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  2. First time raw, planned or unplanned?

    The first time i had sex I got fucked raw, I was 18 and my partner was in his thirties. There was never any discussion about condoms. He fucked me maybe 20 times in two weeks, always raw, but never shooting inside me. He liked to pull out and shoot all over me. When I started topping, i tried fucking with a condom, but it did not work for me. I have been topping more since starting PrEP, and 90% of the time is raw
  3. New Members Introduce Themselves

    Not a new member but this is my first post nicely built cub in the SF bay area who loves chubby bears and older men. Neg and on PrEP. I am versatile and love to breed men with my very thick uncut cock. Hope to get to know some of the guys near me
  4. Sex with unmediated Poz guys on PREP

    Unless his virus is resistant to one of the two drugs in Truvada, PrEP should work fine.
  5. How long for a total top to convert?

    About AIDS in Africa, topping a female in her pussy is much riskier than ass fucking. I assume it is because vaginas have so much more fluids to carry the virus. That's why straight men get HIV so easily there.
  6. Cheating escapades

    Being a total slut and cumpig I canot help myself. Once I am in the mood for cock - nothing gets rid of the itch except plenty of cock. for 13 years my ex trained me to be the absolute slut I have become - and I can't go backwards. From Friday afternoon till sunday night is just total cock time for me and I consider a weekend a wipeout if I have not had 10 different cocks in me. I just love being fucked and used by men
  7. Sling etiquette

    If you're in a sling in the public area of a bathhouse I don't think you get the to be picky and choose your tops. Take every dick. If you don't want that don't get into that sling.
  8. Four so far

    Don't know if it's the aftermath of the eclipse or the heat I've gotten four loads in the last three hours thanks to grinder and jacked I have two more headed this way! Never rains but it always pours lol
  9. My first sex party. Advice?

    I would also ask the organiser what the 'rules' are. He probably organised parties like that before. Don't know how many guys will be there but it sounds like an 'anything goes' party so expect anything to happen. If you see a group in action and want to join just stand close or run your hands over somebody. Body language (or talk) will tell you if you can join in or not. If someone approaches you and you don't feel like it (for whatever reason) you can always say you are just watching for a bit or 'later' but be friendly about it. Is it a BB party? Have fun and let us know how it went!
  10. Two loads twenty minutes

    Nothing nicer than multiple loads in your hole from multiple cocks. my ex used to buttplug me between tops fucking me so little leaked out and he could use their seed so he could use it for lube when he fucked me after they had finished.
  11. Today
  12. Bred twice tonight

    Nothing nice for a total bottom than multiple loads and cocks on the one day. I love that feeling when my hole is sore and puffy from having had a hammering from cocks - usually takes five or six to make me a bit sore - but that don't stop me.
  13. Traveling Top

    If i am going to a back room or a sex party I always throw a good syringe full of baby oil into my cunt before I get there. That way if anyone wants to use a condom so be it - but it will usually break and my hole gets its nourishment - seed
  14. Sex with unmediated Poz guys on PREP

    I'm on PrEP and have been on it for a while. This past Sunday I was at a book store and this guy was fucking the hell out of me. We had not talked before hand but during his slamming my ass he started with Poz talk that turned me on so much. This was the first time this had happened to me. Afterwards we talked and he said he has been off meds for 16 years and his strain was med resistant. So now I'm wonder if anyone else knows anything about PrEP in regards to a HVL of med resistant strain. By the way it was one of the hottest fucks I've had.
  15. New Members Introduce Themselves

  16. New Members Introduce Themselves

    I m new here from kentucky I love to be fucked by larger cock that are fully load and want that seed cum deep it me i am a good fuck hole i have been used black men alot I have 1000's of leads in me from the times I was 13 yrs old i was letting older boys with be dicks fuck me after school some times as many as 12 or more gang fucked me I m always looking to take big dick in me i love to be pumped full of your cum seed i have been a good whore all my life I let any man who has a big dick use my ass to fuck and enjoy i love big one and balls that are full of cum so if any you guys need ass when passing thu kentucky you guys can fuck me all you wish I do not alllow condoms to be in my ass i want your dick in me and always take it bareback as a good slut does for my top fuckers
  17. Being a total faggot bottom bitch and masculinity

    Agree with Jaybeef here. I am totally furry and muscular and usually expected to Top. I am a total bottom and get frustrated a lot because Tops all of a sudden become bottoms when you get them home.
  18. 21 year old negative bottom will be at the Travelodge September 1st and 2nd to take as many loads as he can get. I am Neg and not on PrEP. Tested August 14th. Party starts Friday 9pm-4am. It will pick back up Saturday 6pm-10pm. Pump, Dump, and Bounce. NO DRUG USERS. Party info is also on bbrt under the same username, CollegeCumHole.
  19. Stealthed by Master

