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    My parents still have the same guy cutting the lawn that we did years ago...a Latino guy who was two grades ahead of me in school. We've fucked a few times over the years, usually doing it when I was the only one at home. He's all too happy to fuck me and load my ass and I love it when he takes me dick and loads too. He is really good looking with a killer smile and a nice thick uncut cock and he knows how to use it. The last few times he's come to cut the lawn my mom was at home so I could only go out and chat with him a little bit. He'll text me when he wants some and we'll meet up at night once my parents go to bed. And while my brother is at home he's gaming and could give a shit about what I'm doing and my mom is gone as is dad. I'm usually shirtless around the house and so I went out back to say hi to Mateo, who was also shirtless and glistening with sweat. His face lit up when he saw me and he shut off the mower so we could talk. He was a skinny high school kid when he started cutting our lawn and now he's filling out...no doubt from all the work he does. We've fucked in the side of our backyard before as it has an eight foot privacy fence and that side of the house has no windows...perfect for doing that kind of thing and not being seen. I quickly made it clear my mom was gone but my younger brother was home but we could fuck in the side yard if he was down. The big smile told me all I needed to know and quickly moved to the side yard. Both our shorts came off and like me, Mateo didn't have any underpants on, so our dicks were both out and hard as we started kissing and stroking each other's cocks up against the side of the house. As bad as I wanted his seed in me I knew I wouldn't last long and told him I was gonna fuck him first. Saying nothing he turned his back to me. I started spitting on my cock and his ass but barely needed to as his ass was already super sweaty and I had no problem sliding in him. Part of the huge turn on with Mateo is I know nothing about him...whether he gets fucked by other guys or not, if he has a GF or BF, nothing. And here I am, balls deep in him, unloading my cum inside as he's telling me how good I feel inside him. As guy as hot as he is probably has no problem finding guys and girls he can fuck and probably gets a lot of dick if he wants it. That he doesn't even complain while taking my cock tells me he probably gets fucked by other guys too and like most Mexican guys he just goes bare and doesn't ask questions. I'm working myself up thinking about it all and before I know it I've blasted a second load in him as he's whining and begging for my seed followed by a satisfied sigh after I came. I told him it was my turn and saw the gleam on his face and the huge gob of precum on his dick. I told him how bad I wanted it and lied saying I hadn't got it in a while. I could feel his spit hit my ass and felt his body heat as he pulled me close and felt his cock enter me rough. his precum and spit made it easy for him to slowly thrust more in me. I was verbal with him, telling him what I wanted and he was delivering it. Unlike him I hold little back and he knows I like to get fucked and get fucked by other guys and he doesn't seem to mind that. He was into my verbal side and egging me on, blasting a forceful spurt inside me I could feel and kept right on stroking. He was now into an intense pounding, pulling me close as he did and I could feel his sweat hit my body as I told him how good his dick felt and how bad I wanted his cum in me. He built to a shuddering crescendo and a loud groan as he blasted another load inside me, then collapsing on top of me, telling how good it felt to cum inside me, how good my ass felt, and how bad he needed it. I told him how much I loved taking his loads and that I wished I could get them all the time which made him laugh a little, adding "I'd probably wear your ass out cause I'm horny all the time." He admitted he wished we could fuck in the house as he wanted to kiss and look in my eyes as he came inside me, which had me rock hard. He still hadn't pulled out and I could feel his dick throb and again he started stroking inside me. I asked him if he wanted me with my back up against the house so I could straddle my legs around his waist and he could look in my eyes and we could kiss as he fucked me. We made it work and I was turned on by the look of desire in his eyes as we kissed and he worked up to blowing another load in my ass. By now I was ready to pop another load in him and asked if he wanted it, and we reversed so that his back was up against the house and straddling me as I slid inside him while looking in his eyes. I loved that this stud was taking my slutty cock and seed with no questions and that he wanted it so bad he'd already taken two of my loads. It didn't matter if he was taking other guys dicks or loads, he wanted my slutty seed inside him and didn't give a shit how many guys fuck me and use my hole. He was now begging for my seed, telling me how good my cock felt, how bad he wanted it, and how he hadn't gotten any since the last time we'd hooked up. To my surprise I teased saying I'd bet he'd fucked other guys and he smirked and said he had but they hadn't fucked him. I pushed a little more saying I bet he wished they'd fucked him and he admitted he did and added he liked getting fucked. I didn't want to push it further and looped back to me fucking him and I'd worked myself up thinking about how this hot stud was fucking other guys and wanted them to fuck him too. I didn't take much more for me to cum and I blasted another load inside him which sent him into overdrive. We slowly uncoupled and caught our breath, smiling knowing smiles at each other. We pulled our shorts back on and leaned in for a kiss and then the awkward realization for me that I got to go back inside and he had to finish mowing our lawn. Once inside I could hear the mower start and hoped my brother hadn't realized anything was going on. I passed by his room and he was still gaming, headphones on. I showered smirking knowing that Mateo was mowing the lawn my my loads still inside him and feeling a bit smug knowing he takes my cum and not the loads from the other guys he fucks. I wondered how many other guys he fucked other than me. I was tempted to jerk off but was feeling pretty spent. But I knew once I was out of the shower it was time to see if I could find another guy to load my ass.
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    Part 2 When I was diagnosed HIV positive I had just taken over my business and I was working really hard to make it a success. The idiot who owned it before me was running it in to the ground and I had to work really hard to get landlords and tenants back on board. I re-named it, re-branded it and set about building up a succesful business. I bought it with money which my grandmother left me. It was a surprisingly large sum of money and totally unexpected - my dad had left us when me and my sister were quite young and we had not seen much of him in the intervenig years. My gran had kept in touch and always sent me and my sister money at Christmas ond on our birithdays but we never expected to inherit so much of her money. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my inheritance and my sister put up some of the money and joined me to take care of the books and the financial side - having a business degree it was right up her street and she was able to work three days a week mostly from home which suited her fine. So everything was working out really well - I loved every minute of setting up the business and had no problem working long hours - I had a vision of how I wanted the business to be and I went for it. When I wasn't working I was sleeping and when I wasn't sleeping I was fucking - mostly random hook ups and visits to some of London's raunchier clubs. Then I was diagnosed HIV positive. I can't pretend it was a huge surprise - I have never liked condoms and rarely used them - but if I'm being honest it was a bit of a shock. They had talked to me very seriously at the hospital about how I would need a medication regime and told me there was an extremely high chance that I would infect other people due to the level of my viral load so it was very important that I refrained from having unprotected sex of any sort and ideally from any sexual contact. As I said before, I don't lie - so I assured them I would take their advice very seriously. I didn't say I would follow it. I thought about following the advice and even bought some condoms. I think I've still got them somewhere. In truth I wasn't sure what I was going to do. Then a few days later I was out at a cinema complex just outside London with some straight friends. We had plenty of time before the film was due to start and were having coffee in the Starbucks in the complex. As much out of habit as anything else I went on Grindr and got messaged almost immediately from a guy that was only a few metres away. I lookd at the profile - 20 years old, slim, blond, bottom - my dick began to harden and I looked around the coffee shop. I saw him almost immediately - he was sitting with a group of other lads at a table nearby. "U up for it?" he messaged and I messaged back "Yeah." A moment or two later he got up and walked towards the toilets, looking casually back over his shoulder at me. I waited a moment and excused myself. Seconds later I entered the toilet - it was very spacious and spotlessly clean. He was in the end cubicle and I wasted no time in joining him. He pulled me towards him and kissed me and then he sat down on the toilet and seconds later my cock was in his mouth. He sucked me really well and it was just what I needed after the week I had had. I let him suck me for a while and I had every intention of letting him suck me until I nutted in his mouth but then he stood up, turned round, pulled his pants and trousers down and bent over the toilet. He had a lovely slim arse and I didn't hesitate. I pulled his cheeks apart, lined up my cock and pushed it against his arsehole. He grunted and bent forward as the head of my cock entered his arse. I was surprised how easly my cock slid up him and I enjoyed every minute of the fuck - his arse was quite tight and I was really horny so I took hold of his hips and began to fuck him harder. I could tell he was enjoying it as much as I was and I didn't hold back - I fucked him as hard as I could and it was not long before I felt myself getting ready to cum. For a moment I thought about pulling out but I didn't - I pushed my cock right up him and held it there as I shot what felt like a massive load of cum right up him. He grinned at me as we pulled up our pants and minutes later we had both rejoined our friends - neither of us had said a word and somehow this made the whole encounter even hornier. As it happened, he and his friends were sitting just a couple of rows in front of us and as the lights went down and the film started I could see a greenish glow coming from his seat. I knew of course that he must be looking at his phone, but just for a moment I imagined the glow was coming from the highly toxic load I had just deposited in his arse and my dick got hard again. On the Friday evening I went to the Vault in central London - one of my favourite cruise bars. It was early evening and the place was just starting to get busy with the after work crowd. I was still feeling very horny - and couldn't stop thinking about the young blond lad, bent over the toilet with his pants down and my toxic load shooting into his arse. I cruised round for a while and then stood outside the glory hole cabins. After a while, one of them opened and a guy came out. I went in to the cubicle, sat down on the ledge at the back and looked through the hole. Almost immediately a big cock came through the hole and I got down and started sucking on it. I sucked it for a while and then the guy pulled back and indicated for me to push mine through. My pants were already down and I stood up and pushed my hard cock through the hole and soon I was being sucked. The guy sucked me really well and after a while he pulled off my cock. I waited a moment, expecting his cock to come through the hole but instead he pushed his arse against the hole. I had no idea who was on the other side of the hole, but the hairy arse he had pressed against the hole certainly looked fit enough. I pushed my finger into his hole and found it lubed and it was not long before my cock was up him and I was fucking him through the glory hole. I really enjoyed the fuck but I didn't last as long as I would have liked to and before long I was cumming deep in his arse. I was still feeling horny so I had a drink and then cruised round a bit more watching the action, which was beginning to pick up as the place got busier. I sucked a few cocks and let a couple of guys suck me and then got another drink and then cruised round again. In the room with the barrels I saw one of my friends, Tom, taking it up the arse - somehow its always a turn on for me to see someone I know being fucked - especially if they don't know I'm watching. I moved a bit closer and watched - Tom was being fucked by a stocky skinhead guy and, as I watched, the guy's cock slipped out of Tom' arse and I was surprised to see he wasn't wearing a condom. I was surprised because Tom was one of a group of my friends who were very much committed to safe sex and both Tom and his partner had lectured me more than once about how I should practice safe sex. It turned me on to see him with his pants down, being fucked bareback behind his boyfriend's back, and I watched as the skinhead pushed his cock back up Tom's arse, bent him forward and began to fuck him harder. I watched until the skinhead unloaded in Tom;'s arse and then cruised round again. I didn't see Tom again and I assume he must have left after he had taken the skinhead's load andws now on his way home to his partner. I was horny again myself and soon I was watching a lad being fucked in the recess area beside the glory holes. He looked mid to late 20s and was tall and slim with his brown hair tied back in a pony tail. I found this lad really attractive and was really hoping I might get a chance to fuck him. I got my cock out and started wanking as I watched him being fucked and he bent forward and took my cock into his mouth. I was fully hard again now and he sucked me really well. After a while the guy fucking him pulled out, pulled off his condom and threw it on the ground. The lad turned round and pushed his arse out towards me and, taking hold of my cock, pulled it towards him. I slid up him and began to fuck him. I was fairly sure I could cum again and, as I fucked him, he pushed hs trousers and his white underpants right down and bent forward, leaning against the back wall as I fucked him as hard as I could and shot my load up him. I had another drink before I left and, as the guy I had just fucked arrived at the bar at the same time, I bought him one. It seemed the least I could do. As I enjoyed a much needed drink I watched the guys cruising around and wondered which of them had my toxic load up his hairy arse. The business was now starting to take off and I was soon enjoying some horny encounters at work too. Part of our role as lettings agent was to carry out three monthly propety inspections on behalf of the landlords and for the first year or so I was carrying out all the inspections myself. We had an agreement with most of the tenants that we could let ourselves in to carry out the inspection without the need for them to be there and in general this worked really well. It also led to quite a few horny encounters. One day I was visiting a flat we managed in a high end block of luxury flats in west London. We managed a number of flats in this block - they were beautifully fittted out and had a great view out over the Thames and private underground parking. I really enjoyed managing them and, if the truth be told, aspired to own one myself one day. This particular flat had been rented by an Arab guy for his son, who was a medical student. I had shown them round the flat when they came to view it and I had been struck by how alike and how good looking the father and son were. On this morning I let myself quietly into the flat and, as I began my inspection, I heard a noise from the bedroom. Although we always visited by appointment it was not uncommon for tenants to forget we were coming and I assumed this was what had happened. I called out but there was no reply and I looked into the bedroom. The lad was stretched out on the bed, his eyes closed. His pants were at his ankles and he was wanking - his cock was pretty impressive and, as he wanked, he was rubbing his balls and then he lifted his legs a little, and I had a perfect view of his arse crack. I moved back out of sight and called out a bit louder, then looked into the bedroom as if I had only just arrived. He lept up, looking shocked and tried to cover up his cock with the duvet. I apologised for disturbing him and then I noticed him checking me out. I could tell he was really embarressed but I could also see that he was really horny and that he was finding it difficult to take his eyes off the front of my trousers. I decided to go for it and I moved towards him. He relaxed a bit then and grinned at me as I pulled the duvet back. His cock was still rock hard and I took it in my hand and began to wank him. He sighed and closed his eyes as I bent forward and took his cock into my mouth. I sucked him for a while and then I moved down to lick his balls. I sucked him a bit more and then moved down to his balls again. As my tongue went lower, he lifted his legs and I pushed my tongue into his arse hole. I rimmed him for a while as he wanked himself and then I took his cock back into my mouth. As soon as I started sucking him again he groaned and I felt his cum spurting into my mouth. I was really horny now and I motioned to him to get up on his knees. I pulled my trousers and pants down and, as I did so, I reached for the little pack of lube I always carry around with me. He didn't resist as I rubbed some lube into his wet arsehole and nor did he resist when I pushed my cock slowly but surely up him. He gave a little yelp as my cock pushed right up him and I gave him a moment to get used to it and then I began to fuck him. His arse was incredibly tight but he took it really well and I could feel him wanking as I fucked him. It didn't take me long to cum and, as I hadn't cum for a few days I knew I was pumping a big load into him. When I pulled out he rolled over on his back and took hold of his cock, wanking hard and seconds later he shot another load of cum all over himself. After that, he made a point of being in when I called round and couldn't wait to get his pants off and his arse in the air for me. It was only after we had fucked a few times that he told me I had been the first guy to fuck him. Although he was a medical student, he never asked me any questions. One of the other flats we managed in that block was let to a gay couple in their mid 30s who worked in central London. They were both high fliers in the city - one was a lawyer and the other was some kind of high end accountant. They both worked long hours and were rarely in the flat so most of the time I let myself in to carry out the quarterly inspection. This time, however, they had told me that one of them had a few days off work and would be there to let me in. The guy who let me in was an attractive, slightly chubby blond guy called Darren. I had only met Darren once, when he and his partner came to view the flat. I had had more dealings with his partner. Peter, who was a fit, slim ginger lad. I knew Darren was checking me out from the start of the visit. The inspection took hardly any time as the flat was always immaclate, but Darren asked me if I would like a coffee and was clearly hoping I would stay and chat for a while. I liked him and as we chatted he began to tell me how he was tired of working long hours and how he and Peter hardly had any time together. They were making really good money but it was all taking its toll on their relationship, he told me. I could guess where this might be leading and soon Darren was telling me that it had been a while since he and Peter had had sex and how horny he was. We were both hard now and it wasn't long before my pants were down and my cock was in Darren's mouth. We sucked each other for a while and then I turned Darren round and he bent over. I pulled his cheeks apart and pushed my tongue into his arse. "Oh God, " he moaned, "that's so good....it's been so long." He continued giving little moans as I licked his arse and then I stood up and began to rub the head of my cock over his wet hole He groaned and pushed back and the head of my cock went into his arse. He groaned again and then pulled back and stood up. "Do you have a condom?" he asked. I said I didn't have one and told him that I really liked to fuck without a condom. I could see he was really tempted but after a moment's hesitation he shook his head and said he couldn't do it. We sucked and rimmed each other for a while and then I swallowed his load and he swallowed mine. Before I left I told him I told him I really wanted to fuck him but totally respected his decision and told him to give me a call if he changed his mind. He grinned and said he would. Darren called me the next day and a couple of hours later I was back at the flat. We sucked and rimmed each other for a while and then Darren knelt up on the bed and asked me to fuck him. "Are you sure you want this?" I asked him as I pushed my bare cock up his arse. He nodded and groaned as I pushed right up him and began to fuck him. "Oh fuck.....fuck, yeah...." he moaned as I began to fuck him harder. "Fuck me......fuck me!" he groaned. I began to fuck him harder as he moaned and told me how good it felt and how much he wanted it. I was getting close now and told him I was going to cum. I wondered if he would ask me to pull out but he didn't - he just moaned and shot his load as I began to pump my dirty load up his unprotected, cheating arse. When I had pulled out we lay back on the bed and Darren told me how much he had enjoyed what we had done and asked if we could do it again. He said he felt a bit guilty and said that Peter must never find out. I assured him Peter wouldn't find out. I didn't tell him that Peter had spread his legs for me two days after they had come to view the flat. He had phoned me to ask for a second viewing and when he turned up we wasted no time. I had fucked Peter on his back and cum deep inside him. He had not mentioned condoms. I had been meeting Peter regularly ever since, usually in the early evening at their flat - Peter got home an hour or two before Darren and every now and then he would come home earlier so that he could meet me and I could fuck him. Darren had taken me into the spare room to fuck - but Peter liked to do it in the bed he shared with Darren - sometimes with him kneeling up on the bed and sometimes on his back with his legs in the air. One time we met before Peter left for work while Darren was at the gym - Peter was smartly dressed in his shirt and tie and his smart black trousers and shoes and he sucked my cock for a while and then pulled his pants down and bent over. I slid up his already lubed arse, fucked him and shot my load up him and he pulled up his pants and went off to work. I continued to fuck them both for over a year - with neither of them aware that I was regularly breeding the other. Life was good.
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    I guess the neighborhood piano bar wasn’t the most adventurous choice for my scandalous night out, but it was a step I hadn’t taken before. My wedding ring was in my pocket, the first time I’d taken it off for any purpose other than what you’d expect. Here I was in San Diego, fresh off my successful conference presentation, all the pressure off and a few more days of seminars and social gatherings to look forward to. After a brief meet and greet with those who had attended my talk, there had been an early dinner. Standard academic stuff, I’d been through it many times before. But this was my first time traveling alone since I’d gotten married. Jake and I have been together for 10 years, and finally made it legal last year. He’d always had the flexibility to travel with me when I went to these meetings, but his new job made that impossible this time. So here I was all alone, and all the things I’d fantasized about so many times were now eminently possible - if I was willing to make them happen. The man across the bar raised his glass, and invited me over to his table with a smile and a nod. He was by far the hottest guy in this quiet joint, looked to be late-30s, great body hiding under his business attire, brown hair and olive skin - with strong features and a killer smile. I’d never been to this bar before - I’d visited the city many times for business, but could never bring myself to go out, both because work always kept me busy but also because my boyfriend, now husband, was no doubt sitting at home, lonely and missing me. Don’t get me wrong - I’d thought about going out, having the kind of fun my commitment wouldn’t allow me to have. I’d thought of little else for years. I love what I have so much, but the desire for variety, for exploring a new body, it consumes me. I’d suggested three-ways, or opening our relationship, but my husband is just not into it. And until now, I’d just accepted that as the price of admission for being with him. Even now, sitting in this bar and considering walking over to the handsome man flirting with me, I’m just exploring. Dipping my toe in the pool. Trying out what it feels like to be out in a gay bar alone for the first time in so many years. Maybe enjoying the attention of a man or two, but not seriously considering going any further. I’m a married man, very happily so. This is just some innocent fun. As I pushed away from the bar, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror behind the counter. I looked good, if I do say so myself. I’m no gym rat, but I keep myself in good shape, lifting and running a few times a week, staying active on the weekends hiking and biking. In that transition phase between 20-something boy and 40-something daddy type. My face had certainly earned its share of compliments, and I saw more than a few men in the bar take note of the way my ass looked in the jeans I’d put on back at the hotel. Even still, I was surprised a man as gorgeous as the one I was approaching had cruised me. Just my insecurities talking - it had been years since I’d been in this position, almost 10 years to be precise. My husband and I had met on the dance floor of a club in our town and had scarcely been apart since, other than my work trips. We fell in love fast and hard, moved in together, and were married the minute it became legal in our state. I don’t regret it for one second - well, except for that part about craving something new. But that happens in all relationships, right? “Have a seat,” the stranger said, flashing that thousand-watt smile. “I haven’t seen you here before. Not that I come here all that often, either. Are you from around here?” A brief pause, considering how honest I wanted to be here. I could easily spin a tale about myself and invent a reality that would serve the fantasy I was exploring. Or I could just say, “No, I’m visiting for work. Husband is back home while I’m stuck in a hotel in yet another strange town. Thought I’d come out and enjoy a drink and the local scenery.” I caught his eye and grinned at the corniness of the line I just delivered as he started to laugh, blushing mildly. “How about you?” “I live just down the street, but haven’t been here more than a handful of times in the past six years. I’m newly single, you see, and my ex wasn’t one for the bars. I’m not either, if I’m being honest. But I thought it was probably time for me to get out again and see if I might find some connection, you know? My breakup really took a toll on me, and I haven’t been very sociable lately. And now I’m sharing way too much information with a total stranger. Sorry about that. I’m Anthony, by the way.” “I’m Joey, and please don’t apologize! You don’t know how happy I am to just have a normal conversation instead of cheesy pickup lines or a bunch of small talk. I’ve been at the bar for half an hour and had to shoo away a few young twinks and an obvious alcoholic barely able to speak. I was beginning to think I should have stayed in my room and watched some Netflix. Please, tell me more.” “Well, to be honest I’d rather not talk much more about it right now. Like I said, it was pretty brutal on me, and if it’s OK with you, we could talk about pretty much anything else. It’s best not to dwell too much on the past, and instead think about moving forward and moving on.” Again with that amazing smile, melting me and giving me a jolt up and down my body - a feeling I hadn’t felt in so long. That feeling when you meet someone new, the chemistry, the intrigue. I had it in spades with this man. Dangerous, this feeling - but thrilling, and so I pressed on. We spent the next two hours at that table, exchanging stories, talking about sports and politics and music and everything but our relationships. I bought the next round, then he got the next. Each time, he moved a bit closer, spent a bit more time looking in my eyes, laughed a bit more sincerely at my corny jokes. His hand made its way to my thigh under the table, and I didn’t remove it. In fact, my hand went onto his, and we continued to talk and laugh and just BE with each other, so comfortable and easy, it was scary and wonderful. He brought my hand up on to the table and was running his thumb over my ring finger. He confessed, “I have to tell you, I noticed the tan line from your ring when I ordered my drink at the bar earlier. I thought a married guy like you might be easier to talk to than someone obviously on the prowl in a dark bar, you know? But as soon as our conversation began, I knew I was in trouble. Because you are such an incredible man. I never expected to spend the entire evening lost in your eyes, but here we are. Last call is approaching, and the last thing in the world I want is for this night to end.” A beat. A pregnant pause as I assessed my options. I had tucked my husband into bed before heading to the bar. He was fast asleep in our bed, content and assuming that I would be bored in my hotel room, as had been the case on so many of my work trips. Yet here I was, reveling in a connection like I hadn’t felt in 10 years. My wedding ring in my pocket, the first time I had ever taken it off with the intent of deceiving someone that I was single. And instead, that decision brought me to the beautiful man in front of me, a man so charming and sexy it almost hurt to look at him. And as I considered the possibility that I would go home with him, I realized he was too good to be true - a man just out of a long-term relationship, stepping out for the first time since, and about as low-risk as you could expect, if you’re considering cheating on your husband, but wanting to be sure you were safe. “Then let’s not let it end here,” I said before I allowed myself to chicken out. He stood, holding fast to my hand, and led me out of the bar. It was a pleasant evening, and we walked hand-in-hand the three blocks to his apartment, the sexual tension between us palpable. On the stairs in front of his building, he turned before unlocking the door and kissed me deeply on the mouth. Something about the romantic gesture, on the street on a beautiful evening, making out with a gorgeous man before heading into his apartment - I was about to burst from the fluttering in my stomach, the nervous energy building and making me do things I told myself I wouldn’t do. Tonight was supposed to be a bit of innocent fun, and here I was on the precipice of cheating on my husband. And I wanted nothing more than for this man to take me upstairs and continue this incredible evening.
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    Doug stepped forward and reached down to gently pluck the wilting cock from Olivers pink hole. "nngh" Oliver grunted in protest as doug collected a thick glob of cum from the boys leaking hole and smeared it delicately across the head of his throbbing prick. "There there ollie, dont worry. Nobodys going to keep you empty tonight" Doug pushed the length of his meat forward, skewering the greedy boy as he gripped the teens slender hips and drove deep into his cummy guts. Oliver groaned again, his eyes rolling into his head as he gripped Josephs harness and held him, rocking up and down on Dougs tool. "You have such a thirsty little pussy ollie. how many loads does that nice pink hole have?" Doug pulled the boys hips back and forth, working the cream into his body. "just...just one....oh god i want it. please cum inside me" Oliver pleaded as the slick cum dribbled around dougs cock, becoming a slime that coated his ass. "i will baby i will." Olivers chest heaved as he pushed back against the bloated cock. Getting doug to shoot into him was his only thought as he rolled his hips and began swirling dougs sticky tool in his jizz filled cunt. "here comes number two ollie, nice and deep" Doug grunted as he planted his rod deep into the boy and let his balls pump their warm syrup deep into the boys greedy hole. Oliver gazed widely into josephs eyes as he panted with each shot. "hes doing it. hes cumming in me" Oliver gloated as his guts filled with dougs warm seed. The next few hours were a drug fueled blur for Oliver as he lounged poolside, playing with a sticky mess of his own cum on his chest, and gently fingering the fresh loads in his ass. A mix of handsome men would occasionally lift his legs into the air and slip inside the greedy boy, but none could resist his pussy longer than a few minutes before surrendering their cum. glancing around he smirked contentedly as he could hardly make out a single cock that hadnt dumped at least one load into him. for a moment he wondered how good it would be to fuck his own pussy. Doug was right, after all, he did seem to have a perfect fuck hole now. Stretching his arms and legs he sighed contentedly as he fancied himself the king of cocks tonight. "hows my boy ollie, nice and full?" Oliver smiled up at dougs towering frame and dunked a sticky finger into his ass, returning it to his mouth. "mmhmm" he grinned drearily. "they taste so good" he confessed. "wait..." ollie squinted across the tables to a lone blonde, toned with a swimmers build, he was idly thumbing through his phone. "who is that" Oliver remarked. He hadnt seen the guy fucking at all. come to think of it, he hadnt seen him so much as take his cock out all night. Oliver seemed visibly irate that someone with such an obviously large cock would dare to pass him up. "Oh thats max, hes my son. he doesnt really get into the festivities, but likes to keep tabs on his old man i guess. his boyfriends out of town for the week so hes spending a few days here." Doug watched olivers hungry eyes as they stared on and grinned mischeviously. "say ollie, why dont you bring him a nice bottle of gatorade from the cooler. im sure he'll appreciate it." While doug knew Olivers hole was truly spectacular, he delighted more in empirical evidence of his handiwork. none of his guests could pass up the boys tight cheeks and warm silky hole save one, his own son. Doug was eager to find out if he could not only get his son to cheat, but get him to willingly barefuck Olivers perfect poz cunt. Sitting to enjoy the party, he watched as Oliver delivered the spiked beverage. "thirsy?" Oliver smiled. Max looked up at the jizz covered boy, seed running from the crack of his ass down the inside of his leg, and laughed. "sure!" max smiled. "nobody ever talks to me at these things" max confessed between gulps, "but hey, im max." oliver wiped his sticky hand on his leg and presented it to shake as max let out a chuckle. "im oliver." he chirped, laying next to Max and getting comfortable. "christ kid you look like a fucking donut." Max remarked as oliver smiled. "yeah, except most of the creams on the inside" Oliver turned over and slapped his ass. "youre poz?" Max remarked at the tattoo. "guess so" replied the boy. "how many guys have fucked you?" Max finished the bottle and wiped the sweat from his brow. "you're the only one who hasnt" oliver watched as the boys cock began to swell. "its hot out here" Max fumbled for a towel to cover his growing erection as oliver brushed his hand back. "no dont, please? can I see it?" Max sighed, looking at the eager boy and figured a peek wouldnt be the end of his relationship. "okay, but im dating someone so just a peek. thats all" Max slipped his cock out as oliver felt his hole twitch. He had to have it. the perfect head, the light fuzz at the base. "can i see your balls too?" ollie plyed and was rewarded with Max slipping the speedo off and exposing his two pink pendulous nuts. "youve got a big one" ollie remarked with bated breath. "heh yeah i guess so. no complaints so far." Max reached again for the towel and was rebuked. "is it all the way hard? i mean its pretty big but i bet its bigger than that. stroke it up a little?" ollie smiled, scooting closer to the boy. "sure i guess so." max halfheartedly began working the foreskin up and down his shaft. "here can i try? just for a little bit and ill stop, promise" oliver laid his sticky hand on the boys thigh as max pondered and the drugs eased his protests. "okay, just do it a little though. Ive got a boyfriend." Oliver gripped the throbbing tool and gently pumped. "i bet that feels good. Guys with big cocks never stroke them enough I think." Oliver continued gently pumping max as he sighed and leaned back. "you know what feels really nice? you gotta rub your balls too. that way it gets all that cum ready to go" Ollie openly fondled the boys genitals with both hands, eliciting another contented sigh from his prey. what had been just a little was now a ten minute hand job. "pump pump pump. there we go, i knew it. youve got a REAL big one max" oliver straddled the boy to turn his full attention to the tool as he continued to pump gently. As max closed his eyes Oliver reached around and gently pushed, collecting a fistful of warm jizz from his hole. "Sometimes big cocks get irritated if you jerk them too long so you should lube it when you can." Oliver massaged the cum into max's hard cock and was rewarded with a gentle moan. "thats the way" oliver smiled, working the jizz down tthe shaft and around his balls. "not bad for a little donut, huh max?" the boy reached up to ollies hands and was ignored. "Big cocks are my favorite max, I know all about them." Oliver continued jacking the boy. "the size, the shape, heck i even know when theyre gonna cum. once you start stroking you cant stop. you gotta make that big cock cum otherwise you get sore." max just groaned as the boy slid up to straddle his hips and move the dripping cock behind him. "whats your favorite donut max?" Oliver was now jacking the boy against his crack. "oh god i cant do this ollie youre poz" Max grunted as oliver ignored his protests and continued lewdly fondling his tool. "mines cream filled" ollie remarked. "theyre the best. once people try a cream filled one..." Oliver slipped the head of the boys cock into his hole and rested his hands on max's shoulders. "they dont ever want anything else. isnt that right max?" Oliver grinned as he felt the instinct take over and Max push into him.
