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    What have I done? Last Sunday I awoke with a huge hard on and felt very horny so logged on to Grindr & BBRTS but no one was around that early therefore decided to take my frustrations out on a bike ride seeing as it was such a glorious day. I had a quick wash and clean out, just in case, I looked into my wardrobe, revealing many different coloured Lycra cycling outfits - black, red and many other coloured shorts. I chose none of these and decided on my white bib shorts. I squeezed my slim 21 year old body into them, making sure they were as tight as possible and ran my hands over the silky curves of my pert ass before adjusting my cock and balls that jut out leaving no one in any doubt of my size and girth. I went outside, got on my bike and off I went. Less than half an hour into my ride is a fabulous undulating road with sweeping corners and one fast downhill section all within a cool forest. It felt great to be alive! I flew on the downhill section hitting 43 m.p.h. then just as I swooped past a big beefy fellow cyclist came a sharp right-hand corner. Suddenly the front wheel washed out under me on a swathe of gravel and I promptly hit the deck, hard, sliding some short ways further down the road until coming to a crumpled halt spread-eagled on the asphalt. Luckily the guy I just passed stopped to help me up. “Hey young fellah, you hurt?” adding, “It’s not often a young man falls at my feet, must be my lucky day!” “Just winded, I think” as he clears my bike to the side of the road just as a car comes along, as I’m still dazed I’m swept up into his big powerful black arms and carried me out of the way to the roadside layby then gently laid me on my side in the recovery position. “Stay there and catch your breath young’un” he says “Oh you have ripped a big hole in your shorts, bit of gravel rash too. I’ll get some wet wipes and clean you up.” As he goes off to his bike saying, “It may hurt but there’s no blood…yet.” On his return, he kneels in front of me his crotch right in front of my face as he’s gently cleaning my tender now throbbing ass. He’s so close I can smell his musk and the sheer size of his dick, which I swear is growing, as he cleans up my scraped butt cheek. I must admit the ministrations to my ass were hot-wired to my now rock-hard cock. “Is it that bad?” I ask thinking he is spending a lot of time cleaning me up back there. “Oh sorry young’un I got carried away…gotta open the wounds to get the grit out” He stands up and offers to help me to my feet. “Ummm looks like you’re already UP!” I know I am blushing and as a result sheepishly admit, “It felt great even if I do hurt a bit…in fact I feel sick!” I stumble to me feet, lean against the nearest tree and retch, my stomach flips a couple of times but nothing comes up. “Gosh! I now need to pee” as a sudden urge hits me and just in time I pull the front of my ripped shorts down as a bladderful of golden piss strongly arcs from my dick. As I stand and shake the last drips off I look down to notice broken packets of lube, used condoms and soggy tissues by the foot of the tree and am instantly hard as an image of orgies flash through my mind. I stand there that bit too long slowly jacking until brought back to reality with, “Ummm, shock I guess” the black guy with the deep booming voice informs me, his breath hot on my neck as his arms wrap around me again, “here let me help you out.” I instantly melted into his muscular body and felt his hard BBC press into my ass crack and it felt huge. His hands brushed both my nipples and worked his way down to my cock. He ripped away at what was left of my torn lycra shorts and cupped my exposed ass. His one finger brushed my hole. I moaned. While he was doing that I rub my hands over the thin material between my hand and his cock and marvel at the amount of precum that is already seeping through the lycra as I rub his dick to full near lycra bursting hardness. In no time I pull down his shorts to free his gorgeous thick curved cock. We kiss, hard, tongues battling with one another saliva all over my face. He broke off the kiss "Are you OK?" "Yes...... I need this" I pulled off my top as I bend down to lick the end of his cock, swirl my tongue around his fat mushroom head and tease his piss slit. His reaction was to moan out loud. When I stood up he was almost naked. We grind our bodies together all the while kissing hands exploring one another’s bodies. "I love the taste of my first black cock," I tell him Our cocks sliding against each other. He easily turns me round and bumps his cock towards my hole. Rubbing it on my hole makes me moan as I move up and down on his hardness as I was so horny for him to fuck me. He pushed me up against the tree and continued kissing. He worked his way down my neck to my chest and sucked on each nipple turning me on even more than I thought possible. I wanted to make him feel good more than anything in that moment. He bobbed down and ate my ass. No one had ever done that before. I was in heaven, moaning and pushing my ass back against his tongue. He ate my ass for about 10 minutes opening me up and getting most of his tongue right up my chute and when he turned me round and we made out and I could taste myself on him. It was sooooo hot. He slammed me against the tree and slid one, then two, three and finally four fingers in and out of my ass. Wow, my legs shook but boy it felt great I open my legs wider to give him the best access as we continue like this for what felt like forever and I was sooooo into it. The whole time his cock was rubbing copious amounts of precum in my skinned ass making it sting, wet and sticky. His cock felt so good on my ass that I spread my legs more and just then his cock head slipped in my ass about halfway. I was shocked and so was he. We hadn't used any lube and he wasn't trying to penetrate me yet, or so I thought, but there was his cock in my ass, bareback. It felt so good. I grabbed his ass and pulled him into me, fuck it hurt like hell but though wincing I told him, "Don't stop. Fuck me. C’mon fuck me" He pushed in hard as my sphincter gave way to the pressure, pinged then stretched further as he plunged the whole length in to his scratchy pubic hairs and with no time to adjust rapidly began pumping away. His sawing in and out threw me about like a rag doll but I hung on to the tree for support every time he bottomed out in my guts. "Oh, fuck, I'm getting close!" he says then started to gently rock his bare cock slowly in and out of my ass. I loved it. No cock had ever felt this good in my ass, I was getting barebacked and I loved it. I thought about stopping but I didn't want to. I knew it was dangerous, but it felt so great that I just kept kissing him and saying "Fuck Me. Fuck me" over and over again. It wasn't much longer before I felt him getting close to cumming, his dick swelled and felt extra hard. He started tensing up and said, "I'm going to cum, cum in your ass, bitch." I’m telling him, "Do it. Cum in me." and pulled him into me as he shot his cum in my ass. "Shit! I'm cumming ... fuck, I'm shooting right NOW." I too was also shooting, but unlike his load, my cum blew all over the forest floor. It must have been biggest load I've ever shot and even after my climax had ended his cock was still throbbing and pulsing spilling cum deep in my bowels. No time for a post fuck kiss as I get one huge shock! There’s clapping behind us, “Nice show Kyle. Heard you tested Poz the other day, he your first victim since?” Kyle’s cock was still rock hard in my ass and I felt it twitch again in response. WHAT DID HE JUST SAY? I completely froze. “So, your husband told us you finally have HIV now, congrats you’ve joined us in the brotherhood man! Good to see you’re spreading your diseased seed.” My mind was racing. ‘Shit what had I done. Is it too late? Maybe I’ll be lucky and it won’t take. They’re joking, right?’ I had just been in fantasyland, fucked by an unbelievable man with a fantastic big black cock who had cum inside me and now I find out he’s POZ? My head was about to explode and my mind was spinning fast. What should I do? Time was passing so slowly with everything that was on my mind. Kyle’s cock was still hard as a rock, his erection planted deep in my guts plugging his toxic seed making sure none could escape. I tried to move forward slowly to remove his cock from my ass but I was too up against the tree and now two other black guys were surrounding me. Oh God! What to do? The answer was made for me as a minute later their zippers were down, my head yanked down and on to another enormous cock, “Suck this, get it slippery and wet coz that’s the only lube you’re getting bro’” I was hard as fuck again and rocking back and forth getting skull fucked which in turn pushed Kyle’s cock farther inside. Now I didn’t care about the hot load inside me. I was hungry for more cock, needed more black cock. I had to keep from screaming when Kyle pulled his monster out of my ass, partly because it hurt and partly because it left me feeling so…empty. I pulled off the dick in my mouth, turned around looked Kyle straight in the eye and begged him to fuck me again. He didn’t need asking twice but I found it to be a big turn on for me and in no time at all he had that monster back inside me and was fucking me as hard and fast as he could with his full length. And I thought the previous fucking was good, man could this guy move. Getting seriously plowed by a POZ stud with a huge cock, one load in me and another on the way was the biggest aphrodisiac coz my dick was bouncing rigid spraying strands of clear precum everywhere as my head was pulled down to suck dick again. “You like this big dick fucking you?” “Mmmmm. Yes. Sir, I sure. Do.” Is all I can say with a mouthful of cock down my throat? “You heard I’m POZ?” I immediately moan, “Yes,” in response. He pushed hard into me driving his cock as deep as he could and , grabbing my hair and pulling my head back as far as he could. “You want another POZ load in that hole don’tcha?” “Yes.” “Yeah I know you do. I’m working on it young’un. I’m gonna fuck so much cum into you. Do your friends know you’re a cum slut? That’s what you are now, a dirty POZ cum slut?” He all but shouts into my ear whist all the time is driving that HIV laden cock in and out of my ass, his diseased cum filled balls slapping my ass. “You want this load? You want me to breed you? You want me to infect that ass, don’t you?” There is only one answer I can give “Yes. Yes. YES! God yes!” I wanted him to blow another load into me and keep on fucking his POZ loads until I was infected and he would just keep fucking me. “You asked for it baby boy, here it comes.” His body slammed into me again and again as he climaxed dumping shot after shot of poisoned cum into my hole. I was shaking from the thrill as I could feel his hot breath on the back of my neck and I could feel his cock throbbing with each heartbeat. After a moment, he pulled out with an audible plop and a flood of cum ran down my wobbly legs, he smeared his cummy dick across my scratched butt cheek then moved in front of me and ordered me to clean his dick off which I happily did. I took his dick in my mouth and sucked him clean of cum and ass juices. God did that cock taste like heaven. “Good boy young’un” was all he said satisfied that it was clean he put it away in those tight lycra shorts. "He’s all yours Jay. Won’t need any lube now, plenty of slick lubricant in that wrecked hole. Cum, the best lube ever!” I soon felt Jay’s index finger go inside me, followed by another, and yet another as he tried to stretch my hole enough to accommodate his impressive, shorter but much thicker member. "Oh man, oh baby boy, your hole is still so tight and hungry, I love how you grip my fingers despite Kyle’s hole wrecker twice fucking you good. I'm gonna love adding to your hole making you our own personal cumdump." Jay barked into my ear as he roughly fingered my hole. "I think you're ready baby boy, take a deep breath, relax and enjoy, you are so gonna be in for a bumpy ride." Jay’s fingers were ripped out of my ass, he stood as he mate thrust a bottle of poppers under my right nostril and said "Take a couple of deep breaths boy, trust me, you're gonna need all the help you can get". I breathed in the heady smell and as this warm relaxing feeling rushing over me and my hole relaxed, Jay's big cock head popped inside me and I felt my hole stretch wider than it had ever stretched before. "Ohh fuuuuck!" I groaned as he continued to slide his cock inside me and I felt my insides shift to accommodate this monstrously thick cock totally filling my no longer tight, ass. He finally was planted balls deep inside me. "Hey baby boy, I wish you could see how your hole twitches around my cock! Renton look at this, it’s sucking me in, the hungry bitch wants more" He exclaimed excitedly. He started slowly pulling his cock out of me and I could feel the rim of his cockhead pulling on my ass lips as he withdrew until only the head was in me. He pushed balls deep again and started a slow in and out sawing motion that had me trembling with pleasure, excitement, and what I can only describe as ecstasy once more. Not wanting to be left out, Renton stuffed his thick uncut cock into my mouth and I was soon gagging on his equally huge hard cock now stopping the oxygen supply that sent shivers throughout my body and I felt light headed and limp. I came to as Jay roughly slammed his cock balls deep inside me, just as Renton pulled out, his breathing quickened and his pistoning actions became erratic as he started grunting and groaning. "Fuck! I'm not gonna last any longer! I'm gonna fill you up baby! You ready?!" Jay slams his cock balls deep and holds it there deep inside me shooting bathing the walls of my ass with his red hot POZ juices. Jay collapsed on my back panting hard he eventually caught his breath and slowly pulled his huge cock out of me, leaving me with an empty feeling that needed to be filled again. "Fuck Yeah! I want that ass right now!" Renton exclaims. Renton's cock was thinner but slightly longer with a wicked curve than Jay's and instantly I felt his cock easily slide balls deep into me. That curve made a noticeable difference from the first in stroke, pressing on my prostate, making my cock just and shoot yet more precum. “Fuck Babyboy clamp those ass muscles around my big black dick!” I try my best “I love the look of your lily-white ass against my black log as it swallows it whole.” Renton says as he completely pulled his cock out and rammed back in, “Pushing all that POZ cum deeper up your ripped-up guts, making sure we knock you up good.” By this point, my young cock had been painfully hard from all the prostate stimulation making me tingle all over and my toes curl with pressure building in my balls, cum boiling ready to shoot at any moment. Renton bucks his hips hard against butt making me scream "Oh fuck! I'm gonna cum!" "Shoot, get rid of that useless neg load" he bellows while continuing to slam back into me and his thrusts become even more frantic and that was all it took. Cum flew from my dick, my hole spasmed erratically and gripped his cock tighter clearly pushing him over the edge and he slammed balls deep, “Pozzing your ass, your ass is mine too now Babyboy!” As I distinctly felt every blast of poison shoot from his dick. The three hugged me and Kyle growled in my ear, "Your ass is ours! From now on you're gonna want my dick, and my friends' dicks and you'll always carry us with you, coz you only get pozzed once!” Jay adds, “We’re here at this layby most nights, dusk time so when you need another fucking you know when and where to come…and when you get sick find us coz we’ll all need a potent recharge from your fresh HIV Positive white dick. Gotta keep them strains toxic!” When I got home I lay on my bed thinking about what had just happened. My cock was rock hard again, painfully hard and I don’t know what’s a matter with me? I jacked another load out, perhaps my last neg cum as I fingered my puffy hole and shot all over my now not so white bib shorts. I certainly got a fitting souvenir of a remarkable ride, one I’ll never forget.
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    This is yet another True Story of how I started playing with Men and became the slutty bottom I am today. The year was 1989, I was a teenager at the time, barely 18 if I remember correctly. My family had had money, we'd been living in a small suburb in Southern California called Arcadia and had had a very beautiful home. My father had been a union landscaper at the Santa Anita race track, a popular horse-racing track in the area. Unfortunately, my father had developed a very bad gambling habit and was soon gambling his paycheck away on the horse races which led to us losing our home. That did not last very long and we soon found ourselves moving to a low income part of the San Gabriel Valley in Southern California and I soon began to call a small town by the name of "El Monte" (The Mound) my home. Moving to a new area was definitely a culture shock for me. While I was used to having my own porch and front yard, I now had just a stairwell and small stoop to share with my neighbors. While previously I'd had freedom and privacy, now I apparently had eyes on me all the time. I clearly rememberer taking out the trash and hearing my neighbors whistling jokingly at my short gym shorts and laughing at my near naked legs as I would walk over to the dumpster to throw the garbage away. Our apartment was directly above a two bedroom apartment where I swear at least 6 latin guys were living. I remember going down to take the trash out one time and 3 of my downstairs neighbors were just sitting on the landing and stairs drinking cheap beer and laughing as I squeezed my way past them. One of them had whistled at me, said "Nice legs!", and asked if I needed help, his attention made me blush for some reason and I just whispered , "no, thank you". He immediately said, "Well, if you need some help, I'm Javier and I'll take care of you baby". Just hearing him say that embarrassed the hell out of me and I ran from him while wishing I could run towards him instead. This type of flirtatious behavior continued for a few weeks and I found myself liking my polite friend more and more. All of the guys that lived downstairs were really young and nice and, I must admit, kinda sexy looking and I grew to trust and like them as time progressed. Finally, one muggy summer day, I had gotten home from school really early since the school year was letting out and I knew that my parents wouldn't be home for another 6 hours or so and something inside me was just restless. I can't explain it but I really wanted to talk to Javier and get to know him better. The apartment was hot and humid and I soon found myself bored but curious to see if my neighbors were home. Not knowing what else to do, I walked into my house, changed into my running shorts and decided to pretend to water my plants. As I was absentmindedly watering my plants, Javier came out of his apartment wearing sweat shorts and sneakers and said, "Hi Baby!" I blushed when I saw his defined naked chest and a small dark trail of hair leading from his belly button down into his shorts and meekly said "Hi" as I walked to the faucet to turn the water off. He bounded up the stairs and asked me why I was home so early. I told him that we'd only had half a day cause school had let out for the summer. He asked me where my parents were and I told him that they were at work til six so I was alone and bored til then. Javier asked if I'd like to come to his apartment and have a drink with him and I said "sure" not understanding why his invitation was making me so nervously excited. Javier was all smiles as he explained that neither he nor his roommates had gone to work since they worked construction and we had just gotten over a very bad storm the day before, construction work would be halted for at least a couple of days as the ground dried. He led me towards his apartment and for some reason his strong hand leading me by the small of my back had me breathing heavy and feeling strangely nervous. As we walked through his door, I saw two of his roommates sitting on the couch watching TV with drinks in their hands. "That's Tomas and Daniel." Javier said as the guys looked my way and waved at me. "Hey Adam" the guys said almost in unison. "There's also, Francisco, Douglas (which he pronounced Doo-Glass), and Andres (which made me giggle because I thought he said Undress), but they're at the store picking up some food and drinks". "Adam is home alone and bored so I invited him in for a drink." Javier told the guys on the couch as he moved towards the fridge and took out some orange juice and a bottle of what I later learned was Vodka. "Wanna try a screwdriver or do you like something stronger?" Javier said teasingly, no doubt knowing that I'd never had alcohol before. "Um, a screwdriver is cool" I said, not having the slightest clue what he was talking about but not willing to let him know that. He fixed me the drink and when he handed it to me, I drank almost half of it in one gulp thinking it was the weirdest orange juice I'd ever tasted. "Whoah! Slow down little man, I want you relaxed not drunk!" Javier exclaimed as he took the glass in my hand. Let's go sit down he said and we sat on the love seat next to the couch. It wasn't until we sat down that I noticed that there was porn on the tv, which I hadn't focused on because it was muted and, honestly, I couldn't take my eyes off of Javier's handsome face and sexy upper body; especially his sexy bulging biceps. We sat down to watch the movie and pretty soon I was feeling nice and warm although slightly dizzy but pleasantly so. As we continued to watch the movie, I exclaimed "Wow!" because on the screen, a big busty blonde was sucking the biggest dick I'd ever seen. "You ever done that Adam?", Javier asked and I, wanting to impress him, responded "Sure, lots of times". "Oh, yeah, which one were you? The guy or the girl?" He said and they all laughed as I turned bright red. "Um, I don't know, I was kidding. But I'd still like to see what it's like" I said. "Oh yeah? The sucking or the getting sucked?" Javier asked again as he put his hand on my thigh. His touch and a floaty feeling that I'd started to feel after downing half the drink, gave me a new found confidence. I blurted out something that I'd only thought about alone at night on hot nights when the slightest breeze would make me sprout a boner, "I've always wanted to know what a guy feels like" I said. There was a moment when the energy of the room suddenly changed and all eyes were intently focused on me as my own eyes darted from one tented lap to the next. "No time like the present, little man" Javier said as he got up from the couch and stood in front of me. The huge tent in his shorts was inches from my face and as I took hold of his waistband and pulled down his shorts, his thick uncut cock sprung up and slapped him on the navel as a drop of golden fluid flew from his cock head and landed on my lips. I licked my lips tentatively, the taste was a sweet yet salty mix. As if to the manner born, I leaned over and put his cock head in my mouth intending to mimic what the girl was doing in the movie. Javier gasped audibly and I heard Tomas exclaim, "No fucking way! We got us a cocksucker here!" I started trying to copy the girl in the movie and tried to stuff Javier's cock all the way in my mouth, but he was too long and too thick for me to manage more than half of it. "Oh fuck baby, you're gonna make me shoot but this isn't how I wanna cum. Let me see that cute little ass I've been wanting to fuck since I saw you." Javier said as he put his hands under my armpits and simultaneously lifted and turned me around. He pulled down my shorts and the next thing I felt was him pushing me so that I ended up kneeling on the couch as he went down on his knees, spread my ass cheeks, and this long wet tickling feeling directly on my asshole made me moan in absolute pleasure. I learned that day the heavenly feeling that having my ass eaten out brings. I turned my head nervously, wondering what the other guys must be thinking and I saw them both stand up, drop their shorts, and begin walking towards us with huge erections, the precum literally dripping down their shafts. Now, having just completed sex education in school and Aids being this scary item almost daily on the news, I was afraid and told Javier, I've never done this before but please put on a condom. "Fuck Baby, how am I gonna own your ass if you don't take my cum?" He responded dejectedly. "It's cool," Daniel said, "I've got some, go ahead and put one on." Daniel handed him a gold colored packet and I heard the crinkle of the foil as Javier took the condom and started rolling it over his huge cock. "He's gonna need some lube, go get the Vaseline" Javier instructed and Daniel rushed to the bathroom. I soon felt a cold greasy feeling as Javier began spreading it all over my hole and I soon felt his index finger go inside me, followed by another, and yet another as he tried to stretch my hole enough to accommodate his impressive hole wrecker. Up to this point, I'd tried carrots, cucumbers, and zucchinis; a veritable cornucopia of phallic vegetables. As a result, my hole easily relaxed with the familiar sensation of intrusion. "Oh man, baby, your hole is so tight and hungry, I love how you grip my fingers. I'm gonna love fucking you and making your hole my own personal cumdump." Javier whispered into my ear as he slowly slid his fingers in and out of my hole. "I think you're ready baby, take a deep breath and relax, I promise I'll be gentle." Javier, pulled his fingers out of my ass and stood up, I felt empty but not for very long. Soon, I felt what felt like a baseball spreading my crack and pushing directly right on my asshole. Daniel put a small brown bottle under my right nostril and said "Take a couple of deep breaths baby, trust me, you're gonna need this". I breathed in a pungent smell but within a couple of seconds, I felt this warm relaxing feeling rushing over me and my hole relaxed as Javier's big mushroom shaped cock head popped inside me and I felt my hole stretch wider than it had ever stretched before. I had had various tubular vegetables penetrate my hole before but, pardon the pun, this was no garden variety penetration. This was finally a grown man popping my cherry asshole and welcoming me into the world of man on man sex! "Ohh fuuuuck!" Javier groaned as he continued to slide his cock inside me and I felt my insides shift to accommodate the thick invader filling my tight, but no longer virgin, ass. I finally felt Javier's pubic hair scratching against my ass cheeks and pleasantly rubbing the rim of my asshole as he rested, fully planted balls deep inside me. "Fuck baby, I wish you could see how beautiful your hole looks stretched around my cock!" He exclaimed excitedly. He started slowly pulling his cock out of me and I could feel the rim of his cockhead rubbing inside me as he withdrew til only the head was in me. He pushed balls deep again and started a slow in and out sawing motion that had me trembling with pleasure, excitement, and what I can only describe as ecstasy. "I want to feel that!" Daniel said as he reached under us and started rubbing the rim of my hole and massaging the underside of Javier's cock as it continued to slide in and out of me on its greasy pleasure seeking voyage. Not wanting to be left out, Tomas got up and sat on the back of the couch and stuffed his thick uncut cock into my mouth and I was soon gagging on his hard fucker as Javier's thick cherry popper hit a spot inside me on the downstroke that sent shivers throughout my body. Now, unbeknownst to me, Daniel had started to slide his index finger in my hole alongside Javier's cock, using his thumb to massage the spot between my hole and my balls. That felt amazing and all I could think about was how great I felt with a cock in my mouth, and Daniel's added stimulation, with Javier's cock filling me as the icing on the cake! However, while I'd asked for a condom, they obviously intended to breed my young hole. As Javier slammed his cock balls deep inside me, Daniel slipped his finger inside the rim of the condom so that as Javier pulled out, Daniel essentially held the condom in place and it rolled up Javier's cock as he slid out of it. In a matter that took less than a second, Javier's cock popped completely out of my hole, Daniel's finger also slid out of me (with the condom around his finger, though I couldn't tell) but Javier's cock almost instantly shoved back in and my deflowering resumed. Javier's breathing quickened and his pistoning became erratic and he started grunting and groaning and I felt his hands squeezing my shoulders hard. "Fuck! I'm not gonna last! I'm gonna fill you up baby! Are you ready?!" "Yes!" I tried to say through a mouthful of Tomas' cock as I felt Javier slam his cock balls deep and hold it there, fully embedded in my ass. I felt this strange sensation as if Javier's cock was pulsing like a beating heart held in the grip of my hole and a warm feeling spread from deep inside me where his cockhead was shooting his cum and bathing the walls of my ass in his hot sticky love juice. Javier collapsed on my back and I could feel his heart hammering against my shoulder like a rabbit trapped inside a cage too small to contain it. I was still frantically sucking Tomas' cock as he held the back of my head with one hand and caressed my cheek with the other. He was obviously enjoying my mouth but was controlling the pace so he wouldn't cum too quickly. Javier eventually caught his breath and slowly pulled his huge cock out of me, leaving me with an empty feeling and the need to be filled again. "Fuck Yeah! I want that ass right now!" Daniel exclaimed. I briefly pulled off of Tomas' cock to say, "Don't forget the condom please!" "Don't worry baby, we won't forget the condom." Daniel chuckled and I heard the familiar crinkling sound of another golden foil wrapper. Daniel's cock was slightly thicker than Javier's so he turned to Javier and said, give him a couple of hits, he's gonna need them. Javier then placed the small brown bottle under my nose and once again I breathed in the pungent scent that I knew would give me that awesome warm rush. Almost instantly, I felt an even bigger cockhead pressing against my hole and I gasped as Daniel's cockhead once again broke through my defenses. Now, while Javier's cock stood out straight from his body, Daniel's cock had a slight downward curve to it and the difference was definitely noticeable. From the first downstroke, I could feel his cock pressing on that magical spot inside me that sent shivers throughout my young body. "Damn Javier! You should take a closer look at how beautiful my cock looks stretching his hole." Daniel exclaimed, to which Javier responded by sliding his index finger inside me along Daniel's thick uncut fucker and proceeded to use his thumb to massage and stroke that amazing spot between my asshole and my balls. Unbeknownst to me, Javier had also stuck his finger under the condom's rim and was essentially rolling the condom up and off of Daniel's dick as Daniel shoved his hole wrecker balls deep in me and pulled out til only the edge of his cockhead was stretching my ass lips, almost completely barebacking me at this point. Just as Daniel had done, Javier shoved his finger knuckles deep in me and completely rolled the condom off of Daniel's hard baby maker. "Fuck Baby! I love how beautiful your hole looks as it stretches and struggles to take my cock!" Daniel said as he completely pulled his cock out of me as an excuse for Javier to extract the condom. Javier hooked his finger in a beckoning gesture and pulled his finger (and the condom) out of me but all I wanted at that moment was for anything, be it cock, finger, or vegetable to fill me up once again. By this point, my teen cock had been rock hard and since Daniel's first downward stroke, that tingling sensation in my balls had been building up in a crescendo, you know the one, that tingle in your nutsack that signals that your cum is gonna come shooting out of you any moment. I briefly pulled off of Tomas' cock and exclaimed, "Oh my God! I'm gonna cum!" "Go for it Baby!" Daniel encouraged me as the small brown bottle was once again place under my nose. Daniel timed the rush with his cock slamming back into me and his thrusts became frantic yet determined. I couldn't help myself anymore and as my first cumshot flew from my dick, my hole spasmed erratically and gripped his cock tighter than I'd ever clenched in my young life. This clearly pushed him over the edge and he slammed balls deep in me and let his cum flood my guts with a growl worthy of any Lion rutting to show the pride who the Alpha truly is. At the same time, Tomas had been thrusting his cock as far into my mouth as it could go and, holding my head forcefully against his lap, he began to cum All I could do was swallow or drown and so swallow I did. As our orgasms subsided, Daniel hugged me against his chest and growled in my ear, "Your ass is mine Baby! From now on you're gonna want my dick, and my friends' dicks and we'll always be with you. We took your cherry and no one can take that from us!" The only response I have to that all these years later, is that he absolutely knew what he was talking about. For the next couple of days and the remainder of the summer, I continued to go to their apartment after my parents would leave for work, provided that they themselves didn't have to go to work. They became my first adult friends, and lovers, and Daniel eventually became my first boyfriend. I eventually caught on to the trick with the condoms but by that point it didn't I'd been bred dozens of time by then so I just shrugged and said, "Well, it does feel way better without a condom." Definitely NOT The End
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    Part 10 I was awake most of the night, wondering if Danny knew that he was stealth and had toxic cum shoot up his hole and down his throat. I wondered if he would soon convert to being poz. The strange thing was that my cock grew rock hard thinking about what we had done. Too late to change anything. I got up early to prepare for “anything” and even left for work early. I was the first one in the office, hell I was so early that the floor lights were not even on. I went to my desk and started to work in the dim light that was available. “Damn you’re early” one of my co-workers said. “Yeah, I didn't finish a report on Friday for a meeting with the boss today,” I said, “was too lazy yesterday to come in and do it” I worked until my meeting with my boss. Knocking on his office door I was a little nervous of the unknown. “Come” my boss’s voice said from behind the door. I entered and quickly moved to the chair and sat down. “Interesting day we had yesterday” he said. “Yes Sir,” I replied, “was hard thinking about what we did to my neighbor” He stood behind his desk, dropping his cock on it. His pants were unzipped and his horse meat and balls were hanging out. “Drop your pants and bend over the side of my desk,” he said. I didn't hesitate and followed his orders. My pants and underwear were around my ankles. He started stroking his cock causing it to grow. With he free hand, he pushed the speaker button on his phone, the dial tone killed the silence in the room. He dialed a number and the phone on the other end began to ring. As he waited for the other person to pick up, he moved behind me and slid into my Hole. I moaned just as a voice started to speak through the phone. “Hey Jake, what's up” the voice said. “My monster dick and its sliding up my whore’s ass” my boss said. “Yeah,” the voice asked. “I don't lie about where my cock is” I heard the faint sound of a zipper being pulled down and rustling of clothes coming through the speaker. “You have my attention, Jake,” the voice said. “Pulled your cock out huh,” my boss said. “In hand and stroking” My boss started to pump in and out of my ass a bit faster. I moaned a bit. “You up the ass of the employee that you infected?” He asked. “Yeah, he's my whore now” my boss said, “we raped a Marine yesterday and stealthed his neighbor” “Fuck man,” the voice said. My boss undid his belt, opened his pants and let them drop to his ankles. I could feel bare skin hitting my ass. “When are you loaning me that whore” he voice asked. “When you want it” my boss asked. “Having a party this weekend,” he said, “still don't have a party favor” “He's yours,” my boss said, “but I get his Friday at 6 to about 10” “Party will just be getting started by then” the voice said. My boss started to speed up fucking my hole. I moaned more and more. “Vocal bitch huh?” “Yeah but a cock deep in his throat will drown that out” my boss said. My boss was really pounding my hole now. I could hear the voice over the phone start to groan. My boss’s cock was now rock hard. “About to give him my poz load” my boss said. “Fuck man dump that strain into him” My boss grabbed my hips and really started to pound my ass. I was sure that my co-workers could hear me getting fucked in the boss’s office. “Damn Jake, about to shoot,” the voice said, “wish it was up your hairy ass” “Shoot it Rick” my boss grunted out. “I'm cumming” was the only thing I heard from the phone. My boss slammed hard into my ass. I felt his cock pulse and twitch as it shot HIV deep into me. “Shooting up his ass” my boss moaned. “Shot in my hand Jake, going to eat it” “Fuck yeah” my boss said as he pulled his cock from my ass. “Clean it” he ordered. I dropped to my knees and took his spent cock into my mouth and sucked it clean. “Balls back in your court Rick, top that call” “Might take a while” he replied, “later bud” “Yeah got another assignment for the whore” I continued to suck my boss’s softening cock. He worked my head back and forth on his cock for a few minutes. I kept his soft cock in my mouth as he gave me my instructions for my assignment. “Take the elevator to the fifteenth floor, after you exit turn left and head into the men's room. The floor should be empty, under renovations and no work today. In the men's room, go to the last stall, enter, but do not lock, remove your pants and underwear and bend over holding on to the toilet, ass towards the door and wait.” I nodded with his cock in my mouth. “Get to work!” I left and head five floors up. It was eerie walking off the elevator to an empty floor. I found the men's room, pushing the door open, I discovered a dark room. It smelt of old piss. As I entered I felt for the light switch. I flipped it on, but that didn't help much. The room was barely lite. My eyes adjusted slowly. I carefully made my was to the last stall. The door creaked as I pushed it open. I walked through the door, as I unfastened my belt and pants. I kicked off my shoes and moved them out of the way. I listened carefully for any movement outside the men's room. I unzipped and then pushed my pants and underwear down, stepping out of them. I did a half-ass fold and tried to put them on my shoes. Bracing myself, I bet forward, pulled my shirt up, but found it would slide down, so I pulled it off and dropped it on the floor. There I stood bare ass naked except my socks. I could feel the cold tile floor through the socks. Chills traveled through my body. My mind seemed to be playing tricks on me, as I heard almost every quiet creak and groan of the building. I almost jumped as I heard the door to the men's room open slowly, then shut. I closed my eyes as footsteps moved through the men's room to where I was. They stopped right outside the stall door, which creaked open as the unknown person pushed it inwards.
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    I been in a master slave relationship since I was 18th serving my master for nearly 12 years now. My master made me work as a bike massager and he always pick the spandex outfits I had to wear for the whole week not the normal shorts and jerseys ones but a cycling skinsuit that been custom made to my master need. At the beginning of the week my master would hand me a skinsuit and lock me in using a padlock on my collar and if I ever need to pee I was order to pee in my suit as you can tell by the end of the week I was very smelly. I had a busy day work on the Friday but I had other things on my mind as tomorrow is my birthday when I turn 30 and I hope my master will have some thing planed for me. We live in a flat above a shop and a basement sex club for which I never been to. I seen guys going in and out of it but there no listing for it any where. When I got home I put the bike in the bike room we had at the front of the flat and I notice in there was a box with a new bike inside could this be I'm getting a new bike, I should say or act about it just go in and speak to my master that I'm back from work. My master didn't say nothing to me just nodded at me this wasn't normal any way I strip naked and washed myself down so I'm all clean for my master needs this weekend. My master came into the bathroom he said. "I'm doing some work to your room so you can't sleep in your cage tonight so you can sleep in the spare room tonight you will need to make it up" This is weird I hasn't slept on a bed since I was a teen but then again I don't have a life my master own me so I replied "Yes Master" Before my master left the room he turn around and looked at me. "by the way I got a friend coming around now so finish off and stay naked and come out to me so I can put this blindfold on you as you getting a tattoo tonight but you will not be able to see it until tomorrow. I agreed to it and clean myself and came out to my master who then blindfold me and I couldn't see a thing. Later that day I found myself laying face down on a table unable to see any thing I could here my master talking in the background and the other guy say are you happy with this tattoo design. The next thing I could feel was pain as the tattoo gun pinning just above my ass crack. It went on for some time must of been some big tattoo as I felt it right across my ass. When the guy finish they wrap some thing around my ass and I was order to sleep on my front tonight ass up so I didn't make a mess. I Found it hard getting to sleep that night maybe I wasn't use to sleeping on a bed or it could the pain I feeling on my back. I woke up to the sound of my master footsteps I could hear him opening the door to my slave room listing carefully I could hear say "Good boy you are training well I think you ready for your new tasks and roles as my current slave is retiring today" What the fuck when through my mind I haven't done any thing wrong then why is my master getting rid of me like that. My master came in to the room and told me to get up now and don't get dressed. I got out of the bed and standing there naked in front of my master he them put a chain on my collar and pull me along as I follow him into the next room. In the room was another guy who was on the skinny side then my master spoke to him as I listen. "Here the slave, He just turn 30 today and I no long got any need for him now too old now for my liking. I trained him well over the past 12 years so he should ready for any of your needs." My master handed over the chain to the skinny guy as he came up to me and felt my body checking me out. "He will do great with us and I love the tattoo you gave him that will go down well with all of us" I still haven't see the tat yet I still got no idea what it is. My master then turn and look at me in the eye, " Thank you slave you been great over these past 12 years but you grow old now and I like my slave young so I hope you enjoy your final years of retirement and my friend here will look after you. He runs the club in the basement and you will be of great use to them." I'm now confused here I'm only 30 I still got a long time ahead of me I'm still fit and healthy why am I being retire and told enjoy my final years. My now ex master open the door and the skinny guy start to pull on the chain making me follow him out, I'm still naked as I left the door slam shut behind me. My life to what I was use to was now over and what is my new life going to be I know nothing about this guy or the club in the basement. We arrive in the basement it was dark only lit by a single small light there was only one door down here. On the door it said private club enter at your own risk, the skinny guy unlock the door and pull me in and locked it behind me. Behind the door was a small room with a mirror on one wall and another door I follow the skinny guy into the next room which was a changing room, Ok I get the idea it's one of these sex clubs maybe. The skinny closed the door behind me and I noticed some text on the door "No one has ever left here neg" What dose that means, The skinny guy pulls me into a much bigger room with a bar and many other small dark room with photos of gay porn on the walls. The skinny guy then take my chain off and then tell me that I'm safe down here feel free to walk around and get use to my new as he got some work to do. I saw a wall which was full of photos of guys being fucked, I stood there look through them all and at the top it said "Our members of our brotherhood" Must of been a list of the club members. Then the skinny guy came and put his hand on my ass and spoke into my ear, " Tonight you will be welcome into our club and you will soon learn your new role in life as we all very looking forward to getting to feel your ass. All these photos on this wall show all the guys that we have welcome to our club one this here was me back when I was a very fit healthy muscle stud " I looked at the photo and saw it wow he was one hot looking guy back then but the guy fucking him look very sick almost like he was, um sure not it couldn't be. Then the skinny guy point to another photo " This was the guy who was your ex master slave before you " I ask what happen to him? He reply he only last 3 years here before he died. I felt a not so good feeling in me about this I turn away just to clear my head a little sure this couldn't be happening. I mean surely it can't be real all this. I saw a room that had a big area to sit down as I walk in I noticed that all the walls have mirror on them and you could see every angle of any thing that was happening in here, Then I saw the tattoo that my ex master gave me before kicking me out. Just above was the biohazard symbol and just below it said cumdump. So my ex master gave me retirement from him to only be used a cumdump for poz guys. So many thing was flying through my head that I just couldn't believe what is about to happen to me. My neg days is over as I stared in my eye in the mirror. " I see you seen you tattoo " said the skinny guy standing next me I nodded yes. " Now you know I better get you ready for tonight as you will get every type of Aids virus that no meds in the world will save you" I felt the fear in me but it didn't show in my cock that went rock hard point right up like it saying give me every thing. " Looks like you really want, well you got some time before it start so I can give you start off now if I can have you last ever neg load " I couldn't answer back as the skinny push me and bent me over a table and then I felt his cock pushing into my ass I could see it in the mirror it look like my ass was eating his cock it was dry no lube was use on it, felt like my skin was breaking up down there so much pain but the feeling of the raw cock going deeper inside me felt so good. He start to pull out and in but it felt like it was getting easier like some lube has been used down there I look down and saw some blood on the floor then it hit me that wasn't lube he rip me open for his poz load. I know there nothing I can do now any minute now his cock is going to explode in me shooting his toxic loads deep into me. The skinny guy started to moan louder I could tell he getting close. " Boy you going to get, say goodbye to your neg days and welcome your new poz cumdump life " My ass tighten up after hearing that " Oh fuck yeah tighten up at much as you want you can't stop my poz cock riding your hole now, Here it come take my toxic load you cunt " The skinny guy cock felt like it was growing hard then he let a very loud moan. He was cumming it felt like he was cumming big time. " Welcome to our poz brotherhood I save up two week load for you and you better enjoy it " He pull out of my ass, I stood up to see his cock with some pinkly cum still on it. " Now for your last neg load " the Skinny guy drop to the floor and put my cock in his mouth, I never been suck off like this before he must be a pro at it, I didn't last long and I blew my last neg load in to his mouth licking every last drop of it. He look me into the eye " Thanks for that, guys last neg load is always the most tasty ones! " I sat down knowing that his poz load is swimming around my body and later today I going to get even more. How many years will I cope before the virus eat me up? I don't really know.
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    Dad's Basement Part Thirty-Three As I sat in the passenger’s seat of Dad’s big truck, heading to Dax’s or Grandpa’s not sure what to call him yet. I thought about the last two weeks. No sex, no jerking off, nothing. I found it really hard to keep my hands off my dick, or even Dad’s dick. One night I even snuck into his bed and tried to suck off his cock while he was sleeping, only to get a smack on the back of my head. My ass got a smack on another time, when Dad caught me pulling on my cock. Dad even threatened to put me back into chastity. Dad and I were both ready for fun, but I wasn't sure exactly what kind of fun. My cock was semi hard in my jeans and by the look of Dad’s crotch so was he. Bastard knew what was about to go down. “So, where is pops place?” I asked. “Pops?” “Yeah, can't call him Dax and Grandpa doesn't sound right” I said. “Oh he is going to love that!” “Seriously Dad, where are we going” “Well, it's not to an area of town that you should go alone” Dad said, “it’s in the old industrial section” “That's where he lives” I asked “Nope, it's where he works, or does his work” he said, “you will see, just wait” “Not going to spill the beans, are ya Dad” “Nope” he said grabbing his crotch. I looked out of the truck window, watching the rundown buildings and empty lots going by. Every now and then I would see a group of women on a street corner, hookers. Hell, I saw a couple of men standing on a corner, male hookers. Dad pulled up to a gate for a fenced in lot. He honked his horn. The gate jumped and started to open. Dad drove through the gate. The gate automatically closed while we were parking. The lot was barely lite. We got out and moved toward a door with a painted warning in it. My eyes widened when I was able to make it out clearly. “WARNING: Radioactive materials stored inside.” I looked at Dad and he just shook his head and laughed. He knocked three times and paused then knocked again. I laughed, was that just a secret knock. The door opened and Dad moved through. I paused and then followed. Inside was just as lit as the parking lot. I moved quickly to catch up with my Dad that I didn't even look to see who opened the door and let us in. Dad had stopped outside another door. “You ready for this?” he asked me. “Yeah Daddy,” I said. Dad knocked on the door four times then waited. After few second he kicked it twice and then knocked. “What the fuck Dad,” I said, “secret knocks?” Before he could answer I heard locks clicking open, multiple locks. The door opened, but just enough for part of a face to be exposed. “The wind blows AIDS up my ass” Dad said. I couldn't hold it, I busted up laughing. The door slammed shut, causing Dad to turn to me and say: “Good job numb nuts” Before I could answer the door opened. The light shining inside was blinding. As my eyes adjusted, they widened. I could not believe my eyes on happening inside the large warehouse.
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    “Forgive me Father for I have sinned. It’s been a month since my last confession” “To be forgive my son, you must confess all your sins to me” the Priest said from behind the screen. “Father, I have engaged in sins of the flesh” “Please continue” “I had sexual relations with a man, Father” “Was there penetration” “Yes Father, both oral and anal” “My son, sodomy is going against God, but is forgivable” “Father, there is more” “Please go on,” the unknown Priest said, “tell me it all” “Father, I also told false witness to this man” “What did you lie about my son” “He asked if I was ‘clean’ and I lied and said I was” “Clean? Hygienic clean?” “No Father, clean as in disease free” “My son, no one is completely clean” “He was asking if I had any STDs” “My son, are you saying you are not free from God’s punishment from sin” “No I'm not Father” “Why would you bare false witness to this stranger” he asked, “I assume he was a stranger” “Yes, Father he was a stranger. I lied because I hate when people use the term clean that way” “My son, do you feel guilt from your deception” “Not from my deception, Father but from the act that followed” “Sodomy is forgivable” “It wasn't just the sodomy, Father.” “Explain” “When I met the man, he was naked, with his ass up” “Ready for penetration?” “Yes, Father. My erection was throbbing in my shorts” “I see” the Priest said, as I heard a belt buckle rattling. “I dropped my shorts, freeing my erection.” “Was he still in the same position” “Yes Father, ass up” There was more movement from the Priest side of the confessional. “Are you okay Father” “Yes my son, needed to stretch a little,” he said, “please continue” “I took a condom from my short’s pocket” “Condoms are against the Church’s teaching, my Son” “I know Father, but he wanted protection used” “I see” the Priest said as he breathed a little faster. “But, I had doctored the condom” “How my son” “I poked many holes in the condom, thru the wrapper, with a pin” “Why would you do that my son” “To make sure that the condom broke as I penetrated him” I heard more heavy breathing from the other side. “Are you still with me Father” “Yes my son, continue” “After carefully putting the condom on, I slide my erection into his willing rectum” “Was it smooth or hairy” “What, Father?” “His behind?” “It was smooth Father, cheeks and crack” “Beautiful” whispered the Priest “Sorry Father?” “Nothing of importance, my son. Please continue” “His ass was so warm and tight around my erection” “Oh my” “And as planned, Father, the condom broke” “You are inside this man in the flesh” “Yes my erection was exposed inside his flesh, from the tip to the base, where the condom had moved to” There was a soft, steady knocking on the wall between us, as well as a heavy breathing. “You still with me Father” “Yes, my son. You have my full attention up” “I pumped my erection in and out of his rectum” “Did he know the condom broke as you penetrated him over and over” “No Father, but he reached back once and I was fully in him, so he only felt the condom around my erection base” “He was satisfied you were wearing the condom” “Yes Father” “Are you erect as you confess” “Yes Father” “Please continue” “When I climaxed Father, I did not pull out” “You spilled your seed inside his rectum” “Yes Father” I said, “deep inside” “And what of the condom when you removed your spent erection from his rectum” “I quickly removed it and discarded it” “Was the man still deceived” “Yes Father” “My son, what was so bad about that” “Father, I carry HIV” “My son, your guilt must be a large weight on your shoulders” “Not really Father” “My son, your deliberate act makes the Angels weep” “Father, if I am to be truthful with you, I must confess more” “Is this not the first time you did this” “No Father I have done this with at least a dozen men” “You have penetrated a dozen men with your erection” “Yes Father” The knocking was becoming more steady and his breathing a bit heavier” “Do you take more pleasure from the penetration or the passing of your disease” “If I answer honestly Father, would you answer a question from me honestly” “Of course my son” “I get more pleasure from passing the disease” “Oh my son!” “Father, are you self pleasuring as I confess” “My son, God’s holy shaft is in hand” “Father, before I left this man,” I said, “I penetrated his mouth with my penis” “Did this get you erect again” “Yes Father, fully erect” “Did he oral stimulate you until you spilled your seed again” “He did, Father. His mouth was very warm” “Oh my” “Father are you close to spilling your seed” “Yes my son, I am on the edge” “I want you to bless me with your Holy Seed” “My son, exit the confessional and head to the restroom on the second floor.” “Yes Father” I stood and adjusted my erection in my shorts. Before opening the door, I heard the Priest say: “Kneel in prayer” I silently moved through the Church and up the stairs to the men's room on the second floor. My footsteps echoed through the empty Church hall. The door to the men's room creaked as I pushed it open. I quickly dropped my shorts and knelt on the cold hard tile floor. My cock was sticking straight up. I heard footsteps approaching as I folded my hand in prayer I front of me, lowered my head and closed my eyes. The door slowly creaked open. “My son, God has forgiven you for your transgressions, but you must resist the temptation to sin in the future” “Yes Father” I heard the rustling of his garments and the distinct sound of a zipper being lowered. “I must wash away your sins” There was more movement and rustling. “Look up my son, look in my eyes” I opened my eyes and moved my stare up his body. His erected penis and testicles were sticking out of his zipper. His cock was massive, a good eight and a half inches long, thick and veiny. I looked directly into his eyes as he started stroking again. His hand moved quickly up and down his shaft. “Your penance is to take my Holy seed, allow its goodness to consume you” He was quickly stroking his cock, pre-cum oozed out of his piss slit, which was picked up by his hand and coated his shaft. “Open your mouth” I opened wide, he moved the head of his cock to just inside my mouth. I kept my mouth opened as wide as I could, his pre-cum dripped on my tongue. His breathing was heavy again. Without warning the first shot of cum hit the back of my throat, each volley of cum shot into my mouth. Some was running down my throat, causing a tickle. He squeezed his shaft hard, milking the last of his cum out onto my tongue. As he put his cock back into his black pants he said: “Your sins are forgiven, go and sin no more, my son” He left me kneel there on the bathroom floor.
