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  2. 25 yr old Bottom in Edgewater. Looking for hungry tops to fuck and breed me on the regular. Looking to be trained into being the perfect cumdump whore for all men.
  3. Just got a load from a fairly regular top who has a nice cock and always pounds me hard. Hoping to get at least one more load from him before I leave town on this trip.
  4. So excited to be co-hosting Providence RI @BallBusterParty on May 12th! Hmu and hopefully I'll see you there to add your load or loads to my hungry hole! Look me up, tell me how you want me and what gets you off and I'll try my best to accommodate everyone's input! @NtheDump check out https://www.timtylerxxx.com/ball-buster for more details! 
  5. So excited to be co-hosting Providence RI @BallBusterParty on May 12th! Hmu and hopefully I'll see you there to add your load or loads to my hungry hole! Look me up, tell me how you want me and what gets you off and I'll try my best to accommodate everyone's input! @NtheDump check out https://www.timtylerxxx.com/ball-buster for more details!
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  7. What I wanted to do with this chapter: Advance the character of 'Bitch 29' little further and add some more layers to her life, bringing out a bit more of my deeply twisted fantasies. (new tattoo, chastity device, lots and lots of pain and verbal abuse.) Bring to the forefront the whole reason she was turned in the first place, so she could be a breeder with a high viral load. While writing my chapters I like to create more real world situations, hence the dialogue and 'Bitchs' smart ass attitude. I also do a few minutes research with regard to where the fucking truck is across country. The cities I list do exist. That being said, I had yet to do a full on porn scene - and this one was. It was the hottest I've ever written. Seriously, I never pushed any erotic writing that far and I'm sure I broke some of my barriers. I've given SOME sex in my previous chapters but not like this. As far as porn, I wanted to wind the reader up like a Swiss watch. Dark. I wanted to go darker than I had, which is where her spiral is leading - ever downwards. It can only end in one way, and she knows that. She accepts it. She wants it. She loves it. The further she goes, the more drunk she becomes. Make no mistake, it's an addiction to her. I hope you enjoyed it.
  8. I do a lot of travel and am always looking to be used at a bathhouse. Very inexperienced being fucked but love sucking cock and serving. Help me become the best slut I can be. 

  9. Sir, you are a terrific writer with a sophisticatedly dirty mind. A powerful combination.
  10. This is chapter 6 of the 'Whore #29" series. A link to chapter 5 is below. https://breeding.zone/topic/52653-what-a-girl-wants/ From there you can find a link to 4, and so on back. I increased the font size to 16. Before pulling out of the 'Mother of all truck stops', Tony took the time to get me a tattoo. I already had one on my left back shoulder blade that said, "Whore #29". He had one added on my back right shoulder blade to match. It was a biohazard tattoo with Jake's initials on the inside and the date I was turned underneath. As the tattoo was still a little fresh, I still had clear plastic wrap over it. We've all been there. After he got buckled in, Jake told me to go get into the cargo trailer in the back. I stepped out of the rig with my 20 ounce soda, and walked naked without a care in the world to the rear. I was naked but didn't give a fuck who saw it. I was happy! I rolled up the door and stepped inside. As soon as I did, the door slammed behind me and locked from the outside. I heard someone click on an overhead light. I turned around and I was staring at two men - both naked. Between us, that's how I like my men. Naked. Well, naked and hard. But then again, don't you? I'd be lying if I said I had no idea this was coming (no pun intended) the moment Tony asked me to get something out of the trailer *after* buckling himself in first. There was no doubt in my mind there were naked men back here that were going to use me. It's part of why I was so happy and didn't care who saw me nude. One was a heavy set Latino man, slightly older than I, with a pot belly, thick mustache and a faded tattoo of some sort on his left forearm. It was so old I couldn't make it out. He was about average length, and cut. The other was a rail thin tall blonde with long hair down to his shoulders, clean shaven, no