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  1. Thanks guys. I love writing these stories. It’s nice to know that they are appreciated. Would love hear your stories too and meet naked to create new ones.
  2. I decided to visit my parents for the holidays and set out on the ten hour drive to get to my hometown in backwoods West Virginia early in the morning. The weather was against me the entire way spitting snow and freezing rain in squalls as I inched along the highway. That combined with frequent accidents up ahead made the trip much longer than anticipated, so I finally gave up and pulled into a small roadside town for the night. After checking into the only motel in town and grabbing a quick bite to eat I settled into my room and out of boredom I checked out Grindr not really expecting anything in a town with less than 4000 people according to the welcome sign I had passed. I wasn’t surprised to see that the closest man was over 50 miles away. I switched over to BBRT anticipating the same results but was shocked when I saw that there was someone two miles from my location. There wasn’t a face picture only a body shot, but it had me drooling. His ad said he was 47, 5’ 10”, 215 with salt and pepper hair and that he was an endowed undetectable top. I wasted no time in messaging him and was very happy when he responded a few minutes later. “Hey boy. You looking to get fucked?” I wrote back quickly to say yes. “How soon can you be ready for me?” I told him 30 minutes and gave him my location. “See you then boy.” I rushed to the bathroom and prepped for a hard breeding. Thankfully I always travel prepared and was soon ready for what I was hoping would be a fun encounter. I had just left the bathroom wrapped only in a cheap white towel when I heard a knock on the door. I peeked out the peephole and was pleasantly surprised to see a ruggedly handsome face staring back at me. I opened the door and he stepped in quickly. As he turned to shut and lock the door I was struck by how opposite we were from each other. I was almost half his age at 24 and at 5’6”, 140 he was nearly twice my size! “Good boy” he growled with a the same thick accent I had worked so hard to lose. He reached out putting his rough calloused hands on my smooth chest making me gasp in pleasure. He tweaked my nipples and then pulled off my towel leaving me completely exposed. He roughly pulled me into his chest and began grabbing my ass running his fingers into my crack. I breathed in the scent of him, all male musk with a bit of tobacco and bourbon. I was in heat and hard as a rock. He pulled off his coat and shirt exposing his furry chest and big nipples that I knew I had to suck on. I dropped to my knees and pulled off his work boots and socks. He unbuckled his belt and shucked out of his jeans and boxers letting his thick cock out. I sat up on my knees and took him in my mouth savoring the concentrated taste of his manhood. “Damn boy. You don’t waste time do you? You want to feel Daddy’s cock in you don’t you boy?” I moaned yes around his rapidly thickening cock. He sat in the rooms only chair as I alternated between sucking his dick, his nipples and kissing him while he moaned and encouraged me to keep sucking for about ten minutes. He stood up suddenly reached down and pulled me up to kiss deeply. He grabbed my ass and pulled me off my feet and swung me into the bed before I knew what was happening. I was pleasantly surprised when he began sucking me. I thought he was going to be a greedy top not that I had a problem with that. After I few minutes he went lower and began eating and fingering my hole which had me gasping for breath as his thick stubble was rubbing against my sensitive ass. He flipped me over onto my stomach so that I was bent over the bed. I could see us both in the mirror as he grabbed the lube from the nightstand and poured a generous amount on his beer can thick cock. I quickly grabbed my poppers and huffed a few hits as he lined himself up to my wet hole. Just as the rush hit my brain I felt the head pop inside. The poppers and lube kept the pain to a minimum. He waited a minute while I relaxed around him before starting a blistering fucking. Honestly, I just held onto the mattress and tried to keep my moaning from being too loud. He flipped me so that I was now riding him and it felt like I was on