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    “Peter, lets go cruising for dick” I suggested. “Cool” I grabbed a pair of gym shorts out of my bag and slipped them on. Peter did the same. After each of us put on our shoes, we were out the door, each with poppers in hand. We rolled down all the windows and we set out to explore Palm Springs and cruise for cock. The air was hot blowing through the car causing each of us to start sweating, the smell was exciting. We drove through downtown. There were men everywhere. I saw a lot of men that I wanted to fuck me, but we didn't stop. As we turned down a side street, I noticed a guy walking towards us. He was shirtless. As we got closer, he grabbed his crotch. Peter slowed down and flashed the headlights. The man crabbed his crotch again, then stopped walking. We stopped next to him. “Hey buddy” I said. “Hey, looking for some poison” he asked “Looking for an injection of the deadliest” I said. “Got just what you want, but comes at a price” I motioned for him to get in the car, he adjusted his crotch again and walked to the back door. “You sure you want it” “Positive” He got in and we drove off. “What's the price of death on the street?” Peter asked “It's sold by the shot” “We want four shots!” I said quickly, “two each” “$400” the man said, “gave you the friends and family discount” “No problem” I said. “Which one of you is chasing death” “I am” I said, “he's already found death” It didn't take long to get back to the motel. The man was the first one out of the car. As I got out he grabbed my ass. I just stood there. He pulled my shorts down over my ass and squeezed each cheek. His fingers ran up inside my crack and over my hole. He stepped closer as his finger found my hole. “Looks like your quest for death has already began” “Yeah but I haven't accepted death yet” I grabbed my arm and pulled it back until my hand was on his crotch. I rubbed the front and discovered his hard cock. I squeezed it as his finger slid into my hole deep. “Come on guys,” Peter said, “lets do this inside” “Relax,” the man said, “its Palm Springs” I popped open the jeans of the man and stuck my hand in, wrapping my fingers around his thick cock. He flexed it in my hand. I moved my ass on his finger. “You’ in heat,” he said, “burning up from the inside” I pulled his cock out of his jeans. His balls were still tucked inside as I moved my ass towards his cock. He pulled his finger out of my hole and slowly pushed his cock into my sloppy hole. Reaching around he slid the finger that had been up my ass into my mouth. I eagerly sucked on his finger, tasting the loads from my ass. Peter stood by the hood of the car as the man slid his cock into my hole, between the parked cars. Peter was slowly rubbing his crotch. I pushed back on the man's hard cock, sliding it further into my hole. “I so enjoy fuckers like you,” he said, “ones who embrace death so eagerly” I slowly pulled off his cock, but left the head in then slid back down on it. He braced himself as I pulled off again. With his arms stretched out, hand on our car and hand on the one next to us, I pushed back hard and quick on his cock. I pressed back against him, feeling his jeans press into my ass. I pulled off and slammed back on his again. I continued to fuck my self on his work. “Work out my death, you twisted fucker” he said. Peter, still rubbing his cock through his shorts, was looking about to make sure no one pulled up and made trouble. I could hear cars passing by on the street, but that didn't stop me from fucking myself on the guys cock. My cock was hard trapped inside my shorts, as I moved on and off the street man’s hard cock. He suddenly grabbed my hips and pulled me back hard on his cock. He started the thrust in and out of me harder and harder. “Guys someone is driving up” Peter said, but it was too late. The car slowed as it passed us. Peter tried to get the man fucking me attention but he was focused on pumping in and out of my ass. It stopped and reversed, stopping so the driver was lined up so he could look between the cars where we were fucking. “Dude you fucking that ass?” the driver asked. “Bout to shoot in his hole” the man said. “Fuck yeah, toxic?” “Deadly” The driver pulled up and parked his car. “Ready for your first taste of my death?” I nodded as he pumped my ass harder and faster. The driver of the car had gotten out and was standing next to Peter, watching me as I was about to get my frost load out of this man. The stood there silently, Peter again rubbing his crotch as the driver rubbed Peter’s ass. “Killing you now” the man said as he slammed into me deep. His piss slit opened in my hole and he shot out a thick load of cum. He grunted with each shot. I milked his cock as he shot in me, slowly moving a bit and squeezing my hole around his cock. “That's one hundred” he said pulling out. Peter and the driver moved towards our motel room door. Leaving my ass exposed I walked a little behind them. With his cock hanging out of his jeans, our new escort walked behind me. Peter unlocked the door and the four of us went in, into the cool air.
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    Part 11 I squeezed my eyes even tighter shut, as the unknown person came into the stall. “Don't turn around, eyes forward the whole time,” a man said, “understand white?” “Yes Sir,” I replied. I knew the voice, but could not put a name to it. I heard his belt being undone, followed by a zipper and pants dropping. Hands gripped my ass cheeks and spread them apart. I could hear them man drop to his knees. His hot breathe invaded my crack, heating my hole. I moaned softly as he pressed his face into my crack. I could feel a bushy mustache rubbing and poking me as his tongue licked around my hole. The mustache gave away the identity of the unknown man eating my ass. I was the VP of Human Resources, Mr. Warren. It was his voice that I heard and it was his mustache that I was feeling. Damn what was with the married men in this company. My mind wondered if he was infected with the deadly virus too. Mr. Warren stood and rubbed the head of his cock around my wet hole. “How many loads are in you now, whore?” he asked. “One Sir.” “We will change that soon enough” He started to push his hard cock into my hole. I pushed my hole out allowing him to easily enter my hole. His veiny cock slowly slid into me deep. He didn't stop until his crotch was pressed against my naked ass. Gripping my hips he began to slide out, until his head was pulling my hole outwards. He didn't hesitate and slammed back into me. I grunted loudly, to which he slapped my ass. I jumped. He continued to pull out to his cock head and then slam in. Only every now and then he slapped my ass. The noise from the slap would echo inside the bathroom. His balls were swinging as he fucked my hole. I pushed back meeting his thrusts in, driving him deeper into my ass. I tried to remain quiet, but every now and then I would softly grunt. His moaning was loud and adding to the echoes of the bathroom. “Fuck whore, your hole is fucking hot” he said. I moaned my response to him and pushed back on his cock more. “Gonna dump a big load into you” he said, “don't have to worry about knocking you up” I moaned even louder. My cock was swinging back and forth as pre-cum was oozing out of my cock. He was pounding my hole harder and harder. His cock had thickened and was rock hard. “You want it don't you, you want my cum up that cunt” “Yes give me that load” “Of fuck, here it comes” he yelled slamming his cock deep into my hole. “Breed me deep” He pumped his cock in and out a bit, mixing his load with my boss’s. “Squeeze hard,” he said, “I don't want you you lose my load” I tensed up my muscles as he pulled out. He wiped his cock on my ass cheek and the pulled up and started to leave. Once the stall door closed he said: “Your next cock should arrive soon” he said, “so stay put” “Thank you Sir for you load” “Thank me for more than that” he said, “I just shot a load of syphilis up that ass” “Thank you Sir for your virus” “Your boss’s gift was AIDS, my gift was syphilis,” he said, “who know’s what the next cock will bring you” He left after saying that. There I was bent over a old stained toilet, with two loads up my ass, one with AIDS and one with syphilis. The door to the restroom opened and I could hear footsteps coming to the stall.
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    Saturday of Labor Day weekend I went to Steamworks in Chicago, arriving around 9:00 PM. There was already had a decent crowd. I got to my room, undressed, lubed my hole and opened the door for tops to use me as they wished. After about five minutes of laying on the bed, my lubed and ready ass in the air, the first top entered my room, closed the door, (which is how I knew I was about to get my first load, as most guys will generally rub my ass and/or legs before closing the door). I took a hit of poppers when the top started fingering my hole, obviously preparing it to take his thick cock. He then climbed on top of me and thrust his entire cock in my willing hole. I had to take a few more hits of poppers to get over the shock of being opened so quickly. Two minutes or so later he grunted and bred my hole. A little bit later a couple of Hispanic guys started to play with my hole and rimming me, the door to my room being open the entire time. Honestly, I really find it hot when a top fucks me with the door open, but I digress. Eventually the Hispanic guys closed the door and proceeded to fuck me. The first guy cock was on the thin side, but made up for it in over all length. He fucked for a little bit and then withdrew, allowing the other guy take a turn on my ass. He fucked me for several minutes until I felt his cock throb and he thrust one more time to plant his seed deep in my guts. Afterwards the first top resumed fucking me asking "How you like it? You like being a slut?" Then I heard a third voice ask "How does his hole feel?" Glancing about my room, I realized there were three, not two Hispanic guys in my room. I honestly hadn't noticed when he entered the room, but in any event he was welcome. The other two guys answered the question raised by the third guy saying I was a good bottom and a great fuck. The skinny dick guy continued fucking me, eventually shooting his load into my ass. The third guy took his place and fucked me for no more than 30 seconds before, I kid you not, he asked "How many loads do you have in your hole?" "Three," I replied. "Well, slut, you're about to get your fourth!" With that he bred me. After the three guys left I decided to take a break and cruise the different floors and go to the hot tub to let the loads absorb a little in me, and after I was somewhat refreshed, decided it was time to use the fuck bench on the third floor. No sooner had I lay on the bench when I felt a tongue on my hole. As the guy rimmed me, I fed him some of the four loads I had received. I was not surprised when the guy slid in and added his load to my guts. After the fifth guy blew, he withdrew and an unseen six guy immediately entered my hole, wanting to add his load to the mix. Each time the guy withdrew from my ass I could feel the previous loads dripping out of my now sloppy hole. After about four minutes of wrecking my hole with his cock, the sixth guy gave me his cum. In all, I got six loads that night, and after driving home, slept with all of them in my ass.
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    Some days you just aren’t sure what to do. I had a few days off because I was at the limit my employer allowed me to save and needed to use them or lose them. I had no plans. I thought about going to the bathhouse in Houston, but Harvey ruined that. Maybe the one in Orlando? I had a great time there last summer but Irma has all flights in and out of central Florida halted and millions without power. Maybe travel isn’t a good idea this week. Lucky for me there is an adult bookstore with a theater about twenty minutes away. It’s not in the best neighborhood, but daytime isn’t all that busy so it’s relatively safe. Lots of elderly though, mostly cocksuckers fighting Mother Nature that can’t get it up or cum without prescription assistance. They can get aggressive and their actions do tend to run off the younger men. But they know me and leave me alone to do my thing. Which is bending over and taking on all comers, even them sometimes. With that plan in mind I head to the shower to clean inside and out. After three enema bags, I put on my jockstrap, lube the butt plug up and shove it in to open my ass a little bit. Tight is one thing, but too tight and those semi-hard cocks would never get in. I double check to see that I’m clean and head to the ABS, stopping at the bank to get about $50 in singles for the arcades. It’s too quiet upon arrival. Just the clerk and me. A young girl, but streetwise, she all but ignores me. She takes my money, gives me change in singles for the booths and a bottle of water, and goes back to the series she is watching on her laptop. She’ll watch a whole season by the end of her shift. I go into the theater first which is really two theaters, straight and gay, in adjoining rooms. I adjust the TV volume which is always too loud. Hopefully I won’t be alone for long as the lunchtime crowd should be here soon. I take off my shorts, lube up, and walk around both rooms in my jockstrap. I can think of no better way to advertise what I’m there for than to have my ass exposed and nothing else. There isn’t much chance of police activity and the employees don’t come in unless there is a problem so it feels great to be in a public space nearly naked. I can hear the cash register out front. Someone is coming in. Yes! It’s one of my regulars. He is married, and he doesn’t like crowds so he’ll get what he needs quickly before someone else comes in. He sees me and comes to join me behind the half wall at the back of the room. He’s a good looking dude, 35 or so, decent build and a 7” inch dick. It’s dark, but my favorite sound is clear. That zipper is coming down. I’m on my knees before him in seconds. “I saw your car outside. Thought I might come in for a minute.” I mumbled something back that wasn’t really clear as the tip of his cock hit the back of my throat. I know he likes it slow, wet and with lots of hand action, not up and down but soft twisting all around the shaft. Soon enough he urges me up and over to the end seat. No further words are needed. I lean over the back, place my hands on the armrests, and he slides it in slowly but firmly. I wince as he hits bottom, then slowly starts to pull back. Then a forward thrust all the way back in. I try to relax but he’s hitting deep, being first cock of the day and all. I’m exhaling loudly as he increases his pace, the friction starting to burn as the lube wears away. He’s in the zone now. He puts his two hands on the back of my shoulders and pulls me deeper onto his shaft. Then he stops and holds. He’s unloading into me now. I wish I could feel it. But I know he’s finished. Two soft pats of his hand on my ass tells me that as he pulls out and zips up. Without a word he leaves. I’ve done my part for him. He’ll be back and again I’ll do what is expected of me. That’s my job. I pull my butt plug out of my shorts pocket. As much as I enjoy the feel of cum spilling out of my ass and down my legs, I know there isn’t enough yet. I’m wanting more cum and the first load is just lube for the next guy. I push it in to hold whatever gift he gave me. I return to standing behind the wall in my jockstrap. I realize I didn’t even pull out my poppers for that first fuck. I take a short hit just to see if how strong it is. The bottles they sell today are weak as fuck, most counterfeit labeled with the true ingredients unknown to anyone. This was no different. I’ll save them for that really big cock today that I’m not sure I can take. I hear the register drawer close. Another guy coming in. Crap. It’s a couple. Why do straight couples come in before lunch? They’re new. And it looks like she is fairly attractive, but nervous and clinging tightly to her man. They aren’t here for me and I’m not here for pussy. I am the pussy here. They need to be alone to get comfortable. I slip on my shorts and head out of the theater to the arcades. There are three booths, side-by-side with gloryholes between them. The booths are small with just a folding chair and the TV. I enter the middle booth, strip off my shorts again, pull out the butt plug and put my dollar in which is good for about six minutes. I’m not going anywhere for awhile, at least not until the couple leaves the theater. I fold up the chair, lean it against the wall, and put my ass up against the 4” gloryhole to practice here exactly to stand to be perfectly lined up. It’s a tight fit, especially for tall and short people. LOL. A few minutes later someone enters the booth to my left. My ass is still lined up. I stick another dollar in the machine. I used to look to see who it is, but I no longer want to know. Many times an ass against the hole is a big turnoff and the person who entered the booth will leave right away. But this one did not. In fact he put his own dollar in. Game on! First it’s a finger. Then two, pushing into my hole. Next comes the cock. It only take a moment and he’s in. I bend over at the waist to take it deeper. The lube disappears quickly and I realize he is wearing a damn condom. Shit. Shit. Shit. Oh well. He finishes quickly, pulls back and takes the condom off, drops it on his floor and leaves. I stand up to stretch as someone enters the other booth. I shift over, drop to my knees and have a look. It’s an older gentleman. Instead of reaching for his zipper, he shifts the chair and sits down with his face near the hole. Just another cocksucker. I ignore him, stand back up and put my ass back against the opposite hole. After another two dollars, he gives up and goes. My patience is soon rewarded. The door in back of me opens again. This time there is no foreplay. I feel a hard cock nudging at my hole. I bend over and it slides in. I can hear him sigh as he feels the warmth and comfort inside. He’s in no hurry. He’s wants a bit of a ride first. I’m looking at the other gloryhole and a white dick comes through. Not too bad, but hard to suck it deep when I’m bent over. But he was ready and shot his load into my mouth pretty quickly. I hear some voices talking in back of me. I can now tell it is black men talking. Whoever was fucking me isn’t alone. They are conversing about something when the guy in my ass pulls backs. In that moment while I was still wondering if the guy who pulled back came in me I feel another cock taking his place pops right in. The wall between us started shaking as he pounds in to me. I hear him saying he is breeding me and he stiffened up. I squeeze my asshole as tight as I can trying to pull in the last drop from his balls. As quickly as he removes his cock what I think is the first cock slides back in. A few minutes later he unleashes a squishy load into me, probably fueled by the one before him. As he extracts himself, I stand up again only to see a dick coming through the opposite wall. I put my plug back in and go to my knees and start sucking him off. He pumps a good volume into my mouth and leaves. I savor what I didn’t immediately swallow. Time for a break. I go back into the theater. The couple is gone. There are four guys, three whom are sitting including two black guys that have fucked me raw several times but likely don’t know I did the other, one middle-aged fat guy I knew to be a cocksucker, and a handsome guy in his twenties jacking off by the half wall. Slowly I made my way back to the young guy who didn’t pull back as I approached. I stop near him and he points to his cock and waves me over. I shuck off my shorts, set them on the wall and kneel down to service him. I made sure it was loud and slurpy so the others could hear what I was doing. After a few minutes I hear a seat squeak and realized someone had gotten up and was coming back to where we were. I kept sucking but got off my knees to a bent over stance. Sure enough, one of the black dudes with a huge cock comes up behind me and starts playing with my hole. He only barebacks and I need my poppers for this. I take a few huffs, then bend back to continue sucking the young guy. The guy in my mouth starts stroking his cock with his hands as my man in back of me shoves his rod into me making me have to pause to catch my breath. He bends down near my ear and says, “I own you, bitch. You know I’m going to take what I want.” Hearing those words with me, the guy in my mouth gets excited and blows his load into my throat. He pulls out and pulls back just as the other black guy makes his way to where the young guy had just been. His cock was already out. He didn’t ask. He simply told me, “I think you can handle another one.” I start to slobber on his knob. The young guy left the theater as the fat white guy came over to see what was happening behind the wall only to find me with two black dudes, one in my mouth and one in my ass. Then they stopped being gentle. The next twenty minutes was a blur. They repeatedly tag-teamed my ass until it hurt. The previous loads had dried inside and the friction was making me hole heat up quickly. Then one guy pulled out and started spitting on my ass, then shoved his cock back in. He was slapping my ass (why do only black guys do that?) as he pitched in and up and around and then told me he was putting his babies into me and I should be thankful real men were reminding me of my place in life. He pulled out and the other one took his place. He remarked about how wet I just became and within seconds had shot his load in with the others. I wanted to stand up but just kind of slid my way over towards the chair as the two black men left the room together. I thought I was done. I was worn out and was ready to leave. If a man could get knocked up, I was pregnant for sure. My manhood long gone, I turned to see the fat white guy, cock in hand come up behind me. He politely asked, “One more?” Shit. Okay. I probably wouldn’t feel him anyway. Then I slowly bent over the chair.
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    Part 9 It didn't take long for my boss and me to get to my place where, once he found a parking spot, he met me outside of the building’s door. His cock was hard in his shorts, tenting outwards. He wasn't even trying to hide it, and he was all over me before we could get inside the building, sticking his hand down the back of my shorts, his fingers prying open my crack, fingering my hole. We moved almost in tandem as we moved to my apartment door. I had a hard time getting the key into the lock, as he was trying to take my shorts off. I had to keep pulling them back up. I was afraid he would just fuck me against my door. I was soon able to get the key in, unlocked and door open. As we moved in, we stumbled with the result I landed flat on the floor, on my stomach, my boss top of me, his hard cock stabbing me in the butt. Pulling the back of my shorts down, he liberated his massive cock and rammed it up my hole as he anchored his hand over my mouth to suppress my moans. Fortunately I could see the front door was closed. His hips were raising up and down, pumping his cock in and out of my hole, remarking as he did so, “Force -fucking that Marine’s ass has made me so fucking horny," as he slammed his cock in my ass, over and over, faster and faster, adding “I feel alive again, each time I pass my strain to someone against his will.” His balls were bouncing off my ass as he rammed inside me. His breathing was increasing in speed. His grunts louder and louder as he exclaimed “Oh fuck, I'm going to blow in you hole!” Just then someone banged on my door, hard and fast. Not to be put off, however, my boss responded “Go the fuck away, asshole.” “You fags need to quiet down or knock it off.” Without missing a beat my boss retorted “Go the fuck away or I will give you my horse cock next, fucker,” as he continued fucking my ass as a noisy, furious pace, with the result my body was banging against the floor, creating rhythmic, loud thuds. Fortunately this didn't last all that long as, after only a minute or so of extreme fucking, my boss pushed in balls-deep, blowing his load in the furthermost recesses of my hole, collapsing on my back as his balls drained. “Oh fuck that was hot," he grunted as he rolled off. Another round of banging commenced. “I got this” my boss, rising to his feet and padding to the door, all but stark naked, his cock and balls still very much erect, and slimy with cum and ass juices. Yanking open the door my boss snarled “You got a problem asshole?” at the very, very surprised man who was standing in the hallway. “Um, uh, uh, uh, no” the man stuttered seeing my boss’s cock. “You banging on the door, cuz you want my cock too” he said. “Well, no,” he said bashfully, “just other people could hear.” “Your crotch is saying something different,” my boss said grabbing the man’s hard cock through his shorts. “Danny, get in here and drop you pants,” I ordered, recognizing my neighbor. Not giving him a chance to back out, my boss pulled him into the room and shut the door. “You know him?” my boss asked me. “Yeah, he's my neighbor and has been trying to get in my pants since I moved in.” “He needs to be taught a lesson,” my boss said. “No Sir, I'm good,” Danny replied. “I'm not,” my boss responded. "Drop you pants and bend over the arm of the sofa.” Danny looked at my boss as if he was crazy. “DO IT NOW FUCKER,” my boss yelled. That did the trick. Danny jumped in startlement, opened his pants and dropped them around his ankles. He was quiet as he moved to the sofa and bent over the arm. My boss stripped out of his shorts and moved closer to Danny. Evaluating the situation he turned to me and commanded “Spit on his hole.” Rising to my feet, I moved behind Danny, knelt down, and spread his smooth ass cheeks, in the process exposing his hole, thinking as I did so, 'Even if Danny is a bit of an asshole and even if he's very pushy about getting up my ass, he did have a sexy ass and a hot little hole'. I spit again and reached under him and pulled his hard cock and balls back. Surprisingly he was hung and thick. I moved up to his head and sat down. “I've never been fucked before” he said. “He will take it easy,” I said, “plus your first time is better with a big cock. The small ones hurt more” My boss had moved behind Danny and was rubbing his cock up and down his crack. I watched spit drop from his mouth onto his cock. He continued to rub Danny’s crack, mixing some of his cum and his and mine spit together. “Breath in deep and push your hole out,” my boss said, “I will be gentle," as he pushed the head of his horse cock against Danny’s hole. Danny moaned a little, especially when my boss' cock head popped into Danny's hole and my boss stopped pushing. “Relax. buddy,” I said to Danny. By this point Danny’s eyes were closed. The boss started to push his cock in more, about a quarter of his shaft. “So tight” he said. Danny moaned as the boss pushed in more. I knelt in front of Danny's face, rubbing my cock head against his lips. His tongue moved out to taste the cock snot I had left on his lips. “You've wanted my cock for a while, suck me and take my boss's cock” “I get your ass soon” Danny said The boss pushed his cock the rest of the way in, as my cock head popped into his mouth. The boss waited giving Danny a moment to adjust to the thick hard cock in his hole. He was now focused on sucking my cock. The boss pulled out some and pushed in, slowly and just small movements. Danny moaned around my cock, and I nodded to my boss. He pulled out more and slide back in, he was increasing the distance he pulled out each time until his cock was pulled out until his head was only in, then pushed back in. Danny grabbed the base of my cock and pulled it out asking “He's using a condom, right?” “Of course,” I lied in response. Danny tried to reach back to feel the boss’s cock, but I pulled his hand back to my ass, urging “Trust me Danny, it's on his cock” I said. "Play with my hole.” My boss began to increase his speed, fucking faster and faster as I did the same to Danny’s mouth, pushing in balls-deep to make Danny gag. My boss, meanwhile, was really pumping Danny's ass hard and fast, holding Danny's hips in an iron grasp. “Get ready Danny, I'm about to give it to you,” my boss said. With my cock in his mouth, he couldn't speak. I could feel the urge to shoot creeping up. I was determined to shoot my load down his throat. I wrapped my arms around his head and started to fuck his mouth in short stabbing motions. “Here it comes,” my boss announced as he slammed his cock deep into Danny’s ass, deeply seeding his hole. Perhaps the highest praise was when my boss slowly pulled out, remarking with price "That hole is fuckin' gaping, now." Knowing my boss was stealthing Danny's hole was enough to take me to and beyond the edge - as my cock started shooting down Danny's throat, causing him to cough, especially when the first two or three volley of cum shot against the back of his throat. Sensing the session was over, at least for the time, I withdrew my cock from Danny's mouth, whereupon he asked "Can I go now?” My boss and I both nodded, although, as Danny left, an evil grin came across my boss's face. He pointed down to his cock, which was hanging soft over his balls. It was covered with a pink goo, blood mixed with his cum. Danny's life was going to change. “I need to go,” my boss said pulling on his shorts. “Thanks for the load,” I said. “I want to meet with you tomorrow at ten, my office,” he said “Yes sir.” “Be ready for anything, understand,” he said walking out the door.
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    I'm writing this after taking a record number of cocks and loads (for me) last night at the sex club. I've been having sex with guys for about 32 years now - and LOTS of it by just about anyone's measure! For over 31.5 of those 32 years I was always hunting for someone equal or better than me in looks. I think that's ingrained in most of us. I'm very visual and go straight to bb muscle porn. I workout every weekday and can be pretty fanatical about my diet and felt like I "deserve" the hottest guys I can score with lol. I didn't realize what I was missing till a few months ago, and I've been expanding my horizons. I used to almost always top. 2016 was my year to become fully vers, and I succeeded. Flipping and GROUPS have become my definite favorite, but lately I sometime binge as a cumdump. I don't think I have the patience to do it at home, lining them up and dealing with emails and flakes. Plus I'm an exhibitionist and like the public use. I've done it 4 times in the bathhouse and sex club in Atlanta. I'll admit that MuscledHorse here was probably my main inspiration for expanding my limits. I saw guys of every shape and size in a line to breed this stud at cumunion. It sort of turned me on, but sort of turned me off that this stud was letting ANYONE fuck and breed him. He told me how much pleasure he gets himself from knowing how much other guys are getting off on (in) him. I didn't really get it or necessarily believe it, but I'm 100% on board now that I've been trying it myself. Last night was the monthly poz/prep play party at the sex club and a hot young 28yo preppy versatile buddy of mine asked if I was going. We texted during the day a lot. I didn't realize that he's been cumdumping himself lately and we agreed to meet there and both pig out, then flip breed at the end. We both walked around in jocks. He got there about 10 mins before me and reported he already had 3 loads in - I better catch up! He fucked me for a min in the hallway but of course didn't cum. I did catch up in about 10 mins myself but then he had 10 more mins himself, so still ahead lol. Last night I did squeeze in some topping time and swapped fucks with a couple guys, but half my loads came from backing my jocked ass up to the "jail cell" bars for about 15 minutes and letting anyone fuck me. Last time I whored around (last weekend) I kept my cock trapped, but this time I let it out and stroked. I was on viagra and hard and could've cum the entire time I was getting fucked but I held off. Sometimes I turned around to see who was fucking me but mostly I watched guys in front of me and just enjoyed my hole. A few times my hot young buddy walked by me getting fucked and smirked. I know I got fucked and bred by a few "average" and overweight guys, and I was totally enjoying letting go, and my cock was so hard and hole starting to make the "slurping" sound. I know I hadn't even been there an hour yet, and my buddy came over and said he was getting ready to leave. I was a little disappointed since we hadn't really played after that quick warm up when I got there. Plus we agreed to flip. I asked if he came already and he said no. So he and this other friend of his and I went in a private room (not sure why - I would have preferred out in the open) and i assumed the position. He slid in EASILY and fucked me till I was SO close to cumming. His friend was jacking next to us. I was too close and pulled away from him and told him to flip. I slid in his slippery hole and held off as long as I could, but it was two minutes or less before I was seeding him. Hated to pull out but wanted his load, so we flipped again, he slid back in and bred me. His friend was holding off until he got off me. He took his place and bred me within 10 more seconds. I'm pretty sure I've never felt more exhausted and satisfied in my life lol. We said our goodbyes and will def play again soon. I was heading to the exit and this good looking guy I had made some eye contact with earlier while getting fucked reached for my ass and felt up my body telling me how hot I am. The whole night had been a TOTAL ego boost, and I decided one more load wouldn't hurt. He also took me in a room and slathered lube on his cock hoping to make it kind of quick since I already came. His cock turned out to be pretty damn big, but I was fucked so much it went in easy. I told him I already came but I'd give it a try. He pumped about 4-5 minutes and I could feel him getting more rigid and knew it was cumming soon. I knew this would be my last load for the night so grabbed his ass and pulled him all the way in as deep as I could get it. We both thanked each other and parted ways. I headed to the lockers - literally breathing heavy, my hole leaking and feeling the most sexually satisfied I've been in a long, long time!! I never really understood the "no loads refused" attitude. I was all about the "conquest" of getting a "hot" guy. But HOLY FUCK, I do get it now. As much as I felt satisfied last night, I am already horny to do it again. Letting out the inner pig has been incredible. Bottom line is that I honestly lost count - it was happening kind of fast - and while I had my ass backed up to the jail bars I wasn't really sure who was fucking or breeding me. It's safe to say I got bred 10 times in the hour I was there with another 5 fucking me but not cumming. I kknow some guys here can blow those numbers away, but it's a record for me - by far!!! A mix of poz and prep loads - very hot party, and I'll be back for sure. Cumunion is just two weeks away now
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    It's Pride Weekend in Dallas and went to Roundup and the Eagle after that. Spotted these two hot shirtless twins boys at the Eagle and was massively tuned on by their smooth bodies. I went over and started chatting with them and it turned out they were dating but open to having fun. We went onto the patio were the music was less loud and it wasn't as crowded or hot. Soon I was playing with both their dicks and letting them play with mine. They didn't look like they were 21 but if they go in they must be. We were so busy Kissinger on each other and groping each other's dicks we didn't even realize someone came by and cleared our drinks. When we realized that we discussed about getting more drinks or just going back to their place and going back to their place quickly won out. I'd Lyfted there as they had too so we Lyfted back to their place. in the car we chatted and I learned their names, the shorter one being Chris and the taller one (who had a nice big dick) was Jordsn. They'd been dating since they were freshman at UNTD and were only 19, so I guess they had fake ID's. Jordan let slip that they liked to pick up guys as he likes to get fucked and Chris preferred to bottom, which had me rock hard as now I really wanted to fuck Jordan bad and he seemed to notice my dick was now throbbing. Once we were in their apartment it was a frenzy of clothes being ripped off and both were down sucking in my cock pretty quickly. We stumbled into the bedroom and Jordan told me that if I fucked Chris he would get hard enough to fuck him. Chris nodded his head, reached into the nightstand and handed me lube. I quickly lubes up my dick and his ass, handed the lube to Jordan and quickly started stuffing my bare cock in Chris, who was gasping and whimpering as I entered him. That he didn't hand me a condom or ask about it really turned me on. Maybe they're on Prep or just don't care..I sure didn't! We repositioned to Chris could slide his cock inside Jordan and soon we got our rhythm going with Jordan begging for Chris's cum and Chris begging for mine. Soon enough Chris let out a groan and I knew he'd shot and before long I pumped mine inside him as he begged for it. Jordan sprung off Chris's dick and soon enough was frantically slipping his dick inside me, stroking fast and hard before cumming inside me. We spent a while trading off, ducking each other, with Jordan fucking Chris so he'd cum in my ass, with both of us eventually double penetrating Chris. I lost track of how many loads I shot in them or that they shot in me. It was so fucking hot these two hot boys like to pick up random guys to bring home and bareback. We all fell asleep but I woke to Jordan stroking my dick and working it in his ass. I obliged by sliding more and more in until I was balls deep full on fucking him. I pumped another load in him and then said I should probably get going. He and I jumped in the shower while zchris snoozed and he fucked me once again in the shower. Driving me back to my place he said he definitely wanted to do a three way again of Chris was cool with it, gen smirked at me and added it could be just us if Chris wasn't. He told me how much he liked taking my dick and fucking me and honestly I was getting hard again. My place wasn't far from theirs and so we swapped numbers. I'm guessing I'll be hearing from one or both soon!
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    Peter moved to the door and opened it. Instead of the next man that was there to fuck my hole, the manager of the motel stood. “Why were the cop's here” he ask, “if you are doing anything illegal you fags are out of here” “Cop was here only to shoot his load in my boyfriend’s hole” Peter said. “Yeah?” the manager said. “Yeah I am setting up guys to come over and breed him” “Well, I have a huge load stored up in my big balls,” “Want to empty it up his hole” The manager nodded. He was an older man, white hair, white mustache and skin so tan that it looked almost like leather. He was thin, almost a sickly thin. He grabbed his crotch and a thick tube appeared. He pushed Peter out of the door way and came in. He was already unbuttoning his shirt, revealing more of his tan skin. “He takes all loads right,” he asked, “none refused?” “Yeah buddy give me all that you got” “Gonna give you my death” He pulled his shirt out of his pants and took it off. I could see every rub, he was emaciated! His thin, bony fingers pulled on his belt and then worked on his pants button. Peter was just standing there silent, slowly pulling on his soft cock. The manager of the motel kicked off his shoes and let go of his pants. His pants fell quickly to his ankles, exposing his thin legs. There was no fat anywhere on this man. His white briefs were blinding white against his tan skin. His cock was vary hard, running across his hip on the right side under his underwear. A big bulge hung low between his legs, caused by his massive ball sac. His bony fingers hooked his briefs and pushed them down with his pants. As he stood back up he stepped out of his pants. It was then I saw his cock, it was a thick one eyed monster, about seven inches in length. His crotch and sac were completely smooth, shaved clean. “How do you want me” I asked. “Get that ass on the edge of the bed and lift those legs to heaven” “At this rate of infection,” I said, “I'm more on a path to hell” With my legs up and wide, I watched him move closer to the bed, stroking his cock on the way. Peter was staring at his ass as he walked. I saw him mouth: “Saggy ass” and “Dude is sick” Once at my ass he rubbed his cock in my crack, collecting the cum that was in there. “Won't need lube, cum and a sloppy hole, a great combination” His cock head pushed against my hole, popping inside with ease. He didn't hesitate and slammed his thick cock deep into me. His smooth crotch pressed against my ass. He grabbed my ankles and spread my legs wider, pulling them a little farther than my muscles would allow. He fucked fast and hard, as if he was in a rush. He pumped his cock in small motions, jack hammering my hole. His thick cock moved in and out, faster and faster. I squeezed my hole around his cock as he pumped in and out. Peter stood near by just pulling in his cock, which was just a little bit hard. “You sure you want it, bitch” the manager asked “Yes I want it” I said “You’re gonna get it,” he said, “get my AIDS” He slammed into my hole, then pulled back, only to slam into me again. I couldn't feel him shooting but by the way he was twitching and breathing, I knew he shot his load. He quickly pulled out and turned to Peter. “Not going to leave you out,” he said, “get down and clean my spent cock” Peter looked at me, as if he was questioning what the man wanted. “Get on your knees you asshole,” I shouted, “clean that cock” Peter jumped and dropped to his knees, as I got off the bed and stood next to the manager. “Taste my ass juice and every load of cum that is up my hole” Peter quickly put his mouth over the spent cock, slurping and sucking on the manager’s cock. He was making a face as if he wasn't enjoying it. “At least act like you’ enjoying it, you limp dick asshole” I said. Peter started to moan and suck on the manager’s cock with more enthusiasm, making sucking and slurping sounds as he did, until the manager pushed him off his cock. The manager quickly dressed and was out the door. “What the fuck just happened” Peter said. “We just got an AIDS load” “Yeah but from that man” Peter said. “Hey don't be an asshole, a dick is a dick”
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    Dad’s Basement Part Thirty-Two I stood there waiting for Dad to reveal more about Dax. The two of them were standing close, just looking at one another. “Tell him, Drew,” Dax said. “Matt, Dax is your Grandfather, he's your mother’s dad” my Dad said to me. After everything I had learned about Dad since going in the basement, what I had experienced, this really didn't come as much of a shock to me. “Is Dax, or um, Grandpa poz as well” I asked. “Yes son,” Dad said. “Matt, your Dad and I had a physical relationship when he was married to your mom” Dax said. “Fuck buddies” I said. “Yes, you could say that,” Dad said. “Your Dad accidentally infected me,” Dax said, “and it changed my life for the better” “Wow!” I said. “So son, the strain that runs my veins, runs through yours and your Grandfather” Dad said. “One big poz family” I said. “In two weeks we are going to met Dax and make a little magic together” Dad said. I was intrigued, what the hell did that mean. “What are we going to do?” I asked “You will see” Dad said. “Just so you know, Matt, your gang bang film is the hottest thing I've seen” Dax said. “Yeah son you should be in pictures” Two weeks. The if the wait doesn't kill me, the anticipation will.
