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  1. Proud of my boy

  2. Tasty. I love how Eric has descended. I’d have loved to have been his rubber daddy poz gifter. Sliding those shorts on to him, seeing him alter from straight dad into pozpig cumdump
  3. Nice. They’ll be ready to accept their padlock chains next
  4. 'probably poz'. Let me help you make that 'definitely'

  5. Love this story. The line 'Eric saw the fire of the seed in the boy's eyes. Guiding his new brother gently down to his knees, he allowed the boy to clean the remaining cum from his cock and worship.' encapsulates that magic post-breeding moment where a transformation has begun
  6. Just need that pizza boy to wake up rubbered and in the sling and for Tom to order his boy to impregnate and turn him into a poz seed incubator.
  7. Hot. Would like a follow-up of how a freshly converted Frazer adapts to his new poz existence

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