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  1. You allude to a big problem I've notice in gay male hookup culture. People not respecting others chosen position. It happens with tops as well. It's annoying as fuck when people try to flip people/ coerce them into another position that they are not. And it never works, just because a bottom may have a nice dick or a top has a nice ass don't mean that they are going to flip into another position. Accept what they say or what they post on their profile and move the fuck along.
  2. I would say 7.5 and above (I'm talking REAL INCHES)
  3. watch out a lot of straight guys love teasing gay men because they love the attention but have no intention of following through. Just play it cool and let him cum to you
  4. your last sentence made me hard lol
  5. SOOOOOOOOOOOO fucking true. A lot of the fisting bottoms I fuck have amazing muscle control. they can make it tight or loose like a 10cent whore
  6. Yeah I find it strange as well, I suspect most are vers. Even if you're a top and like sucking dick why would you care what size the bottom is ??
  7. Don't worry about your hole being blown out and never being tight again the rectum is a muscle that actually want's to stay tight. If you do it occasionally. Most tops would not have a clue that you've been fisted or are a fisting bottom. It takes heavy and very regular training to keep that pussy loose
  8. It takes time to open a hole. Sorry but it needs to be said. a lot of guys think that a fisting top can take them from virgin to bicep deep fisting with the occasional fisting session. Like anything worth doing it takes practice. That being said if you're significant other or Master is a fisting top he still can own your ass while doing toy play on you until you can take his fist.
  9. the double headers are good for depth. Just remember to practice opening up your hole. There is only so much a fisting top can do
  10. It's also good for piss play. If you don't mind being a human toilet ( piss not the other thing lol)
  11. Fisting and water sports. Hated prolapses and rosebuds. Now I'm elbow deep in assholes and even pissing and fucking in it. Who would of know. Lolol
  12. Nope, most bottoms I have fucked were soft, but still came and was leaking throughout the fuck. A few even piss themselves. I usually let the hole speak for itself. A bottom can't fake an anal orgasm.
  13. It has nothing to do with porn. It's a mind set some bottoms like being treated like a hole and are very anal focus. Nothing wrong with that.
  14. Tops actually ask??? Wtf for?? It's your ass and holes I'm more concerned with. I could give a flying fuck about your dick. I'm not the type of top that you have to hide your dick but don't expect me to play or touch it.

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