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    Dad’s Basement Part One OFF LIMITS !!!! That’s how it always was, no one had access to the basement except Dad. Growing up I used to imagine that he was a mad scientist and it was his laboratory where he conducted hair raising experiments. As I got older, my thoughts changed - was it his private gym - he was built, but I knew he went to a gym early in the morning - hell I even went with him quite a few times. My mind always wondered, but I never had the chance to go down —— until now. Here it was my eighteenth birthday, I was home alone, which was the norm since Mom ran off with some man she met on the internet when I was starting my teen years and has not been heard from since. It was when I was heading to the kitchen to get my breakfast, that I saw it. The basement door was open, not wide open, but just enough to know someone could go down there. Stomach be damned, my curiosity was strong than my hunger at this point. I had to see what was down there. “Dad, are you home?” I yelled, no response. I made my way to the laundry room, which accessed the garage and saw that his truck was gone. My stomach groaned - not from hunger, but nerves. I made my way through the house, looking for my Dad. I wanted to make sure I was home alone. I was still scared of getting caught in the “forbidden basement.” He was no where to be found in the house, but that doesn’t mead he wasn’t hiding some where. Fuck I can’t believe I would think that my own Dad would set me up. I had to make sure. Grabbing my cell, I dialed Dad’s number, he quickly answered after one ring, was he waiting for this call, was this a set up? “Morning Squirt, what’s up?” he said. Squirt - the nickname he knew I hated, yet called me that when it was just the two of us. “Dad, do you want me to do the yard today?” I asked “It’s your birthday and you want to do yard work? We can do it this weekend, together. Any more silly questions or can I get back to my work so I can be home on time?” he replied. “Yeah, are you coming home early or what, like you said it is my birthday.” “Right now, Squirt, it looks like normal time. Got any other pressing questions?” “Nah, I’m good” I said, “ Bye, Dad” I hung up and quickly made my way to the basement door. In my mind I expected it to be closed and locked, thinking it was all a trick of my mind. Without knowing it I held my breathe as I made my way to the door, only to slowly release it seeing that the door was still a jar. Nervously, I slowly pushed the door open, exposing the darkened stairs which lead to the mysterious basement below. I squinted my eyes to see if I could see anything in the darkness below. Nothing! That first step was the hardest, I had always known I was not allowed down here, but with finding the door opened I could not help but break the rule. I felt the way to see if I could find a switch to illuminate the mystery, nothing. Another what the fuck? I slowly descended the stairs until I was at the bottom. The nerves in my stomach were twitching so bad that I thought I was going to throw up. I was frozen to the floor, as my hands explored the walls, searching for a light switch. It wasn't long until I found one. I closed my eyes and flipped it, as I thought “let there be light.” At that moment, I wondered if this is really what I wanted. Did I want to know my Dad’s secret? I slowly opened my eyes, finding the room flooded with a red light. The walls were darkly painted and if I were to guess they were black. There was symbols painted on they walls with phrases under them. The one that was the biggest and stood out the most was a circle like symbol, that I had seen somewhere before, but did not know where, and had the phrase under it that said “TOXIC FOR LIFE” Else where there were sayings like “no load refused,” “Seed belongs in holes,” and “gifting is the way” - and more. I didn’t under stand. I slowly moved inwards, noticing a leather pad hanging from chains in one corner, two padded “saw horses” in the middle of the room. What the fuck is this place, I thought. It’s not a gym, because I have never seen equipment like this. As I made my way back, I saw that tucked under the stairs was an open shower area, with white tiles and three heads and two drains. I still didn’t understand. I passed out of that room and into another. The room was painted just like the other, with more phrases. The only different was the symbol, this time there was a huge scorpion on the wall, freaky as shit and ugly as hell. Under the big scorpion was shelves with little brown bottles on them, as well as what looked like plastic bottles filled with a clear liquid. I racked my mind trying to figure out what this shit was and what it was used for. From where I was standing there was a darkened opening to my left and one to my right, leading off to who knows where and what. Being adventurous, I went to the left, it was dark inside so I felt my way. I bumped into the a wall in front of me, but felt an opening to my right, so I turned and continued. I bumped and turned many times again. Shit this was some kind of maze. I panicked, I tried to remember which way I turned and went. What if I get trapped in here and Dad finds me here. I turned and moved, finding relief when I found the opening to get out. I have to be more careful. I discovered nothing with that adventure, so I decided to head to the other opening I went across the room and into through the other opening to find a wall blocking me, but with openings on the left and right. I went left only to find that this lead me to a room with another wall that went completely across the room. I walked to my right keeping a distance from the new wall with my hand on the wall that I first came to. I saw that there was three holes in the wall, which allowed light to come through. I gathered my courage and crossed the room to the middle hole, to discover that the hole came up to about my crotch. I slowly squatted down and looked through the hole - only to see the outside door to the left, which was letting in the light from out side through the frosted windows. I didn’t understand any of this. I went back out and look around the big room again, I failed to notice more shelves holding more brown bottles and plastic squeeze bottles. In each corner was a TV, hung high near the ceiling. As I got back to the stairs, I realized there was another opening on the wall with the light switch. It was still dark inside, so I reached around inside trying to find the new room’s light switch. A musty smell invaded my nostrils, rousing my curiosity, as well as my cock. Why was I turned on by this smell. Moments later I found the switch and found this room was a locker room. The lockers formed a square in the center, yet none were on the outer walls. Entering I found why. There were hundreds of used jocks nailed to the wall with pictures under them. The jocks were stained, some a bright yellow, some creamy, some very dark yellow. I lifted one of the jocks to look at the picture. It was of a naked man who’s cock was hard as a rock, my guess the owner of the jock. I lifted the picture up, to find a name, date, and what looked like a code - numbers mixed with three letters in the middle. Looking around I could see that three walls were almost covered with jocks. The fourth was bare. At this point I wanted out of the basement. I had so many questions, yet I found that I didn’t want to seek the answers to them. Switching off the lights I made my way I back upstairs, climbed them and put the basement door like I found it. My mind was racing - what the fuck was that shit downstairs and what did it all mean. Confused, I wanted answers, but again I didn’t. Was I really suppose to see this? Did Dad make a mistake? I went to my room, grabbed my laptop, determined to find out what all this was, even if it took all day. I logged in and had an email from my Dad pop up on my desk top. It’s subject line was “BASEMENT” - I forgo my searching to read this. It read: Squirt, I left the basement open for you today. It is time you found out what the secret is. It was after your call that I knew you were going to head down there. So here is what I do down there. I SUCK DICK, GET MY DICK SUCKED, FUCK ASS AND GET MY ASS FUCKED. I can only put it bluntly. Yes, son I am a faggot, cocksucker, or if you want me to be pc - I am gay. I built the basement as a sex club for men like me. We get together as much as possible to have sex. There is a sling hanging from the ceiling, fuck benches, a maze with glory holes, and a glory hole wall to suck cock from people not in our “Club” I have well stocked it will lube and poppers (you snort to get a rush - not drugs), the TV’s are for porn. I am sure you are wondering what are on the walls. Son, we are a Poz Fuck Club, each of the members are HIV positive and enjoy passing their strain to others. We do not let loads of cum go to waste - we swallow and we breed. The jocks and pictures are of men who had been converted by our club members. I know this may shock you, that your Dad is a toxic cock slut, but after discovering what you were watching on line, I thought it was time for you to know, learn and maybe join in (this part makes my cock hard) Don’t be embarrassed - I want you to be open about sex even with me. I will be open with you. We will talk more when I get home. Happy Birthday Son Love ya, Dad I read the email over and over. He knew what I watched on line. I was so scared that if he ever discovered my secret, it would either scare him or anger him, not turn him on. I needed to talk my mind off him and the basement until he got home. So I headed to the living room to watch movies until he got home.
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    Dad’s Basement Part Two I spent the day on the sofa, half watching movies to take my mind off what I saw in the basement and the other half thinking about it. I would catch myself playing with my cock through my shorts when my mind wondered to the basement. I had never felt my cock get so hard thinking of Dad and his buddies fucking and sucking. I wondered if they were down there when I was sleeping and I never knew it. You would have thought I would have heard my Dad come home, or at least the garage door go up and his diesel truck pulling inside. Nope, I was lost in thought, hand inside my shorts wrapped around my hard cock. “Wow, Son that’s quite a greeting for your old man!” Dad said when he saw me. “Dad!” I yelled, slapped back to reality and jerking my hand out of my shorts. “Anything interesting happen today, Son” Dad asked coyly. “Well, let’s see. I found out that my Dad likes cock - every which way he can get it, has a sex club in our basement, and likes to spread his disease to others.” I said, “other than that it was a quiet day.” “Yeah Son, I am a pig, a toxic pig, who loves to give into the most deviant sexual pleasure imaginable, and I am not ashamed to do.” “It’s okay Dad, I think it’s hot” “Hot huh? he said, “like when you spy on your old man and jack your cock as I shower or stroke my cock in bed?” I nodded a yes and smiled. “It’s okay Son. I have no issue with any of that. Fuck it was a turn on knowing you jack your boy cock watching me.” Dad said. “See” I looked down at the front of his jeans, his hard cock was straining against the denim. I stood up, allowing Dad to see my shorts being pointed forward by my own cock. “Does knowing what we do in the basement turn you on Son?” he asked. “Yes Dad.” “Good, but I need to know does all of it turn you on or is there anything that you are afraid of or not sure of” “The HIV Dad, scares me, yet it excites me” I said, “Most boys your age have those mixed emotions. After being converted, or infected, sex becomes uninhibited, free from restraints of safety. That’s what we do in the basement, fuck free. There are times when we meet just to help a man break those restraints and become free” he said “understand?” “I think so. You take men who are not carrying HIV and give it to them?” “Yes, some take it willingly and some don’t, some want it and some don’t know they want it, but still get it” I looked down and Dad was rubbing his cock through his jeans, exciting me more and more. This talk was really turning him on, I could see his cock pulse inside his jeans as his palm rubbed across the head of his cock. “Are the jocks and pictures nailed to the wall, all of the men that you have infected?” “I didn’t infect them all, Son. But they were infected by a member of the Club.” Dad said, “that is our trophy wall, it reminds us of who is carrying our virus.” Without thinking I started rubbing my cock, mimicking what Dad was doing to his. His eyes darted down, watching my hand. “Drop them Son,” he said, “show Daddy” Blindly obeying, I hooked my thumbs in the waist band of my shorts and pushed them to my ankles, where I stepped out of them. Standing upright again, my cock jumped up and down, finally resting pointing in front of me. “Grew up nicely there Son” Dad kicked off his work boots, unbutton his jeans and pushed them down to his ankles where he stepped out of them. Standing straight up, he put his hands on his hips, allowing me access to view his crotch, this time with out spying. His cock was hard as a rock, pointing outward just like mine, but that is where the similarities stopped. His cock was at least nine inches long and almost as thick as a beer bottle. The head was massive and veins ran up and down it. How did I miss all this detail spying on him. His nut sac was smooth and hung low, with one ball higher than the other. When I looked up at his face there was an evil grin on it. “You like looking at that cock, huh Son” I nodded slowly. “I like you looking at it” I was mesmerized. There was the cock that made me, not six feet away, obscenely pointing at me, teasing me, and all I could do was to stare and stroke my hard cock slowly. “That’s it Son, stroke your cock for your Daddy.” he said I watched as he bent down, slid his hand into the pocket of his jeans and pull out one of the brown bottles. Dropping his jeans, he moved to my side, his cock and balls bouncing with each step. My mind was focused on his cock and balls, so huge. He unscrewed the cap on the brown bottle, positioned it under one of my nostrils, pinched the other closed and said: “Inhale deep Son” I did as he instructed, still stroking my boy cock. He switched nostrils and said again: “Inhale deep” Almost instantly, I felt like I was flying, the sensations of my stroking intensified. My breathing was heavier. I felt Dad’s hot breathe in my ear. “Touch it Son, you know you want to. Feel the cock that made you!” I slowly moved my hand over to his cock. The closer I got, I could feel the heat rising from his dick. I closed my eyes and wrapped my fingers around it. It was hotter than I expected and harder. Instantly I shot my load, out in front of me and unto the floor. “Good boy” Dad said, “I think you are ready for more.” he said, “let’s go to Daddy’s shower, Son. I have so much more to teach you before you join us in the basement” He took off his shirt as he headed down the hall, his furry cheeks bouncing as he walked away. I pulled my shirt over my head and followed, like a little puppy.
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    Dad’s Basement Part Four As the week went on Dad taught me more and more about man to man raw sex, although it wasn’t physical, I knew that would change once the weekend arrived. Dad didn’t hold back when it came to my new sexual education, the more twisted and perverted the harder his cock got, and well, mine too. As each day past, my anticipation grew. I wondered if this would be the day that Dad popped my cherry, but it wasn’t and soon it was Friday. “Morning Son,” Dad said, as he slapped his hard cock against my forehead. “Morning” “Tonight is a big night for you. I have left you something on the table. You know what you need to do today for tonight.” he said, tucking his hard cock inside his pants. “Yes, Daddy” “We both have to be ready for tonight” he said, “see you about two this afternoon Son.” With that he left, leaving me in my bed with my morning hard on which I slowly stroked under the covers. “Son, quit playing with your cock. In fact don’t touch the fucker until I tell you, not even to piss.’ “Fuck” I said, but it was too late he was gone. Slowly I got out of bed, thinking pissing is going to be interesting and messy today as I headed down to the kitchen to see what he had left me. Wasn’t hard to find, he had propped a new jock in its packaging up against a huge black fake dick. Seeing this caused me to smile. Written on a post it was a note saying: “Wear this all day, mark it as yours” I opened the new jock and stepped into it. My hard cock tented the material of the pouch out. It was going to be a long day of getting ready for tonight in the basement, so I had to do what Dad had told me to do in order to be ready. Dad came home a little after two. I was sitting on the floor in my jock which was still tented outwards by my hard cock and now stained yellow from piss. “That’s fucking hot Son” Dad said. “Thanks,” I replied with a grin. We both did our thing to prepare for tonight and was ready about 6. I was in the kitchen leaning against the counter in my nasty jock when Dad came in. No words were spoken as he opened the basement door and disappeared into the darkness. I quickly moved towards the door and then down the stairs until I bumped into Dad at the bottom. My pouch rubbed against his ass. “Easy Son, there will be time for that shortly” I could hear movement already in the basement, yet it was completely dark. I began to think that the darkness was messing with my mind, until Dad hit the light switch and there in the middle of the room was eight nude men, their cocks obscenely hard pointing at me. Some I recognized, while others were new to me. Dad turned to me, gabbed my upper arms in his fists and said “Tonight Son, each of these men, will fuck and seed your neg hole. The goal is to convert you.” “Does that include you Dad?” I asked. “FUCK YEAH” he yelled, “I will be the first and the last in the first part of your conversion party tonight” My cock got harder in my pouch. I could not believe it. Tonight Daddy was going to take my virgin cherry as well as my disease cherry. My hole twitched as I looked at the men in the room and their hard man cocks. Dad pulled me into the locker room, where he pulled down my jock, freeing my hard cock. He positioned me on the empty wall, as another man stepped forward with a camera, his hard cock bouncing as he moved. I saw a flash and then I was pulled in a new direction. Fuck these twisted fuckers were in a hurry. I lost my jock in the locker room, not really caring if I ever saw it again. I was taken back to the first room, a fuck bench had been moved to the middle of the room. My heart was pounding and I felt my legs getting weak, the excitement was getting to be too much. I climbed on the bench, both my holes exposed for easy access. I felt my arms and legs being tied to the bench as my torso. With what was about to happen, these men wanted me to stay in place. Rough hands roamed my body, my ass was slapped over and over, nipples pinched, my cock jacked and balls squeezed. I felt cocks slap my face while other men spit in my face. I closed my eyes, hoping this was not a dream. I wanted this. I felt a hot breathe in my ear. “You want this Son?” my Daddy asked me I nodded. “Not good enough Son?” “Yes” “You want Daddy and his friends to fuck you, to shoot their poz loads in your hole, to gift you their disease” “FUCK YES DADDY - fuck me, poz me, convert me” “Good Boy” he said as the other men cheered. My ass was spread wide by two men, as something rough was pushed into my hole. It hurt like hell as it passed through my clenched hole. I could feel scratching inside my hole as this object moved in and out of me. As my mind tried to get my mouth to object to this invasion in my hole, my cock jumped and leaked over powering my mind. The object was pulled out quickly, causing my hole to clinch shut in pain. I felt tears welling up in my eyes, which I fought to stop. Again I felt breath in my ears. “Your fuck hole is ready Son” Dad said showing me a bloody toothbrush. Standing up, he stroked his cock and handed the tooth brush to a tattoo covered man with a big uncut cock. Hands were still exploring my body, teasing and torturing me. My ass was burning from all the slaps. “Men, Let the games begin” my Dad said, “Ready for Daddy’s cock Son?” I felt Dad’s cock head rub up and down my crack. My legs were shaking from fear as well as excitement, knowing my Dad was going to take both my cherries right now. His head teased me over and over, until he grabbed my hips, and thrust his cock head into my hole. It resisted at first, but with consent pushing and the slapping of my ass checks from other men, it open and his cock plunged deep into my hole. The pain was intense. I screamed as he continued to push deeper and deeper, until he was balls deep. He continued to press against my ass with his body, holding me to him as I tried to pull away and fight my bindings. The men all around were cheering my Dad. I could feel something running down my crack and unto my balls. Dad pulled his cock out slowly, allowing me to feel every vein on his shaft, until only his head was inside my broken hole. Without warning he thrusted back into my hole, over and over he did this. The pain continued with each thrust of his cock, but slowly diminished, until it was replaced with pleasure. My grunts of pain, turned to moans. “He’s fucking enjoying it now” someone yelled. “I can’t wait to shove this uncut cock into that used broken boy hole and let him feel that extra cock skin” “Fuck I have a weeks worth of cum churning in my balls for this boy” “Conversion is almost certain for your boy” Dad continued to fuck my hole, increasing his rhythm, balls bouncing off my ass. I could hear him grunting like a wild animal. His breathing was getting faster and faster too. I knew it would not be long until his poz load would be shooting into my wrecked hole. “Here it comes Son. Daddy is going to corrupt you, convert up, fuck you up” he said. He pushed in deep as he cock start shooting it’s toxic load out of the piss slit. “Daddy is pozzing your boy pussy” I could feel his cock jump, I could feel his cum shooting inside hitting the sensitive walls of my ass. Once done, he pulled out, leaving me feeling empty. I felt a cock head push against my hole, filling me up again, driving in balls deep as the new man gripped my hips. I closed my eyes. This time the pain was less and was quickly replaced with pleasure. “Good job Son” my Dad said in my ear, “look at Daddy’s cock” I opened my eyes to see my Dad’s semi hard cock in front of me. It was red with blood, mixed with cum. I could not believe that was in my hole. “Clean my cock Son” With out hesitating I opened my mouth and he pushed it in. I licked and suck on his cock, tasting my blood and his cum, knowing that it was the second poz cum load he had given me, but the first one up my pussy. The man behind me continued to fuck my hole. His cock wasn't as thick as Dad’s but it was almost as long, didn’t really matter though, he knew how to fuck and please a hole. Wasn't long before he rammed his cock deep inside and shot his load. Another poz load in my hole. Fuck i was getting into this. I wondered how many loads I would get. He pulled out my used hole and said: “After two cocks, look how that hole gapes” I could feel it, my hole was open, offering easy access after two cocks. I felt air being blown into my hole, with caused it to wink a little but still stayed open. Shivers ran up my spine, and straight to my cock, causing it to jump more and leak more. How it hadn’t shot it’s load yet was surprising me. “Ready for a new sensation Boy? Uncut cock, lots of skin” I felt the cock slide in deep. The new man held it there, then slowly pulled out. I could feel the skin moving as the cock moved. I moaned. With only one thrust and pull out I knew I was hooked on uncut cock. He wasn’t going to continue to bring me pleasure this was about him, so he grabbed my hips and began to fuck me harder and harder, but the uncut cock and rough fuck only made me moan loader. “Your Boy is a fucking natural” I was to occupied with getting fucked to hear any replies, I felt the second cock at my mouth and sucked it in, cleaning it off, tasting my ass, my blood, my Dad’s cum and his cum. I wanted poppers but none were ever presented to me. Soon the uncut man rammed in and began shooting. Pulling out he was replaced by another cock. This was done over and over for hours. Each man had shot their poz load in my well used hole. I had no idea how long I was tied there, taking each man’s poz cock and cum up my hole. I knew I was fucked by each one, starting with my Dad. “Time for the cock that made you again boy” I felt Dad’s big cock, easily slid into my hole, I moaned but I was sore from the fucks before, but the slickness of all the poz loads helped with the pleasure, yet the ripping of skin still added some pain. Dad began to fuck me with fast jerking movements in and out of my hole, until he changed the motion to long strokes. I could sliding in deep his cock head hitting my prostate with each thrust. “Going to fuck that last neg load out of you” I could feel someone holding my cock, slowly jacking it. I knew I would not last long with Dad fucking my hole and someone jacking me. I bit my lip to hold of on shooting until I couldn’t hold it any more. My cock start to shoot, my ass muscles would contracted around Dad’s cock. “Oh FUCK BOY!” my Dad yelled, “your hole is squeezing Daddy’s cock, gonna poz you again, can’t hold it” With that he slammed balls deep into me and shot, as the man finished milking my cock. Still breathing heavy Dad, pulled out and slapped my ass check. “Good Boy” my Dad said as two men started to untied me “its not over Son. Ten poz loads is only the beginning” I was lifted off the fuck bench, held up by two men, one on each side. I looked down to see with cocks hard as rocks. Grins came across their faces. “That was just part one Boy” one of the men said. “Part two is the mind fuck”
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    Dad’s Basement Part Three Dad’s shower was open with multiple heads, like something you would see in a locker room, which made it easy to spy on him. I stood outside the shower area as he turned on the water for each head. His cock bounced as he moved alone the wall completing his task. The steam began to rise almost instantly, heating the air. I watched Dad step under on of the head, water began to run down his muscled frame, matting the body hair as he became wetter and wetter. It was like a dream watching him run his hands over his body, massaging his muscles. His hands explored every inch of his body, slowly running along the length of his cock and cupping his balls. My cock began to harden again as I watched the live shower scene of my Dad. He slowly turned his back to me. His hands began to move down the front of his thighs, causing him to bend over the lower his hands went down his legs. I watched his furry ass as he bent over. Once his hands were near his ankles, his furry crack opened, exposing his hole to me. It was so fucking hot. His hands moved to his ass checks and spread them open more, giving me a better view of his hole. I felt like I was frozen to the floor, as I watched his hands massage his cheeks then slowly move towards his crack. His fingers ran up and down the furry trench, teasing his hole and me. Unknowingly, I was doing the same to my crack, my fingers were sliding up and down my own crack, teasing my self. It was pleasure I had never experienced before. Each time my fingers hit my hole, my cock jumped. “Step into my parlor, Son” I stepped in and joined my Dad under the shower heads. The hot water felt good on my body. I closed my eyes and put my head under the falling water. “Relax” was the only word spoken. One of Dad’s hands was pushing my forward on my upper back while the other was rubbing my lower back. He was bent of slightly, opposite of me. His fingers were lightly toughing my skin above my ass, slowly moving down. I bit my lip when the found the entrance of my crack and slowly work down. The first pass they just went over my hole, each finger dipping slightly in as they went over my puckered hole. Dad’s fingers stopped as they pasted upwards. This time he pushed his fingers into my pucker, just getting the tips in slightly, over and over. Each time he did this I would moan ever so silently. Grabbing some soap, he lathered up his fingers, then returned to my hole. With each push inwards his fingers invaded deeper and deeper into my virgin hole. The little bit of pain, turned to pleasure with each push inwards. I braced myself with my hands against the wall. “Daddy loves your boy pussy, Son” he said as he quickly moved behind me, pressing his furry muscled body against my back. His hard cock was laying in my crack and in my mind’s eye I could see it covering the whole length. He was slowly moving it up and down my crack, breathing on my neck. “Hard to keep from pushing my cock into your hole, fucking you good and seeding your hole, Son.” he said, “Restraining myself is hard. If I am to convert you, I have to do it correctly.” “Yes Daddy,” was all I could say. He turned me around, pulling me close again. This time our cocks were pressed together. Being slightly shorter than him, our eyes were inches apart, as well as our lips. I licked mine as I stared into his eyes. “Get on your knees, Son,” he said, putting his hands on my shoulders and pushing me down until his cock was in my face. “Taste your Daddy” I opened my mouth as wide as possible and engulfed Dad’s big veiny cock, taking it as deep as possible. His hands moved to the back of my head, pushing gently. I placed my hands on his thighs as I moved back and forth on his cock. “Deeper Son,” he said, “DEEPER” I tried to take more and more of his cock into my mouth and throat as I went down on him, only to gag more and more. HIs hips began to thrust more and more towards my face, pushing more of his cock into my mouth and throat. “Relax Son, Daddy won’t hurt you” I tried to relax but this was so new. His hands moved from the back of my head to the sides, holding me in place as he thrust his hips faster and harder towards my face. I felt his balls hit my chin as his cock inched deeper into my throat, until there was a pop. His cock slide into my throat and he pressed his crotch against my face, balls against my chin. “Good Boy” Holding it for a moment, he pulled out and started face fucking me again. Spit was shooting out of my mouth, landing in his crotch hair and running down my chin. I focused my eyes upwards to see his chest heaving, his head thrown back while biting his lips. “Not much longer now Son.” he moaned. I muffled a moaned as a response. I was in my own ecstasy. I had my Dad’s hard cock fucking my mouth. Tasting his pre-cum, a preview of the cum that was infected with his HIV. My hands were rubbing the wet furry thighs as my cock jumped a little as it stood between my thighs. “Hot fucking mouth Son. Can only imagine how good my cock would feel slipping in and out of your neg fuck hole.” he said. Again I replied with a muffled moan. “Want Daddy to shoot on your face or down your throat Son?” he asked. “faummmce” I replied. “Throat it is boy” He pulled his cock out slightly as his piss slit opened. His poz cum shot out, landing on my tongue giving me a taste of my Dad’s toxic seed. After to shots, he pushed his cock all the way in and shot the rest of his load down my throat to my waiting stomach. I could feel the pulses of cum shooting against my tongue. “Fuck yeah, huge load” As the shooting slowly stopped, he pulled his cock out, then pushed back in. It softened with each thrust in. “Lick Daddy’s cock clean boy” I did as he said, running my tongue all over his cock while it was inside my mouth. Once it popped out, i continued to lick it. My cock bounced as I licked his softening cock. He bent over, grabbing my chin in his hand, locking his eyes on mine and said: “Your first HIV load, Son” Without touching myself I shot my load in the air. It was washed away with the hot water from the shower. “Soon you won’t be shooting neg loads boy.”
