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    Part 66 - Cum Again? It was a nice spring day but Steven was trapped in a lecture hall. Two hundred of his closest classmates listening and typing or scribbling down notes of a boring economics lecture. He felt his phone vibrate and a few minutes more he got the reminder. Ryan knew his schedule so unless it was an emergency knew not to disturb him. A few more minutes and his phone vibrated again. “Shit!” he said to himself. As discreetly as he could, he pulled his phone out of his pocket and saw the notifications. Two messages from Mr. Snyder. “Double shit!” he said silently. He opened the messages and read: 2:37: I need your services tonight. 7pm. 2:41: You have the night off from the restaurant “Oh fuck. What is happening now?” Steven thought. It had been five days since his last meeting with Mr. Snyder and his boy, but it was a Monday night and the restaurant would be slow. He typed out “ok. where do I meet driver?” A few seconds later he got a response - “In front of your apartment.” Steven had never said where he had lived and the two previous times he had gone to Mr. Snyder’s house he was picked up in front of the restaurant. Obviously Mr. Snyder knew more about Steven than he thought. He finished the class and then texted Ryan and told him about the messages. “Steven, he has a lot of contacts around town. He probably knows everything about you. He even knew you were mostly a top, since he wanted you to fuck him at the first meeting” Ryan said when they met up at the apartment. Steven had confided in Ryan about the two meetings and what happened at both. Mr. Snyder had told him not to tell anyone about it, but Steven trusted his boyfriend completely and Ryan had promised not to tell anyone else. Ryan got ready for work and walked over to the restaurant alone, something he hadn’t done in a while. He felt lonely without Steven by his side, but he hoped that Steven would be all over him later when they got home. Ryan walked into he restaurant and clocked in. The manager walked up and said “Your buddy has some pretty powerful friends. I let him off tonight, but if he continues to be called away, he won’t be working here much longer. You will be working both yours and his jobs tonight.” Ryan nodded and replied “OK, I will let him know. I don’t think it was his choice, though.” It was a double punch, since Ryan had to do twice as many tables and the other wait staff was pissed at him since he was getting twice the tips. They would be no help to him at all. Steven showered, cleaned out and was dressed by 6:45pm. He popped a little blue pill and waited nervously before he walked downstairs a few minutes before 7pm. He waited only a few seconds and the familiar big silver SUV pulled up. The driver opened the door for him and he got inside. When he got to Mr. Snyder’s house, he walked up to the front door and wondered who would greet him this time - Mr. Snyder or Will or maybe someone else. He rang the bell and a few seconds later, Mr. Snyder opened the door. “Welcome, boy. I am glad you came tonight. Follow me” Mr. Snyder said. Steven followed him through the hall to the doorway that he went through the previous time. They went down the stairs and hallway to the same room. Steven followed him in and found Will on the cross, his hands and ankles locked down. He saw four lashes on his back, each having drawn blood at some point but were starting to scab over. “We had an issue after our last session. I would have preferred you to have kept your secret hidden, but Will here is quite observant” Mr. Snyder said. “He unfortunately told a few of the other boys and two of them left. I guess my benevolence and promise to care for them was not enough. The others, while scared, are willing to follow through.” Steven nodded, realizing that Mr. Snyder knew of his status before their first meeting. “As you can see, I had to punish Will for his indiscretion. As I warned you, I will not tolerate anyone talking about our meetings to others. Now, I want you to give me one more dose of your demon seed” Mr. Snyder said as he removed his robe and climbed on the fuck bench. Steven’s mouth was dry at the sight of Will. With the comment from Mr. Snyder, he realized that his services would probably not be needed after that night. He took his clothes off and approached Mr. Snyder. There was a small bottle of lube under the bench and he picked it up and applied some to his stiffening cock. He dripped some onto Mr. Snyder’s hole and worked it in with two fingers. He grabbed the elder’s hips and rested the tip of his cock on the hole. Looking down, he saw a large rash on Mr. Snyder’s back and he was sweating already. He reached forward and put his hands around the sides of Mr. Snyder’s neck and felt the swollen glands. Steven smiled and slammed his now hard cock into Mr. Snyder’s pussy. He heard a loud grunt but ignored it. Mr. Snyder may be rich and powerful, but Steven knew he now owned his ass. It was his bug that would now haunt Mr. Snyder forever. The grin on his face was large and getting larger, just as the thrusts got longer and harder. He could feel Mr. Snyder trying to slide away from the assault Steven was making on his ass, but Steven pulled him back on his outward strokes. Their bodies slapped together and he almost wished that Will could watch him pound his master’s hole. Steven couldn’t remember his cock leaking as much as it was now and soon it almost sounded like he was fucking a cum filled hole. He moved his hips around, forcing his cock to jab into different parts of Mr. Snyder’s chute. He could see Mr. Snyder’s back covered in sweat and his chest heave from Steven’s onslaught. He pulled out and shoved three fingers in, twisting them around roughly and gouging his fingernails in. After a half dozen twists he drove his cock back in and hammered away until he could feel the load start to rise. He ended with three slow slams into the abused pussy and then the shots of toxic seed invaded Mr. Snyder’s ass once again. Each throb of his cock added another dose of his virus, making sure that Mr. Snyder would never shoot another neg load. Steven leaned over his back, feeling the fevered skin against his own and whispered “Welcome to the club.” He unceremoniously pulled his cock out of Mr. Snyder’s pussy and looked for a rag. He heard the gasps and wheezing from Mr. Snyder followed by a raspy cough. “Thank you Steven for your gift. I would like you to rest a moment and then give Will as many loads as you can muster.” Steven chuckled and let the cum drip off his cock on to the floor. He rested about ten minutes, looking back and forth between Will and his master. It was an uncomfortable silence, but they really had nothing to talk about. He walked over and looked Will over. The skin was broken where the leather had slammed against his skin and the red abrasion was at least two inches wide on each of the four wounds. He wondered if the resulting scar would ever fully heal on the boy’s formerly unblemished skin. His hand hovered over the marks and he could feel the heat emanating from them. It wasn’t as hot as Mr. Snyder’s skin currently was, but he knew it was a matter of time until Will would experience the flu too. He leaned in to Will and whispered “You’ll be poz soon, just like me. Don’t fear it. Enjoy your new found power and freedom.” He pressed his cock between the butt cheeks and pushed in. He felt Will relax his hole and his cum covered fuck stick slid into the tight hole. He tried not to touch his chest against Will’s back to spare him further agony, so he put his hands on his shoulders and started to rock his hips. He could hear Will whimper and sob as his cock drove in and out of his boi hole. In only a few minutes, he was pounding away, his body bouncing off the firm butt. Steven leaned in and whispered “Tell me what you want.” He heard a couple more sobs and then a mumble. “What? I couldn’t hear that” Steven said back quietly. “Poz me with your cum” Will whimpered. Steven fucked a little harder but hearing the words from Will was enough to trigger his orgasm. Steven pushed in deep and then felt his cock pulse as the infected jizz flooded Will’s abused cunt. He stood there as the shots faded and left his hard dick-pill enhanced cock inside. It kept the cum from escaping and Steven loved the feeling of Will’s hole wrapped around his stiff cock. He rested there, the heavy breaths on Will’s neck soon tempered back to normal and the body contact seemed to have soothed Will down. The sobs were gone and there were just slow, deliberate breaths. He knew that Mr. Snyder’s eyes were watching every move he made, but he really didn’t care. This was about his enjoyment as much as it was about Mr. Snyder’s desire to watch his sub get pozzed. Steven started to rock his hips again and he heard Will gasp. He figured he would be able to dump one more load into Will. It wouldn’t be a large load, but one more couldn’t hurt. As he got into a full stroke fuck, he heard Will moan instead of whimper. He fucked faster and then slower, slow and hard and then slow and gentle but he could only last so long. He hammered away for a few minutes and just as he thought he was going to shoot, he felt Will’s hole spasm around his cock. He knew that Will was shooting one of his last neg loads hands free with a toxic poz cock about to breed him again. Steven swore that the cum was being sucked out of his balls by Will’s orgasm. There were four or five spurts of charged seed that shot into Will, but that was all his body had at the moment. Part of him wished he could stay for several more hours and add a few more loads to Will's cunt, but realized that he was better off ending this now. Steven pulled out after both of them recovered and spotted a butt plug next to the cross. He pushed it into the throbbing hole, sealing in all of his juices to soak in and become part of Will. He walked over and presented his cum covered cock to Mr. Snyder who was still laying on the bench and he half heartedly started to lick it clean. Steven put his hand on his head and pushed in deeper and then started to fuck his face. After a few minutes, Steven was satisfied that his cock was clean enough and pulled out. “Thank you sir. It has been a pleasure and I hope you got everything you wanted” Steven said as he started to put his clothes on. “Thank you Steven. The driver will have your payment” Mr. Snyder replied. Steven found his way out and walked up to the SUV. He figured this would be the last time and he was both glad it was over and sad that the easy money was no longer his for the taking. He climbed in back and the driver closed the door. They drove back to Steven’s apartment and he grabbed the envelope off the seat. The door opened and Steven got out. “I hope you enjoyed your night, sir” said the driver and he walked into the apartment building. Ryan was flying from table to table to kitchen to bar to table. He had only gotten through half of his shift and was exhausted. He seemed to have a couple minutes to get a drink and rest a moment. He gulped down three glasses of water and was still thirsty. One of the busboys came up and said to him quietly “You look really hot when you’re sweaty.” Ryan did a double take and looked back at the guy. He never had thought the guy was gay and he had worked with him for two years. He smiled back at the guy and said “I prefer to sweat from other activities than this.” He heard the bell ding indicating another order was ready and he assumed it was probably one of his, so his break was over and he headed back to the kitchen. The second half of his shift was a little slower and when the last table left he slumped into a chair. “Still got work to do, Ryan” the manager said. His brief break over, he finished up his duties and finally walked out the back door. Leaning next to a car was the busboy from earlier. Ryan was tired and the last thing on his mind right now was fucking a bi-curious busboy. The guy motioned him over and handed him a lit joint. Ryan took a hit and passed it back. “You want to show me your favorite way to sweat?” the guy asked Ryan. “Lenny, I doubt you could take it. Have you ever been fucked by a guy? I thought you were straight” Ryan replied. “Yeah I have. I don’t limit myself to chicks or guys. I like both. You haven’t seen me checking you out the past couple years? I’m hurt” Lenny said with a chuckle. “Why tonight? Cant you see I’m beat?” Ryan asked. “Well, your friend Steven wasn’t here tonight, so I thought I might have a chance. All ya gotta do is bend over, drop your pants and let me do all the work” Lenny said. “You’re fuckin’ nuts. The only guy that fucks me is Steven. With any other guy, I’m the top” Ryan said. “Uh… I guess, for you, I would take it. I’ve wanted to fuck with you a long time” Lenny answered. Ryan sighed. He figured that Steven had been fucking all night long and would probably not want to fool around when he got home. He looked at Lenny and his puppy dog eyes and said “Ok, where. We gotta make it a quickie though.” Lenny’s eyes lit up and he motioned for Ryan to follow him. Ryan followed him to the back of the parking lot next to a shed and Lenny unbuttoned his pants. “Where? Here? Uh… I dunno” said Ryan. Lenny pushed his pants and underwear down and bent over the trunk of a car. “Here. You just gotta be quiet” he said. Ryan rolled his eyes and then looked at the hot ass bent over just begging to be fucked. “You got a condom?” Ryan asked. “No, man. I fuck bare. I won’t get pregnant, I promise” Lenny said. Ryan laughed and shook his head. “You may get pregnant if I breed you” Ryan thought to himself. Ryan’s cock had sprung to life as soon as he saw how eager Lenny was to get fucked. He pulled his cock out and stroked it completely hard. He spit down on the shaft and rubbed it in and then moved behind Lenny. He pulled his ass apart and spit on the hole. He figured Lenny probably wasn’t prepared to get fucked and this wasn’t going to be the cleanest of fucks. Rather than get some shit on his fingers, let his cock push the spit inside. He dropped two gobs on the hole and worked it just inside with the tip of his cock. He added two more and then pressed in. “Breathe deep and relax, Lenny” Ryan whispered. He nudged his cock over and over until he felt the hole start to open. He rocked a little harder and felt the head pop inside. “Oh, fuck” Lenny said wearily. Ryan knew that Lenny’s hole was tight and he was really gonna feel this fuck for a day or two. Ryan pumped his cock in a few times, pulled out and added more spit. Ryan pushed his cock back inside and began to work it in deeper. He could tell Lenny was in pain, but he wanted to fuck, cum and get out of there before they got caught. The strokes got longer and with a hard shove, felt his pubes against Lenny’s ass. “Fuck!” Lenny quietly yelled out. “Shhh” Ryan said, holding his cock deep in Lenny’s cunt. After a minute, he really started fucking Lenny. It was gentle for the first minute, but Ryan was giving almost all seven inches of his cut cock and he got harder with each stroke. He was trying not to slam into Lenny’s ass for fear of the noise, but other than that is was full strokes. The risk of getting caught had excited Ryan more than he thought it would. It had been less than ten minutes since his cock first got inside Lenny, but Ryan needed to cum. He fought it off for another minute, but then shoved all the way in and felt his cum shoot with an intensity that he hadn’t had in a while. Gobs of diseased cream plastered the walls of Lenny’s colon and when the shots subsided, Ryan fucked his cock a few more times to make sure every surface was covered. He pulled his cock out and saw Lenny still leaning over the car, panting. There was a large blob of cum on the ground where Lenny had shot his own load sometime during the fuck. Ryan laughed and pulled up his underwear and let it soak up the cum on his cock. He zipped his pants and said “Thanks dude. Let me know if its a boy or girl” and walked towards the apartment.
