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    I was in the doctor’s office for my annual exam. I had being seeing Dr. Phillips for a few years and I was pretty comfortable talking about all my health care issues with him. He knew that I was gay. Hell…he even knew that I was a bottom during sex. It was around 4:30 pm on a Friday afternoon and I was looking forward to the three-day weekend. I guess mine was the next-to-last appointment of the day. There was only one guy left in the waiting room. He was a slender guy, a little older than me, with average looks and short sandy hair. I didn’t pay much attention to him. After checking my physical responses, the doctor asked me the usual health and lifestyle questions. This year, however, my answer about whether I practiced safe sex was different. I told him that I had gotten fucked without a condom on several occasions. Surprisingly, I didn’t get the lecture that I expected. Instead, he asked me to explain my reasons for bottoming without protection. Hesitantly, I told him that I was becoming attracted to the idea of “bug chasing.” I said that I was attracted to the idea of taking poz cum. He said, “Are you aware of the risk that you might convert to being HIV-positive?” I relied, “I guess so. I haven’t thought about it that much yet, but the notion of routinely taking loads of some guy’s infected sperm is becoming increasingly appealing to me. It’s like breaking some wild kind of taboo!” The doctor said, “I’ve read up on this kind of behavior and it seems that most men professing a desire to be "pozzed" are really only engaging in an extreme sort of fantasy. Do you think that’s true in your case?” “No, Doc, I’m sure that that’s what I want. The whole idea turns me on for so MANY reasons!” When he heard this, his manner changed…more alert, more interested. He looked at me intently for a few moments, as if making up his mind about something. He said, “I’ve got an idea. It just so happens that the young man out in the waiting room has recently tested HIV-positive. We haven’t started him on any medications yet, so his Viral Level is extremely high. Why don’t I ask him to join us?” “You mean NOW?” I squeaked. I was still lying on the exam table, clad only in a thin Johnny that had been pulled up above my waist. I felt exposed and vulnerable. “Yes, right now! There’s no time like the present.” He then stood up, crossed the room and opened the door to the waiting room. I heard him tell his nurse that she could go home now. “Have a great weekend, Nancy!” he said. Next, he called out, “Mark! Why don’t you come into my office?” I could hear footsteps as the quiet young guy that I’d seen earlier came on in. He looked with a gleam of interest at my half-naked body lying on the examination table. The doctor said, “Mark, this is Alex, one of my patients. He currently is HIV-negative but he tells me that he’s been having unsafe sex recently in hopes of contracting the virus. Isn’t that right, Alex?” I could only blush in response. Mark stared at me with a wolfish grin on his face. Doctor Phillips continued, “It occurred to me that you two could help each other. Mark was telling me that he’s been getting very frustrated since his diagnosis because he stopped having sex. Mark, you don’t mind discussing this with Alex present, do you?” “No, doc! That’s ok. It’s just that I’m so HORNY all the time now. Do you think I’ll ever be able to fuck normally again?” The doctor then said to me, “You’re ok with this, too, Alex? We have your permission to help? I mean, you don’t object, do you?” I was confused. Help me? Help me with WHAT? I tried to say something…anything, but only a choked sound came out. “Well,” the doctor said, “the solution seems pretty simple. Mark, why don’t you go ahead and insert your penis into Alex here so you can commence intercourse. That will grant you the sexual release you’ve been seeking and Alex here can begin receiving the virus that he’s been trying to get. Go ahead, Mark, give him what he’s been asking for.” My head was spinning but I could only moan incoherently at the thought of what was about to happen. Was I just going to let this total stranger deposit his infected fluid deep within my bowels? Dr. Phillips voice brought me back. “Here’s some KY Jelly, Mark. Doctors always have plenty of that on hand.” At that, I felt a large stiff cock push inside me. Mark muttered, “Shit, doc! You don’t know how great this tight hole feels. You sure this guy Alex doesn’t care that I’m gonna flood his guts with my AIDS babies? Is that what you want, Alex? You want me to knock you up?” The doctor replied, “Don’t give it a second thought, Mark! It’s exactly what he wants. He told me so himself!” After Mark shot his first toxic load into me, Dr. Phillips insisted that he repeat the intercourse twice more “for good measure.” On my way out the door on wobbly legs the doctor slipped a small white appointment card into my hand. “I want the two of you to return for office visits until your HIV test comes back positive. Have a great weekend and see you next week!”
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    ***First off, this is total fiction, but I was inspired by something that happened to me a few years ago -before I was chasing. Now I wish this is how it had gone down.*** That day was a day like any other, woke up horny as hell. Only this time I didn't have to work and I was going to do something about my hunger. I got onto a few sites and weeded through profiles, until I finally managed to connect with a guy who needed a hot ass to fuck. Done! He was over in less than 30 minutes, and I was ready for him, face down-ass up on the bed. I heard him fumbling with his clothes and then that damned crinkling sound of a fucking condom. UGH! I wished then that I had lubed my ass with Vaseline so it could shred that fucker up, but it was too late for that. I just gritted my teeth and prepared myself for that rubber burn. I just hoped (for a change) that he wasn't too hung, that should make the burning rubber a little easier on my insides. It wasn't totally awful, and if he wasn't wrapped up, that is a dick I could spend hours on end with. But I had to get him to use a ton of lube just to keep me from feeling the condom. Eventually he got tired of pounding me doggie style, so he lay down on the bed and had me climb on top. I rode him good, determined to get him off and then get back online to find a guy who would give me some loads. When he was just about to cum he shoved me really hard off of him, and he was left panting with his dick firm and throbbing in the air. "What the fuck?" I howled. "I didn't want to cum in you," he replied, gulping in deep breaths. "Why? You've got a condom on," I complained. "I just . . . couldn't." He hadn't actually blown his load, so I climbed back on and started riding him again, only this time he didn't seem as into it -for some reason I got the feeling he was still worried about cumming. I don't get it. And after a few minutes he did it again, leaving my hole literally gaping open and starved. "Dude, what is the problem?" I asked. He finally blurted out, "I've got HIV! AIDS! Dammit, I can't take the chance of cumming inside anyone even with protection." Fuck this, I told myself. Faster than he could even register what was happening, I tore that condom off of him and dropped my ass down, raw and balls-deep. He was protesting and trying to get me off of him, but I locked my thighs onto him and rode like I was on a mechanical bull who was trying to buck me off. "Give me that fuckin' load!" I demanded. His eyes grew so big, he thought I was crazy for sure. "Are you insane? You can't-" "Give me your fucking AIDS!" I yelled at him. He was still pushing on me to get off, but I was riding him hard and his dick was still steel hard and buried totally up inside me. I think on some level he was loving being inside me the way nature intended, at least his rock hard dick was thrilled about it. We literally struggled and fought for at least five minutes, and despite him being significantly bigger than me, I had desperation and hunger on my side. And I won! Finally he stopped struggling and only a minute later he grunted and I felt that beautiful dick spewing toxic seed deep into me. Aah, relief. I stayed on top of him, not letting him out of my ass, determined to take every single drop his balls had to expel. Eventually he opened his eyes and stared me down. "Why would you do that?" Such a sweet guy, he was actually concerned about me. I grinned at him, determined to lighten his mood. "Hey, poz guys need to cum, too." "Yes, with condoms," he asserted, almost scolding me for being so irresponsible. "Hell NO," I retorted. "The fact that you have a viral load means you shouldn't ever have to touch another condom in your whole life. Your seed was made to be spread." "Yes, but you-" "-would have asked if I was really concerned about it. And if you'd told me up front, I would have insisted we go bare from the start," I assured him. "I still don't understand why," he mumbled. "Because you've been given the freedom to fuck and not worry about it anymore. It is the responsibility of the guy on the receiving end. If he's concerned about catching something, he should ask ahead of time, he should demand condoms, and he should probably find a safer way to get fucked than anonymous hook-ups." He was silent for several minutes, clearly pondering what I'd told him. But I did notice that his dick never softened inside my ass, not even a little bit. Eventually I felt his hands on my hips and he began to buck up into me. It appeared that I had done a little reverse on him and changed him into a gifter, and now he was turned on by the idea of delivering his toxic load into me. He looked deep into my eyes and grinned. "So, you want this fucking AIDS seed?"
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    Aaron’s Gangbang Part 1 We got to the hotel room at 6pm. The ads we placed on bareback.com and other sites said to start showing up around 7 and it would go until midnight. You went to the bathroom to make sure you were cleaned out really well while I set things up. I put out several bottles of lube around the room and I got undressed. I was lying on the bed when you came out. The look of excitement was evident on your face. “I can’t believe we’re actually doing this” you said as you got on the bed with me, as naked as I was. I took your chin in my hand, looked deeply in your eyes, and replied, “Believe it. You wanted this and I’m going to make it happen for you.” You kissed me deeply and we rolled around on the bed making out, our hands all over each other. Your cock was already rock hard and mine was getting that way. I wanted us to have some time alone before guys started showing up. And I wanted to be the first for the night. Up til now, I’d worn a condom when I fucked you and I’d been on meds so I was undetectable. I’d been off them for 2 weeks now and there were no condoms in the hotel room. Tonight, you were getting pozzed, just like you wanted. We’d talked about it and both decided to go forward with it. I placed several ads for a bareback gangbang stressing this was for poz tops only. We’d had some great replies and had high hopes for the evening. I rolled you over on your stomach and spread your cheeks. Your well worn pussy lips never ceased to turn me on. One of the many things I loved about you was how much you loved having your ass used and abused. I started licking up and down your crack and then started sucking gently on your hole. You responded immediately with a low moan. I licked the hole a couple of times and shoved my tongue deep inside you. I shoved my tongue in as far as I could and tasted your clean ass. I’d been known to do this for hours, but for tonight, I just wanted to get it wet and make you more excited. For your first fuck of the night, my spit was all the lube you were getting. My 8 inch cock was hard and ready to go. My unmedicated precum was making the head slick. I had you turn over onto your back so I could see your face. I pushed your legs back so your asspussy was lined up with my cock and rubbed the head around the hole, giving you a little more lube. You moaned again, deeper, “YESSSSSSS, please!” I looked you deeply in the eyes again and said, “I love you” and shoved in. “UUUGH!!!” you cried out as half of my thick cock rammed inside you, stretching you out. “OH FUCK” you said. I kept up the pressure and felt another inch slip in. “DAMN that BURNS!!!” you hissed, but didn’t make any effort to stop me. I kept pushing into your barely lubed ass, forcing my way in. Your ass clenched up involuntarily from the pain, but you pushed out as best you could and I shoved in again and bottomed out. You had all of my 8X6 cock inside you and I held it there. I wiped the tears from your face and kissed you deeply again. I kept kissing you as I started to make small fucking motions. I started easing out some and then back in. I leaned back so I could watch your face again. I could tell you were slowly getting used to it, but the grimace on your face showed it was still hurting. I slowly pulled out to til just the head was in and slowly shoved all the way back in. You let out a deep breath between clenched teeth, but you were still meeting my fuck strokes, shoving back against me. I pulled out again, noticing it pulled out pretty easily, and noticed the pink on my cock. You had been torn a little from my rough, barely lubed fucking. I started moving in and out of you faster now, fucking you all the way every time. It felt so good, fucking you like this, so roughly. I loved that there was blood on my cock. It turned me on even more and I could feel myself getting close. I looked you, catching your attention, and said, “I’m getting ready to breed you. I’m so close. Tell me you want it.” You smiled and nodded, saying, “Please cum in me. Poz my ass. FUCKING GIVE IT TO ME!!!” I picked up speed, plowing into you again and again, and I knew I couldn’t hold off any longer. “Oh god, Oh god, OH MY FUCKING GOD, TAKE MY POZ CUM!!!!” I slammed into you and stayed there, pumping my poison deep inside your torn asspussy. “Goddamn motherfuck YES!!!” I cried out as I shot the biggest load I’d ever shot in you. It never seemed like it would end, shot after shot of infected manjuice kept filling you up. You said over and over, “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” I collapsed on top of you, kissing your face, wiping away more tears, and finally kissing you deeply on the mouth, never loving you more than I did right then. I stayed inside you until my spent cock softened enough that it came out of your used ass. You pushed me off of you and immediately crawled between my legs to get at my cock. You took it in your mouth and sucked the cum, blood, and ass juices that clung to it. I noticed it was about 10 minutes til 7 and knew we had to get ready. I had one last thing to do to you before anyone else got there. I reached into my overnight bag and pulled out a new toothbrush. If we were going to do this, we were going to do it right. You were already bleeding a little from my rough fucking, but I was going to make sure you caught IT tonight. I had you get on your hands and knees with your ass up in the air and slowly pushed the brush into your open ass. I brushed inside you, at all angles, making sure you were ready. You squealed a couple of times from the brushing, but stayed still. I loved the fact that I was brushing your ass with my toxic poz cum already in it. Once I was done with that, I put some towels around the room and put out a few bottles of poppers. There was a knock just after 7. A silver-haired hot daddy was at the door. I recognized him from one of the websites and invited him in. He saw you on the bed and immediately took his clothes off. He was in great shape and had a very furry chest. I noticed immediately he had a really thick cock that was about 7 inches. He was definitely going to open you up more. He grabbed some lube, slicked up his thick cock, and got up on the bed on his knees behind you. He shoved 2 lubed fingers inside your open ass and spread them wide to open you up. When he pulled them out, he saw the pink cum on them and winked at me. “You want this thick poz cock?” he asked you. You replied, “yes.” He said, “yes what? Tell me what you want.” You turned your head towards him and told him “Please give me your thick poz cock. Please fuck my ass!” He put the head of his cock against your wide open cunt and slowly shoved all the way in. The extra thickness of his cock spreads you even more open, causing you to groan loudly, “UNNNNGGGGHHHH!!!” The silver daddy started fucking you at a nice, steady pace, going all the way in and pulling out til just the head’s in. He fucks your cunt for about 15 minutes at the same pace, every few minutes saying things “take my poz cock.”, “Gonna breed you good.”, “Make you take my poz cum.” His rhythm picks up and he starts plowing you hard. Then, you can feel his cock swell up even more as he says, “Here it comes, take my poz cum!” He slams his cock inside you one last time and shoots his toxic load inside your stretched out hole. You cry out in joy, “YES, breed me, breed my hole!” He stays in you until his orgasm subsides. He pulls out and I see more red cum on his softening, but still thick cock. He gets dressed and quickly leaves. Part 2 cumming soon…..
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    (This is my first story - hope all errors are corrected and everyone enjoys) The longer I drove around searching for the house, the harder my cock got in my shorts and being that I didn’t wear underwear my shorts had a huge pre-cum spot on them when I did find it. The house was hidden from the road by overgrown trees, shrubs, and weeds; what led me to the house was an old faded, rusted mailbox with a bright yellow scorpion with a small red biohazard symbol painted inside it’s body. Turning into the drive way, my cock pulsed even more pre-cum into my shorts as well as onto my leg. Once the overgrowth cleared, I got my first view of the house and it was close to being condemned. All the windows were blacked out, the paint on house was pealing away and the wood siding was falling off in places yet oddly enough the front door looked as if it was painted recently; a bright red with another yellow scorpion in the bottom right corner. I couldn’t see if this one had a biohazard symbol in it’s body as well, but I would bet money on it that it did. Parking off to the side, my legs began to shake, maybe it was fear or maybe it was in anticipation of what was about to happen. Taking a bottle of poppers out of the middle console, I twisted the top off, shoved it under my nose and took a deep hit, not once but twice. I felt my body relax and my mind drift. I shut off my car, opened the door and stepped out in to the hot summer air. As I walked to the front door, my cock pointed the way pumping out more pre-cum, by the time I climbed the three stairs and was standing in front of the red door, the spot on my shorts was the size of a grapefruit. I knocked three times and waited. I could hear movement from inside the house and time seemed to slow to a crawl. Not knowing how much time had really passed I knocked again. I heard more movement along with: “Fuckin’ heard you the first time!!!” I stepped back as the door began to swing open. Staring back at me from inside the door was a older man, if I had to guess I would say about 65, wearing nothing but a pair of boxer shorts, that looked as if they were just as old as he was. You could tell that in his prime he was muscular, but time had taken it’s toll on him and his skin was wrinkled and sagging. Covering his chest was a blanket of white fur that tapered down to a trail that disappeared into the waist of his boxers and exited each leg, covering them in a thicker blanket of fur. “I was looking…” I said, but he cut me off abruptly. “I know why you are here, you know why you are here” he said, as he turned, letting go of the open door and started walking back into the house. Turning again he motioned for me to follow and I did not hesitate. The inside of the house was just as bad as the out. Wallpaper was half hanging off the walls, plaster was cracked and in some places gone. I followed him into a room just to the left of a staircase that looked as if it would come crashing down if you climbed it. He crossed half the room and turned before sitting in an old chair, as he did his cock poked through the fly of his boxers. He was uncut and as I got closer I could see that his foreskin completely covered his head. I could not help but stare. His cock was twitching, and looked as if it was growing and thickening. I watched as it continued to exit his fly and stretched out a good 8 inches and yet the foreskin still covered the head. I bet there was another two inches inside the boxers. I couldn’t help by rub my own hard cock as I watched. “You looking for mild exposure, moderate, strong or extreme exposure?’ he asked as he ran his hand across his chest and down his stomach. His hand did not stop until he had gripped his cock. He pulled back the foreskin some to expose the tip of his head. “Extreme” I replied licking my lips. “I thought so,” he whispered as he stood, still holding his cock. With his free hand he reached under his cock and into his boxers pulling out his balls and started to walk away telling me to follow him. We left the room and started up the stairs. The only sound was the stairs creaking as we ascended. The whole time I could see his arm moving and I knew he was slowly stroking his uncut cock. My mind raced, was this man going to slide that cock in my hole and expose me? My cock throbbed as it rubbed agains my leg and shorts. Once we were at the top, he went over to what looked like a light switched and flipped it on and off four times, then left it on. What it controlled was no where to be seen. Opening a door next to the switch, we entered a dark room. It was only after he flipped another switch that a red light came on and I could see I was in a very small room. Each wall around the room was covered in mirrors and a black box about a three feet high, three feet long and only wide enough for a torso to fit sat in the middle of the room. In each corner was leather cuffs secured to the floor. Fuck was the only word that popped in my mind. “Strip, put your clothes in the box and lay on top” I was out of what little that I had on faster than he said it. The top of the box opened and I dropped my belongings in. His hand was on my back pushing me down until my chest and stomach was resting on the box. His had slid down my back and continued down my ass crack until he reached my cock and balls. He wrapped his hand around them pulling them out from under me until they were pointing down the side of the box. He quickly worked to secure each of my legs in the cuffs. I tried to move them after and found I could only move about an inch - I wasn’t going any where. He did the same to my arms. No turning back now. The man bent down next to me. I could feel his hot breathe in my ear: “now the fun begins” with this he turned, left the room shutting the door behind him.
