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  1. Would love that beautiful cock complete with PA drilling my hole and depositing a nice thick load.Hell of a sexy guy

  2. Thanks You could have it in your ass... héhéhé
  3. bah, i'm not feeling concern about that... i answered 18 because of that. I was raped at 11... (and liked it) but i also know that for the majority of people, big age difference can be immoral... My husband is 20 years older than me... and people always says something about that... I also know that those kind of question is often asked by people who are attracted by younger guys... witch it's clearly not my case. Concent between 2 teens, i have no problem with that... for me, under 30 years old... it's too young... (exceptions can be made if the guy is REALLY pervert and toxic)
  4. Thanks for the good comments
  5. That's the picture of my PA...
  6. Woooof!

    1. POZdetectable


      WOOOOOOF to you to, seXXXy BBeast ! :) 

  7. incredibly hot looking man and excellent breeding credential 

  8. OINK !!!

    1. dickluva


      Fuckin'Oink~! Wish we are closer pig.

    2. POZdetectable


      @dickluva come... i can accomodate... :):) 

  9. in a sling, it's the best for me... and i can also play with the nipples of the guy who fuck me... and having eyes contact... feeling vulnerable...
  10. I think i'm becoming a hornet... i'm horny and when i fuck, i sting like a hornet...

    Just got bloodtest results today... syphilis 1/64... :) ☣️☢️

    My new motto is... Let's get horny as a hornet who needs to STING... ☣️☣️☢️☢️???️???

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. karluspig


      Hope the hornet will sting many guys....

    3. POZdetectable


      @karluspigcome here and let's start... :)

    4. ffbareff


      Wish I’d known you when I lived in Bruxelles. ?

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