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    True Story. It was a cloudier day as the cruise ship headed south from Florida into the Caribbean Sea. The air was relatively warm, but the winds were strong and few men on the gay cruise were using the deck chairs. Shane figured it was a perfect opportunity for a spa day. He headed down to the spa after a late breakfast, bringing a book to read and his swimsuit. The spa was already busy, with men in the large aqua lounge with the giant spa tub, a bubbling shower area in the center of the tub, and submerged lounge chairs. Shane stowed his shirt, shorts, and flip flops in a locker, wearing just a blue / black bikini swimsuit that accentuated his ass and revealed a hefty pouch in the front. His black hair was cropped short, and his skin had already begun to tan with a few days in Fort Lauderdale prior to the ship setting said. His chest was thickly sculpted and covered with a fine layer of fur and quarter-sized nipples. His trunk tapered to a narrower waist, and his legs were solid muscle from a lifetime of athleticism. Shane sunk into the heated warm, allowing it to work on his muscles. The area was supposed to be clothing-required because of staff being present, but many of the men slipped their swimsuits off beneath the water. Hands gently groped and explored beneath the water’s surface. He wasn’t interested in playtime yet, so sought a submerged lounge and settled onto the warm stone, leaving his swimsuit on so as not to send signals. He chatted idly with some guys who floated by, several of whom he’d met at the first evening’s tea dance, and others from last night’s party. The lounge was a smorgasbord of body types. He found himself being drawn to some of the beefier daddies this morning, admiring their muscled arms and powerful chests. At 39, many of the others were older than he was. Starting to feel dehydrated and a bit lightheaded, he decided to refresh and find a steam room. The men’s spa was adjacent to the men’s locker room, so the areas was predominantly nude. The spa itself was brightly lit through the floor-to-ceiling windows that gazed out upon the sea. Shane shucked his swimsuit, exposing his smooth ass and letting his cock hang free. He left the locker room for the men’s spa area, and explored the three steam rooms. Two were rather small and intimate, and already had several men entwined in mutual touching and exploration. He stepped into the third steam room, this one having room for about 15 men. His eyes took a moment to adjust to the dark, steamy interior. He could see naked bodies arrayed along benches on both sides of the room. There was some movement to his left, but he couldn’t clearly make out what it was in the thick steam. He moved slowly toward the center of the kidney-shaped room, and spied what looked like an open seat near the back. He settled onto the hot stones, the heat burning his skin at first. He sat there with his eyes closed a moment, relaxing into the space. Then he opened his eyes. There were a dozen men lounging in the steam room, naked and silently exuding sexual energy. He could make out several erect cocks standing at full attention near him. Beside him sat one guy with a shaved head and nicely defined body, his cock thick and curving slightly to the left. He was slowly stroking his long dick while making eye contact with others at this end of the room. He gave Shane an exploratory look, taking in his body, and then running his hand along Shane’e left thigh. Shane let himself enjoy the touch, and took in the rest of the room. Across from him was a beefy daddy type, dark haired flecked with silver and a trim, silvery beard. He was displaying a huge hardon, probably about 8” and girthy. He was looking Shane up and down. Beyond the beefy daddy was where Shane has heard some movement earlier. Now he could see someone on his knees in front of one — maybe two — men. Above the sound of the steam, you could occasionally hear the slurping noises of an excited blowjob. Shane felt the guy’s hand moved to his chest, gliding across his slick skin, grazing his nipples, and then taking a solid hold of his left breast, squeezing the thick muscles there. “Very hot,” the guy said in a low voice. Shane felt himself being wrapped in the room’s sexual energy, his own cock now at full attention. He felt himself slipping into a sexual state, where his rational brain gave way to his desires and physical experiences. He didn’t say a word, but reached over to touch the man with the shaved head, feeling the solid shaft of muscle that was demanding his attention. Shane groaned softly when the man reciprocated and grabbed Shane’s cock in a firm grip. Shane stared at the guy’s inviting piece of meat, taking in its size and shape in the dimly lit steam room. The guy moved his hand to behind Shane’s neck and started massaging it gently. “Go ahead,” he said softly, applying a small amount of pressure behind Shane’s neck. Shane leaned over, his mouth hovering over the guy’s cock for a moment, and then went down on him. Shane felt the hard muscle slide into his mouth, filling it fully as he began to suck and gently work the base of the guy’s cock with his hand. There was a soft groan as the guy laid back against the wall, his right hand moving to the back of Shane’s head. The guy began to thrust upward with slow pulses of his hips, continuing to groan softly, and beginnning to massage Shane’s shoulders and back muscles. Shane was enraptured with the beautiful dick filling his mouth, and he dedicated himself to servicing it. He felt the caresses of the stranger’s hands on his head, neck, then moving across his shoulders, and slowly exploring down his spine. It was part rubbing, part finger massaging. The hand kept massaging further down Shane’s spin, eliciting tiny groans of pleasure along the way. Shane felt the hand move across his right ass cheek, and then felt a finger gently searching for his hole. It took only a few seconds for the adept man to find Shane’s hole and, using the slick moisture of sweat in the room, he began to probe Shane’s hole. Shane groaned a bit more loudly, not fully aware that he was still in a room full of men, and was likely now the center of attention. He worked the cock in his mouth more vigorously as the man slowly penetrated his hole with one finger. Shane shifted his body’s position, moving his right leg to offer the guy better access to his ass. He heard the snap of a plastic cap, and felt slick liquid rapidly being applied to his hole. Then two fingers began to probe him as he went back to work on the guy’s cock. His change in position was rewarded with a two-finger prostate massage, and now he could feel another hand firmly massaging one of his ass cheeks and his thigh. The guy with the shaved head was thrusting up into his mouth, and suddenly Shane tasted thick saltiness as the guy’s load filled his mouth. Shane’s head was pushed down further onto the erupting cock, and the long fingers in his slid all the way up inside him. Shane sucked down the guy’s load, even as he seemed to spew more cum. The guy’s body convulsed, Shane’s body absorbing that kinetic energy as he started to raise his head off the guy’s cock. The fingers were pulled from his ass, and Shane slowly sat up. His head was swimming in the humid air as his heart raced. Standing over him was the beefy daddy from across the room, his own impressive piece of meat pointing right at Shane. Shane panted as he collected himself. ”Thanks, bud,” the guy with the shaved head said, slapping Shane’s tight and hiving his unreleased hardon a squeeze as he stood and left. The beefy daddy settled down next to Shane, and slid his hand beneath Shane’s ass and squeezed. Shane looked over at him. He was very handsome, square jawed, and powerfully built. His dick was definitely 8” and very girthy. Shane wondered what that would feel like. In turn, the guy was staring at Shane with lust in his eyes. Shane’s heart was racing, and he was feeling lightheaded. ”I need to cool off for a bit,” he said. He slowly rose, checking his balance, and staggered through the haze toward the door. Shane stood in the intense daylight streaming into the spa, snagging a towel and trying to cover his own generous hardon. He sat on one of the stone lounges to catch his breath, and slow his heart rate. After a few minutes, he moved toward one of the showers. He stood there, letting the Luke-warm water wash over him, starting to feel more refreshed and clear headed. He heard someone else walk into the shower and turn on another head. After a moment, he looked over and saw the beefy daddy standing there, the water washing over his body. He stood a few inches taller than Shane, and was much broader across the shoulders and chest. His hair was flecked with different shades of gray and silver, and his eyes looked to be a sterling blue. He was watching Shane. Shane continued to shower, his heart speeding up again as he felt the chase beginning. This guy is fucking hot, he thought to himself. He watched as the beefy daddy stroked his cock, the hardon standing straight out from his body, and curving up slightly. He took a step toward Shane and began massaging his shoulders with both hands. Shane moaned in pleasure, his muscles becoming putty in the man’s hands. The beefy daddy stepped closer, the front of his body pressing against the back of Shane, the water rolling over both of them as he continued to kneed Shane’s shoulders. His cock pressed firmly against Shane’s ass, the shaft sliding along the crevice between his cheeks. It felt amazing! Shane could feel the heat radiating from that muscle, and he started to push his ass back against it. “Good, boy,” the beefy daddy growled in his ear. He moved his hips, his cock starting to poke Shane instead of sliding along his smooth skin. “Ready to go back in?” Shane thought about it a moment. He was aware there were others watching from the open spa area. “I really don’t want to get fucked in the steam room. People start to interfere.” The beefy daddy was quiet a moment, still poking against Shane’s ass. Then said, “Let’s go to my cabin.” He squeezed Shane’s shoulders a final time and then step back and out of the showers. Shane immediately followed. They each threw on a pair of shorts and flip flops, then the beefy daddy led Shane out of the spa. The beefy daddy put an arm around Shane’s shoulders, and Shane could feel the heat of his skin pressed against his own. The forward staircase was nearby, and he led Shane down just two decks and to the starboard side of cabins. Within a minute, they were at his door and stepping inside. The beefy daddy poked his head inside, then opened the door the rest of the way. “All clear,” he said. Two stepped inside. To be continued......
