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  2. Woof ! You cna see your big cock from space.  🐷

  3. Piss up the ass

    Thanks for the info, good to know!
  4. Piss up the ass

    Omg....tried this for the first time ever with my husband. He pissed inside my ass in the shower after he'd just finished fucking me full of 7 loads of cum in the master bedroom....and omg the piss in my ass felt so amazing....it's an incredibly spiritual experience to have such a handsome, hung , intelligent, witty, and kind hearted man in my life to breed my hole every night with cum (and now piss too) with his 13" BBC
  5. Yesterday
  6. The Biggest Cock You Have Sucked

    The 2 biggest cocks I've ever deep throated were both about 13"... The first was another femme twink, and the more recent one is now my wonderful husband
  7. Philly CumUnion Party last night - 5 hot loads

    I like your style smoothbtm76.
  8. 3 Loads at the Crew Club on a Sunday night

    Wow, really hot action. I love to do the face down door open thing at the bathhouse. I have taken a lot of anonymous cock that way. I enjoy finding other bottoms that do it too, after a long night of taking loads I like to scope one out and make a contribution. Also great luck finding a top who shared your hole. He sounds fun.
  9. Best douching techniques

    Could be one of several problems: Turn down the water pressure if it's a hose/shower douche. Filter the water before using if it's a bulb/bottle douche. Finger some lube into your asshole before douching. Do smaller amounts of water, hold it inside for a few minutes longer than you were, then release. EDIT TO ADD: I use a shower hose type enema, usually take as much water as it comfortable, hold it like 5 minutes, then release it. Do that like 3 times. Wait about 15-30 minutes, do it another 1-2 times. Then a few minutes before I'm going to play, I touch-up/double-check with a bulb/fleet enema (if using fleet, dump out the saline and use water).
  10. Any bi guys in or near Indianapolis?

    I identify as gay, but I've done some bi MFM here and there. I'm up in Lafayette, but try to get down to Indy every 2-3 weeks for an evening or something.
  11. between working long hours and attending some cool concerts daddy has been dead tired to post on here. 

    Friday night after a concert I went to cum union since it was on my way back home.  Rolled in a got pummeled by two big dicked daddies.  No faces seen just the sound of spit hitting my ass and fucked senseless.  Two load later and my digits fully expressed I bailed.   Resting up for some Texas adventures this week ! If your in dallas hit me up. I know of two private pig plays.   🐷

  12. Bb sex in Bristol this girl can host

    A few? There are also I fected bi guys who can see your thread and may have contacted you. The straight section on here is almost dead, have u visited the other forum recently.. Hope you don't catch anything from bi guys on here
  13. The Biggest Cock You Have Sucked

    I'm not sure the measurements but I happen to have a picture of the biggest I've ever sucked. I met him in an adult theater and was amazed by his cock. I had recently seen some comparison pictures so I asked him if he would mind coming in the bathroom for a picture, as it was way too dark in the theater and I didn't want to use a flash. I'm about 5 1/2 inches so that gives you an idea of his size. I could barely get the head in my mouth, and my mouth was wide open.
  14. Level 6 here. LOVE to feel cum inside me. Love to swallow loads. Love to eat a hole that is overflowing with cum. I don't care whose cum it is. Nothing better than group scenes for me with top after top after top loading my hole with cum so I have a primordial ooze of DNA swimming inside me!
  15. Business Daddy

