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  1. versamarried

    Hookup Paradoxes

    After over a decade of getting or providing raw cock on the sly I have anecdotally noticed some personal hookup paradoxes. If I describe them maybe we can come up with some names for them. Or if you have your own feel free to add to the discussion. I am available to bottom but cannot host Only bottoms are online Mix of tops/bottoms/vers are online Non can host I am available to bottom but can only host Only bottoms are online Mix of tops/bottoms/vers are online Non can travel Inverse of the 2 above I am online scouting for future hookups (ie not available right then) place of play irrelevant All bottoms/tops are messaging to meet right away Non are available for times I can meet in the future What precipated some of this is that it always seems that when I could only travel no one was hosting. I knew that starting in the new year I would be able to host and figured all those non hosting people would be lining up. Absolutely 0 people have been around or now people only want to host. Sigh.
  2. versamarried

    Taking cock after you cum

    I used to lose any desire to bottom after I had cum. Which I know for all the versatile hookups that I promised they could top me after I fucked them was a huge disappointment when I would bail right after. I also have met a huge portion of the self identified versatile men in my area and they are exactly like how I was. It is why I stopped even hunting vers cock. Now though I do not really even think about getting off at all while getting fucked and even if I jerk off earlier in the day I stay interested in getting fucked.
  3. versamarried

    Suddenly Situationally Aware

    Part 4 I could not believe what I was hearing and it took me a minute to parse what he had said. Something about finally transforming into a true cumdump like he was meant to be. Right before all my backed up charged cum took control of my soul I made sure we were on the same page. Though honestly looking back he never stood a chance, married or not, cheating or not, that bare ass was going to have my seed in him. It took all my energy to not blast my poz seed everywhere seeing that pasty white ass shimmy to the bed, seeing it get in the prone position. I dropped my pants and pulled my briefs just down enough to let my throbbing cock out. Fuck this would be hard to not bust. I tried thinking this dude was married and wife was going to be exposed to poz cum in some fashion in an attempt to temper my cock. Somehow that thought just made me go into a fuck zone. I pressed my rod onto his tight puckered hole and slowly saw my dark meat spread and push into his white body. I kept thinking other thoughts rather than the supreme hotness of seeing my cock slowly force his cum hole to adjust. I was thrusting pretty good and I realized he was definitely no stranger to cock as he took me just fine. That is when any hesitation I had about his situation disappeared. This dude has totally been fucking quite awhile and whatever his business was was exactly this his business. But my business right now was laying pipe, seeding deep and installing windows (eventually). I felt all my poz seed welling deep down in my and finally I could not longer hold back and released a torrent of jizz. I could feel his sphincter tighten as I shot spurt after spurt of my potent DNA. Was absolutely amazing feeling my cock get milked. Finally I held still and he still milked me for all I had. After I went soft and pulled out I needed to get my head back into the window game so I stalled and just said to wait there and let my fluids do their job. I pulled my drawers up and looked as my seed was spilling out on its own. I was in heaven as I went to another room to start working knowing this dude was going to convert for sure. Hopefully that meant more sessions but I first need to get some windows done. Part 5 someday soon.
  4. versamarried

    Favoured form of lubrication

    I prefer spit since it is most readily available. Though I guess lots of tops somehow hate the thought of using their own saliva on their cock. Otherwise second favorite is any non-gloopy style lube. I prefer to still be able to feel the cock sliding on my inner walls rather than feeling like a waterbowl. But I also answer 'What is the best lube?' with 'Whatever the top has or wants to use.'
  5. versamarried

    Tops that aren't picky about a bottom completely cleaned out

    When I rarely top I tend to not care too much. For me its not the substance that gets to me it is the smell. If it is overpowering I have to stop. Otherwise I pound away not caring. I have found in my area most tops have a rigid mindset that bottoms should be always prepped and clean. Given I am a married cheater that eliminates spontaneous hookups which is one of my bucket list items. Meet a dude out and about and then find myself bent over taking his load, whatever place we end up in. So I really only hit up tops now if I know I can prep or am prepped. Or only offer oral which gets no responses.
  6. versamarried

