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    This chapter is dedicate to @RotzBBengel, because I think he will appreciate the story line. CHAPTER 14: As I’m about to head back to the living room a dirty thought occurs to me, I say it to Ty softly and with a lustful tone, “Get on all fours sexy. I only wanna see that hot hole of yours teasin’ me when I get back … face down, ass up”. Ty just looks at me his tongue hanging slightly out of his mouth and his best “fuck me” eyes and I quickly leave the room before my dick ‘accidentally’ falls into his ass again. I feel perverted. I’m intentionally putting my own health at risk by having raw sex with Jake, and I’ve made peace with being poz. Jake and I glorify it when we fuck, and personally, I keep hoping one of his toxic loads does the deed and knocks me up. But the fucking dirty pervert in me really wants Ty to take a poz load from Jake, and the truly perverted part of my brain wants him HIV-positive, too. Just the thought of that waiting hole is making me leak. I feel like a horny lab rat testing the effects of too much caffeine, I’m hard, energized, and running circles in a maze. I can smell the dampness in my pits; its nearly too much for me. When I get to the living room, Jake is sitting there on the couch looking hot as fuck – naked and ready. “Hey sexy”, I say as he moves toward me, and grab on to his cock while planting a kiss on him. “Ready to breed my tight neg …”, and I momentarily pause. He looks at me deliciously and reaches around to feel my hole, I know he thinks he’s fucking me. I quickly add, “… baby bro, Ty?”. I can see the words register as he looks intently at me. A smiles slowly develops on his face, “Dude … you’re fucking your little brother… that’s fucking twisted!”, he says. He reaches over and grabs a framed photo of me and Ty and glares at it. I put my hand on his ass and respond, “Well… I am now”, and then gently take the photo from him and setting it back down. He gives me another evil grin. I move to get my laptop and turn the cam recording software back on. I turn it around to show Jake, “See”, I tell him. On the screen you can clearly see Ty waiting ass up, “That’s a perfect little twinky ass waiting for another poz load”. Knowing Jake, I can almost imagine the twisted thoughts going through his head as he looks at the screen, then at me, then back, smiling as he does. “Fuck I’m so horny”, he says as I set the laptop down. “Me too”, I respond, and I see Jake raise an eyebrow, “Fuck yea”, nodding at me. I grab Jake’s hand and we head toward my bedroom. I know how much Jake enjoys breeding neg ass and part of me is turned by the idea of watching him fuck and breed Ty with the same toxic semen he’s been pumping into my ass for weeks now. We stop in the doorway glaring at Ty’s ass. He leans into my ear, “He’s neg?”, I shrug my shoulders, “Think so” which prompts me to look over at the test kits. Without saying anything I grab Ty’s test, the one nearest the bed, one slight red line is showing. I show Jake, mouthing the word “Neg” while lightly flexing my eyebrows as if to say “see”. He looks at me, grinning, I know he’s horny and turned on, but then he looks away and his eyes enlarge a bit. A devilish smirk crosses his face and I realize he’s looking over my shoulder at the other test kit. I grabbed Ty’s test so quick I didn’t even notice my own, I lean into him, “That’s mine”, and I turn around to switch Ty’s for mine. I’m frozen for a second looking at it carefully, but its clear, there are two faint red lines on the test. “I’m … I’m positive”, comes out of my mouth but its barely audible. I’ve administered hundreds of these tests I know exactly what two red lines mean. I suddenly feel a bit pail, tingly and light-headed, I turn around and show Jake. He nods. He’s looking at it, then my body, he leans into me and says it softly … “Poz”. I look at the test again, then at him, then the test; time seems to stand still for a moment while I collect my thoughts. Then I just nod my head at him affirming the test’s result. I set it back down, moving back to Jake and finally mouthing the words with a wicked grin, “Jake. I’m poz!”. I know these tests can often take weeks or months to show an accurate result, and I also know once in a while they aren’t 100% accurate, but right now I’m fairly sure – I am HIV+. “I’m poz”, saying it this time in his ear, I can hardly believe the words as I’m saying them. Jake kisses me, and whispers in my ear, “You’re poz” … then waiting a second for dramatic effect he adds, “… hot fucker”. I grab his cock and whisper back, “Your doing”, and he responds, “We did this”. Part of me is elated, I can only nod. I grab our poz dicks, rubbing them together, kissing him as a sign of my approval. My head is swimming but I’m not surprised by the test’s result. Jake isn’t taking any meds and we’ve been having lots of bareback sex; we were both intent on me testing poz. I guess I’m just surprised it happened so quickly. Jake looks at over Ty’s ass, then back to me, “He know?”, he asks softly. I shake my head. A grin covers our faces. I know Ty is about to be fucked and bred with more unmedicated poz cum. I feel almost a little weird and twisted about trying to convert my own brother, but a dark part of me hopes the virus that’s in my cum takes him over the edge. I climb on the bed behind Ty, my breathe on his hole, “You ready for more babe?”, he responds with a soft, “yea”. “Open it up for us", I tell him. Ty reaches behind himself with both hands and starts to pull his cheeks open. His hole is still wet with cum from me and Cody. He’s already taken two poz loads today. I blow on his hole and he reflexes a little and the I spit and lick at it, “fuck” comes out of his mouth in a slow moan. "Fuck", I hear Jake as he gazes at my little bro's wet hole. Ty rubs the spit into his hole and then I spit on him some more, "That hole needs to be wet". “I’m already wet Chris”, he says, “… please fuck me again”, I hear him. I look up at Jake with a huge smile, and he’s giving me his most devious grin that says, “Again, huh?”. Ty is fingering himself a little bit and working my spit into and around his ass. I know he’s horny and he can’t resist touching himself. Taking that as a cue that he wants it, I line up my poz dick with Ty's hot little hole. "You ready for this babe?", I ask. “This what you want?”, pressing against his hole teasing him, “You want poz dick in your ass?”. “OH fuck… fuck … fuck me Chris … please fuck me”, he responds from the pillows covering his face. Fucking Ty earlier I tried to be gentle at first. I loved the way his body tightened up, shook, spasmed, and then relaxed; his ass seemed to resist before suddenly giving in. Right now though, he’s been used, he’s wet and I’m just going to lay into him. I push forward plunging into my brother's ass. The thick head of my dick disappears into Ty inch after inch. Without a cock in my ass I can focus solely on using Ty to get me off. The sensations coming from my dick are amazing and if I hadn’t just unloaded a bit ago I’d worry I might blow this load too fast. I can already feel my dick leaking some of its venomous precum into him, and that perverted thought gives me a bit of a thrill. I get most of my poz dick into him and I can hear him grunting a little, but I’m not stopping until my balls are resting against his ass. I push just that extra bit harder to get it in all the way. Ty is twitching, and his stretched out asshole is tightly grabbing the base of my dick. I can feel him squeezing down on my cock, “Ahhh… fuck yea Ty, you want this”, “fuck yea”, he responds squeezing on my dick one more time for emphasis. I’m so wrapped up in breeding Ty that I’m completely ignoring Jake right now, but I feel like he’s ok just watching us, taking in brother on brother sex. I lower my body on top of Ty's. Ty is young and twinkish, but he’s not tiny. Still, I love the fact that I’m a bit bigger than him though. Every part of me is a little wider or longer. “Why haven’t we done this before? He let that fucker Jeremy breed him, but he can get his HIV from his own brother now”, I say in my own head grunting and forcing my hips against Tyler’s tight ass as I think those thoughts. Fucking him, sharing a poz load with him, it feels so right. My cock feels like its buried in it's rightful home. Jake is standing close, slow jacking his cock, and occasionally rubbing my ass; I know he wants his turn at some new meat. I move my hands over Ty’s nipples and twist them just enough to get the requisite “Ahhhhhhh….”, out of him. I keep a constant rhythm of fucking him going but I stop supporting myself, laying almost completely on his back. I want him addicted to the feeling of sweat from my chest and the smell of stink from my pits. We live together, he’s seen me naked plenty and likely smelled my pits more than once. I want that smell to connect him to our sex. As I fuck him my strokes tug on his ass lips, as I withdraw, and then I dive back in pushing at his stretched hole. I sit back up and pull on Ty’s shoulders encouraging him to move up with me in a half twist; I use this opportunity to make out with him. My fucking motions slow as our tongues battle. I reach over to Jake pulling him in close and suddenly the three of us are locked in a 3-way kiss. The kiss breaks and I push on Ty again, my arms are locked around his shoulders and arms as I ram my cock into him over and over. I want to cum. “I wanna cum inside you so bad”, and I go for a kiss again as I tell him that. I can feel every inch of my dick as it moves in and out of Ty. I position my mouth close to his ear, "You’ve got a fine ass, babe". My tongue traces over the lobe and then I bite down gently and a growling noise escapes me. I want this – I want my cum in his ass. My mouth moves to his neck. I bite down one more time, this time getting a groaning and noise from Ty. I look at Jake, “Give me your boxers”, I tell him. He leaves the room and returns just as quickly, handing them to me with a curious look on his face. I grab Jake’s dirty boxers and shove them into Ty's noisy mouth. In this moment I pick up the pace a bit more on his ass. I’m holding on to his waste, pounding him hard, I know I’m about to dump a poz load in this ass and I want him to feel it. My strokes are short so I’m able to keep the majority of my dick buried in his butt. I want to deposit this load as far up inside my brother as possible. This will, hopefully, increase the change that if he isn’t poz yet, that this is the fuck from which he converts. Ty grunts around the boxers as I slam fuck his willing hole, slamming my poz dick in and out of him. As I grind and use Ty, I feel myself getting progressively louder. Dirty, filthy, twisted thoughts and ideas are coming to me as I bang my bro’s butt. "That's right Ty, take my dick. Fuck! Take my poz dick! Your hole is so tight, feels like it was made for pulling poz loads out of me”, he grunts, “ I bet you've been dreaming about taking this dick forever. Haven't you? Did you even think about your own brother breeding any when Cody was using this ass? Huh, Ty?", I ask, indignantly. Ty doesn’t really respond to me. I grab onto his hair and get real close to his ear again. I know he can feel my hot breath on his cheek, "Did you ever eat your own cum dreaming that it was mine?". “Fuck”, I hear Jake moaning as he watches me use Tyler. I’m completely lost in the moment of our sex. Ty finally nods from my prodding. We both know he’s done all of these things and probably more. With a sharp thrust I push my dick into Ty. I’m getting so close to cumming now. "Oh, fuck, … fuck … I'm gonna overflow that ass with poz cum Ty. Gonna breed you … gonna make up for lost time." Ty is thrusting his body back against mine. He’s arching his back to try to connect us and get that skin-on-skin feeling again. I’m leaning back but I can see what Ty is doing and I lean forward against him instead. Our hot, sticky skin slides against each other as my tight balls bang up against him. Ty groans. He spits out Jake's boxers and he’s pants now – loudly. "You gonna cum Ty? Do it.”, Ty is jacking his cock feverishly, “Get off on me fucking you, babe", I tell him. Ty's is racing back and forth, then I feel his hole tight even more and I know he’s dumping his load all over my bed. He clamps down on my cock, and I can see the waves of pleasure that are breaking over his body are augmented by my own grunts as I get closer and closer to delivering another load of charged seed to that ass. "Fuck… fuck… so close … I'm so fucking close Ty. Gonna cum … Where you want it?", I ask him. "Ahhh… ahhhh… All the way in … deep", he responds. I thrust deep inside of Ty. I bend forward licking one of his ears. "Here it comes… fuck… oh fuck.. It's gonna be a big load. Fuck!", I can barely think or speak. I can feel the cum welling up and I know Ty’s about to take all of it. Then I let out a long moan, grunting and shoving into Ty, with short, bone shaking thrusts. Ty can feel me pushing his whole body moving forward as my poz cock expands and stretches him to the limit, and then violently, my hot cum begins flowing into his gut. I know he can feel my hot breath on his neck as I hump my load into him, but I also hope he can feel my cum squirting into him. This the first of many poz loads he’s going to receive from me. I slowly pull out of Ty’s ass and he turns around to kiss me. We make out for a solid minute. Its at that moment I again realize I’ve forgotten Jake, and that he’s still in the room, and watching us intently. I can see some sweat on his body and his cock is hard as granite. I kiss Ty again, “Get back on all fours babe, Jake’s turn”. Ty looks over at Jake, then at me, then he kisses me again and lays down in his own cum. He reaches back with his hands and pulls his cheeks apart exposed his hole. I can see some of my load leaking out of it, “Fuck … the little bitch wants it”, I hear Jake, “Yeah he does”, I respond. Jake leans down and uses his hands to pull Ty’s ass up like before, then he buries his tongue in it. “Ohhhhhhhh… ahhhhhhh… “, Ty groans as Jake makes out with Ty’s cum filled hole. I lean down to Jake’s ear, “Be right back”, but he ignores me. Jake is literally making out with Ty’s ass, trying to force his tongue inside. I return and just watch, like Jake did, as he teases and licks and eats at Ty’s well fucked hole. He finally pulls back, looking at it, his tongue hanging out of his mouth and lapping at his lips. I squeeze a little lube onto the toothbrush I brought back form the bathroom, “Let me in there for a moment”, I tell him. Jake moves. I kiss Ty’s hole and blow some cool air onto it again, and again he responds, “Ohhhhh ohhh… fuck… fuck me”. I don’t answer him and instead start using the brush to tease and tickle his ass, his hips jump, “ahhhhh” as the brush rubs roughly against his skin. “Hold on to him”, I tell Jake. Jake just looks at me, we haven’t used any toys in our sex play and the toothbrush I guess seems odd to him. I lightly brush back and forth against Ty’s hole, up and down, trying to get him used to the feeling. He’s moaning, he isn’t telling me to stop, so I start pushing the tip of the brush with increasing pressure until the head disappears in his hole. I read in a few places about guys using a toothbrush to make it more likely that poz cum will infect a bottom. I pushed in deeper slowly, not wanting to hurt him. After I get a few inches of the brush in I stop. Tyler is panting and moaning but he doesn’t appear to be in pain. Jake moves down the bed to face Ty and they start making out. I use that as my cue to keep going with the brush. I begin slowly then adding more and more agitation until I’m brushing the insides of his ass back and forth with a nice, steady motion. Then it occurs to me that I mean for Ty to convert today – I’m infecting my own brother with HIV. Whenever any other man fucks him he’ll always know this is the day he converted. The brushing keeps up for a few minutes and I slowly work it back out. The bristles are a deep red, I hope I haven’t injured him permanently, but he’s still making out with Jake and doesn’t seem in pain. I look down at Jake, and he looks at me, he knows its time for him to breed my brother.
