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    I was a virgin, and not out to anyone yet. I'd never even kissed a guy. But I'd been jerking to gay porn for years, and I knew what I wanted. Or, at least I thought I did. I was tall and thin, with short brown hair and hazel eyes. I had a swimmer's body--well chiseled, but still relatively small. I had a decent dick, but nothing to write home about. 7" cut and not particularly thin. And a really tight hole. I'd tried fingering it, but it always hurt, even with proper lube, and I always stopped after just a few seconds. It was my 18th birthday, and I decided I was going to have an adventure. My parents wanted to throw me a family party, but I said no. I told them I was going to hang out with some friends instead. And I told them I was going to stay over at my best friend's house, so I wouldn't have to be home until the next day. I was in the clear. And even though I was still in high school, I had a fake ID, so I could pass for 21. I decided to go to a gay bar and dance the night away with some hot guy. It was the first 'gay' thing I'd ever even thought about doing. It was a huge step for me. But I didn't know where to begin. I lived in a suburb--no gay bars around. So I got online and started looking. Dallas was the closest city, and I knew there was bound to be a gay bar there. I relied on Google. One of the first places to pop up was called "Club Dallas," and I figured that sounded good. So I put the address in my phone and got ready to go. I was wearing tight jeans and a tight, hot t-shirt that showed my abs. I was excited. I got in the car and made the long drive into the city. When I got there, it wasn't quite what I expected. I figured it would be a busy dance club with big neon signs and lots of people. Instead it was an old building in a weird part of town. But I convinced myself that it was fine. Lots of warehouse districts had great clubs. I walked up to the door, which was glass, but it had been blacked out so you couldn't see in. When I opened it, I expected to see lots of people and strobing lights, but instead, there was just a foyer with a small window. The guy on the other side of the window was about 40, and had his shirt off, so I figured it had to be the right place. I walked up and asked to get in, and he just smiled back at me. "ID?" he asked. And I handed over my fake. He looked at it, looked at me, chuckled, and handed it back. "That'll be $20," he said, "unless you want a room." I was confused, so I said no. I gave him $20 and he buzzed me through a door. The other side of the door held a locker room. Still no dancing men and strobing lights. Though there was some dance music, so I still thought I was in the right place. There was no one in the locker room but me, and the guy at the window could tell I looked confused. "Never been here before, boy?" he asked. I shook my head no, and he walked around the counter. "We love new boys around here," he said with a genuine smile on his face. "Just take your clothes off here, and I'll show you where everyone hangs out," he said casually. My eyes about popped out of my head. "My clothes?" I asked timidly. "Yeah boy," he replied, "this is a gay sex club. Now get them off." I looked at him shocked, but then I saw a hot young college guy walk through the room. He was taller than me, and chiseled too, with strong arms and tan skin. I about melted. I looked back at the attendant, "I don't have to do anything I don't want, right?" I asked. He assured me that I didn't. "Just looking is fine," he said as he stripped my clothes off me and locked them away in a locker I wrapped the towel he handed me around my waist, and we walked back through a maze of rooms. Back there, I began to see more men. Some were standing in the hall jerking. Some were going into rooms or out of them. All oif them stopped to stare at me. The attendant pointed to a sauna, then a steam room. Each had a handful of men in them. He showed me where the shower room was. Another few guys were in there. He showed me a couple rooms for group fun. The movie theater room had porn playing and at least a dozen guys. And another room had a sling in one corner and a bed with handcuffs on it in another corner. That room was empty for now. Another room had glory holes with cocks sticking through them and a few guys sucking them. And last, he showed me a dark room. Then he told me any of the public play spaces were fine. The guys would respect my boundaries. "But," he said, "If you go into the dark room, or into a private room, I can't make any promises what'll happen to you." It was an ominous warning, and I was nervous, so I took it seriously. Then he showed me where the condoms were and told me to have fun. "Oh, and my name's Alex," he said, "in case you need anything." Then he walked back to his perch at the front desk. I walked into the porn room and sat down. There was a raw gangbang scene on the screen, and they were pounding the boy in the middle as rough as they could. None of the porn I'd watched at home had been this raunchy. But my dick did get hard. I looked around and noticed the other guys were mostly touching themselves too, and most of the towels had come off. So I pulled mine off too and started to play with my dick. I couldnt' believe I was doing this. In a public place. With other guys watching. Before long, one of the guys came up to me from behind and put his hands on my chest. He was mid-30's and hot as fuck. A little bit hairy with a shaved head and a short beard. So hot. I'd never been touched by a man before. Then another came over, and another. I started to panic, "No thanks!" I yelled awkwardly and slipped out of the room leaving my towel behind. I heard them laugh as I went. I thought about leaving but decided to step into the steam room instead. Just to calm down. I sat down inside, and looked at the guys on either side of me. One was bigger, and late 40's, and the other was tiny, about my age. The young guy got on his knees in front of me. Was he about to blow me, just like that? Sure enough, without saying a word, he took my dick in his mouth. It felt good. I was enjoying it. Then the guy on the other side reached over, grabbed my hand, and put it on his dick. I about jumped up, and the guy sucking me off almost fell backward. "Sorry," I apologized, and I bolted from the room. I wandered for a little while, everyone staring at me as I walked around. Then, a guy who about made me melt walked out of the room with the sling in it. He was tall, early 30's, muscled and hairless. His eyes were pure fuck. Their light blue contrasted his dark stubble. He was completely disarming. He smiled at me. "I'm Brad," he said, "I saw what happened ealier in the theater. They shouldn't have done that to you. Want to come in here for a bit?" I nodded my head yes, and followed him. When we were inside, his demeanor changed. "They should have treated you like this," he said with a sneer. And four other guys grabbed me. One stuffed some cummy undies in my mouth as I tried to scream. And they dragged me to the bed, where they cuffed me to the corners. I was crying and begging them to stop through the gag. I didn't want this to happen. I had never wanted this. Just a fun night dancing. Brad could see it in my eyes. "Don't worry," he said as I stopped struggling against the cuffs, "this'll all be over soon." A tear dropped from my eye. "You can't just go around here teasing everyone," he said as he walked around the bed I was cuffed to, "You've got to give up that hole eventually." He paused to trace his finger down my chest while the other guys watched, and he grabbed my dick and smiled. Then he let go and kept walking around the bed. He pulled the gag out and ordered me not to scream. Then, he explained what was going to happen, "I bet you're a virgin," he said with a sadistic smile, "Well not anymore. One of us is going to take your cherry tonight, boy. And you get to pick which one." I begged him to stop, but he threatened to put the gag back in if I didn't quiet down. "You see," he said, "Of the five of us, three are completely clean, and two have HIV. High viral loads too. Now you get to pick one guy to fuck you tonight. If you get one of the negative guys, then when you're done, we let you go home to your mommy. No harm no foul. But if you pick one of the positive guys, he gets to dump his seed in you, and then so do the rest of us." He paused for a minute, and added, "Oh, and none of us are gentle," he winked, "and none use condoms. Choose wisely." Then he stepped back and all five of them dropped their towels. Oh fuck. None of them would be easy. They were all in their 30's, white, and pretty hung. One was at least 7" soft. The others were hard. One was uncut, 8-9" and really thick. Another was probably 7" cut, but as big around as a baseball bat. The fourth was the biggest--10" and massively thick. Terrifying. And Brad, the ring leader, was 9" but not quite as thick. "Tick tock," Brad said, "We'll give you one question, but you can't ask status." I thought for a second. "Are the bigger cocks the positive ones?" I asked. "I said you can't ask about status," Brad replied, "But not necessarily. That wouldn't be any fun. Now your time's up. Decide which one of us gets to tear that little boy hole apart." I was terrified. They were playing mind games with me. I decided Brad was out right away. He was probably one of the positive guys since he set this up. And I didn't want to take the massive cock. The thick one didn't sound good either. And the one who was soft could have ended up growing huge. Not a chance I wanted to take. I gestured to the uncut guy. He was big. Probably 9" and thick, but I thought he was my best bet. They all cheered, and he stepped up. They uncuffed me, flipped me over, and held me down by my arms and legs. And then I felt it. A searing pain. He had shoved himself in my virgin hole all at once, as hard as he could, without lube. He drilled down as I cried and begged him to stop. I'd never felt pain like that in my life. He pulled out and smeared blood on my lower back, then shoved himself back in. He pummeled and pounded, and the other guys cheered him on. After what felt like hours, he moaned and I felt a warm sensation inside me. The guys let go, and I turned myself back over. And that's when I saw it. As he walked away from me, on his back, there was a biohazard tattoo. Brad leaned in close to my ear and whispered that I'd just been pozzed. Then, without warning, he lifted my ankles up by my head and shoved himself in me. I screamed as he did it, and he reached down and clamped his hands down on my throat. "I wouldn't do that if I were you, boy," he said menacingly. I laid there and stared into his cold eyes as he raped me. When he had dumped inside me, the others lined up and used me too. After each one, I sucked them clean. And when they were done, they disappeared out of the room, nowhere to be found. I stumbled back to the locker room, and Alex took one look at me and laughed. He abandoned the front desk and walked over to me. "Get on your knees," he said, and he whipped out his cock. I sucked him off, and he came down my throat. Then he patted me on the cheek, and said, "At least tell me you used condoms, boy?" I replied back, "No, this group of guys wouldn't let me." He got serious. "How many of them?" he asked. I told him there were five and described Brad to him. "Fuck!" he hollared. "I know them. All five of them were poz and not on meds, kid. Sorry." Then he handed me my clothes from the locker and walked back to the front desk. I got dressed in silence, trying to take in what had just happened to me. As I walked to the door, he didn't even bother looking up at me. He just said, "You'll be back boy, you've got nothing to lose now." And as I walked outside, the morning sunlight hit my face. How was I going to live with myself? What was I going to do? How could I let this happen? As I settled into my car to drive home, I noticed the cum still on my mouth, and rather than wiping it off, I licked my lips. He was right, I probably would be back. It had definitely been a birthday to remember.
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    My boy and I were on vacation and went to a leather bar for a few beers. We saw a few sexy guys, and a couple of old trolls around, some in gear, some not. The bartender had an acne-scarred pockmarked face and a slightly gaunt appearance. There was one guy with white chest hair and a pot belly, which looked even more round with his harness. I asked my boy if he liked doing what I asked him to do, and he said yes. He can be pretty submissive. I asked him if he’d fuck any guy in the bar that I told him to pursue. He said yes. We joked about it over the next round of beers, talking about how he loved to be dominated, loudly enough that both the potbellied man and the bartender could hear. They exchanged looks. By that time, my we both had to take a piss. I let him go first so I could stay and watch our coats and ordered another round of beers. The potbellied man swaggered over to me, dressed in chaps, a leather jockstrap, and his harness. He told me he liked to play with couples. I asked him to follow me to the men's room when my boy came back. I was hatching a plan. My boy came a few seconds later. We downed our beers quickly as the man watched. I got up to do to the bathroom and the guy followed me. My boy raised his eyebrows as he saw the man following me, knowing something was up. The man locked the bathroom door after him and we were alone. He told me to kneel. He told me he loved dominating couples and he was looking forward to breeding my boy. He pulled his jock to the side and revealed a thick stubby uncut dick and furry balls. My mouth watered. He told me to swallow his cock. I did. His cock tasted rancid. He pulled out and spun around spreading his sagging ass cheeks. ‘Eat my hole,’ he commanded. His ass was sweaty and rank. I did as I was told, excited to see him dominate my boy, and myself, actually. The guy scooched his ass all over my face and then pulled away. ‘You’ll do,’ was all he said as he unlocked the door and tucked his cock back into his jock. I still had to take a piss and tried to pee into the trough despite my hard-on. When I left the bathroom, the bartender pulled me aside and said, ‘Be careful around that guy. He’s POZ and I know you were in there with him. Hope he didn’t cum in you…’ I shook my head, ‘no,’ and headed started to head back to the barstool. ‘I know he’s POZ because he POZZED me…’ My jaw dropped but my plan was getting more detailed… The man was chatting up my boy and had three beers there. He had his hand on my boy’s inner thigh and my boy was softly caressing his furry belly. My boy looked a little shy, wondering if I was ok with him talking so intimately with this stranger. I bent over to whisper in his ear, ‘This man is going to breed you,’ and I licked his ear. He just moaned and the man bent forward to kiss him hard on the mouth. I asked to pay our tab and the man told the bartender that I’d be paying his too. The bartender shook his head as he gave me the total. I paid him and we made a quick exit out the backdoor into a dimly lit parking lot. We walked a few steps and the fat guy put his hand on both our shoulders, ‘Kneel,’ he ordered. Me and my boy dropped to our knees on the hard asphalt and he looked at me. ‘Tell him to suck me off. Maybe he gives better head than you.’ I looked at my boy saying, ‘you heard the man. Suck his cock.’ My boy fished out his thick stubby dick and swallowed it down to the root. He cradled the man's big hairy balls. I fished out my dick and started jerking off. When the man’s dick was hard and slippery with spit, he nodded to me saying, ‘It’s time. Bend him over, spread his cheeks, and get his hole wet.’ I lifted my boy to his feet and pulled down his jeans, leaned him against a brick wall. I lapped at my boy’s hole, opening it with my fingers and smearing spit inside, to lube him up for the POZ strangers thick cock. I realized that I knew he was POZ but hadn’t told my boy. This was such a turn on. The man shoved me out of the way and lined himself up, ready to slide into my submissive boy. ‘The nice man is going to fuck you now. Let him use you,’ I moaned into my boy’s ear. The fat man surprised me by rolling a rubber onto his cock. He winked at me. As the stranger entered him, I cradled my boy’s head in my arms. He looked up at me and grunted, ‘Anything for you…’ ‘He might have knocked you up, boy, but he’s wearing a rubber’ My boy just looked up at me with wide eyes and nodded. I knew he preferred to be fucked raw, but we weren’t in charge, and there was a POZ cock deep in his hole. The man grunted as he slid balls deep into my boy. I could hear his hole squelching with my spit. The man fucked my boy for a few minutes as my boy fisted his own hard cock. I knelt down and sucked my boy’s dick. I lapped at his balls and even the spot where the stranger’s cock was splitting him open as it entered him. The man held his fingers at the base of the condom and kept fucking my boy. Every time he pulled back, the rubber rolled up more and more. I kept my tongue at that spot, helping the condom ride higher and higher until it cam completely off in my mouth. I stood up and smiled at my boy, the used rubber in my teeth as the man pounded his raw POZ cock into my boy. My boy’s eyes widened. The man picked up his pace and I heard the back door of the bar open. I looked over and saw the bartender with a bag of trash. He just shook his head at me, but I waved him over. ‘When the fat man is done, would you like to breed my boy?’ The bartender smirked at me and nodded. The man started to cum, and without asking either of us, bred him deeply. He slammed into my boy and stayed deep, filling him up with POZ seed. He started to go soft quickly and pulled out. The bartender had released his own cock, longer but thinner than the fat man. He slid right into my boy who clenched his eyes and teeth and took him without and sign of approval or resistance, another raw cock that he didn’t know was toxic. The bartender looked so hot, his skinny hips and sagging ass swaying as he pounded my boy, about to fill him up with more nasty seed. The fat man pointed to his slimy soft cock and told me to clean it. I gladly did so, filling my mouth with ass juice and POZ seed. He brought his palm to my lip. ‘Spit!,’ he ordered. I did, hocking the slime ball into my hand. He spread my cheeks with his free hand shoved his cummy fingers into my ass. ‘You wanted this. Don’t lie…’ I just nodded and let him force some of his cum into me. The bartender picked up his pace and drilled my boy as the fat man fingered me. I shot my load on the ground as the bartender shot his POZ cum into my boy’s guts. The bartender pulled out and pulled his jeans down, removing his jockstrap. My boy was still leaning against the wall, legs spread as far as the pants at his ankles would let him. There was a thick stream of white spooge leaking out of his ass. The bartender winked at me and tossed his jockstrap to the fat man. The man grinned at me and jammed the jockstrap into my boy’s gaping hole. ‘Get dressed, and don’t show your faces around here again.’ The bartender headed in and the potbellied stranger walked away into the darkness. We fumbled with our clothes and headed back to the hotel. Hand in hand, my boy put his head on my shoulder. I felt conflicted. I had told him to let these men bareback him without letting him know their gifted status. ‘Babe,’ I whispered. ‘Those men… They were both POZ. Are you ok with that?’ ‘They bartender told me they were both POZ while you were blowing that leather daddy in the bathroom. It is so hot that you thought I didn’t know!’ To be continued???
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    Went out with some friends last night to a local leather bar and ended up naked and bent over a pool table while three beefy Black men in leather vests and harnesses took turns breeding me. My friends watched and let yelling at them to fuck my white slut hole and some guys watching pulled out their dicks and started beating off. I’m still finding it surreal and not sure how I feel about it all . Knowing friends saw it and me moaning and groaning and begging them to fuck me while people watched is hard to grasp right now.
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    I'd been too busy to hook up for two months, but the urge was building. I spent half of last week with a dildo in my ass, hitting poppers and imagining I was getting fucked. Of course it only made me hornier. Yesterday I arranged to hook up with a hot guy. He was supposed to show at 5pm but got delayed. All right, I thought, I was all cleaned up, doing nothing but waiting. Might as well get fucked. Luckily some guy on grindr was looking for a quick anon scene. I gave him my address, and he was here in less than ten minutes. I buzzed him up while completely naked, except for a blindfold. He fucked my mouth until his cock got hard (it felt thick -- probably 7.5"?), and then pushed himself into my waiting hole. Five minutes later, I was leaking his load. Hot guy still hadn't shown up. Luckily some other guy on grindr was looking for a fuck. I gave him my address, and he, too, was here in less than ten minutes. This time it wasn't anon, which may be why the fuck was actually a lot more intense -- he was definitely smaller in the size department, but pounded me like he wanted to crush me into the bed. Also choked me with his big biceps as he was breeding me. Loved it. Hot guy still didn't show up, but I got two loads in the meantime, so I guess that wasn't so bad. Unfortunately, I was still horny the next day. I still hadn't gotten that nirvana experience -- i.e., a huge cock plowing me for a seemingly endless duration, fucking my second ring as if it were my cuntlips. So I got onto grindr again. Found a local guy with a big dick. We used condoms, and it was a good fuck, but too quick. So an hour later, I was back on grindr. This time I hit the jackpot. Young black stud. Probably 8.5" or 9", and as thick as my wrist. I was loose enough for him to slide in without any pain, but my god, the spots he hit as he entered. I was spinning with pleasure. He pounded me as only he could -- deliberately, with movements smooth as milk, knowing he was in total control, taking his time and deciding when to fuck all the way in and remind me who was my man. He came after half an hour of intense fucking, and I thought that was it -- I sucked his cock clean like a good bitch, but he was still hard. So we went at it again for another hour before I couldn't take anymore. Rarely happens that I can't handle it before the top flags. What a stud. He hit my spots good. Thank god for hung longlasting tops who know how to fuck the brains out of bottoms like me!
