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    CHAPTER 1: Tyler dad made a fortune with the exploitation of swingers sex club. In the weekends the club was packed with straight and bi couples. After Tyler’s mom died his dad blocked all emotions and was only busy working. Tyler had a friend at school to talk with, but when they grew older the conversions mostly were about girls. A subject that didn’t do much for Tyler. When he was online he came across a link to a gay porn website a world opened up. When he was 18 he discovered Grindr and after his first time having sex he wanted more. Within a few month he frequently visited sex parties. At one of these parties he met a few guys that introduced him to chems and took him to other more intense parties. He saw boys taking load after load and begging to become part of the brotherhood. Tyler knew right away that he wanted to be one of them. A few months before turning 19 he got the news that he was POZ and to celebrate he took a biohazard tattoo on his dick. In the next few years he started to cover his body with tattoos. After coming home from a POZ party he found his dad lying dead in the hallway; A heart attack. Tyler was heartbroken but determined to turn this into something positive. He closed and stripped the swingers cluband after a few months re-opened as a gay bathhouse. Tyler hired 12 good-looking young boys as staff. He only hired boys he knew from the POZ parties. The only thing the boys wear while working is a leather harness with a cocking with an anal plug attached. The harness has a lock and can only be removed with a key. Only customers with a green or red wristband are allow to touch the staff. All other customers without a special wristband that touch the boys without consent is banned. The bathhouse is open from 11:00 in the morning until 3:00 at night, but for customers with a wristband can stay 24/7. The red wristband are members which Tyler personal invited. You can only become a member through another member and when you are young than 40, POZ and not on meds. Boys between 18 and 25 get a green wristband. Every night after 3:00 the bathhouse is change into one big POZ party hosted by Tyler. Anyone that wants to use condoms is asked to leave and chems are allowed. Before the party starts the boys with the green wristband Tyler likes are offered a drink secretly laced with G. Last week Tyler saw a boy that he wants to convert into his personal slut. The boy was 20 years old with medium-long blond hair that was tied together tight in a small tail. His body was athletic and hairless. Everyone without a wristband is asked to get dressed. The blond boy also walks towards the lockers. Tyler stops him and ask “You don’t have to leave”. The boy replies “I’m here with my brother and he’s 26 so he has no wristband”. Tyler grabs a wristband from behind the counter and says “Now you can both stay”. The boy smiles and nods. After 5 minutes he’s back with his brother. “You could be twins” Tyler says before asking their names. The youngest is called Zack and the oldest is Dane. “Want a drink boys?” asks Tyler while handing them a laced drink. Both boys nod. Tyler tells two of his staff to keep refilling when the glasses are empty. In total 11 boys and 17 members stayed. Most of them took of their towels showing their big dicks. Some boys can’t hide their lust and move towards a group of black guys with huge black cocks sticking out. The first 2 boys get worked down on their knees and 2 others automatically get down. You can hear the boys gagging on the monster cocks. Tyler walks towards the brothers. Zack say “It’s getting warm here”. Tyler replies “Let’s lay down over there”. The boys lay down on the huge bed in the orgy room. Tyler removes his short and shirt. “Wow! Love the tattoos” says Dane. “Yeah they look good on your ripped body” Zack adds. Tyler thanks both boys. “Your bodies are also hot… why not remove your towels” he replies. Both boys remove the towels revealing two huge cocks. Tyler’s cock starts to grow. “He likes what he seeing” Dane says to Zack pointing at Tyler's growing dick. Zack moves down and swallows Tyler's cock. Dane begins to move away. “Where are you going?” asks Tyler. “We never have sex in a threesome” he replies. “Are you afraid of competition??” Tyler says laughing before asking one of his staff to bring him his pipe. “This calms your nerves” Tyler says. He lights the pipes and starts to inhale. The boy that brought the pipe whispers in Dane’s ear. Tyler grabs Dane and pulls him closer for a kiss and gives him a shotgun. After 10 seconds he exhales. Tyler repeats that twice and then does the same with Zack. “What is that?” Zack asks but Tyler doesn’t respond and pushes Zack down again. “Suck that cock” Tyler says pushing Dane towards the boy that brought the pipe. Dane swallow down the cock while tyler starts to suck Dane’s dick. Tyler get a small tube of lube and places it at Dane’s hole. The small nozzle enters his hole with easy. He squirts a load of lube inside. Dane moans. “Yes it burns a bit but in a few seconds it will stop” Tyler replies. Tyler know that the lube contains enough Tina to transform him into a perfect slut. He asks Zack if he want to squirt some lube in his ass before asking him to turn around. Zack also moans when the lube begins to take effect. Both boys start to moan louder. “This will make the feeling more intense” says Tyler as he starts to blindfold both boys. “My boy will fuck you Zack and you will fuck me and i will fuck Dane” Tyler explains. But instead of doing what he said he lays down manoeuvres Zack onto his dick. Zack slowly gets impaled by the big cock. “Next” Tyler says. One of the others boys helps Dane To manoeuvre on top of his younger brothers dick. When the whole cock is swallowed by Dane’s hole he starts to ride the pole. “Your ass feels amazing Tyler” moans Zack. “His dick feels even better” says Dane. 4 people are filming how both brothers fuck each other. After 10 minutes we switch position. After removing the blindfold Tyler says “Dane i would love to see you fuck you younger brother”. “What?! No way… I will be the worse sex ever!” Dane shouts. “No i’m sure you’ll both enjoy it” Says Tyler with a grin. “Never” replies Zack. Both boys are handed a phone playing the video made earlier. Their eyes are wide open while fingering their holes. “You want my cock in your ass Dane? Then you know what to do.” Tyler adds. Dane can’t hide the urge for cock. He trows his brother on his stomach and positions his dick. Zack struggles a bit. “Stop struggling. I’m the oldest so you do as i say.” Dane growls before slamming his cock deep inside his brother. Tyler gets in position behind Dane and slips his cock in Dane’s ass”. They fuck as an well-synced machine. Tyler gives a sign and two boys grab Zack’s arm tie a rubber band around it. Before Zack knows whats happening a syringe enters his vein and the Tina enters the bloodstream. “Take a good look and see him change in a horny slut” Tyler whispers in Dane’s ear. The rubber band snaps off and Zack starts to cough. Hie begins to moan while his body starts to pulsate. His ass opens up and Dane’s dick sinks deeper inside. Dane feels the head of his cock passing the second ring. The second ring begins to tighten around the swollen head. Dane tries to pull out but the right tightens with every attempt. A warm feeling begins to build op in Dane’s balls. Zack begins to moan louder when he feels his brothers dick swell up. With a deep animalistic grunt he starts to shoot thick streams of cum deep inside his young brother. After 3 minutes he pulls out and falls exhausted besides his brother. Tyler gives another signand before Dane can act the rubber band snaps off and he start to couch. Tyler yells “It’s time boys” and within 20 seconds all 12 boys working for him are gathered around him. “Like you all became brothers these 2 will also brothers. So dump as many of your loads containing my toxic dna deep inside them”. After Tyler’s speech he flips zack on his back lifts his legs and begins to pound his ass using Dane’s cum as lube. At the same time the first of his boys begins fucking Dane. Tyler begins to fuck harder. Zack begins begging for more. “Yes Harder… Give me more…”. Tyler begin to laugh and says “I want to hear you beg for my cum… beg me for my POZ cum..”. The Tina turned Zack a fuck slut without a will of his own as he start to beg Tyler to POZ him. “Yes fuck me harder… I want your load… your dirty POZ load… make me yours…”. Tyler gets turned on by these words he feels his cum boiling in his balls. He looks at Dane and sees how one of his boy shoot a third load in his ass. Tyler grunts deep and shoot a huge load in Zack’s ass. As he pulls out the cum comes gushing out the open ass. Quickly one of the boys takes his place. After shooting a huge load in Dane’s ass Tyler walks back to the bar area. His cocks begins to get hard when he sees how a slim twink boy slowly sliding on to a black monster cock. The whole 12.5” disappears inside the boy. “Did you cover your dick with crystals?” asks another black dude. “Yes… i can feel his body giving in… wanna try if he’s ready?” says the one with his dick deep in the boy. He pulls the twink close to his chest and wraps his arm around him. The other positions him self behind the boy and starts to push his 11” cock besides the other dick. The boys body start shaking and the boys begs to stop. The second dick slowly stretches the boys hole to the max. Slowly the dick sinks deeper until it’s completely disappears. Slowly he starts to move his cock in and out. Faster and Faster. The boys is moaning from pleasure. “I’m close” the first black guy yells. “Me too” replies the other. They both ram their cocks deep inside, This is to much for the young boy and passes out. Both dicks unload deep in his ass. One pulls out as a third black cock takes it’s place. “I will wake him up!” and rams his big cock inside. The boy body twitches and with a loud cry he’s comes back. The cum gets fuck out of his ass. The boy gets pounded hard for at least another 15 minutes before getting a third load planted deep in his ass. Tyler smiles and is glad to see that another boy is converted into a POZ cum slut. TO BE CONTINUED?
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    I knew early on I was gay. Back before the internet all we had was magazines to look at. I remember getting Penthouse Letters for the first time and reading just the gay stories in it. As I got older I kept my homosexuality a secret from everyone. I so wanted to suck cock and get fucked but I had no idea how to go about it. One day during the summer as I was out driving I noticed a grey and pink building in a not so good part of town. Just the colors said this building was different. I parked my car and just watched the men going in and out. Adult video and theater was on the sign outside and this peaked my curiosity more. After hearing about a certain celebrity getting caught in a place like this had me wondering what exactly goes on inside a place like this. So I decided to check the place out. I walked up to the door and on the outside was a sign that said you had to be 21 to enter. I being 18 decided I would push my luck. I entered the building and it had everything you could desire. Magazines, videos, adult toys, and of course the theater in the back. I noticed several men strolling by the entrance just staring at me and I knew they wanted me by just their looks. About this time the cashier asked for ID and I lied saying I lost it by getting a DUI. She knew I was lying but she didn't stop me. I asked about the theater in the back and asked her what could I do back there. She shocked me by saying I could do anything I wanted to do. Upon hearing this my cock was hard and leaking precum bad. So I made my way to the back and let my eyes adjust to the darkness. I saw a big theater room playing straight porn and probably 30 private booths for enjoying other videos. The back was crawling with men. I found an empty booth and deposited my money and started flipping through the channels to find a video I wanted to watch. After settling on a hot gay video of an older guy fucking a younger guy I pulled down my pants and started jerking off. After a minute or so something caught my eye. Sticking through a hole in the wall, which I now know as gloryholes, was a cock. Ok I'll admit I was a bit scared because I didn't know if it was a setup. After several more seconds he withdrew his cock and stuck his finger through. He asked if he could suck my cock which for some reason I didn't have a problem with. So I stuck my cock through the hole and he started sucking me. God it felt great. I had found the answer to my prayers. His mouth felt great. After a few minutes I withdrew my cock and he slid his cock back through. This time I didn't hesitate. I got down on the dirty floor. It was sticky and smelled but for some reason I felt right at home. I jerked his cock a little bit and then licked up his precum. And the moment came. I put a cock, his cock, in my mouth for the first time. Oh how wonderful it felt to be sucking a real cock for the first time. I knew I had found my calling and the place to unleash my desires. I sucked him the best I could and being on my knees felt so right. After sucking him for a while he withdrew his cock which left me disappointed. He then asked if he could come into my booth to continue our fun. Oh God I got nervous but agreed to let him in my booth. He came right over and as soon as he locked my booth door I got a good glimpse of the man. He was around 30 and was a bit taller than me. Nice toned body with no facial hair. His cock was around 7 inches but not to thick. He sat down on the bench and took his cock back out. I got back on my knees and started sucking his cock some more. I was having so much fun. Then it happened. As I came up for air he put his hand under my chin and bent down to kiss me. I was a bit shocked but I soon returned his kiss. He then asked if he could fuck me. I asked if he had a condom because I didn't want any disease. He said he only fucked bare and I was not having a cock inside me without protection. He looked disappointed but I had my standards at the moment. He then produced a bottle of something and held it under my nose and told me to inhale. I did as told for some reason and I felt strange. Hornier than I had been and I started sucking his cock with gusto. After several minutes he told me to inhale again. I was starting to lose all my inhibitions. He told me to strip and after another time of inhaling I begged him to fuck me. He obliged. He took off his pants and got behind me and slowly slid his cock inside me. It hurt but whatever I was inhaling also had me to where I didn't care. He got all of his cock inside me and just let my ass adjust to his cock. After a few minutes he slowly started fucking me. He had me take another whiff of what he had and I lost it. I was now begging him to fuck me harder. I must've been a bit loud because he hushed me by covering my mouth with his hand. God his cock felt wonderful. I was glad I found this place. Here I was on a dirty floor with some strangers cock inside me raw. After several minutes of fucking me hard he started cumming. The whole time I was hard and I didn't even touch my cock and I started cumming as well. After his cock went soft he took it out of my ass. He kissed me before getting dressed and said welcome to the club. I didn't know what he meant. He asked me to stay naked that I would be popular today. He handed me the bottle of what I was inhaling and he told me it was poppers. I had never heard of them but I loved them. He said there were several guys waiting in the hall just like him. He then said he was HIV positive and before I could react he had me take another hit. And to my surprise I told him let the fun begin.
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    Hey guys. This story is inspired by my new SEXY buddy, TexasTwink . He's cute, and you should all write to him to thank him for this story idea. Thank you, TexasTwink. 😉 Please Use a Condom - Chapter 1. A buddy of mine, Sam, has a penchant for corrupting young ‘safe sex only’ guys. Over a few beers, he told me about this one guy he was planning on bringing over to the dark side. A sexy twink from Texas met him in an airport bar and confided that he wanted to be used by several guys at the same time. He fantasized about being taken raw by multiple men, but wasn’t quite ready. He asked my buddy if he’d be willing to help him. He told him he’d come up with something. They exchanged numbers and boarded their flights. They had kept in touch and the twink was going to be traveling back through town for work in a while. My buddy told me that the twink was passing through in a few days and wanted to invite me to join in the festivities. We were going to meet in a bar on Friday night and get the twink some liquid courage before heading back to my buddy’s playroom to have some piggy fun. I could tell from the pics that Sam shared with me that the twink was beautiful, mid-20s, blond hair hanging in his face and over his ears, great smile, and a nice slim body. His jeans showed off his curvy meaty butt. I arrived at the bar first and was pretty sure the cute guy at the bar was the guy we were to meet. A few guys from around showed up before my buddy, and we were all eyeing this tasty-looking twink. I saw Mike and Bill, two POZ guys I’d swapped loads with in the past. There was an older bald heavy-set guy with a beer gut and a massive barrel chest who Mike introduced me to as Ron. When I shook Ron’s paw, I saw a biohazard tattoo on his furry forearm. A sexy Latin guy greeted Ron, who, in turn, introduced the two of us. The Latin guy's name was Pedro. No word or sign if Pedro was POZ or not. The twink was clearly nervous as he downed two beers. My buddy showed up and sat down next to him giving him a big bear hug before introducing us all to ‘tonight’s entertainment.’ We shared a few beers as the twink loosened up. My buddy had his hands down the back of his jeans and was clearly fingering his hole. The twink was squirming and cooing, clearly loving his fantasy coming true. Sam took care of the tab, and we all headed outside to walk the short distance back to his place, arm in arm. The twink was a little drunk, but still very much in control of what he wanted. When we got to Sam’s place, he let us in and led us down to the basement playroom, complete with a leather sling, and a wall of toys. We all helped the twink undress down to his jockstrap. Just as Sam was about to help him into the sling, his eyes flashed wide. He held up his hands as asked if he could have a moment alone with Sam. The four of us went back upstairs to get undressed and get ready for some serious fucking. Sam came upstairs to find me on my knees switching between the cock of my old and new friend. "Bad news, guys. Our twink friend is scared to take so much raw cock. Now, he’s gonna let us fuck him, but there’s a condition: we've gotta use a condom." Mike reached into his pants, puddled on the floor, and pulled out a wrapped condom and commented with a sly smile "I've been saving this for someone special." Sam looked concerned and countered saying "Come on, guys. If he wants us to use a condom, we should honor that, right?’" Sam took Mike’s condom and made sure it wasn't stale, and that the wrapper was intact, asking "You sick fuck didn’t stab this with a pin or anything did you?" Mike shook his head no. My sense was he was being honest. Sam’s concern devolved into a sneer. He asked us to wait right there for a moment. I went back to sucking cock as Sam headed back downstairs. H e reappeared a few moments later with a big grin saying "We’re in luck, pigs. Our twink is into kink. He gave me permission to try something raunchy. We’re going to all fuck him. With a condom. This condom. We all have to wear the same one. And when it breaks, it breaks." The guys helped me to my feet and we headed down the dark steps to find the twink in the sling, blindfolded and holding a bottle of poppers to his nose. To be continued…
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    This story was on the original bugshare, and whatever it was called before that (back when it didn't have the crazy purple background and was just text). As I recall, there were multiple versions. One version was ported to this site back in 2010 (thanks hotload84), in "A special birthday gift" The other version, which had a rather different feel to it at the climax (the only part of the story that was much different), wasn't. And it was hot in a different sort of way. About three computers ago, I used to have a version of it saved to my hard drive and would revisit it every now and then. But with changing formats and all, I lost track of it and I haven't been able to find it anywhere on the web, either. So I've reconstructed it from the existing version as best I can from my battered memories (oh yes, I've killed more than a few brain cells in the last 20 years!), with a few added touches of my own. Hope you enjoy! The Birthday Boy I met the birthday boy at a club I don't usually frequent. The crowd is younger and overall less mature than what I like. But a buddy of mine twisted my arm, so I went along. I was having an okay time dancing until I bumped into this kid who was no taller than 5'5", but built like a gymnast and wearing no shirt. He gyrated his hips in a sexy manner and kept looking in my direction. I smiled at him, which he took as an invitation. Next thing I knew he was pushing his butt against my crotch and we were dirty dancing. It wasn't long before I asked him to have a drink. My buddy was tangled up with a bunch of twinkies on the dance floor, so I didn't feel like I was abandoning him. Chip and I headed toward the bar. He’d just turned 21 and was celebrating with some college buddies. He was studying geology, and his only sex had been with guys in the dorm. There was a lot he wanted to explore. And he didn’t mean rock formations. We drank a couple of beers, danced some more, and ended up in his jeep a half hour before closing. I invited him over to my place since I live alone and don’t have to worry about roommates or uninvited visitors. Earlier that day I‘d purchased some high-grade weed and wanted to try it out. We headed up to the roof of my building to smoke a joint and jabber. A few tokes told us the stuff performed as advertised, and it hit Chip particularly hard. "I feel so fucked up now." I volunteered to give him a massage, and we went downstairs to my bedroom. I had him undress and lay face down on the bed. I took the baby oil and started rubbing him down. He got to moaning and grinding his hot bubble butt up into my hands. Every time I ran past his crack, he'd part his legs a little more, until, by the 5th pass, he was lying there totally spread-eagled. He wanted it bad—and so did I. I stroked up and down his crack and leaned my face close to his boy butt so I could smell the musky scent emanating from his hole. "Do you like to buttfuck?" I tried not to laugh. “Do I like to buttfuck? Hell yeah!” He asked me to put on a condom, saying he wanted to stay clean in case he ever met “Mr. Right.” I commented that if he ever met “Mr. Right,” it wouldn’t matter if he were clean or not. I pretty much always bareback and halfway contemplated refusing. But considering my status, I figured he had a point. I squirted some lube in his crack and worked it in with my finger. Then I let him unroll the condom over my rock-hard shaft. “Roll over,” I said, and spooned behind him. Then I put my arms around his hot little torso and slowly pushed into his crack. To my surprise, before I even got the head fully in he grimaced and complained how much it hurt. I reassured him, then rolled on my back and told him to sit on it. That might be easier. Hi tried it, but still complained, and pulled off my dick as soon as he got the head inside. I was getting frustrated, but tried not to show it because, well, he was just 21; and I figured he hadn’t fucked much. "I'm sorry, I guess this isn't going to work," he apologized, reaching back and pulling the condom off my cock. I expected to hear him to say that he’d better be going. But instead he kept his hole positioned right above my drooling dick, and gradually lowered himself till strands of precum clung to his man-pussy. "It's really too bad,” me murmered, “'cause I really wanted to feel you way up inside me, a kind of a special birthday gift. And I bet you wanted to fuck me, too.” He began gently rocking back and forth on my cock and brushing his ass lips against the tip. When my cock was just centered in his hole, he gyrated his hips the way he had on the dance floor – so that, ever so slowly, my raw dick started to slip inside him. When the head of my cock popped past his sphincter, he got this glazed look of lust on his face. His lips parted, but he said nothing further. I slid deeper into him. He leaned back on me. His hungry hole gripped my dick. I could remain passive no longer. I pulled out, rolled him onto his back, lifted his legs to my shoulders, and began to fuck him slow and deep. I kept it up for what seemed like ages, but eventually I knew I couldn't hold out much longer. My breathing grew ragged as I picked up the pace, thrusting hard into his firm gym-rounded ass. He moaned softly, "Don't cum in me, okay? Just don't cum in me." "Don't what?" "Please don’t cum in me." I slowed a bit and leaned down, brushing my scruffy cheek against his smooth one. “Don't... what?” I asked, kissing his neck and jaw. "Don't cum in me..." “Don’t.” I raised my head and locked eyes with him, twitching my dick inside his hole with my pelvic muscles alone. “What?” I could see his pupils dilate as he visualized it. “...Cum in me,” he whispered. I knew I had him. “What?” I asked. “Cum in me.” I nodded my head and resumed thrusting, never breaking eye contact. “Cum in me. Aww fuck, cum in me!” He grabbed my hips and pulled me tight against him as my thrusts grew furious. I was only too happy to oblige; as he yelled wordlessly and thrashed in ecstasy I could feel my cock swell to its full girth, flooding him with wave after wave of my toxic cum. His own jizz, perhaps neg for the last time, shot onto my chest. To make a long story short, the marijuana and the fucking had taken its toll and shortly thereafter we fell asleep. In the morning he was the first awake; and I fucked him twice more, once in the shower and finally in the alley behind my building as we were saying goodbye. It was then that he asked my status. I hemmed and hawed. “Status doesn’t mean anything,” I said. “A guy may test neg one day, have a fatal affair the next, and end up poz.” “And did I just have that fatal affair?” “I think so.” “Then I’d better get tested.” He glanced off down the alley toward where his jeep was parked. “I didn’t expect to stay neg forever. In fact, I kind of wonder if I wasn’t asking for it last night.” With that we kissed. He hopped in his jeep, and drove off.
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    I finished the first heat at my swim meet and didn't have anything to do until the after noon final. So i played with my phone for awhile, than i got bored. S i started to look for the guys in the stands not looking at the water but at the pool deck. Its not a huge spectator sport so there are a bunch of dads sitting in the metal stands right off the pool deck. when i catch one looking i put on a show flexing, stretching or doing some random push ups or pullups in my speedo. maybe even make a couple adjustments in my suit. I catch one guy about mid 40's whos no longer watching the kids meet n looking my way. when he gets up to go to the bathroom, i follow him. i stand at the urinal next to him with my speedo pulled down around my thigh and my but crack poping out the back. i play with it a little until he notices , and give him a smile. he grabs my ass, and tells me to meet him in the parking lot in 5. I grab my swim team robe and put it on over my speedo and go outside. he takes me out to his x5 and we climb in the back seat. he slides huis hand up my leg under my robe n starts rubbing my crotch, while he undoes his pants, unleashing a nice thick cock with a dad bush. i start going down on him drooling on his cock, till he pulls me on to his lap. he pulls the speedo down under my robe,, n pulls my hips toward his cock as i lower myself on to him. i start rocking back n forth as he bucks into me, while he holds my chest n plays with my nipples. my cock isstill half in my speedo when i cum . i feel him shoot inside me. u get off him n take him in my mouth until hes hard again. Then he puts me on my knees , with my hips against the seat back and my body n head in the trunk. he gets behind me , and starts to do me doggy with his chest on top oh me wedged against the ceiling. he starts to pound my wet hole , i cant help but cum again. he dumps another load in me. he pulls his pants back up, n pushes me out of the car while i try to pull my speedo back up under my robe. on my way back for my final i stop by the showers to wash the cum out of my speedo and get the rest of it wet to hide the spots.
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    Part 98 - Graduation Prep “Hope to see you at the party tomorrow night” Mark said to Aaron as he picked up the keys off the counter. He saw Zane stumble out of the restroom, tucking his shirt back in and still looking stunned. Mark and Eric drove up towards the university and finally got to the hotel. Mark parked the car and hopped out and as he got to the hotel door realized that Eric was right behind him. “Don’t trust me to even get the room keys?” Mark asked with a grin. “No fuckin’ way. You know too many people around here. If I look away for half a minute you’ll be humping some old hookup” Eric replied. Mark laughed as he walked up to the desk and tapped on the counter. Dennis looked out and smiled. “Shit. You again? Hide all the neg boys!” Dennis said before bursting out laughing. “How the hell are you?” he asked. “Doing great. This is my boyfriend Eric. Eric this is Dennis, the manager that can arrange anything” Mark said. “Well, almost anything. I can’t give you the same room you had before. It’s been booked for months. Once word got out, it’s been very popular. I just finished a junior version of it, though, so that’s the room I reserved for you. You get to break it in, there’s not a cum stain in sight” Dennis said with a smile. “Thanks, we’ll do our best. Too bad we’re not staying as long as I did last time” Mark said. They headed down to the room and when Mark opened the door he smiled. While not as big as the room 152, room 269 was setup similarly. The bed had numerous tie-down points for bondage scenes, there was a small dresser with toys of all sorts including dildos, plugs, cuffs, rope and rubber sheets. The large flatscreen TV was playing porn. There was a spotlight showing a design on the floor. Eric picked up a remote and found he could change the image. He began clicking through the spotlight images and found a simple circle, a heart, a rose, “will you marry me?” text, interlocked male, female and hetero symbols, handcuffs, a scorpion, and a biohazard. Mark walked over to the table in front of the couch and saw a bucket with four beers chilling next to a baggie with two joints and a lighter. Eric checked out the bathroom and said “Fuuuuuuck” as he looked around. There was a wet side and a dry side. The wet side had a shower with six heads, a douche, several drains, a hose faucet and a bunch of tie-downs in the floor and on the walls. The dry side had the usual pair of sinks and a mirror, along with several hooks on the wall and numerous towels stacked on a shelf. “I could see us hosing down that hot manager buddy of yours with piss and then fucking his brains out” Eric said to Mark. “I think he’s pretty much a top, but doubt he’d turn down a good recharge” Mark replied. “You poz him too? Maybe it’s you and him hosing ME down before you fuck MY brains out” Eric retorted. Mark chuckled “Aaron didn’t give you a big enough load?” “You know how greedy my ass gets when I don’t get fucked for a few days” replied Eric. Mark laughed as they headed to the couch. Eric lit up a joint and the two passed it back and forth while they killed off two of the beers. Once the joint and beers were done, Mark went over next to the bed and took his clothes off and climbed in. “I think I’m going to save my loads for tomorrow’s party. You know that if Joe throws a party, sex will be involved” Mark said while Eric climbed in the other side of the bed. —— Steven was taking a ten second breather from a busier than normal Friday night. With all of the graduate’s parents invading town, every seat at the restaurant was taken. His phone buzzed and he snuck a quick look. It was a message from his cousin Sam. All it said was “can u talk.” Steven looked around and quickly typed a reply “no, work til 11.” When he finally finished his shift he was exhausted but still wanted to know what Sam wanted. “sorry, boss hates anyone being on phone at work. sup?” he texted. He started walking back to the apartment hoping that Ryan was going to be there waiting for him. He got halfway home and the phone rang. “Hi, Steven. I… uh… have a problem. My roommate wants me out of there as soon as possible. He came home and a guy was fucking me in the living room. He’s pissed that I’d do that in a shared space, not just in my bedroom. Do you know of anyone that might have a room to rent?” Sam asked. “You dog, Sam. Was it a good fuck, at least? How fast do you have to get out of there? Today? Monday? In a week?” Steven asked. “Tomorrow is great, Monday would be OK, in a week would probably be the longest I can wait. And yeah, it was a great fuck” Sam replied. “Well, since it’s the end of the semester, lots of places are going to open up for the summer and then new leases start in August. Do you want to share a place or have your own apartment?” asked Steven. “I can’t really afford my own place. I could go back home, but my sex life would end and I would go nuts” Sam said, sounding even more dejected. “Well, two of my roommates are moving to California after graduation, but I don’t know when they are moving out. I’m thinking it will be Monday. You could move in with us after they’re gone, but I need to ask my boyfriend first. We are going to take over the apartment for next year but I can’t just get another roommate without his ok. You know, you might have some family issues if they know you are moving in with me. If they don’t know you’re gay yet, they will probably figure it out” said Steven. “Fuck, that would be perfect. They probably already know. I haven’t been very discreet, lately. Can I come over tomorrow and meet with your boyfriend and see if he’ll let me move in. I would even sleep on the floor if I have to” Sam said, sounding optimistic. “Well… I’ll talk to Ryan tonight, but tomorrow is a bit busy since it’s graduation and Joe and Kyle are having a party afterwards. There’s going to be a lot of people there and I doubt anyone is going to be wanting to talk about moving plans. Moving the mattress, yes. You can come over, I’m sure that they wouldn’t mind another party guest as long as you bring something to drink or eat. I have to work so I won’t be home until 11” Steven said as he started walking up the stairs. “OK, I’ll get there about that time, then” said Sam. “I think it starts at seven, you can stop over any time after that. It might be good to be out of your place if your roommate is still pissed. Uh… Sam… Did you ever get tested after we fucked those three times?” Steven asked. “Tested? No, I just assumed that I was poz. That’s what I’ve told the guys that asked. Why?” asked Sam. “Well, most of the guys at the party are going to be poz and I expect that there’s going to be a lot of fucking going on. Get a test at the drug store tomorrow and take it before the party. If you’re still neg, then don’t fuck with guys unless you want to be poz. If you’re positive, then just have fun. I’ll text you the address. See you tomorrow night” Steven said and hung up the phone. He talked with Ryan about it and Ryan said that if Steven thought it was ok, then Sam was more than welcome to take the other bedroom. —— Joe woke up early Saturday morning and grabbed the pile of light colored clothes and put them in the basket with the detergent and headed down to the laundry room. He had just started the washer when his neighbor Zhen walked in with a bag of dirty clothes. “Hi Zhen, why the long face?” Joe asked. “Lenny went back to Africa on Tuesday. His degree is finished and I guess we are too” Zhen replied as a tear dripped from his cheek. Zhen and Lenny had moved into the apartment next door at the same time Joe and Kyle moved in. They were friendly with each other but not friends. Joe had no idea that Zhen and Lenny were anything more than roommates. They were definitely different people. Zhen was Chinese, no more than five feet three inches tall, skinny and wore dark rimmed glasses. He was quiet, polite and almost invisible. Lenny was almost the opposite. He was six foot five, with very dark skin and a constant smile that lightened every room up. He was outgoing and always laughing and making those around him laugh. About the only thing they had in common was their intelligence. Both were smart in a wide range of fields and they both loved to spread their knowledge to anyone that would listen. “You two were together? Partners?” Joe asked. Zhen nodded. “He taught me how men could love each other and helped me accept that I was gay. But I can’t go to Africa and he can’t go to China, so we are both alone now” he said. “Zhen, you’ll find someone new. I know how you feel. I was crushed when my first boyfriend broke up with me. But I found Kyle and he’s ten times the person my ex was. Just give it time” Joe said over the din of the washing machines. “Once I found out how good it felt to…” Zhen said and then stopped. Joe could tell he was embarrassed to finish the sentence, but he finally did. “…to have men use me sexually, he helped me satisfy my constant need, even when he couldn’t.” Joe looked back at him perplexed. “Constant need?” Joe asked. “Yes, I need it daily. Or more. Lenny would send his friends over to take care of my addiction. Sometimes three or more would show up and it made me feel so good” Zhen said. “Are you addicted to drugs, Zhen?” Joe asked. “Oh no. I never use drugs. It’s sex I am addicted to” Zhen replied. “Ah… You should be able to find many guys around the university to have sex with. This place is filled with horny students” Joe replied. “Yes, but I never had to do that before. Lenny took care of sending guys over. He would just tell me when. I haven’t had anyone come over for four days and I need to feel a man inside me filling me with his seed” Zhen explained. Joe grinned. “Nice. I might be able to help you out. I’m having a graduation party later and I’m sure some of the guests would like some sexual release” Joe said. “Really? I’m not comfortable intruding into your party, but if you could send them over to my apartment I would be grateful” Zhen replied, excitedly. “One thing though… Do you know your status?” Joe asked. Zhen looked at him curiously and then said “I’m here on a student visa.” Joe laughed and asked “No, I meant your STD status. Do you have any?” “I don’t think so. Why?” Zhen asked. “Well, some of the guys that will be at my party have HIV, so I’d only send the guys over that matched your status” Joe said. “Lenny told me I should never refuse anyone, so I have followed his rules” Zhen said. Joe turned around and pointed to the tattoo on his calf. “Have you seen this before?” he asked. “Of course. I have seen it in the chemistry labs many times. I also saw it on some of the men Lenny sent to fuck me” Zhen said. Joe grinned and said “Ah, ok. Be ready about 7pm and leave your door unlocked. Just lock your door when you have had enough.” Joe noticed that Zhen smiled for the first time that day. “Thank you, Joe. I will be prepared before seven pm” Zhen replied. Joe left Zhen to finish his laundry and went back to his apartment. He pulled out his phone and sent a message to Mark - “can u pickup hiv test at drugstore?”