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    This is a mostly a true story (names changed) and a story where I took my first poz load. Back in the late 90's I became online friends with a group of gay bikers who met up at Sturgis every year. I had been chatting with a few of the guys and they invited me to come out and camp with them for a weekend during the Biker Rally. Now I didn't have a bike, but bikers have always turned me on. I was looking forward to making the trip and hanging out with the guys and getting to know them I live in Minneapolis at the time and made the trek to the Black Hills. Now for those of you who have never been, its a wild time with a charged atmosphere of men and women just having a good old time. I arrived to the camp late morning. I felt kind of weird driving into the camp in my Chevy Cavalier. Yeah I know. I probably screamed gay. I got out and one of the guys I had been chatting with saw me pull up and got up from the picnic table and walked over to greet me. Now this guy made my dick hard every time I chatted with me. We would chat online and even chatted on cam. He taught me everything I needed to know about tobacco pipes. How to pack them, light them and smoke them. He is the one that helped me coin my online handle. He smoked big Boswell pipes and made me melt every time I chatted with him. His name was Alex, was in his 50s, about 5'9", stocky muscular build, shaved head and a long ginger goatee down to his chest, and was wearing only a pair of grungy jeans, no shirt. He pulled me into a kiss and I could smell he had not showered yet that day. Fuck he smelled good. Man smells always get my dick dripping. Alex was also a Daddy figure to me. We would talk about some of his life stories. How he started riding a bike, how he got into smoking pipes etc. We also talked about how he contracted HIV. At the time, I had played safe, but always thought it would be hot to have sex with a poz guy. Alex brought me over to the table of Bikers that were sitting around the fire pit and table. He introduced me to Bubba, Rick and another ginger named David. I have seen David around the net, but never was able to strike up a conversation with him. I knew he was poz, but I just couldn't get up the nerve to say hi. I have chatted with Bubba and he came over and gave me a big kiss and a hug. Bubba had this southern drawl that got me going. Later I found out years later he was extremly shy and wanted to get me naked. That is being planned currently. I sat down at the picnic table and Alex offered me a drink. He made me a jack and coke and started to chat. I pulled out my pipe and tobacco and started packing my pipe. Alex turned to me and barked at me to give him the pipe so he could pack it correctly. I was a bit nervous as this was the first time at the event and being around all the bikers made me visibly nervous. Bubba noticed this and came around and start rubbing my shoulders. He whispered to me to relax and have fun as the guys were all really cool. I had on shorts and a t-shirt and felt over dressed as most of the other 12 guys at the came were wearing far less. All of them were also furry as hell, and sported a full beard. Alex walked me around, introducing me to each guy. Being cordial, I walked over and shook each man's hand, eventually returning to the table. David sat down at the table next to me and pulled off his shirt. Again a waft of man scent hit me and I shivered. Alex chuckled, shook his head and told me that I should get comfortable. Bubba helped me out of my shirt. I was 26 yrs old and being from the upper Midwest I was pasty white except for the fur on my chest and back. I had a bushy goatee and shaved head so I fit in ok. At least the jack and coke told me that. Alex handed my pipe back after lighting it. David had pulled his pipe out and had lit it as well. So here I was sitting with three hot bikers smoking pipes. Bubba had pulled out a pack of reds. After a few drinks, I was loosening up. Alex had suggested that I go set up my tent as it would be getting dark soon. Bubba said he would help. We walked over and set up my tent. He asked me what I thought of the guys. Bubba and I had several conversations about likes and dislikes and he knew that this group of guys was right up my alley. I told him I was in heaven. I glanced over at the guys making sure I had not said it too loud. Bubba chuckled and said I would have a great weekend. After finishing the tent, we walked back over to the table where Alex had started up the grill and was cooking some burgers and brats. Yes brats, not sausages, in the Midwest we called them brats. We ate and drank into the evening. It was July so it didn't really cool off much during the night in the Black Hills. As the night went on the guys started to break off and head to their tents for bed. Which left Bubba, David, Alex and myself at the table chatting away. I had plenty to drink and was laughing and carrying on. A few hours later, Bubba and David called it a night leaving Alex and I talking. I was wound up with all the talk and drinking, but I hid it well or so I thought. Alex being the blunt one stopped mid sentence and asked me if I was going to let him suck my cock or would he have to go to bed and jerk it to my teasing him. I was taken back, but happy. He came around to me and leaned down and gave me the best fucking kiss. The taste of the tobacco on his tongue and the smell coming from his chest and pits got my dick hard as a rock. He told me to stand and in no time my shorts were on the ground. As we were kissing, he told me that if I come to camp with deodorant on again, he will beat the hell out of my ass. I blushed and apologized. He trailed down my chest to my underwear and started to mouth my cock through them. He pulled the waistband down and released my dripping cock and in one swift movement went down on me. I inhaled deeply as if in shock as no one has ever done that to me. After a short time Alex pulled off, looked up at me and told me that he had to have me in his ass. I stood up quick and almost fell over as my shorts were still around my feet. We both laughed as he caught me. He spit in his hand and coated his hole and my cock and guided me to his hole as he bent over the table. I slowly slid in as if giving him time to get used to my thickness. He just grunted and pushed back and my cock slid all the way into his hole. He just let out this low growl which made my cock even harder. It didn't take me long and after 20 minutes I was pounding hard and ready to blow. he leaned up and told me to slid in all the way so I he could feel it when I shot my load. I pushed in and shot one of the biggest loads. I had to sit down as my legs were wobbling. He was standing in front of me with a big old grin saying he wasn't finished. Grabbing my head, he forced me to my knees, and slid his cock into my mouth. "Good boy," he whispered, adding "Daddy is going to feed his boy a sweet load." I pulled off enough to answer, "Yes, please do, Sir." Then I resumed my work. After a little bit he started growling again and I knew he was close. I picked up speed and when his breath started to go short I shoved his cock all the way down my throat and was fed a huge poz load. It was his time to sit down. After a little bit he broke the silence and said "I think it's time for bed." After exchanging another big kiss, we parted and went to our tents to sleep. I took off my clothes and crawled into my tent and fell asleep. Not long after being asleep, I felt an arm slide over my chest and someone press up against my back. I tried to look to see who it was but could not tell which guy had crawled into my tent. To be continued...
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    1. You know you are a true cum dump when you have more sex partners in one night than the average person does in a lifetime. 2. You know you are a true cum dump when you lose count of how many guys fucked and/or bred you at your last bathhouse stay or gang bang. 3. You know you are a true cum dump when you will let anyone fuck you regardless of age, body, dick size, etc. 4. You know you are a true cum dump when you allow a guy with a condom to fuck you because you know you are going to extract the cum out of the condom and insert it in your hole. 5. You know you are a true cum dump when you've been fucked by 20 guys during your bathhouse stay and you feel unsatisfied. 6. You know you are a true cum dump when you want a really hot guy to breed you quickly just to get another load from the next guy who is unattractive with a small dick. 7. You know you are a true cum dump when you people watch and realize that you would bend over for every single guy you see. 1 - 7 are true for me. I no longer have a 'type'. I want every guy to unload in me.
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    It was dark out and could not see who had crawled into my tent. He wrapped his arm around my chest. I tried to see who was now laying behind me. I tried harder to roll over to see. As I did, he forced me on to my belly and push my face into the pillow. He laid down on top of me and started to grind his cock in the crack of my ass. All the while holding my wrists. He was kissing my neck and rubbing his beard on the back of my neck. He then whispered in my ear that he saw me and Alex from his tent. My hole was twitching and felt the furry sweaty pelt on his chest as he ground on top of me. He said he saw my reaction when he took off his shirt and knew he had to have my ass. I have seen you look at my profile on BBRT and wanted to know why I haven't wanted to talk to him. I knew then it was David. My cock was hard again underneath me. I told him with muffled breath that I had wanted to say hi, but I didn't know how. He told me that he knew I liked his profile and that the profile text told me that he was poz and unmedicated. I just nodded my head. He asked if I wanted him inside my hole. I whispered I did badly. You are going to get what you want. David loosened his grip on my wrists and sat up. I looked back and saw the image of a gorgeous ginger in the moon light as he spit into his hand to lube up his cock. He tossed me the bottle of poppers and said you are going to need these. He lifted my ass up so I was on all fours and buried his face in my hole. Lifting his head, he told me that when he slides in, he does not pull out until he empties his balls in my hole. The shear thought of what was about to happen made me shiver. He asked if I was ready for him to take my hole, to mark it with his toxic seed. I nodded. I wanted him to breed me over and over. To give me his gift. Please fuck me. I want you in me I said. He pushed me back on my belly and laid on top of me again. His cock found my hole and told me he wanted to be inside me. His cock was slipping over my hole, making me moan. fuck man, my precum is getting you so slick. David covered my mouth with his hand and he pressed his cock against my hole. His pushed the head in and stopped. He then asked me what I wanted. I took his hand off my mouth. I want your cock deep inside me now. He replaced his hand and pressed hard sinking his cock all the way in to the base. The immediate intrusion of his cock made me scream in his hand. That's it boy. Feel my poz cock in you. He held himself there felxing his thickness. After I got used to his intrusion he slowly started to slide in and out of my hole. He asked if I was ok. I nodded that I was good. He took his hand off my mouth and started to slide in and out faster. He leaned up and place his hands on the back of my shoulders and started to pound at a quicker pace. All the while he was fucking me he was whispering to me telling me that my hole was made for his cock and that he was going to give me what I have wanted. I whispered back and told him that I needed his load in me. I needed to be bred. He let out a low chuckle and said he knew that I wanted him to. He had been fucking me for a while like this and he pulled out and told me to get on my back. He grabbed my ankles and slide back in. You want me to breed you don't you. I nodded. Please I whispered. Harder I whispered. I could see a slight grin on his face as he picked up speed and started to really pound my hole. I kept my eyes locked on to his. His balls slapping my ass. A low guttural groan came from his throat. Please Sir, knock me up. I want you to blow your load in me. He placed my legs on his shoulders and leaned down and kissed me. He cock pistoning in and out of my ass. He stopped kissing me looked me in the eyes and said you ready for my poz load? You ready to be knocked up? I whispered yes please breed me. He sat up and grabbed my ankles again and started to really pound my hole quick. I grabbed my cock and started to jerk it. He whispered that he was getting close. hearing that My cock exploded. hitting my beard and the wall of the tent. Fuck yeah he whispered. I am ready to breed you. You want it in your hole. You want me to breed you? I nodded. David closed his eyes and pounded me even harder. His breath getting more labored. He opened his eyes and locked onto mine. Oh Fuck he said. Do it, breed me. He slammed his cock into me hard and I felt his cock flex as it shot his toxic load deep into me. Several shots. I could feel his load leaking out of my hole. We were both sweating in the heat of the tent. He pulled out and pushed my legs to my chest as he buried his bearded face into my hole eating his load out. He crawled on top of me and we embraced in a long kiss. My hands rubbing his back and feeling the sweaty fur on his back. He stopped kissing and looked down at me and said now are you happy you came up? I smiled and said fuck yeah. He crawled behind me and wrapped his armed around my body and we fell asleep spooning the rest of the night. It was probably the best sleep I have had in a long time. To be continued...
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    Went to a sex party in NYC last night. Got there about 10pm and it was a little slow, maybe 20 guys. I was thinking I had a so-so night ahead of me. Turns out I was one of the only bottoms, and there were plenty of tops wanting to plant their seed. I went into the fuck room and bent over. Immediately, one guy comes up behind me and starts fucking. Before I knew it, there was a bit of a crowd around. The tops took their turns breeding me--one would blow his load, and the next would get in there to add his to the mix. Just over an hour later, my hole was dripping with loads. My newly found versatility didn't factor in last night--I was a 100% bottom cumwhore!
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    I need cum in my butt and I need to shoot mine into someone else.
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    Have to post this now to try and find out in my mind what the hell happened? I am, or had been, totally straight. Married, kids and no thoughts whatever of gay sex. Then the following happened and I am still trying to figure out how? There is a small park near my home that I pass by on the way to and from work a lot. Had stopped there a few times to use the toilet (an old fashion outhouse type-one holer). Seldom if ever saw anyone there at all. Park almost always either empty or maybe there would be one guy sitting at a table or sometimes some families had small gatherings there but most times empty. Then a couple of days ago as I was coming home from work and had to pee really badly, I pulled in to find about two dozen motorcycles there. Looked like all guys and they seemed to be drinking and playing soccer. I didn't really pay much attention as I just headed to the toilet in a hurry and there was nobody back where that was. On the way back, I stopped to watch them kick the ball around a little bit. I walked closer to watch a bit as I was bored anyway and going home was to be boring as wife was at least two hours from getting off of work, so no big hurry. They had stuck what looked like tent poles in the ground for their goals and it looked like a pretty lively game. One of the guys happened to turn around and noticed me standing there watching and got up and walked over and asked if I was from around there? I told him I was and he said they were all from out of state and just passing through and were taking a break. He said, "Why not have a seat and be comfortable for a bit." I said sure and we sat down. He offered me a nice cold beer and since it was a hot day I accepted although I seldom drink beer at all (love my Rum LOL). We talked about minor stuff, kind of town it was, family, traveling and the game of course. Before I knew it I had downed about a half dozen beers and was into the game and cheering for anyone since I didn't know any of them. Some of the other guys were talking to me too and everyone seemed to be having a good time. At some point I turned to pick up my beer on the table behind me and stopped dead as two of the guys were standing behind the table and kissing and groping each other. I pretty much gawked at them as I don't think I have ever seen two guys doing that in public till that time. The first guy I had met noticed me about then and turning and looking, laughed and told me I should see the look on my face. I apologized and told him it had just taken me by surprise is all. He told me not to worry about it as they probably didn't care if I was watching them or not. I continued watching the game but now turned around a little more often as I was curious as to how far those two were going to go in public like that. By now one of them had his hand down the front of the others shorts and I could tell the guy was hard. I kept looking past them too to see if anyone else might come into the park but no other cars seemed to be going by. I turned back to the game again and didn't look around again for a while. When I did look again, I didn't see them at first and then noticed they had sat down on the ground and were mostly out of sight now. I didn't think any more of it again for a while as the game got kind of exciting about then.
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    Part IV I was not sure what was happening but the guy on me stopped kissing finally. I was too breathless to say anything as he told me he was sorry but my ass just felt too good and watching his buddies fuck had him horned up badly. I could feel what seemed like his cock pushing into my hole and couldn't understand what was happening at all. He went on to tell me, in a whisper, that his cock was precumming like he had never done before and it was really lubing my hole up for him. He told me he couldn't stop now. I was so shocked I still could not talk. He went silent again and leaned forward more and kissed me again running his tongue into my mouth again and as he did I felt what must have been the head of his cock slide into me then. I groaned as it hurt some but not real bad. He kept kissing me and I could feel his cock sink into me more and more. I had no idea what to do. Then all at once I thought something else bump my balls and realized then that he must be all the way in me and it was his balls hitting mine. I couldn't believe a cock was buried all the way into my ass. My eyes had to be as big as saucers and I was panicking some now. He pulled back from the kiss and told me again, he was sorry, but couldn't stop himself. As he said that he was pulling his cock back out of me and then back in and again and again. I couldn't move at all and then he was hitting something inside me and I felt my own cock twitch in his hand. He smiled then and told me it was about time I started to feel the good part. I must have looked puzzled then and he told me he was now rubbing against my prostate and I would begin to love it real soon. He then started to just hammer my ass as hard as he could, in and out and in and out. Faster and harder and was stroking my cock with his hand also. He leaned in to kiss me again and this time I couldn't help it and returned the kiss. I was really flying now on the sex. My cock was about as hard as I could ever remember it being. His cock in my ass and his hand on me had me in overdrive. I pulled away from the kiss and asked what the hell was going on? He told me to just enjoy it. I dropped my head down some and then I felt it. The unmistakable feeling of my cock getting ready to release my cum. I looked him in the eyes and told him I was going to cum and he told me he was ready also. I then felt my cock erupt and he seemed to be cupping the end of it in his hand and before I knew what he was doing, he brought his hand up between us and licked up my cum and then planted another kiss on me and fed me my own cum. He kept his mouth sealed to mine and all I could do was swallow it. As I was swallowing it he pulled away then and told me he was cumming now and hoped I had enjoyed that load of mine as it was probably the last neg load I would have. I had no idea what that meant. He moaned and I could tell he was really cumming a lot in me and grinding hard into my ass. He then told me he loved my nolonger virgin ass and now I would probably be positive like him all his friends there. I still had no idea what he was talking about but it had felt damn good. He asked if I wanted some more? I asked what he meant? He then got up and as he did, before I knew what was happening, another guy had knelt down behind me and I felt his cock entering my hole. I yelped and tried to move but with nowhere to go he bottomed out in me quickly and started to pound my hole like there was no tomorrow. He was really just plainly pounding as hard and fast as he could into me and surprise surprise, to me it felt about as good as the first guy had. He did not last long though, maybe about 3 or 4 minutes, and he told me he was cumming in me too and I was sure to be pregnant now as he had a load measured at about 200,000, whatever that meant. My legs were so cramped now I couldn't move at all and before I knew it I had had about 8 guys fuck my ass. Everyone of them kept telling me to take their poz loads and get pregnant but that made no sense to me at all. Finally, the first guy was able to help me get up and I sat right down on the ground exhausted. I could not get my head around what had happened at all, but knew that it was probably just the damn drinking I had done. I vowed to not drink that much that fast again. Many of the guys there came by then and patted me on the back and told me welcome to their club. I thought they were just talking about their bikes or soccer. I sat there for a good half an hour with my pants, by know clear to my ankles, before I could really move much on my own. I felt my sore ass and my fingers came away with their cum and some blood on them that was seeping out of my abused hole. The first guy sat beside me then and told me not to worry as many times a virgin ass bled some but would go away soon. I smiled a little and told him I hoped so as I would hate for my wife to see much blood there. He laughed a little then. Then he got kind of serious and told me I might want to get to a doctor in the next couple of days though and let him know what I had had done to me. I asked why if the bleeding would stop soon anyway. He then told me what they had been talking about when they told me they were POZ, AND I WAS GOING TO GET PREGNANT WITH THEIR BABIES. My mouth dropped open and I could not even talk. He asked me if I was ok now or did I want some more? He was serious! WHAT A CRAZY DAY AND THING TO SAY TO ME. But, did I want more or not? I decided I had better call the doctor first thing in the morning for sure. As I got up to go, he told me they were camping out there for about 3 days if I wanted to stop back by?
