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    A pulse of lightly scented steam rose shrouding me deeper in a mythical mist as droplets of sweat ran from my neck down my torso, I placed the palm of my hands on my young smooth chest and rubbed it in. In the distance shuffling could be heard which told me I was not alone in the steam room but the dense mist made it impossible to make anything out. I had just turned 18, and had decided as a present to myself I would venture in to my first gay sauna and my first man-on-man gay experience. Don't get me wrong. I had done my fair share of masturbating to online gay porn, and it was while searching the internet for additional sex outlets that I first encountered an advertisement for the bathhouse in which I found myself. I had had to dig deep to find the courage to concoct a convincing web of deception to convince my conservative family I would celebrate my 18th with my friends, so I would be occupied all Saturday afternoon and that evening as well. Meanwhile, I googled the bathhouse for reviews and saw some comments such as 'Guaranteed to get your ass pounded here!' and 'Full of horny fit guys in their 20's and 30's', 'Way to many tops and not enough bottoms to knock up for real', and another which read 'Notorious breeding ground'. Hindsight would have been a great thing at the time but when sensibility and the mix of adrenaline and lust clash, sensibility has no chance of winning out, and so it was with me. On the designated Saturday I left the house in mid-morning, when to the barber where I asked him to cut my hair back to a number 1, and by mid afternoon I arrived outside the bathhouse. Walking in to the small reception room I paid, got my locker key and towel, and was directed to the changing rooms just past the bar lounge. The clerk also mentioned the sauna and steam rooms were on the lower floor. As I walked through the bar lounge I noticed three men who, I assumed, were taking a break. Each gave me a furtive glance. Stepping into the locker room, I quickly changed, and then returned my locker key to the admission clerk, and then headed directly downstairs. Another wave of steam hit me as I began to really enjoy this and the thought of sex had long since diminished, I hear more shuffling a blast of cool air which was a sign that the door had been opened. I could just make out the shape of a couple of bodies, one of which was seated on the bench next to me on my left, the other to my right. Each was far enough away I was unable to get more than a vague impression. I also recall being quite struck me by the quiet. Apart from the hissing of the steam vent there was very little sound. Still, the proximity of the two men brought me back to reality and the real reason I had come to the bathhouse. Then another cool blast of air announced someone had entered the steam room. The vague outlines of various men moved in and out of my limited field of vision, each man's shape shrouded by the dense mist. A hand appeared and ran down my chest and his shape became clearly visible as he moved closer to me noticing the a well defined arm with a tattoo sleeve gave me the most incredible erection. What do I do? Should I return the stroke, or perhaps kiss him? I had no idea how this was suppose to play out. Fortunately the man was far more knowledgeable than I, and wordlessly taught me the etiquette of a steam room. His hand moved to my shoulder, then neck, drawing my head in his direction. His body and face loomed in my line of vision, the striking chiseled features of his face moved ever closer as he leaded in to my mouth, a kiss landing on my lips, which were closed. Still, suspecting my niavete, his tongue moved about my mouth, his saliva moistening my lips as his tongue slid between my lips. My lips were receptive to his advance, and my mouth partially opened only for his lips to lock against mine as his warm tongue explored mine. After 30 or so seconds of this intimacy, he pulled away, although a dribble of his saliva still connected our mouths. A smile crossed his handsome face as, having given me a warm look, he dove back in with increased intensity, his right arm, which was wrapped behind my neck, pulled me closer as his left hand grabbed my right hip, gesturing for me to straddle his lap. Obliging his direction, I positioned myself over his crotch, and in descending, my ass encountered his erection, which was rock hard, and difficult to control as it settled nestled between my ass cheeks. Still, sitting face to face with one arm now holding me steady on his lap I felt his other hand caressing my buttocks then pulling as he slipped his hand to my hole he began gently rubbing at first. Gradually one probing finger coaxed its way into my hole. Eyes wide with startlement, I tried to protest but his mouth was still locked against mine and, as the pained eased off, I clasped him about his neck and responded to his kissing as simultaneously his finger explored my hole. He pulled his finger out quickly causing my body to tense his hand rubbed my back causing a pool of sweat that he guided to my ass and rubbed it in to my hole this time with two fingers causing my back to arch slightly. In vain I attempted to moderate his activity by gripping his arms, but his sweat made it impossible so I resumed my clasp around his neck. I must admit, moreover, by this time, my mouth now completely invaded by his tongue, and feeling lightheaded from the heat and steam, I neither wanted to, nor realistically could break free from him. Every now and then the man tightened the bicep of the arm which was holding my back, which gave me a comfort of feeling controlled. I was clearly in the grasp of a very experienced man who understood positive and negative reinforcement as sporadically he would withdraw this fingers from my ass, which left me feeling an immense sensation of release, but which also left me yearning for that moment he would slid his fingers back into my ass. In one such cycle the man broke off our kiss, and, spitting into his hand, we resumed our kiss as his hand moved slightly further down my back. Almost involuntarily I felt my body rising slightly only for a searing pain to shoot through my body. Naturally I wriggled to escape it the shocking pain, but the man clamped his arm firmly behind my back, preventing me from forcing a withdraw. Breaking off the kiss, I buried my face in his neck and groaned loudly. I knew his cock head had penetrated my ass: my virginity and body were forever parting company. The man reached behind my neck with his free arm, pushing my body downwards. By this point I was so overwhelmed with pain I was prepared to forcibly raise myself off of his cock, exclaiming a loud "NO" as he pushed my body downwards, forcing me to take more of him in to my ass. I gasped for breath - my body was being pushed further and further down on his cock, my moans and cries had brought other guys closer as they watched the transformation of a virgin. Tears mingled with the sweat as I came to rest on his lap, his cock now fully immersed in my arse. Almost immediately the pain began ebbing and was being replaced by a gentle internal caressing sensation, a sensation I was not keen on ending. My ass still felt as if to be on fire, but still I didn't want to stop. Raising my face to his, my lips greeted his mouth we resumed a now incredibly sensual kiss. My ass was also now responding to its own desires, rocking to and fro with small rise and fall movements which continued for what seemed like an eternity, the pain now replaced by intense pleasure. The sudden tight locking of his arms around my body forced me to expel what air I had in my lungs in to his mouth as he sounded a loud grunt directly into my mouth. Simultaneously his cock further hardened, swelled, and went rigid as a torrent of warmth flowed into my arse, the first wave of his ejaculation now planted seed deep inside me. I tried to catch a breath but his grip was so tight I couldn't pull air in to my lungs and in rapid succession of pulses stream after stream of his seed flowed in to my body. My head collapsed against his neck as I strove to catch my breath, but the man's grip was so tight around my body I could only manage short pants. In the aftermath of his orgasm, his cock twitched in my arse, the last drops of cum oozing into my hole, as ever so slowly the man released his grip, leaving me to find I had also shot my load - without even realising as much. His mouth sought mine and we kissed deeply as I remained impaled by his large still erect cock buried deep. Bodies appeared next to us, wandering hands sought to explore, only to be quickly pushed away by my maker. He was adamant. He alone would play with me. He alone would be inside my body. Slowly the gathering crowd moved away, still optimistically lurking in the dense mist, awaiting the master to release me, his prey. We broke from our kiss and he pulled me in to his neck and locked his arms around me securely. Involuntarily I winced as pain ran through my arse: again he was pushing his hips upwards, clearly indicating he was ready for another round, so I clasped my hands behind his neck and shoulders and resumed an up/down movement. My ass might have been sore, if not completely in fire with pain, but I knew trying to stop would be futile now, especially as he had now begun his second assault on my young body. I was a quick learner. Without hesitation my head moved to his and we engaged in another sensual kiss as my ass rocked faster as his manhood continuously speared my hole. Sweat was running down both of our bodies making if difficult for us to keep hold of each other. The man thrust up, perfectly meeting my downward motion. Each time I hit bottom I moaned loudly into his mouth. He broke the kiss, looked me in the eyes, his arms tightened again around my back. I knew full well what was coming. I found myself staring deep into his eyes as he moved in for the kill. Sharply tightening his grip, the air escaped my lungs as my back tried to arch away. My chest was being crushed against his. I couldn't expand my chest to draw a complete (and badly needed ) breath. My arse was forced down harder on his cock. Letting out a low long moan, the man's cock twitched as his pushed his hips up getting as deep as could and began releasing the first of five waves of his seed firing deep in to my ass. I collapsed against his body whilst he held me tight. Finally I could at last get air back in to my lungs and, shaking off the grogginess from lack of oxygen, I panted heavily against his neck. I might have felt violated and destroyed by this man but I was also overcome with lust and desire for his sex. My senses gradually came around. I knew my body had taken enough. Again kissing the man on his lips, I slowly lifted my ass off his cock, in the process emitting a slight cry of discomfort. I didn't anticipate the withdraw of his cock would be as challenging as its entrance. The man released his grip from around my back and I got to my feet, but as I was visibly unsteady, the man stood with me, escorting me out of the steam room and into the showers where he stood next to me, stroking my back as the cool water poured over my head and body, greatly refreshing me. The man, by this time, had taken the adjoining shower head as he also wanted a clean-up. This was the first time I had the opportunity to get a clear, unimpeded view of the man. He was about six feet in height, heavily tattooed, easily in his late 20's with a beautifully muscled arms, defined torso and strong legs. Still no word spoken between us he caught me looking at him so he cupped my face and gave me deep french kiss. I placed the towel around my waist and sat down on a nearby bench to relax, and I must have dozed a minute or so, for when I opened my eyes, I saw the man was gone. A couple of men walked through the corridor, obviously assessing the situation but I decided to head home so I went upstairs, retrieved my key, and entered the locker room where I saw only one guy was delving into his locker. I opened my locker and looked-up just as the other man in the locker room moved in my field of vision, revealing his back and the tattoos which adorned his body: dead square in the middle was a biohazard tattoo and, on his left shoulder blade, a scorpion. Then turning around I came face-to-face with the man who took my virginity. He gave me a warm smile. I was not so stupid that I didn't understand the implications of the tattoos. Fear froze me to the spot: a poz guy had just shot two loads deep into my body, and his cum was still inside me. I returned his smile, stepped into the toilet, where I did my best to push his seed out, but my arse was sore and burning, and each attempt came to naught. Wiping my arse, I noticed tell tell signs of blood on the tissue. Seated on the toilet, my head in my hands, I was beside myself and angry he could do such a thing, but then again I shared the blame as I never insisted on a condom and just allowed him to fuck me. I went back to the locker room to find it completely empty. Resigned to my fate I opened the locker door to find a note which contained both a message and a mobile number. The message read "Best fuck ever. You will want more of me and when you do, call me as I really enjoyed breeding you. I'm available whenever you need me." Looking at the note I realised my cock was rock hard so I folded the note away and put it in my trouser pocket and finished changing.
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    Part 1: Ryan and the Scally Lads "Are you sure you want to do this?" Jared asked, absentmindedly brushing his blond hair out of his face. "Yes. Definitely.” Ryan tried to not roll his eyes. “Come on... aren't you even a little bit curious?" Jared looked at the the building in front of them. They were in a part of Manchester he hadn’t been to before. It was dark, and the object of their interest was in the basement of an old building that hadn’t served its original purpose (probably some kind of industrial space) in decades. There was a sign but the name was generic enough that neither he nor Ryan would have known what it was — a gay “sauna” — except for the ad they had seen in a magazine in one of the bars on Canal Street. "No. I've got a pretty good idea what goes on in there. Just because I’m gay doesn’t mean I have to be a slag. Don't you want to save yourself for someone special?" Ryan knew exactly who that "special" person for him was in Jared's mind: Jared. He and his friend were both Mormon, had been raised in the same ward (congregation), and — around the time they hit puberty — had felt drawn together. For Ryan, it was simply because they had something in common... they were both gay in a church that didn't look on that very favourably. For Jared, it was more. He believed they were "destined" to be together. Ryan had tried to let his friend down easy. Jared just wasn't his type. Even now when they had been bar hopping on Canal Street, Jared dressed like he was on a church outing. He wouldn't even drink alcohol. With his thin and hairless body he was the picture of a typical twink. He was cute but didn’t do anything for Ryan sexually. Ryan had always been attracted to rougher guys. Council estate lads who would shock his middle class Tory parents back home in Essex (if he ever told them he was gay). Crass, tough, and a bit scary. That's what got him hard. But, no matter what Ryan did or said, Jared didn't want to hear it. "I stopped believing in soulmates around the same time that I stopped calling myself a Mormon.". Ryan said. It wasn’t the first time he had said that (or something similar) to Jared but his friend still looked hurt at his words. "I'm going in. You coming?" "No. I don't think so. I'll wait for you over on Canal Street for awhile... in case you change your mind." "I won't." "Just... just be careful. Ok? Be safe. I've heard guys don't always wear condoms in places like this." It was good advice, Ryan decided. He didn't want to get sick. He was on the rowing team for the university and knew his tight body was his best feature. Well... tight body, dark hair, blue eyes... and a butt to die for. He had not yet done anything other than sucking a cock or getting sucked... but he had watched enough porn to know that he was a bottom. Which was, of course, another reason he knew there was no future for him and Jared... what were two bottoms supposed to do together? But no. He had not yet surrendered his ass. Tonight, however, he was determined to change that. Tonight, he would lose his virginity. "I’ll be safe. And thanks." He gave Jared a friendly hug, walked down the steps, and into the building. Jared waited where he stood for a couple minutes, ignoring the leering look some drunk gave him, before turning around and walking back to Canal Street and the bars. Inside, Ryan paid his admission and passed through a turnstile. He wasn’t sure what to expect... but the somewhat generic locker room wasn’t it. Still, he guessed it made sense. He knew guys walked around with nothing on but a towel ... so they needed to secure their clothes somewhere. He was pleased when he saw a couple other guys checking him out as he got undressed. They weren't his type ... but it made him hopeful he wouldn’t just be ignored. He wrapped the towel he had been given around his waist and set off to explore. Despite his bravado with Jared, and his sincere desire to have "real sex", he was nervous. How would he know a guy was interested? How would they know he wanted to get fucked? Should he tell them he was a virgin? He started with a walkthrough of the bathhouse to see what it was like... and to give himself time to calm down. There was a jacuzzi and a steam room, then showers, then a TV room. Steps led down to a short tunnel and then back up to several areas with different types of booths. Then another tunnel that led back over to the entrance from the locker room. Then, as he was turning a corner, he ran face first into a man coming in from the lockers. The man smelled like he had been working hard all day and hadn’t showered before coming to the sauna. Not dirty, just a little sweaty. He was about Ryan's age — maybe a year or two older. About 6 feet tall and lean. He had close cropped ginger hair and a nose that looked like it had been broken sometime. There was a tattoo on his hip but the towel covered almost all it it so it wasn’t clear what it was. Not a “pretty boy”... but incredibly sexy in Ryan's eyes. Ryan's dick was hard instantly. "Oi! Watch where you going, boy." "I'm so sorry. My fault. I wasn’t looking where i was going.". Ryan stammered. Two other men stepped out of the locker room, glancing at Ryan before turning to the man he had run into. "What's all this noise, you ginger cunt?" It was more banter than an actual insult. The man who spoke had 'dirty blond' hair and blue eyes. Unlike every other man Ryan had seen so far, he was wearing a pair of shiny black trackies instead of a towel and expensive looking trainers on his feet. His upper body, however, was bare. He wasn’t fat, not even remotely, but he had just a hint of a belly. Still muscled though. Just the kind of muscles you get from hard work not working out. The ginger man sneered at his two friends. "This little bitch ran into me. I think he wanted to see what a real man feels like." Ryan blushed and tried to stammer out another apology. "I think you're onto something there Scotty. Look how hard his little dick is." Ryan didn’t think his dick was "little" (it was about 5 1/2 inches) but he was hard as a rock. "Yeah. What fag boi wouldn’t be hard at the thought of this?" Scotty groped himself through the towel. Fuck! He was hung. Ryan couldn't take his eyes off what looked to be eight inches... and not yet fully hard. He just stood and stared. "You know what we have here lads?" The third man spoke for the first time. He was a bit shorter than the other two, maybe 5’ 10”, but was the most muscular of them. His hair was dark like Ryan's but his eyes were brown. "I think you've found a virgin." The ginger smiled and seemed, suddenly, to be friendly. He put his arm around Ryan's shoulder.. Ryan couldn’t stop himself from inhaling a deep breath of the man's musk and sweat. He smelled soooo good. "Is that true, boi? Are you hiding a cherry under that towel?" "Well... kinda. I mean I've sucked a guy off before." "Thats just foreplay." The guy in the trackies laughed. "If you've never had a dick in your ass, you're a virgin." Unsure what to say, Ryan just nodded. "That's shameful!". The ginger man said with mock seriousness. "I can't believe some guy hasn't claimed that prize yet. A fine piece of ass like you.” He turned to his friends and winked. “I think we should help him out lads." The other two nodded and agreed. Not even trying to hide their smiles. "You want that, boi? You want me to fix that ‘cherry problem’ of yours?" Ryan looked at the three studs who now had circled him. Like sharks. Hungry sharks. Hungry — and very sexy — sharks. He took another whiff of the ginger man’s musk... he smelled like walking sex. A wet dream come true. "Please...?" was the only word he could form. "Good boi.". The third man, the muscular one with dark hair, smiled. "I'm Troy. This... " he gestured vaguely at the guy in track pants. "... is Connor. And you probably figured out that this ginger fucker’s name is Scotty." "I'm ... I'm Ryan." He couldn’t believe his luck at meeting up with these three chavs. Or scallies as they called them here in Manchester. "Where you from, Ryan?". Connor asked as the three lads led him deep into the sauna... back to one of the areas with booths he had walked by earlier. "Essex." "Oh. We've got a posh boi here lads. Best be on good behaviour." "No. No. Really... just be yourselves. I ... um... I like it." "Just yanking your chain, boi. Relax. You here at Uni then?" Ryan nodded, delighted as they seemed to ease him into their little group. "I never had much use for school myself.” Connor said. “Too many bullshit rules.” "Enough chatter.” Scotty interrupted. “The only thing Ryan here needs to worry about right now is my popping his cherry and setting him free." Ryan blushed but his cock strained even harder under his towel. Troy opened a booth door and gestured for Ryan to enter. The booth was filled wall to wall with a large mattress (if that was the right word.... more of a big cushion or pad) which was elevated enough that they had to climb in. It was large but still a little cramped when the four of them were all in and the door closed. It hadn’t occurred to Ryan until that moment that there would be witnesses to his deflowering. He wasn't entirely comfortable with the thought but didn’t want to look like a pussy in front of these guys and ruin his chance. Troy surprised him by pulling him in for a kiss. His mouth tasted of cigarettes and beer. Ryan wasn’t crazy about smoking ... but was too turned on to care. Troy lay down to the mattress, pulling Ryan down on top of him... which served to raise his ass up a bit. Scotty pulled the university student's towel off. The ginger man leaned over on top of Ryan so he could whisper in his ear. "You've got a lovely arse here, Ry. I'm gonna love WRECKING it." Ryan looked up nervously. "Ignore him. He just likes messing with you." Connor assured him. "But... well... he IS big. Especially for your first time. I do have something that can help though..." He pulled out a small brown bottle from a pocket on his trackies. "I don’t think I want to do any drugs..." "Oh its not like that. Just poppers. They just help you relax." "I'm not sure..." "Connor is right.". Troy said beneath him. "They really will help. Just give them a quick try. If you don't like them, no harm done... right?" Ryan nodded reluctantly. He reached for the bottle but Connor shook his head. "You’d better let me hold them. The last thing you want to do is spill them down your nose. Here, just take a big sniff..." A moment later and Ryan felt warm. Like he was blushing. And then just a little woozy. But he barely noticed as Scotty buried his face in his crack and started licking his hole. "Oh. My. Fuck!". Ryan moaned. The bottle was back under his nose. "Sniff." Connor said. Ryan didn't argue. ---- Jared looked out the window of the bar. He didn't really expect Ryan to give up or come to his senses so quickly, but he hoped he would. They were perfect for each other. It was so obvious to him. He couldn't understand why Ryan didn't see it. He hoped that, by letting Ryan "sow his wild oats", he would get this nonsense out of his system and be ready to settle down as boyfriends. He took another sip of his diet cola and decided to give Ryan a bit longer to come find him. ---- Ryan was in heaven. Scotty’s tongue, and the occasional finger, was still buried in his ass and Troy’s lips were still locked with his. The poppers had left him so horny he could scream. Connor lifted his head up. “I’m feeling left out, Essex boy. Why don’t you use your mouth on this?” He pulled his trackies down with one hand, just far enough to free his dick, and with the other hand pulled Ryan’s face into his crotch. Ryan opened his mouth and swallowed the cock. It wasn’t quite as long or thick as Scotty’s but it was still the biggest he had ever had in his mouth. He couldn’t help but gag a bit. Troy had the poppers now and placed them next to his nose. “Sniff, Ryan.” Ryan obeyed. Scotty had gotten a bit more aggressive with his fingers now... but the poppers helped him handle that as well. Troy had told him that Scotty needed to stretch his hole so he could enjoy his first fuck more. Ryan just wished the ginger was more careful with his fingernails... he was feeling a bit scraped up. Then... the tongue and fingers were withdrawn. “You ready? You ready for me to pop that cherry and make you the slut you were born to be?” Ryan pulled his mouth off of Connor’s cock but Troy held him tightly enough from below that he couldn’t really turn around to look at Scotty. “Fuck me!” “Bossy little bitch, aren’t ya.” Scotty sneered. He started running his cock up and down along Ryan’s ass. “Um. You’re going to use a condom, right?” Ryan pointed to the container on the wall that held condoms and lube. “Of course, boy. The lads and I always play safe.” Ryan couldn’t tell if Scotty was being sarcastic or if that was just the way he always talked. “You shouldn’t use those condoms though.” Troy told him. “There are guys who will tamper with them. We always bring our own...so we know what condition they are in.” “Oh cool. Thank you guys.” Ryan still couldn’t turn around but he could hear the condom being opened and rolled on Scotty’s cock. “Here. Give me your hand.” Scotty ordered. Ryan reached his hand back and Scotty placed his fingers around the big — no, massive — cock that was about to penetrate him. He could feel the johnny firmly in place. He felt some cold gel applied to his hole and pushed in with a couple fingers. There was a slight tingling sensation. “Lube with a numbing effect.” Scotty told him. “Will make your first time easier.” Ryan smiled nervously. “I’m really glad my first time is with you. You making this so perfect. Thank you.” “No worries.” Connor replied. “Maybe a boy like you knows, deep down, that he needs what we have to give him.” Ryan didn’t understand but didn’t have time to think about it as he felt the invader pressing against his hole. Scotty slapped his ass. “Don’t tighten up.” “Just relax and push down on his cock.” Troy said below him. “Better fill his mouth with that dick of yours, Connor.” Scott ordered. “I think he’s going to be a loud one.” Ryan didn’t resist as Connor’s cock filled his mouth again. And he tried to push back as Troy had suggested. But it hurt. Oh fuck! It hurt. Troy held the poppers under his nose again. He sniffed deep. Scotty slapped his ass again. Harder. Much harder. Startling him. But, apparently, it was enough to make his hole spasm open... as he found Scotty had managed to push the thick head of his uncut cock in. It felt like someone had shoved a cricket bat up his ass. He tried to cry out... but with Connor’s dick in his mouth it just sounded like moans. “Oh, fuck yeah.” Scotty grunted. “Your cherry will always be mine.” “You’re doing good.” Troy assured him. “Now push back and let him get more inside.” Ryan’s eyes were watering with the pain but he did as instructed. He had done it. He had a cock in his ass. And now, despite the pain, he wanted more. Scotty was not patient but it still took several minutes before that big cock bottomed out inside him. Before he finally felt Scotty’s heavy balls slapping his ass. Scotty slowly pulled back until just the head was inside. Then back again balls deep. Out. And in. After a few minutes of this action, Scotty pulled all the way out. Ryan could feel Scotty’s hands behind him, doing something. He had a moment of panic... was Scotty taking the condom off? He reached back but could still feel the condom there. “Don’t worry, slut. The condom was just sliding a bit... so I’m pulling it on me tighter. “ And then the cock was back in. Thrusting in. And sliding out. A few minutes later and Scotty pulled out again. He rubbed some more lube in Ryan’s hole. Connor leaned over Ryan, looking at his friend’s cock with a smile. “You’d better pull the condom REALLY tight. Make sure it stays on.” Ryan could feel Scotty’s hands stretching the condom tight behind him. After a moment Scotty groaned slightly. “Fuck yeah. Just like that.” Connor said with a smile. As the cock went in, Ryan decided the extra lube was really helping. This felt amazing. Better than it had just a moment or two earlier. Still, he reached back, trying to be subtle. The cock was deep in his hole but he could still feel the base of the condom so he breathed a sigh of relief. “I’m starting to think you don’t trust me, boi.” “I’m sorry, I’m just nervous.” “Shhh.” Connor said. “Just get that mouth back on my cock.” Ryan did but couldn’t really focus on it. Connor, however, seemed content to just let it sit there for now. Scotty’s thrusts were getting stronger. More erratic. The cock seeming to swell up even more inside him. Every man knows what that means. Instinctively, Ryan started pushing back harder. Into the fuck. And was rewarded. “Yeah. You’re pushing me over the edge! Here it cums, you slut.” Scotty kept thrusting as he came before finally collapsing on Ryan’s back. His breath escaping in ragged bursts. After a few moments he pulled himself out of the hole and sat up. Connor withdrew his cock from Ryan’s mouth and Troy released his hold, allowing the student to sit up slightly and look around. Scotty had already wrapped his towel around his waist and was throwing the used condom in a small trash can in the corner. Ryan could just see the tip of the tattoo under the towel and again wondered what it was. Scotty smirked. “Looks like I may have used too much lube. It’s dripping out of you.” Connor moved behind him. “Yeah, man. That is a lot of ‘lube’. It would be a shame to let that go to waste.” He started rubbing his cock against Ryan’s hole. It took the student a moment to realise what Connor wanted. “Um. I don’t know. I’m a little sore.” “Oh come on.” Troy frowned. “We’ve helped you lose your cherry. Surely you wouldn’t hold out on us, would you? Besides, neither of our cocks is as big as what you’ve already taken. You’ll be fine.” “You both want to fuck me?” “Well not at the same time. I don’t think you’re ready for that. Yet.” Troy winked up at him. Ryan had to admit the cock rubbing against his hole was feeling good. “You have more condoms, right?” “Oh, yeah. Lots more. Just like the last one.” “Let’s do it.” Ryan thought Connor’s grunt as he slipped into his no-longer-virgin ass was the most beautiful thing he had ever heard. Connor’s style was so different than Scotty’s had been. Where Scotty had thrust deliberately in and out, Connor’s were more like a rabbit fuck. Short but very fast thrusts. He didn’t want to insult the guys again, so he didn’t let himself reach around to feel for the condom. He had heard Connor opening it and say he had put it on. Why would he lie? Meanwhile, Troy kept kissing him, rubbing his nipples and dick, and giving him the poppers. Scotty was sitting in the corner watching them all while playing with his now soft cock. Connor reached the point of no return much quicker than Scotty had. “Fuck yeah. You little slut. Your fucking tight hole is going make me shoot.” Ryan realised he liked when they talked dirty to him. It was like he was in one of the pornos he watched online. “Yeah. Do it. Fuck me like a slut.” “Damn. That was so fucking hot to watch.” Scotty said a couple minutes later as Connor pulled out of Ryan. “Yeah, you dirty fucker.” Connor bantered with the redhead. “I know you get off on watching me fuck. You just wish it was your ass I was pegging.” “In your dreams.” Scotty sneered. “Looks like I used too much lube as well. Look at it flowing out of him now.” It was strange, Ryan couldn’t remember Connor adding more lube. He didn’t worry too much about it though. It was Troy’s turn. Troy’s style was completely different from the other two fucks. If Ryan had to describe it, he would say it was gentle. Almost romantic. It took Troy much longer to cum that the first two but he did eventually collapse on Ryan’s back after his cock spasmed deep inside him. “Damn.” He said as he pulled out. “It looks like we all used a little much ‘lube’. Your hole is a mess. Looks like you might have bled a little as well.” Ryan sat up and felt his ass. “Really?” “Don’t worry, it sometimes happens. Especially your first time. It will heal up in a day or two. Nothing to worry about.” Ryan nodded. His ass really was a mess. Whatever lube they had used was running out of his (now far less tight) hole and down his ballsack. “That was fun, slut.” Scotty said. “Welcome to the club.” “The club?” “Yeah. The former virgin club I mean.” Scotty sneered at him. It was a bit scary. But very sexy. “I doubt this will be the last time you get fucked. Will it?” “No. I liked it. I really liked it.” “Fuck yeah you did.” Connor added, pulling his trackies up. “You’ve worn the three of us out.” He opened the door. There were a few men outside listening to the action who looked in the opening door. Their hungry looks made Ryan blush. “Hope to catch you soon for a repeat.” Troy smiled. “We need to make sure that hole is well and truly broken in.” After they left, Ryan pulled the door closed but there was no latch. He should go, he told himself. If he knew Jared, he was still in a bar waiting for him. But he was so drained. He needed to rest for a few minutes first. He flipped the light switch off, laid down on his belly (his butthole was pretty sore now), and closed his eyes. Just for a minute he told himself... right before he fell asleep. He woke with a start as he felt someone move on top of him. “What the fu...” “Shhh, boy.” A stranger’s voice said to him. “I saw you in here with your juicy ass in the air and I could see what you want.” A hard cock pressed against his hole. He was so sore... but it felt so good. He pushed back and let it enter him. The stranger didn’t feel very fit or toned but, in the darkness, Ryan could ignore that. The stranger used him hard. Both of them grunting in exertion, thrusting together. Until the stranger came and pulled out. “Thanks.” Was all the stranger said as he got off Ryan and climbed out of the booth. In the light from the corridor, Ryan had saw him for the first time. The stranger looked to be about 60 with a flabby belly and a saggy ass. That was the moment he realised that had never seen the stranger put on, or take off, a condom. Had the old man just fucked him bare? Ryan was ashamed. He felt... dirty. Truly slutty. And not in a good way. He hurried out of the booth himself. He didn’t even stop to shower on the way to the lockers. Five minutes later he was out the door and back on the street. He didn’t think he could face Jared right now. He headed home telling himself he would talk to his friend tomorrow. He hurried into his apartment and to the toilet. Trying to push out anything inside him. But he didn’t see anything but more lube like Scotty, Connor, and Troy left behind. He breathed a sigh of relief. His phone rang. Jared. Not tonight he decided. He would talk to Jared tomorrow. He turned his phone off and took a shower. —— It was past closing time. Jared shivered in the cold night air outside the bars as he slipped his phone back in his pocket. He never should have let Ryan go into that place. He had been gone for hours and now wasn’t answering his phone. There was only one thing to do. He would have to go in and find his friend and get him out of there. NEXT: Jared and the jock
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    Part 3 Usually once I had my fun and dropped a few loads I would pull myself together and go home for the night, my balls drained and ready for bed. Tonight however after using this muscle stud then getting the largest and most unexpected load of seed to ever enter my body I needed more, I couldn’t simply go home. I needed to finally stop fighting and become the pig I knew deep down I always wanted to be, a total cum pig giving up my seed and having men give me theirs. There was just one slight problem to my plan, I had always fucked raw as a top so my chances of getting the bug were slim…still possible and I would get tested regularly. I had made an appointment with my doctor to talk about getting on PreP and was pretty sure it wouldn’t be a problem but that was a couple of weeks away and I was turning into an insatiable cum whore now. I don’t want to be so tright but the mental image going in my mind was a man turning into a warewolf…nothing he could do about it the moon was up and he was going to change. The same transformation was happening to me, the voice in the back of my head warning me about all the risks of infection etc. I decided then and there that little voice was going to shut the fuck up forever and I was going to be what I wanted to be, a full cum pig. I found a quiet spot and called my doctor it was late so I knew it would go to voice mail, I was just calling to cancel my appointment…I figured I would probably have the fuck flu by the time of my appointment anyway. With the taste of cum still on my lips and my hole twitching and my cock drooling again I went back into the dimly lit sex club with my new ravinous need. From this night forward there would be no cock or hole I would turn down, I would be a pig of epic porportion. I thought about where I would start first, the darkest room with the most anonymous sex seemed like the ideal location. I unbuttoned my jeans so they could drop at a moments notice where usually guys would grab my ass I would nicely push them away or only fuck guys I could “see”. Those acts of selection ended tonight, it was still early in the evening about 8pm and place stayed open till the early morning. The half drunk horny men from the surrouding bars hadn’t shown up yet so I had hopes of it being a good night to get to know the new me. I ended the “dark room” the smell of man sex and sweat hung in the air, there was not a lot of air circulation but that unique smell made my cock drool even more and my hole even more insatiable. As I walked past a few guys they touched and groped me and instead of moving forward past them I stopped and let them have whatever they wanted. I closed my eyes and found a beam to steady myself and turned my body over to whoever was there and whatever they wanted to do with it. Before I could feel my pants hit the floor there was one guys sucking my cock, one working my nipples and one getting me spread my legs to get his face in my ass. My hole was tight, hadn’t been fucked in a couple of years but I was sure that was going to end tonight and if I was pig enough my hole would leave leaking and my balls would be sore from trying to keep up the cum production. Before long as I stood there not denying anyone anything from me I felt the familiar warm and soft flesh begin to surround my cock, someone was mounting their ass on my raw cock. The guy that was eating my ass was doing as much eating as slobering all over it which I was greatful for as for the moment all I had was one of those free small packets of lube and a really tight ass. I felt the guys stand up and ask in a low voice “you want to get fucked” and for the first time ever in a sex club I said “yes” and not only yes but “yes…but only raw and you better breed it”. I handed him the lube packet he must have thought it was a condom and whispered “I thought you wanted it raw”, I said “it’s lube and I have been fucked in years so start slow”. He started slow if you count just taking a second once the head poped in and just cramming the rest up my new tight cum hole. I had seen porn with a guy in the middle with his cock up some pigs hole and a cock up his…always wondered what that would be like, turns out IT’S REALLY FUCKING GOOD!!! It was probably made hotter by the fact I had kept my eyes closed so I had no idea what any of these guys looked like or anything I just wanted to feel them get lost in the sensations. Before to long the guy behind me said “I am going to cum” I pushed back on him and started meeting his thrusts with my own. My ass needed two things, a break for just a minute (he didn’t have a small cock) and to be painted inside with this strangers cum. I felt his cock start to swell a bit more and that same staggared panting I get when I am going to bust my nut and he pushed deep into me and I felt him release a good load of seed inside me. I had taken the first step on my journey of the evening and the rest of my life. Now I wanted to find out if poz tops were as good as poz bottoms, if I am going to do this I might as well do it all. I was pretty sure that poz cock was going to become my new obsession. End of Part 3 Let me know what you think, if you have any suggestions drop me a line. Let me know if I am getting the hang of this story writing thing.
