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    Cheers guys, got the next part... Finns perspective Chapter 2: His Pleasure Is More Important Than Your Breath I left my mate as we had agreed, and headed to the wet steam room. But already, just in the way there...my eyes began to wander. A muscular Mediterranean looking fella sauntered past looking cocky as anything. He had a nice full bush, with a thick uncut cock swinging freely between his muscled thighs. He winked at me. I could see his scorpion tattoo and knew what it meant...he knew I knew....he knew I wanted it.... I hadn’t told my mate why we were here, and what I really wanted...what this place was famous for.... I headed into the steam room and was greeted my another guy, much older. “Hey sexy,” he whispered and smiled. In one stroke he dropped his towel to reveal what lay beneath. My eyes widened and my mouth watered. “Wow it’s huge! Um... never tried one with a PA ring before...” I didn’t fail to notice the biohazard tattoo clearly plastered above his shaft, wow this place really was all I had dreamed, two guys I’d seen were clearly and proudly displaying their status. “Don’t worry baby, it’ll glide down that throat no problem,” and with that he shoved me down onto my knees, bent his knees a little, lined up his long shaft to my lips and pulled the back of my head towards him. At first only three inches got in and I choked a little, the metal was cool in my mouth. But as I choked, my throat loosened and with a quick tug, he yanked my whole head towards his groin and the entire shaft slithered down inside my gullet. My lips smacked against his crotch and I could feel his bush tickling my nose and could smell his musk. He couldn’t help but release a moan of pleasure as his ring and dick head were squeezed tightly by my throat muscles. I was struggling to breathe so with a quick shove back, I yanked my head backwards to pull away....but I didn’t move the slightest of inches. His hand had me gripped firm and in gagging panic, I choked up once more, this time a small amount of saliva and juices spat out into his groin. The saliva dripped from his balls to the floor in long ropes and he moaned in greater pleasure once more. My face went from red to purple, and I violently slapped at his legs as a signal to release, which he did after a few more seconds of pleasure. My eyes were streaming with tears and my cock was rock solid. I hadn’t even noticed I’d been stroking at it. I rubbed my eyes and saw the man sit down in front of me, so I edged a little closer. He took my head in his two hand, one firmly around the back of my skull, the other under my chin and at my neck. With a firm tug he pulled me down and his entire shaft once again jutted into my throat. He thrust upward several times, forcing more fluids to flow from my throat and lube up his cock, which would spasm occasionally in pleasure. I tapped again for release, but this time....this time things would be different.... In fact, he even laughed as I tapped, “No no no, not this time my boy...not this time, I’m liking it just how it is..” he patted my head, almost delicately despite my now violent gagging and eruptions of juices flooding down his legs. “In fact...” he lifted his right leg and slid it over the back of my neck and pulled tightly down. My entire head and neck was scissor locked between his thighs, his dick still swallowed in its entirety. He put his hands back behind him and sighed out in pleasure, “Aahhh, thats my boy...yeah.... you like a nice poz cock down that throat don’t you baby eh? You best not get over excited because you know I’m saving these AIDs babies for your ass eh?” He sighed again and smiled, closing his eyes and leaning back, all the while I choked and choked, spluttered and gagged violently, swinging my arms to gain footing but unable to release myself from his steel grip. And yet my cock was throbbing in ecstasy so much so that I had to stop playin with it or I’d cum everywhere. It felt like hours, but must have been only a minute or so, until I was finally released, and with one single breath in was forced back down on his cock. And from then up and down he thrust, from completely outside to all eight inches deep he impaled my throat with his cock at rapid speed, as a spat and coughed. I was in such dizzy ecstasy at first I barely noticed the hands grabbing at my ass. The wet fingers that began to slide in and out. That is...until a bare cock slid inside my hole and I violently arched my back. It was at this point the old guys cock fell out of my throat and left me to breathe. “Damn Diego! I always forget how hot you are! Get him nice and ready for me! Do you wanna seed first or me? I gotta tell ya, my bugs are dying to get in him!” He joked. “Nah man I’m having this one first!” Diego barked back, “he’s been eyeing me up for ages dude, he was drooling the first time he got sight of my cock and I can tell this ones even more excited knowing it’s shooting poison! He’s mine!” He was right, I was not only gasping for air, but I was gasping for his cock, every time he pulled out I wanted more than anything for it to go back in. All I could think of was that scorpion I’d seen just moments ago. It must have been a few minutes of my throat being full of the skinny old guys poz eight incher, and my ass being full of the Spanish dudes uncut poz weapon. True bliss, I don’t think I’d ever been happier. “Damn this is a good ass! I’m gonna shoot!” Diego panted and jammed his cock deep and held it firm. I could feel the contractions as he unloaded his sperm inside me. “Fuck yeah! Poz this stupid faggot!” I heard the old guy shouting. Diego’s cock began to soften and it flopped out my ass, small flecks of cum dripped to the floor. Within seconds the older guy was stood and around to my ass. His right hand gripped my mouth and covered it, preventing me from speaking. And then he started diving in and out, with an unbelievable amount of energy given his age and the look of him, until he was soon reaching his climax. “Poz load number two coming right up for ya! UGHH.....” he grunted and another five shots of poz sperm were mine! It was only then that my dick erupted and shot across the floor, and I turned to see my friend had returned, looking at me from the doorway.... strangely. This would take some explaining. But then he smiled. The old guy pulled out and left without even speaking to me after, only a little laugh and a “good luck”, followed by a slap on the ass. In fact both him and Diego had left me there without even saying goodbye. I stood up, a little woozy from the steam and exhaustion, and walked over to my friend, who had seen all of it or at least most. But before we could acknowledge the situation. We heard a gruff “mmhhmmm” calling for attention from the very back of the room, “That was a good show boy! Now which one of you fags is gonna sort me out? Hmm?” We both looked at each other and then looked back at the guy, the only other guy in the room now, he was a thick set muscular hairy Arab with a very grithy cut cock. “And before you ask don’t worry, just because I haven’t got the tattoo, doesn’t mean I’m not fully loaded and ready to knock fags like you up, now.... who wants to go first?” We looked at each other, I could see my friend gulp, we turned and walked deeper into the steam, ready for whatever happened next...
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    Part 6 "Fuck!" Both of us said it at the same time. Mine was more a scream of pain. He warned me about the burning before he gave me that booty bump but this felt like a pain that started at my hole and then spread everywhere. I could feel my whole body buckle and if he hadn't grabbed my hips at the moment he popped inside me I don't know what would have happened. His "Fuck" sounded more like pleasure. More like "Fuuuuuuck". My eyes were closed tight as I tried to work through the pain. I thought about getting off him and stopping entirely. He read my mind. "You're good son. It's ok. Just hold where you are. I got you. I won't let you take anymore until you say youre ready ok? Open your eyes. Look at me." I was breathing short breaths. The pain was still so sharp. I opened my eyes but I didn't want him to see me cry. He was smiling again. "I know it hurts. We're going to take it slow. Try to take deep breaths and give it a minute." He was being so gentle with me. I know he wanted it to feel good to me but there was no way this thick cock wasn't going to be painful for my virgin hole. I tried to take deep breaths and he could see I was getting calmer. The pain was becoming dull. He took one hand off my hips and reached into his cloth bag. It was small but it seemed to have so much inside it. He pulled out a small bottle. "I want you to try something that will help. They're called poppers. You sniff them. I'll show you." It was a new bottle so he looked at me and asked if he could take both hands off. I was feeling secure with my hands and a lot of my weight resting on his shoulders still hovering over him with just the head of his cock inside me. He broke the seal and unscrewed the cap. The chemical smell hit me immediately. It did not strike me as a pleasant smell. He put the bottle up to his nose and inhaled deeply. He put the cap back and closed his eyes for a second before he exhaled and opened his eyes. "See that? Easy right?" He was going flush. His face turning red quickly. "Dad are you ok? You're getting red. Is that normal?" "Yes son. It means it's working. Ready to try? It will make it easier to take more of me. I took one hit but I want you to take two. I'll put it up to one nostril and then the other and I want you to breathe in as deep as possible. Then after the second nostril I want you to hold your breath as long as you can. Ok?" I nodded but all of the instructions were hard to follow with the drugs already in my system and a thick cock head inside me. He unscrewed the cap again and pressed the bottle against my right nostril and pushed my left nostril closed. "Really deep son." I tried to do what I saw him do but the chemical smell stung hard and I pulled away coughing. It seemed to be a pattern. "Sorry. It stings." Even though I didn't do what he told me to, I felt a rush and warmth that felt...good. "Youre good son. First times are always the hardest. Let's try the other nostril. This time try to hold it ok?" I nodded and he pushed the bottle up to my left nostril and held my right nostril closed. I inhaled deep again knowing to expect the chemical smell this time. I kept inhaling longer then he did for his hit. "Damn son. That swimming gave you great lung capacity. Ok now hold it in as long as you can. Even when you want to let it go, hold it for just a little longer ok?" I nodded. He put the cap back on and set the bottle aside. The warmth I felt with the first hit was much stronger this time and I was being hit by a wave of pleasure. I don't know how long I held my breath but the longer I did the better it felt. "Good boy! It's hitting you isn't it? Hold it just a little longer....a little longer...a little longer...You wanna let it go?" I was feeling like I was gonna burst. I was nodding fast. He quickly placed a hand over my mouth and nose. My eyes shot open in panic. "I got you son. Just a little longer. You got this. You're a swimmer. Show me what you got son." Slowly he pulled his hand away and I exhaled like I had been underwater for an entire 500 race. But the wave of warmth I felt when I was holding my breath turned out to be nothing compared to this. My whole body melted my head fell back and without his hands on my hips I started sinking down on his cock slowly. This time both of us moaned. I could feel him stretching me from the inside. The pain was still dull but it never got worse. There was something else now. It wasn't even pleasure. It was like a realization. Like I didn't know that I had spent my life partly empty until that space was being filled. "Oh my god dad. Your....your....cock is so....thick." He moaned. His eyes were closed and his mouth was open. I stopped myself from sinking further. I wasnt sitting in his lap. I couldnt believe there was more. I needed a break. He opened his eyes. "You're almost there son. You're doing great. How does it feel?" I struggled to find a word. "Good dad." "Just good? Because it feels amazing inside you son. Youre so tight and warm around your dads cock." Hearing that got me so worked up. I dont know how but almost as a reflex to hearing those words I squeezed my hole around his cock. He moaned loud and long and his eyes rolled back. It was so hot to see the pleasure I was giving this man. I wanted to give him as much pleasure as I could. And that was enough to make me decide to just hope that the worst was behind me and I sat all the way down taking the rest of his cock inside me. His moan went from loud to completely silent like he was screaming but nothing was coming out. His eyes opened the way mine did when he forced me to hold my breath and he looked at me in shock. The pain was sharp. I couldn't believe how deep he was inside me. My eyes watered and a couple tears were falling down my cheeks. He brought his hands to my face and wiped the tears with his thumbs. "We're just going to sit here so you can get used to me inside you son. This is what we both needed. Look at me. Your dad's raw cock is inside you son." I moaned and my hole squeezed on his cock again. He pulled me into him and kissed me. We put our arms around each other his grip tight as he moaned into my mouth. We made out for what felt like the longest we had to that point just exploring each others mouths and tongues pushing further into the other. He pulled me away to break the kiss. "You are so beautiful son. Perfectly smooth like a good boy should be and so tight around my fat bare cock. You know I havent cum in a couple weeks. When you told me your birthday I decided I would hold a load so that the first load that shoots into you is so big that you never forget it." Talking about cumming in me brought me a little out of the haze and made me a little nervous again. This wasn't safe. But that's all I wanted from this man. I wanted to feel a man shooting his seed into me deep. Either I show everything on my face or he can read minds. I think he could detect that my mood was beginning to change. He grabbed the pipe and torch. "How about a couple hits?" I nodded. I was nervous but I didn't want to stop what was happening. If the hits could cloud it again then I was going to do them. He gave me three hits before he took one. For good measure he gave me one more after his one. I was flying high again as the clouds hit me hard. "Ok we're going to do something now. We're going to stay in this position. I'm going to teach you a couple things that will make every top fall in love with you." At the moment there was only this man who I wanted to fall in love with me. I would do anything he told me to. "Eventually you'll learn how to bounce up and down on a cock but you just feel so good that I don't want you pulling off me even an inch. You're gonna grind into me and you're gonna find a spot inside you that is gonna make you cum." I looked down at my cock. It was still just semi-hard. There was no way he was gonna make me cum with my cock only half hard. He pushed my chest back so I was leaning back. He kept pushing until I had to use my arms to brace myself behind me. "That's good son. Now just make slow small circular motions with your hips with my entire cock inside you." I began trying to do what he said while being sure not to pull away from the feeling of the hair of his crotch brushing against me. Dad was using his hands to rub my chest my abs my legs and then used one hand to stroke my cock as he rubbed my body. Not even a minute of doing this he said "Let's do another hit of poppers. I think it will help and I also want to see how they mix with the T for you." I pulled myself back upright and in that motion his cock hit something inside me that caused me to shiver and moan. "There you go son. I think we found it. Let's do these hits and get you feeling even better. He gave me two hits letting me take a quick breath after the first but making me hold the second one. Before he took his hits he said "I'm going to take my hit now and I'm going to hold it in too. I don't want you to let go of yours until I let go of mine. Ok son?" I nodded but I was already starting to feel like I was going to need to breathe out soon. The warmth was working its way into me like a wave and I was trying to hold on. Dad took his hit and held it. He closed the bottle and put one hand on the back of my head. He pulled me in so we were forehead to forehead both holding our breaths. Finally he nodded and we both exhaled. What I felt was incredible. It was so much more intense than the first time. He pulled me into a kiss and we were both animals. But he shortened this kiss and pushed my chest back again. He put one hand behind my back to steady me. I knew what he was doing. "We're gonna find that spot again son. I want you to feel even better. Go ahead and try that motion again." I started making circles with my hips again still riding the wave. And then it hit. I actually screeched. Dad held me in that position. He was like a surgeon with incredible precision. One hand on my abs and the other on my back he held me at an angle that was not as far back as before but not upright. We sat still for a moment and he looked deep into me. I could barely focus I was so high. "Are you ready son?" I didn't really know what he was talking about but I nodded anyway. "Clench your hole for me son." He closed his eyes and moaned through his smile as I held his cock tighter inside me. "Try to match my rhythm with that move ok son?" Rhythm? I had no idea what he was talking about. We weren't moving. And then suddenly I felt his body buck slightly and inside me his cock pressed against that spot again making me shiver and sending my head back behind me. Then he did it again. And again. And again. And then over and over until I was screaming out. "Fuck...dad... your... cock....oh...my....god." So this is what it meant to be fucked. This is what it meant when all those guys in the videos who were getting fucked moaned like crazy. I was seeing stars in my drug and poppers fueled high on top of this feeling of his huge thick cock stretching me and introducing me to a pleasure I never wanted to lose. "Don't....stop...dad...please...." He started moaning too as I clenched down on his cock over and over. "Son fuck yes. You love your dads raw cock inside you dont you? This thick cock is going to breed you so deep with a two week load of ropes and ropes of thick dad cum. You want that son? You want your dad's load to breed you son?" I didn't say anything in response. Something was bubbling in me. The tingling that I had been feeling since those first hits were suddenly turning into something else and I was starting to shake uncontrollably moaning and gasping for breath at the same time and even though I hadnt been touching my only half hard cock I could feel this wave of pleasure make its way to my balls and through my cock as I came like never before. Dad pulled me against his chest as I was still shaking and with his mouth at my ear said "I'm cumming son. Oh fuuuu......" I could tell that he was moaning that silent moan again. His body against mine was shaking bucking over and over and after at least 10 spasms he moaned deep and long. The spasms kept coming but there was a longer period between them. He held me tight against him and when he thought they were over he pulled me back and kissed me. He bucked a couple more times and said "Oh fuck I'm still cumming. Oh...m--" I put my tongue in his mouth. If each time he bucked into me was a shot he must have cum almost 20 ropes into me. Our kiss got slowly and more sensual as our breathing steadied. I pulled back this time. I had shot a massive load. There was cum all over our chests. "How are you feeling son?" I didn't know what to say. I felt amazing like everything in my life had changed. I put my head on his shoulder. "Dad. That was incredible." I could hear him chuckle. He was still inside me and I could feel that he was still hard. "That was just the beginning son. I have an idea. How do you feel about calling home and telling your folks youre staying over your friends place tonight?"
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    Breeding Each Other's Boys If you’ve ever read any of my stories on here, you know I really get off on sharing my boy. Sometimes that has gotten us both into some hot risky situations. And we both get off on that. We both mostly remember to take our PrEP, so what’s the harm in the occasional POZ load? Last winter, a fuck buddy told me about this weekly party in midtown, for bears and their admirers. I am into submissive burly hairy dudes, but my boy prefers dominant twinks. Sometimes stretching his limits is fun for us both. We decided to take a long lunch break on a Thursday afternoon and meet up at the midtown address and have some fun. I got there a few minutes before him and was lingering at the clothes check just inside the third-floor walk-up. Two incredibly sexy guys showed up and tore each other’s clothes off and shoved them into a bag, eyeing me up and down as they handed their clothes over and paid the attendant. One guy was squat and muscled, his shoulders covered in a fuzz of blond hair. He had a mop of blond hair held back with a handkerchief headband. His partner, taller and heavier-set was covered in black curly body hair, even his back. As he parted the curtain, he turned to wink at me. I smiled back, nervously, and took note of a massive scorpion tattoo between his shoulder blades. My boy showed up and kissed me as I cleared my throat, feeling my cock stiffen. We stripped down to our jockstraps, checked our clothes, and went into the darkened back area. The walls were painted glossy black and the place was furnished with numerous black leather sofas and ottomans and broken up with black velour curtains here and there. There were even tawdry velvet paintings of busty nude women on the walls. There were bowls of lube and condoms on a folding table in the front area. We each took a few of both and tucked them into our socks. I loved the assortment of men, some hairy as hell and some twinky guys who were into them. It seemed like we were on the early side, and while some guys were getting and giving head, there was no hardcore fucking yet. The blond guy with the headband came up to us and smiled at me. He leaned forward to offer a loud stage whisper, ‘You’re both hot. Wanna play? We only play safe here. You never know what these guys have… Hope that’s not a deal-breaker…’’ My boy and I eagerly nodded and he introduced himself as Jeremy and his scorpion-tattooed boyfriend as Sam. We shook hands and they chuckled, grabbing our strapped crotches and leading us to a back area. The back room was almost wall-to-wall ottomans pushed together. Jeremy threw his arms over my shoulders and kissed me hard. He led my hands down to his ass and I started fingering his hole. ‘Baby,’ he cooed at me, ‘We’ll need to bag up, and make sure to use plenty of lube!’ I agreed and grabbed a lube packet and squirted it onto my fingers, forcing globs into his hole, which instantly felt super wet. I looked over to see Sam’s furry back and shoulders rippling as my boy leaned forward and spread his cheeks wide. Sam ate his ass. Seeing that scorpion tattoo flex made me instantly hard, so I had no trouble getting the rubber onto my dick. I leaned forward and asked Jeremy, ‘Any chance Sam is a Scorpio?’ Jeremy chuckled and said, ‘Oh, yeah. Sure…’ I asked when his birthday was, and he thought for a few seconds too long and said, ‘Ummm… March?’ I knew he was kidding me and slid my rock-hard sheathed cock into his ass in one push. It felt loose and open, and seeing Sam’s massive cock, I knew why. He must have been regularly cunted by that big thick cock. Sam was duly wrapping up his own nine inch thick tool as he prepared to enter my boy. Jeremy’s loose ass made it tough for me to stay hard, and I felt my dick sliding around in the condom. I looked over to see Sam jack-hammering my boy’s ass as he groaned into the leather upholstery. I knew he preferred it bareback, but Sam was hitting all the right spots, so he wasn’t complaining. Then again, he also preferred hairless twinks, but a big cock is a big cock. Hearing my boy moaning got me a little harder and I was able to keep fucking this total stranger. It started to feel better to my dick and I could really pound his stretched-out hole. Jeremy asked me to pull out so he could roll over onto his back. When I did, I was mortified to see that the condom had completely worked itself off of my dick. It was crumpled up with just a bit of latex peeking out of his slack cunt. I pulled it out and held it up to show Jeremy, apologizing profusely. He smiled and said, ‘that’s ok, baby. Just put it back in me. You’ve been fucking me raw for at least a few minutes, what’s a few minutes more?’ I nodded, looking at Sam for his approval to raw-fuck his boyfriend. He grinned and nodded, pulling out of my boy and flipping him over, fiddling with his own rubber before slamming back into my boy. When I slid back into Jeremy’s ass, a puddle of white spooge puddled around my cock. Jeremy shoved a few fingers into his hole alongside my dick and withdrew them to taste. ‘You like that, baby?,’ he asked me. I nodded. ‘Sam bred me just before we got here… He loves warming me up for fresh cock…’ Sam tapped me on the shoulder. ‘Let’s switch,’ he said. I agreed and slid raw into my boy’s newly opened-up hole, slick with Sam’s cum. My boy held his legs back and his ass swallowed my dick. It felt so good sliding into him after being pummeled by that big cock. After a few pumps, I saw that familiar spooge ring around my dick. I pulled out and looked at Sam and Jeremy, kissing hard as they bare-fucked. I tapped Sam’s shoulder and asked, ‘did you breed my boy?’ He grinned again and pulled out of Jeremy. ‘Only once so far, when I saw you fucking mine bare… It’s only fair.’ I guess he had a point. ‘Let’s switch back, buddy,’ Sam said, pulling out of Jeremy’s butt. I agreed and slid my cummy cock back into Jeremy, now even looser than before. It only took a few seconds in his cum-soaked hole to loose my load. I shot my seed deep into Jeremy’s guts, staying rock hard. Sam fucked my boy harder and deeper than he’s been fucked in a while. He threw his head back and came, again, deep in my boy. Even though I’d JUST cum inside Jeremy, knowing my boy was being bred a second time made me fire off again. Covered in sweat and cum, Jeremy and my boy made out while Sam pulled out of my boy with a juicy ‘plop.’ I pulled out of Jeremy and a torrent of cum followed. As we got up from the ottoman, there were guys all around us eager to take out place. One eager bottom put his face right into the cum puddle where my boy had been and lapped it up. He spit into his hand and rubbed it along his ass crack, bending forward for a lucky stranger to fuck him. I realized my lunch break was about over and pointed to the exit. The four of us headed back to clothes check and got dressed to head back to work. We exchanged business cards and promised to stay in touch. I got a text from Sam right as the workday ended saying ‘THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR BOY’S HOLE. SHOULD HAVE TOLD YOU BOTH EARLIER THAT I’M POZ. I SHOULDN’T HAVE STEALTHED YOUR BOY. THAT OK?’ I texted back saying ‘YOUR TATTOO TOLD ME AS MUCH… YEAH. IT’S COOL.’ A few minutes later I hadn’t heard back from him, so I wrote another text: WHEN ARE WE BREEDING EACH OTHER’S BOYS AGAIN? This time the answer was swift. He sent me a photo. Apparently, he’d followed my boy to his office and had just finished depositing more fresh POZ cum…
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    That was a little prologue bit, now we start the main story: Chapter 1 - The Bouncer “Tickets,” the bouncer was stood rock solid at the doorway. He was quite short, but with bulging muscles, biceps in particular. He had throbbing veins all along his bald head which shone with sweat and we could all smell him from where he stood. I was doing all that I could to not give away how turned on I was, but this bouncer didn’t look friendly. “Tickets!” He yelled gruffly, as Owen was fiddling around in his bag. The bouncers face reddened more and more. A few seconds later and a panicked Owen revealed our three tickets to the Havana Gay Club, but it was too late. The bouncer was out of patience, we’d kept him waiting a whole fifteen seconds and this man didn’t wait for anyone. He grabbed Owen roughly by the throat, lifting him off the ground and staggered off a few metres down the street. Owen was gasping for breath, his feet kicking beneath him, and Ryan and I were yelling for him to stop. But we were in an empty street devoid of people, it was 3am after all. The bouncer banged violently on a metal shutter in the side of the building, and within seconds it lifted a little off the ground. With one strong swing he tossed Owen underneath, and the metal shutter smashed loudly to the ground once more leaving only silence and the slow footsteps of the bouncer as he returned. “Wh...what was that?! Where is he? What’s through there?” I yelled confused “I’d forget about him son, a pretty thing like that...especially with his ass...damn he won’t be coming out again...” “What do you mean?” Ryan asked “The lads down there are gonna tear him apart, I’d forget about him son and enjoy your night...at least you faggots have learnt not to keep real man waiting! Now fuck off,” And with that he shoved the two of us inside the doors and slammed them shut. We were immediately thrust inside the night club which blared loud music with flashing strobe lights. There was an enormous crowd of people and we were swept up inside the sea of bodies. It had seemed so quiet from outside.... Within seconds in all the confusion I had lost even Ryan, but eventually I managed to swim my way to the bar and leant on a stool to catch my breath. It was hot and sweaty inside. I waved to grab the attention of a barman, whilst trying to catch any sign of Ryan...nothing, I couldn’t see him anywhere. The barman who greeted me was objectively handsome. A thick jaw and short black beard with piercing blue eyes. Just like all the servers he was butt naked. He was muscular and slightly hairy, with a gorgeous cut cock that hung soft from a hairy crotch and swung delicately as he walked. It took me a few seconds to stop getting distracted and remind myself of my situation and begin speaking. “My friend... hes...my friend...the bouncer threw him round the side and I don’t know...” “Really? Again?! I swear he’s tossing about five guys every night in there, I’m guessing it’s cos the boy tried hitting on him huh?” The barman laughed. “No! Well not really, he just took too long getting the tickets out!” “Damn he must be in a mood, the bouncer I mean. Let’s just say he’s had a few fights with the guys downstairs... to do with his sons.... and I think that he thinks if he throws enough guys down there, that they’ll leave his youngest son alone...I dunno.. whatever... you getting a drink? “What no?! I need to find him!” “Trust me you don’t want to, looking at you I’m guessing you don’t really know what goes on in this place and it’s best that way man. I’m gonna be blunt with you, it’s over for him. That’s the dark room, once he’s down there he’ll be thrown about like meat and anyone can get inside him, and trust me there isn’t a condom within a mile of that place, and all the tops down there are poz and shooting toxic loads.” “Poz?! What?” “So are most of the lads here actually, me included,” he winked at me gestured down to his cock, which he shook from side to side teasingly... “Wait so you aren’t then? I’d keep that to yourself buddy, or these guys will have you on all fours in seconds!” The heat and music were all getting too much, what was going on? “You just better pray that he gets your friends only gets fucked by some of the younger guys. There are the two alphas down there Vic and Mario. Mario is this big hairy Italian bloke, and it’s his life’s work to rip all the pretty boys apart. He got mad at Vic mouthing off about being the best top and since then they’ve had a bet to see who can knock up the most guys in one year, rumour has it Mario even knocked up over seven guys on the same football team! I mean that’s impressive!” “Impressive? What the fuck? That’s insane,” I shot back, though couldn’t deny my arousal, my eyes hadn’t left the soft poz cock hanging right in front of me... “To be honest it’s Vic you really want to worry about! He’s reached 166 guys already and there’s still three months to go. Marios way behind on like 120 or something but who knows at this point,” he shrugged. “What? 166 guys he’s pozzed in nine months? But that’s like 5 or something every week, how does that even work?” “Yeah man! He’s here most nights getting the job done, he’s kind of famous in this area. I see a good few guys heading down those stairs each night for a play with Vic and his boys, and to be honest most of them go down for that very reason. You should see him man: he’s tall and super thin, but man his dick is to die for!!!” He laughed hardest of all then, “Literally.” “In fact, speaking of, you better hope Vic isn’t in today because the last four dudes that guy has shot inside had to go to the hospital. This cute kid I know Danny, one other drunk one that got lost down there two weeks ago and also these two friends from Germany who he knocked up last month, all four are hooked up on IVs, that guy is lethal man!” I just stopped in shock. The barman continued, “Damn this chat is getting me hard, looks like I might be payin a visit myself tonight... maybe see you there,” he winked and walked off in response to another guy asking for a drink across the room. I didn’t know how to process it all, what I did know was that I needed to find Owen, so I foolishly headed for the stairs downwards...into darkness... At the bottom of the stairs it was near pitch black. But I could see a figure standing nearby and as I approached, he edged closer and into the light.
