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  1. Hi Ihr 2, schön, dass Ihr mir jetzt folgt. Aber wer seid Ihr, woher, was sucht Ihr? Meldet Ihr Euch mal? 🤔

  2. HighVLpozBareback

    Poll: Sexual Risk Habits, For Both Poz/neg

    Clear Level 6, I‘m a straight hetero poz&proud barebacker and happy gift giver, sharing my strain with everyone else, if in girls‘ holes.
  3. PozBarebackerGruß dalaß 😈

    1. luckyaosex


      liebe grüße zurück 

    2. Willing


      Poz no meds is hot 🔥 Versatile virgin neg hole here👄

    3. Willing


      Smoking hot 🔥🍆🍒

  4. HighVLpozBareback

    Pattaya bareback?

    For girls, you may contact me 😈
  5. HighVLpozBareback

    Sub mom for dom perv sexting

    Hmmmm, anyone else got into contact with Tammy? Somehow, I have got the feeling, it's just another F-A-K-E or wannabe - you judge what is worse
  6. HighVLpozBareback

    Sub mom for dom perv sexting

    Would be just great if you're also answering your inbox. I sent an PM a week ago. I'm into the REAL kink with no taboo bareback sex, regardless of any health condition or status
  7. Let's poz girl whores together 😈😈😈

  8. HighVLpozBareback

    GERMANY - The South

    1. Poz, not on Meds 2. Frankfurt 3. straight hetero
  9. HighVLpozBareback

    Joint Pozzing Fun Anyone?

    Happy New Year and lots of toxic fun in 2017 for everyone. Here is a High VL Gift Giver, ☣☣☣ Hetero & Poz & Proud & Bareback Only ☣☣☣, and not on meds. No, I'm not bi-interested either, but I like using girl whore cunts, and if for toxic cum swapping jointly together with other infectious dicks. Also organizing for anonymous pozparties and STD orgies with pozfriendly barebacking girls participating.
  10. Ever cumming to Europe? If you like anonymous viral cum swapping jointly with a straight hetero pozzer in some girl sluts, just let me know.

    1. HighBreed


      Yes, I would like to join that kind of sessions. I am in Europe

    2. HighVLpozBareback


      Where are you presently? I can organise for girls in Germany and especially in Frankfurt. Just PM me for a direct contact, if interested

  11. If you really want to be poz converted, just contact me, if you dare to ;)

    1. Pelops


      Everyone here writes about "being converted" as if there was a "promise" of infection with every fuck! Even the bumbandits who are at much higher risk can go on for years without catching anything but a few nuisance itches. Surely the biggest thrill has to be continually beating the odds! The fun of being frightened, scared (terrified even) as you check out every possible disaster and the absolute need to go straight back out and do it all again as soon as you get the all clear. Helped of course by seeing in your minds eye the bugs from last night's conquest, jumping up and down on your willy as you slide it into tonight's; and tempered a little by seeming to get the "all clear" every time (until you don't). The unquantifiable risk, being stalked every day by the Grim Reaper and "always" evading the old bastard, has to be so much better fun than the sad fake "promise" of something which won't be much fun anyway!

  12. Nice cunt, would love doing her and leaving some "gift" in her ;)

  13. Whenever you cum over to Europe, let's enjoy some pozzing fun in girl whore cunts together :D

  14. Leaving a PozBarebackerGreeting for you 😈😈😈

  15. Lust auf gemeinsames benutzen von AO Hurenfotzen mit geilem schlammschieben? Full Risk Full Fun? PozBarebackGruß dalaß, Peter

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