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    Part 10; The cute twink from the clinic and I then commenced a flowing chat. He informed me he had gone for a full screen today as he had been seeing a guy for a few months, and that they wanted to ditch the use of condoms as they were going down the route of exclusivity. He soon opened up to me saying that at the clinic earlier he felt himself extremely attracted to me, and felt an unspoken connection of a dark depraved trust. I told him he could tell me anything. He said that even though he was 24 years old, and had been a sexually active bottom for the past 5 years, and had a few relationships, he had never had sex without a condom. A bareback virgin! My Dick twitched! I said he was welcome to join me at the sauna-bar and chat more. He said he would like to but couldn't afford the entry fee, or buy any drinks. I said I would take care of all of that for him. He thanked me and said he'd like that, and that he would be about 1 hour. 45 minutes later he messaged me saying he was outside. I said for him to come and wait by reception. I fetched him, paying his fee, where he was given the usual locker key, and towel. 'What are these for' he innocently enquired. 'Just in case you would like to use the facilities. C'mon cutie, let's go for those drinks I promised you'. His tipple was double vodka and coke. We spoke about him, and me also. I told him that the twink I was with earlier was the one being tested, and that I had been infected for a few decades... 'But you are on medication for it?' 'I used to be. But not for at least a year now, and according to my last test I am now extremely infectious'. We chatted further, and after finishing his second drink I suggested we chill out in the spa pool. I took him to his allocated locker, and said he had to strip, secure his belongings in the locker, and shower before he could use any of the facilities. Arriving at the shower area he hung up his towel, to reveal a completely hairless swimmers build body (he even had no pubes). I immediately joined him and started to rub shower gel onto his chest, belly, and arms... 'So what is with the lack of hair?' 'Two reasons; I feel it keeps me cleaner, and I love swimming, and I swim better minus any hair'. I continued soaping his body as the water cascaded over his firm flesh. I knelt between his thighs and soaped his legs and ASS cheeks, both in great shape. I couldn't resist taking a peek at what I love the most, so I done what had to be done, I parted his hairless cheeks to reveal a tight pink hairless cunt! Fuck ... My Dick instantly became rock solid!! I stood up and got some more shower gel into my hands, stood facing him I looked him right into his eyes and kneaded his ASS cheeks, then sneakily slid my finger over his hole, rubbing in quick motion. He quietly moaned. I slid my middle finger inside and wiggled it. Another moan but this time much more audible. 'C'mon, let's dry up and go to the spa pool'. We dried, put our towels around our waists, and started our way there. 'I feel a bit guilty'. 'Why?' 'I have just gone into a relationship, and you just touched my hole, which I really enjoyed. I also saw your hard Dick at the showers and I had a huge desire to suck it... ... Plus, from the moment we met earlier you have been tapping into my inner darkness'. We gave each other a knowing smile. 'Listen, you don't have to do anything you don't want to. And you are free to leave at any time'. 'Thanks. I like you'. Arriving at the spa pool I told him to make himself comfy, and I'd be back in a short while. I headed the way of my newly charged up twink. ******************************************** For each 'Part' that you like do feel free to 'upvote' or 'like'. This inspires me to GIVE More!
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    “He’s all ready for you guys now.” The guy who had just bred me made this cocky comment as he zipped-up. Feeling him throw something on the bed next to my head, I look up slightly and see two tiny brown bottles. “For being a good boy. I might come back later tonight for a second one. I wanna know how many loads impregnated you, you got that?” ”Yes daddy,” I replied happily. The door opened and I heard the sounds of two men stripping themselves of their trousers and underwear. “Which hole you want first, bro?” ”I know how bad you’ve been needing pussy. Take his ass and I’ll make him suck me.” Four hands on me at once were sufficient to re-position me on my hands and knees. “Oh,” I heard the guy behind me say. Next thing I knew I couldn't see as he had snugly put a blindfold over me. “We’re both married so it’s gotta be anon. You can keep the blindfold all night, you’ll be needing it baby.” I feel his already rock hard cock slap my hole as his friend in front of me guides his cock to my mouth. Without anymore lube he pushed into me and let out a long moan. Meanwhile I sucked the guy standing in front of me. Within seconds he was rock hard. Both men grunted and thrust into my body with perfect synchronization, leaving me to wonder if perhaps this wasn't their first threesome. After a few minutes I heard plastic being torn and a cap opening. I feel the bottle under my nose and inhale deeply for a long time. ”Damn horny little fucker aren’t you?” The guy in front said, then asking his buddy "You want a whiff of this bro?” My hole relaxed even more. ”Hell no dude that shit is for fags.” I felt the bottle up my nose again so I took two more long breaths. My head was now spinning, and my senses were so foggy I heard little more than my muffled moans, their grunts and an occasional “Fuck yeah." “Damn, I’m gonna cum man,” the guy in front yelled as he simultaneously gasped, grabbed my hair, and flooded my mouth with his load. I tried to hurry up and swallow all of his spunk, but I was so dizzy some dribbled out. The sight of his buddy must’ve made the guy fucking me go crazy, because I hear him moan high, and thrust into me several more times before shaking and pulling out. They dress themselves and then leave while joking and laughing. I remained on my hands and knees, but grabbed my phone and see if anyone else had responded. Five missed emails. I was gonna have a long night.
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    I hopped up into the sling and maneuvered into position. I knew I had no choice now really. If I didn’t, these guys would’ve certainly made sure I was comfortable enough for them at least. “Strap him in” Bloody hell. Steve took on a master of ceremonies tone to those within earshot. Almost to alert anyone else lurking about the sauna. “Gentlemen! We have an unexpected new recruit among our number this evening. Greg and I have already dosed Dan here with a couple of loads. So it’s over now to you, the panel so-to-speak, to help out with round two of the hiring process.” A shiver ran down my spine. “Brian, here, our most recent successful acquisition. I propose you begin proceedings!” Brian was wasting no time. His fingers slipping into my now cummy hole. His cock following immediately afterward. Jeez. I am new at this, but now… adapting. He’s quite a vigorous lover. His bollocks must be boiling having been used for god knows how long in the sling before me. Piston fucking me like some ravenous animal. I had no choice but to cave in as Greg shoved poppers under my nose again and causing to moan louder, not really caring that I was strapped down in a sling, surrounded by poz men, all buffering their cocks hard awaiting their turn on me, starting to piss over me. Before tonight I’d been strictly one on one. In the last hour I’d been fucked by three men. I don’t know how many more there will be or how long this will last. I was a lamb to the slaughter. An offering. Undergoing recruitment. The final rewiring of my brain had seemingly kicked in. Fuck… yeah.
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    I feel his head enter me and a little bit of his shaft. ”Woa...” I let out a soft moan, turning my face slightly for fresh air. “Oh fuck take a second please..” He pauses for a brief second, then grabs both my wrists and holds them firmly against my back with one hand and pushes my face down with the other. I hear him chuckle softly. “This is what you wanted though slut,” he says softly before shoving the rest of his cock in my hole in one motion. I let out a loud pained grunt, muffled by the sheets as I feel his balls against mine. The pain shot up my back into my head but before I could think too much about it he begins pumping in and out of me hard. I alternate between moans and whimpers while I hear his deep grunts. “Take that cock boy. I know much you want this and I’ll reward you with a good load and something else. Does that sound good?” ”Yes,” I manage in between moans. “Yes... what?” He hits my ass with his fist, no longer slapping it. “Yes sir” I cry out. ”Gonna have to teach you whore. You refer to me as either Daddy or Sir. You got that?” ”Yes daddy.” His pace quickens and he releases my wrists and grabs my hips with both hands. His grunts making me more and more cock hungry. I feel my hole start to tense up and inhale deeply to keep my tight pucker from getting too tight. “Just like that....” he grunts and smacks my ass less rough this time. Then not much more talking from him, just his deep grunts and groans. I’m gripping the sheets in ecstasy for what seems an eternity. His thrusts get harder and he starts moaning louder. I know what this means. ”Fuck boy you want my daddy seed in your pussy?” I feel his cock pulse a bit in me. ”Please fill my hole Sir,” I moan out to him. He thrusts a few more times and then one last time before he lets out almost a growl. I feel him empty his balls and his cock pulsate as my guts received his seed. He slaps my ass one more time before I hear an unfamiliar voice. ”Fucking hot dude.” I didn’t realize another guy came in. “You tore his hole up real nice.” A different voice. Two guys came in and I didn’t notice ?
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    I always get hard when I think about the first time I set up an anon get-together on Craigslist. I was younger at the time and had just gotten out of school for the summer so I decided to treat myself for another good year. Telling my parents I was spending the night with a friend who lived across town, and left for the local Motel 6, selecting a room at the rear corner of the building. I then immediately put up a CL ad asking guys to give me their loads. I also posted two photographs: one of my hole and the other a face pic. “Perfect entrance,” I thought to myself. If it was right in front of the office that would’ve deterred a few guys away I reasoned. After a quick shower I undertook a clean-out while waiting for guys to respond and ask which room. As I got out I quickly went to the room door, unlocked it and left it open just a crack. Hearing a *ding* go off on my phone, I opened the message only to find a hot, fit Latino with a goatee on his way home from work had messaged and was asking for my room number. I immediately responded and, no sooner had I hit 'send' when I received two more notifications. Giddy with excitement I open the messages and respond accordingly, and then took to bed, waiting face down, boy pussy up, wiggling my ass with eagerness, waiting no more than ten minutes before hearing the door slowly open. I gasped in excitement as I waited for the guy to inspect me and presumably use me as he wished. “Nice tight hole slut,” I heard a voice coming from someone standing behind me. The man's slight Albuquerque accent and draw suggested to me the speaker was the Latino from earlier. I wiggled my ass some more as a finger rubbed against my pucker. He gently massaged my hole, followed by two wet fingers penetrating my hole. Moaning into the blankets, I heard the familiar unbuckling and unzipping of pants as his fingers explored my hole, and his head pressed against mine. “You want this thick cock, you little whore?” he asks and slaps both my ass cheeks with such a force I let out a whimper. “Yes...” I replied. “Yes, what?” he asked as he simultaneously smacked the back of my head. ”Yes, sir,” I whimpered. As a young bottom I wasn’t fully trained on proper etiquette and how to respond to your top. ”Good boy. Now open wide,” he commanded. I complied by relaxing my hole as much as I was able as he picked-up the vile of lube which was positioned next to me, proceeding to lather himself.
