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  1. I would love to take your spunk right up me. X trixie 

    1. HD57


      I want to breed you and give u my babies x

  2. HD57

    Does the size of the top’s cock matter?

    As long as I get that magic load, size doesn't matter
  3. HD57

    Warren Lane Wednesday

    well that sounded like a good night for sure. !0 loads at Wisely is impressive ...were you doing a lineup ? very hot x
  4. Definitely stealthed, and agree he should have been more open about it, but you did get his load.
  5. HD57

    Warren Lane Wednesday

    Well at least you managed to get a load out of him (eventually). Police do loads of patrols are the local cruising grounds so they are worthless these days. Even Once of the local woods (which is a favourite of mine) is under watch after a woman got attacked so just going there you could be under watch !
  6. HD57

    Warren Lane Wednesday

    Well good luck for tonight. Loved your last post - getting fucked on the bridge and a car appeared .... wonderful you taking it on the open.
  7. HD57

    Warren Lane Wednesday

    That's certainly a load of miles for a few loads, but at least you got some.
  8. HD57

    Warren Lane Wednesday

    If you got 6 loads from him that was exceptional. I can manage 3 so he must have been on something ! x
  9. HD57

    Warren Lane Wednesday

    Well let me know how many loads you get tonight ! x
  10. Nice one - bet that felt good
  11. HD57

    Warren Lane Wednesday

    Well at least u got one load up you
  12. HD57

    Perv/taboo Chat

    love it - chat to me
  13. HD57

    Perv/taboo Chat

    Msg me too
  14. HD57

    When You Let A Guy Bareback You,

    It's got to go deep up your ass every time

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