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    In a couple of days I was feeling better and the rash was fading, so I decided I was well enough to put a shift in at the sauna. As I was putting on my jacket, mum appeared and said "Swing by Peter's house and take him with you, Timmy" "What for?" I said. “I had a word with his mum. He needs some pocket money." She gave me a sly wink. "She reckons he's ready and Bill's happy to take him on." I was surprised. I knew Peter from college. He was a small, plump guy with short blond hair and was very shy, turning as red as a beetroot when anyone talked to him. His mum might think he was "ready" but I wondered if he knew what he was getting into. I called round and he shouted goodbye, then blushed furiously. “Hi Timmy," He said. I smiled and said. "Hi. You ready?" He nodded and we set off. "Do you know anything about this place?" He shook his head. "Only that it’s a sauna for men and might be able to help out." I smirked to myself, noting his plump arse filling his jeans and thought he would get more than he bargained for. Bill let us in. "Hi Timmy, glad you're feeling better. You must be Peter." The young man blushed and nodded, then his eyes widened like saucers as Sid wandered out from the changing room, stark naked and sporting a huge hard-on. "Who's this?” He grinned, making no attempt to hide his swollen cock. "This is Peter; he's come to help out like Timmy." Sid gave an evil grin. "Well, I look forward to it!" Then he wandered off. Bill indicated the office and said "Leave your clothes in there and Timmy will show you round." "Our..our clothes?" Asked Peter, blushing again. "Sure," Said Bill. "This is a sauna. Everyone gets naked here. I'm only wearing shorts in case the door opens. Off you go." I led Peter into the office and began to strip. He took off his tee shirt and jeans and stood in his underwear. His body was smooth and plump, and I could see his erection through his underpants. I stripped off and saw him staring at my cock. "Well?" I said." We're all men together here. Let's see it." He blushed and lowered his pants. His cock sprang up. It wasn't long, but was very fat and stubby below his soft belly. "There you go," I said. I reached for an old tube of lube, squeezed some out and rubbed it into my arsehole. I noticed him looking at the rash on my torso, but he was too polite to ask what it was. He'd soon find out! "Wh..what's that for?" He asked, indicating the lube. "C'mon. I'll show you." We went out, and Bill eyed him up and down. "Nice! There's plenty in today, Timmy. So take a bag and go empty some bins. Show Peter around." It was cute the way he placed his hands over his swollen cock. I took a bag and said "Let's go upstairs” I led the way up the narrow stairs, heading to the lounge. Inside, Sid, Arthur and a couple of other regulars were sat on sofas watching a porn movie on the TV. “Welcome back!” Said Arthur, stroking his glistening cock as he watched the screen “who’s this?” As he spoke, he took my wrist and guided me to my knees on the sofa. “ This is Peter,” I replied as he got slowly off the sofa and got behind me “ He’s come to help out..ooof! That’s good!” I gasped as his heavy cock slid easily up me. “Yeah,” He said, grunting like a pig. “I need to dump my load.” I looked across and saw Peter staring in shock as he watched me being buggered, but his cock was stiff as a poker and drooling precum as looked at Arthur’s wrinkled buttocks driving in and out. “Here it comes!” He grunted and I felt his cock swell and throb as he spurted up me. “Oh my!” I heard Peter say as Arthur pulled out and he saw a drool of cum leak from my hole. I got up as the others laughed at Peter’s face, emptied the bin and guided him back downstairs. We went into the empty changing room and I smiled at him. “You enjoyed that didn’t you? He blushed and nodded. “Yes,” he whispered. “It was very exciting.” Then he looked slyly at me “But shouldn’t you use a condom? It’s risky isn’t it? I grinned. “Yep. But it’s too late for me to worry about that! I’ve been bred by everyone here and I’m well pregnant by now.” He gasped and I saw realisation cross his face. “If you are worried about that, you’d better go. Unless you want to get knocked up. They like to bareback and breed. They’re a dirty bunch.” He didn’t say anything as we went back to the front desk. Bill was talking to one of the regulars I hadn’t seen for a while, a short, muscular guy with a pot belly and spindly legs. “Need another bag.” I said and got one from the office. “Still need to check the rooms upstairs.” “I need a coffee, first.” Said Bill. Bill took the bag and gave it to Peter. “You do it while Timmy makes the coffee,” He said. Bill smiled and winked at the muscular guy. Peter looked nervous, then blushed and his hand shook as he took the bag. “Go on,” said Bill. “It’s your turn now.” Not meeting my eyes, Peter turned and went upstairs. The muscular guy watched Peter’s ample bottom as he went, and licked his lips. For the first time, I noticed the biohazard tattoo on his hip. “Think I’ll go and watch some TV!” He said and sauntered off upstairs. Bill smiled at me. “Give it 10 minutes, then go check on him.” He said. “But I bet they’ll have got up him in 5!” I made Bill’s coffee. He was on the phone, so I decided to go upstairs. There was no sign of Peter, but there was a powerful smell of poppers. Sid and Arthur came out of the TV room with Peter between them. His face was flushed and he was breathing heavily and his eyes were closed. “Come and have a lie down.” Arthur said. “Bill won’t mind.” He winked at me. “He’s a bit poppered up!” They disappeared into the sling room, followed by the muscular guy and the rest of the trolls from the TV room. I followed, and watched as they got him into the sling. Arthur pressed a brown bottle under his nose. He gasped, shuddered and sagged into the leather seat as Sid and the muscular gut raised his legs and put his feet into the stirrups. “There you go. Just relax. We’ve got a gift for you.” Said the muscular guy in a hoarse whisper. I leant against the door and watched as Peter was trussed up and readied for action. The muscular guy tore open a sachet of lube and rubbed it into Peter’s arsehole, making him gasp as his finger ploughed up him “Tight!” He laughed, rubbing his erect cock which was red and inflamed with a distinct sore glistening wetly on the fat head. Then he got between Peter’s legs and I craned forward to watch him begin to slide his cock into my friend’s hole. “Oooh! It’s too big!” Peter gasped as the diseased head began to open him up, but Arthur clamped the bottle to his nostrils and as he sniffed the man drove his cock up him in one smooth movement until he was balls deep. “OH!” I heard Peter gasp, and then the man began to thrust slowly, even gently in and out until Peter sagged in surrender. “There you go!” He whispered. “What your hole is for, you slut” He began to thrust harder as the others urged him on. “I’m going to cum!” He grunted. Arthur bent forward and kissed Peter and held him tight as the man thrust and thrust then shuddered and gasped as he orgasmed. I watched his shuddering body and felt my cock grow hard as I saw Peter being filled with dirty cum. “That’s better!” He said, and stood back. I watched his cock flop out of Peter’s dark, lubricated slit. “Who’s next?” He whispered. Arthur didn’t need an invitation. He scuttled round the sling on his old legs, his cock grasped in his wrinkled fist and got between Peter’s plump thighs. Peter gasped as Arthur entered him, his slack buttocks rippling as he began to fuck. “Gor! Nice!” He gasped. “Gonna knock him up good.” It didn’t take long for him to cum. As he stood back, there was a scramble for access and then an old, fat man with blotches on his fat thighs got into position and slid his cock home with a satisfied sigh. I left them to it. Emptying the rest of the bins as I heard Peter groaning as the group took their turn. I went downstairs and Bill looked up “Well?” He said. “You were right – only took five minutes!” “Great.” He replied, pulling me behind the counter and dropping his shorts. His hips and thighs were covered in a nasty rash “Your fault.” He said with a grin then bent me over the counter and began to fuck me as he whispered filth in my ear…
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    After I had left the dance club, and I was horny, and while I knew I was going to get off, I didn’t know how or where. The dance club my friends and I had gone to shares a parking lot with the big gay gym, a sex clubs, Adult toy and video store/arcade, a gay strip club and a leather/uniform club. Finding gay men wasn’t the problem. I had on some sexy jeans, biker boots and a black leather belt, but my shirt had fallen out of my pocket and was drenched in bar funk. I put the shirt on and walked into the adult toy and video store and was looking for a plain T-shirt or something. I checked out a display of rubber gear -- tank tops, shirts, shorts, pants, chaps, and jockstraps, and one of the salesmen asked if I needed help. He was a sexy muscle cub in work boots and jeans and he turned his nose and said “Dude, you gotta throw that shirt away – it smells, and not like hot man funk!” In the light I could see all sorts of stains and it did smell! I tossed the shirt aside, and shopped shirtless. I saw some of the other customers checking the scene out. He went through the rack and found a black sleeveless V neck rubber shirt that looked way too small. The cub and I struggled to get me into it. The shirt was tight and showed every bump and curve, but it was sexy. When I said I would take it he asked if I needed anything else. I grabbed some lube, a cock ring. He came up and asked if I was going to a party, hooking up or one of the clubs? I decided the spot to hit that night was the sex club. He reminded me that it was gear night, so I would have to get down to my underwear…and I was commando. The cub chuckled and handed me a black rubber jockstrap, and two rubber arm bands for my biceps. I paid for it all, put it on in the dressing room, and bolted out the door. The rubber jock rubbed against my jeans and felt strange. I felt sexy and was even hornier than before, and jogged to the club. I got checked out in line by some of the guys before and after me, and I was getting hard. There was a sexy couple from my gym behind me, and they were openly checking me out, rubbing their bulging jeans and whispering to each other. I paid my entry and the clerk gave me a bag for my clothes, and I went to change. It took a minute to get boots and the rest off, and back on, but when done, I looked pretty hot. My stiffening cock protruded in the jock, my chest, abs and back rippled under the muscle shirt, and my ass was open in the jock. I put my claim ticket and favors in my boot and took my first lap around. I saw familiar faces, a few casual friends, but a lot of guys I didn’t know. The place was busy! Twinks, frat boys, muscle studs, black, Latino, asian and white. Everyone was in briefs, jock straps, thongs, or a few were in bad boxers. I went to the video room first, and stood against the wall and watched. I had an older guy come over and start rubbing my bulge. I wasn’t attracted to him, but let him get me harder. I thanked him, and he slapped my ass which felt so good. I went to the row booths with the glory holes to lube my hole up, and was immediately offered a mouth for my cock. I let the willing sucker lick my rubber jock and he was moaning so loud! I pulled my cock out and he swallowed me in one gulp. While I was getting serviced at one hole, another guy reached in and was massaging my ass. His fingers played with my hole and he pulled my hole to his mouth. He rimmed me for all I was worth. I dropped to my knees and a nice sized cut 7 inch cock came through the hole. I sucked on it, and took the elbow grease and lubed up my hole. He started to buck and shot into my mouth! He was swearing – I guess he came too quickly and he bolted. I waited for some new neighbors, but it was kinda quiet there, so I bolted for the dark room! My cock was hard, my ass was licked and lubed, and I wanted to play. As I walked toward the room, I could hear some guys moaning and slapping of skin on skin! I noticed the cute muscle gym couple were ahead of me and heading in the same direction. They both had on sneakers, an Andrew Christian Electric Air Jock w/ Show-It Tech in bright blue and neon trim, and baseball caps. One had the cap on straight and his hand was on the shoulder of the other, who wore his cap backward. They were both really cute and definitely had a wild side. One was taller, black hair, greying temples, cleft chin, and deep dark eyes. The smaller of the two was very fair – a ginger – and a bit more slight of frame. The ginger’s backward cap told me he was in the mood to suck cock! They stopped before entering the play room and spoke to each other, when I passed to get in the room, I ran my hand down their smooth and rippling chests and abs, and lingered on their bulges. I walked into the dark room and took a second for my eyes to adjust. When they did I was in the middle of the room. The sling was occupied. There were 20+ guys on their knees, bent over railings and benches, circle jerking, sucking, and some empty BDSM equipment like a St. Andrews Cross and cage! Immediately a guy came up and started rubbing my straining cock. I reached for his. He had an 8 inch uncut thick cock and I dropped and started sucking him. Others came around and circled me, so I went from cock to cock around the circle for a bit, and I heard the 8 incher start to huff and puff. I swallowed his cock to the root as he unloaded into my mouth. I stopped servicing the others because I didn’t want a cum shower -- yet! I stood back against the wall and my sexy Andrew Christian Jock Strap Couple (Barry and Michael) came in. It took a minute for them to get their bearings, but they were immediately groped by unknown men. Barry, the taller guy, spread his feet to shoulder’s width, and reached for the ceiling. There were men’s hands, mouths, and dripping cocks all over him. Michael, was on his knees rimming Barry’s ass! I liked this scene. A guy pulled out Barry’s cock and sucked on it good and hard. Barry grabbed Michael’s head and pushed it into his hole and the guy sucking his dick onto his cock for a good while and I thought he was going to cum, but Michael, stood and pulled them away. Michael, whispered in Barry’s ear and they left the room! DAMMIT Where were they going! They walked past me and as he went by Barry pinched my nipple! I followed them toward the canteen, but lost them. I stood against the wall outside a play room that had glory holes encircling it. I saw some sexy guys heading to the booths and I went into the room. There was a fuck bench in the middle and 3 glory holes. I stood in the middle of the room and rubbed on my rubber covered cock. Immediately a cock came through. I was on my knees and sucked. Then a second cock came through a different hole, so I sucked that, and then I saw some light and when I bent down to look in the hole I realized it was Barry and Michael in the third booth! Michael was on his knees and grabbed my head and pulled me to kiss him. He french-kissed me so deeply! I could taste the cum he had swallowed, and he could taste my cum souvenir! I stood, pulled my jock down and Michael’s face came through the hole to start sucking my cock. I noticed the other cocks in the glory holes were aching so I reached and tried to hand job them, but also focused on the talented tongue swirling around my cock! I also felt hands tracing my arms to my back to my ass very gently. I was then kissed behind my neck and felt the weight of some guy. When I looked back it was Barry! He had come around and was touching me all over. He started kissing me over my right shoulder as he rubbed his cock against my ass! He whispered that he was gonna fuck me while Michael services me through the hole. And I breathed “FUCK YEAH!” I grabbed some elbow grease and pulled his jock down releasing his beautiful 7+ inch cut cock. He said he and Michael play raw and I said “skin all in!” He started kissing me as I lubed up his cock and he entered me. Slowly, and steady! I was ready for cock, and Michael was working my cock through the hole! Barry pushed my hips against the glory hole, pushed his bare cock in, balls deep and leaned back with his hands on my shoulders… It looked hot and we started to get an audience. Some guy kept pinching my nipples and even though I pushed his hand away, kept at it. Barry had hands all over him too, so he pulled out and grabbed the back of my jock and pulled me to Michaels room! When we got there, the door was open and there was a sexy frat boy massaging Michael’s ass as he bent over sucking a new cock through the glory hole. The young guy, Steve, had on a red mesh N2N jockstrap and Boots was really hard. He asked Barry if he could fuck his boyfriend, and Barry grabbed the guy’s cock and helped guide him to Michael’s hole. He shoved the cock into Michael’s ass still covered in the mesh jock! He pushed me over and I was facing the glory hole next to Michael. Barry plowed in me. He told Michael and me to suck those cocks that came through those glory holes, and we did! The frat boy and Barry were kissing while fucking Michael and me, and I loved it, but the frat boy wanted my ass too! He pulled out of Michael, came to my face and kissed me and asked if he could fuck me. He said he was getting close and I begged him to fuck til he bred me. Steve, pulled down his jock, glopped on some lube and entered me. He was fucking me hard with his thighs slapping against my hamstrings. Michael and Barry were talking and leaned over and spoke to Steve. He stopped fucking me and pulled out so I stood and they said we were going to their place. We all checked out, got dressed, exchanged numbers and addresses, and caravanned to Barry and Michael’s home. What a place that was. It was only a 15 minute drive from the club, and as soon as we got there we went downstairs into a finished basement/office. Michael pulled out some Powerade, party favors, some snacks and towels. Barry worked for a few minutes turning on the electronics – music, lighting, porn on the TV, computers up and online, and the play room was stocked with a sling, fuck benches, lube and toys! Steve and I undressed and put our respective things in a bin, and then started to get revved up again with some favors of our own and supplied by our hosts! Barry ushered us into the play room and pointed out where the cameras were so that if we didn’t want our faces shown as we cam2cam/recorded, to face away. HOT! Barry immediately posted on barebackrt.com and dudesnude that we were inviting hot guys to reach out. We agreed, PNP, BB, no drama, videos and pics are going to be taken! We had a couple reach out and we agreed to invite them over. As we were rejuvenating, chatting and beginning to play the couple arrived. They were both in their 20’s, a couple that liked an open relationship, and had a jock gear/spandex fetish! They both had jeans & T-shirts on when they walked in, but were immediately stripping and showed a sheer wrestling singlet and the other had on N2N running tights and a cock ring! Their sexy gear turned us all on, and we wanted to join them in spandex. Barry and Michael pulled out their collection, and I had a few bikinis and thongs in my gym bag in the car, so we all geared up, turned on the web cam and started performing on Skype. I was feeling kind of high, my cock was growing, and I wanted to play. I dug through Barry and Michael’s gear collection and found an orange FT Grunge Amour Jock and I liked how it looked with my rubber armbands! The two young guys were named Mark and Pete! They came over to me. Mark grabbed my head and kissed me, while Pete explored my body with his mouth and hands. I felt him chomp down on my nips, to then realize he had snake bite suction cups! Barry came over and tied my wrists to some straps suspended from the ceiling. He kissed Mark and pushed him down to kneel in front of me. Mark pulled out my cock and was joined by Michael. I saw Barry and Pete talking and looking at a monitor, then thy adjusted the lights… I forgot we were camming for everyone on skype. Pete grabbed Mark and Michael off my cock and started slapping their hard cocks with his hand. He had Mark rim Michael while Michael was sucking his cock. ALL going on in front of me, but I was still tied up. Only in rubber arm bands and a cock ring! Barry grabbed a riding crop and smacked the yellow suction cups on my engorging nipples. He had requests from online viewers to suck me. Have me suck him. Us to fuck. So Barry turned me around and had my back facing the camera. He had me spread my legs and got out the elbow grease. Barry started rimming me up and I was really being vocal. Telling him I wanted him in me first. That I only want his bare cock. He started spanking my ass and then, he pushed into me. He fucked me good and hard – long deep slow strokes! Mark had come over and pulled the cups off my rock hard nips and licked… nipples, to abs, to navel, to cock to Barry’s cock going in and out of my ass. Steve had disappeared for a bit while he watched the action on the monitor. He came in and grabbed a bench and put it under the sling. He pulled Mark and Pete to the sling and pushed Mark onto it and adjusted his feet in the stirrups. He ensured that the camera could see the play as he and Pete rimmed Mark and lubed him up. Pete slid onto the bench under the sling and entered his boyfriend in one push. Steve got really hard and after Pete was in, he made his entry. Michael was fucking Mark’s face while he rode two cocks in the sling. Barry left me tied up, and played with my nipples, and cock and got me super hard. I was shocked when he turned around and guided my cock into his hole! He bent over at the waist and started bobbing on my cock. I tried to push into him, but he was fucking himself on my cock…not me fucking him. Out of no where, I felt my cock stiffen as waves of pleasure rolled over me. Barry rode me harder and harder until I started cumming in him, while I moaned and gasped. Michael, came over and licked the spot where my cock was entering his ass. As I came he licked my cum from his partner’s hole. Barry, jumped off my cock and came around and pushed into me furiously and he started cumming too. When he was done, Michael ate his cum from my ass, and Barry kissed me. The other three guys played for a while more, then they took a break. I was untied, and we stopped to watch the video and chat online. Steve bolted because of work the next day, but Pete and Michael hung out. We prepped for round three by recruiting more guys from BBRT to come over. We had around three more rounds before calling it quits and heading home.
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    As I write this with a 2 inch butt plug in my hole trying to figure out how this story goes it makes you thing. Every time I get up it feels like the plug is going to fall out so I have clinch my sphincter tight, have I've become that much of a slut? Mr. Benson is a very powerful person as does some shady things to keep his power and gain more power. In the time I have been here I have learn never to cross Mr. Benson as he loves to torture his boys. Do you know what's to be chastity for months and getting fuck with no way to releases your load, to watch hot porn 12 hours a day. There is this politician who wants to pass laws against people who are Gay and one of Mr. Benson friends is asking for help. Mr. Benson does an investigation into this person and finds that when he is out of town he cruses some clubs that cater to the rough crowd. Mr. Benson sends me on a missing to get him to come to my hotel room that will be set up with cameras. I get to this place and it is rough as they floor is slippery with cum and lube, the men are in leather the slings are full with asses getting fisted and cans of Crisco are on the shelves. I see the one who I to lure to the hotel and his eyes hit me as he likes them like me. Fem, skinny and hung, I'm in a tight jock strap and getting hit on as I make my way over to him, he is dressed in full leather. He grabs my nipple as twist it and says what's a young faggot like you doing in a place like this. I say looking for a daddy you fuck my brains out, he laughs as I say to him I have some parTy supplies back at my place. He winks and ask how hard do I party, as I say just T & G, he says let's go. I grab my overcoat as that is all I brought he wants to go in the back way so he can't be seen, that's not a problem as the room has plenty of cameras in the room. Once inside in the room I break out the supplies and I take a slam and some G as he is undressing and I see his 6 inch dick and I say to my self this is nothing to take. I start to suck his dick and he is rock hard and wants to slap me around, so he pulls out some rope and ties me up and uses his hand on my ass checks. He starts to fuck me and I say to him how big he is, please don't hurt me. Little does he know I'm so bored from this and as he blows his load in me he collapse on top of me, he is breathing heavy so I tell him there is water in the refrigerator, little does he know they are all spiked and after a few hits he is on the ground. Mr. Benson comes in with his 2 assistants as they have been watching in the room next door. Mr. Benson says now it time for the real show as he unties me and gives me a big hug. They wake his up but he is still in a haze, as they give him a syringe then say this will straighten you right out. Some how he finds a vein when the rush hits he is coughing his brains out. Over the next 2 days the 4 of us who are all POZ left him in the hotel with his ass full of Grade A Toxic Cum. After we left Mr. Benson called the police as they found him with T & G in the room so he was arrested. We look at the film as we see he was begging for our toxic cum and for us to wreck his hole as Mr. Benson fisted his a few times, I even put my fist in him and you have no idea how warm a hole feels. With his political career over and in a few weeks becoming POZ I think Mr. Benson did the right thing.
