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  1. Last night got hit up on Scruff by a hot cub who was very direct... his first words were he wants to breed me. Got ready and went over his place, and he also invited a hot daddy over. Daddy had a very nice thick cock and was the first to fuck me. He took his time pounding me and had me begging for his load. Once he bred me, the host had me clean up daddy’s cock while he shoved his cock inside me. He didn’t last long, but I got what I wanted... a sloppy cum filled hole. When I got back home my bf fucked my sloppy hole and added the third load of the night. Then I found out h
  2. Been in a relationship for a while and while we’ve had a few threesomes here and there, I’ve had to keep my slut side tamed. Well that all changed when I went away on vacation with family. 18 days with no sex. I told the bf I can’t go on like this and we need to open things up for my sake. He was surprisingly understanding. Last night we went to the bookstore and my bf watched me take 6 glory hole loads. He egged the guys on to breed me and use me. Most cocks we’re average, but there were 2 BBC that fucked me so hard until they unloaded in me. Then we left and I lined up some big coc
  3. This happened on the evening of the 4th of July... Met a sexy daddy from BBRT that was interested in having a threesome with me and the bf. We went to the daddy's house and had a few drinks before we starting undressing and fooling around. Made out with daddy while the bf was going down on both of us. Daddy wanted my bf's hole, and I told him it's all his! He started rimming my bf, and the bf was squirming and moaning in pleasure... that was all the confirmation daddy needed, he lubed up his dick and started pushing it into the bf raw. There's just something so hot about watch
  4. I started dating my bf over 2 years ago and surprisingly stayed monogamous and committed the whole time... fast forward to recently, we had a conversation and I told my bf how I think we need to open up our relationship and spice things up... It wasn't a surprise to him because he knows what I'm into (he has caught me on this website in my history, looking up ads on Craigslist, etc...) Bf is open to idea, just cautioned that we should be careful. So anyway, while we were away on vacation I went on Grindr. Found a hot top with a nice dick, ask the bf if he's into the guy. He is, so we inv
  5. My older daddy fuck buddy and I had a threesome. Made the other guy fuck and breed me first. I was such a slut and begged for him to cum inside me. Then my fb bred me, and then they double penetrated me until the new guy came again. I shot all over myself and my fuck buddy wiped it off of me, put it on his cock, and shoved it inside me. The other guy left, and my fuck buddy told me he never asked the other guy's status. This turned me on and I made him fuck all the cum deep into me until he came again. Such a hot night after a rainy weather weekend.
  6. Friend was horny and wanted to fuck, but I couldn't host so he fucked me in the back of my car. Kept begging him for his poz dick and cum until he bred me deep. Had to keep hitting the poppers because he's so thick and big.
  7. Met a dude that lives near me on grindr. Didn't discuss condoms or status at all. We were making out and he started rimming me. He put some spit on his dick and pushed it in me. Fucked me and kissed me and didn't even ask if he could cum inside, he just told me he was cumming and pushed all the way in. Second load is my friend that loves sloppy seconds. Went to his job and he bred me in the employee bathroom. Rimmed me after and we made out.
  8. Went to the bathhouse for my first time ever last night with a friend. Only got 5 loads, but this hot muscular black guy (with a huge dick) pounded me good for a half hour. Asked me if I wanted him to cum in me, I said yes. He told me he was giving me his gift. Was so fucking hot. Shot a huge load! After, his friend fucked me and loaded me too. It was perfect.
  9. u still need a LOAD boy? i got lots for you

  10. I would love to help you poz up boy, I chased myself took me about a year to get it

    1. Ftlauderdalepigboi


      oink oink..hi im kyle

  11. Thank you. Nice pics ;)

  12. You have great pics, man!

  13. amazing body AND dick... love how you look in those undies :) Always up and down the east coast-- def should hit me up! thedefiantdeviant on skype, or rawsluttyjake on bbrt :)

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