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    Part 2: The Parade of Men After he walked out another gentleman stepped in and locked the door behind him. He sat on the bench and took out his cock. It was bigger and thicker than the previous guy and I couldn't wait to worship it. This guy was probably late 40's, a slight belly, and some grey to his hair. Absolutely perfection. He made me beg to suck his cock and I had to beg loud enough for anyone to hear. This was to let everyone know that there was a willing bottom in the building. I heard some laughter nearby so I assumed the laughter was intended for me. He then asked how old I was because I didn't look 21. I admitted I was 18 and a wicked smile came across his face. He then grabbed me by the back of the head and forced his cock all the way down my throat. I gagged but loved it. He fucked my throat hard barely allowing me to breathe. He told me to inhale the poppers and I wouldn't care about breathing. My attention would be instead focused on his throat fucking. After several hits of poppers I was solely focused on him fucking my throat. After several minutes or whatever it was he had me stand up and turn around in front of him. He grabbed me by my shoulders and with force pulled me down onto his cock. I screamed in pain but he didn't care. It felt like his cock just ripped my ass apart. He held me in place and told me to take several long hits of the poppers. After what felt like eternity the pain subsided and I started bouncing up and down on his cock. He kept me inhaling the poppers every couple of minutes and before long I forgot where I was. I was moaning loudly and he didn't try to stifle my moaning. He was marking me and we both knew it. After a while my legs were getting sore so we got on the floor with me on all fours facing the glory hole. He rammed his cock back in and with my mouth open in pain another cock slid through the hole directly into my mouth. Wow spit roasted. I must be in heaven. The hole cock was maybe 6 inches but I had fun with it. Before long the gentleman in my ass picked up his pace and I felt it. His cum coating the walls of my ass. God it felt great. He pumped about ten huge shots of cum in my ass. The guy I was sucking didn't last much longer and I felt his balls tighten and his cock swell and he erupted down my throat. He didn't have much cum so I swallowed his load in one gulp. After that guy finished the gentleman in my ass pulled out and turned me around to clean his cock. I noticed some pink on his cock and he must've read my mind. He said it was blood from my ass and chances were he impregnated me with his dirty load. Hearing that made me cum for some reason. I cleaned his cock up and before long he was hard again. But instead of giving me another load right now to call him after I left the bookstore. I didn't have his number but I soon discovered he had somehow placed his number in my pants. He said that I would be at the bookstore a while and this would give him time to get some rest. He gave me a long deep passionate kiss and I didn't want to see him go. He ordered me back on my knees and as he walked out he hollered out Next. And in walks a man who I knew and crushed over for years.
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    After I dropped my bud off on campus I figured since guys are moving in and getting situated I’d hang on campus and see if there was any action to be had. I got on Grindr and started chatting and quickly got interested i this 18 y/o incoming freshman who was curious and hadn’t done much with guys. He liked my pics and was hesitant to send many as he wasn’t sure he was gay and not sure about being out. He was super cute, blonde curly hair, piercing blue eyes, but a wickedly curved uncut dick that looked like it might be painful getting fucked by. He admitted he hadn’t had much luck in fucking either girls or guys as they were kind of turned off by his dick. I like a challenge and said we’d need to go slow and he was cool for me coming by his room. he wanted to chat first and we got to talking and he seemed like a nice guy...from Wisconsin with one of those funny accents that’s kinda funny but hot. He was unpacking as we talked and he was getting pretty sweaty. He decided he wanted to take a break and got himself a beer and me one as well, the he sat down on a couch and took his shirt off and unzipped the front of his shorts and pulled his dick out. I dropped down and started sucking his cock and loved how tasty he was. I had to turn my head to suck on account of the curve but clearly he was loving it and leaned back as I sucked, clearly enjoying it. Eventually he stopped me and said we should go to his bed. He told me to strip, which I did, and told me to get face down on the mattress. I was already kind of tending up knowing taking his cock would probably hurt and he broke out the lube and lubed up my ass and his cock. I loved that he hadn’t asked about wrapping and was going to fuck me raw and slowly slid in me. I’m not gonna lie, it was painful as he slid in me, even though I’d been fucked already today and loosened up. I had to keep telling him to go slower as it was painful and he finally warned me he was about to cum and couldn’t hold out much longer. As he said that he forced his cock in me and started fucking me hard and I was pretty much screaming in agony. He came not long after that and normally it gets easier to take a cock but it wasn’t getting any easier and he kept pounding as I was groaning in agony and pleading with him to go slower. I know I had consented but it was borderline no so sensual and I was asking him to stop but he refused as he said he was about to cum. He kept it up for a couple minutes more and shot another load in me. He pulled out and was apologizing, saying it was the first time he’d been able to fuck a guy to completion and it felt so good he just couldn’t stop. He said if it would make me feel better I could fuck him and he’d let me cum inside him. His face was lit up and he said it was only fair and that he’d never let a guy cum inside him before. i lubed him up and put his legs over my shoulders and slowly entered him, showing him more gentleness than he’s shown me. My ass was burning and sore as hell but I was determined to blow my loads inside him. His face was a mixture of pleasure and pain and at times he didn’t want me to cum inside him and then changed and was begging for it. He started asking me if I was gay or bi which was pissing me off as you don’t ask that while fucking. Then he started asking me if I’d let other guys fuck me snd cum in my ass which was really getting me pissed. I told him I was gay and I let other guys fuck me snd cum in my ass which seemed to get him turned on which was a relief. He started admitting he had desperately wanted to get fucked and loved getting fucked and wanted other guys to fuck him and cum in his ass. I went with it and told him I wanted to get other guys to join me and cum in his ass...he was moaning with such delight I blasted my load inside him which had him screaming with delight. I kept stroking inside him telling him I wanted to watch other guys take turns fucking him and asked what kinds of guys he wanted. He was moaning like crazy saying how he wanted to suck cocks while guys fucked him and take load after load until his ass was full of cum. I was thinking of these two Latino teen boys who would love to tag team him and got so worked up I blasted load two in him. He was panting and short on breath. We cuddled and he admitted that was the first time a guy had fuckdd him to completion and cum inside of him. He admitted it had been a huge fantasy of his and between that and finally fucking a guy to completion he couldn’t be happier. we cuddled and talked about the guys I knew who could join to fuck him and he admitted he’d fantasized about Latino guys and had watched porn with latino boys but there weren’t any where he lived in Wisconsin. He admitted he was relieved to finally fuck a guy and it proved what he had suspected, that he preferred guys, as did getting fucked. He wanted to fuck me again but I said I need to take a breather and sucked him off instead. We swapped contact info and I headed off knowing I’d made him happy and scratched that it. I sent him pics of the guys I knew and he said he was down for a group thing with the, so one I have to line it up. As for getting fucked again tonight that’s out of the question.
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    Last night I was horny as fuck and on Grindr and got messaged by this hot 25 y/o Indian-American guy...was shocked at how thick his uncut cock was and usually Indian guys are pretty circumspect about being on Grindr looking for sex. He had been out with buds at a cabaret off Harry Hines and was worked up and looking for release. He loved that I was white and younger, and that I wanted it bare. He'd only been with a few white guys and none had let him fuck them bare so he was really down for it. I'd barely got in his room and he was all over me, telling me how gorgeous I was, kissing me deeply and caressing me. He was very deeply and intensely into me and it felt more like a seduction than an anon hook up. He didn't waste any time getting his dick into me and it was like he was worried I was gonna change my mind. He was pretty excited and shot his first load pretty fast and was super apologetic saying he'd gotten way too excited. He must have been as I could totally feel him shoot his load and after the pain of taking him initially his dick was finally moving around with more ease. we settled into a more passionate fucking with me on my back as he stared into my eyes intensely, stroking deep and hard inside me, telling me how much he enjoyed it, how hot I was and so on. He was also confessing he rarely ever fucked guys but loved doing it. I told him how much I was enjoying it and it really was no lie. For not having fucked many guys he was really good. As he got close to cumming I'd tell him to stop as I wanted to keep getting fucked and he obliged, backing off several times. I got pretty excited and finally shot my load all over my chest and face, which he eagerly ate off me and we snowballed my cum between us. Finally he couldn't take any more and blasted his second load inside me with an intense shuddering orgasm. to my surprise he let me fuck him but he drew the line at me cumming inside him and I pulled out to cum down his throat and he eagerly sucked me dry. He was so turned on he flipped me face down and pounded another load into me. After that we cuddled for a while and he told me he wanted me to stay with him if I was cool and so I did. I woke in the middle of the night to him fucking me and I didn't mind. Once he'd cum I told him it was his turn and entered him, not intending to cum inside him but to my surprise he instead was softly begging me to cum inside him and not wanting him to change his mind quickly did just that. I stayed in him and we cuddled that way as he told me he hadn't been fucked like that in a while and really wanted it bad. He admitted usually he had to be with a guy for a while to trust him to do that so I was pretty flattered or maybe he was just super horny. Again we feel asleep and I woke up to the sound of his phone going off. He seemed pissed that he had to get going and again we fucked each other and quickly showered. He admitted he didn't play much with guys as he worked a lot of hours and didn't have a lot of free time. He also said he was super picky about guys and most Indian guys don't want sex with other Indian guys for cultural reasons and most of the guys that hit on him are black or Mexican and doesn't care much for guys like that. He asked if I wanted to swap numbers and do it again and I said I was. He liked that I could host as he wasn't comfortable with hosting as he has roommates and they didn't know about him playing with other guys. Usually with anon hookups its just a one and done but I really liked him and do want to hook up again. I always love it when a guy gets passionate with me and is into me and he certainly was.
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    I'm surprised to get this many positive feedback. Hope you enjoy this next installment. ; ) --- He explained to me the origin of his covenant and its purpose. His persuasion skills could challenge that of Jim Jones. In his words and explanations, everything made sense and I was beginning to believe in the existence of a higher being. Even more, that we had a purpose. There was no koolaid to be drunk, just his cum to made me join him. It started after he got ‘it’ that he decided to repent temporarily. On his knees, praying for a sign, he realized that there was no use and that he was in charge of his life. Fully charged. That moment of nothingness was also his first so called prophecy that he needed to establish an order as a response to the wrath that God has put on those who sodomize. By now, he had 9 brothers in his covenant with 22 out of the city. Funnily enough, he even told me that when he was renovating a house last year, he cut the owner a huge chunk of the final price as a Welcome Gift for joining his covenant. The owners name? Monsieur Courtois. Of course he did. Estelle couldn’t stop throwing her parties that summer where all of us would come and use the sauna in her backyard after swimming in her pool, now expanded. I now know why the slab on the pool had Latin words on it. It was Robert’s little signature. “Oh Lucas? Yes...that man has vigor. He understood the mechanics of this covenant and got me an early 18th century edition of Paradise Lost, hardbound of course. Came from a publishing house in London, whose owner was a friend of the British ambassador. That’s the thing about this covenant, the perks are unparalleled. I specifically choose who’s in and who’s not. In the senate, not far from here, I know of a certain republican who our brothers had restrained and came in him all night while he begged to be filled with more of the covenant’s seed. It’s practically hard to pull some strings from him, but it is doable. The contracts I’ve gotten made me buy this house, which was what God intended now I discovered you next door.” I believe that this man who has his cock in me at this very moment is a reincarnation of Machiavelli. How calculative and precise he was. What did he say to convince of these people to join a secret society like his? Influential people everywhere. Foucault was right, power is exercised, not possessed and Robert exercised his through the covenant. His cock was still in me when we lied on the floor while I listened to his manifesto. He said that his covenant aimed to collect those who understand the grand narrative of how the world works in accepting God’s purpose of the curse that He struck on us sodomites. Quoting Baudrillard and some other philosophers I don’t recognize, I could tell that Robert has crafted his covenant in an enigmatic fashion that only certain knowledgeable people would understand. It was elitist at best and he intentionally kept it that way so that he could procure the crème de la crème. Covered in sweat, he told me that he’s going to shower and brought me to his bathroom. I looked at his marble bath tub and he understood that a bath would be more fitting. It was onyx black and had a few candles around it, still unlit. I can tell that Robert was also a man of taste. It was all Dyptique. Even the ones in his ‘shrine’. It was all in black, custom ordered to display the 7 deadly sins instead of the scent name. He ran the bath water while he sucked my cock, edging me every time I felt like I was about to come by pressing onto my perineum to resist my cum from flowing. When I finally came, we got into the tub. It fit the both of us. By then, the clock was almost 1. “What did you tell your parents about your whereabouts this evening?” “I was actually quite honest. I told them I was here and that you could help me out with a project I was doing on cults.” I half-joked. He gave me a sharp look before I continued. “Well, I told them that you needed some help to touch up your house after you told me that you needed some help so they encouraged me to go since I would be home alone. Plus, my mom actually likes you since you always come home on Sundays from Church with your canollos, never missing her out in the garden. How rare it is to see a man who still remains loyal to God she’d say. Action speaks louder than word though I say, since she hasn’t been to church in forever.” “Canolli. And yes, I find your mother to be very cordial. I wonder if she would still be if she knows you’re here with me now.” “I wonder if she knows that a man who goes to church would also be fucking people into his cult.” “Don’t call it a cult. It’s a covenant. A cult would ask its members to kill themselves. Or celebrities. We don’t cause the Sharon Tates of the world. Cults do.” “Falun Gong is a cult and they seem to be sharing its 5000 years of civilization motto through some stupid meditation and kumbaya every morning. Hardly different than yours when you factor out the Jesus part of it.” I argued. “It’s not a cult either. They don’t call themselves a cult and neither do I when it comes to mine. You will not disrespect it. Blasphemy is what you’ve done. Do not transgress any further.” “Look, there’s no point in even arguing with you. You’re going to just use your ritualistic words to make me do anything you want and that’s why I’m here, with you right now. Your hard on isn’t that subtle.” I could feel his cock under my knee now, indicating that my ass would be worked out again. “And do you want it? In you right now? Don’t think you’re in the covenant yet. I haven’t stopped my medications since a new brother joined a few months ago. Around your age” “You know I will yield to your demand. Who was it?” curious as I was. “A boy who goes to Georgetown. Justin was his name. When I told him where I lived, he asked me whether I knew you. You guys fooled around in high school, no? Just from his stories I can tell how both of you were suitable for this covenant as we need some new young faces. A new generation. To sow the seeds that will be reaped. But don’t worry. I completely forgot about him when I finally saw the person who had taken his virginity.” Jesus was all I can think of. Jesus Christ. If I say it out loud, Robert would chastise me for using the God’s name in vain. Was this all part of the grand narrative that Robert was talking about? Was it my purpose to join this covenant? Was it set in stone for me to accept my role as a brother that would punish those who wish to be punished? “I told Justin that any brothers he thought of bringing must be vetted by me. Who was he? What can he do for the covenant? What contributions can he bring to further realize our mission? Last month, Jason thought of bringing you in, seeing that your parents firm represent some powerful people in this town. Domestic and international. But I wanted to check myself first. Not only are you majoring in math, you’re also minoring in literature. A well-read man is a must to join us. Tell me, is there anyone from Cornell that craves for cocks like mine?” I have underestimated everything about Robert. He had plan everything. The reason why I am here now is because of his forethought and attention to details, just like the way he constructs every project he’s worked on. My parents never told me to pick up law since I detest their work, but I can see now that it’s a possibility, knowing that it would be beneficial to Robert and his mission. Fuck, I really am convinced and attracted by this man. Was I special or was I just another Jason? I didn’t reply but held his cock instead. “Right now, I’m craving.” I said, reaching to him and trying to kiss him before he stood up and threw my head in the tub, as though he was going to drown me. He pushed his cock in me while my head was submerged in the water. He pulled me out at times for me to catch my breathe while making sure that I would suffer. I could feel my own hard on too as he fucked me repeatedly without any breaks. That 10 minutes felt like 10 hours in Gitmo. I came before he did and when he came, he slapped my ass so hard that it imprinted my cheeks. An outline of his palm that took a week to disappear. I was still not satisfied. After we dried off, he escorted me to his bedroom. A California king bed with 4 posters that had linen drapes. Above the headboard, a taxidermized head of a ram was hanged, with a demeaning expression. Its horns were long and curvy which was carved in some writing I couldn’t see properly. Latin I suppose. Robert pushed me on the bed after instructing me to wear a white loincloth made out of silk. It was tied with a rosary bead that had an inverted cross to the front. Who is blasphemous now? I was then tied at each limbs with leather straps that too were decorated with rosary. He then began chanting, “In the name of the true father, the son, and Behemoth, I ask you to submit yourself to me and find it in your soul to accept your role in the covenant for there is no God but me right now in making sure that my cum fills you up, never satiated but desperate for more.” “I submit.” Was all I could say before I felt him thrusting in me again. This time, slowly but never missing a moment to catch his breath. I was worn out but I was only able to plead him to go faster. He then pulled my head up while I was spread out on the bed like an eagle to face the ram above me. For a moment, I imagine it whispering to me in an archaic form of English, “Wouldst thou like to live in sin? Wouldst thou like the seed of thy master? Accept it shaft.” Robert was still thrusting me and I started to imagine that the ram would descend from the wall, forming into some sort of Minotaur, joining Robert. It felt like I was in a trance as I could suddenly see the Minotaur climbing down and going underneath me, inserting his cock into my hole as Robert was too. Double penetration was a first time for me and I shouted even more when they both were fucking me. This continue for a while until I felt the Minotaur coming in me, with cum as hot as boiling water. I now understand what the covenant was. It was something mystical, something that one has to experience. Robert was still in me and still fucking me, about to come. When I came, Robert came too and rested his body on me. Both of us covered in sweat. Suddenly, I looked up and the ram head was back where it was and that it was just Robert and me on the bed. Was I imagining everything? I also felt Robert’s cum in my hole. It wasn’t as heated as I remembered. Was it all real? I couldn’t tell. I wanted to leave immediately because what I couldn’t absorb what had just occurred. I told Michael that I had to go, leaving him confused. I ran to my house with his cum flowing out to my leg and rushed up to my room. My mom knocked the door and asked why I was late. I told her I got carried away watching Robert’s new TV. I went to the window, expecting Robert to be there but he wasn’t. Instead, I saw him open the door to a group of men who were wearing black hoods. Before I got into my bed, I looked in the mirror and saw a scratch on my shoulder that I knew wasn’t Roberts. “What have I gotten myself into?” was the last thought I had in my mind before I dozed off.
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    I knew early on I was gay. Back before the internet all we had was magazines to look at. I remember getting Penthouse Letters for the first time and reading just the gay stories in it. As I got older I kept my homosexuality a secret from everyone. I so wanted to suck cock and get fucked but I had no idea how to go about it. One day during the summer as I was out driving I noticed a grey and pink building in a not so good part of town. Just the colors said this building was different. I parked my car and just watched the men going in and out. Adult video and theater was on the sign outside and this peaked my curiosity more. After hearing about a certain celebrity getting caught in a place like this had me wondering what exactly goes on inside a place like this. So I decided to check the place out. I walked up to the door and on the outside was a sign that said you had to be 21 to enter. I being 18 decided I would push my luck. I entered the building and it had everything you could desire. Magazines, videos, adult toys, and of course the theater in the back. I noticed several men strolling by the entrance just staring at me and I knew they wanted me by just their looks. About this time the cashier asked for ID and I lied saying I lost it by getting a DUI. She knew I was lying but she didn't stop me. I asked about the theater in the back and asked her what could I do back there. She shocked me by saying I could do anything I wanted to do. Upon hearing this my cock was hard and leaking precum bad. So I made my way to the back and let my eyes adjust to the darkness. I saw a big theater room playing straight porn and probably 30 private booths for enjoying other videos. The back was crawling with men. I found an empty booth and deposited my money and started flipping through the channels to find a video I wanted to watch. After settling on a hot gay video of an older guy fucking a younger guy I pulled down my pants and started jerking off. After a minute or so something caught my eye. Sticking through a hole in the wall, which I now know as gloryholes, was a cock. Ok I'll admit I was a bit scared because I didn't know if it was a setup. After several more seconds he withdrew his cock and stuck his finger through. He asked if he could suck my cock which for some reason I didn't have a problem with. So I stuck my cock through the hole and he started sucking me. God it felt great. I had found the answer to my prayers. His mouth felt great. After a few minutes I withdrew my cock and he slid his cock back through. This time I didn't hesitate. I got down on the dirty floor. It was sticky and smelled but for some reason I felt right at home. I jerked his cock a little bit and then licked up his precum. And the moment came. I put a cock, his cock, in my mouth for the first time. Oh how wonderful it felt to be sucking a real cock for the first time. I knew I had found my calling and the place to unleash my desires. I sucked him the best I could and being on my knees felt so right. After sucking him for a while he withdrew his cock which left me disappointed. He then asked if he could come into my booth to continue our fun. Oh God I got nervous but agreed to let him in my booth. He came right over and as soon as he locked my booth door I got a good glimpse of the man. He was around 30 and was a bit taller than me. Nice toned body with no facial hair. His cock was around 7 inches but not to thick. He sat down on the bench and took his cock back out. I got back on my knees and started sucking his cock some more. I was having so much fun. Then it happened. As I came up for air he put his hand under my chin and bent down to kiss me. I was a bit shocked but I soon returned his kiss. He then asked if he could fuck me. I asked if he had a condom because I didn't want any disease. He said he only fucked bare and I was not having a cock inside me without protection. He looked disappointed but I had my standards at the moment. He then produced a bottle of something and held it under my nose and told me to inhale. I did as told for some reason and I felt strange. Hornier than I had been and I started sucking his cock with gusto. After several minutes he told me to inhale again. I was starting to lose all my inhibitions. He told me to strip and after another time of inhaling I begged him to fuck me. He obliged. He took off his pants and got behind me and slowly slid his cock inside me. It hurt but whatever I was inhaling also had me to where I didn't care. He got all of his cock inside me and just let my ass adjust to his cock. After a few minutes he slowly started fucking me. He had me take another whiff of what he had and I lost it. I was now begging him to fuck me harder. I must've been a bit loud because he hushed me by covering my mouth with his hand. God his cock felt wonderful. I was glad I found this place. Here I was on a dirty floor with some strangers cock inside me raw. After several minutes of fucking me hard he started cumming. The whole time I was hard and I didn't even touch my cock and I started cumming as well. After his cock went soft he took it out of my ass. He kissed me before getting dressed and said welcome to the club. I didn't know what he meant. He asked me to stay naked that I would be popular today. He handed me the bottle of what I was inhaling and he told me it was poppers. I had never heard of them but I loved them. He said there were several guys waiting in the hall just like him. He then said he was HIV positive and before I could react he had me take another hit. And to my surprise I told him let the fun begin.
