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  1. versamarried

    Pain doing doggy

    Yeah their speed never makes a difference. Dunno guess I got a fucked up asshole.
  2. versamarried

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Wife out of town just for the day yesterday. Top messaged me a couple of days ago and we barely kept up convo prior. But I was in the mood to get topped since 0 issues of hosting. However, any of my previous tops were either not online or repsonding. But this guy was keen to fuck. Boy did he, I rode him, he mounted me, forced my legs up to my ears, all sorts of positions before he blew his first of 3 loads. That 3rd load was a tough one to fuck out of him but I think when I looked up and back while he was ramming my hole and we were tongue kissing and I was begging to get all his seed in my married hole did the trick.
  3. versamarried

    Suddenly Situationally Aware

    Part 2 I will admit I had made some mistakes as a young teen. Never did anything illegal but felt invincible and cocky. Being closeted and gay did not help. I do not remember specifically when I got HIV but I know I could not tell anyone. Mostly because my support structure would fall apart, everyone believed I was this tough and rough straight dude but if anyone really looked into my past they would notice a distinct lack of girls. For awhile I avoided playing around with even other dudes, took my meds and kept myself healthy. In the meantime I started my own general contractor firm. Early on I was making bank and my inner fuck pig started to come out. It was after visiting some clubs I learned of the poz barebacking community. I was not entirely on board but I felt relieved that there were groups of men I could have sex with and not feel guilty afterward. Then the economy turned and suddenly I had to make cut backs, on staff, on benefits, even for myself. So now I am 2 months into not taking meds and probably at a pretty high viral load, and I am very very horny all the time. I lied to another firm about the size of my work crew and bid higher with the promise I could get these windows put in pretty fast. The money would go a long way to getting me health insurance again. I was nervous to meet the homeowner because I was afraid he would ask too many questions about my excuse for just me doing the work. He seemed a okay with everything I told him. My inner horn dog had me thinking he would pass as a cute bear, pasty white skin, moderately hairy, definitely large flabby ass. The kind I have pounded in the bath houses. and loaded deep with my undetectable loads (most wanted poz so I just told them that is what I was). I had to actively avoid thinking about it to get my work going. Eyes on the prize as it were. It was going fine he seemed chill hanging downstairs while I did work upstairs, it was so hot out and I was distracted by thoughts of that ass of his bouncing on my hard shaft that I kept having to go downstairs to get the right tools. Then something very odd happened, he made a comment about my biohazard tattoo that I have around my belly button. I almost got the sense that he was fishing for a specific answer, that he was not as suburban dad oblivious as he appeared. His laugh was cute and disarming and I forcibly set my mind to getting him out of my head. I was finally finishing up one room and getting ready to start another when I realized I had not seen nor heard him milling about. Maybe he got comfortable enough to leave for lunch. I decided to work on the master bedroom since the sun was not shining in there yet when I noticed the sound of running water. I figured we are all adults and he must know what he was doing. The water stopped and I was just setting down the first window when this perfect specimen of a bear walked out his bathroom door completely nude, wet and completely shocked I was there. It took my entire mental abilities to stop from getting a massive erection. We nervously laughed it off as an honest mistake and then he commented about my biohazard tattoo. I thought for a second maybe he thought I was dangerous from my previous answer so I said the first thing I could think to let him know without saying it that I am more 'lover' than hater. His response to that, his lack of fear standing there naked to a very sweaty fit black man got me realizing maybe he was a bear after all. But I was scrambling on how to proceed. What if he was not, what if he reported me to the guy who hired me, I really needed this job under my belt. I really really needed to be deep in his ass flooding him with my poz seed. What could I do? PART 3 soon
  4. versamarried