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    Mr. Benson is into wrecking people lives, their hopes , their health and their careers for his own twisted mind. Some it's for revenge others it's for money and some it's because he wants to. Brad is 19 and a freshman in college with high hopes from his father. Brad father is one of those who has planned Brads life even the girl he is too marry and have children with. Mr. Benson has seen Brad going into Mens book stores not doing anything but looking, so Mr. Benson see Brad as a prospect to show his what he really is. I'm to find away to get close to Brad but I'm not to have sex with him but can suck his dick or he can suck mine as his virgin hole he has other plans for. Mr. Benson gave me Brads schedule and he is like clock work get up at this time, go to this place for a coffee and he is always on time like clock work. Friday nights when everyone is trying to get laid Brad takes a bus to the mens book store and looks around but never does anything. This Friday night is different as its the start of spring break so for the next 2 weeks there is no classes. I see Brad leave the book store around 9pm and go to the juice bar, it's packed and Brad is sitting by him self, so I ask if I can sit-down and he says sure. We do some small talk and I see Brad is eyeing me as the tee shirt I'm wearing is very tight and my nipples are rock hard and sticking out, my jeans are low riders so the crack on my ass is showing when I get up to get Brad a new drink. What Brad does not know is yes, I buying him a drink but what I'm putting inside the drink will set the wheels in motion to wreck his life for ever and make Mr. Benson very happy. After a few minutes this new drug Mr. Benson gave me to put in his drink starts to work. This new drug is like GHB but with out the metallic taste. As he gets up I say to his Brad you need some air, so I take him out side and around the corner where the van with Mr. Benson two assistants are waiting. Brad does not put up a fight but goes in willing. We ride for one hour before we get to this bathhouse. The easiest way to describe this place it's a biker bar bathhouse as the men here would scare the hell out of Hell Angels. Its just Brad and me that are not covered in Tattoos, body piercings or leather. At the door I help Brad in as he is very easy to control, the manager looks at me then says is this the virgin, I say yes as I'm a slut whore. The manager ask if I'm POZ and say yes are you on meds I say NO, and he ask if I want to be recharged and say why not. Brad is taken into the back as I watch they them cut off his clothes put cuffs on his wrist and ankles. I see one taking a syringe as putting into his ass, as they are doing that Brad says that hurts they laugh and say my pinky is bigger than this. They take magic marker and write on his chest and back NEGATIVE VIRGIN I follow them around as Brad is paraded around the bathhouse, they put on me POZ wants to be recharged. OK I have seen a few things but this place has to be the one for the books as the floor is sticky with cum and old lube there are crosses on the wall fuck benches and slings, used syringes all over the place with a few private rooms. They are putting up for bid for his virginity with the money going to buy more drugs. The bidding is going fast and the one who had the winning big is the local drug dealer, his has to be over 6ft, 6 over 300 lbs. with a dick like my forearm. As soon as he is declared the winner he takes Brad into one of the private's rooms and before he enters Brad is given a slam. The drug dealer yells out. THE BRIDE WON'T BE A VIRGIN LONG AND YOU CAN ALL HAVE BLOODY SECONDS. The room is dead quiet as everyone is waiting for the second Brad starts screaming for his life and when we hear him screaming we are all cheering. The dealer fuck Brad for close to one hour and towards the end Brad is not screaming but is moaning. The dealer comes out sweating and you can see the blood on his dick and says the bitch won't clean my dick off, right then about 6 of us we fight to clean his dick off as it's virgin blood and POZ cum. Brad is taken to the cross and they tie him up and tell his he has to be punished for not cleaning off the dick that just gave him his first Toxic load. They warm him up with floggers before they start to whip him I can see these Men really know how to work as Brad back has many welts and red stripes. My arm is grab and with a rope only upper arm I feel a prick and that familiar feeling of a nice slam of high quality Tina running through my body. He pushes my on to a fuck bench and the feeling of his PA rubbing up and down my hole is like heaven, his dick pushes in as he says I have a real man cunt here and starts to fuck me as hard as he can. To be continue
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    I walked into the bar. It wasn't packed. Mostly guys in their 30's and 40's. Depeche mode on the speakers. I was initially really disappointed in the vibe, but got over it fast. I was kind of into guys that age it turned out. Most of them were really hot. And I was glad I hadn't walked into some bumping dance craze. I didn't know what I was doing in a gay bar, and I figured a more low key setting was probably the place to start. I sat down at the bar and immediately felt eyes on me. Lots of them. I ordered a gin and tonic. It felt good to order a drink openly. The drinking age was lower in England than in the States. I'd never been able to do that before! The bartender gave me a wink and poured me a double. "On the house," he said. I wondered if he could tell how uncomfortable he was. In reality, the bartender just knew what a hot, tight boy like me was going to do for business that night. And sure enough, drinks started flying my way. Half the guys in the bar were sending booze over to me. I settled in, talked to a few guys, and started to get drunk. I looked around the bar. It was really pretty run down. It was kind of a dingy spot. If i'd known, I probably would have picked somewhere else. A hot guy introduced himself to me as John and sat down next to me. Before I knew it we were talking easily. He was charming, and he brought out something in my I hadn't experienced before. I was flirty. He had chiseled abs and a tight shirt that showed his physique. He had some stubble, but was pretty clean cut. Short hair. Very sexy. Kind of nerdy. Just my type. We talked for a while and he put a hand on my leg. It was like electricity flowing through me. I'd never felt anything like that before. He rubbed my crotch and a bulge started to form. He smiled. He liked that. And so did I. Suddenly, I heard the door open and turned to look. What the actual FUCK? It was my dad. What the fuck was he doing here? So may questions all at once... was he gay? Did he even know this was a gay bar? If not, why did he lie to me about having to go to Scotland for work? What was going to happen when he saw me? What the fuck?? Without saying a word, I broke away from John and slipped into the bathroom. He threw up his hands and gave me a look like 'what the fuck you pussy?' but it didn't matter. I had to get out of there before my dad saw me. I closed the bathroom door behind me. I thought I'd gotten away unnoticed. I looked around for a window to climb out for my escape. It was a big bathroom with a few stalls and a long trough urinal around 15 feet long. There wasn't a lock on the inside of the main door. And there were no windows. I was trapped. I started running through my options. As I looked around, the door flung open and John walked into the bathroom. And he looked pissed. (to be continued)
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    Justin walked up to the block and saw a construction worker get out of his car and head in and as he was walking toward the door a College Jock walking toward him and hopped he was also going to come in. Justin ducked in and tried to get his bearing, the construction guy had gotten change and he was heading toward the back and the Jock entered and went up to the counter and got change , He headed for the counter and put a 20 down and asked for change. The guy gave him three fives and five ones. He quickly headed to the back hoping those two did not get together. He rushed back with his fund just in time to see the jock close a booth and Justin Quickly tried to open the booth beside where he entered and it was lock,! Fuck he thought, then he went to the one on the left of the Jock and it was open and he was please, excited and so ready as he saw a glory hole in the booth between them, He quickly entered, fed five dollars in and sat there not even not even noticing the other wall had a hole. He had watched enough porn videos to know that he needed to rub his finger at the hole and he did and then withdrew it. Nothing happened so he did it again and looked into the hole, damn this dude had a most beautiful thick uncut dick. He was holding it by the foreskin and jacking it and rubbing the foreskin back and forth. Justin stuck his tongue out and rubbed his finger on the hole again. Justin looked at the porn playing and some young girl all of 18 or so was being double vaginally fucked and although he never could watch straight porn that was hot as fuck. Justin was watching the porn and out of the corner of his eye he could tell the Jock was getting up and he turned and watched as this really thick cummy foreskin slide through the hole, He put out his tongue and licked the cum off the foreskin and took it in his mouth and sucked it like a straw sucking up all the pre-cum trapped in there. Justin sucked the skin and head and the pushed back his foreskin and licked the head and sucked it clean before pulled the skin back up and then slowly opening his mouth and going down full length on that beautiful damn dick. The guy pressed further into Justin;s neck and then slowly started to fuck his throat. Justin tried everything to stay there and take the thick dick deep in his throat but he had to pull off and take a breath after he coughed. The guy on the other side did not say a work but left his thick meat there bouncing as he pulsed his dick and Justin quickly went back down in the dick sucking and swallowing it inch by inch. This went on for five to eight minutes and then the guy pulled his dick back through the hole, Justin was so hungry and the jock bend down and whispered, show me your ass. Justin popped up and slipped down his shorts revealing is hot little ass and he backed it up to the hole and spread his checks, the guy got down and spit on his hole three times and then stood up and rubbed his thick dick on it and slowly slide in. Justin forgot the poppers and in his head he though his hole should have opened but for some reason he was tight as this thick uncut cock pressed slowly but deeply into him. It was then that Justin realized there was a Glory Hole right in front of him as a guy put his arm through and fed Justin poppers. The guy on the other felt the hole relax and started fucking Justin like a bitch, long dicking him over and over, all the way out and shove it back and after five minutes of this he shoved it deep and cu in Justin's ass. All he said was Fuck. then he slowly pulled his dick out of Justin;s hole and pulled his pants after tucking his dick in his underwear and Justin heard the door open. He started to stand upright and that is when the other guy stuck his dick through the hole, the guy was Latin, This hot uncut Latin dick pulsed and bounced and Justin went to suck it for a little while and then he pulled out and said, your ass boy. Justin obeyed and got up and backed his hole against the hole and the Latin guy started to eat Justin's cummy hole. Justin could feel the Latin guy sucking his hole and feltching cum out of his ass and then with little warning he stood up and shoved his dick in Justin and shot his load. Justin heard the door open and then close and lock. He should have moved to see who it was but he didn't He felt a finger touch his wet cummy hole. Justin did not move as his pucker started to open and the guys slide a finger in. The guy slide another finger in and then withdrew them and he felt the guy work something in his hole and then the head of the guys dick. Justin moaned as the guy slide his dick slowly inside. Justin backed up as hard as he could while the long dick invaded his hole. The guy felt amazing till he got to the second ring and Justin felt a sharp pain and this went on for five minutes and then the guy moaned really load and shot his load deep in Justin. Justin stood up as soon as the guy pulled and and bent down to see who it was and it was the construction worker. He whispered by here at five tonight and make sure you have cum in your ass by then. I gotta get in that second ring later. Then he buttoned up and walked out. Justin was still horny as fuck and his hole had three loads in it. He sat down on the bench and rubbed his jock waiting for more dick,
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    Justin woke up the next morning and he was sore but still horny. He must have only slept a few hours. He looked at his Laptop and there was a note taped on it. Boy, go pull the butt plug out of your hole in the shower and clean up and once you are slide these two little favors up your cummy hole. You should call in today and check your phone, BBRT and you have a new twitter account, Anoncumdump25. You have massages there and check your phone you little whore but take your two bumps first. You will need it, I placed a couple drinks in the fridge and only drink one, I will send you a text when you are to drink the other and where I hid the other rocks. Justin was confused, aroused and a bit unnerved. Fuck he thought, who was here while I was sleeping. The note had just an initial, the letter D. Dan, I think the one guys name was Dan. He must have left it, he remembered he never got up and locked the door after the straight guy left. Justin got up and took a shower and worked the butt plug out of his ass which was tight again. Fuck that hurt coming out, how the fuck did they get that in me. He felt his hole it was so wet with cum. He showered and then sat on the toilet and his hole exploded with cum and a solid movement out of his ass. It smelled like a cum factory. He sat there and though fuck I really should not do this again, it was so hot but I really don't know anything about the guys who came inside me. His heart start pumping and he got up and showered again cleaning his hole and then cleaning out three times. Okay he thought, I am going to delete BBRT, toss the rocks and sleet little more and then go to the gym. He slipped on some shorts and a tshirt and went to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator and there were several orange drinks. Two were off the side marked 1 and 2. He went to grab one of the others and he opened it and drank it down. It tasted funny but his taste buds had been a bit off since eating out that straight guy. He went to look for his phone, and he finally found it under his bed. It must have fallen under there after he called off to work. It was dead. He laid it on the charger and sat down the the computer. He anxiety calmed as he finished his drink and after it was empty he could see it had a number 3 on it. shit he thought, okay not to worry, is is making me feel better anyway he thought. He still felt off but tried to shake it off. He opened BBRT and he had 55 messages. Holy fuck is all he could say under his breath and he opened the first email. The first email was from the Str8 guy he saved the email from last night, he read. Thanks for your email boy, I already know you love to eat straight man ass and you have one of the hottest throats in town. Set you watch, I will be at your place tonight at Midnight after my shift and will need you to eat my hole just like you did last night. Fuck I love little hungry faggots they will do anything a Straight man wants! Justin, involuntarily licked his lips and stuck his tongue out like he was eating ass. He emailed the guy back and said I will be ready for you, how do you want me? He sent the email and opened the next one., it was one he did not have to spend some time and he did not even read it all. They guy was 70 years old and poz. Delete and then to the next one. The next email was from this skinny guy with the hugest dick hanging between his legs,he email read. Thank you for hitting me up on twitter. I generally fuck pussy but every so often a young boy ass is what I need. You have convinced me that you can take big things up your hole. I am pressed and ready to destroy that boy cunt. I will be town on Sunday! You need to be at my hotel at 9 PM. I need confirmation by midnight or I will book a whore and pay for a whore to use! Justin's dick started to get hard but not fully still and he looked at the two rocks. It had been an hour and he slide his finger in his hole and felt his loose hole and thought fuck it. He grabbed some lube and lubed up and then took the two rocks one at a time and slide them in his ass. It hurt but within a minute he was felling hot and horny as fuck. His hole was tingling and his mouth started to water looking at this big dick, another straight guy. Fuck! He sent an email back to the huge dick guy and simply said. I will be there, please send me the hotel and the room number when you get it. I will do anything you want to get that big straight cock inside me. Justin and hit send. He opened then next one, another huge cock. This guy must have been midleastern, latin or light skinned black in his first picture. The thing was so thick. It was bigger than a beer can around. I have received your personal invite and I agree to fuck you. I will be there. Justin though, damn he may have the wrong guy but I would love to take it but he read further and the guy sounded rough and really nasty. He talked about hate fucking boy holes. Justin was horny and aroused but closed and saved the email without hitting him back. The next email was a black guy and he said, thanks for the invite to your party. Three BBC buddies and I are coming to your party. You are gonna be destroyed. Love young White pussy boys. Justin always loved seeing bbc fucking white boys in movies and he rubbed his little dick and balls and thought. These guys think there is a party and fuck I wish I was the bottom at that party. He saved and closed the email. In total 40 guys said they would be attending the party, five he deleted from guys wanting to fuck him and the other 6 he saved they were big dicked poz guys who wanted to fuck his neg ass. It was hot to look at their pics but it was get off material as far as Justin was concerned. He closed the app and decided he was really horny. He lived a few blocks away from a bookstore that he had never been to but heard about, It was close to the University and in a pretty industrial area. He decided he should go check it out. He slipped on a jock and then put his shorts back on and a tshirt and sunglasses, ball cap and his sneaks and headed out the door. Phone in hand and some cash for the booth and headed there not knowing what exactly to expect. He had heard they had glory holes, he had only seen videos of guys getting sucked off and it was hot as fuck.
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    Justin, rubbed and jacked his dick and it would not get hard but he did get it to chub up and it felt so amazing. He rubbed his body and nipples and wished the Str8 guy was still there touching him, tweaking his nipples, sucking and biting them. He jacked off for ten minutes, the guy was fucking him now in his mind and the moment he imagined this big dick inside him and the guy so close to cumming the straight guy bent down and made out with him while his dick pulsed and he came inside Justin in his fantasy, Justin's balls tightened, began to tingle and he came so hard! Fuck he thought, I never came like that before and I am not even hard. He tried to rest there with the butt plug still in but could not, he got up and signed on to BBRT 25 emails. Fuck he had never been that popular. The screen was really bright and with the light on the desk on it was too bright. He turned the light off and opened the first email it was from a older guy 55 6'2 165 and he was holding a 10.5 inch dick. Justin licked his lips. He read the profile, " Looking for young dudes under 30 who love big uncut dick. Daddy only wants your holes. Not looking to date or fall in love just want some good quality clean hole to fuck. You got that boy? Need daddies big dick? I see you are neg. Daddy loves Neg hole. I will be in a hotel downtown next week Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night. Send me an email agreeing to give yourself to me now!" Justin went back and looked at this guys profile and he was into fisting, dp and wrecking young hole but the thing that stood out was that he was POZ and it said he was Detectable. Justin kept rolling his hand on his balls and then to his tina dick that was leaking. Justin hit to replay but then closed it and thought, maybe not. Besides he is not her till next week and he was not online at the moment. Justin did although save the email. He made note the guys email was 10fivethick He opened the next one and deleted it quickly, it was from a fat guy that was really out of shape and not his thing, the one under it was a young guy who wanted Justin to fuck him. He still had on his file that he was Vers. He looked and he now had 29 emails, fuck more came in. He opened the next one, and it was from a really good looking guy. Hey dude I am a young straight guy who likes fucking throat and having my ass eaten. Hit me back if you get turned on by servicing straight guys! He read the file and it said he was neg and ddf. Justin hit him back and said he loves sucking and servicing straight dudes. Hit me back I can host. He opened the next three and they were all Poz looking for neg hole. The first guy made Justin Pause, muscled and tatted and a thick 8" dick rock hard in his pic, Wow, fuck he is hot, he closed it and saved the meal of the first and third and deleted the second. The third guy was young it said he was 23 but he looked 18 with a 9" dick curved to the right and his file said he only fucked neg guys who were not on PreP. Fuck that is sick, he thought that but kept rubbing his balls and dick as he looked at the kids big dick, one shot he posted had a big load he shot and the other precum dripping from his dick. He finally forced himself to move to the next email. He kept going through the emails and ended up with 15 saved emails. Of the fifteen emails 11 were poz and talked about breeding and pozzing a neg ass. Justin looked back through each of them and tried to get his dick yard, it felt like it should have been hard but it wasn't. He closed it, got up n the bed and jacked his soft dick till he shot a load. He could not get a few of those big poz dicks out of his head especially the really thick tatooed muscle guy, the young dude and the old guy. He eventually shot another hard load and it felt amazing. He curled up and tried to sleep and eventually dozed off.
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    Jerry fell asleep next to Rod. He wanted to be there when that hunk woke up. But, Rod woke first and shouted, "Jerry, you did it, you got it to go down." The nailed toilet paper roll was loose. Jerry, groggily pulled it off, Rod's rod. The big dick was still the worse for wear and Rod had to piss like a race horse. He ran into the bathroom without closing the door, grabbed the measuring cup, filled it to half, and swallowed it all in Jerry's field of vision, then continued to piss for what seemed like an eternity. Jerry was amazed. It gave him more ideas. Rod presented his still large dick, just not hard to Jerry who examined it. It seemed all right except for puncture wounds and scabs. Jerry turned Rod around and said, let's check the butt out. He pulled out the plug and spooge, watery spooge flowed out. Rod said, "Oh, I feel the medication flowing out. What will we do?" Jerry was ready. He said, "I know you want to go to church. You are a little weak. I'll go with you. Get cleaned up and get dressed. I'll run home and change into church clothes." Jerry hated church. But he knew he had to make Rod owe him more and more. And he wanted to ask Rod about the piss drinking? He had plans for his own piss in Rods tummy and ass. Rod followed his routine perfectly. When Jerry came back, the two got in the car and drove to the church. Jerry got a few looks, but was welcomed home. Rod always got looks form guys and girls, and even a couple of the elders. When the service was over, Rod wanted to go to Sunday school. That was too much and Jerry said, "Rod, Bud, you know Jerry wants what's good for your soul, but your body, too. You better take it easy today. Let's get some food in you. If you want you can go back to church tonight. Will your parents be home" Rod was sure the parents would be home so Jerry had to work fast. His mind raced. When they got back to the house, Jerry said, "Rod, you drink that piss every day?" Rod was embarrassed. He hemmed and Jerry said the only thing better for the body than your own piss and someone else's piss. It has more of the things your body wants. Rod got wide eyed. He loved his piss. He needed it. "Jerry," he said, "I've got to have my piss." Jerry replied, "Of course, but you need to add someone else's at double the rate of your own." Rod thought about it. He said, "where will I get piss? I mean, you can't buy it in the store" Jerry said, "it so happens that I have to piss right now. How much of your own do you take?" Rod told him 4 ounces. Jerry responded, "Well, I'll give you eight ounces or a tad more. It should build you up fast." Rod took a little to long to think about it and Jerry had to say, "Well, if you don't want it." That pushed Rod over the edge. He took Jerry into the bathroom and handed him the measuring cup. Jerry reminded Rod it was best hot from the source. Jerry said, "Rod, I really thing you should take it right from my dick, it won't lose any potency. But if you don't want to... Rod stepped in the shower, saying what if it spills. Jerry had him strip, Jerry worked really hard, pissing and holding, pissing and holding until he had emptied his bladder. He said, "Good work, Rod. That should give you plenty of what you need. "Ah, Jerry," Rod said, "My hole feels so empty, can I have the plug back?" Jerry almost fainted from joy. He had that big jock hooked on taking things up the ass. Soon Jerry would be pissing in it, fucking it, and eventually get some other guys to do the same. But for now, bigger and bigger plus, with a large dose of T in the lube. Jerry looked in his bag, pulled out a small one and inserted it. Rod asked, "Jerry, could I please have a bigger one?" Jerry complied. Considerably bigger. Rod would soon be a cock slut. Jerry knew it even if Rod didn't. Stay tuned for more
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    Part 17 - January 2019 Second Weekend Darren came out of the tube station and Sam was standing there waiting for him, at first Sam was just watching the exit and Darren saw the smile broaden on his face. It was enough to lift Darren walking towards Sam. Darkness had already taken the daylight away and the cold drizzle did nothing to hamper Darren's excitement to be back in London and with Sam. They walked the 15 minutes in a quick pace to get out of the damp cold and in to the classy block of flats in Chelsea harbour. Sam couldn't keep his eyes of Darren or the smile off his face, he had been looking forward to the weekend and spending it with Darren. Desperately he wanted to get to know more about Darren. The lift door opened and they walked along the corridor and in to the flat. "Do you want to put your things in the bedroom?" Sam asked hanging his coat up in the closet. Darren took his coat off "Please" he replied handing his coat to Sam to hang up and looking at the bedroom doors. Sam watched and smiled "Which room do you want to put them in?" he asked sensing Darren's quandary. Darren looked at Sam and nodded to the door "Yours?" he replied making it out as if he was asking a question. Sam walked over and opened the door "I was hoping you would say that" he said following Darren in. "You don't mind me sharing with you?" Darren asked putting his bag down "I enjoyed it last time" he said. Sam studied him for a moment "I missed you not being hear" he said admitting his affection for Darren. Darren smiled trying to be cool "Yeah" he replied but Sam could see Darren was unable to hide his own emotions. Sam smiled before asking "Did you bring shorts?". Darren chuckled "No, I want to wear yours again" he replied. "Is that right?" Sam asked smiling at Darren. The way their eyes fixed on each other revealed just how much chemistry there was going on between them, both wanting to ignite it, both held back until they felt it was right. Sam cooked dinner and they spent the evening lying on the sofa getting to know the other person's body, the talk was mostly around finding somewhere for Darren to live. It was gone 11pm when they went to bed and Sam got behind Darren and spooned up next to him. Darren held Sam's hand and quickly fell in to a very happy sleep enjoying the warmth of the body next to him. Saturday they travelled around London after trawling the internet for house or flat shares but everything seemed to go so quickly. There were some available out east but Sam advised against his way and stick to the north or west of the city. By late afternoon they found themselves looking at one flat share close to Ealing Broadway, it seemed perfect but Sam was not so sure about the owner, he seemed a little creepy. They left with Sam telling him they had a couple of more flats to look at and dragged Darren out. "What's the matter with that one?" Darren asked looking at Sam walking down the road away from the place. Sam looked at Darren "Flat was okay, he was really creepy" he said looking concerned. "I can look after myself" Darren chuckled nudging against Sam. Sam half smiled "I know, but it is when you can't, you have to be really careful" he explained. Darren looked confused "What do you mean when I can't?" he asked. "He gave me the shivers" Sam said "what if he slips something in a drink and you end up helpless?" he asked. The smile faded from Darren's face "People really do that?" he asked "are you protecting me?". "Yes" Sam replied "I want to keep you safe" he said noticing the grin on Darren's face appear. Sam stopped walking "You could always use my spare bedroom until you get on your feet" he said nervously. Darren looked at Sam "No" he replied "Thank you but it would be weird" he said. Sam laughed "Seriously Darren, you can use the spare bedroom until you find your feet" he repeated. "Okay" Darren replied not wanting to argue with Sam. Darren looked around "What now then?" he asked and paused "can we go to the V&A museum?" he suggested. Sam laughed "What now?" he replied seeing Darren nod "okay" Sam said turning around with Darren following him. Sam never imagined that Darren would be interested in going to a museum. He couldn't believe how much Darren just kept surprising him, he didn't mind since he loved spending time with Darren and was hiding the fact he had fallen head over heels for him. Saturday night they headed in to the west end and watched another show that Sam had managed to get tickets for. By the end Darren was finding it hard to stay awake, he was exhausted from travelling all over the place. He dozed on the tube ride back and was glad to be back at Sam's place collapsing on the sofa. Sam sat down next to Darren and started undressing him until he only wore his underwear. Darren giggled and pulled Sam forward kissing him several times, each time he got braver with his kissing. He moaned slipping his arm around Sam finally kissing him properly, unable to keep their arms off each other they slipped off the sofa and on to the floor giggling. Sam stood and helped Darren to his feet leading him to the bedroom. Darren felt all his inhibitions falling away and knew that being with a man, this man was all he wanted right now. Sam made him happy there was no doubt about that, his hands fumbled pushing Sam's underwear down and pulling him closer wanting to feel and touch his body. Sam gently pushed Darren back on the bed admiring his naked form, his hands running up Darren's legs, along his abdomen until he gently lowered himself on top of Darren kissing him. Sam giggled feeling Darren's hands roaming down across his buttocks and squeezing them gently. He allowed Darren to lead letting him go at his own pace. He was rewarded feeling Darren getting more dominant rolling Sam on his back and slipping between Sam's legs. Darren leaned up and tentatively took Sam's cock in his hand holding it for a while now knowing what to do with it now he had it. Gently he rubbed it pulling the foreskin back to reveal the head and then pushing it back over hiding it from view again. His other hand caressed Sam's chest, his vision purely on Sam's cock admiring how hard and ample it felt in his hand. Darren looked up and saw the smile on Sam's face, his mouth slightly parted and tiny moans escaping. He touched his own cock not realising how hard it had become, the sight of Sam's beautiful body lying there was exciting him. Darren leaned forward and kissed Sam 'Can I fuck you?' he asked tenderly kissing Sam's hand that touched his face 'Yes' he replied. Sam turned over on to his stomach thinking it would be easier for Darren being his first time. Moaning in anticipation and feeling the weight of Darren's body resting on his back, he could feel the cock