of some wine I have in the fridge. He's sitting on my small love seat. I sit next to him on the love seat and hand him his glass. We toast and each take a sip. He adjusts his crotch a few times as we're chatting. As he'd adjust his crotch, he'd watch my eyes go to his crotch. The 3rd time he caught me staring at his crotch, he smiled at me and said, "You like black men?" "Yes I do. I love black men", I say with an embarrassed smile. Aanuti takes my hand and puts it on his crotch. I squeeze and feel a rather large cock partly swollen under his khaki pants. I didn't need any more of an invitation than that. I drop to my knees. Aanuti quickly unzipped and pulled out his sizable, partially hard black cut cock. I put my lips around it and begin to suck. He grows quickly in my mouth. And soon his cock has grown to a very nice 8 or 9 inches. Like him, it's long and slender, making it easy to deepthroat. I'm really going to town on his cock. He's hard as a rock. "Do you like to get fucked?", he asks. "Fuck yeah!", I reply. "But, I'm not cleaned out", I add. "That's ok", he says. "I don't get crazy about a clean ass like most American's. I'm from Nigeria, remember?", he laughs. Smiling and winking at me. I get up and grab his hand. "Come with me". I pull him off the love seat and guide him to my bedroom. I pull the bedspread off and throw it to the floor. I climb out of my clothes in record time. I pull some lube and poppers from my bedside table. Then climb on the bed, kneeling on the edge. While I'm poppering up, Aanuti spits on my ass and his cock a few times. He's not using the lube I had set by him. He puts his cockhead to my hole and slides inside me. His long and slender cock slides easily up in me. He wastes no time in beginning to fuck. His cock is just such a good size that it slides easily in and out of me. "I love your ass, Dave. Your ass feels so good", he says as he picks up speed with his thrusts. He leans forward and begins to pinch my nipples as he's fucking me. My nipples are hard wired. I'm getting incredibly turned on. I'm pressing back on him as he thrusts in me. Our bodies are slapping hard against each other. Now he's fucking me like a maniac! Slam! Slam! Slam! Slam! His cock keeps pounding in me hard and deep. "Get on your back", he demands. I turn over and he immediately slams back into me. Holding my legs up against his chest. Soon, he's pressed my legs up against my chest as he continues to ram into me. He places one of his long legs up on the bed and drills into me from that angle. Then he tells me to get back on my knees. I move back onto my knees and he again slams deep into me. He's grabbing me hard around my waist and pulling all the way out of me, before ramming back into me. About 3 more minutes in this position brings on his orgasm. He yells out something in his native language that I don't understand, except for the occasional word "Fuck!". He holds his throbbing cock in me as my ass tires to milk it. He then pulls out and drops onto the bed, next to me. He's panting heavily. I can see his cock is a bit dirty from my ass. So I hop off and get a wet washcloth and towel for him. As he lays there panting, trying to catch his breath, I use the washcloth and towel to clean off his cock. His cock is softening in my hands as I clean him. "Fuck! That was hot, dude! Thanks!", I say. "Yes. That was nice. I like your ass", he relies. "You said you live close?", I ask. "Yes. About a mile away", he says. "Can we fuck again?", I ask. The pauses. There's no reply. Then he says, "I'm married, Dave. I have 2 children. My wife is pregnant again. I don't do this much. I've fucked guys before. But, I don't do it often. Not sure when I can?", he says. "No problem, dude. I understand. You've got my phone number on your Uber App. Text me if you ever have time and want to fuck. My ass is yours". He dresses and I put on my robe. I walk him to the door. I put out my hand to shake his. "Thanks again", I say. He take my hand, shakes and leans down to softly kiss my lips. "Thank you, Dave. That was nice. I let you know if I can fuck you again. I hope so". He kisses me softly again and leaves. WOW! What the hell just happened? That was nice! I sure hope I'll hear from him again.
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    I'm in my mid-30's - which is what guys usually say when they're 37. So be it. I came of age in during the height of AIDS paranoia. I never complained because I didn't know a different time...a time when men fucked each other without worrying about condoms or disease. My biggest fear since childhood was embarrassing myself. It became what most people considered a "shyness", but really I was just being phobic about making a fool of myself. There was this bar not far from where I lived called "1861" for no other reason than that was the street address. It really had no identity which is maybe why I liked it. They played loud music but there was no dance floor. There were leather dudes but not many. Retired guys, Latin guys, black guys, weirdos and a drag queen or two made up the crowd. I usually never saw the same people twice until I started going more frequently. That's when I got to be familiar with the bartenders and the regulars. I even managed to make some small talk here and there. There was one guy I kept noticing -- he was an older mixed-race male who usually sat alone at the bar and drank boilermakers. He was bulky and had a short beard and dark, dark eyes. I thought the bartender and a few passers-by were calling him "Vermin" but that's because the music was so loud. It was actually "Venom". Oh. OK. That's not much better than Vermin. One Sunday afternoon I went to 1861 for their regular Beer Bust. You pay five bucks and drink as much beer as you want from plastic cups. It's a cheap way to get really drunk which is why I usually never went. My younger brother had accumulated three DUIs over the past few years and I knew all about the headaches that shit caused. I mostly behaved, but that particular day I decided to loosen up a little. Monday was a holiday and I felt freed to get a little wild. I even downed a shot somebody at the bar had bought for us. When I asked the barkeep who had paid for it, he motioned his pretty head toward the pool table. It was Venom. Oh. He was standing there with a pool cue in his hand, looking fairly bored with the game. I moved down to a stool closer to him and watched him lazily pay pool and sip his boilermaker. He was a pretty big guy --more than I first thought. Big gut, thick arms & legs and huge shoes. Not a looker by any means, but also not a troll. He was just interesting. After the game ended, he wandered off. I sat and had more cups of lukewarm beer and was pretty content until the bartender plopped a boiler maker in front of me. I knew it was from Venom. I looked around to see him but he was already right there behind me. He grabbed the stool, spun me around to face him and said "Hi". Venom. For whatever reason, I couldn't look at anything but his mouth and beard. There were spots of gray there. "Th-thanks for the drinks, man." "You don't move around much. Are you scared or have a handicap?" Huh? "I just came for the cheap beer." Shit. I was dangerously close to embarrassing myself. "I been coming here forever. Let me show you around", he said with a smile as he hoisted me up off the bar stool. Possibly it was my imagination, but everybody at the bar was suddenly started whispering to each other. I followed him as he headed for the far North side of the bar where there was a glass door I'd never noticed before. He swung it open and there was a whole other bar there! Seriously? What was this? "This side is for dykes. The music sucks and don't you dare try to play pool or darts there". I made a mental note. Then he took me towards a staircase which I'd also never noticed before. He led me up to a platform that was almost completely dark. It was crowded with younger guys - many shirtless - and they seemed to be forming a circle. "Oh, Lucky You - you get to see a Daisy Chain. That;s where you fuck the guy in front of you as whoever's directly behind fucks you". Wow. This place was more complicated than I ever knew. We went back down to the bar and sat next to each other. The crowd was thinning pretty rapidly. Holiday weekend. The young guys wanted to go where there was more action, and before long, the daisies from upstairs filed out too. It was down to just me, Venom, the handsome bartender and a few seriously drunk guys who were close to passing out. Venom kept trying to offer me shots, but I declined. It was almost dark outside and I had already had pretty much all the fun I needed to have for one day. Venom and the bartender talked to each other in Spanish for a bit as I finished one last cup of beer. And then it was just the two of us. Sitting there. "I'm Rob. What's your name?" I'd never given my name to some guy in a bar. He shifted a bit and said "I'm Miguel -- but you probably already heard them call me 'Venom'". "Why do they do that?" "They're just hateful bitches who love to spread gossip". We sat in silence for a bit longer when he reached down and fished in his pockets. I thought he was searching for his car keys to go home. But no. He was undoing his zipper. In the blue light of the neon Budweiser sign, he pulled out his hard dick. It didn't look real. It was like a sculpture of a curved, granite python that he was holding in his lap. It didn't even seem like it could be part of a human. I was hypnotized by this amazing member. He glanced around briefly before asking me to kiss it. I didn't just kiss it, I took the magnificent head in my mouth and sucked on it for a bit. I had been shy for far too long. I reached down and felt his hairy balls. "Come on", he said as he grabbed me off the chair and led me toward the staircase, What? Were we going to have a two man daisy chain or something? I was really drunk. He helped me up the stairs until we were on that dark landing again. I tried to let my eyes get adjusted to the low light, but I could really make out were shadows here and there. I could hear him shuffling, but that was actually the sound of him undressing. I sensed and smelled his nakedness. Well, I guess I should strip too, but he had already started to pry off my clothes. Within less than twenty seconds, we were embracing each others' nude bodies. He was big and slightly rough, but I loved his big belly flesh press against my slight frame. And the feel of that hard, superhuman penis! Too much. He guided me down to the filthy floor and let me stretch out on my back. My head was swimming in alcohol and whirring and stars. Venom. "Just don't scream. If you scream or cry out, the bartender will come and we'll have to go". I wanted to ask him why in the world I'd want to scream when he lowered himself down on top of me. Man, he was a heavy guy. Then we were kissing. Seriously passionate kissing like in a movie. Then his enormous penis made an appearance between my ass cheeks. No condom. Just a bare monster. OK. I could do this. He pushed. It hurt so much that I scrambled away and whimpered in pain. I guess this was over. Where were my clothes? He quickly produced a boilermaker from who knows where and demanded I drink it FAST. I obeyed. It did the trick I suppose. I lied back again and let the world wobble by. Then his big, bearded face was in mine again and we resumed kissing deeply. I felt him go into me and it wasn't pleasant, but it also didn't hurt so severely. He groaned with pleasure and asked if this was my first time. I searched my muddy brain for a reply but he was beyond hearing it. He kept pumping like a maniac and I only briefly thought about his nickname. Venom. His breathing was heavy and sweat was pouring off of his whole body. It was wet and smelly and harsh. And then he slowed up a bit. "Ready for the venom?" "Yeah". He thrust one last time and stayed still. I kneaded his large buttocks and kissed him again. We stayed like that for nearly a minute before we were sitting up. He traced a fat finger over my lips. "Are you bleeding?" "Yeah. Or something." I didn't know what what was leaking down, but I suspected that blood was part of it. That and venom. By morning I was home with Miguel in bed next to me. We now live together. It's still new and weird at times, but he's been a good resource for HIV treatment and medical & prescription help. He knows everything and has been so good to me. I really regret nothing.
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    BB ORGY #9 Hey, Rawboyz! Yesterday was an awesome bb orgy at Club120 in Toronto. I got here at 4:30 (4 PM start) and stayed until 7:30. A lot of bb sex can happen in a 4-hr timeframe! And it did... There were a lot of new face/cocks/asses there which is really great to see and experience. When I put my clothes away in a bag with the coat check guy (he's straight but looks like Chad Kroeger from Nickleback -- WOOF!), I had my eye on a younger tanned guy who locked eyes with me. He's from Belleville, Ontario, about 2 1/2 hours away from Toronto. He wanted to be fucked. So I grabbed a lube packet, spread some the lube in his boyCUNT and some on my daddy dick, and I inserted. I wasn't ready to come yet as I just arrived. But I got his boyCUNT ready for other dicks to explore. The experience felt great. There were 4 slings up on the second floor and guys in them to be fucked. Wow, ready bottoms! Woof! There were couches downstairs if you needed more room and comfort to fuck guys on them. Very thoughtful of the organizers! Some sex was happening there. But mostly, bb sex was happening upstairs. I got sucked a number of times. And i sucked a number of juicy cocks. Also, I managed to fuck a regular fuckbud who already had loads up his ass. It felt FANTASTIC! His ass muscles grabbed on to my dick, and you know what happens after that…. HEHE! The action started to diminish by about 6:30. I guess the adage "cum and go" fits. The whole afternoon was a bareback drop-in, pump-and-dump. Perhaps guys had other stuff to do. But isn't it great to have this type of bb environment in Toronto? It's refreshing and very satisfying for all who participated actively!! Thanks, rawboyz, for reading this! I look forward to reading other bb orgy stories from you, rawboyz!! Happy barebacking! I'm very much looking forward to the end of April bb orgy, same club, same time!!
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    After taking 12 loads this guy comes and says can you take one more. Of coarse I can , then he pulls out his dick that is HUGE at least 11X7 and could he fuck. He spent almost an hour in my hole then shot this load like he was pissing in me but it was pure cum. Some thought I was neg. and chasing, this is a good reasion not to get a Poz tattoo.
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    Not exactly the latest load I gave, but the sleaziest recently. After deciding not to cum for a whole week, my balls were full and I had planned to go fuck some sloppy hole on the following weekend. Saturday night I went to the closest sexclub in the surroundings around 1am. I usually try not to go too early, as things start slowly. I know that after midnight holes are mostly wet, and that's what I enjoy the most. Arriving at the club, I undress. Special orgy night that night. Walking around, I still find several guys cruising when I see a slut on a fuckbench. I can tell he's been taking loads all night. He's waiting for a dick to fuck his hole. I approach and put one, then two fingers in his wet hole, asking how many guys bred him. He doesn't know exactly but probably a dozen. I love this kind of naughty slut, and can't help but pushing my raw dick in his manhole. The feeling is incredible, after a week of abstinence. His hole is loose thanks to all the previous dicks. I can fuck him as hard as I want, he takes it and enjoys it. After riding that boy for a little while I flood him with my cum. Man my load was huge! When i took my dick out, a lot fell on the floor. Luckily the faggot was hungry and cleaned it. No cum wasted! The club was closing, so we moved to the sauna just in front, which is open 24/24 on weekends. Bred him two more times that night, last load given at 6am, and that boy had been taken dicks restlessly all night long. Was a great fuck and experience.
