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    ParTy pig, BB, piss, kink, experimental.
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    Versatile NSA, pnp, BB, some kink, piss, imaginative. Look into the eyes. Also, players that are skilled at mind-fucking as well as ass- fucking.

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  1. 12 years old by a neighbor who was two years older. He lived two houses away on my street. He married into a family whose business was/is funeral homes and became an undertaker. A third kid, who was nine years old, joined us about a year later. I pursued my new-found skills afterwards in boarding school, college and ...
  2. Athletic / prep / experienced / skilled / well corrupted. Asian. Age: 21-40. Tom Brady type.
  3. thanks for the update. will see then


  4. AdamKY

    Bangkok update

    Updated map of Bangkok establishments of interest to gays. https://assets.s3xstatic.com/bz/uploads/monthly_2020_02/image.thumb.png.ab0e7b3b2d6e0b56673af3d29e647941.png
  5. Lost my bathhouse cherry at that (CBC Club New Orleans) bath house. Damn, what ambiance! Old school southern charm.

    Four stories of fun - Club New Orleans





    1. mascjock8guy


      Club New Orleans was always incredibly wild during Southern Decadence

  6. Club Indy because you can use the same card in St. Louis, Columbus and other locations. The Works has a CumUnion party monthly.
  7. AdamKY

    Bangkok update

    As of June 2019 Soi Twilight is no more. Many of the Soi Twlight bars have relocated to Patpong 1 or 2 (both lower & upper levels). Silom Soi 4 remains very busy, Silom Soi 2 somewhat less so. As of July 2019 the refurbished Tarntawan Hotel is now known as the Imm Surawongse Hotel.
  8. It's pretty simple. First determine goals / fantasies of subject. Second is getting subject's guard down. Third is gain positive control of situation. Observe reactions, adjust pace accordingly, maintain control. Goal is to exceed subject's previous experience but, avoid extremes which may trigger violent reaction.

  9. Ah yes, the Thai boys can be exceptional! If you can find it, the next time go for a B-course massage: You lay on your stomach, often on an air mattress where soap suds are applied. The boy lays on his stomach on top of you. The massage consisits of his using his whole body gliding over your back using the suds as a lubricant. Then, without you moving an inch, he glides under your body and does much the same from your underside. Sexy as hell! Near the end of this process penetration occurs and fluids exchanged. A couple of variations on this include the boy washing you down before and after (shower together) and/or a table massage afterwards. There are few places where you can get a B-course massage and fewer still that perform it properly. Expect the cost to be as much as double a regular massage.
  10. Saturday night / Sunday morning: Bareback group (July 4th) pnp orgy: gave two & took two loads over about four hours.
  11. Impressive tool for slamming sperm in hot, hungry holes & at 18 a lot of it to spread around. Love it!

    1. connorca


      thanks adam :) 

    2. boybottom4use


      totally hot cock! would love to take it!!

  12. You have a psychological addiction which is just as powerful as a physical one but mental. Chances are that if you allow yourself to use again - just once - you will quickly find yourself using more, and more often, which will cause problems. It would be best to avoid any future use. Avoid temptation: certain neighborhoods, clubs & active users. It often helps to keep yourself occupied in a host of healthy activities so as to divert your attention away from using. Good luck!
  13. No worry. I don't share needles and such ever, just using that scenario as an example in my query.

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