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    Was at DFW to pick up a bud who was flying in and turned out his flight was delayed. Got on Grindr and didn't take long to get hit up by this cute hung Latino boy who was 18 and had missed his connecting flight and had some time. He didn't want to have to go outside TSA to meet me but loved that I wanted him to fuck me and love my ass pic. He came out at the baggage area and we quickly made our way to the bathroom and the big handicap stall. He was as hot as his pic, dressed in a basketball jersey that showed off his hot bronze skin, dark nipples, and armpit hair. He was sporting a boner that was bouncing up and down as he walked that hard me hard as hell. It was fairly dead at the C gates and he quickly did the spit and stick and was balls deep inside me, not even bothering for me to suck him first. We hadn't talked about condoms and like most Latino guys he just went raw and didn't give a fuck. He was talking nasty telling me to beg for his cum and I gladly obliged as he blew one load inside me and then another. As he was getting close to blasting his second in me he asked how I wanted to get off and asked him if he wanted to get fucked. He was kind of blasé about it but didn't say know. After he pulled out of me he got up against the wall and I wiped some of the cum off my ass to lube his ass and my dick and slid inside of him slowly as he hissed and complained about it. I was so worked up I'd barely slid my cock head inside him before I blasted a huge load that quickly leaked out his ass and down his legs and onto his underwear and shorts. Now that his ass was lubed up my cock popped in him easily and he gasped loudly as it all slid in. He cursed at me and told me to be gentle as he didn't get fucked a lot. I was hoping he'd get more into it but instead he was complaining and complaining. I was tempted to hold off on cumming just to prolong his agony but came so he'd just shut up. He was pissed when he found out my cum had landed all over his shorts and frantically started trying to clean up as I got dressed. I didn't even apologize and left, hearing him lock the door and cursing. I sat in the chairs by the baggage carousel and by then had a text from my buddy saying he had just landed. I saw the Latino boy leave the bathroom and saw the enormous wet spot on the back of his shorts where the cum had been and laughed to myself knowing he'd sit down for a while and feel the wetness of my seed on his ass and inside him too. My buddy eventually came out and we grabbed his bags and headed off to his place...all with him having no clue I'd just been bred in the bathroom by a total stranger.
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    Part 45 - No Doubts It was dark when they returned home exhausted from the day at Liongate, having laughed so much to all the swimming they did. Javier was so happy and excited he bounded up the stairs like a puppy who just got free run of the house, they kissed good night and went to their rooms, Ben looking back shaking his head smiling and wondering what had happened to make him this way. Franco collapsed on the sofa flicking the TV on to sit and watch an episode of Big Little Lies, he had become a fan since Nicky took them on set to watch it being filmed. Stefan came back in to the lounge grabbed a couple of sodas and sat down next to Franco in silence watching with him until the credits rolled. "She is so good" Franco said finishing his soda. Stefan nodded "It's funny watching her now I know her" he said. Franco looked at Stefan then leaned over and kissed him "What's that for?" Stefan asked smiling. Franco stood up and held out his hand to Stefan who took it and felt himself being pulled up off the sofa. Franco held on to Stefan's hand tightly and kissed him again looking him in the eye then turning he began to walk towards his room holding Stefan firmly. There was no hesitation from Stefan he felt the time was right for them to spend the night together. As they stepped in to Franco's room he closed the door looking at it for a moment hoping that he had judged things right, when he turned Stefan stood close and his arms were already pulling Franco in and wrapping around his body. Both men were hungry for the other but neither of them knew how much they really did wanted each other, their lips met and parted quickly kissing deep and with urgency, hands roaming over bodies lifting their t-shirts off and stopping their kissing to quickly discard their clothing. Standing naked kissing and walking clumsily towards the bed, Stefan fell back and Franco held on tight kissing and biting each others lips gently as he landed on top. Their arms wrapping around each other they kissed harder and deeper rolling around on the bed bodies wriggling to get closer. Franco rolled on top again and slipped downwards finding Stefan's nipple he licked and sucked briefly hearing Stefan moan. His tongue circled each nipple and began running it's way further down his body, ignoring his cock he felt the tongue work around it licking and kissing until he reached Stefan's balls. His mouth opened and sucked gingerly eliciting a squeal of joy from Stefan, slowly he worked his way up along the shaft closing his mouth around the head of Stefan's cock, tasting him for the first time he gently increased the pressure and depth of his sucking, his eyes watching as Stefan arched his back clawing at the sheets. Stefan's hands grabbed Franco's head pulling him further down getting his cock in to Franco's throat 'oh fuck' Stefan moaned several times until the cool air rushed around the his cock being released from Franco's mouth gagging leaving a string of his saliva connecting them. His legs pushed up and Franco playfully bit at his ass cheeks moving inwards until his tongue found his hole. Franco licked hard upwards and he could feel the trembling in Stefan's legs, his hands gripped the sheets moaning loudly head rolling from side to side, Stefan was in shock at his own uncontrollable aroused state never imagining that Franco would be so dominant in the bedroom. He was out of control and couldn't and didn't want Franco to stop, the tongue flickering around his hole depositing saliva before finally pushing in. Stefan raised his ass almost shooting his load in orgasm feeling the warm tongue licking and probing inside his hole. Franco had never felt urges like this with any other guy, he wanted to fuck him and he wanted to fuck him now but doing so he knew he would cum straight away. Teasingly he kissed and blew cool air over the hole feeling Stefan's legs trembling again, his kissing moved up along his inner thigh and Stefan relaxed his heart beating fast intoxicated from rush of desire speeding around his body, his legs came to rest on the bed parted by Franco's body who now leaned forward and gently bit on Stefan's lower lip tugging at him to open his mouth. Stefan slipped one hand behind Franco's neck and pulled him forward sinking his tongue in to Franco's mouth kissing him with more urgency than ever, his other hand moving around Franco's back. Franco leaned further forward pushing Stefan's legs up and around his hips. Franco stopped kissing and looked him in the eye "You know I am poz?" Stefan said looking up at him. "Yes" Franco replied positioning himself in to a perfect missionary position poised to connect their bodies and make love. Stefan struggled to push Franco up "Wait, there are condoms in the bedside draw" he said pinned under Franco. Franco looked at him "No, I want to do this properly with you" he whispered seductively kissing him again. Stefan could feel Franco's hefty piece of meat against his hole from the gentle movements Franco's hips now gesturing as his hole, gradually he was pulling his hips away and Stefan felt his cock moving. He was under no illusion that Franco was about to fuck him feeling the cock working downwards, the head was now rubbing and pressing just above his hole. He knew this was going to hurt somewhat but he still pulled Franco forward and kissed him as he felt Franco's cock finally pressing harder it slipped down a few millimetres and penetrate in to his ass swiftly. Stefan's hands gripped Franco by the shoulders partly in shock but also struggling to take his Latino cock knowing that only the head had penetrated him, he moaned and gasped catching his breath and found himself looking up in to the eyes that stared back at him. Franco slowed and showed consideration letting his cock rest and allowing Stefan to adjust, kissing his neck and moving around to his ear lobe he nibbled tantalisingly then 'Do you want me Stefan?' he whispered to him moving back towards Stefan mouth 'Of course I do' he answered arching his back feeling the cock pushing deeper in to his body, his mouth attached again to Franco's his moaning increased taking more of Franco's cock and kissing him back matching the vigour Franco was showing. Stefan found a new submissive side that would only ever surface with Franco, he relaxed wanting him to make love to him as the thrusts came slow and hard to start with allowing them both enjoy the sexual freedom and intimacy together. Franco's pent up desire for Stefan played out over the course of an hour, he quickly learnt how to control his orgasm holding his cock inside with just enough hip movement, several times nearly tipping over the edge, his body telling him to do it and his head and heart wanted to enjoy and savour this moment. His arms wrapped around Stefan's head and neck holding him close kissing him on the mouth, face and neck keeping themselves close to each other. Franco looked into Stefan's ice blue eyes even more turned on, he kissed him harder tongues twining, lips pressing and sliding. Chest to chest Franco could feel Stefan's erection against his stomach his own cock caressing deep inside Stefan's ass, he made small pleading noises in his throat. Franco began a steady rhythm of gentle rapid thrusts his mouth left to kiss and suck and nip at Stefan's neck but again his eyes were drawn to Stefan's that seemed to be smiling up at him. Stefan touched and teased, caressed and stroked until Franco's breaths came long and deep, each one an almost-moan of pleasure. Their lips pressed together and Franco felt his body go in to a transient state, pushing his hips down hard 'yes' Stefan moaned feeling the beginnings of Franco's orgasm. The moaning and grunting came from deep in his body, he felt the force of his seed being fired from his cock collapsing on top of Stefan his body quivering and jolting as each load left his cock passing in to Stefan's body. Stefan grasped tighter as Franco collapsed on top of him, feeling a whole new world of enjoyment had just opened up and having not just sex but someone who really wanted to make love to him and share the experience. His cock subjected to the constant massaging by Franco's stomach climaxed ejecting his seed between their stomachs. His body starved of this kind of affection woke and responding to gentle post orgasm thrusts from Franco his legs and arms clamped lovingly around Franco's body never wanting to let him go. Franco breathed heavily against his ear, neither of them spoke laying there in the after glow dozing from tiredness. His legs unfurled from around Franco's body falling into a slumber, his ass half full of Franco's still erect cock. Franco kissed Stefan's ear and neck fully relaxed and very happy straining to keep his eyes open, finally his eyelids lowered, his lips pressed up against Stefan's neck falling asleep as he kissed him. The lightning flashed brilliantly through the room followed by aloud clap of thunder waking them both. Stefan turned his head to face Franco who was running his hand through Stefan's short hair toying with it and stroking the side of his face. Stefan leaned forward and pressed his lips against Franco's kissing gently. "We fell asleep" Stefan said caressing Franco's back giggling. Franco gently extracted his cock from Stefan's ass "That was amazing" he said rolling on to his back. "You don't need to tell me Franco, no one has ever made love to me like that" Stefan replied looking at him. Franco smiled at him "So you want to do this again?" he asked stroking Stefan's chest. Stefan chuckled "Oh yes definitely, but not tonight my ass is a little sore from the surprise" he leaned forward and kissed Franco. Franco was drawn back to the ice blue eyes and realisation washed over him that he was really falling in love with Stefan. He found it a little embarrassing and rolled on to his opposite side, Stefan turned off the bedside light and pulled the sheet up as another flash of lightning filled the room, he cuddled up to Franco wrapping his arm over him and parking his cock between Franco's ass cheeks. Both quickly feel asleep their bodies touching as close as they could spending their first night together as new lovers. Javier was up early having had a restless night thanks largely to the storm that lasted several hours before finally moving off. Adept at making coffee now he put on the drip filter and went to sit outside watching the first rays of sun filtering through the trees, wondering how he was going to explain to Ben and Mark that he was going to the beach without them. He would be meeting Pedro at midday on the corner of St Pierre and St Cloud but felt devious if he didn't tell them since they had opened up their home to him. He stood and walked back in to the kitchen and poured himself a cup of coffee and retrieved his phone from the sofa where he left it the previous day. He sat down again outside his thoughts interrupted when Mark appeared on the terrace. "Morning Javy" Mark said sitting opposite Javier. Javier stood up "Morning I made coffee do you want one?" he asked Mark. "Thanks yes please. What is on your mind Javy" he called out to Javier. "What makes you think that?" Javier called back from the kitchen. "You were sat out here thinking Javy" Mark replied turning his head to look at him. Jacker walked back from the kitchen "I have to go out at midday" he said handing the mug to Mark. Mark raised an eyebrow "Don't keep secrets Javy it is not how we live" he replied. Javier sat down "But if I tell you I don't want a big deal" he looked pleadingly at Mark. "Go on" Mark said sipping his coffee "but I probably all ready know" he smiled looking at Javier. "Did he say something?" Javier asked looking a little shocked. Mark chuckled "Maybe" he paused "I was asked if he could take you out today". Javier looked down at his mug "So much for privacy" he said turning the mug in his hand. Mark smiled "Javy we won't get involved but for what it's worth he confessed to liking you" he said. Javier laughed "Hold on we don't even know each other" he said cheering up. "Just be yourself Javy and don't be afraid to be open and honest with him" Mark said reassuringly. Javier smiled "We kissed yesterday" he said waiting for Mark to respond who just looked and smiled "How was it with you and Ben?" he asked. Mark smiled and touched Javier's hand "You know Ben was so scared of getting involved with me at first" he said fondly remembering. Javier looked up surprised "Really?". Mark nodded "He hadn't really come out and when I first saw him at the party I just fell in love and wanted him badly". "Was he easy?" Javier asked giggling as Mark burst out laughing. "Far from it. Took several dates and one snow storm before anything happened" Mark said finishing his coffee. Javier smiled "He did alright for himself though" he said referring to the house. Mark chuckled "He had no idea who I was, he thought I was just Angelo's friend and assistant at work". Javier looked thoughtful at him "Did you... I mean did you just not tell him about you?" he asked. Mark shook his head "Partly, Angelo was my escape from reality, I could just be Mark, hidden away". "You mean out of sight out of mind" Javier said in a understanding manner. Mark smiled "Exactly, Angelo keeps me grounded. But marrying Ben has changed all that and I knew it would". Javier laughed "Did he freak out when you told him?" Javier asked Mark laughed "I didn't, it came out at Thanksgiving his step fathers sisters did that and he called me to ask. I guess it was more shock". "So what did you do?" Javier asked keen to find out as he knew Ben's step aunties and what they were like. Mark chuckled "Drove round to his house and proposed to him there and then" he sighed "it was a massive gamble but it paid off". Javier smiled "Well it would do, he totally adores you. You know he hates people buying him things". "That I know to well, my father keeps spoiling him rotten, the BMW outside" Mark said "I told him not to". "Yes but I can see how much your parents love him" Javier said in a knowing way to Mark. Mark smiled "They love him like a son and it is more than I could hope for. They really like you as well" he said. Javier half smiled "They do?" he asked "probably out of pity" he suggested. "Not at all Javy, you are Ben's friend from Harrison that is all they know" Mark said. "Pedro seems to like working at Liongate" Javier said and was about to ask a question before Mark stopped him. "And I am not going to tell you about him, that you have to discover with him" Mark said closing the subject. Javier looked down at his mug "What if it doesn't work out though are people going to hate me?". Mark held his hand "No Javy you just need to be ready and go in open minded and open hearted". Javier stood up "More coffee?" he asked grabbing Mark's mug who nodded and waited for him to return. "Thanks" Mark said as Javier sat down again "My mother has suspected something yesterday was happening". Javier looked at him worried "Oh" was all he could say. "Don't worry she is all for this to happen" Mark's words stated clearly. Javier sighed "So if things don't work I upset your mother as well as Pedro. Flipping great". Mark laughed "Don't be silly, promise you will talk to me if you have any doubts Javy?". Javier nodded as Ben entered the kitchen clanking around pouring a coffee "Does Ben know?" he asked quietly. Mark nodded "Yes, but he won't say anything to you until you are ready". True to Mark's word Ben didn't mention anything about Pedro all morning or even asked questions when Ben came downstairs with a beach towel, the both said for him to have a nice afternoon as Javier left the house and walked up to the corner of the street. Pedro pulled up in his car and smiled when Javier got inside for the short drive down to the beach. Finding a good spot not to far from the waters edge the beach was pretty busy for a Sunday, quickly they dove in to the sea and swum around before returning to the beach. Pedro laid on his back with his hands behind his back enjoying the sun, Javier laid next to him on his stomach propped up by his elbows whilst his hands played with the sand, quietly by completely content in Pedro's company. They chatted away occasionally glancing at each other until Javier sat up on his knees complaining he was getting to much sun on his back, Pedro reached in to his ruck sack and pulled some high factor sun cream out and looked at Javier 'Can I' he asked. Javier looked around shyly and turned his back to face Pedro, squirting some cream in to his hands he began at Javier's shoulders gently rubbing the cream in with short strokes deliberately taking his time. "You have to be careful out here the sun is quite strong on the beach" Pedro said rubbing lower on Javier's back. Javier was enjoying it way to much "Yeah, thankfully your here to look after me" he replied then moaned quietly. Pedro chuckled "Are you enjoying this?" he asked as his hands slipped lower down his back. Javier nodded "You have a very gentle touch" he replied allowing his neck to drop backwards looking up at the sun. Pedro inched closer rubbing cream on Javier's neck "You are very sexy Javier" he said putting the top on the bottle. Javier turned his head realising Pedro had finished "I am?" he asked surprisingly. Pedro smiled and leaned forward kissing Javier on the lips "Yes" he said seeing Javier smile. Javier still felt the tingle on his lips "Maybe but not as sexy as you" he said mildly embarrassed laying down. Pedro laid back down and his right hand and fingers sought Javier's left hand and closed around it, he turned to his head to face Javier and smiled seeing his closed eyes and smile etched on his face feeling Javier's thumb rubbing the back of his hand. They laid there quietly both very happy, Javier's thoughts returned to debating if he could actually live here and what would his parents think about him moving to the other side of the country. One thing he did know was that the man who laid beside him holding his hands was stealing his heart so much that he wanted to kiss and hold him. His decision was already made and heart ruled over his head knowing he would make things work and had to think what he wanted not what his family perceived him to need. Javier turned on to his stomach to hide his erection from his thoughts that were beginning to stray in to the erotic realm, strange that he had never had these kind of thoughts about Brad he thought to himself. He woke a lightly started from some loud laughing not far from him on the beach, he had no idea how long he had been asleep but he found Pedro laying on his side looking at him smiling. "What?" Javier asked trying to get his bearings. "You were dreaming" Pedro replied stroking Javier's back. Javier chuckled "Did I snore or talk in my sleep?" he asked without any real concern. "Muttering but I couldn't work out if you were saying my name" Pedro said looking him in the eyes. Javier smiled somewhat shocked by this revelation "Maybe my feelings for you go way deeper than I realise". Pedro raised an eyebrow and rubbed Javier's shoulder "I hope they do". Javier leaned up and smiled at how sexy Pedro looked right now "They do". Javier moved closer and kissed Pedro on the lips quickly then smiled "Swim?". Pedro nodded jumping up and held a hand out to Javier helping him get up, they ran down to the sea and dived in. Javier swam to the shore and sat in the surf watching Pedro swimming before he swam over and joined Javier sitting in the surf. "Your spikes have all gone" Pedro said laughing and running his hand over Javier's hair. Javier shook his head "Do you like them then I was going to get my hair cut" he replied. Pedro caressed Javier's ear "Don't do that I like your spikes especially the longer ones running here". Javier laughed "My mohawk?" he asked "my parents hate it and keep threatening to cut it when I am asleep". Pedro smiled "I like it and it suits you, kind of makes you look a little rebellious" he said. "Rebellious!" Javier said giggling "there is nothing rebellious about me" he play punched Pedro on the leg. "No I can see that, but it will come in handy" Pedro replied standing up kicking water at Javier. Javier grinned "Handy for what?" he asked curious to find out what he meant. Pedro chuckled and looked at him "To hold on to and stop you getting away when I fuck you good and hard". Javier giggled and splashed water at him "Who said you were going to fuck me?" he teased looking up at him. Pedro held out his hand to pull Javier up "Well you will have to become my boyfriend first". Javier shook his head smiling as they walked back towards their towels on the beach. Pedro glanced at him a couple of times, he had never felt so close to anyone like this before and he knew Javier had turned his world upside down for all the right reasons. He was still holding back as the real threat of Javier leaving was still in the back of his mind, he didn't want to lay everything out in the open only to have it taken back shattered when Javier left. Javier stood waiting at the car putting his trainers on and watching Pedro wash and dry his feet removing the sand. He eyes were almost permanently fixed on Pedro and he just loved that he was able to watch him like this without any judgement. Pedro walked up to the car checking his phone and smiling at the message he was reading. "Ben and Mark have asked if we want to go out for dinner" Pedro said climbing in the drivers seat. Javier smiled "Does that make it our second date then already then?" he replied putting his seat belt on. Pedro looked at him "Are we dating then?" he asked waiting for Javier's response with anticipation. Javier looked at the beach in silence there was no doubt in his head "How do we do this?" he asked him. Pedro looked at Javier "I don't know Javier, I can't tell you what to do you have to decide". "I have to sort a lot of things out" Javier replied nervously at the decision he had already made. Pedro nodded and started the car "I think you know how I feel" he said fumbling around the steering wheel. Javier put his hand on Pedro's to stop him "I want to be your boyfriend" he said looking at Pedro. Pedro sighed and put his head on the steering wheel "Please don't do this unless you are serious". Javier stroked Pedro's arm "I want to stay here and be with you" he finally said it and felt the weight lifting. Pedro turned his head to look at him "What, how, when did you decide?" he asked confused. "Being with you on the beach today" Javier replied unsure what to say. Pedro sat back in his seat "Are you sure about living here?" he asked and saw Javier nodding. "Definitely. I felt something I can't describe on Friday evening when I first saw you" Javier replied. Pedro looked at him "I thought it was just me" he said smiling "You were so cute and shy". Javier looked at the beach scene and smiled "So are we going to dinner as boyfriends?". "Yes" Pedro replied straight away "hell yes" he said again. Pedro looked