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    Part 2 After the first poz trick is gone, I had just enough time to bask in the satisfied smile on your face before there was another knock at the door. It was a couple I’d chatted with who were very anxious to get at your pussy. One was in his early 20s; clean cut with long hair, the other was in his 40s with a short buzz cut and a sexy goatee. They were 2 poz tops who’d been together a couple of years. Of all the guys I’d chatted with setting this night up, I was most excited about these 2. I knew from their pics they were both beefy and muscled up, although the younger guy was smooth and the older one was very hairy. They also both had 9 inch cocks. The younger one was a bit thicker and the older one had a big PA. They undressed quickly and climbed on the bed with you. Seeing the 3 of you on the bed, all 3 so fucking hot, was making my cock throb. The younger one kneeled at your head, putting the head of his thick cock at your mouth, which opened immediately. He slid as much as he could in your talented mouth and started slowly facefucking you. The older one got behind you, picked up a bottle of lube, and slicked up his cock. He could see the red tinged cum leaking out of your cunt so he knew you didn’t need any more lube. He put the fat head with the PA where the cum was leaking and proceeded to stop the leak. He slowly pushed in your lose hole, although as with as fat as these 2 cocks were, you were definitely about to become more loose. He pushed in until it got tighter and stopped. You groaned around the thick cock in your mouth, “UNNNNNNGGGGGGHHHHH”. He pulled back a little and pushed in further. “UNNNNNGGGGGHHHH!” you groaned again as you felt your pussy tighten up. He kept pulling out a little and pushing in more until he had all 9 inches inside you with his thick PA even deeper. You were going to town on the younger guy’s cock with most of it in your mouth and the head slipping repeatedly into your throat. The 9 inches in your ass pulled out to the head and started fucking you steadily, sinking all the way in. “Take those 2 poz cocks” he said as he kept up the pace, a look of ecstasy on his face. They kept this up for a while until the younger guy said, “I want a crack at that pussyhole. He took your cock well enough, so let’s see how he does with mine.” They both pull their hard, slimy cocks out of you and traded places. The older guy held his cum covered cock out to you and you opened your mouth wide and accepted it. The younger guy didn’t even bother with lube because his thick member was coated with your spit and he could tell from looking at your hole you had enough cum in you. He placed the head at your used hole and proceeded to shove slowly, but determinedly inside you. You were tight to him even after his partner’s fat cock, but he didn’t stop pushing. “AAAAAHHHHHHHHH! UNGH UNGH!” you cried out around the cock in your mouth. I could tell this one was hurting, but I could also see you were backing up to your younger fuck partner. You wanted him inside you all the way. He quickly bottomed out deep inside you and started a good fuck rhythm. The younger guy was much more verbal while he was fucking. “Fuck yeah, such a tight asspussy. Even after your thick cock, he’s still tight. I fucking love it.” “Take my poz cock, take both of our poz deathsticks. We’re going to flood this pussy with both loads of our toxic poison.” He started fucking a little faster, really getting into it. “Neither one of us is on meds right now, so you’re going to be getting 2 very charged up loads tonight. If you wanna join the brotherhood, this is going to take care of that.” About that time I heard a knock at the door. I let another guy in who undressed and waited over by me for his turn. The older guy, who had been keeping your mouth busy with his cock and PA said, “That’s enough of that, I’m getting close.” “So am I”, said the younger guy as he picked up speed in his fucking. The older guy got over by his partner and started kissing him deeply while pinching his smooth nipples. This drove him crazy as he fucked you even harder. The older guy got behind his partner and continued to work his nipples as he fucked you in a frenzy. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, OH FUCK, his ass and your hands on my nips are around to bring me off. I’m gonna breed this toxic cumhole.” “Oh YEAH, getting SO CLOSE! Fucking take it man, TAKE MY GODDAMN POZ CUM!!!!!” He slammed into you and held still for a few minutes while shot after shot added to the cum that was already inside you. He shuddered as his orgasm racked his body. The guy standing next to me was rock hard and had precum on the end of his cock, as did I. The younger guy pumped in and out of you a few more times and then pulled out. His partner immediately took his place and shoved back inside your loose, used asspussy. The other guy went over and asked if he could clean the younger guy’s cock off. I nodded yes and he said, “Sure, enjoy yourself”. Even though the cock was shrinking, it was still pretty thick and covered in cum and blood. He licked and slobbered all over it. Meanwhile, his partner had shoved all the way back in you and was fucking you at least as fast as the other had. Even though he wasn’t quite as thick, he still had the PA and was slamming it deep inside you again and again. I was sure it was bruising the inside of your ass if not making some of the tears from the toothbrush worse. You backed your ass up and met him at each stroke. I could see your cock was leaking a long string of precum onto the bedspread as he fucked you harder and harder. “Take my unmedicated poz cum you slut! You want it don’t you, faggot cumwhore!” I could tell this just about sent you over the top. “Yes, breed me! Fill me up with it, I want it! I NEED IT!!!” “Fill my cumwhore pussy with your poison, PLEASE!!!” He slammed in you a couple of more times and yelled, “AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!” as he pumped yet another load of poz, unmedicated cum inside your used hole. By now, the newest guy had finished cleaning off the younger guy’s cock and was watching up close as you got bred again. Once the older guy’s orgasm stopped, he pulled his cock out and presented it to the new guy to clean off. He went to it immediately. I could tell you were trying to catch your breath from both of those fantastic fuckings. As soon as both cocks were clean, they each kissed you, deeply, embraced and kissed me, got dressed and left. The new guy was staring at your used up cunt as if mesmerized. He looked at me and asked if he could eat your ass for a bit before fucking you. I knew there would be no shortage of cum tonight, so nodded yes. You lay down on your stomach and the guy crawled between your legs so he could get at your abused pussy. He was an average looking guy, nothing that stood out, but not a troll by any means. He licked all the cum off around your asscheeks and up and down your crack. He then latched his lips on your puffy and swollen asslips and stuck his tongue in. He started sucking on your hole, trying to get some of the bloody, toxic cum for himself. I remembered from our brief online chat he was a vers bottom who did like to fuck from time to time, but was as big a cumwhore as you were tonight. He sucked noisily for a few minutes and crawled up between your legs until his hard cock was even with your pussy hole. He was about 7 inches and a little thick, but with a big mushroom head. I assumed sucking all of the excess cum from both cocks and your ass had horned him up past the point of no return. He spit on his hand, rubbed in on the big cockhead, and plowed into you. After the last 2 guys, it had to be nice getting an average size cock. I could see you winced a little when the head went in, but just as before, you pushed back to meet each thrust. I was right about him being horned up because after 5 minutes, he cried out, “OH FUCK, I’M GONNA SHOOT!”. “Give me that load man,” I heard you say, encouraging him. “Fuck, shit, fuck, shit, UHNNNN!” He slammed all the way in and drained his poz nuts into you. After he pulled out, he wiped off with a towel, got dressed, and left. Part 3 cumming soon
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    Panic started to sit in, as my mind raced and the shaking returning. I wish I had my poppers to relax me. There was not turning back now. Time again felt as if it was standing still. I didn’t know how long I was going to be in here alone, bound, naked and horny as fuck. The silence was deafening and was broken by a click. A mirror to my right started to move and my eyes were glued to the reflection of this in the mirror before me. My breathing became heavier as the mirror revealed the monster behind it. He was fucking huge. From my position I could only guess that he was over 6’5” and his body was so massive that he looked as if he had been on steroids from birth. From his chin down, his body was covered in tattoos and once he stepped in and shut the mirror, I could see that his back side was the same as the front. I could not see his face, he wore a hood that covered it from the bottom of his nose to the middle of his neck in the back, as well as the sides of his head. His eyes were visible through two hole and they were as black as the hood. On his feet he wore combat boots and in the middle was a jockstrap. At one time it had been white and new, now it was stained in red in some spots, yellow in others, and was so worn that it looked as if it would fall apart with one tug. Strings were hanging everywhere. What was inside the pouch was barely being contained. The side of the pouch were stretched so far from his body, that as he stood there one of his balls slipped out. I watched him walk the short distance from where he entered to where I was, stopping next to my head. I could feel the heat of his body as he stood close to me. I turned my head as he squat, watching his pouch as it went by. I couldn’t keep my eyes off it. Slowly he ran his hand along his thigh until he reached the pouch. Grabbing it he pulled it aside, and his cock and balls fell out. His cock was as massive as his body. His cock was twitching as it got harder and harder. Once it was rock hard, a good 11 inches rock hard, it started to jump as an evil grin came across his face. The cock was not only 11 inches but was as thick as a boys arm. Where the fuck did they breed this monster. I wanted his cock in my mouth, I drooled just thinking about how ripe it would taste, how it would stretch open my mouth. I wanted to feel it jammed down my throat, choking me, turning my face blue. I wanted to feel my throat open and his balls slap my chin as he face fucked me, while tears ran down my checks. I was snatched back to reality by something sharp running down my back, right down my spine, causing chills to sweep through my body. Looking up in the mirror I could see it was his fingernail that had been sharpened to a point, it continued until he reached the start of my ass crack, it was then we locked eyes and his fingernail slowly moved until it was at my hole, which was puckering in and out. Fuck I was turned on, I could only imagine the puddle on the floor of pre-cum. Without warning, he stabbed his nail into my puckering hole, at first there was some resistance, but that gave way with by the force that he added. He drove his digit knuckle deep into me, all the time moving his finger around inside - that’s when little waves of pain started to register in my mind. My eyes grew wider. Breaking our eye contact I looked back at his monster cock to take my mind off the pain that was coming more and more, only to find that it was leaking, his pre-cum was so thick, that it went from the piss slit to the floor without breaking and was puddling. He continued the assault on my hole, now finger fucking me so hard that he was pushing my body forward, pinching my cock against the corner of the box. After about five minutes of this, he pulled his finger out, leaving my hole empty. Grabbing my chin with his other hand he forced open my mouth and stuck the finger from my hole in. Greedily I sucked on it, too turned on to register the taste of blood from my hole. Once his finger was clean he withdrew his digit. I watched his reflection as he reached into his boot and pulled out a rounded wooden bit that had leather straps on each end. Again grabbing my chin, he forced open my mouth, shoving the wood in as far back as it would go. He moved quickly over me, straddling my back. I could feel his monster cock resting on my back, leaking its fuck juice. Grabbing the leather he tied them tightly behind my head. Task complete, he slowly moved, dragging his cock down my back until it was resting at the top of my ass crack. My heart was racing, I could see sweat forming on my forehead, and my hole was twitching, pulsing in and out. His evil grin returned as he spit on his fingers then wiped his spit on my hole. He grabbed his cock in his hand he lined up the head against my hole, his other hand pressed down on my back as I bit down on the wood in my mouth. I could feel him pressing hard against my hole, which was resisting until the hand on my back lifted off and slapped my ass hard, that’s when my hole gave way. Feeling my hole opening he pressed harder, driving his monster cock into my hole. There was not waiting for me to adjust to the sheer size of his cock, he continued to drive in. The pain was intense, I felt as if I was being ripped in two. I bit harder, and tried to scream, but nothing came out. I had no clue if he had one inch or ten inside me. In one swift move, he drove all the way in and dropped his body on top of mine. “take the pain, motherfucker, take the pain” My body was sweating, my heart racing, my mind was drifting as I involuntarily rolled my eyes back. A slap against my head brought me back to the situation I was in. His cock was moving in and out of my fuck hole, pulling it out until his cock head was pulling the inside of my hole outwards and then he would drive in balls deep. Over and over he would assault my hole. Minutes ticked by and I began to relax, my hole began to relax, and pain turned to pleasure. Sensing this he picked up speed, ramming his cock in and out. At one point he would take that massive fuck stick out and ram it back in balls deep. My silent screams turned to moans of pleasure! Pleasure I had never felt, his massive cock had opened my hole to new senses and I never wanted it to stop. I could feel his cock getting thicker and thicker and I knew that this power fuck was coming to and end. His cock moved faster and faster as his breath increased. Grabbing me by both shoulders, this monster slammed his cock balls deep, groaning: “take that toxic load, you fucking cock whore” He kept pressing his crotch against my ass, as if he was trying to climb in my hole as I felt the pulsing of his cock shooting his cum deep into my wrecked hole. I counted at least nine pulses of his cock, fuck me - it had to be a huge load of toxic cum. Slowly he pulled slightly out as he came down from his intense climax, then pushed back in just as slow, he continued this each time pulling out further and and further, until he pulled completely out. I feel a small amount of his load running down my balls and cock. Without words, he turned and left through the mirror he entered through, leaving me exhausted and still tied to the box.
