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    I love to bottom, but I also top. I don't want to limit my experiences by not doing one, and I feel that all aspects of gay sex should be explored.
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    I learned the joys of gay sex when I was in middle school, and I ever stopped. As kids we didn't have money for condoms so we always barebacked. That stopped once I got into high school, and realized the danger. I started barebacking again my Freshmen year at university. I didn't know it, but the resident hall I was assigned to was the only all male hall, and to was known as the "gay hall." I met a group of guys that would fuck regularly, and often bareback with breeding. I was hooked.
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    Only stuff me and my friends made.
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    I look for a thick cock and a lose ass. Yummy.

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  1. This suck! First day in in two weeks without sex. Boyfriend is away, and no one can come over. I feel so empty. Guess I'll get out a bad dragon.

  2. Why do some guys pull out to cum just to stick it back in after? What is up with that? Is this a too much porn thing?

    1. rawsatyr


      Yes, I think it's a porn-thing... guys taking too many cues of what 'protocol' is there... makes no sense to me otherwise! I'd rather have a guy pump and pulse his load balls-deep, either by 'giving it away verbally' or even quietly, with only the pulsing shaft letting the discerning cum-dumpster know he has been tagged with DNA...

      And the jizz dripping as he pulls out it always enough 'proof' he wasn't bluffing!

  3. I live with my boyfriend. We're both unquenchable whores, and have other guys over all the time. It's not unusual for there to be an extra guy or two in our bed come morning. Really big beds are the best.
  4. Can I be a breeding slut with the live of my life?
  5. An uncle took my virginity when I was too young to know anything. We were sitting naked on his bed while watching some good porn (I'm guessing about the quality). I've been sucking him off for a while come that point. He had me sit on his lap, and one thing lead to another thing. Then I was no longer a virgin.
  6. Four new guys, and six loads added to the yearly total. God I love parties. 

  7. Some here. I don't want the fucking to stop, and if the top can last long enough, then I can cum a second time.
  8. Nothing better than taking off work to have a sex day with some friends.

  9. hello sexy guy, your balls are just WONDERFUL and MOUTHWATERING ... your size is terrific!!!

    friendly hugs from germany, Robert

  10. If it is a private sling, you have the right to say no. If it is a public sling, you still have the right to say nothing no, but you should get out if you are going to refuse service.
  11. Don’t do it! If your first fucking is a gangbang, it won’t go well for you. You have to work up to a gangbang. You won’t be able to take it, and you will, almost definitely, hurt yourself.
  12. I love feeling a soft cock grow hard in my mouth.

    1. jaybird


      fuck yeah!   feeling it grow, feeling the power in your mouth!


  13. I was dating a single father for quite some time, and his son walked in on us when he came home early. His son looked shellshocked and beet-red, and they had to have "the talk." I don't know who was more embarrassed: the father, or the son.
  14. The sex drought ended last night with a hot married couple. You got to love really big beds!

  15. So the week of no sex has begun. The things I give up for family. ?

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