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  1. What Is Your Current Hiv Status? (Poll)

    I am not sure what my HIV status is (I haven't tested for a long, long time), but I suspect that I am poz. I'm a strict top, however, I am uncut and have barebacked roughly around 150 - 250 times if I was to hazard a guess. The CDC says that for strict tops the risk is 1 in 161 (and they are being overly generous when they say that). So with that in mind, I would say it's extremely unlikely I'm still neg after having fucked so many raw holes. I fear the diagnosis so much - and couldn't handle it at this time in my life (too much going on) so I guess I won't know for sure until I come down with an opportunistic infection. We'll see. I might be lucky and still be neg. But in my gut, I think I know that I've messed up.
  2. Who would love this beautiful piece of meat in their mouth? This gorgeous cock belongs to a guy who lives in Morocco. I've been chatting with him on Facebook and Whatsapp for a while and he has promised to let me suck it the next time I visit Morocco for a holiday (in exchange for money, as he's straight).
  3. Total Tops who got infected with HIV

    I say this with the greatest respect, but you need to face up to reality. What you've just said is rubbish:
  4. Is this guy crazy?

    @descartes70817 did you become infected through topping? I see your profile says your a vers top, that's why I ask.
  5. Is this guy crazy?

    I was expecting quite a number of guys on here to be backing him up, given how many guys on here believe that topping raw poses hardly any risk to the top. It does, in actual fact (and I'm pleased to say this) seem most of you have your heads screwed on properly!
  6. Is this guy crazy?

    And I bet I know what happened to all of them.....
  7. I was speaking to another fellow strict top who never bottoms ...he is uncut and does bareback on a very regular basis with anon strangers in the sauna/bathhouse...almost every weekend. He says he hasn't tested for HIV in over 3 years. I asked him why? I said that for someone barebacking on such a regular basis and fucking so many hundreds (literally hundreds ) of anon holes each year - he really should be testing. He said no, he is fearless and doesn't "give a fuck". I asked, does he not worry at all whatsoever about HIV? he said no, that as a strict top, it is "very unlikely to ever happen". I told him he is crazy and that if he carries on, he will, at some stage whether sooner or later, end up poz eventually....and given that he is uncut, I said his risk is not low, but actually quite moderate to even high. Still, he would not have it. He said I don't know what I'm talking about. I said to him if tops couldn't get it, then how did AIDS become such a huge thing in cities like New York, San Francisco, L.A. , London, Paris etc in the epidemic of the 1980s and early 1990s? Gay and bisexual men were dropping dead like flies...surely, they couldn't all be bottom. He said that it was only because of versatile guys that the virus spread and not because of strict tops . I think this guy is talking bullshit and just doesn't want to face hard, cold facts. He's maybe just scared shitless of what he's doing and knows it's very dangerous...maybe he suspects he may indeed already be poz and just in denial? He basically ended the conversation by saying that he can fuck raw without being on PrEP or taking PEP as long as he remains a strict top, and he should be ok. Is this guy crazy? Or is he correct?
  8. Straight male escorts

    I imagine there are very few women who have hired escorts. Of course, there are women who do so, but they are extremely rare. Paying for sex is very much a man's thing - and usually (but by no means always) older men whose youthful looks have faded and probably find it difficult to find sexual partners as a result - and so have no choice but to pay for it. You'll be very lucky to find women on here full stop (it's a website for gay and bisexual men, right? ) let alone women who have hired male escorts. And I think most of the women who do hire escorts, only do so for "dates" - that is, dinners at fancy restaurants, going to wine bars etc and not for sexual services. You know women are not as bothered about or as interested in sex as men are. Despite all that I have just said.... I too would be interested to hear from any women about their sexual experiences with straight male escorts. So if there are any reading this, do share your stories - it would be VERY horny
  9. Straight male escorts

    Simple. Talk to your partner. If she wants an escort, then she should search the internet for straight male escorts in her area, choose the one she wants and then contact him to arrange a booking.
  10. DP in the hotel room

    As I lay there in pure ecstasy, my cock still inside Leanne's wet pussy...Amr continues to fuck her in the ass, and I continue to enjoy feeling his cock hitting against mine through that thin membrane of flesh separating her pussy from her anus - closing my eyes and grinning, putting my arms around Leanne's back and bringing her closer to me, hugging her and enjoying the feeling of her tits pressed against my chest. I'm still hard inside Leanne after cumming, and I thrust my cock deep into Leanne's pussy to provide Amr's cock with extra stimulation and to ultimately help bring him closer to orgasm. Amr fucks her for about a further 2 minutes after I've blown my load, and then pulls his cock out, takes the condom off and says to her, "Now I'm gonna cum in your ass" ...he wanks his cock, opens his mouth wide, closes his eyes, throws his head back and moans in ecstasy as he releases his thick cum into Leanne's hole - pushing his cock back inside her ass while he is cumming. I feel some of Amr's cum drip down from Leanne's asshole, run down my cock and onto my balls. It is warm and feels lovely. Amr puts his arm around Leanne's belly as she collapses herself totally onto me, resting his head on her back, panting. The three of us lie together for a few moments just in total bliss...with a feeling of connectedness, closeness, bonding and energy between us and surrounding us that I cannot really explain it. It just feels amazing.
  11. DP in the hotel room