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    Chuck Goes to The Beach Gay life at college was a lot of fun, when you weren’t studying too hard that is! I tried to keep things low key but there were three guys in my class that were obviously gay and as hot as hell. Brent and Brad Baker and their best buddy Robbie. I could never stop sneaking glances at them as they always dressed in a way that made the most of their toned swimmer’s bodies. Me, I’m a skinny nerd, with a large scar on my abdomen that I was very embarrassed about. I’m just not in the same class in the hotness stakes. Since we were all in the same classes, we did get to speak to each other, but I never held any hope that they would want to hook up with me. Besides, I did my best to keep my gayness under wraps as I did not want it to interfere with my studies. It was getting towards the end of the school year and the weather report promised a glorious weekend. I found myself wishing I had something fun to do instead of sitting inside with my books. The last class of the Friday ended and I was standing around with the three of them making small talk. “Damn. It looks like the weather is going to be great this weekend. I need to find something fun to do outside and not spend it in the library.” Brent looked at Ben with a quizzical expression, and Ben grinned back. Brent looked hard at me and then down to my crotch. The fact that I am skinny and wear skinny jeans just emphasizes that I am very well endowed. He spoke. “Hey, I know we’ve never hung out before, but we’re going to the beach tomorrow for the rest of the weekend. Would you like to join us?” I felt myself blushing. The prospect of spending a few days hanging out with them got my mind racing with all the possibilities. Robbie chipped in. “Yeah, just us guys, no girls, if that’s what you are worried about.” I almost choked when he said that. Brad had the last word on that subject. “We’ve seen you checking us out. Queerboy. And we think you are cute. You have the hottest ass.” That rattled me. I had never thought of myself as “cute” and here was one of the hottest guys on campus saying that with his hunky brother and buddy grinning widely. “Tell you what, we’ll pick you up early and don’t forget to bring your speedo.” I was rudely awakened by the sound of my phone ringing and opening one eye looked at the alarm clock. Shit! It was 8:35. I was supposed to meet the other guys in front of the building at 8:30. I picked up the phone and sure enough it was Brent “Where the fuck are you dude? I thought you wanted to go to the beach with us?” I replied sleepily. “Uh! I like totally over slept. I’ll be down in a minute.” “Well Chucky boy. You better get that hot tail of yours down in a minute or you won’t be getting any from us this weekend”. I did not need to be threatened and I liked the sound of getting some from them. I grabbed my swimsuit from the closet and pulled it on, then grabbed a pair shorts and a t-shirt from the closet, put them on as well as sandals, ran to the bathroom, pissed, brushed my teeth, threw my toothbrush in his bag and was out the door in three minutes. Luckily, I’d packed my bag the previous evening in anticipation of the weekend, making sure to have a supply of lube and condoms. We had been in the car for about thirty minutes when I realized that I could not stop thinking about getting fucked by the other guys, but they were talking about everything except sex. After about an hour we turned off the main road and took a relatively unused looking track towards the seashore. Brent parked the Jeep in the shade of some trees. “Yeah Dude. You thought we were heading for the big gay beach, didn’t you? This is our own little secret spot. Away from the crowds we can just relax and do our own stuff. Like drink beer!” Brad grinned. “Yeah, two coolers of beer in the Jeep. Light beer, so you can drink more without getting totally trashed. Chuck, help me by taking one side of the cooler, it’s heavy”. I was only too happy to oblige. Brent led the way and the others followed the path through the sand dunes onto the beach. We set up an umbrella with the cooler under it and then spread out our towels on the sand. Brad and Brent immediately stripped down to their matching red speedos. Brent joked that Robbie and I were shy as we took our time taking off our pants to show our white swimsuits. Robbie’s suit was new and snowy white but mine was well worn and somewhat stained. Brent threw us each a beer and we sat drinking them and shooting the breeze. The beach was almost deserted. Except for an old guy with a metal detector looking for hidden treasures and a small family group there were only two guys to look at. Two really cute well-built guys wearing bulging Speedos, the exact same brief European racer style except one was red and the other yellow. This of course was food for comment and Brent started it. “Look at those two: Matching tight Speedos, hot bodies, big bulges. You think they are gay?” Of course, they all knew they were gay except for me. My gaydar wasn’t “tuned in” yet, besides they had seen them at the local gay bar. Robbie continued. “Nice looking boys. They look like hot clean-cut straight boys to me” “Nah,” Brad said, “Straight boys don’t wear Speedos on the beach, especially not tight ones.” “Well maybe they do if they are on the swim team, or foreign” I offered. “Cannot be straight, they would wear black if they even dared to wear a Speedo in public,” Brent retorted, “and there is no way those hot bulges could be used to poke into fishy pussies”. Robbie chipped in again “Well, if they are gay, who is top or bottom? They both look equally hot. Do you think Red Speedo shoves it up Yellow Speedo’s asshole or vice versa” I was getting into the swing of things now so I added. “I am sure they take turns banging each other. With designer lube and fancy rubbers” “Aw, that spoils the fantasy, I imagine them into hot no-holds-barred man-to-man sex, not sissy stuff.” Brent said as the two guys disappeared from view. “Anyone want another beer?” Everyone did and Brent tossed us each one. He popped his can and chugged it down as quickly as possible. “I Gotta drink as much as I can now before my bladder kicks in.” he quipped. Brent grabbed a third beer while everyone was still on their second. After the second beer I began to feel pressure building up in my bladder and I started getting extremely uncomfortable. I wondered if there was a restroom anywhere near by or whether the beach was deserted enough that I could just whip out his dick and piss right there. His thoughts were interrupted by Brent “Oh Man, I need to piss and the men’s room is locked this time of year. The one nearby is only open on peak weekends. Fuck. Fuck. FUCK!” I spoke up. “Dude, since this beach is so deserted, could you not, like, just crouch down and whip it out and piss.” We could stand around you so that no-one could see”. I was thinking more about myself and what I thought I should do. “Hey, that’s not a bad idea, we are all going to need to piss sooner or later what with all these beers”. Brent got up off his towel and squatted over the sand. “Ok guys, stand close”. He was facing me so that I had a good view of his crotch. He made no effort to pull his dick out of his swimsuit to piss but instead grinned at me. “Oh man, my bladder is so full it hurts. I dunno if I can piss with my dick though the leg hole of my suit. The elastic is too tight. I’ll have to try something different” He pulled down the waistband of his swimsuit and let his fat dick flop out hands free. He grunted and farted and then started to piss. “Aaaah yeah! Relief” I watched mesmerized as the piss started flowing from his fat uncut cock and splashing on the sand. Then I heard louder splashing from alongside him. Robbie was standing up with his legs apart. He had pulled his cock through the leg opening and I could also see that he had a small tattoo to the right of his dick but I could not make out what it was. By now Brad was also pissing onto the same patch of sand. I just looked at them grinning at me. Actually, it was more than just grinning; I could see the questioning looks in their faces, as if they were scared that they had freaked me out. I pulled down the front of my swimsuit and started pissing on the sand. Seeing their cocks had got me half hard and they were staring at mine. I said to Brent “This ok? This is what you want to see? Want a better look?” and I moved closer to Brent so that my gushing cock was an inch from his face. All Brent could say was “Yeah”. They all laughed. We lay on the beach for another hour or so alternatively drinking beer and pissing on the same patch of sand. The combination of sun, piss and hot sweaty bodies was starting to smell quite rank. Brent moved over to where I was lying and slowly started to lick the salty sweat from my body from my stomach to my neck, stopping a few millimeters from my ear. He whispered to me “Your hot manly smell is making really horny. I want to fuck you. I’ll even use a condom if you want. But we all prefer bareback.” I wasn’t sure that any of them had brought any to the beach and I had left my bag with the condoms and lube in the car. I thought to myself “Fuck it, two or more can play at that game. I’ll ask for a condom but if they insist on barebacking I won’t say anything! I’m tired of condoms and if they want to take the risk, that’s their problem” Then Brent spoke louder so that everyone could hear. “Dudes, I need to release some juice-the special sort that needs an ass to receive it. Let’s go to the men’s room and fuck!” Brad and Robbie needed no encouragement. We stood up and grabbed our bags and started walking towards the men’s room. It was an old brick built structure dating from the 1950s. The main entrance was closed by a large steel gate with a rusty padlock. “Ok, so how do we get in” I asked. “Easy, with the key” Brent replied, “It helps to know the right people”. I responded; “You fucker. You made us all piss in public and you had the key all along.” Brent just laughed. He had some difficulty turning the key. “Needs some lube” he joked. He reached into his bag and took out a small tube of suntan oil and squirted it in the keyhole. The key turned easily and we entered the room. Brent swung the gate closed behind us and put the lock back in its place but did no lock it. The room was very dark as there was no electric power. Along one wall were three old style floor standing urinals. Opposite them were three stalls and on the third wall there were two showers and in the middle of the room there was a well-worn wooden bench. Brent put his bag down on the floor and took out a couple of un-lubricated condoms and a large bottle of lube and turned to me. “Brad and I are so used to getting fucked that we won’t need lube but you and Robbie may.” Brent walked over to the bench and sat down. “Hey Robbie. You wanna suck my dick. Huh? I’ve seen you suck dick. I know you like that.” Robbie did not need an invitation. He went down on his hands and knees and started sucking on Brent’s rapidly stiffing cock through his swimsuit. “Yeah. Tasty dick. Precum Yum” was all he managed to say before he went down on the damp bulge in Brent’s speedo. It did not take long before he pulled down the front of Brent’s suit and had Brent’s meat in his mouth. While Robbie was sucking Brent’s dick Brad and I were grinding our crotches against each other and watching the action from a few feet away. Robbie withdrew his mouth from Brent’s dick for a few seconds. “Oh Man. I need that fat dick up my ass. Brent, I want you to fill my ass with your meat.” Brent got up from the bench and sat on the floor with his back towards Brad and me. Robbie moved forward and squatted over Brent’s crotch slowly lowered himself onto Brent’s bare dick facing the three of us. “Yeah. Hot ass. I’m barebacking your hot ass. My fat dick is sliding up your slimy ass. Real slick ass. You still have my brother’s cum up your ass from this morning?” Robbie sat all the way down on Brent’s crotch and replied. “I know the rules.” They both grinned and looked at me. Robbie started moving slowly up and down on Brent’s dick. Brad was standing behind me with his arms around me nuzzling my neck while grinding his crotch into the back of my swimsuit. I could feel his cock rapidly hardening and I grunted with pleasure. Brent lay back flat on the floor so that his head was between our spread legs looking upward. “I want to see you guys fuck. I want to see Brad’s cock sliding in and out of your tight hole.” I looked down and saw him lick his lips in anticipation of watching us fuck. “Or maybe you can fuck my brother’s sloppy cunt.” He sat up and kissed Robbie. “Robbie, now it’s my turn to get fucked.” They stood up and moved alongside Brad and me. Brent turned to face me and started kissing me. Robbie needed no encouragement. He spat onto his hand and worked the spit onto the swollen head. He pushed it against Brent’s hole and slowly penetrated his ass with his bare dick. “Now it’s my turn to bareback you in return” As they started fucking Brad grabbed my shoulders and spun me around, turned himself around and pushed his ass against my crotch. He pulled down our suits far enough to expose my engorged member and his own hungry hole. I noticed that compared to Robbie, Brad’s anus lips were puffy and distended, and his hole loose, as if he got fucked a lot. Brad bent forward and guided my dick to his opening and started to push it in. “Uh Brad…I need a condom. I’ve never barebacked before and I don’t intent to start” I had never had unprotected sex before and I had always been very careful. But