at Javier and pressed his lips firmly against Javier's their lips parting slightly at the pressure each exerted against the other holding short on going full on. Pedro kissed Javier again then putting the car in gear he reversed out of the parking lot and drive up through Palisades to Bel Air. Javier slightly in shock and concerned how he was going to break the news to his family, his other thought was this evening where he would be going out for dinner with his boyfriend, he grinned and smiled all the way back the Mark and Ben's house very content and excited with his decision. Pedro dropped Javier off and went home to Liongate to shower and change. Javier dressed and hair spiked walked in to his bedroom to find ben sitting on the bed looking at him with his head cocked to one side. "Shit Ben, how long have you been there?" Javier asked after the initial shock of seeing him. Ben laughed "Not long, are you going to tell me what's going on?" he asked. Javier sat down next to him "You tell me, I have no idea what I am doing" he replied nervously. Ben smiled and looked at him "Pedro's happened that's what" he said "or am I wrong?". Javier shrugged his shoulders "I can't stop looking thinking about him, we had a such a nice afternoon". Ben laid back on the bed "Is it serious, I mean is it life changing?" he asked. Javier laid back next to Ben "Is it silly to say that I think I am in love?" he said turning to face Ben. "It's a start I guess" Ben said pushing Javier with his shoulder "What about home?" he asked going all serious. Javier sat up "I have to sort that out and how I will live" Ben stopped him. "We already told you, you can live here this house has plenty of rooms" Ben said shutting the conversation down. Javier laid back down "I don't want to be in anyone's debt Ben or seek charity". It was Ben's turn to sit up "It's not like that, you have been a close friend to Ethan and me for years". "I know but" Javier was about to say but Ben stopped him again. "No further discussion Javy. You will have to appreciate it like I had to and you know me" Ben laughed. Javier turned to face him "Did it really shock you? I mean you haven't changed just nicer clothes" he asked. Ben chuckled "Fucking cheek! It did surprise me but I fell for the Mark who pestered me at the party". "Anyway I won't have that problem since we both don't have any money" Javier said laughing. Ben smiled but remained quiet and looked at Javier "What are you going to do for a job?" he eventually asked. Javier sat up and finished dressing "Don't know might do swimming pools until I find something" he replied. Ben stood up "Well you know what your doing there, you can start with ours" he laughed "10 minutes downstairs" he said. Javier nodded "Okay I will be ready" he replied watching Ben leave. Ben walked in to the master suite "Mark you ready?" he asked. "Yes" he called out coming out of the dressing room "What's the matter?" he asked looking at Ben's pensive face. Ben looked up "Oh yeah" he closed the door "You need to tell Pedro to be open with Javy about money" he said. Mark nodded "Why so concerned?" he asked "Ah, has he decided to move here?" Ben nodded. "He needs to tell him before it gets serious, Javy might react totally differently to how I did" Ben said. Mark smiled "I agree, is he hung up on money?" he asked putting his shoes on. "No far from it, his family are well off but he and Juan have always been taught earn things" Ben replied. Mark chuckled "Were all you of you brought up the same way in Harrison?" he asked standing up. Ben laughed "Why are we all the same?" he asked. Mark came over and kissed him "No but you all insist on working, that's partly why my father adores you". Ben chuckled "And there was me thinking he liked me because I was doing you" he said and Mark laughed. "In case you hadn't figured it out, that's why he is distant with Selina's husband" Mark said taking Ben's hand. Ben looked up at him "But I thought he worked?" he asked confusingly. Mark nodded and opened the bedroom door "Yes but he also expects things handed on a silver plate". "Did I behave like that at first or now?" Ben asked stopping out of concern. He shook his head "Never and no, my parents saw it as a project to try and get you to accept a gift" he laughed. Ben smiled "The BMW" he said. Mark nodded "But they were over the moon that you finally accepted a gift without question". "Hmmm. I figured there was not point refusing as I know how stubborn you are and your mother warned me" Ben said. Mark kissed him again "Yeah at least your learning" he chuckled "It will get worse as they love you very much". Ben held Mark's hand as they walked down the stairs to meet Javier, he knew that Mark wasn't joking about his parents but then he had also grown very close to them and they treated him like an equal with their own son. He also knew that Pedro had enough money now to leave and do his own thing and live very comfortably but his loyalty to the Davenports and the love they showed him meant he would never leave them. He loved his life as it was safe and secure something he never had growing up and he owed the family everything. They met Javier in the front entrance as the limo pulled up with Pedro already inside, they headed to Chateau Mamont for dinner as a special evening for Javier. Pedro seemed to be alive and very relaxed, easily holding his own at dinner but then he knew etiquette inside out and took great pleasure teaching Javier when they stopped looking in to each others eyes. Something that Ben and Mark picked up very quickly at the start of dinner, then Javier confirmed he wanted to stay in LA and see how things work out with Pedro. Mark was overjoyed hearing the news from him although he already knew, he looked at Pedro and Javier and told them that tomorrow that they should let his parents know. Javier suggested they do it in the evening since he had been invited by Mark's father to watch a soccer game. Pedro knew Mark well enough to know that by the look he gave that his parents already knew something was happening and they were okay with it. Javier kissed Pedro goodnight as he got out of the limo, his head buzzing from the evening and having seen so many famous people at the restaurant but it took him time to understand that actually the other people were more interested in their table. He sent a brief text to Juan telling him he was going to move to LA and had found and incredible person that he was head over heels for. Naturally Juan's text back was to the point saying he wanted to meet him before he moved and make sure he was suitable. Javier sat on the bed tearing up at how his brother still loved and wanted to protect him. But he knew doing this via his brother would make it all the more easier as he would say something to their parents paving the way. Javier got undressed, cleaned his teeth and climbed in to bed he wondered laying there looking up if he had made the right decision. The more he thought about it he began to comprehend that Harrison held nothing there for him apart from family and a dull job, but at least here he would have someone to love and a better lifestyle without having to be in the throws of a city like NY. Satisfied he slept a lot easier and his mind only thinking about nicer happier thoughts he had the strangest dream... He was walking through Liongate and down towards the pool area early in the morning, Pedro had finished exercising on the lawn and stretched up toward the sky, he turned to catch his eye, Javier knew something was about to begin, and it would be different. It would be dangerous and safe and sweet all at once, as only Pedro could make it. Pedro had that seductive look, that deceptively cool challenge that was his version of come-hither. A call that seemed to scare Javier just a little bit, a call he couldn’t, would never want to resist. The one outward sign of the heat Javier knew lay just on the other side of Pedro's eyes was his white teeth and sweet pink tongue sliding over his lower lip. Pedro came closer, stopped a long two strides outside Javier's reach. An outrageously, but oh-so-sweetly cruel distance, so sensual Javier's breath flooded away and left him open-mouthed and gasping. All this before even a touch. Javier rose and moved forward locked into Pedro's deep warm brown eyes, relieved and even more turned on to see that secret smile hiding behind them. Pedro gathered up Javier's spikey hair, wrapped it around his hand, and pulled Javier closer. It seemed familiar as if Pedro had done just that very thing the first time they made love, years ago. Now, as then, it swept Javier into passion he would have been hard pressed to control. They kissed, inched closer, kissed harder—tongues twining, lips pressing and sliding. Chest to chest, their hard cocks pressed together and strained against the clothing that separated them. Mouths still locked together, Javier made small, pleading noises as his lust rose and circulated through the very fibre of his being his body shaking and jolting in his unconscious state. He sat bolt upright feeling the warm liquid running down his naval, panting and breathing heavily he was still aroused by his wet dream. He took a swig of water from the bottle by his bed and walked in to the shower room and doused himself with cold water. Any doubts he had about wanting no needing Pedro were firmly diminished, he was sure the dream was a glimpse into his future and clearly Pedro was about to be part of it.
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    He leans me back onto the mattress, lays me across it and stands back up, towering over me, his huge hard cock dripping pre cum, the ropy muscles of his legs framing that beautiful shaft, calling to me. I sit up to my knees, eyes locked on his, my mouth opening again to his cock as I slowly suck him inside me, my tongue hungrily lapping at his sweet pre cum, swirling it around my mouth, my spit mixed with it, charged with the power he has over me now. My eyes slip closed, tasting the fullness of him, his hardness. Savoring his sticky cum in me. His hands gently stroking my skull. I can hear myself moan with my hunger. Feel the pre cum dripping from my cock. And his fingers are running over my face now, slick with my pre cum, spreading it on my lips as he pushes me off his cock and I open my eyes to him as his sticky sweet fingers slide into my mouth and I’m sucking them clean, god I want more, more and more and more of him inside me. “Smoke, boy?” His voice as much low growl as whisper. “Yes, please, more. Yessss.” The pipe is already in his hands and he’s striking the match and pulling a long slow hit into his mouth, pulling me up to him and kissing me so softly and then suddenly so hungry as he blows the thick white smoke into me. We pass it back and forth, and then he hits the pipe again and then again and again. We pass the Tina between us, tying us together, wrapping us in the tangle of the smoke. He’s holding me tight against him, our cocks sliding over each other. My mouth full of the lingering taste of the Tina and his spit mixed with mine. Every inch of my skin alive with my need. Straining to open to him. To surrender. My hands are wandering over his thick chest, stroking the hairs around his hard nipples. So gently stroking him, tracing the outline of the biohazard tattoo, and I’m drawn to it, running the tip of my tongue over the rough raised lines of it. The smell of his sweat filling me. “Mmm, that’s so good boy,” his hands running over me slowly, his touch light, soft. Caressing me, running his fingernails over my ass, spreading me apart, just slightly as his fingers brush the edge of my hole. My whole body shivering with his touch. I hear the animalistic moan coming from deep in my throat, my whole being in that sound, so hungry and so complete in his arms. My mouth finds his nipple and pulls it out with my teeth, tugging lightly on it, tracing it with my tongue, and then dragging my spit soaked lips across his hairy chest to the other side, taking him into my mouth as his hands guide me further around his hard pec and his sweat is so strong, filling my nostrils from his armpit, guiding my hungry mouth to the thick, soaked hairs there, his smell so very goddamn strong, so lovely, surrounding me, my tongue drinking him in, devouring his pungent taste, my god. so, so good. His hands press me gently back into the mattress. I fall back, staring up at the massiveness of him over me, at his thick veiny cock standing straight out, ropy pre cum dripping down at me, at his eyes, twin black irises pinning me to the ground, so full of our hunger, so free with the Tina we’ve smoked and so hard. So very, very hard. I want that cock in me. I want him to impale me with his cock, to split me open. I’m so fucking hungry I can’t speak. I can hear sounds coming from me, ragged breaths, guttural moans and hunger. Pure hunger. “Good boy.” He growls. “Such a hungry boy. Such a hunger.” He’s kneeling onto the mattress now, his hands caressing my knees, pushing me apart to him. “Let’s open you up to it.” His hands spread my legs apart, stroking the wet sweaty insides of my thighs gently open as his fingers push my ass open to him. My god, my hole is so hungry. Twitching. So. Fucking. Hungry. The world falls away again as he so gently blows across my hole, and my eyes roll up in my head as I arch myself more open to him, the sound escaping from my throat an animal moan, everything right there in it, lost in it. I’m struggling to get a word out between moans and my ragged desperate breaths. One word that is everything as he keeps blowing across my hole. One word that will free me. yes. Urgently, as his fingers are caressing me between my hole and my cock, and then his tongue is tracing that incredible line, slowly tracing its way back from the base of my shaft up to my hole, his spit dripping across me, his tongue gently, lovingly rimming me. And then he’s pressing himself inside me, pushing his tongue into me, I’m so hungry with him there, every inch of me on fire. I hear myself laughing, moaning, and then, tears, as his tongue is probing me, opening me up to him. Oh jesus yes take me open me fill me split me open fuckkkkkk meeeeeeee
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    Finally, after 2 months of planning, got it today. 2 months ago, I took my car for a wash and valet at a back street car wash, i like this one as it always has foreign lads cleaning cars etc. 2 have caught my eye, sexy hot lads, one russian, 28, two kids, dark hair green eyes, beard, tight trackie bottoms,, great body good package, i always watch them closely and chat with them watching them, bend stretch, admiring bodies. 2nd lad,Romanian, beard, brown eyes, awesome body, big package, smile you could dive into, melted me, i was quite chatty with him, he had a hairy arse as he was bending, he was 26, had 3 kids. So for weeks, i have got to know them, jokingly the other week, romanian asked me if I was married, no i said, why? I said I like men, i like to have sex with men, he looked at me, smiled and said Men??? Yes, he lit a cigarette and ssked if I wanted some, for some reason, i dragged on the cigarette from his mouth and took it back in his mouth. He was constantly watching the other lads and became distant, this is how it goes every week, today I went nearer clising time, left 2 bottles of poppers on my car seat, he looked hot, tight T Shirt, short, tight trackies, fuckin awesome. Most of the lads left, he was finishing with another lad present who did not speak english, tidying up etc. He asked about the poppers, i told him what they were for, also I said, if you cum whilst sniffing these you will have the best sex ever. Paying him, ready to leave, he told me to pick him up round the corner in 10 minutes!! I was trembling, 10 minutes later he is in my car, 20 minutes later his beautiful thick sweaty uncut cock is in my mouth in my kitchen, his body is awesome, muscular legs, cheap calvin classics, i showed him how to sniff poppers whilst I sucked him and licked his dangling balls, he was groaning and speaking weakly in his native language. I told him to sniff deep whilst I turned him round, felt his hairy arse and started to lick his arse, he said no, married.. i said sniff its ok, and bent him over my kitchen top and I ate his beautiful arse, it was a sweaty clean hole, beautiful. This guy was a hottie, I was rock hard. He was almost drinking the poppers, i chanced it, but bent over in front of him, and put his rock hard thick uncut dick in my arse, he again, weakly said, no Married, but sniffed and slid his bare dick in my lubed arse, he then fucked me roughly, right up to his balls, i held onto my table, he was speaking in his own language, then he fast fucked me and came deep in my arse, resting in me, he just lay in me, till his dick went soft. He said I am Married, I said I know, did you enjoy, he said yes.please do not tell anyone, off course I wont I said pulling my shorts back up. I then dropped him back to the car shop, i gave him the poppers, he was happy, he said next time you come to shop, I will give you extra polish, I said its ok, just giving me your cock is fine, he shook the poppers at me and said Yes.. Awesome hour...I was happy after the 2 months of waiting.
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    As many of you know, I have been chasing for over three years, and have had 2 flakes that SAID they would gift me. I have found another gifter that will be traveling to Orlando, and Im confident that he WILL be the one to share his gift with me. Like the others, we have chatted online, but somehow he feels different than the other two flakes. Some of this, he already knows, and Ive encouraged him to read this without public comment here. He has indicated that he thinks its HOT that I write about the way that I want my pozzing to happen, and see what others have to say about it. Although this is in the fiction section, it is truly my desire and hope it becomes a reality. My potential gifter is actually my dream come true. My first two potential gifters were NOT my ideal type, but I just wanted someone to impregnate me with their toxic seed. The first led me on for well over a year. He was around my age, and sounded great. Our conversations were GREAT and always got me hard. From the stories of the college bois hes infected, to his two live in lovers, and the incest between him and several of his legal age sons. I guess I should have known that it was a bit much, He always hesitated to send me a picture of his cock, but when he did, it was comparable to mine, which is nothing to brag about The second was someone older than me. Id say hes an old school leather pig. I was confident that he would be the one to gift me while he was visiting Orlando, but then all of a sudden his travel plans "changed, or so he said. The ONE good thing about hook up aps is that you can tell when someone is close. Mine indicated he was, yet he said he was elsewhere. Enough about the past, let me talk about my third potential gifter. As they say, "The third time is a charm!" Like me, he was primarily a bottom, until he was gifted, and he decided to share the gift with others. Hes not opposed to living with someone that he gifts. Although I think this is a long shot, I would LOVE to have a relationship with my gifter. Someone who would be there with me to comfort me while going through the fuk flu stages, and still be there to pump his seed into me while doing so. Someone to encourage me to spread my seed once I converted, and be with me while each of us had sex with others. He has an AMAZING cock, something which the others really didn't have. So on to how I would like our gifting session would be. My potential gifter will be traveling to Orlando and staying in a motor home while here. He said he would be able to host, and encouraged a two day stay to help insure the meeting was a success. I do have a bf, but the sex isn't great, and although we are 'OPEN' I found out he has been fooling around behind my back. Anyhow, I see myself pulling up to my gifters motor home, knocking on the door, He tells me to come in, and when I do, he is sitting there in only his jock. His cock is already rock hard, and I can see signs of pre cum on his jock, and I immediately drop to my knees, and start to worship his cock. He doesn't let me work his cock for long, and tells me good things come to those who wait. He instructs me to strip down to my jock, and sit next to him. My cock doesn't always get rock hard, but it is now, straining against my jock. He cops a quick feel, but then he tells me he wants to talk about what is about to happen. As we talk, my cock starts straining inside my jock, and I start to precum. Its with GREAT relief that he says he wants to fully inspect me, and them make me a part of him. I stand up and he buries his face in my ass, eating my hungry hole. Its not long before he slips in one, two then three fingers, telling me how much his cock is going to love my tight hole. He turns me around, and sucks my cock, and I quickly blow my load down his throat, as he tells me that will be the last negative load I ever shoot. He deep kisses me, and shares some of my load with me, but saves some to lube my ass with. He leads me over to the bed, and instructs me to get on all fours to receive my gift. I do as instructed, and he begins to tease my hole by rubbing his cock on it, and although Im sure he knows that I want his gift, he continues to ask me if Im sure. When I least expect it, he drives his poz cock in me balls to the wall. He doesn't aggressively breed me though, just slow and passionate, with occasional hard thrusts. Through prior chats, he knows that I want to be on my back as he releases his gift inside me. After 10-15 minutes, he instructs me to get on my back. I know the time is coming soon. As I roll over, he first gives me the deepest and most passionate kiss Ive ever had. He starts to thrust much harder, but yet not overly aggressively. His rhythm picks up, and I know I am about to receive his gift. He begins to get very verbal, and before he deposits his first load, he once again asks if I want to be a part of the brotherhood. Not long after I said yes, he unloads deep in me. His cock pulses like no other I have ever felt. As he shoots he tells me that I am now his. After he shoots, he keeps his cock in me until it got soft and slipped out. He then rolled me over and inserted a large plug up my ass telling me his seed needs to seep in. He then suggests that we rest, as it will be a long night of breeding. He spoons up next to me, with his cock near my ass. It wasn't long before I felt his cock getting hard again, and he removed the plug for our second breeding. This time he is more verbal and aggressive with me, which I LOVED. He first worked his fingers in me, scratching the inside of my ass to make it more likely to absorb his toxic seed, He took his fingers out of my ass, and made me suck the blood from them. Shortly after he seeds me again. This continues through the night. After the second session, he takes a sharpie that I brought along and writes "Poz loads received" on my ass as I requested, By the next morning, we were at 4. It was a long but fun night, and he suggested we have some breakfast, as the day would be even longer. We went out for breakfast, and after I suggested that we go to a local bar and see if I could receive other loads, He LOVED the idea, and said my marked ass would be a GREAT advertisement. We had a great breakfast, and then headed to a bar with an outside play area. I only took two loads there, not sure if my ass marking helped or hurt. He also took several loads while there. We somewhat gave up, and headed back to his motor home where we once again began to breed. By dinner, my load count was up to 8. Surely I was gifted by now! He made a wonderful dinner for me, sitting naked at the table with only a plug up my ass. After dinner, he asked if I was ready for a creamy desert, KNOWING that I was. After breeding, he suggests that we take a power nap, as the night was young, but would be intense. That it was. By the morning, I had 12 hash marks on my ass. The next morning, I told him I had a surprise for him. I had lined up several poz tops, telling them that my gifter MAY want to whore me out to celebrate. He LOVED the idea, and told me that he also had plans for me. He told me that he knew about my plans for a group rape, and that one of the guys that I had chatted with about the possibility was in fact someone that he had gifted, He refused to tell me who it was though. Two of the four guys that I invited actually showed up. Before they arrived, I was tied spread eagle to the bed with my ass up. Once they arrived, my gifter said he would be both the first and the last to breed me. This time was different. He fucked me with more aggression than ever. Although he was verbal before, NOTHING like this time. To him I was just a piece of meet wanting to get knocked up. And I LOVED it. My gifter was indeed the first and the last to breed me. The other two were just as aggressive as him. Using me as a random cum dump. At this point I didn't really care. If I haven't already started conversion, it would be a miracle. By the end of the day, I had 18 hash marks on my ass. One of the "guest breeders' left after 2 loads in me, but the other stayed the night. Im not sure, but guessing the one that stayed had also been knocked up by my gifter. Once confirmed poz, I guess I will know by the strain. The three of us fucked again that next morning, bringing my final load count to 21. I was plugged, and sent on my way.