    Suddenly Situationally Aware

    Part 2 taking longer, but will come.
  5. Outside of hookup sites, I am probably 99.99% oblivious to tops who fuck bears, tops who fuck bare and tops with poz cum wanting to do the other 2. This is about the .01% moment when it seemed to click for me in a non-hookup website. A week ago I finally knowingly took a raw poz cock, he was undetectable but we all start this path somewhere. I never once questioned doing it and I think that helped me really understand my role as a raw bottom whore. Anyway I think this liberation clued me into seeing the signs while out in the real world of those who also engage in hot bare times. Our house is much older and needs some efficiency upgrades and wife and I selected windows as our first upgrade to help cut our costs and stretch her money further. Though the cost of them AND the installation was pretty steep. I am a house husband so when time came for the windows to be installed I stuck around. Turned out the installation was subcontracted out and they only assigned one guy for the work. He was not very happy as it was a lot of windows. He was a 6' tall, semi fit, black guy and he mentioned that it would probably take 3 days to finish since he was the only one assigned. No big deal for us but I did feel for him. As he was unloading windows from his trailer and his shirt raised up in front I noticed what seemed like a biohazard tattoo. Since he was dark skinned and it was black inked I shook it off as wishful thinking and that it was probably a sun or star burst or something. He got to doing his work upstairs first and I surfed the web downstairs. At one point I realized I had not showered and figured oh well, just as I thought that he came downstairs for something and as he got closer to me he did a stretch and with a much better view the distinct biohazard tattoo was obvious. I shook inside, could I really make this happen? I took the moment to compliment his ink, which he appreciated, then I asked if it had any significance to him, as it seemed really bad ass to me. He smirked and I could tell he was going to skirt the truth, he said "Just that if you see this tattoo coming at you, you best be ready." I laughed to show him I was chill. He then went back upstairs and I started panting at the thought of seducing this guy and getting him to breed me in my bed. But would he on the job? I went upstairs with the idea of taking a shower, cleaning out, and forgetting he was there walking out nude on him. He was just finishing up in one room and I quickly jumped into my master bath before he could say anyting so as to keep the accident real. I wasted no time washing and took considerable effort to douche out deep. FInally I was done and when the water and fan were off I could hear he was in my bedroom working. I grabbed a towel but did not put on and just opened the door and walked out. No idea if I can act but he seemed genuinely surprised and lazily draped over me but made sure I never actually covered anything up. I apologized, thanked him for not freaking out too bad and said I was worried that I would have learned what it feels like to have that tattoo come at me. I noticed all the sweat glistening on his body and said maybe he should hop in the shower to cool off now as well. He laughed and said that his tattoo was not really a warning of harm and more like a beacon that once you engage it you will get on a path you will stay on forever and enjoy. My hole started twitching and my head started spinning trying to think of what to do next. I just wanted to grab him and tell him to ravage me but did not know if he liked bi married to a woman bears and did not want to have him narcing to my wife or worse quiting the job. PART 2 soon.
  6. versamarried

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Just got finished taking my 3rd load today, 3 different tops. First time ever. My bbc bud seemed to bail on me this morning and was so horned up that I finally relented let an undetectable cock in my throat and ass. He knew I was married and needed to release. Same size cock as my bbc bud too. He pounded me good but was super quiet. Finally he seemed to finish and wanted to leave. Was proud of myself for never once thinking about stopping. But it turned out he pulled out and sprayed on my ass on his own..shrug. Suddenly my bbc bud popped onlinr and said home life shit came up but he was anxious and needed relief. Happy to provide. He came over and owned his white ass deep again. Hole really is being made sloppy by him.Then randomly a top who I have chatted for over a year but could never seem to match schedule asked if I needed a load. No hesitation he was over in 10. Not a very big cock but he seeded me good. Now jerking off with a massive glazed donut of a cheating married hole.
  7. versamarried

    Blame her / Praise her

    Blame her after another night of blueballing and desparate the next morning I am messaging any and all tops online. Responding even to ones listed as poz or undetecable. Finally, one top close by is ready and willing and he is undetectable. Blame her that all it took was 1 message that he was available and had topped other closeted married guys. Blame her that he was using my throat like an ass, getting his hard poz shaft deep down and moaning. Blame her that he was so hard and thick and wanted my neg ass. Blame her that I slowly pushed myself down on him without hesitation. Blame her that he notices that I am responding to his thrusts with a hole flexing and milking him. Blame her that he grabbed my hips and made me his neg bitch. Praise her that when he started grunting and orgasming his poz cum I pushed down hard getting all his undetectable seed deep in me.
  8. I do not have a preference but will admit I do feel extra slutty if the top stays dressed and pulls cock out just enough to fuck. Something about them just wanting to nut and move on.
  9. versamarried

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Just now, same bbc from last week. Except this time no rush to play. Took him up to my marital bed this time. He wanted no head or foreplay just me bent doggy on my bed. Could hear him lubing up his meat and stroking so I spread my cheeks open, he moaned at the sight of it. He had not cum since blasting in me last Wednesday so was worried he would blast before even getting inside. He started to press his meat on my puckered hole and pushed in slowly until his balls were resting against my taint. Now I moaned. He then told me my dumb white married ass was going to re-learn who owns it, I moaned some more. For 20 minutes he pummeled my ass getting so deep. I was moaning in pain and pleasure and he would just laugh and say to enjoy it because it was not stopping soon. After another 10 minutes I was begging him to breed me deep. He laughed some more and said he wold only cum if my ass showed it had submitted to him, I begged him. He pulled out in one quick thrust and said the test was to see if my ass stayed gaped after a couple of minutes. I stayed still and kept my ass open as long as I could. He said he had a stop watch out, I thought how slutty was I. Laying there on my marital bed hoping beyond all hope that my ass stayed open while a stranger actually took the time to measure if I would get my ultimate desire. Finally he just said, "You passed", and slammed back in me. This time he stroked slow and deep and kept telling me he could not wait to unload in his now loose hole. Then he grunted and pressed in deep and stayed there pumping me full. Then like that he was gone. But still here if you know what I mean.
  10. versamarried

