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    Murfreesboro, Tennessee
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    Raw Pig Fun, Fisting, ws, rimming, and raunch.
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Raunchy, Kinky uninhibited Poz pig in the Middle Tennessee area always looking for other pigs who want to meet and play.
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    Nothing professional, love making my own.
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    Someone who is kinky, uninhibited and raunchy who likes to meet and play with a pig like me.

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  1. thx for the follow! you ever get down to Atlanta?

    1. easyjim


      Once in a while I get down that way.

      I just took some serious charged loads & gave some to.

    2. boybottom4use


      fuck yeah! so hot!!

  2. Thanks for the follow, don't know if I'm all that worthy though. lol

    1. PozBoroGuy


      Here to meet people and make friends,

  3. PozBoroGuy

    Embracing my status as Poz

    Your probably right sadly nobody really does. As far as stralthing that is not me I will always be up front regardless if I am on meds or not anyone who fucks me or I fuck them will know I am Poz.
  4. PozBoroGuy

    Ever gone full blown AIDS?

    I am personally on no meds at the moment in way it is my way to embrace being poz. For now I see my dingoes as being taboo allowing me to be a true sexual pig. At some point I know I will go on meds and I no I don't want Aids or to die like that but I also know that how I came about contracting HIV and accepting that I would contract it when I was playing would have been reckless. Why contract something only to begin treating it, if I do that I should have gone on Prep. I don't know but I have seen someone I know laying in that bed dying from Aids and it truly is a horrible death.
  5. I learned last year that I was HIV positive, initially I was like almost all who become positive and that is panic and depression. After many doctors’ visits and having the many options explained I was overwhelmed and ready to give up. Then a friend of mine, who is also HIV positive, reminded me how I had made the decision to go BB and play raw in bathhouses, glory holes, cursing spots and on line for the past several years. He reminded that I had been playing raw for almost 8 years. He was shocked that after 8 years of playing with no telling how many guys raw it took as long as it did before I became HIV positive. In fact, he shook his head and called me a true bug chaser. I didn’t see it that way at first but now I realize I was. I have now embraced being positive and have decided to be the true Poz Pig that I have always been. I have chosen to go unmedicated and embrace my future. Is this wrong, thoughts anyone I am curious what others who have the same background sexually think.

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