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    Earlier I was chatting to a horny Algerian top, ripped hairy body, thick 8” cut dick. He wanted me to bttm for him & a few mate, a fuck n go but for 6 guys. I instantly agree & heased over to his place. They were all very hot guys, big fat dicks from 7” to 9” cut, they fucked me hard & deep breeding their thick loads in me, all excited one guy, very cute very muscular young lad. He seemed a little shy & they teased him & told him to drive me home, which he did. His name is Asim, 23, gorgeous green eyes & huge muscles. He’s also quite short which really tuned me on. While sat at some traffic lights I reached over & started to feel his dick in his jean & asked why he didn’t fuck me, he got instantly rock hard & said he wanted to fuck me but he prefers 1on1, I told him to fuck me when we got to mine. We got as far as the stairs on the way to the bedroom my joggers of, on my back legs spread his jeans round his ankles & his big fat veiny 8.5” cut raw dick digging into my cunt hard & deep! He smash me good & blew a huge load inside me. Before he pulled out I reached down & fondled his balls telling him I wanted all his cum in my cunthole. Round 2 on my back again holding his gorgeous hairy muscular arse & he drilled me & bred me deep in my guts. While he recovered laying on his front I was caressing his muscular meaty hairy arse & gently let my fingers slide in his crack & rub his hole, he groaned & started grinding up on my fingers, I spread his hairy cheeks & deep rimmed him, he was groaning loudly & begging me to fuck his arse. I lubed & plunged my dick in his arse & fucked his tight hole, I was so turned on it only took a few minutes before I bred his tight muscular arse. I was still rock hard inside inside his arse & my balls were still aching to breed him so I carried on fucking much to his pleasure, pounding him hard & deep. I flipped him on his back & spread his legs & plunged back in him till I should my second load in him. 10 minutes later he was fucking me doggy as hard as he could, he was hitting the spot & I told him I was getting very close to orgasm. He fucked me harder & we both groaned louder then seconds apart we both climaxed .
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    Hi, I found some drafts I wrote a few months ago that I thought would be nice to share with you all while. Hope y'all enjoy. The summer I came home from Ithaca, I had some troubles sleeping for the first few weeks. The constructions were still going on next door & I had to open the window to let in the cool summer draft. I woke up in the middle of the night to see how anyone could drill at this hour. I went to my window and saw a man, only in his jocks hammering some planks and placing them on the wall. There were also chains on the floor that he was now drilling to the ceiling. All this in a candle lit room. This man had a firm ass and I could tell he was packing. He was bald but his head was defined, as well as his body. His thighs were smooth and large. I could see his furry chest too while he drilled, packing firm pecks. Don’t get me started on his arms. It was clear that he’s experienced in construction. I starred for what must have been 10 minutes, taking the role of a pepping tom. He then stopped and got to the window and looked at me and took his jock off, jacking his 9 inch off. I looked at him straight in his eyes. He was now smiling. He opened the window and then came, blowing his load out of the window. He put his index finger on his nose to signal secrecy and turned back to blow the candles off, without acknowledging me any further. Before the candles were blown off, it looked like he was prostrating in a circle that the candles were positioned in. I closed my curtains, going to bed with a hard on I couldn’t contain. I woke up in my boxers, stained with cum. I haven’t had a wet dream in ages. I went down and asked Mom and Dad who moved in. Mom told me that it was a man name Robert Costa whose taking over the construction company that went bankrupt last year. Dad then said that “He doesn’t seem like the kind to play for the other team.” Mom told him that he’s only saying that because he’s more muscular than Dad and knows more about tennis when Dad lost his bet on him that Federer was going to lose. I didn’t want to hear them go on so I went out for a jog. I missed running around my neighborhood, going through the parks at night sometimes to cruise. I remembered when I turned 18 three years ago, I sucked my first cock at this very tree I just ran by. The balls I relished on was that of Mr. Courtois who was one of the consulate workers at the Belgian embassy. Mr. Courtois was friendly with my family. He had a wife and his daughter who I did AP Chem together with. I can still recall the moment he realized who I was after blowing his load in me in the dark. “Putain” Was the first thing he said, before asking me what I was doing. “Don’t worry Mr. Courtois. Or is it Monsieur? I wanted it. We don’t have to tell anyone.” I looked at him, with his cum still on my lips. “You should not be here, it’s unsafe for young boys of your age.” Talking to me like a child. “It’s you who shouldn’t be here. Does your family know?” I asked, before he gave a worried look. “Of course not. We must not tell anyone. We cannot. I’m going home now, let me send you home.” In the car, I was playing with his dick while he drove. It was long, hard and bushy. I then told him that if he took the next right, the exit would merge us on Connecticut Ave and that there was a motel that wasn’t too far away. It didn’t take long for him to agree. A little s’il vous plait & j’te veux was all I needed to convince him to fuck me. Thank you Estelle for making me pass 10th grade French. The thing about Mr. Courtois was that he had the perfect dad body. It was not too big nor too muscular. His hair was grey too and he had blue eyes. He was well endowed with a cock length of about 7 inch. And he had some pubic hair. Must be a man who takes care of himself. He was talkative but pensive when he fucked me. I can still remember those words that made my hole wet when he rimmed me. “C’est bon ouais?” Every time I hear those words now, I would get hard like I was Pavlov’s dog. When he inserted his cock into me, I was in heaven. The first cock I’m taking and it belonged to my lab partner’s dad. He said those three words again ramming me non-stop. “Ton cul, c'est extraordinaire…ah putain, tu vas gagner ma bite et l'accueillir.” I don’t even know what he’s saying but I knew it made me flush. I asked him to go faster. For some reason, Mr. Courtois couldn’t stop speaking in French. I had to learn the word vite from him and repeat it like I was yelling feet. I don’t think it’s even in one of my fetishes. “Tu veux mon foutre, oui? Oh putain..“ was his last words before coming into me. Filling my ass and sloshing his cum in me, pulling out and letting it flow like the Pontemac. We cuddled and he said his first comprehensible sentence of that night, in English, “Thank you. I didn’t know you were gay…does Estelle know?” “Je vous en prie” I teased in a high pitched voice. “And yes she does. I think everyone does. Does she know her dad is though?” “Bah.” was all he said and told me that we should go home. Mood killer. The time was almost 5 and I entered the house telling both my parents that I was at Justin’s playing video games and didn’t realize how late it got. This all happened a year ago before I left for college. How inexperienced I was. Last I heard, Mr. Courtois was back in Bruxelles, having his charity co-sponsor bxl pride. Maybe he’s out, maybe he’s not, but I knew I must have affected him in some ways when I saw photos of him clad to a semi muscular twink in harness on Estelle’s Instagram. While standing in front of the fountain at the park now, I could see a man wearing overalls and a white tank top walking towards me. He also had a helmet on. It was the one and only, Robert Costa. “It’s nice to see that ass out in the day.” He said, clearly recognizing me as last night’s voyeur. “Nice to see someone in clothes too.” I joked, transfixed on his eyes now. A dark shade of olive when refracted under the sun. Gorgeous. I can also take a peek of his chest. He then smiled. “Would you like to come over tonight? I just built something and I need to show someone. I don’t know anyone around here. Besides, all that construction must have make you a bit curious.” He asked, full of confidence. “Yeah, sure. 8 sounds good? I think mom and dad are going to be out for dinner at Bourbon Steak. I told them I would go watch the movies instead of mingling with some diplomats I’ll forget but whatever.” “Great.” Was all he said as he left, heading to the pickup truck parked across the bench where we stood. I wore my jock that night and the same pair of joggers with just a hoodie on. By now, I was thinking of whether I would call him Robert or Mr. Costa. Both sounded hot. Robert opened the door in an apron without anything underneath it. “Oh, I’m sorry. I’ve been used to walking around the house nude. Haven’t had any guests since I moved in. You’re the first! Come in.” He came in for a bear hug and I could feel how huge his balls were underneath the apron. Robert walked back to the kitchen and on his naked back, a bio hazard symbol was tattooed centered right below his nape. Interesting. Robert then showed me his kitchen where he was preparing some drinks. Campari spritz. With the heat that was going on, it was only necessary. “So…I want to try out something.” He said, going to the freezer now and taking out a tray of ice cube but instead of it being cubical, it was cylindrical, like a tube. “How would you like to have a cocktail of cum in your ass?” Wow. How direct. Cut right to the chase. I think my fixation on him last night was all that he needed to know to gauge the kind of a slut I am. I agreed immediately and pulled my pants down and hoodie off, with Robert now being impressed with my jock. “Get up here,” he called me when he went to inspect my ass. He took off the jock and looked at my cock, squeezing it with his other hand choking me now. I didn’t sign up for this, but it made me harder than I was before. “There we go..” he smiled now while gripping my hard cock while inserting one cube in my ass. It felt cold and melted easily in me. In his eyes, I can tell there’s a desire to corrupt and use me. It’s as if he wanted to destroy me and fulfill his dark fucked up fantasies. I hate to admit that I was willing to let my inhibitions go away & fully submit to him. “I still haven’t showed you what I was telling you about.” He then held my hand but this time with care and lead me upstairs into the room he was fixing up. It was a sight that I thought I wouldn’t see. I doubt there were any other houses in our neighborhood that had a room like what Robert had made. To call it a sex dungeon would be dishonest because it wasn’t like its aim was for sex but for something even darker. It was like a shrine. The chains he drilled up were a part of a leather sling. And behind the sling was a tapestry that bared the Sigil of Baphomet. The room was only lit by candles placed on the floor around the sling and that the sling was placed in a circle which Robert had carved. There was also pentagram carved in the circle. If one were to put themselves in the sling, they would face a floor to ceiling mirror that had quotes of Divine Comedy painted black in acrylics. In Italian even. To divert my fascination, I joked. “What’s the font, Hellvetica?” “Funny. You know what these words mean?” I did classics as an elective during freshman year so my memory didn’t serve me well but I can only recognise one stanza which was "Ritorna a tua scïenza, che vuol, quanto la cosa è più perfetta, più senta il bene, e così la doglienza.” “The more a thing is perfect, the more it feels pleasure and pain..” or something along those lines from what I could recall. What does this even mean? Clearly I didn’t pay attention much. Robert recited the quote in his native tongue before I told him the meaning. He was surprised and said, “You are perfect. You want to feel pleasure and you want to feel pain. In this room, we’re all sinners. We’re destined for destruction during judgement day. Our sins are set as our aberrations called for it.” I can tell he was into Dante and must have grown up in a religious family. He was Sicilian after all by looking at his Apron that had the words PALERMO printed like something off a postcard. Robert then began to tell me that he’s a part of a covenant that sins and punish themselves. “Aquinas said that we can know things without any form of divine intervention…that God’s light would shine on us naturally to inform us what we must do. When I strayed off the path of God.. I was stung to realize my sin. I then thought that God wouldn’t punish those who went on the beaten path and that I must do it myself..” Fuck. This man is a cult leader, I thought. I was still intrigued given that I had a hard on and melted cum in my ass. “Then God shined another light…that we sinners deserve a second chance. Medication. What a way to deny God’s plans. But it also give me more opportunity to punish others.” What a visionary. I don’t think highly of Robert but his speech and the way he brought himself not only convinced me otherwise, but also convinced me that he sees himself as some sort of a prophet. I can see how he could manage his cult with the way he spoke. “I’m giving you the opportunity to learn more about me. To learn more about yourself. To participate in it. When I looked at you last night, the moon was full and I felt God’s light shined again. I can tell that you’re not religious, but the rituals and the aspects of this covenant make it hard for you to be dissuaded, am I right?” “Yes... but this is too much Robert, I think you’re thinking way too deep on this. It’s not even right if you’re going to just ruin people’s lives in the name of God.” “Well, I’m not ruining their lives and anyone who joins voluntarily does so. You think I’m a man who would rape? Most of our brothers are in on their own will. God’s will. I used to think that I was the only one who felt this way but there are many like me. I can see it in your eyes that you want it too.” He was right. Human beings are irrational and as much as we’d like to live our lives according to reason and truth, it is impossible for us to function in that way all the time. I wanted to join my neighbor’s cult that might affect me for the rest of my life. Was it because of boredom? Fascination? I don’t know. Words really can’t explain why some people do the things they do and my interest in joining Robert only proves it further. I didn’t need him to persuade me any more so I walked toward him and held his face and kissed him. He threw me on the floor and began rimming me. He pushed a finger in me and I groaned a bit. “Yes, don’t stop.” I said while he was pulling it in and out. “You’re very tight. Don’t move.” He commanded. I felt my hole exposed to the humidity and without any warning, he pressed into me with his cock, releasing a scream from me. I should’ve asked him to put more cum in me in the kitchen. I had fully submitted myself to him now. He took long strokes and pressed my nipple hard, telling me that I was beginning to open up. I rocked my hips back to him, accepting his potent cock. He also went slowly at times and fast, making me moan and groan like never before. My head was on the floor with my ass up, with the candles as my only source of light. Without the mirror, the room would be darker but with it, I can see Robert fucking me flat on the floor. As he rocked me deeper, I could feel another part of my hole opening, accepting more of him. He then said, “There it is, we’re just starting to have fun now.” All I could remember for the next half an hour was me being in a state of euphoria. My eyes were rolled back and my arms were shaking. I couldn’t even feel my legs as he rammed into me. I also noticed that every now and then when we were fucking, he would take a pause to breathe heavily. The last time he did this, he held me with his arms and squeezed me tight, not letting me go as he whispered, “Into the eternal darkness, into fire and into ice.” It then registered to me that he had came in me about 7 times. When he was done, we were on the floor, panting while he jerked me off. When I was about to come, he sucked me and ingested all my cum. He then came up for a kiss and I could taste the saltiness of my cum while his and god knows who else’s was flowing out of my hole. While he leaned beside me on the recently varnished oak floor, I broke the silence. “Tell me more about this covenant.”
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    Quick rant. I fucking HATE Prep, it is killing my fun of creating new sick fuckers with my strain. How the fuck will my legacy carry on if so many bottom bitches can act like sluts without any of the repercussions of being marked? I swear Prep is this generations condoms, I am so disgusted sand disappointed when guys say "don't worry I am on Prep". I want to walk away when it happens but I just fuck them more brutally instead- worthless fags. If you're going to BB at least man up and do it fully RAW without hiding behind Prep grrrrrr!
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    Love getting fucked anon in an alley like this. Dallas has a lot of alleys and they’re prefer for this kind of fucking. Also love fucking teenage sluts in alleys just like this and fucked more than a few like this over the summer. Love that they slip out of the house like they’re taking out the trash and instead are doing it to meet me and take my cum. Love it when they come out shirtless, wearing just nylon shorts and no underwear. Love it as their bodies start glistening with sweat in the heat as I drill them or they drill me. Did it that way with a teen boy in the alley out back of his house last night at nearly 11. Was still in the 90’s...shot three loads in him as he begged for it and he blasted three inside me too. Loved that he was so nonchalant about it and went back in with my cum leaking out of his ass. Lord knows his was leaking out of me.
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    Grindr jackpot. I left work early since I had a meeting in Waikiki. Beautiful day in the islands. My ass was ready to enjoy the glory holes at the theater there. The one and only decent glory hole action on the island. Earlier at work, I was message by a profile. A hot local poly mix guy who seemed interested in me. He really wanted to “use my ass.” I chatted with him but didn’t really expect anything. He was 9 miles away and didn’t think it was going to cum over. I told him I would get off at 6. The picture of his dock looked like a thick one. “Are you clean?” I replied yes. “Can I cum in your ass?” Of course. My first load was a young Asian, small but did the job in fucking my hole and dumping a good size load. I easily milked his cock though the hole. My Grindr showed that my poly mix guy was near. I rush home and lied that I needed time to freshen up. I met him at my place and took him. Fucken cute and hunky muscled guy in his late 20’s. We strip and what I thought was maybe 7 thick was more like 9 1/2 thick. I could not get it all the way in my mouth. I tried and slobber over it. After a short bj to get it wet, he tells me to get on bed. Then it began and lasted way too long. At first I though it would start to feel better but it didn’t. It was so thick it was burning my hole. More lube and spit did not help. More poppers did not help. WTF I’m a pig and that did not help. And he was relentless, pinning me down and using my hole. Punching it and pulling it with his raw dick. I was being rape and could not take it. It was burning me. I thought I was being ripped. I thought I had to pee and cum at the same time. I tried to adjust but he whispered, “lay flat on the bed.” He kept using my hole what felt like eternity. I really had to go to a mental “happy place.” He smashed my face into the pillow. The guy obviously done this before and finally was about to cum. I used my last strength of ass muscle control to clench down and milk him while came. This set him in a giant roar as his flooded and bred my cunt with his fuck seed, making sure he planted his dna deep and bruising my prostrate. He used and fucked me so long. My hole was not itself and was gapping like I was just gangbanged. He left and it was the first time in years that I walked funny. Fuck I want that again.
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    My skin is slick with my sweat from the damp night heat, with fear. My body’s moving on it’s own, my mind blasted white with desire. With need. The door is just slightly ajar. I step into a dark foyer. Hands shaking slightly, eyes not adjusted to the dimness yet. My hand-deciding for me-moves on its own, closing the door. I’m still, tensed. Eyes slowly adjusting to the space and the dark contours of the room. For a long second, I’m suspended there. Every muscle fiber vibrating with it, with hunger. I’m in a bare room. Stripped wood floors, slats exposed through broken plaster walls. A narrow staircase in front of me. There’s a smell. Sweat. Piss. Cum. I inhale slowly, draw it in. Savor it. Again, yessss. My cock is hardening. Drawing me in. The scents enveloping me. Taking me. My feet slip out of my flip flops. The raised wood grain of the stripped floor feels so good on my bare feet: cool, soft. I flex my toes against it. My cock hardens with the feel of the wood, my nostrils flaring to draw in that taste of sweat. Of his sweat. There’s not a sound except my short, ragged breaths. I start up the steps, slowly. My body lightens with each step, smoke slowly drawn upwards. My arms pull off my t shirt and it falls away. This is a new feeling, a revelation. I can feel myself relaxing now, my cock rubbing against the denim of my jeans, pre cum slick across my skin, matting the hair around my cock. I have never felt so pure. So fully present. So fucking hungry. At the landing a door is open. Light flickers from inside. Again, for a split second I pause. Just a small hesitation, a pinprick of doubt, and then my body moves on its own into the room, another surrender, to it, to the need. To him. A few bare candles are lit. There’s a mattress on the floor, sheets draped over it. A huge mirror leans against one wall. Candles and the bed reflected in it. I hear his soft breathing before I see him. Leaning against the wall beside the mirror, arms folded across his bare chest. Shaved head, his body huge, hairy, muscled. So much of him there. So much bigger than me. Muscles at ease. Perfect. There’s a dark tattoo under the hair on his chest, just over his hard, erect nipple. Biohazard. His eyes hold me still. Dark pinpricks. Candle light flickering in them. I’m aware of my breath coming shallow. Of the sweat trickling down my back. Beading on my arms. And then he’s next to me. Still. His eyes holding mine to him. ”Oh, yes.” His hand gently on my lower back, caressing the rim of my jeans. “So hungry, aren’t you, boy?” ”Yessss.” I barely recognize my voice. A current running through me with his touch. The callouses on his hands the worn smoothness of the floor. Every inch of my skin is coming alive to him. Opening. “That’s it, boy. Very good. Just breathe.” breathe. Yes. I can taste him on the air: the sweat coming off him, so strong. So thick. And another smell: the sweetness of dried cum. Oh god. Oh god. I’m full of the smell of him now. Yesss. He’s behind me now; his breath hot on my neck, his hands resting on my hips. “Good boy. Very good. I can feel you surrendering to it. You’re so hungry to surrender to it, aren’t you, boy?” ”Yes. So hungry, so fucking hungry.” “Show yourself to me, boy. Show me your hunger. Let me taste your need.” His hands fall away from my hips as he turns me gently around to face him. He’s barefoot. The top buttons of his jeans undone. I can see the dark outline of his cock there, his hard shaft straining against the fabric. My hands undo my jeans and I slide them over my cock, pre cum dragging across my hands as I lower the jeans to the floor and step out of them for him. He kicks them away and steps forward. I go to my knees in front of him, supplicant. My cock harder than it’s ever been, my hands at his zipper, opening it, lowering his jeans across his thighs, feeling the taut fibers of his muscles under my hands, brushing the hair on his legs and ankles as I help him step out of his jeans and he kicks them away. Inhaling, on my knees in front of him, captured by the wet, sweet smell of him: he’s wearing a cotton jockstrap, yellow with dried cum and slick with his pre cum. My eyes close as I taste it enveloping me, filling me. My eyes flutter open as I lean into him, as my hungry mouth finds his cock through the rough fabric as I taste his dried cum and my mouth is sucking his hard cock through the jock, I’m so hungry for him, so hungry to pull him in, to taste all of him, the smell of his sweat as it runs slick against my hands on his thighs, and I slip my fingers around he jock and pull it away as his cock, veiny and so hard and so wet with his pre cum, falls straight ahead, and I open myself to him, my tongue running up from the bottom of his shaft along its delicious thickness to his piss slit and I taste the fantastic heady sweetness of him as I pull his shaft fully into my mouth. “That’s it, boy. That’s it. You’re so hungry for it. Give yourself over to it. Surrender to your need. It feels so good, doesn’t it boy? So good to know your place, to embrace what you are?” his cock tastes so good, so hard, my head is full of the smell of him, my body filling up with the hunger, consuming me. Oh god it’s so good, so good. “Yes, boy. Yes. Open yourself up to it, boy. Open yourself up to me.” His hands caressing my skull as I nurse his cock, and he slowly pulls himself out of me. “Close your eyes, boy. Breathe. That’s it, relax now for a second. Good boy.” i hear him moving in the room, and then there’s his scent again, filling me. I hear him strike a match, hear a pipe gurgling in front of me. And then his mouth is on mine, gently caressing my lips, and I open to him as he blows a cloud of smoke into me. I hold it there, his tongue probing mine, opening me as I blow the Tina back to him and he picks me up, his tongue still exploring me, the thick smoke dissipating as we pass it back and forth. It’s so good he’s in my mouth. So good. So intimate. He lights the pipe again and his mouth is on mine as we pass the Tina smoke back and forth, filling me. Then again, and again. Four hits, and my body is on fire, my nipples burning into his as he pulls me to him, my cock so hard and my hole aching for him, to open for him, as his hands knead the muscles of my ass, pulling me apart to him. Ive never wanted anything so much, never been so hungry. “Oh, you’re mine now, boy. You’re opening for me now, aren’t you?” ”Opened, yes, I’m opening for you. I want you inside me, so bad. Please-“ “Please what? Tell me what you need, boy, and I’ll give it to you.” ”Your cock, Jesus, please I want your cock inside me! Now, please fuck me! I need your cock in me! Pleassssse fuckkk meeeeeee-“ His fingers are gently brushing against the rim of my hole, working me open. His fingers, slick with his pre cum, mixed with mine, with our spit, press against my hole. Press into me. I’ve never felt anything so good, so thorough. Every inch of me is on fire for him, every nerve twitching to be opened to him, to take his cock inside me. And his wet finger slips inside me, pushing into me, easing my hungry wet hole open. It’s so good, god I’m so hungry for it, pressing myself against his finger as it slides past that last resistant muscle, and he holds me here, pinned to him. His hands kneading my ass, grinding into me, a second finger sliding inside me, probing me. Opening me to him. His eyes holding mine, locked on me, he lowers his face to mine and runs his tongue across my lips, so gently. So very gently letting his spit run across his tongue to my lips as he presses his mouth to mine, his tongue opens me as his thick spit fills my mouth and his hand presses into my hole, exploring me from both sides, and he pulls away again, my face slick with him, his eyes boring into mine. I feel him all through me; my stomach fluttering to him, his fingers holding me against him, filling my hole. “I’m going to split you open now, boy.” ”Yes, please. Open me up, please.” As his fingers slowly pull out of me. God, I’m so empty. “Please-“ I hear myself whimpering, begging. So hungry to be full of him again. “Are you ready now, boy? Tell me what you need.” ”Your cock. Pleas, your cock.” “Are you ready to take me now, boy? Take me the way men were meant to fuck? Ready to take me bareback, to take me raw inside you?” Jesus, how can even ask, he knows. “Yes, god, yesss. Pleas fuck me raw-“ And suddenly my world opens up,everything g drops away and I know truth: a hole of hunger, and I know who I am, completely, wholly hungry for his cock, for his seed, for his virus. I’m pure need, the hunger all I am, my whole being. So purely opened to him, so totally naked to my need-to his need- “Your seed, god please give me your seed, split me open and fuck me raw, Jesus, pleassse breed meeeeee!”
