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  1. Get an Eskimo to fuck him. Use whale oil as lube... ;-)
  2. Hot. You're a scoundrel, but the fucking is hot. I can feel that heat of a nice poz hole.
  3. I've only played at Apollo, when I've been in vegas. Fun place though!
  4. I'm the Rod Stewart of eating my own cum...
  5. Go to Rawhide if you want more bare cock.
  6. You really know how to celebrate the Cubs winning
  7. Noho Spa is fun. And if you want dirty dirty, go to Roman Holiday in Van Nuys
  8. Looks like a great room. Shame I already have an apartment in the Village. Though maybe you, me, and your husband should play
  9. Can I just say... Bathhouse sex is the best! Just my two cents... 😇
  10. DISCLAIMER: I'm straight (and loves man sex) Sex for me began with my 23 year old female neighbor when I was 15. First time was raw and to be honest, the vast majority of women I've fucked since then have been bareback. I've always had that impulse to give the girl my cum. Whether it be girlfriends, fuck buddies, one night stands, most of them didn't expect a condom either. I began playing with guys when I was 19. Not sure when I first fucked, but I was the top and no condoms were involved. I continued topping and seeding guys, always with the idea of hiv in the back of my mind, but somehow not worrying enough about it not to bareback. The first time I got fucked it began with a condom but I was the one who reached down and took it off, then slid him back inside me. Bare fucking has just always been a reality for me. In the beginning it wasn't something I craved, until I felt a cock slide inside me. Now it's the only way I want to fuck. The poz attraction began for me in an AOL chat room. A chat buddy and I talked a lot about bareback and then pozzing. It sparked something in me. I began to seek out poz guys. Just topping at first, but then decided to bottom. To the best of my knowledge, no poz top has ever cum in my ass. But it is something I can't stop desiring. I ache to feel the charged poz cum spurt inside me. I think it was this site that pushed me over the edge... So if you're a poz top and you are in, or visit NYC, hit me up.
  11. Do they count as anonymous if you're blacked out??? 😊
  12. Reminds me of the time I stumbled into Rawhide in New Orleans. I was pretty tipsy and somehow or another, I ended up bent over the pool table, while some guy fucked me, and another guy sucked me off below the table. This all being done in front of everyone at the bar. My next conscious thought, I remember being in the bathroom, and the guy who fucked me was washing his dick in the sink. I asked him if he'd used a condom. He laughed and walked off

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