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    Group cock worship, fucking with cum for lube, snowballing semen with other male sluts. Piss drinking. Arm pit licking. Felching. Dark rooms. Gloryholes. Semen soaked adult movie theaters and gloryhole booths. Pungent urinals. Dirty old men. Ripe foreskins.
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    Verbal men who talk sex all the time. Pervs who display their sexual availability and hunger by how the dress and how they talk. Creative sleaze, piss and cum play.

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  1. I'm enjoying your videos!


  2. FLTOC

    Wety Hole Wednesday

    Very arousing. Hail Cock!!
  3. FLTOC

    perv / taboo / smegma/ ORLANDO FLORIDA

    Love foreskin smells! Am uncut...visiting Orlando...Bonnet Creek area hotel.
  4. FLTOC

    Use of own piss

    Here's a new level of self urinary perversion which is pretty hot http://www.maturepornphoto.com/gay-daddy-cooking-pasta-in-piss-and-tops-it-off-with-his-special.shtml
  5. FLTOC

    Taste: Acquired or intrinsic appreciation?

    I really didn't like the taste of piss the first time. My top had drunk two cups of coffee in front of me at a cafe. We went back to his place and he insisted I swallow his piss. Hated it...until later at home I could still taste it and the tang of it was bitter but arousing. Combined with the epiphany that I let another man use me as a urinal, it was powerful and erotic...so I called him the next day asking for it again. Hooked since then. I will not however drink asparagus piss, no matter how beautiful the cock.
  6. I hear you.. multiple loads of sperm sucked from horny cocks through the gloryholes...and maybe a special buddy to snowball those sweet salty cum explosions...surrounded by the stink of hundreds of cum sprays in a video booth. This is heaven.
  7. Hey buddy, are you in Fort Lauderdale or Miami? There are a couple of places in Hollywood with gloryholes. I use Squirt as a guide...usually quite accurate. I like the gloryhole booths at Clubhouse II...lots of feeders there and in the darkroom.
  8. What's the best lube for felching after fucking? Coconut oil?

  9. Guys, What lube do recommend for fucking and felching? I'm thinking something edible like Coconut Oil. Obviously Cum would be the best lube, but otherwise what do you suggest? We want to be able to drink the sacred seed from a fully loaded and spermed worship hole. thanks
  10. Hi buddy. Jamboree has good action. Otherwise use Squirt to find gloryhole and video store listings. Lots of cock in Miami but very closeted, so the big dicks use the adult cinemas to feed and breed.
  11. Holy fuck...I so want to seed and feed on your hairy ass, man.
  12. I love his blog. I use it to get off all the time.
  13. FLTOC

    Pit And Piss Stink

    Pits smells and tastes make my hole ache for juice and cock. Love the taste of pit my mouth. The combo of piss scents/piss taste and pits open up my semen hungry asslips automatically. Wish more tops would keep their dicks stinking of cum and piss. I like reaching back and rubbing my pigpuss and find it smells like a piss soaked cumrag.

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