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    Palm Springs California
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    Taboo, porn, yng., Old, K9, incest, dick, pussy, hairy, smooth, depravity, family fuck, all that's twisted.
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Born, & raised in Southeast Tennessee, started fuckin' when I was 7 with my step dad, & we fucked for 37 years. Started picking up older men in bathrooms & let' em fuck loads of cum in my dirty fuck hole, then I'd go tell my step dad what I'd done so he'd get horny,& want to fuck me. He'd tell me to bend over & show him my nasty fuck hole. Then he'd fuck his dick in it & pull it out, & tell me to taste that mother fucker, & rub it in my face.
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    Started lookin' at my dad's hardcore porn mags when I was 5. At the age of 7, I crawled into bed with my step dad naked from the waist down, & wiggled my little ass up against his dick til it got hard
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    Incest families, K9 enthusiasts, dad son grandson, perverted truckers, trailer park trash, dick, ass, pussy, granny pussy, hairy ass, hairy pussy, old, young, & anything perverted, & taboo. NOT into blood, scat, or heavy pain. Some asses do need spanked, & fucked, but no further with the pain. Bareback, cum felching, pig play, into most all types of porn. Absolutely LOVE to slam!

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    Xvideos name is kinky1ntn

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  1. Hey there. I'm from Long Beach Belmont Shore and did you receive my text messages that I've sent you today? 

  2. Damn dude...I love to sniff a sweaty hole. Then rub my face, & mouth all over it, & get that fuck smell all over my face. Makes me feel dirty, & nasty. Love a hairy hole too. They're sweatier, & hotter.
  3. I love to put my mouth on a hole, & suck it too. Makes it Hornier, & it's a turn on when a hole's got lips around it, & needs a hot dick. Guys have told me they could still feel their hole twitch, & jerk the next day from my tongue fuck. I'm usually successful telling 'em I can make it feel better if they come back, & use my dirty tongue for an ass-toy. They always want dick up in it after I tongue rape their hole.
  4. Sounds HOT! I fuck a hole hard with my nasty long tongue. Makes 'em squirm, & moan when a tongue goes deep. Love to fuck a hole, & then fuck my tongue up in it deeper after it's been opened up with a dick.
  5. I've got a tongue as long as Gene Simmons of KISS, & I love to use it to tongue-fuck a pussy or ass. It turns me on to slide my dick up in a hole, & hold it still until my pre-cum runs out around the base of my dick. Then 69, & eat my juice out, while we taste each other, & get that fuck smell all over ourselves. I talk dirty while my dicks pumpin' out all that hot, wet pre-cum. Love a hairy hole too. Makes me feel dirty when I get hair in my mouth.
  6. Fuck YES!!! I like to make 'em sniff it & rub that fuck juice all over their face so they smell like a dirty hot fuck.
  7. When my step dad started fuckin'when I was 7, he told me he was gonna use both my holes for a pussy. He said some boys need to get their holes fucked, & when I crawled in the bed with him, wiggled my hole on his dick & made it drip fuck juice, like I did, it made his dick wanna fuck cum in it & since I was being so fuckin'nasty & slutty, he was gonna use it for a pussy. I got used for dick meat for 37 years for a cum hungry whore, & fuckin'loved it.
  8. Sounds are TOO fuckin' HOT! Love to use 'em while I'm watched. Feels nasty hot all the way down your dick!
  9. Fuck yeah dude! I crawled into bed with my step dad when I was 7, & wiggled my little ass up against his dick till it got hard. He asked me where I learned that? I told him I'd been looking at my dad's dirty books. He told me that my hole made him wanna fuck it. Then he told me he was gonna use my holes for a pussy. He made me watch pre cum drippin'out of his dick, & told me my hole made his dick do that, & told me to taste the fuck juice on it. When I got my mouth on his dick, he started punch fuckin' my mouth, & told me that's how your pussies gonna feel when I start fuckin' it. From then our nasty, depraved, forbidden, HOT fuck life started at age 7. I loved every warped and corrupt bit of it for 37 years. He used my holes, & taught me how to use a hole & my tongue for fuck toys. I gotta work on writing a filthy fuck story about it.
  10. I initiated sex with my step dad when I was 7. We fucked for 37 years. Got other boys involved too. It was never forced. I / we wanted it. Best, & hottest sex I've ever had. Back in the 70's it wasn't uncommon for kids to be fucking. I started picking up older men in bathrooms, & let 'em fuck me, then go tell my step dad about it so he'd get horny, & want to fuck me some more. My experience was hot! I loved every warped, & corrupt bit of it.
  11. kinky1ntn

    My New Blog

    Me & my step dad started fuckin' when I was 7. We fucked for 37 hot, nasty, perverted years. Wish the twisted mother fucker was still around.
  12. kinky1ntn

    My New Blog

    They damn sure as hell can't. I got deleted from another site just for sharing my personal experience with incest, starting at age 7. Hottest, horniest, nastiest 37 years of my life.
  13. True incest, K9, teaching others to use their holes, & tongues to be used for nasty fuck toys to fuck, & suck cum out with. These are but a few of the things my step dad started teaching me, & several others how to use, & be used for depraved, & filthy ends. THIS is the sort of sick hot stuff that turns me on.

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