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    CHAPTER 6 The door swung open and I was greeted by the familiar face of the guy from the bathroom. "Here he is! I'm glad you came." He said as I stepped inside. His boyfriend was sitting on the couch, stroking his cock through his boxers. "I'm Brian & that's my boyfriend Tyler" he said, nodding to the guy on the couch who smiled at me. "Um hi guys...I'm Jeff", I managed to croak out, my voice so dry & nervous. "Hey Jeff, no need to be nervous, we're all friends here!" Brian said. "Or at least, we will be soon..... Can I get you a drink?" "Just some water's fine thanks" "So, your wife know you're a sickening faggot?" Brian asked me as he came back from the kitchen, handing over the glass. "Oh, I'm not gay." I quickly replied (I wasn't, was I?) "How long have you been sucking cock then?" "I'd never done it before coming here" "Who's the lucky guy then? Some random hookup here?" "Um....no" I could feel myself blushing. "It's my brother in law" "Holy shit!" Tyler exclaimed. "That's so fucking sick, I love it" I could tell even through his boxers that his cock was gonna be massive. "Tell you what, you still seem uncomfortable" Brian said "How about we all get naked, maybe that'll relax you a bit more?" "I've been waiting so long for you to say that!" Tyler peeled off his tight singlet, his body looked like it was made out of granite! "I'll leave my boxers on though, I want my new friend to have a surprise" I took my running singlet off & shyly removed my shorts, feeling very intimidated - I could see almost all of Tyler's body and as Brian started to take his clothes off, he was gonna be well-built too. I quickly did the sums in my head. I figured they wanted a threesome, maybe if I sucked Tyler off only Brian would fuck me? Brian's thickening cock was roughly the same size as Mike's so it was gonna hurt but it'd be nothing compared to Tyler's! I walked over & knelt in front of Tyler "Damn, you white boys always make a beeline for my cock don'tcha?" I wanted to get him out of the way first but I had to admit I was curious. Kneeling down in front of him, he almost looked like a god. "Take it out boy, you know you want to". My hand slipped into his boxers & felt his hot, hard cock. It was so thick I could barely get my hand around it! I pulled his boxers down and it looked like one of those massive cocks from the interracial porn I used to watch. The slutty young girls in those scenes could barely fit it in their mouths and I was about to do the same! "C'mon buddy, you know want it" Tyler whispered. I had to admit that deep down, I did. He'd been working himself pretty hard so his head was covered in precum and glistening in the dim light of the room. I thought to myself that the better I made the blowjob, the quicker I could get to Brian & my night would be over. I took the head in my mouth straight away & started slurping, "Damn! He's a horny little slut this one!" Tyler yelled across to Brian. I was too busy concentrating on his cock to care. As I took more & more of his cock in my mouth I could tell that it tasted different to Mike's, aside from it being much bigger of course! Oh my God, was I becoming an expert on cock now or something? I could only take about 3 or 4 inches before I started gagging, I'd never had my mouth stretched so wide before. "He might've hit his limit here, can you help him out Brian?" Out of the corner of my eye I saw Brian walk across and hand Tyler a little bottle. He took a deep sniff in each nostril and then held it to my nose. "Now what I want you to do here boy, is keep sniffing in each nostril until I tell you to stop. You'll be glad you did", I did as I was told. Pretty much straight away I felt I was flying, everything felt like it was tingling. All I wanted to was pleasure this beautiful cock that I was sucking, I think Tyler could sense that I was feeling different too. "There, now doesn't that feel sooo much better?", his voice was so soothing & sexy just like him. Fuck I was so lucky to be sucking this sexy man. "You're a natural cocksucker boy & don't let anyone tell you otherwise." I was so turned on & concentrating on sucking Tyler I didn't even feel Brian applying lube to my ass. "Damn boy, you want more of my cock don't you?" I needed it so badly, if I could deep throat him I would! I moved a bit more onto all fours as I'd been kneeling for a while. "Take some more of the poppers, it'll help you relax your throat a little more". I sniffed deeply from the bottle, fuck it felt so good. I could sense Brian moving behind me but just assumed he wanted a better look at what a good cocksucker I was but I then felt his cock pressing against my hole. "Look at his hole winking at me man, he wants it so much!" Brian yelled across to Tyler. I had to admit that in my state of mind, I didn't want Brian to fuck me, I NEEDED it. I felt Brian's hands on my hips as his head pushed inside my willing ass. "Doesn't that feel so good?", Tyler asked me. Fuck, that voice would make me do anything. I looked up at him nodding, my mouth still on his cock. "Polite as well, he knows not to speak with his mouth full!" He laughed. I closed my eyes as Brian pushed further and further into me, it was a mixture of pain & the best pleasure I'd ever had. I'd never had a threesome before when I was (wait, was?) straight, and now here I am pleasuring two guys! They both started to get into a rhythm and before long, Brian's balls were slapping against my ass while I kept sucking Tyler. His voice and eyes were almost hypnotic, I'd do almost anything he said. Of course, anytime I started to come down from the poppers he'd hold them to my nose and I'd inhale deeply, partly because I loved the feeling he gave me but also I had a mouthful of his cock so couldn't breathe through there! A part of me knew that I was being used as a piece of meat but I loved it so much, and I knew I was so good at it, that I didn't care. I don't know how long I'd been in that position for but I could feel Brian's cock getting so thick inside me. "Fuck man, I think I'm close," he said to Tyler. "How about you?" "Man, I've been holding back for ages waiting for you!" he replied. "Let's keep him off the poppers so he knows what's happening" I could feel myself starting to come down & reached out for the poppers, "Nuh uh" Tyler said, "We want you to feel every second of this." My mouth and asshole seemed to be shrinking just as their cocks started to grow. The two much bigger men held me in place so there was no way out from what was to come. Tyler came first with a massive groan, his cum shooting deep into my throat & filling my mouth. All I could do was swallow him, and coz I didn't mind the taste I knew it was OK but I felt so slutty swallowing this complete stranger's load! "And now here comes the big surprise" Tyler whispered as I could hear Brian's panting. I felt the warmth hit me almost immediately as Brian came deep into my ass, it was only then that I realised he'd been fucking me bare all along! I was pinned between the two men so I knew that I was there as long as they wanted me. My ass pulsed on Brian's cock, milking him, as Tyler's fell out of my mouth. Brian pulled out & patted me on the ass, "For a straight boy, you make one hell of a faggot!" Tyler & himself both laughed "Feel free to use our bathroom, you might need it soon". I groggily made my way to their bathroom trying to process what had happened. I'd been in a threesome with two complete strangers and one had cum inside me! I saw myself in the mirror & could see that I'd been totally used, not least by some of Tyler's cum in my mouth & then Brian's dribbling down my leg. I sat on the toilet & felt Brian's cum stream out of me, god there was so much! I thought I'd have a shower in my own room to try & think everything through about what had happened. Opening the door I was met by the sight of Brian sucking Tyler's rapidly hardening cock, a big smile on Tyler's face. "Ready for round 2?" he asked. ROUND 2?!?!?! END OF CHAPTER 6
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    I'm a 37 year old in fairly decent shape, shaved head with a 7.5" thick cock. The last load I gave was to a 19 year old half latino boy. He had just moved away from his parents' in Texas and started college in Oklahoma. He was masculine, cute, 5'8", smooth muscular body with a phenomenal bubble ass. We met on Grindr and we decided to hookup, I had condoms and lube. He gets to my place and we immediately start making out. I get him naked in no time and start eating his hole and really tongue fucking him. I had his hole wet and wanting more. I start working my cock on his hole, rubbing it and putting pressure on it. It was like I had hit a switch on him. He turned into a moaning cock hungry girl. I was so hot and horny I grabbed the lube and slathered it on my raging cock. My head easily went in, but boy was his hole tight! He really started moaning at this point. He never said anything about the condom so I kept inching into him. I got into a really good pace nailing his bubble butt and watching his hole squeezing the life out of my dick. It was too much for me and I leaned down and quickly said,"I'm gonna cum in you." He was moaning and groaning so much he barely had time to say,"Okay!" That's when I shot my first load up inside him. I came hard and shot a lot of juice up his boy hole. I never lost my erection, but I pulled out, flipped him over onto his back and started sucking his small, but beautiful uncut cock, he barely last 2 minutes he was so horned up he came in my mouth quite a bit. I started slowly licking down his balls and taint then got to his ass, where I began tongue fucking him again. His hole was wet but back to being tight as ever. This really turned me on, so I pushed his legs apart wide and crawled up in between them and pushed my still hard cock back into his hole. He just laid there with a glazed look on his face and let me pound the hell out of his ass. This time I didn't even tell him I was going to cum, I just start drilling him and unloaded a second volley of jizz up his ass. I pulled out and sucked him off again, getting another nice load in my mouth. Afterward during a light cuddle sesh, he admitted that he was a goody two-shoes all through school and was tired of it. He had only been with one guy in high school and I was his first bareback fuck. I was surprised and also extremely horny again. I rolled him over onto his stomach and again entered that tight ass. This time I fucked him hard and long, I tried to pull out and shoot on his back because my third cum is sometimes my biggest, but I shot half of my load just inside his hole and the other half all the way up his back. We had several more hookups after that and it was all very hot.
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    Part III I had had too much to drink and just couldn't seem to move and was watching two guys really going to town on each other. As I watched the one who had been tongueing the hole of the one stopped and the other guy rolled him over and propped his legs up and went to doing his hole with his tongue now. I watched as he slobbered all over that hole and then his tongue was actually going in just like the other guys had done to him. Then I saw the guy start probing at that hole with a finger too and it slowly entered in more and more until it was buried all in. Damn, I had to get up and turn around but could hardly move. I started to rise and then, basically, fell over the seat with my head under the table and was on my stomach and just had to lie there and couldn't move. As I looked up again I notice the guy now seemed to have at least three of his fingers in that other guys hole now along with his tongue. I felt the seat move some and then heard the voice of the first guy I had met talking to me. He told me it didn't look like I was in a very good position there. I told him I thought I had too much to drink and couldn't get up for crap. He laughed and then grabbed me to try and help me up but that was found to be easier said than done when he banged my head on the underside of the table and had to let go of me. I dropped back to the same position I had been in before. Then he tried to get behind me to pull me but by now I was so limp I was almost folded over the seat completely and all he accomplished was to pull me back a little and then I would fall back forward. My legs got spread out and he was pretty much up against my ass trying to move me then. I was really out of it but it seemed like as he pulled back on me I felt his hips bump my ass and was almost sure I felt something hard bump up against the crack of my ass. We were both starting to laugh about this predicament now and he slipped and fell right on top of me and now I was sure I felt his hard cock bump my ass crack. I was somewhat put off by that but neither of us could hardly move for laughing now and the more we laughed the more his cock pushed against me and seemed to really be getting hard now and quite large too. I raised my head up to tell him about it and was looking at the two guys straight ahead of me again. The one had quit tongueing and fingering the others hole now and had dropped him down, turned around and as I watched, lifted the guys legs up and started to enter his hole with his cock. I froze completely and couldn't move or say anything. I just stared as I had never seen anything like that before. As I watched the guys cock sunk in till it was buried to his balls and then he held still for a little bit. The guy on top of me now, told me, wow, I didn't know they were going to go all the way there. He then kind of ground his own cock into me as we both watched. He then appeared to realize what he was doing and stopped and told me he was sorry but watching those two and the feel of my nice ass had gotten to him. I couldn't answer as just then the guy started to pull his cock back out of the other one till only about the head was still in and then thrust forward and started to fuck him then. I was still just staring. The guy on me was watching too and then all at once he reached around me and I felt him grab my cock. I turned my head to tell him he shouldn't do that to me and he planted his lips over mine before I could speak and was all at once kissing me and then drove his tongue into my mouth so I could not speak. I could feel him stroking my cock, which started to come up, which kind of surprised me too. He was kissing me and driving his tongue into my mouth and I was so surprised I could do nothing at all. Then I felt his other hand undoing my pants and then his other hand reached in and took my cock out and continued stroking it. I was completely hard now and having a really tough time trying to figure out just what the heck was going on. My cock was feeling too good to really stop now but at the same time I wanted away from there. By now my own cock was about as hard as it could get and when like that I wanted it to go off but was really conflicted about what was happening here. I needed to get away somehow. I then felt him dragging my pants down and pushing them down and my bare ass was now exposed and my pants were clear to my knees now. He had lifted up just a little to allow my pants to drop and then I felt him fidgeting around and all at once I felt his cock against my crack again, only this time it seemed to be bare and just as hard as mine was. I tried to squirm around to see but he had ahold of my cock in one hand stroking me furiously and was still kissing me, so about all that I accomplished was to get his tongue further into my mouth and his cock sliding up and down my crack and then catching on my hole. He felt somewhat wet there too which was a surprise. I tried to say something but wasn't able to and rolled my eyes some and could still see the other two guys on the ground fucking away. I stopped as I heard the one say here it comes and as I watched and listened he told the guy he was cumming in him good. The other guy was moaning and told him I am too and as I watched his cock erupted also cumming all over his stomach and chest. I froze again for a few seconds and then I felt something very funny happening to my own ass. It seemed like my own hole was opening up or something. I wasn't sure but as I turned my eyes back the guy on me was not only kissing me still but looking deep into my eyes.
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    Part II The game was getting more intense now and I just kept on staying and watching. Didn't realize that I had now downed another 3 or 4 beers and really had to go pee again. Went to get up and almost fell on top of the first guy I had met. He grabbed me and held me up. I apologized and told him I guessed I had not been paying attention to how much I had been drinking and it kind of caught me by surprise. I kind of staggered off to the toilet then. I didn't know he had followed me until I got there. He told me he just wanted to make sure I was alright. I really was fumbling trying to unzip my pants and was almost giggling about it. He told me to hold still a sec and reached out and before I knew it he had undone my pants, button and zipper and they almost fell off me as he reached in and grabbed my cock and pulled it out for me. I was so out of it that it didn't even register at first and then I was kind of embarrassed. He let go of me then and I took ahold of myself and was able to mostly hit the hole with my piss. I was so shaky that some missed and got on the seat though and then I just couldn't seem to get my pants back up good and fastened. He, again, took matters into his own hands and tucked me in and did my pants back up for me. For some reason I didn't even notice at the time my cock had started to come up some. We walked back to the table, mostly him walking and me staggering badly by now. I must have looked pretty funny and some of the guys there had huge grins on their faces and a couple laughed when I almost missed the seat sitting down. I was a little red in the face I am sure and grabbed my beer there and took another drink hoping the cold would just help a little or something. I started watching the game again but found myself almost slipping off of the seat now. I finally gave up and sat on the ground. I turned to place my beer on the seat then and from this vantage point I now could see behind the table and the two guys from earlier were in plain sight now. I am sure my eyes bugged out and they were both now completely nude it seemed and were in a 69 position. From my point of view, from the side actually of them, I could see they both had their cocks in each others mouths and were really gulping on each other. I just sat and stared. I couldn't seem to take my eyes off of them for a while and then as I was watching, one of them grabbed the others legs and lifted them up and apart. I saw him then licking the guys balls and then his tongue kept on going until I could tell he was licking his hole. As I watched he got more and more spit on that hole and then I could tell his tongue was actually going into it some and the other guy had quit sucking him and was now moaning and telling him how great it felt. I was mesmerized. What the hell?
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    Had a friend of a friend come over to hang out at the pool a few days ago. We sat in the sun and drank for a few hours and flirted a bit back and forth. Nice cubby guy early 20s with an impressive bulge in his trunks. We were buzzed when we finally headed inside and before I knew it he was grabbing and kissing me. He is younger than I usually go for but it isn’t often someone almost 30 years younger throws themselves at you so decided to go for it. I backed him against the island in the kitchen and placed my hands on his face taking control of the kiss. Soon he was moaning and begging for cock. He dropped to his knees and had my cock in his mouth. He let me push deeper and deeper into his throat until I was forcing my cock all the way in over and over. He pulled off and said he wanted me to fuck him so we headed to the bedroom. Remembering he had told me he had only ever bottomed before I wanted that cock in me first. I pushed him on his back and got between his legs sucking his cock making sure to get it good and wet. I crawled up him chest and kissed him some more as I felt his cock rub my ass. Reached over got some lube and put some in his hand and told him to slick me up and I reached behind me and applied some to my ass and then grabbed his cock—impressive 6-7 incher—and then slowly sat down on his cock working him into me. His eyes got wide and he quickly figured out a good rhythm and soon he was bucking his hips up and forcing his cock into me. He didn’t last long and soon was shooting his thick load into me. I rode his cock until he softened and then rolled him over and pulled him onto his knees and fucked my cock into him. He kept calling me daddy—again not something I was all that into but he really seemed to get into it so went with it. I grabbed his hips and fucked him hard ramming my cock into him over and over and over. Asked where he wanted daddy’s load and he said in me, breed me so that is exactly what I did.