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    I'm so fucking horny, and I need poz cock in my ass. This chapter is dedicated to PartyandBreed. CHAPTER 8: I woke up late the next morning, Mike’s body next to mine fast asleep, and my hand resting on my piss-hard cock. I pull on it a few times, but realize there’s no way my balls are getting any relief with my bladder so full of piss. I pull back the blanket and sheet from my naked body doing my best not to wake Mike – I think he needs the rest after last night. I have no idea know how many loads Mike took last night, but I know he was exhausted driving back. Those thoughts need to wait, though, I need to piss now! I quickly get up, as much as I’d love to hose Mike down, I don’t need to piss in the bed. Standing at the toilet, my cock pulsing, I’m trying, but I can't push it down far enough to go. I try sitting, and still, with the raging stiffness of my cock, no matter how far I push, my bladder simply won't release its golden nectar from this angle. “FUCK!”, I scream out in my head. I get in the shower, and attempt to relax, my cock standing rock hard against my pubes, my balls tight against the base, and ... “ohhhhh… ohhh yea” ... it starts. It feels so nice to relieve the pressure. My balls are aching I’ve had to piss so bad. The hot liquid begins as a dribble, and then grows steadily into ‘Old Faithful’. The strong, hard stream is soon showering my chest, and eventually over my head. The golden stream cascades over my body, covering me in my own special salty, pungent, and dark yellow brew; it smells, but fuck, it feels so good to let it out. I quickly take a shower to rinse, and dry off, then I wish I hadn’t – the thought of my body covered in piss makes my cock return to full mast. I get back into the bedroom, and look at Mike, still fast asleep. “Screw him”, I think, I seriously intend to take care of this swollen prick. I pull open the drawer of the nightstand and grab the bottle of Gun Oil Mike and I usually use to fuck. I think, “This morning it will just have to be me”. I’m just about ready to flog my cock when the doorbell rings. “Who the fuck?”, I wonder. I look at Mike, he’s almost sweet and innocent when he’s sleeping … but, he’s still sleeping. Irritated, I make my way to the living room, not bothering to put anything on, my heavy, hard cock bouncing around violently with each step. When I get to the door and peep out the hole I see Chris and instantly a smiles comes over my face, and precum forms at the tip of my cock. I open the door. "Fuck, it's cold this morning, babe", he says as the door opens, and a blast of chilly air hits my dick like a ton of bricks. I quickly let him, “Are you always so fucking hot!", adding, “You should always answer the door this way”. He cups his cold hands under my balls, "Wow, … whoa dude!", I yelp, as I jump back from his freezing touch, "Watch the boys; they hate the cold!" He grabs my face and pulls me toward him; our lips meet, and Chris’ tongue is instantly in my mouth. His clothes are cold though, and against my naked skin, even though that magical tongue of his is stoking my furnace. I can feel his denim-clad hard cock pressing against me as our kiss lingers. I grab his ass, pull him in closer, and crush my hard-on filled crotch against that pent up poz cock. "Fuck, babe, I’m so fucking horny to breed you right now!", he says, pulling his mouth from mine, and looking me straight in the eyes. The eye contact, punctuated with kisses, says what we’re both thinking; we both want more of his poz cock and cum inside me right now. A small groan escapes me as he pushes me hard against the wall and the kissing continues, his tongue invading my mouth, before I can say or do anything. He lifts my legs and I fall into him, and as he’s cradling me in his arms, he carries me up to my bedroom. Our mouths are locked in a deep French kiss the entire way – our tongues in a battle to the death. As we enter the room I see Chris’ eyes wonder and I turn my head to look – Mike is still fast asleep, “Guess he’s worn out”, Chris says with a grin between kisses. Ignoring Mike he throws me on the bed, and I bounce from the force. I look over at Mike, but so far nothing. "Show me that ass, babe; get those fucking legs in the air, spread your hole for me," Chris roars in his most commanding voice. I pull my legs up and wrap my arms around my knees, exposing my hairless hole to him. He pushes my ass up further in the air with his hands, and his mouth plunges into my asshole, I feel his tongue sinking deep inside me. Right now I couldn’t give one fuck if we wake Mike. “Oh fuck … oh fuck … eat my hole! Oh fuck yea I want it”, “yea", his only response as I’m moaning loudly from the feeling of his tongue darting in and out of my ass. Chris is making me crazy, "Eat my ass Chris; Fuck yea, that's it, fucking me with that tongue!" He is, and the faucet of precum between my legs is leaking all over me. A big dollop drops into my open mouth and I savor it as he continues. Obviously wanting more, he pushes me up further, and his mouth devours my ass like a starving man at a buffet. The shift in my body causes my hard wet cock to fall even more directly over my face, and, with some concerted, long strokes the precum flows right onto my tongue. I’m savoring my cock's emissions, as the clear gooey liquid slides over my tongue and I gulp it down my throat. Part of me wishes this was Mike’s precum I’m eating, but I’m horny, and I’m well and good at eating my own right this moment. Chris’ face is wet and greasy looking when he pulls his mouth off my ass. His tongue wiping his mouth clean in one swipe, as he looks at me lustfully, then smiles. That's when I reach up and grab onto his shirt and pull him into me. Our mouths meet, as do our tongues, and the kiss is passionate, yet masculine; another lover’s kiss. I spread my legs wide, as his clothed body falls into mine. I can feel his weight on my naked frame – his groin pushing into mine. That cock of his humping into me with a simulated fucking motion from his hips, our kiss is still strong, and I’m holding onto him tighter than before – I may be falling for Chris. He jerks his lips from mine and in one quick motion, gets up off my body, and is standing next to the bed. His hands frantically working the buttons of his dark red collared shirt. I reach up, grabbing his belt to assist, and work it out of its buckle. As his shirt opens and his hot chest is exposed, I’m able to see the elastic ribbing of his boxers, I start to salivate and that drives me to continue working on his pants. Finally, he’s standing there, only in those boxer shorts; I smirk at the “It isn’t gonna suck itself” verbiage printed over the front of them. He gives me his best “I’m gonna breed you” eyes and I grab at the tented cloth feeling his hard, thick girth of cock. I pull the boxers from his body, suddenly realizing I need that poz cock more than I knew. He’s hard, and its standing up past his pubes, snaking its way toward his belly button. Chris must be seriously horny for my ass, there’s already a small clear bubble of pre-cum oozing out of the slit. I get a moan from him as I lean forward, and lick it up, wiping my lips with the tip of his cock. With a gentle, but firm push, he pushes me backward, and we both fall to the bed. His naked body now against mine, his positive cock touching my neg cock. “I might be poz now”, my mind starts to wonder and he can see the conflict on my face. “You ok babe … you with me?”, he asks. “I’m good … I was just … I was …”, “Wondering if you were poz…”, another voice quickly interjects, its Mike. We both look at him like we’ve just been caught fucking on his Mom’s “good sofa”. My stern look turns to one of slight worry. “Did I really get infected with HIV?”, I think. Mike doesn’t hold out and grins at the both of us – raising his eyebrows for effect. He then produces the two envelopes from last night’s shenanigans and hands the one with my name on it to me. This is almost killing my moment with Chris but when will ever be the right time? “Find out at the same time?”, he asks. I look at him, still not certain but I nod, “Just open the top flap enough to see the color, don’t show us yet”, he says. We both, as privately as is possible, peel back the top of the envelope. I’m pretty sure neither one of them can see the color of my card – I can’t see Mike’s. Then, just in that second, Mike folds his envelope flap down and simple says, “Ok”, and sets the envelope back down without saying another word. Chris and I just look at him incredulously, with eyes that say, “WELL!?”. He doesn’t say a word and simply gives us both a cryptic smile. I groan and push the flap of my envelope down, sitting my envelope down on my side of the bed without saying a word. Chris is sitting on top of me hot and horny, I want him so much right now, “FUCK!” comes out of my mouth and I kiss him, our tongues immediately in each others mouths. I grind my crotch into him to let him know I’m in the mood to be fucked rather than play games. I lift my legs, wrapping them around his ass, exposing my asshole to his cock, until I could feel the tip of that large, poz cock head pressing against the lips of my asshole. In the matter of just a few seconds we are ignoring Mike again, and those pesky envelopes, and return to the sex at hand. He presses against me slightly, and my body stiffens, as the large girth of his cock finds its way into my body. Honestly, I’m still a little sore from last night, and I know what’s coming. I know the couple of minutes will be a little uncomfortable until it turns into an incredibly hot fuck. I can see Mike watching us, jacking off, but I’m focused on Chris and what he intends to share with me. I hold my breath as the full length of his huge cock penetrates my ass. When he’s completely inside of me, he stays there motionless for a moment, other than his tongue, which is doing its best to touch every spot on the inside of my mouth. With all 8.5 inches of him inside me, precum is now free-flowing from my cock again and its going all over me, him, the bed … everywhere; the fucking has barely started and I’m completely wet. Slowly, his hips begin to stir, and his cock moves slightly. "Oh yea, fuck me Chris! Fucking breed me" I moan, as he pushes and pulls ever so slightly against my ass lips. The discomfort is gone and I begin to gyrate my hips, desperate to get my ass pumped full with another load of that unmedicated cum. I know my status now, at least according to last night’s test, “Chris please fuck me… please”, I moan. I’m ready for him to dump another big load in me before I show either one of them, though. Chris responds to my movements immediately, plunging his mammoth cock deep inside me, “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. Ahhhhhhhh…..”, causing me to scream out with pain, it hurts, but it hurts so good. Chris’ enormous poz dick is so far up my ass right now, I can nearly feel him pressing against my bladder. “Ahhhhhh…. So good… so fucking good”, he moans. Chris isn’t fooling around, he’s horny, and he intends to give me a hard ride. He’s pumping his hips rapidly up and down in my ass filling me; I can feel his fuck tube, hard and tight, hitting my ring. His heavy balls slap my ass cheeks, and make that skin-on-skin sound with each thrust of his hips. Fuck his balls are huge, just like his cock, and I know they are full of his virus – the same virus he intends to plant in my ass. They hang well below the base of his cock, in a large hair-covered sack, which is swinging wildly now, as his body rocks against mine. “Ohhhhhh fuck … fuck me Chris, breed me … fucking breed me”, we both groan as his big poz dick pummels my asshole. “FUCK!! Give it to me Chris … gimme more of that unmedicated load … fucking poz my hole”, I blurt out. “Fuck yea!”, I hear Mike moaning as he’s jacking off, he’s getting off to our sex. I think Mike has been trying to get me poz for a long while now, and him jacking off, listening to be beg for the bug confirms it. He sticks a finger into his precum and reaches over feeding it to me. An “Mmmmmm” escapes my lips as I lap up his fluids. Chris is such an intent top, you can see it on his face, its as if he’s concentrating on an algebra test. All he can do is pant and try to breathe, as he works up a load to pump from his body into mine. I know Chris is intent on being my gifter, we kind of established that last night. I have no intention of stopping him from fucking me full of his HIV; I’ve become a bug chaser. I feel his cock begin to swell larger, his balls working hard to fill me with a large gushing load of white hot toxic male seed. It’s so hot thinking that Chris and I are not just fucking we are intentionally trying to infect me with HIV; this is clear to us. A few months or so ago I might have been nervous about all of this but Mike convinced me to go bareback with Chris, Mike convinced me to take that first poz load, and Mike convinced me to take loads at his conversion party. When I’m HIV+ Mike will be as responsible for my infection as Chris or anyone else. Here we are like a lot of times before it, Chris fucking my ass, and Chris about to share a load of infected semen with me. I subconsciously mouth the words, “He stopped taking his medication”, as he’s banging my ass, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck! FUCK!! FUCK!!”, I cry out loud as I think about that. “Did…”, I start to speak but cut myself, “…you do that just for me”. “Did what babe?”, I hear Chris. “Just fuck me… fuck me Chris, give me that load”, I speak up so I don’t have to explain all the thoughts bouncing around in my head. My musings haven’t registered with him and I can tell by his groans that the sex is bringing him closer and closer to the edge. “Ahhhhhhh… ahhhhhhh… babe….. oh fuck…. So close”, he moans out. One final hard thrust and his cock begins to spew its toxic load deep inside my ass. I can feel the warmth of his sperm coating my insides as he squirts deep. "OH FUCK YEA!!! FUCK!!! FUCKING TAKE IT!!”, Chris screams, as the load pumps into me. I keep grinding my hips into him, wanting him to spray paint every square inch in my rectum with that special spunk. When his hips stop gyrating into me, and he seems spent, I’m going to milk him for every last drop. I love the feeling of his huge cock in me, just resting, knowing he’s dumped his cargo. Even as he’s just laying there, that fat cock motionless inside me, I’m in total bliss. I know Chris just sent another infected load from his body into my accepting body. I’ve become a poz cum receptacle for him. Chris falls on top of me exhausted. My legs are still tightly wrapped around him, and for at least a moment or so, his wet cock remains lodged in me. I wrap my arms around him; and, with one quick jerk, I spin us around, until I’m lying on top of him. His eyes open instantly, as he looks up at me. I push myself up, until I’m on my knees, as I sat on his crotch. My cock is hard and leaking, sticking straight up against my bare pubic bone, as I look down at my sexy gifter. His cock is still wedged in me, but I can feel it shrinking. I pulls myself free from his cock, and lean forward, my precum making a huge mess on this chest. It’s at that moment Mike perks up, “Don’t move babe … time for round two”, he says. Mike hops up and moves so his legs are over Chris’, he intends to breed me, with me hanging over Chris’s body. Mike groans, “Ahhhhhhhhhh… hang … hang… ahhhhhhhhhh … yeah”, and the cock of the other man I love glides easily into my cummy ass. “Ohhhhh fuck yeah”, I moan, ignoring Chris for a moment, even though I know I’m soaking him in precum. I feel four sets of hands on my body, Mike pushing me down and forward a bit, so he can more easily ride me. I kiss Chris and moan against him as Mike starts to ride my ass. “Ahhhhhhhh…. Fuck yeah, … breed me Mike … fucking breed me … fucking …”, I moan but he’s interrupts, “Ahhhhh…. So good … don’t move”. I feel something odd like paper on my back and then he’s holding an envelope in front of my face, “That’s you babe”, but I can’t open it as I’m using both hands to brace myself. “Chris … please”, I groan. Chris grabs the envelope from Mike. Mike’s fucking motions have almost stopped, he’s all the way in though, and I can feel his cock throbbing. Chris opens the envelope, looks at it, and then pulls out a blue card holding it up for me. The card reads, “NEG” in big, white letters. I’m not entirely surprised, but my only response is a meager, “k”. My mind wonders and now I want to know what’s on Mike’s card. I squeeze down on hiss cock to remind him I’m still impaled on his dick and I still expect to be bred. Mike holds another envelope in front of my face ... “Mine”, he says, “He’s such a drama queen sometimes”, I think. He holds completely still, opening the envelope. He hands the card to Chris, and pulls out, and pushes back into me hard. I still can’t see the card, but Mike wasted no time in returning his focus to my ass. Then Chris let’s out a, “Fuck yea!” and slowly turns the card around to show me, its red and reads, “HIV+”. I wrap my hand around my hard cock, and stroke more of my leaking pre-cum from my shaft onto Chris’ chest. It’s oozing from the slit, and mixing with the hairs on his chest. Chris is now watching me intently as Mike picks up the pace. I tighten up my ass muscles to resist some until the head plunges all the way into my asshole. He pulls back and gives several quick, hard pumps and I jump as pushes hard and the head of his now poz cock is completely swallowed into my dark warm hole. “FUCK!”, I moan, “FUCKING breed me Mike!”. I know Mike gets fucked a lot, and probably took loads from everyone last night, but I also know he loves hot verbal and my begging is definitely working. Mike wanted to be infected, and now he is; and now he’s trying to give it to me. Good luck to him … I think Chris has already punched that ticket for me, but that shouldn’t stop me from goading Mike into a wild fuck. “I want it Mike … I want this … I want it so bad … fuck me”, I moan into Chris’ face as he’s leaning up to kiss me. “Fuck yea … pozzing my first hole”, I don't want to move around too much, I just want him to go for it and breed me deep. My asshole relaxes around the his cock as he’s pounding me. Mike pulls almost all the way out, fucking me with short, rough jabs, then his cock sinks deeper into my asshole, until my pelvic bone is nearly shoved up tight up against Chris’ face. Mike's cock is rock hard, filled with poz blood, I know very soon I’m getting my second load of unmedicated poz sperm this morning. I’m so fucking horned up from Chris, and now Mike, working me over that my cock and my mouth are drooling. Chris leans up to me and some of my drool literally goes right into his mouth. “Ahhhhhhh… ahhhhhh… fuck I love that ass babe”, Mike moans, as Chris and I start kissing again. Chris’ hands move from my chest to my hips and his grip helps my legs tighten up and keep me stable as Mike lays into me hard and heavy. I know Mike is intent on trying to poz me, so I reach back, pulling him deeper into me. I want his load, I know I’m ready for a serious breeding, and I want to be sure he knows it too. “Do it Mike … fucking nail me … fucking knock me up”, I start speaking directly into Chris’ open mouth. Mike grabs my hips and the pace of the fucking picks up. I look at Chris’ sexy face, with his brown hair, Mike is pumping my ass up and down. My cock is all over the place between Chris’ nipples … my precum is slinging out all over the place in small threads as my asshole puts a death grip on Mike’s poz fuck stick. Mike begins to moan out loudly ... "OH FUCK YEA! FUCK! OH FUCK ! HARD! JUST FUCKING LOVE THAT ASS KEVIN, FUCKIN’ LOVE THIS!!!" He goes on and on, as his cock violates my insides. Part of me feels like I’m riding his cock almost like a cowboy from Texas riding a wild bull. I plant my hands further into the bed, and push my ass back against his cock, causing our fuck to be even harder; all while trying to kiss Chris. At one point, I think my bed is going to collapse, we’re bouncing on it so hard. Mike moves his hands down, and is pushing his body up to mine, he’s fucking his cock down into my ass. Mike is jackhammering me, trying to get his seed in as deep as he can. We fuck like that for a while with him fucking me hard like the fucking pig sluts that we were. I haven’t even cum once; I'm not even sure if Mike cares, but my cock is rock hard, as he’s plunges in and out of my stretched hole over and over. I move my face into Chris’ neck, my ass high in the air waiting and wanting his poz load as he rides that hole. "Oh Fuck, baby; OH FUCK! I’m going to cum ... HARD!!", he says lashing out at my back, and I do my best to grip his cock tighter with my ass. I move my face into a kiss with Chris and his hands find my the steel girder between my legs. That last bit triggers something in both of us, because we begin to buck like animals, pounding away on each other, his cock slamming into his ass, hitting faster and deeper. “UHhhhhhhhhh…… uhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. “, I hear him, his orgasm coming fast. Then it happens, his cock begins to pump massive loads of freshly infected HIV+ jizz into my wet, well-fucked hole. It’s fucking wild; I can feel his balls tighten up as they pump, spewing huge globs of cum. Its amazing that Mike literally just found out he’s HIV+, and now the first poz load he spills is being jettisoned from his cock slit, deep into the darkness of my body. I swear if Mike cums any harder I’m going to taste his jizz. “Ahhhhhhhhhh……Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. Oh fuck”, I’m screaming, my knotting up like a dogs, filled with my babies, until I’m ready to explode with force. The first shot of my cum rockets over Chris’ head splattering against the headboard and wall behind us. It hits hard, with enough force to hear it, and immediately begins to stream down toward the floor. My second and third shots land on Chris’ face, mouth and chest, causing my spunk to puddle in large amounts on his body. It seems like a lot, but I know from experience my balls have a lot more cum to produce, especially with me still being impaled on Mike’s dick. Thinking that my cock is going to start spewing cum all over the sheets, I grab my erupting cock, and aim the rest towards Chris’ mouth. He gets it and instantly, his mouth and lips are covered in my hot, white, and creamy load; which he licks and swallows down greedily, not realizing that the torrent of liquid from my balls isn't going to end soon. As my cock continues to lose its load, we all grip each other in the throws of the orgasms. I know Chris’ stomach is drowning in my boys and my ass is drowning in sperm from both of them, even though Mike’s seed might be more potent at the moment. Finally, when the orgasms pass, we all collapse, side by side, naked. Our soft cocks are lying on top of our stomachs and we’re drenched in sweat, drained, and exhausted. I’m trying desperately to catch my breath. "Fuck that was so hot”, I hear Mike as he looks over into my eyes. I can’t wait for them to fuck me again.
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    Gaping, I could feel my hole still open minutes after the monster cock slipped out. I wanted more, I wanted him back to fuck me, use me, fuck - even rape me harder over and over. I wondered what was next, how the fuck is this shit hole of a house going to top that fucker. Would my hole still be so open that I would not feel the next cock? It didn’t take long for me to find out. Another mirror slowly started to open, in what I mentally dubbed “The Conversion Funhouse,” slowly revealing the next horror. Standing there in the area behind the mirror was more skeleton, than man. He was so wasted away that he was just skin and bones, not one ounce of fat on his body. He was pale and naked from the neck down. His head was completely covered by what looked like a burlap hood, with slits for eyes and small openings for nostrils - nothing but a sown “x” for a mouth. If he wasn’t nude, he looked as if he stepped out of a slasher film. Walking in slowly, I watched his cock and balls bounce between his legs. His cock was not as massive in length like the monster before, but it was close in girth while still soft. He stopped behind me, as if admiring the work of the cock before him. As he circled my hole slowly with his finger, with out sliding it in, his cock started to grow - my eyes widened as I watch his cock obscenely thicken to the size of a beer can - and this fucker was actually the size of a beer can. FUUUUUCCCKKK - I wanted, needed and craved if up my fuck hole. The length was about seven inches, but it was the girth that was turning me into a bitch in heat. I watched as he positioned himself behind me, the reflection of the sagging skin of his ass made me wonder if he was positive or full blown. The first monster was positive that’s for sure…but how far along was this this fucker was anyone’s guess at this point. Holding the base of his cock, he started running the head up and down my crack, teasing me, pressing more and more into me until on one pass his cock slipped inside my gaping hole. My hole offered no resistance, he plunged balls deep and stayed there. This time there was no pain, only the pleasure of my hole opening wider for this thick cock. His bony hip bones pressed against my ass, digging into me. His bony fingers reached out and grabbed my hair, pulling my head back as far as my neck would allow. With his cock deep in me, he bent down and put his head next to mine. “my AIDS cock is deep in your hole” he said “it’s what you wanted?” I moaned out a yes, all the while processing the smell of his breath, fuck he smelled of rot, of DEATH. “going to slam my AIDS dick in you until I shoot a full term virus into your bleeding hole - are you ready?” Again I moaned out a yes, while breathing in his death and attempting to push back against him. His cock slowly started to move out of my hole, making me feel empty. I could feel more of the first load of cum running down my balls and cock. His fuck was not as brutal as the monster before. His rhythm of in and out was time just perfectly to make my ass feel pleasure, while all the time knowing that he was going to shoot his death deep within, mixing with the toxic load of the brute before. His balls created a slapping sound that complimented the squish of cum being churned in my hole as well as the air that was being injected and forced out with each thrust of his cock. Watching in the mirror, I could see him tweaking his nipples along with a glimpse of his thick cum covered cock as it slid in and out of my hole. Adding to the fuck music was my moans of pleasure and his growling of enjoyment. Pumping his cock in and out of my hole increased along with the forcefulness - this action was like a stabbing motion as if he was plunging a dagger deep in my ass, resulting in my death - which was true to an extent - his cock was going to deliver the blow that would eventually result in my death - death to being negative, death to safe sex, and death by AIDS. “no turning back now you fucking AIDS whore, I am on the edge of blasting your insides with AIDS cum “ he yelled during his breathing, “nothing you can say or do to stop it” His cock thickened slightly and I knew it was time. Time for another gift. No fear, just ecstasy. He slammed his cock all the way inside as it pulsed and spit, coating my raw hole with cum. Within seconds the pulsing stopped and he started pumping his cock in and out of my hole again. “It’s not over fucker, I am a multiple shooter” His cock was even more slick and he slid in and out with more ease and within a minute or two, he pushed in deep again and I felt his cock start to pulse another death load in me, only to have him start fucking me again as soon the climax subsided. “squeeze your hole around my cock, you fucking loose fuck” he screamed at me and as hard as I tried I couldn’t make my hole tight around his cock. “squeeze it you loose lipped whore” he yelled again as he slapped both of my ass cheeks. He had stopped pumping his cock, and was violently pulling out and ramming it back into my hole, over and over. I was completely at his mercy, trying to tighten my hole which was still too loose for him. His hands continued to slap each cheek, alternating the slaps. I could feel my skin heating up and in the mirror’s reflection see red marks forming and darkening. This continued for about five minutes until he slammed all the way in, shooting another load, what felt like a larger load deep into my guts. He pressed into me until it subsided and his cock began to deflate, and as he pulled out he gave each cheek another a slap. I held my breath as he exited the room through the same way he entered. Playing both fucks back in my head. I had been fucked by a monster and by death. What the fuck was next - Sarah Palin himself?