    Amr starts fucking her very fast, and watching him is such a joy. I take my cock out of Leanne's mouth and slap it on her face, "You love two dicks at the same time don't you, huh?" I say to her as she looks up at me. "Yes" she says, "Sorry, I can't hear you. Tell me what you like. Tell me you like two cocks at the same time. Say it, you fucking slut!" I say to her. She moans as Amr thrusts himself into her really hard and she says, with some intermittent moans, "I like two cocks at the same time". "Good" I say to her. "Now I want you to tell me you want two cocks inside you at the same time. One in your ass and one in your pussy." "Oh, I don't know about that" she says. "Just fucking tell me, you fucking bitch!" I shout. "I want two cocks in me at the same time. One in my ass, one in my pussy". "Good fucking girl," I say, "Amr, dude. It's time we fill this bitch up. Come on bro, we'll both fuck her together now". He pulls out of her and puts his cock in between her tits and fucks her tits. He moans with pleasure. She sucks me a little bit more, until my urge for double penetration can be contained no longer. "Come on now, slut, it's time for your double stuffing" I tell her. I feel nervous at this point, as well as excited. I had never done DP before. But I don't tell Leanne or Amr this. I had no idea if all three of us were in the same boat or not. I did not ask, either. "I'll take her pussy, bro", I tell Amr as I lie down on my back, with a pillow underneath me to raise me up slightly. "I'm gonna fuck your ass" Amr says to Leanne, as he massages the head of his gorgeous cock with his hand all lubed up with his own saliva (being cut, he cannot wank without lubricant). Leanne gets on top of me, in the traditional DP position, with her facing me. She lowers her pussy onto my hard cock and leans herself forward so that she is almost lying down on top of me. I suck on her tits and look up at Amr who is behind Leanne wanking his cock and fingering her ass. I am so excited. This is the moment that I had waited for, for so long. I had always wanted to do an mfm with DP and never thought that in reality I would ever get the chance to do it.....I always assumed it would just remain a lifelong fantasy that would never be fulfilled. I couldn't believe it. My dream finally coming true. My heart raced with excitement like nobody reading this will ever be able to comprehend. Leanne moaned with a mixture of pleasure and absolute pain as Amr finally pushed himself inside her asshole, and as he slowly went in, I could feel his cock pressed against mine. "So you really CAN feel the other guy" I thought to myself. It takes Leanne time to get used to having Amr's massive cock in her tight ass. There is a period of about 10 minutes where he has to keep taking it out and give Leanne time to relax and get used to the pain. Once she feels comfortable with Amr in her ass, she says, "Come on then boys, FUCK ME!" I push my cock up her pussy as Amr pushes his cock into her ass and I feel our cocks meet. Oh wow. This is incredible. I'm basically frotting cocks with Amr, with Leanne as the conduit for us doing so. It doesn't take us too long to build up a proper rhythm...the cock-to-cock frottage....feeling Amr's cock through the thin wall seperating Leanne's asshole from her pussy, was just INTENSE pleasure like I've never felt before. I felt myself about to blow. I look up not at Leanne, but at Amr, and say very loudly as I shoot jets of cum into Leanne's pussy, "Amr, I'm cumming bro!". I then let out an incredibly loud moan with my orgasm and Leanne screams with pleasure, too. It was odd to think that Leanne did not know that it was the pleasure/stimulation created by the frotting with Amr's cock through the wall separating the ass from the pussy that made me cum.
  12. DP in the hotel room

