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  1. Wondering if anyone has contact details for known HIV+ girls in Bali? I have a stopover there every couple of weeks and would love to spend time with one.
  2. pozmypussy

    Poz bull for wife

    I want someone to do the same to my missus. Bit easier for me cos she does a bit of work as an escort in Jakarta and I know sometimes she does bareback. Hasn't happened yet though :-(
  3. pozmypussy

    Christmas conversion

    Looking for some poz guys to come over and use me as a cum dump on Christmas day. No load refused. Pics and video welcome to be taken. I want the special gift this Christmas
  4. pozmypussy

    Poz Me

    Looking for high viral load poz guys to fuck my neg cunt and convert me. Would love to be your fuck toy cum dump slave and spend my life taking poz loads with no limits. Happy to be pierced and tattooed once converted and owned
  5. pozmypussy

    Convert Me

    Want guys to knock me up and convert me to the poz whore I really am. Don't care what sti's you have... I want them. Especially HIV and aids cock. Available Tuesday onwards. Love public and would love to be filmed
  6. pozmypussy

    Poz Me

    Looking for a guy or group of guys to poz me up. Happy to have it filmed and sign a waiver. Happy to pretend it is stealth or beg for it. Would like ongoing with someone who will use me but happy to just be bred and used and left

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