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    My name isn’t so important…what happened that is a story worth telling, you can decide if it’s worth reading. I am about 6’ good build, solid muscle and hung at eight thick inches. Guys never complained, well, occasionally a guy would when I slid into his ass for the first time. In any event, my experience was that once I had played with a guy, he would always tell me my cock was a good size and shape. I would go to the sex clubs, bath houses, cruise the guys on-line, always looking for next way to blow my load, be it in a guy's ass or while jerking off to porn or perhaps while watching guys fuck at the bath house. Most days I would go to bed after shooting five or six loads throughout the day. I was always sex hungry. And I was almost always a top. I loved going to the sex club where I could flop my cock out of my pants, give it a few quick strokes to get it hard then wait for a hungry bottom to come by. I particularly loved topping and breeding raw hole after raw hole, giving greedy, hungry bottoms what they wanted, which was, of course, my seed. My favorite bottoms were the muscle studs with a bio-hazard or scorpion tattoo. Sex with poz bottoms was always better. Somehow they just knew how to give a great fuck. Although I loved topping, a voice in the back of my head kept asking what a bottom felt when another guy shot his DNA deep into the bottom's ass. Of course I could have bottomed and answered the question in my mind, but for one reason or another it simply never happened. Until a bottom turned me into more of a sex pig than I was already. I was at the sex club hanging around with my cock hanging out keeping it in various states of arousal ranging from chubby to rock hard. I spotted a muscle stud who was just standing looking kind of irritated. If he was having a bad night, I certainly didn’t want to make it any worse, but I was curious as to why such a muscle stud so was upset he turned guys away left and right. He could have played with any guy he wanted! I found a spot where I could discreetly observe him. Perhaps I could figure out what was going on. If so, perhaps I would be able to mount the stud. The muscle stud stood about six feet tall, and was wearing a white wife beater that showed off his big shoulders, his large pecs and pair of nipples that gave every impression of needing some serious attention. He was wearing basketball type shorts and no underwear, which was useful as I could see his rock hard cock, which was an amazing ten inches, made a a very visible protrusion in his shorts. I had been at the sex club about three hours. I had fucked a few guys, and had been continually edging my cock, but hadn’t as of yet dropped a load. Consequently my balls were starting to ache - the classic blue balls scenario. The six foot muscle stud punched all my buttons. I just had to breed him, and, I hoped, several times. The venue was a sex club, not a bath house, so there were no showers or private rooms just various play spaces and 'stalls' where those patrons who didn't want an audience could find a bit more privacy. I, on the other hand, usually liked having an audience, so I positioned myself in front of an open stall just across the walkway from the muscle stud. He could easily see me, and indeed we made occasional eye contact, but I made it a point to merely give him a general smile, and to remain stationary. I decided there was no point in even trying to make a move on the muscle stud until I determined why he was so irritated. And, I decided, being respectful of his space was a good place to start. Guy after guy would walk past, ogle his body then immediately try to grab his huge cock…that’s when he got irritated and I almost had my answer. He looked over at me again saying “I might have a big cock that doesn’t mean I have any desire to use it” then he turned a bit to give me a peak of a big muscle butt. I responded, “I don’t give a fuck about your cock, I want to put my tongue up that ass.” For the first time he smiled walked past me motioning for me to follow him. We walked into one of the public large dark rooms where there was a padded fuck bench. He immediately dropped his pants and bent over the bench as he was dropping his pants, I was dropping to my knees. I needed to get my tongue up that perfect muscle ass, didn’t know if he had been fucked already and I would have some cum to eat or if I was his first and I didn’t care. I wanted to eat it, suck on it, open it up and breed it then breed it again. I was going to pound every drop of cum I had into this stud and I was sure he wanted it and could take it as rough as I wanted to give it. I shoved my face between his two perfect fuck globes I stuck my tongue out and licked him from his taint to the top of his crack with my tongue flat. With my tongue flat and deep lick they get a nice run of sensation over their hungry hole and I get a good taste of sweat and sometimes seed that has already been pumped into them. This guy was a bit different, I wasn’t sure if he had been fucked tonight I could taste a little lube but that was it and the lube could have meant that he just came prepared. I proceeded to eat that ass like it was the last hole I was ever going to eat. I licked him up and down (stayed away from his cock), then putting my mouth around his hole and sucking on it making it open up in my mouth. Sucking on a cum pig's hole will usually get me some seed to taste but not this time but he wasn’t relaxing his hole as much as most bottoms do. However, I could tell he was really enjoying what I was going as he was really vocal about it and I REALLY enjoyed eating his muscle ass so both of us were very happy. I asked him to flip over on his back so I could eat that ass from a different angle, which he did. To be honest, I also wanted to see those pecs of his - again. As he turned I made a move to start taking his shirt off which he realized and took it off himself, there my new conquest stood, naked, bulging muscles, big pecs and the perfect nipples. I asked him if they were wired and he pulled my face into his chest where I latched onto his nipple and worked it like was his ass. His response was to moan just as he had while my tongue was up his hole. I then switched nipples. His pleasure was obvious. I specifically didn't touch his cock, but made it a point to keep a firm hand on his rock hard ass, gently fingering his wet twitching hole. After taking a quick lick into each pit, relishing the stud bottom's perfect scent, he lay on his back, raised his legs in the air, spreading them wide. His perfect muscle fuck mounds parted and there was my prize: a perfect hungry pink hole that was hungry for a pounding and a seeding. The lights were dim so what I hadn’t noticed was the biohazard symbol tattooed on his hip, not particularly big as some tattoos go, but big enough to be easily seen if there was more light. "Are you poz?" I asked. "Yeah, is that a problem?" he responded. "By no means - it's a bonus!" I replied as my tongue dove directly into his cum pig hole. Knowing my new muscle cum pig was a poz muscle cum pig made everything more exciting, increasing my need to use him. What I didn’t appreciate was, even considering the brief period of time he and I would play, he would nonetheless have a substantial and lasting effect on me. --End of Part 1-- Let me know what you guys think and I will continue the story.
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    Part 2 After eating his perfect ass, and generally teasing his hungry hole, I got to my feet and asked "You want me to breed that poz muscle ass of yours?” His response was perfectly clear: "Fucking breed me stud. Knock me up.” He had never asked my status (which, if you're interested in knowing was, at the time, neg). I gave my cock a couple quick tugs to get it rock hard and asked him if he had any lube. "Don’t need it. Push on in.” Aligning my raw cock with his perfect poz ass, I gave a steady but considerate push. My cock slid readily into his hole. The moment my cock entered his chute I could sense my cock was wrapped in warm, wet fluids. I suspected I was fucking a butt which was full of cum and lube. Yeah, this poz muscle stud's ass was full of cum. My hands held steady on his heaving muscle chest. He was everything a top like me could ask for - or so I thought. I could have busted quite quickly, but didn’t want to. I both wanted to and needed to enjoy his ass, so I made it a point to fuck with a steady rhythm that would keep me hard, but which wouldn't (at least immediately) push me over the edge. My fuck rhythm had the result of encouraging the formation of cum froth around his hole and my cock, a point which I saw as a mark of accomplishment. After some time the muscle stud asked if he could turn back over, so I withdrew my cock out long enough for him to flip over, whereupon I reinserted my raw meat inside his ass - again. I noticed that although I had withdrawn from his ass rather quickly, not a drop of seed had oozed out of his ass. Clearly he had excellent muscle control. I fucked him harder and more furiously, working us both up to a nice sweat. He begged for my seed, so I responded "If you get my load, then I want to taste your ass afterwards.” "Then fucking breed me so I can feed you," he retorted. Letting myself go, I commenced fucking with a furious pace, working hard and fast to release my seed into my stud, if only so I could again eat his hole. I felt my balls begin to lift, and my breath was increasingly hoarse. I was on the cusp of blowing a major load up the muscle god’s hole. And so it was. I gave one final thrust, pushing myself as deep as possible into the stud and let loose, delivering every drop of seed my balls contained into his ass. Spurt after spurt of thick, viscous cum was coating his chute. He must have felt my cock twitching, and therefore must have recognized each volley of cum that I delivered into his body. To be sure his moans matched the delivery of each shot of cum against the walls of his insatiable poz cum dump ass. The second I knew the last drop of cum was out of me I pulled my cock out and immediately dropped to my knees, furiously eating his poz ass. However, what happened next I would have never anticipated: he reached behind himself, grabbed the back of my head, pushing my face into his ass crack, and then, giving his ass muscles a push, he blew all the cum he was carrying in his ass directly into my mouth, leaving me with a BIG mouth full of cum. He further surprised me as, before I could swallow the huge load, he was on his knees, deep kissing me as we snowballed his load, gradually swallowing it bit by bit. This sudden cum explosion into my mouth from this poz cum pig woke something up in me, it had unlocked something. I don't fully understand how or why the experience changed me, but it most certainly did. My cock started dripping again and again I needed to be inside his ass. I pushed him over, plunged my raw cock back deep into his poz pig hole. This was the last time I would consider myself an exclusive top. End of Part 2 I have never written on-line stories so feedback is very much so appreciated.
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    Part 6   I awoke sometime later. I am sure a noise had woke me up. I listened and could hear more sounds. I started to get up, when it dawned on me that my new neighbor and owner of the duplex had the noises coming from his place, again. I leaned closer to the wall and could definitely hear the sounds of sex coming through the wall. The unmistakable sound of a cock pounding a hole, with moans of pleasure. There was no talking. Just moans of pleasure and panting and the sounds of a cock pounding the hell out of a hole. I could almost imagine my own cock pounding one of my girls. I noticed I was getting hard as hell listening to it. I soon had to get my cock out and started to jack it in time with the sloppy sounds coming through the wall. I could imagine fucking and wishing I was getting some. It had been way too long now. Then, there started to come sounds of talking, almost yelling. I heard, what had to be the one getting fucked saying, "OMG, give it to me. Pound me harder, faster. Fill me with your cum." The one doing the fucking was then saying, "Oh, yeah, getting so close now. Going to knock you up and give my my babies." That sounded weird to me but whatever. I found myself getting closer to cumming now also. Just as I was about to cum I heard to fucker yell, "Here it comes, take my 10" cock and my hot cum to knock you up forever." There was a loud grunting sound and I heard both of them saying, "I'm cumming hard." As they said that my own cock erupted all over my wall with one of the largest loads I had ever let loose. Then, I heard the one who had to have been the dancer saying, "WOW, I sure tore your ass up good that time. I can see traces of blood and cum running out of you. You will almost definitely be pregnant, now." What?
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    I haven’t written in a while as all my last several fucks have been relatively ordinary, which is to say one-on-one, or at most getting two different loads by the end of the night, but that all changed tonight. I was horny as fuck, drinking wine, and smoking a couple of joints with some friends when this thick veiny-dicked dude called me, saying he wanted to come over to breed my hole. He’s an older man, 48, hairy, well built and with those cocks that for some reason have a protruding lower vein like some misshaped fruit, making the dick hard to ride and kinda painful but once it gets going it's clear he'll wreck the hole he is fucking. True to his word he came right over, but sadly didn't take long to cum. Still I rode him for a while, squeezing my asshole to make sure he opened me well, and as planned, he soon blasted his load deep inside my guts. Afterwards we chatted a bit while I checked Grindr where I learned a friend from school was going to the bathhouse downtown so I reached-out to him, suggesting we go together. He readily agreed. The only day the bathhouse opens all night is on Saturday, until 8:00 AM Sunday morning, so as to catch all the horny party men on the way home. I was cautiously optimistic I'd get several loads without the necessity of fending off rubbers. We got there and my friend and I walked into the dry chamber and I started to blow him. He’s got a really thick and curved dick, so I swallowed it whole and was soon jumping on top of it as seven to nine guys gathered to watch. I counted them as I checked out their dicks, beckoning each one to come forward for a blow while I got fucked. While most of the guys were receptive to my invitation, there was one man who was playing shy most didn’t come over, but eventually he stepped forward and, after some effort, I had his exceptionally long, monster dick which I finally got down my throat, as the man's balls bounced against my chin. After several minutes of working monster dick, I decided to give my jaws a break, so I released the monster dick as I also slid off my friend's cock, and turning around, decided I'd finish off my friend with a blow job. The monster dick, however, was not so easily the discouraged as, without any preliminaries, the monster dick slid into my ass, giving me a vigorous fuck. The audience was getting bigger, and another guy approached us and took my hands towards his cock, which was thick, veiny, long, big - in short, a cock I'd be happy to breed me. “I’m about to cum. Where do you want it?” asked the monster dick in my ass. I couldn't effectively answer him as I was deep-throating my friend. Instead I reached behind myself, grabbed him about his waist, and did my best to hold him steady until he blew. Moaning and grunting, the man stood still until his balls released his sweet liquid in my guts. Two loads so far. Not a bad day. He withdrew and to my great pleasure, the thick, veiny, long cock I noticed earlier slid into my ass. It may have hurt like hell, but the idea of having a dick stirring the two loads inside me helped me take it like a man. He fucked me for a while and was soon announcing that he’d cum soon. “You want it? Beg me for it”, he commanded. Fuck, is attitude got me going. The're nothing like a man who recognizes another's need to be recognized as a cumwhore. “Breed that hole, man, leave that load deep and don’t pull out till every drop is in me”, I said, making sure I was heard. He groaned, moaned and was soon awarding me with my third load of the night, withdrawing only after I relaxed my ass muscles, releasing his cock to make its departure. After this I stood-up, stretched, retrieved my towel and walked straight into the little dark room that’s next to the first floor terrace, hoping as I did so, that some of the crowd would follow me. As soon as I got in a found his big bellied hairy guy just sitting there in the darkness with a really low hanging dick. I was soon on my knees deep-throating that soft meat, that sadly wouldn’t get hard for another while. Fortunately I saw a skinny shadow come towards me. The skinny guy thoughtfully guided my hand towards his crotch where, hot damn, I found more big dick. It was amazing. He turned me around, pushed my head down to continue sucking on the big bellied guy and shoved his dick in my ass. Fuck yes, another big dick was now stirring the three loads in my hole. He fucked me hard and fast, being really loud with the grunting and making sure our skins clapped against each other. A crowd formed in the darkness, and people kept trying to grab my chest and arms and hard dick. When the grunting and moaning got more intense and then quickly subsided I turned around with him still in me and asked “Did you fill that hole good?” “Fuck yes,” he replied, a note of satisfaction in his voice. Abruptly I heard someone moan in the darkness as one of the onlookers came. How the exchange between me and the top could get someone off in a dark room is beyond me, but who am I to judge? He pulled out and I felt something big open my ass. I couldn’t fucking believe I had another big dick mixing up his DNA with the other four loads I had inside. I sensed this guy was older, and his dick was something out of this world - one of those huge cocks that completely fills-up and stretches open a bottom's cavities. The guy leaned over, presenting me with some welcome poppers, giving me time to take several huffs before he proceeded to plow me hard, using a methodical, rhythmic pattern of thrusts that reduced me to a true fuck hole. It was fucking perfect. He asked me for the poppers back and took a hit, telling me he’d come soon. I said aloud “Please fill that hole, sir,” and he followed suit in perfect order. Now, five fucking loads one right after the other from five fucking big dicks don’t happen often where I live, so I had to cherish the moment. Another dick walked behind me and I felt someone lean on me and whisper my name, asking “How many loads to have there, you cunt?” I knew it was my buddy, who I had accompanied in this trip to the bathhouse. "Five," I replied, a smile on my lips. I sensed he was jerking himself off fast, and his cock head was colliding with my ass lips. “Get ready for the sixth,” he said, shoving his terribly thick dick in me. His cock was that which pushed me over the line: I went from spongy to rock hard in seconds, and a load blew out of my cock within a minute or so, leaving the room redolent with the smell of cum, sweat, poppers and ass juices. I turned around and we kissed, celebrating a very successful visit to the bathhouse. After that I got my towel, walked out of the little dark room, took a shower and called a taxi. I'm now heading to bed, the DNA of six different men swirling inside my ass. I can only hope not much will cum will show-up when I make my bathroom call tomorrow morning. Wish me luck.
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    Was out running errands and not paying attention to how much gas I had til it was very close to empty. Pulled into a gas station I had never visited before to get some gas. Needed to take a leak so headed to the bathroom after paying the attendant inside after noticing him checking me out or it was my imagination. Got inside took a leak then noticed the gloryhole by the sink or at least I thought it could be. I bent down to check it out when a dick comes thru the other side. It was the attendant's cock. So I sucked it hard before turning around and fucking my ass on his pole. He had just cum when the customer buzzer rang and he went back up front as I pulled up and headed out to finish up my errands before heading home.
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    Angelo - Part 2 I was finding it difficult to walk normally so decided to take the bus. Taking my seat I jumped up a little as he pain hit me, it was turning out to be a very uncomfortable trek home. As the bus pulled up to my stop I stood up with the weird feeling of my underwear being stuck to my ass as I tried to adjust it without anyone noticing. Opening the door to the house it was very quiet so I guessed my family had gone out, I headed to my bedroom and closed the door behind me. I took off my shorts and noticed a damp patch on the back and felt quietly embarrassed. Pulling down my underwear I noticed a pink slimy mess had congregated in them and decided to rinse them out so headed to the bathroom. As I stood rinsing them in the sink I felt a trickle run down the inside of my thigh so grabbing some tissue I wiped it up noticing yet more of the slimy pink mixture escaping from my ass. I cleaned myself up as best as I could then went back to my bedroom picking up my trousers off the floor I remembered the note in the pocket. Debating to destroy it I paused and read it once more, doing so caused a stirring in my groin. Maybe this was fate and we were destined to be together, stupid idiot I told myself. Picking up my phone I added the number to my contacts and tore the note up in to small pieces, there I thought, if I need to and I can remove him easily enough. Tired from my day and somewhat aching I pulled the duvet back and snuggled down in bed to have a nap for a few hours. I woke with a startle and felt myself laying in a wet patch and new immediately that more of his cum had escaped my ass, my sense of smell picked up an usual odour which must be what a fucked ass smelt like. This was all very new to me and wasn't sure if this was normal Cleaning up the mess as best I could and taking a shower to rid the slimly mess on the inside of my thighs again. Sitting on the bed I picked up the phone and started typing a message "Your cum is still seeping out of my ass." and hit send. The buzzing of my phone startled me a little. I read the message "Good. Let me know when you want me to breed you again.". The rest of the weekend went by without any further incidents but my ass was still hurting but subsiding slowly through Sunday and in to Monday. The week went by in a flash and college was hectic with lots of assignments to complete so I was kept pretty busy until Friday early evening. Assignments completed meant I had the weekend to myself, laying back on the bed group texting with friends deciding if were going out. I then stumbled across his old message. Something was drawing me to reply but the thought of having my body brutalised again should have been enough of warning. I typed one word "Hi" and a smiley face. His response came straight away "Meet me at the bathhouse in 20 minutes.", oh crap I said to myself, a second messaged arrived from him "When you arrive give your name as Tiger to the attendant.", not thinking any more I quickly dressed and headed out. Opening the entrance door the same attendant as before was manning the desk. I walked up as he asked my name, "Tiger" I said. He looked at me handed a locker key and told me my visit had been paid for. I must have looked slightly confused but he smiled "lucky you" he commented. Descending the stairs to the lower level I found it was really busy and trying to move around was a challenge. Hands were grabbing at me from all directions making me feel extremely vulnerable and disorientated. Two burly men collared me and started closing in forcing me in to the corner by the shower cubicles their hands reached out an grabbed hold of my arms, they started to steer me towards a dark corridor off to one side. I froze on the spot trying to pull away from their grasp. A tattooed arm appeared from behind and a familiar vice like grip secured me around the wait. The two men looked up as his voice bellowed "Fuck off and leave my boy alone.". Without any hesitation they released me and backed off hands raised in a surrender. He guided me to a private room that had a day bed in and turned to leave, I grabbed his arm. He looked back at me and spoke for the first time directly to me "No one will touch you, don't worry I am going to get us a drink.". Several men passed by looking in a guy who could have been no older than myself lingered posing in the entrance eyeing me up and down and stepped over the threshold. An arm grabbed him and warned him "Don't do it, he belongs to Angelo", a look of horror on his face he made a clumsy rapid exit. Angelo as I now knew his name, returned with two soft drinks. He closed the door and secured the lock as he offered me one of the drinks, I thanked him and he sat down beside me taking a swig he put the drink down on the floor. I took a small sip and put my drink down his arm wrapping around my neck and his hand resting on my chest he pulled me in and gave me a very tender french kiss. This man of little words quickly removed both our towels, he swung me around straddling his lap. Stroking the side of my face and whispering "I knew you would want me again." as he pulled me in to another kiss. His arms now wrapping my body tightly I felt comfortable and secure knowing where this was going. I raised my hips slightly and he removed one arm, spat in to his hand and rubbing it in to my hole he then guided his cock towards my ass. Tingling then a sharp burning pain ran up my body as I felt the head of his cock penetrating me. Pushing his hips up and forcing me down his cock tore it's way in to my body I moaned in to mouth repeatedly. Coming to rest on his lap he let out what seemed like gratifying purr. He disengaged our kiss "My boy. Back where you belong." he muttered whilst kissing my neck. I felt myself being lifted up forcing me to lock my legs around his waist as he stood up our mouths met in an excited yearning manner. In one swift movement I found my self on my back in a missionary position, he gently started gyrating his hips. The sensation was overwhelming as my body shuddered at this new experience he looked me in the eye a big broad smile on his face. I relaxed completely stroking his back as he switched between thrusting and gyrating, my back arching, body responding to his movements in unison. His arm wrapped around my neck pulling us closer face to face, we kissed tenderly as I held his neck I could feel his cock beginning to go rigid and swell putting more strain against my ass lining as he thrusted in and out with total abandonment. He grunted loudly several times as delivered the first river seed in to my body. An agonising cry emitted from me at the sexual slaughtering my body was taking. Every forward jolt of his body meant another release of seed being planted deep in my body. Still locked together he rolled on his side, his arms wrapped around my body. My head nestled in his neck and feeling the fading of his orgasm I tenderly kissed his neck as he tightened his arms around me. The warmth of our entwined bodies, his dominance over me just draw me deeper and deeper into hedonism and I just wanted to lay here with him forever. After some time had passed I felt his hips pushing up as he started working up to take me again. His orgasm was a big as the first but this time he stayed inside me gently pushing his cock deep making sure his seed was planted firmly. We enjoyed a very sensual kiss as he began to remove his cock slowly. A cry escaped my lips as his head finally pulled free. As we left the room I was told to go home, climbing the stairs I looked around to see him disappear in to the steam room.
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    In Key West last Friday, I ventured into the bar, the only leather bar in Key West. They had an event called Cock Shock. After a series of contests such as Best Beard, Best Ass and Best Cock (they didn't have one for Best Piss Drinker unfortunately) they announced they were turning off most of the lights and anything goes. It was not easy to see but I would say about half the men removed their clothes and the other half took out their cocks. A vague smell of poppers and pot began to fill the air. I sucked on a couple of cocks, one of whom came in my mouth. Shortly, I began to feel somebody fingering my ass. I leaned over and braced myself on a bar stool and pretty soon I felt their cock begin to try to pierce my butthole. I reached around to help guide it in and to make sure it was raw. It was and soon it forced its way into my hole. He began to fuck me in steady rhythm and slowly gradually increasing speed and losing rhythm. I was in ecstasy and though I tried to suck a cock or two, it was impossible to get my mouth around them while my ass rode the cock I wanted so much. Finally I felt his cock rage and expand and I knew he was about to cum. He leaned over and whispered in my ear "I hope you are on the pill because I am as lethal as hell." I almost began to spurt myself when he said that but I only said, "Just shoot man!" as I could feel him start to cum and fill my ass with his poisonous cum! When it was over we both collapsed onto the stool and shortly my legs began to shake and he began that slow withdrawal from my body. I reached around to try to clean off that hot toxic cock but he had already moved on. I slowly pulled my clothes back on and decided I had gotten what I came for. I left the bar and felt a drop of bugged up cum trickle down my leg as I crossed the still busy street on my way back to the hotel.
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    This is my first ever attempt at fiction, so please be kind, guys! Chapter One: Monday, part one. It started like any other Monday shift in a sauna. Quiet. We had three or four regulars milling about the place but that was about it. Boredom had struck. I grabbed the phone out of its cradle and slipped it into my pocket knowing it would only ring should a customer turn up. I closed the staff only door behind me and headed upstairs. It was time to do the rounds... SIGH! Oh, how rude of me! My name is Alex and I'm 23, short dark brown hair, deep brown eyes and I would say I am what probably gets categorized on dating apps as 'average' body build. My cock is nothing special, about seven inches, fairly thick and uncut. Anyway I reached the top of the stairs and pushed open the first door on the right. The grunts and moans of the porn playing echoed through the empty upstairs but there was no one in sight. I carried on and, in turning the corner, I walked straight into Rob knocking him backwards. His towel dropped and my face reddened. "I am so sorry Rob! I was just doing my rounds!" I stumbled over my words embarrassed that I'd made him drop his towel. "Don't sweat it, kid," came his husky reply, "pass me it back would you." I had known for some time that Rob had a thing for me but was never sure he was my type. Rob was about 40, a chubby hairy bear of a man. Now I should probably explain I am a slut and, as a slut, I either go without underwear or (at most) wear a jock to work in the hope that when my shift is done I can get a little action. Today, however, Rob had a different idea. Turning my back to him, I bent over to grab his fallen towel, and in so doing my loose shorts slowly slipped over my cheeks, the cool air alerting me to the fact my ass was now on show. Before, however, I could even reach around to pull the shorts back around my waist, I felt the soft nuzzle of Rob's warm cock head rub down my crack. "Rob, behave man!" I exclaimed. Rob, however, wasn't listening. In one thrust he was balls-deep bare in my ass. My lips parted and a single whimpering moan of pleasure was all that slipped out. To Be Continued.
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    Part 1 Art was a hopeless rock monkey; he loved to hang on craggy granite. Bouldering had long since gone from outdoor workout to an obsessing passion. This muscle-driven sport was ideal for a small guy like Art whose genes created a body more shaped for gymnastics than football or basketball. Best of all this non-competitive rock play fused technical skill with a brutal gravity-defying muscle pump. Geologic formations were Art's favorite gym. Art had long since mapped out and chalk polished his own set of problems at his favorite hang-out, a long rocky uplift called Hoodoo ridge. Hoodoo was a place where Art could spend hours caressing stone, conquering overhangs, laterally swinging and reaching from hold to limitless hold. The vertical ascent wasn't Art's real pursuit. Instead, this rock stud worked a long traverse pushing every muscle of his climber's pumped frame until the very fiber screamed. Art preferred Hoodoo above all the other hang outs for it's near complete privacy. These stones were off trail, hidden among Ponderosa pine well above the more crowded trails of the reservoir below. Art shared the place with a few climbing buddies, but mostly played there alone. On any given sunny afternoon Art could be found bouldering shirtless at Hoodoo in a pair of his favorite worn-out, baggy shorts. He liked the feel of breeze that wafted his exposed ass via a long vertical rip at the seam on the backside. He'd never bothered to stitch it up. The rear exposure not only cooled Art's straining glutes, it was as close to nude climbing as he could get and still protect his precious package from sharp granite or raspy sandstone. There was something to be said for a body sculpted on rock. At a compact 5'7'', Art's lean 140# frame was notable for his baseball round biceps, a tight chest, flexible 6-pak abs, and striated back muscles, every taut fiber a result of hours spent hanging at Hoodoo Ridge. At 28 years, Art enjoyed seeing the ripple of his own sinewy arms and legs as he reached and pulled, satisfied at the little stud frame he'd created. His own private pleasure. It was some shock for the little rock-monkey the day Nate discovered Art's bare ass hugging rock. Nate had just moved to this booming college town from back east on a football scholarship. He was unsure about a new life in a town where black America was seen only on TV, but as an inner-city boy he was hungry to get to know the mountains that loomed above campus. Nate stood out from most of the population on this lily-white university, and that was ok. He was enjoying all the attention. People weren't studying his ebony skin, though. At 6'4", 240 # of football honed mass, Nate was huge. His presence was intimidating to even the most confident. Both women and men stared when Nate the Freight walked by. His college life back east had been filled with football, parties and plenty of sex. Who and what never really mattered that much as long as he got to ram his hard cock somewhere tight and warm. It has probably been this in discriminate choices in sex partners and his unfortunate habit of tearing them a new asshole That had results in him coming back positive in his last health check before changing colleges. It had been 4 weeks since he had pounded someone and he was eager to take it up a notch from his usual hard sex to something really kinky. He wanted a tight neg ass to rip and breed. Part 2: Nate came upon Hoodoo ridge and Art's bare ass after leaving behind a fellow jogging buddy from the team. He and Mike, another linebacker, had headed uphill and off trail to see if they could get a view of the city below from atop the ridge of rocks above. Mike was sucking air and told Nate to go on ahead, he'd be up in a few. Nate enjoyed the presence of his almost equally big white team mate. He thought he might even make a nice breeding buddy, he just wasn't sure if he swung that way. Nate kept climbing breaking into a good heavy sweat as he want and upon reaching the ridge summit heard some heavy breathing coming from the rock. There, hanging like a chimp some 12 feet above the ground, Nate caught sight of one very sexy tan ass, hindquarters of a little white stud. The Philadelphia linebacker had only seen climbing on Mountain Dew commercials up to now and was enthralled by Art's agility as the climber blindly reached for a small crack above his head. Nate was captivated by the fluid movement of this little man as the rock stud pulled his body up a few feet. Now while Nate loved to fuck women or any hole really, he had acquired a taste for little white guys, a habit pursued since high school football. Girls cunts simply couldn't take what he had to offer. Male anal anatomy was another story.And besides even when he ripped a faggot open they ended up wanting more. Overtime, Nate had found he could intimidate, subdue, & seduce most of his teammates and other groupies he'd set his eyes on. For those few who played a little hard to get, Nate had more than once used his imposing size to force himself on, overpower, and impale his prey, conquering their unwilling fear. It was not uncommon after such a forced fuck, that these little men would come asking for more of his big black dick. Such was Nate's power. Seeing this erotic motion on rock, honing in on every muscle tighten on that little guy's back, and smiling at the curve of his finely rounded ass, blood rushed to Nate's head and cock. He knew then if only for this view and the guy fuck in his near future, the move to this town was worth it. Men on rocks! Nate could barely control himself. He wanted to reach up and grab those firm cheeks. He imagined his face buried in that tightly clenched crack, the feel of the velvety warmth of that little stud's love canal as he reamed his 10" black shaft up home. He decided there to make this stranger's tight ass his first breeding conquest. But first things first. Nate moved out of the trees as quiet as a 6'4" man could, and positioned himself underneath the heavily breathing rock stud. The rock monkey climbing above still hadn't noticed the intrusion. "Man, look at that ass. You always climb so exposed?" The boom of Nate's voice pierced the Hoodoo silence. "What the fu..." Art looked down, flinched at the black giant below, lost his hold, and fell off the rock. Nate saw Art slip a second late and while he was able to catch the little stud and break the fall, they both fell back into the embrace of a bush. Nate hadn't meant to scare the little man (well maybe he did) but as a result he found his big hands encircling the rock stud 's pumped upper arms, that exposed tight ass perfectly nestled above his very engorged basket. "Whoa...." Art found himself sitting on the lap of a very large black man. He looked around to see two big eyes penetrating his own. "Jesus, you scared the shit outa me. Where'd you learn to spot, anyway?" Art accused lifting himself off the big black man's lap, unnerved by the outa-the-blue shock of the situation. "As a matter of fact, I do always climb in these shorts. I mean no ones usually around staring up my ass ". added Art. Nate laughed a deep chuckle, licked his lips. "Hey, sorry about spooking you. Never seen a man hanging from the side of a rock." Nate then noticed the rock stud's 7" erect cock sticking like a pole below Art's shorts. "Looks like I got your attention, anyway".