between his ass cheeks rubbing up and down feeling the full hardness. Sam reached over to the bedside table draw and pulled a small bottle of lube, he squeezed a bit in his hand and massaged it on to Darren's cock. Darren groaned dropping his head forward and resting it between Sam's shoulders, he could feel the slickness as he rubbed his cock again against Sam's ass. By instinct he lifted his hips and gradually felt the resistance of Sam's hole against the head of his cock, tiny pushes and nudges until he gasped feeling his cock slip inside. Sam moaned and raised his head, gently Darren pushed down more gasping and almost crying every time more of him went inside. The sensations flowing up through his body was more than he could understand, the warmth and seductiveness of Sam's body underneath him brought out a sensual side to that not even Darren knew he had. Sam moaned quietly raising his head off the bed feeling more of Darren entering him, even for him this was a new experience unlike the usual fuck and go meets this was more of a craving and a need. Letting his head fall forward back on the bed he had a smile of pure happiness on his face. His body wriggled at the unmistakable feeling of the coarse pubic hair now rubbing against his ass. Darren let out one last gasp and moan his cock now fully inside Sam up to his balls, slowly he lowered his body down until he rested lying on top of Sam's back. He daren't move for fear of ejaculating, his breathing steadied and he moved his arms up above Sam's head allowing his full body weight to rest. Sam's fingers sought his own entwinning around until they held hands, he could feel Darren's breath against his neck. Turning his head he kissed Darren's chin seeking his mouth. The kiss was sensual and slow, teasing but lovingly given until their tongues met. It was like Sam teased Darren's tongue in to his mouth sharing the first very intimate and real kiss. The sensuality drove Darren's hips gently pushing down then rising then stopping 'are you okay' Sam asked with his lips still touching Darren's 'I can't move or I will bust my load' he replied. Sam kissed him again long and hard 'just relax Darren' he said rubbing his lips over Darren's who giggled 'easy for you to say' Darren replied. He freed his right hand from Sam's and placed it around his neck feeling the need to be closer and holding him. Darren looked in to Sam's eyes 'oh fuck Sam' he said his eyes tearing up from how much he had fallen for Sam. Darren moved his hips and watched Sam's mouth parting letting out a loud moan from the sudden thrust he received from Darren. His arm released from around Sam's neck and quickly he took hold of his hand again squeezing both of them tightly he kissed Sam's neck and cheek. His cock jumping and oozing pre-cum inside Sam's ass making it slicker and enhancing the sensation that travelled down his shaft and in to his balls. He fought to hold off and stopped resting on top of Sam who groaned turning his head then kissing Darren deep. They smiled at each other and kissed, Darren held himself perfectly still knowing he would bust if he moved right now. Taking his time until he was ready he found a steady rhythm gently and slowly fucking Sam without bringing him over the edge. He loved hearing the delighted moans and gasps from Sam, listening to make sure he wasn't hurting him and wanting to treat him gentle. His body decided it needed to orgasm and suddenly without warning he leaned up still holding Sam's hands tightly he started more pronounced thrusts to Sam's delight. His pace quickened holding his cock deep in to Sam, everything felt like it had gone in slow motion. He drove his hips down pushing as deep as he could go and cried out feeling his balls tighten and throb, echoing up through his shaft he released his seed impregnating Sam. Collapsing forward on to Sam's body and holding him in place his couldn't control his hips desire to keep wanting to push down fucking to ride the orgasm out, Sam raised his head crying out 'oh god yes' his ass pushing up wanting Darren's seed inside him. Their hands red from the tightness of them holding to on to each other, Darren's moans kept coming along with ribbons of his thick cum being passed from one body to the other. Darren panted heavily his body shaking on the verge of convulsing, feeling of pleasure running ragged through every nerve. Sam laid underneath his own cock fighting against the sheet underneath him but the weight from Darren on top prevented him reaching down and beating his load out. Instead he ground his ass up enjoying the tiny pushes Darren still made, his cock still rock hard enjoying the feeling of Sam pleasuring himself against his cock. Darren kissed his neck tenderly for a few minutes then working round to Sam's mouth 'want more?' he asked rubbing his nose with Sam's. Sam smiled nodding and kissed Darren moaning this time in to his mouth with Darren immediately starting the second act pumping away at his ass. The slight sound of squelching soon disappeared as the last of Darren's first load worked deeper inside. Feeling more comfortable second time around he was learning how to control his orgasm and slowly over the next half an hour without knowing it he made love to Sam. Such tenderness between them shone in their eyes when they looked at each other, then abruptly the direction changed to a hard fucking, then switched back to tenderness and caressing. Darren felt every inch of Sam's body, wondering why he had taken so long to enjoy the male body. He couldn't explain why he was this way, all he felt was completeness. Unable to contain himself any more he moaned and pushed his body forward getting deeper in Sam. Feeling Sam's body tense from the anticipation he moaned and grunted in to Sam's mouth during their kiss, one arm around Sam's neck the other still holding hands with him he successfully delivered his second load of seed. Panting heavily Darren relaxed lying on top of Sam, his legs seem to have entwinned themselves around Sam's holding them down. Their heads laid side by side both smiling with tiny droplets of sweat. Sam pulled Darren on to his side, his cock still deep inside and showed no sign of softening, Darren wrapped his arms around the sexy muscled body kissing Sam's neck. "That was your first time?" Sam asked rubbing his fingers over Darren's hand. Darren was still in a euphoric state and mumbled before answering "Yes". "Hell, I hate to think what you are going to be like when you find your grove" Sam said chuckling. Darren squeezed Sam in his arms "I got so turned on fucking you" he said. Sam moved his hand and stroked Darren's ass "Can I date you?" he asked "you know be your boyfriend?" he said holding his breath. Darren leaned over and looked at Sam "Really?" he asked feeling jittery from nerves hearing Sam's words. "Yes" Sam replied "that is if you like me" he said. Darren smiled "Yeah, I'm glad you asked. I was too scared to ask you" he said playing with Sam's chin hair. Sam kissed him lovingly then turned the light off on the bedside lamp. Darren made no move to extract his cock, he was quite happy being inside and holding Sam in his arms. A few hours had passed when Sam woke feeling Darren stir, his cock was hard again and sensing he was awake he pushed back to be rewarded. Darren started fucking him again, he guided Darren's hand to lift his leg up slightly and hold it there. He didn't need much guidance and soon found a steady gentle deep rhythm, he loved feeling Sam's body respond each time he pushed in deep. Still horny as fuck he didn't take long to orgasm and pulling Sam back on to his cock keeping him there whilst he delivered the third load. Lowering Sam's leg his arms wrapped around his boyfriend and hugged him tight kissing the back of his neck. After several minutes Sam patted Darren's leg and pulled off his cock slipping out of bed in to the en-suite bathroom. Sitting on the toilet he let out a small fart followed by a stream of Darren's cum, Sam laughed hard to himself as he still found it funny when this happened. After all he knew he wouldn't be able to sleep properly until he had pushed it out and standing up he was surprised to see how much there was. Sam cleaned himself up and walked back in to the bedroom to find Darren laying on his back looking at him. "Is everything alright?" Darren asked looking concerned. Sam chuckled "You could have warned me you shoot big loads" he said jumping back in to bed. Darren laughed pulling Sam on top of him and wrapping his arms around him "Kiss me" he said. Sam smiled and obliged kissing Darren and for once enjoying the feeling of being on top of him instead of the other way round. Sam slipped on to his side and cuddled up to Darren, their hands touching each other falling asleep. Sam woke just after 10am and slipped out of bed to make coffee and returned placing the mug down by Darren who was now awake. It suddenly dawned on Sam what they had spoken about the previous evening and he sat on the side of the bed. "This whole thing just got crazy" Sam finally said turning his head to look at Darren. Darren sat up unable to look at Sam "You and me?" he finally asked breaking the silence. Sam nodded "I don't know what has happened" he said "is it going too quick for you?" he asked. Darren touched Sam's shoulder "I can leave it you want me to" he said with a tinge of sadness. Sam looked over his shoulder "No" he said abruptly then paused "I am in love with you". There was silence in the room for a moment until Darren spoke "No one has ever said that to me" he said. Sam watched a tear run down Darren's face "I'm sorry" Sam said hugging Darren. Darren held Sam tight in his arms "You have no idea how long I wanted someone to say that to me" he said. "I am so happy it has come from you" Darren said sniffing trying not to breakdown completely. Sam pulled Darren down and laid facing him on the bed "Promise you won't run away?" Sam asked. Darren kissed Sam "Promise" he said then kissed him again "You know I am madly in love with you". Sam chuckled "Is that why you made love me to last night?" he asked. Darren looked confused "Did I?" he asked trying to recall. "Yes" Sam replied "the second time, you was so tender and loving" he said kissing Darren. Darren laid back and smiled "You are my boyfriend then?" he asked obviously playing with his cock. "Yes" Sam replied kissing Darren and slapping his hand "enough of that, I have to go to the gym, coming?". Darren sat up "I have nothing to wear" he said watching Sam going through his draw. He threw shorts and top at him "Now you do" he said smiling and watching Darren dress. The gym was immaculate and set in the basement of the of the flats, there were a couple of guys already working out who knew Sam by name and gave curious glances to Darren. Sam never worked out with anyone and seeing this tattooed guy with him caused a bit of a stir. Darren worked out next to Sam but with only half the stamina he took it much easier and enjoyed watching Sam from the bench. He was taken back by how long Sam could work out without breaking a sweat until his thought was interrupted by Michael 'he can go hours in case you didn't know' he said to Darren. He looked up and eyes drawn immediately to the lycra shorts and bulge before he finally looked up and the muscular body of Michael. In his late twenties he had dark hair and brown eyes and almost model looks he stood a towering six feet of sculpted muscle. The guy with him who was still running was a complete contrast with a swimmers build and dirty blond hair and stood a few inches shorter and by comparison was fairly ordinary looking. Darren looked over at Sam "Yeah, way fitter than me" he replied. "I'm Michael live on the 15th floor" he said introducing himself holding out his hand. Darren shook it "Darren 8th floor" he replied almost laughing at how silly the introductions went. "You moving in or visiting?" he asked sitting down next to Darren looking at his tattoos. "Kind of both" Darren replied looking down at the floor shuffling his feet. Michael looked over to Sam and knew he was listening to their conversation "Strange answer" he said. Darren smirked "Moving in in a couple of weeks" he said offering more information. "Excellent" Michael replied "we should have a drink to welcome you to the building" he said smiling at Darren. Darren was really taken by how nice Michael was being "Thank you" he replied. "Sam your boyfriend or just a friend?" Michael asked out of the blue. Sam turned to look at Darren and smiled "Boyfriend" Darren bravely replied and saw Sam fist punch the air. Michael smiled nodding "You make a nice couple" he said "that is Tony my husband over there". Darren looked at Tony then turned to Michael and smiled "Nice catch" he said causing Michael to laugh loudly. "Want a hand working out Darren?" Michael asked standing up walking to the weight bench. Darren stood and walked over "I'm not use to this so take it easy with me" he said laying down. Michael smiled and leaned over Darren then winked "I will take it easy to start with but then..." he said. Darren chuckled "Stop flirting with my boyfriend" Sam called out from the treadmill grinning. Hearing Sam saying that felt strange knowing he was referring to him in that way, but he liked it. Darren's legs and arms ached by the time they left the gym, at the same time he felt so exhilarated having pushed himself further. Going in to the lift he had made two new friends in London, Tony liked him but Michael was constantly flirting with him and it really made Darren feel good. Sam snogged the face off Darren during the short ride up to the 8th floor finding it harder to keep his hands off Darren. Sam stopped hearing the ding of the lift arriving "It was so funny watching Michael flirt with you". Darren giggled "Was it that obvious?" he asked "I mean do they all flirt like that?". Sam chuckled "Darren I think Michael was trying to get in your underwear" he said grinning. "Silly" Darren replied following Sam along the corridor "he was being nice" he said explaining away. Sam turned to look at Darren "You buy me dinner if he gets you in bed" he said looking serious. Darren looked at him strangely "Hang on, I thought I was your boyfriend?" he asked. "You are" Sam replied "Oh shit I need to explain" he said pulling Darren inside the flat. Sam showered and walked in to the bedroom slipping in to some shorts they walked in to the kitchen diner and had breakfast. He began to explain about his friend from stage school that was still very close to him and of course Kurt. Darren listened completely intrigued hearing Sam open up about his life. Sam explained that no matter what Darren was his priority in life now and he would do whatever Darren decided. He was beginning to see life from a different perspective and found it quite exciting that if the time ever came he could without guilt have sex with Michael. Darren made only demand that if things between them developed in to more than boyfriends they would look at the situation again. Darren also promised that when he moved in he would open up more about his family and childhood, something to date he had deferred from talking about. They decided to go out and window shop in Harrods so both of them went to the bedroom to change. Sam sat on the bed naked about to put some underwear on and Darren took one look at him 'oh fuck' he said whipping down his trousers, he pushed Sam on to his back and got in between his legs 'I need to do you' he tried saying but Sam was already pulling Darren down and kissing him. Darren took the Monday morning train to Malvern, he was excited at the prospect of moving to London since he now had a boyfriend, something he never really saw coming or even expected, he really loved Sam and that was all that counted right now. Sam dismissed the class for lunch and got out his phone sending a text to Byron telling him that he and Darren were officially a couple and he was excited beyond words, he had a strange feeling that Darren was going to be someone he could rely on and be in a very steady relationship with. Byron messaged back saying how thrilled he was and that he couldn't wait to meet the guy that finally broke the steel wall around Sam's heart.
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    Part 16 - January 2019 New Year Darren eventually surfaced at 10am on January 1st, feeling more optimistic about his future he just needed to hold this job down. He had a text come in and opening it he smiled, Sam had wished him a happy new year and was looking forward to seeing him. Instantly his cock reacted thinking about him, he still couldn't believe how nice the guy was towards him even after finding out about his past. It had crossed his mind if Sam was attracted to him, he hoped so since he found him nice and very sexually alluring. His mother never asked how he contracted hiv, but then she never really showed much interest in him and wanted him out having done her bit raising him. In many ways he felt alone and that was what was driving him now to change his life and move away. His little group of friends were nearly all dating or shagging a bird when they weren't drinking or getting stoned. Seeing less and less of them really allowed him to take a look at himself, looking in the mirror he wanted to change in so many ways and decided he would start with a new haircut and tidy himself up. He quite fancied a spikey haircut instead of the mess he currently saw in the mirror and decided that tomorrow he would go in to town and see what the hairdresser could do. Byron insisted on taking Stefan's parents car to the station to meet Sam, Stefan's Porsche was not really designed for 3 people and even Byron felt uncomfortable sat in it. The train pulled in and Sam appeared at the exit where they hugged uncontrollably excited to see each other. The three of them spent most of the day walking along the Malvern Hills enjoying the winter sunshine and catching up. Byron and Stefan broke the news that they had brought a house in Oxford which was close enough to London for Byron and also where Stefan's family business was located, they would be moving there in late February. The move was planned to allow Byron time before he was starring in Top Hat in the west end from May. He had been finally cast in the leading role after his success with Louise and Patti and really getting noticed by many producers. Sam was also going to be in the cast for a few months as he wanted to improve his tap dance ability, they would both be starting rehearsals in February. "So you two are really doing this then?" Sam asked as they reached the top of a hill. Byron laughed "Yeah, I know it is strange but I can't see myself living without him" he replied looking at Stefan. "Sexless marriage" Sam giggled "Let me know how that works out" he said looking at Byron and Stefan. Stefan smiled "Not entirely sexless" he replied catching the surprised look on Sam's face. Sam stopped "Don't tell me you have flipped over" he asked Stefan chuckling. "Not entirely" Stefan replied putting his arm around Sam's shoulder "But I can see why you enjoy it the oral sex, he is good a blowing me". Sam shook his head in bewilderment "I give you a year before you totally switch sides" he laughed. The following day they headed in Malvern town and Stefan was taking Sam around whilst Byron sorted out some personal business for his parents, he agreed to meet the guys in an hour in the coffee shop, Sam laughed joking that his shopping usually took longer than hour. Byron walked out of the bank having completed everything in record time, he made his way over to the coffee shop. There were a few people in front of him so he texted Stefan to say he was done and getting a coffee. Stefan replied telling him he had no idea how long they would be as Sam was a crazy window shopper. Byron chuckled looking up from his phone and found himself face to face with Darren holding his coffee looking at him "Byron" he said. "Darren" Byron said taking a step back and trying not to show any emotion or fear of him. They nearly didn't recognise each other "You look different" Darren said. Byron fumbled putting his phone away "So do you" he replied quietly thinking how sexy Darren now looked. "What do you want Darren?" Byron asked his mouth going dry. Darren looked around quickly "What the fuck did you do to me?" he said looking him in the eyes angrily. Byron gulped unsure what he was going to do "I'm sorry but you were going to..." he started saying. His words cut off by the barista "Can I help you?" she called over to Byron. Darren looked back at her "I will sit over there you better join me" Darren said warning Byron and walking off. Byron ordered his coffee and nervously kept looking back over his shoulder where Darren sat. He was in in two minds to send a message to Stefan since he had no idea what Darren was about to do, it was the first time he had seen Darren since the incident on the Malvern hills. He stopped himself and looked back at Darren quickly, he was not even looking just staring out of the window watching the world go past. He knew he could get just walk right on out and not face Darren. No, he was done running from him and he couldn't face having to look over his shoulder with the guilt of what happened. Byron collected his coffee and approached the table taking the seat opposite Darren he sat down fixing his gaze on him. Darren turned to face Byron "You not scared of me or what I will do?" he asked. Byron just stared at him "No" he finally replied sipping his coffee still staring at him. Darren stared at Byron "I wanted to destroy you and make you suffer after what you did" he said. "What I did?" Byron asked in a surprised voice and shook his head "I protected myself from getting raped". Byron looked down "I was angry with you and... I just don't know where it came from Darren" he said. "So you gave me what you have?" Darren said becoming emotional. "Do you think the years of misery you put me through were great?" Byron asked putting his cup down. Darren looked out of the window "You think giving me this for life is fun?" he asked looking back at Byron in anger. "Someone told me you can only push people so far before they break" Darren said eyeing him carefully. Byron sat back in his chair "So what then?" he asked "You want to go outside and put an end to it?". Darren shook his head smirking "Oh this is never going to end Byron" he said "not after what you did". "I hoped you would have got the message last time you tried taking me down" Byron said standing up to leave. "Sit down" Darren said sharply then smirked "please". "Fuck, what is it with you Darren?" Byron asked confused by the way Darren was acting. Darren shook his head "Do you really hate me that much?" he asked watching Byron. Byron looked at his cup "I don't know" he said "I just don't understand you, or why we are here". "Did you know you had it when you raped me?" Darren asked gazing out the window. Byron was not about to start lying to him "Yes, but I..." He started before he was cut off. "So you knew what you were doing then" Darren stated "did you get off on it?" he asked Byron. Byron pushed his cup away "No, I sat on the doorstep after and cried" he said truthfully looking down. "I so wanted to get back at you" Darren stated smirking "but you would probably enjoy me raping you" he said. Byron was at a complete loss now "Are you after revenge?" he asked turning his cup around on the table. Darren looked at him for a moment then gazed out the window "I could go to the police" he replied. "I don't really care what you do Darren" Byron replied "nothing compares to what you have put me through". Darren smirked again "I could ruin your life going public with what you did" he said turning to face Byron. "Don't you mean continue to ruin it?" Byron asked questioning him. "Your dancing and singing" Darren said seeing Byron's surprised look "I see you in the papers". "You do?" Byron said "What out of morbid curiosity?" he asked in a surprised voice. Darren gazed out of the window again "How the famous can fall so easily" he finally said after a moments silence. Byron felt sick inside knowing Darren had him "Blackmail?" he asked too frightened to look at Darren. Darren shrugged and wiped his eyes "That is one way" he replied still staring out of the window. "I'm sorry Darren" Byron said lowering his voice "I was beyond angry with you that day". "I gathered by you overpowering me so easily" Darren replied "I thought I could still take you down". Darren faced Byron "Is it because of me, you know your body?" he asked thinking he sounded like a pervert. Byron shook his head "No, I needed to build strength for my work, but I got so in to it" he replied. Darren looked out of the window "At least your parents supported you that much I saw" he said sadly. "At least you had real parents" Byron said looking at him. Darren scoffed "You had it so easy growing up, my parents didn't give a shit" he replied upset. Byron looked at Darren "They are my foster parents Darren, they adopted me properly at 14" he said. Now Darren was stumped "Sorry" he said "I never knew that and thought you were from the posh end of Malvern". They sat in silence for a moment "Now you have made me feel really bad about what I did" Darren said apologising. Byron finished his coffee and Darren stood up "Coffee?" he asked picking Byron's cup up off the table. Byron nodded and thanked him watching as he walked over to the counter. He sounded and looked like Darren apart from this new funky haircut that really suited him. He was still conflicted and confused seeing a completely different person from the last time they had encountered each other. Gone was the aggressive and abusive nature, what struck him most was that for once he didn't smell of weed and actually seemed to have cleaned himself up in many ways. Irrelevant of how he looked now, Byron knew that it was still Daz, Dazza or Darren depending on who you spoke to. Darren returned placing a fresh coffee in front of Byron "Thanks" he said watching Darren sit down. "Honestly I thought you would have bolted when we met" Darren said pausing "I'm glad you didn't". Byron looked at him "How so?" he asked trying to find the words needed. Darren looked down at his coffee "You have me I can see that" he said. "I don't hate you Darren" Byron replied "I just don't know you and you never allowed anyone to get to know you". "Apart from you there is only one person I told who knows what happened" Darren said looking at Byron. Byron leaned forward "I thought you was going to get your gang and come after me" he said concerned. Darren shook his head "Use to hang out on the estate with them" he said "but they are all pot heads". Byron looked at him "And you?" he asked "are you still smoking weed or whatever it was?". Darren shook his head "Not any more" he replied shyly "I kept getting sick" he said facing to Byron. "Fuck" Byron said putting his head in his hands "I'm so sorry Darren, really I am" he apologised profusely. Darren shrugged his shoulders "It's done Byron nothing can ever take it away" he said wiping his eyes. Darren could see Byron was almost in tears "I pushed you on the wrong day" he said almost laughing. Byron now looked even more confused "So the other person do they know as much as me?" he asked. "Yes" Darren replied nodding "they don't know who it was though I keep your identity secret". "Darren" Byron sat up "Will we ever put this whole thing between us to rest?" he asked. Darren stared out the window "Maybe" he replied casually "eventually we could". "I wish we could have got to know each other properly" Byron said watching Darren. Darren gave Byron a wicked grin "I want to rape you" he said "to get even first of all". Byron sat there speechless trying to figure out if Darren was in fact gay "Retaliation?" he asked. Darren stared at him then nodded "Yes" he replied and laughed "You changed the balance of power that day". "Let me guess, you don't like it that way?" Byron suggested watching Darren nod and hearing is phone ping. Darren studied him reading his message then shaking his head "Something wrong?" he asked. "No Stefan and my friend are running behind, I am meeting them in here" Byron replied putting his phone down. "Your still friends with Stefan then?" Darren asked "Is he still protecting you?" he smiled. Byron looked up "We are getting married" he replied seeing the surprised look appear on Darren's face. "I didn't think he was gay, thought you were just friends" Darren said in a shocked tone. Byron laughed "He isn't gay" he paused "hard to explain really" he said. "That is bizarre, not gay but your getting married?" Darren asked unable to comprehend this. Byron nodded "I don't know how to explain it, we love each other in a different way" he said. Darren looked at the time "Sorry I should go before they arrive" he said standing up. "I am really sorry Darren" Byron said "I hope we can patch things up if you want that" he pleaded. Darren looked down at him "Sure" he said "I am going to fuck you though" he turned to leave. He felt horrid about what he had done, strangely though he did wonder if what he did had completely changed Darren. He wished they could take back all those years and been friends with him. Outside Stefan and Sam approached the coffee shop talking, Darren slipped through the door and walked in the opposite direction from them. They found Byron sat at the table looking deep in thought. Sam went to fetch the coffees whilst Stefan walked over and sat down with Byron. "Penny for them" Stefan said startling Byron. "What?" he replied returning back to the room "sorry just had the strangest half an hour with Daz". Stefan looked at him "Did he touch you?" he asked almost angrily. "No, he was quite the opposite" Byron replied "completely different Stefan". Sam sat down and handed Byron another coffee "God I am going to be pissing for England later" he laughed. Byron began to recount his conversation to them. Sam knew about this bully from brief chats whilst they were at Mountview. Byron told Sam the rest including the day on the Malvern hills where he finally snapped. Sam sat there looking shocked pondering if this was the same guy he met in London. "What did you say his name was?" Sam asked interrupting Bryon. Byron looked at him "Darren or Daz as his gang called him at school" he said. Sam shook his head "You only ever referred to him as Daz" he said "does he have tattoos?" he asked. Byron nodded "Yes, quite muscular and about my height" he replied "but I don't think he is gay". Sam looked at them both "I met a Darren in London you remember the guy I told you about in Costa?". Byron nodded "Fuck, do you think it is the same Darren?" he asked "where does he live?". "I don't know" Sam replied "can't possibly be the same one he has a job in London" he said. Byron nodded "Yeah this Darren doesn't have a job" he said. "Where is he from?" Stefan asked putting his cup down. Sam looked at both of them then giggled "Not again Sam" Stefan said "you really need to talk to guys your picking up". All of them reached the conclusion that this was not the same person as they appeared to be worlds apart from the one they knew individually. Sam got down to spending a few days out of the city and enjoying the almost country life of Malvern, hiking every day with Byron with Stefan in the crisp winter days was exhilarating and refreshing. Sam sat there the last night chatting with Stefan's mother trying to persuade her to talk to his class at the academy, eventually she agreed and also promised to given them some acting lessons. Sam was sleeping in his own bedroom that was previously Byron's when he stayed at Stefan's, lying in bed he caught up on his emails. Flicking over to the message app he sent one to Darren 'Hey, come down next weekend and stay, we can go house hunting', his other hand playing with this cock thinking about Darren as he sent the message. Darren responded saying he would come down Saturday morning but Sam suggested Friday early evening and he was surprised to see he agreed with a smiling face emoji. Darren smiled as he walked across the Flowers estate that late evening towards home. Hearing his name suddenly called out he looked across the playground and saw Leo walking towards him. The scrawny 28 year old estate dealer was the last person he wanted to see having avoided him for months now. Leo was marginally taller than Darren, skinny and gobby he was one of the most feared people on the estate and Darren never knew why that was. "Dazza where you been mate?" Leo asked approaching him "shit you gone all queer?" he said looking at Darren. Darren nodded "Leo" he continued to walk not wanting to engage Leo in conversation. "You haven't brought anything from me for a while" Leo said "where you getting your stuff from?". Darren stopped and looked at him "I'm clean Leo" he said. Leo laughed in his face "Come on, I got some good shit here, give you a discount" he said pulling a bag out. "No thanks" Darren replied about to walk off until Leo grabbed his arm. "Rumour has it you go the sexual health clinic" Leo said smirking at him "what did you get?" he asked. Darren shook his hand away and ignored the comment "Don't come near me again" he said calmy and walked off. Leo laughed "You will be back" he said shaking the bag loudly "ass fucker" he mumbled. Darren heard him and turned around "What did you say?" he said walking back towards Leo angrily. He only managed 5 meters before Leo turned and bolted off across the playground. Darren stood there watching Leo wondering if he knew of Darren's sexuality, he couldn't possibly he said to himself. One thing he did know was Leo would not drop the subject quickly and use it to taunt Darren at any opportunity.
