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    Thanks. That chapter only has 6 likes/upvotes so far so either not many liked it or people are bored with the story. We'll see how the next couple chapters fare... ------------------- Part 53 - New Years Party 4 Kyle walked into the apartment and saw Raphi slowly getting out of the sling, trying not to slip and land on his well loaded ass. Vince was on his knees on the couch getting fucked by Eric and Kai was eyeing the sling. “How many loads?” Kyle asked Raphi and Kai. “Seven, so far” Raphi said as Kai grumbled. “Only five” Kai said, laying back in the sling. Kyle walked up to Kai and pushed his pants down, freeing his stiff cock. Kai laid back and hooked his feet in the straps, like he had done countless times before and offered his ass to Kyle. Kyle shoved his cock into Kai’s puffy, cum filled hole and felt Kai clamp down as soon as he was all the way in. “Ready for more charged seed?” Kyle said. “Fuck yeah! Give it to me” barked Kai. Kyle pulled his cock back half way and slammed in, pushing Kai back off. Grabbing the chains, Kyle stopped his movement just after Kyle’s cock came out of his hole. Tugging on the chains, Kyle’s cock drove back in until Kai’s body slammed back into Kyle. Thrusting again and starting the pattern again, Kyle pounded Kai roughly. The groans from Kai told everyone that this was not a gentle fuck. The jangling of chains, the grunts, the groans, and the sounds of a cock fucking a cum filled hole drowned out the sounds of Eric fucking Vince. With a loud growl, Kyle emptied his balls into Kai’s fertile hole and mixing with the other toxic loads inside. Raphi was stroking his cock as he watched Kyle fuck Kai. When Kyle pulled out, Raphi moved in and asked “Do you want my neg load?” “Sure. Give your cock a poz cum bath” Kai said. Raphi drove his cock into Kai’s hole and stood there, with his cock all the way in. He had never fucked a cum filled hole before and the feeling was amazing. “Oh fuck” Raphi repeated for several seconds and then started to fuck Kai’s pussy hard. Stu walked up behind Raphi and tweaked his nipples while encouraging him to shoot his useless seed into Kai’s hole. Stu’s cock pressed into Raphi’s hole and soon Raphi was fucking himself on Stu’s shaft or into Kai’s ass. He only lasted a few minutes like that until Raphi’s cock erupted pumping one of his last neg loads into Kai. The orgasm milked another load out of Stu’s cock and added to the cream filling up Raphi. The door opened and in walked Paul, laughing at the sight of the orgy. “Where the fuck have you been?” asked Eric. “Out with a client, but he’s in bed now and I need to bust a load or two. I figured this would be a good place to find some hungry ass” Paul replied as he quickly took his clothes off. He walked over to the sling and Raphi moved out of the way. “I hope you take charged loads” Paul said, plunging his cock into Kai’s sloppy hole before Kai could answer. “Add your bug to his hole, Paul” Kyle said while walking behind Vince. Kyle slid his cock into Vince’s muscular ass and leaned over, whispering in his ear “You poz or neg?” “Newly poz” Vince replied. “Cool, I hope you bred Kai and Raphi” Kyle said. “Yeah, and the other guy too. I was hoping to get fucked while my balls fill back up” Vince said as he squeezed his pussy tight around Kyle’s cock. Kyle pulled out and slammed back in, feeling the cum inside Vince’s hole. Kyle pounded Vince a few dozen times and then pulled out. He went and grabbed a new shirt and went back downstairs, hearing Paul grunt each time he drilled Kai’s hole. Paul got more vocal and fucked harder and harder into Kai’s hole. Kai worked his hole on Paul’s big cock and then started begging Paul to breed him. Kai was swinging back and forth, getting his hole impaled by Paul’s thrusting shaft. Paul grabbed his legs and forced his throbbing shaft as far inside Kai as he could and felt the spurts of infected seed mix with the other loads inside him. Kai moaned as he felt another charged load pump into his starving hole. As Paul pulled out of Kai’s flooded hole, Raphi was on his knees begging to suck Paul clean. “You should just bend over and use that cum as lube” Eric said. Raphi nodded, stood up and bent over the back of the couch. Paul chuckled and roughly shoved his cock into Raphi’s dripping pussy. Grabbing on to Raphi’s hips, Paul pounded as hard as he could, sometimes bumping into Eric who was back inside Kai’s hole. Eric ravaged Kai just like Paul was doing to Raphi. Dan was next to Eric stroking his cock and Vince was now next to Paul stroking his. Paul slammed in, growled and unloaded his virus tainted seed into Raphi. Hearing Paul breed Raphi gave Eric all the incentive he needed and he dumped a second poz load into Kai. Both Dan and Vince were on the cusp of their orgasms and pushed Paul and Eric out of the way in order to plant their loads inside the bug hungry holes of Kai and Raphi. Everyone caught their breath and Eric went to his bedroom and came out with a pair of butt plugs. He took the larger one and forced it into Kai’s cum soaked hole and then pushed the smaller one into Raphi. “Those plugs have sealed the fate of several neg guys, so I want them back” Eric told them. The guys wiped down with towels and then dressed before heading back down to the party. They had missed hearing the fireworks that went off at midnight, but had made their own anyway. The whole group drank and talked for a while until one by one or two, they headed home. Raphi had drunk a few too many shots at the end of the night and Mark, Eric, Joe and Kyle finally took him up to the apartment and they all soon passed out. Mark and Joe were hoping they had probably brought a few new guys into the brotherhood in addition to having a fucking great time. Only time would tell.
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    A couple of months back, I had recently turned 26 and I was looking to be a little more socially responsible. I wanted to be able to help those in need by sharing my talents and strengths. Being gay myself, I thought that volunteering at the local AIDS Hospice would be a good way for me to do that. I called and spoke with Brian, the director, and he suggested that I come in and tour the place to see if I thought that I would fit in. On the day of my interview I showed up full of anticipation. Brian had me fill out an application and then gave me a tour of the place. There were a dozen men currently living there, all in different stages of being affected by the virus. Some guys looked completely healthy and others were more visibly ill. When the tour concluded, Brian suggested that I spend some time with one of the residents. He walked me down the hall and knocked on the bedroom door at the end. When it opened, Brian said, “Hiya, Francis! I’ve given Alex here the grand tour. I think he likes the place. Could you, maybe, give him the lowdown on living here? You know…an insider’s viewpoint.” I should tell you about Francis. He was my height and very thin. He obviously had lost a lot of weight. His sweatpants hung from his bony hips. What appeared to be a pretty sizable cock bobbed enticingly against the grey fleece material. His tank top loosely covered his torso. His face was still quite handsome…gaunt but cheerful. Francis always had a smile…at least for me. Francis invited me into his room. There were no chairs so he had me sit on his bed and he sat down next to me. “So,” he said, “do you like the place? You thinking of working here?” I told him that I was impressed with the setup. “Brian said I could start out working the overnight awake shift. I’d be alone but, he told me not to be concerned because nothing much ever happens during those hours. I’m sure I could handle the work. You know…I’ve always wanted to be in a job where I could be of service!” Francis told me about his fellow house mates. He made a point of reminding me that these weren’t just patients. They were flesh and blood men with wants and needs of their own. I responded that, if I worked there, I’d do anything I could to improve their day to day lives. Of course, I ended up taking the job. I started the following week and, on my first night, after everyone else was settled in for the night, I rapped on Francis’ door and poked my head in. “Hey!” he called out. “Come on in!” He was just wearing an old frayed bathrobe that dangled from his skinny frame. He got up and joined me in sitting on the edge of his bed. I told him that I was just checking to make sure he was set for the night. “Thanks!” he said. “That’s real thoughtful of you, Alex! I like you! In fact…I like you A LOT!” With that, he leaned over and brushed his lips against mine. Without much thought, I kissed him back. His hand caressed my knee. “Remember?” he said. “Remember when you told me that you wanted to be of service to the residents here?” “Sure!” I said. He continued. “When we found out you were coming to work here, we all talked it over. Now…I could tell you what we need most…but here, let me show you.” That said, he put his hands on my shoulders and guided me back onto the bed. He followed me down so he that was laying on top of me. His sunken chest pressed against me. His lips locked on to mine. At the same time his hand slid over my crotch and began a gentle squeezing. “We may be sick…but we’re MEN, you know. Men with NEEDS. And right now, Alex, I need YOU!” I wasn’t sure how far Francis was going to go with this but I didn’t mind making out with him. Like I said…he was a good-looking guy and his urgency was contagious. How could I say no? He opened the drawer on his bedside table and took out a small bottle. “Here, Baby…take a hit of my poppers here!” They must have been fresh and, whatever they were, they were awfully strong. My mind spun off into the void. I was utterly relaxed and felt an indescribable bliss. I was remotely aware that my pants and briefs were getting tugged down off me. When I began to re-focus, I realized that his hand was tugging and stroking my dick which, naturally, began to swell and harden. “Take some more!” his voice said and off I went again. When my vision cleared, there stood Francis, between my legs, raising my legs up to his shoulders. His bathrobe had parted, revealing a stiff cock that was already dripping toxic goo. He leaned close. “And AGAIN!” the voice commanded. He held the bottle in place so that I had to take 4 or 5 breaths of the heady vapors. That really sent me to the moon. Fucking heavenly! As I returned to earth, I became aware of a rocking motion. The cause was soon apparent. Francis had entered me and was thrusting forcefully against my upturned ass. I could feel his cock sawing back and forth. His speed increased and his breathing grew ragged “FUCK! HERE I COME!” he shouted as he pushed into me one last time and held himself in place, his cock spasming repeatedly. Although he had emptied his balls deep inside me, he didn’t withdraw, opting to stay on top of me, his dick plugging my hole. “Come on, Baby! Let’s give my seed time to latch on…start to grow in you. I kinda wanna be the one that knocks you up!” As we lay there, he explained that all the men in the hospice had decided that what they needed most was for someone like me to be their willing partner whenever they wanted to breed. Most of them felt shunned by society and hadn’t been able to fuck a bottom like me in a long, long time. They wanted to be able to use me during the night hours as they would a lover. They wanted someone that wouldn’t say no to receiving their dirty seed! Francis asked, “Are you willing to do this for us?” Again, how could I say no? That was several months ago. Since then, some residents have died and new ones have replaced them, but night after night I’m there to service them…my 12 Poz Lovers.
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    PART 6 The next few days went something like spend 23 hours absolutely beating myself up and being sure my life was over, and the other hour reliving the sex that had taken place and jerking off 3 times a day. And it was the only thing I thought about jerking off. But there was no way I was ever going to do that again. I tried to avoid even going by Tom’s place, mostly because I was just so freaked by the hiv thing and that he had cum in me and also just because I had never acted like that, like so slutty and desperate for a guy. It was safe to say I thought about Tom a lot. I would spend hours mad that he could have done that to me, followed by thoughts of how great it was that he had done that to me. It was almost worse. I finally had had the sex I had fantasized about and it had felt SO GOOD, but I couldn’t ever do it again. It was school and work and obsessing over fact that I had had raw sex. And taken cum. And i’d feel guilty over jerking off to it, but I just couldn’t help it. At least I had that, I would tell myself. Five days. Not even a week. I had been at school and then work and it was Friday and I decided to go to the Jacuzzi at the apartment complex. And who shows up about 3 minutes after I get in the water. He opened his robe and showed off a Speedo that barely held his cock and balls in it. “Chris, I have been hoping I would see you again. I know you were kind of flustered when you left. I really enjoyed our time we spent together. God, you were amazing.” He said as he settled in the water, directly across from me. “In fact, I was really really hoping to see you again.” I was practically shaking from the adrenaline going thru me. Part of me was so scared of what had happened, but part of me was seriously stuck on the fact Tom had really liked it and he liked me. He had been thinking about me. “I, I have been busy all week with school and work and stuff.” I said quietly. “I bet you need to relax,” he replied, adding “I bet you need to let go, let some of that stress go, let your true self come out for a while.” He had kind of slowly moved around the jacuzzi and he was now close to me. I just nodded at what he said. A recording of our previous meeting was playing over and over in my head. “I think we have had enough jacuzzi. Let’s dry off and go back to my playroom.” And he eased himself out of the jacuzzi his half hard cock pressing his suit out. I stared. And then followed. I knew what it meant going back there. And I was going anyway, after all I had said to myself. It was that easy for him to get me. We walked silently back to his place. As soon as we were in the door. “Let’s just leave our suits down here,” he said, stripping off. I followed suit. Ten seconds in his house and I was naked. I followed him up the stairs into the room and he shut the door behind us. I sat on the bed and he put on a video. As it flickered on, he came to me and kissed me, his tongue invading my mouth. “I jerked off every day thinking about you and your sexy body and little boyhole,” he whispered. “I jerked off so many times thinking about you. I know I shouldn’t do this but I want to so badly,” I whispered thru our kiss. “Shhhhh. Don’t worry baby boy. This is your playroom. Your place to be your true self and to do what you want to do. What you need to do. And my baby boy needs his hole fucked again doesn’t he?” He whispers to me, his face inches from mine. My hand had alrady stArted stroking his cock, which felt like steel. “I want you to fuck me so bad,” i blurted out, surprising myself. But it was true. What had been a want these last few days was now a need. Tom was so hot. His cock was so fucking big and perfect. And he wanted me just as much I could tell. Looking me in the eyes, he asked me the question I was afraid of, “and what about my cum. Are you gonna take my cum again?” His cock leaking precum in my hand, the heat of his body, his smell. It all pushed me to the edge, where I was just his. And i was my true self. And my true self knew that every thought I had had about Tom always ended with him cumming in me. “I want your cum. I want you to fuck me like last time until you cum in me. In me, “ I replied. Just like that, I had somehow ended up in his room. And this time, he knew right away that my ass was his to use. And the cum. I was trembling still, a ball of horninss and nerves. This super hot guy with a huge corck was hiv positive. And I had basically just asked him to fuck me and fill me up with sperm. And this time, cock hunger won out quicker than fear as I slid down to my knees and opened my mouth wide, ready to serve.
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    Part 2; There stood the twink and the taxi driver. 'Are you his Dad?' 'Yeah'. 'He doesn't seem well mate. I'd get him to a Hospital'. 'Don't worry, it's just a Fever. Here is the fare, and something extra for your trouble'. 'Cheers mate'. I closed the door. The twink hobbled in like an old Man. 'I feel TERRIBLE Daddy' 'You don't look too great. C'mon, let's get you in the shower son'. I got the shower running on a decent heat, stripped, then stripped the twink as he was feeling so weak and feeble. Not only was he feeling weak, aching all over, and having night sweats, but before my eyes was also a blotchy rash on his chest. I couldn't help but smile. I had already washed that day, so attention was on cleaning him up, inclusive of a thorough douching. I dried us both, and I locked his little flaccid dick in a stainless steel chastity device. I put on a Leather executioners hood, and my German army boots, and carried him downstairs, and into the Garage which has been partly converted into a Dungeon, and lay him in the sling. I lubed my Dick with spit and slid in the entire length of my shaft. 'Ouch. That hurts Daddy ... Why am I feeling so awful?' 'Don't worry son, your symptoms are your body's way of saying it is accepting Daddy's HIV Virus. You'll feel better soon'. He smiled, albeit feebly. I fucked him for while pretty gently, seeing his sweet face running with beads of sweat. Even though I had just showered him he was drenched with sweat. I glanced the sight of the rash on his chest, and all I could think of was my virus inside him replicating at a high rate. This really turned me on so I started to fuck properly like I would normally... FAST strong thrusts, which caused him to whimper... **** To all those pups and pigs, squeal and woof as loud as you can for Part 3 ... And be good little animals and 'like' each part to show your appreciation 💦💦
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    Part 40   We laid there wrapped in each others' arms until I heard someone knocking on the door. We then got up and went back downstairs to the kitchen. There was Randy and Tom at the door. They told Hank that the new guys were there now and waiting and was wondering if he was ready for their Sat. night conversion to start up. Hank turned to me, grabbed me and kissed me, and asked if I was coming over. I told him I wanted to take a shower and then see. He smiled and said, "I hope you hurry then, please, as I would love to have you there." I nodded and said, "I'll see after I get cleaned up first. It does sound like more fun, maybe. Go ahead and give 'em hell." He turned and they all headed over to Hank's then. I headed back upstairs and soon was taking a nice hot shower. The stream of water across my body felt wonderful after our lovemaking session. Then it hit me. Lovemaking session? Had it actually been that, it sure had seemed so at the time. Now with Hank not there, my same old doubts came back. What am I doing? What about the HIV? I had been totally straight and now, what? The whole week had me completely torn. Did I still want a woman, did I want only guys, did I really want this disease and if I didn't was it too late to try and get that PEP they had talked about? So many questions. As soon as I was alone, my thoughts were definitely confused. All this had happened so fast and I still wasn't sure if it was what I wanted. It felt magnificent during the sex and it was the best I had ever had. The fact that is was all with guys with a high viral load of HIV, made it hotter than hell but also about the scariest thing I could think of. I loved the sex, but the HIV? I still wasn't happy about that I guess, but what to do? I had been with quite a few women before but now only 3 guys, but it seemed almost like a lot more. All sex to me was great but these guys took me to new heights I had only dreamed about before. Could I even perform with a woman now? Shall I just forget that and stay with guys only? OMG, my mind was in a whirl. As I was sitting there in confusion and trying to sort my mind out, I could hear the sounds from next door again. They seemed to be getting under way now and I knew what was happening there. More neg. guys taking poz loads and hoping to convert, but is that what I wanted? I really did not want HIV, but the cock and sex were so intoxicating. I found myself heading downstairs and then over to Hank's. The kitchen door was open and I just walked on in. Then I realized I hadn't even stopped to put any clothes on and was still naked from my shower. I laughed at myself for being so lost in thought as to do that. As I walked into the livingroom, I stopped and gaped at the goings on. They were all in there on the floor. All 4 of the POZ guys were fucking the hell out of what I assumed were 4 NEG guys and there were two more guys sitting on the couch stroking their cocks. I had no idea if they were two more poz or neg guys. What a sight to see. The sounds of the guys fucking were loud as they slammed their cocks as hard, fast and deep as they could. The guys under them groaning and panting and one even almost screaming.
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    Part 3; I held onto the sling chains, rattling as I quickly thrusted. I can usually fuck for a long while, and if close to cumming I can navigate my way to frequently holding out. I felt myself getting close, yet on this rare occasion I didn't desire to keep on going, so, I just let it happen, and with that I started to grunt as my weapon unleashed it's toxic material. I went and fetched the twinks pants, and got him some of my old lounge trackies, an old T-shirt and some thick socks. I dressed him, and took him into the main house. 'Right, let's sort you out sexy'. I took his temperature, ... 38.7c. I made him some plain toast with butter, and a Lemon/Honey drink with a few Paracetamol, just to take the edge off his Fever for at least a few hours. We were sat at the kitchen table, kicking back for a bit when his face started to have a strained look... 'Are you OK?' 'I just had an urge to fart Daddy, and now my pants feel wet' 'OK, get up and bend over the table, let me take a look' I pulled down my trackies he was wearing, and his pants. Sure enough, a big blob of my sperm was sitting in his underwear. 'Don't worry son, you've naughtily dropped some of Daddy's cum'. Bit by bit I scooped it up and fingered it back inside him. Hmmmm, I needed a way to make sure it didn't drop back out again. I went to the Garage and got the lube and 2 dildos, a small and a medium, and slowly pushed my cum deep into his cunt walls, whilst opening him up for more play. It was just gone 9.30pm when the door knocked. I'd seen the clock on the way to the Garage earlier, and remembered it was 9pm, so, I had be playing with his ASS since 'spunk drop' for around 30 Minutes or so. I suddenly realised who it was. It was Phil. Phil is a mate of mine, much like me, full blown and high viral load, and we occasionally play together. We're both Tops, but we seem to like recharging one another. I let him in. 'Phil, remember the neg twink I was telling you about, who I slammed the other day?' 'Yeah' 'He's here now, sero-converting, and bent over my kitchen table as I had to push back in my sperm which fell out' 'Let me see' ..... *He marched in* Fucking 'ell, HOT' Phil was a biker, and still in his full gear he pulled his Leather trousers and pants just below his hips, revealing his Dick that was already fully erect, showing off the piercings he had running down the entire length of underneath his shaft (Jacobs Ladder), and slammed in, no lube! The twink let out a high pitched 'OUCH' ...