    I said to him, "Imagine if she would take both of us at the same time, dude." He laughed at me and smiled, "Hahaha. Oh my God, that's crazy, bro. That would be cool." So he was up for it. So I said, "Why don't you ask her if she wants to join you in your friend's room after you've finished working, just for a few drinks". By "your friend" I meant me, obviously. He liked the sound of that. I gave him my number, and finally learned that his name is Amr. I went back to my room and about 2 hours later had a text from Amr (and I'm sorry for the grammar, but it's because English isn't his first language) which read: "Yas may brather, she is camming to your room with me. You have alcahol, is good may brather. I camming in 20 minute." And he was true to his word....20 minutes later they were both in my room and we were drinking and talking, having a pretty nice time. She said her name was Leanne. I made sure she was plied with enough alcohol before I really moved things on in the right direction: "Amr really likes you," I said and laughed to Leanne. "Oh do you now?" she said to him. "Yes, I like very much" he said. Leanne then put her head back and laughed, perhaps finding the whole situation ridiculous. I was determined. I put one hand on one of her knees and planted a very gentle kiss on her cheek. Before I knew it, I had my tongue down her throat and was feeling her tits. My young, beautiful Arab friend was also kissing her. She was sitting in between the two of us on the large double bed, taking it in turns to kiss us. Next thing I know, the three of us are completely naked. I am fixated on Amr's cock. It is just so beautiful. It is very thick, MASSIVE and cut (obviously, being an Arab muslim). As Leanne sucks and deepthroats Amr's gorgeous cock, I wish that I could join her in doing so. I seriously consider just kneeling down beside her and joining her in taking that amazing cock in my mouth. But I did not dare. I didn't want to risk being physically assaulted by Amr if he didn't want anything "gay" to happen ....or even shock Leanne by doing something like that without her even knowing I'm bisexual. LOL. But to everyone reading this, honestly, Amr's cock was just so beautiful...even I, as a strict top who NEVER ever bottoms, would have allowed him to destroy my ass with that beautiful cock....not only would I have allowed it, I wanted it and would have loved for that to have happened. I then stand and watch Amr eating Leanne's pussy. I wank my cock as I admire his skills in eating pussy and also appreciate his beauty. I thought to myself, "He is the most beautiful boy in the whole of Egypt". I almost said it out loud. I stare at and admire not only his lovely cock, but his ass and lovely slim body, too. I thought to myself, "If only Leanne wasn't here and I could fuck him" LOL. I go to my travel bag and get two condoms out. I put on one myself and give one to Amr. Lucky they are LARGE size for Amr's monster cock lol. Amr slips his cock into Leanne's pussy, in the missionary position, and I ram my cock down Leanne's throat. She sucks so nicely, and her deepthroating skills are like I've never experienced before from any guy or girl.
  13. DP in the hotel room

    Unfortunately, I pressed for a space in between paragraphs and lost a huge bulk of the story - I am having to re-write it. I clicked Ctrl + Z to undo, but it seemed to delete more of the story. Such a shame, I had come close to finishing. I'm re-writing it now, guys, so the rest of the story will be posted shortly.
  14. DP in the hotel room

    I was on holiday in Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt. I was traveling solo, as I usually do, and was staying at a lovely hotel and was enjoying my time there. One day, I went to the outdoor bar and was served by a young lad, about 18 years old, who was just so incredibly good-looking that it seemed unreal. He was a proper dream boy. His hair style, his eyes, his skin, his body, his ass. Wow. He was just perfect. And he was very friendly and also very fun to talk to with a playful and fun sense of humour. His English was of an OK standard. After the first time meeting him, I went back to my hotel room and knocked one out thinking about him. I imagined fucking him, being inside that tight, Arab ass. I also imagined how his cock would look...I imagined it being huge (Arabs always have big ones) and I imagined sucking it and deepthroating it. I had the best orgasm from wanking myself off that I'd had in a long time. I came loads and shot really far. I would go every night for the rest of my holiday to see him at the bar. He didn't mind me talking to him while he was working. He was such a charm and all the other Western tourists seemed to love him, too. He was a very confident, bubbly, outgoing person who made people laugh. Just generally a great guy to be around. I thought about taking advantage of the fact that most Arab guys are bisexual/have fluid sexuality/have same-sex sexual experiences due to Muslim rules on pre-marital sex. I thought about how I should approach him and basically make an offer of fun. Maybe I should ask him straight up, "Would you mind coming up to my room when you have a break or when you've finished working?" or some such. I made a promise to myself one night that I would go and ask him or say something to him that was "suggestive" and see what kind of response I get. So I went to see him at the bar one evening. We were talking as he was serving other tourists their cocktails and beers...and this gorgeous young lady, no older than about 25, started talking to him. She was a fellow Brit. Lovely long, blonde hair and tits that were not too large but looked like they'd be lovely to suck on. Her body was stunning: she appeared to have such silky smooth skin and her ass was breathtakingly sexy. He seemed to be talking and laughing with her for a long time and I could sense that she liked him. I did feel very jealous as I stood and watched them getting on so well. My heart was beating fast and hard with jealousy. I thought she was sexy, but just wanted her to go. I felt like saying "Fuck off, he's mine!". LOL. After she eventually walked away and laid down by the pool with what appeared to be her family members, he came over to me with his eyes wide and the biggest smile on his face, "She's fucking hot, bro!" he said and laughed. "Man, I wanna fuck her" in his Egyptian accent. I immediately saw the opportunity to have a threesome. I had had many threesomes in my time, so many that I couldn't put a number on it, but all threesomes with just guys (mmm). I had never had an mfm threesome before. I knew....well, I hoped, that I could make this happen. An mfm threesome had been my dream for years. In particular an mfm. She clearly liked him, and I just hoped that she might like me enough to be willing. I just had to now think how to make this happen.

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