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  1. gf is at her bbc bulls apartment

    What is a “100 unit point”?
  2. Netherlands: Uden

    Let me know if you are still around sometimes
  3. I am a total bottom and act as a cum dump in local dark rooms all the time. Regularly, at the end of a session, with cum dripping down my legs, I will find the loosest sloppiest hole around and jerk off into it and fuck it as best as I can and make sure most of my cum ends up in him. For me it is not the physical act of fucking which I love but the reasons are: - I know what it is to want to have all-the-cum-in-the-world up your ass. Wasting your own cum in a mouth or in the ground contradicts with it. I love to give back some as well. - I love to pass on my recharged DNA. I love to hear a guy who is fucking me say: "I just got recharged by 3 Poz dicks, it is still dripping out of my ass", so why not give others that same pleasure? So in short: it is the love of cum I have which makes me not want to 'waste' it and let others enjoy it. Anybody recognize this?

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