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    Got my first anon in a while. Mom had to go into work and was messaging buds to line something up and got messaged by this 28 y/o inked alternative white guy. We chatted and he could host, had a nice dick and body and was cool for fucking me raw and liked I wanted it that way. He said he neg and even though I said I was too he was undecided on raw and said he hadn’t been fucked raw in a while. I told I’d take him bare and lied saying I hadn’t been fucked in a while and that it had been a while since I took it bare...honestly I didn’t care as I wanted it bad. He said he’d definitely swallow my load, which was fine with me as I really wanted anon seed bad. He gave me his address and I headed there hoping he was legit, but if not I’d probably hit the Mexican market to see if anyone was looking. i got to his place and he was legit, opening the door and looking like his photo...shirt off and looking like he was stoned or buzzed. I stepped inside and we started kissing, awkwardly, and he admitted he wasn’t that big into kissing. He told me to follow him and he led me back to his room where he closed and locked The door, followed by him pulling off his shorts and getting into bed. Clearly he wasn’t wasting time, so I stripped down and got into bed with him. We swung down to 69 each other and I was loving his pale long slender Uncut cock and the blow job he was giving me. I’d warned him I cum quickly on the first load and he was loudly slurping up the precum I was throwing off. He was precumming a lot...a funky tasting jizz I eager swallowed. And boom, I came in his mouth and could hear him gagging and trying to swallow it all, coughing, and muttering “damn, hat was huge.” I could hear him feverishly licking up the jizz and saw him wiping his face and the sheets. Clearly he loved eating my seed and once he was done he smiled at me and asked if I was ready. I said I was and he Told me to get face down. I loved that he was telling me how I was gonna take it rather than asking me. He reached into his nightstand for a bottle of lube and I could feel the lube as he dripped some on my hole and oh his dick, following by him sliding in me as he tossed the bottle to the side. He entered me easily as his dick wasn’t that thick and I’d been bred three times yesterday. I let out satisfied mains and told him how good he felt, even though the head of his dick was hitting uncomfortably deep inside me. I didn’t mind the pAin as I wanted anon seed in me so bad. He was getting worked up, saying how much he loved cumming inside guys and bad he wanted to load me. He was pumping at frantic pace and soon enough came, panting and slowing his strokes down. Whatever he was bumping up against me finally gave and his dick entered in me deeper as I let out a loud gasp as he chuckled. He was now stroking slowly and with intention asking me how I liked taking his load. I admitted I loved it, that it felt good, and I wanted more. He was telling me how good my ass felt and how hot it was that I wanted and took his seed. I was telling how bad I wanted it, that I wanted to be his cumdump and that he could cum in me anytime he wanted. He was telling me what a hot slut I was and that he wanted to breed me more, working up to pumping a second load in me. he was taking his time sliding out of me and I sensed he was worried about getting fucked by my. My cock was throbbing by now and I wasn’t gonna be satisfied with just a BJ. He slid out and off of me laying on his side facing me and I turned to face him. His face had a look of worry and he handed my the lube saying to take it easy as I was the biggest dick he’d taken in a while and that he was probably tight as he hadn’t been fucked in a week. He hadn’t said anything about a condom so I was gonna go for it. He turned his back to face me and I lubed up my dick and his ass and slowly entered him. I expected him to bitch and complain but instead he was moaning with delight saying how good it felt. I was slowly stroking more and more of my dick in him as he moaned,t Ellington me how good it felt. Out of the blue he asked me if I was using a condom or not and my heart sank. I told him I wasn’t and he said it was cool, he figured I wasn’t, and that he wasn’t sure he wanted me to cum in him or not and to tell when I got close. I teased him saying I bet he wanted my cum inside him and he said he did and how good my bare dick felt inside him. I kept stroking telling him how good his ass felt and he was a natural at getting fucked. He laughed at that and said he liked it, but didn’t do it as much as he liked or wanted, that most guys saw his dick and wanted him to fuck them. I laughed and said I could see why and cautioned him I was close. He said nothing and I kept stroking not waiting for a response and finally blew an intense load in him that had me shuddering. “Damn dude, that was intense. You came?” Between pants I admitted I had and he remarked he’d never felt it when a guy came in his ass before. I was still stroking in him as I knew I could cum again and told him there was more where that came from. He was clearly enjoying it more now admitting how he loved the feel of a guy cumming in his ass. I told him I’d gladly load his ass anytime he wanted it. He was begging me to give it to him, telling me how good it felt when I blasted inside him, and once guys felt that they wanted me all the time. I laughed a bit and he admitted he’d bottom for me a lot more than he would most guys. The though of him bottoming for other guys turned me on, knowing I was that much hotter than the other guys who’d barebacked him. I found myself wondering how many guys had the good luck to cum in his ass. I joked once he’d gotten it from me he’d be disappointed in the others who came inside him. He laughed and said he needed to get it raw a few times to compare. That he was thinking about letting other guys rawdog him sent me over the DFW and I blasted another load inside him which had him again exclaiming about how intense it was and how he could feel it. He was frantic now and flipped me on my back, quickly straddled my cock and started jerking his dick. I’d wanted him to fuck me again but clearly he had other plans and in moments unleashed a torrent of cum on my face, hair, chest...fuck...most of my body. The look on his face was pure ecstasy as he shot. Once he’d cum he got off my dick and went to grab a towel. I quickly started lapping up as much of his cum as I could. He asked if I needed to shower and I joked that I did as I was covered in his cum. he led me to the shower and to my surprise he jumped in too. He was playing with his dick and with some force had me up against the tile forcing in in me again. Not that I minded. I was begging for his load, telling him how much I wanted it, that I wanted the load he’d jerked on me in my ass instead. He laughed and admitted he’d never had lasted long enough and wanted to feel my cock in his ass more. He added he’d wished he’d let me cum in his ass instead of swallowing me, but was worried about how big my dick was and taking my load. I loved that this stud was so into my dick and taking my loads. For a guy who was more top he was turning into a needy little fuckslut. I was lost in thoughts I didn’t hear him build until he shot his load inside me. I’m so used to kissing guys after that I leaned into kiss him but he pulled back saying “still a no” and I laughed at my error. We dried off chatting a little more, finding out he was unemployed from a restaurant that closed and could only do this when his roommate wasn’t home. He admitted he got hit on by guys at the restaurant and depending on the guy would take them up on it. He admitted he was spending more time on Grindr than finding a new job but liked having an outlet now that he didn’t have a lot to do, joking it was that or drinking and adding finding another stud like me would be hard. We swapped digits and he said any weekday working fine for him and to message. I left hoping I’d worked him up enough he was craving more anon dick tofu I him raw. As for me I’m off to the Mexican market hoping to get another anon load.
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    In this time of social distancing, I’ve been sticking with a regular fuckbuddy or two. Yesterday I met up with this older guy - loves dad/son role play and I’m happy to be his boy. Now this guy is everything that gets me hard - 60-something, has kids, furry muscle gut, white, +/u, salt n pepper fit bear-daddy. Normally we’ll hang out, have a drink or such and such, and have hot intimate raw fucking in his bed. This time, he gets a text on his phone and tells me he invited a couple of his friends. He wants to role play this whole ‘naked son serves alpha men for the evening until they decide to use the boy’. Hot stuff. The guys come over and they’re similar to him - fit-ish, 50s, hairy, bald/ing and seedy pigs. We all hang for a half hour, chatting with me taking care of them. Shoulder massages, drinks and snacks on command as they feel me up every once in awhile. We’re all a little intoxicated after a lil bit and things escalate. We all head downstairs to the basement sling and I hop my ass up in there. Now my daddy tells me the focus is on me. I’m sucking cock, I’m getting rimmed, and getting jerked off all at the same time. I’m in heaven. I love groups, slings, the whole nine yards. After getting rimmed, buddy #1 starts to spitfuck me slow and easy, about 7.5” cut and full bush. “You’ve got a lot of time and a lot of cock to take tonight boy”. In, out, in, out, getting spit as lube from all our group, his body fitting perfectly against mine. His husband wants a turn before #1 can cum. He’d been jerking and making out with my daddy and he needed ass. He slides in, 8” uncut. He’s not nearly as gentle but loves making out and holding my neck. He tells me he wants to try something and we take it to the bed. I ride him and his husband lubes up (thank god!) and slides in behind me, getting dp’d by two men I had only just met. I’m sucking off my daddy and rolling off poppers and suddenly buddy #1 let’s out a roar and shoved deep inside. He pulls out and #2 stays in me. #2 gives me another hit of poppers and a few minutes later let’s out his own roar. All the time the daddy is giving me dirty talk; “take those fucking loads son, make me proud”, “look at you getting fucked by my poker buddies”, “take his babies”. The daddy puts me back in the sling and I’m dripping now, the other two are watching as he edges himself then finishes in me with a deep kiss and I jerk myself, cum hitting the wall behind me (bit of a shooter). We all let out a bit of a laugh and take turns heading off to the shower and chatting. It’s a crazy change - between the sexual environment and the primal raw need that becomes a casual funny friendship. The couple headed out and I spent the night with the daddy. I’ve never been the sole focus with 4+ people except bathhouses so it was an incredible experience. It’s intimidating, and fuck I couldn’t walk for a bit after three cocks and a dp but fuck yes I’d do it again.
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    Part 7 - The Winters Frost Conrad crept out of the house for the fifth morning running the cold dampness of the air assaulting him and not helping his mood. His parents were still coming to terms with the news he broke to them the weekend previously, Eddie his father was unable to speak to him explaining he needed time to think and understand the enormity of this. It didn't help matters that both Charlie and Joshua were going away for a few months returning in early March on their first tour of duty. Broken and missing Joshua badly they had become close both as friends and fuck buddies, this lead to Conrad deciding that he couldn't go on living in deceit like he had been. It was hard enough admitting to himself about his sexuality then coming out to his parents just made things worse, Jack was the only one he could and needed to talk to but he had not been answering his phone. He just needed to get today over with at college then we go up to the manor. The things that now played on his mind all boiled down to sex with men, he never thought he would miss sex so much with Joshua and he was finding it distracting and lonely. His phone rang and Conrad picked it up forming a big grin on his face answering it. "Hello Josh" Conrad said "how are you?". "Alright sexy how are you?" Joshua asked hoping Conrad was feeling good. Conrad sighed down the phone "I'm fine Josh, be even better if you were in bed with me". They chatted a while until Joshua needed to end the call "I miss you and want to make sure you are okay" Joshua said seeking clarification again. "Better now I have spoken to you, have a great time stuck with all those sailors" Conrad said giggling but in truth feeling even more down. Joshua hung up the phone and looked up the barracks from his seat in the grounds, he was still racked with guilt after their fir sexual encounter, he never meant to but found he couldn't withdraw quickly enough. Doing it once by accident he could accept, but the passion that took over them both rendered any thought of condoms in the subsequent times they met. Mostly he managed to pull out only then did he think he saw the disappointment etched on Conrad's face. Conrad loved the feeling of Joshua's orgasm the few times he had remained inside when ejaculating during the middle of the night when they both woke up aroused. Joshua looked over to the gym hall and saw Charlie exiting through the doors having finished his workout, standing up he put on a brave face and walked over to join him heading back to the dorm room to finish packing. Joshua was a ticking time bomb, one that was about to implode on himself yet alone sending out shock waves that Conrad would be unable to hide or take cover from. Having never been tested he didn't know for definite but had fooled around at home with some very dodgy characters in his past and knew he had taken at least two toxic loads up him. By evening Conrad returned home dropping his things off and heading up to the manor and down to the greenhouse but it seemed like no one had been there all week. He daren't go up to the manor itself without an invitation. He turned the light on and tidied things up and cleaned the tools that Jack was usually so meticulous in keeping spotless. "What are you doing here?" Simon asked frightening the living daylights out of Conrad "sorry" he apologised. Conrad put the tools down "I wanted to speak to Jack and hoped he would be here" he replied. Simon nodded "He is at the house in bed" he replied with a tinge of sadness "he will be happy to see you". Conrad put the tools down "Is he sick again?" he asked concerningly. "Yes" Simon replied looking a him "You seem out of sorts Conrad everything all right?" he asked. "Sort of" Conrad replied blinking back tears "can I talk with you after I see Jack please?". Simon shifted on his feet feeling uncomfortable not wanting to handle peoples baggage "Please Simon" Conrad begged. Simon smiled "Yes of course do you want to stay for dinner?" he asked Conrad waiting for him to finish. Conrad half smiled "I would love to thank you Simon". They walked up to the manor where Simon took Conrad's coat and showed him to Jack's room. Jack smiled seeing Conrad and complaining that Simon was fussing way to much now he was on the mend. They spent an hour catching up before Jack dozed off and Conrad left him to rest going back downstairs to the lounge where Simon was waiting. "Is he alright?" Conrad asked "please tell me Simon?" he pleaded. Simon nodded "He is a lot better and should be back on his feet by Sunday if he rests". "I hope so" Conrad said cheering up a little. Simon patted Conrad's shoulder "Come on lets eat" he said "champagne is your tipple if I remember rightly?". Conrad laughed "I only had it the once on my 18th birthday here" he replied "with Jack and you" he said. Simon nodded "Jack is really fond of you Conrad I hope you know that" he said sitting down at the table. "I owe him a lot Simon, he has taught me everything I know and helped me so willingly" Conrad replied. Simon smiled "He fought me when I told him you weren't to come to the manor after I found out". "You don't like me, that much I can tell?" Conrad asked causing him to look at him. Simon looked at him "Tolerate you, I value privacy Conrad, nothing to do with liking you" he said "anyway it is Jack you come to see". They kept the conversation light and Conrad drank way to many glasses of champagne, they were both enjoying each others company for the first time being alone together and Simon loved hearing about Joshua. He never even thought to ask Simon about Harry and the Arab guy, instead they drank and ate. Simon suggested they go in to the lounge after the butler cleared the dinner things away and dismissed him for the night. Simon brought the champagne with him and they both sat on the sofa in front the log fire listening to some classical music. Conrad got a little loose lipped opened up about his parents finding it hard to accept his choice in life, strangely Simon had the same problem with his family and only really accepted it after he made his fortune sniffing around for handouts but never came to see him. They laughed long in to the evening the central heating and log fire making the lounge warm and they both sat there in t-shirts. He wasn't drunk just merry and sitting with Simon felt very comforting, it helped that he had a pretty toned body that was bigger than Joshua and also taller and not unattractive he thought. It was confusing Conrad in his head with the champagne, Conrad was being brave and checking out Simon's muscles in his arms and legs making him laugh. Conrad sat back on the sofa laughing whilst Simon checked out his average sized muscles as he called them, he never realised that each touch Simon made was causing him to moan softly and giggle. In the blink of an eye and like magnets they kissed briefly. The heady mix of champagne and warmth of the room was proving to enticing for both of them. Simon sat back and chuckled "You should stop now whilst your ahead" he suggested smiling at Conrad. Conrad swung himself over sitting on Simon's lap "Why?" he asked "what will happen if we continue?" he asked teasingly running his hand along Simon's chest. Simon smiled stroking Conrad's arm "I will fuck and breed you" he said smirking sniffing a new victim "there will be no stopping me once I home in on you". Conrad laughed then leaned in and kissed him "You mean cum in me?" he asked "you wouldn't be the first" he said. Simon kissed and teased Conrad "Cum in you with my gift and convert you" he said with a sinister smirk. Conrad chuckled with no idea what he was waffling on about, all he saw was an experienced man who had a very erect cock. Leaning forward he kissed Simon falling in to the open arms like prey lured so easily, feeling his body moving Conrad came to rest on his back under Simon. He looked down at Conrad the champagne in his blood removing any remorse he might have for what he was about to do, the hunter was ready to swoop on his prey. In his eyes he had given fair warning and it was no longer his fault if the he didn't fully understand the impeding attack of this alpha hunter. Conrad pulled Simon's t-shirt off and stroked his body, bravely his hand moved down to the hunters weapon that was hard to touch. Conrad was lifted up his legs around Simons body kissing him passionately both naked his arse grinding against Simon's cock. Suddenly Conrad let out a louder moan and winced in pain his body being lowered on to Simon's cock with little effort, his legs held around Simon's waist his head rolled back from pure overload feeling the cock penetrating in to his body. He gave several upward thrusts and Conrad cried pushing at Simon's shoulders to raise himself up and stop him going in too quickly, his attempt futile at best crying louder and gasping but at the same time wrapping his arms around Simon's neck kissing him. The pubes around his cock flattened against Conrad's arse coming to rest fully immersed inside him, the prey was lured and captured. Conrad stopped kissing him and leaned back grinding his arse down deeper moaning then resting. Simon picked up the glass of champagne and watched Conrad knock it back, he smiled and kissed Conrad tasting the remnants of the Laurent Perrier's distinctive bouquet on his lips. Simon did the same knocking his drink back then sat back on the sofa allowing his prey to gently ride his cock, lulling him in to a false sense of security before he would swoop in for the kill poisoning the prey with his toxic venom. Conrad leaned back and felt he was taking even more of his cock and loving the feeling he slowly and elegantly he rode Simon feeling every inch inside him a steady motion they both enjoyed. Simon reached over and topped the champagne up holding the glass up to Conrad's mouth he poured egging him on to drink it all. Already reeling from the effects of too much champagne he was to far gone in sexual pleasure to care, throwing himself forward kissing Simon again grinding down harder. Conrad looked in to his eyes 'Fuck me Simon please' he half pleaded to him, he smirked and kissed Conrad 'You want a hard conversion?' he whispered watching Conrad nod. Simon pushed Conrad off his cock twisting his body around until he was over the back of the sofa, the hunter now ran his tongue along the back tasting and subduing his prey, his hips moved gently lining his cock up with the head poised. In one almighty thrust with his body weight behind he speared Conrad feeling his body react and the cries from the hunters first intentional strike, his hands holding the prey down over the back of the sofa he fucked hard and relentlessly pounding deeper each time his prey struggled. His attack continued until the last sign of any fight left the preys body. Taken by surprise an utterly loving the way he was held Conrad relaxed accepting the hunters control lastly his body began to ease from tension hoping to minimise the destructive force being borne down on him. The hunter knew the time to strike was coming his balls slowly tightening, any moment know he would launch the final attack on his prey, the prey that moaned between pain and pleasure pushing his arse up and back to take more. His body switched from hunting to kill mode, the thrusting changing to deeper penetrating movement no longer able to hold back the hunter pushed up hard grunting loudly. His body lunging further forward clamping his arms tightly around his prey securing and holding him deep on his cock to receive the toxic venom. There was no escape for the prey his venom was already being released rapidly coating the lining and finding any small breach to gain access and poison the prey. His cock pulsing hard in his prey continuously pushing it deeper, grinding and pushing to make sure there would be leakage and sealing the fate of his prey. Jack sat up in bed a shiver ran through his spine like someone walked over his grave. The manor seemed quiet enough and had no idea why he suddenly woke up with an odd sensation, he laid back down drifting off to sleep. Simon held on to Conrad his hips still pushing and grinding in to Conrad's arse forcing his toxic seed and cock deeper in to Conrad, still hard and turned on he gently started fucking again. Conrad raised his head and kissed him 'Fuck yes' he said smiling with his mouth open and moaning at the depth of Simon's cock inside him. His hands still clamped firmly around Conrad's body 'Oh god yes' he cried out like he was feeling the cock inside him for the first time. Simon didn't take long to finish giving a second dose of his venom to Conrad. He lovingly kissed Conrad's neck and shoulders keeping his cock inside plugging his hole preventing any leakage. Slowly he moved Conrad's body and laid him flat on the sofa coming to rest on top of him. Conrad held on to Simon's hand caressing it, a champagne and sex smile on his face his eyelids fluttering and nodding off. Conrad shifted "Fuck what time is it" he suddenly said panicking. Simon moved and Conrad winced not realising he was still inside him semi erect "3 in the morning". "Crap I am going to get in to trouble, how could you let me fall asleep?" Conrad asked. Simon smiled "I thought you was quite content being in this position" he replied kissing his shoulder. His hips ground against Conrad's arse "Fuck you're getting hard" Conrad moaned. He could feel Simon's cock expanding and growing in his arse, repositioning himself to lay flat on Conrad slowly he ground deeper hearing the soft echoing moans from underneath him. The grinding got more pronounced and Conrad lifted his head briefly kissing Simon, the thrill of his immobilised body trapped in this erotic state caused him to push his arse up several times moaning and waiting for Simon to push him back down. The grinding moved to slowly tender thrusts at first, Conrad became aware for the first time of the sound as Simon's balls slapped against his arse giving a round of applause. Quicker and quicker the sound came, Simons breathing changed in to a light panting with the occasional groan thrown in for good measure. Conrad slipped his hands around Simon's intertwining their fingers and holding on. The pace quickened again and his body weight shifted lifting his chest off Conrad's back ready to inseminate him with a third toxic load. Suddenly Simon growled long and hard pushing his hips down almost crushing Conrad's arse and jolting forward, Conrad moaned through the pain and discomfort feeling pulsations emitting deep in his arse. The grin on his face was not for Conrad to see whilst he looked down at the lad taking more of his seed deep inside. He held the position for ages constantly pushing in, each time he pushed Conrad's buttocks spread apart letting Simon get deeper ensuring he got a good breeding. Finally he collapsed on top of Conrad and kissed his neck. Simon rolled on to his side pulling Conrad with him stroking his chest, his cock plugging Conrad's arse keeping his toxic seed inside. Weirdly even for Simon this was one conversion he desperately had wanted to happen, all the years watching him grow up and now he was impaled on his cock, full of his seed changing the body. The initial panic over knowing he would get in to trouble either way he resided to stay in this comfortable position with Simon falling asleep until 8am. The sun was slowly rising bringing daylight in to the lounge, Conrad could see out of the window and the white hard frost that coated the landscape. he moaned at his headache from drinking too much last night. Feeling sore in his arse he moved closing his eyes at the discomfort and finally easing the semi erect cock out, he couldn't believe he had been so slutty last night but he was missing sex with Joshua. Simon mumbled and cuddled Conrad waking up in the process eventually sitting up putting on the clothes they left laying on the floor after being discarded quickly last night. He thought there would be a little awkwardness between Conrad and him but he seemed to be his normal self whilst they sat drinking coffee in the kitchen. Conrad left feeling like he was doing a walk of shame strolling down Hibiscus Drive so early that morning, the plumes of mist from his breath hung in the stillness of the freezing air. He walked into the house just as his mother was coming down the stairs. "Where have you been?" Jody asked looking at how rough he looked. Conrad looked at her "At the manor Jack is not very well" he replied passing her on the stairs. Jody looked at him "What again?" she asked in a caring voice "how is he?". Conrad shrugged his shoulders "Better hopefully he will be up and around on Sunday". "Conrad" Jody called as he walked up the stairs "You miss him don't you?" she asked. Conrad looked at her "Charlie?" he asked "of course I do". Jody shook her head "No that Joshua guy I mean". Conrad's expression changed and he nodded "I don't love him" he said "I do miss him though". Jody nodded "Give it a few weeks Conrad, we love you and it is hard for all of us at the moment". They were words of some comfort for him and he spent the rest of Saturday head in his book getting ready for his first part of his exam next week. Sunday morning he got a text from Jack telling him he was up and around if he wanted to go through his papers for the exam. He always thought growing up that gardening was simple but knowing Jack as he did now he was clearly very knowledgeable and Conrad relied on this to help him through the course. He had a way of making things seem practical rather than confusing. Of course sitting in the warming winter sunshine in the greenhouse that Sunday afternoon Conrad was in two minds weather to let on that he had slept with Simon, several times he nearly did but held back not sure how Jack would feel about it. Conrad breezed through the exam managing 86% which was the highest mark from the group of 15, six flunked it and would need to resit it the following year. Having Jack back and looking like himself a week later helped Conrad cheer up immensely as they planned the garden planting schedule for spring together, they sat quite close to each other as they always did. Conrad let slip that he had dinner with Simon that Friday night he visited, Jack suddenly had a horrible feeling. "How long did you stay?" Jack asked trying to keep it light. Conrad put his head down "Until the morning" he admitted. Jack put his hand on Conrad's arm "Be honest with me Conrad did you and Simon do anything?". Conrad nodded and looked at Jack "I'm sorry, I was lonely and having a bad time" he explained. Jack shook his head "Did he cum in you?" he asked straight out. "Yes" Conrad replied looking at him "is it relevant?" he asked. "Oh Conrad" Jack said looking at him "have you been ill since he fucked you?" he asked. Conrad looked curiously at him "No not since my cold a few months back" he replied then opened his eyes wide "he has HIV?" he asked. Jack nodded "Yes and like me he is not on medication for it" he replied. Conrad knew the dangers and that it was too late now "But hang on, you never told me you have it!". "Simon gave it to me years ago" Jack confessed "it was an accident as he didn't know at the time". Conrad sat in silence for what seemed like ages "Have I got it?" he finally asked. Jack went over and hugged him "Most likely he converted you" he said. Conrad raised his eyebrows "I remember something about him saying to convert me" he suddenly remembered "I drank way too much champagne". Jack nodded looking slightly angry "Can you take me to get tested?" Conrad asked thinking logically. Jack looked curiously at him "Yes, but are you not worried or angry at Simon?" he asked. Conrad looked at him "Furious" he replied "but what is done is done" he said "so you being sick?". Jack nodded "Yes it is that, but you can take treatment Conrad". Jack made an appointment for Conrad just after the new year, it didn't stop him thinking about it and each morning when he woke up he was expecting to be sick after what Jack had explained. He did a lot of reading about it on the internet and saw that the majority of people who contract live normal lives adhering to the medication. It couldn't have come at a worse time with Christmas upon them and Conrad had been living in dread now knowing what took place at the manor that night. Regrets and anger would rise and fall in him every time he thought about what Simon had done to him, he couldn't pin it down to stealth fucking since Simon had told