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    Dad’s Basement Part Thirty Four “This brings back some memories” Dad said. “You have been here before?” I asked him. “Hell son, I sold my ass here” he said. “Fuck me Dad, you were a hooker?” “Well, I did have sex for money,” he said, “and I have fucked you” “Funny Dad, funny” I said, “Are you going to sell my ass now?” “Among a few things” “Do I have any say in this” I asked “Not at all” Dad said, rubbing my head, “Let’s go find Dax” As we walked into the warehouse, I noticed that there were two rows of rooms, separated by a hall on the left side. The walls were up, but there were no roofs on any of the rooms. “That’s where the ‘hookers’ as you called them, entertain” Dad said. On the right said was rooms, but they were only walled up on three sides and opened on the fourth. There were bright lights in each room, cameras were on tables out side of the rooms. “That’s where Dax shoots his porn” Dad said. In the back of the warehouse was a stage, with a large aisle separating the rows of seating. Nothing was happening here in this area and it was all dark. “The stage is for strippers or live sex acts, but nothing is booked tonight.” Dad said. “Why not’ I asked. “My boy, you and I are about to film our first scene together” Dad said, “some twisted perv Dad/Son bareback scene” “Really” “Yeah, but we need to find Dax” We walked to another door and Dad knocked. From inside a single word was spoken: “Enter” Sitting behind the desk inside the office was Dax, shirtless. “I see you got in him, did you tell him what this place is and what we were doing tonight” “Yeah, gave him a brief tour” Dad said. “He also said I didn’t have a choice in this” I said, “Is that true” “No you fucking don’t,” Dax said, “I own your Dad’s ass and by family right, I own your ass” “What” “When your Dad accidentally pozzed me, as he tells it, I didn’t believe him” Dax said, “So instead of turning his ass in to the cops, he agreed that I would own him and do as I said” “But I….” “But you! He also agreed to poz your hole for me and give you to me, hence I OWN you” “It’s true son” “Fuck this, I don’t want any part of this” “Fine, I turn your dad into the cops, he pozzed you and me against our will” Dax said, “He goes to jail, you lose everything that you have from your Dad” “Matt he will do it” Dad said. “I own each of you” I dropped my head, I didn’t want Dad to go to jail, I didn’t want to lose anything. I just stood there. “Glad you now see it my way” Dax said. “I do, Pops” I said. “Pops, oh fuck no. When you are here, I am Dax” he said, “nothing else” Dad smacked my ass, not hard but just to let me know I need to behave and listen. “Tonight, we are shooting the porn scene: Dad seduces his son for the first time, son sucks dad, then gets fucked by him. I want a verbal dialog to get the subscribers off” “Yes, Dax” Dad and I said together “Meet me at set three” he said. Dad and I turned and left, silently. As we walked towards a set I stopped Dad and asked: “Is that the true Dax, an asshole” “Don’t push it son, Dax is capable of more than you think” Dad said, “those are not empty threats”
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    So we sat back, had a few drinks and got to tell each other of our personal passions. I said, I had waited for several years for this moment and thanks to Joe and his camera I can enjoy this moment over and over again. Joe said 'You know I want to make my contribution to your moment as well. You know I am just as toxic as Lucas and in fact, have the same strain that you are getting from him" I said, I would be disappointed if Joe didn't get his loads in. Lucas interjected that he would do another good deep seeding before he let another breeder get in my ass, as he wanted to be sure he was the one that got me first. Lucas told me that since he had started keeping track, he had infected 16 men that he could document but many of them just came for a visit, got bred, and left without any follow up with test results so he could not be sure he could put a notch in his cock ring for those. So after about 30 minutes of conversation, Lucas got his cock back up and was ready to mount me again. So we put our cocktails down and scurried off to the bedroom, got my feet in the air so he could get on top and get his cock in the deepest in that position. I locked my heels behind his neck and he trust that big uncut cock balls deep where he pounded my ass for a good strong 10 to 12 minutes. meanwhile Joe planted his asshole over my mouth so I could lick his balls and tongue his ass to add to the excitement of getting bred. Lucas announced that he was going to shoot another toxic load in my guts and went from stroking to seriously pounding my ass. It was exhilarating to feel those big balls so violently smashing into my ass crack as he tried to drive that big cock into my lungs from the back side. I clamped my heels tight around his neck and tried to swallow his nuts with my asshole. I felt him pulsing and slamming as I know he shot several long ropes of cum again deep into my hungry ass. He kept stroking till his cock simply fell out of my ass and he slumped onto me and I released my heel grip from his neck. We were both totally soaked from sweat and it smelled so good. after regaining our breath, he rolled over to beside me on the bed and said, "If you're not converted now, you never will be." I replied, "I'm sure you've got the job done but we have a few more days to make sure, just in case." Joe, now with his ass properly rimmed and cock throbbing from the breeding he just watch, said "I'm going to contribute to those loads already in your ass now, I've waited long enough" to be continued
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    I want to start this part out with a huge apology to everyone for the delay in getting out Part 5. This, as well as several more chapters, have been sitting on my desktop in various levels of completion, and as much as I have wanted to, I just simply couldn’t devote the time they deserved until this week. Lately, I’ve been dealing with major things at work: we’re down several staff members, new software at work, working 60-80 hour weeks, and there has been major flooding near my work. I've also had some issues at home, also linked to the major flooding in Kansas City in the past few weeks, as well as a few recent health issues, family emergencies, and to top everything off, I was in a pretty bad accident 2 weeks ago. I and another person got t-boned by a meth head (he was found to have meth and narcotics in his system) on the highway and now have to deal with that. Because this person realized I work in medicine (and drive a nice car), and the other woman he hit is a somewhat prominent business owner, he’s decided to make matters even worse and try to sue both of us, claiming we were to blame for his accident. Now, we’ve both been in communication with our lawyers, who have also been in direct contact with each other and the police, and I’ve been assured the case will be thrown out. But this too has taken a lot of my attention away that, if I had my way, would be directed to this story. I’ve had to also buy a new car this last week which finalized with insurance last week, and now I have finally had a chance to sit down for more than a few minutes. So now I finally find myself with time to write tonight and several other nights this week. The next few chapters are already planned out and being written. Hope you enjoy. -- PART 5: Ups and Downs My ass felt empty as I felt the cock deep in my hole pull out, leaving a gaping hole as the previous guy humping my ass dumped his load and stepped away from the glory hole. I could feel the numerous loads, well mixed in my ass by constant assault on the formerly tight tunnel, slowly drip out of me, sliding down out of my crack, along my taint, and then drip off my balls. I looked down at the growing puddle on the floor below. I let out a moan, escaping from my mouth uncontrollably at the loss of the pleasant stretch the massive cock gave my ass, my voice getting louder as another faceless stranger stepped up and mercilessly slide in, shoving the previous load deeper inside of me. Looking up, I opened my mouth to let yet another guy shove his cock into my mouth. I slurped on it, relishing as the precum dripping from the uncut meat coated my tongue and throat. The salty, musky taste was like ambrosia to my taste buds. Happily, I sucked harder, trying to suck the cum out of the guy’s balls, enjoying how on each stroke he got deeper. I swallowed, making him grunt in appreciation and fist my hair in his hands, pulling my face down to forcibly fuck my mouth and throat, gagging me ever so slightly. The cock in my ass stabbed my ass hard, slamming against my prostate. Chills of ecstasy shivered through my body, sending surges of pleasure down my confined cock and balls. I could feel yet another load of cum boiling in my balls, begging for release. Precum flowed like a leaky faucet from my dick, forgotten in my quest to please every cock offered to me, my dick slowly dripping and adding to the puddle below. I was in pig heaven, feeling as someone grabbed my balls and cock and jerked on them. I moan around the cock deep in my gullet as the new stranger tugged on my balls and began to suck my cock. I felt my orgasm slowly building to the edge of climax when suddenly I heard a loud ringing to my right. Opening my eyes, I blearily looked at my phone, buzzing and lighting up as it continued to ring, waking me up from the wonderful dream I was having. “God-fucking-damn it…” I muttered, my cock aching from being on the verge of release from my wet dream, and now angry at the interruption of my dream. Reaching over, I pulled the phone off its charger before answering it with a tired hello. “Hello, Dr. Harding? This is Amal,” the voice on the other end replied. Tired, my mind tried to put a face to the name until I finally remembered the Indian guy from the evening before, “I’m calling on the behalf of maintenance. They wanted to know if it would be possible to install your washer and dryer sometime today?” Letting out a silent yawn, forcing myself to sit up. Rubbing my face I looked at the clock, proudly displaying 11:15 am. “Sir?” Amal asked after I didn’t reply for a few moments. “Sorry, I just woke up,” I explained, slowly standing up and walking towards the bathroom. I shivered slightly at the cold air of the apartment on my naked body and winced a little as I took my first few steps, feeling my hole ache from the previous night’s events. “Um… I guess I can do that. What time are they wanting to install it?” I asked, worried I would have to rush to get ready and dressed. “I’d have to check, but with the change in weather, they’ve been busy with switching over to heating. But we plan on it being between 4 and 6 this evening. Would that work for you?” Reaching the bathroom, I flipped on the lights and turned on the faucet. “Uh, sure. That’s fine. I’ll probably just be running errands. Thanks for the heads up,” I replied, hanging up the phone and setting next to the sink. I stared at my face in the mirror for a few moments. A little tired looking, some bed head, but otherwise the same old reflection stared back at me. Nothing to let on the twisted sex I had happened the night before. Letting out a tired sigh, I cupped my hands under the faucet and rinsed my face off. Shutting off the water, I dried my face, and went to my duffle bag and unloaded all my bathroom supplies. Looking through the bag, I noticed I was down to my last clean pair of clothes, suddenly glad that I would be getting a chance to go get more clothing from my old apartment and clean my dirty clothing. Grabbing everything for a shower, I walked back into the bathroom, letting out a slight smile as I felt a bit of cum work its way out of my abused hole. I must still have a ton of cum trapped in my ass from the night before, I thought to myself, and getting a nasty thought from my wet dream, I pushed out slightly and felt more leak out and slowly leave a slimy trail down my leg. I reached into the shower and turned on the water, fiddling with the knobs and stepped away, waiting for the water to warm up before turning around and looking at my ass in the mirror. Bending over slightly, I pulled my asscheeks apart and stared at the scene. My asshole looked puffy and red, worn out somewhat from the repeated abuse the night before and a trail of cum slowly oozing out. “Fuck…” I breathed out, watching as I pushed more cum out of my hole and watched as it dribbled out. Reaching back, I ran my finger across my hole, loving the feeling of the tender, puffy lips and pushing some of the cum back inside. My cock ached in response as I shoved a second finger in. I pulled both fingers out, and without a moment's hesitation, shoved them into my mouth, copying what I had done the night before. I enjoyed the taste, having had the two loads marinate inside me overnight. I forced myself to stop, remembering the errands I had to run, and turned my attention back to the shower. Happy it was finally getting it to the temperature I wanted, I stepped in and let the water beat down on my head. Placing one hand on the tiled wall in front of me, I let my mind drift to the event of the previous evening. My cock quickly hardened as I slowly fingered my ass more, coaxing the two loads dumped inside out, looking down and watching as they dripped onto the tile below, sitting there before quickly mixing with the warm water and disappearing down the drain. Both men must have cum a ton as it felt like my ass was leaking a ton before finally stopping. My ass-lips felt slightly puffy, and deep inside my hole ached in the best possible way. I definitely had to admit I loved getting my ass used, something that with Matthew was to be tolerated out of an act of love but had never been enjoyed with reckless abandon like now. Everything I had read was apparently true. Bareback really was that much better. The feeling of skin on skin as an uncovered cock was shoved into a hole, forcing it open, and stretching it out with every stroke before finally spewing a hot load of thick cum it up was something I knew I was going to have to continue to have. Grabbing my soap, I began to lather up, washing my torso slowly before moving to my ass, cleaning it thoroughly before moving on to my cock. Satisfied I was clean, I slowly washed the soap off. Steam filled the small space, and took a deep breath in, enjoying how the moisture felt on my dried out sinuses from the late fall air. I let out a cough, feeling even more of my previous night’s events. My lungs burned slightly, not used to my newly picked up kink. Instantly, I started thinking about puffing away on the thick dark cigar. Sucking hard on that burning stick, feeling the hot thick smoke flow down my throat and fill my former pink healthy lungs, likely turning them as black as the color of the cigar I had shoved in my mouth and hauled on. Feeling the heady rush as the nicotine oozed out of the tar left behind, flooding my veins, slowly addicting me. Then, watching with pure satisfaction as the thinner, warm smoke drifted back out of me, filling that small space the night before out of my mouth and nose, it’s absence making me want to inhale deeply again and again until I felt my balls unload. With a chuckle, I realized I suddenly wished I had a cigar at that moment firmly placed in my jaw. With a sigh, I forced myself to shut the water off and step out, shivering as the cold air hit me like a wave, causing my massive hard-on to quickly die. Drying off, I got dressed, and after a quick once over, I collected my wallet and keys and made my way out of the building. Stepping outside, I zipped my coat up and shoved my hands into my pockets, unpleasantly surprised at the increasing chill outside. Walking down the street, I stepped into one of the coffee shops, and after a few minutes, exited with a steaming cup. I took in more of the local shops before my eyes stopped at the shop next to me. ‘Whitehorn’s Sportsman Gallery’ the sign read, and in the window were rows upon rows of different cigars, pipes, and various knickknacks meant for decorating a man cave. I stood there, staring at the different cigars and pipes, debating with myself. My heart started to race, and my cock stirred in my jeans. Thoughts of both the night before as well as my night with Jackson flashed in my mind. The burn in my lungs returned, my mind almost begging for the feeling. I enjoyed smoking the cigars. Hell, looking more and more at the large and various sizes of pipes, I could even see myself smoking one. But after a second, adding the exception of only if I had someone to show me how. Everything in my medical training though told me that I shouldn’t go down this route. It was a bad habit, one that’s hard to quit. Smelly. It was dangerous and taboo. I could get cancer. Smoker’s lived shorter lives. Had various other health problems. But the similar things could be said about barebacking. And I had already let three different guys cum up my ass. It was dangerous too. And taboo. And I already knew I would likely not stop barebacking. Finally, I decided to walk in, telling myself I would just look. Immediately, I was greeted at with the sweet smell of the aged tobacco of the cigars and pipes. In that instant, I knew I would like not be leaving here without making a purchase. A younger guy, puffing away on a pipe smiled at me as the door shut behind me, suddenly shutting the outside traffic noise as classical music drifted down from the speakers above. “Hi, I'm Eric. Welcome to Whitehorn’s. Can I help you find anything in particular?” the guy behind the counter replied, a smile on his face as he pulled the pipe from his mouth. I looked at him and took him in. He was in his early 20s, with a somewhat chiseled face, nice body, slicked back black hair, and muted hazel eyes. He was kinda hot, if not for the slightly dorky bow tie, button up shirt and slacks with suspenders I imagined were part of the uniform for the store, due to the old fashioned nature. Looking around, gave a quick smile and debated internally for a second. Should I lie, and say I was looking for a gift for someone on cigars, or tell the truth and say I was looking to get into cigars myself? Quickly, I decided to split it down the middle. I could get into cigars and also repay Jake for the cigar from the night before. “Well, I’m here for a few things… A gift for a friend and also looking for something myself,” I explained, going into detail what I was looking for; A gift of some nice dark, larger cigars, which I hoped would be close to the one I shared with Jake. I quickly learned that type of cigar to be ‘maduro’ as well as getting into cigars myself as I broke into a long conversation with Eric. After a while, he stepped out from behind the counter. With a smile, Eric led the way, leading me to a massive room behind several glass filled doors, and I was greeted with floor to ceiling displays of cigars and loose tobacco. As he showed me the different things I would need to get into cigars, I slyly checked him out, noting the shape of his ass, the slight bulge in the front of his pants, as he occasionally took a puff of the curvy pipe in his mouth. I was glad to be wearing a coat, as my cock kept getting harder and harder, and had to be obvious through my jeans. The outfit he was wear started to grow on me, as it left very little to the imagination, while still giving him a classy look. After about an hour, I was checking out, having picked up several large ring darker cigars, a brand called Asylum according Eric, as well as a small selection of several other different brands, shapes, and sizes of different cigars, a lighter, a cutter, and even a small humidor to store them in. Along the way, Eric had removed the pipe and demonstrated the way to cut and light the cigars, having me try as well. He seemed impressed I had picked it up so quickly and said I looked great with it. The compliment struck me as odd, but I struck it from my mind as likely just being polite and helping get a sale. Watching as he hit total, I let out a slight hiss as I saw the total price. Almost $600. I never realized how expensive it was to smoke. Seeing my reaction, Eric gave me a small frown. “Since you're a new customer, I’ll give you a good discount. The owner likes to have repeat business and usually doesn't mind if I do it. Just tell me you’ll be back in?” he asked, easing my mind slightly as I saw the price drop quite a bit. Letting out a small breath of relief, I let out a small laugh. “Sure, just gonna have to be careful. Cigars are expensive!” I replied, pulling my wallet out and handing over my debit card. “Damn, a doctor, huh?” he said, looking up from the card at me, “I thought you guys raked in the cash. Parties on yachts, drinking champagne and dancing with plastic surgery patients and such.” With a slight groan, I rolled my eyes. “Well, with ‘great’ income comes great student loans,” I explained, going into detail about how classes for the cheaper school I picked was still way outside of my parent’s savings for college which meant taking out a ton of loans, then going into how I was still in my internship and not making as much as I would normally. And how I only would once I decided on a specialty… if I picked any. “So… yeah… unless you’re a plastic surgeon or get a really good residency in a high paying field, you don't make as much as people think you do. I make just enough to pay all the bills, and put aside a bit extra. I’m comfortable, but hell, I don’t even have a car. I think I’ll probably only buy these once in a blue moon, just based on cost.” “That’s why I smoke my pipes,” Eric replied, taking a large puff on his pipe before letting out a large nose jet. My cock throbbed and I swallowed with a loud gulp, watching as this hot guy produce huge clouds of smoke before me as he continued, “Don’t get me wrong, I love cigars. They taste great, and can really make for a fun evening out and about. But pipes? Reusable, and the tobacco is usually cheaper. Lots of different types to choose from too. And makes for a very… enjoyable evening at home or out on the town. Also, less people complaining about the smell. It takes a little bit of a learning curve, but I’d be happy to help you out one on one if you ever want to start up with them. Anytime you wanted.” With that, he gave me a wink. Is he making the moves on me? I asked myself, trying to mask my surprise. I watched as he turned around and packaged everything up. I took a peek down at my watch, I let out a small curse. Handing me the bag, Eric gave me a questioning look. “I… uh… I have to run to my old apartment first… and grab my things before I run out of time…” I explained lamely, doing the mental math. If I left now, I would have just enough time to get to the old apartment and pack up a few boxes of clothing before Matthew would be home. I really didn't want to see the cheating bastard, much less talk to him. If I left, I could grab a quick bite to eat near the old place, and grab the things I needed and leave. No talking, not awkward meetings. We were done, and I was ready to move on, I told myself. Hell, one could argue with all the anonymous sex, I had moved on. One could also make an argument I was trying to avoid the subject and filling it with sex, but… well, fuck them. I was enjoying myself, and I deserved it after giving up a better part of my life on that cheating bastard. “Oh! I can hold these for you if you want!” Eric said, letting his hand linger on mine for a few moments before taking the bag and moving it to the counter behind him again. The action pulled me out of my small argument with myself and I stared at him. He flashed me a huge grin, seemingly a bit too excited. He HAS to be interested, right? I wondered looking at where his hand had just been. “You just have to be back before 6 pm. I have to close up at that time.” “Well, if you don’t mind…” I said, pulling the hand back and scratching the back of my neck, a nervous habit I still did on occasion. “Not at all! We always love to see our customers coming back for more! Come back and visit me anytime buddy!” he said, smiling and winking again. I returned the smile and with quick thanks and a wave goodbye, walked out the door, and looking down the street, ran towards the quickly approaching streetcar. — Stopping at the small Chinese restaurant near the old apartment, I asked the staff for a few old boxes and grabbed a few egg rolls to eat on my walk, before making my way up to my former home. At first, I felt nothing, just staring at the doors of the elevator. That was until the doors opened. Stepping out, I felt a wave of dread, mixed with sadness. We had lived here for 2 years, and the smells and sights almost immediately pulled up memories I had been desperately trying to keep from coming up. Our first night in the apartment, locked out of the apartment when Matt had left the keys on the kitchen counter. The building-wide trick-or-treat party where we both dressed up in hideous drag. The time Matt and I almost had sex on poor Mrs. French’s welcome mat after a night out at the club. Our first party with our friends over. Wet, rainy weekends spent watching and sometimes making fun of crappy movies on the couch together. With a slight sniffle, I fought back the urge to cry and took a deep breath before unlocking the door and walking in. “Not going to cry for you, bastard,” I whispered shakily under my breath. Looking around and taking a quick listen, there were no sounds inside. I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding, and softly closed the door behind me. I went through my mental list of the things I really needed immediately, and what things I could wait to pick up. Must haves included my winter clothing, underwear and socks, my laptop and charger, the pictures of my family, and my spare hospital badge, stethoscope, and pocket references books. I could pick up my collection of medical books, spring and summer clothing, my movies and gaming system later. The TV was mine as well, but the ones at the new apartment were much better, and I would honestly have nowhere to put them. I started to look around and things immediately felt off. My things were gone. All memory of me having existed in this place felt wiped away. Our pictures together were absent. The couch was different, with… pink throw pillows. Matt and I both hated pink. The whole apartment had a very floral smell, where as we never used air freshener because of my allergies. Dropping the box, I walked into the kitchen and let out a disgusted groan. There, proudly displayed on the wall, was a picture of Matt and…. her. In fucking canvas. Looked like the fucker definitely was moving on. Just. Fine. Angry, I walked over to the box and grabbed it, storming into the bedroom. Whatever, I fumed internally, if he wants to move her in after just 3 weeks, fine. I just wanted to get my clothing and things I needed, and then get the fuck out of the place. I stopped suddenly when I looked in the corner of the room. What I was greeted with elicited a growl from me the second I laid eyes on it. “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!” I ground out through my teeth, as I looked into the bedroom to find several boxes labeled in someone other than Matt’s handwriting. It obviously must be her sloppy penmanship. ‘Jayek’s things’ Each box had only that written. Not what was in them. Just my misspelled name. And things. That stupid fucking bitch of a whore couldn't even spell my fucking name, right? A five-year-old can, but not this piece of trash who my ex-was now living with?! I opened the closet door to find all my clothing gone, replaced with her’s. The drawers showed the same. In the bathroom, the medicine cabinet was left open, filled with what had to be every makeup product sold. The normally immaculate sink was left covered in various different layers of makeup residue, something that made my rarely seen OCD suddenly flare up. Pissed, I raised my hands, clenching and unclenching them into fists as I forced myself not to pick up something and throw it across the room. Looking through the boxes, I reorganized them, combining the things I needed right away into one box. Reaching the last box, however, I couldn't find my laptop. Until I turned around and saw it on the bed. It had been a gift from Matt for finishing my first year of internship as well as my birthday. If fact, it had been the only lasting gift I had ever gotten from him. He’d landed his dream job, and as a surprise, he took me out to dinner, and after dessert asked if I wanted to walk around and look at the new computers at Apple. Knowing we couldn’t afford it, I jokingly picked the most expensive one one said it would be the perfect, if only for the price tag. When I got home the next day, he’d pulled it out of the closet, surprising me. It had been one of the most romantic things he had done. We couldn’t afford it, but he had been secretly saving up for it. For me. I had felt loved in that moment. It was the nicest thing some had ever gotten me. Sure, it was a just a computer, but I cherished it. It was mine. From someone I loved. And now, it sat on the bed. Covered in fake pink rhinestones with a pink wallpaper on the screen, a giant crack already running down the center of the screen. At first, I didn’t recognize it. My brain refused at first to accept that something so hideously transformed could be mine. Until noticed the small set of scratches on the left corner from my watch. Turning it over, I saw the personalized engraving Matt had paid extra for. “To Jake, my true love. Always be learning new ways to save lives. I will love you forever and always.” I saw red. My mind went completely blank in rage as I grabbed the laptop and dropped it in the box, no longer caring if it got more damage. Turning around, I then grabbed the hefty charger cable, pulled as hard as possible, not caring if I broke it. With a loud snap, I watch as the plug stayed inside the outlet and the casing for the outlet snapped, sending shattered plastic across the room. I started pulling the wiring out of the wall, leaving a large gouge up the wall all the way to the ceiling. With another yank, I pulled again, and the metal connection split apart, leaving the exposed wiring as I detached the outlet. A bright spark shot out of the wires and the power shut off to the entire room, likely tripping the breaker. I walked over to the box and dropped the power cable, outlet and all into the box. I barely flinched as a large chunk of drywall fell from the wall and hit the lamp, sending it crashing to the floor. Grabbing the box, I walked out the front door, not bothering or caring about locking it behind me. I walked in silence to the elevator, my heart pounding in my ears. Hearing a muted ding, I looked up at the door, secretly hoping it was Matthew or the blonde skank so I could grab the electrical cable in the box and strangle one of them. Instead, I was greeted by our neighbor from across the hall, Mrs. French. “Jake, sweetie? Is that you?! Are… are you ok dear?” she said, shocked to see me, holding a hand to her bosom. “Hello, Mrs. French. Sorry… I was just leaving. Please, after you,” I said my voice completely emotionless, moving out of the way to let her through, as she grabbed her cart full of groceries. Looking at me for a moment, she looked at the box of my things with the exposed wiring sticking out of the top. “I see. And I also see that little slutbag from down the hall wasn’t lying about you moving out,” she said, grabbing her grocery cart in one hand, and my arm in the other. Her sudden use of profanity snapped me back to myself slightly, as normally she would be the last person to talk such a way. Dragging me down the hall, she started talking. “How about you come help me with groceries?” she said, her keys in hand as we walked up to her door, “You look like you might end up murdering someone dear. You have means and motive all inside that box. And I’m afraid if you run into that stupid little git in the lobby, it just might be her. Not that I wouldn't pay good money to see it.” Unlocking the door, I followed her dumbly as she rolled the cart into the kitchen and motioned me to set my box on the counter. “I see you did some…. remodeling?” she said, taking a seat at the island as she slowly slipped off her shoes. “Yep,” I replied, looking down and numbly realizing that I had, in fact, ripped the wiring out of the wall. I said nothing else, unsure how able I was to say anything else without either breaking down or screaming uncontrollably. “Uh-huh… I saw that fucking bimbo headed slut moving her stuff in the other day and knew those two were asking for trouble and that dumb fuck ex-boyfriend of yours… he’s not any better,” she sighed, motioning for me to sit beside her before continuing, “Now, as you know, I’m head of the building co-op… and that would be some substantial damage to the unit.” “Shit…” I said, slamming my eyes closed and taking in a deep breath to center myself. I had fucked up. Bad. And I really didn't need her to add to the massive wave of things I was trying not to feel. “Shit shit shit shit SHIT!” Patting my arm, she sat there for a second before clearing her throat and continuing. “Oh, yes dear. That is exactly what your ex is going to be saying. But don't you worry dear. I already took the liberty of taking you off the lease. You won’t be liable for any of the damages.” Opening my eyes, I stared at her, slightly shocked. “I figured after that little outburst the lobby a few weeks back, you'd wise up and leave that prick. Especially after trading down to a piece of trailer trash snatch like that,” she continued, patting my hand with hers, “Now, I had to put your termination down as inappropriate behavior from the outburst in the lobby sweetheart, but don’t worry about that little detail. Paperwork just seems to always disappear at the most interesting times.” Jesus, I thought to myself, this woman scary. “And when little Miss Shit for Brains was going down the hall asking for boxes to pack up a few things… I knew it was only a matter of time before the proverbial shit would hit the fan.” My jaw was hanging open as the little old lady in front of me cussing up a storm. This was a woman who blushed over saying the word tinkle. And now, she cussed worse than even the most seasoned sailor. “I’m guessing she packed your things up, and likely took something for herself that wasn't hers to take, hmm? And seeing how out of your head you were, it was something important to you. That, my dear, would be the work of a true cunt,” she intuited, tilting her head towards the box. My only reply was a small nod, still unable to fully wrap my head around the sudden change in the woman's language. “Jesus Christ… Did she seriously misspell your name? God... Women like that make all of us look bad. Well, after that damage, I’m guessing that you’ll need somewhere to store your things…” she wondered out loud, her finger tapping on her chin, “Because I bet that little skank will likely take revenge on your things. And a little dumbass like that Matthew will likely let her since she has him wrapped around her finger,” The woman made perfect sense. And dear god, I was honestly sad I was going to never have her as a neighbor again. “Now, I can provide a safe place to store those things if you’d like dear. And you can even stay here, though I would hope you now have somewhere of your own?” “I… just found a place yesterday, I just came to get a few necessities until...” I trailed off, letting my actions speak for themselves. Getting up, she directed me to the front door. “Good. Now, I don’t expect you to pick up your things right away. I just ask in return is you take me out to lunch once a month so we can catch up dear,” she said, slightly pushing me out the door and across the hall. “Go grab your boxes and put them in the living room. Those two are likely to be home pretty soon.” I did exactly that and after a few minutes, I was able to take all my things and move them across the hall. With that, I gave the small woman a huge hug and told her I would be back for my things as soon as possible. She gave me a small kiss on the cheek and walked me to the elevator. My mind reeled at the change in demeanor from what had been the sweet little lady who I would have bet never cussed in her entire life. I smiled though, glad to have learned something new about her and looked up at my reflection in the door. However, the smile on my face suddenly died as the doors opened and I was greeted face to face with Matthew and his new girlfriend.
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    Thanks for all the comments! I really do appreciate any feedback people give. Had more time to work on this update. Going to try and start shooting for a weekly update, but not sure how well I can achieve it with work. Hope you enjoy! -- PART 6: Stoking the Flames “Jake?!” Matthew said with a gasp, hand in hand with her. “Matthew,” I replied curtly, looking down at their hands before looking back in his face. I kept my face completely emotionless. “What…. what are you doing here?” he asked, first looking at her, then me, then their hands intertwined, “Um… Jess… sweetheart, do you mind going up without me I need to talk with Jake… alone…” Looking at me with a satisfied smirk, she turned and smiled at Matt, giving him a huge kiss on the cheek before releasing his hand. “Not a problem baby! I’ll see you upstairs! I’ll miss you bunches sweetie!!!” she replied, her fake saccharine sweet tone grating against my nerves like nails on a chalkboard, as she stepped into the elevator. I watched as she pressed the button for our…. now her floor. She looked at her nails as the doors slowly closed, looking up for only a second to glare at me menacingly. I turned my attention back to Matthew. “She's a real gem,” I said, my tone flat, as I shifted the box in my arms. “Look, Jake, I wanted to tell you but…” Matthew replied, his face bright red from embarrassment. “You’ve just been so busy, right?” I said, blinking slowly at him, suddenly very tired of his bullshit. “Or, let me guess, you forgot?” “No, Jake, baby…” he stammered before I cut him off. “Oh no…” I said, take a step towards him, letting the coldness flow through the tone of my voice, a wave of satisfaction hitting me as he reflexively took a step away from me, “I'm not your ‘baby' anymore Matthew. That new job title is ALL on little Ms. Jess.” “Please Jake, let me just explain…” “Explain what exactly? How you slept around behind my back? I think if I’m smart enough to get a medical degree, I can understand that one without having you explain it to me. You wanted to stick your dick into something new, and boy, you really made sure it was something new,” I smiled, knowing it probably was more like a sneer. Shifting the box to my other hip, I started walking towards Matthew again, “And you know, now that I see the both you together? You two make just a perfect couple. Don’t worry though babe, I’m not here to mess that up. I’m just here to get my things from OUR apartment,” I said, my cold tone and quiet demeanor slowly pushing Matt back against the wall behind him. “Honey, please… it’s not like…” “It’s not like that? Hmmm…. let’s look at it from my point of view. You see, if you wanted an open relationship, you could have come to me and I just might have been open to trying it. Hell, if you wanted to spice things up in the bedroom, I would have tried anything you wanted. A threesome? Sure, why not. Needed to see if you were straight? Not where I saw you going, but something I’d be willing to talk about.” “Wait… really?” he asked, a small glimmer hope in his eyes. “Oh yeah… Absolutely,” I said, with a smile and adding a bit of fake flair to my voice, putting my hand next to his head and leaning in close to his ear, “I really, truly would have. Because I loved you with all my heart and I would have done anything to keep you happy. And I do mean ANYTHING. Things that that girl you’re playing house with up there would lose her shit over babe. Depraved things you can’t even begin to imagine. The type of shit you’d only find in the deepest, darkest porn. I would have fulfilled your nastiest fucking fantasies, just to make you happy and keep us together. Our time apart has shown me some new things about myself you probably would have really liked. Nasty, perverted things the likes you’d never believe, baby.” I let out a soft sigh across his ear and ran my hand through his hair, knowing it was a major turn on for him, watching as what I did made him shiver and bite his lip. I smiled cruelly, knowing he was getting turned on, as I could feel the beginning of a hard-on form in his pants against my leg. I leaned in even closer, giving it a small lick and started to whisper into his ear. “But you fucked all that up the second you went behind my back. When you packed up my shit into those boxes. And when you gave away my things to that piece of trash. Now? Now we are nothing. You aren't my baby, my sweetheart, my love, or any o those false platitudes. You took all the love in my heart for you and threw it into the trash. I could literally not give any less of a shit what you do now. Sleep with whoever you want. Enjoy this thing with that piece of ass. I really, truly don’t care. We are done. Any hope you had of us ever getting back together ended when you packed me away like an unwanted toy.” I gave him a small kiss on the cheek. I stepped back and started walking away. “Jake,” Matthew said, his voice almost needy, “Please… Don’t… I love y…” I stopped and looked over my shoulder. “Oh, no. Don’t even try that one on me. We both know what a big lie that is, and that little boy lawyers like you will always say anything to get what they want when they know they can’t have it.” I watched as he cringed, my words hitting him in the gut as I allowed myself to let every hateful thought I felt about him flow out of my mind and into my mouth. Was it low? Was it the below the belt? Absolutely, and he deserved it. With a smile, I tilted my head and regarded him one last time. “Oh! Before I let you watch me walk out that door one last time, I just have one more thing to tell you,” I said, a smile on my face that I knew didn’t reach my eyes, “Get your bitch her own laptop. If you ever give my shit away to someone else, I will personally make sure to come into your house while you sleep at night and cut your balls off myself. And we both know I have the time, the knowledge, the easy access to the supplies and most definitely the support staff to back that up. Goodbye, Matthew.” I walked out the front doors of my former home, a sense of satisfaction restored at being able to end things with Matthew on my terms. Sometimes, being an evil, heartless bitch felt amazing. — I walked back up to Whitehorn’s with a few minutes to spare, thankful that Eric was still there and waiting. Opening the door, he held it open and gave me a huge smile. “Hey! Jake! Glad you made it back in time!” he said, smoking a new pipe this time, puffing the fragrant smoke in my face. I took a small breath in and had to admit, it smelled wonderful. Different from the cigar for sure, but amazing nonetheless. “Yeah, had a little issue at the old apartment I had to take care of, “ I said, setting my box on the counter and with a grateful sigh rolling my shoulders. “Sorry to hear that man,” he said, taking another puff with a frown on his face. “Oh, nothing major, just had a run-in with the ex and such,” I said, shrugging my shoulders, amazed at how much better I felt after telling Matt off. I turned my attention to the different pipes on display on the counter. “Oh…” he said, looking down at the slightly open box. “I guess you and she didn’t end on good terms?” he said, looking back up at me. “Her? No…. him…. my boyfr… my ex-boyfriend…” I said. “Oh I just assumed since…” he continued with a bit of confusion on his face. “Since?” I asked, not sure where he was going. Pointing down into the box, I looked down at what he was showing me and I let out a sigh. “I mean, pink and sparkly? I wouldn’t exactly call that masculine…” he said with a snort, before letting the smoke from his pipe pour out of his mouth and nose. “Yeah. I can see what you mean. That would be the handy work of my ex’s new girlfriend,” I said turning my attention to one of the displays as Eric continued to move around and straighten up things and turn lights off. “Damn. Traded you in on a girl? That’s fucking cold,” he said, giving me a look of pity. “Wanna talk about it?” I told him the entire story of my breakup, from walking in on Matthew to the satisfying breakup as he finished closing everything up, omitting only the sex parts. He said nothing as he worked except the few outraged replies and angered growls, just puffing at his pipe while letting me vent my entire story out. As I finished, he moved my purchase to the top of my box. “Wow,” he said, speechless for a moment, “Just. Wow. What a fucking douchebag. Fucker deserved everything you gave him. I mean fuck! If I had a smart and sexy guy like you, I’d never let your ass get out of my grip, much less leave our bed!” That one sentence got my immediate attention. “Oh… you’re…” I said, definitely sure now that he was not only flirting earlier but actually being toned down. “Gay as fuck? Shit rainbows and fart glitter? You bet,” he said with a smile as he took a deep puff. He let the smoke out with a large nose jet. “Shit rainbows and fart glitter? That’s a new one. I’ll have to remember that, “ I said, as I let out a small laugh, transfixed by the display of his smoking. “Feel free to use it,” Eric said, taking a few more puffs before reaching under the counter and grabbing a well-worn leather satchel, “Well, shop’s all closed up. Time to leave.” I followed him out the door as he set the alarm, before pulling out a set of keys from his bag. I stood there checking out his firm ass, as he turned around and locked doors. “Look, man,” he started, turning back around, pulling a lighter out of his pocket and bringing it up to the bowl of the pipe. He took a few puffs which make the bowl smoke even more. I watched with interest as he took a deep inhale that he nose jetted out, “This is probably pretty forward. I know you’re fresh out of a relationship. Same here. Not nearly the nasty breakup like yours, but still. If you ever want to meet up and chat, or take it up a notch and take me up on that pipe lesson offer, or even just hook up for a quick smoke fuck, hit me up. You’re one sexy piece of ass, and the fact you’re into smoking is a major plus in my book… And I’d definitely love to get us both puffing away naked sometime and find out how freaky you can get. If you’d be into that kind of thing.” I watched as he reached down, grabbing his cock through his pants and showed made his bulge more prominent. “I kinda have a feeling you are, though,” he said with a smile, taking another puff of the pipe. “You… I…” I spit out, unable to form a sentence at the sudden change in Eric’s attitude outside the shop. I would never have guessed this guy had a dark, kinky side. Though, I guess the same could be said of me. “I saw you checking me you earlier, sexy… getting hard as you saw me smoke,” he said with a wink, “and you’ve had me boned up all day thinking about you lighting up those thick stogies. Something tells me that you’ve been smoking them longer than you let on.” With that, he handed me his business card, and on the back was a telephone number. “That’s my cell. I don’t give it out to just anyone, so… Give me a call soon, stud?” he asked, rubbing his thumb on the back of my hand as I took the card from. “Um… sure!” I said, shocked but pleasantly surprised before blurting out, “Do you need mine?” “Text me and I’ll add you. Well, I gotta go meet up with a few friends tonight for a thing I promised to do with them. I want to see you again soon though,” Eric said, putting his hand on my shoulder and rubbed it with his thumb as he took a deep inhale on his pipe and then pulling it back out of his mouth. “Defini-“ I began to say when he mashed his lips against mine, shoving his tongue into my mouth and blowing his smoke into me. His hand held against the back of my head, holding me against him as I breathed it in, my cock instantly got hard. We stood there for several moments, kissing deeply as our tongues slid against each other. He stepped away, a grin on his face as I slowly exhaled, savoring the taste of his pipe smoke as the thick cloud poured out of my mouth and nose. “Just what I was hoping for. Later hot stuff,” he said, winking at me as placed the pipe in his mouth again and started walking towards the parking lot across the street. I stood there for a minute in a stupor, bringing my fingers to my lips as while watching him as he hopped into a small SUV and drove off, waving to me as he passed with his pipe dangling out of the side of his mouth, the only thing in my mind that I seriously needed to get a pipe or two. Finally snapping out of it, I blinked a few times and walked down the street towards my apartment. Almost to my building, I stopped, looking at the adult bookstore from the night before. I was horny and knew I was going to need to get some relief later at the glory holes. That’s when I realized it. Poppers and an ass plug. I definitely had enjoyed using the poppers every time I had access to them. And as for the plug, with the amount of cum I would hopefully take up my ass very soon, I knew I would need something substantial to keep them trapped inside. My ass ached to be flooded, and I wanted to take all my hard earned prizes home. Walking in, I looked back to the back towards the video booths counter, hoping that Kyle would be there to ask for help. Sadly, instead, there was a small twink guy with bright blue hair, texting away on his phone looking bored. Disappointed, I went to where I saw the poppers before, and after a while found a bottle that looked similar to the ones Kyle had shoved under my nose. The bottle proudly displayed ‘Super Rush’. Next, I walked over to the butt plug and my mind nearly shut down at all the choices. They came in sizes big and small. They could be made of glass, metal, rubber, silicon. Inflating, vibrating, cellular connected. Tails, cock rings, even jeweled. I shuddered at the last one. After the horror that my laptop had become, I could never look at rhinestones and fake crystals the same way again. And then, I saw it. The box called it a jock style plug, and it spoke to me with how it looked like a giant cock, but still, would work like a normal plug. Plus, it came in a two pack, so if one was too big, I could go with a smaller one. Going up to the counter, I paid for the items and threw them into the bag with the cigar supplies. Satisfied, I walked back out and realized as my stomach growled that I had no groceries. Thankfully, on my previous adventures in the neighborhood, I had discovered a decent grocery store, and so I walked across the street to it. A quick run through the aisles and I had a few TV dinners and a couple other staples to last me until I could make a full run to the store the next day. Laden down with both the box and my grocery bags, I walked back and entered my building. With a small lift of my fingers in a wave to Amal, who was talking on the phone, I then proceeded to call the elevator. While I waited, I shuffled the things in my hands and pulled out my phone. Flipping through the numbers, I sent a text message to Kyle: Hey, it’s Jake from last night. If I were to go to the video booths, what time should I go?? I watched as the message sent, and got into the elevator. Looking at my watch, it proudly displayed 6:45 pm. The doors opened, and I looked at my door which caused me to let out a slight curse. Maintenance In Progress, Please Come In Well, I sighed to myself, looks like I’ll have to wait until they are done to try out the purchases. With a groan, I opened the door, and walked in, setting down everything. “Hello?” I called out loud, looking for the maintenance man. “Sorry, in here,” I heard a muffled voice say, coming from the utility closet. Something about it sounded familiar, but I couldn't place it. A ding from my phone interrupted my train of thought on where I knew the voice. As I read the reply from Kyle: Depends. y? Me: Well… it’s been a day. And I need to get rid of some stress. Was hoping to have fun like last night. Picked up some poppers and a few cigars. Have a few with your name on them as a thank you. Kyle: fuck! not there tonight, but you tell benny the twink at the front i said you can go in on the friend discount. have to get you to come by a different time so we can enjoy the gars in style fucker Kyle: 2 answer the other ? tho i would say if u want loads dripping out ur cunt like the fuckin slut u are, go after 10 tonight Me: Seriously? Thx! Me: Wait… Slut? I've only ever been there once! lol Kyle: and u were a hot nasty cumdump pig. loved seeing that latin fukkers load drip out ur pussy and watching you take my prick and inhale my fuckin gar man. you have a great hole btw. so tight n made to suck out jizz. wish i was there to watch you get filled with cocksnot til u drip. Kyle: so wanna feed your lungs a few reds and sum more gar smoke, then when ur high on smoke, fuck you up on poppers n get u 2 back your hole up on some nice anon raw dick Kyle: have 2 also get u 2 the bathhouse sometime too. u wood be real popular there. maybe give u the grand tour and have a few buds give you some extra special loads. i know theyd love to take a long hard ride in your ass before filling up ur cunt w their hot swimmers Me: Might just do that. All of that sounds pretty fucking hot actually lol Kyle: just let benny know ur looking to be a cum dumpster 2nite. he’ll send em ur way. btw, he says some preppy guy that fit what i said you look like just came in and bought a nice fuckin set of ass plugs and sum high power poppers. that u? Me: Yeah… I tried to find the kind of poppers you used. And I bought a set of butt plugs that looked really hot. Kyle: hot damn fucker. please tell me its for the loads tonight? u gonna fill up ur hole and let em marinate all night? Me: Maybe…? Kyle: fuck!!! making me wish i was there to help you trap all that ass grease into your cum pit. gonna make you smoke so much more next time we fuck together now i know ur a smoke pig. would love to watch you smoke some reds. watch em dangle from your lips. maybe even give u my piss. Me: Never tried them or piss, but I’m game for both. Kyle: fuckin nice bud! so hot that you are turning into a nasty breeding piggy. never would have pegged u 4 one, but fuckin love it. use booth #8 bro. small enough you can get it from both end anon. hungry pig like you needs it anyway he can. cant wait to fuck your dripping boy pussy again and add my wad. gtg tho Me: ok. ttyl Shit, I have to kill a few hours, I thought to myself. My cock throbbed at the thoughts of what might go on tonight, and I felt antsy, wishing I could start sooner. Maybe I could smoke one of the cigars and get high on the poppers, then work the smaller plug inside me. But first, I’d have to wait for the maintenance guy to leave. Resigned, I unloaded my groceries as I turned my attention back to the voice in the closet. “Oh, sorry. Um… important work text I had to answer. Just didn’t want to startle you when I walked in,” I called out, suddenly realizing I had never replied back to the maintenance worker. Taking my box from the old apartment into my room, I placed it on the ground next to the dresser and made the bed, which I had forgotten to do the night before, picking up a few clothes and putting them into a pile before I reached down and grabbed my used underwear from the night before. Looking at the doorway, I briefly took a quick sniff of the dirty garments, enjoying the smell of dried cum before throwing them in the pile. Grabbing the cigars and supplies, I walked back out and nearly dropped the bag as I was confronted by someone I definitely didn't expect to see. “Holy shit…” I said, slowly, walking up to the kitchen counter, ”Jackson?” Standing in front of me was the man who had introduced me to smoke sex and barebacking. He gave me a slight look of shock as he realized instantly who I was. “Shit! Jake, right?” he said, wiping the sweat from his brow, clearly out of breath. “Yeah, um… why are you…” I began, my nervous habit kicking in again as I began to scratch the back of my neck. Without speaking, he pointed to his shirt, clearly labeled “Maintenance.” Turning back to the new washer and dryer now sitting in the utility closet, he pressed the start button on both, smiling as both started up perfectly. Shutting both off again, he turned his attention back to me. “How have you been? I mean, good I’d guess. Got a new place obviously!” he said, smiling and he went over to and washed his hands before drying them on his shirt, “But things have been going better since I last saw you I hope?” “Yeah, um… Things are better for sure. I just moved in yesterday,” I said, unable to stop staring at him. He looked almost unrecognizable in the polo shirt and lack of prominent piercings, “Why are you working here though? I mean, I thought you did construction work…” “Oh yeah. I still do,” he said, before opening the cabinets to pull out a glass. “Hey, do you mind if I get some water? Been standing on my head for an hour and these polos don't breath at all.” “Sure…” I said, waiting for an answer. I watched as he filled the glass and gulped it down. Setting it in the sink, he turned around and fanned his shirt as he continued. “Little brother is the property manager. He started on a few months back, and his team lost several of the maintenance crew. Few of them to another building and the rest had to be fired. He asked if I could fill in,” he said, as I nodded, checking him out. If anything, he looked even hotter than before, “I love my little bro, and he was in a pretty rough patch. Between that and the cooler weather cutting down on my work, I said sure. So, steady income and benefits until I want to leave. Also get better hours than on my own. In fact, you’re the last job of the day and I get to go home.” “Oh, cool,” I said, feeling my cock harden at the memory of his cock, now a prominent bulge in his pants, filling my ass. “How about you?” he asked, apparently enjoying the fact I couldn't stop staring. “Not much I guess…” I said, trailing off, slightly embarrassed as he made his way over to me before grabbing the bag in my hand. “Damn!” he exclaimed, looking at the name on the side of the bag, “Looks like someone has good taste.” I blushed as he gave me a huge smile. “I, uh… yeah…” I said, muttering slightly trying to come up with something to say, “Kinda have you to blame.” “Shit! Really?” he said, peeking inside of the bag as he sat it on the counter, “How is that?” “You got me really turned on to cigars that night… well, among other things…” I said, still slightly embarrassed. “Double fucking damn!” he said, smiling and rubbing his crotch, an evil grin on his face, “Don’t mean to intrude but… mind if we fire up few of these fuckers? Been dying for a smoke all day, and I’m now officially off the clock. And,” he said, reaching in and pulling out the bottle of poppers as well as the butt plugs, “It looks like you came prepared to play hard, boy. I seem to remember that you owe me a few cigars from the other night.” With a huge grin, he walked over to counter next to me and set the bag down before reaching into the bag and pulling out two of the large Asylums I had purchased. Unwrapping them from their cellophane, he ran one under his nose, inhaling deeply, before reaching over and setting the bottle of poppers in front of me. Next, he opened the butt plugs and taking the smaller one, licked the bottom and shoved it onto the side of the cabinets, where it stuck firmly. “You’re gonna need these poppers with the hard fuck I’m gonna give your tight hole, boy,” he said before he reached down to grab my dick through my pants, “And when I’m done, I’m gonna trap my loads deep inside your cunt.” I put my forehead against his chest, breathing in his sweaty, manly scent, mixed with the faint smell of cigar smoke. I moaned in pleasure. “In the mood for some fun then?” he growled, squeezing my cock, “Want to take a few loads to keep that hole warm all night and let me really fuck those lungs of yours?” Immediately my cock strained even harder in my pants, the thought of having a repeat of that first night made my hole ache to be stretched and filled, and my lungs hungered for the smoke. Slowly, I began to nod.
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    Good boy keep sucking that hard cock get it nice and wet so I can sink it into your tight little pussy and make you whimper as I bottom out. You will learn to be a good slave by the time I am done with you.
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    Part 12 The footsteps stopped just outside of the stall door. “Hola, perra” a voice said outside the door. It had a thick accent and the only man I knew in the company with a thick accent was the Mexican janitor, that was friends with every executive in the building, cross him and you cross everyone of them. “I heard there was a new whore in the company” he said. I just moaned in delight. I lusted after this man, his tan skin, his dark hair and thick dark mustache. He always wore a blue overalls, which framed his ass. The zipper was never all the way up, it was alway about half way down his chest, exposing a forrest of wild dark hair covering his chest. There was alway a thick long tube running down his right leg. Each time I saw that tube, my cock twitched and my hole puckered. “You know you wand Hector’s salchicha” he said. I could hear him unzipping the overalls outside the door. “Got a big load of crema for you” he said. The stall door creaked open and he stepped inside. I could see his work boats behind me and the legs of his coveralls. I wanted to see that dark bush, that big tube, it’s foreskin and his sac, but he moved too quickly of me to see. He was soon rubbing his cock up and down my crack, I could feel the foreskin moving back and forth over his cock head as he did this. I moaned loudly. I could hear him removing the overalls and saw them drop to the floor around his ankles. His legs were massive, muscular and very veiny. They were covered in thick dark hair as well. I wanted to turn around and lick them. I wanted to explore his furry body. If his legs were this hairy I could only imagine how hairy his ass was and his crack. He slowly started to squat down, giving me more of a view of those legs. His cock came into view and I about shot my load all over. It was thick, very thick. It was at least a good nine inches long and the foreskin coved it’s head, hanging past a good inch. His crotch was covered in a thick black bush that went from hip to hip. “That’s one disease filled cono!” he said I watched his hand slowly stroke his cock, pulling back the foreskin, exposing his head hidden inside, then covering it back up. My cock was drooling pre-cum as I watched, and so was his, or at least I thought. “Got a nice case of the morning drip for you hole” He suddenly stood and rammed his cock into my hole. I yelped as he slid into me balls deep. The thick cock was stretching my hole open. “Heard you received a load to day with the deadliest catch and another with the pox” “Yes I did” “Now I am going to give you the drip” He pumped his cock in and out of my hole, balls swinging as he did. His hands gripped my hips as he rammed into my hole. I suddenly hear the outer door open, the restroom was filled with someone whistling. I could hear their foot steps as they moved closer to the stall door, as the whistling got louder. I heard the squeak of the stall door opening. “Mind if I join you Hector?” the new man said. “His hole at the other end is open” The new man man his way between us and the divider. Once at the front, he stepped over the nasty old toilet, bringing his crotch right in front of my face. His hands, which were covered with white fur, they slowly worked the zipper of his dress pants. I could hear the zipper sliding down and as he opened his fly, I got a glimpse of more white hair. He reached inside and pulled his cock and balls out. Surrounded by the white, his cock began to twitch and grow, slowly it expanded to double the size it was soft, then it was almost triple in size. He lifted his cock and pointed it at my mouth. I eagerly opened my mouth and slide my lips over his cock head. He let out moan as my lips slid slowly down his shaft. I took a deep breathe through my nose and slid all the way down, pushing my nose in my side his zipper and into the wiry white crotch hairs. He grabbed the back of my head and pumped a couple times, letting me know he was in control. Hector was steadily fucking my ass with his big uncut cock. The skin moving as it slid in and out of my hole, felt amazing causing me to squeeze his cock with my hole. My hole was slick from the two loads that were in me. I wondered if I should tell Hector he was plowing his cock through cum with HIV and Syphilis. I was moving my mouth up and down the mature man’s cock. I could feel the spit coating it and then collecting at his balls. It soon was running down the man’s sac. He wasn’t much of a leaker of dick slime, but I was still enjoying his cock. Hector started to speed up his thrusts in and out of my hole. His cock was thickening and hardening. “Hector’s about to load up that hole” the mature man said. “Big load is churning in my balls, Señor!” I could feel his balls still swinging as he thrusted in and out. My cock was jumping as he slammed into me, slapping my stomach. I clamped down on his hole, squeezing my hole on his cock. “Oh shit, here it comes” he yelled. He slammed into me hard and deep. He grunted and shook as he emptied his balls into my hole. I could feel his legs shaking and rubbing against mine. He held on as his legs started to buckle near the end. He slipped out, quickly pulled up his coveralls and headed out. “Have work to do, Sir, thank you for the little break” “Anytime Hector, we wouldn’t run without you,” the mature man said. After Hector left through the outer restroom door, the mature man pulled his hard cock from my mouth. He slid down and sat on the toilet. “Now that we are alone, my boy,” he said, “I wanted to have a little talk with you”
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    Multi-Purpose Faggot. A group of tops opened up my mouth and ass with their speculum toy things and made me their two-hole beer-piss urinal for 3 hours before they changed my purpose to become their sperm bank. They deposited and then put on their clothes and left. Leaving the scene with out a care or acknowledgement of there being anyone else but a used messy slut and a used and messy apt.
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    Stretching the pale blue Lycra cycle suit around my every muscle, making sure the suit was as tight as possible. I pulled and wriggled them as snuggly as I could up my ass because I just love the feel of the second skin around my cheeks and hole. I adjusted my dick in an upright position, but it always falls to 3 o’clock to show nicely as soon as I move. It was already a hot day when the 100-mile cycling Sportive mass start set off although we quickly strung out into groups going at our own pace. I latched on to the back of a pack from a cycle club all in tight white lycra that leaves nothing to the imagination especially as everyone is commando under the figure hugging material. For mile after mile, I watched this one young guy’s ass cheeks pumping up & down rhythmically as if it was calling my name beckoning me to stroke it until my cock was pressing painfully hard against my thigh! When we made it to the first food stop, I thought about continuing on as there was no way I could A.) Hide my erection B.) Make it go down I got off the bike with some difficulty but was quickly calmed as he smiled when he noticed the bulge in my lycra clad crotch, "What brought that on?" he enquired smirking. "Errrr….Must be the heat" as I adjusted myself so my cock was pointing straight up again and less obvious. "Yeah, IT sure is hot", he grinned, looking at me and winked. The innuendo made my cock swell even harder and I felt pre-cum ouse from my piss slit leaving a noticeable wet spot too. "I'm surprised you could even ride with that in the way!" He grinned deftly ushering me away from his team mates. "No problem man, I just stood on the pedals out of the saddle" We laughed and sat on a bench eating sweets and sipping energy drinks and as we got our breath back he asked, "Has it gone down enough to carry on yet?" "Well….., almost" I admitted, as I was semi-hard simply because I couldn't get the image of his supple ass out of my mind. "We can stay here until you're ready, or maybe wait a bit more until the rush dies down so we can sneak into the disabled toilet to......." he said, looking me meaningfully in the eyes. Whilst this has always been a fantasy for me, now presented with the opportunity I hesitated until I looked down to see his cock, a monster, was straining against the front of his bibshorts. It took my breath away, ‘Jesus H Christ’ I thought, then couldn’t help myself, reached over to grasp his fat tool through the ultra-thin material. "Oh wow! Mmmmm, that’s a great feeling", he gasped “Not here” I said, “Wait until we find somewhere secluded en-route. Looks like your buddies went on without you” "Yeah, such a shame that" before dropping to a whisper "Coz it looks as if you have enough there to satisfy the lot of us!" Now we both had trouble and dare not stand to get back on our bikes until we were decent again to continue in the event. After a few more miles we entered a wooded area next to the main river and suddenly the climate changed with a sharp downpour. I forgot what effect water had on my pale outfit and his white lycra. Within minutes we were soaked and you could see through both suits leaving nothing to the imagination. “This wasn’t forecast, I didn’t bring any wet weather gear, did you?” “No, me either.” “Let’s shelter under that bridge, look up ahead.” “Perfect!” We got off our bikes and laid them down on the ground. Chris, as I later learnt his name to be, came nearer to me and began stroking my bulging dick. “That outfit really suits you,” he said grinning from ear to ear, stroking me more and more. My dick hardened to it's full length instantly. I began stroking his arse, poking my fingers in between his legs but the seat padding was in the way. As he unzipped my top and peeled back the bib shorts his hand was quickly inside playing with my balls, I wonder if he noticed my biohazard tattoo? At this point I was so excited I knew I just had to get hold of his dick. So, I too began peeling his suit off starting at the top; it was still sticky because of the rain. He stripped right down until his throbbing dick emerged in its full glory. He crouched down and put my dick into his mouth. He licked and stroked it, and occasionally rubbed his hands around my hole. As he did this to me I jacked him as hard as I could. His hard dick felt really good in my hand, hot and steaming. This was heaven. He continued to lick my dick and I couldn’t contain myself. I almost came in his mouth there and then, but managed to hold it back. “I’ll have to give it you, soon” I said still wondering if he realised I am POZ. We kissed lightly, then more ardently as the heat grew stronger between us until our lips parted with a breathless smack. "Stand up Chris" I urged and pushed my face into his burning crotch to savour the aroma of his sweat, while he held my head & kept a lookout as I eased his shorts down over those firm cheeks that I had admired for most of the day. His fat shaft sprang out to greet my probing tongue, a nicely proportioned 8" dick, that I could just about wrap my fist around to jerk, while I licked along the velvety flesh and sucked one of his shaved balls into my mouth. "Oh God YESSSSS!" he groaned, stroking my hair, while I gently stroked the flesh back and forth over his shiny engorged nobhead. I groaned & gripped the base of my dick as I gently beat my meat as at the same time I wrapped my lips around his balls, licking & kissing them while my hand slid along his sweat-slick cock. Panting hard, coming up for air, “I’ve got to fuck your arse, the arse that’s been teasing me all morning.” I say and he immediately replies, “Fuck yeah” without hesitation. I bent him over and put my dick right up to his arse, spat on his hole then thrust and thrust with both my hands wrapped around his glorious dick. He groaned as I fucked him, harder and harder, with no finesse just a primal animal urge to spill my demon seed. My head next to his, breathing hard in his ear I tell him, “Now I’m in your hole, I own it and don’t pull out till I’ve cum, OK?” “Yes” is the response and as I fucked and wanked him he moaned with ecstasy as his dick swelled to release the most amount of cum I’d ever seen spraying a dozen or more jets of cum like a geyser. I banged a few more times, hard deep stokes and with the image of his potentially last Neg load shooting I knew I couldn’t hold it much longer "Aahhhh, fuck yessssssssss" I screamed then forgetting myself huffed “Pozzing your hole NOW” as jet after jet of diseased spunk rocketed into his guts. His ass muscles twitched and pulsed as if stroking my shaft as we lightly kissed. “Fuck that was hot” he said still slightly bent with my rock-hard cock plugging his hole not allowing any of my Poz babies to escape, “loved the dirty talk, added to the thrill of the al fresco sex and the possibility of getting caught. Look, I’m still hard! Suck me off eh?” Still unsure if he realises I’ve just probably pozzed him I pull out, drop to my knees in front of him and quickly ram four fingers in his bruised hole to replace my cock. Oh yeah, like that, yes, yes", he urged as he pumped his hips to meet my mouth as my hand sawed in and out hopefully massaging my DNA further in to his system. "Mmmmm," he moaned appreciatively as his pre-cum cock coated my tongue and his head was flung back I bobbed my head over his throbbing cock to suck harder and faster, slap, slap slap his balls went up against my chin until I felt his dick swell and twitch. I eagerly pulled him hard into my throat until I gagged, he was grunting with every stroke as his orgasm rushed closer till I pulled off and came up for air. "Don't stop, oh God don't stop" he cried and pulled my mouth onto his cock as he fucked my mouth faster "Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmmph" I gasped & squeezed his cummy hole even harder until he cried out "I'm cumming, cumming, YES, YES, YESSSSS!" as a stream of hot manjuice shot down my throat making me splutter, followed by another blast of thick cum poured over my tongue, then another as he bucked against me with trembling thighs, as I rammed my fingers extra hard into the former tight, rosy hole of his ass eliciting the last powerful shot of salty cum. "Mmmmm, I love it, pure cum!" I gasped as a string of cum drooled from my lips. I stood up & we kissed passionately swapping that last blast of cum between us. “What’s your name?” I asked, “Chris.” “I’m Joey,” I said. “Do you and your mates ride around here a lot then?” I asked him. “Most mornings, before work or weekends, you?” “I like to come here to these woods and fuck or play with myself in my lycra when there’s no one else around.” “FUCK!” was his surprised reponse at my openness, and turned on by it by the way his cock was beginning to spring back to life… I couldn’t believe what I had done telling Chris, “I’d often fantasized of this happening one day while out cycling and now it’s come true it was an absolute POSITIVE joy.” “Hey what’s all this positive shit, you trying to tell me something…..?”
