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  1. Older bi-virgin here. Never used Grindr but was thinking of downloading it. Before I do was wondering if anyone has had luck finding and meeting up with local tops on grindr?
  2. Are you local to the Pacific Northwest? I'm love to bid on your frozen cum once you've got a good collection going!
  3. Yeah on Xtubes I logged in after a year only to find many of the videos I favortied are no longer there. Like others, I hate porn that has actors inthem. That was why xtube was so great!
  4. I did find these on the web of Japanese women but I think I'm the only man who wants to switch places with these ladies. I find it to be highly degrading which turns me on but finding a dominant gay top to engage this this activity has been really difficult. The divers mask looks like a hands free way to do at least on the upper part of the face. Still looking for more ideas. Am I the only man that's turned on by this but with a man as the bottom?
  5. I think I've found a Dominant top to help make my fantasy cum to life. He will save up his cum until it reaches the several ounces mark. Then I'll be bound and forced to drink the thawed out collection and some poured over my head and face. I need ideas on best to lock it in, so to speak, after. Maybe some type of hood I'm thinking but I need suggestions. I'd like him to do the same thing to my cock which would usually be placing a condom on my cock after his cum has be poured over it. However, my dick is very small and I usually can't get hard.
  6. Well ChastitiedCumDump, can you post a picture?
  7. They keep getting stricter with what they first allowed. Now I can get specific enough to get the right tops replying.
  8. My posts keep getting flagged yet I can find others in my area that say worse. I think it's because my first ads were pushing the limits and now they automatically check my thoroughly! Some stuff that was allowed in the beginning is now off limits.
  9. I wish I could be a cocksucker like you all but I've got a problem with jaw that I can't open it far enough. Anyway, I'm addicted to Japanese bukkake porn with all the humiliation that goes with it. Unfortunately, I haven't seen anything like it in gay porn. Any toxic tops in the Washington / Oregon area willing to tie down a bottom and shoot a huge toxic load all over his face? I'm need it? Willing to be let you film it for the web. Also, there is a guy in Seattle who is willing to freeze a couple weeks loads. Would like to be tied up and forced to drink it all! then have a toxic l
  10. Sorry I'm not the top you're looking for but I have a question. How much bondage does Club Z allow? Thanks
  11. I've built up 10 oz of my own frozen cum. Can anyone help me get it up to 20 oz so I fill a water bottle? I then want to be bound to a chair and video recorded while being force to drink it all down!
  12. I found a top you is going to send me frozen loads saved in a condom. He is sending me a box of items but it's so hot out that I'm worried that the box will be sitting at my front door in the heat before I can get home. Are there better ways?
  13. Also, are there ever used condoms around to pick up and if so do you think management let you?
  14. Can anyone that's been to the Seattle Cumunion describe what it's like there. Please.
  15. What's a good camera for filming Xtube type videos for under $300? I haven't researched cameras for years so I have no clue but would like to have something that provides a clean picture. Thanks
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