tattoos, also of average length but uncut. He spoke first, "Call me 'Swede', the man next to me is 'Slider'.' I raised a brow and chuckled. "You guys fighter pilots? Those sound more like call signs. Are 'Maverick' and "Ice man' dropping by later?" Slider laughed. "Yeah, Tony said you were a fucking smart ass - fortunately we like that." Swede turned around and grabbed a small, greed duffel bag he had behind him, that I had not seen as they both approached me. Swede reached into the bag and handed me something. I looked at it curiously, having no idea what it was but it was stainless steel and looked to be a cage of some sort. I shook my head. "I'm sorry...I don't understand what this is." Swede responded. "It's a chastity cage, cunt. Your first man - Jake - gave us your measurements as best he could guess, and we had it made for you...cut to your specific sizes in all regards. Well, it may be a bit small but, you'll like it. Trust me." Taking a moment I looked at it and now it made sense...it would fit my dick perfectly. It was a stainless steel, open cage design on the tube portion - as it had to be as I'm uncut and need to pull back the foreskin to clean daily. The detachable ring base was juuuust big enough to get one testicle through at a time. "So, how do I put it on? I've never worn one in my life." I asked honestly puzzled. Slider walked until he stood behind me and stood close, grabbing my arms from behind while Swede took the device from me and replied. "You don't - we force it on you." I don't know if Swede has practiced this or just done this to the other 28 bitches ahead of me but he had my legs spread, on me and LOCKED in seconds. Not being one to waste time, Slider bent me over by holding my arms up above my head, forcing me to bend at the waist. I felt the cold steel of handcuffs on my wrists. Swede pulled out a length of rope, slid it through the handcuffs, and pulled me up to where I had to stand on my tip toes, then tied it off. I was completely off balance, which I'm sure was the point. Swede came back around and stroked his cock in front of my face - slowly. I could see him actually start to grow and I smiled, looking up at him. "You shouldn't play with my food." I quipped. He smiled down at me and put his hand on the back of my head, and guided his semi-erect cock into my mouth. Like most, he teased me for a moment only going as far as half way, then pushed all the way. He was short but wide. He moved his hips in clockwise circles slowly, going into the back of my throat - holding it there for a couple seconds - then coming back out, and repeating the process. I cradled him on my tongue the way a girl should, and let him use my throat the way he wanted. I was clearly dealing with a full blown man, so I let him man. "Fuck, this bitch sucks cock like a pro." He said looking down at me. "She IS a pro, moron - she literally gets fucked for a living." Slider calmly explained, placing the head of his cock at the entrance to my ass. Did I mentioned he wasn't using lubricant? He felt thick and there was no give to his cock at all - this was going to hurt, but hurt so....... fucking............ good! My arms were extended behind my back completely and over my head, putting pressure on my shoulder blades, I'm so off balance on my toes all I can do is lean forward into Swede's cock and take him deeper into my throat to compensate for what Slider was doing with my asshole. As he pushed in, I began to feel that Slider was a lot more than average - I underestimated him. Maybe it was because he was standing in the shadows a little but, believe me, this man was much longer than I thought. Without meaning to, I began to moan as he pushed into me...and in seconds that turned into a scream. I opened my mouth all the way to let out the sound and Swede reached under me, taking my nipples in his fingers and giving them both a slow, hard twist and holding it there. "Scream, bitch - scream!" Swede said as he applied more twisting pressure to both my nipples. Slider began to move his cock in and out of my ass, though he stayed full on the strokes, his lines were straight to my prostate. He gave my ass a single, hard swat. "You heard the man. Scream!!" I let Swede's cock fall out of my mouth for a moment and screamed as loudly as I could, the sound echoing off the walls of the trailer. Tony must have heard it because he sounded the horn on the rig to disguise what it was. You have to admit, that was genius. As Slider began to work in and out of