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    Part 4 Nate lowered the rock studs hips now, rubbed his hand across the flat little belly beneath him taking up the boy's still warm cum and rubbing it along the shaft of his throbbing dick. The rock baby no longer struggled to get away and Nate found it time to take this little man's ass and exercise his desperate black muscle. His premium was oozing out, the though of breeding his first neg ass was driving him wild but he wanted to confirm it. Nate grabbed Art from behind the knees, pulled hard legs over his shoulders, aimed his cock at the hole. Art had lost it. His legs over the shoulders of this black giant, Art reached around to grab the dick that he knew was coming his way. He grabbed what felt like a warm throbbing pipe, not believing it's size, looked around to see 10" of black cock pushing at the entrance to his asshole. "Relax, little man. You're gonna take this cock whether you want it or not. The more you relax, the less I'll hurt you" Nate pushed. Art tried to relax and felt the black cap opening his hole. "Before I fuck you are you neg?" asked Nate with a sly smile. "Yes, please I don't want to catch anything" replied Art. Knowing he would get the reaction he wanted Nate replied "Too bad, I'm Poz and so will you be soon" Fear crossed Arts face and his ring instantly tightened to ward off the toxic monster. In that instant Nate gave a fast short thrust and felt the ass below open up with a pop as his cock head entered. Art screamed which excited Nate more. Looking down he could see a small amount of blood already appearing, it had done the trick.Nate covered Art's mouth and gave another thrust sinking 3" more in the tight ass below him. "Ahh yea, baby, take my cock. Take it all" Nate thrust again, 2" closer to paradise. Art couldn't imagine the pain. Teeth clenched and tongue thick, Art gripped Nate's bulging arms trying to push the giant off him. He felt like a horse was fucking him. Nate pulled out, grabbed the little stud by the waist, and turned him onto his stomach. He pulled Art's ass up toward, him, aimed and thrust his dick again into the wonderfully tight hole. Art screamed again. Nate looked down and saw he had 5" left to drive home. He pulled Art up to his chest, rested his chin on his captives head, wrapped his arms around arts chest, one hand over Art's mouth. With his dick still halfway up Art's ass, Nate stood up. Art's scream was muffled as he was lifted off the ground with that horse dick up his ass. Up on two feet and arched back, Nate was in heaven, buried deep inside Art, whose legs were kicking in mid air like a little boy. Nate could feel the little man's heart racing which excited him even more. He held Art's waist and started rotating his hips, enjoying the tight canal massaging his dick. Art was groaning to the rythm. After a couple minutes, Nate got a better hold on Art's shoulder's, covered the kid's mouth again, and simultaneously pulled down on the little body as he thrust up slamming the last 5" of his hard black cock up this tight white ass. Art was screaming behind the palm as he felt the monster dick jam further up his ass. He felt like an impaled pig, feet hanging in mid air between Nate's bulging thighs. This is what it's like to get fucked by a man, Art thought. He then felt Nate arch back and let go. Art grabbed onto Nate's thighs to steady himself but realized he was being held up by nothing but this black dick up his ass and his own weight sittting on Nate's crotch. Nate could feel a faint drizzle of wetness dripping off his balls. He knew he'd split the kid good. He first felt the belly below him rumble and then heard Nate's triumphant howl. Art passed out from the pain. Hidden in the bush, Nate hadn't realized that Mike, his fellow linebacker, had been watching the show for some time. Mike, who was shorter than Nate at 6'1" but no less built at 210#, had seen Art climbing before. He'd been impressed by the rock stud too, but was more amazed to see Nate fucking the little guy. This was clearly an uninvited rape and Mike found his own steam rise and 8" dick harden. Fuck if he was going to let his teammate get all the pussy and not shar.Mike walked out of the bushes, hard dick in hand, as Nate was laying a limp Art over a rock to pump the shit out of his little ass. Nate looked up, saw his friend and his hard dick, heading over. Nate smiled and let his tongue fall out in a pant indicating to hisfriend what a good fuck lay below. Mike walked over in front of Art's face and started stroking his dick in front of the little guy who was coming to, and starting to groan again. "He taking any loads? Sharing needles for my roids has left mine a bit dirty" asked Mike. "Fuck yeah, like he has a choice" hollered Nate. When Art came to, he realized he'd been moved and could feel that big black dick slowly pumping in & out of this ass. Nate was groaning, "yea baby, yeah. Take it, take it all. Oh this good. Your mine." When Art opened his eyes he was confused to see a big throbbing white dick in his face, looked up to see a big white guy, about the same size as Nate jacking off right above him. Just then Nate, shoved in hard up his ass causing Art to scream again. Mike grabbed Art's head and shoved his engorged meat in the little man's open mouth to shut him up. It took him several hard thrusts but he got his dick all the way down the guy's throat and started fucking. Art reached out to push off the white guy's thighs but was then lifted off the rock from behind, dicks still embedded at both ends. With Nate holding his waist and Mike holding his head, Art found himself airborne, a double orifice for two fucking animals who were reaming their dicks in and out. "Hey Mike, he's loosing his tightness, hold your cock in and choke him out. His struggling should help" stating an uncaring Nate. Following instructions, Mike continued to face fuck Art, but kept his throat well plugged. Stars started to appear and Art became frantic trying to get air. "Fuck yeah, thats what I'm talking about!" Nate pounded harder his black monster cock covered in the little neg virgins blood Art could feel Nate's balls hitting his ass and sensed the giant dick begin to throb against his shute. Nate started yelling " Oh yeah, ahh god, oh I'm gonna cum, rock baby, I'm gonna fill your man pussy with my poz juice. Ahh, Ahh. Here it comes." Nate bent over and blanketed Art's body with his own, his face eye-level to Mikes big pumping dick. Nate squeezed the little guy's studly body as hard as he could. Art couldn't breathe, just as he started to feel the giant cock explode jizz up his ass in rythmic pumps all the while another dick was pumping his face his world went black. Nate was cumming so hard lost in his orgasm he ignored the unconscious hole he was using. Mike looked down to see Nate's massive back hiding the little stud, hips fucking fast, and muscles in spasm; obviously cumming up that tight ass. Mike new Art was out began to feel his own load rise to head. He shoved his dick down Art's throat as his cock began to pump his load down the captive'sgullet. Mike pulled out as he finished to see Nate lift a conquered Art up and sit back down with his cock still up the rock stud's ass. Nate gave Art a quick slap bringing him around. Art was crying now as Nate stroked his chest, squeezed his arms and gave him a warm embrace. "You know Art, you're mine now. You're all mine." Sitting there on Nate's lap, a semi-hard black cock still up his ass and fully owned for the first time in his life, Art knew that climbing Hoodoo Ridge would never be the same again. Nate had spotted Art's ass, and yes, pushed it to the limit. "Next time we are taking it further" Nate stated in an ominous tone.
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    Part 4 I had just taken my first no questions asked load, I pulled my pants up I started to feel more hands wanting to use my body. I didn’t want to say “no” but I needed to take a break and just catch my breath and I was sure they would still be there when I came back or not either way my night was far from over. I found my way to the back patio where there was a fire pit and an outdoor play area complete with slings, fuck benches and all the other different types of fuck furniture. I had used some of it fucking bottoms but now it was going to be my turn but I would still fuck any willing bottom, tonight was the night that I lost all my hesitations or reservations. The night air felt good and fresh and I took in a big lung full and exhaled all that anxiety that I had carried around about being “careful” about sex and worried what anyone would think. I was leaning up against a small but sturdy little tree and looking around at the guys talking and have a smoke usually taking a break of the action just like me. I was shirtless so the sudden change in temperature made my nipples rock hard and I instinctively put my hand up to one and started playing with it, causing a slight moan to escape my lips. My eyes were closed and I was going over the nights events in my mind and enjoying every moment so I didn’t notice the few guys that apparently were watching me fantasize while I worked my hard nipples. My pants were still on but riding a little low as the top two buttons were open so only my ass and fat cock were holding them up. Still with my eyes closed and my own raw fuck flick running though my mind I took my hand that was working my nipple and move it around and into the back of my pants. Feeling the slick wetness through the lube and cum that coated my fuck globes my finger found it’s target my cum bucket. My hole was still a bit tender but I easily slid my finger in and pulled it out and brought it up to my mouth and rubbing it around my lips then finally tasting it. I was completely lost in my fantasy and feeling my new cum dump hole what I hadn’t noticed was that it was all of the sudden very quite outside. When I did stop what I was doing and finally opened my eyes I realized that almost everyone had stopped what they were doing and were staring at me, I admit I wasn’t hard on the eyes days at the gym gave me a good tight body but this kind of attention was a bit much. My first reaction would be to pull my pants back up and go find another place to be, this was a bit too much attention however tonight was a different night. I gave a little tug to my pants and they feel to the ground where I stepped out of them and hung them over a branch of the tree. My cock was standing at attention again and my hole was getting hungry fast so like an old western I figured I would ring the “dinner bell”. I looked over my shoulder and said “take what you want studs, there is a cum stick in the front and cum dump in the back” Several guys immediately approached one came right face to face with me and started kissing me as he started to stroke and fondle my cock. The second came up behind me and I could feel him grinding his rapidly growing meat, I could tell he wasn’t huge but definitely not on the small side which I was happy about as my hole was still a bit tender. He put his hand up next to my face where he was holding a rubber as a way of asking me if I wanted him to wrap it up. I broke the kiss with man in front of me who dropped to his knees and started sucking my cock, I turned my head and asked the guy behind me “you poz” he said “yes and you” I said “I am neg and not on PreP”, he responded “so you want me wrap it up, its cool you have a hot ass”. I took the condom from his hand and tossed it into a near by trash can and told him if wants in he goes in raw that’s when he dropped to his knees and started eating my cum fucked hole. I could tell he was really turned on by the taste of cum in my ass and was eating my hole like it was his last meal. I reached back and pulled him back to his feet and thank him for his oral skills but now I want his seed. He asked again, are you sure you are neg my response was “hopefully not by the time tonight is over” he said “I have some friends here” and then sank his raw poz cock into my hungry neg hole. The guys sucking my cock I guess started to get tired so he got up off his knees which were on hard concrete so I couldn’t blame him for being uncomfortable and he went off to find other cocks to service. It was me and my new poz buddy that was fucking me hard causing the tree to shake just enough to announce to everyone outside that someone was getting fucked so a group was starting to form. Another guy came up in front of me, Latin with dark brown eyes black hair and tan skin with a perfect athletic body. He was wearing some comfortable shorts and a tight t-shirt showing off what he had spent time in the gym to get…which made my cock start to drool. He took his finger and wiped the drool off my cock and put it into his mouth then kissed me breaking our kiss he smiled then turned his back to me. My new Latin stud bottom lowered his shorts to reveal a perfect ass framed by a white jock strap…I thought my cock was drooling before it was like a faucet now. My cock never really drooled a lot before of course I had entered an entirely new state of arousal. The Latin stud in front of me rubbed some spit onto his hole and started backing up sinking my raw cock into his was felt to be already seeded hole…hence the reason for not much pre-lubing. The guy behind me was still pounding away at my hole, I didn’t know what he looked like and didn’t really care his cock was raw and poz and that was all I needed to know. I re-balanced myself and used the thrusts from the guy behind me to drive my cock into the Latin stud in-front of me. We all finally started into a rhythm and the group around us was starting to play with each other rather than just watching us. I love watching and being watched and now BB with Poz cock, tonight couldn’t get any better. I finally started to feel the tell tale signs of a man ready to cum and felt my guts get nice and warm as this poz fucker loaded up my hole with his toxic seed. I didn’t know if this would be my conversion load but I would be damn sure there was enough cum up my hole that it was going to take. The Latin stud that I was fucking began to shudder as I saw his load erupt and fall to the ground…waste of good seed. He pulled himself off me and turned around and gave me a kiss and asked “by the way are you poz or neg” which I responded “neg for now, might want to check back in a couple of hours” giving him a goofy grin. He gave me a deep kiss and whispered “good luck converting tonight” then kissed me on the cheek and went into the club for what I assume would be more cock. There was another guy waiting to slide into my hole but as I stood up to straight out my back he back off a bit. I took my pants of the tree making sure my ID and car keys didn’t fall out and rolled them up and took them in to check them with the front counter. I told the guy behind me that I would be back after I checked my pants and would be in the fuck furniture room and to meet me there and bring any friends, my body says no to no one tonight.
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    It was six or seven months ago, I had been working on a very complex program for a phone app and hadn’t had sexual release in about three weeks, I was horny, so I posted a CL ad: Horny Poz daddy bear in need of playmates, 45 SWM Horny bear seeking neg and Poz friendly cubs and sons for play in my playroom, can get kinky if you so desire, 18-40 need apply for the adventure of your lifetime It was short and sweet, and I hoped it would get me some cub or otter who was as horny as I was. I received the usual replies of the look loo’s and a couple other that appeared to be genuine, but one caught my attention Quietboy4Dad @ sexmail . org Hi not quite 18 yet but interested in a hot sexy daddy bear to show me the ropes, I’m sure you’re looking for now but please be patient and let me know if I can be your boy in the long run. Fatherless young man in need of additional male figures, especially queer ones to mold me into the sub I know I can be I wasn’t sure if it was a joke or not so I replied back telling him I didn’t deal with minors, but was willing to wait for him if he was serious. I was nervous it was a police sting operation but also intrigued if it was not. I then turned to another reply to my add and answered asking for pics and availability, it didn’t look like I was going to get any hits, that would be panning out that night so I decided to take a ride on my motorbike to clear my head and maybe I’d get lucky at one of my normal cruising spots. Now I may have moved to the suburbs but I was still within a hour and half, two hours away from the city and my favorite Bathhouse, but I wasn’t in the mood to go that distance, my town had a couple gay bars that were cruisy and a truck stop out on the highway were I had occasionally hooked up with a trucker or traveler while partaking of the acceptable grub, but I wasn’t in the mood for the club scene or taking my chances of actually finding a horny traveler or trucker who might want to take my seed or give me theirs. I rode around for about thirty minutes before deciding to head home, the vibrations frime my bike just making my hard on throb more, I headed home, looking down I noticed I was getting low on fuel so I decide to make a pit stop at that station about three quarters of a mile from my house, I knew they had good prices, but closed early, so I had a short time to get there, but I knew the night clerk/manager was cute and he always seemed to flirt with me. I checked my phone and one of the contacts had replied back that he had to work till 10, but would available for me after that, the current time was 9:20, just enough time to make it to the station before it closed, maybe chat up the clerk a little before heading home and preparing the playroom for a guest. I pulled into the station as the clerk was locking up the pumps, he smiled at me and I topped off the tank, he greeted me as he padlocked my pump, told me to roll my bike over around the corner away from the view of the street and invited me inside to chat while he closed up the station. I put my bike behind the restrooms and joined him inside where he offered me a polish dog, stating they’d just get tossed anyway, but he had just made them up about 20 minutes ago so it was still fresh. He locked the door behind me and hit the switch for the outside lights, I dolled up my sausage and came over as he was finishing up the till, he had a polish sitting next to him as well, but as I began to eat mine he picked his up and pulling it from the bun proceeded to deep throat the sausage several times “Give you any ideas ‘Daddy bear” I looked at him and he grinned my engorge cock was still tenting my jeans, as he continued to make lewd gestures at me “I recognized you from your tattoos Daddy, that scorpion and bio tattoo aren’t that common out here in the stick” I had included a torso pic in my add which clearly showed off my tattoo’s, and I know knew he had seen me shirtless somewhere, I had a puzzled look on my face “We go to the same gym, daddy and I have lusted after you ever since I saw you in the showers a few months ago” I began piecing it together, I had seen him at my gym hanging with the gym bunnies and a few of the girls, I had no idea he swung my way “I’m off in a few like I told you in my email and then I’m all yours daddy” I couldn’t believe my dumb luck, as he finished turning off the lights, he locked the door and we walked out to my cycle, he climbed on the back and strapped on a helmet, I climbed on the front and brought the beast to life, he wrapped his arms around me and buried his head in my back as we sped off towards my playroom. I pulled up alongside the house and rolled the bike into the garage, then escorted my guest down the back stairs into the basement. We were barely in the door when the boy’s mouth was on mine, as we broke our first kiss he spoke again “By the way my names Kyle and I’m 23 years old in case you were wondering if I was of age” he did look much younger, but it was evident working at the station and going to the gym had his body in peak shape, maybe him looking younger made me discount hooking up with him prior but he was in my den now and he was going to get what he craved, maybe more, he began undressing me and I unbuttoned his shirt then lifted his sweaty tee shirt over his head momentarily trapping his arms and hands above his head, I leaned into him and licked my way into his pits tasting the sweat of a man’s labor, his testosterone permeating his skin he smelled of clean sweat and grim, he tasted salty as I held his trapped hands above his head and dove into a nipple, nibbling the left while pinching the right with my free hand, the boy was oozing sex and he was ready, I tossed his shirts over to the side as I undid his jeans freeing his manhood and realizing the kid had gone commando “Hot boy you always forget your undies when you go to work?” “Naw took them off about an hour ago knowing I was coming over here” He wasn’t hung but he had ample equipment to please a man if it came to topping him, I spun him around after removing his pants and bent him over the couch in the man cave area of my basement spit on my cock and shoved it in all in one swift motion, this boy was getting bred with my toxic three week load, and with all the edging that the vibration from the bike and the teasing he had done earlier I was not going to last long. I pumped into his ass for about five minutes and let out an animalistic growl as I flooded his rectum with my unmedicated death seed, I had been off meds for close to a year, Kyle had been screaming in pain but as my seed flowed into his anal chamber and lubed up his walls he began to moan in the throes of pleasure, I just kept on pummeling his ass as my tool was not softening anytime soon, after the third orgasm an hour later I finally pulled out, streaks of blood dotting the pinkish foam that seeped out of his hole. I spun him around being careful not to get cum on the furniture and kissed him hard and passionately “Now that is how a man fucks his boy” Kyle exclaimed I just grinned, he was drenched in sweat and his cock was drooling precum, I smiled at him and lead him up the stairs to the second floor where I turned on the shower and lead us both into the spray of water, rinsing the evidence of our deed away, I continued to make love with him as he slowly came down off his orgasmic high, I turned and guided his cock into my hole, he instinctively began gyrating his hips to fuck my ass, much gentler than I fucked him, he soon moaned and tensed up as he shot his negative load in my hole. I took him to bed and cuddled him, sliding my cock into his battered hole twice more during the night and giving him all my loads till my balls ran dry, I dropped him off at the station on my way out the next morning to do some shopping
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    After studying for four hours, Terry gazed out the window at the warm, Queensland sunshine and decided to quit for the day. Summer was finally here and it brought a smile to his face, meaning for him, beer parties, beaches, barbecues, cruises along the coast, checking out all the shirtless guys, and plenty of parties. Yes, summer was his favorite time of the year and he wasn't about to waste a day of it, especially since he lived so near the beach at the Goldcoast and also near a gym where some of the hottest bodybuilders on the coast trained. Putting away his lecture notes and computer, Terry tidied-up the apartment, grabbed his gym gear, telling himself he'd be back about 10 or 11 the next morning to finish writing his paper. He was looking forward at finally getting past his university years and getting some decent work. It was going to be a hot day. He anticipated the gym would likely be filled with studs. Terry always played it cool there, because it wasn't actually a gay gym. Sure, some of the gay guys trained there, but Terry went for the equipment and the serious atmosphere; he didn't want to develop a bad reputation. For a boy who enjoyed copping a good load of cock and cum it was important to remain discreet. He was on the pec-deck machine when he noticed the blond Adonis. The man, who was at least fifteen years Terry's senior, had big arms and sexy legs, which he was working on the leg extension machine. Terry had seen him before, even in the shower once, but he didn't want the blond hunk to notice that he was being cruised. But what a face and body - deep tan, beautiful blue eyes, blond hair, and a huge piece of meat. Terry reckoned the hunk's stick would grow to at least ten inches - if sucked properly. Terry also occasionally speculated about the pleasure of sliding his long cock into the Adonis' (presumably) tight, athletic asshole and fucking it long and hard, although Terry was equally enticed by the prospect of being bred by the man. At 21 Terry was around six feet in height and a proportional weight, brown hair and an athletic build, bordering on muscular owing to the hours he put in at the gym. His seven inch cock was respectable and he could usually give as good as he got, but as much as Terry loved copping a bareback load, he was very careful to sleep only with neg guys, taking the view there was no point taking a risk even if a potential playmate said he was on meds. Terry waited a few minutes after the stud left for the locker room, then he casually followed. He was standing at his locker peeling off his sweaty gym shorts when Terry stepped up to his locker, an arms-length from that of the Adonis. While Terry could imagine sniffing and licking the gym shorts clean, he nevertheless made an appropriately neutral remark to the Adonis in saying "You're growing. Guess those hard workouts are paying off." "Yeah, thanks. I guess so. I'm up to 202 pounds, and my arms are 18 inches. Within six months they'll hit 19," the blond responded, flexing his biceps. "You'll make it, just stick it out,its impressive to see you working out and training hard" Terry said. "I'm Jeff," the Adonis said, sticking out his hand. "I'm Terry. I might want to train with you someday if it's okay. Maybe I could pick up a few pointers from a pro like you," Terry smiled, and, as if spontaneously suggested "Say, listen, I just picked up some great post workout protein. Why don't you stop over and we could chat and you can try some? I live near the beach, about a mile from here. Maybe we could go for a quick swim." "Sounds good," Jeff answered. "I'm off today, but I gotta pick up my partner around 1:00 PM. He can wait though." He pulled off his jock strap, giving Terry a look at that thick piece of meat. Shit, soft it was six or seven inches. And nice and thick. What a powerhouse body it was attached to! Terry was more than ready, even if he wasn't sure Jeff was actually up for fucking him. 'I'll find a way', Terry thought. 'Either I'll get a hard cock down my throat, or just a mate with whom to work out, so there's no harm'. As Jeff leaned over into his locker, Terry caught a glimpse of a tattoo across Jeff's lower back. The tattoo vaguely resembled a biohazard symbol but Jeff turned before Terry could get a decent look. An hour later Jeff's legs, in sexy short pants, were sprawled across the coffee table. While they chatted and enjoyed their post workout protein Terry became hornier and hornier. He could smell the fresh sweat coming off Jeff after his workout and longed to lick it off him. "You got some big muscles, you're probably a good poser. Why don't I watch you hit some poses?" Terry suggested. "I would, but I didn't bring any posing tights," Jeff responded, adding as an after thought "You think I'm pretty well built, huh?" "I sure do," Terry answered. "You don't need posing tights, just take off your shorts and let's see you flex." Jeff complied without a word, stripping naked, and commencing to flex his arms, chest, torso and legs. The more Terry appreciated it, the harder Jeff got. "What a great body! Yeah, those are some big muscles," Terry said, reaching out and squeezing Jeff's arm. Terry was into body worship with bodybuilders, and Jeff dug having his body admired. As he turned around Terry saw something that made his stomach drop. He worst suspicions were confirmed. A giant biohazard tattoo emblazoned across Jeff's lower back and right ass cheek. But, Terry quickly decided, given a chance he would still be more than willing to suck and perve Jeff, although Terry promised himself there was no way Jeff would pop his cock into Terry's ass. Then they started horsing around. "I'm pretty strong, too. I bet I could take you in a wrestling match," Terry suggested. Instantly Jeff was on him, tackling him to the ground and wrapping his legs around Terry's waist. They wrestled for a few minutes, with Terry getting off on the feel of Jeff's smooth muscles pinning him down. By this point Jeff had sprouted a full-on erection, which swayed in the air as he pinned Terry down. The sweat between the two bodies made a sure grip difficult, so inevitably the two were sliding about. The aroma of their sweat was utterly intoxicating. Terry couldn't believe he was wrestling and sweaty with this gorgeous guy, asking himself 'Why does he have to be so dangerous?' Just then Jeff twisted Terry's arm in a hammerlock, commanding "Open your mouth. Suck my cock." Caught by surprise, Terry still managed to reply "You ain't that tough, you can't make me." Jeff wrapped his legs around Terry's throat and choked him. "C'mon, open your mouth, you know you want it, cocksucker. You know you dig being a slave to a bodybuilder. Open your mouth so I can shove my big poz dick in it and choke you. I know you saw my tatt." Terry felt like he was really going to choke from the pressure of Jeff's muscular legs on his throat, so far from unwillingly, he followed Jeff's command, whereupon Jeff rammed his throbbing cock between Terry's lips. "You bite it once and you'll be sorry." Terry obeyed, sucking it and licking it, pleasing~his powerful master. "I've seen you checking out my body at the gym before," Jeff said, shoving his giant meat down his victim's throat. "You thought I never noticed. Shit, I can tell when a dude digs my body. You want to eat my cock and balls, you'd probably even suck on my dirty asshole. Well, now's your chance, slave, I'm really gonna shove it to you." Jeff climbed on top of Terry and began fucking his mouth, shoving his hard dick over the tongue and far into the throat. The giant piece of meat was stretching his throat creating a a horrible, but admittedly familiar pain. Terry loved it rough but was he willing to take everything that Jeff wanted to give him? Jeff grabbed Terry's arm and turned him over, pulling both arms behind his back and forcing Terry over his stomach. Terry tried to struggle free, but the bodybuilder's powerful arms and legs kept him down. "When's the last time a bodybuilder like me fucked you good and hard, huh, boy? You like taking a man's big poz load?" Jeff asked him, twisting his arm harder. "Hey, man," Terry yelled. "I'm not into all this; I don't want take your poz cum. I only fuck neg guys." "Well, problem is I'm horny and I need somewhere to blow my load. I think your tight little ass looks damn good, neg or not." Jeff pinned Terry to the bed and slowly shoved his cock into his tight asshole. Terry yelled as the thick meat entered him. "Ohhh, no, please, not so hard, not so fast, please. You'll tear me." Slowly Jeff shoved more of his cock into Terry's butt. The combination of sweat and spit was the only lube Terry got until his hole tore a bit, after which Terry's blood supplemented the lubrication available to the giant cock. Jeff's pace increased, and before long his entire nine inch cock was balls-deep in Terry's hole. Terry thought he was going to faint from the pain, but Jeff continued pumping. "Ohh, yeah, feels good, yeah, your ass is nice and tight. You dig this big poz cock up your asshole, don't you? You know you like it. Tell me you like it. I want to hear it," Jeff said as he fucked away. He wanted to hear Terry beg for his load, but begging wasn't critical. His balls wouldn't be denied for a formality. Terry's tight ass deserved to be seeded. A minute or so later Jeff withdrew into himself, closed his eyes as he licked his lips; he anticipated the surge of power. He was about to come, and ever the gentleman he delicately let Terry know saying "I'm gonna shoot this toxic load up you. Ohhhh, take it, yeah. Take my fucking babies!," as his balls ejected his poz load deep into Terry's ass, spurt after spurt after spurt of viscous cum coating the inside of Terry's hole. After laying on Terry's back for a few minutes, at which time each man struggled to catch his breath, Jeff withdrew his cock from Terry's ass, rose, and stepped into the bathroom for a cursory shower. Terry, meanwhile, was uncertain what to do or how to act, rose, pulled on his short pants and t-shirt, and stepped into the next room. A few minutes later Jeff, now dressed, presentable, and carrying his gym bag, stepped into the front room where he found Terry was sitting in his living room smoking a cigarette, still aching from the rape/fuck. "See you around, kid," Jeff said, winking. "I won't say anything to the guys at the gym if you won't." With that he left, slamming the door closed. Terry, meanwhile, although unsure of the best course of action, was aware of at least one unresolved matter, namely, he hadn't gotten off. Sliding his shorts down, he began jacking his rigid cock, the memory of Jeff's powerful body, and Jeff's thick cock as mental stimulation. Terry had had rape fantasies before, but they had never come true. But this was for real--a real rape from a real man. Nothing fake about this, he thought, as he lay back on the couch and jerked off. Suddenly four or five gobs of white cum shot from his cock onto his legs and hand, and onto the couch. "I want to get raped again," he thought as the cum oozed from his dick. But he was poz? Was that what made it so hot? He hopped in the shower, wiped the cum from his legs, showered and dressed. Fuck it, he thought, time for another trick. He kept the hot cum deep inside his bruised torn ass. Hopefully it would act as a salve for the next big cock to pound him. He pulled on his yellow tank top, a pair of jeans, and his tennis shoes, and headed out the door. Quickly hopping in his car, he decided to cruise along ocean road for a while. It was a warm summer evening. Fifteen minutes later, he noticed a hitchhiker who, from a distance, looked damned good. Terry slowed down and pulled over. "Shit," he thought, "what a hunk." The hitchhiker leaned in the car. "Where ya headed?" Terry asked. "Just goin' to Burleigh Heads," he answered with a smile. "Hop in, man. You got a great tan. You must have gotten a head start on it," Terry said as they drove along the coast. "Yeah, I spent some time in Florida. Anyway, all this sunshine makes me horny." Terry looked at him and smiled. The hitchhiker reached over and groped Terry's crotch. "Let's go back to my pad," Terry suggested. In ten minutes they were at Terry's, pulling off their clothes and hopping into bed. His name was Scott, he was 25, and he was spending the summer hitching around Australia before returning to work in the fall. Scott knew how to kiss. They licked each other's teeth, tongue and mouth. Then Terry went down on him, licking his cock and sucking his balls. Scott's tight ass looked good. It was clean and salty; Terry sucked it out good. Scott moaned in pleasure, then turned around, grabbed Terry by the hips and sucked his cock. Terry closed his eyes and rubbed Scott's head and shoulders, enjoying the expert service he was getting. Scott began sucking frantically, and it drove Terry to ecstasy. He shot off in Scott's mouth, sending gobs of thick cum down his throat. "Eat out my ass, that felt good," Scott ordered. Terry was ready for more. He licked Scott's ass, sucked and kissed it until Scott told him to replace his tongue with his cock. No arguments. Terry reached over the headboard for the KY, and greased his cock and Scott's asshole. He slid his dick in and they immediately developed a perfect fuck rhythm. They continued fucking and kissing until they were both ready to come. Terry relaxed when his sperm shot out of his cock and into Scott's asshole. "Ohhh, yeah, I'm coming; it feels great, ohhhh, yeah, it's shootin' out," Terry moaned. Terry had now come twice, and it was time to get his partner off. Scott sat on Terry's face with his cock sticking out and Terry sucked it for a while. "Oh, I'm so hot, I've got to shoot." Scott clenched his fists as his cream shot into Terry's mouth. Gobs and gobs of warm, thick juice filled Terry's mouth. He tasted it in his mouth, then slowly and sensuously swallowed the thick load, enjoying every drop of it. They got dressed and headed out. Scott wanted to be dropped off at a friend's place in Santa Monica; Terry was tired and sexually fulfilled. He was going home. He dropped Scott off, gave him a good-bye kiss, then headed back to his apartment. On the way, he passed the gym and glanced over. He saw a stud with bulging arms in a tank top, a nice smile on his good-looking face; he was sticking out his thumb for a ride. Terry could hardly believe it. He had seen the guy in the gym before and wanted to meet him, but had never had the chance. Like a reflex action, Terry made a U-turn, pulled over and stopped. 'How could I possibly be horny after all this?' Terry asked himself. Still, he opened the window and the stud peeked in and announced "I'm headed down the street." That was enough for Terry. "Sounds good to me," he replied, thinking to himself as the man stepped into the car realized he had seen him at the gym, although he knew nothing beyond that detail, so he commented "You look familiar, I've seen you working out at the gym." "Yeah, you have. I've seen you too, in fact I saw you today. You left at the same time my partner did," he explained. "He's well known here, his name is Jeff." 'It never stops', Terry thought as he drove off into the night with his new fuck buddy.
