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  1. in a sling, it's the best for me... and i can also play with the nipples of the guy who fuck me... and having eyes contact... feeling vulnerable...
  2. I think i'm becoming a hornet... i'm horny and when i fuck, i sting like a hornet...

    Just got bloodtest results today... syphilis 1/64... :) ☣️☢️

    My new motto is... Let's get horny as a hornet who needs to STING... ☣️☣️☢️☢️🦂🦂🕷️🐍🐝🐝

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. karluspig


      Hope the hornet will sting many guys....

    3. POZdetectable


      @karluspigcome here and let's start... :)

    4. ffbareff


      Wish I’d known you when I lived in Bruxelles. 😋

  3. i'm horny as a hornet who needs to sting... 

    I'm also horny as a prey who's looking for getting stinged by a hornet... !!! 

    1. mjkuhl


      Great way to express it, Poz

    2. Sarif98


      I'd totally let you sting me man!

    3. neg4pozpig


      Sting me, poz me!

  4. I don't like it... i ENJOY it !!! I'm poz by choice... no i'm glad i found someone willing to gave it to me... Sadly, i found here that many PROUD poz guys... are drugs addicted 😕 It seems to be a request to be proud to be poz... 😕
  5. no one is ugly... just HIV, AIDS and/or STD make them beautiful...
  6. What is boring for me ? drugs... absolutly ! Bottom... pull out, condom; no risk... What could be boring for others... Me !
  7. I didn't gift a lot... - I live in Belgium - I'm a bear - I'm Versatile more bottom - I don't do drugs (Extacy once or twice a year... that's all and enough) - People are not that serious about that... not enough. Too many faker 😕 - I never gift somebody WITHOUT poz talk... For those reasons, it's not that easy to gift...
  8. Thanks for following me 

  9. hey, are you still alive ? 

  10. Thanks for following me.

    How toxic are you? 

    1. ToxicToiletWhore


      not on meds since january 2013 and damn proud of my health problems and wasting. last check in august 2013: 170,000 vl, 130 T cells, Hep C type 2.

  11. because i'm versa more bottom... and need exchange for fuck... not only bottom and dirty talk about pozzing, infecting, corrupting immune system, is requied for me having fun too... Not just the idea to Gift silently
  12. Thanks to follow me 

    1. karluspig


      Welcum! You're hot and love guys who spread hiv and std's. Il y a tellement de négatifs à convertir...so many to infect!

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