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  2. Always swallow cum . Usually play with it in my mouth to feel the texture and coat the inside of my mouth and throat. Love the way cum slides down.
  3. Oh Fuck Yes ! Yes ! Brown and Yellow stains in my mouth - Please ! Smells erotic - gives me erections - pictures Please ! Love / addicted to POZ - Breeding and spreading ! Bring it on !
  4. Thanks so much for all the hard work you put into giving us this masterpiece.
  5. I want to meet someone in kentucky that would like to breed me when ever you need sex I am willing to be use as your bottom fuck toy  Once you use me I feel you will enjoy it and cumming in me I am tight a firm it will make your cock feel good I know it will 


  6. I'm in Phoenix for a week and called a couple guys who've whored me out here before. Friday night to this afternoon i spent naked and blindfolded getting fucked by them and a bunch of other guys that were constantly coming and going. Lost track how many bred my ass but occasionally they would take me outside to hose me down. I am still horny for more cock! Staying in the southeast area close to tempe, Mesa and Chandler. Will be headed home Wednesday or Thursday and will be driving through Tucson.
  7. I got fucked on the lawn of trailer park in the early morning hours. His BF was inside sleeping and cars were driving by. Plenty of times at the adult bookstore. Loved getting watched through the glory holes. Back seat of my suburban at the drive in. Bumped into my GF's brother inside the snack bar. I was in high school. Bathroom stall in a Hardees. Several men came in and pissed while we were doing it. Behind the couch at a house party for New Years Eve. People were watching the whole time and trying to tell me to stop. He was Poz and it was bb. On my balcony at about 5AM, i live on the 2nd floor. Sucked a bartender off while he was serving drinks. About 20 people were in the bar at the time
  8. Thank for the follow!

  9. 12 days since my last post. Just broke 170 that day... Now just broke 195 in last 2 weeks. Had 10 loads over the last two weeks at home and just got bred at Island House in key West. Took 15 loads in last 24 hrs. Just got to the Key West airport and I have a 5 load gang bang session right before I came here. I have all 5 loads in me lubing me up as I get on the plane. So wish all the people around me knew. I can safely say, I am the only one on the plane with 5 guys cumloads in their ass. So satisfying to know I am the biggest whore on the plane lol.
  10. Hmm, that's my birthday, perhaps I could get a nice warm present from you shot deep inside me???
  11. I love the young bucks, but got to be grateful for the older black men. They know how to eat and breed an ass the right way! And it ain't over after the first breeding.
  12. Today
  13. Aussie guy, 28 bi, into life's 'little's pleasures. All about loving my fellow man and being nasty as hell to cunt. Hmu on wickr at ausp011 if you want to chat (can't always reply quickly)
  14. I love drinkin from the tap. Only way. And don't be spitting that sweet golden juice out! It drives me crazy when I see a vid of a guy that's supposedly a piss drinker, and more of it gushes out of his mouth than he swallows. Learn how to swallow properly so you can take every drop of piss down into your tummy!
  15. We're in an exclusive triad where we don't play with others. Our boy is our bottom. And we're damn lucky that he and his hole are available whenever we want to breed. If he's not cleaned out, he gets cleaned out. Its a great situation for all of us.
  16. Does this mean that they can get mediocre ass whenever they want it, but are dissatisfied with the quality? I suppose “quality” must be a very subjective term in this context. It’s too bad there isn’t a universal quality rating scale for cunt - we could have a row of stars tattooed on our asses. Quite a few Tops have commented on my “quality” ass. Yet last night in Louisville, five separate Tops - five - flaked on me in a row, two of them after having texted “On my way” (?!). One of these had “Ultimate Top” as his username. After that cavalier treatment, I packed up my ass an hour early and went home. One guy hit me up at the very last minute, and when I said I was all ready to check out of the hotel, he said, “But I need it”. It seems like I always get some guy wanting me to stretch my schedule to accommodate him. If a Top in Louisville had to rub one out instead of getting a great piece of ass last night, it was his fault and not mine. To everybody who does it - and you know who you are - Quit fucking flaking. Just stop. There’s no excuse for it. You’re hurting everyone’s ability to get laid every time you do it... including your own. Show a little integrity, for God’s sake.
  17. love to get the pin to check this vid out.
  18. What are the best Gay saunas in Checkia, Slovakia and Hungary esp. for getting fucked? Thanks!
  19. Hey welcome Buddy...

