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    Part one The HIV Pit Here I was, young, 19 years old and a total prude. I was always quiet about my sexuality. I knew I was a bottom young and let a couple of men have sex with me safely when I was 18. I fell into all the safe sex propaganda shouted at us all through school. I had managed to find a job in the city straight after school. I was focused on my career pretty firmly and knew what I had to achieve my goals. Mr Right was always on the back burner. My desires though filtered through one Friday night. My team at work went out once a month for drinks when we finished up on Friday. I decided to head out. The tequila shots were soon flying and I was feeling pretty buzzed. I didn’t mention that a few drinks makes me super horny. I couldn’ttry and cruise any of my work mates. That would just end in a trip to HR. I quickly googled gay saunas and found this one about ten minutes walk from where we were at. I quickly said bye to everyone and got on my way. The cool higher hit me and I was suddenly feeling a lot more drunk. I was just hoping to make it inside and not get rejected at the door. I found the sauna and went through the door, paid my entry fee. The doorman staring at me the whole time. I told him I have never been there before. He replied “fresh meat. Look I got five minutes. Go have a shower and get into a towel and come and see me” I quickly went and had a shower making sure I was as clean as I could. I still had a very tight small body that I was a little proud of. As I walked back I felt every single man in there watching me. I was still under the illusion I would be having some safe fun and was enjoying the attention. The doorman saw me and put up a sign saying back in 5 minutes. He said “im John, let me show you around, on this level we have the wet area, showers, spa, sauna. Perfect for relaxing. Now up these stairs is the play area. We got private rooms, a video room like a cinema but for porn, glory holes where men get their cocks sucked and the best part. The dark room or as I like to call it The HIV Pit. You won’t see who is in there but I’m sure you will love it”. I thanked him and he quickly handed me a little brown bottle. “On the house, I think you will need it.”
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    I parked my bike, got out my torch and headed over in the direction of the infamous fuck tree. I'd been there in the daytime so I knew how to get there. It was 9.00pm at night, maybe too early for some, but I was eager to visit this alleged barebacking prime site. After about 5 minutes I arrived at the site and was disappointed to find only two men there, one guy was, however, fucking the other bareback over a large concrete rubbish bin, obviously built with us in mind. As I watched I leant against the uprooted tree that gave the area its name: “The fuck tree”. I was turned on by watching the bareback action and so got out my cock and started wanking to the action. This caught the attention of the guy, who was currently fucking the other over the bin. He stopped fucking him and came over to me. Before I knew what was happening he had turned me round, lubed his cock and plunged it bare into my hole. I was being fucked for the first time on the fuck tree. He was obviously turned on by this new meat and thrust in and out energetically. As he screwed me bare, I noticed around the area a few clusters of people looking on at what was going on. With a loud and satisfied grunt he unloaded himself into me and then left the area hurriedly. With no one else actually coming forward and feeling awkward about having interrupted the other guy's fun, I now turned my attention to him. I got my cock back to full erection and entered the guy from behind. He welcomed the attention. He seemed to struggle with the size of my cock and asked me if I had any poppers, I duly handed over my fresh new bottle, which he gratefully inhaled, complimenting on its strength and asking where I'd purchased it. Whilst I was banging away, many of those who had been standing at a distance now came close. Not just to see things up close, but clearly they wanted their turn with this piece of meat. As soon, as I had erupted inside the guy, another member of the group took his turn in fucking the man. Others eagerly prepared their cocks in anticipation of their turn. Another man arrived, dressed up in suspenders and wearing eyeshadow and lipstick. He stood over the fuck tree and prepared to be taken. He attracted many of those waiting their turns with the bin man. He was soon receiving his first bare cock. I thought I'd get in on the action by going round the other side of the tree and seeing if this new guy could suck my cock back into action. So I wiped out my cock and got him to suck it, which he munched on enthusiastically. He certainly did the trick and before not too long, I was fully erect and feeling the sap rising in my balls. The sight of this spit-roasting, with one guy pounding away and then releasing his spunk inside him, followed immediately by another, was too much for me and for the second time of the night I released my jizz. This time into the willing mouth of the transvestite whore. But I was envious of both men being taken in turn mostly bare, receiving cum load after cum load inside them. I too wanted to be a cum slut that evening and feel my hole being filled with strangers' sperm. Yet I was frightened of the consequences. It was make or break for me. Should I stay or should I go? I took the plunge as my lust got the better of me and walked back round the tree. Then I dropped my trousers and leant against the tree for all cummers to take me. This certainly drew many of the assembled crowd over to me and I was almost immediately shafted by an older guy ready to blow his load inside me. He took next to no time finishing himself off by blowing his load inside me, the second of the evening for me. Another well-endowed black man took his turn and forced his very large member inside me. I was struggling to cope with a cock that big and had to resort to the poppers I'd brought along to facilitate his entering me. Although painful, I was really enjoying the large cock being pushed fully inside me, stretching me. I was beginning to realise my dreams of being a cum slut. Suddenly he held his cock thrust fully inside me for a good minute as gallons of his sperm soaked my insides. I was now craving as much bare dick as I could get and happily took any dicks offered to me. I could feel the squelching from load after load being poured into me. Then another guy came forward, quite beefy with an obvious biohazard tattoo on his chest. After all the loads I had already taken, I was in no position to refuse him entry. He shoved his cock firmly up me bare and started pushing in and out roughly. As he thrust in and out, he kept saying to me, I'm going to breed you and soon you'll get my toxic load inside you. With one final thrust he jerked violently and I knew his toxic spunk was now flowing inside. As I left the heath, I could feel all the loads beginning to trickle down my legs. I wondered what I had done, yet felt very satisfied with so much cum inside me that evening.
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    Part two As he walked away I couldn’t help but think this was risky. My resistance was lowered due to the alcohol and my mind was being controlled by my dick. The HIV pit. I have to avoid going in there. I walked into the video room. A hot Euro stud getting nailed raw on the screen. Top with an obvious biohazard tattoo and some facial wasting. A group of guys quickly turned their attention off the screen and onto me. “Look at him” I heard one of them whisper as I walked inside taking in the action on the screen. This older guy walked straight over and started touching me. He forced my head down onto his throbbing cock a nice solid 7 inches and thick. I noticed he had a small scorpion tattooed next to his cock and thought nothing of it. I slobbered over this piece of meat as best I could. I soon noticed the other guys crowded over to me. I had five rock hard cocks all wanting a piece of my mouth. I took a deep hit of the poppers. I felt my head being moved around and a different cock inside my mouth. I could tell I wasn’t going to get their cum yet so I got up off my knees. They all asked where I was going and I told them I needed a break to get my breath back. I walked downstairs and hopped into the spa. I tried to relax myself a bit. I’ve never sucked so many cocks in my life. I was always so shy yet here I was openly sucking cock. I got out of the spa and dried off. I decided to make sure my hole was clean and lubed up. I may as well have some safe fun. Now I was upstairs again and walking around when I noticed the dark room. Oh the HIV pit. I better steer clear of it. I then felt a man behind me push me inside and hands all over me. I couldn’t escape their clutches as I was pushed further inside. I was bent over a bench and I felt my hands being strapped in to some harness. I couldn’t escape now no matter how hard I tried. I felt a hard slap on my ass as my towel got pulled away and thrown. I felt a cock nuzzling in my ass cheeks. I heard him yell “he needs more lube no way this is getting inside him” I was begging them to let me go but I knew I was done for. I was about to learn everything about being a cum dump bottom. I felt lube splash across my hole and a finger follow it roughly fingering my hole. I begged again “if you’re going to do this please use a condom” The man about to fuck me chuckled “no rubbers around here pig, you came into the HIV pit and that’s what you’re leaving with”
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    PART 2: Marcus and I continued to see each other, as friends, at parties and bars with our mutual buddies. Most of the time he'd have his girlfriend, Chloe, with him. Our relationship changed subtly. We acted more relaxed around each other and he would touch me in a "bro" way, much more often than he did before we had sex. We were definitely closer and sort-of intimate in a bromance kind of way. This went on for a few weeks, without either of us ever mentioning the night he finally came inside someone (me), which was the first time I'd ever taken a poz load. This Friday night we pre-partied at our buddy's apartment and Chloe, his girlfriend, was there again. She was very pretty, and I really liked her. We had even begun to get closer. It was her idea to go out to the club, she wanted to dance. Nobody wanted to go though, but Marcus was obligated as the good boyfriend to take her dancing. Chloe tried really hard to convince other people to come along, but everybody wanted a more chill night in. She particularly put her efforts into persuading me to go with her and Marcus to the club. She was dancing up on me, and said,"Marcus can't dance, come on, you have to come so I can have a dancing partner. Pleassse?" I looked at Marcus and he just gave a shrug and a smile. I caved to peer pressure and decided I would tag along and go dancing with them. Marcus had booked an Uber and it didn't take long before we were piling in the back seat together. The Uber driver asked,"Where to?" Chloe immediately responded,"Majesty!" I looked at Marcus questioningly because while it was the biggest and best dance club in the city, it was also predominantly gay. Chloe saw the look on my face and me looking at Marcus and said to me,"Come on, it's the best club for dancing, and you don't have to play like you're straight around me anymore." We all laughed and Marcus just shrugged and smiled again, "She calls the shots bro." We got to the club about midnight and surprisingly the line was out the door already. We got in quickly, and first order was Chloe going to the bathroom, while Marcus and I got everybody drinks. While he and I were at the upstairs bar getting all the drinks he said,"Thanks for coming out tonight man. I know you didn't really want to. Just so you know, I didn't tell Chloe you were gay, she's actually the one that told me the night before...you and I...well in the sauna... Chloe found out from her co-worker, I think you would call him a twink. haha. Anyways, you apparently fuck him on the regular." I gulped a big swig of my drink. Damn, my throat got dry all of a sudden, and I was beginning to sweat. ---So he found out I was gay the night before he fucked me? Hmmm. Chloe popped up between the two of us, grabbing a drink from Marcus with one hand and grabbed my hand with her other, dragging me out to the dance floor,"Come on! Let's dance!" she yelled. I actually really enjoy dancing, and she and I lit the floor up. We were on the dance floor for a solid hour, thoroughly soaked in sweat. Marcus would watch us from the sidelines, refreshing our drinks and had a small table ready for us with bottled water for when, or if, we ever took a break. We had an amazing time. I started to get a little tired, and she had to pee, so we finally made it to Marcus' table. She said she was ready to go home, so Marcus ordered an Uber and while we waited she was still dancing next to the table in between Marcus and myself. He was behind her as she ground her ass against his crotch, his mouth was on her sweaty neck, and his hands held her tiny hips tightly. His strong hands. Chloe moved my hands to her hips too, then moved them on top of Marcus' hands. He was still kissing Chloe's neck, but he was looking straight into my eyes. It was the first time Marcus and I had touched intimately since the night he came in me. We got to their apartment, and Chloe insisted I come in for a beer and to wind down. Chloe was drunk and very horny, she was all over Marcus. I wasn't jealous, it was nice to see. But it was getting me horny! I was watching music videos on the TV when she drug Marcus to their bedroom, for obvious reasons. I resigned myself to the couch and laid down. I vaguely heard Chloe cumming, she wasn't quiet, and it sounded like she really got off. It wasn't ten minutes later when Marcus came out of the bedroom in just gym shorts. I immediately noticed he wasn't wearing underwear and was still somewhat hard. Marcus went to the fridge and asked if I wanted another beer. I said,"sure, but shouldn't you have some water? I heard Chloe in there, and it sounded like you probably need to rehydrate." Marcus laughed as he handed me my beer. He was standing in front of me, his still semi hard cock about a foot from my face under a thin layer of mesh gym shorts material. I could smell the sex from him and it made my face flush and my dick harden. Marcus said,"I"m surprised you heard us over the tv, these walls are pretty well insulated. And you know I don't gotta hydrate, you know the way it is with me and my girlfriends. I can't cum with a condom and they won't let me fuck them without one." He put his hand on the side of my face and lifted it up looking down at me,"nobody's ever let me cum in them, except you." I couldn't even look at him now, because his cock was fully erect in his shorts right in front of my face and I couldn't control myself one second longer. I grabbed his cock and gave it a squeeze. He put his beer on the table and dropped his shorts, put his hand behind my neck and used his other hand to aim his thick uncut cock at my mouth. I eagerly sucked his throbbing monster into my mouth. I could taste the condom residue and when I deep throated him I could smell Chloe's pussy on his pubes. It excited me so much, that I undid my pants and pulled my dick out and started stroking as I vigorously sucked his cock. I was bouncing up and down on it as he told me to,"suck that dick. I know you want it. You want this load don't you? You want my cum inside you, don't you? Tell me.." I came off his cock and said,"yes. I've missed your cock, and I want your cum inside me. Wherever you want to put it." He quickly yanked me up from the couch and grabbed my pants and underwear and jerked them down, pulling my feet out of them. He kissed me hard on the mouth and slipped his tongue inside me. I moaned into his mouth and felt his hands on my ass. He pulled his mouth back for a second and stuck two fingers inside my mouth and I sucked them as he moved them in and out. He pulled them free from my mouth and spit on his two wet fingers, reaching around and began to push them into my asshole as he grabbed my head with his free hand and kissed me hard again. He got his fingers up inside me to the knuckle and again, I moaned into his mouth. Marcus was being aggressive and I loved it. He turned me around and pulled off my shirt, he wrapped one arm around my waist and pulled me against him. His muscular pecs and stomach were against my back and his cock was snugly in my ass crack. He spat into his free hand and I could tell he was lubing up his cock, seconds later I felt his cockhead pushing against my hole. It breached my opening and I sighed in pain and pleasure while he kissed my neck and forced more of his stiff cock inside my ass. He moved forward, causing me to have to put my knees up on the couch, he pushed my head forward so I was bent over now in doggy style. I felt his hand firmly grasp my hips, he started fucking his big cock in and out of my hole. My asshole felt so good as he longdicked me. Feeling his slick cock sliding all the way in and out of me had me leaking precum and I grabbed my swollen cock to jerk off while he pounded my ass. "Oh god, Marcus, fuck me. Shit that feels so good. I can't wait for you to finish off inside me," I said. Marcus responded,"You like this big black cock? You want my poz load up that pussy?" I told him to please cum in me, fill me up good. We were making quite a bit of noise at this point, but I didn't care if Chloe woke up and saw us even, it felt so good, I wasn't going to let him stop until he unloaded in me. I could tell he was getting close too, he was fucking me so hard, my ass was getting plowed into at such a fast rate, I was glad he had lube on his cock from the condom that he used to fuck Chloe not too long ago. Just thinking of that made me hornier, and I wanted his cum even more knowing that his girlfriend never took it. Marcus began moaning and saying,"oh fuck, here it comes. I'm about to blow. Ah shit, ah shit, ah shiiitttt." He slammed into me deep and I felt his cock swell and thicken stretching my hole out more as he pumped me full of his poz cum. He kept himself buried deep inside me as I continued to jerk off and I was getting close. I guess he could tell I was about to blast his couch with my cum because he grabbed my hand and stopped me. "Wait, please?" I said, "please let me cum with you still inside me." He slowly pulled out of me, grabbed me and turned me around face to face. His lips met mine with force and his tongue snaked into my mouth to wrestle with mine. His hands moved up to my shoulders and pushed me down firmly so that I was seated on the edge of the couch. I briefly watched a few seconds of the music video playing as hot shirtless guys danced around a diva. He dropped to his knees and grabbed my legs, and spread them wide. I felt so open and powerless. He looked down and aimed his rigid cock at my wet hole, while his hands held my ankles wide and high I felt his cockhead on my hole right before he slammed fully into me. I gasped, my mouth was in a permanent "O" because that thick dickhead just punched my prostate and he held it there applying pressure to it, squeezing the cum out of it, making it escape through my cock onto my stomach. He immediately began fucking me at breakneck speeds, and it brought me back to the first time we fucked. He was able to blow a second load within minutes of the first one last time, and this was how he did it. I hoped it was happening again, remembering it last time was enough to bring me off, my body went stiff and I began shooting cum into my open mouth and all over myself as he rammed my prostate. I was drenched in my own cum as I watched him build up to his second orgasm, he moved his hands to my hips and thrust himself as deeply as he could and I felt his cock swell yet again pumping his load into me. I think we were both exhausted at this point. He pulled out, and he lifted my limp legs to slide my underwear back onto me. He laid my motionless body down on the couch, put his gym shorts on, and crawled up next to me, pulling the couch blanket over us. We both blacked out. The morning sun shined brightly through the living room window curtains. Music videos were still playing on the tv. I was disoriented for a minute while my mind processed where I was, and why I was there and what had happened. Marcus was still snuggled up to me under the blanket on the couch. His arm was around me, and I felt his erection against my ass. I was worried, Chloe would wake up and catch us like this. I shook him and told him to hurry and get up before his girlfriend woke up. He yawned and stretched a little. He said,"Don't worry, she sleeps like a zombie til late. Last night was amazing man. Watching you and Chloe dance last night had me hard half the time I was at the club." I was like,"what? You were sitting at the table in the club with a boner watching your girlfriend and I dance? You fuckin' pervert. No wonder you're hard right now." Marcus said,"You call me the pervert, but you let me fuck you like a cum hungry slut and you've taken four of my poz loads in your ass and acted like it was a gift from heaven." My mouth hung open in disbelief, but he had a point. I was a total cumslut when it came to him fucking me. I mean, he's fucking hot, straight, hung, and cums gallons and not just once. I laughed and said,"okay, okay, that's me in the moment, yes. I kinda separate those moments from you and me, as buddies. Right now, we're blurring the lines and it has me freaking a little." Marcus, ran his hand down my side and grabbed my underwear to yank them down. He brought his hand up to his mouth and spit in it, moved it to my mouth and said,"spit." I did as he commanded and spit in his hand. He reached under the blanket and lubed up his rock hard cock. He pushed into my hole with relative ease, but I could feel the friction. I groaned, and just let him do what he wanted to me. Marcus smiled and said,"see? you don't even try to stop me from fucking you when a minute ago you were worried about Chloe waking up? You're a whore for me." He was right, I couldn't help it either, his thick bare cock filling my hole up deeply was irresistible. I went from worrying about his girlfriend waking up to not caring if his grandma walked in on us as soon as his cock began to push into me. He firmly held my hip as he fucked slowly in and out of my hole. His massive loads from last night were enough that he didn't need any lube besides our spit to enter me. It wasn't as slick as last night, but he was going so slowly that it didn't need to be. He propped his head up on his hand while he rested his elbow on the pillow looking down at me. He looked so casual...from the waist up. I again warned him,"we better stop before Chloe gets u...." Just then the bedroom door opened and Chloe walked out in just a t-shirt, her tight pert tits were clearly bra-less and she wore a thong, her ass cheeks bounced as she went straight for the kitchen. Meanwhile Marcus simply moved his eyes from me, to the tv and began watching the music video. Marcus said,"Good morning babe. You feel okay? I came in here after you passed out to keep my homie company and we kinda blacked out here." Chloe turned around looking disheveled but glowing, she smiled and said,"I actually feel really good. I think all that dancing and then a good orgasm was what I needed last night. You guys look so cute, do you two want some coffee?" I was dumbfounded, as all of this unfolded before me, Marcus' cock was STILL deep inside me and he was still slowly fucking me. Marcus looked down at me and said,"you want some?" with a big smile. I knew he meant, did I want his cum, but he was trying to shake me loose to answer Chloe about the coffee. I stammered, "Uhmmm, yeah. Sure, yeah I want it...I mean, some. Some coffee, yes, please." Chloe responded, "great! two coffees coming up!" Marcus laughed, "yup, coming up!" as he continued to fuck my hole, picking up a little speed. Chloe had her back to us working on the coffee, and Marcus looked down at me, kissed me hard on the lips and whispered,"you ready for it? you want me to cum up in that hole?" I said,"yes, breed me again..." He tensed up and I felt him blasting inside me again as his girlfriend finished up our coffees. She brought them over to us and handed each of us our own cups while Marcus was still inside me. Chloe said, "I gotta put some pants on, it's freezing in here," as she bounced to the bedroom. Marcus pulled out of my asshole, and pulled up his shorts and sat up. He winked at me as he brought his cup to his mouth. I just shook my head and said, "whatever Marcus, it's your funeral." and rolled my eyes. He laughed into his mug.
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    Part 3 When I climbed out of the pool I was all alone. There was a towel as beneath the towel I found an envelope with ‘Jock Boy’ written on it. I dried off and headed for the gate remembering that my clothes were flooded on the outside and with the sun coming to I might be visible in my naked form. I quickly opened the gate and grabbed my sweat pants quickly pulling them on before anyone might see me. I grabbed my shoes and shirt and went to my car. Once inside my car I looked I the envelope to find $500. Texted Steven to let him know I had finished and they I received another tip. He texted back instructing me, ‘come directly to my condo’. I drove over to Steven's place with a raging hard on from whatever that guy injected into my cock. The movement of my sweat pants accords my cock head drove me crazy as I worked my way through traffic to Steven’s condo. I parked in the open lot across the street and quickly made my way into the building. After riding the elevator while trying to hide my hard on I knocked on the door. Some naked twink answered the door and ushered me inside. Steven was also naked sitting on the couch blowing clouds. He had net taken a huge hit from the pipe as he waived me over. Steven grabbed the twink and gave him a shotgun as I joined him in the couch. The twink leaned over to me and I accepted a shotgun from him as he grabbed my noticeably hard cock through my sweats. The twink was horned up and craving cock. Steven finally spoke, “From what I hear, you’re first night went very well.” Steven then grabbed his huge, thick cock waving it as if he was telling me to sit my ass down on it, but it was directed at the twink who had a look that was somewhere between fear and excitement. The twink slowly climbed up and (with Steven’s directly) slid his ass down on his cock facing me. When he had the full length inside him Steven handed me a fully loaded rig. I knew exactly what he needed me to do as he applied the tourniquet to the twink’s arm and held him still while I administered (what I later learned was) his (first) slam. Like he did with me, Steven unloaded deep in the twink's hole as he coughed it hard. The twink's expression was similar to the one I saw in the video on my own face as he attempted to process everything was feeling. After Steven was done with his first load he popped up placing the twink on his hands and knees, then administered his own slam and resumed fucking the twink. I was close to the twink’s head when Steven told him, “Suck the jock boy's cock.” That totally surprised me as the twink leaned forward as I slid my sweats off. The twink was good as he took my hard bone down to the root. Steven looked at me and said, “I knew you’d need that after your let client.” The twink was good as he worked my cock with his tongue and throat. I was surprised at his expertise and stamina as he sucked my cock while Steven loaded his ass with his poz cum. It made me wonder if that kiss was as dumb as I was or was it the drugs, most likely the drugs. The thought of Steven knocking this kid up as he had done to me some how had me turned on that when I got close I made sure he was going to eat my load. I grabbed his head and held it firmly as I unloaded down his throat telling him, “That’s it bitch, swallow my spunk.” Steven smiled at me, winked and gave me a head signal letting me know that I should leave. I pulled my sweats up, got up from the couch and headed for the door. I drove home knowing if be crashing soon. I got home lucky my parents were at work as headed straight for bed.
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    This is the next chapter to "Serendipity on the road". https://breeding.zone/topic/52437-serendipity-on-the-road/ On our way 'back east' Jake swung by Denver and dropped off the chickens. Before picking up a load of pigs, he spent 24 hours just fucking me. Yes, a whole 24 hours of just fucking!! Sometimes I was face down, sometimes I was cowgirl on top, sometimes I was reverse cowgirl, and sometimes he took me on all 4's. To be honest, he wasn't always the person initiating but he did make it clear that we weren't doing anything else for 24 hours. No food. No water. After every couple rounds, I'd fall asleep in his arms with him running his fingers through my hair. Not that it mattered, once or twice I woke up to him fucking my ass. Not that I minded. Before we left Denver we hit the tattoo shop. He had, "Bitch #29" tattooed on my back right shoulder blade in calligraphy letters. We were a few days out of Denver. I was sitting naked in his passenger side seat eating those peanut butter crackers with a color orange not found in nature, looking out the window at the passing landscape when I started to get lightheaded and felt like I was somehow running a high fever and freezing at the same time. I laid back in my seat, my whole world starting to spin. "Jake, I don't feel so well. We might want to pull over." He looked at me for half a second then shook his head. "You're fine, bitch. You're just dehydrated." I put my hand on my forehead and I was burning up, so I poured a bottle of water over my head. "I think I have the flu." He reached over and felt my forehead. "No, you stupid cunt - you're HIV+ now. How the fuck did that happen?" I looked at him blankly. "I'm not doctor, I don't even play one on TV, but it could be because you came in my ass about a dozen times and slammed a vial of your blood into me." I like it when Jake smacks me on the back of the head. It's hot. "No, I mean - how the fuck did it happen so quickly?! I've turned dozens of bitches and I've never seen one this fast!" He asked getting his eyes back on the road. "As I said, you put a vial of poz blood into me, and about a dozen of your loads - that and it was my first time doing anal. If i had to add anything it would be that I really, REALLY wanted to get pozzed so maybe my immune system didn't fight it as hard. Or maybe I already had a cold and my immune system was worn down. Does it really matter?" I asked as I laid my seat back as much as I could. He chuckled. "No, I guess it doesn't. bitch." "I don't want meds, Jake." I said with a moment of clarity. He shook his head. "No one in our network uses them - it's part of being a member. If you need it, there's a case of water under your seat, and some over the counter stuff in the glove box, bitch." Since I've known Jake, he's never used the birth name I gave him at the truck stop. He made it clear that I was a new person now and wasn't allowed to have a name hence the tattoo. He also calls me 'Cunt', 'Whore', or 'Bimbo'. He's so romantic. In response, I chugged a bottle in just a few swallows. "I thought you didn't care about me, Jake." He shook his head. "Believe me, I don't. You're a fucking cum dump to me . I look at you the same way I look at the livestock I haul - but you're no good to me dead, bitch....and no good to anyone else either. You're the 29th bitch I've turned since I got involved in this life." I stared up at the ceiling of the truck, which was spinning. "How long do I have?" He kept his eyes on the road. "It depends. Without meds, some only make it a few years - others can make it past 10. Whatever happens, you're just a fucking AIDS infected cock whore to us." I nodded. "And that's what I wanted, Jake. It's why I didn't get out the first day I woke up. You were right about me...this isn't the life I chose but it's the life I want, and there's no going back." I say as I reach out and take his cock in my left hand, trying to get him hard. "Do you have a wife and kids back in Atlanta, Jake?" I said casually. He shifted in his seat slightly to give me a better angle. "Yes, I do." He was growing slightly in my hand. "Do they know you're in an underground 'whore snatching, infecting with HIV+, passing the bitch off to the next driver' network?" "Of course not, bitch." He said laughing. "Does it turn you on? Knowing that you've infected me...knowing that I'm a worthless cock whore? That I'll be passed around from trucker to trucker for the rest of my life - unless I'm sold overseas? To know that ALL of that turns me on?" He tried to keep his eyes on the road but he wasn't doing a good job. His cock was harder than it had been since I met him. I moved over into his lap, facing him, and slide his cock into me while kissing him on the lips. I wrapped my arms around him and held him close. "I'm saying thank you, Jake. Thank you for giving me the life I wanted but didn't have the balls to take on my own. For keeping me naked, where I'll spend the rest of my life being passed around like a deck of playing cards to horny truckers that don't give a shit about me. For making me fuck meat. For giving me HIV." I looked out the drivers side window and into traffic. I young man and woman were passing us, I smiled at them as I bounced up and down on Jake's cock, unashamed of who and what I was. Happy for the first time in my life and not giving a damn who else knew it.
