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  1. I wouldn't say addicted, but definitely put them at the top of the list should I have a few to suck for bottom for in a day.
  2. Where are all the Minneapolis BB tops? Let’s have a shout out for us bottoms to find you.
  3. It’s started a simply loving the cum and now would say it is liking the submission aspect of sucking as he likes to be sucked and at times they spin me around and want to finish in my cunt which is always lubed when I go out sucking.
  4. Gives me a sense of pride servicing real men’s cocks. Never a regret. Even going home to my girlfriend after holding cum in my holes.
  5. Sounds like a great upbringing. I do wish I would have had that opportunity. I'd have made a great cum boy.
  6. Always swallow after showing it in my mouth out of respect for the man that allowed me to have his load.
  7. On my knees while he sits comfortably in a chair watching porn while I work his load out.
  8. This is my fantasy as well, but also cannot line up more than one or two at a time. Have tried being the center at an all male JO/porn gathering, but it is like they are shy to do it in front of others. Typical Minnesota sheep.
  9. Sounds like they got you off to a great start
  10. I also feel this way. Believe I am lucky having a Daddy that feeds me weekly if not more after I service his k9. He only allows me his load, if I service his buddy well, which I have come not to mind and actually starting to enjoy.
  11. Always thank the feeder. You never know where your next meal might be cumming from.
  12. Would like to chat with others that felt it was a good experience and kicked off a life long drive to seek out cock. I never had the opportunity to suck my dad but did suck and swallow many of my brother’s loads.
  13. Would like to chat with others that felt it was a good experience and kicked off a life long drive to seek out cock.
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