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    Looking for cock and cum. I have a special liking of black cock and trans cock. I would love to be in a gangbang. I would love to be whored out. I would love to drink a pint of cum(or more) in one sitting.

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  1. Welcum to the dark side. Some 20 years ago I had an encounter with a married black guy my age and that changed my desire. I learned that I knew I could handle larger sizes and I learned that I knew how appreciative my friend was. I am fucked exclusively by my black fuckbuddies and thats what works for me.
  2. I am a cocksucker who learned that I have an attraction to BBC and once I sucked one, I needed more. Eventually when I started bottoming, I naturally gravitated to not only black cocks but large ones as well. So I became a bbc specialist.
  3. This bottom is envious.
  4. I definitely work my ass while there is a dick in me. I like the feeling when my top has stopped deep inside me and then I will squeeze his dick and enjoy the feeling. I love having a top stay inside me after he has cum...I love the feeling and flexing my ass muscles.
  5. I think about cock and cum all the time. I’m on BZ many times a day. My thoughts are even more intense when I have had a taste of cum.
  6. Absolutely it’s worth it. I have 3 fuckbuds with thick and/or long dicks and they know how to work it in to me with very little discomfort. But then again, maybe it’s not so discumforting cuz my ass has a lot of practice ??
  7. This bare bottom loves to on his back looking at my top and he works his cock in and out into my hole. I love to see his expressions as he shoots his cum in me. Thats what I like...in reality most tops want me face down as they work me over. Once I have been filled, I use my ass to milk their cock as they lay on top of me.
  8. Everything that I have posted here is true. I have fantasies that I have yet to experience. Some fantasies may be for the future and some may be unfulfilled...only in the future will it unfold.
  9. This bottom loves a slow deep fuck but I have 1 FB that loves to spiritedly hammer me. Once they cum, I want to keep their cocks deep in me.
  10. I have a couple of really dominant buds that call my hole a pussy and it didn’t bother me as long as their cocks are inside me and leaving cum behind. I find it hot and exciting, and of course I encourage it. I have another bud that finds the word offensive to him, so my ass is an ass to him and he enjoys fucking and filling it with his cum.
  11. While I have not cum from having my nipples played with, I do get turned on and my lil dick will get hard as a rock. I have 2 fuckbuds that love to spend time on my nips and I enjoy every second...I have the bruises to prove it..lol
  12. I almost always bottom. I can count on 1 hand the number of times I have topped in the last 2 years. I torture myself by being horned up all the time whether I am sucking cock or being fucked. Only 1 of my regular fuck buds have expressed an interest in me fucking him...me with a 5.5” pencil dick dipping into an Adonis with a 10” thick cock?? Even my tgirlfriend only wants me to suck the cum out of her dick and tell her about all the cock I sucked and let fuck me. She’s a keeper.
  13. I am a slut for cock first and a size queen second, but I will take any hard cock that is full of cum. When I first started bottoming, it all hurt and was uncumfortable. I didn’t give up and I found myself gravitating to bigger and darker cocks. Now I can take 10” thick ones with a lil patience and some lube. One of tops (10”) commented with surprise on how I could take his cock all the way. Made me feel proud. This morning, I am looking at stopping at another tops place and getting filled before work. I am such a slut.
  14. This bottom here wants his tops to be as deep as possible in my pussy as I take their cum. I love the feel of them holding their cock deep in me as I milk their dick. If cum is not deposited in my pussy, then let me drink it.
  15. I am a proud bottom cumdump that feels that I have not done my job until my bottom has taken my Top’s cum inside. If my Top has friends that need a place to dump their cum, I am all theirs too.

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