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    Anything from one raw dick and its load in my ass to many dicks, many loads - always in a jockstrap. Leather, bondage, toys, blindfolds, sports gear, spit...

    I like guys who are pretty dominant and who manhandle me a bit. I really like the fantasy of being "made" to get fucked and take loads, so getting tied up, blindfolded, or just held down while I get plowed is really hot for me.

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  1. HotBBottom

    Strangest place you were fucked?

    I don't know if "strange" is the word I would use... maybe more like AWESOME and Hot as Fuck places I've been fucked! I was still in my early 20s when a boyfriend fucked me under a bridge at Russian River (a resort area near SF). It was a pretty high bridge, and we were totally visible. The next year, a different BF fucked me behind a dumpster South of Market. We were on our way to a leather dance party, and it was the first time I wore chaps in public with only a jockstrap underneath. I'm glad he couldn't resist christening them properly! Same BF also fucked me on a narrow mezzanine overlooking the main bar at a leather bar in SF (Loading Dock, if you know it). In my sluttier, later years, I've taken loads in the stairwell at a public parking garage, on the front steps of a trick's house facing a MUNI line, and I've even had a homophobic Jamaican cabin steward walk into my cabin while I was getting plowed on the little deck -- on Disney Cruise Line! Lots of sling rooms and dungeons, hot tubs, sleazy motels, and a few adult video arcades, too. I've had some interesting near-misses, too. I waited blindfolded and bare-ass-up on a public staircase in SF, outdoors, a couple yards from several private homes, for an hour for a trick that never showed. And a hot stud from Seattle had his hard and fat cock nestled against my hole (not the crack, but the hole) on the dance floor at the IML Victory Party in Chicago, surrounding by a couple thousand other hot studs. He made me wait until we got back to my hotel room, then fucked me near the open window, putting on a show that actually generated a note of appreciation under my door the next day.
  2. Hit me up the next time you're in LA and want to breed a hungry hole!

  3. HotBBottom

    Best Gangbang Hotel?

    I've enjoyed a few fun nights at the Travelodge on Vermont. Plus, it's pretty close to Slammer, Flex, and even the Hollywood Spa.
  4. HotBBottom

    List Your Site Suggestions Here...

    I don't know for sure that this hasn't already been suggested, but how about a slide show feature in the photo albums? Thanks!
  5. Hot profile, stud! LA bottom here. Hit me up if you ever wanna play.


  6. LA bottom here. Love to play some time!


  7. Love getting plowed and bred in boots. Where are you? Los Angeles area here.


  8. Hot profile, stud! I'd love for you to fuck me in public... get the next guy to breed me too.

  9. What a hot stud! You can breed my ass on a bathroom floor any time. Loved your XTube videos!

  10. If you ever get to Los Angeles... you know where you can plant it.

  11. Got a nice hairy hole here for you to plow your load into next time I'm in PS. Hit me up on BBRT - same handle.

  12. Fucking hot, stud.

  13. I've been reading your blog and following you on twitter for a couple years now, and your stories always turn me on. I hope you'll accept my friend request here.

  14. HotBBottom

    8 Loads in 1 night

    That's a hot story, you lucky pig. I don't suppose you'd be willing to hook me up with the stud who made that happen? I'm in LA too.
  15. HotBBottom

    Couple for occasional 3some

    Sounds hot! Bottom here, into getting three-ways, tag-teams, sometimes DP. I like playing with couples. HotBBottom on BBRT too.

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