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  1. concerned1

    Should I "expect" an HIV positive result?

    @whoremonger Nope. (Current) CDC numbers put the risk at 1 in 161. And remember, the CDC is based in America, where somewhere in the region of 70-90% of all males are circumcised (not like in Europe where about 90% are uncircumcised). Therefore the 1 in 161 figure will be an approximate risk for circumcised guys. We know cut guys have significantly less risk while topping of contracting the virus - so therefore, that will mean uncut guys have a higher risk than 1 in 161. And given the majority of men in the US are cut, this probably explains why in that country HIV is not common among total/exclusive tops (and why so many men on this website have topped bareback for many years and are still negative). But elsewhere, in most other Western nations where most tops are uncut, the risk for bareback tops is extremely high .
  2. concerned1

    Diabetes And HIV/AIDS

    You really don't want to have either diabetes or HIV on their own .....never mind the two combined. Both are extremely serious and life-changing (and potentially life-threatening) chronic conditions. A diagnosis of either condition is not good news. I imagine having both at the same time is no fun, to put it mildly. Though I believe type 2 diabetes doesn't require as intense management as type 1. But I could be wrong on that.
  3. I've only experienced this with two guys out of the many hundreds upon hundreds of guys that I have fucked in the ass. It has only happened in the doggy position, when I've been fucking and then there has been a sound/some kind of noise, hard to explain, but like a slushing noise or like something sloshy is being hit as I fuck....it is really off-putting and both times it happened I went limp and had to stop fucking....because in all honesty, the sound was gross. Anyone else experienced this? What is it?
  4. I think my point is that the bathhouses helped (still help?) facilitate the spread of the virus. I think that maybe if all the bathhouses were closed down very early on in the epidemic, or even if they'd never existed at all, then the HIV/AIDS epidemic would never have been as huge within the gay community as it became. And I say that as someone who does enjoy fun in the baths (or "saunas" as we call them here in the UK).
  5. @drscorpio I suppose what closing the baths achieved was preventing most guys from being able to take god only knows how many risks in one night or over the course of a weekend (or whatever). What I mean is, when guys go to the bathhouses, they very often have sex with multiple partners.....one person could have sex with up to any number of guys in just a single night or weekend. Let's take an imagined person we'll call "John". John likes to go to one of his local bathhouses most weekends. He's really hardcore...he enters the bathhouse on a Friday evening around 5pm and doesn't leave until about 5pm on Sunday. On average, during his entire Friday to Sunday weekend at the bathhouse, he has fucked, and/or been fucked by, anything from 5 to 20 guys. He does most of ....if not all of....his sexual encounters raw. The fact that he is able to raw fuck so many guys in a single weekend, every weekend, really makes his risk of HIV very high indeed...in fact, I daresay...an inevitability. But let's say one day his local baths are closed. The nearest town or city that has any baths is really very far away. Now, John is only able to get his sex from the local cruising places....which are a couple of public parks during the day and night. He isn't able to go during the day so often due to work, and also because it's more risky in the day time to get caught.....so he only goes during after dark hours....it isn't so busy as the baths and often it's quite cold in the evenings. He doesn't hang about there for the whole weekend....he's only hanging about there a few hours at most on a Saturday and occasionally on a Sunday, too. Due to the very nature of it being outdoors, most of the action he gets is limited to sucking and rimming etc as opposed to fucking ...though he does fuck, but not so much. His number of sexual partners is right down. At these local cruising parks, he is sometimes lucky if he gets any action at all, as it can be rather "hit and miss"....but usually he finds one or maybe two guys who takes his fancy. He does raw fuck some of those guys....but again, not every weekend and not with every guy he meets. So...I guess we can see from John's story...while raw fucking can indeed take place anywhere....the bathhouses are probably where it's most likely to take place and with a greater number of guys . To conclude....I would say shutting the baths down would in fact reduce ...indeed greatly reduce.....the number of chances guys would be taking in terms of getting HIV.
  6. When the AIDS epidemic was realised in 1981 and during the time the epidemic raged through the 80s and 90s, it was believed by most experts working in the field of AIDS, that most HIV transmissions took place in the bathhouses ....and that the majority of those infected were a particular sub-group of gay men who frequented the baths. For this reason, San Francisco closed their bathhouses and I think they've never reopened since. Apparently, had it not taken so long for San Francisco's mayor to close the baths, the epidemic in that city, in particular, would never have turned out as bad as it ended up being. It's true that guys will do bareback anywhere....whether it be the bathhouses, sex clubs, parks, toilets, in their own homes etc. But apparently raw anal sex among gay men takes place in the bathhouses more than it does anywhere else. Was that the ever really the case and if so, does it remain the case today? Do most people (by no means all, of course....but most ) get pozzed up in the bathhouses?
  7. This is short notice but I want someone to join me when I go to get my HIV test tomorrow ...in London. I'd like a poz person to accompany me. I am not asking for a lot of time...just a very short while. I just need the emotional support - as I am expecting the result to come back positive. I have a couple of symptoms recently that strongly suggest to me that I am now in later-stage HIV infection (a couple of small bump on my face that I think is early stage KS) and feeling very, very tired without reason. I'm an UNCUT top who has barebacked since 2013 very regularly ( as an Exclusive Top). I lost count of how many guys but could be around 100...maybe less (40, 50, 60....80?) or maybe a bit more (110...120??) I just don't know. I just know that I've bb'd many, many times. I don't want to go and get tested alone ...I want someone there with me (so that I can have a cuddle when they tell me I'm positive). I'd rather this was someone who is positive themselves. Please private message me if you could spare a little time tomorrow? Note to Forum Moderator(s): I am sorry if this is in the wrong section. If it is, I hope you won't penalise me. I had considered putting this in the "Regional Hookup" forum for London...but then that's only for sexual hook-ups?
  8. This was filmed in 1982. The guy from the Gay Men's Health Crisis was so calm, non-judgmental and extremely helpful.
  9. I know. I think the 1 in 161 stat from the CDC is total bullshit. It's a conservative estimate ...as I've said, the risk in reality is most likely much, much higher than that. I've had countless discussions with people who bareback anon ass in the saunas, the cruising places, public toilets etc and msot of them are not scared because they believe topping is low risk. When I was growing up, they always told us that anal sex is high risk for HIV infection. They did not say that ONLY bottoming is high risk. No differentiation was made between bottoming and topping. They just generalized that ANAL SEX altogether is high risk. If topping was low risk, it would not be so rampant in Africa among straight men and the virus would not be infecting people like your cut friend who you mention was/is an exclusive top. Btw, to your question about why don't I just go get tested, since it's so easy? As I said, I don't feel I am emotionally or mentally ready to be told that I have this devastating virus. I know that, if I am infected, as I most likely am....then my immune system is being depleted as we speak....and I run the risk of falling ill with some rare opportunistic infection like Kaposi's sarcoma ....a skin cancer which will spread like wildfire over my whole body and destroy my looks....or develop pneumocystis pneumonia (a really severe form of bronchial pneuomina almost always fatal in HIV positive patients)....every day I think about it. I think about all those bare asses that I fucked in the bathhouses/saunas, in the cruising parks, the random hookups from the internet and apps like Grindr and Hornet ....all those asses that i enjoyed soooooooo fucking much. Will it all have been worth it when I'm lying in that hospital bed surrounded by my own puke and shit, having lost so much weight that I look like a someone from a Nazi concentration camp ?? Even though I know I have the virus most likely deep within my bloodstream, hoovering up all my T-cells and eating away at my brain ....the urge...no...the NEED....to go and fuck more raw ass is overwhelming. I know that fucking anon bare ass is killing me. But I cannot stop. It is an addiction like no other. Raw hole just feels so good. And yet it is probably going to be the death of me. At least I'll have died from something that I loved.
  10. The CDC puts the risk at 1 in 161 (I don't know, but I'd assume they mean uncut tops) for a single topping exposure. And I'd say the 1 in 161 is a deliberately very conservative estimate. So in reality it's probably a lot more risky than that. If you are someone like me, who is uncut and has exclusively topped countless anon bottoms in bathhouses without using condoms - then you should be very afraid. I know I am. I don't feel emotionally or mentally ready to face a poz result right now ....and I can just imagine the virus in my bloodstream now, eating up my immune system. I've asked the question several times on the Breeding zone forums and, the general consensus is.... that even despite being uncut and exclusively top, and having fucked so, so many guys over a period of about 5 years....I'm still probaby neg. But I refuse to believe that. I just feel that I have the virus. It's just an instinctive, gut feeling that I have. For a short while during the times I was barebacking anon ass in the saunas (what we call bathhouses here in the UK) I had an acne spot on my foreskin that I imagine the virus would have been able to get through during sex with a poz guy. I managed to bear the pain with gritted teeth and popped the acne spot on my foreskin a couple years back, but alas it was probably too late. And even if I wasn't infected that way, I probably became infected since.... You don't bareback the number of guys I've barebacked and remain neg. Unless you are an exception and unique case - there seem to be a small handful on here. I've fucked that many guys raw I have no doubt that I am a poz top. You could be too. But your risk is much, much less lower than mine because you are uncut.
  11. I always think what a terrifying and absolutely frightening time that decade must have been to be living as a gay man (because of AIDS before the introduction of antiretrovirals). For those who lived through that decade as sexually active gay men - was it scary?
  12. concerned1