    Fuck yeah, that's damn hot. He's my kind of man! You lucked out, please keep us posted of your future encounters with him.
  20. Folsom Gulch

    Now that I'm on a journey to be a Cumdump whore, i'm feeling that I should go to the Gulch and take as many loads as possible. Haven't explored the Gulch yet though.
  21. (spreads my cunt wide)

  22. First time raw, planned or unplanned?

    The first time raw with a guy was definitely not planned. I remember having this guy over, think I picked him up on gay.com or one of those sites that were hot a decade or so ago, and at that time I was a total top. He wanted to get fucked (check), said he played safe (check), and looked pretty good (check.) He came over we made out and had some oral fun. I ended up on my back, my rock hard cock sticking up tall and proud. He was in between my knees licking it and slowly came up to kiss me. He straddles me and starts to rub my cock in his hole, and next thing I know I'm in him, and after a couple strokes shot my load. Total heat of the moment, not sure if he wanted that but looking back think he did. Was still a couple years before I BB'd regularly. I think the next time was a very similar scenario with another guy as well. LOL
  23. Experiences at CumUnion

    I had an excellent time at the last Cumunion on Saturday in San Francisco. Got fucked by about 13 guys. Interesting how certain nights have a pattern to them. That Saturday I was the bottom that was going to get pounded. Majority of tops that were in my hole pounded me like this was the last fuck they were ever going to get. Not that I minded; I can take a good pounding especially when I've been lubed with cum. Several of the black guys used me like a whore in a porn movie, grabbing onto my shoulders and just slamming into me as I was bent over. By the time I left Cumunion, my hole was stretched and well used. The next morning my hole was sore. As I was expelling all of the cum dumped in me, I noticed that the bath room tissue was tinged with pink. I haven't been that bloody and sore in a while.. After leaving communion, I trolled a park in Oakland looking to score some after hours drunk black dick. Sometimes the park can be hit or mess but that night I was quickly successful. I checked out a black guy wearing a hoodie and proceeded to walk over to the side of the building near the Redwood free where I know the action happens. He pulled out his nice 8 inch dick and I quickly proceeded to suck it and get it hard. While doing that I pull down my sweats to make my ass available so that he'd know I want to get fucked. As he got hard, he started to fondle my ass and hole. I could see the surprise and excitement on his face when he discovered that my hole was dripping wet and pre-lubed with all the cum from Cumunion. He shoved his black 8 inches, and shoved me against the wall slamming into me repeatedly. He rough fucked me till he came 10 minutes later. As he pulled out his cum started running down my leg. Still wanting more, I cruised the park for a bit more. I watched this short heavyset black guy with glasses fuck this Latino bottom. I pulled down my sweatpants showing my ass while stroking my dick and edged closer to the action. The heavyset black guy kept on looking at me while fucking and then started feeling my ass up. The Latino Guy who looked like he couldn't handle dick ended up stopping the fucking and pulling up his pants to leave. I moved right into his place and assumed the position. Have you set wasted no time entering my hole. He had an average dick that I never saw but felt and man, was he another pounder! He slammed my hole while asking me did my white hole want his black dick. Of course I said yes and he continued talking about white ass and black dick till he came. Unfortunately he was using a condom so I didn't get the load in me. After that I took my sore ass home.
  24. Sling etiquette

    Fuck I need that to be me! Anyone interested?
  25. Dripping by the end

    Although my hole was well used by the San Francisco Cumunion event on Saturday, I had an errand in the city on Monday and decided to go to 442 for their Naked Mondays night. I arrived, stripped and started walking around, only to be pleasantly surprised that there was a decent sized crowd. Within five minutes I was bent over a bench with an older husky bear who knew how to fuck using my hole. I loved feeling him shoving my hole as deep as he can get and exploring every inch of it. He had some girth and length to him and I knew I was going to be opened up for the night. By the end he shoved me flat on my stomach and rammed in me until he deposited his load. He was quickly followed by another top, and I spent the next two hours blissfully going from guy to guy. Any guy was welcome to use my hole that wanted to. A short Asian had me bent over so much that my knees practically touch the floor so he could get in my hole. He shoved his cock in to work the rim on of my hole, rubbing it against his head till he added to the Bears load. At one point I had four guys in a row fuck their loadis in me. Heaven! Had to make it an early night due to work the next day, but after two hours I had been fucked by 8 to 10 guys with about six loads deposited in me. Was able to leave satisfied with cum dripping down my leg.
  26. Sling etiquette

    The "problem"'s solved if the bottom's blindfolded or hooded and masked. What he can't see, he can't refuse.
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