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    Dad’s Basement Part Five I was led by the two men, into the next room, the one that was divided into two. We continued to move until we were in the area with three glory holes cut into the wall. Not much light was coming through the holes, so I knew the sun was going down outside. “Taking all loads is like Russian roulette - raw cock goes into your hole and the cock shoots - could be shooting blanks or a hot round of poz cum” one of the men said. I was placed with my back to the wall and pulled over at the waist allowing my ass to open at the glory hole. “Plus Son there is an added excitement to taking cocks that you don’t know who it is attached to, Do you know them or are they complete strangers you will never see again” I pushed my ass checks back against the wooden wall. I could hear sounds coming from all around. I looked to my left to see my Dad putting his ass against the wooden wall too. Only there was already a hard cock sticking through the glory hole. It was dark, thick and sticking straight out. I watched my Dad spit in his hand, rub the spit onto his hole, and push back on the dark cock, It slowly disappeared into Dad’s hole. My cock started to expand. I was watching my Dad take cock up his hole. It was the hottest thing I had ever saw. Dad’s head was thrown back with pleasure and one of his buds shoved a bottle of poppers under his nose, which he inhaled deeply. “Show your Son how to take cock” I watched as Dad’s ass pressed against the wood wall, the cock was deep inside his hole. I could feel the thrusts of the man fucking my Dad, move the wall on my ass. Dad moaned load as the cock moved in and out of his hole. I was lost watching Dad take raw cock, until I felt something pushing at my own hole. One of Dad’s buds reached back and spread my checks giving the unknown man access to my used hole. “Fuck man, that is one used cummy fuck hole” said the man on the other side of the wall, who was pushing his cock into my hole. I had heard that voice some where before, I knew it but could not place it. My hole opened around the cock, allowing it to slide deep inside, pushing the cum forward and out ward of my hole. I moaned as the cock began to move. I concentrated on the rhythm of the fuck - as he pushed in I pushed back and pulled off as he pulled out. “Good Son, take that anon raw cock - you know it could be anyone even grandpa” Dad said, “imagine being fucked by not just me but him as well today Son” My cock throbbed at that thought. I loved over and Dad was matching his fuck just like mine. We moved together. I looked up to see the other men who fucked me earlier either sucking or fucking each other. Dad took another big hit of poppers and then handed them to me - and I followed suit in huffing them. “Fuck that hole just opened” the top said on the other side of the wall, picking up speed. I looked to the other side of me, to see another cock coming through the hole. I could not help be think it was a beautiful sight to see, another hard fucking cock. I watch the tattooed, uncut cock man back his ass up, taking the cock deep into his hole, moaning as he was penetrated. I passed him the poppers and watched him inhale deep. I continued to push back against the hard cock working in and out of my hole. Poz cum flowed out of my hole and dripped down my balls. “Stay where you are fucker, I have to eat that ass!” the owner of the cock fucking me said. I felt his cock slip out and was soon replaced with a hot tongue. It was sliding in and out of my cum covered gapping hole. It was another new sensation. I moaned more and more as he switched from tongue fucking me and sucking my hole to eat out the cum deposited in there. My cock twitched rapidly as my mind wondered if he knew he was not only sucking out my Dad’s cum but also sucking out and swallowing nothing but poz loads. I ran my finger over my cock and scooped up the pre-cum leaking out. I was bringing it to my lips when I felt my Dad’s hand grab mine and pulling it to his mouth. “Give me your pre-fuck juice Son” I felt his mouth engulf my finger, sucking it like it was a skinny cock. The uncut guy reached over and scooped some of my pre-cum onto his finger and sucked it off, just like my Dad. “Fucking tastes like yours bud” The man stopped eating my ass and pushed his cock in my hole again, sliding all the way in and all the way out, over and over. I could hear a growl coming from him and knew he would not last much longer in my hole. “Never thought I would breed that hot ass that you strutted around campus, teasing the hell out of every man” he said. “you fucking overachieving whore” Fuck me, where did I know that voice from. I felt him slam his body against the wall, as his cock start to shoot deep inside my hole adding his cum to the rest. The thought of not knowing if I was getting more poz cum or not was a huge fucking turn on. Soon the pulse of his cock stopped and he pulled out. I fought the urge to look through the glory hole to see who it was. “Hot as fuck is right Dad” I said turning to him, watch him pull off his cock. “Got a load?” I asked him “Switching” I watched him and the uncut man switch cocks, fuck it was hot the just slid back on the new cocks, using each other’s ass juices as lube. I felt fingers playing with my hole through the glory hole. I closed my eyes as I felt them enter me. The new man pushed in two fingers, then three and then four, ramming them in and out. I wanted to scream out just give me your fucking cock, but didn’t. He removed his fingers, leaving empty and wanting to filled. I felt his hard cock rubbing up and down my hole, slowly moving, wetting the head with cum. I balanced myself on my knees and reached back spreading my ass open more. He positioned his cock head at my hole and pushed in, driving deep. I moaned again, I felt full as his cock spread open my ever loosening hole. Even with soreness setting in, I felt pleasure. He slowly moved his cock in and out of my hole. Steadily fucking me. I turned and watched Dad slam his ass back against the wooden wall, fucking himself on the cock sticking through the glory hole. Harder and harder Dad pushed back against the wall, until he pushed all the way back and held his ass against it. “Getting bred Son” he said smiling at me. The cock inside my hole was still steadily pumping in and out, working the ridge of it’s head against the muscles of my loose hole. “NEXT” Dad yelled as to signal anyone on the public side of the glory hole he was ready for the next anon cock. I watched as he braced himself, knowing that a cock had just entered his hole. “Oh yeah, fuck me hard bud” Dad said as he began moving back and forth on the new cock. Sounds of fucking and sucking echoed through the basement, while the smell of cum, piss and musk infused with the heated air. “Going to get loaded up Son, so I can squat over your mouth and feed you cum from my hairy ass!” Dad said. The cock inside my ass grew thicker and harder, giving me the sign it was going to shoot it’s load deep into my hole. I licked my lips, knowing that I was going to be flooded with more cum. One strong push in and the flood began. I could feel pulse after pulse of seed shooting into me. He pulled out and within seconds another cock stabbed at my hole, sliding in deep this time with almost no effort. “Your first black cock Son.” Dad said, “Hold on tight I have had that cock before and he fucks hard and long” My cock oozed pre-cum knowing that this cock had fucked and breed my Dad. Such a fucking turn on. It drove deep inside me. I still wondered how Dad knew what cock was fucking his Son’s ass. Was these anon fucks pre-arranged. Those thoughts quickly left my mind, as the black did started to pull in and out my hole. The cock would pull completely out of my hole, only to be shoved deep into me seconds later. This punch fuck attack continued for what seemed like for ever. Looking over at Dad, I could see him lost in a world of pleasure as his hard cock jumped up and down between his legs as he was fucked. Pre-cum was hanging from the head and almost touching the floor. I wanted to taste it, I wanted to suck every drop out of that piss slit. I watched Dad push back against the wooden wall, getting fucked and taking loads. “Good boy pussy” I heard grunted though the wall, “Gonna give you a highly toxic load Boy” My cock jumped knowing that this man was advertising his poz load and I was going to get it. His cock roughly punched my used hole, deeper and deeper. I jumped when he hit deep inside me. “Don’t pull off Boy, so fucking close” he said He continued to fuck me harder and deeper, until he pushed in deep and stayed there. Grunting and groaning as his piss slit opened and his toxic load invaded my used hole. I tried to squeeze my ass around his cock to milk out every drop, but my hole had been fucked so much by thick cocks, there wasn’t much pressure. “Clean it Boy” he said pulling out of my ass. I flipped around positioning my mouth at the glory hole. I closed my eyes and opened wide. I felt the cock pass through my mouth, gently sliding against my lips. It was slick with cum and the juices from my well fucked hole. I closed my lips around the black cock and lick and sucked. It began to move in and out of my mouth. Fingers began to feel around my hole, sliding in and out. The black cock soften and popped out of my mouth. He pulled away and I turned to back my ass against the hole again, waiting for the next cock to arrive. Time continued to pass, as the fucking continued. I lost count of how many anon cocks and loads I had taken through the glory hole, as well as how many Dad had. The third glory hole had seen many men presenting their holes to be fucked so I didn’t even try to concentrate on them. I knew it was getting late in the night, but I wanted more, more cock, more cum, and more disease.
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    Let Love Once Move In (Part 1) ** Please remember to ‘like’ the story if you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment or to contact me via mail. Thx. ** Imagine…. a town, like the one you live in. A small town boy on his way to love…. sounds magic. Hmmm? Jeff was a school dropout. With just 18 he didn’t have a good education or a job to make a good living on his own. But he was a nice guy - always friendly and helpful. The people in the neighborhood liked him. They didn’t know his secret… Jeff was gay. He knew it since he was 5. Ever time his mom watched a romantic love story on TV, Jeff tried to imagine the guy on the screen would kiss him, the way he kissed the actress. His mother did not know he was gay. His friends did not know he was gay. The neighbors did not know he was gay. And this way it should stay…. forever more. Good…. Then he met another guy by accident. He bought some groceries in the supermarket and while picking up a can from a lower shelf, he turned and bumped into a guy’s crotch, with his face first. Jeff thought he would sink into a hole. He was on his knees still, when he started to apologize to the guy. “Sorry dude. I didn’t mean to… “ “Don’t worry. It felt good.” the other one replied. Did he hear him right? Jeff got up from his knees, totally blushing. The other guy was a turkish looking guy. He had black hair and dark eyes. Jeff guessed he would be around 23 or 24. He had broad shoulders and muscled arms. … and he had wonderful big bulge. A girl stepped up and asked if everything was alright. “Yes baby, just a little accident – no one got hurt” the turkish looking guy grinned. While the blonde girly walked away trying to find some cosmetics, the guy turned to Jeff again and said with a cheeky smile: “If you want to take the whole thing into your mouth… call me.” With that he handed him his business card and turned to go. After a few feet he turned around again and winked at Jeff, grabbing his crotch area obscenely. Jeff looked at the card and read the first name: Ahmed. The whole evening his mind was spinning. He thought that Ahmed was a hell of a guy, but he had obviously a girlfriend. Should he give him a call and hope for more? Or should he ignore the offer at all? He was totally inexperienced to the matter of sex. He dialed the digits to his mobile phone and called Ahmed. It seemed like an eternity, before some answered the phone. “Hey there… is this Ahmed speaking?” Jeff wanted to know. “Yeah, who is this?” the other barked. “My name is Jeff… I bumped into you… sort of…” “HA! I knew you would call me… I knew you would.” Ahmed laughed. After a little small talk they agreed to meet the following day. Ahmed would pick Jeff up at the supermarket, where they first met. The following days were beautiful. Ahmed used was the perfect boyfriend. He bought Jeff little gifts. He paid every bill, in every restaurant they went to. Jeff never even had to ask or argue about that. But Ahmed told him also, that he wasn’t gay. He had a girl friend and he wanted to marry one day a girl from his own culture. He just liked to enjoy some time with Jeff. Jeff totally understood the situation and was flattered, that Ahmed thought he would be sexy. He was hoping for more though. On the third day, Ahmed told Jeff he would like to get more intimate. He asked if they could meet at Jeff’s place. Jeff thought about it, but Ahmed explained already, that he couldn’t invite him to his place, since he was also living with his family and they would be suspicious probably. “But we have to be silent. I don’t want my mom to know about me being gay” Jeff demanded. Of course Ahmed agreed. When they got to Jeff’s house his mother was in the kitchen, making some dinner. Jeff introduced Ahmed as a pal and Jeff’s mom greeted him warmly. She asked if he would stay for dinner tonight, but Ahmed answered, he had a date with his girlfriend later on and that he just wanted to unload some stuff. Jeff’s mother nodded. She liked the handsome turkish boy and she was happy, that her son got some new acquaintance. She continued with her work and watched some TV shows in the meanwhile. Jeff didn’t dare to lock his room and so he was quite tensed, when Ahmed grabbed his hand and pressed it against his hard throbbing cock. He kissed Jeff and told him, he should open his jeans, to blow his cock hard. Jeff wasn’t that experienced, but he was anxious to see and feel and taste his lovers cock and so he crouched in front of Ahmed and started opening his jeans. He grabbed the nice nine inches hard cock and started licking the cockhead. Ahmed moaned. They heard the noise of TV in the kitchen Jeff started sucking on his lover’s cut dick and couldn’t believe how good this cock tasted. Not that he had any other cock before. He looked up and asked if he could jerk a bit while he sucked the dick. Ahmed looked down and told Jeff he should think of his needs first, than concentrating on his own good feelings. “Can’t you jerk off or whatever you do, when I am finished fucking you and I’m on my way to my girlfriend?” Jeff looked hurt. “Baby…. I mean.... I love your body and your looks. It just feels awkward, to see you playing with your…. thing” Ahmed explained. “I just want to enjoy my time in your body and it feels like you are betraying me of this, if you start minding your own needs” he continued. “Sorry, I didn’t think of it that way” Jeff looked at Ahmed like a puppy and his love. “Of course I can jerk off later on” he added. Turkiye first!” Ahmed said with a cheeky grin. “Get my dick slick sharmuta” he ordered Jeff. Jeff liked it, when he heard Ahmed speak in own language and asked him, if sharmuta was a nickname. Ahmed smiled and said he would translate it as sweetheart or darling, but that was a lie. The word sharmuta was a bad insult in the Arabian world and meant whore. Jeff was told to get up and that he should face the door and lean against it. Then he had to lower his jeans, but only the backside of it. Ahmed didn’t want to see Jeff’s dick or his balls. So only his ass cheeks were visible. “Please be careful…. you are the first one” he begged. Ahmed grinned and with enough spit he pushed his big cock into Jeff’s virgin hole. Jeff yelped in pain. Ahmed managed it, with enough force, to sink into his hole in one swift motion. The pain was unbearable. He thought he would faint and begged Ahmed to slow down. Instead he got a good grip at Jeff’s shoulders and started pounding the poor lad’s ass. Then he covered Jeff’s mouth with one hand to mute the rising protest. When Jeff’s moaning became too loud he got a slap against the back of his head, but Ahmed never decreased the intensity of the sexual act. “RRRRROAAAAARRRRR SHARMUTAAAAAA” Ahmed almost screamed when he shot his cum into the defenseless hole. Meanwhile in the kitchen Jeff’s mom was just watching another game show, while hearing a shout. But in the moment she turned the volume down, no sound could be heard and so she turned back to the TV. Jeff almost slumped down, after the violent fuck. He turned around and saw the throbbing cock in front of his face. “Suck my cock clean……” Ahmed ordered, totally out of breath. Jeff was so shocked, he didn’t really put on a defense. He simply opened his mouth and Ahmed pushed it down his throat. Jeff licked the dick clean obediently and freed it from any fuck slime, that might have been on the cock. “You were fuck-tastic Jeff. I think I have never fucked someone as tight as you” he said. “I thought my first time would be romantic” Jeff sniffed. “You got fucked the Turk-style” Ahmed said. “I hope you like it more in the future… if you want to see me again” “Of course I want to see you again and if that is the way, you turks fuck, then I am happy to be your turk hole in future” Jeff chuckled. Ahmed was stuffing his still semi hard dick back into his jeans. He told Jeff he would call him tomorrow, but he had to rush now to his girlfriend” Jeff wanted to kiss Ahmed good-bye, but the Turk denied it. “You don’t think I could kiss your lips, if you just licked and swallowed your fuck slime from my cock” he grinned and Jeff nodded understandingly. While getting downstairs Ahmed was still closing his jeans and his belt. He went to Jeff’s mother and told her good-bye politely. She saw the prominent lump in his pants, but tried to ignore it. She was still a bit alarmed and thought for a moment to restrict the internet access for her son. Who knows what those two healthy boys were up to… no good for sure! If only she knew…
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    Dad’s Basement Part Eight I woke up late in the day, Dad was already gone from my bed. My hole ached from all the fucking last night, to the point of pain when I moved. I carefully climbed out of bed, off to search for Dad. The house was quiet. Sunlight pierced through the blinds, lighting the rooms. Dad was sitting in his chair, naked, legs spread wide. His big cock hung soft over his balls with the head almost touching the seat of his chair. He was sipping a cup of coffee. “Morning” I said “Almost evening Son” I shrugged, moving slowly towards the kitchen. Nursing my aching hole. I could feel the dried cum breaking away from the skin on my thighs as I walked. In the kitchen I poured myself a cup of coffee, taking it back to the living room where Dad waited. I eased myself into a seated position on the sofa. “Sore Son?” “Pain, Dad” “I can call Doc and have him come check you out?” “Might not be a good idea with what happened last night” “He’s cool” Dad reached for his cell phone. I ignored him as he called the doctor. I just wanted to drink my coffee and then go for a hot shower, then maybe sleep after. I felt the warmth of the coffee hit my stomach and spread through out my body. “Son, Doc will be here in about in a couple of hours. Drink up, go get cleaned up inside and out. I know your hole is sore, but try” “Okay Daddy” Taking my coffee I disappeared down the hall to the bath room, leaving Daddy alone and naked. I felt refreshed after my shower and cleaning up for the doc was painful but I mustered through it. When I returned to the living room, Dad was in his chair still naked, but looking as if he cleaned up too. I had put on a pair of gym shorts, not wanting to freak the Doc out. “Lose the short Son’ Dad said, “ain’t like he hasn’t seen it all before” My face went red, but I hooked my thumbs in my shorts, dropped them and stepped out. I flopped down on the sofa, looking at Dad with my what ever face. “Don’t make that face, boy! I will redden your ass quick” “Yes Daddy” It wasn’t ten minutes later and the door bell rang. I looked at Dad and he just grinned. “Don’t keep him waiting, he charged by the hour” “Don’t you mean charges” I got up and headed to the door. Holding the knob, I hesitated opening it until the bell rang again. I turned the knob and pulled, exposing my naked body to the Doc on the other side. I felt my face flush as he looked down at my cock and balls hanging down between my legs, then back up to my eyes. “Well, well, Matt you have grown and seem to still be growing” Doc said. I was growing, my cock that is. It was filling with blood, slowly pointing up and up and up, who's cock wouldn't grow when a muscle monster was at your door. I felt my face go flush and quickly stepped out of the way allowing Doc to enter. “I see I am over dressed here, Drew” Doc said. Dad and I shared the name Matthew, but we each went by a different shorter version. “Nothing stopping you from changing that Doc,” Dad replied. After shutting the door, I stepped just inside the living room. The Doc’s back was to me, but I could see that he was unbuttoning his shirt. His biceps bulged as he did. It wasn’t long until his shirt tail was pulled out of the waist of his pants, removed from his body and dropped to the floor. His back was covered in tattoos. I watched from behind as he stepped out of his shoes, kicking them over with his shirt. He lifted his legs to removed his socks, one leg at a time, causing the pants covering his ass to stretch tight. He looked over his shoulder at me, and grinned. His hands undid his belt, the button of his pants, then lowered his fly. He pushed his pants to his ankles, revealing his muscular ass in the process. His legs were massive tree trunks. He stepped out of his pants and was now naked with us. “So, Drew what brings me here today, you were very vague on the phone” “Well, Doc to be completely honest, Matt joined the club last night.” “I see” replied Doc, “We need to make sure conversion happened or is it something else” “His hole” What the fuck was happening. Doc seemed like what happened was normal, as if a Dad fucking his son and passing his disease is normal. Even thinking this I couldn’t take my eyes off Doc’s ass. “Son, wipe the drool from your mouth” Dad said, “will be time for that later, not let Doc examine your hole” Doc turned to give me a frontal view of his naked body. He was muscular just like Dad, just smooth. His cock was hanging low between his legs. On his right hip was a scorpion tattoo, black with a red cross in it. “Like my ass boy?” Doc asked, “my cock is better!” I quickly smiled and looked away. “Let’s get started then. Lay back on the sofa and get your legs high in the air. Drew sit on the back of the sofa, grab his ankles and spread them. I need a good view of that puckered, puffy boy pussy” My mouth dropped open. I could not believe what was happening. Was this Doc even a legit doctor. “Don’t just stand there Boy, get your ass in gear” Dad ordered. I jumped and got on the sofa, throwing my legs up. Dad moved quickly and sat on the back grabbing hold of my ankles, spreading them wide. Doc dropped to his knees in front of me. His hands rubbed my ass cheeks, then without warning, slapped my right cheek. His fingers moved closer and closer to my hole, sending chills through my body. It didn’t take long until his fingers were circling my hole. Pressing the outer ring, gently at first then much harder. He lifted his right arm into the air, pointing at my Dad. “Suck it, I need to examine inside” Dad bent forward, sucked Doc’s finger in, sucking it as if it was a hard cock. I watch spit run out of his mouth and down Doc’s finger. “Chrome off a bumper” Doc muttered. Once wet Doc jammed his finger into my hole. I jumped, wincing from the pain. It circled inside, feeling the inside of my used pussy. His finger moved in and out, sliding from tip to base. My mind was shocked, Doc was finger fucking my boy pussy. “Drew, seems fine to me. The puckering will go down” Doc said. “Good” Dad replied, “so no permanent damage” “Nope” I watched my Dad start to smile, not a happy smile, but a twisted one. He was looking at the Doc, who was slowly standing up. “Look at that massive man cock boy” Daddy said My eyes darted down to the Doc’s crotch. Holy Fucking Shit, his cock was not only long but thick as fuck. It had to be a foot long, and as thick as a baby’s arm. The head on it was as big as an crab apple. “Teasing the Doc with a puffy puckered boy pussy is not good” Doc said smiling. “When his cock gets hard like that Son, the only way for it to go down is to fuck a boy pussy and breed it” Dad added. Doc spit in his palm and rubbed it on the head of his cock. He started to squat down to line up his cock with my hole, then stopped. “Might need a big hit to take this” Doc said, “Luckily I have a fresh bottle with me to administer to the patient” He turned and grabbed his pants, reaching inside the pocket getting a brown bottle. He handed it to me. I knew the drill. I unscrewed the cap, placing it under my nose and took a deep inhale, in both nostrils. “Again” Already feeling the effects of my first hits, I did it again, this time my body relaxed more. “Again” Dad said Fuck, following the instructions again I inhaled. I could feel my heart beat in my temples as well as hear it pounding in my ears. I watched Doc squat again, his hand wrapped around the base of his cock, aiming it at my hole. He pushed it in, in one long deep stroke. My hole stretched, the pain intensified the deeper his cock went it. I could feel it pushing against the second ring inside me. Doc ran his hand over my stomach, feeling the out line of his massive cock in me. “Relax Son” I concentrated on my breathing, in and out. Doc kept pushing building the pressure on my second ring, until it popped and he pushed through. I closed my eyes, through the pain on my hole was slowly easing, pleasure was emerging. I felt Doc’s balls against my ass. He was all the way in. Looking up, I saw Dad’s hard cock floating above, pre-cum already flowing from the piss slit. “Ready boy?” Doc asked. I nodded yes. He pulled his cock completely out, then rammed it all the way in. I felt pain shoot throughout my body as he hit bottom, only to feel it pull out again, then slam in. Over and over this rough fuck happened. Doc grunted over and over as he drove his cock in my boy pussy. “The scorpion is going to strike, boy” Doc said, “Highly toxic” I smiled, giving his my approval to shoot his toxic load into my pussy. I started to push into him as he drove forward into my ass. I tried to met each thrust of his cock inwards. His balls were slapping my ass. His cock didn’t take long to thicken. I knew his ball would empty his poz load deep into me soon. “Tell me boy, what do you want” “I want your disease, Doc” “Well, if you are going to put it that way, here it comes” He rammed his massive cock deep into my hole, falling on top of me, trapping me under his muscular frame. His body was relaxed, heavily weighing me down. I felt Dad move from his position above me. “Stay just like that Doc” Dad said. I thought Dad was going to slid into Doc’s hole. I soon felt Dad’s cock pushing against mine. I tried to protest, but Doc quickly moved his hand over my mouth and put more his weight on me. Dad push hard against the edge of my hole, under Doc’s cock, which was surprisingly still hard. I could feel Dad’s head pushing in, stretching my full hole. Tears welled in my eyes. As Dad’s head popped inside my hole. I screamed into Doc’s hand. “Hush Hush Boy, Don’t cry. Daddy will make it better” Doc said The poppers were placed under my nose and I quickly inhaled deep, over and over. Feeling my hole relax from the rush, Dad slid his cock in until he could not go any further. The pain was unbearable. Doc had locked eyes with me, and was intensely staring. I knew then there was no escape. Dad started to pump his cock in and out of my hole, rubbing against Doc’s cock and my hole. The pressure of two cocks stretching me open began to subside. I moaned from behind Doc’s hand. He slowly lifted it away from my mouth, ready to replace in case I screamed again. Still locked eye to eye with Doc, he moved his lips closer to mine and kissed me. Dad’s cock still sliding in and out. Doc and I kissed as Dad pumped faster and faster. He pushed in and shot his poz load into me, adding to Doc’s as well as coating Doc’s cock. “Going to shoot again” yelled Doc. I could feel the pulses of his cock as his load erupted from his piss slit. The rubbing of Dad’s cock as well as the pulsed of his cock, took Doc over the edge again. Dad pulled out, then reached down and pulled out Doc’s cock. “Son, you should see your hole, gaping, puffy, cummy, and raw” Dad said “Such a good boy,” Doc added. I lowered my legs and relaxed. I could not believe that my hole was used again, taking it further than before. I could only imagine what was next. “After last night and today Drew, I don’t see how he won't develop the fuck-flu and convert.” Doc said, “call me when he is sick and I come by” “I will” Doc, collected his clothes, dressed and left. I sat motionless on the sofa. My back and leg muscles ached from being held in the air. My cock throbbed for release. My hole throbbed from being stretched open, but my mind was on cock, cum and disease. Dad sat back down in his chair, his cock hanging between his legs, drooling cum. I watched him until my eyes closed and fell asleep
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    Dad’s Basement Part Seven I was almost asleep when I felt someone climb into bed with me. Opening my eyes, I discovered it was Dad. He turned me on my side and moved in behind me. His head was next to mine, his mouth near my ear. He started to lick it, then bit my lobe gently. This sent chills through my body. His hand was around my cock, gently stroking it. It was slowly responding, inching back to life. “Daddy’s hard Son” I reached back and felt his rock hard cock. I wrapped my fingers around it and slowly stroked it from base to head. “Need your hole Son” He inched closer to me, lifting my one leg up, exposing my puffy hole. He licked his finger, then rubbed my hole, wetting it. “Let me just put the head in Son” I aimed his big cock at my hole, rubbing it against it, feeling the pre-cum slicking up the skin. “Slide it in Son” HIs voice pleading for me to take his big hard cock again in my hole. I pulled it more toward my hole, feeling the pressure against the puckered ring. “Daddy is so hard Son.” I pushed back more, feeling more of the tip enter me. The soreness increased from the pressure of his cock head. His chest pressed more against my back “Pop Daddy’s head in Son” I pushed back more allowing my hole to stretch more over his cock head. Slowly my hole sucked in the swollen head of his cock, popping over the ridge. “Oh God Son!” Dad moaned. Pulled forward again, pulling my hole against the raised ridge of his cock, teasing him. “Stop teasing Daddy, Son” I pushed back taking about an inch of shaft into my hole. Daddy moaned. “Daddy can’t take this Son” I pushed back more, adding about two inches more of his shaft into my hole, then pulling forward until just his head was inside. With every move, the soreness increased. “Take all of Daddy” I slowly rocked back and forth, just moving just millimeters on his cock, rubbing my puffy hole near the ridge of his cock head. His breathing turned shallow, increasing in rhythm. Dad’s hand let go of my cock, moved to a flat position in my crotch hair. He pushed me back, trying to push my hole down his cock shaft. “Please” he begged. Taking a deep breath, I pushed all the way back onto his rock hard cock. His crotch hair pressed against my hole, he raised my leg higher, exposing my hole to the room. He slowly pulled out until he reached his cock head, then drove it deep inside me. He moved his arm from my crotch under me, positioning it on my chest. His cock slowly pounded my hole. I moved his hand to my mouth, where I sucked in one of his fingers, taking it down to the knuckle. Closing my eyes, I continued to suck as he fucked my sore hole. I moaned more and more as my Dad’s cock slid in and out of my hole. It was becoming very slick with the cum that was in me. I could hear sucking noising coming from my ass. Dad’s cock would pop out and then plunge back in. I could hear the air escaping from my hole with each plunge in. Dad’s chest was vibrating from the growling he was doing. He was lost in pleasure. His balls teased up more and more with his fucking, until he slide in completely, shooting his poz load deep inside me for the third time tonight. I released his finger, grabbed his hand in mine as he lowered my leg. His cock still deep in my hole. Sleep came fast for both of us!