things were not to turn out that way. Brad was having none of it. “Nope. No way. I want to feel your fat bare dick up my ass. I’ve wanted your dick since I first saw the fat bulge you pack in your skinny jeans. You can fuck me without a rubber. I sometimes let guys fuck me bareback if they promise to pull out before they cum. We often fuck each other raw. Of course, we always use condoms with strangers and always pull out.” The other guys were grinning as he said this and somehow, I thought that Brad was not telling the whole story. I guessed that what Brad was thinking was “I need you to shoot your load deep in my gut and then I want to fuck your ass with my bare dick after Robbie and Brent have left their loads up your chute”. Then he spoke. “Besides I don’t like the type of condoms Brent brought so if you want to fuck me or be fucked by me it will have to be bareback.” I looked at him straight in the eye. “I really, really think I should use a condom.” Brad said nothing by grabbed my cock and guided it towards his anus. I shrugged. I knew that sooner or later I was going to have bareback sex with someone and Brad seemed determined despite the obvious risks. As I slowly eased my cock into Brad’s asshole I was surprised how much easier it slid in and up his passage bare than it had slid up anyone else’s before. I was amazed at how slippery and soft Brad’s anal passage was. My dick slowly probed the inner sphincter and then I felt my engorged dick head enter the even softer confines of his rectum. I said nothing but started to slowly fuck him. I thrust all way in deep into Brad’s gut and then slowly withdrew. I looked down at my shiny bare dick emerging from Brad’s distended anus. The sight of my raw dick in Brad’s ass turned me on even more and I started fucking Brad more and more vigorously. The sensation of my dick sliding up and down in Brad’s silky chute was incredible, and far hotter than any previous fuck. The fucking was now starting to make very wet slurping sounds. I could not help myself and shot a massive load into Brad’s chute. “Hey little brother” Brent called out to Brad, “I think you should guys should swop and you fuck Chuck while I fuck Robbie.” I withdrew my slimy dick from Brad and turned around, pulling down the back of my swimsuit suit and Brad moved in from behind. “Oh fuck yeah, Chuck, I’m not going to even ask for a condom because I am going to bareback your ass. But you’re still tight, unlike me. You will need some lube” He grabbed the lube, squirted some on his hand, slicked up his cock and then slowly eased it into my asshole. It slid in and up my passage much easier than all the sheathed dick’s I had taken before. “Your hole is so fucking tight. Feels really good.” Brad was obviously enjoying fucking my hungry ass while I was enjoying the incredible feeling of a huge bare dick in it. Brad was fucking me with long slow strokes and taking his time fucking. Brent was so turned on that he came almost immediately and dumped his load deep in Robbie’s gut. After a few seconds he pulled out leaving a dribble of cum oozing out of Robbie’s hole. Brad was still fucking me but that did not stop Robbie and he slid his drooling dick into Brad. Getting a cock up his ass while thrusting his dick into my hole was too much for Brad and he came almost instantly. “Oh, Fuck Yeah. Bare dick up my ass. Gonna cum. Gonna shoot my hot cum up your butt. Oh yeah FUCK! My load up your hungry hole” Brad made no attempt to pull out and thrust in balls deep. He was so turned on that he started shuddering with pleasure and it took a few moments before he could stop. I felt Brad’s dick swell as he started cumming and then each twitch as it fired six or seven massive squirts of cum deep in my rectum, and felt each hot blast as it coated my insides. Robbie pulled out of Brad, who pulled out of my hole and turned around to face his brother who immediately went down on his slick and slimy cock and started sucking off the cum and ass juices. That left my gaping cum streaked asshole for Robbie. “Fuck Brad. You must have squirted gallons of cum. Chuck’s ass looks nice and sloppy and pre-lubed with lots of cum”. Robbie was obviously not intending to use a condom either. I shrugged. I was going to say something but Brent spoke first. “I guess you know by now that we only fuck raw, so get ready to take Robbie’s load. Now you’ll get to feel all his hot cum inside you mixed with Brad’s. Don’t worry, dude…Its ok!” Well, if that’s the way they wanted to play, I was OK with that. “Fuck Yeah,” I answered. “I was not going to ask him to wear a condom. I was going to ask him to bareback my butt. I want him to shoot all his load deep in my gut. After feeling Brad shoot his load up my ass a few moments ago I want to feel it again. I want his fat dick sliding up my chute lubed up with Brad’s cum. And then when you get your second wind I want you give me a third load.” Robbie stood behind me and pushed his dick in slowly and then started fucking with long slow strokes. Brent stuck his head between our legs and started licking Robbie’s balls. Within a few seconds he had progressed to licking the slimy dick plunging in and out of my stretched hole. The combination of my cum slick hole and Brent’s hot tongue on his shaft was enough to bring Robbie to climax. “Uh Uhh Uhhhhhhhh!. Fuck Fuck Yeah! Filling your ass with my love juice. Uhhhh Unh”. Robbie continued to grunt and groan as he squirted his load into my hungry hole. Since we had all cum it and would be a little while before we could go another round. We started getting dressed getting ready to leave the restroom and the beach. As the afternoon had progressed the sun had sunk to the point that the restroom interior was now lit up by a slanting ray of sunlight streaming in through the entrance and had I finally got to see their tattoos clearly. Neat little biohazards on the left-hand side of their crotches. I felt relieved. “Hey Brent, I noticed that you guys have all got the same tattoos. I could not make them out but they looked the same. What are they?” A total lie of course, as I knew EXACTLY what they meant. Brent looked at me with a wicked grin. “Oh, that? We are all members of an exclusive club.” Yeah, Poz fuckers, I thought. “And what is that?” I asked innocently. Now all three of them looked a little awkward. They had just barebacked me even though I had asked for condoms. Robbie was the first to speak. “We’ll, uh, since we are gay guys who love getting barebacked, we will probably get pozzed at some stage, so we just got the tattoos, so that poz guys wouldn’t feel guilty loading us up.” I did my best to look horrified. “You guys are poz?” Brad responded, “No, not yet. Actually, I don’t think any of us has been fucked by a known poz guy.” Under the bizarre circumstances of neg guys with biohazard tattoos I did the only thing I could do. I burst out laughing. Now the three of them looked at me as if I had gone crazy. I looked straight at Brad. “Brad, do you know why I tried to use a condom when I fucked you?” Their faces suddenly changed and got serious. I continued, “Because I did not want to poz you.” There, someone had said it. “When you insisted on getting fucked bareback I decided that it was your choice.” I could just imagine the confusion in their minds: Since I had just claimed that I had never barebacked, how could I be poz? How could I have known they were neg despite their tattoos? Time to tell them a little story; “Did you guys notice the large scar on my abdomen? About five years ago I was on a Safari in Africa with my parents. We were in a car accident and I ended up in intensive care and got several blood transfusions. It seems like they don’t test blood there as thoroughly as in the states. Not as exciting a story as getting lots of hot bareback sex. Anyway, I have been attending the clinic on campus and about a week ago I saw you guys leaving and I overheard Robbie say something to the effect that you were all surprised that you were all still neg after all the unprotected sex you have been having.” The three of them just stared at me. Finally, Brad spoke. “You’re on meds, right? Undetectable? Low risk of infecting us?” I just smiled without saying anything. And Brad just stared at me for what seemed like a very long time. “Not on meds?” I nodded in agreement. “FUCK YEAH” all three said in unison. Robbie asked. “Viral load, is it high?” I nodded again. Brent lunged forward and gave me a deep sloppy kiss before drawing back a few inches from my face. “Our first known poz fucker! Well, then you are going to have to fuck us again and again this weekend.”
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    Part 12 - Trouble At Work Fabian persuaded Jake to stay until the following weekend. He had gone back to work on Tuesday, life just carried on as normal during the day. His boss was giving him a bit of grief as usual, Dave his supervisor and Joe who sat next to him attempted to field him off. Jake already had concluded that his boss figured out he was gay and was very uncomfortable when he was around. At the end of the day, he turned off his PC and headed outside the building. His sight was caught by the striking figure waiting by a car, he turned and saw Jean-Paul or JP as the others called him. He nodded and opened the passenger door, Jake walked over and as he got near he told him that Fabian had sent him to bring him home. Jake smiled and got in, unaware his work colleagues were standing on the pavement watching. That evening they had a cosy dinner just the three of them. Marco went to his rooms and Jake with Fabian, it was not long before they were engaged in yet more steamy passionate sex, leading to Jake taking more of Fabian's seed. In the morning Marco would come and drag Jake out of bed down to the gym and then the pool. JP turned up to take Jake to work, he told Fabian there was no need for JP to take him to work. Fabian would have none of it and told him that it is the least he could do for him. Struggling to keep going at work from all the exercise and sex, his eyes got heavy and he nodded off by 11am. His head hit the computer screen with a crash, Jake woke with a startled look on his face as Dave and Joe sniggered poking him in the sides. The manager came rushing out having been keeping an eye on Jake, he took one look at Jake and asked if he was ill. Jake protested and said he felt fine and just over did it at the gym. He was warned if he did it again he would get fired. His colleagues came to his defence again. For two straight guys they were good friends to have at work. Jake had never been in this situation, and frankly he could do without it. He sent a text to Fabian asking for advice. Fabian responded after 5 minutes "Walk out, JP will pick you up.". His manager noticed that he was now texting and came out of his office again and made a beeline to Jake. He words sharp and to the point reminding him he gets paid to work not send personal texts. Jake stood up from his desk picked his bag up and told his manager to keep his job and money and that he will not take crap from him. Gasps around the office as Jake threw his building pass at his manager and walked towards the elevator. He felt elated that he finally had the confidence to do this. He noticed several of the screens flickering and blue screens started appearing on every terminal. His manager shouted oh my god we have been hacked, suddenly the number of support calls in the queue hit 70 as every department in the building was being hit. His manager ran to over and grabbed Jake as he reached the elevators. "Jake get back to your desk and help your colleagues. Please." "Was that a I am sorry Jake for being so rude and disrespecting you?" "Please Jake." "I didn't hear you apologise." "I am sorry I didn't mean to be disrespect you." "Thank you, it means nothing coming from you though, good bye." He stepped in and pressed the ground floor button and watched his face as the doors closed. JP was waiting outside with Marco, he confidently strode over to the limousine, Dave and Joe came running over towards Jake. Dave spoke quickly to Jake. "You fired us up Jake, we realised we didn't have to take his crap so we walked." "I am sorry guys I didn't mean for this to happen." "Not your fault, it is bedlam in there at the moment. Anyway we have both been looking for other jobs." "What will you do now though?" "Something will come up." "Listen, let me have a word with a friend of mine see if he can do anything for you, but I can't promise anything." "Thanks Jake. Oh and by the way, we have known for some time that your gay, just waiting for you tell us proper like." They both gave Jake their mobile numbers and out of character Dave gave Jake a hug followed by Joe. Marco walked over and Jake turned gaving him a kiss in the middle of the street, said goodbye to his colleagues and got in the limo. "Fabian insists you stay the rest of the week. Was it mayhem up there?" "Why, what are you not telling me?" "Hmmm, well Fabian told Paul about your text so Paul sent your boss a little present to keep him busy." "No way!, I thought I had done something." "No one messes with family Jake, do you need to collect anything from your flat, we can stop on the way?" "Yes please, I just need some clean clothes." The rest of the week followed a very similar pattern of sex and sleeping with Fabian, gym, pool and food. He was loving spending time getting to know Marco, he became to realise that why he was Fabian's butler , he in face only did the nicer things for him. They had plenty of time together working out and swimming when Fabian was taking care of his business interests.
