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  1. cruised a guy online, told him I'd like an anon scene, neither could host, he suggested a public place, he told me he'd always fantasized about fucking a dude in a fitting room. Instructs me to text him when I get to Kohl's, find the men's fitting room, strip down, place my clothes/shoes neatly in one pile, then text him Im ready. Kohl's was busy last night, only fitting room open was one close to front of fitting rooms, horny as fuck, stripped down putting clothes in one pile, left door ajar, kneeled on chair with back facing door, about 10 mins went by, heard someone open door and felt him
  2. And I usually top b/c I like to spread my poz seed! Guess the hunger was there;) to take 2 loads from some monster dick!!! Hoping I can find some guys to poz tonight!
  3. Spent last night at hotel in Redmond, Washington....walked down to front desk at about 5 am b/c I had locked myself out after working out, hottie at front desk was definitely interested! He said he had to keep front desk in eyesight, he walked out from behind desk, we went over to some chairs next to the front sliding door, he whipped out his Middle Eastern dick (uncut with plenty of cheese), he couldn't have been more than 20 years of age. Monster dick 9.5 already half hard, I suck it down, working it with my throat. Then he says he'll never be able to shoot without fucking, he pulls his 9
  4. On an airline to Europe from Miami, pilot came by my 1st class seat couple times checked me out, he went in lavatory, I followed, confined space but christ he could fuck! 2 loads in under 10 mins. then went at it again an hour later. Had a wedding ring and commented how his wife would never be able to take all 10 inches without a lot of prep work;) In the gym at 5 am (24 hour fitness) against a weight rack in the corner At work, highrise in Seattle, fed ex man needed release to he slammed be full of cock inches from coworkers In office building elevator (I'm sure we were recorde
  5. Poz bottom in need of a recharging!
  6. An 83 yo daddy fucked the shit outta me 2 weeks ago in Palm Springs. Totally wasting and veins popping. Huge dick! Low hangers. Was in his sling for a couple of hours, we partied, fucked for 5 hours straight, he never went soft.
  7. At Starbucks, took a load from a hot married guy, gave him some good aggressive head, really polished his know with my tongue, he jerked my pants down and tighties down, rammed his cock up inside me, fucked me hard with full in and out strokes, ramming me as hard as he could, got a good rythmnm going for about 10-15 mins, grunted and came inside me pulled out and ordered my to clean his dick off, zipped up, told me he was still straight? exited restroom, when back to my seat, kept checking him out till he left.
  8. I think the best part of darkrooms is that there is no judgement. Some older troll that you wouldn't think of taking a fuck from becomes one of the hottest fucks out there.
  9. Today, just before 5:00, and just as his office was closing, I saw a new chiropractor. He was a tall, very hot black man. I was stripped to my jock strap, and we were quite flirty. He told me to stand and bend over the table, saying he needed to check out my back. As I did so, I realized felt his pants scratching against my ass as I also felt his dick rubbing my crack. He had apparently quietly opened-up his zipper and pulled-out his absolutely huge, long cock. He spat onto my hole and rammed the entire length of his dick up inside my body in one thrust. I felt as if I was being rip
  10. Yeah precum opens me up better than anything else
  11. Pygeum 100 mg 2/day makes you precum constantly, slacks are always wet from precum, and also increases volume of ejaculate
  12. Amputee's are hot in bed, move around as normal, got topped a couple weeks ago by a double amputee and he new how to breed, 4 rounds and he still had lots of energy, immediate connection and that is what matters most! He told me lots of guyz are bothered by it, but it was totally kewl hot sex!
  13. 13! Hormones are raging, dicks are hard, establish an intense bareback sex life at an early age to maintain throughout life
  14. happens to me all the time, it seems like the thicker cocks tend to make me cum without touching myself, something about stretching my hole, a dick that wiggles up down and around has been known to get me to nutt, and if I'm using poppers I tend to nut without touching myself.
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