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    Dad’s Basement Part Six I watched Dad leave the glory hole area and head out, so I followed. Glancing behind me I saw two other men take our places at the holes, one was already sucking on a cock and the other was pushing his ass on the cock sticking through the second vacant hole. I followed Dad into the next room, his hairy ass looked so good. The fur was matted down sticking to his bouncing cheeks. I lowered my gaze to see the fur on his inner thighs were also matted. It was so fucking hot. “Hungry, Son?” he asked. “Yes Daddy!” “Good, get on you back and open wide” I obeyed. Quickly I was on my back on the cold basement floor. Dad stepped up, positioning his feet on each side of me. I watched as his hairy ass slowly lowered getting closer and closer to my face. As it lowered, his crack opened, exposing the cum covered fur and his hole. My hand instantly went for my cock. “Leave it” he ordered. I dropped my hard cock, allowing it to rest on my stomach. I reached up and braced my hands, one on each ass cheek, spreading them wider. I stuck my tongue out and made contact with his hole. I could taste the cum on it. I swirled my tongue around the hole, then pushed it inside. As I entered a small amount of cum dropped out, landing on my tongue. I swallowed it instantly and went back for more. I licked up and down his cum filled crack and around his hole. Savoring the poz cum from the men in the basement. “Suck it out Son!” I didn't hesitate. I placed my lips against his ass and started sucking. He was pushing his hole open, helping me get to the cum easier. I sucked harder and harder, each time being rewarded with cum. My cock was leaking onto my stomach. I felt a hand pull it up, pointing straight up. I didn’t even look to see who it was. All I knew was someone was sitting on my hard cock. I could feel them riding my dick, working their ass up and down my cock. I squeezed my ass, but still let them control the ride. Dad’s hole was full of cum, more and more came out as I sucked and tongued it. I eagerly swallowed it down, always going back for more. “Daddy’s ass taste good boy?” I could only muffle a response. The man riding my cock was increasing speed. I could feel his cock and balls bouncing off my body each time he hit bottom. My balls were drawing up more and more, I knew that I would not be able to hold out much longer. I was going to shoot a load deep in his ass, wether it was poz or neg was still in question. I still had my tongue in Dad’s ass as my balls pulled up completely, and began shooting my boy cum deep into the man’s hole. I moaned loudly into my Dad’s ass. The man still was riding my cock as it shot inside him. As my shooting subsided, I reached out and put my hands on his thighs, signaling him to stop. I was getting sensitive. He dropped down on my now softening cock, trying to keep it inside him, as Dad stood up allowing me to see who was riding me. It was the tattooed, uncut cock man. He just smiled at me when I saw him. “Son, this is Garrett. He has taken a liking to your cock!” “Fuck yeah, nothing like boy cock” Garrett added. He bent down coming face to face with me. I could smell dick and piss on his breath. Grabbing my head with both of his hands, he locked lips with me, then stuck his tongue in me, kissing me as Dad watched from above. “Don’t worry, skin here likes your holes too.” Garrett said pointing to his uncut cock. After a moment of kissing he stood up, my soft cock dropped out of his hole, dripping cum on me from his hole. Garrett moved on to another area of the basement. Having shot my load, I needed to piss. So I went over to my Dad to ask him where to piss, since I had not seen a toilet any where in the basement. “Dad, I need to piss” His eyes got wide as an evil grin grew on his face. Grabbing my arm he led me to the shower area tucked under the stairs. We passed Garrett, who was now fucking a hole while another man was eating his ass. He winked at me as I walked by. Once in the shower area, Dad dropped to his knees in front of me. Looking up into my eyes, he took my soft cock in his hand. “Piss down my throat Son” he said He put my cock head into his mouth, holding it still. I had to really concentrate on not getting hard and starting the stream. Once I got it going, there was no stopping it. I filled Dad’s mouth full, then felt him swallow. My piss flowed more, filling his mouth three more times each time he would swallow every drop. I could be believe the my Dad drank all my piss, without spilling a drop. He stood up and grabbed the back of my head, pulling me towards him. I could feel his tongue licking me lips, then parted them searching for my own. Our lips touched, his beard stubble scratched at my smooth cheeks. I could taste my piss on his tongue. I pushed my tongue into his mouth, licking the inside tasting more and more of my piss. My hands rubbed his furry muscles. “Thirsty, Son?” Dad asked. I dropped to my knees, coming face to face with Dad’s cock. It was only semi hard, but still was impressive in size. I gently lifted his cock to my mouth, only taking in the head of it in. “Don’t move, need to stay soft to piss Son” I knelt very still, waiting for his hot piss to being to flow. His breathing slowed as I felt a slight jerk in his cock, as the flow began. “Swallow” I swallowed, trying to keep up with the yellow liquid filling my mouth. Dad sensed he was going too fast and grabbed his cock to slow the flow. Once my mouth was empty he started again, I concentrated on keeping up. The piss flowed and flowed, as I swallowed. I felt my stomach expand as it filled up. The strong stream then became a trickle, until it stopped and I was just kneeling there with his cock head in my mouth. Dad grabbed me under the arm pits and pulled me up. “Proud of my boy, on his way to being like his Dad” I looked around to see a lot of the men were in the locker room. I could hear their voices but could not make out what they were saying. The night was coming to an end. “Get to your room, I will be there shortly” With that I went up the stairs, turning back to see my Dad’s hairy ass heading into the locker room. Naked, I went right to my room, I discovered that it was 3 a.m. Damn time flies when you are fucking and sucking. I flopped down on my bed, reached around to my hole. It was sticky with cum and puffy. I could only imagine how red it was. I closed my eyes as I ran my fingers around the edge, feeling my used hole. I was fading fast, sleep was coming.
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    Dad’s Basement Part Nine I woke up suddenly. I wasn’t on the sofa anymore. I was in my bed, naked but at least in my bed. The room was dark and the door was closed. I could hear muffled voices coming from down the hall, deep voices. Was Dad fucking around again, or was it just the TV? Slowly, I cracked open my bedroom door and listened. It wasn’t the TV, unless Dad was talking to it. I opened my door more and slipped out, creeping down the hall, pressing my body against the wall, trying to be smaller, just like I did when I was younger and was spying on Dad. “Drew, how did you know your boy would be willing to get fucked, hell even take our poz loads” someone asked. It was Garrett, I recognized his voice from last night. “Squirt has been spying on his own Dad, pretty much all his life, but what really sealed the deal was the Dad/Son role-playing bareback porn he jacks to” “So the little fucker was a pervert just like his Dad, only he didn’t know it” Garrett replied. “Oh Squirt knew it, but wasn’t able to admit it” Dad said. “I think he will now” “Fucker didn’t know it was me last night fucking him through the glory hole” That voice, I knew that voice. I heard it last night but still didn’t know. “Never said word one to me, Paul” Dad said, “I am surprised you held out until last night. Always figured I would get a call that you raped his ass in the locker room at his school” That’s when it hit me, Paul and school. Only one person there I knew by that name and that was Coach Paul, the fucking track coach. I would always catch him looking at me, lusting after my ass. “Too many witnesses there,” Coach Paul said, “Now the alley behind the theatre that’s a different store” “Speaking of theatre, you going to whore his boy pussy out at the one on Mason Ave?” “Garrett, thats your hole in the wall, fucking hangout, You and skin should take him there.” Dad said. “Oh fuck yeah, I can do that,” Garrett replied. “Doc, how was the boy pussy this afternoon” “Best I have had in a long time, Drew and I double fucked it.” Doc responded. Fuck, Dad, Garrett, Coach Paul and Doc, sitting around talking about me, I could not believe this. Talk of a theatre, I had to know more. “Would love to whore him out at the truck stop and rest area” Dad said. “Charge ‘em, you could make a lot of money” Coach replied. “Well, the three of you can have him anytime free of charge” Dad said. “Ever thought of filming him, take him to a cheap, flea bate motel and advertise his ass, then film it.” Doc asked “I want him to experience everything and more” Dad replied. “Hell yeah” “Fucker can be a prick tease, was doing that last night in his bed, almost jumped on him and raped his ass. When Daddy’s dick wants hole, it’s going to get it.” “Damn that’s fucked up,” Garrett said, “Skin here don't like to be teased” I inched forward, closer to the edge of the hall, still not wanting to be caught. “Damn Doc you missed it last night, was the hottest fucking sight. Drew here popping his own son’s cherry, then raw fucking him, dropping the first poz strain deep inside.” Garrett said. “Don’t remind me” Doc replied, “With all the strains he took last night, fuck flu should come fast, especially since y’all prepped his pussy well” “Your professional opinion?” Dad asked. “Just a thought, His boy pussy will need to be seeded with more poz loads during that time, that insures a conversion, after that a visit to Dax is in order.” Doc replied. Dax, who the fuck is Dax? I never heard Dad speak of him, her or what ever Dax is. Curiosity was killing me, I crept forward a bit more and could see into the living room. Dad was in his chair so his back was to me, I could only make out Doc’s huge legs to the left of him and Garrett and Coach Paul were on the sofa. To my surprise they were dressed, although Garrett and Paul were massaging there crotches. “Did we get his jock? If not I have a nice ripe one he wore during phys-ed. Swiped it when he was in the shower” Coach Paul said. “That jock has more of your DNA on it than Matt’s. His jock is hanging proudly on a nail in the locker room below. Right under mine” Dad said. I could not believe that Coach Paul stole my jock, it was my favorite, broken in, soft and had the perfect indentation of my cock in the fabric. I thought some football player meat head took it as a joke, but Coach Paul was a surprise. “Paul, did you ever fuck that quarterback you were after” Dad asked. “Doc and I pounded that hole about two weeks ago, after a pill dissolve in a beer, he was ours for the taking.” Coach Paul responded. “Thanks for sharing that muscle ass Paul” Dad said smartly. “Got videos if you want, Wait the fuck, that was the weekend you and Matt went to your folks, don’t blame me if you missed out” “Fuck you Paul” Dad said back laughing, “Almost get Matt that weekend, had to share a bed with the little squirt there, but couldn’t risk Mom hearing, Dad on the other hand would have joined in” Fuck, Gramps is a pervert too. Can’t wait to visit him again. “Only bad thing about Dad is, he is shooting blanks. No HIV” Dad said. “Your family is fucking twisted, Drew” Garrett said. “Dad and son fucking has been going on for generations now, it’s tradition. You jealous?” Dad said. “Fuck yeah I am,” Garrett responded, “Dad had a dick on him with foreskin to boot.” “Now who's the pervert.” “Did Thick Dick Rick come and play” Doc asked. “Fuck yeah he did. His was the third cock Matt took through the glory hole. Rode it like a champ. Just need to get him inside the basement to fuck him, wanna hear him make Matt squeal like a pig” Dad replied. I saw Dad’s head turn to Doc, but still couldn’t see either of their faces. “I know that face Doc, what the fuck is going on in that twisted mind of yours” Dad asked. “Just thinking how far we could stretch open that boy pussy of Matt’s, maybe just turn it from a pussy to a cunt quicker” Doc replied. “Go on” “Double fuck his boy pussy with Thick Dick Rick” Doc said, “My cock and his” “Oh you twisted fucker” Coach Paul said, adding “I get to be camera man on that one” “I can prep his pussy real good with my mouth, and ole’ Skin here will supply to lube” Garrett added. “Guess that means I supply the boy pussy” Dad said with a laugh. “Getting late guys, we need to break this cock gag session up” Doc said, “Looks like we all are in agreement on Matt, let’s wait for the fuck flu and go from there” I listened a bit more as the men called it a night. As they left, I hurried back to my bed. What was this agreement? Were they each going to whore me out in their own fucking deviant ways? Was I now their sex slave? Don’t I have any say? I had more answers than questions. One thing I decide I wasn’t going to play my hand that I knew. I was going to see where they took me, without them knowing I know. Fuck I was tired, I was starting to confuse myself. I closed my eyes trying to go back to sleep. I heard a faint knock, thinking it was a dream moments later. I listened again, a knock. I stayed quiet. Opened my eyes just enough to see my window. There was a dark outline of a man on the blinds. Another knock. I got up, lifted a slat of the blind, peeking out. It was Garrett. I quickly but quietly raised the blinds and window. “What’s up Garrett?” I asked. “Skin is Boy” he replied.
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    Hey everyone, this is my first attempt at writing here... please let me know what you think and feel free to comment. I plan on updating as often as possible. -- PART 1: Enter the Bear’s Den Taking a deep drag off the large, black cigar in my mouth, I let out a deep moan as the large, hairy bear now presently deep in my formerly tight ass slammed home one last time before announcing to the room he was cumming deep in my hole. I rested my head back, nose-jetting the thick acrid cigar smoke that I had just filled my formerly pick healthy lungs with and proceeded to rub my cock. I winced a little as the fresh PA now piercing the head of my dick moved from my slow jacking, which caused me to clench my hole involuntarily, trapping the thick throbbing member in my hole, milking the bear of his cum. The other men in the room cheered with words like “Poz that neg hole…” and “Fill up that cum dump..” as I took my cigar from my mouth and ran it over the new tattoo inked across my stomach. “Cumdump…” I thought to myself, smiling and thinking of the freshly inked words still throbbing on my skin, “definitely fits who I am now.” My transformation into the inked and pierced slut before these men was something my former self, a young, non-smoker who had barely ever taken a cock, much less barebacked, would never have imagined that he could have become. — It was a nasty breakup. Walking in on your boyfriend of 3 years having sex with a woman was something that I would have imagined seeing. I had just gotten home from my clinical rotation at the nearby hospital as was required by our medical program. Long nights, low pay, and lots of stress- these were all things they warn you of when you get into med school, but it never really sinks in until you are up to your eyes in patients. Matthew, my former boyfriend, was my first and only boyfriend. We had met in the first week of college and hit things off instantly. He had straight black hair, warm brown eyes, built like a brick shit-house, and a British accent that could make you cream your pants. I myself was a polar opposite, blonde hair, blue eyes, shorter with a swimmer’s build. Even though we picked different career paths, he always said he supported me because he knew it would mean a great life for both of us. What’s better than a doctor and lawyer on the checkbook? Every night when I got stuck doing rounds because either it was the proverbial full moon in the ER or an attending called in sick. I suspected things were going on when he stopped wanting to have sex, even though I usually was too tired from work or school to mess around. Things got tenser, as every time we were together he was glued to his phone, always making the excuse that it was someone from work with a question from the nonprofit he worked for. I brushed it off, think it was just stress getting to me. On the fated night, I had gotten the night off since I had too many hours and figured I’d surprise him with dinner, a movie, and a bottle of lube. I walked in and heard grunting coming from the bedroom of the small apartment we shared. Thinking I’d sneak in and surprise him on his workout, I burst the room, and yelled: “Ravish me with your…” Looking down, I saw him, in bed, deep inside the ditzy girl from down the hall. I stood there, staring as he jumped, jaw gaping, surprised at my entry as she squealed in delight. Words left me as he blurted out a rushed “oh shit…” and proceeded to pull out of the vapid blonde. I stormed out of the bedroom and into the living room. He followed, reeking of sex and candy-scented perfume. “Babe… please…. I…” he started, his mild British accent trailing after me. Fuming, I looked at him before slowly growling out my reply through gritted teeth. “How long?” “I…. she…. it’s not what you think…” he stammered, trying to come up with a lie on the spot. “How. Long.” I replied, stepping towards him, punctuating each word with my finger in the center of his sculpted chest. “We…. only a few times….” he replied, looking down, knowing I was quickly getting to that dangerous quiet I got into before truly blowing up at someone. “A few times? Are you fucking kidding me? I don't care if it was once. Get your shit and get out. I don’t care where you go, but you no longer live here.” I replied turning my back on him and looking out the windows. “Jake… hon….. you can’t do that… both our names are on the lease,” he replied, his cheeks flushed, reminding me of what was now obviously a stupid move I had made a year ago when we moved to the new apartment. “Fine,” I replied, “I’m going then. I’ll move my shit out when I get a new place. Have a great life asshole.” Grabbing my keys, I went into the bedroom, ignoring the dimwitted blonde slut on our bed, and began collecting things such as my clothes, a few pairs of scrubs, my phone charger, and a few toiletries. Stepping back into the bedroom, I looked down as the pink colored claws of the bimbo touched my arm, stopping me in the doorway. “Jake, honey, look…. I’m sor-“ she started, plastering the fake sad look on her face I’d seen countless people do when trying to apologize for something they aren't really that sorry for. “Bitch,” I growled out, “If you don’t move you hand in the next 5 seconds, I will move it for you. And I will make sure you require surgery.” She stepped away with a gasp, pulling her hand towards her chest, protecting it with the other like she had been physically hurt by my words. I grabbed my phone and proceeded out the door, taking the stairs next the elevator. Fuming, I climbed down the 12 flights of stairs and stepped out into the lobby, coming face to face with Matt for the second time, who had hastily thrown on a pair of jeans. “Sweetheart, please!” he said reaching for my hand and I walked through the lobby. “Let’s talk about this! We can work on this!” “Just like you worked on her pussy for fuck knows how long?!” I screamed out loud, catching the glances of several people in our building, including the sweet little old lady across the hall from us. “You’re making a scene,” Matt hissed, looking at me beseechingly. “And what do you call what I fucking walked in on?!” I screeched, throwing his hand that he had started to place on my shoulder, “What do you fucking call it when you walk on your formerly gay boyfriend shoving his cock up some balloon chest bitch, you asshole?!” Not wanting to hear his reply, I walked out the street, and pulled out my phone, ordering an Uber. — Looking down at my phone, I mostly ignored the admittedly hot Uber drive that had picked me up. I sent out a text to my friend Erika, asking if she would cover for me for a few days in the hospital, giving her a slightly abridged version of the night's events. After getting a solid yes and promising to go in greater details soon with her, I shut off my phone and looked up at my surroundings. “Excuse me…” I asked, getting the attention of the driver. “Yeah?” he replied, never letting his eyes off the road. “Where in the world are we?” I asked, looking around, not really recognizing the area. “Goin’ to where you told the app sir,” he replied with a bored sigh. Looking down at my phone, I realized I had somehow entered a gay bar named “The Bear’s Den” into the address that Matt and I had almost gone to meet friends at before we realized how seedy the place was, instead of the hotel I had picked earlier near work. “Shit… look I…” I started to reply, before realizing that I most definitely needed a drink, even if I never touched the stuff, “Actually, mind if we swing by a hotel first? Extra $20 in it for you.” “Make it $40 and I’ll wait for you at the hotel,” he said, pulling over on the side of the road and waited as I adjusted the address to a closer hotel. Pulling up, I noticed that the hotel wasn’t up to what I had grown accustomed to but definitely would do in a pinch. Then the attendant said that the only rooms they had left were smoking. Shit, I thought to myself. Not wanting to be a bigger delay for the driver, I quickly said fine, telling myself that it was only for a night. I quickly got my key, raced to the room, and threw everything in the closet before closing the door and making my way back to the car. Fifteen mins later, we were at the seedy bar and my Uber was driving away. I stepped into the bar and was immediately hit by a wave of thick cigar smoke, loud gay men chattering and what I could swear was the slight twinge of sex in the air. Looking around, I realized I definitely did not fit in dressed in a v-neck shirt and slightly too tight jeans, while the other men were wearing leather of some sort. Swallowing my pride, I stepped up the bar and ignored all the stares from the other guys. Turning to me, the bartender, a hot 30-something with brown hair, piercing green eyes, a perfect tan, and piercings in his ears and eyebrow looked me up and down before finally asking, “What will it be?” Thinking for a second, I finally blurted out a scotch, not wanting to look like a silly fag ordering something like a green apple martini. Nodding his head, he went to work making my drink before setting the glass and the bottle down in front of me and walking off. Suddenly, I was surprised by the guy who suddenly sat down next to me. 50's, shaved head, stormy gray eyes, tons of piercings including a septum ring, leather chaps, and vest, and definitely a muscle builder, he looked like something you would see in a leather daddy magazine. “Is this seat taken?” he asked in a deep booming bass voice, beer in one hand and an unlit cigar in the other. “Nah… go ahead,” I replied looking down at the already half empty glass in front of me. “Bad night?” he asked, turning towards me. “You don't want to hear it…” I started. “Trust me I do. Whatever it is has you looking like you really could use that drink,” he said, eyeing the glass in my hand as I set it down from taking another swig, “You don't want to talk, I get it. Just figured I’d see if you needed a person to bitch to. That, and you seem kinda out of place here. I’m Jackson.” I took a look around again and swore I felt like everyone was looking at me still. He held out his hand, and I shook it. Then, grabbing my glass again, I downed it and let him fill it back up. Letting out a sigh, I retold him the night’s events, my previous history with Matt, everything. As I finished the story, not realizing that I had now downed 4 glasses of scotch, I let out a small sniff. “Fuck…” I sniffled, “I don’t know… Should I forgive him? Work things out?” Grabbing his cigar, he started lighting it up and I found my self slightly mesmerized by the ritual. Looking up at me, he nodded at the cigar in his hand, “You mind if I light up? I need a smoke after hearing that.” I shook my head, muttering something like ‘what’s one more cigar in here’ and watched as he brought the stick to life, making a bright cherry as he inhaled deeply on it. Blowing it to the side, he looked at the cigar before putting back in his mouth. “If it were me,” he started, “ And I’m just spitballing here, I wouldn’t. He obviously fucked up a good thing, all for a piece of sloppy meat attached to a pair of tits. If he wanted to fuck around, he should have asked you first. Made it your choice.” “Yeah… it’s just… I don’t know what to do. He's all I know...” I replied running my finger around the edge of my glass, watching as he inhaled deeply on the dark stick in his mouth. Watching me watch him as he smoked, he reached into his front pocket and pulled out a second cigar, offering it to me. “Want one?” he asked, “Definitely one of the good ones. Not like those cheap gas station ones.” Starting at it, I drunkenly blurted out “I’ve never had one… I wouldn’t know what to do.” Pulling the cigar in his mouth out, he handed to me before putting the unlit one in his hand and grabbed the lighter on the bar, lighting it up expertly. “No worries guy,” he said, “Take my lit one.” Taking it into my hand, examined it. Looking at the thick smoke floating out of the end, the thick saliva coating the cut end. Sniffing it, I let out a slight ‘woah,’ noticing that it smelled completely different than the smoke. Finally building up my courage I stuck it in my mouth, and immediately breathed in the thick smoke. I knew, even drunkenly, this was a bad idea. I started hacking instantly, and he let out a chuckle. “Dude… I don’t think you’re quite ready for inhaling.” Stubbornly, I looked at him, alcohol slowly ebbing away at my logic before I took another, smaller inhale. Fighting another cough, I held it in before letting it out in the air. “Damn… I stand corrected,” he replied, shock written across his face as it slowly worked into a smile. Something that very few people know about me is that I can become really hard-headed when I drink. Normally I’m rather passive and tend to go with the flow, but with the alcohol, my messy break-up, and the guy laughing, I felt like I had something to prove. So, we continued smoking and drinking in silence, and to my dismay, my cock started getting hard. I tingled all over, and a started getting a bit of a headache. I went to grab another scotch when Jackson finally put his hand over the glass. “I think you’re done drinking there Buddy,” he said smiling and looking down at my bulge now obviously forming in my tight jeans, “No need to get whiskey dick.” Looking down at his pant, I noticed a monster slowing growing in his pants too. I let out a soft ‘holy fuck’ as I saw what easily looked like 10 inches growing in his tight leather pants. Matt had a nice sized 6” uncut cock, but we’d never fucked much since it always hurt a bit going in. We had always just sucked each other off. But for some reason, in my drink-addled mind, I almost wanted to ride this monster. Suddenly, Jackson was kissing the side of my neck, and whispered: “why don’t we go back to your place?” END OF PART 1
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    This is a true story. Names are changed to protect well you know When I was 29 I was in a relationship, but the sex had dried up and he was away working all the time and when he came home after being away for months at a time he didn't have an interest in putting out. This had went on for almost two years. I was starting to think that I was unattractive and that no one wanted me sexually. So finally when he went back out on assignment I went online just to see if anyone was interested in me. So I kept checking out a profile of a guy that I used to fuck around with years ago we kinda had a falling out. However I still remember how good his cock felt inside me. Being nervous I didn't message him as I was afraid of the wrath that may occur. I logged out of the site as I had to go and do some errands. When I came home I logged back in. Sure enough he had messaged me his opening line was "I see you have been checking me out, I don't mind. How are you doing" So I thought OK things are cool. So I replied "Things are OK, Good to see you out and about. How is life with the BF?" Him and another friend of mine had gotten together to make a go of it. I knew they had an open relationship but as I rule I generally don't go for those types of guys. I got up and did some dishes turning up the volume on the speakers of the computer. I heard the chime that someone had sent me a message. He replied. "It is a long story, but I am single again. Perhaps if you are not busy one night we can hang out and chat" I replied "How about tonight" As I didn't have to work the next morning. "Sure" came his response and then he gave me his buzzer code. I got up let my dogs out brought them in grabbed my keys and went to the bus stop. I arrived at his building about a half our later. I buzzed heard his voice and proceeded to the elevator and to his door. I knocked on the door and there was Tom. I hadn't seen him in close to five years. He still looked the same, although he had lost a bit of weight. The apartment was still the same. So we sat down and he asked me if I wanted something to drink. I said sure he came back with wine. So I poured a glass and took a sip. He rolled a joint for us. So I asked "What happened to Stan?" I had heard a few things through the grape vine but I rarely pay attention to rumours. Tom explained that shortly after our falling out that him and Stan entered into an abusive relationship. Tom continued to tell me that Stan had pushed him around Christmas time and Tom had lost his balance and fell down breaking a bone in his wrist. Shortly after that Stan was told to leave his house. I then explained that I was seeing Darren but that with his job he was gone for long periods of time and that when he came home that we rarely had sex. At this point I had explained that it had been almost a year since I had been fucked. Tom looked at me surprised. "What is that look for?" I asked Tom replied "Well....... I remember how hot your ass is, and I am telling you that if I was away for months and knowing that your hot ass was waiting for me when I got home I sure as hell would be enjoying it" I blushed. Truth be told it was nice to have someone compliment me that way. It was a real ego boost. In fact my hole twitched a bit in response to what he said. So we continued to talk for about another hour we smoked two joints and I had finished a bottle of wine. I really had to take a piss so I got up and went down the hall to the bathroom. I could feel his eyes on me. Probably didn't help that I wore jeans that showed off my ass. I always thought it was a strange set up with two bathrooms beside each other. One a full bath and the other a half bath. One of those weird things you think about when you are both drunk and high. I came back from the bathroom When he looked at me and said. "If it is not to forward of me do you want to go to the bedroom?" I thought for a moment. Sure it had been over a year but did I want to fuck up my relationship for a fuck? "Hey we can always blame it on the alcohol" at that moment I really could not argue with that logic. I replied "Yes" So I didn't bother to sit back down. He followed me to his bedroom he grabbed me and spun me around and kissed me. Something that Darren never did even when we were first together he rarely kissed me. It felt amazing our tongues intertwining our hands moving up and down our bodies. His hands brushed both my nipples and worked his way down to my cock. He popped open the button on my jeans and pulled down my zipper. Peeling off my jeans. He pushed his hands into my underwear and cupped my ass. His one finger brushed my hole. I moaned. While he was doing that I pulled his jogging pants down to free his gorgeous 8 inch cock. He broke off the kiss "Are you OK?" "Yes...... I need this" I pulled off my shirt and got out of my pants. I pulled off my socks at the same time I licked the end of his cock. His reaction was to moan. When I stood up he was naked. We grinded our bodies together all the while kissing. Our cocks sliding against each other. He bent down to bump his cock towards my hole. Rubbing it on my hole made me moan. I was so horny for him to fuck me. He pushed me down on the bed on my back climbed on top of me and we continued kissing. He worked his way down my neck to my chest and sucked on each nipple turning me on even more that I thought possible. I thought to myself "FUCK he has gotten a lot better than he was the last time we fucked" my head was swimming in lust. To be Continued
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    Dad’s Basement Part Ten There stood Garrett outside of my bedroom window, telling me that his dick was hard. “Dude, Dad is just down the hall,” I said “Boy, don’t act like a pussy, be a pussy” Garrett replied. “Skin needs to spit” “Shit” “Your Dad has fucked and gotten fucked in his bed, while you were here in your bed, what’s the big fucking deal” Garrett said, lifting his leg and beginning to climb in. I moved out of the way, as he came through my window. I was awake now, a little dick wouldn’t hurt, okay Skin wasn’t little. I turned around and bent over, showing Garrett my hole. “I take that as a oh come fuck me, breed me, YES” Garrett said. He quickly stripped, exposing his thin tattooed body. Fuck they were hot as hell. Skin was rock hard, pointing start out at me, exposing just the tip of the head and piss slit. His balls hung down between his legs. Garrett wasn't just thin, he was extremely thin, as in no fat. He moved quickly, dropped to a knee and stuck his tongue in my ass. Licking my hole coating it with his thick spit. I watched him stroke his uncut cock slowly as his lubed up my hole with his tongue. His free hand was pushing the spit in my hole. His two fingers slid in more and more, deeper and deeper as the spit lubed me. Satisfied that I was ready, he stood behind me, aimed his cock and pushed in. I was still sore, but the pain eased quickly and pleasure started. I felt his balls hit mine as he pumped in and out, his boney hands gripped my hips, holding on tight. He was a fucking jack rabbit, cock moving faster and faster out of my hole and it wasn’t long until he drove all the way in and shot his load. “Fuck I needed that” Garrett said. “Happy now?” I asked him. “Sit Matt,” he said “I have something to tell you, fuck didn’t tell your Dad and others when were chatting about you earlier” “Y’all were talking about me?” I asked playing dumb. “You dumb fuck, Paul and I saw you - well at least your cock, you should control that thing when you are spying, will give you away every time” he said laughing, “Don’t worry your secret is safe with us” “Damn” “Now listen, I heard from doctor today, yeah it’s Saturday but it was important so I guess he thought I should know. I don’t see Doc, nothing personal against him, but I had been with this doctor for a long time.” Garrett rambled, “Fuck, what was I saying” “I have no fucking clue, dude” “Oh shut, up, listen” Garrett was excited, like a kid in a candy store. What the fuck had him so worked up. “I’m full blown. I am the mother load. Never seen Skin so worked up like this before” I just sat there staring at him. Puzzled, I didn’t have a clue about his rambling. “Fuck, forgot you haven’t converted yet. I stopped taking my meds about a year ago, was undetectable at the time, but I was still HIV positive. I was tired of the side effects so I said ‘Fuck it’ and Skin agreed. So over time the virus built up in my system. Doctor confirmed it, I have full blown A.I.D.S” “I fucked you last night thinking I was only poz, but I am full blown. I was so horny with this news today that I had to fuck your pussy, knowing I had A.I.D.S” he said. I just looked at him. “Isn’t this great” Garrett said. “Fuck yeah” I said matching his energy. I really didn’t know what to think. Garrett jumped up off my bed, grabbing his clothes. He quickly dressed and headed towards my window. Half way out he turned to me. “Squirt, I will be here at ten in the morning, Be ready for anything!” “Dude it’s Sunday, Dad will be home” I said. “Wrong fucker, it’s Monday, You fucked a day, remember!” he said laughing popping out of my window. “BE READY” he yelled as he ran down the street. Rolling my eyes, I closed the window and blinds, jumped into bed. Garrett’s cum was leaking out of my hole. Sleep came fast, so did morning.
