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    Role playing, verbal, bb fun with other like-minded pigs.
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    NSA BB Fuckers. Oral, Rimming, Role Play, Cum Play, Toys, Watching Porn, Party, and wearing hot Underwear & Gear

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  1. I started at level 1 like most. As soon as I had some experience and was comfortable at the current level, I became bored and curious about what was next. The horniness 🔥and boredom😴 propelled me through each level until about 8-10 years ago when I finally released my inner pig!! 🐷 I've been at level 6 ever since!
  2. Congrats on having the most liked content last week!!  

  3. So far...219 and still going down that sexual bucket list. Im a bit disappointed because I thought I was a bigger pig than I actually am. 😛 🍑 🍆 💦 👅 😈 ☁︎ 💉 🚀 🐷
  4. Hot stories youve been reading and responding too!!

  5. Thanks for following me Pig Daddy!  Love your stories and descriptions of what you get into.  Breeding a pig and felching all loads from his sloppy pussy, and then snowballing them into his hungry mouth!  YUM!!

  6. Hi stud. Awesome pics and amazing profile

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      NP fella - keep fucking!

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  14. tyvm 4 following + love Ur stats: all of em. 

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