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    Justin thought he should leave but instead he fed more money into the machine, he put his last five in there and only had dollar bills left. He rubbed his balls and ass and felt his cummy hole sliding his finger in it and then tasted the cum. He kept doing that and then he hard the booth to the right open, door close and it locked. He heard money being fed into it, one, two and then three bills. Justin thought he must be putting dollars in there. He peeked and the the guy was tall, he had white hair but lean and muscled from what Justin could tell. He was watching straight porn, and rubbing his dick. He never looked down from what Justin could see but instead slowly fished out this beautiful long dick. It had to be six inches soft. The guy just let it hang there and then slowly came to the hole and Justin reached out and touched it and then lifted it in his hand and started to jack and the guy took a step forward then Justin pulled his dick through the hole so he could suck the head. He could see the guys pubes were salt and pepper. He slowly sucked the head and took as much of the cock as he could and then the guy finally pressed forward till eh was against the wall and Justin took the entire dick in his mouth. Justin sucked and the guy did not say a word and the dick never grew. Justin tried to slow down and and opened his mouth and took it all in and then slowly pull off leaving the dick on his tongue and then open and all the way down and after seven or eight time he felt the dick start to grow and a moan out of the guy. He kept doing it and soon the dick had to be nine inches and he was not fulled hard yet. Justin kept sucking him like that and once rock hard he grew to 10.5 or 11. The guys meat was so long but not thick and Justin loved how it felt in his throat, The guy must have have been enjoying his throat because he was moaning and and started calling Justin a fag cum whore. He slowly started to back up and pull his dick from Justin;s mouth and Justin tried to suck it harder to keep him from leaving the hole and he said, greedy fucking whore, stay right there and put your tongue out. The guy turned around and spread his ass and backed it up on Justin. Justin started to lick and probe the guys hairless ass,it tasted amazing. Not like soap and not dirty at all. Supper tight and he was not really expecting that, Justin ate and tongued the guy and he said, things like good whore, that's dirty mouth and tongue on my as boy. The guy would alternate giving Justin his ass for a minute and then let him suck his dick for a minute after what was ten minutes, both their videos has stopped long ago the guy stuck his dick back through and told Justin to open wide and let him fuck his pussy throat and he fucked away for twenty full strokes and shot a load down Justin's throat as Justin coughed and gagged on his large load. In a deep voice with his dick still in Justin the guy aid, fucking swallow my man juice bitch. every drop. Justin pulled off the guys softening dick and and swallowed. The guy slide a card through the hole and it only had a number on it. You are a good whore boy, text me before you leave this both! I will you your services again and then he unlocked and walked out of the booth. Justin Held his card and licked his lips and tasted that mans cum. It tasted so good!
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    All the guys knew Rodney was too long a name and they called him Rod from the time he was a little tyke. Now, Rod was a big boy 6'5" of solid football muscle. Two big universities were wooing him. A few of his teammates wanted to woo him. But, there were also fans who got moon faced over seeing him on the field, in town, at his job in the hardware store, and at church on Sunday mornings and evenings and Wednesday evenings. Rod was the guy fathers wanted to find to marry their daughters. Solid, upright, and so handsome. All thru football season, Rod kept his thick blond hair close cropped. His blue eyes were stunning, even when seen thru the face guard of the football helmet. He had been First Junior escort his Junior Year and Homecoming king this year. With football season over, Rod let his hair grow out, He loved having it very long. He went to his mom's hairdresser to keep it neat, but never really cut it. It was his sign, his symbol. He saw himself as Garrett, the spear bearer of mythology. Others saw him that way too. During football season Garrett always worked out in the school weight room. It was well-equipped, had a sauna, and whirlpool. But when football was over, he headed to the local gym. It was better equipped and he got a special deal as where Rod went, others followed. The owner knew Rod would bring in many memberships. So, Rod got the use of the place for free. Every afternoon, he would appear, work out, shower and head to work at the hardware store. Mr Higgins trusted Rod implicitly giving him the key, making him the manager after 5. Rod didn't have a lot of business in the evenings so he was able to do homework and study. There was wifi to facilitate ordering and checking new products. So Rod was able to play on his laptop as well. A couple of his buddies would drop by to check homework and shoot the breeze. Mr Higgins never minded as long as Rod would take care of the few customers who did come in. It became almost a routine. He had the closing system down to a science. He would lock the main door. Go in the back room to check delivery doors, start turning out lights, make sure no water was running in the john, lock the door to the back room, start turning out lights in the front making sure the security remained on, set the alarm, and let himself out, locking the front doors. He would walk the 6 blocks home, carrying his computer, book bags, and gym bag. When he got home, he would have his supper, kept warm by his loving mom, tell her about his day. Go into the living room and talk with his dad about sports and life, then head upstairs to his bedroom. In that quiet room, he would strip off all his clothes, move to his private bathroom, brush his teeth, take a much needed piss. Only odd thing was, he'd start his piss in a glass, measured 4 oz, then finish in the toilet. Then he would drink that piss down, usually strong as he hadn't pissed since noon. Licking his lips, he would turn out the bathroom light. His prayers were long, but fervent. Lying down, he would take his cock in his right hand and fall asleep holding it. Rod was unusual for sure as he would awaken in the same position he went to sleep in. Cock always rock hard after tantalizing dreams. He needed no alarm cock. Years of routine had made him a regular early riser. That routine was the same in the morning, take a crap, shower, piss in the glass, exactly 4 ounces, piss in the toilet, drink the strong morning piss, comb is hair, admiring how much longer it was getting, checked the progress of hair on his chest, treasure trail and bush, bend over to see his ass growing fur in the mirror, and get dressed. Rod hated underwear. He only wore it in they gym or at football so he would have dirty underwear for the wash. So, shirt, khakis, no socks, and beef roll penny loafers. With pants losing pleats and going flat front, commando was harder to manage, but Rod refused to wear underwear and didn't own a jock. He loved the free feeling. Breakfast, brush teeth, kiss mom and off to school completed the routine. He never checked his messages until he was in the car. There were always a few. Today was one from Coach Jameson. There would be a scout to see him at one. He should pickup his pass before school, be excused from class and meet them in the conference room in the athletic department. Well, he just might get a good scholarship, he thought. This might be a great day after all. More to come. I hope you like the beginning. It will get very nasty with chems
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    With my bike broke I had to take the subway, I either hate it or love it. Today I love it as this hot looking guy was sending all the signals of let’s hook up. As he left he gave me his card
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    This is something I have never done before, but I answered an ad yesterday on BBRT to load up a bottom in a local hotel. I have been looking at the local ad listings for some time and there are often adverts for cum dumps in a hotel near where I live. The name of the hotel is never given in the listings, but I always suspected which one it was – and I was right. Anyway, I have been wanting to do more piggy things in my life and recently I decided to organise my own session where I can list it on BBRT and be the nasty cum pig I want to be (or that I already am!). I was researching it online when I thought that I should go to one to see how others do it first. So, I saw an ad yesterday and I sent the host a message. I said I would load him up, but I was honest to begin with and said I wouldn't be very good because I'm not much of a top, but I want to experience what it's like to go to one of these "events". 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I was honest again, saying that I am accepting my true piggy nature and that I do want to bottom, but today I am "researching" and that I respect his rules and I will fuck him. He grabbed me, throwing me to the bed and passionately made out with me, saying how much he needed my load. Then there was another knock at the door. I was semi undressed at this stage. The host went to the door, looked through the peep hole and carefully opened the door. The door pushed open and in walked two guys. Unbelievably naughty looking, rugged and wet from the rain. Everyone quietly said said hello, while coats were hung up and they took their shoes off. I think they were a couple. One took his sweater and t-shirt off immediately to reveal a solid, manly physique and nipple piercings. Everything was a whisper. They went in to kiss the host as I stumbled around taking off my remaining clothes. I just took everything off and my cock was rock hard. I really wanted to get fucked by the two guys that just walked in, and the host, but I promised not to be that guy. I promised the host my load. Not wanting to break up the action already taking place, I sat back on the bed. The host came over to the bed and grabbed me. I felt small next to these two very solid, muscular men and the host, who too was a bit bigger than my neat, athletic frame. I felt a little awkward and part of me just wanted to leave, but I was here now. I reached around to the hosts ass and fingered his hole. Already a bit sloppy and plenty of lube. I made out with him and decided that I should fuck him first and go. I didn't feel I could stand my own with the other two guys in the room. I whispered "I want to fuck you" at which point the host got on the edge of the bed on all fours. Now was the moment. I was so nervous, but I just went for it and put my cock in his ass. It felt great, but so much else was in my head, I kinda just wanted to get it over with. The two other guys were making out with me, one started to finger my hole. MY GOD!!! I was in heaven. I so wanted them to fuck me too. I went crazy and couldn't control myself so I just came in the guy, telling him as I was doing it. The volume was still at a whisper, as the other two guys quietly encouraged me. I pulled my sloppy cock out of his hole. The host cleaned my cock as one of the other guys made out with me. I was just trying to breathe, my heart was racing and my body was shaking, feeling slightly cold in the room from the blast of AC. Then the rest was blur. I went to the bathroom, cleaned my cock and splashed my face. I went back into the room and grabbed my clothes from the floor next to the bed as the host and two other guys continued. They didn't pay too much attention to me. I guess that's the whole thing about these scenarios. It's just about the sex. I wasn't about to interrupt and say "thanks so much for a lovely afternoon", so I just put my still wet coat on and quietly left. On the walk home I just smiled to myself. Anticipating that I would HATE myself for being so bad, I felt content. I was fine. The situation was fine. I felt human, natural, unashamed. I arrived home, had another shower, cooked some early dinner and watched TV. It was a good step towards being my true self.
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    My name is Ben. I'm 18 years old, white, thin, and cute. I run a lot so I have a nice butt. I'm basically hairless below the neck. I have short brown hair with a tight fade and green eyes. I'm gay, but I'm not out. I've never told another soul that I like guys. And on top of that, I started watching gay porn when I was way too young. So my mind is all kinds of fucked up. I want to be a bottom, but I've never had sex. I met a guy online and sucked him off in his car one time, but that's as far as I've gotten. And yet, I imagine myself being strung up by my wrists by some hot, hung, muscle stud and beaten with his belt all over. I imagine getting throat fucked until I'm gasping for air. I imagine getting slapped around and choked. And I imagine my tight hole getting used raw by him when he was finally done hurting my worthless teen body. I imagine a lot. I got particularly excited when my dad announced he was taking me on a trip to London over my spring break. My dad had work there, and I was just going to tag along. But for three days of the trip, my dad was going to Scotland, and I was going to be left alone in a great city for gay bars all by myself. This was my chance. The trip was awesome. We ate good food, went to museums, and saw the sights in London together. And then the day came that he left. I had a pretty normal day. That night, I didn't eat dinner. And I douched. I had to watch videos online to figure out how. I'd never done anything like this before. And I looked around to figure out where to go online. I downloaded Grindr too and chatted up a few guys. I took sexy pics and posted them. I'd found a bar I was going to that night. And around 9:30pm, I started off across the city. (to be continued)
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    Justin headed off to the bookstore and just as he was about to open the door this 6'6 tall white ginger all muscled and his dick was still hard as Justin zoned in on his package and his fat meat was outlined. He thought fuck, wish I had been here ten minutes earlier. The guy walked to his car and go in it and speed off. Justin went inside, got change at the counter and heading back to the booths. It was empty except for a young college guy in the back. That much have been who serviced that big dick massive ginger dick. Lucky fuck Justin thought as he dipped in a booth. The booth next to him opened and closed and soon he saw a finger tracing the hole. Before the last few days his dick would have been hard for some young guy who wanted to blow him but all he wanted now was to service dick and lots of it. Justin put his finger up to the hole and traced it and soon the kid stuck his dick through. Nice seven inch dick, uncut. Justin started to suck his dick and fished his balls through, lifted his dick and licked and sucked the kids balls. He then sucked and nibbled the foreskin and the kid was moaning, he sucked and went down on him and after ten minutes the kid was about to shoot and he tried to pull his dick back but Justin held him in place and sucked and licked that edged dick till the boy shot his load in Justin's mouth. It was huge and tasted amazing! Young college cock, so good. Justin nursed his dick and cleaned him up till the boy went soft and he let go. The kid whispered thanks through the hole and left. Justin sat there licking his lips and then he heard the door to the right open and close. The guy unbuckled his belt and pulled out a curved dick had to be nine inches,he watched as the guy watched gay porn and jacked his dick. Just rubbed his dick and balls as he watched the guy. He was so ready to taste the guys dick and then he froze, fuck that looks like that hot poz 23 year old from BBRT. He tried to see the guys body and face but he could not. Justin struggled with the idea of getting up but couldn't move. If that is him maybe I can just suck his dick, it looks so beautiful, then the guy turned and backed up to the wall, it was not him. Justin was relieved and rubbed his finger over the hole and the guy walked toward him and slide his rock hard dick through the hole. Justin sucked on the guys head and held his thick dick and slowly started to inch his way down the guys cock licking and sucking on the guys dick until it was all the way to the base and then let up and did it again. He sucked and licked that big dick and then pulled off and nursed the guys head. The guys started to pull his dick out and Justin went deed again and he let him swallow his cock and then he pulled it from Justin's mouth. Justin put his tongue out to show the guy he wanted this dick again and while he was doing that the guy turned around and spread his hole ass and hole and pressed his hairy hole back on Justin's tongue. Justin licked and probed the hot guys hole and put his fingers on either side to pull it apart so he could tongue deeper and the guy moaned. The guy pulled off and shoved his leaking dick back in. Justin opened wide and swallow the entire dick and started to suck it. then pulled up and went back down again and the guy pulled out of the hole and got on his knees and whispered to Justin "show me your hole." Just got up and pressed his ass back and the guy spit three times on his hole and then fingers two of them entered him. The guy pulled out and spit on his hole again and then shoved two fingers deep her and then he hard the guy spit three more time but it was not on his hole and then that big curved dick pressed against Justin's boy pussy and started to push in. Justin looked forward and then to the left and he saw a bottom of poppers someone had left and he quickly grabbed them and started inhaling. The guy was rough, he would pull almost all the way out and shove it back in getting deeper each time and the curve beating up his insides. The guy got deep once Justin had inhaled enough and after another two minutes he shot his load in Justin. Left his dick in Justin and then slowly pulled out after his dick started to soften. He slid two fingers back in the Justin and fingered his hole and then a third. Justin kept inhaling the poppers and the guy pressed his fingers all the way in. Then he pulled them out and put them back in after a min and a noise like the guy had dropped a tin lid and then he felt that familiar sharpness and then his hole started to get warm and tingly. The fingers worked their way in and out and soon Justin was moaning and pressing back hard on the guys fingers and then the guy pulled out and slide his big dick up Justin's ass and slow fucked him. slowly all the way in and then out til Justin's hole close and then pressing right back in slowly. Justin began to shake on the others side. His dick was so tingly and his balls felt so tight. This guy made just feel like his hole was the most amazing fuck tunnel. Justin heard the door open in the other booth and soon the longest black dick slide through. Had to be 11 inches, Justin stretched and got the head in his mouth and sucked on the guys cock. He could only take three inches but he loved how dark and smooth it was. He was leaking cum and it tasted amazing, Justin's legs kept shaking, he was rubbing his cock after taking it out of his jock, he felt like his legs were going to fall out from under him they were shaking and week so he pressed both hands against the opposite wall which allowed him to take another inch of the black gods cock. The guy on the other side of the wall never changed his pace and soon Justin felt his little dick leak cum all over the floor. It felt amazing. The guy slow fucked him for another two to three minutes and shot a huge load in the boy. He said, that a good fucking cunt! You deserve every drop of my load! Justin did not think much of it as the guy continued to slowly pump his ass and he sucked the big black cock. Soon the guy pulled out and said fucking whore back up on the BBC. I text my buddy to come over and try that hot hole of yours. He is huge but you can take it boy, I am gonna watch your face as you back up onto his big dirty cock. Justin turned around and lined up that big dick at his hole and pressed back and the guy watched as Justin started to show pain as the dick was rearranging his intestines. The guy smiled and said you better hold onto the wall over her he fucks hard, Justin followed his direction and the the nice guy put poppers under Justin's nose and Justin inhaled ten times before the the bbc started to move around inside him. Justin's pain increased and the guy told Justin that he was gonna come over, wait 30 second and open the door. Here me boy, Justin said yes Sir. The guy got up and he was standing right at the booth door when Justin reached up and unlocked it and he let himself in. Justin looked up and this really nice looking man smiled at him and said you look amazing like that boy. The guy rubbed Justin's head and got on the otherside of him and now was blocking the video, He rubbed his chest and told Justin what a good boy he was letting this big black cock cum in his hot little while hole. The guy pinched Justin's nipple and twisted it and Justin yelped. The door to the next booth opened and a minute later another huge black dick slide through. This one was thicker than the one in his ass. Open up baby boy, both that pussy and your mouth. Justin opened his mouth and swallowed that huge cock head and the white guy beat his fist on the wall, the black guy knew that this meant everyone was was in place and that cunt was now going to get railed hard. The bbc started to pull out a little and slam back in and Justin tried to pull of the BBC and pull his ass away from the wall at the same time but the nice white guy held him in place saying, boy its rude to tease these bbc's like that. Relax that hole and let my buddy deep inside you. He held Justin in place and the guy was railing his boy ass and Justin would yelp and moan and try to suck that big cock. The guy bent down so he was right in Justin's ear, Open that boy pussy, give him your pretty white ass while you suck that dirty black dick. You are such a beautiful young cum whore! Five minutes later the bbc in his ass shoved deep and beat on the way. The guy in his ear said, boy you just took that Black guys dirty dick and load. You get hotter the longer I am with you. The bbc in him pulled out and the white guy pulled him up and kissed him and then turned him around and spread his ass and backed Justin up against that bbc. Justin said I can't its too big. He kissed Justin again and grabbed the bbc with one hand and spread Justin's left check with the other and once in place he grabbed both Justin's hips and pressed him back until the head popped inside Justin and he yelped and moaned and said no please. The guy whispered in his ear, boy you want this more than you even know! My buddy drove in three hours today for your ass. You are going to open that cunt up for him and give him that sweet hot ass for his dirty man dick.
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    Jerry heard the back door open and Rod called, "Jerry, you here?" " I am bro, I'm in your room waiting to check you out," came the answer. Before he even started up the stairs he said my Mom and Dad called, asked if it would be all right with me if they spent the night. I told them I'd get Rog to stay with me. " Best friends are great to have. And a best friends Big Bro is a lifesaver," he practically shouted. Jerry smiled a big smile knowing he wasn't even on call for work. He was still smiling when Rod walked in the door . "Happy to see me," Rod asked. Jerry answered, "Sure, I know when someone needs my professional expertise." Jerry thought to himself if Rod only knew what kind of professional expertise he meant. He might not be so happy. Well, Rod, it is time to have a look. Rod's routine was simple, loafers off first, socks, shirt, then finally pants. He always followed the routine. Jerry pulled out his surgical scissors and began cutting off the gauze. When the thing was finally free, Jerry thought it had grown since this morning. Rod asked, "Jerry, how does it feel." Rod blushed when he answered, " it needs to be jacked. It has been hard so long that my balls ache." Jerry said, " just blue balls it will go away if we can get the thing to go down. I think, we'll let the air get to it. Is it all right for you to stay naked. I mean no one is at home." Rod only guessed it would be all right. But Jerry insisted on another treatment, so out came the rod, really a sound and a larger one than before. This time Jerry inserted it 6 times. Jerry smiled knowing that cock wasn't going down. In an hour or so, Rod would let Jerry do anything to make it go down. Then Jerry pulled out the buttplug. It made a plopping noise and Rod moaned a pitiful moan and mumbled, "I feel so empty, Jerry. I hate the way it feels." Jerry knew what to do, He pulled out a large needless syrings, already loaded with lube laced with G. "This will help, Bud," is all that he said. He flooded Rod's ass with the G laced lube. Within miutes, Rod needed the nasal spray. He felt weird. Jerry said that Rod needed a more powerful version. He opened a brown bottle and put it under Rod's nostrils right and left. He had him take six hits, err, breaths. Rod was flying high. Jerry wondered about the syringe of Miss Tina. Then decided that he wouldn't need it. He might not need the truth serum. The kid was flying high than a kite. Jerry watched as Rod tried to put his hand in his ass. Rod couldn't even realize what he was doing. He'd soon be a zombie. Jerry got a pan with some water and waited. When Rod's hand went limp, Jerry pulled it out of the hottest ass. He put the blindfold on the boy. His identity was still obvious. He used an alcohol soluable marker to write clumsily. I am a cumslut on Rod's abdomen. He extracted a series of dildoes from his suitcase. Wrapping Rods fingers around each one. He took a pic with the dido in hand, then a pic with the dildo in ass. He started with the smallest and ended with the biggest buttplug Jerry had. Jerry left the buttplug in to stretch that virgin hole. He kept sending them to his home computer so as not to overload his phone. He pulled out the entire package of sounds and worked on Rod's cock until he could take the biggest of the lot. Rod actually appeared to have a slight smile on his face and looked totally content. The pics would prove invaluable. Jerry cleaned the writing off the unsuspecting boy's abdomen. Then lifted the jock's legs. Jerry had the up high, the phone was set on movie. He pulled out that big plug and shoved in his dick in one push. Jerry fucked that hole until he couldn't hold back the cum any longer. He reinserted the small butt plug. Jerry went to the kitchen to get food and find sport's drinks. Rod was going to need hydration and the electrolytes badly when he started to come around.