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    Thomas’ downfall and my boyfriend too My first story, but I've been reading stories on here for years. Condoms mentioned in part 1 but won't feature again after that; hope you can cope with that. Preamble: My man and I met at university, not that we started dating back then; just occasionally fucked together. I was fairly new to sex and very green, but I was soon with a different man every Friday night, and had a few regulars available on a Saturday night. After two and a half years of him being a regular he surprised me and asked me out on a date; and so started what I thought was a closed relationship and so my weekly antics came to a stop; his however I learned later had not. He eventually suggested occasionally playing around together, which I said yes to with a couple of mutual friends, but found I was mostly a third wheel in these encounters… It was a few years into this arrangement that a fresher approached us both separately, and so both of us started conversing not just on sexual related matters – although the fresher, Thomas, did seem to be fairly single-minded most of the time. My man was into younger men, me less so, and eventually Thomas outright asked to have sex with us – after some thought on the matter I told Thomas and my man that I wanted to wait until Thomas was more emotionally and life experienced. They both accepted this and then on Thomas’ 20th birthday came around and I said we could play with him now. Chapter 1: Tight as a virgin? As it happens I was the first of us to play with Thomas as my boyfriend was away and Thomas was around ours for an unsuccessful gaming evening – we lost all the co-operatives we played. When it came to bed time things became more interesting and again co-operative wink. As we entered the bedroom I took command, telling Thomas strip down – he stripped down to a blue jock, revealing a chubby belly, bubble butt and a little fuzz on his chest; not exactly what I normally go for, well asides a bubble butt in a jock bit – afterall you can’t beat a close fitting jock; or may be that’s just me… I started removing my clothes slowly, I was in no rush, revealing myself wearing my Mr B leather jock, the kind with a zip; showing off my lean, though undefined body. I came up behind Thomas, gently pushing him onto my bed, knees first and then spread his butt and dived straight in; there’s nothing better than rimming; my favourite part of foreplay. As my tongue made a glancing lick I heard Thomas whimper. Taking that as an affirmative that he liked it and I started lapping at his hole, a slight sweaty smell, but clean, just how it should be. After ten minutes of this I started upping the seduction and darted my tongue into his hole, slowly deeper and deeper with Thomas whimpering louder and louder – he most certainly was enjoying this. It was time to up the ante. I withdrew my tongue; eliciting a sigh, spread his legs further apart and pushing his head and body down towards the mattress, raising his butt. Using a single squirt of lube on his hole, I pushed my index finger in slowly, not wanting to tear him up, after five minutes I decided he was ready for more, despite not feeling any looser than before I started, switching to the middle finger, getting much deeper and making glancing blows on his prostate; making him shudder. Five minutes of this and he was still tight as a virgin; I have to loosen him up somehow I thought else he’s never going to be able to take my boyfriend’s cock – he’s distinctly well endowed, both in length and girth; I on the other hand am distinctly just average in both respects. Time for the main event – unzipping and grabbing a condom, I ripped open the packet and slid it down over my erect cock; I lined the head of my cut cock with his hole, gently pushing in, slowly as his hole opened around my cock head; the warmth of his hole encouraging me in further, not to mention his sigh as he felt me enter him; as my head popped in I sigh too; getting ahead of myself I push in balls deep in one push; Thomas whimpered, sighed, grunted and winced all in one; myself marvelling at how silky and warm he felt engulfing my cock; it had been a long time since I’d fucked anyone and I was realising what I missed from being with a top only boyfriend – I had to find more holes to use again, now we’re in a definite open relationship, especially tight young holes. I slowly withdrew until just my head was inside, then pushed in balls deep again, again getting the same reaction; as I increased the pace of the fucking his grunts became panting and the wincing stopped; this kept up for about half an hour before I finally got sufficient sensitivity to come close to cumming. Pulling out I tore off the condom and wanking for the last few second I came on his hole; pushing the cum in with my fingers and massaging his prostate again he came grabbing my finger hard – amazingly he was as tight now as he was before being fucked – I haven’t had that level of control over my hole in years; I knew my boyfriend would enjoy fucking this arse; I must remember to tease him until he does. -=-=- Part 2 partially written, so should be out soon.
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    just fucked my load into some cute little teenage faggot in an alleyway just off Yonge . Hooked up with the slut online and got him to meet me near the alley(I made him wear only a pair of shorts and tank top) then follow me into it.walked to an area between 2 trash dumpsters and made him strip naked got him on his knees and pissed all over his face and body then got him to suck me hard then bent the 120 pound slut up against a trash dumpster and fucked him hard till I blew my load in the boys tight little pussy.i told him I was fucking him behind a dumpster to remind him that he is disposable trash. I said "did you notice I didn't ask your name? that's cause I don't give a fuck what your name is. You're just some trash that takes loads in the alley"then I made him tell me he was worthless trash over and over while I fucked him. Managed to piss on him again when I was done .got him on all 4s for this one.
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    Thomas' downfall & my boyfriend too Descriptions of people so far: Myself, John: 6’ tall of Caucasian descent, 6.5” cock with average girth. Brown hair, kept short. Pierced ears and nipples, hairy shoulders, upper back and chest. My man, Joshua: 5’10” tall of Caucasian descent, 9” cock with above average girth at base, tapering to normal girth at top. Long flowing brown hair, usually tied back. Muscular arms and legs from working as a builder; otherwise a little overweight, but barely noticeable. Thomas: 5’8” of Mediterranean descent average cock. Short buzz-cut black hair. Chubby with a little chest fuzz. -=-=- Chapter 2: Whilst I slept… A month or so after the night I slept with Thomas he was visiting a gaming night again; way too much drinking happened and I had to go to bed early. I awoke part way through the night to the bed rocking, in my groggy and sleepy state I thought it was an earth tremor; then I overheard my man speaking and realised what was happening – never a fan of threesomes, having been the third wheel too many times, I decided to just lay there listening… As I looked over I saw my man, standing aside the bed, his 5’10” body, ghostly in the shadowy light, leaning over the edge of the bed and his dark hair cascading down over Thomas’ back. Thomas’ stout body was bent over the edge of the bed also, below my man, his body pushed down on to the mattress by my man’s strong builders arms, his face not far from my crotch. “You want to be my bitch?” my man asked in his distinctive drawl. “...mmm...” is all Thomas replied “I’m told your arse is tight, I hope you’re prepared for me. I’m nothing like John – I may be more gentle, but I’m nowhere near as small as him.” Hearing that I feel a bit dejected; I’m smaller than my man but not really small; I know my man doesn’t enjoy me topping him that much however, or anyone I assumed. Before I could dwell on his words further I was brought back to the moment as I felt Thomas’ face pushed down on my crotch. Should I respond to this I wonder as I started to feel a little uncomfortable. “Can you loosen me up a little first like?” piped up Thomas in a weak voice. “I don’t ream a boy’s arse, never do, don’t know why John does” my man said gruffly. Here, use this.” He said as a bottle landed on the bed next to me. “Use as much as you like, slick yourself up good.” At this I watched Thomas manoeuvre himself on to his back, arse just over the edge of the mattress and start lubing himself up and then I saw my man’s cock at last, fully erect 9” and tapering, trimmed hair nested at the bottom of his shaft; ready to stretch this boy’s arse around it. I lost sight of my man’s cock as Thomas’ belly masked my line; but after another little while in which I thought my man was fingering Thomas; I here a slight “Eeep!” and I know my man has started entering Thomas, looking over I saw his eyes bulge time and again, and feel the mattress being pushed slightly as it moved underneath me. For the next few minutes Thomas made regular “Eeeps!” and I take it my man was slowly entering and re-entering; teasing a hole like he always does with me. Finally I saw Thomas’ eyes glaze over, and my man stop still; he’s in balls deep now I guessed; and Thomas’ tongue loll out, his breath on felt on my cock; involuntarily I feel the tell tale signs I was getting aroused; should I join in, or just roll over and pretend to be sleeping? Hmmm…. conundrum time. Then I heard something I didn’t expect, “God, your hole is so tight; I’ve got to break you in properly” and a minute later “You’ll be great at my club if I do invite you” What club is he talking about? I think, he has a railway enthusiasts club every Saturday; what would he need Thomas for there? In my drunken state I couldn’t process this and roll over to leave them to it. As my man got up a regular rhythm, fast in, slow out, fast in, slow out; his usual pattern, I drifted off to the gentle rocking of the bed for a bit then was abruptly woken up by a yell from my man “YEAH! HEAR IT COMES! OH YEAH! TAKE IT BITCH!” I almost panicked at the suddenness of that; I’ve never heard my man so loud when coming before; I assume that’s what it was; facing away I couldn’t see what was going on but I heard Thomas whimpering, almost as if crying, but not quite, I think… Must have been quite a night for my man, Joshua by the way, and his latest conquest; I felt them leave the bed for a bit then someone return and spoon me from behind; I recognised the strength in these arms as being Joshua’s, and drifted off once more… -=-=- Next part won't be out til September as I'm going on holiday. Intention is to ramp things up a notch in next few chapters which are partially planned out. Thanks for reading and messaging me with requests and suggestions. Gratefully received. -=-=-
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    Part 12 It then hit me, I was smiling about getting probably pozzed? What was I thinking? I had thought I was completely straight, wife, kids, never touched another guy and now what? I had taken so many cocks in my formerly virgin ass in one night and seemed they were all hvl toxic HIV positive and had let them all fill me with this cum. Not only that but I found I had loved almost every single time and wanted more. I couldn't seem to get enough. What the hell was I thinking? My mind was in a complete whirl as to what had happened and what am I going to do now? I had been drunk to start with, but now I was stone-cold sober and still craving more cock. I was having a really hard time wrapping my head around it. I could only seem to come back to one thing and that was, how do I get some more cock to pound my hole with. What a dilemma I should get the hell up and get dressed and get the hell out of there. To where though was a good question? I slowly sat up and looked around for my clothes. They were scattered all over the room. I got out of the bed and started to pick them up and found that I had so much cum in me it was starting to seep out of my ass and run down my legs. It was like a river. I must have taken a gallon of cum up my hole to pour out like this. My hole was so opened up at the moment I could not clench it enough to stop the flow. What a mess and yet so hot too. For some reason, I couldn't fathom I found myself reaching down and scooping some of the run out into my hand. I brought it up to look at and without thinking about it, I suddenly realized I had brought it right to my mouth and was licking it up and swallowing it like some nectar or something. As it dawned on me what I was doing, I was shocked but as I finished what I had I had an uncontrollable need and found myself scooping more and then more until I was pushing my fingers into my hole and almost dragging more out to drink. I was drunk on cum and was getting hard again from it. I had completely forgotten about gathering my clothes and drank until I could not get any more out of me, actually driving my fingers into my ass to get every drop I could and then finally licking my fingers and hand clean of every last drop. I was crazy for more and could not understand why. It had become like a drug to me and I needed more somehow. What the hell was I doing? Why was I like this? My mind in complete turmoil and wondering if I should now get dressed or wait naked to see if more guys would come in and fill me with more of their precious cum. I was in uncharted territory for me and had no idea what to do. Should I get dressed and get the hell out of there? Should I get dressed and go look for more guys to fuck me? Should I just lay back down and wait and see if someone comes to do me again? Maybe, I should just walk out naked and go to the bathroom and see if someone sees me and comes and ravishes my ass? I could not even think straight. I giggled at that as I guess after what I had been doing for hours, I didn't see how I could think 'straight' at all anymore. I finally decided the hell with clothes for now and walked into the hallway to head to the toilet. I walked in and for some reason, my insides churned a little and I sat down on the stool. I hardly got sat down when my bowels let loose with a torrent and I glanced down to see it looked to be mostly more cum, wow I didn't think there was any more in me but wow a lot and as it finished dribbling out I took a piss too. My damn cock was partially up though and it almost went straight out onto the floor but I clamped my legs at the last moment and held it back and then I reached down and squeezed my cock to stop the flow. Then thinking about something I had read once, I aimed it at my face, opened my mouth and let it go straight into it and swallowed all I could get with the last just running down my chest and stomach. By the time the last bit came out my cock was standing straight up and hard as a rock. WOW, what a turn on that was. Just then the door, I had forgotten to lock, came open and in walked one of the guys who had been fucking me. He took one glance and just walked over and took his cock out and I opened my mouth and he began to piss and as he did he drove his cock into my mouth so that not a drop got out and I had to swallow fast as could be. As he finished he too was getting hard and I sucked him for a bit. Then he reached down and grabbed my legs and tipped me back and pulled my ass up in the air and drove his cock deep into my ass. He grinned at me as he pumped hard and deep into me. I grinned back like a dummy or something. He pounded my ass for a good 15 minutes and then drove hard into me one last time and I could feel his cock pulse as he filled my hole with another load of toxic cum. My own cock was throbbing too but I didn't cum yet. God, it felt so good. He pulled out and told me he was going to go tell the other guys my hole was almost empty and in need of more filling. I got up and went back to the bedroom to lay down and wait.
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    I cruised this hot thick younger Latino top this afternoon. We started making our then I worked my way down to his gigantic pecs. I sucked and nibbles on his nipples till he forced my head down to his thick 8 inch cock. I deep throated him while he ate my ass. I told him to fuck me and then he asked for a condom. I told him I don’t use condoms and he replied, “I only play safe so I guess just suck my cock.” After about of minute of me deep throating him he told me to flip around. I was happily surprised when he shoved the whole length of his girthy raw cock deep in my hole. He fucked me hard and deep for an hour occasionally stoping to fuck my throat again. He nut deep in my guts and I then cleaned his cock off with my throat. He said “Thank you Sir, I’ve never fucked raw before. Your ass was so hot I dropped three loads in you. I’m done using condoms sir. Thank you”
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    Got a message earlier on Grindr from a blank profile, it was from a horny closet Afghan lad, 25. He was looking for a hungry slut to fuck his big load into. I sent him my address & 10 minutes later the door bell rang, I opened the door and there he was, very handsome muscular lad wearing an almost skin tight white robe, thin short beard around his chin & stunning light hazel eyes. We went straight to the bedroom where he stripped off & told me to get on all fours on the bed. He got behind me, spat on my hole & plunged his fat cut vein cock balls deep in my cunthole and started fucking me hard. He mercilessly raided my hole for about 10 minutes then he shot his load deep inside me. He slowly pulled out then laid on his back recovering, I pushed my plug in my hole & gently sucked his still rock hard dick clean, I then told him he could fuck me again if he had more loads to dump in me. He fucked 2 more loads in me & made me cum as he bred his last load deep in me.
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    I was popular in HS and a jock so I never got bullied but I also wasn’t out about sucking cock and getting fucked. Guys liked that I was discrete and not perceived as gay. I started out with buds and word spread pretty quickly that I would suck guys off and let the, fuck me. It didn’t take long for me to start getting play with the guys in my class and those ahead of me and behind me. There wasn’t a day where I wasn’t getting fucked before or after school, late at night, on weekends. I was never teased or mocked for it. Guys genuinely wanted relief and I could give it. GFs might not put out but I did. In some respects I was sad for HS to end as I got so much cock but I do pretty good at university as it really isn’t all that different...I just don’t have a GF now so I can do what I want with abandon.
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    NO GAY MAN SHOULD FUCK ANYONE WHO SUPPORTS TRUMP. For any reason. Tell them why you won’t fuck them and that is because they support a fascist racist slimeball moron.