him outright what he was going to do. But on the other hand why should he have known what he meant, he knew he had been the subject of a deliberate conversion and decided to keep clear of the manor needing time to think. On top of all that he had to face Christmas without Charlie, already the vibe was different in the house kind of empty without them both being there. He had a sleepless night and woke on Christmas Day feeling terrible, he manged to join his parents and grandparents for most of the day but went to his room at four in the afternoon, his head hurt and he was running a slight fever. He tried not to worry anyone but his mother kept coming up to check on him. Christmas night alone in his bedroom Conrad sat on the side of his bed fearing the worst and that Simon had been successful in transmitting his virus. Over thinking things as usual it dawned on him that it may just be a mild cold, like the one he had a few months back so maybe it wasn't what he thought. Eventually falling a sleep around 2am his head running thoughts of how he could exact revenge on him, what he never knew was that he caught a sickness bug from his last day at college that took a few days to appear. Late Boxing Day he felt better and joined in, early evening he got a video call from Joshua and Charlie both of whom were sporting nice suntans dressed only in shorts on a beach in the Caribbean. It didn't help when Joshua panned out and rubbed his cock 'I will be home soon on leave for 2 months so you better be ready for me' he said blowing Conrad a kiss making his eyes water 'I miss you both so much' he replied ending their call. Conrad sat on his bed and cried, he needed Charlie here and importantly he wanted to feel Joshua's body and hold him. He felt empty like nothing was complete in his life, would anyone even want to touch him now he was tainted. Given the chance he would jump at being in a relationship with Joshua but they were both very clear on where they stood in that respect despite the incredible love that had grown between them, he liked Joshua but was in no way in love with him. His thought wandered back to Harry and weather he should go to London for a few days after New Year and before college started again. Harry had a great Christmas at home enjoying the break. Moham had taken Harry to New York for a few days before Christmas on a so called business trip. On the flight back Moham handed Harry a set to keys to a private residence he brought for Harry not far from the office, part Christmas present and part bonus at doing so well at his job. Harry was completely respectful of Moham, except when in a hotel bedroom together. Adam had done a wonderful job mentoring Harry, they often kissed but so far no sex. They adored each other and wanted to keep their friendship real and they both knew sex was going to happen at some point. Despite protesting that he wasn't sure it was hiv Jack insisted he got tested anyway to make sure. A few hours later Conrad sat there in the park with Jack reading through the bottle of tablets the consultant had prescribed, his diagnosis had come back quickly with quite a high viral load already circulating in his body. It helped that Jack knew the consultant and getting the test and result quickly he couldn't stop the shocked looked on his face though hearing how high Conrad's viral load was. He held back and spoke with the consultant handing him a wad of cash. Conrad put the bottle in his pocket and looked across the park. Jack sat there in silence waiting for Conrad to say something but he remained quiet, he couldn't help thinking that Conrad's viral load was high for someone infected so recently. He looked at Conrad coming to the conclusion that maybe his body reproduced the virus quickly. "Conrad" Jack repeated trying to get his focus "are you alright?" he asked. Conrad smiled "I think so" he replied "I just don't know how I feel actually knowing for sure". "You must take the tablets, don't end up like us old twisted perverts" Jack said. Conrad laughed "I never looked at you in that way" he replied "well old maybe" he said laughing again. "Been a year you won't forget I bet" Jack said in reflection. Conrad smiled "Yes" he said "I have decided to seek Harry out, although not sure how he would react". Jack patted Conrad's leg "You will have no problem finding a lover either way Conrad". "Did I ever tell you that Harry was at the manor?" Conrad asked suddenly remembering. Jack stopped swinging "No" he said looking astounded "when was that?". "August, he arrived with the Arab guy in the helicopter" Conrad said looking at him. "Oh, I only knew him as E but I know who you mean" Jack replied "caught my eye" he said then stopped. "What?" Conrad asked knowing he was mid sentence. "Simon spent the night with him he won E in the auction" Jack informed him. "Auction?" Conrad asked sounding disgusted "you mean they bid to fuck?" he asked. "Spend the night with" Jack corrected him "but yes, Moham the Arab guy bid for him as well". Conrad laughed and looked at Jack "Been there and done that" he said looking at Jack's shocked face. Conrad explained how he got the money for the course "Not so innocent after all are you?" Jack said amused. "Does that mean Simon got Harry sick as well?" Conrad asked looking a little concerned. Jack nodded "It is a high probability" he replied "I'm sorry I know we must seem like... I don't know". "Twisted perverts" Conrad replied smiling at Jack briefly "my life is ruined isn't it?". Jack put his arm around him "No far from it, I will speak to Simon make sure you are taken care of". Conrad scoffed "He has already done that" he replied angrily "tell him I want the manor" he joked. Jack laughed "Nothing like aiming high" he said kissing him on the cheek. To say Conrad was shocked about the revelation of Harry being auctioned off was understated, but then he was no different when he sold his arse for the course money to the Arab. Looking back it was painful but still incredibly hot he thought. He couldn't understand why he felt no different knowing he had hiv, holding the first tablet in his fingers he decided against taking it for now and put it back in the bottle. It was mild for New Years eve and Conrad headed up to the manor to check on his parsnips and sprouts that should be good after the week of frosty nights and mornings. He picked a few parsnips and went back in to the warmth of the greenhouse and started cleaning them up standing against the bench. Jack walked past the window smiling at Conrad and came in to the greenhouse closing the door behind him, it was quite humid and he quickly took off his jacket and standing behind Conrad and circling his arms around his waist. "How is my little gardener today?" Jack asked kissing him on the cheek. Conrad smiled "Just fine" he replied putting the parsnip in the basket. Jack squeezed him "No really, how are you?" he asked again just to make sure. Conrad turned to face him "What do you want me to say Jack?" he asked "that I hate everyone and the world". Jack leaned back looking at him "Hey" he said "is something wrong?". "Yes" Conrad replied unable to resist the temptation and longing he had for years now "you are what's wrong". Jack looked shocked but Conrad pulled him forward kissing him on the mouth "Conrad" Jack said pushing back. He looked Conrad in the eyes and they both snapped kissing frantically his body edging up until he sat on the bench with Jack between his legs. Both making strange noises kissing harder, Conrad's hand instantly delved down rubbing Jack's cock and undoing his jeans 'Conrad no we shouldn't' Jack said pushing back out of concern 'Yes we should we both knew this was going to happen' he said pushing Jack's jeans down and slipping off the bench. His mouth closed around Jack's cock moving down the shaft and back up licking around the head then back down again. Jack already had hold of Conrad's head forcing him further down on his cock holding him there feeling his throat gag then letting him off for air. He roughly pulled Conrad up kissing him then quickly spun him around pushing him over the bench. His hands yanking Conrad's jeans down popping the button off 'Your fucking right I have wanted to do this for years and your going to get it' he said spitting loudly on to Conrad's bare arse and fingering the saliva in. Conrad moaned like a wild beast 'Dam yes, come on fuck me!' he shouted out moaning when Jack jabbed two fingers in his arse roughly 'fucking rape me' he said out of nowhere, Jack held Conrad down 'Rape you' he laughed 'I am going to destroy that pretty arse of yours' he said aiming his cock up against Conrad's hole. He pushed hard his eight inches tearing its way through and not stopping until he was balls deep. Conrad cried out in agony trying to push up but Jack swiftly pushed him back down holding the back of his neck and pummelling in to arse. Conrad grimaced in some very weird sick pleasure and pain the grunts and cries echoing around the greenhouse. Jack should no sign of easing up and continued hammering his cock in long hard rapid strokes causing Conrad to gasp when he bottomed out each time. Jack stopped leaned forward and pulled Conrad's head up 'Is that what you want?' he asked jabbing his cock in again hard 'you fucking know I do' Conrad replied kissing Jack trying to suck the tongue out his mouth. Jack pushed him back down and started assaulting his arse again 'Fucking cock teased me for the last four years' Jack said pushing his cock in hard then wriggling his hips letting Conrad feel his cock jabbing inside in arse in every direction 'fuck yes' Conrad cried out, Jack laughed 'Payback time' he said gripping harder on to Conrad's neck and hammering in hard again 'here it comes' he cried out moaning 'fucking breeding you' he said moaning and panting in one final thrust he shoved in deep and Conrad yelped at the pulsing cock against the now tender sides of anal wall. Jack groaned his body shuddering releasing his seed 'fuck yes' he said jolting his hips again 'take it baby that's what you wanted' he shouted out falling forward. The last few drops of cum trickled out of Conrad's cock splattering on the flagstone floor of the greenhouse his whole body shuddering at the power of his own orgasm. Jack panted heavily struggling to get his breath back and resting on Conrad's back. Conrad held Jack's thighs keeping the hard cock inside his arse. Jack continued grinding his cock deep in Conrad for nearly 10 minutes until he began to soften. Conrad raised his head concerned "Are you alright Jack?" he asked. Jack nodded "Yes" he said through laboured breaths "takes me a while to get my breath back". "You made me cum without touching my cock" Conrad said kissing him lightly on the lips. Jack smiled "Shows how much you really wanted me I guess" he said standing upright pulling his cock out. "Ouch" Conrad tensed up "slowly it hurts" he said. Jack looked down at the streaks of blood on his cock "I got you good" he sniggered. Conrad pulled his jeans up but Jack pushed him down to his knees "You haven't finished, clean it up bitch" he said. It wasn't the most pleasantest of experiences cleaning cock after it being in his arse, Joshua certainly never expected him to do that. Fortunately he was pretty clean and only got the salty remnants of Jack's cum and the coppery taste that was his own blood. Really he didn't know what to expect from finally having sex with Jack all he could think was back to times when they laughed and joked around in the flower beds. Certainly there was some element of flirting that grew the older Conrad got leading to right now. Jack moved his growing cock away from Conrad's mouth pulling him up to his feet and kissing him. Conrad pulled his jeans up and sat on the floor "Fuck Jack" he said half grinning and grimacing in pain. "You wanted it" Jack replied zipping up his jeans "horny little fucker aren't you?" he said. Conrad chuckled "I never realised you were such an animal" he said looking amazed "seriously I never expected that side of you". Jack smiled "Well you know what to expect now" he said helping Conrad up "and I needed to make sure you got some of my DNA implanted in your body". "I think you did that my arse is sore as hell" Conrad replied then laughed. When he got home later that evening Conrad showered and went to bed, laying there he gently fingered his hole that was still tender. A small amount of Jack's seed seeped out and Conrad flipped over looking at the small red stained semen on his sheet 'Oh Jack' he said rubbing his cock and leaning down licking and sucking the cum up before swallowing it. He laid down on his back the thought of Jack assaulting his arse so violently, his erection felt incredibly harder than normal. Thrusting his hips up he rolled the foreskin back holding his cock tight jettisoning his seed like a bullet, firing up across his face and landing across his left eyebrow and into his eye stinging badly he squinted and jumped off the bed. His orgasm was so strong his legs couldn't hold him upright properly, his hips bucking with orgasm pulses in his cock that travelled down his legs, still expelling small amounts of cum on the floor and wall of his bedroom. Wiping his eye with his t-shirt and looking in the mirror he had a big case of pink eye and it still stung like hell. When he finally made it to the bathroom he bathed his eye in some warm water and put some eye drops in to stem the pink eye. It was another frosty morning and Conrad was up at the manor by 8am following Jack's instruction to tidy one the larger flower beds by the greenhouse. Jack turned up a little after 9am and saw Conrad kneeling down amongst the evergreen bushes. It was too good to pass by he thought feeling his cock expanding under his jeans, walking outside again it was eerily quiet. The only sound was Conrad discreetly clipping away some of the dead branches lower down on the bushes. Jack crept up behind him his cock already hard and hanging out of his jeans, the cold air accentuated his erection even more. Conrad heard the twig snap and was about to turn his head when he was pushed down with one hand letting out a cry as branch scratched the side of his face. Swiftly Jack yanked Conrad's jeans and underwear down and slipped his cold cock deep in to the warmth cosiness of Conrad's arse then dead weighting him he started pounding deep. Conrad raised his head looking in to the tangled mess of the branches in front of him, he struggled against Jack's assault in a pretend fashion. He was so turned on and strangely found it erotic being raped in the flower bed by him. Conrad gasped and pushed his arse up wanting to feel Jack deep in him again, he took it as a sign of struggle and pushed Conrad down with his hips, his free hand clamped over Conrad's mouth stifling his moans and ramping up the force of his thrusting penetrating deeper and feeling his balls tighten up sharply. Jack grunted and pushed down harder clenching his buttocks tightly lost in the most intense pleasure from his balls to the tip of his cock pumping him full of his seed again. Conrad thought it was all over but Jack was not done, he continued fucking Conrad until he was ready to implant more DNA. The second orgasm as big as the first and giving several rapid jabs to make sure Conrad knew he was fucked. Jack laid on top panting and wheezing heavily catching his breath. Lifting himself off and pulling his cock out slowly and large trickle of blood soaked semen escaped winding its way down his arse and over his balls 'Dirty whore' Jack said chuckling. Conrad kneeled up and pulling his jeans back up when he turned Jack had already gone and left him there. Shit he thought to himself trying to gather his thoughts and unable to explain why Jack had this intoxicating control over in sex. Conrad was cold and soaked when he walked in to the greenhouse "Morning" he said to Jack kissing him. Jack kissed him back "Morning, you look like you have been raped" he said smirking. Conrad put his pruning clippers down "Yeah crap fucker though didn't even say thank you" he said. Jack creased up laughing "Fuck knows why Conrad but I love abusing you and can you take it". Conrad kissed him slow and tenderly "Seriously sex is so hot with you" he said. Jack ran his finger across the cut below Conrad's cheek and licked the blood "You taste nice" he chuckled. Conrad shook his head still reeling from the incredible fuck had been subjected to, Jack took Conrad up to the manor sneaking him in to one of the bathrooms to get him cleaned up. Jack and Conrad had two or three random aggressive fucks in the greenhouse or up against trees in the ground over the next couple of days before Conrad went to London with his parents. His arse was still sore after arriving in London from Jack pounding his arse twice the evening before he left, the second one Jack tied Conrad down to the workbench and spent nearly an hour abusing his arse before giving him his going away protein. Every time Conrad woke up in the night he couldn't stop controlling himself and masturbated orgasming within minutes with the thought of Jack raping him and planting his seed deep inside.
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    Last weekend i texted a top bud of mine to get fucked - he's dominican, about 9 inches, similar height (6 feet) and jacked (he's personal trainer ). He responded that he had two friends over his place and wasn't free that day. i responded that he should invite them too as a joke, to which he replied "lol." After several hours he messages me with "change of plans - prep your pussy. will be over in an hour. wait ass up." Like a good cumdump faggot i got really excited, prepped my pussy, unlocked my door, and waited ass up in bed with poppers. My phone buzzes for me to unlock the apartment lobby. My bud then texts "we'll be right up" to which i responded "we?" Sure enough, about a min later, he walks in with what apparently were his two buds. i turn around in bed and he just goes "surprise" with this smirk on his face. Was hard for me to be pissed given what they looked like - one bud was black, also jacked, a bit over 6 feet, and about 9/9.5. His other bud was shorter - maybe like 5'9 - also dominican with an enormous dick. Had to guess it was over 10 inches easily and uncut with a thick bush. Being a cumdump i couldn't object to the surprise...all three of them took turns rearranging my guts doggy style. Ended up being a real beat down...they had clearly been drinking and were horned up. The shorter bud ended up being an almost sadistc fucker, which of course was fine by me since i believe only the top's pleasure is a priority and my pussy exists to serve alphas. They all took turns tapping me doggy style but he went so hard i uncontrollably pissed over my bed twice. i also asked him for more lube at one point given how hung and rough he was but he just goes "nah feels good to me" (the other guys just laughed when he said that) and then proceeded to fuck me even harder. i was struggling at that point to maintain my arch, and ended up ripping some farts accidentally and pissing at the same time. After he unloaded in me (the other two had already dropped their loads) he grabbed me, pulled me up, and then dragged me to the bathroom where he pushed me into the shower on my knees. He then just yelled "open up" - i opened my mouth and a stream of piss immediately starts going down my throat. it came so fast that i coughed and spit it up, but then he slapped me and just yells "i sad swallow." i regained my composure and he starts pissing again, but this time i made sure to swallow t all. Meanwhile the other two buds walk in and start laughing at the scene. At that point i was just in a daze...my trainer bud walks in the bathroom and just goes "good job fag." He and the black guy then walk out to start getting dressed. The third dude finishes pissing and then kneels down to me and just goes "squat." i start squatting (was on my knees) and he gets alongside me, cups one hand under my hole, and then just goes "fart it out." i then pushed the multiple loads out in his hand, which he then brings up to my mouth and just says "eat it." i proceeded to eat it dutifully while he observed me the entire time. After finally finishing he just smiles, spits in my face, and walks out of the bathroom. By then the other two buds are dressed...the third guys gets dressed quickly and they all proceed to walk out. The whole experience left me in a total daze with a sloppy wrecked pussy. One of the hottest fucks in a long time. By the way the pic below was taken by one of the dudes right as they walked in.
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    Just got back from a hookup with a guy I've done a few hookups with. He works at a grocery store in town and will message me when he's horny and I was kind of surprised as he was working (usually we hookup when he's not working). He was cool for a quickie in the bathroom if I was cool. My mom wasn't home at the time so I figured I'd go for it. When I got there I messaged him and soon enough he was headed towards me as I waited at near the bathroom. I love that he just goes bare and has never even asked about wrapping. There was no one in the bathroom so we headed towards the big stall on the end. He'd asked me to bring lube as he'd been fucked earlier but the other guy didn't recip and so he was horny as shit and wanted to fuck me first. He has a fairly thick cock that's 6 /12 and just the right size for fucking. The intensity of his fucking is super hot and he blows pretty quickly. He was clearly wanting a dump and run as he'd only undone the front of his pants and was in me in no time. His cock felt awesome and he was whispering hot shit in my ear as he was pounding away. It didn't take long for him to cum and it was a load I could feel. He didn't stop stroking and his sexy talk and before long dumped another load inside me, whispering how bad he needed it. He'd said he wanted me to fuck him and I was pretty close to cumming after taking his loads. We switched places with him pulling his pants down slightly. I tested his ass with no lube and was able to enter him easily as he moaned with delight. "Cum in me" he softly moaned as I slid in him and slowly started stroking, blasting a massive load in him after managing only a few strokes. He light out a moan of delight as I started stroking longer deeper strokes inside him, super turned on by what a slut he was taking me in the bathroom and having had another guy load his ass raw as well. He'd said the other guy came on to him in the store and I was super turned on he let a total stranger fuck him raw and anon. I knew the kid was kind of slutty but this was a whole new level of hotness. It didn't take much to work a second load out of me and he was whining like a bitch in heat as I blasted inside him. As I pulled out I cautioned him he should wipe as his ass was a cummy mess. He wiped his ass clean and hitched his pants back up so he could get back to work. He ducked out of the stall and I chuckled as some of the cum that had leaked out of his ass was on the back of his pants but I'd heard another guy come in the bathroom and couldn't say anything to him. I cleaned up and stepped out of the stall, washed my hands and went to go find him. It didn't take long to do that and cautioned him about the cum on the back of his pants. His face turned bright red but he thanked me as he headed back to the restroom. He thanked me for coming and said we should get together again soon. I said definitely and knowing how horny he is I know it won't be long.
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    Part 2 Jackson and Alverez were carefully checking each room, it was like a maze down here they had been in three Labs and 2 offices and so far, they had found nothing except one dishevelled office papers scattered and chair over turned with what looked like black ink up one wall but that could have been caused by panic when the alarm sounded. Jackson moved up to an open glass door way to what looked like an office area small cubicles filled the space like any office in America where the windows would have been seemed to be computer screens showing the containment breach information and advising all to get to the shelter for decontamination. The screens provided no real light only casting more shadows but he though he saw a movement towards the back of the room. He muttered into his mic “Jackson to Alverez I think I've seen someone I'm moving into the office south of the lab you're in now” he moved into the room and heard a click behind him Jackson looked back to see the door had closed and a red light flashed over a slot for a key card Alverez’s voice came back over the com link “heading to you now” Jackson muttered again “the damn door closed on me I will check on this contact then move back and try open it” a brief “Rodger “ came back over the mic and Jackson sighed and lifted the gun beginning to move. He moved down the aisle of cubicles with careful trained motions scanning for anyone who could be hiding, but the flickering computer screens and the emergency lights caused dancing shadows that made this almost impossible. he was halfway through the room about to give up when a soft thud behind him made him spin around, something grabbed his head there was a blur of colour was In front of his face he went to let out a shout of alarm but it was muffled by something being forced into his mouth then down his throat it was slimy and dripping something he gaged at the sensation and pushed back, stumbling backwards and landed hard on his ass looking up at what had just attacked him his hand trying to wipe the fluid from his mouth his eyes wide. The creature has once been a man but now …. He no It was naked and tall maybe 6:02 its skin was grey and pulled taught over bone and over defined muscle, its body hair and eyes were jet black, spider webbing across its body were black vanes that pulsed with a strange toxic green light converging over the things heart forming an eerie replica of the bio hazard symbol, Jackson felt his eyes pulled down to the creatures crotch a massive member hung between its legs it was still swinging from when the thing grabbed him and it was getting hard. Jackson was finding it hard to think, hard to breath his mind was fuzzy, he was too hot he could feel his body break out into a sweat and needed to get out of his cloths he needed to be near the creature its black eyes not leaving his, Jackson's hands moved clumsily to the clasps on his vest and pulled the release buckles it clattered to the floor forgotten as he pulled off the jacket and t-shirt tossing them to the side exposing his body to the humid air, sweat was trickling down his chest and abs both dusted with light bond hair he realised he had never been so horny every nerve was on fire, he fumbled with his trousers his eyes never leaving the glorious creature In front of him. The creature seemed to sense its pray was ready and moved up to the young man caressing his body with its fingers and tongue Jackson shivered as it seemed to spend time licking and smelling every inch it could reach abs, biceps armpits then when the things tongue and mouth pressed over his left nipple he let out a moan of pleasure hard as iron and leaking precum his cock strained against his trousers. the thing could sense the pure fluid leaking from its pray its hands moved to his fatigues they were ripped off of him and flung into the darkness, the same fate befell the boxers one swift movement and Jackson was naked only his socks and boots left, his six inch shaft hard as a rock pointing at the creature almost offering the large droplet forming on the tip, Jackson moaned desperate for it to touch him his mind screaming for him to stop what are you doing you're not even gay and this thing is a monster even that went silent when the thing sat down Infront of him its head moving forward its tongue delicately licking up the droplet of precum before its mouth engulfed his whole member with one swallow, its throat massaging him as if trying to pull the Cum out of him waves of pleasure crashed through him his mind almost lost to the pleasure and fog of the thing's saliva. after a short time, it pulled back and Jackson let out a whimper of loss collapsing unable to stand his legs weak after the onslaught. the thing caught him and lifted him to its face that long tongue moved down his taint Jackson's whimper became another moan of pure pleasure as the hot breath of the creature and its long tongue met and invaded his hole. it would circle and then press in deeper each time the ooze doing its job and opening Jackson up and getting him ready for the Gift his maker was about to give him. the creature and Jackson could hear something banging, screaming and shouting but they were both to consumed with the hunger to pay it any real attention, the headset down by the vest on the floor was buzzing with sound but it too was forgotten now. All that mattered was the thing and the pleasure it was giving him. Jackson felt himself get lowered by the things strong arms and he felt a pressure on his hole his mind tried to fight back he tried to struggle but the things grip was like steel; tears welled and fell down his face as the thing forced him down onto the huge toxic cock. He cried out as he felt like he was being impaled by molten iron his hole trying to stretch impossibly wide, his last true thought was this can't be happening then the head broke through a flash of white hot agony took him but his mercifully his thoughts faded and with them the pain, it was still there and spreading though him like a wild fire from where that toxic member had entered him but the pleasure beat it out the creatures precum already starting the corruption that would take him soon enough, he was face to face with the creature now half impaled on its cock and full of lust wanting more, needing more he kissed it deep the tongue again down his throat there was no gagging now no revulsion, the toxic thing moved him up and down slowly at first then faster more urgent, he broke the kiss and Jackson's head was thrown back screaming with the pleasure as each move brought him higher and higher each pump of its toxic cock brought him closer, without warning the creature grabbed him by the shoulders and forced him balls deep ripping him open inside fully planted, fully claiming its pray, It looked him in the eyes as it screamed out its triumph, pulsing rope after rope of thick black corruption into its new creation flooding it so there was no turning back. Jackson let out one final moan of pure ecstasy as he was forced to take the whole massive toxic length, he did not notice the tearing or the pain only the pleasure as the Toxic Things pulsing cock had sent him over the edge and his own cum erupted from him. the thing he was riding’s mouth swiftly engulfing his steel hard cock not missing a drop and sucking the last of his pure fluids from him, everything went still except for Jackson panting, the thing pulled him off of its softening cock and held him in its arms black toxic cum and blood spilling from Jackson's ruined hole and dripped down his leg pooling on the cheap office carpet like spilled ink , he whined and twitched and the change started in earnest his skin was already going gray and vanes were spider webbing across is body inch by inch, His dick was growing as the body fat seemed to be draining away from him, as Jackson was being reborn the thing carried him from the room almost tenderly. Alverez looking on in horror from behind the bullet proof glass unable to help his friend.