    Part 12 I sat up in the bed and looked over Tom. I’d forgotten how handsome he was wearing a pair of sweats that failed to hide his large cock, and a white vest top that showed of the musculature of his chest. His piercing blue eyes caught mine and he smiled. “Why don’t we get you freshened up and have some dinner together?” “What day is it?” my voice was hoarse and sore. “It’s Thursday boy. You’ve had a busy week.” I look at Tom dumfounded, how could I have been out of it for so many days? Surely someone must have noticed I was missing? I know he’d contacted my work, but what about family and friends. “Do you have my phone? I’m sure people will have been trying to contact me.” “I replied to any messages you’ve received. Daddy has it covered boy, just you concentrate on getting your strength back.” I slowly removed the drip from my arm, it stung. When I attempted to stand up Tom came over to help me. My legs felt weak, I hadn’t stood in 4 days. Tom helped me shower and shave, he also cut my hair, tidying up my hairline but left enough length in it to grab, or so he told me. I felt vulnerable yet cared for. He never took off the device on my cock or even acknowledged it. He made me wear a white jockstrap and nothing else. The house was warm, for the first time we left the bedroom. I’d never paid much attention to his apartment before but when I looked around I noticed it was scarcely furnished. A couch, coffee table and a television in the living area that led into a large open plan kitchen with a dining table. I realised there were no personal touches, artwork, pictures, even cushions. It was all very clinical. “Have you been here for long?” I asked “About 6 months boy, moved here just before the summer.” “Where were you before?” Tom stared at me and calmly said “Enough questions boy, you need to eat” He had a seriousness to his tone that stopped me from asking more. There was a knock at the door which broke the tension “Dinner is here, Daddy has a treat for you boy.” Tom grinned and went to the door. There stood a pizza boy, he was about 21, fresh faced and very innocent looking. He was staring right at me, I realised then that I was in just a jockstrap, Tom had a semi that was painfully obvious. The boy blushed, and squirmed slightly. “Come in, I need to grab my wallet, I’ve not got it on me.” Tom smiled and made a show of patting along his sweats, highlighting his growing cock. The pizza boy walked in nervously looking right at me, I noticed his jeans tightening around his crotch. Behind him Tom locked the door and held a finger to his lips, signalling for me to be quiet. I didn’t know what he had planned…
  16. Chapters on all stories coming soon - plus new ones. Had a lot going on lately and couldn't work on anything but I was able to think about them and more - 


    Be on the look out

  17. Pretty much at level 3 from day one, but keeping 'the body count low'. Topped raw mostly but then stayed 'semi-monogamous' for most of the 90s and 00s. My last BF (with him now) seemed like such an innocent twink at age 19 when we met. But the boys in West Hollywood 'knocked him up' and he unknowingly initiated me. Thought that meant 'it's over' with sex, went asexual, then my BF introduced me to the 'wild-life'. Since then it's been level 6! No secrets, no jealousies, no fears no attitudes! We still have low body counts during a normal week but when we treat ourselves to promiscuous sex it's 'NO LOADS REFUSED' with an attraction to dangerous thrills finally embraced, or like eating things that once were gross, like oysters, now craved... swallowing a stranger's DNA and keeping his nameless jizz to full absorption!
  18. Hey, just curious to find out if there are any bi guys in or near Indianapolis, IN? I'm a bi guy, and I've been wanting to find others like me for friends and fun. It'd be especially hot to be able to setup a little bi group fun sometime!
  19. Visiting San Francisco

    Thanks for posting your stories! I've been to the Bay Area several times, but I've never really gotten to experience S.F. as a sexual tourist the way I wanted too. I've got a buddy that lives in San Mateo County, and I'd fly out there to meet up with him and some of his friends. We were partying and whatnot, and the several times I went out there we took off for Russian River or elsewhere. I loved Russian River, and I got my share of dick at our resort... one time we went to Tahoe and Reno which was fun as well. I've still got hopes of returning to S.F. to check out the attractions in the city...
  20. Fucked by the Ohio River

    That's a hot story! I had a couple buddies fuck me in Cherokee Park over in Louisville one morning. We'd been partying, and for some reason we went to the park in the morning... maybe just to get out of the house or something... but we parked the truck and then before I knew it I was bent over the hood with my 3 buddies taking turns. There were a few people out jogging that early in the morning, and I definitely put on a show. It was hot being bred out in the open like that. It was very risky, but we didn't get caught.
  21. defo level 6 - anon or pozitively toxic - not looking back
  22. Bubble Butt at Pleasuredome Tuesday 5pm on

    Bring ur hole to my hotel in Russell sq
  23. Videotaping While Having Sex

    I'm usually the one that brings up taking pics or vids, so I kind of control the conversation and the direction in which things head. I'm the type that will take videos without limits with regular fuck buddies with whom I have established trust. With guys I don't share that level of trust with, I require that no faces (mine or his) be included in the video, and I check all copies before anyone leaves just to make sure nothing got in on accident. I prefer to have the uninhibited kind of videos and so I more often make videos with my longer lasting fuck buddies. We openly discuss sharing permissions and stuff like that so that expectations are clear. I usually don't have a problem with my fuck buddies sharing our videos with others provided they are being viewed in person (not sent over internet, etc.). A few of my fuck buddies have told me about times they have had others over and have shown off our video to another person or persons. I think that's kinda hot, actually.
  24. What do you put if you've never managed to get a single hookup through a dating app / website? Because that's me.
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