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  1. Travel Adventure Part 2 (continuation) In a fluid motion Bob had slid down behind me and placed his hands on my ass cheeks, spreading and kneading them so he could get a better look at my hole. I heard him making a guttural growl as he slowly leaned in, moving his face closer and closer to my open bottom. Soon I felt his lips kiss my butthole as I simultaneously felt the vibrations from his vocal chords as he continued to growl and moan while pushing his tongue inside. I knew then that I would let Bob do whatever he wished with my body, and I began to push my eager ass back into his probi
  2. I’m a technical professional and as part of my job I travel to a variety of locations across North America. Staying in hotel rooms can get pretty old, so when I am visiting a location where friends or relatives live I often try to visit since I have all my time free after work. On one visit to LA, I decided to reach out to one of my old friends and see if we could get together. Mark and I had attended school together back in my hometown and always had a blast getting buzzed and picking up girls. It had been years since I spoke to Mark, but we were linked on social media and had several friends
  3. When I was in my 30’s I followed my job to New Orleans. I had recently divorced and was looking to have fun. New Orleans is a diverse city and has lots of entertainment catering to the full spectrum of sexual depravity. Originally from Middle America, I had never been to a men’s bath house before and after reading about it in the local entertainment paper, I was eager to try it out. Over the course of a few weeks I intentionally visited downtown to find the facility and make sure I would know where to park and how to visit the bath discreetly. I picked a Thursday night and got my nerve up and
  4. I love the dark room experience and the anonymous aspect of pressing my body into a variety of different body shapes and sizes. I like to find a cock to suck and bend over for someone to have access to fuck my ass while my mouth is otherwise busy.
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