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    I needed a drink. It had been another crappy week at work plus ever since my boyfriend and I had broken up a month ago I haven't had sex other than being intimate with my right hand, let alone go on a date. So I was really looking forward to meeting some new guys to have fun with. This Friday night was still a bright sunny spring day and had a good crowd of hot men milling outside the Soho gay bar chatting, smoking and generally checking out who is going in and out. Quickly entering and on the hunt, I made my way inside, started looking around for tonight I fancy someone different, someone edgy and dangerous, a guy or guys I want to ‘get down dirty with’ but it was a little overwhelming at first: the banging music and crowded bar made it already a hot and sweaty atmosphere as I squeezed my way through the throng and found a spot at the end of the bar then waited ages before the bartender eventually asked for my order, the wait did however enable me to see where people were and that I was stood next to the steps down to the toilets…! The heat in such a confined space made me gulp down my beer in double quick time then spent about 10 minutes of just looking around at men of all shapes and sizes, some were touching each other a lot and I could just see off in one dark corner two guys kissing one another and openly feeling each other up and then one of them pushed the other down into his crotch! Fuck I was horny and frustrated now making my ass twitch excitedly wanting to be filled rough and hard. I was about to order a second drink when I saw HIM, this huge man, fantastic thick but well-trimmed beard, white shirt straining to contain his rippling muscles and showing a hint of tattoos sprouting from his collar and cuffs. It looked like he was walking right towards me through the crowd of sweaty, drunken, horny guys so I flashed him my brightest smile and he responded with a nod. It was just like in a film, as if it was just him and me in the room, by the time he was standing next to me my lean 6'1" frame looked child-like against him. Not only did he appear to be 40ish but he wore his status with pride; the hair on the side of his head was shaved to show off his what looked to be a fresh Scorpion tattoo and as I looked him up and down I couldn’t help but notice he was definitely sporting a bulging packet in his tight trousers. I couldn’t help but lick my lips wishing they were around his cock this instant. Although I would never consider myself a “Chaser” I couldn’t contain myself. "Do you want to go somewhere for a little fun?" I asked. He didn’t speak, just nodded to the right indicating going downstairs to the Gents toilets. “I need a piss” I announce and headed down the stairs and once inside the stench of stale piss from the open trough made my nostrils flare, the dank wet floor already had cum splats showing fresh activity and the dirty sink just added to the sleaziness of this coupling. I stood waiting and right on cue in came Mr Big. There was no foreplay or kissing just a simple instruction, “On your knees boy and suck.” He grabbed my shoulders and pushed me down onto the floor so his 9 inch or so looking cock was right in my face, I press my nose in the growing crotch then quickly unbuckle his belt, pull the zipper down to release about 9 or 10 inches of hard throbbing muscle. He glanced down, "Get to work boy, I want to try out my new toy." "Suck my cock fag?" he demanded with a sneer looking me straight in the eyes. . "Yes sir. Please let me suck it," I beg feeling the heat off his cock and inhaling the musky scent of this alpha male as his heavy bull balls hang low dangerously full of toxic cum ready to change my status in one rough fuck. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and he set his dick on my tongue. It felt so soft against the inside of my mouth. I started to go to town sucking and licking his thick cock. I only took it about half way at first because it was so massive. I kept twisting my mouth all around his dick while I licked the head with my tongue. Once I had warmed up to it he grabbed the back of my head and began to force his dick further and further into my throat. "You're gonna take it all the way you little faggot," he said as he got increasingly more aggressive with every thrust as he pushed his dick further down my throat and each and every time I gagged. When he finally got it all the way down my throat he kept it there for a few seconds. I couldn't breathe and I tried to pull away but his grip was too tight. Finally, he let my head go. As he pulled out I coughed up a huge amount of saliva which ran out of my mouth and down my shirt. He did that again several more times, each time holding my head there longer and longer. At one point he had his cock jammed down my throat for what felt like an eternity without letting me breathe. I panicked thinking I was going to pass out. After the last time he pulled out there I was kneeling on the wet floor gasping for air snot, spit and saliva running down my face. "Get up bitch," he ordered, "Get in the cubicle, I don’t like an audience." And as I stand I begin to undo my belt, but obviously not fast enough for him as he rips at my trousers with fly buttons pinging in all directions. “Now get in there.” "Yes sir. I want you to teach me who's boss." "That's right faggot. You'll never forget me." He started rubbing my ass cheeks and slaps my head down into the cistern. I see stars and instantly feel a metallic taste in my mouth. "Don't move boy. You need to learn to take it and my dick is getting a little impatient to sample the goods, you ready to get fucked faggot?" he asked. "Yes sir, please fuck me raw," I was getting so turned on knowing I was finally going to be fucked. He pushed the head of his cock into my waiting hole and I could feel it stretching to allow it inside. "Oh shit," I yelled, "It hurts so fucking much." "Shut the fuck up and take it boy." I had never had something this big up my ass without spit or lube and being fully opened up first and yet I could feel my hole stretching to its limit to accommodate this intruder. "Stop please I can't take it," I begged, knowing how futile that request was going to be and that he would just push in further. Sure enough, he ignored my begging. He bucked his hips, pushed in another inch before pulling almost all the way out just leaving the head inside my pulsing hole but it was only empty for a second because he slammed his cock right back into my hole. This time the pain intensified as he slid his cock all the way up my hole and I could feel his balls slap against my ass. "Oh my god, you're so fucking big," I said trying to ignore the fire I felt in my hole. "You like having a hard cock shoved up your ass little slut?" he asked. "Yes sir, it feels so fucking good,” I lied, “I want you to destroy my hole." "Well since you insist," he replied and started to frantically fuck my hole. Over and over he forced his throbbing dick into my now not so tight hole and it was either his pre-cum or my ripped-up chute bleeding that lubricated the assault and the pain eased into pleasure. When he pulled all the way out my hole stayed open even with the absence of his cock until he slammed in hard until his bull balls slapped against my ass. "Yeah, fuck me harder sir. I don't want to be able to walk straight afterwards." The dirty talk was turning us both on so much. "What do you want boy?" "I want you to cum Sir" I replied. "What do you want from me?" "I want you to breed my ass Sir." “No, I saw you staring at my tattoo, so go on, say it slut!” “Breed my hole with your charged cum, Poz me, knock up my slut hole, I want it, no, I need it NOW!” As soon as I said that he started fucking me even harder. My swinging back and forth shins hitting the porcelain bowl, my face pushed in to the cistern just added to the force of his thrusts as I had nowhere to go. I felt like his cock was stabbing direct in to my stomach. He grabbed my straining hard dick in his hand and began jacking it frantically. It didn't take seconds for the pressure in my balls to release. "I'm cumming!" I moaned as I shot a huge load all over the toilet seat and wiped it up with my fingers then licking them clean. As my sphincter clamped down on his shaft with each spurt of cum from my cock he asked "You ready for my load faggot?" "Yes Sir, shoot it up my ass. I'm ready for it." "Ahhh! Fuck. Yeah. Here. It. Cumms" he announced leaving gaps in the statement as he punched in on the inward strokes, then moaned as I felt his dick twitch and release its load into my hole, spurt after delicious spurt, four or five distinct pulses and then he started fucking hard all over again. "Fuck yeah, pushing it in deep" he said as he let his cock empty the last drops of poison into me. That was by far the best fucking I had ever had. "Don't let any of my cum fall out of your ass boy. I want you to leave it in for a good while," he said as he pulled out of my gaping hole only to use the blunt head of his cock to push back in any escaping cum. “Now clean me up like a good faggot should.” I lick and slurp any cum and ass juices off his still rock-hard dick and then pay particular attention to his piss slit to feast on any dribbles of Poz cum coming out. He popped his cock back in his pants, zipped up and was out of the door and as I gathered my clothing, ripped and piss-soaked trousers I realised I had more than these as a souvenir of this fucking. As I was getting dressed I felt so much pain from both the rough fucking and clenching of my ass cheeks to keep his load in my battered ass it was then that I noticed something in my pocket. He had slipped a piece of paper in my pocket with his number on it in case I wanted to meet up again for a repeat. I had to call a cab to take me home because there was no way I would have been able to walk and saved his number in to my mobile. When I got back to my flat I took off my trousers and pants and noticed a mixture of blood and cum was leaking out of my hole. I immediately got hard again and spent most of the night jacking off to the memory of what had just happened before I fell asleep hoping to feel that big dick battering my hole again real soon.
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    Part 4; 'Use some lube Phil mate. Poor boy is feeling fragile'. 'OK. Hey, get one of your large towels Simon, let's give him some comfort'. I came back with a large towel as requested, Phil still fucking away at the twink bent over the table, but now naked, with his AIDS wasted ASS darting in and out! Taking the towel from me he put it on the kitchen floor, put the twink on his back, and recommenced his fucking. 'Fuck, look at this twinks sero converting rash, Fucking Beautiful'. It had slipped my mind that Phil was coming over this evening. Interesting how situations pan out how they are meant to. Phil looked at me, his face contorting like a greedy fuck pig as he pounded the boy. He suddenly flipped him over on all 4's and began to fuck his face. 'Hey, Simon, let's do the toothbrush'. I knew exactly what he meant. I got an old toothbrush from the 'Dungeon' that had already been used for the same purposes, and started to rip up the boys cunt. 'Go on Simon, harder than that, really tear into him'. That comment tore through me and I felt myself get really nasty. I really dug it in hard and deep. Phil took his Dick out of the twinks mouth, and motioned me away. He stuck two fingers in his cunt, pulled them out. They were bloodied. Phil looked at me, gave an evil smirk, and said... 'Fuck YES'. He plunged in deep and started to fuck with no mercy. I knew he wasn't going to last long, so, I positioned myself behind Phil, to watch his AIDS wasted ASS. I wasn't wrong, in a few minutes he started to unleash yet another strain for the boy, and I had a front row seat, watching Phil's perineum twitch each time he squirted a rope of hot Demon seed deep inside. He pulled out, knelt in front of the twink... 'Clean it up' he barked. To all those pups and pigs, squeal and woof as loud as you can for Part 5 💦💦
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    Part 1; I had been talking for a few weeks with this twink via one of those online apps. Turns out he is one of the many active seekers of intentional HIV infection. We discussed this online, and even met up over a Coffee. I like to be certain myself that my twink knows what he is getting himself into. We had arranged a day and evening where we would go to a sexual health clinic to confirm his sero negative status, then, we would change it that evening. I wasn't allowed in the consulting room whilst he had the consultation, however I was allowed in when he had the finger prick test which gives results within minutes. He also had the other test where blood is taken from the arm and the results take about 1 week. Finger prick test result; Negative! I took him home. 'One last time, you want Daddy to infect you?' He looked me straight in the eyes and firmly replied; 'YES Daddy'. I drew blood from my arm and blood slammed him with my high viral load of 1 Million +. I took the needle out and got him to press down on the cotton wool. 'Good boy. You can go home now. I'll see you in a few weeks'. 'What? I thought we were going to have sex', he quizzed. 'We will do soon, but not tonight. And you must promise me you will abstain from any sexual activity until we meet in about a few weeks time'. 'Er... OK'. He seemed a little confused, but, he obeyed his instructions. He left and I didn't hear anything from him, until 17 days later, when he messaged me, saying he felt horrific, that his entire body ached and for a few nights he had been having night sweats. 'Come on over'. 'I can't, I feel to weak, there is no way I can get on a train'. 'I'll get a taxi to fetch you' 'OK' There was a knock on my door... Squeal for part 2 Piggies
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    Part 8, As I walked down the path toward the woodshed, I thought back on my day. It was the best day of my life. It was my 18th birthday, I was finally starting my senior year in high school. I had never thought I would get this far after being held back a couple years ago, but I was finally a senior. Then, Wow, I can’t believe it, I had received that unbelievable letter from the State University telling me that they were giving me a scholarship to play hockey and be on their track and field team. And if that wasn’t enough, to top it all off, the man down the street I always looked up to, Mr. C, gave me a job at one of his pizza places to make sure I had some spending money when I went away at school next fall. I had a huge smile on my face as I realized, this was the best day ever. As I got to the swimming pool, it looked like something out of a magazine. I thought man, this is the life. Because I was gawking at the pool and grounds and I think those celebration drinks were making me feel funny, I was not paying much attention to where I was going and ran into a hammock hanging by the pool. The sounds of the chains rattling made a loud noise so I grabbed them to quiet it down. I realized it was very similar to the one Mr. C had in his rec room back at his house. But focus Lukas, don’t screw this up.... prove your dad wrong, you are not stupid and dumb. I could see a red light back further back, so I continued on my way. The trail snaked between these beautiful gardens, as I got closer and closer to the light on the woodshed. Finally, I was on the porch of the woodshed, I was feeling really funny by then, but I remembered what Mr. Ali had said, so I knocked once firmly, I opened the door and walked in. The room was pitch black inside and had a pretty strong scent of cigar in the air so although I couldn’t really see anything I gathered that I was in the right place. With confidence, I knew what to do so I said, ‘Sir, I have your present here and please take my cherry pie’. I heard the deep voice of Mr. Terry say, ‘you look great with that red halo of light coming in from the doorway, you are a very good pup, now close the door and take two steps forward’. I wondered how he knew my nickname was pup? I didn’t remember telling him that earlier, but I guess I was distracted when he noticed my hard on. I then saw a strange reddish glow. It looked like a glowing cherry a few feet in front of me. It would get sort of brighter and then got dim again. I heard him say, ‘set the brown paper bag and the pie on the table right there’. I felt in front of me and sure enough, there was a table. There was a noise from a chair sliding a little and the glow of the cherry colored light got brighter again and raised up. It was then, I realized Mr. Terry stood up and I heard his boots clomp on the floor, as he got closer to me. Soon I heard him exhale and a strong blast of cigar smoke blew into my face. My parents were totally opposed to smoking so not being used to being around smoke, and I coughed a couple times. It really smelled, but I didn’t want to be rude, so I didn’t say anything. The glow got closer and closer and It dawned on me it was the glow from his cigar. Similar to before, my cock twitched a little bit and again and I thought, that is so strange. The room was so quiet, that I again heard him exhale and smelled another blast of cigar smoke. I was more prepared this time and I didn’t cough. I then heard him say, ‘good pup, that’s progress’. By the way, he said pro-gress, I could tell he was Canadian. I got the courage and said ‘Sir, how did you know my nickname was pup’? His eyes must have been more accustom to the darkness but with the glow of his cigar I could see him reach down and pick up the brown paper bag off the table. I could hear the crinkle of the bag as he opened it and he reached inside and he said, ‘perfect they are still very cold’. I suddenly heard a noise over in the corner of the room and Mr. Terry set the bag back down on the table. I heard more footsteps and realized a second person was in the woodshed. The other person startled me and thought, oh I probably better get back up to the house and see if Mr. Ali was done with me, oh shit, Mr. C. Is still in his pickup truck. I gotta get moving. I felt Mr. Terry reach out and put his hand on my hand and he started to guide me around the table. Wait, this is away from the door. I could see the outline of his face as he puffed in on the cigar and cherry glow showed his rugged features. He stopped, turned toward me and exhaled directly into my face. I didn’t cough and actually breathed a little of it in. Fuck, my cock got hard and I could tell by the coldness of my wet spot on my thigh that my cock expanded and was fully erect again. I heard the person behind me moving again and I heard the deadbolt lock turn on the door that I entered. Suddenly the other person was right behind me, I got the sense that he was also really tall and I just sensed he was also a big dude. Mr. Terry held me firm, turned me around. I think I was facing back toward the door I entered and just then....there was a bright flash of light and only about two feet in front of my face I clearly saw a little brown bottle. All of a sudden, it came rushing back to me. I saw Dr. Brad and a flash back, my mind went blank, and I just stood there. I heard a familiar voice, and it said, ‘Boy, who are you?’ Without thinking I said, ‘I am yours. I belong to the man with the bottle. Dr. Brad told me you would come and take me and make me his. Are you here for me Sir? Am I yours, Sir?’ ‘Yes son, I am here for you, you are finally mine’. ‘Wait, I know that voice, Mr. C?’ ‘Yes son, it is, but now you will call me daddy or Sir, do you understand son?’ I felt him gently take my hand and I said, ‘Yes Daddy, I do, thank you Sir.’ I then felt Mr. Terry behind me. I felt his chest pressing against my back and he something tight around my neck. It smelled like leather and I felt him fasten it tight around my neck. I heard Mr. Terry whisper, ‘nice and tight Tony, the collar fits perfectly, do you want the leash on your pup too?’ Maybe it was the drink, maybe it was the hypnosis, but it is like I was dreaming. They were talking about me like I wasn’t really there. But, I heard my daddy say ‘yes’. With that, the leash clicked onto the collar and the two started to guide me by the leash and the hand back further into the darkness of the woodshed.
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    Went out of town just for a Saturday night couple of weekends ago; just to get my cumdump on. Stayed at a nicer hotel. Hit up a couple dozen guys on the hook-up sites. No small talk -just unlocked my pix and sent the ones that were closeby and identified as TOP my hotel name and room number. Here’s what went down... First Load - Grindr Str8 Cub: Cute younger cub, 20-something, a bit heavy, staying in the same hotel. Midwest, next door type with a thick stubby cock. Quiet type...didnt say much. A little nervous. Came to my room, saying he just wanted me to suck him off. Dropped his jeans and sat in a chair. I started doing so, and in the course of sucking him off got him to move to the bed and strip down, just so he “could be more comfortable”. Eventually, I climbed up onto him and took his fully hard cock into my prelubed cunt. Once I heard his sigh as his bare cock was bathed in the warm embrace of my pussy, any reluctance to fuck me fell away. I rode his cock cowboy style and he fucked me with his eyes closed...slack-jawed, barely containing himself the whole time. But within just a few minutes of slipping Into me, he whimpered helplessly as he filled me with his seed. I sat there on his cock as it softened and slipped out of me. Before he could move, I climbed off and put my mouth on his wet cock and cleaned his soft tool lovingly. THIS HE WATCHED - Eyes wide open. In a way that told me he had NEVER had his fuck softened cock cleaned off before. He scampered to the bathroom to wipe down and hurriedly dressed. Only then did I notice the wedding ring. He saw that I had noticed it and flushed bright red before leaving quickly. I do believe I bagged myself a straight(ish) boy! Fun way to start the evening. Second Load - BBRT Brute: Football coach build. Tall, barrel chest, broad shoulders, cropped hair and beard, ice blue eyes. Hard as steel 7” cock. Loved being serviced and treated me to some really filthy talk while I worshiped his beautiful pole. I enjoy filthy language, and this guy took it to a new level. He was harsh and I lapped it up, Fucked me rough. VERY ROUGH. The force of his body alone took my breath away with every thrust. Brutal. Totally owned me and left my cunt open, sore, and dripping with his VERY generous load. This was a man who fucked ass for HIS pleasure ONLY. I was just a meatsleeve. I dug it. I dug it hard. He really heated me up for more. Third Load - BBRT Anon Guy: His profile had no picture and no description and I didn’t care. He replied with instructions. I made it so the door could be pushed open, blindfolded myself and knelt with my ass at the edge of the bed. Right on time, I heard him come in and strip down. He fed me his standard issue cock til it was hard enough to fuck, then went in behind me, fingered my hole (well lubed with two loads of cum) and rammed himself into me. The sound of a cummy cunt getting fucked is unmistakable. And it was obvious he was enjoying it as much as I was. He fucked my now looose cunt for at least 20 minutes before he added his load to the two that “came” before him. I lay there and waited for him to clean up and get dressed. Before he left, he complimented me on being a true cumpig - on how nice it was to fuck a sloppy, used, cummy hole for once. With that he left. Only then did I take off my blindfold, I have no idea what he looked like. But I really appreciated his comments...despite myself, for I usually prefer to be used like meat and receive no compliments of any kind. (I may have to rethink that) Fourth Load - A4A Latino Boy: Within a minute of Anon Guy leaving, a younger Latino guy knocked. They had to have passed each other in the hallway. Much younger than I usually go for; but I was after quantity that night. He had a long FAT cock. But the kind that doesn’t get very hard. Came over and skull fucked me til he came in my mouth. Not what I had advertised for, but a nice break after having taken three loads. He seemed to get off more on taking pictures of himself using me than the skullfuck itself. He lingered a bit after - telling me how he was sending pix and video of him using me to his buddies and posting it online. This was not a problem for me....there’s plenty of pix and vids of me floating around taking cock and cum in both my holes...I consider it free advertising. Fifth (and final) Load: Some time passed before Silver Daddy from BBRT came to my door. Handsome, rugged, sixty-something, exuding a quiet confidence that only experience provides. Ordered me around. Played with my puffed up pussy lips...making me moan. Finger-fucked me...brought his cummy fingers up to my lips to lick clean. Oh yeah - he knew how to use a pig. He stripped down and presented me his semi hard cock. I sucked him hard with everything I had. Turned out, Daddy was a grower. He positioned his now hard and damned impressive Daddy dick against my dripping cunt and slipped inside me. And Daddy could FUCK! He had some SERIOUS fuckskill. Knew what he wanted and took me in several positions. Had me panting with desire. At one point he stopped altogether and ordered me to fuck him. And as I had not cum in over a week, my cock was fully at attention, AND DRIPPING; so I was more than ready for him. Very matter of factly - he ordered me to fuck him till I flooded him with my cum. I assure you, it didn’t take long. Within minutes, I had painted his guts white. Taking a load agreed with him, for his cock seemed even bigger and meaner than before. So yeah, he got back to fucking me; this time, with me legs up like a bitch. He rode me to town and back. Then I felt his meat swell inside me. I knew he was close, so I begged him, “Please...breed my pussy, Daddy...claim me...make me yours!”. Saying this put him over the top. His whole body tensed and I felt his cock pulse over and over, depositing his Daddy seed deep inside. No other takers that night. I lay there running my fingers lazily over my tired fuck lips...grateful for all four loads up my cunt and one down my gullet. Helluva Saturday night!
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    Part 2; I knelt in between his legs, spreading them, and jabbed in his toothbrush. Brushing vigorously as I would my own teeth. I could tell it was really hurting him as he yelped and winced, but he seemed a real natural at pushing through the pain barrier. I took out the brush, and it was covered in blood. This nasty pigs depravity needed a lesson, and with that thought I stuck my Dick in. Fuck, I LOVE that wet and warm feeling of flesh to flesh! I fucked him doggy for several minutes, withdrawing for a rest. My Dick was covered in his cunt blood. 'Lick that up'. 'Yes Sir. Sorry for being such a messy piggy' He licked his blood from my Dick as he looked up at me with his subservient 'I am worthless, do what you want with me' expression. 'Get on your back'. He was clearly naturally submissive as he was immediately on his back, and holding his legs in the air by his feet. I put the tip of my toxic Dick at the entrance to his cunt, and leaned over his torso with mine, our faces meeting, my Dick sliding in as far it would go. I commenced fucking him, slowly, yet deep, our eyes locked together as we bred. 'You absolutely sure you want infecting?' 'Yes Sir. I stand by everything I have already said. It is what I need, what I deserve. I decided this a few years ago. And now I am completely ready to be violated'. 'You twisted sick fuck' ...I spat in his face! This caused him to open his mouth wide, keeping it open, and hyperventilate with lust. I repeatedly spat in his gob. All of this suddenly made my Dick pulsate. He felt this and began milking my Dick. I felt myself getting close... 'Right, you fucking asked for it you nasty whore' 'YES Sir, fucking breed my neg cunt with your Poz cum'. That was it, his last chance gone, and with a few strokes I started spewing my poison inside his nasty cunt, holding still as my Dick unleashed toxic cum with each orgasmic twitch of my shaft, continuing to spit in his mouth. I slowly grinded my shaft for a few more minutes, probably pushing what he was after even deeper. 'Thank you Sir, very very much'. I pulled out, upon where he handed me his toothbrush... 'Brush hard inside my nasty cunt again please, Sir' The Nasty pig!