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    Mr. Benson says how did I like watching them work over this person who was beating up Gay men. As one who has been beaten up a few times I thought it was right as all we are trying to do. I'm taken into what looks like a operating room and lay me on the table face up. Mr. Benson says you will become a member of his family as I have to be marked. He pierces my tongue, then a nose ring, both of my nipples and did that hurt and then a Prince Albert piercing in the head of my dick. Mr. Benson when I get older and I have proven my self he ask one of his assistants to remove his shirt. I see the POZ tattoos and then I see the brand of the letters of MB on his ass cheek. Mr. Benson grabs my face and says that can't be removed even as I not only have his body but his sole. As I'm already POZ Mr.Benson does not have to convert me but he does my hole, so he and his assistants are fucking me and have turned me into a real cum loving pig who is willing to drink their piss and cum. They put me in the sling one day and I see plenty of parTy supplies and toys on the table next to me. Mr.Benson comes in with the 2 assistants dress like a butcher with rubber aprons on. I can't keep my eyes off the needles as I have not been slammed in a long time and just the thought of have they needle in my arm and seeing my blood into the syringe is getting me hard.Mr. Benson is laughing and says I wonder if he knows why he is in the sling for as he grabs my dick then takes a syringe and inject it into me and its not Tina but a caverject, that will keep the bitch hard and make a good film. I see my dick grow and its as hard as it has ever been and wish I have a hole to put it in, but its not to be as I feel the sharp prick in my arm and the warm rush as I cough my brains and realize this was a very heavy slam. I'm not in this sling to get fuck but to get fisted and I'm scared to death as Mr.Benson dick is the biggest thing I have ever taken as I say they to Mr.Benson. Then one of Mr. Benson assistants turns around grabs a little lube and shoves his own hand up his hole like its nothing. I'm told with proper training I will soon be the same way as Mr. Benson has 4 fingers in my ass, then a toy and the lube he is using burns at first but it makes my hole so hungry for more. He is so gentle as he knows when its to much and when its feels great he pushes harder. I see in the mirror above me his hand is gone as my dick is so hard as he is working my prostrate like the bitch I am I'm trying to push my self deeper on to his hand. When Mr.Benson gets tired his assistants take over as they keep me well slammed and that lube is to die for as my hole is so hungry after they pull out as I beg for something in it. They bring over this machine that has a large dildo on it and shove it into my hole and start it up and leave the room. I can see there is a drip of lube but its not that special lube that I like but found out later its cum they have acquire from local bathhouses. The machine goes from very slow which is enjoyable to very fast and when its very fast it hurts. Any ideas where you want to go from here? Thank You
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    This happened quite a long time ago now and I've never told anyone about it. First of all, I should say I don't really like stealthing and I've never done it - I don't want to take anyone's choices away from them - but that's just my view. I've always known that it happens - and this is the story of the time it happened to me. It was 1996 and I had not long turned 30. After many years of carefully practising safe sex, I was starting to have sex without condoms. At first it was only as a top, then I let a few guys fuck me without a condom and cum in my arse. I knew I was enjoying unprotected sex - the feelling of shooting my load right up someone's arse with no condom was becoming addictive. I was also starting to enjoy being fucked bare and had enjoyed taking a few load in my arse. I knew that if I continued doing this there would be consequences and so, after thinking about it very seriously, I decided to go back to using condoms on every occasion. One afternoon I was on a training course in central London and when it finished I decided to check out the toilets at Marble Arch. The toilets were situated underground in the maze of passages that led to the various exits from the underground station and the park. There was a load of urinals at one end and down at the other end two rows of cubicles down the side and a long row of cubicles along the back. The toilet was very active and I had enjoyed some very horny fun in there. Guys would cruise down at the cubicles where you couldn't be seen and a lot of sucking and even fucking went on in these cubicles. A lot of people used to climb up on the toilets and watch the action in the next cubicle as you couldn't easily be seen from the main part of the toilet. I was feeling horny and was hoping to get some action. The toilet was always busy in the late afternoon and early evening with guys on their way home from work and students coming out of the nearby university. I had lube and condoms with me so I was all ready. The toilet was quite busy and I cruised around for a while and then I caught the eye of a dark haired guy in trackie bottoms and a T shirt. He was just my type and he seemed to be interested in me. He looked to be late 20s, early 30s, with hairy arms and slightly dark skin and from the bulge in his trackies I guessed that he had quite a big cock. Whe a cubicle became vacant I went in and he followed me. I sat down on the toilet and he stood in front of me. I reached up and pulled his trackie bottoms and pants down and his cock sprang out. I was not disappointed and wasted no time in taking his big thick cock into my mouth. I sucked him for a while and he sighed and then pulled his cock out and indicted to me to lick his balls. I licked his balls for a while and then he pushed his cock back into my mouth and I started sucking him again. I thought he was going to let me suck him until he came in my mouth but after a while he pulled his cock out and indicated to me to stand up. He moved in close and said "I want to fuck you," softly in my ear. I was very turned on by the thought of this fit lad fucking me with his big thick cock and soon I was bent over the toilet with my arse lubed. I had given him a condom which he had rolled on to his cock without comment and soon I felt the head of his big cock pushing into my arse. I spread my legs more and soon he was pushing his cock right up me. I hadn't been fucked for a while and it hurt at first, but he gave me a moment to get used to his cock and then he began to fuck me. He started off slowly and then began to fuck me a little harder. His cock slipped out my arse and he pulled my cheeks apart and pushed his cock back up me. I was really turned on now as he began to fuck me harder. If anything, his cock seemed to feel even bigger in my arse as he took hold of my hips and began to fuck me really hard. I knew he was getting close and soon his breathing got heavier and he thrust hard up my arse a few times and then pushed his cock right up me and held it there. When he finished cumming he pulled out and as I got up and turned round he had pulled off the condom and was wiping his cock with a tissue. I grinned at him and he grinned back, stuffed his cock back into his pants and left the cubicle. A short time later I was on the train back to west London. The train was busy and I had to stand all the way but I didn't care. I was feeling good and I had just enjoyed a really enjoyed a good hard fuck. As the train sped out of London I became aware of a wet, squelchy feeling in my arse. I knew I was still lubed from the fuck, but this felt like more than just lube. In fact, it felt like I had a load of cum in my arse..... I got off the train and walked round towards my flat, still feeling the wet sensation in my arse. Near the station there was a patch of vacant land with a couple of billboards in front of it. I went behind one of the billboards, pulled my pants down and squatted. I pushed and a big load of cum spurted out my arse, followed by some more and then some more. I didn't know what to think. I knew the guy had used a condom and at first I thought it must have split. Then I wondered if he had removed it? I was shocked and I was also annoyed with myself - I had promised myself I wouldn't take any more risks and I told myself I should have checked that he still had the condom on. After a while I deciced to put the experience behind me and make sure I played safe on every occasion in future. A few weeks later I was in central London again on the Saturday afternoon meeting some friends for a birthday lunch in a pizza restaurant. The restaurant was busy and at the next table to us there was a group of young lads who looked about 18 or 19. It was late afternoon when we finished and, feeling hormy again, I decided to check out the toilets at Marble Arch. It was not so busy this time, but when I went down to the cubicles the first person I saw was the guy who had fucked me a few weeks before. He was just entering a cubicle and I was fairly sure I had seen someone entering it just in front of him. I waited and after a short time, someone came out of the cubicle next to the one the guy had gone into. I went in to the cubicle, shut the door, climbed quietly up on to the toilet and looked over. The dark haired guy was in there with someone - and I realised it was one of the young lads from the pizza restaurant - a small blond haired lad. The lad was sitting on the toilet sucking on the dark haired guy's cock. I unzipped my jeans and began to play with myself as I watched the young lad sucking the guy's cock. He sucked him for a while and then the dark haired guy pulled his cock out of the lad's mouth and motioned to him to stand up. The lad stood up and the dark haired guy whispered something in his ear. A short time later, the lad was bent over the toilet, his jeans and his white underpants down at his ankles and I had a perfect view from above as the dark haired guy pushed his condom clad cock slowly up his slim arse. I noticed that, as he did so, he pushed the condom half way down his cock.... He began to fuck the young lad, slowly at first, and then he began to fuck him a bit harder. He fucked him for a while and then his cock slipped out the young lad's arse. In just a few seconds, the dark haired guy had removed the condom and pushed his cock back up the young lad's arse. He began to really fuck the young lad now and I had a perfect view from above of this big, thick, hairy cock thrusting up the young lad's pale, slim arse - now without a condom. I knew this should't turn me on but somehow it did and I was wanking now as I watched him take hold of the lad's hips and begin to fuck him harder. I could see the dark haired guy was getting close and I looked at the young lad. His eyes were closed and he had a look of sheer pleaseure on his face as he pushed his arse back against the dark haired guy's thrusts. Just then the dark haired guy thrust hard up the lad's arse a few times and then pushed his cock right up him and held it there. I knew we was cumming in the young lad's unprotected arse and as he did I shot my load down the cubicle wall. The dark haired guy left the cubicle and I watched as the young lad pulled up his pants, totally unaware that he had just been bred. I found it hard to stop thinking about the scene I had witnessed and I was shocked by how much it had turned me on. I thought back to the load I had taken a few weeks before and how good it had felt in my arse. That night I drove up to Hampstead Heath and before long I was bent over being fucked - without a condom. I let two more guys fuck and breed me before fucking a young black lad without a condom and shooting my load right up his arse. As I drove home I could feel the cum sliding out into my pants and I knew I wanted more. The guy who stealthed me had unleashed something inside me - and I was now on a different path.
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    Food, what would he feel him? But hydrate he would. He found bottles of sport's drinks in the closet. He carefully opened each one and added g. He closed the bottles shook them up and put them in the fridg. Cold would kill any taste of the G. Jerry found the lasagna and feeling hungry ate it himself. He opened a can of noodle soup, and got it ready to heat in the micro. No solid food for Rod today and he won't have to clean out. Jerry went back to Rod's computer. He had done a good job of downloading disgusting gay porn. Really hard core stuff. The kid will have to be loopy when he sees it, Jerry thought. Wait, there was another email from the blocked address. Jerry read it twice. Nonsense. He went recon and created an account for Rod. He would make one for several bareback sites. No pix of his face, just his big cock and hot open ass. When Jerry finished, Rod was stirring. As he came to, Rod said is it still hard, Jerry. "Please Jerry, help it to go down. I know you must know some way." Jerry replied, "Well they always go done when they are hurt, don't they?" Rod agreed, except when they are in a zipper that is. It was good Rod could laugh. Jerry said, "Buddy, I'll do my best." He picked up a meter stick and snapped it on Rod's hard cock. Rod, winced. Nothing. Rod said, "Harder Jerry." It has to go down. I have to go to church tomorrow. That made a light go on for Jerry. He had another idea, but for now, more cock torture. After 20 sharp slaps with the stick, nothing. Jerry had an idea. He pulled some safety pins from his bag, sterile sealed in plastic. He made a ladder of pins up Rods cock, took a shoe lace and pulled it thru the pins and tried pulling the penis down in the front. It started to bend, but wouldn't go down. " Jerry, take them out," Rod pleaded. "It hurts so bad" Not yet, Rod. But, Jerry. With that Jerry hit the big cock again, pins and all. Rod almost passed out. It wasn't working. Jerry fished in the trash, found an empty toilet paper roll. He dug in Rod's drawer to find the thumbtacks He pushed the tacks thru the roll only barely. Then he worked the roll down Rod's huge cock. When the head was clear and the roll was at the root, Jerry squeezed the roll so the tacks dug into Rod's poor huge dick. Rod produced the two thorns. They were huge. He shoved one into each side of the glans, which now was much fatter than the toilet paper roll tube. Rod was sweating profusely again. It hurts so bad. One lude later, Rod was calm. Jerry was glad he had taken them from a patient. Rod would rest a while. Jerry rolled him over onto his stomach making sure his dick inside the toilet paper roll was dead center with his navel. He pulled out the butt plug and fucked Rod viciously three more times. With his head to one side, Rod was smiling. Stay tuned for more, much more
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    I was almost 15. I went away to wrestling camp. One of the counselor coaches was just out of college wrestling about 180lbs walking around at least 190 and lil over 6'. he had a big floppy cock he always had to adjust in his shorts. It was kind of swollen and made a massive bulge in his spandex shorts. In one of the sessions we were drilling and i was playing around trying to rub his bulge and embarrass him with a boner. After the room cleared out he made me stay back and drill for playing around and not taking the session seriously. It didn't work i kept goofing. So he started doing take downs, which basically meant no matter what my then 125lb body got dropped and pinned to the mat hard. One of the times we got back up i noticed he had a bit of a boner, and I teased him, hoping to embarrassed him and get let go to join my friends in dining hall. To not get into sorid details I ended up on the mat with him on top of me, my singlet peeled down around my thighs,but poking out of my jock. when i tried to get up he just held me down and fucked me. hurt like hell until he started to cum, then it got easier. he came 2-3 times and didn't stop hammering away till he was done. After he told me to hurry up and hit the shower i was going to miss lunch.
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    Rod entered school with a group of his buds, As he did, female heads turned, some male heads as well. Principal Adams saw him and said, Hey, Rod, I have something for you. Rod approached the 5"10" man towering over him and thanked him for the pass. They exchanged pleasantries, talked about an upcoming dance, and Rod moved on. His first period class was Calculus. Rod had a mind for numbers and logic. There was a pop quiz and Rod knew he had aced it. Mr Johnson asked him to stay after class. There was a math bowl coming up and he wanted Rod to participate. Rod said, "Mr Johnson, I will be happy to help out if I can get time off work. Give me some lead time and I'm sure Mr. Higgins will find a way to let me go for the time." Mr Johnson replied, "It is 2 weeks from Saturday. I hope Mr Higgins will cooperate." Rod nodded and said that he'd ask. Rod was fairly certain Mr Higgins would agree, but refused to commit until he was certain. He was like that. When he gave his word, it was like a promise from God. The day passed quickly and one o'clock had Rod in the conference room with Coach and a Mr Samson from State U. Mr Samson had seen the game films. He had seen Rod play. He knew he wanted this kid, but wanted to red shirt him for the first year. Rod was uncertain about that. He had to talk it over with his parents and think it thru. Mr Samson gave coach his card and said, "Son, rules say I can't contact you directly, but if you have questions or concerns, Coach will contact me and be the go between. It was already 2:30, the final bell range at 2:40 so Coach said, "Don't interrupt your last class. Just get your things from your locker and head on out." Rod thanked him and headed to his car. It would be a short drive to the gym for workouts. He'd have an hour, then take the car home, have a snack, take a shit and piss, and walk to work. Everyone knew Rod was a creature of habit and a couple buds met him as he walked to work. They all wanted to know what the Coach had lined up for him. Rod explained. They all agreed he should not redshirt. He was ready for big league of university football. Rod, as usual, said that he'd talk it over with his parents. Mr Higgins was ready to leave for dinner at home when Rod arrived. Rod talked with him about the math bowl and Mr Higgins agreed to come in on that Saturday so Rod could participate. Rod, thanked him profusesly. Mr Higgins said, "I am proud of you on the football field and in the classroom. Go and do your best." Rod broke his own rule and had a Coke to celebrate the day. After all, it was a good day for him. Scholarship offer and be a star in math bowl. The evening was quiet. Only four customers. Mr Koury needed a flapper for his toilet. Mrs Johnson wanted some paint mixed. Mr Murphy needed some machine screws. Other than that, Rod studied and played on the Internet. He always checked emails last. The usual letters about nothing, but one was different, sender was blocked. Rod thought he shouldn't open it, but did. More to come, and cum
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    Justin begged him to just let him suck him off and finally the guy agreed. Justin started to try to get on his knees but the guy held his hips with one hand and pushed him forward and forced his mouth to stay on the cock and his ass was up. The guy go the little tin out and slide three rocks in him. Soon Justin was flying and sucking deep on that big dick. The white guy played with his hole and whispered in Justin's ear. Boy, your hole is really hungry isn't. You need fucked bad don't you! Keep sucking that dick and get it really wet and then back your sweet white ass up on the huge dirty dick. Show me how much you want that huge duck boy. Back up and show me how hungry that hole is. Show me that little slut pussy loves BBC. Justin turned around and grabbed that big dick and held it and pressed his ass against it and it popped inside him. The guy rubbed his chest and told him what a good boy he was, press down and open that cunt. He put poppers under the kids nose and Justin started to sink down on that big dick and when he was half way on it he tried to pull up but the guy grabbed him and held him and beat his hand on the wall and the guy started to slow fuck Justin, the good looking guy wrapped his hand around Justin's face and covered his mouth as he moaned and squealed loudly as the guy opened up and stretched his cunt more. Justin laid his head on the guys chest his mouth covered and his hole getting raped by a huge black dick. The guy holding him kept whispering what a good whore boy he was, backing up on big dirty black dick and taking their cum in your hot young white hole. The guy could tell his buddy was about to blow the third charged load in Justin and he held him tighter and said, boy if I did not know any better I would say you were trying to get pregnant! You are such a hot slut! You have some of the hottest cum in you boy. You have more work to do. Be here tonight at 10 same booth boy. The guy took his hand off the boys mouth and Justin said I will Sir. Good cunt boy! Now suck my dick till I cum in your mouth you made me rock hard being suck a cum whore. Justin sucked and jacked the guys dick and after four minute the guy grabbed Justin's head and shoved his cock deep and shot another load into Justin. Good boy! What time are you gonna be here tonight? Justin said 10 once he finished coughing. With that the guy opened the door and left Justin on his knees feeling spent but satisfied. The place was empty, Justin grabbed his phone and it had an address and 8PM. Text me only once and confirm you will be there with yes sir. Justin text "Yes Sir" the text back was follow all instructions, there will be a note on the door with direction and instructions. Do not text me back,. Justin put himself and just when he was going to unlock the door and leave the both to the left and right opened up. The temptation was too great and he turned around and sat down and looked through each hole. On the right was a skinny twink and to the left a jock both looked like college boys. Justin rubbed the hole to the right and nothing happened and then the hole to the left and soon the guy pulled down his shorts and exposed a long thing uncut dick. It hardened quickly and he slide it through the hole. Justin sucked and worked his dick and it only took three minutes and the guy shot in his mouth. Justin pulled off and turned and the other guy had put his thick 8 inches through the hole and Justin went to work on the twink who said nothing but let Justin work his thick mean for ten minutes and shot a thick load in Justin's mouth. OMG Justin thought that kids cum was so sweet.
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    Justin heard a beating on his door and the attend said, put your fucking money in the machine and he quickly put a dollar in and text the number on the card. His text said: Justin - Hi, you just gave me your card and told me to text you before I left the booth. The guy - Good fucking whore,I could tell the moment you started sucking my big dick that you were a slut worth keeping. There are rules for fag whores and I need to know you will follow them. You do not text me but only answer future text, you will serve me and any man I direct you to service now and in the future. You will be available when your slut whore mouth is needed. Do you understand your role faggot whore? Justin - Yes I do! The guy - You will receive at text at 5:30 tonight with directions. No fucking questions, there will be a note at the door when you arrive and you will be a good faggot whore and follow every detail. Understood? Justin - Yes! Justin fed another dollar in and rubbed his dick. He wanted to text him back but fought off the desire to ask him any questions. He slipped his sunglasses and hat back on and got dressed and left the boon and headed home. He needed to be back at 5 to be there for the construction worked. He decided to go at 4:15 to make sure he had cum in his ass when the guy used him again. Justin stopped at the ATM on the way home to get more cash for the booths and made him home by noon, When he arrived he got on the bed and slipped off his shorts and played with his hole and tasted the cum inside and rubbed his dick and got it to harden up a little and jacked off and came hard again then dozed off to sleep. He woke up two hours later and got up and showed, the cum was still on his stomach from his hard cum. He felt a little rough and def thirsty. He went the fridge and remember he had not gotten anything on the way to or back from the Bookstore so he grabbed one of the drinks number one and drank it down. Then stripped and hopped in the shower but could not get himself to clean the hot cum he had in his ass out. He just dried off and went to the computer. He pulled up BBRT. He had 75 messages this time. The first one was a guy who had emailed him the day before and told him he wanted to blow his poz nut in his hot neg ass and he was going to do it very soon! He had pulled number two from the breeding order so that neg boy hole would soon be his. He looks the guys picture, no face but a hot body and a beautiful 9" dick with PA. Justin closed it and sat there and rubbed his dick and then opened it again and had to look at this guy again. Wow! Then he saved it and opened the next email. In the back of his mind he was struggling with two competing thoughts, first why where those dicks so hot on those Poz guy and Why would want to fuck his neg ass. His balls tingled and the next three emails were all poz guys. Most of them were from out of town. and but one common theme, they all wanted to put their poz dick in his unprotected hole several spelled out. Fuck, that was sick Poz dick fucking a my hole but their dicks were so hot and he was totally horny. He had several guys ask him if he was on PreP. he responded that he did not know what that was and the guys emailed back good! Hate boys who do that shit! Justin thought it must be a street drug. within 20 minutes of telling those guys that he was not on PreP he had over 100 emails. He looked at his clock and closed BBRT and headed to the shower to clean out so he was ready to take some fresh cum. He needed to be back to the GH by 4PM so he was ready by 4:30 for the construction guy.
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    Next up was Hamburg where I checked out the back rooms of TOM’s Saloon. It was a Thursday night and the crowds seem to be dying down a bit, so I was thinking “damn, I should’ve came earlier “. I ordered a beer and started to walk around the place getting to where the dark rooms were in the back of the bar. I started walking down the narrow hallway which had cubbies on one side. Leaning against the wall was an older bear with a full beard and rounded stomach. I barely had time to make eye contact with him before he grabbed me and shoved me into the nearest cubby. He pushed me into the corner while reaching to unbutton my pants and pull them down. Once my ass was exposed, he forced my head down so that my hole was exposed and available. He unzipped and pulled out a decent size dick that I didn’t have time to prepare for before he was shoving it in me. This was literally a raw fuck with no chance for lube. The first few minutes were painful as the friction of his fuck rubbed against my dry hole. Mercifully my ass juices began to flow and the tempo increased. With each charge of his penis as he roughly fucked me, my head banged into the corner of the cubby over and over. He leaned over me and grabbed my shoulders as I went from being impaled on his dick to smacked in the corner. He didn’t care; his needs were going to get met. After 15 minutes, I began to hear some grunts and groans as his cock pulsed his load into me. He pulled out, tucked himself back in, and left the cubby with not a word to me. My ass dripping, I rubbed the top of my head and pulled back up my jeans.