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    I guess you could say that Steve and I are dating - though we've not formalized anything at all. We meet a few months ago on BBRT. He came over and we spent the weekend getting high on tina and fucking. I hadn't partied in nearly 4 years and welcomed the chance to let my inner slut out and be a nasty little cum dump for the weekend. Drugs really let me come alive. Steve is 27, tall and skinny with a fat uncut dick and shaved pubes. Except for his broad shoulders, you might mistake him for a bottom twink, which he is not. He's well worked-out and has tight defined muscles. And he's quite aggressive. When he came over that first weekend he was wearing a scooped muscle shirt which came off immediately as he entered my apartment. Under the sweat shorts was a sexy jockstrap that contained his 9" dick. Waisting little time he brought out the pipe and we started blowing clouds and making out. He started getting all verbal. "What do you want," he asked? "I need to be used," I said almost desperately. "I need to be a cumdump." Steve happily obliged and proceeded to dominate and pound me throughout our cloudy night. I got two thick loads pumped deep in my hole, and plenty of spit on my face and in my throat. This boy knew how to take charge and he liked being a power top pig. Now here's the weird part. The following weekend Steve texted to see if I wanted to hang out. Of course I did! He invited me to dinner. I think it was a date! Can you believe that? Me either. Afterwards we went back to my place and fucked. We didn't party again, but that doesn't mean that the sex was watered down. Steve resumed his powerful role over me and pounded my hole raw with his massive uncut dick all the while calling me a nasty cumdump slut -- which got me off so hard. We continued hooking up. Not every weekend but enough. And we started talking about what sorta stuff we were into and wanted to do. I had never really opened up about my desires for slutty and raunchy sex with anyone while being sober. But Steve easily got it all out of me. I explained how I wanted to be in a gangbang with a bunch of guys. He told me how he always wanted a regular hook-up who he could pass back-and-forth with his friends. I even mentioned my fascination with taking piss up my hole. He really liked that idea! One night we were lying in bed, my ass dripping with his cum -- he always made me sleep with his load in me -- we were talking about sex and fantasies we wanted to do. And then he got kinda serious. "So you're, like, really open to some [banned word] situations then, hu?" he asked. "Well, yea," I admitted. "Especially when I'm high - I'm down for quite a lot." "Well that might happen again soon," he said. I was excited. "So I'm going to share something with you. Don't let it bother you." I was really intrigued. So far Steve has been totally confident and unabashed in bed. Nothing that I've said has thrown him, and he's allowed me to tap into my raunch pig side so easily. "My younger brother is coming into town for a visit and will be around for just under a week," he said. I was, like - OK. No biggie. I figured that meant Steve would be busy playing host and not around much - which was no big deal. "He's 24 and straight," he said. "He'll be out here looking for work." Steve sat up on his arm and looked directly at me. "I came out in high school," he said. "It wasn't a big deal for anyone in my family. But my brother and I had been sorta messing around a little, like boys do." "And when I went off to college Travis would come up and stay with me in the dorm sometimes. Anyway, he's been fucking me for years." I was turned on and really curious. I'm sure my face had lit up some hearing this. "He's totally straight," I asked? "Yea. He dates women. Always has. But he's always take advantage of the fact that I'm gay to get off by, basically using me the way I fuck you. He's really dominant and aggressive, the way I am with you." "I can't imagine you with your legs in the air bottoming," I admit. At this point I'm stroking Steves uncut cock which is rock hard and leaking pre-cum. "He's the only one who I've let top me. And he doesn't give me much choice. When he visits he sleeps in my bed and has his way with me. I know he loves me as a brother, but when we're together he calls me his faggot fuck hole and uses me like a cheap whore." At this point I roll Steve onto his back and sit my cum-filled ass down on his rock hard dick and start riding him hard. The sounds of his last load slosh in my guts as his raw dick slides in and out of me. "Fuck! Did that turn you on," he asked? "Hell yea it did!" Steve then flips us around, throws my legs over his broad shoulders and slides his dick in my sloppy hole but just leaves it there. Then, looking deep into my eyes, which are practically in the back of my head he says in a deep and seductive tone, "you like the idea of my straight brother using this faggot to get off, hu you nasty little slut?" And with that he spit in my mouth and began fucking me like the slutty faggot that I am!
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    Ramping it up with chapter 3.... Chapter 3: The Arab The two of us instinctively dropped to our knees when we were close enough. The muscular Arab guy was sat on wet steamy bench, his body dripping and drenched in steam and sweat combined. His cock stood up proudly, I gripped it firmly and reached forward to suck, but he slapped me hard. “No! Ass.” Fuck sake...not again....I really like sucking dick and it seems all these guys want is ass... “But I really like sucking!” “NO! We’re not all pussies like that poz daddy that ruined your friends throat! I don’t settle for some faggots mouth, I’m having your ass and I’m having it now!” I gulped. Finn instantly turned round and sat square down on his cock, which slid up inside him in smoothly. “Mmmmm, much better. Your friend here knows what he’s doing! He’s a much better fag than you,” he pulled down hard on Finns hips and jabbed his cock further up into his gut. I could see the pained look on Finns face but he bit his lip and held it in. From the seated position the Arab guy was jamming in and out, his tongue out of his mouth panting like a dog. He was reddening and sweating more, his rich musk blending with the heavy steam. As his thick cock slid inside Finns ass, small droplets of viral precum began to coat his insides, and the poz Arab cock just slipped deeper and deeper into his gut. The sweaty guy hugged Finn and squeezed him almost too tightly as he began to gyrate his hips and begin to pull in and out with greater length. The top of his cut cock was firmly pressing against Finns prostate and he was in ecstasy. “Yeah you like that boy don’t you? A nice poz cock from daddy tearing your ass up eh?” “Yes...god yes..so much...I want it..I want your cum...” “All in good time boy” he smirked and began thrusting a little quicker. “Don’t want to tire you out too soon.... I need you to help...a friend of mine out too...” He began to breathe a little quicker and thrust deeper, his heavy musk was strong and made Finns cock even harder with every sniff. “Anything...anything for you...” “Well...I think it’ll have to be you....your friend over there ain’t worth shit, I need you baby” I was overwhelmed with jealousy, my face reddened, I wanted his cock, I needed it. Why does Finn get all the cock? All the poz cock?! I couldn’t let this continue. I yanked at Finn hard and threw him off, and in one quick motion I jumped on, facing the hot Arab square in the face and squatted down on his cock. I hugged him tight, and began jumping up and down while he sat back with a huge smile and a knowing wink. “I knew you had it in you boy! Nothing makes a handsome young bottom like you hornier than knowing the cock in front of you is poz! Its just the rule of life.” With my bouncing it didn’t take long for me to milk his thick cock dry of it’s viral load. With a loud grunt his toxic balls emptied into my intestines and I could feel his poz babies splashing inside my ass, I smiled. “Beautiful boy,” he moaned, “You see... my old friend Walt is in today and he’d love to shoot inside this beautiful ass boy!” “Please... give him to me too please...” I whimpered entranced. “Well you see...he needs a real special slut like you because he’s a special case... He’s full blown AIDS, probably hasn’t got long left, he ain’t looking his best and some guys turn him down...but not you though...your gonna take his AIDS cum aren’t you boy?” “Yes yes sir! Please I want it!” “You see, the strain he’s got is real fucked up...he’s only had it three years and already he ain’t got long left, maybe six months maximum, so he’s gotta save this strain for a real special someone...” “Give it to me! I want his strain...I want it!” “He needs someone to take his DNA before he goes.... keep it nice and warm...even though it’ll fuck you up boy” “I don’t care, I want it, I need it! I want it even more knowing how powerful it is!” “Oh its powerful boy! It’s killed one my friends already...” He smiled then... “and you’ll be next...” “Wait maybe you shouldn’t just...” Finn began to interrupt. “I need him...where is he” I replied ignoring Finns warnings. The poz Arab kissed my neck and smirked once more, he gestured behind me and walked off into the steam. I turned. I could see a thin gaunt figure standing in front of me, a long uncut cock hung from his crotch, pulsing with thick throbbing veins, he smiled at me, a few teeth missing a long body of skin and bones. I couldn’t help but stare at his weapon hanging from his legs, it was locked and loaded, full of venom, my cock was harder than ever despite cumming already once. “You ready for my seed baby?” He rasped, he shook his cock at me teasingly, “this bad boy here is gonna send you straight to the grave.” He smirked evilly, “one way trip baby!” “Um..I dunno..I ...” I began to think a little more cautiously, the haze of hormones dying down, “Well it doesn’t matter, you’re getting it either way...” And with that he began to walk forward, his dick swinging hypnotically, a small bead of deadly precum drooling to the floor. Fuck.
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    Part 2 Mr. Kelly walked me into his living room and sat down on his couch. "Sit down. Make yourself comfortable" he said. I was still in shock not knowing whether I should leave now or if I should just go with it as he seemed to be. "Mr. Kelly, I..." "Jake, relax. It's ok. You won't get in trouble for this. We're just two adults hanging out at my house. It's ok." "But how are you so chill about this? What if we see each other around school?" "Jake you know that picture on your profile? In your speedo? Did you forget our school name and logo is on your team speedo?" Fuck. I forgot about that. I remembered thinking about it when I posted the pic but I thought it would be too small to notice. Someone would have to know that it was there. Like someone who worked at the school. "Didn't you notice me at a couple of your home meets this year? I was trying to figure out who I was talking to. That and a couple questions about the things you do at school and I put it all together. I've known for about a month now." I couldn't believe it. The guy I had been talking to this whole time was watching me. We were at school together. That actually somehow got me hornier. I sat down on the other end of the couch. "I guess I feel kinda dumb Mr. Kelly. If you want me to go or if you don't wanna do anything it's fine really. I can just go home now." "It's ok it's ok. I promise. Let's just sit together and if you still want to leave after we talk a bit then you can go but I would like you to stay so we can get to know each other better." This was a teacher I had trusted when I had him in 10th grade and he was also the man I trusted with some of my secret desires. I nodded. "How would you feel if we just turned on a movie and if we feel like it we can do a little smoking. What do you think?" I was starting to feel more comfortable knowing that he was into this and was initiating doing some of what we planned for our first time hanging out. I nodded and began taking off my hoodie. He turned on his huge TV mounted on the wall and a movie was already playing. Two guys were together in bed wearing only shorts and making out. One looked around my age and the other was older like Mr. Kelly. They were really passionate like you couldn't tear them apart if you tried. Sometimes one of them moaned but mostly it was the sound of two men kissing and breathing heavy. "Is this ok?" Mr. Kelly asked. I said yes and he stood up from the couch and said, "Let me go get some stuff for us to smoke." He walked down a hall into another room and came out with a couple things in his hands but while he was in there he also took off his shirt. I couldn't believe I was looking at my teacher half naked. He looked better than his picture. He looked more fit then I remembered and I could see the hair across his chest and down the center of his stomach. I was starting to get hard. He sat down next to me. "You said you smoked pot before right? You ever smoke anything else?" I shook my head. I told him I didn't even know what else there was besides pot and cigarettes. "I have some weed but I thought this might be fun especially since you're so nervous. Do you want to give it a try?" "Sure" I said "What is it?" "It's called T. You might like it." He showed me a small water pipe with a bulb at the end of a glass tube that came out of the base with water in it. "I'm going to light this and you'll see some smoke come out of the hole here. That's when I know to take my hit. I'll do it first so you can see." Mr. Kelly lit the bulb and like he said soon wisps of white smoke started coming from the top. He took a long hit and when he pulled away he blew out a massive cloud. I didn't know what it was but seeing him do that was hot. He turned to me. "You want to give it a try?" I said ok and he moved closer and then put his arm around me. I could feel the heat coming off of his body. I had never been close to someone like this before. He lit the bulb again and put the end of the pipe up to my mouth with the arm that was around me. "Ok, now. Go ahead and take your hit." I started to suck on the pipe very lightly. Mr. Kelly chuckled. I pulled away. "No it's ok. You're just gonna have to suck harder. Make sure you can hear the water when you take your hit. Don't be afraid. I got you." He put the pipe back up to my mouth. I tried again and this time sucked much harder. Suddenly I felt my lungs fill quicker than I thought and I pulled away coughing. A big cloud burst from my mouth. "You ok?" "Yeah sorry." I looked up and for the first time looked Mr. Kelly in the eyes. Something in his look made me feel protected like I could do or say anything with him and feel safe. He put the pipe up to my mouth and told me to try again. I did this time knowing what to expect. I felt the smoke fill my lungs. He told me to keep sucking until he pulled the pipe away. It felt like a longer hit than my first and longer than his too. Finally he pulled the pipe away and said, "Now hold your breath. Don't let it out yet. I'll countdown from 5 and when I say let it out." He counted down slowly. Being a swimmer I had no trouble holding my breath but somewhere around 3 I started feeling a tingling. First in my chest and then somewhere in my head there was buzzing. Then he told me to let it go and I blew out a huge cloud of smoke. "Good boy" he said and patted me on my chest with his hand that held the torch. Do one more. We did the same thing and the tingling got more intense in my chest in my head and down to my cock. "Feeling ok Jake" Mr. Kelly asked. "Yeah. I'm tingling. Is that normal?" "Yes. That means it's working." He took another hit himself and then turned to me. "Feels good doesn't it?" It did. I could feel the arm around me pull me in closer. "So...this whole time we were chatting I was calling you Mike but you're Mr. Kelly. What do you want me to call you?" Mr. Kelly chucked again. I was looking down at my sweatpants to see if my boner was showing. The hits made me feel like I had to touch my cock. I was doing everything I could to restrain myself. Mr. Kelly put the pipe and the torch down on the coffee table. The couple in the movie were naked now the older man on top of the boy still making out. Mr. Kelly put his arm back around me and pulled me tight. "I actually was thinking about that. You told me that you thought incest was hot." Just hearing Mr. Kelly say the word make my cock throb. "So how would you feel about calling me dad? Only when we're in private of course not at school." This was amazing. Imagining Mr. Kelly was my dad was enough that hand acted on its own and started rubbing my crotch. "I'll take that as a yes, son." Fuck. Hearing him call me son like that made me gasp and moan. He got closer and put his mouth to my ear. "Can I kiss you son?" "Yes dad" I whispered. He pulled me in for our first kiss. The first kiss between dad and son.
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    Thanks for all the kind comments! Part 4 "I'm so glad you want that son. I do too. Do you like what you see on the screen?" I turned back to the movie and the dad and son were still making out with the dad on top of the son. But the dad was fucking the son! When the dad pulled away from their kiss I heard him say, "You like the feel of your dad's raw cock inside you?" The son was moaning and getting louder with each thrust. Dad was cupping my balls and stroked by cock his mouth back to my ear. "We don't have to do that right now or even tonight but I know you want to feel your dad's thick raw cock inside you don't you?" I moaned softly excited and scared all at once. I had never even thought about getting fucked raw. Bareback was always fantasy to me. It was too risky to do for real. But the door to the secret room in my mind was wide open now and in that moment condoms seemed like the worst possible idea. I turned to look at him again and this time I was dead serious. "No dad. I want that tonight. I want that now. Please dad. Fuck your son." As soon as I heard myself say it I pulled back away from the center of the bed and dad's arm around me. "Oh my god. I'm so sorry I don't know what I'm saying. I...I ....I'm not like that." Dad reached for my arm and held it pulling me back to him. "Hey hey it's ok its ok. You're fine. I want to know your deepest desires. I'm here to make them all come true. You're not scaring me. I like that you can trust me with those thoughts." I was leaning against him again and heard the click of the torch. "Here let's do another couple hits. I think we could probably use something to help us relax." He put the pipe up to my mouth and I took another big hit. Back and forth we went until that urge returned. I grabbed my semi hard cock and I stared at dad's thick cock. Without saying anything I leaned down and licked the tip my tongue moving along his slit. I tasted the sweetness of his pre cum. "Oh fuck son." I felt dad's hand against the back of my head as he put the slightest bit of pressure so that I would take more of his cock. I wrapped my lips around the head and got the loudest moan of the night as dad's reaction. It was just the head but my mouth already felt so full. I tried to go deeper on his cock but my mouth just couldn't handle it. "God you're so huge dad. I can't fit you in my mouth." I was looking up into his eyes with his cock on my tongue. "That is such a gorgeous site. Why don't you just lick up and down the shaft. I don't want to cum this way anyway." He gave me what looked like a conniving smirk. I knew what he meant and I felt my cock pulse. I started licking up and down his cock trying to taste every part of it. It was hairy but it looked like he probably trimmed so it wouldnt get out of control and so nothing hid how big it was. "Come back up here." I felt like I wasn't doing a good job. I didn't really know what I was doing so this was probably not the best blow job he had ever gotten before. He pulled me into another kiss and laid me on my back his hands moving up and down my chest and abs. Then he kissed his way down my neck down my chest and down my abs and then he put my cock into his mouth. "Fuck oh my god" I screamed. His mouth felt amazing. He was able to get all of it in his mouth which was probably easier because I was still only half hard. After a couple minutes he pulled up from it and used his hand to stroke me while he licked my balls. He looked up at me as the tip of his tongue teased each ball and made me jump from the sensation. "I love how smooth you are son. Does everyone on the swim team shave their cock and balls too?" I was feeling a little embarrassed. I never talked to anyone about this. I just liked the way it looked in porn so I figured I would try it too. "Nah not really. I just wanted to see how it looked and felt." He kept teasing my balls but with each touch he moved further down. "Well they look amazing. How do they feel?" I could see that he was smiling as he gave me a small spasm each time his tongue hit my balls. "It feels amaaaaaazing." "If you think that feels amazing you're gonna love this." He surprised me and pushed my legs up and pulled my cheeks apart. He kissed each ass cheek and then all of a sudden i felt that tip of his tongue again brush against my hole. I lifted my head up with a gasp. This time he used more of his tongue to lick around and on my hole. "Wha- what are you doing? Oh my god." He pulled his head up. "You haven't seen this in porn? Rimming?" I shook my head. "Oh are you one of those guys who turns on a video and fast forwards to the fucking?" He got me. I started laughing and as my head fell back against the pillow his tongue pushed into my hole for the first time. My laugh became a long moan. "Dad oh fuck that feels amazing." For the next few minutes it felt like he was trying to use his tongue to get deeper and deeper into me. I was in ecstasy. I never even knew this was something that existed and it was the best thing I had ever felt before. I reached for my cock and felt that it was getting more than semi-hard. He raised himself up and lowered my legs back to the bed. He came back up to a sitting position and grabbed the pipe and torch again. "How about a couple more hits?" I didn't say anything. I just pulled myself up to sit up again with him. He put the pipe up to my mouth first again. I took a long hit and as I let it out he put the pipe back to my mouth. "Don't you wanna take your turn before I take my second?" He smiled and just said "You are so sweet Jake. It's ok. There's plenty for both of us. Go ahead take another hit." He made me take a few more hits in a row. All big clouds. It felt amazing and for the first time I felt the tingling at my hole. I needed him to take my virginity. Now. As if he could sense what I was thinking he put his mouth back up to my ear and whispered, "I think it's time dad takes his son's cherry." I shuddered and nodded. On the screen the dad was screaming "Take your dad's load son! I'm breeding you with the cum that made you son!" All my brain was saying to me now was I want to feel that too. I was ready.
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    Chapter 2 - What Happened to Owen? It was dark, really dark. It smelt disgusting, unwashed cock and BO. I could hear shifting bodies in the dark, and the dripping of leaky pipes. My shoulder still hurt from when that crazy bouncer threw me inside the place. I could see a few figures shifting distantly, then closer. The huge one gripped at my arm and dragged me along the floor, he didn’t speak, just grunted and threw me onto a worn dirty mattress on the floor. I scrambled back to my feet but he just pulled me down again with ease, almost on autopilot with no emotion. He pushed me down onto my back and leaned in closer. “Wow you’re actually quite handsome! Could you just, slow down a bit I need..” He didn’t respond, in fact he didn’t even seem to hear or understand me. He just continued to pull at my clothes till my shirt was ripped off and my trousers thrown across the room. Another man approached then, much younger, must have been around 20 like me. But he had the look of using heavy drugs and his eyes were almost freightning, staring right into me. He just licked his lips and produced metal handcuffs from his pocket. Now that made my heart race if nothing else had, the panic was setting in. “No thanks! I don’t like that I don’t want..,” It didn’t matter, one ring was already wrapped too tightly around my left hand, and the other now firmly gripped around a heavy pipe set into the wall. I was in too much shock to speak. Neither even glanced at me, the druggy left for a moment, leaving me with the huge one. He yanked at my boxers and pulled them off, before grabbing my legs and lifting them both above my head, revealing my freshly prepared hole I had readied for the night out. He beamed wide at the sight to reveal a mouth without teeth. His nose was crooked and his cheeks scarred, he had only a few wisps of hair and despite being very tall and having muscles, he was also veiny and somehow slender. He had a nice masculine face though, and I couldn’t help but me attracted to him, in spite of his missing teeth.... That was until he edged closer, kneeling against my ass, and revealed his cock. It was a good seven inches, cut, with a beautiful and large flared mushroom head. But that wasn’t what made my heart sink.... it was the tattoo that hung above it, it wasn’t a symbol, it wasn’t a message, it was just a word, three simple letters: P O Z. I gulped, and began to sweat, I wasn’t on prep and would never knowingly take a poz load, not ever. But he edged closer and closer and I could feel his cock head begin to put pressure on my asshole. He pulled away, looked down, and spat on his cock. I could see a bead of precum....poz precum oozing out. “No don’t. I’m not on Prep I can’t,” He still didn’t listen, didn’t even hear me, I squirmed but I knew it was futile, I’d be leaving here with poz cum up my ass no doubt, it was a question of how much. At least if they let me go straight away, I could go to the hospital and get treated...if they let me go... He pushed back and slowly but surely his flared cock head burrowed eagerly inside my hole. It was surprisingly slow, and surprisingly pleasurable...if I hadn’t known what was awaiting in his balls...like a loaded gun right up my ass. When was the trigger going to be pulled... He slowly pushed deeper and then dragged it out and deeper again. The pleasure was intense, he was sweating and haunched right over me, he didn’t look at me once, just thrusting in and out like a savage. He leant over and grabbed at the pipe behind, picking up speed and thrusting harder. His armpit was shoved right in my face and I could barely breathe. He then tensed up his body as his orgasmed hard and shot his dirty cum deep inside my body, I tensed up too, feeling every shot. He breathed a little, slid himself out and wordlessly walked away. The young guy from before took his place, I didn’t even get a chance to see his cock before he was thrusting in and out and pumping a second dirty load deep into my bowels. He was so thin and weak that he nearly passed out afterwards. He lay on top of me until another guy grabbed at him and threw him across the room with force. This next guy was much older, barrel chested and hairy, a full brown beard with flecks of grey. He didn’t speak either, he just slammed his cock right in and started pumping away. He was much sweatier than the others but smelled much better, and his cock must have been bigger because there was some sharper pain than with the others. He gripped at my shoulders firmly as he pummelled my ass, my legs swinging wildly in the air and the mattress even squeaking slightly. Eventually his orgasm came and he shot deep inside once again. When he pulled out he looked down and smiled. I could see his cock, it was damn big....and it was pierced with a thick metal barbell piercing. All around the head was a layer of thick pink cum....fuck! He’d ripped me right open, and his babies were settling inside me ready to take over. I would have cried then, but I was distracted, I could see behind him a line was forming, six maybe seven guys already waiting, like animals lining up for food, I was fucked... I hadn’t failed to notice near everyone of them had some sort of mark to let me know they weren’t shooting blanks... a handsome young Latino with a large scorpion on his hip, a wiry skeleton of a man with three different biohazard symbols on his body, a lean muscular black man with a massive cock and a tattoo on his left leg....and at the back... two men of unknown age so gaunt and sickly they didn’t need a tattoo to reveal what bugs they must have been churning up inside their low hanging ball sacs. It took a few seconds to realise it wasn’t a line, the whole lot of them were coming at me at once....
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    Part 3 I had only kissed one other person like this before and I was drunk at the time so it was mostly a blur. But the T made me more aware of the feeling of Mr. Kelly....dad....kissing me and wrapping both of his arms around me his hairy chest pressed against me. Our making out was so heated like we were trying to devour each other. I just took his lead and tried to do what he was doing and it was so hot. He broke the kiss but didn't pull away more than a couple inches. He looked into my eyes. "I want to show you everything you want and more. But we will take this at your pace. I promise. Just tell me if I am pushing you too far and we will stop. Is that ok son?" He said the magic word. When he called me son I felt myself melt into him. It made me want him, dad, even more. "Yes dad" was all I could say. I was so horny and my cock was aching to be touched. I reached down to my crotch and noticed that I wasn't hard at all. I didn't understand it but I figured by the time my pants came off it would be hard again. "Why don't we go into the bedroom? I have a TV in there too." He got up off the couch and took my hand and lifted me off it. He grabbed the pipe and the torch and led me into his bedroom. Against one wall was a king size bed. I had never seen one so big before. It was bigger than my parents bed. On the opposite wall was another TV mounted to the wall. "Go ahead and sit up on the bed. I think there's a movie I have that youre gonna like." He was at a small desk with his laptop on it. I sat up in the bed on one side against the headboard to get a good TV watching position. In a minute the TV was on and a video started. Two guys sitting on a couch fully clothed and staring into the camera. It was obvious right off the bat that these two were related. The older guy looked around my dad and Mr. Kelly's age and the younger guy looked around my age and he looked like he would be what the older guy looked like 20 years before. Mr. Kelly...dad...it was hard to get out of the habit of thinking of him as my teacher...before he came to the bed he went into his closet and pulled out a small cloth bag. He got onto the bed and told me to get closer to him. "We'll make use of every inch of this bed eventually, but let's sit close now." I pulled myself over more to the center of the bed so that our arms were touching. "What do you say you take off the shirt son?" I did as he asked and soon dad and son were both topless. He rubbed my chest and brought his hand down to my stomach and crotch. That first feeling of another man's hands on my body was like electricity. I was shivering. The dad and son on the screen were starting to rub each other's legs. Dad pulled out of his cloth bag another small bag of what looked like chunks of crystals. "I'm going to reload the pipe so we can smoke a little more. You liked it right? Do you want to do more son?" That word again. "Yeah dad. I like it a lot. It's weird I got so horny after those hits but I'm not hard at all." "That happens to some people son. I wouldn't worry about it. As long as you're feeling good that's all that matters." He dropped some of the crystal pieces into the bulb and I heard the now familiar sound of the click of the torch. He took the first hit and then began to pass the pipe back and forth between the two of us. Each time he would hold the pipe to my mouth telling me to suck in as long as it was there and then he would tell me to hold it in until he did his next hit. The tingling continued and spread throughout my body but I also felt something else happening. It's hard to explain. It felt like something in my mind was being opened. Like the hits were the key that would release what was inside. And I was feeling that what was inside was all the dirty thoughts I had that I didn't want to tell anyone and that I didn't want to tell myself. "How are you feeling son?" dad asked. "Oh dad" was all I could say in response. My head was being flooded with thoughts I always thought were so dirty about gay sex and gay incest. I think he could tell that I was changing. He smiled and chuckled again. "Feeling good huh? How would you feel if I suggested we get naked?" I didn't wait to respond. I just stripped of my clothes. I wanted to be naked with this man. With my dad. And I wanted to feel our bodies pressed together. I swept the rest of my clothes off the bed and onto the floor and turned back to him. He was naked too and I think I gasped at the sight of him. I was with a hot man who looked better naked then clothed. And what I could not miss was the biggest cock I had ever seen. From stealing glances in the locker room, most of us were pretty much the same size. But dad was long and thicker than anything I could compare it to. Nothing came to mind. He noticed me staring. "Are you ok son?" "You're so huge dad." He smiled again. "Yes. I am pretty big compared to most guys. Do you like that it's big?" I didn't know how to respond. "I think so...but I just never thought they got that thick before." He grabbed his hard cock. "It is very thick. Probably not too much bigger than average lengthwise." I could see that his fingers did not touch when he wrapped his hand around his cock. "Come back over here and sit with me. We can watch more of the movie." I climbed back into the center of the bed and he put his arm back around me and pulled me close. He had the pipe in the hand that was around me and he lit it again so that I could take another big hit. We both took two or three more. By that point I had lost count. I was just flying and thinking the thoughts that I had kept inside for so long. Dad told me to keep my eye on the screen and to keep stroking. I didn't even realize I was stroking my soft cock. Even though I couldn't get hard, it felt good to touch it. The dad and son on screen were fully naked and the dad was on top of the son as they made out. "I love making out with you son." The dad confirmed that he was with his son. The only difference was they were definitely the real thing. It was making me hornier every time they started talking dirty like that. Dad put his mouth up to my ear. "You like when they talk like that to each other son?" I shivered again and just nodded. "We're going to have so much fun together son." My mind was swimming. Somehow all the things I was raised thinking were wrong were the things I wanted to do most in the moment. "Why don't you grab my cock son." Without taking my eyes off the screen, I reached over and put my hand around dad's cock. It was hot and throbbing and felt even thicker in my hand. His mouth was still at my ear. "Yes son. That feels good. I want you so bad. And so does this cock. Stroke it for me son." I began stroking his cock up and down. It was harder than I think I ever felt with my cock. Like a weapon. The son was sucking on his dad's cock. In the same way that they looked alike everywhere else on their bodies they had similar cocks. The dad was moaning and at one point said "Look at me while you suck that cock that made you son." That's when I felt dad touch my cock for the first time. I started shaking immediately. It was so unexpected and felt amazing. Another person's hand on my cock. It was still soft but I could feel it getting a little thicker in dad's hand. "You like that son?" I was gasping and nodding. "Yeah dad. That's amazing." "Should we try to do a little more? You decide. It's up to you son." I nodded. "Son. Look me in the eye and tell me." He pulled away from my ear and I turned to look at him. He was no longer smiling. He looked dead serious. "Yes dad. I wanna do more dad. Please."