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    Growing up, I'd always suspected that my dad was gay. Or at least, shall we say, sexually indiscriminating? I mean, he was still married to mom and I had to come from somewhere. Besides, I do remember hearing them occasionally banging one out as their bedroom was right across the hall from mine. But still I had my suspicions, which were reinforced by behaviors. From the time I could remember I'd always just been around my dad when he was naked. Nudity was just an everyday thing at my house, so it never struck me as odd. Nudity was a thing for mom and me, too. Heck, There are many a photograph of me running around our house as a kid in my all-together! However, as I got older I started to notice Dad was nude around me more often than Mom. It was more 'our thing' - just two dudes hangin.... We bathed and showered together quite often, and hung out watching TV afterward as we air-dried. And, when I wasn't actually bathing, I would keep Dad company while he took a bath. He would let me play with boats in the deep end while we talked. Occasionally we'd play a game Dad called 'Light House' in which I would drive the boat between his legs to the 'lighthouse' that was standing erect there. The boat would crash on the 'rocks' below and I would laugh and laugh.... Anyway, I also first learned about masturbation from my father when I spied on him when he pleasured himself in the garage. I saw him fire his load into a shop rag, and after he went back inside I retrieved the rag and investigated it. What was this sticky fluid? Naturally he came back and caught me. I was SO embarrassed! But Dad took it very much in stride and was completely matter of fact about it all. And that's when I learned all about the birds and the bees. And also about what guys can do for special fun on their own, as he had just done. He also made it clear I should never tell Mom about because she was a girl and wouldn't understand. Dad's special magazines were also readily available for me; he really didn't even bother to hide them. They were just at the bottom of a magazine basket in our den. They started out as Playboy, but as I got older they became Penthouse, Club, Chic, Oui, and then some harder core mags with dicks and fucking in them too! Those were my favorites-- the ones that showed closeups of men with erections. Anyway, As I got older I gained hair and modesty, so the joint showers and nudity stopped and doors started being closed. Well, really just my doors-- although that didn't stop my Dad from interrupting me on more than one occasion. The first time, I was in my room, officially studying, but of course not only was I playing with myself, I was actually on the cusp of blowing my load when Dad barged into my room. I don't think I ever moved so fast in my life! Giving a quick laugh Dad exclaimed "Whoops!" And as he closed my door he added "Just don't get any on my Penthouse." There were a couple more times after that when Dad caught my jerking off. Each time Dad joked and commented something like "Damn, boy! Don't wear it out!" Or "Do you ever put that thing away?" Which is why I started jacking in the shower or behind a locked bathroom door. Slowly over this time, my suspicions about Dad being gay and his extracurricular activities increased. He was gone longer hours, working out more, or at least saying he was working out. Sometimes he'd come home and you could tell he'd had a beer or two. Mom and he fought more over piddly shit. I pretty much figured he was having an affair, or hooking up somewhere. And I could clearly see my parents on the clear trajectory toward divorce. He was also buddying up to me more during this time, telling me that I was really growing into a man, and complementing my by remarking how handsome I was becoming. Our conversations felt conspiratorial, and Dad increasingly joked around with me, and his jokes took on an ever increasing sexual overtone. Everything seemed to be a double-entendre. Well, the summer before my senior year of high school, Mom started a new job and started working nights. I think she took this job just so she and Dad would spend less time breathing the same air. It also forced Dad to be home more to take care of me (in theory). Dad still routinely got home late, often smelling of, well, I'm not sure what, but his body had a distinctive aroma. Even so, Dad was definitely more often at home more, which conveniently left us together with free time. In the evenings. Before bed. As I said before, Mom and Dad's room was right across the hall from mine. And in their room they had an old TV with a VCR. You know - for watching movies in bed. And with Mom working nights and Dad being Dad, well... he fired up the VCR - a lot. I mostly ignored it the first few times-- but I could hear the porn playing and the soft, creaking motion of his bed and I knew what was going on. But it was my father! I shouldn't be listening, hardly daring to breathe. I shouldn't be turned on by this, should I? Why did I have a boner?? So many thoughts... so many conflicted emotions. Finally one night I couldn't take it any more and I wanted-- no, NEEDED-- to see. So I snuck out of bed and crept quietly into the hall. Dad always left his door ajar, so I figured I could peep in and see him and the porn while he was too distracted to notice. I figured I was being quiet as a cat. I was wrong. "You might as well just come on in," he said in a loud voice. Fuck! Busted AGAIN by Dad!! Well, I sheepishly went into his bedroom and he gestured for me to sit next to him on the bed. He wasn't even trying to hide his erection. "Come on, you might as well 'take a load off' too. I can see you want to," again with the double entendre as he nodded to the boner in my pajamas. I stood next to the bed, guts churning, nervous as hell and shaking like a leaf while I stared at the erection held in his first. He smiled and patted the bed-- and I took my place beside him. Little did I realize that this small action would set me on a dark path and seal my fate. That first night we watched porn together and jacked off. Well, he jacked off and I mostly watched him jack off. When he came all over his belly and fist, I came too. In my pajamas. Without touching myself. From there we slowly progressed. It wasn't an every night event, but when I was in bed and I'd hear the porn soundtrack, I'd get up and join him. It started out as innocently jacking together. From there it became me jacking him off while we watched. I still vividly remember the first time I touched his erection - it was like a bolt of lightning struck me and I could barely breathe. And again, when he came, the feeling of his seed running over my knuckles made my own dick cum in my underwear. (No more Jammie's for this guy!) From there it soon progressed to blowjobs. Never him on me-- I was the son and it was my duty to get him off. To be a good boy. Oddly enough, it was a bigger deal to first jack my Dad than to blow him. The blowjob came naturally. Feeling the smooth, warm skin of his head with my tongue just felt right somehow. And when he shot in my mouth? There was no hesitation: I swallowed instantly. And happily. At this point in our relationship I had definitely shifted to just being his convenient sex toy. Sort of his human fleshlight. He didn't really make eye contact or acknowledge me at all. He was focused on the straight porn on the VCR. I didn't jack off or really touch myself at all in his presence. I would finish him off, he'd turn off the VCR and lights, and I'd go back to my room. Once there is either jack off or go to sleep. More often than not, I didn't even jack myself. And then one night it finally happened. This was in January of my senior year. It was after Christmas and I was back in school, Mom was back to work. I heard the porn fire up, but it was different porn. This time the grunting was more masculine - no more whiny bitch moaning. I went in and I saw Dad watching porn. I was right. He was playing a new porn tape. This one showed two guys on the screen, two, hot, furry, mustachioed men... and they were fucking! It was so hot and the breath caught in my throat. Dad and I started as we usually did-- him jacking for a minute, then me doing it for him. Then my mouth on his dick, as usual. But this time instead of cumming down my throat, he tapped my head after awhile and I stopped. "Get on all fours," he whispered. We NEVER talked during our sessions so this startled me. It was almost like a slap. But he just stopped everything, gestured toward the TV with a chin flip, and told me to "assume the position". My guts instantly turned to water as I knew what was about to happen and I wasn't sure about it at all. Wasn't sure I wanted to get fucked, but after all he was my Dad, and instinctively I wanted to please him so I got on all fours. I was facing the porn and I felt the bed shift as he got behind me. He reached and got some KY off the nightstand. My heart was thundering in my chest. Soon I felt the cool, wet hardness of his cockhead pushing at my sphincter. This was it-- I was losing my virginity. To my father. He pushed into my ass. I distinctly remember the pain. I tried to push back a bit on his thigh, to slow him or get him to stop but he was clearly bent on fucking. Which he did. I winced and grunted as he thrust inelegantly into me. It hurt and it felt like my asshole was ripping because of his thickness. I tried to relax-- I tried to understand how the one guy in the porn seemed to be really enjoying the cock in HIS ass. Did it hurt him as much? I tried to breathe through it. I teared up a bit. Then suddenly my father was buried inside me and shuddering. I could fee his cock throbbing in my ass, much as it had done in my mouth. There would be five or so pulses and a few aftershocks, again... like usual. I counted them off in my head. His hands were on my hips as he slowly pulled out of me. Then he magically produced some paper towels to wipe himself with and he was done. Stunned I made my way to the bathroom to wipe myself clean. There was a KY residue, some brown, and some red. Blood. So I HAD torn a bit. I stood in the bathroom a long time and looked at myself in the mirror. I was confused and hotly ashamed, mainly because I found myself aroused at the thought of what just happened to me. I jacked myself and came all over the bathroom sink while thinking about my Dad's cock violating my ass. Two nights later the same thing happened. And again a couple nights after that. Soon, I realized this was our new norm. So I stopped at Walgreens after work one day and got my own tube of KY that I kept in my secret hiding spot in my room. I started fingering my ass and lubing myself before heading in for our father-son bonding ritual. As time went on, some weeks there was less sex and I found myself a bit disappointed (and if I'm being honest, jealous). Because Dad was "late" getting home, his clothes smelling of cigarettes and "that smell" that I'd later come to realize was the stench of an adult bookstore. I'd always find myself wondering why I wasn't good enough-- had I done something wrong? Was he displeased, or worse... bored with me? But then he'd fire up the VCR again, and everything would be right as rain. Of course it's not like I was completely innocent during this time either. Dad had sort of opened the door to my sexuality. I had a couple friends at school that I was blowing fairly regularly. And there may have been one or two 'park encounters' between me and older men. Anyway, this continued through the summer until it was time for me to leave for my freshman year of college. In my mind this was also the cutoff point for my activity with Dad. I was going to college to start the next chapter in my life. I wanted to be normal. I wanted a change. And I knew I was approaching adulthood, wouldn't really be living at home anymore. I'd love to be able to say that we had one final night together before I left, where we spent the entire night fucking and he actually fucked me on my back while looking at me, and telling me that I was a good son and he was proud. Ah, the romantic in me! But no-- our sessions ended not with a bang, but a whisper. Really I don't even much remember our last fuck. As summer waned he sort of did it less and less. Plus Dad got really sick earlier in the summer, and that really seemed to zap his energy levels. I was okay with all this. It made my college transition that much easier. When I came home at Christmas break, Dad met me at the door and had me sit down. He had some things to tell me, he said. My stomach lurched as I could predict what was coming. Well... ALMOST predict. In a somber voice he explained Mom had moved out and that they were getting a divorce. He said there was something else, too. He had been to his doctor and... He took a deep, shuddering breath and said the last thing I expected: "Son... I'm HIV positive."
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    “What is it, boy?” Even over the cell line his voice is deep, soft. Mesmerizing. “You’re afraid. Admit it.” His voice is soft and urgent. Compelling. “I am.” “What is it you’re afraid of?” My cock throbs with need, urgency. My hand absently caressing the soft hair of my stomach, wandering to my hard, hungry cock. ”Say it, boy. Admit it.” Yes. Now. Say it. ”Of you. Of admitting it to you.” ”Admitting what to me?” ”I’m afraid of what I want.” “Of what you need. This is deeper than want. This is your blood talking. This is who you really are.” “Yes.” Yes. “Of what I need.” So good to admit it. So damn good to say it. “I can give it you. I can take you where you need to be. All you have to do it say it.” Yes. The word is all I can hear, blood rushing in my ears, my hard cock, wet with sticky precum, throbbing. “I need it. Take me, please. Take me.” ”We both need, boy. I can taste your need in your voice. We’ll surrender to it, together. I’m going to take you inside it, going to split you open and we’re going to bathe in it. Do you want that, boy?” “Yesssssss.” The sound slides out of me on its own. Dripping of need. Of hunger beating under my skin. His voice pulling me in, enveloping me, smoke, wrapping around me. Warm. Expansive. My hand slides across my head, across the stubble of my freshly cropped skull. I imagine his rough hands there, guiding me. Caressing me. ”I’ve texted you the address, boy. Come here now. Jeans with no underwear, sandals, a t-shirt. Bring nothing else. Understand? No wallet, no money, no ID. No phone. You’ll pay the cab fare and throw away any cash you have left over.” His voice. So smooth, so knowing. I can feel myself relax into him, into his need. My need. “And boy-don’t shower or clean yourself up in any way. I want you raw. I want to taste your sweat and your fear. I want to taste your hunger for it. For surrender.” My cock twitches with his every word. My blood thrumming under my skin with it, with desire. I can barely breathe. Barely think. God, yes. Jesus, god, yesssssss. you ready for this, boy? Ready to give yourself over to it, to me?” ”Yes.” I hear myself say, my voice a ragged whisper. Urgent, desperate. “Yes, so hungry. Yes. Please.” I say. “I need.”
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    Funny, this just came up. I have written recently about two different situations with this guy....but maybe not in detail. One of them was a caught in the act. The guy was a pretty serious dom top (but married). His name is Karl and was a very well put together, affluent, successful man. He was also married. I met him in a parking lot in Charlotte NC. I got into his car and we headed to his house. He had me strip and recline the seat fully. He tossed my clothes into the back seat and we rode around some of the busy areas of Charlotte, with me fully exposed. No doubt more than one driver of a truck got a full view of my nude body. He eventually blind folded me, (we had stopped in a park) and I gave him a blow job. Eventually he got me back into the car (still blindfolded) and we drove to his house. He drove into the garage and we got out. He left my cloths in the back seat and guide me (still blinded) into the house. The garage was attached a very nice family room. Once inside, he pulled off the blindfold and I was a very nice room with high end pool table, wet bar and lots of other toys (pinball machine, slot machine).....really nice man space. I hit my knees and started sucking him hard again. He did not have an amazing dick....but it got hard and had a decent enough head hidden in copious foreskin. Once his hard on was fully developed, he pulled me up and bent me over the edge of the pool table. He used some sort of lube and was quickly pumping my ass. As I had his dick a good number of times before, we quickly fell into an experienced, enjoyable rhythm. He was a pretty long lasting dude and I figured we would be fucking for a decent span. We both must have been really into the moment. As we just were fully into our fag fuck, when the door to the garage opened. In walked his wife and teen age daughter. He was in full stroke, shorts around his ankles. I , of course, was fully nude, and getting my ass fucked. I am not sure of much of the next few moments, but there was a great deal of screaming and chaos. But one thing I am sure of: that crazy fucker never stopped pumping my ass. While he and his wife were screaming, he just kept hammering away----almost like I was not in the room. I was squirming....hoping to get off his cock and into the garage to get some clothes. Just as I pulled off his cock, he shot a load---with his rope of cum plopping onto the green felt of the pool table. I ran to the garage, but the car was locked. So, all I could do was stand there, nude, freshly fucked, and exposed like never before. Shortly his wife slammed the door between the pool room and the garage and I simply stood there, nude, alone and in the dark. I could hear the screaming continue---but had no idea what to do.....or how to escape a rapidly escalating spousal fight. They eventually quit hollering at each other. He came out to the garage, unlocked the car, had me get my clothes on. He then drove me back to my car---silent the whole way. That was my last visit to a married mans house...........nothing much of a turn on thinking about that. Can only imagine what his daughter thought after seeing her precious daddy fucking a faggot. I can also only imagine what the dinner tiable conversations were link at dinner that night. I also wonder who got to clean the cum stain off the pool table.
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    Did a whole thing yesterday since I had the day off and time to host. put adds out on BBRTS, fet, doublelist and a couple others that I would be ass up face down and lubed up. told people no head would be involved, just come in, fuck me, nut in me, and go. No questions asked about status or what I like or whatever. took only four loads sadly, but I didn’t even see their faces and only heard ones voice
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    I hope you guys like my videos! I'm txcumdumpfun on Twitter too if you guys wanna follow me. I post small vids on there sometimes
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    The Poz Boat Dillon was going on the cruise without his bride since she left him at the altar. They had been dating since college and after Dillon’s couple years in the minors trying to make it in baseball he asked her to marry him. He felt embarrassed after she didn’t show at the ceremony. He knew he couldn’t get a refund on the cruise they had planned for a honeymoon so he went alone. Jack figured it would give him time to forget about her and reflect on his life. He spent the first day at sea alone at the pool working on his tan. That’s where he met Christopher and Jack. Christopher was the oldest of the couple at 30 he was a bit taller than Dillon coming in at 6’ 3” and weighed about 180 with dark brown hair and eyes. Jack was his younger partner just shy of 20 years, 5’ 10”, 140 pounds, with Black hair and green eyes. Both men were fit and well defined after obvious work in the gym. Jack had noticed the 25 year old as he stretched his 6’ frame out on a lounge chair in his board shorts. Jack pointed the young man out to his partner as they admired his lean, muscular body, flat 6 pack abs, smooth skin and long blond hair. Christopher commented how nice it would be to use him for a night of fun. Quickly the three men started to chat. Before too long they had made plane to hang out that evening. The sun began to dip in the sky as they went to their separate rooms to get ready for dinner and a night out. After dinner Dillon was to meet the two other men at their cabin. He found their room and knocked on the door. The door opened up by Jack wearing just a towel who told Dillon that Christopher was in the shower. Jack welcomed Dillon in the room and offered him a drink. The towel clad man fixed Dillon a drink and handed it to their guest. As Dillon sat on the queen size bed in the middle of the room Jack dropped his towel and searched through his bag for something to wear that night. Dillon tried not to stare at the young man as he searched his bag. After many years in locker rooms Dillon was accustom to other naked male bodies. Dillon was sipping on his drink as Christopher came out of the bathroom with his towel over his shoulder. He greeted their guest. Jack asked if Dillon had any thoughts what they all should do that night. Dillon was well into his drink as he began to feel a little horny. He was confused at the feeling as he began to get hard. The tent in his cargo shorts was hard to hide as a naked Christopher moved in closer. Dillon was caught off guard as the naked Christopher was close. Dillon had a friend in college that was gay. On a couple rare occasions he was in the receiving end of a nice blow job while drunk but never thought of anything more. Christopher asked Dillon again what he wanted to do that night. Jack made a comment about Dillon’s hardening cock as the two men were now on either side of their guest. Jack looked at and Christopher and gave him a wink to signal that Dillon’s drink was spiked with ample Viagra and GHB. Dillon was in a daze as he noticed both naked men standing with their cocks pointing at Dillon. Dillon was beginning to feel the G as Jack took his drink from his hand. Christopher started to unbutton Dillon’s shirt. Jack came back and began to rub the back of Dillon’s head. Dillon was lost in the G and the sensations he was receiving from the two men. Christopher made a suggestion that seemed to go right into motion. Knowing what happened to Dillon with his bride, Christopher suggested that he relax and let whatever happens between the three of them happen. With the G in his system Dillon was easy prey as Jack helped remove the rest of Dillon’s clothing. Jack got on his knees and began to suck Dillon’s hard cock. Jack was impressed with Dillon’s 8” cock as Jack thought to himself that it was too bad he wouldn’t get to use it after this suck job. While Jack worked on Dillon’s pole Christopher put the rest of the plan in motion. While out of sight of their guest he retrieved a prefilled point and moved in for the kill. When he returned to the bed he found Dillon on his back with his eyes closed while Jack was still sucking Dillon’s cock. They had Dillon right where they wanted him. Christopher sat down laying his legs across Dillon’s chest. Dillon looked up at Christopher as he looked for a good vein in Dillon’s arm and stuck the point in Dillon. Dillon looked up as Christopher registered a quick flash then emptied the slam in the unsuspecting Dillon. Dillon coughed out 3 times as Jack stood up and kissed his partner before retrieving 2 more points for themselves. The slam given to Dillon was double what the couple were about to administer to themselves. Jack handed one to Christopher as they kissed again. They each administered their own slam as Dillon was riding a strong rush. After each coughed and were ready they began to work on their new toy. Dillon was positioned on all fours as Christopher got behind him and Jack was at his head. Jack took a moment to kiss Dillon as he took a hold of his head before he sat down in front of Dillon and worked his mouth on his own hard 8” cock. While Jack was teaching Dillon to suck cock Christopher began to rim his virgin ass. As Dillon began to suck on Jack’s cock moans were escaping around Jack’s tool as Christopher’s tongue began to probe into Dillon’s hole. Jack gave Dillon instructions as Christopher readied his ass. Since Jack had just slammed he knew he’d blow a load quickly and Dillon would have his first taste of cum. Christopher looked at Jack as prepared Dillon’s hole for his own 9” cock. Jack signaled to Christopher that he was getting close. Christopher knew it was time and got on his knees behind Dillon. He positioned his cock at Dillon’s virgin hole, grabbed his hips as he pushed his way inside.’ While Christopher was invading Dillon’s ass Jack took a good hold of Dillon’s hole as he knew he was about to deliver his load in Dillon’s mouth. Jack cums fairly quickly after his first slam and he was ready to deliver his load as Christopher was sliding inside Dillon’s formerly virgin ass. The thought of Christopher taking Dillon’s virginity had him on the verge of blowing his load. As he was about to cum he told Dillon one thing, swallow bitch. Dillon felt Jack’s cock expand and then fire his cum as he swallowed without a thought. After Jack had finished cumming he held his cock in Dillon’s mouth for his to clean and help him get harder again. Christopher began to fuck away at Dillon’s tight hole as Dillon was working on Jack’s semi-hard cock. Dillon was lost still lost in the G as he Christopher was fucking him. Christopher was eager to drop his own load inside this young straight man. As the G began to wear off Dillon was growing a wear of what was happening. Jack’s cock was growing hard in his mouth as he realized that he was getting fucked at both ends. He felt the cock in his ass grow harder as Jack pulled him off his cock and kissed him. While Jack was kissing him Christopher grunted as he unloaded inside Dillon. Christopher commented, that’s one load in each end as Dillon looked back to see who was fucking him. Dillon was lost in what was going on since he felt as if he was enjoying himself the action continued. Now it was time for Jack to fuck Dillon. As Christopher slowly withdrew from inside Dillon, Jack moved to take Christopher’s place. Jack quickly slid inside Dillon as Christopher moved to Dillon’s head. Christopher sat down in front of Dillon and told Dillon to clean his cock. The G was mostly out of his system as he looked at Christopher’s cock and eased the soft tool into his mouth. Christopher ran his fingers through Dillon’s hair as Jack fucked. Since Jack had already dropped a load it would take some time before he would drop his second load. This gave him time to work Christopher’s load in deeper as the couple shared an evil grin. Dillon’s legs were getting tired as Jack fucked into him. They repositioned him on his back and Jack continued to fuck him. Dillon began to wonder how long this guy could last when Jack began to breathe a little heavier. Dillon could feel Jack’s cock begin to thicken and he knew it wouldn’t be much longer. It was another 15 minutes until Jack screamed out and filled Dillon with another load. Christopher was hard and ready and took a second turn at Dillon’s ass. As Christopher teased Dillon’s hole he noticed that there was a slight pinkish to the cum that oozed out. Christopher smiled as he slid back inside Dillon. Dillon was left moaning as the couple took turns filling their chemmed up bottom. After each took several turns Christopher lay down on his back as Dillon was directed to mount Christopher’s cock. Once Dillon was down to the base Christopher pulled him in for a kiss while Jack got behind the impaled man and began to work his 8” in alongside the cock already inside. Dillon moaned out in pleasure and pain as his hole was stretched to accommodate both cocks. This fuck took the longest as both assaulted his hole as the sun began to peal through the curtains. After both men deposited their loads and withdrew their softening cocks Dillon could hear Christopher comment that after those two loads the grand total came to 9 charged loads, 5 from Christopher and 4 from Jack. Jack reminded him of the one load down Dillon’s throat. Dillon had no clue what charged load mean as he was starting to come down from his high. The couple helped Dillon back to his cabin and left him in bed to ponder his unknown future.
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    So there is this guy that when I saw him first over 20 years ago, he was my 'forbidden fruit'. Let me explain: as I learned (just recently from him) the first time I laid eyes on this shaggy-haired, stereotypical California surferboy, DREAMBOY of my wet dreams, he was actually badly underaged. He managed to con his way into the club with his looks, with cunning, that gorgeous sun-kissed smile and from what I gather, his willingness to blow all the key people at the club in charge of security. Yes the owners too, at least that is what he said. At the time he was boyfriends with another long-haired, superhot blondie about his age. I would see the two of them together and avert my eyes as in "Hail Mary full of grace, don't lead me into temptation!" My one all-time crush, whom I would never be able to have... Years went by and we would chat briefly in passing, touch each other even, but either one of us being with a jealous BF or ex and lots of static... his ex became one of my best friends but he told me the hot fucker I drooled over was TROUBLE with a capital T and 'dirty' as he put it. Well, our moment came FINALLY! We hit it off like gangbusters. Fuck all the cock-blocking and acting like a fearful Adam afraid of eating the apple! Besides, that's a fairytale anyway and I'm not buying into it! Hot boy and I FINALLY got naked, talked it over. Turns out HE TOO had a crush on me. Well damn, had I only known. But here we are: Both of us are now verified and admitted barebackers and love 'nasty sex' as he likes to put it into the search bar when we have sex to internet bareback porn, Tonight, him and I will be going to a sex-party together, with the blessings of my man. It helps that my man has already fucked him good once already. Dreamboy, now all grown up and hot in a more adult way, is anxious to celebrate our rekindled crush by breeding me publicly at the sex party tonight. He is cuming over in an hour or so. We will put on our slut gear and each pop a blue pill to make sure we STRUT IN WITH BONERS! Get over the initial 'stage fright'! He wants a CROWD to witness as he cums in my ass while some random hottie I GET TO PICK will fuck him from behind! He said: "Trust me, I know how to do it! You guys stand still while I do all the thrusting!" All the fun I could have had years ago!