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    After the two fucks my hole was not sore, but was twitching for more, my arms and legs on the other hand ached - from being immobilized. Part of me wanted free from this position to be able to moved during the next fuck, but my cock just wanted to stay just like this. I don’t know how I hadn’t shot a load everywhere during those fucks, but I hadn’t - my only guess was I was focused on my hole and not my cock the whole time. My eyes darted around after hearing a click, searching the reflections for the movement of the next mirror. I was shocked and horrified as the first mirror opened again and in stepped the brute from the first fuck again. He was carrying a black container, which concealed the contents. “you ain’t getting my dick again you whore so stop smirking!” He kneeled down behind me and blew a hot breath on my hole, causing it to pucker. I could see in the reflection that he pulled a baster from his boot and put it inside the container, sucking up what looked like cum. WTF. “this is the last loads of cum that the AIDS hospice extracted from their patients while on their death beds - we saved them for a fucker like you” I felt the pointed end of the baster enter my hole as he squeezed the bulb on the end, adding the cum to his and Mr. Skeletons’ loads. I had braced myself for the coldness, but the cum was warm, almost body temp. Was this cum that fucking fresh? Once the baster was empty he filled again and added one more baster full of AIDS cum to my ass. Once this task was completed, he rose and left the room, leaving me with his toxic load, Skeleton’s AIDS load and who the fuck knows how many death loads, to wait for the final fuck. With another click, I knew I was in for another fuck of my life. I saw a mirror opening, waiting for the next beast to walk through. To my surprise it looked like a normal man, of average size, cut not built like a muscled beast, healthy looking not emaciated, furry not smooth. His face was covered by a mask - something that you would see during Mardi Gras and was wearing black boxer briefs. He moved across the room, stopping at my ass and started shaking his head as if passing judgement. He reached down, untied the gag in my mouth and removed it. I started to work my jaws to ease up on the stiffness that had settled in. He reached behind and pulled out a strip of black fabric, then lowered in front of my face positioning it in front of my eyes. - NOW a blindfold, I thought, what the fuck will he be doing? He tied it tight behind my head and adjusted the front to insure I could not see any fucking thing. I was going to have to use my other senses to figure out what the fuck was going on. Concentrating, I thought I heard him pull off his underwear and toss them aside. Fuck this was killing me - I wanted to see - not hear. I listened closer only to be surprised by cold touch metal rubbing in my crack. My enemy panic returned for a visit and collaborated with my mind to convince me that he had a knife and was going to murder me. I struggled to move and break from my prison. His hand slammed me back down on the box and held me there as this cold metal moved more and more, zeroing in on my well used and cum filled hole. I felt him shake the metal against my hole and then drove in deep. I screamed in anticipation of pain that would come from the knife, but there was none. All I felt was his cock sliding in and out of my hole. Driving deeper and deeper, until I felt it slide completely out and I knew then it was the ring of a P.A. on his cock, but was not smooth, it felt roughed up as fuck. “going to drive all that cum deep into you, all the while scratching up your innards” saying to me in a deep voice. His fuck became more and more violent like the last fucker. Pulling his pierced cock out and driving it in, over and over and over. It never ended. His P.A. would rub up against my swallow hole. I moaned more and more as he continued to fuck my hole. I could feel cum pouring out of my hole, running down my balls. He pulled his cock out and said: “we can’t have this” - while scooping the cum off my cock and balls and shoving it back in my hole. He repeated this a couple of times, then rammed his pierced cock back in deep. This man had some staying power when it comes to fucking or he could control his cumming. It felt like an eternity of constant pounding. My mind wanted it to continue, but my hole was getting sore and wanted it to stop. Yet it continued. I heard a bell ring after a long period of time - coming from somewhere behind the mirrors. “thats the 45 minute mark, how much longer do you want dicked?” his deep voice growled “I can go all night” I moaned as he picked up speed, his ring was hitting new spots inside me and I was experiencing new sensations that I had never felt. I was moaning more and more like a cat in heat and wanted more cock. I knew that this fucking had to end sometime. Grabbing my hips he started to fuck harder and faster, until he slammed into me four or five times while shooting his load deep into me. “this unmedicated load will help with your exposure” After he pulled out, I thought he left the room, but soon felt the metal ring rub against my lips, instinctively my lips parted and he rammed his semi hard cock deep in my throat. His hands grabbed the side of my head and started to face fuck me as his cock became stiff. I felt the ring his in my throat, his face fucking was more brutal than his ass fucking. I fought hard not to gag or even puke all over his legs, in fear of what would happen. It wasn’t long until his cock stiffened more and he pulled half way out as his poz load shot all over the back of my throat then slid down to my gut. “if your fuck hole didn’t convert you, then a raw ripped throat might - doesn’t hurt to do both ends” he said as he ripped his cock from my mouth raking his P.A. against my teeth. I hear him move across the room and exit, leaving me a right where he found me. The only thing I could do was wait to see if and when someone would release me from my cuffs.
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    Like most guy/kids, once they shoot their load they want to bounce out the door. But I had plans for that little tight ass of his, I got him to relax and chill for a little on the couch and slowly started to play with his cock. He was a cute kid, I had tasted the cock, now I wanted to taste the ass. He had maybe a 28 waist, with a perky butt. I had him semi hard and was rubbing his asshole a little. The more I rubbed his hole, the more he moaned. I asked if he enjoyed getting his ass played with and he said yes. I asked if he had be rimmed before and he said no. So, I told him if he liked the finger, he would love my tongue up his hole. I had gotten him to row over so I could play with that ass. He was face down, ass up and it was a site to behold. I parted the cheeks and his hole was so pink and little. Without wasting time, I drove tongue in first. I had my tongue up his hole as far as I could get it. He was moaning and moving his hips as I assault his asshole. I worked on his hole for a good 10/15 mins and between my tongue and using a finger or two to play with his hole, I had him loose and ready for a cock. I started rubbing his back as I moved up behind him, I spit in my hand and rubbed it on the cock, and lined it up for him. We had not talked about condoms and I ready wanted to breed him. So, I started to push into him slowly and see what would happen. He let out a little moan and relaxed laying flat on his stomach at this point. I slowly pushed the rest of the way in, until I was balls deep inside of him and laid down flat on top of him. His ass felt so smooth and hot inside, I felt like I could have blown a load in him right then. I gave him a min or so to get use to my cock in him, then I stated to pull back a little and push back in. I continued to pull out a little more on each stroke until I was almost all the way out and then it was fun time. I pulled him back up to being on all fours and grabbed his hips and started to go to town on that ass. He was semi hard, so his donkey dick was swing between his legs as a big tub of meat. Every once in a while, his floppy dick would swing up and touch my balls. When that happen, I drove in harder and stayed in him deep for an extra second or so. I was starting to hit it harder and harder, I could feel his ass get tight let a vice gripe. He was starting to shoot his load without playing with himself. I'm not one for wasting a load, so I coved his cock with my hand and caught so of his load. I pulled out of his ass and relubed my dick with his cum and pushed back in. I was close before, but with the tight ass and knowing I'm fucking him with his own cum put me over the edge. I asked where he wanted it, he asked that I just finish, that it was starting to hurt. With that in mind, I pushed in as hard and deep as I could and unloaded inside him. It was a good day to play top True story, with more to come
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    I posted an add on the almighty craigslist to be breed by some anon straight men. I get an email saying that a group of married men on business wanted to gangbang me anonymous. They texted my number with all their rings and cocks photos to show proof. I still wasn't sure if it was safe. Four on one? What if they wanted to rob me? But I took the chance anyways...I wanted my hole to be bred. So I got a hotel room in a sleazy hotel and prepped myself. I then got a text saying they were outside and to leave the door unlocked and have my ass up in the air. I put my jockstrap on, lubed up my cumhole and got into position...ass high in the air, face down. Ass up and ready to drain some nuts I hear a knocking on my door. I voice for them to come in. "There's that nice fat ass." They smelt of cigars and booze. "Can't wait to empty my nuts in that." Said the other I got so extremely turned on knowing that these random guys were going to unload inside me that my asshole began winking rhythmically. "Lookie lookie here...we got a winker." As one then slid a finger inside my hole. "Wink on my finger nice and slow." I began to flex my hole on his finger nice and slow and he began jerking his cock. "Time to breed this hole." I hear the belt come off and him positioning himself behind me. I relaxed my hole and he shoved it deep inside. It was painful but it felt amazing. He slowly began to stroke me deep and then went faster as he grabbed my hips. I began to tighten my hole as he began to cum inside me. "Jerry (Fictional game to keep anonymity) your turn." Jerry's cock was not long but thick and it certainly stretched me out. My hole was starting to loosen up and you could hear it as the lube and the cum was being mixed together inside my cumhole. After 10 minutes Jerry unloaded inside me. I had to tighten my hole from here on out just to keep the loads inside. The next guy had an average sized cock...but i wasn't complaining. As long as cum goes inside, I'm happy. This guy took about 5 minutes to unload but his load had to be the largest. He was grunting and breathing furiously for awhile while he cummed. "Who's last?" I asked teasing while I shook my ass. "Oh this cumwhore is still game eh" The last guy said as he smacked my ass hard. He slapped my ass a few more times before he entered me. He had the biggest dick out of all of them and knew it. He started out with a moderate stroke, letting me get used to it and then grabbed my hips and began thrusting deep inside my ass. My head dropped due to the extacy. "Yea take that fat dick." My hole was ridiculously sloppy now with all the loads and this huge dick inside my ass pounding away. The sounds from my sloppy hole being plunged turned him on and he fucked me even harder until he came inside me. I had taken 4 loads from men I don't even know what they look like! I was turned on so much arched my back even further to show them my handy work. "Stay there, we want pictures and video." So I stayed put...willingly obliging them to look at my destroyed cumhole. "Wink for us." I began winking as fast and hard as I could. "Now push out our loads in my hand." My hole sputtured out their loads for several minutes. He then smacked my ass with all the loads and rubbed it all over my ass. "Thanks for that hole, slut" I winked my hole at them a couple times on the way out as they laughed. Best saturday night ever
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    For PartyandBreed: It took me 3 weeks before I could drive up to PandB's place to meet up with him and Jake. Jake greeted me naked at the door, "Hey hey!", with a kiss and a hug, "Hi back", and I moved my hands down to feel his bare ass. PartyandBreed, also greets me in a hug, squishing Jake's body between us, "Hey you sexy HIV+ man", he says, I'm sure mostly for Jake's benefit. I kiss him over Jake's shoulder, "Hey you sexy hot gifter", I say back to him. The hug breaks and without saying a word they both proceed to strip me of my shoes, shorts, t-shirt and underwear, "Much better", PandB says, "Let's go up stairs". "Be right back", he says, and I follow Jake up the stairs. PandB shows up with a large glass of water and then I hear him digging through a pill bottle, "Time for meds sexy", he says to Jake. I notice this time Jake is taking a whole blue pill, and I share a bit of eye contact with PandB as Jake swallows the pill down. I move to kiss PandB, and whisper in his ear, "That's so fucking hot". His only reply, "I know". I look at the open pill bottle, it should be almost empty but its mostly full, maybe 8 or 9 of the pills are missing. Later PandB will tell me Jake is sometimes getting a whole pill, sometimes a half, and there are almost always several days between doses. "I need you to put that poz fuck stick in me", I need to feel it again, I say to him. He smiles. I lie back on the bed. His grin reminds me of the first weekend he ever fucked me. It was morning, and he had fucked 2 loads into me the night before when he arrived at my place. I went to bed that night with his cum inside me, hoping my body absorbed all of it. The sun was coming in my bedroom window, we're laying there naked and cuddled. I like how his dick feels in the crack of my ass but I turned over to face him; he's still asleep. I reached down to feel his cock, its wet, and all I could think about is how he's here to breed me and how much I want him. We'd talked it through so much, how much I wanted to test HIV-positive and how much he wanted it to be the one to do it. I felt his cock firming up through my touches, and asleep or not, I wanted to see if I could coax another infectious load out of him. We'd talked about guys he's already pozzed and how he fucked them and bred them and told them he was giving them HIV, yet now with him here beside me, it feels almost surreal. I'm hard as a rock, I know what I want. I smeared a small amount of lube on that 8" cock of his and turn over -- I wanted to see if he could breed me without waking up. I moved back toward him, guiding his raw dick to my hole, then with a little bending on my part I feel it sliding home. The head is in, then the thick girth and the rest as I push back to get all of it inside me. His balls just touched my ass when I feel a hand on my hip ... "He's awake", I think to myself. I squeeze down on his cock and he moans out, "Yeahhhhh baby", he might be barely awake but he knows what's happening. We start to fuck with me assisting while he's waking up, "Fuck", I moan softly, "Fuck I want this PandB ... I need another load of ....", and he moves his hips to show me he's awake and in charge. "Yeah... another load of poz cum ... that what you need?", he asks. The fucking motions continue, "yes ... fuck yes ... I fucking need another load of poz cum in me ... need to poz too, babe", "Fuck yea", he responds. We continue to fuck like that through the begging and the moaning and the confirmation from him. We both know whats happening to me, he's going to fuck another load of unmedicated HIV-positive cum into my ass with the intent of infecting me, and I'm going to beg and plead for him to do it. "I want it ... I want it... please", I begged. In my head I'm imagining the next time, whenever I got tested I would be receiving a positive result, my cock would get hard, and it would be because we chose to fuck bareback and we both wanted me intentionally infected. "FUCK.........FUCK .... FUCK", he moaned more loudly, he was definitely awake now and my ass was taking the brunt of it for waking him up. "Gonna fucking nut soon... gonna fuck breed that ass ... fucker", he screamed out into my neck, "Fuck yea... fucking do it ....... fucking give it to me", I said it, again and again. I was begging for him to infect me with HIV and he was doing his best to comply with my request. "FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK.........ohhhhhhhhhh.........ohhhhhhhhhhhh..... FUCKKKKKK", a few more hard lunges, and then BAM! His body stopped moving and his cock stayed buried deep in my ass, I could feel it pumping his seed into me. "Ahhhhhhhhhhh.........ahhhhhhhhhhhhh..... fuck", we both moaned. We had waited and worked for so long for him to be here to poz me and now it was happening... thank you for toxic load # 3 babe. I jerked my hard cock a few times quickly while he's unloading and just thinking about all of this made me shoot off; my cum flying everywhere. PandB pushes and grunts, and with Jake watching me, his dick slides right in, "Ahhhhhhh... feels so good", we both moan. Jake moves up in front of me and offers me his cock which I greedily accept. I thought he might be all bottom but I'm glad he at least likes his dick sucked. PandB rides my ass for a few minutes getting his cock nice and slick, "C'mon babe", I hear him say to Jake. Jake removes his cock from my mouth and lies on his back right beside me with his legs up like mine. PandB pulls his cock from me and moves over to Jake. It looks like he's almost ready to go balls deep, without hesitation or pause. I put my legs down and lean over to kiss Jake and we start making out as PandB works on his hole. I move back to watch. "This is gonna feel great ... gonna poz that hole", PandB says, applying pressure and pushing into him. "Ahhh ... okay", Jake says, swallowing while looking down at PandB's crotch; watching what he can of his dick. I watch both of them intently as poz top on neg bottom sex takes shape. PandB places a hand on the front of Jake's neck, pulling him back slightly so they can look into each other's eyes. "Fuck yea", he moans. I'm so turned on, I can feel my heart pounding in my chest. I notice Jake giving PandB a small nod without breaking eye contact. "Ahhhhhhh.... ahhhh... so good", PandB moans as works his cock against Jake's hole, adding pressure. I know from fucking Jake how the head of your cock feels as it slides past the tight muscles and into him, spreading around the thick head of your dick. Jake is so tight and fucking a load of poz cum into him is heaven. PandB lets out a long, airy moan and I smile watching him. He holds steady for a few seconds and closes his eyes, reaching around and grabbing Jake's hand, "You want more boy?", he asks. Jake nods and lets his head fall to the pillow. PandB spits some on his cock, just above that tight ass and slowly presses his cock in, his hand gripping Jake's as he slides inch after inch of that hot, poz dick into him. "You got half boy", he says. Jake nods a bit and breaths heavy but steady, its obvious his sphincter is relaxing a bit as it adjusts once more to PandB's thick meat. "Good boy", PandB says, pausing again, letting Jake get adjusted. I know PandB probably wants to speed this up, or even force it in, but instead he's taking slow to start. After a few moments, I see Jake's grip on his hand lessen and he swallows as PandB pushes more cock into him. PandB pauses again briefly before pushing the rest of his cock into him, "Ahhhhhhhhhhh.......ahhhhhhhhhhh... , feels so good... so good", Jake moans loudly. PandB leans forward and kisses his neck, holding him steady as he nearly lies on top of him, that hot ass surrounding PandB's cock. "I'm all the way in, baby", he says, a devilish smile again crosses Jake's face. PandB grabs one of Jake's hands, putting it on his chest as he slow rides the boy's hole. I swear to God, watching Jake take poz cock, is one of the most erotic moment's of my life. PandB is balls deep inside Jake now, even though I know for a fact Jake is 18, he's still a teenager. I can't believe he's already taking poz cock and bug chasing. I never want to leave here, I just want to watch him being bred over and over, and take part in his conversion. PandB pulls back, and pushing back in, holding it for a moment as he moans into Jake, "Does that feel good boy?", he asks quietly. He gets a nod as they make eye contact and continue feeling each other's body. PandB repeats the motion, feeling Jake's ass contract and then stretch around his cock as I watch them and slow stroke my own cock. I can see Jake's body is shaking slightly underneath PandB. PandB sits back and grab Jake's legs, pulling them apart so they can both see the poz cock buried in that neg ass. PandB repeats the motion once more before keeping it going, slowly thrusting in and out of him, feeling his hot, tight ass stretching each time. Jake leans up to look, watching intently, watching the cock disappear into his ass. "Fuck me, Dad.", he moans out, surprising me a bit. We both look at him and he nods, "Fuck yes ...", PandB moans, I know he must be close. PandB swallows and nods back before picking up the pace a bit, pulling about half of his cock out and pushing it back in. He presses his face into Jake's neck and grabs the blankets hard, his light boyish moaning muffled as PandB fucks him. Jake is so tight, but I don't think PandB cares right now whether he likes it or wants it, he just needs to cum in that hole. Jake's legs are pinned on his shoulders, PandB pulling him in tightly. Jake doesn't miss a beat and starts to lift his hips up and down, fucking himself on it, getting a deep moan from PandB as he does. PandB rubs his hands up and down Jake's chest and stomach, feeling that ass flex as he rocks his hips, riding on the hard cock. "Fuuuccckkkk..." He groans as he lets his ass fall to his hips, taking the entire cock inside of him over and over. "This feels so fucking good, Dad.", he says it again. Jake lays his head on PandB's shoulder and PandB grabs his cheek, turning his head and kissing him deeply as he rides the boy, his cock throbbing and leaking precum inside of him. After a minute or so, PandB grabs his hips and pulls them up, pulling him off his cock and letting him lay beside me. He gets on his knees and grab the boy's legs, pulling him up and then grabbing his waist as he gets behind him. This breeding session isn't over by a long shot. PandB smiles at me as he lines his cock up and then sucks in a breath through gritted teeth as he pushes his cock back inside of Jake. He closes his eyes as he starts to fuck Jake again, not wasting any time working up to a pace, going roughly the same speed as he did riding me before. PandB goes faster, his sensual moans getting louder as he does. His hands find Jake's back and he drags his nails down, leaving red marks as he does. "Cum in me, Dad", Jake says blankly. PandB makes a "Hmmmmmm" sound, Jake doesn't miss beat, "Poz me Dad, poz me", he says. PandB turn his head and looking directly at me, "AHHHHHH YEAH... FUCK", groans loudly. I give him the same devious smile in return. I move in closer to Jake, kissing him hard. "No problem, son", I hear PartyandBreed say as I kiss Jake. One of his hands grabs Jake's hip, the other wrapping around his neck. Our kiss breaks as PandB keeps up the pace, feeling his cock getting harder and harder the closer he gets. His hands wrap around Jake and scratch down his back. Jake is moaning and bucking, I know he must feel me that positive cock getting harder inside of him. PandB continues to pound him, his ass slapping against Jake's hips as he thrusts, his hands scratching down his back. "Ahhhhhhhh.........fuck yeah", Jake moans, shit, he must like it rough. PandB sits up, his left hand pressing Jake's neck a little bit, choking him just slightly to get his reaction. Jake closes his eyes and flashes me a quick smile, loving this with each second, maybe even more than I did. I know his ass is tightening around PandB's cock and I look down, his own cock throbbing a few times before shooting his load, spraying his flat stomach, his chest and the bed with his hot cum. PartyandBreed just fucked the cum out of this boy and gave him what seems like a seriously intense orgasm. I know PandB's cock must be throbbing at the sight of this, mine sure is, and the feeling of that ass clenching around his dick. "I'm about to cum, baby, 'bout to give you more of that... poz... cum", he mutters between thrusts. I move in towards Jake again and he almost instantly pulls me into a kiss, pressing his own tongue into my mouth. This drives PandB over the edge and I can feel him give a few more hard thrusts into that teen hole before losing it. The kissing, the watching, the being fucked earlier all has me on edge and I know I'm about to lose my load, too. "Move over babe ... let me in him!", I state, practically demanding it. PandB moves just in time to let me at Jake's ass and I shove my cock in without waiting for spit, lube or anything else. I wrap an arm around him and pull him close as I start to cum, moaning as I pump another unmedicated poz load deep inside his ass. My hot, sticky cum, that's now toxic like PandB's, shooting deep inside of him once more. I continue to thrust my cock into him, making sure to get every drop of my seed as deep into his ass as possible before coming down. Jake smiles and we kiss one more time. He lies forward, I look at his body, covered in a light coating of sweat, my cock still deep inside of him. "Fuck!", he says after a moment, catching his breath.