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    "What are you doing," Travis said as he comes back from the bathroom. "Just getting comfortable and high," I admit. I've striped down to my jockstrap. "You," I ask suggestively. Travis walks over to me and stands there with his crotch in my face. I undo his jeans and slide them down revealing his thick uncut dick. "You shaved," I said quite relieved that I wouldn't be dealing with a forrest of pubes. Straight guys are the worse at personal grooming. "It does make it look bigger," he admitted. Not that his dick needed to look any bigger. It wasn't as long as mine, but it was fat as hell. I first shaved my brother's pubes for him a couple of months after we started messing around on the regular. It seemed like it was going to continue and he wasn't freaked out fucking a guy - let alone his older brother. It was in the men's locker room at school. Mid-day when nobody was around I took him into one of the shower stalls, got on my knees, and trimmed his bush. It made us both hard. And that was the first time my younger brother fucked me in public. "Well. Suck it, faggot," he commanded while standing there in front of me. What Travis liked about fucking around with me is how rough and dominating he could be with me. In all of my actual relationships, I'm the strong commanding top. But with Travis I get off being humiliated and used. I started opening up to him about the boys I was fucking around with and the piggy stuff we did. It always intrigued him how guys could do things like go to bathhouses and take anonymous loads so easily. The first time he called me a trashy faggot I nearly came instantly. Through me he gets to do things he can't otherwise do: fuck raw, spit, rough house, etc. We've been on a trip exploring together. "U going to breed my queer hole," I ask? We both get pretty verbal. "I haven't jizzed in a week," he said bending me over the back of the couch and spitting on my hole for lube. "I'm going to use you all night, bro." And with that, the wonderful pain of a thick uncut cock sliding into my hole engulfed me. We fucked over the back of the couch for a little bit until Travis threw me onto my back on the couch and began plowing me deep with my legs in the air. We go back and forth between angry sex and sweet sex. In this position it's not uncommon for us to kiss passionately. And then for him to spit down my throat. Hot. After a while of getting used as a fuck hole by my straight brother, he finally empties deep in my guts. He doesn't stop right away. He continues to fuck my cum-filled hole and watching his dick slide in and out of my ass. He likes seeing his dick covered in cum sliding in and out of me. We eventually head into my bedroom. I've got a nice queen bed -- much better than the little twin back at college. When he stays over, my brother still sleeps in the same bed as me. He starts asking about my sex life. Lately he's enjoyed hearing of my conquests and shenanigans. He's always amazed at how gay guys can do random hookups and go to bathhouses. "Tell me about this boy of yours," he asks. "Well he's not really a boy," I tell him. I explain how Sam and I first meet online and had a party weekend together. And I told him how much he's been opening up about wanting to play around more and be an adventurous slut. "I think I may like him," I say. "He's not complicated and I don't think there'd be any issues with us playing together or separate. He really wants me to whore him out sometime," I tell my brother. "It'd be fun to take him to Palm Springs for a weekend and turn loose." "You'd go all the way to Palm Springs to go to a bathhouse," my brother asked? "No to a resort. We'd go for a long weekend. Part a little. And do random hook-ups by the pool during the day and in the sling at nigh," I said knowing that Travis has never seen a sling and that would blow his mind. "And you'd watch as he hooked up with other guys?" "Yea!" I said. "And wait for his hole to be full of random loads before I added mine to it. Fuck - that sounds hot!" I was getting excited thinking about it. "Where are the damn resorts full of slutty women," he said all defeated. "There are none. Hey! Wanna go with us?" I asked knowing the answer. "What, to a resort in Palm Springs to watch you fuck your boyfriend? What the hell would I do there?" "Well we would hang out, mostly. Get high and you can feel free to fuck around," I told him. "I don't wanna fuck men - only you." "Oh, that's sweet little bro. So.... come to Palm Springs and fuck me then. I'll get you flying so high that you won't care. And you can go to town on my gay ass out by the pool," I said. "Guys will get off watching you have your way with me outdoors." Now he was starting to think about it.
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    Hey guys I've been reading hot stories for longer than I should say so I finally decided to try writing one myself. Let me know what you think! I woke up on the morning of my birthday to find a bunch of texts from friends and family. I read Mike's first. "happy birthday boy maybe now we can meet :)" I was already hard when I woke up but that got me stroking. I met Mike on Grindr a few months before when I downloaded the app on my phone and said I was 18. I was curious and I couldn't wait. I had to see it for myself. I put up a pic of my smooth chest. I also cropped one of my swim team pics so you could only see me and just from my neck down. I was wearing my speedo. Mike messaged me and we started to chat about what I was interested in doing. I think he could tell that I wasn't 18 pretty quick so during that first conversation he said "so when do you really turn 18 🙂?" I came clean and let him know that I was 17 and a total virgin. I had made out with a guy on the team at a party once and I loved that but we were both drunk and never talked about it after. Mike didn't ask to meet that first time the way some of the other guys who messaged me did. He took things really slow and I really liked him. When he did mention meeting he said that we had to wait until I was 18 but if I still wanted to meet when my birthday came around he would be willing to show me everything I wanted to experience and some things I probably didn't know about yet. He let me ask him about anything I wanted even stuff that I was scared of. He said he wouldn't judge because he wished he had someone to ask when he was younger. Over the months that we chatted he basically knew all of my fantasies. Most people would say they were pretty vanilla but I didn't really know what was out there. But the one thing that I found so hot that I was scared to share was how much the idea of incest got me off. I don't know what it was because I actually was not attracted to anyone in my family but thinking about a father and son messing around always put me over the edge. Mike said it was normal and there were ways to explore that without messing around with actual members of my family. Mike was 42 the same age as my dad. He lived alone and was never married or had kids. He had two pics on his profile. One was a body pic. He looked fit like he took care of himself but not like a big muscled guy who goes to the gym all the time. The second pic was of his entire body but fully clothed in what looked like an outfit my dad would wear when he went to work. Button down shirt and pants. But in the pic he was also wearing a baseball cap and was looking down so you still couldn't see his face. All these months he never asked me for a pic of my face. I think he knew I was scared to do that. I wasn't out yet to anyone and I didn't want anyone to find out. So I didn't ask to see his face either. After I thanked him for the birthday text he asked me what I thought about meeting IRL. Was I ready? I said I think I was as long as we go really slow and maybe not do everything the first time. Could we just meet and hang out and maybe just watch some porn and leave it at that? I developed a lot of trust in Mike those months and knew that he would be the kind of guy that I would want to be my first. He said of course we could take it slow. That's the best way because there's no rush. We made plans to hang out at his place that weekend. The anticipation over the next few days made me the horniest I had ever been. We actually didn't even message each other until that Saturday. "You still up for coming over and hanging out a bit?" I told him I was as the anticipation turned to nervousness. He sent me his address. He was really close. I knew from Grindr that he was not too far but I didn't calculate what that might mean. I could bike there and be there fast. We decided to meet at 3 so I could finish this one lab that I had to turn in that was already late. He told me to text him when I was about to leave my house so when I did I told him that I was really nervous. He texted me back immediately like he knew I would say that. "I understand. Everyone's first time doing anything can make people nervous. We are just going to hang out. No pressure. You told me you smoked pot before and like it right? We can just kick back and smoke a little to relax us." He was right. Nothing was going to happen this time. We were just going to meet and put a face to the last few months. What if one of us thought the other was ugly? Maybe he wouldn't be attracted to me and I had to be ready for that. I texted back that I was heading over. That was the longest bike ride I ever took. Now that I was on my way, I just wanted to get there. But I got to his house and started shaking. I couldn't control it. He told me to bring my bike into the back so that it would be safe left alone. I parked my bike right by his back door and then knocked. He didn't answer right away and while I waited I thought there was still time to get back on my bike and go home. But I couldn't move. And then I heard the chain on the door and then it opened. Mr. Kelly, my 10th grade math teacher stood in front of me. "Hi Jake." I couldn't speak. My only thought was that I was in trouble. Now everyone would know. But Mr. Kelly is gay? He was one of the chill teachers at school that everyone loved. I never thought he could be gay but I guess I never really thought about my teachers actually having lives. He was smiling as though he was not surprised that the person who was at his door was a student he had just a couple years ago, who was still a few months away from graduating. "uhhh Mr. Kelly? I'm so sorry...I...this is a mistake...I won't tell..." He reached out and held my arm. "It's ok. Come inside and let's talk." He pulled me gently and I followed him into his house.
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    ******************************** Prologue I love corrupting young, college age kids. Gives me a feeling of power. And watching them slide into filth and depravity? Biggest turn on. Seeing these fresh faced boys go from innocent newbies into total whores and sexpigs, it's a rush, to say the least. I am Lucifer, in human form. I'm your friendly neighborhood crack dealer. I'm not kidding about being friendly, either. I'll kill ya with kindness. That's part of how I get you on my side. Narcs? I can smell 'em a mile away. I'm a smart, respectable member of society by day, but in my own time, I'm the guy they all warned you about. If I'm on the prowl for a new bottom bitch, watch out, I'm coming to get ya. I can smell you a mile away, too. Some of the older crowd are wise to my game, but they won't squeal, they know better.... I show my whores a good time anyway. All the cock they could ever ask for. And then some. Wanna party with me? I bet you do. Faggots. You serve cock. You'll eat my ass, too. I'll breed you whenever and wherever I fuckin want. It's your lot in life to be used by men. To be a whore, a faggot, a slut, a hole. Know your place, and I'll make sure you are treated right. Step outta line, and that'll be a different story. ****************************** Corrupting the Mormon boy He came into my life like an insect that had wandered innocently into a waiting spider's web. Knocking on my front door, all good intentions and a head full of naivety and religious dogma. Perfect victim. I had been sipping a cup of coffee and contemplating about how to spend my Saturday when he knocked on my door. I was still wearing nothing but a bathrobe, so I looked through the peephole first. My cock throbbed a little when I first saw him. This cute, young man, with a lean frame and buzz cut hair was going to get more than an opportunity to talk about his religion by coming here. I opened the door and asked him to come in a sit down, and I led him to the couches in my lounge. "Can I get you something to drink?" I asked the lad. "Coffee? Coca-Cola?" I enquired. "Coke would be nice" He replied. Naive boy. Yum yum. I'm going to enjoy twisting this little fucker into a fucked up whore, I thought to myself, as I went to the kitchen and prepared a glass of coke with a small hit of G. I returned, and passed him the glass, sitting down next to him on the couch. "I know what you came here for, young man, but you're wasting your time. I'm not interested in joining a religion." I said, matter of factly. He took a gulp of the drink. "I don't have a problem with it or anything, but.... it's just not for me. There's other things that make me feel... spiritual." As I was talking to the lad, while he gulped down his glass of spiked soda, I did my best to maintain eye contact, but then, as I spread my legs, to stretch open my bathrobe a little, and I saw his gaze move down to my crotch, he swallowed, and I saw a window of opportunity. I opened my bathrobe, exposing my naked body, and revealing my semi hard cock to the boy. He swallowed hard again, and I could tell he was in heat, seeing me like that. "Ever touched another man's penis? Go on. You can touch it, if you want." I said, in an encouraging manner. He kind of stalled, after putting down the glass, so I grabbed his hand, and placed it on my junk. "Here. Don't be shy.... no one has to know. Just play with my cock for a while." He started stroking me, and as he was doing this, I started stroking his chest, opening the top few buttons of his shirt and playing with his nipples. It didn't take long, until he was leaning over, lowering his head towards my crotch, getting ready to suck my throbbing cock. He wrapped his lips around the glans of my penis, and I pushed his head down the shaft, gently, and basked in the warmth of his silky fleshy mouth. I had some gear and a pipe on the coffee table, ready to go, and I also had some tabs of good acid. While I had the lad somewhat impaled on my meat, I figured it was time to show this kid how I was going to make it a "spiritual experience". I took a couple of puffs from my pipe as he was sucking me, and curiosity got the better of him. He wanted to know what it was. I could only answer, "Let me show you", and I dragged in a big cloud of T from the pipe and passed it to him in a kiss, shotgunning it into his mouth. It was pretty easy from that point to get him sucking on the end of the pipe after that. I picked up my remote and switched on the TV screen. Then I put on some homemade porn I had on a hard drive I had plugged in the TV, as I was reviewing it last night. It was a video of me fucking another young slut, bareback of course, and breeding his hole. I took the pipe from him and put it on the coffee table, then locked lips with the little slut, who surely by now was slowly learning about what a slut he really was. After breaking the kiss, I said "Open wide, it's time for your communion." I watched him open his mouth, and administered a tab of acid on his tongue, and told him to keep it there as long as he could. I was going to get this kid so high he wouldn't remember where he was..... After waiting for a few minutes, I pulled him into me for another kiss, and I could tell he was getting hornier, he started playing with his own nipples and rubbing his cock through his pants while we tongue wrestled. He was mine now....
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    Thanks for all your kind comments. Im glad youre enjoying the story. I just wanted to write something that ticked all my boxes 🙂 so its hot to see there are other guys who are into the slow build too. Havent decided if I should end the story soon and start something new or just see where this could go long term. Thanks for reading! Part 9 We lay like that for a while. Making out softly and holding onto each other. He stayed inside me just like I asked. I saw and felt his first load gush out of me when he pulled out and I wanted this one to stay in me. I wanted my body to absorb his cum so that he became part of me. It was strange to think that only one day before I was a total virgin who had never done anything and now I was beginning a life as a bottom who only took cock raw and who only wanted loads shot deep in me. Mr. Kelly of all people did that. He was so hot but before that day I only thought of him as a math teacher I used to have. Everything can change so fast. He finally did pull out and only a little leaked out as he did. He told me to jump in the shower again and he'd order some food so we had the energy to keep the night going. Soon enough we were back in his bed. He handed me his laptop again and asked me to choose. Then he grabbed the pipe and took a hit. It had been a while now since our last hit so the effect was totally worn off on him. I still had some of the effects probably because it had been my first time and because he had me take so many more hits. But I was ready to get high again. He put the pipe to my mouth and I took three big hits before I settled on a video and played it on his TV. It was a group scene. It looked like 5 or 6 guys all making out at the start of the scene. They were all already naked. "This is one of my favorites" he said as he blew out the cloud from the hit he had just taken. He leaned over and put the pipe to my mouth. As I took the hit, he put his mouth to my ear. "Is this the kind of scene you want to try sometime son? Wait until the fucking starts." And as if he memorized the scene, one of the guys went to the bed at the center of the room and got on his back with his legs up. All of the other men gathered around him. "Is this a group with just one bottom?" "Yes. Do you like that idea?" I didn't answer right away. One of the men was rimming the bottom while another was making out with him. I could only think how hot it would be to have that done to me. He put the pipe to my mouth again. As I took the smoke into my lungs he said "Remember to hold it in son. Make this one a big one. I really want you to feel this deep." I did as he said and even when I felt my lungs were full I tried to take in a little more. I nodded and he pulled the pipe away and I held my breath. "Now when you're ready to let it out I want you to let it out through your nose. You'll feel more of the hit that way." I nodded as the tingling started again. This was going to feel good. It was my first day of smoking T but I could already tell what a good hit was. I exhaled through my nose and a huge cloud of smoke built around my face and down my chest. "Thats it son. Fuck that's hot watching my boy get high like that." It hit me. I started shaking and tilted my head back as I rested it against the wall. "Fffffffuuuck dad...." This was the best hit I think I had yet. For good measure, he put the pipe back up to my mouth and I took another big hit. "I want you to keep practicing blowing it out of your nose. You see the difference dont you son?" I nodded as I sucked on the pipe. He took a hit right after me and I tried to hold my breath with him. I exhaled out my nose first but he did while smoke was still building around me. He turned my face to his and we were kissing again. Animals, dad and son, pressing our mouths and bodies against each other like we couldn't get close enough. The movie got louder. Lots more moaning and a lot of "fuck yeah." I turned to look at the screen and the bottom was getting fucked. One of the guys had put the bottoms legs around his waist and leaned down to make out with him while he fucked him. They were holding onto each other like their lives depended on it. Like if they let go they would lose the pleasure that their moans and heavy breathing said they were feeling right then. But even though he hadnt cum yet the top pulled away and out of the bottom and another guy from the group stepped in and did the same thing. He pushed his hard raw cock into the bottom with a moan from both and then he pressed his body down as they started making out with the same passion as the first guy. "What are you thinking? This is something you want isn't it? You want to be the center of attention? Have tops treat you like their boy? Loving you by sharing you this way?" I just nodded. "That looks so hot" I said as I looked back at him. "It looks like it would hurt after a while though. All those cocks?" A third top was fucking the bottom now. "But I just love how they all make out with him when theyre fucking him." "Yes son. I knew you would like that. I love making out with you. I can tell that it makes you want cock so much more when a man is making love to your mouth too. You wrap your arms around me a little tighter when we kiss. You know you can still be the center of a group that doesnt have as many tops." He grabbed the pipe and lit it again putting it to my mouth. We both took two more hits. "I have to refill this pipe again. I'll be right back." He got up and walked out with the pipe. "Your cloth bag is on your desk" I called after him from the bed but he kept walking. The tops all took their turns but no one came. Then the last top pulled the bottom up to his feet. All of the guys moved from the bed to a long couch. All of the tops sat down and the bottom went to one of them and stood up on the couch before lowering himself on the tops cock. They started making out again while the other tops watched and jerked off. Mr. Kelly came back into the room with the pipe. He was still hard as steel. "I forgot that I left the bag in here." He chuckled. "You didn't hear me say that when you walked out?" He just shook his head as he filled the pipe with more of the crystals. Then he lit the pipe and took the first hit. He came over to the bed as he held the hit and leaned down above my cock and blew the cloud onto it as he put me in his mouth. It didnt feel really different but there was something about seeing my cock in this mans mouth as smoke built up around his face and my cock. He lifted his head and looked at me. "You like that?" I just smiled. "You have such a cute smile son." His words could get me so horny for him. He sat back next to me again and handed me the pipe and torch. "I want you to try taking a hit yourself. You're ready for it." I tried to do what I saw him do. I had to try the torch a couple times since the flame didn't trigger with the click the first time. "Now don't get it too close. You don't want to burn it." I pulled the flame a safe distance and then started to see the smoke starting to form. I put my mouth to the pipe and kept the torch going like he had. "That's right. Yup yup yup yup." I started to laugh and coughed up the smoke. I couldn't control myself in the moment. "What happened? Are you ok?" I was still laughing. "Do you realize that's exactly what you would say when we would have to go up to the board and explain the homework problems? That was just a funny time for that throwback." He laughed with me but told me to take a proper hit this time. I lit the pipe and as I put it to my mouth to take the hit, he leaned into me closer and put his mouth up to my ear. "You like that don't you? That your old teacher is here getting you high and breeding you with his huge loads of cum? Did you ever think when you were sitting in my class that a couple years later I would have my thick raw cock deep in you? I wanted you then too. Thinking about your smooth tight body under me and my hard bare dad cock pushing into you and feeling you from the inside." I was just mesmerized by his voice and seeing the bottom in the video moving from one tops lap to another that I wasnt even paying attention to how big the hit was until I started letting some of the smoke out through my nose while I was still taking the hit. "That's right Jake. This is a fat fucking hit. Get high for Mr. Kelly. Get high for your dad." I handed him the pipe as I held the hit. He took a hit of his own as I began to let the hit out of my nose. I was getting even higher than I was before. I was floating and at the same time I could feel that hunger building through the stirring in my cock and the yearning at my hole. He put the pipe down and turned my face to his and kissed me. As I opened my mouth to his he blew his hit into my mouth and I took it in. He pulled away and told me to hold that hit in. Combined with the hit I had just done I knew this was going to put me in a place I hadn't been yet. I let it go and could feel my whole body giving itself over to the high. He was rubbing my chest and abs. "I love seeing you like this. So fucking hot." Just then his phone rang. He went over to his desk. "Fuck. Do you mind? I should get this." I just nodded. I was too high to know what to say. He walked out into the living room. I turned my attention back to the screen. The bottom was laying on the ground on his back again. One of the tops was lying on top of him. I loved how much making out there was. I always thought in a group scene that the bottoms were just treated like holes to fuck and nothing else. That never really appealed to me. This movie though was something I never imagined. The top inside and on top of him started to moan louder in the bottoms mouth. His thrusts became harder like he was trying to get deeper inside. And then that thrust that made it clear he was cumming inside the bottom. His back was arched as he tried to get as deep as he could. And then his body had those spasms like he was still shooting. He stayed inside the bottom as they continued to make out. This was so hot. I was stroking my half hard cock and started to tease my hole with my finger with my legs spread wide on Mr. Kelly's big bed. I was thinking about Mr. Kelly's body on top of me with his hard cock pressed against my hole. I arched my back with my eyes closed feeling that high going through me as I thought about the thick head pushing into my tight smooth hole. "Holy fuck that is a hot sight to walk in on." This was a different voice. Not Mr. Kelly's. I was jolted out my head as I opened my eyes and looked up. My hands were still between my legs and my legs spread apart. "Mr. Miller?! What the fuck?" My current history teacher was standing at the door with Mr. Kelly and one more guy that I recognized but couldnt figure out how. I was coming out of my high. This was freaking me out. "Wh-- wh-- whats going on? What the fuck?"
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    Part 8 "What is this? You..you...film this stuff? And and and you do this with a lot of guys?" I was freaking out feeling a little stupid that I had thought for a second that I was the only guy this hot man had seduced. In the video he was pulling the boys shirt off. Mr. Kelly came over to the bed and sat next to me. "Hey its ok. I've done this before yes. But this was really special with you. I wanted this and I want it to keep going. I've played with other guys before. You had to know that. That doesn't have anything to do with you and me except that we get to watch if you want. Do you want to keep watching? We can always watch something else. You're pick." I was torn. I was a little jealous watching as Mr. Kelly started making out with this guy "Justin" but it was also really hot watching someone I know in what was basically homemade porn. And where was this guy now? Mr. Kelly was with me now and I had to let that be all that mattered. "We can keep watching this I guess." He smiled and came closer so he could put his arm back around me as we watched. He pulled his towel off and I followed by taking mine off too. He was rigid and his cock was sticking up like a flagpole. He turned my face toward his and pulled me into a long slow kiss incredibly tender and soft. I was falling for him. We didn't know each other that well but I wanted to be with this man who was treating me better than I thought I deserved. "I want to make love to you again son." I moaned in his mouth. "Yes dad. I want that to. Make love to me dad." He pulled me down onto my back again and then pushed me onto my side. He pressed his body against my back. I could feel his hard cock against my ass. "Hook your leg around mine and put your arm around my neck." I did as he said as I got ready to get fucked in this new position. He grabbed the bottle of lube and coated his cock with it and rubbed what was left on his hands on to my hole. I could feel that my hole was still sore but I wanted this. Bad. "Look into my eyes son. Are you ready?" I nodded. Our faces were so close but I could tell that for now he didn't want to kiss. We stared into each others eyes and didnt break as he put his cock against my hole and slowly pushed inside. i gasped as I felt his hard cock going deeper never stopping. We were staring into each others eyes the entire time. He looked so focused and finally he moaned when he pressed his pubes against my hole. "I love being inside you son. You are so warm and tight." I just nodded and moaned into the pleasure of the feeling of his cock taking long slow strokes inside me. "I was right wasn't I? You like raw cock in you don't you?" I nodded. "No son. Jake. Say it. Tell me what you like. Tell me what you want." I was deep in the pleasure of his motion. I could only get one word out. "Cock." "No son. Say it. Tell me what you want. Tell me what you want for the rest of your life." We still hadn't broken eye contact. "Ra...ra.....raw cock. I want raw cock dad." "Thats right son. And whenever youre getting fucked where do you want your top to cum. Say it Jake. Tell me." His voice was steady. He never got louder or faster. His cock was keeping the same slow pace. Long and slow. "Inside me. I want them to shoot in me. I want them to breed me." "All the time?" "Yes dad. All the time." "Good son. That's the way it should be." He moved in closer and started that soft and slow kiss to go with the slow fucking. Suddenly a yelp came from the video. I forgot it was even on. We both turned and looked. The guy was fucking Mr. Kelly. He was on all fours getting fucked from behind. "Wow. You bottom?" He chuckled. "Of course. I think everyone should know how it feels. It makes you a better top." I looked back at him. "Yeah it does dad." I was smiling but he became serious again. "I'm glad you like it son. But youre not going to top are you son? You were born to bottom weren't you? You were made to take bare cock into your hole and have every top shoot their loads in you. Just getting bred over and over again. Youll never have enough. Isnt that right son?" I just nodded. We were still staring at each other. He was starting to pick up his pace. "Like now. You just cant wait until I shoot another massive load deep into you can you? You feel that? I'm fucking so deep in you. The only man who has touched you in that spot that gives you your ultimate pleasure." He went down to a whisper. "I love touching that spot inside you with my raw cock. That's my skin touching your spot. And its going to be my cum shooting against it. Oh son..." His eyes rolled into the back of his head and he picked up his pace. He pulled me into a kiss again but this time it was animalistic. He even growled. "Oh fuck oh fuck. I'm gonna cum. What do you want son? Tell me what you want son." "Breed me dad. Please. Shoot that cum into your son dad." He was rubbing into that spot instead of tapping it like the first time. It still felt like there was something in me that was going to explode. And then I did. I was shooting all over my chest and the contractions put him over the edge. "I'm cumming son! I'm cumming! Yes!" Then the open mouth scream with no sound. That expression was getting me so hot. Knowing I did that to him. And it meant that warmth I was starting to feel was the cum he was shooting inside me. His body was bucking uncontrollably. He let out a long exhale after his last spasm. "Oh fuck. Youre amazing." I reached down and pulled him into me. "Don't pull out. Stay inside me. Please. I don't want the cum leaking out this time." "Your wish is my command." He smiled and kissed me. We were back to the soft slow kiss.
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    Part 7 I was so happy that he wanted to spend more time with me. I didn't want to leave this bed with him inside me. "I like that idea I said...uh...my phone is in my pants." He laughed. "Ok. We have to do this slow. Just raise yourself up slowly." He held my hips and helped guide me off his still hard cock. I looked down as I lifted myself up and could see his cum leaking from my hole. I had never seen anything so hot before. Finally his head popped out and what looked like a flood of cum came out with it. "Woah I knew you must have shot a huge load but you could have drowned me with that." "That's what you did to me son." I couldn't help but feel proud. Which got me hornier. Whenever I came before this time I was relieved and would need at least half an hour or so before I felt like I wanted to cum again. This time even though I came a ton I didnt lose any of that feeling. I grabbed my sweatpants and pulled out my phone. I sent a message in the group chat between me and my parents and was set. I never needed their permission really. They just always wanted to know where I was. "Ok, we're set" I said and crawled back to Mr. Kelly, my teacher, my dad, my first. "How are you feeling son? You ok with what we did? How it happened?" "Yeah that was amazing. I wanna do that all the time. Like...now?" He laughed. "Someone's feeling less shy." I blushed. He was right and I wasn't sure if it was a good thing. I suddenly worried that I would lose control. "I love it. I want you to keep sharing what you want and I want to keep teaching you those things and more." "Well...we've pretty much covered everything and more so everything else would be amazing." "I've got some ideas. If you think of anything else tell me and we can make it happen. It's best to explore new things with someone you trust. You trust me right son?" I nodded. I did. "Dad you just took my virginity and shot a huge load into me. I better trust you." We both laughed. "That's true son. The reality is that a lot of guys don't have their first times with someone they really trust so I'm glad you feel that way with me. So how about we shower and then we can turn on another movie and see what happens?" "Ok. Do you want to go first or should I?" "Oh uh ok why don't you go first. I'll get you a towel. Follow me and I'll show you where the bathroom is." We walked to the bathroom and he handed me a towel. "Oh I love those showers. I was at a hotel that had one once." "Yeah I had that rainfall showerhead put in just a couple weeks ago. It's amazing. I'll just be back in bed when you get out." He kissed my forehead and then walked out. My shower relaxed me again as I washed the cum and sweat off me. I was getting worked up again thinking about how I was getting clean for this man so he could fuck me again and get me dirty all over again. My hole was a little raw and it did feel a little sore when I ran my fingers and soap over it. But that didn't make me want it any less. When I came back to his room, he was sitting on his bed with shorts on and his laptop on his lap. I jumped up and sat with him with just the towel around me. "You smell good son. I'll take my turn now. Why don't you pick a movie this time?" "Ok. What site should I go to?" "You can go to any site you want but I do have a whole collection of stuff here in this folder. Up to you. Just know that I only have a certain type of video. I only have videos with bareback fucking and where the top cums inside the bottom. It's such a turn off for me if the top is wearing a condom or if the top pulls out and cums outside of the bottoms hole. What a waste." I never thought of it that way but I knew that after that day I would only watch bareback porn with the top cumming in the bottom. No wasted cum. He left to go take his shower while I looked around his folder. He had his folder divided into studio porn and amateur porn. He was so organized which made me laugh. I guess he really is a teacher. I looked to see if I recognized any of the studio porn that he had and turned a couple on. I was still in the habit of fast forwarding to the fucking and for these videos the part where the top came inside the bottom. He was right. It was really hot. I kept going back to the folder every couple minutes and then ended up in the amateur folder. There were a lot more videos in this folder and some folders inside it. I noticed that all of the folders in the amateur category had names on them. I randomly clicked on one called Justin. There were a few videos in the folder and I clicked on one. As it started I immediately recognized the room. It was Mr. Kelly's bedroom. Where I was sitting at that moment. There was another guy maybe a little older than me sitting right where I was. Right on the bed in shorts and a tshirt. And then I heard the familiar click. Mr. Kelly came into view with pipe in hand and brought it to the boy's mouth. He took a hit and blew a big cloud. I was fascinated and didn't hear Mr. Kelly walk in wearing just a towel. "I thought you might find one of my personal videos."