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    In HS I had a bud we called Larry the Lurker who would let guys use his place (he lived with his mom and she worked night) to fuck. We presumed he was a closeted gay or bi curious and he’d let guys come over to fuck with the provision he could watch but not join. He was true to his word, he never joined, kept his distance, stated dressed, never said anything. I thought it was profoundly weird and so did most of the guys who used his place to fuck, but it was that or a car or someplace public. We couldn’t hide under sheets or blankets either and he really liked it if we were verbal too. He even had some group stuff go on to, which was hot but so weird he’d never join. one of my fuck buds at university is bi and his GF enjoys watching as well. He went on Prep so he can get barebacked and his GF really gets off on seeing him getting fucked and the guy cumming inside him. She gets really verbal...more so than her BF. He is a pretty piggy bottom too...he regularly is at the gym taking loads and I’ve seen him in the bathrooms on campus taking anon loads too. He’s only allowed to put his seed in her which sucks, but she’s even lined up multiple guys to take turns fucking him while she watches. She does get naked and masturbates while she watches which turns off quite a few guys. She doesn’t come and join but gets up to the edge of the bed to watch.
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    married muscle daddy neighbor Been a while since my last post. I've been hitting the gym a lot harder, putting on muscle and losing the extra weight. I'm 32, white, 5'10", 160lbs, starting to get toned/muscular, bearded and pretty furry, 6.5 cut decently thick cock, and on prep. A while back I moved from an apartment to a house in a quiet neighborhood. Recently, on the eve of a vacation, I decided to make a new Grindr profile with a much more DL profile. I'm not really "DL" but I don't like people up in my business. Also... It's AMAZING the people who show interest in you when you're DL, and the shit they'll send you without even knowing who you are. Guys are kinky af! Not long after making my profile I got a message from a faceless torso of a 46yo muscular white guy describing himself as a sub bottom. His profile said he was 6'2", married... And he was 600ft away! If you've read my other stories you know this is just my type. We chatted briefly, swapped some pics (no face), but unfortunately couldn't connect that day (neither of us could host) and I was heading out of town the next day. We did some sexting while I was gone, and we definitely had some chemistry going. He's married to a woman and has kids. Totally DL but a total sub bottom for cock. I had recently gotten tested and showed him my results, and he immediately expressed interest in getting barebacked since he'd never been bred before. Fast forward to my return, I was off work mid-week and so was he. We made plans to have a quick fuck and I sent him my address. 10 minutes later this tall, muscular daddy is walking up to my house, salt and pepper hair in a t-shirt, gym shorts, and flip flops. Muscular, borderline beefy, build, clean shaven (and pretty smooth all over, too). I let him in and we exchanged pleasantries, and he goes right for the bulge in my gym shorts. Definitely a cock hungry sub! I lead him to the bedroom, throw off my shorts and lie back on the bed. He crawls up been my legs and starts to service my dick while I let out a deep sigh of content, enjoying getting worked over. For a "straight" guy he definitely had some oral skills. No teeth, good amount of tongue work, and he was hungry for it. I started to feel him up, his muscular arms, shoulders, back, pecs. I tweak and play with his nipples and he moans with my dick in his mouth. Grabbing his head I force him down to deep throat me and hold him there, flexing my dick into his throat. He lets out a cough and I release him. He backs off, wiping his mouth. Sitting back on his heels I can see he's rock hard (about 7 cut). "You ready to get fucked?" I asked him. "Whatever you want to do" is his response. Such a good sub. I get up and grab the lube, and get back on the bed behind him, pushing him down so he's face down, ass up. His ass is smooth and muscular, and I start rubbing my dick up and down against his hole. I lube up, and slowly start to press into him. He opens up nicely and his hole swallows my dick to the base with ease. He's either lying about being married to a woman or he's getting a lot of side acting cause he took me without issue! Despite that his hole is silky smooth and warm, and still good and tight around me. I begin moving in and out of him and he's just moaning into the pillow, his hand between his legs rubbing himself in time with my thrusts. By now he's completely prone on the bed and I'm flat against him, one arm wrapped around his neck holding him in place as I pump in and out of his smooth hole. After a few minutes I back off and pull him up into a doggy position, and really start to go to town on him. I can tell he's getting close by the way he's moaning and begging for my dick, and that's only turning me on more and I'm getting closer. "You want that load?" "Fuck yes, give it to me" "I'm getting close" "Breed me, give it to me!" Hearing my bottom beg for my load is a huge turn on for me, and with that I slam into him, my dick throbbing as I dump my load deep in his hole. He moans in satisfaction, collapsing back down onto the bed, but keeping me inside him as he slowly continues to fuck himself on my still-hard dick. "You gonna cum too?" I ask him. "If you want me to." How did I get so lucky!? "Yeah man, do it!" He gets back up on his knees, keeping me inside him I wrap an arm around his muscular chest holding him close to me while he starts to feverishly stroke himself. It doesn't take long for him to bust a big load, and I can feel his hole squeezing my dick with every rope of cum he shoots. We clean up and I send him on his way. We're still in touch, so hopefully I can have that ass again soon!
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    The sliding vertical door on the back of the 18 wheeler slid up long enough for me to see a silhouette of a man, then slid shut. Moments later he clicked on the light at the back. He was a little shorter than myself, at around 5'3 and far younger - he looked to be just over 18 and fresh off a football field...well defined muscles showing through his white tank top and muscular legs straining his denim jeans to their limit. It stood in start contrast to myself as I was naked, except for my spiked chastity device - which caused constant erections but never fulfillment. Since my poz conversion I'd lost a lot of weight, truth is I was wasting away now. I barely had the strength to stand, which is actually pretty handy since I spend most of my time either bent over or laying down. I'm a whore and that's the way it should be. "I want to get pozzed" is how he started the conversation. I like that. Right to the point. I sized him up...his muscles, his blonde hair and blue eyes were already starting to get my motor running. "Why?" I asked honestly. He walked closer to me as he answered. "I want to be you. I want your life - this. All of it. Being hauled around in the back of a semi, a pozzed up AIDS whore, infecting others that want to convert. Being treated like a piece of meat until you're gone and then tossed aside like the trash I am." I couldn't really argue with him. I didn't ask for this life, but I damned sure want it. I wouldn't trade it for the life of a millionaire. The worst thing that could happen to me is that I be dropped off on the doorstep of my family wearing only my beloved chastity cage. I kissed him on the neck and unzipped his pants as I answered. "Take a good look at me...I'm skin and bones now. I don't just have HIV, I have AIDS. Night sweats, fevers, vomiting, stomach aches..some days it's hard to breathe, I can barely move and even my memory is going. I suspect that's why they gave me the number of 29. I can't remember my own name before this life. Know what you're getting into, stud." Even as I said the words, I slowly wormed my hand into his pants to get him hard....he was already there. I started to stroke him. "If this is really what you want, bang twice on the side of the trailer and the truck will start to move. If not, just exit the rig. Once we do this, there is no going back. There is no cure" I said keeping his cock gripped loosely in my hand, stroking him fully and slowly. By getting him aroused, I was tempting the choice, making it harder for him to stop - and that's the point. I'm a whore. This is what I do. He banged on the side of the rig twice. Seconds later the 18 wheeler started to roll down the highway. I backed away from him, retrieved a small hypodermic needle from the floor of the trailer and used it to draw a few milometers of blood then held the needle against the inside of his forearm with one hand and put the other on his now rock hard cock and resumed stroking him, then looked him in the eyes. "This is effective 90% of the time. Last chance to back out...." His dick was throbbing hard in my hand as he kissed me, and slid the needle into his arm. I obliged and pushed the plunger down slowly, still looking him in the eyes. I only took it out after it was empty. I smiled down at him. "As viral as I am, you'll show symptoms in two weeks." Before he pulled off his pants he pulled a key out of his pocket. "Not good enough, whore. I was given the key to your device and you're going to fuck me." I was of course taken a bit a back as I'm a submissive and been in chastity for months now. He reached up with his right hand, wrapped it around my neck and growled. "I'm here to get pozzed, whore. You will fuck me!" I nodded as he pulled his pants down and stepped out of them. I turned him around and put the head of my cock at the entrance to his asshole after unlocking my device "Ever been fucked by a bitch with B cup breasts?" He smiled back at me. "Yes, I noticed those...I was told you were given those because you're about to be sold into Asia and they like that sort of thing. They like ladyboys. Word is you don't have long." I smacked the head of my cock on the crack of his ass. "Beg me. Tell me what you want." He retained his smile. "You're a worthless AIDS infected whore. You mean nothing to anyone. Please give me your cock. Fuck me hard and cum deep." I reached around his body and took his cock in my right hand, stroking him. "Where are you from?" At the first sound out of his mouth, I shoved my cock into him as hard as I could, and all the way. He screamed as he grabbed the side of the rig. I kept stroking him. "Breathe through the pain, stud.....just exhale. I had to distract you before I mounted you. I don't care where you're from." Slowly I stroked him...fully I stroked him. Ignoring my instructions, he kept screaming. I put both my hands on his ass cheeks and started to work my cock in and out of him slowly. "If you think this hurts, wait until the virus kicks in - You'll feel like you're going to die but you'll be harder than you ever have in your life!" I've never fucked a man in the ass before, and for the record, I don't think he'd been fucked. His ass was incredibly tight, I felt like my cock was losing blood flow. He felt incredible, though..my whole body felt like it was on fire, a feeling that only intensified as I worked in and out of him faster. He reached down for his cock and I spanked him once HARD. "NO! You're not allowed to cum. You wanted my life - this is part of it. You're a vessel for others to use. It's not about your pleasure, it's about theirs. You're a whore now. Put both your hands on the wall." Without thought, he obeyed. "But...my dick....it's so fucking hard right now!" Just to torture him, I reached under him and took his balls in my right hand and squeezed them as tightly as I could. "Yes, I know. It happens to me every time but I don't get to cum. I'm kept in a constant state of arousal by my device but haven't cum in months. Soon, you'll be there as well." All he could do was moan as I twisted his balls in my hand. I looked down at his dick and he was leaking precum. "Does that turn you on? To know you'l end up like me when it's all over? A cock hungry, AIDS infected breeding whore?" He slapped the side of the rig out of frustration. Poor thing...he wanted so badly to cum and I wasn't letting him...but I was right, he's a whore now and he has to get used to that. I reached out with one hand and grabbed him by the hair on the back of his head and pulled him back towards me as I kept fucking him hard. "Answer me, whore!" "Yes" is what he screamed. "It fucking turns me on! The thought of being used daily to breed others while the virus takes me!" With that, I pushed one more time into him - holding my cock as deeply inside of him as I could go - and began to unload. My dick pulsating for the first time in months, filling his ass up with virus rich cum. "Can you feel that, bitch? Can you feel my dick seeding your worthless ass?" His knees buckled but he managed to stay standing up - he also managed to keep his hands off his cock. I was tempted to put it in my mouth but he's a whore now and is not allowed pleasure. I slowly pulled out of him, and while he was still quivering, injected him with another syringe of my blood. The truck came to a stop as I put my chastity device back on. I rolled up the back end of the trailer a few feet then threw the key - and the syndicates new whore - out the back. Without his clothes. He did say he wanted to be tossed aside.
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    My Boy’s Open Hole I was out of town for work, and bummed as I’d be missing me and my boy’s anniversary for business. I texted and video chatted with my boy every day while out of town, promising I’d make my absense up to him somehow. He was clearly upset but promised to find a way to keep himself occupied so he didn’t stew over it. I was overjoyed when I wound up closing a big deal a few days earlier than expected and able to catch a flight home a few days ahead of schedule, so I’d make the anniversary after all! I got reservations at our favorite restaurant and headed to the airport to fly home. I called my boy and left a voicemail saying I’d be home early. I called again from the gate and texted him just before they closed the doors. I was in my suit and tie right from the final meeting and caught a cab home. I got to our apartment and found the door cracked open and unlocked. The lights in the living room were off and the door to our bedroom was open with light spilling into the hallway. I peeked in and saw my boy on his knees wearing a stretched-out jockstrap. His ass was up in the air, his hole gaping, and his cheeks streaked with fresh cum. There was a puddle on the sheets leaking out of his butt and streaming down his hairy thighs. I should have been pissed, but I was instantly hard. I pulled my tie off over my head and lowered it around his head, essentially blindfolding him. He moaned and reached for a bottle of poppers on the mattress. He took a big huff as I tore my clothes off. I lapped at his ass and was amazed at the amount of cum leaking out. I ate his hole as I jacked off. I placed my unlubed cock right at his ass and slapped it against his cheeks. He groaned and took another hit. I noticed there was a marker between my boy’s legs, covered in cum. I noticed there were hash-marks on his left ass cheek. He’d already taken four loads. ‘Fuck me, man. Give it to me!,’ he shouted as he reached for my hips. I rammed my cock into him and felt zero resistance. Without speaking a word, I pummeled my cheating boy’s hole. My balls slapped his wet ass and were sticky with frothy leaking seed. I heard the door creak behind me and an old troll oinked behind me. This stranger must have been over sixty in saggy dirty jeans with a mesh tanktop over a pot-bellied hairy body. Even his shoulders were furry. The guy grabbed my shoulder and oinked louder. My boy groaned realizing that a new guy had entered the room. The troll asked me, ‘Gonna breed that slut? Gonna POZ him up? I hear he’s only taking POZ cum today?’ I grinned, realizing my boy’s sneaky plan. Even though I’m NEG, I nodded so my boy wouldn’t know that I was the one fucking his slutty cunt. I pointed to my boy’s ass as the troll whipped out a gnarled seven-inch thick uncut cock. He asked if he could take a turn. I nodded and pulled out. A stream of likely-POZ cum oozed out of his open hole. The troll replaced me and slid right into my boy. He reached forward and grabbed my tie, using it like a leash raising my boy’s head. He pistoned into my boy and was close to cumming relatively quickly. He threw his body forward and pressed his hairy wasted belly into my boy’s slim back. ‘POZZING you up, slut! I’m off my meds, you whore. Take my filthy seed!’ And he did. The troll picked up the sharpie and added a slash mark. Five loads, at least the last one POZ. The troll pulled out with a squelchy plop and I took his place cumming a few seconds later. I added another slash to my boy’s cheek, his sixth, and possibly only NEG load of the night. The troll patted me on the shoulder saying, ‘one of us is going to bring him into the Brotherhood, man…’ Another stranger walked into our bedroom and just smiled. He was tall, dark, muscular, and very handsome. The troll nodded to him like he knew him and they shook hands. ‘Good to see you again, you pig…’ He gestured to the handsome stranger who had just entered. ‘We took turns filling him up a few nights ago… The slut was mad at his man for missing their anniversary so decided to take some POZ cock to get back at him…’ I grinned to keep the illusion up that I wasn’t the man in question… I got dressed as the new stranger got undressed. The troll helped spread my boy’s cheeks as the handsome stranger lapped at our loads oozing out of my boy. I knew I had to leave or they’d figure out that I was familiar with the room, my eyes looking around to spot a photo of me and my boy together. I casually put it face down on our dresser as I took my leave. The guys were so busy playing with my boy they didn’t notice. I grabbed my suitcase and let myself out just as a lanky younger guy with a buzz cut and messy boots and jeans and work clothes passed me in the hallway… We nodded, knowing I’d just bred a cheating slut, and that he was about to do the same. I texted my boy saying, ‘change of plans. Bad weather system here. See you tomorrow as planned. I’ll get a hotel and see you tomorrow. Hope you enjoy your evening…’ I went to a hotel, hopped on the apps, and found a guy to come over and fuck me as I thought about the filthy scene taking place in our apartment. A really sick fucker, with a furry belly and no face pic. He told me he loved POZZING NEG hole and had just bred a guy and was horny to cum again. I wasn’t at all surprised when the troll showed up at my hotel and fucked his toxic seed deep into my own slutty cheating hole.
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    My name is Robert Kendall Allen, and this is the story of how I got pozzed. My mother was barely 18 when I was born. I never really knew my dad since my mother wouldn't marry him. She told me nothing about him except that he went away to college while my mom went to the local community college and worked while she raised me with help from her parents. I heard that my dad ended up moving away. I'm not sure where he moved, but I know he never returned to our small town in Illinois. While he had left the town in which he was raised, nevertheless I always would get a birthday card every year from him. He never missed a birthday, until today, the day I turned 21, and this omission is not his fault since he has no idea that I moved out of the small town where I had lived for the first twenty years of my life. Here's how I ended up leaving home; a couple months ago I my mother caught me in bed with another man. Actually the guy was one of my high school teachers. He had been fucking me since my junior year. To say she freaked out would put it mildly. After my teacher left she told me I had to be out off her house by the end off the week. I didn't wait that long and by the next day I had all my shit packed in my car and left. I had a buddy who lived close-by who let me crash with him in exchange for sex, so when I wasn't at my crappy job at the local WalMart (or servicing my straight bud) I was on my laptop seeing who was out there with whom I could play while I temporarily stayed with my 'friend'. I've always been attracted to the older, daddy types. I've never used a condom and knew the risks involved with bareback sex, although I never really chased the bug until now. While on-line I discovered Breedingzone.com and Bugshare.net. The stories always had my dick hard. The thought of getting pozzed up by an older guy and becoming his boy filled my dreams (and my jack-off sessions). I then discovered Barebackrt.com and started my search for the perfect man to knock me up. I concentrated on the listings for Chicago, knowing that city would afford me an excellent chance of meeting the right man to poz me, and when I decided to make the trip to Chicago, I also decided to post my itinerary on bbrts, mentioning I would be at Steamworks, and that I looking to play with an older poz guy. I threw all my belongings in my car and drove the 3 hours to Chicago and quickly found my way to Steamworks, parked my car and went inside, asking for a locker since my funds were limited. I stripped out of my street clothing, and draping a towel around my 28" waist, I went to explore the place. I quickly learned that there were a number of older men who'd love to 'take care' of a boy like me, 20 something, 5' 9", 135 pounds, blond hair, blue eyes, lean, smooth build. The one common factor that these Daddies shared was that they were all interested in pozzing-up bottom boy - like me. It didn't take me long to find the man of my dreams. He was in his 40s, about my height, muscular, with blond hair and blue eyes (like me) with a nice piece off meat between his legs (it had to be 5" semi soft). I didn't pack much less and at full mast I am nearly 8". What caught my eye was the biohazard tattoo he had just left off his trimmed pubes. It seemed that I caught his eye as the two of us did this 'dance' as we moved around the place. I lost him for a while until he came up behind me saying seductively "I've been waiting for you to get here." "You saws my post on barebackrt?" "Yes, Boy, I did. Where are you staying in town?" "Don't know yet, just thought I'd check this place out and see what I might 'find'." "What are you looking for?" I answered him, "Anything that may 'CUM' my way" with what I hoped was a seductive smile. With that, the dreamy guy introduced himself as 'Greg', and invited me to join him in his room. I introduced myself as Kendall, using my middle name, thinking my middle name might give me a fresh start. I followed Greg back to his room and once we were inside he shut and locked the door. Greg had a room with a bed on one side and a sling on the other. After we were in his room Greg pulled my towel from my waist exposing my entire body to his inspection. He leaned over and kissed me, his tongue entered my mouth as his hands explored my body. He was touching me in all the right places making me feel so good. I was hoping that this might be the man who would give me what I was seeking, that Greg was the poz Daddy who would take care of me. Greg placed his hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me to my knees. I knew what he wanted and took his cock into my mouth, showing him my skills at sucking cock. His rod easily slid into my throat, engorging as time when on. Soon enough I found myself working on an 8" thick cock. After I had worked his cock to to his satisfaction he pulled his hard tool from my hungry mouth and as I looked inquiringly up at him, Greg looked down at me and said, "You're a damn good cock sucker boy, you ever party before?" I knew what he meant from the stories I'd read on breedingzone, "No Sir, but I'm open to the idea." Greg got an evil grin on his face as he led me over to the bed. He had me sit down as he rummaged around in his bag. He pulled out two syringes and a little baggie containing a white crystaline powder. I assumed (correctly, I later learned), it was Tina. He filled both syringes just over half way with the drug. He then added water and waited for the contents to dissolve. Greg then pulled out a tourniquet and worked it over my bicep. He had me pump my fist a few times as he looked for a good vein. Greg spoke to me as he swabbed my arm with some alcohol, "You're going to feel a little pinch when the needle is stuck in your arm. I'm going to pull back and get a flash of blood in the barrel to make sure I've hit the vein. Then I'll empty all this in your arm. When I remove the tourniquet you'll probably feel a warmth rush up your arm. You will feel like you can't breath as you cough out a few times. Then the drug will hit you as your heart begins to beat faster and you'll feel very warm. I want you to go with the feelings and ride the rush. Once you're ready I want your mouth back on my cock as I do myself." Greg had me lay back on the bed as I watched. He found a prominent vein, suck the needle in, pulled back a little to get a small flash of blood and as he pushed the plunger down emptying the contents into me he said, "Ready or not, here it cums!" Greg released the tourniquet and, just as he described I felt a warmth go up my arm into my chest. I felt as if I couldn't breath, I coughed hard two or three times, and then sensed a flush and my heart began to race. I also heard a distinct ringing in my ears and felt as if my eyes were rolling into the back of my head. As I rode my first rush, I looked up at Greg as he smiled down at me. I knew I needed to pleases this man and would do anything he commanded. I just lay there for what seemed like an eternity (but in reality was a couple minutes) when I knew I had to pleases this man, this God who I hope would be the man to not only give me the bug, but maybe he would make me his boy. I knew I needed to pleases this man. I got down on my knees and between his legs to service him as he administered his own slam to himself. I took his semi hard cock deep into my throat. I never knew that I could swallow a man like I was doing to Greg at that moment. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Greg apply the tourniquet to his arm I watched as he swabbed the vein he was going to use. I could see him stick the needle in himself as he drew back to get the small flash in the barrel. Just as he had done to me moments ago, he emptied the entire syringes into his own arm. I heard the click as he removed the tourniquet. He coughed out almost like I had as I knew the second the drugs hit his system. I felt his cock throbbed to its hardest I had felt in my throat as I swear I could feel him cumming, or maybe he was just precumming, but it felt like a ton was flowing out of his dick. Greg didn't say a word as he placed a hand on the back of my head and began to fuck my throat. I felt for a moment that he was going to cum right then and there when he stopped. He lifted my chin and I rose up with his touch as he kissed me with a passion I had never felt. Each of his touches was electric. I knew I wanted this man and he was about to take me, make me his right then and there. My hope was that he'd make me his forever! As we kissed he led me over to the sling. I climbed in without any difficulty and he helped me put my feet in the stirrups as I laid back looking up at this magnificent man. He kissed my feet, licked my inner legs as he worked his way between my legs. He paused for a moment as he licked my balls and sucked my semi-hard dick. The sensation was incredible. I could feel myself getting a little harder but I never reached my full potential. Then Greg went back to my balls and then onto the area between my sack and hole - I felt an increase in pleasure beyond what I had ever known. When he finally found my quivering hole, I thought I was going to explode. I uncontrollably began to moan and writhe around. The more he licked and worked his tongue inside me, the more I wanted his cock, the more I wanted to be he poz bitch. "FUCK GREG! I need you inside me. I need your poz cum, your DNA coursing through my veins." Greg didn't speak a word - he just shoved his hard cock in, balls deep, looking down on me as he began to slowly fuck my ass. I could feel every inch of his cock slide in and out of my ass. I'm not sure how long he had been fucking me, but I was certainly enjoying every second. After a couple of minutes of steady fucking, he began to pick up his pace, fucking me harder and faster only to stop, lean in and kiss me before he'd start fucking me some more. He occasionally would pinch my nipples or squeeze my balls as he worked my hole with his cock, keeping up this rhythm for what seemed an eternity of pleasure. After quite a length of time he asked "You ready for my dirty seed, boy?" "Fuck, yes. Your dirty seed will make a great birthday present." Greg then grunted and slammed hard into me as he grunted "OH FUCK! I'M CUMMING! TAKE MY CHARGED LOAD BOY!" as I felt his cock thicken and spasm inside me. I swear I thought I could feel his load as he deposited it inside me. Greg fought to catch his breath as he leaned in to kiss me, his tongue making its way deep into my mouth. After we kissed he pulled back and said, "So today is your birthday in so many ways. Today you'll be born into the poz brotherhood. How old are you today?" as his still rock hard cock was slowly pumped my hole working his charged seed into the walls of my ass. "I turned 21 today." Greg never acknowledged that he heard me when he started to slam fuck me again, "I'M GONNA CUM AGAIN!" as his cock once again spasmed inside me once again filling me with his poz seed. "Did you say you're 21 today?" "Yes, sir I am. And you're making it a special day for me, especially since I didn't get my yearly birthday card from my father." Greg looked a little shocked at what I told him but he seemed to brush it off. Suddenly he asked, "Why didn't you get you father's birthday card?" as he continued to work his hard cock inside my cummy hole. I told him the details of how my mother had kicked me out of the house and why I made the decision to seek out a mature man to poz me and (hopefuly) take me in. As I told Greg all this he seemed to know me. He looked down at me with the biggest shit-eating grin I'd ever seen as he began to fuck me harder and harder. He wad fucking me so hard I thought the sling was going to break. Greg grunted out as he seeded my hole again. He had deposited so much cum inside me already some was spilling out as he continued to fuck me as, I'm sure, more was being worked deeper inside me. We kissed again, but there was something different about this kiss. It was more like a kiss two lovers would share. After we stopped kissing, Greg looked at me still with that grin, "Your using your middle name, your first name is Robert." I was shocked. How did this guy I just met know my real first name!? "How did you know that?" Greg never stopped fucking me. He just looked at me as he kept pumping away. "I know your real name because I'm your father." Hearing that had my semi-hard cock going rock hard. Greg kept in fucking me as we kissed again and again. I felt his cock grow harder and thicker deep inside of me. We kissed as he shot yet another load inside me at that same exact moment I shot what I hoped to be my last neg load thinking 'MY OWN FATHER POZZED ME!'