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    Part 52 - New Years Party 3 “Where the fuck are those guys?” said Jonathan to Kyle. “You know how geeks are, they get all excited and start poking different things to see how stuff works” Kyle replied and then asked “I’m gonna get another drink, you want one?” “Yeah, sure. I’m going to wander around and see what’s outside” Jonathan said. Kyle went over to the bar area and mixed a couple drinks from the bottle of vodka they had brought down earlier and decided to stop by and say hello to Adam and Wes. He found them alone, gossiping about everyone at the party. “Hi, guys. Spot any fresh meat?” Kyle said as he walked up behind them. “Only a few. Who was the hottie you were talking to earlier?” Wes asked. Kyle chuckled and said “That’s why I’m here. If you happen to talk to him, can you keep quiet about Joe and I being poz? He’s the boyfriend of one of Joe’s future co-workers and Joe wants to keep it on the DL.” “No problem, Kyle. Is he fair game to hit on?” Wes asked. “I really don’t know. I heard he plays around, but is supposed to be monogamous” Kyle said. “Mmm, my kind of guy. I love cheating boyfriends” Wes said with a smirk. “If you want, I can introduce you. I’m sure he’d like another guy to talk to” said Kyle and the way Wes’s face lit up answered the question. The three of them walked over and found Jonathan oogling guys in the pool. Kyle handed Jonathan his drink saying “Jonathan, this is Wes and Adam. Joe and I met them in the hot tub the other day.” The four talked for a few minutes, mostly about the various guys at the party until Wes moved closer to Jonathan and rubbed his hand over Jonathan’s ass. “Damn, that feels nice” Wes said and Jonathan turned his head back and smiled, letting Wes feel all over his body. Wes pulled him tight and ground his hips into Jonathan’s ass. Kyle was making similar moves on Adam who stood there lightly moaning and pushing his ass back on Kyle’s crotch. “Let’s take this upstairs” Adam said, looking over at Wes, Jonathan and Kyle. “Uh, I don’t know. I’m waiting for Patrick to come back down” Jonathan said. “I’m sure it will be a while. You know how geeks get when they play with new things” Kyle said. Wes reached around and cupped Jonathan’s cock and balls and squeezed. “Ok, but I gotta do this quick and please don’t say anything” Jonathan said. The four guys went up to Adam and Wes’s apartment and as soon as they got in the door, Adam took Kyle’s hand and led him to his bedroom and Wes took Jonathan to his bedroom. Adam pulled Kyle’s shirt off and was pawing at his jeans trying to get inside. Kyle laughed to himself, remembering how only a few days earlier Adam wanted nothing to do with a poz guy. With Kyle’s jeans around his ankles, Adam began sucking his stiffening cock. Once he was fully hard, Kyle reached down and pulled Adam’s shirt off and pulled his face back to his cock. Kyle put his hands on Adam’s head and slowly fucked his face, going deeper until Adam’s face was tight against his pubes. Adam massaged his cock with his throat until Kyle felt him start to struggle to pull off. Kyle held firm a few more seconds and then let Adam move back and gasp for air. He loved the feeling of control and could sense Adam loved to be used. Kyle looked down at Adam’s face and he saw the fire in his eyes. He pulled him to his feet and pushed him towards the bed. Adam kicked off his shoes and unbuttoned his jeans and letting them fall to the floor as he climbed on the bed. Kyle slicked his cock up with spit and then spit on Adam’s winking hole before pushing it in with his finger. Knowing that Jonathan wanted to get back downstairs soon, Kyle skipped rimming Adam’s hairless ass and plunged in with his cock. Kyle quickly realized that he wasn’t the first cock in Adam this evening and started long stroking his pussy. Each hard thrust got a grunt from Adam who used his ass muscles to grip his cock. “How many loads, Adam?” Kyle asked. “Three, but I really want yours” Adam replied. “Fuck, yeah. All Wes’s?” Kyle asked curiously. “No, a few guys at the party fucked me in the sauna” Adam answered. It just turned Kyle on even more and he pounded Adam’s cunt even harder. As much as he wanted to save his loads for Patrick and Kai, he knew Adam’s hole deserved another dose of his bug. He fucked hard and rough and the last dozen thrusts that Kyle gave Adam really tore his ass up. Kyle pushed Adam’s head to the bed and let out a loud groan while he pumped his cum into Adam, making his hole even sloppier. When the throbbing stopped, Kyle slowly pulled out, looking at the cum pooling inside the gaping hole. Adam turned around and slurped up all of the cum on Kyle’s cock. “Do you have a plug? It would be a shame for you to lose that hot cum in your hole” Kyle said. Adam grinned and pulled one out of the night stand and shoved it into his hole. They dressed and Kyle gave Adam a kiss, tasting his and the other three guy’s cum. Jonathan was almost completely naked by the time they got to Wes’s bed. He sunk to his knees and grabbed Wes’s cock sucking it to full length and covering it with spit. Wes grabbed the bottle of poppers and took two deep hits before pulling out of Jonathan's mouth and passing the bottle to Jonathan. While Jonathan huffed, Wes coated his cock in lube and then watched Jonathan lay back on the bed and raise his legs up. Wes moved in and heard Jonathan say “Condom?” “I never use em. I like it bare and I’m on prep” Wes said as he pressed his cock to Jonathan’s hole. Nothing more was said and Wes just pushed in with one continuous motion. He could feel his precum drip and coat Jonathan’s guts and he waited there, fully implanted in Jonathan’s hole, letting him get used to his cock. He looked at Jonathan’s eyes and could see how much he wanted to get fucked. Wes slowly withdrew until just his cock head was just inside and then rammed his cock in hard. “FUCK!” Jonathan yelled out. Wes did it again and then started to piston in and out of Jonathan’s hungry hole. Wes doubted that many guys covered up before fucking Jonathan and he let most everyone, including strangers, bareback his hole and then breed him too. Wes heard Jonathan whimper and then start to beg for him to cum inside him. His strokes were hard and it wasn’t long before Wes’s balls started to tingle. Asking for a condom and then begging to be bred in less than ten minutes told Wes that Jonathan was a cumdump that needed more seed inside him. Wes pushed his legs back as he buried his cock all the way in and then felt his load shoot into Jonathan’s empty hole. “Oh my god that felt good” Jonathan said as the spasms subsided and all of Wes’s seed was planted deep inside him. Wes pulled out and was disappointed when Jonathan didn’t offer to clean his cock. He grabbed his cum rag and wiped his cock off and put his clothes back on. Jonathan laid there naked a few more moments and then got up and got dressed. They walked out into the living room just as Kyle and Adam were walking out of the other bedroom. “Good timing” Wes said with a laugh. They wandered down to the clubhouse and Patrick, Mark and Joe were standing near the bar area mixing a drink. Jonathan panicked. Joe asked Kyle with a smirk “Where were you guys?” Thinking quickly, Kyle made up a lame excuse and said “Oh, Wes and Adam were showing Jonathan their aquarium.” Patrick looked even paler than normal and more than a little exhausted. It was obvious that both he and Jonathan were avoiding eye contact with each other, hoping the other wouldn’t suspect their transgressions. They stood around chatting and commenting about some of the other party goers that had been drinking way too much. Kyle intentionally bumped into Joe, and spilled his drink on his shirt. “Crap! I’ll be back in a few, guys. I’m going upstairs to change shirts” Kyle said.
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    Hello and sorry for the delay in my story. I am excited to be back. Your kind words have been awesome. Who would think that this is a site you can make friends on and meet so many sweet and yet deviant people. ;o) Part 7, ‘Mr. C, I think this the street Mr. Ali lives on?’ ‘Yes, yes Lukas it is, it is the one up there with all the cars parked along the street. It looks like there might be quite a few people waiting on that cherry pie.’ ‘Oh no, I am sorry, I knew I was taking too long at Dr. Brads.’ ‘No worries son, they can wait, it will just make them a little more hungry and the pie to be even sweeter. Pull right up next to the garage; there should be a spot for us there.’ ‘Gosh, this must be some party and some special pie for all these people to be waiting’ I said with a laugh. ‘Oh I am sure a few other guys brought some of their own special treats over too, but I have been known to always bring the very best dish that many of these guys are waiting for. I also sent everyone a group text that this year’s cherry crop is the sweetest yet’ Mr. C said as he ran his hand up my thigh. ‘Lukas, your penis is rock hard and leaking all over your pants, what is that about?’ I said, ‘I am sorry Mr. C, I hoped you wouldn’t notice that, I am not sure what is going with him. I call it him, but yeah, he got hard right before we got to Dr. Brad’s house and I noticed when I was leaving there that I had a wet spot. Maybe I can hide it with an apron you think? Do you have an apron I could wear?’ ‘Well, no worries, it might get you a nice tip, tell you what, why don’t you take another one of these blue diamond vitamins, that might help it a little bit maybe your electrolytes are just low’, Mr. C said as he handed me another pill and bottle of Gatorade. ‘Oh this Gatorade tastes funny, I don’t think I ever had this flavor before,’ I said. Mr. C smiles and said it their new formula with extra vitamins and additives and tussled my hair. He told me to ‘grab the pie from the back warmer and take it around back to the side door of the garage and offer to help him get it inside. Be a good boy and do as he tells you and if you do, he will tip you well. Understood?’ ‘No worries Mr. C, I won’t let you down’, I said and he replied, ‘I have every confidence in you’ and I smiled and headed to the back of the truck…. I went to the warming bin, got the huge pie and started walking behind the house to the side door of the garage. There were two men on the back porch smoking cigars and wearing leather from head to toe. The first guy was huge, like 6’6” with dark hair. The back light porch was on and the light lit him from the side. He had leather pants on with boots up to his knees. He was wearing a leather hat, arm band, and had this leather harness thing on accenting his amazingly muscled and furry chest and stomach. The other person was tall and thin wearing an outfit very similar to the big dude, but just slightly less furry. He had this hood like thing over most of his head but also had a cigar in his mouth and was peeing into a solo cup. I thought it was interesting he was not just peeing in the flowerbed but he must have worried it would be bad for the plants or upset Mr. Ali or something. The tall muscle guy stared at me in a way that was as if he was looking right into or through me. I found myself staring back as I slowly walked by. He sort of gave me a head nod like ‘what’s up’ or ‘what are you doing back here’. I stopped and said ‘I am just the delivery boy bringing the cherry pie over.’ He then looked at his friend pissing and said, ‘Fuck, Tony has done it again hasn’t he?’ I didn’t know what he meant by that and at first I thought he was being disrespectful to Mr. C, but then I realized by the look on his face was more one of approval or envy or something else. He kind of gave me this strange look up and down. His eyes stopped at my thigh and his eyes got big. Oh darn I thought, I forgot about my erection and forgot to put the apron on. I just smiled and said ‘sorry it just gets like that often.’ He said, ‘No worries kid, mine is like that half my life.’ Then he said, ‘Fuck, I will have a huge helping of that pie in a little while.’ I stopped and just took a deep breath in for a minute and realized in the night air, his cigar smelled really awesome. I have never smoked or even thought of smoking since it is a devils addiction, it was really strange, but I swear my dick got even a little bit harder as I exhaled the night air with the faint smell of this cigar in it. The tall dude was watching me and had a surprised look on his face for some reason and said, ‘you know what? Well actually, kid can you tell Mr. Ali I want one of the first pieces of that and to have one of his servers bring that pie out to the playroom, I mean woodshed in a few minutes? I have quite a bit more of my cigar to enjoy and don’t want those other pigs devouring that pie before I get done with my cigar.’ I took in one last breath of the night air and his cigar and nodded to him as I entered the side door of the garage. The door to the house was right there. I couldn’t really knock very well with my arms full but I was able to get the door to the house open so I just let myself in. I was immediately greeted by this guy that looked like an Arab sheik out of a movie. I could see this huge pelt of black fur spilling over the top of his white throbe and the darkest jet black hair on his head under his ghutrad and agal. He was very handsome and a very powerful looking man. He immediately put both hands on my cheeks and said, ‘you must be Lukas? Here, here, here, put this down’ as he snapped his fingers and two of his servers came over to help me out. The two guys bowed and took the pie and set it on counter right next to us. I thought, boy, his staff are sure well trained, I could learn from their attentiveness back at the store. His hands were still on my cheeks and he said with quite an accent, ‘just look at you… would you…. just look at you. Perfect, pure and so blonde. Just like your fathhh, I mean Tony said you were.’ He turned me around and looked at me in full circle. Oh god, please do not let him notice my hard on, how fricken embarrassing. It was a little funny and I smiled thinking, I felt like I was at my grandmas when she would make me spin around and do her ‘look how big you have gotten’ routine. He immediately snapped his fingers and said ‘drink for the boy’. One of the servers very quickly brought him over a glass with ice and dark liquid it in; I figured it was a coke probably. He handed it to me and said, you must be thirsty, please drink. I didn’t know what to do, I thought I really should just get the money for the pie and get back to the truck; I didn’t want to keep Mr. C waiting again. I didn’t want to be rude and not accept his drink. I knew Mr. C told me to be good and do what he said. But did he mean this? Oh no, I thought to myself, what should I do? Oh, I know I could use my cards he gave me! So I asked myself ‘should I take his drink and be social for a minute’? I pulled out the second card in my pocket and it said, ‘absolutely, yes’. Mr. Ali apparently had saw what I was doing and was looking at me funny. I apologized and told him it was my first day and I was new and didn’t want to mess things up so I explained the cards Mr. C had given me. As I said that, I reached my hand out and took his drink. I took one big swig and realized it tasted terrible. Oh man, I have a whole mouth of this, I cant spit it out, I swallowed reluctantly with one big gulp. He laughed and smiled and said ‘oh I should have told you, this is a very special traditional celebration drink and most people from my country sip it to start and then it gets easier to swallow. It kind of helps you relax a little bit.’ Relax? I thought to myself, I cant relax, I have to get back to work. He put his hand on my shoulder and started to lead me around and show me his house. The place was packed with men all around the house and kind of looking and staring at us. I guess we looked so different. Me young, blond, in my tiny little pizza uniform without a penny in my pocket and on my first day of work…. and him well dressed, dark, well educated, smart, successful, obvisouly very rich and important. I kept thinking man, I got to get back to the truck. So I was drinking my drink as quickly as I could and trying to remember the maze of rooms and people of how I would get back to the kitchen. I then thought, how do I bring up about the money for the pie. Am I supposed to collect or no? So I asked myself another question…. ‘ is it rude to ask him for the money? I reached in and pulled out the third card and it said. ‘absolutely, yes’. So I decided to not worry about the money. Mr. Ali, then asked me to have another drink and do him a favor. Oh man, Mr. C is probably freaking out wondering what is taking me so long, but I said what would you like Mr. Ali? He said, have another drink and maybe help me for a few minutes? There will be a nice gift for you if you do.’ I said I didn’t want to get in trouble with Mr. C. and he said, well why don’t you ask the cards, he gave them to you right? I thought, ok, the cards haven’t let me down yet, yes, I will ask the cards. So I thought to myself, ‘cards, should I have another drink and stay to help?’ Card #4, said, ‘absolutely, yes’. He look at the card, and said, very well then. He snapped his fingers and said, ‘drink for the boy’. I didn’t want to be rude and say to him that I turned 18 and I am now a man, but I thought that would be rude to correct him. I said, ‘this drink is for celebration? What are you celebrating?’ He said ‘this is somewhat of an Ali family reunion week, every year he brings some of the unmarried and married men from his country and other extended family from around the world to his home in the US for a few days. Most are here to find their soul mate, but a few just need to sew either oats before they go back home. Many came on private jets so their soul mates don’t have to worry about passports and customs and all that kind of thing. They can just sneak away without the paparazzi and media finding out. As we walked, several of the men commented to him he should get this moving, that the pie needs to be served before everyone gets blue balls, a couple even gave him a high 5. I had always thought the expression was that important royals like his family were blue bloods, but they must have said blue balls and I didn’t hear correctly. Anyway, we were back in the kitchen and I was starting to feel a little funny. His servers had cut into the pie and they had several plates of it on the counter. All of a sudden I remember the big dude that was in the back yard had said he wanted his pie delivered to him. Oh no, where did he want it taken? Oh, the woodshed, so I said to Mr. Ali, ‘there was this really big dude, I mean friend of yours on the back porch and wanted one of the first pieced of the pie and he wanted his pie brought to the woodshed. At least I am pretty sure he said woodshed?’ Mr. Ali said, ‘Oh? He did huh? That is your fathhh…. I mean Mr. C.’s best friend Terry. Terry is from Canada and travels the world. But yes, he is someone we want to keep very happy. Would you do me a favor Lukas?’ I said, ‘sure, what it is?’ Mr. Ali was over at the freezer putting a couple things in a brown paper bag and then I saw him put a couple of the spray cans like Mr. C had me get from his rec room and put those in the bag too. He then grabbed a really big piece of pie, and said. ‘Please, please boy, don’t delay, the other servers are all busy, please take this pie and this bag to Terry down in the woodshed.’ Just follow the path in the backyard past the pool and gardens and look for the small building with no windows and the red light above the door. Please don’t make a fuss, just knock once and enter and quietly and say. Sir, I have your present here and please take my cherry pie. Now I know Lukas you didn’t really make the pie, but tell him that exactly, ok? ‘Ok, I go down the path, to the building with the red light, I knock once, enter quietly and say….Sir, I have your present here and please take my cherry pie.’ I smiled and said, ‘got it right’? Mr. Ali, said, ‘perfect, it’s a bit of a long trail now, so don’t wait and don’t forget.’ ‘No worries Mr. Ali, I won’t let you down’. I then turned and headed down the dark path with my brown bag and cherry pie.