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    Part 5 "Lay back down on your back son." He got between my legs and lifted my ass up and spread my cheeks apart. I felt his tongue again and my head fell to the pillow as my back arched my eyes rolling into the back of my head. I never knew that this kind of pleasure was possible. Seemingly out of my control my hands moved down to his head and pushed him as deep as I could into my hole. Both of us moaned at the same time. He pulled his head up and reached for the pipe and torch again. He got back up on his knees and fed me another hit. Then he took one but before he let it out he put the pipe down and reached back for his cloth bag and went back to my hole. I felt him blow into my hole with some of the cloud escaping around my crotch. "How does that feel son?" I didn't have the words to describe it. I gasped and tried. "So good da--oh my god!" He was rubbing something wet onto my hole and began to push his finger into me. "Just breathe. Take a deep breath in son. Now let it out." When I let it out I could feel him pushing in deeper. I had rubbed my hole before when I jerked off but I never pushed anything in. This was the first time anything was being pushed into me. I saw him fumbling a little with his cloth bag. "This is going to burn just a little bit but its going to feel good in a couple minutes." I nodded having no idea what new sensation was going to come next. I felt his finger again push into my hole and then I felt that burning. Not painful but noticeable. He worked his finger deeper into me and i felt his palm against my hole. His entire finger was in. Suddenly the tingling I had felt in my hole became something else. Hunger. And he could see it in my face. "It's working now isnt it?" I looked down at him smiling with that smile that said mischief. "Yeah dad. I think so. What is it?" "It's called a booty bump son. I want you to feel as good as you can so youll be ready to take your dad's cock." I was feeling great. This was so much better than I ever imagined it would be. He moved up to kiss me and rested the weight of his body on top of me. Our making out was even more passionate than before. I wanted to be as close and connected to this man as possible. Our hands exploring each others body and our cocks rubbing against each other. His huge thick cock pressed against my smaller softer cock. I could feel our pre cum getting slick between us. I didn't want this to end. I could make out with this man forever. But he broke the kiss. "I'm going to give you a little bit of the control." He rolled off of me and onto his back. He pulled me onto him and held my face with his hands. "Son it's time. I want you to sit on my cock. Take as much time as you want. We are in no rush ok?" I nodded and he pushed me up into a sitting position. He sat up also and told me to press my hands into his shoulders for balance as I hovered my hole over his cock. He poured some lube into his hand and I could hear him coating his cock with it. Then I pulled away and sat on his knees. In my drug fueled state I was the horniest I had ever been but something in my head was terrified. "What's wrong?" I didnt know what to say. I didn't want to make him mad. "Shouldn't we be using a condom? Just to be safe?" He tilted his head and smiled. "Dads and sons don't need condoms. That's why its the best kind of sex." Something was sobering me up. Like years of conditioning about the shame I should feel about what we were doing combined with always wanting to be safe about everything were bubbling back up at the worst possible time. "Mr. Kelly I mean we're just playing around but we're not actu--" "Stop son." I saw in his face that he was serious. The smile was gone and he was looking deep into me now. "Do you trust me? Do you trust your dad? Look at me. Do you trust me?" I just nodded too scared to speak. Something in his face was completely different. "I told you that I was going to show you everything you always wanted to experience but also some things you never knew. Isnt that right? Isnt that one of the reasons you wanted to come over here in the first place? You wanted to be brought into a new world?" I nodded. "One thing I want you to experience is raw sex son. I want you to feel the sensation of slick skin entering you and touching you deep inside and the feeling of rope after rope of cum shooting so hard into you. And I want you to experience that with your dad the first time so you never forget who introduced you to the greatest pleasure." I noticed then that he had never taken his hand off his cock. He was stroking his cock slowly. The image was mesmerizing. "Climb back up here son. Dads ready." That was all I needed to shut that voice down. I got back up into position and lowered myself slightly. I felt the slick head of his cock spread its wetness into my taint and up my crack grazing my hole back and forth. I could feel how big it was. There was no way it would be able to fit. "I'm just going to rest my cock against your hole but I'm not going to push. Look at me son. Press yourself down real slow. Its going to hurt a little at first but Im right here. Youre safe with me." I felt the pressure on my hole. This was it. I lowered myself and pressed down. My hole was resisting. It was too big. I tried a lttle harder but my hole had become a wall. I started to get frustrated feeling like I was never going to get this to happen and I would let him down. I sighed in annoyance but with that exaggerated exhale it happened. My hole opened and suddenly I felt that wet thick head pop inside me.
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    It's 7PM when I get to my older brother's condo in L.A. Steve has made dinner, which is cool. I'll say this for my big brother, he's got his shit together! He's got this great job in entertainment and a really sweet place. I'm out here trying to see if I can use his connections to find a gig. We spend the evening catching up. Steve has always been there for me and it's nice to chat with him again in-person. After dinner we hang out and share a joint. He's all fancy with his weed. Me, I hit the bong at home. I've known Steve was gay ever since we were kids. It never bothered me. He's always been just a cool older brother who would sneak me beers and shit. We're getting pretty high and I ask if he's seeing anyone. He tells me about this dude named Sam. They've been fucking, apparently for a few months and Steve is kinda into him. My boy is quite the aggressive top, it seems. We talk pretty freely about our conquests to each other. I wish I could get away with some of the stuff the gays can get away with. Sometimes you just want rough fuck. I hit the head. Damn, even Steve's bathroom is fancy. When I get back my brother is just in his jockstrap on the couch taking a hit off the weed. Guess I know what he wants. We started fooling around back in his college days. I figured if he liked sucking cock, why not let him. I'd go up there and stay with him some weekends. I told you, he's always been there for me. The thing was, there was just the one bed always. I made him blow me a few times and then we'd have to sleep together in his bed. I sleep naked. One night after a lot of beers and a BJ, we're laying there together. Out of nowhere he starts stroking my cock again. It feels amazing. He's got his back to me and starts rubbing his ass on my dick. That was the first time I fucked my brother raw in his ass. The sensation was amazing! Better than any pussy. And no rubber. Over time it became a regular thing with us and I felt safe experimenting. So did he. It's kinda' our thing now. Don't get me wrong -- I date women and love pussy. I've never been attracted to guys at all. But my brother and I get to fuck together and he lets me really get into it. He likes it when I pin him down, slap him around and call him my faggot fuck hole. That really gets him off. Walking into the living room now and seeing him in nothing but a jockstrap, I know we're in for a little fun.
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    High School wasn't bad for me. I graduated in 2003 from a suburb of Dallas. I was skinny, toned, and had a great butt. I worked out constantly, but never got too muscled. I played basbeall and hung out with my teammates mostly. I always had a girlfriend. I was over 6' tall and had blond hair in a tight fade. I kept my body shaved. Looking back on it, I don't know how everyone thought I was straight. With the exception of my low voice and athletic tendencies, I fit the stereotypical mold for a twink. I watched a ton of porn. It started out pretty normal... a girl playing with herself... then a guy doing her missionary... then some kinky shit... then one day, I saw two dudes fucking, and my dick sprang to attention. It was forbidden. Risky. Primal. I was hooked. I loved imagining I was taking a big dick while I stroked. I couldn't get enough of the videos. I used to sneak out of my room at night and watch porn until 3 or 4 in the morning. I started on yahoo messenger looking at the m4m rooms. I didn't figure anyone would want to chat with an 18 year old who was still in high school, so I made up a persona. "Brian" was 21 and in college and looking for fun. I used my own pics, but never showed my face. People were more careful back then, and I didn't want to get outed. Late one night I got a ping right as I was about to cum from some guy named Eric who lived about 10 minutes away. He was abrupt, and a little rude, and really hot. He was in his 30's with a 5 o clock shadow. Fit. And a nice dick. He didn't seem to give a fuck about anything except getting off, which was a turn on. I stroked harder and harder and came. I shut down the computer and went to bed. That night I had a dream about him. -to be continued-
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    Part 19 - The Estate The first few days back in Tuscany had been mad, Nico and Johan acted like they had not seen Oliver and Savio for years. Nico discreetly spoke to Savio's parents telling them that he was very different and definitely found love. Oliver was again spending time on his phone pacing around the terrace looking anxious then smiling he hung up the phone and immediately received another call. "What is going on?" Johan asked Savio who shrugged his shoulders. "I have no idea he was on the phone a lot the last few days" Savio replied "I don't ask". Nico chuckled "Very cloak and daggers" he replied seeing Oliver hang up and beaming. "Everything alright?" Johan asked as Oliver came back over to the table. "Yes" Oliver replied "in fact perfect" he sat down "guys I need to go San Donato". "You want me to drive you?" Nico asked looking at him. Oliver nodded "Please, actually let's all go there is something I need to show you but more so for Savio". Oliver had them all guessing what was going on during the drive to San Donato. He told them all to wait in the car then ran in to the estate agents and out again in less than a minute. "Oliver!" Nico said looking at him with a grin "what have you done?". Oliver grinned "Drive Nico, up to your parents place then down the road until I tell you to stop". Nico smiled and headed off passing the main family vineyard estate and down the road "Stop" Oliver said. This is Fattoria Cerbaia" Nico and Savio both said simultaneously. Oliver looked at Savio and jangled the keys "Ours". Savio sat there with his mouth open "Ours?" he asked "you brought it?". Oliver nodded "Yes, we can spend time between here and New York". Savio got out of the car and looked at the beautifully renovated building "It's way to big for us". Oliver came round to his side and they kissed "I know but I fell in love with it like I have you". Nico looked out of the vineyards "You going to make wine then?" he chuckled. Oliver smiled "No, I have no idea how to do that". "So what will you do with all this land?" Nico asked watching Johan walking around with Savio. Oliver looked at him "Go into partnership with your father, I know he wants the vineyards here". Nico smiled "The family will appreciate that Oliver" he replied "what about the olive and fruit trees?". "I don't know" Oliver admitted "Nico I don't even know how to run an estate like this" he said sounding mortified looking at all the land. Nico laughed "Don't worry you have a wealth of family knowledge here to help". Savio couldn't believe that Oliver had just brought the whole estate and walked back over to him with Johan. Nico was on the phone to his father asking him to come over. Savio held Oliver in his arms and kissed him unable to speak he rested his head on Oliver's shoulder holding him tight. Nico smiled and said he had never seen Savio lost for a thing or two to say. Oliver unlocked the door and they walked around the expansive rooms on the ground floor, the large estate house had been completely modernised and nothing like a traditional Tuscan house inside. The rooms were bright and many overlooked the pool and terrace with views across the vast vineyards and orchards. Oliver walked up behind Savio "There is an apricot orchard here" he said circling his arms around him. Savio leaned back against Oliver "We marry here" he said turning his head looking at Oliver. Oliver nodded "We still have to get furniture for the bedrooms we have no bed yet". Nico laughed hearing Oliver "You stay with us until it is ready" he said putting his arm around Oliver. "Nico?" his father Lorenzo called out through the open front door. Savio went over and greeted his grandfather who was delighted to see him back in Tuscany. He also gave Oliver a hug then began firing questions asking if they were looking around the house. Oliver invited Lorenzo out to the terrace and they walked outside taking in the breath taking views across the vineyards. "Savio and I own the estate" Oliver informed Lorenzo looking at him "as of this morning". He stood looking at Oliver "You brought the whole estate?" Lorenzo asked. "Yes" Oliver replied "it is going to be home for Savio and me". Lorenzo smiled "Perfecto" he said smiling "Are you going in to business against me?" he asked. Oliver laughed "No, I can't make wine" he replied "but you can!". "Sorry?" Lorenzo asked scratching his head "what will you do then?". Oliver looked at Lorenzo "business partnership" he said "you take on the vineyards". Lorenzo looked at him "Oliver are you sure they are worth a lot of money?". Oliver smiled "I know and you can produce some great wine from these" he replied. Lorenzo could see the happiness back in Savio "We will need to sit down and discuss a deal" he said. Oliver held out his hand "If we must" he chuckled "a mutual deal we both like". Lorenzo looked at Oliver's hand bushing it aside "Familia" he said hugging Oliver. Nico tapped Savio on the shoulder and nodded over to where Oliver and his grandfather hugged, they both looked at each other and smiled. Oliver was fast becoming extended family and what they saw now was very significant step, if his grandfather was happy to hug him then the door was open. Savio and Oliver spent their days up at Cerbaia with an interior designer finalising the bedrooms and bathrooms, they would be able to move to their new home in seven days. Savio confided in Oliver he was feeling ill and spent the next day in bed. Johan had one of his doctor friends come over and test Savio who confirmed the following day that Savio had tested positive. Feeling better he wandered outside and found Oliver knee deep in designs for one of the guest bedrooms. Oliver looked up "Are you okay?" he asked standing and walking over to Savio. Savio put his arms around him "Yes" he replied kissing him "we are bonded together now". Oliver giggled feeling Savio's hand delving in to his shorts "Yeah I think you are better". Savio nodded upstairs "Make love to me" he whispered softly. Oliver kissed him gently and lifted him on to the table, Savio giggled and kissed him hard feeling the arm air hitting his exposed buttocks as Oliver pulled his shorts away. Lying back on the table Oliver kissed his stomach and chest pulling his shorts down and moving closer kissing Savio on the mouth. His arms circled around Oliver's neck holding him close, he moaned gently arching his back feeling Oliver's cock pushing in to him. Oliver pulled him towards his cock impaling him even more, their mouths locked together in a sensual loving kiss. His arms tightened around Oliver's neck moaning in to his mouth until he felt the pubes rubbing against his hole. Slowly with the most tenderest of movement he made love to Savio. The shimmering water of the pool reflecting on their bodies, the sun moved higher in the sky beating down on Oliver's back causing small droplet of sweat to build and roll off. Lost in sexual ecstasy and holding each other Oliver took his time. There was nothing to achieve but loving his Savio with greater intimacy and closeness. The minutes passing by their bodies remaining locked together, the slow tender kissing continued since neither one wanted to let go or it to end. Johan came back to the villa to collect some documents and walked through the lounge, his eyes immediately falling on Oliver and Savio embroiled in the throws of passion. He smiled admiring Oliver's ass and how sublime it looked working Savio over. Picking up his documents he took one last look and left without being noticed. Oliver felt a bead of sweat trickle down between his ass cheeks, bringing him out of his lost state. It was like his body woke from a long sleep, tingling through every nerve ending his body engaging in to orgasm. Fighting to contain himself proved fruitless, lifting his head and breaking the kiss he looked deep in to Savio's eyes and pushed his hips up sharply. Savio kissed his lips and laid his head back down moaning 'Oliver' he whimpered feeling the first pulse of Oliver's orgasm reaching in to his body. His body suddenly going sensitive to the touch, Savio had never felt this before. His body seemed to be orgasming from his head to toes, it was like he could feel it running around until it found the exit through his own erect cock shooting a copious amount of seed hard and fast, the stream shooting across his stomach hitting the design books strewn across the table. Their eyes locked together staring at each other, Oliver's hips bucking gently working through the orgasm. He finally collapsed on top of Savio, his head resting on his shoulder panting heavily still holding on to each other. Oliver moved up and kissed Savio gently teasing him with his lips and tongue. Oliver raised him self up still half embedded in Savio's ass "How am I going to explain that?". Savio turned his head to look at the stream of cum across the books "Tell them the designs turned you on". Oliver laughed and leaned down kissing him "What time are we meeting nonni?" Savio asked. Oliver extracted himself carefully "Lunchtime, so you better get showered and changed if your up for it". Savio leaned up sitting on the table "I come" he said "need to make sure you get a good deal" he chuckled. Oliver smiled "So you have become a business man now?" he asked stroking Savio's face. Savio smirked "I have ideas" he said "but now is not the time" he pulled Oliver forward and kissed him. Lunch was a quiet affair with just Oliver, Savio and his grandparents. They were both delighted that Savio had come back home, it was almost like Oliver had been part of the family for years being treated the same as Savio. When it came to discussing business Oliver was adamant that the family should work the vineyards and make the wine for a small cut of the profit. Lorenzo had already had time to think second guessing what Oliver was going to ask, he insisted the wine from Oliver's vineyards carry the name Cerbaia and offered a 50/50 cut. Oliver shook his head and said he was not prepared take no more than 25% reminding him who was doing the work, they shook hands and hugged walking back to the car that Oliver had purchased for Savio and him. Lorenzo stood there and added one last condition that Oliver and Savio should help harvest which will be any day soon. Oliver chuckled and replied that at least he could manage to pick grapes. Back at villa Oliver sent a text to Jack suggesting he come out next week and stay to help for the harvest, amazingly Jack agreed without any argument. Oliver had Liam pack a suitcase full of clothes knowing the warmer days would be vanishing in the next few months. Arranging for the case to be sent to his parents and instructed Jack to bring it with him. Despite the years apart Oliver and Jack slowly began reconnecting their brotherly love for each other over text messages, he could feel that Jack was actually looking forward to his trip as a distraction from his life. Luca and Mark arrived on Sunday morning at Pisa airport smiling as they walked through to arrivals spotting Oliver and Nico there to meet them. They spent the journey telling each other their news and catching up on everything that had gone on since they last saw each other. Oliver explained a little about his brother deciding to tell them everything later when the six of them would meet for dinner. Mark had agreed with the university to complete his course with distant learning managing keep his parents happy at least. Luca and Mark spent the afternoon unpacking and unravelling the true extent of how their lives were now changing adjusting to life in Tuscany. Revealing their nervousness to each other and also safe in the knowledge of Luca's grandparents to help and support them. Nico arrived just after 6pm to collect Luca and Mark, looking forward to dinner and an evening with family and friends although Oliver was fast becoming family. Luca was happy that Oliver that managed to tame the beast that was Savio, they hugged long and hard excitedly talking and Luca wanting to hear all about his trip to America. Savio had never looked so calm or happy and sat happily close to Oliver through out the evening. All ears went to Oliver when he divulged the not so pleasant part of his brother Jack late that evening, he left nothing to the imagination and Johan was the first to speak when he finished. "It looks likes your brother needs to spend a little time with me" Johan said looking at Oliver. He chuckled "He won't like the idea of therapy or rehab" Oliver replied "he doesn't see it as a problem". Johan smiled "Let's not call it therapy just friendly chat" he said "Jack and I, no one else". "Well if you can help I know my family would be very thankful" Oliver said finishing his wine. Savio stood up "Is late" he said looking at Oliver "I horny and need you". Everyone laughed at Savio's frankness and Oliver was already on his feet "You don't need to ask me twice". They disappeared saying good night "He really is a rampant Italian" Mark commented. Nico chuckled "You like rampant Italians then?" he asked in a very seductive way. Mark blushed a little "Well mine is only half Italian" he said "never had a full blooded one". Luca rolled his eyes "Never satisfied with what he has got" he chipped in laughing. Johan was giggling and looking at Luca "I've never had a half one" he said smirking at Luca. Luca laughed shaking his head then looked at Mark "You know what this means?". "I'm way ahead of you" Mark replied already working his round the table to Nico. Johan stood and walked to Luca pulling him out of the chair and lifting him straight in to his arms with ease, he carried him inside and up the stairs to the master bedroom. Johan leaned over him catching him unprepared he kissed Luca full on. The bed moving brought him back from his kiss, Mark now laid beside him with Nico undressing him. Mark turned to look at Luca and moved his head closer their lips met in a long kiss. When they broke apart they were both naked, looking up they saw Nico and Johan naked and kissing, both very erect. They glanced at each other and smiled their eyes speaking their own language of love and affirming this decision. Simultaneously they leaned up grabbing the cocks of Nico and Johan taking them by surprise. Luca held the sheer hardness of Johan's cock, the feeling was dense, thick and very solid with no give. He was under no impression this would be a struggle to take at first. Moving his head closer his eyes taken by what was attached to the cock, the thighs were large and muscled. He felt the head of Johan's cock tapping at his face and running over his mouth, licking his lips to moisten them Luca stuck his tongue out and washed it over the tip of Johan's cock. The foreskin already rolled back perfectly poised for Luca, he allowed the cock to rub against his lips before opening his mouth. His lips tenderly surrounding the head, gently exploring and now using his tongue swirling around. Johan moaned and thrusted forward forcing his cock in to Luca's mouth, he glanced and Johan looked down smirking at the sight of this puppy begging for his treat. Luca pulled his head back and spat on the cock devouring more until he gagged, sharply pulling his head back and releasing the cock he kneeled up running his hands over Johan's chest. It was firm beyond belief and he couldn't resist kissing and licking the further upward his head moved. His hands roaming across the shoulders and down the arms resting on the bulky biceps. Finally their lips caressed briefly and Johan locked Luca in hard deep kiss exchanging saliva with their tongues, Luca's legs trembled feeling Johan's arms circling around his body pulling him closer. Luca flung his arms around Johan's neck moaning softly, he felt Johan's hand moving lower until he began caressing and squeezing his buttocks. Johan pulled Luca up closer and grabbing Luca's leg he pulled it around his waist, moving his other leg Luca was now held up by Johan. Their lips still firmly sealed together in a passionate kiss allowed Luca's free hands to explore and touch Johan's body. Limbs wrapped around each other moving and feeling every part of their bodies. Mark was not so lucky, on grabbing Nico's cock he looked down at Mark and chuckled then pushed him back on the bed 'I'm driving tonight' he said gripping hold of Mark's hands and pushing them above his head. Using his legs he to move Mark's apart he positions himself in between and leaned forward. Mark just looked at Nico 'oh fuck' he said with excitement and trepidation, but also wondering what he had let himself for, he giggled as Nico bit and sucked on his nipples slowly edging upwards to his neck and chin until their lips met. Mark took the lead and pushed his tongue in to Nico's mouth surprising him at the eagerness, locking their lips together they kissed nosily. His body wriggling on the bed powerless from Nico's dominance, his feet caressing Nico's legs moving up and down. Nico waited until Mark moved his legs upwards again and slipped his under Mark's holding them up. On cue Mark clasped his legs around Nico's waist for a fraction of a moment, it was long enough for Nico to get him in to a missionary position. He felt the hold on his hands being gently released, Nico kissed Mark deeper then broke away looking down at him with the wickedest smiles Mark had ever seen. Mark's hands rand down Nico's back and slapped his ass and giggled at his helpless predicament, looking up the smile was still etched broadly on Nico's face like he was teasing him and wanting him to ask for it. At the same time they both looked at Johan and Luca locked together in their own world moaning, Nico leaned forward and whispered in to Mark's ear 'shall I take you gently or break you?'. Unsure what he was asking he looked in to Nico's eyes 'gently' he said in a hushed voice. Nico smiled and kissed him reaching to the bedside table he put some lube in his hand, Mark watched the hand disappear knowing that he was lubing his cock up. They stared at each other then Mark moaned softly feeling Nico's hand rubbing some against his hole quickly followed by another moan a little louder as Nico pushed the head of his cock inside swiftly. The discomfort soon passed and Nico brushed his lips against Mark's, his tongue running across them and delving in to his mouth. Nico's arm slipped behind Mark's neck, holding his in place he kissed deeper at the same time he eased his cock deep in to Mark's ass. His moans stifled by Nico's kiss reaching further and deeper in his ass until he was balls deep in his nephew's boyfriend. The first stifled moans caused Johan and Luca to look, the could see Mark's hand almost clawing on Nico's back. Luca looked back at Johan their noses touching from being so close, Luca felt Johan's arms holding him tighter kissing again his body being lowered on to the bed lying next to Mark. Johan spat in his hand and worked it in to Luca's ass, his back arched and he cried in cross between pain and pleasure feeling his ass expand accommodating the size of Johan's cock. He felt Mark's hand holding his arm then moving across to feel the flexed bicep of Johan then all to quickly it returned around Nico's neck. Johan kissed Luca's neck several times then watched his face at the ecstasy in Luca's eyes the more he pushed inside, his cock already leaking precum having wanted to fuck Luca for so many years. His final push and Luca's arched his back again moaning feeling the last three inches force their way in. Their eyes met looking at each other, Luca's hands holding on and feeling the biceps flexed keeping looming above him. A tender kiss exchanged between them signalled the start, Johan began seamless undulating waves in his hips. His hands gripped tighter around the biceps. Despite Johan's body hardly moving Luca could feel the deep soothing strokes deep in his ass that sent erotic shivers up his spine causing his toes to curl and uncurl. He leaned up and kissed Johan his head collapsing back on the bed. He began to realise that Johan was extremely adept at sex with a man and knew how to pleasure in the most incredible way. Johan and Nico smiled looking at each other and leaning over to kiss. Both boys under them wriggled and moaned in pleasure. Mark ran his hand up Johan's arm again then down Luca's to his shoulder, Johan looked at Mark 'Your next' he said grinning then focusing back on Luca he lowered himself closer and began kissing Luca deeper. It was a subtle change but enough for Luca to feel, the undulating had moved to a steady deep pounding now. His hands wrapped around the big shoulders of Johan holding him closer as they locked together in their kiss. Nico gently caressed Mark's ass deep and they both stopped to watch Johan and Luca. Johan moved his legs up closer around the sides of Luca's ass and getting better traction he began to hit home hard. Luca moaned hard in to Johan's mouth, his arms clasping hard around Johan's shoulders and his legs almost up vertically, his feet arched and toes curled. The intensity fleetingly causing Luca's eyes to roll up, Johan's arm around his neck pulling Luca closer securing him firmly 'oh dam' he suddenly cried out feeling his balls twitching and pulling up. Luca bit at Johan's neck lightly, unable to move his head in any direction, his limbs wrapped around Johan's body who had him completely immobilised. A string of unusual words ensued from Luca that was so out character 'fuck me you bitch' he cried out moaning deeper 'breed me, fuck me like your whore' he said out of nowhere his hands punching at Johan's back. Johan held Luca tighter 'fuck yes' he said then bit Luca's neck and took him to church ramping the speed and force of his thrusting 'going to pump my seed in deep Luca' he said biting him again on the verge of releasing his load. Luca strained under the pressure his ass was taking, suddenly his legs clamped around Johan's waist his body shuddered. His orgasm came so quickly he had no control, the muffled cries reverberating against Johan's neck. He felt Luca's orgasm in his own body bringing him over the edge, Johan bucked his hips hard several time growling like a bear and slamming his hips down hard against Luca's ass 'fuck' he moaned feeling the first volley of his ejaculation entering Luca's body, then the second, third, fourth. Holding Luca tightly his hips stopped bucking, his cock deeply impaled in to Luca, panting against his neck he slowly gyrated his hips pushing the seed deeper in to Luca. Their bodies glistening from tiny beads of sweat, holding on to each other Luca finally regained some composure and laid there enjoying the feeling of Johan's still hard cock massaging him internally. The animalistic nature of Luca has taken both Nico and Mark by surprise hearing them go at it like they had been possessed. Mark leaned up and kissed Nico, they were both aroused by the noises coming from the two bodies next to them. Nico had his own agenda with Mark wanting to take him slowly and allow him to enjoy their first foray together. That was before he was so turned on seeing his nephew go all crazy ass with his husband. Nico looked down at Mark and grinned letting his hips pick up speed fucking Mark deeper and harder but still with some tenderness. Nico usually was one who can hang on and fuck for hours before he would allow himself to cum, but looking down at the sexy 20 year old Mark was doing it for him big time. When the quietness prevailed after Johan finished Nico could now concentrate on Mark fully making him moan and watching him receiving pleasure. Slap, Nico opened his eyes and grinned at Mark 'do that again I will fuck you even harder' he said grinning. Mark chuckled then moaned louder as Nico gave him three hard thrusts, his hands grabbing hold of Nico's butt cheeks he grinned cheekily up at Nico then slapped both cheeks and grabbed hold of them again. Nico responded and began pounding Mark in to the mattress faster and harder, his moans were short gasps unable to keep up with the speed Nico was fucking him. Nico kneeled up holding Mark's legs open and began fucking him steadily 'I can't hold on much more' he said to Mark 'me neither' he replied grabbing his cock and masturbating himself in tune with the rhythm his arse was getting hit. Mark raised his other hand and ran it across Nico's hairy chest tracing the line down to his naval and back up again. His back twisted a little 'cumming' he whimpered like a school child shooting his load across his stomach and chest. Nico gripped his ankles holding them further apart he 'breed you with my Italian seed' he said in between pants, his hands catching Mark above the knees pulled his ass deep on to his cock in preparation. Mark looked up and felt the warming sensation deep in his ass that seemed to grow with every pulses he felt from Nico's cock. Nico looked at Mark and chuckled then leant forward and kissed him with such sweetness. Nico and Mark giggled and kissed "I'm so hot Nico, can we go cool down in the pool?" Mark asked. "Of course" Nico replied looking over at Johan and Luca wrapped around each other "Are you coming?". Johan leaned over and kissed Nico then tongued Mark out good "Can't wait to get you". Mark shook his head "I can't take anymore tonight" he replied and Luca nodded in agreement. "That's okay" Johan replied pulling stroking Mark's face "I can wait". Nico chuckled "Swim?" he asked again. Johan nodded "Yes, this boy is soaking wet under me" he chuckled. Mark kneed up and looked at Luca "Animals, the pair of you" he said smirking puling Luca in for a kiss. The four of them jumped in the pool nosily to cool off, when they looked up they saw Oliver walk out of the bedroom wiping his forehead with a towel Savio appeared naked and kissed the back of his neck. Eventually persuading them to join them in the pool.
