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    Masculine hairy holes and fat leakey cocks on rugged men love pits!!! woof.....
    sometimes top, mostly bottom, sometimes both.... always depends on chemistry...

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  1. cumrawinside

    nyc best cum dumps?

    I'm so hungry for load dripping from my hole .... can anyone help me prove it on video...
  2. cumrawinside

    Stealth Pissing

    I agree with all you piss pigs... I love it! oink got filled up good n sloppy earlier today. Ill takw all cum and piss from any man.... Im getting rock hard now thingking abouy it!
  3. cumrawinside

    North jersey to looking for bottoms to fuck .

    At Meadowlands view hotel now taking anon loads all night. Hit me up for reminding number
  4. cumrawinside

    bottom taking anon loads in plymouth meeting

    You can drop your load n go no obligation to stay
  5. hosting now at my hotel rm or can travel out its a work night but its early enough.... oink need holes filled
  6. absolutely, it is the chemistry for me to! got a greedy tight hole and a nice dick and love armpits. But to far away ........ wish you luck!

  7. cumrawinside

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Tonight I hooked up on bbrt with this guy from NJ. I drove over to his house in new brunswick, then he took me into the woods by his house, before my eyes could adjust my clothes were off and i was on my knees sucking his big hard cock. sucking goes on for no more than a few min, then he tells me to turn around and bend over. he spits on my hole, thrn his dick, then enters me firmly... my hole opened right up! his first load flooded me only affter a short time, then I was properly lubed for his pounding me for the second one....
  8. would love to be in a video lke this! hot venue... and love the piss too )
  9. cumrawinside

    Raw Bareback Pig Sadistic Hotel

    ill check in
  10. cumrawinside

    rawTOP always looking for a good hole...

    love to get flooded by you.... could stop by any time
  11. cumrawinside

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Today, at paradise video.... sucked off 3 guys, and got their loads.... two anon through the glory hole, one in the booth... love being the slut in the arcade! on my knees, in my jock strap, taking as much cum as i can get!
  12. Hungry cum hole needing to be filled.

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