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    Part 11, I heard my daddy say to Mr. Terry, ‘Maybe should we bring him back out now from Dr. Brad’s spell?’ Mr. Terry replied, ‘fuck if you should, you have guys up there waiting for the word to come down, fuck you have me waiting.... and I need to hit that and tear it open wide as fuck’. I laid there in a heavenly bliss wondering but not really understanding what they were referring too. I was still flying on the magical brown bottle but more important to me, I wondered why my daddy stopped. It felt great with daddy laying on me and I it was hard to tell through my hood, but I felt him give me what I think were gentle kisses on my forehead and cheek and occasionally darting his big wet tongue deep down my throat. I felt his hand unsnap the leather cover over my eyes and when he pulled the leather piece back and over to the side, his eyes were staring right into me. The room was aglow with the candles flickering. I decided to ask ‘why did you stop daddy? That hurt a little but that felt amazing.’ He got a huge smile on face and brought his tender hand up to cup my cheek really gently through the hood and said, ‘you don’t know?’ I shook my head and looked deeply into his eyes seeking an answer. His smile got even wider and he said, ‘I am now even more part of you pup, my semen is sticking to the inside walls of your boy pussy. Soaking into the lining of your flesh and becoming part of you all over again. That seed that made you is now also reinvading your womb. You are mine now.’ I was puzzled by the response, was it the poppers or why is this not making sense to me? He bluntly said, ‘Lukas, I fucked my load deep into your guts. I shot my cum into you. I knocked you up. I breed you with my fucking sperm.’ With each comment he smiled brighter and gave me a kiss and rubbed his hand hood, trying to tossle my hair like he so often does. Understanding it a little better, I said, ‘Well what about a condom’? ‘Oh fuck no, there was no condom’ Mr. Terry replied. As I looked over at him, my daddy pulled my head back to look at him as he said, ‘there will be no condoms with you my sweet Lukas. Boys, well you in particular are meant to take sperm, raw, unfiltered, undiluted semen straight from a man bull nuts directly into your smooth perfect little snatch.’ ‘Oh daddy, they have these new things now that I learned about in health class called sexual transportation diseases or something like that and men are to use these rubbery things called condom and women are to use a pill. Then you won’t get pregnant or get kooties’. As he continued to lay on me, the poppers were wearing off and I could feel his fur on my smooth chest, his fur tickling my sore titties was making my cock leak like a faucet onto his furry belly and mine. I could feel the warmth of the puddle squishing between the two of us as he moved. He was still looking at me and had his finger gently tracing repeatedly down my nose and over my lips as said ‘Well Yes, I did hear about that on the news myself, but my sweet boy, do you remember me telling you about how warm and wet women’s pussies are and that they harbor diseases in their moist cunts?’ I felt my cock jump at that mental image and I nodded. He said, ‘well son, you have what we call a boy cunt and it was virgin until 30 minutes ago and their are no eggs in their getting fertilized so a condom isn’t needed now is it? I am trusting you are a virgin and don’t have any of those sexual diseases to give daddy right?’ ‘Oh gosh no daddy. I am not allowed to have sex with those women. My dad said, women and their pussies are the work of the devil and sent here to corrupt us.’ ’See you understand it, that medicine just made you confused probably, it can do that to boys sometimes. But I am glad we had this talk, but I know you trust me right?’ I nodded in agreement and a smile. ‘and I trust you realize that I am probably better at making the decisions for you, right?’ I nodded again. ‘And you said that although that hurt a little, it felt good too?’ I nodded. ‘Well then let’s get you some more medicine into you and maybe you could show Mr. Terry how your boy pussy can open up for his big Canadian cock?’ I nodded and saw Mr. Terry reach into the cooler bag and hand daddy a brand new magical brown bottle. Daddy stood up and started to undo the wrapper as he and Mr. Terry were starting to change places. Mr. Terry said to my daddy, ‘your phone has been vibrating like crazy over there on the table. Why don’t you go tend to that.....I got this over here just fine. Daddy put the freezing cold bottle on my chest between my nipples and said, ‘yeah I better send an update’. Mr. Terry picked up the bottle, opened it, and said.... ‘you ready pup for your medicine? Mr. Terry needs you to be a good boy for him and do exactly as told, ok?’ Looking at the pelt of dark fur on his broad massive chest I nodded and I reached up without thinking and ran my fingers through the carpet of fur, watching my fingers disappear as I raked my hand through the fur around his leather harness. I slipped both of my pinkies into the piercings in his nipples and knew to tug on them like he had mine. I was so preoccupied with his fur, I barely noticed as he pushed my left nostril shut and held the brown bottle to my right hostile, my nose knew what to do and I took a slow steady long inhale as my own chest expanded while I lay there on my furry blanket nestled into the sling. Over to my right I saw my daddy standing there, naked with his Dick still mostly hard. I smiled, felt a warm chill through me as the fur ticked my back and I closed my eyes and focused on taking my medicine from Mr. Terry. ‘
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    I generally operate the same as I always have: a minimal online presence with no photos, no biohazard tattoo to give away my secret, and no annual trips to the same gay event or the same bear run. Why? I don't want anyone to know me. I enjoy being the "new meat" at the bar, the campground, the bookstore. I can be a new person everywhere I go. What do I mean? Here's a few examples: At a bookstore I'm a working class fella, popping in after a hard day at work. I'm a bit dirty, old jeans, camo hat. My wedding band shining against my sun darkened hand. I see the guys' eyes light up when I walk in, thinking they're finally gonna get to service a straight fella, maybe even better than his wife. I go for the 30 year old who looks like a younger version of me. He's bearded, beefy but not yet old enough to let himself get fat like all of the other guys in this rustbelt town. Probably has a girlfriend and really wants another"straight guy" for some on the side fun. Plus he thinks I'm safer as I'm not whoring myself out like some of the fags in here. We chat a bit, but not too much. I pull my cock out and jerk it a little, and he can't take his eyes off it. I tell him to suck it, and he's on his knees gobbling my cock. I grab his hair, and begin slow fucking his mouth. I tell him to pull his cock out and jerk it for daddy while he's sucking me. He wastes no time doing this. I let go of his hair and let him do what comes naturally to him. Once he's worked up, I tell him to stand up, and I shove my tongue in his mouth. He's a bit surprised, but accepts it and kisses me back. I grab his asscheeks and began squeezing and rubbing them. He kisses me harder, which tells me he's ready to be my whore. I spin him around and wrap him in my arms. I'm rubbing his hairy torso, and my cock is pressing into his ass crack. I begin rubbing his hole with my finger, occasionally scooping some of my toxic precum from my cock head and rubbing it in and around his cunt. He loves this and pushes back into me. With my mouth at his ear, I whisper to him to bend over so daddy can fuck his hairy ass. He does exactly as I say. They ALWAYS do at this point. I've done it dozens of times in dozens of bookstores. I line my cock up, and in less than 10 seconds, my bare cock is fucking this stranger, leaking my juices inside him. All I'm envisioning at this point is the finished product- my cum shooting deep into his ass, making him MY whore forever. No matter what he does from this point on, I'm the one who changed him, the one who knocked him up. I fuck him for less than five minutes, and as my balls begin to shoot rope after rope of my load in his guts, I grab his shoulders and go deep as I can. He accepts my gift willingly, without knowing what it is. I slide out, stand him upright, and begin jerking his cock from behind. As he cums, I realize this could be the last untainted load he ever shoots. His last clean load of cum. I jerk him harder and feel his cum coating my hand, slickening up his cock. As he catches his breath, I release him and tuck my cock away. He pulls his pants up and looks at me. Kinda akwardly, but also with pride. He knows he did a good job since I came up his ass. He's proud of himself for giving dad what he needed. He'll be smiling later that evening, as he's sitting at home thinking about his bookstore visit, feeling a bit of soreness in his behind. Maybe even have some cum leaking out. And he'll think it was fun, but in the past now, and that's the part I love. Our encounter will come back to him. Maybe not when he gets the fuck flu a few weeks later, but definitely by the time he gets pneumonia years down the road and blood tests are necessary. And by then, who else has he fucked in the bookstore, or after a night of drinking with his buddies? At a campground, say on a bear weekend in July, I'm the lone bear all alone on his campsite. Small tent set up next to my truck. Maybe I just wear boots and jeans all weekend, smoking my pipe almost full time, nodding to the passing drunk bears and cubs. Careful not to look at them too long, as I want to seem disinterested. By denying them my attention, this always serves to make them WANT to get my attention. As day goes by, and more drinking happens, they get braver, and maybe come over to chat, to compliment my pipe or beard. Again, I say I got this routine down. I'm humble, I mention I'm just out of a relationship, anything to make the other man want me that much more, don't wanna "catch anything" from this seedy bear weekend. All of this to set the stage for when I pretend to finally give in to their advances and fuck em. And I'm pretending it's all so unexpected and I'm so caught up in the passion of the moment I rawdawg their negative ass with my toxic cock until I breed em deep. And their so proud of themselves for 'seducing me' and getting what they want they don't consider for a second it was all a trap I set, and they most certainly are my prey. Yet, afterwards, I'm shy and humble, saying I'm not usually like this, and they just were so sexy I couldn't help it. They eat it up. They tell me it's ok, and rub my belly. And they leave the tent with my cum in their cunt, and I rest up for the next one. So that's my story. You may call me a predator, but I never force my way into a negative ass. They always give Daddy what he wants, they just don't know WHO Daddy really is. I do- he's a gifter, a dirty breeder who wants to poz your cunt, and he's coming for you
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    This neg guy messaged me on BBRT. He was specifically looking to convert to Poz. During our exchange of messages I explained to him that I am now very unwell, and as a consequence my home is an utter filthy mess. That didn't deter him. Now for the real test of his authenticity ... If he wanted what I could give him, he would do some housework for me, and help me have a bath to wash my wasting skinny body. He agreed. We arranged for him to visit the following day. The next day came, and he messaged asking if we were still on. OK, he was serious! I gave him my address, and told him I would leave the door off of the latch so he could just come in. 6pm arrived, he was bang on time. He entered my living room where I was watching TV. I hit the mute button. He was as his photos suggested, well built rugby build, clean shaven. A very handsome 27 year old. 'Hey Sexy'. 'Hello Sir'. 'Strip naked. Keep your trainers on,'. He did as instructed. Although once I saw he was wearing a tight hugging Jock Strap I ordered he leave that on too. 'Come over here between my legs, facing away from me'. Again, he obeyed. And I had a good grope of his sweet neg ASS. 'NICE. Very Firm'. I ordered he clean my bathroom, mop and hoover floors, and gather the huge lot of rubbish scattered all over the place as a result of not being in the best of health. After cleaning in his Jock & Trainers he ran me a bath. As he washed me we spoke ... 'Is this what you want to end up like, sick and decrepit?' 'Yes Sir. It might seem crazy to most, but, it is what I need. What I deserve. And I want to know for sure who my 'Gifter' is, so I can remember him fondly, always carrying a piece of him inside me'. Having bathed me, he dried my scrawny pale body. Naked, dry, and with finally a good wash I walked into my now tidier living room, stood in front of the TV and began channel flicking . The rugby build boy without a word knelt before me, took my flaccid Dick into his mouth, pulled on my balls. I was in no time very hard. With one hand controlling the remote, the other held behind his head as I rocked my hips. I threw the remote to the floor as I got more and more turned on, now with both hands pulling his face in tightly as I began fucking his face. Out of breath I pulled out, stood back so he could see me full length... 'You sick Bastard coming here to get converted ... This REALLY what you want?' 'Oh GOD YES Sir. Destroy me and my future'. 'You sick nasty pig'. His face lit up when I said that, as he nodded in agreement with a big happy smile on his face. I took him to the bedroom where I had a vinyl play-sheet ready on the floor. He brought his little rucksack with him, from which he took out a toothbrush, he handed it to me and got on all 4's. 'Make me bleed Sir'. 'You are one fucked up pig'.
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    Part 10, I think this is the part many have been waiting, As I was laying there in the fur lined sling, every inch of my body felt alive from feeling the softness of the fur and the magic the little brown bottle were providing. I felt a finger rubbing on my left nipple in little circles first clockwise and then counter clockwise. Then I felt a second finger on my right nipple doing the same thing in unison. I muffled through the hood to 'please be careful with those'. I heard Mr. Terry's voice in my ear saying 'what pup? We couldn’t hear you'? I said, 'please stop Mr. Terry, those are very sensitive and something embarrassing is going to happen if you don’t.' I felt the hose move and I prepared for another round of medicine through the tube, this time it was again a deep breath of air from my daddy, followed by hit one of medicine. He made me hold it for a long time before tugging on the leash to exhale. Just as I exhaled, I heard Mr. Terry in my voice saying 'oh, no worries boy, don’t be shy, we want your nipples to open up that pussy. We are going to use your perfect little boy tits to open that pink little fuck pussy wide.' I muttered to myself in the hood, he is so funny, I am a man, and I don’t have a pussy. With that, I inhaled the next deep breath of medicine. Then followed by a third. With each exhale, I felt my little pink boy nipples being played with a little harder and with a little more authority. I felt my daddy move between my splayed out legs and lean over my crotch and then it felt like a bolt of lightning hit me as his tongue gently licked on my belly and I heard my daddy say 'his precum tastes like candy, it will make great lube'. I felt him licking my belly and then felt his hands on my upper thighs pushing on my legs in the stirrups. Within a second, I felt something so incredible I started to ride up in the sling. His tongue slowly, incredibly slowly started to lick from my ass crack up toward my cock. His tongue was wet and slimy, traveling up my crack and over my hole as slow as a snail, and leaving a slime trail behind as the precum came of his tongue and was applied to my tender virgin hole. He continued moving his tongue up over my smooth hairless taint and up to my nuts. I felt my nuts being lifted by his nose as he licked all the way up to the base of my big heavy nut sack. He stayed in place but I felt him squeeze the head of my cock to get more precum from under my uncut cock's hood. I heard Mr. Terry again whispering in my ear, 'what do you think boy? Have you ever had such an amazing dream?’ I was still flying on the poppers and incredibly confused by the sensations on my nipples, on my cock, on my hole and on my hole body as I lay there in the mink lined sling. I felt so alive I thought I would come out of my skin. I said, 'oh this is a dream? God I am so confused? What is happening to me?' It was a little hard to hear through the hood, but I heard my daddy say with authority. 'Son, I am going to give you a magical night you never dreamt of, but that I have laid awake and jacked off to this night for years. Do you trust me son?' 'Yes daddy', I said with an additional nod in case he couldn’t hear me through the mask. 'Do you love me son'? Just then I felt my nipples being twisted hard and I felt his finger rubbing my precum onto my hole. He started making little circles around my hole with quite a bit of tension. The mental image I had reminded me of stories my buddies told me about sex. I said, 'oh god daddy, yes. Please daddy'. 'Please what?' Mr. Terry said to me. 'Please, please don’t, please don’t stop, please, that feels amazing. I never knew I could feel so good, please daddy don’t stop.' He said, my question was, 'do you love me son?' I grabbed the fur lined blanket with my fists and moaned as he licked and said, 'Oh god, yes daddy, I love you'. I heard some snaps coming undone as his finger just kept rubbing in tight circles around my boy clitty, slow and fast, and then slow and soft and fast and a little harder. I was moaning and again feeling that fur under my skin was making ever nerve ending in my body fire. I felt so alive, so warm, like I was floating in a dream. I felt the tube being pulled over toward where Mr. Terry was standing. I was hooked; I wanted more medicine so I started to breath deep. I heard Mr. Terry say, look at you pup, you are huffing before I am even ready. You horny and greedy little pup. I just nodded instinctively, knowing I needed more poppers in me. I didn’t want to come down from these feelings. I didn’t want this feeling to end. I never understood there was pleasure possible like this. I didn’t have to wait long and I felt the first breath of medicine. And a second with a really long hold, fuck I was loving this tingly warmth that rushed over my face and chest and shot tingles down from my left nipple that he was still rolling like a radio dial right to my asshole. My daddy was still rubbing my hole but it wasn’t his finger any more, it was bigger. Maybe it was his thumb? Gosh it felt huge. The poppers were making me so confused. The next inhale caught me off guard, but it was more cigar smoke. I was a good boy and so fucking high on poppers I didn’t flinch this time, but took it. I felt Mr. Terry rubbing my head through the hood and said.....'Fucking good boy, you are a very good boy' and he tugged the leash for me to exhale. One more really big deep hit of poppers and I felt daddy rubbing his finger, or thumb? Or something up and down my crack. Again, from the base up and over my hole where he put a little pressure and up my taint to the underside of my nuts where he pushed them up toward my cock. My cock was pulsing along with my heart beat. I could tell it was harder than steel. I felt my daddy grab it again, I had never been touched by another person before, and it felt so strange having someone touch my cock. It felt amazing and again made me push up in sling with a wave of pleasure; the chains clanking were loud even in my hood. He slowly was moving this 'thing' up and down my ass channel, every time on the up push he grazed slowly at my hole and pressed a little harder until it slipped past and went over my taint. I heard a click and felt an amazing wetness being poured onto my nuts, taint and down my ass crack. It felt like cups and cups of if, warm, thick wet. I felt the blunt end of his thing? His thumb? Against my hole again and this time it didn’t slip past it slipped in a little bit. I heard daddy say. 'Take me inside of you son, take my shaft. The next hit of poppers I went super deep, I could feel my lungs fill and felt like my chest was expanding more than ever. Mr. Terry even noticed how big it had inflated and said that I was a good pig. Hearing his words triggered something in me. I felt different, I felt alive, and I felt like an animal. I lunged forward in the sling and I reached up and grabbed onto the chain with my left hand. I started to extend my right hand down to my ass when I heard daddy say 'go ahead boy, feel me inside you'. My hand went to my hole and it dawned on me that is his cock trying to get into my hole. Daddy said, go ahead boy, touch my big veiny horse cock. I wished I could see it, but I wrapped my hand around it and it was like steel wrapped in a tight skin lining. I ran my finger over the huge veins, tracing them with my finger up and down his cock. I felt my wet hole and he said, 'see how hard your boy clit is, rub it son'. I said, 'I have a clit?' I had my finger at the entrance to hole. He said 'of course you do, every good pup has one, that why you feel so horny right now. I love that your clit is so hot and throbbing.' Mr. Terry unsnapped a piece on my hood and my ears were exposed. He also undid a couple other snaps and my mouth became free to the open air. I could clearly hear my daddy now; say 'touch your boy pussy, son. Feel how alive it is? Feel how hungry it is? Feel how it needs to be opened like a good pussy should be opened, wide and deep.' I said, 'oh daddy, there is no way that is going to fit inside my hole'. He said, 'oh son I will make it fit because I am going to pop that cherry in less than a minute.' Mr. Terry encouraged me to take the last feel, my hand was wet with lube and the whole sensation of touching my ass in such a pleasurably way, the head of his monster cock and the lust I felt in my soul was like nothing I felt possible. He then took my left hand off the chain and encouraged me to rest back into the fur blanket. He brought the poppers to my nose and said, breathe slowly and very deeply. As I was inhaling I felt daddy sink his shaft into me. Mr. Terry had one nipple and my daddy had the other, and had slowly worked my pink little nipples into a hard little knots. Daddy slowly, ever so slowly pushed in, then withdrew a tiny little bit and then pushed more. I heard him say, 'son, I have waited for this day for years, and it is just as perfect as I knew it was. Even better actually, your pussy is opening nicely. You were made for this. This is your glory; this is your destiny, open up for daddy and make me proud.' I exhaled just as he said proud and I pushed up toward him and I felt my hole gape open and soon I felt the tickle of the hair on his nuts poke my ass crack and his pubes caressing my nut sack. As he slowly pulled out, I heard Mr. Terry say. 'Well?' Daddy said, 'The cherry popped and there are some red streaks of his cherries juice.' I nestled back into the fur and thought, what a strange time to be trying the pie. But soon my mind was back to the present daddy pressed in again. He started to pick up his tempo and said, 'fuck I thought after feeding him that load earlier I would be good to go for a while, but the troops are getting anxious to release'. With that he started to pick up the pace. I raised my hands over my head to the chains as they were rattling really loudly now. Mr. Terry gave me another hit of medicine and started really working on my tits. I was wiggling and moaning and squirming around on that fur and taking the full pressure of daddy slamming his big fucking veiny dick deep into my boy pussy. I heard him making comments like, ‘fuck boy this pussy is made for breeding. And look how those pussy lips swell. And my sperm is going to be painting the walls of your cunt very soon. And how hot it looked as my peach fuzz clung to his shaft as he withdrew from my boy cunt'. His words were so hot to me, I felt like I had been loved and wanted for the first time. At that time he lunged forward and laid his chest on mine. His hips were convulsing and resting, then convulsing repeatedly. I could feel a few drops of sweat come off of his chest and land on mine. Mr. Terry was playing with both of my tits as I felt my daddies tongue enter my mouth. I was being kissed by a man; actually I had never been kissed so I smiled wide as his tongue slid into me. 'What a great first round' Mr. Terry said. Daddy said, 'Oh, yes, we are going to love sharing this.'
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    After I'd cum, I was overcome with shame and disgust at what I'd done, and quickly showered and left. Bill grinned at me from behind the desk and said "see you soon, you dirty fucker!" but I vowed never to retun. For the next couple of weeks I was anxious waiting for the flu to hit or for some other symptoms to show. But nothing happened and and eventually I went for a test which came back negative. My relief was also mixed with a sense of disappointment. I thought about this and realised that I was a whore after all, and becoming pregnant from some filthy old man was the ultimate turn-on. I tried to resist it, but the need was in me now, like I was possessed or something, and I couldn't stop thinking about it. Eventually, I gave in and found myself back at the sauna, handing my money to Bill as he winked at me. "Knew you'd be back," He said. " Carrying someone's baby yet?" I shook my head and he raised an eyebrow. "Is that what you want?" I blushed and gave a brief nod and he slapped my shoulder. "Knew you were a dirty sod!" He said. "We've a few more in today - couple of guys I 'ain't seen for a while 'cos they've been sick. They don't take meds so their immune system is fucked." He watched as my eyes widened with shock which was what he intended. He held out a locker-key and said "So, do you still want it, mate?" I paused, aware of the blood pounding in my ears. This was it. Decision time. I breathed deeply and took the key, heading to the lockers with his laughter behind me. I undressed, showered and went upstairs. To my surprise, it was very dark and I had to feel ahead of myself to stop banging into a wall. I found out later this was Bill's idea - to turn off the lights so you couldn't see anyone, only feel anonymous naked bodies and stiff cocks with no idea what their owners looked like or how disgusting their bodies might be. I turned a corner and passed a cubicle based on the gap in the wall my hands encountered. As I started to pass it, someone touched me. I jumped and then stood still, allowing the hand to slide over my thigh and squeeze my stiffening cock. Another hand emerged from the darkness and began to probe my hole. "Nice!" The voice was a harsh, dry whisper and another voice gave a low chuckle of appreciation. I shivered with fear and lust, not knowing what to do. "Come inside!" Whispered the voice and strong, boney fingers grabbed my wrist and started to pull me into the black cubicle. I almost resisted, but something in me responded to their touch, and I allowed them to pull me inside. Instantly, a thin, boney body was pressed against me and lips crushed to mine. I moaned as the tongue entered my mouth and couldn't help putting my arms around him. His body was thin without an ounce of fat. Then someone else got behind me and I felt a surprisingly large and stiff cock pressed against my bottom. "Mmm, fresh meat!" Said the man behind me, and I realised this must be the couple who weren't on meds. I felt the hairs rise on my neck and the fear, but the lips stayed crushed to mine, the tongue slithering disgustingly in my mouth. Then the cubicle was filled with the smell of poppers and a bottle was pushed against my nose. "Breathe deep, darling." Said the man as he released my lips. I had no choice and took a deep lungful, feeling my body mellt and my head swim. A thick finger covered in lube ploughed up me from behind and I gasped with shock. He began to move it slowly in and out and I began to moan with pleasure. " That's it, open up for daddy" The voice behind me was croaky and I reached back to feel skinny legs and a bulging belly above his enormous cock. I groaned in surrender as the poppers were thrust at me again and suddenly a hand pushed my shoulders forward and down and the huge cock began to slide into me. I cried out with pain and pleasure as he slid it home until his paunch was pressed agianst my buttocks. "Shhh!" whispered the man in front of me "Let him in, there's a good boy" I could only sob with surrender as he began to fuck me, and gratefully took the other man's cock in my mouth and steadied myself on his thighs against the brutal thrusts. "That's it, matey. Let old Harold fuck your sweet arse! You're gonna get what you want, don't worry. Open your hole for him." I gasped, but reached back to pull my buttocks apart so the big cock could get in deep. Harold grunted with pleasure as his movements became more jerky in my hole. "Oh yeah, gonna give you a baby you little slut!" Then he gasped and grunted like a pig, forcing himself into me and I felt his cock throbbing as he spurted. "Oh, you dirty bastard! It's in you now!" Said the man in front of me. "Don't fight it!" I groaned and crouched there, accepting the cock spurting toxic cum into me as the man stroked my head tenderly. At last, the enormous cock slid out and I felt the wetness around my anus. "Your turn, Peter." They turned me round and Peter slide his cock into me as Harold pushed my head down to clean his cock. Suddenly, I had a clear image of myself sandwiched between their diseased bodies and the tears splashed from my eyes at my depravity even as I pushed back and squeezed my hole around the thrusting cock, eager to milk more poz cum from him and get myself knocked up.