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    Part 2 John had just unloaded inside me. I felt his cock throb as his sperm fleet me up. I felt his jizz as it hit the walls of my ass. For a briefs moment I forgot how much I enjoyed the feeling of getting fucked and bred, or maybe it was the slam. Most likely both I missed. John’s cock remained hard as he continued to fuck me letting me know the dominance he held overt me. He paid Steven for the right to use me as his fuck toy to breed for a couple hours. He kept fucking me, this time he slowed down and made it apparent that he was enjoying his time with my ass. He kissed me several times as he slowly worked his cock pig and out of my ass. I couldn’t believe how long John lasted as he spoke for the first time since he unloaded inside my ass, “You have a very fine ass jock boy. I could fuck your ass all week long.” I could tell John was getting close to cumming a second time. His breathing changed and I felt his cock thicken. I was hungry for a second load as I tightened my ass around his cock. The expression on John’s face along with the change in the way he we fucking me told me that it was pure pleasure for him as he thrusted into me hard and deep. With a grunt John said, “For a quarterback you certainly know how to play a tight end.” I felt the familiar warmth deep inside me as his cock painted my ass with his cum. His second load was even better than the first load he gave me. I killed his cock for every drop n as he slowly withdrew his cock from my hungry hole. He kissed me one last time before saying, “Damn jock boy, you have one hungry hole. I how you use to travel, cause I’m going to arrange to fly you in to spend a few days with me. I have a couple friends that would love to meet you.” I wasn’t sure what to say except to tell him, “I guess you’ll have to talk to Steven about that.” I really wasn’t sure if Steven would send me in a trip to see John. After he had fired 2 loads into my ass I wouldn’t mind seeing him again and meeting him fuck my ‘tweaked up, jock ass’ again. John got up of the bed and as I got dressed in just my shorts and t-shirt I was able to able his athletic body as I knew he admired mine. I had just finished putting in my shoes when he handed me a $100 bill telling me, “I paid Steven for your services, this is a tip for you.” I wasn’t sure if I should accept this or not, but knew not to insult then client by refusing the offer and said, “Thank you for this and than you for your cum.” John kissed me one last time, “I can’t wait to fuck you again. I promise a lot more cum the next time we meet. You are better teen Steven told me you would be.” I left the hotel and sat in my car as I texted Steven that I was done with my work at the Hilton. I also told him about the $100 tip I received from John. Steven’s reply kind of surprised me when he texted back, ‘for a jock you’re showing some smarts by taking me about your tip. All his need to be reported till me and I’ll know how much you get so don’t ever try to hide it. that’s nice John gave you a tip, you can keep that one’ I knew to rely ‘thank you’ Steven then texted me ‘I know you did good by him when he texted me asking if he can fly you in to spend a few days with him and a few of his friends. I’ll work out the details with him and will let you know the dates. I have another client for you to visit you'll be going to his home to spend the rest of the move with him” Steven texted me the address and I drove over to his home. This guy lived in a upscale part of town. It was a gated community where I knew the homes to go for a over a million dollars. I pulled up to the gate and the guard approached my car, looked at me, quickly opened the gate and waved me through. It didn't take long after I drove through the gate to find the house I Steven gave me where the client lives. I was told to park in the driveway and go to the gate to the back yard. I found a note for me on the gate telling me I was to strip leaving my clothes neatly folded outside before entering the gate and then I was to make my way to the pool where I would find a blindfold along with 4 leather wrist and ankle cuffs on one of the lounge chairs. I was to put the blindfold fold on (until the client removed the blindfold) along with the wrist and ankle cuffs and wait. I was a little nervous about doing as the note instructed, but then I remembered the Steven told me to always do exactly follow the client instructions. The client will not harm me for far of what Steven will do to them if they did. Steven assured that he will protect me from the client. So there I sat there naked waiting for someone to approach me. I didn’t have to wait long when I sensed someone approach me. I felt them secure my wrists above my head and my ankle were secured to the foot of the chair. I was immobilized which in some way turned me on causing my limp, Tina dick to twitch. I then felt a tourniquet applied to my upper arm and then the coolness of alcohol on my son. There was a pause that had me wishing I could see this mysterious person administering the slam. Then I felt the familiar needle stick and began to wonder how big is a slam was this guy giving me when he removed the needle, applied pressure to the injection site, raised my arm over head and removed the tourniquet. I coughed so hard as the rush hit me hard. I’m sure this was the strongest slam I'd ever done as I heard a ringing in my ears. The guy push my head into his from where I quickly opened my mouth and took his considerable sized cock deep into my throat. I guess he then administered his own slam as I heard him cough and felt his cock begin to leak a steady stream of pre cum. The guy grabbed my head between his hands and began to face fuck me and every so often he’d bury his cock deep in my throat and hold it there and I would feel it pulse as he dripped his pre cum directly into my stomach. This went on for a good 15-20 min until I heard his breathing change asking with his deep thrusts. He finally spoke to me asking, “I’m gong to shoot most of this load directly in your stomach” as he thrusted one last time pushing his cock far into my throat. I felt his cock expand and pulse as he delivered his load directly to my stomach. He pulled out as he fired off his last could spurts of cum onto my tongue giving me a taste of his seed. I had become just as hungry to eat sperm as I was to have it shot directly into my ass. With the Tina flowing through my body gave me a strong craving for cock and cum. After he finished giving me his load and I swallowed everything he had fed me he removed my blindfold. I recognized him from Friday night's party. He released my arms and legs been helped me to my feet. I was then led over near the edge of the pool. I noticed something in the pool deck. In the concrete opt the pool deck were a couple fasteners which my ankle restraints were attached too sharing my legs wide. This was a spot close to the house that allowed him to suspend a rope from it that he arched to my wrists. This forced me to lean slightly forward giving him total access to my ass. He left me exposed like this for what felt like an eternity. I sensed him behind me which increased my desire, my need to be touched. After what felt like hours (but I reality was only minutes) I felt him grab my ass as he moved in to eat my already cum filled ass. He stopped for a brief moment to say, “Nice, just how I like my boys, full of cum.” He went back to licking my ass for a couple more minutes before stopping again. This time when he stopped I felt him push a small rough object into my ass and said, “Not only does cum make the best lube it’s great for dissolving a nice shard of Tina.” I suddenly felt a burn in my ass as he pushed the piece of Tina as deep as he could into my ass. I felt my high grow as the Tina dissolved as I experienced my first booty bump. I felt my client stand up behind me in this restrained positron position as my hole screamed out to be filled. He teased me with the tip of his cock causing me to try and push back in a attempt to get him inside me, but the position he had me in made that impossible. He had total control over my getting fucked. His teasing me drove me crazy to point I begged him, “Please fuck me. Fuck me hard. Breed me, I need your cum.” I repeated this several this several times and when I thought I wasn’t going to get fucked I felt him grab me by my hips and gave me exactly what I needed when he thrusted his cock balls deep. I then got the fucking I asked for as he pounded me hard. He fucked me for a good hour I felt his cock thicken as his place quickened and his breathing changed and he pushed I deep. As his cock throbbed inside me delivering a fresh load of cum he spoke, “What a great ass you have. I knew the first time I fucked you that if I had you to myself you’d get fucked all night long.” He wasn’t lying as he fucked another 2 loads into my ass before he pulled out and put a butt plug in my ass. He then left me I this precarious position. I want sure how long I was left like this when he returned. He gave me either slam just as strong as the first one me gave me. I coughed out hard as I felt him pull the butt plug from my ass, grab my hips and penetrate my hungry ass. It felt like he was fucking me harder then he had before. He gave me 4 more loads before he was done fucking me. He released my ankles followed by my wrists, and in the position I was in when he released my wrists I couldn’t help from falling into the pool. The water felt great as I heard him say, “Great ass you have Jock Boy.”
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    Part 86 - The Cummy Hole Bruce held Joe’s hands down on the bed as his cock hammered the muscled ass. Joe was pinned face down, his legs spread wide as Bruce fucked him. Bruce growled and shook as his cock shot spurt after spurt of cum into Joe’s hole. He gave a few more slams saying “Take that neg seed you fuckin’ poz slut.” He fell down on top of Joe’s sweaty back and rested a moment before rolling off on to the bed. After he recovered he looked over at Joe and asked “If you’re such a sleazy cumwhore, how come every time I fuck you your ass is sparkling clean? Don’t you usually walk around with some dude’s cum in you?” Joe chuckled “Nah, I’m not always loaded with cum. Besides, most guys that hire me want a freshly cleaned hole, so it’s habit I guess.” “Next time, I want that hole swimming with cum. Not just one guy’s load either, ok?” Bruce said. “Sure, you’re the customer. But… it’s gonna cost extra” Joe said. Bruce sighed. “Yeah, OK.” “I gotta find some guys right before our meeting and get take some loads. I suppose I could just save up some of my seed and pump it in, but fresh cum is always better, right?” Joe said with a wicked grin. “Yeah, it is. Besides, fuckin you right after a couple other guys would be damn hot” Bruce replied. Joe figured it would be like usual, Bruce would call him the next time he was in town on business in a couple weeks or a month and he could set it up. “OK, let me know next time you’re in town. Just give me a day or two notice” Joe said. This had been a good fuck, but he wasn’t really happy leaving Chicago early Monday morning to get back to meet Bruce that night. The money, though, would make up for some of the leather purchases he made during the fuck fest in the windy city. “How about tomorrow night? I got meetings until six. Maybe meet at eight?” Bruce asked. Joe grabbed his phone and popped up the calendar. “Uh, how about nine. I have a school thing tomorrow afternoon and then I’ll need to collect those loads. I can guarantee one but I should be able to get a few more” Joe suggested. “That works and I'd prefer more than one” Bruce replied. Joe got dressed and collected his stuff and said “I guess I’ll see ya tomorrow.” He headed home and found Kyle studying. “How was the gig?” Kyle asked. “Good, but it got really interesting at the end. I’m gonna need some help tomorrow” Joe replied. Kyle looked back at Joe and said “Uh, I told you. No more escorting jobs for me. I just feel weird about doing it.” “Nah, you get to fuck me before I go. He wants a cum loaded hole. So save your seed until tomorrow night” answered Joe. “God, I love it when you’re slutty. Only one load?” Kyle asked while rubbing his crotch. Joe laughed and said “I’m gonna try and get three or four. I'll send out a few messages and see who I can find as donors.” He picked up his regular phone off the table and sent some texts out. One by one he got answers and had four guys that would fill him with their charged cum. Kyle looked up over his laptop and asked “Does this guy guy know what he’s gonna be sticking his dick into?” “Well, he seems to get off on fucking my poz ass and gets pretty verbal about it. He thinks its demeaning to me but it’s just the opposite. Anyway, he should expect that the cum in my ass is gonna be poz too” Joe said. The following day, Joe got back from classes and cleaned up. The knock on the door at eight PM was just on schedule. Joe opened the door and gave Aaron a hug. “Thanks for helping me out, dude” Joe said before he looked around the living room and asked “Ready?” to Kyle and Steven. The three guys followed Joe back to the bedroom, stripping along the way. “Just getting three loads, Joe?” asked Aaron. “Dennis had to work, so I’m stopping over at the hotel and getting one from him before I meet the client” Joe said with a grin. Joe was wearing a red jockstrap and socks and kneeled on the edge of the bed, his bare ass hanging over. “Who’s first?” he asked. The three guys looked at each other and finally Kyle pushed Aaron towards Joe. Aaron pushed his sweat pants off and kneeled down, licking Joe’s hole and then tongue fucking it. He spit on his hand and stroked his already rigid cock. He was eager to fuck Joe since he had been Nick’s bitch for the past few weeks and his cock hand been neglected. He stood up and spit once more on Joe’s hole before pushing the head of his cock inside. Both Joe and Aaron moaned as Aaron plowed his cock in deeper. Aaron would have liked to fuck Joe for a long time but he also badly needed to shoot five days worth of cum. Aaron plowed for several minutes until Joe started to milk Aaron’s cock. Aaron fucked harder and then grabbed Joe’s hips, slammed in and then yelled out as his cock flooded Joe’s pussy. He slowly pulled his still hard cock out of Joe and stuffed his finger in all the way, feeling the warm jizz coat his finger. He took his finger out and gave it a quick lick before feeding it to Joe. Steven looked at Kyle and winked before pushing Aaron out of the way. With one firm shove, he was in balls deep. Steven let out a loud sigh as he felt Joe’s warm, slick chute wrapped tightly around his cock. He didn’t want to fuck too long since he wanted to make sure Joe kept as much poisonous cum in his ass when he went to the client. He gave long, slow strokes and started to speed up. He kept pumping into Joe for few minutes and then Kyle moved in behind him. Kyle started to work his fingers over Steven’s nips and watched his ass start to clench with each pinch. Kyle’s cock was riding up and down Steven’s ass crack as Steven fucked, leaking precum all over Steven’s ass. He reached around and twisted both of Steven’s nips at the same time and got exactly what he wanted. Steven thrust his cock in and pumped more toxins into Joe’s greedy hole. With the last drops deposited, Steven moved back pushing Kyle out of the way. Kyle bent over and licked Joe’s hole, tasting the cum mixture. He stood up and rubbed his pierced cock over Joe’s hole and then pushed in a few inches. It was a shallow fuck, with barely more than the tip getting inside but the friction on his head and the tugging on the piercing got Kyle worked up. Kyle fucked a little harder and went a little deeper, but only a third of his cock penetrating his partner was enough to get his balls readying their payload. When he felt the first pulse, he froze and let each shot pump into Joe’s cumhole. He leaned over Joe and kissed the back of his neck before reaching for the butt plug. Kyle pulled out slowly, forcing as much cum back inside as he could and then inserted the stainless steel plug into Joe’s recharged ass. “There ya go, bud. Almost full” Kyle said to Joe. “Thanks, guys. Saturday dinner is on me” Joe said as he put his jeans on and pulled a tee shirt over his head. Aaron followed Joe out the door and headed back to his apartment as Joe drove over to meet Dennis. Joe walked into the hotel manager’s office and said “Ready?” “Yeah, it’s gotta be quick. I need to do rounds in a few minutes” Dennis replied. He closed the door to the office and when he turned around, Joe already had his jeans off and was bent over the desk. Dennis chuckled and opened his pants and let them drop to his knees. He saw the plug in Joe’s ass and gave it a tug. He looked it over and gave a few licks before handing it to Joe. “Suck on that” he said, chuckling. Dennis’s cock was already hard and he spit on it and gave a couple strokes before resting the tip on Joe’s hole. Joe braced himself and Dennis slid his cock into the cummy hole. Deep inside Joe, he paused a moment to enjoy the feeling. Dennis knew he couldn’t pound Joe like normal since much of the cum inside of Joe would get forced out. He rode Joe’s ass with an almost gentle motion. While Dennis was hard and was enjoying the fuck, he knew he wasn’t going to cum like this very quickly. Dennis started pulling almost all the way out to get some friction over his glans and this seemed to work better and soon his balls started to tighten. He started to drill faster and the cum started to flow. Dennis let out a loud moan that he tried to stifle in case anyone was at the hotel’s front desk. His cock still in Joe’s ass, he reached around and took the plug out of Joe’s mouth and swapped his cock for the plug. Joe turned around and dropped to his knees, cleaning the end of Dennis’s cock of any cum he could find. Joe stood and pulled his jeans up while Dennis did the same with his pants. “Thanks, I appreciate it. Don’t forget dinner on Saturday” Joe said as he opened the office door. The two went out into the lobby and Joe headed over to Bruce’s hotel. Joe looked at his phone and saw he timed everything just about right. He had 10 minutes to get to Bruce’s room. He knocked on the door two minutes early and Bruce opened the door dressed only in a pair of boxers. “Prompt as usual. You got what I asked for?” Bruce asked. “Four loads in the last hour. I hope you like it sloppy” Joe said and grinned. “Fuck yeah! Get over to the bed you poz slut” Bruce commanded. Joe pushed off his shoes and dropped his jeans by the door. He climbed on the bed and Bruce pushed him down on his stomach. Bruce spread Joe’s legs and leaned in, looking at Joe’s hole. There was a bit of sweat and cum still inside his crack and Bruce spotted the plug right away. “Holding all that seed inside you, huh?” Bruce asked. Joe replied “Oh yeah” and wondered if Bruce really knew or cared how toxic the pool of cum inside him was. Bruce gave the plug a yank and Joe groaned as the plug squeezed its way out. Bruce looked the steel plug over and then rubbed it over Joe’s lips and pushed it into his mouth. Joe sucked it the rest of the way in and felt Bruce start to lick his cummy hole. Joe’s body shivered with Bruce eating his hole and then tongue fucking it. After a few minutes of eating Joe’s ass, Bruce stood up and stroked his dick. Feeling empty, Joe spun around and sucked on Bruce’s stiff cock. He could taste the precum already start to drip from Bruce’s dick and sucked hard on the cockhead trying to get more. Slowly he swallowed the whole shaft and had his nose surrounded by pubic hair. Joe flexed his throat a few times and pulled back, lightly grazing his teeth across Bruce’s meaty shaft. He heard Bruce moan so he decided to do it again. The moan was louder that time, so he sunk back down and then scraped his teeth along the shaft a little harder. “Oh my god, that is wild” Bruce said. Joe chuckled to himself and did it two more times. He looked up and Bruce had his eyes closed and kept moaning. Joe slurped his way back down and clamped his throat around the tip of Bruce’s cock before he then slowly pulled all the way off, his teeth scraping even harder this time and continuing over the head. Bruce’s moan had become a groan and he knew Bruce wouldn’t let him do this again. He looked down and saw a few red marks on Bruce’s cock and a red line down the top of the head. Joe turned around again and wiggled his ass and felt Bruce slide a finger inside. “No need for lube” Bruce said before Joe could feel him move closer. Joe felt the cock at his hole and he pushed back about the same time Bruce pushed forward. All six and a half inches of thick, cut cock was planted inside his hole, bathed in a mix of four guy's charged cum. Bruce laid on Joe’s back and stayed there few minutes. “God, this feels even better than I thought it would” Bruce said. Slowly he started rocking his hips and they could hear the cum get churned inside Joe’s ass. Bruce built up both speed and length of each stroke until he was standing on his feet, crouched down and pounding Joe’s hole. This fuck had more energy than Joe had remembered any he had gotten from Bruce. He loved a sloppy fuck and apparently Bruce did too. Bruce pulled out and watched some cum drip down Joe’s balls and then slammed back in and kept drilling. Joe began squeezing Bruce’s cock with his ass muscles and that was all that Bruce needed. He drove in deep and fell onto Joe’s back, forcing them down on the bed. Joe could feel Bruce’s body squirm and buck as he shot his load deep into Joe’s guts. Joe gripped the shaft hard, trying to keep all of the cum inside. Bruce laid there on top of Joe for a few minutes and then pulled out and rolled over on the bed. Joe turned and started to suck on Bruce’s softening cock, licking all of the cum off of it. Bruce squirmed a bit, obviously feeling some discomfort from Joe’s spit on the scraped, raw cock. Once the cock was licked clean, Joe moved to Bruce’s balls and sucked on them. When Joe tried to move a little lower towards Bruce’s ass, Bruce pushed him off “No one goes there, Dave” Bruce said sternly. Joe went back and started stroking and licking Bruce’s cock and soon it started to respond. Once it was fully hard, Joe crawled up Bruce’s body before sliding his hole back over Bruce’s dick. There was a whimper from Bruce as once again his cock was all the way inside Joe’s fuck chute. Joe ground his butt against Bruce’s hips and then started to ride him. He was careful not to pull up too high and let Bruce’s cock slip out of him, since he knew in this position he would lose a lot of cum. Joe played with Bruce’s nips as he bounced on his cock. Joe rode Bruce’s cock for almost ten minutes until Bruce’s moaning got louder and suddenly Bruce reached up and pulled Joe down hard on his cock. Bruce bucked up once and then his cock started to throb. The spurts of cum pumped in and mixed with all of the seed already inside Joe. Joe tried to squeeze Bruce’s shaft, but his muscles were tired and he only gave a light massage to it. Joe looked down and watched Bruce’s chest heave a few more times as he came down from the orgasmic rush. When Bruce opened his eyes, Joe asked “Is that what you were looking for?” Bruce nodded as Joe reached over for the butt plug. He rolled off and put it back in before laying back and resting a moment. “Thanks, that really was hot” Bruce said a few minutes later. “Glad you liked it” Joe said as he got off the bed and reached for his jeans. He slid them back on and pulled the t-shirt over his head and smiled back at Bruce. “See you again sometime?” Joe asked. “Oh yeah” Bruce replied. Joe walked over and grabbed his envelope and walked out the door.
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    Part 4 - POLLUTION Coach Foley could feel his dick stiffen to attention as his thoughts drifted back to Kelvin’s moaning and grunting as coach’s finger had milked the boy’s prostate and thick milky fluid had steadily flowed and dripped from the metal cage encasing his restrained and impotent prick. Coach knew that the whole thing had fucked with Kelvin. That was the whole point, right? He needed Kelvin to get so fucking turned around and unsure of himself that Coach Foley could just point him in the right direction and Kelvin, willingly, would give up his virgin ass and take load after load of Coach’s toxic spunk. He hadn’t been sleeping well lately, since he’d been off his meds for a while. The virus was again coursing through his veins and he could feel it once again taking control. The night sweats and random fevers were back and Coach was frequently needing to switch out pillows during the night or having to change shirts midday. It was a good sign and meant his viral load was surging and his loads were full of virus seeking to spread and convert another host. He reached down and shifted his hardon to the side, lowering the tent that had formed in his shorts. He could feel a wet and sticky slick of precum which had leaked through his shorts during his reminiscing. Now he would just have to wait and see if Kelvin showed this afternoon. There was always the chance that Kelvin would take a step back and call everything off – that was always part of the challenge. Kelvin had the right to say “no” to anything Coach could dream up, but once a “yes” passed his lips, he surrendered that right and Coach could use him as he saw fit. It was, of course, actually an illusion of choice that Coach Foley had sold Kelvin at the beginning of everything. Coach had stacked the deck by plying Kelvin with a few drugs and feeding his lust with sexual pleasure while at the same time, Coach Foley had firmly cemented his dominance and relegated Kelvin to the role of follower, his eyes full of eagerness to please Coach Foley. Coach Foley glanced at the clock – 1:00pm. In just a couple hours he’d find out if his conditioning had pushed Kelvin even closer to becoming the cum dump Foley was sure was in there. Once again shifting his cock and feeling again the familiar leak of pre-cum Coach got up to check out his supplies. Opening the fridge, Coach pulled out the container of amber liquid that Zack had so thoughtfully prepared for him while getting slammed and fucked in the sling. A smile passed his lips at the memory and he couldn’t help but appreciate that one of his previous successes was going to help Coach recruit another bottom whore. Zach had provided him with about a liter of slam piss which Coach had divided into two. About 1/3 of it he had left as it was. Coach had been dosing Kelvin with about a shot of the unconcentrated liquid at a time and he could tell his boy was feeling it – and the fact that Kelvin was now chugging the Gatorade before each workout was evidence, whether he knew it or not, that he was craving the high and reveling in the sexual intensity and loss of inhibition. The other portion of Zack’s offering, Coach had carefully evaporated more and more of the piss until the liquid was a dark amber color. Liquid gold, concentrated, and just enough to fill Kelvin’s lower guts nicely. Coach popped open the container and its pungent odor, a not so subtle sign of its potency, once again made Coach’s dick stiffened and throb in anticipation. Coach grabbed a small rubber water bottle, one that could be screwed on to one end of a douche hose, and carefully poured the Tina-slam fortified liquid into the bottle. Best to have everything ready to go so that there wouldn’t be time for second thoughts or reconsiderations. He carefully set the bottle and its payload in his office shower with the douche hose to let it get to at least room temperature. Just before Kelvin’s work out, he’d be sure to set it in some warm water so when it was flushed into Kelvin’s guts there would be little chance of causing cramping which would allow the liquid gold could do its work. Now all he needed was his soon-to-be bottom slut... At a few minutes after 3 o’clock Coach heard the gym door swing open and heard the familiar cadence he come to know over the last month. The boy was back! Coach smiled as his dick stiffened and jumped in his shorts. Evidently, it seems Kelvin enjoyed his prostate massage enough to at least come back. Coach rearranged his raging boner and turned to the office door. “Hey, Coach! Are we, um, still working out today?” asked Kelvin. “Why wouldn’t we?” Coach Foley responded matter-of-factly. “Now grab your Gatorade and get prepped for your workout. Today we’re going to see how far we can push you.” Kelvin headed to the locker room and Coach Foley headed to his shower to make sure the Amber Liquid was made nice and warm. Kelvin strained under the workout, sweat pouring from him matting his chest hair and sending rivulets down his abs soaking his already damp jock strap. Coach Foley seemed merciless with today’s workout. Kelvin was actually glad for it as he didn’t have much time to think about what had happened yesterday and what might happen today. Kelvin had been sure about coming back today, wasn’t sure about what might happen, but couldn’t bear to think what wouldn’t happen if he didn’t show. Fortunately, Coach was pushing his ass so hard, he hadn’t much time to think about what might happen next. All last night he had dreams of Coach Foley riding his ass and plowing load after load into him while Coach Foley whispered, “Mine” into Kelvin’s ear with each spurt of cum he released, bathing Kelvin’s insides. Each time, Kelvin woke still finding his dick locked in metal. It’d seemed forever since he had cum or since his cock had even strained against the cage. It was almost as if it were admitting defeat, especially after Coach’s finger had milked his prostate of fluid while completely flaccid. What good was a hardon when you couldn’t cum? His mind snapped quickly back to reality as Coach’s hand applied steady pressure to the weights already straining his muscles. “Push, boy! I wanna see another set of reps out of you before I take my hand off. You need to focus and stop jerking off here,” Coach Foley taunted. Kelvin focused on the weights and pushed out another set of reps despite the pain along his arms and chest. “Yeah, fuck Kelvin, that’s the way I want my boy to pump it out,” Coach growled. Kelvin couldn’t help the smile he gave at the words of praise and he felt like he could go another round of reps, but he wasn’t about to tell Coach that. With the weights secured above and behind his head he turned forward to find Coach Foley still straddling him, hardon raging in his shorts and a slick spot spreading out from the head. “Good job, Kelvin. Time for a little reward,” said coach as he slipped his cock from under his shorts and danced it in front of Kelvin’s mouth. Whether it was the high from the workout or just Kelvin’s latest horny thoughts, the whole length of Coach Foley’s dick disappeared into Kelvin hungry gullet in one smooth stroke resting comfortably in the depths of his throat. Kelvin quickly began working his muscles along the shaft and Kelvin could hear Coach’s moan of pleasure which just encouraged Kelvin to redouble his efforts. “Damn, I need to push you harder more often,” Coach sighed between strokes. “You really have gotten to be quite the cocksucker, boy. That throat work of yours is impressive.” Kelvin smiled inwardly at compliment and worked Coach’s cock like a dog with a bone. After a few minutes Coach Foley could feel his balls begin to tighten in anticipation. “This boy is fucking good. Nearly made me shoot my load before the main event,” he thought as he pulled out of Kelvin’s throat. Looking down he grabbed Kelvin’s chin turned it up to look him straight in the eyes. “Ready for your reward?” he asked. Kelvin gave him a stupid grin mixed with confusion. Getting Coach’s load had always been his reward and Coach Foley’s hinted at some change in the boundaries. “Follow me,” Coach ordered as he walked to his office. He didn’t even bother to look behind him because he knew Kelvin would be there. It was inevitable. In the office, Coach Foley threw Kelvin a towel and pointed to the shower. “Head on in there, Kelvin. There’s something you need to learn,” said Coach Foley. Kelvin obeyed but he could feel his nervousness rising as he stepped into the shower. “That hose there,” started Coach Foley, “it’s for cleaning things up. You’re a big boy so you know what I mean and after that bit of a mess yesterday I also know you understand why.” Kelvin reddened at his memory of the incident. “Don’t sweat it,” Coach soothed, “soon you’ll be a pro at cleaning out.” Coach Foley could see the nervous tension building in the boy and quickly added, “Of course just because you get cleaned out doesn’t mean anything is going to happen. I was just thinking how much you seemed to enjoy yesterday and should it happen again, you wouldn’t have to worry.” Coach flashed a disarming smile and Kelvin’s tension, while not completing resolving, visibly lessened. Coach spent the next few minutes explaining how to use the hose, adjusting the temperature, how long to leave it in place, and when to know everything was good. Coach could see Kelvin relax again when Coach said he would step out and let Kelvin get ready. Grabbing the rubber water bottle, Coach left Kelvin to some private time to try things out. Besides, Coach Foley had to set a few things up. As he left the office, Coach grabbed the rubber water bottle full of amber liquid and smiled. Liquid Slut might be a good name for the concoction if everything went as planned. He also grabbed a bag and bottle of poppers from the fridge and headed out into the gym area. He checked the table vault and it was still set up from yesterday. He placed the poppers at one end and moved to the other end and set up the douche, attaching the Liquid Slut to the top of the frame on a nearby weight machine. He reached into the bag and pulled out the length of hose. Grabbing one end he screwed it onto the suspended water bottle in the fitting below the stopcock. He grabbed the other end and rummaged inside the bag for a minute until he found just what he was looking for. He pulled out a small metal butt plug with a hole running down its center and a place in the base to screw in the end of the hose. Once inserted, a nice flow of Liquid Slut would pass through the plug to fill Kelvin’s (nearly) virginal ass with the first, of hopefully many, life changing payloads. The plug had its own small stopcock on it so once the juice had infiltrated its way deep into Kelvin’s guts, Coach could shut it off and get rid of the hose. Smiling at the set-up he carried the bag to the other end where he had set the poppers. He pulled out a modified plastic oxygen mask, one he had snagged from a first aid kit, and reviewed his handiwork. At the end where the oxygen tube would normally attach, he had added a small piece of plastic and a flexible rubber tube. The tube stretched and fit over the top of the bottle of poppers rather nicely. No need for Kelvin to try and hold a bottle during his first fucking. The holes in the mask would keep him from passing out, but he’d still be getting a good hit of poppers with each breath he took. As he was attaching the poppers, Kelvin came into the