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    Versatile tops that can host weeknights. Never turn down bare black cock. Extremely passionate and prefer kissing while feeling a cock cum deep in me.

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  1. versamarried

    Length or Girth

    Always prefer getting stretched so girth first. But I have found with my big booty cheeks that length is important, 6" cocks will usually only get the tip in and pop out too much to get into a good rythymn. So for now I seek out any long cocks but melt for the long AND thick cocks.
  2. Depends on top preference. The kind who just want to dump a load I love being on all fours AND having them gripping my hips. Both during fucking and when they cum. If the top is into passionate play then I melt for being in missionary staring them in the eye as they fuck my cheating married hole and then forcing them to kiss me deep as they cum.
  3. Hunting to get a Father's Day breeding this Sunday. If you can host in the morning in the Raleigh area message me.

  4. I had started using objects in my ass during jack off sessions from the age of 14. I was home alone since all members of my family had jobs but me. But I had a huge gap before I decided to have gay sex. I was 30 before I decided to have another man over to my house. Initially the discussion was swapping oral only. I had not had sex with the wife for about a year so when he came over I decided then and there to try it all. Figure cheating so may as well find out what it was like getting fucked and ass fucking a dude. I had been using toys again for awhile but it still hurt to have a real man enter me. So I started topping only for awhile. But somehow my body kept aching for cock in the ass. So back to using toys while jerking. I was probably 35 when I considered myself versatile. But it quickly became apparent that what I really love is getting cum deep inside me as much as possible. I have been exclusively bareback bottoming now for about 7 years. Might have topped 3x in that span.
  5. Hunting to get a Father's Day breeding this Sunday. If you can host in the morning in the Raleigh area message me.

  6. versamarried

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Sunday wife was taking kids to movie so I immediately hit a4a and bbrts. I generally never get timely replies from bbrts but it paid off this time. Silver daddy responded and I was at his retirement condo in 20 min. He had porn titled Loaded playing to set the mood. I sucked him good and he talked dirty on his bed. I eventually made it clear I needed his seed by rolling on my back and moving to edge of bed. He spat on his dick and slid in. He was not as rough but had a good steady fuck rythmn when I reached out and rubbed his nipples. Apparently that is his sweet spot cause he suddenly started spewing his spunk in my hole. I continued to grind my ass on his spent cock while he stayed hard. He said I was milking every last drop. Finally he plopped out, we both cleaned up and I left. Carried his dna all day. Family enjoyed the movie and wife asked if I liked the alone time. Just said you bet I did.
  7. versamarried

    First Fuck Location

    30, first townhome bought with wifes money, stranger from CL, on living room couch.
  8. versamarried

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Black top again getting very bold this morning. Texted me that he was parked in my neighborhood, knew I was home alone, and that I better let him in when he knocks on the door. I scrambled down the stairs and sure enough a big deep knock boomed through the house. I opened the door and let him inside. Before I could say anything he said, "I do not care if you are cleaned out just get this nut in your ass!". Right there in my front room with the blinds just enough closed to keep me from being too freaked out I quickly pulled his shorts down, no underwear and out pops his mostly hard thick 8" cock, right onto my lips. I suck him for like 2 seconds before he just grabs me and bends me over one of our armchairs and pulls my pants down. This time he started rimming me deep with his tongue, it drove me wild. He began spitting huge globs on my hole and I could hear him slick up his cock. He plunged all the way in deep and held himself there. He leaned close to my ear and asked me who's bitch ass is this. I moaned his and he said damn right and went straight to pummeling me again. He must not have nutted since past Saturday or he truly loves this ass cuz he nutted within 5 minutes and it was huge. He pulled out and it just gushed out all over our rug and as I got up it just kept leaking out of me as I walked around the house finding towels to clean up. By the time I was back downstairs he was gone. Thankfully we have a carpet cleaner cuz I would hate for my wife to think I could suddenly cum buckets. Instead I take buckets of cum inside me.
  9. versamarried