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    Again... Thanks to TexasTwink for inspiring this story... Seriously, guys. Follow him. Chapter 2. We entered Sam’s basement playroom to see the twink already in position, with his curvy butt cheeks beautifully framed by his jockstrap right at the edge of the sling, ready to get fucked, raw or otherwise. He huffed his poppers as I knelt down and dove into his beautiful ass. I lapped at his hole, with Ron’s big hands spreading his cheeks as wide as they’d go. Mike and Bill started fingering his ass as I spit onto the twink’s loosening hole. Sam told the boy he was going to go first. The twink nodded and took another big huff of poppers. I stepped aside as Sam opened the fresh condom and unrolled it onto his meaty cock. Sam is very well hung and that condom barely rolled halfway down his dick. He slapped it against the twink’s crack and jabbed it into him. The twink winced but knew better than to ask Sam to enter him slowly. Sam hammered his hips into the twink as I knelt down and sucked Pedro’s cock. Sam asked the twink, ‘Do you want me to fill up this condom or let another guy have a go?’ The twink moaned, ‘Use me… Please use me…’ He reminded the twink that they hadn’t discussed the status of any of the guys about to fuck and eventually breed him. The twink just moaned realizing he was likely to take raw POZ cock. Sam pulled out and his meaty cock drooped down. The rubber had rolled down and his cock was far from fully hard. He shrugged and said, ‘I hate condoms…’ Pedro grabbed Sam’s balls and pulled his hand back taking the condom with it. He rolled it inside out over his uncut cock. Of course, it was smeared with Sam’s copious precum, which now oozed into the twink’s guts as Pedro slid forward. I knelt down to get Sam fully hard again with my throat. The twink groaned as Pedro opened him up. Pedro leaned forward so his face was right over the twink’s. ‘Take a hit, slut….’ And he did. Pedro rocked his hips slowly but forcefully. ‘Feel that rush, slut.’ The twink exhaled and allowed the rocking of the sling to let Pedro go as deeply as he could. Pedro pulled out, his cock only at half mast, spongy from the condom dulling his sensation. Pedro yanked the condom off. I was surprised it had lasted through two aggressive dominant tops. He rolled the used rubber down onto Ron’s stubby thick toxic tool. Ron stabbed into the twink’s ass and fucked hard for a few minutes. He pulled out, and I suckled his softened dick. I tasted the fuck juices on the condom and handed it to Mike who reluctantly put it on. Mike almost instantly lost his hard on but managed to get his cock into the twink for a few thrusts before shaking his head and pulling out. Bill turned the condom inside out so his partner’s POZ precum was slick on the outside. Bill sneered at the twink as he slid in, hissing, ‘Your guts are being lubed with toxic precum? You like that, slut?’ The twink just moaned and took another hit of poppers. ‘This rubber won’t last much longer, pig. Then, you’ll get a full dose…’ The twink took another deep hit. ‘You like that,’ he egged the twink on… ‘You do. Pig…’ Pedro had snuck up right behind Bill and asked Sam over his shoulder, ‘I have an idea. He into piss?’ The twink’s eyes opened wide. Sam shrugged and said to ask him. The twink nodded vigorously. Here was this beautiful twink already fucked by multiple strangers more-or-less safely but lined with POZ precum, and naturally he was a piss pig too. Pedro tapped on Bill’s shoulder and nodded that it was his turn. He yanked the battered condom off of Bill’s hard cock and pulled it down hard onto his own dick. Pedro grinned and pushed his hips forward. The twink squirmed on his cock. Pedro held his position and I realized that he was pissing into the condom on his cock. I swear I heard a pop and then piss started to slosh out of the twink’s hole. Pedro ripped that rubber apart with a big load of piss. Pedro pulled out and the shredded condom was on the base of his cock, looking more like a cockring than any kind of protection. Ron pulled it off of Pedro’s glistening dick and pulled it down around his balls. I suckled Pedro and Sam back and forth as Ron stepped up to the twink’s ass. He entered him, the first fully bare cock of the night. He groaned loudly enjoying the twink’s silky wet hole without any latex in the way. He grabbed the chains and wrapped his arm so the twink could see the biohazard tattoo. He licked his tattoo and spit in the twink’s face. The twink was overwhelmed with pleasure he’d never before allowed himself. Mike and Bill oinked and held the poppers under the twink’s nose. He was really flying. Ron would pound a few strokes, then pull out, allowing Pedro’s piss to drool out of his loosened ass. Sam stood behind Ron and let his cock brush against his POZ hole. Sam held his cock straight out and it slid easily into Ron’s well-used well-fucked seasoned ass. Ron loved having a bare cock in him as he raw-pummeled the twink. He began to quiver and came deep in the twink’s ass. Without a pause, Sam pulled Ron aside and slid into the twink. Ron’s fresh load, ass juice, and Pedro’s piss made for a wet fuck and Sam bred the twink as he moaned loudly. Mike laid down on a mattress and Bill and I hoisted the twink out of the sling and onto Mike’s thick POZ cock. Bill forced the twink’s sweaty body down and slid his own dick into the twink alongside his partner. This twink was full of two raw POZ cocks opening him up wider than ever before. Mike was mostly still with Bill plowing into the twink doing the hard fucking. Mike looked into the twink’s face and told him he was about to take two more POZ loads. He came inside the twink as Bill kept fucking, sending a stream of runny cum sloshing out of the twink’s used-up ass. Bill came too and pulled out. I dove in and lapped at the twink’s hole. I filled my mouth with seed and spit it down onto my own cock. Pedro handed me the shredded rubber and I sucked the goo off of it and let it drool into the twink’s open mouth. I got on my back and aimed my dick straight up. The twink lowered his ass down onto me and I slid inside him. He threw his head back and whimpered. He bounced up and down on my cock as globs of cum poured out of him and onto my balls. He pulled off and lapped up the spilled seed. He climbed back on and rode for a few minutes. The guys circled us as they jerked off into the twink’s face. Sam and Ron came again bathing the twink in cum. He guzzled as fast as he could and Mike and Bill came again too, shooting their loads all over his chest. Pedro mopped up the cum with his hands and fingered it into the twink alongside my cock. That sticky wetness sent me over the edge and I bred the twink deeply. He finally reached down to his jockstrap pouch and pulled out his own beautiful cock. Sam aimed his hand at the twin’s used fuckhole, and forced at least a few fingers inside him. The twink jerked frantically and shot perhaps his last NEG load all over my chest. He rolled forward and collapsed onto me in a sweaty heap. He closed his eyes saying over and over, ‘Thank you. Thanks guys. I really needed this. Thank you…’ I got up and Ron covered the twink with a cummy towel. We headed back upstairs to give him a few minutes to nap. Upstairs, we clinked a few beer bottles. Sam asked if we’d had fun, and of course we had. The guys left one by one and in pairs until it was just me and Sam. We opened another bottle of beer as the twink came meekly up the stairs. In just his jockstrap, he bent over a counter and showed us his red juicy ass. I couldn’t help but dive back in and lap at all of the cum running out of his hole and down his thighs. He had to head to the airport for an early flight, but promised he’d let Sam know the next time he was passing through. Now that he’d felt raw cocks inside of him, he’d never go back to asking tops to ‘please… use a condom…’
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    Yesterday morning I had a work meeting at a hospital I started doing some business with and when I got in this gorgeous late 20’s doctor passes by, smiles at me and continues walking. That got my juices flowing! So I fired up Grindr and went to my meeting, luckily it went better than expected and I was out within an hour and I had a few hours to spend so I opened back Grindr to check my messages. Bingo! I had a hit from a faceless body pic, great shape, says he’s 36 and sent me his dick pic that got my hole twitching, he texted me saying that he didn’t have much time and that he’s horny as hell and in need of a hole to fuck, so obviously I immediately texted back that I’m down and where should I meet him. He instructed me to wait near what I later discovered was the residents on call room and when he walked towards me (he knew what I looked like from my pics lol) my jaw dropped, he looked exactly like the guy greeted me when I walked in, just slightly older. Couldn’t believe my luck I walked behind him as he locked the door and ordered me to strip, he took off his clothes in seconds as well and I dropped to my knees, worshipping his 8” thick cock I started sucking on it, as it got rock hard he kept grunting and moaning. 2 min later he grabbed my and positioned me on the bed, on my back, legs on his shoulders and he told me he forgot to bring lube so spit was all he had to offer. Perfect for me 😈 as he began to push in I was in heaven, my hole opened up for him like magic and he was balls deep within seconds. I moaned and that was all he needed as encouragement to begin his pounding for the next 15 minutes he just pounded my hole like a pro, telling me just how much he needed a good hole like mine to unload cause his wife was a cold bitch (only then I noticed his wedding ring lol) he came in me so hard and deep I thought he was gonna pass out but for my surprise his cock remained rock hard in me. He looked at his watch and told me he has enough time for one more round, so he just resumed fucking me, this time even harder than the first time! Our bodies were a sweaty mess and he violently came a second time deep in my pussy! we cleaned ourselves quickly, he thanked me and left the room first, I was still catching my breath as I saw I had another message on Grindr, blank profile and a simple text “horny?” Indeed I was so I texted back that I was and in need of more loads. He texted back telling me he worked at the hospital and I should meet him at near a staircase a couple of floors up from where I was, so I gathered myself and went to meet this mystery man. I got there and noticed it was a quiet area and waited and couldn’t believe it, it was the same guy greeting me, he smiled at me and instructed me to follow him to a closet near by and I followed him like a lost puppy in shock haha we got in and he locked the door behind me and I just told him that I just hooked up with someone that looked very similar to him, he laughed so hard to my confusion and told me it was his older brother 😳 and that they know about each other and sometimes even play together (I immediately offered my hole for them lol) we stripped and he had a similar body to his older brother but he was almost completely smooth including shaved pubes with a noticeable thicker cock and slightly longer too, he surprised me by grabbing me and started kissing me (he was a great kisser) and we made out for a while before I began sucking his cock (he was rock hard by now) and he surprised me again when he turned around and had me lick his hole, which I absolutely love! I rimmed his perfect smooth ass for a while, going deep with my tongue and even got two fingers stretching him. He was definitely in heat and as he turned around again I saw his pre cum dripping cock and sucked him clean (tasted so sweet! He got me on my knees on the floor and didn’t even bother with lube started fingering my hole, feeling it all wet from the two loads his brother deposited in me, he gave me a taste of it as he shoved his beautiful cock in me in one go, balls deep which got me gasping for air, he just laughed and told me he’s gonna give me a good ride! Like his brother he had great stamina and dumped 3 loads in me in the span of 45 minutes, after each load he dumped he pulled out and had me such his cock clean, tasting my ass juices and both his and his brother cum mixed 😈 I couldn’t believe my luck and as we were both cleaning up he pushed a plug up my pussy (I always carry one with me lol) we exchanged number and we agreed we need to repeat this with or without his brother (and I told him all about my bf as well which got him very excited) so there I was, leaving a hospital with 5 loads from 2 brothers, neither of them mentioned condoms and a promising future of hooking up with them either in the hospital or outside of it 😉 When I left I called my bf telling him all about it and he just told me to get back home to him cause he needed to taste my cum filled hole right that second 🐽 very happy slut here 😈 x
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    After years of periodically masturbating to the idea of hooking up with a guy, while using a dildo in my ass, I pretty much gave up on it all. I came close one time, but when the guy got undressed and presented his 'big' cock (all I was interested in) which was smaller erect than mine is soft after a cold shower, I left. Jump forward a couple of decades to me having moved to South Korea. I have been married to a local woman for over a decade. I'm having lunch at the local Indian restaurant and I have an hour to spare until I have to get back to work. The place is full and I am sitting alone at a table meant for four. This guy asks me, with a London accent if he can sit at my table. I welcome him as it's always nice to chat with someone from back home. I am already eating and he orders his food then he introduces himself. We chat for a bit, this and that, usual small talk and then he asks me if I'm gay. I'm a bit taken aback by this, say no and ask him if he is. He says no, but he explains that it's often simpler to get a blowjob from a gay guy than go through all the dating bullshit with a woman. I look carefully at him, James. Mixed race, about 1m90, a little taller than me, much better built than me, he definitely works out. My heart is beating twice as fast as usual when I find myself asking him in a whisper "Do you have a big cock?" "Yes" he says, "why?" And I tell him that I have wanted to suck a big cock for many years. I also explain that I have to be back at work in, I check my watch, 38 minutes. "Not enough time," he tells me, "when do you finish?" I only have one more class, 90 minutes, so he says that if I am still interested, to meet him outside the restaurant after work. Back at the school I am tempted to go to the toilet to deal with my raging boner, but I know that if I do, then upon orgasm my will to meet him again will vanish. The class goes by really slowly and I am having a hard time concentrating. Finally it is over and I head back to the restaurant. James is waiting for me when I get there. "Are you sure you wanna do this?" he asks. I just nod sheepishly. "Come to my place then." We walk for about 10 minutes then walk up the stairs to his apartment on the 3rd floor. His place is fairly standard. Tidy, kinda feng shui, big black futon in the bedroom, nice big shower. "I'm gonna have a shower, wanna join me?" he says. I manage to squeeze out a yes, clear my throat and this time a bit louder, "Yes." He is naked and behind the frosted glass door before I can get a look. I get undressed to the sound of him finding the right water temperature and step inside, willing my heart to slow down before it explodes. I had always wondered if those big black cocks were really real. I had seen videos, but I still wondered if they were really that big. James' cock is longer than my forearm and it's nearly as thick, and it's pointing down, still soft. My seven inches are pointing straight up and looking like a finger in comparison. "Holy fucking shit!" is all I can say. James smiles, "D'you wanna touch it?" I lift it from the middle and it is unbelievably heavy. My fingers don't meet when holding it, not by a long shot. He squirts some shower gel on it and tells me to clean his cock. With one hand I lather up the gel and then using two hands I start to try and make him hard. He asks me if I want him to wash my cock and I decline. At this point, any contact would probably make me unload and run away. He smiles again as his cock gets bigger and harder. He tells me to wash his balls too. They look like they have a pint of cum in them, being clean shaven adds size to them. He then says that I should rinse him well if I don't want a mouthful of soap, and this reminds me. "I don't think this will fit in my mouth." "You'll be fine" "If it doesn't, it will probably fit in my ass." "I thought you weren't gay." "I'm not, but I use a dildo sometimes." "Let's go to the bedroom." After drying off we head to the bedroom and I immediately get on my knees on the futon and guide James' massive cock towards my mouth. I lick his helmet all around. He was right; I should have rinsed him well. I stretch my lips around his strangely mushroom shaped helmet and get it all in my mouth. I look all the way down his shaft to his well toned belly and realize that most of this cock will not get in my mouth. I empty my mouth, lift his balls with one hand, his cock with the other and slowly lick the entire underside from base to tip. He likes this. When I reach the top I open my mouth as wide as it will go and see how much I can get in my mouth. I imagine being a deep throat natural. I am not. I retch and almost vomit after not very far and lie back on the bed. "I don't think I can do this." I say. "Were you serious about your ass?" "I thought YOU weren't gay!" I reply. "Gay, straight, bi, whatever. Look I love women, I love pussy, I love ass, I love sex. I don't want to date a guy, but I will cum inside him. Are you into safe sex?" "Yes. Definitely." "Good. Me, too. I am going to fuck you bareback." "Eh?" "I am clean. I believe you are too. This'll be better. Chill." I lie back on the bed and tell him that I want to see his face when he fucks me. He reaches into a drawer, and puts something on his cock and some in my asshole. It feels cold. Lube, he tells me. He pushes my knees up in the air and towards my head, then he looks down. I feel his cold, lubed cock touch one of my ass cheeks, then the other, then my entrance. Par 3, I guess. As he slowly pushes forward, I reach down and pull apart my ass cheeks. I know what to do now from my dildo. I relax and push a little, like I am half trying to shit. My asshole stretches a little as the tip slowly enters me, the feeling is amazing. He asks me if I'm OK and I say, "I'll be fine. Please fuck me" James continues to push, stretching me wider and wider, just as it gets to the point when I am stretched wider than I have ever been before, there is an audible pop as the entire helmet is inside me. We both let out a little moan, then we both smile at each other as my ring closes around his cock, hugging it tight. He pulls out, stretching me again, quicker this time. His helmet comes all the way out, then back in again plus some of his shaft, then more, then more, slowly filling me up. The feeling is like no other, he is fatter and longer than my dildo but it feels like this cock was made with the intention of fucking me. Eventually he hits a wall inside me and starts to pull out. "Stop," I say, "I want to feel you inside me for a bit." I let go of my ass cheeks and work my sphincter muscles a bit, gripping and relaxing on his giant cock. I feel around as ass and find that there is still a good deal of meat out in the open. "OK," I say, "fuck me." "Yes sir." He replies with a grin. He slides the whole shaft out causing a sharp intake of breath from me, then plunges back in to the wall. Each thrust feels amazing. I am making quite a lot of noise now as he pulls out and in again. I am really getting into this. It is much easier to be fucked than holding a dildo and my cock. "Fuck me hard." I order him. He doesn't need to be told twice and picks up the tempo, out in, out in, out in. My own cock feels harder and bigger than it has ever been, like it's trying to compete with the monster inside me. I really want to grab it, but worry about what cumming will do my mental state. I try to stop thinking about my cock and return my attention to his as he pulls all the way out and then in. This guy is having as much fun as I am, but I can't help myself. I grab my cock and cum almost immediately, emptying my balls over his belly as he continues fucking me. It still feels amazing, the fear isn't there at all, I still want him inside me and despite having unloaded more than ever before, I am still rock hard so I keep playing with myself. James starts groaning louder as he fucks me and tells me that he is about to cum. "Can you cum in my mouth?" I ask. He pulls all the way out, the wonderful stretching feeling as his mushroom helmet eases out of my well fucked asshole. He kneels over me, one leg on either side of my chest and guides his glistening monster cock head into my open mouth. My tongue is sticking out, waiting, and his knob slides over it and into my mouth. I grab his cock with two hands and try my best to jerk him off, but the action makes my teeth scrape his cock. "Let me," he says. He expertly grabs his cock in the way that only the owner knows how to and brings himself back to the point of orgasm. "I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna..." And he unleashes a tsunami which fills my mouth in moments. I almost choke as I try to swallow. I had never considered how hard it would be to swallow cream with a mouth full of meat. I manage the first load, but he keeps on cumming, and noticing my lack of expertise, he pulls out of my mouth and proceeds to shoot all over me. My face, hair, chest, his own bed. When he is pretty much done, I guide his now deflating cock back into my mouth. It is a much better fit now and I start to suck it like I had intended to when this all started. I still get more juice as a reward and I manage to take him into my throat a bit without retching. He starts to pull out, so I let go and he slides his cock out of my mouth. I give the tip of his cock a little kiss as it leaves my mouth. "You have a beautiful cock," I say as he lays next to me on the futon. I grab it again and lightly rub it up and down. "Do you want more?" he asks. "I don't know." I answer, "But I am going to shower again, if that's OK." I head back to the shower and wash all the cum and sweat off myself. Once I am clean, the door opens and in walks James, hard as a rock again. "Hands and knees." He says. I know what's coming and I do what he says, the water raining down on me as he kneels behind me and pushes his cockhead back into my anus. It is still a little loose from our workout but still tight enough for me to gasp again as his cock stretches me to my limit again. This time though, he doesn't hold back or wait. He rams his cock all the way as far as it will go, grabs my waist and starts fucking me intensely like a piston. My whole body turns to jelly. He uses my hole as his own private fucktoy. He lifts my ass a bit higher and stops kneeling. He pulls my whole body towards him as he thrusts into to me, over and over. No words, no calm, just pure animal instinct as he fucks me as hard as he can. Time has no meaning here, it could have been minutes or hours as he fucks and fucks until finally with an almighty groan he goes as deep as he can and unloads for a second time, deep inside me. I feel a strange warmth fill me and he pulls out a little then back in again, over and over emptying all he can inside me. He lowers me back down to the floor and pulls out of me. There is a slurping sound as the now utterly spent cock slides out of my ass. I get back onto my knees as James turns off the shower and says, "Clean me." I am a little confused as there is no water, but when I take a look at his flaccid cock with a drop of cum on the end, I understand. I lick his whole cock from base to tip, all around, getting every trace of his cum off his cock. When I am done, he slides his soft cock deep into my mouth and into my throat. I relax completely and let it happen. It slips into my throat cutting off the oxygen, but I don't panic. I marvel at the experience. I have just had him deep in my ass, now I am getting him deep in my throat. I am not really sucking his cock though, he is really just fucking my throat. He pulls out still soft, grabs a towel and dries himself. I do the same, grab my clothes and head back into the bedroom. "So how was that?" James asks, as if he doesn't know. "That was the single most erotic experience of my entire life." I answer truthfully. "I wish that I could suck your cock when it's hard though, but it is way too big." "You know, if you are up for it, I could fix that problem for you. I have some friends who could join us next time we do this." I hadn't even thought about the possibility of a next time. "How many friends?" I ask. "How many do you want?" "You mean like a gangbang?" "Do you want to be gangbanged?" "I think I might." "Let’s swap numbers. You know where I live, obviously." "Please be discreet. I am married and I want to stay that way." "Don't worry man, I got this." This all happened yesterday. I wanted to write about it while it is fresh in my mind. I am awaiting the call, if it comes, and thinking now about having a group session. I might have to update my mental sexual preference to bisexual. Not gay. Not yet.
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    Part 10; Sir opened the door, and all 4 of us walked in. Except for Sir, we were all hit by the fizzling fuzzy fire red glow that filled the room. It felt like a very hot summers day 🔥🔥 I started to take in my surroundings. The wall to the left and the ceiling were completely mirrored. The wall to the left of the door was a small worktop area with mini fridge that was for making/storing drinks/snacks, not that much of that went on here I do not think. The wall to the right of the door was stacked up with several bales of hay. To the centre of the mirrored wall on the left was a HUGE square jet BLACK marble plinth, which two lengths of me could lie down each way. It was a little higher than me (and I am 5ft 8"). The mirrored end to the plinth (the HEAD) was right against the wall, with wooden steps on the other three sides, so you could walk to the top. The (FOOT) of the plinth was also a large mirror. So there were three marble surfaces, the two sides, and the top. The mirrored ceiling was super high, so, any Man or Beast could easily stand on the plinth with room to spare. 😈 On the wall to the right was a big St Andrews Cross using a very old Dark wood, complete with Leather wrist & ankle restraints. Either side of the 'Cross' were various BDSM items on the floor and hanging on the wall, with a few very old wooden chairs either side. And now, the wall at the back ----> The centre of the wall was the window which was now wide open, and the Moon was beaming in, blending in with the fizzling fuzzy fire red glow. To the right of the window was a long deep red chesterfield couch. And to the left of the window, was a deep red chesterfield armchair. And there he IS ----> My MASTER! 🐐👺 I was immediately aroused, and attracted. His head was that of a Black Goat's Head, with 2 magnificent long grey horns. He had 3 top central incisor teeth that were yellow/brown stained, and 2 canine teeth that were a bright white, and that were prominently long, and SHARP! He had a cloak which like Sir's went down to his ankles, but unlike Sir's, his did not hang from his shoulders, as his also had sleeves. The outer part to his cloak was made of grey goat hair, and the inner was of a soft burgundy silk lining. My Master was sat there, silent, with his deep red demon hands interlinked via his deep red demon fingers that had very sharp black claws. The skin on his feet was also a deep red, and also with sharp claws. Sir spoke; - Hail Master. - Welcome home 'L'. So Sir's name began with 'L'. I wonder what he was really called. - What dose of liquid Ketamine did you give my Charlie at the club, 'L'? - Just a total of half a dose, Master. - Prepare him a full dose in a glass of his favourite cool beverage, Coke. I know that is your favourite cool drink, isn't it Charlie. - Yes Master. Sir interjected; - From now on boy, you will always say 'Hail Master' when he addresses you. You are required to say that once if he is just saying one sentence to you, and again only once if he is initiating an entire conversation with you. - Yes Sir. I understand. - Yes, thank you 'L'. I am sure his Master can forgive this minor discrepancy as he has only just arrived. And is so fresh and ready for the night ahead. Not to mention his future. Sir took my drink and placed it on the wooden table next to where Master was sitting. - Come Charlie, come and sit between your Master's legs, and drink your Ketamine & Coke. - Hail Master. Yes Master. I walked over to him, slowly. With each step I felt myself become more intoxicated by his Dark Power! I was now right by his feet. I turned around, hiked up my nightshirt, and as I sat down on his chair between his legs he at the same time opened up and closed his cloak, enveloping me in his grip. Watching this unfold infuriated my boyfriend and he lunged forward, with Sir and the Skinhead forcibly restraining him back. - What the hell ... - 'L'. Do please tell me who these two Men are. - Hail Master. Yes Master. This angry and very foolish man here is Charlie's new boyfriend. He is also P☣️Z, and was going to take Charlie's virginity tonight at the club insisting on there being an audience. And intending to infect him in the process. Charlie has been craving to be infected with HIV for a few years now. And I, your ever obedient slave, deposited OUR toxic load in him at the club, my Master. His boyfriend followed us here in his own car. This other man, sort of just stumbled into our path, as fate would have it, and he has proven to be a very useful asset, with a very laid back open mind. I like him a lot. - A-ha. So my boy already has my Cuba filth deep in his cunt, the mutated version of course. He'll be getting the unfiltered potent version shortly. During this exchange, I downed my Ketamine laced Coke, and was enjoying the feeling of my Master's insane amount of body hair against my now super smooth innocent skin. I felt something very thick come up from the side of my thigh, over my quad muscle, and down my inner thigh, pulling it apart from my other leg. 🐙
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    I walked out of the shower and walked into my room and stopped at my full mirror. I admired my hard work at making my body into my masterpiece. I worked hard every day growing up in the gym making large strides to make myself look like a porn star and now I am 19 and I have achieved my goal for how I look and now I am looking to complete my next desire and challenge. I looked in the mirror and saw the water dripping down my hard body of muscle and admired how it made my body shine in the light. I couldn't help but flex my arms and see the muscles in them buldge and I was starting to turn myself on and my 7-inch thick cock was starting to stiffen. I turned around and admired my back muscles and my hard toned ass as well. I couldn't stop myself from circling my index finger around my puckering ass and slid it all the way in on the first try and moaned and added a second one to the first. I started to pump both of them in and out of my hole and when I felt myself close to cumming I had to stop so I wouldn't spoil my plans. I stood up and again looked into the mirror but this time I wasn't looking at myself. I glanced at the calendar I had put up at the corner of the mirror and looked at today's date where there was a biohazard symbol drawn in the box. I had planned for today to go out and try to receive the best gift I have heard of to try and get. I had been searching through the internet and seen so many first-hand accounts about guys who love looking for poz sex and how awesome it feels to have all inhibitions dropped and just enjoy everything that comes with bareback sex. I had been on Prep for so long just to save myself for my 19th birthday to finally get pozzed. I did some research on some hotspots where it was known for some quick hookups as well as a well known gay bathhouse and made a few posts on here about what I am looking for and added a good torso and ass pic to help anyone who was interested. I took a black sharpie and wrote on the small of my back "Mark your status" and then I wrote poz above my left ass cheek and neg on my right one so I can keep track of my progress through the day. I picked out my sexiest jockstrap and my sexiest tanktop and shorts and started to make my way to the first spot on my list. I pulled into the parking lot of one of the parks I found that was supposed to be a very popular spot and looked around. I liked the distance from where the parking lot and picnic tables were from the bathrooms and that I could see many cars around the lot so my spirits were high. I walked to the bathroom and like the size of it when I got in. It was very clean and very private as well as large which is why I understood why this was a popular place. I walked to the last stall and got myself ready hoping someone would discover me soon enough. I placed the marker I brought with me on the elastic of my jockstrap so it could be used and got onto my belly with my ass up in the air ready and excited. It didn't take long before I heard the sound of the door open and heavy footfalls heading in my direction. My heartbeat picked up with excitement that I was hopefully about to get my first cock of many for the day. Sure enough, the door to my stall opened up and I just stayed there in anticipation for what hopefully was going to happen. I felt this man's hands run across my ass and it sent shivers running through my body it felt so amazing. He took his time feeling up my ass and pushing his fingers into my hole making me whimper in pleasure. I could hear this man unbuckle his pants and then start to slide his cock up and down my crack. It felt thick and heavy and my blood was pumping deep in my head and I took a long hit of poppers that I had right as this man started to push in my first cock of many to start the day out right. My head was swimming as I was bottoming out on what felt like maybe a 10-inch cock. I reached under myself to feel this mans balls and he had a nice set of large low hangers to go with this tool of a cock pumping into my boy pussy. He must have liked the attention I gave to his balls because he was moaning and started to pick up his speed on my ass. I took another hit of poppers as this man started to piston fuck me. His balls felt amazing hitting my taint and I could tell he was getting close to unloading into me and when I felt his cock start to spasm he slammed it into me bringing me over the edge and made me cum in my jockstrap. He stayed there in me panting and catching his breath until he felt he could get up. I shivered a bit more when he started to pull his softening cock out of my ass and I heard a sloppy pop as it left my gaping hole. He took the marker from my jock and placed a tally mark on my left cheek to tell me I took my first poz cock of the day which made me so happy. Once the man left I reached behind and scooped up some of his load from my ass and brought it up to my mouth to eat it and it was then I noticed a bit of a pink streak through it and new that he made me bleed a bit and I was more excited because now it was a better chance of me being pozzed today.