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    Part 6 - The Autumn Leaves The autumnal nights were creeping in fast and Conrad had said good bye to his parents a few days earlier who had flown to Australia to visit his grandparents and auntie's family. He sat waiting at the station in the car for Charlie who was coming home for the weekend having decided to use the train instead of his car. Conrad was also looking forward to meeting this Joshua guy that Charlie had invited to spend the weekend who was his dorm buddy at naval training. Joshua lived in Newcastle which made it difficult to get home for weekends, Charlie explained it would be a good for him to have a break for the weekend. He never said much about this Joshua guy only that he was a year older. Thankfully he would only need to be around in the evenings and could hide away up at the manor expecting Joshua and his brother to spend the time working out or talking all things military. Charlie had become a bit of a fitness freak working out religiously and now doing weights. He had seen Charlie's body slowly changing with more muscle definition showing, in fact he brought Conrad a set of dumbbells trying to get him to exercise and put some muscle on. Truth be told he had started using them for half an hour every evening and even surprised himself at the results after a couple of months. Harry was far from his mind even nearly forgotten about. Conrad yawned and changed the music he was listening to when he saw Charlie appear from the station exit with your typical navy looking bloke that was Joshua, black hair that was cropped to a zero but still heavily visible due to the colour, he looked marginally taller than Charlie walking side by side. What Conrad couldn't see was that Joshua packed a body under his coat, working out with weights more than Charlie he had a pretty good muscular build, tattoos on his legs and one across his shoulder going down his entire arm and gay. It was the one fact Charlie left out about Joshua and was his attempt at matchmaking since he got on so well with Joshua he was sure Conrad would as well. That is assuming that Conrad wouldn't blow a gasket finding out Charlie was trying to set them both up. Charlie got in to the front passenger seat "Con" he said kissing him on the cheek "you okay?". "Yes" Conrad replied "you?". "Yeah I'm good bro, this is Joshua" Charlie introduced them "Joshua my twin Conrad". "Alright there mate" Joshua said in his deep voice and heavy Geordie accent. "Hey" Conrad replied quite stumped by how good looking he was "I'm good, how are you?" he asked. Joshua smirked "Fuck Chaz your right he is all proper man just like you" he said "Sound as a pound pet". Conrad turned to look at him trying to figure out what he said "Good man" Joshua said making eye contact. The look got Conrad all flustered looking in to the deep blue eyes that contrasted with his hair. Charlie laughed and turned to see Joshua smiling settling back in the seat. Joshua deliberately shuffled in the seat so he sat right in Conrad's sight through the rear view mirror, it did nothing to help Conrad who became even more flustered not knowing where to look. One thing he did feel was a warmth and ooze of sex coming off him. He was attractive but also had a sharp rough and tough looking edge, the tram lines shaved in his left eyebrow gave him a menacing and it was that quality that Conrad fell for big time. Concentrate Conrad he told himself trying to avoid looking at him in the mirror. He knew that Joshua was the kind of guy who would not back off from a fight so he would need to keep himself in check for the next few days. He certainly didn't fancy getting punched by this guy he thought, it was bad enough when Charlie punched him and Harry come that. 'Fuck' he said out loud then making a quick excuse that he forgot to do some homework. There it was again Harry, why did he now think of Harry after all this time he was doing so well putting the guy out of his head. Conrad drove off and the conversation seemed to flow quite nicely, Conrad had no idea that Charlie had let slip about his gay twin brother during one of their quiet nights in the dorm talking about their families, it was the same night Joshua confessed he was gay and strangely it made Charlie and Joshua much better friends. Conrad felt a little relieved pulling up the drive and letting the guys exit before driving in to the garage. Conrad said he would start getting dinner ready whilst Charlie took Joshua up to one of the spare bedrooms and showed him the bathroom where he could shower and change. Conrad was cutting vegetables up putting them in a pan to boil up. Charlie casually walked in and grabbed a soft drink from the fridge half naked and drying his hair Conrad watched Charlie saunter around quite happily "Don't you think your under dressed?" he said. Charlie closed the fridge door "No" he replied grinning "Josh has seen me naked and I have seen him naked". Conrad chuckled "What do you think of Josh, nice guy eh?" Charlie asked very casually. Conrad nodded "Seems nice but he looks like he could beat the shit out of you" he said. Charlie laughed "Yeah he is a bit rough and a bruiser but also a very nice guy" he said smirking. Conrad wave a knife at Charlie "Why are you smirking like that?" he asked. Charlie cocked his head to one side "Because I love you bro" he said "your using the weights I see". Conrad nodded staring at him "What are you up to?" he asked "I know you well enough Charlie". Charlie smiled "Whatever gave you the impression I was up to something?" he replied looking offended. "You showered yet?" Charlie asked with Conrad shaking his head "go up and shower I will finish the veg". Conrad put the knife down "bring to the boil and simmer for 15 minutes" he said. Charlie rolled his eyes in one of their common traits "just go and shower I know what I am doing". Conrad walked in to his bedroom then stripped off down to his underwear and strode across the landing to the bathroom and entering the room his feet unable to carry him back or forwards glued to the spot. He came face to face with Joshua standing their with a towel tied around his waist, his eyes fixed on the muscular body of Joshua and the tattoo across his shoulder and down his right arm. "Heck sorry" Conrad said blushing struggling to form any words and taking a dam good look at Joshua. Joshua watched and noticed he was checking him out and doing the same to Conrad "No need to be sorry" he said. Finally he stopped coming to his senses "Come back in a minute when you finished" Conrad said. Joshua smirked "What's the matter, you never seen a guy before" he said watching Conrad. "No I mean yes, sorry I didn't now you hadn't finished" Conrad said all flustered. Joshua stared at him "You are like your brother" he said pausing "canny but different, very different". "Oh" Conrad replied not sure what to make of him moving closer, Joshua used his leg to close the door. Joshua smirked at Conrad "Bit more private now" he said with Conrad unable to stop staring at him. "For what?" Conrad asked with slight panic "You going to hurt me?" he asked stepping back against the wall seeing the muscles in his arms very close. Joshua still had that smirk on his face "No" he said "well not yet anyway". Conrad's eyes wandered over the broad chest of Joshua, a niggling feeling that he was getting mixed vibes from this hulk of a sexy guy. Joshua just looked at Conrad and raised both arms placing them either side of Conrad against the wall giving him no chance of escape. Conrad gulped preparing himself to receive a few punches or slaps at best he leaned further back against the wall and closed his eyes tight getting ready. Joshua leaned closer towards Conrad, he could feel how close he was waiting for the stinging but feeling only his warm breath against his neck. Joshua didn't know what to make of Conrad's reaction standing there with his eyes shut tight, almost like he was expecting a beating, he knew his next action would provoke one of two responses. Since clapping eyes on Conrad he had wanted him, the resemblance between the brothers is where it stopped, instantly Joshua realised Conrad was more placid and easy going where as Charlie was an adrenaline junkie like himself. He stood before a guy that switched on all his buttons, delicately Joshua leaned closer to Conrad's neck and ran his tongue slowly along the length up to his cheek. Conrad could feel his warm breath and tongue moving across his face then a sudden strange sensation, Joshua ran his tongue over Conrad's lips 'Kiss me' Joshua demanded. Conrad didn't even think and parted his lips taking a mouthful of Joshua's tongue, his body crawling up the wall and flinging his arms around Joshua kissing like mad. Joshua pinned Conrad up against the wall with his body, the madness eased with their mouths sealed together in a deep long kiss. Joshua pushed Conrad's arms above his head pinning them against the wall, his wrists firmly in Joshua's grip. To hell with it Conrad thought kissing Joshua back, slowly he freed Conrad's arms sensing no resistance and slipped his arms around the neck and back snogging Conrad with intense conviction. His hand caressing Conrad's back slipped lower and lower until he began caressing Conrad's arse, gently moving the underwear away so he could feel the firm smoothness of his arse. Conrad moaned at the hardness of Joshua's cock pressing against his own erection, he felt he finally understood what Jack meant when he said it just felt right and that was how he was feeling right now. He loved the way Joshua softly caressed his arse feeling every single part of it, he was not being fooled though and knew from the way he was being kissed that Joshua like exerting a certain amount of dominance and no doubt was not a person who held back to get what he wanted. Conrad pushed Joshua off gently "I need to shower" he said reeling in euphoria from the taste of him. Joshua smiled "I will let you off this time" he said kissing Conrad again. "Is that so" Conrad said touching his arm and feeling the muscle. Joshua grinned and moved away "Wey aye man, I am coming back for you bairn and you better be ready". Conrad tried to function normally "You are?" he asked questioning him to make sure it was real. Joshua stood looking at Conrad "You want me and I want you" he replied smirking "and am I going to have you". Joshua winked and rubbed his cock through the towel walking out of the bathroom. Conrad closed the door his heart pounding in his chest licking his lips slowly to get more taste of Joshua, stepping in to the shower his cock still rock hard. Smiling to himself he couldn't believe that Joshua was gay and came on full throttle to him weather he wanted it or not. He was freaked out yes, then his body and heart took over from the way he held Conrad making him want to kiss back, it took a good 10 minutes before Conrad's cock returned to a normal state. Joshua dressed in a sleeveless t-shirt and shorts joined Charlie in the kitchen asking if he could help with anything. Charlie handed him some plates to put on the dining room table and brought through the food in serving dishes. Conrad entered the kitchen helping Charlie then the three of them sat down at the table. Joshua chatted away to Charlie whilst Conrad placed the serving spoons in the dishes. Conrad was poor at being discreet around the table and kept watching Joshua's every move, Charlie noticed Joshua giving Conrad a few glances and definitely saw him grin at him. "Right dinner" Charlie said "dig in, you first Josh as the guest" he said watching him carefully. Joshua looked at Conrad "Thanks looks canny" he said "what are these he asked?". Conrad smiled "Turnips I grow them up at the manor freshly picked today" he said. "Help yourself Josh" Charlie said chuckling "but then I think you might already have" he said looking at Conrad. Joshua smirked looking at Conrad not even bothered by the comment "We had a good snog" he replied. Conrad couldn't help bursting in to laughter to hell with it he thought "You had a good feel as well" he said. Charlie sat there smiling "Hurt my brother and I will break you" he said looking at Joshua who could tell Charlie was not joking. Joshua nodded and chuckled "What about when I fuck him and he screams does that count?" he asked. Charlie screwed his face up "Fuck Josh, bury his head in the pillow" he suggested laughing hard. "Hey" Conrad intervened "Don't I get a say in this?" he asked then looked at Charlie "Did you set this up?". Charlie sat back and smiled "Maybe" he said "I figured Josh wouldn't be able to keep his hands off you". Conrad shook his head "Anyway who said it is going any further" he said making himself very clear. Joshua laughed "You haven't got any say in it, told you upstairs I am going to have you". Joshua looked at Conrad and smiled. So dinner didn't go quite as Conrad thought it would, he couldn't figure out if by some weird reason he had ended up with a half baked attempt at a boyfriend. Joshua was clearly very keen on Conrad and thought he was sorted but also with a funny understated wit about him. Joshua had guys clambering over each other to get him even at navy training school. Whilst he was a very brash, upfront and a very in your face Geordie fella he went for the extreme opposite to himself when looking for a guy and Conrad was perfect. He sat there looking at Joshua across the table he couldn't get over how much of a bruiser he looked with his tattoos and muscle but what a kisser he turned out to be. Charlie cleared the table and tidied up in the kitchen leaving them alone. "You want to sleep with me tonight?" Joshua asked straight out. Conrad looked at him "Sure" he replied "I just don't want to get into anything serious though". Joshua smiled and nodded "Aye it would make things difficult me being in the navy" he said. An awkward silence fell between them for a moment "Can I see ya when I am free?" Joshua asked. Conrad chuckled "Yeah I would like that" he said casually "but you are not sleeping with me tonight". Joshua laughed loudly "Yes I am" he said "need to make sure you don't snore like pig". "Has anyone told you how charming you are Josh?" Conrad asked. Joshua grinned "No but you can tell me later when your underneath me" he said looking deadly serious. Conrad laughed and dam well knew he wanted to sleep with him. After spending the rest of the evening sitting in the cool night air talking Charlie announced he was going off to bed and disappeared quickly. Joshua stood up and walked over to the edge of the terrace looking in to the darkness of the garden, Conrad sat studying him for a moment getting aroused by his silhouette that stood in silence. His calves so muscular and thighs that could crush a person in to submission within seconds, Conrad stopped realising he was playing with his cock in anticipation. Joshua turned around and walked towards Conrad pulling him to his feet. Wearing a very mischievous grin on his face he raised one hand and stroked the side of Conrad's face, slowly his hand moved lower down his body. Conrad took little breaths mingled with short barely audible gasps knowing where Joshua's hand was heading. He was transfixed staring in to the eyes of Joshua at the same time feeling his body being caressed so delicately by this brute of a guy. Conrad closed his eyes and moaned, the hand found Conrad's erection and toyed with it his stare now becoming more intense with burning passion. Something sparked simultaneously between them and an angry, desperate, needy passion took them both over, painfully their mouths clamped together in a rough kissing frenzy. Joshua tried to get the upper hand his tongue fighting and pushing deep in to Conrad's mouth taking him down, succeeding his hand grabbed hold of Conrad's arse roughly making sure he knew who was going to be in control. He pulled Conrad's head back looking him in the eyes, his mouth still partly open in desire Joshua thrusted his tongue in and out quickly then dribbled a long stream of saliva in to Conrad's mouth followed by his tongue closing in for a deeper kiss. His eyelids fluttering held tight against Joshua's mouth relentlessly kissing him. Suddenly he let go and stopped kissing Conrad and stood back looking at him nodding. Conrad coming to his senses "What?" he asked wondering if he did something wrong. Joshua walked around him in a circle then came up behind kissing his neck "I want you, now" he said. Conrad rolled his head back resting on Joshua's shoulder "God yes" he replied moaning. Joshua held Conrad firmly kissing his neck, the harder his kissed him the more erotic the moans got escaping Conrad's lips. Unable to control himself Joshua bit down on the flesh lightly then sucked it up in to his mouth. Conrad just moaned longer rolling his head, Joshua was marking his territory and sucked harder several times then released Conrad leaving a deep red mark on the side of his neck. Conrad rubbed the side of his neck, Joshua rubbing his cock up against his arse 'You are mine now' he whispered in his ear. Holding hands they walked up to Conrad's bedroom, he made light work undressing Conrad and himself continuing to kiss him, his hands slipped under Conrad's arse cheeks lifting him off the ground with ease. He carried Conrad over to the bed and dumped him like a rag doll on to the bed grinning at Conrad's laughter. Seeing his beautiful tattoo covered body and the frenzied pace at which things were moving any anxiety Conrad had dissipated into a sexual desire for him. Joshua ran his hands up along his legs then flipped him over on to his stomach. His eyes opened wide in surprise, Joshua ran his tongue over his arse and across his hole several times. He was torn over how he should be reacting but his body had pushed up slightly and Joshua took it as a sign of his submission. Diligently using his tongue he caressed Conrad's hole teasing it to open a little. Purring like a cat with cream he tongued bathed Conrad's arse holding his legs down that seem to have a mind of their own unable to keep still, the moans coming from Conrad was all he needed to hear. Joshua moved around the side of the bed pulled Conrad's mouth towards his uncut cock, the foreskin slightly rolled back from the erection. He looked at he hefty piece of meat that was just shy of eight inches and pretty girthy, still it was smaller than the Arab's cock which gave some kind of relief. His lips surrounded the head moving the foreskin further back taking more in to his mouth and tasting his first cock. Moving at a novices speed Conrad sucked and licked gently, all the time Joshua rubbed a finger over his hole, tapping it then pushing the tip of his finger in gently. He felt the hand on the back of his head pushing his mouth further down the shaft before he choked and eyes started watering, Joshua pulled back then leant down and kissed him. Moving back to the arse Joshua attacked his hole with more vigour, Conrad groaned louder his hands clawing at the sheet under him and his body wriggling trying to take in everything that was assaulting his senses in one tremendous clash. Conrad heard Joshua gob on his hole and used his finger to work the saliva in. The small kisses on his lower back moved upwards getting closer and closer to his neck, Conrad gave a sharp gasp for breath and winced feeling the head of Joshua's cock half penetrating him and testing his resolve. He moved slow enough that Conrad could take it but with a constant grinding pressure that teased his hole open, Joshua drippled more saliva where his cock head was buried in Conrad and began to work it in. Conrad raised his head and moaned louder as more of Joshua entered his body, his second moan stifled by the invading tongue in his mouth kissing and willing him to take it. His kissing acting like a drug relaxing Conrad completely that he only felt the pleasure of Joshua's cock pushing in deeper until he could go no further. He stayed still for a few seconds, making sure Conrad's arse was sufficiently open and eager for him. A whole level of pleasure ran through Conrad's body feeling the weight of Joshua laying on his back, their skin touching, tongues entwinned in desperate passion. His hand holding Conrad's head in place so that he had no choice but to kiss him. The arse muscles clenching together slowly driving his cock deeper causing Conrad to respond by kissing him harder. Joshua pulled back and looked at Conrad to make sure he was okay and he only saw a desire for him, locking in to a kiss he jackhammered putting his full body weight behind him. Conrad's moans morphed in to cries and then to groans, he didn't care how much it hurt he wanted Joshua badly. Joshua kneeled up holding Conrad's hips he continued balancing feverishly manic thrusts to gentle loving strokes keeping Conrad on his toes never knowing what to expect next. Conrad was sweating and gasping for air pain and pleasure hitting him at the same time, Joshua pulled out and flipped Conrad on to his back making eye contact Conrad moaned and pulled Joshua down to kiss him his arse throbbing but wanting more. He felt his arse opening again and the fullness of Joshua entering his body, so badly drawn to each other they lost all sensibility acting like animals in heat. Joshua fucking Conrad with steady rhythm their need to kiss and be close in the final moments, he could feel his cum on the march. He looked down at Joshua their mouths millimetres apart and holding his head Joshua moaned then grunted thrusting and pushing his body forward hard whilst maintaining eye contact. His whole body pinning Conrad to the bed with several deep thrusts 'Oh fuck' he said quickly pulling his cock out followed by a stream of cum that he accidentally released inside Conrad, the rest splattered over Conrad's arse then thrusting his cock back in to Conrad he collapsed on top 'Yeah canny man' he said slobbering Conrad with another deep kiss. Joshua rolled on to his back pulling Conrad on top of him 'ride it' he demanded, Conrad took hold of the slimy cock and eased his arse over it, the cum around and inside his hole providing a slickness for him sinking down. Taking hold of Conrad's cock he gently massaged it looking up in to Conrad's eyes, it didn't take long for Conrad to cry out and push down rubbing his arse deeper on Joshua's cock and exploding his load up across Joshua's chest and neck. Joshua pushed his hips up edging in to another orgasm, the muscles around his cock squeezing hard from Conrad's orgasm. He tried to extract his cock and in doing so triggered his orgasm pumping a smaller load in to Conrad's body. Joshua laid on the bed with his arms raised above his head smiling, Conrad looked down at the incredible body stretched out. He fell forward kissing Joshua and moaned lovingly feeling the arms closing around his body. Joshua stroked Conrad's back "I didn't mean to dump my spunk in you" he said quietly. Conrad chuckled "Don't care Josh" he cooed soothingly "I enjoyed this way too much". Joshua kissed him "Sorry about that as well" he said tapping his neck. "What did you do?" Conrad asked leaning up looking at him. Joshua licked Conrad's chin "Marked you as mine" he said looking him in the eye. "Yours?" Conrad asked "who said I was yours?". Joshua slapped his ass lightly "You don't need to say anything I see it in yer eyes bairn". Conrad smiled and snuggled up chuckling "Just don't break my heart Josh" he said "I'm not good at rejection". Joshua hugged and kissed him holding him tight in his arms "I won't Conrad". They managed to keep the noise down low until they fell asleep, when Conrad moved during the night Joshua rolled on top and stuck it to him again. In all they got about three hours sleep, Joshua was a horny 21 year old that was young hung and full of cum and he needed sex constantly when with a another guy, Conrad was no better and willingly let Joshua use him, every time one of them moved in bed Joshua got a boner and mounted Conrad weather he was sleeping or not. Conrad sat on the side of the bed at 8am feeling like shit through lack of sleep and a sore arse. He had promised Jack to help with the new hibiscus seedlings so needed to get up and showered to wash the smell of Joshua and his sex off him. One things for sure he was happy at least if he only ended up being friends with Joshua he didn't mind, the guy was seriously sexy both in bed and body. Charlie was already up when Conrad dashed in to get coffee. "Is he up yet?" Charlie asked. Conrad poured himself a coffee "Sort of, I think he is tired" he replied. Charlie chuckled leaning against the kitchen counter "You look tired and you have a love bite on your neck". Conrad closed the refrigerator door "Need to eat more garlic" he said brushing it off. Charlie poured a coffee for Joshua "Or eat less Josh" he said "did you have fun and enjoy yourself?". Conrad blushed "Yes both, fuck he is amazing in bed" he replied grabbing an apple. "TMI Con" Charlie said smirking "you know he has quite a few gay men at naval school after him". Conrad looked at his apple "Doesn't surprise me" he said quite disheartened hearing that from Charlie". Charlie kissed Conrad on the cheek "He is really picky though never sleeps with anyone". "I got to go" Conrad said picking up his book "See you this afternoon" he dashed out closing the door. Charlie poured a coffee for Joshua taking it upstairs "Brought you a coffee" he said entering the bedroom. Joshua laid on the bad with a big grin on his face "Thanks Charlie" he said sitting up. Charlie opened the window "God it smells like you two had sex all night in here" he chuckled. "Wish you had told me about your brother earlier" Joshua said "proper lush like". Charlie sat on the bed "I only did it because I trust you not to hurt him and keep it real". "Aye nee worry" Joshua replied "he is worldie an proper mint in bed". Charlie screwed up his face laughing, he took Joshua out during the day whilst Conrad tended the seedlings half asleep. Jack appeared and took one look at Conrad and laughed. "Did you have a late night?" Jack asked putting some flower trays down beside him. "Morning" Conrad said "early morning more like, I think I slept 3 hours at best" he replied. Jack laughed "So what was you doing all night then?" he asked. Conrad showed Jack a selfie he took of Joshua and him in bed naked "Him" he said. Jack nodded in approval "Man that is one stunning guy where did you meet him?" he asked handing the phone back. "Charlies' navy buddy, he set us up behind our backs" Conrad sailing smiling. Jack smiled "He is definitely a keeper Conrad" he said approving of his choice. Conrad shrugged his shoulders "He will be away a lot but have agreed to meet when he is home". Jack smiled "Did he get hungry in the night?" he asked noticing the love bite. "Very funny" Conrad replied. Jack smiled handing him a new tray of seedlings. Saturday night was spent much the same way after Charlie went to bed. They were unable to keep their hands off each other. By Monday morning Conrad couldn't think straight he was so tired and struggled through his day in lectures. By 7pm that evening he was in bed fast asleep. Joshua did indeed come up to see Conrad the following weekend and spent the entire time in bed with Conrad neglecting to go up to the manor. A few weeks later Conrad was in turmoil since Joshua wanted to come up and see him but his parents had arrived home from Australia. He booked a room at a hotel near Gosport and arranged to meet Joshua there. He was finding it difficult to balance the secret from his parents and to keep letting Jack down. Jack was pretty chilled about it and didn't mind so long as they still had their dinner date on Wednesday and he could help Conrad out where he could. Charlie on the other hand was getting annoyed with Conrad since he kept holding back from telling their parents, reminding him to get it done and over with so he could finally be free and enjoy himself. He had noticed that Joshua wouldn't even entertain advances from anyone else now and confided in Charlie that he liked the way Conrad and he could enjoy great sex and love making without any complications. By late November the trees had shed all their leaves, Conrad had seen Joshua every other weekend and they very rarely made it out of bed when together. Their bond was past being in love or just buddies and enjoyed the freedom of being able to sex the hell out of each other. Conrad could lay for hours watching TV, having sex then laying in his arms again. The initial observation of Joshua being dominant wasn't far wrong, never in a nasty way he just liked controlling Conrad during sex pinning him down whilst working his arse over. His parents were becoming suspicious of his absences on the odd weekends and pestered Charlie wanting to know what was going on, he kept quiet but hated lying to them. Jack seemed to be constantly getting colds and Conrad continued nagging him to see a doctor, frankly he was getting worried about Jack's health which never seemed to be improving. Harry dropped Moham off at the building where his meeting was taking place and took the limousine to the Mandarin Oriental Boston to get them checked in. This was Harry's second trip away and was far better than the trip to Manchester. The limousine pulled up to the entrance and the usual flurry of activity appeared with the doorman opening the door to let Harry out. "Good evening sir" The concierge greeted him "Are you checking in with us?" he asked. Harry smiled "Yes you have the reservation under Raheem Mohammed Jazeer" he said. "Thank you" he said then talking in to his radio and escorting Harry inside. The hotel general manager came over to meet Harry and personally escorted Harry up to the adjoining suites. Harry got his file out and checked that the correct brand of water and fruits were in the suite ready for Moham's arrival. Harry was in heaven at how the hotel staff rushed around to please Harry even without Moham there yet. It was his first taste of how money really worked when it was no object. Harry checked his phone, Moham wasn't due to arrive for another 90 minutes and asked the general manager if they had swimwear as he would like to go for a swim. He politely asked is size and what colour and despatched one of the junior concierge out to the Under Armour shop just down the road returning within 10 minutes handing them over to Harry in his suite. Harry had just finished showering after his swim when Moham messaged to let him know he was on his way, quickly getting dressed he headed down to the lobby with his key, the hotel general manager appeared to welcome Mr Raheem personally to the hotel. Moham ordered dinner for two in his suite dismissing the general manager and allowing him some alone time with Harry. It was 2am in the morning and Harry sat on Moham's cock held in his arms, their bodies dripping with sweat having spent nearly four hours having sex. Moham jumped in the shower to clean himself, Harry went through the adjoining door to his suite and showered getting ready for bed. Moham appeared still naked standing at the door. Harry put the towel down looking at Moham 'What?' he asked seeing the dubious look on Moham's face, he chuckled and told Harry to come over to him. Moham took Harry's hand and closed the adjoining door and taking him in to the bedroom, it was clear that he wanted to spend the night with Harry. He smiled climbing in to bed snuggling up to Moham, the man just seemed to adore Harry in fact he had not picked up any escorts since Harry started working for him. By morning Harry was awake with jetlag by 7am, knowing Moham's diary back to front he knew the first meeting was a lunchtime one so he tried to get back to sleep. He sat up and moved over to the side about to get up and go back to his suite, Moham turned over running his hand in the empty space and waking up. "What is the matter Harry?" Moham asked. "Nothing" Harry replied turning his head looking at Moham "can't sleep and I should get back to my suite". Moham leaned up "Don't be silly" he said pulling Harry back in to bed and slipping between his legs. Harry chuckled "Not more!" he exclaimed before Moham silenced him with kisses. Harry loved his time with Moham and the sex between them had got incredible, sometimes he couldn't believe this was the same man who would pound the life out of his pickups in the back of the limousine. Instead they shared some very steamy nights often locked together for hours. Harry's arse would always be flooded since Moham was never short of producing large quantities of his thick sticky cum that almost glued itself inside his arse and took hours to reappear. By the time they left Boston Harry had been amazed at how he got to experience a very different lifestyle in the hands of Moham. As much as Harry had grown to like Moham and enjoy spending time in bed his post sex thought without fail would linger on Conrad and how much he wanted him.
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    My wife of 13 years found out I'm gay because I accidentally piped gay porn audio through her Bluetooth headset. She threw me out and I lost my anal virginity that night. But let me back up. Familiar story. Religious family from the south, got married to Jen when I was young and horny enough to trick myself into thinking I was straight. The first time I saw gay porn was at my bachelor party. My college pals and I got loaded and were hanging out in an openly gay friend Russ's dorm room. He liked to tease me about being religious and talk graphically about his sex life to my obvious discomfort. To celebrate my pending nuptials, he decided to torture me by putting on gay porn. It was a really raunchy orgy scene with like 20 mostly middle aged biker looking guys having unprotected anal sex and saying the nastiest fucking things I had never even contemplated. I turned bright red which I could have played off as embarrassment except for the obvious hardon. Russ drunkenly, laughingly pointed it out and I didn't bother playing it off at all. I just kept watching as Russ and the others started in on some dumb debate or another. A few minutes (and several creampies) later, Russ stopped the DVD and the other guys bought some dumb straight porn comcast vod. We kept drinking and carrying on and soon enough passed out. ... The wedding was amazing. Everyone had a good time. As the night was winding up, Russ pulled me aside and slid a disc in my tux's inside pocket. Smirking he said, "I made a copy for you bro. Just in case you need a little help in the bedroom". He walked off long before I could come up with anything to say in response. My cock, however, got half hard. ... 13 years on, things weren't great with the wife. I treasured Russ's movie the most but had curated a small collection. I had a clear interest: group and gangbang sex with breeding. One Friday night we were barely interacting. I told her I was going to watch a movie downstairs. She stayed upstairs. I put on Bluetooth headphones and started some impressive but soulless comic book movie but soon my mind wandered and I decided to watch some gay porn--Russ's movie. What the fuck, I thought. I'll use it like he suggested and get laid tonight. I watched almost the whole flick, 4 scenes, 33 cumshots, 14 internal. I'd counted. Relentless dirty talk, I especially love the nasty bottom who keeps calling himself a cumslut. I turned off the movie and decided to make my move. I got my cock to soften and headed up the stairs. Jen had an odd look on her face but I was horny as fuck and wanted to get my nut. I put some corny, married guy moves on her and she was pliant if not obviously excited. Unfortunately nothing new. I got her on the bed and was trying to get her undressed when she stopped me, looked me right in the eye and asked me what movie I'd watched. What? What movie did you watch? Ironman. No. What movie did you watch? The look on her face was... Not good. Somehow she knew. Listen I-- I experienced it with you. All of it. My headphones connected too and I listened to everything. Have you done that? No, I said truthfully. I don't believe you. I understand but it's true. You are going to leave and never come back. I am going to get tested and so help me... It went on for some time. I packed a suitcase in a daze and drove off. I pulled over at a filling station and rented a hotel room on my phone. What the fuck, I got a nice room downtown, about 20 miles from our suburban spot. I also paid for accounts on squirt and a couple of other hookup sites I'd come across when horny. I stopped by the local CVS and bought lube, a douche and vodka. I also replied to a couple of guys. Once I got the to the hotel I got cleaned up and texted with a few guys. I gave a mid 40s Hispanic guy my address and room number. I had a drink and got naked. I played porn on my laptop. Soon he knocked on the door. I let him in. He was about 6', 240 with a beer gut. We walked back to the bed and I undid his jeans and took his cock into my mouth. He muttered to me in Spanish that I didn't understand, but his thickening dick told me enough. He took off the rest of his clothes and laid back on the bed. I did my best to suck on him but couldn't take him very deep before I choked. He was about 6 inches but tapered to a thick base. My own 6.5 inch dick was rock hard and dripping precum. I grabbed the lube and put too much on his cock and turned around and stuck my ass in the air. I heard myself ask him to breed me. He didn't hesitate, pushing in slowly until he was balls deep. My cock shrank from the pain but I was in ecstasy. He started thrusting hard and I had an out of body experience. It was so intense, having another man's penis deep inside my body. He flipped me over, pushed my legs apart--thank you couple's yoga!--and fucked me missionary. He didn't last much longer. You want my cum white boy? It was the first thing he said in English. Yes I whispered? Huh? He replied, suddenly irritated. Cum in me. I said looking him straight in the eyes. He made me repeat myself, which I did delightedly. His breathing got rough and he buried himself in me. He twitched for a while and then relaxed, panting with his dick still inside. He slapped my right thigh and pulled out, a little semen and lube flowing out. ... To be continued
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    . “ Looks like my oldest son is a bugchasing faggot“ I said, grabbing a single ankle, jerking him to the edge of the bed and rolling up on top of him so that he was pinned underneath me. I was not in control anymore of my lust. My son started to struggle, pushing against my chest. "Stop" he said, "stop. Dad stop. You're hurting me." I had rolled over on top of him so he couldn't move his body very well. He couldn't wriggle out from under me. It took both hands to hold him down. "You're my little faggot boy" I sneered. "You need some more cum up that little fagget ass. Daddy's cum. I'm going to give you the seed that made you. Going to fuck you hard load that ass. Work that demon fucker's seed up into you real good. Make sure you get the AIDS you wanted." "Dad stop! Dad stop. Don't do this." He was struggling hard, pushing against me and my grip on his arms was beginning to loosen. I couldn't let my little faggot boy go. Something dark swept over me, and I knew instinctively just what to do. I let go of his arms for a moment and moved my hands to his throat. I closed my strong hands around his throat and squeezed, hard. His face immediately started turning red. His begging stopped. He couldn't speak. All he could do was make grunting sounds. His hands went to mine. He was struggling now just to breathe, just to get at my hands off of his throat. His body was still and tensed, he was so focused on moving my hands so he could breathe. I shifted my weight moving my right hand off his throat, shifting my left hand over and pressing down even harder. With my right hand I reached into the pocket of my shorts and grab a bottle of poppers. My son's face was starti to turn a bright shade of red. His struggling seemed to be growing weaker. I threw the popper bottle in the bed shifted my shorts down to where they fell off my ass and I pulled the side of the jockstrap around so my cock flipped free. In one swift motion, I'm not sure exactly how I did it but I found his whole. I shoved my hard dripping, cock deep into his hole in a single stroke. My son groaned. His struggling grew weaker. He was about to pass out. Something dark, something sinister, had possessed me. I started pounding his ass as his attempts to move my hands grew weaker and weaker. I was choking my own son out. I didn't know if I could stop. His ass felt so good,so smooth, so slick from all the cum he had taken earlier. His hands dropped from my arms and I released his throat. I pulled out of his ass and roughly flipped him over onto his stomach. Then I jumped back on top of him and shoved my cock back up his ass again. He was no longer struggling, he was gasping just trying to get his breath. I just kept pumping that beautiful ass thinking to myself, "take my cock little faggot. Take my seed. I want to give your ass to the dark side. You need to become a servant of the dark. We need to spread AIDS around to anyone you can convince to fuck you." I kept sliding in and out of his ass. Shoving my cock all the way in and grinding around. He was beginning to come back around. He started muttering "No dad. No dad stop. You're hurting me Dad." I reached down and grabbed a handful of his hair. I jerked his head back. And held it there. With the other hand I grabbed the bottle poppers and twisted the lid off. Holding his head all the way back I put my one hand over his mouth to hold his head back with the other hand I put the popper bottle under his nose and I held it there. I wouldn't let him move away. I held it there for what seems like an eternity. He breathed in those fumes over and over again. And finally his resistance faded. His begging me to stop turned into begging me to keep on. He was moaning like a little whore. "Fuck me Daddy. Fuck my dirty ass. it was me at the bathroom. I'll let that guy with AIDS fuck me up the ass. I wanted his seed, Daddy. I want your seed Daddy. I let other guys fuck me too. 4 guys fucked me in that bathroom. All of them had AIDS." I hit the popper bottle myself deep and hard. I was ramming my cock deep into his ass. I was not in control of myself Suddenly my son thrusted gis hips back against me. I knew he was unloading. Coming all over the bed underneath him. That was enough to push me over the edge. I pushed into him one more time deep as I could. Violently as I could. And unleashed all of the seed I had built up over the evening sucking cock and taking cock up my ass at the porno store. I wanted my seed deep in my boy's ass. My own son carrying my DNA along with the AIDS he had already taken. I seemed to cum and cum and cum. I never come that hard or that long in my whole life. At some point it stopped, my cock still buried deep in his ass. I collapsed onto his back. He was breathing but silent and still. He was utterly quiet. It seems like he was going back to sleep. Or maybe he just passed out. I felt numb. I felt like I was watching all this from outside myself. My cock slipped out of his ass and cum dribbled down onto the sheets. I stepped back. I looked at my son's beautiful body lying there still and quiet. I imagined for just a brief moment that I had fucked him to death. I shook my head and stepped off the bed. I stroked his ass softly and ran my hand down his leg. I was like a zombie at this point. Numb. It was like I was watching everything from outside my own body. I gathered up all the clothes. Picked up the bottle of poppers. Put them on his nightstand. I walk through the house to the laundry room and started the laundry. Then I went to my bedroom and stepped into my shower. I cleaned myself for I don't know how long. Next thing I knew I was in bed and it took like two seconds for me to fall asleep. To become unconscious. Hours later I woke and had to take a piss. As I came to consciousness I realized that my son was in bed with me. He was curled up next to me. His back against my chest. I slipped quietly out of the bed and went to the bathroom and did my business. When I came back, i slipped back behind him. Reach my arm over and pulled him close. He snuggled in and we fell asleep. I was awakened again about 1 the next afternoon. My phone was vibrating on this table next to the bed. I slipped out quietly and picked up the phone. It was the hospice it was time. I woke my son I told him we had to go. We both dressed quietly separately. On the way to the hospice my son reached over and took my hand. "Dad" he whispered. I turned and looked at him and said "I'm really sorry son..." He said don't be. "That was the most amazing, hottest thing that ever happened to me. You don't know this, but I've been fucking around since I was 13. It's okay. I don't think I'd ever do that again. But it was an absolutely amazing thing that we did. I'm hard now just thinking about it." I reached over and pulled his head over toward me and kissed him on the top of the head, a sweet paternal kiss. "I love you son" I said. "I love you too Dad" he responded. We drove the rest of the way in silence. We both knew we would talk about this at length later. it was the next day before we even got home again. We were both exhausted. My younger son and in-laws had shown up. My wife had passed. My younger son went home with the in-laws. My older son and I got home and ate in silence. And then went to bed... Together.
