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  1. It's weird how certain words effect people differently. I use it a lot and the bottoms that get offended by it they usually think I'm using it in a way to degrade and that feminization is only used on a man to degrade. Which isn't for me Because I don't view women as being lower. I like male and female pussy. I call it that because at the moment it's a vessel for my seed and dick just like a womans pussy is. It's not a way of nullifying masculinity but more of a way to access that vulnerable aspect we as men tend to hide. Ya might sound weird LOL
  2. The human body generates heat and all that friction with the dick add cunt walls will just add more. Im my case the bottom was literally just fucked a few minutes before
  3. For a top vers like me when I see an ass with that vertical slit or the crinkled pouty lips. I know the bottom will be a good fuck
  4. There's a point that when you get fisted pretty often it starts looking like one. hehehe
  5. When I bottom I prefer a thick large cocks. I want to feel stretched and owned. REally like that loose feeling after getting fucked. I like doing that to my boys so I want the same to be done to me.
  6. First of all some tops like blownout assholes just saying. But if you are experiencing pain from the hemorrhoids then you should have a Doctor look at it, because there is a surgery than can remove them. If your ass only looks blownout after being fucked by bigcocks or after a long session of taking dicks then give it a few days to a week and it will go back to normal.
  7. That's the problem some guys don't take hints and will chew you out no matter if you ignore or if you say No respectfully
  8. Well depends on the top. Me I have a fondness for hoes and sluts. So it's a big plus especially the sloppy sounds.
  9. Usually the smell gives it away and how you can go balls deep in the initial trust. Also the hole tends to be a bit hotter than normal. If you can make a bottom anally orgasm then the loads will be pushed out all over your dick. If they are a real cumdump then the fuck will sound in a wet swamp.
  10. Rather it pumped deep in me when I bottom and I do the same to my bottoms. I like feeling of being breed and the and loose feeling afterwards when your hole can't close and the loads just keeps leaking out
  11. Use a chastity device and a buttplug at the same time. That way you train the hole to be open while the clit stays soft.
  12. Just gonna put this out there. older bottoms understand a tops that like sluts. They know that not all tops are looking for a virgin. So they know how to relax their holes to give a nice loose fuck
  13. Alcohol dehydrates you so it could probably be that
  14. Very good Advice. Also I heard Gatorade helps because you tend to loose electrolytes from the douching process
  15. Thanx man never used Pure but always hear how great it was. So just wanted the reason why

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