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    Part 9, There was a flicker of light and a candle was lit, then another and another. I was starting to see around the room, strangely, there were no stacks of wood, but instead there were cabinets with locks on them, a whole wall of pegs with strange looking things hanging on them. On the other side of me there were several strange looking wooden benches with padding, in the corner was black cross with handles on it way at the top and at the bottom. Behind me was another matching leather hammock, a bed, a big table, and several TV’s all of the place. On another table I saw the pie and wondered why they weren’t eating it yet, but then I saw the cooler I packed at Mr. C’s house with the bottles and cans and the paper bag that Mr. Ali had given me to bring to Mr. Terry. When I turned back around quickly I lost my balance a little bit again, I was so light headed but, I saw Mr. C holding some strange mask that looked like it would be used for going scuba diving. It was soft black leather with a long hose coming out of it. The eyes were covered with a black leather patch and it laces up the backside of it. It had two pointed ears on the top of it, almost like what a German Shepard dog would have. The inside was covered with black fur. As he started to raise it up and over my head he looked into my eyes and said, ‘are you ready for the best night of your life pup?’ I said, ‘yes daddy I am. This has already been the best day of my life, I don’t ever want this day to end’. ‘This is a new life you started today son, we will make all your days filled with as much love as you want to be filled with. There is no end to the loads of fun you will enjoy’. I got a big cheesy grin on my face and he said, ‘Son, do you trust your daddy?’ As I nodded yes, he slipped the hood over my head. I couldn’t hear very well and things went very dark again. He was pulling on the cords to tighten it. I muffled through the leather, ‘daddy that is getting really tight.’ He said, ‘Son, you need to relax, just take normal deep breaths and trust me.’ ‘Thank you Sir’ He said, ‘Son, when you call me Sir, it is to be said. Sir, thank you Sir or thank you daddy is fine too. Ok pup?’ I nodded and felt both of his hands cover my ears and rub my head, if felt so strange through the leather and he sounded far away because of the muffled sounds of the hood. I then felt myself being pulled by the leash a few feet and then felt a hand on my chest, to symbolize I was to stop. I had gotten use to breathing deeply into the tube when I felt the tube bend and this very strange smell started to occur. I felt someone put their hand on my head and pull me toward them, I heard my daddy’s voice say, ‘do you smell the medicine son?’ I nodded affirmative. ‘When you smell the medicine, you are to take a deep breath and hold it until I tug on the hose. When you feel me tug, you exhale slowly. I will repeat and give you more medicine when I feel you need it, you are to do the same with each one. Breath in very deep, fill every square inch of your lungs, you are to hold until you feel the tug, and then release very slowly but completely, exhale every little bit of air out, and I will repeat as needed. Now, I know you cant talk, but nod if you understand me, ok son?’ I nodded to the affirmative. I felt the tug so I exhaled completely and as I breathed in, I could tell I was getting more medicine so I breathed in very deep. It was several seconds this time until I felt the tug, I exhaled slowly and completely. Oh man, I thought I felt funny from the drink, that was nothing, I had never felt more light, like I was floating, and I got all tingly inside and felt warm in my face and chest. Wow, it was an amazing feeling, I felt like superman with great powers. As I started to inhale again, I could smell more medicine, so I repeated another deep breath inward. I was so confused, my head was flying, I wasn’t sure if I was standing or laying or floating over the room, it was like I was having an out of body experience, but I felt electric, I felt so alive, every part of me tingled and I felt not only my cock harden, but my butt was tingly and almost felt like it was on fire. I felt this strange feeling that I just wanted to be touched, touched all over me. A tug on the hose brought me back to reality a little bit and I exhaled slowly. I felt a cold metal thing against my skin and I felt a draft on my chest and then my back, I realized my shirt had been cut off. Then I felt like I was floating, oh wait, no I was being picked up and carried, wait my shoes and socks were being removed and now my pants were being pulled off of me while I was being carried. I felt a draft all over me, I think I was naked now? Wow, what a crazy feeling, I was still flying. This must just all be a dream or my mind playing tricks on me. Then I heard the chains of the hammock being rattled, similar to when I bumped into it in daddies rec room and the one by the pool. I was being lowered into it…. I think. But instead of cold leather, I felt a warm pelt of fur. It rocked like it was the hammock but they must have lined it with a fur blanket. It felt amazing touching my naked flesh, so warm. I was still so warm and the medicine was still giving me this rush of sensations that made every nerve ending of mine tingle. I felt the blanket being wrapped around my naked body like a cocoon. I thought to myself, that must be quite a site, my perfectly smooth hairless pale body against the black fur of a mink blanket. God I felt amazing. I just sort of burrowed into it until I felt my left leg being lifted up in the air. I then felt a super soft fur band being tightened around my ankle. My leg was lifted up and spread out wider as I heard a bucket snap it into place. I felt him pick up my right leg and felt it also being wrapped tight in fur and secured up and out of the way with a snap. I felt like I was just flying, but dangling there, but still wrapped in my cocoon. Things were still for a minute and then I felt the hose being moved again. Instinctively I exhaled completely and started to take a deep breath, sure enough, my hunch was right, the medicine was flowing again through the hose, I realized I remember that smell, it was from the brown bottle at Dr. Brad’s house. I didn’t realize it was medicine until now, but of course, he is a doctor, that must be why it had to be keep cold, I know my grandpas insulin was like that. I few second later I felt the tug and I slowly exhaled. The next breath was more medicine and he waited quite a while before I felt the tug. Man, I was out of my mind again with excitement, laying on the fur and feeling every nerve ending in my body firing was intense. I could feel my cock dripping precum onto my belly button. I felt my cock getting harder and bigger than it ever had. The feeling was intensified by the feeling of the fur blanket on the underside of my cock’s shaft as my dick lay on my stomach. Expecting a third round of medicine I breathed in deep. But it wasn’t medicine, it was cigar smoke, wait, I don’t smoke. I immediately start to cough and gag. I was so confused, and tried to utter to stop, but I had to breath. On my next breath in, it was more medicine and it helped me relax. It was a long time before the tug came. I exhaled and started to breath, there was a four dose of medicine but a pretty quick tug so I exhaled. As I exhaled, I heard daddy say ‘Be a good boy and take my breath into you son’. There was suddenly warm moist air that came into my lungs, he must be blowing his air into the tube and into my lungs from his lungs. Instead of a tug on the hose I felt a tug on my leash and I slowly exhaled. Then I heard daddy say, ‘you make me proud, now take my cigar’ and I felt my lungs fill with cigar smoke. I fought coughing like crazy and he quickly tugged on my leash and I exhaled. I heard him say, ‘Terry, did you see that, my boy is so fucked up he just took my smoke. It is time we have that pie.’ He is right, I was flying high as a kite and I again felt the tickle of the fur on my cock. I smiled inside my hood knowing I made my daddy proud. I then felt cooler on my chest and then stomach and then crotch as the fur blanket was slowly being pulled off my chest and off my cock. I felt very exposed and tingly.
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    I got two anon loads this afternoon. The first one was at a gay motel with a large pool that is busy on weekends. The public restroom near the pool can be cruisy. I was standing at the urinal cruising and a guy walks in, we make eye contact and he moves to the urinal next to me. I see his throbbing cock and he starts to rub my ass through my bikini swimsuit. There is a guy in the stall so we pretend to pee until the stall empties. As soon as it does, we go in and i put my hands against the wall and he spits on his cock and slides in. We can hear other guys coming in to use the restroom but we continue to fuck as quietly as we can. After a few minutes, he breathing becomes heavy and he lets out a loud groan as he fills my hole. We pull up our clothes and leave with smiles on our faces. A guy saw a walk out of the stall together and winked, i think he heard my top unload in me. Second load was at my local cruisy park, I get there late afternoon/early evening and see 1 car in the parking lot. I jump out and see a tall black guy walking toward me. I nod and slightly tug at my crotch. He keeps walking and then turns around and follows me to the park pavillon. He opens his shorts and pulls out a hard BBC. I drop down and suck but jump back quickly and guide it to my hairy hole. He starts pumping me as I am holding myself up on a picnic bench. I tell him "cum in me", he says "fuck yeah". He pounds for a bit since no one was around and finally dumps a massive load in me. It is dripping out of my hole, down my leg and when he pulls out he is still dripping. A good day! 🐷😈
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    Couple months ago I was looking for a place to drop my loads and went on GRDR. After chatting with a couple guys that were bs I heard from a guy that started off with "hi daddy, will you seed my hole?" well of course! I started chatting this guy up and the longer we chatted on GRDR is was obvious he was for real. He was horny and ready to take some loads. We traded pics and he gave me his address. I head on over and my dick is already hard. When I arrive the door is answered by this handsome dark haired guy in this 40's. Trim body and hairy chest. He was so happy to see me with a big smile and equally big hard on. I went inside and was ushered into the bedroom. We started kissing and making out. Man he was hot. My dick started to rise to attention. He pulled off his clothes and I mine. When we were naked he bent down and sucked my cock. An amazing mouth licking and sucking my cock, making it feel so good. I turned him around and started to rim his hot hairy hole.. this made him moan wildly. He got on the bed and begged me to plow his hole and "give me daddy seed." I got up on top of him as our cocks were rubbing together. He turned over on his stomach. My favorite position and I put my arms around him while my cock probed his hole. It felt so warm and wet I slid right inside. He started hitting some poppers and offered me some. We both poppered up and I started to fuck his warm wet hole. It felt so good going inside. I pounded his hole and soon felt my load ready to shoot. He pushed back on me and my cock went deeper inside him. My load shot out and up his fuck hole. I kept fucking his ass and soon I felt another load working out of my balls. He turned around and kissed me and there was a large wet spot where he was. He shot his load while I fucked him..very cool. We rested a bit and exchanged numbers. I thought it would end there but I have heard from him several time. We connect and fuck our brains out. He is a great kisser and loves taking my seed. He has become a fuck bud and last week we both went to a bareback orgy hosted by a local guy I know. 20 guys fucking sucking and breeding. It was great. He was a pig and took 5-6 loads. He wants to fuck weekly. No complaints from me. The more ass I get, the more I want!!
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    PART 8 I caught my breath and leaned up to a sitting position, as he climbed off me. The panic was setting in, but it wasn’t quite as bad. I had known. And I had done it anyways. I think it was guilt more than panic maybe. This guy had hiv! And now twice somehow I had given in and risked my life for his cock.that thought hit me like a freight train. I slowly got up, again on very shaky legs, and quietly got dressed. As I did, I couldn’t help stare at Tom. I had to admit, he was like my perfect idea of a man, just looking at him got me flustered. And that huge cock. That magnificent cut cock that got so hard and leaked so much precum. With all that precum, I knew he must shoot a lot of cum. That thought had both frightened me and made me cum many times in the last week. God, he was just so hot. Looking at him, no wonder I felt so powerless to stop doing what we had done now twice. And he liked me. He had even said I had the best hole ever. I wanted to be his best hole, this sexy older guy that could be my dad pretty much. He hadn’t spoken and stood there with a bemused smile, as i stared at him. Finally, he spoke, “ I like that you can’t stop staring Chris. I like it a lot. I like you a lot.” I didn’t even know where it came from, but I replied, “I really like you too.” I was going deeper into my guilt and shame mode and trying to leave, but his naked body kept pulling me back into lust territory. The back and forth if it was hard to take, to be honest. Feeling guilty for wanting something you like so much, because I wanted him. I wanted him so bad. “Tomorrow is Saturday.... so I was thinking that my sexy boy should go get a good nights sleep and come back tomorrow morning. Tonight I just had to have you right away, but tomorrow we could take our time. I have things to show you still, Chris. Things that will make you feel so good. Come over at around 11. Ok?” I don’t know if he saw it right away or my silence was his tip or the look on my face, but I was so torn. The idea of saying yes seemed crazy. The idea of saying no left me wondering if I even could. He came closer and began to whisper, “I can see my sexy boy is worried. I hate to see you worry about doing what you were meant to do. Just doing what feels right for YOU. When I am inside you and it’s just my skin against yours, it feels so special. And when I cum....” He didn’t finish, he didn’t have to. We both knew what his cum meant, what me taking it represented. The bond of taking him like that, it was powerful. I was so wrapped up in a million swirling thoughts that when my lips moved, it took me a second to catch up. “I’ll... i’ll be here in the morning,” I said quietly. He smiled and walked me out of our playroom as he called it, and down the stairs to the door. Just before I grabbed the knob of the front door, he spun me around and kissed me deeply. “My sexy little boy. My super sexy little bottom boy. I’m going to show you so many things. I want to be your teacher so badly.” Oh my god. I was hard again. The kiss, his words, the passion he felt towards having sex with me.... I wanted to be his student. I knew it was wrong. I should be running. But what we had done already was the best feeling I had ever had and the sexiest I had ever felt and the hungriest I had ever felt for cock. He inspired such a need. He was so good at making me just want him. “I can’t wait to see you tomorrow,” I blurted. His smile grew. “Get some sleep. I want you ready to go tomorrow. I can’t wait to taste that’s boy hole again,” he whispered as I walked out the door. “Thanks,” I said. He looked at me and cocked his head, “For what, sexy?” he asked. “For... for fucking me like that again. It feels so good without a condom. I just never knew it could feel so good.” “Oh Chris, we haven’t even begun. And I love that you love it so much. And you are definitely getting more in just a few hours aren’t you?” he said in a low voice. Again, the most enthusiastic nodding of my life. What the hell was i doing, I thought as i walked back to my apartment.i knew i could sneak in without having to talk to my mom. Good thing since I had a rock hard boner from my little door talk with Tom and a million thoughts swirling. Most of them were of the guilt aNd what are you doing variety? The word HIV floated around and around. I was scared and guilty and confused. And horny. As I stripped off and got in my bed, I had no desire to wash away the sex. My finger went to my hole and rubbed and fingered my cummy used hole. The only thing that mattered as i stroked was the thought about Tom having his cock pulsing and throbbing as it shot rope after rope of sperm into my guts, as I shot a load all over myself. I drifted off to sleep a cummy confused mess, but knowing also that I wasn’t chickening out. I was going back on the morning.
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    PART 7 My lips wasted no time latching onto his cock head. I tried to take more and more of him into my mouth. As I worshipped his shaft with my mouth and tongue, he spoke to me, saying “Yeah baby, it’s all yours. Just like that, give in sexy, you know you need my cock.” It was driving me craZy, the way he urged me on. “Feel how hard you have me. We both know why you want me so hard don’t we? Because your little hole needs my cock doesnt it?”, he continued on. I was looking up at him, mouth stuffed with dick and my eyes watering from being choked by it, and nodded as enthusiastically as I ever had in my life. I remember he stroked the side of my face as I continued to suck his dick like life depended on it. And on he whispered, “God that feels so good. My sexy little cocksucker, such an eager boy. So hungry for a man’s cock. But I know what Chris is really hungry for. And I don’t think he can hold much longer. Is my sexy boy ready to get fucked?” I finally released his cock from my mouth, only to gasp, “ Yes , yes” He pulled me up and laid me back so my ass was on the edge of the bed. Without being asked, I pulled my knees up, exposing my young inexperienced hole. Was I thinking about hiv? Yeah I was. But I was doing it anyways. For Tom, it was worth the risk. At least, my cock drunk mind was able to say that at the moment, as I was writhing and grunting as he was lubing my hole and sliding his finger into me. And now out came his mysterious brown bottle. “Four deep hits in each side, sex. Do it,” he ordered. And I complied, remembering what this stuff did to me last time. A few seconds later and I was pushing my hole out and thrusting my hips. Tom’s huge cock was so close to me, so close to my hole. I needed it. “Please!,” I was able to get out in a gasp. “Four more, each side,” he ordered again, even though I was flying still. But I did what Tom asked and went to an even better place. And now, I begged. I lost all control. “Please, please put it in me. Please Tom fuck me,” I cried out. “What about my cum sexy? You want me to fuck you til I cum in you?, he whispered in the sexiest voice I had ever heard. And I was flying. And I did, I wanted his cum. I wanted his cum badly. And I wanted to make him happy. “Fucking cum in me, fill me up,” I moaned. And he slowly slid into me, the poppers helping me take his huge cock as my ring popped open mid accepted Tom’s raw cock. “This is the best hole, god baby your hole is gripping my cock and pulling me into you. Feels so good,” he moaned. As he started to work in and out, I could feel him working deeper as he opened my hole up. He leaned down to kiss me and I kisssd him back. My arms wrapped around him, pulling him even closer. “Feels so good, feels so good. Big fucking cock, so good,” I was babbling, completely lost now in the fuck. “Getting close. Gonna cum. You know I ain’t wearing a rubber. Ready for this load? Want that cum up in you?” he whispered. At that moment, nothing else mattered by his cock and my hole. It felt so good. Tom was fucking me deep and hard. “Cum in me, cum in me, cum in me,” was all I could say over and over. Tom’s strokes became erratic and then he almost shouted, “Take that fucking load boy. Feel that cum fill you up.” I wrapped him even tighter. The only thing that mattered was that my hole had made Tom feel so good that he had to cum. This time, it took a few more seconds for the guilt to rush back. And he was still in me. And it felt so good. But it was so wrong. But why wasn’t I pushing him off? And then I realized I had cum. Again, it had happened. My focus was so on the pleasure of my hole, my cock hadn’t mattered. As the seconds passed and his cock softened and flopped out of my hole, I was back and forth, loving the moment and feeling so bad for loving it. Tom had HIV and now he had fucked me twice. This guy was so hot that he made me not care that I could get hiv! What was I gonna do?
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    PART 5 Everything went into overdrive and I felt a surge of lust go through me like I had never experienced. And my was throbbing yes, but my hole was spasming and just felt so, so... hungry. Tom looked down at me, “You like poppers Chris?” “Fuck this is so... oh my god,” was all I could get out. “You should see the way your hole is just going crazy. It looks so sexy convulsing like that, he said smiling. “Please lick it again. I want to feel it so bad. My butt, it’s just, holy shit, I never felt like this before,” i sputtered out. My whole focus seemed to be on my hole. I knew my dick was hard, but I didn’t care. I just needed his attention on my hole again. “Chris, I can’t lick it now, I put that lube on and it doesn’t taste that good.” He edged closer to me and handed me the bottle again. I automatically did two deep breaths in each nostril. I was just flying now. And he came in and pointed his rock hard cock, with precum dripping from its head, and slowly began rubbing my exposed hole with his cockhead. And oh fuck it felt good. I grinded against it and bucked and he just kept teasing me. He was so good at it, driving me further and further over the edge. The thought that he didn’t have a condom on registered but he wasn’t fucking me, so I dismissed it immediately. Besides, it felt so fucking good. He seemed to sense when the poppers started to fade and urged me on again. “Three Times Chris. Three in each. Or else, no more hole rubbing.,” he whispered. I wasted no time hitting each nostril with three deep pulls from my new friend, this little brown bottle. He went back to work teasing my hole as I writhed and tried to stay still, when it felt so good that I just wanted more. He was so subtle that I barely felt him increasing the pressure against my hole. And his teasing got more pronounced,as he focused on the center of my hole. Slowly and surely, he increased the pressure and it was now impossible to deny the gentle burrowing of his cock. But it was ok. He wasn’t fucking me. My breath was coming out in sharp gasps by now and it all felt so good. When he said “Four Times Chris. Four big hits on each side. Do it. Do it my sexy little boy,” I immediately complied. And I was already so spun. And those last hits broke my final will. I didn’t even realize it had happened til after it had happened. It was like my body made the decision for me. About thirty seconds after those four hits on each side, with his firm pressure against my hole and his cock already burrowing into my opening, I literally heaved myself up and imoaled myself onto his cock. The head popped thru my ring and two inches of hard raw shaft followed. He held me firm. I didn’t take anymore cock in me, but he wAsnt gonna let me back off either. I half screamed and half moaned. The burn of pain in my ass subsiding already. “There’s my little bottom boy. I knew you’d show yourself. Such a tight hole. A hungry tight hole,” he whispered. And he was now working more of his cock in, pushing me to take it but not trying to hurt me. “Hit the bottle again sexy. Hit those poppers and let that little hole relax,” he muttered. I know I did hit the poppers over and over,but lost count of how much each time. And by now there was zero denying that he was fucking me. His cock was sliding in and out and he worked it deeper and deeper. Nothing had ever felt this good. Then I remembered he wasn’t wearing a condom. “Tom, what about, what about condoms?” I got out between gasps. “I don’t have any sexy. Besides it feels so good like this. Skin to skin,” was his reply. And it did feel so good. And he was going even deeper and fucking me more aggressively and the poppers... I lost it. “Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Feels so good. So good. Big fucking cock so good,” I babbled. And then he was whispering in my ear, “Your hole is so hungry I can feel it, like you are pulling me inside you. I’m almost balls deep. You know what’s gonna happen when I am buried all the way inside you? I’m gonna cum. Deep up in you. And you are gonna let me aren’t you?” I was grunting and gave no sign of discouragement, but that wasn’t enough. He continued, “ Say it. Say it’s ok for me to cum inside you. I’m not gonna let you have it if you don’t ask for it?” I didn’t even think about it. It was a primal need that made the decision instant. “ Cum in me. Want you, want you to cum inside me.” I managed to get out as he was so close to bottoming out in me. “Oh yeah, fuck yeah, so close so close to filling your hole up with cum. Take it. Take that big dick. Earn that cum load,” he whispered. With a last hit if poppers, I finally blossomed and he sank that last bit into my boy hole. It hurt in that good way that instantly made me want to feel again again. He was delivering shirt hard strokes that ended with him literally all the way in me. “Oh fuck yeah. Gonna give it to you. Gonna fucking cum. Fucking fill you up. Yeah yeah FUCK YEAH, take that fucking load. Take that fucking hot cum.ih fuck,” he groaned. “Oh god. Oh god.” was all I could get out. Over and over. I realized I had cum all over myself and didn’t realize it. The feeling of my hole being fucked so deeply had overwhelmed my orgasm. My cock hadn’t mattered compared to the ecstasy of my asshole. “Please stay in me,” I whispered. He looked down at me and told me, “you are the sexiest boy I have ever fucked. I swear your hole NEEDED dick. And cum. It needed that too didn’t it sexy boy?” As I started to come down, the alarms went off in my head. Holy fuck, this guy came in me. And it felt like he came a lot too.i had no idea if he was safe or anything. I slowly backed off his cock, which fell out of my hole with a plop. I was losing that fuck high quickly. How could I have lost control like this? Because he was so fucking sexy, I answered myself. And those poppers. It made me feel like I had to have his dick in me. My body needed it so bad it override my brain. I started to back off him and got up on very very shaky legs to find my clothes. I was a little embarrassed now that I had acted slutty and lost control and I had even asked him to cum in me. I asked him too! He could obviously sense my freak out developing and reassured me, “ Hey sexy, I know that was a lot at once. I am so happy I met you though. You are so hot. And I would love to do this again and again. It can be our secret, if you want. But I hope you want more. And the look in your eyes says you do.” By now I had my shorts and shirt on. I knew I had to ask and I was so scared. “Tom, are you... are you safe?” I asked quietly. He looked at me and patted the bed to sit down next to him. “Safe? What does that mean? Was I gentle not to hurt you? If that’s what you mean, yes. Or do you mean something else?” He asked with a little smile. He was gonna make me say it. “ Like hiv, I mean,” in a whisper. “Chris, I want you to think about what we just did. Think about how much you liked it. How badly YOU wanted it to happen. How it just got better and better. Like you always dreamed man sex could be. And I have more to show you and more to share. And you will be back. Maybe in a day. Or a week. Or two. But you are gonna come back here for more man sex with me. And it’s going to be raw like now. And you will ask me to cum in you again. You will beg even. And to answer your question, yes I am hiv positive. And you took a huge load of my cum.” His smirk never faded. I don’t remember my reply. It was all about getting out at that moment. I am sure I said goodbye as I left as quickly as I could. I stumbled on still rubbery legs to my place, extremely aware of the wetness in my hole and asscrack. His semen was slowly leaking out of me. I shut the door behind me and locked it, made it to my room and fell on my bed. My head was spinning. I had hiv cum inside me. What was I gonna do? And then his speech at the end, like i’d ever do that again! But as my thoughts continued to unfold for every ten fearful Oh fucks!, there was a long thought of the knowledge I had just had sex that was so amazing I didn’t even think it was possible. But there was no way I was ever doing it again. No way.