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    Part 11; My Master addressed the Skinhead. - What is your name, young Man? - It's Usher mate - Welcome Usher. I shall call you 'U', like I do with 'L'. I like that you are not scared of me. <--> Now Charlie, tell your Master what this locked chain around your neck is all about. - Hail Master. Yes Master. It symbolizes that my boyfriend over there OWNS me. He is my key-holder. - I see. My Master looked towards my boyfriend who was still being restrained by Sir, and Usher. - Do you have the key on your person? - Yes. It is in my back pocket, but I am NOT unlocking it. That boy is MINE. Now let him go, and let us leave. Master grabbed his stick, and slammed it down so hard it was like this inferno of a room literally shook. My boyfriend looked each way at Sir & Usher, wriggling his arms, and said; - OK, OK, let me go, I will unlock him. They released their grip, and my boyfriend took out the key from his back pocket, and walked over, and proceeded to unlock me. And he muttered; - I don't know why you are so bloody well hell bent on me unlocking this chain lock from my Charlie. I do not know what you are, but I know you are not of this world. Now when I have unlocked, you will let my boy and I go, and never bother us again. *CLICK*. I was unlocked. - Now take it from his neck, and hand it to me. - Here you go. Now let us go dammit. - Your final foolish mistake of many of the night young Man. With that around his neck 'locked' you still had control and you both could have walked out of here and gone home, and there would be nothing I could do about it. Your lack of courage is your weakness. 'U' and 'L', ... STRIP him! Sir & Usher grabbed my boyfriend and proceeded to strip him of his full Leather 'Master' attire. He struggled, but he was no match. As I was perving over Sir, I noticed he wasn't the slightest bit out of breath. In fact, it looked like he wasn't even breathing. With my boyfriend now naked, and restrained, it was upto Master to decide what happened to him. Sir calmly asked; - Hail Master. What shall we do with him? Tossing my neck chain lock, and key out the window, my Master replied; - Put him up on the St Andrews Cross. If he is such a 'audience' enthusiast, then, it would be refreshing for him to watch what is going on around him, for a change. ON THE CROSS!! Again, my boyfriend put up a fight, but, he really should have just saved his energy. And MY time. I was super eager for my MASTER's Demon Dick ripping up my cunt, eager for his Demon cum filling me up (I wonder what it would look/feel like), and of course the ultimate prize. I could hardly contain my excitement that he had the strain I dare not admit to anyone was the one I wanted ravaging my young body. - Now listen very carefully Charlie. I want you to look up and fix your gaze on your boyfriends face, and look into his eyes. I want him to know what you are exactly feeling. And I want you to know what he is exactly feeling too. You do NOT avert your gaze for a single second. Even if I am talking to you, or getting you to do things. Understood? - Hail Master. Yes. I fully understand. I did as I was told. My Master unbuttoned the buttons on my nightshirt from top to bottom, and opened up the garment. He then took his cloak off to reveal his INSANELY hairy body, his low hanging testicles, and EEL like Dick! Although I wasn't allowed to lay eyes on them now, I would later on see for myself that his entire body from neck to ankle (Demon hands excluded) was covered in thick black hair that lay 2" above his skin. His Dick; It was jet black, shiny, slippery, felt wet yet HOT to the touch, had a strong musky smell, and, was without a foreskin! The tip of his Dick was hollowed out, and as that hollow moved to the edges it's depth lessened which gave two side tentacles. In the centre of the hollow was a 1" in diameter urethral tube! The entire shaft had the same girth, that of my upper arm, and the shaft descended as far as his knee. Hanging just below his knees was his transparent black scrotum. His scrotum held his perfect glowing red testicles. My MASTER took my hand, and placed it on his Demon EEL Dick; - Charlie. I want you to slowly rub my Dick. I want you really take your time getting to know what you are playing with. Because, you WILL be playing with it LOTS. I promise! - Hail Master. Yes Master. He took my hand and placed it on his wet slippery shaft, and guided my hand slowly over it, then let go to let me find out for myself. As I gently stroked it I felt it contract, and heat up. I stroked. I rubbed. I squeezed. I started to groan, and rock my hips as I imagined him sticking his Demon Dick deep into my willing and very eager boy-cunt. My MASTER placed his Demon hand on my right leg, pushed it apart from my other leg whilst rubbing up and down the back of my thigh. He looked at my boyfriend who was looking down on us, and keeping his stare (as was I keeping my gaze) slivered out his serpent tongue and slowly licked up my neck, then onto my chin, then onto my sweet full lips which he spent some time probing. My groaning intensified as I felt every nerve in my body tingle. I started to smile as I was in such PLEASURE! My boyfriend saw my smile, just as I saw his tears of sadness roll down his cheeks. - Please Charlie, no. Please, let's go home, My Darling. He sobbed, but, there was nothing I could do about that now. Suddenly my smile left me as the pleasure I was feeling was becoming too intense, and my jaw dropped and my groans were now so loud they echoed right around the fizzling fuzzy fire red glow room and out into open Moon-lit country air. I continued to obey my Master looking deep into my boyfriends eyes, so, he would have seen the super intense Pig-Slut-Lust look that suddenly consumed my eyes. I screamed; - HAIL MASTER. FUCK me. FUCK me. FUCK my CUNT. Spray your DEMON CUM deep inside my guts. GIVE me your wonderful VIRULENT toxic GIFT. PLEASE MASTER, PLEASE. I AM READY. 👺🐙💦💦🔥🐐 Suddenly my Master THRUST two of his Demon fingers with their sharp black claws inside my cunt, and mercilessly Demon finger fucked me. His claws hurt at they sunk into my cunt flesh, but I ENJOYED the pain, as it was him. THEN, his serpent tongue in a flash slid right down my throat, and was feverishly probing it. Exactly what was probing my cunt when I first laid eyes on this room from the car downstairs. My boyfriend was sobbing uncontrollably, and I was in absolute Piggy-HELL. And, now, the Ketamine was really began to kick in. 5 Bats suddenly appeared on the window ledge. And sat there, like they were WATCHING! 🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇
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    Part 35 - A New Year Daniel looked over the reservations and juggled the maintenance schedule for two suites in order to cater for the last minute booking that was to be kept quiet as it was a surprise for Mark and Ben, Steve was taking care of the arrangements for the private new years eve party that was to be held in Mark and Ben's suite as it was large enough to hold the number of guests. Jordan was with Mark and Ben as Bobby was doing some photos of them in Salinger Barbados Retreat, a coup for Bobby was that Nicky and Kit had also agreed to be in a couple of the pictures which he knew would definitely hike the selling price for the article. Nicky was so impressed with the photos that she and Kit signed up to be the first big name celebrities with the company, Bobby was so excited that he tried calling David several times but his phone was switched off. Mark and Ben finished at lunchtime then spent the afternoon by themselves relaxing and being with each other, they had a quiet early dinner as Daniel said he wanted to pop by later around 9pm. The first of the limos arrived at 8.00pm with David and Maddy Davenport and Daniel had dressed appropriately for the VIP arrival and escorted them to their suite and informing them that everything was arranged for 9pm. Jordan greeted the second the limo with the 4 boys in, he was suitably impressed by Angelo but bowled over when he saw Ethan exit the limo. As young as he looked his body was superbly defined a result from his workouts every morning with Adam and Angelo. Straight away Adam's gaydar went up and sussed Jordan out, as they walked through the elaborately decorated reception and in to the lounge where they came across Daniel returning from settling in Mark's parents. Adam shook hands with Daniel and looked at Jordan and back at him as Daniel smiled and chuckled knowing that Adam had already uncovered them as a couple. Jordan and Daniel left them to freshen up "I like them" Adam said collapsing on the sofa. Tony shook his head "My Adam so predictable" he laughed as Ethan sat next to Adam. "Got to admit Daniel is pretty hot and Jordan wow" Ethan said in dreamy state. Angelo clipped both of them around the head gently "Get your heads out of the gutter and freshen up" he laughed. Maddy and David were brought to the boys suite by Daniel before they proceeded outside across the Orchid wing pool terrace and the gate leading to Ben and Mark's suite. Daniel opened the gate slightly having heard that the others were outside on the terrace. "Hello hope you are all decent" Daniel called out. Ben walked towards him "Wondered if you were going to turn up!" he said as Daniel opened the gate fully. "What?" Ben stood there taking in the scene then screamed and ran forwards to Ethan. The others looked over to see Angelo, Ethan, Tony, Adam, David and Maddy piling on to the terrace. Cries of joy erupted loudly, Mark ran over to his parents kissing and hugging them before he worked around everyone else. "So this is why I couldn't get hold of you today" Bobby said to David. David was laughing "Sorry it was all last minute, what was so urgent?". "We got an A list movie star signed up, Nicky and her husband Kit" Bobby said boiling over with excitement. David gave Bobby a hug "Well done that is brilliant news". Mark held his mother "What is all this about?" he wiped a tear from his eye overcome with emotion. Maddy laughed "Thought we would celebrate new year with you for a couple of days" she hugged him again. Ethan was busy looking around the suite "Wow this is amazing it's such a lovely hotel" he said to Daniel. Daniel handed Ethan a glass of champagne "Thank you, it's all my mothers work". David grabbed Angelo "How did the meeting go Angelo?" he asked taking a glass of champagne. "Really well" Angelo replied as Ethan came over and held his hand "We are moving to LA" he said. Maddy spotted David's smile as he hugged Angelo and Ethan "What is going on?" she asked. "Angelo and Ethan are moving to LA" David said still beaming. Maddy looked at Angelo "You sold the company?". "No only 50% we are setting up an office in LA to expand" Angelo was about to continue but Maddy stopped him. "You will stay at Liongate until you get properly settled" she said looking at them both. "Absolutely" Ethan said before looking at Angelo "Tell them the rest" he told Angelo. Angelo laughed shaking his head "We got $40 million for half of the company" he told Maddy and David. Ben over heard them "Are you really coming to LA?" he said excitedly. Ethan nodded "Yes" and Ben flung his arms around Ethan almost crying from joy. David put his arm around Angelo "If you need help managing the money you only have to ask". Angelo chuckled "Going to need a lot of help David, it was one hell of a surprise". Jordan, Daniel, Steve and Callum were persuaded to stay on a little longer, Jordan and Steve kept wandering off as they were still on duty and Steve was being trained up to the reigns on in a weeks time, tomorrow would be the turn of Daniel and Callum. During their few weeks back in the UK Lucy had them working at the Salinger London shadowing the duty managers learning the role, to her surprise they took to it with ease and as it turned out were great at managing the staff in the hotel which was one of their trickier hotels to manage. She would be flying out to LA in a few days to oversee the renovations of the new Salinger Los Angeles, Callum and Steve were now also relief managers for the London hotel as they did such a good job there. As usual the hotel was running like clockwork so Jordan and Steve made their way back to the suite carrying coffee in case anyone needed it. Maddy and David said good bye to everyone despite the protests from everyone, but they knew their job was done for the day bringing the lads together. Jordan walked with them escorting them back to their suite. "I guess Daniel and yourself are together?" Maddy asked as they walked through the lounge to the door. Jordan smiled "Yes he wants a Christmas wedding but I just want to marry him whenever". "I see, is there much of a cultural difference you know with Daniel being British" Maddy enquired. Jordan chuckled "Not really, but I have spent a lot of time with Daniel and his family in England". "Ah yes, you must let us to meet his parents at sometime" Maddy said and David agreed. Jordan looked at them "Well they are opening a hotel in at the end of January" he started saying. "That's right I heard about it at the golf club" David said. "I know his mother would jump at the chance of you attending the opening party" Jordan laughed. Maddy laughed "Well then, make it happen Jordan" she said stopping at the door to their suite. Jordan looked seriously at her "You mean you would attend?" he asked unlocking the door. David chuckled "She said she would, but you will have to invite all the guys". Jordan laughed "No problem there, I will speak to Lucy in the morning and sort it out". It wasn't long before Ben had Daniel mostly naked and dragged him off to the bedroom before returning in to the lounge with Daniel wearing Ben's jock strap. Daniel was laughing as Jordan walked in and looked at him smiling and turning to Ben asking how the hell he got Daniel to wear a jock strap, he swooped over and kissed Daniel rubbing his exposed ass cheeks. Daniel had never felt so sexy as he stood there in the arms of Jordan even forgetting that Ben was standing there, but the ever so discreet Ben slipped out as Jordan watched him. "I think Ben was a little upset" Jordan said quietly to Daniel "He has taken a real shine to you". Daniel smiled "They are a great group of guys and Steve and Callum get on well with them". "If you want to let yourself be free around them I really don't mind" Jordan stroked his face. "Oh, I don't know it's a bit full on with them" Daniel sounded unsure. Jordan looked at him "I promised you I would never cheat on you and I stick by that". Daniel kissed him "I know, suppose we will have to use to this if they are going to be friends". Jordan laughed "I never thought about it like that, but your my man never forget that Danny". Daniel and Jordan returned to the terrace where they saw Ethan grab hold of Ben pushing him up against the edge of the pool, Ben was laughing on the surface but incredibly turned on, it was still a strange feeling to him being able to kiss Ethan so freely. Their lips met and in an instance they locked together in a deep kiss, Daniel watched on still trying to fathom the group out. He felt the ping on his ass as Josh pulled the jock strap letting it fling back laughing. Josh put his arm around Daniel's shoulder "Childhood friends these two" he said. "Bizarre" Daniel said and looked at Josh "I mean the way you kiss like this" he turned back to watch them. Josh laughed "It takes time to understand everyone but it's what makes our friendship close". Daniel kissed josh on the cheek "I need a soft drink" he said "and I feel strange wearing this". "Does make you look so sexy" Josh said pinching Daniel's ass "Not bad for a Brit". They grabbed some fruit punches and sat on the sofa with Angelo and Ben climbed out of the pool drying himself off he squeezed on the end of the sofa sitting next to Daniel who put his arm around Ben. He looked at Daniel and smiled but couldn't help thinking of what he must have gone through over the last few weeks. Everyone settled down sitting and chatting away Josh decided to sit on the edge of the pool dangling his feet in and laying back, Mark and Angelo sat cuddled up together talking about LA. Callum was sat in Adam's arms and his legs across Tony's lap when Jordan and Steve reappeared finishing for the night. Steve looked at Jordan "Is this the way American way of friendship?" he asked. Jordan smiled "No, but it's a nice friendship to be able to be so close to each other". Steve nodded "Danny seems to finally be letting himself go again". Jordan put his arm around Steve and kissed him "Oh, what was that for?" Steve asked sounding taken back. "I think our friendship is close enough" Jordan replied, Steve but his arm around Jordan's waist. Bobby who had been laying on one of the sofas sat up making room for them. Steve sat down and ran his hand through Bobby's trimmed beard then then Jordan's 'mmm not sure which one is better' he chuckled then squealed as both of them rubbed each side of Steve's face with their beards unable to escape as their hands held him down on the sofa. Bobby then kissed Steve who laid back and smiled giggling like a girl Callum watched and chuckled in his calm state as Adam continued stroking his chest whilst Tony was giving him a foot massage. Jordan stood up stripped off diving in to the pool to cool down, the rush of water fell on Josh as Jordan climbed out of the pool and sat besides him causing Josh to giggle, he didn't move but watched Jordan laying down mimicking Josh. He looked over and nudged up closer to Jordan until he felt Jordan's arm pushing his head up and cradle it as Josh moved in closer so his head was almost resting against Jordan's chest, he was pretty beat from all the hype of the day and evening as he watched the stars in the sky above them peacefully he dozed off. He was woken by Jordan picking him up and carrying him inside with Bobby walking by his side, Jordan placed him on the bed and gave him a kiss good night. Daniel walked in after having changed out of the jock strap and gave Bobby a kiss good night, Jordan turned to kiss Bobby before leaving them. Ethan woke suddenly hearing the clinking of china, he put on the robe by his bedside and walked in to the lounge to find the butler laying out coffee for the 4 of them, he chuckled to himself as the butler left thinking this was just like being at Liongate. He wandered over to the French doors looking out over the Orchid wing pool area noticing that it was quiet apart from a family of four crossing to pool terrace towards the beach. The family looked up and waved to someone he couldn't see, he looked carefully thinking he recognised the woman before nearly jumping out of his skin and Ben stood at the doors pulling a face. Ethan took a moment before opening the doors "Hell Ben you scared the shit out of me doing that". Ben was laughing "Wakey wakey Ethy" he said kissing him "Come on lets go to the beach for a swim". "Eh? Oh yeah sure, sorry had to much champagne last night, need to change" Ethan replied. Ben followed him in to the bedroom where Angelo laid sprawled out fast asleep, Ben put his finger to his mouth and crept over to the bed sliding under the sheet and proceeded to nuzzle up to Angelo. He murmured in his sleep pulling Ben in to his arms who was finding it hard not to laugh, Ethan picked up his phone and began filming. Ben was now trapped in Angelo's arms as he hugged him, his eyes still closed he kissed Ben on the mouth, he felt Angelo's hand wandering down to his ass giving it a squeeze and rub. His eyes still closed but he smiled 'Your a married man you naughty boy' Angelo said. Ben tweaked Angelo's nipple laughing "How did you know it was me?". Angelo opened one eye "You got a flabby ass" he said laughing and tightening his hold on Ben "you need to work out". Ben rolled on top of Angelo "So happy you are coming to LA" he cuddled up enjoying being in Angelo's arms. Angelo stuck his fingers up at Ethan "Stop filming you dirty whore" he smiled and rolled Ben over. Mark wandered through looking for Ben "Hey that's my husband" he laughed grabbing Ethan's phone. He turned the phone to himself and Ethan and kissed him filming them "Right you swimming?". Ethan nodded "Kiss me again" he said holding Mark who laughed and obliged. Ben called out "Someone help me" he was stuck under Angelo he was showing no sign of letting him go. Mark walked over and looked at him "How many times do you have to be told to be careful". Angelo turned to Mark "Morning Mark" he said leaning over to kiss him. Mark patted Angelo's ass "Don't crush him" he kissed Ben and Angelo rolled over releasing his grip. Ethan brought Angelo a coffee over "You coming to swim?" he asked looking at Angelo with his disarming smile. Angelo sipped his coffee "Stop smiling at me like that you know what it does" he nodded "Yes, are Adam and Tony up yet?". "Not yet" Ethan said grabbing Angelo's swim trunks. Mark sat on the bed "There is one thing, a movie star is on the beach, just be cool she is nice". "I thought I recognised her crossing the pool area" Ethan said excited. Ben grabbed his phone "Leave this here Ethy" he said laughing and watching the video of Angelo and him. Ethan and Ben set off arms around each others shoulders, just like they use to do in school, walking towards the beach whilst Mark waited for Angelo to finish his coffee and get changed, the two boys had only just got to the shore line when Nicky called out to Ben, Ethan stood there giggling repeating her name unable to comprehend her presence and that she knew Ben's name. Ben explained that it was only through Daniel and Jordan that Mark and he met her and reminded Ethan keep mum about anything that goes on as privacy was what she guarded most. By the time Mark and Angelo appeared Ethan was sat in the water with Nicky chatting like old friends, Ben was with Kit playing with the children and even Angelo had to double take, he was introduced as Jordan joined them on the beach for his morning swim. By 8am the beach was pretty packed with the group as Adam, Tony, Bobby and Josh had arrived, Nicky was finding it hard to keep up with everyone but her and Kit were getting to know the names and put them to faces much to everyone's amusement. "What are you doing tonight Nicky?" Mark asked her sitting down. Nicky looked up "Oh dinner then drink in the lounge to celebrate". Mark shook his head "No not good enough, come and have dinner and drinks at ours you know almost everyone". Nicky looked hesitant "What do you mean almost everyone?" she replied. "Oh, my mother and father are here, they will be coming tonight" Mark said nodding as Kit sat down. "Yes we will come" Kit said "Sometimes Nicky just needs to let her hair down". Mark nodded "It is a private party Nicky and please bring the kids as well". "Okay yes, but I do want to meet your mother" Nicky said sounding more excited. Mark laughed "I think she wants to meet you!". "I wondered if this is where you would all be" David said crossing the beach unfazed by Nicky's presence. Kit and David revelled in their new friendship as they paddled around in the water chatting about property in Bel Air and who was on the move until Maddy approached them, Mark swam ashore and exited the water to say hello and introduced her to Nicky and Kit, Steve and Jordan also made an appearance for their morning swim. Steve thankful that Ben, Josh and Ethan were entertaining the children managed to swim a fair bit before returning to shore but not before Josh tried to tease and give chase to him. Jordan sat on the beach next to Maddy and telling her that the invite was all set for the Salinger LA opening party on 31st January and how thrilled Lucy Salinger was that she would be attending. New Years eve was a tropical pool party in the privacy of suite with bountiful food and beverages of all kinds. Bobby took the opportunity to take some photos of Maddy and Nicky as well as some private ones just for the group of friends. It was a long evening and finally all the revellers departed and Mark collapsed on the sofa at 1.30am, Bobby and Josh decided on a late night swim in the pool, Ben fell next to Mark on the sofa and kissed him lovingly, Mark put his arm around Ben and held him close as they watched the guys in the pool trying to ascertain how things between them were progressing. Mark kissed Ben on his head 'Have I told you how much I love you?' he quietly asked kissing him again, Ben snuggled up closer and smiled 'Yes but it never gets boring' he replied stroking Mark's smooth chest. Bobby leaned up against the edge of the pool grinning as he watched Josh swimming towards him, coming to a stop he kissed Bobby's torso as he stood up, reaching Bobby's face they looked at each other intently and as if it was meant to be, their mouths tenderly touched slowly kissing, each one lasting longer and longer until they finally became fully embraced and closed out of the world around them. Mark squeezed Ben as they clearly saw a different side to Josh coming to the surface, they stood and said good night to Bobby and Josh and headed to their bedroom. Bobby jumped out of the pool and held his hands out for Josh who reached up and was pulled cleanly out and on to the terrace coming face to face with him again. "I wish you would come and live with me Josh" Bobby said emotionally stroking his Josh's face. Josh smiled "Why is that?" he asked looking him in the eye. "I think you know how I feel about you Josh, ever since that day in Larchmont" Bobby kissed him waiting. "New year, new friends, new life" Josh ran his hands down Bobby's back "it is a lot to take in". Bobby put his arm around Josh "A new life together?" he asked wondering if he was pushing him to quickly. Josh rested his head against Bobby's shoulder "Don't make me regret it" he replied. Bobby turned Josh and held him in his arms "Never Josh, and I know Maddy will be happy". Josh laughed "Only because I am growing to love you more each day Bobby" he said kissing him. Bobby swept him off his feet and carried him in to the bedroom before placing him down next to the bed, Josh slipped in to the bathroom to shower and wash the pool water off. He let the warm water cascade over his head standing there facing the wall, he smiled feeling Bobby's hand slip around his waist and the unmistakable hardness of his cock pushing in between his ass cheeks. Josh pushed back against Bobby and moaned feeling the friction of his cock pushing open his ass, he gasped and grabbed hold of Bobby's arms as felt more of the cock working it's way deeper inside him, he was so turned on by the way his lover was showing his dominance over him and he could do nothing but melt in the arms securely wrapped around his torso. The water falling over his chest and bounding off his own erect cock as Bobby kissed his neck lightly a first but fast turning in to a harder kissing and biting. Josh gasped an moaned as Bobby's hips began moving in perfect undulating movements allowing Josh to feel that his cock was deep inside, his ass burned from the dry entry but the pleasure he felt was immense and his body relaxed accepting his lover. Josh turned his head seeking Bobby's mouth as their lips closed in on each other tongues dancing back and forth in to their mouths as the speed and intensity of the fucking increased, each deep penetrative strokes rubbing against his anal wall opening tiny fissures in the lining. Josh moaned louder and cried begging Bobby to fuck him, the bathroom door was closed and the running water dissipated the noises from them. Bobby gripped Josh harder and resumed kissing and biting his neck as he began to feel the tingling in his balls 'oh fuck Josh' he moaned in between his panting feeling his cock stiffen and begin to swell ready to breed his lover, Josh moved his hands and gripped hold of Bobby's ass cheeks holding them as close to his ass as possible. His euphoria making him want to climb the wall but the arms held in firmly in place as he felt the pulsing in his ass, Bobby cried in ecstasy and bit down harder on Josh's neck 'yes' Josh cried out 'yes Bobby' he moaned as he grabbed his cock and rubbing it a couple of time before splattering the tiled wall with his cum. Each breeding contraction reverberating through Bobby's body and his mouth sucked at the spot of Josh's neck held in his mouth, his body shuddering and overcome from the intense sex his cock pushing still deeper in to Josh. Bobby relaxed and his mouth let go of Josh's neck leaving a noticeable love bite in it's wake, his cock pushing still deeper in to Josh rubbing his toxic seed against the tiny tears that had opened up in the anal lining trapping it and providing the virus ample opportunity to begin it's infiltration of Josh's body. Slowly Bobby pulled his cock out kissing Josh as he did so, they spent several minutes showering and drying each other and somehow Josh felt more attached to Bobby than he had ever done in these past few intimate moments. Josh put his towel on the hook and turned looking in the mirror before chuckling at the mark Bobby had left on his neck. He turned to Bobby and took his hand as they walked through to the bedroom climbing in to bed and settling in each others arms at the beginning of a new year.
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    Work took me to Hampton Roads, VA on May 9th and after checking in to the hotel I updated my Grindr profile to face down and ass up. Within minutes I had tops ready to breed. Of course there are the normal no shows but I had four military tops come by my room and breed me within 2 hours. My hole was loose and so full of cum. An hour or so later a black top asked if I had any loads in, I told him 4 and he said he only fucks sloppy holes, so he came by and dumped load 5 inside me. I went to bed with the seed marinating in my hole. The next morning I had four different tops come by and load my hole with their seed, mixing with the previous nights seed. I left for work and all day I would feel a little seed leak out and I would go to the bathroom and finger my fuck hole and smelling that sweet seed inside me. Friday night I posted again and...nothing. However, Saturday morning my Grindr started lighting up and I had a top come by and breed me. He would pull out and start to get dressed then would take his pants off and slide back inside me. He kept saying he just wanted to keep fucking me. I had a top wanting a one on one so the first top finally left but asked if he could wait outside and fuck me again, my reply of course you can. The second top was a no show. While waiting I messaged a top that liked to fuck my loaded hole and asked if he wanted to join in. He did and so the waiting top came back in and as he started fucking me, the second top arrived and watched for a couple minutes then they switch, and started tag team fucking me. After a few minutes while the first top was fucking me, the second top started fucking the top that was fucking me. It didn’t last long as the top inside of me unloaded again for a second load. As soon as he bred me, the other top pulled out of his ass and slid into me and blew a huge load balls deep inside my hole. I was in a place of ecstasy as I’ve never been fucked like that. As they were leaving I had a another top ask if I was available, he was close by. Of course I am, he showed up within a few minutes and my hole is so loose and wet, he stripped and slid inside me and took about 5 deep strokes and unloaded inside me. Overall, if my math is correct I took 13 loads in two days, now I want more!!! I uploaded a couple vids on xtube if you’re interested in seeing some of the fun.
