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    anchorage, alaska
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    bottoming, sucking, eating ass, ws, toys, porn (both watching and making, would love to get into making if you can help hit me up) groups, pnp, cum, roleplaying, brothers, fathers, sons, black on white, gangbangs, annomyous encouters, whoring out, being shared, leather, oh the list goes on and on
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    lived up her all my life. So anything I wanted to know I found online and researched. Lived in Dallas for a couple years, which was an eye opener. Lived in DC and worked as a dancer/strip for awhile
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    a couple here for friends, like men of alaska, I was a lumberjack and just jacked off. My ex and I made a few videos, he would top me, it was fun.
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    not sure really, friends, fwb, fb, way into porn who know

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  1. not sure if this is where or how to do this, but I am selling off a lot of my stuff, like handjobs the magazines, porn, leather, toys, bondage toys, you name it I have loads up for grabs, I am trying to raise funds, to keep my house and all, so if you wanna help support, or buy anything hit me up.  sunchemfag@gmail.com.  well can't upload anything to show, just hit me up if your interested and all

  2. DAMN!!! Sir, well first thing, your fucking HOT! Sir, second that monster got downstairs, if it ever needs a place to either call home or just use and destroy I know the perfect spot, anytime Sir

  3. Hi ... thanks for the follow! :2thumbs::cool:xxxx

    1. Subchemfag69


      anytime Sir, just wish I could fully show how much I appreacite

  4. very hot and Sexy Sir

  5. Very handsome,  man..  Would be my pleasure to fill your hole with poz seed regularly. 

  6. Hi there sexy hairy stud

  7. Why hello all you good looking people out there. I know this is a odd place to be hearing about something like travel. I figure I want to work with people just like myself. So you are probably wondering what the hell is a Travel Concierge. Well thats easy, you know what a concierge is, well I take that and apply to me. You tell me what you want and where you want to go. I find the deals and pass them on to you. So with me, I bring the personal touch back travel. I want to be able to make your dreams a reality. This is brand new and still the ink has really yet dried. So to what I am trying to do, its get out there to each and everyone however I can. So for right now the best way would email and that would be Aaren-MacKenzie@ThePurpleLair.net So if thee is anything I can do to help your travel plans a reality, and especially if any of said plans happen to include Alaska. Hit me up.
  8. me all shaved

  9. just me

    just the many different faces and looks of me

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