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    Daddy Max helped Alex get back in the sling, but left the restraints off this time. He put the butt plug away and opened the door again. There were 4 guys hanging around outside waiting. “Come on in guys, and let’s get this party started back up,” he said. The first guy up to the sling was tall and on the thin side, but had a pretty thick cock. He had Alex slide down a little further so his ass was more lined up with his cock. “You got any lube?” he asked. “They usually need it with me.” “I can see why,” Max commented as he handed the guy some lube. He greased his thick cock up and pushed 3 lubed fingers in Alex’s puffy asshole. He probed around with his 3 fingers, greasing the hole up, and stretched his fingers out some. He put his 6.5X6 inch cock up to the lubed hole and slowly pushed all the way in. “Mmmmm, tight, but not too tight. Just the way I like it,” he commented as he started fucking in and out. “Feels fucking great!” Alex stated, almost purring. The thick cock felt really good in his ass. He'd been stretched out enough by all the other cocks that he had no problem at all with this one. “Give me that thick poz cock!” “I haven't cum in 4 days, so you're getting a heavy load of poz cum tonight,” he commented. Daddy Max piped in at that point, “That's what we like to hear.” Now that his hands weren't restrained, Alex reached out beside him where Max was standing and watching and rubbed his hand all over the hairy belly and chest. “You tell him, Daddy Max,” Alex replied. The top kept up a nice easy pace, going all the way in and bringing it out til just the head was left in. Occasionally he’d pull all the way out and shove right back in making Alex grunt, “UNGH!” The 2 guys that were next in line had been watching closely and whispering to each other. They beckoned Daddy Max back to them. One of them leaned in and quietly asked, “Think he’d be up for a double fuck?” They had both already taken their towels off and had erections and were jacking them. Max took a look at both of their cocks, saw that neither one of them was huge, and quietly replied, “I think there’s a good possibility he’d be up for it. Let me handle it.” He gave both of their hard cocks a squeeze and went back to stand by Alex. He was still getting plowed, but you could tell the top had picked up speed. “Oh yeah, bottom boy, getting ready to breed you good. Gonna shoot my toxic load deep inside you; add my poison to what’s already inside you. You ready for it?” “You better believe I’m ready for it. I want it bad. PLEASE BREED ME!” The top plowed Alex’s cunt a few more times, then buried his thick cock balls deep and unloaded his 4 day load of toxic cum. “OH MOTHERFUCK YES!!!” he bellowed, “AARRGH!!!” He stayed still until his balls were completely drained and then slowly pulled out. As the latest top left, the next 2 guys came up to the sling together. Daddy Max leaned down to Alex. “So, do you think you’re up for a challenge?” He looked at Daddy Max, then at the 2 guys standing between his legs at the sling, and got a big grin on his face. “If you’re about to ask me what I think you’re going to ask me, I’ve never done it before, but it will be one more thing I can cross off my list.” Max leaned in further and planted a big kiss on Alex’s lips. “I’m thinking I was right about wanting to spend more time with you,” he commented. Alex’s grin turned into a brilliant smile. They helped him up out of the sling and the 4 of them walked over to the bunk. Alex turned to the 2 guys, “So you poz studs want to both breed my hole?” he asked. One of them replied, “It’s something we’ve wanted to do ever since we both converted.” “So you’re a couple then?” Alex asked. “Yeah, been together about 2 yrs. Spent most of it trying to get this one converted,” the same one replied, nodding to his partner. The 2 guys introduced themselves as Brian and Matt. They were both in their early 30s and had 7 and 8 inch, average sized cocks, although Matt’s 7 inch cock had a big mushroom head on it and Brian was uncut. Brian, the one who had first talked to Daddy Max, had been poz since his mid 20s and as they’d said, Matt had just converted recently. Neither was on meds. Daddy Max, of course, took control of the situation. He had Brian lie down on the bunk and lubed up his 8 inch cock. Then he had Alex straddle his crotch facing Brian and sit on his poz cock. It sank into him easily and he started riding it a bit. Then he had Matt get behind Alex between Brian’s legs and lubed up his cock. After riding Brian for a few minutes, Alex held still with the cock buried all the way in him. Daddy Max knew Alex should be able to take both of the cocks fairly easily enough, but to help out; he started kissing Alex and playing with his nipples. Matt put his big mushroom head up to the already filled asshole and started pushing in. It took a minute for him to get the head in and Alex grunted while Max was kissing him, “UNGH!” Daddy growled back. Matt held still a minute to let him adjust, and then started slowly fucking his poz cock in and out of the stuffed cunt. As he got his cock all the way in, Alex’s kissing got more intense, so Daddy Max could tell he was enjoying it. He kept tweaking his nipples, but broke off the kiss for a moment. “You like both of those poz cocks buried inside you, don’t you boy?” “Oh fuck yes Daddy Max, so much! They’re filling me up so good. I definitely want to do this again,” he replied. “Maybe with you and another guy,” he suggested, shyly looking down. Max put one hand under Alex’s chin and raised his head to where he was looking in his eyes, “We can absolutely do that!” He noticed they had 3 more guys in the room waiting their turn and a good sized crowd again outside the door watching. Brian and Matt were both fucking in and out of Alex’s ass, going at it pretty strong. You could never tell this was their first time double fucking a guy. Alex, who was getting more and more turned on, pulled his daddy back down to him so he could make out some more and get his nips worked some more. He loved the 2 poz cocks in his ruined hole. He still couldn’t believe how this night had turned out. He felt like he’d won the lottery. He squeezed his hole on the 2 cocks to tighten up for them and they both moaned loudly. This caused them to start fucking him faster. He could tell they were getting close to shooting. He was excited that he was going to be getting 2 loads of unmedicated poz cum at the same time. Matt stayed fairly quiet except for grunting and moaning, but Brian said, “I’m getting fucking close. How about you, Matt?” “Oh yeah, getting really close.” “Let’s do it together then, and flood this used up hole with our double load of unmedicated toxic cum!” Max took a step back to watch and Alex started muttering, “Fucking poz me, give me all your cum. Fill up my goddamn hole, I want it!!!” Both Brian and Matt yelled out at the same time, “AARRGHHHH,” as they slammed home and unloaded their balls inside Alex’s ruined cunt. His cock was rock hard and leaking some precum, but he didn’t touch it. He could feel both cocks shooting their toxic loads inside him. He loved the fact that his asshole was getting filled up again. Both Brian and Matt held still until they had drained their balls and Matt pulled out, his big mushroom head coming out a little easier than it had gone in considering Brian’s cock was softening. It soon slid out of the cummy hole as well. As they got up off the bunk, Brian and Daddy Max exchanged phone#s for some future fun and then they left the room.
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    One of my Caribbean fuck buds spent the night. Kind of rare having a guy all night...but the fucking was good and I am going to work with a fresh load of his toxic cum held in place by my most comfortable ass plug. It was also kind of nice falling asleep and waking up with that beautiful brown body next to me. Took very little effort to get that huge brown snake to crawl up my ass and puke up its highly toxic venom this morning. The combination of coming off a long dry spell and confirmation of having both HIV1 and HIV2 has me horned up and ready for more POZ cock.
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    Game Quest: Part 10 Bonding Now that all his preparation was taken care of: He’d been broken down, shaved, cock locked in chastity cage, and his neg boy cunt tooth-brushed and cleaned out, it was now time to bring him to the next level. He had proven to be very submissive throughout this whole process, so I decided to take off the blindfold and let him see his prison. I stood him up facing the fuck bench where I would soon turn him into a dirty cum whore (hopefully a poz one at that.), and unbuckled the blindfold. The playroom wasn’t overly bright, but since he had been blindfolded for a few hours, he squinted and tried to force his eyes open to see where he’s been all this time. Still squinting, his head spun around like mad trying to take in all the images of the playroom. He stopped on the bondage chair where he confessed everything, looked over to the St. Andrews, then to the standing cage, then the shelf full of ass toys, and back to the wet area where he got his first cleaning out. Afraid of him getting dizzy, I grabbed his head and forced him to look directly in front of him, to where he was going to be spending the night tonight. As nothing but a piece of boy meat on my fuck bench. Some buddies and I built it ourselves about 10 years earlier. We started with plans we found online then each one of us with our own sick fantasies, added our own special touches. It was a monster of a thing, and I don’t think Greg fully realized what it was for. It was shaped like a massive saw horse with 4 legs angling out at hard angles. A sub can be placed on it lengthwise and the triangular shape would force his thighs far apart. Lower down on the legs on each side were padded runners with straps for the sub to “kneel” on and straps to be placed around his calf just below his bended knee, and another around the middle of his calf. The runners extended out beyond the end of the torso portion of the fuck bench where two rubber lined metal shackles were fixed to accept his ankles. Further down on the front legs of the bench almost near the floor, were another set of fixed metal shackles for the slave’s wrists. The padded top was narrow, about a foot and a half wide and as long as the torso of a sub, about 3 feet. It was fitted with straps that could be fastened over the sub’s upper and lower back and the ass end of the padded top ramped up about a foot to force the sub’s hips and ass into the air for complete exposure and access to his hole. Two metal poles with hand grips at shot straight upwards on either side of the bench just above where the slave’s hips would be to give added thrusting power to whomever was fucking what was helplessly strapped down on the bench. I was happy that this was Greg’s first view of my play room, but he looked more puzzled than anything else. I moved him closer and said, “This is for boys like you, this will help you to become the best cumdump you can be. Let’s get you on it.” Unlocked and removed his cuffs, and helped up onto the bench on his stomach. I manipulated him in to position so his hips were right at the edge of the raised portion of the bench and his caged cock was just over the edge in a depression made just for that purpose. This allowed full view of his moist tight unfucked pussy and balls. Once his ass was in position, I put his ankles in the steel manacles, closed them and put the locking pins in. I then proceed to the head and stretched his arms down each leg pulling them tight from his shoulders and proceeded to lock each wrist into the awaiting shackles. I had the head support removed, to allow better access to a slave’s mouth for sucking or cleaning breeding, but the boy’s head was flopping down like a rag doll, so I got the donut shaped support and attached it to the off the front, it supported his head with his face in the hole, much like a massage a table. Now that he was locked in for the most part, I turned my attention to adjusting and fastening the many straps designed to keep him entirely immobile. He was now part of the bench and not going anywhere, spread wide for his virgin fuck hole to be violated. I walked around front and removed the head support so I could give him a taste of my cock. I removed the toothbrush that was still in his mouth, and inspected it. It was clean. “You’re a good little pig,” I exclaimed “of course you didn’t see how dirty it was when you first started sucking on it.” I laughed. “Now kiss my cock boy.” I stepped up closer and put my hand on either side of his head so I could direct him on how to properly please a man with his mouth. He was really toothy, and had a lot to learn but would definitely get some practice in tonight. “That’s a good boy.” I said as I forced his faced down on to my cock. After a few minutes of this, I was about ready to blow, but didn’t want to waste my load in his throat, …the thoughts of his virgin hole was driving me mad. I took his face off of my cock and lifted up his head so he could see what was painted on the wall in front of him. “Do you know what that is boy?” I asked. He looked hard, but had trouble without his glasses. “I think I’ve seen it before Sir, in zombie video games Sir. Is it a chemical symbol, Sir?” “That’s very good boy. Yes, it is a bit like a “chemical” symbol. It’s a called a biohazard symbol. It’s something you’ll get to see a lot of soon. A lot of guys who are HIV positive get it at as a tattoo, to show their pride.” He hesitated a moment and started to jerk his head around in my hands. “Why do you have it painted on the wall Sir?” He said worryingly. “Because,” I answered. “A lot of boys and guys have become HIV+ in the very spot you’re in. Do you see the names written on the left?” He squinted to try to see them and said, “I can’t see them Sir. Are those your cos play friends Sir?” I chuckled. “I guess you could say that boy. Don’t worry boy,” I said reassuringly. “I’ll let you wear your glasses when we write your name there.” “Your cosplay friends are HIV positive, Sir?” His eyes really betrayed his worry now. “Yes boy.” I said courtly. “You’re the only one who’s not.” His eyes started to swell up with tears. I lowered myself down to his face. “That’s why I’ve invited some of the names on the wall to come and fuck you boy.” “But Sir, I’ve had sex before.” he started “But nothing boy,” I interrupted, “the game has already begun and you said you wanted to be a bareback boy for Daddy. Right now, there’s really nothing else you can do is there? And soon you’re going to be filled with the cum of HIV positive men, that will be happy to share it with you. His tears continued. He was so adorable and innocent, I wanted nothing more than start pumping my newly toxic seed deep into him and making him mine. I understood why he was scared though. He’s had nobody really in life so I thought it best to reassure him. “Don’t worry,” I said. “Our cosplay can continue for quite a long time as long as you promise to be a good boy. You like being a good boy, don’t you?” He nodded his head a little. “Look at me.” I held his head in my hands tight, hoping to convey a feeling of reassurance. “I’m not going to ditch you after this. I’m willing to keep playing for a very long time.” His tears stopped a little. “Now look at me and tell me you’ve enjoyed being here so far.” He nodded again, with a little more energy than before. “Good, that makes me happy.” I said, then added “But the only way to keep on playing is to accept the rules. Do you understand?” Again, he nodded. “And what would make me very happy is to fuck you raw and cum in your boy pussy. Don’t you want to make me happy boy?” Again he nodded. And also didn’t you tell me you wanted to be a cumdump?” “Yes. Sir,” he said. I was surprised that he spoke and didn’t nod. “Good boy,” I said kissing him on his moist forhead. “So now I’m going to back to your hole and begin teaching you what it’s for.” And with that, I let his head drop, and went around to his waiting ass to deposit my poz seed.