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    PREQUEL to Part 15; My MASTER stood behind me, and his usual Goat-black eyes suddenly lit up, going from their usual black colour, to Molten Lava, a mixture of fire Orange & Yellow. He removed his cloak, dropping it to the marble. His thick HAIRY body, HUGE Black slippery EEL Dick, and low hanging transparent black scrotum with glowing red testicles were on show for ALL to see, except me. Damn. How much longer!? - Holy shit *exclaimed Usher*. He really is one sexy Beast! His horned Goat-Head suddenly went up in flames. 🐐🔥 My Master then placed his Demon claws above my head and began chanting something that was not of this realm. His voice was becoming louder and louder. Usher abruptly got up, grabbed a rubber flogger and started to flog my boyfriend's chest over and over. Harder and harder. - NOOOOOO Charlie. Get out of the way *shrieked my boyfriend* A flame of fire then shot out of my Master's mouth, and whooooosh, he vanished! A bat flew around the room, and out of the window. The 5 other bats that had been on the ledge for hours, followed. That was my Master flying to the pyramid shaped wooden Berkley Horse!! 🦇 ----> 🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇 Sir came back onto the plinth, and dressed me in my knee length transparent white chiffon night shirt, then carried me down the wooden plinth steps. We approached the door which Usher opened for us. My boyfriend screamed; - Please, no, don't take him, let him go. I BEG you. Sir stopped, looked up at my boyfriend, and very calmly said; - You should NOT have left Charlie alone with me on the Dance-floor, because now his life is about to change completely, and FOREVER! We left the room, and Sir carried me down the long steep wooden spiral staircase, with my boyfriends loud wailing in the background steadily becoming fainter and fainter. Charlie's SPECIAL moment has arrived! 😈
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    I had been on BBRT. I saw an ad for a local sex party so I enquired to the ad. Spoke to a wonderful man named George who explained that once a month he held pozzing parties at his home. So going through who the invites were I noticed that none of the tops were listed. I asked George if there was a reason for that. He told me that all the tops were men that he knew well, and that he wanted to keep them somewhat anonymous. However he explained that all the tops were decent to well hung and that they really knew how to fuck. So I told him that I would be there on the Friday. On Friday I spent most of the day making sure I was prepped etc, for the big event. I got into an Uber and went to the address that George had sent me in the email on Thursday. I knocked on the door and George opened it. He was only wearing a pair of shorts. He had this real Daddy thing going on. Something that always turned me on. He was semi erect and I could tell that he had a thick cock. He welcomed me in and gave me instructions on what to do. Along with a generous slap on my ass. I went into the bathroom took my clothes off and put them in the bag I had brought with me. I exited the bathroom and went into the living room. There were 5 other guys in there. Ranging in age from early 20's to mid fifties. We were just generally chatting etc. George came in the room now with out shorts on. His thick cock swinging as he walked in. "Men can I have your attention, Ok so the tops are a bit randy to get things going shortly so this is the plan. Each of you will go on your knees and put your asses in the air. Each top will come in and fuck you three pumps. We will go to the other room and choose which bottom they want for their first fuck. Then they will take you to another part of the house, either one of the four bedrooms or the two in the basement. They will be the first to breed you." After a pause, George said "Bitch's get into your positions and put those pussies in the air" We all got into position. I was third one in. I felt a dollop of lube put on my hole, and a thumb push it in. Still felt a bit dry. I also felt a marker go on my left ass cheek. We heard the door close. We all waited. A few minutes later the door opened again. I could hear a muffled sound as the first bottom was penetrated by a cock. Followed by three quick slaps of flesh on flesh. It repeated again beside me as the same top penetrated the young twink. Then it was my turn. The top was rather thick but not overly long. I felt him take the three required stabs at my pussy. The second top bottomed out, but didn't quite hit the second sphincter. The third top was a decent size. The fourth top was thicker than the first top who fucked me. The fifth top was thick but average. However the sixth top was both thick and long, and he almost made it into my second sphincter. This continued on for about a half hour. At that point we were allowed to get up stretch our legs and wait for the tops to come claim us. George came in and gave us number cards on strings around our necks. I was number 3. The tops came in and went to their desired partners for the first breeding. George took the twink that was beside me. All five of the guys left leaving only me in the room. That is when the door opened and my top came in. He was tall mid fifties hairy chest. A bit of a belly. But his cock was a wonder unto it's own. To be continued
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    Part 99 - Diploma Time Mark and Eric were walking down the concourse at the stadium looking for the section where their seats were. “Fuck. I hope this goes ok” Mark said to Eric. They stopped near the mens room and Mark was in front of an older guy and said “Hello, Uncle Edward. I didn’t expect to see you here.” The guy was a tall, thin, meek looking man who was mostly bald wearing an ill-fitting, cheap looking blue suit. “Mark? Likewise, I didn’t expect you to be here. We came up for Cynthia’s graduation. It’s a year early but you know what a bookworm she always was” Edward said. “Congratulations. I came back from California for my brother Joe’s graduation. Is Aunt Sophie here too?” Mark asked, trying to be polite. “Oh yes. We even brought your parents up. I was hoping that seeing your brother on the stage getting his diploma will get them out of their stubborn old fashioned thinking and let your family be whole again. Is this your… boyfriend?” Edward asked. “Oh yes, sorry. Eric this is my Uncle Edward. Uncle, this is my partner Eric” Mark said, surprised at the accepting tone. “Good to meet you Eric. Keep a tight leash on him, he can be pretty wild at times but he is a good person” Edward said with a smile. “Yes, he is. I think I manage keeping him in line” Eric replied with a grin. “I’d love to talk more, but I need to get back to Sophie and your parents. Fingers crossed it goes well” Edward said as he leaned in to hug Mark and then Eric. Edward continued down the concourse and Mark and Eric went in the opposite direction to their seats. “Well, fuck me. I can’t believe how good that went. I expected fireworks or him avoiding me” Mark said. “Maybe there’s hope yet” Eric said. —— Walking out of the stadium after the ceremony, Mark spotted his parents with his aunt and uncle. His mother glanced his way and smiled briefly but kept walking. He and Eric got to the car and headed back to the hotel. They took a long hot shower together, taking turns sucking each other and making out under the cascading water. They finally turned off the water and dried each other. They both stood there naked, rummaging around their suitcases trying to figure out what to wear to Joe’s party. Eric slid on a pair of shorts and a jersey with his last name emblazoned on the back above the number 69. “Going commando, huh?” Mark asked. “Yeah, I don’t want to slow anyone down from stuffing their college dick in me or mine in them” Eric replied, chuckling. Mark pulled on a yellowed, dirty jockstrap and some baggy cargo shorts that hung down showing the top of his crack and the waist strap on his jock. He pulled a tank top on and then grabbed a couple bottles of poppers and a small lube bottle and put them in a pocket. “You don’t think your brother will have enough?” Eric asked. “I want to be prepared. I have a feeling it’s going to be a long night” Mark replied. They drove over to Joe’s apartment, stopping at the drug store on the way. Mark laughed when he got to the checkout line and it was the same cashier that checked him out when he got the tests for Joe and Kyle the previous fall. She had the same disapproving expression on her face as she scanned the kit and Mark paid for it. He grabbed the bag and walked out and hopped in the car. Eric looked inside the bag and said with a big grin “I can tell you the result right now, if you’re not sure.” Mark laughed and replied “Joe wanted it. I assume he wants to know if he tagged another one.” They got to Joe’s apartment and walked in the open door. Joe and Kyle were running around getting everything set up for the party. The keg was in the end of the kitchen, the dining table was pushed against the wall and the four well-worn dining chairs were spread around the living room. The TV was on with no sound and music was playing. “Congratulations Joe. I’m really proud of you” Mark said, hugging his brother. “Thanks! You brought me a present? I love the wrapping job you did” Joe replied, taking the bag from the drug store. Eric hugged Joe and told him “Congrats, bud. Now you can start being a responsible adult” before laughing loudly. Mark gave Kyle a hug and said “Congrats to you too” while squeezing his ass. “So, who is the lucky guy that earned his test?” Eric asked. Joe burst out laughing. “Uh, it’s my neighbor and I didn’t even know he was gay. For the past 2 years, his roommate has been fucking him and sharing him with his buds and I never suspected a thing. He’s going to be our entertainment for the night. I just want to know if he’s already in the club or not. He doesn’t seem to care” Joe said. He finished setting out some munchies and headed back to his bedroom. Joe came back with a canvas bag and said “Mark & Eric, can you help me a minute.” They followed Joe out the door and down the hall. Joe knocked on the door and soon Zhen opened it up. “Hi Zhen. Are you ready?” Joe asked and Zhen nodded back. “This is my brother and his boyfriend Eric. They’re going to help you set the sling up. I’ll be back in 20 minutes or so” Joe told the three as he started to leave. “Oh, I forgot. Here, swab your gums with this” he told Zhen passing him the test stick. Joe went back to his apartment and the three assembled the sling. Mark looked around and there was nothing in the living room of the apartment. Once the sling was put together, Mark showed Zhen how to get on it. It took Zhen a few tries, but then he had it figured out. Mark said “Now, take your clothes off.” Zhen was nervous but did as he was told. He stood there naked with his hands behind his back looking back at Mark. Both Mark and Eric looked him over and felt up his body. Eric guided him into the sling and positioned his legs in the straps. Mark pulled the bottle of lube out of his pocket and slicked up Zhen’s hole. Both Mark and Eric chuckled as they heard him moan each time Mark’s finger pushed inside. He pushed in two fingers and added a little more lube. “I think that’s enough to get you started. After the first two guys, cum will be your lube” Mark said. Mark and Eric stepped towards the door and Zhen asked “You’re not going to fuck me, sir?” Mark stopped and turned around. “Would you like us to?” Mark asked. “Yes, sir. I haven’t been fucked since Tuesday and I need to feel a man inside me” Zhen replied. Mark looked at Eric and grinned. “Are you sure? We don’t have any condoms” Mark said. “I never use them, sir. I was taught it was rude to refuse a top man and to always let them fuck me as nature intended - bare” Zhen stated. “I never pull out. You will take our cum” Mark replied. “I hope so, sir” Zhen said back. Eric unbuttoned his shorts, pushed them to the floor and moved in between Zhen’s legs. Zhen let out a loud gasp. “What?” Eric asked. “I… uh… I have never been fucked by an asian man before” Zhen said. “You’re kidding” Eric and Mark replied together. “No, sirs. Mostly black, some latinos and a few white men. Just the men who Lenny sent to me” Zhen replied. “Well, then. I will be your first” Eric said as he held Zhen’s legs and pushed his cock into the freshly lubed hole. “Thank you, sir” Zhen said as he closed his eyes and relaxed. Eric worked his cock in deeper, knowing that Mark had only lubed the first few inches of Zhen’s fuck chute. Once he was driving the full length of his shaft in, Eric started to fuck harder. Zhen kept muttering encouraging words, occasionally begging to be fucked even harder. Eric obliged and was soon pounding Zhen’s ass as hard as he could. The chains jangled as his cock slammed in repeatedly until Eric growled loudly and pumped a large shot of his poison into Zhen’s empty hole. “Thank you very much, sir” Zhen said, smiling back at Eric. Eric slowly removed his cock from Zhen’s hole and gave room for Mark to take his place. Mark lined his cock up and yanked back on Zhen’s legs, impaling his cock into the tight, cummy hole. Zhen grunted but gave no other protest. Mark fucked hard and varied the angle his cock jabbed into the walls of Zhen’s colon. Mark was impressed at how well Zhen was taking the abuse his cock was delivering and was surprised when Zhen started to use his ass muscles around his cock too. “You want me to breed you, don’t you” Mark asked as his cock thrust in hard, pushing Zhen off of it and then ramming back in as his body swung back. “Yes sir. I want every man who fucks me to give me his seed” Zhen replied unemotionally. Mark grabbed Zhen by the legs and slammed his cock in, feeling each spurt of venom he was pumping into Zhen’s battered cunt. He pulled his cock out and easily pushed two fingers into the slowly closing hole. He twisted them around and then fed them to Zhen, who eagerly licked them clean. “Thank you sir” Zhen said smiling back at both Mark and Eric. “Our pleasure. I’m sure there will be many more tonight” Eric said as he and Mark pulled their shorts on and headed to the door. They met Joe in the hall carrying a few towels and a bottle of lube. “He’s already got enough lube unless no one else fucks him for a few hours” Mark said. Joe chuckled and opened Zhen’s door and set the stuff inside. He came out a minute later and said “Damn, you guys really filled him up, there’s already a puddle on the floor.” They walked back into Joe’s apartment and finished setting up. Kyle passed a freshly loaded pipe around and each took a big hit of some killer weed that he had gotten. “Shit, dude. That’s got some kick” Mark said. The knock at the door brought the first guests. Jeff, Connor, Dennis and Corey all stood there and Joe invited them in. “Glad you could make it. Beer’s in the kitchen, food’s out here, bedroom at the end of the hall is available to fuck or the apartment next door has a guy in the sling taking all loads” Joe recited. Each of the guys chuckled and walked in. Kyle looked over and Connor now was wearing the leather collar he had given to Jeff many months before. He walked over and said “Damn its good to see you here. I was worried about freeing you, but you look like you’re doing good, Jeff.” “Thank you, sir. It was hard, but I understand now. Congratulations on getting your degree” Jeff replied with a smile. People arrived at the party and soon the room was packed. Each got the same welcome message from Joe or Kyle. Joe looked around and saw people heading back to his bedroom or disappearing out the door and coming back ten or twenty minutes later. After a couple hours, Mark walked up to Joe with a concerned look and asked “What happened to Steven?” Joe smiled and said “He and Ryan are working tonight. Hopefully they’ll be here just after 11. I’m sure the party will still be going by then.” Mark nodded and then asked “Have you bred your neighbor yet?” “Not yet. Now is probably a good time, can you greet anyone that shows up?” Joe replied. “Sure, go have some fun” Mark answered. Joe grabbed Kyle and they went next door. They walked in and were surprised to find a line waiting to fuck Zhen. Connor was balls deep in his hole with Jeff grasping his collar in his hand. Jeff was sternly telling Connor to fuck him harder and Connor obeyed. He hammered his cock in until he was shooting ropes of diseased cum deep into Zhen’s ass. “Make him number five” Jeff said as the last spurts filled Zhen’s hole. Connor pulled out and moved over to let Zhen lick his cock clean. Jeff shoved his cock in and pounded Zhen, holding his body still so he could suck Connor’s cock. After only a few minutes he rammed in and unleashed a huge load of viral seed to the mix inside Zhen’s cunt. When Jeff pulled out, Connor immediately pulled away from Zhen and dropped to his knees to clean Jeff’s cock. Joe watched the next guy stuff his cock into Zhen’s cum filled hole. It was one of his ex-teammates from the wrestling team, Devin. Once he got a good rhythm going he turned his head back and said “He’s even sloppier than you were after your last match, Joe.” Joe smiled and watched him fuck harder until he was unloading his cum into Zhen. After he removed his cock from Zhen’s hole, Joe walked up to Devin and whispered “There’s a lot of poz cum in that hole, I hope you’re good with it.” Devin turned back and replied quietly “I’m hoping to take a few charged loads tonight since my boyfriend won’t poz me.” Joe pushed Devin against the wall and spread his legs wider. “You want it, you got it” Joe said to Devin. His dick had already been hard, but now it was hard as steel. Devin pushed his ass back and Joe rammed in. Devin screamed out as Joe’s cock ripped in and stretched the soft tissue of his rectum. Joe covered his mouth to muffle the scream and as it died down, Joe pulled back and thrust in hard again. Devin growled this time and Joe began to plow harder and harder into Devin’s unlubed ass. This was an ass he had wanted to fuck since they were freshmen together on the team. Devin had fucked him many times since then, but now he got to fuck and maybe mark him for life. Joe slammed in and bred Devin at the same time Devin’s boyfriend dumped his medicated poz seed into Zhen. Kyle looked back and forth as Devin’s boyfriend moved away, trying to decide who to fuck - his neighbor or Joe’s teammate. Kyle moved in and shoved his hard, dripping cock into Devin’s hole. Not having heard any of the comments between Joe and Devin, Kyle just fucked. There was no erotic talk, just one guy fucking another as hard as he could. He wrapped his arm around Devin’s neck and shoved in deep, pumping another charged load into Devin’s hole. As the four walked out of Zhen’s apartment, two more guys were walking in. “Hi Thad, hi Daryl. Have fun and see you next door when you’re done” Joe said. Joe and Kyle joined the party again and were milling around talking to people. A while later, a guy tapped Joe on the shoulder and asked “Did you just poz my boyfriend?” Joe looked back and it was Devin’s boyfriend. Joe smiled and said “Yeah, I did. He wanted it” hoping that the scene didn’t get ugly. “I know. I just can’t do it. Thanks for helping him out” he said and walked away. Joe walked over to Mark and said “See that guy there with the soccer jersey on? He needs a few more toxic loads.” A few minutes later he watched Mark and Eric push Devin into Joe’s bedroom. He knew that Devin’s chase was about to get a helping hand or two. Kyle saw the front door open and a guy walk in that he didn’t recognize. He walked over as the guy looked around. “Looking for someone?” Kyle asked. “Yeah, my cousin Steven lives here and invited me to the party. Is he here?” Sam said. “Are you Sam?” Kyle asked and Sam nodded back. “Good to meet you. I’m Kyle. Steven said you might stop by. Grab a beer, have some fun. Look at the room that says ‘Do Not Enter’ on it, that’s where you would stay after Steven and Ryan move to our room. Steven should be here in about a half hour or so” Kyle explained. He watched Sam get a beer and look around the apartment, spending a long time looking into Joe and his room, where he knew at least one guy was probably getting fucked. “Gotta burn that mattress before we move” thought Kyle. Twenty minutes later, Sam walked up to Kyle and asked “You know a bunch of guys are fucking in your room, right?” Kyle laughed and replied “Yeah. We’re sending our room out with a bang. If you want to join in, go right ahead. Or you can fuck our neighbor next door. Just remember the rule in this place is ‘no condoms allowed’ and the load you get might have some bite to it.” Sam grinned and said “Thanks” before he headed back to refill his beer cup. Mark and Eric walked out of the bedroom, zipping their shorts up. Moments later, Devin staggered out and rejoined the party looking much more exhausted than he did earlier. Kyle saw Sam walk into their bedroom and decided to see what was up. As he walked in he saw Dennis and Luis pawing over Sam and stripping him naked. A minute later he was being strapped to the cross and Luis was stroking his cock fully hard. Luis lubed it up and then forced some lube inside Sam’s tight hole before he pushed his cock into the tight chute. Kyle smiled as Luis started to fuck and Dennis abused Sam’s nips. He went back to the party to let Sam get fucked by Luis, Dennis and hopefully a few other guys. Aaron and Nick walked in the door and Joe gave them the run-down of alcohol, food and sex spots. Just as he finished, Steven and Ryan walked in. Kyle walked up and told Steven that his cousin had shown up earlier and was around ‘somewhere.’ Steven replied “cool, I’ll find him after I change out of this uniform.” Ryan and Steven went to their room and found two guys on their bed naked, making out. Ignoring them, they stripped off their work clothes and changed into shorts and tees. Aaron grabbed Mark by his shorts and dragged him back towards the bedroom. “You owe me one. Drop those shorts and bend over” Aaron said with an evil grin. Mark bent over the side of the bed, staring at a smaller jock who was getting fucked by a much larger one. Aaron licked a finger and pushed it into Mark’s ass. “You fuckin slut. You’re already filled” Aaron said before stuffing his cock into Mark’s cunt. “Fuck me Aaron. Recharge me with my own bug” Mark said back to him. Aaron drilled Mark as hard as he could. The bed was bouncing as Aaron and the larger jock brutally fucked their bottoms. Just as Aaron was getting close, the larger jock growled “I’m pozzing you good, Tommy!” The smaller jock yelled out “Oh fuck! NO!!!” as he collapsed on the bed, trying to escape the bigger jock's cock. Aaron shoved in and shot six ropes of highly infectious cum into Mark’s chute. “You didn’t even have the guts to tell me like that guy did” Aaron said, slapping Mark’s ass hard. Aaron pulled out and pulled up his shorts and Mark stood up and pulled up his. “Sorry, Aaron. You’re right, I should have. Sometimes I think with my dick” Mark said. “Yeah, I know. I do the same. I don’t regret it… now” Aaron replied. “Speaking of which, how’s Zane?” Mark asked. “A little freaked out. It was his first time getting bred. He was also really turned on. I’ll give him a few weeks and if he doesn’t get sick I’ll finish the job” Aaron replied with a grin. Steven looked around and didn’t see Sam anywhere. He finally went into Joe and Kyle’s room and found him strapped to the cross getting fucked. Luis and Dennis were pulling their jeans on as Thad slid his cock into Sam’s now loose hole. He heard Sam beg for a hard breeding and figured he would check up on him later. He got two steps out of the bedroom door and turned around. He stood back watching Thad hammer his cousin’s ass. His cock got harder every time Thad shoved in to Sam. Thad slowed down and leaned in, whispering something to Sam. Sam said something back that he couldn’t hear and then Thad began to roughly pound Sam. Two minutes later, Thad slammed in and unleashed his cum, pumping Sam's hole full of toxic jizz. Steven pulled his clothes off and waited for Thad to pull out. He heard Thad say something else to Sam, but the only words he could make out were “free tattoo.” Steven didn’t say anything, he just slid in behind Sam and gently pushed his hard shaft into the sloppy, wrecked pussy. He felt the cum coat his bare cock and then pulled out and shoved in hard. “I guess you like taking poz loads” Steven whispered into Sam’s ear. “Mmhmm” Sam replied. Steven pulled back and rammed back in again. “Good, I have a big load just waiting for you” Steven said as he began to thrust in and out. He had no idea what Sam’s status was but knew he was filled with some pretty potent cum and desperately wanted to add his. He may have been tired from work, but he had renewed energy fucking his cousin. Even over the sounds of music and an apartment full of people, everyone in the living room could hear the cross bang on the wall and the grunts and slaps as Steven attacked Sam’s hole. He didn’t know why, but he needed a rough, rape-like fuck right now and Sam was his victim. He drilled a few more minutes and then shoved in, shooting huge spurts of charged cum deep inside as he yelled out. Steven stood there with his cock all the way inside Sam, kissing the back of his neck. “Get used to this, we’re going to be fucking you a lot as soon as you move in” Steven whispered to Sam. He backed away and bumped into Marcus who was standing there, stroking his cock. “Can I take a turn?” Marcus asked. “All yours. Hope you like it sloppy” Steven said as he grabbed a towel and wiped his cock off and then got dressed. “I hope he likes it toxic. I got almost a million babies that want a new home” Marcus said as he shoved his cock into Sam’s leaking hole. As the clock turned three AM, the crowd had dwindled. The core group was still there, but looking tired and wasted. Joe headed next door to check on Zhen. “You doing ok?” Joe asked as he walked in seeing someone he didn’t know pump their load into Zhen’s puffy hole. “Very good, sir” Zhen replied. The guy pulled out his cock and pulled up his pants before heading out the door yelling “Thanks.” “How many, Zhen?” Joe asked as he rubbed his bulge. “Nineteen have filled me, sir” Zhen answered. “Let’s make it an even twenty” Joe replied as he let his shorts fall to the floor and stroked his cock the rest of the way hard. Looking directly at Zhen, he slid his cock into the cum filled hole. Zhen moaned and closed his eyes briefly. “Thank you, Joe” he said as Joe started to fuck, churning up the cum mixture of several men. A ring of frothy semen formed at the base of his cock and Joe thrust in harder. Joe drilled a few more minutes and then planted his cock in deep and shot several spurts of his charged cum deep inside. Once the orgasm died down, Joe pulled out and then helped Zhen out of the sling. Zhen wrapped his arms around him and Joe didn’t know at first if it was because he couldn’t hold himself up or not. As Zhen squeezed tighter, he said “Thank you” over and over. Eventually, Zhen released Joe and he headed wearily to the bedroom while Joe walked out the door, locking it behind him. He walked into his apartment and found most of the guys sitting around the living room passing the pipe and a few joints around. He sat down and joined in. Mark asked “Hey, Joe. How did the test go?” Joe chuckled and replied “It was positive, so no one knocked him up tonight. He’s probably been poz a while and doesn’t even know… or care.” Steven looked over at Sam and asked “How was yours?” Sam looked down at the floor and said “Negative… but who knows about the next one”
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    Was getting ready for the gym this morning when I got messaged by this white trash boy I’ve been hooking up with off and on. He’s 19 and from Oklahoma, kinda the stereotypical small town hick who had to get out and like so many is drawn to Dallas and jobs. He’s 19, average looks, slim body with a starter beer gut, lank dirty blonde hair, dull grey eyes, nut brown skin (he’s white but probably not all), and a sadly smallish thin dick. Not the hottest package but he makes up for that with enthusiasm when fucking or getting fucked and he plays raw. He lives with three other guys though so either I have to host or find somewhere else to fuck. He loves car sex and often picks up guys at Round Up or the Eagle and goes out to their cars to get fucked. He’s super into bears so it’s kind of a mystery why he wants me but oh well. He wants to meet out on the street not far from where he lives and I meet him there and he hops in. He pulls off all his clothes as soon as he’s in the car and is jerking his brown dick which is throwing off a lot of precum. He navigates me down some sketchy alleys and soon enough tells me to park, telling me he wants to get fucked outdoors. m normally down for outdoors play but get nervous in places I don’t know but he assures me it’s cool. He likes it because he can get loud and as I slide inside him and start fucking he sure enough does get loud, saying how good my dick feels inside him, how much he wants my cum, and begging me to fuck him. His ass offers no resistance and I can tells he’s been fucked recently. Like me he lives for getting fucked and likes telling of his latest exploits. But now he’s all about taking my load and as usual I bust my first one fairly soon and keep stroking. He says how he loves that feeling when I pop my first inside him, how good a big dick like mine feels in him. I’m a little nervous out in the open like this so I start really going to town on his to hurry up and finish. He’s loving it and I’m stroking his dick telling him how bad I want his seed in me. I shoot my second in him with a loud groan and he tells me to hurry and switch cause he’s close. I switch to leaning u against the fence and he rams his dick in me raw with no lube. While my ass gets to dripping knowing I’m gonna get fucked it still hurts a bit and he starts pounding me with an intensity that takes my breath away. I can hear his huge brown nuts slapping against my ass...knowing he shoots enormous loads. He’s yelling at me to beg for it, calling me a bitch and I’m into it with him. He lets out a loud groan that’s almost a squeal and I can feel his cum flooding my ass and leaking down my legs. Usually I get a second load from him but he’s spent. As he slides out he apologizes, saying he was with a guy last night and shot a lot of loads. I grabbed a towel out of my car and we quickly wiped off and got dressed. I’m sure lots of his seed got on my car seat and clothes but I didn’t give a fuck. I dropped him back at his place and realized I wouldn’t have a lot of time to play at the gym but needed the shower. As always, a hot fuck from a guy who isn’t necessarily the hottest.