room. He had a dumb smile on his face until he saw the setup around the table vault. Coach could see his eyes widen and the smile falter a bit. Kelvin had followed Coach Foley’s on how to use the shower douche and once he relaxed a bit, it ended up being pretty simple. At first it was a strange feeling and a bit gross to see everything coming out, but within a few minutes all the water that he was pushing out was clear of debris. He grabbed his towel and dried off, putting his sweaty jock on again before heading out to the gym. Coach was busy at the table vault they had used yesterday and Kelvin smiled at the memory of Coach’s fingers rolling across his prostate and could swear he felt a bit of precum leak out onto his jock. Then Kelvin caught site of what looked like an 8-foot hose attached to one of those rubber hot water bottles and his smiled waned. Not wanting to seem like he was scared, Kelvin continued walking steadily toward Coach even as his eyes would furtively glance at the jury-rigged douche set. “How’d it go, Kelvin?” asked coach. “Is that butt of yours all nice and clean?” Kelvin’s only response was a deep flushing of his face and a small nod. “Good. Climb up on here like the other day. We need to finish your clean-out.” Coach Foley could see his confusion and quickly added, “Oh, yeah, that first part was just to get you rinsed you out. Now that you’re cleared out, this magic liquid will make sure everything is nice and clean. Kind of like Liquid Plumber for your ass. It’s Coach’s own little recipe and it’ll leave you nice and clean,” Coach laughed. Kelvin relaxed a bit and moved over to the vault to position himself like he did yesterday. “So, just remember, you’re in control here,” Coach lied. “You want to stop just give me the thumbs down sign and we’ll stop before we get started. Once there’s a green flag though and you agree to continue, we’re both committed.” Coach reached out and swatted at Kelvin’s caged cock, “Remember, just like this, you’ll be committed.” Coach looked him straight in the eyes and Kelvin stared back and eventually slowly nodded. “Cool. I’ve got it,” Kelvin responded and moved to place himself on the vault, head at one end and ass at the other. His heart was jumping and he was feeling a little nauseous but he lowered himself into position. Coach went and grabbed the hose and moved toward Kelvin’s ass. “Ok, so some things to know, about what to expect,” he started. “One, you may notice a bit of warming or burning at first. Don’t freak out it’s normal. Two, once the liquid’s all inside, I’ll disconnect the tubing. It’ll need to stay inside you for at least 10 minutes to make sure it works properly. Three, I know it might be hard to keep it in that long so the end that goes in your ass will be attached to a small plug that will help you keep it in, so try and relax when this puppy slides into you. You can always pretend it’s just a couple of my fingers and you should do fine. Four, I expect that as we wait for it to work its magic, that you’ll give me a Class A blow job. Any questions?” Kelvin took a deep breath and shook his head. Coach looked at him earnestly, “Not good enough, this time around. I need you to tell me you understand.” “I’ve got it Coach. Relax. Some burning. Keep inside. Suck cock,” Kelvin said as casually as he could despite his rapidly pounding pulse. Coach smiled and reached for the plug and some lube. Carefully, Coach rested the cool metal tip of the plug against his hole and told him, “Push out a bit.” Kelvin could feel the buildup in pressure and a moment of panic as he pushed against the plug which seemed huge. Before he could panic any further, he felt his ass give way and felt the plug slide in smoothly and settle into place snugly in his ass. It was a weird sensation. The plug had widened at first but once past that place it tapered off quickly allowing his hole to close, locking the plug in place. Coach heard Kelvin’s sigh as the plug landed inside his virgin hole and smiled. “Ok, so I’m opening up the tube here, you should feel the liquid almost immediately since I primed it to make sure too much air didn’t get pushed in,” Coach explained. Kelvin felt Coach’s had moving the plug in his ass and then suddenly the liquid was there and he could feel it filling his ass. “Keep relaxed boy, we want to make sure it gets good and deep so it works really well.” Coach watched the fluid in the tube race out into Kelvin’s ass. After the initial rush, it’d be a minute or two for the rest of the Liquid Slut to work deeper and leave the water bottle and tube empty of fluid. “How you doing, Kelvin?” After the initial flood of fluid filled his insides, Kelvin noticed that he could feel small amounts of the liquid slowly moving deeper into his gut. The warming had started almost immediately and was building in intensity but still easily bearable. Within a minute or two, Coach was once again moving the plug and Kelvin heard the hose being disconnected. “Get sucking, cock whore!” sneered Coach he moved around to Kelvin’s face. Kelvin quickly swallowed the cock and started working it down his throat. Coach smiled as Kelvin began to work his throat on Coach’s fuck stick eagerly working his muscles along the shaft. After a few minutes Kelvin’s sucking became more energetic and he could feel Kelvin both speeding up and also trying to swallow Coach’s dick even farther. After about 5 minutes, Coach knew it was time to check things out. “Look up here at me. I want to see in your eyes how badly you want Coach’s load today,” Coach ordered. Kelvin looked up to see Coach with a shit-eating grin staring down at him. Coach used his hand to help hold Kelvin’s head up so he could look into his eyes. Kelvin’s eyes had a wild look too them and Coach could tell the Slut Juice has started to take hold. Rivulets of sweat were sliding down Kelvin’s forehead leaving patches of wet slickness. Coach looked across Kelvin’s back torso and saw similar pools of glistening sweat forming along his back, especially in the dip just above Kelvin’s ass crack. He reached over and applied steady pressure to Kelvin’s ass with his hand causing Kelvin to lower his hind quarters and allowing the small pool of sweat to trickle down his ass crack and around the plug which was still firmly in place. “Break time’s over, boy. Time to get that load out of Coach...if you can.” Kelvin’s mouth quickly enveloped Coach’s shaft and once again it was buried deep in his gullet and Coach could feel Kelvin’s muscles working frantically on his shaft like a man dying of thirst trying to suck life out of spigot. Over the next few minutes Kelvin’s sucking once again changed, becoming less hectic and forceful and more rhythmic and intentional. His throat muscles had noticeably relaxed and Coach’s hardened shaft had sunk deeper than it ever had before. Kelvin’s throat muscles were steady and strong as they worked the cock lodged in his throat with waves of pleasure. Coach nearly lost it once or twice but the thought of what could come next helped him hold off on his load, although he was sure that the steady stream of pre-cum was helping Kelvin to move so seductively over his cock. Kelvin’s body continued to glisten as sweat covered him. Although Kelvin had become less frenetic in his sucking, his body had continued to absorb the payload of chem piss still Once again, after another five minutes, Coach reached down and pulled Kelvin away from his focus, earning a disappointed sigh from his sex toy. “Let’s see those baby blues of yours, Kelvin. Coach needs to see that you’re still eager for my load.” Coach smiled as he saw Kelvin’s pupils, blown as wide as saucers, and knew the Slut Juice was swimming inside him and taking over, tweaking his pleasure centers and forever linking the chem piss high with deep sexual pleasure and servicing the Coach. Coach pushed Kelvin’s head back down and immediately Kelvin swallowed down every last inch and continued his pleasurable assault on the hardened shaft, with pleasure-filled groans as he continued his mission. “Almost there, buddy. Just a few more minutes and we’ll get you taken care of,” smiled Coach. Kelvin’s sucking continued to deepen and steady over the new few minutes. His throat was on autopilot and working its best to coax a load from Coach’s balls. Coach smiled as he watched the sweat continue to build along the furry crack of Kelvin’s ass and trickle down past his sweet plugged up hole. Coach could feel his dick stiffen as he first noticed that Kelvin’s ass had started squeezing the plug, pulling it in tighter. At first the movement seemed tentative, almost as if Kelvin was unsure of what he was feeling, but slowly the squeezing became steadier and more insistent. Each pulse was longer and stronger than the previous one. The bitch’s ass was in heat! Coach reached over and rubbed it gently feeling the heat and feeling confident that soon he’d be marking his territory and claiming a new prize. Kelvin had been working on Coach’s shaft for almost 15 minutes. It’d never taken him this long to get a load out of Coach before. While partly confused he was also sucking deeper and stronger than ever before. His whole body as gotten steadily warmer with sweat beginning to form small rivulets all along his torso. He could feel the dampness slide by the plug in his ass and it seemed like all his senses were on fire. His whole being was focused on the shaft in throat and the steady working of his muscles. Nothing became more important than getting that load. As his ass continued to slicken, he noted the plug felt as if it may be starting to slip. In a panic he tightened his muscles and pulled the plug back into him and was rewarded with a rush of pleasure as the fullness of the plug once again slide into his ass. Momentarily distracted from sucking by the previous wave of pleasure, Kelvin once again flexed his ass and once again the plug slid deeper into his ass sending signals which rewarded him with another dose of chemical pleasure. Hesitantly, at first, Kelvin began working the muscles of his ass. Coach Foley smiled as he watched Kelvin’s ass start to flex and pull the plug in deeper. At first the flexing was awkward and disjointed as Kelvin’s ass was teaching his brain what to do. After a few minutes, however, his ass was steadily working the plug as his ass muscles and his throat began to work in tandem. Coach let him go another couple of minutes until the thought of Kelvin’s flexing ass and his throat work brought Coach to the edge. Pulling Kelvin smoothly from his shaft he raised Kelvin’s head. “Look at me boy,” he ordered. Kelvin’s eyes slowly focused on Coach’s face. Coach grinned to see Kelvin’s pupils still the size of small moons looking up at him. This time, though, Coach could see that familiar glassy look and that far away, unfocused look that meant the Slut Juice had done its work. Those eyes were the eyes of a boy about to offer his Coach anything he wanted or commanded. “Looks like everything’s worked nicely, and you should be nice and clean by now. Let’s get you to the shower and have you finish cleaning up. You still have a job to finish since Coach hasn’t cum yet.” Kelvin stood slowly and walked toward the showers, still flexing, almost unconsciously, the plug which continued to steadily move in and out of Kelvin’s ass with each clamping and release of his ass muscles. Watching Kelvin’s ass working the plug, Coach’s balls began to ache and pull up as his dick stiffened at the knowledge that Kelvin would soon be begging for the shaft to be buried deep inside him. And with that new found pleasure would come another gift, from the depth of Coach’s balls load after toxic load would be injected into Kelvin, assaulting his virgin walls with legions of malefic DNA eager to transform its target. An insidious insemination resulting, hopefully, in impregnating Kelvin with Coach’s virus forever and completing the bond between Sire and Sired, Coach and Boy.
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    Part 2 *** Sorry this took so long to post guys! I hope you enjoy!!*** The sound of my phone ringing woke me from a dead sleep. Eyes still closed I grabbed it and saw that Jack was calling and had tried calling me multiple times. I shook my head a few times to clear the fog and answered. My throat was dry as hell and my voice sounded raspy. "Morning babe. Sorry I missed your calls. I had a few too many glasses of wine last night haha." "Awww, I'm sorry babe. I'm slightly hungover as well. Dane and I were with new clients and they decided that we should open up some 20 year old bourbon..." "Oh wow! that must've been amaz..." Before I could finish I felt the bed move and looked over my shoulder. I was looking a burly naked ginger bear sleeping on my husbands pillow. "uhh, can I call you back? I think I'm going to vomit!" I quickly hung up before Jack could answer. As I sat my phone down on the nightstand the previous nights events rolled back into my mind. I had cheated on my husband with another married bear. We had unprotected sex, and he was poz. What did I do? As I was processing everything, the man started to stir. We made eye contact and that caused more and more details to flood my mind. The feeling of his raw cock, him on top of me, him flooding my ass with cum, everything that I wanted, I got last night. I must've had a look on my face because the man let out a deep chuckle and started to talk. "You look like you don't remember much from last son. Don't you remember begging daddy to put a load deep in your cheating ass?" He threw me a devilish smile and winked. I could feel myself melt and he could tell I was in his clutches. "Why don't you come over and cuddle daddy some. We can talk about what happened last night." My body took over and I slowly pressed against the ginger bear in my bed. As he told me more and more about what happened last night I quickly became aroused. My hands instantly went to hide my growing erection. "Son, don't hide that. I'm hard too. Feel the cock that knocked you up in the bed you share with your man." He grabbed my hand and held it against his hardening shaft. "See how much you turn daddy on? Feel that precum slowly leaking out?" I felt his precum on my hands and instinctively took it to my lips. "Good boy... But don't you know that my precum is made to go in your hole? Daddy loves to work it into a hairy cub ass like yours." My hole started to twitch with hunger. "Uhh...daddy....are you really poz?" My voice was shaking as I asked him this important question. I felt his hand reach down to his cock, and the next thing I knew he was pressing his precum into my ass. "Son, yes I am. Are you ok with this?" I felt him work his finger in deeper and deeper. Deep down I was in shock, but at the surface I was a horny cub getting fingered by a toxic daddy. "I know that it can be scary the first time you take a poz load," he said as he stroke my prostate. "Once you take the first one you'll start to crave another." He slowly moved towards me and started to kiss me. His tongue darted into my mouth at the same time he added another finger to my ass. My body shook with pleasure, as he worked more precum into my opening hole. With each stroke he got closer and closer to me craving his cock. "Does cubby want daddy to show him what a second poz load feels like?" All I could was moan and grind my ass onto his fingers. Daddy must've sensed what I wanted because he quickly grabbed the poppers from the nightstand and held them to my nose. "Take a few hits son. Let that piggy cub come back out. Show daddy that you need him to knock you up." The poppers hit me hard and I melted into daddy's hairy chest. "Fuck...me....dad." I said between my popper induced deep breaths. Daddy didn't need any invitation. He swiftly got me on my back, legs up in the air, his dripping cock rubbing my hole. Before I knew what was happening I felt the poppers back under my nose. "Now, son, I want you to take five deep hits. I want to feel your hole opening as I slide my cock into your ass. I want you to think about all the times your husband didn't fuck you and how daddy will fuck you whenever you want." As I took each big hit, I felt daddy slowly slide into my unprotected hole. All of my inhibitions went out the door as I accepted a poz cock. "Good boy....Daddy is going to pump his cum deep in you. Daddy wants to make you just like him." By the time I took my last hit, daddy was thrusting my ass as hard as he could. He had a look of pure sexual lust on his face. His body was glistening with sweat and his cock was getting harder and harder. "Baby boy, your cheating hole feels so good gripping my cock. Who's cock is better? Mine or your husband? Tell me son, tell me." His cock was balls deep in me when he looked right in my eyes and shouted, "son, tell me that I fuck you better then your husband!" his eyes rolled back and he started too slam my ass harder. "Your cock is better dad! Its thicker, and better than my mans small cock!!" I screamed this as I grabbed his back with my legs trying to get him deeper in my ass. "You can give me things he cant! Fuck me daddy. Take my cheating ass and fucking poz me up!!" The poppers had turned me into the cheating pig that was discovered last night. Daddy could sense this and with his free hand he started to choke my throat. The moment he closed my windpipe down I started to cum. "Yeah, you little pig! Shoot that neg cum!!! Grrrr, your ass is pulsating!" My orgasm lasted for what felt like 20 minutes. The moment I felt it start to slow I locked eyes with my ginger bear. "Fuck son. Daddys cumming! Daddys knocking up your cheating ass right.....right....right now!" He let out a wild grunt and scream as I felt his dick pulsate in my ass. His dick was as deep as it could go and it felt like he was unloading a gallon of toxic jizz. I was in heaven and in hell at the same time. Before I could say anything daddy fell on top of me and started to kiss me again and in between kisses he said, "Than you son for letting me take your poz virginity. Thank you for letting me show you how sex should be. You ass is mine now." The weight of his body mixed with my load was one of the most erotic feelings I've ever experienced. Twenty minutes passed before he got off of me. We both got out of bed and admired the messy sheets. The combination of cum, sweat and blood from my ass made my dick twitch, as well as made my mind race. I now had two huge poz loads deep in my guts. I had cheated on Jack with the same man in less then 12 hours. My face must've had a worried look on it because I felt an arm go around me. I nuzzled into the sweaty pits of the ginger daddy and took in the smell. In less then a day I went from a devoted husband, to a chasing, cheating, bottom pig. Jack was gone for another two weeks and I wondered what other mischief I was going to get into....
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    I had moved to a new city about 6 months ago and moved into an apartment with a guy who advertised his spare room on roommates.com. Like me, he was gay, single and had a busy work schedule, so we didn’t see too much of each other around the apartment. His name was Eddie, he was 28 years old, and he was about 5”11, Latino and muscled from a combination of his job as a tradesman and working out at the gym. Both his arms were covered in some of the most beautiful, intricate tattoo sleeves I had ever seen. Also, I was pretty sure he was poz, as I saw some of his medications lying around in the shared bathroom a few times. However, I didn’t give this much thought, as shortly after arriving in my new city I got a boyfriend, and we entered into an intense relationship. I had really loved my boyfriend, Rob, but after about 6 months of dating and practically living together at my place, Rob suddenly broke up with me. With no other explanation other than that “things weren’t fun any more” he packed up his belongings that were at my place, and left. I was devastated, as even though we had only been together a short time, I had genuinely thought that Rob and I would be together for ever. Late the next morning after Rob had left, I finally left my room. Wearing just the jockstrap (which is all I usually sleep in), I walked to the kitchen, where Eddie was standing at the sink, washing some dishes, and I headed straight to the freezer, took out a tub of ice cream, grabbed a clean spoon and started eating. ”Hey man! What the fuck do you think you’re doing? That’s my ice cream!” Eddie cried ”Look, I’m sorry man, I’ve had a bad day...” I started to reply ”You always do this, dude! You take my food without asking, you don’t help with the washing up, and you’re practically naked!” I found this a bit rich, as Eddie wasn’t wearing much more than me - he had on very tight briefs and a singlet. “And I’ll work on that...” I started, but Eddie was on a roll. ”And to top it all off, Rob is over here ALL the time, I should charge him rent too” ”Well, about that, Rob broke up with me last night, so that’s one problem sorted” ”Oh shit, I’m so sorry Joe! I didn’t realise,” Eddie’s tone of voice changed to sympathy, and he grabbed me in a hug. ”I honestly thought we were going to be together forever,” I said dejectedly, as his arms gave me a squeeze, my head on his shoulders and my arms reciprocating his hug. “And he hasn’t given any reason, other than that ‘things weren’t fun anymore’!” ”The guy was a cunt anyway,” Eddie said. “He hit on me a few times when he was over here and you were out, but I didn’t want to say anything” ”Oh man!” I cried out. Eddie’s hug intensified, and as it did, I felt his hands slowly work their way down my back, until they were over my ass cheeks, where he gave a little grab. ”Dude! I JUST broke up with my boyfriend!” I said, though I didn’t break the hug. ”The best way to get over a guy, is to get under another...” he said, looking at me intensely. I returned his look. Eddie was so handsome, I couldn’t help myself, and if I was honest, I had always had a bit of a crush on him. I leaned in to kiss him at the same time as he leaned in. Our lips found each other’s, and we started to explore each other’s mouths. With increasing intensity, we probed each other’s mouths with our tongues, barely coming up for air between each long, deep kiss. We became more and more animated, until I was pushed back into the fridge, which we used to steady ourselves as we made out more. After a few minutes, we broke apart, and I ripped his singlet off him, pulling it over his head, fully revealing his barely covered torso, and only just now noticed that his left nipple had a barbell sticking through it. My mouth immediately went for it, and I latched on to his nipple, sucking it and licking it, while he moaned in pleasure. My left hand moved to his other nipple and started playing with it, my attention to them making them become erect. I broke away from his nipple to kiss him again, and he moved down to my neck, kissing it and biting it a little - I knew I would have hickies to explain when I went back to work on Monday. Fuck! This was hot! I wondered why we had never done this before, and then my new hatred of Rob intensified as I realised that the time I’d spent with him had potentially stopped me from having fun with Eddie. After a few more minutes of exploring each other’s bodies I knew I had to have Eddie’s cock in my mouth. I reached down to his briefs and pulled them down, revealing a beautiful, hard cock that was 8” long and nicely thick, so that I could just get may hand fully around it. At the same time, I pulled down my jockstrap, releasing my own straining cock. Both our cocks were liberally leaking precum. I couldn’t waste any more time, and got on my knees and started to suck his dick. Starting by licking around the big head, and sucking up all of the delicious precum, I started taking his cock into my mouth. Taking my time, I worked his cock into my mouth, gagging a little, but determined to take it all the way so that his pubes and my goatee met. ”Fuuuuuuuuck...!” He moaned. “That’s fucking hot, man! I can’t believe you managed to get all the way down in one go - not many guys can do that” i just moaned in response, my mouth being full of his juicy, thick cock. I started to move his cock in and out of my mouth, taking in air through my nose every time just his cockhead was in my mouth, before going back to deepthroat him. I was (justifiably) proud of my blowjob skills, and I wanted to give Eddie the full benefit of them. It wasn’t long before he started matching the rhythm of my moving in and out, until he was just straight up face fucking me as he held his hands behind my head to keep me in place. I loved every second of it, and reached down to my own cock, to feel the enormous erection I was sporting, and feeling the constant stream of precum that was leaking from my slit. I started to slowly jerk myself as he face fucked me, until he abruptly pulled out. ”Fuck man, I’m going to cum if we keep this up, but I really want to fuck you properly” ”Let’s go to your room then, and do this properly,” I said, standing up, and playing with his nipples as I did so. I playfully grabbed the nipple with the piercing in it and started to lead him to his room. He had no choice but to follow me! When we reached his room, I turned around to face him, started kissing him and fell backwards onto his bed, bringing him with me, so that he fell on top of me. I drew my legs up to encircle him. ”I want you inside of me” I whispered into his ear. “I want you to fuck me, and I want you to cum inside of me. I’ve never been fucked raw, and I want to feel it. I want you to be the first” ”Joe, you know I’m poz though, don’t you?” ”Yeah, but you’re on meds, though, right? You can’t pass it on if you’re undetectable” ”You don’t understand, I’m on a medication break at the moment. The meds were interfering with my liver function a bit, so the doctor took me off them about two months ago, so I’m going to be toxic right now” This gave me pause for thought, but only for a second. ”I don’t care. If I poz, I poz, and I can’t think of a better person to gift it to me than you. All I know is that right now I need you to fuck me, and I need you to cum inside of me” ”You sure?” ”I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life” ”Then let’s do this properly” With that, Eddie went down on me, licking and probing my ass hole with his tongue. He got it wet, and gave me sensations I had never felt from someone eating my ass before. I could feel it puckering up in pleasure with each lick and slight nibble, and then he started pushing his tongue into my hole which sent me wild! ”Oh fuck! Don’t stop! That feels so good!” I screamed. He kept going, getting deeper and deeper with each probe of his tongue. I was in heaven! But suddenly he pulled out, leaving me feel empty. However, I wasn’t empty for long as he started to replace his tongue with his middle finger, gently getting further and further in. One finger became two, as he added his index finger, and two became three as his ring finger went into my hole. He worked his fingers in and out, before finally adding in his pinkie, to make sure that my hole was loose enough to take his thick cock. ”All you’re getting for lube is my spit and precum,” he said as he pulled his fingers out, spat on his cock, and slowly started to push his raw cock into my hole. ”Oh fuck, that feels so good! Give me your poz cock!” ”Yeah? You want my toxic seed filling you up?” He asked, as he slowly pushed further into me. ””Fuck yeah, fucking poz me up! Make me your poz whore!” ”Oh hell yeah!” He said as with one final push, he entered me all the way, and I could feel his cockhead pushing on my second ring. “I’m going to fill you with so much fucking poz seed it’s going to be leaking down your legs for a week!” Now he was all the way in, he started to draw back and pound me, fucking me with all abandon, so that my head was hitting up against the wall. It was like he turned into an animal, lost in the lust of the moment, and the pleasure of pozzing up a neg hole. Holding onto my legs, so they were up in the air, he fucked and pounded me, slapping me every now and then and other times reaching down to kiss me. The sheer animal fury of it took over me as well, as I kept begging for his toxic cum, telling him to poz me up and share his gift with me. This went on for half an hour, and i don’t know where we got the stamina for it, but it was the most passionate fuck of my life. But after half an hour, I could feel his strokes change, and he slowed down, as he growled “I hope you’re ready to become poz because you’re fucking getting my load man!” Then I felt his cock spasm inside of me as he unleashed torrent after torrent of poz cum into my gut. I could feel it warming up my inside, for spurt after spurt. This had to be the biggest load of cum ever! ”Fuck man, give it to me! Give me your poz load!” At the same time, I started my own orgasm, without touching myself. My ass clamped down on Eddie’s cock, milking him for all it was worth, while my dick spewed what was possibly the last neg load I would ever produce all over my chest and face. When he was done, Eddie collapsed on top of me, panting and lazily kissing me on the lips. He slowly pulled out of me, his cock still, incredibly, hard. I could feel some of his cum leak out of my abused hole and onto the bed spread, despite my trying to keep it in. Eddie offered his cock to me, and I noticed a slight pink tinge to the cum before I took it into my mouth to clean off. ”Fuck, that was incredible!” I said once I had licked off the last of the cum from his dick. ”I’m glad you enjoyed it, but we aren’t done yet” Eddie said with a smirk. “I need to make sure my gift takes hold...” And for the rest of the weekend we fucked like rabbits. I must have taken at least 10 loads from him that weekend, and we must have fucked on every surface in the apartment. After that, I never bothered sleeping in my room again, as Eddie and I started dating properly. And six weeks after that initial fuck, I came down with a pretty bad ‘flu. Looks like I got what I wanted...
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    I used to cruise for sex at a shopping centre close to both work and my home in Brissy. I soon determined that when on holiday, the best time to meet tradies was at lunch time between 12:00 and 2:00 PM. As there was a lot of construction going on at the time, the construction workers would go there for lunch and take a dump or what ever in the dunny. There were three dunnies in the men's room and on this day two were occupied so I took the one that was vacant, closed the door, sat on the dunny and started to wank. I was in the left dunny, another guy in the middle and another in the one on his right. I heard the dunny flush and the guy in the middle left. Just as I was about to open my door and move into the middle dunny, the door opened and another guy came in and took the middle dunny, so I sat down and resumed wanking. After a minute or so, I took a peep under the wall and saw dirty workman's boots and a pair of football shorts around the man's ankles. After a couple of minutes I plucked up the courage to look through a small hole in the wall and saw an eye looking back at me. 'Fuck, if this guy is butch. He might want to punch the shit out of me', I thought, so I sat down and nursed my throbbing cock. Even though it was a bit scary it was turning me on. The next thing I know the guy was looking at me under the wall. When I caught him he quickly pulled away. Next I saw his hand come under the wall with a pen rolled up in some dunny paper. I took the note and read "Cum in here with me." I thought the guy must have liked what he saw so I wrote "OK" and passed it back to him. I unlocked my door and walked out just as another guy came in. I went to the wash basins and pretended to wash my hands. The new guy took my place in the now vacant left hand dunny. I walked over to the middle dunny and tried to look through the crack in the door. It slowly opened so I went in and locked the door behind me. This guy was a muscled fucking tradie sitting on the dunny with his legs apart wanking a nice thick cut cock. I knelt down and started to suck him off and he moaned. The dunny seat was the kind with a gap in the front so I slipped my hand through it and started to finger his hole. To my surprise he started to moan even more. He quietly asked me to stand up so I did and he took my uncut cock in his mouth and worked my foreskin like magic. We were both getting off on each other, oblivious to the other guys next to us. He pushed me back and my cock popped out of his mouth which was now fucking fully hard and well lubed with his spit. He turned around and knelt on the dunny seat presenting me with his arse. I knelt down and started to drive my tongue in and out of his hole. He moaned like a hot whore. While I was doing this he was wanking his cock so hard and fast I thought he would do himself an injury. "Fuck me, fuck me, shove that cock up my arse," he snorted. So I spat on his hole, and also lubed my cock, pulled my foreskin all the way over the head of my cock, and positioned it at the opening of his arse. I rubbed it up and down his crack, teasing him with it, I slipped it up and down and made him feel my oversized cum filled balls press against his rosebud. "Fuck me, fuck me now before I blow." he pleaded. I positioned my cock at his arse opening and pushed my cock all the way in. His arse was hot and tight and I felt my foreskin slide all the way back as I entered his arse. His moans became louder but I didn't care. I simply piston-fucked his tight hole. He grunted, in fact, all but screamed and shouted "Fuck me, fuck me I'm going to cum." I drove may cock balls deep into his arse and threw my head back with the pleasure of it. It was then I noticed the two guys on either side had stood up on their dunny seats and were enjoying the show. One of the men encouraged me, saying "Go on give him what he wants fuck his tradie arse." I could tell by the way they were shaking that they were both wanking and getting off on this fuck. My cock got harder, fucking turned on by the tradie and the audience. The Tradie yelped and shouted "I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" Not to be outdone, I resumed my focus and drove my cock in and out as hard as I could. I felt his arse tighten around my cock and he clamped down so tightly, I was all but locked in his arse. I grabbed his shoulders with both hands and drove my cock deep into his hot hole, slumped forward and looked over his shoulder and felt the spasms in his arse and saw cum shoot out of his cock and hit the wall. Instantly, my balls rose and I could feel the cum travelling through my cock and bursting out of the eye of my cock into his hot moist tight arse. My body convulsed as my monster load left my balls. I slumped forward over my tradie, pushing his head down near the flusher. We stayed locked together savouring our experience fucking. The two guys watching grunted their approval and obviously spat their loads too. Eventually we disengaged, he dressed, said "Thanks, mate" and left. I took his place on the dunny, admiring my cock as I regained my strength from the best dunny tradie fuck I had ever experienced. This is a true story.