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    And in case you can't open PDFs, or you just prefer the moderator's writing style, here's the text version of the story (I'm sure the moderator will do his usual thorough editing job within a few days). Chapter 5 comes right after the five-way at Simon's place, and right after Simon says, "...you have more to learn, and I'm gonna teach you." ---- Five: The next few weeks were really great. Simon seemed to be having me over more and more, and having girls from the club over less and less. He always seemed happy to see me, and I was definitely happy whenever I saw him. I loved how he always dominated me, and how he made me feel like I was the only person in the world when we were together. I was also starting to get used to him inviting Jaime or the married stranger over to fuck me, too, although Simon was the one I really wanted. I knew it was wrong to do this to my boyfriend, and of course I knew there was a huge risk taking Simon's loads (and his roommate's) all the time, and that it might all catch up to me later. But later was later, and all I knew was, Simon was what I needed right now, and I think he needed me to, and I was happy when I was with him. Things with my boyfriend Todd were also better than ever, which made me feel guilty for cheating on him, but I was getting better and better at not thinking about it. Things were always so easy when I was with Todd, and I couldn't imagine not being with him. He was probably the one really decent person in my life, and even though he didn't always understand me, I knew he would do anything for me, and I felt like a better person when I was with him. The sex was never quite as passionate as that one night he'd fucked Jaime's cum into me (without knowing it), but it was still great, and I was always happy when I was with him, too. Anyway, Todd and I were on our way to an office party my company was throwing. Todd always came with me to these things when he wasn't working, so it was nothing special. Some of the partners at my company were openly gay, and everyone at work was pretty easygoing, so I was looking forward to a few drinks, a few laughs, a drama-free evening, and then a quiet night back at Todd's place. We got to my office building and walked inside, with Todd telling me all the latest updates on his family ranch back home, and about the torque (or something) on the new pickup truck his family had just bought. He seemed really excited about the whole thing, and he was fun to listen to when he got excited about something. We got up to the office party and saw some of my work friends, and we walked over and started talking to them for a minute. Then I left to get us some drinks, and I said hi to some of the partners, my boss Jackie, and her nephew Greg, who I hadn't met before. I got back to where Todd was talking to my friends, and I noticed that Joel, the office slut, had come out of nowhere and was laughing at something Todd had said, resting his hand "casually" on Todd's muscular arm. Joel had a reputation around the office for spreading his legs for just about anything that moved, including one or two of the delivery men, and possibly some of the partners, too. Joel was Asian, on the short side, had a great body and a cute face, and could be very…persuasive when he wanted something, which is why I didn't want him anywhere near Todd. I usually didn't follow office gossip, but I could tell, just by looking, what Joel wanted; and with my boyfriend's recent…history, I didn't trust the two of them together at all. I handed Todd his drink, and then politely but firmly steered him away from that group, and away from Joel. After that, I started to relax. We had a few more drinks, we talked to some more of my office friends, and I showed Todd off to some of the new people there. The mood was good, there was booze and music, and all was well. And then at the other side of the room, I saw Simon walk in. Everyone was listening to Todd telling another one of his farm stories, as my heart stopped beating and I had a quiet panic attack. Was I imagining this? I'd only had a few drinks. Why was he here? Was he going to tell my boyfriend everything? In front of all my co-workers?? Had my life of lies and deceit finally caught up with me? Or could this just be a weird coincidence, and he was here with someone else? I held my breath and stayed perfectly still, praying for this moment to just go away, wishing for Simon to just turn around and walk out, hoping beyond hope that he wouldn't see me…. Simon spotted me almost instantly and started walking directly toward me, with a maniacal grin on his face. What the hell was I going to do? I snapped out of my panicked paralysis and started looking for an escape route, but there was a table of food behind me, Todd next to me, and co-workers totally surrounding us, listening to Todd as he finished his story. The co-workers were starting to disperse, but not fast enough. In sheer desperation, I considered ducking under the table and running out the other side, but that would leave Simon alone with my boyfriend, to tell him who-knows-what? I finally decided to just stay put and try to think of a convincing story to tell my boyfriend, and hopefully get out of this thing alive. Simon finally got to where we were standing, walked right up to me, and slapped me hard on the shoulder. "There he is!" he said to me, like we were old friends. "Sorry I'm late!" "I—I didn't think you were coming," I said, completely honestly. I could see Todd had turned toward us and was probably waiting for an introduction. And Simon wasn't helping, he was just staring at me with that mischievous grin, obviously enjoying watching me squirm and suffer. I couldn't say he was a co-worker, because Todd knew everyone at work. "Todd, this is my…friend…from…growing up." From growing up? Was that seriously the best I could come up with?? "Nice to meet you, I'm Todd," my lover said. "How's it goin'? I'm Simon," my other lover said. God, was this really happening? These two people were never supposed to meet each other! "So you two went to school together?" Todd asked, totally normally. Maybe my lie had actually worked. "Sure did," Simon said, going along with my story with clear amusement, "and now I'm back in town. I can't believe you didn't find out about me before now!" I'm sure all the blood drained from my face at that point, but Todd was already on his third drink, which might have been the only thing that saved me. The rest of that conversation was incredibly…normal, with Todd and Simon making small talk, and only me seeming to realize how insane this whole situation was. Simon, always full of surprises, really hit it off with Todd, saying he had family in the Midwest, too (I had no idea if that was true or not), and talking about cars and power tools and things, which Todd loved. I realized I'd never seen Simon sociable like this before. He was like five different people in one. After a few minutes of Simon and my boyfriend bonding over "guy talk", Simon looked over at where my boss Jackie and her nephew Greg were standing, and asked me, "Hey, who is that fine Nubian queen over there?" Oh no, what was he doing? "That—that's my boss, but don't—" "I will talk to you two gentlemen later," he interrupted me, and started walking toward her. "No, you can't—" I said quickly, but he was already gone. Was this night really happening? First he introduces himself to my boyfriend, and now he's going to hit on my boss? This is not how tonight was supposed to go. I watched as Simon strutted up to Jackie and started talking to her, and I just hoped he wouldn't tell her he was with me. Then I saw both of them look directly over at me, and it was obvious he'd just told her. Why was he doing this to me?? I went back to talking to my boyfriend, who amazingly didn't seem to suspect anything. He actually seemed to really like Simon, which was just too much for me. I quickly waved some work friends over to talk to us and take my boyfriend's mind off Simon, and to hopefully make him forget about Simon altogether. After a few minutes of talking to my friends, I looked back over at Simon, and now he was leaning into my boss's ear and saying something funny, making her laugh. I turned back to my boyfriend, and Joel had once again shown up out of nowhere and was rubbing up on my boyfriend, so I had to separate the two of them again. Then I turned back to Simon, and now my boss was gone, and Simon was talking to my boss's nephew Greg, and making him laugh. This night could not be happening. I went back to talking to my work friends for a few minutes, and then when I turned back to Simon, he and Greg were looking right at me, and Simon was saying something into Greg's ear, and smiling devilishly. This could not be good. Then Greg started smiling, too, and then Simon was waving me over to them. I looked back at my boyfriend, and Joel had found his way back, and now he was putting a drink into Todd's hands, and Todd wasn't saying no. Well I could either keep Joel away from my boyfriend, or go over and see what Simon wanted. After some agonizing, I decided to walk over to Simon and Greg, knowing I'd regret it. "You know Greg," Simon said to me. I nodded at Greg. We'd met earlier. Greg was a little younger than me, in shape, and good looking. He had perfect white teeth, a neat haircut, and smooth mocha skin. "Greg's new in town," Simon explained, "and he doesn't know anybody yet. I told him I could help him out with that." Then Simon looked me up and down with a very suggestive look, and I knew exactly what he meant, but I couldn't believe it! He was pimping me out to my boss's nephew?? Then I saw the lusty smile on Greg's face, and I knew that's exactly what was happening. How had Simon found someone else to fuck me, literally 15 minutes after getting here? And how in the world had he singled out my boss's nephew, of all the people here? Simon took my arm and said, "Let's go for a walk." "What, now?" I asked, eyes wide. Simon nodded. "We can't, not here!" I protested. "My boss is here, and my boyfriend is right over there!" "I won't tell if you won't," Simon said with a smirk. "Will you tell?" he asked Greg. Greg shook his head, also smirking. "Then it's settled. Let's go, baby doll." Simon had never called me that in front of someone else before, and no one in my "regular" life knew I was sleeping around, until right now. This whole thing was totally wrong! But Greg already knew now, and if I put up a fight, Simon might tell Greg even more about what we'd been up to. So I took one last, mournful look back at my boyfriend, who I could see was now hopelessly under Joel's spell, and let Simon pull me away. The three of us walked to the end of one of the hallways, and into a corner office. I'd been so busy thinking about my boyfriend and Joel that I hadn't been paying attention to where we were going. "Wait, this is one of the partners' offices, we can't do it in here!" I said, but neither of them seemed to care. Simon closed the door (but didn't lock it), pulled me over to the window, and started grinding into my ass. "Wait, not by the window, someone could see us!" We were only a few floors up, and the parking lot was right outside. If someone left the party early and looked up…. Simon wasn't listening, though, and I could feel his hard-on pressing into me now. Greg walked up to me, lifted my chin up, and kissed me deeply, right then and there. I realized then that I hadn't kissed anyone except my boyfriend in three years, even with all this sleeping around I was doing. I'd just crossed yet another line, and with an almost complete stranger. While I was making out with Greg, Simon dropped my pants, then his, and then I felt his hard, bare cock pressing up against my skin. Then Greg bent me down, undid his own pants, and pushed his fat black cock into my mouth. Greg got hard fast, and soon I was choking on Greg's cock, with Simon right behind me, pushing my head further down and grinding his own cock against my ass. After a few minutes, Simon asked, "You ready to fuck him?" "Oh, yeah," Greg said. And with that, Simon stood me up, turned me around, and bent me forward again. I heard Greg spitting a few times, and then he started to push in. And there I was, bent over like a whore in one of the partners' offices, right in front of the window, with my neighbor's cock in my mouth, and my boss's nephew's cock shoving into my ass, at the company office party, with my boyfriend right outside. Was this really happening?? Greg slowly pushed all the way into me, and he was really stretching me out. He'd never asked about condoms, so I just hoped he was clean—although at this point I didn't even know if I was. When Greg was all the way inside me, he started slowly thrusting in and out and sighing, obviously enjoying the feeling. Meanwhile, Simon was deep in my throat, egging him on: "Yeah, man, open him up wide, make him your bitch, take that ass, fuck him real deep." "Oh, man, he feels good," Greg was saying as he fucked me harder, "fuck, this is just what I needed." He started really pounding me, and I struggled to take it. He didn't care, though, he just grabbed my hips and kept pounding me hard. And Simon obviously loved it. He kept encouraging Greg to fuck me harder, and telling me to "take that black dick in your slutty fuckin' hole, you fuckin' whore, your boyfriend's gonna know you just got fucked, for sure." After just a few minutes of Simon's nasty talk, Greg pounded me even harder, slammed all the way inside me, and held it there as he shot his load of unknown status deep inside me. As soon as he pulled out, Simon stood me up, shoved me right up against the same window I'd complained about before, and pushed in on Greg's cum. He fucked me hard as I looked down on the parking lot, hoping no one would walk out right then. "Oh, you dirty slut," he whispered into my ear, breathing hard, "taking all this dick with your boyfriend right outside. He's probably wondering where you are right now. Maybe Greg should go find him, and tell him to come join us? I think he'd like that." "No, don't!" I said, instinctively trying to push Simon off me, but he was way stronger than me, and after a brief struggle, he pinned my arms behind my back, pressed my face up against the window, and slammed back into me as hard as he could. "Or maybe I should tell all your friends out there you just took a load off your boss's nephew, right here in the partner's office!" he said with a maniacal laugh. "What does your HR handbook say about that, bitch boy?" I couldn't believe what he was saying to me. My friends had no idea what Simon and I got up to, they thought Todd and I were the perfect faithful couple. If people at work found out what a slut I was, I'd have to quit in shame—if I didn't get fired first. "Well what's it gonna be, boy?" he asked, with some really hard thrusts. I hoped he wasn't seriously making me choose. "Who do you want me to tell?" he asked, fucking me faster. "Your little work friends, or your boyfriend? And you better hurry, boy, 'cuz I'm about to bust my fuckin' nut." I still couldn't believe it. Is this why he'd come here tonight? "Ah, maybe I should just tell everyone. Then you'll have no one but me." Oh god, he really was making me choose, between losing my boyfriend and losing my job. Fuck, what had I done? I knew my lies would catch up to me eventually, but not yet, and I never thought Simon would turn on me like this! I'd known he was into some twisted games, and I'd known I was playing with fire, but fuck! "Oh, you feel so good, boy, I'm gettin' so close," Simon said. "I guess you want me to tell everyone, huh?" "My friends!" I blurted out. "Tell my friends." "Unh, just in time!" Simon said, slamming his cock into me. And as he pumped his hot load into me to mix with Greg's, I could tell from his voice and his moans that he was genuinely happy. Meanwhile, I felt like crying. My time at that company was probably over now, and all because I couldn't say no to Simon, just this one time. How had things gotten so out of control, so fast? Well at least if everyone was going to hear about me, they were going to hear about what a slut Greg was, too. That made me feel a little better. And I'd get to keep my boyfriend. Simon slowly slipped out of me and let go of my wrists, which were sore by now. We washed up in the private bathroom and straightened our clothes out, trying not to look like we'd just had a three-way at an office party. When we'd finished getting dressed, Simon walked right up to me. He took me by the chin and put his other hand around my waist, and dammit, when I saw the way he looked at me, like there was no one but the two of us, I couldn't stay mad at him, even though he was ruining my life, little by little. "That was so much fun, baby doll," he said to me, quietly, "I really liked that. I've fucked a lot of bitches," and now he was massaging my ear so gently, and I was closing my eyes and enjoying it, "but no one quite like you." And in that moment, I felt totally safe, and totally at peace with losing my job. I didn't need it, I could find a new one. All I needed was right here in front of me. "Well, my work here is done," Simon said, sounding satisfied, and letting go of my ear. "Oh, and uh, Greg here starts on Monday, so looks like you just met your new co-worker." "My…what??" I asked, suddenly panicked. I'd never slept with a co-worker before, and if I'd known Greg would be working here, there's no way in hell I would have cheated on my boyfriend with him! Oh no, it was all crashing down around me. My normal life and my cheating life were mixing together, and soon everyone would know what I cheater I was, and I couldn't do anything to stop it. Then I thought of something. "Wait, I thought you were…telling my friends about…." "Oh, that?" Simon said, laughing, like he was remembering a joke. "I said I wouldn't tell if you wouldn't, didn't I?" And then he was walking to the door. "Oh hey," he said from the doorway, "and tell your partners, great party." And just like that he left, with a big, stupid grin on his face. Greg gave me a wink and a pearly-white smile, then he was gone, too, leaving me alone in this office that wasn't mine, feeling relieved, angry, worried, guilty, and a thousand other things. I took a second to pull myself together, then looked out the window to make sure no one had seen us. I straightened up the office, double-checked myself in the mirror, and walked out. God, I might actually get away with this. Six: I walked back out into the party to look for my boyfriend, hoping no one had noticed me being gone for so long. My friends said he'd gone outside for some air about 15 minutes ago, and when I walked out there, I saw him with his hand on the wall, leaning up on, of course, Joel. This guy got points for perseverance, I'd give him that, but I wasn't letting this skeevy whore sink his hooks into my man, so long as there was life in me. "Come on, honey, it's time to go," I said to Todd, pulling him toward the car, and completely ignoring Joel. He'd clearly had a few more since I'd last seen him (thanks to Joel, no doubt), and he was stumbling a little. He fought me weakly. "No, let's stay," he said, eyes half-shut, "we've only been here for—" "Yeah I know," I said, cutting him off. "But that was more than enough time, apparently." For both of us, I thought. I got him into the passenger seat of the Mustang and drove us back to his place, stalling the engine a few times as I tried to process everything that had just happened. We got inside, and he insisted on having another drink before he'd let me put him to bed. When we were finally lying down, he cuddled up next to me and held me in his strong arms, and at last I started to relax, and forget about that office party and everything that had happened. Then he said, "I like your friend Simon, why didn't you tell me about him before?" Fuck. "He…just got back into town," I said, trying to remember what story Simon had made up. "Oh really?" Todd said. "He seems pretty cool. We should all hang out sometime." No, no, no, I thought, if I could just get Todd to go to sleep, maybe he wouldn't remember any of this in the morning, he'd forget he'd ever even met Simon, and everything could go back to the way it was. "I'm in the mood," I said, hoping to change the subject, "I wanna suck you off, baby." It wasn't really true, but if it meant distracting him till he passed out, I would take one for the team. I started rubbing his cock through his boxers, and that seemed to do the trick. He stopped grilling me about Simon, started getting hard, and breathed onto the side of my face. Oh, the booze was strong with this one. I got him on his back, slid down his boxers, and started working on his cock. He got totally hard and started moaning. My plan was working. I hated playing my boyfriend like this, but if he found out about Simon, it was all over, and I was not letting that happen. After a few minutes, my mind started drifting back to the office, and the unexpected pounding I'd taken there. That was way too risky. I couldn't do anything like that, ever again. But Greg was really fine, and I'd liked feeling him stretch me open. And I loved how much Simon had enjoyed the whole thing, even if he had tormented me evilly. Then I noticed I was completely hard, and realized I still hadn't cum yet today. So I took my briefs off and started stroking, as I kept working on my boyfriend's cock. My boyfriend had stopped making noises, and I was pretty sure he was out cold, when suddenly he said, "Oh yeah, that feels so good, unh, suck me, baby, suck me." I guess I had more work to do. He kept going, "Oh, you're so sexy, I want your body, I want to be inside you, we won't tell anyone." Hm, that was weird. Everyone knew about us already, didn't they? "I want to be inside you, I want to fuck you, Joel." What??? Did he just say he wanted to fuck Joel?? Joel, that slimy, slutty, backstabbing skank from the office who couldn't wait five minutes before loading my boyfriend up with liquor and luring him outside for some "alone time"? Something about hearing my boyfriend say Joel's name while I was sucking his cock, made something snap in my head, and before I knew what I was doing, I was climbing up and sitting on Todd's cock, and riding him for all I was worth. You want to sleep around behind my back, you son of a bitch? I thought, as I bounced up and down on his cock angrily. You like Joel better than me? Well, two can play at that game. You feel all that cum in there? That's Simon's, your friend Simon's, your favorite pal Simon's. Plus a guy's who I just met today. That's right, you stupid fool, while you thought you were being so clever, chatting up the village bicycle when I wasn't looking, I was two feet away, getting loaded up by two strangers. Feel all their cum inside me! You wanted to fuck a skeevy whore? Well, you're fucking one!! And with that, I shot a hot, angry load all over Todd's chest and face, as I ground my ass onto his bare cock, making sure it was completely covered in Simon's and Greg's cum. After I came down, my first thought was, Oh god, what have I done?? My cum was all over Todd's sleeping face, and I had just exposed him to who-knows-what from Simon and Greg. All Todd had done was talk to someone he probably thought was just being friendly, and here I was, shoving his cock into strangers' cum without him knowing, for the second time! And I was the one sneaking around, not him or Joel! I had to get ahold of myself. Simon was turning me into some kind of deviant, and now I was dragging poor Todd into it, too. As I cleaned up the evidence of my shameful acts (for the second time that night), I promised I would never do anything like this ever again. Todd was totally innocent, he'd only had that one slip-up a few months ago, and I didn't really blame him for that. I had to start treating him better, and trusting him more, and stop tricking him into fucking other guys' loads into me. What happened with me and Simon had to stay totally separate. I had to get my life back under control! I finished cleaning up Todd, then I curled up next to him, and he put his strong arm around me again, making me feel safe. "That was great, baby," he said, and started snoring. How much of that had he been awake for?? No, that was silly, he was totally hammered and wouldn't remember any of this in the morning. I would keep my promise to be better to him, and to trust him more, and to keep my other life separate. I started to feel better about myself then, as my boyfriend held me in his arms, just like old times, and I knew everything was going to be alright. Then a text message came in on my phone. I knew I should just ignore it and go to sleep, but it could be important, and there was nothing wrong with…just looking, was there? I instantly regretted it. It was a text from Simon: "Ur bf and Joel make a cute couple, but Joel was being kinda shy, so I helped move things along a little, hope u don't mind ;-)" Joel, shy?? What had Simon done? What did "moving things along" even mean? Joel was moving things along just fine without anyone's help. And when had Simon even been alone with my boyfriend or Joel? Then I remembered Todd and Joel had gone to stand outside right around when Simon was leaving the party; had Simon run into them? I'd walked out just a few minutes after Simon, but then again, Simon only needed a few minutes to work his evil magic on people. I could feel my brief happiness evaporating, and my jealousy and worry coming back. What was Simon doing to me, and my carefully ordered life? Why did he always like to mess with my head? What was he planning for my boyfriend and Joel? And when would he stop springing surprises on me all the time? I had the feeling things were about to get a lot more complicated before they got simpler…. Seven: For the next week or so, I kept thinking about Simon's text, saying he'd "helped move things along a little" between my boyfriend and Joel. Was he trying to get my boyfriend to cheat on me (again), with Joel? I was starting to think Simon liked corrupting people just for fun, and my boyfriend was next on his list. I saw my boyfriend Todd a few times that week, and everything seemed the same as usual. He didn't bring up Simon, or Joel (or what I'd done to him after the office party). Maybe Simon wasn't going to mess with my boyfriend after all, and I had nothing to worry about? I went out of town for a couple weeks to see family, and with all the usual family drama and exhaustion, I completely forgot about Simon's text, and everything else. I was glad to get back, and glad to see Todd again. We went to dinner and a movie, then back to his place for some drinks and some reunion sex. After that, we cuddled, and I listened to him tell me about work. Then he said, "Oh, and I saw your friend Simon." I immediately tensed up, disguising it (badly) as a cough. "Really?" I said, trying to sound casual. "Um, how?" "Oh, I bumped into him at that office party, when I was standing outside, and he was leaving. We swapped phone numbers." Standing outside, with Joel. So Simon had talked to them both. Anything was possible now…. "Oh great," I said, "So what did you guys do?" "Well the first time, we went rock-climbing, and then we went to the shooting range…oh, and then on Thursday I helped him pick up a couch he got for his place." Oh no, I thought, they'd seen each other three times already. And of course Simon had waited till I was out of town, and out of the way. "Oh that's great, honey," I lied. "Yeah," Todd said, "he's a real cool guy. And a mean shot." My boyfriend was as good as gone, I thought. For the next few days, I went back to obsessing over Simon, his text, and what he was doing to my boyfriend behind my back. Simon, meanwhile, seemed happier than ever, and a few times, I heard him singing as he walked past my window. I hadn't seen him since the party, and I texted him to see if he was free (and to get some answers), but he always said he was "busy". Anyway, I was getting home from work, which had gotten pretty stressful since that office party, too—I kept bumping into my boss's nephew Greg, who had tag-teamed me in an empty office with Simon that night, and who had just started working there (in HR, of all places); and of course Joel, who was after my boyfriend. I got out of my car and walked to the lobby to check my mail. One of my neighbors was standing in front of his mailbox, reading his mail, and we smiled and nodded at each other. I opened my box, looked at my mail, threw the junk mail away, and…I noticed that my neighbor was staring at me. I looked up at him, and he had a dirty, lusty, mischievous smirk on his face—the same kind of smirk I'd seen on Simon and Greg at the party, right before they'd fucked me…. Did I know this guy? He was Hispanic, a little older than me, about my height, sort of nondescript-looking….After a second, I recognized him as my neighbor from across the hall. He'd moved in a few months ago. But that didn't explain why he was looking at me like that. "Hi," I said tentatively, not really sure how to break the ice. My neighbor didn't say anything at first, he just kept looking at my body like he owned it, and then he started chuckling in a strange way, like I was reminding him of a dirty joke or something. "Hi," he finally said, and it sounded a little sarcastic. Seriously, did I know this guy from somewhere else? He was starting to make me uncomfortable. He chuckled some more, then in his Spanish accent, he said, "I guess you don't recognize me, do you?" He kept smiling, and took a step toward me. In a quieter voice, he said, "Maybe you'd recognize my cock, hm? Maybe you'd recognize me if I were inside you, and you were…cómo se dice?…blindfolded?" And then it all made sense, and my heart stopped for a second, and I breathed in sharply. This was the married stranger who'd been fucking me at Simon's place all those times. This is what Simon had meant, when he'd said the married guy "might not be a total stranger" to me. He lived right across the hall! Oh no, I'd gotten fucked by someone in my building without even knowing it. And, I'd seen this guy's family. This was so fucked up. "That's right," my married neighbor continued, "it's me who's been fucking you. And your ass is amazing." Then, in his seductive Spanish accent, he whispered, "I've given you so much of my cum….But it's been a while since you let me fuck you?" "I was…out of town," I said, weakly. "Are you going to let me fuck that ass again?" he asked. I nodded obediently. What was I doing? "Good," he said quietly, with a big smile. "Come over tonight at eleven. You remember where I live?" I nodded again. "I'll leave the door cracked open. Don't knock. And don't wear cologne." I nodded a third time. He took another step toward me, leaned into my ear, and grabbed my ass. "I can't wait," he whispered, and then he walked off. I was in a daze for a few seconds. I'd finally seen the man who'd been fucking me all those times. And someone in my own building knew what I slut I was, and the kind of risky sex I had! I couldn't tell if I was more nervous, or turned on. Anyway, that night at 11 o'clock, I snuck out of my apartment, took two steps, and quietly pushed open my neighbor's door. He was standing in his kitchen with his shirt off, and he smiled at me, then reminded me to be quiet. I leaned the door closed again, then quietly walked over to the kitchen. As I got around the counter, I saw that my neighbor's cock was out, and hard already. He smiled as I walked toward him, then he pulled me in and kissed me, which surprised me. But he was a good kisser, and after a few seconds, I started to kiss back. He reached behind me and grabbed my ass with both hands, and his hard cock pressed against my stomach. Then he gently but firmly pushed me down to my knees, and guided his cock into my willing mouth. He was careful not to make me gag at first, but he eventually got his cock head all the way down my throat, until my nose was buried in his pubes. He sighed appreciatively. I had never done anything like this before—sucking off one of my neighbors, in his kitchen, with his family asleep in the next room…it felt so dangerous, and so slutty. I loved it. My neighbor pulled me to my feet, dropped my pants, turned me around, and bent me all the way over till I was grabbing my ankles. He could still see over the high counter, but I was completely out of sight. He slicked up my ass and his cock, then he slowly started to press in until his pubes were brushing up against my ass. I felt so full, but I held my breath so I didn't make any sound. Once he was in, he started to slowly fuck me, pushing his raw cock all the way in, then pulling almost completely out. He kept this up for a long time, and I could tell how much he liked it, and how focused on me he was. I wondered if he did this with other guys, or if I was the only one. I found myself getting turned on, thinking about him fucking other guys like this. Then he pulled me up and whispered in my ear, "You feel so good. I'm going to give you my leche soon, okay?" I nodded eagerly, begging him for it. I wanted his virile cum in me. I wanted him to own me. He pulled me in for another deep kiss, then pushed me back down till I was grabbing my ankles again. Then he started fucking me a little faster, careful not to slam into my ass or make any noise. It was hot knowing how much he was enjoying the fuck, and how much he wanted to just pound me, but hearing him stay perfectly quiet. After a few minutes of him fucking me fast, I felt him push all the way inside me and hold it there, and I felt his body jerk as he was racked with a powerful orgasm, as he held me there in place. I could tell he was holding his breath as he gave me yet another load of his married cum, and silently marking my ass as his again. After what seemed like a whole minute of him shooting inside me, he finally exhaled, and quietly caught his breath. He slipped out of my cummy hole, pulled up his pants, and gave me a big smile when I stood up and looked at him. He had obviously enjoyed our secret fuck as much as I had, and he looked totally satisfied now. I smiled back at him as I pulled up my own pants, then I let him walk me to the door. He gave me another deep, passionate kiss, and another squeeze on the ass, then he opened the door and let me out into the hallway. As I walked back into my own apartment, I thought how funny it was that this married stranger looked so basic and average in public, like your typical, ho-hum family guy. But after dark, when everyone was asleep, he was either over at Simon's place, slamming his raw cock into my cummy hole, or he was silently fucking me bareback in his kitchen, giving me load number who-knows-how-many, never once asking about condoms or status. And no one would have guessed, just by looking at him. It was so wrong…and so hot. As I drifted off to sleep that night, thinking about my neighbor's cum still inside me, I wondered if I was starting to like being a slut, instead of just going along with it because it was what Simon wanted. I had definitely enjoyed my neighbor fucking me in his kitchen just now; and if Greg hadn't been my co-worker, I wouldn't have minded having his fat cock inside me again. I didn't totally understand what was happening to me, but maybe I was finally turning into the slut Simon wanted me to be…. Eight: A few days after my kitchen fuck with my married neighbor, Simon finally let me come over. I hadn't seen him since the office party, and I wasn't sure if I was more upset at him for what he was doing with my boyfriend, or just glad to see him. Either way, I wanted some answers about what exactly he was up to. I walked into his bedroom that night and found him naked on his bed, totally hard, his pale skin glowing in the light coming in through the blinds. For a moment I couldn't remember what I wanted to say to him, I just knew I wanted him. "Hey, baby doll," he said with a smile that said he was just as happy to see me. "Hey," I said with a sheepish grin. "Why don't you come over here and take care of this dick?" he said. "I've missed that hot mouth of yours." I obediently climbed onto the bed and hungrily swallowed his cock all the way to the base. This felt right, me on my knees, worshipping Simon and his cock, making him feel good, letting him dominate me. After fucking my throat for just a little bit, Simon told me to take my clothes off and get on my back, then he spat on his cock and slid inside me. Now there was nothing between us—no clothes, and no rubber. I didn't want any protection from Simon anymore, I just wanted him inside me. I wanted to be his. "Oh baby, your ass feels so good," he said, "it's been so long, I've missed this ass." He fucked me slow and deep, and leaned in so close to me, with a look of ecstasy and pleading on his face. Then he leaned in next to my ear and held me tight as he fucked my hole harder. "Oh, I've missed you, baby doll," he whispered to me, and I was in heaven. Then all of a sudden, he pulled away from me and started slam-fucking my hole with a wicked grin on his face. He wasn't being tender or passionate anymore. More like sadistic. "Ah, did your boyfriend tell you we hung out while you were gone?" he asked me. I nodded. I wasn't in heaven anymore. "He's a great guy, your boyfriend," Simon continued, still slamming into me whenever he felt like it, and moving his cock around in me from side to side. "A little simple, but he's an engineer, so he must have somethin' goin' on upstairs, somewhere," he said with a cruel laugh. I didn't like where this conversation was going, and I didn't like him making fun of my boyfriend. "He's an open book, too," Simon went on, clearly enjoying this. "He loves you, of course, but he wants a little more…excitement, you know? A little sum'n on the side." That's what I was afraid of, that after three years, my boyfriend wanted more than just me. That's why he'd cheated on me a few months ago, and that's why it had been so easy for Joel to tempt him, back at the office party. But wait…had Simon said Todd loved me? This was huge. And I didn't know if I felt the same way. I hated that I was hearing it from Simon like this, with that mean smile on his face. "And that's where Joel comes in," Simon continued, pounding me really fast then, making loud slapping noises on my ass. When he slowed down a little, he saw the bitter look on my face, but it clearly didn't bother him. "See, your boyfriend likes Joel, thinks he's 'exotic', or whatever the fuck, and Joel likes your boyfriend—well, who doesn't Joel like, nahmean?" he said, laughing. I could feel my face getting hot. "So it was really good luck I bumped into them at that party." He went back to fucking me slowly, but not tenderly. "Your boyfriend needs to, uh…broaden his horizons a little, you know, spread his seed around." He laughed at his own little joke. I didn't. "But your boyfriend was too chickenshit to talk to Joel on his own, and Joel didn't want you to be mad at him"—I doubted Joel gave a crap what I thought—"so I had to, uh…help 'em along a little bit." There was that word again, "help". Maybe now he'd finally tell me how much damage he'd done while I was away. "So me and your boyfriend are gonna tag team that chinky ass tomorrow, can't fuckin' wait!" "No, you can't!" I said, and tried to push him off me. But he slammed his cock all the way in me, grabbed onto my wrists, and easily held my arms up above my head as he continued to fuck me, and all with a big smile on his face like this was all a big game for him. "Don't fight me, baby doll," he said, "you know I'm gonna do whatever the fuck I want, and this is what I want, baby, and this is what your boyfriend wants, and this is what you want, to." This wasn't what I wanted, I didn't want my boyfriend cheating on me again, and I hated that skank Joel and didn't want to catch anything from him. I was still angry, but Simon was holding my wrists tight, and I stopped fighting him and just listened as he went on. "You're gonna thank me later, boy. This is what your boyfriend wants, and if you give him what he wants, he won't leave you, will he?" I wanted to argue that this was totally fucked up, and that Simon shouldn't be butting into our relationship. But what he was saying did…kind of make sense, in a perverted way. "That's right, baby doll, I'm helpin' you out, I'm keepin' you and your boyfriend together." Then he just looked down on me for a while, until I finally stopped looking angry. He and Todd had already made the decision, and if I stopped my boyfriend from cheating, I might just lose him. It was so messed up, but I started to accept it, and I think Simon saw that on my face. "I knew you'd understand, baby," he said, leaning in next to my ear again, "you're such a good fuckin' boy, you know that? Always takin' my dick, always makin' me feel good, always doin' whatever the fuck I tell you." He started moaning, and he let go of my wrists and held me tight. And I felt my arms wrap around him, pulling him into me. This whole thing was so wrong, and Simon should not be trying to turn my boyfriend into a cheater, just like he'd done to me. But Simon smelled so good right now, and I loved feeling his skin pressed up against mine, and feeling his cock inside me with nothing between us, and knowing I was making him feel good, and knowing he'd missed me while I was gone. I could never stay mad at him. "You're such a good bitch boy," Simon went on, whispering lustily in my ear, and I could tell he was close, "lettin' your boyfriend cheat on you. You're boyfriend's lucky to have you, so lucky. We're gonna have such a good time tomorrow, tag teamin' that yellow boy, that fuckin' slut." Then he started pounding me for all he was worth, and grabbing me tight, and I knew he was about to cum. "I'm gonna turn your boyfriend into a cheater, just like I did to you! He's gonna be mine, just like you are! You're both gonna be mine!!" He slammed his cock all the way inside me and gave me another huge load, moaning and whimpering into my ear. I pulled him into me, wanting his cum as deep inside me as possible, and not caring about anything else. The next day, though, I wasn't feeling as open-minded about Todd cheating on me as I had when I was with Simon. I didn't want to lose him, like Simon had said; but I was afraid if Joel got his hands on him, I'd lose him anyway. Well maybe Simon had just been making stuff up just to get under my skin, like he had at the office party. I decided to text my boyfriend. Maybe he wasn't really seeing Joel? "Hey hun, do you want to hang out later?" But he wrote back: "Hey babe, not feeling so great today, prob gonna lie down, maybe tomorrow?" Hmm. It looked like he really was seeing Joel today, and now he was lying to me about it…. I told him we'd hang out tomorrow and to "feel better soon", then I did stuff around the apartment, trying not to think about it too much. But my mind kept going back to what the three of them would be doing later, and Simon's and Todd's pale skin sandwiching Joel's darker skin as they gave it to him from both ends. Would Todd kiss Joel like he kissed me? Would he cum inside him? I couldn't stop thinking about it. But I knew something that would take my mind off Todd and Joel—Jaime, and him pounding me into the mattress again. He really was turning into a hot little fucker, and he lived right across the street. I texted him, not wasting any time: "Fuck me?" His reply was fast, as always: "Cousin's coming over" Well that wasn't what I'd wanted to hear, but family comes first, I guess. Then he sent me a second text: "I'll bring him over" Well I wasn't expecting that! But if one cock was good, two cocks were even better. So a little while later, I was letting Jaime and his cousin into my apartment. Jaime was on the beefy side, but his cousin—Paco—was pretty lean and almost skinny. He was about Jaime's age, definitely cute, and had sort of a "'hood" vibe to him. "Nice place," Paco said, avoiding eye contact with me. I wondered if he'd ever been with a guy before? "Thanks," I said, and led the two boys back to the bedroom. Paco definitely did not take the lead, again making me wonder if this was his first time with a guy. But Jaime did (they grow up so fast), and soon all three of us were naked, and Jaime and I were taking turns on Paco's young dick, making him moan. I was surprised to see Jaime swallow Paco's dick without hesitation, considering they were cousins and all….Maybe they'd done this before? After just a few minutes of that, Paco was rock hard and short of breath, and Jaime was hard, too. Jaime told me to get on my back, and I did what he said. He really was getting confident. Then he put Paco between my legs, and told him to fuck me. Paco hesitated. "You got a rubber?" he asked. "You don't gotta worry about that," Jaime said, "he's clean, you can fuck him." (Even I didn't know if that was true, with all the cum Simon was giving me, but I didn't say anything.) Paco seemed to think for a minute, probably weighing years of sex-ed videos against trusting his own cousin. Finally, he decided to trust Jaime and just go for it, which was so hot to see. But he was trying to stick his cock in me dry. Jaime stopped him, spat in his hand, and rubbed it on Paco's hard cock, showing him how to lube up before fucking, just like Simon had done for him just a few months ago. With his cock slicked up, Paco started pushing in, a little too fast. If I hadn't just been fucked by Simon (and his roommate) the night before, I might have had to tell Paco to pull out and start over. But I let him shove inside me, eager to take his hard teenage cock, and possibly be the first guy he'd ever fucked. Once Paco had gotten into a nice rhythm and it was starting to feel good for me, Jaime moved around behind Paco and watched what he was doing over his shoulder. As Paco thrust in and out of me, Jaime's hard cock was probably rubbing up on his cousin's ass, and Paco wasn't stopping him. So after a little while, Jaime pushed his cousin forward onto my chest, spat on his own cock, and started pushing into him. Paco still didn't stop Jaime, but he did stop fucking me, and I could tell it hurt. Jaime didn't seem to mind, though, and kept pushing into Paco until he was all the way in. Then he got a big smile on his face, like he'd finally gotten something he'd been waiting ages for. Paco did eventually get used to having Jaime's dick inside him, and he started fucking me again, and fucking back onto Jaime's dick. I wasn't sure if he was enjoying it at first, but before long, he said, "I'm 'bout to cum," so I guess he was. A few seconds later, Paco pulled out of my ass and started jerking his cock really fast, like he was going to cum on my chest. But Jaime was like lightning—he reached around, pushed Paco's hand out of the way, lined his cock back up to my ass, and shoved Paco forward till he was back inside me. Paco was obviously confused by what Jaime had done, but he was too close to the edge. He instinctively started thrusting into me again for a few seconds, then he threw his head back and started convulsing, as he shot his teenage load deep into my ass. Before Paco had even come down from his powerful orgasm, Jaime was slamming into his cousin, grabbing onto his shoulders, his neck, his hips, my thighs…he was pounding him mercilessly, and I almost felt bad for Paco. Then Jaime grabbed Paco by the neck, pushed his own face up against Paco's, and started shooting his load into Paco's ass. It was one of the hottest things I'd ever seen. After Jaime came down, he pulled out of Paco, and Paco pulled out of me, then we all lay down and caught our breaths. Jaime was obviously really pleased with himself, but Paco wasn't saying anything, and I didn't know what was on his mind. "That was good, huh?" Jaime prompted him. "It was aight," Paco responded, noncommittally. Well that was better than a no, I guess. "You're still hard," Jaime said to me. I looked down, and he was right. "You can fuck Paco if you want." I hadn't expected that at all—Jaime always treated me like his bitch, just like Simon did. And I hadn't topped in years. But Paco wasn't saying anything, just sort of staring at the ceiling, and I wasn't going to miss this chance to get my seed inside this straight-ish teenage thug. So I got between Paco's legs, put them over my shoulders, and spat on my cock. "Wait, you gotta get a rubber," Paco said. Dammit. Well I still wanted to be inside this kid, so I started to pull away so I could get one out of the nightstand, but Jaime stopped me. "I told you he's clean, remember?" Jaime said to Paco. "I wanna see him fuck you. You don't gotta worry 'bout nothing. Trust me, bro." Paco looked at Jaime, then he looked away, then he looked at me, then he looked back at Jaime. And I guess Jaime must have had even more influence over his macho, thuggish cousin than I'd thought, because finally Paco said, "Fine, man," and I started pushing my bare cock into him. Once I was inside him, I couldn't believe how good he felt—he was so hot, and so wet, and he was gripping me so tight. I meant to go slow and give him time to adjust to this new cock inside him, but I couldn't control myself, and soon I was slamming into him and making him squirm. I could tell he was in discomfort, but I didn't care, I was never going to see this kid again, and he felt so good, and I wanted him to remember this fuck. Before long, I was close to the edge, and Paco could probably tell, because he said, "Pull out, man, don't cum inside me." I slowed down then, not sure what to do. Pulling out of him seemed like such a waste, when I hadn't topped in years, and when he felt so good, and when he'd already taken a load of cum from Jaime. I was never going to see him again, so why should I pull out? I knew it was wrong, but it felt so good, and it's what I wanted. Fortunately, Jaime stepped in again: "Bro, I told you, he's safe, you don't gotta worry 'bout nothing, he's clean, man." "No way," Paco said, "I'm not letting no homo cum inside me, no fuckin' way, man." "You just gotta get used to it," Jaime was saying, "you'll like it, I promise, you gotta do it." "No fuckin' way, man," Paco said, and he was getting more agitated. "I'm not a fuckin' homo, I'm not taking his fuckin' cum in me, get off me!" And then Paco started pushing me off, but damn his ass felt good, and Jaime was starting to hold him down, and I kept fucking him. Then Jaime said, "Do you want me to tell your dad you get fucked up the ass?" And I saw a mix of terror, anger, and pleading cross Paco's face all at once, and then he stopped struggling. Jaime let go of his arms and messed his hair up a little. "You'll like it, I promise," Jaime said. God, Jaime was turning into a sick fucker. Had Simon made him this way, or had he always been like this? Paco just sort of looked away, and Jaime said to me, "Fuck him. Cum inside him." I wasn't sure what to do—I wanted to cum inside this boy, and so did Jaime, but Paco didn't want it. Jaime saw my hesitation and said, "Do it, or I'm gonna tell Simon." Fuck, Jaime was blackmailing both of us! I know I should have been angry or worried or something, but all I felt was incredibly turned on, that this 18-year-old was dominating me like this, and giving me orders, and telling me to cum inside his unwilling cousin. I didn't sit around and think about it too much, I just started thrusting into Paco's hole as hard as I could, not caring how much discomfort Paco was in, or what he wanted. I slammed into his teenage ass for a full minute before I felt that familiar tingling in my balls, and I knew I was cumming. Then Paco seemed to have second thoughts, and said, "No, don't!" But it was too late—I was shoving my cock all the way inside his young, slutty hole and giving him an enormous load of cum, whether he wanted it or not. The feeling of shooting my load inside his hot, cummy ass was incredible, and I thought I was going to black out, it was so intense. I knew I had made the right choice. When I'd caught my breath a little and opened my eyes, I had a huge smile on my face. That really had been fantastic. Then I noticed Jaime was still holding Paco's arms, and Paco did not look happy. "I said not to cum in me," Paco said to me. "Well, Jaime told me to," I said. I knew it was a lousy excuse, but it was true, anyway. I slowly pulled out of Paco's cummy and well-fucked hole, then lay down next to him, totally satisfied. My load was in him, and his load was in me. "You'll be fine," Jaime said, letting go of Paco's arms and lying down next to him. "Why're you so worried for?" "'Cuz I'm not a homo," Paco answered, "and I don't wanna fuckin' catch nothing." "You're not gonna fuckin' catch nothing, Paco," Jaime went on. I couldn't tell if he was lying to his cousin, or if he honestly believed what he was saying. "Nothing bad's gonna happen to you, I promise. You just gotta enjoy it." Jaime's words seemed to be working, because Paco loosened up, little by little, and didn't seem quite so angry anymore. "Didn't you like fucking him?" he asked Paco. "I know you did, that's why you're fucking hard again right now." I looked down, and it was true, I couldn't believe it. Paco had just cum, and now he was rock hard again. "Come on," Jaime said, "we can both fuck him now." Paco thought for a minute, then he quietly got between my legs, and shoved into me again. He immediately started fucking at full speed, and with his eyes closed, I guess he was enjoying himself, after all. After a couple minutes, I took a risk, grabbed this straight boy by the back of the neck, and pulled him down for a deep kiss. He pulled back at first, but I kept my hand on his neck, and eventually he started kissing me back, confused at first, then with more enthusiasm. He went back to fucking me while we were making out, and pretty soon I heard him moaning into my mouth, and then he was shooting his second load deep into my ass. He had taken two loads, and given two loads. Paco pulled out and flopped down next to me, and I could just about see a tiny smile on his young, thuggish face. Then Jaime got lined up and pushed in, and started fucking me with his cousin's two loads all around his bare cock now. After he got into a rhythm, he leaned down and started making out with me, too, and I put my arms around him and pulled him into me. This was one hot, twisted fucker, and he was becoming more and more like Simon every day. Jaime kept pounding me, then finally he leaned in next to my ear and shot his slutty teenage load into my ass, to mix with Paco's. When he had finished, he looked down at me, then looked down at his cousin Paco, and got a huge, kind of scary, smile on his face. He was obviously pleased with his work. And so was I, to be honest. Paco wanted to take a shower right away, and when he was getting dressed afterwards, he didn't say anything, and he didn't look at either one of us. Jaime took him back to his place, giving me a deep kiss and a wink before leaving. I wondered if Paco would ever hook up with a guy again? It didn't look like it, but with Jaime working his charms on Paco and seeming more and more like Simon all the time, who knew? Whatever happened with Paco though, I sure as hell had enjoyed fucking him, and taking his cum. With Jaime's and Paco's three loads in me, I didn't care so much what happened between Simon, my boyfriend, and Joel. Having the two boys over had definitely been the right thing to do. But I got to thinking, how many of us were under Simon's spell now, doing the twisted things he wanted us to do, having the sleazy sex he wanted us to have? There was me and my boyfriend, Jaime and Paco, Simon's roommate, my married neighbor, and Greg and Joel from work—eight of us, all doing what Simon wanted, whether we knew it or not. And it had all started that first night I'd met him, outside my apartment building, six months ago. So much had happened since then. My life had been totally different, before I'd met Simon. I wondered what my life would be like in another six months…? Nine: The day after my three-way with Jaime and his cousin Paco, I was back at work, trying to focus, but my mind kept drifting back to my boyfriend. Had he and Simon fucked Joel yesterday, like Simon had said? Had Simon turned my boyfriend into a cheater now, just like me? I stayed at my desk pretty much the whole morning, not wanting to run into Joel. It was too weird working with the guy my boyfriend was probably cheating on me with! When everyone had left for lunch, I figured the coast was clear, so I snuck into the break room for some food. But right as I was turning around to leave, my boss's nephew Greg walked in. "Well, look who it is," Greg said to me with a smirk. He was obviously thinking about the time he and Simon had double-teamed me at the office party. "You staying in for lunch?" he asked. "Yeah, I'm just gonna…eat at my desk," I answered. "Oh, okay," Greg said, looking me up and down slowly, and adjusting his cock in his pants. I started to walk out of the break room and back to my desk, but he was still standing in the doorway, and he wasn't moving out of the way. When I tried to go around him, he leaned in toward me and said quietly, "Everyone's gone for lunch," giving me a suggestive look. I didn't want to sleep with someone I worked with, and I was still upset at Simon for tricking me into doing it the first time. But…fucking around with Jaime and Paco yesterday had made me feel better about Todd probably cheating on me. And Greg was standing really close, and he smelled really great. After a couple seconds, I looked down at Greg's cock—which he adjusted again—bit my lip, and just nodded. Greg took me by the arm then and led me to the back stairwell, which no one ever used. Once we were in, he leaned in and kissed me deeply, feeling up my body. Then he undid his pants, pushed me down, and shoved his cock down my throat. After only a couple minutes of that, he was pulling me up, making out with me again, and taking off my pants. Then he turned me around, bent me in half, and started pushing into my ass, and I didn't stop him. I wasn't thinking about my boyfriend anymore, and I wasn't thinking about how wrong it was to be getting fucked bare by my boss's nephew. I was just thinking about taking Greg's thick cock, and feeling him open me up. Pretty soon, Greg's uncovered cock was all the way inside me, and he held on to my hips and started sliding in and out, and sighing. And it felt so right, being here bent over in a stairwell, letting another guy use my ass to get off. Then I remembered I'd never asked Greg about his status, I'd just let him fuck my ass bareback. Should I stop him? Or at least tell him not to cum in me? But then I realized Simon wouldn't want me to ask about stuff like that, he'd just want me to