a bucking bull. I could feel every inch of him inside of and with every thrust his cockhead rubbed against my prostate making me harder and harder as precum dripped down onto his stomach. He started jerking me off in time with his thrusting and I couldn’t keep my orgasm back any longer. With a muffled roar I shot my load over his chest and face. He grinned evilly and held onto my waist forcing his dick even deeper into me. He cried out as he came flooding me with five or six shots of cum. I collapsed onto his chest and felt him slide out of my now gaping hole. We both fell asleep quickly with me draped over his chest. I woke up sometime in the night as he slid his cock back inside for round two. In the morning we showered together as he bred me for the third time against the wall. I made plans to stop for the night on my way back home. It was truly one of the best fucks I’ve ever had.
  3. Last weekend I was cruising BBRT without any luck and was just about to give up as my ad was just about to expire when I got a message from a man I’ve chatted with before but haven’t hooked up with yet. He said he had a five day load and wanted to bust before his roommate came back. I readily agreed to give him my ass and quickly cleaned out and drove to his place. When he opened the door I knew something was wrong straight away by the look on his face. He told me that his roommate had come home early and that if I wasn’t comfortable being bred with him there he would understand. I said that I was cool with it and we quickly went to his bedroom cutting through the living room where a light skinned black man in his thirties was watching tv. He was about six feet tall and built thick with a shaved head. He smiled at me and winked at my new FB. As soon as we entered his bedroom we stripped and I began sucking his dick. He was a little heavier than his pictures, but I like that in a guy so I was pretty happy sucking on his six to seven inches and was happy as it thickened up in my mouth. After a few minutes he pushed me back on his bed and began eating my hole and using his fingers to open me up. He then pulled me to the edge of the mattress and handed me a bottle of poppers as he lubed me up. After we both had a hit and my head was swimming he slowly inched his cock into my ass making me moan in pain and pleasure as his dickhead popped in and rubbed against my prostate. After a minute to get used to his girth he gave me another poppers hit and began pounding me hard. At one point I heard something by the door and turned to look only to see the roommate peaking in at us stroking a nice eight inches. I have to admit that it really turned me on and I began slamming my ass to meet his thrusts. He didn’t last too long after that. As he began panting and shaking, I told him to breed my faggot ass with his poz load and he couldn’t hold back any longer filling me up spurt after spurt of his cum. As he slid out of me I turned to the door and watched as the now completely naked roommate walked in with his very hard cock dripping with precum. “That was so hot. I couldn’t help but watch when I started hearing you two go at it. Is it cool if I take a turn?”, he asked. I really wanted to just say yes, but I didn’t want to mess up a new FB friendship so I looked at my breeder to gage his reaction. He smirked and said it was all good if he could watch. I pulled my legs back up giving him easy access to my battered cummy hole giving him the green light. He wasted no time shoving his very thick cock inside of me. I was really glad to have the previous load in me for lube because this dude was really thick. It took a few minutes and a couple more hits of poppers to completely relax but when I did the feeling was incredible. I have never felt so filled up before. He had some pretty good staying power and lasted a good thirty minutes before he announced that he was close. I changed positions bending over the side of the bed and begged him charge me up. We both took a long hit of poppers before he started deep fucking me. The combination of the poppers and his big head sliding against my prostate pushed me over the edge and came hands free. My ass squeezed tight pushing him over the edge as well and came inside me with a strangled roar. I now have both their numbers and I’m looking forward to playing with them both soon.
  4. hi man