  20. i dunno if that's real or not .. but fuck i want it pounding my ass!   😆


    1. ronnie4u


      WOW !  Extremely HOT - reminds of me and my older cousin - summer times  !      :)

  21. This just happened and I had to run home to post it. I was in Staples this afternoon picking up a few things for work and two older guys came in and came down the aisle toward me. One was white, maybe 58-60 years old and the other was latino and probably about 50 years old. Both of them looked like they worked construction, but what caught my eye right away was the latino guys' bulge in his pants. There was no mistaking the outline of his dick and there was no hiding that he was hung. As they came by to pass me I gave the latino a good once over and he looked back at me with a curious blank stare, so I wasn't sure what to make of it. Him and his buddy went and turned down an aisle to look at some contracts and forms and I circled around two aisles down and went toward the end to see them. The latino was facing my direction and the white guy had his back to me. I stopped long enough to look toward the latino to let him know I was interested and then turned toward the next aisle killing time to see if he would wander over. About a couple of minutes later they started to walk toward the center of the store so I hurried up to the end of the aisle toward their direction and I saw the latino look back and see me. He then said to his friend he was going to head to the bathroom and his friend said ok. I saw him walk off and head toward the corner of the store to the bathroom and I circled back down the aisle to the other end and went up the side aisle toward the bathroom as well. When I walked in I could hear him taking a piss and he quickly turned his around to see who walked in and he saw it was me. I heard him cut his piss short and at the same time he said to me in a heavy hispanic accent, "I saw you looking at me, did you come here to taste my dick?" and right away I responded "fuck yeah if you want to give it to me".. and he responded "well then lets do it..". He stepped back from the urinal and with his thumb and forefinger he started stroking his dick back and forth and his foreskin was retracting and covering his bulbous head. I was in awe as I saw his already big cock grow right in front of my eyes. He told me to lock the door and to get on my knees so I could taste it and I did. His dick was thick, long and hairy and his nuts were huge and hairy as well. His dick and balls had a very strong but pleasant odor from obvious sweating while he was working earlier in the day. I took his dick in my mouth and swirled my tongue around his head and between his head and foreskin and felt his head grow even more once my lips had surrounded it. At first he let me suck on it real easy and gently and I could hear him moaning lightly. After about a minute of appreciating his head and foreskin, I started to take his dick deeper into my mouth and started giving his shaft plenty of suction and tongue action and he started moaning a little louder and talking dirty to me.. "...aye puta, you suck my dick so good.." he said and he put one of his hands behind my head so he could set the pace. He kept moaning and talking while I was sucking him and I was really enjoying every inch of his thick uncut shaft. About a minute later he walked forward on me and kind of pushed me back against the wall of the toilet stall so he could trap my head between the wall and his dick, and he leaned forward and grabbed my head with both hands and started to aggressively fuck my face against the wall. He started to moan out "..suck my dick puta, suck it deep..." while getting more aggressive fucking my throat. The pace picked up even more and then I heard him say "quieres leche puta, yo quieres mi leche cabron?" and just as he said that he shoved his dick deep down my throat and started to shoot gobs of cum from his dick. He was moaning like crazy and I could feel his cock throbbing on my tongue and hot cum splashing on the back of my throat squirt after squirt after squirt. Finally he had emptied his gun and he stepped back and pulled his dick out of my mouth. He reached under with his hand and stroked the last few drops to the tip of his dick and said "lamero puta, lamero mi leche" and I stuck my tongue out and he wiped his cum on my tongue. He quickly pulled his pants up and I stood up and he reached into his pocket and pulled out a business card and gave it to me. He said "here take my card. You call me whenever you need some woodwork or your plumbing fixed, ok?" and I said OK and then he left. I waited a few seconds and then left the bathroom as well. I saw him walking over to his buddy and his buddy said to him "what took so long, did you have to take a dump or something?" and he responded "Yeah it was a big dump, but I feel better now." I plan to call him Tuesday to see if he can fix my plumbing.
  22. Anyone have any gear ready for trade? What's the best way to set this up?
  23. Looking for poz guys to give me the gift i need

  24. I so enjoy mature men as they really appreciate my abilities.
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