bend over and let this guy use my ass however the fuck he wanted. And I knew Simon would be happy to hear what a good slut I was, and how I'd taken care of his buddy Greg, and let him fuck me raw. So when Greg grabbed my hips harder and started fucking me faster, I whispered to him to keep fucking me, and to pound my ass, and how much I needed his fat cock inside me, and to cum inside me again, just like last time. And after a couple minutes of that, Greg slammed into me hard, and I knew he was shooting another load into me. After fucking his cum into me for a little bit, Greg pulled out of me, zipped up, gave me another deep kiss, and left. I slowly got dressed again, basking in the afterglow. I actually felt pretty accomplished, and I knew Simon would be proud of me the next time I saw him. Then I heard some footsteps on the stairs, and I practically jumped out of my skin. Before I could think of what to do, Joel came around the corner! And he had a huge grin on his face. Had he heard everything?? "Hot show," Joel said smugly. I didn't know what to say—was he going to turn us in?? Joel kept walking toward me, and I was afraid to move, until I knew what he was going to do. "It sounds like that wasn't the first time you and Greg have messed around?" I didn't say anything. Finally, he asked, "Does Todd know?" The blood drained from my face then. I hoped he wasn't going to tell Todd, or anyone else. I would be so screwed if he did. Joel took a few more steps toward me, then he started playing with my shirt. I didn't like Joel and I wanted him to back up, but I was too afraid to tell him to stop. "We're a lot alike, aren't we?" Joel asked, still smiling at me. Well obviously he was wrong, we were nothing alike! Joel was a whore and a slut who liked sleeping with other people's boyfriends, and I…well I was only doing it because Simon wanted me to. It was completely different! "We have a lot in common," Joel went on, still playing with my shirt. Yeah, like my boyfriend, I wanted to say. "I think we should be friends," he said. Well that was never going to happen, and now that I knew he wasn't going to blackmail me (or at least, I hoped he wasn't), I pulled away from him and walked out of the stairwell. For the entire rest of the day, I kept thinking about what I had done with Greg, and who Joel might tell. I had let Greg fuck me to take my mind off things, but it had only made things worse! I told my boyfriend I wasn't feeling well that night, and I tried to keep a low profile for the rest of the week. A few times, Simon texted me about the hot three-ways he and my boyfriend were having with Joel, which he knew would piss me off. But I couldn't confront Joel and tell him to back the fuck off my boyfriend, because then he might tell someone about me and Greg. It was a rough week. Anyway, that weekend, Todd said he missed me, and he really wanted to see me. I kept thinking about him giving Joel his dick all week, and I didn't really want to see him. But he was being so sweet about it, I finally caved in. Todd let me in through the kitchen, and before I could even say anything to him, he pulled me in for a deep kiss and started grabbing my ass. "I missed you, baby," he said to me, then he started making out with me again. Then he turned me to face the kitchen sink, ripped my pants down, and dove right into my ass, eating me out. He'd never done anything like that before—he was being so confident, and so aggressive. He slapped my ass a few times and moaned into my hole as he ate me out. Was this really my Todd? He was doing a really great job and making me feel incredible, and I was moaning as I bent over the sink. Then he stood up, pulled his pants down, and spat on his cock. Before I knew what was happening, he was pushing his raw cock up into my hole, and he wasn't going slow. I struggled to take him inside me, but then he was all the way in, and he was pulling me up to make out with him as he started fucking me. "You feel so great, baby," he whispered to me with glazed eyes, "I'm so glad you came over." Then he started fucking me hard, not giving me much chance to get used to him. "Oh fuck, you're making me feel so good, baby," he said to me with his eyes closed, and I could swear that was something Simon always said to me. My boyfriend almost never talked during sex. He really was acting different tonight—and I liked it. "You wouldn't believe the week I've had," Todd went on, "I've wanted to get my cock inside you all week, oh god you feel good, so glad you came over, can't wait to cum in you again." Then I remembered that Todd had been fucking around with Joel all week, probably without a rubber. And here he was, sticking it in me bareback, too, and saying he was gonna cum in me. He knew he was fucking around with other guys, but he hadn't even offered to pull out or anything, he'd just stuck his bare cock in me like he always did. But instead of being mad at him or worried, I thought it was hot that he was being so aggressive with me. All I knew was that I wanted to make him feel good, and I wanted his cum in me again. I didn't care who he was fucking around with, he was my Todd, and I wanted his cum inside me, just like always. I started encouraging him then, "Yeah, baby, fuck me hard, use my ass, give me your cock, cum inside me, I need it baby, give it to me!" Todd pulled me in for a deep kiss, and I could see the lust and the need in his eyes. Then he pushed me back down to the sink and started pounding my ass probably harder than he ever had, and really moaning loud. After just a few seconds of that, my hot, cheating boyfriend shoved his bare cock all the way inside me and shot his load deep in my ass, just like he'd said he would. After he came down, he slipped out of me and turned me around to face him. "That was incredible, baby," he said to me, looking totally content. Then he held me and made out with me for a few minutes, and I wrapped my arms around him. His week with Simon had turned him into a completely different person—a really hot fucker, just like Simon was. And I realized then that I wasn't bothered about my boyfriend fucking around anymore, I just wanted him to keep fucking me like that, just like Simon did. That night, Todd pumped two more loads into me, and I begged him for each one. The next day, Simon told me to come over, and I did. It had been over a week since I'd seen him, and I was happy to swallow his cock all the way down my throat, and feel his strong hands on my head, using me. After moaning and sighing for a few minutes, Simon said, "You're probably wonderin' how it went with your boyfriend and Joel, huh?" I stopped sucking for a second, then slowly went back to it. "I know you are," he went on. "Well, your boy was shy at first, but Joel's pussy was too good to pass up, and I got him fuckin' that little slut in no time. Your boy's a beast, you know that? He just needed the right…encouragement, and I gave it to him." Simon laughed. "He painted that boy's walls white! Then I fucked his load in and came inside that boy, too. And he took all of it. Joel's a good fuckin' slut." I didn't really want to hear about Joel, or how much they'd liked fucking him. But I kept sucking Simon, hoping he'd stop talking about him. Then I heard a bang on the other side of the wall, and what sounded like, "Uh, fuck me! Cum in me!" Simon laughed. "My roommate's havin' some fun with that fuckin' whore. Man, that bitch'll take just about any cock, hot fuckin' slut." Well, it sounded like Simon and his roommate both liked fucking sluts—Simon liked fucking Joel, and his roommate liked fucking whoever it was making all that noise. I kept sucking, and Simon continued, "Anyway, me and your boy fucked that slut Joel over and over, gave him like four or five loads or some shit like that. Then a few days later your boy wanted some more! Man, we had that chinky slut over like three or four times, it was fuckin' great. Your boyfriend loved fuckin' that dirty whore, tag-teamin' him, givin' him his fuckin' nut. He pumped so much cum into that pussy. He couldn't fuckin' get enough!" I could tell Simon was trying to get under my skin…and it was working. "Oh and I talked to your boy today," Simon went on, even though I wanted him to just stop, "and he says he fucked your skanky ass last night, came inside you three times. And you begged him for every fuckin' load, just like Joel did. You're turnin' into a hot fuckin' slut, you know that? A hot fuckin' slut. Maybe I should tell him I've been fuckin' your slutty ass for months, I think he'd like that!" And before I could pull off his cock and tell him not to tell my boyfriend a fucking thing, and that I didn't want him talking to Todd about our fucking sex life, Simon slipped his cock head all the way down my throat, and started fucking it, not letting me come up for air. I tried to push him off me so I could breathe, but he just moaned, saying, "I know you can take it, bitch boy, I know you can fuckin' take it." Finally he let me up, and I gasped for air and wiped the slobber off my face. As I was recovering, I heard Simon's roommate moan, probably shooting his load into the slut he was fucking. Then Simon looked at me with a cocky smile and said, "I got a surprise for you, baby doll, one we're both gonna like." Then he knocked on the wall a few times, and a few seconds later…Joel walked in! So that's the slut his roommate had been fucking! God, this whore was everywhere—at work, in the stairwells, with my boyfriend, with Simon, and now with Simon's roommate! And here he was seeing me cheat on my boyfriend again, with my slobber and Simon's precum all over my face. Fuck! I looked over at Simon for an explanation. "Get on your back," was all he said. I stared at him in disbelief for a second, then looked over at Joel, whose cock was sticking straight out, then looked back at Simon, begging him not to make me do this—not with Joel. But Simon gave me a stern look, and looked down at the bed and back at me. Finally, I gave up fighting, and lay down on my back like Simon wanted. Joel got on the bed right away, fingered some of the roommate's cum out of his ass, and lubed up his cock. God, he really was a slut. I couldn't believe I was letting him do this. But with some encouragement from Simon, Joel was pushing his uncovered cock into me, and I was letting him. Then he was all the way in, and Simon was smiling down on me, and rubbing my chest. After I got over my initial feelings of disgust and jealousy, Joel's cock started to feel good inside me. I realized Joel was actually a pretty good top, and really focused on me and making me feel good. After I started to moan, Simon whispered something into Joel's ear, then Joel smiled, and leaned down to kiss me. Well, I still hadn't forgiven him for seducing my boyfriend behind my back over and over, and for being such a skank in general, and I turned away. But Simon grabbed me and slowly turned my head until Joel's mouth was on mine, and his tongue was slipping inside me. And after a few seconds, I started to kiss back, and Simon took his hand off my neck and started rubbing me again. After that, Joel really started fucking me, on my back, on my side, on my stomach…really enjoying getting to fuck the "other" boyfriend, and I was enjoying how good Joel's cock felt in me. Then Joel put me on my back again and really hammered me, leaning down to kiss me a few times. It was really weird not to be mad at Joel anymore, and to be so turned on by his muscular little body slamming into me, and seeing his cute face so close to orgasm. Finally, Joel gave me a few last thrusts, shoved his hard cock all the way inside me, and shot his slutty load deep in me. My boyfriend had pumped his cum into Joel, and now Joel was pumping his into me. Joel slipped out of me and crashed on the bed, and Simon got between my legs and shoved right in on Joel's load. "Oh fuck, boy, that was incredible," Simon said to me, with his cock buried deep in me. "You did so great, baby, you took care of Joel, just like I wanted you to. And he fucked you right, didn't he?" He and Joel smiled at each other. After a few minutes of Simon enjoying himself inside my cummy ass, I saw the bedroom door open, and my married neighbor walked in. I'd seen Simon looking at his phone while Joel was fucking me; I guess this is who he was texting. My neighbor looked at Simon fucking me on my back, and looked at Joel lying naked next to us, and smiled. Then he took off his clothes, got up on the bed with us, and fed Joel his hardening cock. As far as I knew, he'd never met Joel before, but that wasn't stopping him from grabbing Joel's hair and face-fucking Joel like the slut he was. After a few minutes of that, and of Simon fucking Joel's cum into my ass, my neighbor put Joel on his back next to me, and pushed his hard cock right into Joel's cummy ass. They hadn't said a word to each other, but here was my neighbor deep inside Joel, with the roommate's cum all around his bare cock, and he looked like he was loving it. Then Simon wanted to fuck Joel, so he swapped with my neighbor, and pushed some of Joel's own cum from my ass back into Joel, while my neighbor pushed more of the roommate's cum from Joel's ass into me. My neighbor really slammed into me, loving all the slutty cum-swapping, and not knowing whose cum he was fucking into. He leaned down and kissed me deeply while he fucked me, and for a second I thought Simon might be jealous. But when I looked up at him, he was smiling at me, happy to see me taking another raw dick. After a couple minutes, Simon wanted to switch back, and he shoved his bare cock into me, while my neighbor shoved back into Joel and started making out with him. Then Joel started begging my neighbor for his cum, telling him to add it to the load already inside him, saying things like, "Knock me up!" and "Make me pregnant with your babies!" And his begging worked, because my neighbor started really slamming into Joel's little body, and then he moaned, and shot his married load deep inside Joel. After my neighbor came down, Simon looked down on me with a big smile—probably thinking about all the guys he'd introduced to each other, and all the total strangers he'd gotten to fuck each other, no questions asked, and swap cum with each other—and he started hammering me, too. Before long, he was leaning down next to me, holding me close, and shooting his own load inside me to mix with Joel's. Simon stayed in me for a while and slowly fucked all the cum into my ass, kissing my neck. Then he sat up, looked down at me, and said, "I want you to fuck Joel now." I wasn't expecting that, and I looked over at Joel—who was obviously down for anything—and back up at Simon. I didn't usually top, and I still had mixed feelings about Joel and him fucking around with my boyfriend. Simon saw my hesitation and said, "I know you fuck, Jaime told me about you and Paco"—god, I couldn't do anything without the whole fucking world finding out!—"and I don't want you to be mad at Joel anymore, you hear me? I wanna see you fuck that sweet ass, just like your boyfriend does." Being reminded about my boyfriend fucking Joel, I looked over at Joel and gave him a mean look, but he wasn't bothered at all. Instead, he reached over and started stroking my cock. Confused, I pushed his hand away, but he fought me off with one hand and kept stroking me with the other, and after a look from Simon, I finally gave in. I focused on getting hard and tried not to think about Simon and my married neighbor watching the show, and after a couple minutes of Joel's hand on my cock, I was rock hard. Without thinking too much about it, I roughly pushed Joel onto his back, spat on my cock, put his legs up on my shoulders, and slammed my cock into him as hard as I fucking could. Before Joel could adjust, I started slamming him for all I was worth, enjoying his sounds of discomfort. After a couple seconds, I put my hand on his face and pushed the side of his face down into the bed, really fucking him like the cheap whore he was, not caring how he felt. After a few minutes of really destroying Joel's slutty, cummy hole and him struggling to take it, I looked up and saw a light-skinned black guy standing in the doorway, watching us and stroking his cock. Well who the fuck was this? How many people had Simon invited over tonight?? I looked over at Simon, and he looked over at the guy in the doorway, then looked back at me with a smirk. Then he leaned in and said into my ear, "Looks like my roommate wants seconds." My eyes got really wide then. This was the roommate who'd been fucking me for the last six months?? I don't know what I thought he'd look like, but somehow I didn't think I'd ever see him. Now that I was, though, he was really cute, and had some nice muscles, a few tattoos, and obviously a big dick I knew very well by now. It was clear he was only interested in one thing, though. He got up on the bed without even really looking at me, pushed me down onto Joel's chest, and slowly worked his hard, bare cock all the way inside me, pushing in on Joel's and Simon's loads. I couldn't even guess how many times he and Simon had fucked in each other's cum. Once he was in, the roommate started pounding me like I'd been pounding Joel. Now it was my turn to moan and struggle to take it. I felt Joel's arms wrap around me as the roommate pummeled me, and then, after just a few minutes, the roommate was shoving his cock all the way inside me and giving me another big load. After he came down, the roommate slapped my ass hard, said, "Fuckin' sluts," and went back to his room. Then Joel started whispering in my ear, "Fuck me, I need it, give me your cum, fuck me hard, make it hurt…fuck me like your boyfriend fucks me." And with that, I gave this little bitch what he wanted, and started slamming my raw cock into his sloppy hole again, making sure he knew what I thought about him. After just a couple minutes of me slamming into Joel and him begging me for my cum, I could feel the tingling in my balls, and I knew I was about to cum inside this little whore my boyfriend loved to fuck so much. I put my hands around this slut's throat and squeezed, as I shot one of the angriest, most powerful loads I can remember into this whore's willing hole, and it felt incredible. When I came down, I collapsed onto Joel to catch my breath, and he put his arms around me again. Then I pulled up a little and looked at him. He wasn't so bad, really—he just liked getting fucked, like I did. He was a good top, and a great bottom, and he was pretty cute. He was definitely making my boyfriend happy, and making him more aggressive in bed, which I loved. And I knew he wasn't trying to take Todd away from me, he just wanted to have a little fun, like we all did. I realized then that I wasn't mad at Joel anymore—I was actually starting to like him, and his hot little body. I leaned down and kissed him, and he kissed me back and moaned. After I pulled away from Joel and lay down on the bed, my married neighbor took my place and slipped into his ass again, apparently eager to give him load number who-knows-how-many. As I watched them, Simon lay down next to me, and started playing with my ear and rubbing my chest. He whispered to me, "You were incredible, baby doll, I didn't think you'd do it, but you did, you let Joel fuck you, and you fucked him, too. And you're not mad at him anymore, are you?" I shook my head slowly. "Good boy, you're such a good fuckin' boy, and you always do what I tell you." Then he leaned in closer and said, "Now I know why your boyfriend loves you." My eyes shot open. Was he saying…what I thought he was saying? I looked at him, and he had a lusty, intense look on his face. Then he surprised the heck out of me by leaning in and kissing me!! After I got over the shock, I started kissing him back, and running my fingers through his hair. God, I'd waited so long for this! This was the side of Simon that made me want to do anything for him. After a while, he pulled away, and I thought he'd change his mind and say something mean like always did. But he had such a contented look on his face like I'd never seen before. He got between my legs, pushed them back, and slowly slid his hard, bare cock into me. And as my married neighbor hammered Joel's little ass right next to us, Simon fucked me slow and deep, kissing me, telling me how glad he was that I'd come over and how good I was making him feel, and looking like he was in heaven. "Fuck me, Simon," I begged him, "give it to me, I wanna make you feel good, I wanna be yours, fuck me baby…make me yours forever!" Simon started slamming into me then, just like my neighbor was slamming into Joel next to us. And it wasn't long before my married neighbor was cumming inside Joel, and Simon was cumming inside me, and I was pulling Simon in to get all of his hot cum inside me. Simon had a big smile on his face afterward, and he leaned down and made out with me some more. Then after a few minutes, Joel looked at me and said he was ready for round two, and I let him fuck another load into me, as the guys egged him on. Then I flipped him over and pounded him (a little more gently this time), and shot another one of my loads into his slutty hole. Afterwards, I cuddled up next to Simon, a cummy mess, and totally happy. As I drifted off to sleep in Simon's arms, the only thing I wanted was for Simon to keep pumping me full of his cum, and to keep pimping me out, and to make my boyfriend just like him. And I had a feeling that this time, I was going to get exactly what I wanted. Ten: Well, I really did get what I'd wanted. The next six months were a frenzy of fucking, cum-swapping, and orgies. I honestly lost track of all the guys I'd slept with, and all the cum I'd taken. And Simon was always there, encouraging me, pushing my limits, making me into a bigger slut, getting me used to taking cock and cum without any questions. And I loved it—I loved pleasing him, I loved satisfying so many guys, and I loved feeling like a huge fucking slut. Meanwhile, things with my boyfriend were better than ever. After months of both of us cheating on each other basically nonstop, we finally came clean with each other and decided to have an open relationship—a very open relationship. Todd loved the idea, and I was already there, obviously. After that, we had more slutty three-ways, four-ways, and five-ways than I can even count, all bareback, no questions asked. And it was probably the best decision we'd ever made—no more sneaking around, no more lying, no more worrying, and no more guilt. If we wanted to fuck somebody, we fucked him, and if the other one got jealous, we had a three-way and got over it (we ended up having lots of three-ways with Joel). I can't believe how much time we wasted pretending to be monogamous! This was so much simpler—and a lot more fun! Anyway, it was a Saturday night, and Todd and I were over at Simon's again. Todd was bottoming more these days, and right now Simon was fucking Jaime's teenage cum deeper into Todd (Jaime loved fucking my boyfriend), while Todd was fucking the roommate's cum deeper into me. Jaime and the roommate had dropped their loads in us and left, so it was just the three of us now, my boyfriend on top of me, and Simon behind him. Simon had gotten everything he'd wanted—he'd corrupted both me and my boyfriend, turned us into huge cheaters, and finally made us into massive sluts, just like him. He'd turned me, an uptight prude, and Todd, a Midwest farm boy, into the cock-hungry cum-whores we were today. My boyfriend, obviously, had never been happier—he got to fuck around with all the guys he wanted, and I never told him not to. And I was happy, too, to never feel worried or guilty anymore, and to have these two fucking studs in my life, who I'd do anything for. Todd leaned down and said, "I love you, baby." He'd gotten so passionate and so sexy since he'd met Simon. "I love you, too," I said to him, and I meant it. We made out while he fucked into me, then he leaned back toward Simon and made out with him. I loved watching that—the two guys in my life fucking and making out. Then Simon whispered something in Todd's ear, and Todd stopped fucking me for a second, and said, "Now?" Simon nodded, with one of his devilish grins, and I wondered what he was planning this time. Todd looked back down at me, and started saying, "Um, baby, we've been together three and a half years, and I—" Simon grabbed onto Todd's hips and started moving them backwards and forwards, making him keep fucking me. Todd went on, still sliding in and out of me, and fucking himself back onto Simon's cock: "—and I don't wanna be with nobody else but you. Well, I mean, I do, but I don't wanna date nobody else but you. Well, not date, see what I mean is—" "Fuck, man, just fuckin' ask him," Simon interrupted. Todd seemed like he was getting flustered, but finally he got out, "You make me really happy, and I love you, baby, and…will you marry me?" He was asking me now?? In the middle of a sleazy three-way with Simon, with two guys' loads already in us? This definitely wasn't the way I'd seen this happening, but I guess with Simon involved, I should have expected it. I looked at Simon, who was grinning and nodding at me, and then I looked back at Todd, who had stopped fucking me again, and was waiting for my answer. Well, I'd been with Todd longer than with anyone else, and I really did love him and feel happy when I was with him. I knew he'd do anything for me, and I felt the same way—and with Simon on board (actually, it was probably his idea in the first place), it was a no-brainer for me. "Of course I will, baby," I said to Todd, and he leaned down and kissed me again. "Now fuck me hard baby, give me your load, and take Simon's load too, I wanna see you both cum, I wanna see you take Simon's cum again." Then Todd pulled up off me and started fucking me hard, just like Simon had taught him, slamming into me brutally, and fucking himself hard on Simon's bare cock, making sloshing noises from the cum in his ass and mine. "That's right, keep it up, boy," Simon said, his hands on Todd's shoulders, "you're 'bout to make me fuckin' cum." Todd kept hammering into me, and before long, my twisted neighbor was leaning his head back and shooting his load inside my new fiance. Todd kept going at full speed, then he put his hand around my throat and looked me right in the eye with an aggressive look on his face as he shot his load inside me, claiming me, marking me as his. Then they both crashed on the bed next to me, Todd on one side, and Simon on the other. Todd leaned in, and we made out for a while as Simon started jerking me off. Then I turned the other way, and made out with Simon for a bit, and then I lay back and just enjoyed Simon's hand on my cock. I couldn't believe I got to keep both guys, after all the lying and cheating and whoring around that I'd done—and I was about to be happily married, too. It was almost too good to be true. But then I wondered if things would change after Todd and I got married….Would Simon still be around? As if he knew what I was thinking, Simon said to me quietly, "Don't think this changes anything, baby doll. I'm not goin' anywhere, even after you're married. You're still gonna be my bitch boy, no matter what. I own you, ya hear? You're mine!" And with that, I shot a hot, thick load all over my chest, feeling like the luckiest slut in the world. THE END
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    I texted Peter and told him Travis had been here and was out the door, he said that was quick and I told him thank god, but the load was big. Peter told me zack could be over in a few if I wanted it, I told him I would have to change the time for college boy but yes send him over. Zack got to my house about 15 mins later, he just walked in like he owed the place and asked why I was not on my knees waiting. I just gave him the look of, what the fuck. He told me that Peter had filled him in on what was going on and if was I being a cum slut, that I should act like one and be treated that way. So I got on my knees and started undoing his pants, his belt buckle was one that you could write on and the comment was 8.5 with a smiley face, lol. Got to love this kid. I got the pants down and could see that he was wear a jock, which was hot. He grabbed my hair and said lick my pouch bitch. Here was this kid/punk, acting like he was my master and it was hot. I started to lick and suck on the pouch of his red jock. It had a salty/pre-cum/piss taste to it. He was still holding on to my head and pushing it into his crotch. He pull my head back with one hand and the other pulled out his dick. It was long and thick with a hood that was covering his head. He told me to swallow it all in one or he would hold me there till I did. That he didn't care if I gagged or not, but the cock was going to be down my throat. Well, I didn't get it all so he was true to his word. He had hold of the back of my head and was bucking his hips, trying to get the last inch or so in my throat. I was gagging and spit was coming out my noise and around his cock. He told me to get it in or I would drown on my own spit. After a few more hard humps, his cock got in, 1/2 inch at a time, he held me there for a few second and then withdraw. There was spit all over his cock and my face, he looked down at me and said that he always wanted to do that to someone. Plus, all the spit would be great for lube. I just choked for a min and smiled. Then he got a grin on his face and told me to get back on him cock, that I was going to get him off in ten mins or he would get himself off by fucking the hell out of my throat without concern. I started sucking him and tried to deep throat him. I was working a good pace up and trying to get him off but couldn't do it. About 8 mins into it, he decided that he would change the rules and grabbed my head. He was fucking my mouth and trying to go deep again. He was going to town on my mouth, his cock was going so fast in and out of my mouth I just kept it open. He started to buck the hips and said he was close, he told me to not swallow. He pulled his dick out of my mouth and jerked it fast. He put the head on my lips and said not to swallow. He pulled back the hood and started to shoot in my mouth. I just sat on my knees and looked up at him. He pulled his dick back a little and wiped the little bit left on my cheek. He looked at me and said how hot it looked to have his load setting in my mouth like a pool of cum. He told me to spit out the load into a glass. I did as I was told, then he said I could swallow the rest in my mouth. Standing there with a glass of cum in my hand, he asked if I knew why I was not to swallow. I said I didn't know, he laugh and told me that he was going to pour a little on my hole and work it in. That he was going to work the whole load into my ass and not fuck me till it was all in me. He told me, that if he was going to fuck an ass with a load in it, that his load should have been the first and will be the last. He is a little dirty fucker and I was loving it. I was going to have to get him in my circle of fucks. He had me get on my back with my legs up in the air, he poured some of the cum on my hole and pushed it around with his cock head and would push just the head into my ass. He did this till all the cum was out of the glass and then put the glass upside down over my mouth. He told me that if I thought the throat fucking was hard, that this was going to kill me. With that he pushed all the way in with just one push. He bottomed out and pulled all the way out again. His cock come out with a pop and some cum. He got mad and said to keep the cum in me, then he was balls deep again and out. He told me to enjoy the fucking I was about to receive. Then he was back in and out as quick as he could go, it was intense and a little painful. He had my legs up on his shoulders and was fucking the cum out of my ass. He kept telling me that I was nothing but a slut and I need to get fucked by him daily. That his load was the one to knock me up and that I would be his slut from now on. That he knew Peter was coming back for more and that it would not feel as good as the fucking he was giving me. That I was so much a slut, that after Peter fucked me. I would most likey call him so i could feel a mans cock in me again. I knew my ass was leaking cum, with him pulling all the way out the way he was. As he was fucking me, he keep telling me how much of a slut I was and that the only good cum came from his cock. He was on a power trip and was loving it. The long dicking started to turn into short pulses and we were face to face, he was moving at an amazing speed. He was like a machine, he had one speed and it was wide open. He looked me in the eyes and told me I was going to thank him for the load when he was done and if I was lucky he would come over after Peter and fuck me again. He said that he liked a sloppy hole, but next time I do a slut day. He was going to be the first and last loads, that he shouldn't have to fuck a sloppy hole unless his load was the first one. As he saying all this, he is still going full speed on me. He grabbed my head and locked his elbow under my shoulders, I was trapped. He changed up a little and was now just pulling out just two maybe 3 inches and slamming it home. His hips were slamming into me, he was trying to get every centimeter of cock in me. He told me he was going to cum in me, that I was going take it. He asked if I wanted it now and was I ready to get a mans load. His hips started jerking and he was in me as deep as he could get. He told me he was going to flood me, that he always shoots a big loads on the second load if not bigger, bigger then the first. He grabbed my head hard, pushed in as deep as he could and screamed " here it cums, take it bitch". , "take my cum". When he was done, he fell on top of me, with his dick still in me. He licked my ear and told me I was a good bitch and happy I was in heat. He reach between us and started to jerk my cock. As he is jerking me, he told me to say it. I was still in a state of bliss and don't know what to say. He jerked me harder and told me to say it. A light bulb come on and I thanked him for his load. He was jerking me harder and said say it. I then thanked him for his man cum. He eased off the hard jerking and just jerked me. He started to round his hips nice and slow and jerked me. It felt good, he told me to get ready to cum soon or he would fuck me again and I would not get to cum till after He did again. I told him to jerk me fast, that I was getting close to blowing my load. So, instead of speeding up, he just stop all together. He looked at me and smiled, " you get to cum, when I fuck you later tonight" he informed me. He gets up and started to get dress. I'm watching this little punk kid with a long uncut cock between his legs pull his jock up. Im laying there thinking, this little fucker just bred me with that thing and how fucking hot he looks in the jock. I'm losing my mind I think. To much cum on the brain or in my ass. He looks down at me and smiles again, it that evil smile he had when he came in the door. Who is next he ask, I tell him it's college boy. He asked a few questions about college boy and says he knows him. That they have jerked off once, that they were going to blow each other but it was to thick to get in his mouth. So they just jerked each other off. Then he looks at me with that smile and licks his lips. He say, Your hole is going to be so big after he is down with you, maybe Peter and I can double fuck you after he is done. I just laugh and say no. I'm not getting double fucked. He walks over to me and grabs my head, you will if I want you to, got it. Lets just say, that I may bottom and i like an aggressive guys in the bedroom. But, I do have a line and its one not to cross. I grabbed his arm and pulled him down onto the floor with me. I caught him off guard and he hit the floor a little hard. It stunned him and I was going to get some tension off my chest. I rolled him over and got between his legs. That little white ass was up, with the red strips on the cheeks. I didn't think I was going to get to top today, but he pissed me off and I was going to show him that fucking with me was a bad idea. He started to fight me a little and kept saying no. To bad for him, I had his arm behind his back and just keep push it up more. The more I pushed, the more he was laying flat. He finally laid all flat out on his stomach. I informed him he could get fucked easy or hard. His choice, but I was getting my ball blues off and he was going to take it one way or the other. How do you want it, I asked. He finally gave in, pushed his ass up a little. I let go of his arm and grabbed his cheeks, spreading them apart. I looked down on his smooth cheeks with a little pink hole. I leaned down and started licking his hole. I munch on his hole for a little and tried to push some spit up inside of him. I finally pulled back and press my head at his hole. I asked he if he was ready for a quick fuck, that I would not be lasting long but he would be getting my blue balls cum. He said he was ready as could be and to please use some lube. I just laughter and spit in my hand and rubbed it on my cock, there is your lube I told him and with that I pushed in. I started fucking, I was not going to last long and wanted to get my nuts off. I have the fifth guy coming soon and need to clean up a little. So with no grand act of a sex god, I lasted maybe five mins and dropped my load in him. I pulled out and wiped my dick on the band of his jock. I slapped his ass and told him thank you.lol. After that, zack got dress and said he be back later with a surprise. I jumped in the shower to wash away the sweat and the smell of sex.
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    I decided to stop at one of the many Las Vegas ABSs on my way to the airport this morning. It's a bookstore that's a bit of a distance from my house. And one that I don't go to very often. But I had to run an errand to that part of town and I had some time to spare before I needed to be at the airport, so I made a stop. It was only 8:30a in the morning. But the parking lot was already full. Like many of the ABSs here in Vegas, they can be quite busy during the morning "drive time". A lot of guys stop by on their way to work to take care of their morning wood. I parked on the street, just in front of the store. I bought a ticket for the theater and the grumpy clerk buzzed me inside. There were 3 guys sitting in the side of the double theater that showed str8 movies. And looking past the opening into the gay/trans side, I could see another 2 guys sitting in there. I glanced at the 3 guys in the str8 side as I passed them, on my way into the gay side. Those 3 guys were just sitting there watching the str8 movie. Not even rubbing their crotches. Inside the gay/trans side, the two guys in there had their cocks out and were stroking as they watched a film showing a chick with a dick sucking and getting fucked by 2 hung black guys. The first guy I passed was close to 70 years old. He was playing with his limp dick. The second guy, sitting on the end of a ratty, leather sofa, was a hot looking black guy in his late 40's. He was tall, athletic, with a small gut on him. He had about 7"s in his hand and was slowing stroking it as he had his eyes glued to the screen. I sat on a cheap plastic chair that was about 2 feet away from the black guy. He never took his eyes off the screen as I passed him and sat next to him. My glances went back and forth between the screen and the black guys cock. After a couple of minutes of me checking him out, the black man finally turned his head and looked me in the eye. With no change in the expression on his face, he looked down at his cock then back at me. He repeatedly would look down at his cock, then look me in the eyes. I took this as an invitation, so I moved my chair the two feet, so that I was now seated right next to him. I moved my hand over to his cock and he moved his hand away from his cock, to give me access. I stroked his hard cock for a couple of minutes. Then I knelt on the filthy floor, between his knees and took his cock into my mouth. Soon, the old guy at the opposite side of the sofa moved over to us. He now was trying to horn in on the action and was trying to move me away from the black guys cock, so he could suck. The black man pushed the old guy away. It took a couple of pushes, before the guy got the hint and moved back to where he had been sitting. One of the guys sitting in the str8 side got up and moved into the gay side and sat in the plastic chair I had vacated. He watched closely as I made love to the beautiful black dick in my mouth. Soon he stood up and pulled his now hard cock from his zipper. He had a 6" hard cock in his hand. I could see him stroking his cock from the sides of my eyes. The black guy lifted my head off his cock and told me to suck the new guy. I turned my head and the new guy put his 6"s in my mouth. For about 5 minutes I alternated sucking both cocks. Then another guy came over to the gay side, from the str8 side. He stood on the other side of the black guy and also took out his cock. He was a latino guy in his late 50's. His cock was only about 6"s. But he had a nice foreskin hanging over his cock head. I turned to him and began to suck on his soft cock and suck on his foreskin. He began to harden. After I had alternated between the 3 of these guys for awhile, I could feel the black guy lean around me and rub my ass, through my pants. So, I stood up, took off my pants and underwear and turned around. I spit on my fingers and lubed up my ass. I did this several times to get my ass nice and lubed up for the black guy. He was also spitting on his fingers and lubing up his cock. I had taken my poppers from my pants when I took them off. I took a couple of deep sniffs of poppers. The black guy reached for my bottle. I gave it to him. He likewise, took some deep drags on the bottle. He handed it back and I took two more sniffs. Then I began to lower myself onto this hard, black cock. My ass slowly lowered onto him, until I could feel his pubes and balls against my ass. I began to rock up and down on his cock as the first guy again put his cock in my mouth. I was sucking and getting fucked at the same time. We fucked like this for about 5 minutes before the black man said, "Get up". I pulled myself up off his cock. "Get on your knees", he tells me. I kneel down on the sofa and put my ass up in the air. He steps behind me and slams back up into me in one, swift motion. He's now in control of the fucking and he's going to be a hard, deep and rough fucker. He's immediately slamming into me. Making me grunt with each of his thrusts. The latino guy is now kneeling on the sofa. His cock is now rock hard and he's stroking his cock furiously, just inches from my face. It's a difficult angle for me to get to his cock. But I turn my head towards him and I open my mouth. Sticking out my tongue. The Latino Papi is now making that face you get, just before you cum. Suddenly cum is covering my face as he sprays his load all over my mouth, tongue and eyes. He soon zips and leaves. The caucasian guy now moves the chair and stands near my head at the end of the sofa. He feeds me his cock. I suck as best I can, but he soon pulls out of my mouth and he begins to stroke fast as well. It only takes him a minute or two before he is now spraying his hot load all over my face. The sight of these two guys cumming all over me, must have turned on the black guy, because he's now ramming deep and hard into me. Then let's out a soft, muffled groan as he empties his balls into my ass. He holds his cock deep into me as he unloads in me. Then he gives me a couple more hard thrusts, then suddenly pulls out of me. He pulls up his pants, puts himself together and leaves. While all this has been going on, I haven't noticed that a thuggish looking Latino kid in his early 20's has come in and sat on the sofa on the side of the gay room. As I get up to put my pants on, I notice him sitting over there, his pants open, and he's stroking a 7" uncut, dark latino dick. He's looking at me intently, but not saying anything. I'm now dressed and I sit down again on the plastic chair. The Latino kid now speaks. "Wanna suck me, Grandpa"? I silently get up and cross over to him. I again drop to my knees. I take some hits of poppers and go down on his cock. His cock is partially hard. But he's quickly hardening as I suck. "You like my straight cock, fag? You like my Mexican dick?" he says. "Mmmm Hmmm......." is all I can moan as I continue to suck him. "Take your time, queer. Enjoy my cock". As I'm worshiping his beautiful cock, I feel someone feeling my ass. I come up off the young guys cock and look behind me. I see a nice looking caucasian guy in his early 40's standing behind me. He's dressed in dress slacks, long sleeved dress shirt and a tie. He's tossed his tie over his shoulder. He's obviously a business man on his way to the office. "Wanna fuck me?? I ask. "Yeah", is all the business guy says. I climb up off the floor. I move to the end of the sofa. Remove my pants again. I kneel on the end of the sofa. I can lean forward from this position and again go back to sucking the Latino kid from the side. The business guy stands behind me. He undoes his belt, unzips and pulls out a 6" cut cock. He slaps it against my cummy hole and pushes easily up into me. "Damn! You a real ho! Aren't ya, fag?" the Latino kid says with a chuckle. "Mmmmm... Hmmmm....." I moan again. I'm laughing to myself as I think about this kid calling me a ho. He's some str8 kid, that has his cock in some stranger's mouth, a man's mouth, in a filthy sex cinema, and he's calling me a ho. LMAO! But, I wear my hard earned "Ho" badge, proudly, as I continue to suck his str8 cock and enjoy the cock that's now sliding in and out of my ass. The businessman is now grabbing me around the waist and ramming into me. He's a man on a mission. And probably is late for the office. He only takes a couple of minutes of intense fucking before Mr. Businessman is shaking in orgasm, as he silently fills my ass with his load. He quickly pulls up his pants. Puts himself together and leaves the theatre. The heavy door of the theater closes with a "slam". I continue to suck on the young Latino dick. "Ok. Damn!", the kid exclaims. "Most of the time I can't cum just by being sucked. Don't think I'm gonna cum this way. Damn, I gotta cum. Shit!", he says, then pauses. "I don't normally fuck guys. But, I fuckin' need to cum. You gotta rubber, Faggot?", he asks. "Nope", I say as I come up off his cock. "But, you can fuck me raw". There's silence. He's obviously weighing his options. "Shit!", he groans as he gets up and moves behind me. He pushes up in me in one angry thrust. "Fuckin' Fag", he says under his breath as he begins to pound my hole. "Dirty, fuckin', faggot whore", he repeats in almost a whisper as he rams repeatedly into me. It's almost kind of scary because his words and mood is getting angrier and louder as he pounds his cock into me. He's slamming into me. The sofa is scooting along the wall as his thrusts become more intense and violent. He gives my ass a couple of hard "whacks". They sting as he slaps my ass. I'm trying to sniff some poppers. But most of the liquid is splashing from the bottle and burning the inside of my nose. I can't get the lid of the poppers back on, because of his fierce thrusts. I finally reach to place the open bottle of poppers onto the dirty floor. Finally, I hear a load grunts coming from him. "Uuuuggghhh...!!!!" he grunts as he slams into me and holds his cock deep into me. "Uuuuggghhhh....!!!!", he grunts again as he slams deep in me and holds it again. "Uuugghhh,...Uuuggghh..!!!" he grunts and slams a few more times. Then he pulls from me. And without saying anything, pulls up his pants. "You're clean, ain't ya?" "Ya ain't got AIDS or no other diseases, do ya?" "A little late to be asking that. Ain't it?" I say with a laugh. "Don't worry about it." I say to him. "You better not be some AIDS whore", he says as he walks toward the door. "Well, I can't vouch for the two loads of cum inside me from the other guys. I have no idea who they are? Do you?", I say with a smile on my face. "Fuckin' Faggots", he shouts back at me as he leaves the theater and lets the door slam shut with a loud bang. I'm laughing to myself. Now, all of a sudden he's worried about diseases. The horny fucker can't control himself when his dick gets hard. Lord knows, how many hundreds of both female and male mouths and assholes his dick has been inside in his few short years? Who knows how many of those holes have been housing the virus? And now, all of a sudden, after the fact, he's worried about it. I have no doubt he'll have his Latino dick inside another hole again, very, very soon. I pulled myself together and headed to the airport. Hopefully, off to my next adventure.
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    "Joe, keep that camera running. And you, get all your clothes off and spread those ass cheeks," Lucas ordered. I hurriedly got naked and the anticipation had me so weak in the knees I could hardly stand up. I was actually going to get bred with that big beautiful poz cock. "Bend over, boy," Lucas murmured. I complied, which gave him the perfect position to slide his tongue deep in my asshole and worked it in and out for at least a full minute. I could look down and see his cock hanging and dripping precum on the floor. He stood up and right there inside the door he drove that huge uncut cock deep in my ass with one thrust. "Fuck, yeah, breed that fuck hole," Joe exclaimed in approval. Lucas took Joe up on his recommendation and slammed his cock into my ass so hard he slammed me into the wall. I managed to catch myself before I brained myself, and braced myself against his trusts, in point of fact slamming my ass hard against his cock. I could feel Lucas' balls slapping in my ass crack as Joe howled with pleasure watching me take Lucas' big cock. He pumped about 20 good hard thrusts and the anticipation must have been too much to last any longer and I felt his cock pulsing as he shot about six good long ropes of cum deep into my guts. Lucas panted as he continued grinding his cock into my ass, massaging his huge cum load into my tissues. I could feel some of it leaking out as he stroked and some dripped off my balls onto the floor. After a few minutes, Lucas withdrew only for Joe to shove a big butt plug into my asshole. Joe said "It's best to let that stay put for the time being." Lucas said, "Now that we have been properly introduced, how about we have a few drinks and talk for spell? This is the first installment and I wanted to get that out of the way before you had a chance to change your mind. Now we can take our time and get into some serious poz breeding and seeding. The commitment has been made now as you have a bonafide AIDS load swimming in your guts. From now on for the rest of your visit we can just enjoy the passion of AIDS breeding." To be Continued.
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    Yes, you feel a great difference between bare and condom. Most notable is you don't need as much lube, plus when you are being bred in a group setting, after the first couple guys nut inside you, you don't need any artificial lube the rest of the night. Speaking of nutting, the other great plus for the bottom is the psychological high of knowing a fellow male has just hosed your fuck tunnel down with his warm male essence. Being able to receive something so intimate and personal form another guy or guys is a huge mental rush, plus it feels great when you've had mutiple partners breeding you and the cum is leaking out of you even as more guys are fucking you and it makes your thighs and nutsack slick with nut juice.
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    I got to Sunday’s Cycle sportive early just so I can check out the guys standing around in their skin-tight lycra. I don’t know where some guys hide their cock and balls as absolutely nothing shows, whilst others proudly exhibit their big fat dicks and cum laden balls. I continue scanning the cyclists searching for those that make a show and then spy two guys deep in conversation; both resplendent in their pale blue Italia team Castelli spandex gear (the ones with the Scorpion logo) that certainly left nothing to the imagination with every ripped muscle and impressive bulge showing. I was mesmerised not only by their obvious big cocks but one had tattoos and piercings, both tits and it looked like his cock was too. Fuck, I’m instantly horny as hell making my own cock swells up and begins to strain the gossamer thin fabric of my bib shorts. Shit! The non-pierced one has seen me staring, nudges his mate and now they are both looking at me, they nod and smile…embarrassed I nod back and scoot off for the start line. A few miles in to the ride a group of about two dozen get to a major junction and have to stop due to traffic and unclip; from behind someone nudges my butt, “Oops sorry” but the hand is still there and a finger traces the curve of my buttock followed by a barely discernible “A fine ass Mr. Peachy, like forbidden fruit, ripe for plucking.” Did I just imagine that? Blushing at the thought I turn to see Mr. Piercings grinning at me…. there’s a break in the traffic and off we go again. 25 miles in to the 100 miler I pull in to the first feed station and as I grab a handful of pick-me-up jells, some sweets and an energy drink I can’t help but notice the two Italia guys are there too. Before resuming my ride, I join the queue for the toilet and when my turn comes low and behold the unpierced guy is standing next to me at the two urinals. He heaves his shaved cock and balls out and I can’t help but take a look as he openly strokes himself to full hardness, but it’s not only his size that I’m drawn to but what looks to be a large red cross tattoo at the base of his penis. I struggle to pee but finally manage it, put my dick away and get out as quick as I can. During the next 25 miles, all I can think about is his hard cock and tattoo… The next feed station is in a field opposite some empty farm buildings where I stop and take my food supplies. As I stand warming in the mid-morning sunshine I’m grabbed by the non-pierced guy, “Follow me round the back here, there’s a toilet and I’ve got the key!” Trance like I follow. Once locked in the tiny cubicle we didn’t speak, our lips locked tongues exploring each other’s mouth, his hands and fingers working over my body, I couldn’t resist to what he was doing to me thinking only with my dick and not my head. As he works my nips with one hand he’s unzipping my top with the other and slips it off my shoulders. In no time my bib short straps are rolled off my shoulders too and pulled fully down leaving my cock and ass free for him to hold and explore. Somehow he squeezes himself on the floor spins me round and rubs and kneads my ass cheeks, kissing my neck, shoulders, back then pulls my pert buttocks apart and dives in for my winking hole. Breathing hard I’m moaning out loud as he lubes my hole with spit as he alternatively rims and finger fucks me. “Oh, oh, ummmm, yeah!” I wail in ecstasy at his ministrations. Coaxing me for permission he asks, “You like that stud? Feels good for you? I’d like to put my dick in there…..” To each question All I can answer is “mmmmm” probed and licked into agreement and as he bends me forwards his powerful legs push mine apart as best he can with my shorts still around my ankles! Simultaneously his cock nudges my hole and with one long deep thrust is balls deep in. “Owwwwwwwwwwwwwww!” I scream in shock, resistance was not an option, I was hurting yet still wanting that big cock. He gives my tits a hard squeeze and my ass opens up nicely for him, allowing him to pile drive my hole making the toilet door bang to the rhythm of his fuck actions. “Yeah, oh yeah” I coo in both pain and pleasure though now my hole is making wet fart sound…surely he hasn’t cum yet? No matter what my pussy is much slicker now allowing me to push back against each forward thrust getting all the pleasure from his long cock. His “Uhh, uhhh, UHHHH’s” grew louder with each frantic lunge in my cunt. He grips my hips, make one final grand slam up my ass, kisses my neck and whispers in my ear, “Cumming” As he still pumps his hard cock in and out of my sloppy hole there’s a bang on the door, a key inserted and the door unlocked. Pierced guy is standing there, cock out, hard with a long strand of pre-cum hanging right down to the floor from his piercing. I can’t help myself but lean forward and lick the sweet salty goo from his cock head. Still pinned from behind I can’t move as he slides his whole shaft through my wide-open lips and down my rapacious gullet, stabbing in and out a few times before announcing, “My turn” Cum ran down my legs when his mate pulled out and grabbed some toilet paper to clean himself up, it’s only then we all notice pink streaked semen on the paper. “Shit! I’m bleeding!” “That’s normal for us, don’t worry about it, it’ll just act as lubricant for our nuclear sperm to marinate in your fertile cunt fellah.” I guess letting me know I had just taken my first known lethal Poz injection. Swinging his thick 8” in front of me smearing my face and lips with his juices “you want this?” With the damage done I nod, reach out and pull on his tit ring making him moan out loud and his cock jerk emitting more dangerous fluids and before I can get to it he’s spits in his hand, rubs the spittle over his shaft, turns me round, forcibly pushes me down so I have to grab the toilet seat for support. He rubs his POZ cock in my ass crack and rams it home until his full balls slap my ass cheeks. I grimace in pain despite the previous fucking, cum and blood to ease the way, I’m breathing hard, his hands gipping my hips so hard his nails are digging in holding me in place as his thick steel hard cock repeated impales my ravaged hole. “Fucking the shit out of you, gonna fill with cum, my POZ babies are gonna be flooding you guts real soon” Rocking back and forth on his hard shaft, I shout “Yeah, give it to me!” Fully skewered on one final thrust he bellows, “Take my charged load” as his dangerous cargo pumps into my bruised and torn pussy with each onslaught. Panting hard, still bent over, he pulls out stuffs his cock back in his shorts and the two march off. By the time I get back to my bike it is the only one left there, I hop on, cum leaking out into my shorts seat pad I ride off in to the distance inhaling the crisp autumn air, listen to the rustling of the leaves on the light breeze as the birds freely chirrup in the trees. All was right in the World.