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    I love it when you get a hold of a boy who wants to be breed and ask for a Photo. What he sent had my cock drooling. I can't wait for this weekend to get here now. Also my boy is chasing after a guy from the gym and he sent a series of photos, however he has no idea we are both toxic. Jack is the one who wants to be breed and this is his photo what are your thoughts?????????? do I take his 19 year old boy pussy and make it a toxic cum dump??? I feel guilty when they are that young
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    630pm another one ready to be fucked and filled. This time it is a follow up. This boi wants lots of breeding daddy cock.
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    The preamble to Ross’s comeuppance. Grahame ‘accidently’ runs into Ross as he flees our home, “Hey mister slow down, why the hurry?” “Christ! I nearly shit myself when your boyfriend caught us, didn’t know what to do and then when he leapt on me and started fucking, well I was in pig heaven, I’m just a boy who can’t say no.” “So, you’re up for a repeat then?” Grahame asks quizzically And get an excited answer, “Fuck yeah, whenever you want!” “I sure will boy, make sure we give you a great work out, eh? Now go home and await a call” As Ross walks away I join Grahame outside just as Liam calls to say he is feeling so much better, “just like my old self” we chat over speaker phone and hear that he plans to go back to work soon and…..we update him with where and what Ross had been up to…there was silence and then, “Can you help me get my own back on him?” “Hell yeah” we say in unison and I tell Liam that Ross wants a Rape Fantasy played out so we can all take turns filing him up with our HIV+ swimmers. “Sweet” is the reply and we make plans. Grahame leaves it a couple of days and we meet up with Liam after his fist day at work,all huddled around a phone we dial Ross, “Hi, how are you?” “All the better for hearing from you. I began to think you had used me and that wasit” is the reply, before adding “it was so hot, holding on to and sleeping with your loads deep in my guts overnight, I had such a hard-on just thinking about it and twice had to have a wank to calm down!” We struggle to stifle our joy at the thought of another potential pozzing. “Come to ours straight after work, stay the night and we will act out your rape fantasy, all tied up face down then fuck your hole rough and hard just as you want.” This time the silence comes from Ross, no longer his slutty cocky self “ummm, I have a flat mate…. he’ll be expecting me….” We cut in, with Liam overhearing the conversation, “Tell him you got lucky and won’t be home tonight, we’ll expect you, say 6:30?” and then hang up. A few moments later Liam’s phone rings and we know we have him! It’s the cheating Ross of course, “Hi Lee hope you are feel better hon?” “How was your first day back?” Blah, blah, blah. Knowing what is coming next Liam asks, “All OK with you babe?” “Errr, yeah…good. Umm, sorry love whilst nursing you I forgot all about Fran’s leaving do today, you remember her don’t you, our office PA?” Liam thinks, Yeah I remember alright, her leaving do was an excuse you used a couple of months ago, but lets it go eager to hear what’s coming next. “and the office is going out for the night, drinks and a meal, perhaps a club afterwards, I’ll play it by ear…don’t bother waiting up will you Lee?” Smirking Liam asks, “d’ya have to go? I thought we could ‘celebrate’ me being better.” “Sorry hon I do really have to go, I am her line manager” Liam tries his best to sound disappointed, “Oh OK then…I suppose you to, have fun then, Love you” “Yes, love you too” says Ross, “maybe I’ll rape your ass when you get in if it’s not too late” but Ross has already hung up impatient to get back to Grahame. Ross phones us right back, “See you at 6:30, for a full nights fucking, can’t wait” Guys just to let you know Ross's gang rape will follow shortly!
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    I don't know why I'm changing the names in this story because no one was innocent. Not even me. 1994 I don't like traveling or airports or really anything that breaks up my routine and puts me in a situation where I could face something unfamiliar. But life had already rocked my world when both my parents dies within a year of each other. I'd graduated college, was working and living on my own in a nifty little apartment in a semi-big city. I was 23 and was slowly coming to terms with the harsh fact that I was gay. I'd known it all along, but the realization that it was a permanent state was hard to cope with. So I didn't. I just put it aside and went on with living life. Sure, I beat-off to a few overplayed gay porn videos I'd rented from the seedy little store around the corner, but I didn't dare move beyond the realm of fantasy. Things were fine just the way they were. But then my sister called and asked me to come take a trip with her. She was the first-born and 14 years older than me. She had a really important security job in Washington D.C. and was pretty rich I guess. She had a lot of rich friends too. One of them owned a condo on a North Carolina beach and had offered her up to her for a week during that Summer. My sister "Beth" and I weren't particularly close -- mainly because of the age difference and also because she was a total bitch. I searched my brain files for an excuse to not join her, but couldn't come up with anything believable. She was in security and could detect a lie from twenty paces. So a month later I took a flight to D.C. and stayed the night there in her impressive house. The next morning we drove all the way down to North Carolina. It wasn't a short drive but it was also not unbearably long. We talked about work stuff and safe topics like two strangers would normally do. Once I saw the condo, my spirits brightened considerably. It was gorgeous... three stories tall and surrounded by huge stretches of clean sand and ocean. I'd never seen the ocean in person before and was eager to go get a closer look. We unpacked fast and I told Beth I had to go down and see the Atlantic in person, so to speak. The waves were louder than I would have imagined, and the water was more green than blue. And the beach was completely empty -- maybe because of the time. It was after 7pm and the sun was headed for another part of the globe. I just plopped down in the sand and took it all in. Then two things happened: a really loud explosion came from the North, and a handful of gorgeous men came jogging by at the water's edge. They all had super short haircuts and they were all muscular as hell. And then another one passed. And another. More explosions and more hot men. After I'd gone back to the condo, I mentioned the booming explosions to my sister. She reported that there was a marine base near by. Oh. Well that answered the other question I hadn't asked yet. I was here on a beautiful beach with a bunch of hot, fit, young men. Lucky! We ate a simple dinner in the kitchen with the TV on. Beth had the next day already planned out and it was going to start early. She was already up past her regular bedtime and headed upstairs to sleep. I stayed alone in front of the TV for an hour until I was sure she was in a deep slumber. I was pretty exhausted from traveling and I knew she was too. I maybe stayed sitting for another ten minutes before going to clean up and change clothes. Why? I was going to sneak back to the beach. I just had to. Once I'd spiffed up a bit and dressed, I noticed a liquor bottle on the dresser. The liquid inside was brown. I really knew nothing about drinking back then except that it was good for calming the nerves. It was boozed belonging to a rich person so it had to be good, right? The first sip wasn't too bad, but hit my stomach like a freakin' atomic bomb. I took another pull from the bottle and then another. It was so much less hash by then. Like soda pop almost. One more sip and I was ready to go. I slipped silently out the door and made my way toward the water which was just as loud as it was earlier and I heard boisterous male voices. I could also hear an internal ringing noise -- a kind of non-sound that I attributed to the brown booze. I wasn't drunk or anything, just very excited. Well the beach had been deserted before sundown, but it wasn't now. I saw around six bonfires and assorted lights up and down the beach. The first bonfire I came upon had been abandoned and was gradually dying. There was half a six-pack in front of the fading embers. Just as I was thinking about opening one, dizziness hit me and I had to lie back in the sand. The stars were amazing! I forgot everything else and thought about how nice sleep would feel Yeah. A short snooze and I'd go back...there'd be plenty more men to look at tomorrow. I closed my eyes. "You missed curfew, kid". a deep voice said. Somebody was standing over me. A man. Had I sleeping? I didn't think I had been, but it took me a second to sit up and shake myself back to reality. The fire was still burning as I looked up to see a certified actual marine. Even in the flickering light I could see the telltale haircut. He wasn't as chiseled as some of the dudes I'd seen earlier, but he was tall and as thick as a tree trunk. 'Yeah", I answered back, "I'm about six years late for curfew". "Oh, Sorry. You just look like a teenager". "It's OK. I'm used to it". He dropped down to sit beside me. He reached over and took one of the beers that were discarded there. He handed it to me and then took the next one for himself. I popped it and took a greedy gulp because I was pretty dehydrated. Also a little chilly. The night had gotten cooler and the breeze had a bit of a bite to it. "You partying alone?" He sounded drunk. "Yeah, I guess you could say that". "I did say that, " he chuckled and then stretched out his super-long legs to warm his toes by the fire. Behind me, I was somewhat aware that lights were being slowly snuffed out up the beach. "What about you?", I inquired. a pause "I was WAS at a party, but it wasn't too much fun. Nobody really wanted me there. I could tell. I got sort of a reputation these days". "Why?" He stretched out his left arm and showed me the midget band-aid on his inner forearm where people usually get blood drawn. another pause "Drug test?" i ventured, knowing a little something about the military from a ROTC college roommate I had. "Yeah. But more like a general test for anything to get you kicked out." "Like what?" (I can be so clueless sometimes) "Like DISEASE, kid. Like AIDS", he answered. "Are you sure?" I looked him in the face for the first time. He wasn't what you'd call classically handsome. He had what I'd always thought of a 'fish face' and there were a few acne scars on his cheek that looked deeper in this light than they probably were. "Pretty sure. There's so many damn hookers in this state. If you pay more, you don't gotta use a condom to fuck 'em. I ended up paying anyway. Clinic in town already done told me a month ago". "Sorry". "Me too". We split the last beer and sat in silence for a bit. He looked around...focusing on something over my shoulder. I turned around too and saw only a moonlit beach. We were alone out here. "Let's take a walk," he said standing up. I was in the middle of a hundred thoughts when he reached down and pulled me up. I followed him as he lumbered away. It wasn't so much of a walk as it was a march. We kept going until we were in a little rocky cove right up next to the water. There was still sand here, but also mud and no light beyond what the half-moon offered. How in the hell would I find my way back? He stopped abruptly. "Here", he said with drunken sureness. "Here what?", I wondered. That's when his big hands pushed me down on the sand/mud. I was aware that the wind was knocked out of my lungs at the same time I was aware that the subtle ringing in my ears had started again. Then his giant shadow blocked out all light and I felt a soft something on my lips. It felt soft at least, but when I reached up to brush it away I touched his very hard penis. Holy shit! No way! He wanted me to put that in my mouth. The ocean roared louder. I was about to protest but he had worked into my throat quickly. I gagged and almost vomited before he pulled back a little. "Relax, bitch". He wiped the head of his wet dick across my eyes, cheek and forehead. I involuntarily moaned and he did it again. "You like that, little girl?" Girl? This guy was wasted. He started poking his meat into my right eye...harder and harder. Probably knocked out a contact lens. "OW!" I yelped. "Sorry, baby. Let me make it up to you". That's when he stumbled to his feet and adjusted himself a little. For no reason I had a sudden thought about jellyfish. They could sting you with their legs and put venom under your skin. Then I felt his full weight on top of me. He worked my shorts and underwear down with one hand. Was I even really here? This was not possible. My legs were crazily spread in the air as that slimy dick went right toward my own private butthole. Seriously? I didn't agree to that. No. This was not okay. If I screamed loud enough, somebody would come help. The planned scream got strangled by a cry as he plowed that marine meat deep inside me. "NO! NO! NO!" I yelled in pain. "Shut the fuck up, you fucking whore or I'll bust the teeth out of your mouth". Well I was being fucked just like I'd seen in all those porn movies I'd watched. It couldn't last that long. I just had to wait it out until he pulled out and ejaculated on my chest. That was how it worked. Right? But he broke the rules and started heaving, bucking and gasping as he shot that load directly into my insides. And then he was still. We stayed like that for a good minute or two. Just breathing and recovering. He pulled me up again and led me back to where he'd found me. That small fire had died already, but at least I could now see the condo lights again. It really couldn't be too late at night, could it? Maybe midnight, but no later than that. In what bit of light we had, he pulled off the little bandage from his arm and handed it to me. "Put this in your scrapbook". And then he was gone.
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    100 Followers.... wow.... nice. Thx guys and boys
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    Just been out and given a bois ass a good pounding. Now filled with my DNA.
