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    a fucking pussy if you don't like what it says or for any reason or no reason at all tell it to fuck off
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    someone who knows how to treat a cock hungry pig, needs ass to rim clean or dirty, most important looking to please

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  1. spending the night in Niagara Falls CA would love to get bred staying at the motel 6, 2 cumdumps will be there looking for hot times!!

  2. read your profile very hot never did pnp but would be up for it and be in a sling for some guys to gift me!!

  3. I never thought smoking would be a fetish of mine either but it really turns me on now!!

    1. cheatingjock


      I haven't smoked myself...yet

      But some smokers are now hot to me.

  4. being passed around at a bookstore very hot too!!
  5. going to spa excess in Toronto CA Sunday hope to take many loads!!  will be in rm 407 come in and drop a load in my mouth or ass!!

  6. love spa excess maybe we could meet up there sometime?
  7. I noticed some blood this morning and last night was hoping for someone to come fuck me!!
  8. yah slave eat my hole deep til it bleeds and then only then - if i get to eat gravy outta Urs - do u get to stop or dirty yourself and will eat au alive head 2 toe then share it until puc n2 each other

  9. going to Spa Excess in Toronto Tomorrow hoping to have fun last time fucked 2 guys and was fucked once but took many cocks in my mouth and rimmed a few asses!!!  Hoping for a few loads up my ass this time!!

    1. renaissancemanuk


      How many times were you bred?

      And how many men did you breed?

    2. slavejoe94


      Just fucked one guy bb and came up is ass a really good time!!

  10. horny little bitch looking to be used!!

    1. renaissancemanuk


      I'd be happy to take care of a horny little bitch

  11. going to spa excess in Toronto this Saturday hit this ass and mouth up hard and often!!  Please no loads refused!

  12. going early Saturday to Spa Excess in Toronto hope to take lots of cock!!

  13. home alone today anyone who wants to use me welcome to come over if in the area or skype, phone, kik, whatever you like

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