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    Background: I'm a 26 year old shy Asian. Twinkish build, working on those muscles I'm 5'5 130lb. Pretty cute I think. Pretty shy also so typically just get into some body contact, jerking off, and oral. Rarely do anything anal unless have been with the person for a while, and always with a condom. So this happened this past Superbowl, for those that don't know it's a large sport event in the US. I was home alone pretty bored and horny. Went on Craigslist just to look around and see what's going on around town. I saw an ad that read: "Looking for some fun before the big game. 42 years old daddy here. Come get naked and play with my 7in cut hard cock. Looking to jerk off and blow a load on your body. Love petite boys that likes big dicks. Got buddies coming over later to watch the game with, so come over now and work out a load." Attached to the ad was a photo of 7inches of hard dick with a slight curve upwards. I emailed him my info, hoping that I'll be able to jerk him off and watch him blow a big load before the game tonight. He replied very quickly, introducing himself as Eric. He told me his guests will arrive around 6 and that he would like to blow a load before they arrived. It was only 2 so there should be plenty of time. Eric told me he shared the house with a housemate who was out buying stuff for the party and shouldn't be back anytime soon. I replied and told him I would be interested in coming for some fun. Eric gave me the address, I mapped it and began my drive over. It was about a 35 min drive from my place, but since I was bored at home anyway a nice drive would be good. I arrived at a townhouse, seemed nice and big on the outside. I sent him a message to let him know I've arrived. Few seconds later the door opens and this 5'11 fit/semi-muscular daddy is standing there. He let's me in but before I could say anything, he raises a finger up to his lips to indicate we needed to be quiet. I was little confused, but I followed his lead as he walked into the house. We walk up a flight of stairs to his living room and kitchen floor. There were bags of chips and beer on the table ready for the party this evening. He guides me up another set of stairs which I figure would be where all the bedrooms are. As I walk up, I hear sounds from one of the rooms. I figured it must be a tv. Then I heard a person's laughter. Eric puts his finger to his lips again as he guides me to one of the rooms upstairs walking past the room with the noise. He closes the door, and we finally got ourselves introduced. Eric tells me his housemate returned early from shopping and was now pre-gaming in his room, drinking and watching TV. He says that as long as we remained pretty quite it will be fine. That was fine with me, im not a loud cummer when im just jerking off, and also i wanted to play with this hot daddy's hard dick. I could tell from the buldge in his pants that he was ready from some jerking off. I guess Eric saw either the nervousness or shyness in me, and he guided me to have a seat on the bed. As I sat down, Eric began to remove his shirt revealing his fit toned body. He had light blondish hair on his chest and a set of hot abs that clearly show he has been working out. He proceeded to take off his shorts. As he slid the shorts down his hard 7 inches sprung to life. Eric walked back over and sat next to me as he began stroke his hard 7 inches. The glistening of some precum leaking onto the big head of his cock. Eric looked at me and said "take off your clothes for me". I did as I was told, I stood up and began undressing, first my shirt then my pants. He saw my hard 6 inches of uncut dick. He commented on how I must have liked the sight of his dick cause I got a little wet spot from the precum of my dick. I sat back down next to him as I began jerking on my dick, looking at him stroke his hard cock. After some stroking, he saw my interest in his dick and said "if you like it, feel free to touch it and feel it with your own hands" as he released his hard cock from his hand and offered it to let me jerk it. I reached over and began to jerk his hard cock. Eric dick was very hard, felt like a brick and was very veiny. Eric reached and began playing with my cock as well, slowly moving to massage my balls and tickle the spot right below my balls. We jerked for a bit longer and Eric said to me "don't be nervous or shy, you seemed tensed, here why don't you lay down and I give you a quick massage". I nodded in agreement, would be nice to feel Eric's strong hands rubbing my body. I got onto the bed and layed down. Eric had me rotate so that my head was near the edge of the bed and so he could stand and reach my back and massage me. Eric but a little bit of oil on his hands and began rubbing my shoulders and back with this strong hands. It felt great. And if I opened my eyes I could see Eric's hard 7 inches moving back and forth as he went up and down my back. I was in bliss, Eric's strong warm hands felt great on my body. I felt really relaxed and was even starting to doze off by how great it felt. In between dozes, I'll open my eyes to see his hard dick moving in front of me. After a while, as Eric began to rub my butt, I could feel his hard dick gliding across my face, touching my ear. He kept doing this for a while and I it actually felt pretty nice, I could feel the warmth of his dick on my face. He straightened up and went back to massaging my shoulders. He readjusted my head so that it was pointer forward. He continued to work my shoulders and slowly worked his way down my body as he leaned over. I felt the warm tip of his dick on my forehead. He leaned in closer, his big balls rubbed against my nose. They felt heavy and warm. He pulls back, applying pressure from my ass towards my shoulders. He then pushes back down my back slowly. This time the warm tip of hard dick rubs againsts my lips. He pauses there with the tip on my lips. I could feel the precum from the tip spreading onto my lips. He pulls back a bit and pushes forward again. This time my lips parted as his hard cock slides slowly into my mouth. I could taste his precum on my tongue, coating the inside of my mouth as he slide in deeper. I felt the warmth from the tip of his dick, hit the back of my mouth. He continued to push a little bit more in, as the tip slips into my throat. He slides his cock slowly out and back in, filling my mouth and throat, each stroke testing the limits of my throat. By now I can feel his precum lubing up my throat, allowing him to slide in and out deeper and quicker as he fucked my mouth. Felt real good, having his strong hands applying pressure on my back, and I assume to also give him the grip/support to fuck my mouth. He slowly slides his hard dick out of my mouth, a string of precum connected my lips and the tip of his cock. Eric tells me how good my mouth and throat felt. He went back to rubbing my back, his hard dick rubbing across my face again, smearing his precum on my cheeks. I try to angle it so it would slide back into my mouth, but was unsuccessful. He pulls back and tells me to wait a sec as he got into a better position to massage me. Eric climbs onto the bed behind me, and I felt the familiar strong hands rubbing my shoulders again. His warm cock layed ontop of my left ass cheek. I felt it's warmth, heaviness and hardness. He rubbed down my back and began really massaging my ass with his strong arms. He had each of my ass cheeks in his hands as he squeezed them. Eric moved onto massage my legs, going down my thighs and then back up, His fingers brushed against my exposed balls as he went back to massaging my ass. Every once in a while, he'll spread my little ass cheeks apart as he massages them. As I'm all relaxed beneath him and he had my cheeks spread open, I felt a sudden warmth on my hole. It felt warm and wet, and it pryed its way to open my tight hole. Eric had a long tongue, and I could feel it come into me. His tongue felt great on my little hole. Eric takes a little break to tell me how much he likes my tight little hole, before returning to eating my asian hole deeply. Eric slides his tongue out of my well lubed hole and resumed massaging up my back. He massages up my body, his hands moving up my arms, as he presses his body against mine. I can feel the weight of his body on top of me. I can clearly feel his strong chest on my back, even the light hair that he has on his chest. This warm body massaged mine. I felt his hard dick sliding on my ass, looking for the crack. Eric's hard dick finds the crack and nests inself between it, as he uses his whole body to massage me. My well lubed hole and his precum provided for the lubricant Eric needed to slide his hard dick up and down my crack. He held down my hand and pinned me down with his weight as his cock rubbed against my hole. The tip of his dick teasing my little hole with each stroke. I felt the head of his dick pressing against my tight hole. His eating of my ass and his natural precum gave it enough lubricant to part the lips of my tight hole slightly. I resisted a little, and told him I wasn't looking to get topped. Eric replies back to, "Don't worry, I wasn't going to. First wouldn't do that without a condom, but also your hole is very tight don't think I would fit in there. It's so tight and hot, I just wanted to massage every part of you and help you relax those tight muscles. If you feel that it hurts or if you don't like it we can stop." I thought about it for a second, it was very hot feeling every part of Eric massaging me. I said back to Eric "Okay, just don't go in." Eric continued the massage, his hard muscles rubbing against me and his hard dick rubbing against my hole. Every once in a while, the tip of his dick would try to open up my hole, but I guess he was right, I was pretty tight and he wouldn't fit in me. He continued to massage my hole with the tip of his dick. As my muscles relaxed more, I guess he was able to get a little more in, to the point I could feel that my hole has started to adjust. But Eric was true to his word, besides just teasing my hole with the tip of his dick, he didn't push to go any further. He continued to rub his dick and precum against my hole and ass. Feeling all of Eric's muscle working on my body felt great and relaxing. I felt a little pain/stretch at my hole. Eric had slipped the head of his hard dick into my tight hole. I winced from the pain and Eric quickly pulled his hard did back out of my hole. "Sorry I slipped a little and the head went in. Are you okay? Didn't hurt did it?" I responded, "it's ok only hurt a bit" "Boy, your ass is so hot, and my God your hole is tight. Some more of my cock rubbing against your hot ass and I'm going to cum. You want me to cum? I cum a lot." "Yeah that would be hot. You can cum on my back if you like." "I would like that, rub against your hot ass some more and I'll slide up and cum on you." I nodded in agreement. "Here arch you back and push your ass up. That way I can control my dick rubbing against you better and we can prevent any accidentally slipping into your hole. Wouldn't want to hurt your hot ass." I followed his instructions and lifted my ass off the bed and arched my back. "Fuck that's a hot sight your ass is perfect boy. Your cock is hard too, why don't you jerk it as I rub against your ass." I reached back with my right hand to start jerking my cock. It was pretty hard to stay balanced with only my left hand supporting me. Eric placed his strong hands on my ass stabilizing me so I could jerk off as he resumed rubbing his hard dick against my hole. Was a little wobbly from the I'm balance, but I think we got into a workable position. How strong hands held my ass still allow me to jerking my cock and him to rub his dick on my ass. Every once in a while the tip of his dick would enter my little hole. Once or twice I could tell the head of his dick was in me cause I could feel the extra stretch/pull, but it was fine since he would quickly slide back out and resume his rubbing. I assume his dick's slight probes of my hole turned him on. I could tell that Eric was getting closer. His grip to my sides became firmer and the speed of his hard dick rubbing against me was getting quicker. I continued to jerk my hard dick, which is now leaking lots of precum onto Eric's sheets. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain from the lips of my tight hole being stretched apart. I felt Eric's big heavy balls against my ass, his 7 inches fully buried inside my hole. I felt the head of Eric's hard dick slamming against the deepest parts of my ass. My left hand gives way to the force and I fall flat onto his bed, as Eric falls on top of me. Eric's hand holds down my shoulders, his hands and weight pinning me onto the bed as he slides his dick in and out of me quickly. I yelp from the sudden shock and pain of the intrusion of my tight ass. I can feel Eric in the deepest parts of my little hole. I try to resist, but to no avail. Then I felt it, Eric's hard cock was pulsing within my hole. I could feel each pulse, and the cum that followed it. I felt his cum hitting hard against the walls of my ass. 7..8..9..10 large pulses of cum flooded my hole. My hole was filled with Eric's dick and cum. I could feel some of his cum slowly leaking from my hole, can imagine how big of a load Eric had saved up and just deposited into my tight ass. I tried to resist and get out from under Eric. But his strong arms and weight still had me pinned. His dick although not as hard as a rock like before, was still pretty hard and anchored in my ass. My ass hurt when I tried to struggle from beneath him. He says to me, "Damn that's a tight hole, didn't think I could fit in there. Your little hole is so hot boy, I just could resist." I attempt to struggle a bit more, trying to get out from beneath him, but realize my attempts are futile. Eric's got more muscles and weight on me. "Oh don't need to try and get out boy, I'm deep inside you right now. You said you wanted to come over and make me cum a big load right. You did a great job at it. I told you I would cum a lot right. Boy just relax, I still got more cum for you." I realize my struggles will do me no good. I was defeated and all I could do was bury my face into his bed. Seeing my defeat Eric, slowly massages his dick inside my cummy hole. Moving in slow strokes, driving his cum deeper into me. Eric says to me "Good boy, might have to keep you around, love the feeling of your tight hole milking my cock. Do you feel it? I'm getting hard again. I can go multiple times boy, let's see how much you can milk out of my cock before the big game tonight." Eric continues to slide in and out of my hole, his cum working as his natural lunricant. Soon the pain that I felt in my hole has mostly subsided and was replaced with a sense of pleasure. I can still feel some of the pain but the major pain from having my hole stretched out is now gone. Eric knew he had me in his control, he relaxed his pinning on me and continued to massage his dick with my hole. I could feel his cum getting pushed deeper into me while some of his cum leaked out of my tight hole each time he pulled outwards. Soon he was doing longer strokes of his big cock into me, knowing that I won't be resisting anymore. It certainly started to feel better with only some pain left from the stretching. My head was still buried into his bed, I arched my back again in hopes that my raised butt can give him the satisfaction he needed so that this situation can end. Eric took it as an invitation to slowly pull almost all the way out and pushing it all the way back in till I felt his balls on mine. He was right, he does have a lot of cum built up. I can still feel the heaviness of his balls when they hit mine. To some extent I was actually beginning to enjoy myself. I then felt it, as Eric's hands were now gripping my sides again, I felt another set of hands on my face, adjusting my head up and forward. My head was lifed up a bit and I opened my eyes to see what was going on. My eyes opened to a large thick cook pointing right at the entrance of my mouth. The cock moved closer and began to invade my mouth. It was a thick cock, much thicker than Eric's and it was pushing my mouth to its limits. My teary eyes looked up to see another muscular man staring back at me. If I thought Eric was hot with his muscles, this guy was a god. He had a perfectly chiseled body with hard abs and a strong hairy red chest. His red hair added to his fieryness and masculine demeanor. --Will continue to write my experiences when I can. Being a grad student and a new boy serving two daddies takes lots of my time.
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    Was gonna go to Club Dallas last night but got messaged by these two hot SMU boys I've played with pretty regular. They had a guy coming over and wanted me to join for a group thing. They're both pretty hot and I play with them both together and one-on-one. The one is multiracial...dunno if he's Latino, black, or what but he's all top with a nice big dick and the other is a white shaggy haired stoner type guy with a nice sized uncut dick and verse like me. Both bareback and have never asked me my status and I've never asked theirs. The guy joining them was a hot as shit 19 y/o freshman who was new to playing with guys. He liked the idea of taking loads from multiple guys and wanted to try fucking a guy. I'm always down for taking virgin cum and love breeding ass so I was down. When I got there Juan, the mixed race guy, met me at the door and I could see Zach the stoner was already fucking the kid on the couch. Juan said the kid had been sucking him but it was my turn to get sucked. I stripped down and went over to put my dick in the kids mouth. He was really cute, blonde hair, pretty face, smooth tanned body and big nipples. He eagerly started sucking my dick and soon I could feel Juan sliding his cock in my ass. I looked over at Zach and sure enoug, he was in the kid bare. "You get him next once Zach cums" Juan whispered in my ear as he egged on Zach and the kid. Zach started stroking harder and faster and soon let out a loud groan and I was sure he'd flooded the kids guts with his seed. Once Zach was out, I was in and Zach took my place with the kid sucking him clean while Juan started fucking Zach's ass. The kid had a nice ass and I was surprised at the size of his uncut dick which was leaking a huge amount of precum. I knew I might not see this kid again so I wanted to seed him as much as I could. I can seed Zach and Juan anytime I want and I wanted to mark this kid as mine by breeding his hole good. I was turned on by taking Juan's cock and knew I wouldn't last long and sure enough I blasted my first load really quick but kept stroking inside him knowing I could pop another in him. Juan was egging me and the kid on and Zach blew a load in his mouth, making a mess all over the kids face and neck. Juan quickly took his place and soon the kid was getting vigorous face fucked by Juan's big uncut dick. I was stroking the kids dick enjoying their oral and blasted yet another load inside the kid. He asked Juan to stop and said he was about to cum. I wasn't gonna let the kids seed go to waste so I quickly slid my ass down on his cock and started riding him while he gasped, panted and moaned. He didn't last long and spurted a huge load inside me letting out a loud groan. once the kid came Juan told him to get up and got Zach down to take the kids dick in his ass while he fucked the kid. The kid was groaning and moaning taking Jusn's big dick but soon Juan was stroking inside him. I noticed that slutty Zach was bar lay even whimpering taking the kids pretty big dick and I know he's been taking a lot more cock lately. They kept it up for a while until both the kid and Juan shot their loads. we moved into the bedroom and took turns fucking each other and sucking each other until we all were spent and collapsed. The kid and I woke up around 5 and swapped loads again before he said he had to go. We swapped numbers and he was off. Hopefully Juan and Zach got his number too and I'm guessing they did. Before I left I fuckec Zach again while Juan fucked me and left with a thoroughly seeded and used ass. Just the way I like it.
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    1991 Has anyone ever asked you what the happiest moment of your life was? Most people will say something like 'my wedding' or 'when my first child was born'. My happiest moment came the day I left home to attend college. I liked my family and where I grew up, but the idea of starting a brand new life as an adult in a faraway state was exhilarating at the time. Adventure awaited me. My only worry was the idea of having a roommate. I was always a loner and was used to a lot of privacy. I hoped for the best. Once I moved all my stuff into the ridiculously small dorm room, I had no idea what to do with myself. It was a huge campus and I wanted to explore everything, but I also kind of wanted to be here when my roommate arrived. I had to know what he was like. I sat on my tiny bed and waited. He finally showed up 30 minutes later. Uh oh. This would not be a good match. He was a big, chubby guy and an obvious redneck. And loud. "Howdy! I'm Brent. Nickname's 'Bull' though. You can call me either one." I knew I'd get annoyed by that Southern twang really really fast. "I'm Ken. Where are you from?" "Fort Worth, Texas. My daddy owns ten thousand head of cattle and I grew up on a big ranch." OK. He was a bragger. Great. "I grew up in a small Connecticut town. We are average in just about every way." "Nah. You're not average at all. Come help me carry in some of my shit and then we can go find some fun." He had a giant pickup (of course) and lots of stereo equipment. I could only imagine what kind of cowboy music he listened to. He seemed to have a lot of electronics but not many clothes or personal items. "I'll unpack everything later...let's go take a look around." The campus was landscaped beautifully. There was a big park in the center with a pond full of ducks and a stone bridge. I wanted to find the Art & Design building since that was where over half of my classes were. "I'm here because of a partial fine arts scholarship. That gets me out of all the foreign language and history requirements. I like to write too." I expected some kind of smart-ass response from this hick, but Brent seemed almost impressed. "Cool. I haven't picked a major yet. I was thinking about Psychology, but I'm not sure. At least you know what you want to do." I was sure going to get get exercise here. All the buildings I needed to go to on a daily basis were far apart, and I'd probably have to sprint to the museum where I had art history. "Let's go to bookstore." "To hell with that -- let's find a bar. I need a drink." "I'm only 18. The age requirement in this state is 20...even for beer." "Trust me. I'll take care of things." Whatever. I was ambivalent about alcohol, and had only been drunk once in my life. Didn't really enjoy it too much. But this was my new adult life that was starting and I might feel different now. I think that was when I got my first hint that Brent was somebody who was hard to say 'no' to. I think I was starting to like him. I guess cowboys have a natural instinct for finding booze because we found a bar right away, a few steps off campus. It looked like a super old place that had probably been here since the 60's. Of course it was packed with people, clutching fake I.D.s in one hand and a mug of cold beer in the other. I normally have a paralyzing shyness that sets in when I approach a big crowd of strangers. I would look stupid or say something stupid and they would all laugh at me. "Why are you stopping, Ken? We're almost there. You scared or Baptist or something?" "No. Let's go." I felt safe with him. Maybe people would think he was a new football recruit and that I must be cool if I was hanging around with him. "Let me order the beers while you go find us a place to sit." I scanned the place and every table was full. I wandered out to the smoking patio and there was a nice wooden bench with no occupants. Perfect. It was a beautiful day and the smell of cigarettes reminded me of my dad. Just as I about to worry that Brent wouldn't find me out here, he came out and smiled when he saw me. Maybe he was a smoker too...or just not big on brushing his teeth. Nobody's perfect...or even close to it. He handed me an extra tall glass of beer. "This is way better than inside. Good choice." "Do you have a fake I.D.?" "Nah. I'm older than you probably think. I'm 26." "No way! Really? Why did it take you so long to start college?" I worried that I was asking a rude question, but, I mean, 26? "Oh. Reasons. I was a real fuck-up as a teen. I went to jail a few times and was in a nut house for almost a year." Fucking Hell! At least he was honest. "So you had a few 'lost years'? Lots of people do." "Yup. Does all that bother you?" It didn't. The new adult me was okay with somebody who had a past. "No, but thank you for sharing that. My big secret is that I know I'm gay. Does that bother you?" "I knew that already. It's not like you're obvious or anything, but I can tell things instantly. I'm everything -- straight, gay, bi and all kinds of stuff in between. I've been having sex since I got my first pubic hair." "Wow. I've never done anything with anybody. I wouldn't even know where to start." "You'll know. Sex is not that big a deal once you have it. You will always want more, but never know why. I have done so much fucking. Big-titted cousins, Mexican ranch hands, strangers at rest stops...." "Do you ever worry about catching something?" It was 1991 after all. AIDS was everywhere and mutant strains were developing so fast that the scientists had all but given up trying to find a cure. Or a vaccine. "Hell no. I've got Texas blood. I once got crabs from some chick, and it only lasted half a day. I woke up all itchy but they were gone before I could even go to the drugstore and buy that Rid shit. My body destroyed them. Another time, I let some guy with a sore on his mouth suck my dick and I never got anything. I'll show you my dick later -- it is completely clean." I was dubious, but I knew Texans liked to brag and to bullshit. Maybe he was just telling tall tales. "You don't believe me?" "No. I mean Yes. I believe you. I do." "The ultimate proof came when I was in high school and our football coach made the whole team volunteer to give blood at the donor drive they have every year. I then got some letter from the people who tested my donation -- it said I had HIV." I felt an icy chill. "You...You're kidding." "Nope. It was in me, but my blood killed it." "That's possible?" "For me it was. This was almost eight years ago and I've never been sick. I don't even catch colds. It's all because of strong Texas blood!" I wanted to change the subject, but he was badly misinformed. "Have you been retested?" "No. Why?" "I just don't know if the AIDS virus can be snuffed out like that." "Now you know. Let me go get us a few more beers and then we should head back. You're getting pretty sunburned already. I guess it's always cloudy in Connecticut, huh?" He got up off the bench before I could reply. I was alone with a million thoughts. My new roommate was very sexual and probably HIV+. My new life had started in a very alarming place. How would the adult me deal with this? Sensibly and sanely. That's what I decided. Brent came back with two normal sized mugs of beer. "We can just drink these on the walk. Nobody's going to miss two cheap glasses." He was a risk-taker whereas I had a fear of shadows. I'd never even stolen a pack of gum before. "So...how many credit hours are you taking, Brent?" "Eight. I think. What about you?" "Ten. I have to take that many or I lose the scholarship money." He drained his beer in one long chug as I couldn't help but watch his hairy Adam's Apple bob up and down. He tossed the empty glass against a light pole and it shattered. "Hurry and finish yours, Babe." 'Babe'? Did he really just call me that? Maybe the sun/beer combo had made my hearing fuzzy. I really didn't want to drink more of the beer so I just handed him the mug. "I'm not a real fan of beer." "Hell, man. You should have said something earlier. I got a surprise." He reached into the back pocket of his jeans and pulled out a pint of Captain Morgans rum. "I thought you could see the bulge of this -- or did you just think my left butt cheek was deformed?" "No...I..." "You haven't even once checked out my ass? I'm hurt." What the hell? "Relax, Babe. I'm just teasing you. I know I've got a fat butt, but it's solid. Want to feel?" I started to say something, but the rum was passed to me and I took an extended sip. "You're my friend and roommate, Cowboy. I don't want things to start awkwardly. You know?" "Oh. You're one of those practical types. I need that in my life, I guess. Take another sip." It was a restorative kind of liquor...I suddenly felt awake and clear. We were at the little stone bridge over the duck pond. "We should buy some bread or something and come feed them." "Yeah. And you could draw them. Ducks can't be too hard to draw." "Ugh. That reminds me that I'm about a week behind in mt daily sketches. I have to bring a full sketchbook on my first day of "Life Drawing 1" class. I was pretty disciplined about it all Summer, but I got distracted with all the packing and moving. Shit." "Relax. School doesn't start for six more days. What do you usually draw?" "Anything. I draw my left hand a lot because I need to get better at hands. Trees. My dog. I'm a cartoonist at heart, but there's no major for that." "Draw me. Draw my hands." He held them up to my face, and they were big and gnarly. Hygiene was not his thing. His nails were black with filth and he maybe cut them with dull scissors. Sharp, ugly edges. Who shows up for their first day of college without the tiniest attempt at grooming? Some guy nicknamed 'Bull' I guess. "Why do they call you Bull?" He grinned. "I'm the bull in a china shop. I got the name during my party days when I'd get really drunk and crash into stuff, breaking furniture and putting holes in walls. I also have giant balls like a longhorn bull. You'll see 'em later." I really wanted to. "I've never had rum before. It's good...not too harsh." "Good to know. I prefer vodka, but it tends to make me a little crazy." We got back to the dorm and it was loud as hell. Everybody had set up their stereos and were letting their neighbors know what kind of music they liked. Inside the room, I offered to help Brent connect all of his electronics. "Nah. Not now...neither of us are clear-headed enough for that shit. It can wait. I want to see this sketchbook you talked about." I dug through my box of art stuff and found it, but before I could turn around to hand it to him, Bull was passed out. He was too big for that little twin bed, but it's not like any of of us had a choice about it. He had all of his clothes on and I was thinking maybe I should take his shoes off for him, but I was sleepy myself. It had been a long trip. I lied down on my own midget bed and closed my eyes. "You awake?" What? I thought I'd only closed my eyes for a few minutes, but the shadows from the window told me it was already evening. "Uh..I think so. How long have you been up?" " A while. Did you know you talk in your sleep? I mean, like, a lot! We had a whole conversation while you were out." "Really? I've slept alone in my own room since I was a baby. What did I say?" "Random things. Honest things." We drank and talked a lot during those first few days, and I realized I was not orienting myself with college -- only with Bull. I cut way down on the partying once classes started because I wanted to wake up on time for my early classes and not be too hungover to do all the walking required on a daily basis. My roommate seemed to resent losing his drinking buddy and often referred to me as a 'choir boy'. Bull was not cut out for academia (big surprise), and kept right on drinking. When I was busy reading or at my drawing table, he'd wander drunkenly around the dorm and find other future dropouts to bullshit with. As he floundered, I was really hitting a good groove. My drawing skills improved and my ideas got fresher. By the time Halloween was approaching, Bull began a long episode of depression. I felt bad. He needed a good friend, and was probably wishing we could hang out like we did that first week. Midterms aren't all that grueling for art students, and I suggested we go out and do something. He brightened up and said, "Finally! I've almost had enough of your altar boy routine." "This weekend is all ours. I'm sorry for ignoring you, but I'm really doing well in all of my classes." "Thanks to me, " he snorted. "Huh? What's that supposed to mean?" "Let's have a drink, and I'll confess something." He fished a bottle of rum from under his bed and sat next to me. We shared sips and I waited for his 'confession'. "Well, I told you about how you talk in your sleep, right?" "Yeah." "It turns out that you also listen in your sleep." "Meaning?" I suddenly felt a little scared. "I give you suggestions while you were out. Well, more like commands. I tell you to have a good, restful sleep and be completely energized when you wake up. Had any really good dreams lately?" I remembered something from a few nights ago.... I was in a room with a dozen Saint Bernard puppies that were jumping all over me. They were licking my skin and nipping me with their sharp puppy teeth. It was pure heaven as I lied on the floor as they covered me with love. Just thinking about it now made me smile. "Yeah. You did that?" "I helped." "Wow. It's like hypnosis, sort of. Just don't make me do anything weird -- like start talking with a German accent. Promise?" "I can't make you do anything that would hurt you or embarrass you. I like you too much to ever try shit like that." And then I just leaned over and kissed him on the mouth. Out of nowhere. Did he plant that idea in my sleeping brain? I had to wonder because I'm not a forward person. I'm a bystander. I'd watched people do things like this in movies and on TV, but never once put myself in the picture. My first kiss. "Did you cause me to do that?" "No. You wanted to do that...and it surprised the hell out of me." I suddenly felt like a moron. "Sorry, Bull. I guess I just had too much rum." "No, I don't think you've had nearly enough." He grinned and handed me the bottle. "I have something else to confess, Babe." Oh God. This night was getting way too eventful. "I looked through your sketchbook. I looked at every single page." "Oh." I was okay with people I didn't know looking at my work, but friends and family never got that kind of access. I can't tell you why. "Well?..." "I was super impressed. You said you weren't good at drawing hands, but you have perfected them. And I think you've drawn enough ducks for now. Same with that damn stone bridge. I also noticed you drew one of me while I was taking a nap. I wanted to tear it from the sketch book and keep it for myself. It was so good and yet -- it was flattering. I saw myself but I also saw you." "What do you mean?" "I just could see you in the lines and the shapes. Does that make sense?" It did. In my Life Drawing 1 class, I sat at an easel next to some girl who was extremely talented. Her drawings had the kind of perfection and coldness that she herself possessed. "You can have that drawing, Bull. I'll give it to you now." "No. I have a better idea." He left the room for a minute and returned with two cold cans of Coke from the vending machine. "Cuba Libre!" We had rum and cokes and continued chatting idly for a few minutes. "Too bad you never got around to hooking up your fancy stereo equipment. Tunes would be nice right now. And isn't opening the windows and blasting music a typical college thing to do?" "Know why? Because, during one of our conversations while you slept, I asked you what kind of music you liked. You rattled off a list of bands that I'd never even heard of...except Nirvana." "Man. That band got me through my last few years of high school." "I also like to hear reality more than something recorded on a disc by some stranger." We continued to empty the bottle as we talked about a million different things. I didn't try to kiss him again but I was moving closer until we were touching. He'd never seemed so large before. "You know...I could draw a portrait of you that you could give your mom. Christmas is a few months away." "That's a nice idea, Babe...but my mama would give a shit about a gift like that. If I used it to wrap something from Tiffany's she'd be happy." Oh. I had known people with mothers like that. "Sorry." "No. I do want you to draw my portrait...for me." "Sure. But like I said, you can have that page from my sketchbook." "Why not just draw me now?" "I think I'm too buzzed, Bull. You'll end up looking like that kid from 'Mask' or something." "That would be cool too. Go get your paper and pencils while I comb my hair a little." I fetched the big tablet of paper I used to draw those scrawny, starving models in art class. There was no easel here so I'd have to just hold it up with my left hand. No. I sat on the floor instead and bent my knees up so I could use my legs as an easel. It would feel weird if I wasn't so buzzed. Bull grabbed the stool by my drawing table and sat down in front of me. "Too close, dude. You're forcing a weird of a perspective there. Move back a little." He sighed. "You're the artist." He moved the stool about four feet away from where I was. Four feet was about as far as we could be separated in this room. And then he clicked on his desk lamp and aimed it carefully before turning off the overhead light. Huh? "This is to create shadows....you're good with shadows." I thought of the models I'd drawn in class...under super bright industrial lights. This would be a nice change. "Okay -- get comfortable. Pick a pose you can hold for 30 minutes at least." He started undressing which was not what I meant by 'getting comfortable', but whatever. He started by taking off those giant cowboy boots he wore on a daily basis. He had brought five or six pairs of them, but these old tan ones were his favorite. The leather was old and full of creases, and I made a mental note to draw one of them in my sketchbook sometime. He then took off the rest of his clothes until he was as naked as the day he was born. "Wow." I either thought that or said that out loud. Maybe I did both. I'd glimpsed his dick before. I knew it was bigger than mine and was uncut. But looking at it freely was a different thing. It was HUGE, just like the rest of him. It hung down there like a slab of meat at the butcher's shop. No wonder he had had so much sex in his life. It wasn't just that -- he just had a sex vibe about him. And I think he knew that he did. I think he also knew that I sometimes responded to it. If not for the rum in my system, I might have been crippled by shyness and made a quick exit. But I was relaxed and happy to be exactly where I was now. For whatever reason he tossed his discarded clothes right next to me. He stepped right over me as he did that, and all I could see was a wall of hairy flesh. Dear God. I was hard but I acted cool even though I was about ready to drool all over myself. "OK. I'm ready. Draw everything...even my double chin, my gut and these weird knees." He was perfect. I had fallen in love with with every flaw he thought he had. I didn't love his hygiene habits too much though. He shaved his face so irregularly that you couldn't tell if he was trying to grow a beard or shave one off. And his fingernails were worse then they were when I first noticed them. And his feet? I had to look away fbrom those things. And his body odor was pretty potent -- a mixture of sweat, spice and dirty bathroom. But I didn't care at the moment. "I hope you won't be disappointed by this, Bull. It won't be my best work." Even after I said that, I still swigged directly from the nearby rum bottle. Fuck it. I'd just do this and then we could laugh at my drunken attempts afterward. Once my pencil connected with the paper everything changed. I was suddenly more sober and focused. I started with a few light lines to loosen up. I always started from top to bottom, so I drew the shape his head. He was so fucking sexy. The models I drew in class were sexless in my eyes...I never once got aroused by them. I'd never drawn a body so furry before either. I'd deal with that later. I went into that space where I was just eyeballs and a hand. Drawing can do that to you. "Hold on, Babe. I want to get my camera and take a picture of you when you draw. Your eyes, when you concentrate are so incredible. Draw me every day, please." The spell was broken. I was suddenly a drunk kid on the floor again...with an erection pressed against the fly of my jeans. What time was it? I wonder if the reason I liked art is because it had the ability to take you out of your body for a while. "Never mind, Bull. I told you I was in no shape to draw tonight. Let's just chill out for awhile and then go to sleep. I'm wiped out." "OK. I can't find the goddamn camera anyway. I'm a little disorganized if you haven't noticed." Yes, I have. "You can get dressed now and we'll try this again over the weekend." "Why should I put clothes on?," he asked in a confused child's tone. "Or don't. I wish I was as confident in my own body as you are with yours." "I'll take care of that. I had no idea you weren't aware of how good look." He plopped down on my bed, put a fat finger to my forehead and said "From now on, you will see yourself as I see you." What? I'm glad the bottle was almost empty. Maybe we were just two drunk college guys who didn't know what we were saying. I leaned my head against his hairy knee. My boner was just not going to go away... and probably wouldn't until I had a chance to beat off in private. "I loved seeing you naked, Bull." "I'm still naked, Babe. Get up off the floor. Now." I did as I was told and saw that his prick had grown thicker, longer and harder. Was something going to happen now? Did I really want it to? My judgement was impaired, but my shyness and fears were still there somewhere in the blur. "Take off your shirt at least." I did. The weather here was so much nicer than in Connecticut. People in my town were probably all in sweatshirts or sweaters right now. "Did you forget to bring nail clippers with you, Bull? You can always use mine." "What...you don't like my nails?" He splayed his giant paw in front of my face. They were even worse than I remembered. Not just dirty, but jagged and sharp. Probably one of Bat Man's enemies had nails like his. And then I found myself taking his left thumb in my mouth. Why? I have no idea. I guess I wanted to save his feelings and let him know I adored his whole self. I could feel those nasty nails scrape up the inside of my mouth and my tongue. Is it weird that I found that erotic? What the hell was wrong with me? I just kept sucking each finger as Bull made pleasure noises. When I saw that there was now no dirt left under his gnarly nails, I had to make myself realize that all that grime had been ingested by me. Gross, right? I should go swig some Listerine, but I just drained the rest of the rum bottle and let it do what it could. "I...I guess I have a thing for fingers. Never knew about myself." "You were fantastic, Babe. I nearly came. What about toes? Do you have a thing for toes?" "I don't know." "I bet you do...they're just like fingers, only shorter and stinkier. Give it a try. I won't make you do it if you don't like it." And then he stretched his big frame horizontally on my bed. "Your mattress is just as lumpy as mine." I was on auto-pilot when I went to the end of the bed and regarded his size 14 (maybe 15) soles. They were massive but mostly clean. There was an odor that didn't turn me off in the least. The nails on this end were as bad or worse than what I could have imagined. Maybe I couldn't do this. But I knew Bull would like it if I at least tried. I started with the big toe. I licked it first and then kissed it. He made encouraging sounds so I just went ahead and sucked it. Of course the nail was as sharp as a switchblade and I could feel it cut into my lips and gums. When I moved to the second toe I made a discovery: Toes can't help but being close to each other whereas fingers can be offered one by one. His other nails were scratching my face all to hell. I would have stopped if I hadn't gotten so into it. The point of return. I finished every toe on both feet. Once again I had sucked all the grime away and swallowed it. His feet looked fresh out of the shower. I really wish there was some more rum left to wash my mouth a little. As soon as I thought that, Bull had produced a new bottle from somewhere. It was vodka this time. Where the fuck did he have that hidden? "I'm afraid this doesn't really mix well with soda pop. Orange juice, maybe, but they don't have that in the vending machine. We'll just do shots." Shots? Didn't you need those little tiny glasses for shots? Guess not. I was aware that I needed to pee really bad. "I need to piss. Be right back." "I do too. Hold on a second while I put on my robe." He put on a very wrinkled robe and pushed his boner to the side so it wouldn't poke out. I am very "pee shy" , and can't pee with someone else near. He had no way of knowing that, of course. Fuck it...I was about to bust. We went into the empty bathroom and I had no problem letting a stream loose. Relief. "Fuck. It's not easy to piss with a hard-on." Bull stood there for a while before he finished. Out of pure habit I went to wash my hands at the sink -- which is bizarre considering all the unhygienic things I had just done. Mistake. I saw myself in the mirror and my face was as scratched up as if I'd fallen into a rose bush. My lips were cut and swollen. I'd definitely skip classes tomorrow. Was it as bad as I thought? Or was I just seeing the sin and depravity looking back at me? Either way, it couldn't be changed now. We sat down on my bed again and I was desperately wishing we could watch TV...a college football game, anything. "Hey, Bull -- why haven't you set up your TV or stereo yet? I brought a little portable TV with me but I never plugged it in after seeing how nice yours was." "I would have, but I guess I'd rather not have any useless noise when you're around. You say interesting things. Way more interesting than anything in a Pringle's commercial." That was a nice thing to hear...but also a little creepy. The room seemed to have gotten even smaller all of the sudden. I wondered if I should just tell him I wanted to sleep now. I'd take a few more drinks from the bottle first. I had an uncle who was a blackout drunk. He'd drink until he was suddenly asleep. How much booze did it take to get to that point? Uncle Kyle crashed his car into a concrete barrier when I was 14. It was terrible to see how badly my father took the news that his brother had indirectly taken his own life. I didn't want to think about that now so I took bigger sips of the vodka. I wanted to erase so many things "Hey. Brent?" "Yeah?" "Remember when you said 'I won't make you do anything you don't want to'?" "Yes, I remember." "Don't ever say that again. In case you haven't noticed -- I'm pretty meek. Very shy. I need someone to take charge." Right as the words left my mouth, I felt a droplet of blood run down my chin. It fell onto my bare stomach and looked so red that it reminded me of the fake blood I used to buy at Halloween. Fascinating. "Deal." We continued to drink and my coma never came. I didn't even have an upset stomach -- which is weird because I'd forgotten to eat any dinner. I was forgetting meals a lot lately. Bull still had his robe on but had untied the belt and let his enormous boner stick straight out. I found the foreskin so interesting -- mainly because mine had been snipped at birth. I liked how he moved it moved back and forth over the head. It was like a magic trick to me. The head of his dick was bright, shiny and wet. I'd only ever seen myself ejaculate...maybe I'd get to watch another man cum now. The prospect of that was thrilling. "I'm getting a little dizzy, Bull. I think I might need to sleep now." "No. You're not. You are going to take off the rest of your clothes now. Do it." I had told him to take charge, and I guess he was starting now. I stripped and felt like a fool just standing naked there in front of him. I was so skinny and weak-looking compared to him. He was a grown man and I was just a whisper. Vapor. "Nice. You need some sun, but everything else is beautiful. You glow. Now get on the floor, on your knees." I knew what was coming (so to speak). He would want me to put his penis in my mouth. That would be actual sex. Or would it? Nobody ever told me the true definition. My high school friend Arna had sex with some older guy when we were juniors. She was relieved to not be a virgin anymore. But wasn't oral sex still sex? I was probably getting ahead of myself. Maybe he just wanted me to suck on his toes again while he beat off. He stood up and held that meat an inch from my face. I could feel the heat from it. "Go ahead, Babe. You can kiss it." There was no going back. I felt lightheaded as I moved closer to plant a big smooch on that pucker of extra skin at the end of his shaft. It smelled and tasted cleaner than the rest of him. I saw a drop of my blood where I'd just kissed it. He must have seen it too. "It's okay, Babe. Pull the skin back and keep going." When I eased the hood back, that beautiful swollen head was revealed. It was a marvel. The slit was already dripping some clear fluid that I knew was called 'pre-sum'. I knew it served the same biological purpose that women 'getting wet' did. Natural lube for the purpose of creating babies. My own dick produced it sometimes, but on a very irregular basis. I touched the tip of my tongue to it. How could I not? It was surprisingly sweet and reminded my taste buds of canned peaches somehow. "You are going to do this, Babe -- but I will be as patient as you need me to be. Start sucking." I started by getting that whole slimy knob in my mouth. I sucked on it like a jawbreaker for a few seconds before daring myself to move it further toward the back of my tongue. There was a small spurt of fluid that shot from the slit. Was it over? Had I made him cum already. "Oops. Sorry. I guess I had a little piss left in there." Oh. It turned me on a little to do something so depraved. I just kept going until I felt like I might involuntarily throw up. The gag reflex -- which had its own biological purpose. I was undaunted because I really wanted to do this right and make Bull feel good. When my airway was blocked by his dick, I backed off a little and inhaled oxygen through my nose. "Not bad for a beginner. You're lucky I'm so close to nutting." I was now inspired to really try to stimulate that Bull semen out of him and swallow it. I moved back to the head and then plunged down again and again. I reached up and grabbed his beefy ass cheeks which made him thrust his hips a little more. When he twisted his fingers into my hair and started pulling it hard, I just shot a load all over my chest and stomach. He understood, and pulled harder until he was ripping some out in clumps. The pain only fueled my desire to keep sucking. He was close. "Shit! I'm gonna cum! Oh FUUUUCK!" I felt the heavy shaft drop a load of sperm down my throat. I wished I could have tasted some of it but it was already down the pipes. Luckily he had a few more gluey shots which I made sure went into my mouth. It tasted like him, if that makes sense. Bull was breathing hard as if he'd just run a mile. I was proud of the job I'd done but also sad that it was over. I pulled away for a bit and let myself take a good long look at his heavy ball sack. Bull balls. He helped me to my feet and I suddenly felt very exhausted. "Wow. Dude. I...I can't even begin to tell you how good that felt. Shit! It's early - let's have a few more shots." Early? I had no idea if it was 11 PM or 3 AM. I was going to skip classes for awhile and let the cuts on my face heal. Plus, I probably had bald spots on my head now. I'd be wearing a baseball cap for the foreseeable future. Oh, who cares? I wanted the afterglow to last. "What time is it?" "Like I told you, it's early." It seemed to bug him that I even asked. "Sorry." "No, I'm sorry. I just love seeing you relaxed and I can be a little bossy sometimes. But you like that about me, right?" "Indeed." He took a pull from the bottle. "Oh look. You've got a little cum on your lower lip." He trailed a finger around my mouth and it felt like lip balm...the expensive kind. I felt nothing but bliss. But what happened now? Would we be doing this often? Every day? Would I have any skin left on my face in a few weeks? I lost the bliss and became my worrisome self again. I was once again one of those people that needs answers. We drank a little while longer and then exhaustion hit him as it had already hit me. I was already naked so all I had to do was get under the sheets. Bull switched off the lamp that been on during everything. Shadows. While it was nice to be getting some rest, it was also bad because I now had time to think about what I'd just done. His dirt, sweat, urine and semen had all made direct contact with my bloodstream. I thought of one this one girl I knew who sometimes hooked up with a guy who refused to wear a rubber. She'd probably come down from a sexual high only to worry about possibly being pregnant. I suddenly knew what kind of thoughts went through her head as she tried to sleep. A man who probably had a deadly virus inside of him had probably just given it to me. A silent little parasite, waiting for the signal to make me sick. It couldn't be undone now. The finality of it gave me some measure of peace. There was a whirring noise in my head....the alcohol was sloshing in my brain and up against my eardrums. The ocean. "The moon is made of metal." What? Huh? Bull must be talking in his sleep. "I thought it was mostly rock." Maybe I could have a sleep conversation with him like he claimed he often had with me. "Remember to always believe me, Ken. What I say is always true." Oh, I guess he was awake and thinking I was asleep. I waited. "Can you remember that?" "Yes." "Good. You must start to obey me with no second thoughts. It's what you really want after all." "Yes." "You won't be going home for Thanksgiving. You want to stay here with me." "I do. Yes." Sleep was pulling at me so hard. "Now continue to sleep deeply and have a healing rest. You will feel great when you wake up. Understand?" "Yes." "You'll stay in bed all morning. One more thing...you will not regret anything we did tonight." "Yes."