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    When I turned eighteen a group of my friends took me on a night out to Manchester's Canal Street, the big gay district of my closest city. I drank quite a lot, enjoyed the music and the dancing; especially grinding on the older guys which my friends all found hilarous. Whilst they laughed and I pretended to, I was getting so turned on that I knew I would be going home with an older man. On the way to another bar I lost my friends; I have no idea how, I think I went in ahead and straight to the bar whereas they went in and found a booth. I didn't see them again that night. As I ordered a drink, I overheard a couple talking. "Hide your tattoo, it will scare people off" "No, we should let them know anyway. I'm not stealthing again." I peered around to see the tattoo - on the wrist of one of the men; a biohazard sign. I tapped the nearest one to me on the shoulder and clumsily said. "Are you guys poz? What's that like?" He replied; "Come talk to us at our booth if you want. We need to sit down." And they wandered over to a set of booths manned by a security guy, a kind of VIP area I guess. My interest was piqued and I ordered my smirnoff ice and headed over. They waved me past the barrier and I sat down, next to Sam, he was 40 I guess, black hair, stocky build, definitely a lot hotter than his partner Andy, 45, bald, slim, still attractive and with the tattoo. They introduced themselves as a married couple who lived nearby, they had been together for five years and were both poz. I asked many daft questions about it and they were brutally honest; they said that the medicine that helped got in the way too much and that they didn't take any, meaning that they were very contagious. They were in town looking for a third to join them in a hotel room. "So you'll be using condoms then?" "No." "But they might catch it." "Some kids like that idea." They laughed to each other and I chuckled as well, to hide the fact that I was hard as a rock and confused as hell as to why I was so turned on. That ended the poz talk and we joked and danced for another hour or so until they said that they were going to head home. Sam just said to me "Come on." and I followed like a little lapdog to their hotel room. Once in the room, Andy stood behind me and felt my ass whilst Sam was in front of me. Both men showered me with kisses and I was in heaven, my shirt was pulled off and then I pulled Sam's pants down, exposing his hard cock, 7", perfect girth, totally shaved. "Suck it" Andy encouraged. I did as I was told, flicking my tongue about the head, slurping and sucking noisily as the two men kissed and whispered into each others ears. Andy knelt down behind me and undid my pants. He kissed my neck and said "Let's go to bed." Sam lay down on his back and I knelt between his legs sucking him, my bare ass in the air. As I noisily sucked and slurped, drool covering my chin and his balls, Sam smiled down at me and tenderly stroked my hair. Andy however aggressively began to rim my smooth hole. My cock was harder than it had ever been, Andy's tongue snaked deep into my tight ass and Sam's hard cock in my throat, I reached for my cock to jerk off. However, Andy grabbed my wrist and moved my hand away. "Ask permission boy." "C... can I jerk off?" I asked, kind of stunned. "That depends..." He stood up behind me and pressed against my ass. "Can I fuck your hole?" To be continued....
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    For years I attended what was called a "gay men's gathering" which was a weekend event held at an old summer camp out in the woods. It was a great way to meet other gay men for community, friendship, and of course sex. The camp was pretty rustic, set on a quiet lake far from the closest town. The guys who went there were working class guys, back-to-the-earth old time hippies, artists- definitely not the city gay bar crowd. I found it very relaxing and low stress. I starting going there with a boyfriend, and had made a bunch of great friends there. I stopped going regularly when my boyfriend and I broke up, but I would still manage to get there every couple of years or so. Last year I was there again after a year and a half away. I parked my car and walked over to the main lodge where the registration was. I got onto the porch, put down my bags, and reached for the door. Just as I grabbed the handle, the door opened. A man came out- a very good looking guy. He almost walked right into me. He looked familiar, but I wasn't sure. He said hello and I replied. He smiled and then I knew who he was. His name was Jeff. He used to be a regular there. He was one of the popular guys, very handsome, great body, and always seemed very easy with sex. He was the kind of guy other men wanted, and he always knew it. He was still very handsome, but with rough edges now. But to me that made him even more handsome. He didn't seem to know me, and I wasn't surprised. But he held the door open for me and followed me back in the lodge. I registered, and Jeff grabbed my arm. He said hardly anyone was there yet, and told me to come bunk in the same cabin he was in. I guess he wanted company. We walked up a hill to the cabin, and only one bed was claimed- his. I told him my name- Connor. He told me to grab the bed next to his- fine with me. He helped me spread out my sleeping bag and put things away, then he gave me a huge hug. It felt really nice, and it seemed a little sexual. The weekend was off to a great start for me. He wanted to go for a walk. It was early afternoon, so there was all kinds of time for a walk. We followed the paths around, chatting and enjoying the trees and lake views. The cabins were set up in clusters around larger main cabins. We turned a corner and walked towards one of these clusters. The central cabin here was beautiful. No one was staying in the area. Jeff said he wanted to check out this cabin, so we went inside. There was a huge fieldstone fireplace. The roof had skylights. It looked like the kind of place it would be great to live in. There was a large table that had been pushed against the wall. I went over to look out the row of windows the table was up against. All of a sudden I felt his arms around me from the back. He turned me around and started to kiss me and grope me. I got hard instantly. He pressed up against me and I could feel he was hard too. He pushed me back against the table, dropped to his knees, and opened up my shorts. He stared eagerly at my throbbing cock. He pushed my shorts completely down and pulled my feet up out of them. He grabbed my hips and stuck his tongue out until it caught the drop of precum that had formed. "Hmmmm... that tastes good," he whispered. Then he swallowed my cock all the way. His mouth felt so good! It had been a few weeks since I had had any sexual contact at all. He played me like an instrument, bringing me to the edge more than once with that hot mouth and tongue. We were both moaning and grunting like animals. All of a sudden he stopped and stood up. He pushed me back onto the table and lifted my legs up. He then licked and sucked my balls, and then traced his tongue down towards my hole. I was squirming and moaning while he ate my ass. He must have been starving for ass. I was in heaven. Then he stood up and moved his big hard cock to my open, eager hole. He looked down into my eyes as though he was silently asking for my permission. I didn't say a word, but reached down and pulled my ass cheeks apart. He almost smiled, and started to press his dick into me. My hole was sloppy from his spit, but it still went in a bit rough. He got just the head into me, and whispered, "You have any lube?" I shook my head no, but I pushed against his cock and whispered, "Fuck me!" He slowly pressed into me another inch. It hurt a bit, but I wanted this bad. I pressed back, and he pushed in a little more. It hurt, but I didn't care. Here was this beautiful man I and everyone else had lusted after for years. He had never noticed me, but here he was now with his dick inside me. He was about halfway in me and he stopped, letting my hole adjust. After a minute or so I squeezed my hole around that cock. He moaned loudly when I did that. "I love your ass, baby! Do that again!" he cried out. So I did. I squeezed his dick tightly, and as soon as I relaxed he pushed in slow and steady all the way. Damn! It hurt, but it felt wonderful at the same time. He held his cock there all the way in while my body reacted. I was gasping and whimpering a little, but finally my hole adjusted. He reached down and pinched my nipples. That made my hole twitch, and I squeezed his cock again. He took that as a signal- he pulled out slowly almost all the way, then just as slowly pushed back in. He kept up those slow deep strokes. I cried out again "Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" And he did. He gave me the fuck of my lifetime. He reamed me out good, finding every corner and massaging my prostate. He kept this up for a good long time, and my cock was leaking. I reached down to stroke my cock, but he pushed my hands away. He grabbed my wrists and held them down on the table while his thrusts came fast and furious. "I'm getting close! You want this load, don't you Connor?" Hearing him say my name almost made me shoot. I didn't say anything, and he asked me again. "You want this load? Tell me you want it!" I nodded yes emphatically. "Tell me, baby. Tell me you want it and tell me where you want it!" I hissed out, "Yes! Yes! Give me your load! Plant that load deep inside me!" He grunted and pushed his cock in all the way and kept it there. I could feel his cock shooting inside my hole. He grunted with every pulsing shot. He finished, and was breathing heavily as he lowered himself down on me. He kissed my neck and bit my shoulder, his hands still holding my arms down. He whispered into my ear, "I think you needed that, right? You wanted my load inside you, right? Tell me you wanted it." He seemed different all of a sudden, He had always been so confident and self assured, but here he was seemingly needing to hear me tell him it was OK. "Tell me," he whispered. I whispered back, "Yes, I wanted it. I love your cock inside me and I love your load in me." He sighed and seemed to relax a bit. We stayed that way, his body on mine and his cock still deep inside me. We then heard voices outside. It sounded like 3 or 4 guys were walking this way, chatting and laughing. Jeff stood up and put his cock back in his pants. He found my shorts and tossed them to me. He motioned to me to be quiet, and he peeked out the window. I put my shorts on and peeked out, too. There were 4 men just walking past the cabin. They had no idea what had just gone on, and they kept walking past. Jeff said quietly to himself, "Why did that asshole have to come this weekend?" "Who do you mean?" I asked. "Oh never mind. Just someone I don't get along with lately." He turned to me and smiled. He pulled me to him and gave me a big hug. "Thanks man. You have a great ass. I needed that for sure." "My pleasure, Jeff, believe me!" He said, "Damn, you didn't cum, did you? Well, save that up for next time, babe," and he gave me a deep, long kiss. "Let's go see who else has showed up, OK?" I couldn't stop smiling as we walked back to the lodge. I was thinking of that hot fuck I just got. More of this story to come...
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    Let Love Once Move In (Part 2) ** Please remember to ‘like’ the story if you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment or to contact me via mail. Thx. ** The following day Ahmed didn’t call. Jeff almost stared the whole day at his mobile phone. Sometimes he thought he missed the call and checked the display, without any luck. The lad was torn apart. He thought it was his fault, for letting the turk guy fuck him immediately on the third day. Then he felt so empty and wished he would get fucked again by the macho stud. He couldn’t sleep at night, craving for the thick cock, which almost ruptured his guts. If only he had known the address of Ahmed. The next morning he was grumpy. After the breakfast he went back to bed, but couldn’t stop thinking about the brutal fuck. He was in his bed with his legs spread wide and fingered his asshole like a cheap whore, wishing Ahmed would come and rape fuck him just one more time. Later in the afternoon Jeff was playing some games on the computer, when the doorbell suddenly rung. He heard his mom open the door. She was talking to someone… probably a neighbor, wanting to borrow something. The he heard her mom call his name. His heart made a leap. Could it be? He opened the door and rushed to the stairs. “Look who is here… it is your friend Ahmed” she smiled at her son and saw him brightening up immediately. “Hey mate, what’s up?” Ahmed asked innocently. Jeff wanted to run downstairs and hug and kiss his new lover, but he knew he had to be patient until they were both in his room. This time he would suck him even better. He would endure the hardest fuck, just to feel his cock inside his cunt, “Hey, do you remember Onur? We talked about him two days ago” with these words he pulled another guy into the hall. He looked like a bouncer. Broad shoulders, he had really muscled arms. A wide chest, which proved he was definitely doing serious body workouts. He greeted Jeff’s mother and nodded to Jeff. “Hey pal – good to see you again” he saluted Jeff. Jeff had no idea who this guy was. Ahmed had never mentioned him before and of course Jeff had never met Onur in his whole life. Jeff’s mother told the two guys to come in and excused herself, another game show was on television and she didn’t want to miss a thing. The guys followed Jeff upstairs and watched his ass cheeks move nicely within his tight jeans, while he took one step after another. Onur nodded approvingly to Ahmed. Ahmed sat down on the only easychair, while Jeff and Onur took their seats on the couch. Jeff was disappointed. He wanted to sit next to his loved one and now this other guy was manspreading on the couch and Jeff had only a little space to sit there. “So…. you are back Ahmed and….” he looked at Onur. “Yeah, this is my brother Onur. He wanted to meet you.” Ahmed introduced the new guy. “Oh you two are brothers? So nice to meet you….” Jeff smiled. “Well, not really brothers. We are cousins. But in our culture it is as good as brothers” Onur explained. “I told Onur about our last date and he didn’t believe me, that you were such a tight fuck” Ahmed said. Jeff looked shocked. The other guy knew he was a homosexual? This embarrassed him so much and he looked first at Ahmed, then at Onur and then down to the floor. “Oh man….” Onur said. “What is it, brother?” Ahmed asked his cousin. “My cock is itching again…. man…. this kills me….” Onur sighed. “Here and now? Are you serious?” Ahmed looked puzzled. “What’s the problem?” Jeff asked the two guys. “Well, in our culture we are not permitted to scratch our privates in foreign houses (a lie)” Ahmed explained. “Could you probably give him a helping hand?” Ahmed asked Jeff. “Are you serious? I don’t think this is appropriate” Jeff answered. “I can’t scratch him, he is my brother… he won’t because it is forbidden and you won’t because you are too shy? It is not a sexual act, so just DO IT!” Ahmed ordered Jeff. The lad was so confused. His lover asked him to touch another guys private parts? This couldn’t be right…. Slowly he reached with his left hand over and started to rub Onur’s dick slowly though his jeans. “Move higher to my cock head and use your fingers to massage me there for a while. I will tell you when the itching is over” Onur instructed Jeff. “Thanks Jeff…. we owe you something for that” Ahmed smiled. Jeff slowly massaged Onur’s dickhead but since he used his left hand it was sort of difficult to do a good job. Ahmed saw this and asked Jeff if it wouldn’t be better to crouch in front of Onur and use alternate both hands to give his ‘brother’ a better treatment. The twink didn’t want to upset Ahmed and agreed at once. While both guys talked to each other in their own language, Jeff concentrated to relieve Onur from his itching. Jeff was a bit worried, since Onur’s dick became erect more and more. “You know, I told Onur how you failed in sucking my dick. But I gave you good grades for taking my hard cock into your virgin asshole.” he chatted nonchalantly. “He immediately knew you are a great SHARMUTA and when I told him, you take the cock from ass to mouth he said, he wouldn’t believe that anyone would do such a thing” Ahmed continued. “Keep on doing your job orospu (which means whore also)” Onur advised Jeff. “Not even his whore girlfriend is willing to do that and she is American also” Ahmed stated. “I hope you prove to him, that I am not a liar” Ahmed finished his announcement. Jeff looked at Onur with his cute faithful eyes and confirmed the fact, that he really let Ahmed fuck his ass and took the dirty cock directly into his mouth and sucked him off until he blew his load in Jeff’s mouth. “This doesn’t prove it” he simply answered. “But how can I prove it then?” Jeff asked and Ahmed got up and told Jeff to follow him to the door. “You remember this place?” Ahmed asked. “Open your jeans and lower it, so I can just see your ass cheeks Sharmuta” Ahmed ordered him. Onur got up also and opened his jeans slowly. “Oh….” Jeff simply said, after he got it right. Jeff followed the order slowly, but you could see he was not happy about it. “I hope you prove to my brother, that I am not a cheat or a liar. Just take a hard fucking and swallow his semen.” “I want to see him coming down with a grin on his face. You got that? YOU GOT THAT?” Ahmed shouted. “Yes… yes… I will do whatever you want” Jeff answered. “Good. I will go downstairs and talk to your mom a bit. We don’t want her to come up and disturb you two, right?” Ahmed snickered. “You won’t be here?” Jeff asked concerned. “We don’t watch each other fucking guys... if you were a girl, we would probably gangbang you” Ahmed explained then he turned to his cousin and told him in his mothers tongue to make the slut bleed out of his cunt. He left the room and closed the door behind him. Immediately he first heard a thud against the door and then Jeff, who cried out like a wounded animal. Ahmed was rock hard when he entered the living room and asked the mom, how the show on television went on. He could clearly hear Jeff’s grunting. But his mother was so focused on the show, she didn’t really take notice of the sounds coming from upstairs. Ahmed turned the volume up a bit and asked if he could watch the show with her. She smiled at Ahmed and invited him to have a seat next to her. She could clearly see the outline of his pants and she knew he had a huge hard on. The desperate housewife licked her lips and gazed at Ahmed’s jeans bulge. A family of infedility used and abused by two turkish studs. One was fucked up the ass upstairs, while his mother was drooling already for the big arab dick covered in front of her. ***Upstairs*** The moment the door closed, Onur grabbed the back of Jeff’s head and slammed it against the door. You could hear a loud thud and Jeff groaned loudly. This was followed immediately by the forced entry of Onur’s 9-incher. Jeff screamed like a wounded animal and begged Onur to weithdraw the cock again. “Shut up Sharmuta – it hurts me more than it hurts you. Damn you are so fucking tight. Ahmed was right. You make my cock hurt…. open up orospu…. OPEN the fuck up for my cock… DAMNIT” Onur cursed. Onur had no sympathy for Jeff. He didn’t know the faggot. For him he was just a tight hole and he wanted to damage him as much as he could. Onur wanted to enjoy the hard fuck and he got more and more into a good rhythm. He didn’t care if the faggot would enjoy the fuck. He should suffer, for having such a tight cunt. He withdrew his dick almost to the cock head and stabbed it back into the poor lads asshole. Jeff cried out each time the 9 inches were buried completely into his bowels. He begged Onur to slow down a bit, but Onur hammered his hard cock into his victim. Who was this fucking American faggot to draw him into sin. This was no lover fuck – it was a rape fuck. He was forcing his bolt like a sledge hammer into the ‘second time’ fucker. Damn, he was almost a virgin still. ***Downstairs*** Ahmed sat there with his legs spread and a huge lump in his jeans pants. Doreen (that was actually Jeff’s mothers first name) licked her lips, while watching the huge bulge. “You like what you see?” he grinned dirtily. “Oh… Uhm… was it that ovious?” she asked nervously. “It was…. the last time already” he laughed. “Oh dear… I am sorry. I guess I am alone too long, so I forgot how to behave” she giggled. “I don’t mind, if you want to suck me off. You are welcome to swallow my junk” Ahmed opened his jeans slowly. Doreen looked at the appearing cock, like a starving child in Africa would look for food. “Jeff…“ she whispered only. “Don’t worry about him. Onur is keeping him busy, so you can suck on my turk cock” I grinned. I made her believe this was all made up to get a go at her. She had no idea, that meanwhile her son was slaughtered by a fat and long hard cock. “So you think it is safe?” she asked uncertainly. “Yeah… believe me. Onur knows how to keep your son busy, while you can do your blow-job on me – you filthy slut” he hissed. Doreen moaned softly. She slipped from the couch and crawled between Ahmed’s legs. “This is where you belong, you filthy blonde cum dump. This is all you are good for...” Ahmed grabbed Doreen by her hair and pulled the skull towards his hard penis. ***Upstairs*** A few times Fred thought he would simply faint because the pain in his ass. Somehow he managed to hold his ass up to please Onur the way he deserved it. “Get your ass up… where do you think you are going? GET your ass UP…. UP, UP, UP” Onur shouted again. From time to time he bumped Jeff’s head against the door. Not too hard of course, because he didn’t want the lad to lose his consciousness. Onur could see red streaks on his cut penis and he was satisfied. The twink was bleeding like a virgin. He was the MAN! He reduced the boy to the female part and he showed his power by ripping him apart with just his dick. “TAKE *grunt* MY *growl* FUCKING *grunts again* COCK” Onur could feel his balls tingling, preparing to shoot its huge load and he warned Jeff “YOU…. *ooooooh* SHARMUTA….. PREPARE TO TURN *ooooooph* AROUND…. TURN NOW” with that he withdrew his big dick immediately and Jeff turned around and dropped weakly to his knees. “Open your mouth fast – I am cumming – I warn ….. *oooooh* you…. swallow it all” Onur knew he would shoot a hot load any second now, but he wanted to make sure, that Jeff wouldn’t lose a drop. So he started to push his oversized dick into the lad’s throat. This made Jeff panic, but he had no chance. The hard dick moved slowly down his throat. He used his fists to hit Onur on his stomack, but he just laughed about it. “Breathe through your nose you idiot…. I am shooting my load into you any…second… NOW!” he moaned loudly as several eruptions left his piss slit just to be swallowed by Jeff, who actually didn’t have a choice. He almost fed him the semen directly into his belly. “Hey… you are better than the female bitches I plow. I think I will come back to use you another time or so.” Onur gasped. He withdrew his softening cock out of Jeff’s gullet. Slowly he closed his jeans and watched Jeff tried to move away from his attacker. He had cried throughout this ordeal and now he asked himself if he could stand another Turk Style rape fuck. Onur opened the door and didn’t even take a second look on Jeff. When he walked into the living room, he could hear some panting. Jeff’s mom was kneeling in front of Ahmed who just shot a nice load down the bitches throat. Onur laughed out loudly and high-fived his cousin. “You are such a nasty fucker” he told him in their own language. Ahmed pointed at Onur and asked Doreen, if she would need another load. Doreen nodded wildly and begged for more. Obviously she didn’t even care about her son anymore, now that both males were in one room with her. But Jeff was in a world of his own pain now anyway. “Okay you slut. Onur, open your pants and give her something to remember” he grinned evilly. “Hey bitch, Onur had fucked his slut girlfriend up the ass before. You got a problem with that?” Ahmed lied. “No…. let me clean you…. I can…. Oh… you are a rough fucker as I can see. So much blood.” she whispered. With that she took the cock into her mouth, not knowing she was just cleaning the blood and the ass juices of her own son. Onur was still smiling and promised her a second load, if she cleaned his cock completely and she was eager to satisfy his needs. Ahmet didn’t even care to close his pants. He walked upstairs with his semi hard cock sticking out and the moment he saw Jeff on the floor, crying his eyes out, his cock raised to full mast again. He nudged with his right shoe against Jeff’s shaking body. “Get up and clean yourself…. I want to fuck you the Turk Style now… let me show you the way I like to make love….. SHARMUTA!