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    I woke up the next morning and David had gone back to his tent. The tent smelled of cum and my dick got hard. It was just at the sunrise as I crawled out of the tent. The air was cool. I reached back in and grabbed a pair of shorts. A new guy was standing outside his tent. He must have arrived in the early hours and looked as if he had just finished putting up his tent. His chest hair was glistening with sweat. He stood 6'5", had a shaved head and another big beard that was peppered with grey. He saw me get out and walked over and introduced himself. His name was Greg. He said he was just in and that no one else was up yet. He pulled out some camp chairs and we sat down and talked. I had a hard time concentrating as he was gorgeous. Covered in fur head to toe, front to back and wonderful tattoos running down his arms, front of his chest and back. I mentioned that I really liked his tattoos and we started in on a conversation about each one of them. As he sat there naked in the chair and I realized that my hole started to drip cum from the early morning fun. I got up to get a towel to sit on and he laughed. It looks like you had some fun last night. I grinned and told him it was definitely a hot time. I thought I heard him grunt, but wasn't sure. I came back and sat down on the towel and Greg started to question me on what happened. I told him the story and could see his cock rising. Fuck that sounds hot. I hope I get some of that ass this weekend. I was taken back by his words and blushed. I told him the guy that fucked me was poz and said that I had taken two poz loads last night. One in each end. He asked if I needed another one or two or three. I told him that anytime he needed to unload to just give me that look and we will make it happen. Just then Bubba walked up and embraced Greg in a big bear hug. Bubba jumped into Greg's arms. Bubba said to me, I see you met Greg. Then winked and said that he had texted him last night and told him to set up his tent next to the blue tent with the white stripe. That was my tent. The guys slowly started to wake up and Alex had started making a pot of coffee. I walked over and asked if he needed some help. Alex grinned and handed me a fying pan and said sure. You can make some eggs for the guys, but you have to do it in only an apron. I told him I should probably shower first. Alex handed me some soap and said hurry up as the guys get hangry quick. The site had its own shower building which was nice. I walked in and picked a stall. I started to shower and heard someone come in and pick the stall next to me. the stalls were the kind where you can see the people showering down the line. It was David. He greeted me with good morning and we chatted while I showered. David turned on his shower and began. I turned around and rinsed off and when I turned back around he was standing in my stall facing me. He pushed me up against the wall and planted a big kiss on me. As he pulled away he thanked me for last night and looked a little worried. He asked if I was ok with what we did last night. I told him absolutely and asked why. He said that he knew that I as neg and that he should have told me that he was poz. I said I knew and planted another kiss on him. Another guy from the camp came into the shower area and caught us. It was Dan. Ah ha! That's who was getting his ass pounded last night. David just chuckled and told him to fuck off. Dan was younger then me, but was built and looked in his mid 30s. Another big bearded guy. David crawled out of my stall and went back to his to finish his shower. I got out and started to dry off as I chatted with Dan as he started to shave. David finished his shower, dried off and walked out giving me a wink before leaving the building. Dan looking concerned came over to me and asked me if I knew that David was poz. I told Dan that I knew and I was cool with it. Dan just shrugged and said ok. I thanked him for his concern and gave him a hug. Dan and I have chatted some online before I came out to the event. It was just chatting and nothing sexual. I really liked him. I finished showering, put on my shorts and walked back out to start cooking. The morning went on and the sun was hot as hell. All of the guys were naked including me. I was dozing as I sat in the chair. I said I was going to go take a nap and walked back over to my tent. Greg said that it sounded like a good idea and we walked back to our tents. As we got to our tents, I asked Greg if he wanted to take a nap with me. He smiled and said sure, but lets do it in my tent. I have a small air conditioner. We crawled in his tent, got naked and laid down. Greg laid on his back and cuddled up next to him and laid my head on his chest. We both fell into a deep sleep. A couple hours later one of the bikers in the next camp started his bike and it backfired loud and startled both of us. We laughed. Greg then said that he was happy that I had joined him for a nap. Our conversation went from talking about our jobs, where we lived and our lives. Greg told me that it had been a while since he was able to cuddle with someone as his life partner had just passed 6 months ago. For someone who looked so tough was showing a side of himself that was enduring. I told Greg that I wanted to keep in touch after the event lets out. He smiled and told me he was counting on it. He looked at me and told me that I had reminded him of his partner. He leaned down and gave me a kiss. Then pulled away and told me that I should sleep in his tent tonight. I told him I would. Good he said and reached down between my legs and shoved his middle finger in my hole. He told me that hearing about what happened to me last night got him wanting to make sure the guys load took hold and wanted to help with adding his. I just smiled and said Yes Sir. Its going to take several loads to make sure he said as he raised his eye brow. bring it on Daddy. He took his finger out of my hole and said then its a date. We may even start with a bike ride later if you are up for it. I said I was. During our conversation I found out that he lived outside of Chicago . A viable prospect for sure I thought and leaned in for another kiss. To be continued....
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    Last night a str8 guy posted on Craigslist that he was staying at a hotel, not far from my home and wanted a guy to come to his room to blow him. His ad said he was 45, married, white, businessman. I sent him a reply to his ad with some pics of me sucking dick. He replied back that he was in Las Vegas on business at an airport hotel. He said the room would be dark. The door unlocked. Just come in, find him sitting on the edge of the bed. Drop to my knees and blow him. He cums, I go. No chat. No reciprocation on his part. I told him that sounded great. He sent me his hotel name and room number and I was quickly on my way to blow him. Just as he said, his door at the Hampton Inn was cracked open. I entered his room. Momentarily, when I came through the door, the hall lights gave enough light that I could just faintly see him sitting on the edge of the bed. He was tall, thin, muscular, hairy and naked. But, I couldn't see any details like his face. I closed the door and walked over to him on the bed. I dropped to my knees and took several deep hits of poppers. Then leaned forward and began to suck his partially hard cock. He had a respectable 6"s, cut. As I sucked on his cock, it began to grow in my mouth. Soon growing to about 7"s. He then laid back on the bed and I began to lick his balls and underneath his balls. Then I lifted his legs and licked his asshole. He was silent, but I could tell he liked it. He was spreading his ass cheeks with his hands to give me more access to his hole. So I could get my tongue deep, up inside him. I rimmed his ass for about 5 minutes. Then went back to sucking his cock. He was now leaking precum. Very sweet tasting. As I was sucking him, he sat up and leaned over me. Sliding his hand down the back of my pants. Finding my asshole, he fingered it. Great! He was up for fucking! Without asking if he wanted to fuck me, I stood and took off my pants, my briefs and my shirt. I was now naked. I knelt on the edge of the bed next to him. He got off the bed and stood behind me. I spit on my fingers and lubed my ass with my spit. He spit on his cock and put his rock hard cock up to my hole. He slowly pushed into me. I'm sniffing poppers as he slides in me and then begins to pump his cock in and out of my hole. He's obviously turned on. He pounds me hard and deep for only about 3 or 4 minutes, before he groans and shakes. He's emptying his balls in my ass. As soon as he cums, he pulls from me and goes into the bathroom. Closing the door to the bathroom before he turned on the bathroom light. I climb off the bed, his cum dripping from my hole and I dress in the dark. I leave his room before he ever comes back from the bathroom. I never got a good look at his face. But loved the anonymous encounter with the str8 visitor.
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    There is an older guy I have fucking for several years. He likes to be naked ass up on the bed when I get there. I strip down and alternate eating his ass and pulling his cock back and sucking it. Then I stand up and slide my cock into him. This guy doesn’t get fucked a lot and his hole is tight. I have to really work to get the head in and he always sucks in a breath that is such a turn on as I push deeper into him. Usually he needs a break and will get up and suck me for a bit before lying on his back and letting me fuck him again. We kiss and fuck with his legs wrapped around my waist and I can really get in deep this way. When he tells me he is getting close I pull out and lay on my back so he can ride my cock. He stares me in the eyes as he slides up and down my cock throwing his head back as I pump into him over and over getting faster and faster. He jacks his cock and shoots what has got to be the biggest load I have ever seen. It just goes on and on and on. Says he has always shot that much but fuck if it is not impressive every single time. He pulls off and licks his cum off my chest and kisses me with it. Then he works his way down my body to lick and suck my cock and balls some more. He patiently works my cock getting it hard again and I fuck another load into him. We have fucked a few times a year for 12 years and it is always hot.
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    No, this is not a story of how I knocked up some bimbo. It’s about this dude I met a few years ago. After he converted due to the toxic loads I dumped in him I started calling him my AIDS baby and he started calling me his AIDS daddy. We met online for the first time I guess about four years ago. He was 25 years old at the time and quite a hot dude. Decent body, 6’ tall, brown hair and an absolute looker, looked quite innocent, though that was deceiving. Behind those green eyes he was hiding a very slutty mind. We chatted a few times and I found out he was an airline steward living in a town some 30 miles from me, so not too far. He learned that I’m poz and quite toxic which turned the little slut on to no end. Unfortunately due to his erratic flying schedule it was difficult to arrange a hook up quickly. One time we were chatting on skype and he told me he just got fucked by some barebacker and the fresh cum was still in his ass, held there by his dildo. I was a bit sceptical at first but then he turned on his cam and climbed up on his chair, dildo sticking out from his ass. He pushed the dildo’s suction cup onto the chair and started fucking himself on it for several minutes. Finally he pulled his ass up from the dildo and I could see the cum leaking from his open hole onto the chair. Then the little slut bend over and started licking it up. After this little show I was convinced he was an absolute cum addickted fuck slut and decided he needed to get AIDS, which he agreed to enthusiastically. We were finally able to arrange our first meeting a few weeks later. He just got his latest test result which confirmed he was still clean. I went to his town where he picked me up at the train station. When I got in his car he immediately started sucking my cock as I had ordered him. After a few minutes I told him to head over to his place and a few minutes later we arrived at his apartment complex. As soon as we entered his place I ripped his track pants from his ass and pushed him down on his knees. I forced my hard cock down his throat which he really didn’t like but who cares about what a bitch wants? Then I shoved him to the bed, tied him up and forcibly spread his legs apart. I told the bitch “I’m gonna ram my toxic AIDS cock up your ass you little slut.”, then I pushed it all the way in, only using a few drops of spit as lube. The little slut was clearly hurting and terrified, I could see it in his wide open eyes and I loved every second of that fuck. I just kept pumping that sweet ass while he was begging me to stop. I just told him I wouldn’t and that he knew that was the reason I tied him up in the first place. Finally I spewed my venomous load deep in his guts. After keeping him tied up a while longer I released him and ordered him to keep my toxic cum in his fuck hole all night long. When he drove me back to the train station he was quite subdued. I guess the little bitch was terrified that he really did get pozzed. You know what they say “Be careful what you wish for, you might just get IT.”. The next morning he told me that he did as I ordered and kept my venom in his ass all night long and that it leaked out of his fuckhole in the morning. As you can imagine this really turned me on, seeing there was a good chance he’s convert. A few days later he told me he got a herpes infection in his ass from me and that it hurt like hell. I was overjoyed about this since it was a good sign and his chances of converting would be boosted by this for sure.
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    PART 4 Another rough looking character entered, following the obvious sounds of sex. He was decent looking, a bit weathered as they all were, but more attractive than the other men who had fucked me already tonight. He plunked his ass down on the sofa and fished his dick out of his pants while enjoying our little sex show. When HE started getting close to blowing, he took over and grabbed hold of my hips and began piledriving his mighty meat into my depths. We were both breathing loud like bulls, and sweating up a storm. I heard his growl start and shoved back hard onto him. “Do it! Give me that poz cum! Poz me! Poz my ass!” I begged. The man on the sofa laughed at my desperation. “Fuck yeah, piggy wants to get pozzed. Nice! Give it to the slut!” We finished rutting and were both gasping for breath as we stood totally still, his dick remained hard, draining, inside of me. I couldn’t help but wonder how great it would be to spend every day with that cock up my ass. Finally he gave both of my ass cheeks a playful squeeze, one in each hand, and then allowed his cock to slide from my hole. “He’s all yours,” he said to the guy. “Alright! Come on, pig, come and sit on this.” He spread his legs wide and I climbed up onto his lap. He grabbed a butt cheek in each hand, squeezing and massaging them, while I moved up to get his dick head at my entrance. I lowered myself onto him at a steady rate until I had him balls-deep. He grunted, gave a hard shove with his hips to be sure that I had every millimeter in me, and smiled at me. “Fucking hot ass there,” he complimented. He reached behind my head and pulled me to him for a kiss. He continued to sloppy tongue kiss me as he rammed his cock up into me. I tried to ride him, but he was definitely more into thrusting his own hips so I left it to him. I don’t know how much time passed, but I was shaken from our kissing-stupor when I felt his cock firing off hot wet seed into my fuck hole. He immediately pulled my lips back to his, mashing our faces together as he ground his pelvis into my ass to empty the last of his load. After another couple of minutes of this, HE stepped in and pulled me away from the kiss. “Ok, that’s enough of that. Time’s up,” he said, carefully lifting me off of the man’s hard meat. The guy looked a little put off, but he didn’t complain. He tucked his cock back into his pants and left, giving me a wink as he passed by me. And so it went, one after another, a steady stream of men came in the house and fucked and unloaded their high viral loads into my ass. Men of all shapes and sizes, varying degrees of wastation. Some didn't look sick at all while others looked like they were on death's door. I felt like a drug addict -I just couldn’t get enough. My ass was totally trashed and sloppy with cum, and I was still overwhelmed with a hunger for more cock and cum in me. But I was thoroughly exhausted. I lost count of how many of them used me. It had to be between 20 and 30. Easily. By the time the last one left, the sun was out again and I was exhausted. I really didn’t want to have to walk home after all of that, but HE gave no indication that I could sleep there. I stumbled back to the bedroom and grabbed my clothes. I felt almost ill I was so tired. I was moving slow, that’s for sure. My arms and legs were fatigued, and my head was so cloudy. I made it to the front door and took my time putting my clothes on, still without a word from HIM. He had followed me to the bedroom and fell into bed. Once I was dressed I could hear snoring coming from the bedroom, so there was no way he was going to invite me to stay now. Miracle of miracles, I managed to get my tired ass home after another all-night fuckfest. I was too tired to even jack off like I had last time. I felt into bed, still in my sticky clothes, my ass leaking cum and blood, and stinking of sex. I passed out.
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    For goodness sake, have a little numerical perspective. There are several hundred thousand guys using PrEP, and 4 have contracted HIV. I personally know more than 4 guys who caught it from a broken condom. If we use the most conservative estimate of 100,000 on PrEP that works out to be a 0.004% chance. PrEP is working really well. They are already testing different meds for use as PrEP. There is no crisis here.
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    Was cruising Robert E Lee Park in Uptown last night, was end of Texas ahead Round Up and wanted something different. It started sprinkling around 11 so I took my t-shirt off and let myself get wet. This cute built Latino boy was walking towards me on the sidewalk so I said "hey how's it going?" And smiled at him. He smiled back at me but said nothing although he slowed down a bit, I circled around and followed him, not saying anything more. He walked down towards Turtle Creek and I kept following him. We went into one of the secluded spots and he leaned in and started kissing me while fondling my dick. Pretty quickly we both had out dicks out stroking, saying nothing he turned his ass to me and pulled his shorts down showing off his ass. I pulled the lube out of my pocket and quickly lubed up his ass and my cock and slid my cock in him before he could ask me to wrap or see I hadn't. He had that perfect ass, not super tight but clamping down on my dick at the right part as I stroked in him. I quickly came in him but kept stroking and before long shot a second load inside him. He was moaning he was close to cuming, so I pulled the lube out of my pocket, handed it to him and took my place. he had a nice thick cock that felt good in my ass. I love how a thick on strains my ass open, but hate the results as then usually it leaks out when they're done. Like me he came in no time but kept stroking in me and soon he shot a second load in me. He slid out of me and kissed me quickly and deeply, saying nothing, then he put he t-shirt back on and walked briskly away, I could only guess he maybe didn't speak English or was embarrassed about what he needed and did. It was too bad as I'd definitely hook up again as he was very good looking and had a hot body. Not to mention I love playing with anon fucksluts like me!