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    Hi guys quick note before i start i'm new at writing fiction (first story >.< ) but thought since i have enjoyed so many of your amazing orgasm inducing tales i should try contribute to the community, so any feed back is more than welcome as its the only way we get better. a quick sorry in advance for the punctuation i have dyslexia and its a bitch. this story is based on all those films where the monster is loose and hunts its pray transforming them into creatures like itself, which always really turned me on ... and seems a natural fit for a genetically modified poz monster who wants to convert as many as possible with its toxic dick. nobody dies in this story they just become infected with super HIV developed by a shady pharma corp and transform still living into there new form. i hope you all enjoy and on with the story...... The group walked up to the glass and steel building of Gentech, its massive sign still lit proclaiming “Gentech a better world for all”. But with the lights in the building out and all personnel gone it looked eerie and dead they knew the building was fully evacuated except for basement levels where the labs are and from reports those lab floors were like a small labyrinth. The basement levels had been sealed due to a biological containment alarm with the twelve scientists who working at the time were still down there needing extraction. That was the job of S.R.A.R.G, a search and rescue group used by government to get assets out of compromising situations, the group sent was delta squad a five-man strong retrieval team each hand picked for their skills. The Figures moved up to the doors and slipped inside with military precision, five figures in all wearing black bio-containment suits the front figure held a tablet with a metal wand hooked up to it they waved it though the air of the large glass atrium the tablet lit up green, the figure nodded and they moved quickly across the marble floor their footsteps and rustling suites echoing off the glass and steel in the still darkness they reached an elevator and the front figure typed a code the beeping seeming too loud by far, the metal doors slid open with a shush of air and the group stepped inside without a word, the elevator descended. the figures remained silent the elevators doors opened again and they stepped into a small concrete room only just big enough to hold them all, a red light pulsed on the wall a message flashing on a small black screen underneath “containment breach full lock-down in effect” the figure with the tablet moved up to the large blast door that took up one wall like the entrance to a tomb. he plugged the tablet into it with a small cable, swiftly moved his hands across the glass pad within a few seconds the red flashing light stopped and the large metal door rumbled up. the figures braced themselves but they were only met with a set of glass doors leading to a long corridor lit with dull yellow emergency lights no panicked scientists. The lead figure pushed the glass door open carefully and waved the metal rod it took a few seconds but the tablet once again showed a green icon on the screen, the figure pulled the mask free from his face with a sigh of relief “all clear guys” he was greeted with a rush of hot moist air that smelled like a locker room “air isn't too fresh though makes sense with the air con off down here, but the system says there are dangerous no toxins or gasses ” he quickly striped off the rest of the bio hazard suite showing the black military boots, fatigues, jacket a bullet proof vest over the top seemed filled with tech gear, the man was in his twenties 5 foot 9 with sparkling green eyes his blond hair shaved up the sides and back and let to grow long on the top it made him look like a surfer dude who had dressed like a swat officer for Halloween. The other four followed his lead pulling off the black suits to show similar cloths, “if nothing is showing up why the lock down Gray?” Nate was a large man and team leader he looked in his early 30’s with a body that had been carefully sculpted at the gym, his chestnut hair and beard were both buzzed close to the skin Grey looked back up from the tablet and shrugged “no idea, I would need to get into their computer systems to have a look at what they were working on, mission brief just has they were outsourced by the military intelligence on a number of sensitive projects” Nate nodded and looked over the group “right where are going to split up and find the people trapped down here while Gray pulls the files from the main computers … mission control want to know what the hell they were playing with down here” he pointed at two men one could have been a blond frat boy not over 25 and the other with olive skin black hair “Jackson and Alverez you two search the labs and office area me and cooper will escort Graves to the main server room and then join you, be careful we still don’t know what triggered the biohazard alert ” Both men saluted and Jackson and Alverez moved into the Lab complex guns drawn Nate watched them disappear around the corner and had a bad feeling but looked as Gray and Nick cooper a 5;12 Black man with a swimmer's body and Scowled “let's get this done fast”.
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    After getting my hole worked over yesterday for a couple of hours, but no load by a couple of chem influenced fuck buds, I tended to some business them hopped on Grindr. I was really craving a hard fuck and deep breeding. I noticed a guy that had pounded my fag hole before so I hit him up. We agreed to met up on the Parkway and get nasty on a trail. By the time we got up there, rain was pouring. We ducked onto a side trail and I dropped to the mud and swallowed his cock. He got hard immediately and I stood up, dropped my shorts and bent over. Bracing myself on a tree trunk I knew what was coming. Much like the bbc from last Friday, this guy fucked me just as I like... shoving it straight in and pumping his cock deeper into my hole. After a couple minutes, he abruptly pulled out, stopped down and rimmed my ass. By this time I was begging him to breed my hole. He stood up, shoved it back in, gave 4-5 deep thrusts then unloaded. As my ass clinched around his cock, milking it for all he had, I felt another sensation. The warm feeling of piss filling my ass. “You like that slut?” I moaned my affirmation and he gave me a couple thrusts mixing his piss and cum in my hole before his cock slipped out. I released his piss and it flooded out of my ass. I turned and knelt in the mud again, cleaning his cock off like a good slut does.
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    He begged for my cock but he also begged me to pull out and shoot my load on his cute ass. So after dumping my first load deep in his gut's, I kept right on plowing that tight hole until I shot my second load in his hole. Just before I was done I pulled out and said here it come and shot the rest on his ass. I hope he enjoys the warm toxic cum that is swimming deep inside him. He was one HOT Jock and still in his practice gear when I tagged his hole and breed him. He is the First JOCK I have had the chance to breed seance this fucked up pandemic.
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    Continued As the two Escorts left I scrolled through Barebackrt. I had several answers to the ad I had put on the system. One of the replies immediately caught my eyes. He had the look. Totally had the look. Everything said Poz and had been a while. He had sunken eyes and a Crix belly. Thin legs. He wasn’t far. I contacted him. Another guy caught my eye. He was youngish and had only just converted. He was a bottom eager to Poz his first victim. I answered him as well. “What the fuck was I doing ?. What the actual fuck was I doing ? “I stared at the French porn as it continued on my screen. Then I felt my ass. The bleeding seemed to have stopped, but I felt the cum. I lay back on the bed and sniffed poppers and drank some wine. I was happy. Very happy. I was a slut and I loved it. The door knocked. The two guys stood together outside the door . They must have met on the way up on the stairs. They came in and the younger guy started “ Hi I’m ..,.” The Crix belly guy quickly intervened and said gruffly “ He doesn’t give a fuck about our names he just wants the Poz dicks that are attached to us “ . I gulped. He was sort of right, but I smiled to the younger guy. “ Hi”. They both started taking off their clothes and the younger guy looked at the movie on the screen not making eye contact, but as the crix guy took off he’s clothes we both could not help ourselves, the younger guy and I staring in awe and admiration. The younger guy licked his lips. The crix guy laughed and for the first time lightened the mood. “Look at yourselves, pair of bug chasing sluts. You both want this seed in you don’t you.” The younger guy nodded his head quickly. We all smiled. “ Suck my cock “ he said to the younger guy. While the younger guy slurped on a big juicy AIDS cock , the crix guy looked over at me. “ Lie face down on your bed I need to eat you out.”He didn’t need to ask twice. I groaned as he started on me” Fuck yeah, Cum in your asshole already . Fuck yeah I am going to felch this hole. “ it seemed to be hours. I sniffed on my poppers. “ Hey boy “ he said to the younger guy. “ start licking his hole.” A different mouth was on my ass and as enthusiastic as the first. Then I heard a gasp. I turned my head around, crix guy had started fucking the younger guy. The younger guy pushed his tongue harder up my ass. “ Fuck “ he said loudly.” Now get off your knees you Poz slut and breed this Neg sick twisted whore with your Poz dick. “ I felt the dick pushed up my ass and I had an intake of breath. “ “Now we are all fucking each other” said the crix guy. He may have been a bottom , but the younger guy quickly matched his technique with his enthusiasm. “Your the first guy I am going to make toxic . Fuck I am so toxic, your screwed. Tell me you want it. Beg for it “ “Please charge me up. Please make me your first” I replied. The younger guy pushed further into me. It was becoming rougher, it started to hurt. Grabbed onto my shoulders “ I am cumming ... your mine” he pushed as far as he could and I felt warmth inside me. Crix guy stopped fucking him and pulled out” So the Neg guy is no longer Neg. good job Poz slut. Give me your number before you go.” It was surprising how almost tenderly the younger guy hung on inside me “ your mine “he said. “ I am yours” I replied. “ Get off him slut” Crix guy said “ It’s my time to give him the Gift.” It was only a second between my new soul mate of cum getting out of me and the new thick dick entering me. This was rough. I had an intake of breath. “ Take some poppers you sick slut” Crix guy said” Don’t play the fucking virgin with me. We both know you want this Poz Toxic cock up your ass. You want AIDS. It took a long time to get like this , let’s not pretend that you are not wanting this. Now Beg for it. Beg for my toxic dick” “ Please” I replied “ please keep your HIV dick in my ass.” “ Yeah bitch take that raw AIDS ridden cock up your ass. I could do a census with the amount of Neg sluts I have converted. I won’t remember you. Your just another bug chasing slut” I was breathing heavier . Fuck I was turned on “ Please please keep breading me . I need to be pregnant. I want to be charged with your babies” I moaned. “Babies? you are getting a real man’s toxic AIDS. You are about to be fucked up “ he growled. “ Fuck I am going to cum. Take that toxic load bitch “ With that he pushed hard into me and unloaded. “ Did you get what you wanted ?” He smiled “ You twisted bastard “ He stood up dressed quickly and left without a goodbye. The younger guy and I were still there looking at each other shaking our heads” Fuck” we both said and then laughed. How fucked up was this. Best night in my life. “ He didn’t get my number” the younger guy said and smiled. “Hope I see him again” I didn’t need his number I had his toxic DNA up my ass. I was his, even if he would never remember me.
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    Part 10 Sometime during the night I woke up horny. My hole was pulsing and needed fed. I rolled over and started playing with Sir's cock. He started to stir then grabbed my hand and pulled me on top of him. "Ride it boy. Ride that poz cock and milk my seed out with your pighole." I reached back and slid the butt plug out of my hole and slid back on Sir's cock. "That pighole feels good on my cock boy. You want my poz seed boy?" "Yes Sir, please make me your poz pig boy. Own me fully, Sir." "Why do you want it boy?" "It will complete me, Sir. It will make you forever part of me, Sir. It will make me forever yours, Sir" "Good boy. Ride my cock boy. Milk my poz seed out with your hole. You know if I knock you up I expect you to share my gift, boy." "Yes, Sir. I look forward to passing your gift along, Sir." "Good boy." Just then Sir grabbed my waist and pushed me all the way down. I could feel him start pulsing his seed in my hole. "Take it boy. Accept my gift." "Yes Sir, knock me up Sir." After cleaning Sir's cock off I rolled over and went back to sleep. We spent the rest of the weekend fucking as many of Sir's poz loads into me as he could. Just before Sir took me back to the hotel he handed me a box. "A small gift boy." I opened the box and inside lay a chastity device. "Stand up boy." "Yes Sir." Sir locked my cock up and put the key in his pocket. "You will wear this until I allow it to come off. Is that understood, boy?" "Yes Sir." "You are not allowed to cum, unless I fuck it out of you, boy." "Yes Sir." "Good, let's get you back to your hotel. You have a long week ahead of you." Sir drove me back to the hotel, locked in chastity with a plug in my hole. "You are to take no cocks this week boy. That hole belongs to me and until you convert, I'm the only one fucking you."
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    Marie was forced to take on a traveling assignment for work, she was not the type to travel or leave her hubby that she loved very much. She and David had been married for two years and he was the only guy she ever had sex with. David was in great shape, dark hair and a nice 6' dick. Sex was not something they did often only three times a week and she rarely had an orgasm unless David ate her out. So she came once a week. David was disappointed that she would be traveling but she had to stay working or keeping the house would be an issue. Marie's first assignment out of town had her staying for a week, she would fly in Sunday and leave Friday evening. David and Marie had more than a few arguments that weekend but by the time David drove her to airport on Sunday afternoon they had made up and had sex and David got her off so they were in a good place. They kissed and Marie cried a little as she left to get on the plane and head off to San Diego for her training week for her new position where she would have to be in San Diego every other week for three to four days. Hours later Marie checked into her hotel after picking up her rental car. She had sat beside a young guy who flirted with her the entire way and she had to admit he made her wet and horny. She unpacked and got out her vibrator and thought about him. She kept trying to keep her mind on David but Ryan kept creeping back into her head. Ryan was tall 6'3 muscled blonde with deep blue eyes and really big hands he kept putting them on the arm rest. She was just about ready to cum when her phone went off and she did not recognize the number, she answered and it was Ryan. He said Marie, glad I caught you while I was still around town. I have your credit card and thought you might need it. Marie was flush and she quickly thanked him and tried to gain her composure. Give me your hotel address and room number and I will drop it off. Without thinking Marie gave him her room number and address and hotel name and he said yea, I know that hotel I am 10 minutes away. See you soon! Marie stood there wet and horny and put her vibrator away and got dressed. She put on her panties, yoga pants and a top and before long she heard a knock at the door. Ryan stood there in a tight shirt and shorts and she could help but glance down and she could see the outline of his dick though the tight shorts and he smiled and said aren't you going to invite me in as he started to move closer and Marie moved out of the way and felt very uncomfortable but she also was horny as fuck. Ryan walked over to the window and looked out at her view and said, wow I have never seen this view while I stayed at this hotel. My last room was much larger but had a crappy view, you know you can see the ocean and my condo from here, come over and I will show you. Marie walked over and stood beside Ryan and he slide behind her and then pointed over her shoulder toward the water and asked her if she could see it? She nodded and he slide his other hand on her hip, it sure is beautiful isn't it. She agreed and knew she should pull away but stayed right here, Ryan rubbed her leg and then with the other hand he lifted her shirt and pulled it over her head and rubbed a hand out her flat stomach and then fondled her breast with his big hands. Marie knew she should tell him to stop, cry out she was married and could not but he felt so amazing and she could feel his dick growing against her back and she could not believe this was happening to her. Ryan leaned down and kissed her neck and his hands slide down to her yoga pants and panties and slipped them off quickly and then slide his hand on her hip and then over to her clit and rubbed her pussy and soon he was inside her with his long digit and she was shaking. Ryan picked her up and carried her to the bed and she started to say stop but Ryan kissed her before she could get it out. She kissed him back while he slide down his shorts and let his 9" dick slip onto her stomach and then he pulled off and pulled his shirt off and went back to kissing her and they made out for five minutes till he pulled up and kissed her neck, and worked his way down to her breast and then stomach and finally her pussy and he began to eat her out and within three minutes she was so hot she came for the first time and Ryan kept eating her cunt and the pulled off and kissed his was back up as his dick rested against her pussy and he began to slide it back and fourth and Marie spread her legs more and more and soon he was pressing his thick dick inside her and she whispered you are too big, stop but Ryan slowly pulled back and forth until he was going deeper and deeper inside her and she came on his big dick when it was only half way inside her. Ryan spent the next two hours making her cum and giving Marie two of his loads deep inside her. When he was finished he pulled out and said he needed a shower and soon Marie heard the water running. She could see her husband had called and left her a voice mail and a few text and she was sad. She had never done anything like this before and when Ryan came out naked he thanked her and he could she she was upset and as he got dressed he said babe, this is just sex. I know you have a husband but this was nothing more then you using a huge dildo or vibrator to get off. I will be back tonight at 10 PM for round two and he leaned down and kissed her and made out with her again. I have a girlfriend too and we are going to be married in a year so this is just what we both needed nothing more. Marie knew she needed to reach out to her husband and picked up the phone and called, she felt so guilty but she put on a brave face and talked to him about the flight and this night old man who sat next to her telling her about his life and grown children. She basically lied her ass off about Ryan so her husband would have no clue that she had cum in her pussy from a young stud who had just left.
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    This story is a true account of my weekend trip to Towyn, a small place in Wales. I have changed the name of the man I met for discretion and for the purpose of telling this experience, I will refer to him as Mike. A little about me, 29, male, verse and living just outside of Manchester. I've written about my experiences on this site before, but due to the lockdown, I've had a lack of action these last few months lol. Anyway, last weekend I travelled to Wales as I have family who live in Llandudno and was going to be there from Thursday - Sunday. Whilst there, I updated my profile on Fab to look to see if there were any local men wishing to meet. My profile is quite self explanatory, bareback only and preferably looking for older tops. Whilst checking my messages on Friday, I had the usual pic hunters and people wanting to bone over the phone, but not much in the way of actual meets. I enjoyed my little trip as best I could but I really was getting annoyed at the lack of action, so I opted for Grindr to try my luck! And it worked, thank fuck for apps! I got chatting to Mike on Saturday morning, he's 46, top and has a 'I'm the manager, do as your told' type of look shall we say. He was pretty easy to chat to and made it really clear what he wanted, a quick fuck whilst away for the weekend. Luckily for me, he could accommodate. Towyn is quite easy to get to from Llandudno and I agreed to travel to the caravan site he was staying at on Saturday afternoon. At this point, I told my family members I was visiting an old uni friend who had relocated to Rhyl (which was a complete lie) and I made my way to Mike's caravan. Whenever I'm meeting someone new, I always wonder if they'll be nervous and want to chat, if they'll be all business and just want to fuck, or if they will completely back out of it and not want to do the deed. I think both Mike and I had gone a while without sex and he pretty much wanted me on his bed with my legs open, result! I got to the caravan and briefly said 'Hello, it's nice to properly meet you, you have a lovely place' and he'd already ushered me into the bedroom. I was fine with this, less chat, more sex! We kissed for a very short time before he'd slid downy jeans and boxers and he'd turned me onto my stomach and began eating my arse. I loved how he buried his tongue inside my chubby bum and I pushed my arse back into his face as hard as I could. I was slightly uncomfortable as my jeans were now tangled around my legs but he quickly saw to removing them and I took of my t-shirt so that I could properly get on all fours for him. Now he started to eat me out like he'd been starved of sex for months! I was moaning like a slag and I loved how much of an arse enthusiast he was! He switched to playfully biting my bum and started to slip a couple of fingers in my arse and it suddenly dawned on me that I hadn't even had a chance to taste his dick yet! I asked him to lay down on the bed and knelt over him so that he could still get as much as my arse as he wanted and I took his dick out of his boxers so that I could get my fix. His dick wasn't massive, approximately 6.5 inches but he was super sensitive to having the head of his dick licked. He groaned so loudly as I teased him and he started leaking pre-cum in seconds. Clearly, we both needed to cum as soon as possible. After he'd fingered me a little more, I switched around and started to kiss him whilst on top of him and I slowly slid his dick into my chubby arse and sat right down on him, feeling his dick invading my arse and listening to him let out such a relieving 'ohhhhhhh goddddd'. I carried on kissing him and began to ride him nice and slow, feeling him reach round to my bum with his hands as he began to spank and grab my bum cheeks. This drove me wild and I began to pick up the pace and really starting power-bottoming the life out of his dick. I've had none for months, this was mine and I was taking every fucking millimetre of it. He asked me to lay on my back and it's very lucky that I'm flexible, he gripped me by my ankles and put them up as high as possible, right next to my ears and he began to pound the fuck out of me. At this point, I couldn't stay quiet or hide my pleasure and I began screaming out for more. I started wanking my dick like crazy and it was seconds later when I shot my load all over my stomach, I could feel my arse pulsing like mad around his dick and he started to pick up his pace a little more. I was scooping my cum up and eating it and he simply uttered 'I can't hold it any longer' and with one final thrust he forced his dick deep into my arse and shot his cum inside me. I could feel his dick throbbing and he shot 3 thick ropes of cum inside me. I lay there, with my ankles pinned close to my head and when he finally let go of them, I felt like I couldn't properly walk! He fucked me really hard and I could already feel his cum dribbling from my arse and he seemed to enjoy what he saw. I asked if he was going to clean up his mess and he straight away buried his tongue into my arse. There is no better feeling than a man eating his cum out of your arse. He then popped his head back up to make sure I got a good taste of what he'd done to me. Very shortly after this, he was hinting that I needed to leave and I was fine with this and offered to suck him off before leaving, no surprise, he was happy to let me do this! He didn't last long and I got a mouthful of cum from him. I made sure he still had my number and told him we should meet again, I got dressed and then headed back to Llandudno. My family asked what me and my friend got up to, so I told them how we had a socially distant beer and catch up, not sure they would like to hear how I let a stranger breed me 🙂
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    Hooked up earlier with the guy who cuts our lawn and swapped loads with him as my mom was away. While it was super-satisfying it left me just as horny and wanting more loads. I'm now in one of those cycles where if I was in Dallas and pre-Covid I'd be hanging at the gym taking loads in the shower or hang out at the Home Depot bathroom and see who's looking. But since I'm back at my parents I have to hit up guys I'm playing with regular. Thankfully one was horny and looking and didn't mind my ass was already loaded. He didn't mind I wasn't looking to fuck as I was pretty much spent already. I quickly drove over to his home, ditched my shorts and let him bust two loads in me raw. He was super turned on that I'd already been fucked and was calling me a slut and a whore as he pounded me. By the time he was done I was so worked up by the sex talk I was ready to fuck him. He was down and now the tables were turned with me calling him a whore and a slut to which he agreed as he begged for my load. The deed done I told him I had to go before my mom got back, which always makes me feel like I'm some kind of kid. He laughed and thanked me as he was horny and hadn't had any luck on Grindr yet. I left telling him we should hook up again before the week was up and said he'd text me when he was free. I figured he hooked up with other guys but found it hot he was doing anon hookups off Grindr. My hunch is he's probably going for it bare too and once I was back in my truck I went to find his profile but no mention of bare, but no mention of wanting it safe either. Hot to know he's a slut like me.
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    Marie wondered if Ryan will really come back tonight, she tingled inside as she rubbed her finger over her pussy lips and felt how wet she still was. If she had been able to see it was Ryan's cum leaking out of her pussy that she was rubbing all over herself. She continued to think about the real sex she had and the first time a guy got her to cum from simply fucking her. She wanted more but hoped this would be a onetime thing as she struggled to fight of the desire to cheat with Ryan again. Marie decided she needed to get her mind off Ryan, so she got dressed and went for a run. Somehow even on the run she was thinking about Ryan, his touch, the way he kissed her, his big dick and how deep inside her got and his penis inside her and knowing he came in her made her hot and as much as she knew she should not do it again she had to. She stopped to get a drink at a water fountain and while she was taking a sip, this tall guy stopped from his run. When she stopped and looked up there was this Greek god standing there waiting for his turn. He smiled at her and said, looks like you had a nice run, I am just on my third mile and have two more to go. She for that moment stopped thinking about Ryan as she suddenly thought about this tall dark and beautiful man in front of her with a great smile and she started to wander what it would feel like to have him inside her. He leaned down to get a drink, Marie got to examine his firm ass and hairy legs made her hornier than she had been looking at another guy. She tried to think about Ryan, her husband or anything but when he stood up from the water fountain, he introduced himself as Gio. Marie said, nice to meet you Gio, I am Maire. Want to finish our runs together Marie, Gio quickly asked and Marie said sure without thinking. They chatted on the run and Marie was able to tell Gio that she was here for a week for work but never mentioned she was married. He never asked, he shared that he had moved to the city a few months ago after he and his fiancé broke up. He said nothing else about her or dating and before long he stopped and said this is my place. Marie looked at this cute little house that he had run her to. She told herself she should not go in but when he asked her if she wanted water he just started walking toward the door and punched in a code and Marie just followed him in. Gio took off his shirt and tossed it in a bin near the door and slipped off his shoes and socks and tossed the socks in the bin. He walked to the kitchen and poured a glass of water into a glass even though Marie could see that there were bottles of water in the fridge and he could have handed her one. He asked to be excused and he slipped into his bedroom and shed his shorts and came out in a loose pair of shorts no underwear and she could see his member moving as he walked toward her and he was still shirtless. His hairy chest was amazingly chiseled, and his chest and abs were rock hard. He had also grabbed the bin and a rob and told her to put her wet clothes in the bin and he would put them in the wash while he made them something to eat. Marie slowly took her top off and bra while Gio held up the robe to block the view and then she slipped on the robe and put her shorts in the bin. Gio showed her to a shower and put out a towel for her and she locked the door and jumped in the shower to clean off. While she was showering Gio put the clothes in the washer and when she came out in the robe all clean and refreshed Gio was chopping veggies and had started making a meal. He motioned for Marie to come over and help and when she did, he excused himself to go shower. She had finished the task by the time he came out in a different pair of shorts still commando and a nice t-shit and he headed to the cupboard to grab two wine glasses and poured them some wine and handed Marie a glass and held it up. Cheers to being in a new city and making friends! I think we will make great friends said Gio, Marie agreed but wondered if that is all he wanted, she was getting more and more turned on by him the more they were together. He was physically hot as fuck but this side of him made her want him so much more. Marie did not have to wait too long to find out what Gio meant by friends, they both had two glasses of wine and sautéed veggies and a small dessert with two spoons and instead of sitting across from her he sat right beside her with his legs straddling her bar stool. She had never had anything like it before it was amazing. She was not sure if it was the company, food or the fact he was so close to her and her body was tingling. She finally could stop thinking about Ryan and Gio was all she could think about. David her husband would be calling but she did not want to talk to him right now. Gio, grabbed a spoon and some whipped cream one of the last bites and fed her the bite clumsily getting the whipped cream on her lips and before she could lick it off he leaned in and kissed her to help her with her lips. She swallowed hard and kissed him right back as he slipped his hand in her robe and fondled her breast and unfastened the robe till her naked body was exposed. They continued to make out and although her disappointment in herself for letting the second guy in a day touch her body and make out with her, she could not stop. Gio grabbed her and picked her up after ten minutes of making out and took her to his bedroom and laid her on the bed and spread her legs and began to eat her pussy. Two minutes in he pulled up and said you let your husband cum inside you before you left, fuck love that. Then he got back to eating her out and tasting Ryan’s cum. She was mortified at first but as Gio eat her out and sucked the cum out of her cunt she began to cum over and over once she realized he was so into it. Then with little warning he popped up and pulled his shirt off and then slipped off his short sand the thickest rock hard 8” or so did was pointing right at her. It was huge, uncut and he brought it over to Marie and presented it to her. Marie wasted no time, she never really enjoyed sucking David off but did it when she had to. She pulled back his foreskin and licked his huge head of his dick and tasted his precum. He leaked a lot. She sucked on the head and then pulled the skin back and opened her mouth wide and tried to suck his dick but could only take three inches. He stopped her and said, this is a new friendship and you will learn how to suck better. With that he went back to eating her pussy and getting the last of Ryan’s cum and then pulled up and said it was time to add his. He began to rub his uncut cock head on her pussy and soon was spreading her cunt around his big dick and she began to moan and said it is too big. Gio had heard that before and kissed her while he tore her tight little cunt. She had already taken a hug dick earlier and she was sore from getting her vaginal canal beaten and breed and now Gio was going to widen it. She struggled to get him to stop or give her a break but then it happened again. He made her cum all over his huge dick and with that he started to fuck her harder. He was far more intense than Ryan and once he started, he was going to take what he wanted. Gio fucked Marie for twenty minutes hard and she came two more times during his first breeding and then after he made out with her as his dick softened inside her and he gently pulled out five minutes later. He got up and told her to stay there and went and put the clothes in the dryer and then came back to bed and made out some more. He told Marie he needed more and began to finger her cunt and told her how wet she was and then he puled out two fingers and had her suck the cum off his fingers as he got up again rock hard and slide inside her cunt and fucked her for another ten twenty minutes and shot another load inside her. Marie had cum another three times and then Gio got up and asked her to the shower and they cleaned off and then toweled off. By then the clothes were dry and he retrieved them and Marie got dressed in her clean clothes while Gio put on a different pair of shorts and t-shirt and he said I will give you a ride to your hotel. In the garage they got into a Tesla Model 3 and he drove to the hotel, stopped out front and leaned in and gave her another kiss and said let us run again tomorrow. Meet me at the same place at 6 PM. Marie agreed and leaned in to give him a kiss goodnight. While she walked in, she looked at the clock and he was 9:15. She hoped Ryan was just saying he would come over later and did not really mean it. She decided that she should call her hubby just in case Ryan did come over and once back at the room she rang David. She told David all about her run and how ready she was to come home and see him and how much she missed him. These were all lies as she was having the time of her life and had finally had real sex. She asked him about his day and week and her mind kept wondering to Gio who had wrecked her pussy and filled her up again. Ryan who might be coming back to her hotel room. Her phone buzzed from a text it was from Ryan and he text he would be there at 10:15. His girl had taken longer to get ready than usual but would text when he could leave and was on his way. Marie got excited and finished up her conversation with David with I love you and miss you! She waited for Ryan getting wet while she thought of him.