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    Most of my friends are straight and through them I met their straight friends, that's how I met Marcus. He was 19, just graduated high school and was now living in the city going to college. Marcus was very good looking. He was only 5'6", but half black and half hispanic, with an incredibly picture worthy face. I'd see him at my friend's house when I'd go over there to party. We all drank, and half of them smoked. He was the only one that didn't really drink I'd tease him a bit because of that, until one night after I kept trying to get everyone, including him, to take shots of tequila together. My buddy, who's apartment we partied in, caught me alone in the kitchen and quickly said,"don't say anything, but the reason Marcus doesn't drink much is because he's afraid it will mess with his HIV meds." Obviously, I had a very confused look at my face because I'd met Marcus' girlfriend and the one before his current one, so my bud went further to explain,"He's not gay or anything, but he was born with it, his father apparently got it when he was in prison at a young age from using drugs and didn't know it, so all of his kids were born with HIV." I was shocked, and sad for Marcus. We got the tequila shots and took them into the living room and we handed everyone their shot glasses, except Marcus. I guess that's where I made my mistake because, I always tried to get him to drink, and when he wouldn't drink what I offered him, then I'd down his shot for him. This time I didn't even offer him a glass. I didn't think anything of it, but he's a smart kid and he apparently figured it out. Later that night, everyone was pretty messed up one way or the other, and there were only four of us still awake. My buddy and his girlfriend, Marcus and myself. My friend's girlfriend started to doze off and suddenly threw up a little bit on her shirt, so while he dealt with cleaning her up Marcus jumped up and took his shirt off, and said to me, "let's go down to the hot tub!" It was about 50 degrees outside but I was drunk enough, that it sounded like an adventure. Besides, this was the first time I'd seen Marcus shirtless and quite frankly I wanted to see a lot more. He was so lean that you could see all of his muscles, and boy did he have a lot of muscles, they were well hidden under his hoodies and sweatshirts he always wore. He was smooth and just had an incredible body in general. We grabbed some towels and I realized we didn't have any swim trunks, to which he responded, "no one's gonna be down there, we'll take our clothes off under the towels and just slip in the hot tub naked." I was all in! "Let's go then!" I exclaimed. I couldn't help looking at Marcus' back as I followed him down to the pool and hot tub area. This little guy wasn't so little and he was ripped. My mouth watered watching his tight bubble butt bouncing going down the stairs. Fucking hell, I was getting hard just watching his back and ass! We got to the hot tub, the courtyard lights were off, since it was the colder season and no one used the pool or hot tub. It was dark so Marcus didn't bother getting undressed under the towel and neither did I. Obviously I couldn't help myself from looking, and saw his cock, rather I stared at his cock and it was so hot, beautiful, uncut and looked about 4-5 inches soft, it was thick and he had some big low hanging balls too. Again, my mouth was watering, and I had to very quickly get into the hot tub because I was half hard in about two seconds after seeing him naked. We were chilling and chatting in the hot tub, I asked about his current girlfriend, and he caught me off guard by giving a serious answer saying,"she's hot as fuck, but she won't let me fuck her raw dawg, cause she scared of getting HIV." Although the news didn't surprise me, his admission of it did, and he saw the look on my face. "Look, I know our buddy told you, when you brought the tequila shots in, it was the first time ever, that you didn't offer me one. And I saw the way you tried not to look at me. I go through this every time someone finds out." I kinda stammered a bit and just sheepishly said,"you're not as dumb as you look. Yeah, he told me, and I'm sorry man. You know, I have friends that are HIV positive too, I hope you know I don't think less of you, I was just caught off guard because you're straight, and I don't know any straight positive people." Marcus went on to tell me about his frustrations with just about anyone he dated. He said, he hadn't been able to cum with a condom in years and his girlfriend's would rarely, if ever, let him raw dawg their pussies and they definitely never let him finish inside of them. He even had a couple girlfriends get on PrEP and they still didn't let him cum in them. I was kinda shocked and blurted out,"They were on PrEP and wouldn't let you cum in them?!?! That's stupid, hell, if you're paranoid about alcohol messing with your meds, I know you're undetectable, and I'd let you cum in me even if I weren't on PrEP." I can't believe I just said that. I quickly, followed up with,"I mean, if I were your girlfriend." Wait, that didn't sound right either, so I chimed in again,"I mean, if I was a girl and on PrEP." He was laughing at me, and responded,"It's cool, I know what you mean. So...you said you were on PrEP?" Did I? Oh yeah, I said,"even if I weren't on PrEP..." I didn't quite know what to say, so I just said, "uhmmm..." Marcus was so chill though, he laughed again and moved over next to me, putting his arm around my neck and comforted me, "You think I didn't know you were gay? Remember...I'm not as dumb as I look." We laughed together. I felt relaxed again, and affirmed what he already knew. "Yeah, I'm gay and yes I'm on PrEP." He asked if I was a top or bottom, his bluntness surprised me. I said I'm a top. And I don't know why, but I volunteered that I had bottomed in the past, it just wasn't my preference. He stood up in the hot tub, and since he had his arm around my neck, his cock was literally inches from my face now. And it had grown. His thick cock was somewhat hanging at about 6 inches now right in front of me. He said,"come on, we better go dry off in the sauna before we put our clothes back on." He walked toward the sauna while I hopped out and grabbed my towel to cover my fully erect cock. My 7.5 inch beer can cock stood straight up and was like concrete. We got into the sauna and he was totally naked, he didn't bring his towel. I just held my towel over my cock basically and sat down. I couldn't help but look at his growing cock. And he noticed. "You ever suck a black guy's cock?" I was still buzzing on alcohol and the whole situation that I just responded,"yes, I love suck big cocks." He laughed as he started stoking himself. He was a very solid 8 inches and quite thick. He nonchalantly said,"come suck this big black cock then." I immediately got up, letting my towel drop and went straight to his dick and enveloped it in my mouth. I was high from this whole scene, I wasn't thinking rationally, I just wanted this gorgeous straight guy's big cock in my mouth. He was moaning and groaning telling me to "suck that big cock" and "yeah, get it all down your throat." I had grabbed my towel and put it on the wooden bench so I could put my knees up on it and lean over his cock better. Trying to get more of him into my throat. The sauna was hot and we were both sweating like crazy, he continued to moan and as I got my mouth all the way down to his pubes he grabbed my head with both hands and started to throat fuck me. I was loving having this straight guy use my mouth and throat as a fuck hole. He seemed to be enjoying it so much and I didn't want it to end, but I did want his cum. As he kept fucking my mouth he moved one hand down the back of my head and neck and was carressing me from my neck to my ass. He'd grab my ass and squeezed it, and rubbed my cheeks. Our bodies were so slick from sweat, his hands on my body felt electric. He even began to slide his fingers in and out of my crack, stopping on my hole and gently pushing into me. We were sweating so much that I realized he was collecting the sweat from my back and using it as lube to get his finger into my tight hole. Once he broke past my hole's resistance, he sunk his finger into my hole. It felt amazingly tight and slick and I moaned around his dick. He started saying,"shit man, shit yo' mouth feels good on my cock. Keep doin that and I'm gonna bust," as he started finger fucking me faster and harder, I felt so vulnerable and slutty being used by him. I wanted to swallow his load so I began moaning and sucking him harder and faster. "I'm gonna cum man," he barely got out in between hard breaths. I moaned around his cock that I was bobbing up and down on,"mmhmm, mmhmmm," encouraging him to blow his load down my throat. I felt his body tensing up and he had two fingers buried in my hole but was just wiggling them around inside me. His hand on my head started pushing my face all the way down on his cock hard as he thrust his cock down my throat and I felt it stiffen and swell, he whisper yelled,"ohhhhh fuck! ohhhhhhhh, I'm gonna cum man. I'm gonna cum. Swallow that load bitch. Take it!" his body spasmed and he began blasting his jizz down my throat. I felt it shooting hard into me, there was so much, it was like a water canon and I was swallowing it as fast as it came out. He pushed his fingers in as deep as they would go up my ass, as he shot his cum into my stomach, that he finger punched my prostate, it was like he hit an electric buzzer. I was swallowing his never ending load and suddenly my body spasmed for a few seconds and I shot one blast of clear liquidy cum out my cock so hard that it coated his thigh. We were both coming down and I still had his cock in my mouth. Neither of us had gone soft, he slowly slid his fingers out of my hole and rested his hand on my ass. Through his labored breathing he said,"damn. I hadn't cum from a blowjob in at least a year, and I've never cum that hard from one. I wasn't sure you would let me cum in your mouth, but you made it pretty clear, you wanted it. You acted like a fucking fat chick cumdump, "he laughed at his own words. I pulled off his still hard cock, and responded, "one out of three isn't bad, as long as it's the cumdump one." Marcus chuckled,"well you're not fat and you're definitely not a chick, but we should see if you're truly a cumdump." I sat up and looked at him with a look of confusion and maybe surprise. "You said you were on PrEP," Marcus told me, "and that you'd let me cum in you, right?" I shook my head "yes" for sure in the affirmative. Oh my gosh, is he really talking about fucking me right now? This hot straight guy. I thought I was going to consider myself incredibly lucky that he let me blow and swallow him, but now he wants to fuck me. "It's been so long, I don't think I can take such a big dick though," I told Marcus. He stood up, his cock was pointed at the ceiling, and he grabbed me, pulled me up then pushed me back down to where my face was right in front of his cock. I grabbed it, still hard as a pipe, and took it back into my mouth. He was thrusting in and out of my mouth slowly and said,"I'm not gay, but I haven't had anyone ever take my cum, and I just need to know what it feels like to shoot inside someone, without pulling out, and raw, no worries from either party, I just need to breed someone. Will you let me? I'll go slow and if you can't handle it, you can suck me off again." I didn't respond, I just kept sucking his cock. He instructed me to "get it real wet. Leave a lot of spit on my cock and come off of it" I did as he told me, and he got down on his knees, now my aching hard cock was in his face, but not for long. He grabbed my ankles and lifted my feet off the wood floor, making me lean back on my towel on the bench. I looked down toward my cock and saw him holding my ankles up and spread out, and his beautiful face, his eyes staring at my hole. I watched him spit on my hole, his eyes were glazed over with lust. He dove into my ass and I felt his tongue immediately working into my hole. It was me this time, that grabbed HIS head, as he tongue fucked my pink hole, getting it wetter and more relaxed. It felt fucking amazing, his tongue was powerful and felt like a slick muscle massaging into my asshole. I began to moan like a bitch. I wasn't used to this feeling, I was the one that usually ate ass like a champ causing bottoms to turn into sluts. The tables had been turned, and I wasn't mad that it was a hot straight guy turning the tables, and turning me into a cumslut. He retracted his tongue from my ass and came up, still holding my ankles spread out like a whore and scooted in close, I felt his big wet cockhead hit my hole. He was looking down as it pushed into me and occasionally looked up at my face to see how I was taking the pressure. It felt so good. He was thick, and hard, but I was opening up for him. He was going so slowly and he had been so perfect, that I was relaxed the entire time and suddenly his cock entered me deeper. I sighed,"ahhhhhh, fuck..." drifting off to a place of pure pleasure, "oh my god, your cock feels so good, keep going" Marcus pulled my legs up and rested them on his muscular shoulders, my ankles were by his head now. He began sinking more of that beautiful straight thick black poz cock into me. I was in heaven, as he filled me up, stretched my hole and finally rested on my prostate causing me to precum onto my stomach. He was looking down when the precum poured out,"did you cum?" Marcus asked. "No, your cock is hitting my prostate and making me precum," I explained. Marcus smiled,"damn, I didn't know a guy could get wet from being fucked. You sure you're okay with me cumming in you? I don't want you to regret this or freak out when I get close to blowing my load like some of my girlfriends. It's caused me to kinda panic now during sex." I looked at him directly in his eyes, "Marcus, I'm on PrEP, and even if I wasn't, you're undetectable. I've never had anything in my ass feel this fuckin good, if you don't cum in me, I'll be mad! I want you to use my hole, and don't look back, fuck me hard and cum in me as much as you want." He smiled and I could see the worry leave his face completely. He slide his hands down to my hips and started to pull out slowly til his thick cock came out, he was looking down watching his fat cock go all the way in, then all the way out of my tight wet hole. I felt like, from the waist down, my body was being jerked off. I felt pleasure all over my sweaty skin and deep inside my bowels as his huge cock fucked in and out of me. I began to stroke my cock, using the copious amounts of precum Marcus was milking out of me as lube. He even reached down and jerked me for a minute as he purposefully pushed his dick deep into my prostate and forced more precum out. He collected it in his hand and brought it up to his face and sniffed it,"smells like sex," he said right before licking it all out of his hand. He started to really fuck me now, his cock was pounding my ass so hard, we could hear the "thwap thwap thwap thwap" of his hips hitting my ass as he drove his monster into me. He was breathing hard and sweat was pouring off of his body. His muscles were tight and straining as he fucked his rod into my guts. I could tell he was getting close to cumming and I didn't want him to start feeling self conscience about breeding me, so while I stroked myself, coming closer to my own orgasm, I commanded him,"awww yes, fuck me Marcus. I want you to blow that big load of cum deep inside me. Shoot that poz load hard into me. I want to feel it blasting my insides." I think that did the trick, he was mumbling,"oh oh oh I'm gonna cum, oh fuck I'm gonna cum man, I'm gonna cum." I retorted back to emphasize how much I wanted it,"do it, breed me, breed my pussy, cum in me Marcus, I want you inside me." "AHHHHHH FUCK! I'm cumming! AHHHH I'M FUCKING BREEDING YOU! TAKE IT! Take it!" I felt his cock swell and pump and blow his load deep inside me, watching and feeling him explode inside me turned me on so much that I started cumming too. I shot cum past my head onto the wall, and began shooting cum onto my face and chest, he continued to fuck me as I was cumming. He looked down at me with my mouth open in ecstasy as I climaxed all over myself and started pounding my hole harder and faster than he was before. My body was a rag doll being fucked by a mechanical being, it felt like his body became a robot with no loss of energy and all the strength of a machine endlessly pounding my ass. I didn't know what was happening at this point, I just let him do what he wanted, it still felt good, as I was coming down from my orgasm, I didn't care what he did to me. In about two minutes of this renewed power fucking he slammed deep into me and screamed,"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" as he unloaded yet another load into my ass mere minutes after his first load. The machine was gone, and he melted down onto me. He rested his elbows on the wooden bench I was laying on. My legs still on his shoulders and were now against my chest, his forehead rested on mine and his cock was still buried inside me. Marcus was trying to catch his breath, but forced himself to say,"thank you, thank you, thank you." Then he kissed me on the lips. "Truly, that was the best fuck I've ever had. I guess it was my first REAL fuck to be honest. I can't tell you how much that meant." He kissed me again, this time he forced his tongue into my mouth and we made out. He slowly let my legs go and slide down and his cock gently slipped from me. I felt his cum leaking out. It felt good actually. It all felt good. We quietly got ourselves together, and gathered our things by the hot tub. We walked up the steps toward the apartment. On the way up, I broke the silence,"Marcus, that was amazing, it was something I've never quite experienced either, and I loved it, but that's all it has to be. This one time, we did this thing, and it's just between the two of us. I'll never tell anyone and I don't want to lose you as a friend." We were at the apartment door now, he said,"I know. I trust you." He paused a minute and put his hand behind my head around the back of my neck,"you really gave me a gift no one ever has before and I won't ever forget that." He gave me a quick kiss again, opened the apartment door and said,"maybe it won't just be a one time thing."
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    You can find more details about what happened before this story begins here. Part 1 Here I am at the downtown Hilton about to knock on the door of room 617 to meet my first ‘client’. Up until just over a week ago I was chasing pussy and the only partying I knew about involved getting drunk. As the starting quarterback for my high school's football team I am a very popular and can pretty much hey any girl to swing on my rod. So, how did I go from a straight jock to a Tina whore? I’m guessing that it started a couple years ago when I was invited over to a teammate house. I arrived to find my older brother, Jason, getting fucked. Every player there took a turn at my brother including me. After that night I regularly used my brother when I couldn’t find a girl. Jason and his friends used me as I had used him. I’m not completely sure why, but I didn't resist what they were doing to me, actually my body seemed to betray me add I recalled I enjoyed every moment as they fucked me and had me sucking dick. They were giving something they called Tina, forcing me to for from a glass pipe, but when they injected it directly into my vein is when I got hooked on cock and cum. It’s when I met Steven on a gay hookup site that my life spun out of control. Unknowingly to me he recorded video of my getting slammed and fucked by multiple men. He sent me a clip of the video forcing me to meet with him where he gave me a slam and fucked me while forcing me to watch the complete video of me doing drugs b and getting fucked by a number of men. If I didn’t want the video getting out to my family and friends I was to go to work for him as a prostitute. He would have me service selected men. I was to do as the men asked and let them fuck me and thank them for the honor of being their cum dump after they either deposited their cum in my ass or had me swallow their load. The guy in room 617 was to be my first ever client. Steven texted me the information along with instructions to was wear gym clothes and pick up a kit before I met the client. The kit contained an adequate amount of Tina for myself as the client, a glass pipe and the necessary items to self administer a slam. I took a deep breath and knocked on the door. I heard footsteps, the door opened a little and the man inside said, “Who's there?” As instructed I replied, “I’m the workout partner you requested Sir.” The door opened and I quickly entered the room. I recognize the man as a very well known professional athlete. I don’t let on I know his real name as he introduced himself, “I’m John and you must by Tyson.” I shook my head and answered, “Yes sir.” John then said, “Perfect. Why don’t you get out of those clothes and get tweeked for me. I like my boys flying while we fuck. I want you see you blow clouds, better yet if you can I’d love to watch you slam yourself if you can.” I took off my sweats to reveal my well formed jock body as I opened my kit. I pulled out my pipe and a rig and began to make you a slam as I blew clouds for John. As I began to load the rig with Tina, John said, “I want you to make that slam as strong as you can take.” I acknowledge his instructions with a “Yes sir.” I continued to blow clouds as I finished prepping my slam. John took his clothes off and watched as I applied the tourniquet to my upper arm, found a big vein, swabbed it with alcohol and slid the needle in my arm. I pulled back just a little as Jason had taught me to show I was in the vein and emptied the contents. I was glad John asked me to slam, I really needed this bad. I pulled the tourniquet off and began to cough hard as John moved in to kiss me hard. I was really flying when John and I got in the bed where he got on his back and pulled me in top of him so I could suck his cock while he ate my ass. His tongue licked and probed my ass causing me to moan as I took his cock into my throat. He had a great cock that semi hard was a decent 7” It continued to get hard as I held it deep in my throat. I felt my ass getting slick with his spit as he informed me, “Make sure you get as much spit on my cock as you can cause that’s all the lube you're gong to get until I breed your jock ass.” I worked up as much spit as I could and slicked up John’s 8½” cock. When he finally stopped rimming me I felt the wetness he created in my ass. He flipped me around as he pushed my legs back and without fanfare sobbed the full length of his cock balls deep in my ass. The penetration was painful at first but quickly subsided as he made good use of my ass. John pistoned in and out of my ass bringing me to moan. After a good 20 to 30 minutes he began to really pound away at my ass, his breathing began to get faster as I felt his cock thicken and grow harder before he grunted and I felt him throb as he filed me his sperm. With his hard cock still working in and out of my seeded hole John kissed me and said, “That just load number one. I haven’t fucked a jock line you before. It’s nice to have a high school quarterback tweaked out on meth to fucking breed."
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    Part 27 - The Journal The sunlight poured through the window causing Mark to stir from his sleep, he smiled with his eyes closed his hands feeling Ben who was still sound asleep cuddled up in his arms. He had come to love waking up in the morning with Ben so close to him, he felt Ben's hand moving over and caressing his thigh and ass, one thing Mark couldn't help was the morning wood when his cock was parked in between Ben's ass cheeks. 'Someone's excited' Ben mumbled pushing his body up closer to Mark's. He pushed his hips back and forth several times so Ben could feel how hard he was and delighted in hearing him moaning sleepily, slowly Mark pulled back and angled his cock pushing forward again feeling Ben's hole. Ben wriggled his ass several times as Mark pushed forward again, he gasped and grabbed Mark's ass as through the pain he felt as Mark's cock head penetrated 'Still hurts a little' he quietly said wriggling his ass a little more and pushing back to take more of it inside. Ben moaned and mumbled at the dryness of the cock gripping hard against his anal lining as Mark lightly poked away, Ben's hands caressed Mark's ass and thigh, it didn't take long for Ben to sense a slickness feeling as Mark's cock began oozing precum he felt the cock pushing away and slipping deeper in to him. Several times he moaned and groaned but it was no where near as painful as before so his ass continued wriggling at the feeling, Mark moaned as the final inch slipped inside as he kissed Ben's neck and slowly pushed forcing him to roll over to his stomach, Mark came to rest on top of Ben who raised his head and turned to kiss his lover. Hi hips slowly and gently caressing his cock inside performing a mating ritual, his arm going around Ben's neck to help hold his head up as their tongues entwined passionately. Every so often Ben would moan in delight as Mark gave a more pronounced thrust of his hips in a show of loving dominance over him. Their love making was silent as their mouths were locked together, Ben's hands gripped at the pillows as he felt the speed of Mark's affection increasing, his hips never lifted off Ben's ass as the undulating rhythm continued his deep penetration to the core of Ben's body. Ben's cock was hurting caught up in a fold in the sheet underneath him trying to break free but his mind was elsewhere concentrating on Mark and trying to be a natural lover for him. He felt Mark's arm tighten its hold on his neck holding him in position, he moaned in to Mark's mouth as he felt the speed increase again and the body laying on top of him tensed up as Mark's ass clenched downwards pushing in to the hilt. Ben almost squealed in pure ecstasy as he felt the raging pulsations in Mark's cock, the sensation of warmth filling him as he could feel his lovers seed flowing in to his body. Mark released the kiss and collapsed heavily on top of Ben as he continued clenching his ass pushing his cock deep in to Ben and moaning through post orgasm and his cock showing no sign of softening. Ben's body tingled he knew he was about to cum himself he pushed his arse down as his cock pulsed and began erupting into the sheet gasping and crushing the pillows he had hold of, he couldn't stop himself he trembled from the orgasm and his ass clenched tight around Mark's cock. The result brought Mark over the edge never having experienced this action before drove down and dug deeper in several rapid thrusts he moaned pushing his cock as deep as he could go, his orgasm more powerful that before flooding his lover with more seed. Mark was gasping almost to the point of crying in sexual happiness Ben laid underneath panting heavily, their hands sought each others and held on for dear life in post orgasm come down. A smile adorned Ben's face never had he expected sex to be such an amazing experience, Mark's kissed him and smiled 'That was awesome' he said gripping Ben's hands harder, Ben kissed him 'I don't know what happened but I loved it' he giggled. They were brought back to reality as Ben's mobile started ringing. Mark leaned over to the bedside table still deep inside Ben "Your mother" he said. Ben raised his head "Leave it" his heart dropped like lead balloon he knew she had found his journal and read it. Mark put the phone on the bed as the call ended "You should speak to her" he said beginning to lift off Ben. Ben pulled him back down feeling the cock he winced a little "Stay here, Josh isn't up yet". Mark kissed him and rested back on top of him "More than happy to". Ben smiled "I made a bit of a mess in the sheet" he said looking at Mark. Mark laughed feeling under the sheet "That's nothing compared to how much I just gave you". Margarite sat on the bed reading through the last few weeks of the journal again, somehow she had knew but it was still a bit of a shock but the fact she was more tortured by the words he wrote about having to tell his family were more a wake up call than she wanted. She had shown the journal to Steven her husband who simply tutted and walked out, Steven was the step father to Ben and as much as they shared the same house their relationship was at best neutral. His real son Alex who he had fathered with Margarite 10 years ago was the apple of his eye. Margarite knew this of course and over the years as Ben grew older he also began to resent his step father a little, after all he wooed Margarite away from his real father Rob who had now moved to California and remarried with his own young family. Ben would still get birthday and Christmas cards but hardly ever spoke which played heavily on Ben as he loved him so much. The last time they had spoken was almost a year ago just after Christmas, with promises they would see each other but Steven had always had some other plan to keep them apart. Rob married Heike a German born American and had two children, Rob had his own company now and was doing very nicely. He had often offered to pay for Ben to fly to the west coast but there was always Steven in the way. Ben had already decided when he started working one of the first things he would do is see his father. The facetime rang and it was Ethan Ben answered it "Morning Ethan". Ethan looked closely at the screen "Err your not doing it are you?" he laughed. Mark turned the phone to his face "Morning Ethan, no we are done for the moment". Ethan turned obviously speaking to Angelo "They are at it, and he is still on top of him". Angelo's face appeared "Oi mi madre, have you no dignity Mark?" he laughed. Mark smiled "Not at the moment" moving the phone away so they could see clearly he was on top of Ben. Ben laughed so much he hiccupped "You know I can't move even if I wanted to". Ethan screwed up his face "To much information Ben, anyway your mother called she needs to speak to you". Ben nodded "Oh yeah, I think the cats out of the bag." he said with a serious look on his face. "Call her get it over with Ben, will see you at midday for lunch and talk then" Ethan said waving at them. Ben hung up the phone "Kiss me baby" he said turning to Mark. "Always" Mark responded slipping his tongue in to Ben's mouth as the phone rang again. Ben saw his mother calling again, he held on to Mark and hit the answer button "Hi". "Where are you?" Margarite asked "Your not with Ethan are you?". Ben decided there and then not to play games "No, I am in Larchmont though". "Oh, are you at a girls place then?" Margarite sat with the journal in her hand in Ben's room with the door closed. Ben sighed and breathed in "No". "So where are you then, do you need to tell me something?" Margarite waited turning the journal in her hand. Ben looked at Mark "I am at my boyfriends" he held his breath waiting. Margarite steadied herself but inwardly she was okay with it "Is it the guy you wrote in the journal about?". "Yes, I didn't want you to find out this way. How much did you read?" Ben asked looking seriously at Mark. "All of the last few weeks, is he really as nice as you write?" Margarite was not prepared for doing this over the phone. Ben was silent for a moment "Yes, but I didn't want you to find out this way mother". "Ben, it's okay you know I just wished you had talked to me about