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    Small country in europe
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    Versatile sub bottom (can bevery submissive with the right guy) , or versatile depending on mood (have normal lenght cock, but thick, that stretches tight holes )
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    Guys who like to be sucked, licked, rimmed specially if no hairs or shaved on ass (but others too), be fucked, swallow cum, swallow piss, many other things, just ask, anything bareback, search places with gloryholes, darkrooms where to do all kind of games, a nice way to know people from other countries, giving them pleasure, search guys of all races ( had only whites till now) .

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  1. sexy fuckin pix you've posted mate. skinny guy with big dick and bio-tat got me well boned.

  2. Guest

    Hi 👋 taking seed here 

  3. Thank you to follow me!

  4. Hi Dickluva , thanks for likes you put on many pics i uploaded, you seems to like them a lot. Tried to send you a message, seems not to work ? maybe are you on wickr ? if somebody knows where fuck bench can be found , would like to know. or maybe places with gloryholes, darkrooms if no fuck bench.
  5. WOOF !  Extremely HOT , Beautiful , Delicious body and profile !   Wishing I was there to Please you !   :)

  6. between these 2 cummers, wich one do you think the best





  7. Any other city has a place like Man's Country ? was thinking to go there, never been, too late now , fuck, the pictures i saw where so exciting
  8. Wich place to visit for a foreigner to find in the evening places to have fun in darkrooms, gloryholes, things like that ? Must be fun to visit during the day, and play with guys in the evening .

  9. Wich is the best place to go for a foreigner if he wants to have fun in some darkroom, play with guys there ? Visit as tourist the day, and play in the evening
  10. Thanks for the follow!!

    1. HryJckLvr317


      I should have responded in kind I’m sorry 

    1. AZRawPig


      I'm glad you are interested in getting trained in a variety of thing's. That's what experimentation with you sexually is endorphins flowing to get into those scene's. 

  11. would you like to have a friend like that , and you ?

    never had a cock like that to play with , and you ?






    1. Guest


      fuck that cock is hot,  I would love to have it cum in my hole. 

  12. Some well used sluts , different races

    Would you use them ?

    Or rimm some of them ?









    1. wm4bm


      I would love to be used like that!!

    2. ronnie4u


      So Fucking HOT !  Instant Erection time !  :P

  13. Very good way to share something we all want in a fantasy. 

    1. nicesexyass


      Thanks for following me, happy you like the tings i upload !

  14. hi, Chainedboy , love your comment .. you had a so big chance to find that guy who did that with you ! I understand you will never forget that fuck ! Muets be the bestd experience to live with a guy with low hanging balls .. love to watch low hanging balls !

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