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    Hey, I was at P3 at Manifest last Wednesday, May 8 too. I had a great time. Drove from STL to ATL, 9 hours. Got a room at Microtel Buckhead ($75?/nt.) Just trying to say I went to some effort to be at my first real scheduled Manifest play party. I was there like 3 or 4 hours,9ish to 1ish. Manifest has exciting sexclub slings and playrooms. Didn't chat with any pigs that where on this site. I wore my favorite speedsnap cockring: a white jock, white soccer soccer socks, and white basketball shoes. Pig wrote obscenities appropriate on my back. Kept my poppers handy, and ready to share. This gray scrawny pig was my first playmate, We played in booth with gloryholes. He fucking breeded me, both of us standing up while I held some handles in the walls, my dick sticking through the gloryhole, I love getting fucked by somebody i can't see, and getting sucked by somebody I can't see; the guy sucking me backed his asshole up on my dick. Next the dark room where I met really HOT bearded pigfucker. I sucked it on my knees in front of the crowd who played with its nipples, my hole, and each other. I climbed on the rickety fuck bench where I was bred 2 more times. There was a lot of noise., which is my idea of living. Played with a crowd in darkroom alley. Young hot BBC asked "You got any loads in you?" "Yes sir, 3 sir," I replied. "Want one more?" Got one more in a video room, on my back, looked right in its sweet brown eyes while he planted a HOT load deep in my cumhole. The video lounge is luxurious, with seating and multiple big screens. I met hot young fucker. We chatted and told him I had 4 loads in my cumhole butt hadn't dropped my load yet as my dick wasn't working. He said "I ain't leaving here until my hole is dripping with your load." He was willing to suck it, and fuck it til I got hard too. I fucked the horny pig in multiple play areas, in positions, til i finally bred him deep. I told him I would write on BZ of my encounter with him. Had a fever develop 2 days after P3 that has lasted 3 days too. Almost a week later I still trouble swallowing, my hips still ache, my cumhole is still puffy.😈 I would definitely go back to Manifest 4U and P3.XOX
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    Part 12; As my Master and I became acquainted, and my boyfriend hung from the St Andrew's Cross, Sir and Usher were on the couch chatting as Usher got heavily stoned on weed. Sir spoke first; - So you are a landscape gardener, plus restore buildings and furniture. Impressive! - Thanks mate. I'd like to take a look around tomorrow and assess the place. From my initial observations, I wouldn't mind staying here for a while and working for your governor over there. - We'll speak with him tomorrow evening about it. - What does your governor do during the day? - He spends ALL of daylight hours in what is known as 'Master's Lair' down in the Basement. - Interesting! How did you and the governor meet? - Well, I very much started off like little Charlie over there. He never ever called me by my name though. It was 'L' from the get go. That is his thing, always calling people by their initial. - Guess he must have a bit of a soft spot for Charlie-boy, then. - I think he does! My Master released his serpent tongue from deep within my throat, and his Demon claws from my cunt. I on the other hand whilst still maintaining my gaze on my boyfriend kept on stroking, rubbing, and squeezing my Master's EEL Dick. I slid my hand down to the end of his thick, black, slippery and HOT Demon shaft, and began to feel around on the inside to the hollowed out ending. I found what is my Master's 1" urethral opening, and instinctively inserted a finger. My Master began to GROWL very loudly. - Charlie, take your finger out of there. NOW! Oh no, had I just upset him? - Sorry Master. Did I do wrong? - On the contrary. If you want your Master to cum quickly, you put your finger where you just did, and give it a little rub. But, NOT now! - Oh Master, I am dying to have your cum injected into my cunt, or sprayed down my throat. I cannot wait much longer. - Very soon MY Charlie. Very soon. I rocked my hips and let out a little groan. - There are two ways that us Goat-Beasts ejaculate Charlie. The first is like when a Man would urinate. This is an actual orgasm, with our thick cum flowing out, just like piss! This way we ejaculate about 1/2 a litre each minute. And an orgasm will last for five minutes. Non stop! - Fucking HELL 🔥 What is the second way Master? - The other way, is we shoot out short sharp squirts. Not an actual orgasm, just typical greedy Demon play! Each squirt ejaculates about 1/4 litre. This way can give you upto a litre of you Master's Cum in 1 minute! Now stand up. - Yes Master. I stood up, keeping my gaze still fixed on my boyfriend up on the St Andrews Cross. My Master removed my nightshirt and let it drop, until it lay in a crumpled heap around my feet. He then started spanking me, and HARD, alternating between each ASS cheek. The intensity of his spanking grew and grew to the point my feet would move from the ground as I could not maintain my balance. He kept this going for quite a while, and, even though I was off of my face on K, I could feel my cheeks were now becoming sore. I would later see his Demon prints imprinted onto my peachy red raw rump. My Master then stood up, held his HAIRY Beast body against my super smooth body, wrapped his arms around me, and looked up to my boyfriend, and said; - Charlie is ALL MINE! 👺👱‍♂️ Through his tears and his voice faltering he feebly replied; - He isn't .... he isn't. Master then let go of me, put his cloak on, and sat back down. I STILL had not seen his body, Dick, or Balls! When would I? - Charlie, I now want you to wander around the room for a while. Familiarize yourself with your surroundings. - Yes, my MASTER. I made my way, with my head spinning, into the very large, fizzling fuzzy fire red glowing, moon-lit room, with a feeling of falling into an abyss of Dark and depraved piggy lust.
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    Part 1 It was the middle of the night and I awoke to the sounds of my son Matthew fumbling in the dark trying to find his flip-flops in our dark rv. "Sorry, Dad. I gotta go take a shit," he remarked as he slid his feet into his sandals, heading out the door. This was not unusual, as the campground where we were staying didn't have hookups, so we used the camp toilets which were really just outhouses. It was also not unusual for him to run off shirtless. He hardly ever wore a shirt unless absolutely necessary, but I certainly understood his aversion to shirts: at just one month shy of 20, he was in his prime. He had just finished his freshman year at university where he was on the football team. Not that he had actually played any games yet, but he still had to train hard, and keep fit. And boy did he. At 6'2", he was a tight 190 lbs of head-turning perfection. All the ladies drooled over his curly brown hair, which he kept a respectable shaggy length. His profile showed a strong nose, a stronger jawline, and plump lips that were absolutely enticing. In addition his broad he sported tan, wide shoulders, chiseled, smooth pecs, a narrow waist, perfectly formed, round ass, oh, and his strong legs were lightly covered in dark hair. The only other hair on his body was a light treasure trail, and his dark, bushy pits. His facial hair hadn't really started coming in very heavy, and he still had rosy cheeks which suggested a boyish glow to his face. Then his eyes. Oh my gosh, his big blue eyes framed in thick dark lashes. His mother's eyes. That's what drew me to her first, so many years ago. But how times change. She's still a wonderful person, we just are more like friends now. Still married, just cause it's easier financially, but that's it. The sex ended years ago, and we've had separate bedrooms for quite a while. She says I snore too loud. Of course it doesn't help that she put on a hundred pounds since our wedding. But I do have my sexual releases. Unkown to my wife, I've always been bisexual, and have had a long time fling with my best friend Brian down the street. We keep each other satisfied. Me? Well, I'm not too bad for 43. I'm six feet, and weigh in at 195 pounds. I work out, usually with Matthew, but still am treading the dad bod territory a bit. My salt and pepper hair and distinguished beard certainly help me. I was in the army for 20 years stationed right here, so I receive a pension, and in addition I sell cars. So all in all, things are pretty good. Matthew still lives at home, which I like, if only as it saves money. Matthew was never much of a party kid, instead he was a genuinely pleasant kid, which meant we gave him all the freedom he wants. Living in our basement bedroom, Matthew uses a private entrance to the basement, and we don't frown on his friends staying over. My wife never joins us on our camping trips, she hates it, so it's always been something special my son and I do. I have always treasured our trips, especially now he's almost a grown man. "Dammit," I mumbled to myself. "The fucking power of suggestion. Now I gotta shit!" I grumbled as I put my own flip-flops on and headed into the night, but not before I pulling on a shirt. Walking down the gravel path toward the shitters, I enjoyed the pure peace of a mountain night, however as the outhouses came into sight, I could hear whispering. Specifically, I heard two male voices. Now, at first glance that wouldn't be unusual, although the hour was very late, but when I realized the conversation was occurring within the outhouses, and further realized I wasn't really hearing a dialogue, but rather I was hearing grunting, and panting. You know: sex sounds. When I reached the toilets, I definitely heard a man ask "Yeah, you like that you little slut? You like taking that cock like a bitch?" And I heard another man say, "Yeah, fuck me. I AM a nasty slut! I want your cum in my ass!" IT WAS MATTHEW!! Oh my fucking God! My son was getting dicked in a dirty, smelly outhouse! I froze, not knowing what to do. Should I bang on the door? Should I slip away? My heart pounded as I tried to quickly digest what was happening. My little boy, my Matthew, was getting fucked by a total stranger. And he was liking it. No, he was LOVING it!! He was begging for it. The man fucking him was calling him nasty, degrading things, and my son was pleading for more! I couldn't move, I was transfixed. It was like a car wreck, I couldn't turn away. Then I realized, I didn't WANT to turn away. My cock was rock hard in my shorts. What the fuck? Listening to my son get used turned me on? I had never thought of my son like that! Sure, I could recognize his physical beauty, but I never thought of him sexually. Now that's ALL I could think about. Imagining what he looked like right now, taking a cock up his ass made my own cock ache. Listening to their filthy talk and animal noises made me want to join them. I wanted to be the one fucking Matthew right now! I could hear the man say, "I'm gonna cum slut. Gonna fill you up with a huge load!" Then Matthew begging for it. "Oh fuck yeah! Breed me! I'm a fucking cumdump. That's what I'm for!" That's when I high-tailed it back to our rv, shit or no shit. But before I was out of hearing range I heard the top grunt as he shot his load into my son's hole, to which Matthew moaned in appreciation as his guts were filled with sperm. Now out of breath and my heart racing, I jumped into our rv, kicked-off my sandals as I decided how I would respond to what I had learned. Should I confront him? Should I pretend nothing had happened? While I recognized ignoring what I learned would be the course most parents would take, a voice in my mind suggested 'This could be a golden opportunity. You have the power over him right now'. I had to ask myself, however, if that was what I wanted, recognizing Matthew could freak-out, permanently damaging our relationship, but I also considered Matthew had begged that strange man to use him. "Fuck it!" I thought, as I ripped off my shorts and climbed under my covers, "my son is obviously a cock hungry slut!" Some ten minutes passed before Matthew finally returned, long enough for my breathing and heart rate to return to normal, but not long enough to lose my hardon, or my nerve. "Everything come out okay, son?" I asked as he climbed inside. "Huh, oh, yeah. Just a little constipated, you know," he replied kicking off his flip-flops and crawling under his blankets on our bed. I could smell the sex on him and my cock ached more. "Good night, Dad," he murmured as he lay facing away from me. I waited a few seconds, then inched closer to him. I could feel him tense up as I pulled his blanket up and pulled mine off. The smell of fresh sperm hit me like a mac truck, making my dick pulse. I slid my body next to his as he froze in fear, not sure what to expect. I leaned into his ear as I touched the wet spot where cum had leaked out and whispered, "I know." "Dad......"he started to say. "Shh shh shh," I silenced him, as I pulled the elastic waist band of his shorts down. "It's okay, Matty. Daddy's not mad that you're a little cockwhore." I lightly rubbed his freshly fucked assring, feeling the slimy goo. Matthew moaned a little bit. "Daddy's just disappointed he didn't get it first," slipping two fingers into my son. He moaned a tad louder, so I let him know "But it's okay. Daddy loves sloppy seconds." I slid my fingers into his mouth so he could taste his ass. Then I instructed "Now, pull down your shorts." Matthew complied, removing his shorts, revealing his own throbbing erection. He may have his mother's eyes, but he has his daddy's dick. Before now, I had never seen it erect, but it was a carbon copy of mine. Not thick, but about eight inches long, uncircumcised, and with a wicked curve that could hit all the places inside. "Did you cum?" He shook his head yes, unable to speak. "And you're rock hard again? I guess you truly are a slut." He just shook his head again. I pulled back my foreskin and placed the head of my cock against his wet hole. "Good," I said as I slid my cock slowly into my son. "Daddy wants his little boy to be a good slut for him." Matthew moaned in approval as I buried my bone all the way in his warm, wet, hungry fuck chute, pressing it hard into his prostate. I just held it there as I whispered, "no more secrets." "No more secrets," Matthew returned. I began to saw my cock in and out of my boy's hungry pussy, pushing hard into his prostate as he let out little grunts and moans, obviously loving that his Dad was finally fucking his slutty hole. He reached to jerk his erect cock, but I slapped his hands away, growling into his ear, "No, don't touch your cock, boy until I tell you to." "I'm sorry Sir." He whispered. His natural submissiveness only made my cock swell more in his ass. I wrapped my arms around him, grabbing his hands and squeezed him tight against my body. He squeezed my hands back as he squeezed his glorious asslips around my cock, eliciting a throaty growl from deep inside me. My son definitely had a talented cunt. I knew I wasn't going to last long with his man pussy milking my cock, as I slid in and out of his cum slick chute. Knowing another man's cock had just been in my son, fucking him, using him, cumming in him was too much for my brain to handle. I knew I was close. "Tell me what you want son," I whispered in his ear, "tell your Dad what his nasty, slutty, cumdump of a son wants. Tell me what you are, boy." "I want your cum, Daddy," he whispered back in short gasps as I pounded his prostate hard. "I want you to use me as a cum receptacle. I was born to be fucked and used. I'm a slut, Dad, I'm just a cumdump. Shoot your load in my ass, Dad. Do it. I want your seed in me." That did it. Hearing my son begging for my load pushed me over the edge. I buried my cock as deep as I could in my boy and let out a long, deep moan as my dick throbbed and flexed, pumping what I knew was a huge load into my slut's guts, mixing with the load the other man dumped in him not even a half hour earlier. "Oh Matty," I moaned as his ass muscles milked all the cum out of me. "Daddy's going to be using this hole a lot from now on." "Yessssss," he softly hissed in reply.
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    Part 14; Foolishness? Who left me on the Dance-floor!?!?!! If he had not done that we'd probably be at home by now snuggling in bed after he had took my virginity and pozzed me at the club. I was not the fool here. I spoke to him, but kinda completely ignored what he had just said to me. It really was irrelevant now. I said to him; - Sir is now Fisting me. And soon my MASTER is going to fuck me, and FUck me, and FUCK me, until he shoots his HUGE t☢️xic load deep in my HUNGRY boy-cunt, INFECTING me with his virulent strain of poz cum. - Please don't do this Charlie. My response to him was groan and grunt loudly, and give a depraved look of a slutty pig being well and truly satisfied. I was in a sheer heavenly HELL! 🔥 🔥 And there was absolutely nothing or no one now that could prevent my Master from CLAIMING his boy for himself. As his exclusive property. Sir got me to turn from facing my boyfriend to facing our Master, and then began to punch-Fist me. - When I get to 10 Charlie I want you to push out your cunt. - Yes Sir. And here came the 10 punches to my cunt; - 1 👊 2 👊3 👊4 👊 5 👊 6 👊 7 👊 8 👊 9 👊 TEN 👊 ... and Push Charlie, go on boy, Push. That's it, what a good piggy. Fuck yeah. Look at that Beautiful Fucking Rose. 🌹 He done this several times, and each time he was stroking, kissing and licking my inside out cunt he'd look at my boyfriend as though to say; 'Look what I have made. Look what I have got'. Master suddenly got up, and climbed up the wooden steps to the marble plinth. - 'L', when I leave this room, you will re-dress Charlie in his knee length transparent white chiffon night shirt. You will then carry him to the car and drive him to where the pyramid shaped wooden Berkley Horse stands. Understood? - Hail Master. Yes Master. - And, do NOT forget to bring the blindfold, and Goat Hoof Butt Plug. - Don't worry Master. Everything is all under control. - Good. Now leave the plinth. Good boy. I'd never heard our Master call Sir, 'boy' before. Sir rejoined Usher on the couch. - Charlie, I want you to get in the kneeling position, and face your boyfriend, and I want you to once again to look him directly in his eyes, without averting your gaze. - Hail Master. Yes my Master. I was heavily intoxicated, but, a new energy inside of me helped me to begin to become super focused so I could focus in on my boyfriend's eyes. My cunt was sore and puffy, and I could feel it drip a mixture of fluids onto the marble slab. I wasn't flinching a muscle.
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    Went to the gym this morning and not gonna lie...was there for the sole purpose of sex, went to the sauna naked, was semi-hard and not even bothering to cover it with a towel. There were a few guys there but none seemed to be looking so I got on Grindr to see if I could find anything. The closest guy had to be there at the gym as it was feet and not miles. He was an OK looking mid 20’s Latino guy with a nice thick uncut dick. He was at the gym and I told him I was in the sauna and he should come by. A few minutes later he showed up but as usual with Latino guys he came into the sauna with his workout clothes and sneakers on. I dunno why they can be so prudish, but he was cautiously checking out my dick. He started stroking it as he kept an eye on the door for anyone coming and I kept my towel at the ready to cover. I worried I was gonna wind up with a handjob when truthfully I wanted more. All I could think about was his huge cock and how much I’d love to suck it or feel it on my ass. I got close to cumming a couple times and asked him to stop before I finally asked him if he wanted to suck me off or get fucked. He didn’t want to suck me off but wanted to get fucked but said he didn’t want to do it there at the gym. I told him I didn’t live nearby but I knew places we could park and fuck. He said we could do that and we got up so I could dress and go. We got in my car and as soon as we did he pulled down his shorts and I could see the massive puddle of precum on his crotch, cock and balls. Clearly he got worked up. He took a big handful of his precum and put it up for me to lick off his hand. He tasted awesome and I wanted to taste more and feel him bust inside me. I found a spot I’d used before and we quickly stripped and got in the back seat. He wasted no time forcing himself inside me which was no problem with all the precum he had going. He came in no time, a forceful blast that I could feel and he kept his vigorous pounding going, fucking me hard and deep until he blasted a second load inside me. I love how Latino guys go bare with no questions and entered him the same way as he whimpered and groaned. Like him I didn’t take long to cum, a deep intense shuddering orgasm that had him gasp loudly several times. I slowed my strokes but then resumed, knowing I could pop another load inside him. His eyes were wide with delight and he started begging for my cum. It didn’t take long for me to give him what he wanted and passed out on top of him once I shot. i mentioned I needed to shower and get into work and he said he did to. We put our clothes back on and he smirked at me saying he really liked it when he could feel a guy cum inside him. I told him I totally felt it when he came the first time and how hot it was too. He asked if I’d done this before and I admitted that yeah, I had. He admitted he had too but was too nervous to do it at the gym and was scared of getting into random guys cars to fuck but he was so turned on by my dick he was willing to take the risk. I told him i was flattered and that usually fucked in the showers there and never had a problem. As we got back to the gym we got out and I headed back in as he paused by his truck. He told me he was usually there in the mornings to workout and that he was down for doing it again. I told him I was too. He went on his way and I went back in to shower ready for the day with his load deep inside me.
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    I used to search for daddy dick on Craigslist all the time, after I got a great fuck from the older anon top all I seemed to want was daddy dick. It got to the point where I was getting so much dick I couldn't keep track of where or who it was cumming from. I recived a text from a number it wasn't in my phone no pervious message. He said we hooked up before and asked for the ass again. I was horny and figured sure. i was ready, the door was unlocked. Ten minuets later a knock was at the door I opened up and a bear was there. I let him in he asked to go to the bedroom i took him there without out a cue I started to touch his cock through his pants it was getting hard, he seemed nervous but he liked it. I asked if I could suck his cock he said yes. I pulled out his thick daddy dick and worked on it. I pulled my shorts off and asked for it in my ass he was nervous and said he didn't know if he wanted to. I was confused because he texted. I begged for it and he did. He fucked me pretty quickly pumping short aggressive stroaks and cumming balls deep. He moaned fuck yeah, he thanked me and awkwardly left. I put my shorts back on and grabbed my phone. I had gotten a text a few minutes before from the number from before saying he had parked. I realized the other guy who just fucked me was not the that guy. Who was he though. My door opened up and the daddy from the text was there. He asked to fuck me quickly because his wife was waiting. I pulled my pants down and bent over the couch and he fucked me. Ohh nice he said you are lubed, I laughed to myself. He fucked me good and hard for about ten minuets before cumming a fat load in my tight little ass. He pumped his dick for another minute or soo. Pulling it out. He had me suck it clean. And thanked me It took me two weeks to figure out that the first guy was a maintenance guy these to fix my bathroom sink attached to the bedroom. I never waited for another maintenance call lol
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    Part 9; Meanwhile, upstairs my boyfriend and the Skinhead continued waiting as Sir had instructed, with a mixture of patience, and impatience. The Skinhead had pretty much been chain smoking, and he lit up another. He took a drag. - I hope the owner of this gaff doesn't mind me using one of his plant pots as an ashtray. Doesn't seem to be one about, not that I can see well in the dark, and, that poor plant was dead anyway. - Yeah, and what is with this whole no lights thing. I tried the switch, and, nothing. This place gives me the creeps. Absolutely no light, and full of HUGE cobwebs. As soon as that fucker who calls himself 'Sir' comes back with my boy, that is it, I am taking him home. This has gone on long enough. Suddenly, my Master from his room three floors above crashed his stick to the floor ONCE, and bellowed in his deep gruffly voice - NOOOOOO!! - I don't think he is happy with you mate. And what do you mean no light!? Tonight's 'Full Moon' is giving us lots of wonderful natural light. I think it is stunning! I think this place has got real character. I REALLY like it. My Master crashed his stick to the floor TWICE, in his appreciation towards the Skinhead. I was NOW READY to see my Master. Down in the basement Sir was busy wiping away my shower water with a big wide plastic mop. - Sir, I am going to our Master. - OK boy. See you very shortly. I climbed up the basement steps and onto the ground floor. As I approached the long winding staircase to the top floor I past the room my boyfriend and the Skinhead were in. I saw them, but they did not even notice me! I started my ascent wearing nothing but my knee length transparent white chiffon night shirt, with the Black Goat emblem buttons all the way down it. I felt super sexy. The stair case really creaked, but it didn't get the attention of anyone. I reached the top floor and instinctively knew which door to go to. When I got to the door I saw a sign on it that read 'Hail Master' with a carved out goats head above the sign. 👺🐐 I knelt down, and hiked my nightshirt up to around my chest and tucked it under my armpits bringing my elbows in so it wouldn't fall. I planted my hands on my bubble ass cheeks, and spread them, exposing my cunt. Underneath the crack of the door came that fizzling fire red glow that I saw from the car earlier. - I am here my MASTER. I am ready to serve YOU! - Welcome, Charlie. He KNEW my name! Even though he was the other side of that door, he was probing the entire length of the inside my cunt, just like he did when I was in the car earlier when we had first arrived. - DID you hear that. That voice upstairs said my boy's name. Right, that's it, I have had enough. My boyfriend stood up and marched to the entrance to the room, where Sir was now stood. - OK gentlemen. Both of you follow me please. - Where is my boyfriend? - I shall take you to him right now. Sir led them both up the creaky staircase. The Skinhead asked; - What is with the banging the floor 'ONCE' and 'TWICE' business. - Ah, very good question my Friend. If the Master bangs on the floor 'ONCE with his stick that means he is displeased and/or angry. If twice, then, it means he is very pleased, and happy. Sir and co were approaching to where I was kneeling, and still having my cunt probed by my Master. I was now moaning very loudly as he was rubbing very fast over my prostate. I don't know how he was doing it, but it was at a rate of 10 rubs back and forth per second. Sir then spoke. - Charlie, stand up. It is TIME to meet your new MASTER! 🐐
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    Part 8; My boyfriend climbed into the piss pool and sat on ledge, so we could see/hear each other. - You were meant to wait for me on the Dancefloor. What happened? You have been missing for hours! - Sorry. The Man you left me with took me away and used me for a while. - BUT, he said he had not seen you all night when I asked him. C'mon, I think it is time we went home. And when we get home I am going to take that ridiculous virginity of yours, and give you what it is that you so desperately desire. By now I was sat upright, in the piss pool. I stuck the first part of 3 of my fingers in my cunt, brought them to my nose, and took in the smell of my Masters mutated DNA. - Sorry. But my virginity has been taken, by Sir, whose poz cum I now have in my cunt. - Who the hell is Sir? Sir tapped my boyfriend on his shoulder. - I am SIR! - But, wha', I mean, you have been deceiving me since the moment we met. What game do you think you are playing at? - I have just been following my Masters simple orders. 🐐 And my friend, this is no game! You see, my Master is now his Master as well, and he is at home eagerly awaiting the arrival of his new boy, and, it is my responsibility in transporting him there in a timely manner. We are leaving NOW! You will go to your locker, fetch your boys belongings, and meet us at my locker, which is locker number 9. Sir gave the nod, and in a flash the Skinhead picked me up in his arms, and followed Sir to his locker. Once there I was stripped from the now piss drenched knee length red socks, and red rubber gloves. Some piss had collected inside the gloves, and one at a time Sir tipped the contents into my mouth, making me drink every last drop. He also removed my leash. The only think now on my body, was the locked chain around my neck, which symbolized that my boyfriend owned me. I sat on the floor whilst waiting for Sir and the Skinhead to get all their stuff from the lockers, and my boyfriend to come. My boyfriend came, and I got into my loose tee, trackies, and trainers. He just watched me, not saying a word. The atmosphere was tense! Sir scooped me up and carried me all the way to the club entrance, with the Skinhead and my boyfriend both following. We all walked to Sir's car which happened to be only 3 cars down from the car I arrived in. As the 3 of us got into Sir's car (myself in the passengers seat) my boyfriend ran to his. Sir put on Opera music, and loudly, for the LONG drive. We had been driving for ages when the passenger in the back piped up, and having to shout ... - Hey mate, are we nearly there yet? We have been driving for 90 bloody minutes, 30 of which we've been in the middle of nowhere. Sir turned the Opera music down. - Almost there my friend. --- I do believe your boyfriend has followed us. I knew he would. That might just go in our Master's favour! He has made so many foolish errors tonight regarding his boy. Will he make a final one, in your name? *tut tut tut* We drove for another 30 minutes, and arrived at these huge electronic cast iron gates, which were also guarded by 4 Guard Dogs. The gates slowly opened, and both cars drove in. It was then another few minutes down a windy bumpy lane, and here we were, at MY NEW Master's house! It was HUGE. There was the front door to the house which was bang in the middle, then 2 large windows either side of the main door, plus, 4 stories high. There must have been about 36 rooms, at a guess. It was also rather eerie, as, every window was pitch black, no lights were on. Except on the top floor at the end to the right, the windows were open, and the room was lit up with a fizzling fire red glow. I became transfixed with this brightly lit room, and suddenly I was having to catch my breath. There was also this strange sensation inside my cunt. Like something was gently prodding the entire length of it. Repetitively! Sir led us all to the front door. I say 'door'. There was no actual door, just another big cast iron gate. Sir got out the large key, in, turn, click. He opened the gate which creaked on it's hinges, and in we all went. Addressing my boyfriend and the Skinhead, Sir said whilst nodding to a corner room; - I need to prepare for Master. Will you please wait in there. I will collect you when I am ready. Sir then took me down to the basement which was FREEEEEZING. Again, I was ordered to strip naked. He then got a pair of electric hair trimmers, and proceeded to trim my body hair all over. All I used to do at home was shave my cunt hole, and trim my pubes so they were just tidy. From the neck down he was trimming everything down to it's root, including arm and leg hair. I was relieved he was leaving my thick golden curly locks on my head. My pride and joy. Once done he ordered me into this huge shower area that could easily fit a couple dozen people. It was basic grey breeze block brick work with a granite type flooring. The water went on. I screamed as it hit my skin as it was only tepid. Sir got naked himself, and joined me. Goodness, I wanted him to FUCK my cunt. I planted my hands against the cold bricks, stuck my ass out and pleaded; - PLEASE Sir, FUCK me. - Not this time boy. We have work to do. And you have kept your Master waiting long enough. - Sorry Sir. He got a razor and proceeded to make smooth what the electronic clippers could not manage. He shaved every last piece of hair off of me from the neck down. I was now HAIRLESS! We dried ourselves, and then Sir started to rub Almond oil all over me which eventually covered me EVERYWHERE from the neck down. He took two pairs of these black silk trousers that were low cut waist, and there was one button where a top button would be, just for fine detail purposes. It was a cream coloured button, with a Black Goat Heads emblem. He put a pair on himself, and the other pair he would be taking upstairs. And now came for my attire. He dressed me in a knee length transparent chiffon night shirt, which had these Black Goat emblem buttons all the way down. He then took a step back ---> - Oh YES. Master is going to LOVE you! 👺🐐
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    Due to pertaining chronic health issues, writing has temporarily paused on this story. There seems to be a very keen interest with this one, so, I will most certainly return with more; Sooner rather than later, I hope. Maybe Chapter 15 tonight ... 😛 Also, a BIG Thank You to all who show their appreciation with 'likes', and 'up-votes' ~ Genuinely appreciated, and spurs me on to continue writing more piggy filth! 🐽😈
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    Part 13; I walked away from the beast that I was over the Full-Moon to be worshipping to look around and familiarize myself with my surroundings as my Master had just instructed me too. I was in this Ketamine haze in this fizzling fuzzy fire red glow moon-lit room; I felt like I was in a completely different dimension, and walking on clouds. I could just about hear my boyfriend calling out to me, but, his voice was very faint, as I was starting to become detached. I took a good look around, first seeing the worktop (mini kitchen) at the back right, then the stacks of bales of hay at the back left. In between these two places is the door, of course. I then looked to the next wall where my boyfriend was hanging, BUT, I couldn't see him even though he was there. I just saw the wooden chairs, and various BDSM items on the floor and hanging on the walls. I briefly saw Sir & Usher sat on the couch talking, with Usher smoking. I then came face to face with my Master again. He did not speak, nor move, but, he began to probe my cunt with his serpent tongue again, just like when I was in the car upon arrival, and outside the door to this room before I entered. I started to moan, grunt, and pant in ecstasy. Master then gave me a firm instruction, but, he didn't speak like normal, his voice was inside my head. I was to climb the plinth, and when at the top lie on my back with my cunt facing him, which would have my head facing the door, and my boyfriend to the right of the room. My Master got up and slowly walked behind the stacks of bales of hay, and, I heard 4 intermittent grunts. He had just shot 4 squirts of his cum into a copper jug. From what he explained to me earlier, that would be a litre of his Demon Juice. But for what purposes would it be used? 👊 He then went to the small kitchen area, and got out two syringes, two tourniquets from the BDSM area, and walked over to where Sir was sitting. - 'L'. - Hail Master. Yes Master. - Take this jug of my t☢️xic cum, these two syringes of Meth, two tourniquets, and go to MY Charlie. I want you slam him in each arm, then FIST him in preparation for the final phase of pozzing from his Master. - Yes Master. Sir climbed upto the top of the plinth. He attached a tourniquet to each arm, and tapped the crease to my arms at the elbow joint. - What are you doing Sir? - You want to be pozzed by our Master? - Yes, YEs, YES, I do! - Well, this is to help towards take you to the final level where you WILL be getting what you truly desire. Now, close your eyes, and take slow deep breaths in and out, in and out. I done this for about 1 minute when I felt a slight scratch in my left arm, then, another slight scratch in my right arm. Then, simultaneously Sir plunged in both syringes. BOOM. Very quickly I started breathing heavily, sweating, and feeling even hotter, and had the NEED for my MASTER to literally FUCK & INFECT me within the next 5 seconds! Every muscle in my body and my CUNT relaxed and were ready to take anything! - OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG. - Are you OK Charlie? - I NEED MASTER inside me. NOW. - Charlie, I want you to get on all 4's, and face the St Andrews Cross. - Yes Sir. I got in position as I was instructed to. Then Sir dipped his hand into our Master's highly viral, warm, thick gooey Demon-cum (the BEST lube for the occasion) and commenced the Fisting of my HUNGRY boy-cunt. And not much effort was needed to get upto his wrist in a very short time! Each time Sir went in I felt truly satisfied as he turned, twisted, and fucked me with his hand and first part of his forearm. Each time he pulled out to get more Demon-lube my mind was demanding he go back in, IMMEDIATELY! Sir had now been Fisting me for about an hour and had achieved getting upto almost his elbow, and getting both hands in up to about half way up both arms. At one point he came in line with my face and showed me his hand and forearm. - Well someone is a little piggy aren't they. Look at my fist and forearm, covered in out Master's cum, and your cunt juice, and traces of your neg blood I see, too. - Fuck yeah Sir. Carry on. My cunt feels empty, and I want to be STUFFED all the time. It now been about 90 minutes of my cunt being prepared for an event I had been thinking about for a few years now. Although I didn't imagine it being in such an intense scenario. I looked upto my boyfriend. Our eyes connected; - Charlie Darling. It isn't too late. We can stop all this foolishness, and go home. 🏡
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    Part 6; I instinctively reached both arms up to grab hold of the sling chains as I fell, from feeling like me, to, falling into an abyss where I was fast becoming detached. I could feel who I was deep within me, but right now I felt like I was on the set of a film, I could see everyone, but they couldn't see me. It was very weird. I watched Sir move out of my focus. He seemed to vanish in a blurry flash more than actually move. I then felt a pair of hands behind me pull me back so I was laying properly in the sling. It was Sir. He restrained my wrists whilst the skinhead restrained my ankles. Sir came to between my legs, lifted his cloak, and threw it over his shoulders, so it hung from his neck, draping down his back. I couldn't see his face because of the Gas Mask, but the way his Leather Harness shaped into his shoulders and hairy pecs perfectly and the way he was holding the chains with his big hands with a firm grip, combined with my intoxication made me begin to 'high pitch grunt' with each breath out. However, my breathing rate was slowly increasing, and as it did, so did the frequencies of my 'high pitch grunts'. I was perving over his broad and hairy muscular physique, when suddenly I could not see them properly anymore. All I could see was his bulging veins across his chest, and the length of his arms. And it seemed like something was moving and wriggling inside of them. I was then brought back to the situation as I heard Sir's voice repeat itself over and over. First of all it was very faint, and then it got louder. As it got louder I could hear what he was saying, only just. His voice was now slightly distorted. - Oi, pig, you still want that virulent mutated strain of our Masters DNA? - Strain of what ..... Sir? - HIV, pig! - FUUUHcK ... Yes Sir. I instantly recognized the sensation of his fingernails clawing inside my ass as he fingered me. But, instead of the pain I felt earlier with his scratching, each scratch made my nerves flick like when you try to unsuccessfully light a lighter (lots of tiny little sparks, which eventually burn your thumb). I don't know how long he'd been fingering my ass, but all of a sudden I really felt my ass stretch open wide which made my already regular panting turn into full on very fast panting. My high pitched grunts were turning into demonic shrieks of ecstasy. I guess the crazy noise I was making had attracted a crowd as I saw lots of bodies mill around my sling. I didn't look up to see their faces as I was transfixed on Sir, who was giving my ass a good working over. - OMG Sir, is that 3 fingers right upto your knuckles you have inside my ass? I feel really stretched. BUT, I feel I want more. I NEED MORE! - No pig. I am about 2" past my wrist. AND, our Master prefers it if you refer to your ass as your cunt. Because, that is what you have from now on. A cunt. Understood!? - Yes. PLEASE fuck my cunt Sir. PLEEEEEAAAASE ... He stood completely upright again, and started fucking me. Much like when he briefly fucked me earlier it felt like a hot rod poking my stomach, and my cunt began to burn. However, this time the poker felt hotter, and the burning felt more intense. It was much more pleasurable this time too. I looked up to the Gas Mask, then my eyes were drawn to his Scorpion tattoos that were on each of his large pecs. Their legs and tails were now beginning to slightly move. 🦂 I don't know why, but this served to turn me on even more. Then, I heard his voice BOOM ... - EVERYBODY MOVE OUT OF THE WAY. I need a clear view in case of enemy approaching. As I looked around, the crowd around us had turned away. But, instead of walking off, they seemed to scuttle off, fleeing to other parts of this part of the venue. Sir continued to fuck me. Again, I do not know for how long. My perception of time was lost. Then suddenly, Sir tore off his Gas Mask. At first when I saw his face, he looked like an angry Demon. 👺 But then, as he spoke to the skinhead, he looked like himself again. - Fuck. Take over from me will you. We need to cause a diversion. The skinhead who was beginning to skull fuck me at the lockers stood over me, holding his truncheon in one hand, and batting the palm of his opposite hand. Then, he started to hate fuck me with it. I was panting super fast and shrieking extremely loudly. - Stick ALL of it inside my cunt!! He reached behind to the left pocket of his bleachers, and pulled out a large red paisley hanker-chief, scrunched it up, and stuffed it in my mouth. - SHUT up faggot! The only noise I want to hear is the various bodily fluids squelch inside and around your nasty cunt as we USE you how the HELL we want! - I thought I was right in thinking you would be of great use to us. Good work with quietening him down. Sir put his Dick back in his Leather Jockstrap. It was looking very red and wet. He then placed his Gas Mask on my chest, then very carefully arranged his cloak covering me up until I was out of sight. The skinhead continued to hate fuck my cunt, and then .... ... I heard my boyfriends voice! Would he discover me, and infect me like we had originally planned during the past few weeks. He had to find me right now, because I could tell Sir was very close to ejaculating our Masters mutated DNA into my hungry cunt. I couldn't help but sense that, if that happened, I would be receiving the actual original strain.
