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  1. OINK OINK SLAM Buddy.  All in the Masters name.  HAIL

  2. Slam and booty bump... Hell craving toxic loads.

    1. Youngboitoy


      Never been slammed or booty bump but I’d sure let you get me high! 

  3. Slammed Up real good. Hungry hole.

    1. wantingnow


      Would give anything to be there with you- would love to have you unload a poz load into my arse. Then suck it out, spit it into my mouth, i'll spit it into your arse, fuck it into your arse with my cock and then cum my last neg load into your pozzed up slammed up hole. Fuck yes bitch- breed me. poz me. Slam me. Make me your fucking pig. 

  4. Just did my second slam. Woof!

  5. My fuckhole is so hungry for multiple AIDS loads!

    1. boybottom4use


      Mmm!  I know the feeling ☣️!!

    2. TopPigBB


      Wish I could be there to load it up!

    3. boybottom4use


      Would so love that TopPigBB and then you could whore me out to others.

  6. Just did a nice slam. I am always craving AIDS cock.

  7. Morning slam

    1. takingdeepanal


      Morning slam = lucky man!

  8. Morning slam. FUCK!

    1. takingdeepanal


      Hope it was suitably good! 🙂

  9. A few slams and I NEED PURE AIDS LOADS

    1. boybottom4use


      Fuck yes!  So hot taking AIDS loads, especially full blown.

    2. PozPervert


      Just had a big slam, crave AIDS std’s now! The more aggressive the better!

    3. huis_rat


      yes, i need also a good slam and hard aids loads

  10. We slammed and took some serious AIDS at the bathhouse.
  11. Love AIDS loads 


    1. hillboy


      Would so love to get my tongue inside that awesome charged up nasty toxic hole of yours and taste all the beautiful bugs and charged dna deep inside..

      Such a proud no limits pig who craves nasty aids loads.

      heres wishing I could be more like you.  Woof. X

  12. Morning slam. How sweet it is. 

    1. pozboy


      you using bigger doses? getting higher viral count?

    2. Slammingdemon


      I do at the baths

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