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    I've been working so much lately, my sexual adventures have been lacking as of late. So, having the day off yesterday, I decided to try to catch up a bit. I headed to one of my favorite bookstores here in Las Vegas, Peepland. I bought a fresh bottle of poppers and headed back to the video arcade. Inside the first booth I entered was a short, weather beaten, older Mexican guy in his late 50's, wearing jeans and work boots, he looked like he worked outside in the Vegas heat and sun all day. He was leaning against the wall stroking a very large and thick cock. Though his general looks didn't turn me on, his big, uncut Mexican dick sure did turn me on. I stepped into the booth, locked the door. Took a couple of hits from my fresh bottle of Amsterdam and dropped to my knees. The latino guy was watching some str8 porn. I sucked and chewed on his very ample foreskin then pushed the skin back with my lips and really went to work on his cock. His cock soon was leaking sweet pre-cum. Then his cock began to throb, before filling my mouth with a nice load of juice in just a matter of minutes. I wiped my mouth, thanked him, he smiled back at me without saying a word and I headed back out to the arcade to see what other dick I could find. The doors I tried were all locked. But I noticed that the door to one of the booths with a glory hole was open. The adjoining glory hole booth was closed with the red light on. So I stepped into the adjoining booth and peeked through the large, oval shaped glory hole. A young, Asian kid in his early 20's was standing near the hole, stroking a hard, 6'', cut cock. I locked the door, put a couple of dollars into the video machine and dropped to my knees at the hole. The Asian kid saw my face at the hole and stepped up to put his cock to my face. I quickly wrapped my lips around his cock. It was hard as a rock, as only a young kids cock can be. I sniffed some poppers while still sucking his cock. The length, thickness and angle of his cock was perfect for deepthroating. I sucked on his cock for about 5 minutes. Then I stood, dropped my shorts and pressed my ass up to the hole. This is always a risk. Sometimes this turns the guy off and he leaves. But, I was lucky. I felt him press his hard cock up against my hole. My hole was dry and so I pulled away from the hole and spit on my fingers a couple of times. I lubed my asshole with my spit and put my ass back against the hole. He put his cockhead back on my hole and pressed in. I sniffed more poppers as his cock slid all the way up into me. The kid immediately began to pound and pump into me. It took about another 5 minutes of him pounding my ass before I heard him groan and plant his load in my ass. I pulled up my shorts and pulled myself together, then went back out into the arcade. The booths had emptied while I was getting fucked. The place was deserted. So, I figured I'd check out a different bookstore. I headed to Main St. Books in downtown. The theater can sometimes be quite good. Sadly, that was not the case yesterday. There were 6 or 7 guys in the two theaters. But it must have been senior citizen discount day. I'm no spring chicken. But I was one of the youngest in the place. I first went into the small theater that shows gay porn. There were two guys on the back row. One guy was leaning over and sucking off the other guy. In front of them was a tall black man. I tried to reach down to stroke the black guys cock, but he pushed me away. Then I stood next to the guy getting sucked off and watched for a while. When the guy sucking came up for a breather, I got on my knees and took the guys cock in my mouth. But, the guy could obviously not get a hard on. Sucking limp dick isn't exactly a turn on to me. So, I left that theater and went into the main, larger theater that had 2 screens showing str8 and trans porn. This theatre has a half wall at the back where most of the action goes on. There are 4 rows of seats in front of the wall. Sitting on the end of the last row was a very handsome, rugged, scruffy looking guy in his early 60's. His hand in his pants, stroking as he watched porn. So I walked over to him and leaned down to see if he'd let me stroke him. He moved his hand away and gave me access to his cock. I stroked for a moment, then got on my knees, undid his belt and pulled his pants open. I took his partially hard cock into my mouth. I could smell the alcohol on his breath as he sighed with pleasure at the feeling of my mouth on his cock. He hardened a bit as I sucked him. He grew to about 6''s, cut. I thought this was going to be fun. He was stroking the back of my neck as I sucked him, but soon I heard him snoring. I came up off his cock and looked up to see him asleep. The guy was obviously drunk and passed out. His cock softened quickly. Well........., this wasn't going to work out. I got up and walked behind the wall. 3 guys were standing behind the wall. The theater was very dark. It was difficult to see faces, but I could make out that one guy had his cock out and was stroking. I walked over to him and took his cock into my hand. I could now sort of see his face. He was an old guy, I'm guessing about 70. But he had a nice body and a rock hard cock. For his cock to be so rock hard at his age, I'm pretty sure it was due to viagra. But, who cares? I dropped to my knees and began to suck on his cock. It wasn't big. I'm guessing about 5''s and slender. I could taste ass on his cock. His cock had obviously already been in someone's ass. He immediately leaned forward and began to rub my asshole through my shorts. I've got to hand it to the old guy. Even with a little blue pill, a guy his age that's a dedicated top is impressive. I immediately turned, pulled down my shorts, leaned forward and braced myself against the half wall in front of me. I took a deep sniff of poppers as he pressed his cock into me. He fucked me for several minutes, but it was kind of a boring fuck. So, I pulled off his cock, pulled up my pants and decided to go find another bookstore to see what action was there. I drove to A-Action Books. the small parking lot was empty, but that doesn't always mean anything at this downtown bookstore. I paid my money and first went into the theater. There was one guy in the theater. An older Asian guy was stroking his cock. But, he didn't really appeal to me. So, I quickly left the theater and headed for the video booths. The booths here are very dated. They only have half doors on them that don't lock. So, you can see who's in the booth and see the action going on. But the nice thing is that the majority of the booths have glory holes between them. I strolled down the hall of booths. Only one booth was occupied. I went into the adjoining booth and peeked through the hole. A tall black guy in his mid 40's was stroking his cock, watching str8 porn. I knelt at the hole and did the "finger tap" through the hole to show him that I was there and interested in sucking him. He saw my taps and stood, turning to me and putting his 9", uncut bbc up to my lips at the hole. I sucked on his foreskin, then began to worship his beautiful cock. He was rock hard and I could taste some precum at his piss slit. I'd suck him until he was getting close to cumming, then he'd pull from my mouth to keep from cuming. This went on for about 15 minutes of me edging him. He'd get close to cumming, then pull away for a moment before putting his bbc back into my mouth. I really wanted his bbc in my ass. I stood, dropped my shorts and put my ass up to the hole. BINGO! He spit on my hole and put his swollen cockhead to my hole. I took some drags on my poppers as he pressed into me. His cock felt awesome as he began to pound my hole with his thick, long dick. He'd again get close to cumming, then pull his cock from me for a moment to calm down. He was in no rush to cum. It took another 10 minutes or so of him fucking me, before his pace became fast and furious. I could hear his heavy breathing from the other side of the wall as he was ramming into me. The wall was shaking and squeaking as he slammed his big dick into me. Finally I heard a loud growl and grunt as he filled my ass with his hot load. He pulled his cock from me. So I stood, pulled up my shorts and left my booth, just as he was leaving his. I could see his face better. He was very handsome and athletic looking. I thanked him as I passed him. He just smiled at me. My legs were sore, so I decided it was time to leave the store and head home. I checked my phone as I got into my car. There was a message for me on BBRT from one of my "regulars". I had messaged him earlier in the day to see if he was available. He said he had a fuck lined up with a tourist in town. But this new message from him said the tourist had flaked out on him and had not gotten back to him. So, he was available. I told him I was still available and could be there in 20 minutes. This guy is a really hot top. He's about my age. Late 50's. He's well over 6'6" tall. Thin, but muscular. His cock is 8"s and average thickness. We went into his living room and undressed. He sat on a chair and told me to worship his already hard cock. I eagerly did so. I sucked and licked his big cock. I licked his balls and licked under his balls to his asshole. I did some serious cock worship for about 10 minutes, then he grabbed my hand, pulled me up and told me to follow him into his bedroom. We stood and kissed for a few moments. Then he began to nurse at my tits. He sucked and chewed on my nipples while reaching behind me and fingering my cum filled ass. "Mmmmm.......... I'm not your first for the day. Am I?", he chuckles. "Get up on the bed. Show me that cum filled pussy", he said. I climb up on his high, king sized bed. I put my ass up as he leans down and licks my hole. "Yum!" he says as his tongue laps at my dripping hole. He hungrily begins to eat my sloppy hole. He's sucking the 2 loads of cum inside me into his mouth. Soon he's standing behind me and slowly begins to press his own giant cock into me. I'm sniffing poppers as I try to relax my ass around his giant cock. From previous experience, I know I'm in for a long fuck session. He likes to take his time, edging himself before he finally unloads. He'd fuck me for about 20 minutes, then pull out and we'd take a break. After about 3 of these 20 minute fuck sessions, he finally seemed to be ready to unload. He grabbed me around the waist and began to ram into me. He let out a loud growl and finally emptied his balls into my hole. After catching our breaths, I dressed and left. I checked my phone again, and found that I had several texts from another one of my "regulars". This guy is really my favorite top. He's in his mid 40's. He's a pumped up, muscular, gym dude with a beautiful body. He's got about 8"s and very thick cock that gets hard as steel. He's fucked me about a dozen times. He fucks hard and deep. Really grinds into me. He can make me cum without even touching myself, because his cock turns up and rubs against my prostate when he fucks. Normally, he's only available to meet on Mondays. But he had gotten home from work early and was wanting to know if I was available? By now, it's almost 6pm. I've been sucking and fucking since just before noon. I was exhausted. My ass and thighs were sore. But, I didn't want to turn down an opportunity to play with him. I texted back that I was up for a quickie if he was still available. He texted back, "Come over. I need your ass". I texted that I could be there in 15 minutes. He answered the door in just his white briefs. My God! He's gorgeous! His perfect, muscular body was so beautiful standing there in the doorway. He's a handsome Spanish/Swedish mix guy with sandy blond hair. I came in and he closed the door. We stood there kissing as I felt his cock swell in my hand as I held it through the cotton fabric of his briefs. He pulled my shirt up and pinched my nipples. Then he sucked on my nipples as he fingered at my hole, through the fabric of my shorts. We went into his bedroom and I took off my clothes. Then I turned to him and dropped to my knees. He loves to have me chew on his cock through the fabric of his briefs. He's now fully hard. I pull the waistband of his briefs over his big cock and pull them to his ankles. He steps out of them. I climb on his bed and put my ass up. He goes to my hole and begins to eat my ass as he always loves to. "You've been a busy boy. How many load in you?" he laughs. "Three. An Asian dude, a black dude and a white dude. Now I need your latin load in me", I chuckle. He hungrily eats my hole, sliding saliva up into my hole with his tongue. Then he stands behind me and slowly presses into me as I'm sniffing the poppers. My ass is now kind of sore, but I'm still loving the feel of his big cock filling my hole. This guy is a passionate lover as well as a magnificent fuck. We alternately fuck, suck, kiss and rim for about a half hour. Finally, he's got me on my hands and knees on the middle of his bed as he's kneeling behind me, ramming into me. He reaches under me and is stroking my cock as he fucks. I begin to moan and groan as I begin to cum. Shooting my hot load onto his sheets. This sets him off and he groans as he shoots his load into my well used pussy. We both collapse onto the mattress as we catch our breath. We lay there kissing for several minutes before we finally separate and begin to dress. I kiss him goodbye and head for my car. I drive home feeling exhausted. I'm a very satisfied, horny, cum hungry, bottom whore. Having spent my afternoon being the whore that I love to be. I've got the day off again today. And I certainly have a hell of a lot of errands I need to be doing. But all I really want to do is again hit the bookstores and get some dick inside me. Sometimes I'm just an insatiable whore. And proud of it.
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    Posted 1 minute ago · Report post the swimmer's gift. I went to the baths that night, after revealing to this hot poz guy--he was so proud of being poz and wanted more--that I was not poz after all. I had claimed this for two years, hoping to interest him in meeting me. it never worked. so I figured it was time to come clean. in his low-key way he did not have much to say, other than asking if I was trying to convert. I had to think about it. "If it happens, it happens," I claimed. "that means you are chasing." he was quite definite in that assertion. maybe he was right. "I have been taking raw loads for fifteen years. nothing." "The next load could be the one." I could not argue that. I had heard stories of guys who were stunned to find out they had converted--finally. in any event, all this talk got me really horny. I visited some bareback porn sites and jacked off. usually that dulled the edge of desire. not that night. I was thinking about going to the baths anyway. my mind was now made up. I suppose in the back of my mind I was thinking about bottoming rather than topping, which is what I did usually. I would get a room, as always, dim the lights and see what would happen. if nothing did, then I would make the rounds. I think I got there just in time to snag one of the last available rooms. I was stoned, and feeling feisty and fine. I looked as good as I had in a while. so instead of a boring towel, I put on an old Bike jock. I had taken a blue diamond before I left home, so I was hard. I pushed my average sized cock down to face south. it was quite apparent I had a boner. I wondered if my lust for raw seed was as evident. I looked in the mirror. wow. I did have a set look. I smiled and winked. I decided to walk around for a while and see what was what and who was whom. in the next corridor, the second door, I stopped cold. while the guy had turned the light down really low, I knew who it was. it was our high school's champion swimmer, who set national records, went to the Olympics. we graduated the same year. he and I never spoke during school, so I was hesitant to walk in on him. he was "nekkid" as they say in our part of the country. and hard. his prick was a little longer than mine, and thicker. "what are you waiting for?" he asked, amiably. I was to find out that was what one might call a double-edged sword. "Uh...what are you into?" I walked in. he indicated I should close the door. I did so. when I turned back around, he was standing there. he began to feel me up as we kissed, his hands exploring my jockstrap. "Damn, man. you are fuckin' hard." "Damn man, I am fucking horny." Pause "You like to fuck?" "Yeah. raw only." "Raw is the law in my world." without pushing my jock down, he got me on my back on the bed. he did not seem to have lube on the shelf by the bed. he did have a bottle of poppers. thoughtfully, he grabbed them, took an incredibly long huff in each nostril, and his mouth, before offering them to me. I started to inhale. he tried to enter. I stopped him just long enough to inhale just enough to let me take his dick. I capped the bottle and tossed it on the bed. "Are you ready, Alex? "What are you waiting for?" With that he pushed his cock in all the way, all at once. I cried out. he laughed. he pulled out and did it again. and again. and again. I ran my hands up and down his chest and sides. he had a wonderful body in high school. it was more worked out now, yet I could feel his ribs. he must have been on a diet. then it hit me: chuck is not only poz, he is full blown. that is why the lights are so low. by now, he had torn me up into what I imagined looked like hamburger meat, and enough precum had leaked out, I supposed, that it was a little late to say, "stop." we traded the poppers bottle and he surprised me by kissing me, hard. he cut my lower lip. I returned the favor. I felt that warm salty feeling of blood. I knew that blood and saliva could pass the bug. by now I just did not care. he kept kissing me for a long time. I wondered if he would ever come. he must have bred at least once that evening before me. he was sweating like a farm animal. he kept at it, his lips on mine, his cock thrusting deeper, as he pulled my hips toward him. "I know you want this. I am giving you what you want." "the gift?" I whispered. he came kissing me, our lips a bit bloody. he smiled, as he pulled up. he did not, however, pull out. he kept his cock in my ass. "Let the seed cook." we both laughed. finally, he pulled out of me and seemed to lose interest. I was about to ask if I could fuck him (my cock was semi-deflated, but I knew I could put a spring into its step--so to speak). his answer "leave the door open when you leave. he took his towel and dried himself. there was no more conversation. he was done with me. I wondered how many other guys he would breed that night. as it turned out, I watched him breed another guy later. I blew a load watching him. it was the second load I blew that night, the first one being in a guy's butt. I wondered then if these were my last neg loads? more to come?
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    I answered an ad on CL last night. The ad said 2 Arab men were wanting their cocks sucked in their hotel room at the MGM Grand Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. I replied to the ad. We shared a couple of pics and emails back and forth, then they invited me to come to their room. They described themselves as a 45 year old Turkish rug salesman, 5'10", 190lbs, very hairy, light brown skin, brown eyes, rugged good looks and about a 7" cock. The other guy was his assistant, 26 years old, Moroccan, 5'7", 145lbs, dark skin, mostly smooth with some chest hair. 6" cock. They were in town for a few days drumming up new clients (stores, designers) to sell their rugs. They said that they had been drinking, were horny, and just needed to get sucked off so they could sleep. I traveled to the MGM as quickly as I could get there. I got to the room and knocked on the door. The older guy, the Turk answered the door. He was wearing a white tank style tee-shirt and boxers. He certainly was as handsome and masculine as his pics. His light, chocolate skin and thick, dark body hair looked beautiful to me in his tank shirt. He invited me in. As I entered his hotel room, I could see his buddy lying on one of the beds. He was also a nice looking young guy. Dressed similarly in a tank tee-shirt and boxers. They had some str8 porn playing on the tv. Hooked up to a laptop on the desk beside the tv. The older Turkish guy said his name was Omer. His buddy's name was Youssef. Omer quickly stepped out of his briefs and sat on the edge of the bed. I quickly undressed and grabbed my ever present poppers, then knelt on the floor, at the foot of the bed, between Omer's legs. I took his limp cock into my mouth. It didn't take long for Omer's cock to begin to swell, lengthen and thicken in my mouth. As Omer got to full 7" hardness in my mouth, he told Youssef to come sit next to him on the bed. Omer says to me, "Youssef is normally my cocksucker and pussy boy. He sucks very well. And has a beautiful ass to fuck. But he's becoming a very good salesman. He's becoming a man, now. I felt he needed to be treated to a cocksucker, himself. What better place than Las Vegas for that. Yes?", Omar said with a laugh. I continued to suck on Omer's cock as Youssef got naked and sat next to Omer. As I came up off of Omer's cock, I could see that Youssef was already hard. I scooted over and took Youssef's cock into my mouth. He moaned lightly as I began to suck him. "You like?" Omer asked him. "Fuck, yeah", Youssef replied. I began to take turns sucking both their cocks. I also would lick and suck their balls. Omer's very hairy. Youssef's mostly smooth. Then I lifted Omer's legs a bit. He knew what I wanted. He pulled his knees to his chest and I began to devour his extremely hairy asshole. It was clean, but musky smelling and tasting. It had been a long time since I'd eaten such a hairy hole. It was a real turn on. Then Youssef climbs up on the bed. He's on his hands and knees, with his smooth, dark skinned ass facing us. "Eat his boy pussy", Omer commanded. I climb up on the bed and bury my face in his beautiful, smooth, black ass. I'm licking his hole and spreading his ass cheeks to get my tongue in deeper. I feel Omer now fingering my hole. He presses one of his fingers into me. My ass is dry, so it hurts a bit. "Do you have lube?" I ask. Omer walks to the bedside table and pulls out a bottle of lube. He comes back and lubes up my hole and his rock hard cock. I take some deep drags of my poppers and then go back to eating the young man's hole. Omer now presses his very large and thick cock into me. He doesn't give me any time to adjust to his size, he just slides up into me in one, quick, thrust. It hurts a bit. But I take another drag of poppers and my ass begins to adjust. He wastes no time beginning his pounding. He's holding my waist tightly as he pounds into me. Youssef now turns over and I go back to sucking on his cock as his boss fucks me. Omer fucks me for about 15 minutes, then tells Youssef that it was his turn to fuck me. Omer pulls out and Youssef climbs off the bed and stands behind me. He rams his cock into me. His cock is much smaller and thinner than Omer's, so it goes in easily and quickly. Youssef is very vocal in his enjoyment of my ass. He's moaning and groaning with pleasure as he's fucking me. Youssef didn't take long to cum. Maybe 3 or 4 minutes of heavy pounding, then his body began to shake and he growled as his cock unloaded inside my ass. As soon as Youssef pulled his cum covered cock out of me, Omer again slammed his cock back into me. He was now a man on a mission. Omer now was slamming into me with great force. He and I were both grunting with each thrust of his into my cunt. He was going so deep into me, it was hurting just a bit, but felt amazing at the same time. I took a few more deep drags on the poppers and squeezed my hole onto his big cock. Just a couple of minutes of his heavy pounding resulted in Omer grabbing my hips firmly with his hands, he rammed deep into me and held his cock there. I could feel him shake as his cock throbbed in my ass. He was filling my guts with his hot seed. He was groaning, grunting and moaning as he continued to shoot into me. My ass was milking his cock of every ounce of juice I could get him to deposit in me. Then he slowly pulled from me and presented his cock to Youssef to clean off. Youssef hungrily cleaned his boss's cock of Omer's cum and my ass juices, like a hungry orphan. Then, without any words, Omer began to dress. Youssef climbed off the bed and dressed as well. So, I did the same. I nodded and smiled as I said, "Thanks! Enjoy the rest of your time in Vegas", as I left the room. Damn! It was quick, but, very HOT!
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    Link to my Dropbo is below, which contains pics and a video sub-folder of me being a chem whore and/or getting used like the bottom slut I am. TxChemWhore's Dropbox
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    So, I was able to make really good time fleshing out and proof reading this chapter before work tomorrow. As asked, I tried to include some hot pipe smoking, as well as give some hot reading material. Since I work for the next few days, I likely won't be able to update until the weekend unless I get home pretty early. As always, enjoy guys, and let me know what you think! -- PART 2: Just a Perfect Taste of What’s to Come The sound of running water being shut off was the first thing to wake me up. The normally soft sound hammered through my head making me cringe as all my other senses slowly started to wake up. The first of my other senses was taste. Jesus, I thought to myself, did I lick an ashtray? Next, I opened my eyes only to instantly regret it as I was immediately greeted to a stray beam of sunlight coming in through the window. My head felt like it had split open. “So…” I said to myself out loud, “This is being hung over. Fucking hell…” Taking a deep breath, I forced myself to sit up. This too was a bad idea. I started coughing, and my throat felt like it was on fire, as well as a deep thickness to my chest. Then I felt the slick wetness in my ass. 'God, how drunk was I to have shit the bed?' I thought to myself, but then, upon inspection, I found none of the telltale signs. “Seriously?” I groaned out loud, “just what the fuck did I do last night?!” “I think a better question would be what didn’t you do last night,” a deep voice asked from the bathroom. I jumped off the bed, shocked at the sudden intrusion of the strange voice from the bathroom. A dull ache immediately shot through my ass, and then everything from the night before rushed back to me. The breakup. The bar. The scotch. The crying into my drink. The smoking. Holy shit! The smoking! I don’t smoke! What in the holy fuck? And what happened after the smoking… I remembered that we had gotten into a car or maybe it was a truck. We smoked and groped each other the entire way back to the hotel, and I fumbled to get the key out of my pocket. The entire time, the hot guy from the bar… name like a president… Johnson… no… his name was Jackson, was grabbing my ass in one hand and his cigar and my crotch, licking down my neck as I puffed away on what must have been my second cigar. We made it into the room and immediately started stripping. Jackson, rubbing his dick through the leather pants he was wearing, watched me as I struggled drunkenly to pull off my pants. Suddenly, he was in front of me, putting his hand on my chest and pushing me backward onto the bed. Taking a deep inhale on the nearly spent cigar, he looked down at me and smiled before he shifted the cigar into the corner of his mouth and proceeded to expertly pull my jeans and underwear off in one swift movement. “Nice set your packing there son,” he replied, eyeing my now naked body. “Thanks, your's is nice to-shiiiiiiiiit,” I replied with a slight muffle around the cigar in my mouth, as he quickly pulled the cigar out of his mouth, lifted my legs over his shoulders and began to lick and probe at my asshole with his tongue and fingers. “Nice tasty hole too,” he continued, taking a quick break to take another puff of the cigar, “Going to love fucking that all night. Can't wait to see it gaping after I fuck it.” At this point, I was lost to the world, puffing away at the cigar in my mouth as this hot mountain of a man continued to work at my hole, loosening it up for the giant piece of meat in his pants. I continued to moan as he stretched me out, first with one finger, then two. At this point, I probably looked to the world like the chimney at a coal plant. Cigar deep in my jaw, inhaling fully on the cigar and letting the smoke jet out of my nose and mouth. I let out a curse as he shoved another 2 digits into my hole and began to rub hard on my prostate gland deep in my hole. At this point, both of us knew what was going to happen next. Slowly, he stood up, satisfied at his assault on my former tight hole. Looking down at me, he reached into his pocket and grabbed a small brown bottle. Pulling my cigar out of my mouth, he set it on an ashtray. He then handed the bottle to me, and as I went to ask him what it was for he replied, knowing already what I planned to ask. “Open the bottle and sniff deep on them,” he said as he stepped back and started pulling his pants off. I looked down, suddenly catching a glance at the giant, uncut 10” cock he had firmly stuffed in his pants as the seemingly jumped out of his pants. Even in my drunken state, my eyes grew, knowing that there was no way in hell it would fit. “Just sniff the bottle and let me do the rest,” he said, sensing my worry after taking a single glance at his package. The alcohol was still coursing through my veins, as I slowly nodded and did as he said. Being a proper medical professional, I had been a good boy all my life. I have never drunk as a teen, smoked, did drugs or even had sex until I had met Matt in college. Hell, I hadn't even taken anything stronger than a Tylenol until I had my wisdom teeth out at 19. Yet, here I was, about to start sniffing poppers, smoking heavily on a cigar, no... my second cigar after getting trashed on scotch. And set to have sex with a stranger. All without hesitation. At first, I felt nothing as the strange smelling fumes went up to my nose. Then, I felt it. Everything in my body relaxed, and I watched as the man above me slowly brought his cock towards my face. “Want to suck me, boy?” he asked, reaching over to the table and setting the spent cigar that was formerly in his mouth into the ashtray. I nodded and returned the smile he gave me. Turning away, he went over to his previously forgotten leather pants and grabbed a lighter and what had to be a massive pipe out of the side pocket. Again, it was my turn to be mesmerized. He slowly brought the large lighter to the bowl of the pipe, lighting it with the flame, and began to slowly circle it, puffing and bring the pipe to life. Flipping out the bottom of the lighter, he began to press the tobacco threatening to break free of the confines of the bowl back in and began to light it once again, this time bringing with it large clouds of smoke. All I could do is watch in awe as he performed the ritual, my cock somehow getting even harder as he then turned his attention back to me. “Daddy’s gonna need this for all the pounding he's got planned on your tight hole,” Jackson growled, letting smoke curl out of his mouth. Walking over to me, he grabbed his dick and aimed it at my mouth. “Suck on my meat slut,” he growled at me, staring down at me on the bed through hooded eyes. Slowly, I took him into my mouth, my jaw stretching uncomfortably as I struggled to fit him fully into my mouth. Slowly, I was able to get deeper and deeper until I could feel him threatening to hit the back of my throat. I grabbed his balls and began tugging on them as my gag-reflex started to kick in, eliciting a growl of approval. “It’s time to slam into that cum-dump boy,” Jackson replied, pulling his cock out of my mouth with a loud plop. I stared at his massive, glistening dick, a string of what had to be precum and my spit slowly dripping off the tip. Jackson made his way back to the foot of the bed and brought my feet back above his shoulders, the large pipe resting on his lips as smoke slowly rose out of the bowl. Reaching down, he grabbed the now forgotten bottle of poppers and my half smoked and now unlit cigar from the ashtray. Opening the bottle, he took a few hits before putting the bottle under my nose. I took a few hits myself and he closed the bottle before shoving the cigar in my gaping mouth. Closing my lips around the thick cigar, he brought his now lit lighter to the edge of the stick. I drew on it, bringing the cigar back to life slowly, inhaling with each puff. “Good fucking cum pig…” he growled as I puffed away, “Daddy likes his cock whore smoking.” I vaguely noticed each time he called me those dirty names that my cock jerked, and had even started dripping precum on its own as the words got nastier. Removing the lighter, he put out the flame and threw it on the bed. Pulling the pipe out of his mouth, he worked up a load of spit and drooled it onto my openly exposed hole. I felt my hole pucker as the warm saliva slowly moved across it. Taking another puff of his pipe, he then spit another mouthful onto his large, veiny cock. “Take a deep haul on the cigar you slut,” he growled, shoving the head of his dick against my hole, “Daddy’s coming home.” I did as he said and took a deep draw on the cigar as I felt him shove his dick head against my stubborn opening. It fought for several moments as his large cock pushed harder and harder. Suddenly, my hole gave up the fight and I nearly screamed as 10 solid inches slowly made its way into my formerly tight hole. He rested for a minute as my hole raged against the sudden intruder deep in its depths. Slowly, the pain ebbed away, calmed as I slowly started smoking the cigar in my jaw again. In my pain, I had bit down somewhat on the stick, and thankfully it now sat perfectly on the side of my mouth. As Jackson slowly started pumping in and out