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    Part 6 I was now doing quite well at work and had a circle of good friends - life was good. As far as I knew, all my friends practiced safe sex and assumed that I did too. They had no idea that I was continuing to fuck and be fucked without a condom whenever I got the chance and the thought of what they would think if they knew turned me on even more. More and more I was getting off on taking risks - both in terms of cruising for sex in public toilets and in deliberately having risky, unprotected sex. One summer afternoon I was in central London, bored and horny. I had been in a relationship for about six months and the guy I was seeing was very much into safe sex so we always used condoms. I was now off the leash and horny as fuck. My first port of call was the toilets at Marble Arch. It was about half past five in the evening and to my delight I found that it was busy with guys cruising after work. At that time there was a row of cubicles along the back of the toilet and smaller rows of cubicles down the sides. This meant that there were quite a few blind spots where guys would cruise and wait until a cubicle became free. I headed down there and saw a smartly dressed young black guy who looked mid to late 20s standing outside the cubicles. I cruised him and he responded. I moved in closer and put my hand over the bulge in his smart black trousers. His cock was hard and he pushed against my hand. We were completely hidden from view and had now been joined by an older guy who was keeping watch as I unzipped the black guy's trousers. He made as if to stop me and then relaxed as he realised that we couldn't be seen and let me pull his trousers and pants down a bit. I had thought his cock was hard when I felt it through his trousers but as I played with it, it kept growing and growing - it was huge! I bent over and started to suck him and he groaned. I sucked him for a while and then a cubicle came free. Seconds later we were in the cubicle together, his pants and trousers were down at his ankles and I was sitting on the toilet sucking on his big black cock. I sucked him for a while and then asked him if he wanted to fuck me. He nodded. I stood up, rubbed some lube into my arse, turned around and bent over the toilet - neither of us mentioned condoms. As I bent over I noticed that the older guy who had been keeping watch for us was now watching over the top of the neighbouring cubicle. Being watched turned me on even more and I made sure he could see that the black guy wasn't wearing a condom as I spread my legs and pulled my cheeks apart to help him get his big cock up my arse. I can still remember how good it felt as he pushed that big black cock right up me and began to fuck. I hadn't been fucked by anything that big in a long time and I enjoyed every minute of it. He was fucking me harder now and it was all I could do not to cry out. I knew he was getting close and he was not showing any signs of wanting to pull out. Not only did he have a big cock - he had the biggest pair of balls I had ever seen and I knew he was about to empty them right up me. I pushed back hard against him as he moaned "Oh fuck....fuck....FUCK!" and shot his load right up my arse. When he pulled out he leaned against the wall of the cubicle, panting. I felt as if my arse was gaping and I could feel some cum running down my legs. I bent over and took his cock into my mouth as he fingered my arse and I shot my load on the floor of the cubicle. That night I was still horny. I drove up Hampstead Heath and ended up taking another two loads up my arse. I had enjoyed being in a relationship, but I was now making up for lost time. My next experience was totally unexpected. I had been up in Scotland visiting family and was returning to London on the first flight of the day from Glasgow Airport. I hadn't cum for several days as I had been stuck with family and I had woken up feeling very horny but I didn't have time to do anything about that as I had to leave to be at the airport. It was very early in the morning and the airport was quiet. I had plenty of time before my flight so had some coffee and then, needing a piss, went in search of the toilet, which seemed to be miles from anywhere. I found it eventually and took a much needed piss. As I did so, a tall ginger lad in a suit came in and took a piss a little bit away from me. I sensed he was checking me out and I looked over at him. He looked about the same age as me - late 20s early 30s, just my type. He seemed a bit nervous but cruised me back and soon we were standing wanking together. I motioned to a cubicle and he hesitated for a moment before nodding and following me in to the cubicle. He sat down on the toilet and I got my cock out. He started sucking me off and soon I was enjoying one of the best blowjobs I ever had. I could easily have let him suck me until I blew my load in his mouth but I was horny and wanted to see if he was willing to go any further. I pulled him up and turned him round. I unzipped his trousers and pulled them down along with his white Tommy Hilfiger pants. I went down on his cock and then licked his balls. I asked if I could lick his arse and he hesitated. There was still no one about though so after a moment he bent over the toilet. I pulled his cheeks apart and pushed my tongue right into his hairy ginger hole. I rimmed him for a while and then stood up and began to rub my cock against his wet hole. "I want to fuck you," I whispered. He stood up. "Have you got a condom?" I shook my head. He hesitated again. "We can't do it without a condom," he muttered. Actually, I did have condom and I would probably have produced it if he had really insisted but I had already learnt that a lot of "safe only" guys would fuck without a condom rather than miss out on a fuck if they were really horny and sure enough it was not long before ginger lad was bent over the toilet and I was pushing my bare cock up his now lubed hole. I was really horny and knew I wouldn't last very long as I began to fuck him. After about ten or twelve thrusts I felt myself getting ready to cum. I thought he might ask me to pull out but he stayed bent over as I groaned and began to shoot what felt like a massive load right up his unprotected arse. As soon as I pulled out he stood up and pulled his pants and trousers up - he couldn't get out the cubicle quickly enough and was gone within seconds. I cleaned myself up and went to find my flight. When I went through the gate the first person I saw was the ginger lad. He was with two other guys in suits, obviously colleagues and must have been going to London for a business meeting. I don't think he noticed me, and if he did he never acknowledged me as we all got in the plane. I had a great view of his arse as he reached up to put his briefcase in the over head locker and the thought that his colleagues would have no idea he had a big load of cum in his arse really turned me on. I was now starting to initiate unprotected sex and I was surprised how many guys were willing to go bare. Of course not everyone was willing and sometimes I lost out on a fuck hut I didn't really care. I found a lot of guys would fuck bare and others would just say no if they didn't want to - but one or two reacted really badly. One afternoon I was in a toilet I had discovered in West London near Kensal Rise. I was meeting some friends for a meal and had some time to kill. The toilet was quite dirty and smelt strongly of piss but I was horny and it was nearby. I had not been in there long when I was joined by two other guys. I didn't really fancy either of them so I was happy just to wank at the urinal with them for a while. Then another guy came in. I liked the look of him and soon we were in a cubicle together. After some sucking I asked if he wanted to fuck me. I lubed myself up and he produced a condom. I said he could fuck me without a condom if he wanted and he went mad and started shouting at me. He shouted that there was no way he was going to fuck me without a condom and then stormed out of the cubicle, banging the door behind him. I was a bit shaken and also more than a bit embarrassed but I decided that I couldn't stay in there forever so I pulled up my pants and stepped out of the cubicle. About four guys were standing outside the cubicle - the two I had been wanking with, an older guy and a guy about my age with dark, curly hair. They were all looking at me. I was about to leave when the young dark haired guy said "I'll fuck you without a condom!" I looked at him and he grinned. He was nice looking and had a sexy Irish accent - I grinned back and nodded. I went back into the cubicle and he followed me. To my surprise he didn't shut the cubicle door, he just motioned me to sit down on the toilet, unzipped his jeans and pulled his cock out. I knew the other guys were watching but I didn't care. I sucked him for a while and then he pulled me up. I pulled my trousers and pants down, turned round and bent over. I was still lubed and he had no difficulty in sliding his cock right up my arse. I was really turned on by the fact that I was being fucked with the cubicle door open in full view of the other guys. I heard a couple of the guys telling him to fuck me and one guy said "load him up, cum in his arse!" which turned me on even more. The dark haired guy fucked me hard and fast and shot his load right up my arse. When he pulled out I stood up and discovered that about six guys were crowded round the cubicle and had watched me get fucked without a condom and take a load of cum in my arse. I joined my friends for dinner and during the evening the talk turned to the importance of safe sex. I nodded seriously and agreed how important it was that everyone played safe on every occasion. As I said this I let a little bit of cum slide out into my underpants. A couple of weeks later I was back in the toilets at Marble Arch. As I approached the toilets I saw my ex boyfriend, Liam, the guy I had split with about two months previously, entering the toilets. Liam was always very disapproving of casual sex and of cruising of any sort so I didn't think for a minute that he was there for the same reason I was. I didn't want to bump into him though so I thought I would wait outside until he came back out again. I had assumed that this would not be long as he had probably only gone in there for a piss. I waited quite a while and Liam did not come back out the toilet so I decided to go in and see what was happening. There was no sign of him at the urinals so I went up the back of the toilet to the cubicles, just in time to see Liam disappearing in to one. I was almost certain I had caught a glimpse of someone entering the cubicle with him - this was getting interesting! All the cubicles were taken and I waited for while until I got lucky and someone came out of the cubicle next to the one Liam had gone into. I went in and quietly climbed on to the toilet and looked over the wall. Liam was in there with another guy, a small, stocky skin head guy that I knew would be just his type. They both had their pants down and Liam was sucking the other guy's cock. I watched as he sucked for a while and then stood up. They kissed and wanked each other for a while and then Liam said something to the skin head, who nodded. Liam reached into his pocket and passed something to the skin head. I assumed it was a condom but it was actually a small pack of lube. The guy opened it and I watched as Liam took the pack from him, lubed up his arse and bent over the toilet. I was really turned on as I watched Liam pull his cheeks apart so that he skinhead could push his big thick cock slowly but surely right up his arse. The skinhead waited a minute to let Liam get used to his cock and then began to fuck. I couldn't believe that Liam was letting someone fuck him without a condom in a public toilet. Not only had he always disapproved of cruising, he had always insisted on condoms and one night when I had suggested we fuck without one he gave me quite a lecture. Now he was bent over, pants down, being fucked hard up the arse without a condom and clearly enjoying every minute of it. I had my cock out now, wanking as I watched them fuck and I shot my load down the wall at the exact moment that the skinhead pumped a load up Liam's arse. I left the cubicle before they did and waited outside the toilet at a discreet distance. A few minutes later Liam came out and walked through the underpass to the underground, looking exactly as usual. I couldn't believe I had just watched him take a load of cum up his arse. I began to wonder about Liam - we had split up less than two months ago and I found it hard to believe he had suddenly turned overnight into someone who fucked bareback in public toilets - I suspected that the there had been another side to Liam all the time..... One afternoon I was in a toilet in West London when I got cruised by a guy who looked in his mid 40s. He wasn't exactly my type but he had a nice thick cock and I was horny. I had been in the toilet for a while with no action so I let him suck me for a while. Then he asked me if I wanted to come back to his place and fuck with him and his boyfriend. I decided to go with him and was really glad I did when I saw the boyfriend. He was about 19 or 20 with blond, longish hair and a very cute smile. The guy introduced himself as Andy and his boyfriend as Dominic and soon Andy and I had our pants down and Dominic was taking it in turns to suck us as Andy and I kissed. It was turning out to be a really good experience - that boy could certainly suck cock! After a while, Dominic stood up, pulled his pants and trousers off and knelt up on the bed. I watched as Andy lubed him up and pushed his thick cock up him and began to fuck. It had been made clear that I would have to use a condom though, so I was rubbered up for my turn. Dominic's hole was tight and I enjoyed the fuck even with a condom, though I would much have preferred to fuck him without one. After a while we both came - me in the condom and Andy up Dominic's arse. A week or so later I visited the same toilet and this time Dominic was in there. He smiled at me and soon we both had our cocks out. He sucked me at the urinal for a while and then we went into a cubicle. Dominic pulled his pants down and bent over and I fucked him hard and fast. This time condoms weren't mentioned and I fucked him bareback, blowing a big load right up his tight young arse. Later that summer I was over in Germany staying with friends and we spent a couple of days in the former East Germany where my friends had family. The Wall had been down for 5 or 6 years by this time and, although there had been some regeneration in Berlin, the town we were staying in was largely unchanged and was quite bleak. It was a very interesting experience as I had never been to East Germany and I enjoyed walking around the city and exploring it. On the second day I was walking past a bleak eastern European tower block when a young couple came out. They looked to be in their late 20s, early 30s and had two young kids with them. The guy was quite fit looking, dark haired, a bit stocky, wearing trackie bottoms and a T shirt. I particularly noticed his fit arse, which really filled out his trackies as be bent over to pick up something the child had dropped. They said hello as they passed and I walked on. A bit later I was walking over a bridge near an industrial estate when I noticed a public toilet down below on a towpath near a canal. I had to walk quite a long way round to get down on to the towpath but soon I was standing in a really old fashioned pubic toilet - graffiti on the walls and a hole between the two cubicles. Almost immediately someone came in to the toilet and I got my cock out and took a much needed piss. I couldn't really see the other guy without looking but I could tell he was quite young. He had appeared very quickly and I suspected he had been watching the toilet and seen me enter. Nothing happened for a while and then I looked over at him. I saw a lad of around 18 or 19, dark hair with a streak of blond in it. He flashed his cock and I did the same. I was hard now and soon he bent over and took it in his mouth. He sucked me for a while and then stopped and motioned me to follow him as he went out of the toilet. I wasn't sure if this was a good idea but I thought what the hell and followed him out of the toilet. He walked down the towpath in front of me, checking now and then to make sure I was following and then disappeared through a gap in the bushes and up over the embankment and into a wooded area. He stopped in a little clearing with a wall area and smiled at me. He reached out for my cock and soon he was down on his knees sucking my cock. He sucked me for a while and then stood up, pulled his pants down and bent over, leaning against the wall. I fingered his slim, young arse. It was surprisingly hairy but not only that, it was lubed with what I was fairly sure was cum. It looked like I wasn't his first that day and I wondered how many other guys he had brought to this spot. It was obvious what he wanted so I didn't waste any time - I pulled his cheeks apart, lined up my cock and pushed. His hole was tight, but I slid up him easily and began to fuck. Suddenly I realised with a shock that we weren't alone. I hadn't heard anyone approaching but when I turned round I saw the guy I had seen earlier coming out the tower block with his girlfriend and kids. I wasn't sure what to do at first but the guy I was fucking said something to him and he laughed - they obviously knew each other. I had pulled my cock out the lad's arse but he motioned to me to put it back in and said something I didn't understand to the young lad, who laughed. The other guy pulled his cock out his trackies and went round and pushed it into the young lad's mouth. He had a nice big cock and it turned me on to see the lad sucking on it as I fucked him up the arse. I was getting close now but didn't want to cum just yet so I pulled out and indicated to trackie lad to take my place. He grinned and came round to join me. He lined up his cock and pushed it up the lad's arse. He fucked for a while and then pulled out and I took his place. We took turns on the young lad for a while and I noticed the wedding ring on trackie lad's left hand. Soon trackie lad was groaning and obviously shooting his cum up the young lad. When trackie lad had finished coming he pulled out and I saw his big cock wet with cum. I pushed up the young lad and began to fuck. I was close to cumming now and as I fucked, trackie lad stood behind me and began to rub his spunky cock against my arse. I stopped fucking for a moment and spread my legs, pulling my cheeks apart as he rubbed his spunky cock over my hole. He was still hard and as I pushed back his cock went right up my arse. I groaned and began to fuck the young lad again as trackie lad fucked me. We fucked hard and fast for a while and soon I couldn't hold back - I groaned and began to shoot my cum right up the young lad's arse. Trackie lad pushed up my arse hard and held his cock there as I loaded up the young lad. It was one of the horniest experiences I had ever had and I knew I had cum very hard up the young lad. We went our separate ways and as I walked back through the town I felt a familiar wet sensation in my arse. I was passing a disused factory and I slipped round behind it, pulled my pants down, squatted, and pushed - a big load of cum spurted out my arse. I hadn't realised that trackie boy had shot a second load up me as I was loading up the young lad. The fact that I had taken a big load of East German cum up my arse from a married guy just made the experience even hornier.... It was not long after this that I met the guy who was to become my partner for the next ten years or so. That, coupled with the fact that so many public toilets were being closed would mean that there would not be many more bareback fucks in dirty public toilets. But there would be a few more...... Part 7 to follow