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    Last time I was in Palm Springs I was hit up my a handsome 71 daddy top who was only 1100 feet away on grindr. He was married to a women but was simply needing an ass to unload in. i figured he was at the hotel but he told me he was local. I told him I had to check out in 45 minutes and if he could get over real quick I’d be happy to take his load. Much to my surprise there was a knock on my hotel door about 5 minutes later. I open the door to see a very handsome executive looking dad- Just my type. We talked for a minute and I could tell his was a bit nervous but soon enough we were both naked. There was lots of touching and rubbing bodies together which was probably the perfect foreplay him. Soon I found my tongue deep in his ass he as beautiful, tight, and clean daddy ass and I was prepared to breed his ass instead. I rubbed my cockhead on his hole and he moaned so I asked him if he wanted my load. He moan and pushed back a little on my cock which my cue to start but before I could make any headway I think he came to his senses and he told me he wanted to fuck me instead. So he sat up on the edge of the bed and I sat right on his cock and road his cock just like that. He had a perfect uncut daddy cock that you could tell was under serviced. I massaged his balls as I road him trying to coax as much cum out of him as possible. Mid stroke he told me to stand up and we stood up together with him still balls deep in me.He bent me over the bed and I knew what was coming. He pounded me as hard as he could and you could hear his breathing quicken and he had purpose with every thrust. A loud groan escaped him as he shoot rope after rope of sperm in my ass. I tighten my ass grip around his cock trying to milk every drop of cum out of his balls. We talked for a quick minute and then he was gone. Not 30 minutes after his last message on Grindr I had his load in my ass. I had enough time to rinse off in the shower and check out of the hotel. My whole flight back to Dallas I could feel his load leaking out of my ass.
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    For a moment I thought about taking the opportiunity and his ass. But I figured that would'nt end well. Would I like him to take advantage of me if I were in his situation? Fuck yeah! But he probadly would have a different oppion in the next morning. I sat next to his head and he just murmured: "Shit, I'm so fucked up." I told him: "No worries, you'll be allright tommorow. Here, big boy, now swallow." And I gave him a few sipps of water. Then I relieved him clothes. Fuck, he was so hot, lying there naked, mellow, horny already sporting a semi again. I sat back on the bed and gave him a bit more water. "Here, big boy, open up." Shit this situation made me horny. My boyfriend was aware of my hard cock and in his eyes was a hunger I'd never seen before. Is placed myself on the head end of the bed opened my legs and started jerking my cock. "Come here if you want it, big boy." I said. He crawled over and started slurping down my member. It felt realy nice. It wasn't giving me head often and wasn't particulary good at it, but the fact, that he was so hungry for it, made it so much better. He started even gagging on my cock. I realized the bottle of poppers was still lying on the bed. I thought about poppering my cock hungry boy up a bit and got even more horny from the idea, when he was gagging again and so his fate was sealed. I pulled his face up. "Here, big boy, now inhale." He took a deep hit and I pushed him back on my cock. This was nice, very nice. I couldn't refraining from starting to fuck his throat till he gagged again. I pulled him up. "You want more, big boy?" He just nodded. I gave him three big hits and pushed him back down and my cock again deep inside him. Three more times and I got ready to shoot my load and cought up in the moment I shouted: "Yeah, drink it all up, you slut." When I came back from the shower he was already asleep. Over the next days I tried to talk to him about what happend that night, but it's over a week and he always finds a way to shut the conversation down. Today I used his lap top for some stuff while he was away, got horny and looked up some porn. I realized he had some new favourites on pornhub, not his usual corbin fisher and sean cody bullshit but some grown up stuff. Irealy want a fuck like last week and deep inside he obvious does too. So guys, help me turn my boyfriend. Just write your advice down here.
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    I went back to T-107 today. The weather was perfect. Within about five minutes, I was sucking on an older guy with a small cock and then bending over for him. He came super fast and absolutely flooded my hole. I actually really like small dicks, fast cummers, and big cummers, so it was perfect. I walked the trails and sucked another guy who wanted to suck me for a while. Sucking me got him hard and I offered my hole. He bred me fast too and apologized. I told him not to worry, that it made me feel like my ass is magic. There was a pretty hot daddy walking around and I sucked him and lubed him, but he didn't want an audience and someone walked up. He said he'd swing back around, so I sucked the new guy. When I offered my hole, though, he took off. Fortunately, there was someone else pretty fast. Short, thick cock and another fast shooter. A guy was watching and was shy. When I got on my knees, he resisted letting my touch his cock. I could tell pretty quickly what he needed though. I began a lot of body contact, working his nipples, touching his legs, letting him feel my body. And shortly, he pushed my mouth to his balls. I licked and sucked them and got his cock in my mouth. Then he started feeling my ass. I offered my hole and he told me he couldn't since he didn't have a condom, but I lubed his cock and stroked it and then he started humping and I guided his cock to my hole telling him he could and then he finally let himself give in and take what he needed. He slammed into me hard and fucked like an animal, grunting as he bred me. He seemed shaken by his own urges and took off. About that time, the guy who didn't like an audience showed back up and I offered him my hole again. No audience so he took it. Very nice cock in my mouth and my ass and another nice load. I swapped sucking with another bottom and was thinking I might be done when a guy came up. I sucked him and he was really close to cumming in my mouth, so I turned around and pushed back and had him breed my hole. With that, I was out of time and headed home. Hoping to go again tomorrow while the weather is still nice.
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    She decided she would wait for Ryan to come tonight at 10 PM so she text David that her work issue was resolved, and she was going to for a run. She had already run and what she did instead was to get online and find out where women find dick for some no strings fucking. She had plenty of dick, but it was dick that found her, she wondered if she could line up any of her own or was this just a onetime deal that everyone wanted to fuck her. She found doublelist.com a website where guys and gals and even gay guy could find sex. She read and found out there are lots of guys who want to eat cum out of pussy, she never knew that was a thing. She also found a few posts of guys wanting other guys to fuck their wives. Hot wife they called it and lots of times she would be blindfolded and never see the guy fucking her and breeding her. She decided to answer a few and to post her own. She sent a post to a guy who said he was married, 29 years old, white with an eleven-inch endowment who just needed some fine pussy to breed on the side. Another post got her attention was from three frat guy who wanted a hot wife to double penetrate and make airtight. She was not sure what both meant but wanted to learn and their pictures were hot online, and it said they all wanted to breed. Marie was finally accepting her need to have men inside her. Just a physical need for big dick and cum and to control a man for a time while they were inside her. She waited and did not hear anything back and decided after 30 minutes of reading post she would create one. “Traveling and Married, just looking for no strings sex. Open to one on one, MMF, MMMF. You must be hung, ready to breed and clean and ddf. She posted a few pictures herself without a face and that she could host or travel. Open to a one time or a regular hook up, full meet or get right to with her being a blindfolded hot wife.” The post went up and still nothing, forty-five minutes later an email came in with three responses and then several more responses but she knew Ryan would be soon so she could not really act. She was hot and tingly all over and ten minutes later she got a text from Ryan. Babe, my girl called off tonight so I cannot slip out, but I will come by in the morning to fill you up. Marie was disappointed, she needed Ryan and his big dick. She decided to go to her email and look at the post. There were eight black guys who hit her up, she saw two hot huge dicked guys, but she had never been with a black guy before. She horny white college guy, 21 6’ huge dick (9 and thick) just need pound some cougar pussy and breed it. Hit me up if you are up for being my blindfolded hot wife tonight. Marie thought this was perfect, white and hung breeder who just wanted to fuck her and get off. She replied and asked when he could be to her hotel and gave him the name and address. He quickly responded that he would be there in 20 minutes and told her to give him the room number and to leave the door ajar 20 minutes from the time she sent the email and be blindfolded. You are going to get pounded out you married Slut! Marie sent him her room number and told him she would and that is exactly what she needed. She hurried up and found something she could use as a blindfold and got ready, put on some lacy panties and a bra watched the clock and right at 20 minutes she put the door ajar and got in place and a minute later the door opened she could tell and in he walked. He snapped a couple pictures and then began to trace his fingers on her body making her moan. He worked his way to her breast and unsnapped her bra that clipped in the front and fondled her breast, he then pulled off his shirt, shorts and let his thick 9” dick loose and turned her head to suck his dick while he twisted her nipples. Marie Sucked on his thick dick and she heard him start to moan and felt his hand reach down and pull her panties aside and he started rubbing her wet pussy. Nice cunt slut, I can tell you have cum in you, don’t you? She pulled off his dick and said yes! Good little whore, we are going to have lots of fun together. I bet you want dick all the time, don’t you? Marie again told him she was always horny and needs big dick. She had never told anyone that and here she was telling this stranger who was about to breed her. Mike the guy who was about to fuck her had videoed her admitting to what a slut she was and her sent it to two buddies and sent the address with room number and text she needs your cum inside her. Once sent he climbed in between her legs ripped her underwear and lined his cock and began to slide in her wet pussy. Nice, I love fucking a married whore, does your husband know you love dick and cum? She said no, he had no idea, he is back home, and I will be in the city weekly for work. Nice, so you are going be my whore when you are here and anyone, I want you to fuck. Marie did not say anything and then he grabbed her neck and said it again and this time Marie said, yes, I am going to be your whore each time I am in town. He let go and said now you need fucked bitch. He slides all the way in, and she came hard on his dick and he began to fuck her like the anonymous whore she was. He used her pussy hard and deep till he came the first time then he pulled out and made her suck his dick off. Then the knock at the door, Mike let his buddy in, and Marie could hear someone getting undressed and Mike grabbed Marie’s head and said you are not done cleaning, get back to work. The guy who came in was Latin with a thick 8 inch dick and he spit on her pussy and lined up his dick to fuck the cunt and hammered away for four minutes before another knock at the door and a guy walked in and undressed also after Mike let him in. Daniel was a tall black guy with ten inches not as thick as Mikes but still impressive. Daniel sat in a chair watching the Riccardo fuck the white slut. Six minutes later Riccardo came in her and pulled out and went to the shower and cleaned up so he could go back to his girl while Danial got up and fucked Marie. She was having a hard time taking him, his dick was rock hard, and he was rough, Mike put hand over her mouth to keep her quiet while Daniel tore her up. Daniel fucked her for twenty minutes straight and eventually slammed deep and came without making as sound, but his body shook as he dumped his load in her. He pulled out and grabbed a towel and cleaned up and got dressed and left only giving Mike a nod and then he opened and closed the door leaving Marie with Mike and he pulled his hand off her mouth and said you did great whore, I have one more load for you and then you can get online and find more dick. Mike fucked her for another ten minutes and came hard in her. He popped up and made Marie clean off his dick again and told her how hot she looks taking big black dick. I am going to line up more for you bitch, how long are you in town? Marie took a break and said till Friday morning. Good, answer me with I email you and give me your fucking number so I can have easier access to your cunt. With that Mike pulled his dick away and got dress and left leaving Marie to take her blindfold off and think about what just happened. Fuck, why did she like the way Mike talked to her. How could she like being called a whore, slut and bitch but somehow, she did. She got up and took a shower and then found herself going back to her email and reading answers and seeing who else wanted to breed her.
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    Hi, Im Lee, and this is my story. I should say up front that I'm not a writer - so please don't expect everything to be themed and told in any sort of order. I started writing this because I was bored out of my fucking mind during lockdown, and I've just written encounters down as I've thought of them. Like I said, my name is Lee. I'm 32 years old and I run a lettings agency in west London. I've owned the business for about seven years now and, though I say it myself, I've made it into a really sucessful business. Outside work I play sport and I volunteer for a couple of charities. Oh, and I'm HIV positive and not on any meds. That's a bit of a long story and I might tell you about that another time. I was diagnosed about seven years ago - just after I had taken over the business. I suppose I felt a number of things when I was diagnosed - some expected and some unexpected. The most unexpected thing was how horny it made me. It seemed like my dick was permanently hard and I just wanted to fuck as many lads as I could - and actually that's more or less what I did and and pretty much what I've been doing ever since. Here's the deal. I don't stealth anyone - any guy who gets my load up his cunt knows he's going to get it. I don't lie either - if anyone asks me about my status I will tell them - but if they don't ask, I don't tell. I'm a top, I love to fuck and I don't like condoms. That's about it really. Well, let's say I'm mostly a top - if the truth be told, the more I've had to drink, the more likely you are to find me with my arse in the air, but I'm a top most of the time. I think I'm an ordinary looking guy but, though I say it myself, I do have quite a sizeable cock and I pack the front of my trousers out pretty well, even when my dick is soft. That's led to a lot of opportunities when I've seen guys checking out - I'm not shy about going for it and pretty soon one thing leads to another. That's true at work too. The business is quite a small business and so I do a lot of the property viewings, inspections and end of tenancy visits myself. We act for a number of landlords and the property portfolio consists of a lot of student flats and houses, some very high end flats and various other properties in and around west London. I know a lot of people think you should't mix business with pleasure but I have to be honest - I've had so much sex through work. You'd be surprised how often I find some lad checking out my crotch when I'm showing a flat. Sometimes its one of a group of students, sometimes it's the father of one of the students and very often it's one half a couple who are viewing a property together - and this applies to both gay and straight couples. When I've finished a viewing, I always give out my card and say if they have any questions or want a second viewing or anything they just need to call me. If I've noticed anyone checking me out, I give them a card with my personal mobile number written on it and you'd be surprised how many calls I get and how many times I get to enjoy a horny bareback fuck with no one any the wiser and more often than not, no questions asked. One time we took on the management of a flat just outside our area in south London. It was a nice flat but the parking around about it was terrible - London parking at it's worst. The first few times I went there I had to park miles away and then I noticed that there was a council estate just on the other side of the block which, unlike everywhere else around it, didn't appear to have controlled parking and I started parking in there. I got a couple of dirty looks from the residents and knew I probably shouldn't continue parking there but it was so convvenient I did - and then one day I got challenged. The guy who challenged me looked to be in his mid 30s - he was slim, dark haired and actually quite good looking. He was obviously nervous and had clearly taken his courage in both hands to challenge me. He was brick red but explained that the parking was for residents only and when people from outside parked there it made it harder for people who lived there. He told me he was a nurse who worked shifts and said it was really inconvenient if he couldn't get parked. When he finished tallkng he looked at me and I could tell he was nervous about my reaction so I smiled at him and told him he was quite right to call me out and I apologised for being selfish and told him I wouldn't park there again. He was a bit taken aback. "Oh, well.....I suppose it's not that big a deal," he said, with a smile. I held out my hand "I'm Lee," I said. He shook my hand. "I'm David". I had noticed him checking out the front of my trousers by now and I could feel my cock growing in my pants. There was no mistaking it now - he was definitely checking me out so I decided to go for it. I spread my legs a bit to give him a better view and he asked nervously if I would like a cold drink as it was such a hot afternoon. I said that would be great and soon I was following him up to the second floor of one of the blocks. I could tell he was nervous as he handed me a (very welcome) cold drink and guessed I would have to make the first move so I pulled him towards me and soon we were kissing. A few minutes later, my pants were down and he was sucking my cock. It was just what I needed and I must say he did it really well. I could easily have let him blow me until I unloaded in his mouth but I wanted to see if he was willing to go any further. I pulled him up and soon I was going down on him. I sucked his cock for a while and then turned him round. He bent over the kitchen counter and I pulled his cheeks apart and pushed my tongue into his arse. Along with fucking, licking arse is definitely my favourite thing. I love pulling a guys cheeks apart and pushing my tongue right up him, knowing that I'm soon going to be pushing my raw cock up there. David's arse was a little hairy and I enjoyed licking it and judging by the moans he was giving out, he was enjoying it as much as me. I stood up and began to rub my cock against his hole. He pulled back then. "Oh...." he said, "I can't....I...I've got a partner..." His voice tailed off as I pushed the head of my cock against his arse again. "I really want to fuck you," I said and he moaned. I knew he wanted it too but then he said "We have to use a condom." I told him I didn't like condoms and he moaned again. "I....I can't,,,,,not without a condom." I told him that was fine and said I totally respected his decision and said we didn't have to fuck. I've found to this to be a very effective strategy over the years in getting lads to fuck without a condom - especially when they're really horny for it as this guy was - I've found that so many safe only guys will fuck bare rather than miss out on a fuck if they're horny enough and this guy was no exception. He said hesitatingly "Well, maybe just for a little while...."and a few minutes later he was bent over the kitchen table and my bare cock was pushing up his arse. He pushed his arse out further and moaned as I began to fuck him. "Oh fuck!" he moaned, "Fuck me.....fuck me!" I could tell he was really horny and guessed that his boyfriend probably hadn't given him one for a while. He was still moaning as I began to fuck him harder and I guessed that he hadn't expected to end up bent over the kitchen table with his pants down and a bare cock up his arse when he came out to speak to me about parking on the estate. I was enjoying every minute of the fuck, expecting him to ask me to pull out soon but he didn't. I was getting close now and told him so but he didn't react and I kept fucking him. After another ten or twelve thrusts I could feel myself starting to cum and I told him so. "Do it..." he moaned, "Fucking do it!" I hadn't cum for several days and seconds later I was pumping what I knew was a massive load up his arse. It felt like I was never going to stop cumming - I really bred him. When I had pulled out he stood up and mopped his brow with his T shirt. "I really needed that!" he said with a grin. Then he reddened a bit and said he didn't normally cheat on his partner like this. I said we're all human and he grinned again. I don't think it occurred to him that I had just pumped a toxic load up him. I didn't have to visit that particular flat for a while after that but a few months later I was doing the property inspection and I parked on the council estate again. When I returned to my car, a group of four lads in trackie bottoms and T shirts who looked to be in their late teens or early twenties were drinking in an entrance way just beside it. As I approached my car they started shouting at me and calling me a posh cunt and telling me to fuck off out their estate. I'm not easily intimidated so I tried to ignore them and got into my car and started it up. They were making wanking signs now and as I moved off one of them, a dark haired lad in a football top, turned round, dropped his pants and bared his arse at me. I grinned - he had a nice arse - and then just as I had pulled away there was a crash as one of the other lads threw a full can of beer at my car with some force. I was not grinning now and kept driving. I stopped a few miles away to survey the damage - the rear light of the car was smashed and the bodywork dented quite badly. I was really pissed off - I was proud of my car and I had bought it when the business started to make some money - but much as I love cars, I understand they are inanimate objects and can be repaired so I just booked it in to a body repair shop. It wasn't cheap. I didn't park on the council estate again - I guess you could say I had finally learned my lesson - and I found somewhere to park a bit further away on the edge of some woodland. It was about three weeks later that I was walking back to my car when I heard someone calling to me. I turned round and saw it was one of the lads from the council estate - a tall blond lad. I didn't want any trouble so I started walking faster. "Wait," he called and then added "Please." I turned round and he caught up with me. "I'm sorry," he said "I just wanted to say I'm sorry." he said. "It was stupid and I'm really sorry I did it." I realised he was telling me it was him who threw the can at my car. I was really tempted to tell him to fuck off but I could see in his eyes that he genuinely seemed to be troubled about what had happened. He was a bit nervous now "Look," he said, "I don't have any money, but maybe I could buy you a drink or something?" I looked at him and he reddened "Just to say sorry, you know." I relented "How about I buy you one?" I said and a few minutes later we were in a bar on the main road near the estate. I bought him a lager and myself a soft drink (I was driving) and we talked. He told me his name was Robert and he was 20. He was employed part time but didn't earn very much money and he had recently split up with his girlfriend. On the second drink he told me that he had a two year old daughter but his ex girlfriend was being difficult and not allowing him proper access. He told me he was really sorry he had behaved like such a prick and wished he could pay for the damage to my car. I told him not to worry about it - It was repaired and I was not concerned about it. On the third drink he asked about me and did not seem particulary surprised when I told him I was gay. He asked if I had a partner and I told him I didn't. Robert picked up his lager which was half full and downed it in one. He grinned and said he needed to go for a piss. I said I did too and we made our way to the toilet. Soon we were standing at the urinal together and I could see Robert was checking out my cock as he pissed like a racehorse. A short time later we were in a cubicle and Robert was sitting on the toilet and I was standing in front of him. He unzipped my smart work trousers and pulled them down along with my pants and soon he was sucking my cock. He sucked me quite well and I couldn't help wondering just how straight he was. He certainly did not resist when I pulled him up. I wanked him for a while and then motioned to him to turn round. WIthout a word, he turned round, pulled his pants right down and bent over the toilet. I pulled his cheeks apart and pushed my tongue into his hole. It wasn't very fresh, but in fairness he probably hadn't been expecting anyone to stick their tongue up it and I didn't really care anyway. I licked his arse for a while and then reached into my pocket for the little pack of lube I always have somewhere about my person. Robert did not resist as I pushed my cock into him - he just gave a little grunt and soon my cock was right up him. I began to fuck him - turned on by the tightness of his arse and the fact that we were fucking in the toilet of a run down straight pub. The toilet was not very clean and it smelled very strongly of piss, but somehow this just turned me on even more and before long I was getting close to cumming. "I'm close," I panted and he asked if I was going to cum in him. "Do you want me to?" I asked and he nodded. I didn't hold back and soon I was pumping a nice big load of cum into his arse. When I had finished cumming, Robert stood up, took hold of his cock and began to wank. I fingered his cummy hole as he wanked and before long he was shooting a big load of cum down the tiled wall of the cubicle. He griined at me. "You've done that before!" I said and he shrugged "Now and then" he said. "Do you like it?" I asked and Robert nodded and grinned at me again. I didn't have cause to visit that area for a while after that and the only other time I visited the council estate was one afternoon when I badly needed to piss. I remembered there a little wooded area behind a brick shed on the estate and I figured that it wouldn't do any harm just to quickly take a piss there on the way past - and to be honest it was either that or wet my pants and I didn't want to do that. A few minutes later I was mid way through a much needed piss behind the shed when I sensed that I was not alone. I turned and found a dark haired young lad of about 18 or 19 watching me. He was dressed in a polo shirt and work trousers and I saw from his badge that his name was Reece and he was part of the council's Estate Services Team. I had seen members of the team on the estate now and then, cleaning and tidying the garden areas. Reece was staring openly at my cock and I pulled back a bit to give him a better view as I finished pissing. It wasn't long before my cock was in his mouth and I was enjoying a really good blow job. This lad may have been young but he certainly knew what he was doing - it was one of the best blow jobs I had had in ages. I let him suck me for a while longer and then pulled him up. He didn't take much persuading to drop his pants for me and soon he was leaning against the brick shed, his work trousers and his white underpants at his knees and my cock up his arse. He told me he wanted it hard and I gave it to him hard, before shooting my toxic load deep into his unprotected young arse. Shortly after this encounter, the landlord put his flat on the market and I had no cause to visit that area again - but I certainly had some horny fun when I was there and, as always, enjoyed every minute of it. I've also quite enjoyed writing this - if you like it, I'll write some more.
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    As soon as we got in his apartment, we were all over each other. Stripping his jacket off as our tongues furiously explored each other’s mouths, hands running over muscles, fumbling with buttons and zippers to reveal more and more to each other. He was every bit as gorgeous unclothed as he had been in the bar - strong, hair in all the right places, toned but not sculpted - the picture of masculinity. I kissed my way down overy his furry pecs and his flat but slightly soft belly and found my face in front of a magnificent bulge in his tight trunks. His scent was intoxicating, and I found myself simply nuzzling my nose up against his groin and breathing deeply. I looked up and saw him smiling down at me as I felt his hand on the back of my head, guiding my mouth to his growing bulge. I tongued the outline of his cock as it snaked to the left, soaking his underwear with my spit before pulling on the waistband to reveal his thick meat. I nearly gasped at its beauty - it must have been 9 inches, and thick enough I was barely able to wrap my hand around it. I hadn’t seen a penis this big in more than 10 years - certainly not my decidedly average husband’s. “Suck me. Please!” he said as I grabbed the base of his shaft and pointed him at my mouth. Looking up at him, I wrapped my lips around his head and swirled my tongue across it, tasting his sweet precum. It dawned on me I was about to experience so many new things, or first time doing this or that in 10 years, and my cock throbbed at the possibilities. I savored the flavor of his nectar as I stroked the bottom few inches of his rod, squeezing more out onto my tongue. Taking him back in my mouth, I inched my way down his shaft, feeling him throb and willing myself not to gag as his cock reached a part of my throat that hadn’t felt cock in over a decade. I pushed a bit deeper until I felt his bush against my lips, my throat spasming and squeezing his cock as I deepthroated him. As I came up for air, he let out a “Damn!” and pulled me up for a deep kiss. Taking my hand, he led me back to his bedroom. He pushed me onto his bed as he pulled down my briefs and swallowed me in one fluid motion. This was all happening so fast! It had only been a total of 15 minutes since I’d agreed to come to his place with him, and here I was on my back getting my dick sucked by a man I just met. What would my husband think if he knew? I pushed those thoughts from my mind as I reveled in the sensations of him blowing me. After some top notch sucking, I felt his tongue snaking down over my balls as his hands roamed my inner thighs. My legs instinctively spread and his tongue continued its path into my crack as it opened before him. He paused briefly to enjoy the sight of my exposed hole, saying “That is one fine pussy!” before diving in. I moaned deeply as I felt his tongue penetrate me. The feelings he was eliciting were partly the rush of a new connection, but it was also becoming clearer to me that my husband just wasn’t very good in bed. That one plunge of this man’s tongue could make me quiver and feel desire so strongly only made my husband’s shortcomings more obvious. I needed more of this man in me NOW. “I need you inside me. Now. Please. Please fuck me!” I begged as his tongue drove deeper into me. He replaced his tongue with a finger, then two as he took my ball bag in his mouth. He pressed his fingers into me, separating them slightly to coax me open more. “Fucking tight” was all he said as he pulled them out and climbed on top of me. After another couple minutes of hard making out, he said, “You’re really hungry for it, aren’t you?” Wrapping my arms and legs around him, I sighed “I’ve never needed anything more in my life! Please - I want to feel every inch of you slide into me.” He leaned over to his bedside table and pulled some lube and a little brown bottle out of the drawer. He poured some lube on his fingers, then rubbed them against my hole. When he started to pour more lube on his erect cock, I stopped him and asked, “Do you have condoms? I haven’t used them in years, but I think we should.” A look of disappointment crossed his face and he replied, “I really would love to be in that sweet pussy of yours raw. I haven’t felt connected to anyone like this since, well, since even before my break-up. But I understand.” He rummaged in the drawer and pulled out a rubber and handed it to me. “I almost forgot how these things work. But thank you for understanding - I’ve never done anything like this before and I just want to be careful.” I traded places with him so he was lying on the bed, unwrapped the condom and rolled it onto his impossibly thick cock - barely able to get it all the way on. It looked uncomfortable on him, poor guy. I grabbed the lube and stroked him for a minute, then straddled him. Feeling him press the head of his latex-covered head against my pucker, I tried to remember the biggest cock I’d ever taken. It must have been from my slutty phase in my 20s, but I really don’t think anyone had been as big as this. He could sense my nerves even as I was hungrier for him than ever, and he reached for the little bottle and started shaking it. “These should help, if you’re interested.” “Poppers?” I asked. “I’ve actually never tried them, if you can believe it. Just seen them in porn and stuff.” He smiled that incredible smile, and uncapped the bottle, bringing to his right nostril as he held the left one closed. Taking a deep sniff, I saw his eyes flutter a bit and felt his cock throb against me. Then he pressed a little more firmly against my hole as he brought the bottle to my nose. Holding one nostril closed, he told me to inhale slowly and deeply, then hold it in. He re-capped the bottle as I was holding my breath, and then when he told me to let it out, I felt an incredible rush travel through my chest. I felt his hands pressing my hips down, and more pressure against my ass, but my hole just relaxed and allowed about half of his rock hard cock inside. I couldn’t believe it - even with my husband’s much smaller dick, it usually took a fair bit of work to open up and let him in. Anthony just held still, grinning up at me. “That was intense! And amazing!” I said. “Yeah, my ex really struggled to take me until we discovered that magic little bottle. Oh fuck, sorry. Didn’t mean to go there.” I just smiled and said, “I don’t mind at all. I just know I want some more, because I want every inch of you inside me, and I need a little help.” He grabbed the bottle, saying “Let’s try both nostrils this time.” I took a deep sniff on one side, and then ran my hands over his hairy pecs, and as I inhaled the fumes on the other side, I felt my hole open even further and pressed myself down onto him. His enormous erection slid all the way in, balls deep. My heart was racing and I felt this overwhelming desire to be fucked deep and hard by this man. The chemistry we established at the bar only grew and intensified as we explored, and now here we were, two men connected as deeply as can be - almost. I raised myself up slightly, then pushed back down, feeling more full than I ever had. My mouth met his as I pulled halfway up, then slid back down to the hilt. Feeling my openness, he held me still and started to thrust. After a moment, he increased the pace and the force of his thrusts. I threw my head back and rode him as I willed myself to open further to let him in even more. My hunger was taking control and I wanted us to bond in a profound way. “So you said you and your ex were together 6 years?” “Yeah, until 6 months ago.” “And you never had sex with anybody but him?” “That’s right.” “And you haven’t been with anyone since then?” “No. Nobody. Why?” I climbed off of him, a confused look of disappointment crossing his face. I reached down and squeezed his dong, marveling anew at its immense girth. My fist moved to the base, and I began to squeeze at the end of the rolled rubber, gently pulling up, then repeating. With each squeeze, the condom rolled further and further up his cock until finally it pulled off completely. I quickly lay down on my back and grabbed him and guided him toward my hole. “I need to feel YOU inside me. Your skin on my skin, nothing between us. I want us to be as close as two people can be.” I picked up the condom from the bed and threw it across the room, then pulled him down on top of me. My hand stroked his shaft and pointed him to my hole, and then I welcomed his raw cock into my slicked up pussy. “Fuuuuuccckk!” was all he could say as he slid in, then started fucking me. For the next 20 minutes, Anthony alternated between making sweet, gentle love to me, and pounding me hard, fast and deep. We both worked up a sweat as his cock and my ass got to know each other intimately. It was incredible what a difference there was when we were skin on skin, raw fucking. Every so often he would pause and feed me more poppers, both of us enjoying the way I opened up more and more to him. I was experiencing an ecstasy unlike any I had ever felt in my life - THIS was what explosive chemistry and real connection was like. I hadn’t felt anything close to this in years with my husband. Anthony flipped me onto my side and got behind me, lifting one leg and sliding into me from behind. He wrapped his strong arms around me and started pumping in me hard and deep. One last hit from the bottle in this position, he just held it there and commanded, “Sniff! Deeper!” alternating back and forth as he kept fucking me. Sensing what was coming, I said “Please, don’t pull out of me! Please cum in my hole and fill me with your seed! Fuck me until you shoot your load deep in my guts! Breed my pussy!!” Hearing me say those words was all it took for him to grunt and push in one last deep thrust, all the way buried in my hole. I felt his huge cock throb and erupt inside me, the walls of my pussy coated in his semen. He must have spewed 10 ropes inside me, and the power of our deep connection in that moment made me shoot my load all over the bed without touching my cock. As our breathing calmed, I felt his arms hold me to him, pulling me in even closer. His hot breath on my neck, he simply whispered, “That was amazing.” in my ear as we both drifted off to sleep, his cock still buried in my hole.
