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  3. I haven't been on this site for almost a year. Just back from Florida and Puerto Rico wrapped up some Adult Film work.


    1. PozSpandexJock


      Looks like they've done a great job updating Breeding Zone.  Good job guys!!   WOOOF

    2. Willing
    3. Willing


      Im in Georgia and willing to submit to your poz cock someday 💋Woof💋

  4. Current Viral Load: 2.09 Million

    CD4: .05



  5. wow  where are you in this big world? love you profile 

    you had me a puffy ! oink 

  6. You're gonna poz me someday 💋

  7. I used to live in SLC three large.tumblr_oigz99ZkFu1rpdgs6o1_1280.jpg.1e0f3964b8a6c001798b9af5076b317b.jpglarge.-ys_RoOH.jpg.19717c8a98de3531769e752e807b6061.jpggallery_15853_1463_58401.jpggallery_15853_1463_65019.jpggallery_15853_1463_31780.jpgt times!! lol;

  8. Just found out Nate tested POZ today. He came to us with his Buddy Ethan for a breeding session. But cried when I pumped my load into him even after he begged for every inch and begged me to breed him like a dog in heat. Now I am waiting to see if Ethan test Poz as well or not. Some cum dumps need more than one breeding session.

    If he needs another session I will rip him wide open with NO lube and pound his hole deep hard and rough.

    Nate and Ethan both have there photos posted on my page/gallery from back on 1/21/2017

    Congrats Nate come see me and we can swap cum loads

    1. Fistulike666


      Good work Eddie xx:2thumbs::cool::*

    2. babyeddie71


      Thanks The Ass I want to breed next and he has been wondering about being breed and begs for it then backs away is BreederJock. My boy even said he wants to sink into that tight hole and breed it and is willing to go easy. I will let my boy go first then use his load as lube on his hole but he is to afraid.

      I guess we can always dream huh?

  9. Hey Aussie ... thanks for the follow m8 :* xx

  10. thanks for the following.


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