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    Over the past couple of year my friendship with a black top bud my life has shifted. We met over 15 years ago, when AOL was the hook up site to be on and had many conversations about our fantasies. He was a dominant top who wanted me to submit to him so that he could whore me out to other black tops. I shared his desire to be gangbanged and used as a cum dump. However at that time in my life I was too scared to accept my fantasies and make them reality. I started dating and got a partner but my black top bud and I remained in contact. He tried to persuade me to go clubbing with him from time to time and cheat with him on my boyfriend but I never did. He also wanted me to take ecstasy while at the club and have men fuck me on the dance floor. Over the years we grew closer and a genuine friendship developed. A couple of years ago we started talking about our fantasies again. I started to tell him that I no longer want to fantasize about being a cum dump but make it a reality. He encouraged me to be true to myself and told me that's what I was meant to be, a receptacle for men to use and dump their loads into. He told me that I should take any load that was presented to me as that was my job. One time we went to New Orleans together for Mardi Gras and went out for drinks at Rawhide. After using the bathroom I return to find my black bud talking with this handsome muscular black man. My bud immediately told me to get down on my knees and suck the other black man's dick while pushing me down to the floor. I was shocked and surprised but did as I was told. As I sucked his fine thick 9 inches on my knees, they kissed and made out above my head. I was so excited that my bud was taking control of me like that, I nearly shot my load on the floor. When we talked about it afterwards, my bud told me he was just giving me what I wanted and he was right. I felt such excitement and stimulation from being controlled like that that. I couldn't stop talking about it for a long time after. Shortly after that I started opening my hole up, and continued on my journey towards being a cum dump. Recently my bud confided in me that he was having challenges with erectile dysfunction due to a medical condition. He was feeling less of a man because he couldn't be the dominant top that he was in the past. He had a pump installed to help and was taking Viagra, but he continued to feel self-conscious about his sexual abilities. He also stated that was physically difficult for him to get into a hole at times because the head of his penis would not get hard. Things started to gradually build. At first, he showed me his penis after he had received the pump to ask me my opinion of whether or not it looked natural. It looked and felt fine in my hand and I told him so. The next time I took his penis in my mouth and shared that I still couldn't tell a difference with the pump. After seeing his frustration and concern about his ability to be a top, I then offered my hole for his use. What are good friends for? Yes I wanted him in my hole but but I also did want to help him out. And I figured it would be the best way for me to discover what was going on and have a genuine conversation with him about it. I believe our friendship was at the point that any sexual contact between us wouldn't change our relationship. So after discussing it, we decided to head to the sex club 442 and keep it pretty casual. There whether there would be no pressure to perform it if things didn't work out I could certainly still get my fill. We went on a Sunday which is usually a slower nite, and walked into the darkroom. There was a little crowd in there and immediately after entering the darkroom, my ass was groped and grabbed. I leaned forward and a lather hands to feel my butt hole and understand that I was pretty lubed and ready for action. I was quickly bent over and grabbing my ankles while the first dick entered my hole. He pushed in me and started opening my hole pretty good while a group of six men surrounded me. My bud watched from the sides. I tried to remain balanced while sucking one dick and being pounded from behind. Soon the thrusts became harder and deeper and I heard the wonderful sounds of grunting and moaning as his 7 inch dick exploded in me. He was quickly followed by another one and another. Altogether I had six guys fuck me with three loads before the little gang bang ended. After the last top had unloaded in my hole, my bud grabbed me and pushed me down harshly on top of the fuck bench. He had seen what a cumdump I was and wanted in that sloppy hole. Rock hard he tried to enter me. But the head kept bending and slipping out of my hole. I spread my ass cheeks as wide as I could but he couldn't get in between. I could sense his frustration mounting. He grabbed me and pulled me along to one of the cubicles where he sat down and I tried to sit on him. Same thing happened. Not a great first time. When we talked about it afterwards, I acknowledged his challenge but encouraged him not to give up. For a while he wanted to but I kept on pointing out that it was just one try and stated that we needed to try other options like more lube or me having a cummier or well used hole. I suggested that he try using other holes at 442 to experiment. So one Monday night he reluctantly agreed to accompany me to 442 again. I told him I felt confident that this was going to be the night. And I told him again not to give up. There was a nice little early work night crowd and we had agreed that I should be open to any and all dick, especially since we wanted my hole as wide open and loaded as possible. This time my bud was watching by my side as I got used good. He encouraged others they have their way with me. After a nice little train of four guys, my good bud bend me over and worked his way into my well cum lubed hole. He was in! It was thrilling for both of us! He savored and enjoyed every minute of being in my hole after such a long drought. After being there for 15 to 20 minutes, his tempo increased and a bear hug for me and thrust his load deep inside of me. Overcome with gratitude he hugged and kissed me. But that wasn't the end. I continue to get loaded and used more and about an hour later, my bud deposited his load number two in my willing hole. He drove me home and then decided that he wanted my hole again. He fucked my well used and dripping pussy for a good 45 minutes where he deposited his loads number three and number four. By the end we were both exhausted and I was impressed by the loads he delivered. I've never had a top give four loads before in the space of three hours!
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    Southern Decadence! It's become one of my favorite events of the year since I started going three years ago. This last one was no exception to that! It was even better now that I've become such a cumdump. What I love about Southern Decadence is the mixture of seeing old acquaintances and making new ones, all of whom want to fuck! I love the raw animalistic sex that happens at the Rawhide and the Phoenix bars. I feel like these are some of the best places to be the cumwhore that I am. Day and night the bars are packed with men ready to fuck, so of course I made my ass available to as many as I could. I always wish I could remember everything but I ended up remembering the tops with whom I connected with on some level, either emotionally or physically, but after a while all the dick up my ass became a blur. On Labor Day I had a late flight out, so I decided to hit the Rawhide in the afternoon and practice at 'no dick or loads refused'. Sometimes I still want to be pickier than I should as a true cumdump. I got there about 1:00 PM and the bar wasn't too crowded, but there were already some men in the back. I knew what they were looking for, so I paraded around in my skimpy nylon gym shorts took up a position in the dark corner near the bathroom. One guy was standing there. He appeared to be husky and maybe mid 40s but I honestly am not too sure what he looked like as I just turned and face the wall and lowered my shorts so my ass was exposed. He didn't take long to put his average size cock inside of me and blow his load. A crowd had gathered to watch him fuck me and I fondled several cocks and, as he fucked me, sucked some of them. The second guy was an older black guy with a somewhat bigger cock. I was ready to go as soon as the first top had deposited his load in my ass, but there was a bit of a delay because the second guy wanted to use a condom, but when wearing one he had a difficult time staying hard, so he pulled it off and had me suck him for a while, only for his dick to go limp when it was time to enter me. Finally he managed to get his cock into my ass and he even managed to fuck for a while, only to once more go limp. At this point I was ready to move on, especially since he apparently was determined to use a condom, so I turned to the next guy way there and took his hard cock up my willing hole. After that guy blew his load, I was surprised when the black guy re-entered my ass, this time raw, and finally fucked me hard enough to seed my ass with his load. After this third load I went to the main area of the bar where several guys continued in using my hole. A couple tag teamed me before both shot each shot his load in me, and after that I spied a nice thick 10 inch BBC. I had the audience eagerly wondering whether I could take it all but I just went right over to that BBC and sat right on it and it slid all the way in. It felt so good to be filled like that even more loaded by the end. When I pulled off him. Cum came out of my ass and ran down my leg. By this point I reeked of cum and sweat and lube. Unfortunately I had to go back to the hotel and get my luggage to go to the airport, but I really wanted just one last load. I checked out the bathrooms one last time only to discover a bear cub who's dick already hard and hot. I didn't even waste time sucking it. I just slid my cum lubed hole right on his pole. He had a nice thick piece of meat and knew how to use it. I don't know if he had cum before during the weekend but he shot a huge load. When he withdrew cum just gushed out of me. I pulled up my shorts and want to my soggy hole back to the hotel with a big wet spot on my shorts. At the hotel I picked up my luggage and went to the airport, already looking forward to the next Southern Decadence!
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    Part 18 Stinger's cock was the first one back up. He moved between the legs of the cop's partner, spreading them wide. There was no resistance from legs, they opened wide and moved to Stinger’s shoulders. I watched as Stinger's cock lined up with the cop's partners hole and started to slide in. “Always love a pre-lubed hole,” Stinger said, “a sign of a true pig” “Second favorite cock” he said “Of course, it's the one that pozzed you and your hubby” Stinger said. I was a little worried about their status, figured they were just pigs that fucked bare, but didn't take it bare. Knowing they were carrying Stinger’s strain was a huge turn on. My cock was rock hard. I moved quickly between the cop's legs, lifting them up onto my shoulders, then lining up my cock with his hole. “Ram it in him hard,” Stinger said, “he likes it hard, rough and fast” I pushed hard and slammed my cock into his hole until I was balls deep. There was no scream from the cop, just a long, deep moan. I didn't wait I pulled my cock out completely and rammed it into his hole again. I reached for his nipples as my cock pulled out the third time, but before I slammed it back in, I grabbed his nipples between my thumb and forefinger’s nails and pinched hard. I slammed in hard again into his hole. “Of fuck, I need it just like this” the cop said. I continued to fuck his hole deep and hard as I tortured his nipples. Without warning he slammed his open hand into my chest. It stung bad, I could feel the area that met his hand heat up. I pulled out and rammed back into his hole, which followed by another chest slap from him. He hit almost in the exact same spot, this time just a bit harder. The cop turned to his partner and they started to kiss as we fucked their holes. Their kissing was more like biting each other's lips. The cop bit down on his partner’s lip and started to pull. I released his nipples and slammed my hand on his chest right between his nipples. A loud smack echoed through the trailer. The eyes of the cop got wide and he released his partner’s lip. A smile slowly appeared on his face. I pulled out and flipped him over, I struggled but I flipped him over. His white ass was now face up. I pulled my hand back and smacked his ass, hard. “Cup your hand a bit,” his partner said. I pulled back and cupped my hand a little and smacked his bare ass again. I continued to slap his cheek harder and harder. My hand stung a bit after a while and his cheek was now red. I heard moans from him as I slapped his hole. I lined up my cock and slammed into his hole, hard. I pulled out and slapped his ass again. “Squeeze my cock with that hole” I ordered the cop. I felt his ass tighten around my cock as I slammed it back in. Next to us, stinger was pounding the cop’s partner’s ass, but both were watching me. “Keep that ass tight you fucking pussy” I said The cop kept squeezing his ass muscles and I would smack his ass cheeks as I pulled out of his hole. I was now switching cheeks. My cock rammed in and out of his hole. His cheeks were now a bright red and very warm. I dropped down, putting my body weight on him. My hips were pumping my cock in and out of his hole. My head was next to his on the left said. He had his face in the pillow, I grabbed his hair and pulled it up, holding on tight. “Beg me you fucking pig for my cock and cum” I ordered him. “Please, oh please give me your poz load” he said “You can do better than that” “Please I need you cum, give it to me please, rape my hole, please oh God please” Stinger was pounding the partner's ass hard, bodies smacking together. We were almost in the same rhythm. “Did I tell you to fucking stop” “Smack him up side the head” his partner said, but I couldn't do it. “Make him your bitch” Stinger said. I pulled harder on his head and grabbed his chin tightly with my other hand and squeezed. “You’re not worthy of my cum up your hole” I said “I am please, Sir. I need, desire your tainted seed. Please add your mutilated strain to mine” he begged. “Maybe I should shove my fist up that cop ass” “Oh God, please wreck my hole. Make me a freak like you” My balls were pulling up tightly to my body. My cock was hardening. I knew I was getting close to shooting my seed up his ass. “You want that load, don't you” “Yes I do” “Tell me” “I want your toxic seed in my ass, please” he begged, “pleeeeaaassse” I slammed my cock deep into him and emptied my balls into his hole. I kept pushing my cock into his hole, even though it couldn't go any deeper. I pulled out and moved off the bed to the floor. I stood there looking at Stinger fucking the partner's ass. I grabbed the cop by his hair and pulled him off the bed and unto his knees in front of me. “Open your fucking mouth, gonna fill you up” The cop opened his mouth and I placed my semi-hard cock on his tongue. He gently closed his lips around it. Instantly, I started to piss. I filled his mouth up. “Swallow fucker” I ordered him “He's never drank piss before” his partner said, grunting as Stinger fucked him. “First time for everything,” I said, “Fucking swallow” He slowly swallowed and I filled his mouth again. This time he swallowed without having to be told to. I continued to piss down his throat. His cock was rock hard and leaking. As he swallowed the last mouthful of my piss, his cock shot all over my legs. Still holding his cock in my mouth he looked up and smiled. Stinger pumped his cock in and out of the cop's partner's ass faster and faster until he rammed in and shot his load. Once he had emptied his nuts he pulled out. “Who’s ever bed this is, sorry I left a big mess on it” the partner said. “It's his” Stinger said. “If I sleep in it tonight” I said. The cop stood up and kissed me. “Fuck you are one hot fuck you Freak” he said to me.
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    Safe Sex Only Advertisement (Part 2) ** Please remember to ‘like’ the story if you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment or to contact me via mail. Thx. ** We accompanied Brian almost like bodyguards. Oliver held Brian by his nape, massaging the twink like an old buddy would, but in the end he was just giving him direction to our destination. Mark was feeling the boy’s ass up and looked at us, mimicking the word ‘slut’ But at the last corner, Brian took a sudden halt. “What’s wrong? Why are we stopping?” Morton asked. “I…. I don’t know…. maybe I should think about it” With an absent minded glance Brian looked around and didn’t fail to perceive the prominent bulges at the front of our jeans. “I am a bit scared….” “Hey, hey… I understand that. I mean if we do great things, we often have doubts… but come on, it must be your fate…. You are such a good guy, sharing your whole concept to better the world and the gay community….” I tried to distract Brian’s concerns. “Imagine… your face on the screen in erotic cinemas all over Europe… with your reference to the risk of unsafe sex…. and the Millions of gay teens who will look up to you and say: ‘I don’t want to become such a slut as Brian’” I continued. “But you guys seem to be so much ‘bigger’ than my boyfriend’s…. cock…. and I never had anyone else in my ass.” “That’s awesome… and shows again how precious you are, to share your body with our cocks. You see we have the same goal. We just want to get into you too…for ‘our’ project and the good cause.” My mates had to concentrate not to laugh out loud. “Look – the hotel is right across the street. Are you still on your mission to rescue the world, or do you bail out now? Brian straightened himself up and without any help started walking towards the hotel entrance. We fist-bumped each other with an evil grin and followed Brian closely. This hotel was renting out rooms per hour, if you know what I mean. At the reception we encouraged Brian to ask for a room. It made the whole thing so perverted, him asking about a place where we could corrupt him. My friends and I would share the rent for the couple of hours of course. Brian would be a cheap slut, abused in a cheap room. Once we’ve reached our space, Brian sat down on a couch immediately. Obviously he was still a bit tensed and feared to be near the bed. “Now… that we are here, we could talk about the procedure. Our clients in Europe have some clear ideas about the commercial.” I reopened the charade. Brian nodded to my suggestion. The other guys were sitting on the bed or standing nearby, simply pressing their lumps. It was me, taking the role of the director and so I told Brian we should start taking a few pictures of the crew. This had to be arranged and so I told the guys to stand in the middle of the room, right in front of the bed. The bed linen looked stained. On the mattress was not a sheet at all. Just the plain mattress and it was quite disgusting. There were several dried stains of cum and piss and who knows what stuff. Brian had to kneel in front of the tall guys, which made him look even smaller than he was. “You keep serious faces guys – and look down to our little hero. Brian, start smiling into the cam. That’s nice…very nice.” Being in such a kneeling position, the brat was surrounded by several big junks. Now I started with some close-ups of Brian’s angelic face, and this way the bulges next to him seemed even more impressive. “Move closer together guys. Let Brian touch your baskets now.” I ordered. No doubt, my friend’s cocks started tingling. “Do we really need this?” Brian sighed. “Of course – we need to send some pictures in. I thought everyone would know the business?” I barked. “Oh, sorry…. I guess I forgot” he replied timidly. “Don’t worry about it. Now reach out for the guys junk and massage them a little bit. That’s nice…. yeah…. show some respect to the guys and turn your head to the left now. Stick your tongue out and lick the bulge next to you. Perfect!” After this ordeal, we felt Brian’s extreme tension. Although he smiled at us, it looked more like a cramp to his face. On my sign we moved closer to the boy and started doing business - talk. The boy tried to get up, but he was pushed back to his knees several times by different hands. Because of us, he was totally surrounded by legs and crotches. In the meanwhile I ordered him to open our jeans one by one. Our belts and the highest button of the pants should remain closed. All the other buttons downwards should be opened. And if he was finished with that, he was allowed to fish our dicks out of opening. This way he could make the first contact to our POZ cocks. He didn’t have to suck us, just to free our cocks. At least this announcement calmed him down a bit. After he managed the tasks successfully, he stopped immediately his actions and waited for further instructions. His hands rested on his thighs, but he couldn’t stop gazing at the big, fat dicks that swung above his head. They were already leaking and some of the drops were hitting him on his face or head. The guys agreed to do some more of the group photos, but this time thick and long cocks were sticking out proudly close to Brian’s face. You could see the terror in his eyes rising when we asked him to jerk two cocks off slowly, while French-kissing the glans of the others. He was free to decide which one he wanted to lick, but we made sure, that his tongue had to touch every dick at least once. We told him, it had to be fair to all of us. In order to prepare his speech, he got 10 minutes time and then the recording would start. Brian wasn’t experienced enough and too excited and so we helped him, writing down some lines for him. When this was accomplished he got told to get into position and work on the guys. There he was, beautiful Brian kneeling in this cheap room and licking a glans, while jerking two others off, then he turned his head to the mobile cam and said: “Hello! My name is Brian and I am 18 years old. *smiles to the cam* This is an awareness advertisement to battle against HIV and AIDS. *flickers his tongue against another penis, who is offered to his mouth* We want to show you today the kind of sex, which should be avoided if possible, because it is way too dangerous: Bareback Sex! *licks another dickhead* These friends of mine will help me to visualize the dangerous acts, which you should not practice in future. We are all negative. Please try to stay the same…. “ “CUT CUT CUT!” my voice boomed above Brian’s head. “I told you – if we want to reach the people, they need to think there is danger ahead. Get it in your head!” with that I grabbed some of his hair and shook his head, with every word I said. “But then the video tomorrow would make no sense, if the people think, you are all POZ and next day we shoot a video with condoms on…” Brian argued. “Listen… you are just at the receiving end. I got my orders from my bosses and know exactly what to do. Tomorrow we will solve the mystery to the audience and sending them the message – with condoms a fate like yours today, could have been avoided. Got it?” “Uhm… alright” the lad sniffed but his face expressed that he wasn’t really convinced. The problem was, now that he was here in this room with all these macho men, he wasn’t so brave and cocky anymore. “So… now from the beginning… and ACTION!” “Hello! My name is Brian and I am 18 years old. *doesn’t look so happy anymore* This is an awareness advertisement to battle against HIV and AIDS and other sexual transmitted diseases. *I roll my eyes* *a friend of mine shoves almost his whole cock into the lad to shut him up* *Brian is visibly stressed and chokes on the invading dick* We will show you some sexual acts, which should be avoided if possible. Bareback Sex! *looks up to my mates and me* These friends of mine will help me to visualize those dangerous acts. I am negative and they are POZ. Please – do not try this at home…. and now…. Enjoy.” I raised the cam and all of us (except me – since I was filming the scene) could be seen, with naked upper bodies. We were all quite in good shape. Every one of us had a biohazard tattoo, resplendent on the left chest. When we started corrupting twinks, we all agreed this should be our distinctive trademark. It was fun, if a guy like Brian didn’t even know the meaning of the tattoo and probably admired the work of art. But it was even more fun if you are already fucking a boy and he recognizes the tattoo and gets frantic. It drives you over the edge, when the boy realizes he will get seeded by a POZ cock. We stopped the recording and applauded Brian. That was nicely done now. “Scorpion?” the twink asked shyly. “You wanted to tell me, how much I could earn here, doing this clip” Was it possible, that young Brian here was in some sort of financial distress? “Well our contract has three possible paragraphs about payment. The first one is – you will get paid for the actual clip. This ranges from 200 to 500 Dollars. Our bosses like to apply that paragraph because we work for several days mostly; everything else could be too expensive to the company. Then there is the second possibility to be paid for activity. The more you are willing to do, the more money you get. But this could take quite long, because the actor has the right to stop the production if he is feeling uneasy. Everything has to be repeated then – over and over again. You could earn between 500 and 800 Dollars at best per commercial. And the last option is almost never used, because our bosses would lose way too much money. So theoretically it could be chosen, but it is most unlikely.” “And what is that?” Brian asked. “Well – you get paid for received cum-shots. This means, if a guy shoots his cum up your ass, or down your throat or it simply splashes it on your skin, you get paid 900 Dollars per cumshot. The bad thing is – no interruption is allowed. No code word. No nothing.” “You are five guys. Will you all cum in me?” “Well – uhm, I guess so. In every scene several guys will replay the scene. This way we will get the best results, when editing the clip. So it is highly possible, that all five of us will fuck you sooner or later. “I mean… are you all going to get into my body at once?” he shivered. We laughed loudly. “You don’t have enough holes. But to be honest – we wouldn’t do that. We are working here on a serious project. This is not a cheap gangbang porn. It wouldn’t make sense to annihilate you. I guess three guys will work on your body. Four at most! Don’t forget – one or two guys will record the whole stuff all the time. It will be a blast, I can feel it!” “Think about it – sometimes it might really hurt you, because we have big cocks, but if you chose the second version, we would stop fucking you if you say the word. Our dicks would most likely stay in your hole until you say we could continue. I think this might be really cruel also and will hurt you even more. If you chose the third possibility, you will definitely feel the pain. But I promise you, if the pain is unbearable for you, just express yourself and we will fuck you even harder. This way, we will cum sooner and all the pain will stop eventually. It is your choice” with that I finished my specification. Brian was torn inside. It took him a couple of minutes to make his decision. “I would like to choose the third possibility…” he whispered back. In that very second he looked only at our cocks, hoping it wouldn’t hurt so much, but he should have looked into our cold eyes. We would show no mercy to him. We wanted to make it hurt as much as possible and to rip his ass open, while fucking our toxic cum into him. “This is a verbal contract then. If you break this contract our company is able to sue you for 500.000 Dollars.” I explained to him finally. There was an audible gulping. “That won’t happen. Just don’t be too hard on me. Remember your promise – it should be only an intimation of sex anyway. If all of you guys fuck me at least one time, I will get… erm… over three thousand Dollars I think.” We all grinned evilly. “That’s the right attitude. And if whores can open up their holes for 20 johns or more… hey, I bet you can beat that!” I grinned and ordered him to suck my throbbing dick for a minute. In the end the boy was nothing more than a filthy, fucking, stupid bitch. And before the night would end, he would be a filthy, fucking, stupid, POZZED bitch!
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    Everyone had seen this same little muscle boy at the baths dozens of times. Young, beautiful body, perfect bubble butt. Oh, and he knew it too. You know the type: Teasing all the older men in the place. Promising to put out and then scampering away. There is an unspoken brotherhood that developed among some of us. We were all sick of this little shit. Somewhere in the back of our collective unconscious, we knew there would come a reckoning... And then came that fateful night. Pretty boy was there, playing his usual game the whole night. But this night would go very differently for him. He had wandered into the darkroom. As he went from one man to the next...playing his little game...the guy next to me who pretty boy had been teasing grabbed the boys wrist. He tried to get away. But another pair of hands took hold of him..to my surprise, they were my hands holding him in place. He started to yell - and from the fray, a third put of towel over his mouth. In an instant, it was on. Everyone knew what was going to happen. Under cover of darkness, pretty boy wa taken to the open fuckbench at the back of the room. All the while, he fought us. Somehow, his doing so made my cock all the harder. There were five of us holding him down on the fuckbench. One man on each extremity, one straddling his back and holding the towel over his mouth to muffle the sound. And another lubing up his cock. For the first time ever I was thankful for the too loud club music blasting over the speakers, drowning out his muffled cries. The man sitting on the boys back said, "You played your game once too often, pretty boy. If you're gonna tease - you're gonna please!" As he said this, the one standing spit on the boys hole. And with that, the first of us plunged his raw meat into the boy. The die had been caste. We could not turn back. We moved with quickly, efficiently, and a collective purpose. Each of us would take turns hate-tucking that boy, trading off holding his arms and legs down for a turn at his open cunt. Other men would enter and leave the darkroom. Each assuming it was a scene that had been arranged. Some watched and jacked off. It was theater in the round. That made it all the hotter. I was 5th in line. By that time, he wasn't putting up much of a fight anymore. His cumsloppy hole was beyond loose. Gaping is what it was. Yeah, I fucked his distended pussy. I added my dirty seed to the four that had cum before me. Three of which I knew for a fact were also POZ. Number six had been the vocal one sitting on the boys back - talking smack the whole time. He slipped his cock into the boys mawing cunt. "Shit! Like throwing a hotdog down a hallway. Worthless! Boy, your hole isnt wrecked....", Six said as he jacked himself, "...it's fuckin CONDEMNED..." and with that he plunged his cock back in to unload inside, "...in more ways than one!!", he growled. I almost felt sorry the the little shit...almost. And when Six was done, we all stood around pretty boys limp body and observed this wreckage beneath us as it slipped down to the floor and in and out of consciousness. With that, it was done. We all filed out of the room and went different directions. Pretty boy would never be seen there again. And no, nothing came of it. No police response. No ambulance. We played it cool, leaving over the course of the next couple of hours. We assume pretty boy peeled himself off the floor, cleaned up and left. Over the weeks that followed, the six of us would see each other from time to time. Maybe we would give a barely perceptible nod or a tiny, knowing smile. I guess it's true; you never know what darkness you are capable of until the beast within is provoked.
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    It's been a hectic week with getting ready for and then recovering from Hurricane Irma. My favorite FB & I haven't had a chance to meet up for quite awhile. Saturday AM is his available time to play. He says he loves my hole.. and how I moan and thrash about while he's fucking me. We started in my living room, where he bends me forward and eats my hole for just a few mins before sliding the head of his beautiful cock in. I drag his ass into the bedroom and he's so fucking horny he dumps his massive load after 15 mins. No worries, I suck him, he eats me and he's ready in no time. We fuck in all sorts of positions til he's deep dicking me doggy and I shoot a MASSIVE load all over the bed & floor. Yes that's him !!
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    1. Nathan I had volunteered to drive my nephew Greg cross-country to college. I thought the trip from Virginia to California would be a fun trip for the two of us. I lived near his university, so at the end of the drive, I'd be close to home. And, if we drove faster than we planned, he could stay with my partner Jason and myself until his move-in date for the dorms. But, I hadn't seen Greg in a year or so, and I hadn't realized what a hot young man he had grown into. We were only two days into our cross-country drive, and I was already on edge. The first day, I had been exhausted from the long flight the day before and the early start of driving. I hadn't even tried to get off. Then, starting this morning, I thought Greg had been teasing me every chance he had. He kept me right on edge. The morning had begun by him bouncing around the small hotel room in just his underwear, showing off his perfect bubble butt, and what looked like a massive cock. He insisted we get on the road without showering, saying there would be plenty of time in the evening. Throughout the day's drive, there were lingering touches, definitely longer than they needed to be. Without a shower, I could almost smell the hormones mixed in with the sweat coming off his body. When we checked into a motel, having made it to Texas, all I could think of was escaping into the shower, and getting off. If I didn't get some relief, I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to control myself around Greg. I was thankful that he let me take the first shower. I grabbed some clean clothes and went into the bathroom, hoping my incipient erection wasn't too obvious. But, just as I had gotten the water adjusted and climbed in, even before I had started to deal with insistent throb between my legs, Greg opened the door, and walked in. "Fuck, I have to piss," he said. I heard a long stream of water, then the flush of the toilet. Even twenty years after my own college days, I still instinctively jumped back from the shower head, avoiding the scalding water. "Oh, sorry," Greg said, noticing me at the far end of the tub. He had already stipped down to his underwear and his fat cock hung down, still exposed. He stared at me a moment, through the shower curtain. "I don't remember that tattoo, Uncle," he said. I was immediately self-conscious. My partner Jason had suggested the tattoo. It was a belt of ammo around my thigh, still only partially completed. Each bullet had a name written on it, with a biohazard symbol next to the name. I wasn't at all ready to explain the symbolism to him; it was a dark and complex fetish that many people didn't understand. Greg didn't notice or didn't care about my discomfort, but quickly stepped out of his underwear and into the shower with me. He kneeled down in front of me, examining the tattoo. He ran his finger over the bullets, stopping at the second one, labelled "Jason Spencer." "Isn't that your Jason?" he asked, referring to my partner. "Yeah, it is," I said. As I answered, his hand stroked the inside of my thigh, right where the belt began. The name there was Alan Chase, the bullet was upside down. He let his arm drift up, the back of his hand touching my low-hanging balls. "That's a fucking hot tattoo," he said. "You want to see my tattoo?" he asked, seemingly unconcerned about the symbolism of my partner's name on a bullet. Nor did he appear to notice that my cock was getting hard as he touched my body. "Sure," I answered, not sure what else to say. I was trying to think about something else, anything else other than his hand rubbing against my balls. He stood up, then turned around and bent over, presenting me with his perfect ass. I could see the tattoo on his right ass cheek, two small interlocking male symbols. I knelt down, the water from the shower hitting my back. I ran my fingers over the ink, and felt the raised texture. The tattoo was clearly fresh, probably less than a month old. "You like it?" he asked. I noticed there was fear in his voice. He was taking a risk, unsure of what he was doing, and unsure how I would react. "It's nice," I said. Without thinking, I added, "Does your dad know?" I realized it was an ambiguous question: was I referring to the tattoo or the content of the tattoo. I wasn't sure if I even knew which I was asking. "No, he doesn't. I used a fake ID to get it done," Greg said. "And he definitely doesn't know what it's of," he continued. That close to his beautiful young ass, I had to restrain myself. The butt was crying out for me to pull apart his cheeks, gently lick his hole, and rub my goatee against his sensitive parts. But, there was a constant drumbeat: this was my brother's son. My Godson. No matter my desires, I needed at least to try to control myself. My cock didn't about my feeble attempts at restraint. It had decided much earlier that it needed hole, and Greg's hole in particular. It was responding to how close I was to what it demanded. I stood up, and turned to the stream of water, my back facing Greg. I needed to hide my erection from him. Greg stood up as well, wondering what was happening. "Something wrong, Uncle?" he asked. I turned to face him. As I turned, our cocks slapped against each other. Even without looking, I knew he was just as erect as was I. Greg felt it as well. He reached down and grabbed my shaft. "Or is something right?" "You're my nephew," I said. Like I was trapped in a bad porn film, I continued, "What would your dad say?" I laughed as soon as I said it. "God, that sounded like a bad porn film." "You're not in a bad porn film," Greg said. He kneeled down in front of me again. He ran his fingers over my tattoo again, tracing out the first bullet, the one that I knew belonged to Alan. "Your movies are fucking amazing. And my dad doesn't need to know anything: your movies, your tattoos, my tattoo, or our boners. At least not yet." He emphasized "our," reminding me that we were in this together. Fuck. He had seen the movies I had done. The symbolism of the tattoos wasn't a mystery for him. He knew exactly what turned me on, and he knew the buttons to push. I wondered if he hadn't planned the last two days all along. His hands were on my balls, and before I could do anything, his mouth was on my cock. "No," I protested, and tried to push him away. But his tongue was going over my cockhead, and my brain stopped working. By the time my hands reached his head, rather than pushing him away, I wrapped my hands around his head. I held him on my cock and started to push my hard shaft to the back of his mouth and down his throat. He needed no encouragement from me, swallowing my cock all the way. One of his hands dropped down, slowly stroking his cock, but I didn't care. I was lost in my own pleasure, trying hard not to shoot right then and there. I knew there were better, more dangerous places to shoot. I was sure that Greg knew what I wanted, but his desires were still unclear. I wasn't sure if he really knew what he was getting himself into. He knew full well what I was capable of doing to him, and hadn't hesitated at starting it off. But he was a horny teenager, looking for excitement and danger, unable to understand what it meant for the rest of his life. Finally, I pulled my cock out of his mouth. I immediately missed the warm, wet attention on my cock and forced myself not to shove it back in. I pulled Greg off his knees, and stared into his brown eyes. I said nothing, but just kissed him, exploring his mouth with my tongue. I didn't let him get his tongue into me: I had to let him know who was in control here. Our hard cocks were rubbing up against each other, making sure we were aroused. After a few minutes of lip-lock, I broke off. "Let's get out of the shower," I said. "I think we need to talk more. Maybe do more. Bed?" "I like that, Uncle Nate," he replied. "I think you need another bullet on your tat." I tried not to think about the implications of what he had just said. I turned off the shower, and we quickly dried off. He headed out of the bathroom, and I let my cock eagerly follow his ass. I grabbed some lube and poppers out of my bag, and put them on the bed table. Greg watched me; I wondered if he noticed that I didn't include any condoms in the supplies. I got on the bed. Greg jumped on top of me and let my cock slide between his legs. He leaned over and kissed me. This time I let his tongue slip into my mouth. At the same time, I was rubbing my cock against his ass, just a small reminder of who was in control here. He seemed nervous about this, sometimes easing into my strokes, and other times pulling back. "You sure about this, Greg?" I asked. "Yeah, I am." He paused. "As sure as I've been about anything, Uncle." "How much experience have you had? This isn't your first time, is it?" There was a hesitancy and nervousness that I couldn't quite figure out. I thought it was fear about what he was getting himself into, but, just as easily, it could have been simple inexperience. "First time as a bottom. And certainly the first time getting bred." He kissed me again. "I've always been a top before." "From what you've said, I guess you've seen some of my movies," I asked. "Only one. Infectious Fun," he said. "You've done more?" "Yeah, a few." "I didn't even know it was you when I downloaded it. I had only just met Jason when I downloaded it. But, fuck, I've shot so many loads, wishing I was Ben, getting fucked by you and Jason. Getting bred by the two of you" I remembered Infectious Fun. It was the first movie that Jason and I had done together, and my first movie ever. Together, with a few other tops, we had bred Ben over the course of a long, drug-fueled weekend. Ben, had gotten the flu less than four days later. He hadn't even made it to his twenty-first birthday. "You're sure of this?" I asked, one more time. "Yeah, I am." Greg rolled off of me, and grabbed my leg. He ran his fingers over the bullets. "Alan starts. Then Jason," he said, fingering the first and second bullet. "Ben's here," he said as he ran his finger over the third one, "Ben Moore," he repeated. "And so many more," he said as he ran over the numerous other names. "I want my name on here as well. Right here," he said, running his finger against the last bullet. He paused, staring directly at me. "But, are you willing to go forward with this, Uncle?" he asked. "I know what I want. But it has to be from you. From Jason." I didn't know. My brain was telling me to go slowly, go safely. This was my nephew; the son of my own brother. I sat up on the bed, shifting my position between Greg's legs. I had a responsibility to teach him, to mold him into a fine young man, to help him grow into an adult. But my cock had no doubts about what it needed to do. As I guided my dick between Greg's legs, and let it press up against his butt, I knew what it wanted. It wanted into Greg. It wanted in him raw, deep, and unprotected. It wanted to fuck Greg hard, shoot a thick, toxic load deep, and tag the boy permanently. Greg could tell I was struggling with the decision. "I want this. Badly," he said. His cock was hard as a rock, a drop of pre-cum already forming at the tip. "I think you do too," he said, grabbing my cock. "And I know your cock wants it," he said, stroking my shaft. Before I could say anything, he pulled me down and gave me a kiss. He was a surprisingly good kisser, tender and aggressive at the same time. "I need you to be the first one, Uncle Nate." Like an addict begging for another hit, the need in voice was obvious. Seeing him on his back, his legs wide open, inviting me in, I couldn't resist any longer. "I can't say no," I said as I moved in between his legs, putting them on my shoulders. "Forgive me," I said. I wasn't sure if I was asking for forgiveness from Greg or myself. "Forgiveness for what? For giving me I have been wanting from you for months, maybe years?" Greg asked. "Do what you know you want to do." I grabbed the lube, and poured some on my fingers. Slowly, I pressed them between Greg's firm ass cheeks, finding his virgin hole, and pushing into his innocent, young body. His hole was hot and tight, just as I knew it would be. He gasped as my finger entered him, but at the same time, he still was smiling widely. We stayed silent as I worked my index finger deeper into him, only his occasional moan breaking the silence. Greg must be have been able to hear my heart pounding, both excited and scared. But inside of him, I felt the same drumming: he was also aroused and terrified. Before, I had never really known who I was breeding. They were strangers who passed through my life. Some of them, like Jason, took up bigger roles after I had done my work. But Greg was different. I was about to infect my own flesh and blood. I had met him hours after he was born and there had been summers together, first with Alan, then with Jason. He was the closest thing I had to my own child, and I was his godfather. I was about to fuck him raw and shoot my poz cum into him. I was going to mark him and change him forever. In some ways, it was the logical next step in our deepening relationship. Before I changed my mind and ran away, I poured more lube on my hand, and worked a second finger into his hole. For a virgin, he was taking my fingers easily, opening up and letting me get in deep. "Ready, boy?" I asked. "Ready for the real thing?" "Please, Uncle," he said, softly. His cock was still hard, and there was a small pool of pre-cum on his flat stomach. I knew even if I had doubts about what I was going to do, Greg had none at all. I handed him the bottle of poppers, and as he did a hit, I dribbled a bit of lube on my shaft. He put down the brown bottle. I lined my cock up. Greg nodded at me, and I pushed my cockhead into him, feeling the warmth of his body envelop it. He grimaced slightly at my cock invading his body. Before I pushed in any further, I let him get used to me inside of him. "Doing ok, boy?" I asked. I slipped a bit more of my fat shaft into his tight hole. Somehow, calling him boy came completely naturally to me. Nothing was going to stop me from marking him as my own, and soon I'd be a part of his genes just as much as his "real" dad. Even more, he had picked me specifically for this honor, a conscious choice, not the choices of the fates that got him his father. "Yeah, Uncle Nate. I'm fine." he said. Even if it was uncomfortable for him, he was smiling. "Your cock is inside me. This is what I've been dreaming about for months now. And now it's real." I went slowly, letting him get used to my cock. I wasn't small, and if this was really his first time, he was probably in more discomfort than he was letting on. "More?" I asked. I wanted him to be in control of this fuck, at least for now. Later, there would be plenty of time for a more aggressive fuck. Next time, I'd work to give Greg what he seemed to want, but for now, I could overrule my cock, and go at Greg's pace. "Please, Uncle Nate," he said. I held his legs, and leaned in to kiss him. He stuck his tongue into my mouth, exploring it. I shifted my weight slightly, pushing my cock deeper into his hole. He sighed for a moment, a hint of discomfort. "I'm good," he immediately said, noticing the concern on my face. "You're big," he said, smiling. "It feels amazing. But fuck, it's big." "This really your first time bottoming?" I asked. "Well, once before. A guy tried, but he wasn't as big as you. And he insisted on wearing a condom, even though he was neg." "And?" "It hurt. And I wasn't too into it." "This?" "What I always dreamed getting fucked would feel like." He was smiling, and I went in a little deeper. I was almost balls-deep in Greg, and he had taken it like a porn star stunt bottom. "Almost there, boy," I said. "Just a bit further." "Do it, Uncle," he said, "Put it all the way in me." I did, and there were still smiles from Greg. "All the way in," I said. "Ready for the pounding to begin, boy?" "Fuck yeah, Nate, give it to me." I leaned in again, letting our lips lock as I started to pump in and out of his tender ass. He reached down and put his finger next to his hole, feeling how he was stretched around my cock. "Raw," he said. I just nodded, enjoying the intimacy of the fuck. He moved his hand down, and grabbed my balls. Between the warm shower, and the massive load of cum in that had built up in them, they were hanging low. With each stroke into his ass that I took, they swung back and forth. "Full," he said. He was too engrossed with the sensations of getting fucked to say anything more than monosyllables. "And potent," I said. "You doing good?" He nodded his head, and I thought he was going to say something. I slowed down my strokes, letting him gather his thoughts. He opened his mouth again, but then stopped. I watched him carefully, drinking in his beauty at this moment. I was also a bit worried. This was now real, not just a jerk-off fantasy. When I came, it would be forever. He closed his eyes, still smiling, still feeling my balls. A few moments later, there was a single tear in each eye. "I'm scared," he finally said. "I don't want to get sick" Even before he finished talking, I had stopped fucking him. "Should I pull out?" I asked. I wanted to breed him, but I knew I had to respect his limits and desires. He grabbed onto my ass, forcing me back into his body, deep and hard. "NO," he said forcefully. "No matter what, don't stop. Don't pull out. I need you to cum in me." "But you're scared?" I asked. His eyes were red now, a steady stream of tears flowing. He nodded. again, then closed his eyes. His ass clenced around my cock, holding me in place, in place deep inside of him. "Yes, I'm scared," paused, and then continued, "But I'm also scared to go to college. I'm scared to leave home. I know I need to make this step. It's the fear that makes it exciting." He opened his eyes again. I could see the fear in them, but also the desire. There was nothing I could say. He knew what was happening, and what he was choosing. I just leaned in and licked off his tears, then kissed him. I wrapped my arms around him, holding him close. He seemed particularly vulnerable and delicate in that moment, and I wanted to let him know it was going to be alright. Moreover, my dark desires wanted to exploit that moment, because I knew he was an easy and willing target. "I'm going to cum soon," I said. "And I'm going to shoot my load in you. Ready?" My cock was throbbing, and my balls were swollen with cum. I had been on edge for so long, I couldn't hold back much longer. "Fuck yeah, I am, Uncle Nate. I want this so badly." He smiled at me. "Shoot it in me deep, and don't pull out." He pulled himself up against me, his ass pressing against my balls, my cock deep inside of him. "Infect me, Uncle. Please?" The words sent me over the edge and I couldn't hold back any longer. I pushed in deep, and let my cock take over. "I love you, nephew," I whispered into his ear. I grunted, and I felt the pulse of cum travel the length of my cock, spraying Greg's guts. "Take my sperm. Take my virus." My spurt was strong enough that even Greg felt it. "Damn," he said, his eyes widening. "More. Please," he said. I obliged, and several more volleys followed in quick succession. I could feel a pool of sperm accumulating inside of Greg. I knew it was going to slowly soak in to him and hopefully take over his body. "My pleasure, Greg," I said, another two spurts shaking my body and landing in his hole. Another slow spurt of sperm into him, and I knew that I was done. At least for this round. But I was still hard, and I didn't try to pull out. I wanted Greg to decide when he was ready. And I wanted to work my load into his hole. I just held him closely, kissing him. "Sorry I didn't last longer, boy," I said. "Your ass was just too perfect." He didn't reply directly. He just pulled me closer and kissed me for a bit. "Your balls drained now, Uncle?" he asked. "Hardly, Greg." We shifted slightly, my cock still connecting us. "And me?" he asked. "Is that it?" "For?" "Getting sick? Being infected?" "No. I'm on meds. It's going to take a lot more loads before one takes and you get converted. And even if this one fuck had worked, that's not a good reason to stop fucking you," I said, smiling. "Good," Greg said. "I enjoyed that. Next time though, I get to cum as well though." "Maybe. Or I keep you on edge for days, just like I've been for the past few days. But now, I think we need some food."