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    *This is an adaptation of a real experience, for the first few entries at least* I'd been in London for about a year and a half, having moved there from Dublin for work. Back home I was well known among the gay community, with lots of friends and older fuck buddies, but London was a completely different animal. There was no happening across someone you knew, spontaneous coffee or pints. No, in London you had to schedule all of your time, and I'd gone from being an excited slutty 23 year old fresh off the plane to an over-worked, under-sexed stressed out 25 and a half year old. What London lacked in friendliness it made up for in debauchery. Growing up in Ireland I had cum so many times to videos of blonde boys being used and abused by dads, muscle bulls and groups, and especially within the confines of those exotic looking saunas. I could smell the cum and sweat from those videos, which sent me into heat and got me to explore more and more of my smooth pink cunt. It was no surprise then that when I first got to London in 2016, the saunas were a first port of call. After a few hit and miss sessions with no particularly good fucks, I decided to give the scene a break and focus on dating and clubs. Fast forward to 2018 and my hole had gone unbred for far too long. I was hungry, and my next meal was going to have to keep me full for a while. I'd heard good things about the Sweatbox sauna in Soho, and seeing that I had just six months to continue availing of their 26 and under free Monday nights, I made it my mission to get there, loose all inhibitions and take and much loads as I could. Back home I had been getting fucked bare as long as I could remember. I was a smart boy, which is why at 18 I skipped classes to go cruising in nearby woodlands and get loaded up against trees. I wanted to reconnect with the slut that I was back then, before I lost my boyish charm. So after work one Monday, and after a quick work out in the gym across the road, I headed in. I was hanging around by the maze area, having just unloaded in a hungry dad who liked sucking my young cock. I've a good dick, but if I had my way it would be kept in a jock or hidden so that mens' focus would be on my hole, which is even better. After a few rounds in a steamroom and another visit to the porn room, I went back to the maze. There was this hot couple there with tattoos and both of them had their tits pierced. One had a beautiful scorpion with its stinger wrapped around his bellybutton. When they flashed their towels I saw their full, heavy, low hanging balls and knew I wanted what was inside them. I I tried to get their attention but they were too focused on this beautiful young muscle stud. I'm not muscular but I am slim and tall and have nice legs, but I was no match for this boy. Defeatedly I made my way to the sling room to lie down and wank about them. I got in and closed my eyes and let the heat and sounds of my surroundings make me hard. About 2 minutes later I open my eyes and they were both there, cocks in hand and door closed. One of them had a tattoo on his cock, which I hadn't seen before, which said "CHARGED UP", an unusual choice I thought. But it was a fat thick cock, darker than the rest of his skin in a way which signalled it as both a warning and a beacon I needed to go to. Both came to either side of the sling and my natural hunger for cock took over. I let them abuse my mouth, and while the Charged Up was deep in my throat, Scorpion made me snort a load of poppers. "2 deep hits either side, slut. Because you'll be getting two deep hits in your cunt." "Thank you daddy." "We'll make you our son, boy. Plant our DNA and it'll take you over." I inhaled deep and felt the cock lodge even deeper in my throat, a solid stream of spit, precum and my own tears rolling down my face and onto my smooth body, giving me a sweaty sheen. I was in heaven, and they knew it. "I've just opened your throat up more than I thought I could, you've got skills, slut. I believe a boy's throat is connected to his hole, so I reckon that boycunt is ripe for using. Raw, no lube". I knew myself that I was starting to gape, the heat of the poppers and sauna matched only with my own heated lust. "I want your seed daddies, I wanna be your boy". Scorpion made his way to my hungry hole. "Fuck man" he said to his partner, "the boy's got a pretty little slit of a cunt here. We're going to have to expand on that". I felt his bare cock slap against my wet hole. Each thud it made caused me to open up a bit more, the weight of the cock demanding entrance to me. I knew he had no condom on but I also knew if anything happened I could get PEP and be safe. I needed this seed, I needed to be nourished with a load. My hole had been barren so long, it needed replenishing. "Please fuck me daddy! My cunt needs it!". I screamed. Scorpion leaned in to me and started to kiss me and I let his tongue in. He pulled out of my mouth and tongued my ear, his cock head pushing against my hole. "You better be ready for my sting", he whispered, before biting my neck and ramming the full length of his cock into me. I wasn't ready for that and I tried to push off but he forced himself even deeper into me as Charged Up shoved his cock back down my throat. By the time Scorpion had bottomed out in me I was begging for his load. He withdrew without cumming and told me I was going to get my two deep hits. Charged Up withdrew from my mouth and picked me up out of the sling. He lay down in it and I was puzzled, thinking they wanted me to fuck him. I was wrong, his poppers wielding partner came up behind me and choked me out, holding the brown bottle under my nose force feeding me more poppers. I was putty in his hands, and he put me on his man's cock and I began to ride it. This time I really was nervous about what might happen. "I've never taken two before", I said. "After this your hole will demand two, for starters", Scorpion said said. With a devilish grin he held my head in place and forced his fist into my mouth. Charged Up, his cock slick with my throat juices, snot and precum, forced himself in alongside him causing me to release a muffled scream which only seemed to turn them on more. "This is what it is to be a good boyslut for your daddies! We're going to make you ours, plant our daddy seed deep in you and watch it grow. You'll turn out just like your fathers, our little Poz baby". I suddenly froze as I realised what their tattoos meant, and what my cock lust had led me to. I was here, in a foreign city, two thick raw poz cocks deep in my cunt. And I loved it, I never felt more alive up to that point. I wanted this life, I wanted their seed and I wanted to be their boy. I felt their thrusts deepen and quicken and their cocks pulse as they began to simultaneously unload in me. "Take it baby, take your daddies' presents! We want our sting to really take hold of your cunt, lodge it deep in your guts". I screamed out as they unloaded in me, so drunk on lust and now poz seed that I can't remember what I said. As they withdrew from my puffy bruised cunt they told me I was their boy now, and that they had marked me as theirs. I was to obey them as all boys obey their fathers. I had solidified my taste, my lust, for daddy meat. Luckily for me, there had been a few men watching over the side, and I could tell they were fans of what they'd seen. My two new fathers looked at me. "It's going to be a long night for you, son, and when we're done that slit of a cunt will be in full bloom."
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    fuck i want to be toxic
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    ...whole new way of pushing somebody on a swing...wish somebody had shown this to my dad when I was younger...
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    I was visiting Israel last week ( for the Tel Aviv pride). Beside going to Pride and a lot of fucking, we went out on several day trips in Israel, including our last trip which was to Massada, Ein Gedi and a beach resort at the Dead Sea. As I had been to the Dead Sea on an earlier trip to Israel, I decided to chill at the pool. While doing some laps I noticed a man, somewhere in his late 30ies to early forties) swimming laps. He was stocky, with dark tan, blue eyes and black beard. Based on the ring on his finger I assumed he was married. At one point when I was resting in the water, holding onto the side of pool, the bearded man swam to me to say hello. He didn't speak English so there was no real conversation, instead, to my amazement, he reached through the water and caressed my ass and lightly explored my dick. I responded by checking out his swim shorts. His cock was hard as steel. Soon his son, who was approximately 10 years old, swam to us, asking his Daddy something. Daddy answered his son, all the while playing with me underwater. When the son left we both in a different language suggested a visit to the bathroom. Once there he followed me in a stall where we opened by jerking each other off and soon I was sucking him. To my surprise he apparently really enjoyed kissing. After some time I bend over and offered him my ass. He didn't need to be told twice. Using only spit as lube, he entered my ass, pounding my hole hard, breeding my ass quite soon, after which I blew my load.
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    Part 11; Not surprisingly my newly charged up twink was being fucked. Still restrained. Still blindfolded. I said to the guy fucking him to hurry up as he was my boy and he was going home now. The guy quickened his pace, grunted, and dropped his load. 'Thanks for the use of your sexy boy. Nice sign on his chest man. A chance I have given him something else for his collection'. An ominous statement from a stranger who quickly disappeared. I took my boys blindfold off, and the restraints. 'Hey son, have a good time?' 'Yes Daddy. Can we please go to the bar for a soft drink. I need a rest'. 'Well, I was going to get you to go and feed the dogs at home, I forgot. You can rest there. But Daddy wants to stay here for a bit longer'. 'OK. By the way, I lost count but it was definitely at least 14 loads I took' 'Good boy. Well done. So that is 17 in total at least, with the 3 from the steam room' How many of those 17 loads were toxic, I wondered. We would never know! We went to the lockers where my boy got dressed, we kissed goodbye, and he left. I eagerly made my way back to the spa pool. Along with a few others the guy with the crix belly was between my new twinks legs. He kept on putting his hand towards his hole, each time my new twink kept on pushing his hand away .... 'Please stop'. I let out an almighty ... 'OI'. The crix belly guy looked at me. I gave him a stern look, and nodded for him to back away. 'C'mon, grab your towel son'. I hired us out a private booth so we could have some proper privacy, and in we went, door locked behind us! I stood and looked at his perfect sweet body, and before I knew it he fell to his knees in front of me, looked up at me, and said... 'I love the fact you just called me son, Dad', and without hesitation grabbed the base of my shaft, pulled my foreskin back, and flicked over my bell end. I was HARD in an instant! I looked down at him as he happily got to work serving me. I could not help but notice his pert ASS arched out. I could not resist the invitation! I leaned over, licked my middle finger and slipped it back in like I had earlier. He moaned as I wiggled my digit around. I could not wait any longer to give his ASS proper attention. I threw him onto his back and got to work fingering and rimming his sweet hairless tight pink cunt. I ate him out for ages, until he started to plead with me to Fuck him. He knew I was poz, and highly infectious, BUT, we had not had the proper discussion I like to have, so, I grabbed a rubber, lubed up, and slid in, rather easily I might add. 'You're tight, but you took that very easily'. 'I know Dad. After we met this afternoon at the clinic, I went home and I played with my toys for hours, fantasizing about you Fucking me'. 'You dirty boy' I fucked him for a while with me laying behind him, his upper leg in the air, his torso slightly turned towards me. I could certainly tell the difference fucking with a rubber, but still, a Hot Fuck! He was groaning very loudly as I Fucked his cunt that had never had a bare Dick inside it, ever. I withdrew, positioned myself in front of him, inserted my index and middle fingers, located his prostate, and circled, applying different strengths of pressure. I ordered him to put his hands above his head, and by no means was he allowed to touch himself, anywhere. I worked his prostate for a good half hour, by which time he was leaking pre cum like some insane water fountain, and was screaming the fucking place down. Taking my fingers out I scooped up his pre cum, and re-lubed my rubbered Dick, placing it at the entrance to his cunt, touching. He leaned up and pulled the condom off, my Bare Dick still somehow touching his cunt flesh... 'What are you doing?' I quizzed. 'I cannot stand it anymore not knowing what a Bare Dick feels like, and avoiding the kind of dark real intimate sex, and kind of men that I have secretly craved yet avoided all these years'. He pulled my hips which forced the tip of my Dick to enter his tight, wet, warm, silky cunt! I held that position as we simply stared intensely into each others eyes. 'I have also craved and yearned for years the life changing consequences' I slid in balls deep. Fuck, he felt GREAT! 'OMG yes, OMG yes, OMG Fuck yes, that feels so different to a condom. This feels so natural ... Fuck me Dad'. 'NO'. ... I pulled out. 'Let's go for a drink, and a serious chat'. Whilst I was at the bar he began to message his new Boyfriend on WhatsApp. I brought our drinks over, at which point he apologized in advance for not speaking to me for a bit, as he was now having an important chat. I guessed it must be with his new Boyfriend. What the fuck was being said. He was typing like a maniac in between drinking his drink, and his phone was practically on fire with incoming messages. As this went on he had finished guzzling what was his third double Vodka and coke, so, I got in another. He scrolled to the beginning of this message frenzy, and handed me his phone. 'Can you please read that Dad. It will give you a deeper understanding of me' 'OK, son'. ******************************************** What did it say? ....
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    Part 8; A month had passed, and my boy had been staying with me most nights. Naturally I fucked him, shooting multiple loads inside him most nights. His fuck flu lasted a good few weeks, and now he was feeling much better. The day had arrived for his appointment at the sexual health clinic. I ordered him to douche before we left the house. Having had the finger prick test I sat there holding his hand as we both watched the testing kit come up with a blue dot. 'The test has come up positive' exclaimed the nurse. Without hesitation my boy responded... 'Good'. The nurse look puzzled. They repeated the test, then he had more bloods taken and spoke with a Doctor. We left the consulting room, and went into one of the toilet cubicles. I locked the door, and ordered him to his knees. 'Who is my special little poz pig?' 'I am Daddy ... Thank you for my Gift'. He gave me a huge smile, eyes twinkling. 'Suck me son'. He unzipped me, took out my semi flaccid Dick, and started licking my bell end, and the entire length of my veiny shaft. My Dick grew hard and I slid my Dick inside his mouth. I grabbed behind his head, pulled him in tightly, and rammed to the back of his throat, causing him to choke as I fucked his face with aggression. Pulling out, I admired the beautiful sight before me; lips drooling, eyes watering, and catching his breath. 'Who is my little toxic fuck toy now?' He looked up at me with a vulnerable glance... 'I am Daddy'. I started fucking his throat again, and without warning shot my load down his gob! 'That is your first of 3 congratulations presents. Get up. let's go'. I opened the door to see another cute twink waiting to use the toilet, holding a urine sample bottle. We exchanged intense eye contact and smiles. Without a word spoken I gave him my business card.
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    Part 2; I knelt in between his legs, spreading them, and jabbed in his toothbrush. Brushing vigorously as I would my own teeth. I could tell it was really hurting him as he yelped and winced, but he seemed a real natural at pushing through the pain barrier. I took out the brush, and it was covered in blood. This nasty pigs depravity needed a lesson, and with that thought I stuck my Dick in. Fuck, I LOVE that wet and warm feeling of flesh to flesh! I fucked him doggy for several minutes, withdrawing for a rest. My Dick was covered in his cunt blood. 'Lick that up'. 'Yes Sir. Sorry for being such a messy piggy' He licked his blood from my Dick as he looked up at me with his subservient 'I am worthless, do what you want with me' expression. 'Get on your back'. He was clearly naturally submissive as he was immediately on his back, and holding his legs in the air by his feet. I put the tip of my toxic Dick at the entrance to his cunt, and leaned over his torso with mine, our faces meeting, my Dick sliding in as far it would go. I commenced fucking him, slowly, yet deep, our eyes locked together as we bred. 'You absolutely sure you want infecting?' 'Yes Sir. I stand by everything I have already said. It is what I need, what I deserve. I decided this a few years ago. And now I am completely ready to be violated'. 'You twisted sick fuck' ...I spat in his face! This caused him to open his mouth wide, keeping it open, and hyperventilate with lust. I repeatedly spat in his gob. All of this suddenly made my Dick pulsate. He felt this and began milking my Dick. I felt myself getting close... 'Right, you fucking asked for it you nasty whore' 'YES Sir, fucking breed my neg cunt with your Poz cum'. That was it, his last chance gone, and with a few strokes I started spewing my poison inside his nasty cunt, holding still as my Dick unleashed toxic cum with each orgasmic twitch of my shaft, continuing to spit in his mouth. I slowly grinded my shaft for a few more minutes, probably pushing what he was after even deeper. 'Thank you Sir, very very much'. I pulled out, upon where he handed me his toothbrush... 'Brush hard inside my nasty cunt again please, Sir' The Nasty pig!
