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    receive "fisting", "outdoor fisting" and "group fisting" gangbang as cum dump, give head, sissification
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  1. each buttfuck is good to take personally I like to be buggered for a long time
  2. From the start I have been fucked bareback as a bottom until I was diagnosticked poz in 98, then after on med, most of the time I get fucked bareback as my top partners love it that way. I enjoy bareback and love to fell their cum in me,when I give blowjob I swallow it all with great pleasure, the condoms are such a turn off , now I love to be double fucked ideally by lady boys
  3. Love your content. Thank you for sharing

  4. Thank you to follow me!

  5. Very exciting to be breed by anon while be blindfolded and filmed
  6. Thank you to follow me.

    I appreciate all your highly arousing pics.  Thank you for posting them  

  7. Thank you to follow me,soon I will add pics

  8. Hi, I love your pics and feel the same to be a dedicated sissy to serve the top man out there


  9. I hope you will be very well soon enough, I appreciate you Tina story, I did not inject it yet but will love to experience what you describe which is not attainable by smoking it but close too for willing to be a slut and be fuck hard at this is my experience . Best wishes to you
  10. I will love to experience such a sensation. Thank you for sharing it
  11. Hi, thank you for your post

  12. Thank you for sharing this amazing first time which give more reasons to try asap
  13. Since age 3, I remember rubbing my penis against my bed corners which give me an intense feeling leaving me exhausted not knowing why, but regularly I did it again because it felt so good, at age 6 in first grade a older graduate asks me to suck his cock I was intrigued at first, but his cock felt cold and not sweet as I would have liked then unfortunately I had to change schools. The second memory was at age 9 when the doctor insert a finger to check my appendix which happen to need an operation. after that I started to insert all kinds of objects in my pussy larger each time while masturbating. I had dated girls but never get too interested to have sex with them because I could not ask them to fuck me. I was kind of girly boi, but could not accept it and let it out due to peer pressure, but I craved to get my pussy fucked by Brasilian transsexual in Paris as often as possible, then at 18, I went to a public toilet to find a guy to fuck me, it was amazing as we came at the same time when he was deep in my pussy will masturbating me, I knew I was a bottom from the beginning wishing to serve top either transsexual or man and sometime girl if she was the bush type and dominate and fuck me hard. Now my prefered scene is with transexual and girl in threesome. I love doing gang bang with men, me been the cum dump when possible

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