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    Fisting, chastity, being submissive and older men
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    In submission to an older dom, been feminised and locked in enforced permanent chastity for 3 years and been permanently plugged for about a year now
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    Couple of videos on Xhamster but only solo play from years ago
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    Chat, maybe fun with a domineering type

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  1. Deleting an accidental double post?

    Thank you!
  2. Thoughts on fisting and extreme insertions

    Sorry, I didn't think of that! Thank you very much!
  3. Hey guys, I accidentally posted the same topic twice, is there a way to delete one of them?
  4. Just thought I'd see what people's thoughts were on fisting and large object insertion, like huge plugs and dildos etc. As a bottom I love the feeling of my Daddy opening my hole up with his fingers, feeling myself stretch over his knuckles and eventually end up with both his hands and forearms inside me. However, would you rather be like me? Or would you rather be tight as fuck? As a top, do you prefer your bottom to be able to take anything you want to shove into them? Or do you like them to be nice and tight on your cock, having to fight to penetrate?
  5. Anyone Here Never Top?

    I've never penetrated another person or had my cock sucked, I've been a total bottom from the get go
  6. Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has experience with Hormone treatments as a transsexual? My partner and and I have decided it's long overdue that I finally started taking treatments before eventual possible surgical treatments and I was wondering how it affected people? Whether there was general effects and side effects or whether it was a case of individual experiences for everyone? Thanks for your time
  7. Thought about this before, and thought about it a lot recently. I'm in enforced, permanent chastity and have been for the past 3 years, therefore why have a cock if I can't use it, might as well get rid of it so I can focus on my hole. On the other hand, giving up my cock so I can focus on the feeling of my dom using my hole is a sign of submission to him so it's nice to be able to show that. Unless he told me he wanted to get rid of it or course...
  8. Fisting followed by breeding

    He's working on working two plus a dildo into me but it's slow going haha
  9. Guys into Chastity

  10. Fisting followed by breeding

    Well if you ever want to chat about it or have any questions that have been bothering you I'm more than happy to help! Obviously I rely on fisting for pleasure since not having access to my cock for 3 years so I like to think my experience is fairly decent haha
  11. Newcastle/Durham?

    Anyone living in or around the newcastle/Durham area interested in playing with a sissy bottom? I'm locked in chastity but my hole is raring to go, looking for some fist fun preferably
  12. Fisting followed by breeding

    Thanks! Glad you enjoy my posts, and I hope I can keep entertaining you!
  13. Fisting And Prolapse

    My hole has been trained to prolapse after a fist session, usually after punch fucking or a rough double fisting. My boyfriend enjoys the look of my insides falling through my ruined cunt and he loves cumming on my prolapse and then pushing it back inside me. Although I can push out to about 3.5 inches after being used I do kegels to maintain control over my hole during daily life, wouldn't do to shit everywhere all the time would it? Haha
  14. Does Fisting Destroy Asshole?

    I get fisted/punch fisted/double fisted 3-4 times a week and have done for the past 4 years and the guys my partner shares me with say I have one of the most versatile added they've ever fucked. I do kegel exercises which give me greater control of my ass muscles so I can willingly clamp down or open up. As long as you do it right you won't wreck your ass. Fisting vs fucking? You can't really compare the two in terms of sensation, the first time I took my boyfriend's fist I pretty much blacked out from sensory overload, whereas fucking is nice and enjoyable a lot of the time but just doesn't quite do it for me in the same way. As for the cumming thing I don't really know, I'm locked in chastity but as my boyfriend's knuckles work my prostate my cock pours cum without the feeling of orgasm but I have full body orgasms from the fist penetrating so swings and roundabouts really. Hope this helped!
  15. Thoughts on chastity as a CD?

    It's always worth shopping around a bit of you're looking to be able to wear for extended periods. If you can find one with lots of interchangeable parts you can play around for a better fit We have two, so when one is removed for cleaning and I wash my penis my partner applies a bag of ice afterwards to stop me getting hard and immediately locked into the other device. Not even sure if I would still be able to get erect now after 3 years of flaccid-ness haha

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