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    Part 7; It was now about 4am, and I dropped off pretty quickly. I woke at 8am to the boy thrashing about, moaning in his sleep. He was boiling hot, and soaking wet. His body was well and truly fighting my viral GIFT, at the same time accepting it as it invaded his system, developing into his own strain. I woke him up, got up, changed the towel underneath him, made us both a Lemon & Ginger drink, with some Echinacea drops, and got him some more Paracetamol. Temperature time... 38.8c. 'Daddy, I feel fucking dreadful' 'I know. in a few days I promise you'll be feeling much better, now take your Paracetamol, they'll help a bit' I got a bowl of cold water with ice cubes, and with a flannel kept mopping his face and forehead from the sweat, and keeping it cool. Part of me really felt for him. The other part was incredibly turned on knowing that thanks to me he had a new life growing inside of him. After about an hour he seemed to perk up a little bit. I could see it in his face too. I took his temperature again... 38.1. I told him to get on all 4's, taking out his butt plug. 'When I say 'Push' son, push your pussy out, like you need to go to the toilet' 'OK Daddy' 'Push' Nothing came, just a fart. I held my mug under his cunt, and got him to push again. He again farted, but this time pink cum blobbed out. I kept making him do this until I guess there was a few tablespoons worth of toxic cum sitting at the bottom of my mug. During this time, his phone bleeped with a text message. I ordered him to sit up in bed, and tilt his head back to face the ceiling. I slowly poured the 5 loads down his throat. Of course, with his neck tilted back swallowing was more of a struggle, which accentuated his gulping motion, which in turn gave me a semi erection. 'You got a message on your phone' 'Oh yeah' ... He leaned over to grab his phone, read the message, and without saying a word handed me the phone. The message was from the clinic from a few weeks ago when I made him get tested. It simply read... 'Your test is Negative' ... Fuck, a surge went straight to my Dick and I was now super solid! I turned to him and said... 'Not anymore boy'. I flipped him back on all 4's, commanding him to hold onto the headboard. 'Arch out your ASS boy'. The contrast of that text message, and what was happening inside him sent my inner depravity wild. I drove into him, no lube, no spit, nothing. No slowly building up, just a quick hot fuck, slapping his pert backside. I really dug my grip into his hips as I quickly got close... 'You are a Nasty Fucking Pig' 'Yes Daddy, fuck me with your Poz cum, give it to me' 'Yeah, you are my dirty greedy Poz Pig' 'Breed me Dad. Cum in me, PLEASE'. I grunted, spewing another toxic load deep in his guts! We lay down into spoon position, and I slid back inside, slowly rocking. I rocked us back to sleep, inside his cunt!
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    Part 5; The twink got to work cleaning up Phil's Dick that was wet with Blood & Cum. After a few minutes he stopped, his posture curling, he started to shake... 'I'm FREEEEEEEEEZING Daddy' I carried him into the bedroom, put a fleece on him, put him in my bed on a towel (for the sweats) cranked up the heating, and put a small butt plug inside him, so he didn't leak Phil's cum. 'Phil, can you keep an eye on the lad? I am going to the shops, I need a few things, plus, I just gave him my last two Paracetamol, and he'll be needing more whilst he stays with me for a few days'. 'Sure'. You know when you go to the shops for a few items, and end up doing the weekly shop, well, that was me. Hence, I was gone for a good hour and a half. Upon my return there was a second motorbike in my driveway. 'Oh god, what is Phil up to?' I thought to myself. He is a deviant! There was no one in the kitchen. I quickly put away the fridge and freezer items and went to my bedroom to see how the little twink was doing. Not there! Checked the living room.... Nope! Bathroom? Nope! Hmmmmm, the Dungeon in the Garage? YES! Two of Phil's biker mates were here, John & Bill. Both Poz, not full blown, yet not on meds, and very much detectable! Not that it really mattered now in regards to initial infection. John was lying on his back on an old mattress that they had put a vinyl play sheet over, with the twink sat on top, impaled on his Dick. Bill was knelt behind, and ALSO inside the boy, fucking him. Phil was watching the action with a cigarette, and a beer. Good job I had just stocked up on Beer then. 'How long has he been out of bed?' 'They got here about an hour after you left, so, I guess 30 minutes give or take'. I had to hand it to Phil, he knew how to live out there! I joined him for a fag, and a Beer too, whilst watching John & Bill fuck and stretch my sero converting twink. Bill took his Dick out, stood up, lifting the twink up with him. John came over, joining us two for a smoke. Bill got the twink lying on his front. Just as well, I think he was too weak to even kneel at this stage. Bill began fucking again, leaning on his forearms, as the boy just lay there motionless, his inner being gradually accepting my DNA, as his flesh was mauled. After some idle chatter we could see Bill's body begin to tense with 'Oh yeah's' ... His forearms gave way so the boy's body of fever took Bill's whole body weight. He started grunting, thrusting each time his Dick unleashed his cum. I walked over, and knelt by my boys face... 'Are you OK sexy?' 'Yes Daddy. I'm just a dirty pig that has wanted this for a very long time. I just hope to feel better very soon'. 'Don't worry sexy, you'll feel much better in a few days time'. John walked over...
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    This neg guy messaged me on BBRT. He was specifically looking to convert to Poz. During our exchange of messages I explained to him that I am now very unwell, and as a consequence my home is an utter filthy mess. That didn't deter him. Now for the real test of his authenticity ... If he wanted what I could give him, he would do some housework for me, and help me have a bath to wash my wasting skinny body. He agreed. We arranged for him to visit the following day. The next day came, and he messaged asking if we were still on. OK, he was serious! I gave him my address, and told him I would leave the door off of the latch so he could just come in. 6pm arrived, he was bang on time. He entered my living room where I was watching TV. I hit the mute button. He was as his photos suggested, well built rugby build, clean shaven. A very handsome 27 year old. 'Hey Sexy'. 'Hello Sir'. 'Strip naked. Keep your trainers on,'. He did as instructed. Although once I saw he was wearing a tight hugging Jock Strap I ordered he leave that on too. 'Come over here between my legs, facing away from me'. Again, he obeyed. And I had a good grope of his sweet neg ASS. 'NICE. Very Firm'. I ordered he clean my bathroom, mop and hoover floors, and gather the huge lot of rubbish scattered all over the place as a result of not being in the best of health. After cleaning in his Jock & Trainers he ran me a bath. As he washed me we spoke ... 'Is this what you want to end up like, sick and decrepit?' 'Yes Sir. It might seem crazy to most, but, it is what I need. What I deserve. And I want to know for sure who my 'Gifter' is, so I can remember him fondly, always carrying a piece of him inside me'. Having bathed me, he dried my scrawny pale body. Naked, dry, and with finally a good wash I walked into my now tidier living room, stood in front of the TV and began channel flicking . The rugby build boy without a word knelt before me, took my flaccid Dick into his mouth, pulled on my balls. I was in no time very hard. With one hand controlling the remote, the other held behind his head as I rocked my hips. I threw the remote to the floor as I got more and more turned on, now with both hands pulling his face in tightly as I began fucking his face. Out of breath I pulled out, stood back so he could see me full length... 'You sick Bastard coming here to get converted ... This REALLY what you want?' 'Oh GOD YES Sir. Destroy me and my future'. 'You sick nasty pig'. His face lit up when I said that, as he nodded in agreement with a big happy smile on his face. I took him to the bedroom where I had a vinyl play-sheet ready on the floor. He brought his little rucksack with him, from which he took out a toothbrush, he handed it to me and got on all 4's. 'Make me bleed Sir'. 'You are one fucked up pig'.
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    Be advised that my stories often involve some element on nonconsensual sex by some of my characters. Regardless, my stories are 100% fiction/fantasy only. Any resemblance to persons or places are merely coincidental. How to Get Your Poz Cock into Lyle Cranston's Speedos A few year’s back, I was the janitor at the local high school in a school district where the only sex education the kids got was for abstinence. Well, this left the entire student body vulnerable to their own imaginations, learning whatever they could about sex from actual experience, or by doing some reading on the Internet or at the public library like I used to. The rate of pregnancies were up, and STD rates, too. Anyway, this lack of sex education made these students susceptible to perverts like me. One senior I was able to corrupt, Lyle, was the number one swimmer in the county. He was 18, had a compact and muscular body at 5’6”, blonde, chlorine-bleached hair, blue eyes, and an ass that filled out his light blue Speedos to perfection. All season, I’d catch him practicing at the pool in the early morning. Sometimes he’d linger in the locker room and shower area while I cleaned in there. He would do things for me, like acting as if he were checking his phone while bending over in his tight-fitting swimsuit. Did he know that he was getting my poz cock rock hard when he did that? So many times I’ve wanted to take my finger and press it against that stretched out blue lycra material; to press in, making a guess of where that boy’s hole was; feeling it, to hear him gasp or moan when I hit my mark. This show (offering?) went on all season. Instead of raping him right then and there, I’d ask him about things. How is school going? Are you going to prom? Stuff that allowed me to find out more about the kid. I found out that he was accepted at state university and will be living in the dorms in the fall. He got a swimming scholarship, too. He said that he and his girlfriend broke up in March, so he might go to prom stag, or not at all. He said that since he was leaving soon, it didn’t make sense to have a girlfriend here anyway. His parents were well-respected in town as ministers at one of the many churches here. I offered to answer any questions he had about sex if he wouldn’t tell anyone about it. He nodded, told me he was abstaining, but he had lots of questions. After that, he showed up at my janitor’s closet, always in his blue Speedo with questions for me. I’d close the door and he’d sit in my chair while he listed off questions about masterbation and was porn really evil. He never asked about condoms or STDs, but he did want to know how babies were made. I showed him diagrams and explained what sperm was and how it fertilizes the egg in a female, and so on. As he sat there with his legs spread, I was given full view of his taint and package just hidden beneath the blue lycra fabric of his Speedo. My perverted mind wanted more of this teen. I knew there had to be men online who would want to distract Lyle with poppers and a blowjob while I pressed my precum-dripping, cut cock head into the boy’s tight cherry hole. On the last week of school, I knew I had to get into that boy’s Speedos any way I could. And I enlisted the help of another barebacker I found online. His user name was Poz9In and he said he had ways of making sure I could get my raw cock inside a virgin’s butt, especially into a naive, under-sex educated Wildcat jock like Lyle. We arranged a time, graduation day. He agreed to the plan to help me stealth breed Lyle with a poz load. I told Lyle to meet me at my closet right after his morning swim, a good half hour before class. ________________ Poz9In was maybe around mid-50s, dark cropped hair and brown eyes. He arrived just before 7:30 a.m. He wore a track suit and his schlong was huge and evident down his right leg. With a scarred and stubbled face, he looked rough. He was not the hottest looking man. But I was immensely turned on from the contrast between the vision of a toughened older, experienced poz man making use of the body of a gorgeous, athletic teen. Lyle knocked on my closet door and I let him in. He was still wet from his swim. “Hi, Mr. Daines,” he said. “Hey Lyle. This is my friend, Dale, here. He wanted to meet the star swimming athlete for the Wildcats,” I stammered giving my Internet contact a fake name. I was a little nervous, but I was determined to fuck Lyle this morning. “Hey, Dale. Nice to meet you.” Lyle held his hand out in the cramped janitor’s closet and Poz9In took it and pulled Lyle to him. He used his other hand to grab Lyle’s cock and balls through the teen’s wet Speedo. Lyle barely