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    My junior year of college I decided that I had had enough of dorm life and struck out on my own to find an apartment. My parents said that they would pay for it as long as it didn’t cost more then the dorms. Now the dorms at my university weren’t cheap but they weren’t really as expensive as the cost of an apartment, so my choices were limited. After scouring the newspaper and craigslist I found three that were within my extremely small budget and were close enough to school to not make the commute impossible, so, a couple of weeks before school started, I went on a quest to find an apartment. I suppose that I should tell you a little something about myself before we go on too far. I had just turned twenty-one, and has spent a good amount of time the year before working off the last vestiges of my slightly pudgy teen age self and now sported a thin lean build that I was rather proud of. Also in the past year, weather it was due to some hormone increase from working out or my genetics finally decided that it was that time in my development, I had grown a fairly reasonable pelt of hair across my tight pecks and my now firm round bubble butt had a healthy growth of hair across both cheeks and down my crack. What I was most proud of all though was that my cock had thickened and lengthened slightly making it now an exact seven inches long and just about six and a half around. The boys I met at parties and bent over back in their rooms or in the bathroom of the party certainly enjoyed my quickly evolving meat. August in the Midwest is unreasonably hot, so when I went began my quest, upon entering the first place I quickly shucked my button down shirt and walked wearing a wife-beater and tight jean shorts, even as I could feel the sweat still running down my back. An old woman showed me around a dingy little flat in the basement of a small three-story apartment building. It was certainly not what was advertised in the paper but I knew people always exaggerated in those things. I thanked her for her time and said that I would be in touch, praying that the other two apartments were better. The second place I was looking was about a ten minute walk away, but by the time I had gotten there my shirt was soaked through with sweat and I was sure that I stunk to high heaven. Feeling rather dejected after my first viewing I knocked on the door to apartment 1A, which through my correspondence with the poster on Craigslist I had learned was the apartment of the super. The door opened and there stood the single most attractive man I had ever seen in my life. Normally I was only attracted to guys my own age but this man destroyed all of that. He stood at about six foot three inches, which put him about six inches taller than was I. He had a broad powerful chest, thick muscle knotted arms, and a handsome bearded face that made my knees weak. He wore no shirt and his carpenter pants were slung so low on his hips that I could see the tops of his thick bush of pubes over the waistband. I stared at his strong hair covered chest admiring the dark fur that covered his whole torso for a long moment, before managing to blurt out that I was here to see the apartment. The man chuckled and said in a deep voice that resonated in my chest “I’m Chuck, the guy you emailed. Nice to meet you, guy. Sorry, what was your name again?” “Duncan,” I replied, possibly a little too quickly. “Well do you wanna see the place or just stand here in the hallway,” he said turning away from me for a moment. He grabbed a shirt from just beyond where I could see into his apartment and a set of keys off a hook before stepping forward into the hallway. I stepped back quickly allowing him to pull his own door closed before leading the way down the hallway to the stairs tugging the flannel shirt of as he walked. As we walked towards the stairs Chuck made idle conversation with me about school, asking I was studying - just filling the silence, as he lead the way up three flights of stairs and then all the way down the top floor to the last door on the right. He unlocked the door and gestured for me to go inside. It was a much nicer apartment then the last one I saw. The living room was small but had a large window that allowed sunlight to stream into the tiny space. The little kitchen was outdated but usable and the although the bedroom would fit little more then a bed and a dresser, I liked the place. Chuck showed me around and though I tried to listen I kept finding my gaze wandering to the patch of his chest that was still visible as he never buttoned the shirt he put on, or down to where his pubes were coming out over his pants wondering what the pale jeans were hiding. “So you like it kid?” “Yeah, I think it’s great.” “Good,” Chuck stopped his tour of the little apartment and turned to look at me for a long moment before smiling and saying, “But I think there’s more on your mind the just the apartment right now isn’t there?” “What?” “You can’t keep your eyes off my cock boy, I’ve seen you looking.” “Shit, I’m sorry.” I stammered embarrassed beyond belief at being caught, “I’ll go, sorry for the trouble.” “Go? What the fuck kid, no get back here.” “Okay.” “You gay, kid?” “Yeah. Is that a problem?” “Not at all, make this step a little easier.” “What?” “My last slut just graduated and I’m in need of a new one.” He grabbed at his dick through his jeans and I could see the outline now of a fat powerful cock. “So,” he said dropping his shirt on the floor, “If you’re a good boy then I’ll cut you a deal on your rent, and if you’re a really good boy then there is no rent.” He had started walking closer to me, closing the small gap between us in the tiny bedroom. I could smell him now the intoxicating scent of man wafting over me as I found myself close enough to touch his amazing chest. “You interested in that deal?” “Yes,” I breathed. Somehow feeling that if I spoke too loudly I would wake myself from the incredibly hot dream I was convinced I was having. “Kiss my chest.” I hesitated for a moment and then leaned forward and kissed one of his pink fur rimmed nipples. “Good boy. Now get on your knees.” Normally I was the one who told boys to get on their knees, but with this man all of my wishes, dreams, aspirations, wants, desires or need to be a top flew out of my head. All that I wanted was to serve this massive hulk of a man. I sank to my knees without hesitation. Chuck placed one hand on my head ruffling my hair while with the other he undid his pants allowing them to fall to the ground, his cock springing up almost hitting me in the face. Just as befit a man of his perfection he had a thick heavily veined cock that had to be at least eight maybe eight and a half inches long. The hand that rested upon my head guided me forward till his cock head pressed against my mouth and I opened wide taking as much of him inside me as I could. He grunted out his appreciation as I began to work at swallowing him substantial meat, greedily working his mushroom head past my tonsils. After bobbing back and forth and gagging several times I felt his balls come to rest on my chin for a moment before the lack of air cause my body to pull back involuntarily. I felt a powerful rush of accomplishment, I loved feeling his dark dense pubes around my nose and sensing the weight of his low hanging balls against my chin. I dove forward again swallowing his meat once more and eliciting from Chuck a sudden gasp of pleasure as his cock slid down my throat. Despite being almost a total top I had always loved sucking cock, and had gotten a good deal of practice in high school when I was fucking the captain of the football team who it turned out was a big dicked bottom who loved nothing more then to have a load blown up his hole then get his cock sucked till he came. He had been getting bred the quarter back sense our freshmen year but when he got a peak at my even then fat cock at the start of our senior year I spent the rest of the year honing my pounding skills and cocking on his knob. My hands found their way to Chuck strong ass, and I was unsurprised when I felt still more thick dense hair between my fingers as I pulled his hips closer to my face. I breather in his scent as I worshiped his dick, my own cock now hard as a rock forgotten in my shorts. “Jesus Christ kid,” Chuck gasped after a long while, “any more like that and I’m going to blow my load down your throat instead of where it belongs.” He pulled me off of his cock and tilted my head up so that I was looking at his face, losing myself in his deep blue eyes. “Strip.” I pulled my sweat soaked wife-beater off and tossed it and the button down I had tied around my waist off to the side and then after kicking off my shoes shimmied off my shorts and underpants so that I was now kneeling at the feet of this Adonis completely naked my tight swimmers body exposed for him to judge. He smiled. “Get on your hands and knees and face away from me,” were his next set of instructions. I obeyed hastily. Chuck got down on behind me and lent forward, his hand gripping my ass cheeks firmly and then I felt his rough beard on brushing against my spread ass crack just before his wet warm tongue found my hole. I moaned loudly and arched my back pushing my ass back at Chuck’s invading tongue. “What a hungry hole! When did you last get fucked, boy?” “Back in high school like three years ago,” I answered truthfully. I hadn’t gotten fucked since the quarterback of the football team took out his revenge on my ass for stealing his bottom bitch away. “You haven’t had sex in three years?” “No, it’s just that I’m normally a top.” “Well shit then, you’re tight hole is in need of a good plowing.” He dove back in, his tongue swirling around my hole occasionally pressing against my still resistant sphincter. Waves of pleasure crashed over me causing my body to slowly relax to melt into him, and I felt my hole slowly opening for him. Chuck sensed my hole relaxing as well and he redoubled his efforts to slip his tongue inside my almost virginal hole. After a rim job like this, I thought, I might never top again. I heard a rustling behind me and then Chuck stopped devouring my hole, though one of his hands still remained on my ass cheek spreading my crack wide. I heard several clicks and looked back to see and iPhone in chuck’s hand. “What are you doing,” I asked, not upset really just curious. For some reason I felt like this man, who I had just met, would never do anything bad to me. “Sending some pics of your sweet hole to a few guys I know close by who can help me really give your hole the plowing it needs today.” With that Chuck knocked me to the side so that I rolled over onto my back, spun me round, grabbed my ankles, and as he went back to devouring my now upturned hole stuffed his cock back down my throat.
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    Lets go wild ... some heavy metal ...
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    Took a total of 11 loads so far this week. One regular fuck bud the rest were anon at various parks, cars and bookstores. About to get pumped again. Alao stealth bred two neg young guys (under 22)
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    I went on PrEP about 30 months ago (Nov of 2014). I waited about 30 days before resuming sex. I specifically chose a first "PrEP Partner" based on his status----and as hoped/expected at that time, the drug worked as advertised. Once I was comfortable that the chemical condom was indeed going t protect me I went cock crazy to some degree. Any guy, anytime, anywhere----no questions. As some other have experienced, it was an amazing re-introduction to the world of less restrictive sex. Yeah, I also had to deal with gono and syph----for the first time (multiple times as it turns out). So everyone's reminder that while you may have HIV protection those other bugs are still waiting on you. Based on my desires, I made the decision to stop PrEP earlier this year. April 1, 2017 was my first PrEP free day since 2014 (I never missed even a single dose). On April 11, 2017, I was with my first post-PrEP partner. By my choice, it was the same man who was my first partner after going ON PrEP. On May 15, 2017 I tested HIV+ During my PrEP period I had hundreds of partners. That included 5-6 trips to Cumunion at P-House in Augusta, perhaps too many nights at Cheshire Bridge Hotel and Manifest in Atlanta, two wonderful visits to Berlin, and a wild weekend in Thailand. Not only that, but my own "network" of buddies and fuck-buddies grew as my reputation for slutish/pigish behavior grew. Bottom line, the stuff works. And if avoiding HIV infection is important to you, it does give you protection as you develop your own cum-slut ways.
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    PART 5 Miracle of miracles, I managed to get my tired ass home after another all-night fuckfest. I was too tired to even jack off like I had last time. I felt into bed, still in my sticky clothes, my ass leaking cum and blood, and stinking of sex. I passed out. According to the clock I had slept all day. It was now after 6 pm and I felt refreshed. After a shower and a protein smoothie to replenish my system, I settled myself on the sofa. I was surprised that my ass wasn’t sore. I reached into my shorts and fingered my slack and juicy hole. When I pulled my fingers away they were glossy and slick with semen. My mouth watered and I couldn’t resist sucking them clean. I repeated this a few times, and could not believe how horny I was again. And how I wanted to get fucked again. Am I insane? A nympho? I don’t know. All I know is that I need more cocks and cum in me. I wasn’t sure that I would be up for another all-night whoring with HIM, so I sat around smoking for a while, trying to decide what to do. Eventually I decided that hitting a bathhouse was the best bet. It was not very busy, but I did manage to take a couple of anonymous loads up my ass while hanging in the sling in one of the dark rooms. But after 30 minutes of no action, I decided to head out. There was a bookstore on the way home with some booths that I thought I might give a shot. There were a couple of guys loitering around out front, but when they saw me head into the back they followed, and before I knew it I had a cock in me at both ends. Right out in the hallway. Guys alternated between my mouth and ass, and it appeared that they all wanted to breed me, so I only sucked to get them hard and wet, and when the guy in my hole blew, he was replaced by the man in my mouth. This went on for I think seven or eight guys. After that my body was feeling exhausted again, so decided I felt sated and it was time to head home and try to sleep through the night. I was just turning the key to head inside my apartment when I could feel that someone was behind me. I hadn’t heard a sound, but I knew for certain that someone was there. A neighbor perhaps? As I took a quick step inside, feeling a sudden surge of panic, I felt a large man rush in behind me, slamming me hard into the wall and pinning me there while he reached over and locked the door behind us. Then I felt hot breath next to my face. I thought for certain I was about to die and just closed my eyes and hoped that it would be quick. I was startled to feel a large, warm, wet tongue lick the side of my face. “Mmm, you little fucking whore,” HE said in my ear. Jesus fuck, my dick instantly sprang to life even though I was still terrified. “You just couldn’t wait to get more dick in that faggot ass of yours? You need to be taught a lesson -that ass belongs to me now,” he said menacingly. “You don’t just go whoring yourself at bathhouses and bookstores unless I tell you to.” He dragged me down the hall to my own bedroom and literally threw me onto the bed. I didn’t know what I should do. HE was literally double my size and seemed to be as stealthy as a Navy SEAL, it’s not like I could fight him or escape. I crawled up the bed until my back was against the headboard, but HE followed me up on his hands and knees until he was staring at me with those penetrating eyes, a slightly angry and somehow sexy expression on his face. He reached up, grabbed at my chest, taking a handful of shirt, and literally tore the clothes from my body, starting with that shirt and then with my pants. He didn’t stop until I was totally exposed and naked. A quick yank of my ankles had me underneath him, his powerful legs straddling my mid-section, while he stared down at me. I could see his heart was pounding as quickly as mine, although for probably entirely different reasons. Although, not entirely different reasons. His crotch was mere inches from my face and I could smell his maleness, not to mention I was staring down the barrel of a huge and obscene bulge that as usual had my trashed hole quivering. As if he could read my mind, HE laughed at me. “Fucking pig. Is that all you think about? Sex? Well you should. You weren’t born a slut for nothing. And sluts like you should serve their purpose and make real men like me feel good.” HE leaned down really close to my face now and I could smell Whisky on his breath. In a flash his mouth was on mine, and we were tangled in one of those messy and slightly violent kisses that I’d grown to enjoy. “You want to make me feel good, don’t you?” he whispered, pulling his face away so he could see my reaction. “Always,” I replied in a soft whisper. “I thought so,” he said proudly, leaning down and giving me a quick peck before jumping off of me and standing beside the bed. Fuck, this man had me so confused. He was rough and abusive and treated me like an inanimate object half of the time. But other times, like when he kissed me, I had to wonder what it would be like to be more to him. In a way he was everything I’d always dreamed of in a man. Not what most guys look for, but it’s what I always wanted. His build. His attitude. His need and use of sex. And he would kiss me like that, especially just a quick peck -it is something that you do when feeling affectionate towards someone. It made me feel like me did like me. “Roll over, Fido,” he commanded me, which I did, exposing my bare butt to him. “Good boy,” he snickered, climbing back on the bed and swatting my ass playfully. He immediately inserted his rock hard cock into my ass and truly began to rape me. He was frantic and rough, pounding me deep and hard, growling into my ear as he pinned me to the bed. He seemed to take pleasure in the whimpers he elicited from me with every powerful plunge of his meat sword into my depths. “You need to be reminded who this ass belongs to, bitch,” he reminded me. It was hard to describe this fuck. It was violent and a violation of sorts. But I did want it, didn’t I? My ass yawned open every time I just thought of him. And I had basically surrendered myself to him already, so it was his ass to take. That is what I’ve really always dreamed about but never found -a man who would truly OWN my ass, and use it anywhere he wanted, any time he wanted, any way he wanted. HE really was the man of my dreams. And with that realization, I found myself shoving my ass back to him, encouraging him to fuck HIS ass, the ass that HE owns. He noticed the change and laughed a little. “That’s right, bitch, you know what’s good for that ass. Give it up to me!” he yelled, slamming as deep as possible into me. “You know this is what you want.” “It is! I was made for this, it’s your ass to fuck anytime you want. I want you!” I yelled. “Fuck you, fucking whore! Take my poz load in your fucking whore ass!” he roared, and I felt his balls spray painting my insides with his venomous seed. “Knock me up! Give me your AIDS babies!” I yelled to him. “I’ll do anything you want, I promise. I just need you!” I screamed as my own orgasm was triggered by his still-firing balls. We were so high up that it took us minutes to come down from such an intense climax. We were still joined ass-to-cock, and his arms held me tight to his chest as we lay on our sides panting. “You love me, don’t you?” he said casually in my ear. I didn’t even think or hesitate. “Yes, I do,” I replied bluntly. “Good, then you will do whatever I tell you to from now on,” he said, squeezing me tighter to him. It wasn’t the reaction I’d hoped to hear from him, but I wasn’t disappointed either. Within minutes we both drifted off to sleep, still joined as closely as two men can be joined physically, and spent the entire night exactly that way.