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    This is only my second go at this, guys (and it's a true story) so I hope y'all enjoy! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One night a few months back, I had to work late. We had a server crash and I was tasked with trying to collect as much data as I could. I ordered Chinese and as the sunset in the western sky, my eyes were burning and my patience was running thin. Not that I have a boyfriend to go home to, but hell---watching porn, watching the Golden Girls, or sleeping was better than this! I glanced down at my phone and it said 8:11. I decided to call it a night, and closed my workstation down and headed for the exit. I took a detour to the bathroom to take a leak---it’s a 15 mile drive home and there’s roadwork after 8 on the expressway. As I am pissing and enjoying the feeling of release, I glance over toward the sink and notice a sharps container. I work with some older folks, many of whom suffer from diabetes, so it makes sense, logically. Yet, my mind saw the biohazard symbol and my dick immediately started to swell (thankfully I was done pissing). Bad thoughts at work are hot in fantasies, but nothing worth someone coming in and then having an issue that would land me in the unemployment line. So, I zipped up, washed up, and headed towards my car. On the ride home, while trying to enjoy the swell in my dick, I pull out some poppers from my console (hey, you never know when that trick asks you to come over on your lunch break!) and huffed. That biohazard symbol kept coming back to me. I had to focus on the road, but my dick focused on that red and black symbol I craved. Wait---it was the second Wednesday of the month! On the second Wednesday of the month, our local sex club (Manifest) hosts a “Poz 4 Play” night. I am neg, and had always glanced at it and moved past it at home on my computer. Either the guys going weren’t really my type, I was too chicken shit to actually commit to going, or had something going on. Needless to say, I was torn---but being a member of this site has pushed me further and further to what will someday become (hopefully) a reality---the poz swimmers will take root and give me what I crave. I pull into a gas station, change into a jockstrap I had from baseball practice (earlier that week---sweaty too, hehe) and hopped back in my car. So, another huff and I plug the coordinates into my GPS---and 20 minutes later I am there. I’m in the parking lot. Car is running, the air is thick and humid, and the broadcaster is going on about the Braves dropping a game to the Padres. Moment of truth---do I take a chance and go? Or cut and run back home to porn and bed. Poppers---poppers like a magic 8 ball will guide me. I slowly inhale, and relax. I breathe out and release the day---I slowly get out from my car and make my walk to the door. I pay my money, and the door guy gives me a wink and says “You’ll be popular tonight young man” (Oh yeah, I’m 29, white, blonde hair, ice blue eyes, 8c, and an ass made of velvet). I nodded and gave him a smile and walked in. He then said, “Hey kid, have fun” and tossed me a small bottle of lube. Yep---I was in the right place. To give you some backgrounds, Manifest isn’t like a bathouse. You can’t walk around full on naked because there aren’t showers, there aren’t towels, and there isn’t a gym. It’s a straight on sex club. There are rooms (some that lock and some that don’t, and some with and without gloryholes). I walked through the place and saw some porn playing, some noises from some of the rooms and the smell of plywood the place was built with and the dim glow of some dirty lightbulbs lighting the place. I find a darkroom in the middle. Now, I love anonymous sex. I love being face down ass up blindfolded for men to come in and fill me. I don’t want them to see me and I don’t want to see them. I want their cum in me and that’s it. And, I invite bottoms over for the same treatment. It’s just easier that way---no names, no drama, no fuss. But, this was poz night. Walking in the place is certainly a step in and of itself, but taking that next step to walk into the dark room was something different. Again, the brown bottle in my hand did the trick. A little huff and I walked in. Not only did I walk in, I pulled my pants down and exposed my jockstrapped ass. I applied some lube, turned towards the wall and heard the floorboards creak. A hand, two hands caressed my fuzzy ass. The top then felt my smooth hole and grunted in delight. He used the lube to slather up his dick---this was it. I didn’t turn around (not that I could see anything anyway) and huffed again. He slid in just as the poppers kicked in. He went balls deep in the first thrust and I knew then what a pig felt like. Feeling his abs as he pounded me with his thick cock put me into outer space. I tuned out all noises, distractions, and other men to focus on THIS man giving me the seed I craved. It was all about him---in that moment. He fucked me hard and rough for a few minutes with a decent sized cock until the pace picked up, the breathing labored---and then it happened. A poz load up my ass. Not my first by any means, but first in a setting like this. Time had stopped, I’d just succumbed the moment. And as soon as he pulled out and I was about to get up, another one replaced it. I was in complete shock and complete bliss. All those nights reading stories on Breeding Zone and now, here I am! Again, the brown bottle shit everything else off except that poz dick up my hole---and that's the way I both wanted it to be and the way it should be. I must’ve taken 5 or 6 loads, before one burly muscular hairy bear guy whispered “I’ve seen your neg ass looking at my profile on BBRT---so enjoy this load” and popped it in me. I never understood how guys lost track of how much cum they took until that night. It was different---taking them all at once rather than one off situations where one guy dumps his load in me at home and leaves. This was special---and I loved it. My ass then needed a break and I needed a shower, so I pulled up trou and quickly made my exit. A rather inglorious and unromantic end to an evening I won’t soon be forgetting. This was 3 months ago, and I’m still neg, and still planning on going back and taking more poz cum.
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    Well not long finished with a hot poz guy, hope I convert
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    Thanks to all my friends and brothers here on BZ. Just hit the 1000 likes level for my comments and postings. That averages out to be over 2.5 likes per comment. I hope that means some of you do enjoy what I share here. No doubt, some of my story seems like BS to some. Many days, it still amazes me as to what my life is like. No doubt, my world is centered on being the best POZZED UP BOTTOM FAG I can be....hopefully the up side is a good number of tops get treated to a good rump ride and I get as much delicious diseased dick as I can stand. Again, thanks to all who have taken the time respond in some way to my on-line drivel.
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    There was only 1 guy left waiting for his turn, so Max decided it would be a good time to take a break after this guy unloaded. He went and closed the door so no one else would come in for now. After the extra thick black cock, the guy’s decent sized cock slip right in with no effort and no lube. He didn’t seem disappointed, though, and fucked Alex good and hard. He lasted a bit longer than most of the guys that had fucked him so far. He fucked in and out of the used hole, slamming home every time. But finally he increased his speed, fucking harder and faster. “Fuck yeah, love breeding this loose cunt full of toxic cum. Turns me the fuck on. I don’t know how many loads of Aids cum you’ve taken tonight, but here comes another. I just got my diagnosis today so you’re the first guy I’m giving my Aids cum to.” Alex moaned at that news and started begging him, “Please give me your Aids cum! I’m so lucky to be your first. Please breed my ruined cunt!” “Oh yeah, you’re getting it alright, you’re getting it right now. FUCKING TAKE MY TOXIC CUM!” He slammed all the way in and held still as he emptied his balls into Alex, who had a huge smile on his face. “Thank you, Sir”, he said when the top pulled his cock out of the wide open hole. “No, thank you,” he said as he picked up his towel, opened the door, and left the room. “Is the party over so soon?” Alex asked Daddy Max. “Oh fuck no, not even close. I just thought we’d take a little breather and let you up for a bit. But first, I need to do one thing.” He got a good sized butt plug out of one of the lockers and headed to Alex’s ass. “We don’t want you losing any of these loads, now do we? At least not yet.” “No Sir, not at all,” Alex replied as he felt the thick butt plug being inserted in him. It was a good tight fit. Daddy Max took off the leg and wrist restraints and slowly helped Alex stand up. He’d been in the sling for a few hrs now, plus had a couple of doses of GHB running through his system, so he was a bit unsteady. He walked around the room for a minute, stretching. They sat on the bunk next to each other. Daddy Max put his arm around Alex, “So are you having fun, boy?” “OMG, Daddy, I’ve never had a night like this! I’ve never had this much sex before. And I’ve never met anyone like you before, either.” he replied. Daddy Max brought his other arm up and enclosed Alex in a tight bear hug. “I feel the same way, boy.” They leaned in and started kissing each other, making out like teenage sluts. They lay back on the bunk as one, never stopping their kissing, Daddy Max making those growling noises again. Their hands were all over each other, feeling each other’s nipples and pecs, running fingers through chest hair, squeezing hard cocks. It was extremely erotic, making out like this, these 2 hot men. After a while, Alex broke the kiss, “You know, Daddy Max, I’ve been getting most of the action tonight, why don’t you lie there and let me work on your cock for awhile.” “Boy, you fucking read my mind. But first, I want some of what you have in your used cunt. It’s been in there long enough, plus we need to make room cause once we open that door again, you know there’s still going to be guys wanting to breed your slut ass. And besides, I LOVE eating out a used hole!” Alex got on his hands and knees on the bunk so his Daddy could take out the butt plug and start working on his hole. As he removed the plug, Max commented, “I love the way your asshole is all puffy and swollen from all the fucking and abuse.” He immediately started licking up and down Alex’s crack and then zeroed in on the used hole. He stuck his tongue into the slightly open hole and started eating him out. Alex started moaning and Max was growling deep in his throat, obviously loving what he was doing. He stuck a couple of fingers in the puffy hole and fucked them in and out a bit and went back to felching. He started sucking on the ruined hole and Alex pushed out a little, to help. Max started getting some of the accumulated poz cum running into his mouth and growled even more. He kept this up for a minute, then stopped and said, “Now sit on Daddy’s face.” He lay back on the bunk and Alex manoeuvred himself so he was squatting over Max’s face. He helped him get in the right position and pulled him down so his used asshole was right over his mouth, then pulled down further. Max stuck his tongue back up in the hole and started sucking again. Alex started pushing out again and Max was rewarded with a nice flow of poz cum, fresh from his boy’s well fucked pussy. He savored the taste of all the guy’s mixed cum and the taste of Alex’s ass as it all filled his mouth. This had Max’s cock as hard as steel, so Alex leaned over and started sucking on the head of the poz cock. They kept this up for a few more minutes until Max gently pushed him up off his face. “I’ve had my mouth full of cum, now it’s your turn, boy.” Alex crawled down between his legs so he could get more of the daddy cock he wanted so badly. He took the thick poz cock and licked it up and down the shaft, kissing and licking the head. Max was so turned on from all the fucking he’d been watching, not to mention the felching he’d just done, that he was precumming heavily. Alex moved down and sucked on his new Daddy’s balls, taking each one in his mouth and tugging on them. “OH YEAH, play with those balls. Tug on them,” he said. The younger slut did just that, working each ball, tugging on them with his teeth. He went back up, licked, kissed, and nibbled the cock head and then opened his mouth and took as much of the thick cock as he could in his mouth. He was able to go a little ways past halfway down the shaft on the thick cock. He started sucking on it, running his tongue around the head, continuing to pull on his balls, which made Daddy Max moan and growl. “Your mouth is as good as your ass, boy! Oh fuck YES!!!” Alex loved the taste of the precum that was running freely. He kept sucking on daddy’s cock, gently using is teeth here and there as he moved up and down the thick shaft. He could tell Max was starting to get close by how loud the growls were getting, plus, the thick cock got even harder. He turned on the suction, desperate to get every drop of his poz cum. Max’s balls started pulling up and he yelled, “You’re about to get a big poz load in your talented mouth, you slut! Keep sucking it out of me. Oh goddamn YES, here it comes!” Alex kept up the suction and was rewarded with a big gush of cum in his mouth. Daddy spurted several times and Alex sucked down almost every drip. Once he could tell his balls were dry, he climbed back up to his Daddy and kissed him again, but this time shared more of the cum with him. “Fuck boy, that was intense and amazing. You really know how to suck cock and I could spend hours eating that fine ass of yours,” Max stated. “Thank you Sir!” Alex replied. Then he said, “Daddy Max, I think I need to go take a piss after all that water.” “You don’t need to go anywhere boy. Your daddy loves boy piss right from the tap.” “Goddamn, really? I’ve never had anyone drink my piss.” “Well, another first for you tonight. Stand up next to the bunk and let me get my mouth on your hot cock.” Alex was nervous and excited all at once. He stood up and let Daddy Max take his semi hard cock in his mouth. He clamped his lips around it tight and gave Alex the thumbs up. He put both hands on Max’s head and let his bladder go, sending a heavy stream of piss into his mouth. He swallowed as fast as it rushed into his mouth. Alex was again in awe of this stud of a man. Once his piss stopped, he pulled his rapidly hardening cock out. “You ever do water sports, boy?” his daddy asked. “Not yet. I’ve always been curious, but never went there,” he answered. “Another thing for us to talk about, in the future, Daddy Max said with a smile.
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    (1) Never ask about HIV status or other STDs. (2) Never look back -- just move on to the next raw fuck and don't stress about whether you caught something from the last cock that shot in your unprotected AIDSHole. (3) Never test. If you do test, use a home kit. Testing at the clinic leads to lectures and meds if there is a poz result. (4) Stress kills. Cock is life. Cum is your reward and your nourishment. (5) Be brave. This is going to hurt you more than its going to hurt me -- but it is all good.
