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  1. Great thread and perfect answer. I can't really say I've known a fuck buddy for that long in my life. Fuck my barber I've known since I was 18. Gay friendly. But I haven't known a fuck bud for that long. A fuck buddy when I was younger taught me the best lesson in terms of fuck buddies and sex with guys. That they are moments that you appreciate and cherish when they're gone. Generally for me, I have sex with someone before I become friends. Generally because I'm too damn hard and horny to focus on anything but sex. But travel a lot so don't have regulars like I used to. Only one of m
  2. Friday evening I went over to a guy's place. He was so fucking hot when I got out of the car. A bit beefy, stocky, some muscle, wearing red with a cap, trimmed facial hair and sexy glasses. We were all over each other once we got inside. We were making out, I was sucking his uncut cock and I was on my belly and he slid his raw uncut cock into me with just spit. One of my favorite ways to get fucked. Hole was a little tight from not getting fucked in a while but I loved it and took it. It didn't take him too long to cum. We started making out again and fooling around some more and he bred me tw
  3. Damn I had fun today. Went to a bottom's place. Well, a friend of his was hosting him. Two guys were over. I was told that it would be helpful if I could take one of the guys to the mart to get cigarettes and stuff. Already walking in I knew that the other guys (not the bottom) were partying. Not big on that. I worked the bottom's nipples and fingered his hole while he was waiting for the guys to finish in the shower. We had to wait on them. I fucked him right there in the hallway, not too aggressive, or too deep, just enough for me to feel good and for the bottom to as well, also for him to w
  4. A bareback facebook?

  5. Whore definitely. I used to be a virgin I know what it was like. I remember all the effort the top had to go through to fuck me. Neither of us really enjoyed it until the 3rd time we attempted it. Not really wanting to train a guy either. Love fucking an ass that my cock sinks into it. Not a hole that's so tight that forcing my way own is the only way in and even then it still might not get in. Also, like guys that like to get fucked rough and raw. I can be gentle at first but once I'm in I prefer to fuck away. Same as for a top that's never fucked before. Much prefer a guy that knows how to u
  6. Damn, well was trying to have a multiload day, not just taking but giving too. But I had a guy come over I haven't seen in a while. Big beefy bear. Fuck, it was fun. Similar to the guy I had come over on sunday. Loved his fat raw cock in me and breeding me. He gave me two loads. I enjoyed cleaning his cock after every breed too and just sucking him. I did something I don't normally do and got together with a bottom afterwards. Hot bear bottom too. I bred him twice and he ate the loads out of my ass. Was hot to have to push out the load and have him eat them. I ate the loads I shot out of his a
  7. Ah, so a few nights ago I had a hot bear daddy come over. We had fun, we made out, I sucked him, and he fucked me in several different positions. His fat raw cock felt fucking great in me. It also helped me to realize that I still have submission too. I was constantly sucking his cock, licking his balls, nipples, anything I could to make him a happy and hard man. After several different positions and fucking for a long time I rode his cock and he came in me. Made out a bit more, chilled and bullshitted, and then he left. Great fuck. Last night I went out to the baths and got fucked by this
  8. That's very hot of you to do that for the guy. I'll admit there are some xtube videos (not many) that have condoms breaking during or condoms being taken off. They do make me fucking hard. I'm glad you had fun, and I'm not all surprised that it's done. It might happen a bit more at cumunion then people realize too.
  9. Damn last night was fucking amazing. The night before though I got together with someone I haven't seen in months. We made out a bit and he rode my dick and breed him. He told me to bend over and I took him with just spit and it fucking hurt after not getting fucked in a few weeks. But I took it and I enjoyed it. He bred me. Last night though I got together with an experienced leatherman I haven't seen in a year or so. We agreed no bondage or BDSM stuff since we haven't done anything in a long time. Of course as soon as I walk in he's making out with me, stripping me, on top of me, res
  10. Haha no one ever asks about status in Atlanta. Oh wait, we're talking about cumunion . That too. I've never asked anyone's status at cumunion and no one's ever asked mine. Well I take that back. Sometimes afterwards and if me and the guy get along well I'll just ask if he's poz just because I'm curious. But I never ask during sex. At one cumunion 2-3 months ago I did see a fucking condom on the ground. I couldn't believe that. I think I heard that there was actually someone who tried to use a condom too. The signs are everywhere at the front. I don't think it's really told it's strictly bareba
  11. I guess everyone's different. I was told a story at an AIDS clinic that one guy had to have his partner stop fucking him everyday. I guess his partner was really big and fucked him at least once a day. But we were told that his hole was really fucked up from all that fucking and that health concerns were also preventing him from bottoming for his partner. I also met a bottom once too that said he would only let his bf fuck him once a week so maybe he knew someone like that or was afraid of that. I took a major fucking last night. I realized that between the breaks or after the top bred me
  12. Although sleezus doesn't have a popular opinion or story I have to say that I do at least respect him for giving his own opinion and experiences. And I actually did like the rant version of it too. Echoes some of what I believe are shared opinions of other poz men. Not all of it though. Lately I do get people on various hook up sites flat out wanting me to poz them. Well not lately but a while back. One guy went as far as to say. "You have to. It's your obligation. You have to share your gift." I don't have to do anything but pay taxes and die. I get where he was probably coming from, more
  13. Holy shit, I made a topic like this a long time ago almost worded exactly. LOL. It depends on the top and depends on the desire, lust, and depth of which I'm drawn to serve him. I've hooked up with some guys that are just hook ups and they just want to cum or I do and that's it. Haven't hooked up as much lately but with a regular leather type top I see I always work my ass muscles for him when he's fucking me. I know he loves it because he usually stays inside, gets hard, and breeds and repeats a few more times. The last guy who fucked me though, fucked me dry and after I haven't been fuck
  14. I've had a guy or two flake on me before. It's pretty rare one guy kept texting me and even called me saying he wanted to get together and fuck me. I waited about 20-30 minutes texted back and heard nothing. I don't remember if I went home that night or got fucked by someone else. It could just be habit too and the people might not even be realizing their doing it. If it's habit, habits can be hard to break. I learned and was taught when I was younger not to get a man revved up and decide (nevermind) at the last minute. I got taken by a man or two like that when I was younger. In person bt
  15. I took so many god damn loads when I was 22-24? I think... I have no idea who the hell knocked me up. Based on the fact that most men in my area don't get tested (some) and might not even know their positive chances are it was done unknowingly. Although, I like the idea of some noble horny bastard who plowed me and left with a smile knowing he did it better. But probably not the case On the other hand. I've fucked and bred quite a few guys at bath houses and bookstores and sex clubs and some poz events too. But yes, the one who pozzed me (whoever it is) did have a huge impact on my li
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