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  1. AIDS Love Story

    Whoa, memories...I remember this story from back in the day! I loved how the writer realistically captures that "mean girls" attitude that we've all witnessed in situations like this one. Now if only he had ostracized his timidity and cowardice enough to remonstrate his thesaurus; clearly the dude relies upon it like it's his paladin. ;-)
  2. Risk of prep, vs swallowing poz cum

    Just to add on to what RawFuckr said....I think he's right, and I also am a believer that stomach acid kills HIV. I have swallowed literally thousands of loads of cum over the last 20 + years and have stayed neg.
  3. PrEP Truvada Side Effects

    Fortunately for me,I've been on it for several weeks and have noticed zero side effects. I just have to point out, tho, the tragic humor of "Hey, gay boys! Here's a pill that will let you take it up the ass all you want without contracting HIV! Oh, and the major side effect is nasty diarrhea. Now go out and enjoy all that anal sex you'll be getting!" I mean, it's not really funny..,.which makes it hilarious.
  4. Warehouse Parties

    Anyone know of anything going on this weekend? I've got my favorite sex partner coming into Mpls this Saturday for a few days from the east coast and I'd love to show him a good time. He's also a nasty, versatile, BBing cum guzzling sex pig, like me, lol.
  5. Piss exchange with catheter connecting cocks

    Just want to say this sounds REALLY hot! I've only done a little cath play,, and never swapped piss like this. Damn I want to party with you guys haha. Also happy to see no one got all Debbie Downer talking about risks involved. Yeah, there are risks, but everything in life comes with risks. Thanks for the ideas guys.
  6. Death By Cock

    You know, #evilalex, I think I like you. You're my kind of pervert.
  7. The Cumdump Network - Locations & Phone Numbers

    DAMN, sfr, you are equal parts adorable and sexy as all hell. I want to fuck you in half AND take you home to meet my mother. I'm loving this pic of you baby.
  8. I think that first sentence is what I want on my gravestone. The second and third sentence, i think i should get tattooed on my forehead Keep it up, Grayjoy. Cock sucker brotherhood.
  9. Warehouse Parties

    Wow, that's fantastic news. Thanks, hfYS. How can I get more information? Are you able to tell us where on social media we could look, or what to search for, to get the inside scoop? Would be a BLAST,
  10. Yesterday was my birthday.....

    And, I'm so sorry, where are my manners? HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DARLING!
  11. Yesterday was my birthday.....

    I third it! The Mpls version of the baths...hmm, I'm stumped. The back men's room at the 90s? Did someone bring a bottle of poppers and a Donna Summer album to the bird sanctuary? Was someone walking around Loring Park in just a white towel? I give up. Please, do tell!
  12. Warehouse Parties

    Not too long ago, City Pages did a long form article about the raid (I guess you could call it that ) of the warehouse space. I'm sure if you do a Google search you'll find it. It was really informative, even going back into some of the history of the battle since the 80s of MPD vs. gay sex including the long shut down bath houses, ABS's, glory holes, and this group most recently. This city is full of stark contradictions, maybe even hypocrisy: a very politically liberal city that is deepy segregated, a very progressive metro area where driving while black is a death sentence and the killer goes free, a very GLBT friendly city in so many ways that is still very sexually repressed in a lot of ways. I love my city, even though I'm bitching about it. I love it. I'm just also sometimes embarrassed by it, which sucks, because I know how good it can be. Anyway (stepping off the soap box) back to sex, lol, when you guys find out where the cock suckers and butt fuckers are hangjng out these days, lemme know, I want to join!
  13. I feel you Webster. Its the same for me...not really a problem having the cock there as much as it is the feeling of panic we get when we can't breathe. I curse the fact I was a smoker for so many years that i can hold my breath for, oh, about 3 seconds, hahaha.
  14. I have to agree with DB, esp the point that the top wants the faggot to gag on his cock. I think that like most things in life, the answer is somewhere in the middle. I've deep throated guys who LOVE hearing me gag because how could that NOT be an ego boost? "My dick is so big he can't even take it all!" Also, these guys love the physical sensation of a throat tight around their dicks. So, we shoukd try not to gag too often or else he's not going to get what he needs. Again, like DB says, if I'm the cock sucker, who gives a shit about whatfeels good to me? Ive had more than one bi guy tell me that deep fucking my throat is the closest thing to fucking a pussy, and that's a compliment. So i think some gagging, but mostly taking the cock as deep as he can shove it, is the right balance. Oh and for those of you who don't know, the gag reflex is VERY MUCH a state of mind. I promise you, if you think, "I'm going to choke!" then you WILL choke. It's very difficult, but get your head to a place where you don't panic, even if gagging is the body's natural response. Over come that. Pretend you are outside your own body, looking on. Pretend your throat is not you. You are just an observer. Whatever it takes, because it's mostly in your head.
  15. Gay Sex Bucket List - What's Your Score?

    Only 207? Going into it I thought I'd end up clearing the board.

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