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    Thanks for your comments guys. Here's Part 2. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Relief flooded over me. The decision was made. I was knocked up, had experienced the morning sickness and had joined the brotherhood of poz men. Nothing could take away my membership so I embraced it, loved it, and was determined to do my best in sharing it with others by gifting them, regardless of whether or not the guys wanted it. Showered and feeling newly energized, my cock bounced with every heartbeat becoming painfully hard with the need to breed, so much so strings of clear venomous pre-cum drooled onto the wooden floor boards leaving a toxic slippery snail trail as I walked about. Upon checking my laptop I found several replies to my advertisement, one of which answers, one in particularly captured my attention. The individual replying posted under the name tag ‘Seeks Scorpion Sting’ and simply stated “Hot TOP jock wants POZZING." My cock jumped and twitched as more pre-cum oozed out as I typed "What u looking 4, jock.” The reply was virtually instantaneous. “Being fucked raw, status important. Unmediated HVL POZ.” I could barely breathe. My dick was rock hard as I thought 'Should I go to him or just to fuck my bf off by fucking this stranger here in our bed'? I made my decision and replied “Here’s my cell number and address ___________________." He immediately then logged off. 'Fuck it, too bold, too brazen, damn!' I thought to myself only to hear my phone ring. Glancing at the screen, I didn't recognize the number, and as I was thoroughly pissed off the guy apparently had bailed, I almost ignored the call, but instead, taking a deep breath, I answered with a curt "Yes?” “I’ll be there in 15 minutes POZ Daddy” a voice answered, but before I can speak he clicked off, and to my amazement, true to his word, in 15 minutes my doorbell rang. Now naked, my steel hard cock leading the way, I opened the door and found a twenty something Nordic Adonis, about my height of around 6’3”, his white T barely concealing a muscular body with his long length silky shorts giving no indication of what he was packing between his legs. Confidently he stepped into our house, initially kissing me lightly, then more vigorously as our hands frantically explored each other, and as my slimy, cum-smelling cock smeared copious amounts of toxic pre-cum all over his now tented shorts. Just as my hands slid down under the waistband of his shorts, grazing the valley between his ass cheeks, his right hand firmly gripped my pulsing cock as he murmured "Lead me to the bedroom.” Once there I pushed him onto the bed, back first, grabbed his ankles, forcing his knees against his chest, which, of course, left his winking hole exposed and his beautiful thick hard-on unattended. Positioning myself against his ass, my cock brushed against his seemingly virginal pucker. I was hot and hard more than willing to tease his hole. This was soooo not my norm. I had definitely changed. I bend forward and devour his ass. There’s no other word for it – my tongue, my rough stubble and occasionally my teeth – I feel the need to eat that hole from the inside out. He bucks against me as my thick tongue dives in deep slurping making loud wet noises that makes him moan, “Oh yeah mmmm” The boy goes to stroke his cock but I beat him to it and bat his hand away. “Leave it! Concentrate on pleasuring MY cock not yours! I hiss I circle around the rim on his tasty boyhole, then spear in with my curled tongue, rubbing my stubbled chin scratching over his hole making it red and sore, then my tongue again, licking and lapping and then a sudden unexpected bite on one ass cheek and then other then pull those rosy cheeks as far apart as possible pulling the boys ass as open as I could. I’d never eaten ass like this before, and I was in heaven, he on the other hand was in hell, it was making him crazy for me to fuck him. Oh.. please... oh!” he was gasping between my tongue lashings. Pre-cum flowed from my piss slit like a tap turned full on leaving a pool of poison on the duvet cover. I pull back just a little. “Please, what?” “Please!” he gasped, “Please fuck me!” He moves his hand and pushes a single finger against his spit-slick pucker, and groans again. “Please!” “Hope that’s enough spit, boy because that’s all you’re getting.” I’m enjoying this new me. “Look into my eyes boy and don’t look away I want see the moment you first feel my deadly POZ cock enter you.” I looked up at him, losing myself in his youthful brilliance and rub my slick cock up and down his furry crack before my mushroom head hits bulls eye, his hole. I push, pressure mounting as I start to press in past his ass lips. His hole offers surprisingly little resistance as my cock quickly presses into his sphincter stretching it open across my bulbous head. “Ooooo, Aaawwwwwow..I feel every vein, mmmmmm, every, mmmmm, contour of your fat cock as it slides, urggh, deeper and mmmmmmm deeper into my hole” is his running commentary as finally, all eight inches had sunk in and my pubes rested against his pale furry cheeks. “You feel that boy? Feel how easily my POZ cock slid into your hole? You’re no Top, just a hole made for taking loads you should never have been able to take this fat POZ cock so easily.” I flex my diseased cock deep inside depositing yet more radioactive venom, “You like having my POZ cock inside you boy?” “Yes.” “You want me to fuck you now?” “Yes.” “Breed you?” “Yes” “Yes what?” “Please I want you to fuck and breed me with your POZ cock.” “Your wish is my command.” I lean over him, pressing down my mouth to his own. It was less like a kiss and more like possession and domination as my tongue enters his mouth and flex my cock once again before kissing him back fiercely once more and oh so slowly withdraw my cock until the head begins to push his ass lips wide again and wait. Then I pushed, inexorable, not fast but without pause and inch by inch, I felt his body open even though he tried to rock back away from my invading cock. “It’s so thick, so large” The boy says “Yeah boy, eat that up.” I bucked and pushed in twisting as much as I could. “I’m more stretched and full than I’ve ever been”, he says as his eyes start watering, breathing in short bursts, trying to catch his breath. “Good boy…..now take IT” as I ram in as the words leave my mouth. His voice wobbled in response, “Y-esss S…i…r” as he thrashes about under me as I pick up speed with raged rough shoves in and out of his hole. He yelps, I kiss and I swallow the boy’s cries and notice his erection had subsided leaving his once gorgeous cock now lying impotent across his groin I pull my cock from his hole in the same slow deliberate manor that I had pressed it in, allowing the head to pop out too and then with the same inescapable pressure slid back inside and I sense jolts of electric pulse through his hole as the bulging head and veins on my cock push home. I started groaning telling him to I’m going to fuck him in earnest before all of a sudden slamming the full length of my cock into him with the entire force of my body behind it. He screamed. Then it was on, keeping my promise of wrecking his hole. I had never fucked like that, I had never felt so connected to someone, I had never wanted someone as much as I wanted him in those moments. The room became hot and the smell of cum and sex filled the air, I felt beads of sweat drip from my face as my bucking body rammed into him but neither of us cared. The sound of slapping flesh combined with we sloppy squish of his hole was the only sound in the room save for the occasional whimper as my cock forced its way past his second sphincter. I was a beast, hammering away full force at his hole for nearly twenty minutes never missing a beat before…, “I’m about to change your life boy. I’m going to flood your guts with the first of many POZ loads.” “Yeah give me your POZ load,” he pleaded red faced and panting “Here it comes.” As with one final lunge I bottomed out, as the head of my flexing cock bursts past his second sphincter, my load firing deep into his guys. I swear that load was massive and more powerful than any before as I roared, finished cumming and ground my cock deeper into him, working my load to where it could do the most damage. “Oh my god,” he panted, “That was amazing.” “Don’t worry boy, there’s plenty more where that came from,” as I flexed my still hard cock inside him. We shift on the bed as I swear I hear a sound come from the outside? Or was it our front door? I don’t hear anything else expect our hearts thumping as we momentarily recover. “Let’s see how many loads get pumped into your hole to make sure it takes.” Slowly, I begin to fuck him again as my cock never went down or left his battered hole. “feel good boy? I ask as I set out with a slow rhythm and start to pick up speed. The second load was going to take a little longer until I gripped him tight and whispered in his ear “You like riding the death stick thats gonna get knocked you up?” “Please daddy, POZ ME UP!” And with that I was panting raggedly and my balls were retracting. It was time. “I'm pozzing you all over again, cum slut!” The boy was being fucked raw by a complete stranger who's rock hard cock was utterly turned-on. I knew nothing about this boy, nothing, but I fucked more, driven on by an inate sense of generalized revenge. His hole burned around my dick, as I changed pace, giving him a few more rough thrusts as my balls prepared to to blow another load deep in his flooded hole "I'm getting real close-- where do you want me to cum?" I asked, without breaking my pace. He didn't answer. Again I asked "I'm about to blow, man - where do you want it?" He, however, was totally blissed out, eyes closed, laying there, his soft cock expanding as I repeatedly slammed into his prostate, only to have him suddenly exclaim "Oh, Fuuuuuuuuuck!" as perhaps his last negative jizz spurted from his throbbing cock. I was in heaven as his ass had clamped down, squeezing my deathstick, massaging its toxic cargo out, but he wasn't done, he had one trick left up his sleeve. “Convert me,” he plead, adding “I want your toxic cum, to take every lethal swimmer you have. Knock me up, man!” That was it. I pounded even harder, slamming deeper, completely withdrawing with each out stroke, with the result that on one such out stroke, my cum shot all over his crotch, but it also meant that when I plunged back in, I also blew balls-deep in his hole. Of course I continued stabbing his hole forcefully until my climax finally subsided and utterly involuntarily I collapsed on top of the boy, squeezing the air out of his lungs. When I had caught my breath I slowly withdrew, rather carefully almost, and then rolled back on my haunches to survey the damage. Cum was dribbling out of the boy’s puffy hole, cum which was pink with streaks of red plop oozing onto the duvet. Leaning forward, I slid my fingers deep in his cunt and relished finding gobs of mixed diseased spunk and ass juices which I fed him from my fingers. From behind my back the bedroom door creaked open, and I heard clapping and the enthusiastic praise of my boyfriend calling “Way to go Harry!”
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    Just found out Nate tested POZ today. He came to us with his Buddy Ethan for a breeding session. But cried when I pumped my load into him even after he begged for every inch and begged me to breed him like a dog in heat. Now I am waiting to see if Ethan test Poz as well or not. Some cum dumps need more than one breeding session. If he needs another session I will rip him wide open with NO lube and pound his hole deep hard and rough. Nate and Ethan both have there photos posted on my page/gallery from back on 1/21/2017 Congrats Nate come see me and we can swap cum loads
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    It was all falling into place. I had just discovered my boyfriend of ten years was cheating on me. How did I discover it? Today, Saturday, I was sleeping in late as I recovered from a godawful, unseasonable flu. My guy had left me to work overtime, yet again, and in his hurry he had accidentally picked-up my phone, leaving his plugged into the charger. As the text message pinged, I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and groggily picked up the phone and opened what I thought was a message for me Pitor: Ive not cum since we last fucked got a huge Poz load 4 u my filthy POZ cum slut? I had to re-read it as those two words jumped up off the screen at me: Poz and Fucked. The bastard was getting barebacked, then turning around and fucking ME and didn’t have the decency to say and I didn't even know the fucker bottomed as he certainly didn't for me! I was stunned. My boyfriend Grahame is cheating on me AND was fucking with a guy with HIV. I couldn't believe it and felt sick as I scrolled through a series of text and picture messages. With my heart sunk with each conversation as I realized they had been chatting and fucking for the past nine months. My stomach churned as I think back on the deceit and web of lies doing extra hours at work or dashing off to see family but as mad and pissed as I was my cock was rock hard as I read the multiple messages. Grahame: I would LOVE to get fucked by your big PA’d dick! Pitor: U know i'm POZ? Grahame: I don't care. J I want to feel ur big dick in me raw!!! As I read on it was obvious this just was not just dirty talk. Pitor Good I wanna mark ur your ass as mine! i've had to come off meds now but still have a low viral count but u can still get pozzed. ru cool with that? Grahame: ive thought about it but I cant give up on the best fucks of my life. i dont want to stop taking your cock!!! Pitor: good, i can't get enough of your ass. Grahame: Jeez my ass is still ripped, sore & bruised from yesterday. I can barely walk! You fucked me so hard. I can't get enough. I WANT MORE!!!! Pitor J yeah, followed by a picture insert I saw a little blood flecks mixed in with some cum that was dribbling from your hole. I know it was Grahame because of the series of moles on his right ass cheek. I knew you'd like my 10 inches. I love pumping my DIRTY cum deep up ur ass. Ur NEG ass is soooo fucking hot. Grahame: Yeah knock me up with ur + babies Pitor: Good coz Ive got a bonus 4 u this afternoon ;-) Grahame: That was awesome! I cant remember the last time I did ass to mouth I love it when you drill both holes! I can’t believe I’m reading this behavior coming from a guy who didn’t like to rim me because he thought doing that was too dirty-- the fucker! Pitor: yeah that was hot! glad I got to cum in each hole. U got to deep throat well even tho I choked u a few times. Grahame: No worries i fucking loved that! Having sooo much cock in my mouth was intense I almost blacked out. i can't decide if i like ur dick in my mouth or ass the most. Pitor: well i'll just have 2 keep fucking both ends like today then. Grahame: Oh yes please!!!! I’ve never felt so dumb, stupid and humiliated. Yet my cock had never been harder as their fucking tales unfolded and I realized I wasn't just upset, I was jealous. I had been missing out of being rammed by the apparently humongous cock which Grahame had been enjoying. 'Ummmm, I wish I knew what it felt like', I murmured to myself as I found myself jacking my dick. Pitor: It’s all set for this afternoon. Don’t forget to bring your leather blindfold he he I had no idea he owned a leather blindfold-- or where he kept it. The things you learn! Pitor continues: You really love POZ cock n cum up ur ass don't you and say u cant get enough so I have a plan 2 make sure u do get MORE than enough Grahame : I want it and am willing to do anything thing for your cock and cum Pitor: Anything eh? Grahame: Yes, yes, YES! In a trance reading all these reckless indiscretions I realized I was furiously wacking myself, and a huge amount of my pre-cum had pooled on my abs. Pitor: so what did you think of my Polish friends Pawel & Kris? Grahame: bloody fantastic m8 great big cocks rammed in both ends switching back and forth whats not to like? Glad they came first b4 you used that jagged PA on me. Pitor: yeah cum as lube is best, especially when its freshly diagnosed as POZ cum Grahame : Hell yes! Pitor: They’re in town a few more days. u wanna play some more with them? Grahame: YES!!! as much as we can!!!! But without the blindfold this time as I want to watch their faces and look into their eyes as they shoot their payload into me. Really want 2 make this happen…Harry and me have played around with guys in the past but always safe and I hate condoms so now I’m probably Poz from all the fucking WE have done Harry and me can bareback all the time and not worry. As u wont let me cum when we fuck I’m sooooo horny by the time I get home I’ve been fucking Harry almost every time I get to bed he must be POZ by now too! Pitor: Sweet my strain lives on Grahame: I’ve called in sick i wanna get fucked by them all RIGHT NOW. I notice there is a couple of weeks’ gap now between their conversations Pitor: when ru gonna get tested? Grahame: NO point, I’ve felt like crap for the past 2 weeks with what must be fuck flu but all good now can’t wait to ride your death stick again. Pitor: Great! i've got another friend u’ll like. Hes looking to become poz too. CUM over Tears ran down my face as I read about Grahame’s conversion party and confirmation of his seroconversion and realised from his symptoms that I was almost certainly also seroconverting. When I came to this realization, my cock exploded, shooting the biggest load of my life as my poz cum flew everywhere, giving me a real sense of perverse accomplishment, knowing that I could see this as an all around positive outcome as I could now share my seed and TOP for the first time. Without hesitation I scooted over to my laptop, open the web browser and post a BBRTS advertisement which read “Hung Poz Cock Seeking a Neg chaser".