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Hurricane anxiety has me horny as hell. Chatting up any top online to come breed me. Lots of condom only replies...ignored. Finally one top bites fit bbc, he shows me his xhamster profile to explain the type of ass he likes to fuck. Bonus my bear ass meets his needs AND vids show him playing bareback. He lives extremely close so give him address. Right after my wife texts she is coming home early from work. About 40 minute drive for her. Hot bbc arrives 7 minutes later. Now on the clock tminus 37 miutes. I explain to him situation, it does not phase him as I was totally nude in 5 seconds and he is staring at my big spread ass. He lubes up and what I thought was standard 7" cock, grew and grew into a 9" thick monster. He said it always fools bottoms because it only gets this big while he is breeding dumb white boys. He pummels me from behind for 15 minutes straight and finally asks where I want his nut...DUH. I beg him to breed me and he starts unloading and unloading. Another 5 minutes pass and his pulses of orgasm stop and he slides out. Tminus 17 minutes, he zips up and bails. I quickly get dressed and start putting lube away and towels from cleaning. Suddenly I feel his load wanting to escape so run upstairs, just as my wife enters the house I am sitting in the john and releasing the hugest cumfart ever and jacking myself to orgasm. She has no idea how many babies I just flushed down the toilet.
  11. versamarried

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Finally got to be with my boyfriend this morning after several months of missed chances. Made love to him in his marital bed, first riding cowgirl on his super thick cock. Felt good to have him back where he belongs and ride his pole. Feel his strong chest and tweak nipples til he orgasmed so hard and deep in me. After that it was a lustful tongue kissing and ass reaming stream of sex. He blew six loads in me either doggy, missionary or on my side. Cheating has it's perks.
  12. versamarried

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Took most of the day but A4A came through last minute. Admitted new to guy play top responded to my simple message of "Hosting now? Need an ass to release in?" Got his address and headed over. Bonus was when he admitted he never fucked a guy before. It was obvious as he had trouble staying hard and getting in me. But I showed patience and encouragement and with persistence he got in me and that is when you can tell when a virgin becomes a man. His cock got rock hard the instant he got past my sphincter. Then he fucked me like he had been fucking ass his whole life. Of course he did not last long but he asked me one of my favorite questions, "Want to me cum in you?" Hell YEAH. He pumped his virgin load deep and I held him in there while I stroked my clit cock. He said he was shocked by how tight my ass was and that it started to hurt him as I jacked off and clenched on his softening pole. Then finally the traditional new to man sex guilt kicked in and he made it clear that he had cum and was no longer able to be interested. Damn shame my ass could use more cock now. First time I have deflowered a top and it was worth it.
  13. Any advice on how to hit on some general contractors see if they want to tag team me on their lunch break?

    1. want2bebrednc


      Are they working at your house? If so, just leave plenty of gay porn laying out where they can see it. 

  14. It never really had to be this way. I was content playing with toys alone to satisfy my anal play curiousity. Always enjoying the extra oomph it gave my orgasms. Something I had been doing since I started actively masturbating as a teen. After getting married I mentioned how I had done some anal play with toys and enjoyed it but the wife had zero wishes to engage anything butt related. Best I could get is some taint pressure. I think she was still astonsihed (maybe negatively) how huge my loads were just from that level of fun. Then of course the sex between us disappeared maybe for typical reasons maybe for other (I could be a shitty hetero lover for all I know). Still she never initiated and would even reject advances. So blame her for why I am now at home with a strangers load inserted deep in me. Not the first one ever and not going to be the last. Blame her for my usual hookup scenario which gets me hard and horny everytime. I message a top from any number of hookup sites. We arrange to meet with minimal exchanges. Pretty simple really, you have a cock that needs to squirt and I have an insatiable fat married cheating ass that will suck it right up. Blame her that I have become quite the good cock sucker, getting those cocks all hard, throbbing, leaking precum. Blame her that even tops that insist on condoms somehow forget as I waste no time backing my bare hole onto their swollen cock heads. Blame her that I insist tops call me out for being a shitty barebacking cheater on his wife as they plow my secret happy place. My true fetish. Blame her my cock only gets hard if the top insists I stroke while they stroke into my bare ass. Blame her that I have had 100+ lovers and I know none of their names. Blame herself that I only ejaculate in her pussy when I either already have cum leaking from my hole or imagining a hard top deep inside me as I pump in her. Praise her that in her ignorance I have become the slut barebacking whore that I am. Praise her that when I bend over and slowly guide a top inside me I am at the most happy. Praise her that I never say pull out because I know that I am made to accept a man's dna. Praise her that she has helped open my eyes to who I really am. A cheating piece of shit that would have it no other way.
  15. Been doing bareback for 14 years now. Never on prep, have not sought poz cock but also have only ever taken the tops word they were neg. I had a 7 year stint in the DC area where I bottomed exclusively bareback with black dudes, the highest risk population in the country at that time. Still neg. Oh and the only reason it was exclusively black dudes was because they were the only ones who followed through on meets. Most were only wanting head but once my white married ass was touching their bare cocks they never hesitated to blast in me.

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