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    The other day I took two loads form a guy whos moving to live about ten minutes walk away from my house, he seemed a nice guy quite fit, nice big cock, furry, quite defined and handsome too. He fucked me really well, and came like a fountain, then fucked me again using his first load as lube, and shot in me a second time, so that was all great, then he hung out for a while talking, and it turned out that he is just out of rehab and hasnt had sex without drugs for ten years. Now after rehab he cant even drink alcohol. His real issue is avoiding slamming Tina. Now I never judge anyone unless they are racist, and i am not judging this guy, but the story he told me about his life really moved me. Anyone I speak to online in London seems to be looking for chems more than they are looking for sex, and it feels like this guys experience is going to get more and more common. I really not bothered with taking drugs, but I know a lot of people who do the chill out parties end up beyond hooked on Tina and G and it destroys people.
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    Pigging out with another bottom is becoming my favourite form of sex. My friend of many years, Lee (Asian) and I hosted 11 tops throughout yesterday afternoon at my apartment and each time we plan to do this together it gets better and hotter. three of the tops were my regulars and four his - and the other four we picked up online. Not only did we get fucked and bred senseless, one top stayed all afternoon an nutted four times twice in each of us, each time e do it becomes more passionate, more aware and appreciating of each other's need for cock and seed and even the aftermath for us is tactile and gentle. We sat on the fuck bed, naked, both gaping and leaking, had a beer and talked about the utter joy and pleasure we got from each fuck and each load. We were both well and truly opened up. Lee left and we promised to do it again soon. One of my regulars who fucks me every now and then when he draws a blank on Grindr or BBRTS texted me an hour after the session and he wanted to come over and empty his nuts in me. It topped up a great day.
  41. 5 points
    For a while me and my regular fuckbuddy were getting closer emotionally. We agreed to try as a couple but it n an open relationship. First three some as a couple happened yesterday. Watching me kissing and sucking a stranger and being fucked by him made my bf horny previously. So, I was curious to his reaction if he see his bf with another guy. Fifty something bearded daddy was coming. We didn’t waste our time. He started to kiss my bf while I was sucking them one after the other. Later daddy also sucked my bf, we did it together. After it I was sucking my bf and daddy was rimming me, until he helped me to sit onto my bf’s rock hard cock. He stood above my bf and gave his cock into my mouth. I sucked him hard while was riding this hard tool. Daddy pushed his cock deep into my throat. When his cock was fully covered with my saliva he went to my back and pushed his cock beside my bf’s cock. After few trying it was successful and I feel like in heaven. The first dp in my life is done. I had been eager for so long time. My double penetrating lasted quite long when I asked a small break. After it I was fucked by both our guest and my bf. In the next turn he went on to his knees and started to suck my bf. Who ordered me to lick daddy’s hole. Although he said being only top he couldn’t resist my bf’s amazing cock and rode him. While he was riding, I was sucking him, until he shot a huge load onto my face and into my mouth. My bf is so excited to watch his partner making sex with strangers that we have come to the nudist beach and he asked me to go to the cruising zone and playing with others. So I have already bred. Now he went to find someone to play without me which made me also excited. I hope, he becomes such a top bf who organises breeding parties to his love, not only letting but forcing me to bareback with others.
  42. 5 points
    Sitting at home I was pretty bored one evening and being a horny 24 year old I decided to hit the gay chat rooms to see what was about. I flitted around from room to room, now I didn't actively engage in bareback sex but I had dabbled once or twice with guys I knew, I clicked on the barebacksex room and looked at the profiles of the men. One in particular struck me 'BigChris', as his profile opened I had a good look through. He was 36, six feet 10 inches, rugby build, extra large uncut, bareback only. The pictures posted of him in jeans with his cock hanging out and unmistakable tattoos on his arms gave me an immediate erection. At only five feet seven inches with average build, brown cropped hair, and okay looking I thought to myself he is way out of my league. Anyway I opened a chat window and sent a message "Great profile." then closed the window and continued browsing. He was also stated at being in east London and I was south east so quite a journey to get from one side to the other, believing that would that. No more that a couple of minutes had passed when window opened from BigChris. Him: "Thanks, what are you into?" Me: "Hi, usual stuff, kissing, sucking and fucking. And you?" Him: "Kissing, fucking, top only, never bottom." Me: "Do you only go bareback?" Him: "Yup, I plough and plant." Me: "Okay, interesting but I am neg." Him: "Poz here and I don't pull out for no one." Me: "That's pretty hot, but probably not for me, but thank you." Him: "Always happy to plant my seed in you if you change your mind. Bye" My cock felt like it was going to explode as I sat in the chair looking at our chat window and jacked off furiously until I shot my load. Well that was exhausting I thought to myself and headed off to bed. I had never considered myself a chaser of poz seed but it got me so aroused thinking about it. Around six months later I decided to flat share with a mate and we got a place just outside Greenwich in south east London. A few weeks after moving in I went on-line and updated my profile location, I then started to check out the local talent around this area. About 5 minutes in a chat window opened from BigChris, I was shocked that he even remembered me and our conversation. Him: "Hello, how are you?" Me: "Hi, I am good thanks, how are you?" Him: "Good. I see you moved to near Greenwich." Me: "Yes, about 10 minute walk away." Him: "Great, I am in Greenwich, would still love to meet you." Me: "I could do daytime at the weekend." Him: "No, I like late evening meets, I only like to cum once a day that way I make sure theres plenty of seed to plant." Me: "You tease, lol" Him: "Come over tonight." Me: "Okay, but let's see how we get on before anything happens." Against my better judgment I had just agreed to meet a poz guy with the possibility of engaging in bareback sex. But lust had taken over and I headed off and found myself walking towards his block of flats. Standing outside the door I contemplated if I should really do this, but my hand had already knocked on the door and I stood waiting. The door opened and and there he stood tall and well built his body almost completely framing the door way as he invited me in. I crossed over the threshold, he had a t-shirt and boxers on and I could see what lay beneath the fabric. We made small talk and sat on the sofa, he arm went around my neck pulling me in towards him as he kissed me tenderly on the mouth. I placed my hand under his t-shirt and stroked his chest, his mouth opened forcing mine to open in unison as his tongue sought mine. We kissed for several minutes then his hand began pushing my head down towards his crotch, my face buried I could feel the stirring to life of his cock. I moved his boxers down to reveal a beautifully formed long thick cock and ample balls, I took the cock in my mouth and began teasing the foreskin as he moaned, leaning his head back against the sofa. Slowly taking more of his shaft into my mouth, I made it a point to apply enough pressure to pull the foreskin back revealing the head. My tongue and lips caressed, licked and sucked gently at the steadily hardening shaft. Pulling himself and me to our feet, he took my head into his massive hands, kissed, and guided me towards the bedroom. His body and power was overwhelming as he stripped me naked and pushed me on to the bed. In no time he removed what clothes he had on and was laying next to me. His face was over mine as he kissed me deeper and with more urgency. I felt my legs wriggling with arousal, my toes curled, and my cock was at boiling point. Through his seemingly endless kisses, my mouth was beginning to fill with his saliva as his free hand was playing with my ass making circling motions around my hole. I let out sigh after sigh at the intense pleasure I was feeling. Slowly he knelt up and flipped me on to my stomach then pulled me up on all fours. I felt him move around behind me. I hear a click and felt a cooling gel being liberally applied to my hole. I gasped and waited holding my breath. Slowly I felt the head of his cock nudging away at my hole very gently. A moan of delight escaped my lips as I felt my ass opening as he pushed his cock in my ass. There was certainly pain, but there was also excitement and comfort from the sensation of his beautiful cock head being buried in my ass. His hands clasped like vices around my hips as he began the long journey of pushing his shaft in, all the way to his balls. It seemed to take an age and every inch caused my head to snap back and moan, my legs shuddered with every stroke that filled my ass. It was beginning to feel uncomfortable, he wriggled his hips and gave one last push and I yelped in pain and felt his balls tapping at my ass. He stayed there for a moment and began slow deep thrusts hardly take his cock out but making sure I felt that he was fully inside my body. He leaned over the top of me and placed his arms either side of mine, still balls deep in me he began to slowly grind his hips against my ass. The sensation was incredible. Involuntarily I shouted "Oh fuck!" Whispering in my ear, he reminded me "I'm gonna plough you and plant my poz seed deep inside, there is no going back now." Reality snapped back and I decided this was not such a good thing. As I opened my mouth to speak his left arm disappeared from view as I felt it tighten around my waist locking me in to position. He laughed as he sensed I had second thoughts and said "A little security to make sure you don't try to slide off when I start planting my seed." His thrusts began to get harder and faster, my moaning and gasping aroused him even more. My body was immobilised and I knew I would not be escaping this. I began to relax and started enjoying the fucking my ass was getting, urging him to go harder. Suddenly he grunted, his hips locked up tight against me. His cock gave an almighty pulse as I felt the warm liquid shoot in to my ass "Fuck" I screamed, another pulse of liquid planting deep inside me. I was in heaven as he continued releasing seed and planting it deep. As he relaxed he collapsed on top of me pinning my body on the bed, I pulled my ass cheeks wider and he gladly obliged and pushed his cock in even further. His cock still buried inside he rolled me on to my side with the arm that had held me in position, pulling me close up to him, his other arm went across my chest. It was obvious I was not going anywhere soon, so I relaxed and fell asleep. We woke in the morning still in the same position and I felt his cock was still where he left it. He kissed me on the neck as he slowly extracted his cock from my ass. I was still in a little shock at how much of a slut I had been. Still, I rose and dressed as I need to head home, shower and get to work. As he opened the door he commented "We will be doing this again."
  43. 5 points
    Got fucked by a guy with a 00 gauge PA, ladder and scrotal piercings....DAMN HOT!
  44. 5 points
    Just as I pumped this bottom full of my Toxic load my friend locked the cage on his Now useless cock. He will remain locked all weekend while we breed him long hard and deep over and over.
  45. 5 points
    I was told to stop prep and I obeyed. I will now flush my daily dose down the toilet every day. I am ready.
  46. 5 points
    PART 3 I stopped wanking Dad and Uncle Paul said to Dad I wanna fuck Steve. Dad agreed instantly and so I kneeled on the bed , squatting over my Dad who had a great eyefull of my balls and arse and watched whilst uncle Paul stuck his cock in my arse with force and started fucking me with slow motions but going faster as I felt my dads beard and tongue licking my arse and uncles cock whilst it was sliding in and out of my lubed arse, who's cum is this Stevie, Paul asked, both my Grandads i replied, you mean my Dads cum and ur Dads Dads cum? Yes I replied but for some reason i felt shy about it. Uncle Paul went faster behind me and told me to bend further over and kept going deeper, seeming hornier. I felt his cock going in deeper and harder as I groaned as he kept going and he put all he had in me and it felt good. He was fucking me full force.I turned my head around and gave uncle Paul my tongue in his mouth, Dad was telling him to fuck me hard , one of the horniest fucks I've ever had. Dad got up and turned around and opened the arse of my cheeks further so Paul could go at me from behind deeper. Uncle Paul and Dad were also talking about Grandads and Uncle Will, Paul was saying he had been away that long in prison and that although he had sex in prison, it was never with family, he asked about Robbie, Cal and Jake, Dad admitted he had fucked Callum ,Pauls son the previous evening, Fuck said uncle Paul, Dad further told him that Uncle Will had fucked Jake too. Uncle Paul was in my arse rockhard. But they were living with my Dad, he said whilst I was in prison, he was their guardian. Yes said Dad, but both our Dads, used to take them to special places to meet other Dads, I kept Steve with me at home until Stevie showed some interest and its what it is, but noone answers the Grandads back, we have to do what they say.noone Fucks them either, they are the Alpha Dads. We will see said Uncle Paul angrily. I want you to fuck me harder. Uncle I said. He put me on my back so I could kiss him, bring him out of his temper and watch Dad jack off whilst I licked his big bollocks. We kissed as his cock began to fill my arsshole deeper ,We kissed and kissed until Dad came over and I sucked his dick. When Uncle Paul groaned so loud and came in me filling me with his cum and Dad came over my face and both Men were breathing heavy and drained. We all lay there motionless in bed and we all drifted into sleep, It was only an hour or so later so I grabbed their dicks and jacked them off. I heard a moan from Paul who soon woke up. He leaned in and we kissed for like what seemed ages. Dad soon woke up and joined in and soon each of us came. I hopped off the bed and headed for the bathroom motioning for them to follow which they did, Downstairs at the table was Robbie, Callum, Jake, Uncle Will and Grandad and Grandpa. Been busy Stevie, said Grandpa abruptly abd further said Will, Jeff, Paul, we are taking the boys to an event next week, so lay off their arses, they need to be tight, they are going to be busy. If you need to use them, use their mouths or each others arses!!!. No discussions, we are all going to the stocks event in the dungeons club weekend, your boys are the stars. We all looked at each other...........
  47. 4 points
    The first time I was fucked by one dom top I didn't know exactly how big his dick was until after. He wanted a bottom sub who would take a hard session of fucking and seeding. I think it was helpful for me not to know how big he was until after he'd fucked and seeded me for several hours. It let me focus on serving him, the whole man, by being a good receptive sub. I've got to know him well enough that he's talked about how he hates being objectified as just a long, hard, black dick (race laying it's own set of issues over the big dick thing). We've talked during and after fucking about life, relationships, race, and philosophy and he's a smart and interesting man. I couldn't see him as just a big black dick if I tried and though it's remarkable, it's not his dick that keeps me wanting to spend time with him. The last time we got together it was just for 30 minutes before he ran out to work, but he needed release. He fucked me continually and very deep into my sigmoid flexure the whole time, he can tell when he's changing the shape of my cunt and likes it. I mentioned that I liked when he hurt me a little, and he said he has to be careful of that, meaning he likes it too. I've seen he enjoys hurting me, stretching my abilities, as he's jammed up tight in me. It feeds part of his dom fire. He bred me five times and the last two were after this exchange, and were the kind where your dom is deep-fucking your mind. He held eye contact with me as he fucked deep, slapping into my hole hard, keeping me silent and telling me without words he needed something from me. I focused on his eyes and face and I could see an intense expression deepening there. I relaxed and just looked into him as he looked into me, taking what he gave me. I felt him driving me to the edge of something as he watched, never breaking eye contact. He took my body and mind to an edge, increasing the intensity of his fuck until he could see my body and mind splayed open gasping there, mouth open, head tilted back. Then I saw him drink in what he'd done to me, hurting me, as his face contorted and I felt him breed me. Then he kept going and did it all over again. Its the whole man that fucks you. He's not a dildo. He's a mind that penetrates yours as surely as his cock does. Honor all of him.
  48. 4 points
    Great point. The real problem is bottoms that are lazy and expect a top to make them able to take big dick without pain and tops that think busting up a hole and making a bottom bleed makes them a good top.
  49. 4 points
    Yep. Went out clubbing one night with a Russian girl I worked with (who knows I’m gay) and her Bulgarian boyfriend Igor (who I’d never met before). As the evening went on and we got drunker and drunker my coworker started talking about how she loved having sex with other women, how hot it would be for us to watch her go at it, and how hot it would be for her to watch two guys fuck. At one point she wandered off, presumably to the ladies room, leaving Igor and me chatting together. After she’d been gone a few minutes he leaned in, reached over and jammed his tongue down my throat. We made out for a while until she got back, then the three of us made it back to my apartment. My coworker promptly pretended to pass out on my bed. I was too drunk to realize it at first but she was secretly watching me and Igor getting hot and heavy on the other side of the bed. Once our clothes started coming off and the talk got dirtier I realized the whole thing had been somewhat of a setup. Fast forward to my coworker holding my dick while Igor sucked it, then holding his ass cheeks open and his legs back while I ate and then fucked his hole, all the while saying filthy things to us in Russian and English. I’m not usually interested in women at all (haven’t touched one since that night), but fucking Igor while his girlfriend - my coworker - watched and participated was one of the hottest things I’d ever done until then. About a year later my friend told me Igor left her for another guy. Can’t say I was surprised but I sure as hell wouldn’t have minded another fuck like the one we had that night.
  50. 4 points
    I’m at a point now where I can take an average dick without lube. I love a good spit and stick too and most of the Latino boys I hook up with do it that way. The hottest was the cute Cuban boy who was one of the first guys to fuck me...he had me on my back on the mattress and jerked me off, then used my cum to lube up my ass and his dick (he had a thick 8” uncut dick) and then pounded the shit out of me, adding his cum to my own inside me. To this day I love having guys do that to me. I get fucked often enough I don’t need lube unless the guy is thick or maybe more than 7”. When I get fucked in the showers at the gym I usually try and get with a guy with an average dick first to loosen me up and once I’ve got his load in me I’m good to go with whatever else comes my way.

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