of my ass, I focused on the bright, glowing cherry slowly moving up the stick. I timed his pumps into my ass and his smokey exhales with the inhales on my cigar, slowly beginning to relish on the loosening of my hole, now loosening against his steady assault. Suddenly, Jackson changed positions, and with a slight grunt from him towering above me, my hole suddenly felt slicker. We continued on with this for what felt like an hour, but in hindsight was likely only half that. Looking down, he smiled at my hard cock, drooling from the stready slamming of the sweet spot inside my as, and took hold of my cock, coating the palm of his hand before roughly stroking it. “Good boy,” he let out with a low moan as my hole involuntarily squeezed hard on his dick, “You’re making Daddy so happy. He wants to see you shoot a big load for him. Grip onto Daddy’s dick with your fucking cumhole.” Nodding, I complied and began to tighten my hole, immediately loving the sensation as he began to slam somehow ever harder into my ass. Finally, I felt my balls tighten, and as I began to cum, my back and head involuntarily arched backward, my jaw gripping even tighter on to the nearly spent cigar in my mouth. I felt his cock slam into my ass one last time before I felt his cock twitching in my ass as he let out one final yell. "Take all of my Daddy sperm! It's time to knock up that hole!" We both laid there in silence as we slowly recovered from our shared orgasms. Stirring slightly, he rubbed his hands on my chest and pinched each of my nipples. Eliciting another small gasp and pucker of my hole, he smiled. Both of us equally spent, he removed my now spent cigar out of my mouth, and then his apparently now fully smoked pipe from his. Grabbing them gently, he set both down into the ashtray beside my head and proceeded to kiss me, shoving his large tongue deep in my mouth before pulling his slowly deflating cock out of my ass. We scooted up on the bed and I must have fallen asleep, slowly tracing my finger around the scorpion shaped tattoo on his left shoulder. And that’s when I realized what my drunken self the night before had not. I knew that what that tattoo meant. Either this man was born at the end of October or beginning of November, or worse. I saw that tattoo twice before, both times at work during my rotation in I.D. I might have just let an HIV positive man come in my ass. Without protection. Jumping up, I let out a horrified “OH FUCK!”, both do the shock of what my stupid drunken ass had done the night before, and the now sharp sting emanating from my ass. Sticking his head out of the bathroom, Jackson looked at me and made a small smile. “Sore, huh?” he asked, grinning as he stepped into the room, wearing nothing but a towel with a quickly growing tent from what was likely a semi-hard monster cock underneath. “No! I mean… well yes… but fuck… we…” I sputtered, trying to find my words as I struggled with my sudden realization. “Fucked?” he asked, “Yeah, and damn boy, you have a mighty fine ass. And no way in hell you aren’t a smoker! I’ve never seen anyone smoke like that and not be one.” “Shit!” I yelled, starting to pace the room, “Shit-shit-shit!” “You ok?” he asked, looking at me confused. “No! You’re poz, aren’t you?!” I nearly yelled, looking at him and pointing my finger. “Um… well, yeah…?” he asked, still confused. “SHIT!” I screamed, grabbing at my hair as I paced even faster. “Well, I mean I am undetectable but… Dude,” he asked slowly, “Are you ok?” I stopped and stared at him for a few moments before exploding. “DO I LOOK OK?! I JUST HAD UNPROTECTED SEX WITH YOU!” I yelled, starting my pacing again. “Um, calm the fuck down,” Jackson replied, a slightly disgusted look spreading across his face. “I’ve got to go get on Prep, I gotta get tested… shit!” I muttered, my breathing quickening as everything came crashing down. “Wait…” Jackson slowly drawled out, “You’re neg?” “Of course I am!” I replied as I stared at him bewildered. “Oh fuck dude…” he continued, as the realization finally struck him, “I just though you were poz since you came in the bar last night…” “What?!” I asked, becoming confused as my mind fail to understand where his line of thought was going. “Uh, last night was poz night at the bar… well, unofficially…” he replied, slowly making his way to the edge of bed before sitting down. “Officially it’s “Daddy Dick” night, but well… yeah. I figured you knew. Everyone does.” “Well, I fucking didn’t!” I replied, my breathing quickly increasing as tears started to form on my face. “Look,” Jackson asked, “You obviously work in medicine right?” Confused, I stared at him not knowing how he knew this. Guessing at why I was confused, he pointed to the closet. “I hung up my clothes and noticed the scrubs and doctor tools and stuff. I’m going to guessing nurse, maybe? Med student? Obviously too young to be a doc.” Slowly, I nodded, trying to follow his logic. “Well, I’m fully medicated and undetectable,” he continued, “So your chances of actually contracting it are what?” “At most, 0.45% over the course of a year of unprotected sex… or less depending on the study you read,” I replied, automatically blurting out one of the millions of facts I had picked up along my course. “So essentially nil,” Jackson said. “But it’s not impossible,” I replied, nervous but more slightly relieved. “Thank god you only came in me once.” “Well,” Jackson replied, a fond smile on his face, ”more like 3 times. I tend to come several times when I really get into it.” Tension filled my body as I slowly looked over at him. “Not helping,” I ground out, “ Really, really not helping. But thanks for trying.” “Jake, right?” he asked, waiting for me to shaking my head in affirmation before he continued, getting up from the bed and pulling on his clothing, “Look, I kinda get where you're coming from. I was somewhat in your shoes once not all that long ago." He looked down at his watch before continuing. "I have to head to work. Maybe it would be a good idea to wrap your head around what happened last night.” I slowly nodded, secretly fighting the mildly nauseous feeling deep in my stomach as he continued. “I had fun, you seemed to have fun too. And frankly, I’d love to do it again. But only when you want to.” “I… uh…. thanks…” I replied, still unsure of how to reply, my mind racing. Surely it had been one of those drunken one-time things. I’m not one to those types of guys. I don’t do those types of things. Right? “Here,” he said, pulling out his wallet and handing me a business card from inside, “Take it. Has my cell on it. If you ever want to pick up from here, let me know. Or if you just need someone as a contractor for your house.” Nodding, I slowly willed my self to politely take the card as he made his way to the door. “Take care,” he replied, lifting his hand behind him. Softly I muttered a 'you too' as he softly closed the door. I sat in silence for a few moments. Looking around the room, I saw my phone sticking slightly out of my pocket, abandoned in the activities the night before. Gingerly, I stood up and pulled the phone out, placing my finger over the home button. I frowned as the screen remained stubbornly dead. “Damn it…” I sighed, making my way to the bag and after a short search, finding the thin white cord and power block. Looking around, I finally saw a power port on the bedside lamp and grabbed my boxers, plugged the phone and pulled on my underwear. Soon enough, my phone lit up and a small ding emanated from it. With a sigh, I grabbed it and stared at the screen. 47 missed calls. 101 text messaged. 35 voicemail. All undoubtedly from Matt. “Fuck…” I muttered, rubbing my hand on my face, “Isn’t this just a perfect taste of what’s to come?” END OF PART 2
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    Dad’s Basement Part Eleven “Be ready for what, Son” “Anything Garrett” I mumbled in my sleep. “Anything?” “Garrett said anything” “Morning” “Dad” I said jumping up in bed. He was kneeling next to my bed, fully dressed for work, grinning ear to ear. It was morning, almost seven. “Son, any plans today?” he asked. “Well…..” “Ten a.m. Garrett is picking you up.” “You know” He lifted his phone, showing me the text messages from Garrett. Fuck, why was he being sneaky last night. “Garrett felt guilty trying to sneak you out to his favorite book store so he text me this morning for permission” Dad said, standing up. “Shit” I said, “Can I go Dad?” “Have fun Squirt, just tell me all the whorey details” he said laughing, “Whoery details, get it Son…I crack me up” he added as he left my room. “Corny Dad, Fucking Corny” I yelled at him. I got up, scratched my naked ass and headed to the kitchen. I needed food then get ready for Garrett to arrive. Won’t be too long before he gets here, time flies you know. I was right Garrett arrived at a quarter to ten. He honked over and over, until i came out to his truck. As I got in, he was shacking his head no, repeating the same line over and over: “Not going to do” “What?” I asked. “Your clothes, they won’t cut it. Easy access is the key” he said turning off his truck, “Come on” Off we went to back into the house, straight to my room. “Let me show you, First, just sneakers, loosely tied, no socks, easier to kick on and off. Short shorts, no buttons, drop and go, and forget underwear, fuck no jockstrap either. and a skimpy tank. The less amount to deal with the better the slut.” he said. I stripped and changed into something similar. Then looked him straight in the eye and said: “Where do you stick your poppers, smart ass? Up your ass?” Without saying a word, he pulled on a chain hanging around his neck, tucked neatly inside his tank was a bottle of poppers, lid attached to the chain. “Pro whore” he said pointing to his chest, “Novice” pointing to me. A grin came over his face and he busted up laughing. “Got you one in the truck. Guy who owns the place knows you are coming so it’s cool. Don’t get all scared, just be cool. Skin is here to show you the way” He said as he grabbed his cock through his shorts. We got back in the truck and left, I had so many questions but just wanted to be cool and not look like an idiot in front of Garrett. It was about a half hour drive to the bookstore. It was just a plain looking building, if it didn't have a sign that said 18 and over on the door, you wouldn’t know it was a bookstore at all. “Get’s busy about noon, so I have time to teach you a few things” We got out and went inside. The clerk smiled when he saw Garrett, they talked shit as I stood there, quickly looking around, There were shelves after shelves of DVD,s fake cocks in packages, and toys I didn’t even know existed. Garrett grabbed my hand, pulling me towards a door near the back corner. I head a buzzer and we entered. It was dark, smelled of cum, piss, and body odor. There was a sign that pointed the way to the Main Theatre and another that pointed the way to Booths. Across from that was a case hanging on the wall with DVD covers in them. A mixture of gay and straight porn. “These show on channels on the TV’s in the booths” Garrett said, “let me show you” We walked around and he showed me the area of the booths, there were a couple of doors closed with lights on above. Occupied - he mouthed silently. I didn’t see any other men in this area. He pulled me into a booth and shut the door. “Okay, some men come to jack to porn only, mostly straight men - shooting their loads on the floor wasting it - but you can come in scoop it up and shove it up your hole. Almost as good as being fucked” he said. “Some guys only want blow jobs, cuz their wives don't suck, some just like the glory hole blow jobs, some you can join in the booth - but always swallow their loads, makes them shoot bigger.” “And some want to fuck a hot ass, avoid the chicken shits that use condoms, which is 1 in a million of the men that come in here” “If they want to play, they leave the door open, giving the rest a show” he said, “I ask you want heads or tails” “You don’t need a lesson on the glory holes, so let’s go to the Main Theatre” We headed off to the theatre, just as a door opened and a older man walked out, adjusting his fly. He headed to the exit and left. I went to his booth and looked at the floor, there was a big puddle of cum in the middle, just sitting there. I stepped in, making sure I didn't step in it, pulled down the back of my shorts, exposing my ass and hole, scooped up the cum and pushed it in deep using my fingers. I looked up to see Garrett watching me from the door way. “So fucking hot, Boy” he said. I looked down at his shorts and he was hard, Skin made a nice bulge in his short. I pulled up my short and followed him to the Main Theatre. I was just like a normal theatre, only smaller, and was playing porn, damn straight porn. There was a gap between the entrance and the back row of seats. With a slightly higher than the waist wall against the back row. “In here, you can suck cock mostly, straight men will gather around you and you have a big ole suck fest. Not much fucking goes on in this big room, but I have been in some just like this in other cities and everything goes in it.” “Let’s go back to the booths and find some cock, Boy” Over a short span of time, men started to trickle into the booth area. I watch this one man, tall, handsome with a beard, dressed in business attire head into a booth. He stared at me, rubbing the front of his slacks. Quickly he jerked his head for me to come over. I went right to him, and entered his booth. The door quickly shot and locked. “Dropped your short young man, let me see that ass” I did, turned and bent over slightly, giving him more access to my ass. There was a glory hole in front of me and I looked through to see Garrett on his knees sucking a Latino man’s uncut cock. He winked when he saw me. I heard the man unzip his fly. I knew he was getting his cock out. He spit in in hand and massaged it into my hole. His cock pushed against my hole hard, I took a deep breathe and it popped in. He drove it deep in me. I moaned letting Garrett know I was getting fucked. Thought the glory hole, Garrett had taken the uncut cock out of his mouth and silently said “That’s my boy” The business man had grabbed my hips and was thrusting harder and harder into my ass, grunting the whole time. Each grunt got louder and louder. His dress pants rubbed against my exposed ass. “Sounds like someones getting fucked” was yelled out side the booth. “Hot fucking boy ass” grunted the business man to those out side. “Fucking breeding him now” he yelled as he slammed his cock deep into my hole. I had to brace myself against the wall to keep from being pushed over. He quickly pulled out and produced a hankie from his pocket, wiping his cock. It was the first time I saw it. It was average length and girth, cut, but effective. Tucking it back in and zipping up, he put his hand on my back. “Thanks, Son, oh stay just like that.” with that he unlocked the door and left leaving it wide open. I could see men passing by looking. A guy in blue pants and stripped shirt entered next. He wasn’t a business man, he looked more like a wrecker driver. I could smell the cigarette on his breath, it was that strong. “Looking for some dick, boy?” he asked “Fuck me like a bitch” I replied, not sure where that came from. No other words were spoken. I pulled the chain for my poppers and took a deep hit. At the same time he had unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. It was hard and dripping already. It was not as big as the last one but I didn't care. He aimed his cock and roughly stabbed it inside me. I opened up. He grabbed my hips and started pumping his cock in and out. A couple of times he came out only to shove it back in. Within about three minutes he was grunting, shooting his load into me. Quick trigger I thought. He quickly pulled out, unlocked the door and ran, I don’t think he had his cock away before he was out the door. I looked through the glory hole and Garrett was gone and the booth was empty. “You need a real man to fuck your hole boy” said a man behind me entering my booth. He was behind me, holding my head with one hand, keeping me from turning around, while the other closed and locked the door. “Eyes front fucker” he ordered. I could hear him undoing his pants and them dropping to the floor. His fingers explored my crack, moving up and down. Finally he stopped at my hole, shoving his finger in deep. I yelped quietly. My eyes on the glory hole and the empty booth next door. Without a word, he pressed his cock against my hole and shoved it in, lubed with the two men’s cum before him, it drove in balls deep. This fucker was thick. He continued to press against me. Grabbing my hips, he pulled his cock out and rammed it back in. I knew this wasn't going to be an easy fuck. He liked it rough. Harder and harder he slammed into me. My breathing got heavier as he continued the assault on my hole. My cock was rock hard and jump with each thrust in. A man entered the booth on the other side of the glory hole. He squated down until his face was in front of his side of the hole, and smile. Seeing that I was getting fucked in my booth. He stood up, with his crotch right in front of the hole. I watched as he popped open the button fly of his jeans, exposing his crotch hair and the root of his cock. The man behind me still had my waist tight in his grip as his cock pumped in and out of me. His balls bounced back and forth with his movements. The new man dropped his jeans, fully exposing his cock and balls. I licked my lips. “Wanna suck that cock, faggot?” the man fucking me said. Before I could answer he pushed me forward with his hips, never taking his hard cock from my hole. I was less than an inch away from the hole, I stuck my tongue through signaling to the new cock I wanted it in my mouth, wanted to suck it. I grabbed for my poppers again and took a deep hit. The glory hole remained empty. Dropping my eyes to hole, I could see the man jacking his hardening cock. HIs hand took long strokes from the base to the head. I watch hungrily as it thickened. His balls bounced a little with each stroke. The cock in my hole was also growing, thicker. His pounding of my hole will soon be over, as I knew he was going to cum. His grunts became louder as he drew close, until he rammed his cock deep inside me. I could feel it jump and pulse as his cum exploded out of his piss slit. “Take that fucking cum deep in your shitting, you fucking faggot whore” the man yelled at the top of his lungs. The man on the other side of the glory hole began to stroke faster, balls drawing up closer to his body. My face still at the hole, he yells: “Open your mouth!” I immediately open as wide as possible as just the tip of his head appears at the hole and cum starts flying at my face and mouth. I tried to catch as much of his load as I could with his mouth, but it went every where, cheeks, forehead, chin and hair. I wanted to lock my lips around the head but he wouldn’t let me. The man in my ass was still pressing against me, twitching his cock inside me, until he slowly starts to move his cock in and out, milking the rest of his load into my hole. I could feel his cock softening, I squeezed my ass and it popped out. He wiped his cock on my ass checks as the other man bend down and said thought the glory hole. “Don’t fucking wipe off my cum from your face, wear it the rest of your time here whoring your holes, and then home” I agreed. By now the man that was fucking me was dressed and out the door. Leaving me alone again in the booth, bent over ass exposed to all. The other booth was empty as too. I stood to stretch my back, but quickly bent over again when someone walked up behind me. “You didn’t let that man fuck you and breed you did you?” the stranger said. “Yeah” “Dude he is a walking disease, he comes in here and spreads it, not caring who you are” I just shrugged my shoulders, turned back exposing my ass and bent over. The wait wasn’t long until a Mexican man came into the booth and shut the door. He felt me up over and over, going from my hole to my cock and balls between my legs. I reach back to feel his crotch, but he knocked my hand away, telling me No. I just let him feel me up, not paying him any mind and watched through the glory hole. The other door was open and I could see men passing by walking around. I thought I saw Garrett but wasn’t sure. I was sure he was somewhere passing his disease or collecting more. I guess the Mexican man got scared, or shoot off in his pants, because he quickly left and shut the door. I stood up. I decided to sit and wait. I flipped through the channels looking for porn, bareback porn. What I found was okay, not what got me off but okay. Then I waited.
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    Today two of Atlanta. Started out with a 26 year old 6 foot 6 Black Stallion who bred me twice. That was followed by a guy who goes by Anaconda deservedly so. And then a third guy who is a powerlifter bear type. I took a nap after that and then hit the gym. Then I had dinner with a friend and prepared for the evening. A spectacular evening I visited first the den which is a sex club that caters to men of color were several super hung black guys mounted me and plowed me good. Then I went over to the bathhouse Flex where I spent from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. A good deal of it with spin in the sling and my sex partner count was even higher today than it was yesterday. Really excited to see that I've passed the 240 mark for the year
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    PART 7 About five more old men fucked me and thoroughly bred my ass that early morning after Hank unloaded inside me. When everyone was gone, I slept for a couple of hours, cum covering and leaking out my hole; my white jock torn and drenched. I took a shower in that motel room and marveled at the ache in my hole as I stood under the water. I’ve lost count of how many loads I’ve taken up my ass. After getting dressed, I walked out the motel door. My hole felt bruised, but I was reminded with every step of the many cocks and cum loads my hole took the night before. It’s been a week since that night and Hank hasn’t texted, and neither has Phil. So I took down my profile from the safe-sex website, and logged on to BarebackFuckers.com when I could, to see if there were any men wanting to fuck me. Many of the men who fucked me in the motel “buddied” me with messages like, “Your ass still sore, boy?” and “Can I bare fuck that perfect jock butt of yours again?” Knowing that I’d want these men again, I kept my replies short and sweet: “Yep. Still sore. Thanks” and “Yes, sir. Let’s schedule a time.” I publicly buddied these men back with the relationship designated as “Fuckbuddies” on every one. With that, it seemed, many of their top friends wanted in on breaking in my butt. Leon wrote me a message. “It’s game day, jock boy. Are you going to get in my car after your game? I’ll take you to my place where I’ll undo your pants and bend you over and bareback your hole through your jockstrap again. Leave you with another of my loads deep inside. I can drive you to your team’s bar afterwards. $1,000. You’ll have a load up your butt and wad in your pocket.” I laughed and answered the message. “Sure thing, Leon. I’m all in. $1,000. I’ll meet you at your car after the game. The coach usually gives a pep talk afterward, but it shouldn’t take too long.” It was almost 12:30 when I met up with Leon at his car. We had won, and I was eager to celebrate with Leon’s large raw cock up my butt. He unlocked the passenger’s side door and I got in. The old man immediately perved over me in my uniform. He put his hand over my crotch and felt the mound of my protective cup. He knocked on it and smiled, hearing the thud of hard plastic, before reaching into my pants to pull the cup out and throw it to the floor. As we drove, he rubbed my hard cock through the polyester/lycra baseball pants. My precum, having saturated my jock pouch, created a wet spot on the the front of my white pants. When we pulled into Leon’s garage, he closed the door and immediate put his face in my crotch. He put the wet spot on my baseball pants into his mouth and began sucking. My cockhead felt the heat of Leon’s mouth through the fabric and my cock only pushed harder against the fabric to feel Leon’s mouth. As my hardon strained against the fabric, I forced more precum into the jock pouch and pants, wanting Leon to feed off of my young sperm. But, ultimately, it wasn’t my cock that Leon wanted. “Get out and lean against the hood,” he demanded. My pants were already unsnapped and unzipped. So, I got out and leaned over the hood of the car on the passenger’s side. Leon walked around the car and positioned himself behind me. His hands explored my ass through the uniform. “Fuck, I can’t believe I get to have this ass again.” I felt Leon pull down my pants slide a finger up my hole. He pulled the finger out and heard him open a canister behind me. He inserted two fingers into my hole with something cool and slick. “That’s Crisco I’m lubing you with. That’s what we used to use in the olden days.” He worked his fingers inside me for about a minute before withdrawing. “Your butt looks amazing in a jock. And that hole—that perfect, pink hole of yours. I’ll bet it’s pink, tight and happy because it’s still neg. But, you want my cock bad, don’t you, boy?” Leon put a bottle of poppers under my nose and told me to breathe in. As I did, Leon talked some more. “Yeah, that’s right my MVP shortstop. You want nothing more than for old Leon to fuck his poz pole into your neg jock hole, don’t you?” The poppers might be something special because I was flying in no time. “Yes, sir.” “Say you want my poz cock.” “I want it. I want your poz cock inside me.” He held the poppers under my nose longer. “Do you want me to put on a rubber? That could be fun.” I thought: But, the Crisco would break the condom. Ohhhh! Leon wants to “stealth” me. Flying on poppers, I managed to say, “Fuck my hole, Leon! Make sure to put on a condom. I’m neg!” “That’s what I like to hear. Hot neg jock boys who want poz daddies to lube them up and put on condoms.” I could hear a condom being taken out of its package. A few seconds later, I could feel Leon’s latex sheathed cock rubbing my hole. He took my hand and forced me to fell the rubber on his cock. “See! All safe.” He slammed it against my hole a few times then entered it, roughly. He pushed all the way into me to bottom out in my guts. “Ahhhhh!” I yelled. Leon once again pushed my head down onto the hood of the car as he mounted my hole. “FUUUUCK that’s big!” “Just wait a bit, Adam, you’ll loosen up for me.” Leon then started long-dicking me with his massive meat. “Stay still and let daddy fuck up that cute boy hole. Hit the poppers again if you need to. I’m taking this hole.” “Fuck!” I grabbed the brown bottle again and hit off it until my whole body tingled with warmth. I could feel Leon ram fucking my ass with his giant cock, but it didn’t hurt so much now. He fucked me like that for 10 minutes, deep drilling me, pushing my legs farther apart to the point that I heard my uniform pants zipper stretch and rip between my knees. Fuck this is hot! Leon pulled out a few times to punch my hole with his cockhead as he reentered me, grunting. He kept his hand on the back of my neck as he fucked me. “Stay still, boy, while I fuck you. I want to bruise up that pink hole of yours so that you’ll feel me all week.” He continued using his cockhead to bust my hole open roughly. I could sense Leon getting close as his grip on the nape of my neck tightened. I used my ass muscles to try to get more of his cock inside me. I heard a snap. “Adam. You’re neg, right?” “Yes, sir” Leon pulled out for a few seconds, doing something with the rubber and pushed back in with a grunt. “Okay, I’m close.” Leon began fucking me hard and fast. “But the condom fucking broke, kid. Sorry, but you gave me this sweet jock ass to use! I’m fucking you raw now. No rubber between us. No safety. You feel my bare cock inside you, Adam? You like it, don’t you!” “Fuck!” “So fuckin hot! I’m gonna fucking charge your hole, Adam.” I struggled under his strong arm but not a lot. I continued to milk his cock with my ass muscles trying to get him to unload. “I’m gonna fucking unload my poz nut up your neg butt, jock boy! BE STILL!” Leon bucked hard into my ass and I soon felt his cock swell and a powerful burst of hot fluid flood me. “MMMnd! Yeah, boy! Take that poz load up that sweet pink hole.” Again more volleys of Leon’s poz cum shot deep inside my rectum. Leon had my head pushed down hard again the hood as he finished off and slipped out of my hole. “Fuck yeah, boy! You took my load like a pro. Get in the car.” I turned around and saw Leon’s major piece of daddy meat covered in Crisco and cum. The broken condom was just a rolled ring of latex at the bottom Leon’s shaft. I pulled up my pants, tucked in my jersey and rebelted my softball uniform and got back into the passenger’s seat. Without cleaning up or removing the condom, Leon pulled up his pants, tucked and buckled, and got into the driver’s seat. Leon gave me one thousand dollars in an envelope and dropped me off at the bar where my team celebrates their wins. “Till next time, boy?” he asked while checking out some of my drunk teammates. “Any time, sir.”
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    Getting ready for all cummers ... an ideal start to a weekend
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    Sitting here with 2 loads in my ass as I write this, though I kinda wish it was more. I had a stroke of inspiration yesterday - allow me to explain. I have a BBC friend who I've met up with pretty regularly for a few years. Good guy, great lay. His cock is perfectly thick (it's to him that I attribute how loose my hole is!), a nice 7 inches, and it curves to the left so that when he lays on his bed and I blow him, it slides right down my throat, effortlessly. He's a jackhammer when he fucks -- but in a good way, going real deep with every stroke so I feel all of him in my ass. We started off using condoms at first. He'd get me going with the brown bottle and use a lot of lube to make fucking effortless. I had been trying to prod him to bareback for a while when one day, I thought he had cum so I reached behind me, slid the condom off his cock, and aimed it back at my hole. I hoped he would at least slide it in for a moment so I could see what he felt like bare. Well, he hadn't yet cum, so he finished that day by pounding my hole raw and finishing inside me. We've played bare every since. It's been a while since I saw him - he's been traveling a lot. I got an email from him a few days ago though, stating that he was back in town and wanted to meet. We made arrangements for tonight. He left an hour ago, and left behind a huge load that's still trickling out of my gaping hole. This time we didn't even need lube. He was slick enough from the hot deep throat I gave him that he slid right in. Here's where the inspiration comes in. Anyone who reads my posts knows that I love multiples, so after we made arrangements to meet I hopped on CL and posted to see if I could get any additional loads once he was gone (he's not into 3somes/groups/gang bangs, his one flaw). So I posted with the title "sloppy seconds," and got a bunch of responses from married guys. Most couldn't make the time frame I specified - he was coming at 7 and I figured 7:30 would be a good time to begin taking other loads - but one guy informed me that it was ideal. He waited down the street and as soon as my friend had left, I sent the address and he came right over. He just left a half hour ago. He didn't have a huge cock, maybe 6" and not overly thick, but he knew what to do with it, and I felt him get harder as he realized how slick I was with my friend's cum. Before long he was ready to shoot, and presented me with a choice I've never had before: he could cum deep, or just inside my hole. Being the cum slut that I am, I opted for deep inside, and I clenched my hole around him as he pulled out to milk every last drop out of his balls. A third guy who told me he was on his way never showed - typical CL flake. But I can rest easy knowing that when I want more cock when my friend is finished with my hole, it's only a post away!
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    It's actually somewhat funny: for as much as I love bottoming, I've been doing a hell of a lot of topping lately. Today I helped out with family in the afternoon and visited a friend in hospital around 9 p.m., and decided to drop by the ABS on the way home. Sucked an older gentleman for less than sixty seconds before he nutted in my throat, then a hot, tight-bodied hispanic lad who couldn't have been more than 22-25 asked me to go into a private room with him. I sucked him for a bit, and then he asked me to fuck him. He pulled out a condom and kept talking about how much he was looking forward to getting fucked, as it doesn't happen very often. I lubed up and got in, and switched between grinding and long-dicking him. I started whispering about how much I wanted to be inside him bare -- "I want to breed you, I want to make you my bitch. You're going to be my cumdump whore, aren't you? You want my load." The more I fucked him, the less he objected, and he finally said "take the condom off, but don't come in my ass." I told him if I took it off, I was going to come in his ass, and he was going to say thank you. He gave me a deer in the headlights look and told me to take the condom off. I asked him if he was sure, and he said yes. He was moaning as soon as he felt my cock inside him: I don't know if he was telling the truth -- 'tho I'm pretty sure he was -- but he said I was the first raw cock he'd ever taken, and within a minute of me going inside, the blew his load. I caught it in my hand, slicked up my dick, and slid back in. He kept saying that he wasn't ready to be fucked so soon after coming, but every time I backed away, he pushed himself onto my cock. And yes, after I bred him, he said thank you.