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    Business was brisk from 9 to 11 and Rod didn't have time to use the nasal spray on account of the do it yourself customers, But when it slowed down, Rod called Jerry and said he hadn't used the nose spray, the store was too busy, should he take more and make up the doses. Jerry said, " What time will you close the store? Five" Rod said, "Always when the clock strikes five. It is a routine. I am used to routine in my life." Jerry made a mental note. That beautiful ass was going to get used to a routine, a routine of being booty bumped and fucked. Jerry asked if the house was open. Rod said, "The key is under a rock next to the rose bush, but be careful. It is thorny." Oh, he never should have said thorny. It gave Jerry another idea. Rod asked if Jerry would be there to take care of him when he got home. Jerry said, "I take good care of you as long as you trust me to." Rod said, "Thanks man. You are the best friend a guy could ask for." "Oh, take four hits, err, sprays of the bottle when you leave for home. Just in case you get woozy, you walked didn't you?" Jerry added. Rod said, "Will do, Dude. See you when I get home" Jerry could hardly contain himself. When the boy gets home he will be a little woozy, another real treatment and he'll be ready for more than that buttplug, he thought. I'll get him to the point that he begs me to put things in him, then I'll give him a little of Miss Tina. He'll be flying high and begging for more. When and if that cock goes down, I'm going to cage it in a big enough cage to drive him crazy but not let him jack off. Meanwhile, I'll make him wish that cock would go down by telling him the only hope is to hurt it. Jerry spent the rest of the day planning and getting the stuff he knew he'd need.
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    I've been getting laid by the same three guys for a while. They're all roommates and they work as roofers, so when it rains they don't go to work. It's been raining a lot lately so I've been able to spend more time getting my pussy stroked out. Over the weekend I was there almost non stop being spoiled. The youngest roommate is 18 and he so sweet. I spent the night in his bed on Valentine's day and he my ass was completely satisfied when I went to sleep. On Saturday morning he fucked me as soon as he woke up and then he made me breakfast 💘 It was so romantic. I spent the rest of Saturday and all day Sunday with all three of my men, then I had to go to work yesterday. My pussy was itching for cock all day so when I got off work I hurried back to their place to have it serviced by all three of them. When I went home last night it felt like I was floating on a cloud. I slept in this morning and I'm in such a good mood right now. I'm horny to see them again but they did such a good job that I can wait until I get off work tonight.
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    We wandered back to the bar, going in the back door this time. Joey had seen us so by the time we got to the bar two pints were waiting for us. "You like that hoppy shit as I recall" Joey said and I nodded. "Good crowd tonight. Judging by the cars and the campsites most are staying here?" I asked Joey. "Mmmhmm. Should be a wild weekend" he replied. "Hey, can we grab a couple burgers, Joey?" I asked after taking a gaze around the bar. "Sorry, ran out of em a few hours ago. Pizza is all that's left" Joey said not waiting for a reply as he unwrapped one and tossed it in the little oven. Most of the guys in the bar were older than Louis and I but a handful were about our age. There really wasn't a single type of guy - tall, short, thin, thick, hairy, smooth but most had a beard and were evenly split between wearing shirts, mostly tees or tanks, and those just in their jeans or shorts. A lot of eyes were looking us over as we drank our beers and waited for the pizza. We got another beer and chowed down on the pizza as we scoped out the crowd. Once we were done guys started coming over and saying "hi." Some would chat and then ask if we were staying in the campground and seemed to be happy that we were going to be there for the weekend. Just before midnight Joey rang the bell and yelled out "Last call" and most of the crowd grumbled. Louis looked at me and said "What the fuck?" "This isn't some club in the city. They close early up here. It doesn't mean the fun ends... it just moves somewhere else" I replied. I grabbed a six pack to go and gave Louis a nudge. "Come on" I said and started to walk back towards our tent. We got back to the tent and I opened a couple bottles, handing one to Louis. I pulled my t-shirt off and threw it in the tent and held my hand out for Louis to give me his. Digging in his bag, I handed him his harness and then grabbed my own. Now properly dressed, we started to wander around the campground which was filling up as the bar emptied. We followed the path around and got to the back of the campground where only the moonlight that made it through the trees kept us from being in total darkness. I should have known better because almost immediately a couple guys jumped out from behind a large bush and pulled a heavy cloth bag over my head and cinched it tight. Louis screamed out "FUCK!!" and I knew they had got him too. I tried to struggle but without being able to see, I was just wasting my energy. My hands got pulled behind my back and bound. We got led about 50 yards and then we stopped. I could sense a bunch of people around me including the two that were holding on to me tightly. "Get their boots and jeans off" some deep, gruff sounding voice said. I felt someone grab my left boot and then muttered "Fuck... laces" before he unlaced and pulled off my tall boots. The right boot was dispatched and then my jeans were tugged off. A few hands rubbed over my exposed furry ass and a couple guys made some appreciative comments. My hands were untied and heavy leather cuffs were placed over each wrist. I was pushed a few more feet and my hands were placed on a horizontal steel rod before the cuffs were secured with the clicks from a padlock. I felt a large tree right in front of my face and gave a tug with my hands to confirm they were connected with some rope or cable on the other side of the tree. A few seconds later I felt another pair of hands on the steel rod and figured it was Louis. "Welcome to the Pig Poke, guys. You're the pigs that were selected and the rest of us get to do the pokin'" the same deep voice said followed by a hearty laugh. I braced against the handle and quickly had someone kick my legs apart. My ass got spread open, lube was dripped over my hole and a few fingers roughly pushed it inside. Another squirt of lube and the fingers were replaced by a thick cock pushing in. I heard a loud slap in front of me, followed by "Loosen up, motherfucker!" A few seconds later I heard Louis groan and knew he was taking his first dick of the night. The guy fucking me had quickly built up a firm, fast pace and I doubted he would last much longer. It seemed he hadn't fucked anyone in a while and needed to get off ASAP. I mumbled "Enjoy the ride" to Louis as the guy behind me slammed into my hole a few more times before shooting what felt like a gallon of cum up my chute. The grunting in front of me didn't sound like Louis and the growl that came next definitely wasn't his so it was probably Louis' fucker unloading inside of him. My guy pulled out and was replaced right away. The new guy had a bit more girth but was a little shorter and soon I felt his large belly and chest on my back and his heavy breath on my neck. He knew how to fuck, though, and his cock felt good in my now cummy hole. A loud groan next to my ear told me I was getting another stranger's load. Another cock was soon driving into my hole, this one feeling thinner but much longer. Someone pulled the cloth bag tight over my face and held some poppers to my nose. I took a few hits and then felt my hole relax some more. A slap to my head told me to work my ass on the cock that was plowing me. This guy lasted longer than the other two and I heard him getting some grief from the other guys for hogging my hole. He started hammering and then dumped his load in me. This continued for a couple hours, I think. We were buzzed with beer when we started and the poppers, cigar and pot smoke I was inhaling while getting fucked had me flying. I totally lost track of time and how many guys fucked or bred me. Guy after guy took turns fucking my hole until it was sore and gaping. Some took a couple minutes and others much longer. I know a few guys came back for very sloppy seconds. At the end my legs were sticky and cum had dried in the hair on my ass and legs. Finally, when there was no one else wanting our used up holes a couple guys unlocked us from the tree and led us back to our tent. They left the cuffs on our wrists and when I heard the zipper on the tent door stop, I reached up and pulled the cloth bag off of my head. I helped Louis get his bag off too and we laid there motionless for a few minutes. My body hurt and I could still feel cum dripping out of my ass. "What the fuck just happened" Louis asked. "Sorry, that's not what I had planned, Louis. We got royally fucked" I replied. I pulled Louis close to me and wrapped my arm around him as we faded off to sleep.
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    My old buddy stopped by for dinner and a movie earlier. We ate and then watched the movie MA. I got distracted as he's grown his winter beard long, plus I know he has a beautiful 8" cock. I eventually leaned over to his crotch and began rubbing it. He looks at me and smirks, saying he knew I'd be wanting some of his cock. He unzips and I suck his cock and go down until my face is in his bush. He's not had head from me since I got dentures, and is surprised I can deep throat him so easily. He's moaning and telling me I shouldn't have waited until I was 50 to get my teeth removed. I'm surprised by how aggressive he is forcing my head up and down, and before I know it he's nutting straight down my throat. He holds my head on his cock and tells me to nurse it back to hardness by the time the movie is over so he can fuck me. Well, I spent the next 30 minutes with his cock in my mouth, and he was fully hard soon as the credits rolled. He turned me around, got my jeans lowered, and slid in my ass nice n slow. A steady fuck for 15 minutes and he blows his load in my ass. He just left a bit ago. I'm typing this as I watch the end of the movie again and his load is leaking outta my ass.
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    I love being vers and wouldn't change that for anything, but I do think that total tops and total bottoms are more "skiiled" in their roles. I'm happy to be all one way or the other depending who I'm with, but my favorite fuck sessions are group fucks and the more vers the better. I went to a pretty big group about a month ago - hadn't been in close to a year, so I was kinda "fresh meat". I really wanted to get fucked, but I think due to being "daddy" age and pretty big cock I had a couple bottoms all over me from the start. I know it looked like I was a top to anyone watching. I finally just asked someone to fuck me and got on all 4s on the edge of the bed. As soon as I did that 2 of the guys I'd fucked earlier and THOUGHT they were ALL bottom came over and fucked me after the first guy. I flipped back and forth with one of them about 4 flips. After that I was fucking one, and someone came up behind be and slid up my hole......no better feeling than a train fuck when you're vers!!!! But I especially love total tops or total bottoms for one on one and each guy knows his role.
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    I was going to be in Colorado Springs on Tuesday night, and hadn't been there in years. A couple of days before, I went on Scruff and searched guys around where our hotel is and viewed a few profiles. I was sent a message by a HOT super muscular guy who's profile I'd looked at. He was gorgeous. Super worked out, dark hair, blue eyes, hairy chest and legs, shoulder tat, light scruff on his face. Just...wow. He said I was very handsome and asked if I was planning on visiting soon. I told him I'd be arriving Tuesday night and would be free late. He said he's always up for a late night "drink", and we should get together. I agreed and said I'd contact him Tuesday afternoon. I messaged him late afternoon Tuesday and it took him a while to write back. He said work had been really crap that day, he was exhausted, and not sure if he could meet up. But Wednesday he was free after 1pm. We were going to be checking out around 3pm on Wednesday, so I told him that was ok but he'd have to be "in and out" by about 2:15 so I could shower and get ready for work. He said that'd be fine, he'll message me at 1pm and let me know when he was heading over. He messaged on time, and said he'd be there at 1:30. I reminded him that he had until 2:15. We were both ok with a somewhat quick get together as he had a 4 day load he was eager to get rid of. He showed up at 1:40 wearing a suit and was just as hot as his pics. He quickly got undressed and laid out on the bed. My god, what an amazing body he had. I said that I never asked if he liked to make out or not. He told me, "sure, we can kiss a bit before you suck my dick." So I got on top of him, kissed a bit, then I turned my attention to his dick. He slowly got hard and he complimented my on my oral skills (I never considered oral as one of my strengths, but I've heard lately that I'm very good at it). He stood up and told me to get on my back with my ass on the edge of the bed. He slowly started fucking me, with just the head of his dick first (I LOVE this!), and he said he enjoyed watching my face as he fucked me. We changed positions a few times, and he really liked it once my hole opened up and wasn't so tight. When he rolled me onto my back, he asked if I wanted his load. I said "yes, please. I NEED your cum". He kept up his regular rhythm and told me "you're getting it right now". His tempo hadn't changed, and he was fairly quiet...I actually thought maybe he didn't cum. But as he pulled out I felt some of his load drip out and slide down my crack. A quick trip to the bathroom to clean up, and he was getting dressed. It was 2:05 when he left. As soon as the door closed behind him I got on the bed and slid my fingers into my hole, then tasted the cum that was on them. It was a very sweet load. I got rock hard and started to stroke my dick as I fingered my cummy hole. I didn't have much time, so I took a hit of poppers and pushed out as much cum as I could into my hand. I got it in my mouth just as I blew my load all over my chest. Once I caught my breath I got in the shower, cleaned up, got dressed, and headed down for pickup. I didn't have much of his cum left in my ass, but I loved going to work a freshly fucked slut. If only the 3 girls on my crew knew what I'd just done.
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    Still getting messages over this story, which is flattering as fuck. And yes, I'm still planting loads in those hairy cubs' asses.
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    Jerry got to the house plenty early. He needed to reconnoiter a bit. He needed to find out where the routine driven Rod kept his most secret stuff. When he arrived, he pulled a knife from the kitchen drawer and sliced two big thorns off the climbing rose. Be careful of the thorns, he remembered. He started looking thru Rod's drawers. He found the mask they had used to blindfold Rod for his birthday party back in October. Jerry thought that might come in handy. He kept it out. Jerry was amazed. He found no sign of any porn, gay or hetero. He even looked under the mattress. Nothing. This guy was too square to be true. Then it hit him. The computer. Jerry hit the enter button, it was on and unlocked and sprang to life. emails were up. Jerry read thru them all. None of any consequence except that odd one with no return address. Jerry read it 4 times. it still didn't make sense. Well, he'd look into it later when Rod was fast asleep. Jerry had his phone ready for videos. He also brought a few removable tattoos of consequence, his hair trimmers, and a straight razor. Jerry thought he might be able to convince Rod to let him shave his pubes to promote the healing of his sore cock. He had just a little time. That is when he found the measuring cup. Funny he had missed it before. It was in the shower. He held it close to his face. The smell was unmistakable, strong morning piss. Now why would Rod need a measuring cup. He thought hard and only one answer was possible. He was measuring the flow, NO, can't be. It would be too much for that cup. He'd find out when he had Rod in that state of bliss when he would answer any question unawares.
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    After the remedication, the powder forced down the urethra, and the crystal looking rock forced up his ass, Rod said he felt strange. Jerry said, "I have just the thing. He produced a nasal spray bottle. When you feel to strange, take a sniff of this." Little did Rod know, it was a product called poppers in a prescription bottle "How many times should I use it, Jerry?" the big jock asked. Jerry said," 2 times an hour. When you get home from work, call me. I will be over to check on you. " "Jerry, you are a lifesaver,"Rod said. Jerry rubbed a cream into Rod's big cock, wrapped it neatly in gauze and said. " What do you have to wear to work?" Khakis and a blue shirt was the uniform. So, Jerry said, "You won't get your cock caught again will you?""No Sir, Rod answered quickly. Jerry said, "One more thing. You will be on your feet all day. I need to keep the meds from running out your ass. Bend over, Buddy." Jerry inserted a nice butt plug in Rod's ass. Odd, but Rod felt it should be there, maybe even more. Jerry left and Rod got ready for work. When he left the house, Rod found walking moved the plug around and it wasn't unpleasant. What if it fell out. Rod would call Jerry from work to check.
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    Jerry had been watching that hot ass for a long time. He had just given Rod his first booty bump. Within an hour Rod would be looking for anything to shove up that ass. When he found that Rod's parents would be gone all day Friday, he knew that Rod would need another treatment, before work and after. Rog had to go for college entrance tests three towns away. Jerry would have that Rodney's big rod and fine ass all to himself until quite late Saturday. Jerry smiled knowing he wasn't even on call. Some things just work out, Jerry thought. He would use a little sodiumpentathol to learn secrets, use that fine ass a few time take pix and have Rod right where he should be, Jerry's cunt. Much more to cum
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    he hoped the flap would cover his skin and entered the front of the store. Susie Sanders said, "I was about to leave. I thought you had gone. She flirted for a good 20 minutes and Rod did his best to hide his pain. When she left he went into the back room. He tried pulling the zipper down. Hopeless, he couldn't hold on to it. He grabbed a vice grips and began to pull, nothing. What was he to do? He thought what are friends for. He'd take a ribbing but Rog would get him out. He dialed, "Rog get to the hardware store now. I'm in trouble." Five minutes later Rog came thru the door panting hard. What's wrong. All he saw was Rod's head around the rack of plumbing supplies. "Rog, come over here. Hurry!" Rog did as he was told. Then he saw it, ugly purple skin pushed out the flap on the Khakis. Rog almost passed out. "Rog, get a grip. I got to get out of this!" Rod pleaded. Rog said, "I'll get a vice grips, that should do it" Rod handed him one. He said it won't budge. Rog said, we have to shrink it! ICE! Ice will make it go down. Rog ran to the café and brought back a large cup of ice. He tried cubes on the part outside the zipper, No, It had to be inside. The two boys labored getting ice into those flat front Khakis. Rod had to lie down to keep it from falling out. Rog said, " Hell didn't your underwear protect you." Then as he shoved ice in he learned Rod's love of commando. The ice seemed to make a little progress. Try now. Rog who had been shoving the ice in while Rod held his hands both sides of his engorged dick, got the zipper to start to move. After another 30 minutes the dick was free but badly mangled. It hurt and hurt bad. The drugstore was about to close when Rog burst in asking for a lidocaine cream. He bought a large tube and ran back into the hardware store where Rod was dripping with sweat. His long hair was a tangled mess. His face contorted. His soaked Khakis clung to his legs. "Open it for me, please hurry, Rog" was all Rod could say. Rod slathered his big ugly cock with the cream. It help a little. But he had to get home. Rod stood, Oh, wet khakis aren't nice. He grabbed his gym bag, pulled out the sweaty short and pulled them on. He went to the back of the store for a mop. Rog said, " let me do that for you buddy." He mopped the wet up while Rod locked up. He stuffed the wet Khakis in his gym bag and the two locked up. Rog went home with Rod. Never leave a brother in trouble by himself. When they got home, Rod stripped off his clothes like a wild man. The lidocaine didn't help much. There was a little blood and scab forming. Rog had never seen anything that ugly. Rog said, we need my brother, he's off duty. Rog's brother was a jr EMT for the county. Rog's brother Jerry, took one look and said, "Man that is a mess. But I can help. Let me get some supplies from my case." Jerry said, I need to look inside that urethra man. If that is damaged we go to hospital. He produced a speculum, lubed it and pushed it in, slowly opening it. I want to put some powder in to disinfect it but you better piss first. Now, that was another problem. He had to piss four ounces, drink it and pour the rest away. Rod went to the john, got his four ounces and drank it. He came back into the bedroom where Jerry had the speculum, some powder, and a probe ready. He opened Rod's cock wider than Rod believed possible, dipped the probe in the powder, and down the urethra it went. He repeated the action 3 times to be sure. Then he said, I have to be sure. I'm going to use anti-biotic on your dick and wrap it with gauze. It will probably be hard all night, but that is good. Don't piss until morning. Now, Rod, You need to lie on your stomach. I'm going to put some pain killer in your ass. It will help you to sleep. Rod thought strange but did and he was told. Rog gloved up, lubed his glove and pulled what looked like a crystal out of a bottle. He inserted it Rods ass. Rod said it burned as much as what was in his urethra. Rog said, " It has to burn to work. Now I want you sleep on your back. For the sake of that mangled dick, don't roll over.