it" Margarite said. Ben wiped his eyes "I wanted to desperately, but not whilst he was around". Margarite rolled her eyes "He is still your step father Ben, I know things have been difficult between you". Ben held on to Mark's hand "He never really wanted me around so don't pretend". "Have you told your father yet?" Margarite wondered if he had been speaking to Rob. "No not yet, are you sure you are okay with this, and what about Steven?" Ben asked shifting on the bed. "He didn't say much, can I come over and drive you back this afternoon?" Margarite knew this was a long shot. Ben paused for a moment "Okay, I will text you the address say 5pm I want you to come here to talk". "Thank you Ben" Margarite hung up and put the journal in the draw and heaved a huge sigh of relief. Ben was silent for a moment then looked at Mark "Well that was weird, hope you don't mind me inviting her over?". Mark kissed him "Not at all, I am very proud of you Ben you didn't loose it". Ben smiled "I would ask you to make love to me again but my ass aches and Josh is up". Mark stroked Ben's face "Love you" he kissed him and slowly withdraw his cock. Ben jumped in the shower whilst Mark sorted the bed out, he sat for a moment listening to Ben showering. He smiled to himself never expecting to find someone so adorable in nature and sexy to boot, nodding at the realisation that Ben could only be the person he could happily settle with. But then there was the other side of Mark which he kept hidden and only Angelo and Franco knew about. He stood up and went downstairs to make coffee as Josh wandered in to the kitchen fully dressed. "Morning Josh want coffee" Mark asked grabbing cups. Josh sat down at the table "Morning, just a small one I have to get to work at the store for 11" he replied. "Oh okay I forgot you worked on Sundays, you okay, you know last night?" Mark enquired. Josh smiled "Yes, I was a little drunk thanks to Franco but no harm done". Josh quickly finished his coffee and ran upstairs to say goodbye to Ben then left for work. Mark brought Ben coffee up to the bedroom as he was still drying himself off from his shower. "How's your ass?" Mark laughed and kissed him. Ben's hands roamed over Marks body "It will survive, shame Josh can't join us for lunch". Mark stripped off his clothes and went in to the shower "Yeah I like him, we need to find him a man". Ben called out from bedroom "Definitely". "Hopefully Franco has will join us for lunch before he goes home" Mark said as he put his head under the shower nozzle. As he showered it also brought home to him that Ben would be heading off later, he hated thinking about it and he wanted him now on many levels. Ben listened as Mark finished showering whilst he sat on the bed, his thoughts primarily on how things would be at home but more so how much he would miss Mark until next weekend. Mark stood at the ensuite bathroom door looking at Ben starring out of the window. "Dam even with clothes on you look sexy" Mark said interrupting Ben's thoughts. Ben turned "Sorry what did you say, I was miles away?" he put his cup down on the bedside table. "I don't mean to pry Ben but what is going on with your father?" Mark asked standing at the window. Ben shrugged his shoulders "My father lives in LA, my step father was who I was referring to". Mark nodded "Right, is he not very, I mean are things okay with him?". Ben looked at him "Tolerable, he dotes more on his own son and cares less about me". "It's not easy I guess" Mark offered in a sincere gesture. Ben shook his head "I want out and applying for jobs so I can finish college quicker". "Finish your education first Ben" Mark said sternly. Ben laid back on the bed "I only have one more exam to sit in a couple of weeks". Mark nodded and sat next to him "You know it hurts when I have to let you go". "Your not making any sense to me Mark" Ben said looking concerned. Mark laid down next to him "I love going to sleep and waking up next to you". Ben smiled "Yeah it is strange when I wake up at home and your not there to cuddle up to". Mark leaned over and kissed him "Move in with me Ben, come and live here with me". Ben Smiled "If I could I would, but I have no means to support myself yet". Mark nodded and smiled "I understand that Ben but I need and want you with me". "I to need that Mark, but.." Ben started saying but Mark put his finger to Ben's lips. "Ben forget about money, we can work things out" Mark said kissing Ben. Ben looked at Mark's serious face and stoked his face "Okay". Mark kissed him "Seriously you will?". Ben smiled and nodded "How about the week after next I will be on break from college after Thanksgiving" he said. Mark hugged Ben "I'm so happy Ben. Come on lets go to lunch". Ben nodded again "Yes" he replied and kissed Mark back laughing "I have no idea what my mother will say about this". Lunch at Angelo's was a small affair in comparison to previous weeks as Adam and Tony had a family lunch to attend but Franco stayed for lunch and looking worse for ware, Angelo had barred him drinking, he was sulking and wallowing in self pity for hi behaviour. Ethan was overjoyed when he heard Ben was going to move in with Mark over the Thanksgiving holiday, Mark told Angelo the news whilst they were in the kitchen preparing lunch. "I'm really pleased to hear this Mark, Ben is such a nice sexy guy" Angelo said cutting vegetables. Mark put his knife down "He is worried about the money aspect though". Angelo laughed then looked at him "You haven't told him have you?". Mark shook his head "I'm surprised my parents didn't say anything but he will find out when we go for dinner with them". "Mark you should at least tell him before you take him to your parents" Angelo said with a knowing glance. Mark stood silent for a moment "Maybe, but I want to be totally sure he loves me Angelo". "You are the most logical, sensible and good judge of character I know Mark" Angelo said. Mark laughed "I suppose you are right" he replied. Angelo shook his head "Mark it's pretty obvious he loves you and is completely crazy about you even Ethan said so". "I just hope he won't flip out when he finds out" Mark said seeing the funny side and laughing. Angelo smiled "Does he even know dinner means flying to LA?". "No, oh god I just realised he said his father lived out in LA" Mark stopped dead in his tracks. Angelo looked at him "Maybe go see his father then as well". "Yes, but we haven't discussed it and it is the weekend after Thanksgiving" Mark said smiling. "Come clean Mark... Oh by the way we have had 5 applicants for the job" Angelo said changing the subject. Mark smiled "Great are we interviewing next week?" he asked. "Yes, thought Thursday would be a good day, I had Patrick send the invites yesterday" Angelo replied. Mark and Ben walked around Larchmont before heading home it was 4 in the afternoon and the sun was sinking lower in the sky as they turned the street corner heading up to Mark's house. "Are you worried Ben?" Mark asked glancing at him. Ben shook his head "No, I feel quite calm about it actually". "Good, so your father in LA do you speak or see him?" Mark inquired wondering if Ben would be open about it. Ben stopped "Yes, well that is speak to, something always crops up when he invites me over." Mark looked at him "Oh, does he come up with excuses?". "No no no, my step father always seems to have something going on he always puts the stopper on it" Ben replied. Mark pondered on this bit of news as they walked in to the house and knew it was an opportunity for Ben to see his father. Outside they saw Margarite's car pulling up outside, Mark told him to be calm and sincere and he would be upstairs if he needed him. Ben looked at Mark hoping he would stay but he told him he has to face this in private with his mother, with that he went to leave the lounge and turned towards Ben at the door 'I love you, always know that Ben' he said before walking up the stairs. He felt a little anxious waiting for his mother to knock the door, it still made him jump when she did and he steadied himself as he opened the door. Margarite stood in the porch and looked at Ben "Hello Ben" she said glancing over his shoulder. "Hi mum, come on in" he said opening the door fully "Do you want a coffee or tea?" he asked. Margarite followed him towards the kitchen "Tea would be nice, I don't want this to be awkward Ben". Ben put the kettle on to boil and stared at it for a moment "It wasn't suppose to be this way". Margarite sat down "I guessed you hadn't left that notebook out on purpose". "No, it was stupid of me as I rushed to be with..." he trailed off "I'm sorry" he said looking at her. Margarite studied him for a moment "Sorry about what Ben, because of who you are?". Ben shook his head "No, I mean you finding out like that, I wanted to tell you properly". "I can't understand how or why you reacted to badly about Ethan?" She said watching him making the tea. Ben put the kettle down "I've had a long time crush on Ethan, finding out he had a boyfriend hit me hard". "I see" Margarite didn't know what to say about this revelation "So whose house is this?". Ben put the tea in front of her "It belongs to my boyfriend Mark" he replied watching her closely. "And where is he?" She asked "Is he hiding scared of meeting me?" she went on. Ben smiled "No, he is keeping out of the way for the moment". Margarite nodded "You know it's okay Ben, I spoke to Ethan's mother this afternoon". "Oh" Ben looked shocked "Are things all right between you now?" he asked. "Yes, we had a much longer chat today, she didn't seem surprised about you being gay" Margarite said. Ben chuckled "Sophie had me pinned a few years ago, she saw how I would look at Ethan". Margarite laughed which eased the tension in the air "Smart girl Sophie. I saw a change in you over the last few weeks". Ben sat down next his mother "Was it that obvious?". "No" she laughed "you looked a whole lot happier Ben. Was that Mark's doing?" she asked. Ben looked at her and nodded "Yes, I think I fell in love with him the first night we met but didn't know it then". Margarite leaned over and kissed him "Do I get to meet him then?". Ben smiled "You may as well I met his parents last night" he walked over to the door "Mark, come down". "And his parents are fine with this?" she asked him turning in her seat. Ben nodded "Do you mean did they approve of me., they invited me for dinner" he saw Mark standing there "Mark come meet my mother". Mark was ushered in to the kitchen "Hi" he said looking nervous but managed a smile. Margarite stood up "Hello" she looked and instantly liked him "Nice to meet you Mark". "You to" Mark walked over to shake her hand but she brushed it away gave him a quick hug. Margarite was smiling and shook her head looking at Ben "I can see what you mean Ben". They spent a couple of hours drinking tea and chatting with Mark revealing what everyone who didn't know him that well got to know, when the time is right he would tell Ben everything and he knew it would have to be before Thanksgiving. The conversation flowed and gradually began to wear down and Mark gave Ben a discreet look nodding to his mother, Ben understood the significance of the look. "So mum there is one other thing I need to tell you but please don't get angry about it" Ben started. Margarite looked at Mark then Ben "You are moving in?" she offered as she saw how comfortable Ben was. Ben looked at her and nodded "In a couple of weeks time after Thanksgiving". Margarite stared at Ben "I'm not angry, upset yes, but you are old enough to make decisions Ben". Ben smiled "It doesn't mean anything will change between us" he said trying to reassure her. "Absolutely, you will always be welcome here" Mark said seeing the look on her face. Margarite smiled "Thank you Mark" she said sincerely seeing how genuine Mark looked at her. "We could all have dinner Wednesday if you like?" Ben said holding Mark's hand. "So your coming home?" Margarite asked seeing Mark's expression change to a tinge of sadness. Ben nodded "Well yes I have college tomorrow" he said as a matter of fact. Margarite shook her head "You decide Ben, you look happy here I can't take that away from you". "What about curfew?" Ben said knowing that was the one thing he stuck to. Margarite laughed "No more curfew you can come home or stay here I really don't mind, you deserve the freedom". Ben felt Mark squeeze his hand and looked at him "Well?". Mark smiled "You know that is what I would like, I can take you to college in the morning". "Good that's settled then. Just promise me to ask if you need anything Ben" she said standing up. "I will" Ben said he hugged his mother and kissed her "thank you mother". It was hard to say goodbye but after everything Ben had gone through with the divorce and loosing his father she understood that it was time he was allowed to move on in life. As she drove back to Harrison she could see Mark in her mind and how Ben was clearly besotted and happy with him. Ben had called Ethan and told him how things had gone and that his mother on the surface seemed to accept it with unsurprising grace. Ethan went through his own conversation with his mother Ellie and how she guided Margarite on not to over react but look at it from her sons own view. Mark drove Ben to Harrison in the morning smiling all the way at his new routine of dropping Ben off at college, it seemed weird having such a partner who was still in education albeit for only a few more months. Ben showed Mark where his family home was and he turned in to the drive up to the door. Ben got out to get his things for college saying hello to his mother as he ran upstairs grabbed his bag and came down. He walked in to the kitchen where the rest of the family were sat having breakfast, his step father Steven was talking to his brother and stopped when Ben walked in, he looked at him with a dead pan face and went back to talking to Alex. Ben gave his mother a kiss and walked with him to the door. "Don't worry about your step father he will come round sound enough" She said with her arm on his shoulder. Ben opened the door "I'm not worried mother, I can't see anything changing can you?". Margarite shook her head and looked at the car "Morning Mark" she called. Mark leaned out "Morning errmmm..." he didn't quite know how to address her. "Margarite for the moment" she said sensing his quandary. At college Ben opened his laptop up to see an email from the company he had applied to and they invited him for an interview at 4pm on Thursday, it would mean ditching a bit of college but he spoke to his lecturer who agreed he should have the time and attend. He confirmed his attendance and arranged to borrow his mothers car so he was all set, not bad for a Monday morning he said to himself as he settled in for lecture. Thankfully the morning went quickly and Ben made his way to the cafeteria to meet up with the rest of the gang, walking in he noticed Adam, Ethan and Franco sat talking and realised Josh had come in behind him. "Hi Josh busy day yesterday?" Ben asked stopping to talk. Josh nodded "Yes it was manic for a Sunday" he replied glancing over at the table. Ben noticed his look "Come on Josh, I think Franco has something to say to you" he said as Josh followed him. Franco stood up as Josh approached the table "Josh, I am really sorry about what I did to you". Josh looked at the sincere look on his face "It's okay Franco, you caught me by surprise that's all". Franco smiled "For what it's worth you are an amazing kisser". Josh laughed and sat down "Better than girls?" he said jokingly. Franco winked at him "So much better". Things went back to normal and no tension existed between Franco and Josh, Ethan couldn't work it out as Franco acted so casually about it and seemed to talk a lot more to Josh than usual. Maybe there was a slight change about Franco kissing another guy, after all he was very clear about his like of girls. Ben's week dragged on, as much as he wanted to tell Ethan about his job interview he decided not say anything in case it didn't work out. Ben just bided his time for Thursday and of course Friday when he would go and stay with Mark again. Ben packed up his things after the mid afternoon bell at 2.30pm and drove out towards Westchester finding the office pretty easy he parked up. He still had half an hour to spare so went to the coffee shop to get prepared properly, at 3.45pm he made his way over to the office and was greeted by Patrick and showed him to a seat in the reception area where he waited. Angelo looked at Mark "Anymore questions from you Mark?" he asked. Mark shook his head "No, I think we have covered everything we need to know" he replied. Angelo smiled at John "Well thank you very much John, we will be in touch when we have made a decision". Mark stood up and escorted John to the meeting room door where Patrick came over and escorted John out to the reception. He walked back in and told them that the 4pm candidate was in reception waiting. Mark pulled the CV towards him and began to read through so they had an idea of who was coming up next. Angelo called to Patrick to bring the next candidate in. Mark laughed "You seen his name, it's short for BMW". Angelo looked down at the paper and chuckled "So it does, and he is pretty young only 19." "You don't think... no can't be" Mark said studying that Benjamin lived in Harrison. They both had their heads down going through the technical aspect of the CV noting he had no work experience but seemed to doing really well at college and already partly graduated. Patrick knocked and entered and introduced Benjamin to them. Angelo looked up first and stopped dead in his tracks his mouth open. Mark looked up and laughed, Ben stood there blushing through embarrassment whilst Patrick just looked at all three of them and left the room chuckling as he realised they already knew each other. "Well Benjamin Midler-Warren or is it BMW for short?" Mark asked walking towards him. Ben just had a dazed look on his face feeling Marks lips and tongue on his own "Is this a joke?" he said. Angelo laughed "No joke Ben, this is my company" he said pointing to the chair "Take a seat please Benjamin". Mark escorted him over to the chair and he sat down "I didn't know you owned a business" Ben said still in shock. Mark sat down opposite him "Is it Benjamin or Ben you prefer?" he asked in a professional manner. Ben giggled "Oh your being serious, Ben if you wish" he said fumbling with his papers. Angelo smiled "It is serious Ben, you are being interviewed for a job" he said unable to control himself from smiling. Ben threw caution to the wind "Thank you, as long as I am not expected to perform sexual favours" trying to keep it civil. Mark looked at him and sat back in his chair "Maybe but not right now" he replied winking at Ben. They began the interview in a more serious manner although Mark was undressing him and performing lewd sexual acts on Ben with his eyes and mind, several times Angelo had to prod Mark to bring him back to reality. After an hour Angelo gave up and threw his pen in the air in a sign of defeat. "Well since Mark isn't really here, do you have any questions for us?" Angelo asked Ben whilst he punched Mark's arm. Ben nodded "Is there a company policy about dating other employees?" he asked giving his most dazzling smile. Angelo laughed shaking his head "No as long as you keep it in your pocket in the office". Mark nodded "Absolutely although you may have to have sex with me on the desk every now and then" he laughed. Angelo stood up "I give in this is hopeless" he came round the table and hugged Ben "You got the job Ben". Ben kissed Angelo "Really I do?". "Yes, but you got it because of your qualifications. Are you going to finish the final exam?" Angelo asked. Ben nodded "Yes I still want to get fully qualified". "Good, we can come to an arrangement with the college so you can work and study" Angelo told him. Angelo left Ben and Mark alone for a few minutes to get whatever out of their system, he laughed walking back to his desk spotting Ethan coming in the building. Angelo filled Ethan in on Ben in the meeting room with Mark probably making out and that he was to join the company. Ethan gave Ben a hug when Mark and he eventually came out of the meeting room looking a little dishevelled, Ben drove back to Harrison and gave his mother the news in a quick 5 minutes as Mark pulled up to take him out to dinner with Angelo and Ethan. Ben felt on top of the world as he typed a message to his father, most importantly he said he would have the means to visit him in LA in a few months time and nothing would stop him.
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    Met a guy to give him a deepthroat blowjob today. He wanted it anonymous with little talking, and I was totally game for that.He was small at first but definitely a grower after he went down my throat for a few thrusts! What intrigued me is that I kept hearing him on this phone type and the typical GrindR notification noise popping up constantly. At some point he held my head still and took a picture of me sucking him and I assume sent it to some guy. Then he innocently asked to see my ass, and started pressing his cock against it, and without even asking started fucking me. I did not expect that at all, as I was in the mood to just give a simple blowjob tonight, but I went with it. He fucked me for a few minutes then withdrew and ordered me to suck him again. Now I've never done ass to mouth before but I again just went with it and followed his orders. He told me to lie down and started fucking my throat pretty deep and I gagged quite a lot. Then the unexpected happened, I heard him call someone, and he was talking with another guy about how he was getting sucked and fucking a bottom boy right now. Then I realized he was on video cam because he told the other guy to look at me sucking. The fact that he didn't even ask me for permission made it even hotter. He went back after a bit to fucking me and was showing it to the dude on video. I was getting fucked raw by a complete stranger blindfolded and he was broadcasting it to another complete stranger. I think they were trying to cum at the same time because he kept asking the other guy if he was close. He asked the other guy where he wanted him to cum, and the other guy asked him to cum on my face and mouth as he wanted to see him cum. A few minutes later he came a huge load flying over my face and in my mouth, and asked me to show the cum in my mouth to the other dude. And they came at the same time and hung up almost immediately. This was a first to me on many levels - never been made to do ass to mouth, and never had pics or even a whole video taken of me being used, especially when we were planning for just a blowjob. The best part? My guy was asking the other if he wanted to fuck me, and the other was like fuck yeah. When he left he told me they're going to organize something to both use me another time, and I'm very much looking forward to my first 3some!
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    This is the fourth chapter in the "Bitch #29" series. Links to the first three are below. https://breeding.zone/topic/52437-serendipity-on-the-road/ https://breeding.zone/topic/52468-grateful-whore/ https://breeding.zone/topic/52502-dengue-fever/ It was past midnight as Jake had pulled us into a ghost town outside of Atlanta called, "Apalachee". No one had been there since the 1950's. He said he liked the spot for just that reason. There was an abandoned ranch style one floor hotel where he liked to park. We got there and another 18 wheeler was there ahead of us. Jake opened my door for me like a gentleman, and I took his hand as I got out - naked as the day I was born mind you - and stayed close to him. It wasn't just out of affection, it was also because I was having trouble walking in my present condition. The virus hit me hard, which is of course what I wanted. Jake pointed to a hotel room door, #6, and told me to go shower. I was hoping he'd say that because it had been a while and I needed one to clean up - and if I'm being honest, I wanted to feel the warm water against my body. I saw the man I presumed to be Tony only briefly then and I can best describe him as a Coke machine wearing denim. He stood well over 6 feet and tipped the scales at 300 pounds or so, most of that being solid muscle. Blonde hair in a brush cut, deep blue eyes, clean shaven, a few faded tattoos on his forearms - so old they were hard to read. He looked to be in his early 40's. It was easy to see the scars from years of trucking on his arms and hands. This was a blue collar working man, the kind of man most women like, including me. Girls like to feel protected. About half an hour later, I emerged from the hotel room and Jake was gone - I presume headed to Atlanta to be with his family. I walked until I stood in front of Tony. While I was naked, he wore faded denim jeans with matching sleeveless shirt. He wasted no time in placing an actual dog collar round my neck. It was pink and really thin but did have a tag that said, 'Bitch #29" on it. He then attached a matching leash and looked down at me. "Am I going to have any trouble with you, bitch?" He asked in a booming voice. I shook my head. "No, I didn't give any to Jake. I may be a whore, but I'm an obedient whore." I said coughing into my arm. He nodded and led me to his 18 wheeler. As I got closer I saw he was trucking a national beer brand. "You haul beer? Really?" I asked slightly amused. He answered without turning around. "Yeah. What of it, bitch?" I shrugged. "Oh, nothing. I was just wondering if we're going to be joined by a Pontiac Trans am and get chased by a cop from Texas. Should I wear a wedding dress?" And that's when I learned my collar was a shock collar. While I was on my hands and knees he walked over and stood over me. "Jake said you were a smart ass, bitch. Sometimes I like it and sometimes I don't." He tugged on my leash and I stood up, following him. He led me to my side of the rig, and opened the door, offering his hand to help me into my seat. He came around the other side and he clipped the other end of my leash to an eye hook in the ceiling. He started up the rig and started to drive. "Jake tells me you're HIV+ and he gave it to you." He said calmly as he took us out of the parking lot and headed west. I nodded and leaned back in my seat, looking out the window. "Yes. He blood slammed me and loaded me up with cum well over 3 dozen times in the last few days. That's what the shower was about, I'm certain I was getting kinda gnarly." He smiled. "Yeah, he told me the whole story bitch. Jake and I have different strains and I'm going to give you mine as well. Do you know what that means?" I shook my head as I reached for a bottle of soda under the seat. "It means you're about to have two different strains in you and they call that, "recombinant' and it means your body is going to have a harder time." I smiled a devilish grin, and without a moment's hesitation, I reached over and unzipped his fly to pull his cock from his pants. starting to massage him. "Really? Do tell." He shot me a puzzled look and got his eyes back on the road. "You don't waste any time, do you bitch?" I shook my head. "Why would I? I'm a whore. Fucking HIV positive men is what I DO, Tony." As he grew in my hand he continued. "The new strain is more aggressive, an harder to stop. It causes AIDS faster. It will shorten your life span by about half." He said as he started to have trouble breathing or concentrating on the road. It was almost like I was distracting him. I maintained a tight grip on his cock, stroking fully but adding a slow half twist as I went from top to bottom. Tony changed subjects. "Jake told me to think of you as a woman, you just have a penis. If that's what you are, why not present as female?" He asked tightening his grip on his steering wheel. "Because it's just easier. This way there's no fighting over which bathroom I should use or how I should dress. Besides, there's really no need to - anyone that sees me knows instantly what I am. I'm a fucking bitch, I'm a bottom and I'm into men." Now that I had him rock hard, it was time to go deeper so I crawled over to his side and mounted him while facing him. I slid him slowly into me. He was thicker than Jake, but a little shorter. I inhaled a deep breath as I moaned. I came all the way down until I looked him in the eyes, albeit wincing a little. "You're thick, Tony...I'm not sure I can handle all of you." He took his left hand off the wheel, put it on my right shoulder and pushed down. "You're going to take me cunt, whether you think you can or not. My cock is hungry for bitch hole." I nodded as I slowly reared up, taking him almost all the way out....just to the base of his head before slowly twisting my way down to his base. "I'm.....I'm not sure I can, Tony. FUCK you're thick!" I said as my own cock started to grow. He put his face as much into my neck as he could while keeping his eyes on the road. "You don't have a choice, cunt! You're nothing to us. We're using you." I put my mouth next to his ear and whispered. "I'll tell you a secret - I'm also using you." I kept the strokes in and out of me full because I wanted to feel every inch of him....feel his skin sliding back and forth inside of me...feel his muscle flexing...feel him throbbing. I kissed the nape of his neck and start to suck on it. Softly but wet and sensual. "I can feel you wanting me, Tony...you like my nice, wet, tight hole....like that it needs you. Like that it hungers for your cock more than it did for Jake. Like that it needs your seed in a way that no other bitch ever has. He began to wring the steering wheel, almost twisting it from it's shaft. He tried to say something but all he could do was grunt. I like that about men. I knew he was close so I quickened my pace and took him the rest of the way home. "You and your organization Tony, you're nothing to me either. I'm using you - all of you - to get what *I* want. This is the life I've dreamed of so I'm going to ride your cock, I'm going to keep your balls drained as I did for Jake, and I'm going to do it until you pass me onto the next poz trucker stud!" I didn't have to pump him in and out of me a single more time. He let go of the steering wheel entirely, underhooking my shoulders with both his massive arms, and pulling down hard. It had been a while since Tony had his balls drained like that - they were nice and full. I pulled my head back to look him in his deep, dreamy blue eyes and said, "Tell me what I am, Tony." His whole body convulsed as the rig began to fishtail down the road. "You're.......a............fucking.............WHORE!" He screamed as he continued to empty his seed into me. I sucked on his ear lobe and whispered. "I want all of it, Tony....all of your seed. Give it to me. I'm begging you." His legs locked, his tree trunk arms flexed and he screamed once more as he gave me the last few drops he had. I waited until he was flaccid before pulling him out of me. I sat in my seat quietly, closing my legs as tightly as I could to keep in his toxic cum. I didn't want any to leak out. I also reached over and zipped his cock back into its pants. He looked back at me, completely exhausted. That's the thing about being the receiver of a fucking....your partner feels exhausted while you feel refreshed and recharged. It's almost like you're taking his energy and making it your own. It's why I was ready to go again and he needed a break. "I've....I've never cum that fast, bitch. Seriously,I've never had a man ride me like that! Holy shit!" He said sounding both amazed and pleased. I leaned back in my seat and resumed drinking my soda. "I'm a fucking whore, Tony. This is what I do."