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    Moderator's Note: If you have trouble reading this with the white background, I posted a copy without it in the comments. Please leave your votes for Toon on this post. We probably all know that one of the rules when you become an adult is that you're going to have to do a bunch of stuff you don't want to do. And if you care about people, you'll be giving rides to the airport, dog-sitting and helping move furniture. Somewhere around the age of 26 is when I decided that favors for people were taking up all my free time.I stopped saying "yes" so much. I couldn't help but feel sorry for my fiend Troy. He was a good guy with a lot of health issues. He had the worst insurance in the world, and so his doctors were always far out of the way. I once drove him to a little clinic way over in a crummy suburb I'd never been to before. I got so lost. We found the little clinic in an almost empty strip mall. "Are you sure this the right place?" Yeah. It looks just shitty enough to be where I'd be sent,' Troy said with a sigh. "This will maybe take a long time...did you bring your sketchbook or something?" "It's under the seat - like always." "OK. Good. They have to do some x-rays on my lower spine. It will take forever." "Well, draw a graphic novel then. I owe you dinner tonight." He left me alone and walked in the front door. It was a mid-September day with cloudy, rainy weather. I was just going to just stay in the car and draw there, but this defunct neighborhood was just the kind of place I liked to explore. There's something about urban decay that I find comforting. Like I mentioned, the strip mall was mostly empty and trashy. There was a closed mattress store, a closed bridal shop, a closed dentist office, and a few empty places with no sign to indicate what they'd once been. The nail salon was still open and so was the Scientology place on the corner. I'd only heard bad things about the "religion", but I was curious to look in the glass and see what they did in there. I only saw a brightly-lit office and one woman hunched over a desk full of forms.She noticed me standing there and made a 'come on in' gesture with her index finger. Fuck that! I moved away fast. Next to this mess of a mall was an old abandoned brick building. It may have been a school or an orphanage. Time and no care had let huge weeds and long climbing ivy obscured most of this place. I always want to go inside and explore places like this, but was afraid of falling through a rotted floor or getting bit by a snake. So I usually just appreciated the decay from a safe distance. Behind the forgotten building was a little empty lot that may have been a park or a courtyard at one time long ago. Now it was overgrown and littered with fast food trash, beer cans and assorted unnameable junk. There was a concrete slab that would be a nice place to sit. So I did. I used a felt-tip black pen as a bookmark in my sketchbook, but hadn't put the cap on tight enough. Shit! No it would be dry and not make the good clean lines I liked. There probably wasn't an office supply store anywhere near here either. Across from the weedy area was a run-down apartment complex -- like one of the smelly little places I lived in during college. It might even be Section 8. My heart went out to the people who had to live in places like this. Life had let them down. It was two stories tall with a long balcony that went the entire length of the second floor. I saw one 30-something guy walking up the stairs carrying a plastic bag of groceries. He lived in the middle of the second floor. I think he saw me sitting in this odd place where nobody came to hang out. He was likely curious, but just went inside and closed his door. Alone once more, I opened the sketchbook and wanted to continue work on a graphic novel about a boy with a pet demon. But my damn pen was mostly wasted and sputtering out. Damn! I'd just do some doodles for as long as I could. It was interesting to draw with a pen that a mind of its own. I followed the streaky, gray lines where they wanted to go. It engrossed me for a while...but then I looked up and saw the guy again. He was leaning over his balcony wearing nothing but a pair of those gray cotton shorts, and staring at me directly. I nodded 'hello' and he did the same. The stare-down continued. He rubbed his left nipple very casually. He was pretty hairy and reminded me of somebody. Who? A porn star maybe? He then rubbed his crotch in a non-casual way. Wow. Was he trying to pick me up? This stranger? I was intrigued, but I had a friend next door getting x-rays and I had no time for any weirdness. It would make for a nice fantasy later, but not today. I resumed drawing with my crappy pen. And then I felt a drop of rain. Shit. This was an unlucky day. It fell a little faster and I needed to find cover. I crossed over to the apartment building and stood underneath the balcony. There was a random plastic chair out front and I sat there. I'd forgotten about the crotch-grabber. The goddamn rain picked up force. I sat and tried to sketch. The pen was fickle and wouldn't let me draw the way I wanted. It wasn't so bad, really. Maybe I could patent an unpredictable pen that made its own lines and you just had to go with it. It made you slow down and be mindful of an image that wanted to exist. I pondered this for a second and noticed a used condom on the concrete near my feet. It looked pretty full of spunk. I had a friend who used to pick up discarded rubbers and use the contents to beat off. I was not that hard-core. I wondered if...Uh oh. I had company. The balcony dude was standing right next to me. "Never seen you around here before." He was wearing nothing but the shorts...and most likely no underwear. I could see the full outline of his large, cut dick. He was very hairy. "I'm loitering. Sorry. My friend is over at the Grove clinic getting his back x-rayed." "Boyfriend? Lover" He had dark blonde hair that almost touched his shoulders, and a full beard. His feet were bare and a little dirty. "What? No. He is a good friend with a bad spine." "Yeah. My back is bad too. I could really use a massage. Want to give me one? I live right upstairs." That seemed kind of abrupt. He didn't even know me. It was almost like the awkward script of an old porn movie. Was he joking? I looked up into his eyes. They were brown with specks of yellow and green. "Nah. I'm only killing time until his appointment is done." The rain got heavier. "God, I'm glad this isn't snow. I love the feel of rain." He stepped out from under the balcony and let the rain soak him. "So nice!" I just watched. His flimsy shorts were nearly transparent at this point. What a bear of a man! Wow. I guess he noticed my stare. "You sure you can't spare a minute to give me a quick rub?" I felt that coiled snake of lust rearing up inside me. This was a hot guy...in a dirty kind of way. "Maybe just for a little bit." He wasted no time in pulling me up the concrete stairs and to his apartment. It was a small studio with a futon and a TV...and not much else. "Welcome to Casa Leo!" He stripped off his wet shorts and stood there naked before I even had a chance to sit down. His bulge hadn't lied. He was HUGE. Wow, Leo. You're not shy, are you?" "Not around friends I'm not. Want a beer? You don't seem like a beer drinker, but that's all I have." "Sure. I'll have a beer with you." "It's the cheap stuff, but it's cold. Turn on the TV if you want." Other people's remote controls confused me when they looked different than mine. I'd just let him do it. "What do you want to watch? Do you have cable here?" ""Yeah, dude," he said as he brought me a can of 'Milwaulee's Best'. "I live in the same century you do." "I'm just so used to my remote, and wouldn't want to screw anything up your system." "Forget cable. I have this video a buddy lent me. You'll like it." "I don't think I can stay long enough to watch a whole movie, Leo." "I'll just find my favorite scene to show you." He clicked a few buttons and then there was a full-out porn movie showing. Guys. Gay porn. He immediately started rewinding it and I saw sped-up, backwards dicks and asses and cum. He found the scene he wanted to show me. It was two butch guys locked in a passionate kiss. The smaller guy started sucking the larger guy. It all looked familiar. I'd seen stuff like this before. The generic blow-job was followed by the big guy fucking the other one....but with NO CONDOM! Shit! Was this real? I hadn't seen a condom-less video since the first one I ever watched -- years ago. Leo expertly handled the remote and rewound the tape to the scene he liked. It was two bald guys The bigger guy had a goatee and was fucking the smaller guy, missionary style. I'd never had butt sex with a man, but I knew this was the position I'd want to be in if it ever happened. The "actors" were probably in their early 20's. Leo pressed pause. "Look at the tattoos on that top guy." I studied the stopped scene and saw the big guy had a scorpion on his left shoulder and a plus sign on his right shoulder. Oh. Cool." I knew what the plus sign meant. "Yeah. I want to get one of those, but quality tats are expensive. Where do you think I should get one? I kinda want a scorpion right here..." He stood up and pointed to his lower stomach. He was getting a hard-on. "Yeah, that would be good, but you'd have to trim some fur for anyone to see it." "Forget that. It grows too fast. I'd spend a fortune on razor blades." He returned to his seat, but spun in a way that the head of his dick brushed my cheek for a second. "Oops. Sorry." He hit 'play' and the gay fucking continued before our eyes. Leo turned up the volume. These guys were very verbal: "You want my dirty load, Boy?" "Yeah! Give it to me! Poz me up!" "It's coming...YEAH! Here it is!! FUCK!!!" Then the top's thrusting buttocks became still. The camera moved in on the bottom's hole. You could see white cum leaking out. Well. OK. "Did you like that?" I finished my beer and saw that his dick was fully hard, rising like a cobra from his lap. "Well, I see you did. Can I get another beer?" "Sure. Help yourself while I fold out the futon. You promised me a back rub.. remember?" I went to his tiny kitchen and fetched another beer from his fridge. I lingered a bit because I didn't want to just be standing there while he made his bed. I looked around the kitchen and I could tell me wasn't much of a cook, because the range looked brand new and untouched. "Where are you? Did you get lost?" I came back into the main room and saw that he had simply unfolded the futon...no sheets, pillows or anything.. It was just naked Leo laying there on a bare futon, stroking his dick. "That was quick." "Hey--you're pressed for time, remember?" He yanked himself randomly and told me to take my clothes off. I did, and rolled onto his stomach. "Start on my shoulders and move down the middle, Go as rough as you want, but then go easier when you get to my lower back. That's where I have the worst pain." I had a severe erection as I looked at his big body. His back was broad and strong, but not rippled with gym muscles. The back of a common working man. So nice. I tried to knead his flesh from the side of the futon, but that was awkward and damn near impossible. "No, dude...Climb on the bed and work from there." I did as told. I'd never given a massage before, but I went on instinct. Turns out I was a natural. My fingers knew just where the sore spots were and how to coax the painful knots out. Some of the most famous artists in history used to dissect cadavers to study muscular structure. Their ghosts guided me as I dug my fingers deeper. Leo groaned with pleasure. "Damn! You're good! You could do this for a living.Move down the middle of my back now." The bumps on his spine weren't visible, but I could see them in my head. I worked my slowly down each bone there. Leo continued to moan agreeably. "GOD! That feels so perfect. Remember to go easy on the lower part." Well, I had to. He had a large patch of hair right above his round ass. I didn't want to pull the hair so I just gently used my fingertips to push and touch like I was playing a very fragile piano. More groans. "What do you for a living, Leo?" "I deliver bread. I lift shit and then spend a bunch of time driving, and then lift some more." "I think you might need to see a professional." "I already am. You. This the best I've felt in weeks. Leave your number. I'll pay you in beer or ...other things." "I definitely will." "Good," he said as he rolled over onto his back with a long, hard boner. "Think you do that to my feet?" I got down from the bed and arranged myself at the end. The rain had cleaned his feet somewhat, but there was still some dirt. But no smell. I worked every inch of his bare soles with the skill I instinctively had used on his back. "GODDAMN! That feels so good! Nobody has ever touched my feet before! For sure leave your number...you've got magic hands, my friend." He was still masturbating. And looking at me like I was a steak. "Oh, the things I would with you if we had more time." "Like what?" "Well...you could massage this for starters," he said as he gripped his dick. "I want to do that, Leo." "Good. Use your hands or mouth or whatever you want to." He grinned. I wanted this.I wanted this man and that dick so much. My groin was painful at this point. I thought about trying to use my hands, but my mouth wanted that tool of his in my mouth. I just climbed back on the bed and immediately started blowing him. I'd never done this before, but my horny brain didn't need past experience. I took it so deep down my throat, past the gag reflex and beyond. 'Whoa, whoa whoa. I don't want to waste a load in your mouth. Hold back. Open your eyes and clear your head for a second.." I somehow knew where this day would end. "We're at a dangerous point right now, little artist kid. I have HIV. Anything we do from here has to be requested by you. Understand?" I drew up next to him and spoke in as clear a voice as I could manage: "My request is that you take over and listen to no more of my requests." "Wow. I didn't expect that. Or maybe I did. Are you absolutely sure?" "Yes." "Okay. That 'yes' just sealed the deal. Get ready......" He reached under the bed and produced a black tube of 'personal lubricant'. He squirted out a generous amount of the goo onto his hand and massaged it all over his giant red dick.And then he worked a few of the oily globs into my ass. I could feel myself melt into the dirty futon. I wanted this despite everything. This would be okay. This would be excellent. "Are you awake? Sorry, but it looked like you were drifting away." "No. That felt good. And beer makes me relaxed, I guess." "Good. Me too. You REALLY need to relax now." "Oh, I am." "No. I mean, Yes. Relax your mind and relax your insides too. My guess is that you've never done this before. It's going to probably rip you in half. I'll keep the lube near in case you need more." "OK, Leo. I live in the same century as you." "Whatever you say. I am close to cumming...and there's no going back once I do that." I said nothing. God I wanted to be fucked...even if it was a bad idea and I had no idea what it was all about. He got on top of me and put his full weight down. That felt nice. And then his mouth was on mine which was even nicer. My first kiss from a man. In the movies, you never see all the spit that results from prolonged kissing. I had his drool all over my chin, and he had mine soaking his beard. I kept melting...depper and deeper. I was riding a wave of pleasure sent from heaven when Leo's dick prodded my hole. "Relax" I told myself. This would be a good hurt. He got the head past my opening, and I was pretty sure I was going to die. OW! I wanted to get away out from under him and suggest we try again later. No. This was not going to happen now. But he kept pushing in. "No going back. You gave your consent." "No! Not now!" "Yeah...let me breed you...relax...yeah...." He continued talking in incomplete sentences as I kept trying to push him off. But was too big and too heavy, and kept thrusting. I think he hit the end of my ass or something because there was nowhere else for him to go inside of me. The pain was bad, but it wasn't at the front of my brain. This hot man's contaminated dick was all I thought about. He would impregnate me. Soon. "You like it now?" He could read me. "You like this now?" "Oh yeah...seed me. Give me your load." It excited him to hear that and he started pumping like a maniac. He paused for a few seconds and then resumed. "SHIT! I should have told you, but I already came. I'm just getting it worked in good and deep now. You like that?" More than anything! He climbed off of me and I felt weightless. He lied next to me and panted. His dick had blood on it. We'd probably ruined his sad futon. "I didn't know I'd bleed on your bed like this. I'm sorry." He sighed and said, "No worries, Babe. I was going to dump this in the alley soon anyway. You can help me pick out a new one later." "Later?" "Well, yeah. You're mine now. You're my new lover. Didn't you know? You're ruined for everyone else. Your magic wishes have all been spent." I could listen to him talk like that forever, but I needed to get dressed and go meet Troy at the clinic. Shit! How long had I been here? I tore a page out of my sketchbook and wrote my full name and numbers I could be reached at. I left it on top of his TV. "Bye, Leo. Call me later if you want. And....thank you." "I'll call you tonight after I have a good long sleep. I go to work at 3 AM. I'll see you tomorrow." Tomorrow? He kept his word and called me that night -- and every night. I went to his place and he came to mine. I later payed for his scorpion tattoo to celebrate my first positive HIV test and the fact that we lived with each other. We adored each other and enjoyed our flesh together. The End.
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    Peter and I sat there staring at one another in silence as we waited for the next man to come and dump his poz load into my hole. I reached between my legs and felt my hole. It was wet and leaking cum. I stuck my finger into my hole, scratching the inside of my hole. I winched in the little pain I was causing myself. “What are you doing” Peter asked. “Ensuring that the virus has an entrance point and infecting me” Peter smiled and stood. His cock was rock hard and dropping pre-cum. He moved to the window and pulled the curtains open to peek out. I continued to finger my hole, really working my fingernail into my flesh. Each time I pulled it out it was getting more and more coated with drops of blood mixed with the cum in hole. Peter jumped when there was a knock at the door. I just continued to abuse my hole. I'm sure I was a sight. Sitting in a chair with my legs up fingering my hole. I looked up to see a cop at the door. Fuck! “Been reports of forced sex acts coming inside this room” the cop said. “Not really forced, Officer,” Peter stuttered out, “just some roleplaying” “What's he doing over there,” “I'm fingering my hole, Officer,” I said pulling my finger out and sucking it clean. “Why is that” “Getting it ready for the next cock to shoot a poz load deep into my hole” “You’re a willing participant in getting infected” “Yes,” I said to him. “We are waiting for a guy to show up and fuck him” Peter said. “Unless you want to fuck me with your big gun, Officer” I added. The officer stood there looking. He cocked his head and said: “Are you trying to solicit an officer of the law?” “No, Sir nothing like that” Peter said. “Yes I am,” I said, “I want that cock of yours up my hole” “Shut up before we get in some real trouble” Peter said. I stood up and walked over to the officer. He stepped a little closer to door, so he was part way in and part out. Bravely and confidently, I reached out and grabbed his crotch. I could feel his hard cock in his pants. I looked over to Peter, his eyes were wide open. “Take it out and suck it” the officer ordered me. I dropped to my knees and unzipped his black uniform pants. I squeezed my hand inside and wrestled with his cock and balls, pulling them out through the zipper. His cock was about six inches and as thick as a beer can. His balls were big and already pulled up to his body. I stuck my tongue out and slowly licked the head of his cock. I could taste the sweat that had dried on his cock. I wrapped my lips around his head and slowly slid my lips down his shaft. I swallowed the whole cock and only stopped when I had my face pressed into his uniform pants. He put his big hand on the back of my head and pressed me into his crotch. His hips pumped into my face as he did. His balls were pressed tightly against my chin. He released and I coughed a little. I pulled my lips back slowly until they met the ridge of his cock head, then I slide back down on his cock. It must have been a sight to the people passing by, a cop in a door way getting a wet blow job from a cum dump. Peter was slowly stroking his cock watching me suck the cops cock. “Get up his ass, you dumb fuck” the cop said to Peter. Peter jumped, moved quickly behind me, dropping to his knees. He lined up his hard cock with my hole and pushed in. He slowly started to pump his cock in and out of my hole. His thrusts in were pushing me further on the cop’s cock. Peter was slowly fucking my hole, just thrusting into me hard. “Oh fuck, let me show you how to use that fuck hole” The cop pulled out of my mouth, pushing me into the room. Peter fell back and his cock popped out of my hole. We quickly moved into the room and closed the door. I got up and moved to the bed, laying down on my back, lifting my legs in the air. “Look at that sloppy fuck hole,” the cop said. He lined up his cock and rammed it in my hole. I could feel my hole stretching around his cock. He didn't wait, he started to pump in and out of my hole. I could feel cum leaking out. His big balls were being smashed between us. His belt was hitting my ball sac. My cock was hard laying on my stomach. Peter was standing beside the bed, his cock just hanging out hard. He had a look of surprise and wonder on his face. I don't think this fucking was real, I did seem like something out of a dream. The cop had grabbed my ankles, spreading my legs wide and thrusting his cock in my hole. I could see sweat bearing up on his forehead. His tongue licked his lips over and over. His cock was rock hard in my hole, signaling he wasn't going to last much longer. He slammed his cock deep in me and shot his load. His cock pulsed out a thick load of cum deep inside me. Once done he pulled out, then went into the bathroom. I could hear running water and knew he was cleaning up. When he came out his cock was back in his pants and zipped up. “Damn Officer, that was fucking hot” I said “That service ain't free,” he said sternly. “What” Peter said? “It's a C-note for the fuck and another twenty for the cleaning of my pants” “That's extortion” Peter said. “These are the other option” he said pulling out his cuffs. “Don't be an asshole, Peter. Pay the man” I said even though I'm sure I could get fucked in jail. Peter got his wallet and paid the officer, almost still unwilling to part with the money. “I will spread the word about that hole” he said turning and leaving. Not seconds after he left there was another knock on the door. The next fuck was arriving, late but at least he showed.
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    Safe Sex Only Advertisement (Part 1) ** Please remember to ‘like’ the story if you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment or to contact me via mail. Thx. ** My friends and I met on a friday night in one of those gay leather bars. We knew each other for quite a while and were comfortable with us being positive through and through. It was for us quite a sport to convert innocent guys, but times are rough with all the prep around. And all of a sudden Brian ‘happened’. Brian was a cute blonde angelic twink, who had the goal to prevent other guys from practicing unsafe sex. The night he came to our table, he greeted us friendly and asked if we would enjoy the evening. Probably all of us got an instant hard-on. There he appeared, like an angel on the borderline to hell and we were sitting in the shadows, lurking for his innocence. Of course we asked him for which organization he volunteered. ‘None’ was his answer. That made us curious and so we started our conversation which led Brian to take a seat at our table and tell us about his story. After introducing ourselves we moved on. “So…. Brian. It is interesting to meet you. I mean such a young guy working on such an important subject is not so usual” Brian beamed and was willing to tell us about his reasons. “I didn’t come out to my parents yet. I mean… with 18 I just didn’t find the right moment to open up.” We nodded understandingly getting probably wet spots on our jeans from our leaking dicks already. “Then I met another guy on a chat. That was a year ago, but he used me only and since we had bareback sex I was very scared about HIV and stuff” he continued. “Understandable and so grown-up” “I see it as my duty to the gay community to warn them about the risks of getting stuff you know?” he blabbered. “Of course it is” we agreed wholeheartedly. I could see all my chaps were already in the hunting mode. It was our time to make the next move now and so I opened with a made-up story about an advertising company who was looking for male models, to star in an HIV commercial. He listened to my lies – in which we had found a twink-model, but that the guy turned out to be positive and since we would record dangerous scenes it was not justified to endanger our other active participants. We had to fire this guy and so the big deal was off and we would probably lose our jobs by the end of next week. “Why? I mean it is not your fault that your star was sick.” “But our bosses won’t care if we are guilty or not. They want to see results. It is a tough business…” we expressed with sad eyes. “Hey…. aaaaw… forget it” a pal of mine (Mark) interfered. “What is it?” the little angel wanted to know. “You would be ideal for the role of the innocent twink. You look young and would fit into age gap we want to reach with the advertisement” he explained. It was only one way he could react and that was with a polite rejection. “That’s too bad – see you could safe some of your twink friends with this add, instead of coming to bars or clubs. I bet people try to hit on you. You know what I mean? Your issue is so honorable and still there are so many guys out here who try to get into your pants. With this add it would be different you know? Yeah – they would see your cute face of course, but they would see the message behind it” Then he revealed his true problem. Since he wasn’t out of the closet, he was scared his parents or neighbors or probably his friends would see this. That was the reason he was scared about mostly. “Uhm… we work for an international advertising company with a european branch” and we explained to him, that this spot was only for the european market. We assured him, that it wouldn’t be shown in the US. “It won’t be even shown on the internet, only in certain cinemas in the opening credits, because of its open sexual content.” another friend of mine (Oliver) explained. “But we are dealing with a serious subject here” I added. “Guys… guys… our other models are gone too. The active studs – remember?” the third pal (Morton) mentioned. “Damn he is right… although, we could take the part. We are active and well hung and we are all negative” With that I assured him again we would be healthy and all over nine inches. “Our company would pay you and your time of course. The checks could be payable to you. All we need is your address and last name. We would handle the rest then. “Uhm… how much would I get…. if I am willing to participate in the educational spot” Brian asked and was obviously ashamed of bringing the subject of payment to the table. “Depends on how long we work on you and how much you are willing to do – we could explain that all to you, but only if you are actually interested” I told him. Of course he understood, that it would be a waste of time explaining all this, if he wouldn’t want to do it anyway and so he signaled to us, that he would love to a part in this advertisement. That was a great offer and after some exchange we welcomed him happily on our team. “What do I have to do?” he asked innocently. “Well – we need two days for this shoot. First we would film all the risky scenes, the bareback and stuff” we explained. “Bareback? No way! That is way too dangerous.” he revolted. We had to realize, that we didn’t have a young and good looking twink at our table, but also a stupid one and so it was necessary to get him back where he belonged. On our POZ cocks. “Actually our company requires an HIV and STD test every four weeks. You are the high risk factor here. You are young and attractive – it is highly possible, that you are sick already!” “No way – I had only one boyfriend and he was the only one getting into me without a condom. And since we broke up, I waited my share of time and made a test and it came out negative.” Brian answered. “See – and that is why, we are willing to take the risk with you, since we are totally positive about being healthy too” I confused him. “Do you guys have a studio?” he asked. The little brat caught us but Tim came to our rescue. “Our budget is big enough to rent a studio but our clients in europe want the spot as real as possible – so we wanted to start with some shoots here in the bar and then in a cheap hotel down the street. Only if it looks authentic, people will probably recognize the scheme and avoid this situation in future.” Brian nodded understandingly and mentioned that there are so many dangerous places around to be fucked up with HIV. “There are so many filthy toilets or guys get infected because the fuck around in a back seat of a car” he added. We agreed on that and discussed if we should do some sequels on the toilets but Morton argued against it. He brought us back to our client’s wishes (a lie: there was no client) and said it had to be a casual meeting between a boy slut and some POZ studs. “Too bad we only got our high definition mobile cams with us (a lie: we referred to the cams of our mobile phones). Our other gear is in our hotel and this is on the other side of the town. Those mobile cams are property of our company and they are really good” we fabricated but Brian believed every word we said by now. Almost like old friends we ordered him a beer and clinked glasses. He refused at first, since he didn’t like alcohol at all, but we convinced him to drink with us. In the end we had something to celebrate. He asked us to be kind to him. He had no experience with being an actor. “Of course – and remember it is all a reference to dangerous sex acts. We will penetrate you of course, but we are not shooting a porn movie or so. It will be still tasteful and show only the hint of risky behavior. If the scenes are too much hardcore after all, they will be edited anyways. So don’t worry about it.” We would explain every scene to him before shooting it. It was only important for him to know, that on the first night we would record the scheduled ‘unsafe’ scenes and on the other night we would do the ‘safe’ scenes and the contract between him and our fake company would be signed. The second night would never happen though. After another glass of whiskey, we decided it was time to set off. Brian was a little bit tipsy and as we left the bar, two of us helped Brian to walk straight. It was a funny sight. He looked so small and thin. His 5.4 foot and our over 6 foot tall bodies would make a nice contrast. I couldn’t wait to shoot my toxic load into his small and tight ass…
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    I was in London and got back to my hotel room late. I was tired from a trans-Atlantic flight the night before, but almost out of habit, I got on Grindr. I quickly got a hit from a French guy, staying in my same hotel. His Grindr profile said he was a pig and was looking for other pigs. His chest pic on his profile looked hot, but it didn't show a face. He asked me if I would give him a quick blow job, so he could fall asleep. I told him I'd be glad to and gave him my room number. He was knocking at my door in less than 3 minutes. In fact, he was barefoot. He'd walked from his hotel room to mine barefooted. I loved that. I let him into my room. And he quickly stripped his shirt and pants off. He sat on the edge of the bed and I took my position on my knees, between his legs. I began to suck on his ample foreskin. He began to moan. "Yeah, Pig. Suck that skin", he moaned. I sucked and chewed on his European foreskin and slid my tongue up into his puckered skin. Then I pushed the skin back with my lips and sucked his shaft into my mouth. He moaned louder. "Fuck, yeah!" he groaned. "Suck my balls, Pig", he growled. I sucked on his balls. Licked under his balls, trying to get my tongue down to his ass crack. "You want to eat ass?" he asked? "Fuck yeah", I say. He got up, turned and knelt on the edge of the bed. Presenting his ass to me. I spread his ass cheeks and licked his hole. "Oh...... Fuck!!!", he moaned as my tongue slid up into his hole. I ate his hole and licked his balls for a few minutes. Then he asked, "You like to get fucked, Pig?" Without saying anything, I climbed up on the edge of the bed, beside him, placing my ass in the air. He climbed off the bed and stood behind me. He spit on my hole and then slid his 6" cock up into me in one quick thrust. He slammed into me for just a minute, then pulled from me and told me to suck his dirty cock. I turned and again took his cock into my mouth. He then climbed back on the bed and told me to lay under his balls. He wanted me to lick his balls and his asshole. His thick French accent was a real turn-on. "Where do you want my dirty load? You want my dirty load? You want my poz load?", he kept asking. "Fuck yes! Give me your load", I groaned. I didn't tell him that I was already poz. This was the first that our status had even been discussed. "Fuck yes! Poz me", I said to him. I could see that this really excited him. He took his cock into his hands and was stroking furiously. "Put your poz load in my ass", I said. But, he was too close. "Open your mouth, Pig. Here comes my load". I opened my mouth. Stuck out my tongue. He put his cock up to my mouth and his hot jizz began to spray into my mouth. I wrapped my lips around his exploding cockhead, as he filled my mouth with his load. Then he pulled from me. Jumped down off the bed. He dressed, thanked me with a "Merci" for getting him off. He left and I quickly locked the door, turned the lights off and went to sleep. A nice quicky to end a very long day in London.
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    Part 19 As we pulled into the new empty field, which would be our home for about three weeks, I wondered what my duties would be setting up the carnival and freak show. I had questioned Stinger about that during out ride, but he would never give me a straight answer. Stinger pulled our trailer behind the fun house. “That’s your new place of work,” he said. “I am going to be an attendant on the fun house” I asked. “Nope, let them set it up and I will show you” he said, “We are going to put your special talent to good use” Shit, I didn’t have any talent, could not sing, dance, hell I couldn’t even whistle and carry a tune in a bucket. “What do I do, while everyone is setting up” “I need you to search for a trailer that belongs to Ink” “Okay” I jumped out of the passenger side of the trailer and went on my search. I passed so many men working already. Many were shirtless and the sight of their muscular bodies was turning me on. My cock was getting hard in my jeans as I walked through the field. It took a while, but I found Ink’s trailer. I knocked on the door and waited. The door opened, revealing a man covered in tattoos from head to toes, including his face. He was wearing a white thong, showing off his big bulge and tatted ass. “Ah, was wondering when you were going to show up” “Stinger just said I should search you out” I said, “but didn’t tell me which trailer was yours” “Sounds like him” he said moving out of the way, inviting me in. “So what will it be” he asked me as I was closing the door. “I’m sorry” I said. “What tattoo do you want and where?” I thought for a moment. “I wold like a scorpion, just like Stinger on my hip and maybe a biohazard symbol on the base of my back, above my crack” “Strip naked so we can start” Ink said, “ass up” I quickly stripped out of my clothes and got in his chair, ass up. He lightly stroked my lower back and ass. “Pretty pussy” he said. “You should slide in it some time” “I just might” After all the prep work was done on me and he set up his tools of the trade, he began. At first I would jump a little when he ran the needle over my skin. He was sitting on my lower ass and I could feel his pouch sliding up and down my skin as he worked. His cock was growing inside of it and would poke me every now and then. “You okay” he asked. “Yes, Ink” He continued his work on my biohazard tattoo. I didn’t move as much when the needle touched my skin, but I could feel something else poking me. I glanced over my shoulder and saw that his pouch had been pulled aside and his hard cock was laying on my ass crack, It would move when he did, sometimes poking me. “Would it be better if my cock was up your ass” “I see no harm in it” His mouth opened slightly and spit slowly dropped out, falling down on to his cock. He rubbed it in, then dropped out more. Lifting up slightly, he stabbed at my hole, I pushed back and the head popped in. He didn’t wait, he drove his cock in all the way. “Squeeze me as I work” he said. I squeezed my ass muscles around his cock, as the needle moved along my lower back. I would change my rhythm of the squeeze as well as the speed. “Your hole feels good around my cock” he said. “Want you to shoot inside me” “Are you sure you want my load” he said. “Is a pig’s ass pork” I asked. “Yes’ he said slapping my ass. I continued to squeeze his cock with my ass more and more. He would slowly move it in and out as he worked. Not much just so I could feel it. He didn’t need me moving or jerking - the biohazard sign had to be perfect. “Almost done” he said. I squeezed more, trying to resist the urge to fuck myself on his cock. “Finished” he said, putting his tools on this bench next to us. He rubbed something on my new tattoo and then positioned himself over me and began to pump his cock in and out. He would slam into my hole balls deep. I could feel his breathe on me and smell it. It smelt like a mixture of cheap liquor and piss. I could feel his balls dropping on my ass as he pumped my hole. “Turn over and we can do your scorpion” he said pulling out his cock without cumming. As he was busy getting his tools and supplies ready, I flipped over. I could see his cock better. It was hard still, but was was more intriguing was that there was four names tattooed on it near the base. “What’s with the names on your cock” I asked. “It’s the names of the men that I converted into the family” he said. “Family?” “Yes, the poz family” He prepped my hip for the new tattoo and than began. “Mark was the first, only eighteen when I got him, a virgin in all respects to sex. I changed that quickly” This area was more tender and stung worse than a cat scratch. I clenched my jaw hard as he worked. “David was next, a muscled freak, said he was straight but took dick like a pro. Wanted to try bareback, and paid the ultimate price.” He continued on my scorpion, dipping in the ink and then working it into my skin. I closed my eyes and just concentrated on not moving. “Next was Adam, oh Adam, he was an interesting man, son of a preacher rebelling against daddy. Had to hold him down to get him to take it. crying to God the whole time” The needle was getting to the point I couldn’t bare it any more. I just wanted this to be over. I wanted out of his chair. I think he was deliberately making this hurt more. “The last was Zach, or the cheater. He was partner to some guy and was out looking for some cock. I decided to give him more than he asked for. A gift to take home to the boyfriend” My mind began to wonder, Zach, was it my Zach was it the asshole who had packed his bags and left, no reason why. Did I just find out the reason. “Zach” I said, “what did he look like” “oh he was a pretty boy, red head, smooth milky body, birth mark almost in the shape of a…” “heart on his ass cheek” I said. “Yeah, how did you know” “I was his boyfriend” “Well fuck me sideways” he said, “We have come full circle” He continued to work on my tattoo. “Oh you should have heard him beg for my cock. He was like a whore, bucking his ass, driving me deeper.” Shit, I was getting angry at Ink for destroying my relationship, for hurting Zach. “Head to cover his mouth from all his moaning and grunting, was he always a loud bitch in bed.” “No, quite the opposite” “He squealed like a pig when I shot my poz load in him” He did one more pass at my tattoo and put all the tools away. His cock was still hard and dripping pre-cum. “You still want my load buddy” he asked. I got up and got on all fours. Pushing my ass back towards him. He rammed his cock deep into my hole. He didn’t waste a moment and began to fuck my hole hard and deep. “Zachy wanted it on his back, said he wanted to see my face as I fucked him” I pushed back harder onto him, driving him deeper into my hole. “Begged me to put on a rubber, but I ignored it. Would tell him raw or nothing” His cock was jack hammering my hole, faster and harder. “Guess nothing was not an option for him, he needed dick, a real man’s dick” He slammed deep into my hole, dick twitching and pulsing as he shot deep inside me. “Giving you a taste of my strain, the same strain as your Zachy” He pulled off and handed me a tube of cream, and explained how to take care of my new tattoos. As I dressed I glared at him angrily. I snatched the tube and left. I found Stinger taking a break, shirtless and sweaty. “Hey Pet, nice tattoo” he said, “It’s like mine” “You set me up, didn't you” I screamed at him, “you knew he pozzed my boyfriend and you sent me there to find out didn’t you” “Babe, relax. it all turned out for the best. Plus you have me now” I was so mad that I turned and left, headed to our trailer. I need to know everything. It was just about five minutes more and Stinger came in.
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    Over the last week, I've dropped at least one load a day at the gloryholes near where I work. I think there's only been one that hasn't been in the ass: if I recall correctly, there was one really talented cocksucker who worked one out with his throat. For me, the hottest one so far this week was a mid-thirties guy -- suit, wedding band, nervous as hell -- who started sucking my dick at the gloryhole. About eight strokes in, he pulled off and asked to come into my booth. He kept talking about how he couldn't take too long because he was meeting his wife at Black Bear for dinner, but that didn't stop him from taking off (and folding!) his slacks, then kneeling so he could start sucking me again. I leaned over his shoulder and started rubbing his ass and he started moaning. I got my finger wet and started working it into his ass, and christ was he tight. He kept going between *moan* and "maybe we shouldn't ... god that feels good" and pushing against my hand. Honestly, it didn't take much persuasion to get him standing and me rubbing my dick along his crack and bumping his hole with the head. I finally slicked up my dick with spit and held it at his hole, and he kept saying "I shouldn't" the whole time he fucked himself down to my balls. Christ, he was even tighter around my cock, and he had these shivers that kept running up and down his sides when I started pumping. I alternated between slow and fast thrusts, and he came without touching himself about two minutes into it. I just held him while he shook, and stroked him until he started getting hard again, then went back to fucking him. I blew two loads in his ass before he looked shocked, pulled off, and asked if I'd come in him. He freaked when I told him I had, and started babbling about his wife and how he was going to dribble come in his suit pants, and then asked me what my status was. At one and the same time, I felt sorry for his wife, but I was a little exasperated at his reaction. Dude, if you're not ready to be a cumhole, don't put your ass on my cock.
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    the day after my sons open door gang fuck hosted by his boyfriend and his grandpa and me, we did it again with me as the ass up head down bottom. just like with marcs fuck, I took about a dozen loads. it was about 3 this morning when my dad decided that we should cross the parking lot to the shower room of the truck stop next door. I agreed, but since it was so close and a nice warm night, we made the trip in out jizz and piss stained jocks. no one was around since it was so late. when we entered the cement block building we forgot we would encounter the attendant. he wasn't really a problem though, dad offered him my sloppy ass. which he took. now with our admission taken care of, we walked into the shower room filled with 20 or so heads. dad took me to the center of the room and turned on 4 heads. as we rubbed down, dad fingered my swollen pussy ass. as we played, I guess the attendant must have roused a couple of truckers or bikers. they were both chubbie, very hairy, and hung . one was black and the other white. they joined us under the showers where the black guy with the really fat cock bent me in half and rammed my ass with cock. thank god I'm a slut and always filled with cum. dad and the other guy played while I was fucked hard. then the door banged open and closed . it was marc and his boyfriend eric. he greeted me with a hi dad, which interested the guy fucking me. we explained and he asked to watch us play. marc fucked my face while bbc fucked my ass. by the time we all finished playing I had 5 more loads...and invites to come back when the place was crowed... apparently this was the best ruck stop if you enjoyed fag ass.
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    Moderator's Note: If this is hard to read, there is an unformatted copy in the thread below. Please leave your votes for the Toon on this post. Does anyone else think Autumn is a very sexy season? Maybe it's just me. I think it all started when I was a kid, growing up in a small town. Mom was working at a beauty salon close to my school called "Verna's". I walked there after school and sat in the waiting area until she finished. I liked it. I'd do homework and listen to all the ladies chatter away like magpies. Almost all of them smoked, and the smell of hairspray mixed with cigarettes was wonderful. My mom (a non-smoker) sometimes sent me out to get fresh air. I could go as far as the little public library or I could get a Coke from the grocery store. I was a loner, even back then. Being alone gave me time to get lost in fantasy and dream up stories. Fall was damn beautiful in that tree-filled burg. Dead leaves mixed with soft,slow rain left a smell in the air that made me excited for some reason. I'd read all the scary books in the stupid library. It was only a few weeks before Halloween -- my all-time favorite holiday. I sat on the library steps and wrote my own spooky stories in my spiral notebook. Never finished asingle one. I just liked the idea of scary things. It was one gray day that I noticed that this season was giving me messages. But what kind? Fast forward to when I was a freshman in high school. The 80's were here. I no longer wondered why I felt so strange...so different. I was one of those homosexuals inside. Maybe it would go away. Everything was erotic to me. The football players with their letter jackets and strong, grown-up bodies. If a guy had a steady girlfriend, she wore his jacket. All day---even in class. I longed to be one of them. To have one of those sexy guys' jackets and kiss him after lunch. Maybe do other things. Dark, secret things. The hottest guy was Darren Taylor who was from a large family. One of his brothers was in my class. Robbie. He'd had an adult-sized dick since sixth grade. I fought not to stare at it during gym class. Darren had dark, curly hair and was very popular. His girlfriend wasn't all that pretty. She had glasses and moles on her neck. Maybe I just hated her. I hadn't pass my driver's test yet, so I was always walking. Same routine as when I was nine. During that late September, I started taking longer routes to Verna's. I absorbed the smells and feeling Fall brought with it. The days were getting so short and there was a little chill in the air The last of the leaves slowly fell to their death. There was wet sidewalks and wet streets. I wondered how much sex was going on inside the houses I passed. I imagined Darren and his rat-like girlfriend going at it in a cozy bed. My imagination was unnaturally developed and I could feel the bare skin of his legs and the erect penis. Those dark eyes and heavy brows. Probably all of the football team was fucking some girl on a day like this. I walked along with my brain full of sex. I never told anyone about this, but I guess I'm telling you now. Once I graduated, I'd already accepted my fate. This wouldn't be going away. My immediate plan was just to ignore the urges as long as possible. Just be normal, That lasted less than 24 hours...and then I was checking out all the young men in my dorm. I masturbated so much in those days. My roommate was a serious student and spent most of his time in class or at the library. Right after Labor Day, Summer seemed to hurry up its demise. Fall took over fast. There I was again. I had to cut through a really nice park to get to my art history class (where I always fell asleep). The first glimpse of color brought back everything. Those feelings. Why is being gay so difficult? Why does pleasure always come with regret and unanswered prayers and wishes never granted? I felt cheated. OK. Enough about my feelings and sad thoughts. This is a sex story. It was raining hard that one Wednesday.. I've never once used an umbrella. I had on a London Fog jacket that my mom had found at some outlet store. I thought it was so boss. It was rain-proof at least. I was soaked. Everybody in class was too. Art history was held. in a big auditorium that was dark and had such nice, comfortable chairs. I always fell asleep while the professor showed slide after slide of dumb old paintings by whoever. The sopping wet students filtered in. A big, jock-looking guy plopped down beside me. I wasn't sure why -- there were so many empty seats in this place.Maybe he was dazed by the weather. Idiot was wearing deck shoes in rainy weather...his feet must feel so yucky He just kicked off the shoes and opened a soggy notebook. "You got a pen I can borrow?" His voice was so masculine and casual. I fished around in my book bag and found a stray Bic. Here. His huge fingers touched mine for half a second. He had to be a football player or something. If he gave me the pen back, I would keep it as a treasure forever.I had a fever back in those days.I was so horny all the time, and beating off didn't make the real hunger go away. I was so consumed by thoughts of sex, but I had to tamp that down right now. The professor was going on and on about some Spanish painter and what he was trying to convey in his work. Jesus. Symbolism. So much of college was about hidden meanings and theories. I just parroted what the teacher said in my papers --even though I always thought it should be up to the person viewing or reading something to decide what it meant to them. But I was a good student and said I saw what the guy giving grades said. This hot man next to me didn't take many notes...just doodled cubes and assorted shapes. I looked at his heavy hands. Once class was over, we all filed out. The guy was right behind me. "Hey! You didn't fall asleep today! I usually sit a few rows in back of you and you always konk out after about ten minutes. A few times, you even snored." "Oh God, really? That's embarrassing." "Most of us laughed. It was cute." The rain had stopped, but the air was still damp and musky. We seemed to be walking together. My next class was a lecture class and I could easily skip it. "I'm Evan, by the way." I tried to sound cool. "I'm Mark. Where you headed next?" "Philosophy. They don't take roll there, so I'm thinking of bailing." "OK. Cool. Want to got a beer at Crossroads? You're old enough to drink, right?" I hated looking like a kid. "Where is it, Mark?" "We have to turn around and go the opposite way. At least the rain stopped." We pivoted and headed up the hill. "Are you a jock? "No. Why? Do I seem dumb or something?" "No. You just have a great body. I figured you were a football player." "No. I had a partial athletic scholarship last year...for the swim team. I fucked that up. I put on weight and flunked a few drug tests. It's no big deal. I don't miss the practices at all." "Oh. I have a partial academic scholarship for now. I have to make a 3.2 this semester or they'll take it away." "You'll be fine. You're smart. I know things." "Well...thanks. I'm not all that smart, I just know how to get things done." "Can you believe how much it rains here? I'm from Arizona...it's dry as fuck there." "Yeah. The whole campus is built on a hill -- we catch the clouds. I grew up in this state." We finished the climb, and there it was. An actual bar just a few steps away from the student union. I had no idea this place existed. I stayed behind Mark and let him show me into the place. It had weird lighting...like a convenience store -- with maybe a little too many overhead fixtures. Whatever. Mark left me alone at a table and went to get a pitcher. "It's Bud. They're out of Bud Light which is what I usually get. Well -- what do you think of this place" "It's so weird in here? Can we sit outside? On the patio?" "Absolutely. It's not rainy any more." The front deck was all wood, like the front of a cabin. Most of the patio crowd was composed of older people...some brought their dogs. This school had a legendary hippie past. Underground cartoonists went here and created chaos. Some of them were celebrities in my mind. I smelled pot smoke. I'd never smoked it myself, but I knew that odor well. It was light and wispy...combined with the Autumn air, it was luxurious. "Hey, Mark...Do you like how Fall smells? I sure do. Always have. Just. Just that smell." "OK. All I smell is those sorority girls' clove cigarettes? Are you a poet or something? I look at you and I can see thoughts leaking out of your ears." "No. I write sometimes, but never poetry." He looked at me intensely. "Let's finish the pitcher and I'll admit something to you. I'm a big guy, so it might be TWO pitchers." He just kept refilling my glass and I made an effort to keep up with him. He was a camel. I sometimes pretended to take a sip when lifting the glass to my mouth. A gust of wind blew some wet leaves across us. It was cool, but not quite cold. I looked at his face. He was so All-American and rugged. Light brown hair, blue eyes and a perfect jaw. Total jock. There was something troubling him, but I'd let the beer bring it out. I felt honored just to be seen with him. "You seem a little uncomfortable...you don't go to bars much, do you?" "Not really," "There's so many bars in this town. There's even a gay bar... Diamonds. Have you heard of it?" "No." "Would you ever go to a gay bar?" "Probably. Why?" "I guess I should just spill it. I'm gay. I used to go to Diamonds...and met the love of my life there." "Oh. Wow. I would have never guessed. I'm gay too. I've never said that out loud before." "I'm honored.I always kind of thought you were, but didn't know for sure until I sat next to you today. You kept sneaking looks at my legs and bare feet...and you give off a need." "A need?" I was a little red-faced. "A need for touch. I have it too. My one true love died seventh months ago. He was always sort of sick when we first met.He had colds and rashes and aches...but he was a dream. Alex. We fucked all the time. And then he got so sick he couldn't get out of bed. He finally told me he had AIDS -- which I'd already guessed. I spent a lot of time looking after him and getting stoned. I was fixing him some lunch when he shouted 'I can't believe it! Angels!'. And that was it. He died. " "I'm so sorry, Mark." "Thanks. I've almost gotten over it, but that longing, that need hasn't gone away." He stared down into his beer. I wanted to touch is hand. "The night after his funeral, I had a hard-on all night." "don't feel bad. You're young and healthy -- boners come from nowhere." "Not all that healthy, Evan." "You're heart is still beating. You're here, and it's a beautiful day." "You make me feel better. You're my poet." His knee touched mine. "I'm NOT a poet." "Yeah. You've got the heart of one. I've had enough beer. Let's walk." He was slightly unsteady on his feet, but wasn't talking drunk. The campus is seductive, with it's tall trees and exquisite landscaping. The surrounding town was nice too.. We were walking down a residential street. It wasn't raining, but still mostly cloudy. That Autumn smell was strong and I felt so good. I felt like I was wearing Mark's letter jacket. Would he be my boyfriend now? This man who likely had HIV in his blood? Maybe I liked the idea. Maybe I wanted him to get me pregnant like so many of the girls in my high school. I think I wanted that. The smell in the air was like a drug for me. I was intoxicated with pure lust and Fall. I wanted to kiss him right there in the middle of Ohio Street. "Well. This is my place." It was a three story red house, divided into apartments. It looked comfortable from the sidewalk. "Let's sit on the porch for a little while.We may as well enjoy the weather before Winter sets in. You've never been through a Winter here, have you?" "No, but I know all about how shitty Winter can be." The porch had a swing and we sat there. I had a pack of Marlboro Lights in my jacket pocket, and really wanted one. "Mind if I smoke?" "No way! You smoke? I can't believe it. Go ahead....and I might ask you for one later." I lit up and just gave him one now. Smoking is bad for you, but inhaling tobacco combined with moist September air is just so nice. It's a nourishment I needed. "This is a nice street, Mark. Peaceful.." "I guess. I feel safe here. The landlord packs a gun and is a republican asshole." He smoked with me as we stared at nothing. And everything. What a great day! Mark stretched out his big legs on the stairs. "Why do you wear shorts and sandals this time of year?" "It's not a fashion statement or anything. I just hate doing laundry. I don't wear underwear...ever." "Oh. Me too. But what are you going to do when it's below zero outside?" "That's too far away. I don't even know what I'll be doing in the next five minutes. Got any suggestions?" Oh God! Really? Was I being seduced? Was something going to happen? "I think you already have a plan, Mark. Am I right?" "Sort of. Let's go inside." We stood up and brushed our selves off a little.He lived on the first floor. "Well, this is it." It was way bigger than my dorm room, high ceilings and carpet. The interior was a little shoddy with cheap paneling. "Nice. Do you have noisy neighbors?" "We did. There was some long-haired dude next door who practiced his electric guitar at all hours, but we got him kicked out. The girls above me play dippy music sometimes, but I can live with that." Mark had a separate bedroom. That must be nice. He was actually living like a grown-up and I was a little jealous. "This is nice." "Well, just relax. I'm going to get out of these damp clothes." I sat on the bed and tried not to stare as he got naked. I finally got to see his dick. It looked pretty average. but only because his body was so big. "You're not built like a swimmer, Mark. You have a great build, but it's more like a rugby body." "Just touch me. I need touch and so do you." I stood up and moved to hug him. "No, Take those damp clothes off first. All of them." I uncomfortably undressed in front of him. I had an inconvenient boner which made it even more awkward. Luckily, Mark had gotten a nice fat erection while watching me. We embraced and I just melted into his arms. A big, built god was holding me. I couldn't help but kiss him on the mouth. We stayed like that for a small slice of eternity, lips locked and boners touching. I held his full, firm ass in my hands. We both expressed our desires with moans. Yes! This is what Fall was meant for! There was no chill in the air as I absorbed the incredible heat from his skin. "This feels so good, Mark." "Yeah. I want it go on forever, but I am really, really ready to go further. Are you?" "Yeah." "Any further and there's no going back. You realize that, right?" "I do. I understand." "Make sure you really do. I have no condoms here." "Let's go to bed." He practically threw me on his unmade bed. It smelled like him, like a man. Mark was on me like a starved animal, grunting and gnawing at my neck. His weight sunk me deeper into the mattress. I could barely move -- he was right about there being no going back. His mouth was like a separate wet beast. Kissing and chewing my face. "You ever had a dick in your mouth?" He was practically out of breath. I never had. "Not yet." I'd imagined sucking a penis for many years. I almost knew what it would be like. He shifted a bit and aimed that dick right at my left eye. He had to move one leg a little so I could grasp it. I swear I could feel his pulse in the organ. It was the most natural thing in the world for me to put it between my lips. I tasted man flesh and Fall. "You like that? You like blowing me? Just watch the teeth. Wish we could do it longer, but I'm very close.I'll fertilize your throat if you want...or we can do this right." I pulled my mouth away long enough to tell him he was in charge. I just was not capable of a decision.Orange and brown flashes of light went off in my brain. "OK. At least I have some lube here. Lay back and try to relax a little. It will probably hurt, but it won't last long...I'm about to bust." The next ten seconds were a swift changing of bodies. There was a wet sound as he squirted a tube of stuff all over his dick Then he fingered my naked anus with it. And then I was staring at the chipped paint on his ceiling with Mark spreading my legs far apart. I was practically doing the splits. I knew where I was and what was happening. A man with a disease was about to fuck me. His dick found an opening and moved in. "NO!!!" "Sshhh. I've got neighbors. It get's better." He just kept going inside, deeper and deeper. Further. My horniness made up for the pain. I was focused on him and his beautiful face. He sped up a little and then a lot. "Ahh. Ahh. I'm breeding you, Mr. Poet. Here's my SEED!" He heaved and seemed to almost fall asleep on top of me. I felt a big part of him become a big part of me. He sighed with relief and fell over next to me. His fingers played with my hair a little and then he was snoozing. Once I heard his breathing get really deep, I reached over and opened the window next to the bed. That smell made sense now. This was always going to happen -- I just had to wait for it. I pulled the comforter over us and dozed off myself. "Hey! You can sleep if you want to, but I thought you should know it's almost five." Shit! If I'd had my regular art history nap, I wouldn't have slept so soundly. I got up and oriented myself for a few seconds. I needed to go. The dining hall closed at 6:30. "I need to leave, Mark. But, thank you." "Thank YOU! I needed that so badly. You were in my dream." I put on my mostly-dry clothes and wondered how to say 'good bye'. Would he walk me to the door? "Well. Have a good evening." "Promise me something, Evan. Promise you'll write a poem for me every day." "I'm not a poet, Mark." "Well...try. Or leave a love note. Every single day." "Yeah. OK." "Give it to me or leave it in my mailbox on the porch." He turned over and resumed sleeping. I showed myself out without really thinking about locking the door. The walk back to the dorm was made a little difficult by the pain in my insides. I absorbed the Autumn smells and felt blessed. I did indeed write a poem or note for Mark every day. I saw him so often that it seemed silly, but it was our thing. By next Fall, he had moved without a word. That didn't stop me from writing him every day for the rest of my life.