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    Got fucked for the last time as a chaser last night. Could not sleep afterwards so I gave in and did the oraquick swab. As I hoped, and as I expected, the test revealed that I am indeed POZ. Can I get a "HELL YEAH". Condom NAZI to POZ fag in 5 weeks.
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    Raw Sex Vacation in Montreal (2nd Night - Fri., Feb. 17, 2017) - Part Two Hey, Rawboyz! Very interesting 2nd day here in Montreal. Still French Canadians continue to astound me. So open here... After lunch at a Portuguese grill, I set out for WEGA DVD store a few short blocks away from where I was staying. I was told that after 3 PM things pick up. Great store to pick up your own favourite bb DVD. I was there for the viewing booths in their basement. After my eyes adjusted to the darker nature of the bathroom, I got to my room and sat down in the chair before the TV screen. I had an opening in the wall when a cock could pop through. I saw a guy I was interested in sucking off. He seemed to have drop by after work to drain his cock and de-stress. I went to his room on the other side and took his young hard cock in my mouth. Within 2 minutes I had a hot load in my mouth. He came very fast. Enjoyable! LOAD ONE for today! I wasn't going to stay around much longer for it was a bit dead there. On to GI Joe sauna... At Gi Joe, there was much more action. A tall black guy came into my room. He had a long hard cock. I sucked him for a few minutes. I couldn't quite get the length of it all in my mouth. I did try. He turned me around to prepare my hole to be fucked. A little lube and he was in me RAW. He took his dick out and put a condom on it to try it in my hole. Then, he took his dick out and thought about it. He took the condom off and entered me a third time RAW. Within 5 minutes he came in my hole. LOAD TWO for today! Afterwards, I went down to the basement, their 'dungeon'. In the darkened glory hole area I met a younger man who I was immediately attracted to. He sucked my hard dick for a bit and turned around to present his lubed hole. Cue: I want to get fucked by you! I slid in effortlessly into his hole. I fucked him for a bit. He wanted to kiss, so I exited his hole and we kissed and embraced. He went off to another corner of the glory hole area. Another guy was fucking him but he took my hard dick in his mouth. Remember, I'm still sore from all the fucking yesterday. This beautiful guy was so sensitive in sucking my hard, sore dick that I rewarded him with my hot load in his mouth. He said in French, 'Ca va!' (kind of like - ok! yes!). I kissed him to thank him. He was so happy as was I! LOAD THREE for today! All in a couple of hours at GI Joe sauna. Time to get something to eat after all this bb sex! I hope you enjoyed this new post! Tomorrow I will driving home to the Toronto area (about a 6 hr drive). The roads are dry and the weather is clear! Happy barebacking, rawboyz! Read1
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    Spit that PrEP out, Boy. Spit it the fuck out, and toss the bottle. You can't medicate the gay away, Son. Don't swallow your pride for the sake of peer and medical pressure. Wake up and grab the Gift that awaits your ought-to-be AIDSHole.
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    Two loads from my new volunteer buddy. The man has stamina and knows how to fuck. My legs trembled when he finally dumped his second load in me but he did make me cum handsfree which always is an amazing feeling. I was oozing precum until I couldn't hold back anymore. Love hearing and feeling his big low hangers slap my ass as he pounds away. Hope to meet again in the weekend.
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    For the past several weeks I've only played with one guy, but today the house was free and I managed to get seven guys to visit. Most were hot, older, hung guys, some from BBRT, some from other sites. Several of the guys were present at the same time, and pretty much everyone fucked everyone. As I type this I have seven loads leaking down my leg. I know two of the guys were poz but this wasn't common knowledge, although the two poz guys got a round with virtually all the guys. In any event we'll see what the fall out is. I was neg when we began, having been lucky so far, even if I've been taking poz loads for some time now. Maybe this will get me. There was some pretty hard fucking today, so DP, and also some fisting. Who knows? Maybe it will take! :-)
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    Not my last load, but my first was only a yer ago on the overnight ferry from Sweden to Germany. an Arab man had been eyeing me some time and when I went to the toilet he followed me, first he kissed me and made me rock hard I almost came in my briefs, then he took them off and started licking my hole making it really wet, I wanted him to use a condom but he just ignored me and forced my ass down on his large This was the second time a man fucked me) circumsized cock. it hurt real bad but when he started lifting my body up and down his pole I almost fainted with pleasure. I bled a bit, when he saw thatr he really strted pumping me and them I could feel his cum inside me. he kissed me and left.
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    So, this is the first stories I have posted, so bear with me with the grammar and whatnot. The next time me and the college kid hooked up was a few months after the first time that I had sucked and fucked him. Like I said, he was bi and he was in the closet, so the hook up was random. I had gotten a text from him one day, he was doing laundry in the basement of his apartment building, I was driving by on my bike so I stopped to say hi. I found him in the basement, doing the wash. He was as cute as before, all of his 5'7" and the 130 pounds and blond hair. He was wearing shorts and no shirt this time. We started kissing and I grabbed for his dick... like I said, he was in the closet and flipped about me grabbing his cock. But had not problem kissing me in the room...str8/biguys. He informed me that he didn't have time to play right then, but later that night he could. About 10:30, I got a text from him, that he was free to play, the roommate was gone for the night. Thankfully, he only lived about 3 blocks from me. I walked to his place in a few mins and he met me at the door. Once inside, we moved straight to the bedroom, like I said he was a cute guy, bad taste in underwear. Hanes boxer briefs, not much fun in those things, but I have my own imagination. It seem that he had plans for the night, so I let him take charge of things. He pushed me on to the bed, straddling my chest so his crotch was at my face. He pulled down the front of his shorts and ugly underwear and place the tip of his cock to my mouth. I was not being too submissive to his control and he didn't like it. He started to force it into my mouth and I wanted to see how far he would go. He grabbed the back of my head and lifted it up to meet his cock and keep pressing it in. I finally let his cock into my mouth,it tasted as good as it did the first time. He fucked my mouth, for about ten mins, then telling me to turn over. I'm not much of a bottom, at this point I had only bottom 3 times. But I'm a sucker for a twink that is hung. Plus, the great thing about his cock is that it's about 80% hard till he cums. So it was easier to take then if he was hard. Now, I had used spit and rimmed him before I fucked him a few months ago, there was no way spit would work for this fucking. I was lucky that he had lube, which he said was for his gf pussy when they fucked. He is not a small boy, when it comes to the cock department, he was and still is one of the thicker ones I have taken. With the lube in hand, he started to finger me. I hate fingers, if something is going to go into me, I want something thick. It may have to do with the first two cocks I had taken, they were both good size in girth. So, I informed him to lube up and eat my ass a little. I can be a dominant bottom, I know what I like. He was ok at eating an ass, nothing special but it worked. After about ten mins of munching on my hole, I was more then ready to take a cock and his was more then I needed to itch the need I had. He put the head at my hole and I was more then ready to take it or I thought I was. As he started to push into me, I had second thoughts about being a bottom. I had not taken anything that size before and I was feeling like it was the second coming. I could not believe that it was hurting as bad as it was but on the other hand it was feeling good, knowing that I was taking it. He slowly worked his cock into me, inch by inch it was sliding into me. I would had thought that it would had hurt more then it did, but it was starting to feel good. He slowly worked it in a little and out some and then back in a little more and out some more. He keep telling me how tight I was and that it felt so good, that he would not last long. By the time I was loose to take a hard pounding from him, he was ready to drop his load. He doesn't last long as a top, but with the size of it, you don't want him to last forever. He was starting to get a go pace going, when I felt him get bigger inside of me. Like I said, he is only about 80% hard till he cums. As the pace picked up and he was says that he was getting ready to nut, I could feel him getting thicker inside of me. It was a whole new experience in life, I have ever felt someone get bigger in me like that. It was not just getting a little bigger, he added so much more girth inside me that I knew he was getting ready to cum. It was mind blowing at the size he was getting to inside me. As he pushed all the way in, he held onto me hips and unloaded. It was a great fuck, even if it didn't last long. The only problem was I was still hard and had not blown my load. He stared to pull out and I asked if he could get hard again. He stopped and asked if I wanted a second round, I informed him that I wanted a third if he could.
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    This is how I like ass to be (covered in poz cum)
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    I couldn't take it anymore. After dating my ex boyfriend for 3 years, he broke up with me to go to college. I had literally saved myself for him. There were plenty of guys I could have had, being a young, small girl with anything but small breasts has it's advantages. But now that he's pulling that shit, fuck it. I was responsible long enough, now is my time to have fun. I headed over to a local movie theater. Since it's Friday night there's a midnight showing of 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'. I don't care about the movie too much, but it always seems to attract the horniest of dudes. Upon entering the place, I realize I had underestimated the amount of erotica that could be held in a building. Within a few feet of the entrance alone, there was at least 20 guys wearing anything from jockstraps to full leather BDSM gear. Since the ratio of girls to men was heavily skewed towards guys, I was approached pretty quickly by a guy wearing a tight leather g-string. It didn't leave much to the imagination. "You come here lookin' for some lovin'?" Since my answer was strictly yes, I didn't see any reason to dance around the issue. "Yes, I need to get fucked." The man grins. "You sound pretty eager. Do you want to go now or should I gather up some more guys?" This intrigued me, I hadn't thought about having sex with multiple men in the same night. Now that it's come up though, I figure I might as well go hard or go home. I reply "Dear jesus, yes. Can you get a few guys?" "Heck yeah," says the dude. "Before I do, do you want to set some ground rules first? Like safety rules or anything?" Safety obviously isn't too high a priority for me right now. I never took sex ed, but I figure the chance of actually catching something is fairly low. At the same time, I don't want to seem like a slut or anything. Like maybe not as many guys would want to fuck me if they thought I had something? I decide I should at least pretend to care, just so I can get as many guys as possible. "Uh, I don't need a condom or anything, but if someone is about to stick it in they need to tell me if they think they have an STD. Like it may not be a deal breaker, I still might let them do it, I just need to know." "Sure thing, I'll go get some guys. To make it extra special though, how about lets blind fold you until we get there?" I was definitely up for some extra kinks. My first time having sex had to be memorable ya know? So I agreed. The dude put the blind folds on first, then led me down the street to his apartment. "I'll be right back, I'm going to go get my crew." I heard him close the door as he left. A while later, I'm not sure how long, I hear a large amount of guys enter the place. "Oh shit that's a fine hotty you've caught." One of them said. "How old is she? She's legal right?" Another guy chimed in; "She looks just old enough." As the men shuffled around, I heard the first man come up behind me. He whispered in my ear 'are you ready beautiful?' as he grabbed my shirt at the breast and pulled it down. Another guy came up and started unbuckling my pants. "Would you like to see who's about to fuck you?" I nod in agreement. The man takes off my blindfold and in front of me is this well built hunk, with a massive uncut penis. "oh fuck..." I whisper. He pulls down my pants and underwear as the first dude takes off my shirt and bra. Now, totally naked, I realize there's not turning back. This is the moment I lose my virginity. The man climbed on top of me. I spread my legs to let him in. He jabs at my pussy, but I only yelp in pain. My lack of experience is showing... The man realizes the issue and sticks a few fingers in me first. He starts fingering my insides hard "you want this cock don't you? Tell me you want this cock." "I want that cock!" I say, "I don't believe you, why isn't your hole opening you stupid slut?" He reaches up and grabs my throat. "I'm going to shove it in again and you're going to open, okay?" I try to mumble an affirmative but only moans come out. He takes his fingers out and in one stroke powers his penis inside me. It felt like a fucking cement truck hit me. He didn't wait for me to catch up. He started humping me faster and faster, while still shouting 'you want this fucking cock you fucking slut? you want my cum? Your pussy is mine you whore." After only a minute or two he roars up and sinks his cock into me for the last time, I feel it shudder as he pumps his seed into me. Since I wasn't on birth control, I realized he might have just gotten me pregnant. I don't have time to wonder for long though, as another man quickly climbs on top of me. After a painful first minute, my vagina started getting used to the pain. Plus the cum from the first dude made great lube for this one. Within the next hour, about 12 men took turns pumping their seeds into me. By the end, I was exhausted, but holy shit was it fun. After the last dude cums I realize that the first dude, the one that had originally invited me to this, hadn't taken his turn. Maybe he'd forgotten? I sit up to look around for him, and he clearly didn't forget. He comes up from behind me and started kissing my neck. I moan again. He reaches around and starts fingering my clit. "Ooooh, you're bleeding down their... I hope you still have time for one more..." He pushes me forward so I'm laying on my stomach. "Fuck yes, I need your cum." "Good... One thing though... you said we should tell you if we had an STD right?" He remembers my original and only rule, but he still pokes his penis into my vagina. I moan loudly. "Well..." He starts humping me. I feel his penis going in and out. I feel his skin on my skin. Out of the 13 fucks I had that night, this was on a whole other level. "I have AIDS." he says. My stomach dropped. Did he just say AIDS? Like HIV? Is that why he went last? Cause none of the other guys wanted it? I started to try to flop over, but he picks up his pace, and it just feels so good... I let him keep going. He keeps going though "You said you wanted to get fucked... well this fuck will be the best fuck of your life. You won't ever forget it..." He keeps pounding my pussy, his hands were on the back of my head now, holding me down. "You'll get what you wanted, Cum. You are a cum slut. That's all your good for. Worth less than trash." He keeps jawing at me, I could feel my pussy convulsing as another organism approached. "Who cares if you catch the bug? I could throw you in the dumpster and no one would care. You're good for a fuck and that's it. I hope you remember two things after this; that you have HIV, and that you're fucking worthless." His shit talking was throwing me over the edge. I didn't care about catching the bug. I didn't care about ever having sex again. The only thing that existed at that moment is working this mans cock til it explodes. I feel him start going even faster, til he's outright jack hammering my pussy. I hear the 'spat, spat, spat' of each hump as the sounds morph together. I feel his penis start to expand. "Worthless bitch... Dumb slut..." I feel him grab my shoulders, push me further into the bed, as he roars up and yells "FUCKING CUM DUMPSTER!" my body explodes in complete orgasm as his cock explodes within me. Jets of poisonous semen coating my insides. I feel pump after pump of his throbbing penis as his seed reaches the deepest part of my hole. "Fuck, FUCK!" I moan as he keeps pumping the last of his venom into my uterus. He gets off me. "Okay slut, you had your fun. If you don't catch the bug in a couple weeks, come back and see me, otherwise you've gotta go. " While I could barely walk at this point, I manage to make it back to the theater where a few friends find me and take me home. Only a week later, I come down with the worst flu of my life. I realize I've made a horrible mistake. But it's too late. This is a part of me now. It'll be with me forever. At least I don't have to worry about slutting around anymore, right?