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    RawLeather- top, bottom or vers, they're all the same and they're the absolute worst. You know the movie "10 Things I Hate About You?" Well here are 10 Things I Hate About Methheads... (in no particular order).... 1. They have no sense of time whatsoever. They expect you to have no sense of time either. Whereas you have a life and need to follow suit on that, they couldnt care less if they have you hanging around waiting for them to finish doing whatever the fuck they're doing. 2. They make you come over to them and then when you're there, they focus on EVERYTHING except for you. Cleaning the apartment, fiddling through their porn to find the perfect scene to watch, making sure the music is the perfect volume. 3. Because they can't focus on you and why you're there and they are like horny teenagers with ADHD, are on their phones/computers on every hook up app/site looking for more more more tops to come over and fuck them because just one cock is never good enough. 4. They have ABSOLUTELY zero respect for you. They don't give a flying 747 fuck about you. They make you jump through hoops to actually meet them and then treat you like you aren't even there. 5. You meet them under the premise that you're gonna hook up. But hooking up is totally secondary to them. Secondary to the drug. Making sure they have enough meth to smoke, snort, bump, slam, whatever is always top priority. 6. The paranoia. The paranoia is debilitating for them. "Do you hear something?" "I think my hole is still dirty!" "I think my boyfriend is coming home!" "Do you not find me sexy?" I've heard it all. 7. The defensive attitude. Say something that doesn't sit right with them and they jump all over you. 8. The bottomless hole they become (both literally and figuratively). There's never enough. Never enough guys. Never a big enough cock. Never hot enough guys. Never enough meth. There's never enough. 9. When they are so tweaked that their body starts convulsing. Nothing kills a hard on more than when you start wondering if you need to call 911 because you're unsure if this dude is about to seize up right in front of you. 10. We all know what happens when you come into contact with a partied up "top." Half the time he turns into a cum hungry bottom, but if not, he just turns into a limp dicked failure, grinding against your ass with his at best half hard dick trying to get it in you and even if he manages, still can't be anything more than a lousy fuck. If those aren't enough reasons to not want to hook up with a guy, then I don't know what is.
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    So ready for the most beautiful STD Hiv, so ready for it
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    I hadn't expected to have an addition to this story so quickly. But I got a text from Walt late this morning. He said he was working this afternoon, but his Army buddy, Ben, had enjoyed fucking me yesterday. Ben would be at Walt's condo, all alone for the afternoon, while Walt was at work. He gave me Ben's cell number and told me to set something up with Ben, if I wanted to service him again. He said, "You'll be doing me a favor to help keep Ben occupied. LOL". "LOL"? Seriously? Studly, straight, masculine, rough, big black dicked, Walt was using "LOL" in a text??? I had to laugh about that one. It seemed so out of character. I immediately sent Ben a text that I could be there anytime this afternoon. Just name the time, and I'd be there. An hour went by, and I hadn't received a reply from Ben. So, I'm not sure if he got the text? If he was still interested? Or had chickened out? Afterall, if they're telling me the truth, I was the first guy that sucked Ben off or that he's fucked. From all I could tell, that seemed to be true. But, I'd douched and showered to be ready if/or when Ben got back to me. Finally, about noon, I got a text from Ben. "That was kind of weird, but kind of fun yesterday. I'd fuck you again if you want? Call me". I called Ben back and we arranged for me to come over. He was going to shower and I'd be there within the hour. Ben answered the door, looking hot as ever. He was wearing baggy basketball shorts and a tee-shirt. Bare feet. He was HOT! I came inside the condo and he led me down the hall to Antone's old bedroom, that was now Ben's guest room. "I thought it might be a bit easier in here than on the couch, like yesterday", he said as we entered the bedroom. It was sort of funny, because I could sense and hear the nervousness in this hulking Army Master Sergeant's voice as he spoke. His body and his facial expressions also exposed his nervousness. We both stood there for a moment, feeling kind of awkward. I finally thought, even though I'm the sub here, I'd better take the lead for a bit to get this started. I began to undress. Then shortly Ben began to lift off his tee-shirt. I had fully undressed, when I looked over at him to just find him standing there with still his basketball shorts on. He was looking a bit apprehensive. So, I walked over to him and dropped to my knees. I pulled his shorts down to expose his cock. It stood there hanging limp, before me. I leaned forward and took his cock head into my mouth and began to suck. I sucked for several minutes and it didn't seem to be growing much at all. I pulled his shorts all the way off of him and he stepped out of them. Then I told him to go sit on the edge of the bed. I crawled over to where he was sitting on the bed and again took his cock into my mouth. After sucking for a few moments, I asked him to lay back. He did, and I lifted his legs. I sucked and licked his massive balls as I stroked his still soft penis. then I licked underneath his balls, lifting his legs as I licked there. He let out a soft moan when I licked under his balls. Then I licked lower and licked up and down between his asshole and balls. His moans got a bit louder. Then I lifted his legs further and licked around his asshole. "Oh, fuck", he said softly. Now I really went to town, licking, kissing and tongue fucking his virgin, black asshole. "God Damn!", "Fuck", he'd say softly, almost under his breath. "Has anyone licked your ass before, dude?", I asked as I came up for a breath. "Fuck, no!", he replied. He was now squirming on my face and I was making love to his asshole. The idea that I was not only just the first guy to blow him and give my ass to him, but I was the first person, ever, to lick and eat his beautiful ass was a huge turn on. I had this handsome, masculine, Army Sergeant, naked, on his back, his legs in the air, grinding his ass on my face, whimpering, moaning and groaning as I tongue fucked his virgin asshole. I was really fuckin' turned on by that idea. All of a sudden he flipped over and got onto his knees on the edge of the bed. I squatted behind him and again buried my face in his ass. Lapping at his hole. Taking stabs inside it with my tongue. Then he climbed off the bed and said, "Ok. I've got to fuck you, now. Get on the bed. My black dick's gonna destroy that white pussy of yours. Show me that cunt". I grabbed the lube and poppers from my pant's pocket that laid on the floor. I climbed on the bed and knelt on the edge of the bed. My ass up for him. I took several deep drags of poppers as he lubed up his 9" BBC and squeezed some lube on my hole. "Take it slow at first, please. I haven't been loosened up, yet". "You'll take it the way I give it to you, Bitch! I'm in charge, here. This is my show, here. You're nothin but a dirty cunt for me to use. Fuckin' whore needs a good pounding from my straight, black dick", he barked as he repeatedly slapped his rock hard 9" black cock against my asshole. I'm still sniffing my poppers. I know he's going to be rough. Sure enough, he put his swollen, mushroomed cockhead to my hole and pushed it inside. Not slow, but in one, quick, stab into me. I let out a loud gasp as my ass was filled with his giant cock. "More lube! More lube!", I'm crying as he immediately began to pound my ass. "More lube, please. It's hurting!". Thankfully, he showed some compassion and squeezed some more lube on his cock as it's sliding in and out of my hole. It helped. Plus, I'm sniffing non-stop on the bottle of poppers. Thank God, it's a new and potent bottle. My ass is thankfully beginning to relax and it's starting to feel good. He's one rough top. And he seems to get some pleasure in knowing that it was hurting me. But now I'm moaning, "Oh, yes! Oh, my God, yes! Fuck me. Fuck my white pussy. I love your black dick in me. Fuck me with your straight, black dick". Ben continues to fuck me fast, hard and deep. Each thrust he takes into me, pushes the breath out of my lungs. The bedframe is squeaking and pounding against the wall. Both he and I are grunting and panting. I'm sure that Walt's neighbors on both sides as well as above and below could hear the fucking going on. Soon, he had pushed me further up onto the bed. He had crawled up behind me and had me tightly held around the waist as he continued to assault my ass with his monster cock. I could feel that I needed more lube. I asked him to put more lube on. But, he just pulled out of me. Spit on my hole a couple of times, then rammed back into me. It helped. I took more drags on the poppers and the pain subsided again. About 10 minutes of intense pounding finally paid off in a huge load being deposited deep in my gut. He growled, grunted and swore as his cock emptied his balls inside me. "FUCK! God Damned Whore! You like this? This what you wanted, Bitch? Fuck!", he yelled as his body shook in orgasm. He was still slamming into me, but the speed was slowing. His orgasm set off mine. I was shuddering myself in multiple orgasm, now. I'm not sure I've had an orgasm this intense in a very long time? Finally, he collapsed on top of me. Pulling me down to the mattress along with him and onto our sides. He was spooned behind me, but his cock still fully buried inside me. I was gently squeezing my hole on his cock as it slowly softened inside me. Milking every last drop from his cock as we were both trying to catch our breaths. He showed just a moment of tenderness as he spooned behind me, his cock still in me and his hot breath hitting the back of my neck. He (unconsciously, I think), softly stroked my arm with his hand as we laid there recovering from that amazing fuck. I think he realized he was being affectionate and quickly pulled out of me in one quick motion. DAMN! I was loving the feel of his hunk of a guy, holding onto me, gently stroking my arm and feeling his chest pressed against my back. But, the "Straight" in him had returned and he quickly pulled his cock from my ass, jumped off the bed and headed for the bathroom to clean off. As I dressed I head the shower down the hall being turned on and the shower curtain closing. Ben was still showering as I was ready to leave. "Thanks, Ben!", I shouted. "I'm leaving now. That was fun! Take care". No response. I don't know if he heard me? Or if he was just ignoring me. I left the condo and drove home. Very content to have had another great fuck with this handsome and hung Army guy. As I sit here typing this out, his cum is soaking my shorts and seat cushion. I can tell it was a big load.
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    Another Saturday night and another ass fucked and filled. There shall be many more to cum.
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    This boy came to us for breeding but once he was stripped cloths and personal belonging locked away and walked to the play room he freaked. So I brought him to what I like to call the sweat Box/Room were he will remain like this with the heat turned up to 85. Once he breaks he will be more than happy to be removed from that Hot sweaty room and have that rod removed from his hole. The best part is when you let them down and they cant stand on tip toes any more, sinking that rod as far as it will go into that boy pussy. He has been in there for only 45 min and he is starting to whine like a little bitch.
