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    Tops/vers tops that love loading in married cheating ass. Can host weekday mornings thru lunch time. Extremely passionate and prefer kissing while feeling a cock cum deep in me.

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  1. Second attempt at taking undetectable cock and cum in my married closeted neg ass happening in 30 minutes. Nervous but horny as hell.

    1. nudedude


      That is awesome, hope you enjoyed every minute man!

    2. versamarried


      Sadly it did not go well.  I am pretty good about weeding out weirdos. But the dude showed up tweaked out of his gourd. After a few seconds of him rambling incoherently I told him to just leave. Not happening. Thankfully no scene made. Still hunting.

  2. Last week and today I was bent over chair with my ass pointing to the front door so the anon top could walk in and see what he was breeding right away. He played with my ass before sliding in slowly. My ass gets him so turned on that in seconds he is pounding me silly and just slut talking me down. Makes sure I know my place is as his cum dump. He pumps such lovely loads. Only top where I can feel his cock pulsing his dna into me. Now I am jerking my cock, fingering my cummy hole and hunting for another quick load.
  3. Been quite a bit since I could host but was not disappointed Monday. On first day of being able to hunt for mobile tops I got hit up by three. One disappeared. One showed up but it was obvious he was nervous. He got in me a couple of times but could not stay hard and eventually he admitted he was not going to be able to cum. But the 3rd one was tried and true top from previous anon encounters. He showed up rode me like a man and came deep. Felt so good. Now just need a few more...thousand.
  4. BBRTs is such a disappointment in my area. Maybe it is because in my area there are 3 ABS's in a 5 mile radius so tops are able to drain regularly. I have posted ads hosting as an anon cumdump multiple days in a row and gotten 0 responses. Also, always seems like the same tops/ver tops are online and none ever even read emails sent to them. A4A has not changed too much, lot more barebackers on there now that CL has forced more people onto apps/websites for hooking up. No other sites are really any good, doublelist is nowhere near as good as CL was in it's heyday. Would be great if DL would not lump all of NC under Raleigh.
  5. Yesterday I had just about given up on finding a top willing to travel to me when the top who likes to fuck me anon pinged me on A4A. 15 minutes later I was bent over chair in my front living room. He played with my bare ass a little before finally sliding in. He fucked me good and long complimenting my ass as it bounced on him. He then came so hard I could feel his cock pulse while in me and later found out he shot a weeks worth of cum. He left and I went to jerk off while absorbing his dna. I came so hard all over the floor, I would have made another bottom very happy with the load I blew.
  6. I guess it took 3 weeks into the new year for horny tops to give up on their resolutions to not be slutty. Got several positive responses to a doublie list ad I posted. Trying to find a regular hookup so I can stop spending so much time hunting for loads. Figure if I can just get it regular I will go do other things that need to get done rather than edging all day drooling at all the local cock just an internet conversation away. Anyway a top who actually read the ad and was as horny as me responded and we made plans for him to get a taste of what he could get multiple times a week or at least weekly. Not a huge cock but he was good and aggressive and after I deepthroated him for 10 minutes I finally presented my ass. He mounted me and pounded me hard as hell. Probably the hardest I have ever been fucked. Slapping my ass and calling me names. Finally he asked if I wanted his load. DUH. He slammed in me and held there before pulling out. I have not let any leak out yet. Hoping this dude really is up for ongoing. But hey at least tops are on the prowl again. Time to blow my load leaking his baby batter.
  7. Just now able to write about this. Last Thursday my 2019 dry spell finally got soaked deep. Crazily dude from BBRTs actually responded and willing to travel to my place by a given time. I was nervous he would no show or back out at the last minute. But he got here, I sucked him hard right in my front living room, bent over a lounge chair and he mounted me good and deep. I did my best to milk his cock with my cheating hole and he responded in kind. I begged him for his load and he shot it good and deep. He zipped up and left and I went upstairs jerking my cock and finger my hole soaked hole enjoying feeling his massive load leak out of me. Which I used as additional lube. My load was massive as well and it landed where it belonged all over the carpet and not my wifes pussy. Hopefully this is the opening of the flood gates of cum for me for 2019. Fingers crossed.
  8. Flakes/no shows are bad but nothing is worse for your cumslut ego when a top shows up and upon starting up the action cannot get it up. Decides they are just not into the scene and peaces out. I cannot figure out the mindset of gong to all the trouble of messaging and confirming the type of scene they are into and actually showing up only to have performance anxiety for some reason.