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    My first apartment on my own....had a knock at the door one evening at it was a cute college kid (not much younger then me at the time) selling magazine subscriptions......I asked if he had gay porn and winked!....he laughed and ended up fucking me on the living room floor. I know it's not a "service man" experience but he had a beautiful dick and wanted to share my experience with yall.
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    So, let’s start with a bit of backstory. I’m your average gay 27-year-old hoe. Good enough looking to get a fuck whenever I want but not necessarily good looking enough to get every fuck I’d like. Proud out loud since my late teens and I’ve fucked around a lot. Think of any sex act, I probably have done it at least once, think of anything you’d like to fuck you up, I probably have tried it a least once. I enjoy being a top once in a while and I can be a mean dom fucker if the mood strikes me but usually I like being on the receiving end. My new boyfriend of six moth is generally amazing. He is in his mid-thirties, nice, wealthy, handsome plus he has an amazing body and a way above average cock, but when it gets to sex, he’s so fucking boring. He came out late and the only experience with men he had before we got together were some “bro”jobs. He only fucks me and only doggy or missionary. I just got him to ditch the condoms recently, but he still mostly pulls out and squirts on my ass or stomach. He likes to stay sober and reluctantly agreed to let me keep my poppers-stash because I told him I need them because his cock is “so huge.” Well, last weekend went a little different. We were out with a few friends of mine to a big gay party. He was obviously quite uncomfortable there, but I needed some fun and I promised him we wouldn’t stay for long. He got his beer, me and me and my friends got something fruity with a good amount of "vitamin g". I went to the dancefloor to blow of some steam and when I came back, he had not only drunk his beer but also most of my drink. I told him what he just drank and could see how some totally controlled anger rose inside him and he insisted, that we head home, now. When we got there he was still angry but also totally smashed and obviously horny. Before he could start yelling I told him to keep it till tomorrow, got on my knees and started blowing him as soon as we were inside. When he was rock hard he pulled me up and shoved me to the bedroom and pulled my pants down and made me kneel on the edge of the bed. While he was struggling to get out of his pants I grabbed a fresh bottle of poppers from the nightstand. I smirked when I saw how he tried to manage to get out his pants while being wobbly on his feet. He saw it and got angry again. “Fuck it. Get back here.” These were his first words since we entered the apartment. I lubed up, hit the poppers and got fucked. For five minutes straight he piston fucked me on the edge of the bed, still his shoes on and his trousers around his ankles. He fucked me hard and angry and silently, while I got fucked up on poppers and started moaning heavily. He fucked me faster and harder only yelling fuck, when he came deep inside me. Then he fell on the bed next to me, still his shirt on and his pants around the ankles. When the poppers haze cleared, I got up, out of my cloth and got some water. When I came back, my cock was still hard and leaking after the pounding and load I received. I found my boyfriend slightly moaning, slowly fucking the mattress and presenting me his amazing as.
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    What people forget is the power dynamic in all of this. Yeah you can like and connect with certain guys ( I myself when it comes to men isn' t attracted to twinks) but you don't have to get on a mégaphone and proclaim it to the world. A simple no thanks works. Furthermore, relegating certain individuals as second class citizens in the community or constantly denigrating them not only fucks with their self esteem but creates a power dynamic of have and have not. This is not preference.
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    My housemate has asked a permission to let his newly homeless straight bud to stay in the living room and after meeting him, i agreed. He was a construction worker, average looking and in his late 30s. He's been out of job for 4 months. Days after staying here, we talk and get to know him more and our conversation has extended more into, he fucks women and some feminine guys. So, I made a comment that i wont get a chance since im neither lol he laughed and joke that if i get him few cans of beers and put on a skirt and wigs, he may consider. My housemate is pretty feminine but found out they are just friends, never had sex with each other. However, my housemate is trying to get into his pants for sure. It is more than 2 weeks since he moved in and he didnt go out. My room is next to the living room, heard him watching porn and jo many times, it makes me horny. So, i decided to interrupt him when he started to watch porn on his phone, I walked out of the room to get beer and offered him one and i went back to my room. I got so horny after drinking beer, listening to him stroking while watching porn. I lubed myself and play with my toys. Then, I interrupted him again and this time, i left 2 cans of beers for him and went back to my room and start applying fruity lotion on my body, put on pantyhose and a short skirt, walked out of the room again topless. I stood in front of him "do you like my outfit?" with my back facing him, I bend over and laughed. "to bad i don't have any wigs. When I'm about to leave, he said "let me see". I approached him, sat on his lap, hand around his shoulder. his hand touched my leg and move under my skirt and he lower me on the couch and kissed me as he grabbed my ass cheek, explored until he discovered a butt plug in my ass, he pull it out to leave it on the floor. he whispered on my ear "this toy is too small, wanna use mine?" without wasting time, we cuddle up on the couch to kiss. We were both desperate, without wasting much time, he pushed into my hungry hole to fuck and breed me good. We fell asleep on the couch but he woke me up in the middle of the night of his hard cock ready to plow. i lift up my leg to give access as his soft tongue in my mouth, he fucked me again.
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    Just had my arse raided and bred by a sexy hairy muslim lad! Me replied to one of my personals ads saying he was a gl, hung well built muslim lad looking for a very very discreet hookup, would I be up for meeting without pics? He had me at hung and muslim so I replied saying I was definitely up for & was free now. He was ready to come over so gave him my address, 15 minutes later he was at the door. He was as described, big fit lad, nervous but also excited cos his big dick was rock hard in his shorts! His fat 8” cut dick was leaking a river of precum when I got it out of his shorts and started enthusiastically sucking It and he groaned with pleasure as he grabbed my head and started fucking my throat, gagging a few times really go his dick lubed for fucking. He pulled out and wanted my arse, we stripped & I got on all fours, he ate my arse for a bit then grabbed my arse firmly, his bell end on my hole then shoved it in balls deep and plowed me hard and fast for about 10 minutes then got me on my back holding my legs back and plowed in me again, his dick had a slightly up curve which was really hitting the spot hard. 5 minutes later I told him I was gunna cum, he kept plowing & said he was close too, I roared into orgasm and he started breeding his load in me a second or so later. When he pulled out his big load gushed out of my cunthole. He slumped on the floor next to me with a big smile on his face, we chatted for a bit and he was still hard so I asked him if he wanted to go again. His dick twitched and he said “ definitely mate” he got me face down, mounted my arse & plunged in balls deep and again gave it to me hard and deep! He fucked me in various positions for about 30 minutes ending with me on my side fucking from behind, he bred his load deep in me. He wanted me to cum again and started wanking my dick as he started fucking me again, I played with my nipples and shot my load everywhere.
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    Grinder hook up. He wanted to be fucked rough and used as a cum dump. I think I might have given him more than he wanted, however he asked me for my number and said he wants to hook up again soon. I love it when all the fresh young Jocks move back in for collage. So many to use and breed. I want to fuck them all. Not to mention my boy and I have a young jock that play's La cross moving in next week he rented a room we have empty. He said he is cool with us being Gay and has even had his cock sucked by a team mate in high school. I hope he will open up relax and let us play with him
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    Marie wanted to ask about the guy in the worst was by just said that was so hot. Gio leaned in and kissed her and said that it was. Run tomorrow he asked while he was getting dressed to take her back to the hotel. She got up and got dressed and said sure! They got to the car and he drove her to the hotel with his hand on her leg and he said he was lucky to have found suck a cool chick to be friends with. Marie leaned in and kissed him and then went inside and up to her room. Marie sat there for a few and then decided to call David, she had to force herself and she jotted down several items on a list on the desk, so she had something to talk to him about. 1. Her new boss. 2. Some of her co-workers (all female and imaginary) She wondered why there were no females she had met yet. 3. Devon her assistant and his fiancé. 4. How Beautiful it was. 5. How much she missed him. 6. How great it would be if he were here with her. 7. How she wanted him more now that she was so far away. Once on the phone she hit more but could not do number seven, she just could not tell him how much she wanted him inside her. Something had changed and she just could only lie so much. The call lasted for longer than she wanted but after twenty minutes she really wanted to end the call and a text from Devon allowed her to tell her hubby that work had just reached out and she needed to handle an issue. She said she loved him and missed him and would text him before she went to sleep. Marie quickly hung up and read the text, Devon as asking if she was in her room. It went on, need to talk with you if you are, I am downstairs. She texts him back and said yes, I am here and gave him her room number and Devon text, I will be right up. Marie wondered what that could be about and soon there was a knock at the door. She opened it and Devon was standing there and he said can I come in. Marie moved back and Devon walked in and Marie shut the door and Devon told her he just had a fight with his girl and needed some attention. He then unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his underwear in the front and let his big dick hand out. Marie got on her knees with no hesitation and sucked on this big dick and got him hard and soon he shot a lot down her throat. He then told her to undress. Marie quickly undressed and she wanted him to kiss her in the worst way. She knew if there was any chance of that it would happen tonight. He grabbed her breast and sucked the left nipple and soon he was sucking on the right. Devon never lost his erection and before long he picked her up and tossed her on the bed and began fucking her deep and harder then before and kissing her chest and neck and after 20 minutes of fucking and kissing all over her he make out with her while he came inside her. He stayed inside her and while they made out still fully hard and after five minutes of kissing he began fucking her and ten minutes later he came again and this happened one more time so three loads one after another with no recovery. He then broke off the kiss and said my girl got mad at me because I love to fuck. Seem like I will need you often while you are here so I can get off the way I need to and not overwork my girl. Marie said that was hot and I will help you out anytime if you are going to fuck me like that. You are one hot stallion! Devon smiled and said please do not tell Michael I stopped by. He would be pissed if he knew I was breeding the new girl. Marie agreed not to say a word and with that Devon got dressed and left. Marie laid naked in bed and rubbed her clit and felt the cum in her pussy and even tasted it on her fingers. She loves that she finally got Devon to kiss her. She had promised herself she would try before she left to make out with him. She was surprised that he was a great kissed and no she really needed him to fuck her again and again and make out.
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    Marie never felt beautiful enough to be a model and suddenly after she let three hot guys fuck her, she was being asked to be a model. The guy could have been a model himself; he was 5’11 sandy blonde hair and green eyes and uber attractive features and a manly boyish charm. She just new he would take beautiful pictures. She had a slight gut feeling he was gay; he made no flirty or gestures towards her and she thought he may be which would make the entire experience easier. She was full of cum already and had knew both Gio and Ryan would most likely fuck her again and fill her with cum. Marie headed to the room and finished some Human Resources paperwork and took a little nap and got up and headed down to meet the photographer. She had forgotten his name, or he never gave it to her. He sat at the bar early in a nice outfit and Steven appeared and asked if she was ready and she said sure. He told her he set up a studio upstairs, he rented a room for the shoot. Marie smiled and followed him to the elevator. They headed up to the tenth floor and to room 1001 all the way at the end by the fire escape. It appeared to be the unrenovated part of the hotel and he said the hotel has two more floors before they complete renovation so I was able to get this event though all the other rooms are full on all other floors. Steven arrived at the room and it was nice and clean but somewhat dated and he had a rack of clothes some hard-core outfits and others more sexy lacy teddies. Steven handed her a robe and had her get naked and put the robe on and he snapped a few photos with the robe on and then he opened it up showing her breast but it was still tied around her waist. He snapped away and then he had her lay on the bed with one leg out but the robe covering her wet pussy. She still had tons of cum inside her. This was making her wish Ryan or Geo were watching and she kept thinking about them. Then Steven grabbed a leather teddy off the rack it was crotchless and he handed it to Marie. Go ahead and put this on. She hesitated and he said nothing to worry about models undress in front of the photographer all the time. She dropped the robe and slipped into the tight teddy and sipped it up. He snapped a few candid photos and then had her lift her put it on the bed. This made her pussy leak some cum that dripped on the floor and Steven caught it all on camera. Nice, now lay back and spread your legs a little, she did it and he got close ups of her wet leaking pussy and then he took two of her face and the hot look on it. He told her to wait there and then he brought back a ball gag. You would look so hot with this on and he helped her fasten it in place and snapped more photos. I have a few more things for this next photo, he grabbed two restrains and one he put on her legs and they pulled her legs back and apart and the other on her arms and it fastened her to the headboard and then the leg straps were fastened to the arm restraints and he snapped lots of photos. Then she heard the door, she wondered if Steven was leaving but then she heard Steven say, there she is just like you requested. Then she heard Steven say he would be back in an hour to take more photo’s and the door shut. There Marie was all tied up and restrained with ball gag in her mouth and naked she started to pull on her restraint and then the lights went off, it was really dark she tried to say who is there but it was nothing more then muffled sounds and then a blindfold slipped on her and a large firm hand grabbed her left breast and then a hand on her right and they squeezed and worked down her body. Quickly getting to her pussy all wet and a large finger slide in and then two. Finally, three fingers worked there way in and finger fucked her wet pussy till she came. The fingers gently pulled out and then a large thick dick slide up and slide into her pussy. It was thick like Gio’s and it made her think of him, but he would have eaten all the cum inside her. He pressed deeper while moans and grunts muffled by the ball gag could be heard and then he finally bottomed out inside her making her cum. He was long like Devon but thick like Gio. Then the fucking began, and it was hard and intense making her cum again and again. The guy had control and fucked her for what seemed like an hour and shot just one load deep and then another half an hour and he shot another. He pulled out and cleaned up and left without saying a word. She heard the door again and thought, thank god Steven is here but someone came in and unzipped their pants and slide inside her and began fucking. He must have been average because he reminded her of her husband, and she knew he could not make her cum. He shot his load off and then pulled out and started to finger her pussy, two at first and then three and soon he had all four inside her and she was starting to feel amazing and then he slide his fist inside her. He twisted his hand around and she came so hard, it was the hottest she had ever been, and it felt amazing. He left his hand inside her and fist fucked her some more she shot off another round and he pulled out and went and washed up. The door opened again and she could hear the camera and soon shots of her used body and wrecked pussy were being taken and the guy who fisted her left and Steven started to unfasten her and told her she made five hundred dollars her first job. She wondered if that was from the photo’s or he sold her pussy. In either case she could use the money and took he and got dressed and just before she left Steven said he lined up another photo shoot for tomorrow afternoon. Two in the afternoon. She did not say much but said okay, then once she left a text came across and it said, you look amazing taking dick and I need more photos unless you want your husband to see what a slut you are becoming. Marie, quickly responded that she would be there at 2 PM same room, she asked? Yes, same room be ready for more fun! Marie wondered what the fuck she had gotten herself into and went back to her room to get dressed for a run with Gio.
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    Ryan text again that he was leaving and once more when he arrived. The last text said, “I am downstairs, and I want you naked, legs spread toward the door when I arrive and that beautiful pussy ready to cum. Leave the door ajar for me now and get in place I am on the elevator.” Marie put the door in place and spread her legs facing the door and leaned back and soon heard the door open and in walked Ryan. “Fucking beautiful, “he said as he walked in shutting the door behind himself with the light from the window, he could see she still had his cum in her pussy. That is at least what he thought as he slides his fingers along her leg and then to her pussy gathering a scoop of the cum and putting it to her mouth to swallow which she did. He brought his finger back to her pussy and spread it and more cum began to collect and he licked it and with it on his tongue he leaned down to kiss Marie with it and they made out with Gio’s cum sharing it. It was so erotic having Ryan share Gio’s cum with her. Ryan asked her how he tasted, and she said amazing, can I have more she asked, and Ryan smiled and went back to collecting Gio’s cum and feeding it to her. She was hot in a new way, she knew that Ryan would not have been into it tasting Gio’s cum like Gio was eating Ryan’s but it was so hot knowing Ryan wanted to share his cum with her and even hotter in a way that it was Gio’s. Before long Ryan began working his dick deep inside Marie and fucking her more intensely than before and it was not but ten minutes before he came for the first time this trip. It seems that Gio’s cum got him hot and ready. He then presented his dick to Marie and had her lick and suck the cum off both his and Gio’s and then they made out. Ryan set his watch for 4 Am and held Marie and they made out and he fucked her two more times, each ending with her eating the cum of both guys off his dick. They fell asleep around 2 AM and the alarm went off at 4 Am and he slipped out of bed and but whispered that he would be back tomorrow night same time. He shut the door behind him, and Marie dozed off to sleep. She slept till 8 AM and then hopped in the shower to report downstairs for her first meeting with her new boss. Her new boss was an older guy 45, she had looked him up on the company website and they had exchanged several emails. His picture did not do him justice as he stood up Marie could tell he was well defined and at 6’2 and 200 pounds he was a beautiful man. He was with a young guy who could not have been more than 22 years old, Devon. Michael her new boss greeted her with a deep sexy voice and Devon had a heavy British accent that enchanted her to listen to him. Michael lead them to breakfast and as both Devon and Marie followed and once they were sitting after they ordered; Michael began by stating that the partial week business is only something he agreed to after much negotiation to get you here. If you prove as valuable to the team as I believe after seeing what you have done for the company back at corporate you will be needed more and more. Please know that as your responsibility grows you may need to spend more time here. One of the first task Devon and you will need to accomplish is to find you a finished flat, so the company does not need to pay for hotels rooms for you every week. Marie paused and said every other week? No, I have decided that you will be needed every week and we can work out how many days but that is what we will need for now. Then they talked about all the other task they needed to accomplish and with that he finished his breakfast and said I am going to leave you in Devon’s capable hands, he patted Devon on the shoulder and told him to show her the city but keep her close as you can. Marie wondered what that meant but would later find out. Devon asked Marie if she was ready to go and he escorted her to his car, and they drove a few blocks to the first flat. They both entered and he went to the front desk and asked for the key to 843. Then to the elevator, once in 843 Devon kept telling her all about the city and all there was to do. Marie loved hearing him talk and his tall lanky body was nothing to look at, but he had a beautiful face and his accent was getting to her and he was making her horny the more he talked. She realized as he stood at the window he must not have been wearing and underwear as his dick began to grow and it was pushing at the material. Devon kept talking and Marie seemed to follow his every word and she walked up and stood next to him and told him what a beautiful view it was and her hand brushed his large penis and she lost control and got on her knees and right there at the large full length window, she unzipped his pants and fished out his huge dick and it must have been at least 10” long (actually it was just under 11 inches). It was beautiful and uncut but not near as thick as Ryan or Gio’s dick but something much easier to hand and she began to suck his dick and swallow it and before long as was trying to take it down her throat and eventually suck was able to suck him to his balls. She had never done that before, Marie was so proud of herself as she pulled off his dick and she heard him say, wow, lets get out of the window before others see us. Little did she know, the office was in view of the window and her new boss was watching her exchange with Devon along with close circuit video going in the flat. Devon lead her over to the bed and leaned back and told her to keep sucking his dick. She did as she slipped off her panties and soon she pulled up and straddled him and felt his hard dick slide deep inside her and he fucked her as she rode him and soon he grabbed her and flipped her over and fucked away till he shot his first load in her. Marie leaned in to kiss Devon and he pulled away and said, I do not kiss nor do I eat pussy but I definitely want you to suck my dick as much as you can and to breed you. You can even eat my ass while I jack off, I have a girl and kissing, and eating pussy is cheating as far as she is concerned. Marie got quiet as they returned the key and they went to the next two where he again got hard and she sucked and swallowed his load in that flat no fucking and on the third visit she got both his load down her throat and up her pussy. She really wanted to kiss him in the worst way, she kissed all over his neck, chest and sucked his nips in hopes that he would kiss her and cheat on his girl, but he did not. She vowed that she would eventually get him to kiss her before she left or on one of her future trips. Devon dropped her off at her hotel and said she should call Michael and tell him which flat. He is expecting your call. She walked back into the hotel room and decided to collect her thoughts before she called Michael to tell him which spot fits her best. She had a drink at the bar and finally picked the first flat. It was by far the nicest and that is where she had sex with Devon for the first time. While she waited another businessman was at the bar and he brought her another drink and told her he was scoping the place out before his meeting later tonight. He said his main job was boring, but he was a photographer on the side, and he made more money doing that than his main job. He was always looking for models and wondered if she would be for making some extra money. She said sure, they could talk about I and she gave him her number. Grant here he said, Marie here. How about we grab a drink later around 3 today to talk about it. She said sure, I can meet you here, I will text you if something comes up.
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    It had been a while since I had gotten a load. So instead of inviting guys over to my house to fuck me in my pool shed ( a good idea but people notice a stream of cars and guys going into your back yard) I decided to take my show on the road. My second car is a minivan that I use to haul around electronics equipment. I had emptied it out and put in a futon cushion and then drove myself down to a park near the river. I got undressed and into the back of my van and then put up ads everywhere. And then I waited. For a while. I was naked in my van by 8pm and by 10, I didn’t think anyone was going to come. I had nodded off in my van when the door slid open waking me up. Two guys climbed in the back of my van and closed the door behind them. They didn’t wait or say anything. One just whipped out his dick and shoved it in my mouth. The other started stroking himself. The cock in my mouth was not gentle. He fucked my throat raw. I gagged multiple times but he didn’t seem to care. Every time I gagged he shoved it in harder and told me that I better do a good job because the only lube I was getting was what ever I put on his dick with my throat. After a solid ten minutes of throat fucking me I was flipped around and the throat fucked slammed himself into me all at once. I saw stars. My asshole felt like he had split me in two. But he didn’t care and just started to fuck me. It burned for a minute and then the that fucking hot drag on my hole started to feel so good that I was whimpering. At that point I couldn’t tell if it was from pain, pleasure, or just the basic shock of getting fucked so rough. After about 15 minutes, the fucker started to grunt and then I could feel him pulsing in me. He came for two minutes and I could feel every hurt spurt coating me from the inside. When he was done he pulled out of me fast leaving me gasping. At the point I was trying to catch my breath when I felt the other guys hands on my ankles. I had totally forgotten about him and I really didn’t want to get fucked again but he dragged me towards him. He lifted my legs and licked my hole and then he told the other guy to get out. I thought he wanted privacy but when the other guy got out he left the door open and the second dude got out of the van too and dragged me with him. He forced me out into parks parking lot completely naked and closed my van door. They had an explorer next to my van and the other guy had already gotten in. The second guy opened the back door and told me to get in. I hesitated because I wasn’t expecting this kind of scene, which is stupid considering the type of situation I had set up. The guy must of noticed and grabbed me and pushed me into the back. They drove off and I started to panic. I had just been so rough fucked that my hole was still throbbing and now I was naked in the back seat of stranger’s car naked being taken God knows where. I was an idiot. We drove for a short distance before we pulled into a driveway and into a garage. I was dragged out of the car and basically carried into bedroom and thrown on the bed where the second guy jumped on me and started to touch me. Everywhere. He invaded my mouth, my hole, every orifice I had open his fingers went. I was still freaked out but I was suddenly so turned on. The guy started to make out with me and then made me dick rock hard. I almost never get kissed. Fucked yes but no one ever kisses me. We made out until I suddenly felt something cold and smooth at my hole. I looked down to see the other guy that had rough fucked me inserting the mouth of a tequila bottle in my ass. Suddenly my knees were at my ears and I had tequila pouring into my guys from my asshole. The other guy continued to make out with me as this was happening and after a while I could feel a very drunk haze come over me. According to the videos those guys made of that night they proceeded to fuck me in every position imaginable. I don’t remember much about it. But the videos are proof that a took a very hard fucking that night. I woke up in my van. They had dropped me back off but hadn’t bothered to lock the doors for me. I woke up with someone new, their cock pulsing in me as they unloaded. As that guy pulled out of me a mess a cum and what smelled like alcohol seeped out of me. When the guy got out, I pulled on some shorts and drove myself home. My ass was very sore. I jumped in the shower and when I got out I checked my mail and saw the videos of me getting fucked by the two guys in my email. They also invited me over for another round sometime. I am going to have to think about it. Or at least let my hole heal up first.