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    Part 3 As I entered the house Gary and my brother were in the kitchen, I shouted hello at them and went to my room and got changed. Gary appeared at my bedroom door "Everything alright?" he asked, "Yes, although still a little sore from what you did to me" he laughed at me, "Don't worry it will get easier, dinner is ready.". I followed him down to the kitchen where my brother looked over at me "Sore?" he asked as my face turned red and I nodded, we sat down and ate dinner. As we were clearing up my brother came over and put his arms around me, his head forcing mine over to the side exposing my neck he clamped his mouth at the bottom and started biting and sucking. I pleaded with him to stop but he sucked harder, as he released he looked at the spot and grinned before saying "That will take around 5 days to disappear and before it goes I will show you real brotherly love.". I walked over to the oven door to check myself out then turned to face him "You better make sure you do.", he came over to me and grabbed my face with both hands and started kissing me on the mouth. I fancied the hell out my brother so gladly I responded and kissed him back deep. "That is so hot." Gary said, I broke free from my brother's kiss and went over to Gary and kissed him. "Just getting more practice in." I said and laughed. The rest of the evening we spent in the lounge watching a film, I knew at some point I would have to broach the subject of Gary fucking me without a condom but for now I just wanted to start enjoying the freedom. I went on to tell them about Dan and the incident on the metro to which they both replied that I didn't waste much time putting it about. The more I thought about it and Dan I wondered if it was only going to be a matter of time, as the film finished I kissed Gary and my brother goodnight and headed up for some needed sleep and thank heavens tomorrow was Friday. The metro pulled to the station and as I stepped on board and headed to find a seat, I settled in and was about to put my headphones in when Dan appeared and took the seat opposite me. "Morning Josh." he smile was so radiant "Morning Dan, ready for another day?" I asked, "Yeah, but I know what I would prefer to do." laughing and winking at me. By the time we got off the metro and headed our separate ways I had found out that he was 31 years old, worked a couple of blocks away and lived close to the metro stop after mine. I had agreed to meet him lunchtime at the gym, the morning went by so slowly and I tried to busy myself to stop me from clock watching. At last it was midday and I finished off an email and collected my gym bag and headed out of the office. I had just finished a 5 mile run and slowing the running machine down as Dan appeared from the weight room and joined me, we chatted a bit then headed to the showers. Dan stood next to me in the shower, his naked body was doing it for me and I was finding it difficult to control my arousal. He looked over at me "Didn't know you had a partner.", I looked over at him "Why would you think that?", "Your love bite." he replied. I chuckled "That was my brother last night, claims he wants to do me.", "OMG that is not normal." he laughed before realising I was serious "Your brother wants to bed you....hmmm I can see why as I would as well.". I felt an overwhelming surge of sexual desire but contained myself and played it cool "Yeah." I laughed and winked at him. We parted company agreeing to meet at the metro after work. I decided to invite him for dinner partly out of curiosity and that I also liked his company, fortunately the afternoon sped by and at 5pm I logged off my work computer and left the office for the weekend. Dan was already at the station when I arrived, bracing myself to pluck up the courage to ask him if he wanted to join me for dinner. To my surprise he agreed, I hastily sent a text to my brother to let him know there was 1 addition for dinner, he replied with an okay as I took my seat on the metro. As we entered the house I called out to my brother and Gary whom both appeared so I quickly did the introductions, my brother nodded approval and smiled at me saying "Dinner will be in 20 minutes.". I took Dan upstairs to my room closing the door behind him and wasted no time, he grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him as his mouth sought mine and his tongue speared in to my mouth. His kissing was so intense and dominate that my legs started to shake uncontrollably, his arms circling around my back he gradually lifted me off the ground and took me over to the bed. Gently he lowered me down and laid on top of me continuing his kissing, my hands were all over his body as I couldn't get enough of feeling his toned torso and arms. After some time we heard Gary shout that dinner was ready and Dan released me and flipped on to his back, "Seriously I am going to have to make love to you later." he said grabbing at his crotch and giving it a good rub, my head was buzzing with excitement but also the thought of how dominant and controlling he appeared to be. Over dinner and wine the conversation was good and interesting, hardly any sex talk and mostly a getting to know Dan and vice versa, my brother showed a little to much interest in Dan so I made our excuses as we headed back upstairs to my room. Dan stroked my chest through my shirt as we lay on the bed, gradually he undid the buttons exposing my chest, his head moved forward as he started licking and sucking at my nipples, I found out by this simple move that my nipples wired to my groin causing an instant erection. Dan realised he had found my erogenous zone on first strike. My hands moved across his broad shoulders as I started to undo his shirt buttons, as I reached the button button I moved my hands inside the open shirt and ran them up towards his shoulders pushing the shirt over them to reveal his body and those tattoos. A tribal tattoo that run down his left arm, paw prints over his right breast that ran down towards his groin area. I commented on his tattoos and how amazing they looked as I inspected the tribal tattoo further, embedded within I counted 3 biohazard tattoos that were designed to mix in perfectly. I knew what they meant and commented on how well designed it was circling around each biohazard symbol, "Ahh, you noticed them." he said looking at me "You know what they mean?", I simply nodded and muttered "Yes, I know.".
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    Part 7; It was now about 4am, and I dropped off pretty quickly. I woke at 8am to the boy thrashing about, moaning in his sleep. He was boiling hot, and soaking wet. His body was well and truly fighting my viral GIFT, at the same time accepting it as it invaded his system, developing into his own strain. I woke him up, got up, changed the towel underneath him, made us both a Lemon & Ginger drink, with some Echinacea drops, and got him some more Paracetamol. Temperature time... 38.8c. 'Daddy, I feel fucking dreadful' 'I know. in a few days I promise you'll be feeling much better, now take your Paracetamol, they'll help a bit' I got a bowl of cold water with ice cubes, and with a flannel kept mopping his face and forehead from the sweat, and keeping it cool. Part of me really felt for him. The other part was incredibly turned on knowing that thanks to me he had a new life growing inside of him. After about an hour he seemed to perk up a little bit. I could see it in his face too. I took his temperature again... 38.1. I told him to get on all 4's, taking out his butt plug. 'When I say 'Push' son, push your pussy out, like you need to go to the toilet' 'OK Daddy' 'Push' Nothing came, just a fart. I held my mug under his cunt, and got him to push again. He again farted, but this time pink cum blobbed out. I kept making him do this until I guess there was a few tablespoons worth of toxic cum sitting at the bottom of my mug. During this time, his phone bleeped with a text message. I ordered him to sit up in bed, and tilt his head back to face the ceiling. I slowly poured the 5 loads down his throat. Of course, with his neck tilted back swallowing was more of a struggle, which accentuated his gulping motion, which in turn gave me a semi erection. 'You got a message on your phone' 'Oh yeah' ... He leaned over to grab his phone, read the message, and without saying a word handed me the phone. The message was from the clinic from a few weeks ago when I made him get tested. It simply read... 'Your test is Negative' ... Fuck, a surge went straight to my Dick and I was now super solid! I turned to him and said... 'Not anymore boy'. I flipped him back on all 4's, commanding him to hold onto the headboard. 'Arch out your ASS boy'. The contrast of that text message, and what was happening inside him sent my inner depravity wild. I drove into him, no lube, no spit, nothing. No slowly building up, just a quick hot fuck, slapping his pert backside. I really dug my grip into his hips as I quickly got close... 'You are a Nasty Fucking Pig' 'Yes Daddy, fuck me with your Poz cum, give it to me' 'Yeah, you are my dirty greedy Poz Pig' 'Breed me Dad. Cum in me, PLEASE'. I grunted, spewing another toxic load deep in his guts! We lay down into spoon position, and I slid back inside, slowly rocking. I rocked us back to sleep, inside his cunt!
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    Part 5; The twink got to work cleaning up Phil's Dick that was wet with Blood & Cum. After a few minutes he stopped, his posture curling, he started to shake... 'I'm FREEEEEEEEEZING Daddy' I carried him into the bedroom, put a fleece on him, put him in my bed on a towel (for the sweats) cranked up the heating, and put a small butt plug inside him, so he didn't leak Phil's cum. 'Phil, can you keep an eye on the lad? I am going to the shops, I need a few things, plus, I just gave him my last two Paracetamol, and he'll be needing more whilst he stays with me for a few days'. 'Sure'. You know when you go to the shops for a few items, and end up doing the weekly shop, well, that was me. Hence, I was gone for a good hour and a half. Upon my return there was a second motorbike in my driveway. 'Oh god, what is Phil up to?' I thought to myself. He is a deviant! There was no one in the kitchen. I quickly put away the fridge and freezer items and went to my bedroom to see how the little twink was doing. Not there! Checked the living room.... Nope! Bathroom? Nope! Hmmmmm, the Dungeon in the Garage? YES! Two of Phil's biker mates were here, John & Bill. Both Poz, not full blown, yet not on meds, and very much detectable! Not that it really mattered now in regards to initial infection. John was lying on his back on an old mattress that they had put a vinyl play sheet over, with the twink sat on top, impaled on his Dick. Bill was knelt behind, and ALSO inside the boy, fucking him. Phil was watching the action with a cigarette, and a beer. Good job I had just stocked up on Beer then. 'How long has he been out of bed?' 'They got here about an hour after you left, so, I guess 30 minutes give or take'. I had to hand it to Phil, he knew how to live out there! I joined him for a fag, and a Beer too, whilst watching John & Bill fuck and stretch my sero converting twink. Bill took his Dick out, stood up, lifting the twink up with him. John came over, joining us two for a smoke. Bill got the twink lying on his front. Just as well, I think he was too weak to even kneel at this stage. Bill began fucking again, leaning on his forearms, as the boy just lay there motionless, his inner being gradually accepting my DNA, as his flesh was mauled. After some idle chatter we could see Bill's body begin to tense with 'Oh yeah's' ... His forearms gave way so the boy's body of fever took Bill's whole body weight. He started grunting, thrusting each time his Dick unleashed his cum. I walked over, and knelt by my boys face... 'Are you OK sexy?' 'Yes Daddy. I'm just a dirty pig that has wanted this for a very long time. I just hope to feel better very soon'. 'Don't worry sexy, you'll feel much better in a few days time'. John walked over...
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    I stopped by the ABS the other day to get some poppers. Since some of my last BB adventures, I just wanted to pick up a bottle to use while playing with myself at home. This way I wouldn't be tempted to take a cock BB and get a load in my ass. It was after work when i stopped by and I was dressed in dress shirt and slacks. I walked in and went to purchase a bottle when i decided, since there was no other cars in the parking lot, I would go ahead and pay the additional and head back to the booths. I picked one in the back and took off my pants and underwear so I could jerk off while doing the new poppers and getting off to some good vids. I am not sure why, but I had left the door partially open, just to add to the excitement probably...sometimes guys will just stay outside and watch......but still was not expecting anyone. I had taken a few hits of poppers and started playing with my ass and cock when I noticed a tall black gentleman outside my booth. He looked at me and then pulled out a nice 8" cock. I took another hit of poppers and knelt down outside the booth and decided i was at least gonna suck his nice black cock. I started slowly taking his cock into my mouth and swirling my tongue all over it. He started talking to me saying that it felt good and that i was a good cocksucker. I sucked on if for a few minutes outside the booth and then started to get a little nervous, so I stood up and taking him by the cock i pulled him into my booth. As he is following me in he starts talking some more. "You have a nice ass, you have any lube?" I mumbled that I did not and since I wasn't there to take any loads in my ass I got back on my knees and took another hit and really started to go to town on his cock. It was getting nice and hard and I loved the feel of it in my mouth. I was trying to get it into my throat, but I still gag on large cocks like his. "mmmm baby that feels good...would love to see how it feels in your ass" he said. I told him again that I didn't have lube. About that time the movie stopped playing so I turned around to grab another token...and as I did he started caressing my ass and playing with my hole. Before I knew it he had started to kiss my ass and then i felt his tongue on my hole. it felt wonderful and so i let him. I decided that I would not take anymore hits of the poppers and that way I could stay in control. I let him play for a bit and in between he kept talking like he wanted to fuck me. I was getting pretty horned up so i thought that I had better turn around and see if I could suck him some more and have him cum in my mouth. When I turned around he grabbed my cock and started sucking on it. I was surprised but thought..."this is cool...I will just go with it" . I decided it would feel better with another hit from the poppers, so I took a big hit in both nostrils. At that point I started to really feel it and he must have known cause he stood up and before I knew it he had turned me back around with my ass now right at his cock. He started rubbing his cock on my hole but since i was dry i knew it was not going in...but he had other plans. He spit on my ass and used his hand to push it down to my hole. I thought i felt it but was not sure. He pushed his cock up against me again and spit directly on my hole..He kept talking the whole time. "baby this ass looks so good, i just want to fuck it right now" By now my asspussy was getting wet...from his spit and precum and next thing that happened was that he started to push in. by this time i was lost....so i just stayed bent over as he grabbed my hips and started pumping away at my ass. After about 5 mins, he really started fucking me and my head was actually banging the back wall of the booth..I kept thinking that he is going to bust a load in my ass and there is nothing that I could do. He had a good grip on my hips and would stop. Soon he started to speed up and then it happened....He pushed really hard and deep into me and unloaded his cum. I could feel it shooting into my ass for what seemed like a minute or two. He pulled out and cleaned up and said "Thanks...Nice piece of ass". That's when I realized that I was just a cumdump for him and just put here to be used. I pulled on my underwear and pants...and walked out of the ABS with his cum still inside me for the whole ride home.
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    Part 51 - New Years Party 2 Eric quickly introduced everyone until he got to Raphi and Joe stepped in to finish it off. Joe could see that Raphi was embarrassed about having guys walking in on him obviously getting fucked. Raphi was scrambling to pull up his pants and Kyle said “Not so fast, Raphi. Stay there a minute.” Kyle went in to the room and came back with a butt plug and stuffed it into Raphi’s swollen hole. “Now you can put your jeans on” Joe said with a snicker. Eric brought Kai over to Raphi and said “You are the two bottoms that are getting bred tonight. I want to see who gets the most loads. Kai, you’re already three behind. There’s a clipboard over by the door. Make sure your tops keep track of how many they gave you.” Mark went over and put three marks under the “R” on the clipboard. He went back and he and Eric moved the dining table over to the side and assembled the sling. Raphi, being shorter than Kai, was used to set the seat height and Eric brought out a couple bottles of poppers. Joe lit up a pipe and passed it around. There was another knock at the door Kyle let two guys in. “Hey Dan, hey Stu” Mark said as Dan and his boyfriend walked in. The two bottom guys looked over another pair of guys that probably would be trying to poz them up that night. Dan was a nice, if average looking guy. He was toned and had a nice tan. He had that wholesome look that belied his twisted sexual appetite. Stu obviously spent a lot of time at the gym. His upper body was built and showed off his wide shoulders. His thick, muscular legs looked a little oversized for his waist but he didn’t look too out of proportion. Little did the guys know that inside his pants was a third leg that was both thick and long and could easily destroy a pussy in a single fuck. The introductions went around again and the room started to feel a little small. There was another knock on the door and Mark opened it and invited Vince inside. Mark hadn’t seen much of Vince the past few weeks and was happy that he came to the party. After Mark’s initial breeding and then Mark and Eric’s followup, Vince had become a total bareback slut. The last time Mark had talked to him, Vince had been topping a lot more and really got off on stealthing neg guys with his newly infected seed. Mark told everyone about the clipboard and to take turns bringing Kai and Raphi back to the apartment to fuck and to please avoid the other tenants. Joe added that another guy might be showing up later with his boyfriend. They needed to be discrete with the boyfriend, he can’t know that Patrick is fucking other guys much less taking charged loads. The group went down to the apartment clubhouse and joined the party. There were a few guys in the pool and a few more in the hot tub, but most were in the clubhouse drinking and mingling. Joe stood near Raphi and they chatted a bit about almost everything but sex. “You know, you can go whenever you want. You shouldn’t feel like you need to beat Kai at getting more loads than him. I just thought this would be an easy way for you to connect with some poz guys and let you have fun getting fucked. I’m sure my brother and his boyfriend would love to breed you together or 1 on 1, if you’d rather do that” Joe said. Raphi chuckled. “No, that was hot earlier and I’m hoping it gets even better.” “Cool. I’m sure it will” Joe said. Kyle walked up and joined in the conversation. Joe felt his phone buzz and he read the message from Patrick - “on our way” and Joe smiled. Dan and Stu soon joined them and Raphi found the two right behind him, both grabbing his ass. Joe and Kyle grinned as they saw the two eyeing their next fuck. “If you’re not careful Raphi, you’re going to end up getting fucked against that wall over there” Kyle said. “Yeah, I think these guys want to tap my ass, but I don’t think I’m ready for getting fucked in public like this” Raphi replied. “That, and I don’t want to be the reason Mark gets thrown out of his apartment” Joe said with a chuckle. “Yeah, yeah, we get the hint. Raphi, want to try out the sling?” Stu asked. “Sure, it looks like fun” Raphi said and the three guys started walking away. Joe and Kyle wandered around and met a few more guys and were getting the feeling that every guy in the place wanted to fuck them. They saw Adam and Wes talking to a couple twinks and when Adam saw Joe, he blew him a kiss. Joe took another look towards the door and saw Patrick and another guy walk in. They eyed each other and Patrick and his boyfriend grabbed a drink and then went over to Joe and Kyle. “Joe, this is my boyfriend Jonathan” said Patrick. Joe introduced Kyle to them and they talked a bit. Mark saw Joe talking to a guy that looked really familiar and he wandered over. “Mark?” said Patrick. “Patrick? Wow, this is a small world” Mark said. “You know each other?” Joe asked. “Yeah, we used to work together until this asshole abandoned us for a better job” Mark said with a grin. There was a short pause and then Mark said “Please don’t tell me this is going to be your new boss.” “Not yet. Who knows, I might find a better job and leave him hanging like I did with you” Patrick said before laughing. Mark and Patrick started talking and Joe, Kyle and Jonathan felt a little left out. They started their own conversation and after several minutes, Mark butted in. “Joe, I’m going to show Patrick the product we worked on. Do you want to see it too?” Joe nodded and excused himself. “We’ll just be a few minutes, babe. I’d invite you up but I know how this stuff bores you” Patrick said to Jonathan. Jonathan and Kyle resumed talking as the three others headed up to the apartment. As they walked in, they found Raphi in the sling naked with Dan fucking his ass, Stu fucking his mouth and Vince stroking his cock waiting for Dan to breed him. “Chasing, huh?” Mark asked Patrick who just smiled and grabbed Mark’s cock through his jeans. Joe walked up behind Patrick and started unbuttoning his pants and Mark pulled his shirt over his head. Patrick only had on a jockstrap under his jeans and Joe was quick to slide his fingers between the crack and zeroed in on his hole. Pushing a finger in Joe laughed. “Prelubed?” he asked. “Yeah, Jonathan and I had a quickie before we came over” Patrick said. Joe unbuttoned his jeans and let them drop and pulled his hardening cock out the side of his jock. Patrick was pulling Mark’s jeans down at the same time and Joe bent Patrick over as he shoved his cock into the cummy hole. “FUCK!” yelled Patrick as his mouth descended towards Mark’s cock. Patrick stood there in the middle of the living room, bent over sucking one poz cock while getting his ass reamed by another one. Mark was fucking his cock into Patrick’s throat while watching his brother drill Patrick’s ass. He really enjoyed watching his brother fuck and it made his cock throb harder. The door opened again and the tops all looked to see who it was. Kai and Eric walked in and Kai said “Every time I walk into this place, someone is getting fucked!” “Now it’s your turn. Hope you’re ready to get charged up, cuz most every one of these guys has a gift for you” Eric said, pushing Kai towards the couch. Kai was a Japanese American, like Eric, except he stood six inches taller. His face looked innocent, yet his mind was far from it. He had a neatly trimmed goatee and a neatly trimmed trail from his navel down to his trimmed pubes that accented his six-pack . His seven inches of cut cock got a lot more action than his ass, but he considered himself versatile. His arms had some well earned muscle from his many hours in the gym. The colorful back tattoo extended down both arms to his wrists. Kai pulled his tee off and dropped his jeans and underwear and climbed on to the couch. Eric forced his tongue into Kai’s ass and Vince walked over from the sling and slapped his cock on Kai’s face. Eric’s legs were too short to fuck Kai from the floor, so he climbed up on the couch and drove his hard, leaking cock into Kai’s pussy. Kai screamed out, the scream being muffled by Vince’s cock that was now stuffed into his mouth. Eric hammered Kai’s pussy saying “You don’t know how much I’ve wanted to breed your ass, Kai.” Dan was the first to dump his load and Raphi pulled off Stu’s cock long enough to yell out “Yeah! Give me that hot load!” before taking Stu’s cock deep into his throat one last time. Stu and Dan swapped spots and Stu mercilessly slammed into Raphi’s cummy hole with his monster cock. Joe was nearing his orgasm and rammed his cock in hard before his poison flooded Patrick’s hole. Joe and Mark swapped places and Mark didn’t hold back on shoving his cock into his former co-worker. Patrick and Raphi were sucking the cum off the guys that had just bred them while enjoying a new deathstick in their ass. Eric put his arms around Kai’s muscular chest and hugged him as his hips rammed his cock in hard and fast. “Here’s your first toxic load” Eric grunted as his balls tightened and cock pulsed and he filled Kai up with his virus enhanced cum. Vince could feel Kai moan as his guts filled with Eric’s semen. Eric slowly pulled his cock out and saw the evidence of how much damage he had done to Kai’s rarely fucked cunt. Vince was ready and as soon as Eric was walking to the other side of the couch, he plowed into Kai’s swollen hole. Grunts, groans, moans and the slapping of skin filled the apartment while the three neg guys got fucked and bred. After Mark had finished breeding Patrick, he moved him over to the couch next to Kai. Dan’s cock slammed into Patrick and Joe’s went into Kai’s mouth. Eric walked up to Raphi, laying in the sling with an evil look on his face. Raphi looked back at him, smiled and said “Fuckin’ do it. Wreck my hole and knock me up.” Eric slammed into the well lubed hole and tried his best to make sure Raphi wouldn’t shoot many more neg loads.
