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  1. No worries, thanks for getting back to me. He's absolutely fine now! And he will never, ever touch that kind of stuff ever again. It's been a huge lesson from which he's learned. He'll never respond to guys on Grindr who have H 'n H on their profiles ever again.
  2. I was just wondering if some of the saunas may not open again after lockdown is finally lifted. Can you imagine if lockdown kills off the gay saunas here in the UK? Is that likely to be the case?
  3. I was just gonna ask the same thing. I guess he means Truvada as treatment for HIV positive people rather than as PrEP for negative people?
  4. FTM's are incredibly hot ❤ Especially the ones who have had the operation to give them a penis. I know they can't cum but there's something about knowing that a woman has been given a cock that just drives me mad horny.
  5. Question about PEP (not PrEP). Does the single Raltegravir tablet have to be taken exactly at the same time every day? If I sometimes take it two or three hours after the time I am normally taking it, will that have any affect on whether the PEP works overall? I know from previously being a daily PrEP user, that for PrEP there is some rather good leeway. I mean the times you take the drug each day don't have to be terribly fixed/ rigid for the drug to still work, as long as you're taking it every day and don't completely forget doses on a regular basis. Is it the same for PEP? or do
  6. Update: He feels almost 100% better, all the anxiety is pretty much gone along with the paranoia and the tremors. Most of this the docs said was anxiety related due to thinking about the whole situation. Now he just has very occassional heart flutters with an extremely heightened sense of smell. His pupils are also really tiny and it's like 6 full days on since the whole event when he took the stuff, but he hasn't touched anything since (and says he won't). Will they go back to normal? He's been checked over at A&E and they say everything looks good (heart, organs, blood pressure etc).
  7. @LetsPOZBreed and @find91 ; My friend says he was having palpitations and feelings of dread and paranoia even four full days after this first time on Tina (which as I say, he used really excessive). He self-admitted to hospital earlier today after he thought he was in the process of having a heart attack or stroke. Turns out, the docs having checked him over, said he was just suffering from very severe anxiety. The docs told him he's gonna be OK, and they said they don't even think he needs any anti-anxiety meds, he just needs to try to calm down and understand he's just put his body (and mind
  8. Thanks for your reply, but I didn't mean crack. I meant Crystal Meth (or "Tina"). My friend just assumed it was crack that he was offered due to the fact it was smoked through a pipe (he assumed it was crack pipe). But the guy he smoked it with has since told him that it was Crystal Meth. My friend said after a couple days, he still feels slightly weird and has a fluttering heart rate/palpitations and feels a bit anxious/paranoid. Is this normal ? I'm really worried, since he is my best friend.
  9. I tried to call Mortimer Market Centre just now for emergency PEP and the appointments line is closed. I do not know what to do. Can someone in the UK help me? Please. And I cannot book online. Please, someone help me. I'm ever so scared.
  10. This guy I know who never does chems, hooked up with a guy from Grindr and smoked way too much crack cocaine for his first time (I abolsutely do NOT condone the use of illicit substances, btw). It has been 9 hours since his last hit, he really regrets it and feels so awful (physically). He hates it. He said the high has still not gone. Will how he is feeling subside? Or is he now like this forever?
  11. Is it likely if the guy is undiagnosed and unmedicated? Or are the odds in the average person's favour in this scenario?
  12. How long does it take you to get your PrEP from IWantPrEPNow ? Yeah of course people shouldn't be having anon sex during lockdown, but people will still continue to do so if the urge is strong enough (as it has been with me). I know it's not right, but it's just reality. They shouldn't have stopped people being able to get PrEP from the Impact Trial.
  13. Hi everyone, I'm on the so-called "Impact Trial" here in the UK and I always get my PrEP from the Mortimer Market Centre clinic in central London , where I'm sure many of the other Brits on this website also get their PrEP. I go there every three months or so to get more PrEP, but about two weeks ago I ran out of PrEP, but when I went on the Mortimer Market Centre website I was unable to make an appointment for this due to the coronavirus pandemic. So great ....they decided to stop people from getting their PrEP and being monitored for STIs because of the lockdown? What do I do? Do I just
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