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    10. Dr. Benjamin Weston It was too early to wake up on a Saturday morning. My phone had buzzed in response to a text message. I had an intuition that it wouldn't be much longer before my alarm went off anyway. Still a bit bleary-eyed, I tried to focus on the screen. "Wanna come to a parTy today? College stud thinks he just started PrEP," it said. It was from an old friend and occasional patient, Jon. He and his partner Jon threw occasional parties, mostly to load up their boy Cal. The parties were everything a drug-fueled orgy should be: hot, sleazy, and intense. The men were always hot, the drugs were always pure, and the sex was always raw. "Yeah! When?" I wrote back. "What do I bring?" I finally looked at the time. It was 7:45. Plenty of time to get ready for my 9:00am appointment. It would be over by 10:00, which gave me the rest of the day to enjoy Jon's party. I re-read the message. "Thinks he's started PrEP?" I wrote. "Any time after 10:00," he wrote back. "We've got plenty of favors. Just bring that infected dick of yours." It stirred as I read the message. "We're feeding him fake pills," Jon added. "It's the kid we showed you last time you were here." I had been at his place about a month ago, this time just a fourth man for his unconventional three-way relationship. Jon had mentioned a boy he wanted to stealth. "He's gonna get on PrEP," Jon's husband, JP, had told me, showing me the pictures of the young man on his phone. Jon had quickly added, "He thinks the Prep is going to protect him. We're still going to infect him." I didn't think much of it; the pipe was offered to me, and then Cal's hole was offered. I took full advantage of both, and left spent and exhausted. In my reverie, I started to stroke my thick shaft, but had to force myself to stop. There would be plenty of holes eager to milk out my load later. Besides, there was a patient coming at 9:00. His real name was Ian Bolt. He was a porn actor. "Not yet a star," he said in our first session, laughing. He was barely in his mid-twenties, and his laugh made him seem almost innocent. When he first walked into my office, I had immediately noticed the outline of a jock strap through his gym shorts. He was also wearing a tank top which exposed his carefully trimmed chest. He was the ultimate boy-next-door, outwardly preppy and clean, but hiding a dark secret. Two weeks ago, in our last session, he had told me about his occasional habit with drugs. It was only a matter of time before he would tell me about how he had "forgotten" to use a condom. The thought only made my dick stiffer. I hoped it would go down by the time Ian arrived. It would be awkward to have a boner as Ian told me about his latest sexual exploits. "I may be a bit late. But I'll be there," I texted JP back. I didn't bother showering. I would just get sweaty again in a few hours. Instead I pulled on a jock strap, thinking it would do the best at restraining my monster. I stepped into a pair of dark grey chinos, and put on a white shirt. It was good enough for a Saturday morning therapy session. I downed a bowl of cereal, then packed a small bag of supplies for the parTy. I had no idea how the weekend would play out, so I added a few grams of tina to my party kit, and made sure there were some clean points, among the other supplies already packed away. The office was usually only fifteen minutes away. In the light weekend morning traffic, I made it in twelve. I unlocked, and turned on the lights. In the ten minutes before the appointment, I reviewed my notes from our last session. Ian had been planning to go to a porn shoot; it would have been the last weekend. I hadn't written down where it was, but I remembered it being somewhere like Palm Springs. How he had fared in that endeavor would likely be the first topic of our therapy session. Right on time, Ian showed up. He walked into the office, and took a seat on the couch opposite me. He was wearing a white tank-top with dark blue pair of running shorts. With his legs spread wide, there was the barest hint of his dick pressing against the fabric. There was a nervous energy emanating from him; even as I studied him sitting still there on the couch, he seemed to be almost vibrating energy. "Hey Doc," he said. It was his standard introduction. "Good morning, Ian," I said. "How are you doing today?" That was my standard introduction with all my patients. "Not bad. Not bad at all." His hand brushed against his groin, and stayed there a second too long. When it returned to his side, his penis was clearly stretching out the thin fabric. I wondered if my own shaft was as prominent from where I was sitting. "That's good," I said. "Week go well?" Ian nodded in agreement. His torso flexed, and I saw his nipples outlined in his tank top. "Yeah," Ian said. "It went really well." "And you had a job over the weekend?" "Yeah," he smiled, thinking back. "Went well. Paid well too." He paused for a moment. He looked down. "But." "Yeah?" I asked. "At the end. The producer. He pulled me aside." There was another silence from Ian. I waited. Patients hated silence; Ian would fill it up soon enough. "He asked if I wanted to make serious money. Like thousands of dollars." "How much do you normally get paid?" "Five hundred a scene. But he offered me ten times that." "What's the catch," I asked. There was always a catch. I focused on my breathing for a second, preparing myself for having to call the police after this session. It had happened before, and it would ruin the weekend. "Bareback," he said. I was a bit surprised; I hadn't realized that there were any videos still being made with rubbers. I had stopped using them over a decade ago, and I couldn't remember the last time a guy asked me for one. "I mean. I've always been about safer sex in my movies." Although we had talked about his sex life, I had always assumed that he went raw. "Always safer sex?" I asked. It was so unimaginable to me that Ian had never had the pleasure of ejaculating unencumbered by a rubber. Or had felt the warmth of another man breeding him. "Well. Especially on screen. Where people can see it." "But?" I asked. "Always? All the time?" He had done crystal several times before. No one partied and used rubbers. It just wasn't done. "Well. Not always. Sometimes. Sometimes it's hard to remember. You know. When you're in the zone." "So, you have barebacked before." I wasn't going to let him off easy. "Yeah," he finally admitted. He looked down; I followed his torso down. His cock had grown even harder. I could see the shaft pressed against his shorts. "But only clean guys," he said. "You know." I nodded. He looked away; he realized just what he had said. I was going to save it, use it later when it would do the most good. "Did you like it," I asked. He smiled, knowing he had been spared an awkward combination. "Yeah," he said. He reached for his crotch again, this time intentionally trying to adjust his dick. He didn't succeed; I could see the tip of his erection snaking down the leg of his gym shorts. "Yeah, I did." He adjusted himself again. "A lot, actually." "I can tell." I was going to call out his erection. It was getting increasingly hard to ignore. I shifted slightly; I had the advantage of a jock strap and pants to keep my monster in check. "The idea. It turns you on?" "Yeah," he said. He shifted, but it did no good. "But, you know, you gotta be careful." I nodded again. Another one of those tells. His dickhead was sticking out of his shorts, the tip glistening with pre-cum. The boy was curiously detached from it, like he wasn't even aware how much was on display. "Yeah. You've said 'careful' and 'clean' about barebacking" I said. "What does 'clean' mean to you?" "You know?" he said, looking me in the eye, but not realizing how little that answer meant. I shook my head in response. I wanted him to articulate his fears. Only by putting them out there, for us to discuss dispassionately, would he understand if they were real, or just barriers he had put up for himself. "I'm not sure if I understand," I finally said. "You know. No drugs. Healthy," he said. He looked to me for a response, but I was quiet. It was his job to talk. It was mine to listen, understand, and diagnose. "Like, well, no diseases," he stammered. "or anything like that." I smiled. He relaxed. "I think I understand." I paused for a moment. My dick was throbbing. I was desperate for relief; if Ian didn't provide it, at least there would be some unfortunate bottom at the party later. Ian licked his lips, then licked them again. I realized where his curious energy had been coming from. He was tweaking. I smiled again; Ian smiled as well, unaware of the power I now held over him. "But, you've used drugs before, haven't you?" "Yeah," Ian said. He looked down, yet still managed not to notice his dickhead sticking out of his shorts. He was pretty far gone already. "Yeah, I have." "When was the last time you used drugs?" I asked. I wondered if he was going to tell me the truth. "Um," he said, and then paused. He looked down, and suddenly noticed how hard his cock had gotten. "Oh fuck," he grunted, as he quickly crossed his legs to shield me from the view. "I'm sorry. I didn't notice." "Oh, it's been fine," I said. I shifted in my chair, just enough to reveal my own hard-on. The boy's eyes immediately darted down, staring at my crotch, before I shifted again, hiding it. Just the few quick seconds was enough to activate Ian. "But you haven't answered my question. When did you last smoke some tina?" I stared him in the eyes, daring him to look down. "Um," he said. He broke contact with me, and looked down. He wasn't daring a look at my crotch; he was staring at his feet. "Well," he stammered again. "Go ahead," I said. "Well. I smoked a little in the parking lot before I came in here. Not much. Just a little." If he had to tell me that he hadn't smoked much three times, I was pretty sure he had smoked a lot. I remained silent. I wanted to see how he thought I would react. "I don't know why. I just needed a bit of a release." "No," I said, smiling, and leaning forward slightly. "I understand. And it helps me to know where you are. Did you use in Palm Springs?" I reached beside my chair and unzipped my backpack. He looked down, unable to meet my eyes. "Yeah," he finally said, mumbling. "What did you say?" I asked. Again, he was going to own his actions and beliefs. "Yeah, I partied in Palm Springs. I was the bottom for five guys. It made it easier." I thought it would have been a lot easier if he hadn't used rubbers, but didn't say anything yet. "And you smoked this morning?" I asked. "Why?" "I don't know," Ian answered. I remained silent. It was barely five seconds before he spoke again. "Maybe. Maybe to make it easier to talk about some things." "What kind of things?" I asked. I reached into my backpack and pulled out the case that held my torch and pipe. I had carefully filled it earlier, so there would be plenty for both of us. "Really, the bareback thing." He looked back up at me. He stared at first, then his eyes darted back and forth between my two hands. I was holding the pipe in one hand, the torch in the other. His eyes were growing wide with disbelief. "I think maybe I should join you, in the clouds, as it were." I said. "Yeah," he said, laughing. The laugh reminded me how young he was; maybe barely mid-twenties, he hadn't yet seen enough pain or trouble in the world to change his laugh. "Yeah. You should." "Come here," I said, pointing to a space on the ground just a few feet from me. "I want to share this with you." "What?" he asked, but it was too late. I had stuck the pipe in my mouth, and was already heating up the bowl. I had done the slightest hit that morning, when I had loaded up the pipe. It was just enough to remind me how good getting spun was. It was also just enough to remind me how pure the crystal was. I had expected it would have been several more hours before I could get spun. I hadn't expected this turn of events, but I was going to run with it. I inhaled a nice hit from the pipe and the thick clouds filled my lungs. I pointed to the ground in front of me. I exhaled a big cloud. It took a second to drift away enough that I could even see Ian. "I'd hate to waste the next hit as well," I said. "Come here, Ian." I put a bit more emphasis in his name, hoping he heard the subtle change from suggestion to command. He stood up and paused for a moment. I kept my eyes glued on him, watching the struggle. "We can both do well to lose some inhibitions, don't you think," I asked him. "Yeah," he said, and took another few steps towards me. "It's easy to talk to you today." "It has been," I said. "You think that's the crystal you did? Or something else?" "I don't know," Ian replied. He was standing in front of me, right where I wanted him. "But," he started, before stopping. He was scared of the options in front of him. If he knelt down, he would get spun, and he didn't quite know just how far he would go. "You don't have to. We can just say we've reached the limit of how I can help you," I said. That set up the alternative in high contrast. It wasn't that he would go too far. It was that he wouldn't go anywhere. For a young man, still hungry for the world, the decision was easy. He knelt down right in front of where I was sitting. His face was at the same level as my face. It would be easy to push him down to my crotch. "I'm nervous. But I think this is the right thing." "I think so too," I said, as I held the torch under the glass pipe. "Any time you want, just say the word, and we can stop." "What's the word," he asked. It was clearly not the first time he had been told a safe word. "Taxi," I said. I stuck the pipe in my mouth, and inhaled. The crystal had been warm, so it melted quickly. Even the tiny bit escaping from the top of the bowl was a thick cloud. I inhaled deeply, enjoying the strange and familiar feelings of the cloud filling my lungs. "Taxi," Ian repeated. "I hope I don't need one." I let the torch go out, but I still took a few more puffs from the cooling pipe before also putting it down. "May I?" he asked. I nodded, and he leaned in. Our lips met; his lips were soft and warm. I immediately wondered what they would feel like if they were wrapped around my dick. I exhaled into him, forcing the thick plume to fill his lungs. He inhaled right on cue, and none of the potent plume escaped. As his lungs filled up with the tina, he relaxed a bit. His body was no longer tense, and then, in a moment of hedonistic adventure, he let his tongue brush against my lips. I immediately responded by running the tip of my tongue against his. He didn't pull away, instead, he brushed his tongue against mine, drawing me into his mouth. Right then, his lungs filled up, and he had to pull away. I exhaled the rest of the cloud, a thick masterpiece that was already making it difficult for me to think clearly. "You ok," I asked. He nodded, then exhaled his hit. It was a dense white cloud that slowly drifted down to the floor. "Yeah," he said. "That was intense. Good. But intense." "You want more?" I asked, motioning towards the still-smoking pipe I held in one hand. "I'm going to do another hit." "You think I should?" he asked. "You get spun during the week? Or was the last time in Palm Springs." "I was so high there. I didn't come down until I got back. So nothing. Until now." "And you were high during filming last weekend?" I wasn't sure if I bought his comment that he had never barebacked on camera. Not that there were any cameras in my office. Or, maybe better, no cameras today. I put the torch under the bowl, and waited for the familiar pings of crystal melting. "Yeah," he said. "I was pretty much bottom the entire weekend. So, it didn't matter than much." The bowl was now smoking, so I took the stem in my mouth. I inhaled deeply, feeling that perfect first draw fill my lungs. "Fuck, that looks good," he said. I nodded in agreement, and then I closed my eyes, to enjoy better the rush of pleasure sweeping my body. Several deep puffs later, my lungs were filled. "Come," I said, motioning for him to take my hit again. His lips were just as soft as before, but maybe a bit warmer and a bit more welcoming. Almost as soon as I began to exhale, he pressed his tongue into my mouth. I pushed back; the provocation was more than enough consent for me. I was free to enjoy him until he uttered the safe word. There was just one last disclosure I had to deal with. But it wasn't quite yet the time to do it. As I forced the clouds of crystal into his lungs, we continued to kiss. We hadn't yet given each other permission to touch bodies, so it was a surprisingly chaste kiss given the circumstances of exchanging a mind-altering drug. But it was an intimacy we had never shared before. I wondered how many hits he had done in the parking lot, to get him spun up and worked up about barebacking. There was still plenty of time to explore exactly what had driven him to this point. But for now, it was enough for us to tongue-duel, swap spit, and exchange clouds. "Fuck," Ian finally said, as I broke off our extended shotgun-kiss pleasure. We both exhaled the thick cloud in each other's faces, blocking our view for a second. We both leaned in and kissed each other again. I reached out, wrapped my arm around the young man, and pulled him against my body. He had already been hitting he pipe hard. His body was hot against me, to the point that I could feel his warmth even through the two layers of fabric. With my free hand, I reached down and stroked his cock. He was still rock-hard, his dick straining against the thin fabric of his gym shorts. "It's a pretty impressive piece of tackle you're bringing. What's the event?" "Damn, that feels good," he moaned as I stroked his cock some more. "Yeah?" I asked. I continued to stroke his dick. His cock wasn't massive; probably about 7.5" long, with a decent heft to it. His erection was the painful hardness of youth; even before I started stroking it felt more like a steel rod than a cock. My attention only turned it to diamond. "What got you so aroused?" I continued. "Fuck," Ian moaned. I stopped stroking his cock. I wanted an answer to my question which meant that I had to remove some of the distractions. "Fuck. Just everything. Thinking about last weekend. Thinking about sex. Thinking about getting spun. Thinking about barebacking." "Well. You like barebacking, right?" Ian nodded. His body shook, just enough for his dick to rub against my hand. "What do you like about it?" "I've only done it a few times. But the connection. Feeling a man inside me, so close to me. Or once, being inside him. Knowing he accepted every part of me." "Do you talk about it with your partners?" I asked. "No," he said. "It's always just happened." He looked away from me. "I mean. We're usually partying. And one thing leads to another." "Of course," I said. "And then his cock ends up inside me. And he's breeding me." He started to blush. "Damn. I can't believe I'm talking about this. About partying and barebacking. I mean, with you." "Why is that?" I asked. "Well," Ian said. He looked down and his face turned even redder. "I mean. You're hot. That beard. With the bit of grey. Hairy chest?" he asked, finally looking back at me. I nodded, and unbuttoned my shirt. I hadn't bothered with an undershirt today, and the thick pelt over my chest readily emerged as I opened up my shirt. I spent enough time at the gym for it show, and Ian clearly appreciated it. "Damn," Ian said. "That's..." His eyes darted up and down, left and right, not sure quite where to focus. I was really feeling the tina; inhibitions were being lifted from me. No longer was I a therapist, nor was Ian my patient any more. Instead, I was a man, confident, horny, and demanding. I threw caution to the wind, and unbuckled my belt. Ian watched, mouth open. I undid my fly. I had on the jockstrap, but my erection was already straining against my erection. "Fuuuuck," he finally said. "Yeah?" I asked. "You like to bareback with clean guys, don't you?" He nodded. "'Healthy,' I think you said." He also licked his lips. If the tina was hitting me, it was walloping him. He was practically vibrating now, he was so spun up. Plus, he was hungry. He needed sex. "Yeah," he said, his eyes still darting from my eyes to my beard to my chest to my dick, and then back again. "What about me?" I asked. "Do I pass your bar." "Damn." He reached out and put his hand on my chest. He ran his fingers through my chest hair, over my stomach, and grazed over my dick. "Fuuuuck," he said, as he realized just how thick my shaft was. "You're fucking hot," he said, his hand noticeably resting on my dick. "Have you ever played around with a poz guy before?" I asked. He looked at me a bit uncertainly. "I mean, you know. Someone you knew was infected." "No," he said. It was such a simple word, and it cut off so many possibilities. But yet, what he said, and what he did were two very different things. His subconscious left little doubt at his feelings: his already spun-out pupils grew even wider, and his hand, formerly just resting on my dick, now started to rub it. "I mean, at least not that I know of." "Do you want to?" "I dunno. I mean. Isn't it...um, well, dangerous?" "It really depends. It depends on who you are playing with. If they are undetectable, then, it's safe. But some guys have a high viral load. They can be pretty dangerous. It also depends on what you're doing. Anal is the least safe. And of course, making out is absolutely safe." "What about sucking dick?" he asked. "With an undetectable guy," I said. "It's totally safe." This step, the normalization of risk and deviance, was an important one. I wanted to lower Ian's defenses and re-set his personal risk levels. "Go all the way. It's safe." He smiled. "Even if I swallow his load?" "Even swallowing cum. It's safe." I paused. Ian licked his lips again, but didn't say anything for a moment. Finally, he broke down and spoke. "Can I have another hit from the pipe?" he asked. I smiled. He needed a bit more encouragement, and I was eager to provide it. Besides, I wanted another hit from the pipe. "Of course," I said. "But, we're going to share it." I grabbed the pipe and torch from the table. I lit the torch and started to heat the bowl. It was still pretty full. I hated trying to re-fill a pipe when I was high. "Good. I want to share this with you." There was a hint of submission in Ian's voice; radically different from the cocky young man I normally encountered. Ian had his hands still wrapped around my dick, so he felt it twitch and stiffen at the thought. "Damn," Ian muttered, squeezing my dick. "Take off your shorts for me," I said. Ian hesitated. "I want to see you naked," I said, emphasizing that this was not a polite request but a firm order. He stood up, slowly, and pushed down his gym shorts, just to the point where his dick would break free. He looked at me, knowing exactly what he wanted to do, but needing one more nudge to convince him. "Go on," I said. "You're a really hot boy." He blushed, and pushed his gym shorts down. His cock sprung free, a bit of pre-cum already at the tip. I stuck the pipe in my mouth, and as Ian stepped out of his shorts, I sucked down the thick white clouds. He bent over for a second, just long enough for him to flash me a glimpse of his ass. I could tell he had shaven it for the porn shoot; it was smooth and perfect. I wanted to stick everything up there: my fingers, my tongue, my dick, maybe my fist. But all that would come later. Today, it was about breaking down the primary defenses. After that, it would all be easy. I motioned for him to join me in the hit. He quickly pulled off his tank-top, and fell back down to his knees. His chest was mostly smooth, but I could see where the hair had been shaven off, hiding his Mediterranean heritage. The last outposts of his masculine fur were his thick pubes, his hairy legs, and the stubble on his face. I sucked down the last bit from the pipe, then set it aside. Ian was clearly no stranger to shotgunning, because our lips met precisely. I exhaled, he inhaled, and together, we spun each other up. I can't remember when we stopped exchanging the clouds, and started just making out. But it was after we had started grabbing on each other's dicks. Several minutes later, Ian finally broke off the kiss. "Dr. Weston," he said. "I think you can call me Ben from now on," I interrupted. "We're holding each other's dicks in our hands." "Ben," he started. "Are you, um," he started, and then mumbled a bit. I leaned in to try to hear him better. "I mean. Are you poz?" "Yeah," I said. "I'm poz."
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    Part 5: Brian took my blindfold off and I looked to see who had joined in the fun. There were two new faces in the room. One was around 35 years old, well built, a real piece of rough trade and fucking hot. He had an enormous pierced dick - PA and ladder - and a prominent biohazard tatt. He had a stern demeanour and I knew he would be a formidable master. His name was Chris. The other man simply took my breath away. He was about 19 - a real muscle jock boy. Shaved totally smooth - not a hair on him from the neck down. A really innocent looking face - classic All American jock boy. No tatts; no piercings. He had a huge dick that was as hard as steel. He had a wide-eyed deer-caught-in-the-headlights look to him and he was staring at me - his name was Aaron. Brian grabbed the sodden, sweaty jock strap from the floor and sprayed some Maximum Impact onto it and held it over my nose and mouth. I gave ten huge huffs and was soon flying. Chris walked up to the sling and started to run his hands over my body. He tweaked, pinched and slapped his way around my body and I was loving the pleasure/ pain he was giving me. He ran his hands over my piercings and pulled them and manipulated them. He walked around me and examined my tatts. He took my cock in his mouth and made love to my dick until I was writhing and moaning in the sling. He knelt at my arse and gave me a thorough rim job, pausing every so often to deposit the cum he had licked and sucked from my hole directly into my mouth. The kid just stood and stared. “Your turn, kid,” said Chris as he pushed Aaron in the small of his back (were they a couple?) and he stepped forward to explore my bound body. He grabbed my leaking cock and started to jerk it, making sure to tweak the ampallang and ladder piercing as he manipulated my cock. His hand was soon slick with my precum and he stopped and licked his hand. I groaned. He jerked my dick a few more times and then presented his long, nimble fingers for me to lick clean. He moved onto my nipples and made sure that they got a good workout too - they were going to be sore and scabbed over by the next morning at this rate. He walked over to my exposed pits and started to run his tongue up and down, licking from the tops of my lats, all the way through the pit, to the bicep and back down again, bathing my entire armpit in his saliva. He leaned over and spat in my mouth and kissed me. I could taste my own sweat. He moved over to the other pit and repeated the process. He gave me another deep kiss, and then ran his tongue from my earlobe down along my jawline. He sucked and nibbled my neck and gave me a few hickies on my neck. He licked down to my clavicle and took one and then the other nipple into his mouth, biting them drawing a long hiss from my pursed lips. He was fascinated with my tatts and licked and kissed around them as he caressed them with his hands. He walked back up to my head and presented his cock to me. He smelled like all good young muscle jocks should smell - some sweat, some soap and some crotch funk. He pushed his dick into my mouth and down my throat. “Get it nice and wet, slut, it’s the only lube you’re going to get.” he said in an amazingly deep voice… Fuck, I’m a sucker for young studs with deep voices. Soon I was choking on his meat and I know that there was equal amounts saliva and mucus coating his dick each time he withdrew to let me take a few heaving breaths. The others were watching my oral rape with awe. Chris, in the mean time, was working my arse with his fingers. He had big hands and was stretching me in a big way. He had all four fingers and a thumb up to the third knuckle - I knew it was only a matter of time and he’d have his entire hand buried in my arse. Aaron withdrew just enough for Brian to feed me a few huffs of poppers and then thrust back down my throat to the hilt. As I choked and gagged on his meat, Chris pushed through my hole and had his entire hand buried in my arse. I bucked and strained in my bonds and Aaron mercifully withdrew his cock from my battered throat. I took several heaving breaths as Aaron moved to my exposed arse. He placed his dick next to Chris’ hands and pushed. He was relentless and I felt my arse give way and he was soon buried balls deep. I howled and shook as my arse got used to the invasion. I felt the hand in my arse close into a fist and the kid let out a guttural moan. “Oh Jesus,” he gasped, “You’re jerking me off in his hole…” I knew the kid could not last. I was experiencing sensations through my entire body that I had not experienced before. Brian had moved off and was fiddling with something in the background - I could not see what he was doing. Brian walked up to my head and fed me his dick. I was relieved to have something to distract me from the reaming my arse was receiving. Soon, Aaron thrust deep into my hole, impaling me further on Scott’s dick. I felt Brian let loose a massive load down my throat and felt Aaron shaking as he let loose a massive load in my arse. He shook as he withdrew his dick and presented it to me to clean. Again, he thrust deep down my throat and, as I choked on his massive tool, Chris withdrew his hand. He fed me Aaron’s load by presenting his fingers to me to lick clean. Brian, Aaron and Chris wiped themselves down wth my wrestling singlet. It was now a sodden mess and I knew I would be wearing it around Club 80 at some stage soon enough. Aaron then knelt down and started to finger my arse. By now, it was loose enough to accommodate his hand relatively easily - even though he had bloody big hands. He was an expert fister and was giving my prostate a workout as he got deeper and deeper into my colon. He withdrew his arm so that he was at a normal depth (whatever the fuck that is) and Chris presented his monster dick at the entrance to my hole. Chris had by far the biggest dick out of anyone who had fucked me that evening. He had a massive PA and a ladder down his dick of about eight bars through his cock… I was going to feel every inch of this. He was relentless and bottomed out quite swiftly. I was groaning and babbling quite incoherently at this latest onslaught. As the two worked my arse like a violin, I felt Aaron take Chris’s dick in his hand and start to jerk him off. Soon he was shooting a monster load into my arse. I knew it was big because I could feel it squishing around Aaron’s hand. “When I tell you, pull out of his arse,” I heard Chris say just as Scott and Brian walked up to me and swabbed an arm each. This was going to be interesting… They each found a vein easily and registered. In unison, they both depressed the plungers on the syringes. I felt as though I had been hit by a freight train. As soon as my coughing fit subsided, Scott rammed the entire length of his dick down my throat. As I coughed and choked on this invader, I heard Chris shout, “One, two three - go!” I felt the kid withdraw his dick and Chris withdraw his closed fist from my cunt in one smooth stroke. I screamed around Scott’s monster as my arse stretched! Scott roared and came buckets down my throat. While this assault on my senses was occurring, Brian was jerking my dick and I convulsed as I came buckets into his hand. As Scott withdrew his still dribbling dick from my throat, Chris brought his hand to my mouth and inserted one finger at a time and I cleaned my arse juices and the kid’s load off his hand. Once his hand was clean, the kid came around and shoved his cock down my throat and ordered me to clean it. I was fucking loving this kid! Scott withdrew his dick and Brian miked my cock as I whimpered and jerked n my bonds. I was spent. The four men wiped themselves and me down with the singlet and looked at me. I was flying - I always thought Brian decreased dosages as the night progressed but that was a huge slam. I’d find out later it was crystal and m-cat and my hole was pulsing with need. “You enjoying this action?” Chris asked Aaron who, awestruck by what was happening, just mutely nodded his head yes… Brian helped me out of the sling. I sagged against him, more from the chems than fatigue,. “One more round and then we can rest,” he promised. He gave me some Gatorade and water and had me stand in front of Aaron. I spent the next fifteen minutes worshipping every inch of this stud. I licked along his jaw as he had done to me, I feasted on his ripe pits and his sweaty dick, balls and crack. I laid down on the floor and he laid down with his feet positioned at my mouth. I licked and sucked each toe and licked and nibbled all the way to each heel and then back again. His feet were clean with a hint of foot sweat that was driving me wild. The kid was moaning. Brian hauled me to my feet and fitted an electro butt plug up my arse and an expanding sound down my urethra. These were both connected to an electro box and the power turned on. He then fitted a ball stretcher that had two eyelets on the sides, presumably to attach weights. He then fitted two sets of nipple clamps - one to each tit - but left the other clamp of each set dangling by the wire down my torso. He then led me to a St Andrew’s Cross and fastened me to the beams. Last, but not least, he fitted a collar and attached the collar to the wall behind the cross. I was completely immobilised. Aaron stared in awe. “You want to try a small slam?” asked Chris. “Fuck, yeah,” said Aaron - his cock lurching. Scott walked up to Aaron and gave him a slam. It may have been small, but the kid was flying. It made him completely pliable and Chris motioned him to stand to one side of me. Soon, Aaron had a similar butt plug and sound and was moaning as the electro stimulation did its work. His low hangers were shoved through a similar ball stretcher and he was manoeuvred in front of me, facing me. he too was fitted with a collar and his arms were manacled to the cross, too. His collar was attached to mine, and our ball stretchers were attached to each other by a carabiner through each of the eyelets. Finally, Brian took the other end of the tit clamp on my right tit and attached it to Aaron’s right tit; and the same with the left. Aaron hissed as his tender nubs were brutalised by the clamp. Any movement each of us made would pull at the tits and balls of the other. Chris gripped a handful of Aaron's hair, “See this slut?” he asked. “We are going to turn you into one just like him - tatts and all!” The kids eyes went wide. Scott and Brian each had a paddle in their hands and in unison brought them down hard on Aaron’s vulnerable butt cheeks. Aaron let out a howl and started thrashing in his restraints, causing both our balls and tits to be mercilessly pulled…
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    Part 4: We finally got to Collingwood - the suburb where The Gate House and Club 80 were located. It was 1030pm on a Friday night and the streets were buzzing. Scott eventually parked the car about three blocks from the venue. Brian orered me to remove the chastity device and then ordered me out of the car. We already had a bit of an audience; but an almost naked wired guy sweating rivers being ordered out of the car by two men had attracted even more attention. Scott looked at the cum that had dribbled out of my well fucked arse and leaked onto the car seat and ordered me to bend over and lick it up. He walked up behind me and delivered some stinging blows to my exposed arse with a table tennis paddle that he had retrieved from God knows where. It stung like a motherfucker but I was not about to cry out. I think that this just emboldened him and he had soon given me 20 good swats with the paddle on each cheek. My cheeks were certainly red at this point and he encouraged some of the lookers on to cop a feel or have a few swats themselves. Fortunately for me, there were no takers. But there were more than a few camera phones being used to record my humiliation. Brian handed me a leather harness and got me to put it on and then gave me the wrestling singlet which, again, I had to wear with the top half concealing the cut away bit which exposed my arse. "Take the jock of before you put that on, slut," Brian ordered. Naturally, I complied, to loud gasps from the audience we had amassed. The Treasure Island Media cap completed the look. “Scott and I are going to get some party favours,” Brian calmly informed me before handing me the bags from the trunk and directing me on my way. “Log onto BBRT when you get to the Gate House,” was Brian’s last instruction before the two drove away. As I mentioned, Brian is an exhibitionist and there is a certain hotness to it; but it is not something I seek out. I know that this is why Brian makes me do it so much. I think my entire body was blushing scarlet as I walked to The Gate House. The entire journey was spent with guys and girls making lewd comments and propsitioning me as I made my way through the busy streets. I saw plenty of camera phones being used to record my progress. Ordinarily, the humiliation, the fear if being caught by the cops, or being recognised by someone I knew; as well as the fact that I dislike that sort of exposure, would result in my cock being soft and probably a bit shrunken... But, thanks to the quad mix and the fact that my traitorous cock was now free of its prison, had my cock as hard as steel and leaking like a faucet. The front of my singlet tented obscenely and was a sticky, starchy mess of precum and I knew that anyone who had seen me would know I was a hopelessly horny slut. I had a few of the more bold onlookers sidle up to me and cop a feel of either my dick or my arse or generally molest me whenever I was at a set of lights waiting to cross an intersection. Fortunately, by the time this happened, the crowds had thinned out and I was near my destination. Eventually, I walked into Club 80 and checked in and made my way to the room. I know what Brian expected and I unpacked the bags, laying all the paraphernalia out to have easy access. I then logged on to my BBRT account. True to form, Brian had put up a quick connect under his profile, so I knew he would be vetting any respondents… “Seeking dominant tops and vers guys to help me work over a trashed smooth sub slut. Slut is in room 2 at The Gate House. FF, WS, CBT, TT, BDSM, kink preferred.” He had sent me an email instructing me to drink two litres of water, put a blind fold on, leave the door open and hop in the sling. It was not very long (or maybe it was, I had no concept of time) before the door opened and I heard footsteps walk into the room. “Good to see you followed orders, slut,” said a voice I recognised straight away as Scott. “Thank fuck for that,” I thought. I love the thought of some random using me in the sling but really do prefer to have my master or someone else I know to be in the room to look after me. Brian secured my arms and legs to the sling and I knew I was now helpless to whatever they decided to do to me. I know I looked super hot… Brian had paid for me to have laser hair removal from the neck down; so I was totally smooth. I had a tattoo around my hole, the scorpion and TIM skull on my ribs and the biohazard tatt on my pubes. I was deeply tanned except for a very skimpy speedo tan line and the multiple piercings marked me as a real pig. Brian walked up to me and swabbed my arm. I have incredible veins - the combination of good genetics, low body fat percentage and heaps of manual labour and time in the gym - and the veins in my forearms look like a road map. Brian found a vein easily and slipped the needle in, drew back the plunger and then pushed the contents into my blood stream. I know that Brian normally reserves the biggest slam for the first one and I felt my chest tighten, the ringing in my ears, the metallic taste in my mouth and the coughing fit that follows. I was absolutely flying. My entire body craved abuse and I knew I just needed to be used. As I was blasting off, Scott had aimed his massive tool at the entrance to my hole and pushed through any resistance in one smooth thrust. Even with the tina coursing through my veins, I could feel it was a big one and his 00 gauge PA was making me feel every thrust. A loud, protracted moan escaped my lips as he thrust into my hole. Despite the stretching my hole regularly recieved and the stretching it had recieved earlier in the evening, I felt every inch of the monster invading my hole - and the PA was adding to the sensations in my arse. Scott eventually bottomed out, and I could feel his dick pulsing in my hole. He settled into a rhythm that had me gasping. He was fucking me like a jack hammer. I love getting fucked by young, dominant, well hung men. They can go for hours. I’d soon learn that Scott could cum multiple times. He fucked me hard for about fifteen minutes, altering his speed and angling his thrusts so my arse was always guessing. He knew how to angle his thrusts so that my prostate was getting a working over, too, and I was moaning and babbling as he fucked me. “Here comes load one, cunt,” he growled and he slammed into me and stayed there as his entire body shook from what must have been an enormous orgasm. I must say, I envy guys who can actually feel the cum shooting into their arse. I have no such luck. But I could feel a wetness in my hole as a result of the load Scott had shot inside me and it must have been massive. He started a slow thrusting in an out of my hole. I could feel that Scott’s cock had softened slightly but as he worked his cock in and out of my hole and kept up a litany of abuse - telling me what a slut I was, how much he enjoyed using my cunt and how he was going to find a train of hung tops to brutalise me - he started to harden. The workout my arse and prostate had received had resulted in my cock burping out an almost constant stream of precum throughout the whole scene and my pubes and lower abdomen were a mess of dried and sticky pre-cum. I was sweating thanks to the tina and I knew that the entire room smelled of sweat and sex. As he continued to fuck me, he grabbed a hold of my cock. It was slick from the presum and he used the natural lube to work his palm over the head of my dick. I jerked and spasmed in my bonds at this fresh onslought. He then worked my dick, eliciting more moans from me as the ladder piercing on my dick was manipulated. I was in sensory overload. I wondered where Brian was. I need not have wondered for long. I felt Brian position himself near my head and he spat into my mouth and then started to fuck my face. I loved the set up of the sling at the Gate House - it was angled so that my mouth was also available for use and Brian soon had me choking on his meat as Scott fucked me. Scott and Brian had set up a good rhythm between them. Scott would push the sling away from his body until his cock had either escaped the confines of my arse or the head was still just trapped inside and then let the sling go so I was impaled on his girth in one smooth motion. Each time he pushed me away from him, Brian’s tool was shoved down my throat and each time he let the sling down, I was able to grab a quick breath. I was moaning around Brian’s tool as my arse got the reaming of its life. “Here comes load two, bitch,” said Scott and he slammed deep into my arse and his body shook. As he slammed into me, he had effectively pushed my mouth back onto Brian’s dick. As Scott’s body shook, I felt Brian shooting his load straight down my throat. I had the taste of Brian’s cum on my tongue and, again, the wetness around my hole was evidence enough that Scott had blown another respectable load up my arse. He withdrew is cock and walked around to shove it into my mouth for me to clean it. I choked and sputtered as his dick invaded my throat. The PA was certainly adding to my discomfort. I could taste a mixture between my arse juices, his cum, the cum of the others who had fucked me earlier and the salty heady taste of sweat and piss. My cock lurched at the thought that I may even have been sucking the residue from earlier fuckings too. At this point, Brian walked over to my arse. Some cum had dribbled out of my well used cunt at this stage, and he used his hand to scoop some up and feed it to me. I jumped slightly as another voice rasped out, “Fucking hot,” and started to run his hands over my body. “Welcome to the party, boys,” said Brian and I knew the fun was only going to get better...