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    I woke today at 9am when I heard my phone chime that I had a text. I grabbed my phone from the bedstand and checked my messages. There was a text from Walt that had just been sent. "I've got some new black dick for you, bitch. Get over here and taste it with mine". I texted him back that I'd be over ASAP. After cleaning out and showering, I headed over to Walt's condo. I knocked on the door and I heard his familiar voice yell out. "It's open. Come in". I turned the knob and entered his condo. It was pretty dark in the living room. The blinds were all closed. But the light from the TV set and the str8 porn movie showing on the screen gave enough light for me to see Walt and another black guy sitting on the sofa, naked and stroking their cocks to some str8 porn. "Lock the door, fag. You've got some dicks to suck". I locked the door and quickly shucked my clothes. "Is Antone here", I asked? "Nope. Antone's moved back with his Mother in L.A. He hated his job and quit it after one week. So I told the lazy little shit that he had to get another job or get out. He moved back to his Mother, the little prick". "Who's your friend", I asked? "Pardon my rudeness", Walt laughed. "Dave, Ben, Ben, Dave. Ben's my old Army buddy from the Army. Ben's a Master Sergeant at Ft. Benning, GA. He's stayin with me for a few days. He hasn't been in Vegas in quite a few years, so I want you to help make this a memorable visit for him", Walt again said with a chuckle. My eyes have adjusted to the darkness of the living room. I can see Ben is an attractive black man in his early 40's. Short military haircut. Broad, muscular chest with tightly curled black hair covering his muscled pecs and and abs. He had muscular thighs and calves. He didn't appear very tall, but he was tight, and compact. Very handsome and masculine. "My pleasure. Welcome to Vegas", I said as I dropped to my knees between Master Sergeant Ben's long, muscular legs. "Wooooooooo.......", Ben said, as he put his arm out to keep me from leaning down to his half hard cock. "You're here to suck off Walt, buddy. Not me. I don't do shit with fags. I'm just curious to see you service my buddy, here. I don't want your faggot mouth on my dick.". "My apologies", I say as I scoot over between Walt's legs and take his big dick between my lips. "Sorry, Dave. Should have warned you. Ben just wants to watch and jack off. You'll have to settle for just my dick". I continue to suck on Walt's cock. He grows quickly as I work on him. From the corner of my eye I can see Ben stroking his cock. He mainly watches the str8 porn on the screen. But will occasionally turn his head and watch me worshiping his Army Buddies cock. Walt now has grown to full hardness. His cock has a big mushroom head on it. I suck, lick up and down and occasionally suck on his balls. Ben seems to be spending more and more of his time watching me work on Walt, than he's doing watching the str8 porn. I lift Walt's legs and begin to lick his asshole. Walt now lets out a soft moan. He draws his knees to his chest to give me better access to his hole. I spread his asscheeks and really go to work on his ass. Walt's moaning loudly and getting verbal. "Yeah! Eat my hole, Faggot! Eat my black hole, you queer!" I catch a glimpse of Ben leaning forward to get a closer and better look at me eating his buddy's hole. Soon, Walt has moved himself to his knees on the sofa. His ass pointing out. I again spread his asscheeks and again dive into his hole with my tongue. I have to occasionally come up for air. As I come up for air I decide to take a drag on my poppers. As I'm poppering up I look over to Ben. Ben is now rock hard. He's got a good 9"s of beautiful bbc. He's stroking it furiously and is ignoring the TV screen. He's been watching me eat out his friend. After a few sniffs of poppers, I go back to eating Walt's ass. Walt finally pulls his ass from my mouth, turns and feeds me his cock again. As I'm sucking, Walt leans forward and begins to finger my asshole. Yup! He want's my hole. After a few minutes of me sucking Walt and him fingering my ass, Walt gets up and moves to the end of the sofa. It has a very low, upholstered arm on the ends. He tells me to kneel on the arm of the sofa, so he can stand behind me and fuck. I move to the end of the sofa and kneel on the arm. I lean forward and brace myself on the sofa cushion. My ass is now at a good level for Walt's dick. Walt lubes up my ass and his cock and quickly slides up into me as I sniff my poppers. Ben is sitting less than a foot in front of me on the sofa. I'm eye level with his big, 9" black cock. He's still stroking it. I see some precum form on the piss slit of his cock. Walt's cock feels amazing in my ass. I'm moaning and Walt's moaning as he fucks me. Ben suddenly scoots closer to me. His cock is now just inches from my face. He obviously has changed his mind. I lean forward a bit and lick the drop of precum from his cock. He pulls his cock back from my lips as if he doesn't want me to do it. But then slaps his cock on my tongue that I have out. He slaps his cock several times on my lips and tongue. Then he scoots a little bit closer and I take his cock between my lips. It's an awkward angle. I can't get too much into my mouth. So, I come up off his cock and ask him to scoot closer. He does and I swallow his cock as far as I can down my throat. Soon we have a good rhythm going of Walt's cock slamming in my ass, and my mouth sliding up and down Ben's cock. Walt slaps my ass a few times as he's fucking me. "This is a nice pussy, Ben. Sure you don't want to take a ride?" "Nice and silky inside", Walt says. Ben pulls his cock from my mouth and stands up. He walks to my ass to see his buddy's cock sliding in and out of my ass. "Ok. Let me try that hole". Walt pulls out of me and Ben slides his cock into me. "Ah.......Fuck!" I hear Ben say as he slides into my warm, wet hole. Ben wastes no time in beginning to fuck fast and furiously. I'm sniffing poppers as Walt moves to where Ben had been sitting and feeds me his cock. Ben is really pounding hard. I finally have to give up sucking Walt. Because Ben't thrusts are so hard, it's making me gag on Walt's cock. Soon, Ben lets out a loud grunt and slams deep into me. I feel his cock throbbing as he empties his load in my cunt. "God, DAMN!", Ben shouts as he fills my ass with his load. He pulls out quickly from my ass, as if he's just realized what he's done. Walt quickly stands and takes his place. Again slamming into my now dripping pussy. Walt grabs me tightly around the waist and slams hard and deep into me. "Fuckin whore! Yeah, this fuckin whore loves our straight black dicks", Walt says as he really goes to town ramming my hole. 5 or 6 more minutes of intense fucking finally results in him letting out a low, growl as he begins to shake and his own load fills my gut. I milk all I can from his cock as he slowly slides out of me. Then he feeds me his cock to clean off. As Walt pulls out and I climb off the sofa arm, I notice that Ben has been standing to the side of us, closely watching his friend seed my hole. His cock is still hard and he's stroking it. I drop to my knees at his feet and open my mouth. I taste his cock as he's stroking. I can taste his cum and my ass on it. I try to suck him, but he pulls away and just continues to stroke his cock fast and furiously. So, I just kneel here with my mouth open. So he knows I want his load. Soon he moans again and cum sprays from his piss slit. I dive onto his cock with my mouth and swallow as much of his cum as I can capture. Then he pulls his cock from my mouth and he goes into the bathroom to clean off. I dress as Walt lights up a cigarette and sits on the sofa. He picks up the remote and flips off the porn dvd and finds an ESPN station. I dress and pull myself together. As I'm ready to go, Ben comes out of the bathroom. A towel wrapped around his waist. "Thanks for the fuck, guys. I always enjoy it, Walt. Thanks, Ben", I say as I leave the condo. "Sure thing", I hear Walt say as I close the door behind me.
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    Game Quest: Part 11 First Seed, Poz Seed I positioned myself behind my boy at his sweaty and juicy virgin hole that was staring back at me just waiting to be taken. This was my first neg hole since testing poz, and I was going to savor every minute. I licked my finger and slid just the tip into his tight pucker, then up to the first knuckle then second. He definitely wasn’t sure how to react because I could feel his hole tighten around my finger as if to say no. “Nice,” I said. “Good reflex boy. You remember to keep clenching like that when my cock is in you.” My cock was solid, hard and straight up in anticipation of planting my seed in a virgin. To cum where no man had cum before, and where many men would cum after. I was going to forge the trail to his sluthood. There was no way I was going to last long when I got inside him so I decided to go straight in balls deep and dry so he’d really feel it and remember his first time as well as to bring home the point that he was here to be a fuck boy and nothing more. A sub, who’s only purpose was to satisfy the depravity of men. I lined up my cock head against his hole and teased for a little bit. I was so ready to blow Counting to 3 in my head, I thrust forward with all my might and punctured his resisting hole. And did it ever resist, I could feel his ring slide tightly down my cock as I forced in until his hole was choking my shaft just above my balls. He screamed and gasped, and I could feel his body start to quiver, but I was in, and I wasn’t pulling out until he taken every last drop of my poz seed. “Mmm, look at that boy, you seem to have a cock buried in your butt.” I teased I don’t think he was fully aware of my comment having to deal with the pleasure-pain of his violated boy hole, but his yelping ‘oh my god, oh my god, take it out, it hurts’ was the best response I could have ever received. This was in complete heaven. His screams and yelps soon turned into sobbing as I started to thrust back and forth, gentle at first, but I needed to pump harder in order to cum. So, I gradually ramped up my thrusting slamming into the boy’s cunt harder and faster feeling an orgasmic wave flowing over me that I’ve never felt before. I tried to slow down to make the moment last longer, but it was too late, my cock was out of my control and the boy was going to get flooded with my toxic cum any second. He was helpless, his sobbing did nothing but make me want to fuck him more. I guess technically it was rape, but the thought even that made me laugh, and made my cock even stiffer. That last thought pushed me right over the edge. I felt the orgasmic wave ripple through my body, my cock stiffened and started unleashing its high-octane payload deep into the boy’s gut. I grunted and shouted, as I pushed as deep as I could into his hole until my body relaxed and the last drop of cum had been deposited. I was spent and drenched in sweat so I leaned forward onto the boy and stayed buried in him until my cock softened. I pulled my soft cock slowly out of him. His angry hole stayed sealed tightly around my cock as I slipped out as if it wanted to keep my spunk and not waste a drop. “Ohhh,” I said into the air. “That was the best fucking orgasm I’ve ever had in my life.” I looked at his hole, it was winking, moist and juicy. “You’re welcome boy!” I said slapping his ass. No response other than some quiet sobbing and the smallest wet cum fart from his raped boy hole. “I guess we’ll be writing your name on my biohazard wall in a couple of weeks when I test you” I said rubbing and spreading his ass cheeks. But my reveling in the moment was soon cut short, by someone ringing the front doorbell over and over as if the house was on fire.
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    Thinking of booking a sleazy hotel room at the Hotel Pennsylvania in midtown to take anon cock and cum all day and night, either tonight or tomorrow night, the room is cheap and im feeling slutty AF
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    Game Quest: Part 5 The Confession I moved him toward the kitchen, and the basement door leading to my playroom, and stopped him at the top of the stairs. “We’re now going to my interrogation room in the basement. Any last words?” I said into his ear. “No Sir,” he said. “Good boy,” I said, removing his glasses and replacing them with the leather blindfold. “Watch your step boy.” “You must really play this game a lot, if you have a room for it.” He said while I tightened and buckles the blindfold. “It’s been a while boy, but I think I’ll be playing it a lot more now,” I said slyly. Panic took him a bit as I moved him toward the first step and I held onto his arms to steady him as he searched for the first stair with his feet. Slowly we proceed down the stairs and to my playroom. When I got my prize to the door, I swung it open and reached for a leash inside the door, and hooked it to his collar. I shoved him in hard “On the ground boy, unless told otherwise, you walk on your knees here unless told otherwise!” Still bound he fell onto his left shoulder on one of the gym mats I scattered like throw rugs around my cement floored playroom. I tugged at his leash to bring him up to a kneeling position, then lead him across to the bondage chair. “Up now!” I tugged at his collar and brought him to a standing position. “There’s a chair behind you, that you’re going to be in for a while, so sit and make yourself comfortable.” I unlocked his cuffs and lowered him down into the heavy wooden chair. Once In the chair, I relocked each of his wrist cuffs to eyebolts on the high arms of the chair, and then passed his leash through one of the higher slats on the back of the chair, and pulled until his back was straight and some of his weight was on the collar. Then I strapped his chest tight against the chair back and replaced his ankle shackles with leather cuffs that I then locked to legs of the chair. Nice and secure in the chair, and a little dribble of pre-cum bubbling in his cock slit, It was now time to let the fun begin. I reached for the printout of our conversation on Daddies4bois, and decided on my line of questioning. “Are you comfortable, prisoner?” I asked. Knowing he wasn’t a hundred percent “comfortable” in the chair I laughed when he struggled with how to respond. “Yes, Sir,” he finally stuttered. “What is your full name boy?” I demanded. “Gregory Rienster,” he responded. “Where do you live?” He gave his name and address, which I noted down. I continued the rather banal line of questions to lure him into a sense of security in the game. Then I asked him, “Do you know who ‘gameboyfordaddy’ is? Even blindfolded, the look of shock in his face was obvious, his mouth moved trying to figure out how to answer and his face blushed the darkest shade of red. I repeated my question this time louder and with more aggression. Finally, he said with a dry throat, “He is me, Sir.” “What do you mean boy?” “He is you?” I fired back. “That’s my user name, Sir.” “Where is that your username boy?” Again his mouth was moving looking for words. “Where… is that your username boy?” I insisted. “On on, Daddies4boys.com, Sir” he stuttered. “And what kind of site is that boy?” “It’s an online dating site, Sir.” His voice was trembling now. “And what are you looking for on this site boy?” I kept my voice deep and sharp. “Daddies Sir” he said with his voice further in his throat. “Are you a faggot boy?” I shot at him. No response, instead his face and mouth tightened as if soon tears would come. Beautiful, I thought to myself. “I think you are boy! Let me read to you your profile.” I then took the print out and read to him his entire profile, about his stats, interest in being dominated, kinks etc. and most importantly the new bareback information he had added at the earlier persuasion of my fake persona on the very same site. “So,” I said, “it appears to be that you’re a little faggot who wants to suck daddy dick and take dicks raw up your asshole.” It worked, he started sniffling, his lips started to quiver, and a tear slipped out from behind his blindfold. I put down the print out and walked over to my prey and knelt down and said into his ear, “Go on boy, say it. Say you’re a worthless little fag that want to get fucked full of raw daddy seed.” You could see it all well up inside him until it broke like a dam. His chest started heaving and he started blubbering like a baby. If not for the heavy blind fold tears would have been pouring down his face. I saw his cock soften, and said deeply into his ear repeating over and over: “Go on boy, tell me you want to be treated as a worthless little cumdump.” I thought I’d have to push him even more to break him, but his sobbing got heavier, and in a barely intelligible voice and getting hung up on certain words, he said it. “Yes s s s Sir, I’m a w w wo worthless fagg g g gtot t t. P p plea s se tr tr treat me lik k k e a w wo orthless cum dump.” That’s it, that’s all I needed, I took my phone from the shelf and send a text to a good friend of my saying “Game on! Tell others.”
