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  1. You sound like a kind and considerate man. I agree with most of what you're saying except for last statement. Would it be better to meet an older man in a non sexual setting then?
  2. There's baggage then theirs damaged personalities. Had a few relationships with older guys and I find the ones that have never accepted the ageing process to be a lot like how @Sunovabesh describes. They either fetshize you for your youth, treating you like a trophy or bimbo, or they play fucked up games to see how much you "like" them, which just makes you get turned off from the chase. Gay society is very youth focused and once you get older the abuse starts to increase, but these guy bitch about being treated bad all the while doing the same thing that they bitch about or worse inviting abuse by running after every fuck boy that shakes is ass in close proximity.
  3. Got this more from women then guys. But I support this message whole heartedly
  4. Or a dude that pays your bills and your rent LOL
  5. Don't forget shit tops making fake profiles to boost their score LOL Ya ever since the Dad Bod craze Daddy being used as a body type is totally ridiculous. Daddy as a Body type is just as vague as average. At least average is more inclusive
  6. Very fucking true. I have bottoms friends that loose their erection at the mere mention of topping. I really felt that last line. And you never should have too
  7. I don't mind hooking up with vers guys, my main hesitation and annoyance is their constant need to flip. Vers guys tend to agree to one thing online and then when you meet in person all of a sudden want to change roles. It's annoying AF. I've had vers guys told me they were looking to bottom, but when we meet, they can't handle my dick and start trying to suggest that I should try bottoming for them. I'm like get the fuck out of here do you not know how to read???? It's like they don't understand that not everyone is like them. Some guys don't want to be fuck/ can only be fucked and don't want to top. Respect people's preferences. And know it's not being selfish being solely a bottom or s strict top it's who they are.
  8. Did it numerous times by accident, condoms use to break on me constantly before finding the right size. But I always informed the bottom when I realized.
  9. find91


    Trimmed is the best of both words, no unnatural looking prepubescent razor bump filled crotch and you don't have to pick long hair out of your teeth after every blowjob.
  10. I can totally understand why Daddy would be off limits for makes complete sense. The problem is now the Daddy term is so stretched out and over used it really means nothing now. Before it was used for a man or a certain age and look. Usually mid 40's + and rugged. Now it's anyone with chest hair above the age of 21 (kids having kids lol) Since I've hit mid 30's been getting the twinks calling me Daddy. At first, I was a bit annoyed, because I was like I'm not that old and I look nothing like someone's father lol. But the more I thought about it, it bothered me less. The oddest thing is that now in my mid 30's I tend to hook up with older sub's and they usually start calling me Daddy. A bit odd since most are older than me lol, but I like using my boys hard but will still take care of them if their's any issue. So I guess Daddy can apply. To me using Daddy or boy is no longer an age specific term, but now more indicative of the position, role and type of play or relationship.
  11. So true, this goes for bottoms for me. The insatiable whore, with smidge of class lol
  12. Confident sluts. Guys that proud to be who they are without the boasting or flaboyantness or self depricative. Loose holes, no hole is ever too loose for me. That being said I'm not against tight ones, just be willing to let me turn you into a sloppy slut. Body type I like anything from chubby bear to average Joe. Unfortunately not into twinks.
  13. Um.. Those aren't repugnant tops. They are just plain assholes. Similar things have happened to me with bottoms so I can relate. Those are definitely offense that should ban a person. I get a bottom should serve a top but clearly abusive behaviour like the ones you describe is way over anything ANY person should except. Sounds like you haddled it with class. Sounds like you just had the infortune for meeting messed up tweekers.
  14. It depends on the venue and situation. Saunas, and sex bars a fag presenting his ass first is acceptable and even preferred. It sends a message to the top that you are ready and a willing hole. These places tend to be more higher volume so no point in wasting time ( for both the bottom and the top). In these cases if I wanted a blowjob then I would just tap the bottom and they will turn around suck me to get hard. If it is a hookup and I'm meeting him at his or my place. Fag should always be presented on their knees facing me. It show's a sign of respect and that you are on standby to be used. Being on all fours ass up to the door can be a risky move, it can convey your a hole ready to be used ( which is good) or it can convey that the top is just another dick for the bottom to be fucked by (which might offend some tops, yes I know it's hypocritical to say this lol. But we tops have feelings too lol). A faggot should do what a top wants, so just ask. But usual we want to just use your holes so it really doesn't make a big difference. In general a fag should do whatever

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