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  1. My BF and the Escort

    $200 for a poz escort isn't as painful when you're staying at a Motel 6... 😉 We'll leave the light on
  2. How It Will Probably Play Out For Me

    Hot! I hope it works out the way you want it to
  3. My Ex-Lover forgets our Friend is Poz

    I was stealthed by a poz guy in gainesville
  4. First CumUnion

    At Paddles???
  5. Stealthing addiction

    I can't remember the last time a girl has made me wear a condom. They all get my cum inside them, even married women
  6. I'm still waiting to knowingly take my first poz load in my ass. I've swallowed poz loads and was stealthed by a guy who I was told a year later was poz, but never knowingly accepted a death load in my ass. But I want to! Anyone in Los Angeles?
  7. DL Nights at any LA Bathhouses?

    Any poz tops wanna share your cum with me? West LA here
  8. Straight Air Force Guy Breeds Me Off Base

    Good ole Apollo. I'm not even sure how many different guys fucked me in the dark room. That place was always a good time
  9. NYC Pride Weekend Cumdump

    Village, just below Washington Square Park
  10. Straight Air Force Guy Breeds Me Off Base

    Is the Apollo Spa still open?
  11. Just Another Wasted Youth

    This sounds like a night in the New Orleans bar Rawhide, when some guy bent me over a pool table and fucked me in front of everyone. I asked if he was wearing a condom. He said yes. When we were finished, I saw him washing his cock off in the bathroom, and asked if he wore a condom. He laughed and said we were in a bar named Rawhide, and he walked away...
  12. NYC Pride Weekend Cumdump

    Looking for tips with loads to donate. I'll be hosting in the Village. Any local or visitor tips who want to pass on their DNA, hit me up
  13. Folsom St East

    I will be hosting in the Village from Friday the 16 until the 28th. Bottom. No loads refused hit me up here
  14. Unusual Places You Have "hooked Up" Or Met Guys

    I had just come to a stop at the corner of 23rd St and 7th Ave in NYC. I was standing for no more than ten seconds when I turned and noticed a guy standing next to me. He looks at me and asks me if I want to fuck. I said yes. He told me to follow him. The entrance to his apartment building was a five second walk from where I'd been standing. We got to his apartment and immediately got naked and got on his bed. Frenzied kissing. Then I started sucking his cock to get him hard. No matter how much I sucked, he stayed soft. I asked him what was the deal. He said he was on some pills. I asked him how he was going to fuck me with a soft cock. He said maybe we cuddled a while it might get hard. But I had no time for that. I'd been offered a fuck and he wasn't delivering. I dressed, left his apartment and was waiting at the same corner in less than 15 minutes. Only this time with the taste of some random guy's dick in my mouth...

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