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  1. How common are those particular strains among poz guys?
  2. So I know there is daily and event based dosing. But recently I learned there is a 4 days a week way of taking it which is apparently just as effective as taking it daily or event based. I think its like you take the PrEP on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday. Anyone doing this way? I am really forgetful, I've been taking it daily since I got on it back in January but I often forget to take it or can't remember if I have taken a pill or not. And even when I have a good run of taking it daily without forgetting, I forget to take at correct time and the times are all varied, so it isn't the same time each day (though my understanding is this doesn't matter so much, as long as it daily). Usually when I forget to take one, I take one the next day but sometimes then I forget to take one the day after that. So the four day week thing seems like it would probably work for me. Also, not sure if it was posted on here, but did anyone see the story about the guy in Australia who got infected despite being on PrEP (think he was on event based dosing)? That's scary. I wonder how long PrEP will continue to protect us? You know the old saying.... If something seems too good to be true, then it probably is...
  3. What age did you start taking loads in your ass and by whom?
  4. If you're only topping, there is a small chance you could turn poz eventually but it would probably take a very long time indeed...if it even happens. Start bareback bottoming however, and your risk will sky rocket. That said, most HIV positive people KNOW they are infected and are on meds (and most of those... Or at least a large number of them...are undetectable). There is a minority of guys who are poz but unaware of the fact (and who have high viral loads due to being unmedicated) but your chance of infection even from them is small for one off exposures ...to be successfully pozzed, you would likely have to have quote a few bareback exposures to such individuals. Now throw into the mix the many thousands (yes, thousands not hundreds) of guys who are on PrEP (like myself) and those who use PEP after bb sex and those who use condoms...a person's risk of actually getting HIV in London (and perhaps much of the Western world) is actually now quite low. What I say may sound too good to be true to you, if you are someone who wants to avoid infection, but it is backed up and reflected by the stats which show a huge decrease in HIV infections ...in fact, HIV diagnosis rates are plummeting here in London. There is no room.for complacency, but I think we are drawing a close to the epidemic here in the UK (or certainly in London, at least). This is thanks to most poz guys being on meds, PrEP, PEP, condoms and the low risk of one-time single exposures anyway. All these factors combined are helping bring the epidemic to a close. If you DO want to get infected, I would suggest you don't start taking PrEP and become a bottom cumdump whore.
  5. Can you explain what you mean exactly by not in line with current practice?
  6. I don't normally entertain wacko conspiracy theories, but when it comes to one HIV/AIDS theory, I actually think there is a chance it could be true. Okay here's a breakdown of some facts: In the USA, the first state to legalise gay sex was Illinois in 1962 but it was illegal in all other states until after the Stonewall riots of 1969. The first case of AIDS was seen in 1979 by a doctor in New York City, Dr. Linda Laubenstein... when one of her patients (an openly gay man) came into her office with lesions which she diagnosed as Kaposi's Sarcoma (KS). Then other cases of KS and also cases of a rare but deadly form of pneumonia called Pneocystics Pneumonia (PCP) , began appearing almost exclusively in gay and bisexual men throughout the next couple years (1979-1981). Finally in 1981 some of these AIDS cases were reported in official literature for the first time and finally the world knew about AIDS. Now supposedly the average time from seroconversion with HIV to the time that symptoms begin to show (full blown AIDS) is 10 years. So with this in mind, if the first case of AIDS which was seen by Linda Laubenstein was in 1979, then that means her patient was possibly infected with the virus around 1969. And when huge numbers of people started to become sick with KS and PCP and other AIDS-related illnesses in the early and mid-1980s (the 1981-1985 period), this suggests that the average person among those people was infected with the virus in the early and mid-1970s. There was a teenager in St. Louis in Missouri who was diagnosed in 1968 with KS and who died a year later in 1969 from bronchial pneumonia. While he was still alive, doctors examined him and wrote in his medical records that his anus showed signs of being regularly penetrated. When he was questioned about his sex life, he was very cagey and reluctant to give answers. The doctors were baffled at how a young kid who was otherwise healthy, could come down with such serious and rare diseases. Samples of his blood were stored and in the late 1980s or 1990s , the very same doctors who had treated him back in 1968 and 1969 discovered that his blood contained antibodies to HIV and that he had therefore been HIV positive. I think this case is the earliest confirmed case of HIV in the entire USA. So if we bear in mind that the average time from initial infection to onset of AIDS symptoms is 10 years, then this poor young lad was possibly infected in 1958 (when he would have been a pre-pubescent child...which suggests he could have been raped by someone). Now let's remember gay sex was legalized in 1962 in Illinois (but the debate about legalization had been going on since at least the late 1950s). Let's also remember that people didn't start falling sick in really huge numbers until the early 1980s - 10 years after Stonewall. Basically, it seems really strange to me that the first infections probably occurred at a time when gay sex was first legalized, or was being considered of getting legalized and at a time homosexuality was starting to become accepted by the society. Seems really fishy to me. I honestly think this is highly suggestive of a man-made virus, authorized by the governments of the time or the medical community of the time who would have had ultra-conservative/homophobic values....to try and kill as many gay people as possible so that society would not have to tolerate a gay community which was able to express itself sexually within the law. Would be interested in what other people think? A man-made virus to wipe out gays from America/the world? I know it sounds crazy, but when we look at the evidence I've provided to back the theory up, is it really so crazy? Would love to know what others think.
