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  1. This is part of why I always identify as non-binary. I personally don't wanna be grouped with most of the rest of the vagina owning populous. Guys are just... easier. In pretty much every sense of the word. If I had a dime for every time I was told "you aren't like women" or "It's so weird you just say what you want, and it's not complicated" or other shit like that... I'd be sitting pretty. I'm sure there are others like me out there somewhere, but fuck if I've actually met any of them.
  2. Oh wait, that's right, you were talking to me while you were writing it. It's so awesomely done tho. ❤️
  3. It's like you were in my head. Knowing exactly how I feel about wanting to be poz.
  4. I had my first direct anal piss today that wasn't just me giving myself a piss enema today. It was amazing I felt so full and then he even topped it all off by cumming in my ass right after that. It was divine.
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