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    would you push that back inside for me? :>
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    Note: This is a work of fiction. Any relationship to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental. Enjoy the story. In the Cards I was cruising a website looking for some action when I became engaged in a discussion with another guy about card games and Russian roulette and the possibility of getting pozzed. I have always been interested in being a bottom among other bottoms and having random poz or neg guys breed me and then wait for the results. In my mind it is the ultimate chaser experience. The guy told me that he was getting a group four tops and four bottoms together—neg bottoms and neg and poz tops for a breeding session involving selection by a deck of cards. At least one top in the group would be poz. He needed one more bottom to complete the group. I thought about the possibility of risking being pozzed and the randomness of the draw had me interested. After thinking about it fir a few minutes I responded that I wanted to play. He gave me the address and told me to be there in an hour. Despite my apprehension at becoming poz, the odds were good that I wouldn’t and I cleaned up and drove to the address. It was a very nice house in a nice neighborhood. I was suddenly very excited because I had expected some sleazy place. The host met me at the front door and verified that I was indeed invited to the party. He was as described in his profile. Mid-30’s, white, youngish looking, black hair, neatly groomed. He had on shorts and a tee shirt, I could see the outline of his ample cock behind the material. I wondered if he was a top or bottom. I was then ushered inside to the very nicely appointed entry hall. I noticed six piles of clothing on the floor and was not surprised when I was invited to strip naked and leave everything in a pile on the floor. As I was stripping my host took off his shorts and tee shirt and laid them on a pile. His cock was awesome, even flaccid. He was cut and thick. Since the host had stripped while I was doing the same, I guessed that I was the last to arrive. Once naked I faced my host and he guided me to the party room. Six other guys were there lounging. It was a nice mixture of races and body types. I figured that the guys with the biggest cocks, including one black guy, were tops. No sex was taking place, but some drinks and munchies were being served. The room was large and I also saw that there were four areas prepared for sex, it was going to be a communal fuck session orgy. The host began speaking ,”Gentlemen, welcome to tonight’s roulette breeding party. Four of us are bottoms and four are tops. The idea is that each top will breed at least one bottom tonight. You already know that at all of the bottoms are neg, or at least indicated to me that they are neg, and of the tops at least one is poz. There is a minimum 25 percent chance that the bottoms will be bred by the poz top. The poz top or tops are HVL and med resistant. Whomever the lucky bottom or bottoms are will likely convert as a result of tonight’s party.” I felt a chill go down my spine. It was real! But, I thought that there was only a one in four chance that I would get the poz top. He continued, “Here is how it will go down tonight. Each of the tops has already drawn a card, Ace, King, Queen or Jack. Each of the bottoms will draw a card and the top with the matching card will be their breeder. Once the initial breeding session is over, you are welcome to stay and enjoy the drinks, food and any other sex you desire. It is 10 PM now, at 11 PM, the status of each of the tops will be revealed and they have all agreed that they will likely be ready for sloppy seconds by then, if you desire a fuck knowing what is involved. And the bathroom is now locked—we don’t want any of the bottoms losing their hard earned cum loads.” I was in awe at how the night was going to play out. I was definitely taking a huge chance. But my naked cock was beginning to harden at the prospect of knowing I might be fucked by a poz guy. Did I really want to be pozzed? I liked the looks of the cocks around the room. Big and thick. Any of them would easily tear my bottom up and potentially provide a toxic ending.” “It is time for the bottoms to draw their cards. The order will be the order in which they arrived.,” came the next announcement from our host. I was last and watched the king, jack and queen get drawn. As each card was drawn, the cocks of the tops began to harden around the room. The game was on. The only card left was the Ace of Spades. It was time for the tops and bottoms to match up. As each of the tops went to their bottoms, I realized that my top was our host. He had the matching ace. He came over to me and smiled. “I had hoped that I would get you,” he said. “You are going to enjoy yourself.” He reached out and twisted one of my nipples roughly. I loved it. I love having my nipples abused and as he did that my cock began to swell in anticipation. I took a quick look around the room and saw the other three couples already beginning the process of coupling and breeding. Getting through the initial meeting and preparing the bottom to accept the seed of the bulls in the room. Our host led me to the sofa and pushed me roughly onto it and began to rim me deeply. He was preparing my bottom to receive the seed he was going to put into me. I wondered if he was THE poz top. He offered me poppers and I took a deep hit. He had a beautiful cock and I was anxious to begin sucking it to full hardness. Without warning he stopped rimming my bottom and pulled me close for a deep kiss. I loved the taste of my bottom on his lips. I knew he was getting close. His cock was nearly erect. I moved down to suck him, stopping to bite his nipples, which he enjoyed. He kept saying harder and I bit harder and harder. I took his 7 inch cut cock into my mouth and began bringing it to full hardness. I tasted his sweet pre-cum and wondered again, was he the poz top? After a short while of sucking his shaved cock and balls, he pushed me down onto the sofa onto my back and opened my legs. He bent down and lightly licked my hole and spit into it. He placed the tip of his cockhead at the entrance to my bottom without any lube except the spit he had just put there. I knew this was going to be hard, but I was unprepared for what came next. He rammed his huge cock balls deep in one stroke and I felt my inner ring tear almost immediately. OMG, I thought, the way he thrust into me, he is definitely poz and I am going to be pozzed tonight. He roughly fucked me for a bit until I could feel lubrication surrounding his cock and reducing the friction. It was probably blood and I was able to get my fingers to graze his cock before he swatted them away. I looked at my fingers, while he was pile driving my hole, and confirmed blood. This was for real. I licked the traces of my blood off my fingers and realized that there was no backing out and no place to hide or change my mind. I was probably getting fucked by a HVL poz, med-resistant toxic cock. I was beginning to enjoy the hard pounding as the abuse had numbed my pain and I was beginning to experience the enjoyment of getting fucked. That is what being a bottom is all about. Getting fucked and taking cum. The fucking continued and he got into a rhythm that I could enjoy. He reached down and twisted my nipples roughly. I almost came right then. He looked into my eyes and smiled. I could tell the time was getting close. He bent his head down to kiss me. I loved getting fucked on my back so that the top could kiss me as he unloads deep inside of me. For a moment i was distracted and i heard one of the other couples complete their coupling loudly and compassionately. I also noticed at least one of the couples was watching us as our host for the evening was about to unload his yet unknown-load into my bottom. They were both jacking their cocks and the bottom of the group was fully erect enjoying the show. i snapped back to reality and looked into my host’s eyes. “Are you ready for my load to fill you,” he said. His words brought to bottom from the couple watching us to begin spewing sperm around and he put his cock into my mouth and I sucked him dry. I was about to receive cum in both holes. My breeder’s cock began to expand and I felt the beginnings of his orgasm building as I swallowed the sweet cum being provided to me. With a grunt and a loud exclamation out host announced: “Take my load you faggot. You deserve everything in it.” He drove his massive cock balls deep, past my destroyed inner ring and I felt it pulse at least ten times as he delivered his load deep into my body. He collapsed on top of me, sweaty and hot. He kept his cock deep in me so that none of his precious load could escape. I held him and thoroughly enjoyed the contact after being roughly bred. After a few minutes he withdrew an presented my with his blood and cum covered cock to clean. I enjoyed cleaning off the likely instrument of my pozzing, I was amazed at the amount of blood on his cock. Although I still did not know officially, from the intensity of the fucking, I was pretty sure I was now pregnant with his poz babies. Our host stood up, his now flaccid but still large cock swinging and invited the others to sit. Each of the couple had finished and I could tell that the other bottoms had each had an almost equally enjoyable and rough experience. The tops were all smiling and chatting together, while we bottoms sat together somewhat stunned. Everyone had a drink and was enjoying some munchies while waiting for the news of who got pozzed. Right at Eleven o’clock our host began talking. “So now is the reveal. Who was poz and who was not.” He looked at the four bottoms and spoke directly to us. “You thought this was a classic roulette party where only one of the chambers had a bullet? No, it was a poz the neg faggot party. Only one top was neg. The Jack was the neg top.” He paused for a moment for effect. I was stunned and took a big swallow of my doing. My ass was sore and bleeding. He continues, “I hope you are all happy that the cocks that pozzed your neg asses gave you what you wanted but were too afraid to actually get. As for you, he looked at the bottom who was fucked with only neg cum, “if you want to be pozzed we are all willing to change your status.” I was in shock. It was sinking in, I had been pozzed. Seriously. The odds had been against me getting out of the evening as a neg bottom. I had very mixed emotions, but wait, there was more. Our host continued, “For the three of you who were pozzed, each of us has the Cuban Strain of HIV. It promises to develop quickly into AIDS and is med resistant. Additionally, each of the cards came with some additional bugs. The guy with the queen had herpes and Hep-C. The poz guy with the king has gono. And I have syph.” I was in shock. With one fuck, I had been infected with one of the most virulent forms of HIV and syph, too. The room was quiet for a minute and the guy who was not pozzed spoke up, “Wow. Who wants to poz my neg ass?” All of the poz guys responded that they would love to do the honors. The poz guy with syph had a big cock and came over to me and said, “are you ready for more?” I looked him in the eye and responded, “Sure. I guess I want it all.” He smiled, I took a big swig on my drink to settle my nerves and we walked off to one of the sofas to fuck another poz load into my bottom and add gono to my new and growing bug collection. My transition from DDF neg was complete. What a party this was.
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    Just finished getting a hard fuck. This guy hit me up on Grindr. He was looking for ass and some gas money he was traveling thru on his way to California. I am in Texas. Anyways, we chat for a bit. I clean up and get him to stop by. He is 6'2 Black guy with an average build but a 9 inch thick cock. NNow, I haven't fucked in 6 months. I prepped my hole with my dildo. When he got here I went straight to my knees pulling his cock from his shorts. I suck him for a bit deep throating him getting moan in response. THEN, he says he wants to rim me. I stand up turn around and bend over spreading my butt cheeks. He dives in. HOLY SHIT! his tongue was great. He rims me for a good 15 min. Then, stands up and rubs my hole with is cock. I tell him where the condoms & lube is next to where I was kneeling. He says "Spit works better." and presses his huge cock into my hole. I yelp because I wasnt ready. He grabbed my nipples from under me and twisted them as he sunk his cock into me. I hit the poppers and just took it. He bottomed out. Balls deep. Then, I also realized he didnt use a condom. I said something. His response was "I'm not taking it out now." he worked his cock deep into me pounding away. then he told me to sit on his cock. I spread my legs on either side of him. Slowly lowering my hole onto his cock. I am half way down when he moves my left leg causing me to slip and he also thrusted up. I slipped balls deep onto his whole 9 in thick fucking cock. I screamed, he stuffed my tshirt into my mouth. He had me take more poppers and soon he had me bouncing up and down on his cock. I worked his cock. begging for his load. he blew a huge load deep into me. then he keep fucking me working his cum into a lather. Fuck I was that hot and I didnt even cum. Just satisfied with being well fucked.
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    A new family moved in a couple of weeks ago. The boy was a 19 year old going to a junior college. We said hi a couple of times but that was it. One Saturday he was out in the back yard in his running shorts. He said to come over and have some iced tea. He suddenly said he was bisexual and really love to fuck older men . He asked if I ever got fucked by a guy. I said sure and then asked if he could fuck me? Before I knew it we were in his room He took off his running shorts and showed me a beautiful 9” cut dick. He kissed me and started to feel me ass. He then said he did not like condoms so would I be up to bare backing. I said no problem . Be pushed me on the bed put a pillow under my ass and before I knew it that dick was balls deep in my ass. He fucked me for about 10 min then shouted he was cumming. He blew a huge load in my ass He fucked me twice more that afternoon Now we fuck every Saturday he he is free
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    Just got back from visiting a new top, definitely one of my favorite type of hookups. Never discussed much aside availability and location. So when I got there he let me in and he was just in a robe. Without saying a word I got on my knees and reached inside and started bringing life to his hard 8" cock. While doing this I slowly stripped down, by the time I was fully unclothed he was leaking precum like crazy. So I just lubed his cock with as much saliva as I could and then got up and bent over his couch. He wasted no time getting his meat up to my hole and pushed in slowly until he was as deep as could while I spread my ass open. Then he did the thing I love the most, grabbed my hips and started pounding with good long strokes. I was in heaven. After only about five minutes his breathing turned heavier and I knew I was going to get bred soon. He slammed in me deep and just held himself there, giving little mini strokes between spurts. Finally he went limp and plopped out. I just stood up and got dressed, we never exchanged any pleasantries. But as I was walking to the door I felt his hand on my ass. I knew what that meant and just dropped my drawers and leaned on the front door. He was in my cum slicked ass and pumping away, once again holding my hips and thrusting me in and out. He tensesd up after a few more minutes and plopped out after going soft. I put on my cum soaked shorts and opened the door and left. Stroking my cock now thinking about all the strange cock and cum I have been taking lately, wife unaware.
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    My negative buddy, who rode my cock raw last weekend for first time, came over this morning for more of my cum. I'm really turned on by his new desire for me to knock him up. His entire disposition has changed. We used to be equals in our friendship, but now he's calling me Sir, and being very submissive- which pushes all of my buttons. He arrived and I was still in bed sleeping, so he climbs under blankets and began sucking my cock. I was leaking in no time, so I threw covers off of me so I could watch him work. Telling him to suck my dirty cock good so it'd be nice and hard for his raw fucking. Finally I smacked his face and told him to get in pig position. He quickly got on all fours on the bed. Rubbing his ass, I told him how much I wanted to put my strain in him as I roughly fingered his hole. He moaned as I twisted two fingers around in his dry ass, and I laughed and called him a stupid faggot. I spit on his hole and began rubbing my cock at his entrance. Grabbing his beefy hips, I sunk into him in one motion, and began riding my new bottom. I rubbed his furry buttocks and back, telling him what a sexy whore he was gonna be once I knocked him up. I felt him clamp hard as I spoke to him, and I knew he loved my dirty talk. "That's it, bear, take my poz cock like a good pig. You and me are gonna be brothers, ain't we?" He cried out "Yes Sir!" and started fucking back onto my cock as I pushed in each time. "Here's your load pig!" I yelled, and sank deep into his ass as my balls emptied. He was moaning, and I could tell he was cumming on the bed sheets beneath him. I gently mixed my load around with my softening cock, then pulled out and saw his beautiful hairy cunt, covered in my seed. I pushed what I could inside of him, then lay back down on the bed. We slept until lunch, and then repeated the breeding a second time. To encourage him to keep taking my loads, I gave him an old biohazard t-shirt I have, telling him to wear it with pride, and to come back soon cuz I definitely want to be the one to knock him up.
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    PART 7 Rom and his friend walked in the room and shut the door. I was laying on my back on the bed with my elbows propping me up. It wasn’t exactly bright lights in the tiny room, but it was light enough. I took the new guy in, really really aware he had already been told there wAs a bottom that took it bareback waiting for him. I didn’t get his age, but he was somewhere around 45, give or take a year or two. He had long legs and I guessed he was maybe 6’ 1”, But he was pretty lean. He had a light patch of greying hair on his chest and his face was clean shaven. His mostly grey hair was cut very short. He wore his towel low on his hips. I thought he was hot as hell. Ron spoke up, “Chris this is my friend Steven. Steven meet my sexy young friend Chris. Chris, is Steven your type?” I nodded vigorously. “Steven, did I deliver on my promise of a beautiful young sexy bottom boy?” “ Hell yes you did,” said Steven, adding to me, “it is so nice to meet you sexy boy. Ron here told me this is your first time here? And your first time barebacking?” I nodded. “Well, I understand. Man sex is hot enough, but in a place like this where everyone is so fucking horny ano practically naked and its just us men, so we can have the freedom to explore. Like you explored tonight. I gotta tell you Chris, seeing you there like that, it makes me really want you. It makes me want to fuck you.” Ron had stepped back, making it obvious he was just there to watch. I didn’t care at that point. “I... I think you are really hot too Steven. Do you like to bareback too?” It was at this point that he finally let his towel drop and I got to see his hardening cock for the first time. My eyes were just glued to it, as he slowly gripped it and began to stroke. He was getting hard really fast. And fuck, he was hung. It was perfect. 8. 5 inches with beautiful cut head that topped a thick shaft that had just the slightest most perfect curve. He had trimmed most of the hair away and his balls were shaved. His balls...big round balls, the kind that probably make a lot of cum. His package was magnificent. “It’s so fucking perfect,” I marveled out loud. “I am so glad you like it so much, baby. I’m gonna give you a chance to touch it, and lick it, and suck it... and then it’s going all the inside you. Every. Single. Bit. Is that ok, baby? Is it ok if I fuck you deep?” I am sure I was nodding when I blurted out “I wanna do that all for you just please fuck me bareback.” He looked down at me smiling. “Of course I am gonna fuck you raw Chris.” And then as he leaned into me and i prepared for a kiss, he added, “and I promise you I am not pulling out til all my cum is in that little hole. Is that ok baby?” Looking in his eyes, I nodded. As he leaned in and kissed me hard, I realized very acutely, I had already agreed to lick and suck this strangers cock before letting him fuck my already beaten up hole bareback until he cums inside of me. And I had no idea if he was hiv positive. And I knew it didn’t matter because I would have let him fuck me no matter if he was positive or not. And that totally scared me and totally turned me on. And I knew when this night was over, I was gonna spend a lot of time thinking why I had all of a sudden started hoping the guys I was with had hiv. But right now as my mouth opened and his tongue invaded, I just melted. My cock was like steel and I just wanted him. And I wanted him to be poz. I had to know. As I broke the kiss, I whispered “Steven it’s ok with me if you are, but I just wanted to know.... are you hiv.” He cut me off before I finished. “Yeah sexy. I’m poz. And I know that’s ok with you. I can tell. It’s so sexy. You’re so sexy, that hungry hole. I can’t wait to be inside you.” And i couldn’t wait either.
