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  1. Younger guys fucking older guys

    I'm 40 but I prefer older guys to fuck me.
  2. POLL: At what age did you take your FIRST load?

    First load taken bent over the pool table in the bar Rawhide in New Orleans! 😋
  3. Quantity or Quality?

    It's nothing more than a hard cock and hot cum.
  4. Confessions from a Neg Guy

  5. Update On Quest To Take A Poz Load In NYC

    Where are you in NYC
  6. Dirty Anal

    The first time I ever let a guy fuck me, it began with me riding him. He began with a condom, but his cock was so amazing I had to have it in me raw. I ripped off the condom and slid him back inside me. He began to fuck me long and deep. I was riding that cock, grinding him deep into me. I reached back after a couple minutes because it felt overly wet. I discovered I'd begin to empty my bowels. He was literally fucking the shit out of me. He didn't respond well to it. He jumped in the shower, I jumped on the toilet. Afterwards I took a shower. When I was finished he told me we were done...
  7. New Orleans Night

    I got bent over the pool table and fucked at Rawhide. Good times!
  8. My BF and the Escort

    $200 for a poz escort isn't as painful when you're staying at a Motel 6... 😉 We'll leave the light on
  9. How It Will Probably Play Out For Me

    Hot! I hope it works out the way you want it to
  10. My Ex-Lover forgets our Friend is Poz

    I was stealthed by a poz guy in gainesville
  11. First CumUnion

    At Paddles???
  12. Stealthing addiction

    I can't remember the last time a girl has made me wear a condom. They all get my cum inside them, even married women
  13. I'm still waiting to knowingly take my first poz load in my ass. I've swallowed poz loads and was stealthed by a guy who I was told a year later was poz, but never knowingly accepted a death load in my ass. But I want to! Anyone in Los Angeles?
  14. DL Nights at any LA Bathhouses?

    Any poz tops wanna share your cum with me? West LA here

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