my asshole with greater pace, my own cock began to grow and it didn't take long before I realized the point of my chastity cage - it kept me from having a full erection, and from cumming. My cock growing, attempting to get out of its steel cage. It was only now that I discovered something I'd over looked when I had it in my hand only minutes earlier: Spikes! And they...........were........ sharp! They ran inside the entire length of the tube at the 12, 4, and 8 O'clock positions. You'd have thought I'd have noticed but I fucking didn't! Nope, completely missed them little bastards! The harder my cock grew, the more pain was applied along the shaft, causing more growth. It was a delicious little device, putting the wearer into a vicious cycle of never ending pleasure and pain, with the two feeding off each other. My cock never getting fully hard, only rigid enough to cause pain and fill my cage up completely. Slider grabbed the hair on the back of my head, and pulled it back as far as it would go before putting his mouth next to my ear. "What!? You thought you were going to enjoy this you fucking bitch?! You're a fucking cum rag!! The whole point of that device is to take away your sexual pleasure, you fucking bimbo!!" Swede grabbed my head away from Slider and started to out right throat fuck me as hard as he could, slamming his cock down into me. "Fucking whore! You're nothing to us but a fucking.........breeder!" His own words send him over the edge. I felt his body convulse violently. He released his hot, sticky, salty load right down my throat. No need to swallow. Or should I say no chance to swallow. I like when men do that. By leaning forward I managed to keep him in my mouth for a few more minutes, not wanting him to leave me just yet but....what's a girl to do? Slider had other ideas. He spanked me hard and twice. I could feel his skin moving back and forth along his hard muscle. His strokes were full and he drove into me hard at the end of his stroke. I could feel his sheer power as he drove deep inside of me - he wasn't holding back, pounding my asshole. He took my hair back into his hand and leaned me back as far as I could go without breaking my arms. He reached under me with his free hand and grabbed my balls. Grabbed. Seized. Squeezed until they turned purple - it's all a gray area, really. Call it what you will, he started to massage them to make my cock harder. With Swede no longer in my mouth I began to scream louder as the spikes dug into my flesh. The pain was intensely delicious! I couldn't get enough of it! I was lost in the lust, drunk from it! My legs buckled, my feet pulled off the ground and I swung in mid-air for a moment before regaining my composure. Slider adjusted quickly, in kicking my feet out from under me again. "Keep your feet off the ground, whore!". The pain was almost unbearable both on my expanding cock pushing against the spikes and my shoulder blades, but I obeyed. He grabbed onto my hips with both hands and began to.....very violently....swing me back and forth along his shaft, pushing me away and then slamming me into his rock hard cock! The way he was throbbing, he was close and wouldn't hold out much longer. "You see, Jake and Tony told us that you're the aggressor sometimes. We fucking don't LIKE that, cunt! That means you're enjoying it...and we don't want you to enjoy it. Sex isn't about you! That's what being a whore means!!!" Slider growled. I had underestimated Swede as well. He had cum but was not out of the game. He crawled under me and took over squeezing my balls as hard as he could with his strong right hand. He was stronger than he looked. "Fucking BITCH! You're WORTHLESS to us! Say it, fucking whore! Say it!" With Tony hitting the air horn in the rig again I yelled out, "I'm nothing but a fucking worthless whore! I'm a fucking cunt! Just a bitch to be fucked! I'm fuck meat!" Slider gave me one last fury of blows into my ass and I was right....he wasn't able to hold back any longer. He didn't take me deep and hold it, but rather kept pumping back and forth as hard as he could for a few more precious seconds, until he was completely drained. I'm not sure how long I hung there as I passed out from the pain - the delicious, delectable, exquisite pain! When I woke up, I was sitting in Tony's passenger side seat with cum leaking out of me and a soda in my hand. My only items of clothing were my 'bitch' collar and my new chastity device. The key hung around Tony's neck like the trophy it was.
