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    None, unless being secretly filmed by an Uncle when I was younger counts.
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    Chat, hot POZ stories, being bare backed and bred, cheating partners is a main interest.

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  1. Måste man gilla piss? Breeding är helt OK...men piss....
  2. I think that you seeing your bf, getting pounded awoken something within you. It seems for the best, as well. Smartly played with having him grovelling and milking it! Hope his cunt is still being well used by others and turning you on!
  3. Lube! and more Lube! Then hope for the best, but plan for the worst!
  4. It seems the be the same with usernames members list for VVickr or Telegram.
  5. Lovely! Ask and you shall receive! For Victor, he received an unexpected gift!
  6. Definitely would appreciate more! So appreciate a hot cheating story! Awesome read! Thanks for sharing!
  7. Cheating is a hot topic for me. As for taking the plunge, only you can really decide on that. If it is something that excites you and you feel will satisfy the itch, test the waters and see what happens. I would love for my boyfriend to be fucked raw by an older male. We have fooled around a bit with a few others, but not much more than kissing and some sucking. To see him being fucked, would be the ultimate. Something raw and exciting about cheating, or seeing a partner get fucked, especially raw. The ultimate for me would be to see my boyfriend being fucked, the top pulling off his t-shirt and see that glorious bio tatt! I would so have him pull out and rip off that condom and plunge his dick back into my boyfriend. If you want to take the plunge, I encourage it!
  8. Your partner might be excited by the idea of you fooling around as well as allowing you the freedom to fool around as he can not get an erection. An open and honest discussion with him will help with all.
  9. 2 very hot chapters! Looking forward to Cole's initiation! Thanks for sharing.
  10. Gabe Issac! His Twink dick is so gorgeous and what a curve.
  11. I never went back! This black guy claimed he was going to "rock my world"! He lasted all of 4 minutes! Could had been because of my sweet, tight arse, but, never got rocked!
  12. It would had been nice if he had asked if it was something you were into. Weird to just send the video. As for someone you do not know, how was he able to contact you through Telegram? If I am not mistaken, with Telegram Messenger, one would either need your phone number or username to contact you.
  13. Butter Pecan! As for why...not sure, was my favourite as a kid and still is my favourite. Definitely will have some on Sunday!
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