    Suddenly Situationally Aware

    Part 3 The pause between his comment and my conflicting thoughts of whether I could really get this poz cock in me, get him to seed me deep knowing there could be real consequences seemed like an eternity. Thankfully an eternity in my mind is not that long, especially when my mind takes over and decides to get it what it wants, no needs. Words came out of my mouth I did not think I could ever say openly and the look on his face and how his jaw dropped at first and then lead to a devious grin showed he was just as taken aback. I remember him asking me if I was sure, that he would/could not pull out and would not ask again. I nodded and licked my lips and he said something about how we have to be quick because he had not cum in forever and was ready to bust just from the thought of our situation. Finally it seemed like my brain released it's total control and I could understand what I was saying. I told him, "It's a good thing I am all cleaned and prepped." and walked over to my bed and got on all fours, and he had already dropped his pants. I looked to the mirror on the wall to my right. It looked amazing with my white ass in perfect breeding position and he was behind me with all of his other clothes on and a nice 8" thick cock fully erect already. He asked about a lube and I said he could use his poz spit. With that I felt his moist cock slowly press on my neg virigin, to fully poz cock, hole. He moaned as he got past my opening and slid in deep. He let out a 'Damn, so tight, so good' gasp. I pushed back and forth a little and he took the hint. He went full tilt pumping me and grabbing my hips, I could tell it really must have been a long time for him because he seemed so in lust and heat, pumping hard and I could feel his sweat dripping on my back and ass cheeks. He pushed my head down and ordered me to get my ass up more and he kept thrusting away. Finally he took in a big deep breath and let out a loud "Fuck!!! I am cumming in this perfect married ass, ahhhh!!" and kepy pumping away as his cock shot spurt after spurt of his toxic seed. He stopped thrusting and held himself deep after about the 5th spurt and he ordered me to milk my new master cock. I squeezed my hole over and over and he pumped about 4 more squirts. Finally he started to go soft and I could feel him plop out. He then spoke "Oh wow that hole is totally creamed up now." just as my hole squirted out some of his load on its own. I stayed there and wondered what now? As if he knew what I was thinking he said, "Best stay like that so you can absorb as much of my DNA into you, I will just get back to work.", then let out a very quiet, "fuck, damn". I did as he said and just enjoyed my new squishy hole. Hoping maybe he would come back for sloppy seconds. Part 4 hopefully sooner than 3.
  7. versamarried

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Yesterday the one super thick top who can cum multiple times was finally free to meet. It has been 6 months since he last treated me to a good fuck session. He came over and fucked me in my marriage bed over and over, forcing me to do ATM in between. He is the only top that i truly let control the situation. I think he gets freaked out though as I go all in with him and my dirty talk is all about being his fuck toy 24/7, leaving wife type stuff. No idea why he is the only one I do that type of thinking, just nice to hear myself say things out loud for a change. In any case he fucked and loaded me about 9 times, most of his orgasms are dry I suspect but damn my hole feels sloppy and used when he goes. Probably be another 6 months before he feels comfortable with the level of intensity our fucks bring.
  8. versamarried

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Finally finally finally got the house to myself in the mornings again. Kids were off due to snow and then tons of errands and appointments to get them to. But today I was finally free to host. Thankfully the top who gave me my first true, sight unseen anon load was available. This time though I was bent over bare ass naked for him in my living room. He showed up, gently played with my ass and hole before getting up in me. He pumped me good and would then get balls deep and grind around and then slowly pump. I was in heaven. Finally he moaned and started orgasming a good hard load deep in me. He climbed off grabbed a towel wiped off and left. Now I have a cum soaked hole horny for more. Cock. Hope I have one other update soon.
  9. versamarried

