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    Bareback Fun in multiple used Whore Girl Cunts 😈😈😈
    Spreading and Sharing my Strain generously 😎
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Straight Hetero & Poz & Proud Barebacker & Gift Giver
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    Toxic Cum Swapping in Bareback Girl Hookers,
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    Co-Pozzers for infectious cum swapping in barebacking Girls

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  1. Poll: Sexual Risk Habits, For Both Poz/neg

    Clear Level 6, I‘m a straight hetero poz&proud barebacker and happy gift giver, sharing my strain with everyone else, if in girls‘ holes.
  2. me

    Nice PozCunt 😈😈😈
  3. Using SA in the US

    Also you can try craigslist wher you can even explicitely can search for "poz" or "HIV positive" with girls ...
  4. PozBarebackerGruß dalaß 😈

    1. luckyao


      liebe grüße zurück 

    2. Willing


      Poz no meds is hot 🔥 Versatile virgin neg hole here👄

  5. Prague bareback skinny girl

    I don't mind the status of a girl anyway, as long as she is providing BBFS whatsoever. A very nice OpticFuck you obviously enjoyed Congratulations
  6. Prague bareback skinny girl

    Sounds good, definetely interested, if she is barebacking wothout any test nor question
  7. Pattaya bareback?

    For girls, you may contact me 😈
  8. Donkey dicks parties

    ????????????? Which parties are you talking about ???????????????? Any more details available?
  9. Natascha Fully Blown AIDS Bareback Hooker Rhine / Ruhr Area

    Natascha is a heroin drug addict street hooker for years and can be used bareback for cheap virus swapping
  10. Sub mom for dom perv sexting

    Hmmmm, anyone else got into contact with Tammy? Somehow, I have got the feeling, it's just another F-A-K-E or wannabe - you judge what is worse
  11. Sub mom for dom perv sexting

    Would be just great if you're also answering your inbox. I sent an PM a week ago. I'm into the REAL kink with no taboo bareback sex, regardless of any health condition or status
  12. Let's poz girl whores together 😈😈😈

  13. GERMANY - The South

    1. Poz, not on Meds 2. Frankfurt 3. straight hetero
  14. Sorry, Jenny, aber ich weiß nicht was ich Dir glauben soll :(

    Aber so wird das nix ... Ohne Fakecheck-Telefonat keine Pozze für Deine Fotze ...

  15. Sorry, Jenny, aber ich weiß nicht was ich Dir glauben soll :(

    Aber so wird das nix ...

    1. Jennybich


      und du bist wer?

    2. HighVLpozBareback


      Wir haben gerade in Skype gechattet, aber sprechen konntest und wolltest Du nicht, aber Ausreden erfinden kannst Du? Vergiß es ...:eek:


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