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    My Boy in the Darkroom My boy and I have an adventurous streak, as you may know from my other stories about the risky sex we have with each other and with strangers. It really turns me on to see him take a fresh raw cock balls deep. Not only does he love it, I love fucking him after he’s been bred. His hole is so opened up and so juicy with seed. Last fall, I was headed out of town for a business trip. He was going to fly to Chicago to meet me and we were going to spend the weekend there, likely getting up to some naughty fun together. We get tested every three months for everything for PrEP and I got my results back before going to the airport. My boy’s results were held up for some reason. While I was at my conference, he messaged me that his HIV test came back inconclusive and he needed to go back to the doctor for a second test. I was surprised the neither of us seemed to freak out about it. But, we decided that if he was going to play either at home or in Chicago, he’d better make his tops bag up just to be responsible. We’re sluts, not heathens. I had one night off midweek and went to the bathhouse. I saw a very sexy tall slim guy with a buzz cut so short he was nearly bald, and a scruffy goatee, covered in tattoos. One on his arm was a full sleeve of tribal patterns. He introduced himself as Hal and bought me a beer at the bar and in our towels, we chatted. I told him about my boy and how we played together and apart, often raw. He pointed to his sleeve, and I recognized one of the flourishes as a stylized biohazard symbol. He told me he was POZ and on and off meds. I told him I was on PrEP, but my boy’s last results were problematic. He offered to make sure they came back positive on the next test. I couldn’t tell if he was kidding or not. He told me he was always there on Saturday nights, so I made a note to bring my boy there. Anyway, he told me he was mostly a top but liked having his ass eaten, so he took me to the darkroom area and I ate his ass. It was slick with a fresh cumload and I lapped it down. He then flipped me over and tried to enter me. I was way too tight to take on his thick eight inches, so I finished him off with my mouth, letting him cum all over my face. I told him my boy was a much better bottom than me. He made note of that saying he’d love to find out. We showered together and fingered each other’s holes. I’m sure he scooped some cum out of his ass and into mine. What a pig. My kind of guy. I knew my boy would like to meet him. My boy had gone back to the doctor end of the day on Friday and then packed and headed to the airport on Saturday morning. He met me at the hotel and we had a nice dinner. He wasn’t freaked out at all and told me that he’d been bad lately about missing doses. The doctor also suggested he refrain from taking PrEP pills until he got back results. So, he’d been missing doses and now hadn’t taken any for nearly a week. I told him about my piggy bathhouse friend and my boy grinned from ear to ear realizing that fucking now would be more risky than usual. After dinner, we went to the room to shower, clean out, and get ready to go to the bathhouse. After we were both really deep cleaned, he fingered some lube into me, just in case. I started fingering lube into his hole, and got hard and wet. I asked if I could seed him to get him opened up and ready for whatever would happen that night. I reminded him that he’d be wise to make guys use protection in case they wanted to fuck him. He agreed and made sure to tuck a few condoms into his little bag with hair gel, shampoo and a comb. We got to the bathhouse and it seemed much more crowded than the night I’d been there. I saw my tattooed friend and he smiled at us. I introduced him to my boy, who was instantly smitten. We all split up to have some fun. I dipped my bare cock into two or three holes but wasn’t in the mood to cum yet. I then went into the darkroom and saw my boy and Hal making small talk in a pool of downlight. My boy smiled at me and told me he’d let four guys fuck him and they’d all worn condoms and came on his ass or in his mouth. Good boy, right? Now my boy was stretched out, but dry inside. I bragged to Hal that I preferred to breed my boy after he had a load or two inside to mix up. Hal winked and offered to get him wet if we’d blow him. My boy and I knelt down and serviced Hal’s big cock. My boy suckled his egg-sized balls when I deep-throated his shaft. I suspected he was about to rawfuck my boy. Since he was already POZ, it couldn’t hurt to breed my boy, unless his results were indeed NEG… I was so hard thinking about that that it distracted me from doing a good job blowing Hal. I stood up and let my boy take over, fisting my own dick. Hal stood my boy up and leaned him over onto a bench. My boy’s upper body was out of the light, but his upturned ass was on full display. Hal lapped at his hole and jammed three long fingers into my boy. When he pulled them out they were slimy with my seed and some globby lube. Hal used that spooge to lube up his cock and stood up. He slapped his raw dick against my boy’s crack, rubbing it up and down. He sunk down on his hips and aimed his cock right at my boy’s hole. He jutted his crotch forward and must have sent the first two inches or so right into my boy’s unprotected hole, now more unprotected than ever. My boy’s back arched and stiffened. He stood up and I could see his conflicted face in the downlight. Hal whispered something in his ear and my boy nodded and bent back over, sending his upper body back into the darkness. Hal jammed two then three fingers on his left hand into my boy’s ass, then switched hands. My boy reached back and spread his cheeks wide. Hal spat on my boy’s hole and then again on his monster cock. Hal stood up and held his cock. Then he pushed forward and slid into my boy, again only one or two inches. It was so hot watching this POZ unmedicated cock entering my boy. Hal rocked his hips forwards and backwards, but never going any deeper. My boy stiffened again and he stood up, his conflicted face not sure what to do. Hal leaned forward and wrapped his tatted arm around my boy’s chest and hissed, ‘I wanna fuck you so bad…’ My boy leaned back and twisted so he could kiss Hal. Know that we rarely kiss guys were fucking around with so it really got me going. Hal grabbed my boy’s cock and stroked him. My boy melted into Hal’s toned chest. In doing so, he let Hal inside him, balls deep, raw. Hal supported himself with an outstretched arm to the wall and my boy reached back to Hal’s lower back, pumping his ass onto Hal’s cock. When my boy thrust forward, I could see his ass keeping a tight grip on Hal’s cock, like it didn’t want to let go. They fucked like that for a few minutes, long enough to attract a crowd. Hal pumped away until his face grimaced and he fired off his load into my boy’s willing guts. Hal backed away and waved me over to them. I knelt down as my boy spread his cheeks. I saw globs of POZ cum ooze out of his hair cunt. I lapped it up and kept as much in my mouth as I could. As I held his face, passing that fresh POZ cum into his mouth, I slid into him. He really was as wet and opened as he’d ever been. His hole felt amazing and shot off deep inside him. As I stepped aside, an older guy lined up behind my boy, with a big pot belly. He growled at Hal, ‘if he’ll let you fuck him raw, what have I got to lose?’ He slid his stubby cock right into my boy’s stretched out cummy hole. I held my boy’s face as the old man pummeled him for about thirty second before adding his load to the mix. A few guys applauded as a beefy furry redhead stepped up. Hal spat on his cock and lined it up with my boy’s hole. The ginger stud fucked for maybe a minute before he came too, deep inside my boy. My boy had had all the cock and cum he could take and leaned onto the bench, on his shoulders facing the room, and spreading his legs. The old man jerked my boy off as Hal squatted and shoved four fingers right up into my boy’s ass. I kissed my boy tenderly as he clenched his eyes shut and fired out his cum. The ginger stud crouched down and took all of my boy’s seed onto his face. Some got in his eyes, but he didn’t seem bothered. Hal suggested we all go for a shower and figure out if we were in need of a break or done for the night. We swung by the lockerroom. My boy checked his phone and saw a message from the doctor, ‘GOOD NEWS. TEST RESULTS BACK. YOU’RE NEGATIVE FOR HIV-1 AND HIV-2.’ He rolled his eyes and said, ‘Well. I was as of yesterday…’ He then winked at me, took Hal’s hand, and headed back to the darkroom.
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    There is an old saying in life – “many a good tune played on an old fiddle” – well didn’t my mancunt get to realise how true that was last night. Apart from a couple of spasmodic regulars and one every Friday night regular (except tonight as he has a work function), things have been horribly dry for this little cumdump in recent months. I have gone from getting bred up to 20 times a week to two or three if I am lucky – it is the leanest period I have had in 20 years. Last night I was on Grindr – hoping, horny and praying. A guy hit me up – saying he was visiting friends in the area and was keen to fuck me – if I was interested. We exchanged some pics and his cock shot got me straight away – fat and thick. I gave him my address and punctual as – he was over within the hour. I had readied myself and opened the door in a jockstrap and my t-shirt. As is usual when I invite a new fuck over, I throw on some music, whack a bit of porn on the tele and use the mood lighting. He was in his late 60’s I am guessing. I didn’t give a fuck – I just wanted cock in me. In no time I had his fly undone and was presented with this beautiful fat cut cock, which I immediately swallowed. He was groaning already and I thought “don’t you fucking cum sunshine.” He didn’t, and started to undress himself why I treated his meat with my mouth. We left behind a trail of his clothes as we worked our way into the bedroom. Then he got to work – man this man had magic fingers. The groaning changed from him to me in no time at all. “That bubble butt deserves a right royal fucking,” he said. He asked for lube and although I don’t like it much I handed him the tube while he kept touch typing on the lips of my mancunt, spitting on his fingers, easing a couple in, then pulling them out and massaging my outer hole. I was insane by the time he slid his cock into me doggy style. He probably had a blue pill, but who cares. For the next 40 minutes he fucked me in every position, slid his cock in and out at different angles, pulled right out and plunged back in. He was some fuck. In his younger days I am sure he made plenty of bottom boys squirm and squeal with delight just as I was last night. I actually got off on thinking how many holes he would have made happy with that lovely fat cock over the decades. By the time he came – he sweat was dripping all over me. As he gradually pulled out he was totalled. I immediately whipped around and went to work to clean his cock. “I wasn’t expecting that,” he said gasping for breath. “And I wasn’t expecting to get so well fucked so it’s the least I could do,” I replied. I spent a good five minutes working my mouth over every centimetre off his dick and ball sac. I knew there was going to be no “seconds” but he was one hell of a fuck. Turns out he lives 200 kms south of Sydney and was on his way back home when he picked me up on Grindr. He never asked for a condom and I never offered one. I slept happily with his load in me and I felt the warmest I have been for some time. We swapped numbers and I told him I would always be available anytime he was back in town. Never judge a book by it’s cover!
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    I only bb but when I bring a guy home from the bar and they request it a condom, I don’t want to be anti safe and risk losing a hole to cum in. So I have some “prepared’ (tip snipped off) in my nightstand. I can’t remember the last time I bagged a load.
  42. 6 points
    Last Sunday was my sluttiest day in a long while. In the afternoon I had an athletic black top over via Sniffies. He was driving home from a weekend trip in Tahoe and in need to release his load. We had very intimated sex, with me enjoying his warm, curved BBC in my cunt. He came after a good thirty minutes. I had to take a nap to recover from the action. When I woke up, an Asian beefy dad from bbrt wanted to hook up. I have him over at 10pm, while a hung short white boy I've played with messaged me when Asian dad is on his way. They both wanted threesome, so hung white boy joined us. White boy wore a condom, but he did thrust me hard. I was in position for doggy and he half-stood as he fucked. Before they left, Asian daddy told me that I did have two loads in me, as he actually came twice. Around 3 am a younger , average but tall black guy messaged me on Sniffies. I remembered we've talked on Grindr that he was homeless, but now he lives in a SRO. His place was really messy and dirty, but strangely put me in place to really relax my asshole. I feel like a worthless whore and he just kept pounding me like a toy, after eating my loaded ass. He came in 10 minutes, and immediately asked for a second round. We fucked in missionary for another five minutes. On my Lyft home, there was a 25 years old Asian student messaged me on Grindr. He heard of my night and was super turned on. I sent him my address. To my surprise, he was there before I got home. We fucked on my unmade bed, he insisted of wearing a condom at first . However, he wanted to try poppers- and gladly have his condom removed once he had a hit. He pounded me real hard with his rock hard ,5.5 inch dick with a good width. "You want my cum?" I said, "yes sir!". He ejaculated and that was my last load of the night. When I was cleaning out in the bathroom, the water in the toilet was turned chalky white from the loads I've taken. My ass was so wet that it sounded like pissing when I squirted out the cum. Went to bed feeling like a good cumdump.
  43. 6 points
    "Are you sure you want do to this?" asked the hot Latino, Juan, while his huge rock hard cock teased Bryan's neg hole. "Yeah, it's cool," Bryan replied. Although he was thinking "What the hell am I doing?! He's poz?! I can't do this!" However, the slim toned body and huge cock he felt teasing his ass were too much for him to refuse. "Last chance to say no. Once I enter, I lose control and I won't be able to pull out," Juan warned. He didn't wait for a response though, he just slid his already wet cock into Bryan's hole and slowly pushed in. Even though Bryan gave Juan a sloppy blowjob, there was still quite a bit of resistance as Juan slowly pushed in. Bryan felt a stab of pain as Juan slowly entered him and Bryan whispered "go slow." Juan ignored the remark. He knew the only way to get his big tool into this tight hole was to be persistent. Bryan clenched his teeth as he felt the first inch enter him. His ass felt like it was on fire as Juan continued to shove the rest of his cock into him. Once Juan got half of it in, he gave a forceful jab until he was completely inside Bryan. Bryan grabbed Juan's thighs as he reached behind him to try and push Juan out a bit while he grimaced with pain. Juan, however could not be stopped. With Bryan face down and ass up, Juan was determined to use this twink's smooth ass and not stop until Bryan took his load. In a few moments, Bryan got used to the huge cock inside him as Juan pushed his cock in and out. "Oh fuck yeah!" Bryan exclaimed as waves of pleasure poured through him. Then, he remembered that Juan was poz, and terror crept in once again. "Wait!" Bryan shouted. "I changed my mind! Pull out!" Juan kept fucking Bryan as deep as he could and ignored the comment. Rather Juan picked up his pace and shoved his cock in so hard and fast that Bryan couldn't even form another word. The shock, and mixture of pleasure, pain and fear was too overwhelming that Bryan couldn't even speak. Juan felt his load building and knew he was about to come any moment. "That's right, take my cock. You know you want it," Juan demanded. Bryan couldn't think straight. He couldn't say no because it felt so good, but conflicted by the thought of the big poz cock unloading inside of him. His mouth was again forming the word "No," but his brain betrayed him and all he could say was "Fuck." Despite the fear, his cock remained rock-hard and he felt himself getting close to cumming. On the cusp of unloading in Bryan's ass, Juan answered "Fuck is right!" simultaneously drilling as hard and deep as he could with each thrust, and then muttering "Take my poz load you slut!" as his huge load deep into Bryan's ass. "Oh no!" Bryan wanted to pull himself away, but found himself jacking off and blowing a load moments later when he felt Juan's hot jizz filling him up. Juan pulled out and quickly dressed while Bryan's head was spinning and trying to make sense of the conflicting emotions and sensations that ran a muck through his brain. "I told you. There's no pulling out." Juan dead-panned, and then unceremoniously left the apartment.
  44. 6 points
    Marie went back to her room; she received a text from David. It read, “I love you babe, miss you a ton.” She sent back a text that she missed him too, that was really a lie as she was having the time of her life. Once back in the room she sat on the bed and began to cry, she was suddenly so conflicted. She had let multiple guys cum inside her and two that she had no idea who they were. She wondered why she suddenly felt alive and fulfilled. Sex suddenly was amazing, and she had never cum this much in her life. The tears stopped as she thought about all the huge dicks and that guys hand and how beautiful se felt getting all those men off. She whipped her tears and wondered what she would tell Gio, he would know the cum was not from her husband since she told him she was alone here. She decided she would tell him that Ryan was an old boyfriend and he had filled her up with cum this afternoon. He did not need to know there were multiple guys cum deep inside her. She began to get wet again thinking about all that big dick and excited to see Gio. He fucked hard and she was ready to be used like the little slut she had become. She dozed off for twenty minutes and then got up to clean the sex off herself and changed into her running closed and headed to their meet spot. She ran to the spot tingling inside and with every part of her body. She began to worry he may not be there, what if he was not here? I need him to touch me, kiss me and be inside me in the worst way she thought. Just as she turned the corner, she saw her tall God waiting for her and she ran up to him and said Hi babe. He leaned in and kissed her and said he had a special run for her today. They took off and talked some, but it was a tough run with lots of hills and then it flattened out. The last half a mile was the cool down and then she recognized his place. He said go on in and take your clothes off and put them in the bin, I will be right in and join you in the shower. Marie rushed in, stripped and got into the shower. Gio followed and put the clothes in the shower before heading to the shower. She wanted him to fuck her in the shower, but he wanted to taste her first. They got out and headed for the bed and she got on the bed and spread her legs and Gio dove in and said yum you have cum inside you. Marie was prepared with her lie about Ryan being her ex-boyfriend a hook-up, but she did not need to go there. She soon came again and again and then Gio kissed his way up to her and make out with her and when he broke it off he said I love that you took some guys cum so I had something to eat! Marie laughed a little and Gio began to slide his big dick in her well used cunt and fucked her like a whore for twenty minutes and then shot a huge load inside her. He pulled out and had Marie clean his dick off and this time she was able to more than half in her mouth. While she sucked and licked the cum off, he texts someone on his phone. He pulled a blindfold out and said, “I have a surprise for you” Gio slipped a blindfold on her and it was just a minute later she heard him great someone. There she is, I just came inside her, and she has mine and some other guys cum inside. Eat her out and add yours. When you leave, I will finish her off! With that Gio left the room and there she was again blindfolded with an anonymous man. Fuck she thought, I would not do this anymore but before she could say or do anything a hand gently brushed her leg and made its way to her pussy. He whispered fucking beautiful; I have been after his cum for a long time. Marie thought that was odd. He began to eat her pussy and he was good at it, he made her cum several times in the first ten minutes. He pulled off and said swallowed most of it and he slid up and kissed Marie and made out with her while he slide his nice medium thick dick into her and make love to her making her cling to him. He was far more tender and intimate for a guy she could not see and after ten minutes he shot his load and made out with her until his dick gently slipped out of her. He sucked her left nipped and bit it making her moan and he said I will be back tomorrow to do it again. With that he walked out and Gio came back in and immediately began to eat the guys cum. Soon she came hard as she thought of this anonymous guy and the man between her legs and Gio once again came up but did not kiss her and began to fuck her harder than before and shot his load deep. He then whispered you are so fucking beautiful as he slipped off her blindfold.
  45. 6 points
    I was married to a woman and had just experienced my first gay sex just before the lockdown. Two months in I felt stir crazy and super horny. Saturday night I logged into a hookup site, meet a guy, texted through a Google voice number. I told him my situation and said he could fuck me out back. He said he was in and I gave him my address. He was black, 5'9", average build with a 7" cock. He texted me when he arrived and I came out back in basketball shorts and no underwear. I pulled them down and grabbed the fence. He popped the top on some lube and got his dick slick. Then he slid inside of me in one move and started fucking me. I was unfortunately distracted worrying about getting caught but it was still hot. He pumped my ass and announced he was going to cum. He pushed all the way in and filled me with semen. I pulled my shorts up and went back inside.
  46. 5 points
    Ok for me being a portly middle aged Black man that's HIV positive . I've been turned down at the bathhouse and theatre. And that's ok as long as your respectful. Personally I'm not pushy you express you're not interested I back down and move along but they one's with the attitude, eye rolling I don't figure. The funny thing is sometimes if you're there long enough I've found the same guys that turned me down suddenly get interested. The polite one's I'm down but the others I've politely declined. It's called decorum, sadly a lot of people lack it
  47. 5 points
    I’ll try to maintain this thread as a log of load taking. Yesterday, I slipped into a new jock, and let the grindr world know my hole was available. Lots of flakes, etc as normal. I mean if your profile name is”I host now” and you tell me you’re into raw fucking and don’t pull out... then live up to it. The day was pretty much like that. Then, a breakthrough. My classic response to a “what’s up” message is “Looking for cocks to breed my hole.” followed by the pic in my BZ profile. I received a customary cock pic of a fat bbc with a message that said, “Come get it, bring your poppers.” When I got to his house, he messaged me to strip to my jock while I waited on the porch. I know people saw me. Inside he grabbed me by the back of the neck and directed me to the bedroom. Forcing me to my knees, he told me to hit my poppers till he said stop. After about 20 seconds, he said stop then shoved his cock down my throat. He hammered away a bit then yanked me up and told me to lay flat on his mattress. I felt his head brush my hole and he said, “I only use your spit on my cock for lube bitch” Then he plunged in with incredible force. My spit had lubed my outer ring, but as he raw fucked my ass deeper, his precum started coating my walls. After about ten minutes and a couple more popper hits. He buried every inch in as far as he could and I felt about 9 pulses from his cock as he unloaded in me. He pulled back and continued to fuck until he slipped out. I got off the mattress, back on my knees and cleaned that stick off. I started to get dressed but he told me “pussysluts get dressed outside.” And guided me out just as he guided me in. I messaged him a note of thanks and he said to Favorite him, he’d use me again.
  48. 5 points
    I remember submitting to my master Mind Body and soul once he Breed my neg hole with his poz cum. Once I moved in with my new Master I was locked in chastity as well as having a stent made and inserted into my bladder taking all control away from me. I was forced back into diapers and mind fucked, humiliated for wetting myself with out control. As well as for having no control over my cock. I spent 6 months like that Locked in a chastity cage No bladder control and forced to wear diapers until Master broke me and had me under his total control. I was scared at first but yet once I came to terms that I was now owned and had No control over what was done to me I found it highly erotic. I have Helped other bottom with the same treatment and ensure them it gets better once you submit 100% mind body and soul to Master and become his cum dump as well as test POZ. I have helped Breed many boy's and look forward to helping the new Jock we have been breeding with the same treatment once he test Poz. He is already locked in chastity and has been for 4 months. He blows his load every time we breed his hole. Master said he will soon be moving in with us. I look forward to seeing him loose control of his bladder and being forced back into diapers until he submits 100%
  49. 5 points
    I broke away from the cigerette tasting tongue that had invaded my mouth. What is happening to me? I had so many naked men around me, touching me forcefully and it was fuckin pitch black. What the fuck am I doing? Naked hard dicked men, these men were forcing me to bend over, I resisted, but I had no control, I was fuckin scared. I fell down, bent over, feeling squashed by sweaty bodies and feeling constantly groped, fingered and felt a hot mouth on my dick. Lots of hands, hairy and smooth bodies; naked bodies pushing and rubbing against mine. My jockstrap was gone, there must have been about 12 or more naked blokes in this small dark room. I was forcefully pushed forward and found my face between a few hard cocks that was forcing my mouth to open, trying to push my lips open, No No No,I clenched my mouth shut!!!, I was not doing that, I wanted to get out , Let me out!!!! I was fed poppers and took some deep hits of fresh strong poppers, I gave in, I sucked these cocks and gagged, some cuming in my mouth, another one, and another, just constant hard cock entering my mouth on and on. I felt my legs being pulled apart, whilst hands were stroking and feeling me, something like Lube I imagine was shoved up my wet arse from the constant rimming and fingering I had been recieving. I was so hot. I felt dizzy and felt like i was going to pass out, I stood up and said I needed to get out of here, I was ignored and instantly felt a Dick of an unknown dark figure ram up my arse, the first couple of seconds was painful killing me and I honestly felt like I was passing in and out of conciouseness, the poppers were strong and after a while I seem to come too and I felt different sizes of cocks going in and out of my arse. I need to leave this room, I shouted, I was ignored further being constantly fucked by different guys and I felt like I had been sucking every one in this cesspitt whilst iI was being multiple fucked, Someone must have gotton under me at some point and was licking all my balls and gently massaging my dick and more gentle than these other gropers, I felt so sensative, my body was tingling, my arse was burning and I was getting non stopped fucked by whoever these blokes were and he was licking the cum up from my dripping hole. I let him rim me, He then moved around and kissed me with cum from my arse into my mouth, I was feeling horny, receptive and after more poppers and sucking cock which I was now enjoying i let him fuck me and fuck me hard and boy was he good when he shot his load deep into my arse wih the other loads in me, I felt fucking hornier. I needed more poppers, my dick was being Sucked. He pulled my head off these cocks to suck his cock clean and this meant my arse was now open to anyone and soon I was being entered one after another and was now being fed other cocks, some cum-covered and slimy, others fresh and clean. Some guys came in my mouth during this, and after another 10 or 12 fucks and more loads later, I gave up counting the dark strangers using my holes, the action seemed to calm down around us. I got the impression that a new bottom had become the centre of attention. I had been there about 40 or 50 mins. My ass was literally dripping with cum by now. I thought I was prepared to end and leave, the new bottom who just came in was at the side of me and he went to the back of me and worked my hole with his fingers and lube for ages, licking his fingers and putting them in my mouth, I was so relaxed. My ass was on fire burning but nice if that makes sense. I then felt him lunge forward,his naked hips rubbing against mine, he was getting fucked and then a fat dick entered my arse, we were being fucked side by side our hips, skin , bodies rubbing together. Other guys appeared, I felt shattered, my legs were stretched open along with the cheeks of my ass as another faceless dick pounded deep in my arse, I felt like I was drifting in and out, but the other bottom had his arm round my shoulders, we kissed each other deeply, tongues affectionatly kissing whilst we were both getting fucked by strangers. Who are these faceless shadows fucking us?, Why am I enjoying this den of eniquity? Who is this faceless man I am kissing?? He then whispered to me that we were going to the little room attached,It was dark, but my eyes seem to know how to move around, it seemed to be a dark corridor, narrow, we walked through although my legs were like putty, there were naked blokes on both sides, we had to push through them, pitch black, naked guys, hard cocks sticking in my body, lots of hands were on me, kissing, tongues, some one sucking me, it was absolutely pitch black! I loved it, the guy holding me stopped and said, who wants to fuck him? I was again bent over in this dark wet smelly narrow corridor on some stairs/ steps that went no where and was repeatedly fucked and hard by some hard naked figures, I was leaning with my hands on the stairs in front for support. Must have took at least another 9 loads and possibly more in there and have no idea who they were, what they were like, just cock, grunting, pushing cumming in me etc. But the bottom bloke seemed ok, I did something totally weird for me, but bent down and was licking his cummed arse out, I like this smell, this taste. I was sore, but felt horny eating this familiar hole and went looking for more. What is this room with clamps, A stock and that looks like a sling..........??
  50. 5 points
    I left the toilet clothes in hand and butt naked. My cock still hard and dripping. I was a little torn between wanting to watch him knock up some 18-year-old and getting cock up my ass myself. But my quivering ass made up my mind for me. My ass still felt the assault from that AIDS daddy in the restroom. Having his cock up my ass for just a few minutes pounding away coating my guts with his toxic precum for just a few strokes made me uncontrollably horny to get fucked by anyone. I wanted to cock up my ass. Any cum, lots of cum, from anyone who would do it to me. I was really hoping the rumors I had heard about this place in Evening were true. The sun had set but the night was clear and the moon was pretty close to full. I walked to the edge of the woods and stood there gently stroking my cock before I walked in. Giving my eyes a chance to adjust to the change in light. I looked back toward the toilets. I saw the shape of a young guy moving towards the toilet. He was stripping off his clothes as he approached. When he got to the door he tossed his clothes in some shrubs next to the door. I heard the squeak of the door as he entered. I don’t know what possessed me to do what I did next, but I walked back over to the toilets and pulledthe kid’s clothes from the bushes. In the light I could tell that his clothes would fit me OK. There was a pair of basketball shorts that would be a little snug but not bad. There was an oversized T-shirt, perfect. And a jockstrap. I held the pouch to my face and sniffed deeply. Unmistakable scent of teenage boy underwear. I had smelled it enough time with my own two boys. I knew what teen boy cock smells like. I slipped on the jock. Tossed my clothes into the bush where his he been. And took his clothes with me. I stepped onto the trail at the edge of the woods. I walked down the path able to discern shapes and movement in the half light. There were other guys in the park. I don’t know where they had come from because there were no cars. There must be another access to the park. I walked along quietly gingerly until I got to a spot I recognized. It was a spot where almost 3 years ago I had been pozfucked by a hot young guy. The spot where my quest for AIDS started. I stepped off the trail and took a few steps towards the figure out the dark. He started moving closer to me. As he got within a few feet we recognized each other. It was the kid who passed me almost 3 years ago. And he recognized me. ” hey there,” he said “ Haven’t seen you around here in a while. Back for more?” He reached up and grabbed my cock. Pulled me in for deep kiss. I wrapped my arms around his body and he felt smooth but kind of bone. He pulled away and I looked him up and down. Above his right that was a biohazard symbol. He had a slightly wasted look. He reached up and grabbed my cock. Pulled me in for a deep kiss. I wrapped my arms around his body and he felt smooth but kind of bony. He pulled away and I looked him up and down. Above his right path was a biohazard symbol. He had a slightly wasted look. We started talking and making out. I dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth sliding in deep as I could into my throat. While I was sucking him he confessed to me that the guy in the toilets had converted him a month before he fucked me. He told me I was his first breeding after he was positive. He also told that he had full-blown AIDS at this point. That turned me on more than I could say. I slid his cock deep in my throat as I could. Milked it with my throat muscles. He moaned grab the back of my head and started face fucking me. Slamming his cock deep into my throat. After a few minutes he pushed me away. ”Fuck dude” he said,”you’re an amazing cocksucker.but I want that ass. I want to give you my virus.” He pulled me up and pushed me back around up against a tree. He squatted down behind me and spread my ass cheeks. He buried his face in my ass, tonguing my hole, working it in an out.I was moaning like the slut bitch that I am. Begging him to pause my ass up. Begging him to slide his aides babies up into my guts. ”Oh fuck dude. I want that ass so bad.” he muttered. He stood and unceremoniously plunged his cock deep into my ass all the way to the hilt. I screamed and moaned at the same time. He rested his cock in me as he slipped a poppers bottle under my nose. He held my nostril shut and I breathe deep. Reached up and held his hand in place. I breathed in three or four times in that one nostril and then switched. I breathed then three or four more hits in the other nostril. I was flying high as his cock started pistoning in and out of my hole, Tearing up my guts and banging my prostate hard. I was moaning and begging for a seed. Begging for his aids babies. Begging for his virus in my bloodstream. Then I started begging him for demon seed. Begging him to bring me over to the Darkside. In my mind all I could think was that I was sacrificing my ass to pure evil. My cock was hard and rubbing up against the material of the jockstrap. As the kid fucked me I shot a big load into the pouch of the jockstrap. And as my ass clamped hard for my orgasm his cock began to spasm in my whole. He grabbed my hips hard and pulled me as close up against him as he could get. Pushing his cock as deep in my body as it would go. Past my second sphincter. Deep into my guts he poured his aids. I can’t explain it but ass his semen filled my body a kind of shadow fell over my soul, fell over my vision. Not only was there no going back at this point, there was no desire to. There was only desire for cum. There was only desire for pleasure. There is only desire to please anyone with a cock. Deep in my soul I knew that I had given myself over completely to cock, cum., and pleasure. He stroked his cock in and out of my ass a few more strokes. He rested against my back. His cock gently slid out and he stepped away from me. I never saw him leave because as soon as he stepped away someone else stepped up and another cock slid into my hole. After three more cocks and three loads in my ass I finally left the woods. Cum was running down my legs but I didn’t care. I felt so complete so satisfied. As I walked by the toilets I checked the bushes. The clothes were gone. Some random kid who just got an ass load of aids was walking around in my clothes. It was then I realized all I was wearing was the jockstrap. As I approach the road I slipped on the shorts. And jogged my way back to my car. I never bothered to change clothes or to put on the shirt. I just threw myself in the car and went directly to the porno store And spent the rest of the night worshiping cock and accepting seed from anyone.

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