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    Cums, breeding party, being used in groups.
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Sub bottom hole who love cums!
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    Mostly being film for private collections. But if you hooded me /cover my face I’m open to be film for a gangbang.
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    Dom Top guys with big cocks who fuck hard fast and rough! Need Top or tops who will fuck harder when I beg to stop , make me drink their piss and spits and will slap hard when I’m sucking their cock. And especially Dom that like to whore me out or organise gangfuck and reward me with loads of cums for me to swallow while my holes are being fuck:)

    I’m just a hole to be used.

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  1. I had Dom top, who I was serving for a while , who love degrading and humiliation. So he made me take viagra, and wore a short dress , high heels - literally made me a man, in heels with hard on sticking out my skirt. He put an 8inch butt plug, Put a collar and took me out for a walk around melbourne CBD. I can feel soo many eyes looking at me. Afterward, back to his apartment and I was left in the balcony for all to see when I’m not being fuck.
  2. This is soo true! I had to learn this the hard way! now I stipulate my three limit! Scat, blood and permanent marks. A Dom too I committed my time to him for 3 days to be a hole to use,when I did say no limit at that time. On the last day, before He would let me go from my restraint and the horse cock dildo. I would need to chew and eat two of the other bottom logs.. I couldn’t do it at first. He just let me stayed on all four in a humbler restraint until I can’t take it anymore- my knees are in serious pain, my hole and inside feels like about to explode so i yielded and ate the two shit… since then I now have limit!
  3. I’ve had a few tops who spits in my mouth while chocking me, and have one who will collect his spits and make me drink it after. Either way, I will always swallow spit, cums and piss however it’s given to me.
  4. My current fantasy is be be treated just as a hole by rough fat doms and being used by whoever have a hard cock. Living as sex slave In a Dom house, I will be always naked, stored in the toilet always blindfolded and when not used mouth gagged with a piss soaking gag or a dildo gagged to keep chocking me, Sitting on the floor with Shane diesel size cock dildo up my hole and hand tied, cock caged. The only reason I would be let out this is when needed to be fuck to swallow piss, and to do house clean for master. also into humiliation, only time as a straight acting sub bottom, if I were to wear clothes to leave house , then I will only wear female dress and high heels, and made to take viagra under the dress so it’s a prominent- this is the state I should go out in public or be naked with a permanent collar. Anyone with a hard cock have the right to use the hole. eventually looking for Dom to castrate and turn me into a sissy whore.
  5. Drinking cold piss like a beer and swallowing cups of thawed cums. Fucking wise, CNC - used as a hole in groups , force fuck/ rape GB
  6. Never spit! Swallow lick and felch!!
  7. Deep inside the hole or deep inside my throat 🙂
  8. Hi sydney tops I’ll be up there next month on the second week of may. Looking for recommendations for hotels that good for breeding or venue where I could get as many raw cock. I’ll be in cbd. if you are a Dom top who are interested in using this hole and can host in cbd feel free to Send DM.
  9. As a sub bottom, one of the humiliating thing my Dom made me do was to do a cum walk, he instructed me to make myself cum then wipe my face with my own cum and he made me go to supermarket with cum on my face. the other thing he liked to do was to have me sit flat on the floor under the dinner table , hand tied to my ankle with a large buttplug in my ass while sucking his cock and will only be let go if I can make him cum only by sucking him during dinner, and when I fail to do so by the time he finish his dinner, he’ll gagged and left me there suffering all night.
  10. Love this, one of the more interesting experience as a sub bottom was when I was blindfolded, mouth gagged with a piss soaking rag, then my mouth was sealed with a duck tape, then my top put on a wireless noise canceling headset with porn playing. So all I can hear was really the sound of a bottom getting a rough gangfuck. My hand was tied stretch to the bed frame, and spreader bar on my ankle. For that few hours I was just a hole. Can’t beg my top to stop or hear what’s going on until I was let go. Extremely painful experience for my hole but was also satisfying... on normal fuck session definitely blindfold and some bondage is great though :)
  11. Definitely miss club80, love taking cock after cock there during nud night. Hoping that there’s a new cruising place to replace them! For now just been going subway and wet , but not many raw action there...
  12. Favourite position is on my Back, mouth gagged, leg up and hand tied to ankle just getting pounded!
  13. I’m keen to be the hole taking cocks. No question ask! Any hard cock can use my hole!
  14. The only group I’m aware of is this [think before following links] http://www.orgyorgyorgy.com/ but no event so far at least in Melbourne. and if there are tops or groups who want to organise and need a bottom I’m keen.
  15. I’ll likely be at subway sauna from 3pm onwards.
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