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    Todd: I walked back over to the shower and turned the water off as soon as I heard Brian finish in the living room, and I walked out a minute after I heard his belt buckle. I hoped he had shot a huge load inside my girl, although I know she'd begged him not to. Most guys do. I wrapped the damp towel around my waist and strutted out of the bathroom, immediately noticing the smell of sex in the air. "All my clothes are out here," I said, as I crossed in front of the TV. I took my towel off and set it down on the couch right next to Brian, who was staring laser beams into the TV and working on his beer, apparently not noticing my semi-hard prick blowing in the wind not 3 feet from his face. "What's the score," I asked, as soon as I heard the commercial break start. "It's, it's…the same," he choked out, which I knew was wrong. Yep. As I casually put on some boxers, I looked over at my girl, who was pretending to watch TV too, and I saw the bright red hand prints on her neck even from where I was standing. My dick jumped, imagining my buddy pinning my girl down right there on my own couch and fucking her like he owned her, with me right inside the bathroom. That two-timing, backstabbing son of a bitch! I would deal with him later. "So what did you guys talk about?" I asked, putting on some joggers and a tank. "Brian was showing me how to get out of a chokehold," Sam said without missing a beat, making Brian cough on his beer a little. I pretended not to notice. "He didn't want to do it at first, but I kept asking him and asking him until he finally gave me what I wanted, didn't you, Brian?" she said, poking him playfully in the arm. Poor Brian jumped so high I was afraid he'd throw his beer across the living room. Then he quickly laughed, a little too loud, and managed, "Haha, yeah!" "Oh that's great," I said, putting on some socks, "I knew I could trust you to take care of my girl." Brian shifted and laughed awkwardly, making intense eye contact with the Meow Mix commercial in front of him, and obviously hoping I'd change the subject. "Babe, do you think you could help me carry the rest of the bags up from the car?" Sam asked me casually. Brian looked over at the bags already sitting by the door, probably thinking, How much stuff did she get? But he didn't say anything, and went back to trying to blend into the couch. I knew what my girl needed wasn't help unloading the car, but help loading up her slutty snatch again, and I didn't waste any time getting my shoes on after that. "Sure babe, let's go. We'll be back, Brian. You're not gonna go anywhere, are you?" I asked, staring at him meaningfully. "No, I'll be here," he said, relaxing visibly as Sam and I walked out the door and left him alone with his guilty thoughts. I could barely keep my hands off my girl after the door closed. I pushed her up against the wall right next to our apartment door and made out with her hungrily, slipping one hand up her shirt and another down her pants. She moaned quietly and put her arms around me. If anyone came out into the hallway they would see us like that, but I didn't care, I had to have her. My right hand found her pussy, and it was definitely wet. "Did my buddy cum inside you?" I whispered to her so Brian couldn't hear us on the other side of the door. She just nodded, with lust in her eyes. I slipped a couple fingers inside her, feeling my buddy's hot spunk inside my girl, the spunk he had shot up there barely a few minutes before. It was so wrong, and so hot, his spunk didn't belong inside her, only mine did. We both had to try so hard not to moan, or someone would hear us. I pulled my cummy fingers out of her twat and put them inside her mouth, and she sucked on them obediently. I immediately shoved my tongue inside her mouth and started kissing her, getting my first taste of my buddy Brian's cum, but definitely not my last. I somehow got my girl down to the parking garage without fucking her right there in the hallway, and we climbed into the back seat of the car like hungry animals, not caring anymore who the fuck heard us. I tore her pants off and buried my face in her cummy snatch before she could say anything. As she gasped for air and scratched and clawed at my back, I shoved my tongue as far up her pussy as I could, tasting Brian's forbidden cum, and wondering what he'd say if he could see me feasting on his hot jizz. Before I'd sucked all of my buddy's juice out of my girl, I moved up to share another kiss with her, and we made out greedily. "How did you get him to fuck you?" I asked her lustily, sliding two more fingers inside her. "I got him all hot and bothered with my bra and panties, and telling him how bad I needed a hard cock inside me," she said, gasping, "Then I said I'd tell you he grabbed my ass unless he fucked me. He stopped fighting me after that." Fuck, that made my dick jump. "You conniving bitch, did you at least tell him to put a rubber on?" "He slammed it in my pussy before I could say anything, so I let him fuck me without one." At this point my cock was so hard it was hurting, so I popped it out of my joggers and rubbed it over her pussy, wanting so bad to be inside her. "But that's so risky," I whispered, just inches away from her face, "he could give you something, and then you could give it to me," as I rubbed my precum onto her pussy lips, teasing her, "or he could knock you up, get you pregnant." I kissed her again, totally lost in the lust of the moment. "I didn't care," she whispered back hungrily after we broke away, "I just needed his rock hard cock inside me, I didn't care what he gave me!" "You dirty fucking slut! Taking my buddy's dick while I'm right there in the fucking shower! Did you at least tell him to pull out?" "Yes, I begged him to pull out so he didn't get me pregnant," she answered, as I started pressing my cock head inside her unfaithful snatch where my buddy's cock had just been. "But he wouldn't listen, he just put his hands around my neck and came inside me anyway. Now I might be pregnant with his babies!" The thought of my buddy choking out my girl and knocking her up after she'd begged him to pull out was too much for me, and I slammed my entire cock into her slutty twat with one thrust. Brian's cum around my unprotected cock felt amazing, and fucking his boys deeper into my girlfriend and into my piss slit got me so hot. Brian was part of the family now, whether he knew it or not, and what was his, was now both of ours, too. "Fuck, you nasty bitch, you make me so fucking hard, always letting other guys fuck you behind my back!" I was pounding her snatch so hard, making a sloshing sound with Brian's cum all over my hard prick, and she was pulling me into her desperately. "Are you gonna keep taking Brian's cum every time he comes over?" "Yes!" she whispered into my ear. "Good girl, you know it fucking drives me crazy when you do that shit." I kept pounding her as hard as I could, feeling my balls start to tingle. "You're such a nasty bitch, such a fucking cumslut, you're too good for me." I kept slamming her twat, and she kept moaning softly and pulling me in. "If you keep taking Brian's cum he's gonna make you pregnant, he's already marked you," I said, putting my hands on her neck, where I could still see Brian's fingers wrapped around it like he owned her. "Are you gonna mark me too, baby, just like Brian did?" she asked me, clearly wanting it. "Oh fuck yeah baby, you're mine, and don't you fucking forget it!" With that, I put my hands around my girl's neck, just like Brian had, making new hand prints on top of his, and feeling his warm cum all over my bare cock inside my girl, where it didn't belong. That son of a bitch had pretended to be my buddy, then choked out my girl and shot his cream inside her even though she'd begged him not to, all while my back was turned. Then he'd sat back down on the couch like nothing had happened, while his cum soaked into my girl's twat, maybe even making her pregnant. Well fuck him. Sam was mine, and I was gonna take her back. I looked down at my girl, and saw she couldn't really breathe with my hands choking her, but the obedient slut wasn't telling me to stop, so I just kept pounding Brian's cum into her and kept getting closer. Then finally she grabbed my wrists. She needed air, and I was the only one who could let her have it. She may have taken my buddy's cock and baby batter earlier, but she was totally mine now. That thought finally set me off, and my fat cock swelled up even harder as I slammed all the way inside my girl and shot rope after rope of my own jizz inside her slutty snatch to mix with Brian's. I have no idea how much of my cum I pumped inside her, but it felt like I was cumming for days. At some point I loosened my grip on her neck a little so she could breathe, but I kept my hands where they were to make sure she knew whose girl she was, mine. After I came down, I collapsed on top of her, pushing her into the car seat and smelling her hair, just like I imagined my buddy had done just 15 minutes before. She rubbed my back and my ass until I'd recovered. When I finally got up again, I saw I'd put new red marks on her neck. Perfect. If only she could see what a fucking slut she looked like right now, with two sets of red hand prints on her neck from two different guys, and two loads of hot jizz leaking out of her snatch with a bare cock still buried deep inside her. We got back up to the apartment and found Brian sitting in exactly the same spot, working on another beer. I wondered if he had any idea what we'd been up to, or how much dirty fun we'd just had playing in his spunk. Probably not. He probably thought he'd gotten away with breeding my girl behind my back, and that he was the only one with a secret, the sneaky bastard. "You took a while," he said to us. "Yeah, we got a phone call, from one of our friends," I improvised, hoping he wouldn't notice both our phones sitting on the dresser right next to him. "His girl was hooking up with one of his buddies, can you believe it?" I went on, kicking my shoes off casually and walking over to the couch. "He was pissed at first, but they worked it out in the end." I sat down on the couch next to him and put my arm around him, watching the commercial with him and kicking my feet up. He seemed uncomfortable, but he didn't say anything. My girl cuddled up next to me and I put my other arm around her, too. "Oh really?" Brian managed, definitely uncomfortable. "Yeah, bros before hos, you know?" I said. "And besides, now the two guys have something else in common, right?" "Uh, yeah, right," Brian said, almost definitely missing that I was talking about the girl they were both banging. "So what's the score, Brian?" I asked, nodding at the TV, which was still playing a commercial. "It's, uh, you know…the same." Haha, sure it is, buddy.
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    I love how sluts always submit to my desires. Their hungry holes make them weak and I get to abuse them how the fuck I want
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    Took 8 loads from random guys at a Cruise club yesterday... got told by first guy to get into sling, he fucked and then pop my fist cherry... then after he was finished the 7 other guys lined up and used my cunt to cum loads..
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    I just love whoring out my lil bro, letting strangers breed his tight, hairless boyhole. The lil slut is a true gangbang natural, always taking it like a champ. You can tell he's been used and abused like this for a long time... I mean, look at him! Anonymous Top #6 has just pulled out, drenching my younger brother's slightly gaping hole with his very questionable load. So far, six big bare cocks have been pounding his little boypussy relentlessly and - though red and a bit puffy - the kid's smooth, inviting boycunt is still eager for more...
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    Chatted with a guy from Craigslist last night and agreed to meet him in his hotel room after I got off work. He was just in town overnight and was looking for some head and maybe fuck. I arrived at hotel and emailed him I was there. He gave room number and told me room would be in bed, room would be dark and I was to come in, strip and start sucking his dick. Room was dark, no tv on, just the radio. Could not see anything of him or what he looked like. His uncut dick fit good in my mouth. Sucked him till he was close and I could really taste his precum. He told me to stop and turn around on the bed and face the wall on all 4s. He fingered my hole with spit, shove his dick in and proceeded to pound me deep. He didn't last long, he grunted and went balls deep and pumped a load in my ass. He pulled out and went to bathroom, I dressed as my hole was dripping cum and left. Totally anonymous plus strangers cum in me equals one hot fuck.
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    I was really horny for cock and like the cum slut i am i went to an adult bookstore tonight and stripped naked in a video room. Made sure the door was slightly open and put on a blindfold, bending over the back of the sofa so my bare lubed ass was pointed at the door. It was only a couple minutes before I heard the door open and someone come in. I felt his hand on my ass and a finger found my lubes hole. He chuckled and asked me if I wanted his load in my ass so i pushed back so his finger went up my ass and told him I wanted him to fuck me raw. A hard cock pushed into my ass as i took a bit of poppers and he began fucking right away. He must have left the door open because suddenly there was someone unzipping in front of me and shoving his cock down my throat. That's the way the next four hours went as anonymous cocks fucked me. Cum was running down my legs after the first few fucks. Somewhere along the line someone licked up some of the cum before adding his own to my ass. Eventually I got dressed, not cleaning up so I'd feel the cum all the way home and so guys would know as i was leaving what a slut I was. I'm still so horny and want more cock!
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    A total AIDS Daddy in the West Village let me come over tonight and suck all the toxic jizz out of his diseased cock. Yum!
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    I so miss fucking in the woods! Love a good fuck in the outdoors.
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    Part 3: It took a few more months before we were able to hook up again. This time the little slut came to my home. I’d moved my sling into the living room to give us some more space for our little pozzing party. When he arrived we started with a good fuck. I was filming it all, asking him what he wanted me to do to him, which he answered with that he wanted me to give him AIDS and to please, please, please infect him. This kid was as ready to get infected as I’d ever seen one. He turned me on to no end and so I FUCKED him. I’m sure it hurt him a lot but he just kept begging for AIDS and poz cum, so that’s exactly what I provided his ass with. After I dropped my poisonous cum in him we went online to find more breeders to come and drop a few extra loads in his well stretched and lubed hole. Since I live in a fairly small city we only found a few guys willing to come over. One of them actually was a guy I think I infected many years before. Unfortunately that guy was on meds and so couldn’t really contribute to giving my bitch AIDS but he did drop his load up the slut’s ass, making it even more squishy when I pushed my cock back in. One other guy showed up, coming from the next town over and he managed a good fuck in my little bitch before adding his load in the mix. Too bad this guy was clean, well maybe he would get lucky and my AIDS would stick on his dick. After those guys left I fucked my little bitch some more in his very juicy hole and we fell asleep at some time. I really had a good feeling about this session and was hoping he’d finally convert. About two weeks later the little slut contacted me. Bang, he got real sick, heavy flu-like symptoms. He was out of commission for I think about two weeks. We were both very happy about it and he decided he wanted to get tested right away. I told him that was pointless since it takes 3 ~ 6 months before the virus can be detected reliably. But the bitch was very eager for good news and couldn’t wait any longer and went to the hospital to get his test, which turned out negative. He was quite disappointed about it but I told him it was too soon and to wait a few months and get tested again. I still held good hopes he’d finally converted. About 4 months later he told me he was getting tested again and would get the result back in a few days. Those days were very interesting. My mind kept wandering to my little bitch and how I hoped he got what he deserved. Then, finally he contacted me and told me he was POZ. I was so fucking happy about that, he really needed this and he got everything he wished for. I wasn’t really sure how he felt however so I tried to coax it out of him. Turned out he was at least as happy as I was and he vowed he would now also become an active pozfucker, infecting young twinks with our gift. That’s when I told him he was my AIDS baby now and he said “Yes, I am and you’re my AIDS daddy!”. After that day we’ve continued to fuck around on occasion. Right now we’re trying to organise a bareback gangbang in his ass. I hope we can find enough guys to fill his ass to overflowing, he really deserves it and has an insatiable craving for toxic cum. So, if any of you guys, preferably poz, not on meds, are nearby you might want to drop by and add your noxious load to the mix.
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    Part 2: Unfortunately, some weeks later he told me that he’d met this guy he totally fell in love with and he didn’t want us to meet again. So I figured, too bad, whatever, have fun and goodbye and enjoy the herpes. I continued pozzing other dudes as it’s my favorite hobby and didn’t hear or see anything from the bitch for a few months. Then one day I was lurking in the same chatroom where I first met him and there he was, advertising his boipussy for any and all breeders again. Never one to miss out on any opportunity to spread my love to my fellow men I chatted him up and we got to talking. He admitted that he’d been terrified when I was breeding his ass with my deathstick but that afterwards when he got his latest test results he was actually disappointed that he hadn’t converted. Being the kind and gentle soul that I am I offered him a second chance, which he eagerly accepted. We tried to arrange a second pozzing session. But as luck, or lack thereof, would have it the little bitch fell in love with some dude again, so my plans for his conversion were put on hold again. This time I was royally pissed off and just blocked his number in my phone and deleted his contact information. About a year went by in which I pozzed quite a few other guys but still sometimes thought back to the little bitch. You really can’t blame me for that because he was and is just one hell of a stunning dude. Predictably I met the bitch again in the very same chatroom after that year. We both recognised each other immediately. I was just about to block him cause I’d just about had enough of his hot & cold act (you know: “Please pozfuck me”, followed by “I’m in love, you’re not allowed to touch me”). Right before I could he send me a message that he’d missed me so much and had been looking for me for months and was now totally dedicated to get infected and he practically begged me to come and pozfuck him. My brain was telling me to block the bitch, but my cock was telling me to go there right away and make the bitch regret what he said. Fortunately my cock won out this time. The very next day I went to his house. I’d ordered him to put the door ajar and be ready, dressed only in a jockstrap, up on all fours in the hallway. When I entered he was sitting ready like ordered. This time I didn’t tie him up and just rammed my killer cock up his slutty hole and fucked him ROUGH. Guess I was releasing some pent up aggression from his hot & cold act. I was filming at the same time and could clearly see some blood on my cock. I told him “I can see blood on my dick, hot. Much better chance of getting AIDS now bitch.”. The bitch was like “Really? Fuck yeah man, give me that poison!”. I guess he really did commit fully to getting pozzed this time around. I took my time ramming his bleeding hole before I dumped my toxic cum up his boipussy. I stayed the night, making sure my deadly cum stayed inside his hole, though I needn’t have worried about it, he was so happy with the poison in his ass he kept it all in. When I left that morning I told him to keep me informed about his health, really hoping he’d get sick soon and that he’s converted. Unfortunately, he didn’t get the fuck flu and when he got tested again a few months later it was still clean. We we’re both actually getting a bit bummed out about that. Stay tuned for part three which is coming up soon.
