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  1. I always think what a terrifying and absolutely frightening time that decade must have been to be living as a gay man (because of AIDS before the introduction of antiretrovirals). For those who lived through that decade as sexually active gay men - was it scary?
  2. MFM Double Penetration

    I'm a 26 yr old white lad looking for a similar age black or mixed race guy to have an MFM threesome with. I'd like to DP ...either traditional DP (one cock in the ass with the other cock in the pussy) or double vaginal (both cocks in the pussy at the same time). Please private message if you fit this criteria and want to hook up and if you know any willing ladies (please real ladies, NOT trannies or anything like that). Ideally you must be between ages 18 to 35 but it's not that important. Cheers
  3. Is it possible that someone can be considered to have full blown AIDS yet have no opportunistic infection? I ask because I watched a video where someone says he got tested for HIV and it came back poz, but when he got his bloods checked his viral load came back at a really sky high number and he had absolutely no T-cells whatsoever....not a single T-cell left...the virus had destroyed them all. The doctor said this meant he officially had AIDS. He said this news shocked him...because....he felt absolutely fine and had no health complaints...other than just that he had recently started feeling very fatigued. Is it possible for someone to be walking around with no T-cells and an extremely high viral load, yet had no opportunistic infections or symptoms?
  4. Anyone know the name of this porn star?

    I found it, he's William Carioca.
  5. I want to know the name of this porn star.I really find him attractive, he is so handsome and has a beautiful cock and one of the most gorgeous toned bodies I have ever seen. He is always in Brazilian porn, so I would say he is a Brazilian. He is a straight porn actor as I've only ever seen him in straight porn....though I suspect he is in actual fact bisexual, as he is in a lot of MFM porn with double penetration including double vaginal penetration (DVP) and double anal penetration (DAP). Here is a video with him in it, hopefully the mods don't have a problem with this. In the video he is the slimmer, lighter skinned one wearing the necklace. Someone please tell me his name! I want to know who this gorgeous fucker is! https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=386797997
  6. Need help On meds upon moving to canada

    Thank goodness for publicly funded universal health care systems, where every citizen of a country is covered no matter what their bank balance. If you need treatment, you will get it.... on the basis of need and not whether you are able to afford it or not. It's a shame the US doesn't have this and seems totally immoral to me.
  7. Does HPV or herpes cause anything serious like cancer? I heard that they can.
  8. I think this could be it...

    Thank you, @justsexnowatl You have replied to me in threads before and seem to know your stuff - more than the average layperson, anyway.
  9. After 4 years of random anon bb fucking as a total top (uncut) - I think I may have finally got the inevitable news that in my gut I have always known would at some point come: that I am poz. One of my former regular fuck buddies texted me today (not heard from him in a little while) and this is the conversation: Him: Hi. Need to ask you something, text me when you're free. Me: Hey Him: How you doing? Me: I've been worse lol Him: Also, I know this seems a random question, but what's your HIV status? Me: Negative! x Him: Ok cool. The conversation then went on to normal things, just general catching up with each other. He then made no other reference to the question he asked me about HIV status. I was too afraid to ask why he had asked me that. I'm thinking two things are most likely: 1) He's just tested poz and is trying to determine who he caught the virus from...if it might be me. 2) He's just tested neg, and wants to see if I am poz and if he happens to have "got away with it" so-to-speak (we used to fuck raw together). I have wondered if it was the first option, he wouldn't have just left the conversation after I said I was negative (which is not true... I mean it could be true, I may be neg, but I don't actually know what my status is and have long suspected that as an uncut top who has barebacked a hundred to a couple hundred times, that I am most likely poz). But I just feel if he had just received a poz diagnosis that he would have come across as more distraught or would have seemed "different" at least. But he didn't seem different in the conversation which followed. When we were speaking it was like nothing was wrong, I know how he usually come across when we speak even by text, and if something was bothering him then I would have thought it would show in some way. But it didn't seem to. Or, perhaps, is it possible that he is going to get tested and wants to know what to expect? We did speak about sex at some point in the conversation and when I asked him about any fun he's had recently, he said he has only been with one guy since me (we last fucked a couple months ago). I am far too afraid to ask why he asked me this, and feel sick to my stomach. This happened this morning and has been on my mind ever since. Thoughts, anyone?
  10. Just got my results back, I'm poz.

    So you hardly did any bareback if at all during last year, is that right? Were you mostly bottom or top when going raw?
  11. Just got my results back, I'm poz.

    How long have you been fucking raw up to the point of diagnosis? And did you test regularly all the time?
  12. Biohazard tattoos

    Are guys with the biohazard tattoos poz and on meds or are they poz and deliberately unmedicated in order to spread the virus (or "share" their "seed" as they'd probably view it)? I ask because it wouldn't seem to make sense for a guy on meds to have a biohazard tattoo as the fact that he's on meds makes him very unlikely to spread the virus - and if he's undetectable, then the risk of spreading could even be close to impossible, according to a small handful of expert scientists who work in the field of HIV.
  13. What Is Your Current Hiv Status? (Poll)

    I am not sure what my HIV status is (I haven't tested for a long, long time), but I suspect that I am poz. I'm a strict top, however, I am uncut and have barebacked roughly around 150 - 250 times if I was to hazard a guess. The CDC says that for strict tops the risk is 1 in 161 (and they are being overly generous when they say that). So with that in mind, I would say it's extremely unlikely I'm still neg after having fucked so many raw holes. I fear the diagnosis so much - and couldn't handle it at this time in my life (too much going on) so I guess I won't know for sure until I come down with an opportunistic infection. We'll see. I might be lucky and still be neg. But in my gut, I think I know that I've messed up.
  14. Who would love this beautiful piece of meat in their mouth? This gorgeous cock belongs to a guy who lives in Morocco. I've been chatting with him on Facebook and Whatsapp for a while and he has promised to let me suck it the next time I visit Morocco for a holiday (in exchange for money, as he's straight).
  15. Total Tops who got infected with HIV

    I say this with the greatest respect, but you need to face up to reality. What you've just said is rubbish:

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