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  2. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Took two load so far today one down my throat other in my ass hole when the man that delivers the pizza
  3. Yesterday
  4. Took like 5 loads at a bb party few hours ago. 3 from 2 fuckbuddies. Had a super hot silverdaddy pound me super hard. Almost came hands free. My ass pussy is still twitching and looking for more loads.
  5. Sometimes a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.
  6. I like fucking a guy who is a slut...promiscuous. They are experienced bottoms and enjoy having cock inside them. It turns me on...
  7. First Fuck Location

    Yeah marktulley2000, he fucked me pretty regularly for a while until he went off to university. He used to meet me after school or over at his house sometimes. It used to turn him on pretending I was his girlfriend and putting me in her underwear. It’s not exactly something I’ve done much of since but it was obviously a huge turn on for him and that’s all that mattered to me. He was an aggressive lover and clearly loved doing all the things to me that he wished he could do to her.
  8. What kind of topics turns u on the most?

    Poz pig sex. Depraved 999 or 667. Orgies, groups. Licking a cock as it go into a hole. Sucking cum out of a hole.
  9. Hampstead Heath

    I was glad I moved from Chicago b4 they cut down 'the bushes.' a criminal act by a heteronormative, homophobic society.
  10. What kind of topics turns u on the most?

    breeding, conversion, darkness, porn, party favors, raw fucking, making out, dominating, body contact, degrading and defiing, virgins, the brotherhood.
  11. this is one intense viewpoint on porn. 

    You don’t have to to offer your soul, mind or body to Porn. She will take it anyway regardless of your will.

    You don’t have to offer your social life to Porn. She will destroy it anyway. Regardless of your will.

    You don’t have to offer your relationships to Porn. She will wreck them anyway.
    Regardless of your will.

    Free will is a gift you were born with, Porn took it away, as Porn is way more powerful than you think.

    You don’t have to offer all those things to Porn, beacuse She will take them all anyway. 

    Porn has plans for you.

    Just imagine having your personality destroyed, erased. Just imagine being hollowed out, just imagine not being a human, but a pumping drone, a willing host for Porn.

    No friends, no family, no personality, no soul, no mind, no thoughts. No choice. Empty eyes, hard, leaking cock, overwhelming Lust.

    Broken by Porn.

    Enslaved by Porn.

    Owned by Porn.

    For the whole eternity and beyond

    This is where Porn leads you. This is what Porn wants for you.

    Source: misla666
  12. Favorite bath house for raw sex

    Sad to here that Melrose Spa closed. Had many fun slutty times there.
  13. Angry Tops Revenge

    Fuck that was a hot read
  14. More times than I can even count, but I think that comes with the territory of working in porn and escorting. I do think, however, that all those experiences have made me who I am. I dont know why else I would enjoy being humiliated and degraded so much, or why in the past several years I always fantasize about being tortured sexually and raped.
  15. Any Bottoms Have A Fantasy About Jail Sex

    I have a ton of fantasies about it, but more like, a ton of fantasies about me being raped in general, anywhere, by anybody.
  16. Hampstead Heath

    Fucking hot. Love outdoor sex. Reminds me of park in Philadelphia years ago before the neighborhood went upscale.
  17. What kind of topics turns u on the most?

    Topics include. Rawv (obviously), groups, chem and groups, older with older, piggy sex.
  18. Mmmmmmmmm...ASS FOR LUNCH!!!












    1. jaybird


      ass is good to eat at any time of day or night!  :>


  19. Fuck im spun out, i love being spun out...anyone up to chat?





    1. jaybird


      let DADDY get in fuckin DEEP!

  21. perv/taboo chat

    No limits pervs hmu on wickr : seand111
  22. This is my first story, so please be kind. Story is 100% true and happened just at the end of last year. Only recently started going to my local bathhouse. Was always too nervous in case I met someone I knew, but turns out, when you’re drunk, you don’t care about that...lol. Anyway, had a particularly difficult night out. Was completely drunk and couldn’t remember a lot of the night. I’m fact, I don’t remember actually getting to the bathhouse. I seem to remember being topped by a hot young jock guy who couldn’t stay particularly hard, but don’t really remember. So the next thing I remember, I am lying in a room sleeping and this hot, skinny, Indian guy comes in. He lies next to me, starts kissing me and licking my body all over. Gives me a really nice blow job and I’m still lying on my side. He then slides up, turns around and backs his ass onto my cock. My cock pops in and it feels so good. Raw and wet. Feels so nice. He keeps turning round and sticking his tongue in my mouth as I start to pump into his ass. Sliding in and out, feeling amazing. I start to feel like I’m about to cum and I whisper in his ear. He says do it...and I cum so hard right inside his ass. We lie like that for a while and my cock slides out his ass. He cuddles in and we go to sleep like that. A bit later, I wake up and he’s still in my arms, sleeping. I get hard again, thinking about my cum in his ass. I slowly start to rub my cock over his ass. When I rub it past his hole, it starts to slide in. As I do that, he clearly is stirring as he starts to push back. The tip starts to slide in and he pulls out, grabs some lube and lubes his ass up. He then takes my cock and slides it back inside him. It feels so hot and so wet. It’s amazing. This time I give him a proper hard fuck. Lying him flat on the bed, pounding into him. It’s then I realise that the door is open and a few guys are standing watching. Someone starts to feel at my ass, I bat him away. I’m enjoying fucking this hot guy too much and don’t want anything to interrupt that. As I pound him I ask him if he’s poz. He says “yes” and I fuck him even harder. Again he keeps kissing me by turning round and sticking his tongue in my mouth. So hot. I cum again...shooting deep inside him. After falling asleep again and fucking and cumming in his ass one more time I get up and start to head out. We meet again in the shower and gives me another hot kiss goodbye. He really was very hot, skinny, horny, Indian cumdump. Loved it.
  23. Looking For The Gift

    I want you
  24. A bit odd this one - but watching a documentary called The Tea Trail with Simon Reeve. In case you don't know who he is he's a seriously cute TV presenter. He stopped at a truck stop in Kenya which was full of HIV+ prostitutes. The thought of him taking advantage of the services on offer and barebacking some African prostitute got me rock hard. The thought of him cumming in her as she holds onto his hot arse, knowing that as he is balls deep she is infecting him with HIV, syphillis, herpes etc. Very hot.

    DAILY BOI TO BREED: 01/21/18. I would TOTALLY BREED HIM!!! Would YOU??? REMEMBER: YOU can add a pic of a BOI that YOU want to BREED, too!!!
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