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    CUM, Anonymous cum, used condom farming, POZ play, being a cum dump, never refuse a load, bisexual and will fuck anything, extreme pervers and dirty
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    CUM, Anonymous cum, used condom farming, POZ play, being a cum dump, never refuse a load, bisexual and will fuck anything, extreme pervers and dirty

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  1. dewalt

    Poz Tattoos And Piercings

    I just came accros this tattoo in a post and instantly fell in love with it.
  2. dewalt

    Rotterdam Breed my ex gf

    Just answered it in PM
  3. dewalt

    Rotterdam Breed my ex gf

    I offered the same thing (and I am very close) over two months ago and so far no reaction
  4. dewalt

    Fickstuten Market, Hourse Fair Vid

    For those in Amsterdam: Cluch Church has the same themed party every first saturday of the month and is in my view better for BB mares. FSM is a real attitude party with door selection and as stated above not a real-love attitude to BB. The Meat Market parties typically have 30-40 mares of which 25% or less are with a red cap or BB. Sometimes as little as 6. The 150+ top crowd is favored toward the bare sluts, so the ratio the red caps get is higher than the white caps. Especially at the start and end of the party (havent quite figured out why). I am there alsmost every motnh and am always good for 10-12 loads minimum. Max was 22 loads. It is a 4 hour party only and is from 16:00-20:00 so really nice to after this go perv some more with a full load cunt in one of the many other Amsterdam dark rooms (my prefs: Cuckoosnest, The Webb, Dirty dicks...) http://www.clubchurch.nl/parties/meat-market.html
  5. Would love it if you can share std result templates with me :). Even in the netherlands that will help

  6. dewalt

    Rotterdam Breed my ex gf

    It went very quiet in this topic. Wonder if the OP is still around.
  7. dewalt

    2018 Load Tally

    I enjoyed filling your ass twice at cumunion Vegas. ?
  8. dewalt

    Dutch Delight back in Vegas!

    45 yo Dutch guy, I will be in Vegas 11-27 May. Would love to gang breed you at your GB or other slots.
  9. dewalt

    Pattaya bareback?

    The majority of The thousands of working boys on Sunee plaza and Boyztown will fuck and breed you bare for 100 bath more. the trickiest thing is to make sure they really cum. Best option is to take the secondary rate guys as they are often: kinkier, larger dicks and will always cum. all ladyboys are typically up for breeding both ways as well. have fun and break my pattaya record of 15 loads in one night.
  10. Are you trained anally or super tight?
  11. dewalt

    Netherlands: Uden

    Let me know if you are still around sometimes
  12. I am a total bottom and act as a cum dump in local dark rooms all the time. Regularly, at the end of a session, with cum dripping down my legs, I will find the loosest sloppiest hole around and jerk off into it and fuck it as best as I can and make sure most of my cum ends up in him. For me it is not the physical act of fucking which I love but the reasons are: - I know what it is to want to have all-the-cum-in-the-world up your ass. Wasting your own cum in a mouth or in the ground contradicts with it. I love to give back some as well. - I love to pass on my recharged DNA. I love to hear a guy who is fucking me say: "I just got recharged by 3 Poz dicks, it is still dripping out of my ass", so why not give others that same pleasure? So in short: it is the love of cum I have which makes me not want to 'waste' it and let others enjoy it. Anybody recognize this?

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