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    Went to Lab on Berlin last night. Jesus Christ I've never been so used in my life. Berlin you were amazing
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    Early 80's I decided I was gay when I was 11 years old. I remember the moment -- I was sitting at home watching Super Password on TV. It was Summer and I just watched dumb shows all day. There was something I saw that made me face the fact that I wasn't normal. I was instantly depressed. I knew for a fact that I'd never get married and have kids...I was going to have a lonely life. I also knew I had to keep it secret and not let..anybody know. Funny, now looking back, that most people kinda knew already. I was a walking, talking question mark. I always fell in love with one of the husbands on reruns of The Newlywed Game...bUt that's as far as my thoughts would go. 1991 By this time, I was a college graduate and starting my first job as a copywriter for an ad agency. I was the 'quiet kid'. People can sense when you have an invisible wall around you...and they leave you alone. I had no social life whatsoever,but I had a Nintendo and a kick-ass stereo. That was all I had ever wanted or needed. But one day, there was a pamphlet left on my office chair. It concerned my company's policy of offering three free counseling sessions with a therapist. Somebody had noticed how isolated I was -- possibly my boss. I read the list of the shrinks they approved of. One was near where I lived. I didn't feel like I needed therapy, but clearly somebody else did. It was free so I went ahead and made an appointment. I had no idea what to expect. It was a hippy-looking woman with curly red hair and lots of jewelry. Her office smelled like incense. I showed my employee I.d. and signed a piece of paper. And then I sat down and talked. Talked and talked and talked. I wasn't used to speaking out loud, and I told her everything while she took notes and nodded. I used my whole free session just talking about myself. She asked me to come back on Thursday, But maybe I didn't need to, I felt so relived just confessing everything that maybe I was OK now. But I went back. Again and again. I was in the middle of that story I told you about knowing I was gay as a child and how sad it made me. She interrupted me. "When was the last time you remembered to breathe?" "Huh?" "You are paralyzed with fear and sadness...and you don't even take a breath when you talk. You're setting yourself up for an early heart attack. You seem coiled. Lean back a little, sit up straight and be aware of your breathing. Like this...." She closed her eyes and inhaled and exhaled audibly. So I did. "Do I need pills or something?" "Probably. I think you need a massage more. You need to loosen that coil a little. A lot." "So what's wrong with me?" "Nothing that can't be helped ... or fixed." Even after my free sessions were over with, I still went back to see her. She had referred me to a doctor who put me on Prozac and Xanax. I took the meds as directed and tried to be aware of my oxygen intake at all times. I can't say I was cured or anything, but I did change in small ways. At the next session, I told her about the progress I thought I was making. "The more you need a pill, the sooner it works. You even look brighter, but you're still so guarded. Fear is your main issue. Did you ever go to get a massage?" "No. I'm not a big fan of being touched. I'm not comfortable with that." "Ah, yes. Comfort. You love your safety zone. Do you ever hear about Eleanor Roosevelt? She once said that everyone should do one thing each day that makes you uncomfortable." "Like what?" "Talk to a stranger. Smile at a coworker. Go somewhere you've never been. Listen to music you've never given a chance." "Why?" "Once doing something new becomes a habit, you'll see why." I had no idea where to start. I smiled more often and said "good morning" to people at work. It was great...a little bit like acting maybe, but so much positive response came from this experiment. I even started making friends in my office. I tried to go somewhere I'd never been before, but I didn't know where. There was no way I was going to a movie or a restaurant alone. Nobody did that. I wanted to make more and more progress. I was young and not feeling sad. Things could get even better. One day after work, I drove by a little bar called "Changes". The logo on the sign had a silhouette of a cowboy. Obviously a gay place, right? I never drank alcohol, but I was definitely gay. This would be my first new place to go...my new thing that I was afraid to do. People went to bars alone. If it was too weird, I could just leave. It was dark and smoky inside. And pretty much quiet and empty. I could handle this. I expected country music and dudes in cowboy hats, but that wasn't the case. It was just a run-down tavern with no business. I sat at the bar and the tall, lanky bartender came over...and promptly carded me. I was used to it. I had a baby face and looked too new for his liking. I ordered a beer and sat like I'd been there a million times already. There was only two other customers -- one of which was talking to the bartender there at the bar. "Hey," the bartender's friend yelled out. "Come here and talk to us, kid." I moved down and joined their chat. "Scotty has no manners. He should have introduced us. I'm Jeff." "Hi. I'm Dan." I was getting used to this whole talking to strangers thing. I figured they were boyfriends, but I soon figured out they were just buddies. Buddies who loved to gossip. They dished on everyone they knew. I should add something. Talk. "Is it always this empty?" "This time of day it is. It'll pick up pretty soon. Let the rush hour die down a little and they'll be pouring in. You've never been here?" "No. I don't go out to much." "Well. be prepared. It's 2 for 1 drinks on Fridays. Scotty -- give him his other beer." "It's OK. I've barely started this one." "Well...get to drinking. And stick close. I'll tell you about each person who comes in here." So he and I moved closer, and people started to filter in. Dan knew them all. "He's a drag queen - you can tell by the eyebrows." "He's married and has kids.'' "He is a coke-head." And on and on. I kept drinking beer and listening and looking. It was probably not a night I would tell my therapist about. I tuned out as the two of them kept talking. Scotty was busy filling orders as more dudes came Suddenly, Dan got very animated and practically begged his pal to come over. "Did you see? Beer Can is here!' "Oh. HIM. He has the biggest dick in the state...possibly the country." I'd read stories about guys with dicks as 'big as a beer can", but doubted the realness. No way could a penis that thick could get erect. It was an embellishment and a dumb reference that never made sense to me. Hot idea, but pure bullshit. Beer Can was pretty average-looking. He had a nice face and a bit of a gut...but his bulge was obviously pretty big, "What's his actual name?" Dan grabbed my knee. "No. He's not built for amateurs. He's too experienced. And plus I heard someone say they saw him at the drugstore counter, paying for AZT. The AIDS drug. Start slower, smaller." I couldn't help but watch Beer Can walk up to the bar, order drinks and find a spot by himself. "He's a hair stylist. Works out of his house...and he rubs his crotch against the arms of his guy customers. One guy I know sucked his dick and he got AIDS....just from sucking him! No fucking even." For whatever reason, I wanted to know more. And watch him. He didn't look sick. Scotty was busy at the bar and Dan was distracted by a pretty blonde who'd come on to him. I ordered another beer (plus one). and made my way over to sit next to Beer Can. He was giving me a friendly smile as I approached. "Hi. I guess you're drinking alone tonight/' "Hi. Yeah. I'm Ben. You had enough of those two bitches at the bar?" "I'm Josh. I don't know them...it's my first time here." "I guess they told you about me." "Just that your nickname is 'Beer Can'." "Still? I swear...this town sucks. I've been hearing that name as long as I've lived here." "Is it true?" "Not exactly. Why? Is that why you came over here?" "Probably a little. I was just left all by myself and saw you were alone too. This is my very first time in a gay bar." "Hell. Are you even legal to drink?" "I am." "What else did those vipers tell you?" "Just that you cut hair." "Liar. No offense. The whole city knows I have the bug." "Yeah. I heard." "Well, turn around and you'll see everybody looking at us." He chuckled and drank one of my beers. "You seem like a teenager to me. And so new." "Possibly I'm older than you think." "Well...before I get too drunk, I'll show it to you." "Not here. Not with all the people looking." "Afraid?" Damn my fear. It had held me back for so long. "No. Not especially. I just don't to be in a show. They don't deserve to see you. Us." "Good answer. Let's go." "I don't think I should drive now. Let's wait." "I'l drive. Can I come to your place? Is it far?" "I'm only a few blocks from here. And YES, you are welcome to crash at my apartment." "Let's go. And ignore everyone as we leave." I didn't obey that command, and saw the whole bar watch us leave. Scotty and Dan let their jaws drop. What the fuck was I doing? Definitely not telling the therapist about this. On the walk out to the parking lot, I checked his body out a little. He was a few inches taller than me and had broader shoulders. Nice butt. I glanced down at the boots he was wearing. I'd already read that the myth of "big feet = big dick" wasn't true, but it was still always something I noticed. His shoes were large, but nothing special for a man with an alleged beer can between his legs. We got to his car, and he opened the passenger door for me like were going to the prom or something. I settled into the seat ad put my head back. What the hell time was it? He got in next to me. "You're not falling asleep on m are you?" "No. not at all. I just don't drink very often. Give me a minute. I'm gonna have some coffee when we get to my place." Where i it?" I gave him directions and we left. If you've ever tried to force yourself to be sober, you know it's pretty impossible. But I was determined to be smart and be aware of everything. Once we got to my apartment building, I felt a bit of fear rise in me. I knew bringing home a man with "the bug" wasn't the kind of daring thing my therapist was suggesting I do. Fuck her. She probably meant bungee jumping or something. No thanks. Once we got inside my apartment, I noticed it smelled like dust. Maybe it was just in my head, but I lit a wildflower-scented candle anyway. "Nice place. It needs a woman's touch maybe. That big inflatable dinosaur is kinda cool, though. Mind if I get comfortable?" "Make yourself at home." He took off his shoes, socks and shirt -- leaving just his jeans on. He plopped on the couch and stretched out his legs on my coffee table. "Damn. It's early. It's only 10 PM on a Friday night! I'm guessing it's past your bed time." "No. Not at all. We can go back out if you want." "We can have our own party here. Once my shoes are off, they're off for the night. Plus I've got this...." He reached inside his discarded shirt and pulled out a fat twist of paper that I assumed was weed. I had roommates in college who smoked daily. I'd never done it because I was afraid I'd get addicted. "I'll turn on the TV. Anything you want to watch?" "Turn on your VCR and let me see what you last watched. Porn?" I felt my face get warm. It wasn't porn -- it was "The Muppet Movie". "Oh cool! I remember seeing this a million years ago. This is perfect!" He lit up the fatty and took some tokes. He then moved me closer to him. "It's just pot, right? Nothing else mixed in?" "You are such a kid. You sit at home and watch muppets. Most guys are out on the weekends having sex and partying." I took a few hits from the joint and tried to act as if I'd done it a million times before. "I'm not a kid, Ben." "Sorry. I meant it in a good way. It's cute. Hot even." I felt warmer and lighter...like a birthday balloon full of the devil's breath. I also was really liking being so close to his hairy chest. I took in his whole body with my eyes. His jeans were likely very new and his wide bare feet were groomed and perfect. "You are the very first visitor I've ever had." "I bet I'm the first man who's ever kissed you too." "Yeah... I mean... huh? We've never ki---" I didn't even finish my sentence before his mouth was on mine. Not a peck or a smooch....he was opening my mouth with his and his tongue slid all over my gums and teeth. It was something I'd seen in movies, but had never imagined it happening to me. He abruptly stopped and we finished the rest of his joint. I felt myself get as hard as granite. Way out of my comfort zone and loving it. "I'm going to show you now. Ready?" "Oh yeah." "Good. Go get naked and I'll show you my 'beer can'." I knew he expected me to get undressed in another room, but I just stripped right there in front of the muppets. "OK. I'm ready." "Sit down next to me." I was slightly ashamed of my hard boner. It was proof that I was horny and it was definitely not what you'd call 'a beer can'. He looked at my dick and touched it. "I guess you're not a kid after all. That's a healthy-sized cock." "Well..thank. I want to see yous." We kissed for a little and he stood up. He faced away from me and slid off his jeans. No underwear. His ass was perfect. Like a big ripe peach with hair in the crack. I also noticed something dark red on his back.For a second, I thought it was a tattoo, but it was actually a sore. My baked brain thought it looked like a lipstick kiss. He turned around slowly and I finally saw it. The infamous Beer Can. I was shocked. At the base near his thick pubes, it was indeed that size...but it got more normal above the middle. The head was almost like my own. He was about 3/4 of the way hard and there was a little drop of wetness on his pee hole. "What do you think? Want to touch it?" "YES!" "You can also kiss it if you want...." I pulled him closer and greedily grabbed his huge shaft and low, furry balls. I only did that for about ten seconds before kissing the wet drops on his slit. "Did you really give HIV to a guy who just sucked you?" "Oh who knows. That's what he tells people. He was a customer of mine and a terrible tipper. Why? You worried?" "Not at all." "Well kiss it deeper then." I worked my mouth and tongue all over his awesome tool. I tried to suck as much of it as I could, but didn't get very far. I was forgetting to breathe again, and getting a little dizzy. But at least he was all the way erect now. "Want to go to my bedroom?" He smirked. "You sure you don't want me to sleep here on the couch?" "Oh hell no." "Good. I had no intention of doing that." We left the muppets to do their thing on TV and got in bed. His body took up a lot of space, but it felt nice. My heart was racing and my brain was somewhere near one of Jupiter's moons. I turned a little lamp and just hugged him, felt him. "All of this is new to me, Ben. I apologize if I don't know what to do next." "I know, baby. First thing you can do is shut up. I'll do all the talking now." I was going to reply but kept my mouth closed. "Second thing is to let me know if you want me to wear a condom. There are none that fit me, but you need to let me know if you to me go ahead anyway." I stayed silent and pulled him closer. He got harder...I could feel it against my hip. "Good. This was going to happen from the minute you invited me in. You know that, right?" He arranged us so that was on all fours and kneeling like a sphinx. He started licking my ass, and then putting his tongue in my hole. Holy Shit! Never imagined this. Not once. Ever. It felt so good that I wanted to do it to him. But I was not allowed to talk. "You probably don't have lube, right? What about lotion? Hand lotion? Vaseline?" I gestured toward the bathroom where I had some Baby Oil. He found it right away and returned. 'just try to relax as much as possible. Once I get inside you, I won't hold back. CAN'T hold back." So he greased up his giant dick and also my anus. Everything was new and foreign. Once he started pushing the head in. though, I involuntarily yelped. He was not having that, and pushed my face into the pillow. He kept his hand on the back of my head as he slowly worked his dick into me. I screamed into the pillow, and thought I might pass out. And maybe I did for a few seconds. The next thing I knew, Ben was moving in and out of me in a smooth way. "Feeling good now? The first time is difficult. I want you to get some pleasure too." He kept pumping and murmuring words and half-words. i felt sweat from his upper body drip on my back. That was the end of my resistance...I just gave up and let him do his thing. He might have got the whole thing inside of me, but I wasn't fighting it. He jabbed faster and faster and then held perfectly still. He came. He was passing the bug through his giant dick. Maybe I'd get a red sore on my back someday soon. The movie had ended in the living room. We just lied in each others arms. And slept deeply. I dreamed about getting tattoos and other weird things. We were a little quiet in the morning, but started warming up to our living selves after some coffee and discussion about where to eat breakfast. Ben was a fan of some egg and biscuit thing they had a Burger King. So I took him there, with his virus swimming through my body. I couldn't even look at myself in the mirror with out picturing his HIV under my skin. We stayed together after that night He cut my hair for free and I gave him my whole life.
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    Note: I write a lot of fictional short stories, but there was a time when I seriously tried to write poetry. I was actually not bad at it, but there was one poem I could never finish. It was about my fondness for shades of green in trees and the contrasts between bright, yellow sunshine, green leaves and deep shadows. I gave up on that poem. And now I'm using it to start a story. We'll see how it goes. mid-70's I grew up in the middle of nowhere. Picture 'nowhere' in your head and then picture a place more isolated than that. I was the only child of a farmer. My dad raised cattle and wheat in a Midwestern state in the middle of the country. Mom worked for a hospital in the nearest town (twenty miles away) and Dad was always busy doing his farm stuff which didn't interest me at all. Once I learned to tide a bike, I was free to go all over the area with no supervision. I rarely even saw a person or even a vehicle on my journeys. The slow, rolling prairie hills and fields were beautiful. My dad also had pastures which had their own treasures. Early on, I used to spend all my Summer days wandering along the pasture's dry creek bed. I especially liked the weeping willow trees that grew near the edges. They were easy to climb and seemed to have personalities. I dreamed up adventures and movie ideas beneath the lazy shade of my favorite willow. I'd sing pop songs I'd heard on the radio. "Love Will Keep Us Together" was my favorite then. I thought I could be a singer back then. (I'm a terrible singer as it turns out) In the fourth grade, our cranky teacher would set aside a half hour a day to read to us from a book -- even though we all knew how to read already. I completely tuned out when she read "Black Beauty", but "The Chronicles of Narnia" was riveting. I don't remember much about it now -- except that some kids had found a magical world in the back of a closet. I didn't believe in Santa at that point, but I still mostly believed in magic and hidden worlds. I wanted to find my own, and what better place to look than the fascinating pasture? Books and movies back then promised kids that there was something fantastic just beyond what we saw normally. I looked and hoped and wished. Magic was hiding too well for me to find it. Fast forward a few years....when I suddenly knew I was not regular. I talked different and acted different than other boys. And I looked at the men's pajama pages in my mom's Sears catalog too often. There were no names or words for what I was. I stayed quiet and waited for answers to come to me. A few years later, another farm boy showed me porn magazines he'd found in his Dad's stash. I tried to be as enamored with the little cuts naked women had between their legs, but couldn't stand to look at them too long. Boobs were okay...I didn't mind breasts as much, but they didn't excite me like they did Mitch. I couldn't even begin to imagine where his dad had bought these magazines. I was about 12 years old when my neighbor buddy showed me a magazine that had a photo story called "Horny Trucker". It was about a truck driver who picks up some hot chick who was hitchhiking in a bikini. The photos showed his long, floppy penis hanging out of his jeans. A real dick! A man dick! The night after I saw that, I masturbated for the first time. I didn't have any body hair at the time, but there must have been some testosterone hidden somewhere because I had an orgasm. It surprised and scared me. My parents never told me about how babies were made, but I figured it all out. My dad had done this inside my mom to make me. That was too bizarre to even think about. Once I got the hang of it, I masturbated constantly, thinking of that horny trucker. What if he did what I was doing now...in my mouth? I was guessing I'd love it. Just as I became a teen, my mom got really sick. Nobody told me any details, but I gathered she had cancer in her uterus. She had some operations...one after another. The minister from our church came to the house to pray with us. And then she was gone. I was so shocked I don't think I even cried until months later. Me and Dad. All on our own. Before long, I was a senior in high school and looking at going to go to college somewhere. I loved the lonely rural life, but there was no future for me there. I had to go somewhere else to become an adult. I went to a community college a little less than hour from my father. I needed to stick close to Dad to take care of him. On breaks, I would stay with him...even though the slightly urban life I was living was an entirely new brand of fascination that the country didn't have. I still looked about twelve years old, but had decided that it was because I'd grown up around poisonous pesticides and herbicides. When you look at a really green crop field, you're looking at a lot of chemicals. It had probably killed my mom and was probably the reason. my dad had been in bad health lately. He was losing weight and not looking too rugged anymore. Chemicals had damaged all of us. This is already going on too long, so I'll speed things up a bit. Dad died of bone cancer. He went fast, and in a comfy hospital bed. I had to quit school so I could handle everything. One of his farmer pals helped me figure out the next steps. He was buried next to my mom. On a farm, you have an auction instead of an 'estate sale'. His trucks and tractors and combines and land and house were all going to go to the highest bidders. Life is a gyp. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise. The day before the big auction, I slept in my old bed for probably the last time. I got up and went to the pasture where there used to be cattle grazing. It had been a wet Spring, and the creek was still mostly full. It was so bright and beautiful out here....so how could people be dying? I found my favorite willow and marveled at much bigger it was now. I loved trees. I loved how the greens overlapped and made dark green -- going into black. I remembered coming out here to beat off. I remember hoping to see some magic. Hoping to see the horny trucker with his dick out just for me. I laughed at my kid self who was not all that distant from my 18 year old self. The creek took a crooked turn before the end of the property. And then I saw a naked man. No really. A naked hippie-looking man was sloshing through the water and seemed to be searching for something. What the fuck? I just stood and watched. He was tall and lean and pretty hairy. His dick was soft and not big at all. He wasn't the horny trucker, but I'm fairly certain he was for real. Had I found Narnia? He finally saw me and didn't seem the least bit embarrassed at his nakedness. "Oh Hi. Who are you?" "I'm Todd. This is my dad's land." "Sorry. I wasn't doing anything. My partner and I moved into the old Gilke house..right over there. I come over here and look for fossils...and limestone is full of them. Did you know that a million years ago, this whole state was covered with about four inches of ocean water?" I did know that. So a naked man who knew about fossils was standing before me. "Yeah. Find any good ones?" "Not yet. I been trying to pull up rocks from the bottom and toss them out to look at later.So I guess I'm disturbing things. Sorry. I'll leave." "It's fine. He just died and all of this will belong to somebody else tomorrow." He got all the way out and came over to me, dripping and still naked. "Damn. Marvin? I liked him. He gave us a pumpkin from his garden last year. You look a little like him. I'm so sorry." And then a damp naked hippy was hugging me in my late father's pasture. Life's not always a gyp, I guess. "He went peacefully. It's OK. I'm OK." "Let me find my shoes. Hold on." He sauntered away a few feet and found his sandals. I got a chance to see his hairy ass. I'd never taken time to notice the beauty of a man's butt before -- I was too focused on their dongs. I felt my nipples get hard. Was that normal? It had never happened before. Were guys supposed to get nipple sensation? I had to be thankful I had on a fairly thick shirt. I'd only packed dressy clothes for this trip because of the funeral and the meetings with bankers and morticians. The hippy had only brought sandals. No clothing. "That's what I love about this area...you don't gotta wear clothes when you go outside." "Where are you from?" "Come walk with me. Let's get out of the sun." He gently took my arm. Did I imagine it? I think his dick was getting a little fuller and thicker. Mine was completely hard -- like it always was those days. We wandered on down to the barbed wire fence that separated Dad's property from the lush wheat field next to it. There were a bunch of mulberry trees here. I used to pick them and feed them to the box turtles I kept as pets. So long ago. His penis was getting harder as we found a shady spot under one of the trees. "I remember these trees as being much smaller when I saw them last." "Fucking love trees, man. You guys have some great trees around here. The cottonwoods are my favorite. They're huge. Wanna a smoke with me?" He had a joint in his hand....from where? He had no pockets. "Sure. Thanks." I knew kids at school had got high. I tried smoking it like a cigarette, but the hippy instructed me on how to correctly do it. "There's a mystical quality about this land. My partner and I are originally from San Fran, but it got too hectic. We decided to drive to the Florida and find a beach somewhere. Of course the damn car broke down right up highway 50...gaskets are rings or something. We just ended up staying. Let's sit." "There's berries on the ground." I felt stupid for saying that....he wasn't wearing any clothes. I had on black dress pants, but I guess I had no more funerals to go to -- so fuck it. I plopped down. I was nearly eye level with his engorged dick. Damn! He settled his bare ass down right on the dirt, kicked off his sandals and took a deep toke. Hippies. He looked down at his growing penis like it was the new topic of conversation. He didn't say anything. We just blew our clouds into the wind. For some reason, I wanted the wind to stop so our smoke would go into the bare blue sky and make puffy clouds. I guess this what was "stoned" felt like. Nice. It was Narnia. "How old are you?" "I'll turn 19 in a few months." "Wow. I'm fifteen years older than you. I've seen and done too much. I had some good times. You don't mind if I jerk off do you? Weed always makes me horny," Shit! "No. Go ahead. There's something about this land. I used to beat it here all the time." His dick was suddenly all the way stiff...and getting more red. "Well, stay back a little. My cum is lethal as hell. Don't get it near your eyes." "I bet it's fine." He started jerking faster. "Yeah? You think you'd like it? Maybe you're just stoned." I was fascinated by his masturbation. I wanted to kiss the head of his tool. "Maybe you don't even know about AIDS. Maybe you're just a stoned hick. Stay back from this." I stood up and undressed, threw all my dress clothes into the weeds. And then I knelt between his legs and took his hard dick in my mouth. He didn't protest in the slightest. He let me work my tongue up and down his veiny shaft. I swear I could feel his heartbeat against my lips. This was all new, but it's what I wanted to do. I tasted him...this pasture hippy. I took off my socks and was as naked as he was. "I'm a hick alright! Proudly so. And you're just a hairy bum from California...who trespasses." I said all that and lied down on the ground next to him. He'd stopped stroking, but his wiener was still stiff. So was mine. "OK. Keep sucking me." I did my best, but he was moving around and adjusting our positions. Suddenly I was on my back and looking up at the mulberry tree over us. I never had a word for what I loved about looking up at the leaves of a tree. Green over darker green over even darker green. And then black..black with traces of green. Was there a single word I could use? I thought about it until the hippy's cock hit me in the face as he was kneeling over me. I sucked it eagerly. I knew about AIDS. The thing that scared me the most was my family finding out I had it. Didn't have to worry about that anymore. "Get it good and wet. It's going in your ass next. Yeah, Slobber a little more, kiddo." My ass? His dick? I didn't think it was even possible. Then he lowered himself on top of me. He wasn't so damp any more. And his skin was burning hot. "Relax a little. That was hash we smoked...it's a bit intense. Don't freak out while we do this. I'm here for you." Hash? Like hash browns? I didn't quite.... ahh. He was kissing my neck and my ears. His long tongue was all over me. I felt like the dirt below was sucking me down into it. I was below the soil as he spread my legs and plunged deeply in one thrust. I felt it as pain, serious pain -- but I was down in the ground with the roots and earthworms. That pain was only a tiny part of me. The prairie absorbed me now...I was pure earth and he was planting a seed. I looked into his hairy face as he bucked violently. My butt was entirely full of him, but there was no pain any more. Just the purest pleasure ever. I never wanted this to end. But it ended with him cumming inside of me. Fast, fast, then....the furious chaos of his shot inside of me. Seed had been planted. I wanted to stay here forever. "Shit...you're bleeding like crazy down there. Let as much as you can here. It's good for the grass. I can take you back to my place if you want." I declined. I felt instant guilt and shame. And the ground kept pulling me down. I got dressed and walked in a zigzag pattern towards the only home I'd ever known. I could shower there and sleep there. For one more night. I finally went back to school the next year.I got a few inches taller, my voice got deeper and body hair appeared. And I was HIV+. I was finally an adult. Finally a man.
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    It was the height of summer, hot, humid and full of thunderstorms. Mum ushered me out the door pleased that the new rain coat she bought for my 20th birthday was finally going to be used. The usual morning rush hour to work was worse than usual exacerbated by rain as we scurry down in to the bowels of the underground system only to find engineering works make for the cancellation of the previous tube train. During the wait, I “scan for talent” to see if there is anyone fanciable to stand next to when the train eventually comes in. As the train arrives and the crowds surges forwards to clamber aboard and I was pleasantly surprised to finding myself about to squeeze into the same spot as a hunk some 3 or 4 inches taller than my 6’2” frame. Not only did his height stand him out from the suited and booted crowd but his dress code did too; I scanned him up and down as best I could in the cramped conditions. Nike trainers, grey tailored linen shorts and wet through branded baggy singlet that showed off his muscles and neatly manicured hairy chest. I guess he's a good ten years older than me. I felt overdressed stood next to him as we squeeze in together with my open rain coat hiding my own physic and yet all I wanted to do was strip off and snuggle up to him naked.. From the moment we boarded, the train was so crowded that it was impossible not to be touching one another. We were more-or-less face to face, his left arm raised hanging on to the rail. I breathe in his sweet, lightly sweating manly aroma, God did he smell good and made my morning wood jump and thicken. I could clearly see how defined his pecs are and how toned his body and muscles are with not one ounce of fat on his body that I can see… As the train jiggles about on the tracks occasionally our eyes meet, meet for a moment too long. Was that a faint smile and a slight wink he gave? I was looking straight in to his eyes and my gaydar was telling me this man is ‘family’. I too hang onto the bar above us with my right hand very close to his. At the next jump in the track my hand touches the side of his hand and for me it felt like an electric circuit had been connected between us. I manage to manoeuvre my free hand to adjust myself as my erection painfully grew in my briefs and by pure accident as I went to move my hard-on my hand brushed part of the inside of his right leg. Actually, it quickly became clear that it was not just his leg I was touching but something else, a solid warm lump. As the train carried on, I allowed the natural swaying of the carriage to permit me one or two exploratory touches with my fingers. Not only was it what I hoped for, I could feel it growing in to something altogether more noticeable. I could now tell that his cock was hanging loosely down his right leg – he was obviously wearing boxer shorts or had gone commando. At the next stop of the tube, all attention concentrated on the left-hand side of the carriage, I reposition myself which meant my rain coat opens further, basically shielding us from view. I deliberately feel him with my fingers. To my touch his cock burst into life becoming more and more hard and was pushing across the front of his shorts pointing up and out proud. Our eyes briefly connect again and I am certain he’s just given me the slightest of nods, encouraging me to continue caressing his crotch, as he becomes fully hard it’s then that I feel a strange hardness at the head of his cock. Is it deformed I begin to wonder? This is my daily commute so I know the route oh so well with there being no stops on this right-hand side of the train for a long while, I take the opportunity at the next station to freely massage him through his shorts, the thrill of this lovely older man under my power and offering no resistance. My heart pounds in my chest, bang, bang, bang! Standing so close, I could see every hair on his few days growth stubble, every pore of his blemish free face. He was indeed, ruggedly attractive and for a brief instant I’m soooo horny, I imagined myself ripping his shorts down and pound his ass, claiming him as mine. His complete lack of resistance encouraged my next move. Amidst the swaying of the train carriage, as it rattled along its long dark tunnel, I trace my fingers up the fly of his shorts, until I reach the top. I release the pull tag of his zip and hold it, momentarily hesitating, expecting a reaction. There is none. After a momentary hesitation in one slow but steady move, I pull the zip all the way down and hold my breath. Again, I hesitated, expecting resistance. But again, there was none. There was no going back now. I slide my hand inside the warm and inviting opening. I now feel the smoothness of his groin. He was commando! Emboldened, my fingers explore deeper as my arm snaked into his shorts, I could feel the tufts of neatly trimmed pubic hair around the base of his hard cock now spread across his right leg the back of my hand brushes across soaking wet material from the pre-cum juices I had already encouraged by my massaging. My fingers explore the length of his long thick shaft, run over the ridges of coronal ring to at last discover the head of his dick, a sharp piercing catches my finger and I jump in surprise. My first encounter of genital jewelry. I resume rubbing his slippery mushroom head, his foreskin fully drawn back and oozing more juices into the already soaked cotton of his shorts. I tighten my grasp around his organ and began massaging the exposed head between my thumb and forefinger, round and around tugging on his piercing, eliciting pulses of excitement I easily feel in my hand. With each pulse, the piss slit oozes another stream of pre-cum over my fingers. I wish I could lick them clean! The train stops at the next station, letting on even more people at the other side of the carriage, obligingly pressing the two of us even more closely together. No-one could have known the ecstasy being shared between two men right under their noses!. He is looking away from me, over my right shoulder, pretending to the outside world that he is ignoring me but as I search into his eyes, he briefly glances into mine and I see him wink, before he blinks and switches his gaze back to the far side of the carriage. Meanwhile, I begin to concentrate the attention of my index finger on the sensitive frenulum of his hard and slippery tool. He is certainly not trying to discourage me and he must realise, long before this point, where all this was leading. He repositions himself allowing more free room for my hand to oh so slowly jack him. As my fingers slides down the slippery shaft of his organ, I tighten my grip and begin rubbing up and down, sadly all too soon, this taboo excitement proves too much…I feel that tell-tale throbbing in his rock-hard cock; once, twice, three times his dick twitches harder than ever and pulses rapidly, four, five, six, even seven times as the pulses slow in rhythmic release. I feel his hot cum run between the gaps of my fingers. I watched his face as his eyes closed, his nostrils flair and the blood vessels in his muscled neck expand. His lips parted slightly as I felt his chest breath-in deeply and quietly let out a long, soft sigh. He swallowed hard. I could hardly believe my luck. This sexy older man continued to allow me to slowly massage his still erect and sticky cock, round and around in my hand amidst the wet folds of his shorts. Even now, he proffers no resistance. He even allows me to cup and caress his shaved balls and explore his groin again, as I desperately try to spread my overflowing handful of cum over his body. His dick began to shrink yet still leaks more cum over my hand there is so much of it. I didn’t want this to end; it was a fantastic first for me. But as if to bring us back to reality, we arrive at the next station. I squeeze his balls affectionately and slid my hand out of his fly, considerately raising his zip most of the way to the top again. As I remove my hand, he lightly touches it with his, and gently squeezes my fingers in a parting gesture of acknowledgment. He got off the train and, without a glance back, he hurried away into the morning rush-hour as I made a mental note of the station name. I wipe my hand over my new coat as a souvenir that this did actually happen and then in dreamlike fantasy lick the sweet, salty taste of his orgasm from the palm of my right hand. To be continued….