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    Brian: I was at my buddy Todd's place having a beer and watching the game when his girl Sam came in, carrying some bags. "Hey babe, you done shopping?" Todd asked her. "Yeah, I got some really cute tops and a few other things. You guys watching the game?" "Yep," Todd answered. Todd's place was just a studio, so Sam put the bags down by the door, to find room for them later, I figured. After a second, I could see out of the corner of my eye that they were still looking at each other but not saying anything, so I looked over at them to see what was up. Sam quickly said, "It's so hot out there, I think I'm gonna take a shower," and disappeared into the bathroom, with a meaningful look at Todd. What was that all about? I shrugged it off and went back to watching the game. A while later, Sam came out wearing just a towel. I tried not to stare. "I forgot all my clothes are out here," she said, walking in front of the TV to get to the chest of drawers next to where I was sitting on the couch. She was so close I could smell the scented soap or whatever she just used in the shower. I took another sip of beer and pretended to ignore her. "I'm gonna grab a shower too," Todd said, and got up. I thought that was strange, since we weren't going out later and since we were right in the middle of the game, but I just said, "Okay." As soon as Todd was gone, Sam took off her towel and set it down on the couch right next to me. After I'd already looked at her completely naked by accident, she said, "Don't look," as she went through one of the drawers. She was smokin' hot and it took me a second to look away, but she didn't seem to notice. I went back to the game as she slipped some panties on, and I heard Todd turning on the shower. I was still trying not to look at her when she said, "Ugh, can you help me with this? It's new and I can't get it." She was standing with her back to me, trying to put a bra on but not getting it. "Um, I don't know, maybe Todd should…." "Oh stop being stupid, you're like family. Can you just do this for me please? Or do you want me to walk around without a bra on?" I didn't know what to say, but I figured it wasn't really a big deal, so I got up and took the clasp from her hands and tried to put the two parts together. But I was thinking more about how good she smelled and how she was practically naked right in front of me, and after a couple seconds she reached back and said, "No, they have to go together like this." Our hands fumbled together for a second and I accidentally let go of the straps, and the bra fell down. Before I could really think, she bent down to pick it up and her ass was right there in front of me, just barely covered in lacy panties. I popped wood immediately. "Uh, sorry," I said, and sat back down to hide my stiffy. "That's okay," she said, standing back up with the bra. "I got this set 'cause I thought Todd would like them, but he didn't even notice. He hasn't touched me in weeks. Do you think they look alright?" she asked, holding the bra up. She looked fucking incredible, and I had to force myself not to throw her down and tear those lace panties off her right now. "Fuck yeah! I mean, yeah, they look great, you know." "Well I don't know what it is then, maybe he's just bored with me. I hope you don't mind if I talk to you, I never talk to my girlfriends about this sort of stuff, and you're a guy, so I thought you might know what the deal with him was. I feel like I can talk to you." I just listened to her and tried not to stare at her tits as she went on. "Sometimes I just miss a rock hard cock so much I think I'll go crazy, like I'll just sit on the next fucking hard prick I see!" I was definitely not looking at her face when she looked back at me, and I pretended to look somewhere else and muttered a feeble, "Uh, sorry." My cock was so hard it was aching, and without even thinking I adjusted it very obviously. She must have noticed. "What's going on down there, Brian?" she asked, looking right at my junk, which was now tenting my pants. "Uh, nothing, sorry about that, I was just—nothing." I hoped she would just finish getting dressed already and not say anything to Todd. "That looks like more than nothing," she said, walking over and reaching down to undo my pants. "What the fuck?" I said, trying to stop her, even though I wanted to bury my prick inside her and make her pregnant immediately. "Todd's right in the shower," was the only thing I could think to say. "He takes forever," she said, grabbing my hard-on through my pants and trying to undo my belt. "I, I don't—" I started, still trying to stop her but loving her hand rubbing on my cock, which was started to leak precum like crazy. Between the beer and her stroking my woody through my pants, I wasn't really thinking straight. "You better take your fucking pants off, or I'm gonna tell Todd you checked me out and grabbed my ass!" What the fuck? This bitch really was crazy for cock, but Todd was still in the shower, and I just couldn't fucking hold back anymore. I grabbed Sam and threw her hard down onto the couch, and the look on her face said that was exactly what she wanted. I tore my belt off and shoved my pants down, finally freeing my leaking 7-inch stiffy, which pointed straight toward her. Then I yanked her panties out of the way, and with the other hand, slammed my hard 7 inches inside her before she could ask about a fucking condom. "Fuck yes!" she whispered loudly, "Pound me! Give it to me! I need it so bad!" She didn't need to tell me twice, and I fucked that crazy blackmailing bitch so hard I thought I was going to break her. For a second I looked over at the bathroom door and thought how fucked up it was that I was banging my buddy's girl on his own fucking couch, not 5 minutes after he'd gotten in the shower. But dammit this girl's pussy felt so fucking amazing and she needed it bad, whispering nasty things to me and pulling me in deeper as I pounded her into the couch like an animal. "Fuck, I'm getting so close," I whispered into her hair after a few minutes. I still couldn't believe I was buried balls deep inside Todd's girl with him right there in the bathroom. He could come out at any second. What the hell was I doing?? "Oh yeah, I want it," she whispered back, driving me crazy. I really gave her all I had, getting closer and closer to the edge. I was gonna give this cheating whore exactly what she wanted. Then out of nowhere, she said, "Just don't cum inside me!" Are you kidding me? There was no way I could pull out, she just felt way too good to waste my boys on her chest. I didn't say anything and just kept fucking her. "Please, I'm not on birth control and I don't wanna get pregnant!" But she was still pulling me deep inside her instead of pushing me off, not that she could have pushed me off if she'd tried, there was no way I wasn't going to give this blackmailing whore my seed, whether she wanted it or not. She was still pulling me in, but right as I got to the edge she whispered, "No, stop! You're gonna make me pregnant with your babies!" That set me off, and I wrapped both my hands around her throat and slammed all the way inside her as I shot volley after volley of my boys deep into her cheating twat. I came so hard I thought I was going to black out, I didn't even care if she could breathe or not, all I cared about was how incredible my cock felt totally buried inside her velvety snatch, shooting a gallon of hot cum in her, painting her fucking walls white. After I came down from that massive explosion inside her, I collapsed on top of her, pushing her into the couch, and feeling like a stud. I had given this unfaithful slut the rock hard cock she'd said she'd wanted, and the grade-A spunk she'd said she didn't. I hoped I did get this bitch pregnant, and that Todd would have to raise my fucking kid. Just then I heard the water turn off, and I knew Todd would be coming back out any second. I pulled my cock out of his girl's cummy snatch, and started to pull my pants back up. I glanced down at Sam, and she had a satisfied look on her face. I guess she wasn't mad at me for shooting my boys inside her after all. But her neck was still bright red from where I'd wrapped my hands around her throat. Fuck, how would Todd not see that?? Sam put some clothes on and sat down on the couch just as Todd came out of the bathroom, wearing just a towel. "All my clothes are out here," he said, crossing in front of the TV to get to the chest of drawers, and dropping his towel to get dressed right next to me. What was the deal with these two? I didn't care, just as long as Todd didn't notice the smell of sex in the air.
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    Fucking love it when my dick is covered in someone else's cum. Sluts enjoy it too
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    Two things work for me for a "resiliant" Top. 1) Try a position that makes your hole a little tighter. If you're flat on your stomach, for example, it's more difficult to relax and your hole will more tightly grip a Top's cock. On your side works well too. 2) If you're in doggy or misionary, try using your hole to milk his cock. It's the reverse of what your body wants to do, but try relaxing as he pushes in and tensing up as he slides out. Good luck getting that load!
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    Early this morning, I'm on Grindr and I'm smoking and the more I smoke, the more uninhibited I become. I then saw a guy with a hot body and a screen name with devil in it. He hits me up, "you bottom?" I replied, "Sure." Address? 16 minutes later he's at my door, I have it dark. He walks in takes me to the bed pushes my head toward the center of the bed while positioning my legs and ass where he wants me. In the mirror I see this 5'7" chiseled stud with a red beard and a beautifull huge fat cock and above it his cock below the band line is a bio tat. I took the can of Maximum Impact and sprayed it into a sock and inhaled deeply. As I felt the world exlpoding around me he was fucking me so intently he began to explode inside me! I reached back and with both hands, I pulled his body as close to me as possible and he pushed his poz cock as far up inside me as possible and he moaned. It was so fucking awesome.
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    PART THREE - PHASE 2 They actually all left to get that drink, probably to the dive bar around the corner, and I could have just taken off and no longer subject myself to this assault. However, I was too exhausted and literally passed out as soon as I heard the front door shut. I woke up (I don’t know how long I’d been asleep) at the sound of the front door slamming. In HE walked, but he wasn’t with anyone. “Good, you’re still awake,” he commented, sitting down beside me on the bed and giving my ass a squeeze. “I wasn’t,” I murmured, blinking my eyes to clear things. “Let’s get that plug out of that pig hole. I need back in,” he said, standing and removing his clothes again and then the plug. My ass made a loud sucking sound as it released it’s hold of the plug, and then he dove into my upturned hole, nearly all the way on the first stroke. “I fuckin’ love using this ass. Who knew trying to make the rent would end up-” “If you need money-” I began. “Nope. Got it covered. Well, you’ll pay, just in your own way,” he told me slyly. As he got into a good rhythm, I forgot all about everything else and just enjoyed the deep pounding my ass was receiving from the beefy stud. At that point, I didn’t care what diseases his balls would infect me with. He was just too sexy, and his dick felt too good, to care. There is a point you pass when you've been fucked so often that nothing else matters, nothing of your 'normal' life. You might have a respectable job, pillar of the community, all of that bullshit. But when you reach the point of total cumdump slut, to hell with all of it. You find yourself living for the feel of another dick in your pig hole, and as many loads as you can get crammed up in there. “Oh, fuck, man, give me another load. I love your nut in me,” I moaned. “Pig bitch whore likes killer cum,” he laughed. “Good thing, you already took a lot of it. And you’re going to get more,” he grunted, thrusting harder and increasing the pace. Another few frantic moments and I felt his balls draining in my ass as he growled through gritted teeth. He was like an animal and I loved it. “Now that we got you warmed up again,” he began, sliding his still hard cock from my hole, “that ass is going to pay my rent.” Huh? My ass is what? He saw the puzzled look on my face and roared with laughter. “Last time your ass payed for kneeing me in the balls. This time your ass is paying for being stupid enough to come back for more of my toxic seed. You got to be one fucked up dude to come back for more.” Even though he was insulting me, staring up and him all I could think was how hot he is. “You’re hot. Can’t blame a guy for liking what he sees,” I told him bluntly. He was kind of a mess, obviously, and living in a sty, but he was sexy nonetheless. “Well good for me, then. Now about that ass. While I was over at the bar I told everyone there that I had a cumwhore available to take loads. Twenty bucks a pop.” Jesus, he’s pimping me out. I’m nothing but a cheap (clearly -$20! My ass should be at least worth $100!!) whore. Just then there was a knock at the door. He pulled on a pair of shorts that made both crotch and ass look fucking delicious, and then turned to me as he reached the doorway. “Get up and follow me to the living room. I don’t want these strange fucks doing you in my bed. And don’t let any of that cum in you leak out,” he ordered. I did my best to squeeze my ass closed before carefully getting to my feet and heading into the living room. HE was already waiting with a really ugly big guy. He wasn’t a wall of beefy muscle stud like HE was. No, this guy was just big, might have been muscular at some stage in life. But now he had a round middle along with the barrel chest. He did have a very obvious large bulge in the crotch of his leather pants. Fuck me, leather pants have always done something to me. I don’t know what it is, as soon as I see a man in leather, any man, no matter his body, age, or looks, I get a hunger. Top that with an impressive crotch bulge -what’s a whore to do? Immediately my mouth started watering. This is going to be good . . . The big leather man noticed my eyes transfixed on his crotch and laughed. “Your pig likes my bulge, I think,” he told HIM. “Well, get on it, bitch,” he ordered me. I immediately dropped to my knees and stuck my nose right in that crotch and gave a good hard sniff. I was no longer in control of my actions, my body and my need had taken over. As I sniffed him, my tongue involuntarily slipped from my mouth and began licking his leather bulge. He alternated between laughing at my zeal and grunting from pleasure. His bulge kept growing from my attention, and I was now licking the full length of his hard cock through his leather pants. What a fucking rush! After a while he shoved my face away and began undoing his pants. As much as I was enticed by his leather, I had developed a hunger for his meat, too. He pulled out a choice looking 8 incher which I immediately dove down on. I had always considered myself a very poor cock sucker, and it had never been something I craved or looked forward to. Not like I craved cock in my ass. But ever since HE had turned me out that first night, my body was for everything sexual, no matter the hole. I was only allowed to suck for a few minutes and then HE told us to get to fucking, that I had other customers to satisfy soon. The big man grabbed me under my arms and hefted me up, then tossed me onto my knees on the sofa, my ass to him. With no ceremony at all, he buried his beautiful cock up my behind. This was my new purpose, I knew it now. And I reveled in it, sighing a satisfied sigh as he bottomed out in me. Then I began to ride him as he pounded me. We were moving in perfect sync and it was a great fuck. “He poz?” my fucker asked HIM. “Working on it,” HE replied. “Well, he’s gonna get some good viral seed from me soon enough. I assume you gave him yours, too.” “I did,” HE confirmed. “And the bunch you came with into the bar?” my fucker asked. “All poz. A few are full-blown, too. Hell, everyone at the bar tonight is poz, so he’s going to be one toxic fucking mess. His body will be overwhelmed with all of the mixing viral strains. Might even create a new superbug in him,” HE said proudly. I should have been terrified at the prospect, but I was just feeling too damn good, and I continued to slam my ass back hard onto that hard 8 inch dick. Just as he began to blast my hole full of his poison cum, I heard a knock on the door. HE disappeared for a minute, and then returned with two rather skinny looking guys. Cute, but they’d obviously done their share of partying over the years, plus they had that wasting look. My current fucker continued to drain his balls into me and then quickly yanked out, slapped my ass and thanked me, then left. HE came up to me and turned my head to look him in the eyes. “These two have high viral loads, unmedicated, med-resistant, and full-blown AIDS. They’re not just going to fuck you. They’re doing to double-dick you.” My eyes grew wide because I knew he was talking about double penetration. I’d never tried that before, but my ass had been stretched and abused enough by now that I was fairly certain I could take it. Especially once I saw the two guys strip. Their cocks were not huge, but on the healthy side of average. I couldn’t help but think how strange it was to think that -the only healthy looking thing on either of them was their cocks. And those cocks fired toxic venom. There really wasn’t any conversation, either. The two men lay down on the floor, moving their crotches as close together as possible. Both cocks were fairly straight, so they actually stood up nicely together -they looked like on big dick. By now I was excited for the challenge. Something happens when you get a load or two of cum up your ass. You automatically NEED more. Doesn’t matter who they come from as long as you get them up your greedy pig hole. I straddled the two men and slowly lowered myself onto their meat. My hole was good and sloppy, and gaping, so I managed to get about half way down before I felt like they weren’t going to fit. HE didn’t miss a beat, and came over, legs on either side of the guy I was facing, and stuck his hard cock into my mouth while simultaneously pushing down on my shoulders, forcing my hole to stretch open. Without all of that cum in me, it would not have happened. However, I was nice and slick now, and somehow they managed to get further into me. Yes, I felt my hole stretching and it hurt a little, but I was so wet back there it just felt too good to care. It took me at least five minutes to get then as far as they could reach, and my thighs were in agony. At least with that depth of penetration I could rest on my knees for a minute. Once I’d had a bit of a rest, HE grabbed me under the arms and lifted me a little, only to lower me down again. He was going to fuck me on them. Gradually it sped up until my hole was loose around the two cocks inside me. It was a little awkward doing this on the floor, but I rode them as well as I could. There would have been a little more flexibility on a bed, but we managed. And the guys did their part trying to thrust up into me while I balanced and rode them. The first words they spoke came when the one my back was to announced he was seconds away from breeding me. His buddy quickly said that he was too. With that kind of incentive, I did my very best to bounce on those dicks, while HE helped me out by lifting and dropping my full weight onto them. A couple of deep plunges like that was all it took and both men began to moan as their dicks throbbed inside of me. Not the best position to be in for breeding, their cum spewed from their cocks but ran down the length of their shafts, over their draining balls, and pooling on the floor. After another minute HE lifted me completely off of them and by now I was so open that cum and blood was just freely running down the backs of my legs. Not a lot of blood again, so I didn’t worry. But it did remind me that there was no way their viruses had avoided my bloodstream. They quickly dressed and left, not even a thank-you to me or HIM, and I had a moment to catch my breath. He surprised me by coming to me and kissing me hard like he does, and then he noticed the pool of cum on the floor. “Someone needs to clean that up,” he mentioned, his hand was on the back of my neck and pushing my head down towards the floor. Despite the fact that the floor looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in ages, I fell to my knees and licked, slurped and sucked for all I was worth until I had a belly full of toxic cum. He enjoyed watching this aspect of my hunger, chuckling a bit at my hunger for the cum, but mostly I think it turned him on. When I stood back up, his dick was totally hard in his shorts. I didn’t even wait to be told. I tugged his shorts down enough to free his throbbing meat, and then spun around and crammed that gorgeous dick all the way in me. Fuck, I love his cock. Maybe because he was the one who broke me in, but his meat filled me perfectly. This time he let me take the lead while he just stood there and enjoyed my ass riding him. There was a knock on the door and HE just shouted, “Open!” and remained where he was for me to use him for a change.
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    Summer is here! Ready for some alpha breeders to dominate this tight jock hole. find my limits then force me past them
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    I WANT AIDS! Aids working in me! Making me a toxic pig! AIDS wasting my body! AIDS giving me KS lesions! Aids giving me crix belly and wasting my face! AIDS giving me lesions all over my body! NO MEDS ever; let AIDS waste me away and kill me!

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