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    “Is that the guy from the park?” Louis asked me quietly. I just nodded yes and pulled off my jacket, laying it over the seat of my bike. Louis grinned and pulled off his t-shirt. He strutted over towards Ben and I heard him say “Ready to get fucked?” I realized that Louis had taken my comments at lunch to heart and was making sure Ben knew what his intentions were. I hoped that this didn’t scare Ben off, but it was nice to see Louis get more assertive. “Yes, sir” Ben replied. I pulled off my shirt and followed Louis over behind the truck. Ben seemed a bit nervous and I could understand. We were two strangers and he was out here alone with any help at least a mile away. I figured I would calm the vibe a bit and said “Hey Ben. I’m Ryan and this is Louis. I hope you’re up for some fun.” “Yes, sir. I am. I really didn’t expect you to take me up on the offer but I’m glad you did. You guys looked so hot fucking in the woods behind the park” Ben replied. I walked up next to Louis with Ben facing us. We were both looking Ben over and I’m sure he was doing the same. Ben was just under six foot tall, his frame was slender but his body had muscles from working every day in the fields (not just driving a tractor) and tanned from rarely wearing a shirt in the sun. His hair was buzzed short and was a dirty blond color and his face had a few days beard growth with more on his chin. He had a large tribal tattoo on his left upper arm and both of his ears had smaller black plugs in them. I moved behind Ben and I put my hands on his shoulders before I leaned in. Quietly, I asked “Is this a good spot that we won’t get interrupted?” “Mmhmm” he replied. “Good, cuz I’m not looking for a quickie today” I said as my hand rubbed his chest and then down over his rippled abs and my hips ground against his ass. I heard him moan lightly before I unbuttoned his shorts and then unzipped them, letting them drop to the ground. I nodded at Louis and he came closer before opening his jeans and pulling his cock out. I moved my hands back to Ben’s shoulders and pushed him down gently. He took the cue and was kneeling on his shorts seconds later. Ben reached out and stroked Louis’ cock as I walked over next to Louis. Ben licked over the head of Louis’ cock while I unbuttoned, unzipped and pushed my jeans and trunks down. I stroked my already stiffening cock as Ben devoured Louis’ shaft. I looked over and Louis had his eyes closed and his head tilted back showing a contentment that men know when their cock is being expertly sucked. “Oooooh yeah… Ooooh fuck yeah” Louis kept saying. I hated to break Louis’ mood, but I needed to feel that warm mouth wrapped around my cock too. I reached over and wrapped my hand over the top of Ben’s head and pulled it towards my dripping cock. I heard the pop as Louis’ dick exited Ben’s mouth and a moment later felt Ben’s lips around the head of my cock. Ben didn’t seem to be surprised as my pierced shaft slid into his mouth and enter his throat. Now it was my turn to be in that Zen state. Ben was no stranger to sucking cock and he was one of the best I had ever had. His tongue, lips, throat and suction seemed to be just about perfect to keep my arousal level up but not to the point of shooting my load into his throat. I got a few minutes of pleasure before Louis pulled the same move and guided Ben’s mouth back to his cock. We took turns a few times and when Ben went back to my cock for the fourth or fifth time, Louis moved around behind Ben. I wrapped my hands around the back of Ben’s head and pushed my cock as deep into his throat as I could. I held it there a few seconds and then fucked his face for a minute and deep throated him once more. This time I held him down until I could tell he needed to breathe. I kept him there a few more seconds and then pulled his head off my cock. Ben gasped for air and I watched spit drip off his chin and off my cock too. Once Ben’s stopped gasping, I pulled him to his feet. I looked into his eyes, grinning and said “You’re a damn good cocksucker.” Ben seemed surprised at my compliment, but replied “Thank you, sir.” I had watched Louis kneel as I pulled Ben up and knew what was going to happen next. Ben gasped again, but this time from being startled as Louis pried his muscular butt apart and buried his face in. The smile that grew on his face told me he was enjoying Louis’ rim job and I knew from experience that his tongue knew how to pleasure a man’s hole. I pulled Ben’s head in for a sloppy, deep kiss. My other hand pinched and twisted his nipples, one by one, before roaming down his body and cupping the pouch of his jockstrap. Based on the feel of his package, Ben was nicely endowed. I freed his cock from the confines of the cloth pouch and grasped his shaft with my paw. I squeezed a few times and then slowly stroked his cock. When I reached the end I was surprised to feel the thick ring in the end of Ben’s cut cock. I tugged on it as I forced my tongue deeper into Ben’s mouth. I felt Ben push against me and realized that Louis was probably tongue fucking his hole I wish I had set up a camera to capture the action, but I would have to just use my imagination. A few minutes later I was looking at both Ben and Louis’ faces. Louis leaned in and whispered “Ready?” Louis was rocking his hips and rubbing his hard dick along Ben’s crack. I could tell he stopped and then pictured the precum leaking head planted against Ben’s puckered hole. “Oh god… please… give it to me” begged Ben.
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    I was online looking for a hookup & found a post by a sexy muscular hairy Persian guy who was at a 24hr gym nearby alone & was looking for a nice arse to fuck & breed to relieve his horniness. I replied & he told me to come over, when I arrive he was waiting to let me in with a huge bulge in his joggers. His t-shirt came off & my hands were instantly all over his gorgeous hairy body. He deep rimmed my hole for a bit then go me to sit on his cock while do chest presses on the bench, he then picked me up & pinned me to the wall, my arms holding on around his neck as he plowed his cock up my cunthole. We ended up in the shower area me bent over with him plowing me hard, making my groan loudly with pleasure. I suddenly noticed someone was discreetly watching, I didn’t say anything & let him carry on until he dump his huge load in me. When he pulled out his started having a shower, I went to investigate who had been watching. I got to the toilets & there was the cleaner in a cubicle door open wanking his big black uncut African cock! He’s very dark black, good looking with a huge 10”+ cock. I asked if he’d been watching me get fucked, he said he was watch & wanted to fuck my arse too. I told him he could come back to mine & fuck me if he was up for fucking me bareback. He was very up for it so I got dressed & drove us back here. It was about 2am, as soon as we got in the door I got his t-shirt off & had a good feel of his gorgeous muscular body as he dropped his trousers. We were kissing vigorously when I felt his big black hard dick between my legs. I turned around & grabbed his cock & took it up my cunthole. He plowed me mercilessly till he bred his first big load in me, I felt him pumping inside my cunt. He pulled out then shoved his big rough fingers in my hole to get his load out on his hand so I could slurp it all up. I took him up to my bed where I started sucking his tasty black beast till he was ready to fuck me again. It’s now 5am & he’s bred 5 big loads in me & he’s still rock hard & his big hairy balls have plenty more cum for my cunthole. He’s got 3 big fingers in my cunt right now & he’s asking if I’m ready to fuck again! Hell yeah!! I’m ready for him to fuck me as many times as he wants.
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    Part 4; I downed my K infused drink. Sir took the empty glass, placed it in his locker, and locked up. He then started to show me his finger nails. They were long, and had been sharpened to a fine point. - You like my nails, boy? - They look very sharp Sir. - Stand up and put your arms against my locker, and arch that bubble ass out. - Yes Sir I heard him spit, then felt the back of two of his fingers slide over and over my hole. - SPREAD your legs, boy, - Yes Sir. I did as I was told. Soon I felt the points to two of his fingernails scratch at my hole in a quick motion. It was a little painful, but, it was also pleasurable. - So, your boyfriend tells me you want to become a poz pig. - Yes Sir. I have craved it for years. I NEED it, N☢️W. No sooner had I uttered those words he shoved his two fingers inside my ass. I let out a loud grunt from his sheer force, which turned into frequent grunts of pain as he jabbed roughly in and out, making sure he was digging into my inner ass flesh. - Just as well boy, because your new Master has AIDS. And, he will be in your veins very soon. 🐐☠️ Those very words made my already tight asshole twitch, and clamp down on his fingers even tighter, which only served to intensify the pleasure and pain I was already experiencing, and enjoying. Someone who had just arrived to the club walked past to get to their locker. They obviously had read what my boyfriend had written down the centre of my back as I heard; - Virgin? Not by the end of the night he won't be. - You are correct there. And I have from a reliable source, his boyfriend no less, who was going to take this pigs virginity tonight in front of a crowd, that as of right now he is in-fact still a virgin. Want to watch me take it instead, from him, right now? - Ordinarily I would quite happily just say yes, but the fact you are sporting two such beautiful Scorpion tattoos, I say; Fuck yeah. Sting the neg cunt! 🦂 The man that I had been instructed to address as Sir, withdrew his fingers. I then heard him unzip his Leather Jockstrap, and position the tip of his Dick on my hole, and I felt something sharp at the same time. He pushed, and pushed, then pop, half of his cock head was inside. I guess now I was literally seconds away from losing my virginity. Would my boyfriend come around the corner to find me in time to take me away to take it for himself? As I thought about my boyfriend finding me so we could orchestrate our original plan, Sir gripped onto my waist very firmly, and plunged his Dick, RAW, deep inside my ass. I gasped, then held that gasp in as I truly began the journey to my new life. Without a pause Sir was fucking me aggressively, and my gasp that I was holding fell out with a combination of repetitive grunts and whimpers. My stomach felt like it was being poked by a hot rod, and my ass was now burning. Plus, I felt this sharp sensation each time he slid in, and slid out. My grunts and whimpers soon were just whimpers as I struggled with the pain, even though I was really very much enjoying getting fucked. For the first time!! Continuing to pound my ass, Sir brought his stubbly face to my neck/ear ... - Not a virgin anymore, are we, you fucking filthy pig. Our Master has given me an extremely virulent strain of the bug that you crave, and before I take you to him, you are gonna get the mutated version, very soon, deep inside your guts. Want to change your mind about getting infected, pig? - It took all I could within to be able to get out an audible ... 'No'. - Sorry, I didn't hear THAT! - I NEED to get infected, Sir. - Good pig. Because, you have been chosen to receive a very unique gift. Now, we had better get you away from here before your very foolish boyfriend finds us.
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    Author's Note: Part 2, now with more bug stuff. Hope you all enjoy. Let me know if you got off or any comments you have. Thanks! A few weeks after meeting up with Tyler I had gotten him back to being a good poz cumdump like he should be. I found him at the usual cruising spots often taking any load and love to give him mine when his hole is filled with toxic cum. I may not be the most avid chaser but I know I am at risk with this way of fucking but really who can turn down a hot hole like that. But now I need to set my sights on some new guy. Another gifter who really should have stayed a bottom after joining the brotherhood. I was at a bathhouse on a slow night just finished unloading in Tyler's hole when he started to make small talk of how dead it was. And really no one else was around. He was starting to waste and it looked so sexy. I had unloaded into him twice so far. But it was his only loads for the night, not typical for a Friday. Granted Cumunion is tomorrow so everyone is elsewhere tonight I guess. "Thanks for the loads but I might call it a night if this is how it is going to be" He said and went off to the showers. I chuckled and thought how he was so determined to top me a few weeks ago and did not even try anymore. I decided to follow him and also head out. While we were showering two major hunks. Both at least 6'2" and in their 40s or 50s walked in. One more of muscle bear and the other a bit wasting. Both tops and I thought maybe there would be more fun tonight. "Yo. Ty Dye Tyler" The wasting one said and Tyler instantly turned around and said "OMG! Hi daddy Mal and daddy Stephen" And I rolled my eyes at him saying OMG out loud, but also saw my next conquest. Mal and Stephen were the Poz Daddies in the area. I had seen them fucking boys usually first timers, the naive ones, the ones you almost sorry for, but at the same time you get too turned on by it. I had escaped them early on because of luck. They Pozzed my first and only boyfriend after our breakup. They were the closest to true gifters you would ever see. Wonder how long since either of these two bent over for anyone besides each other. The gears were turning I was so boned by them and I wanted to breed on there holes. "So you guys here to chat in the shower or play around a bit" I said inserting myself into their conversation to hopefully get the ball rolling. "Sounds cocky son" Mal said and tugged on my cock a bit "A real cocky son" "Thanks man. I hope to put it to good use" I replied and I reached around and slapped his ass which made both of them laugh. We dried off a bit and walked back towards the theater with the long benches. Stephen seem to be manhandling Tyler pretty good and Mal had not stopped tugging with my cock but also did the occasional slap on my ass. I usually stopped guys from that but he was damn hot so I let it slide. Stephen sat down and Tyler started to suck his cock. While Mal push me down and sat on my lap kissing me. Really getting me all hot and bothered. His 8 inches were poking me in the stomach and I started to play with it as our tongues wrestled. I was so turned on and all of a sudden we were standing and he was massaging my ass as we necked. Then a slap and Mal said "Good Boy" and I started to realize I was not in as much control as I thought. I noticed Tyler was now in front of me on his hands facing me as Stephen stood behind him sliding his cock on up and down his crack, just teasing Tyler's hole. And that looked so good. So hot. Mal then said "Now kiss him" and I leaned down on my hands started to kiss him. Mal now behind me reached around and played with my nipples and lightly spanked my ass. As Tyler started to moan into our kisses. Stephen had entered him and Stephen was larger than any of us. Tyler looked so hot and sounded so hot. Mal then leaned down and whispered in my ear "Tyler likes that a lot. Probably feels like this." And his finger found my tight hole. I hadn't been fucked in 3 years by now so it was very tight, but Mal finger worked itself in nicely and it felt good. I moaned out a "yeah" and I realized I might not top tonight but at the moment was fine with that. I was on my hands and knees in front of Tyler now being fucked hard by Stephen as Mal had worked probably two fingers into my hole and I was starting to moan as slutty as Tyler. And this was before a cock had even entered me. And then I felt it. Mal's 8 inches at my splinter. And I knew it was coming. And it hurried a bit being entered after so long but it also felt so hot. I faced down I did not want to look at Tyler as I was being topped. I felt a bit ashamed but so turned on. And then before I knew it I felt all 8 inches in me. And it was so good. Mal slowly rocked in and out of me. I felt his balls against mine and it was incredible. His hands were boney but firm around my waist. It was feeling so good. I was moaning "oh yeahs" and "oh gods" in a constant stream. I was starting to push back onto him and meet his thrusts I was getting so into it. His and Stephen grunts and me and Tyler's moans filled the room with the sound of them thrusting into us. "You a neg boy right" Mal's words broke me out of my heat a bit but I was still too turned on to fully reacted. I moaned a quiet "yeah" in response but a bit of fear started to creep in. "Your not new boy, you know we are poz, toxic, and not on meds" Stephen said and Tyler moaned a "Yessss Daddy" Oh god. Do I really want to be pozzed. I was started to get nervous but too turned on to stopped and noticed my dick was getting harder. I always knew I was going to catch it from one of those poz sluts I fucked but never thought I would be gifted like this. And now I was getting really turned on but really scared. "I'm going to cum in you and poz you up Boy" Mal said as he started to pick up the pace in this thrusts. "Make you another of our Sons." Stephen added. "No." I moaned quietly. "What was that?" Mal asked "Oh god" I replied but made no move to get away. I resigned myself to whatever happens happens. "Ready Mal?" Stephens asks and Mal grunts and next thing I know I feel volley of hot potent toxic cum fill me up. It felt like he had hyperspermia but I know it was just a 7 maybe 8 spurts but it felt a lot longer at the time. I was so scared. The moment they pulled out I skedaddled. I went to the lockers and got dressed and got out. I showered when I got home and was both relieved and to my chagrin disappointed that when the load leaked out there was no pink.I was so tight but I might have gotten lucky anyway. But I also realized I might be more of a chaser than I thought. I may just need to be rougher fucking up those poz gifting sluts. I hope at least that's what I need.
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    I'd been getting progressively more unsafe ever since the first poz top filled me with his sexy seed. Until then, I'd told guys that were knew they were poz that they could fuck me raw but had to promise not to cum in me, but the last couple times I'd ended up begging them to do it. Both were "honorable" guys and did not. Then the first time, it was the same but when I started begging and moaning he got turned on and as he came inside me he confessed he was going to anyway! From that point on, I progressed more and more to poz guys but only if they were really into pozzing negs. I'd been at it a year when I was in Chicago and had a room at the Ashford Arms which was right above one of the nasty gay bars. I'd had a poz guy meeting me early, around 5, but he was more into nastier sex, fucking me raw, but cumming in my mouth. After he left, I looked for a poz slammer into neg guys. I'd had a hard time finding one, and finally got a poz guy who was not as into it and not a slammer to come. As he was on his way I found another that was vague about it but said he loved fucking neg guys with his poz cock. I knew the first was also into sharing me, so I asked the second guy to come. It was great, I was getting lots of piss, and they were taking turns. The slammer had agreed to wait to slam until the first guy left. We knew that not being into it, he would not play as long. I was right, and he left after he filled me. The slammer then loaded up our rigs, and he did me first. He asked me to step into the bathroom as he did himself because he said, it made him a bit nervous. Once he said ok, I came in. Fuck. His sexy normal sized but veiny cock was raging hard, and driping a stream of poz presperm that was endless as he shook it at me and said, "Are you ready to get infected you fuckin' aids whore?!" I moaned and said, your wish is my command. When we spoke on the phone he asked what my hard limits were and I said only scat/puke. But confessed other stuff I'd not done much of such as spit, etc. He said, I'm gonna do everything to you except your limits which are mine. He ordered me to get on my knees on the huge matress bag I bring as a portable piss trough. Before I could do anything else a huge hard thick stream of bitter piss was spraying in my face. I opened my mouth and moaned, "Mmmm your poz piss tastes fuckin hot" and with that he pulled my lips open, and fucked his pissing cock into my mouth, slapped my face with his cock, then fucked my mouth, etc until he drippled. He said, fuck, you are a hot aids cravin urinal you whore. He turned and started wiping his sweaty rank crack in my face. I kinew he'd like something, so I laid in the piss and he squatted his hole right down on my fuckin' slave nose. He was moaning but the amazing thing was all his precum. He'd slap my face with his streaming cock, pull my hair, pull my lips open and fuck my mouth and say, "I could get you pozzed with my precum alonoe". Soon he had me on my back in the piss, my legs pulled high, and fucking me deep. My ass got soaked with his presperm until he moaned, "oohhhh fuck, pozzing your neg hole". He filled me with so much sperm! Then he said, it's time for another slam! He got a rig and I saw why he'd wanted me to leave. He'd left a couple lines on the rig of his red fluid. He waved it at me with a nasty evil look, eyes wide with dominance and drew some tina mixture into the rig. He pulled my hand slowly to him and said, "yeah fuckin aids slave. Beg me for it . . ." as I begged him he slammed me with his poz blood and tina and made me high from his aids slam! SO GUYS??? Fact . . . or Fiction . . . or do you want to make it fact with me?
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    I was in Philly for a meeting one day and stopped in to a bar in my old neighborhood for a drink after driving around. I sat outside in the sunshine as I sipped and people watched. I was drawn to the sounds of a ballgame down the street, so I paid the check and wandered down to the field. I sat in the stands and watched a high school game. Love to watch the big players in their tight pants. As the game ended I followed the spectators out to the parking lot and struck up a friendly conversation with the umpires. As we chatted, we headed to the far corner of the lot and then down an alley where their cars were parked. Frank and Juwon were both about my age and about 6 foot, good looking black men with a little beer belly in front. I mentioned that this alley is a great place to get robbed, and Juwon opened his minivan hatch and said, "or get laid!" We all laughed and the umpires began to undress from their gear. We were chatting about baseball and stuff when Juwon stripped naked and bent in front of Frank and me. Frank ran his hand into Juwon's crack and he moaned. Me? Instant boner, drooling. Frank looked at me and dropped his pants too. Both umpires had nice big dicks. Frank was shaved bald....I love that. I got down on my knees and started slobbering all over Franks dick and smooth balls. Juwon came over and helped Frank out of his shirt and began kissing him and playing with his nipples. We were all moaning. Frank started thrusting balls deep into my throat when Juwon twisted his nipples hard. After several deep thrusts he buried his cock in my throat and just as I grabbed his balls with one hand and stuck a finger up his ass, he came. And came. And CAME. Frank moaned loudly, Juwon twisted and nibbled his nipples and I tried to swallow it all. It was so much cum, and very sweet tasting. I stood up and stripped quickly and Frank went down on me as Juwon kneaded my ass from behind. He kissed his way up my back to my neck. Slowly dragging his tongue across my skin. I arched my back as he pulled me back into a long kiss and Frank slid a couple of fingers up my ass as he began to bob quickly up and down on my cockhead. Juwon's hands were so big and warm as he began to rub my chest and pinch my nipples. I was in sensory overload. Moaning and groaning. Then Frank stood up, and on cue, Juwon bent me over. His huge dick had rubbed precum all over my ass checks in the last few minutes...and then he rubbed his big wet head on my hole. "Nice", uttered Juwon....and Frank said, "suck my dick faggot", as he waved his mostly hard cock in front of my lips. As I took Frank in my mouth, Juwon punched his head into my asshole since I was pushing back on his insistent pressing. I let out a cock muffled groan just as Juwon loudly proclaimed,"fuck yeah white boy, take dis big dick". Frank began pumping in and out of my mouth and occasionally pulling out and making me eat his balls. I wrapped a hand around his nuts as he fucked my mouth. Juwon meanwhile, he started slowly long dicking me and then as he gripped my hips he picked up tempo. My own cock became hard and my balls began to swing as Juwon got into a rythum. The heat and fricton in my ass was intense. I could feel Juwon drooling into my ass. Frank buried his cock to my nose and Juwon went to another speed...and then.....I lost it, I saw stars, my ass started convulsing, my cock started cumming and my balls were on fire. Juwon yelled..."Aw yeah, take my nut boy"...and my legs began to shake. Frank then came, again. He pulled out and shot on my face just as Juwon jammed deep, grabbed my hips hard and began moaning and grinding his load into me. Deep. We stayed like that for what seemed like a half hour....and then Juwon pulled out. A huge river of cum ran down my leg. Frank and I sat on his car bumper as we watched Juwon get dressed and drive off. He gave me his cell # and said he had to get home. Frank and I talked for a while and then we made out for awhile before we got dressed and exchanged numbers. He told me I should become an umpire and join their crew...we could have lots of fun times. Training starts next week
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    Last night (Tuesday night) in LA I got bred by a guy who is an amputee. My first time being with an amputee. I’d been talking to this 34yo Latin guy on A4A for many months, more than 6 months. I already figured we’d never meet as he turned down several opportunities to breed me in the past, but he was fun to chat with, so whenever I was on A4A and he was on, we’d chat. He had no face pic, just a chest pic and cock pic. A large thick latin uncut cock with beautiful long foreskin; I mean huge! So last night (around 10pm) he says, “I’d really like to breed u, can I come to your place?” I said, “sure.“ Then he started delaying and saying, “I need to take Uber, it may be more than 30 minutes” “I was at the gym tonight and I need to take a shower” and such, so I said, “look if u just want to be a chat buddy I’m fine with that, but don’t jerk me around about coming over and breeding me.” Then he just spit it out, “I’m a double amputee and a lot of guys get turned off by that.” I said, “no problem here if your cock is hard and u want to breed my tight ass now, come over now, but no shower!” So he says, “On my way now, but you be totally naked, no clothes or jock or anything when I walk in, got it?” Fine by me! Less than 30 minutes later, I open the door, I’m stark naked and this really good looking built Latin guy walks in on his two prosthetic legs. He has on loose shorts and a very tight tank top. Beautiful chest and muscled arms and a VERY powerful mansmell of sweat and masculine body orders. We don’t say anything and he follows me to the bedroom where I drop to my knees and he says, “no, get up on the bed.” I do so and he sits down and pushes down his shorts and removes both of his artificial legs. Then the tank top come off and he turns toward me and his beautiful very large and thick cock is rock hard. He says, “are u going to be ok with this...I know it’s weird for you...” I cut him off and said, “... knock it off, this will be hot! I want ur cock in my ass so bad.” He moves to lean on headboard of bed and I get down between his thighs, his body smells are strong and exciting and I start licking and tasting his cock, lick down in his foreskin that is already half slid back since he is so hard, but it’s still loose and sliding, I can taste his urine scent in his foreskin and move down to taste his ripe ass crack. Oh my god I’m so horny to get his cock in me, but to be honest I was unsure how it would work. I assumed I would sit on him. Finally after I’m begging him to fuck me, he is ready and he says, “flip over on your stomach and just stay there as I get on top of you, I’ll do the fucking here!” He climbs up on my back, putting Vaseline on his big dick, fingering some Vaseline in my hole and then, with no warning to me, in one fluid movement, he sinks his huge thick cock into me! I scream out, “oh my god that hurts, please, please pull out, pull out, please, no, go slow, go slow, oh my god, it hurts too much..” he has grabbed the edges of the bed with his huge arm muscles and has pulled himself tightly to me. He says, “...just hold on boy, breathe, breathe, I’m not pulling out of you, you wanted this big cock, now you have it, just relax, just relax...you’ve bragged for months what a total cumdump whore u are, so show me now...” I squirmed a bit, and given he was using my own words against me, I relaxed, just relaxed and breathed and he started slowly fucking me...oh my god! The pain was intense and was the first time in many years I had felt pain, but we kept going. He bred me quickly, within a few minutes, grunting, huffing, and making lots and lots of noise, “fuck, damn, fuck u nasty pig whore, take my sperm u fucking pig...!” He was saying as his thick cock was impregnating me with his sperm. He then quietly says, “don’t move, I’m not pulling out. I just needed to get that out of me it’s been so long since I came inside a hot ass!” Give me a few minutes and I can fuck u good.” He kept his cock in me, we laid there quietly, not talking and in 3 or 4 minutes he slowly started pumping my ass. It was unusual him on top of me, as much and as aggressively as he was fucking, the weight on top of me felt light and I could feel his thighs on my thighs, but no legs, no legs on my legs, but his huge thick cock was tearing me up. I can handle huge cocks, but clearly I did not prepare enough for how big his cock was. We fucked for another 20 or 30 minutes, he was sweating all over me, covering me in his mansmells. Then I got his second load, as loud and as nasty as the first cum load; “...fuck, fuck, fuck, here it cums, here it cums, take my fucking load u pig whore, u nasty fuck, pig, pig, fuck, fuck!” As he rolled off me and I rolled on to my back, we were lying next to each other and he started fingering my gaping hole, wet and draining his cum out quickly, he started feeding me his cum from my hole. I squatted on my legs, up on the bed and squirted what cum I could into his hands, then he fed it to me saying, “fuck you are one nasty whore!” He finally left my house at 3am. We laid together, talked, he jerked me off, and I cleaned both his foreskin and asshole before he left; never once talking about his lack of legs or his prosthetics. I figured if he wanted to say something he would. We exchanged numbers and emails and I’m pretty sure I will be getting bred again by this guy!