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    Moderator's Note: I posted a copy of this without the white background below, if this is hard for you to read. Please leave your votes here for Toon. (late 70's, Georgetown) I was a "latchkey hid" before that term was even invented. I went to school each day with a key held around my neck through a long shoelace. Mom worked at a dry-cleaner and came home tired and smelling of the chemicals they used. Our crooked, little house smelled like those chemicals mixed with cigarette smoke. Mom never smoked until after my dad took off and left us. I wish I remembered more about him -- all I can picture now is a bum, which is my mom always referred to him. If I wanted money for a record or a poster, Mom always said " Go find your bum of a father and ask him for money." I wondered if my father looked like the hobos I's seen in cartoons. Did his clothes have patches on them and did he carry a stick with a rag tied to the end? Did he eat food out of cans by a small bonfire? I was 10 years old and alone most of the time. I was a quiet kid who took everything so seriously....well not quite. I didn't always listen to Mom's instructions. She demanded that I start in my homework as soon as I got home from school. She especially didn't want me wandering off or getting in danger. We lived near the river. The Potomac. You could smell it from my front porch. Kids drowned there every Summer...or so Mom said. No parent would ever say "Go ahead and hang out there." But lots of kids went anyway. It was cool and green down there...and interesting. At least I thought so. There were so many little foot paths leading from the street down to the river. I would wander down there when I was feeling brave. I knew to look out for boards with nails sticking out. I knew to watch for "trampers" -- tramps who would settle along the grassy banks. They were traveling up and down the river, looking for a break in life. I'd see them begging on the street sometimes...and I wondered what stories they had to tell. They usually had long beards and smoked cigarette butts off the ground. Mom said that most of them had escaped from prison and would try to kill me. I doubted that. So I was walking along the river one early September day. School had started, but it was still hot. Once school started, Summer was over in my mind. We were learning to memorize all the presidents in order. My class had been instructed to memorize lots of things - state capitols, The Gettysburg address, lots of shit. So I stared down at the muddy path and ticked off the first twelve presidents in my head. I always got stuck after 12. There was a spot near here that was legendary...The Three Sisters. They were just big boulders in the river...supposedly haunted or something. Older teen guys used to go swimming there. I guess they just showing their bravery or something. Tempting fate. I just knew that there was a shady hidden place in the weeds where I could watch them...their broad, bare shoulders and deep tans. They yelled and said cuss words and I wished so bad that they would get naked. I knew better than to go into the water there. The Potomac was calm and still as a skating rink. But, underneath, there were swift whorls and currents that could drag you under. The three sisters wanted some company. I understood that, I guess. I believed in ghosts back then -- which made this more thrilling. I doubted the sisters wanted someone like me. I was nobody. I was nothing. Going further up river, the paths were less distinct. I would be in so much trouble if Mom knew I was out this far. But I did it all the time, daring myself to go a little further each day. I found a baseball once. It was practically new...just a greenish black scuff that looked a little like a screaming face. I also saw a used doctor's needle, and made a long step away from it. At one point there were no paths anymore. I just threaded through the thick trunks of the water-loving trees. Mom never got home before 7. I had time to keep going. Then I saw a long bank of short weeds...and there was a small group of 'bums'. Maybe I'd find Dad. They looked dirty and a few of them had their shirts off. I watched from a little shady hiding spot. They cussed a lot. One guy who was tall and had a full beard took off his pants and went into the water. I saw his bare butt, and I had a feeling. He didn't go out far into the battleship gray water. Maybe he was just getting a bath. He came back up to the shore and I saw his wiener...another feeling. They passed a bottle of what I knew was alcohol. A few more got naked and went for a quick swim. I watched their nakedness and listened to their laughter and dirty talk from my hiding spot. What would happen if they saw me? Would they kill me? I doubted it. But I didn't want to chance it. The shadows were getting longer and I knew I should head for home. I walked past the The Three Sisters and the teen boys horsing around. By the time I got home, Mom was already there. Uh oh. "Where you been, Benjamin?" "Just walking and trying to memorize the presidents in order." "I made tuna salad. A lot of it. We'll have sandwiches for dinner. Go wash your hands." It was my fault. I went to my friend Kenny's house the other day and his mom gave us tuna salad sandwiches. I asked Mom if she could make it, and she certainly did. A big plastic tub of it that would be around for a long time. I suddenly didn't want it anymore. The next day, I was so overwhelmed with thoughts that were strange and exotic. An idea was forming. Those guys were so thin and probably hungry. I could go make a bunch of sandwiches and take them to the hobos. Maybe they'd be my friends. Maybe. Something else was in my motives, but I didn't know what it was. So I got home and opened a new loaf of Sunbeam bread and made eleven sandwiches with that tuna salad. I put them in a big brown bag from the grocery store. I was focused on the Potomac hobos, but one of the beggars on M Street looked so thin and unhappy, that I gave him one of the sandwiches. He was gaunt and looked near starvation. How can anybody be hungry with all the food we had in this town?? It made no sense. The temps were in the mid-80's that day. Warm for this time of year. The gnats were thick around the three-foot tall weeds. There I was... a stupid kid, carrying a bag of sandwiches to a bunch of hobos who might murder me. But probably wouldn't. Mom always told me I had no common sense..just like my bum of a father. Maybe I didn't. I saw the crowd of trampers in the same spot as the day before. Weren't they supposed to be tramping, traveling, moving on? Maybe they heading South, following the last of Summer heat. Then I had second thoughts. This was kind of dumb. I could leave now, but what would I do with the sandwiches? I couldn't throw them away because I was always taught that wasting food was a sin. These guys needed food....maybe I could just leave it nearby. Too late. One of them saw me. "Hey. You there. What you doin' here?" I was busted. Just a dumb kid carrying tuna sandwiches. The guy who saw me was a large black man, wearing only wet jeans. I had to do this. "Hi. I'm Ben. I saw you guys the other day and thought you might like some food." I held the bag in front of me like it was a white flag. "Perfect timing, kid. What you got?" I handed the bag to the nearest bum guy. "It's tuna salad sandwiches. It's pretty good. My mom made it." I was surrounded by men with no shirts on, some black and some white. One guy had no clothes on whatsoever, with his big penis dangling between his legs like a Christmas ornament. Short, tall, hairy, smooth...they all reached in the bag and devoured what I'd brought. "Well, thank you, little man." The others mumbled thanks as well. I sat on the ground with them as they ate. One guy who was covered with red fur offered me a sip from his bottle, but I didn't take one. One smell of that on me and Mom would go ballistic. My dad was a drinker according to her. "I need to go home now. It was nice meeting you." "Okay. Cool. Come back any time. You're our friend now." Mom could barely believe I'd eaten all the tuna salad. She believed I'd consumed all that. "I'll make more next time. You are a growing boy and I knew you'd find an appetite eventually. I guess we'll have hamburgers tonight." One image I'd always have of Mom was of her frying ground beef patties with a cigarette in her mouth. I kept taking whatever food I could find in the house to the new friends I had made. I took the big jar of chunky peanut butter my mom had bought on sale. I spent my allowance on beef jerky and Fritos to bring these men. It wasn't long before I was one of them. I knew their names and was used to their nudity at times...but I still looked. Then it got colder and the trampers moved on. Damn weather. But there more of them each Summer. New hungry friends. Once I became a teenager, I stopped wandering along the river. I just wrote horrible poetry in my room and sulked...constantly. Mom was so fed up with me. (late 80's, Georgetown) I graduated and went to a really shitty community college. It was a long, one-story building that looked like a strip mall. It was only ten blocks from home. Mom had gotten older and those dry-cleaning chemicals had gotten to her. She coughed constantly and lost weight. I look back now and wish I'd been a better son. I was just too involved with my own brain. I was gay and had no idea what to do about it. The counselor at my school suggested I try an anti-depressant. No thanks. I wore my depression like a comfortable sweater. He didn't seem to understand me. How was this guy even qualified? "You need to think of others. Go outside of your head." "Like how? Work in a soup kitchen or something?" "That tone of yours -- lose it. Now. Volunteer for something. Be selfless. Spending all your time alone is not going to get you anywhere...not personally or professionally." He dug through his messy desk and found a folder of places that were always needing volunteers. "Now, I wouldn't recommend "Big Brothers"...they won't accept gay men. No getting around that, I'm afraid." Had I told him I was gay...or had he just guessed -- like Mom had. She was accepting as long as I didn't tell her anything about it. I took the folder home and went through the papers. I figured I could go pick up litter or bring food to old people. There were several places that seemed particularly in need of money and people....the free clinic, the AIDS hospice, and the AIDS outreach program seemed the most desperate. I knew from watching TV and reading the paper that this disease was pretty prevalent along the East coast now. I knew about it, knew how you got it. It was scary, but I was too involved with my own dark thoughts to think much about the outside world. I decided to avoid anything that involved patients. I wanted to avoid needles, pee and poop smells. The next afternoon I went to check out AIDS Outreach. It was in a pretty run-down building not far from me. It looked deserted from the sidewalk, but this was the right address. The door wasn't locked, but it was kind of dim inside. Then I met "Filly". "Hi. Can I help you?" A very effeminate young man greeted me. "Hi. I'm Ben. I came here to volunteer." I purposely tried to make my voice deeper. I didn't give off the gay vibe like that, did I? He introduced himself as 'Filly' which could have also been "Philly", short for "Phillip" possibly. I didn't ask. "Sorry it's so dark. We desperately need new fluorescent tubes. Got any money on you? Just kidding honey. Here, fill out this application. Application? To work for free? Whatever. I filled out the page and gave it to Filly. "Thanks, Sweetie. We just need your contact information. Are you gay?" "Um. What? Yeah. Why?" "Just checking. We sometimes get bible-thumpers show up and all they want to do for people is go tell them to accept Jesus. I swear." "What do you need me to do?" "I'll give you a quick lesson...we try to stem the tidal wave of new cases. I like your shirt, by the way. Our volunteers go to where the most vulnerable people are. We hand out condoms and pamphlets and tell them where to go for testing. We sometimes go and give talks at schools, but not that often. Our main focus is the front line. Get to those most at risk." "OK. When do I start?" "Well, I would say 'right now', but you have nice clothes on, and you look clean and shaved. You'll be going to some filthy places and sometimes the people there don't trust us right away. You have to change first...and put on a baseball cap if you have one. Then you can go out to K Street. Wait. No. That's a rough part of town and I'll send Peaches there. She outweighs you by about a hundred pounds and carries a knife. Sammy is already at the park with the hookers, which leaves you with the river. There are a lot of homeless man down there. They are mobile. If we can get to them before they pick up the virus and spread it, we're doing our job. But you really have to change. Don't wear good shoes. Those guys shit wherever and you don't want to step in that." "OK. I'll do it." My old haunt by the river. Filly gave me a plastic bag with rubbers and information cards. I didn't feel like changing clothes. I mean, anyone who didn't know to look down and watch where they walked had no business going anywhere. I stopped at a dumpy little convenience store and spent all the money I had on snacks, jerky and sodas. These guys had to fight hunger before they could fight anything else. It all came back to me as I went down the weed-choked hill. It was the same. The same shades of green and gray. The Potomac flowed silently by, waiting to claim victims and cause grief. My guess was enough drownings had happened that kids no longer found it thrilling. Finally. I found a neat little path that had most likely been made by the bums or the vagabonds or whatever they were called now. I sensed them before I saw The Three Sisters. Hello again, ladies.Then I heard talking. Already? They were never this close, but sure enough, the guys were here already. Goofing around a sharing a bottle -- as if no time had passed in a decade. There about six men...looking exactly like the friends I'd made here as a boy. Except I wasn't spying this time...I was volunteering. I just approached the and said, "Hi guys! Nice day, huh?" They stared and sized me up. "Whatchoo want here, boy?", a hillbilly-looking guy asked. "I brought you some lunch. Hungry?" I opened the bag of food and they hesitated only seconds before tearing into it. Everything was gone in a flash. One of them kept an eye on me. "What's in the other bag?", the suspicious guy asked. He was wearing overalls with the legs cut off into shorts. No shirt on underneath and no shoes. All of them were barefoot. I guess they needed to save their shoes for all the traveling. "Well..um...I also brought some things you might want. Or need. Condoms." I had no idea what their reaction would be. The overalls guy walked right up to me and stared me down. Oh shit. "Condoms? Like rubbers? You think we all out here fucking each other??" "No. Not at all. I just...well..I know they're expensive to buy...and...well." "Why? Do you want us to fuck you in the ass?!" He seemed mad for some reason. "No. Look, I just thought I'd offer. I'll go now." The river was dangerous in so many ways, but I had never feared it as much as I did now. . "Goddamn, Sully. Leave the kid alone. He's good people." A large bear-like man had spoke up. "Nah. I'm just jokin' him, Yawman. I'm jus' jokin' you, boy. Matter of fact, we corn-hole each other sometimes. It's not gay, it's just survival. Except Yawman...he's too proper. Plus his meat is too big for nobody to go near." The others laughed and the big Yawman looked down at the ground. "Lemme see those rubbers." I opened the bag and handed Sully a dozen plastic-wrapped condoms. This was uncomfortable. "What the fuckin' hell? Are these for little baby dicks?" "They're standard size...they stretch." "Hey guys -- look at these mini-rubbers the kid brought us! Let's see if they fit." He opened the fly of his overalls and let his dick hang loose. "Open it for me, boy." I had no experience with condoms, but I knew enough. I opened them all for the group. They all dropped their jeans and shorts (except for big Yawman). They laughed and tried to fit them on their soft dicks. I should have mentioned that a penis needs to be erect first, but I was too busy looking at all those genitals. They guffawed at how the condoms could barely fit on their soft, hat heads. "Yawman would need five times this size, right dude?" The big guy kept looking at his big, bare feet."Take that giant thing out...this'll be funny as shit." Yawman looked at the others and sighed. He dropped his filthy jeans, and showed the biggest, hardest cock on Earth. Sully walked over and held the new rubber up to the guy's hard-on. That drew laughs from the bunch. The big man looked at me with an embarrassed expression. He brought his jeans back up on his hips. "Well...use them if you need to. I'll come back next week if you're still here." Yawman finally spoke. "Nope. We're headed South tomorrow. But come tonight....we're having a bonfire and getting drunk. Come back after dark and bring booze if you have any." I saw a tiny flash in his dark brown eyes. Why was he homeless? He could speak well and would be so handsome if shaved the beard and cleaned up a little. I could see him as a senator or an attorney. And....and that dick! I had no idea they were made that big. I felt my own dick getting stiff as I walked home. The Three Sisters mocked my boner. I swear I could hear ghosts laughing. Or it was the wind. I got home and Mom was making dinner for us and her new boyfriend. He was an old guy with a gut and a love for whiskey. I wondered why she'd go for another alcoholic, but she was lonely. "Go wash up. Benjamin. We're having pork roast tonight. It's Winston's favorite. You look sun-burned. Be ready in ten minutes." It was a sad dinner. This Winston guy was loaded and nodding off while he chewed. They'd be going to bed early. And they did. I read "Junkie" by William S. Burroughs until the sun went down. The house was quiet except for the snoring from Mom's room. I snuck into the kitchen and found an almost full bottle of brown liquor. I assumed it was whiskey. There was a crow on the label. I raided the fridge for leftovers and put it all in a bag. I had a party to attend! The moon was pretty full and unobstructed by clouds. The night air was alive with the sound of insects and bats.My hometown had never seemed so energized before. I felt like I was barely touching the ground as I walked down to the river. I was on auto-pilot. The moon glowing off the river's surface was downright beautiful. It was okay for me to be here. I had only one word in my mind: Yawman. It didn't take long before I saw the yellow=orange glow of a fire along the bank. The guys had started the farewell party. The gang was there, standing around and passing a bottle...laughing and cussing. Yawmen was at the far left. I just went up and stood next to him. He grinned...and I noticed he was missing a few teeth on the bottom. I handed him the bag of booze and food. The bottle was more important to them than the food. I even took a few sips myself. It was a party after all. I felt a little drunk. I couldn't hoot and holler with the abandon these guys did, so Yawman and I made small talk. "Thanks for coming out tonight. I was hoping you would." "Where are you headed next?" I missed him already. "Who knows? Sully hasn't even decided if which direction we're going to go. September is a tricky time. There's more day work up north, but it will get cold soon. I'd rather be warm. My health ain't that great. I get tired and weak way sooner these days. And I got these sores appearin' on my stomach and legs. Look, there's one on my big toe." Sure enough, there was a raised reddish-purple spot on his massive foot. It looked ominous in the dancing light from the fire. "Well, you probably need better food or vitamins or something." He chuckled. "Or something is right. I bet it's cancer. My dad died of it when I was little, and then my sister got it. You can't change the hand your dealt. The bottle is coming around again. I'm partied out, but you should have some more." I'd do anything he asked. "Okay, but not too much more. I don't drink." "Good for you, Ben. Look at these guys. They're getting wasted. Question is -- are they going to fall into the fire or go start fucking first." The crowd had kind of dispersed. "Is it really true that you guys have sex with each other?" "Yup. This is a crazy,horny bunch. I never get to fuck anybody because of my size, but I've been on the receiving end lots of times...ever since I took to the road at 17. I'm dying to fuck somebody." "Wow." I had nothing to add. We just watched the flames until it was just us left. There was a splashing sound. Somebody had decided to go for a swim. Dumb. "I need to lie down for a little bit. Want to come with me?" God, yes I did. "I got a nice flat space staked out a few yards from here. We'll still get some light from the flames." He showed me his 'bedroom', which was a pile of blankets and what looked like an old sofa cushion.He'd flattened the weeds and grass pretty well with his big body. "This is peaceful." "Yeah. I don't like all the bug bites I wake up with. Most of them sleep closer to the ban, but there's something about that river I don't trust." I told him about The Three Sisters. "I grew up here and have heard the tale since I can remember. The sisters want company." Yawman was still standing, towering over me. "You've lived here your whole life?" "Yeah. I've never been more than a hundred miles from this time." "Have you ever kissed a man? Would you want to?" He laid one of his big warm hands on my shoulder. I could see the bright moon over his head. It was so full that the surrounding stars shrunk away from it respectfully. "No. And yes, I want to kiss you." Yawman paused for s few seconds and then leaned down and lightly touched my lips with his. Delicate and warm. I wrapped my arms around his waist and gave the signal to keep going. Flames went up my spine, and I wanted him to consume me. It got hotter as we kissed and tongued each other like two carp. I felt my right hand slip loose and grope the crotch of his jean shorts. It was large, hard and heavy -- like he was stashing an engine part down there. "This is a bad idea, Ben." "Really? I think it's the best idea I've ever had." I knelt at his feet and pulled his shorts down. His inhumanly large dick jutted straight out and hit me in the forehead. I had no idea what I was doing now, but something was guiding my actions. Maybe the sisters were directing me. I put my mouth over the large knob at the end of his penis. He tasted and smelled like the river. The head was hard, but also soft in a way I can't really describe. I knew what to do...I had to take more of it...his gently thrusting hips told me as much.I opened wide and tried to swallow more of him. I thought I was doing pretty well. I loved it. This could all end now and I've have so much to remember and relive. He touched a wide hand to my cheek. The skin was tough, but you could tell there was soft underneath. Like the skin on pineapple leaves. "Oh yeah. Just like that, Baby. Can you go a little deeper?" How? I already was having trouble breathing. But he insisted that meat farther toward the back of my throat. He hit a spot where I thought I'd vomit. I gagged and eased off a little. "Sorry. I got carried away. Want to stop?" I breathed in some fast gulps of air. "I don't ever want to stop." He chuckled. "Good. Let me lie down and stretch out a little." Tall people are impressive when they're standing, but somehow even more impressive when horizontal. I resumed sucking him. "Wait. I'll come pretty soon. Do you want to swallow it?" I made agreeable noises and nodded my head. "Or maybe..." I sat up. "What?" "You're probably not up to it, but I'd really like to fuck your little ass." His voice was quiet and deep...coming deep from within his rib cage. Like fucking? Like butt fucking? Actual? Fuck? I was suddenly in way over my head. But I wanted it anyway. I wanted this man to get what he'd really been wanting for so long. It might destroy me, but I didn't seem to mind that idea. We're all going to die someday, and Yawman was worth the risk. "I want that, but I have no idea how it works." The flame light faintly danced across his bare legs and hard dick. "Just take off your clothes, your pants. And then try to sit down on it." I felt wildly overdressed. Underwear, socks...like I was going to class or church or something. I was standing there naked in the weeds, getting ready to have sex for the first time. My ass felt very small and impossibly tight as I looked at his boner. This was never going to work. I knelt down and and straddled his giant thighs. I needed encouragement or just plain courage as looked at his shadowy face. "Yawman....I've never...I mean...I just..." "You just need to relax is what you just need to do. It won't be easy, but you need to loosen up right now. This is going to happen now. I'm counting on it. No backing out." I discovered you can't force yourself to relax. You either are or you aren't. I decided to just adore his body for a little. He needed spoiling in the worst way. I saw the weird bruises on his legs. They didn't look weird, but they had a texture that made me realize these were symptoms of AIDS. Yawman had it. I guess I knew already. I moved down and felt that lesion on his toe. It was fine. I was asking for this. I gave him a slow foot massage. The skin on his soles was even rougher than his hands.Traveling Man. He had a lot of mileage on these big feet. He needed special treatment from somebody in this world. "That feels soooo nice! But you're just getting my dick harder, Ben. I'm getting close." It was time. I had to go through with this. "Okay. Please go slow." I felt that famous head hit my hole. No way would that thing ever fit inside. I lingered there a little and Yawman got impatient and tried to push me down on his crotch...not harshly, but with some force. DAMN! It felt like I'd been stabbed! The pain was unbearable and there was no way I could do this...as much as I thought I wanted to. "I'm in. It'll feel better before you know it. Just stay still and don't yell too loud. We don't need an audience." No. I needed to stand up. "I can't do this, Yawman. You can come in my mouth if you want." He looked at me with an expression that was unreadable in the moonlight and the dying flames. "Please? I have wanted to do this for so long. Please?" I checked my brain for something to say. I could leave and miss this chance forever. "Well...if you want this that much...you need to take charge here. I need you to do the work." He stood up fast and wrapped me in his arms. We kissed deeply and the river water splashed around in skull. "OK, Ben. I was saving that as a last resort, but we'll do it now." He forced me down on my back. I felt some of the weeds on my spine. I can't believe I was requesting to be raped by a man with AIDS. This is just how life works... If I'd ever been drowned in the Potomac, I'd be dead by now anyway. "Ow. There's a rock under my tailbone." He just dropped on top of me, and his weight took the wind out of me. "Keep your mind on that rock. When we're done, you can get rid of it." He pushed down and spread my legs apart with his heft. It wasn't long before he was prodding me again with that giant dick. It went through easier this time, but he wanted to go in further, go deeper inside. I yelled. He put that big rough hand over my mouth. "Hush, baby. You wanted this, remember? I'm so close now." He kept going in and I couldn't help but scream in pain. I remember being a little kid and having vaccinations. I cried my eyes out then, and this pain was worse. I'm sure I was bleeding. I looked up into his dark bearded face and saw those eyes. I did indeed ask for this. I did want to spoil him. I stopped whimpering as he started moaning and got into the fucking pace he'd wanted. My ass was ruined, but I didn't care at this point. I was having sex! A big man was having sex with me! He removed his hand from my mouth. "Thank you for doing it this way, Yawman. I love it." "Yeah. I...I'm ...going to come inside you now.....ughhhh....FUCK!... Yeah!!!!" Maybe it was just my imagination, but I swear I could feel that sperm gush into my being. I was officially infected now. I was happily doomed. He rolled off of me and gasped the night air. "Was that good?" "Fuck yeah it was. Thank you, Ben. I need you to be with me every night." "I love you." That was probably not even correct, but it's what came out of my mouth. He chuckled lightly. "I love you too, kid. But I'm moving out in a few hours. This will always be special to me, though." "But you could stay. I could help you get housing, help you get a job. If that doesn't work, you can come live in my house. I can't lose you." "Nah. I need to move..." He was getting drowsy. "Or I can quit school and get a job. We could get our own place. An apartment or something." "Shhh. We'll talk about it later. I need to sleep now. Shhh. Come snuggle with me." I put my head on his chest and listened to his heartbeat and his breathing. He was out. I was wildly awake. I stayed there until the sky started to barely brighten. I planned on staying until he woke up, but I was restless and needed to walk or something. I stood and felt a hard ache in my stomach...and below. It took me a few seconds to walk steadily. I left my clothes because I'd be back for them. I liked the idea of being nude on the bank of the river. I should have at least put my shoes on...this was no place to be barefoot. Oh well -- I'd stay close to the soft, muddy shore. I kept my eyes down and watched where I stepped. The sun woke up and helped me see better. While glancing down, I saw there was a ton of dried blood on my legs and ankles. It was like a horror movie. I needed to clean this off before Yawman saw me again. I could rinse it off in the river. I wouldn't go far....just far enough to get clean. The water was warmer than I would have guessed. The surface was calm, but the currents were strong down there. I was involuntarily dragged out farther. No big deal. I never learned to swim, but I could dog-paddle. One quick under-current spun me around. That was bad....I should go back to the shore. But I could no longer tell what direction I was looking out. Now I was scared. I remember the panic, and then I was sucked below the surface. The quickness of it caught me unprepared, and I had no air in my lungs. Another flow pushed me down to the bottom. You can't cough underwater...if you try, the water goes into your mouth and nose. Shit. I was weak against the water and tried to fight for my life. I vomited up river water and that only made me open for more. And then...and then there was no fight left. I was just looking around at the murky gray-green water. It was interesting. I no longer needed air. I could just go explore and find The Three Sisters. Nobody knew what they looked like under the water. The sun was fully up. It reached me below the water...and got very bright. White light with every color of the spectrum within. I could tell Yawman about this sight. I loved him and wanted to make him stay. Then there no more thoughts...just light.
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    scrolling thro here and randomly saw this about me lol. can't wait for u to come back sexy
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    The last bare load I took was yesterday evening. I'd been chatting to a guy on Grindr, and it turned out that we had a surprisingly large amount in common. We both work in the same profession, and it turned out that we had gone to the same university at the same time, but now lived on the other side of the world. I had a day off, but he was working, so he agreed to come over to mine after work. And when he arrived I was not disappointed. He was good looking, slim and well toned. After a bit of a chat in the living room, we moved to the bedroom, and started kissing and undressing each other. It wasn't long before we were both naked. I moved from kissing him to sucking his dick - about 6.5", thin, but with a big mushroom head, and got him nice and wet, and I could taste pre-cum dripping from his slit. We kissed a bit more, then I applied some lube to my ass and his cock, and I laid him down and straddled him. He'd wanted to use condoms when we'd chatted on Grindr, but now that it came to it, he was happy for me to slide down on his raw cock, which slipped into me nice an easily. I rode him for a good 5-10 minutes, enjoying the feeling of being in control of his dick, before we swapped positions, so that I was on my back, my legs around my head, and he was ploughing my ass with long, deep strokes. He really knew how to hit the spot, and the fuck he gave me in that position felt fantastic. He had to slow down a couple of times, to stop himself from cumming too quickly. And being in that position meant he could also lean over to kiss me as well, whilst fucking me. After another 10 minutes in that position we swapped positions again, this time I got on all fours and presented my ass to him, and he slid his raw dick into me. This led to a more primal fuck, and he really went for it, while I begged for his load in my ass, which he gave me after just a few minutes. It felt great to be flooded with all his cum. I still hadn't cum myself by this point, so I got him back on his back, straddled him, so that I could feel his cockhead up against my hole, and jacked off until I spewed a load all over his chest and abdomen. It felt great! Hoping we can do it again sometime soon!
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    I went cruising yesterday to a couple of my favorite parks/beaches. I arrived at the park nearby and saw 2 cars parked with no one inside. Jumped out of my car and went to the wooded area and walked up on a chubby guy on his knees blowing an older guy. Of course, they jumped to pull up there pants but I dropped my shorts so they knew I was cool. Both of them started feeling my hairy chest/ass and starting playing with my cock. Both cocks were average sized but both rock hard. I leaned over to suck the older guy's cock and the chubby guy started playing with my hole. I told him to fuck me if he wanted and within seconds he was mounting me from behind as I blowing the other guy. We got a good rythem between us and i was getting filled from both ends. I asked the older guy if he wanted to fuck me, but he said he didn't fuck and only gets blown. I am sure he was married since he had an old wedding band on. Soon enough both started making noises and i knew i was near the finish line. Chubby said "I'm gonna blow" so I reached back and held on to him in case he decided to pull out. He pounded harder and dropped a huge load in me. Within seconds the older guy started to buck around making noises and shot his load down my throat. I waited for a while and the park got busy and the opportunities were not as good. Next I went to this cruisy area of mangroves near the bay where I live. I've been cruising this place for 12-15 years. It was dead when I got there and I was about to leave when a familiar face popped out of the trails through the groves. It was a top with a HUGE cock that has been breeding me for 10 or so years. He saw me, started to grin, and walked over. After brief chat, he said let's take a walk. As we go back we check to see if anyone else is around. All clear for now. We find a spot and he drops trou and I am sucking his massive cock while he starts fingering my hole. He bends me over and slides in when we hear/see someone coming. Quickly he pulls out and I pull my shorts up. A very hot guy in gym shorts walks up and his massive cock is sticking straight out. He stands in front of me and pulls his shorts down. I bent over and started sucking his cock while my bud starts opening my ass again. Next I feel a massive dong entering my ass and he almost knocked me down as he entered. I grab hold of the one guy's hips and hold on while I am mounted by my top buddy. The oral guy is holding onto my shoulders so I will not fall either. After he gets deep in me, I start sucking the big dick in front of me as my ass is getting pounded! We figure out a good rythmn and I am getting another spit roasting in the middle of this cruisy mangrove area. As i continue to suck, this guy gets vocal and tells the top to breed me deep. Then he pulls his dick out and yells at me to open my mouth for his load. He starts jacking off with his dick touching my nose. Once he gets close, he shoves his cock down my throat and delivers a big load. I am holding on to his waist as the top is pounding away in my ass. He grabs hold of me again and holds me another minute until my top bud starts to moan at the top of his voice! He unloads a huge load in my ass!! After he cums, the one guy leaves and my bud and I make small talk and clean up. As I jump in my car, I see a cop car pulling in, this place is known by the cops and is raided from time to time. He slowly starts to drive past the other cars looking in the windows. I drive off thankful of my timing. If he had been 10 minutes sooner he would have heard my bud yelling in escstasy as he loaded my hole and we would have landed in jail! 2 spit roasting and taking 4 loads was a good day indeed!
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    Still in a daze, I jumped on his back, clean or not I was going to fuck one of my last negative loads into him right now. I didn’t care. “You get to get every load I pump out from now until I test poz, you hear me fucker” “Yes Sir.” I didn’t lube his ass or my cock. I was going in dry and I was going in fast. I lined my cock up with his hole. I could feel the heat coming off it. He was motionless under me. I began to push hard against his hole and it was not opening. I slapped the side of his hip twice and it gave up a little resistance, allowing me to pop the head in. Peter screamed a little. I grabbed a pillow with one hand and pulled his head up with his hair and forced the pillow under him. I continued to push my cock in his hole. I forced his face into the pillow. “Scream in that you fucking wimp” I said. I pushed harder into his dry hole, my dick moved quickly and hit bottom. I felt him struggle as he screamed louder into the pillow. I didn’t give him time to get use to me. I didn’t have much time, I was sure he had another person lined up for my hole. I began to fuck his hole hard and fast, slapping his hip as I did. He was screaming a lot less but still screaming from the pain. His hole didn’t feel as good as it usually did but I didn’t care I wanted him to hurt. I slammed my cock into him and shot my load. “One less neg load in me fucker” I said pulling out of him. My cock was pretty clean except for a few bright pink spots on my shaft, a mixture of cum and blood. “Go clean up fucker” Peter jumped off the bed and went into the bath room, just as his phone went off again. It was another text message. The guy would be here in fifteen minutes to poz my hole. “Next poz fucker will be here in 15” I yelled to Peter in the bathroom. He came out still wiping his ass with a wet cloth. He looked hurt and confused. “Fuck baby that’s a side I have never seen” he said to me. “You deserved it with what you did to me” “I fucking love it” he said smiling. “Piss me off again and it will come out” I went over to him and put my arms around him, hugging him tight. I stared right into his eyes. “Thank you Peter, this is going to be a great vacation” I said. I kissed him hard and deep as his phone went off again. I was hoping it was the next man saying he was hear early as we continued to kiss.
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    2. Greg I couldn't stop staring at the man between my legs. I was in heaven; this handsome older man had just finished fucking me, shooting his sperm into my vulnerable young hole. Not only had he bred me, he was my father's brother, my own flesh and blood. I had been dreaming of this for months, trying to make it happen. I had carefully planted the seed in my dad's mind of Uncle Nate driving me to college on the other side of the country. Once that had worked out, I had made sure that Uncle Nate had been too horny to think with anything but his cock. It had gone almost as I had dreamt of, he hesitated only briefly before plunging his raw cock into my virgin hole. I hadn't been lying when I told him he was my first. I had fucked some guys, but some intuition had made me wait for someone special to be the first guy to screw me. Uncle Nate certainly qualified and I was glad I had waited. "You ok?" he asked me. I must have zoned out a bit, thinking about what I had just done. "Great. Sorry, I guess I spaced out there. What you thinking about for dinner?" I asked. "Get some pizza and beer, and bring it back here?" "Perfect," I said. I finally moved, getting off the bed and wandered to the window. I pulled the shade back, looking out into the evening sun, golden but strong. I knew it would still be hot out. I pulled on a pair of cargo shorts and a tank top. Nathan had also gotten off the bed, and was fumbling with his phone. "Pepperoni and mushroom good?" he asked me. "Sounds good," I said. He placed the order, pacing around the small room, still naked. "Fifteen minutes," he said. He rummaged through his bag, and grabbed a jockstrap and like me, a pair of cargo shorts. "This is going to be a fun fit," he said, as he pulled on the jockstrap. It only barely contained him. His cock was still thick and slightly hard. It strained against the threadbare fabric of the pouch. My ass twitched at the sight of him filling out the jockstrap. I felt his jizz deep in my hole and knew it was slowly soaking in. We continued to dress: I found my flip-flops, and he pulled on a black tank top. His chest hair still stuck out over the top of the tank, despite being carefully trimmed. I nearly pushed him back onto the bed and rode him once more. Not immediately fucking him again took a surprising amount of restraint on my part. He slipped into his sandals, then turned to me, and asked "Ready?" "Yeah," I said. With our near-matching outfits, there was enough resemblance between us that we looked like a father and his son. It was a nice thought, but I knew our relationship was now and forever closer than any father and son could dream of. We walked out into the hot, humid evening. "Damn," he said, "Still hot out." I nodded silently. I knew the black Land Rover would be baking. And I knew Nathan would be sweating soon. My cock twitched at the thought of how he would smell in a few minutes. I wanted him on top of me, his cock buried in my hole, my face buried in his sweaty chest. "I'll drive," I offered. "Sure. I can get us to the pizza place." He tossed me the keys, and we got in the car. I opened the sunroof a crack, enough to get a bit of air as the air conditioner struggled in the heat. We pulled out onto the street, and drove towards town. It took us about five minutes to get to the pizza place. In a non-descript strip mall, there was a party store at one end. "You want to get the pizza, and I'll get some beer?" Uncle Nate asked. He handed me a twenty, and we went our separate ways. Surprisingly, the pizza was ready when I walked in. I paid, and took it back to the car. I popped the back and pawed through one of my many bags. I knew what I wanted for the evening, a small bag with some rolling papers, a lighter, and most importantly some weed. I was pretty sure Uncle Nate would be cool with me getting stoned and would probably even join me. And, if he was at all like me, I knew the weed would make him horny. With just a bit of luck, he would fuck me at least one more time that night. Uncle Nate came back right as I found the bag it was all in. "Looking for something?" he asked. "Yeah, I found it," I said. "You mind driving?" "Not at all." I threw him the keys. As we climbed in, he put the six pack of beer in the back seat with the pizza. Once on the road, I opened the bag and pulled out the glass jar of weed. "Cool?" I asked. I opened the glass, letting the herbal fragrance fill the car. I held the glass jar up, letting see how full it was. "Oh, very nice, Greg," he said. "I could use some of that. And it smells damn good." I closed the jar, and put it back in the bag. We were quiet the short way back to the motel. It wasn't an uncomfortable silence; we had talked during most of the day's drive. There was much more we both wanted to talk about, but the car was an uncomfortably public area in which to talk about those matters. We both knew that no one could hear us, but still, the proximity of all the other drivers was disconcerting. I grabbed the beer and weed, and he carried the pizza into the room. He put it on the small table, and put some slices on a plate for the tow of us. I had a joint already rolled. I handed it and the lighter to him as I started rolling another one. He did a toke from it, and broke down coughing. "It's been a long time for me," he said, taking a swig of the beer. "And it's strong stuff," I said. He handed me the joint, and I took a hit. "How long has it been for you?" I asked. "Let me think." Uncle Nate paused, coughed, then continued. "Nearly six months. Jason had random drug tests, so we've had to keep ourselves clean for a bit." He sat down in the chair opposite me, the pizza between us. I handed him the joint, and he took another hit. While I finished making two more joints, we passed the first one back and forth. "One for the road tomorrow," I said, as I put one joint away with the rest of the weed. The pot was starting to hit me. I opened my beer, and took a swig. Between us, we finished up the joint, and most of the pizza. We were just staring at each other, relaxed and comfortable. Finally, I broke the silence. "How long have you been poz?" I asked. "A long time," he said. "Let me think." He leaned back, and I could see him counting the years. "Just about twelve years now," he said. "I used to know it cold. But I've grown used to it. Almost seems normal now." "Do you know who gave it to you?" I asked. "I mean, how you got it? If you don't mind me asking?" "No, it's fine. Yeah, I do. Alan. He gave it to me." "Uncle Alan?" "Yeah" I didn't know what to say. My earliest gay fantasies were about Uncle Nate and Uncle Alan. When Alan had died, I was nearly fourteen. I was still young, still confused enough about my sexuality to wonder if my desires and fantasies had caused his death. I remember Nate being devastated at the funeral. I wanted to comfort Uncle Nate, but I was too scared and too confused to know what to do. Even years later, I remember the pain in his voice when I talked to him on the phone. Not until Jason did the pain go away. "Did you know he was poz?" "Yeah, I did. He even convinced me to let him infect me." We were silent again, the pot now hitting us both hard. And I was trying to assimilate the news. It changed my perception of Uncle Alan, made him seem even hotter, more of the man I wanted to be. "It bound us together, more than I could have ever expected or understood." His story was making me horny. I shifted in my chair, trying to adjust my cock. "And you?" he asked. "Why do you want it?" It was my turn to be quiet. I had to put together my thoughts. "Two reasons. Maybe three now." I picked up the fresh joint, and lit it, taking a long hit. I handed it to Uncle Nate. "And? They are?" he asked, before doing a drag off the joint. "Can I be honest?" I asked. He handed the joint back to me. "Of course," he said, exhaling the pot. "I've just fucked you raw, Greg. I just told you I let Alan infect me. I'm not going to get angry or think less of you now." "I've always fantasized about you and Uncle Alan," I said. I realized I was almost gasping for air. "You guys were my first jerk-off fantasy." Admitting it to Uncle Nate was scarier than I had imagined. I looked at him, looking for any response. "Go on," he said, his face inscrutable. "And once I found that movie, with Uncle Jason, Ben, and yourself." I paused, long enough to take a draw from the joint. I needed all the courage I could get, both real and inhaled. "I wanted to be just like you. Like Jason. And now I know, like Alan. I wanted to have a bit of you inside me. And to have a bit of Alan inside of me as well, well, that's just one more reason." He smiled. "I guess that's two of the three." I nodded. "What's the third?" he asked. I took a swig of beer. I knew the pot wasn't going to be enough, and that I would need some liquid encouragement for the next reason. "This one is darker," I said. "Maybe too dark?" Nate looked at me and smiled. He stood up, and unbuttoned his shorts, letting them drop to the ground. He stepped out of them and ran his hand over his tattoo. "I have this," he said. "That's whats on the outside. You've seen at least one of the movies. Just know my fantasies are even darker than those. You probably can't top me. Yet. So, let's hear it." "I've got four years of college," I said. "I want to see how many guys I can share it with while I'm there. Frat boys. Jocks. Nerds. All of them." "Poz them?" Uncle Nate asked. He took the joint from me and did another hit. "Yeah," I nodded. Uncle Nate sat back down, and adjusted his jock. It was straining against the fabric, and had gotten noticeably harder as we had been talking. "The idea has woken up your cock, Uncle." "Damn, Greg. You're a fucking hot boy, with a dark and twisted mind." He smiled at me, as he took off his tank top. "I'm totally boned at the idea. How many guys have you fucked already?" "Just a few. Maybe six or eight?" I said. I followed Nate's lead, and took off my tank top. I tossed it into a corner. "Hot, twisted, and a good start at being a slutty boy to boot," he said. "And a twisted slut boy like you needs another load in your sweet virgin hole." "You got it, Uncle Nate," I said. I kicked off my flip flops, pulled down my shorts, and jumped onto the bed. The lube and poppers were already in place. Nate pulled his jock off to the side, his hard cock springing free and sticking straight out in front of him. "Don't hold back this time. Hard, deep, intense, and raw," I said. "And I mean hard." Nate jumped on top of me, placing my legs on his shoulders, and his cockhead right against my ass. He grabbed the bottle of poppers and held them under my nose. "You'll want these," he said, as I inhaled deeply. After me, he did a hit. I could feel the moist tip of his cock right against my hole. "Please, Uncle Nate," I said, staring into his face. "Nail me. Infect me." He leaned in close, kissing me deep. His cock pushed in, opening me up. As his cock slid into me, I heard him whisper, "I love you Alan." In a single forceful stroke, he pushed the rest of his cock into me. I took a moment to get used to him filling me up again. Then the poppers took over, and I just enjoyed his cock fucking me. As we settled into a rhythm, his cock sliding in and out of my hole, I asked, "Do you miss him?" He was quiet, and slowed down his pounding of my hole. Then, finally, he said, "Every single day." This time, it was Nathan who started to cry, his eyes welling up with tears. "He always liked you. I remember how proud he was of you at your Bar Mitzvah. He'd be so happy of who you've grown into. He would have wanted to be here so much." "He is here," I said. It sounded trite, but it was how I felt. It wasn't just Uncle Nate's cock that was in my ass. I could feel Alan's cock pounding my hole, at least in spirit. I reached around and grabbed Nate's heavy balls. "And especially here." "Let's get that load where it belongs," Nate said, thrusting into me even harder. "Into your tender young hole." He wasn't holding back any longer. He put his full weight into the fuck, forcing his cock deep into my hole. I wanted to slow him down a bit, make him take it easy on my ass. But then he hit a pool of cum buried inside of me, and spread it all over my hole. I was going crazy from the sensations deep inside of me, his deadly sperm was tweaking my mind. Instead of reaching down to hold him back, I reached down and spread my cheeks apart, letting him get in just a magical bit deeper. "Just like that, Uncle Nate," I begged. "Give it to me." I didn't want him to stop, and Nathan clearly didn't want to stop either. He kept on pounding my hole for what seemed like hours, not once letting up or slowing down. I glanced at the clock and realized he had been fucking me for over fifteen minutes. He was covered in sweat, breathing heavily, the relics of the non-stop pounding. Suddenly, he pulled out of me. "On all fours, Greg," he said. I flipped over as fast as I could, arching my back, wanting nothing more than him back in me as soon as possible. I grabbed the poppers and did a hit, right as his cock slid back into me. He took the bottle of lube and squirted some on his hand, then reached around and grabbed my cock. I was already hard as a rock, dripping pre-cum for a while. His touch was electric, and I thought I was going to cum right then. "Oh fuck, Uncle, that feels good." My cock got hard at just the sight of a bit of exposed man flesh. I had no defense against a man like Nathan actually stroking my tool. I started to drip pre-cum immediately. "Not too hard," I said. "I don't want to shoot before you've bred me again." "Don't worry boy," Uncle Nate answered. "I've had years of experience keeping horny boys on the edge." With one hand, he continued to stroke my cock, keeping me right at the brink of orgasm. I could only think about two things, first his cock in my hole, and second his hand on my cock. Involuntarily, I found myself pushing back against his shaft, trying to get him deeper into me. "Right on, Greg," Nathan said, "Fuck yourself on my cock." Nathan kept his other hand on my waist, guiding me onto his cock. Between our efforts, the strokes were deep and forceful. He was ripping me in two, but I didn't care. I loved every second of his assault. I wanted every inch of his powerful tool inside of me. "Please Uncle," I begged, "Cum in me. Breed me. I want your load." I thought for a second. "No, I need your load." "Not quite yet, Greg," he answered. "We've got to plow that virgin hole a little more. Make sure you're good and ready and raw before I shoot my magic sperm in you." He was thrusting in and out hard, poking his cock into me at all different angles. Masterfully, he explored new parts of my body. Under his assault, I was squirming, but it was hard to tell if I was more trying to avoid his cock, or meet it halfway. "I want my seed to have a fertile place to grow." He pulled out his cock once more. "Get on your back again," he said. I flipped over. "I want to see your face when you shoot for me," he said. He didn't even wait for me to get totally comfortable before his cockhead was back in me. It was like being on a spit, slowly spinning around on the axis of Nathan's penis. "I'm right on the edge, Uncle. I can't last much longer," I said. My cock was dribbling pre-cum like crazy, getting it all over my stomach and pubic hair. The one peril of my plan to keep Uncle Nate on edge over the past few days was that he wasn't the only one bursting with sperm. I needed to shoot just as badly, maybe even more. Nathan's dick was hitting all of the right spots, but he was carefully controlling and edging me, making sure I wasn't going to cum until he was ready for me to shoot. "You want another poz load in your boy cunt?" he asked me. His breath was hot and moist against my face, his face right next to mine. "You want Alan's virus inside of you?" "Please, Uncle. Give it to me," I answered. I knew if I felt his cock spurt inside me, I wasn't going to be able to hold off from cumming myself. Even without a fresh load from Uncle Nate in me, I couldn't hold back much longer. "I want it so badly." All I could think about was how good it would feel to have him shoot his load in me. I'd finally be connected to all these men, Uncle Nate, Uncle Jason, Uncle Alan, and all the men inscribed on Nathan's body. I grabbed the poppers and did a hit. I offered them to Nathan. He let me hold them under his nose as he inhaled. When he was done, I did one more hit, then let them fall on the bed beside us. The poppers hit both of us at the same time; Nathan pounded my hole even more forcefully. I was pushing up against him, trying to get as much of his shaft as possible inside of me. "I'm gonna breed you, boy," he said, his cock stiffening. "You going to shoot your clean and pure sperm for your uncle?" "Yeah, Uncle Nate. I can't last much longer." Nathan's eyes rolled back in his head, and his cock stiffened inside of me. "Fuck Boy! Take it! Take Alan's dirty virus!" I felt his hard cock spurt deep in me, warm jets of thick, fertile semen shooting into my hole. He was jerking my cock hard now, not caring if I got off now. "Let it fertilize you," he said. His dirty talking, together with him stroking my cock was getting me close. "Give it to me, Uncle," I said. It was my last coherent thought as my world narrowed down to two things: my raw ass getting pounded and my cock shooting all over my chest and stomach. Simultaneously, we shot our loads and all either of us could say between frantic, deep kisses were rough, animalistic grunts of pleasure. With each of Nathan's thrusts, his strokes were lubricated by his sperm, each stroke getting smoother and slicker. My own spurts of cum were landing on my shoulders, chest, and then finally on my abs. After what seemed like forever, we slowed down almost together. My cock was just dribbling the last of my sperm, and inside of me, Nathan's shaft was no longer pumping his poz cum into me. "Damn," I said. "I needed that." Nathan surveyed the damage. Large pools of milky white sperm were all over my chest and stomach. inside of me I knew there was a similarly sized pool of sperm. Uncle Nate leaned down. I thought he was going to kiss me, but he aimed lower. He licked up the pools of sperm, swallowing them hungrily. "Fuck, boy," he said, his goatee getting sticky and wet with sperm. We were both trying to catch our breath, the intense fuck having tired us out. Uncle Nate slid his cock out of my ass and collapsed next to me. He grabbed me, pulling me close to him. We kissed and I could taste my sperm in his mouth. It took a few more minutes of gasping for air, before I was finally able to talk. "Thank-you," I said. There wasn't anything else I needed or wanted to say.

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