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    After interviewing candidates for the job of House Slave, and drawing up a short-list of candidates, the time has come to choose the best one for the job. Which of these would you choose, and why? It would also be a good idea also to appoint a deputy to look after weekend guests, to cover holiday periods, etc. Who is to be the deputy?
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    The boy started something that he doesn't know how to finish.
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    My brother has a 24/7 hard on and you can even see it when he wares jeans.
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    Part 4: Keep quiet So I just woke up with my hot uncle hugging me and with his cock right up against my ass. I honestly did not know what to do, first, I thought I should just sleep this off - I know my uncle is hot but uncles and family are off limits right? second - I thought, I've been searching for cocks the past few days and now' my chance! A cock is a cock. I was torn but thinking how hot uncle Benjamin is, against my better judgment I thought I should go for it. So as uncle benj was hugging me I scooted my ass closer to his crotch to feel his hard on better and god did it feel like a big one! I slowly grinded my ass against his cock and it felt really good! I could not hear any change in his breathing so I was sure he was still fast asleep so I continued, I moved a little farther from his crotch to give my hands access to it and god did his bulge feel big! uncle benj is packing some serious meat! I then (through some serious hand work) unbuttoned his boxers and was able to fish out his hard cock and it felt amazing on my hand, I haven't seen it yet but i must have been thicker than a water bottle. I then slowly slipped off my pajamas and grinded my bare ass against his cock and it felt great to finally feel another cock on my ass. But I wanted more! I want uncle benj inside me! So I spit on my hands and put it all over my hole and spit some more and put some on uncle benj's cock and then I slowly guided his cock into my ass. It took me a while, but finally after a few minutes of maneuvering *plop uncle benj's cock head was now inside me - it felt a little bit painful, I'm new to this after all but I now know better that this will feel better soon. I then backed up slowly on his hard cock and he was half way inside my ass, there was still no change in his breathing - god! Uncle Benjamin is a heavy sleeper. I then slowly pulled and push against his cock and yeah it did start to feel better, I let out soft moans as I was fucking myself into uncle benj's cock. It felt amazing! I still haven't seen his cock but I'm sure he's got one hefty cock that's now inside me. As I was slowly fucking myself into uncle benj's cock, I heard his breathing change and I froze. Is he awake?! I then heard this soft but stern "what do you think you're doing boy?" And i didn't know how to answer, shit I got caught! I was basically raping my uncle in his sleep and now he is awake, shit! I'm done for I thought to myself. And then after a few more seconds of stillness and quiet, uncle benj softly said "you're fucking your uncle without waking him, that's bad boy, how can your uncle enjoy the ride?" So is he okay with this I thought. Then his hands that were still hugging me slowly made there way to my nipples and hard cock, he played with my nipples and fondled my cock as I returned to fucking myself into his cock which he reciprocated by humping against my ass as well. In moments uncle benj was now completely inside me, he then grabbed my hips and started to fuck me harder, and it felt amazing! His cock hit my g spot and it felt like my ass was being tickled from the inside, I couldn't help myself I played with my nipples and body and now uncle benj was kissing and licking my neck from behind and then I started to cum without touching my cock, I let out jets of cum on to my bed and on to the floor and I moaned and moaned, uncle said "quiet boy, your father might hear" I was still cumming and I thought it would never end and the spasms must have clamped down on uncle benj's cock and in seconds he started to softly grunt and I felt his cock throb inside me, I was already finished cumming but now uncle's seemed to never end, I could already feel his cum leak but he was still grunting and moaning as jets of his cum made its way inside my hole. He finished cumming and laid still with his cock still inside me, he then softly and slowly pulled it out, saying "make sure to shut that tight boy, I came a lot" as he slipped off me, I immediately shut my hole and then he went back into hugging me. He then said , "thanks for that boy, it's been weeks since my last fuck, I needed that, now back to sleep." and we did, now all naked with his soft cock against my cummy hole.
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    Predators and prey (Part 9) ** Please remember to ‘like’ the story if you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment or to contact me via mail. Thx. ** Michael didn’t know how long they drove. He lost the track of time. He just knew, it was finally over and he felt the warmth of the guys back in front of him. He felt safe…. Darkness….. “…. raped… almost snuffed… ” someone almost shouted. “What the fuck did you think Steven?” another voice asked. “…. had to fuck this slut….. “ “…. kidnap…..” those words made no sense to Michael at all. “… crazy….. This is just insane…..” Dark voices were whispering above his head. His mind wandered in and out. Michael was too exhausted and he needed to get some rest, after this powerful abuse he endured for so many hours. “…. cops…. you will go to jail, if they find….” Hands were touching him. “I need to give him… stop whining you damn fool…..” Sometimes the voices he heard seemed to come from a distance, sometimes it was like someone shouted out loud. “…. help….. hold his cheeks apart…. Matt – pull his ass-cheeks apart now…. damage already done….. stitches….” Michael sighed. He was scared he would get hurt again. Did someone hurt him at all? He couldn’t remember the last few hours. He only knew his body was aching. His mind was floating back into the security of a deep and dreamless sleep. After another couple of hours Michael came back to consciousness. He heard the bed squeak. His eyes were still closed. He was too weak to even open them, but he felt a dull pain in his body. He was rocking forth and back slowly. He felt like a baby in his mother’s arms. So safe and secure…. and still there was this pain in his ass. He summoned all his strength and opened his eyelids a bit. The light did hurt his eyes and for the first moment he saw a ray of light shimmering golden above his face. His legs were pinned next to his head. This was so tiring. Moaning…. was he moaning? No… this was not his voice. He had to close his eyes, but the noises appeared louder now. It was as if his senses came back to life. Again he heard this heavy breathing. His butt was hurting. Michael forced himself to open his eyes more than he did before. Again he saw something golden swinging over his face back and forth. *grunting* The golden thing was a golden necklace that swung above his head. More squeaking noise reached his ears in a steady slow motion. Then he recognized the face of a guy, who was not even looking back at him. The guy seemed to be in his own world. His eyes were closed and he seemed relaxed. It was him who made the grunting noises. Michael was pretty sure about it. With all of his strength he managed to raise his head and saw the guy was fucking into his ass slowly. The stud didn’t even realize, that Michael was coming back to life, but was still too weak to resist. A loud moan emerged from the guy on top of Michael and he felt something warm entering his asshole. “Oh fuck…. oh…. fucking cunt” the bloke growled. Michael’s arse was aching and he felt every gush that was fired into him even more intensified. The twink hid again in a dark corner of his mind, while his legs were released from the pressure of being manhandled. On the third day he felt a gentle hand stroking his hair. He opened his eyes more easily, than the other day and saw the leather daddy smiling at him. “Hey little one – it is good to have you back. You must be hungry. I got a hot soup for you. Michael nodded insecurely - but when he tried to grab the spoon his hand was trembling so hard, that he was not able to eat. Steven took the spoon out of Michaels hand and started feeding him with a cheeky grin on his face. “Thank you Sir” the boy smiled for the first time and started eating. There was silence between them. Nothing was spoken. Steven fed Michael spoon by spoon. Suddenly the door opened and another guy entered the room. It was a handsome hunk and he greeted Michael, but you recognized at once, it wasn’t a warm welcome. “This is Matt…. and I am Steven, but you can call me Sir” the daddy told Michael. “Thank you, Sir…..” answered Michael with a timid little voice, Matt crossed his arms on his chest and observed the strange scenery. He didn’t approve with Stevens decision, to bring this slut into the house. In Matt’s opinion it would have been better if the guy was out cold or at least somewhere else. Michael looked at Matt and saw a golden necklace around his neck. It reminded the pup of something, but he couldn’t put the pieces together. While Steven kept on feeding him with the hot and tasty soup he looked at Matt and saw a nice bulge in front of his jeans. And he felt a kind of tingling in his ass… or was it just the pain he had endured before? ‘I am such a slut’ Michael thought. Matt looked at the boy contemptuously. In his eyes Michael was nothing but trouble and nothing but a cunt. Funny how both agreed on this term at least…..
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    Was able to get the next chapter finished. Thanks, all of you who commented, and as always, please feel free to give me feedback. If you want to see something in here, let me know, and I'll do my best to work it in. And in appreciation of all of you who made it through the ordeal that was part three, I give you part 4. Also, if anyone is fluent in Spanish and notices any mistakes on my translations, let me know so I can fix them. -- PART 4: A WARM WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD Bent over, I waited for the uncut cock attached to the guy behind me to enter my ass. I had to have been a sight to see. A short, blond guy in his mid-20s, short, well-kept hair, swimmer’s build, naked from the waist down bent over a small bench, waiting expectantly for a hot Latino to shove a dripping uncut cock deep up his ass raw. The very thought made my cock drip as I felt the guy trying to get access to my hole. Frustrated, he kept pressing harder and harder against my hole, which refused to give up under his assault. He pulled out the bottle of poppers, opened them up and handed them to me. “Keep breathing those in puta (whore),” he muttered, shoving two fingers up my hole, making me gasp in pain and shock, “You need to take my bicho (dick).” I nodded, immediately sniffing the liquid, its effects hitting immediately as my hole relaxed to the stretching the hot guy behind me was doing. I took a quick look back at him, watching as with a slight nod of his head, he pulled his fingers out. With a quick push, he slammed his cock deep into my guts, making me yell out in both pleasure and pain. Fully sheathed within my ass, he held me for a second, waiting for me to adjust to his cock before he licked up the side of my neck. Satisfied that I was ready for more, he reached under my shirt and pinched my nipples as he bit on my left earlobe. This immediately caused my ass to clamp down on his cock, making him hiss in pleasure. Reaching back down, he grabbed my hips, and whispered into my ear, “Follemos, cochino. (Let's fuck, pig.)” With those words uttered, he started slamming my hole like a jack hammer, causing me to cry out again as he began his assault on my ass. The pain was like nothing I had ever felt. Gritting my teeth, I rode it out, using one arm to prop myself up on the bench, and the other stroking my throbbing cock. Slowly, the intense pain in my ass slowly gave way to pleasure with each passing stroke. I could feel each stroke slamming against my prostate, sending pleasure down into my balls and up through my aching cock. I had never been fucked like this before, but I was loving every minute. Above me, the hot Latino muttered words under his breath in Spanish. I only caught bits and pieces, such as ‘quieres sue me venga (do you want my cum),’ ‘a huevo (fucking sweet),’ and ‘pajarito (faggot).’ Sadly, I didn’t know what any of these meant, but they way he said them told me that had to be dirty and hot. We continued fucking at his fast pace for a long time, my tight hole stretching further and further before a slight squelching sound hit my ears. ‘This guy is turning my ass into a fuck hole’ I thought to myself. The idea made me even harder, causing me to drip even more precum. After the onslaught on my ass, I knew I would be shooting a huge load quickly up his ass. Quickly enough, I noticed his strokes becoming more and more irregular. Sensing he was close, I clamped down on his cock, recalling how much Jackson had liked it. “A huevo, puta! (Fuck yeah, whore)” he yelled out, slamming even harder into my ass, “Me voy a venir! (I'm going to cum)” Even with my limited knowledge of Spanish, I knew it likely meant he was going to come in my hole. I continued the motion with my ass, trying desperately to milk his cock. With one final, hard slam, I felt his cock start to throb as he yell out loud. “Me vengo, cabroń (I'm cumming, fucker)! Me pinche corro en tu nalga (I'm fucking cumming in your ass). Y sin forro, joto! (And without a condom, faggot!),” he yelled out, feeling my ass milk his cock for all it was worth, as he weakly kept slamming my ass before finally stopping. We both stood there in silence for a few minutes, sweat pouring from our faces as our hearts raced. Finally, I felt him pull slowly out of my ass, a hiss escaping both our lips and we both stood up and kissed. Breaking apart, I knelt down, taking his softening cock into my mouth, sucking the remnants of ass and cum off, making him involuntarily push my head off. “Damn, Papi (baby),” he gasped, a grin spreading on his face, “Too sensitive.” With that, he grabbed my shoulder, pulling me back up before taking my hard, hot, and throbbing cock into his hand giving it a few tugs. Leaning in, his kissed my neck, grabbing slightly on the back of my head to pull me closer. “What’s your name, baby?” he asked, giving slight kisses down my neck, his hand slowly moving down to my balls, giving them a slight tug. “Jake. You?” I replied, lust making my voice deepen. “Mateo,” he replied, letting go of my balls and stepping away slowly, his fingers rubbing in his ass before he bent over slowly, holding his cheeks apart to showing me. “Your turn, papí,” he said, looking back at my through his legs, “Fill my nalga (ass) with your hot load.” I let out a loud gulp before reaching beside me to the lube dispenser, coating my bare cock before rubbing the remaining lube onto his hole. Slowly I pressed against his ass, relishing as it quickly swallowed my cock halfway to the hilt, making Mateo groan before me. I stopped suddenly, worried I was moving too fast. “You ok?” I asked, inadvertently pulling out slightly. “Coño (Fuck) man!” he said as suddenly pushed his ass the rest of the way, making me groan in return, “Give me that piece of meat! This puta (whore) needs it bad.” I sat for a minute deep in his hole as I felt it adjust to my sudden intrusion. The wet tight heat wrapped seductively around my hole, slicker that I would have expected. “Fuck,” I muttered, “You’re so wet!” “Yeah man,” he said, reaching down and stroking his slowly re-hardening cock, “Been taking loads all day. Probably six or seven in there.” With those words, I felt my dick throb. Jesus, I thought to myself, shocked yet somehow turned on by those words. Here I was, balls deep in a stranger who had just cum up my ass, and he’s now telling me he has several random loads in his ass. With that though, I smiled and slowly started pumping in and out of Mateo, enjoying the feeling of stranger’s cum sliding around my meat. This continued for a few minutes when I heard the door suddenly open. “Shit!” I said, stopping suddenly as whoever had just entered closed the door. I went to pull out of Mateo when I felt a pair of hands grab my ass, one of the fingers probing into my well-fucked hole before smacking my ass with a loud pop, causing me to jump and nearly cum right there. “Damn,” the voice said, sounding extremely familiar, “didn’t expect you a hot piece of ass like you to take to this place so quickly!” Looking over my shoulder, I instantly recognized the man behind me to be the skinhead attendant from people. “Feels like my boy Mateo here already got the first dibs on breaking in your hole,” he continued, pulling his finger out and sticking it in his mouth, “Fuck! Nice tasting hole too!” I watched as the skinhead made his way in front of me, unbuttoning his pants and pulling his shirt off before standing in front of Mateo. “Fuck ya.. 'Sup Kyle,” the Latino grunted, as I started fucking him again. “Shut the fuck up slut,” Kyle muttered, as he pulled his pants off. I stared in awe as Kyle revealed his cock. Like his face and ears, the 9-inch cut cock before me glistened with multiple piercings. A large PA stuck out of the tip of his cock, with an ampallang bisecting the head. Multiple piercings bisected his urethra before ending further down into another piercing, which I now know as a lorum. He also had several scrotal piercings. I stared down at his glittering groin as I continued to slowly watch in stroke himself a few time, before finally stuffing it into the Latin’s open mouth. I watch as the hot Latin guy below me was stuffed on each end, gagging on the skinhead’s meat while I plugged away at his hole. Suddenly, I found myself getting close to orgasming, when I felt Mateo grab my balls and squeeze them roughly. “Fuck!” I yelped, immediately feeling my building orgasm disappear. I watched as Mateo slowly pulled his mouth off Kyle before he smiled up at him. “I loosened him up for you,” Mateo said, an evil grin on his face. Raising his eyebrows, Kyle turned to me, gripping his pierced cock at me. “Well boy,” drawled out, stroking his meat with the copious amounts of saliva from Mateo’s mouth, “I do think a thank you is in order. I did, after all, let you in here for free. And it appears you let the money run out on your monitor. Very bad form.” Looking over at the monitor, I saw that it had in fact run out of time. Looking back at him, he continued. “Honestly, company policy is that we’re supposed to kick both of you out,” he continued, grabbing the back of my head and pulled my hair, causing my head to arch back, “But you see, Mateo and I go way back. So I’d have to just kick you out.” He pulled his face close to mine as I opened my mouth in a slight wince. He smacked my ass, even harder than before causing my mouth to open further in pain, and without hesitation, shoved his warm wet tongue deep in my mouth. Releasing my mouth, he looked deep into my eyes. “I could look the other way if you let me sample that prime boy pussy of yours. I’d wager it’s never had a nice thick piece of pierced meat inside it. And hell, I’ve been dying to feel my cock inside you the second I saw you walk up to me. So what do you say? Let me drop a nice load in that freshly fucked twat?” I stared at him as he pulled away from my face, staring at me with an evil look in his eyes. My mind raced at the thought of taking a second cock in my hole. The idea made me horny, but I still felt myself hesitate. I stopped fucking Mateo as my brain went through its mental gymnastics. “No?” he asked mockingly, stepping back further. He reached into his pocket and pulled out something long and dark from his pocket. I realized with a start that he had pulled a cigar, sticking it in his mouth before proceeded to pull out a lighter from his other pocket, expertly lighting it. That was what did it for me. Something clicked inside my mind as everything hit me. Being balls deep and completely raw in a hot Latino guy who minutes before had come inside my ass after a hard pounding, and now a hot skinhead smoking a thick cigar talking about sampling my hole. It was taboo. It was risky. It was SO. FUCKING. HOT. Immediately, I started nodding, excitement causing my previously tight ass to pucker. Kyle drew deeply before he pulled the cigar out of his mouth, blowing it directly into my face. “Good choice bitch,” He said, immediately walking behind me smacking my ass several times. I felt him pull my asscheeks apart, lightly rubbing his PA across my hole. I was surprised at how warm the metal felt until I felt him pushing into my newly wrecked hole. With no effort, he worked himself deep inside me, the different piercings adding extra pleasure to my hole. “Fuck,” I blurted out, feeling the metal continually pounding into my swollen, well-fucked prostate, “That feels so good.” “Always aim to please fucker,” Kyle replied, puffing away on the cigar as he continued to rape my ass. The three of us continued to fuck, sweat dripping off each other. Mateo, underneath me, was now fisting his cock in time with my strokes into his ass, muttering in Spanish. Every once in a while, he would tighten his hole, which would cause me to slam him harder. This caused Kyle to nearly pull out of my hole, and in turn take an extra long stroke back into my ass. The room took on a haze as the cigar smoke, the glow of the monitor accentuating it. We continued pounding at the others hole, and before long, I felt Mateo start to tighten even more on my weeping cock. “Hostia!” he cried out, his ass giving my cock one final squeeze. “Me vengo (I'm cumming)! Shit! Si, venga papi, vente en mi culo (Yes, cum baby, cum in my ass)!” “What?” I asked, trying desperately to not lose my composure. “He wants you to cum up his ass fucker,” Kyle barked, taking a drag on the cigar and watching as Mateo began shooting all over the floor, “Give him your load and you can get mine injected right up your cumdump! Give him all you got Pig!” I picked up the pace, feeling my balls start to boil, but I just couldn’t get to the point of no return. Then, an idea hit me. I put one hand in the center of the spent Latino’s back and grabbed the bottle of poppers he had been sniffing, taking several hits in each nostril before setting back down. I waited a few seconds, feeling the warm feeling rush through my body, and then, pausing for a second, I stopped fucking Mateo’s hole and reached behind me, pulling the cigar from Kyle’s mouth. I stuck the nearly spent, spit covered cigar butt into my mouth and start smoking the cigar. FUCK! This is what I needed! I thought to myself and started slamming the hole in front of me. Suddenly, I felt the burning sensation deep in my loins, and with one final stroke, shot deep. “HOLY! FUCKING! SHIT!” I yelled as it felt like all my body fluids shot through my piss hole, my balls draining completely of their cum. Shot after shot flowed out of me, shooting deep into Mateo's hole and mixing further with the other loads in his ass. “Fucking hot,” Kyle cheered, watching as I twitched over and over, my orgasm took over my entire body. With one final twitch, I slumped over slightly over Mateo, letting out a deep breath. “My turn piggy,” Kyle said, and with an extra hard slam, I felt his cock begin twitching in my ass. He picked up the pace, a blur in my hole. Kyle moaned as he slammed my hole, and with one final groan, he slowed to a steady slow slam, sliding deeper than he had gone previously, over and over with each shot. I moaned in time with each thrust, feeling the cum jet deep inside me. After about 20 slams into my hole, he finally stopped moving, pulling the now spent cigar from my mouth and tossing it on the floor, crushing it under his foot. We all stood there for a few minutes, enjoying the afterglow of the hot experience that had just transpired. Mateo was the first to move, standing up slightly and pulling my now deflated cock from his ass. Kyle followed suit, and with a soft plop, cum dripping from my wreck hole. My asshole quivered as the air hit my gaping hole as I stood up, a content smile on my face, still panting from the workout. I watched as Mateo reached into his pants, and without warning tossed me his phone. Catching it, I looked down, slightly confused. “Put your number in it dude,” he replied, pulling his clothes back on, “We definitely have to hook up again soon.” Nodding, I put my cell into the phone, adding my name and handed it back to him. With little more than a wave, Mateo left the room, shutting the door behind him. Kyle did the same with his phone, and as we both got dressed he started talking. “So, what do you think?” he asked, picking up the used cigar and throwing it in the trashcan. “Is it always that…” I started to ask, at a loss for words to describe exactly what I felt. “Hot? Dirty? Fucking twisted?” he guessed, pulling his shirt back on, “Not always. Usually, a lot of trolls here looking for a piece of prime boy pussy like yours. Just depends. Fridays and Saturdays are best.” I nodded, making a mental note of everything he was saying as he continued. “Mateo is a regular here, but it's rare to see him top. That boy tends to be a gut busting bottom. Nice to see him giving a load to a hungry hole for once.” “Oh,” I replied, a look of concern on my face thinking back to what he had told me earlier. Seeing my face take on the look of concern, Kyle continued. “Don’t worry. That cumslut works down at the free clinic on Broadway. Also on PrEP, if his profile is to be believed. And I just got tested last week, so no worries from me.” A bit of relief from those words, I let out a breath I didn’t realize I was holding. “So, got a name stranger?” he asked. “Jake,” checking my pockets to make sure I had everything, starting to feel tired as the adrenaline and hormones finally ran their course. “Nice to meet you, or should I say 'meat your hole',” he replied with a chuckle, “Really from around here, or just visiting?” “No, really am from around here. Just moved in next door,” I replied following him out the hall and towards the stairs up to the main part of the bookstore. “Nice! You should really consider getting a membership then!” he said, climbing the stairs before opening the door and holding it for me, “It’s usually $100, but I’ll talk with the owner and see if he’ll give you a deal.” “Thanks,” I said softly, considering the idea. “Well, I’m off and have finals to study for, dude. See you soon?” he asked, nodding at the new attendant in the booth, who then handed him a backpack. “Sure,” I replied, and with a slight flourish of his hand, he waved goodbye. “I’ll text ya soon!” he called behind him and walked out the door. Feeling my exhaustion ebbing at my mind, I walked out the door as well, making the short walk to my building. Looking down at my watch, I realized that it was already 1 am, and I was suddenly thankful that I had the weekend off. The security guard at the front desk looked up from the computer screen and his phone, starting to get up. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my key, and with a slight nod, he sat back down and turned his attention back to the monitor. — A quick ride up the elevator, I dragged myself across the hall as the elevator opened. With my key still in hand, I tapped the card to the door and listened as the door lock whirred and let me in. The door closed automatically behind me, and I grab the knob, turning it back to locked. Slowly, I trudged into my bedroom and stripped off my clothes before pulling back the covers and climbing into bed. The cool air of the room caused goose bumps to break out across my skin, and I pulled the light sheet on top of me. I reached over and shut off the lights before laying back in the extremely comfortable bed. Lying in bed, I let my mind wander to that night's events. Slowly, I ran my fingers slowly down my torso, grabbing my ever slightly hardening cock, still too spent from the earlier festivities, relishing in the slight stickiness from ass juices and strangers cum mixed with my own now dried all over me. I let out a slight laugh and continued to draw my fingers ever lower before lifting my left leg up slightly and shoving a finger into my sloppy, cum-filled hole. I slowly shoved the finger in, loving the slick feeling as it sank in deeply, followed by a second and then a third. After a few minutes of finger fucking myself, I pulled them out and brought my fingers to my nose. I took a deep sniff of them. Fresh cum and ass. My cock twitched slightly, and an evil thought flashed into my mind. Tentatively, I licked the index finger. The flavor of two loads mixed with my ass tasted amazing. I sucked them clean, thinking about what Matt would say if he saw me doing it. I smiled again, and after a second sighed. “Fuck the British twat… he doesn't get a say anymore,” I muttered before turning over, quickly drifted asleep.
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    Now I would love to feel that working in my arse. Who else?
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    I should attend. Welcome the Freshmen to Chicago Metro.
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    I should attend. Welcome the Freshmen to Chicago Metro.
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    Latin Lava is hotter than hell.
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    Oak Brook is quite a distance from the Market Days action on Halsted in BBoystown. Steamworks?
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    So my first night of my sex weekend in Atlanta has ended at 4:30 in the morning and I have been mounted and mated like an animal on a stud Farm. Manifest was much quieter than I expected on a Friday night but I still did well with just over a dozen sex partners there. And 5 others at my hotel room both before and after.
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    As a slut and cumpig I think it's my obligation to always strive to become more and more and more of a filthy slut and whore. Thus, I have an ever-evolving Cumbucket list. Here it is, in no particular order of priority. Please share your own Cumbucket list goals in the comments to help inspire me! ANONBAREBACK'S CUMBUCKET LIST 1. Get gang fucked full of 45 Loads on my next birthday, over a 12 to 24 hour period. One Load for every year I've been alive. Make that 46 for "One Load to grow on." 2. To get fucked and filled by at least a dozen guys through a gloryhole over 5 hours. 3. To find a part-time Master/Owner to use me for entire nights and weekends, and order/force me to be a cumdump for anyone he chooses, no questions, no options. 4. To be raped. 5. To be Gangraped 6. To be Pozzed (ideally rape or gangrape Pozzed) 7. To be Pimped/whored out, cheap, like the cheap whore I am. 8. Once POZ, to re-become Vers and Poz BugChasers. 9. Once POZ, to Stealth Breed "safe sex" Negs. 10. To get pass-out drunk and be bred by strangers while asleep. 11. To Breed/POZ a dude while he is asleep. 12. To be tag-teamed in a Camper of Van. 13. To be a Truckstop whore, for free. 14. To be in Porn, amature or otherwise. Masked/blindfolded. Gangfucked. Pozzed. Revolving door cumdump, etc. 15. To have a Gallon of Cum injected into my cunt. 16. To drink a Pint of Cum. 17. To have 12+ guys jack off into my mouth. 18. To own my own Adult Bookstore or Bath House Well, that's it for now. I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch of things though. Share your ideas! =)~
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    Just sent my neighbor twink home with two more loads in his ass. I can feel his inside me. I think I've got a new teen fuck buddy. Hopefully I'll turn him into a 100% barebacker in short order. I've got a lot of friends who would love to breed his ass.
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    Omg! Just had an amazing evening here. A hot 19 year old fucked and fisted me. I am so going to sleep like a baby

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