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    Was at the grocery wearing what I usually do.. tank top, shorts, flipflops and, of course, a mask. Did my shopping but kept noticing one of the beverage loaders kept eyeing me and he was well built and handsome. Eventually I went over and said hello and shook hands that lasted longer than normal. One thing led to another and well I ended up getting fucked in the extended cab of his vehicle. It was a tight fit but we managed. When I went back inside the store afterwards, the ice cream in my shopping cart had melted and was dribbling on the floor - just like his cum dribbling out my ass and down my leg but I didnt care...
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    I dump my second load of the night into Sam. I honestly didn't think I had two full loads in me, especially after that first round I loaded him with with not even an hour before. But he just sat on my dick, with my last load still in his guts, and went to town. I've been fucking this guy pretty regularly for a few months now. He's a little bit older by a couple of years, but really submissive and into being worked over by my dick pretty well. I think I'm starting to like this guy. But I can't believe I just told him about my brother! We never speak of that to anyone - ever. But it looks like it turned him on. The little pig. "Do you have any pics of him," Sam asks as we're lying there catching our breath. I grab my phone and start swiping. We couldn't be more different, Travis and I. At 5'9" I'm 165lbs with a swimmers build. My straight brother is worked out with bigger muscles that he likes to wrestle me to the ground with. Sam is quite taken by the photos. It really started between my brother and I when I was in college. He was up visiting one weekend. I had grabbed us some beers and we were hanging out in my dorm getting drunk. He was going on about how horny he was and how he wanted to find some college girls to use. I was saying how difficult it must be with women because of all the drama and courting you've got to do just to get laid. He agreed and said how much easer it must be to be with guys. Before I knew it he had his dick out next to me and was stroking it. I was confused but, whatever. He then said something I'll never forget. My younger brother said, "suck me off queer." We were completely drunk but I was like, "no way!" It was then that he grabbed my head and pulled it down onto his hard dick and said, "suck." I don't know what possessed me, but I obeyed and completely started blowing my straight brother there in my dorm. He leaned back and watched me go to work on his uncut dick, slurping around it. It didn't take long for him to erupt. His hand came down on the top of my head to keep it on his dick, forcing me to swallow his cum -- which I was going to do anyway, happily. When the last of his jizz was in my throat I sat up - completely hard myself. And then, in my drunken haze I did something almost on instinct but completely unexpected. I kissed my brother on the mouth. He didn't flinch. And when I pulled back he licked the side of his mouth where some of his come had come off from my lips. He didn't say anything but stood up to grab another beer. I was laying there, drunk, confused, hard and horny.
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    Hi Guys, Super new to this forum but have been writing/reading/fantasising/watching poz related content for years and years! (I’m 23) Over the years I have written a load of short stories and whole sagas relating to it, but don’t have them anymore, so thought I write some new stuff for here along the same lines. Let me know what you think! (And any poz tops (viral only) can get in contact...wink wink...) The Dark Room - A Prologue It was 3 am, I was drunk, and even my friends had gotten tired and left for home. It was just me, dancing like a crazy guy, in the Havana gay night club at 3am... I stumbled over to the bar to ask for another drink, but they turned me away, so I decided it was time to head for the exit. The whole room was a swirl of bodies and sweat, the smell was enough to get any guy hard, but at this point my sole focus was finding the way out. I could see a large corridor and began staggering my way through. The loud club music faded into the background as I continued my journey...was this the way I had come in? Eventually I saw some stairs heading downwards and began a rather drunken decent down...had we climbed stairs on the way in...? Everything was a blur... The stairs opened up into a very large but dark room, filled with shifting silhouettes. The smell hung heavy in the air, musky, the smell of man. I could hear grunts and groans, and the squelching of dicks sliding in and out of asses. I could hear muffled whispers and moans. This must have been some kind of sex room? I laughed to myself at the situation I had found myself in, but just before turning to clamber my way back up to civilisation, I couldn’t help but acknowledge the rock solid dick I was hiding in my underwear. In my drunken state I slowly edged forward just to catch a better glimpse of the action. My eyes began to adjust to the room and I could see several different clusters of guys eagerly pounding away. I couldn’t really make anything out, but before I had chance to look closer, I felt a hand grab at my pecs from behind, they were rough and calloused. I felt his warm breath up against my ear as he whispered gruffly, “Hey baby, not seen you before...” his hands stroked downwards and round to my ass. I still couldn’t see his face but his right hand slid down my crack and I felt his finger tapping at my hole, “Mmmmm...wow...you’re perfect...” he slowly kissed at my neck, sending shivers down my spine, his grip tightening, “I can’t wait to get inside you.” He breathed me in loud and deeply, “GOD...you smell so good, mmmm you want me to sort you out baby?” I was frozen to the spot, not expecting so much attention so quickly, “Um..I..” I stammered getting flustered, the room still shaking from drunkenness. “Ssh, shh shhh...don’t worry baby,” he whispered right up to me ear, “I know what you want I can help you out.” His finger pressed firmer against my ass and I felt his finger slip inside me, I had already cleaned and lubed up in preparation for the night and his whole finger slid inside at rapid speed once he’d entered the hole, “damn boy!” He grunted, “I can see you got ready for me how sweet.” He stuck out a thick wet tongue and licked at the sweat on my neck, and then he hugged me closer and I could feel his hard cock pressing against my left ass cheek. I heard him spit and some squelching sounds, and once again he returned to my ear, my goosebumps returned. With his right hand he stroked down my inner right thigh and groin, gripping firm. My dick was rock hard, precum began spilling over and drooling to the floor. I felt him slip his finger out and then quickly return the pressure, but this time it was much wider, two or three fingers I presumed.... He slid deep inside and began to thrust in and out, his pace increasing and his breath quickening. As my prostate began to pulse I could tell it was his dick fucking me...and bare! There had been no mention of condoms, in fact, I still hadn’t even seen his face. This unknown figure was standing directly behind me, pressed up so close. It was happening too quick and I was too drunk to process everything properly. His right hand tightened on my groin and his left arm gripped round my chest up and to my throat where he held firm. He whispered once more, “God you feel so amazing baby, so warm and soft...UGHH...god....ugh ....so good,” he was thrusting so deep he was almost leaning right into me and I struggled for balance. I staggered to hold my stance, his thrusting never slowed and his grip around my neck never loosened. Eventually his weight behind me was too much and I fell forward and down onto my stomach. He fell on top of me knocking the wind out of me and I couldn’t move or speak. The thrusting didn’t stop, even for a second, “like to play a bit rough ey?” He joked as began to jack up and down and really ram deep with each pound. I was sore from the fall but my prostrate was in fluttering ecstasy, and I teased on the edge of orgasm for a couple of minutes. The guy behind, who I still hadn’t even seen, kept on like a animal, driven solely on the instinct to keep pounding till he bred me. I was too dizzy and disoriented to stop him. And I could see another shadow shift into view... “Fuck Vic another one already! Don’t you ever stop man! That ginger one is still crying in the back room!” The voice shouted to the guy balls deep inside my ass. I heard the guy behind me laugh as he continued to grunt into me, “I’ve got a record to keep Jeff! Besides, I heard Mario knocked up half of that football team we had in here last week, and I ain’t letting him catch up!” The guy standing above us just laughed and shook his head, “You’re a dirty fucker Vic you know, I don’t know where you find these idiots! I’ve seen you in what...8... maybe 9 asses just this weekend...and I mean...I’d have thought you’d at least slow down after what happened to Danny.” “Oh just fuck off Jeff! Give a guy a break when his balls deep man. Lemme at least unload a sec...and....and I’ll chat after....” the guy must have agreed, as he then walked off. The drink and the confusing conversation were overwhelming, and for a few more minutes, no word were exchanged until his hammering finally picked up a final time... “Who’s...who’s Danny?” I managed to stammer. “Just some idiot kid who got what he deserves....you stupid neg bottoms are all the same, preaching about same sex, but the slightest whiff of a poz cock and your ass up before you can even blink!” He laughed to himself. “Wait what? Poz..poz what?” “Danny,” he interrupted ignoring my questions, but still thrusting, “Danny...was a guy...I ...I fucked last month...but don’t worry about him....he’s...he’s ...he’s in the hospital now...” “What?!” I managed, confused. “Don’t worry baby....I told you...I got .... what you need” he managed to breath as his thrusting continued and he began to pant, “I’ve got... 11 solid years... under my belt...and...and not one pill..” I frowned in confusion, distracted by the alcohol and the pain..no, the pleasure...building inside my ass. “Oh fuck...oh it’s coming boy...good luck...I hope......I...hope...ugh...fuuuuck,” he stammered before grunting loudly, “UGHH..UGHH” I felt his cock unload hot ropes of cum deep inside my ass, “UGHH...ohhh..there we go...” he breathed, my own cock spasming and shooting out into the wet tiled floor. We lay there together breathing heavily. “There you go,” he whispered stroking my neck and releasing his grip, “god my babies are gonna love it up inside that ass man,“ he whispered and kissed the back of my neck. His dick slopped out my hole with a audible ‘plop’, and he clambered to his feet. “I hope... I hope you’ve got health insurance...” he breathed heavily and with great effort he staggered up and for the first time I could see him standing over me. He was a tall skeletal figure, his muscles visible, but also his bones. He looked ill and his face was purple with effort. His face shape was gaunt, and he must have been 40/50s at least, though looked perhaps older. He grinned wide with yellowed teeth as he staggered off into the distant crowd. My drunken brain couldn’t put together all the information? He was...he had...he had HIV...definitely he was soo ill...and no condom! I just breathed and struggled to process. In the distant I looked to see his huge cock swinging between his legs, dripping wet... “How many’s that then?” I heard a voice laugh as he his footsteps faded, “that’ll be 163!” He replied, “Ain’t no one stopping me! Now then... where’s that hot swimmer guy,? There ain’t no way I’m letting Mario get inside that one cos just the smell of him made my balls ache! I’m gonna have him whether he wants or not!” He laughed and slapped the back of whoever was jesting with him. Their voices and footsteps faded into the distance until I was left alone on the floor, breathing heavily...
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    Everything was set up for my monthly parTy, a few friends were helping me setting everything up. After setting the sling my friend Thomas walk towards me and said: “i have a feeling that it’s going to be a very hot party”. I only replied with an evil grin. Everybody took off the little clothes they were still wearing. I watched Thomas undress, a saw his hot tanned athletic body and when he stretched out you could see his defined abs; a rock hard eight-pack. He was only 21 but an expert at nearly everything that has to do with sexual pleasure. His fat cock was dangling between his legs; a d donkey dick. My other two friends already started and lay down on the mattresses, both were 29 and very cute. The bell rang and i opened the door 3 friends entered. As soon as the door closed they stripped and joined the rest. After a few hours i needed something to drink so i went to the kitchen when the bell rang, so i thought ‘maybe it’s that hot guy from Grindr, he had to work late so he didn’t know if he could make it.’. I saw that Thomas was standing closer by so i asked him: “Could you open the door… it’s a surprise!”. And a suprise it was, because when i came out of the kitchen i saw my 19 year old nephew standing in the living room. “Brian, what are you doing here?” i asked him. He started telling us that he and his girlfriend had a fight and that she dumped me in the club and left with the car. Then he asked if he could crash here tonight and i said “sure you can sleep upstairs… and as long as you don’t complain about our party!”. “I won’t!” he said smiling. “Why she dumped you bro?!” Thomas asked out of the blue. I told Brian he did have to tell us, but he started to tell Thomas that he started doubting if he was really straight. “When i was at the gym i started to notice that i was also looking at other guys and that always gave me a hard on.” he told us. “So in the club there was a very hot bartender and i couldn’t keep my eyes off of him. After a while i saw him coming towards me and without saying anything he grabbed my head and kissed me deep and intensive… i was shocked for a second but then the feeling took over. I kissed him back and it felt so damn good. My girlfriend saw the whole thing and he started yelling that i was a sick freak and left” he continued. The hot guy asked him if i wanted to go back to his place, but that was too fast for Brian so he left. “Everything’s going to be alright” said Thomas and i asked “If he wanted to go upstairs and if i should go with him”. “Can i also stay down here? i will sit on the couch and won’t get in the way!” he said. “That’s okay, but you have to take off your clothes, but you can leave your boxers on. Otherwise it’s awkward for the rest.” i told Brian. He look a bit surprised but nodded and said “Okay!”. Because i saw photo’s from his last holiday i know that my nephew has a very hot body; an athletic Twink. Thomas and me joint the rest and after half an hours an other friend nudged me, so i looked over towards Brian and saw that he took of his boxer and was stroking his hard cock; i guessed it was around about 8 inches. I went over to Brian and said “Guys turn you on, you can’t hide the facts… sooner or later you must act upon it… this is your chance… they can learn you a lot about sex with a man... i saw you checking out Thomas earlier, i’m sure he can teach you a lot”. “i know but my mind is conflicted… i want to but something is holding me back!” he replied. I tell him that i know something that can help him with that “…but i need you to trust me… no questions! Okay?”. I see the conflict in his eyes but he starts to smile and says “if it helps i’ll try anything!”. I leave the room and come back with a syringe and a strap. I tell him “Lay back and relax, close your eyes and don’t move”. He stutters “but… what…”. “You trusted me so no questions” i said. He lays back and tries to relax. I tie off his upper arm and tell him “If you don’t want this tell me now… You can still go to bed upstairs instead of having a life changing night with us”. He shakes his head. I then stick the needle slowly in his vein and starts injecting him with a substance that will take over his mind and turn him into the slut he really wants to be. After pulling out i say “No way back now! Enjoy!” while removing the strap. Brian sits upright and begins to cough, and i raise his arm above his head. After a 20 seconds the Tina starts to take control and he falls back in the couch. His cock is hard as a rock and standing straight up and is oozing pre-cum. Thomas see this and move towards Brian and begins to suck his hard cock whilst slowly massaging his asshole. Brian starts moaning when Thomas takes the whole length of the oozing dick in his throat. In the meantime he also begins to work a finger up the unexperienced Twink. Brians moaning becomes louder and louder. When a second finger is worked deep inside the virgin hole Thomas other hand moves up and starts slowly pinching Brians nipple. The boys slutty instincts take over as he begins twisting and turning his ass around the two fingers. Thomas feels the ass opening up so he pulls back before ramming in three fingers. This is too much for the boy and his body begins to shake. Thomas feels the dick growing in his throat and shoves it in balls deep and squeezes and twist Brians nipple. The former straight boy explodes and thick streams of cum begin to fill Thomas throat. Thomas tries to swallow everything but when de cum starts pouring out his nose he pull back. He also pulls back the fingers out of the boys ass. Brian begins moaning and pleading to put them back. I tell my slutty nephew that we have to clean out his ass first before we can fill it again. Thomas helps the poor boy on his feet and leads him to the bathroom. After 20 minutes they return. Thomas tells me that he tried to fuck Brians ass in the shower but that it’s too tight. Fortunately we have something that helps us with the stretching. So we lead Brian to a bench and tie him down. Thomas then takes out my fuck machine while i load up my nephews ass with lube mixed with a high dose Tina. After a few minutes Brian begins to moan that his ass is burning. We ignore him and see that several minutes later his ass begins to open up while the tina is taking over again. We love sloppy holes so we mounted a big dildo onto the machine and position right against his asshole. Thomas takes the controls and slowly begins to force the dildo forward. The asshole tries to resist the pressure of the dildo. Brian asks us to please stop. But slowly and surely the dildo advances further until the ass opens up. Brian cries out while the dildo goes deeper and deeper before slowly begin extracted. Our new slut gives a sigh of relieve, but that was short lived because the dildo begins to advance back in. With every stroke the machine picks up the speed a bit. After a few minutes the boys ass gives up and is standing wide open. In order to dampen the moans we take turns fucking his mouth with our dicks. When the machine reaches his top speed we shut it off and after shoving a few shards up the open ass we fuck it in turns and shooting load after load deep inside. Nothing beats fucking a cumfilled sloppy ass. After this weekend Thomas and i asked my nephew to moved in. And together with our friends we still like to parTy!!!
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    Well i said i would keep this updated .. and now there is something to add. So last night i was in my room in my boxers watching tv when my housemate walked in, been trying so much to convincee him i was up for more but he was having none of it, its nothing unusual for him to be after something from my bathroom or stuff so wasnt thinking he wanted some fun until i noticed two things, he was naked and hard. i didnt say anything just got up and got to my knees sucking him off, i heard him lock my door and grip my head thrusting into my mouth. i remember him moaning how much a little slut i am, looking up at him he slapped my face telling me to focus on his cock. no idea how long that lasted but before long he pulled my up by my hair and took me to my bed. he held a condom and was pulling it out when i begged him to fuck me bare, he didnt even hesitate pushing me down on my bed lining up and pushing into me hard, no prep just breaking open my ass. he fucked me for ages, telling me how i was his little slut till this lockdown is over, gave me two loads before he pulled out and made me suck his cock clean, slapping my face a few time. told me before he left if i see his cock then just bend over and open that hole, was soo hot specially him being so rough and dom, heard him foing that to his gf before so was horned up knowing i was taking his gf place but was just a slut hole to him
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    Chapter 1: A Real Man Never Pulls Out Why we had come to the bath house, my friend Finn and I, well that’s a whole story in of itself. Let’s just say, we were young and horny and wanted to push the boat out a little now we were both 21. We had heard it was great to find tops who were great at sex, and they even said guys in ‘our condition’ could get in for free...whatever that meant? After a swift pass through reception, and three minutes stripping in the empty locker room, we were ready. We had agreed, for the first half an hour to split up and explore alone, to best be free to do as we pleased. It was still early, so the steam rooms were quite empty, but within five minutes I found myself entering the hot wooden sauna room... A hairy guy was sat back in the sauna, alone, like a beautifully carved statue. He was bald, but with a thick brown nest of a beard covering his chin and neck. He was almost posing, led down with his right hand resting above him, revealing a large bicep and a thick nestle of armpit hair. His other hand was at his side, his chest a thick rug of brown curls, leading seductively into a thick mat of dense forest. The base of his dick wasn’t even visible between his thick hairs, which dripped with sweat. His tree trunks of legs shot out from under him, also hairy of course, ending in large feet with chunky toes. I stared deep into his bush, mesmerised in every way, and could see the tip of his dick at the base of his crotch, curled to one side. It was still mostly soft and yet large and snake like. It flopped down to the wooden planks that were supporting his back and ass cheeks. A good three or four inches of shaft was showing, though you could tell there was at least another two or so hidden at the basement which was huge for a soft cock. At the tip a large circumcised mushroom head flared out, a rich purple, almost a deep brown colour. My entire face was locked in on him, hypnotised by the manly hairs and long juicy looking cock. I looked at his face, a handsome chiselled face with bright blue eyes that had locked onto mine. He smirked slightly and nodded for me to come over. Not even a nod, the smallest of eyebrow raises, a tiny gesture, and it flooded my whole body the adrenaline and my cock stiffened. I slowly edged forward, but he didn’t move to meet me. The only movement was he parted his legs ever so slightly, and bucked his hips in one swift subtle motion. His cock was filling and growing slightly, though it’s full length still hidden within his mighty bush. I edged closer and knelt to bring my nose closer to his crotch. He smelled of perfection so strong and masculine. With one deep inhale I breathed in the scent of the man, and slowly reached to pull his cock up and out from between his legs, as it filled to full erection. It was huge, I would guess nine inches. My eyes widened. I opened my mouth and slowly brought the beast of a cock to my lips, the scent filling my nostrils. A quick hit from his fist threw my side ways, “No mouth!” He said firmly, “Bare ass only lad, take it or leave it.” He then resumed to laying back and closed his eyes. I had no choice, I couldn’t leave such a god alone without having experienced his cock deep inside me, so as instructed I climbed above him and lined up his bare shaft to my ass lips. The question of lube hadn’t crossed my mind till he spat in his hands and rubbed it on his shaft, not once opening his eyes. Slowly I sank down on his shaft, it was tough but not painful, so long as I kept it slow. But after a few second I felt his strong arms yank down at my hips and his entire cock pierced through my guts in one stroke. I yelled helplessly and in an effort to push up, was firmly held down by his immense muscular strength. He firmly kept me down and then grabbed at the back of my head and pulled my tight into his exposed right pit. He knew what he was doing. A guy like this must have down this hundreds if not thousands of times. The smell was intoxicating, hypnotic, overwhelming. My eyes watered and my spine tingled. I’d never smelled something so heavenly, so powerful. My entire body relaxed and all thought of his thick cock penetrating me had left my mind. It was sheer bliss, I couldn’t help but begin licking and deeply breathing all the musk I could find. “That’s right lad breathe it in,” he said slowly, a smirk on his face, “breath in that musk for me lad, and let me have your hole.” Despite his first thrust, he was grinding very slow and sensually, he was balls deep and remained so, only moving his cock around in circles and in and out the slightest of inches. His cock was so far up I could feel it punching at my stomach, a dull ache and yet pleasure all the same. I could feel his bush tickling at my ass cheeks and could feel his pit hairs tickling at my nose. “You know what that smell is lad? That’s the smell of a real man. That’s the smell of a man, not a pussy boy like you. I haven’t shaved ever, except my head of course, I’ve never once touched a razor in my life, and you know what else...I haven’t washed this body in just under 5 years. That’s right, that’s all five years of sweat and musk built up over time, my dick, my balls, these pits not seen a bath or shower since 2015. That’s what you’re smelling, a real man, and you can’t help yourself, you stupid fag, I mean look at you. I get you nose deep in my bush and you take a poz cock raw without any questions.” He chuckled shaking his head. I snapped out of my daze at the sound, “Poz? You’re poz?!” I said panicked. My ass remained firmly impaled on his cock, and his slow rhythmic thrusts never ceased. He just winked at me and nodded, gesturing down to his crotch. I could see beneath his mass of hairs was a black biohazard tattoo I hadn’t noticed hiding away. “This is a poz cock you got in you boy, and it ain’t shooting blanks neither. You can count yourself lucky,” he grinned proudly, ”this bad boy was shooting at 900,000 VL last count, and that was a good few months ago lad...so who knows how viral it is now...” “Wait we need to stop, Im not on Prep I can’t...” “Shhh lad, it’s fine man, just accept it,” he whispered calmly, grabbing my head softly and directing my face back down to his pit. The smell of this unwashed unshaven cave man overwhelmed me once more and all thought of danger left me. I moaned quietly in pleasure as his cock picked up just a little pace and began probing deeper and deeper into my intestines. “Just don’t....don’t cum in me please...” I stammered bravely. He really did laugh then, “Sorry lad no can do. I have four simple rules...” He brushed through his jungle of a bush, “Rule one: a real man never shaves” He told me to breath deep, “Rule two: a real man doesn’t wash away his musk.” He even breathed deep himself then, revealing in his own scent. “Rule three: a real man doesn’t waste a load masturbating, he only ever cums in a bare ass, no more no less.” He smiled again me then. He then lifted me up swiftly, and spun me round, so he was above me penetrating deep into me in missionary position. “and finally, once inside an ass,” he began to pick up pace into a quick thrust, “a real man never pulls out!” His face was slowly reddening as he thrust harder and harder, he was sweating even more and the smell was staggering. It was as if the whole room was filled with a thick fog of his musk. He looked at me deep into my eyes as he pounded harder, “And trust me lad....I’m a real man!” And with that he thrust once more deep deep into my ass and grunted in pleasure as his thick cock contracted and shot his poz sperm right up my gut. I was in absolute ecstasy and hypnotised by his scent. “Give it to me, I want your load, give it to me!” “Fuuuuck!” He grunted, a few more shots adding to the growing pool of poz sperm splashing at the walls of my ass. His whole body collapsed on top of me as he breathed deep. His weight was heavy, but his skin was so close that I could smell him better than ever before and I sank away into a dream like state. Eventually he climbed off and went back to lying down in the sauna, his dick was covered in cum as it slowly crystallised, I noticed he made no effort to wash it off. He spoke not one word afterwards, and I slowly left the room, light headed from the fucking. I gathered my thoughts in the next room, a steam room with steam so heavy it was hard to see. But once my eyes adjusted I could see all too clearly what was going on... My friend Finn was bent over, ass up against the wall, and a young Latino guy was pounding away at his ass. He sported a large scorpion tattoo on his right thigh...I could see Finn was falling for the same treatment as me.... what was this place...? And to add to it, his throat was eight inches full of another guys cock, an older thinner guy. An all too familiar symbol was clearly visible above his crotch, a large black biohazard tattoo. Finns face was red as he was choking and gagging on his cock, an eruption of throat slime spewing out from his lips. Yet despite his struggle for breath, the old guys cock remained firmly balls deep until a second much more violent avalanche of stomach juices flowed out. Only then did he pull out, and I noticed a thick heavy PA ring hanging strikingly from the tip of his already massive cock. How a young guy like Finn had ended up in this situation, well... I guess that’s another story....
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    Part 10 I sat up in the bed unsure what to do. The three men walked into the bedroom and Mr. Kelly started with introductions. "Jake you know Mr. Miller obviously. And you sort of know this guy." He looked familiar. I knew I had seen him before. And then it hit me. "Justin? From the video?" "You showed him our videos?" It was him. He was taller than I expected but still hot. Those vids must have been pretty recent. "Jake picked that video himself. He must have liked what he saw." I was still in shock even as Justin started to take his clothes off. Mr. Miller came to sit next to me on the bed. He was fully clothed. Mr. Miller was younger than Mr. Kelly probably in his 30s. He was in good shape and had a thicker body then the other two. He told us in class he used to play football in high school and college and you could tell from his body. He leaned in and put his arm around me. "Mike..Mr. Kelly told me you've had some fun today. Is it ok if I join?" I looked at him and pulled away a little. His arm was still around me but our faces weren't as close. "Mr. Miller. You're my teacher now. This is so awkward. Are you sure about this? I mean what's gonna happen on Monday?" He pulled me in a little with his arm before he answered. "Let's not worry about that now. I've wanted you since the first day you came into my class. And then when Mr. Kelly told me he was talking to you on Grindr I knew I had to have you. And...I have noticed that you haven't stopped stroking your cock since we came in. You want this don't you?" He pulled my hand from my cock to the crotch of his pants. He was hard and he felt big. Just then, I heard the click of the torch. I turned and Justin was lighting the pipe and bringing it over to the bed. He was only wearing boxers. He was hot. I couldn't believe this was happening. "Why me?" I don't know who I was asking. It just slipped out. Mr. Miller and Mr. Kelly laughed. "Son, you have no idea how hot you are. Just 18 and a swimmer. You'll understand when your my age." Mr. Kelly was at the foot of the bed rubbing my legs and pulling them apart as he did it. Just as Justin was putting the pipe to my mouth, he looked over to Mr. Kelly. "Son? You call a former student son? This boy you just fucked?" Mr. Kelly just answered "Yup." As Justin pulled the pipe away he said, "That is fucking hot. Teacher taking his boys cherry and calling him son. Fuck." He put the pipe to his mouth and took a hit as I let mine out. Mr. Miller watched. "Damn boy. Expert at blowing clouds too huh? Was this your first time with tina too?" I just nodded. The high was back and I was rubbing my cock again. Justin sat down on the bed and faced me pointing to his mouth. "Shotgun it boys" Mr. Miller said. Justin leaned in and he blew the hit inside my mouth and then we were making out. He liked making out hard too. It felt like we couldnt open our mouths to each other wide enough. He pulled away and let the cloud out. "Fuck" he said "You are sexy as fuck." He took another hit and this time shotgunned Mr. Kelly. As they made out Mr. Miller said to me "You like that? Watching them make out?" I nodded. "Do you smoke that too?" I asked. "Oh yeah we have time don't worry about me." When they broke their kiss, Justin came to sit next to me again. Mr. Kelly looked at Mr. Miller. "Did you bring the points?" Mr. Miller nodded. "Points? What's that?" No one answered me. Justin handed Mr. Miler the pipe and he took his first hit. I was getting high with two of my teachers and a hot guy rubbing my chest and leg. "Oh fuck. Yeah that's good shit you got Mike." Mr. Miler's hit was huge. So big you almost couldn't see him through the smoke. Hearing him call Mr. Kelly Mike was a little weird. Oh right I'm not in school with them right now. I'm in Mr. Kelly's bed with my history teacher who was starting to strip down. Mr. Kelly and I were the only naked ones but Justin and Mr. Miller were down to their underwear. Mr. Miller was beefy with a little bit of a belly. It didnt make him less attractive. He had a coating of fur on his chest and a little on his stomach. The head of his cock was already peaking out of his boxer briefs. It looked big. He took a second hit. This time while he held it in he pulled my face to his. I knew what was coming. I was nervous all of a sudden. This was real. He opened his mouth and leaned in. I wasn't even thinking. I didn't open my mouth. He was kissing my lips trying to use his tongue to pass me his hit. Feeling his tongue against my lips made me forget what I was thinking and I relaxed into him. He pushed his hit into my mouth and we started making out. Mr. Miller was a much gentler kisser. Sensual. Romantic almost. My body was melting into him and as he felt my weight he moaned into my mouth. He broke the kiss so I could let the hit out. "That was hot" he said "We're gonna have some fun aren't we?" He pulled his boxer briefs off and I was looking at Mr. Miller's cock. It wasnt as thick as Mr. Kelly's but it looked longer. I looked toward the screen and another top was cumming inside the bottom while they made out. "Did you pick this vid too?" Justin asked me. I turned to him and he was naked too. His dick was about the same size as mine but a little thicker. Now we were all naked. "Yeah I did." "Is that what you want tonight? You want us to take turns fucking you like that? You want us to breed you?" That got me excited and scared at the same time. "I...I just don't know if I would be able to handle it all. Today was my first time really doing anything so I don't know." Mr. Miller put his arm around me again. "Don't worry. We'll be gentle. We won't make you do anything you don't want to do. We're here to have fun and make sure this feels good for you. Ok?" I nodded. "Good boy. You like getting high with your teachers? Feel good?" I nodded again. "Jake, we are about to get you higher than you even believed was possible. You are going to love it." He grabbed his long hard cock. I could see precum around the head already. "I can't wait to get my raw cock into you Jake. My favorite student. You want that?" I did but I didn't respond right away. This was all so new and Monday morning was getting closer and closer. I think he could sense my hesitation. "Don't worry. You can say yes. And after we get you really flying, you wont even remember no was a word in your vocabulary." He turned his attention away from me to Mr. Kelly. "Mike, I think we're ready. Let's do this." I had no idea what he was talking about.