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    Last night I met up with a guy that I’d been chatting with for months. We met at a local bar that turns out is closed on Mondays (WTF) and ended up going to another bar for drinks. We chatted a few hours, and eventually we went back to his place. This guys profile said he used condoms, but I no longer assume that is accurate based on how many guys go bare. When we get to his place, we make out, and start sucking. Nice above average cock, not huge, on the thick side. Seems perfect. We make our way to his bed, and he starts rimming the hell out of my ass. He gets up and tries to push his raw cock in my ass, but no lube and it hurts. I have to stop him so I can grab my poppers, I take a hit, and open up. He goes back to rimming me though, not trying to push in. Then he gets up to grab lube, and awful sound of a condom wrapper. It doesn’t sound like he’s opened it up, and after a few more minutes rimming, he gets up again to push in me and it feels like its raw. I honestly don’t do a good condom check to confirm, and I just enjoy the fucking. After about half an hour, he says he’s gonna cum. When he pulls out I see that he did have a condom on (DAMN!) We cuddle, and he falls asleep, and I nod off a little. An hour or so later, I wake up to his hard cock pushing against me, I reposition so that his head is better positioned to push in. His hand is on my hips and he keeps rocking back and forth until the tip is inside. A few minutes of this, and he’s halfway in me, definitely raw this time. He reaches around and starts stroking my cock. There’s no pretense at this point, we’re fucking raw and it feels great. It doesn’t feel like he’s able to get deep in me, the position we’re in makes it hard to get deep in my bubble butt. I decide to try and reposition and a minute later he’s on his back and I grab his cock (yes definitely raw) and sit on it. This fuck doesn’t take long for him to cum, what a difference raw makes, and I pump my load out all over his chest. His first load was huge in the condom, think he hadn’t cum in days because the load in my ass was just as big. Looking forward to our next date
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    I love getting fucked & bred by str8, curious & bi, I was on fabswingers seeing what was on offer when I got a msg from a young bi black lad, no pics but told me he was gagging to fuck his load in a horny blokes arse and guaranteed I would love his big uncut cock! I need turn down big raw cock so I sent him my details & told him to come & raid my arse. I left the door on the latch to let himself in, I was down the hall in the living room on the floor fingering my lubed cunthole as he walked in. He came in the room taking off his track top & t-shirt revealing his sexy slim ripped body, he then dropped his joggers & his massive semi hard uncut dick flopped out! I couldn’t believe how big it was, my cunthole was aching so badly & my hole was quivering! He started wanking it & it grew to full magnificence! He told me it was 11 inches & asked if I wanted it in my arse! 🤤Too fucking right I want it in my arse fella! Get it in my cunthole right now, shove it in hard!! He rubbed his big pre cum wet bell end on my hole then shoved it in! I gasped & gripped his thighs firmly as I took the first half in me, luckily his cock was quite pliable and it slipped 11 inches into my gut like a snake moving inside me! My nipples are wired to my cunthole & I started playing with them as he started slowly fucking me, the waves of pleasure flowing deep inside me soon turned into waves of ecstasy & I was growling & howling as he fucked me! This lad really know how to fuck! Pulling out so his big bell end worked my p spot then plunging back in balls deep over & over! He fucked me to a massive anal orgasm in no time, howling loudly as my legs trembled. He started to switch between slow deep fucking and hard fast deep fucking bringing me back up to orgasm multiple times before he too his orgasm & filled me with his big load. He kept his hard cock inside me as we kissed and 5 minutes later he was ready to carry on fucking me & breed me again. He made my whole body tremble when he made me orgasm again & made me shoot my load all over his abs! He bred his thick loads deep inside me, I can feel them moving in me. They’re so deep nothing has managed to leak out of me yet!
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    Well since I was away, I've had many loads exchanged, but my favorite by far is a bookstore fuck last week. A fella I've eyed many times in the place, but never had any luck with as he seems to be afraid to do anything, showed up in the backroom and I quickly figured out he'd been drinking. He's about 25, skinny as fuck, but with a bushy black beard and long hair. Well, I just kept eyeing him until he noticed, then nodded at him. He walked over and started some small talk, which I reciprocated. Finally, after he started to ramble about the weather, I just grabbed his waist and pulled him in to me. He didn't fight me one bit, so I went in for a kiss and was happy as fuck when he let my tongue probe his mouth. Lots of groping, more kissing, then he asked me if I wanted to go out to his van for some privacy. Fuck yeah!! We went outside and quickly got into the van, and I was happy to see it was windowless and mostly empty cept for a few tools and some drop cloths. I'm skipping a bunch of details, but it moved to me bringing on the daddy talk, and that lad let me fuck him raw twice before we called it a night. My nut shot out so hard it almost hurt me...lol. I even decided to be nice and sucked his cock before I left. A beautiful 8" uncut cock and a huge fucking load. I was fingering his hole roughly as I sucked, making sure my poz loads got mixed in his ass good. I'm hoping he shows up drunk more often😀
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    Part 5; Sir withdrew his Dick. The Dick that just took my virginity! My ass felt sore, and wet. - TURN around, and KNEEL before me, pig. I did as I was told. I couldn't see his strong hairy legs. Nor his toxic Dick that just had me, and I was longing to see it. His cloak covered him entirely, neck down. - Is this what you are looking for, pig? He pulled back his cloak to reveal his huge hairy pecs, a set of 8 pack abs, AND ... His bloodied Dick that was still fully erect, pointing straight upwards, sporting a SPIKED PA at the end. That is what that sharp thing is that I was feeling. His PA was tinted wet red, which also trickled down his shaft. He moved sideways then turned so he was stood sideways to me, and in front of me walked the guy who arrived a short while ago who had said earlier; 'Virgin? Not by the end of the night he won't be.' He was a tall, broad, yet very slim skinhead, who was sporting 26 hole Black Grinders with red laces, bleachers, and red rubber braces. He had a septum piercing and a huge bio-hazard tattoo below his chest. I couldn't believe it, two toxic Dicks in front of me, my virginity in tatters, quite literally, and I wasn't with my boyfriend. The skinhead started to laugh arrogantly, then spat in my face multiple times. His Dick was already hanging out of his top buttoned up bleachers. It was short, yet very thick, and it looked to be semi erect. - Oh fucking hell, what do we have here hey. A virgin faggot boy craving highly charged toxic seed. You should not be denied that privilege. Now open that mouth wide, that's it, keep it wide open ... He put his Dick in my mouth. - Now close your lips over my shaft, and don't move a single muscle. You are now gonna make me HARD, faggot. He put his hands against the lockers, and slowly slid his Dick in, and out, in and out. I stayed completely still, as instructed. It did not take long for his Dick to grow. He was very thick. Now I have sucked a lot of Dick in my time, but this was really stretching my jaw. He went in to my mouth balls deep, and very slightly rocked his hips so his shaft stayed in place, which I could feel getting longer and now was beginning to touch the back of my throat. I started to gag, then choke, OK, now I was really choking. He pulled out, with my drool spilling all down my chest. He spat in my face again, slapping it hard ... - Want to play with the big p☢️z boys do you eh, faggot. I am so gonna pound that filthy throat of yours. He slapped both sides of my face hard, shoved his thick and fully grown Dick in my mouth, grabbed behind my head, and started to pound at me like he had just trod in some dirt. No sooner had he got going, Sir piped up ... - Hey, stop. We need to move along. Staying in the same spot for too long is not a good idea with that stupid boyfriend of his on the loose. I want you to join us too. I think you could become very useful. - Fuck yeah, sure. This little faggot could well be a lot of fun, for a little while, at least. - Pig, I want you to get up, get behind Sir, put your arms around his torso, bow your head so it is halfway down Sir's back. And you, keep very close behind me and the pig. Sir opened up his locker, threw in his Muir, and took out a Gas Mask. He put it on, locked up, and off we went, with me now totally naked, stripped of my rubber outfit, wearing nothing but what Sir was now making me wear; The knee length red socks, and elbow length rubber gloves. After a short walk we got to where I was being led to. It was one of the sling areas next to the piss pool, where my boyfriend, now ex Master showed me a little earlier, pointing out where he was going to infect me. My virginity had been taken, but,it wasn't too late to infect me with HIS strain. But, he'd need to find me very quickly, and time was running out! Sir told me to stand up straight. He turned around to face me, and we were both now sideways to an empty sling. Fuck, he looked h🔥T in his cloak and Gas Mask. I really felt like I was being dragged to some Dark force. A force that I could not resist. Time to prepare you for our Master, who eagerly awaits your arrival! ☠️🐐 He motioned his head towards the sling; - Get in, pig. As I perched my ass on the edge of the sling I suddenly began to feel super relaxed, and becoming detached from my surroundings, and myself. The Ketamine was kicking in, and there did not seem to be a single thing now standing in the way of the inevitable.
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    Part 2 I left my cock in Matty until it went soft, as my brain processed what had just transpired. My son, my pride and joy, was truly a cum hungry slut. And I loved it. I finally pulled out, and Matty immediately rolled over and started cleaning off my slimy dick without being told to. As he sucked the cum and ass juice off my cock, paying extra attention to the foreskin, he looked up at me with those beautiful blue eyes and said, "a cumdump always cleans up after." "Someone's taught you well, boy" I replied. "Yes, Sir," he answered as he licked my balls clean. Grabbing a handful of his curly hair, I forced him back on to my cock, holding his face tight against my pubes, watching my precious boy as his tongue and mouth did their work on my crotch. I started getting hard again. I pushed him off me, onto his back, and he responded by grabbing his ankles, spreading his legs apart, displaying his hungry, pink hole, glistening in the soft light. I looked down at him, noticing that his crotch was shaved, with just a hint of pubes left. "Do you shave your ass too, boy?" "Yes Sir. Most men prefer it that way," he replied, flashing his big, white smile. I marveled at his beauty. An hour ago, he was just my straight, hot jock son. Now here he was a submissive, cock hungry slut, spreading his legs open for more of his Dad's cock in him. I didn't make him wait as I lined up my cock head to his waiting hole. "Look at me boy," I demanded. "Look me in the eyes and tell me what you want son." Without hesitation or shame he answered "I want your cock in my ass, Dad. I want you to fuck me, use me, cum in me. I'm just a cumdump. I need your cum filling me. I need other men to use me as a cumdump. I am a slut, Dad. Use me however you want. Tie me up, abuse me, let other men abuse me, whatever you want. The rougher the better. I'll be your little fuck slave, Daddy." With that I slammed my cock balls-deep into my son. His eyes rolled back into his head as he moaned "Oh, fuck yeah. Fuck me, Dad, fuck me." And fuck him I did. I grabbed his furry thighs and pounded him as hard as I could, knowing this fuck would last a while. Matty just moaned and grunted. I filled my mouth with saliva and grabbed his bottom teeth, opening his mouth wide. I let a long string of spit fall into his mouth, filling it up. As I pushed his mouth closed and he swallowed, I finished by spitting twice on his face, right on his nose so it ran down his cheeks. He just smiled, loving it. I slowed down my fucking, cause I wanted to find out more about his sexual history. "How long have you been getting fucked, bitch? Tell me about it." "Since I was 18, Sir," he answered as I grabbed his balls, pulling them. "I went on hookup sites. It's really easy to find guys wanting to use a high school boy." "Older guys? What was the first man that fucked you like?" I asked. "Yeah, lots of older guys. The guy who took my cherry was probably 40. I told you I was spending the night at Jimmy's, but I went to this guy's house. He fucked me three times that night. He was the first to teach me what a cumdump I was." My cock throbbed as he talked. "The next hookup was a couple in their 50's. They were the first to tie me up, put me in a sling and fuck me all night. They introduced me to poppers. After that, I became a certified cockhound. I'd look for cock anywhere. Sometimes at a park, or a bookstore. I like the sleaziness of the hook-ups." I pounded my boy harder as I pictured him whoring himself out to total strangers. "What's the oldest guy to fuck you?" I asked. "He was in his 80's. He came over to our house and fucked me while you and Mom were asleep upstairs." I gave my son a hard slap on the face when he said that. "Thank you, Sir," he replied, adding "I've had lots of guys over that you didn't know about. They'd get really turned on fucking a high school guy in his own bed." I continued pounding Matty harder as I realized just how slutty he was, so I asked "Have you been gangbanged slut? How many men?" "Yes Sir, a few times. The most was one session with six Army guys. They blindfolded me and used me all night. They even double fucked me. I probably took ten or eleven loads that night." My head spun at the thought of my son being gangbanged, taking cock after cock after cock. I most definitely needed to set up a gangbang for him. And I'll make sure to have a minimum of ten guys lined-up to use my son. Hearing him tell me his nasty exploits had me on the verge of cumming again, but I had one more question before I came: "So," I asked, looking deep into his eyes. "How many men do you think have fucked you? How many men have pumped their cum into my son's slutty fuckhole?" "Maybe about 150?" 'Oh fuck,' I thought - 150 different men. And he wasn't even 20. "Stroke your cock slut." I ordered. "I wanna see you cum, you nasty fucking whore! Taking 150 different cocks? You really are a worthless little cumdump. Well, Daddy's taking over now, cunt! I'm going to make sure you take EVERY available cock we can find. I'll find disgusting old, fat men and make you grovel for their cum. I'll take you to truck stops and let nasty, dirty truckers fuck your hot, slutty, jock cumhole! You'll get so used, I'll be able to ram my fist in you with no problem!" As I told Matty about his future, he just groaned and opened his mouth, shooting several big shots of cum, landing in his mouth, hair, and all over his face and chest. I shot my own load into him as his ass muscles milked my cock with every squirt he made. fter we both got our breath back, I pulled out and Matty cleaned me off, he started to wipe his own cum up. "No," I said, "leave it." Giving me a smile, Matty reached into his backpack and pulled out a good sized buttplug. Without a word, he lay back, spread his whore legs apart and handed me the plug, gesturing to his leaking hole. I rammed it in hard. Matty threw his head back and hissed as it popped past his anal ring. I lay down, pulled him into me, kissing deeply and passionately as ground the plug into his cunt. We made out for a bit before we called it a night.
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    After visiting EDC Las Vegas and searching for a big dick I finally found one on Grindr! We set up a time and I got ready as I finished cleaning out I hear the door open a sexy black guy walked in and yanked his pants down! As his boxers come down I seen a nice 7-8” BBC shaved smooth and cut and crazy thick! He laid back and I crawled up and started sucking! As I worked the tip he grabbed the base and drug up! A glob of precum hit my tongue and I heard him moan! After sucking and working on that dick I was told to bend over as I did he tongue went up my hole! After a while I felt his dick rub my hole, and he slid in! I felt my self stretch to new limits and it was so hot! He said he didn’t have long so he went to work on my ass! I could feel him getting harder and harder and he said he was gonna cum inside! I felt the slosh in my guts and felt his balls suck up! I laid and took it all! He slowly pulled and told me be ready! I squatted on the floor and pushed! My mind was blown! I seen thick cum puddle below my hole! When I thought it was done more would fall out! After a few mins I noticed a pool of nut bigger than a plate! It was crazy thick and omg hot! He told me if I was a girl I would be pregnant right now! The best part is I am still dripping and so full
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    I know you'll get this when you land., Honest truth.. , I really want to deeply worship your hot hungry sweet hole for hours. I need to worship your sexy bum, been lusting for it all this fucking time, though I was sidetracked by your big ol daddy dick I want you, needing me, in you. I want to coax your hole and slide my hard thick raw cock deep into you I want to be deep in you so bad, I breathe, I pause, you breathe in and connect us I want to worship you as you deserve to be You are muscle primed, my swimmer, smooth and sleek, your spirit steady, proud and gravel rough... The depth of deviance from living 65 years in men, raw. I am so fuckin hard just thinking of your smooth hot pink hole grasping my thick brown foreskin My cockhead taut and redder, even more so now in contact with your heat, sliding deep into that sweet creamy smooth ass You wanting and needing me in there, taking me deeper into you... I need to seed you,
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    Josef laughed as he walked up to Louis and pushed a plug into his ass, saying “Let’s talk.” The two walked over to the rack and after some discussion, Louis had a black harness and the chaps he had worn in a bag. It was getting late and all of us left Josef to lock up his store. Louis headed back to the train and I wasn’t sure that his ride home was going to be any less adventurous as the last one. Wednesday I sent a message asking him if he wanted to meet over at Chaps and he replied that he was busy. I wondered if he was hooking up with the girl from the bar, but it didn’t matter. I ended up finding a college twink that kept calling me ‘daddy’. It kind of bugged me since I didn’t think I was that old, but he was a good cocksucker and great fuck. The weather looked good for the weekend, so on Thursday I sent off a message to see if Louis was up for a ride. Late in the evening I got a reply back “Sat-no,Sun-yes.” I figured that his life had gotten busy or maybe he had found someone for a more traditional relationship. I ended up working on Saturday anyway, so things kind of worked out. After work on Saturday I was sipping a beer on the couch and grabbed my phone and sent off a message - “Hey, I’m the guy from the park a few weeks ago. Going to be out ur way tomorrow if you want to meet up.” I figured it was a long shot but it didn’t hurt to ask. An hour later I got a message back “fuck yeah. when?” A few messages back and forth and things were set. I met up with Louis at our usual time and spot. We headed out to the more scenic areas and stopped for lunch. I could tell that Louis wanted to say something but he kept quiet most of the time while we ate our lunch. “Ryan, I’m kind of confused about something. Why do gay guys assume I’m a bottom?” Louis finally asked when no one was around. I was kind of surprised at the question since I didn’t think he was. Maybe it was because of the way I lured him into having sex with me that first time. “Well, Louis, you give off that vibe sometimes. Maybe its from you being too nice or not aggressive enough. Why do you ask? Is it about the fuck in the store last week?” I replied. “Yeah, that and a guy I hooked up with last week. I was looking forward to fucking him and the next thing I knew I was on my knees sucking him and then on my back with my legs over his shoulders. When I tried to flip him he told me to not even think about it and I was his bottom boy” Louis explained. “That sucks. Where did you meet him?” I asked. “He’s the guy that gave me his number on the train a week or two ago” replied Louis. “Ah, didn’t he finger you and taste the cum in your ass? His expectation was that you bottom from that, so unless you told him up front that you wanted to fuck him then all he was planning to do was fuck you. You need to talk first unless you don’t care whether you top or bottom” I said as some guy sat down at the next table. Louis blushed a bit hoping that the guy didn’t hear any of the conversation and said “Ok, thanks.” I looked at my phone and realized that we had better get going, so I picked up the stuff from the table and dumped it in the trash. It was a spirited ride to get out by the park but Louis was hanging close. I wished I had a camera looking at Louis’ face as we zipped past the park. I bet he was hoping I would turn in. Instead, I went past it and around the bend before slowing and turning down a dirt road. The blue bag was tied to the gate like I was told and I followed the road back slowly. As we got to the river, there was a pickup truck parked in a small clearing, so I pulled up and parked next to it. “Why are we stopping here?” asked Louis. Moments later, Ben walked out from behind the pickup wearing just a pair of cargo shorts and a huge smile.
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    bbrt. his ad said Positive Only but after a chat seemed more than happy to get a neg hole. He said he was 60 but I think older and possibly high on something. He was smaller than me but Dom, an old school Leatherman. I stripped & as soon as I saw his hard, POZ cock- as always hypnotized. I was nervous, I’ll admit. Talking about POZ loads and the reality can be different but by the time he was putting in his final strokes, I was begging, Poz me, Dad and he was roaring I was being POZZED. I got really shy after but he gave me his number & said he had many POZ buds who craved neg hole to knock up. Mixed feelings as always but I’ll be back
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    So I've been watching some popper hypno vids about being a cock-worshipping cumslut and it's working. Went to the local ABS on Sunday (after church of course) and just took whatever came my way. The best was this 30-something rough trade bear. He comes in and I start sucking. Nice fat uncut dick. I stood and turned around offering my ass. He hesitated for a minute so I grabbed his fat bone, pointed it at my spit lubed hole and backed up on it. A few strokes and my hole opened. He moaned "Oh yea, that feels so good." He started pumping and I was hitting the poppers. He asked, "You want me to pull out to cum?" What a question! Of course not. He didn't get an answer before he moaned real loud and plugged me deep. He unloaded in my hole and I was the happiest pig in the world. I had always had a little reservation about taking a load from a stranger but no more. He left the booth and I got two more dicks. Oink oink. So much fun.
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    Back in the late 90’s, when I was in my early 20’s I went on holiday with 3 str8 mates to Orlando, I wasn’t very experienced & only recently out to my mates. When we arrived from the UK & got to our hotel in Kissimmee I noticed a lot of very hot guys all in red t-shirts. I discovered on the hotel tv notices an ad about Disney Gay Days, I suddenly realised I was in a hotel full of hot gay men & my hungry arse & balls stared aching so badly I had to quickly rub a load out in the toilet to kill my sudden raging boner! It had been a long day traveling & we all ended up going to bed early after having some dinner, was about 8/9pm. I drew the short straw & got the foldout bed that was by the door leading to the room next door. I woke around 1am & instant heard the unmistakable noises of men in the next room having sex, I then released I could hear 3 or four different voices. I was instantly rock hard & my arse was twitching like crazy. After 20 minutes of listening I decided I needed to try & see what was going on. With just my t shirt on & my rock hard throbbing 9” cock in my hand I crept out onto our balcony. It was only a few inches gab between our room windows so I didn’t have to lean in too far to see! What a sight!! A huge muscular black guy was fucking a muscular asian guy from behind, there was a hairy muscular cub guy on the bed being sucked off by the asian guy! My cock was twitching & dripping pre cum. Suddenly from the shadow of the other end of the balcony another hairy muscular cub guy appeared & startled me. I was about to run back into my room when he said “Hey stud it’s ok” & told me to climb over & join him which I did, when the black top stopped fucking he took me in & introduced me to the other guys who wanted me to join in. The door to the next room along was open & they said I could use the facilities if I wanted to prep my hole for getting fucked. I was gagging to get my cock in the muscular Malaysian guy’s juicy hole & the 6’3” tall black muscular top couldn’t wait to get working on my arse when I said I’d never been with a black guy but had always wanted too. I deep rimmed the asian guys arse & soon after the black top started deep rimming me, deep fucking my hole with his big tongue. As much as I wanted to fuck the asian guy I wanted the black top more & started grinding black on his big fingers that he’d now pushed up my hole to open me up. He got me on my back & carried on fingering me as he kissed me! He then offered me something that would get me on the level & make my hole relax even more. I stroked his huge 9.5” cut dick & begged him to fuck me. This was going to be my first black cock & my first bareback! He took his time working it in my tight hole, everytime I thought he’d split me open my hole would open up a little more till he was all in me. He started slow but built up speed quite fast, he kept saying my tight pussy felt so good he wasn’t gunna last long, he plowed me for a good 10 minutes before he blew his load in me! Feeling his big dick pumping in me was so good & the warm feeling of his cum leaking out when he pulled out was so hot. As i lay recovering the Malaysian guy sat on my face & I ate his cum sloppy pussy till my need to breed him got so strong I got him on his back & plowed me big cock in him ball deep, I only lasted a few minutes before dumping my thick load in him. I moved to the next bed with the hairy cubs while the black bull top got fucking the Malaysian guy. We started some 3way oral pleasure the guy from the balcony was the taller of the 2, dark blonde with a very hairy arse, the hairiest I’d ever see & It really turned me on, the other guy was also very hairy but his arse wasn’t as hairy, he was dark almost Mediterranean complexion. I enjoyed deep rimming blonde guys hairy arse, the hairy in his crack sticking to my face as I ate his cunthole! I got on my back & he started to ride my cock, his bf got behind him & slid his cock in with mine. It felt amazing and after a good while fucking the bf shot his load inside, feeling his cock pumping against mine was so hot I shot my load too!! Both of us cumming inside him made the blonde guy shoot a big hands free load all over my belly! We carried on the fun, getting bred one more time my the black guy before the sun came up & I decided I should get back before my mates realised I was gone. Over the remaining week they were there I had 4 1on1 sessions with the black top who introduced me to multiple anal orgasms & joined in with 3 group sessions which culminated in a 10 guy group fuck in a room a few floors above. I returned home from that trip a fully fledged bb whore! 😜🍆💦💦💦💦
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    Part 7; Sir stood about 1 metre away from and with his back to our sling - Hey. I literally left the dance-floor for no more than 5 minutes. I came back, BOTH of you were gone. What the HELL happened? - Oh, I assumed you two became reunited. Several seconds after you left for your piss, he followed you. And that is why I got here 20 minutes ago, at 1.55am, ready for your show where you were going to take your boyfriend's virginity, and knock him up. - Well, I haven't seen him since I left him with you. - Oh, neither have I. - You haven't seen him that entire time? - No. Well, I plan to stay in this area until at least 3.15am. Why don't you come back in 1 hour. If he passes by during that time, I shall keep him here and keep him out of trouble, until you come back. - You'll be in this same spot? - Possibly. If not I most likely will be in the piss pool area opposite. Just over there. - Thanks you for your help. I'll be back here in 1 hour then. - See ya. There seemed to be quite a pause where I couldn't hear any voices I was familiar with, and I wasn't being touched either. All I could sense was muffled voices in the background, and tribal sounds being played out over the speaker system. Then, after a while I felt the cloak slowly uncovering me. BUT, when it got to my neck, it stopped, so my face remained covered. I didn't feel anything enter me, but I immediately felt the hot poker sensation sliding right through my cunt all the way to what again felt like my stomach, and that burning. My cunt was burning that little bit more again than the last time. And so was I. I started to feel really hot and sweaty with a pair of large hands rubbing over my wet torso. I knew they were Sir's, and I knew he was inside me again. Only this time it didn't feel like a mere fuck. It felt like a ritual, and I was about to get well and truly stung. (IF I truly wanted it, that is). Sir started to speak once again. His voice still distorted, but now it was much deeper again. I don't know how I was doing it, but, I was just managing to decipher what he was saying. - Well, your boyfriend was just way too easy. I cannot wait to see his face when he realizes that it won't be his DNA that will be controlling you. Fuck yeah. You ready for your first ever load sprayed in your cunt, pig? - Yes Sir - It's highly toxic! You do realize if I cum inside you, you will have no choice but to come with me to meet your new Master tonight to transfer from the mutated strain I am about to give to you, to the original virulent strain in it's most potent pure form. A lot will be expected of you before you would receive his ultimate DNA. If you truly accept your chosen fate, you will now say clearly, 'Hail Master. I accept you completely, and without question. Take me now', OR, you can say, 'No. I walk away'. I was actually being given a choice here. Or was I? Maybe it wasn't too late. I could not accept, and become infected by my boyfriend as originally planned all along. I was conflicted! I knew that to make the correct choice, I had to be true to myself! The only image I had in my head now, was that of my lovely boyfriend. And all I could feel physically was my cunt being filled with dirty, dark and demonic filth, and that left me feeling fulfilled and truly satisfied. - Take my cloak away from his face, and remove the hanker-chief you put in his mouth. Suddenly I could see again. I looked up at Sir, and once again, he looked like an angry Demon. I must be full on hallucinating. Surely!? His face was a glowing fireball red 👺, and the Scorpions on his pecs seemed like they were dancing. Also, I could see that either side of me were several Dicks masturbating over me. But they looked like the Dicks of Monsters. They looked ugly. BUT, I wanted to feel their hot seed soak me all over. I guess I had my answer. - Hail Master. I accept you completely, and without question. Take me now ☠️🐐 With my obedient declaration Sir stopped fucking me. He pulled out, and just stared down at me. The Men either side of me continued stroking their Dicks. I knew what Sir was about to do. He was going to fill me with his dirty toxic seed, and that is all it took for me to start shooting my own load as I lay there restrained. The most intense orgasm of my life and no one was touching me, not even myself. I would usually cum in a moderate amount, but now, I was erupting buckets; All over my chin, chest, and belly. I was squirting such an insane amount of cum that it was running down the sides of my torso. And, it went on and on. My body suddenly went limp, and I passed out. The next thing my brain was perceiving, is Sir was scooping up my neg load and FFisting it into my cunt, and using the remainder to lube up his bloodied shaft. Instead of holding onto the sling chains he this time grabbed the sides of my torso with what were now ICE COLD hands, and he slammed back into my cunt, fucking me with a deep rooted aggression. He still looked like a Demon, and his eyes had glazed over and were now black, and empty. Was I dreaming? Had I regained consciousness? Everything had now become blurred. Out of the blue he began to speak a language that did not sound as though it was from this world. He began to talk faster and faster, and as he did, his hate fucking would also increase in it's severity. THEN, everything abruptly stopped. The strange talking. The hate fucking. Sir was completely still, and expressionless with his dead black eyes. Shortly after everything ground to a halt, Sir began grunting rhythmically, each grunt several seconds apart. He was cumming, and my cunt felt like it was being loaded with cooling molten lava with each and every grunt, and it now felt like it was almost on fire. With each ejaculating grunt the Scorpions on his pecs would flick their tails and squirt their venom high into the air. 🦂🦂 As I watched their poison rain down on me, the several guys either side of the sling almost in unison commenced ejaculating all over me, with each splash of cum that was drenching me, making my skin feeling very hot. The next time I was properly aware, I was lying on my back in the piss pool in about an inch in depth at least, of warm piss. There were others like me with men stood over them, using them as nothing more than a human urinal. And then my boyfriend's voice suddenly appeared. but I couldn't see him with the crowd. - Darling, where have you been all this time? I have been worried about you.
