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  1. Another amazing chapter Dubcon! I was kind of heartbroken for Gray in the beginning, and also for Archie when he realized what he had done. I'm rooting for them to acknowledge their feelings for each other, and their sexuality, at some point. Maybe they'll kiss in the cafeteria at the end of this? Maybe Dax outs them? Idk, but it's been a great roller coaster so far and I'm definitely invested in what happens with them, can't wait to find out!
  2. Dude this is sooooo good! I was so excited to see Archie and Gray actually start to acknowledge their feelings for one another, and for Archie to finally get a crack at Gray's ass! It was a crazy ride from the straight abuse, and maybe Archie will remember that, but I'm pulling for the two of them to get over the past and actually care for each other. I'm excited to read more and see if they really start falling even more in love with each other, and maybe even recognize that they are bi or gay after all. Such a great story! Oh... and favorite line: "“You used my name.” 😻
  3. Chapter 9 - The Party The clock on the dashboard had just switched over to 3pm. “Just on time” Brian thought, unsure if that was actually a good thing. It was a warm, humid day on Cape Cod. It felt more like July than May. Brian could smell the salty air as he sat in his Jeep, parked once again on the side of the road, outside an unfamiliar house. Well, this was really more of a mansion than a house. It was only two floors, but even from the curb, Brian could tell it was massive. Past the perfectly manicured front lawn, two tall white pillars stood on either side of a bright blu
  4. Wow, what a story! Can't wait for more! I hope I get to the point where my stories are as well written as yours.
  5. Chapter 8 - Falling Fast The following weekend, on Sunday afternoon, Brian once again found himself shaking with nerves. This time he wasn’t sitting in his Jeep on a strange side street, about to get fucked, but rather siting at a small table in the corner of Starbucks, waiting for his first real date. With Jake. **** Since they had kissed at accepted students day, Brian and Jake proceeded with falling for each other pretty quickly. They talked more with each other at school than they ever had before, and continued chatting by text when they got home. It was mostly about school,
  6. Don't worry, there'll be more action in the next chapter, just trying to figure out how I want Jake and Brian's first time to go down.
  7. Chapter 7 - Two Boys in Boston *Ding* Brian awoke to the text message tone of his phone. He looked at his alarm clock. “11:07am”. He had slept late, unsurprising after the night he just had. He looked at his phone to check the message. “How are you feeling baby boy? You snuck out on me last night.” It was from Adam. Lying in bed, Brian was still naked, covered in dry cum. As he swung his legs off the side of the bed to get up, he realized his ass was still feeling the effects of being invaded for the first time. It was sore; his whole body was sore really. He stood and r
  8. Chapter 6 - Virginity Lost His dick now soft, Adam finally rolled off of Brian and onto his back next to him. Laying in that bed, his own cum smeared all over his chest and stomach, while Adam’s toxic seed was beginning to seep out of newly destroyed asshole, Brian appeared still, but his mind was racing in a million different directions at one time. The two primary emotions fighting for space in his head were pride and fear. At first, fear took over. Even though he had, in the moment, decided to go with it as Adam made clear he was going to cum in him, whether he liked it or not, Br
  9. Chapter 5 - The Hook Up Brian had never shivered like this before. Sure, growing up in a skinny kid in New England, he was used to feeling cold in the winter. But it wasn’t the cold making his teeth chatter as he drove his crappy old Grand Cherokee down a perfectly normal suburban side street at 1am. He was nervous. Probably excited too, but mostly nervous. He couldn’t believe he was actually doing this. He couldn’t believe he was actually going to get fucked, especially by Adam, the hot older poz guy he met in a chat room. But nonetheless, he brought his Jeep to a stop outside the ad
  10. Chapter 4 - Breeding Zone Brian quickly closed his laptop. He was stunned. Sitting naked on his bed with his hard dick in his hand, he felt like his heart had dropped out of his body for an instant. He had been simultaneously so excited, aroused, and nervous about the prospect of hooking up that his heart was pounding. That quickly gave way to a mix of confusion, disappointment, and a faint hint of lust that he didn’t quite understand. Even with his laptop closed, Brian found himself continuing to stroke his cock, now lying in his bed in the dark. He couldn’t stop himself from going
  11. Chapter 3 - 52 m Boston Skinnytwink: Hey man. 18 here, also from Massachusetts. How’s it going? 52mBoston: Just fucking horny kid, how about you? Skinnytwink: Haha, same here man. 52mBoston: You close to Boston? Skinnytwink: Yeah, only like 20 min away. 52mBoston: Nice. So what brings an 18 year old to a gay chat room. Skinnytwink: Idk, just looking for some fun I guess. 52mBoston: What kind of fun? Skinnytwink: Whatever kind I can find. 52mBoston: You looking to meet up? Skinnytwink: Potentially. 52mBoston: Into older guys like me
  12. Chapter 2 - Playing with Himself It didn’t take long after that first night of getting off on gay porn for Brian to fall down the rabbit hole. A mere two months later, as the last spring break of his high school career was fast approaching, Brian had already done things he never would have imagined, although to this point, only from the privacy of his bedroom. It started the same way it starts for so many gay teens as they start to figure things out. First it was looking at pictures of dicks, but not videos. Then he relented and found his way to gay side of Pornhub, and from there th
  13. Hey guys, this is my first story and my first creative writing in a long time. Your feedback is welcomed! I hope it's not too much setup before we get to the good stuff, but I intend to keep writing about Brian, so I want you to know who he is. I wrote the first couple chapters before posting anything, but there is more to come. Hope you enjoy! *********** Chapter 1 - Brian Brian had never shivered like this before. Sure, growing up in a skinny kid in New England, he was used to feeling cold in the winter. But it wasn’t the cold making his teeth chatter as he drove his crappy ol
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