  7. I went to the sexual health clinic today and i got 3 more months supply of PrEP. But some bad news. The nurse asked me if I have ever been vaccinated against Hep B, and I said yes. I had the full course of 3 injections in 2013. I told him this, and he said "Well it hasn't worked very well. You've got very low immunity." And he said my number was 17. I didn't understand and I asked him what that meant. Basically, he said anything between 0 and 10 means you've got no immunity...and over 100 means you have strong immunity. So at 17, I have very low immunity. So I'm having to go through another 3 jabs for the Hep B. And this isn't all. He said my liver function tests (which had been taken during my initial PrEP consultation) had shown creatinine levels which were very high...112. I said I was concerned and he said "yes, you are right to be. It could indicate you have something seriously wrong with your kidneys, I'm afraid"....and he did some rapid testing of my urine but fortunately it showed nothing serious going on. He did say that it will have to be closely monitored, that he hoped creatinine levels will go down but it's not garaunteed that they will...he said if they remain this high over a long period of time or even if they go up, then he will refer me to a doctor who he said will most likely seriously consider whether I should come off PrEP We'll have to see what happens. So I learned I'm not protected against Hep B like I thought I was AND that there's a strong possibility that I might have to come off PrEP soon. What sad news to recieve after being on PrEP for only 3 months and just as I've started to enjoy barebacking without any fear or anxieties (due to being on PrEP).
  8. I suppose when you think about it, given that most guys with HIV are aware of the fact they have it and are on medication... often undetectable... And that so many guys are on PrEP and then also that so many guys use condoms...the fact that a lot of guys use PEP after an exposure....AND the fact that one-time/single exposures carry low risk of transmission anyway..... All these things combined should mean that Bathhouses are nowhere near as dangerous for negative guys in terms of HIV risk today like they were in say the 1980s and early 90s. Thanks to all the factors I've just mentioned, I think it isn't farfetched to say that we are probably nearing the end of the HIV epidemic (in the Western world, that is).
  9. Me too. I didn't test for something like 5 or 6 years. When I did eventually get tested again, I had gono and syph (which have both been treated and cured since). I fucked hundreds upon hundreds of guys in the 5 years or so before I got tested again and the majority of those guys I fucked bareback. I find it hard to believe I only got infected with only 2 STI's, given how many guys I'd ducked bareback...so I'm thinking even if you get an STI (like gono or chlyamidia etc) and don't get tested, maybe they just go away and clear up on their own after a certain amount of time? And BTW I would imagine PrEP has resulted in a rise in STI rates due to the fact that more people would be doing bareback (hence why they're on PrEP)...that's quite logical to assume, I'd have thought. But hey, it doesn't really matter as most STI's can be treated and cured easily, unlike HIV.
  10. Have been taking PrEP daily but not done so for about just over a week ...almost 2 weeks. If I restarted taking it again, as a daily dosage, would I be protected again just as I was the first time when I was on the drug? Can you stop and then start PrEP again with the drug still acting effectively and providing adequate protection against HIV ?
  11. Or maybe you mean drug resistant gono? If so, yes it's real but extremely rare, thank goodness.
  12. Hey guys. So basically... I have this friend who I know from when he used to live in the UK (he lived in my town) but now he is gone back to his home country in eastern Europe. I was chatting to him on facebook last night and I was feeling horny (he doesn't know about my sexual orientation, btw... he thinks I'm straight). I suggested watching porn together and to my surprise, he said okay and that he was up for it. He said we can do it tomorrow night and that I should stream a hot video and he can watch it. So...first of all, what does he mean by stream a video? And how do I do it? I know there is a thing called Live stream on Fb , which I know how to do (although I've never done it)...so do I have to do that? I see on there that there is an option to "screen share"....i'm guessing I'll have to do this so that we can both watch the porn video together at the same time? And is there a way to live stream/screen share so that only me and him can see the porn? I don't want any other friends or my family members seeing me do a live stream of a porn movie hahaha. I'm really excited and just really wanna jerk-off with my straight buddy watching some porn....that is gonna be soooo intense. But I don't know how to stream a video and how to stream it privately so only me and him can see it. If anyone knows what I have to do, please give me instructions, I appreciate it. Thanks in advance guys ?
  13. Oh, I've been taking it at different times each day for a little while now. It won't be protecting me now then I guess? What should I do? Stop taking it for a while (I don't know...maybe a week?) and then start over again and try to adhere to the same time every day? What should I do?
  14. So from what you say, I should have adequate protection against HIV if I am taking my PrEP daily, but at varying times each day? Like for example,: 5pm today, 9pm tomorrow, 3pm the day after etc? So long as it's every day?
  15. Thanks for the info,...I remember the doctor telling me about the 4 day a week dosing. But what about taking it daily but at different times each day?

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