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    Part 4 Dan kissed me again and spoke softly "You should know that to me love making is natural sex, you become one with me and share a very intimate bond and will take everything I give, no questions and no hesitation.". I knew that my brother and Gary were undetectable so the chances of being infected by them was pretty low, but I had to figure out how to ask the question of Dan. I breathed loudly and moaned as Dan licked my nipple and worked his way down my chest and navel, the hairs on the back of my neck and arms stood up at the sensation of him exploring my body with his tongue. I felt my last few items of clothing being removed from my body, laying naked on the bed Dan removed the rest of his clothes to reveal a beautiful specimen of a cock, long and thick covering a set of heavily hanging balls. I reached out and touched his cock and he moved forward towards my mouth, my lips parted as the head of his now semi erect cock slipped between and in to my mouth. Tenderly sucking and applying pressure I could feel it growing in my mouth and pushing further in towards the back of my throat, gagging he pulled out and kissed me again between my gasps for breath. Dan positioned himself on top of me as he continued kissing me and probing my mouth with his tongue, his left leg pushed in between mine forcing them apart, I moaned as his full weight was on me, my legs were wrapped around his hips. Without realising he had placed me in the missionary position, drawing his legs further up towards my hips causing my legs to move up around his waist. I was now in place ready to be penetrated, I could feel his cock rubbing against my hole as the kissing continued. Dan was an expert kisser as he continued on with his mission of making love to me, caressing my body, stroking my face, his mouth never broke contact with mine. Slowly his hips raised as I felt the head of his cock starting to caress my hole, it was very slick and lubed from his precum already oozing out. I felt my ass opening as the head slipped in, moaning and wriggling he held me firmly. A sharp pain shot through my ass as he started pushing the shaft of his cock inside me. I broke form the kiss about to cry out from pain when his hand clamped firmly over my mouth muting any sound. My body was trying to reject the invasion but my mind was full of desire for him. A gradual and intense pressure was now applied as he slipped the rest of his cock deep inside until I felt his balls touching my ass. He removed his hand from my mouth as I panted hard adjusting to the size of his cock now embedded in my body. His mouth clamped down on to mine as he started to kiss me again. Feeling his balls rubbing against my ass as he slowly gyrated his hips was intoxicating and I felt absorbed in the moment. Plop, plop, plop was the sound of his balls hitting against my ass as he started to fuck me, the soreness and burning in my ass grew intensely as he relentlessly bucked his hips back and forwards. Moaning in to his mouth as he continued kissing me I suddenly felt his cock stiffen and swell, Dan broke from our kiss and wrapped his arm around my head hold me close as he let out a long grunt and groan in my ear. My hands grabbed his shoulders and I closed my eyes as warmth started to spread deep in my ass as torrents of his poz seed now flowed into me, with every upward jolt and grunt more seed was pumping from his cock in to my body. Dan collapsed on top of me still keeping his cock tight inside whilst his hips ground against my ass working the seed further into me. His mouth closed in on mine as we kissed. After around 15 minutes he slowly pulled his cock out carefully so not to have fall out from my ass, he rolled on to his back "Oh fuck, that was hot. I wrapped my arm over his chest and snuggled up to him as he placed his arm around my neck and we both fell asleep. We woke just after sunrise and looked at each other and spontaneously laughed. As we laid there I asked Dan about him being poz, "Been poz about 5 years." he replied, "Oh, do you have a medication regime?", he looked at me and smiled "No, not on meds yet, have a pretty high viral load but it's not affecting my cell count to badly yet.". I looked worriedly at him "You do know I am neg don't you?", stroking my face he replied "Probably not after the breeding I gave you last night, but you will definitely get my gift if you want to keep having sex with me." he winked got up and began to get dressed as I went to the bathroom desperately needing to sit down and break wind, so I thought. What happened in fact was a loud wet sloppy noise as he seed was being expelled by my ass. Wiping after I finished and taking a look there were no tell tell signs of blood mixed in his poz seed, stupidly thinking I escaped the bullet. As Dan left we kissed and he said he would see me Monday on the metro as usual.
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    Celebrated an "all negative" 3-month PrEP checkup the other night by breeding a fit black jock guy from GrindR. Now just hoping that some of the undergrads on campus want to get in some fun before they leave for the summer...I'm sure some of them will have some finals stress that they need fucked out of them, right? ;-)
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    https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/breeding-nate-stetson-by-david-sf-featuring-eric-hassan-34843371 watching david sf pump his hot poz cum (he told me he was poz) inside nate stetson is so fuckin' hot
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    Part 6; John flipped the boy on his back, spread his legs wide, holding onto his ankles, and without a pause shoved his toxic Dick inside. As he fucked, you couldn't help but notice his large bio-hazard tattoo, and for the first time I noticed the letters P, and, Z within the symbol. HOT! He fucked the boy for about 5 minutes. We weren't even paying proper attention. However, our attention was properly grabbed when John started cumming, making all the usual erratic breathing, and primitive grunting. Phil cheered and yelled... 'Yeah, go on John son, breed that fucking dirty faggot' John had a short spurt of piston fucking right before he began shooting his venom. Having done the deed, he leaned in and carried on fucking, slowly grinding his hips as he embedded his toxic seed deeper. And on he went, fucking... He wouldn't stop... 'OK John mate, let's get this lad to bed. He really does need some rest ... Right fellas, if you want to stay for some Beers and a laugh, that's cool. I'm just going to sort this chap out'. The general consensus seemed to be they all wanted to stay on. I picked up the twink, and carried him to my bedroom. I gave him some of my sleep medication, just to help him get a bit of a deeper sleep for at least a short while. Again, on a towel, butt plug in. 'If you need me for anything boy, send me a W/app message, I'll just be downstairs, OK'. 'Thank you Daddy'. I tucked him in, and left him to rest. For the next few hours the 4 of us chatted, drank, smoked, with some wicked house music on the spin, not too loudly though, I wanted to make sure the boy upstairs wasn't disturbed. Phil suddenly got up... 'I need a Shit' And off he went! About 20 minutes had passed, and he hadn't returned. 'Is the man constipated?' I facetiously said in my head. 'I'm off to see where Phil has got to' 'OK' said John & Bill, as they seemed to be rather oblivious and in their own world! I knocked on the bathroom door... 'Hey, Phil, what is going on?' ... No reply! I turned the handle ... Unlocked! I went in, no one there. Into the bedroom... ... There he was, fucking the twink again! He had him bent over my bed, arms spread eagle. He looked up at me, giving me a twisted smirk. It seemed that a combination of the twinks sero-conversion to the gradual physical acceptance of my toxic DNA, and my sleep meds had taken their toll and knocked him out. 'Phil, what the fuuuu...' 'Don't worry, I'm nearly done'. He refocused his gaze to the boys ASS, grabbing his hips tightly, and picking up pace with his 'Jacobs Ladder' Dick. He grunted, and shot his second load inside the boy. He lifted him back onto the towel, and put the butt plug back in'. 'Phil, I'm knackered, and want to go to bed'. 'Alright Simon buddy, the lads and I will go now. Thanks for a great evening'. The 3 of them soon left. I got ready for bed, got in, and held the sweet twink in my arms. His skin was very hot and sweaty... ... Part 7 to follow ...
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    PART 4 ”You have my cock so hard Chris. Such an eager little cocksucker. Yeah, lick that precum. It’s all for you sexy boy,” Tom told me. Maybe a few times I had a second if oh fuck and this guy is my neighbor and this is all happening so fast, but I was just loving being on my knees worshipping this beautiful man cock. It had such a perfect mushroom head, full and pronounced, it felt perfect inside my mouth and resting on my tongue. And that long thick veiny shaft, with just the slightest barely there upward curve felt like hot steel. His massive balls that I couldn’t quite fit into my mouth in a nice tight sack. I just wanted it more and more. I was losing control. Trying to suck it all into my throat and gagging. Finally, Tom pulled me off his cock. I looked up worried I wasn’t pleasing him. I think he sensed my fear and reassured me, “ That feels almost too good sexy boy, and we are just getting started. I’m not ready to let you make me cum yet. Right now I need to more of you. Get up and go over and fave that desk and spread your legs a little. God, that ass is so beautiful. Such a perfect boy butt. Now, bend over and grab the desk. I just want to see what it looks... oh what an amazing hole. You have the most perfect asshole Chris.” This whole time I was following orders and my cock was rock hard and throbbing and I loved hearing how much he liked me. This super hot man with a huge cock thought I was sexy and had a great ass. Breaking me out of my thoughts, he spoke again, “ Chris, what’s on your mind? Is there something else you want to try now maybe?” I was a little shy, but it felt safe to admit it to Tom, “ That thing you said where you licked a guys butt. Is that... did you want to maybe try that with me?” Ok, even horny out of my mind, I was blushing. “You have no idea how bad I want to kiss and lick your boy hole Chris. Here come over and lie on the bed and pull your knees up. Yeah like that, so I can see that little hole. It’s so pretty. I swear it’s like it’s asking me to play with it and make it feel good. Do you want that Chris, to have me make your boy hole feel good?” Laying on the edge of the bed, my knees pulled up, practically able to feel his breath on my hole, I lost and begged a little for the first time. “Please make it feel good. I never wanted to have somebody play with my butt like this before. Please do it. Anything. Your tongue or your fingers even.” His reply was short, “I won’t make you wait. I can see you need it.” And with that he moved in, inhaling the scent of my crack and then slowly teasing my hole. The electric shock of pleasure made me buck. “Oh fuck!” I exclaimed. He was an artist with his mouth and had me squirming and writhing and barely able to breathe. It felt so good. And then when he pushed his tongue and tried to fuck me with it, I just melted completely. “Oh god oh god that feels so good. It feels so fucking good!” I blurted. And then he stopped. I had never felt like this but I realized I hadn’t even cared about my cock. The feelings of pleasure he gave my hole with his mouth felt better than anything I had experienced I til then. I felt desperate to feel more pleasure on my young asshole. I needed to feel more. “That hole. I could eat that asshole every day. Nothing is better than a hot eager boyhole.” I was so happy. He had loved doing it. He wanted to do it every day. I had pleased him. Now he continued, “Look at my cock Chris. Look it’s evem harder now. Because of your hole. Your little hole makes me this hard. I really want to try something with you. I think you will really like it. I love it and guys that love having their butts played with seem to just really LOVE it.” Reaching under the bed, he pulled out a small brown bottle. “These are called poppers. Have you heard of them?” I just shook my head. He continued, “you just sniff it and it’s totally harmless but it just... well I promise you, you will really love it. It will make you even hornier than you are now.” He unscrewed the cap and out the bottle to his nose and held one nostril shut and took a deep breath of the poppers and held it. “See, it’s super safe but.... oh man, fuck yeahhhh,” he moaned as he slowly stroked his giant dick. Reaching out to hand me the bottle, he gave me the instructions one more time, one nostril at a time and hold it in. “Hold on one sec Chris. I want to watch you take your first sniffs. And I want to just get some of this on me.” He had pulled out some lube and was stroking it onto his cock. He then took a blob and rubbed it onto my hole. I said nothing but definitely noticed that a guy had just put lube on my butt. I wondered if Tom wanted to fuck me. Before I had a chance to think, I heard his voice “ok Chris, here use that pillow for your neck. Yeah, like that. Now lift those legs up so I can see your hole. Now take two breaths in each nostril just when I tell you too, ok?” I nodded, so horned up and so out of control already with lust. And then he spoke,”Take a nice deep breath and hold it. Ok, again. Now other side deep breath. Hold it. One more time. Hold it.”
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    Part 1 Yeah, I knew I was gay. I was only 18, and still in high school, but I had fooled around with a few guys. This was early 1990’s. My experiences had been quick and anonymous at the adult bookstore. The first couple times, I had just let a guy suck me in the video booths, but I had also gotten on my knees too after that. I had gotten fucked exactly twice and both times it had hurt and it was totally safe condom only. I was, at that time, the total surfer twink. 5’ 10” and 170, dArk blonde hair and surfer tan. I was also totally not out. And still coming to terms with the fact that I not only liked guys, but that I was definitely more interested in the pleasing side of things versus sitting back and being pleased. But the bookstore was really hit and miss, and I was somewhat picky. My target was white guys in their late 30’s or 40’s. And that was really all I liked. Guys my age didn’t interest me really. So there I was, 18 and about to graduate high school and sneaking off to the adult bookstore when I just couldn’t take it anymore and either getting sucked or sucking guys. And I could still count my gay sex experiences with both hands at that point. My parents were divorced and I lived with my mom, who by then was either at work or at her boyfriends place. I had a lot of time to myself. We lived in a big apartment complex and I had to walk past a couple of buildings to get to our place from the parking lot. It was during one of those walks from the parking lot that spring of my senior year that I met Tom. I had kind of noticed him, even though he was pretty new to the complex. One, I had to walk past his patio and front door and two, Tom was hot. He was maybe 40 (turned out to be 44) and tall, 6’ 2”, but he was thin. I doubt he weighed more than me at 170. His hair was graying and cut very short. Our neighborhood was not gay Mecca, so I figured he was straight, probably some guy getting divorced. Anyways, I was waking up the path after getting off of my after school job and it was just getting dark. I knew my mom wouldn’t be home, but that was fine and I was used to making myself dinner. I saw him ahead of time on his patio so I wasn’t spooked, but I was surprised when he raised a hand and said “hey there neighbor. I was standing here hoping a young strong guy would walk by here.” I laughed, unsure of what to say. “My name is Tom. I just moved in here a few weeks ago and I bought a new tv and wanted to move the old one upstairs but it’s really a two man job. Any chance i could talk you into helping for a few minutes?” Like I said, I already thought the guy was hot and, well, it just seemed polite to help anyways, so I finally spoke up. “Hi nice to meet you Tom. I’m Chris. I just live down the way, but yeah, I can help.” He smiles and said “Here come around the front door and I’ll let you in.” I walked in and my naive gaydar went off a little. But then again, I told myself, wha did I know. But this was no slobs place. His furniture was tasteful and he had cool black and white photos on the walls. The tv loomed in the living room, on the ground. The nice new one sat in its place on his entertainment center. Tom had on a v neck t shirt and gym shorts. “I really appreciate this. I just want to get it into my play... into the other bedroom, the first one at the top.” We had the same style unit and that was my room, I thought to myself. He led and started to heft the tv up the stairs as I held my end and we worked our way up. He made the turn in thru the door and grunted “lets put it on the long desk up against the wall, ok?” It wasn’t til we set it down that I looked around and realized what the room was and why he had started to say playroom. I had never been in a room built just for sex, but I was in one now. A bed on one wall, with the big desk and tv opposite. The third wall was all mirror closets. And in the corner was something that took a naive 18 year old a second to figure out, a sling. A DVD player and VCR were on the desk and I noticed also in another corner, a camcorder on a tripod. I think he noticed my shock and he tried to joke, “ doesn’t everyone have a sex room?” He paused and then added more quietly, “well, every gay man anyways.” He stared right at me when he said that. And while I was 95 percent sure before he said that, I knew now I was standing in Tom’s gay sex room. “Do you like it?” he asked. I know my heart was beating 1000 Miles an hour by this point. “I like it a lot.” He looked at me a long time. “Chris right? Chris, how um, how old are you?” “I just turned 18 in January.” I replied. This was totally different than a two minute blowjob in the dark. This guy was my neighbor. “Chris, I’m not the only gay man in the room right now am I? He asked quietly. I shook my head. “I was just gonna make sure the tv works right. Want to watch a video with me?” I again just nodded. “One thing though, one of the few rules of my room, clothes are definitely not allowed.” With that he stripped down. Holy shit. He was naked in front of me, and half hard. And his cock was amazing. I nervously stripped down. I was hard as a rock and tried to hide it. He patted the bed and motioned me to sit. “Don’t ever hide that from me here Chris. This is a place where we celebrate man sex.” He grabbed a remote and hit play and settled back onto the bed next to me. I couldn’t help staring at him and he seemed to want me to. I was so nervous still but could feel myself starting to lose control. The nerves were fading into want. I had never been in a guys place before like this and had never had sex outside the bookstores, where it was all about rushing thru as quick as you could. Tom seemed in no hurry. As I watched him wrap a hand around his thick cock and start to slowly stroke it, I thought whatever happens will be fine and it’s nothing you haven’t done before at the bookstore. I had no ideA. I was 18. No one had shown me yet. Tom would. I just didn’t know it yet.
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    It's the weekend, men. Get out there and fill your asses with some strangers' cum😎
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    Bit of a late update as this was last Sunday... Went to SOP had a great time: Fucked one guy in the sling fairly early on but switched places with another top as I didn't want to cum that early on. Spent some time in the sling myself - had a couple of guys take turns while a third soaked us. That was hot. Then the dark room emptied out for a bit and I was deliberating between being patient and staying put or getting another drink. I stayed put and was rewarded by a short muscled guy who had a quick play but came back a couple of minutes later and used his hands to really stretch my hole out. I guessed he liked it loose... anyway he rubbered up and began fucking but paused after a bit and I noticed something a bit different and realised he'd removed the condom. He took a while to shoot and we'd drawn attention from a few guys, which I like as I enjoy guys watching and - even better - participating. One of these guys, a black guy then rimmed and feltched me - which I was in two minds about as I wanted to keep the load inside. He must've read my mind as he switched and pressed his cock against my now slightly sore hole. One hit of poppers and I used the sling to push myself onto him a bit - he took the hint and in a moment he was all inside. And he knew what he was doing... It ended up being one of those occasions were I came from being fucked coincidentally with the top. It was pretty intense. I remember getting out of the sling and still being a bit wobbly after the orgasm. SOP can be hit or miss for me, but that was one of the better ones.
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    love when the boys bring me home from the bar and they know i need a load so they happily give me theirs before bed.
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    It's been about two weeks since i last saw Randy at the Bum Steer...The thought of becoming HIV+ was running through my mind as well as Randy and that gorgeous body of his...OH how I wanted him, I wanted every part of him including that big thick cock of his....Well if I wanted to meet up with him I knew where to find him, The Bum Steer...So I figured out I should venture out to the Bum Steer tonight and at least see him...I pulled into the parking lot of the Bum Steer around 10pm....I figured this time I would dress a bit more appropriate and just wore jeans and a t-shirt....I walked into the bar and it was a bit crowded, I made my way to the bar and ordered a drink...I walked around a bit and couldnt find him anywhere I felt a bit bummed out that he was not here..I finished my drink and was about to leave when in through the door came Randy....My heart started beating really fast as I stared at him....He saw me staring at him and came over to me, Spence I never thought I would see you again...I smiled back and said Here I am.....He took my hand and said can we chat for a bit....We made our way outside the bar and over to his car. He apologized for the other night and said he would like another chance....As he was mumbling along I kissed him right then and there. Our mouths locked as we exchanged tongues and I felt his hands grabbing my ass as he pulled me into him. I wanted him more than ever, I told him that i want him to fuck me and I am good with it being bare....He smiled at me and said he's been thinking about me the past two weeks and he was glad that I was there in his arms. We drove back to his place in his car, as soon as we walked in the door we were at it kissing and touching each other.....We shed our clothes by the front door and made our way to his bedroom. We laid side by side kissing and holding each other. I pushed him on his back and made my way down to his cock, I ran my tongue along the thick shaft tasting every part of it including the head....I looked up into his eyes and i slowly started sucking his cock, he smiled and started thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth. It felt good tasting his cock and a bit of pre cum that was oozing out. I pulled myself up to his lips and started kissing him so he could taste his cum in my mouth. It was delicious and erotic..
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    Whilst we'ed been talking I heard the front door open a couple of times and footsteps in the changing room and then going up the stairs. I left Sid reading his paper and levered myself off the chair, aware of the cool spunk coating my cheeks. Upstairs, I ignored the sauna as I heard voices in the small TV room off on the other side of the landing. There were three guys there, much older than me watching the TV. One sat in a threadbare sofa on one side and the other two on another sofa on the other side. They were real trolls with sagging tits, spindly legs and old, lined faces. There was a porn movie playing with a couple of twinks fucking in a bedroom. "Nice cock on that lad." Said one as the camera zoomed in to show the heavy cock sliding into an arsehole. "Not bad," Said another. "Got a good technique, too." They could have been discussing football or something for all the casualness in their voices. "Alright matey?" The one on the sofa on his own smiled at me reavealing a mouthful of bad teeth. "Why dontcha sit here?" I sat down beside him, conscious that he smelled of body odour, and noticing his hand tugging idly at his cock had dirty fingernails. The others were watching the porn, wanking each others cocks as they moved on to taliking about some new housing estate being built. "Been before?" Asked the old man next to me. "Nope" I said. "First time. Been here a couple of hours" He cackled. "Yeah and I bet Bill or Sid have been up you by now - they don't hang about!" I blushed and nodded. "Both of them." He interrupted the other two. "Dirty bastards have fucked our friend here already!" They laughed and one of them, with rings through his sagging tits and a paunch hanging over his heavy cock gestured me over. "Let's have a look,then." I stood and went over. He turned me round and I bent forward, allowiing his scaley fingers to spread my cheeks and probe my hole. "He's wet, alright. Carrying a bellyful of dirty spunk, I reckon." The other man next to him was very thin and wasted looking with heavy veins on his arms and legs and a fat erection sticking up from his lap. "I need a fuck," He announced. "Once I get off, I can relax a bit." They pulled me onto the sofa between them, getting me to kneel on the cushions and rest my arms on the backrest. Lube was rubbed roughly over my hole, and then the wasted man got off the sofa and got behind me. Without any warning, he slid his cock into me making me gasp with the size of it, but the lube and spunk in my hole allowed it to slip in easily enough. "That's better," I heard him say as he started to thrust into me. The other two ignored us and began a conversation about the news whllst next to them I was being fucked by this disgusting old man. "Ahhh... " he said to the other two. "That feels better. Just need to empty my balls and then I'll hit the sauna." He hadn't even acknowledged me but now I felt his thrusts becoming urgent. For all he cared, he was fucking a piece of meat just to get off. "Yeah...he gasped. Here it comes!" With that he collapsed on my back, shuddering and grunting in orgasm as he shot his load up my insides. After a while, he got heavily off me, pulling his cock out brutally and said. "Right, see you later" to the other two. Then he left. I just knelt there gasping and embarrassed, spunk now dripping over my balls and onto the cushions. "Look at all that spunk!" Said the one with the tit rings. "Reckon Arthur gave him a bellyful that time!" I looked over at them, my face flushed with lust. The man with the tit rings stood up and held his heavy cock in his hand. "You do know you've been pozzed, dont'cha mate?" I nodded and just knelt here. He grinned and for the first time I saw the dark blotches on his skin and the sores on his lower legs. "Good, So you won't mind another bellyful of poz babies then, will you? With that he got behind me and began to slide his fat cock slowly, deliciously into my rectum. "Hold still, darling and let's see if we can get you pregnant today." He whispered as the other man laughed in the background.

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