  9. There is a top here on BBRTs that does something like this. His profile says he will take pics, put out the ad, arrange for place and time for will bottoms. Definitely intriguing but the safety aspect of it keeps me from messaging him. Every top I have ever asked if he has a buddy he thinks would want some of my ass tells me they do not know any other tops. Either lying or just not good at sharing I guess
  10. I have noticed that for my area bbrts is pretty crap if you are a bottom. I think at most there will be 20 tops/vers tops online max a time. That and it is the same tops over and over. Very little variation. I live in a lower middle market metro area. Tons of bottoms of course. I know that the ratio top/bottom is always skewed to bottoms everywhere. But how many tops do people see in large metro areas? Like does an area like NYC, DC, Boston, LA just have 1000s of tops online at a given time? A4A seems way more active here than Grindr or even BBRTS, do other areas find A4A shit?
  11. After over a decade of getting or providing raw cock on the sly I have anecdotally noticed some personal hookup paradoxes. If I describe them maybe we can come up with some names for them. Or if you have your own feel free to add to the discussion. I am available to bottom but cannot host Only bottoms are online Mix of tops/bottoms/vers are online Non can host I am available to bottom but can only host Only bottoms are online Mix of tops/bottoms/vers are online Non can travel Inverse of the 2 above I am online scouting for future hookups (ie not available right then) place of play irrelevant All bottoms/tops are messaging to meet right away Non are available for times I can meet in the future What precipated some of this is that it always seems that when I could only travel no one was hosting. I knew that starting in the new year I would be able to host and figured all those non hosting people would be lining up. Absolutely 0 people have been around or now people only want to host. Sigh.
  12. I used to lose any desire to bottom after I had cum. Which I know for all the versatile hookups that I promised they could top me after I fucked them was a huge disappointment when I would bail right after. I also have met a huge portion of the self identified versatile men in my area and they are exactly like how I was. It is why I stopped even hunting vers cock. Now though I do not really even think about getting off at all while getting fucked and even if I jerk off earlier in the day I stay interested in getting fucked.
  13. Part 4 I could not believe what I was hearing and it took me a minute to parse what he had said. Something about finally transforming into a true cumdump like he was meant to be. Right before all my backed up charged cum took control of my soul I made sure we were on the same page. Though honestly looking back he never stood a chance, married or not, cheating or not, that bare ass was going to have my seed in him. It took all my energy to not blast my poz seed everywhere seeing that pasty white ass shimmy to the bed, seeing it get in the prone position. I dropped my pants and pulled my briefs just down enough to let my throbbing cock out. Fuck this would be hard to not bust. I tried thinking this dude was married and wife was going to be exposed to poz cum in some fashion in an attempt to temper my cock. Somehow that thought just made me go into a fuck zone. I pressed my rod onto his tight puckered hole and slowly saw my dark meat spread and push into his white body. I kept thinking other thoughts rather than the supreme hotness of seeing my cock slowly force his cum hole to adjust. I was thrusting pretty good and I realized he was definitely no stranger to cock as he took me just fine. That is when any hesitation I had about his situation disappeared. This dude has totally been fucking quite awhile and whatever his business was was exactly this his business. But my business right now was laying pipe, seeding deep and installing windows (eventually). I felt all my poz seed welling deep down in my and finally I could not longer hold back and released a torrent of jizz. I could feel his sphincter tighten as I shot spurt after spurt of my potent DNA. Was absolutely amazing feeling my cock get milked. Finally I held still and he still milked me for all I had. After I went soft and pulled out I needed to get my head back into the window game so I stalled and just said to wait there and let my fluids do their job. I pulled my drawers up and looked as my seed was spilling out on its own. I was in heaven as I went to another room to start working knowing this dude was going to convert for sure. Hopefully that meant more sessions but I first need to get some windows done. Part 5 someday soon.
  14. I prefer spit since it is most readily available. Though I guess lots of tops somehow hate the thought of using their own saliva on their cock. Otherwise second favorite is any non-gloopy style lube. I prefer to still be able to feel the cock sliding on my inner walls rather than feeling like a waterbowl. But I also answer 'What is the best lube?' with 'Whatever the top has or wants to use.'
  15. When I rarely top I tend to not care too much. For me its not the substance that gets to me it is the smell. If it is overpowering I have to stop. Otherwise I pound away not caring. I have found in my area most tops have a rigid mindset that bottoms should be always prepped and clean. Given I am a married cheater that eliminates spontaneous hookups which is one of my bucket list items. Meet a dude out and about and then find myself bent over taking his load, whatever place we end up in. So I really only hit up tops now if I know I can prep or am prepped. Or only offer oral which gets no responses.

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