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    I give thanks to Thanksgiving meal shopping for giving me a first. Was able to get out of the house away from wife to 'stock up' on items needed for making Thursdays meal. Had A4A and BBRT up on my phone as I totally for real walked around a grocery store alone (ie, sat in parking lot hitting up every top around). One finally bit that would host but he wanted anon. I have never really thought about doing that, mostly for physical safety etc, but of course being super horny simply replied, "What's your address?". He gave me instructions on how to get into his place and into his bedroom sight unseen, (he has a roommate apparently). 15 minute drive and I was sneaking in his back door, creeping through a living room and straight to a bedroom. I undressed and climbed on the bed and waited. So there I was first time giving my cheating married ass to an absolute sight unseen stranger. Felt amazing having a total stranger suddenly touch and caress you. I was in heat and so badly wanted that cum and he wasted no time mounting me. We maintained a hush whispered tone as I begged him to breed my married ass and he kept saying how great my ass was and kept asking if I was ready for his load. OF COURSE I WAS. Suddenly he was pumping me full and I just kept using my hole to milk all his cum out. He went back to his bathroom, where he had been hiding before. I got up, got dresed, drove home, complained to wife grocery store was picked clean. Thankfully she bought it.
  10. Threading a needle of time tonight. Wife will be out to a play and I will sneak a top or 2 to my house to breed me deep before she gets back. After this I want to try getting bred in my van in my driveway middle of night while wife asleep. Figure to make it happen will have to be willing to take poz cock.

  11. versamarried

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    I was desperate for cock today because after today I will be unable to host and travelling out to someone is basically impossible. Hit up all my sort of regulars and either no response or just unable to meet. FInally a top I smiled at on A4A responded just "Send Addy". I knew he was not going to waste time so provided and was all set, only took him 20 min to get to my place. Same type of top as my cable installer, though he liked to pound his cock a certain way that I was not used to but did all I could to get him to bust. Finally while mid pounding he leaned up to me ear and asked if I wanted it, 'Breed me deep' is all I said. He went back to pounding and then the familiar sounds of orgasm emanated from him and he shoved deep and held. Stayed like that til he plopped out with some of his nut stuck to the end of his dick, mmm licked it off. Now off to jerk off with his cum ooozing out. Just hope another top suddenly becomes available since I am open for business for sure.
  12. versamarried

    Cumdump in the woods

    Wow good luck! That hole deserves to be overflowing with cum
  13. versamarried

    What factors got you to start barebacking?

    Mine was twofold. I had become horny to try dudes when wifes libido went to 0 and I could not find chicks to cheat on with. I was an at home parent so getting out or hosting was very problematic especially for women to agree to it. I had always used toys on my ass and I thought, why not always wondered what the real thing was like, and lets face it dudes will fuck anywhere anytime. My first few times were safe even though I know I prefer bare fucking as I can never cum with a condom on. Plus it became obvious I could not have condoms around with me or wife would notice. So I became a barebacking top but safe bottom. It was good to cum inside something again and a lot of tops carry condoms. But eventually even that fell by the wayside since it was easier to not even think about condoms AND I could never overcome that need to get bred. I seriously would get mildly depressed if I got fucked by a covered dude and the cum did not end up in my ass. Now I never bring it up and just expect to get bred. I still agree from time to time to let a top use a condom but insist they spray their cum on my open hole. Even then most safe tops end up barebacking me once I start sliding my cheating bare hole on their pole.
  14. versamarried

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Past Tuesday was able to convince the pervious black top cable installer to meet up again. He mounted me in my front living room, grabbing at my tits and hips and making me bounce on his hard pole. He likes dirty talk, mostly derogatory terms about gay people. I generally only engage in dirty talk if it is what the top wants. He had me beg for his chocolate load deep in my f#$#$t ass. He had not come in 4 days and so he planted a good load deep in me. I was leaking cum through the next day. Felt so good feeling that cum lingering that I jerked off 3 times while fingering my cum slicked hole. Hopefully he can come next week and install some new thick fiber and juice in my ethernet again.
  15. versamarried

    Married (to a woman) bottoms, how do you get it in?

    We both had different work from home days so when I was home I would host or travel. In between those days I would think of any normal reason to get out of the house at night and try to find a hookup. Definitely a lot harder to get any kind of action but better than none. The trick was to always make your reason semi truthful. Just so happens in between leaving the house and doing what you said you were you happened to find a bare cock buried deep in your ass while you begged for cum.

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