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    I swear this is true... as I was writing it I realized it sounded like something for the fiction page, but this really happened to me this afternoon. Went to the ABS, cleaned out, in my new jockstrap, and ready to get fucked. When I got there not much was happening, but I was determined to wait it out until I got some action. I didn't notice when this one tall, stocky black guy came in, but when he saw me move toward a booth he jumped into the one next to it. I got down next to the glory hole and he fed his soft cock through. Even soft it was large, and it only took a minute or so of sucking on it for it to grow to this massive size. And I mean MASSIVE: easily 10 or 11 inches long and THICK. I could barely get my mouth around it, and it filled the entire glory hole. He kept pushing and pulling it in and out of the glory hole, and I realized he was inviting me to back up on it. I thought, oh shit, here we go! This was going to be my first fuck of the day. With only spit as lube, I pushed my hole against his enormous knob, and when it popped through my hole I had to immediately pull off, there was such a searing pain. I went back to sucking on it until the pain subsided, then tried again, this time I was looser and managed to back up several inches on to it. He slowly fucked me through the hole, then pulled out and motioned for me to come join him. I went into his booth and we started again, this time I was able to take more and more of him until he was all the way in. I held onto the bench and took deep breaths as he pistoned that massive cock in and out of my fuckhole. After what seemed like eternity, he grunted loudly and pushed himself all the way in, throbbing as he unloaded into my ass. I cleaned off his softening cock with my mouth, tasting my ass and cum on it. He zipped up and left, I staggered out of the booth behind him. Another guy was standing there, he had been watching us through the glory hole and he was waiting for me. He said, did you really take all of that cock? I said yeah... then he pulled his out right there in the hallway. It was also big, not as big as the first guy but sizable, about eight inches. I immediately dropped to my knees and started sucking him off, after a minute he grabbed my arm and pulled me into a booth. When he slid his cock into my ass, lubed with the previous cumload, I was warmed up for him. We tried a couple different positions, and he shot his load quickly. This time I sat there for a few minutes recovering, trying to hold both loads in my ass. The bottom of my jockstrap pouch was wet with cum. When I left the booth again, (and I swear this is true), there was ANOTHER guy waiting for me. Where the other two guys were older and kind of stocky, this guy was young and built, obviously an athlete of some sort. I turned around and went back into the booth and he followed me. As I was stripping down to my jockstrap again, I saw him pull out a little foil packet. I thought, shit, he wants to use a condom when he fucks me. I got down to suck on his cock, and once again it was HUGE. Not as big as the first guy, but bigger then the second. Except: he had already put the condom on. I HATE sucking on dicks wearing condoms. I mean, I hate condoms period, but I especially hate assholes who wear them while getting blowjobs. But this guy was so built and so hot, I figured I'd suffer through it as long as I could enjoy rubbing on his six pack abs and hard chest. As I was sucking on it, I surreptitiously bit the end of the condom, hoping to bite a hole in it. He started feeling my hole, which I had clenched up again to keep the two previous loads in, so I turned around to see if he wanted to fuck me. Sure enough, with the condom on he pushed his way into my ass. He went to town, pounding my hole roughly, then suddenly stopped and pulled out. He ripped off the condom, quickly zipped up, and ran out of the booth. I felt my hole and it was really wet with cum, but at first I thought it was the two previous loads he had fucked out of me. Then I picked up the condom where he had dropped it... and saw where it had ripped at the end. I tucked it into the wrapper and brought it home to take a picture (attached). I stayed for a while longer. I did something that I had seen other guys do but had never felt like doing it myself until then... I went to one of the middle booths and stripped down to just my jockstrap and left the door open. I serviced cocks through both gloryholes and several guys who invited themselves in... when I finally left after almost 5 hours I had gotten one more load in my ass and many loads down my throat.
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    It's been a while because I am swamped with work, and sometimes I am very, very dominant - but this last Wednesday, a str8 dude hit me up over gay romeo (Germany). a hot guy from Bulgaria, working in Germany. So, I invited him over, thinking to myself, naaaah, this dude is not gonna show up. But at 1:00 AM, he did and before I knew it, I was on my knees sucking on the fattest cock I have ever had. I bet I sucked on him for 30 minutes and when I showed him the condoms package, he set it right back down without opening up a condom, bent me over my bed, lubed up and thrust in without even a warning. It was the sweetest shock of my life. The first fuck lasted about 40 minutes, in pretty much every position, but because of the extreme upward angle of his very, very hard cock, we quickly realized that the spooning position was the best and he then fucked away like a jackhammer. He then whispered to me in broken German - "I need to bite your neck some" and I told him to go ahead and as God is my witness, I have never witnessed anyone fuck as jackrabbity hard or quick as this dude did and before he came, he grabbed my neck, took one last thrust and shot a never-ending load up my bitch-ass. And then he stayed in me for about 5 minutes. Then he got up to go to the bathroom and I thought to myself, surely he is going to take off, but as soon as he was cleaned up and smoked a cig, he grabbed my head and forced it down to his cock and away we went for round two. All said and done, before we fell asleep with me in his arms, he fucked and bred me four times. But the fifth time, waking up, was the most intensive and also the longest. He fucked me for about 70 minutes and this time, when he came, his cock really swelled up inside of me and she he let loose, he let out a low growl the likes of which I have never heard before. So, I got drenched with 5 loads in about 7 hours and never felt more erotic than on this night. FIVE CUM LOADS. A first in my life. And the look on his face as he came in me: priceless.
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    Montreal CumUnion (Thurs., Feb. 16, 2017) - PART ONE Well, rawboyz. Here I am, as promised, in Montreal for 2 days, the first night was to attend Montreal's CumUnion held at GI Joe sauna. I thought Steamworks Toronto is a large bathhouse, albeit on one floor. GI Joe is a massive building on Ste. Catherine Est (East) in Montreal. Wow! Couldn't believe my eyes and ears! Huge place on 4 floors. The basement (it has an interesting French designation) is semi-dark with individual rooms, a sling area, and glory holes and dark area. This is the main area for those involved in CumUnion. Like my experiences in Toronto, no one ask for a condom any where. YES!! The first floor is where you arrive, pay, and get your key, lock for your locker, and towel. They gave a tiny room to me on the 3rd floor. My room has a small flat screen TV, bed and locker. You barely have any room to turn out in it; perhaps this is good because you're really in there for sex, no?! The second floor has individual rooms, a big shower area (see-through glass, mmmm) and a large room for the guys into fetish. On one of my walk up and down the building, I got called over by a masked guy who wanted me to fist him. His English was, at best, very limited. He saw my small hands, put a later glove on each and showed me where the Crisco was. He was comfortable in a swing. I enter him slowly, and for about 10 mins. I was the fister (person who fists) helping out a bro was the fistee. He was in heaven. On to the next part... The third floor had a maze of small rooms as well. My room was in the back (tonight I will ask for a room closer to the front of the pack). As it was 7 PM (very early by Toronto Steamwork's time for CumUnion; there it starts at 10PM), guys were just starting to come in. Action was about to start. Interesting enough… I found bb sex in every part of GI Joe. Especially the basement "dungeon" area. There was this Latino guy. Great kisser who had a fantastic warm inviting hole. He wanted my raw daddy dick. We kissed and embraced a lot, and I fucked him multiple times. He did get my load in the end. As you know, I come near the end, just before I leave. Oh yeah, I saw bb sex in individual rooms. Where else? On the third floor just down the corridor is a dark secluded area with a sling and a bench. I fucked a number of guys in the sling there (especially a nice college guy, muscled and ripped, who wanted bare dick; who I am to refuse?!). I fucked him and another guy who loved the feel of my dick in him and my salt and pepper beard. This guy I kept meeting everywhere. In the "dungeon" basement, he sucked my dick and stroked my beard. Very sensual guy. In the "dungeon" there was a sling set up too. I fucked a younger guy who was taking all dicks in his ass. His hole felt great as well. It was early, I didn't want to cum yet. Another young muscled black guy showed up in the dark glory hole area. He felt my hardness and took off his towel. I used some spit and entered his hole. Tight but hot. With a little fucking he moaned softly in pure delight. I opened his ass too. All in all, the first night was absolutely fabulous for the voyeur-explorer-in-chief!! A lot of younger ass to fuck. One guy got my load. Going back for more. I may even try Wega DVD store with their glory holes and viewing booths today before GI Joe again tonite. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Happy barebacking to all! Read1 (in Montreal)
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    I lost count on the number of guys who fucked me at Body Zone last Friday, February 17. My best recollection was at least 16, with 10 being BBC. Of those 16, I counted approximately 10 loads. I have an insatiable appetite and the more dick I get, the more i want. I left feeling still not satisfied and craving more dick and more loads. I usually get on all 4's in a room and most of the time do not turn around to see who is fucking and breeding me. The disappointing part are the guys who can only cum once or twice, so they keep their load as they want to fuck (understandably) multiple asses before releasing their load.
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    Long story short: Went to one of the city (2) darkrooms, not really busy on Friday night, but I was meeting a guy there. I came across a guy I'd met some time ago, late thirties, muscled, long fat cock. After 5 min he was pounding my ass, and didn't take him long to dump a nice load inside. Then I try the cabin with a gloryhole. Two older men fuck me bb, but they don't seem willing to breed me, too bad. So I get out and see the friend I was planning to meet. Same story, some chit chat and shortly after he's dumping a load up my ass. Fat long cock, guess he placed it deep inside. So I go out and go to meet another friend, who's always willing to breed me as long as I have one or two loads in my ass already. Get to his house, wait for him four legged in his room, as usual. He just comes and pushes his dick in. I had a hard time keeping the first two loads inside, since he likes to pound hard. He loves when I spill some cum from my ass. He had been super horny the last few days, he told me, and as a result he bred me 3 times in a row. This guy usually cums twice, non stop, but 3 is extraordinary. I could feel his gushes the first time he came. So it's 1:30 am and I have 5 loads in my ass. I go to the cruising park. I spot a Cuban guy I had met some time ago. Lose him in the bushes. So I spot another guy who I know is quick, so I just turn my back and show him my ass. Normal cock, but big balls. I suck him, some pounding and he delivers another load. Then I go look for the Cuban, who seemed not interested in anyone. He spotted me and then began walking towards a corner where we'd been some time ago. I suck him, a couple of interruptions by other guys, then suck him more, he grabs my ass and there he goes. 5 min and he's groaning as he dumps the 7th load of the night. Then it's me who needs to dump a load. I come across an older man in a hood. Don't care, I just need a wet ass to empty my balls. I show him my cock, he shows his ass. Fuck him till I cum. In short: 2 + 3 + 2 = 7 loads in my ass.
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    This started years ago when I was in college. I had met a cute college kid younger then myself, through a mutual friend. He was a bi college kid, with a girl friend at the time. This was back before ginder and smart phones, so the first time meeting up was a face to face at my place. An what a first time meet up, he was 5'7", maybe 130 pounds with blond hair wearing soccer shorts and a plain t-shirt. We started with basic bullshit when first meeting someone, majors and where we were from. After a little time we move closer and kissed and rubbed each other bodies. He had the typical Twink body, smooth and not much muscle definition. But had a massive cock, 8.5" and fat as a beer can. It was a monster but on his body it was unbelievable how big it looked. I have been known to swallow a few cocks in my day, but this one was hard to swallow. I had gotten on my knees in front of him and pulled down his shorts and boxer briefs to get at that piece of meat. I was maybe able to get 5/6 inches in my mouth( he was not 100% hard, he only goes totally hard before he cums, which is amazing when he is fucking you but that is a story down the road) without racking him with teeth because of the thickness. I was doing my best on trying to get it all in, but it was to thick and I found out that he has a somewhat low stamina problem. So he had me stop so he would not blow to quick and wanted to suck on my cock also. I'm not hung or thick as a big can, I'm 6.5 and better the avg on the thickness, but I did have a killer body back in. I was 5'10 and 185 with an 8 pack and 4% body fat, I played ball for the university, but not football. Most people look at me and think that I'm a total top, but I have a weakness for hung twinks. So, little blond boy, is going to town on my cock and loving it, he is acting like it was going to be his last supper and I do have the great ability to stay hard after I cum and go,a,second or third round. He was working on my cock for,a good 15 mins when I moved around to get to his cock and 69 with him. I was starting to feel the build up, so I informed him that I was getting close but could go again right after. He didn't miss a beat, just keep sucking, licking and playing with my nuts. I went back to work on his massive cock, I want to pull a nut out of him and see if the load would be big like his cock. He got me to the point of no return and I doubled down on my effort of getting his load. As I started to cum in his mouth, I had his cock as deep as I could get it and he started to shot also. He caught me off guard and most of his load went straight down my throat. He did shot a big load, so I did get to taste him. As I was pulling of his cock, he was cleaning the last drops of my dick. To be continued
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    Last summer, my boy and I took a vacation to Europe together. It was one of those packages, seeing a different city every day for a week and a half before flying home. We thought it would be exhilarating, but it turned out to be exhausting. When passing through Berlin, we decided to separate from the group and see the gay neighborhood. I had sort of hoped we’d get up to some naughty fun so I brought a small tube of lube and condoms in my shirt pocket, just in case. I bet there was a place where I could fuck him, safely, with maybe a few strangers watching. The very idea got my cock stirring. We fuck bare in private, but I didn’t want any strangers to think my boy was a slut who took all loads… We wound up in a two-level club with a sign proclaiming CRUISING BASEMENT. The street level bar looked like a normal bar, except with flat screen televisions playing bareback porn. There was a set of stairs at the back of the bar down to what must have been the cruising area. We were both kind of nervous being there, with nothing like that in our hometown, or even in most big cities in America for that matter. We quickly downed two large beers each in quick succession. We joked about exploring downstairs and seeing what trouble we could get into. Maybe some beers would help ease our angst and loosen us up a bit. My boy asked the bartender where the restroom was, and he gestured with a wink to the dark staircase. I knew he had to take a piss and he got up to head downstairs as I ordered another beer. A few minutes went by. Then a few minutes more passed. I was halfway through my beer and needed to take a piss myself. I gulped down the rest of my drink, paid our tab, grabbed my boy’s untouched beer and headed to find him. I found the bathroom, surprisingly clean and well-lit. No sign of my boy. I took a piss into a stainless steel trough urinal, holding my boy’s beer with one hand and my streaming cock in the other. I felt someone come up behind me, and press his crotch into my ass. I melted into him as he reached around and shook the last droplets from my dick. He pulled way, knelt down and took me into his mouth, moaning as he deep-throated me, occasionally holding up a bottle of poppers to huff. I like good head as much as anyone, but I was worried about my boy. I pulled the guy off my now-wet dick and backed out of the bathroom. The guy stayed on his knees grinning at me as I headed into the darkness to rescue my boy if he needed rescuing or to join in some raunchy, hopefully safe fun. In the darkness, I followed the sound of whispers and groans down a short hallway where I found my boy in an open doorway, leaning out and moaning, with his eyes closed. I reached out to feel his chest. His shirt was pulled up behind his neck. He clenched his eyes and I ran my hand down to his crotch. It was so dark that I could barely see that his pants were at his ankles, and someone was eating his ass. I grabbed my boy’s hard cock and he swatted my hand away. I cleared my throat and he opened his eyes. He reached out to me and wrapped his arms around my neck, supporting his weight as the stranger worked his ass. My boy whispered, or rather hissed into my ear "Is it okay if he fucks me?" I murmured approval, extracted the condom from my pocket, and handed it to the top who stood up and started slapping his sizeable dick against my boy’s wet ass crack. Of course I expected him to pull on the condom, but instead he scoffed and threw it to the dirty ground, pushed my boy’s back down so it was parallel to the floor, and his ass arched up. My boy grabbed onto my waist with both arms as the stranger lurched forward. My boy yelped and I knew the top had entered him raw. Just then the guy who had briefly blown me in the bathroom stepped out of the darkness and held his bottle of poppers under my boy’s nostrils. My boy huffed deep and held his breath. Had I been thinking clearly, I might have tried to stop it, but I was honestly too turned on. The top pounding my boy’s raw ass went at it for about thirty seconds, only to mutter "Too tight. Gonna make me breed him too soon." Then giving a disapproving grimace he pulled out and disappeared into the shadows. My boy was dizzy from the experience. I grasped both of his hands and led him towards a deep bench against a wall. I sat down and he collapsed, face first into my lap, thinking he would take a quick nap, but I was wrong. He shimmied my pants down and swallowed my hard dripping cock to the root. I was still wet with the poppers guy’s spit. I knew there were other guys around. I could hear them whispering, and kissing, and sucking, and fucking. Knowing that at least some of them were watching really got me hot. The guy with the poppers had followed us and knelt down behind my boy, diving into his freshly-fucked ass with his tongue. My boy moaned on my dick. The guy lapped away for a few moments and then crouched down behind him. From my place on the bench, I watched as his aimed his raw cock into my boy’s willing ass. My boy squealed as he took another raw anal assault. The poppers guy took a huff and then leaned over my boy, making him do the same, and then offering them to me. I took the bottle and inhaled very deeply as the poppers guy's pace picked up only to halt. I knew he was firing his cum into my boy’s bare hole. He slapped my boy’s sweaty, and now cummy ass and pulled out. I thought he’d go away, but he leaned towards my boy and whispered with his thick German accent, theatrically so everyone around could hear "Good thing that other guy didn’t blow his load inside you. He’s POZZED up more than a few tourists here." He chuckled as my boy fisted his cock, his moans announcing he himself was close to cumming. The poppers guy laid down on his back, under my boy, on that filthy sticky floor, gobbling down my boy’s cock just in time to swallow his load. Just then, the first guy, the hulking POZ one, crept out of the darkness again. His huge cock was still wet and shiny, either from my boy’s hole or from some other bottom in the basement darkness. He slapped it against my boy’s cummy crack a few times, leered at me, and slammed all the way in. My boy tried to swallow my dick, but the top was so aggressive that he mostly just moaned with an open mouth around the head. He fucked my boy hard and quick for no more than two minutes. He cursed in Dutch, or German maybe, a few times before quickening his pace and then pounding six times with decreasing speed, filling my boy with toxic seed. It got me super close to going over the edge. My boy felt my nuts tightening up and pulled off my cock. The POZ top disappeared and the poppers guy just laughed as I pulled away and got behind my boy, marveling at the cum streaking down his thighs and the low light glistening on his sweaty back. I slid easily into is loose sloppy hole and came after five seconds. My boy threw his head back and lost another load into the poppers guy’s eager mouth. My boy stood up on his trembling legs and threw his arms around me, kissing me deeply. He growled into my ear "We gotta get out of here, and fast, or I’m going to wind up taking every load in this basement." "And what would be so bad about that?" I asked. He kissed me hard, grinned and waved at me, and backed away into the darkness….