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    Today is a holiday so lots of boys and guys looking. Done four hookups so far and still looking. first hookup was a hot tall blonde kid, probable late teens at the gym. Went to the showers and jacked...his dick was enormous. He kept smirking asking if I could deep throat him. Told him no but I'd love to take him balls deep. He had me up against the wall not longer after forcing that monster in me. Didn't take long for him to cum he was so turned on. Let me try fucking him but was too tight to get much in, so jacked and slipped in just the tip to cum in his ass. Slid in as much as I could until he begged me to pull out. second was off Grindr not long after that...hot Latino boy in his early 20's. Met up to fuck in his car. He didn't seem to notice my ass was already seeded. Was pounding me hard and popped one in me and kept stroking, popping load two in me a little after that. After he shot his second load he flipped me on my back and started riding my dick u til I shot in his ass. third was a dude off CL I'd been messaging with trying to line something up. 25 kinda chubby, thick smaller uncut cock, bi/str8 middle eastern or Indian guy. He said he wanted to drain his balls in me and he wasn't kidding, pumping four loads in my ass and down my throat. He said he was open to me trying to fuck him but he was freaked out by the size of my dick. I ate and fingered his ass pretty hard to open him up and was able to get halfway in without him complaining. He was cool for bare so long as I pulled out to cum but had an "accident". Oops... fourth was a guy off Grindr on my way home from the third. A scruffy looking shaggy haired guy who was 21, couldn't host but wanted to do a dump n go swap in the stairwell of his building. Freaky, but I was down. It was pretty much drop your shorts, suck him til he's ready then up against the wall and take his cock. His cock was average but it was a huge turn on to hear doors opening and closing above us and people walking. He popped one load in me pretty quick and kept stroking, pumping the second one in me a little later. He didn't have to get down to suck me...I was rock hard and ready to shoot. I probably didn't use enough lube and used too much force as he was moaning like crazy and telling me to take it easier. He kept asking me if I was gonna cum inside him and I told him I was. I got worried he'd want me to pull out to cum so I started stroking harder and faster, pulling get almost all the way out and slamming all the way in him, before finally blowing my load inside him. He was panting and gasping, telling me how he could feel it when I came. He said how good it felt but that he didn't want me to cum inside him as he has a BF. I kept stroking in him as hearing that had me so fucking horny. He didn't ask me to stop and so I kept stroking, picking up the pace, say I bet he couldn't feel it when his BF came inside him, that he wanted me to cum inside him, and he pretty much agreed. Soon I had him begging for my cum and pumped load two inside him. We wound up swapping digits as he wanted it again. now on the search for fifth....
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    Part 6- Quickly I scooted to the edge of the bed and hopped up, nearly diving for the newcomer’s crotch. Kneeling down, I came face to face with his massive, thick cock surrounded by a thick bush of bright red hair, the black scorpion tattoo above it made a striking contrast. I ran my fingers along the black ink, admiring the stark beauty. Up close, his massive balls looked even larger, and I imagined what it would feel like to feel them slapping against my legs. “You did say you wanted a thick poz rod, right?” Garrett asked, patting my shoulder and taking a deep puff on the thick black cigar in his mouth, “Well Brad’s meat here gets nice and thick when he’s loading up a tight neg boy hole with his bug.” “Don’t just sit there and look at it you stupid slut,” the newcomer, Brad, said gruffly, a slight southern accent coming through as he puffed away at his cigar, “Wrap your fucking lips around it and get it ready to rape your cunt. My stinger is ready to fill you up with its venom.” I took a deep inhale of smoke from my pipe and then opened my mouth as wide as I could, taking as much of his semi-hard cock into my mouth as I could and started to suck. Slowly I exhaled the smoke through my nose, enjoying the look of the thick pipe smoke drifting through his forest of hair around his cock as my mouth slowly salivated around the quickly hardening cock in my mouth. Soon I was slurping away at his tool, spit dripping down my chin as I desperately tried to swallow his rod. Brad seemed to be enjoying himself. His hands were wrapped around my head occasionally pulling my face down, and he had tossed his head back, groaning as he hauled away at his cigar. I continued to look up at him as I sucked his now fully hard dick, taking in the forest of red fur all over his perfectly muscled body… my eye followed every curve of his abs, how his hips cut out from his groin, he perfectly formed pecs and massive biceps. My cock throbbing at the sight and the manly smell of musk and sex emanating from his groin. My concentration broke when I heard Ren begin to moan deeply from the bed, presumably from a deep-dicking he was now getting from Garrett. “Get on the bed next to that Asian bitch,” Brad said, pulling my head off his dick before lightly smacking my face and blowing his thick cigar smoke in my face, “Time I sampled that neg pussy and breed you full of my special fuck juice.” Slowly I nodded, to which his reply was to smack his cock hard in my face. I gasped as he grinned wickedly down at me. Immediately, I sprang up and joined Ren on the bed, kneeling on the edge and watching the poz couple fuck. The groaning I had heard was exactly as I thought, with Garrett deep-dicking Ren and slamming as hard as he could in the creamy muscular ass. What must have been my load was glistening on Garrett’s cock as he raped the Asian’s hole as they both smoked like chimneys. In my mind, I hoped that my ass looked remotely as good as Ren’s stretch ass-lips did wrapping around a big dick like Garrett’s. “Bend the fuck over, you stupid faggot. Time to properly convert that neg pussy.” I instantly did as I was told, and without any further delay, Brad’s rough, calloused hands were grabbing my hips and his massive cock was entering my cum-filled, well-lubed ass. His large cock began to penetrate me, stretching me even wider than before with his extremely thick tool. I once again began to moan, this time in a little pain. Ren instantly had the bottle of poppers and a new pre-filled pipe in front of me. I took several hits off the bottle before shoving the pipe deep in my mouth. “That's one hot piece of poz meat you’re getting charged up with,” Ren said in between moans, holding his lighter up to my bowl as I puffed it to life, Brad’s cock slamming deep into my hole, “I can't wait to see how wrecked your cunt is after he adds his load.” For a brief moment, I stopped and thought about what I was doing. Taking knowingly poz loads deep into my hole. Stretching out my formerly tight hole around random men’s cocks. Smoking and enjoying a massive pipe while being in the center of an orgy. I shouldn’t be doing this. What would my parents think? Wouldn’t this mean I would never find a nice boy to date? But the second I felt his massive cock-head rubbing along my prostate, my worries disappeared. I wanted nothing more than for him to rape my ass as hard as he could and fill my ass with as much of his bugged-up load as he could. I wanted to have a piercing in my dick like Garrett, and tattoos all over my body like all of them. I wanted to have a huge biohazard on my chest, proudly declaring how much of a cum whore I am. These men would be the ones to help me get everything I wanted. “Oh god, rape my hole,” I gasped, feeling Brad’s heavy balls bouncing against my legs as his pubes brushed against my stretched out hole, “Give me your poz load! Help make my ass a toxic cum dump.” I began to puff and inhale deeply on my pipe, savoring the mixture of the feeling of the smoke deep in my lungs and my prostate getting slammed. “Fuck Gare, you weren’t lying, “ Brad said, sliding in and out of my hole slowly, the cigar never leaving his mouth, “this is one sweet boy cunt. Fucker even feels tight after taking both you and your boy’s dicks. Hard to believe he was prime virgin mean when he came here tonight.” He seemed intent on taking things slowly, but I decided it was time to take things up a notch. After stealing a few quick tugs on my hard prick, I started to slam back as hard as I could, bouncing back after taking the redhead’s hard meat to the root. Over and over again I shoved my hole down on him, eliciting a string of dirty talk from Brad as I tried to match the jackhammering Garrett was giving Ren. “Fucking eh… this neg bitch really wants the bug bad. Bet he can’t wait ‘til he gets a heavy case of the fucking flu so he has a good excuse to take as many loads up his dirty little chute.” What he said perfectly described what I needed. I needed this man’s dirty load inside me. I wanted to feel the virus taking over me, permanently changing my DNA into the cum-crazed whore I always wanted to be. I needed every load possible tonight to help fulfill my dream. And I told him exactly that. “Fuck yes!” I yelled, squeezing my hole as tight as I could as his dick pummeled the tight flesh of my rectum, “Fill my useless dump with your dirty load and help me convert. I can't wait until my cock and balls are dripping with poison like yours! I want and deserve to become a fucking poz cum whore!” Suddenly, Garrett let out a strangled cry and collapsed on top of Ren, shaking slightly as he emptied another load deep up his boyfriend’s ass. This caused Ren to shoot without touching himself, the first spurt of cum shooting far and away from him and hitting me on the cheek. Both Brad and I watched the scene, smoking even faster in lust as we continued fucking. Finally, I felt him tense up. Within seconds, he grabbed my hips as hard as he could, likely leaving bruises as he buried himself as deep as possible up my hole. “Fucking take it!” Brad yelled, his cock now twitching and jerking deep inside me, coating my intestines with thick warm ribbons of charged up cum, “Take all my dirty fucking load you fucking slut. I’m giving it to you, fucking bug whore!” “Give it to me! Give me everything you got!” I yelled out, clenching down on his cock as I felt the heat spreading from deep inside me as his virus-laden load coated my insides. Sweat dripped from both of us as the ginger held his massive cock deep inside me, occasionally twitched and groaned every time I made any slight movement. Slowly, Brad began to pull his slowly deflating cock from my hole, pulling my pipe from my mouth and locking lips with me. Blowing his smoke into me, I gladly inhaled, enjoying the taste as our tongues met. Finally, his cock plopped out of my hole with a wet squelch, and he pulled away. “You weren’t fucking lying, Gare,” he said, slapping my ass lightly as he stuck his smoldering cigar back in his mouth, “That boy had a beautiful tight cunt there. I’ll see you in the sling room if you convince these whores to get down there. This one definitely will be getting another dose of unmedicated cum from me if they do.” With that, Brad walked out of the room, his towel over his shoulder as he left the door standing wide open. All that marked he was there was a cloud of thick cigar smoke trailing out the doorway into the dark hallway. As I felt all of the cum dripping from my hole down my leg and balls, I turned to Ren and Garrett with only one thing on my mind. And at that moment, I told them exactly what I wanted. “More.”
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    There was some fully-developed sun sneaking in the blinds when I first opened my eyes. What time was it? I was still too tired to try and lift my head to look at my clock radio. I tumbled back down into the dream I was having. "Hey, Sleepy Head! It's almost 2 in the afternoon." There's was something so loving in that deep, redneck voice of his. I was happy to be awake and be with Bull. "How long have you been awake?" "Couple of hours. I had some shopping to do." There was a crinkling of bags. I hope he brought something to eat because I was starving. I got up from bed and put on a t-shirt and some shorts. The only pain I had was in the parts of my scalp where Bull had torn out patches of hair. I was also thirsty as hell. "What did you buy?" He started opening sacks and handing me things. A weird kind of soda I'd never had before. Bubble Up? I'd never had that before. It was cold and pretty good. I drained it fast but he had three more. "Thank you. I must be a little dehydrated." "I brought us a late lunch too. We'll eat after you come back to life a little." The biggest bag was from Macy's. "What's that? Clothes?" "Naw. I woke up this morning and saw what a bloody mess your pillows and sheets were, so I got some snazzy new bedding for you." Wow. "That's so nice of you." "Well, I'm sorry about slicing you up so bad. I got carried away. I knew I had to make it up to you somehow." "Is it that bad?" I couldn't make myself turn around to look "Not so bad. Look at what else I did..." He gestured toward the wall where I saw that he'd unpacked his big TV and hooked it up to the cable outlet. "We can watch it now -- as long as the volume isn't too loud. And not 'Roseanne'. That broad's voice makes me want to break stuff." I'd always that she was funny, but now I wasn't so sure. "How do I look? Bad?" "It looks worse than it really is. I'll clean you up a little and you'll be fine." He changed my bedding and then left the room with the messed up stuff that was there. He came back with a damp washcloth and wiped the dried blood off my face. "See? You don't look so bad at all. I bought some antiseptic cream that you can smear on the scratches." "What about my hair?" "You've got nice, thick hair that I can help you fix up and cover the skin showing. And if that doesn't work.....Ta Da!" He held up a new Boston Red Sox cap. "How'd you know that they're my favorite team?" "I guessed." He put it on my head and then switched on the TV. "I'm starving. Let's eat!" He'd bought two big bags of tacos and burritos from a nearby restaurant that had a great reputation. We ate while some Clint Eastwood movie was on the TV screen. I loved watching Bull attack the food like a wild boar. My man. I skipped the hot sauce because I knew it would irritate the sores in my mouth. It was good though. I felt good. "Hey Bull.." "Yeah?" "I had a really fun time last night, but I don't want to drink again for awhile." I told him about my deceased uncle while he nodded sympathetically. "Anybody else in your family a drinker? It's genetic. My dad and both of his sisters are major alcoholics. Wild Turkey. Holidays are wild when we all get together." A thought formed. "So are you going home for Thanksgiving?" "Naw. My parents usually travel during this time of year. What about you? Connecticut must be really beautiful this time of year." Oh, it really is. "It was all up in the air the last time I spoke to my parents. It's an expensive flight from here to Hartford, and I'll be home for Winter break soon anyway. I know Dad would shell out for a ticket if I really wanted to come home but I think I just want to stay here." "You sure?" His face had brightened considerably. "Yeah. It's a bullshit holiday and there's always some sort of argument when each of us get a turn to say what we're thankful for." "Why? What are you grateful about? What would you say?" I wanted to say 'you', but maybe it was too soon for that. "I'd say I was grateful that Clinton won the election...and my bible-thumping aunt would call him a 'baby killer' or something. And my poor mother would get upset, keep silent and try to tear her cloth napkin in two." "Well, we'll have our own Thanksgiving here. You and me." "Great. I don't look forward to telling my mom, but I'll deal with it. What about Christmas? You're going back to Texas then, right?" "Doubt it. I'd just be there in a big empty house while my family's in The Bahamas." "You could come back to Connecticut with me." The expression on his face was like I'd handed him a million dollars. "Really? For real? I think I'd love that." "Cool. I'm missing my Design 1 class right now. She talks so much and I can't understand any of the points she's trying to make. Artists." "I'm missing Biology. So what? It's Friday. Everybody with a life has called it a week already." By that Sunday, I finally looked at myself in the mirror. I'd successfully gone to the bathroom several times without bothering to get a glimpse of my face. But now... SHIT! Most of the scratches were pink and fading, but there was one long scab that went from my upper lip all the way up to my right nostril. I wouldn't go to classes for another few days. Bull told me to wear the bill of my cap low and fix a rough expression on my face. He said everybody would just assumed I was a tough guy who'd been in a bar fight. The hair was still not fixable at this stage. Big deal. By the week of Thanksgiving, you see and feel the air being drained away from 1991. I went to classes that Wednesday because I wanted to find out all the stuff I was behind in after my little 'vacation'. My face was looking almost normal and I never left the room without my hat on. I took note of what I needed to do before finals. I'd have time to get all the shit done. I actually cared more about Bull than my education. We hadn't done anything since that monumental night. I would have done anything he wanted, but I just waited like a puppy begging to go out for a walk. He finally lumbered back into the room, all smiles and carrying some takeout BBQ. He'd been bringing me food because he knew how embarrassed I was about showing my face under the harsh lights of the dining hall. I also think he was also trying to fatten me up, but didn't come right out and say anything of the sort. Whatever. I was just happy to see him. "Hey! Mom sent me a little card today. She wrote a short note and insisted I go eat a decent meal for Thanksgiving. She included a check for a hundred bucks." "That was nice of her." He couldn't be less impressed. "I endorsed it already. Take it. I want you to have it." He was astonished. "I..Why?" "You've spent a lot of money on me. It's the least I can do." "No way. I'm a trust fund kid, remember? I owe you for the stuff I did to your hair and face. Either cash it yourself or I'll rip it up. Seriously, Babe." "OK. You're the boss." "Damn straight. But thank you. Now I have a surprise for you. We're not spending the long weekend here...we're staying in a nice hotel. For four days! We can pack and go tonight." "What? Really?" "The Eldrick, downtown. That big stone building? Remember? Pure luxury and relaxation." "Wow. I can't wait. What time do we check in?" "Now. Let's eat and get ready. Make sure to bring your drawing stuff." His voice had a grin inside of it. I packed some clothes I thought would make me look like I belonged in a fancy hotel. I'd be wearing a baseball hat, but maybe people would just think I was going bald...or that I was eccentric. I was fine with either one. Bull didn't bring much, but he did pack away his nicest cowboy boots. They were expensive, black and sexy as hell. I was so glad that the little hard knot of homesickness in my heart had loosened. I missed my folks and my dog the most. Also, just being home. You can miss people and places you never thought you would. The hotel suite was so much nicer than I'd even imagined. It was like a large living room with a king sized bed in it. Bull was ordering room service before he even bothered to unpack. That night we got good and plastered on some really nice spiced rum he'd brought with him. I'd wanted to mix it with Diet Coke, but Bull had forbidden me anything 'diet'. Even as we drank and talked happily, I kept wondering if we going to do some drawing tonight. He wasn't sending any signals so I just enjoyed the evening for what it was. The bed was so comfortable that we didn't stay awake long enough to watch anything dumb on TV. When I woke up from a perfect sleep, Bull was gone and it was almost 10 in the morning. The parade! I found it on the over-sized TV and watched. It was as lame as ever, but I'd watched it every year since I can remember. It was weird to see the bands and floats without hearing my mom in the kitchen. By the time Santa appeared at the end, Bull came back with more rum and a six-pack of Diet Coke. ! "I'll allow you your beloved sugar-free pop for this special occasion. Happy Thanksgiving, Babe!!" He clicked the volume way down on the TV and then gave me a nice kiss on the mouth. Finally. I took it as a sign. "It's so nice out. Let's go take a walk around to build up an appetite." During the walk, my mind was overflowing with feelings and words. How could he not know how much I wanted to fool around again? "Hey, Bull? Can I ask you a question?" "Anything." "Why have you put it on me to make a move? Do you even realize how much I want to have more sex with you? You're aware that I'm shy, right?" "You asked me those things in your sleep almost every night. I will give you answers that maybe won't make sense to you now." I just stared straight down at the sidewalk. We kept walking. "It's...it's hard to explain. You are my support system. If you were just a fuck to me, we would have done it a dozen times already. I thought by not asserting myself, I'd be letting you know that I rank you so much higher than just a sex outlet. I guess all it did was make you insecure. Sorry. I love you as much or more than I lust for you. If we just kept having sex every night, you'd get bored with it and then you'd wonder what else I meant to you. What if you decided there's nothing else about me worth sticking around for. That would kill me. I'd have nothing else." "I think I get it now. But I do love you, Bull. I'm partially to blame for all this because I can be a little closed off sometimes." "I know. Anything else you want me to clear up for you?" "No." Yes. The HIV issue was still on my long list of worries, but now was not the time to bring it up. "OK. Now let's head back to the hotel. We'll have a few drinks and then go eat." He put his arm around my shoulders and we walked that way for five blocks. Not once did it occur to me to worry about what passersby might think or say. Back in our suite, Bull started to get his bath stuff together. I guess he was going to shower and shave. Oh. OK. I guess I'd use the time to pick out what I was going to wear. No, I'd let him pick out what he wanted to see me in. I'd just sit and watch football while he got cleaned up. I was starting to get used to watching TV with almost no volume. He was really taking his time in the bathroom. Out of boredom, I finally grabbed the bottle of rum. I drank a toast to my late uncle. He was the only fun relative I'd had. I was about to toast more people I was missing when the shower shut off. I should save a swallow for Bull, but I'm sure he had more hooch somewhere. I drank to my mom who was probably exhausted at this point. I drank to my dad who was likely cussing at what a piss poor game this was. He was still sore that "Taxi" had been taken off the air. I was about to toast a grandpa I never got to know very well, when a naked Bull lumbered into the room. "Caught you! I'm not turning you into a drunk am I?" "Nah...I was just sharing a few drinks with people back home - if that makes sense." Being homesick made me feel a little childish. "Good for you. I wish I could say I missed my family, but all I really miss is Texas. We should spend half of Winter Break in Connecticut and half in Fort Worth. There are so many things I want to show you." Thanksgiving dinner in a hotel restaurant is a mixed bag. It's nice, but not really what it's supposed to be. And the poor people working here. But at least Bull was there with me. I complimented him on what a nice smooth shave he'd managed to give himself. "Did you even notice my nails?" They were clean and he'd made an attempt to trim them evenly. I guess I was flattered that he had put forth the effort, but those jagged, dirty nails had meant something to me...in a perverted way. He must have seen that in my face. "I didn't get around to my toes yet. It's kind of hard for big, fat guys like me to bend down there and take care of their feet. Maybe you could do it for me?" He arched his eyebrows up and down a few times. "Sure. Later. I just think you look so good now." We'd been drinking wine, which I knew nothing about. I went with it. I was full and feeling a little sleepy, but it was still relatively early. I kept waiting for him to say 'let's go back to the room', but he was loving the vino. He kept ordering more wine, specific years and labels. It was showing off. I guess I could have used an espresso right about then, but I'd have three more days for rest up. "I noticed you brought books with you. I like that you read a lot. I predict you'll write a bestseller some day...and dedicate it to me." The wine kept coming and it started tasting all the same. Once we finally stumbled back into the room, I immediately changed into shorts and the t-shirt I most liked to sleep in. Bull just got naked and plopped on the bed. While he opened a new bottle of vodka he'd had in his bag. "You can mix this with your chemical coke, you know." "That's cool. I think I'll just drink the coke straight for a few sips first." "What's that?" he was looking at the new sketch book I'd treated myself to a few days ago. It was hardback and the paper was the fancy acid-free kind. Bull probably would have already snooped through it if he'd known what it was. "Come show it to me." He glanced at the seven or eight drawings I'd already done. "Wow. You improve every day." He especially liked the one of his everyday boots tossed haphazardly on the floor. There were a few of him sleeping that I knew conveyed some of the affection I was feeling. It comes through whether you ant it to or not. It was exactly opposite of the self portrait I'd drawn in front of the mirror. I looked sad and maybe a little angry. "I want to lie down next to you in bed, but I'd hate to fall asleep this early." "Let's go sit on the sofa and watch some TV. You should call home to wish your mom and dad a happy Thanksgiving." "It's three hours later in Connecticut. Mom has probably dropped dead from all the time she spent in the kitchen today. Dad is probably reading the paper in bed and getting pissed off that there are ads for Black Friday specials." We sat and watched the remainder of the football game for a few minutes. I got up to pour some vodka into my half-full can of Diet Coke. Bull just took swigs right from the bottle. "Did you bring swimming trunks? There's a rooftop pool here." "I don't even own any. Did you bring yours?" "Nope. We can just skinny dip." Was he kidding? "Uh...No. I could never do that. What if somebody saw?" "I slipped one of the maids a fifty to give us private access. It's locked, but I have a key." Well, hell. I guess this would be okay then. It was so much more perfect up there than I would have imagined. The whole deck was lit up with fancy lamp posts. I was still a little too full to even think about getting in the water...even though the night was very warm and the water in the pool looked heavenly. No. No swimming tonight. "Take off your clothes, Babe." I did. "Now go get us those two pool mattresses so we can lie back and look at the stars." The water temperature was perfect. The splashes I made seemed very loud in the night air. Sounds seemed to bounce. I drug both inflatable items to the concrete and arranged them a few inches apart. He and I lied back and looked skyward. The moon was extremely full. Harvest Moon? No. That was last month if I remember right. "You should see the stars from Daddy's ranch. There's not as much light pollution and the sky is just bigger. What's it like in Connecticut?" "So nice. I even knew some of the constellations by name back when I was interested in astronomy. We used to watch that meteor shower that happens every Summer." "Yeah. I'm starting to sweat...are you? No, I bet not. You need to beef up, Babe." He'd brought the vodka with him and we took shots as the universe circled overhead. "Would you eat my ass if I wanted you to?" Eat? I knew it didn't involve biting or chewing. It was licking, right? Licking and kissing? I'd never once in my life imagined doing that. The pool pump purred in the foreground. "I want to do that for you. You'll have to take over again. It's all new to me." "It's not as gross as you might imagine. I'm completely clean down there except for a little sweat. We can start slow. Why don't you suck on my toes a little first." He knew I'd liked doing that the first time we played. I had to get in the pool to be on the same level as his bare feet. I massaged his wide soles a little first and then took his big toe in my mouth. I tried to be careful of the nearby toenails but they were still sharp and the familiar scratching of my cheeks and lips happened again. Funny how I no longer gave a shit. After finishing each toe on each foot, I ducked under the water to wash some of the blood away. Chlorine would help...I hoped. He was standing up with a dynamic erection when I emerged from the water. "Lie on your back." I was excited and a little afraid. What if it made me throw up? He towered over me and the orange and white lights around the pool made him look like beautiful demon. "OK. I want to do this." "I know." He turned around and then squatted right above my face. It took some effort on his part to balance in that position. I could see his big hairy butt cheeks and the long crack, but nothing beyond that. He was careful as he let my nose and mouth have full access to what was inside. No odor so far. I lifted my head up and stuck my tongue out as far as I could. It felt a little like a small pair of lips. I'm sure my dick was standing straight up which Bull took as a cue to get lower and wiggle a little. I hoped he liked the job I was doing. My hands went up on top of his straining thighs as a signal that he could relax and just sit down. I guess he understood and just let his full weight down on top of my head. It wasn't so bad except I had no way of breathing. So what. I'd have the rest of my life for the intake of oxygen. Bull's hands were now freed up to reach around and manually spread his cheeks apart a little. I got my hungry tongue as far up that dark place up inside his rectum. He groaned. I knew he liked what I was doing for him -- and I knew I wanted to do this often. "Slow down a little...I don't want to cum yet." And then he reached down and grabbed my painfully hard dick, and that's all it took for me to shoot my load. "Damn, Babe. I wish you could have saved it a little longer." He stood up as I took in as many deep breaths as I could. I could easily just close my eyes and go to sleep right here. "Grab your shoes and stuff and let's go back to the room." We just carried our stuff and nakedly returned to the suite. Being with Bull made me feel more daring than I ever imagined was possible for me. The elevator and hallway were empty. I thought about what I'd just done. Even if you disregard the whole HIV issue, I'm sure one could catch something if your bloody tongue was inside someone's shit hole. OK....what's done is done. What bothered me currently was how Bull wasn't talking. Was he mad at me for cumming? Once inside, he fetched the two hotel robes from the bathroom and tossed me one. It was the softest robe in the world. I absorbed the comfortable warmth to distract me from this upsetting silence. We'd left the TV on and there was some old black and white Christmas movie on. Dear Lord. Already? If Bull was going to dump me, I wouldn't have to tell Mom I was bringing a guest home. "Here," Bull handed me a Diet Coke. "Peace offering." He'd already spiked it with a way too generous pour of vodka. "Are you mad at me?" "Not any more. Right after I told you I didn't want to cum, you just went ahead and did. I just remembered now that you're 18...the horniest age a guy can be. Hell, I could cum four or five times a day back then. I guess I should be glad you enjoyed it so much. I've been rimmed many times and never made anyone cum just doing that. We're fine. Better than fine." "I'm glad." "Look how fake that snow looks." He was gesturing toward the TV screen. "Do you guys usually have a white Christmas up there." "Almost always. Ice too. And those long, sinister icicles you usually only see in pictures." "Cool. I've never spent Christmas somewhere that snowed. I'm excited about the trip." "I love you, Bull." "I know. You make me know it every day whether you realize it or not. I love you too. Go get your drawing stuff." Yes! As I tried to find my favorite soft-leaded pencil I remembered that I forgot it back in the dorm. I had some pretty nifty pens, but I usually only used those to draw cartoons. I explained to Bull that I really only ever drew silly things with ink. "That sounds perfect. Draw me something goofy." "Like what?" "Wait. I've got something that might help." He fished around in his bag and produced a fat joint. OK. I'd never been stoned before, but I had friends from high school who did it all the time. I guess that, back then, I thought any drug would make you go crazy. "This is a non-smoking room, Bull. If the maid smells anything, they'll add a fine to your bill." "Your point?" We got good and baked as I drew the dumbest stuff. I was not feeling like my normal self, but Bull seemed the same as always. He laughed hysterically at the cartoons. The TV was showing a different old movie. I tend to get all happy when someone enjoys my work, and Bull's approval meant more to me than he could know. I was getting way too high to continue. I told him I was partied out. "Me too," he puffed as he stubbed out the remaining half of the blunt. "Happy Thanksgiving, Babe. I love you." I guess it was time for bed. I'd eventually find out later in life that getting stoned was hit or miss. For now, though, I felt the delicious mix of fatigue and joy. My mouth was majorly dry so I took sips from the drink I'd forgotten about. I'd forgotten to say 'I love you too' ...or did I? No idea. The TV caught my eye and I was drawn in to some old flick from the 30's or 40's. I couldn't hear what they were saying, but knew they were really overdoing the facial expressions. They were obviously acting. How did anybody ever earn an Oscar back then? They were so obviously aware of the camera and how they looked. You'd never see Jodie Foster or Daniel Day-Lewis trying to pull that shit off on screen. Despite all the corniness, I was fascinated and couldn't stop watching. The trance was briefly broken by Bull's loud snores. Once I was back outside the TV, I realized my bladder was about to burst. I walked to the bathroom and peed. I made the mistake of looking at myself in the mirror. More blood, more scratches, swollen lips. It wasn't as bad as the last time, but still... Those damn toenails. Maybe I could trim them while he was passed out. By the time I left the bathroom, Bull was awake and all sprawled out all the way across the top of the bed. "Sorry, Babe. Looks like there's no room for you. I bet that couch is comfortable...or the floor." His dick was as tall and hard as a statue. He smiled. "OK. I sure wish there was something I could do to earn a spot in the bed." "Nope. Sorry. Come give me kiss goodnight and then go find somewhere else to sleep." This was all a little silly, but I was high enough to think that maybe he wasn't kidding. I walked over and planted a small peck on his lips. He then reached around and squeezed me to him like a furry python. We kissed like animals, and I was lost to the world. There was only Bull now. Nobody and nothing else existed. How could I ever turn back now? Why would I want to? He knew that he was in charge and he knew that I wanted him to be in charge. We essentially were just grinding on each other, our hard dicks having a duel. At some point during the battle, Bull reached his long arm out for a tube of KY. Had that been visible before? I knew what that stuff was for. I'd once been a cashier in a drug store and would always try to make my face a complete blank when someone purchased that. We were about to have anal sex. I said that in my head a few times but nothing responded. How? That meat of his couldn't possibly fit inside of me. "This is going to hurt, but I promise to go easy at first. Just relax. Think about the stars." As he oiled up his shaft and smeared some on my hole, I tried to calm myself and remember the names of the constellations. I'd list them alphabetically in my head. Too hard. State capitols, maybe? I was trying to focus on something else when Bull hoisted my legs up in the air. His greasy dick was knocking at the door of my ass. "Take a deep breath, Babe." And then the sky exploded. I cried out as the most unbelievable pain I'd ever felt shot through me. "Hush." His hand covered my mouth. "People around here are trying to sleep." Well this was flat out impossible. I couldn't do this. I was in pain but also angry. You didn't do this to someone you claimed you loved! I couldn't fight him off because he was just too big. I was plum out of options here. "Yeah...I'm almost halfway in there. You're just too damn tight." I wondered if he was doing permanent damage to my body. Would I ever be able to poop normally? Would I bleed to death? He removed his hand from my face and looked right into my eyes. His beautiful face made me want to do this. I wanted him to be pleased. I opened my mouth to something, but nothing came out. The severity of the pain disappeared in the glow of the TV as it danced in his eyes. It didn't exactly feel good, but I was no longer afraid. "Listen to me. Listen good." He pushed all the way inside of me and I thought I'd pass out. A scream wasn't even possible at this point...just a ragged gasp. "Your ears work, Ken?" I nodded. "Good." He pulled out a little. "YOU" thrust "WILL" thrust "NEVER" very hard thrust "CUM" thrust "BEFORE" thrust ME" spastic thrusting "AGAIN!!" hard thrusts and then a pause "I'm .. OH SHIT! I'm shooting inside of you." He was covered in slick sweat. I stayed still and wondered what to think, what to feel. He got out of bed and helped me to my feet. I almost collapsed, but he steadied me. The comforter looked like someone had been murdered there. More blood. Always blood. "Go take a quick shower, Babe. I'll neaten things up." I did as instructed. I was no longer a virgin. I was likely going to get AIDS. No amount of soap and hot water could change that. But at least I was alive now. Alive, in love, with Texas blood flowing through my veins.
