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  1. Doctor in the House

    I would love to read more chapters in this story! Maybe with this same patient or maybe with a variety of patients. You did a good job setting it up for us to want more.
  2. Mr. Johnson Bred His Buddy

    If 62 is elderly, I'm in trouble! Maybe it is to someone in his 20s. When I was in my early twenties I'd have thought 40s was old. But now I'm IN my mid 40s and for me elderly would have to be at least 80. Funny how it's all relative. But hey @tpdx33, great story! Very creative and hot. Too bad these two characters don't see each other again; they could have some REALLY hot times together tag-teaming and knocking up some other young guys full of AIDSbabies!
  3. You might be a hooker if...

    Well @CigarBear68 and @phukhole, I think you two might be my new best friends, hahaha 😉 AND...sounds like we could have a lot of fun together. Hell, we could go into business together 🤣 Keep worshipping those almighty cocks, my brothers! Charlie in MN
  4. Uncle Pete's Revenge On The Family

    Wow, what an interesting set up. I think it's a great story, and very sexy, and I'm left wanting more! I agree with MJ here that the ending felt a bit rushed. I'm certainly not a professional writer. However for an amateur I think I have a pretty good sense of story composition, pacing, and techniques to help tell the story. If you would like, I would be happy to go through it and clean it up -- add and correct punctuation, fill in some missing words, and correct some linguistic mistakes. I wouldn't change anything, other than to draw out the end a bit more. If you would like to see how your story would look if it were better "polished", please just let me know and I'd be happy to do that for you. I think you'd be amazed by how much better the story would flow with some corrections. But again, that's totally up to you; maybe you prefer it this way. You set up some very hot action. Thanks for sharing! Charlie in MN
  5. You might be a hooker if...

    Well I have seen a lot of people...like porn stars and bloggers and even just guys who post a lot of adult videos of themselves...advertise their Amazon wish lists. Hmm...
  6. You might be a hooker if...

    Hahaha, thanks guys Yeah my thoughts about the tip jar were about as serious as my thoughts about drilling a glory hole in the garage wall and then covering it up with a removable piece of plywood: it was fun to think about, and good for a laugh, and for a minute I even thought "hmmm well maybe..." but that's the furthest that idea will go, lol. What more can I say? Apparently I have a gift for sucking cock ha ha ha ha .... If I ever lose my sense of humor then I'll really be in trouble. Charlie in MN
  7. best way for a straight guy to get HIV/STDs

    Hey CS, You're right. I don't disagree with you overall. And I won't split hairs on some of the more nuanced points. Rereading what you and I both wrote, I don't see where they can't coexist. We can both be right, for the most part, because we're not really stating opposing viewpoints. Yes, I'm gay. If it was a breach of etiquette for me to post in this section I sincerely apologize. Given the clear segregation, it looks lke I was speaking out of turn. I suppose I should have stopped first to consider if my thoughts were welcome. It won't happen again. I'm sorry for my aggressive tone. As I said, I think it's important this is a safe space, and not an argumentative one. You do certainly have a right to say whatever you would like in your areas of the site. I promise to stay on my side of the line. My apologies. Charlie
  8. You might be a hooker if...

    Hey guys, this topic is mostly just for fun although I do wonder about this. You post an ad looking for cock to suck. A guy comes over, you don't make small talk but you give him a great blow job. As he's leaving, he pulls out his wallet, throws $40 on the dresser and keeps walking out the door. What do you do? Another time, another guy comes over, and this guy wants small talk. He seems nice and sweet, a little older, and not very worldly. Maybe he's a little lonely, for he's certainly not very attractive. But he's got a nice cock and he's really loving the blow job you're giving him, so you take a little extra time, really give him the deluxe service. After, he is raving about what great head you give and says, "Can I give you something?" while he pulls a $20 out of his wallet. What do you do? Both of these scenarios have happened to me for real. I would never think of charging for giving a blow job; I crave the cum as much as they crave the release. But both times I kept the cash, no hesitation. Hell, I could always use $20. The first time it happened I laughed out loud once he left, thinking, "Wow, I have officially now been paid for sex. I guess this makes me a whore!" and finding the whole thing hilarious. I figure that since I didn't ask for any payment, and these guys gave me money of their own volition, the money was a tip, or a gift, and it was not me prostituting myself so it was completly legal. (Not that I am at all above prostituting myself. I just don't want to get busted for $20 or $40.) I mean there's nothing illegal about putting an ad on Craigslist looking for non-commercial consensual sex, even if it winds up being me giving ten blow jobs in my own home...right? And there's nothing illegal about giving or receiving a cash gift, correct? Then it got me thinking, with a chuckle, what if I put out a tip jar? Is that crossing a line? In the summer I've advertised that I'm giving head in my garage, just come by and walk in. So it's just me sitting in a chair, next to which I set a stool to hold my bottle of water, poppers, tissues...and, dare I add a tip jar? Because the only thing better than sucking and swallowing ten loads of cum in a day would be sucking the ten cocks and getting $50 cash out of the deal. Thoughts? Have any of you guys had similar experiences, or have you seen cocksuckers taking cash tips? Depending on the answer I **may** quit my day job. Just kidding! Sort of...
  9. Craigslist meets?