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    We've been chatting on one of the apps for a few weeks. We talked online and promised we would connect. I wasn't sure if he was serious but when he sent me his pics my dick stiffened. I sent him my pics. I'm a dad guy. Bit older 6c hairy etc. I'm always horned up and love breeding and seeding. I especially love son type guys from college age on up. He said he was 40 but had a huge dad fetish and wanted to role play. I agreed. The set up was: he was dating my daughter and I was in the area and wanted to finally meet him. He asked me to call him and role play from the start. I arrived at his door and he answered. HOT. My cock was already getting hard. He said he was happy to meet "my girlfriends dad." I asked how long they had been dating. He said 2 years but hadn't made a move on her yet. I explained that she really liked him but was concerned about the lack of intimacy. He said "sir I'm a Virgin and not sure what to do." We continued the role play. "well a dad's job is to teach his son all about sex" I said. "let me show you how to kiss" He acted hesitant and I encouraged him. "its ok, this is why I am here. I just want to help you." we moved in together and softly kissed. I parted his lips with my tongue and he opened his mouth for more. Our lips and tongues were pressed together and we started kissing deeper and more forceful. We both were getting into the role play and getting more and more turned on. My cock was hard as hell and I wanted him. I rubbed his cock through is pants. He was hard too. Our kiss broke and he suggested we go to the bedroom for "more instruction." We moved to his room and on the bed. We continued to kiss and started hugging. Both of us moaning with the pleasure of the kissing and hugging. I rubbed his back and he put his arms around me. We were side by side and our cocks were rock hard. I suggested we "get naked so we can feel our bodies together." "just for teaching purposes." We both got naked and continued to kiss and now our bodies pressed together. Both of us moaning and feeling each other's rock hard dicks and bodies pressed together. We were really getting heated up. His tongue darting around mine. "Why don't you lean down and lick my cock, Son?" He responded with a groan. He moved over my cock and put it in his mouth. "deeper boy" "I'm showing you how to pleasure another." He went balls deep on me. I was in heaven. Both of us responding to the role play and getting very turned on. I put my hand on his head and pushed him down a bit. "suck it son" I said. I was stroking his back and neck. I was so turned on. So was he! I gently moved him off my cock and suggested something else. "there are other pleasure areas I can teach you about." I said. "Where?" he asked quietly? I stroked his chest and reached to his ass and his hole. "I've never done that before Sir." he said. "it would mean you would know what it feels like when you fuck my daughter." "Oh, that makes sense" he nodded in agreement. I had him lay on his stomach and I started to rim his hole. He bucked back and moaned loudly. "Sir that feels so good!" "I know, I'm teaching you all these new things." I spit on his hole and got my cock wet too. I played with his hole and rubbed my cock between his cheeks. The role play forgotten for a moment, I slid my cock inside his well used hole. It was wet and warm and felt so amazing. I can not get enough of it. I started sliding inside and out. Pushing my cock deeper and deeper. It was such an amazing hole. I loved it. He was gripping the bed, moaning and squirming with pleasure. I kept fucking and fucking him. Harder pounding. "Fuck me Sir please deeper" he moaned. Yes son, I'm gonna give you my cum. I'm gonna breed you so you feel what it is like. Do you want my cum inside you? "FUCK YES SIR" "Please load my hole. Fuck into me. Breed me. I need it, want it and love it!" I fucked my cock deep inside that amazing hole and unleashed my load. It felt like gallons as we both moaned and groaned in pleasure. I slowed my fucking down and my orgasm passed. My cock was still hard and neither one of use moved. I started to slide in and out again. Picking up my pace and fucking him again. I didn't want to stop and didn't want to pull out. He pushed back on my cock and we started fucking again. After a few minutes of fucking I shot another load deep inside his hole. We were sweaty and he was dripping. We moved apart and kissed deeply. "Thank you for my first lesson Dad." he said. "My pleasure Son." We began to dress and continued the role play. "I hope you ask my daughter to marry you. I'm willing to teach you all the fun things I know about sex." "I might even take my Son-in-Law camping so we can continue the lessons. "Yes Sir! I would like that Dad. Is it ok to call you Dad now?" " Of course, Son. Its our secret and I'm happy to teach you as much and as often as you want." We kissed again as I left. I sent him a text to thank him for a great lesson and compliment him on being a quick learner! He sent a text back that he can't wait for the next lesson. He loved the 2 loads I left in him and that it was the best role play sex he has had to date. We agreed we would try and meet for lesson #2 next week!! I hope so as this guy is Hot! BH
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    I've always listed my status in profiles on sex sites since I tested poz in 1985. (It was the first year testing was available, although I likely converted two years earlier.) A few of my past profile names were RawPozLust and ProudPozPig. Got a biohaz tatt on my chest so guys at the baths would know my status immediately. In other words, I embraced my HIV status (to the point of making it a fetish), took care of my health, and have enjoyed an immensely rich and hot sex life for many years. Yes, I'm fortunate. And I realize everyone's situation is different, so I don't judge guys who are reluctant to be up front about their status. But I remember thinking when I tested poz in my 20s that life is short, and i want to live it honestly on my own terms. I've done so with no apologies, shame or regrets.
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    Finally had some fun today. For the last week my housemate has gone on about being horny and his gf being miles away and not being able to see her. Been offering to help him out but no dice. today was in the bathroom when my phone went off with a text from my housemate asking if the offer was still on the table. I jumped for it and told him yeah and I would be in his room in a sec. quickly giving myself a clean cause with no chance of being fucked I haven’t done it lately. Once I was happy I was clean just in case I got out and knocked on his door. when I said it was me he told me to come in and the sight I saw sent my semi into a ragging hardon, he was naked on his bed, hairy chest, bit of a belly, 5 inches of cut semi hard meat and him on his phone watching porn. i didn’t care I just jumped into the bed and slid up his legs and took his cock into my mouth, he never looked at me he just kept watching porn. When I pulled off to lick his balls I looked at his 7 inches of meat and needed it so bad. So I went for it I got up turned my back to him and lined his cock with my hole, he didn’t say anything so I lowered and bounced on his cock for all my worth, I could feel him tense and unload into me. i got off and used my boxers to clean his cock, before leaving, he was still watching the porn eyes closed. Got to my room put in my butt plug and jerked off knowing his load was in my ass. Was soo horny had to write this right now. so I have his load still in me as I type this and hoping he might want more, will keep you posted if he does.
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    Chapter 1 Looking at the church door, I froze. It felt odd being there. You see, I hadn't been to church in years. Growing up I went every Sunday because as a kid I thought it was what I was supposed to do. Plus it made my parents happy. By the time college came around I only went to church on special occasions. Before long not even then. So why was 30 year old me here? Although I'm not very religious, I never stopped considering myself a Christian; I just got to a point where attending church services didn't have much meaning for me. I had found myself wondering if now that I was older, going might give me something I had been too immature to previously appreciate. With that in mind I picked a Sunday to test out the nearby church and committed to go. Opening the door and seeing the regulars congregate in the lobby, I instantly regretted not delaying my visit like I had been toying with. You see, my ass was full of cum . It wasn't on purpose though! Having made the plan to come to church, I had pledged to be a good boy and spend Saturday night abstinent instead of taking loads from strangers like I usually do. But a regular hit me up and teased me with pics of his dick, and I soon found myself at his place, ass up, face down, and getting loaded. I figured since I took one load it wouldn't hurt to take another, which ultimately led to a night at the baths. Walking in and looking around, I felt so out of place. Almost everyone there, with the exception of a few couples, was over 60. Every step I took made me aware of how well-fucked and tender my ass was, which made the level of guilt I felt nauseating. Maybe the regulars could tell I was nervous, because before long people kept walking up to me. Most just gave me general welcomes to the church. A few were especially chatty, like this one woman who wouldn't stop babbling about how the church was looking for ushers. Finally, just when I couldn't take another "God be with you," the sanctuary doors opened. I started following the crowd into the sanctuary when I noticed a set of stairs to the left. A sign above said "balcony." Score! Hardly anyone was going up, so I figured I might be able to avoid being around too many people. And I was right! When I walked onto the balcony, there were only five people there. To my surprise, there was a guy about my age sitting up there. Best of all, he was smoking hot. As I passed by the guy we momentarily made eye contact. Perhaps it was wishful thinking, but I swore he licked his lips as he gave me the once over. I felt my cheeks turn red as I almost came right there on the spot. Mortified, I scurried to the back and away from the others. Settling in my seat I took another look at the guy, and even the back of his head was sexy. Needing to calm down I took a deep breath and exhaled. This wasn't the time or the place. I felt so fucked up being horny in church. That was wrong, right? Soon the service started, and thoughts about the hot guy stopped. Instead, my mind was consumed by one thing: boredom. This was absolute torture! First a hymn. Then a prayer. Then another hymn. And on and on it went. Half way through, I couldn't help it. I had to check out grindr. I knew it was fucked up to do in church, but I needed a distraction. Without one I'd fall asleep and fill the sanctuary with snoring! Opening the app, I was shocked to see who was only a few feet away from me. In a shirtless pic with his face fully shown was the hot guy sitting in front of me. Oh. My. God. I looked through his pictures and practically died. Not only was he jacked, he was also tatted up! One in particular caught my attention: the biohazard sign on his right pec looked so hot on his caramel skin. I was practically drooling as I stared at his picture. Not only was this hot Christian guy gay, but he was poz too! Mindlessly I started rubbing my crotch and biting my lip. Thank god I was not only in the pew farthest to the back but alone too. I was debating whether or not to message him when my inbox pinged. I opened my inbox and couldn't believe it. Hot guy messaged me! "Hey cutie. Looks like you're not paying attention to the service either." I looked over and he was looking back at him. With a wink he held up his phone, showing me my own profile pic. Chuckling I replied back. "Nah. I don't know what I was thinking coming. This is so boring!" "I know! Can't deal with this shit anymore. Got a way to make it more entertaining though. Want my cock? Know a place we can escape to." I gasped when I got his dick pic. He was huge! Without hesitation I replied back. "Yes! I need your big cock up my ass!" "Lol thought so. Wanna know my status?" I paused not knowing what to say. Despite today's church excursion, I was without a doubt a whore. I loved taking loads from strangers, but I knew it was a risky lifestyle. I tried to be good about knowing other guys statuses, and when it came to online hook-ups I was. Bathhouses were a different story. The first couple of times I went I'd ask about status here and there, but eventually it seemed pointless. I knew guys could lie, especially in the heat of the moment. And besides, when you're face down, ass up, you're not exactly in the position for asking questions. Still, normally in positions like this I make an effort to know. Eventually, I came to a decision. "Nah. Don't care. Just want your load." The biggest smile filled my face when I hit send. For the first time when given the opportunity, I chose not to ask about status. I actually said I don’t care! "Good cumdump," the guy texted. "I'm gonna get up and go down the stairs. Wait a bit and then follow." "Yes Sir." With that set I sat back and waited. I couldn't keep my eyes off him as the hot guy got up and made his way towards the door. He was so tall! After he went through I waited about 30 seconds before following. I met up with him on the stair landing. With a wicked smile he winked and started making his way down the stairs. My hunger for his cock only grew as I followed him. I had no idea where we were going, nor did I care. At the bottom of the stairwell the guy stopped suddenly, causing me to slam into him. "Opps!” I said. “Sorry dude!" "Hey no worries buddy," he said smiling. "I like it rough anyway." He smiled and I instantly froze; I couldn't believe this was happening! I had come to church today with the intention of reconnecting with my Christian roots, and somehow it had led to hooking up with a hot guy. Never in my life had I felt like such a perverted whore. I liked it! Things got even better when he grabbed my head and forced me into a passionate kiss. My knees buckled as his arms enveloped me. Our hands roamed over each other, and I got lost in the growing hunger for his breath and lips. If this guy hadn't pulled away I never would've stopped. "I'm Marco by the way," he said, grabbing my arm. "Follow me." Marco opened the stairwell door and pulled me through with him into a hallway. Besides being well lit, the hallway seemed a bit neglected. Folding tables and chairs lined the hallway, as did boxes filled with random items. "They used to have Sunday School down here," Marco said as he pulled me down the hall. "At least until there were no more kids to teach. Now it's just old people who - Ah! There it is." We stopped at a door with a window built in. Looking through, it seemed we had stopped at a classroom, which I thought was odd. My hot stranger didn’t though. He reached into his pocket, pulled out a key, and looked back at the door. "Yep, B-4." Using the key Marco unlocked the door, opened it, and pulled us in. Once inside Marco let go of me and locked the door. I watched as he went from cupboard to cupboard, until ultimately stopping at one and pulling out a large blanket. Blanket in hand, Marco walked to the center of the room, pinching my ass as he walked by me. "Get naked slut," Marco said. Watching Marco lay out the blanket, I was suddenly very aware that not only was this a classroom, it was a classroom for kids. Posters with Bible verses lined the walls, as did drawings clearly done by kids. While some of the tables and chair sets were normal sized, some were also small. Toys filled boxes along the walls and were littered around the room. The more I looked around the more shame and guilt filled me. What the fuck was I doing? Did this guy really expect to fuck around in here? "Well, what are you waiting for?" Looking back at Marco, I saw that he was now naked. Seeing Marco naked took my breath away. It was way better than the pictures. As he slowly walked towards me, bottle of poppers in hand, all I could do was stare at his biohazard tattoo. When Marco got in front of me he opened the bottle of poppers, and took two long hits in each nostril. I realized that yes, he did expect us to fuck around in here.
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    My name is Scott. I was an inexperienced vanilla guy. i met some friends and this guy next to me turned me on. We made eye contact and before i knew it I left with him to his apartment a block away. Hot wearing a tank top and sexy he had me in his glare. When we arrived he had a hugh TV and turned on a bareback porn. Then he gave me a drink that tasted funny. It made me wobbly and we kissed for a few minutes before he took a glass pipe and said have i done this before. Within minutes he talked me into trying it not hard and i took hugh clouds he told me what to do. Then we started making out - he made my nipples hard squeezed them and before i knew it my ass was on a fuck bench. Never taking cock raw I dont know what got into me but wanted it to feel his cock deep inside me. Before i knew it he was fucking me and i wanted it hard. i was in love with his cock and he took his dick out and i loved sucking my ass juices before he put it back in my hole now i wanted it harder and then rode his dick him calling me a natural pig and i loved hearing that,. more to come if you like this
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    Some true and some fantasy you decide. My first post so hope you’re all kind. Part 1 I grew up in a VERY Christian family where marriage and kids was the only way to go. For years I lived the “straight” lifestyle but the only fun I had was with my trusty right hand and porn mags as the internet was not around then. Every programme on tv that was gay orientated I’d tape and watch time and time again. When I was nearly 30 I decided enough was enough and came out to my parents. They were actually fine about it and allowed me to be who I wanted to be. The first night I went to a club was in St Helens. It was great all these guys and gals there kissing and dancing. A few guys came over and said hello but then backed off. I didn’t know why what was I doing wrong? Then the barman told me it was because someone had told them I was with the police. Ok I was but did that matter? Yep all down to trust. Weeks went by before they started to open up. There was a really cute twink couple that kept chatting me up but I was really looking for someone older. Along came Steve he was about 30 too. A nicely build Blond haired blue eyed trolly dolly with British Airways. Woof was he nice and he pressed all my buttons. He flattered me so much I was putty in his hands and afterwards we went back to his place. We wasted no time and soon we were both naked and making out. He wanted to fuck me and I wanted him too. Condoms were not mentioned. The lube came out and after fingering me for a while, that drove me crazy as it was the culmination of my fantasies for years, he got me to rub it all over his cock. He was about 7 inches and not thick so when he slid it in it went in fairly easily. Was I happy oh yes. He started slowly and after about 10 mins started getting faster and harder. He hurt a bit being a bit rougher but I knew it must get better and it did. After about 30 mins he started grunting and moaning and then pulled out. “Thanks that was great he said and then I better go as he was up early on the New York flight!” What an anticlimax that was. I drove home with a bit of a smile as I had finally taken a cock and it was raw. After that he kept making excuses and I decided good riddance to him. I found out he did this to everyone and he had so many notches on his belt you couldn’t count them. After that I made some good friends and off to Manchester we all went. The New Union on Canal Street did a stripper every Sunday and I was in for a treat I was told. In we went a few drinks later this big black stripper came out and started his routine. He must have been about 25 and 180lbs at least of pure muscle. When he finally pulled his thong off I burst out laughing. It was SO SMALL! I nearly got kicked out.
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    As the months past the new hook ups increased then one day this guy came on. They were a couple and didn’t live that far away and their profile said safe only. They looked ok both in mid 40s and heavy set. I hadn’t done a threesome so decided to give them a go. We agreed to meet at their house. I went to the gym first and then showered and made sure all cleaned out. When I got there they were better than the pictures on their profile. The top just had cock size as large. We had a drink and chat first to break the ice and I started feeling a bit light headed and before I knew it we were heading upstairs to the bedroom. I was feeling very lightheaded and I’d only had a glass of white wine! We striped off and holy fuck he wasn’t just large he was XXXL! He was a good 12 inches long and my wrist couldn’t go round it either. I’d dreamt of a big cock but this was BIG. He assured me that with plenty of play first I’d be ok and yes for a good hour the three of us just played. I felt a bit sorry for the bottom as he seemed left out a bit but kept bringing him back into play. I was given some more wine and was soon very relaxed and light headed. He offered me poppers and I happy obliged. They too seemed stronger than I was used to. The dildos were getting bigger and I was just going with the flow. Eventually he said I was ready and let’s fuck. I just went along for the ride so to speak. I was so light headed I didn’t even say no when he proceeded to fuck me raw. Not that I’d have objected anyway. Oh my god it hurt! He wasn’t slow and shoved it in to the hilt in one big push. I tried to move forwards but was holding me still. For the next 40 odd minutes we changed positions and angles and oh god it was heaven. He was actually hitting spots I had never felt before. Eventually he started groaning and his breathing changed and I started to feel him coming in me with his warm cum. That too was something I’d never felt before. Once he pulled out his partner took his place and fucked me too. He didn’t last long and soon added his load in me. When he’d come he said that they hoped I liked their gifts! Gifts! They told me that they’d spiked my drink to relax me and they liked to put a poz load in a new face that they hadn’t seen before. I panicked at that and went to a clinic to get tested. I was negative.
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    Never be ashamed of having a loose hole or cunt. There are tops like me that love fucking loose hole
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    Part 2 It became a frequent Sunday trip to the gay village and whilst I was a bit picky about who I wanted to go with to start with my desire for cock was getting more and more. I set a profile up on Gaydar and met guys off there that ticked all my boxes. I was more bottom so was looking for tops and chatting to a fair few. Then I met Stephen, he was a hotel manager. About 6 foot and 180lbs. He was older than me at 45 and looked after himself. We dated for a bit as he wasn’t after A one nighter and then the night came. He met me in the lobby of the hotel he managed and we went up to his suite. We started making out and we both undressed and I just had to suck his cock it was what I’d call party size. He wanted to suck me too and he was amazing he took me all in, how the hell he did I didn’t know but learnt! After a while he turned me over onto my front and he went to town on my hole. Oh my god I was in heaven His tongue started exploring and I just didn’t want him to stop. Then he came up and started nibbling my ear and whispering. I felt his cock at my hole and he pushed in. It hurt as he was bigger than I’d ever taken before but I relaxed and he bottomed out in me. Slowly he started to piston in and out and building up speed and after what seemed like hours he grunted and his breathing changed and he came in me. I can’t say I felt anything but he pulled out and he was all cummy. Then it was my turn and he wanted me to fuck him. He said he was quite relaxed so I’d easily penetrate him and he was right. I pushed in with no resistance and started fucking him as deep as I could go. Woof this was good. I didn’t last long and came about 7 or 8 times. We stayed friends and met up for see for ages after that until the hotel chain he worked for sent him to Dubai.
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    Well so far lockdown has sucked royally. I live alone and count as an “essential worker.” All work and no play makes everything dull. To be frank I’ve been climbing the walls and wanking everyday to every type of porn I can find. After a few weeks however it’s just not enough. I couldn’t take it. I needed to be pushed down and loaded up. No amount of dildo play ever feels the same as someone else at the helm. So I broke. I admit it. I just needed to feel someone else pressing into me a calling me dirty names. Even as I drove to my favourite cruising spot I honestly didn’t think there would be anyone there. I was so wrong, it seems I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t stand it any more. Pulling up and parking in a dark part of the car park I didn’t have to wait long until a shadow passed the rear of my car and then at my driver’s window a silhouette. I slowly started gripping and rubbing my cock through the loose trousers I had slipped on before leaving and likewise the guy stood next to my car slowly started to squeeze his bulge. Our mutual interest was obvious and as I reached for my door handle and opened up my car he slipped his cock out into the half light we were in. A good eight inched long, not too thick but with a solid mushroom head on it. I was lost as soon as I saw it. After this period of forced abstinence that cock looked fucking perfect to me. I slipped out of my car and as I pushed my trousers down I dropped to my knees on the tarmac. I leaned in and started licking that fat cockhead before slipping my lips around him and swallowing his length. His moans and hands on my head showed me that although I haven’t had anything lately I was clearly not out of practice. Before too long he was fucking my face and I was happily slobbering all over that beautiful shaft with my own hands stroking on my solid cock in a total delirium of dick lust. He pulled out from between my lips and pushed my back onto my car seat. Half laying in the car my, now naked, lower half out in the night air. He leaned in and sucked my cock for a bit making me moan in obvious pleasure and I spread my legs wide so he could easily get closer too me. In a brief moment of clarity I saw a couple of cars pass by and their lights shone on us both leaving zero doubt what we were doing. His fingers found my hole as he sucked me however and that thought disappeared as I moaned out “Oh fuck!” He knew he had hit upon my real need with that and wasted no time arranging himself so his cock was pointed right at me. That fat head slowly edging into my hole as I pressed down to open up for him. Fuck I am glad I have spent so much time with my dildos lately because otherwise that dick would have hurt like hell on the in stroke. As I was I just gripped whatever I could as he started pumping into me. Me half naked hanging out my car and him stood between my legs with his jeans around his knees cock buried up my arsehole. Both of us moaning and grunting as the fucking picked up pace. We were obviously both horny as fuck and in desperate need. It was never going to last long but I know I yelled out a couple of times as he rammed my hole and that spurred him to pound me harder. My cock was leaking the whole time and I was on edge as he grunted and pushed all the way into me. His breathing heavy and his movements slowed as his spunk was delivered deep inside me. As he pulled out of me and started to right his clothes I practically slid from my car seat, once again on my knees on the tarmac. I gripped my cock and with two or three hard strokes my own cum was jetting from me and I didn’t care who saw me now. He looked down at me. Naked, spunk dripping from me and panting in my post orgasm bliss. He smiled and said, “Thanks.” I think that was the only time he even spoke to me. As he returned to his car I collected myself and climbed back into the driving seat. Content for a little while at least. I’m not going to lie. I know it won’t be long before the temptation is too much to resist again.
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    Yesterday marked 10 weeks in isolation for me. I haven't even been inside a store. I'm even getting my groceries delivered. So of course it's also been a 10-week dry spell. One of my regular top buds is in the same boat. We're both mildly at risk for the virus, so we've both been super careful. We've been messaging back and forth for weeks about how horny we are, and then it hit me - we can be exclusive until this is all over, and I can go back to hosting gang bangs again! Today was the first time we've been able to match up our schedules. Neither of us can host, and motels are still a bit too risky, so we went to an apartment building I used to live in. It's between him and me and it's easy walking distance. I went over and met him in the lobby, and we took the elevator to the top floor, both of us wearing masks for protection - the only protection I wanted or needed, aside from lots of hand sanitizer! We walked to the end of the hallway and entered a stairwell. It's 7 flights down, so the only time anyone ever goes in there is when the fire alarm goes off. As soon as the door closed, I dropped my shorts and he took out his big hard cock. A little lube on his shaft and a little lube on my hole, and he was inside me pumping away. I didn't realize just how much I missed being a cum dump bottom until that moment! In less than two minutes (we were both CRAZY horny!), his pace quickened and he whispered, "I'm cumming." I squeezed my sphincter extra tight to hold all that delicious cum inside me. We quickly tidied ourselves up and walked back to the elevator, each of us going our separate ways. I'm sitting here writing this now with his load still in my hole. Can't wait till I can go back to taking multiple loads at a time, but for now, this arrangement will definitely work!
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    I too have been poz for 19 years. I am transparent with everything in my life so I have never tried to hide it. I have had situations where I would rather it not be brought up. As for dating. I’m the early years I would only play with other poz guys. I only bareback and it seemed the best option. In the last 6 years I have started getting bred by neg men. As a total bottom I feel the risk is low. I have never dated a man that was neg long term. I still prefer poz guys. It’s just my preference. I also was not happy about becoming poz. At the time I converted we didn’t have the treatment we do today. I have over time become proud and learned to embrace my status because it’s part of who I am.
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    PART 7: ASHTON GIVES IN Ashton lay there silently on his back -- drunk from a night out on the town -- as I slid his tight boxer briefs down his tanned thighs and pulled them off his feet. Sure enough, the kid had gotten a hard-on, probably still thinking about the random girl he saw hours earlier. Facing no resistance, I leaned down and began licking his young dick from the tip to his balls and back again, finally engulfing the entire 7 inches in my mouth. Ashton moaned and lifted one hand over his face but said nothing. Within a few seconds, Ashton was bucking his hips against my mouth. Clearly he wanted this, but I wanted more. I lifted myself off the bed and slid Ashton closer to the foot of the bed. I motioned Jimmy to take my place on the kid's dick, which he did immediately and began expertly sucking Ashton’s 21-year-old rod. I lifted Ashton’s toned legs over my shoulders and licked my finger – the same one with the pointed nail that just a few weeks ago had ripped up Cody’s hole and prepared him for my deadly virus. Ashton made no sound at all when I slid my wet finger into his hole and went deep. Jimmy continued sucking him, being careful to not bring him to completion just yet. “Oh duuuude, that’s intense. Shit,” Ashton slurred, still showing no objection but not entirely understanding what was happening to him. “Pfffff. What kind of toy is that?” “It’s the best kind, Ashton,” I said quietly. “Just enjoy it. I want you to feel good. You’re the star here, so this is all about making you feel good.” “Mmmmm,” he responded, still with his hand covering his eyes – maybe to block out the light, or maybe so he could imagine two hot, busty co-eds enjoying his body rather than two average-looking gay men using him. After a minute, I pulled my finger out and, even in the dim light, could see Ashton’s negative blood caked under the long, jagged fingernail I’d prepared for this night. Without a pause, I lubed my cock and pulled his body closer until my bare mushroom head rubbed against his vulnerable, exposed hole. Jimmy never pulled his mouth off Ashton’s cock, but I could see his eyes widen as he twisted his head to watch me lean further into Ashton, popping my raw cock slowly into his damaged neg chute. That got Ashton’s attention, even in his drunken state. “Ahhh. That toy’s too thick dude, I don’t think I can,” he said, never looking down to see that it was, in fact, a dripping poz cock that was entering his gorgeous 21-year-old body. “Shhh, give it a sec, you’re gonna love it, son,” I said. I nodded to Jimmy to pick up the pace, because Ashton wasn’t going to give us much time. As Jimmy began sucking faster to bring Ashton to climax, the boy moaned – maybe in response to the expert blowjob he was getting, or maybe because I was gradually building up speed myself as I felt my load began to make its move. Within 30 seconds of entering his gorgeous, tight ass, Ashton began bucking his hips into Jimmy’s mouth, shooting his own young seed into my friend. At the same time, my cock began to jerk inside the boy as a 6-day load of dirty, toxic HVL seed unloaded into his healthy young jock body. “Ahhhhh, damn,” Ashton mumbled, barely coherent. Within seconds, he started to snore quietly, still with my cock in him. I considered leaving my cock in him to go for another round, but I decided it was late, and I was exhausted. With Jimmy sitting back in the chair again and providing an audience, he watched as I pumped my stiff dick in the kid a few more times to (and this is the part he didn’t know) try and drive my virus deeper into his wounded ass, then slid out. “Oh damn, you didn’t even use a condom?” Jimmy whispered to me as he saw my bare, cum-covered cock slide out of his young stud friend. “How do you know Ashton doesn’t have gono? I’m pretty sure he cheats on his girlfriend.” “Oh well, that’s the chance we take” I replied. We both chuckled a little as we pulled Ashton up the bed and got him settled in under the covers. Jimmy got a shower and took his place on the other side of the huge bed with Ashton. I could swear I heard Jimmy grunting later. My hunch was that he also got his cock inside Ashton and pounded my dirty load in a little deeper, but I never knew for sure. I went to my room and slept like a baby.