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    As he’d hoped, there were 3 guys waiting outside the door for him to open it. “Come on in, guys, this slut’s open for business.” The 3 guys walked in to the room and a 4th came in a minute after them. “This the guy wanting poz cum?” the 4th guy asked. “You better believe it,” Daddy Max replied. “He’s already got mine and another guy’s in him.” The first guy up to the sling pulled his towel off and said, “Good, I love a sloppy hole.” He had a nice sized cock, about 7 inches, but with a 00 gauge PA. He was hard and ready to go. He noticed the cum on Alex’s stomach and chest and scooped up some with his hand to use as lube for his cock. “My favorite lube,” he commented to the guy standing behind him in line. “Hopefully my PA will tear you up a little so my unmedicated virus can get in your system quicker,” he said to Alex as he pushed the head and the PA into the just fucked cunt. The GHB was starting to hit Alex again and the PA sliding into his hole felt amazing. “Fuck yeah, let me have it. Tear that hole up, I want IT!” he exclaimed. The top shoved all 7 inches in and proceeded to start fucking him hard. The 3 guys behind him started encouraging him, “Get that pussy ready for me,” “Fuck yeah, make him bleed. I definitely want my toxic cum in his system,” “I’ve been waiting to breed this guy and he’s gonna get my poison in him.” All the poz talk plus the rough fucking had Alex very turned on. His cock was getting hard again. No one touched it, though. They were all here just for his ass and to breed him to poz. The guy fucking him started picking up his pace. You could tell he was getting close. “Oh fuck, such a sweet hole. I’m gonna love dumping my load in you. Getting so fucking close. Here it cums, TAKE MY TAINTED DNA!” He let out a roar as he shot his load, but he never stopped fucking. He kept slamming his cock in and out for another minute before he pulled it all the way out. “I do believe I see a little red on my PA, boys. It’s going to be a good night. Enjoy,” he said as he picked up his towel and walked out the open door. A few guys had gathered outside the room watching the action. The 2nd guy was tall, thin, and had that wasted look. He had a long cock, but not too thick, and his balls were done up in a ball stretcher. After the rough fuck from the previous guy, there was a froth of cum at the opening to the used cunt, so he didn’t bother with any lube. He slid his death stick all the way in, giving Alex all 9 inches. Because he wasn’t too thick, plus the fact that there were 3 loads in him, he was able to slide all the way in easily. He settled in for a nice easy fuck pace and didn’t appear to be in a hurry. “I can tell by how hard your cock is that you like this, don’t you boy,” he said to Alex. “Oh fuck, yes Sir, I love it. Please shoot your poz cum in me,” he replied. “Not just poz, I’m full blown. You’re definitely going to be knocked up by the time you leave here tonight.” The GHB was in full effect and a stream of precum started running down Alex’s rock hard cock at that news. He didn’t ever remember feeling this turned on and sexual in his life. He was sweating and moaning. He started clenching his ass on the Aids cock that was fucking him, wanting to make him cum. “Please give me your Aids cum! I want it inside me. Please let me have it, Sir,” he begged. “Oh, you’ll get it alright, but when I’m ready to give it,” the guy responded. “I’m enjoying your cunt too much to shoot just yet.” He kept fucking Alex at a good pace, not too fast, not too slow. After a few more minutes, he started picking up his pace. “You sure you want this cum, boy?” he teased Alex. “I could pull out and just shoot it on you.” Daddy Max, who was standing nearby knew he had no intention of pulling out until his stretched out balls were empty, but Alex started begging even more, “No, please shoot it inside me! Please infect me, Sir, I need it!” Daddy Max chimed in at that point, “Yeah, shoot that toxic seed where it will do the most good.” “I’m getting close, so fucking close. Gonna fill you up even more with my Aids load.” Alex was sweating again and had a glazed look in his eyes. He was moaning over and over, “Fuck me, fill me up, use me.” The top fucked in and out a few more times, slammed his toxic cock all the way in, and bellowed, “AARRGH, TAKE MY FILTHY CUM!” As he shot his load, Alex’s cock started jerking and he shot another load without touching himself. This time, some of it landed on his face and into his open mouth. “Goddamn!” Daddy Max said as he watched his boy have his 2nd orgasm like that. The top stayed still until his balls were drained, pulled out, picked up his towel, and left the room. The next guy in line stepped up. He already had his towel off and had been jacking his cock to stay hard. He slammed in without saying anything, fucked the used hole like a rabbit in heat for a few minutes, and then added his load. By now there was a small line waiting and a crowd outside the door watching the live porn show. The next couple of guys did about the same, stepping up when it was their turn, saying little to nothing, just fucking the offered hole, dumping their load, and leaving. Then the next guy in line stepped up. He was a muscular black guy who was packing a very stereotypical black cock. He had to be about 10 inches and looked to be as thick as a beer can. And it was rock hard. He rubbed the thick head of his cock up and down Alex’s used hole a few times, then tried to shove it in and met some resistance. Even though he’d been fucked several times by now, only a couple had been thick ones and none of them had been that thick. He spit on his hand a couple of times to slick up his huge cock and put it back up to the well fucked hole. He grabbed Alex’s hips and slammed forward hard, shoving the head and a few inches in the now very tight hole. “OH GODDAMN MOTHERFUCK!!!” Alex yelled out. The black stud held still a couple of minutes to let him adjust to his thickness. Daddy Max went and got another prepared bottle of water and helped Alex drink about half of it. He sat the bottle down and started playing with Alex’s nipples to help distract him. The black stud shoved another couple of inches in, backed a few inches out, then started fucking more in. “Yeah, that’s one tight cunt you got there,” he commented. “Although not gonna be that tight once I’m through with it. My death stick always wrecks the holes of the guys I fuck.” He smiled an evil smile, “Even made a few bleed from stretching them a bit too much.” He kept shoving in, pulling out, and shoving more in until he got his whole, huge poz cock deep in Alex’s stretched out pussy. He left it there for a minute, grinding it in, stretching the hole out more. Then he pulled the 10 inch cock all the way out. “Oh yeah, I love the way a hole stays open even after I’ve pulled out. And I see some pink cum running out.” He held his hand out to catch some of it and lubed his cock up again. “Now we can get down to business. You’re gonna earn this poz load.” The last dose of water was taking effect and had Alex majorly turned on again. “Go on stud, make that hole yours. Rape my motherfucking cunt. Tear it up some more!” he begged. The black stud put his slimy cock back up to the puffy, pink tinged lips and proceeded to shove all the way back in. “ARGH, FUCK YEAH!!! Goddamn you’re filling me up.” He pulled back out to the head and shoved back in again. Alex was so into it, even though it was painful, he was bucking back with his ass to try and get more in him. The current top started long dicking him, bottoming out every time he slammed in, then pulling out to the head. Daddy Max kept playing with Alex’s nipples even though he was used to the huge cock by now. He couldn’t resist and he leaned in and kissed Alex deeply and passionately. The black stud kept plowing away, enjoying himself. Max knew with a cock that thick, all the cum that had been fucked into him was getting pushed further in. There was no room for it to go anywhere else. And by the look of the black guy’s balls, he was going to add a good sized poz load of his own soon. Between the huge cock, the GHB, the nip play, and the kissing, Alex was rock hard again. He broke off the kiss with an evil idea. He knelt bent over to Alex’s ear and started whispering to him, “You like that big thick black poz cock inside you, don’t you? You love the way he’s stretching your cunt out and making you bleed a little. Between my scraping your inside, that PA tearing you up, and now this huge cock stretching you out, you’re definitely bleeding in several places. And when you think about all the poz cum you’ve had shot inside you, not to mention that guy who had Aids, you’re leaving here tonight knocked up. There’s no way you’re not gonna get infected. And you like that, don’t you. No, you love it. You’re gonna be one fucking hot poz stud after all this.” While he was whispering all his comments, he noticed Alex’s cock was leaking precum again. Then the black stud started fucking faster, picking up the pace. “Gonna blast your insides with my toxic load. Fucking take my poz cum motherfucker! YEAH!!!” He slammed in one last time and held still as shot after shot of infected cum filled Alex up even more. Once again, it pushed him over the edge and he had his 3rd orgasm without touching himself. There wasn’t as much cum as the last time, but it hadn’t been that long ago, either. His cock shot a couple of times, then it dribbled some cum, but his cock was jerking like it had the first time. The black guy slowly pulled his cock out and he grabbed his towel and left.
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    Game Quest: Part 4 The Game Begins 5:37 pm and the doorbell finally rang. I opened the door and there he finally was. His build was what I expected, and his face cherub like, skinny, kinda cute, unfortunately the acne was more than I expected. He had a tight mouth, and big brown eyes that would never meet my gaze. His eyebrows connected, but easily fixed with grooming. He was dressed in jeans, a grey t-shirt and Converse sneakers. The bike ride was obviously a long one on an 80° day because his t-shirt and short unstyled light brown hair were soaked with sweat. “Hello boy,” I greeted him overly enthusiastically, catching the shy boy a little off guard. “I’m Rog, come on in to the air-conditioning, before you drown in your own sweat.” I offered him my hand and shook his hand while I pulled him in the door. I was more than happy to see his handshake was limp and weak, the sign of a true passive. In he came, and shyly peeped out a “Hi, I’m Greg” as I pulled him passed me. A distinct smell of boy body odor followed him. “You must be thirsty,” I said “after that bike ride. Why don’t you make yourself comfortable and I’ll get a couple Cokes out from the kitchen. The costumes are over there on the couch, why don’t you have a look at them, I’ll be right back.” I injected on my way to out of the living room. “Oh, also look at the clock and note what time it is. That’s number 7, don’t think I didn’t notice.” I took my time coming back from the kitchen, mostly to give him time to look over the costumes I laid out for him, but also to think about what approach to take next. He hadn’t noticed me coming back into the room with the Coke bottles, and he startled a bit when he realized I was watching him examining the black rubber body among the others. Bingo, I said to myself he’s a rubber suite before. “Go on,” I said, “you can touch it. That one’s for my favorite cosplay. I have other accessories for it too, I just haven’t had time to get them out yet.” “What’s it for Sir?” He asked as he picked it up. “It’s for a stealth interrogation cosplay. It should fit you, if you’d like to try it on.” I said realizing that the last minute name was kind of lame. He looked a little puzzled at the name of the game I gave him, but he never took his eyes off of the suit. In all the sm videos I’d sent him under my false profile, there had to have been a rubber suit. He looked at it intently then started examining the zipper that started at the neck and worked its way down between the two nipple flaps, then down past the crotch, and under between the legs to finish at the small of the back. He was fixated on it, and I think I could see a small bulge forming in his sweat jeans. “Let’s try it on you.” I encouraged him sternly. “I’ll give you a hand getting into it.” “Ok”, he said blankly. That was violation number 8, but I thought it best to remind him of it later. I put the Cokes down on the coffee table, and grabbed the hanger in the suit with one hand held it up so it fell to its full length. “It’s easy,” I said “you just unzip the zipper all the way, like this, and then climb in.” He continued to feel at the suit touching the powdery inside. “Now,” I said. “it’s not going to slip on over your jeans and stuff, so it’s best to take off your clothes.” This woke him up a bit, he looked up at me, and met his gaze with the most serious look I could muster. Silence pervaded at this moment and I thought to myself, this is where I’ll get him. If he obeys, then he will be mine. I continued to stare into his eyes, until he started to avoid my gaze looking around the room, then finally he dropped his gaze to his feet and said “Yes Sir.” “That’s a good boy.” I said rewardingly. “Let’s get you dressed in your costume, shall we. I’ll get you the accessories for it once it’s on. Ok? Now get your shoes and pants off, I’ll give you a hand with your shirt, by the smell of them, they could use a good washing anyway.” Greg bent over to untie his sneakers and when he was upright again, I slipped his sweaty t-shirt up over his head and threw it to the floor. “Ok, now the jeans boy.” “Yes Sir” He unbuckled his belt and shuffled off his jeans. My suspicions were right, and there was a bulge in the front of his yellowed briefs. He lowered his hands to cover it, and I pretended not to notice while I occupied myself with the suit. “Ok, I said, underwear too.” He grimaced a little bit and said, “but Sir, I don’t think I can…” Now in a deep strong and strict voice slightly mocking him, I said, “What? You think you’ve got something, I’ve never seen before? Now quite fucking around and get the underwear off.” Shocked by the tone, he moved his hands quickly to the waist band of his tighty whiteys. “Off!” I said He quickly obeyed and slipped his underwear down and let it fall to his ankles. Pretending to size him up for the suit, I could now get a look at his naked body. He was slim, a bit of a sunken chest, with tiny nipples. A thick untamed bush with fairly hairy legs, and the cutest little 6-inch cock that now stood at full attention. I spun him around to get him ready for the suit and saw he had a nice plump ass with hair from the small of his back all the way down through the crack. I hoped my clippers in the play room still worked, I had a fair amount of hair removal to conquer on this boy. I held the suit behind him lowering it so he could step into the legs. “Put your feet in the holes now one at a time.” I commanded. He stepped back with the left leg and I guided it in through the hole I held open, then the same with the right. I pulled the suit up now over his hips, and held the upper part open like a jacket for him to slide his arms in. Once his arms were in I pulled the rest of the suite up over his acne riddled shoulders, and spun him around quickly to pull the suit together over his chest. “Almost there,” I said. I spun him around again, and fastened the zipper pull at his neck and slowly lowered it down to his hard on, closing and tightening the suit around his chest, stomach and finally hips. I slid down with the zipper all the way down his torso to just above his erect cock, and blurted out “What’s this?” pretending to be surprised. He couldn’t, wouldn’t answer, and started fidgeting so much, I grabbed him by the hips to steady him. Relishing in his humiliation, I said, “I think it means you like the suit boy. Is that so? Feels good doesn’t it?” “Yes, Sir.” He mumbled while moving his hands to cover the tell-tale hard on. “Ah, ah! Don’t touch it,” I yelled swatting his hands back to his side. “I think we’ll just leave it like that out in the air, for a while.” I added letting him feel the humiliation of having a hard on in front of a stranger. I spun him around again, and grabbed the zipper pull at the small of his back and lowered it packing in his plump ass, and brought it up to just under his balls, still leaving his cock out. Now there really wasn’t much left to do. I had the boy exactly where I wanted him. In a rubber body suit, cock out, and staring submissively at his feet. It was now time to reel him in. “Let’s start the game.” I commanded. “The others won’t be her till later, so why don’t you and I just take our time and get you used to your role.” “Number one”, I announced, “you are a prisoner, I will be your interrogator. You will call me Sir, you will not disobey any order, you will answer all questions quickly and honestly or there will be consequences. Number two, any other game rules will be given out in the form of orders that you are obliged to obey. You will acknowledge each order with ‘thank you Sir’. Is all of that clear boy?” “Yes Sir,” he said seeming a very nervous. “Good boy, now let’s get some more accessories and start your interrogation.” I went over to the T.V. stand and opened a drawer and removed a pair of leather wrist straps, shackles for his ankles, a locking black leather collar and a heavy leather blindfold. I walked back up the boy who was now trembling a bit and grabbed each of his wrists and fastened on the leather wrist restraints each in turn. I turned him around and grabbed his wrists behind his back and locked the cuffs together. While behind him, I reached around his neck and locked on the collar, giving it a nice snug fit and finally locked the chained shackles to his ankles. I stood back up and looked over my prize, this was easier and more fun than I had anticipated. The boy was turning out to be naturally submissive and the head of his cock started to glisten with pre-cum. “Now you’re mine.” I said to him in a murmur.

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