  11. A few years ago, I was a fairly normal straight guy. A week ago, I was on my knees begging an older male I met on FabGuys to feed me his cock. I've taken cock in my ass, been spanked while taking it, sucked multiple cocks, and swallowed lots of cum. This has all been over the past few years (I'm 27 now). How did I get here? It's a long story - perhaps for another time. However excessive amounts of porn, alcohol, poppers, and easy access to FabGuys have all contributed to me becoming what I believe I was born to be. The first cock I sucked was from an overweight guy I met on FabGuys. I was quite drunk at the time, yet I managed to suck him to completions and swallow every drop. The first cock I took in my ass was a few months later. I also met him on FabGuys. He must have been in his 60s. I sucked his cock first, before he slipped his tongue in my asshole. I then remember the feel of his cock on my boy pussy - with nothing but spit to lube my hole. He fucked me quite hard that night (good thing I had been practicing with dildos). By this point, I found myself addicted to it. The taste of cum in particular has the same effect poppers has on me - makes me insanely horny. I feel like the correct term is "Cum Drunk". I found that with time, I've become more and more slutty. Sucking the cock last week was when I truly realised I was born to be a bottom bitch. I was deep throating his cock, spit all down my face - despite never having tried to deep throat before. In other words, I was a natural. I found myself desperate to make him cum. Every taste I got of pre-cum I would drive me crazy. I was completely naked, sticking my ass up as far as I could while I devoured his cock. It was only a few years ago that I never would have considered even kissing a man - yet look at me now. Am I gay in that I check men out in the street? No. I still check out women. But when it comes to sex, I love pleasing men. I've truly gone from being a straight dude, to a cum sucking whore. Even just realising that turns me on.
  12. Yesterday
  13. New to this and want to get broken in I’m 27 mixed good looking . Looking for other pervy people. I love dad son and. Big bro little bro . HMU wickr tresequisx telegram tresequisx
  14. Need poz guy 2 knock me up tonight after work.  Off prep.

  15. Great chapter. Why though do I wish Ethan was the lucky one not Ben?
  16. Cocumdump Looking for pervy chat. No trading. Total fag into almost everything. Total submission anonymous Chastity castration pozzing permanent marks cruel condom
  17. I have a metal ring, but I don't wear it often. It was a gift from a much older daddy. I still remember how freaked out I got when he helped me try it on for the first time. It slipped over my balls and semi relatively easy, but once it was on and my cock surged to fully erect I was worried I'd never get it off.
  18. Hoping that happens to me at the Crew Club in DC this Sunday. Sounds alot like my experiences in the dark back hallway at The Cellar in Toronto. mmmmmmm
  19. While this is a remarkable achievement, people are getting a bit too exciting IMO. As others have noted, the procedure to do this is EXTREME, and can be deadly. The Berlin patient for example nearly died during his treatment. It’s also very expensive, and most likely involves other long term harm to the body. However what it does show is that it’s possible to eliminate the viral reservoirs that make HIV currently a chronic condition not a (generally) curable one. IMO, what we may see if the future that could lead to a cure is new drugs that specifically target those reservoirs, this eliminating HIV from the body. I’m all for a cute but there is no chance in hell I’d go through the current procedure if I didn’t have cancer and was just HIV+. The current drugs are way safer than this idea of a potential cure.
  20. Definitely. I have two favorites that I wear all the time, a wide chrome band and a leather cockstrap with a buckle. I go commando about 95% of the time and always wear one or the other, even to work. If I’m playing, I often wear both together. They keep my cock hard when fucking, make a nice bulge in whatever jeans/pants/shorts I have on, and honestly just make me feel sexy - and sleazy - walking around wearing one all day. I love wearing them and never leave home without one on.
  21. So far only twice was stealthed for one of the guys but turned need on and let him pump a second in me
  22. This may not be possible for everyone, but shame can actually become a turn-on if you're able to make peace with it.
  23. You have two advantages: Your location and proximity to a large gay community You have the build of a fucking god
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