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    Back from suspension....missed talking with you guys. FB STILL has not taken the test. His fuck flu is subsiding, but he has not swabbed his gums. I am still giving him a daily dose...but man I have to admit, I am READY for him to just be POZ.
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    two loads last night at the baseball house party.... think it was just two
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    Was a pretty hard work week, So when friday arrived i was happy & feeling very horny to get a good fucking before the weekend begins. So i headed up to the woods just as it started to get dark, Has anyone else noticed that it's getting darker later or is it just me ( spring time is coming ) Anyways it did not take long i was walking around & saw some big guy in a total tracksuit looking horny & rubbing his big bulge through his track pants. When he saw me he made eye contact to show he was interested to take it to the next level. I motioned for him to follow me to a more secluded spot which the did, I took position to suck his cock & he got it out a nice fat 8 inches & cut too. I was sucking him & making his cock nice wet & hard, While doing this i was fingering my ass to get it open & ready for his meat. When he was ready & fully erect i presented my ass. This is when i noticed the guy wearing a thick wedding ring & he asks me for a condom. Okay nice i always carry my special ones fully spiked & ready for a good stealth fuck, I took it out the wrapper & slid it over his hard cock to the base & turned around & guided that fat piece of meat in my willing ass. He slid all the way inside in one go gently but forceful he was pumping my ass with a really good rhythm after a good 10 mins of this i hear him grunting while i feel him filling me up with his married seed. When he is done he pulls out & i turn around to thank him but don't see the condom on his cock anymore so i ask. Did you use the condom & he assures me he did & that he just threw it away. I can clearly feel his big load swimming around inside my ass. So i thank him & he pulls up his trackies & makes an exit. When his back is to me walking away i see printed on his back tracksuit jacket : COACH - Now i am wondering if i just get fucked & filled by some married sport coach. I hope so it was horny & this morning while i am tying this story i can still feel his cum in my ass.
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    I'm so horny right now ... so here's another chapter CHAPTER 7: The Sex Party – Part 5 (of 5) Mark and Trevor and myself are locked in a 3-way French kiss and I barely notice the host of the party release me and step away. Then I feel hands. I feel a body and a hard cock. “Hey sexy”, he says and kisses my neck. I immediately recognize Chris’ voice, but the I don’t want to stop making out with Mark and Trevor. “Time for a shower babe … did you even take one?”, he asks making a sniffing sound with his nose, right in my ear. The kiss breaks and I turn around looking Chris in the eyes, I nod. I feel what must be Trevor’s hands on me and I reach back to his pierced cock, rubbing it up and down in the crack of my ass. Chris finally kisses me, “Such a horny slut”, I nod again, “Let’s go get in the shower”. Not being one to disagree when a hot is guy is in front of me asking me to do things with him I agree. I look at Mark and Trevor, “Going to the shower…”, I say with an inviting tone. I look at Mark, when an idea hits me, “Will you unlock me?”, I ask. He nods and runs off, I ask Chris to wait a moment, and Mark return shortly with a key to my cock cage. “Ahhhhhhhhh… feels better”, I think. All of us make our way to the shower room, almost all of the shower heads are going, steam is filling the room and it’s nice and warm. Through the mist I can see Alec, sitting with his back against one of the shower walls, sucking on a decent sized cock. The top is a muscular Asian dude with some nice tattoos on his back and arms. I look a little too long when I feel Chris “gently” directing me to one of the shower heads. I get under the water, and the other guys get under the shower heads besides us. Chris’ presses his body against me and he’s kissing my neck again. I’m starting to think Chris is into me. “So hot”, he says as he kisses my neck, “You’re gonna be poz babe”, he whispers in my ear. Instead of responding I moan and lean back into him as he continues to kiss at my neck and rub my body. Chris’ hand slides down my chest, over my abs, and down to my hard cock. He grabs it with his fist and strokes it a few times. At this point I’m turned on and I turn my head, and our mouths meet. Our kiss is deep and forceful as the water from the shower is engulfing us. I don’t know exactly where Mark and Trevor are standing right this moment, but I hope they enjoy the show I intend to give them. Chris wedges his hard cock in between my now sloppy ass cheeks and he’s slowly grinding his hips into me. I bent forward slightly, my right hand holding the back of his head, as the kiss lingers. This is no ordinary kiss, this is a lover’s kiss, and I want Chris to know I’m feeling it too. With my left hand behind me, I guide his cock from between my cheeks. It moves right to my fuck hole, and immediately the mushroom shaped head is pressing tightly against my back door. I can feel a bit of cum leaking out of me and onto his cock. Chris continues pressing with an urgency to breed that I know we both need. With one good thrust of his hips the head of his cock lodges itself in my ass. I know Mark and Trevor are standing close, I can feel them, but I’m just too wrapped up in Chris. Momentarily ignoring our audience we both moan deeply as his poz fuck stick slowly glides deeper into me, filling as much of me as the existing loads of cum will allow. Another push, another grunt and he’s all the way in. He holds me tightly as his hips began to thrust against my ass, trying to get his cock in deeper. I know Chris feels the need to breed ass, it’s so obvious when he fucks me. I feel his hairy ball sac now resting against my ass cheeks and I feel the need to take a man’s seed. I love it when Chris fucks me. Part of me still can’t believe he went off his meds two whole weeks before tonight’s party. I know he bred me at least 5 or 6 times in that period of time … maybe more. “I’m probably HIV+. I’m poz. I’m positive.”, the thoughts hitting me, but I’m also horny and his cock feels so good. I don’t want things to stop. It doesn’t stop. Our tongues are too intently exploring and caressing each other to stop our sex. Chris is holding me close and the kissing intensifies as his cock continues to assault my hole. My hand pulls his head closer, our lips tighter against each other’s, it almost hurts. I don’t care if hurts, I don’t care if he’s HIV+ and I don’t care if I’m HIV+ now, too, I just want him to fuck me. My cock is getting tighter in Chris’ grip as he slowly strokes it. I haven’t cum once while I’ve been here and my balls are tight against the base of my cock as they are on overload and ready to produce a huge load of spunk that’s about to flow down the drain. “Uhhhhhh… uhhhhhhh… oh fuck”, I moan, our breathing, as if in unison, is labored and I can barely moan while lip-locked with Chris like this. Our mouths are mostly full of each other’s tongues, and my ass so full of his poz cock. He continues with the powerful thrust of his hips, fucking me as he always has, gliding his cock effortlessly in and out of my ass. I know Chris, and I know he’s close to breeding me a second time; I can feel his cock getting harder and fuller inside me. My ass muscles tightening around the girth of his cock as it swells and fills with another load of dirty semen that will probably find a home inside my body. “Am I poz? Is this the load that does it?”, crosses my mind. The moaning continues. “Poz me”, I whisper just loud enough for him to hear me. Chris’ grip on my cock tightens as he thrust his ass forward trying to get his cock in as deep as possible, while his balls bound up underneath him and produce that toxic sperm we both want spewing in my ass. After a few small quick thrusts of his hips, the kiss breaks, “UHHHHHHHHH ………. UHHHHHHHHHHHH…. OH FUCK babe… FUCKKKKKK!”, he body convulses. I know my ass is receiving another load of his hot white cum. Chris slowly comes down from his orgasm, he quickly begins stroking my cock. I kiss him, and I don’t so much see it, as feel a mouth on my cock. Alec takes the head of my cock between his lips as Chris strokes me and brings me to my own intense explosion, one...two, three, four, and “Ahhhhhhhhhh… ahhhhhhhh…. Ahhhhhhhhhh” ....five shots of my hot cum squirt into his mouth before I can finally catch my breath. I kiss Chris again and then look down at Alec. I’m satiated for the moment, we give each other a weak but satisfied smile. Chris removes his cock from me and I keep my cheeks together to help keep the load in as I remove my cock from Alec’s mouth. “I need to piss … why don’t you sit there next to your buddy”, Chris says to me. I give Chris a quick peck, his words seem to have the power of suggestion as I quickly realize I need to piss like a horse myself. I have no idea if Alec is into piss but I sit down right beside him because Chris asked me. I honestly want more sex but right now my bladder is aching for release. I move in close to Alec, leaning against the wall and his body, and aim my cock towards my face. I wait only a moment and my cock lets loose. My piss stream shoots forth like a garden hose, hitting my face and spraying all over me and a bit of Alec. With a quick adjustment of my cock from Alec, he’s soon lapping up large quantities of my hot piss like a water fountain. I’ve been so preoccupied with being fucked that I hadn’t pissed, and I need to badly. My golden stream is forceful when it hits the both of us and splatters. I move my cock to drink some of my juice down, as Mark and Trevor move in closer to us. They watch as my piss jets out and splashes into my mouth, my face and Alec’s. The stream of my piss continues to flow steadily. Soon Chris, Mark and Trevor are all standing close watching me and Alec share my golden shower. With our audience watching, Alec releases his bladder and his piss starts to splash out onto his body. We decide to switch it up and I reach over for his cock while he reaches for mine and soon enough we are tasting each other’s flow. I don’t know about Alec, but I hadn't pissed once since we got here, I didn’t realize my bladder is so full. So we sat there drinking from one another as these 3 other cocks, in various states of erection, stood over us watching us share our piss. Chris started this and I think it’s him that lets go first. It doesn’t matter because once I can see the first stream of piss head down towards me, we’re being showered by 3 hot poz cocks standing over us. I close my eyes, and let all of them douse my body with their hot juice. I can feel the streams of piss running back and forth between me and Alec, up and down parts of my body, and one or two streams flowing right into my open mouth. I drink as much as I can handle but most of it flows over and down my chin. If I could see Alec, I bet he looks exactly the same right now. My body is hot with piss as Trevor, Mark, Chris, and even Alec release torrents of piss soaking the both of us. The fun seems to go on for minutes, but my own cock is drained, as my stream of hot golden piss subsides, thankfully, I’m still being fed a good amount from above. I finally open my eyes, as everyone is very careful to keep their stream of piss away. I realize it’s Chris and Trevor filling our mouths, Mark seems focused on washing down our bodies. After a rinse we moved out of the shower again and I felt so happy knowing I’d taken two more loads from Chris’ unmedicated cock. Part of me really hopes that if I am HIV+, it’s his cock that does it for me. I make my way around the room again, and the hot Asian top that Alec was sucking earlier in the shower leaves a deposit in my hole, but after so many hours the party is winding down. I do my best to find an unspent cock and I’m just about to ride it when I felt a hand on me, it’s Mike. He smiles at me, “Time to go home babe… I’m worn out”. I knew he had to be, and I honestly didn’t realize how spent I was until he said those words. “Ok … “, I say, nodding to him. We both find Mark, then Trevor, then Chris, giving each of them a kiss. I took two loads from each of them, Trevor is med-resistant, Mark is resistant to Truvada and I guess Mark’s virus is the only one responding entirely to medication. I wonder, “Which of their loads will do me in?” We get to the car and as I sit down I hear the crackle of paper and realize I’m sitting on something. I pull out a white envelope with my name on it. I start to open it, then remember it’s probably the results of our HIV test. Not being in heat, my mind starts to race a bit like before, and my heart rate increases. “Do I really want to know this right now?”, I think. I can see Mike is too tired, and too focused on driving, to even realize the internal struggle going on in my head at this moment. I decide to quietly put the envelope back in my pocket. We can see these together in the morning.
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    Traveling with the team Fuck, Fuck, damn, shit, four hours ago I was on the top of the world. Now as I sit here in the emergency room of the local hospital, my shoulder and elbow aching, waiting on the doctor to give me the results of the x-ray. Other than some pain I was ok even though my baby, my cherished silver Camaro, most likely was totaled. Ever see a 19 year old cry, well that was me, all 6’3” of jock boy, sniffling, some out of pain, mostly not knowing what the future might bring. In high school I played football my freshmen and sophomore years, wide receiver, I was quick and I had good hands, but all that tackling was taking a toll on my Nordic frame. In my junior year I started playing baseball and was a darn good pitcher, good enough to be a starter most of the year, although we were a rural school most of the away games were close enough to be a bus trip to and from, even if sometimes they got us home very late in the evening. My senior year we were good enough to make it to conference and state tournaments which required us to be housed in cheap motels on the weekends when we were on the road. It was on one of these trips I discovered my love of traveling with the team and spending quality bullshit time with my teammates, now I’ve know I was attracted to other guys early on but abstained from acting on my feelings, I even knew three other teammates were either bi or gay, and a few others who were questioning their straightness. But being in a room with 6 to 8 other teenage guys all playing macho games and wagging their cocks as much as their tongues boasting which cheerleaders they got to bases with etc., it was obvious to me which players could be coaxed into some man on man fun as well. At the end of my senior year I was offered a scholarship to play ball at the state college, my life was looking good. Not only was I a good athlete but I also excelled in academia and would be able to get my degree in engineering while on a full ride. I red shirted my freshmen season and although I was still classified by the school as a freshman I began my second season as a relief pitcher, although I wasn’t a starting pitcher I at least got into a few games, then this drunken asshole runs a red light and sends my Camaro careening into a spin, luckily he clipped the front to the car and didn’t T-bone me in the middle. Now I was getting the news from the doctor, no broken bones but lots of torn cartilage and tendons in the shoulder and elbow, I would not be pitching the rest of this season most likely. I left the hospital with my friends from the dorms in tears, knowing I’d have to face the coach on Monday, my parents were already set to arrive the next day to survey the damage. I meet my parents at the front door of my dorm the next morning after just a few hours of sleep, most of it induced by the pain meds the doctor had prescribed to control the pain. My mom gently hugged me and my dad clasped me by my good shoulder although it was bruised as well. Lead me to their car and we hit the local pancake place for breakfast, sure beat dorm food any day, we discussed the car and they assured me they were not angry with me, they knew how much I loved my car, I had it since my 16th birthday and took real good care of it. They dropped me off back at my dorm after we went to look over the damage and make sure it was being taken care of by the body shop, also collecting my school work and personal belongings so I wouldn’t lose anything. I kicked back most of the afternoon and evening when coach called and asked to come over to see me. I’ll be honest I was scared, I could lose my scholarship, I could lose my position with the team. I waited anxiously for him to arrive. Now if you could classify my 19 year old, 6’3” less than 10% body fat 165# muscular body as a Nordic god like, with my blue eyes and dirty blonde hair which naturally lightens during summer. You would classify coach who is 35 years old 5’11 and maybe 150 soaking wet all muscles and sinew as a Aztec god as his Spanish and Mexican heritage made him one hot number, one that always made me quiver when he stepped to close in the dugout or on the field, but here he was coming to my dorm room to discuss my future. Coach arrived shortly after 6 and I sat across from him on my roommates bed while he sat at my desk, coach Juan as we all called him, started out all business like discussing my position on the team, physical therapy I’d most likely have to go through and things about my rehabilitation. He expressed his sorrow at things happening this way and would do everything that he could so I wouldn’t lose my scholarship. Juan then got up and crossed the distance between us, using the guise of wanting to see my shoulder he had me remove the baseball shirt I had donned earlier since it was easier to get on and off. He caressed the sore tissues, which were already turning black and blue, then proceeded to work his way down my chest tweaking my nipples a bit, my cock betrayed me as it not only was at full mast but spirting precum making a large wet spot in my basketball shorts, coach took notice and leaned down and began kissing me, he soon was on top of me being careful of my shoulder making me quiver in his arms as he caressed my body and somehow removed my shorts exposing my 9 inch cock tenting my jock the precum totally soaked through the material and making it translucent, I soon had my 9 inches buried down his throat as he hummed onto my tool. He rolled me over and was sucking my cock between my legs pulling it back so it almost touched my virgin hole, he then did what I thought was impossible and was able to place the head near my hole and use the precum flowing from my tube to lubricate my hole. Between him fingering my own precum into my hole and fingering it he soon had me sloppy and almost loosened up his tongue doing marvels on my rosy pucker. Suddenly he stopped and I thought this was over but, he then placed his thick mushroom head on my quivering hole and pushed in with dominance, the head popped in and I felt a sharp pain that quickly went away and left me with a full feeling at my entrance he then started to work his cock in slowly giving me more and more, complimenting me on being a born bottom. I asked about condoms and he told me it was too later now his raw cock was already dripping his precum in my hole, but if I really wanted to be fucked with a condom he would pull out and put one on. He slid his cock out and I handed him a rubber and he rolled it down his shaft the pushed back into my hole, it burned and irritated the opening and made me wince in agony, I told him to pull out and fuck me raw, he quickly obliged and slid his bare cock into my now irritated hole, his precum re-lubricating the walls and making the sting go away, I was soon riding his large schlong like a pro and he asked where I wanted his cum, I replied breed me coach. He sped up his assault on my hole then pushed in and held and I could feel his cock pulsing as he unloaded his seed into my intestine. I felt so fulfilled yet naughty for letting coach cum in me. Coach cuddled me and kept his cock buried in my hole until we fell asleep together. Lucky for me my roommate Chris had gone home for the weekend, as I awoke in the middle of the night to coach breeding me again, and although Chris and I Had had make out sessions we never went all the way beyond a blow or hand job. I now had two maybe three of Juan’s loads in my gut and I was feeling excited. Coach was turning me into just another cum craving cock hungry boy. I awoke the next morning to coach sucking on my slong, I was rock hard and oozing precum again then Juan did what I least expected he slid down my pole and started fucking himself on my fuck tube, I didn’t last long as his ass milked my cock I blasted a load into his rectum. He then positioned his hole over my face and pushed out my cream forcing me to eat my own spooge from his ass, I felt disgusted and excited at the same time. Coach was turning me into his own sex pig. Soon after we showered and coach presented me with an application for team manager, I would be responsible for the teams equipment and uniforms, including their jocks and cups, it was a dirty job but it would keep me on the team while I rehabilitated and I got to sniff al the jocks and cups before cleaning them as well as the sweaty uniforms, I was in pig heaven and I would have to travel with the team. To make sure everything was taken care of.
