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  1. I was walking past an apartment building in my neighborhood and saw a hot looking guy in shorts sitting on the front stairs. What stopped me dead in my tracks was when I noticed that the head of his cock was sticking slightly out of the right leg hole of his shorts. I stared for what I thought was a second but was probably longer when I then looked up at his face. He smirked at me and looked down at his exposed dick and up into my eyes. I looked down again and saw that more of his dick was sticking out as a result of his cock obviously having started to harden. I looked up into his face and hi
  2. Thanks for following me.

  3. I, like Owned and Loaded, would love to read any more chapters you've written for this story as well as any other stories that aren't printable here or on Nifty. I've read and thoroughly enjoyed your two stories as nastyslutinmt on Nifty as well as your other stories here on BZ.
  4. Thanks for following me.

  5. Thanks for following me.

  6. Sure would love to be taught that I'm just a cumdump whose sole purpose is to take as many raw hard fucks and loads from as many cocks as possible.
  7. Hi there stud.

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      Hey, sexy. Your profile is way hot.

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