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    The trouble with emails was you never knew what was what for sure. Rod read the short email. It made little sense to him. It was as tho it were sent to someone else. In his usual fashion he went thru the store, locking the back door, turning off lights, closing off the store room, turning out lights, turning on the security light, locked the front door and walked toward home. He was sorry he drank that Coke, he had to piss in the worst way. He would fight it as it would throw off his routine. When he got home there was a note from mom saying she and dad had gone to a late movie. Super was ready to heat up in the microwave. Rod sat at the kitchen table fighting the need to piss. It was strong, so he did what he did when he knew he had to wait. He pulled a clothes peg out of the drawer. He opened his belt, opened his pants and out flopped Rod's rod. He knew it was a big one. He clamped the clothes peg on it. He knew from experience the pain would relieve the urge to piss. He closed up his pants, the sharp pain in the cockhead alleviated the desire to piss, but always made him hard. He really missed the pleated pants because the flat front really compressed his big rod of a dick. He ate the dinner. He didn't want to use the last of the milk, so he drank what was left of a sport's drink. Out loud, he said, "God, I have to piss like a race horse." Then he headed upstairs for his nightly routine. Everything proceeded in order. But, he knew he wouldn't be able to stop once the piss started, so he pissed into a measuring cup in the shower, pulling it away at 4 ounces. He pissed a long time, blessed relief. He prayed the usual but added one about the scholarship. When his head hit the pillow and his hand grasped his cock, he drifted off, dreaming of the university, the math bowl, the scholarship, football, and the strange email. When he woke, his routine would be the same, except his cock head was badly bruised. He wore the clothes peg too long. Well, Friday is Friday and things have to be done, bruised cock or not. But seeing the bruised cock somehow excited him. He found himself getting rock hard. More trouble for the morning. He dressed, stuffed that thing into his flat front pants, and felt the back of the zipper. It hurt and Rod adjusted it. Then he readjusted it right back against the zipper. Bulge was more than obvious. Heck, he readjusted it and went downstairs. Mom kissed his hair, he kissed her cheek. Dad said he and mom wanted to go to the lake Saturday for the day. Would that be all right? Would he be fine? Since he had to work, he didn't see a problem with the trip. They would leave early and be home by midnight. Don't wait up! As Rod drove to school, he kept readjusting his cock, onto the zipper. The barbed teeth gave him a strange feeling. He liked it. He parked in his usual spot, adjusted his cock, saw Susie Sanders waved, She waited for him to get out of the car. He had to readjust first. They walked in together. Once inside, Principal Adams said there was a message for him in the office. Rod had time, so he went to get it. It was a simple phone message from Mr Higgins. Could he get to the Hardware store a little early to unload some things into the back room. Rod knew Mr Higgins expected it and planned to do it. Cut short his gym time, but he owed Mr Higgins. At the end of Math class, Rod stopped in the john, he entered a stall and adjusted himself against those barbed zipper teeth. It scared him that he liked to so much. He rubbed it. Yes. He did like it. Well no time now, he readjusted and headed to class. His buds thought he had the runs, he was in the john between every class, and spent 15 min of lunch in there. While he drove home he shifted his dick back and forth across that zipper. He pulled into the garage, closed the door, jogged the 100 feet to the back door and let himself in. He hurried upstairs to get his gym bag, but went into the bathroom to look at his dick in the mirror. It was swollen and ugly colored. He almost broke down and put on underwear. But didn't. He walked to the gym, did most of his routine, showered, got dressed and headed to the hardware store. Mr. Higgins thanked him heartily for coming in. He said he and his wife had to go to her sisters. She was sick and had 3 little kids. He would not be home until Monday. Rod would be in charge in the hardware store. Rod told him not to worry. "Go ahead now, Mr Higgins. I will take care of things here. Do I need to make a deposit?" Mr Higgins said not today, but Saturday afternoon after 5. Put the usual in the night deposit at the bank down the street. Rod said understood. Mr Higgins hurried out. Rod stepped behind the rack of plumbing supplies and began rubbing his big cock against his zipper. Funny he had never tried this before. It was quiet in the store and he went to the john. He opened his pants and took a good look, big hard cock. Then he heard the bell. That was the portent of tragedy. In his hurry, he zipped skin "
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    Part 6 - Cruising for unprotected sex It was the mid 90s and I had not long turned 30. After many years of carefully practising safe sex, I was starting to fuck and be fucked without condoms more and more and I was really getting off on the risk. It felt like there was no safety net and I loved it. I had not heard the term barebacking at this time - it was referred to as "sex without a condom" or "unprotected sex" if anyone referred to it at all, which most people didn't. There seemed to be an assumption that everyone was playing safe and certainly all of my friends thought I was. They had no idea that even the phrase "unprotected sex" made my dick go hard. When I then started initiating sex without a condom I was surprised at how many guys were up for it - and especially surprised at how many guys who were in relationships seemed happy to cheat on their partners without protection. One hot summer night I was cruising on Hampstead Heath with my friend Alan from Scotland. I had been friends with Alan for ten years and when he came to stay with me in London we would sometimes go cruising. Alan had been with his partner for many years but he liked to stray now and then when he was away from home and the year before I had discovered that Alan sometimes fucked without a condom. We had a threesome with a blond lad we met in a pub in West London and both Alan and I had fucked the lad without a condom. The next morning Alan had admitted he got bored of always using condoms and we had ended up in bed together where I fucked him and came deep in his unprotected arse. Alan had told me he was horny when he arrived earlier that afternoon and and after a meal in a restaurant in West London, we decided to head up to Hampstead Heath. I had been really turned on watching Alan fuck the blond lad without a condom and even more turned on by that fact that Alan had offered me his arse and let me cum in him. I was very horny and looking forward to going cruising and I wondered if Alan would fuck without a condom again. We cruised around for a while and then I recognised a guy I had met before standing a little way back from the path. Matthew was in his late 20s, short, with dark, spiky hair and really fit body and arse. I had met Matthew and his partner a month or so earlier one Sunday lunch time in the same bar Alan and I met the blond lad. We had started chatting and it was clear they were up for a threesome. I liked both of them, but was especially attracted to Matthew - he had a great body and a really fit, slim arse. They told me that, although they had the occasional threesome and enjoyed sex with other guys, they only ever fucked with each other. Matthew's partner explained that they felt it was too much of a risk to fuck with other guys even with a condom, but indicated that they were happy for me to watch them fuck. I was a bit disappointed that I wasn't going to get to fuck Matthew, but the thought of watching him take his boyfriend's cock up his fit arse turned me on and soon we were on our way back to their flat. Soon we all had our pants down and Matthew went down and started sucking me as I kissed his boyfriend. Matthew sucked us both for a while and soon we were all naked on the bed and Matthew was sucking his boyfriend's cock with his arse in the air and I pulled his cheeks apart and pushed my tongue into his arse. I rimmed Matthew for a while and then we changed places and I felt Matthew's tongue up my arse as I sucked his boyfriend. We sucked and rimmed each other for a while and then Matthew knelt up on the bed and I watched as his boyfriend pushed his bare cock slowly but surely right up Matthew's arse. Matthew sucked my cock for a while as his boyfriend fucked him and then I pulled out his mouth and went round to watch them fuck. I could tell his boyfriend was close and soon I was watching as he thrust his cock hard up Matthew's arse and unloaded in him. I watched as he pulled his cock out and some cum slid out of Matthew's hole. I was very horny now and ready to cum and Matthew turned round and took my cock into his mouth. His boyfriend got up and said he was going for a shower. "I'll leave you to finish him off," he said to Matthew as he nodded to me with a smile and left the room. Matthew sucked me for a while and then, as we heard the sound of the shower, Matthew pulled his mouth off my cock and turned round, pushing his arse towards me. I was really surprised, but I didn't hesistate. I pulled his cheeks apart, lined up my cock and pushed right up him, my cock sliding easily up his cummy hole. "We have to be quick," he said as I took hold of his hips and began to fuck him. I knew that wouldn't be a problem as I was already really close to cumming and I fucked him slowly at first and then began to fuck him harder. After about ten or twelve more thrusts I began to cum in his arse and just as I finished and pulled out, we heard the shower going off. We were sitting on the bed when Matthew's partner joined us with no idea that I had just fucked Matthew and dumped a load up his cheating arse. Matthew recognised me and grinned as he came towards us I introduced him to Alan and we chatted for a while. I asked where his boyfriend was and he said he was away visiting family. Alan and Matthew were obviously attracted to each other and soon we had moved off the path and into some bushes. Alan got his cock out first and Matthew went down on him and soon he was taking turns sucking us, alternating from one to the other. After a while, Matthew stood up, pulled his trousers and pants down and bent over to suck Alan's cock. His arse was now in the air and I went round and began to finger Matthew's arse. He was already lubed and he didn't even look round as I pushed my cock up him an began to fuck. Alan looked at me "Are you wearing a condom?" he asked. I shook my head and Alan grinned. I fucked Matthew for a while and then Alan took over and we took turns on him for a while - it was all very horny. I shot my load up Matthew's arse first and then Alan added his. When we had all pulled our pants up, Matthew said he was going to look for some more cock. Alan and I cruised round for a bit longer and soon Alan was cruising a fit black guy and I watched as they headed into the bushes. Alan motioned me to follow and I stood nearby and watched as the black guy unzipped his jeans and pulled them down along with his pants and Alan got down on his knees. The black guy seemed quite happy for me to watch as Alan began to suck his big cock. Alan sucked him for a while and then stood up and I watched as Alan fingered some lube into his arse and bent over. The black guy produced a condom, took it out and rolled it on to his cock. I heard Alan groan as the black guy pushed up his arse and I had a great view as they began to fuck. I was just thinking that the only thing that would make this hornier was if they were fucking without a condom when Alan pulled off the guy's cock and stood up. He said something to the black guy and the black guy nodded. I watched as the black guy pulled the condom off his cock and Alan bent over again. The black guy stood behind him and pushed his cock back up his arse - now without a condom. He began to fuck Alan harder and I could hear Alan grunting as the black guy pounded his now unprotected arse. I could tell the black guy was getting close and I heard him panting "Can I cum in your arse, mate?" and seconds later his head went back and he pushed his cock hard up Alan's arse and held it there. When he had finished cumming. the black guy pulled out, stuffed his cock back into his pants and disappeared. Alan looked over his shoulder and grinned at me. Seconds later I was standing behind him and my cock was up his arse. I began to fuck him and before too long I was adding my load to the black guy's. On our way back up to the path we saw Matthew again, leaning up against a tree being fucked by a stocky blond guy. It was a really horny experience and I was especially turned on by the fact that both Matthew and Alan were not only cheating on their partners but were letting total strangers fuck them without protection and load them up. I had another very horny experience later that summer when I was staying with a couple of friends in Hamburg. I had known Udo and Steffen for a few years and had stayed with them a few times. Of all my friends, they were the most committed to safe sex and they were both heavily involved in gay men's health campaigns and the promotion of the safe sex message. They had quite an open relationship, and although I had never fucked with either of them, we had gone cruising together in a club in Hamburg a few times and I had seen them both enjoy sex with other guys, always, of course, using condoms. Udo was in his mid 40s and Steffen was, like me, in his early 30s. On the Friday night Udo was working night shift and was getting ready to go out. Earlier on Steffen had asked me if I fancied going cruising at the Stadtpark with him later that night and Udo had said he wished he could come with us and told us to have fun but play safe! We both said we would and Udo went off to work. Later on Steffen and I got ready to go cruising and as I showered, I began to play with my cock. I wondered if I would get some time to myself - I really wanted to fuck some arse and possibly get fucked myself- preferably without a condom - and I knew that for this to happen I would probably need to lose Steffen at some point. When we were both ready Steffen asked me if I was up for a change in plan. He told me he knew of a much more interesting cruising ground outside Hamburg and asked me if I fancied giving it a try instead of the Stadtpark. I nodded and he grinned. "Great," he said and then, slightly to my surprise, he added "We dont need to tell Udo." Soon we were on the Autobahn heading out of Hamburg. Steffen drove for a while on the Autobahn and then exited onto another road and a little later I saw a sign for a picnic area up ahead and soon we were pulling into a layby set well back from the road. There were a lot of cars in the car park and quite a few guys heading into the bushes and soon I was following Steffen into the woods. It was a beautiful warm summer's night and I could smell aftershave and cigarette smoke somehow this made me even more horny. A couple of guys greeted Steffen and I guessed that this was probably a regular haunt of this when Udo was working night shift. We cruised around for a while and then headed over to a car which had a crowd of guys round it. Quite a few of the guys had their pants down and were playing with themselves and each other as they watched whatever was going on. We moved closer and I saw that a young blond guy was kneeling on the driver's seat being fucked from behind by an stocky older guy. Near by a couple of guys were being sucked and I knew this was going to be a good night. Steffen and I watched as the guy fucking the blond lad shot his load and pulled out, pulling a condom off his cock and throwing it on the ground. The guy standing next to him stepped up and pushed his cock up the blond lad - without a condom. I looked at Steffen, who shook his head, looking disapproving. I was really turned on, especially as after a short time the guy came up the blond lad's arse and pulled out and another guy pushed up him without a condom and began to fuck. Nearby a young Turkish lad was being fucked against a tree, and I was fairly sure that the guy fucking him wasn't using a condom either..... Steffen said he was going to take a walk into the woods and asked if I would be alright here for a while. He told me not to wander too far away from this area as I might get lost and said would come back for me in a while. I was well happy - my cock had been hard in my pants for some time and I couldn't wait to get in on the condom-free action which seemed to be going on all around me. I watched the action for a while - the blond guy was now being fucked by another guy and there was a queue of guys waiting to fuck him. I guessed that not many of them were planning to use a condom. I wandered around for a while and then I got cruised by the young Turkish guy I had seen being fucked earlier on. Another, older guy was cruising him too and soon the three of us were in the bushes. The Turkish lad sucked us both for a while and then stood up. He stood up, and turning around, he pulled his pants down and bent over. The older guy motioned to me to go first and I pushed my cock up the Turkish lad's arse. I knew I wouldn't last very long but I really needed to cum so I fucked the Turkish lad as the older guy fingered my arse and before too long I was shooting a nice big load of cum right into his arse. I pulled out and the other guy took over. I was feeling great, I was still very horny and I knew I would have no problem being able to cum again and I decided to cruise around and see if I could get a few loads up me before Steffen came back. I joined a group of guys wanking and sucking nearby and soon my pants were down and I was in the middle of the action. A young nerdy guy with glasses was the first to bend over and take a cock up his arse and a few minutes later I was bent over being fucked beside him. The guy fucking me was not wearing a condom and when he shot his load up me another guy took over and then another. I ended up being fucked by five or six guys in quick succession - only one of them used a condom and at least three of them shot their cum into me. I decided it was time to move on. The nerdy guy was still bent over being fucked and a fit, mid 30s blond guy was now bent over next to him. I needed to cum now and when the guy fucking him pulled out, I went up the nerdy guy and shot my load up him almost immeditely. I was drained now and ready to call it a night. I looked around but there was no sign of Steffen so I decided to go and look for him. I walked deeper into the woods, fairly confident I could find my way back if I needed to. A few guys were headed in the same direction and I assumed that this path led to another cruising area. After a very short time I came to an area with picnic tables and, if anything, this area seemed to be even busier. A number of guys were bent over being fucked over the picnic tables and it didn't take me long to realise that one of them was Steffen. He was being fucked hard by an older guy and several others were standing around him wanking and I knew instinctively that Steffen was being fucked without a condom. I moved closer and watched as the guy fucking him pulled his bare cock out Steffen's arse and another guy took his place. As the second guy pulled out, a tall thin guy with glasses took over and fucked Steffen and before long he was obviously cumming deep in his arse. When he pulled out a load of cum spurted out of Steffen's arse. I was genuinely shocked - but very turned on. I watched at three more guys fucked and loaded Steffen and then Steffen stood up and I thought I had better make my way back to the car park area - I didn't want Steffen to know I had been watching him. Steffen joined me a short time later and we made our way to his car. He asked if I had enjoyed myself and I told him I had a great time. He grinned and soon we were driving back to the flat where we had some supper and went to bed. The next morning I got up and Steffen was making breakfast in a T shirt and boxer shorts. I had always thought Steffen had an attractive arse, and I couldn't help wondering just how many loads he had taken up him the previous night. Just then Udo came in and as we sat down to breakfast he asked us if we had enjoyed ourselves at the Stadtpark. We both said yes and both assured him we had played safe. Later that year I was back in Hamburg with my friend Michael and a group of his friends spending a long weekend at the Christmas markets. I enjoyed the company very much although I only knew a few of them - some of the others I had met and one of two I didn't know at all. I was the only one who knew Hamburg well and soon I had become the unofficial tour guide. On the Saturday afternoon, most of them were going shopping in the town centre but one of the guys, Paul, said he wanted to visit the St Pauli football shop and asked me if I wanted to go with him. I had got talking to Paul the night before and we had discovered that we had quite a lot of interests in common including German football. I liked him a lot and, as his partner was not into football and was intending to go shopping with the others, I was happy to take him up on his offfer and we set off for the football ground, stopping for lunch together on the way. We got on well and I liked his sense of humour, which was very similar to mine. Paul was the same age as me, dark haired and quite slim with glasses and, as well as enjoying his company, I found him quite attractive. We visitied the football ground and both bought some merchandise and as we came out the stadium, Paul asked me if the Reeperbahn was nearby. The Reeperbahn was a fairly notorious area of sex shops, cinemas and other dubious establishments and, although I had not been there for a while, I had enjoyed a few visits there in the past. I told Paul it was just down the road and he said he would be interested to see it. We had plenty of time before we were due to meet the others and so we headed down there. The Reeperbahn was not quite as seedy as I remembered it, but it was still packed with sex shops, cinemas and live shows and I could see that Paul was enjoying the experience. He asked if I knew of anywhere interesting to go and told me he had always wanted to visit a sex cinema. I admitted I knew a good sex shop and cinema but said I had not been there fora while and couldn't say what it was like now. Paul was keen to visit it and soon we were in the sex shop browsing around and after a while Paul suggested we visit the cinema. "You only live once!" he said. We paid our money and soon we were being buzzed through into the cinema. I could tell Paul was a bit nervous and he took hold of my arm as we stumbled into the darkness of the cinema. After a while our eyes got used to the darkness and we went for a walk around. There were two cinemas - a large screen and a smaller one and then a load of video cabins and some cubicles with glory holes. Paul's eyes lit up. "Glory holes!" he said and added "I've always wanted to try them." We cruised around for a bit longer. The place was not very busy but a few more guys had come in now and, though most were much older than we were, a few younger guys had now come in. After a while, Paul suggested going back to the cabins with the glory holes. There was nobody about and Paul looked at me. "Do you want to try it?" he asked. I wasn't sure quite what he meant but he opened one of the cabin doors and indictated me to go into the next one. Paul had been flirting with me quite a bit during the afternoon and I wondered just what he had in mind as I went in and shut the door and then looked through the hole. Paul looked through at me and grinned and then I heard him stand up and I heard the sound of a belt buckle. I looked through again and saw Paul's trousers and pants coming down and a moment later his hard cock pushed through the hole. I took his cock into my mouth and began to suck him and I heard him groan on the other side of the partition. He had a really nice big cock and I enjoyed every minute of sucking him. After a while he pulled back and indicated to me to push mine through the hole. I pushed my cock through the hole and into his mouth and soon I was enjoying an amazing blow job. Paul sucked me for a while and then pulled off. I looked through the hole and saw that Paul was now sucking a cock which had been pushed through the other hole. He saw me looking and motioned to me to come and join him and soon I was in the cubicle with him. Paul sucked the cock for a while and then I took a turn then the cock was pulled back and Paul stood up and pushed his cock through the hole again. When he pulled back, I looked through the hole and saw it was one of the younger guys on the other side - a good looking, slightly chubby blond guy. I pushed my cock through and let him suck me for a while and then Paul took another turn. He pulled me towards him and soon I was standing behind him as he got sucked through the hole. He turned round and kissed me and soon my hand was on his arse, and my finger was pushing between his cheeks and soon I was fingering his hole. Paul pulled back from the hole and bent over to look through it, giving me an excellent view of his hairy arse. He then turned round and pushed his arse against the hole. He sighed and I assumed he was being rimmed. Then he grunted and moved forward and I saw the cock pusing up his arse through the hole. I was really turned on now, especially as I could see that that Paul was being fucked without a condom. Paul moved forward and leant against the other wall, giving me a great view of the big bare cock thrusting up his arse. Paul pulled me towards him and kissed me hard. I reached for his cock and began to wank him as the guy began to fuck him harder and then Paul bent lower as the guy began to thrust even harder up his arse, and from the noises he was making I coudl tell he was cumming deep in Paul's arse. Paul straigthened up and pulled away from the hole and I saw the guy's cock being pulled back through the hole. Paul kissed me again and then turned round and bent over the little shelf at the back of the cubicle. I didn't hesitate - I pushed my cock into his cum filled arse and began to fuck him. I didn't last very long and as I shot my cum into his arse, Paul shot his out in front of him. Paul looked at me as we pulled up our pants a little later "I won't tell anyone if you don't!" he said with a grin. A short time later we joined the others for a drink and I watched Paul chatting to his partner - another guy with no idea that his boyfriend's cheating arse was loaded with cum. Part 7 to follow
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    In order to help us advise you further, it may be helpful for us to know exactly what YOU want out of a relationship with an older man. One thing is for sure, older men come with ‘baggage’, emotional and otherwise, and usually lots of it. Unless you live under a rock, you just don’t get through life without accumulating baggage along the way- the older you get, the more you acquire. It always makes me laugh when I see profiles from younger guys that specify “no dramas” or “no baggage” as if the ultimate goal in life is to sail through it looking cool in a pair of this season’s must-have shades, without anything ever happening to you, good or bad. Btw, I’m not saying that you are like this at all @Sunovabesh- your post is thoughtful and obviously borne out deep frustration. Also, don’t forget that a lot of older men grew up in a time when being gay was quite a lot harder than it is now, and this leaves scars. I’m not saying that it’s all smiles and roses for young people coming out today either- but it is something to bear in mind when confronted with the neuroses of my generation. Relationships are hard! Don’t give up and throw in the towel just yet. Enjoy your youth while you’ve got it- it doesn’t last long, and you’ll be joining us old boys on the bench opposite sooner than you think!
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    Shot an independent porn film late last January. Met a guy at his place in Rogers Park. Not ordinarily the type I go for, but he was receptive to the idea of making a video. I had to be his bottom. After kissing and body contact, he pulled out a modest dick with foreskin. I was not expecting that, but it was a nice surprise. He even had a little dick cheese stuck to the head. I choked on his dick, and before long, he had me bent over on the bed. He railed me in a few positions, and eventually had me on my back. I seldom get in this position, but on this occasion, I was completely at ease. My heels were pointed at Jesus, my buttcheeks were spread widely, and he pounded away like he hadn't fucked in a while. Meanwhile, he's got a tight grip on my own dick and is jerking furiously. We were both covered in his sweat. I told him to release my dick or else I would blow. It's bad etiquette for the bottom to cum first. But it was too late. I gushed cum out like a fountain while he's plowing me senseless. The double sensation was too much. He gathered the cum of my abdomen, spread it on his own dick, and kept fucking before breeding me with his own load. One of the best fucks I've had in the past year!
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    Once in a sex club there were 2 black guys cruising around together, about 22 and 40 years old. The younger guy came up to me alone, I started sucking, he bent me over and fucked deep and quietly then pulled out not saying anything. Older guy comes over, same scenario. Both had long not too thick dicks and were comfortable fucks, not rough but deep lots of cuddling holding me in place. Younger guy comes back 3 more times same way. I ask him if he'll cum in me and he says he did--4 times already and he has another one. I wasn't sure if he was being honest but hours later when I went home I suddenly felt like I had to go. For the next half hour I kept passing tons of cum. I still want off thinking of how I got seeded quietly.
  47. 5 points
    My last load was today at body zone bathhouse in Detroit. I got 6 loads from 9 guys (6 black and 3 white). 2 of the 9 were repeats. And it was a big night for rimming. I got my ass ate a lot today. My favorite breeder today was a black guy who first fucked and bred me last weekend. He fucked me again today. He has a huge dick and kept long stroking my hole. When he finally came inside of me, his trajectory was intense. I felt at least 10 strong pulsations as he filled my hole.
  48. 5 points
    I am SO with you on this, @tallslenderguy! Pretty much all of us will accept these days that our sexual orientation isn’t a choice, but is something that is hard-wired inside is. Why then will some gay men not accept that for some of us, being a total bottom (or a total top, for that matter) is similarly hard-wired inside is? I’m constantly having to explain that I don’t top EVER, that I could not top EVER, and that I do not enjoy having my penis played with EVER. I’m not just being pig-headed for the sake of it, it’s just the way I’m made. It’s not something I’m proud of, but equally it’s not something I feel I should be made to feel ashamed of either. I do understand that it may seem quite baffling to some versatile guys, but please accept that it is something I have no control over. For me, versatility isn’t necessarily a turn-off, but experience has taught me to be wary of versatile guys. I tend to find that more experienced versatile guys get it: they’ve come across this situation before, and they know better how to handle it. If I find myself having to justify my position to a guy and end up jumping through hoops just to explain it to him, then the chances are he’s not very experienced, and I lose interest: from that perspective, yes, I suppose it is turn-off. In some ways, I’m actually very envious of versatile guys: it must be great to be able to flip-flop, your chances of a hook-up are doubled every time. But please don’t try to ‘convert’ us: in exactly the same way I’ll never be converted to be straight, I’ll never be converted to be versatile either.
  49. 5 points
    Writing this with a big load in my ass from a bearded thin stranger I met in toilets at rest area. The place was mostly empty, and we made eye contact at the urinals. I wagged my cock then went to a stall at the end and sat on toilet. He comes in about 5 seconds later and his 8" cock is hard and in my face. I suck him for a minute then stand and bend over toilet. He finds my hole fast, slides in slowly, then piston fucks me and cums in like 30 seconds. He leaves fast, and I just smile and drive home. Love impromptu fucks with strangers.
  50. 5 points
    Had a good run of late... last weeked I got fucked by two cab drivers on separate nights. One of them a young pakistani lad, great body and cock, i really like this lad, married, kids etc. I then got to suck off a really hot guy in restroom, now this guy had great thick thighs and low hangers and gave me his cream by ramming the back of my throat hard till he shot load. But the best was Steve, my mate from school above post. Not heard from him since that night, however; last night we were out in a group, he was ok, but i found him distant in his approach to me which is unusual. Evening went on I went to piss, he then came in, stood at side of me, whipped his cock out to piss. I asked him if he was ok, he said yes, i touched his cock, he asked if he could come back to mine, i asked jokingly what for, he said so I can give you my Bone...I was almost cumming, I mean Steve is fucking Hot, masculin and has a gruffness about his voice. I told him on one condition, only that I can rim his arse deep and spend time eating his hole out. He looked so stunned, really shocked, said he had never done it before was unsure.... I took a chance and said up to you Steve. By the end of the night, i had him sprawled on my bed, arse cheeks open whilst I spent nearly an hour eating out his hot sweaty hole.. he then gave me his bone and left a hot creamy load in my arse. He stayed the night and fucked me again before he left in the morning.. I need to be careful here I think..

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