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  1. He appeared in a few hot desert knights films earlier in the 2000’s. I found him attractive but was naive to the world of drugs, which it seems obvious he was caught up in.
  2. Sad...... but not surprising.
  3. Does anyone know if he is still active, or even alive? The last I heard of him was that documentary “the gift”. He seemed to be going down a bad way with his overall situation.
  4. Yes, nice to see he is not ravished by drug use that has no doubt devoured many of his peers.
  5. Along with the side story of his brother “Ryan”.
  6. Basically that’s it. I have gotten rooms and I find I get most of my action outside of it! I suppose it’s good if you want to take a break and have a little privacy.
  7. I’d think you have a high chance of being “stealth’d”.
  8. By the nature of the procedure I’d think that “tightness” would be the opposite outcome!
  9. The idea of being a cumdump and not being on PrEP as a requirement makes no sense at all. The 2 have zero things that act as qualifiers. If you act as a cumdump then by the very definition you are!
  10. I appreciate your words. I do know that my procedure is a quick one and minimaly invasive. However your advice that any surgery is invasive sure is wise. I definitely want my little issue to be fixed and if I have to hold back for a while it will be worth it.
  11. Hey fellas. I know this topic has been discussed before but wanted to reopen the discussion. Next month I am having a lateral sphincterotomy to fix a chronic fissure that just won’t heal on its own. The fissure does not really hurt but it’s been a nuisance because it will bleed at the start of a toy or fisting session. I’ve had enough of it and decided to just get the damn thing fixed. Of course I’m naturally concerned about recovery time and how long it will be before I can get back into play. A friend of mine has had the procedure done but he does not get fisted and rarely gets fucked. He told me that my orgasms will be weak for a while due to the fact that the outer sprinter muscle will be cut and you can’t “clench” down really good. I appreciate any and all advice and anecdotal experiences of any of you! Many thanks!
  12. I wonder about how much of TIM’s narratives that they portray on vid or the backgrounds of the men is total BS. Sometimes it seems authentic and sometimes it seems like a laughable fantasy.
  13. If I had to sum up how I felt about the guys in our community that make the choice to start using I keep coming back to one strong feeling. And it’s one that some may object to due to it dumping a level of responsibility that they don’t think is fair. I’d like your feelings on what I’m about to say. THE USE OF METH IS AN ACT OF TREASON TO OUR COMMUNITY.

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