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    It was just a normal Saturday morning in New York City. I awoke, checked work emails, and then had breakfast. Like most gays I usually douche before going to the gym if only because doing so makes me feel super light, lol. (Don't judge me, please.) I also douche because doing so leaves me ready in the event that something unexpected (but always welcome) goes down in the locker room. It was pretty dead in the gym especially for a Saturday, which I've usually found to be one of the busiest days at the gym. Now, I'm not one of those guys who spends hours in the steam room and sauna without working out, I'm sure you know the type. No, I did some some cardio, legs, chest and biceps and was ready for a good stretch, so I hopped in the shower for a quick rinse off, taking the opportunity to slide on my cock ring, and also discreetly applying a bit of lube to my freshly waxed and douched hole. To my surprise there were a few people in the shower area. When I was clean-up I decided to head first to the sauna where I noticed a towel draped over the lamp - which, I assumed, could only mean one thing! I entered the sauna and took a seat, waiting for a bit. Within minutes a tall black man walked in with a HUGE bulge showing through his towel. Closing the door he groped himself. Of course I was mesmerized the the sights, and was not unhappy when he stepped closer to me to give me a clearer sight of what he was sporting. Dropping his towel, he reached between my legs, so I gave him a hint by lifting one leg up to expose my smooth shiny hole. Taking my hint he inserted his finger into my hole, exploring a bit as I took a hit of my poppers which I had kept handy. He took that as a sign to insert his nine and a half-inch uncut dick on my hole. Of course I didn't resist, which was an unspoken way of saying to him 'Go for it'. Amidst his moans and grunts, and an occasional 'baby', a nickname I really dislike, he repeatedly muttered my hole was really tight, and felt excellent. We were soon interrupted by someone else and I had decided to go sit in the steam room for a few minutes. Upon returning to the sauna I found the black guy, alone, fortunately. He wasted no time in again displaying his dick to me, and in asking to to deep throat it, which I did, making it a point to lavishly slicken his cock. When he was fully erect, and as slick as I could get his cock, I turned around, dropped my towel, rubbed spit on my hole, and, after each of us had taken another deep hit of poppers, the black guy entered me, hitting bottom on the first try. I swear I could feel his foreskin peel back. Before pounding my ass, we each took yet another hit of poppers, whereupon the fucking commenced. Looking back, I am somewhat amazed (but certainly not unhappy) we were able to fuck for several minutes without interruption. Finally he mutters the words I wanted to hear: "Where do you want it?" Thrusting my ass back onto his cock I replied "Give it to me!" With that I felt his dick pulse as he bred my ass right there in the gym sauna. Afterwards he withdrew and I cleaned-off his cock. To my surprise he wanted to see me cum and helped me to blow by inserting a finger or two into my hole and exploring a bit as I jerked my now very, very hard cock. You won't be surprised to learn it didn't take me long to cum, but boy was it a lot! That was the first and last time I saw him.
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    Part 3. Aaron's face lit up into a beaming smile, “Hi…you can’t go out looking like that with cum splats in your hair” as he manhandles me into the cubicle I had just left and followed me inside... I wanted to say “No” but somehow the word just could not come out and as I bent down to get some toilet paper to wipe my hair Aaron trapped me in a bearhug from behind and rubbed his drain-pipe like cock in my arse crease and I melted into him. He continued rubbing there marking his territory until I began thrusting back against him in submission. “Spin round and face me and sit on the john” I eagerly comply, “Get it out and start sucking” Aaron commands, uncaring if anyone outside can hear us as I fumble with his belt – all fingers and thumbs, nervous, excited and so horny I could cum right there and then! Eventually I free the monster, so easy as he has come commando this time, slide his jeans down to the floor I let my thumb and index finger close around his shaft, just about halfway down. I move my grip towards the head of his cock. His precum already flowing freely as it spilled out and over my hand, running down his shaft toward his pubes on the one side and his balls on the other. My tongue caught the tasty slippery liquid before it got to his scrotum. My mouth quickly sucked in his head, my tongue feverishly exploring his frenulum, then circling around that lovely pronounced, rubbery edge of his corona. My taste buds alive to the mixed flavours of piss, sweat and the beginnings of cock cheese. I let some saliva and precum drool flow out of my mouth and down his shaft, my fist spreading down all 10 hot velvety inches. I moved forward so that the head of his cock was pressing against the back of my mouth. With my free hand I encircled his balls lightly pulling him toward me, I swallowed another two inches of his cock and then held on for the ride as my gag reflex kicked in hard. As soon as my gagging became manageable, I breathed deeply and swallowed the rest of his slippery pole. I gave him about three or four full throat strokes where I pulled back still keeping him in my throat before pushing forward again, then pulling off so that I could breathe. I pulled my mouth all the way back on him, letting his cock go past my lips, and slowly bob forwards until my nose was pressed in to his pubes and his balls pressed in to my chin, then letting him slide back until just before his cock head left my mouth before repeating the process again and again. I heard someone enter the toilet next to us but we were so into the assault on my throat that neither of us had any intention of stopping, or so I thought…until Aaron abruptly pulled out and said, "look through the hole." I notice a big black hand in front of the hole making a motion like he was wanking and as I sat back he looked back, doing a double take seeing two of us…“Put your cock through the hole” Aaron directed, so without hesitation I unzipped and stuck my dick through the hole for him. The black guy immediately took my dick in his hand and began stroking it. It felt good to have his big hand stroking my so far neglected dick. After a minute of stoking he started digging his hand in my pants like he wanted access to my balls so I unbuckled my belt, unsnapped my trousers letting them fall to my ankles and he immediately started rubbing my balls and exploring my freshly shaved pubic area. All the while Aaron had his dick pressed in my crack easing me forwards until my pelvis could go no further allowing the black man easy access as he now went from massaging my balls to stroking my dick and I was really getting into this masterful hand job he was giving. Not content with playing with my balls he started slipping a finger back towards my asshole only to find Aaron’s cock resting there dribbling copious amounts of precum over the skin. Aaron pulled back so the man could finger my ass for a minute or two until oh so gently Aaron eased me to turn around and expose my ass to the glory hole. This was not what I wanted but for some reason I am putty in Aaron’s hands willing obeying his every command. How is it such a young lad with his big dick has such command over me? What happened next was totally unexpected. I figured he would finger me some but no he was playing with my asshole with his tongue. It felt great I love being rimmed by James my husband so I pushed my ass harder up against the hole to give him complete access to me. After a couple of minutes of his tongue I felt him stick one, then two spit lubed fingers in my ass and start working them in and out. My dick was super hard and I was stroking it for all I was worth as he continued to finger me. He pulled his finger out and I knew what to expect next… In his rush to fuck me his dick missed my hole poking sharply at skin between my legs. This was not what I had bargained for when I stopped by this lunchtime but I was way too worked up to stop it now. He pulled back, changed angle and pushed hard, hit bullseye and I could feel the head start in my hole but he could not get it in me. He tried again a couple of times and still could not get his head to pop into my hole. I decided that maybe a little more lubrication would help so I turned around and dropped to my knees and stared at his dick. It was big! I now understood why it wouldn't fit...his cock was super thick and I could wrap both of my hands around it and the head still stuck out. He had to be a to a good 8 inches round as well as in length. I started licking the head and took him into my mouth and I started giving him the wettest, sloppiest blowjob I could. After a couple of minutes of wetting his dick I stood back up and backed my ass up to the hole again. Only to have someone outside bang on all the doors, “Come on open up, there’s a queue out here.” The black man hoisted his trousers and was out of there like a shot. Aaron pulled off some toilet paper and stuffed in the glory hole, pulled the chain and was gone too, leaving a very surprised old guy as he walked in to find me still in the cubicle! I was late getting back to work and could not understand why I kept getting odd looks from my co-workers as it took a while for the penny to drop, I still had cum in my hair. Oops! another episode to follow shortly guys.
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    I recently got fucked hard up the arse by a guy I know through work who has a girlfriend and who I have always assumed was straight and this got me thinking about some of the straight guys I have fucked with over the years. Over the years I've encountered a lot of guys who have claimed to be straight - and I haven't always been convinced - but some of them did seem to be straight guys who just liked having gay sex occasionally. It's often hard to tell and I'll leave it to you to judge as you read the post. For obvious reasons I have changed all the names in this story. I first became aware of that not everyone was as straight as they seemed when I had just turned 19 and I was at a family wedding in the north of Scotland. The reception was held at a country hotel and during the meal I had been cruised by one of the waiters. A little later on I was in the woods behind the hotel sucking his cock when I thought I heard someone approaching. I stopped sucking and listened for a moment, but there was no one there. I took his cock back into my mouth and started sucking him again. He was pushing his cock into my mouth and I knew he was close and after a few more thrusts he shot a nice big load of cum into my mouth. When he had finished, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and disappeared, leaving me on my knees with a mouthful of cum. I was just getting up when someone stepped out of the bushes. It was my cousin Simon. Simon was the same age as me but I wasn't particularly close to him. I was shitting myself - our family was very strict and I knew that Simon could get me into a lot of trouble if he wanted to. I was soon to learn, however, that Simon had something very different in mind. Before long his pants were down and I was back on my knees sucking his cock. He sighed contentedly as I sucked his cock and didn't object when I started licking his balls. I kept sucking him and after a while he gave a little grunt and I felt his cum spurting into my mouth. He didn't say anything as we walked back out of the woods but when we got back to the hotel he bought me a drink and rather shyly asked me if I would be willing to do it again some time. Of course I said yes, and I continued to suck him off regularly for the next few years - even though he had a regular girlfriend. We stopped when he got married, but after he had been married for a few years we were at a family function and Simon asked me if I fancied a walk. It wasn't too long before we were somewhere quiet and Simon had his cock out. He sighed loudly as I began to suck him and before too long I was rewarded with another big mouthful of cum. Simon has been married for over 25 years now and in all that time his wife has never sucked his cock. I cant tell you though how many times I've sucked him off during that time - whenever we've been in the same part of the country - I've sucked him off in hotel rooms, in his car and one time when he was in hospital for a minor operation I sucked him off in a side room just after his family had left. We almost got caught once when his teenage son came looking for him minutes after we had both pulled up our pants. I still suck him off when we get the chance - most recently a few months ago after a family party - he still likes having his balls licked and still gives that same little grunt just before he shoots his load. My next experience with a straight guy came about six months later with an older guy who was a friend of my parents. I had known Mr C for many years and had been friends with his son when I was at school. He was quite a big, hairy guy and although I didn't know the term then he could best be described as a bear. I had always found him attractive - and one time when I was at his house waiting for his son he had come into the room in just his pants and a T shirt looking for something. I tried not to make it obvious that I was looking at him but I thought at the time he might have noticed..... At the beginning of my second year at university I ran into Mr C in Glasgow. He told me that he came down to Glasgow on business every couple of weeks and usually stayed over. He invited me to join him for something to eat that evening and we went out for a meal and then a drink. I enjoyed his company and he genuinely seemed to enjoy mine. I still found him really attractive - and calling him by his first name, Carl, was a bit of a turn on. We arranged to meet up again a couple of weeks later when he was back in town. He took me for a meal and then we went for a drink. After we had both had a few drinks he started asking me a bit more about my life. I really liked him and I sensed he had already guessed about me - so I knew it was safe to tell him the truth. We started talking about things and after a while he leant forward and told me that he liked to do it with guys too. It wasn't long before we were in his hotel room pulling our clothes off and when we were both naked I wasted no time in going down on his cock. I enjoyed every minute of sucking his cock and licking his balls and soon he was sucking me. We sucked each other for a while and then I pulled his arse cheeks apart and began to lick his hole. From his reaction I didn't know if anyone had ever done that to him before but he clearly loved it, groaning "Oh you dirty cunt....you dirty fucking cunt....lick my arse....lick my fucking arse!" It really turned me on to hear Carl talking like that and I couldn't wait for him to fuck me. Soon I was kneeling up on the bed and Carl was pushing his cock up my arse. Being fucked by Carl was one of the best experiences of my life. He fucked me from behind for a while and then had me on my back with my legs in the air. He was playing with my cock as he fucked me and when he got close he began to wank me. I had never experienced such an intense fuck. I shot a massive load all over myself just as Carl filled my arse with his cum. When he pulled out I sucked his cock clean. "You are such a dirty cunt," he said with a grin. I met with Carl regularly for the next year or so and loved every minute of it. We would go out for a meal and a drink and then he'd take me back to his hotel and fuck me. I would spend the night with him and drift off to sleep with his big strong arms around me and his cum deep in my arse. In the morning I would suck him off or kneel up on the bed so he could fuck me again and dump another load up me before he went off to work and I went in to uni. Sometimes he would ask me to fuck him - and pushing my cock up Carl's meaty arse and fucking him until I shot my load up him was one of the best experiences of my life. When I had shot my load up him he would bend me over and fuck me. Sometimes when he wasn't staying over I would meet him for a drink after he finished work and a couple of time he fucked me in the toilets of a bar and one time he fucked me in the toilet of a Pizza Hut in the centre of town. It was in my final year at university that I first got together with Ewan. He was in the same year as me at university although in a different field. I liked him but didn't know him that well - I knew him through mutual friends including his girlfriend who was studying the same subject as me. He was really attractive, tall, slim and red haired. He seemed totally straight and to be really into his girlfriend but I couldn't help wondering about him. At this time I was regularly cruising public toilets for sex and a couple of times when I had been walking towards a notoriously active public toilet in the north of Glasgow, I had seen Ewan coming out of it...... That particular toilet had several cubicles and two of them had glory holes - the second cubicle from the end was the best one - as it had a hole in each wall and you could really have fun in there. One afternoon I was in there waiting my turn for one of the gloryhole cubicles and when a guy came out of one of them I went in. The hole was uncovered and I pulled my pants down and sat on the toilet for a moment before leaning forward and looking discretely through the hole. In the next cubicle I saw Ewan - backed up to the glory hole with his pants at his ankles and it was obvious he was being fucked. I was really turned on as I watched Ewan playing with his cock as he pushed back on the cock that was fucking him through the hole. He had realised that someone was watching by now although he couldn't see me and he motioned to me to put my cock through the hole. I did and soon he was sucking me off while the other guy continued to fuck him. I was so turned on it was all I could do not to shoot my load into his mouth. After a while he pulled off my cock and I looked through the hole again - the other guy had obviously cum and was just pulling his cock back through the hole. Ewan turned round and bent over I pushed my cock through the hole again and felt him taking hold of it and guiding it up his arse. I was so turned on I didn't last long and shot what felt like a massive load right up Ewan's arse. I left the cubicle just as Ewan came out of his. He looked at me with total shock on his face and without a word he was out of there - I don't think I've ever seen anyone move so fast. Ewan avoided me for the next few weeks and it was only when I ran into him on his own that I managed to have a word with him and told him there was no way I was ever going to tell anyone I had seen him. He took a bit of reassuring but after a while he relaxed a bit and I invited him for a drink. We got on well and enjoyed each other's company and one drink turned into several. I ended up back at his flat where I fucked him hard up the arse, with him bent over the bed begging me to fuck him harder and cum in his arse. After that we met regularly and he would suck my cock and then I would lick his arse - which he loved - before sliding my cock up him and fucking him until I shot my load up him. We would often go to his flat at lunch time for a quick fuck when his flatmates were not around and he would pull his pants down and bend over and I would fuck him hard and fast until I dumped a load up him. Ewan was clear that he was straight (!) and was not interested in anything more than sex and at the end of our final year he said he wanted to concentrate on his relationship with his girlfriend and we didn't see each other again. It was about ten years later when I encountered Ewan again. It was now the mid nineties and I was now living in London when I was invited to a friend's birthday lunch in a restaurant in north London. There was about 12 of us at the lunch and, to my surprise, Ewan was sitting at the table just opposite me. It turned out he was working down in London for a year and knew my friend through work. He was now married and had a child. As he was working in London for just a year, his wife and child had stayed in Scotland and he was going home to see them regularly. We got chatting and after the meal Ewan came back to my flat. It wasn't long before he was bent over the settee and I was fucking him from behind. His arse was still really tight and I enjoyed every minute of fucking him. This was in my safe sex period - although I was now starting to fuck occasionally without a condom - so I played safe and fucked him with a condom. We started meeting regularly and after we had met a couple of times he told me I didn't need to bother with a condom. I fucked him bareback and shot my load deep into his arse and after that condoms were not mentioned again. We fucked regularly after that and, although Ewan insisted that he never had gay sex with anyone else, I wasn't convinced. I was fairly sure I could taste cum in his arse a couple of times when I was rimming him - but if anything this just turned me on even more and made me shoot an even bigger load than usual up his married arse. At the end of his period working in London Ewan went back to Scotland and made it clear he wasn't interested in keeping in touch. This was pretty much what I expected and I wasn't really bothered - although I really liked him I knew perfectly well that we wanted completely different things. It was about ten years later when I ran into Ewan again. I was on a two day management course in a hotel in Manchester and late in the evening I had joined some colleagues from the course in the hotel bar for a few drinks. A group from another course were drinking at the bar and when I went up to buy some drinks I found myself standing next to Ewan. We chatted briefly - he was still married and now had two teenage children - and then I went back to join my colleagues from the course. I could see that Ewan was drinking quite heavily as the evening wore on and I saw him looking over at me a few times. I had a feeling he might be up for a fuck and took my chance when he went to the toilet. I wrote my room number on a piece of paper and headed in the same direction. I had timed it perfectly - Ewan was coming out of the toilet as I went in and as we passed each other he looked at me and I slipped the paper with my room number into his pocket. He was still drinking in the bar when I went up to my room but about ten minutes later he was at the door. I pulled him into the room and he pulled me towards him and kissed me. It was as if no time had passed since I last saw him - he was clearly up for it and soon he was wearing nothing but his polo shirt and his socks and I was sucking his cock and licking his arse. I rimmed him for a while and then stood up and began rubbing my cock over his wet arse. He moaned and I began to push my cock into his arse. He pulled back "You have to use a condom" he said. I told him I didn't have one and he groaned. He had been drinking heavily but I knew he knew exactly what he was doing. I pushed my cock against his arse again "You want this, don't you?" I said as I pushed the head of my cock into his arse. He moaned "Yeah..... I want it....... I fucking want it!" I rubbed some lube into his hole and then pulled his cheeks apart, lined up my cock and pushed. He was still very tight but I slid up him easily and began to fuck him. He was moaning now "fuck me...fuck me..." as I began to fuck him harder. I enjoyed every minute of the fuck and I wanted it to last as long as I could but the fact that I was so turned on and the fact that his arse was really tight meant that I was soon close to cumming. I fucked him as hard as I could and after a while I began to cum in his arse. I hadn't cum for over a week and I knew I was shooting a really big load up his unprotected, married arse. When I had finished breeding him and pulled out he pulled on his pants, trousers and shoes, kissed me and left the room. I haven't seen him again since. Part 2 to follow
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    I attended a sex party last night that was advertised on BBRT. When I arrived shortly after the start time, the guests were lounging around in various states of undress, drinking various beverages, and some smoking weed. After having a drink, I undressed completely and decided to get things started. I made some joke about this and then went and lay on the air mattress which was positioned in the center of the room. Before long a young Latino top to thrust his seven inches in my mouth. As I worked on getting his dick hard, someone else started eating my ass out. The guy's attentions felt great and lubed my ass up, so when he was hard, the Latino easily entered my hole. He was a demanding top, ordering me to open up, arch my back more, and pushing down on my neck to hold me in his preferred position. We soon moved into the bedroom and the other tops who had been watching the show followed us. After a while the Latino top offered my ass up to a black top who was sporting eight inches of thick black cock. He slid right into my now opened up hole. While he used my hole for his pleasure, I sucked on the Latino top’s dick which he had wordlessly thrust back into my mouth. I could tell that the black top liked it when, the Latino's top being lodged deep in my throat, I choked and gagged on that beautiful cock. After several minutes a Japanese top took the place of the black top. His cock was by no means as large as that of either the black guy or the Latino, and didn’t fuck me for very long ...maybe 10 minutes. While he was fucking me, I noticed a somewhat older man who was displaying an impressively large, white cock within reach of my mouth, so I sucked it, which led to discovering a ten-inch plus cock was at hand. Damn! The other tops began to encourage the older white top to use my hole so he took my ass next. I thought I’d be ready for his size because the black top was pretty meaty, but Holy Shit! The first thrust went deeper than all the others combined! He went deeper than any cock that had been in my ass for quite some time. My initial reaction was to straighten up but he was very patient and took his time to allow me to adjust and open up, and perhaps for this reason turned out to be a fantastic partner. Once he was in me we ended up fucking on the bed for the next hour or so. His big dick felt so incredible in my hole I had several internal organisms! His fucking was a nice mixture of a slow easy rhythm with bursts of pounding. By the time he came, I was begging for his load and after we had finished most people had left the party.
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    first time writing about an experience but had to share what happened last night I had posted a Quick Connect ad on BBRT without much hope for success but was my last night in London and I figured what the hell. After getting a lot of views but no interest I was about to take the ad down when I got a message from a bloke which just asked "Can you take a hard fuck?" His profile only contained a pic of his cock which was huge. we swapped a few messages then telephone numbers so we could chat on whatsapp. we messaged back and forth for about 15 minutes, mostly about how he wanted me to be prepared and waiting. he made it clear this fuck was for his enjoyment not mine and once he turned up my ass was getting seeded - "whether you want it or not". we agreed a time and he headed towards my hotel as I got prepared. every 5 minutes i would get a message - "you SURE you can take a hard fuck?" i continued to reassure him I could handle it. he said that other guys couldnt handle it and told him to stop which left him frustrated but that wasnt going to happen tonight. all this talk was getting me both excited and a little worried for my hole. Already i could tell my ass would be stretched by his cock but his insistence that it was gonna be a hard fuck was giving me cause to pause. however being the good sub cumdump I am I encouraged him to come and use my hole finally he messaged me that he was outside and I better be ready. I txted him the room number and got on my hands and knees head down arse up just as he expected. all the lights were out apart from the one in the bathroom. all he would see as he walked in would be my fuckhole presented for his use my hole clenched as i heard the door open. he walked in an I remained head down not looking at him as he stripped. next i felt his cock slap my face. "here you better get this wet" his cock was large but still flaccid, as I sucked him I actualy though "I hope he's NOT a grower". A hope soon dashed as he expanded in my mouth. he withdrew from my mouth and moved around to my arse and pressed his nob against my pucker. I spoke up asking for lube, he said id already got his nob wet i begged again and he sighed. I heard/felt him gobbing on my hole twice and then he pressed his nob to my pucker again. this time there was no stopping. he pushed in slowly but firmly and my hole stretched to accomodate him. once his cock was inside he stopped for a second to reposition himself. then without warning he slammed all 8.5 inches deep into my hole. I screamed into the pillows but didnt pull away, i had expected it to hurt, and i had promised to take it hard so I had no-one but myself to blame. after that there was no more "gentleness" after about 10minutes things turned worse for the home team, I could feel my cock betraying me and shooting my load. he evidently felt my arse spasm and realised what had happened. He just chuckled and said "good" he banged my hole for a good 30 minutes, alternating between shallow rapid strokes and deep brutal slams. at one point he chuckled and said " i love your screams baby, they make me wanna do this...." at which point he began a series of brutal gut-rearranging thrusts that actually had me close to tears. finally he said" time for your breeding baby, sorry baby I gotta go hard now" I was thinking WTF????? and he wasnt kidding. his thrusts became savage. lesser men would have cried at the assult my poor hole was getting and I AM a lesser man. I was sobbing into the pillows trying to do anything to spare my poor insides. finally with 5 hard deep lunges he shot his load deep in my guts. he stayed inside for a few minutes stirring his softening cock in my torn up ass he unceremoniously pulled out, causing another yelp from me. he went to the bathroom to clean up and then got dressed. i lay on the bed with my arse stil in the air, hole burning, unable to move. he headed for the door saying "thanks!" I finally got up, bit dazed by what had happened. my hole was on fire and I fingered it gently. as I suspected, the cum on my fingers was pink - my insides were torn up a bit. I sent him a message telling him this and after 10 minutes he replied back "so?" I messaged back "can we do it again next month when Im back in London?" he said "sure"
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    I’ve been called a smart cookie, entrepreneur, successful, and a few choice words along the way to my 45 years of age. I just chalk it up to good genes and some good luck, along with making the most of my opportunities, yes I am extremely bright and did well in school, obtaining a scholarship to a prestigious west coast university, having a good athletic body didn’t hurt either, although many of my high school classmates considered me a nerd or dork, I did fairly well in the personal relationship department. I entered college into my 18th year and studied computer engineering and programing along with my basic curriculum as well as took business classes, I figured if I was to write programs for business, I should know how it worked. While my scholarship paid for my tuition, books, room and board, it didn’t cover my other needs hence I was allowed to have a part time job to supplement my living expenses. I freelance wrote programs for friends and acquaintances, I soon developed a reputation for creating good and useful applications, I was riding on the crest of the technical revolution of the 90’s. I also discovered the bath house a short distance from campus which I began frequenting in my spare time, I was becoming a regular amongst the mixture of the college crowd and the older more established patrons. I was 18 and good looking with an acceptable athletic build, very much what is considered an otter, oh and I had a appetite for sex. After a couple months of attending I noticed a sign looking for workers to work the front desk and do the cleaning of the facilities, I figured that would be a nice way to make an extra buck or two so I applied and was almost immediately hired, my handsome looks and my good attitude got me the job. They started me three afternoons a week cleaning rooms and picking up litter and trash throughput the club. I really didn’t mind doing the cleaning as even then I was a bit kinky and was well on the road to being a cum junkie. It being the earlier 90’s we were forced to be the condom Nazis making sure everything was wrapped up in the public areas, we refilled the condom holders several times a day, and given the number of used ones I was picking up I’m guessing they were being used, although I always snickered a bit when I’d come across a broken one knowing someone most likely took a load. On my days off, mostly weekends I would become a patron and I knew what my preferences were. One evening I had been cruising when a muscle daddy with a good sized cock began hitting on me, I enjoyed the attention especially when he suggested we enter the dark platform area, this was a area of the club which had a raised platform in the center with several cubicles with curtains around the perimeter, the platform had a chain or cable railing around three sides with sturdy post holding it up. Most guys would stand on the platform and allow others standing below to suck them off. This daddy backed me up to the rail as we made out and some twink guy spread my cheeks and dived in eating my hole, pushing his tongue in loosening me up, after about 5 to 10 minutes of this he spun me around and the twink began blowing my 9.5 inch cut cock while he worked his fingers then his wrapped cock into my hole. I was holding onto the railing not sure what was to happen next, I was in no way a virgin but this one of the larger cock I had ever had in my hole. To get more leverage he lifted my left leg to the middle chain, opening up his access to my boycunt, he soon lifter my right leg to the chain as well, I was holding onto the top rail and bounced on his cock, the twink giving up any hope of sucking my load out began jerking my cock instead. I rode the daddy for about 10 minutes and noticed several of the curtains had parted and the occupants were jerking their cocks to the sight of my hole being pounded on the ropes, daddy leaned in and whispered just load enough for everyone watching to hear “oops the condom just broke” I began to bounce harder knowing his raw cock had invaded my bowel “just keep fucking me” I moaned back at him, several of the voyeurs began orgasming realizing I was going to take daddies load. Daddy pushed in harder pushing me up into the rail as his cock began to spasm, my as clenched down as my own orgasm sprayed over my fellow twinks face, he buried my cock in his throat as Daddy made a show of it and spewed the last spurts on my back and ass. The twink came up on the platform and daddy licked the cream from his face and began making out with the boy, before guiding his cock to my hole, giving me my second ride of the night. I knew it was risky to take this boy raw, but I was dammed if I was going to wait for him to suit up. He didn’t last long which was good as shortly after he blasted his load into my hole, an attendant came in to clean the room, I friend of mine but still he was at work and our orders were to keep it safe. I worked the baths for three years while I obtained my undergraduate degree, I was beginning to make a good living freelancing software development and application programs, but was offered a internship at a company that was making inroads in the technology world so I took them up, following my own business plan of making sure my freelance work didn’t impede on what I was developing for the corporation. I was offered a position with the company when my internship was over, pulling in a good salary, complete with bonuses. I continued going to the bath house throughout my obtaining a graduate degree, my friends who worked there knowing my fondness of cum would save up the full condoms and give them to me, a throwback to when I used to work there and collect the used specimens myself. I liked empting them into a jar then using the cream for lube or making cum ice cubes with the mysterious liquid, I was a cum junkie, occasionally inserting the cubes in my rectum then working the defrosting cum into my hole with a dildo. I worked for the corporation for several years until they got greedy and decided they owned everything I developed, claiming intellectual license on my software creations, they sued me for breach of contract for developing software for other individuals, I counter sued and won, I worked for them, they didn’t own me or my intellectual creations. I was beginning to tire of the fast life and corporate stresses anyway. That and shortly after my 19th birthday while I was still at college the health center called me in to let me know I had tested positive for HIV, it really hadn’t come as a shock given how big of a cumdump I had become and how I would get fucked bare behind closed door at the bath house on a regular basis, I never let it slow my sexual desire down I just kept taking and giving loads. I went through the early meds and the later cocktails bringing my viral load down and my t cell count up, in the early 2000’s I moved to the suburbs and began leading what some would describe as a quieter life, then 2 years ago after my settlement with the corporation I found my current home, a quaint estate farm house surrounded on three sides by farmland, several 100 acres that I now own. On the forth side is a quiet development, part of the original acreage of the estate which had been sold off to a developer around 2002. My new neighbor was a single mom with two teenage sons 15 and 16. Cheryl the mom told me the boys were just 11 months apart, as I got settled in and renovated the farmhouse to my liking Cheryl, Tyler and Jackson were of great help. Over the past two years I’ve become good friends with Cheryl, and have become a male role model for Tyler and Jackson her sons, Tyler turned 18 earlier in the middle of the week and Cheryl and Jackson were over at the farmhouse, getting assistance on putting the final touches on his birthday party for tomorrow evening, when Cheryl realize she had forgotten some of her notes. I offered to run over and get them for her, she handed me her keys and I rushed across the backyards and onto her back patio, unlocked the back door letting myself in then hurried up the stairs to her study, passing Tyler’s room as I went, hearing noise coming from the room I peeked in to notice in the dressing mirror the reflection of Tyler, shirtless and his shorts around one ankle, lying on the bed one hand wrapped around his cock the other fingering his hole, his tablet propped up playing what looked and sounded like bareback porn. I passed by quietly and went back down stairs, opened and closed the back door loudly and hurried back into the living room, shuffling Cheryl’s notes on the coffee table as if that was where I found them, Tyler joined me thinking I had just walked in, and not had caught him masturbating upstairs. “Hey Tyler your Mom and Jackson are over my place, putting the finishing touches on your party tomorrow, we just finished dinner but there’s still some left over, come join us” Tyler now dressed in a clean white tee shirt and loose fitting basketball shorts, although it did little to hide his deflating hard on, acted like nothing had been going on, and followed me across the backyards and back to my farmhouse. He greeted his mom and brother and began chowing down on the leftover meatloaf and potatoes, indicating he had just got home and was changing out of his work uniform when he heard me come in to get the notes for his mom. We finished up the preparation and I sent the three back home, knowing I’d be seeing Tyler again soon
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    I was in Honolulu a few days ago on business. I posted an ad on Craigslist saying I was hosting in my Waikiki area hotel room, and that I wanted to suck, rim and get fucked. I only had a few hours available to play, and while I received a number of replies, most gave the impression of being game players and pic collectors. One reply, however, which I received from an Asian man, in his mid-40s, and who was only five minutes from my hotel caught my eye. He was clear he was straight, and simply needed a quick blow job during his lunch hour. I gave him my room number. True to his word within five minutes he knocked at my door. He came in and we both quickly shucked our clothes and he sat on the edge of the bed as I got on my knees, between his legs, and took his small, soft, uncut Asian dick into my mouth. He quickly became hard. Lucky for me, he was a "grower, not a shower." His cock soon grew to about six inches, and had a big, mushroom, swollen head. I swallowed his cock to the back of my throat, after which I licked his smooth balls, then lifted his legs and licked his asshole. He groaned, grunted and moaned with enthusiasm, culminating in his comment "Oh, Fuck! That feels awesome! I've never had my ass licked." I ate his virgin ass for about five minutes, and resumed sucking on his cock and balls. He unquestionably really got off on my services. Finally I looked-up from his crotch and bluntly asked him if he wanted to fuck my ass. "No, I'm straight. I don't fuck guys. Every once and a while I just like to get a blow job." I resumed sucking him, and a few minutes later I heard him quietly aske "You clean?" I hate that question, whoever asks it. I may be undetectable, but, I'm always freshly douched and showered. Ever the master of ambiguity, I looked up at him and moaned "Mmm humm," and then went back to his cock, thinking to myself 'He can interpret my reply however he wants'. "Show me your ass," he demanded. Climbing up on the bed, I knelt on the edge, reached back, spreading ass cheeks. Getting to his feet, he stood behind me, feeling up my ass and fingering my hole. "Got and lube?" he asked. "On the bedside table," I replied, gesturing to my right. He located the lube and felt him apply a generous amount of the cold lube into my crack and hole. The tension grew as I heard him lube himself. Then in one, quick thrust, he slid his rock hard six inch cock up inside my hole, ramming all the way in, full depth. Like many straight guys, he was a quick cummer, I imagine because they've undertaken an act which they consider to be taboo, that is, something that's outside their normal experience, leaving them both excited and nervous. As a result they cum very quickly. He was no exception: he rammed my ass several times, hard and deep, then I heard him let out a loud groan. I squeezed my ass on his cock as he filled my ass with his warm cum. Also as is true for the majority of straight guys, no sooner had he stopped shaking from the orgasm, than he withdrew from my ass, disappeared into the bathroom where he almost certainly washed off his cock. Returning from the bathroom, he avoided eye contact as he wordlessly dressed, throwing a casual 'thanks' in my direction as he headed out the door. With that he was gone.