    1. SIReast


      hello, how are you doing.

    2. kls1


      good... horny as usual.  you?

  5. hi man  thanks for following me

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    I don't know when it will be posted. He said it takes a couple of weeks to edit.
  8. kls1


    I met a guy on BBRT last week who was very much a top and who had some videos I recognized from X tube. He was my type of guy, late 40's, about my height (5'7"), and about 150. In his videos he always has his bottoms suck on his nice thick 7.5" cock while moaning for a long time before he breeds them. I didn't think he would be interested, but he responded back right away and we set up a date for Saturday. He arrived a little late, but I wasn't complaining. We immediately went upstairs where he set up his computer and lighting and stripped. I sucked on him for about an hour before I begged him to fuck me. He repositioned the computer, lubed me up with Vaseline and shoved his thick cock right in. It hurt a lot, but I powered through the pain with the help of some poppers. After about five minutes during which I was bent over the side of the bed, he had me get on all fours in doggy position and began thrusting deep inside me. I held onto the bed and tried meeting his rhythm as I moaned in both pleasure and pain. After a few minutes he grabbed onto my waist, plunged in super deep, roared and loaded my hole. I hope to see him again.
  9. I hired him as well. He was really nice and he fucked me so well.
  10. Last week I met up with a FB in his hotel room for some flip fucking. He's a nice guy about 50, 6' and 220 with gray hair an an average dick. We started fooling around right away and I started off topping him. Its always painful for him so he huffs poppers the entire time. Nevertheless, his ass felt great and there is something so hot about a guy moaning when my cock is up his ass. After a few minutes he pulled away, flipped me over, and began tonguing and fingering my hole. Then his phone beeped. He opened the message and told me a guy he had contacted earlier was at the door, and that he thought the guy was going to flake. Then, without even asking me if I was interested in a three-way, he opened the door to a total stranger. The man who walked in was about 30, 5' 10", 200 pounds with a crew cut and a mean look on his face. He looked me up and down and said, "I only top." He then quickly stripped, revealing a nice thick seven inch curved cock. My friend then slid into my ass as I knelt on the side of the bed. The stranger lay on the bed and directed his cock to my mouth. I started sucking him while milking the growing cock in my hole. A few minutes later my friend thrust deep and grunted as he unloaded in my raw hole. The stranger got up right away and took my friend's place. I huffed on the poppers knowing i would need it to take his girth. Just as the poppers hit my brain, he pushed right in. I moaned into a pillow as he started ploughing me. There was no conversation just the heavy and heavier breathing of the top as his swollen dick rubbed into my prostate and as he muttered "Fag," and "Cumdump," every few thrusts. After a couple of minutes he withdrew, positioned me onto my back, and pushed my legs back over my head, re-entering my abused hole. I took another couple of hits, wrapped my legs around his back and really started to enjoy myself. He kept eye contact the entire time and the angry look on his face was a huge turn on. His pounding got faster. He leaned over, grabbed the sheets, and brought his face inches from mine as he announced "I'm fucking breeding your slutty fucking ass," moaning as he shot deep inside my hole. He was dressed and walking out the door in record time. Just as he was about to leave he turned back and said, "I've seen your ad on BBRT. I've got a few friends that would like to meet you. I'll be in touch." Moments later my friend mounted my cock with a hiss of pain. As he rode me, I could see that the experience had really turned him. It didn't take me long to coat his insides with my own load. I can't wait for the stranger and his friends to message me.
  11. The other day I was horny and nearly desperate to get fucked. It had been a couple of weeks, but the usual websites were slow and my fuckbuds were all busy or not returning my texts. As I was flipping through barebackrt I came across a new ad. The pics showed a hot hairy dude with a nice 7 incher that was thick and veiny and my mouth began watering. His ad said that he was only in town for a couple of days and that he did massage. I was intrigued, but under his hiv status he put "Ask me". I messaged him and within seconds I got a response. "I have time available tonight. $60 for an hour massage, $75 for a happy ending, and $100 for whatever you want." He left his phone number and his name. Clint. After mulling it over for a few minutes, I texted him and set up an appointment for later that evening. He was right on time and eager to get started. I handed him his money which he quickly counted. "So, $100 then. You get whatever you want. And just what is that?" he asked. Feeling bold, I cup his big dick through his jeans and said, "I want you to fuck me." He responded by rubbing his crotch into my hand and nodded. We quickly went upstairs and I practically ripped his clothes off. He was fucking gorgeous and I had him all to myself, for the next 58 minutes anyway. We kissed and sucked and rubbed for the next 10 or 15 minutes, which got me super horny. He seemed to know all the right things to do to me to get me excited. He flipped me onto my back and started rubbing his cock against my hole making me moan and just as he began to teasingly push against my sphincter I remembered his ask me status. "Wait", I said as I pulled back. "What's your status? If you're poz I have condoms." He looked at me like I was insane. "I only fuck raw and I am poz. I have a very low count and I am on meds, but its still a risk. If you won't take it raw we can continue like this though. I was upset with myself for not asking earlier, but it was still pretty hot and it was way more than I had been getting lately, so we continued. He put me on my knees and began eating my hole like an expert intermittently fingering me and getting me so turned on. I couldn't believe I was going to miss having this studs dick in me. I took a big hit of poppers and as the euphoria washed over me I made up my mind and I handed him the lube.... "You sure?" he asked. I moaned as he massaged my prostate with his finger and nodded. He didn't need any other pushing to comply. Suddenly his cock was easing into my hole and I grasped the sides of the bed as he filled me up. He timed it perfectly, edging himself so that I got the full hour. With just a few minutes to spare he began fucking me harder and harder grunting with each thrust. Sweat was pouring off of him landing on my chest and cock, dripping downward adding to the lube. He gasped, rammed hard into me and grunted as his body shook with his ejaculation. He flopped down beside me took my dick into his mouth and with a few strokes I came what felt like bucket loads. As he was about to leave he swept me up in a big bear hug kissed me hard and said, "I actually had a good time tonight. I don't usually cum, but I left a huge load in you tonight. You made the right choice my friend. I'll let you know when I am back in town."
  12. Love to join in. Staying at the Fairfield inn.

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