had time to react when I got behind Lyle and pressed by uniformed bulge against his blue Speedoed bubble butt. “Hey! That’s my personal…” Lyle made a nervous swallow. “Yeah boy? Would you like to give your personal spot over to us men, or would you rather we take it?” Poz9In asked while the two of us, men older than his father, continued manhandling Lyle into submission. “I never…” Lyle stopped what he was saying and relented to Poz9In by closing his eyes and dropping his hands to his side. Poz9In worked Lyle’s dick to an erection while I took aim at my prized target: Lyle’s hole. “That’s it, kid. We’ll take good care of you, just relax,” Poz9In said. Now with Lyle’s submission, I finally got to press my finger in and feel for the boy’s hole. He let out a breath when I began rubbing it roughly through the smooth material. Fresh from the pool. Poz9in opened a new bottle of poppers and told the kid to breath in and hold his breath. Lyle did as he was instructed. I continued probing the covered hole while with my other hand, I reached around his waist. Poz9In moved my hand over to so I Lyle’s cock incased in the smooth, still damp lycra. He smelled deliciously of chlorine. “Good boy. Take another hit just like the first,” I heard Poz9In say. “Fuck yeah. You’re a hot one.” “I’ve been wanting this ass for four months!” I exclaimed. “Let’s do what we planned, but I want to keep these Speedos on him.” “Aahh, fuuuck!” Lyle was flying. “Nice! That’s a deal, mister,” Poz9In replied to me. “Let’s knock up this cute pollywog.” With that, Poz9in bent down and went to work sucking Lyle’s cock through the Speedos. A few moments later, he pushed the front of the swimsuit down. Then I saw Poz9In dive in and suck on the virgin’s swimmer’s exposed dick. “Aaah!” Lyle moaned in pleasure. With Poz9In’s help, I bent Lyle forward and spread his legs. Poz9In kept sucking Lyle’s dick like the pro he was, doing his damnedest to coax sweet semen out from a neg horny teen. I unzipped my pants and pushed them down to release my leaking cock. With my hard cock in hand, I rubbed the head of it on Lyle’s bubble butt. I relished the sight of his light blue swimsuit soiled with smudges of my precum. Poz9In gave Lyle more poppers as I pulled down the back of the Speedos to expose the tightest, pinkest hole I’ve ever seen. “Do it. Bareback that neg hole, man. He fucking wants it,” Poz9In encouraged. Realizing that Lyle doesn’t know what neg hole means, I stared at the pink hole in front of me and greased up my cock with lube and listened as Poz9In spoke. “This is the hottest piece of ass. Take it. Take that fine young, firm ass.” With that, I stood up and lined my drooling poz cock against Lyle’s hole. Hotter still, I could feel the kid’s ever-taunting blue Speedo tickling under my cock. I pumped some precum onto the ring of pink his hole and heard Lyle gasp as I pressed in. Lyle yelled as my cock head popped into him, and Poz9In used his hands to spread Lyle’s ass open for me. I fucked in more. As I did, I leaked more precum into Lyle as I thought about pozzing up a virgin, seeing him graduate tonight with my toxic load inside him, sending him off to college with HIV. Then, hopefully, more men will get to use this young butt. I was all the way in when Poz9In gave Lyle more poppers, about 6 full hits. “Breed that neg butt or I will!” I started to fuck Lyle’s hole, in and out. It got easier with my precum lubing the walls of his rectum. I wasn’t going to last long, though. Fucking Lyle full of my poz cum was a dream coming true. I started pistoning the tight swimmer’s hole imagining how my shaft must look penetrating that pink ring. His hole gripped my cock. I was urgent to impregnate my Lyle, star Wildcat swimmer. It was my absolute goal now was to poz Lyle up. “Fuck! I’m coming.” “Fucking do it! Fucking sperm up that clean hole.” Poz9In coached. “Aaaaagh!” I felt my shaft pulse and my cock slit open as hot poz sperm coated the walls of Lyle’s unprotected rectum. I was still shooting loads into Lyle’s hole when I started fucking him hard again. “Fuck!” Lyle yelled. “Fuuuuuck! Ah, I’m coming.” Poz9In went back to sucking Lyle’s dick. “Yeah, Lyle. Feed the nice man your load while I hammer mine into your butt” I said. Lyle didn’t say anything but convulsed as he orgasmed. I held him steady so that Poz9in could have what his profile said was his favorite part of sex: the taste of sweet, young neg sperm. “Fuckin’ A!” Poz9In said with his mouth full of hard teen dick and fresh sperm. When Lyle finished cumming, I put the poppers bottle under his nose again. Lyle took the hits as ordered. When Lyle was completely flying, I put the bottle down. With my eyes I looked down to Poz9In and I invited him to bareback this amazing hole. He stood up, stepped around Lyle, and started jacking his massive cock and told me to move out of the way. He got behind Lyle, who was still recovering from cumming, and he rubbed his big mushroom head against the boy’s now reddened entrance. He looked over and got the petroleum jelly and jacked his cock some more with it until it shined under the fluorescent lighting of the janitor’s closet. As Poz9In lodged his enormous highly experienced HVL poz cock into the teen’s no-longer-virgin hole, we heard Lyle say, “Ah! Fuck!” I watched as Poz9In pushed all the way into Lyle; his silver cock ring embedding red marks into the teen’s butt cheeks. Then he fucked Lyle’s ass hard. He clamped his large hand over Lyle’s mouth to keep him quiet while he fucked him so hard that they had to keep repositioning themselves around the closet. Amazingly, Lyle’s blue Speedos remained in place, pulled down just far enough to give us men access to his now fully fuckable butthole. At times I was able to get up close and I watched as Poz9In’s cock pulled out, his shaft covered in lube and poz sperm, and pushed all the way back into the boy’s hole, stretching out that beautiful pink ring, no longer hidden away from me behind light blue lycra. I started jacking off watching them. When Poz9In saw me, he repositioned Lyle again in front of me. Still lodged in Lyle’s ass, Poz9In pushed his head down and ordered him to suck my cock. Lyle eagerly sucked me until I was so turned on, I gripped onto his blonde hair started face-fucking the teen. An amazing perv achievement: Poz9In and I were fucking Lyle Cranston: The star swimmer for the Wildcats swim team and minister’s son was now taking raw poz cock at both ends in a janitor's closet. I unloaded in Lyle’s mouth with a sharp explosion and watched him swallow my load. At the same time, Poz9In announced that he was “knocking up the twink! Fuuuuuck! That’s right. Let us charge that hole, son! Take it deep in there.” He continued convulsing and cussing as more of his jizz flowed into naive Lyle’s neg hole. When he finished, he tussled Lyle’s now dry hair as he lewdly complimented the kid, and pulled out. Poz9In pulled up his track pants, nodded at me and left. Lyle was half in a daze as he pulled up his trunks and said that he had to get to class. “Thanks, Mr. Daines.” He left the janitor’s closet quickly with a towel around his waist. "Congrats! Have a good time tonight!" I called out. Good kid. Come fall, though, college physicals could reveal a surprise for young Lyle, and just before his first-ever actual sex education class.
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    yesterday, the last load I received was from a Polish worker redoing the next door apartment. he had seen me coming home from jogging and that I was fascinated by what his body, stocky man in his 50, not very tall but hard body. Once when i got home he waited for me and asked me if I could help him lift something. inside the flat he simply jumped on me, kissed me hard and forced me down and made me blow him. his cock was thick and it was a mlong time since he had gotten any sex. he started fingering my hole, he had some grease he just pushed into me. he asked if he should put on a condom, I said no, he slapped me and called me whore, and then he just started feeding me his cock. it hurt like hell and then he started pumping me full while I was on all 4. all too quickly I felt him tense up, he slapped my head and then I could feel him cumming (anyone who cant is not a real slut)
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    So my week started out as a regular, non eventful, midsummer week. The sun has been out which drives-up the heat index up, which in turn leaves me even hornier than usual, leaving me, so to speak, 'in heat,", so naturally I've been spending excessive time online looking for cock. And the return on investment had paid off handsomely. To put it bluntly, I've been the lucky bottom for 15 loads in the past 48 hours. I've been in pig heaven, having DNA in my cunt for hours. As I'm writing this, I have a fresh load of jizz in my ass, a gift from a hairy Mexican daddy who dropped by after work because his girl won't put out. He's a regular fuck buddy and always gives my pig hole what it needs. He's always quick, but honestly as a cum dump, I don't want a lot of chit chat. I just want my top to breed my hole. In this occasion we both got what we wanted. He was load 15. I have an over active sexual appetite, and will do what ever it takes to get cum in me. 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    Part 9; I took my newly charged up boy to a fancy restaurant. Present number 2. We spoke a lot about his new journey he was now embarking on, and you couldn't escape the feel of hot man sex in the air as he repeatedly with words, his face, and body language described his sense of real freedom. Now for present number 3 ... Sauna time! We both showered, with many guys staring at my boy. Why not, he is HOT. Cute little round ASS, with smooth olive skin, and a slim physique. We dipped into the spa pool, where our conversation was pretty much of that at the restaurant. Of course, people could clearly hear what was being said. Interest in my boy intensified. A skinny guy with a grey balding head, and a crix belly paddled over to my sexy twink, and under the water spread his legs, and stuck two fingers inside my boys cunt. You could see his upper arm motion back and forth as his fingers began the evening of play. Other guys watched on, some sitting, some circling. My boy was definite prey! 'C'mon, let's shower, then go to the steam room'. We were followed to the shower area. As we showered again others from the spa pool were also showering with full on hard-ons as they made no secret their desires for my boy. This animalistic attention soon spread to others around. We made our way to the steam room, followed by the predators. We entered, the others behind closely following. It was packed! My boy and I were facing one another, when I saw an arm push his upper back down, so he naturally bent over, hands holding onto my sides. I heard through the steam; 'Spread your legs'. He obeyed! He let out a yelp of pain as this strange figure immediately began pounding his tight little cunt. Within a few short minutes this stranger grunted as he dumped his load, then left. Two more guys fucked him for a few minutes, both grunting as they unloaded. Three loads already! Were they toxic? Who knows. The joy of complete anonymous sex, you don't know what you are getting! Back to the showers I got my boy to lean on the tiles, facing them, and to spread his legs and arch his ASS out. I got him to push like he would be when trying for a shit. A long string of sperm came out and dangled between his legs. You could tell guys wanted to use him right there and then, but not the done thing in the shower areas. We showered again and went to our lockers. I got my rucksack and took us to a room. From my bag of magic tricks I took out my wrist to ankle restraints and restrained my boy. Then, I blindfolded him. Then, I wrote on his chest; 'Poz Faggot'. 'Make sure you count how many loads you get son, I want to know'. 'Yes Daddy'. Throwing my bag back in the locker I headed to the Sauna-Bar for a few drinks, as my boy was celebrating his new status in style. I kicked back at the bar enjoying my Whiskey. Looking at my phone I saw a new WhatsApp message had come through from a number I didn't recognise. It was the twink from the GUM clinic earlier. He asked if I was the guy that gave him the card earlier. I messaged back confirming.
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    Yesterday I had a great sex day. I chatted with a handsome English boy on Grinder and we agreed to meet at 2. You can see part of the fuck on my xtube here. It was a long session just how I like. He started giving and massage and then sucking me. At first he was reluctant to fuck bare, but I made him so horny that he ended up giving in. But he didn't let me breed him, instead he swallowed every drop of my cum. After the first fuck we had another one. We kept fucking up to 6:30. I had already agreed to meet a regular fuckbuddy at 7 the previous day, so after the first left I went to fuck my regular fuckbuddy (video coming soon). I bred him like the whore he is. I love this kind of days when I spend most of the day fucking. I was born to be inside other men holes.

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