    MFM Double Penetration

    I'm a 26 yr old white lad looking for a similar age black or mixed race guy to have an MFM threesome with. I'd like to DP ...either traditional DP (one cock in the ass with the other cock in the pussy) or double vaginal (both cocks in the pussy at the same time). Please private message if you fit this criteria and want to hook up and if you know any willing ladies (please real ladies, NOT trannies or anything like that). Ideally you must be between ages 18 to 35 but it's not that important. Cheers
  13. Is it possible that someone can be considered to have full blown AIDS yet have no opportunistic infection? I ask because I watched a video where someone says he got tested for HIV and it came back poz, but when he got his bloods checked his viral load came back at a really sky high number and he had absolutely no T-cells whatsoever....not a single T-cell left...the virus had destroyed them all. The doctor said this meant he officially had AIDS. He said this news shocked him...because....he felt absolutely fine and had no health complaints...other than just that he had recently started feeling very fatigued. Is it possible for someone to be walking around with no T-cells and an extremely high viral load, yet had no opportunistic infections or symptoms?
  14. concerned1

    Anyone know the name of this porn star?

    I found it, he's William Carioca.
  15. I want to know the name of this porn star.I really find him attractive, he is so handsome and has a beautiful cock and one of the most gorgeous toned bodies I have ever seen. He is always in Brazilian porn, so I would say he is a Brazilian. He is a straight porn actor as I've only ever seen him in straight porn....though I suspect he is in actual fact bisexual, as he is in a lot of MFM porn with double penetration including double vaginal penetration (DVP) and double anal penetration (DAP). Here is a video with him in it, hopefully the mods don't have a problem with this. In the video he is the slimmer, lighter skinned one wearing the necklace. Someone please tell me his name! I want to know who this gorgeous fucker is! https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=386797997

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