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    I’ve fucked a lot of hole so I definitely know what that top was talking about. The soft, wet, velvety butts are sadly not especially common so if you’re getting those compliments from seasoned tops, I wanna breed you. There are some asses that feel too rigid, or almost angular inside. Some butts are feel leathery and tough inside and feel like you’re fighting to get back inside with every thrust. I prefer the soft, wet buttholes that naturally wrap around your cock and form to the shape...but maybe that’s just what happens when you have a curved Dick. And fuck now I’m horny to breed lol
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    I started doing it when I was young because I'm uncut and it's easier to pull back my foreskin if I have the front of my pants opened up a lot. It's only natural they come down in the back. I have a lot of foreskin too so it's just easier. I realized as I hit my teens that was kind of frowned upon but I did get guys looking over, checking out my ass and cock. I've had quite a few guys touch and fondle my ass, tell me they'd like to fuck it and more. First time it happened the guy talked me into going into the stall and fucked , and I was hooked. I still get guys seeing what I'm doing, commenting on my dick and ass and hooking up in the stalls. Was at the Mexican market onHarry Hines this weekend and got quite a few hot papi's take me into Thebes stall to breed me and bred a few too.
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    In the 80's A few years back, I lived in large cosmopolitan city in the Deep South. Just before I left, I saved up some money, and bought myself one of the quintessential used white vans that could be seen everywhere in the city. I padded and carpeted the back floor, sides, and roof, and put in a small cabinet and extra-heavy curtains behind the cab and on the windows ... the usual stuff for then. I also added something special: a padded sawhorse with restrains on the legs and cross piece. As soon as I had finished, I need to test it. As I lived only a few blocks from downtown, I walked to a local bar, I cruised a number of guys, and settling on a hot looking victim: early-20's, auburn hair, dirty-blonde hair, blue eyes. (Yeah, I'm a sucker for blue eyes.) He said his name was Jim. After chatting a bit, I invited him back to my place for sex. When we got to my place, he said that he didn't get fucked ... that he never had, and never would be, because he was afraid of AIDS, and even a condom might break. I said that I was okay with that. We stripped naked, fooled around a bit, and smoked some weed in my bedroom. I suggested that I show him my van. We both threw on clothes, and went back down to where I parked it. I told him we had to take off our shoes before getting in the back. I grinned when he told me he liked the back, but wasn't sure what the sawhorse was for. I told him I'd demonstrate it. I lay down prone on it first, and let him restrain me. After he let me up, I coaxed my intended victim to lie prone on it, and I secured his wrists, ankles, thighs and chest. I then put a gag in his mouth, and asked what he thought of my contraption. All I heard form behind the gag was a muffled response. I took a knife, and cut off his belt, t-shirt, and jeans. He kept pulling at the restraints and trying to yell while I was doing it, but the restraints were firm and the gag was very effective. I was sure with the padding that no one outside the van could hear him. I got a jar of Vaseline from the cabinet, shucked my clothes, and greased up his asshole. I then spread his ass-cheeks, and pressed my dick head against his hole. He he kept trying to writhe and twist to get away while yelling into the gag. Grabbing his hips, I forced my entire thick rock-hard naked seven inch dick deep inside my victim in one shove. For a second his body froze before he screamed into the gag and fought like mad to get free. I took my time plowing his ass, enjoying how it convulsed around the cock that had destroyed his virginity. He continued to gurgle behind the gag and writhe, still pulling in vane at the restraints. Eventually, I decided I'd had enough, so I fucked him faster until I felt my balls start to draw up. Yelling "Take it, bitch," I rammed in balls-deep and splattered a huge load in him. He was crying as I withdrew my cock from his violated asshole. I cleaned-up myself, cleaned-up his ass, and dressed myself. As I stepped out of the van he resumed yelling into the gag. Perfect: I could barely hear him with the door open; with it shut, I couldn't hear anything at all. I drove the van to a leather bar, and parked it at the far end of the lot before I went inside. One by one, I began approaching men to see if they were interested in what I had to offer. It wasn't long before I found my first taker: an average biker type in boots and jeans. We walked out to my van, and climbed in back. He ran his hands over Jim's ass, murmuring "Nice." Jim pulled desperately at the restraints and yelled into the gag. "He okay with this?" the biker asked. I smiled "Why wouldn't he be?" The biker smirked, "Got it. Besides, I don't fuckin' care." By the time he had his clothes off, his dick was already hard. He stepped between Jim's secured legs, rammed it in and started fucking. In short order he blew a juicy load into Jim's ass. He dressed and we left. "Hot hole. Thanks," he said as he split. Over the next hours, I found eight different guys similar to the biker, all ages and races and sizes, each of whom eagerly mounted, plowed, and shot his load in the restrained victim's rectum. After the second guy, Jim stopped yelling, and began to uselessly blubber pleas behind the gag. His ass filled with more and more cum, some of which dribbled down the insides of his thighs as each new cock displaced some to make room for another guy's load. The last guy was the topper: a old biker, in his late 50's or early 60's, hairy, balding, salt & pepper beard, beer belly, smoking a fat cigar. I took him to the van like all the others, he fingered the cum dripping from Jim's hole, and grinned at me lopsided as he commented "Guess Ah'm not the first tonight, eh? That's okay. Ah like sloppy seconds." He unbuttoned his jeans, and brought out a very large cock and balls that were the size of goose eggs. It only took a few strokes for his cock to become a tool the size of a tall beer can with a huge steel PA. "Holy shit!" I muttered. Grinning lewdly, he asked "Think he can take this?" "He has a choice?" I answered. The biker laughed "Shit, no!" Still smoking his stogie, he stepped in and pressed the head against Jim's hole. "Hold on, fucker. This's gonna be a bumpy ride." He then began pushing himself inside Jim who renewed his whimpering and writhing. He slapped his ass. "Ah'm horny as hell, an' it's my turn at yer butthole." He then forced the entirely of his monster cock up the defenceless asshole, and Jim resumed screaming into the gag. "Take it slut!" Pausing a second, his huge dick buried balls deep in Jim's asshole, he glanced at me and commented "Hot hole... still sorta tight," adding the wry remark "for now." He then vigorously ploughed Jim who turned his face to me, tears streaking his face. I bent down and pretended to listen to him. I told the biker "He said he doesn't get fucked." Demonic lust contorted the biker's face. "That so? Lyin' slut. My dick too big for ya? Too bad." He rammed into Jim, who whimpered and quivered as the biker's trusts became brutal. "Ah'll just teach yer hole to open up an' like it. Ah'll fuckin' make it open up." I got hard watching him assault my victim's hole and my victim's fingers and toes reflexively curling and flexing. The old biker's stamina was incredible. He'd brutally plow Jim non-stop for ten minutes, slow down or stop for a few, his cock still lodged in Jim's ass, only to resume brutally plowing him. Some 45 minutes later he was still at it. He looked over at me and commented "Ah could do this all night, but Ah gotta be at work in a few hours." Grasping Jim's hips tighter, he launched into an assault far more rapid and brutal than the prior ones, his huge balls slapping loudly against Jim's butt. "Gettin' there, slut. Yer hole's wide open an' Ah'm about to blow. Ah yeah. Ah yeah, TAKE IT SLUT!" He threw his head back and bellowed, his monster cock buried to the hilt in Jim's ass. Wave after wave of orgasm wracked the biker as he came and came in Jim. Finally spent, he pulled back abruptly from Jim. "Fuck!" He looked at me. Damned good fuck." He began stuffing his softening cock and balls back in his jeans, the front of which were dark and damp with sweat, ass juices and various loads of cum in Jim's ass. He slapped Jim on the ass. "Hope ya liked that ... Ah sure did! Felt like Ah shot a gallon of cum up yer butthole." He opened the door, stepped out, then turned back with a really evil grin on his face. "By the way, all that hot seed Ah just shot in yer ass? t's dirty ... radioactive ... POZ." He laughed, slammed the door, and walked away. Jim began sobbing. My cock was once more rock hard.
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    Part 4. Lunchtimes could not come around fast enough for me as now on a daily basis I was looking to service cocks or have mine blown in the bus station toilets as even my work colleagues notice saying, “wow you never take lunch breaks, what happening?” “New me, I’m fed up taking lunch at my desk and need fresh air to clear my thoughts.” I notice some smirks but think nothing of it. I hurry to the public toilets, step in to a cubicle, sit and wait…it never takes long before the next door opens and closes, I glimpse the man as he faces the hole in the wall, casually unzips his fly then drops his electric blue trousers to the floor covering some flashy tan brogues. He reaches into his underwear and pulls out his enormous cock. I don’t think I had ever seen one as big as this before, it had to be at least 10 if not 11 inches long and thick as a baby's arm. I began to feel the fabric around my own dick get tighter as I sat there staring at it. I continued to watch as the man kept standing there and began slowly rubbing and stroking himself, now fully hard with a string of clear precum continually leaking the man stepped in front of the hole and slid his cock and balls through the large hole, pressing his body firmly against it presenting his genitalia to me in all its glory, saying "It's all yours." The thick, meaty, uncircumcised, black cock twitched and pulsed expectantly as if it had a life of its own. I carefully pulled his foreskin back with my fingers and then flicked the tip of my tongue at his frenulum. I enjoyed feeling his warm silky cock jump with each touch of my tongue. I released his foreskin and then lightly sucked his cock. The feeling of a man's foreskin sliding back and forth along his cock synchronised with my mouth and lips is awesome. My little helper for the best blowjob this cocksucker can give. I could tell he was well into this as he had his hands over the top of the divide wall for extra leverage and now I could hear the rapid breathing coming from the other side of the cubicle. He was going to cum soon I just knew it. I pulled his foreskin away from his sensitive mushroom head and held it tightly, exposing him completely to the sensations of my mouth and tongue. Very lightly, with a minimum of suction and a very quick tongue, I teased him to orgasm. I thought he was going to bring the wall down as he bucked hard through the hole and came. I struggled to keep up with the volume of cum being shot into my mouth. At one point, pulling I had to pull off him so I could swallow his cum load completely. As his ejaculation finished, I used my tongue to clean the whole length of his cock, carefully avoiding the balls until the last moment, and then very, very, lightly ran my tongue over them, the skin crinkled up as his balls shrunk. He quickly pulled everything back through to his side, pulled his trousers up and was out the door in a flash. Damn, High on lust, I would have loved to have backed up on that cock and have him fuck me senseless! With no one else around I reluctantly pulled the chain and walked out…only to find one of my co-workers in electric blue trousers and tan brogues stood at the sink, cock out washing my DNA off his flaccid but still huge penis. In panic I wasn’t sure what to do. Had Martin known it was me blowing him? had he followed me all the way from work? Heart pumping hard, the blood vessels in my temples banging like a drum and a sheen of sweat breaking out, I took a deep breath. “Martin, fancy meeting you here.” I blurted out, not too sure what reaction I would get…a reply or black eye perhaps? He spun round upon hearing my voice, cock still hanging out of his fly, "Mother fucker!" he all but shouted, "I’m damn sure I want some more of that shit, cock whore, Aaron told me about you! If I don’t make yourself available to us, your little secret will be broadcast all over work." I'm positive there is more to cum in part 5.
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    So I’ve just got home from 36 hours of pigging out. My piggy cunt is so, so sore. It’s also full to bursting. I’ve been playing at the place of a young black guy who I randomly chatted up on BBRT. He said all the right things about perving and pigginess, but you never know for sure until you meet, right? He didn’t disappoint. Before I even get to the perv and pig stuff, he was my perfect type: legal young, black, average height, a bit toned, hung with a swinging curved cut monster, top, a little dominant when he needed to be. But even better than that, he gave me exactly what I wanted - the Trinity that my pig cunt worships: 1. Cum He gave me 3 poz loads in 36 hours, which isn’t bad for a boy on meth. 2. Blood Each time he slammed, he drew some blood back out, then squirted half direct into my hole and half onto his cock before fucking me. 3. Piss Twice he pissed deep in me. He did strong slams so his piss was like a mega booty bump each time. He made sure that I could make the most of these gifts by never using lube to fuck and by rough fingering my cunt intermittently between fucks, using his nails to open up my skin to take each gifts as fast as possible. So here I am, my pig cunt still full of those three, sore from so much raw, lubeless fucking and stinging from all that poz cum, toxic blood and chem piss is soaking into the cuts on my roughed up insides. I love it: this is the real me.
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    Just finished with a hot kinda chubby 20 y/o who goes to UNT up in Denton. He'd liked my CL ad but was nervous as he said he'd never been with a guy. He didn't say if he was gay, bi or str8 but once we started making out and he started sucking my dick I got the sense he'd done both before. I dog chubby guys and he had shaggy hair, a lightly hair chest, big nipples, sideburns and a bit of scruff that felt hot when kissing and on my balls and crotch. He didn't raise the subject of status or using condoms so I just went for it when the time came. He had a nice thick 6 inches and I wanted to take it first. I told him that and lubed up his dock and my ass and as I slid my ass down on his cock he seemed shocked and asked if I was going to put a condom on him first. I kept sliding down on his cock and told him I trusted him and his first time would feel better without one. That stopped any more arguments and he was quickly groaning with delight as I bobbed up and down on his dick. I wasn't riding him long before he let out a loud groan and I could feel his cum blasting inside me. He apologized saying it was way hotter than he imagined and he couldn't help it. I leaned in and started kissing him deeply while stroking my dick, still riding his now softening dick, which slowly popped out of my ass. I told him I'd be gentle putting my dick in him and said to tell me if it started to hurt. I started out fingering his ass with lube and he was really enjoying it, his cock rock hard and leaking precum like crazy. I did that for a while and then slid my dick in him bare, and again he balked saying he wasn't sure about it. I told him a condom would hurt way worse his first time and if he was worried about cum I could pull out and shoot on his face, chest or in his mouth. He liked the idea of me cumming in his mouth, so I slid in and started slowly stroking in him. He alternately liked it and mildly complained. His ass was super tight and I was struggling not to cum too quickly as I wanted to at least get a lot of precum in his hole. As more precum flooded his ass I could stroke more easily, he relaxed and started enjoying it more. I was kissing him deeply and looking into his pretty pale gray eyes. All I could think about was how bad I wanted to cum inside him. He must have sensed I was getting close to cumming and asked me if I was close. I said I was and asked him if he wanted me to cum inside him. To my surprise he say yeah, he wanted to know what it felt like. Within moments I shot what had to be an enormous load inside him. He was surprised he could feel it and had a huge smile in his face. I was still stroking as I desperately wanted to pump another load in him. His smile turned to confusion and he asked what I was doing. I told him I was still horny and wanted to put another load in him. He told me he really wanted it in his mouth and wanted to see what another guy's cum tasted like. I pulled out and cleaned off my dick and stuck it in his mouth. He seemed to know what he was doing and soon I blasted a load in his mouth that streamed out and down his chin onto his neck and chest as he struggled to swallow. we collapsed on the bed and cuddled and kissed for a bit until he said he needed to shower and leave. We were playing with each other's dicks in there and fucking each other but not to completion. As we got out, towelled off and he dressed I figured I'd press my luck and ask for his number. We swapped digits but he admitted he didn't get into Dallas a lot, didn't know when he might want to hook up again. I told him that was cool, if he wanted to I was down and I had fun. Some bi and str8 guys are like that...they just want it every once in a while and theyre fine. But if he needs to scratch that itch hopefully in first on his list.
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    Art followed Nate's gaze down to his own shorts, noticed his woody, turned red. "Hey, really, I'm sorry I shocked you out of your climb. Just never seen a near naked guy on the face of a cliff." Standing up, Nate towered over Art, his broad shoulders casting a shadow over the little rock stud. Art was dwarfed and for the first time in his life felt vulnerable. His nipples stood erect as the black giant blocked the sun's warmth. "Uhhh... don't worry about it" Art countered. He'd never been so physically close, let alone exposed, to an african american. Art couldn't move. He found himself staring eye level into a sweaty t-shrit hugging huge square pecs. Art gulped searching for words. "Hey lemme introduce myself, I'm Nate" offering a big hand. "My name's Art" Art returned the courtesy, held out his own smaller, chalk covered paw which was enveloped and purposefully crushed affirming just who was dominant in this little exchange. Art squeezed back as strong as he could to show he's no wimp and was roughly pulled in closer to the giant. "Now that's a grip" admired Nate. "You know, the climbing....develops the hand's tarsels" Art explained, still overwhelmed. "Don't let me stop your climbing, little guy. You mind if I stuck around and watch?" Nate released the captive hand. "Uhhh..sure, no problem" Art eyed the black man suspiciously. "But let me give you a few pointers on spotting if your gonna hang out below me" "What'dya mean spotting?" Nate asked innocently. "Well, in bouldering, the guy below spots. That is, it's his job to cushion the fall of the guy on rock, give encouragement, and yeah push him to go harder, to the limit" Art turned around and walked back over to the rock.. "Let me show you. Get on the rock". Art motioned Nate to follow and pull his big body onto the face of the rock. "What the hey..." Nate obeyed, walked over, and pointedly brushed his bigger body up behind Art as he reached up to grab a hold, searched for a foot perch, and mimicked to his best ability, a climbers position. "That's it" approved Art, marveling at the size of this guy's arms. "Now the spotter stands behind & below his rock buddy, arms up & ready to catch or push, should his partner fall" Art explained, reaching up, palms forward and pushed on the massive black back in front of him, to show him he was there. "Now reach for a new hold above" Art pointed. Nate reached for a hold 2 feet up, followed with his left foot, held himself, then felt the knob he was holding onto loosen from his full weight and break off. Nate found himself falling onto the rock stud below who, not only cushioned the impact, but also held his own against a body that outweighed him by at least 100 pounds. Art nearly flipped backward spotting Nate's fall. He had some softball size biceps in his grip, a satisfying reversal of the situation only ten minutes before. Art was pretty impressed by this bench press grown mass but knew that men of muscle like Nate always had a hard time on a vertical face. The bulk prevented rock intimacy. Big guys just weren't flexible like the little wiry guys. "Wanna have another go?" Art challenged Nate, letting go of the big guy's arms. "Not yet" Nate felt outgunned on rock. Besides he'd rather be behind that little body. He put an arm over Art's shoulders and angled him toward the place where he'd just fell. "Let's see how I spot now, instead. Why don't you get that little butt back on the wall, and see how I do". "No problem". Art decided to take advantage of the big guy's spot, get a good workout in, and not worry about some risky moves given the guy below could no doubt catch a fall now. Art moved into a problem that he knew would impress Nate. Might as well show off his skills as well as his ass. Nate positioned himself behind and below Art, big arms up, palm on Art's lower back, showing the little guy he was prepared. Nate watched as the rock monkey moved effortlessly across the face of the ridge, clinging to holds the big guy could barelysee. Nate noted the way Art's back muscles and those on tense forearms looked like knotted rope. He got closer. Art could feel Nate's breath on his back, definitely the closest spot he'd ever received. He didn't mind when he felt big palms giving support and a light push during a long reach. Art pulled himself up above an overhang and looked down at Nate who was now taking off his shirt. "Jesus, Nate, your huge. You a bodybuilder?" Nate flexed his sweating pecs for Art. "You like that, huh, little guy?" "Pretty impressive, that's all" Art laughed and went back to the problem. As he climbed around he felt Nate's eyes on him; felt himself get hot and start up a good sweat. Art had a few boyfriends in the past but they were more his size. His last boyfriend was a smaller asian the year above him in college. The guy had tried to take his cherry once but the condom was too big for his small cock and Art wouldn't let him fuck him raw. Trying to show off He moved through a series of moves that stretched, pulled, and bunched his arms and legs to the point, that all his muscles were screaming. Art was getting a great workout, knew that he'd be too weak to move after he'd finished giving Nate a good show of his own fine physique. He pushed himself hard in competitive exhibition. As Art moved lower, Nate moved closer, right behind Art's ass, which was now at about level with the big guy's face. Nate couldn't help but lean in for a smell of his clean sweaty tight ass. Nate was well beyond arousal by this point, watching the little stud move across the rock. Here in front of his own nose, as seen through the rip in the backside, Art's butt muscles rippled. Nate brought his left hand up to Art's sweaty back, savoring the feel, and couldn't resist a squeeze of that fine bubble butt with his right. He had to breed this boy. Art laughed "Hey, watch it it. That's no spot. I'd call that a definite feel." He kept on climbing amused by the aggressiveness of this giant. "Mmmm" Nate groaned and started giving Art some sneaky pokes, and running fingers on known ticklish areas. It had been a good thirty minutes of bicep crunching, by the time Nate started copping feels, and Art's arms were screaming. When he felt big fingers stream across his lower abs, he couldn't help laughing. Unintentionally, he let go and fell into Nate's waiting embrace. Nate pulled a laughing Art against his chest and held the little rock stud suspended as he sniffed his captive's neck. He felt Art freeze and could sense the guy was intimidated by his loss of control and the enormous size differential; exactly Nate's intent. He lowered Art slowly ensuring that the little guy's exposed crack slid down along Nate's stiff shaft. Art felt Nate's huge and very hard dick slide up his butt as Nate too slowly lowered him to the ground. Now Art was scared. He squirmed free from the giant's hands, turned around and looked up at Nate to see some hungry eyes looking down into his own. Art had never experienced (or at least recognized) a stare directed for his pleasure like this before. He felt an odd rush ot his loins, and couldn't hold the gaze. He lowered his eyes down Nates own ripped abs and followed a line of kinky black hairs that tapered downward into very stretched blue running shorts. Art had never seen a cock so big, outlined so clearly in cotton. That cock pointed straight his way. "Uhh..well I think I'll call it a workout. Sure appreciate the spot" Art stammered as he turned to go get his gear and get the fuck outa dodge. Nate knew if he didn't move fast, the moment would be lost. The little man looked quick and Nate didn't know if he could keep up with a scared rabbit in this terrain. He grabbed Art's upper arm and pulled the little man closer. "Lemme brush you off". Nate began rubbing dirt from the rock stud's backside. "This rock climbing is a muscle-driven sport. Jesus, what an ass". "Uhh huh"...Art gulped as the giant squeezed his tight round cheeks, terrified as he was lifted slightly off his feet. His mind said run but he couldn't move. This guy was huge. The black man moved his sweaty hands up, enclosed his thick fingers around Art's pumped biceps, squeezed. Male scent filled Art's senses. He looked up again into the hungriest of eyes. Never had he been so confused, so aroused. "You know, I really think I better be going". Art pulled out of Nate's grip and turned around. "I don't think so." Before Art was two feet away, Nate reached from behind and grabbed the little man's face, pulling him back against his body, his other arm reaching around the rock stud's arms and chest. Art could only grab the giant's forearm that encircled him as he was lifted off his feet. A sweaty palm the size of Art's face covered his mouth, preventing him from yelling. Art could feel the giant's heartbeat as his back gripped Nates chest. Art arched and squirmed but was plainly overpowered. Nate loved the feel of the wiggling little hard body he now controlled. He felt his dick grow and lifted the guy's exposed ass up higher till his erection stood up between his new rock toy's thighs, licking the kids neck, digging his nose into an ear orifice. "Ahhhhhh....you get used to the feel of my big black dick, rock baby, get the feel of it good. I'm gonna stick my shaft so far up your fine ass, you'll feel it in the back of your throat". Art felt a panic as someone else's huge fucking erection came up between his legs. He couldn't comprehend a cock this size entering his asshole and struggled harder. The Black giant carried him over to the base of Hoodoo Ridge where an overhang formed a semi cave. He lowered Art and forced him down on his stomach. Art could barely breath as 240 pounds of black muscle straddled his back. Art could feel Nate taking off those too-tight shorts of his with one hand as the other pushed him deep in the leaf litter below. Art flinched when a big black mushroom cock head slapped his face. His big meat exposed to the swaety air, Nate then grabbed the little mans hair pulling the head back as he rubbed those tight round buns with his other hand. He pushed his throbbing shaft up between the little man's hard legs again, smearing his toxic pre-cum along the way. He bent around planted his mouth over the little one below and forced his tongue in quivering lips. Art couldn't breathe as this boa tongue filled his mouth, moved down his throat. The giant was breathing in, sucking every last molecule of oxygen from his lungs. Art was mortified to feel his own dick grow to full attention. This was rape. How could he be full on excited? "You want my big black dick up your ass, don't you rock baby. You want to feel me impregnate you with my shaft. You ain't never gonna walk or climb the same after I finish fucking your ass, white boy. You are mine. And I'm gonna take you as my bitch now, make your man ass, my own private pussy" "Please I haven't done that before", gasped Art. While he'd had boyfriends they'd only ever made out. One of them had rimmed him and the only guy to try was the asian whose cock was too small to use a condom so Art had refused. Ignoring Art's pleaseNate spit on his hand, found Art's puckered asshole, rubbed gooey juice toloosen it up, jammed a thick finger up the little man's tight hole. Art yelled in pain. Nate didn't stop and started to aggressively finger fuck this tight ass moving his thick finger further up that tight warm love tube aiming to scrape and abrade the tight tender tissue. He aimed a second finger, squeezed it in, jammed it up, and continued the digit probe. "It's been a while since i took a cherry, and I'm going to love planting my DNA deep inside your busted hole". Art had never felt fingers up his ass. The pain, the nasty pleasure, the prostate rubbing was too much. He felt his balls throb and cummed involuntarily into forest duff beneath him. Nate felt the little man arch back and knew he'd made him spurt jizz. He rolled the little man over, grabbed those slim hips and lifted the little guy's slight bleeding ass up to his face. Art was still jerking from his cum and felt helpless as he was held up by big hands, his butt in a strange man's face. Nate licked around Art's puckered rose, blew warm breath on his new pussy, and watched it quiver in anticipation. Nate loved to look at the entrance of his dick's target. He reamed his long tongue into the hole and felt hands reach up around his 19" guns. Art, upside down, his head resting against black thighs,an engorged cock poking his shoulder blades, felt the tongue enter his ass. It felt like a snake and he reached up to grab the black man's arms. If his own biceps were baseballs, the ones holding him airborne were softballs. No, soccer balls. Art felt like he was gonna cum again and did, shooting back over his head onto Nate's thigh's and the ground below. "Please stop i don't want to be fucked" Pleaded a winded Art, struggling to breath in his bent double position. "You've already got off on my fingers now its my turn"
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    The first time a bare cock went in my ass, it wasn't planned (on my part anyway). It was over 20 years ago and I was at a gay, nude beach south of San Francisco (locals will know what I'm talking about). I approached a handsome, hairy and quite nicely hung man older than myself who was lounging behind one of the driftwood shelters that line the beach. (I was 24 years old, he was probably early-to-mid-forties.) Friendly chat seemed to confirmed the mutual spark which led to passionate kissing and mutual sucking. He handed me a bottle of poppers and manuevered me onto my hands and knees so he could eat me out. I was loving the attention of his tongue and my hole was soon wet, relaxed and receptive. He lubed me up, playing with my tight hole with his fingers, first one, then two... and then surprised me by pressing his cock head agains my hole. I hadn't heard a condom wrapper open. I had been enjoying his slick fingers in my ass and then the next thing I knew, his lube-slicked hands were on my hips and I felt him slowly entering me bare. I was simultaneously TURNED THE FUCK ON and alarmed -- he was so hot, it felt so good, yet it was "unsafe" and went against my commitment to "safe sex". "You're not wearing a condom, are you?", I asked, as he popped past my second ring. "No" he answered, calmy and matter-of-factly. He held his cock still inside me, allowing me to adapt to his presence. "Do you want me to stop?" he asked casually as he slowly start to gently slide his cock around. "Uh....". I was torn. This was REAL sex, not the latex-covered synthethic version of it that was my only prior experience with fucking. I was LOVING it -- this was how men were supposed to fuck. I figured I would eventually be taking cock raw, but thought I'd be doing so with a boyfriend after discussion and testing and a commitment to monogamy. "You feel so great!" he said. "You like this, don't you?" as he continued with his gentle movements. "Your ass is so snug and tight." I was at a loss for words. I *DID* like it. I FUCKING LOVED IT!! I remember I took another hit of poppers, so I could continue to enjoy these sensations while I wrestled with my conflicted feelings. He knew what he was doing -- a truly expert top. I hadn't been fucked very much at this point in my life. He knew how to open me up and with perfect pacing, he started to slowly pump the full length of his cock in and out of me, stopping on the back stroke just before his head popped out of my hole, then sliding slowly, gently, back in balls-deep. He keep his pace slow but determined. He was gentle but persistent. He wanted me bare, there was no doubt about that -- and he was perceptive enough to know that I wanted it too. Within a couple of minutes. I asked him if we could take a break. I was truly conflicted -- torn between what I wanted and what I thought I should do. He was a gentleman and slowly withdrew from my ass. As soon as he was out, I was missing his cock and craving it again... We continued kissing. He patiently listened to me babble ("That was sooo HOT!" "I can't believe I did that." "Fuck, that felt good." "I just want to be safe."). Granted, he was a mature man, more experienced than me and he had his own desires and needs and agenda, but I don't feel like he manipulated me so much as he *guided* me that day toward giving into what I wanted. He was consoling and complimentary and reassured me that I had nothing to worry about. He repeated how much he enjoyed being inside me and remarked that he knew I liked it too. He marveled at how tight I was as he went in and raved about how I had opened up to accept his full lenth. He repeated that he wanted me to be comfortable and it was OK that we had stopped and we could just lay here and enjoy the sun and continue to cuddle. Soon we were kissing again. In a few minutes, his hands found their way toward my ass. He gently cupped my and pinched my cheeks and then he started to finger me again... "Can I have those poppers again?", I asked. "Sure" He handed me the bottle with his left hand, while continuing to gently probe my hole with his right index finger. I had to adjust my position to take a hit of poppers without slipping them and, as I did so, I slid off his finger. Out of the corner or my eye, I saw that he was reaching again for the bottle of lube. The warm rush of the poppers hit my brain. Without another word, I got on my hands and tilted my hips in order to presented my willing hole to him. I heard him spurt a dollop of lube out of the bottle, followed by the squish-y noise of him lubing up his cock. "Good boy...There you go..." he said reassuringly as he slid into my accommodating hole...
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    Yesterday I posted a party ad on BBRT and after some vetting settled on ten potential cocks to load me up. Five out of the ten guys ended up showing--three at the same time! First up is a 40 year old married Latino guy who wanted an anonymous scene with no one else present. He shoves his dick in my mouth, and I initially feel disappointed that his dick is quite small. But he keeps growing, and the next thing I know I'm sucking a thick 7 inches. After he is completely erect, he wastes no time and positions himself behind me, shoving balls deep--but with little lube. The pain is intense, but he is on a mission to cum in my ass, and I'm not about to stop him. He fucks me probably less than a minute, breeds me, and quickly leaves. About 15 minutes pass, and in comes this handsome 24 year old black guy. He has me suck his cock, which grows to a respectable 8 inches. While I take him deeper into my throat, he begins to finger my hole. He realizes I've already taken a load, and he starts calling me a cum dump, a whore, a slut. This man is sexy as fuck. He moves behind me, lubes up with gun oil, and gently pushes his cock into my hole. He moves his dick around in my hole, and you can hear the squishy sound of the other load being churned. He starts to fuck me hard. Just as he gets into a rhythm, a tall slender and very good looking black guy enters, and it's apparent they know each other. The second guy takes off all his clothes and stands beside the guy fucking me. I take a quick look back. The new guy has a massive 9.5" bbc--long and thick. All I could think is: Are they going to trade off? Am I about to take that huge dick? The young black guy continues to fuck me while the other guy utters all kinds of nasty things in his ear: "Load up that white pussy. Breed him. Give him your load." I start moaning loudly, and it's evident the guy is about to bust his nut up my ass. Right before I think he's going to cum, though, the guy with the huge cock tells him to pull out. He shoots his load on the young guy's cock and orders him to fuck that load up my ass! The young guy pushes in, and a couple of strokes later he blasts his black babies in me. He stays in my hole for a few minutes, and before he pulls out, in walks an exceptionally tall well-built black guy in his late 20s. He pulls off his pants, walks over to the side of the bed, and rubs a huge cock across my lips. As I later verified, he was packing 10.5", which might be the biggest cock I have ever taken. He forcibly shoves his dick deep into my throat, and by some miracle I manage to not gag. When the young guy finally pulls out, the new guy reaches around and fingers my hole. He pushes in two fingers and whispers to me that he can feel the cum loads in my ass. His cock gets even harder in my throat--to the point that I can't take much more of the abuse. He walks behind me and lubes up. He gently eases the first half of his cock up my ass. I take a hit of poppers, and the moment I screw the cap on, he shoves his entire black snake in my hole until I hear his balls smack my cheeks. I yelp from the intense pain of this nearly foot long bbc sitting so deep in ass. He fucks me hard doggie style for about five minutes, then shoves me forward on the bed until I'm resting on my stomach. His dick is so deep at this point that I can't take much more. My prostate is being battered. I've cum in my jockstrap without even touching myself. Then suddenly he slows down and says he's going to breed me. He pushes in as far as he can get. I feel his cock spasm, shooting his load deep in my bowels. He pulls out quickly, but I manage to tighten my hole to keep the seed from leaking out. Four loads in an hour...not bad at all. A few minutes after the black guys leave, a Latino guy in his late 30s enters the room. He roughly shoves three fingers in my hole, pulls them out, and tells me to suck the cum off them. Apparently already erect when he arrived, he pushes his thick 8 inches into my ass, relying on the cum to lube him up. He fucks hard and deep for maybe two minutes before dumping his load into me. My ass needs a break by this point, so I'm glad the other guys don't show. After a brief rest, I squat over a glass and let the cum drain out. Two of the guys said they hadn't come in a week--that might explain the ridiculous volume of cum from only five cocks. I lift the glass to my mouth and let the warm cum slide over my tongue and down my throat.
