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  1. NeverRefusedALoad

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    BBRTS top I’ve met a few times bred me last week. Always the same , I get a date and time and only reply yes or no. Last week was a yes. So at the agreed time I was wearing a hoodie and jockstrap... that’s it. Hood up and in a cruisy wood near where I work. There is a fallen tree that I have to be waiting at, bent over and hooded. He arrives silently and first I know is a cock entering me. He gets into his rhythm and usually lasts about 10 mins before he empties his load in me. Love it. This time when we was done he told me to stay in position - of course I obeyed and I was rewarded with a second cock. Presumably he had been watching and wanking as he didn’t last long., like 3 minutes. Still, a load is a load. Love it
  2. NeverRefusedALoad

    The Cumdump Network - Locations & Phone Numbers

    Name: Simon Number: +44 7415 833 468 (prefer txt) Location: Newmarket, UK Available: daytime weekdays and some evenings Age: 45 Height: 6ft1 Weight: 110kg Ethinicity: White no load refused.
  3. NeverRefusedALoad

    Best cottage/publuc toilets in Greater London

    I’d love this info too!! Have picked up guys at Liverpool Street and Victoria stations. Have heard Cannon Street is good but no experience. Anyone else got opinions?
  4. NeverRefusedALoad

    Best London Sauna For Bareback Fucks

    Makes me wish I was a femboy!
  5. NeverRefusedALoad

    Suffolk and Norfolk

    Fairly new cum dump here but stuck on the Suffolk / Norfolk border. Seems fairly dry for breeders.. but if any are on here... I never refuse a load. I’m good with anon an happy to be hooded. Will pay too. if I started going into London where are the best places to get my arse wrecked? Thanks
  6. NeverRefusedALoad

    Best London Sauna For Bareback Fucks

    Relatively new to the breeding scene and want to have my arse broken in. Think a sauna or club might be best place or Hampstead, so I’ve heard. Recommendations for a 40yo to get repeat bred? Anyone wanna take me? Would cover any entry fees.
  7. NeverRefusedALoad

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Still fairly new to the bareback life, but made a decision about a year ago to never refuse a load, no matter what. Have stuck to it too. Last load was 2 nights ago, at a local cruising ground after work. Couple of lorry drivers, an older guy and mid-20s hottie. Lots of watching going on, so I started sucking a driver who started feeling my arse. As soon as he was solid I spun round and let him enter me. He got into his rhythm while the older guy filled my mouth. 20s lad was watching but not joining in but was paying attention to who was giving best blowjobs. The old guy headed off and the driver was still slamming my hole when 20s lad made his decision and a solid 8 inches was pushed through my lips and hit the back of my throat. Seems he didn’t want a blowjob just a throat to fuck hard and unload in. Perfect! Swallowed 3 loads and took the drivers load in my guts. While I’m writing, I want to increase the number of raw loads I take and plan to hit London. Where is the best place for a relatively new cumdump to go to get properly broken in? By the way, anyone reading this, if you are in the UK I would gladly take your load.

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