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    PDX ;-) Off Prep now - READY FOR STUD POZZING. see posts
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    I met a guy on BBRT last week who was very much a top and who had some videos I recognized from X tube. He was my type of guy, late 40's, about my height (5'7"), and about 150. In his videos he always has his bottoms suck on his nice thick 7.5" cock while moaning for a long time before he breeds them. I didn't think he would be interested, but he responded back right away and we set up a date for Saturday. He arrived a little late, but I wasn't complaining. We immediately went upstairs where he set up his computer and lighting and stripped. I sucked on him for about an hour before I begged him to fuck me. He repositioned the computer, lubed me up with Vaseline and shoved his thick cock right in. It hurt a lot, but I powered through the pain with the help of some poppers. After about five minutes during which I was bent over the side of the bed, he had me get on all fours in doggy position and began thrusting deep inside me. I held onto the bed and tried meeting his rhythm as I moaned in both pleasure and pain. After a few minutes he grabbed onto my waist, plunged in super deep, roared and loaded my hole. I hope to see him again.
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    Looking for loads on the Upper West Side of NYC starting about now... Rimmers LOVE you please cum. Hot anon scene in ballcap and jockstrap.
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    Just got bred by a total stranger. He was verbal, just like I like it, telling me he's dumping his raw load in me.
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    http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph56e077902c8b5 Top breeds, and then turns him around to reveal rivers of cum pouring from his ass. Yum.
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    bred the horny fucker again tonight. begged him to test...but nooooo. wants to wait. what he wants is getting fucked every night. hell who would not want a POZ stud service making daily deliveries. I wanna be a proven sire....not just a horny poz fucker.
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    I'd sure follow doctors orders in this case. Maybe on the next visit the doc could do a little prep to ensure that the prescribed treatment works.
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    Also should celebrate.....Thirty days since testing poz....and and huge amount of POZ on POZ sex, and one very extended gifting process. I am really digging this POZ shit at this time.
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    This is a little different, but along the same theme. Last year I was at Southern Decadence. Played around out in the backroom till I found the bubble ass I wanted to breed and took care of business. After I was done, I went to the men's room. Fucking packed.....trough and a toilet in the open. Some guy was sitting on the toilet with the lid down and fully dressed. I was still semi hard and cock still wet with some cum from the guy I just bred outside, but I wandered up next to the guy on the toilet and he started sucking my semi soft cock. I assumed he was hanging in the men's room looking to drink from the tap or he'd be out in the main room with all the other cocksuckers. I needed to piss bad and quickly let it flow a pretty heavy stream. I soon found out he was NOT there for piss when he blew my piss out of his mouth and all over some other patron's legs in line for the trough. He started cussing at me, and a couple guys that got piss spewed on them weren't too happy either. I emptied enough piss that I could pull my shorts up and bolt out of there fast. Had to laugh when I was out of the bar and not beat up I relayed this story to a few friends and everyone seems to think my assumption was pretty accurate. So the moral of the story is, don't hang around the trough in the men's room if you're not looking for piss lol
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    Damn!! Wished I could find a doctor like that!!
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    So far... this weekend was a huge success. Got 10 loads Saturday night... 4 loads this morning... and 5 more just now. My ass is sore as fuck. But I'm craving more cock. Haven't turned away a single cock. 😈
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    I felt bad after raping my boy Friday when I got home so I gave him a long loving fuck session this morning. Once I blasted my load into his gut's I let him rim my hole and then sink balls deep and give me a hot load balls deep as we swapped spit.
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    We need not to waste this precious juices
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    Chapter IV. After being loaded with the bellhop’s cum, both my boy and I were still out of breath as the bus pulled away from the hotel in Berlin. In that city, we’d both gone from being in a semi-monogamous relationship to taking cum from likely-POZ strangers. We slumped down in the seats and my boy slid his left hand down his pants and past his crotch to his freshly fucked hole. I could actually hear cum squelching in his ass. He smiled and slid his right hand down the back of my pants. Once both hands were good and cummy he smiled. The tour guide walked past us and stopped. He leaned over me and sucked the cum off of both my boy’s hands. ‘Get some rest, guys. I’m going to show you a good time in Prague tonight. He tousled my hair and walked away. I dozed off and woke up a bit later to find my boy gone. I poked my head over the seats and couldn’t see him anywhere. I also couldn’t put eyes on our hunky tour guide. I snickered and tiptoed past the other sleeping tourists and put my ear to the bus bathroom. I heard short breathing and the occasional wince. I rapped lightly at the door and the breathing stopped. The door cracked open and my sweaty boy peeked out. ‘Wait your turn!’ he hissed and closed the door. I knew he was at that moment probably full of raw dick. I went back to the seat and giggled, amazed at how hungry my once-almost-prudish boyfriend was now for raw cock. A few minutes later he hobbled back to the seat, and leered at me. ‘He’s ready for you,’ he said, winking. I stood up and kissed him. ‘He breed you?’ I whispered as I licked his earlobe. He nodded and whispered back, ‘He did. And he’s got a load for you too…’ He smacked my cheek and I headed back to the bathroom, glad that the rest of the passengers were all dozing. I opened the door, and there was the tour guide, naked from the waist down, with his huge uncut hard-on glistening with his seed and my boy’s fresh ass juices. His dick stood straight up, in front of his navel tattoo. I started drooling. The bathroom was very small. I nearly bent in half to try to lick the pearls of cum off of his dick. The tour guide stood me up, pulled my pants off and spun me around. He spit into his palm to grease my hole a bit and then pulled me down onto his cock. It was a good thing that I had fresh bellboy seed dripping out of me to ease his pounding or it would have seriously hurt. I didn’t realize I was moaning until he wrapped his sweaty paw over my mouth. He kept his hand there as he pistoned into me. He growled, ‘You’re in for it now. Took longer to work this load up since your boy got my first load of the day!’ He slammed into me and held me down so I couldn’t have pulled off of his raw cock even if I had wanted to. I made my way back to the seat to find my boy smiling in his sleep. We both slept a bit and woke up about three hours later on the outskirts of Prague. The sightseeing that day was lovely, but that’s not I’m here to tell, and not what you’re here to read about. After a breathless day of seeing too many touristy places, we checked in to our hotel. Dinner that night was to be in the hotel restaurant. We were hoping that there would be some naughty fun later so we showered and cleaned out pretty well just in case. I got so turned on watching him clean out that once he was spic and span, I dove into his ass. I swear I could still taste the tour guide’s load seeping out of his ass even after all of the cycles of cleaning… I had to fuck him. I lost my load quickly. I fired my cum into him, the third load up his ass of the day, and he pulled off quickly, stabbed his cock into me, and filled me up with what felt like a big sticky load, my third load too. As we were changing for dinner, and hopefully naughty fun afterwards, there was a knock at the door. A very handsome man was standing there with an envelope in his hand. He handed it to us, winked, turned, and walked off. After the morning tryst with the Berlin bellhop, we were surprised that he didn’t stay to fool around. I opened the envelope, and saw that it was an invitation to a private club with both of our names on it. It read, ‘Show me for free admission to the VIP area,’ followed by a street address. I got excited about what sort of club it might be, knowing that the tour guide must have arranged the invite for us. We headed down to dinner, ate a hearty meal, with the tour guide always finding a way to wink at us, or stroke our shoulders as he brushed by from table to table. I was rock hard the whole time. My boy reached over and under the table unzipped my pants, whipping out my cock. Of course, the timing worked out so that the busboy was clearing plates and got an eyeful. He froze for a split second, then licked his lips. As he walked away, my boy got up and followed him to the kitchen. I knew someone was going to get fucked. The tour guide appeared, as if on cue, saying, ‘Your boy must be entertaining Josef…’ I grinned. ‘You think your boy will take his load?’ I nodded. ‘Good,’ he replied, leaning forward to stroke my drooling cock. ‘He’ll need lots of lube for what I have planned for you both tonight. So will you.’ I nodded again, my throat dry. ‘You may want to see if you can find them… I bet he’s good for two loads. Most Czech boys are…’ I took his advice, zipped up, and headed down a back hallway to the kitchen area. I heard deep grunting through a closed door, took a deep breath, and opened the door. There was my boy, on his back on a stack of boxes, with Josef hammering his hole and another guy forcefully fucking his throat. Josef grunted with each thrust, while my boy had his head craned back, swallowing the huge dick swinging around in his mouth. The dick belonged to a surly heavyset hairy guy with white pants bunched up at his ankles. I could see my boy’s throat bulge every time the dick in his mouth slid deep. The guy motioned for me to come over to him. He pulled out of my boy’s mouth and my boy looked up at me, almost annoyed that he only had one raw cock in him. The heavy guy yanked my pants down and bent me over my boy, who greedily swallowed my cock. The guy’s cock was thick, and I was again glad to be slick with cum to ease a fresh dick entering me. I licked and stroked my boy’s cock as Josef kept fucking him. I felt like I was being split in two with the dick inside me thrusting deeper and deeper. I also felt the guy’s sweaty hairy belly slipped around on my ass and lower back. I’d never been fucked by a guy with a big belly before, and I loved the sensation. He smacked my ass and cursed at me, maybe in Turkish? Josef picked up his pace, and the hairy Turk matched him. The both moaned as they started cumming at the same time, filling my boy and me up with fresh cum. The Turk pulled out immediately, slapped his dick on my crack, pulled up his pants, grabbed his shirt and disappeared quickly. Josef took a little more time, easing back and forth in my boy’s hole. I watched as sweat glistened and trickled down his slim chest. He leaned forward and fingered my hole a bit. He said in a sexy strong accent, ‘I will see you boys later tonight… well, maybe not see you, but feel you…’ He winked and got dressed, leaving me and my boy to pull ourselves together. We dressed and entered the dining room just in time for dessert. Josef brought us coffee whispering, ‘you better stay awake… It’s going to be a long night for you both!’ To be continued…
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    Chapter II. I backed away from my boy as he disappeared into the darkest corner of the basement dark room. He was well-lubed and stretched out from taking three fresh loads, one of which was POZ. Knowing that I had helped fuck those loads deeper into his hole kept my cock hard. I felt parched and needed a rest, so I headed back upstairs to the bar, knowing my man was in the basement getting fucked. Raw. Taking cum. I headed up the stairs and sat on a barstool. The bartender gave me a smile, and poured a beer for me. I gulped it down. He smiled at me and asked "Are you and your boyfriend having fun?" I nodded, grinning wildly. "Mind if I fuck your boy?" I assented without any hesitation. The bartender made a quick round making sure the other patron each had a full glass, and then he stepped out from behind the bar, brushed behind me, grazing my ass, and slipping his hand into my pants. I shivered. He gave a gesture towards the stairs and without hesitation I followed him back down into the darkness. He grabbed my hand and led me through a maze of bodies and hallways. My boy was laying on his back on a bench in the middle of the room. There was just enough light to recognize him, even if he was surrounded by four or five guys who were jerking off, and he had a huge cock down his mouth, a cock in each of his hands, and a final cock was planted deep in his ass. The top fucking him was holding my boy's legs high so he could really pound hole. I watched as the top’s ass flexed and jiggled. He was a hot guy, and his ass was a little saggy, slamming with each thrust. He threw his head back and grunted as he shot his load. I knew there was little chance that he was wearing a condom. When he pulled out, the bartender knelt down and sucked his big slimy uncut cock clean. The top stood to the side so the bartender to could take his place. I recognized him as our tour guide, a tall beefy Nordic-looking blond. He smiled at me as he shook his cock. My eyes were drawn from his face down to that glistening cock. Even in the dimness of the room I could see the tattoo of a biohazard symbol which surrounded his navel. But his enormous cock really caught my eye as it was still hard. He put his arm around me and reached for my cock, first rubbing it over my jeans, and then slipping his hand inside. I unbuttoned them for him and he whipped my dick out. He whispered "If you guys are into this scene, I could organize some extra fun after the rest of our group goes back to the hotel each night." I nodded instantly. The bartender had started slapping his cock against my boy’s sloppy hole. He turned to me and reached out for my hand, leading it to his mouth. He spat into my hand and then placed my hand on his cock, so naturally I jerked him a bit, lubing him up. Then, when he felt himself to be sufficiently slick, he leaned forward and I shimmied his dick around a bit, helping him ease himself into my boy’s ass. Raw, of course. He started pounding my boy’s ass and my boy moaned in pleasure, even with the cock in his throat. My boy was in heaving in pleasure, having released his inner pig and taking loads from strangers. The crowd cheered on the bartender in a cacophony of languages. His pace picked up as he got close to cumming. His eyes locked on me as he shot his load, breeding my boy. He pumped a few times, caught his breath, and pulled out, his cock glistening, slimy with foam, his pubes matted with cum. With his sloppy dick hanging out, he grabbed my hand, leading me, and the POZ tour guide out of the room. I turned my head to see a thin scrawny guy mounting my boy. The guys led me to a cabinet with a hole in the wall. I knew what a gloryhole was, and seeing my boy taking that cum without regard to status or even knowing their names made me so horny I knew I was up for more anonymous play. The bartender didn’t ask, rather he told me, ‘You’re gonna clean off my cock.’ He disappeared and a few seconds later, his sloppy cock came through the hole. I bent forward and started licking. Gobs of cum slid down my tongue and into my throat. I nearly gagged as I felt my pants being pulled down to my ankles. I pulled off of the bartender’s cock to see the POZ tour guide leering at me. His mammoth cock was still out, and hard, oozing precum. I shook my head no, since I only rarely bottom, and had never taking a cock as big as his, certainly not raw, and certainly not POZ. He nodded ‘yes,’ and knelt down behind me, spreading my cheeks. I knew he was going to loosen me up with his tongue, and I’d eventually take his cock, and his seed. I relaxed into his scruffy face, feeling tingles as his stubbly grazed my tender ass. I went back to nursing the bartender’s cock, still hard, and still slimy. I guzzled down the cum on his cock, savoring the flavor of my boy’s ass juices and the cum of uncounted guys. After a couple of minutes the bartender’s cock swelled-up, and I felt his balls jerk against my chin, so I knew he was about to cum. I made the move to pull away so he could shoot on my face, but the tour guide held my head in place, the bartender skull-fucked me as the tour guide stood up and slapped his cock against my ass, sliding in surprisingly easily, balls-deep. Just as the tour guide hit home, the bartender started shooting into my throat. I gagged as my mouth filled with his cum, unable to swallow fast enough. His cum actually bubbled out of my mouth and onto my chin. A thought flashed across my mind: for the first time I was filled with dick from both ends, but I didn't dwell on the thought as the tour guide released my head, swiped some of the bartender’s fresh cum onto his fingers, withdrew his cock from my hole only to slide his cummy fingers into me. I groaned in frustration as the bartender stepped away from the glory hole. But my disappointment was short lived as a new cock appeared in the glory hole. It was not particularly big, but it was beautiful. The guy pulled his foreskin back and I dove onto it. The tour guide replaced his slimy fingers with his bare cock and slid back into me, balls deep. He didn't fuck, but seemed to just stand there, his dick flexing as I swallowed down the new cock, which I slurped until the guy in my mouth came. This time I didn’t try to pull off. I did, however, notice that my ass felt full, warm, and wet, and unbidden the tour guide patted my shoulder saying "Good boy." I turned my head back to the tour guide, my guts still full of his hard dick. I shuddered and said to him "You can fuck me." "Why? What do you want," he asked. "I want you to cum in me," I replied, quivering in excitement and frustration. "I already have," he explained, withdrawing his cock from my ass, only to kneel behind me, slurping out what I now realized was cum. When he had gathered a fair amount of cum into his mouth, he stood me up and kissed me, forcing his seed into my mouth. Three loads in my mouth, and one in my ass. I heard a chuckle, and saw my boy, naked, covered in sweat, cum matted in his hair, clapping. He embraced me as the tour guide licked the stray dribbles of cum off of my face. I pulled my shirt down and my pants up as my boy went to look for his clothes. We met up upstairs and the bartender gave the three of us a final beer, this one on the house. We took a cab back to the hotel with the tour guide, fondling each another the whole way. I was hoping that the tour guide would follow us back to our room for some more fun, but he told us to rest. We had to get some sleep, and be up early. The following morning we would hop on a bus to Prague. He told us he could arrange for some extra special fun there. We nodded and went back to our room. We collapsed into a sticky tangle in bed. He told me he didn’t know how many loads he had taken, and I told him about sucking cock at the glory hole. I topped him as he told me about feeling released, and of course I bred him. It felt so different breeding him with all of that cum inside him. I lay on my back and let him top me for the first time. He fucked me, telling me how hot it was watching the POZ guy tell me he had cum inside me. We fell asleep in a sticky pile, excited about what was to come the following day.

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