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    A buddy of mine is in town on business and looking for fun. He works for a local airline is 40, 5'10' fit vers/top, with 7 thick inches. He says he has an 8 day load that he needs to donate to someone and asked if I were interested. I was booked up but told him my bf was working from home today. 5 minutes later the bf texts to ask if he can play during lunch -- "go for it, but save it for me to taste" was my response. Two hours later I get a text from my pal that reads "That is hands down, without a doubt the HOTTEST sex of my life!" So, I decide to head home early in hopes of using his nut for lube. I walk from the garage into the basement to find my boyfriend still naked (sans a jock strap) lying in the sling playing with his cummy hole and left nipple. I dropped down and started eating his (delicious) ass and noticed that quite a lot of cum had dribbled on the floor. I start wiping it up with my right hand, using it to lube my dick in preparation to fuck my boy... He tells me that our pal shot a HUGE load in him, that he felt "so full" -- I asked him to push some out for me to eat and it literally squirted 4 feet across the floor (more lube for me!) -- he pushed more out and I licked up every drop before pushing my dick in his hole and fucking him until I loaded him with my 2 day load. The boy can't stop talking about how the guy made him cum without touching himself. It was a hot, loud, porn-style fantasy fuck so after I bred him I texted a hung black pal of mine and had him stop by --like me, he loves using a stretched out cum-flooded manhole. He's fucking my boy downstairs as I type this note... shortly when hear their moans escalate toward orgasm, I will return to watch the breeding --and just maybe deposit a 4th load of cum into my boys amazing butt. Damn, I hope he works from home and "cheats" on me more often!
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    i was so scared it was gonna hurt being my first time and all but omg his hard penis felt so amazing when he bent me over my bed and stuck it in me. he was so gentle which made me so comfortable doing this with him. we both go tested for everything beforehand too because we wanted to cum inside each other long in advance. mentally it felt so amazing to feel another man slide his penis up my butt. i have a really nice ass and i can't imagine how good his dick felt being in there. the best part was that it didnt even hurt! i was well ready in advance and when he went to stick it in me it just slid right in and there i lost my virginity. i was getting owned by him and i fucking loved it. letting him manhandle me like a little slut. i guess this means im bi-curious now but i don't care. i think im gonna be addicted to having a man's penis inside me but i wanna be selective about my partner. but man oh man i got soooo excited when he said he was about to cum inside me. feeling his dick throbbing and opening me up even more was incredibly hotttt. i can't believe what ive been missing all these years. because getting fucked in the ass by a hot guy is sooo much fun :) i have ZERO regrets and he said he'd love to do it again. yessss.
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    It started with an email. I'd been looking to get pozzed for over a year and had come up empty (no pun intended) when, out of the blue, I got an email. He saw my ads on social media. He said he was a trucker and wanted to meet me at the local truck stop for drinks. I walked in and spotted him right away - we made eye contact and I just *knew* he was the guy that emailed me. He was no taller than me, had a bit of a pot belly, but strong muscles and hands. He wore a red and white checkered shirt and blue jeans that he filled out quite nicely!. I extended my hand in a manner to be kissed and he obliged. He had a couple buttons open on his shirt and it was hard to keep my eyes on anything but his chest. His eyes were dreamy but still.... He introduced himself as Jake and we talked about what it was like to be HIV+, how that made life more difficult, my time in the Navy, his life on the road as a livestock trucker, how serious I was about getting pozzed and what that would mean for me, what he wanted from a partner, and so forth. After I returned from the bathroom we talked some more, we shook hands and went our different ways, promising to meet again next time he was in town. And that's when I woke up naked, buckled into his passenger side seat. "Good morning, bitch. How did you sleep?" He asked keeping his eyes on the road. Watching where you're going is *very* important as a livestock trucker. Otherwise you end up with chickens all over the road, and a very entertaining police report. "Where are we and why am I naked in your passenger seat?" I asked just starting to grasp what happened. "Well, we're headed to Omaha and I decided I wanted you as my bitch so I took you." He said slowing the rig down a little to stay under the speed limit. I have my head a good shake. "I don't remember that." "You ordered soda but they must have given you alcohol. You were pretty tipsy when we left the truck stop last night." He explained calmly. "Where are my clothes?" I asked puzzled. "Back in Casper, I think. I got rid of them pretty quickly. For the record, you look fabulous naked." He said changing lanes. "Did you and I....." I began the question but leaving it hang like a male stripper. He shook his head. "No, you were out cold - I don't do that. You ask a lot of questions for a naked man." I shrugged. "Well, in my defense I've never naked in the front seat of an 18 wheeler going 85 MPH. I'd ask for a little leeway. So, what's your plan here, Jake?" He passed some old lady going 30 on the highway. "I told you, you're my bitch. It's your job to be naked and in this cab. You can go from the seat to the cabin behind us but you are to stay naked and you're my fuck meat." *I tried to hide a smile* "Jake, while that's an enticing fantasy, I have a home, a job and a life back where we met." He shook his head. "No, you don't. Not anymore." "Jake, this is kidnapping." I said calmly. He got his truck back in the appropriate lane after passing the old lady. "No it's abduction, not kidnapping. Look bitch, I got the impression last night that your life needed a change. That you were tired of the way things were. That you wanted to be pozzed and wanted to be in a relationship of some kind. It kinda felt like you wanted to do something drastic but didn't have the guts to pull the trigger on it, so I did it for you. Your old life doesn't matter now...who you were, what you did, it's all gone. New start. Your job is to be fucked by me. I'll feed you and take care of you. You're my bitch now. If you really want out, I'll let you out at the next truck stop." I stared out the window at the passing road signs as he continued. "I'm offering you the life you've always dreamed of, bitch. This is it....this is the THE watershed moment that everyone eventually has - the one that defines you, that's a catalyst for everything that comes after." He said getting back up to speed. "Is this love, Jake? Is that what you're looking for?" I asked honestly. He chuckled. "No, of course not. Let me be clear bitch - you're fuck meat to me., nothing more A means to keep my balls drained until we get back to the east coast. Between here and there I can promise I WILL poz you and otherwise take care of you." "And when we get back east? What then?" I asked honestly. For the first time he looked over at me. "Then I pass you along to another trucker so you can do the same for him. It's a lot more common than regular people know. You'll just keep going from trucker to trucker, crossing the country...back and forth, east to west, north to south - maybe even heading overseas to serve men there. But be honest, do you really care?" He put his eyes back on the road while I stared back out the window. "Bitch, this may not be the life you chose but it's the life you want." He said smiling. I looked up at the road just in time to see there was a mile left to the next truck stop. By the time he arrived, I was naked in the cabin, face down, ready for Jake - who did not disappoint me.
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    "C'mere" Said Bill when we got inside. I went over to him and he turned me round and bent me over. He fingered my swollen and puffy hole, and I blushed as a drool of cum slid out over his finger. "Nice!" He growled. "We'll get you pregnant yet. You feeling ok? No cold or sniffles yet?" I said no, and he shook his head. "Would have thought you'd be knocked up by now with all the hot loads up you. We'll just have to try harder!" There was a knock on the door, and I just had time to hide behind the counter when I saw my mother standing there. "Sorry to trouble you."She said. But Timmy forgot his key and I have to go out." Bill took the key and she asked how I was getting on. As she spoke, I felt a hand on my arse and looked back to see the old guy, Arthur, behind me with one finger on his lips and the other hand graping a drooling erection. "Oh he's fine!" Said Bill. "Very willing and good with the regulars" Arthur gave an evil grin, bent me over and slid his cock into my backside. I gave a gasp, and saw my mother raise an eybrow at the noise. "Must be some air in the sauna."Said Bill Arthur began to thrust slowly in and out of my arse, his hand over my mouth to stop me groaning. Bill must have realised what was happening, and he kept talking to her even as he knew I was being sodomised only feet from her. Arthur was gasping and thrusting hard into me, and getting close to his climax. "Well, I'd better be going" She said. At that moment, Arthur came in me, his cock twitching and throbbing as it spurted. "Nice to see you." Said Bill. "I'll give Timmy the keys and tell him you called. He's probably making himself useful somewhere." She turned and waved good bye as the old man's cock slid out of me and Bill turned with a big smile. "You can come out now you dirty sod!"
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    Last night a regular fuck buddy finally fucked me raw. He used to put on a condom, the previous time he came, he was caught in making out with me and almost get in raw but finally put a condom on. Last night, he just pushed his raw cock in my prelubed ass, was not a mistake as I needed to help him to push him in, he looked at me me as every inch of his raw cock went in. I said nothing but moaned. It felt so much better, first time he succeeded to make me cum.
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    Being a pig…for me. When I first started having sex I did the basics…I got sucked and sucked dick. I fucked, occasionally. I remember some men thinking I was a “dirty” guy for I swallowed cum and I rimmed ass before I fucked. Now I do a lot more… On my blog I once called bringing my cock out of a man’s ass to his mouth The Pig Test. I think it’s a good starting point for me. It’s a freeing of having ‘respectable’ sex. And if you’ve cleaned out properly, the lube your ass produces is delicious. I love the juices men make. I love the taste of them and the feel. I don’t think it’s about uncleanliness. I don’t want pits to reek of not having been washed for 4 days. Sweat only smells bad when it has been on the body for a time and becomes full of bacteria—I want you to start freshly showered and we will make the sweat by having vigorous sex. Then I will be licking those pits every chance I get. They are full of pheromones—the very thing that gets our cocks hard. And I hope you would want to taste the desire on my tongue. Piss is different than urine. Watersports pigs dilute the urine by drinking water or beer or fruit juice so it is almost clear piss. And it’s about sensation. I love to fuck a man on my bench, pull out and coat his ass with my piss. For him, it is suddenly warm and wet. And it causes me to rim him all over again. Piss in the mouth – it’s about what is coming out of a dick—this never ending cumshot of fluid pouring into you. Not to mention the head rush of serving the man delivering it completely. And then there is felching. I was sure I would never do that. Larry Kramer made it sound so disgusting in Faggots. And then it happened to me by chance in a bathhouse. A man I was rimming pushed the load he’d just taken into my mouth. I came on the spot. And was hooked… My chosen screenname sums up the sexual adventurer I have become embracing the pigginess that fuels my sex drive.
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    This is the third chapter of the "Whore 29" series. Links to the others are below. https://breeding.zone/topic/52437-serendipity-on-the-road/ https://breeding.zone/topic/52468-grateful-whore/ I woke up a couple days later, still in Jakes front seat. The previous few days were a blur. I'd be awake for a few minutes then fall back asleep. I knew that fucking Jake the way I had would flood my system with more of the HIV virus, and that was the point. I wanted to make sure I had it. I'm this sick because I want to be. I'm not sure I can explain why, but once Jake told me I was HIV+, I just *wanted* him! I just needed to fuck him. A lot. It's all I wanted to do. I never desired a man like that until now but, being honest with myself, I absolutely loved having his cock between my legs. As Jake was my first time going anal, I don't know if that need stems from me being pozzed by him, or is commensurate with everyone that does anal. All I knew was, even in my current state of drifting in and out of consciousness, all I could think about was his cock. It was also the subject of most of my dreams. Jake poured some water down my throat. "You're at the point I was at when I first got it, whore. You'll bounce back but you're going to go through hell for a few more days." I looked over at him and smiled. He shot me back a look of confusion. "Why the hell are you smiling?" I chuckled. "I've never been this miserable - I've also never been this happy." It's one of the truest statements I've ever made. I reached over and unzipped his pants, taking out his cock and starting to stroke him. As sick as I was, I could at least do that much. He looked over at me briefly, long enough to see me smile, then got his eyes back on the road. "You must have been real popular in the navy, whore." I shook my head as I worked him through my hand. I kept the grip loose enough so he slid through my fingers but tight enough so that I was working the muscle. Jake's uncut, if you were wondering. I shook my head as I worked him slowly, but deeply on every stroke. "No, I was hated - for precisely the reason that I *didn't* put out. I wasn't there to fuck people, I was there to serve my country and to fulfill my oath. Men expected me to be what I am now, and I wasn't. That's not why I was there." He looked slightly confused so I continued as he became semi-erect. "Whatever I'm doing, I give myself over to it. Singular focus. When I was in the navy, I was a sailor. That's it. When I was at work in the civilian sector at my desk, I was there to work. Nothing more. Now that I'm a naked HIV+ whore, my entire life is about pleasing the men that own me. Sex isn't about me and my pleasure." He nodded as he got harder in my hand. "Yes, I've noticed that you haven't cum once in our time together. All the other bitches reach for their cocks when I'm fucking them - but not you. Your hands are always on me." I nodded, looking at how fast he was becoming rock hard. My conversation was helping. "This cock between my legs isn't my own - it belongs to the men I serve. No doubt some will want me to fuck them, and I will. But it's THEIR choice, not mine. I exist solely for sexual pleasure of others. That's my life now, Jake." He leaned back in his seat a little and began to give himself over to me. "In all seriousness cunt, you're nothing to us. You really are just fuck meat." I looked up at him. "And that's all I want, Jake. It's how I see myself. I'm a whore, nothing more." Jake was hard now so he unbuckled me, used his strong trucker arms and lifted me onto his cock so I was facing him. "You'd die without us." I nodded as I slid him full on into me. "I was dead before you found me, Jake. Now I'm alive for the first time. I have no illusions, I'm going to die fucking some man - or men - I don't know. It's going to be in someone's truck or overseas but it will happen. I wouldn't have it any other way, stud." Calling him that caused him to throb hard inside of me. I felt it throughout my body. I decided to push him a little further. "What usually happens to your bitches?" He took a hand off the wheel and placed it on my hip, guiding me up and down. "We keep you viraled up like you are now. I'll be handing you off to Tony in a town outside Atlanta." It takes all my focus but I start to ride him with more rhythm. "Tell me about Tony." For a moment his eyes closed, lost in lust. I felt his cock throbbing a bit harder. "As small as your dick is, he's going to put you in chastity and he's going to leash you. He's known to have a higher viral count than me which means you're going to feel worse than you do now." I push down hard and held him deep, then kissed him softly on the lips. "You didn't answer my question - what really happens to bitches like me? What happened to the other 28?" I started to nibble on his ear lobe. He pulled his head back and looked me in the eyes - to be more accurate, he looked *through* my eyes and straight into my soul. "Most don't last more than a couple years. We keep you as you are now, your T cell count slowly dropping. None of us give a shit - we're just going to use you bitch, and when we're done..." I put my mouth next to his ear and whispered. "Then what....................................................................................... stud?" He grunted - even growled before replying."Then we sell you. To our friends in south east asia. The kind that run brothels full of AIDS infected whores. You'll spend all day just being fucked by one man after another, after another until you've got nothing left to give - you're all used up." He said as he was close to cumming hard. I looked into his eyes. "Finish it." He lowered his head into the nape of my neck. "You vanish. Without a trace. No one gets out alive." I summoned my strength, raised my body up high and dropped down quickly twice. It was all he needed. He screamed loudly as he came deep inside of me, my arms wrapped around him. With my mouth next to his ear I whispered, "That's it....give me all of you. Pump your toxic seed deep inside of me." Let me feel you the way your wife never can. He pulsated hard a few more times, his muscle moving against the inside of me, filling me again with his cum. He whispered, "We're going to enjoy destroying you, cunt." I waited until had gone soft, then I rolled off of him and back into my seat, keeping my legs closed tightly to keep in his seed. "Not as much as I will, Jake. I'm definitely getting the better end of this deal." Before drifting back off to sleep.
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    On my way home a hot 20 year old hits me up on Grindr. He has a pretty fit body, no six pack but I'm not complaining, long hair like Fabio, and a nice 9" dick. He goes to the nearby university and within just 30 minutes of chatting he's on his way over. It's pretty rare to find a young guy that gets straight to the point and no BS so I'm pretty happy. When he shows up to my apartment he's much taller than I thought. This guy could definitely throw me around. We don't chit chat much and get naked. I get to work on his dick while he lays on the bed. It's big and juicy. He said he loves BJs but I really want him in me. I get him on the bed and I asked him what position he likes. "Doggy" he replies. It's not one of my favorites but for this stud I'll do anything. Then he gets a condom. Fuck! We hadn't discussed safety so I thought he'd go in raw. I consider just calling it quits but it's been forever since I bottoms so I say fuck it okay. Since I'm hosting I am using coconut oil, which is not condom safe. I am hoping it splits and keep my fingers crossed. It takes several attempts to get his large tool inside me. Fortunately he doesn't fuck me too hard at first. I thought he was going easy on me. Long deep strokes and pulling almost all the way out several times. I reached back under me to feel his balls and play with his dick in a way that hopefully rolls the condom off. Sadly it's way too slippery to do anything from that angle. I keep getting fucked when he cums. I hear him grunt and then pull out. He took off the condom and I extended my hand to take it. I had half a mind to jerk with it right there but this guy felt a little guarded and I didn't want to freak him out hoping for a repeat. I threw it away and asked if he could get between my legs and tease my hole while I jerk off. He said "nah" (selfish top...which I love being). Since I was the bottom I couldn't hate him for giving me a dose of my own medicine. So I escorted him out, still naked, and fully intending to go back and play with his cum that he left in the condom. As I found my prize in the trash can I noticed the the tip had broken off! I didn't know if the condom had broke after he pulled it out or if it had broken while he fucked me. I didn't feel him cum in me. I ran to the toilet and sure enough I pushed out his swimmers. The stud had stealthed me! So fucking hot! I immediately went to my bed and jerked off furiously the to the idea of those 9" in me bare and shooting deep inside without me knowing. I messaged him, "thanks for coming over. I'm down for a repeat anytime you need me. I'm close by." I am hoping and praying for a repeat.
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    I just used a Latino shorty's beefy ass for a much overdue pump n dump. During the flight I kept thinking about dick and ass because it was the end of a long work trip with no distractions. So I hopped online after landing and saw the pic of his beefy tan ass in an ad for being a cumdump. 30mins later I parked in front of the guys apartment and waited for the previous fucker to finish. My dick was hard in the truck thinking about his sloppy hole. I had 5 days worth of sperm to donate. 5mins later my tongue was tasting his smooth young hole. 15mins later I was verbally abusing the cumdump with my anonymous bare cock ready to bust up his ass. He begged for it and reverse my cock till it milked that fat load of sperm right out of my heavy balls He texted that I should come again :)
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    Today is the boyfriends birthday so I figured I would find him a bottom we could plow together. I lined it all up on Grindr when he was in the phone with his parents. We had a hot, toned jockstraped bottom over within minutes of hanging up the phone. The bottom wasted no time gettin down on his knees to get out cocks down his throat. After 10 minutes of slobbering all over our rock hard cocks he was on all fours with my man lubing up his cock with, and pushing in to a wam velvety hole. He need a nice big hit off the poppers and got into the fuck zone. With my cock down his throat we gave the slut a good spitroastjng. With his toned anal muscles working my boyfriends cock I could tell by the look on his face it would be seconds before the bottom get his first load. On cue, he had a vocal and satisfying orgasm. I wasted no time taking his place; balls deep inside of his hole. We both took another hot of the poppers and within a minute I was unloading inside of him; while he was coming hands free, soaking the pouch of his jockstrap. With all of our balls emptied he had his clothes back on and was out the door as quickly as he arrived.
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    This year is so different from last.. I went from hit and miss to taking regular loads from a hot daddy and sometimes his friends. Last Friday I he invited me over to skinny dip in his private yard. I got there and he had 4 buds he hangs out with we all sat around the pool and had some drinks .. as the night wore on one had left so it left me with the three of them. I didn’t think much of it since the others were a couple . My daddy went in the house with one of them and I sat outside and was chatting with the other when we started wondering what was taking so long. I joked that they were probably passed out from drinks.. after a while we went in to find my daddy bending over the one guy fucking him.. the other guy grabbed my hand and led me to the couch, I knew he was a top so I knew my place and crawled onto the couch with my ass up in the air. He mounted me, while I was watching my man fucking his boyfriend. He lubed me with his spit which always turns me on and began fucking me hard. My man laughed and said how they both agreed that they would share me from now on as he grunted a load into the other guy.. the guy I was with let go what seemed like forever stream of cum in my ass and held it in until he grew soft. When he was done his boyfriend took over licking the cum off his cock as my man got behind me for round two... through out the night we were used by the two of them..
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    Juste got back from the G I Joe bath House (Montréal) I was planing to get fuck in the glory hole. I love that anon cum dump style... Got sucked and fingered in the steam room By a very large black men. Good kisser too, Then I went for the glory hole in the basement... I got fuck 3 times by various guy and I didn't get to the glory hole. The guys just want to load me in front of everyone... Love that. I did not saw the first loader... I got sucked and blew in the guy's mouth... he almost chock. lol... Men it was good after 2 weeks without any sex. I try once in a wile to stay quiet for a few days and then I get sluty and colecte any load... I love the feel of my ass swelling full of cum... anyone else like that?
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    I was in Rome a while back and i rented a room of a guy in his apartment. Great vintage appartment classic, however, soon as I got in his place, he was deep in my arse and fucked me a few times before dinner. He said he invited a few friends for dinner and in my honour lol. Had dinner, my arse still cummy wet inside, sexual tension was high, i had an idea how this evening would be, even though the wine was flowing, cut to the chase, i was fucked by all 4 blokes in this evening and then my host, did me again and again in the morning. He planned to take me around the city and show me the place which he did, he also said he had a few people homes to call at for some business transactions, he asked about last night genuinly and if i enjoyed it, i said yes, he said i may enjoy today visiting some people, i got his drift.stopped at 4 peoples apartments, really elegant places, sucked two off and got fucked by other two, whilst he wanked didnt come though. Later took me out to dinner, got back after a drink, fucked me twice, slept in my bed, spent the next day taking me round thd city, really nice and knowledgable. Said we would go to a club later, asked me if i would wear a jockstrap under my clothes, it stank sweaty, groiny, i asked he said the previous guys wore it and he likes the scent, i wore it. Long story short he took me to a place a club type place where i just ended up in my used jockstrap getting repeatedly fucked by many guys. Back to his place, slept in his bed and he fucked me, but putting his dick in my mouth at periods eating the cum of it from my fuckings earlier. It was great time airbarebacking.
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    Planned to hit our local “bathhouse” Hyde’s with a married buddy. Got cleaned up and headed over. He had to cancel, but thought it would be busy with the daytime play group that was suppose to be there. I was wrong. Maybe 8 guys. Made out with a few guys. Couple married guys tried to fuck me but insisted on condoms and couldn’t stay hard. Decided to leave and head to the local video booth store. Got sucked by a Mexican but he didn’t want to breed so he left. Then a huge black cock came through the glory hole. I sucked him till he was hard as a rock, turned around and slid down on it. I think he was taken aback he pulled out but I left my ass up at the glory hole and he slide back in. Pumped for 5 min then I felt a nice load fill me up. Pulled up my pants and left. On the way home a buddy hit me up. He’s hot as fuck. Muscles, tattoos, beard and amazing pits!!! I went over he bent me over his weight bench and used my hole. Flipped me over and pounded me “you ready for it” he asked, I grabbed him waist and pulled him deep and he bred me. Was so hot.
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    People are idiots. They don't read profiles, they look at the pic, think the guy is hot, and blaze away texting. You were honest and told them what they needed to know in your ad. Fuck them if they can't/won't/didn't read it. You're also undetectable which means no chance of exposure if you topped or bottomed. You bottomed, which further negates risk aside from STDs. What are they fucking freaking out about?!? If you don't want something then don't bareback! These are the same idiots who get plastered and think they're fine to drive or who text while driving cause they think they're a "good driver". Ignore them...you're not in the wrong. Move on to whatever's next and don't give them a second thought. I don't when I run into the same thing.