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    Part 34 - Tropical Heat Josh hugged and kissed Maddy and David as Bobby and he were about to leave for Barbados, Bobby was a real hit with the Davenport's so much so that he was treated as one of the family. Maddy had grown incredibly fond of Josh over the last few days and loved talking and shopping with him whilst Bobby and David would drum up business for their new company which was a real departure from the businesses David already had. On their last shopping trip the previous day it turned out to be unusual as Maddy was buying clothes for Josh rather than just window shopping, drinking coffee or having lunch. Josh protested but Maddy would have none of it explaining he needed some clothes for his trip as it would be hot. Josh gave up protesting and went with the flow, but much like Ben he couldn't see the point of buying expensive clothes and suggested they went to Target. Maddy had agreed and the limo looked out of place in the parking lot, they spent most of the half an hour in there laughing as Josh kept holding up dresses for Maddy to try on at one point Josh fell on the floor in hysterics after she told him the dress would make her look like a cheap prostitute. It caused a couple of the security guards to approach them in the aisle bringing Josh back to his senses and apologising for making so much noise. They both laughed their way out of the store in to the limo where she told the driver to take them to Rodeo. "Have a good trip guys and if you need anything you only have to call" David said as Bobby got in the limo. Maddy hugged Josh one last time "Going to take you proper shopping when you get back". Josh laughed "Oooh Walmart" he joked getting in to the limo. Maddy went to close the door "Over my dead body Josh". David and Maddy waved them off as the limo pulled away and down the drive "Take him shopping?" David asked her. Maddy laughed "Yes, I like Josh a lot and he is better to go out with than the housewives of Beverly Hills". David shook his head "I know what a shopping trip means, maybe Bobby and I will come with you" he said kissing her. "Sounds like a good idea" Maddy replied pinching his ass. The engines throttled in to reverse thrust slowing the aircraft down on the runway at Barbados airport finally turning off and heading along the taxi way to the terminal building. Josh was excited but could only see the lights marking the route, the blast of the warm tropical air filled the cabin as the doors opened. Once through the building they were met by the Salinger limo driver and were on their way Josh turned his phone on and saw a text come through from Mark opening it he read it aloud to Bobby 'You are staying with us as we have a 2 bed suite, have arranged it with the hotel managers, can't wait to see you both'. Bobby smiled watching Josh and leaned back in the seat taking Josh's hand in his, all the excitement and travelling had done Josh in and he quickly dozed off resting his head against Bobby's shoulder. The limo pulled up to the Orchid Wind entrance where Mark and Ben stood with Daniel waiting for their arrival. Bobby ran over to say hello to Mark and Ben hugging and kissing before going to back to get Josh out of the limo. "He fell asleep to much excitement and I think your mother wore him out" Bobby looked back laughing. Mark looked at Ben "My mother?" Mark asked looking surprised. Bobby pulled Josh out "Yeah she's been taking him shopping and lunching every day since you left". Mark chuckled "She has found a new friend then". Josh sleepily walked over "Hi" he said hugging and kissing them both. Ben was giggling "Wake up Josh, this is Daniel..." he started saying. Josh hugged and kissed Daniel before realising "Oh sorry I didn't mean... wow your sexy!" he blurted out "Josh how inappropriate" Ben said chastising him whilst Bobby and Mark laughed behind them. Daniel smiled "How cute you are Josh" he said winking at him. Daniel looked at Bobby "And Bobby nice to meet you" he said with a disarming smile. Daniel was quite taken back by Bobby and his dazzling looks, he contained himself enough to escort them through to the suite and handing them their keys. Josh was dozing on the terrace sofa whilst Mark, Ben and Bobby sat chatting, finally rested enough Josh was feeling hot in the warm air and stripped off then jumped in to the pool to cool down. Ben stripped off the clothes he had on which wasn't much and jumped in after Josh. "Feeling better now?" he said wading towards him. Josh nodded "The journey was tiring and I think all the shopping I did with Maddy knackered me out" he said smiling. Ben put his arms around Josh and kissed him "How are things, you know?" he asked quietly. Josh held on to Ben "Really good, I mean what is there not to like he is sex on legs" he giggled. Mark stood up and went inside and returned with Daniel who had knocked on the door "Not intruding am I?" he asked. "Not at all" Mark replied laughing seeing the look on Daniel's face at Ben and Josh in the pool kissing. Daniel looked at Mark "Is this normal?" he asked sounding alarmed. Bobby laughed putting his arm around Mark "Shocked me at first but it is just how they are". "But kissing like that, don't you get worried?" Daniel asked looking at them both. Mark shook his head "No, we are all very close and secure with each other" he said. Daniel looked back at the pool "So... I mean do you all have sex?" he asked looking a little embarrassed. "No, oral sex is okay but intimate sex only with your partner" Mark said patting Daniel's shoulder. "Oh right, I have just never seen anything like this, apart from an orgy" Daniel laughed nervously. Mark smiled "Danny you need to make sure you draw a line with them so they know not to cross it" he said making sure Daniel understood. Daniel nodded "I see" he replied looking at his phone which pinged signifying a message. "Sorry I need to leave as Steve and Callum have arrived" Daniel said excusing himself but turning back to take one last look at Josh and Ben. "Where are you going Danny?" Ben called from the pool still wrapped around Josh. Daniel turned "Our friends have arrived" he replied. "You coming back?" Ben asked letting go of Josh and wandering over to the side of the pool. Daniel smiled "I will see" he turned to Bobby and Mark "I will send you some coffee and sandwiches". "Thanks Daniel" Bobby said walking over to the pool. Mark walked Daniel to the door "So I guess your friends are not like this?". Daniel shook his head "No, there was a lot of flirting when I first met them" he replied. Mark smiled "Just like Ben and you when you first met" he suggested chuckling. Daniel threw his head back laughing hard "Was it that obvious, I just don't know what came over me". Steve and Callum were tired as there flight had been delayed by 4 hours due to snowfall at the airport they had a quick catch up before retiring to bed in the second bedroom of Daniel and Jordan's suite. Jordan went off to get the sandwiches whilst Daniel went back to next door. Ethan laid in Angelo's arms on the sofa cuddling up and laughing at Angelo's conversation with Tony on the phone, all he could get from it was if Tony could get the 4 days off work over new year and Angelo telling Tony that it was settled and not to argue any more. Angelo made a call to Maddy and was excited to tell her that it was all sorted their end but he had to have the meeting with Raffa in the morning before they could leave. Ethan stroked the supple muscles in Angelo's arm whilst his hand caressed Ethan's chest as he ended the phone call, Ethan looked up at him who smiled and kissed him. "You need to pack we are going away for 3 days tomorrow for new year" He said pushing Ethan forward. Ethan stood up "Where are we going?" he asked as Angelo stood and picked him up hugging him. "To see Mark and Ben but it is a surprise, Adam and Tony are coming as well as Mark's parents" He said. Ethan kissed Angelo several times "Barbados eh". Ethan turned and sat on his lap facing him as his hands traced up and down Angelo's arms, slipping up the t-shirt and feeling those firm pecs and also a definite firming under his ass. Angelo rested his head back smiling as Ethan leaned forward tenderly he kissed Angelo's neck and worked his way around and under his chin nibbling as he moved up until his mouth was greeted by Angelo's. Ethan was partly reminded that this was reminiscent to how they started where Angelo was in charge and lead him to his first gay experience. But this time Ethan was determined to take control and set the pace but he couldn't resist and his ass was already grinding down hard on Angelo's now rock hard cock, he felt those muscled arms circling around his torso as they hands made their into his underwear and cupped hit ass cheeks, using the movement in his wrists to force Ethan's underwear further down exposing his ass. Ethan sank his tongue into Angelo's mouth his hands resting on top of Angelo's head as he kissed him continuously, the hands cupping his ass began to pull his cheeks apart. Ethan kissed him harder then lifted his head up as he wanted to control their love making but he was loosing self control and just wanted to feel the full force of Angelo, it had been a while since they had hard dominate sex when Angelo liked to show Ethan his place as he was owned and belonged to him. Angelo pushed Ethan off his lap as he stood up and turned Ethan over so he was kneeling on the edge with his head over the back of the sofa. Ethan had no time to react as he felt the pain as Angelo bit his ass playfully sliding his underwear down so his ass was now exposed as the hands wondered around his cheeks. Angelo bent over and nipped the other cheek as Ethan moaned and laughed, suddenly he let out a loud gasp and cry of delight as Angelo's tongue trailed up across his hole followed, again he felt the warmth from Angelo's tongue lick deeper across his hole. Ethan began begging for Angelo to own him 'God Angelo take me I need you to take me' he rasped in a deep erotic voice as Angelo dived in deeper with his tongue sending quivers down Ethan's legs. Ethan felt another deep forceful lick up across his hole which continued along his lower back moving up towards his shoulders. Ethan threw his head forward and moaned loudly his ass parted seamlessly as Angelo's cock opened him up and he slipped a couple of inches in before he stood up right grabbing Ethan's hips tight he made small thrusting gestures 'fuck me Angelo please' Ethan cried from behind the sofa, it was all Angelo wanted to hear as he gripped hold harder on to Ethan and plunged the rest of his shaft hard and deep in to his property. Natural instinct took over as Ethan tried to pull away and arch his back but the hands held on tight keeping him in place as Angelo began to fuck harder and harder. Angelo knew Ethan's limits and held back from releasing the true brutality that he could, instead he kept his cock deep inside but at the same time he jack hammered Ethan hard. Ethan powerless to escape was pounding his hands on the back of the sofa and whipping his head from side to side 'who owns you' Angelo called then slapping Ethan's ass as he continued fucking him 'You do, aahhh, Angelo owns me I belong to you' Ethan turned his head to look at Angelo smiling at him but concentrating on the job in hand 'dam right I own you'. His ass was beginning to feel sore this was not far off the abuse he got the night he pushed Angelo away, but he loved Angelo and loved the feeling of being his. Angelo gave a pre orgasm moan from deep in his chest indicating that his seed was on the move, Ethan was pushing his ass back wanting more of Angelo 'yeah what does my boy want' Angelo asked slapping Ethan's ass slightly harder this time, 'breeding, I need your seed, show me you own me' he managed to get the words out as Angelo's thrusting had sped up and was now rapidly fucking Ethan and his cock was swelling getting ready to fire. Angelo collapsed forward on to Ethan his arms wrapping around Ethan holding him purposefully deep on to his cock as his hip jabbed forward hard locking his cock deep inside Ethan 'fuck yeah baby' he kissed Ethan's neck through his own body shuddering as began releasing his seed in to his lover. Ethan moaned and yelped several times feeling the cock pushing it's way deeper inside his body. Angelo panted heavily and his hips continued thrusting up and grinding against Ethan's ass, his arms still locked tightly around Ethan holding him close 'dirty slut' Angelo said as felt the splatting of Ethan's orgasm coating his arms. His orgasm was so strong his ass kept backing up on to Angelo's cock 'oh my god ahhh, ahhh' he moaned continuously as if he was never going to come down from sexual pleasure. Angelo held on to him until he felt Ethan's body relaxing 'wow Ethan that was awesome' Angelo said kissing his neck, Ethan turned his head and kissed Angelo 'you don't need to tell me' he laughed. Angelo pulled Ethan on top of him as ha laid on the sofa with Ethan still firmly in his arms and on his cock. "Eldred will be here shortly" Daniel said sitting down with Mark and Bobby. "Oh my god I don't believe it" Bobby said turning his head seeing Jordan behind Eldred carrying sandwiches. Daniel turned and smiled "That is my partner Jordan". "Holy crap Daniel" Bobby said looking at him "That is Jordan Levine". Daniel nodded "Ah you know him from his acting days?" he asked. Bobby nodded "Well I interviewed him over a year ago and err...". Jordan placed the sandwiches down "Here you go... Oh, you look familiar" he said looking at Bobby. "Yes I interviewed you for Out magazine about 18 months ago" Bobby said jogging Jordan's memory. Jordan sat down "Oh yes, it was more than interviewed" he said smiling "I nearly left my boyfriend afterwards". Bobby looked a little embarrassed "I guess your not with him anymore?" he asked. Jordan nodded "He died at Thanksgiving" he was looking at Bobby intently "Bel Air Hilton" he said. Bobby nodded "Yes, but I am sorry I didn't know he had passed away" Bobby replied looking shocked. "It was a car accident" Daniel said holding Jordan's hand. Bobby was quick enough to put the pieces together and looked at Daniel "Oh Santa Monica?" Jordan nodded "Yes that one" he said confirming Bobby's suspicion. "You did say off the record that he was slightly unhinged and dangerous" Bobby said looking at Jordan. Daniel shook his head "Unhinged is not a word I would have associated him with" he replied. Daniel and Mark were looking at them both "So what went on here?" Daniel asked. Jordan looked at Daniel "We ended up in bed together but it was long before we met" he said hoping Daniel would not take it the wrong way. Daniel laughed "Good isn't he" he said looking at Bobby. Unsure what to say he nodded "Oh yes, but I don't think we even made it to the bed" Bobby replied. Jordan laughed "Well I had to make sure I got a good write up". "And did you?" Mark asked chuckling "I mean get a good write up as well as good sex?". "He got a glowing write up" Bobby said remembering fondly the sex they had. Daniel giggled "So are you dating Josh?" he looked towards the pool and Josh. Bobby smiled "Getting there, I like him so much but he is a bit cautious and a loose cannon sometimes". Mark laughed "Josh is definitely a wild child" he said watching as the boys got out of the pool. Josh leaned over Bobby and kissed him deeply "I'm hungry" he said. Ben grabbed Daniels arms pulling him out of his chair "Come on pretty boy lets get you all nice and wet". Daniel was laughing but soon stopped as Ben pulled down Daniel's shorts "What are you doing that is so undignified?". "Stop being a wuss" Ben said getting Daniel naked he looked down and nodded "British wrapped sausage" he laughed. Daniel pushed Ben into the pool "Don't call me British sausage or pretty boy" he called before jumping in the pool giving chase to Ben. Jordan watched laughing "God he is so British" he said as Josh ran past and jumped in the pool as well. "We did warn Danny to draw a line with them otherwise they will end up kissing him" Mark said looking cautiously at Jordan. Jordan laughed "As long as I know about it it's not a problem, but Danny may not take to kindly to it". Bobby chuckled "Well Josh has already kissed him by accident as he was a bit sleepy when he arrived. "Hmm I know, Danny told me he was a bit of hussy kissing him. But I think he quite likes Josh and Ben" he said nodding in their direction. Mark stood and stripped off "Be honest and tell us if things get a little weird Jordan, coming in". Bobby stripped and jumped in the pool behind Mark whilst Jordan called Eldred and asked him to bring some champagne and six glasses, he then stripped and jumped in the pool. Ben clambered over to Jordan pushing himself up against his muscled body and going all giddy 'Just as good as Angelo' he announced swimming away leaving Jordan looking perplexed at his comment. Josh came over and inspected Jordan as well laughing and splashing him as Jordan gave chase but Josh hid behind Bobby for protection but Jordan's eye was caught by Bobby's tattoo. "I don't remember you having a tattoo there" Jordan looked down at the scorpion. Bobby winked "A little gift from our night" he said making a grab for Josh behind him. "Was it me?" Jordan remembered that they had indeed had bareback sex about five times that night. Bobby faced him "Can't say definitely but think so" he said smiling at him. Jordan's expression changed "Your not mad at me then?". Bobby laughed "Not at all Jordan, thanks to you I have the best sex ever now". Daniel came over "Why you looking so serious Jordy?" he asked. "He just found out he may have been the one who converted me" Bobby said looking at Daniel. Daniel smiled "Must have been good sex then" running his hand down Bobby's chest "Beautiful" he said. "Danny!" Jordan said shaking his head "now who is the hussy?" he said as Daniel kissed him. Jordan got hold of Josh and pulled him around in front of him holding him tight in his arms "This one is so cute" he laughed. Jordan was enjoying seeing Daniel relax and be a little more free within himself, no doubt it was the effect of this group of extraordinary group of guys who were lovers and friends. The way Daniel was interacting with them reminded him of Steve and Callum when he first met Daniel properly, he was in no doubt this was going to end up as a group of long term friends. Bobby came over to Jordan who put his arm around Bobby's shoulder. "So are you and Josh having bareback sex" Jordan asked him quietly. Bobby nodded "Yes he is aware of my status but he insisted on bareback sex and well I couldn't resist". Mark swam over "You look like your having a serious conversation" he joked. Mark nodded listening to them "Awkward" he laughed "I am as well" he said to Jordan. "And Ben?" Jordan asked looking over at him. Mark glanced at him "No, he seems to be dodging the bullet despite how much sex we have, and no, he won't go on PREP". Jordan smiled "Danny is neg and he takes PREP". If anything it made Jordan feel a little more at ease with Mark and Bobby now they all knew about each other and strangely brought them closer together. It wasn't long before they were all drinking champagne and chilling out like a family on holiday, Josh and Ben had taken a big shine to Jordan whilst Daniel sat between Mark and Bobby quite happy in himself that in private he could be the real Daniel he wanted to be. Jordan was laughing hard as Ben kept spilling champagne down Jordan's chest and licking it off as Daniel was taking pictures and videos of their antics. The evening sped by and it wasn't long before Daniel and Jordan excused themselves as they had work in the morning. Ben informed Josh he would be getting him up early to swim in the sea. The morning was breaking and the last of the stars were fading in the clear sky, Steve stood on the terrace partly naked as Callum came out to join him and handed him his swimming trunks and beach towel 'Come on I can't wait to get on the beach' he said to Steve caressing his ass. They both walked down to the deserted beach dropped their towels waded in to the water and began gently swimming around occasionally stopping to have a kiss before continuing. Ben shook Josh awake who was feeling tired and didn't want to get up but Ben was showing no sign of letting up, he clambered out of the bed and rummaged through his suitcase to find the trunks Maddy had brought him. Bobby turned over and mumbled he would come down in an hour and join them before falling back to sleep. They headed out and Josh remarked on how weird it was with no one else around as they crossed the pool terrace and down on to the beach. Josh stood there taking in how serene it looked with just the gentle washing sound of the small waves brushing the shoreline, he put his arm around Ben commenting on how perfect everything seemed and it was such a far cry from the beaches they were use to seeing up state. Ben could make out the two figures swimming side by side and occasionally stopping to chat and wade around, he didn't recognise either of them but he could tell they were quite young. Josh stood in the water sounding like he was going to orgasm feeling the warm Caribbean sea lapping at his legs, Ben splashed his way in throwing water over Josh who laughed loudly and began splashing Ben back. They were so preoccupied in fun with each other they didn't notice Callum and Steve swimming towards them. Steve called out to them 'Are you going to stand there all day or come in, the water is lovely'. Ben and Josh were quietly stunned by how good looking they both were together "In our own time" Josh said giggling. Ben looked at Josh "I wonder if they are the friends of Danny?" he said splashing water back at Josh. "I think they could be they are British and definitely a couple" Josh replied watching them swimming "the younger one is worth doing". Ben waded in further "Josh you have a man, come on" he said to Josh who followed him. It didn't take long for Callum to pick on Josh as they played around in the water splashing and swimming mocking each others accents and laughing. Ben on the other hand was gently swimming around talking with Steve and finding out that they were the relief managers of the hotel for Daniel and Jordan as well as being close friends with them. Callum spotted two young men on the beach "Hello, is this place full of gay men?". Josh turned to look and laughed "The one of the left is Ben's husband Mark". "And the one on the right?" Callum asked swimming closer to Josh. Josh smiled and winked at Josh "That is Bobby and he is mine". It was the first time Josh had actually referred to Bobby as being his and it sent a fuzzy feeling through his body, he had to stop himself and wondered if he actually was falling in love with him but. His through abruptly interrupted by Callum splashing him again then swimming off laughing so Josh gave chase. Mark and Bobby swam out and met Steve and Callum chatting for a few moments before Josh pulled Bobby away, his legs wrapped around Bobby's body and arms around his neck. He felt Bobby's erection in his swimming trunks and smiled before kissing him 'I am falling for you Bobby' he said quietly to him, Bobby looked him in the eye and smiled and kissed him back. Daniel crossed the beach with Cael carrying some sun beds and spotting the six of them in the sea he shouted out 'I see you have all met' he laughed and carried on as Nicky and the kids appeared and spotted Callum and Steve, they ran in to the water screaming with happiness at seeing them there. Josh and Ben were coerced in to joining in whilst Mark and Bobby swam around chatting with Nicky in the shallow waters as Daniel brought juices down for everyone. Jack knocked on the door and opened it calling out to Angelo and Ethan who called out that they were in the kitchen. Angelo and Jack had a long discussion over options for the company if he decided to sell all or part of it, Ethan didn't sound to happy as he knew how much it meant to Angelo, but on the other hand it could open up new opportunities. By 9am they set off to Westchester where they were to meet Raffa and his legal team. Jack put his hand on Angelo's shoulder and told him that if he wanted to back away he only had to say, Angelo maintained that in any event the only thing that mattered was the safeguarding of his employees. The one thing Jack couldn't comprehend was that Angelo didn't really give much thought or grasp at the value of his company, all that mattered was that it turned a tidy profit. Jack had gone through the books and valued the company, he also had an initial conversation with Raffa's legal team who verified the state of the business and valuation. They parked up and grabbed a coffee before heading in to the office and the meeting room. Jack looked at Angelo "Do you know how much your company is valued at Angelo?" he asked shuffling papers. Angelo sat down next to Ethan "No, it makes money so I have never really looked in to it" he replied. Jack shook his head smiling "If you sell what do you plan to do?". Angelo shrugged his shoulders "Spend some time in LA, I know Ethan misses Ben already". Jack sat down and looked at them both "Ellie thinks you will move to LA" he said looking for a response. "I loved it out there dad I can't deny it, but moving there... I don't know" Ethan said looking at Angelo. "Hey, if the opportunity is there and it is what you both want take it" Jack said sincerely as his phone rang. Jack stood up and went to get Raffa and his team, Jordan anticipated that things would go back to their very first meeting and all official like but Raffa came in and gave Jordan a hand shake and hug as he always did now when meeting him. They got down to business right away and Raffa began spelling out what his vision was before laying his cards on the table, the one thing Angelo knew from the off was that he didn't see his future without the company he built, he also didn't want to be in a position where he had nothing to do after all it that is what was driving him apart from Ethan. Angelo sat there looking at the three offers with Ethan as Jack chatted with Raffa, he was a little shocked and still found it hard to comprehend some of the figures being bantered about. Ethan could understand enough to see that Raffa wanted Angelo to stay on no matter which offer was taken, he looked at Angelo and suggested they take a little walk and discuss things. Raffa sat anxiously sipping his coffee and watching Angelo and Ethan outside sitting on the bench talking, Jack came over and asked Raffa which was his preferred offer. Raffa didn't hesitate and said he wanted the partnership deal more than anything, Jack smiled telling him that offer 3 made sense and came at just the right time but ultimately it would be down to family ties to the area. Jack and Raffa had deliberately kept the numbers out of the documents for now until Angelo had made a decision. Angelo sat back on the bench "I know which offer I like but what one do you think?" he asked Ethan. "It's not my company Angelo" he said looking at him "It has to be a decision that is right for you". Angelo shook his head "No Ethan, you are my life and you have as much say in this" he reiterated several times to Ethan. Ethan looked around feeling the biting wind "That one" he pointed to the option. Angelo smiled "That was a definite decision" he said looking again at the paragraph "That's the one I chose". Ethan gulped "It's a big decision Angelo, there will be some unhappy people" he said shivering as another gust of wind went through him. Angelo looked at him "That's it I see how much you hate the cold" he laughed standing up. Ethan stood up "Okay let's see what the offer is in real terms". They walked back in to the meeting room "I think were ready to talk figures" Angelo said sitting down. "Come on Angelo tell me which one you prefer" Raffa said leaning forward over the table. Angelo pointed "Offer 3, partnership" he looked up at Raffa who was beaming. "Are you sure about that?" Raffa asked waiting for confirmation. "Yes" Angelo nodded "Once we see the figures for a 50/50 ownership" he said relaying what Ethan had said earlier. Raffa held out his hand as his legal assistant who handed him the full offer and Raffa began going through the current business state and confirming the open book valuation at $70 million with employee salary and position protection. Angelo sat there stunned looking at Raffa. "Did I hear you correctly?" Angelo finally asked unsure if he heard right. Raffa sat back in his chair "Yes, 50/50 partnership so $35 million to buy half of the company". Ethan sat with his mouth open " Ethan back in the room" Jack said snapping his fingers and laughing "Sorry about my son". "Oh sorry, $35 million..." Ethan trailed off and looked at Angelo, Raffa panicked thinking that maybe it was undervalued. "Let's say $40 million the additional is to help you relocate and set up home" Raffa offered hoping it was enough. Angelo sat there watching as Raffa changed the copy to read $40 million, he looked at Jack who nodded but he was still bewildered and looked at Ethan who was smiling. "Well?" he asked Ethan looking for confirmation "What do you think?". Ethan took his hand "It makes no difference to me Angelo, if it feels right then you should but only if it is what you want". "What about moving to LA?" Angelo asked "I will only do it if you agree to the move" he looked between Jack and Ethan. Ethan looked at his father who smiled and nodded "I will always be with you Angelo". "I understand it is a big thing asking you to move to the west coast to set up the company there as well" Raffa said "What can I do to make it happen?". "Up it by $2 million, half to my family and half to Ethan's family" Angelo said and stopped Jack from protesting. Raffa changed it to $42 million "Angelo anything for you, you must understand how much I admire you setting up this business". Angelo stood and held out his hand to Raffa "Ethan is happy so am I, we have a deal Raffa". Ethan had to drag Angelo out as Jack was taking them to the airport where they would meet up with Tony and Adam, paranoid Ethan kept checking to make sure they had all their documents, he was excited and doubly so now whilst Angelo was still in a little shock as he left the building realising they had become millionaires. Angelo suddenly stopped "Oh but what about Adam and Tony, we can't just leave them" he had a concerned look. "You have a new office to set up so surely you can find them a job" Jack suggested stopping the car. Ethan got out "Well we have a few hours on the flight to persuade them" reaching in to grab his bag. Angelo opened the trunk to get their cases out "Yes but not pressure on them they have to decide". Jack came over to the curb side "Remember you have seven days if you change your mind". Angelo stood there looking at Jack "What do you really think Jack?" he asked him. "It's a very good deal Angelo and has made you very wealthy but you didn't need to do what did for us" he said putting his hand on his shoulder. Angelo smiled "It has made Ethan and I wealthy" he corrected him "but it also means moving to LA and I want to be sure you can visit". Jack put his arm around Ethan "We will miss you but you have your own futures to write". Angelo and Ethan said good bye to Jack and headed in to the terminal building and met up with Adam and Tony heading to the lounge. They broke the news to them straight away and Angelo offered them both jobs in LA which fell on an awkward silence, Adam knew Tony was very much in love with Larchmont and the lives they were building, Adam was also happy and didn't think that LA would be the right move just yet. Tony turned to Adam and seeing the look on his face he already knew what Adam was thinking. "It is a great offer Angelo but I am not sure we want to move" Tony responded first "Adam?". Adam shook his head "I like NY to much, please don't be offended or upset" he said seeing Ethan looking sad. "We understand guys and we just didn't want to leave you out" Angelo said leaning forward. Ethan nodded "You both done so much for me, it will be sad not having you around but I respect your decision". "We will see a lot of each other try and keep us away" Tony said holding Ethan's hand. The airline agent informed the guys their flight was boarding and they headed down to the gate.
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