    I've had great success with CL. I think for a lot of guys it's more non-threatening, esp guys on the DL. Grinder and Scruff feel verboten but CL is so tame, you'd say, everyone goes on it... Personally I love it. I'd take it any day over the apps.
  10. best way for a straight guy to get HIV/STDs

    I've been trying to hold my tongue. I'm about to let it go. First: This website is called Breeding Zone. Breeding refers to cumming inside a partner which as we all know is a lot higher risk activity than sex with condoms. But this isn't the Condom Zone. So IMHO to drop in on a message board where all conversations are based on sex without condoms (and therefore carry a high risk of HIV infection) and then clutch one's pearls over the topic of transmitting HIV makes said pearl clutcher look foolish, not the guys who were talking about what they want to talk about in a very rare, judgement-free safe space dedicated to high-risk sex. Thanks to those of you who had to share your snarky, judgmental and meaningless diagnoses about someone who didn't even ask for your opinion in the first place, this safe space is a little less safe. Think about that. Also: Yup, intentionally exposing oneself to a deadly virus would be called foolish (or worse) by a lot of people. Why would anyone do something that they basically knew was going to shorten their life? That reasonable thinking is so logical that it has allowed us to rid society of smoking, obesity, street drugs, riding in a car without a seatbelt and BASE jumping. Oh wait, yeah, people still do those things they might wind up regretting at some point. Fortunately for me, it's their life, not mine, so I won't worry about it. Finally: As much as I have grown to like this site, I admit, I see people talking about kinks and practices and fetishes on here that just aren't my taste at all. Sometimes I'll see pictures here of guys who have done things to their bodies that I find pretty nasty even. And as many times as that has happened to me I can honestly say it has never occured to me to make a disparaging comment at the expense of the original contributor. Instead I think to myself, yuck, I have no desire to do THAT...but hey, guys out there who are into it, if it gets you off, god bless -- have fun. Knock your socks off. And most importantly, let your freak flag fly, because without deviation from the norm, change is impossible. In other words, if you don't like something you see here, that's perfectly alright. But please have the courtesy to just move on, and keep your opinions to yourself, without berating someone else for what gets them off. Charlie in MN
  11. Damn, you're adorable AND sexy.

  12. Swallow Your Own Cum

    If I'm understanding the question correctly, it's about guys who love other men's cum but not their own. To that I say I'm glad I'm not the only one! I love sucking off guys and eating their loads SO MUCH that I could do it all day every day. It's like I've died and gone to heaven. I am a total cum pig. I love the taste, the smell, the sensation...i love snowballing it with another guy...I love swallowing it, and I love letting it sit in my mouth, savoring the flavor. I can't get enough mancum! Except...for my own. It's weird, I know, but my own cum grosses me out. Even the smell is nasty to me, although in my rational head I realize it smells and tastes no different from the glory hole cum I'd slurp up like a hungry pig. But there's something about it, psychologically, that I just don't like. I can't explain it, it doesn't make sense, but I just don't like it and would never eat my own. (I've met far more guys who are the opposite...they eat their own but think it's gross to have a guy cum in their mouth. Whatever!) Now I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who has that quirky hangup.
  13. I'm like you, I think, RandyCubby. I've never gotten sick from drinking too much cum. My record is 17 loads in one night, although that was about 10 years ago. More recently, five over the course of a couple hours is really good. I dont get sick, but maybe that's partially psychological because i love to suck cock more than anything in the world. I'm such a pro at swallowing cum. It's the only thjng in life i am truly naturally good at without having to be taught. I too was made to suck dick, to serve real men who have the need to bust a nut. For that reason I think I could drink a gallon of baby batter and feel amazing.
  14. Fall on your knees

    If you are easily offended by blasphemy please do not continue to read this post. If talking about Jesus and sex makes you uncomfortable, leave now. So for the rest of you heathens I have a question: Do you get turned on by Jesus? Think he's hot? Do you like images of Jesus Christ taking it or giving it up the ass? I told a friend that my plans for the evening were writing out a few more "happy birthday baby Jesus" cards (VERY tongue in cheek -- I'm agnostic) and masturbating. I thought it was funny. And, true. I don't identify as a Christian but I was raised catholic before I made up my own mind, and I think Christmas is great and fun. Same goes for jerking off come to think of it. After I realized those were the 2 things on my to-do list, I thought maybe tonight would be a good night to jerk off to some of my darkest and most creative fantasies about sexy JC. Like, the nasty illustrations I have of Jesus making out with Sarah Palin...Jesus getting fucked...Jesus fucking a new...well, let's just say Jesus fucking (I really don't want to get slapped on the wrist for this post.) Hell even that painting of Jesus being shot up with heroin gets me hard. I wondered, am I the only one on BZ who gets off on the idea of Jesus and gay sex? I think Christmas would be a great time to reflect on some of those fantasies and dust them off...just in time for his birthday party. Thoughts? And, think it's ok to post some of those pics here? And if any of you want to take this private juat send me a message.
  15. Warehouse Parties

    Hi guys, sorry i haven't posted much lately but, you know, life gets in the way. I'll be going to check out the warehouse on Fri night 12/29 and-or Sat night 12/30. Right before NYE, will it be busy, or really dead...I dunno, but guess I'll find out. Has anyone gone recently? -Charlie

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