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    Last night, I met some friends out for drinks. I parked my car on one of the side streets and hit a more popular microbrewery. The Detroit riverwalk area has a few straight pubs so we did a little hopping. I had already deep cleaned my ass before going out just in case some straight man got some liquid courage to try some ass instead of pussy. Not having eaten, I took my drinking slow, trying a lot of the specialty brews. A lot. Still, by the end of the night, I had a nice buzz and my friends were ready to go their separate ways. I decided to walk to a nearby coney (fast food diner) to help the buzz subside. I figured both the walk and a nice meal would help, and if not, a nap in the car would definitely help. So instead of taking Jefferson, the main road, I took a side road between Jefferson and the river. It was dark and the cool air felt good on my face. Only downside was the occasional drizzle leading to a light fog. I passed a dumpster by an abandoned building when nature called, I needed to take a leak. As I walked around the dumpster, I already had my pants unzipped, dick in hand when I was surprised to see two guys sitting, leaning against the wall, smoking and with a couple of paper-bagged bottles in their hands. The first guy was easily 6’4”, short curled dreads, dark ebony skin, maybe about 240lbs. Second guy was shorter, maybe 5’8”, really skinny, clothes too big for his frame. Both with beards and I noticed their athletic shoes were pretty worn. They didn’t smell too fresh, but I can appreciate a good man scent, either from gym workout or daily sweat. I’m sure I caught them off guard, as well, but it was two of them and one of me. I explained really quickly with slightly slurred speech that I just needed to take a leak. The big guy was gentle with me and said, sorry man, we’re hanging out here, cops don’t mess with us back here but let me take you around the building, show you a place with more privacy. He put his arm around me, looked back at his smaller friend and guided me to the back of the building. I didn’t get a scary vibe from the big guy at all, otherwise I would have taken off in a heartbeat. As he led me behind the building, pointed out that my shoe was untied. I thanked him and knelt down to tie it. He said he had to take a leak too and if I didn’t mind him doing the same. With that, he undid his pants and pulled out a really thick dark tool, about 7” easily, soft and uncut. He pulled the skin back partially and let loose a stream within 2 feet of my face. I just stopped tying my shoe and stared. His stream stopped but he left his dick hanging out. Gently, he pulled my head toward it and said, “open your mouth.” Without waiting, he rubbed his dick on my lips and pushed in. I could smell his masculine scent emanating from his balls just inside his zipper. I loved the way his ounces curled up tight just above his dick and he continued to massage my head as his meat got stiffer in my mouth. Not letting go of my head, mouthful of dick, I heard a voice behind me, the thin second guy. “Everything good?” “Oh Yeah,” the first guy said. “Then maybe it’s my turn to get a little action,” the skinny guy said. While keeping the first guy in my mouth, the little guy lifted me from the ground to where I was basically bent over sucking dick. The skinny guy undid my pants and pulled them to the ground. He then spread my ass cheeks and I felt a hot wet tongue digging deep in my hole. He continued eating my ass for about 5 solid minutes while the big guy’s dick was rock hard in my mouth to the point I was gagging and coughing out spit all over his dick. At this point, his pants were opened more, belt still cinched, but zipper spread, balls pulled out. Scrotum easily about the size of a medium orange, dick about 8-9 inches, 5 around. So the skinny guy stopped eating my ass and I heard the zipper then a thumping of flesh on my bent over ass. Then I heard some more spit being produced, felt my hole being roughly fingered, and then the head of his raw dick push against my hole. OWWWW!!!! The big guy held his dick firmly in my mouth, which kept my scream gagged as the skinny guy slowly pushed inside me. I had no idea how big he was but either for lack of lube or because he was just fucking huge, I could feel my hole being split open. The big guy chuckled gently and said, “damn, you’re gonna make this guy’s hole into a pussy. Never knew your dick was bigger than mine.” At that point, all I could do was accept the fact that I was being spit roasted in a back alley by two huge big black dicked men. (If my boyfriend had any idea, I would be so dead.) I felt the fucker shoot his first load and continue till he shot a second load deep up my ass. I knew it was a lot because I could feel a lot of pulses as he came. He pulled out with a squishy sound and the guy in my mouth pulled out and said, “my turn.” I had basically been nursing the huge guy since I couldn’t do much with something that long and thick. The skinny guy pulled around in front of me and it was then that I saw his size. I’m sure he must have done some damage because he was easily 10-11” long and I’m guessing definitely over 6 inches thick (my bf is 6 inches thick). His dick was slick with his cum and I could taste the damage he had done to my hole. The big guy behind me said, “ain’t no shame in getting a taste of my bruh before I smash.” And I felt his bearded mouth latch onto and literally chew on my puffed out cum coated anus. He pulled back, gave an Mmmmm, and pushed inside me. While he was big, he was nowhere as big as the skinny guy. So it was a little easier to take his dick, but he still stung as he slid in my damaged hole. At this point, I’m now on all 4s resting on a flattened cardboard box. Thick guy is fucking me from behind and skinny guy has his shirt off, pants down and has slid under me in a 69 position. I’m enjoying his softened dick, tasting a mixture of his cum and my damaged hole around his foreskin and musky spit-slickend balls. All the while, the skinny guy is getting a view of the thick guy, pants now around his ankles, giving me a good hard fuck. If anybody caught us fucking out in the open, we would be in a heap of trouble but the cops had more important things to do. I could feel his balls slapping against my ass, and I knew they were loaded. He thrust and long-dicked me for about 10 minutes before finally grunting loud and shoved in deep. I could definitely tell that he came because my cum-slick hole was now even more slick as he finished thrusting the last of his juices. Since I was close, I let the skinny guy continue to suck until I bust my load in his mouth. Big guy was still inside me and gave me a little hug, told me, “I could feel your ass squeeze my dick each time you spurted. That was hot.” I sucked him clean and we got dusted and dressed. I suggested that we go to the diner and I could buy them a meal as thanks for the fun time. They gladly accepted and we walked a few more blocks to the diner. We had a good conversation over the meal and they told me they get ass pretty often from guys like me walking from the bars, but I was the first Mexican guy they ever had. I asked if they could do it again sometime and they responded hell yeah, that if I’d be cool with it, they got a couple other friends who could join in from time to time and where they liked to hang out, under a certain bridge and at a certain park. And if maybe I could help by bringing a little something to drink and eat, they would be happy. Deal. Buzz gone, we left and we went our different ways but not before they pointed out my ass had a wet spot. Hot.
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    When I was in college I worked on campus in the shipping and receiving dept. The full time employees there were all middle aged str8 guys. They suspected I was gay and gave me a lot of ribbing about it. But two of the guys would kind of tone down the ribbing in exchange for me sucking and bottoming for them. During the lunch hour when the boss was always out of the building these two guys would make me suck, rim and bottom for them. It was always raw. One was a tall, muscular, buff, Hawaiian guy. He had a huge, thick, uncut cock. Would really pound me deep. He'd call me "Mahu". A Hawaiian term for gay. Or a person that embodies both masculine or feminine spirits. The Hawaiian guy could fuck for 20 or 30 minutes before cumming in me. The other guy was just a rough, redneck, bully type of guy. His dick wasn't very big. But he'd pound me hard and would cum very quickly. The redneck guy usually fucked me first. Then the Hawaiian guy would have an already cum lubed hole to pound until lunch hour was over.
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    I've never shared this story with anyone, but I've never been so horny in my entire life since I created an account here reading all the hot stories, so felt it's a good time to share. True story here, this happened to me when I was very young. At the time I barely knew how sex worked, never had a real bf, and had just sucked and been fucked maybe a couple times. I grew up in a different country so there was a sort of craigslist equivalent there. One day I posted an ad saying that I was "looking for a bf" (yeah, right), and got tons of replies. But one in particular stood out. It was an older guy, I forget his age but probably in his 50ies so almost 3x my age. He said he was looking for a young boyish twink and wanted to take me to a hotel and make love to me like a woman and that he would pay me for it if I let him do what he wants. First I was offended and frankly disgusted and didn't even reply. But I kept thinking about it for some reason. Something about the thought of being treated like a woman as he said turned me on a lot. And also the idea of having another man paying me to be able to use me as he wants was very sexy to me, while still feeling it was degrading. After a week or 2 of thinking about it constantly, I decided it was time to give it a try and replied. The man replied almost instantly, saying I made the right choice and that he would take good care of me. We chatted a bit and convened to meet on a following Friday where he would pick me up not far from my place after I was done with school, take me to the hotel to spend the night, and drop me back at my place the next day. We didn't really discuss much what we were going to do, even though I asked multiple times, but he just said I had to be obedient and do what he says. I was SO nervous on the day he picked me up. I'm already very shy by nature, so you can imagine I was a nervous wreck going in a complete stranger's car and being his "woman" for the night. When I got in he was literally devouring me with his eyes. Said he was glad I was very twinky as he likes his boys looking innocent. The drive to the hotel felt like forever, but I don't think it was more than a 20-30 mins drive. It was way out of town near a highway, and I was very nervous arriving there and almost backed out. He probably saw I was nervous because he told me not to worry, that he'd be gentle and I'd have a good time, and that helped me relax a little. Once inside he wasted no time and as soon as the door closed he started kissing me passionately. I had never kissed a man at the time so it felt really weird. He was very forceful about it too. Then he removed my shirt, and told me to kneel in front of him. I had an instant of hesitation and he told me to hurry up, and I obliged. He was still dressed then, and didn't even bother undressing, and just unuzipped and pulled out his cock and told me to kiss it and smell it and tell him how beautiful it is. Now I was not a total stranger to cock at the time as I had blown I think 2 guys and been fucked twice too, but it had always been after long makeout sessions with lots of cuddling and sweet words and all that. So finding myself like this on my knees with a stranger's cock in front of me felt really uncomfortable. I probably managed to lick and usher a few words uncomfortably about his cock, and I like the he kept ruffling my hair and gently rubbing his hands over my face. I felt very vulnerable and liked the attention he was giving me while I made his cock go from limp to hard. When he got fully hard though his attitude changed. What was once gentle ruffling of my blond hair became fists who grabbed my hair and held my head in place. He told me to open my mouth, and didn't even ask me to suck him - instead he pushed his cock all the way down my throat while keeping my head still. I was pretty shocked then, had never had a cock in my throat before. I was gagging a lot and asked me to stop, but he told me if I want to satisfy him and serve like a woman I have to get used to it and that I should stop complaining. Still in shock, I did my best but probably wasn't very good at it, although I remember him saying he liked to hear me gag. After a while he probably got bored or likely there was too much teeth, and he told me it was time to make a real woman out of me. He put me back on my feet and went back to kissing me intensely, but this time one of his hands started playing with my hole and he started fingering me roughly. It hurt and he wasn't gentle about it, but we stayed like this for a while and my hole started loosening after a while. He put me on the bed on my back, lifted my legs and started approaching me with his erect cock getting clearly ready to enter me. This is when I started fighting back and telling him I didn't want to get fucked without a condom. He was actually very nice about it, stopped for a minute, told me he just fucks his wife and he's only been with very few twinks, and that I had nothing to be worried about. I was still hesitant, but figured I could trust him, so I went back in position. He entered me slowly while caressing my chest. He clearly had no interest in my cock, but he pinched my nipples hard while entering me. It didn't hurt so bad because he had fingered me well before, but felt very different to the couple times I had been fucked with a condom. He started fucking me harder and harder, telling me sweet words, caressing me gently, I really felt like a woman that time. His constant pinching of my nipples, and the feeling of his raw cock going inside and outside of me made me shoot my load very quick all over myself. He lasted a few minutes after that, and he had a deep groan and said things along the lines that I was now his boy and that my ass was his. Then he collapsed on me and passionately kissed me for a while before we fell asleep. He fucked me 3 other times that night, as I found myself woken up by his raw cock entering me and I just took it. Come morning after a last fuck he told me it was great and that he would love to see me regularly. He insisted on paying me for this, saying that I had been very obedient and I deserved it. Took me back to my place, and not an hour later messaged me to see if I was available the very next Friday for the same thing. I ended up seeing him for several months almost every week. He brought me gifts sometimes like pieces of underwear or t-shirts that made me look cute, and he was always paying me for it. Inside my head I was turned on by the idea of giving up my ass raw in exchange of that, even if that felt wrong. After a few months I moved to a bigger town for college so we couldn't meet anymore. He emails me a few times asking how things were going and if I was coming back for the holidays, but we kinda lost contact after a bit. He's the first I've let fuck me bareback, and the only one I've let do that before a loooong time. I was thinking about these memories fondly as I just had my first anon cumdump scene last weekend, and I think it was a great introduction for me to bareback sex. I regret nothing, except the fact that it took me many years after this to accept going back to bareback. This was a bit of a longer post than I anticipated, but I hope you'll find it interesting as this is the story the way I remember it. I've actually never told this story to anyone, there's a bit of a stigma with it being first bareback and then being paid for it, so I've kept it to myself, but this felt like a good place to share it for the first time.
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    Finally got bred by a dominant DWM guy who’s hits me up every few weeks when he’s in town to see his kids. He’s stocky and tatted, and He typically face fucks a load down my throat while whacking the side of my face calling me his cocksucker, etc. He has fucked me before but has insisted on condoms, and finished off in my mouth. This time started out the same with rough face fucking, then he turned around and had me rim him. His ass was clean but with a hot BO smell that made me crazy! He turned back for more sucking, reaching down to feel my prelubed ass (I was hoping, lol). He must have noticed the lube and condom on the table. He had me bend over while he slipped on the sabotaged rubber, then jammed his shirt fat cock in my ass. He ride me good, slapping my ass and grabbing my shoulders to push in harder. He pulled out a minute and the condom was sliding off. Might have ripped from my sabotaging it. I reached under, pointing his now bare cock back toward my hole. To my surprise, he went in bare and began pounding in earnest. Must have felt much better cuz soon he was grunting and holding his Cock deep in my ass. When he finally pulled out, I whipped around like Barishnokov and cleaned up his juice covered cock with my mouth. Then he was gone, and I fingered my dripping hole.
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    Traveling this weekend I decided to stay the night in Atlanta so I booked a room at the Red Roof Inn Plus. Got settled in at 6pm, showered posted on Grindr Anon bb ⬇️124 as my profile ID. Within minutes a 45 year old guy who apparently was hanging around the hotel message with a dick pic, I sent an ass pic and within 10 minutes he was pounding me ass up face down with a blindfold on. 5 minutes he came inside me. After that six more guys came through to breed me. Then a 26 year old athletic muscular guy with a big dick messaged and came over for anon ass up face down while blindfolded. While I was sucking his dick he pulled the blindfold off of me and God he was hot. He started to pound me from behind for a while then flipped me over on my back and pounded me for a while longer before breeding me. I showered and headed to Manifest about 1:30 in the morning. It was a slow night at Manifest but I was watching a mid-20s guy get pounded from behind and bred. Another guy standing around watching was in his mid-40s toned muscular body with a huge 8 1/2 in thick dick. He looked at me and I bent over and as he slide in me even after taking all the dicks earlier I was like oh fuck he's big. After a hit or two of poppers I relaxed and he pumped my ass for about 2 minutes. I saw him a few minutes later in another area and told him that felt good and asked if he wanted to go more. He said yeah I'll catch up with you in a minute. We saw each other walking around and went to the room up front with the beds and left the door open. As we started kissing he asked if he was going to be able to breed me and I said of course. I bent over the raised bed and he started pounding me from behind. We moved up on top of the bed with him on top of me my legs over his shoulders and he pounded me and I lost track of time. I could tell with his thrusts and look on his face he was about to cum and I told him to breed me, breed that fuck hole about the time he unleashed his load inside of me. We kissed and talked about how great it felt. I left not long after went to the hotel and crashed. Next morning pulled up grinder 42 year old muscular black guy want to do anonymous ass up face down he came over and dropped a load pretty quick. Then a 41 year old athletic muscular white guy who was hot came over, kissed and we fucked for a while in a couple different positions before he put me on my back legs over his shoulders and eventually bred me. Then it was time to check out and leave.
  41. 6 points
    Just finished a 5 some. Stinky and full of cum if you're around and want to cum fuck me more, can host. wickr nickbttm or 315 892 1561
  42. 6 points
    First repeat with a well-hung top that's a bit of a drive from me. He's got a fat 8" cock according to him. When we first started chatting last year all his profiles I came across referred to being safe/condom use etc. and the first fuck was bare, but he didn't breed me. Last night was different, it was full on bare and I rode the cum out of his cock. Wish he lived closer, be fun to fuck regularly. Definitely worth the drive thoguh
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    First time trying chem sex I went over to the house of a couple that I knew used tina regularly. We had played a few times before, but I had never tried their “stuff”. They are both older than me, but not by too much. The bottom of the couple was the oldest, and had a decent body, looked like he used to work out. He loved to tweak out, turned him on that his dick shrunk on it too. The top was closer to my age, black guy with a belly. His cock was not the biggest, but he knew how to use it. He was so turned on by my bubble butt the first time I came over, he wanted to fuck it all night. I liked sucking both their cocks even if the bottom of the couple couldn’t get hard because of crystal dick. Finally after knowing them for several months and deciding I wanted to try something more than just vanilla play, especially while they got high. I messaged them and asked if they would like to have another hot night together. I told them I wanted to try their stuff this time. They agreed, even though they didn’t have a lot of supplies. I came over with some of my gear. The bottom and I put on some spandex gear to take some pics in together, just a little fun. Then they let me try some of their party supplies, and we used some poppers that I brought. It took me several tries to get it right, I’d never smoked much before. But they were patient and taught me how to take good hits off their pipe. I sucked both of their cocks eagerly, and then got on the bed and the top fucked me good while I sucked the bottoms cock and he huffed my poppers and occasionally giving me a huff too. In between fuck sessions the bottom would go in another room to jack off his “micro” dick. Sometimes I stayed with the top and continued getting fucked in various positions. Other times I’d follow the bottom into the other room and suck his cock while recording it on my phone. They let me take as many hits off their pipe as I wanted. Before I knew it I was begging to have more from their pipe and their cocks. Eventually I was so high on tina and poppers I was laying on the bed, barely able to move, hoping they would use my hole. The top always accommodated and fucked me hard. It was so hot. Eventually we ran out of supplies. We tried to find someone that could sell us some, but all their suppliers were not around or out of stuff. We played a little more, but finally decided to call it a night. I got home so late, feeling very used, but in a good slutty way. I lost contact with those guys, but so wish I could meet up with them again. ===== Wanted to add that while on their parTy supplies my dick shrunk smaller than when it's normally soft. I don't know why but it turned me on so much. It was like a chemical chastity device. I could play with it all I liked but the best I could hope for was semi hard, not even half as hard as I usually am. It made me such a slutty bottom. I actually was the one that started calling it a micro dick. Made the bottom guy laugh some when I came up with that. Mine crystal dick was even smaller than his. I'm not huge under normal situations, but a good 6 inches when hard. Wish I could parTy with a group. If it had the same affect on me, shrinking my dick and revving up my slutty submissive side to a 100 I wouldn't be able to have enough dick in me. I don't know how to make that dream happen, but if anyone has suggestions just let me know.
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    I think chasing and pozzing have to be separated first Pre and post PreP. Pre PreP I think chasing arose from the massive anxiety of those who went though the AIDS crises and saw a lot of their friends die from contracting HIV and it Turning to Aids. This built up a lot of anxiety in the gay community because one it massively limited sexual interaction among men and two the fear of catching the virus. All that anxiety needed to be release so I think the mentality if I catch it at least I don't have to worry about living in constant fear. For gifters at that time I think it stemmed from the anger and uncertainty of their own pozzing. Most cases I have heard of HIV transmission ( i'm talking1980-1990s) either it was from an anonymous hookup or it was in a relationship. These two instances have one thing in common a betray of trust. You have to remember around that time AIDS was a practically viewed as a death sentence. So it's a lot to come to terms with one day your fine and the next day ( when you get your diagnosis) you little are slatted to die. There a lot of anger that comes with that. As we move into the 90s there was the heavy safe sex campagne that still used shock value and the fear of death to promote safe condom sex. The problem with that technique is that if you use slogans like " don't have unprotected sex you have a lot to live for". What happens when you don't? You're life is going to shit, or you're a chronic drug users these messages will have the opposite effect to people in those situations. They won't care to protect them self and might even seek out getting infected as a form or self harm. I think this is where pozzing and the death fetishization started to coincide. Post PreP I think chasing and pozzing has more turned into a fetish about sharing and becoming one. Very similar to breeding fetishes men have, even going as far as taking about getting knocked up when you dam well know a man can't get pregnant but it doesn't have to make sense because it's about the connection two becoming one. I Hear even Pos undetectable guys using pozzing "dirty" talk when they know the can't get infected. So I don't think it's as simple as saying pozzing and chasing sub culture is about self harm.
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    Not Airbnb but the gay owner of a straight B&B in Rome fucked me twice while I was there. Same with a bear couple in Florence where I rented a room. And the guy in London who rented his apartment to tourists (through a london gay owned agency) made me suck him off.
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    Do I think it is some kind of bio-weapon, nope. Research has shown it was around in the Belgian Congo (modern day Democratic Republic of the Congo /Zaire) in the early 1900s, having jumped species from primates to humans. It may have even started in the late 1800s. And as Ranger Rick and drscorpio pointed out, once there was a large enough concentration of men engaging in anal sex, which is one of the easiest methods of transmission, it was basically like flicking a match into a pool of gasoline. Add to that easy methods of travel (aircraft and cars) it was able to move around to new areas very quickly.
  47. 5 points
    I had three of them once, but the rest of the times it was just 1 or 2. I think they liked what I was offering, they showed up with hard-ons most of the time, just thinking about what was ahead. Most of the time it was quick, these guys couldn't hold their loads long.
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    Well I know this is an old thread but I thought I would give you an update. I finally went through with trying gay sex for the first time. I decided to hire an escort a few months ago as I thought it would be the easiest and most discrete way to experiment. I absolutely loved sucking cock and getting fucked. The feeling of a real cock in my arse was amazing and so much better than toys. It’s so warm and hard but also more forgiving than a toy. My arse was gaping at the end of it because the size of the cock. It really hurt to begin with but after a few minutes I really got into it. I felt so empty when he pulled out having finished. It was with a condom so I have no idea what it really feels like to be bred but I could feel him inside the condom in my arse and it felt great. I had no interest in kissing or being affectionate but I loved bottoming and getting fucked. It made me realise I am straight but I keep finding myself thinking of cock inside me and how much I want it again. I have a feeling I will probably do it again at some point but I think I will stick with escorts so I can get exactly what I want.
  49. 5 points
    The problem is it's never ENOUGH. As soon as I cum I feel a few seconds of relief but already my balls start to refill and I go back into fuck mode. It takes GREAT restraint to cum once and go, it's a full time occupation being a multiple cummer
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    Part 2… Travelling with Brian was always an experience. He was a massive exhibitionist, which usually involved me showing more of myself than I would have personally liked. He would always get me to wear something that would signal to those in the know that I was into piggy sex and that I was a sub. On this occasion, I was wearing flip flops (thongs to the Aussies) and a very loosely cut Treasure Island Media vest. It was one of those ones that left a huge area from the armpit to below the waist exposed on either side. This was paired with loose baggy shorts that sagged a little on my slim hips. I had a Treasure Island Media cap on to complete the look. I actually feel more exposed in these clothes than when I am naked. Even clearing security was a challenge - my piercings and chastity device were usually ok going though security but occasionally I would have to explain my hardware to a smirking security guard. Fortunately, on this occasion, I was clear. But the nervousness would inevitably leave a trickle of sweat down my chest, on my hairline or pits and I almost always caught the appreciative stares of women and more than a few men. We got onto the plane; Brian always took the aisle seat and I always got the middle… just one of the perks of being the sub, I suppose… As I placed our baggage in the overhead locker, the fella sitting at the window looked on appreciatively as my vest rode up my torso, giving him a glimpse of my treasure trail. His eyes widened when he saw my biohazard tatt and I saw him adjust hsimself as he looked at me. He also saw my other tatts... When I lift my right arm, I have a Treasure Island tatt and when I lift my left, I have a scorpion - both on my rib cage. I sat down in the middle and Brian sat down next to me, making sure to place his arm squarely on the arm rest, forcing me to lean slightly into the guy to my left. We made some small talk as I noticed he was wearing a CrossFit themed t-shirt from a competition I had done the previous month and we hit it off almost immediately. Brian got up to use the rest room and my neighbour - whose name was Scott - lifted his shirt to reveal his own biohazard tatt. “What’s the deal with your mate?” he asked me. “He’s my master,” I replied, hoping this was not going to get awkward. Scott smirked at me and told me he’d be speaking to my master later. Brian returned and sat down with a mischievous expression on his face and I knew something was up. He reached into his backpack and took out a bottle with golden liquid in it and handed it to me. It was warm to the touch and I instantly knew what he had gone to the bathroom for. “Sip it slowly,” Brian instructed me and I opened the bottle and took my first swig. It had a bitter, chemical taste to it and I knew he had probably laced it with tina. It was the easiest way to transport party favours. Dilute them in a small amount of water in a bottle. Then, all you need to do is add some more water or add some lube to use it. Airport security never checks the bottles. Each time any of the airline staff walked past, I would screw the top on tight and place the bottle in the seat pocket. All I was fucking short of was one of the staff finding out what was going on. Half way through the bottle, Brian handed me a small satchel and told me to go to the bathroom myself. I placed the bottle into the seat pocket and went to the bathroom. As soon as I locked the door and opened the satchel, I saw the quad mix injection inside. I always hated doing this bit myself. I knew Brian wanted me to use the whole dose, so I stuck the needle into the middle of my cock, drew back the plunger to make sure I was not in a vein, and depressed the plunger. The satchel also contained a few wires that I know would plug into the chastity device. My chastity deveice is similar to this one, but it has some special modifications: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/3in1-Male-Chastity-Cock-Cage-Anal-Plug-Penis-Plug-Penis-Lock-Device-With-Removable-Urethral-Sounding/32704282307.html The device has a urethral sound that goes down my urethra (thank God not all the way to the bladder - that would be awkward and I hope Brian never gets one of those for me to wear in public!) It attaches to an ass lock that goes all the way into my arse and then expands, giving me a very full feeling and keeping almost constant pressure on my prostate. One wire would plug into the sound and the other into the arse lock. I applied the wires and tried to hide the evidence as best I could. With shaking hands, I put all the supplies back into the satchel and started to make my way back to my seat. The Tina-laced piss had started to affect me and I was sweating lightly… again, wearing that damned vest made every damned drop visible and I know people would be able to smell me if they got too close. I looked towards the section where Brian and Scott would be waiting for me and I saw them deep in conversation. “This cannot be fucking good,” I thought, but there is little point to complaining. Just before I sat down, Brian and Scott got up to go to the bathroom themselves. I sat down, stewing quietly. I knew something was up. Brian grabbed his backpack from the overhead locker and handed a small device to Scott and then one to me. https://www.mr-s-leather.com/sex-toys/electro-play/power-boxes-electro-play/remote-control-power-box Click the link to see what it was - a fucking remote control, linked to a power box into which the two wires would plug. Some fucking random stranger now controlled the electro stimulation on my dick and in my arse. “Fuck… this is hot,” I thought. I trusted Brian - he knew how to press all my buttons and he had only got better as our relationship had progressed. I felt a light buzzing and knew Scott had turned the power up on the power box. It certainly had the range to be effective even from the toilets. I reached into the seat pocket to grab the tina laced piss but could not find the bottle. Thinking that an air steward had found it, I fought a wave of panic and a fresh wave of nervous sweat. After about ten minutes (which felt like a fucking lifetime), Scott returned.I had to stand up to allow him to access his seat. As he sat down, I saw him take the remote out and start to crank out the voltage. Soon I was squirming and fought not to cry out as I took my own seat. Between the tina laced piss, the electro and the very public unravelling of my mind, I was sweating steadily. I lifted my cap and saw the damp stains around the brim and knew that anyone who looked closely would see I was perspiring by this stage quite heavily. Brian returned (I had lost count of how many minutes he had been away because I was too occupied with not moaning with all the attention my cock and arse were getting. After Brian sat down, he handed me a bottle and, with relief, realised they had taken the bottle when they left earlier. Relief was short lived, though... I looked at the liquid swirling around. The bottle was full again, and I could see the unmistakable swirl of cum in the piss - definitely two loads of cum, and more piss from both of them. Scott smirked at me as I took a swig. “Down it,” he ordered and I finished the entire bottle almost immediately. Brian took out his phone and typed in the notes, “that was one point!” Holy fuck - I was going to be wired by the time we landed. Brian reached up and closed all three air vents above our seats and Scott and Brian both leaned in towards me. I had started to fly a little and my body temp had definitely started to rise. As I mentioned, this was pressing all my buttons. Brian reached out and took the remote from Scott. The remote has a “boost” button which increases the power for one second by 25%… he pressed it and was all I could do not to yell out. The tina had affected my dick but the quad mix was working hard to counteract that. I had felt my dick try to harden. I winced as the sound was pressed deeper into my urethra as my cock hardened and it soon reached the limit of what the chastity cage would allow. Each time I moved, the electrodes would move slightly, too, which, as anyone with any experience playing with electro knows, can be quite uncomfortable. After about twenty minutes of this kind of stimulation, Brian took the control back from Scott and turned off the electro. I sagged back in relief. I leaned forward and knew that the back of my vest was saturated. Thanks to the design of the damned vest, I knew that the waist band of my shorts was saturated as well and the ball cap I was wearing showed signs of some fairly heavy sweating too. Getting off this plane was going to be embarrassing. I only hoped I had enough control to get through this without humiliating myself…

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