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  1. I'm doing a cross country trip soon. I'd love to run into a trucker that loads me up
  2. Are these farmhands Midwestern guys or Mexican/Central American? Just trying to visualize
  3. Saw this article about women in New York City dealing with guys stealthing them. The thought crossed my mind that maybe some of these guys also enjoy bareback with guys, and this is just another aspect of the thrill. Any opinions??? http://nypost.com/2017/05/03/i-was-a-victim-of-stealthing/amp/
  4. The first time I ever purposefully took a load, I'd been getting fucked by some guy in his backyard jacuzzi. He'd been wearing a rubber and was quite adamant about it. Anyways... I pulled the rubber off and begin to suck his cock. I could tell he was getting close and when I felt him tense up and that first volley of cum shot in my mouth, I immediately turned around and in one motion impaled myself on his cock. He grabbed my shoulders, pulled me tight, and emptied his balls inside me. I was in heaven. He freaked out. But I still had his cum inside me... The end. :-)
  5. First thing I did was google Club Sixty-Nine... And then Smith Street...
  6. I remember one night in a booth at an ABS. My raw cock found its way inside some random guy's hole. As I cum, he asks me if I am poz or neg. As I was unsure of my status (but probably neg), and just for a good laugh, I told him I was poz. He began to flip out for a moment and I believe the thought crossed his mind to get violent. But seeing as I was much bigger than him, he hesitated. So I told him I was just kidding. He left in a hissy. I find it funny he asked me my status after I came...
  7. As I am a dirty fuck that enjoys getting fucked by a nice hard raw cock, and enjoys shooting my load deep inside a woman... I'd say my greatest accomplishment was fucking a married woman, and getting her pregnant. Her husband never knew it wasn't his, and to this day, still doesn't.
  8. Oh Aol... so much sex from that site...
  9. Willing bottom looking for the bug in the Village. You interested in passing your strain?

    1. les_evil


      yeah, but i just moved from NYC to GA, 700 miles away.  My cock is 7 inches, not 700 miles long (stooopitt, i know, but couldnt resist). ;)

    2. FallenAngelNYC
  10. Wanna help a fellow NYC'er out and get a pox load inside me???
  11. Get an Eskimo to fuck him. Use whale oil as lube... ;-)
  12. Hot. You're a scoundrel, but the fucking is hot. I can feel that heat of a nice poz hole.
  13. I've only played at Apollo, when I've been in vegas. Fun place though!
  14. I'm the Rod Stewart of eating my own cum...
  15. Go to Rawhide if you want more bare cock.

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