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  1. It was my first trip to a bathhouse and it is where I learned how much I needed raw cock and to take loads from whatever top wanted to use my ass. I'm a twinkish looking guy and a smaller build 140 lbs, 5'7", toned, and a perky bubble butt. I got invited to go with a super hot couple and a random guy I met out at the bars and it turned out to be a CumUnion night. After checking in and heading up the ramp to the lockers, I could feel the raw sexual energy all around me. I put all my belongings in the locker and put on my towel and walked around for a couple minutes to take it all in, and that is where I found a tucked away corner with wrap around seating facing a small table in the center. I don't know what came over me (never even fucked bare before let alone in this kind of setting), but I dropped towel and got on all fours on the table and just waited. After what felt like ages, several men who knew what was going to happen started sitting around the table and jerking off. Then I felt a hand run down the middle of my back, and then a warm tongue start licking the edges of my hole. After a stellar rim job I could feel his thick head start pressing at my hole and then slowly start sliding in. It took a second or too to loosen up my always tight ass. While he was plowing away at my hole, a cock is placed in front of my face and with hands on my head and I start worshipping the cock in front of me. All the while I can hear grunts, and comments about being a good boy and taking those cocks like a slut. The first guy fucking me finishes up (doesn't breed me) and the next guy steps up without delay. I have no idea how much time goes by, but I got fucked by 4 guys and sucked at least 4 more before I couldn't contain myself any more and blew a huge load. I found out that having an audience of horny guys watch me suck cock and get bred excited the hell out of me. After wiping up and composing myself, I walked around some more to get back in the mood to take more raw cock. I got cruised hard by a sexy older guy who had a room, and the two of us went at it hard, and in the middle of it my exhibitionist self came out and I leaned over to open the door to the room. We got back at it and almost immedietely we had a couple guys watching from the door way. I motioned toward them to come in and they joined. I sucked all three and took all three raw. After the two invitees left, the guy who had the room rimmed me and stated that the cum coming out of my ass tasted amazing and it was then I realized my role in life, being a cumdump for whoever wants/needs to blow a load.

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