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    Game Time: Prelude Jake, Sean, and Owen were bored. The three friends were all in their early 30’s, and the usual hook-up apps and casual sex were no longer doing it for them. They were frustrated, and even with all the hot Chicago men at their disposal, they all were craving something new. Something more adventurous. Something that makes a good story. The three friends couldn’t be more different from each other, both in physical description and sexual conquest. Up to this point, Owen was a serial monogamist. Throughout his adult life, he was always the friend in the long-term relationship, who had a partner, who had the tame vanilla stories to share. He was a medium height ginger, formerly a twink that has evolved into a lanky yet sexy nerd. Equipped with a medium girth, veiny 7.5” cock, Owen has been exclusively a top for the last decade. And Owen is on the rebound. After spending the bulk of the last decade in closed relationships and having his heart shattered by discovering his last boyfriend in bed with a passing-through pilot, he is itching to finally have a bit of a slut phase. At the other end of the spectrum, Jake has never had a long-term relationship, and has no desire to change this. When he’s not working out at the gym, Jake likes to offer up his hole as a cum dump to anyone that might need a tight hole to unload. Anonymous dark rooms, adult bookstores, glory holes, bathhouses – these are all perfect playgrounds for Jake. With a bottle of poppers and a shot of lube always in his pocket, Jake is prepared at a moment’s notice and perpetually cum-hungry. Jake always has a story or ten for Sean and Owen that blows their minds and hardens their cocks. Fairly muscular, Jake is the type of guy that gets mistaken at first for having “top energy,” but he has no interest in topping whatsoever. A perfectly trimmed beard and impeccably coiffed hair top off his cut physique. That being said, even with taking multiple loads most days, Jake is still looking for a bigger thrill. Then there is Sean. Sean is a 5’11” cub with scruffy and dark hair who is highly involved in the kink community. With a love for leather, Sean is a bottom verse when fucking, but loves to fist a nice hole. Sean has a prolific Instagram filled with thotty pics of him in jock straps, harnesses, pup hoods, and body suits (and surprisingly has only been reported twice!). That said, for all the gear and toys Sean has collected over the years, he has gotten into a rut with his scenes. Being a very picky person that meticulously plans, it takes a lot to get an invite into Sean’s playroom. This pickiness, however, has led Sean to be somewhat frustrated with his sex life. Despite all his followers online and his likes, he is jealous of Jake’s ability to just let go and enjoy sex wherever, whenever. Based on their personalities, it is obvious why Sean and Jake were surprised one day when Owen made an interesting proposal over brunch at their favorite diner. “I think we should play a game, kinda like a truth or dare, but only dares.” Owen blurted out to the other two. See, Owen was itching to let it all go and slut out, but his guilt complex needed someone else to pull the trigger for him. He dreamed of having a dominant man tell him what to do and how to be a cumpig, but he didn’t want to trust just anyone. So, who better than his best friends Sean and Jake to control the fate of his slutty coming of age? “Oh? Like what? Daring you to dye your hair blue? Or actually show up late one time somewhere?” Jake asked, poking fun at Owen’s obsession for perfection. “No, like, sexual dares. Like we set up scenes for each other, send time and location, maybe minimal instructions, and then we must carry out the dares from each other.” Sean was so shocked at the suggestion he choked on his coffee. Jake, however, could see exactly what was happening. His dear tightly wound friend needed a release and was ready to let it all explode. A huge smirk spread across his face. His mind was already reeling at what trouble he could prescribe for his dear friends. He had plenty of favors to call in to give Owen exactly what he was craving. “Wait, why?” Sean inquired. “Well, it’s rare that all three of us are available at the same time, and what better way to celebrate the three of us being single than helping each other explore our kinks and expand our horizons. Plus, think of the stories we will have during brunch.” “I’m in.” Jake interjected. He’s already hard under the table thinking about this. He never would have predicted Owen would make this suggestion, but he is happy he did. “So, that is two of us. Sean, it’ll be fun… and you always say I need to be more adventurous and spontaneous.” Owen added. “Fine, let’s see where this goes.” Sean gave in. “Perfect, the first set of dares have to be executed in the next two weeks. We know each other’s schedules pretty well, so that will help. Let’s start clockwise. Jake, you make a dare for me. I will make a dare for Sean, and Sean dares Jake. At any time, we will text each other at minimum a place and time. Little more instruction if need, but not too much. And any extras we might need to bring. And if this works out, we go counterclockwise and dare some more. Sound good?” Owen said. “You had this all planned out before even getting here today, didn’t you?” Sean responded. “Of course, you know me.” Owen answered. “Well boys, let’s have some fun with each other. No limits here, this is going to be good.” Jake added. And with that, the game began. The boys continue their normal brunch conversation, but each of them starts planning what mischief they can get their friends into over the next few weeks. To be continued…
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    I had a 30 year old white trailer park guy who is naturally hairless, nice dick and ass,fucks okay however cums a lot and often. He gave me 2 loads and passed out,so while he was upstairs swirled out I went downstairs and got a BBC to cum by. I was Ass Up Face Down hooded lubed up (2 loads) he came in the door and there I was. He wasted no time and gave me #3. I was so full of cum it was leaking out. I squeezed my ass and got upstairs and put in my ft troft rotating vibrating butt plug in my ass and it is a tight fit. I hate to waste cum.
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    Daddy’s Cuntboy Part 19 – A continuation “Fuck yeah, CUNT”!” boy cried out. “Mother fucker! Yes!” My hungry cunt mouth enveloped the thick wet, swollen cockhead and it slid in. Closing my lips, I began to suck, to worship the cock on what I realized was to be another member of Daddy’s stable. “Take my cock, fucking cunt freak!” he continued. Reaching down and taking hold of my hard tits, he worked them... pinching and pulling them. “Fucking tits!” Feeling the pain intensify, I began moaning... the vibrations increasing the sensations on boy’s cock. “You fucking like my creation boy?” Daddy chuckled, offering boy another hit. Blowing the thick white chem cloud down on me, “FUUUCCCCK YYEEEAAAHHH!” boy exhaled and took another hit. Daddy took boy’s right tit in his hand and smiled. “Yes!” puppy growled, acknowledging what I thought... boy would be joining us! I continued sucking boy... wondering what Daddy had in mind for boy as puppy crawled to Daddy’s cock and took it into his hungry mouth. I heard the sound of the torch being lit. Daddy laughed as he nudged boy and held the pipe, motioning him to take another hit off the repacked pipe. My cunt lips pulsed... knowing I’d be whored out to keep boy spun. “MMMMM” boy inhaled and held his breath for a bit and then released it. Feeling the cloud surround my face, I instinctively tried take it in, but boy wouldn’t have it. His hands reached out, holding the back of my head tightly, and pulled me until his thick cut shaft was deep down my throat. “Fucking keep that cunt mouth on my cock, cunt!” he yelled, pushing my face deeper into his smooth crotch. I obeyed and continued to service boy’s shaft. My hands moved to his low hanging ball sac and felt the egg-sized balls held within it and increased the pressure on his cock. Grabbing his sac with my fist, I pulled down on it, wanting to see if he matched my pre-transformation sac. “Cunt!” he repeatedly growled, feeling the pressure on his sac stretch as I continued pulling on it. “Fucking twisted cunt!” Daddy laughed with an evil grin, “you like that boy?” Moaning loudly, boy responded. “Fuck yeah, Daddy! Stretch my sac, cunt! Fucking pull it!” I went crazy... I had found someone whose ball sac could stretch further than mine ever did! I continued working his sac as my mouth serviced his cock. Suddenly, I felt a hand slap my fist away. “Fucking tweaked cunt! You’re fucking gonna rip that sac off boy. Plenty of time for that later!” and I released it. After exploring boy’s sac and imagining loads to come, my hands reached out and settled on his smooth, muscled thighs. My fingers moved slowly over boy’s pale flawless skin, examining the way his skin surrounded his powerful thighs... this was a boy in a man’s body. I continued to service his cock as a torrent of pre-cum continued to escape from boy’s massive piss slit, fueling my hunger even more. “Fuck yeah!” Take it cunt!” boy urged me on... I felt his cock begin to stiffen even more inside my mouth as I kept up the pace and intensity of my cock sucking. “FUCK YEAH! FUCKING CUNT MOUTH!” boy let out, releasing a torrent of cum from his piss slit into the back of my mouth and filling my throat. I began to swallow, feeling boy’s first load being deposited inside me. Wanting to take every drop of cum, I closed my lips around his cock as he pulled out. “Fucking chemwhore,” boy growled. I licked the last drops from his piss slit and he pushed me off... He was taking control... my engorged cunt lips throbbed. I was the fucking omega chemwhore cunt. We separated, the last drops of cum dribbling from my panting open mouth. My body craved the chems. I looked up at Daddy. “Please.” Daddy smiled, handing boy the pipe and torch. “He’s yours now. The alpha is puppy, you are beta.” Growling, boy nodded and lit the torch. Taking a long hit, he motioned me to approach and he passed them back to Daddy. I quickly crawled back between boy’s legs and moved my mouth to his. Smiling, he grasped my head and pulled me to him and released a thick cloud. I quickly took it in. Exhaling the thick cloud, I sighed, and thanked him. Holding my nametag, he stressed my new name and offered me a hit off the pipe. “You’re welcome... CUNT.” “My boy, you’re going to a perfect addition,” Daddy grunted, releasing a load of cum into puppy’s mouth. “Now puppy, I think cunt needs a slam,” he said, seeing the deep hunger emanating from my dilated eyes. “Yessss, please Daddy,” the rush from the clouds running through my body. Immediately, puppy released Daddy’s softening cock and prepared a rig for me. “This cunt is a true chemwhore, boy,” puppy laughed, holding the syringe up to show boy the large amount contained within it. “This is all paid for by cunt’s services. We have a deal with Mike and Eric, don’t we, cunt?” Nodding, I began to moan, wishing he would hurry. I needed that slam. “Watch boy,” Daddy commanded, “and see cunt’s reactions. We’ve talked about slamming.” Boy let out a guttural moan... moving closer to watch the process for the first time... My beta was being trained to slam. “Fucking chemwhore,” puppy growled, holding the syringe and walking towards me, the rubber strap wrapped around his wrist. “Let’s do it!” I fell back on my haunches and presented my arm to my alpha, “Fucking do it, puppy! Slam your cunt!” I begged. “Hold it!” puppy ordered. Taking the chem-filled syringe between my teeth, puppy wrapped the strap around my bicep. “Fucking cunt,” puppy snarled, pulling the syringe out of my mouth, leaving me holding the orange tip. He plunged the needle into my vein and drew the register. “Fuck yeah!” boy cried out as puppy plunged the crimson filled meth into my vein. “Fuck yes!” I cried... The needle slid out and puppy unstrapped my bicep, running his tongue over the injection site. Seeing this, boy went crazy. “Fuck yes! Daddy!” Boy had just sealed his fate... he would be Daddy’s. The chems began to flow through my body. “Shit! Yes!” I moaned, feeling my cunt take over my body. I was cunt... I crawled to the mirror. My body was on fire... my hands moved across my body. It was like I was feeling and seeing my new body for the first time... Daddy nodded in silence, he had what he wanted... a cunt to whore out for his supply. My body had permanently been modified into Daddy’s ideal cunt. I had been kept shaven from the first night that I met Daddy, my buzzed head and eyebrows being the only hair permitted now. The red marks crisscrossing my torso reflected the ecstatic pleasure I had learned to derive from the pain inflicted on me. Hard, now ever-erect tits emerged from the muscular pecs I had worked on daily. I grabbed my tits and pulled... feeling the hard, thick flesh they had become by the hours of pumping. Releasing them, they retracted slightly and resumed their position. They pointed down towards my bloated ball sac that hung below my crystal dick like a ripe melon ready to burst from the bag it was carried home in. My cunt lips, ah my cunt lips, were the envy of my alpha... erupting and surrounding my cunt, begging to be invaded by cock or fist. I was a vessel for the pleasure of men. Despite the first reaction from boy at seeing me like this, I was happy. Daddy, somehow, had been able to manifest all my desires and deepest fantasies and put them out for all to see. The slam rush continued flowing through me and I looked to boy. Boy’s reflection in the mirror satisfied my doubts... my beta was turned on by what Daddy had created. I glanced as his stiffening cock and growled, happy that his youth allowed such quick refractory periods. Slowly, I bent over, spread my now chemmed-up cunt lips with both hands and showed him my wet dripping cunt. "Please fuck my cunt, boy," I said, looking directly into his green eyes reflected in the mirror. I wanted his load inside my cunt, marking me as his property. Moaning, boy looked up at Daddy. “Go on, boy” Daddy smiled, “take him.” “Cunt,” boy sighed and began to crawl to me. “NO!” Daddy roared. “You are his beta, you must take your position in the stable. Get up! Show this cunt you are beta!” He rose... “Good boy,” I continued watching boy in the mirror as he walked to me... a bit unsteady from the chems... his cock ready to fuck. Reaching me, he leaned in to study my wrecked cunt. “You like that boy,” Daddy asked, motioning puppy to his side. “Fucking cunt,” boy responded in a chem-filled daze and began to explore my bloated cunt lips. “Fucking freak,” he said under his breath, his fingers moving around my erupted cunt lips... I moaned, willing my cunt to release and produce a rosebud. “Concentrate, cunt.” I heard puppy encourage me. “Release that cunt.” I continued concentrating, the large slam now taking its full effect. I steadied myself and pushed. Taking a deep breath, I felt my cunt lips expand and my cunt escaped. “Fuck yeah!” I sighed, feeling my cunt lips surround my now exposed rosebud, holding it in place. “You did it!” puppy yelled. “Fucking rosebud on demand!” I looked at puppy and smiled. I had done it. I mouthed, “Thank you” at my alpha and he nodded, taking Daddy’s cock back in his mouth. Suddenly, I felt boy’s hands surround my rosebud and hold it. “Shit!” he groaned, his fingers exploring the moist wet folds of my deep crimson cunt. Pushing back, I encouraged him. “Fucking cunt.” I moaned. I pulled my rosebud back inside my body. “Yeah...” boy sighed, moving closer to me as my plump meaty cunt lips attempted to pull his fingers into my body. He leaned into me... his thick wet lips grazed my ass cheeks, his hand moved down to my mesh covered ball sac and held it tight. “Go on, feel it.” Daddy urged, wanting to see boy’s reaction. Sliding his hands under the tight sweat soaked yellow mesh, he felt the tightness of my skin surrounding the immenseness of its size. “Yeah fucker,” Daddy growled, “his ball sac hung lower than yours before I had that done. That is, when your sac isn’t stretched.” he laughed. Boy squeezed the bloated sac tighter and moved up to my cock, and stopped. He began to manipulated it... “MMMM,” I moaned. “Fucking crystal dick now. I’m your fucking omega... I service with my cunt and cunt mouth.” Daddy added, “You will service not only your Daddy’s cock but your alpha’s uncut cock.” Releasing my cock with dismissive flick of the wrist, boy moaned and moved to concentrate on my cunt. Feeling his tongue lapping at cunt lips, I let out a cry. His tongue continued probing me until I felt him drilling into my cunt. As boy’s tongue continued deeper into my cunt, I could hear puppy’s moans at the sight of boy at my cunt. I knew what was on his mind... even while boy was eating me out, his back was arched... presenting cunt. He would be taking boy’s cunt to secure his alpha status. Boy exhaled a deep breath into my now open gape and then let loose with a large ball of spit into my cunt. “Gotta fuck that cunt!” boy babbled. “Fuck yeah!” I begged. “Fuck this cunt.” Grabbing hold of my harness with both hands, he shoved his cock past my cunt lips and pushed his cock deep into me. “AH fuck!” boy moaned in pleasure, my cunt walls surrounding his shaft, holding it tight. Slowly, boy began to pump my cunt with his hard cock. My body began to shiver at the thought of servicing the cock that was deep inside me. I felt boy’s cock move across my prostate and I forcefully moved back onto his cock. His fucking began to quicken and I moaned, wanting his cum. Then, it stopped... The fucking ceased. I looked up into the mirror and saw the reason. Daddy held boy by the shoulders, forcing him to stop while his cock still in me. I groaned, “please,” and began milking boy’s cock with my cunt. My pleading was ignored. Daddy then motioned to puppy. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my alpha crawling to our Daddy with a now familiar orange-tipped syringe in his teeth and the rubber strap held by his harness. My cunt pulsed and held boy’s cock tight, knowing this was to be boy’s first slam. “Continue cunt.” Daddy ordered. Grabbing a hold of boy’s right arm, he held it up. I studied the look on boy’s face while milking his cock... wanting the pleasure of his cock in my cunt to be associated with the feeling of his first slam. Grabbing the rubber strap, Daddy wrapped boy’s bicep and proceeded to prep his vein. Taking the syringe from puppy’s mouth, he held it. Nodding, puppy grabbed hold of the orange tip with his teeth and pulled, exposing the needle that would deliver boy’s first slam. Boy moaned at the sight of the silver glimmer of the needle against his now bulging vein. “Yes! Please slam me, Daddy.” Daddy nodded. Smiling, he inserted the needle and pulled, allowing my beta’s blood to mix with the chems. “Your fucking first register, boy.” Daddy chuckled and pushed the plunger down, releasing the contents back into boy’s body. Still holding boy’s arm, Daddy motioned to puppy to release the tourniquet. Happily, puppy moved forward and released the strap. The chems began to rush through boy’s body and a round of coughing now hit boy. “Fuck yeah,” puppy growled as he began to work on boy’s tits, sending him into a chem-filled daze. “Fuck!” boy coughed... his body reeling from the slam. “Ya feel that, boy?” puppy chuckled as his fingers moved to boy’s cunt. “Fuck yeah, puppy!” boy moaned. “Fucking boy cunt.” puppy laughed and inserted one finger into boy. Feeling the effects of the slam, boy repeated automatically, “boy cunt.” Taking hold of the outer wall of boy’s cunt, puppy held the section between his thumb and forefinger and squeezed... “boy cunt lips.” puppy growled. Immediately, boy reacted with a hunger from the slam. “Fuck yeah! Fucking boy cunt lips!” Feeling his cunt being worked, boy began to fuck me again as he and puppy began to devour each other in an intense kiss. “Shit yeah!” I pushed back, wanting every inch of my beta’s cock inside me. Sitting down in his chair to watch the scene in front of him, Daddy laughed, “Fucking animals.” He spread his legs and he took a hit from the pipe. Boy’s thrusting continued, deeper and deeper. The sounds of my alpha and beta increased and I could feel boy’s cock begin to twitch in my cunt. “Feed my cunt!” I begged, pushing backwards just as his cock released a stream of hot cum inside me. “Cunt!” boy yelled into puppy’s mouth as the hot torrent of his chemmed up cum flowed over my prostate, producing an intense anal orgasm in me that spasmed around boy’s cock. “Shit!” boy exclaimed, reeling from his first slam orgasm. “Fucking freak cunt! Fucking chomping on my cock!” Taking deep breaths, he remained inside of me... enjoying the heat of my cunt walls around his shaft. “Gotta fucking piss, cunt.” boy said after a bit and began pulling out. “NO!” Daddy roared and puppy held him tight. “What the fuck do you think that yellow gear he’s wearing means?!” Boy stared at my yellow jock, taking in the yellow piping on my harness and collar. A sudden realization kicked in. “Yeah,” puppy nodded, motioning to boy to take in his own red gear. “Aw fuck!” boy growled, and let loose the best piss of his life deep inside my cunt. I pushed back and moaned... his first load of slam piss filled my body. “Take my fucking piss, cunt.” boy growled, releasing what must have been a gallon of chem piss into my expanding cunt. “Fuck yeah!” puppy groaned, moving to my side and held my expanding abdomen. Satisfied, boy pulled out as my cunt lips engulfed his shaft, trying to take in the remaining droplets escaping from his piss slit. “Fucking piss,” I murmured, holding the slam piss inside me. Seeing my distended belly, boy moved to my side and held it. “That all my piss?” he asked, incredulously. “Yeah,” I smiled, straining to hold it in. Coming to boy’s side, puppy hinted at what was next. “You ever taste piss?” Hearing this, Daddy sat up. “Naw,” boy answered dismissively. “Hmmm,” puppy answered, studying’s boy current body posture... the fact that he got off on pissing in my cunt. Seeming to drop the subject, puppy glanced at Daddy and winked. “Ok,” puppy shrugged and moved behind me. “Do it, cunt... give me a taste.” he ordered and placed his lips against my cunt lips. “Fuck yes!” I growled and released the flow of boy’s slam piss, feeling puppy’s lips hungrily drinking from my cunt. “Aww fuck!” boy gasped as he watched puppy’s throat spasm from the piss flowing down his throat. “Fuck yeah!” I growled. “Taste my cunt juices mixed with boy’s cum and slam piss.” That did it! He took the bait... “Shit yeah, puppy!” boy growled, saliva drooling from the corner of his now open mouth. “I want some piss!” "You ready to take your slam piss, boy?" puppy growled. "Fuck yeah! Please, puppy!" boy begged as he dropped to all fours and crawled to him. "Fucking thirsty, piss boy!” puppy yelled and shoved boy’s face into my ass, his lips smashing against my wet slimy cunt lips. “Ok, boy now drink your fucking chem piss!” puppy yelled, “fucking taste your cum mixed in with those cunt juices.” Boy moaned... I let out a dribble of hot piss into his mouth. “Yeah, drink up, boy!” Daddy snarled, acknowledging the teamwork that had brought boy to this point. Lapping up the slow stream, he began to chew on my cunt lips. “AWWW FUCK!” I groaned, not being able to hold it back any longer and released the contents of my bowels. “AWWWW FUCK!” boy yelled as he continued at my cunt, the flow of piss washing over his face onto his body and pooling around him. My cunt continued emptying its content until a slow trickle dripped out. I took a deep breath and pushed... “Fuck!” boy moaned as my rosebud emerged, pushing out the final remnants of his piss. Now empty, I turned around to see what would happen next. I smiled... “Fucking piss!” boy growled as he wallowed in the pool of his slam piss on the rubber floor. I let out a moan and crawled to boy. “Fucking cunt,” boy moaned as he took hold of me and forced my face onto his cock... “Shit! I got your fucking cunt juices all over me.” He laughed, pushing his cock deeper into my mouth. “Fucking slammed-up pig boy,” puppy snarled and moved in, scooping a handful of piss in his hand and putting it to boy’s mouth. “Fucking drink, boy.” Greedily, boy began slurping his piss from puppy’s cupped hands... “Yeah boy!” puppy encouraged... his fingers now inside boy’s mouth... “Get on your fucking hands and knees boy!” puppy ordered, “Time to give your cunt up to your alpha.” Obediently, boy released me and turned over, his back arched. “Fucking good boy, arch that back more.... good boy.” puppy moaned and began to explore boy’s cunt. “I told you he had a nice fresh cunt.” Daddy chimed in. “MMMMM,” puppy smiled and nudged boy’s knees further apart, exposing his cunt. “Shit yeah!” boy growled, feeling his slammed-up cunt opened up by puppy’s probing finger, and pushed back. Pressing further, puppy inserted a second finger. “Ah shit!” yeah! Fuck my cunt!” boy cried. Hearing boy beg to have his cunt fucked, puppy laughed. “Say that again... tell your alpha what you want.” Pushing back, boy begged again, “Please! Fuck my cunt, puppy! I need your cock!” Satisfied, puppy leaned in and slowly began to lick boy’s tight shaved cunt, then gently began to move lower. “Fuck!” boy squealed when puppy’s tongue reached his balls. Taking the both balls into his mouth, puppy again began to play with boy’s cunt. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” boy babbled... “Please!” Easing off his balls, puppy slowly worked his way back to boy’s now throbbing cunt. With boy’s cunt ready, puppy released his uncut cock from its red mesh confinement. Feeling the pressure of our alpha’s cockhead against his cunt lips, boy increased his arch to open himself to the veined shaft. “AWWW FUCK!” boy exclaimed, feeling puppy sink into his body. He stopped for a minute, letting boy adjust to his cock. “Shit yeah!” I growled at the sight of my alpha taking boy’s cunt from behind. I crawled forward and moved under boy’s body. I wanted to see puppy’s cock take his cunt. “Fucking cuntpig!” puppy sneered at the sight of me under boy, wallowing in a pool of piss. Pulling back, puppy began to thrust. His arms went around boy’s waist and he began to pound into boy’s cunt. I moaned, seeing puppy’s cock sliding in and out of boy’s cunt, his now stretched cunt lips sliding along the thick shaft. I could hear boy’s groans of pleasure as he clamped his cunt each time puppy pulled out, releasing as his thrusts repeated. My senses went into overdrive as the smell of piss mixed with the smell of sex and sweat. The sweat off their bodies trickled down on me and I struggled to take it in my mouth as kept my eyes firmly on puppy’s cock. The fucking became more urgent... “Fuck me!” boy begged puppy, “Harder!” He took it all... every hard thrust was a moment his cunt welcomed. Their gasping grew louder and faster... puppy began to breath harder. “Take... my...cuummm,” puppy grunted and gave one final thrust, forcing his cock deep within boy. “Yes!” boy yelled out, feeling puppy’s cock swell and explode deep within his cunt. “MMMM,” puppy sighed and fell atop boy’s back, his cock still buried inside. Gently, puppy eased out of boy. I grew excited... this was what I was waiting for... As puppy’s cockhead completely withdrew, a trail of cum escaped from boy’s cunt. I immediately moved to feed off of that beautiful cunt. “Mother....” boy gasped as he felt my mouth latch onto his cunt lips and take in my alpha’s cum... I moaned... tasting the familiar saltiness of puppy’s cum now mixed with a new flavor... boy’s cunt juices. Finishing my feeding, the three of us collapsed together and onto the slimed pool of piss... happy. Seeing the sight of us covered in slimy piss, Daddy stood and nodded to puppy. He had been watching us closely. Without a word, he walked to the shelves, took down a box and returned to his chair. I sat there, drenched in piss, watching as puppy turned to boy and removed the plain black collar that had been placed on him by Daddy at the start of the night. “What?” boy, nervously asked. “Shhh,” puppy tried to calm my beta. “Go on,” puppy urged boy. Taking a long look at puppy and me, he smiled and crawled to Daddy. Sitting on his haunches, boy lowered his head at Daddy’s feet. “I’ve been studying you, boy.” Daddy coldly announced as he grabbed a set of wrist restraints from box. Holding the restraints up to puppy, he ordered boy to turn around and face us. Taking hold of boy’s right wrist, puppy secured the restraint tightly. Repeating the process on the left, he fastened them together behind his back. Behind boy’s back, Daddy handed puppy a pair of clippers. Grinning, puppy took the clippers. Not knowing what was happening, boy looked to me as a buzzing sound filled the dungeon. I nodded, my eyes staring directly into his dilated green eyes to keep him steady as the clippers approached his head. “Steady... don’t move!” puppy commanded as he made contact and his already short red hairs began to fall. The feeling of the cold metal vibrations against his scalp, boy began to moan loudly. The buzzing continued until the last of remnants of boy’s red hair were gone. Feeling the air now surround his buzzed head, boy closed his eyes and took a deep breath as the feeling of warm shaving cream was applied. “Fuck!” I growled as I saw puppy begin to move a razor across boy’s skull. I looked back at boy, his eyes still closed... I smiled, seeing his throbbing cock again jutting from his shaved crotch... this boy was willing... Finishing, puppy grabbed a wet towel and wiped the residue off boy’s now shaved scalp. Releasing his restraints, puppy turned boy to face Daddy who reached into the box. “This gear will reflect your beta position in this stable. This is your collar.” Looking up, boy saw the yellow piping surrounding the rubber collar. He smiled and looked back at me. Both puppy and I gasped at the significance of the shiny rubber collar, not readily noticing the color of the accent. Holding the tag, Daddy read the inscription, “boy.” Bowing his head, Daddy tightly secured the collar. Next, Daddy produced a rubber bull-dog harness, again with the yellow piping. I let out a low growl at the sight of the piping... it suddenly hit me. Raising his arms, boy let out a deep growl and Daddy secured it tightly. Grabbing hold of his pecs, he pulled them up and felt their heft. He continued, examining boy’s tits... the way they were positioned. “Hmmm,” Daddy chuckled. My cunt lips began to throb at the last item Daddy held. “Aww fuck!” boy growled at the sight of the double striped yellow rubber jock before him. “Get up,” Daddy ordered boy and he quickly obeyed. “Puppy,” Daddy sternly called and my alpha quickly crawled to him and took the rubber jock. Moving to boy, puppy held the jock and motioned boy to step into it. Slowly, puppy easily pulled the rubber jock up boy’s sweat covered muscular calves and moved effortlessly past his thick thighs. On reaching his cock and balls, puppy pulled the rubber pouch out. Chuckling, boy grabbed his sac and placed it in the pouch. “MMMM,” puppy moaned as boy tried to adjust his rigid cock... Releasing the waistband, boy looked down and grinned at the purple leaking cockhead sticking completely out of the top of the yellow edged rubber strip. “Go on, take a look.” Daddy pointed to the mirror. Slowly, boy turned, walked past me and moved to the mirror. “Fuck yes!” he let out, feeling his freshly shaved scalp. He continued... taking in the reflection of the yellow-accented rubber tightly hugging his body, highlighting every contour of his muscled pecs. His balls produced a prominent bulge highlighted by the double yellow stripes running up and down the rubber pouch. Taking hold of it, he traced the shaft’s impression up past the waistband and began to finger his open piss slit. He moaned and inhaled deeply, taking in the acrid chem piss scent filling the room. “Fuck...” he sighed... I watched a look a doubt appeared... “Shit,” I mumbled, wondering if all this was a result of the slam. I then knew the slam was losing its effects. He began studying the figure in the mirror, moving side to side and observing every aspect of the geared-up boy before him. He glanced at my reflection... seeing nothing but a piss-soaked cunt looking back at him. With a look of resignation, he nodded, turned and fell to his knees. Crawling, he looked for Daddy’s and puppy’s reaction. Slowly he moved... with a slight hesitation in his movements, until he reached me with a questioning gaze coming from his eyes. We remained there... face-to-face... I understood. “It’s ok...” I simply said. My cravings heightened, I moved down to feed on the chem-piss pooled around us. He growled... watching me suck the piss... wet slurping sounds emanating from my cunt mouth. “FFFF...UUU...CCCC...KKK!” boy moaned, trying to control his desire, and he joined me in feeding from the pool of his first load of slam piss. “Damn fucking piss pigs!” puppy roared. “Fucking drink!” Hearing our alpha’s order, boy and I took a mouthful of the slimy piss from the floor and began to sloppily feed each other... the piss spilling out and running down our chins. Still hungry, our tongues began to explore each other’s bodies... Greedily, we lapped at the ridges of our muscled flesh and moved on to the sweaty crevices, familiarizing ourselves with the piss musk now escaping from our pores. “Fucking piss beta,” I groaned, and boy’s wet face began to chew on my cunt lips.... Daddy rose from his chair and stood over us... “Fucking rubber skin piss boy,” and he let loose a torrent of piss on his piss beta and cunt.
