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    Looking for cock and cum. I have a special liking of black cock and trans cock. I would love to be in a gangbang. I would love to be whored out. I would love to drink a pint of cum(or more) in one sitting. On the fence but leaning over the side of actively seeking poz cum.

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  1. My favorite activity for 2 or 3 years was providing my cocksucking skills at an ABS outside the gates of an Air Force base. I must have taken at least 500 loads from guys just wanting to get off. It’s too bad the store workers were such dicks. I don’t go there as much, but I had the pleasure of hundreds of cocks unloading their cum into me.
  2. I usually have a type, but there are times when I’m horned up, I’ll let just about anyone fuck me. If I’m at a glory hole, I’ve never turned down a cock no matter how big or how small.
  3. While this bottom has never experienced a gang bang, he wants to so bad, but life gets in the way. The closest I have cum to experiencing was when I was was fucked by 3 of my tops over a 3 hour period. Prior to that I was a semi regular at steamworks and one time I was the center of attention in a guy’s room. I haven’t been there in quite a while.😢😢
  4. My favorite part of being a raw bottom is knowing that when my top is done, I have his cum inside me. Now I love everything else about being a bottom...the feel of a cock in my cunt/pussy....the weight of top on top of me and his moaning of how good I feel to him...the feeling a cock not my own sliding in and out of my hole... That all feels great and I love it all. I have cum to find that I look forward to my poz (undetectable) lover that just loves my body the way it is. That makes me especially appreciative of him nutting in my pussy(his words). I just found out this week that another top who worked me over is also poz undetectable...and I am not freaking out. So I guess I am true chasing member of this site, now.
  5. This bottom likes to squeeze and most of the tops that have fucked either enjoy what I do or don’t say anything verbally about it. It was just recently, a new (for me) top asked me not to squeeze. I stopped and enjoyed the fuck and subsequent load of cum left inside me.
  6. It happened to me once as I was being fucked doggie style in a motel 6 by my first truly big dick (a good 9-10” and seemingly 3 times the thickness of my little prick). That cock was attached to a married black guy that showed me that I could take something so big and have it feel good while taking it. I usually would suck him off and swallow his cum and then for round two, he would fuck me. This one time, I was on my hands and knees as he was gently fucking as just out of the blue, I shot my load all over the bed sheets. Oh what a feeling that was....not had that happen since.
  7. For me, I was kinky from the days when I was humping a pillow (around age 6) and it progressed from there. In my teens, dirty magazines kept my hand busy. Dabbled in cross dressing, wondering what it was like to be a girl. When I finally got a girlfriend at age 18(we married at 20), I lost my virginity to her mom...the kink started ramping up. Penthouse mags were my choice at first, then incestual magazines, then transsexual caught my fancy. As I got older, I was wondering about what would be like to suck someone’s dick and I’ve always had a fascination with things up my ass. Once I sucked and once I swallowed, I wanted more coco to suck. Eventually the owners of the cocks I was sucking wanted to put it in me. Trial and error found that I enjoyed another’s guy’s flesh in me. Eventually that al led to not getting enough and then I found ABS’s and glory holes and Steamworks and multiple guys. I found I love being the center of attention and a craving for cum. I eventually found a guy who loves my body the way it is and makes me feel like the gurl I am inside. It was only after about 8 times together that he came out to me as being poz undetectable and now I am progressing into another aspect of sex. Not sure where that’s going to lead me too yet...
  8. This bareback bottom has been taking bare cock since I first felt one in me 20 years ago. Now, I am on the verge of actively seeking undetectable loads. Seems my tastes have changed or progressed.
  9. If I had only known then, what I know now...I would have started way sooner in life than when I started sucking cock and getting fucked at age 38. I had desires and fantasies going back to my teenage years, but never acted on them. I went the traditional route and married a woman at age 20. As I aged, my perverted kinky sexuality came to the surface and finally at 38, I sucked and swallowed my first load. Within a year, I felt a real cock in my ass and took my first load...all bare of course. If I’d only knew then what I know now....lol
  10. For me, I waited 38 years before getting my first tasted of cock and cum and I too wonder why I waited so long. Instead of the 1000 plus cocks I have sucked off, it could have been much much more being that I’m a numbers guy. I just love the feel of another guys dick in my mouth...
  11. I am a cocksucker and I’m proud of my skills.
  12. This cocksucking cumdump admits to acquiring gono and syph. Syph wipes you out and it’s insidious enough that it takes a long time for symptoms specific to it to show. It’s one of those that is reported to the county and they can hound you about everything.
  13. This bottom would allow any married guy to fill me up. I know they don’t get what I can give. I do it without cumplaint and with a smile on my face and a thanks afterwards.
  14. I empathize with where you are at. I too work a lot and love being a cumdump for my friends and anyone who could use one. I am in a long term relationship with someone who could never understand my position in life as a cumdump. I do have a trans top friend that loves me being the slut that I am. She is just as big of a slut as i am and I think we’d be good together. She has arranged encounters where she fucks and I suck and I’ve expanded my experiences because of her. Keep searching, and you’ll find what you are looking for and enjoy all the rides along the way.
  15. I am one of those late bloomers as I sucked my first cock when I was about 38 years old. I married a female when I was 20, but lost my got my first BJ from her mom (before being married). Her mom also took my virginity and over the years I got a lot of BJs from her and loved every one(her daughter should have gotten pointers from her mom). So I learned what a really good BJ was like and she always swallowed. Over the years my sexual tastes and needs evolved to the point that I was wanting to suck and replicate what I was experiencing. At one point I met with another married guy and the first time we blew each other but neither one of swallowed. The second time I blew him and swallowed his cum and never looked back. From then on, I have swallows every load from all the cocks I have sucked since then(guessing 1000+)...mostly from Craigslist and ABS glory holes. I literally can’t get enough and as a really good sucker of cock, I swallow every drop.

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