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  1. Been a while since I posted... I have been only modestly slutty... but tonight was GREAT I took two loads from a sexy trans pro... she was well hung and loved to open me up. shot deep inside me then shoved it right in my mouth... she got hard again and didnt even ask just slammed into my wet ass and came shortly after that. She was done... but I wasnt went to a book store and took a load from a nice size white cock thru a gloryhole. home now and feeling squishy... hunting BBRT for more
  2. Scott253

    Bottom in Western Burbs by KOP

    i would love some piggy group fun just outside Philly here
  3. Nothing in the world hotter than being seeded by hot trans!
  4. Crazy night for me tonight... there are two ABS's less than a mile from each other about an hour from me.... I needed it tonight... so I did a deep cleaning and went over... the first guy insisted on a condom... but he was hot so I so ok... after a good hard fucking of about 10 min, he said he wanted to cum, I said shoot it in me, he suddenly pulled out ripped the rubber off slammed it back in and bred a HUGE load in me deep. Then pulled out and left without another word THe place was dead after that so I went to the other location... quiet there too... but managed to get two unremarkable loads in relatively short order. THen went back to the first place and got one mor from an overly clingy black guy with a huge cock. 4 loads in less than 3 hours... NOT BAD
  5. Scott253

    Little Blue Pill

    Hi all.... Anyone have an idea where I can get Viagra or something similar in the states without a script? I want to try getting fucked by the same guy for HOURS!!!
  6. went to the bathhouse tonight... DEAD there. I few guys wandering around... not a lot of interest from them in me... or me in them. Most of the guys were tweakers. NOT my thing... Got a couple cocks but no loads... just as I was about to give up a cute bear came in and basically told me in no uncertain terms that I was going to take his dirty load in my ass. And I DID! It was hot. Lots of POZ talk... Gave me a HUGE load. still slowly leaking out.
  7. I was at Cumunion in Philly last night. Had a great night... the action was hot early which is never the case at these things I was so thrilled! I took my first load in one of the public spaces from a cute Asian guy who was a little shy... I had to claim his cock with my ass. He shot a huge load in me. The second came in the gloryhole area... the holes are set so that you can stand as you suck I was getting my throat fucked hard when I felt some fingers exploring my cummy hole... Never even saw the guy who put the second load in me. But he was rough and had a decent sized cock. Then the guy I was sucking sprayed in my mouth. Third anal load came from a nerdy bear guy. A little too much into massaging me instead of fucking... but I got it in the end. Then I had my face fucked in my room by a crazy hot muscle Asian guy... not the type I usually go for but he was insistent and who am I to say no!? He gave me my second oral load. The fourth anal load cam from a cute caddy with a great cock.. not huge but just the right shape. hit every spot in me. I finally dumped my load in a cute little short twinky latin guy. He was barely 5 feet tall.. Great shape, completely hairless. I sprayed in him... his first of the night. Since I had to be someplace at 9 am, I bailed out after that. NICE NIGHT!
  8. Took two loads tonight from a hot daddy type who comes through Philly every few months and gives it to me HARD! beat the hell out of my asspussy I will be sore for a few days. Still have the loads in me!
  9. So I met up with a trans woman today with a fantastic 8 inch long and very thick rock hard cock... she fucked me raw and bred me no less than 3 times in in over and hour of incredible fucking.... I have RARELY been fucked harder or better. I am sore and full in the best way possible
  10. I got a lesson in be careful what you wish for tonight! I was crazy horny after work tonight and decided to go to one of the bathhouses in Philly.... I was hoping to get fucked HARD. And I sure as shit did. I meet a cute young black top with a SOLID 8 1/2 inch thick cut cock. I sunk to my knees in his room and sucked him for less than a minute before he was positioning my face down ass up on the bed... he tried to put it in with only that little bit of spit for lube... but I gave him some lube and lubed my ass up first! Then he slid it in slow right to the hilt. no warming up just balls deep right away. He proceeded to fuck the hell out of me for about 25 minutes until I was seeing stars. Then he shot a huge load in me deep. Pulled out and thanked me. I can take a hint... I stumbled out with his load starting to leak down the back of my legs. I won't be walking right for a week! Be careful what you wish for~~!
  11. Scott253

    Condom Start, Bare Finish

    I would love to get that link...
  12. Gave a load last night to a cute femme little latin boy in a bathhouse in Philly... fucked him a little in the gloryhole area then we took it to a public room with a large fuck table in the middle... he asked me to put on a condom, I said I'd rather not to which he smiled and bent over. I pounded him nice and hard and he had a marvelous ass. His Asian friend sat across the room and watched while I nailed him hard. Bred him fairly quickly as I had been there a while and gotten a number of BJ's. His friend gave me a smile and I think wanted a turn but I was spent. I was feeling the need to get my ass used well tonight and BBRT came thru again. I saw the ad of a guy who was traveling in from Mormon country (Utah). I had seen him about 6 months ago and knew he could fuck me good. I hit him up but no answer for a couple hours... then just as I had given up hope and was preparing for a quick self love session, he shot me a message and told me to hurry to his hotel... 45 min later I was taking his rock hard cock. he fucked me good and hard for about 30 minutes and then shot a huge load in me and REALLY worked it in. I still have a good amount of it in my guts. We both had early mornings so it was one and done... I hope he is in town again soon!
  13. Scott253

    Bbrt Cums Thru

    I started work today at 2:00 AM, and was finished at 5:00 PM, so I had a long day, and when I arrived home, had planned nothing more interesting than an early bedtime, so when I hopped on BBRT it was more out of habit than lust. Then, almost right away I was hit up by a guy who purported to have a HUGE cock, and who was only a ten minute drive away. Well fuck. Who am I to ignore fate? I arrived at his place some 30 minutes later, having taken a shower and having performed a thorough cleaning-out. The guy met me at the door and was somewhat shorter than I expected, but I could clearly see his hard cock through his shorts. It may not have been the ten inches he had claimed, but it was a MONSTER none the less! We went up stairs where he immediately pushed me down on the couch and started to tear off my clothes and finger my ass pussy. Then he face-fucked me, and, having raped my mouth, he went onto my ass. He tried to push it in with just spit, but I all but screamed in agony, so while he lubed himself, he ate me out. After his big dick was thoroughly lubed, he slid slowly but forcefully all the way into my ass, balls deep. SO FULL! He fucked me deep and hard for about ten minutes then picked up his pace and bred me deep, telling me to "Take that poz cum." I FUCKING LOVE POZ TALK!!! He didn't stop fucking me, and, some five minutes later, went on to blowing another load in my ass. He was good for more but I was wrecked! Glad I didn't go to bed when I got home from work!
  14. Scott253

    Philly Dark Room

    philly cumslut here... if you need another ass...

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