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    There is a brief mention of GHB in this post being used to lower inhibitions. Dinner time rolled around, and Jerol had texted Billy and myself saying what time to be ready and he'd meet us in our dorm room. Billy found it "so funny" that Jerol had invited us both to dinner. He had no idea I watched Jerol take his straight boy cherry, just as he did mine. Jerol knocked on our door, I was sweating, I don't know why I was so nervous. Part of me was scared Jerol would try something with both of us, thereby outing me...or what I'd done with him. Then again, I already know about Billy, and it didn't bother me, so I guess that would be okay. I'm just so nervous, about something(s). Jerol looked damn good. He was wearing a tight t-shirt and tight khaki's that really, really showed off his bulge and ass. I was trying very hard not to look at his package. I broke out in another sweat when he grabbed me and pulled me in for a group hug. My hand kinda drifted down to Billy's ass on accident and fuck, I got hard. I'm still in the habit of wearing my jockstraps so fortunately it kept my 7.5 guy down, but I gotta say I clearly had something going on in my pants. I should've worn loose jeans. We had a great time at dinner. We ended up not really eating, we started at a bar table because of the wait, and Jerol's ex-girlfriend was our waitress so by the time our name was called we'd all decided we'd just stay where we were at and enjoy some more half-priced beers thanks to the ex. We all laughed and talked like we had known each other for years. We were checking out girls saying what we'd like to do to them, yet, I kept catching Jerol giving Billy and I a certain "look." When we settled up we were walking back to campus and went right by a fairly empty pub, it looked pretty chill so we decided to pop in since Jerol knew the bartender, he knew we wouldn't get ID'd. I was freshly 18 and Billy was about to turn 19, although with his babyface, he looked younger. We each tried a flight of beers, which was cool, getting to sample a lot of different types. I was beginning to feel kinda weird. I guess I'd drank too much on an empty stomach. That didn't explain why I was getting so horny though. I could barely keep from touching Jerol and Billy. Billy seemed to be in the same predicament as myself. Any excuse to touch and we'd take it. I finally said we'd better head back to the dorms. Jerol said he'd get the check, Billy and I were happy to let him treat us, we waited by the door. Huh...that looked like a $100 bill Jerol gave his bartender buddy. I know we didn't drink anywhere near that amount. Maybe he was just tipping him really well. By the time we got back to the dorm I was hot, I felt like my insides and crotch were on fire and my jockstrap strained to keep my cock down. I had already untucked my shirt on the walk back to try and hide it. We entered the dorm room and Jerol asked if we wanted some more beer or a drink. Billy quickly said,"more beer!" I felt dehydrated and "off" so I asked for water. Jerol said, he'd go get it from his dorm, but he was gonna change too and get more comfortable. I told Billy,"he's right, I need to change too, I'm hot as fuck right now." I turned the a/c down to 65F degrees and started clumsily and quickly ripping my clothes off with my back toward Billy. I heard him doing the same. I turned around and caught him bending over trying to get his legs out of his pants. What the fuck?! Billy was wearing a jockstap! AND I could see his perfect smooth ass and a wet pink hole buried in those cheeks. I was burning up inside now and I don't know what happened but when I saw him bent over...I couldn't control myself, I'd pushed Billy down onto his bed on his stomach, and yanked his pants off his legs. "Let me help ya man, you seem to be having problem with these pants," I said menacingly. Well now my face was a mere foot away from his ass, it smelled of soap and a little sweat, I was so hard my cock had pushed it's way out the side of my jockstrap. I grabbed his ass cheeks and buried my tongue into Billy's hole. I don't know why I"m doing this. I'm acting like an animal. I didn't ask Billy if he wanted this or anything. Gawd, his hole tasted good. I couldn't get enough of it. I was eating it like a medium rare ribeye. It vaguely registered with me that Billy was moaning like a bitch in heat as I tongue fucked his glorious boy hole. He didn't have a single hair on or in his ass. His hands reached back and spread his thick ass so I could get in deeper. "Wh..what are you doing?" Billy breathlessly said "I pulled my face out of his ass, and began apologizing,"I'm so fuckin sorry man! I, I don't what I'm doing." "Don't STOP!" Billy yelled I dove straight back into his hole. He was so clean and delicious down there. I couldn't help myself, I got up behind him and placed my cock onto his hole and spat down on it as I began to shove my hardened wood into his incredibly tight bitch ass. I'm fuckin delirious from horniness at this point. I've lost all self control. Billy first let out a deep groan, then screamed as I sank all 7.5 inches into his hole with just spit for lube. I was balls deep in him now. He was panting hard and I apologized again, I don't understand what's come over me, I was sawing my cock in and out of his hole while I held his arms down on the bed and basically raped his hole. I could feel the cum boiling in my balls and ready to blast out. And just like that, Billy began moaning,"OH SHIT! OH SHIT! FUCK! I'M CUMMING!" As he shot his load onto the bed his hole clenched and milked my shaft like a machine and I let loose. There was no turning back as I fired off load after load after load into his warm pussy. We were panting and struggling to gain some sort of composure. I just realized we could be caught any time by Jerol. "Fuck Billy, that was so hot, I'm sorry, we better get dressed before Jerol comes back." I said. "Stay right the fuck there boys!" Jerol said. I whipped my head around to see Jerol naked stroking his giganic cock. Billy didn't even move. It was like he didn't give two shits about anything right now. "Jerol!" I exclaimed,"I, uhm, I don't know what happened, Billy and I were undressing, and I saw him bend over, and, and well, I couldn't stop myself." "Relax man," Jerol responded, "that's the GHB and viagra in you. My buddy at the bar spiked your beers, that's why I ordered us all those bitter deep lagers and IPA's, so you wouldn't taste it." "You fucking drugged us!" I yelled back, I was mad, but I hadn't moved out of Billy's ass, I couldn't leave it. "Dude, it was hardly anything, you're horny as fuck, I can see that, and you feel amazing with no inhibitions right? What's wrong with a little fun? You had to have known I was gonna fuck you on your little visit here right?" Jerol rationalized his actions to me. Fuck it, he's right. I just want more ass, more fucking. "Stick that cock in me Jerol," I commanded. It felt odd telling him what to do. But I wanted to feel that pain and know I'm taking such a monstrous cock inside my tiny hole. He wasted no time in grabbing the oil out of his shorts on the floor and slicking his erection up and pouring some on my twitching hole. He began to rub his cockhead on my aching hole and I pushed back toward it, feeling the pain and hugeness of it, at the same time my cock was going in and out of Billy's tightness, I felt my cum leaking slowly from Billy's hole, so I scooped some up and reached around to rub it on my own hole. I felt Jerol starting to enter me now. FUCK IT HURT. But I grit my teeth hard because I was so horny, I was gonna take that huge cock no matter what. He was sinking into me when Jerol pushed a bottle under my nose, "inhale real big, both nostrils" he told me. I was scared. I didn't know what this was. "I don't wanna do any more drugs Jerol, I'm so horny from what you already slipped me," I complained. "Relax, it's totally legal, it'll just get your hole to open up a little bit." Jerol explained. I wasn't opposed to that, so I began inhaling through each nostril. Fuuuuck....oh my gawd, he's sinking the whole thing into me. All ten inches were pushing past any tightness and ripping me open. I felt his balls on mine, he was fully inside me. He made me take another hit of that bottle and I began to buck back against his cock. My own hard cock was now pumping in and out of Billy's hole while I fucked myself on Jerol's horse cock. I was in a state of painful bliss. It was probably the pain that kept me from falling into whatever realm Billy was in. He just laid there moaning over and over and telling me to blow another load inside him. I began to pick up the speed and was really ramming into Billy's sweet hole. Jerol's cock had stretched me to my max and I felt it thicken. I knew that feeling, he was about to blow. I grabbed Billy's hips and began slamming his ass so fast, that I felt Jerol start exploding inside me which in turn brought me to my own climax, I yelled,"FUCKIN TAKE MY CUM! YOU FAGGOT WHORE!" As I blasted another huge load into Billy, he was a quivering beefcake moaning and mumbling something about taking my loads and being a slut. We slowly unhooked ourselves from each other. Billy crawled up on his bed and rolled over onto his back. I got up there too and Jerol crawled in between Billy's legs, lifting his lifeless limp legs up and I watched as Jerol sank his cock into Billy's wet beat up pussy. I sat there and jerked off while Jerol blasted another load into Billy, I was cumming when Jerol told Billy to take his filthy poz load. What was that again? He told me that once too. I came inside Billy two more times that night as Jerol nutted inside me too. We all fell asleep naked and cum dripping from mine and Billy's holes.
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    Barebacking is so addictive, you’ll never what condoms involved again. The feeling of a guy’s cock swelling inside of you and then feeling his cum unload is quite a sensation.
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    When we got to the table, Nick had a difficult time sitting down. I wasn't sure if it was from leaking spooge or a sore hole, but either way I was loving the faces and mild discomfort it was giving him. Shawn came back to the table when he saw us. "I was worried u all left, but I can see by nicks faces, u all found some other way to pass the time." He said. "There was a busboy in need of some assistance." I said. "OH, how thoughtful of you two to help." "Nick did all the work, and got all the reward." I said, as nick blushed even more. "I see, well ur dessert should be out soon. Its been a busy night and the bakery team had to set aside some time to make ur eclair." "Not a problem. And did u write down ur boyfriends number?" "What do u need it for?" "Poor nick here is desperate to have some sexual fun with you, no emotional strings attached. He assumed since u had a bf that u wouldn't be able to fulfill those needs. So I suggested he ask your boyfriend for permission." Shawn laughed and then looked at me to see if I was serious. "He will never say yes, but u can ask." He said as he wrote the number on a napkin. "I can't wait to hear him tell me some slut asked if his boyfriend could fuck him. He will find it hilarious." "Well, hopefully we can convince him." "So you his pimp now?" "Nope just a supportive date, and maybe someday partner." "Well, good luck, Nick is a hell of a slut, I've seen practically everyone fuck and abuse him, but not date that. Who wants to date the town bicycle?" "I do! He's interesting, hot, and willing to have anyone use his ass. That just happens to be my dream date." I say laughing. Nick started to smile big at these words. I was so glad he was on board with this. I knew he was a slut, but alot of sluts don't want entanglements. So as long as we could both leave those out of the fun we wanted to have, I saw no problem. Then at that moment the redhead delivered a smushed leaking and glazed eclair that looked like it had its own rough gang bang in the back. The smile on the red head's face told me he knew what that long donut full of sperm was. "The chef said to tell you, this cums with warmest regards, for one of his favorite patrons." He set it on the table and it was covered and seemed to be leaking. He seemed to be both fascinated and concerned about who was getting this very distinct looking and smelling dish as he leered at it and us. “Please excuse Trevor, he is relatively new here and hasn’t seen our full menu.” Shawn said. “I am just very interested in this dessert.” Trevor the red head said. “More interested in learning to make, or taste?” I queried. “Um, both, but probably more to learn to make for someone.” Trevor responded. I smiled and said, “You know, Nick here was just talking about the fact that he has never got to see the gorgeous view for the private party dining room here. Would you have time to show him, Trevor? I wanna just enjoy this dessert.” “Um, there isn’t really a view from the Velvet room.” Trevor said. And then Shawn elbowed him and gave him a big eyed, here is your opportunity look. Trevor stumbled but got the message and said, “Ow, uh, oh, But there is a decent view from the roof, if you would want to see that?” Nick looked at me in disbelief. He was obviously hot and turned on by this, but seemed flabbergasted that it was going down quite the way it was. He started to stand and I stopped him. “You have to have at least a bite or two of this lovely dessert before it gets cold.” I said as I took a spoon and cut a large leaking hunk of cum dripping eclair. I then spoon fed it to him. The bite was so big and dripping. He opened his mouth wide instinctively. I figured he would try to grab for the spoon, but he just leaned forward and did his best to get it in his mouth. It was a bit too big and dripping. It got on his cheek and chin. But he took the bite, chewed, savored, and swallowed for all 3 of us to see. I was hard under the table and sure that both shawn and trevor had to be on the same path. Trevor with a raspy breath said, “Um, this way Nick and I'll show you that view.” I was left there with shawn. He watched them go with a bit of longing and jealousy. “Don’t you have other tables to worry about?” I said. I wanted to flirt with him but I didn't want him getting in trouble. “No, you're my last table for the night” “Oh, then have a seat if you want.” I said as I got a small spoonful of eclair for myself. Shawn looked mesmerized. I don’t think he thought i would eat it too, but i did. He sat down in front of me, looking shocked and a little uncomfortable. “You know that is jizz, right?” “Of course, that smell, taste, and consistency is hard to miss.” “So are you a slut like Nick too?” “Perhaps in a way. I love cum probably as much as he does, but i love eating and playing with it from inside a guy.” “I don’t understand.” “I’m mostly top, but I love cum. A bottom can only supply you with a little, assuming he likes to get off. But if he’s a cum dump slut you end up with lots more cum to play with. But that’s only my selfish reason. The other is finding someone who likes to do it and being that encouraging person to give it to them. Let them be loved, filled, and happy.” “Well damn, okay then.” Shawn said and then paused. And followed on by saying, “I doubt my bf will let me fuck him.” “Well i’m sorry for him then, and for you. I think you both would enjoy it.” “Maybe, but I'm more bottom then top. And besides that, there is a lot of metal to take out if i wanna top.” “Chastity or piercings?” I asked as I grabbed another bite of this funky eclair. I wanted to save some for Nick, but the longer it sat the more runny it got. “Piercings are what I meant, but chastity has happened before.” “Nice, i’ll still ask him. Worst he can say is no. But no pressure. Like i said i just wanna make Nick happy, and apparently he has had his eyes on your bulge for a while.” Shawn laughed, “Oh i know. He has presented himself more than once for me.” “Well hopefully with some permission you will finally be able to give in to him.” “Do you want my butt plug?” “Excuse me?” “My bf plugged me before work tonight. I know it’s not the same, but it will add a little of me and some of my bf’s cum to his hole.” “Hell yeah, as long as it won’t get u in trouble.” “Nah, he knows i can’t make it the full shift leaving it in. I love cum, but once i get that feeling that it needs to cum out i can’t fight it anymore. I’ll just pull the plug and give it to him. I won't cheat on my bf, but I dont think he will mind this.” “Can you pull it now, here at the table?” I said looking at his tight pants. He laughed, “No, but i can go to the bathroom and pull it.” "I think it may be more fun to watch u try here at the table." I quipped. He laughed and replied, "You're dirty, and I like that, but I dont wanna get fired tonight. I'll be right back with one glazed ass lollypop." He was moving toward the bathroom. And here I was sitting with a raging boner under the table. Waiting for my date to return from getting plowed, eating the last of a sperm donut, and knowing the waiter was bringing me an after dinner treat. As I savored the last bite I was glad I hadn't waiting any longer, it was getting colder and runny. But I was still so thankful to be on this wild and kinky date. Suddenly my phone buzzed and it was Jacob. "So, did u blow it? ;)" "No, I don't think so. He's fucking hot and seems to be having alot more fun on the date now." "Oh had he finally opened up for you?" "Well not for me yet. He has opened up to me, but the parade of semen across our dinner table practically forced him to cum clean about his dirty side." "Lol, oh wow. I didn't know it would become that obvious. He just told me some of the staff liked to fuck him." "Oh, yeah I just finished a sperm filled eclair for dessert." "Nice, lol, and Nick enjoyed it too?" "He got a bite, but he's getting fucked by a hot red head waiter on the roof right now I believe." "Oh, damn, did he ditch u for the waiter?" "Oh I don't think so. He's come back to the table after everyone else fucked him, so i imagine he will again this time. Besides I got to taste his ass in the broom closet." "Fuck man, isn't his ass feel so nice on your cock?" "I wouldn't know man, not yet." "You haven't fucked him?" "Not yet, he is coming home with me tonight. I just wanted him to be attentive to the staff and bring me a filled hole i can take home in the doggy bag that happens to be my date." "Your sick man. Lol. But I hope he works for ya. You need a good fun bf, and so does he. You just love slut hole too much, and he'll never give up dick, so gave it a shot." "Here's hoping" Shawn was heading towards the table. He sat a medium sized plug down on my bread plate. It wasn't as slimy as I had hoped it would be from his boyfriend's load. But it was still wet looking in spots. I picked it up and started to suck it clean as I saw Nick being escorted back to the table by Trevor. Trevor looked a little light headed but happy with his arm slung around nicks waist. Nick was just smiling from ear to ear. "I hope ur ready to leave, I'm afraid I couldn't sit down without making a mess on a chair." Nick said. I popped the plug out of my mouth and smiled as well. I stood and handed Nick the plug. "Shawn was nice enough to loan you this so u can make it home. Think u can get it in here or do we need to head to the bathroom here to get it in?" "Depends, will u fuck me in the stall or will I still have to wait till we get back to ur place for u to find out what kind of sleeping bag my ass can be for your cock?" He asked with a glint in his eye. "I would rather savor your hole and mount my prize in my bed." I said with a grin "Then here." He said as she shoved the plug into his pants last his belt. Lined the rubbery plug up with himself and pushed a bit. But apparently it was a bit slippery, because he maneuvered himself a bit and then just pushed his ass against the wall to drive the plug home. I could have sworn i heard a squelch as I watched his face contort and his eyes seem to roll to the back of his head. This boy was gonna be wild. I threw cash on the table with a sizeable tip for Shawn and his plug and walked Nick to my car. I told him he could just follow me so he would have his car, but he said he knew I would bring him back and he would rather just ride with me. So as he sat in my passenger seat for the 20 minute car ride home. He talked, about himself, his love of cum, his willingness to let anyone use his hole, and he lust for love and companionship that wouldn't hinder his slutty tendencies. He pet on me and stripped down to his chest harness and jock strap. Which was very distracting as I was driving. As we got off the highway and on to the more suburban side rides he decided he had had enough and unzipped me and started to go down on me, wagging that delicious plugged ass in the passenger window. I was so pent up I wasn't sure how long I would last. His mouth was like a dream. Luckily I didn't have far to go. When we got to the house. He felt us stop and heard the garage door. He was obviously wanting to prove his daring and sluttiness so he jumped out of the car and stood in the headlights as the door slowly rose. He was showing of his short built blonde tight body. Turned around and bent over to show me just the black round circle covering his hole buried in a light nest of blonde hair looking wet and wanting. I honked once, knowing it would annoy the neighbors but also make him move. And move he did. I pulled the car the rest of the way into the garage and hit the button to make it close as he slinked in as well. Trying to get him into the house was quite the challenge. He was trying to strip me as we walked. He wanted more dick anyway he could get it. We made it to the living room and he already had me naked. He held my hand as he put himself on the couch on his knees looking over the back of the couch. He pulled my dick back in his mouth but right before he did he whispered, "please don't cum in this hole yet." It sounded like he was talking directly to my cock. And he swallowed me down. I knew this was dangerous at this point, especially if he didn't want me cumming down his throat. But surprisingly enough I was just distracted enough by his gorgeous body and how each piece of perfect beige flesh responded to touch and tried to push itself into my hand. Weather it was his back, his side, his arm, his ass, or his thigh. His whole body was trying to give itself to me. Reaching for his ass made me slide my cock past his tongue and deeper down his throat more than he was ready for at first. His slight gag had be full back for a sec but not a second later he grabbed my ass and jammed it down his throat himself. And I think he knew I was close because I could feel his throat muscles work but he was using them sparingly. I momentarily had forgotten about the ass I was after before he had to see how close his face could fit to my stomach. He grabbed my hand and deftly moved it toward his prize for me. I felt around this ungodly piece of perfect ass and found the rubber circle protecting the cum dripping entrance that was the whole desire of my existence at the moment. I started twisting and tugging on the plug with my cock still buried deep in Nicks face. I knew he would need to breathe soon, but i was too fascinated. But he started moaning and groaning with my cock in his throat and I knew he was happy. Its like a bottom purring. He finally tapped me on the thigh and I realized he needed to breathe. He was starting to squirm and I enjoyed feeling him tense to i let it go a just a bit longer. Plus I was too busy playing with the plug. Finally I just pulled his plug and slid free of his throat at the same time. His whimper and gasp for air was so hot. I could tell he felt empty and wanting and maybe even a little upset with himself for not being able to take more. It was so hot to see. I had to finally have that ass that the whole restaurant had filled for him, and in my head for me. I took one quick lick of the plug as I shoved it in his mouth and moved him to the floor. Face down on his stomach I added a throw pillow under his stomach as i started to once again feast on a cum leaking delicacy. And it was fantastic. It was even better than it had been in the closet. Between the redheads cum and the plug holding it open it was easier to get my tongue in and it tasted a bit different, a little more tangy. I knew i could eat on it for days but if I did I was gonna cum in my hand, so I quickly left the cummy mess that was my date's hole and moved to finally find out what it was like to fuck the town bicycle. Nick held his breath for a moment and pushed his hole out to meet my dick. He wanted it as bad as I did, but he waited. Knowing it was my moment and he didn't want to take it from me. I knew I could have slammed home and he would have taken it like a champ but I wanted to feel every bit of his hole and enjoy the jizz filled nature of his warm and inviting cum tunnel. So i bared down in a slow and steady pace. Nick was tight in his hole to feel my cock enter and moaning till I bottomed out in him. And his whole body shuttered a bit. He really does just loved to be filled. His hole was so well used and stretched at this moment that I didn't have alot of resistance, just alot of milking from his hole. It was like his ass was curious about my cock and feeling it up as I was going in. It felt amazing. He started his little moaning and moving a bit, wanting to feel me moving inside of him. I kept him pinned for a moment more and the started to slowly remove myself from him. He didn't care for that. He couldn't help himself from pushing back to try and fuck himself more on my cock, so I rented and started to fuck him. We were pushing against each other for a minute, driving my fuckstick deeper and deeper in his hole with each thrust. I felt myself getting harder and knew it wouldn't be long. So I changed rhythm and started fucking him harder. He loved it but stopped trying to add to the motion and let me just pound out my enjoyment in his hole. He was moaning so loud I felt like he was gonna start screaming. I love loud boys who aren't faking it. And somehow he seemed to know. It just pushed me father. I felt in my balls like I should have cum hours ago but I was still nailing this boy to the floor. Sweet dripping as the sounds of his moaning and the squishy slappy sound of his ass taking yet another cock tonight was a soundtrack of my dreams. I felt like I was close to cumming and at the same time that I could keep fucking him like this for hours. I was riding such a high. And then it happened. In between his moans came a shakey plea, "Please cum in me." That was it, I felt my balls rise and the fire build. "I need ur seed deep in my soul." "Fuck." I yelled as I gave him what he needed. I pinned him to the ground and coated his gut with my cum as deep as i could. I knew i would have alot from our long night of build up but it still felt like I was cumming for 5 minutes. The volleys just kept cumming. I felt like I was emptying my whole self into this blonde perfect slut. He was shaking and moaning with each squirt like he could feel them. I finally collapsed on top of him. Spent, happy, and fulfilled. I'm not sure but I think I may have dozed for a few minutes. He just lay there, humming and purring his pleasure. Not pushing me off, no complaints, just seemed content. It was comforting, and beautiful. When I finally seemed to stir he seemed to whimper. "You don't have to move, I am okay." He said. "I'm enjoying it too, but it can't be comfortable." "It is, I promise. Just give me a few more minutes like this." I obliged. I could feel cum leaking on my balls and I knew i had gone soft and fell free of his ass, but he still wanted me to stay. Finally I had to move. He whimpered again and said "at least let me clean my new best friend off before u take him away from me." I laughed as he turned on his side. I sat down on the edge of the couch and he went to work. Kneading my cock with his tongue and cleaning it off. Cleaned himself off of my balls and put me cock back in his mouth. I knew he was moving past cleaning and was trying to get me hard again. And though I would love to fuck him again I knew i wasn't getting off anytime soon. So I grabbed him by his pierced nipples and pulled him up to kiss him as i moved my hand to hold his body and his harness. This seemed to surprise him a bit but he melted into my arms. I slowly manuvered him to the bedroom and laid him down. Asked him if he needed anything and he got some sad puppy dog eyes like he thought i was gonna leave him. I just smiled and kissed him. He said he was thirsty so I pointed out the bathroom in case he needed it and went to get us both a water and take a piss in the hall bathroom. I came back as he was coming out of the bathroom. And i was just amazed at this hot little jock in my bedroom. I must have been staring because he blushed and asked, "what's wrong?" I just smiled and said "just glad I went on this date tonight." "So you still see this as a date? Not just a hook up?" He said from the bathroom doorway. "Of course, I wanna get to know u more, have fun with you, and enjoy ur company both in and out of the bedroom." He giggled and ran to the bed. We made out as i laid him out in the bed next to me. We finally pulled away from each other and he was playing with my now hard again dick. "Can i ask you to do something?" He asked with his puppy dog eyes. "Anything, but I can tell you I am too tired for round 2 right now." "That's fine, will u just hold me and put this in me as we fall asleep?" I smiled and rolled him over. I spooned up next to him as he spit on his hand to lube me up. We lined up perfect as i slid into him. His whole body relaxed next to me. I thought for sure he would try to ride another load out of me but he didn't. He just held my arm tight and my foot with his foot. It was both erotic and comfortable as we both faded off.
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    I like to stop by the video store on my way home and get a load or two. I miss that. Can’t wait it to re open. My pussy is hungry.
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    My slaves twink friend that has been under lock down with us for 2 months has asked for me to plow his hole. He wants a True Alpha to wreck it for him. Do you think he can handle what I have? I know I have been drooling about using him like a cum dump for a long long time but he isn't even gay or bi. But after not getting any tail in 2 months he wants to see what man on man is about. He has been hearing my boy moan every night when I plow him balls deep so he must be a horny little bitch by now
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    Back in my room Mateo told me to suck his dick and get it hard again. It didn't take long for that big cock to start gagging me as it slowly inched its way down my throat. I could see JJ standing behind Mateo with his hand roaming all over Mateo's body and Mateo had his head turned around kissing JJ. Mateo was moaning and pulling on the back of my head shoving his dick deeper as I gagged and slobbered all over it. I hear JJ whisper to Mateo I want to fucking rail your ass. and Mateo was like Im read fucking bread me faggot. JJ reached for lub and Mateo said I don't need lub just spit and shove it in, I'm man enough to take a small dick like yours. JJ started laughing and I hear Mateo start moaning even loader as JJ did just what he was told. He spit on his dick and started shoving it in. At one point I hear Mateo say god damn how much more dick you got? JJ just said what this small thing then he shoved it in the rest of the way as Mateo cried out in pain. I hear Mateo say of fuck I can't hold it. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! and then he started shooting. He let me pull back enough to fill my mouth with about half of his load. I hear JJ say don't swallow bitch bring that fag mouth up and give us both a taste. As I slowly backed off of Mateo's big dick I held as much in my mouth as I could. I stood up and kissed JJ and shared some of Mateo's cum then he turned to Mateo and shared. Then I got to kiss Mateo. Passing his cum back to him was so fucking hot. JJ then started to moan, saying it was so fucking hot to watch Mateo eat his own cum. He thrust 2 or 3 more times and then let out a really load and long fuuuucccckkkk as he cam in Mateo's ass. A few seconds later and Mateo and I both are on our knees cleaning JJ's dick Mateo raised up as JJ bent down and they kissed sharing JJ's cum and Mateo's ass juice. We all climbed in my King size bed and dozed for a while. I was dreaming of getting fucked again by either boy and knowing I would enjoy the hell out of it.

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