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  1. Other... for me means that getting gifted OR gifting somebody... is better than everything !
  2. Hey, My best fuckbuddy ! :) ♥ 

  3. i just gor a confirmation from a guy i fucked with july 2nd... that he got a syphilis... so i surely got it too...
  4. You're so damn sexy, man! Love your video...

  5. SORRY for my english that a REAL story !!! 4 days before my birthday in 2015, i was looking for sex on Internet in Montréal... nothing special in my mind exceped, fucking and getting fucked. We chatted a bit until we recognised each other and he invited me at his place. I left my husband (we're in an open relationship since the beginning) So i left around 23h and i got to his place at 23h30... He's really my kind of men... the kind of men that breaks all the barrier you put... We talked a bit, we undressed and we start to kiss... For a reason that i ignore why, i asked him he was still using chems and he said yes. I asked him if he would like me to take some (i trust him) so we could have a long night together. (i stopped seeing him in the past because he was too much addict to chems). He gave me GHB, MDMA and just a bit of K... and then we started to play, slowly. After 45 minutes, i started to feel my fingers wierd... so i understood that the chems started to act... I was off meds for the first time and he says that he was off too... so still contagious. I got rock hard the moment he said that... I have NO idea what he took for chems... and he but his dick against my ass and start to push a bit... mu ass opened and "absorb" his dick almost instantly... Since he was deep inside, he stopped... and he started to piss in me... The feeling with XTC was unbeleivable. I kept all his piss inside... so i got nother kick with the chems that was in his piss. I absorbed it completly! Then he started to explain why he wanted to piss in my ass... to irritare inside and make my rectum more vulnerable to his viruses... and... to his syphilis! He's a big precummer, so i got sure to have a lot of toxic fluid from his ! When he started to fuck in his piss, he and I were very verbal for infectious fuck... He felt active more than passive... and i could say that he was feeling RADIOactive !!! Thanks for the chems, my ass NEVER burn. he fucked me slowly, to make sure that the skin of his cockhead was correctly connected and against every part of my rectum! After a couple of hours with some breaks to breath, I surrender completly to him... then he talks showed me twisted things... like a documentary of a Parasyte Wasp who sting his prey to inject larvea eggs that's gonna eat the prey by inside and "reprogram" the mind of the prey to protect the larvea until the larvea eat all inside the prey... and like a Komodo dragon who bites an anumal and wait for the bacterias in the saliva takes effect to slowly destroy the nervous system of the animal bitten and come eat it alive... That turns me on at a level you can not imagin ! I was demanding more! With him, i had NO limit. I would be fucked by a DOG, a DONKEY ,ANYBODY or ANYHTING if he asked. Just to please him ! I learned that night a lot of thing. I learned to accept that i was STILL chasing... for something MORE... We continued to fuck, he pissed in my ass 2 other times. We played for 14 hours (including several breaks) and he came just one time in my ass... at 13h00 and we stopped to fuck at 14h00 after i came in his ass. Now, i would like to do something similar... but no more with him but with someone else... I'm not using chems normally... but for things like that, i would certainly use ! Sick, infectious, toxic and proud of it!
  6. i'm gonna expect that he's gonna cum inside... and i'm gonna beg for it !!! If i know that the guy pretend to be toxic... i'm gonna beg much more... !!! when i fuck, there's nowhere else i want to dump my toxic load...
  7. Thanks You could have it in your ass... héhéhé
  8. bah, i'm not feeling concern about that... i answered 18 because of that. I was raped at 11... (and liked it) but i also know that for the majority of people, big age difference can be immoral... My husband is 20 years older than me... and people always says something about that... I also know that those kind of question is often asked by people who are attracted by younger guys... witch it's clearly not my case. Concent between 2 teens, i have no problem with that... for me, under 30 years old... it's too young... (exceptions can be made if the guy is REALLY pervert and toxic)
  9. Thanks for the good comments
  10. That's the picture of my PA...
  11. Woooof!

    1. POZdetectable


      WOOOOOOF to you to, seXXXy BBeast ! :) 

  12. incredibly hot looking man and excellent breeding credential 

  13. OINK !!!

    1. dickluva


      Fuckin'Oink~! Wish we are closer pig.

    2. POZdetectable


      @dickluva come... i can accomodate... :):) 

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