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  1. It's hard times a lot of students and people that can make ends meet have turned to sex work to survive. Look at how many new onlyfan accounts that have been created in the last couple of months. Canada we received assitance all through out the lockdown. Most countries gave none or very little. I personally would not pay for sex at this stage in my life, but I don't knock people that do. My main issue is hitting up people for money on hookup apps can come across as a bit dishonest since most guys are their for some form of "free" sex. It's better to advertise as a escort being upfront he
  2. I like loose hole. Hairy or smooth, just prefer it natural. I like a lippy cunt, nice big puffy meaty ass lips
  3. Totally agree I don't mind mentoring or caring for a young sub, but I find a lot of young guys are looking for a quick intense kink session without any experience and they expect every sessions to be perfect. They can suck the life out of kink session due to their attitude.
  4. Until they leave their country they are all straight. Homosexuality is outlawed in most middle eastern countries.
  5. I'm in my 30's and oddly I have a thing for older bottoms. Not saying I don't fuck younger guys but it has been more older guys. I prefer the experience in the hole and head. They tend to be more involved in kink without it totally consuming them and they don't fall in love after one fuck. And I find age attractive on a man/woman.
  6. The ones I know do have great asses
  7. Holy grail??? Most middle Eastern I know are bottoms. Don't let the body hair fool you. Quite a bit are even very effeminate.
  8. I have seen and talked with tops that have freaked out at the sight of a chastity cage and sadly some tops do not understand why a bottom will not want their dick touched. The more average you appear your pool won't diminish. It a bit sad we can't just accept peoples differences
  9. Personal I don't mind nullo. You still got a mouth and a "cunt" so we still have fun. To answer your question sadly I think keeping your junk you will catch more guys because being nullo might freak out some tops. It gives you more options.
  10. Pegging is become a lot more common and less fringe. You can definitely find a Domme that would be willing to peg your hole and humiliate your clit.
  11. As long as they have a functioning hole. I could care less how your dick looks. It's all just ornamental to me.
  12. This may be obvious but inducing a crap before douching really speeds the process along. One of my boys uses coffee.
  13. Things that turn me on: sloppy wet noises, big calves, moaning, pleasant contradiction, girls kissing, gaping open ass, with or without the rose. Puffy pussy lips (men and women).
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