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    This morning same black top as the last couple of times messaged me needing his balls drained. Explained I only had time to provide oral and he said he would take what he could get. I made sure to tell him that I was not going to be cleaned out and only had a limited window to meet him since wife was out with kids running errands. He was all good to go for it. So I get to his place and wasted no time sucking him hard and giving him all my oral skills. I had not stripped down but while I was sucking him he was slowly insisting I undress, tugging on shirt using his feet to pull my shorts down. I understood what he wanted but made sure he knew I was dirty. He just got up and moved behind me and I instictively got on all fours and arched my back so he could mount me. He spit on my hole and his cock and slid inside and just pummeled me, telling me to shut up and take. That he needed to drain inside me and he knew I would take it. Sure enough I moaned my assent and he started unloading in me. He let me clean up a little and kicked me out the door. When I got home wife was already there and I gave her a sweet kiss and said I just felt like hitting the gym.
  10. versamarried

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Yesterday morning had a top back out but thankfully I had kept in touch with the top from my last post. Turned out he was available and close to my house. I love getting bred in marital bed so wasted no time giving him my address. He shows up and without a word I take him straight to my bedroom. He was as hot as I remember, tight toned dark skinned body and his cock had my ass twitching the minute my lips touched it. Once again very little was said and he knew I love spit as lube so he pushed me onto the bed and started rimming me deep and spitting on my now slightly gaped hole. Then he slammed balls deep in me and fucked hard for a couple of minutes. He stopped and flipped me over and then gave me the pounding of my life 15 straight minutes of hard deep pounding. Grabbing my hips and forcing himself deep in me. He had me moaning and begging for his babymakers. He kept calling me a slut and asking me if this is what I really like while slapping my ass. Asked me if I love getting bred versus my wife's pussy. I could only moan yesses. Finally he tensed up and slammed in me deep and loudly came. He stayed in me until he went limp and plopped out. My ass gushed cum right away, so much seed. He then stood up got dressed and left. I made sure to lay in my marital bed and let his cum soak in the sheets while I jerked off with his spunk as lube. Wife unaware, still do not know is name.
  11. versamarried

    Carolina guys?

    Raleigh here
  12. versamarried

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Just got back from visiting a new top, definitely one of my favorite type of hookups. Never discussed much aside availability and location. So when I got there he let me in and he was just in a robe. Without saying a word I got on my knees and reached inside and started bringing life to his hard 8" cock. While doing this I slowly stripped down, by the time I was fully unclothed he was leaking precum like crazy. So I just lubed his cock with as much saliva as I could and then got up and bent over his couch. He wasted no time getting his meat up to my hole and pushed in slowly until he was as deep as could while I spread my ass open. Then he did the thing I love the most, grabbed my hips and started pounding with good long strokes. I was in heaven. After only about five minutes his breathing turned heavier and I knew I was going to get bred soon. He slammed in me deep and just held himself there, giving little mini strokes between spurts. Finally he went limp and plopped out. I just stood up and got dressed, we never exchanged any pleasantries. But as I was walking to the door I felt his hand on my ass. I knew what that meant and just dropped my drawers and leaned on the front door. He was in my cum slicked ass and pumping away, once again holding my hips and thrusting me in and out. He tensesd up after a few more minutes and plopped out after going soft. I put on my cum soaked shorts and opened the door and left. Stroking my cock now thinking about all the strange cock and cum I have been taking lately, wife unaware.
  13. versamarried

    Would you take loads if Meds did not exist?

    I took loads before I even knew meds were a thing that would make it safer. So I guess it does not matter to me.
  14. versamarried

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Due to CL shutting down I created a new profile on A4A and it is suddenly amazing how most tops who ignored my old profile are suddenly interested in meeting. I barely changed anything and definitely tried hooking up with most of these tops before. So I guess some sort of positive came out of it. Just got home from a top who from the way he messaged in the past and today seemed only interested in oral. I am happy to oblige but something I always do is try to ride the cock I am sucking without asking, just going hog wild and get it good and lubed up with saliva. Then when the moment is right climb on and get that cock inside before they know it. This top was no different and offered 0 resistance. Once I got him balls deep reverse cowboy(girl?) I started grinding and pumping. Like a charm he started moaning and saying he was going to cum soon and if I wanted to get bred. Simple moan in the affirmative and he was breeding me deep. Another stranger load deep in my married guts and horny for more.
  15. versamarried

    Falling for a breeder

    Just chatted with the top in question and we opened up a bit and agreed we are just going to enjoy each other like a couple when we are alone together. Not changing our situations. Which is perfect for me since I definitely am bi and not looking for 1 type of relationship. If I went to live with him ever I know I would chase pussy.

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