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    I didn’t mean to cheat on my husband. It was just a weird set of circumstances that led me to it; I dropped my car off for its annual service, the garage sent a driver to get me to work and said they would clean and deliver my car back later that afternoon. And then the call, “sorry, we need a part and not expecting it to arrive until tomorrow, unfortunately all of our courtesy cars are being used so I have no back up car to offer you at this time.” “No problem” I replied “I can get a lift.” A quick call to my husband revealed he had Head Office meetings and would be late home, “Get a taxi you cheap skate.” Rather than a taxi…I thought the bus station is just around the corner from work plus the bus stops close to home so that will do nicely. I hadn’t been to a bus station in decades but my mind was racing back to my formative gay teen years sucking cock through glory holes in public toilets. I have time, I’ll just have a quick look and check out if they are still here, fully expecting to finding them all gone. Wow what a throw back, the smell of stale piss hit me as I entered the empty toilet block. Six cubicles to the right and at a right angle a long stained stainless-steel trough. I was both nervous and excited as hell as I checked out the cubicles. Plenty of graffiti, mobile numbers, hook up details, piss and cum splashes on the sticky floor and huge glory holes in all but two traps. Fresh cum streaks down the walls let me know they were still active, very active. My cock instantly stirred in my pants, swelling nicely to half hard…and then I heard the outer door open so quickly ducked to the trough pretending to piss as my now raging hard on prevented any chance of urinating. The young lad – a student I guess with black hair, thin wispy beard stood close to me, unzipped and just stood there. I couldn’t hear his piss hitting the steel, so after a while I looked right, eyes down to check him out…fuck! He was slowly jacking a huge cock, thick and long, very long, big black cock long. I involuntarily licked my lips. He picked up on my action and smiled, gestured with a nod of his head to go to the cubicles, my mind was already racing as my cock led me forwards to some long-suppressed paradise as I went into one and he entered the adjacent one. Closing the door, unbuttoning my suit trousers, then sitting, legs spread, stroking my now extremely hard dick I heard the door of the other cubicle close, followed by the sounds of a coat being hung up, he turned to face me letting me watch him wriggle out of his jeans and then rub his leaking cock full to bursting out of his brilliant white briefs that were straining to contain the growing monster trapped within the fabric. He moved forwards allowing me full view of his now naked hardness. After a moment of watching his cock rise, two of my fingers went through the glory hole, an age old obvious invitation, I am both nervous yet increasingly unable to contain my excitement. As I withdrew my fingers his cock came through, the thick head could barely fit through the hole... But made its way in as it entered into my stall. Slowly, more and more of it came through until all 9-10 inches were now through and pointing straight up. I licked my lips again as I kept stroking my cock transfixed by the pulsing and straining cock expectantly poked through a hole in the wall. I began stroking my painfully hard erection, almost losing control and getting off just from the reality of playing with another man’s cock rather than my partners or my own. My breathing was growing louder and faster in rhythm with my pumping fist, lost in the magic of our rigid cocks. Fuck I wanted his cock sooooooooo bad but I felt like the genie in the bottle, once I start giving this stranger a blow job there will be no going back. I held on just watching, fuck it looked beautiful, twitching with each heartbeat and with each throb a clear bead of pre-cum was pumped out the piss slit. There was so much, I watched hypnotised, as it run down the shaft and along the bulging length long cum tube like a mini river of fluid and just as it reached the base of his cock, almost ready to soak into the wood I instinctively leant forwards, stuck out my tongue and lapped it up. The Genie was released, no going back now! My tongue running up the underside of this magnificent cock scooping up all the pre-cum I could get, digging in to his piss slit and then swirling around the rubbery corona then back down making love to the velvety skin and that magnificent cum tube. His loud moans indicating I was doing something right! I pulled off, the heat and musk combined into a heady aphrodisiac that drove me onwards. I told myself that I would only just take it in my mouth for a short while, I wasn't going to do anything else, just enjoy sucking on this huge cock until my jaw ached…which by the size of it would not take long. As my lips engulfed the hard dick, another moan came from the lad on the other side of the stall. Hearing that moan really set something off in my head I became curious to see if I could fit all of it in my mouth and I could tell he was getting impatient as the hole was just wide enough for him to begin thrusting deeper in my mouth. I was getting off on this lad moaning because of what I was doing to him and his huge cock. He loved how my mouth felt around his cock head. His thrashing increased and with copious amounts of precum flowing his whole cock suddenly popped fully down my throat, cutting off my air supply. I panicked, gagged and had to ease back. Tears and snot ran down my face but I soon dove back down, now enjoying having my throat raped as it pulsed all around his shaft. The lad began moaning louder. "Fuck.... Uhhh... Yeeeerrrrrr……aaaahhh….YESSSSSSSSSS!!" After a moment or two, he stood back, breaking the contact and his cock, like some snake disappeared backwards leaving me crestfallen. Had I done something wrong? No! His fingers now beckoned. My cock was ready, no reason to hesitate, I stood put it against his fingers, and he is now lightly tugging and stroking me with those fingers. My cock disappeared through the hole as he tugged it in his side and a warm wetness took over me so completely I was lost momentarily at how good it felt. My willing and hopeful cock twitched and pumped out precum with sensations that were new yet oh so familiar, the pleasure kept rising as I sank deeper into this stranger's mouth, utterly lost in his willing cock sucking and my need to shoot. The lad was a natural, his skills belying his age and done with such loving care that I just want more! Only he pulls off leaving my pelvis pressed up hard against the partition my cock jumping, precum dribbling. I hear a loud grunt, then, “damn…Oh fuck yeah!” Then his hand wraps around my dick and pumps it a few times…and yet whilst I’m enjoying the attention I swear I hear, “Umm, umfff, Ahhh” from the other side of the partition each time his hand moves down my shaft. Lucky for me his mouth soon engulfs my cock again it feels as if he is powerfully thrust forwards, rocks back then forward again. My thought train is momentarily thrown...was that another man’s grunting I then heard? Then I know I hear a regular thump, thump, thump…wft is that? My mind is racing now; I hear a similar sound as my balls rock against the wall then the lad is pushed deep onto my dick deep throating me…fuck I won’t last much longer especially as in my mind “my” cocksucker is being fucked through the gloryhole the other side of him. Images flashed through my mind of this dirty cumdump, a diseased cumdump, taking all loads, getting Pozzed up. Fuck where did that thought spring from? I don’t know but at the thought of it my cock felt super hard, like it would explode, I felt my balls tingle and bang they draw up, no stopping NOW! Words tumble out of my mouth in a pleasure driven random order, “fuck yeah...good...fuck..ing hot...cock sucker...fuck...yes. ..no, stop...fuc…king great.” I was completely overcome from his tongue and mouth actions. An explosive long orgasm, harder than I can ever remember, 5, 6 no 7 long spurts blast down his gulping throat as I just kept cumming and he kept on sucking my cock without easing up, his swallowing of my baby batter just part of the intense connection between us. This was the best head I had ever received. It wasn't just his talented mouth, it was the entire experience. I couldn’t believe it, normally after cumming my cock is so sensitive but here in this situation I was still hard as the lad continued nursing my rock-hard cock slurping every last drop of cum from my piss slit until eventually it shrivelled from 7 to a limp 3 inches. I pulled my cock back through the hole sat down, slightly dizzy from my massive ejaculation. I wiped myself clean not wanting to leave any tell-tale snail trial in my underwear and, as I sat there I could see movement still happening in the cubicle next door. I stooped down to peer through the hole to see “my” lad backed up on the partition wall of the adjoining stall, bent forwards smiling at me as I clearly saw a pair of legs pressed up against that wall see-sawing away in hard jabbing motions making sure my lad was receiving a good fucking. I don’t know why, but all I thought of was him getting bred filled with a diseased cum load knocking him up before my eyes. There was a loud grunt, then “Take it!” as the legs thrust forwards…in that same moment “my” cocksucker’s cock cum tube expanded as cum erupted in an explosive series of spurts splattering against the wall before running down the wall and pooling on the floor. I couldn’t help but reach down smear my fingers through his cum and take a taste, I then zipped up and got out to join the bus queue. A short while later “my” boy came up to me, said “That was fun, here’s my number, call me” as he pushed a scrap of paper and kissed me in front of everyone and walked off into the distance. On the bus home I read his note, Aaron and a mobile number was all it had written down…I punched his name and number in my phone… I didn’t go back to the public toilets for over a week, half frightened of how far I might go if temptation presented itself and half expecting, no waiting to see if I broke out in some type of visible infection. Guilt makes you do funny things. To be continued 😊
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    you eat it .. you fuck it .. you eat it again :>
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    Cabs are called, it turns out 12 people are coming. Me, Caitlin, and April. Jeff, of course, and Nerdy boy. A couple girls I don't know, Jillian and Alicia, Fur coat guy, and a few more, including one of the DJs from earlier in the evening, A burly black guy from LA who is probably in his 30s. He's chatting with April and looking me over, and I realize with a thrill that she is most certainly offering me to him. I love the idea. The first cab arrives, and Jeff, Caitlin, April and I pile in. I am quiet as we drive back, mind racing about what is to come, trying to codify, to establish boundaries. I remember wondering to myself what my limits should be, and I remember resenting myself for resisting the pull of complete recklessness. I needn't have bothered. We tumble out of the cab, and into the elevator. April and Jeff are talking about bumping me, debating between more mdma and something called 2cb. I shiver, noting nobody is consulting me! In the apartment, April hands me a snapple and is holding a little pink pill. I look meekly at her, and reach out to take the tablet. She stops me. 'No sarah, this follows the last one' I blink at her 'You know, on the end of my finger?' I blush, and look around. Caitlin and Jeff are making out on the couch, ignoring us. 'Turn around, Sarah, and get down on you knees.' Dumbly I comply, and I feel her hands flip up my skirt. Her fingers hook into my underwear, and pull them down and off. I gasp as her tongue suddenly touches my ass. I wriggle, nobody has ever done this before! She is licking my hole, with my cheeks spread wide. I moan with a mixture of pleasure and shame. My ass is becoming slippery and finally her fingers begin to stroke and probe. She spits on me, addling lubrication, and her fingers slide inside. She must be slipping the pill in, and sure enough I feel a slight burning just like before. I hear voices and realize the rest of our party is arriving, but April doesn't stop. In fact, she slides additional fingers inside my sopping wet cunt and begins to expertly finger me. This 90lb girl has me twisting like a hand puppet on her busy fingers as I grunt and very obviously cum. I hear a delighted female giggle, and Jillian and Alicia join me on the couch. April slaps my ass hard, and to the two girls says; 'Keep the little slut busy, and make sure that pill stays up her pretty little ass!' I am flustered, and also strangely pleased that April called my ass pretty. That urge to submit to her hasn't gone away, and I resolve to try and give her anything she wants. Me, a straight girl who had never kissed a girl before today. Alicia is a curvy little blond creature, I recognize her from previous raves, she likes to dance with glowsticks and other props. Right now, she lies back on the couch beside me. Jillian picks me up, and positions me on top of Alicia, and pushes my face into her crotch. I gasp, as Alicia's mouth closes on my cunt and she begins to eat me. The scent of her sweaty cunt, musky from hours of dancing, fills my whole world, and suddenly my entire existence depends on getting this wriggly little butterball to cum under my mouth. I've never eaten pussy before, but I already know I love it. Alicia's legs are up around my ears, so I can't see much, but I know everyone must be watching. Someone, it must be Jillian, is rubbing something slippery into my ass. I feel her pushing it inside, and looking up and back (before she sternly pushes my back down into pussy, where I belong) I see she has a can of crisco and is pushing pieces of it inside me. It feels so good, although I have never done any kind of anal play before this. I moan and wriggle on her fingers. I don't know how long it takes, but Alicia shudders and bucks her hips up at me in orgasm. I thrill with pride, and pause and distantly hear Jillian and April complimenting me. Well, actually they call me a good little slut, but for me right now there is no higher praise. I am pulled up and off, and I blink. The room looks strange. It seems softer somehow, and the colours seem brighter. The lights seem to pulse a bit in time to the music. And the music seems to be winding into me, and stirring me up. I am suddenly very conscious that it's been a long time since I was last fucked. I look around the room. People are chatting, Caitlin is making out with Jeff, Alicia and April and Jillian are whispering together and obviously planning some devilry. I shudder and stumble to the bathroom
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    Part 2. I’d had a God-awful morning at work so decided for once to get out in the fresh air for lunch…walking aimlessly around town I found myself by the bus station with a little voice in my head saying, “Go in, you know you want to…” The stalls were disappointingly empty so I picked a middle one offering holes on both sides, only one had the hole stuffed full of toilet paper to block off the view. Trousers and underwear down it was not long before I had company. I'm certain he noticed my body shift repeatedly while attempting to see what was happening on his side, my cock instantly growing in length and thickness when I heard him unzip and trousers go down. I contently began to pump myself as I brazenly press my face to the hole to take a good look at him. His right hand was slowly fisting his erect cock, one that appeared to be similar in size to my 7 inches. His dark pubes nicely set off his alabaster white dick and shaved balls neatly framed by his opened and unzippered trousers. Leaning back, showing off my fully hard cock for him to see I hear the obvious and encouraging sounds of clothing being shifted. Bending to look again, his pants were finally around his knees, his glistening cock gorgeously making squelching sounds in his hand. He had a sexy cock and I sat peering in, watching him stroke himself faster with increasing speed. His hand's rhythm was fast but firm, different than my own slower deliberate wanking up and down the whole length not wishing to cum yet, whilst his was centred around the flared ridge at the end of its straight length. His breathing grew faster and more obvious and, in a panic, to prevent him shooting there and then I pushed my fingers back through the opening, bent forwards running my tongue around my lips signalling my desire to suck his clearly needy cock. He then turned, and his cock came through the hole. At first, only the head appeared, gloriously glistening, close and tempting. I blew gently against the skin, the mushroomed-out foreskin still clinging to the corona ridge marking the end of his lovely cockhead. I spat on the palm of my hand and ran it around his cock head, he shuddered, and began to move his cock deeper through the glory hole, any hesitation melting as my palm and fingers continued to explore him, sliding down to lightly stroke the hair surrounding his tight ball sack. I rubbed his smooth balls, occasionally straying along his slightly hairy crack then went back to jacking him so I could lick up the sweet nectar of his precum. It was kind of fun getting this guy off, I bobbed my head faster now, back and forth on his cock, rotating my hand around the base. I took my left hand off my cock and reached out to wrap it around the shaft next to my right hand. I slipped my mouth back to just suck tightly on the head of his dick... As if I was working to get the last bit of ice-cream out of a cup. His head was thick, red and throbbing now as I sucked and lifted the tip of his cock. I took my mouth away from his cock and stuck my tongue out to lick the underside of his thick shaft. I went all the way down to the root, and slowly licked up to the tip, again putting my mouth around the head when I got to the top. I again started sucking just the tip as I stroked his huge cock with both of my hands. I worked his dick over for another minute or two, when I started to feel it twitch a bit. Cum started shooting out of the tip into my mouth... I gulped the first spurt down then pulled my mouth off his cock moving my face back a few inches. Huge loads of cum continued to shoot out and splattered all over my forehead, face, lips and chin. While I was no longer sucking it, my hands kept stroking the shaft out of sheer habit of having done it for the last 5-10 minutes. Cum continued to spray out for what seemed like an eternity. When his cock emptied out, I took my hands off of it as cum ran into my eyes and began to sting. By the time I had blinked and wiped his spunk from my eyes he had pulled his cock back through the hole and began zipping back up. Then he opened his door and left the bathroom. I cleaned up, zipped up and walked out….straight into Aaron
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    PART 8   What had I really done now? My ass was on fire from a beautiful pounding but then the guy tells me he has AIDS. I saw his fingernails and knew he had cut me up inside and the dumped his load in me. I was going to get HIV. What the hell, but my ass was still tingling and for some reason my cock was still hard as a rock. Why was I so turned on? Damn, I felt like I needed more now. Then someone walked into the clearing. I started to reach down to grab my clothes when he said, "Might as well leave them there," and as I looked up he was pulling his clothes off too. His cock was already hard and sticking straight out and I stood there mesmerized by it swinging as he approached me. He grabbed me and turned me around and pushed at my back to bend over. I offered no resistance and did it. Then I felt him just drive his cock deep into in one thrust and felt his balls hit my taint. Then he was thrusting in and out of me as hard as I had ever had it. He was literally trying to destroy my hole and I was loving every second of it. He didn't last long though, maybe about 5 minutes and then he was saying, "Here it comes. My nice hot POZ cum to fill your ass up good." I could feel his cock pulsing and refilling my ass with HIV cum. As he finished and was pulling out, I noticed that three more guys had showed up. They all had their cocks out and were jacking them, waiting their turn on my abused hole. I didn't even straighten up as the cock was pulled out of my ass and soon another one was deep in me. I could only wonder at how great it was feeling. I wanted more and more and soon had three more loads of cum up me. Each of them screaming as they were cumming, "Take my poz load you whore."   Noone else showed up so I got dressed and staggerd to my car. My ass was destroyed and was now starting to hurt some with all the pounding it had taken, but it was also throbbing with a need for more, soon.
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    I dont often admit this, but I feel this is a place I may have like minded cocksuckers! I LOVE sucking dirty uncut cock. I love the foreskin pealing back, and being made to suck it CLEAN. I know most will find that gross, but I cant help it. I have one guy I suck off almost once a week now, hes uncut, and NEVER washes his cock, he says its my job to do that with my mouth.
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    So, I finally did it. Today was for me an epic day for me and I know some have achieved better but this was the biggest day for me ever as a bottom. It all started with a CL posting for me looking for hung tops and anon loads. I received an invite, but he became impatient as I was trying to leave the office to meet him was taking too long so after a 20-minute drive he suddenly quit responding. This had me in a neighboring town and I pulled off the road and started surfing Grindr. A dude that had fucked me before hit me up and wanted to fuck. I was ready, but he always wants to meet at the downtown ABS which is too close to where friends and family work. He asked me where I was and when I told him he said he had another top friend that lived there. He asked if I wanted them to both fuck me. Well, that was a no-brainer… After about 30 minutes of chatting, we were all set and I drove to the house. I have never been fucked by two guys and so as we got undressed I did what I thought was right and I dropped to my knees and begin sucking the cock in front of me. His friend was sitting on the bed watching as I sucked my bud's cock. Without thinking I reached out and touched the dude on the bed and he stood up, so I started sucking his cock. I alternated between them for a good while and they got real close and placed their cocks against each other and I did the best I could with both cocks in my mouth. My bud motioned for me to get on the bed. I positioned myself on my knees and he begins to play with my ass and spit on my hole. He started working his thick cock inside me. My hole begins to open up for him and he started fucking me pretty quickly. His friend walked around the bed and told me to suck his cock. I did, then he started fucking my face, my bud fucking my ass begin to slap my ass and then begin pounding me hard as fuck. He leaned forward and told me to take that load like a good bitch, and as he started breeding me his friend said I’m cumming in his mouth and I felt his cock jerk and his hot load begin to fill my mouth. He pulled the back of my head and pumped his load down my throat. My bud fucking me, slapped my ass and told me he was giving me another load. He grabbed my hips and pulled me as deep as he could and gave me another big load. He slowed and finally pulled his cock out of me and laid down on the bed and told me to suck his cock. The other top had to leave for work but told him to fuck me as long as he wanted. I kept sucking his cock and he begins to get hard again and he told me to lay back on the bed and he pushed my legs up exposing my ass and slide his hard cock back in my wet fuck hole. He stared deep into my eyes and started pounding my hole. I looked at him and told him to breed me and make me his bitch. It must have really turned him on because he drove his cock as deep as he could and began to shoot his third load in my ass. His cock was pulsing so strong and when he pulled out, he held my legs high and I felt his seed running down my ass and onto my back. He flooded my hole. We chatted for a few minutes and cleaned up and left. I was about five minutes down the road and heard the Grindr message tone, I forgot it was still open and had resigned myself to being satisfied with 4 big loads in me already. Like a good slut I checked the phone and a dude had sent me a pic and asked if I wanted his cock. I pulled over and chatted with him. I agreed to meet, then he said he needed 20 bucks…I told him no chance, but his cock was 9” and thick and I really wanted it. I finally agreed to meet and he said he could fuck me in the vacant house beside where he lived. I agreed and when I got there this house was way more than vacant, it was a shit hole, but I was feeling slutty and went in. He had a blanket on the floor ready for me. He had told me while chatting that he was straight and just needed to make money, which I really didn’t believe but whatever. He pulled his pants down and exposed his cock and holy hell it was huge. It was not massively thick but he was 9”. I sucked him and laid on my back and he slides up behind me, grabbed my ankles and aligned his cock to my fuck hole and started pushing it in me. Fuck me it was long, but he started long dicking me and only lasted about a minute and started cumming and he gave me a really huge load. He came so much he was dizzy and had to get up slowly. So that was load number 5. I left his cock and started heading back to work when a regular top hmu and asked if I wanted to fuck, I couldn’t believe it, I had hit the cock lottery. Grindr is never this good in my area. So I told him I could come by but it had to be a quickie so I could get back to work. I met him at his shop and he was ready, I sucked his cock getting him hard then he started fucking me. He bent me over the couch and fucked me hard as hell and then pushed his cock deep and told me to take that seed. Load 6 taken. I went back to work and decided to stay a little later to make up the time I had been out getting fucked. While working, Grindr went off again and this young dude I had been chatting with for a week asked if I wanted his load. Well, hell yes. So I wrapped up my work and went to his house. I told him to be naked with the lights off or low. I walked in and he was laying there cock hard and I started sucking him, and then told him I was going to ride his cock. He was very happy about that and I slid my loose and fully bred hole down on his dick. I started riding his cock and he asked if he could cum inside his daddy. I told him to make his daddy proud and to breed me, almost immediately he started shaking and I felt his hot load flood my hole. I was careful when getting up because I didn’t want to lose his seed. Load 7 taken. We are having a terrible rain storm and I was going home and the road was flooded and the cops had closed the road. I had to go way back through town to get home another way. I checked my phone and yes, I had another invite which happened to be on my way home. So you guessed it, I stopped and took load 8. My hole was so sloppy for load 8 but he didn’t mind. I took more loads today than I have ever taken in a single day, and I wish I could have found more…I think I am a slut.
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    You're looking for tips from Tops, of course, but as a bottom who's been on the receiving end (including twice in the last month!), let me give you a few pointers from my end: 1. This needs to be something you enjoy doing first and foremost. You need to enjoy the power and control you get from being able to decide who gets to fuck another man, who gets to unload in another man. If that doesn't light your fire in a very special way, whoring someone out is probably not worth the effort for you. The bottom also has to genuinely enjoy his submission to you and be committed to pleasing you by allowing himself to be fucked by the men you send. This activity is a special power dynamic, and it's fantastic for both men when it works. What you don't want is to find yourself with a lazy bottom who just wants somebody else to do his shopping for him, and starts picking and choosing from the men who arrive. At that point, you're not really in control. 2. Almost every bottom fantasizes about being whored out and used by a gang of Tops. That doesn't mean every bottom is a good candidate. If you choose to do it, make sure the bottom is going to be an active participant, and not lie there like yesterday's catch at the fish market. 3. Pimping a bottom resembles work. There are ads to place and respond to, conversations to start up at the bathhouse, the bar or the ABS, phone calls to make to your network of FBs - you are, in essence, a broker. You have to get the word out, in an experienced way, to the right people. 4. Check your scruples. Whoring a bottom lies somewhere between commodities brokering and human trafficking. Some Tops whore bottoms because they enjoy the rush of it, and get off on the power, but are generally benign. Others look at bottoms as lower-order animals and think nothing of actually prostituting them in a cash sense. Even though it would never bother me in the slightest if a Top or a Dom made money off my ass, the latter is a criminal offense. 5. It's not just about your pleasure, or the bottom's, for that matter. If you're going to be successful, you need to make sure that your clients, the Tops you attract, are pleased with their experience as well. The dynamic between the pimp and the bottom is important in making sure the sexual experience of the Top is a great one. It's all about the presentation, the setup, and the performance - especially in a group setting. The energy built or not built during a sex act will translate into what happens next. A group scene is more likely to give high-energy results than a series of one-on-one scenes, in my experience. What you say while it's going on - your words of challenge and encouragement - can ensure that. 6. If you're going to whore out a bottom, you may as well whore out two at once. From what I've been told, that seems to draw better results for some reason. 7. I'm not sure how to tell you to find the right bottoms for the job, except to suggest that you not take one on unless you've test-driven him first and know that he has the staying power to offer a loud, lusty fuck to several men in a row and has the experience to handle a wide range of cockery. As to how you actually go about locating, contacting and recruiting other Tops and suggesting they come fuck a specific bottom, I have no idea - you'll have to ask them. Whoring Tops, I'd love to hear this, too. If you have questions about my experience from the bottom end, fire away.
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    CHAPTER 2 Once he had gone, Brad told me that almost the entire time that Devon was fucking me he had gotten two of his fingers in Devon’s ass and had finger fucked him. He grinned evilly and told me that just at the right time his fingernails had been used on Devon. No doubt he liked the feeling Brad said. We looked at each other and knew we were on our way. Just as he had said, Devon showed up on Wednesday and on Friday nights. He fucked me like a madman as Brad tore up Devon’s ass with his fingernails. It was so delightful knowing that soon he was going to get his comeuppance. I was so looking forward to that. It would be a tricky thing though. Then, on Tuesday night, Devon showed up as agreed to but things had to be postponed. Brad explained that at the last minute I couldn’t make it. Brad explained he was apartment sitting for me as I had to go out of town. Brad was so sincere sounding as he told Devon that it was such a shame and that he could understand at being frustrated. Devon tried to get Brad to bottom for him but Brad explained that he didn’t get fucked; he just liked to eat ass and fuck ass also. Devon left very frustrated sounding. For the next two weeks, Brad kept Devon at bay. He was so sympathetic to Devon and his plight. Each time that Devon arrived, he left with a bit more angst, edginess, and frustration. Brad cooed his sympathy to Devon. Brad was as good as any funeral director. He commiserated with Devon about my lack of commitment to taking care of Devon. I heard it all from Brad’s closet as the two berated my lack of seriousness. Devon left again no doubt with the bluest of balls. Brad and I rejoiced at how things were going. Devon’s nerves were on total edge. He would be back next Friday ready to explode. Brad was going to make sure that Devon was fully packed with TNT because he was going to get a big bang on Friday. Friday at nine sharp, Devon knocked on the front door. Brad let him in and excitedly told Devon that I was back in town and ready in the bedroom. Devon I heard rushing down the hallway. He stopped in the doorway looking crazed. He did something then that he had never done before: He stripped totally tossing his clothes in all directions. His cock was hard and dripping I could see. He strode over to me on the bed and yanked my legs upward putting them on his shoulders. Devon took his hands and pulled my cheeks open lining his piss slit up to my hole. He released his hands as he leaned over me grabbing my shoulders. I looked at his face which had a crazed look on it. Truly, Devon was in need of sexual release. I had but a split moment to consider if I was going to be able to deal with his heightened sexual arousal. I was determined to give it my best. I felt a searing pain as Devon’s dripping cut 9 inches of monster manhood crammed itself inside my body. I screamed at the sharpness. Devon gave no hint that he had heard me but drove his baby maker stick deep inside me and began to fuck me wildly. Brad stepped up to Devon’s side as usual and began a narrative of encouragements about how good it was to get back in my ass, how hot it was, hadn’t Devon missed fucking, feel how my sphincter was tight around his cock begging Devon to fuck harder and deeper. Devon I could tell was ramping up his game from Brad’s encouraging words. Then, Brad grabbed Devon by both shoulders and twisted his body around hard so that Devon’s cock pulled out of my ass in mid stroke. Devon was beside himself. “WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO THAT FOR?” he screamed as his body shook. “I thought you’d want me to eat your ass and maybe finger your hole as I usually do,” Brad said innocently. “ARE YOU CRAZY? ARE YOU NUTS?” Devon screamed as his shaking continued. “You always seemed to enjoy me doing that to you. I just thought that might be something you’d enjoy tonight as well. I really wanted to make up to you in my own small way for him being gone,” Brad said dejectedly. “I really only wanted to help you out being you’re so tense and backed up.” Brad poured it on thick, and Devon bought it. “Yeah. Yeah. I did enjoy you eating my ass. That turned me on and so did your fingering me. Man, I’ve thought about that a lot. I didn’t like it at first but you somehow knew what to do and made it feel good,” Devon said having calmed down a bit but still highly strung from lack of sexual release. He was still highly aroused I could tell also from the pre-cum dripping out of his turgid cock. “Well, then, why don’t you stand there by the bed, but lean over it. You can put your hands flat or do elbows or whatever is comfortable for you. I’ll eat your ass and finger you some since you enjoy that, too,” Brad suggested offhandedly. “When you have had enough, you can go back to fucking him.” Brad pointed to me with the last statement. “You should be plenty aroused by then I’m betting.” “Yeah. Okay,” Devon said as he repositioned himself. He tried first doing flat handed on the bed but wasn’t comfortable with that. He then put himself on elbows and waited. Brad knelt behind Devon spreading his cheeks and began feasting. Brad was, no, is a consummate ass eater. I know from experience how well he eats an ass. It was not long before Devon was twisting his head about and moaning. Brad worked all over Devon’s ass with his tongue as well as doing small nips with his teeth. The first time that Brad nipped Devon there was a startled “Oh” but he returned to moaning and never made another protest. Brad drove his tongue deeply into Devon’s hole. Brad’s tongue can be a very rigid tool. I knew what Brad was doing and began biding my time before the big bang would occur. After 20 minutes or so, Brad pulled his mouth off Devon’s hole and slowly inserted two wet fingers. Devon hissed an intake of air but said nothing. Brad massaged deeper and deeper and began twisting and turning his fingers. Periodically, Brad would massage Devon’s prostate just to keep him reminded of what he was to feel later. I watched intently as Brad continued to work over Devon’s hole. I noticed that Devon was relaxed and fully enjoying the sensational ass work that Brad was doing. And, then, it happened. “Man, that feels so good. Your eating my ass was phenomenal and what you’re doing now is even better,” Devon said somewhat dreamily. “Keep it up. Man, that is so good.” Brad looked up at me and grinned as his eyes sparkled. He had Devon now on the hook. He had to make that jerk to be sure he was fully caught and then reel him in. Brad began alternating between rimming Devon and chewing on his cheeks and fingering him. He picked up a little speed with every intent of driving Devon crazy and wanting more. In a few minutes, Devon asked, “Is this what it feels like to be fucked? Man, this is really feeling good to me.” Brad slowed his fingering and said, “No, this isn’t really what it feels like to be fucked but it is very similar. The difference is that a cock is bigger and goes deeper. The euphoria that you feel is the same though only much, much more. It is an unbelievable wonderful feeling having a cock in your ass. You get such an intimate feeling with your body. It’s as if you learn who you really are.” Brad went back to eating Devon’s ass and fingering him. He picked up his speed and gave Devon his best ever work. Devon now was almost in a constant moan as he pushed backwards onto Brad’s tongue or fingers. Brad continued until Devon was almost demanding in his backward thrusts. Brad stopped and said, “I don’t want be rude and don’t mean to insult you. Would you want to know what it feels like to have a cock in your ass? I mean, you are really getting into my rimming you and fingering your ass. You really are enjoying it. I’m not talking about fucking you. I’m just talking about . . . a . . . cock . . . gently . . . easing into your ass very slowly and letting you feel in reality what it’s like.” Brad said nothing more and waited for his measured offer. Devon stayed bent over pondering the offer. He relished the sensation that he was feeling from being rimmed and fingered all so well. His intense sexual urges now were raging in him. His libido drove his decision. “I . . . I . . . I’ve not done anything queer like that,” Devon said loudly to protest such a possibility. Devon’s verbal protest was noted by Brad, but Devon’s body position also was noted. “Oh, no, I never meant to imply that you had done such. It was only that you seemed to enjoy my rimming and fingering you. And, you did ask how it felt to be fucked. No, I just meant that for the purpose of feeling the difference between my tongue and fingers and a cock a comparison could be made. No, I would never suggest that you would engage in things queers do,” Brad said and almost burst out laughing at the absurdity.
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    PART 7   I got back in my car and just drove around for a bit, wondering what I was doing. I could think about nothing but cock in my ass for some reason. A week ago, I had been completely straight and no real thoughts about gay sex and now here I was with at least three loads of cum up my ass in a week. Damn, it had felt so amazing. I had just let some anonymous guy fuck me in an adult store through a hole and had loved it. My ass was on fire and I felt I needed more. What to do? I found myself pulling into a park here in town. I pulled over to think some more. I got out and made my way to a picnic table. I had brought along a can of Coke and opened it and was sipping and trying to wrap my head around what I was doing and what I was going to do. I was thinking so hard I didn't notice that another car had pulled in and a guy approached the table I was at. Then he was asking if he could join me and sit there also. I just kind of nodded ok without paying any attention, really. Then it dawned on me he had sat down on the same side of the table as me. Glancing his way, I noticed he was sitting astride the seat with one leg under the table and the other somewhat straight out on the other side. He had on shorts and as I looked I could clearly see that his cock was hanging somewhat out of one leg of his shorts. It looked to be quite large and I could not take my eyes off of it. My ass was still tingling from just being fucked about a half hour before. As I looked I could see it start to come up some. He saw me looking and stood up and dropped his shorts off and as he did his cock was really starting to stand up. It was big. As I tore my eyes off of it and looked up, he was smiling and motioned for me to follow him. He kicked the shorts completely off then and started walking towards a pathway. Mesmerized, I got up and just followed along. We got just a short distance down the path and it widened up and he stopped. I walked up to him and he, without a word, reached out and I let him start pulling my clothes off. I couldn't seem to move. He soon had me naked and himself as well. He I turned my head to look back and he lined his cock up with my hole and just thrust in in one lunge. The last thing I noticed before it was covered up by my body was that he had a tattoo just over his cock that looked like a biohazard sign I remember seeing. Then he was deep inside me and I was groaning in the fantastic feelings he was causing my ass. He started somewhat slow but that was just a few strokes and then he was pounding my ass with a fury. Every thrust inward he would grind around and then back out till just the head of his cock was still in me and then back in hard and more grinding like he was drilling for oil or something. It was amazing. My own cock was soon hard as a rock too. He kept up the drilling for a good ten minutes and then all at once he pulled out. He leaned over me and finally spoke, "You are loving this aren't you? We had to make sure it really feels good forever." He then thrust at least three of his fingers up my ass and ground them around hard and as he pulled them out I felt his fingernails drag out and I almost screamed from the agony. He then rammed his cock back in me hard as he dropped his hand in front of my face and I could see blood all over his finger tips. He was again destroying my hole with his pounding, hard and fast and deep and still grinding into me. He then said, "I'm getting close now. Get ready. Here comes my nice poz load up your ass." I had no idea what he was talking about but as he was cumming my own cock erupted too. He ground in me hard for a bit and then pulled out. As we straightened up he said, "I hope you enjoy my nice gift." I said, "I am loving cum up me now." He said, "Not the cum but what is in it." I said, "What do you mean, do you have an STD?" He grinned and told me, "Kind of one. I have AIDS and now you will too. That's why I scratched your ass up good to make sure it took." I could only just stand there in shock as he put his shorts back on and took off.

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